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December 18 - 22, 2010

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December 18

Anyone coming from the Internet to this page or the last should know that I am not a British-Israelist. The extreme form of that concept says that European Israelites, purely Scandinavians, have a right to rule Europe and the world under the Authority of the God of Israel. I maintain no such thing.

Yesterday it was seen that the donkey symbol of Greek myth was that of the Midus/Gordias parts of the Kybele cult, but then why not the entire Kybele cult too? As the donkey symbol of Midus involved Apollo, who was Abello too, it seems very obvious that "Kybele/Cybele" is just a hard-C version of "Abello." That's an excellent trace because Attis was father of Lydus, who I maintain is Leto, mother of Apollo. Therefore, if you're wondering who Apollo depicted, look no further: he was the Kybele cult, from Avvites, and it's Lydian outflow.

It dawned on me this morning that Elatus, the mythical Lapith king, is sort of a Latin-like L'Attis. That works where I maintained and stressed for years (in the Ladon book) that the Halybes were central to the Kybele cult. I didn't know then that Lapiths were Halybes. The Phlegyas term among the Lapiths suggests that the Attis cult was at least Peleg-ite Hebrew (i.e. from Peleg, son of Eber) to some major degree.

One could conjecture that "Attis" became "L'Ydus." The Atti form of "Attis" could then become "L'Eto." I'm keeping in mind that there was an e-form of "Attis in "Aeetes" that could better become "Leto." Proof that Aeetes was code for a Lydian peoples is in his rule at Corinth, which he handed to a Hermes bloodline when he went to rule Colchis. Downtown Lydia was the Hermus river, you see. Also, Colchis became ruled by the Laz.

One now has reason to link Daphne to the Kybele cult because her father was made Ladon (whom I trace to Lydians). That explains why the Delphi oracle belonged to both Apollo and Daphne.

The problem with Attis>L'Ydus is that I've tended to trace Lotan of Syria to Ladon of Greece, not vice versa. But if Lydus came from "Attis," and then formed "Ladon," it doesn't seem as though "Lotan" was at the root of "Ladon." Perhaps I shouldn't have ignored the ancient claim that the city of Daphne in Syria was founded by Daphne of Greece, meaning that the migration went the other way, from Greece to Syria (Lotan was a Syrian dragon). This allows the evolution of terms to be Attis>Latis>Ladon>Lotan. It should be mentioned that since Lotan had seven heads, Revelation should prove to be tracing the anti-Christ through the Attis cult to the Latins of Rome.

The trace of the Cybele/Attis cult to Hebron (see last update page) can now make possible the theory that Leto traces back to Letushites from Abraham's marriage to Keturah (Genesis 25). Again, as the Kybele cult is known to have been the chief expression of Hephaestus' Kabeiri cult, one has reason to trace "Lemnos" to the Leummite tribe also from Abraham and Keturah. We're not told the nationality of Keturah.

One of her sons with Abraham, Shuah, is interesting because Judah was married to a daughter of a Shua...though Perez, Judah's son, was from another woman, Tamar from Timnah. And that's where it gets Samson-interesting, for it was thought in the last update that there were Hebron links to the Samson region of Timnah (Samson was made married to a woman of a Timnite). It was out of the Timnah account that Samson used a donkey's jaw (this was a myth-code account of a war) to fight his enemies.

In Judges 15, men from the tribe of Judah tie Samson up to deliver him to his Philistine enemies. The jawbone is used in Lehi because that location is said to mean "jawbone," which in itself doesn't connect Lehi to the Avvite donkey cult. It's more reasonable to link that cult to the Timnites, which would explain why the myth writer gave Samson a donkey jawbone instead of the jawbone of another animal symbol. Lehi was apparently a location of Judah: "Now the Philistines went up, encamped in Judah, and deployed themselves against Lehi" (Judges 15:9).

I haven't checked my interlinear Hebrew text to see whether the following translation (from website above) is correct, but I trace both the hip and thigh, and even Samson himself, to Hephaestus: "So [Samson] attacked [the Philistines] hip and thigh with a great slaughter; then he went down and dwelt in the cleft of the rock of Etam" (15:8). A quick check online shows that various Bible translations use "hip and thigh"! I didn't know that because I happen to use the NIV that does not have that phrase.

The Greek hip is an "ischium," evoking mythical Ischys, and so here's what I wrote yesterday: "We then find that [Apollo-related] Coronis mated with an Eshcol-like Ischys, son of Elatus (king of Lapiths, married to Hippeia)."

That fits like the hip bone is connected to the thigh bone, and the thigh bone is connected to the Attis cult of the Kabeiri.

As it appears that Samson was to some degree associated with Jews (of Judah), recall yesterday's trace of Samson to Shammai in the list of 1 Chronicles 2. Shammai is said to be the "brother" of Jada (v 32). While the other terms in the list appear (to me) to relate to the proto-Zeus cult in Hebron, perhaps "Jada" was entered to specify the tribe of Judah's involvement in the proto-Zeus cult.

In verse 31 we find an Appaim, reflecting "Avviy" (the Biblical term for Avvites). Appaim was father to Ishe, who may be the Samson hip cult to Ischys, you see. Ishe then gives birth to Sheshan, whom I view tentatively as proto-Zeus, and Sheshan gives birth to Ahlal whom I tentatively view as mythical Hellen to the Aeolians (see yesterday). As I said, Sheshan only had daughters, smacking of the Apollo-related Amazons (i.e. Artemis) and the Attis cult of transvestites, but the point now is that Sheshan's daughter gave birth to Attai, whom in turn gave birth to Nathan, whom could have been code for Athena. For, in the mating myth of she with Hephaestus, he spilled his seed on her thigh. Athena was then found (by me recently) to have the thigh applied to her in another myth.

The Hephaestus account with Athena seems to be taken from the Biblical account of Onan, son of Judah, who had sex with Tamar but spilled his seed on the ground. In the Athena account, the seed fell from her thigh to the ground.

The idea there was (or so it's claimed) that her child as a result, Erichthonius, was "of the soil" = ingenious to Athens, or a very old line to Athens. Erichthonius was given the symbol, "a snake coiled around an infant," and the coiled snake was symbol to the transvestite Galli priests of the Kabeiri.

(If you're jumping onto this page without reading yesterday, the theory is that the extended list of Judah's descendants in 1 Chronicles 2 was added to the historical records from a pagan list of myth codes intending to secret-ize the Zeus>Samson>Hercules cult to Greece.)

I just checked the Greek for "lame" (because Hephaestus was made to be born lame), and it turns out to be, "koutso(s)," smacking of Cotys, who is sometimes the son of Manes and father of Attis! In an earlier update, I said: "(...of Lemnos were evidence of scythians being there), I've noted in my 'Greek for lame' search just now that 'sakateuo' is listed as one lame-meaning term." You can see the "kateuo" similarity with "koutso."

On Erichthonius, we read further of his links to chariots, and his lameness too:

"According to the Parian marble, [Erichthonius] taught his people to yoke horses and use them to pull chariots, to smelt silver, and to till the earth with a plough. It was said that Erichthonius was lame of his feet and that he consequently invented the quadriga, or four-horse chariot to get around easier."

The son of Erichthonius, Pandion, smacks of "Abantes," the people of Euboea known to be named after Abas, whom I say was code for the Avvites from the Samson proto-Danaans. Then, on mythical Cotys, we read: "KOTYS (or Cotys) was a Thrakian goddess worshipped in the wilds with Bacchic-like orgies. She was similar to, if not the same as, the goddess Bendis." Bendis??? Isn't that the Abantes peoples? I say YES! That exclamation mark means that this is all new to me this hour.

Reading further, we do find Cotys in Athens:

"COTYS or COTYTTO (Kotus or Kotutto), a Thracian divinity, whose festival, the Cotyttia (Dict. of Ant. s. v.), resembled that of the Phrygian Cybele, and was celebrated on hills with riotous proceedings. In later times her worship was introduced at Athens and Corinth, and was connected, like that of Dionysus, with licentious frivolity."

There's the Cotys>Attis line to Athens again, no doubt now to Erichthonius, who was the same as Erechtheus, the twin of Butes...that I traced to the Massey surname, and to Massey bloodlines (i.e. Mackay "ravens") on Bute (which was earlier Apollo's Avalon). The article tells that Strabo linked Orpheus' Orphic rites (these were of the Muses) to the Cotys cult (one easily spots the Maenads in her cult).

The article also goes on to link Cotys to Lycurgus, king of Edones, and shares an ancient quote, "Kotys among the Edonians." That in turn links Cotys to Dryas (son/father of Lycurgus), who may trace to Dura at Hebron (see yesterday). The article ends with: ""A Roman senator, Antoninos {C2nd A.D.} . . . restored the portico {in the sanctuary of Asklepios at Epidauros} that was named the Portico of Kotys, " (brackets not mine). (Epi]Dauros?

There was an historical king Cotys I who ruled Odrysia (the region I identify with mythical "Dryas). Odrysians, on the Hebros, are highly suspect as Hebron and Dura elements.

Asclepios was depicted with a coiled serpent, and I discussed him in a chapter on Edomite owls, where I found that his name is roughly a species of owls. In that chapter it was found that a barn owl is the "tyto/Tytonidae" family of owls, and now I can add that the Cotys cult was also "CoTYTO" (term found in article above). I'm wondering the Tattons of Mascy, whom I traced to "Dido."

On a Tyto search just now, I found an article entitled, "Manus Masked-owl Tyto manusi." It so smacked of the "manu" motto term of the Maceys/Mackays that I read further, only to find a Massey-like term: "Tyto manusi is known only from two specimens from Manus in the Admiralty Islands of Papua New Guinea...Tyto owls known only from subfossil bones on the adjacent islands of Mussau and New Ireland appear to have become extinct through unknown causes." New Guinea is a long ways from Britain, but then the British colonized in that theater, and I did re-trace Meschins to "Guines" just in the last update page.

In another article, "[Cotys'] worship was apparently adopted publicly in Corinth (c. 425 bc) and in Dorian Sicily and perhaps privately in Athens about the same time..." The link to Corinth suggests the Attis/Aeetes line to that place, but also, Corinth was a couple of miles from Sicyon, where Sisyphus (a type of Zeus, or an alternative name for him, as in one of his mainline branches) was code: "Sisyphus was son of King Aeolus of Thessaly [also of Elis] and Enarete, and the founder and first king of Ephyra (Corinth). He was the father of Glaucus by the nymph Merope..." In 1 Chronicles 2, the Elis--like Eleaser, father of Sisamai, was from the Attai bloodline, which, as we saw yesterday, was also the Zabad line to Sabazios of the Kybele-Attis cult.

I think I can now trace Enarete and Ephyra to the list of Judah's descendants in 1 Chronicles 4. I happened to turn to that topic after writing the above, and my eye caught "Hepher" (v 6), but I did not notice his mother's link to Enarete until I re-read the quote above to get its ideas more solidly in mind. When I then noticed that Hepher's mother was Naarah, I was instantly convinced that she and Hepher founded Ephyra as the Enarete line through Sisamai>Sisyphus.

In verse 5, Ashhur (probably not "Ashur," but rather Ash-Hur because he is listed immediately after the sons of Hur) was the husband of Naarah and Helah, the latter smacking again of the Hellen>Aeolus line to Sisyphus (Sisy-Buz?). Naarah and Helah together smack of my fundamental Nahorite relationship with Alans.

Hur was made father of Caleb, but I don't necessarily view Hur as a real man; he was more likely a depiction of Hurrians from Nahor's Haran. Hur could have been the Uranus entity, therefore, that I traced through Edom as Horites>Hera>Horus. It should be said that Hellen fathered the Greeks with Horus-like Orseis.

One of the sons of Helah is Kos, and another son of Naarah is a Timna-like Temeni. We expect Edomite entities to be inserted into Judah's bloodline if the insertions are by the Hebrew dragon cult. In verse 3, there's a list of sons of Edom-like Etam, and one of them is an Ishmael-like Ishma. Etam was the name of a true location that the above Etam depicted.

One of the sons of Hur was Salma (supposed founder of Bethlehem), a common Hebrew name but in this case I'm thinking of Salmoneus, another son of Enarete and Aeolus. Salmoneus was husband to Sidero, and father of Tyro. We get it: not Israelites in Greece, but Phoenicians. That allows Canace, another term from Enarete, to be code for Caananites. Judah's wife (Bathshua) was a Canaanite (1 Chronicles 2:3), and his first-born, Er, was "wicked."

I had traced Salmoneus to the Solymi because I traced their Pisidian fellows to Elis/Pisa:

"[Salmoneus] originally lived in Thessaly [that's where Zeus and Aeolus were from too], but emigrated to Elis, where he built the town of Salmone. (Strab. viii. p. 356.) He there went so far in his presumption and arrogance, that he deemed himself equal to Zeus [this is code for a Zeus branch, and it's the same story as with Salmoneus' brother, Sisyphus], and ordered sacrifices to be offered to himself; nay, he even imitated the thunder and lightning of Zeus...[blah-blah]

Back to 1 Chronicles 2, and verses 39-40 that has the bloodline of Zeus-like Shesham: we find Aeolus-like Helez as the father of Elis-like Eleaser; the latter is the father of Sisamai, and Sisamai is the father of Salmoneus-like Shallum. That's no coincidence.

Back to AshHur and his wife Naarah. In 1 Chronicles 2:24, Ashhur's son, Tekoa, is a real location in the Judah allotment (Naarah is/was also a real location in Ephraim's allotment). I cannot find the sure ancestry of Enarete as given in myth, but can suggest that "Tekoa" smacks of Attica. I'm keeping in mind that while Attica was infested with the so-called earth cult, that I trace Enarete to Nerthus (Mother Earth goddess), a term very much like "earth." The King James version, as with the Codex Vaticanus and Codex Alexandrinus, uses "Naarath" for the Naarah.

This tree shows Enarete to be from the Teucer>Scamander Trojans, but only "possibly." The tree has her mother as Glaucia, which in my books refers to the Gileki>Alan Deylamites.

My only pot-luck suggestion is that "Naarath" should be reckoned as "Na'arath" so as to be a short-form "Nazareth." The problem is, Nazareth was far from Judah. On the other hand, Nazareth may have been founded (at another time) by DioNysus elements that I'm sure were in the Manoah bloodline to the Maeander river...and, possibly, to ScaMANDER.

AshHur -- if he's code for Hurrians -- could link to Attis, who likely depicted the Hatti Hurrians (who may or may not have been the Hittites of Canaan). I don't forget that Hur's son, Caleb, is strongly suspected to trace to Chalybes, who lived on the Halys, the same river upon which the Hatti capital (Hattusa) is located. I traced "Hattusa" both to "Cadusia" and "Kutaisi," the latter being the city of Aeetes so as to prove the Kutaisi link to Hattusa.

As the Galli are traced by me to the Halys too, and as they used a coiled serpent for a symbol, it tends to link the Galli to Hattusa because a coiled serpent was the symbol of the caduceus rod, no doubt symbol for the Hermes line from Cadusia (Armenia). And that also explains why Aeetes gave his throne in Corinth/Ephyra to a Hermes bloodline (this may be hard to find online but it's there). Then, because Naarah was mother to Ephyra-like Hepher, it tends to link Enarete to the Hatti as well.

It's not contradictory to trace Enarete to Dionysus even though I traced her (as per Nerthus) to Nahorites, for it was found that Nahorites created the Dionysus cult. I traced Nerthus to the Neuri, who had the Geloni among them, and they were Greeks (said Herodotus) from Argos (say I), where Nahorites ruled as Danaans. The point here is that AshHur was given Naarah AND Alan-like Helah as wives i.e. the Helah entity may have become the Geloni because I suspect that they had been from Hellen>Aeolus, "husband" of Enarete.

It all works perfectly like an adulteress man until he gets caught. The devil that I see in the Chronicles account of Judah's descendants has been caught. The devil turned the God of Israel into a fanciful adulterer, Zeus. But if you're thinking that the Chronicles list is genuine and true, then you have no choice but to trace Jews to Attis and the chief cults of Greece. I'm not prepared to do that, but in any case no one who makes the attempt will persuade the world that these "Jews" were blessed, or on a Godly path to world dominion.

Next, without intending to seek further points on Enarete, I went to the third son of Hellen, Xuthus, the ancestor of the Ionians. I was open to finding an Ionian ancestry that was not, as Bible scholars contend, from Javan, son of Japheth. When reading that "Herodotus of Halicarnassus asserts: all are Ionians who are of Athenian descent and keep the feast Apaturia,"" I clicked to the Apaturia article for more clues:

On the first day of the festival, called Dorpia or Dorpeia, banquets were held...On the second [day], Anarrhysis (from annaruein, 'to draw back the victim's head'), a sacrifice of oxen was offered at the public cost to Zeus Phratrius and Athena."

It's no surprise that Athena was the Ionian goddess because Ionians came (from the Elis region) to be integral parts of Athens/Attica. But the Dorpia term smacks of Dryopians, thought to be the Dorians (also sons of Hellen), while the Anarrhysis term smacks of Naarah. Remember, before finding these quotes, I had just traced Tekoa (son of AshHur, husband of Naarah) to Attica.

The third day of the feast was a Hur-like "Kureotis."

In the Ionian article: "The Ionians spread from Athens to other places in the Aegean Sea: Sifnos and Serifos, Naxos, Kea, Chalcidice, Eretria (Magnesia) and Samos." The Kea location caught me eye, and on that: "Kea, also known as Gia or Tzia, Zea, and, in Antiquity, an island of the Cyclades archipelago, in the Aegean Sea, in Greece. Its capital, Ioulis..." Keos was Kea's earlier name, smacking of Kos, son of Helah (wife of AshHur).

Finally, I'll tell what I thought I had best not to, in case it's wrong. Judah's first two sons by his Canaanite wife, Er and Onan, smack somewhat of "Erichthonius" and "Ion," and both of these entities were of Athens. I wasn't going to tell this when all I had to go on was the Er and Onan similarity to "Erichthonius," for that term is not likely to be understood as Erichth-Onan.

BUT NOW, coming to the Ionians too, I think there is merit in the idea. AND, after writing the paragraph above,I took another look at "Erichthonius" and realized that it is code for three syllables: Er(i) - Xuth(us) - Onan. Xuthus, father of Ion!!! I get it. The wicked Canaanite-Jewish clans of Er and Onan (the 2:3 text says God put Er to death for his wickedness) were in Greece. Who would have guessed?

The Ionians of ERetria come to mind, but also Ur of Chaldea, where Abraham's clan lived before he set out to found the Israelites.

One can understand, if the Freemasons know this trace to Er and Onan, why they would claim by various means to be from Jews/Israelis, and yet not reveal these details, for the line was not only wicked, but half Canaanite. Possibly, the wickedness stemmed from the Canaanite religions. Or, the most-elite Freemasons haven't got a clue as to the traces being made here these past few/several days.

This is all too fresh for me at this time. I'll let the coming days let it sink in and tell me what I should conclude. I can tell you this, the timing, at near-Christmas, seems attuned to Attis, for the Vatican made the holy day of a sun god, December 25, the birthday of the Son of God. And the symbol of Attis (a sun god) is a pine. AND, when I quoted in the last update page that "Elatos is also the fir tree in Greek", I hadn't yet connected Elatus to Attis. I would venture to trace the Attis pine to Elatus, therefore, and no more than that, a trace only to play-on-words. I think it was a right decision not to celebrate the birth of Jesus at this time.

The Dionysus staff, the thyrsus, used a pine cone at its end. The term smacks of "Thrace," the supposed origin of the Dionysus cult. I think that's a mistake. I think myth writers were correct to link him to the Cadmus and Hermes waves of Phoenicians, as they became merged with, or as they became, the Hatti. It's safer to say that some Dionysus worshipers, the Dorians, moved from the Maeander (Anatolia), into northern Greece from Thrace, and that in Thrace they were the Edones>Odrysians. But that was not the origin.

In 1 Chronicles 4:13, still in the list of Judah's descendants, there is a Khyan-like Kenaz, father of Edone-like Othniel and Thrace-like Seraiah (I suggested that a Saracen-like term traces to "Thrace"). I wouldn't have mentioned this possibility except that a son of Othniel was MEONothai. I didn't find the things in this paragraph until the paragraph above was already written.

Back in verse 7, Helah (wife of AshHur) gives birth to Saracen-like Zereth and Edoni-like Ethnan.

In verse 14, the descendants of Seraiah are called craftsmen, and Dionysus was some aspect of Hephaestus the craftsman. The son of Meonothai is Ophra, which is not only a little like "Heph," but more like his official wife, "Aphro(dite)." Moreover, as Ares was Aphrodite's other partner, I see that Seriah's craftsmen are called by an Ares-like, HARASHim (metal craftsmen typically make weapons of war).

In Chronicles 1:32-33, we have a list of Abraham's sons with Keturah. The last son listed, Shuah, may have developed into Judah's Canaanite wife, BathShua, which would tend to reveal Keturah herself as a Canaanite. Further importance is that Keturah's descendants, the Letushites and Leummites that I trace to Hephaestus/Dionysus, were a fellow tribe with the Asshurites, who may have named AshHur.

I note that Keturah's line also produced Ephah and Epher, and their brothers, Anak-like Hanoch and Avvite-like Abida (much like "Avith," the Avvite city). Again, this could be the Hephaestus>Aphrodite cult mixed with Naxos of Dionysus. I do think that the Anaki were in Horite-infested Nuzi, the Iranian city to which I trace DioNYSUS. In 1:46, Avith is said to be the city of Hadad of Edom, as per his defeat of Midianites. It just so happens that Abida is listed as a son of...Midian, son of Keturah with Abraham.

It could be that the Assyrian "Ashur" was itself rooted in "Haran/Hur(rian)." In that case, the Horite region of Seir comes to mind on two counts, in the ideas of AsHor(ite) and AsSeir-ia.

December 19

In yet another article on the American military situation in Iraq, we are made to feel that the military wants to stay beyond the end-of-2011 deadline. The pressure is now on to have the Maliki government make some arrangements to that end, because pull-out phases can't wait until December of next year, but are expected to begin in the spring. By that time, the military needs to hand down the pull-out strategy/agenda to its bases, and it wouldn't be very desirable to have Maliki switch their gears in the middle of the phases.

The push is on to have Maliki draw up a scheme immediately for having the military stay in some capacity beyond 2011. And that explains why the O-dministration has not discredited or mistreated Maliki even though he stole the election from Allawi and meanwhile ignored the requirements/demands of the Kurds.

The problem, as the article points out, is Maliki's shunning the entire topic for fear of political backlash from anti-American Iraqis...not to mention other Arabs entities that Maliki has befriended.

On the question of why the military wants to stay, we could imagine a concern for the stated Bush agenda, to rebuild Iraq into a stable and successful democracy. The non-stated Bush agenda, I am convinced, is to control the region sufficient to thwart expansionist plans of entities not friendly to American interests. But national leaders would under such plots have the Secondary Mission: netting some business deals for "the boys."

That phrase isn't referring to the soldiers, who are mere child sacrifices of the greater god: the Cause. It's referring to the minor leaders in the Cause, and by that I don't mean the military leaders, except perhaps a few. For the choice few, the Secondary Mission is the Primary Mission, and for others, the Secondary Mission is a tool for exacting the Primary Mission.

Democrat leaders knew of the secondary interests of Bush, and Republicans didn't want to admit it due to the political war that Democrats intended to create. I'm not praising the current Democrats for being correct, because they are worst of all when they have official power. They spoiled much of Bush's chances in prospering his Secondary Mission, but now the same obstacles they put in his way are affecting their hold on Iraq. Iraqis know that they can use against Obama the same anti-Bush mentality that Democrats loved so much.

Only, post-Saddam Iraqis needed Bush badly to salvage the country; they now need Obama far less, and are asking themselves whether they should just empty the country of all Americans. For Maliki and his team, this is a hard question. They'll need to look intently at Iran in answering whether it can be trusted to be a genuine neighbor.

If Putin had any trollish designs on Iraq, business or otherwise, he would not startle Maliki by revealing them, or risk causing the Maliki-ites to keep American presence longer. I had been wondering why Putin was making so little noise on and in Iraq; the above reasoning may be the answer.

The article says: "Even Ayad Allawi, the leader of a multisectarian bloc who has long been supportive of the Americans, said in an interview last week that there was not yet any consensus among Iraqi leaders to request an extension of the American military presence."

A few days ago, I shared an article wherein a Scottish corporation called Weir (Scottish-branch Veres) admitted a corruption scheme in cahoots with Saddam himself. This may serve as evidence for the trollish idea that Veres and other Illuminatists are now working with Saddam-loyalist Baathists. I did make a Baath-related surname trace to the Vere-Meschins of Moray, and Weirs use the Moray stars.

Moreover, Vere-Meschins of Moray were the Randolphs proper, and the American president at this time is of the Randolph bloodline considerably. In fact, of all his bloodlines, the Randolph one is likely the most important as per his hold on power in the first place. That is, if he's connected to any Illuminati, the Randolph clan (and/or its branches) would be highly suspect (by me, anyway).

Safe to say, Tolkien wrote on the Illuminati in much codework. Below is a chapter in a book written by dragonist, Nicholas de Vere, where he elaborates on Tolkien codes, but only to itemize the demons -- which of course he calls"spirits" -- that he imagines within the bloodlines of the Anaki. I have never read this chapter, but developed my own ideas on Tolkien codes.

Keep in mind that the spirits who control de Vere's mind are not spirits of truth, wherefore expect many of his conclusions to be wrong, although on the witchcraft that he's schooled in, he can be considered "witchcraft correct." It's sometimes difficult to know where his basic witchcraft ends and his personal conclusions begin. For example, he links (page 218) the bee and the "nectar of the lily" to the father of Zeus for the purpose of revealing the true nature of the Merovingian bee symbol.

Can we really trust him with this interpretation, or was the idea drawn up by an imagination way off-course from years of thinking stupidly along witchcraft paths? It's very good that he publicized his writings on witchcraft ideas, for it reveals to the world what a stupid man this really is, a man using his intelligence erroneously but priding his intelligence as "Light" for the world.

He admits that satan was the savior of pagans against the tyrannical powers of the Vatican. In my view, this was the liberalism and liberty that the Bavarian Illuminati netted for itself at the French Revolution, the same liberty pushed to this day by America into the global government. Democracy is a tool of the devil to rule over the Christian minority, and even Christians are made to admire democracy; that's the bottom line, though one may shave this animal in different styles.

The chapter opens by touching on Uruk/Erech in Iraq, and the nearby Eridu, locations of the Anu-cult Anaki. One could imagine that Vere-dragon emphasis on that location could cause elitist Veres to desire that part of Iraq for itself, at least in some capacity.

On page 219, he says that the raven and the wolf is a symbol of Odin. The Randolph/RandOLF surname (in its write-up) is said to derive partly from "wolf," and partly from "shield," but I think the latter part is incorrect. The surname is a version of "Ralph," and so see the ravens in the English Ralph/Rolph Coat, and then read that the latter part of the Rolph surname is also rooted in "wolf."

But I trace the Randolph surname to "Ranulph" le Meschin, and as Meschin stock in Moray was depicted by the Norse raven, "Ran" appears to be trace-able to a shortened "raven" (Scottish Ralphs were first found (Nairnshire) in the Mackay theater). And the wolf part of "Ranulph," if indeed that's what the ending is, now appears to have been added in honor of the raven and wolf symbols of Odin. But then, the wolf was the symbol of Ranulf's uncle, Hugh Lupus. It's hard for me to say whether de Vere's trace of wolves to Odin is correct, as that line should instead go to Loki.

At the bottom of page 218, de Vere uses "Robin" as a term equated with "satan" or "Khem" (he links Khem, which he equates with "Ham," to the Pan goat line), and that term is much like "raven." Also, as I showed that the original Batman and Robin were developed by Massey-related Rus clans, so the Randolph Crest is a bat. In the sixth update of October, I showed that the pelican in Wayne Crest (as per Bruce Wayne, the actor who played Batman) was the pelican of the Mead Coat, that term meaning honey-wine

Later in the update, I remarked that the butler in the Batman show should link "Batman" to the Butler surname, which appears to use a pelican too, and I added that the Butler Coat (both of them) uses a version of the English Randolph (and Dunham) Coat. It was also pointed out that the bat in the Scottish Randolph Crest is the same design as the bats in the bat Coat.

Therefore, I think de Vere is often using terms in his bloodline-worshiping book without revealing the realities which he knows to be behind them. And he relishes this sort of secrecy, thinking himself wise or enlightened to know what we haven't been told, and yes it's true in a sense, even as the one who farts quietly in the midst of an assembly is wiser about it than everyone else. Christians smell something bad when reading his work, even though he uses rose-scented deodorant to cover for the sake of his pagan fans.

I have the sense that witchcraft and Kabala is the deliberate, erroneous propagation of learned bloodline specialists to keep their lower classes ignorant on the importance held in bloodlines. On page 220, he speaks of Chem=Ham of Egypt being the first "God King" (he really relishes the capital on "God," doesn't he?), meaning the Anaki spirits of the heavenly gods (aliens from other worlds, I think he means) entered Ham's bloodline and carried forward, via his blood, from generation to generation. Like I said: stupid.

Rather, demons tend to affect children as well as parents because they all live in the same household for many years. Or, if Ham was stupid enough to allow demons to rule his thinking, then perhaps the children can be made just as stupid and vulnerable, if only the demons can work through Ham to make the children just like himself. And that stupidity carried forward right up to the womb out of which Nicholas de Vere slithered out.

I don't link Khem to Ham, but rather to Buto- and Kemuel-based Nahorites: the Chemmites of Egypt. The Kemmis surname use a bell pattern that I link to the Bells/Bellamys of Ferte-Mace, but the bell pattern is officially called, "vair." You get it. De Vere knows the Vere link to the Kemmis clan, and of it's trace to Chemmites of Egypt. But he isn't telling of the link to Nahorites (possibly, he doesn't know it).

De Vere traces a "Sobekh" term to Khem, smacking of the Polish Sobek surname.

Then, still on page 220, he has the audacity to link Jehovah to his Khem cult. In particular, he links Jehovah to Enlil of the Babylonian Ishtar cult, who like Ishtar was from Deylamite-like Dilmun. And he links the coiled serpent of Ormuzd/Mazda>Hermes to Enlil>Jehovah. He is clearly linking his own bloodline to these heavenly entities, hoping to prove to the world that Stewarts have a right to the throne. What throne? Any and every throne. The devil doesn't want just one unless it's the throne of God. But ultimately, lower down on the page, he reveals that his "Jehovah" is really Zeus, brother of the Pan>Khem the Veres.

By this time (page 221), de Vere has left Tolkien codes well behind, and has reached ground-zero Dionysus, whom he says, without flinching, represented a cannibal cult tracing back to the Nephilim. The Visconti serpent with human child in mouth comes to mind.

His next topic, Baphomet, sounds like he knows not what he's talking about, having what I see as the sort of hopeless conjecture practiced by lower-class witchcraft. But he has a direction, and devils cannot move but toward their own goals. I think he has a truth concerning Baphomet's upraised arm with two fingers extended, which symbol I touched upon in the last update page as the symbol in a portrait of Hugh Capet. I did trace a branch of Veres to the Worms line that was ancestral to Robert the Strong and other Capets. Back on page 220, de Vere calls the Hermes serpent a "white worm."

Without a single added breath or sub-title, the Baphomet topic changes to Kenneth McAlpin, and the Pict-Scot merger through him that de Vere traces his surname to. It's as if he knows of, or at least desires, a Vere link to the Baphomet cult.

On (page 224, he speaks on Merovingian ties to the Arthurian cult (that I personally discovered without his help). Then he has the audacity to 1) link the Arthurian-Merovingian relationship to the bloodline of Jesus, 2) identify Jesus with the witchy Druids of the Celts, and, 3) claim that the Vatican knew of the Jesus bloodline leading to the British which tribe he also traces the Vere bloodline, you see. The entire purpose of this Vere garbage is to link Veres to the "rightful" place of the world throne.

And he claims that witches worshiped in secret to keep their holy-grail-of-Jesus bloodline intact in the face of Vatican persecution. He thus turns everything on its head, as is the purpose of pure satanism, not only by making the Vatican the real devil, but by turning witchcraft into the true-Jesus sect. Jesus therefore becomes a tool unto the world rule for the dragon bloodline, and Christians can be persecuted as the evil ones who stand in the way of this, God's will.

On page 225, de Vere claims that his Melusine line is "far superior" even to the Anglican line to queen Elizabeth. And he traces Melusine of Anjou to the Druid Danaan and the Picts.

On page 226, he says that Jesus' original teachings were Gnostic, and that they were linked to Dionysus. The purpose of such writings is to evolve the world view, over time and repetition, to a new reality. That's what the Illuminati does: re-educates through an "invisible" college of witchy writers...who don't traditionally identify themselves as such. This is likely the truest meaning of "Illuminati," the re-educators of the Christian world. The New Light of Life. The New Age with the Old Jesus well behind and Forever Dead If Possible. The New Horus-Jesus is here, in the Vere-Stewart bloodline.

The next chapter, starting on page 229, is entertainment city for witches. It's entitled, "Jesus Mac Art." Here he traces the bloodline of Jesus to Merovingians, and in a "reshuffle" of that blood also to Charlemagne.

Vere's problem, which he seems oblivious to, is that the satanism on his every page betrays his hope of convincing the world of his Dionysus-related Jesus. And the Vere claim to be holier and superior to the Elizabethan royalty only makes the world suspect that his claim to the blood of Jesus is a tool for the purpose of world rule. And the people of the world, so far lower than the Veres, despise those who raise themselves that high. They even despise globalists and fear their purposes, which is why the false prophet will "make" the world worship the anti-Christ.

I say it will be a worship based on the fears created by globalists, fears from rumors of world ruin requiring a savior. But that savior will not be passed off as a Jesus. The idea might have been kicked around, but in the end the stupids realized that it just won't work after all.

The anti-Christ will be an atheist, and I even think that he could be an enemy of the False Prophet to begin with, someone the Veres-et-al were not expecting, someone the Veres-et-al don't belong to. But as with the rest of their fornications, the Veres-et-al will fornicate with the anti-Christ too, and in the end the anti-Christ will swallow the Vere child in one gulp, at the Fire of God's Armageddon Altar. At that time the Veres will see the true Holy Blood, on the warrior robe of the One riding the lightning, the lightning that no human can bare no matter how many demons come to his aid.

There is a MacArt surname using the Nobel lion in Vere colors. The MacArts are said to be of the Neils/Nihills, and the Vere Coat uses "nihil" as code for those Neils.

Nichols de Vere is a mystic nut bent on making a fool of himself.

Days before Maliki's deadline to form a government, Allawi's team has consented to join that government. That's a headline today, anyway. He got his way recently when the Iraqi parliament voted in favor of re-engaging three Sunni politicians that were previously banned from the political process. Maliki is to present his cabinet tomorrow.

If the Hillary-Mitchell team were in Israel this past week, they were quiet as mouses. I haven't heard anything about it, meaning they couldn't have accomplished much to date. The J-Post today does feature an article on Kabala, and it's fundamental links to Hasidism (though Kabala goes back before that movement). It says that this cult taught the coming of the Messiah only when the Israeli nation has accepted Kabala. On Hasidism:

"The teachings of Hasidism are founded on two theoretical conceptions: (1) religious Panentheism, or the omnipresence of God, and (2) the idea of Devekus, communion between God and man [sounds great, but then read the following]. 'Man,' says [the group's founder] "must always bear in mind that...God is the most subtle matter everywhere diffused... Let man realize that when he is looking at material things he is in reality gazing at the image of the Deity which is present in all things. With this in mind man will always serve God even in small matters."

Isn't that witchcraft, the worship of Mother Earth and all that comes from it? Hasidism espoused a personal relationship with God, but communion with God when rejecting the Messiah -- Jesus -- can only lead to communion with "false gods" that are demons setting themselves up as the true God within. In that way, demons infiltrate the soul and mind. There are some very abstract forms of Kabala as a result of a Messiah-less "spirituality."

To the True God be the Glory.

December 20

Julie wrote in some days ago regarding an Antes peoples, implying that I should look into them as per their as per Alan links. The email was opened this morning, and I wasn't going to have an update today because I wanted to respond to emails only, because readers are way behind. I wrote her back:

The Antes, who are thought to be the Sarmato-Alan roots of the Slavs, could possibly be the Alan link to the Roxolani=RusAlans. I had linked the Roxolani with the Budini whom I saw as Buzites, so it's very interesting that the Antes had a king called, Boz. The Antes lived in the Ukraine, where the Budini also lived.

I trace Dol proto-Stewarts with Alan names both to the Neuri among the Budini and to the Roxolani. But more recently I also found a good trace of the Stewarts to the Kiev Varangians, and it just so happens that the Antes Alans got themselves to Kiev too, not long before the arrival of the Varangians. The Antes, moreover, are suggested by Wikipedia to have been the basis of the Kiev Slavs, also known as Slav Rus no doubt due to their merger with Varangians. It could therefore be that the Antes were the ones who requested the Varangian Rus, then living in Sweden, to come to their help in the Ukraine.

I was wondering whether the Antes were named after the Antenor Heneti, known to have formed the Veneti. It would not therefore be by a surprising "coincidence" that some historians trace Slavs back to the Veneti branch of Vandals/Wends. It then stands to reason that "Slav" is rooted in "Chalybe," for (C)Halybes lived in the same general area, this time on the southern shores of the Black sea, as the Heneti. It suggests that Heneti and Halybes moved together to the Ukraine to form the Antes, for one, and Slavs too.

I then trace these very Slavs to "Salop," where the proto-Stewarts of Dol came to live upon reaching England. Then, as I link the Stewarts of Salop to Pendragons (who I traced to Slavs in Lusatia), I find it very interesting that the Antes are said to be of the PENkovka culture. That city was near Vinnytsya, by the way, which is also Vinnica, smacking of Venice.

Moreover, while Vinnytsya is said to be named after the vine/wine, though that may not be the original definition of the place, there were a Scandinavian Vinili, kin of the Vandals, who are identify-able (by others) as Lombards/Longobards. I say this because, recently, I was able to see that UTHER Pendragon was code for the Other surname, which is a surname from the Lombard dukes. The Others are said in their write-up to be roots of the Windsors proper, and that suggests a "Windsor" trace to Wends.

This is all very good for making an Arthurian trace to the Penkovka culture, and I'm not forgetting that I ventured to trace Arthur himself to the Slav Rus on what was then not much more than a whim based on my solid trace of Arthurianism to the Chalybes founders of "Calabria" (that's my personal "discovery"). I had reasoned then that Chalybes founded the Slavs, and that they in turn founded Salop. It was the birth of a key realization.

The known/suspected link of the Alans to the Antes, and they to Penkovka, makes much sense now as per the Alan-of-Dol link to the Pendragon cult of later, Norman times. The Wikipedia article suggests that "Antes" means "armies" in Ugric, but then the Antes may not have been Ugric to begin with. I'll maintain an Antes trace to the Anat cult (Anatolia) that I see as root to the Heneti, but then who knows but that "anat" itself meant "army" at one time.

Anat traces to Antu, wife of Anu, the ancient Anaki peoples to which the Veres of yesterday's topic trace. You would be interested in the Magdalene bloodline mentioned in yesterday's update as per the writings of the nut-cracker witch, Nicholas de Vere. He likes to think of menstrual blood and Jesus all at once, a very hard-core blasphemer he is.

The Antes article then tells that BYZantines were their allies, and Byzantines are highly suspect as Buzites in my mind. I don't neglect my trace of Buzites to Poseidon and his Pisidians, for some years after making that link, I realized that the Pisidian city of Antayla was ground zero for Anat's founding of Anatolia. Antalya was also mythical Atlas, and root of non-mythical Atlanteans. The trace of "Tantalus" to "Antalya" can be supported by the mythical fact that Pelops, son of Tantalus, was made a ruler of Pisa, that place trace-able to Pisidians. Pelops and Tantalus together suggest the Baal and Anat cult, and they ruled at Eneti, the Heneti capital.

In other words, Pisa was another Buzite domain, and it's therefore not surprising that both Pisa and neighboring Elis were infiltrated by Hellens>Aeolians = Alans. Think the Geloni whom Herodotus located in the midst of the Budini, and then ask whether that Geloni peoples were linked fundamentally to the Antes Alans. It makes good sense.

Thank you Julie. I'll be adding this to today's update, which is why I went on a little longer than usual.

Then I opened an email from FE. To set the tone for that one, let me quote myself from the last update page:

Bute/Avalon was ruled by Morgans (a Mackay sept), but I was able to trace mythical Morgan le Fay to the purple-lion Vey/Vivian surname, which is being repeated now because I recall tracing Vivian terms to "Fife," where the Siders/Sides were first found. If the purple of the Veys links to Byzantines, then the Siders can be linked to Seleucia Sidera. I remind you, the Dutch Vey Coat uses...a boot [symbol of Bute, I reckon]

This morning I opened an email from FE, our secret agent in the Swiss theater. She's telling that there's a Siders/Sierra location beside Sion/Sitten. And indeed it is in the Valais canton. This is remarkable where we had discussed (I can't recall some of the details) the Morgan-surname trace to the north shore of lake Geneva.

Siders is off the ROTTEN river that flows through Sion into lake Geneva, which may have been at least part of the mythical ERIDANus river valley into which the sun god's son (Phaethon) crashed. That could easily explain why the Arms of Siders uses an unhappy sun, and nothing more. There's probably a few more unhappy suns along that river, but if not, I would suggest a Phaethon trace to Siders as a particular.

I trace Phaethon (he and Aedon were both from Merops elements) to the (H)Aedui of Autun not far up and off the Rhone a little ways, and view the Rhone (anciently "Rhodanus"), which flows into the other end of lake Geneva, as part of the Eridanus>Oceanus waterway of Argo-ship mythology. Near Autun is Avallon, and that's got to be the Morgan-of-Geneva connection to Bute=Avalon.

The Morgan surname (and Avalon's Morgan le Fay) was traced to Morges, near Lausanne, because the city of Vevey/Viviscus (in Vey-Shield colors) is nearby. Morges and Vevey are in Vaud canton, and it seems that a Vevey-variation could develop into Vevet>"Vaud." In the Morges district is a city called, Apples (I've just learned), and this could be the reason that "Avalon," though I never did think it to derive from "apple," is said by others to mean "apple orchard."

Apples is located at the JURA mountain range, which could be important as per the Arthurian/Merovingian trace to Jerusalem and/or to elements of the Judah list shared earlier in this update page.

The Arms of Apple resembles the Other Coat, and if there is a kinship link between the two Coats, it would trace Uther Pendragon to Avalon, exactly where we expect Arthur's father. The French/Norman Bussy Coat uses the same colors as the two above (Arthurs and Windsors use the same red and gold colors), which I mention because the Morges district also houses Bussy-Chardonnney ("Chard" is a very Art/Cart-like term).

The Chard/Char surname (partridges of Perdix, traced earlier to the Sion cult) was first in Somerset (named after the sun/summer, they say). The Other family, by it's motto, "Watch," was rooted in the Pendragon-colored Watch/Wadge surname of Cornwall, Somerset and Devon (the Pendragon surname was also first found in Cornwall, and myth traced Arthur's birth to Cornwall elements). The Vey surname was first in Cornwall too. There are the British Danann, at Devon and Somerset, but you won't find them linked to Jesus or any of his sons by Magdalene.

Denens (a small location) near Morges uses a crow, the Mackay symbol. Morgan le Fay was given a sister, Morgause, smacking of Morges. Another sister, Elaine, could be the Dol Alans, for entering "Elaine" brings up the Alan colors reversed to the Other Coat, and essentially using the French Bussy Shield. Allans and Morgans are both listed as Mackay septs in Wikipedia's article on Mackays.

Morgan le Fay's son is Gawain or "Ywain," and Vains/Veyns are also a Mackay sept (Waynes use Macey gloves and Arthur pelican). Mackays also have a Bain sept that I identified as Ban, father of Lancelot, and then we find that Elaine loves Lancelot. Dutch Veys use a boot, as do French Masseys, but as yet I'm reluctant to make a Vey link to "Veyn." It could be that Vivians/Veveys merged with Waynes>Veyns so as to form a Vey variation of the Vivians. Or, "Veyn" was short for "Vevey" and there was therefore a Vey-of-Switzerland equation with "Veyn."

Veyns are also "Vinn" and "Vines," perhaps a line of Vinili=Lombards to the Others. The Vains/Veyns were first in Monmouthshire, evoking Geoffrey of Monmouthshire, the inventor of many Arthurian codes. There's also a Veyras in the district of Siders that could apply.

I tried entering "Veyras" without success, and then thought there could be a "Veyer," which brought the Veres to mind, especially their "Vair" variation. So I entered "Vair" to find a French Vayer surname. Aping the French Fer Coat with Shield filled with blue and white checks, the Vair/Vayer Coat uses a Shield filled with red and white checks. They also use a Wier-like "Vier," as well as "Fers," and were first found in Burgundy, not far from lake Geneva.

FE also wrote on the Bay and Baie clans, and pointed me to a Bayard town in Switzerland's Travers valley. The Arms of Travers are white (fish) on blue, just like the French (near lake Geneva) Bayard/Bay/Baie Coat. FE pointed out that the Scottish Bayard/Baird Coat looks very Vere-ish, and uses once again a "fecit" motto term...that was traced solidly (this month) to the Fawcetts of FAYEside (Lothian)!

I did trace the House of Saraka, by circumstantial evidence, to Sion of Switzerland. This is being repeated here because the Arms of Saraka use a white fish on blue...that I've mentioned quite a few times due to possible importance in the same-colored fish belonging to Irish Keons (and Kanes).

Then, as per the Vey trace to Bute, there's a Buttes location smack beside Bayard! As a reminder, the Bay surname was traced (some days ago) to what I consider the Irish roots of the Arthurian cult in the Irish Mathuna/Maghan clan, which uses a variation of the "Jewish" Levi lion.

French Bayards use white crescents on blue, which I recognize by now as the French/Norman Valais/Valois symbols (uses the Vey Shield in colors reversed), important because Fayras is in Valais canton.

The Bayard and Buttes locations are in the canton of Neuchatel, perhaps trace-able to the Naughtons/Nortons. The Scottish Naughtons not only use blue and white, the colors of the Arms of Les Bayards colors, but both use a castle symbol. The Naughton surname is said to be from "Neachton," very close to "Neuchat(el)."

I am beside myself because earlier in the morning, I was already at the Naughton page as per the Lully location in the Morges district. I recalled a Lally surname of some weeks ago, and searching back, found it to be linked to the Naughtons: "[Naughtons]" held a family seat as an important Dalcassian sept of the Ui Maine related to the Mulallys. The Lallys and the O'Naghtens were in turn chiefs of the Moenmoy...They settled in Tollendal where they became tenants of Lord Bermingham. Here they became Chiefs of the Fews. Neachtan, the progenitor, about 850 A.D., was the grandson of Aeneas Lally. Fews??? Is that the Fawcett or Vey clan?

In any case, I think that Naughtons can be seriously traced to Switzerland's Neuchatel region, in an alliance with peoples from Lully. The Lilly Coat was checked at this time (don't recall ever loading it before), which uses a swan (as well as lillies), the Sion/Swan symbol. AND ZOWIE, it was just noticed upon loading the Sion/Swan Coat again that it uses the Levi lion exactly!!

The Lilly swan is exactly the German Logen/Loch swan.

AFTER WRITING the above, I got round to checking the Few surname and found it even as "Fews," using the Sion/Swan colors and the Sion/Swan red heart (the Fews heart is on fire). Fews are said to have a British history from prior to the Conqueror.

Thank you Julie and FE. Good stuff. I'll also share FE's find on the Polish Lis surname and some of it's branches (in the next update), which looks important at first glance. Julie will like the fox used in the Lis Crest, or that the clan is said to be named after foxes. The Fawcett clan makes the same claim to foxes.

Christian, listen to me. God can do any miracle, I agree, but when we read that Samson became angered with Philistines, and on a spur of the moment went out to capture 300 foxes, that's not reality but myth code. It would take much time even to find one fox. You can know it's myth code by the numbers 30, 300, and 3000 all used in the Samson account.

FE made the point that the list of clans using the Lis fox includes "Fulko." But I also see a SAMSONowicz in that list.

December 21

In the 2nd update this month, the Sapie surname was mentioned as per a Polish Sloboda/Slovobek surname from Slepowron of the Polesie province wherein "the renowned Radziwills and Sapiehas held their vast estates". FE then found, just days ago, that the Polish Lis list of branches includes "Sapieha."

The Samsonowicz branch of the Lis clan is in itself some rather good evidence for my claim that the Samson cult was represented by the Polish SiemoWIT (I think the ending means "white") character in the mythical/legendary parts of the Piast royal bloodline. BUT, more than that, the Slaboda surname was found by FE upon my mention of the WHITE slab symbol used by the German Siemen/Siemsen surname!!

I didn't know that the surname was "Sapieha" until seeing the Lis list; the Slaboda write-up makes it look like "Sapiehas." I entered the correct term just now and got a Sapieha Coat. The white fleur de lys on black evoke the Meschin scallops in the same colors, or even the Pendragon Coat. The other part of the Shield looks Kyle-ish to me (as per the Kyle arm-and-scimitar), and I do trace Coles>Kyles to Kolodjiez, the mythical Piast founder that brought about Siemowit. The Sapieha surname was first found in Smolensk, what could be a Samo term.

In the second update of this month (December 7), I got sloppy when saying:

...All that is to say that there is a Taphie surname smacking of "Sapie." The Coat uses lattice, a symbol I trace to Guiscard, who merged with Saracens..."

Not only did I enter the wrong address leading to the Doun surname, but I spelled "Taphie" wrong. It should be the Taffie/Taffe surname. The point is, it doesn't seem like a coincidence that Robert Guiscard -- The Fox -- merged with Saracens named "Samsam" and "Timnah"?

Taffes were from Louth (Ireland), and one Louth-surname variation, "Lyde," could be a Lis alternative.

Also, note the arm-and-sword in the Taffie Crest, which I didn't know about until after dealing with the same arm in the Sapieha Coat. I kid you not. I didn't ever see the Sapieha Coat until now, and did not re-view the Taffey Coat until after that.

The fact that Wikipedia showed (it no longer does) the legs of one of the Guiscards (Robert or his brother) painted with the same lattice type as used by the Taffie surname now suggests that Taffies are related to the Sapieha clan of Poland.

On his nickname, Fox:

"The name Guiscard, or Wiscard, was a Norman epithet used to designate an adroit or cunning person. One theory is that it [the cunning nickname] was conferred on a Danish soldier named Tancred Visk Hard, probably for distinguished service in Rollo's army in the 11th century."

The article conforms that the Scottish Guiscard/Wishard Coat is linked to Robert Guiscard: "On a modern note, the former French President Valery Giscard d'Estaing, known simply as Giscard, is descended from the Guiscards of Normandy and therefore with the Wisharts of Scotland." Earlier, the article said: "The Guichard coat of arms is understood to contain two thunderbolts (white) on a red background. With a little imagination the ancient Wishart arms of 'three piles meeting in point' is of similar design. However, this possible link between the two families needs further research."

It can't be a co-incidence that the Pile Coat uses roughly the same "piles." And the Piles could have been ethnic Poles.

I believe that the Anjou Fulks, whom I traced rather solidly to Guiscards, were the founders of Fauxhall. The Fauxall/Foxhall Coat uses foxes, but as possible Leslie linkage to the Lis clan of Poland, the Crest uses the Leslie griffin head. The Fauxall Shield in Leslie colors. This is just the first clue for the suspicion that the Lis clan, with Fulko branch, is a Leslie clan.

Amazingly, we're about to come to the Fawcetts again, yesterday's topic, the write-up of which traces to "fox." Entering "Faux" brings up a Fawkes surname ("falcon" in Crest assures Fulk linkage) said to be from "Vaux" (Normandy). The latter is a Fer/Vere clan all over, in my opinion.

I've loaded and shown the Scottish Vaux Coat many times, but this time the Vaux origins in East Lothian reminded me an East Lothian clan mentioned yesterday; going back to find which one, it turned out to be the Fawcett clan, with this write-up: "The name Fawcett is derived from an ancient word meaning 'fox on a hillside.' Fa'side Castle, sometimes known as Fawside, Falside, Ffauside, FAUXside, or Fawsyde" (caps mine).

I started this topic on a browser open to the Watch surname (from the "Watch" motto of the Pendragon-related Other surname). It dawned on me yesterday, though I neglected to mention it, that the white-on-black stars used by the Watches are used also by the Pulsiphers/Pulciphers of Cheshire. I should have included this with mention of the Poles/Pulls of Cheshire, who are a Mackay Sept. Tim discovered the Pulsipher Coat after I mentioned that a city (Romulus) in Michigan's Wayne County was founded in-part by Pulciphers and Pullens, and that's when I discovered that the PELICan used in the Wayne (and Arthur) Crest was code for PULCi(pher).

The Lis list includes one Gawian(owski) surname, smacking of mythical Gawain (think holy grail). The Gawain/Gavin surname has a write-up tracing the mythical character and surname to the Manx on the Isle of Man. It uses laurel branches, likely code for the Daphne cult...that may have been in view with the Taffies/Sapiehas. "Gawain" is said to derive from "Gabhain," smacking of the Bain sept of Mackays.

Pulsiphers are also Pil(l)sons, perhaps a branch of the Piles, and if so, it means that Guiscards/Wisharts likely have ancestry in Pulciphers, who are properly Pulesdons, meaning that they are Pules/Poles (a sept of Mackay Rus). Other Mackay septs include "Polson." Entering "Pill" does bring up the Guiscard-like Pile Coat.

This paragraph and the next is being inserted here, and were conceived, after the two paragraphs below them were written. As per the "post" derivation of the Pile surname (evokes "Piast"), I recalled the Polish Past Coat (the page shows no variations), showing what I think is a dove on three humps with what I suspect is an olive branch in beak. As per the discussion below, I had found roughly the same symbol in the French Fages/Fage Coat. Only, in the latter, it's technically a "pigeon" (a dove is a pigeon).

The second point: the curved chevron in the Past Coat is used by the Swedish Gust surname, said to be from "Gaut," and entering "Gaut" brings up a Shield filled with the same lattice used by Taffies, a lattice in Guiscard colors...that was previously traced to the Tancred (an olive tree and Gust-colored chevron) ancestry of the Guiscards.

I was reminded of the white-on-black stars of the Watch and Pulcipher Coats just moments ago when entering "Foggs" and got the same colored stars. The surname is also "Fog," and I'll bet 300 tails on fire that the surname links to "Fox."

I recall tracing the "fac et" motto phrase long ago (to which I recently link the Fawcetts) to the Faget surname, which I now see is in Fauxhall (and Post/Poast) colors. Also, two Faget variations use Fog-like "Vog." AND, French Fagets were first in Languedoc, where the Voges/Vaugies were first found. I recall remarking that the rooster/cock on the French Faget Coat should link to the Galli transvestites (because "galina"= chicken, and/or due to "cock"). The French Gay Coat uses a rooster in Faget colors. Coincidence, or do we have the origin here of the faggot term?

The Lis list includes some Doros-using terms, and that brings up another blue and white Doros/Darrach Coat. The variations there could reveal that "Draco/Thraco" derives in Dorians, which brings to mind the Odrysians of Thrace. The surname is said to derive from "oak," just as is said about mythical Dryas.

Entering "Doris" brings up a French clan using a Shield-on-Shield (= Polish idea) first found in Dauphine. It uses what could be the "Jewish" Pollock Coat. The Doris clan claims to descent from Dorians of Thessaly: "The name was connected with an ancient Indo European Swiss race which migrated to the region from Thessalie in the 13th century."

I can't recall the details, but I traced the Pollock surname to the Tour/Tower surname, using a white castle/tower on blue...which I now see are the colors of the castle/tower in the Arms of La Tour-du-Pin." That location is a Subprefecture of the Isere department where the D'Oris location of the Doris surname is situated.

English Tours were first in the Dorset area, supporting my trace of Dorset to the Greek Dorians! They use a red castle on white (colors of the Naughton castle but not quite the same design). The Thor variation evokes the lightning that was the symbol of the Guiscards, and that lightning was said above to be white on red.

We read: "The Sire de Tour conquered Cameys in Wales..." Entering "Camey" brings up a Coat with crowns in Tour-castle colors, but also other quadrants using white and blue, the other two colors of the Naughton Coat above. This is being said because: 1) I identify Naughtons/Nortons as Na(c)horites, and, 2) I've traced the Cameys, with their "suis" motto term, to the Chemmites of Sais, where the Buz-like Buto cult operated. I identify Chemmites as per Kemuel, son of Nahor, born immediately after Buz. The first born son, Uts, smacks of "Uat," the alternative name of the Buto cult.

That cult was also the Horus cult, or at least linked to it fundamentally, and that now evokes the D'oris location in Dauphine.

The Cameys are said to be linked to the Keiths of East Lothian, where the Fawcetts and Scottish Vaux surname were first found...which is excellent because the English Faux surname, said to be from Vaux, Normandy, uses the same falcon exactly as the Irish Naughtens and...much like the one in the Bode Coat. When entering "Bosse," there is the Tour castle again, and th Bosse surname was first in TOURaine. See also a falcon and castle in the German Bus/Busse Crest.

German Bosses use acorns, which can be suspect as linking to the Dorian>Doris oak.

Does it seem that globalist have been attempting to reduce the lives of the common citizen? Are we not being made to stay put more at home, to drive around less, to vacation less? Is there an attempt to cripple the mood and then the lifestyle of the citizen, in order to make the people less powerful and more pliable toward the global Cause? These ideas keep coming back to me. And although you may think it's over the top to suspect a food-poisoning program for the purpose of population control, and who knows, possibly also as a service to satan (because satanists think that killing people nets them more powers from satan), I think there are some who would like to try the idea.

I asked myself who they would target using the food producers in their circles. The poor? Perhaps your local dollar-store foods? There's an article out today claiming that al-Qaeda is plotting a food-poisoning program, but is it really from al-Qaeda?

We already know that the U.S department of agriculture is financially in bed with globalist seed producers (Monsanto), and we've heard that the same department wants to cripple small farmers with regulations that disallow even the single persons from producing and sharing their own food without special permits. This legislation, now in the works, seems targeted at self-reliant persons. It could be the attempt to confound tribulation survival against the skincode. In any case, here's a bit from the article:

"...key Intelligence source has confirmed the [al-Qaeda] threat as 'credible.' Department of Homeland Security officials, along with members of the Department of Agriculture and the FDA, have briefed a small group of corporate security officers from the hotel and restaurant industries about it."

Do I trust Homeland Security to be anything but a globalist tool? I especially do not trust it when it teams up with the department of agriculture. The report claims that al-Qaeda is targeting restaurants. But couldn't this report cause people to vacation, and move around, less? The article says that people would at first only appear to have typical food poisoning. Perhaps that's the pilot project.

WikiLeaks, though immoral in many cases, could be vitally beneficial when thwarting or cancelling trollish projects like this. Globalists will now need to be much more careful who they use as tools, for any one of them can anonymously betray using WikiLeaks. And I understand that there are more WikiLeak-like organizations on the rise. Perhaps this explains why we're hearing more and more on Internet regulation, to get us used to the idea, and then to regulate as they see fit for their own purposes.

How do we know that the sudden rise in certain diseases are not caused by chemicals in foods placed there deliberately to bring billions of dollars in medical-care and drug profits? How do we know that there isn't a plot to make use sick for a while, take much of our money in combating the sicknesses, and then ultimately to finish us off as part of a population-control program? Why is diabetes on the rise? Is it really because people are on the over-weight side?

If al-Qaeda wanted to slip cyanide into salads at all-you-can-eat bars, what's there to stop them? It would be too easy. Why didn't they do this years ago? I say it's because they never did bomb the New York towers. I say now what I wouldn't have said years ago, that the Illuminati is using an al-Qaeda ghost as a tool to cripple/manipulate Western society.

But reports like these poison reports have the effect of causing people to go back to the land, provide their own animals and gardens. The number of country properties available for this are relatively minimal. Only a small percentage of city populations can go back to the land. I thought it was wise to get a place of my own, and to start living the country life. I still haven't done much toward food-producing, but next year the house will be completed, and then I'll have time. Lord willing, I'll report in a series of chapters some good advice from experience, as one who went into the country not knowing much at all on hands-on food production. It's actually very risky to depend on your own food if you haven't already discovered and dealt with the particular problems. Every geography, every soil, every wildlife population, every climate, has it's particular pitfalls.

Record cold this year is setting climate-warmer globalists back all the more, but they're still trying to muster a come-back. Many politicians don't want to touch their agenda anymore for fear of losing voter support. The good thing about globalism is that it's a large animal too hard to control. It just will never run smoothly, and the peoples will suffer for it.

By what insanity is it that, although my father purchased a city property for $13,000 less than fifty years ago, the same house is now toward a half million dollars? How could prices rise so much in just one generation? Nothing like this upward trend has ever been known, and we are made to think such rises in costs are normal. It's not normal. There's a huge problem here. We are being hi-jacked continually by the business world, and the leaders are not protecting us.

Why are food costs relatively low? Why does less than a half hour's wages buy the day's food? Why do we need to work eight hours daily just to survive if less than a half hour gets our food? I think our leaders arranged housing to be high for tax revenue, and food to be low so that we'll not go back to the land. If it was the other way around, with food requiring half a day's work and housing only a half hour, more people would be on their own land providing their own food, which wouldn't be a good situation for tax revenue people...who want people in the workforce.

When Christians leave the workforce in large numbers all at once, it becomes a tax disaster for globalists depending on taxes and seeking to raise them (we can all hear the climate-warmers crying like big babys at this very time). But tax-revenue reduction would be just the start. On the one hand, there will be more job openings, and perhaps zero unemployment, but on the other hand society will lose many skilled workers. If the satanic powers that be are planning a global skincode for this generation, you can be sure that they have thought on these things.

We can imagine the plotters at first, relishing the idea of bringing on the Biblical skincode as part of their zealous war on the Christians they despise, but then the realities start sinking in that losing the Christian population does their world some great consequences. Not that they would wisely put the plot away, but rather they will try to devise ways to keep us from skipping out. Monsanto has already marketed (genetically-altered) vegetables with seeds that don't grow future plants, and the department of agriculture, last I heard, had a 5-percent stake in that business venture.

Think about it. Globalists could create a global purchasing system that did not involve a skincode, and that did not involve a 666, and Christians would have no problem with it. Yet it appears from the 666 on the Universal Product Code, and the recent legalization of skin chips, that they are bent on bringing in the 666 "mark of the beast." Why? It's because they relish the idea of persecuting Christians. They just can't wait. But first thing's first, and they will have to wait until their leaders think they're ready. Or, to put it another way, God will thwart them until the Appointed Time.

Oil has been on a slow but steady rise, slow this time because the last increase was so abrupt that it did great damage to the world economy. Gasoline is being taxed more and more, and we can assume that, at least in some cases, much of the extra money goes to globalist causes. Global warmers had in mind to tax gasoline, among other things, to take our money for building their global government. Their problem is, if they keep us at home more due to high oil prices, their own businesses will suffer.

You can imagine that globalist industries are shifting away from vacation-related enterprises, toward energy rackets. And to keep us from using more wood when energy costs are increased upon our backs, they are planning to make it illegal to cut down living trees on our own properties; only dead/fallen trees allowed. You can imagine how such a law would cripple the self-reliant family. The way to get such a law enacted is to make society believe that forests on the whole are endangered. Such a propaganda program is not new this year, but may have started years ago specifically as a globalist stepping-stone toward thwarting self-reliance in just the legislative means mentioned above. The way to block this legislation is to expose the forest-threat program as another sham. WikiLeaks could prove to be our best helper.

The fact is, cutting some trees down on your property makes it healthier for others. I've read that four or five acres of forest grows in one year what the household will burn over one winter. There are much more than four of five acres of forest in the country than per each homeowner burning wood for home heating.

PLUS, if they can get us off wood, and raise gas prices to the skies, we'll be forced toward solar and wind energy. That should be fine for self-reliants who have the money to heat homes by solar energy. But many people haven't the money to survive a month after losing a job, and that's much to the fault of globalists...who keep their prices as high as the markets will bear. They never think about the well-being of the "consumer." We are just the tools for their wealth. God knows they deserve to have their lives taken from them, and that Day is coming.

"The [Obama] government is creating a vast domestic spying network to collect information about Americans in the wake of the September 11, 2001 attacks and subsequent terror plots, The Washington Post reported [yesterday].

The government is using for this purpose the FBI, local police, state homeland security offices and military criminal investigators, the daily added.

The system collects, stores and analyzes information about thousands [I think "thousands" is a gross under-estimate] of US citizens and residents, many of whom have not been accused of any wrongdoing, the report noted.

...According to the report, the network includes 4,058 federal, state and local organizations, each with its own counter-terrorism responsibilities and jurisdictions.

At least 935 of these organizations have been created since the 2001 attacks, The Post said.

...In addition, the FBI is building a database with the names and personal information of thousands of US citizens and residents, the report said." ...The cost of the network is difficult to measure, the paper said. But the Department of Homeland Security has given 31 billion dollars in grants since 2003 to state and local governments for homeland security and to improve their ability to find and protect against terrorists, The Post said."

Is there really a terror attack on America that justifies this much money and snoopery? Or is the money and spying being used for other purposes? Perhaps WikiLeaks will soon tell, when a brave and good American betrays the plot.

Iraq has shown more bumps:

"Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki delayed the announcement of a new national unity government [yesterday] amid signs that his recently revived alliance with the anti-American cleric Moqtada al-Sadr might be starting to crack.

...Adnan al-Asadi, the deputy interior minister and a member of Maliki's Dawa party, said the prime minister plans to control the security ministries for up to three months pending a final decision [on who will control it permanently].

Sadrists threatened to boycott any government...saying they feared that Maliki would take advantage of the temporary measure to consolidate his power within the security forces.

...Some Iraqiya and Kurdish legislators speculated that the Sadrist boycott threats were triggered in part by indications that Maliki would not give the Sadrists one of the three coveted deputy prime minister slots.

But others said they shared the Sadrists' concerns about Maliki assuming temporary control of the security ministries."

These security forces have everything to do with a coup on Maliki's government. Apparently, the al-Sadrs don't want Maliki controlling the security forces, which could spell the end of Maliki's alliance with Sadrists...which would then set the entire government-formation back to square one. I'm reading that if Maliki fails to have a proposed cabinet within a few days, the Iraqi president (not Maliki) must choose another person to form the cabinet. That would be interesting, perhaps another dead-ender.

Allawi's party is set to get the top-dog positions for finance, industry and electricity. It sounds very corporation-oriented, and it holds the money bags.

December 22

The "Watch" motto of the Other surname links the Others, and therefore the Windsors, to the Buto/Uat cult. For the Watch/Wadge surname is too much like "Wadjet," and the surname implies too much like the all-see-eye of the Wadget cult.

In Egyptian mythology, Wadjet, or the Green One (...Uto, Edjo, and Buto among other names), was originally the ancient local goddess of the city of Dep, which became part of the city that...Greeks called Buto...

...Wadjet was closely associated in the Egyptian the sun goddess whose eye later became the eye of Horus...

I had traced her "Uat" name to the Watt Coat with all-seeing eye, but why not also trace her Wadjet name to the Wadge surname with Watch variation? It makes one suspect that the word, "watch," derives from "Wadjet" somehow. My dictionary roots "watch" in old-English "waeccan," a wicca=witchcraft-like term. In fact, the Wadjet article links her to special holidays maintained by witchcraft to this day:

The Going Forth of Wadjet was celebrated on December 25 with chants and songs. An annual festival held in the city celebrated Wadjet on April 21. Other important dates for special worship of her were June 21, the Summer Solstice...

The old-English for "wick" (of a candle) is "weoce," and for "wicked" it's "wikke."

Did you happen to notice the bird in the Watt Crest? It's very much like (the brown color gives it away) the falcon/eagle (the "eye of Horus" was depicted with a falcon's eye) seen yesterday in the Bode and Naughton/Norton Coats. The Dutch Bodes, moreover, use lozenges, as does the English Watt Crest.

The Watts are said to be named after "Walter," but I think a better derivation is "White." Early Watts "fought under the banner of York [= white rose] at the Battle of WAKEfield where he died leaving Thomas Wattys the manor of WHITEfield in Northampton" (caps mine). Wake? As in "waeccan"? Yes, for "watch" and "awake" are related. There is a Wake Coat in Other/Windsor/Watt colors/

The Wake motto includes "vigil" but also a Horus-like "ora." Wakes use a "Wake knot," named after themselves. It smacks of the Naughtons. Wakes were first in Lincolnshire, and use the Rhodes-of-Lincolnshire roundels. In the write-up: "This line belonged to the Lincolnshire family which also had lands in Cumberland." Entering Lindo, we find the Lincoln family of Cumberland. The Lindo(e) Coat uses a saw-toothed (my personal term) chevron, supporting my trace of Perdix=Talos to Telchines of Rhodes (the saw was a symbol of mythical Perdix).

Checking the Lincoln surname, where we find the root of the term in "Lindo" -- smacking of Lindos on Rhodes -- we find that Lincoln(shire) "was a center for cloth manufacturing and is famous for the 'Lincoln Green.'" Then we read that "Lincoln green is the color of dyed woollen cloth associated with Robin Hood and his merry men in Sherwood Forest, Nottinghamshire." Nottingham, as in "knot"?

Green is the color of Wadjet.

Checking the Sherwood surname (in Windsor-Shield colors, but using a chevron in Lincoln-lion colors), we find "...the legendary Robin Hood, who according to legend was the Earl of Huntingdon, Robert Fitzooth." Ooth??? As in "Uat" or the Other surname? In the Windsor write-up, the Other surname is shown as "Otho."

The Other Coat is in the colors of the English Watts. Other variations are Otter, Ottyr, Otre, Otir, Oter, and Oder. In every case shown, the ending is "er," wherefore if that's a suffix (typical of Germans), the root is very likely, ultimately, from a "Uat" or its root. Note in the Other write-up: "The clan proliferated in east Yorkshire [recalls the Watts of York], Nottingham, Lincoln and Derby." The Sherwood write-up: "It comes from when the family lived in Sherwood found in various locations in Nottingham and Derbyshire." The Knots, said to derive perhaps from king "Canute," first found in Derbyshire!

As Windsors were from the Others but use (apparently) the white saltire of the Oettingens/Oettingers, I would trace the latter to the Uat cult too. Further down the page one can see the "vair" bell pattern (under the Oettingen saltire) in the colors of the Windsors/Others (and Veres). There to the right are the Bavarian "lozenges."

If you can sense "Odin" in this clan, note that the Bodes are also "Boden," smacking of "Woden." There were two Oettingen houses: the Ottingen-Spielberg and Ottingen-Wallerstein. Perhaps the "Walter" root of the Watts is from the latter house of Waller(steins). Wallers were first found in knot-like Nottingham.

The Waller-Coat tree is said to be a walnut, the same tree exactly as in the German Lind Coat. The Lind motto phrase, "solius dei," smacks of Helios the sun god (his island was Rhodes)!

The Watt-like Witts/Wyghts, quite apparently a White-surname variation, were first found in Lincolnshire, and are said to be derived in a Uat-like "Uuit." They use a hand/palm, which I recognize as the hand of a clan (the name of which I can't recall) with an all-seeing eye in the palm. This clan leaves the eye out. Watts use the all-seeing eye.

In the third update of this month: "It didn't escape me that the Herald[/Herod] Coat is in Hooten colors, and that smack of Edom's owl cult." I had been on the Hoot surname at that time, and went on to show the Wooten Coat as per Hootens. This is being mentioned here because a minute ago "Witten" was entered to find an owl, and after that "Wotan" was entered (because the owl reminded me of him) to find the Wooten Coat. The Woden Coat (Keith stag), moreover, is in Oettingen/Ottingen white on red.

The Hoot surname is properly "Hood." Perhaps Robin Hood, ot fitzOOTH, was a Hoot. Yes, probably, for the Bug surname of Nottingham uses water "bougets," the symbol in the Witten Coat.

The way I see it now is that the Phaethon and/or Aedon branch of the Helios cult was part of the Helios-of-Rhodes stock -- Danaans from the Uat/Wadjet cult -- and that branch came through the Po river, at one time the Bodencus, then down the Rotten through Sion and into lake Geneva before reaching Autun off the Rhodanus. Does that make sense?

The Walter term said to be the root of the Watts (it could have been the other way around) could link to the Waldners, who I know (thanks to FE) trace for a fact to "Wallis"/Valais (the Swiss canton where Sion is located). It's true that the English Walter surname includes a Wattis variation. The English Waldner term is listed under a Waddy/Waitho clan, requiring a look at the Wait/Wayte surname (bugles in Traby-bugle colors), where we find the write-up: "This surname comes from the Anglo-Norman-French word waite, which means watch." The motto term, "focus," does suggest "watch."

Okay, I'll watch. We'll all watch.

The total American debt to government-applied debts (i.e. not including their personal debt) is almost 14 trillion dollars. Assuming 200 million workers, that's $70,000 per worker that the government has borrowed from each be paid back to the international bankers by the children and children's children of the workers. International bankers are collecting 37 billion annually on this debt, and are very happy about it, therefore. They would like to see the debt increase, and would have politicians in power who would carry out that agenda for them. Obama has increased the debt phenomenally in just two years. Apparently, you, the worker, are a meaningless thing, aside from your labors, or the potential your sweat and tears has to make the rich richer.

There are some Democrats who are unhappy about Obama's recent agreement with Republicans to lower taxes. They are unhappy because they would like to see more taxes that could go toward paying off some of the public debt. But Democrats are not going to be able to fight for more taxes and then see them go merely to the public debt, because Democrats in charge would not be able to resist using the money for their own purposes; they care nothing for the debt of the people, which is the problem of the people, not theirs. Democrats feel they need to buy votes by dishing out tax dollars to various blocks, which is exactly the sort of thing that has placed the nation in such great debt.

Of what use is it after all is said and done, to work and work, and then go the grave with nothing afterward? Young people may not dwell on this "sting" as often as aging persons that stare the reality in the face. In my early twenties, I decided that to give my life to God in its totality would be the wise choice, for even if this life didn't work out very well, at least there would be hope after the grave. But I realized that giving my life's destiny to Him would net some favors in this life. That's what He's much about.

Yet, the approach had to be correct. I didn't get to pick and choose what sort of role to play with God. I didn't "marry" God to be the husband and make Him the wife. Rather, I was to be the helper of God, and in return He would be my coach and my Provider. I was to get in under His feathers, not Him under my feathers. Of course. It wasn't all about me. His concerns were far beyond little me.

As my heart started to understand the heart of God, which is in itself a great inroad to becoming a true Christian (i.e. that pleases God), thanks be the His Spirit being in contact with mine, I began to see the world in a different light, to see what it was in the world that ailed God, what truly made him sick. You can feel that illness when you read the Bible. His grief, that is, over Israel, always venturing the way of the pagan world rather than abandoning itself in faith to God. That's what He wants, not that He might control us as a fiend, but that he might control toward saving us, for one, but also to show us his Self, and make us like his Self, that we might enjoy things we never knew before. For if anyone knows how to enjoy life, it's got to be Him.

But the time to enjoy life is not now while God feels sick. Do you hear? If we can do and think the things that please God, we relieve him of his sickness, so to speak, and He enjoys that relief, and will never let our gift go unrewarded. He showers pleasure on our beings, and we feel covered by his feathers if we're insecure or afraid. Or, if we're sad and depressed, He can make the light come again. It's enough for Him to get us through this world...while He feels sick. We don't expect our personal kingdoms to be built by God in this life.

After this world has been dealt with, he will no longer feel the same, and that'll be the time for all his Bride to enjoy, really enjoy, with a very pleasing and pleasant Husband. You don't want to miss the Victory Parade. The victory will be over the bankers, and all the others who love money and power.

There is no pleasure that God experiences other than in many wives. Billions of them. That's what the Creation was created for. His Family. He will build it, and the gates of death will not prevail in opposition. Are we for or against His Family? That's the most vital question. Globalists are those who have abandoned and opposed. "God won't help us," they lament, "but we've got to help ourselves." Try being His wife, stupids, and then see what happens, whether or not He will help you. Or, be stupid and destructive to all of humanity, and suffer the Coming Shame.

Globalists have made their choice; there's no turning all of them around. But a few will betray, in timely ways, to serve The HUSBAND. They will find the real ring of power slipped over their finger.

"Tough economic times" is a phrase to make us feel like we're being real men to survive what is in reality a rip-off. It makes the one being ripped off accept being ripped off rather than complain about it. Tough economic times means that prices are too high. There's nothing we can do about it except say, "The Lord will repay." The Lord rebuke you, Mr. Corp. I'm getting my dancing shoes on right now.

Iraq has appointed a government. The next term can now begin. Allawi is waiting to see what manner of powers his new organization will be granted by the Maliki government. The organization is being formed to check his every move, and so what do we expect the Maliki government to give the organization but as little as possible? We await Allawi's reaction to as-little-as-possible. We await to see whether he accepts to go quietly by the wayside.

The Obama government is giving the Iraqi government the thumbs-up, publicly, anyway. In reality, the O-ministration wants to get its thumbs right round Maliki's neck for forming a government base with Iran. Having witnessed that partnership, all the O can do now is try friendly terms with Maliki, hoping to shoe him away from Iran's grasp. I await to see whether the U.S. military allows/causes terrorist violence to flare up in hopes that the Iraqi people and leaders allow the American military to remain in Iraq.

If not, and the military does leave next year (much of it could be gone by the middle of the year), I await to see whether Iran befriends an anti-Christ type in making inroads into Iraq together.

Israel has made a business deal with Cyprus:

Turkey on Tuesday criticized the recent signing of a maritime border accord between Greek Cyprus and Israel, saying it is "null and void" because it disregards the rights and jurisdiction of Turkish Cypriots.

The agreement was aimed at facilitating the search for mineral deposits in the east Mediterranean, where huge natural gas reserves have been discovered."

The details of the agreement are not given. It could be that the agreement explains why the anti-Christ will be opposed by the ships of Kittim (thought to be Cyprus), as per Daniel 11. The Daniel text is at that point informative, exposing that the trampler plans to come back to Israel, for the final and fatal prophetic plunge, by way of Syria. His taking Syria, as Isaiah 19 reveals, is what makes him a neo-Seleucid ruler, for just as Seleucus I ruled proto-Iraq and then took Syria before his bloodline stabbed at Israel via the invasion of Antiochus IV, so it will be with the anti-Christ. I await to see whether there will be any evidence of his being of the Seleucid bloodline.

In an article dated December 3, the Turkish president said:

"Israel is not a member of NATO and any cooperation is not a point in the issue. I explicitly say in principle this is not possible," President Abdullah Gul told Euronews during an interview Friday.

During talks prior to a recent NATO summit, Turkey said it would only support the [NATO] defense project if the [NATO] alliance agreed to the condition it would not share intelligence with non-NATO members. This was a veiled reference to Israel...

We shall have to wait to see how NATO responds to this demand, but the point for now is, why is Gul so interested in NATO's protection of Israel? The only thing NATO can offer Israel is PROTECTION. Does Gul know that there is to be a Muslim offensive against Israel? I don't see any other reason for Turkey being so adamant at the cost of it's own NATO involvement.

That involvement at the present is with a missile shield that the West wants set up in Turkey, if possible. The shield is said to be protection of Europe against Iran missiles, but I think that's crock. The only reasonable explanation is to check a Russian expansionist program that American Intelligence has been well aware of.

There's an article from the same Turkish media claiming that Syria is going the way of Egypt and Saudi Arabia toward being on "Washington's payroll," and away from Iran. That picture, if true and if it persists and grows, could explain why the anti-Christ invades Syria.

The reason that Syria could be turning its head toward Washington is that the O-dministration has been dangling more (of your money) money in its face due to deeper concerns that Iran is getting the upper hand in Iraq. If Syria and Iran were to act together against the New Iraq, it could be game-over for "democracy" (i.e. Westernization) in that vital part of the Middle East. All of the money and blood sunk into Iraq by the American citizen will then go over to the evil axis. Not that the O cares for that money and blood do much, but rather he doesn't want the legacy of having Iraq go to Iran under his presidency.

The fear of Russian intrusions into or toward the Middle East has the O-team seeking a major agreement that tends to keep -- or so they hope -- Russia from becoming an aggressor:

WASHINGTON - President Barack Obama secured [yesterday] enough votes for Senate ratification of the New START arms control treaty with Russia, assuring a major foreign policy victory.

At least nine Republicans have announced publicly that they will vote for the accord...

...several conservative Republicans insist the treaty would restrict U.S. options on a missile defense system to protect America and its allies and argue that the accord has insufficient procedures to verify Russia's adherence.

The treaty specifically would limit each country's strategic nuclear warheads to 1,550, down from the current ceiling of 2,200. It also would establish a system for monitoring and verification. U.S. weapons inspections ended a year ago with the expiration of a 1991 treaty.

It's nice to know that only 1550 cities will be bombed instead of 2200. What a relief. I feel like skipping.

One senses the reason behind this treaty: to reduce both countries unnecessary military costs. That's good for the people, if the military does reduce costs. But what if it just takes the savings and uses them elsewhere in the military? They wouldn't do that? Yes they would.

In the meantime, Obama is about to go one step further toward a Russia-inclusive global beast.


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