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March 19 - 25, 2024

A New Dream I Remembered
Laura Ingraham Angered Me

IMPORTANT: Hall of Names is once again showing the descriptions of the Coats of Arms presented at House of Names. Scroll down past the motto of each surname you wish to check.

google canada is feeding me all sorts of Christian videos from non-Spiritual, assertive commentators, sharing unhealthy ideas, expressly-different ideas to tickle the ears, seeking to take people off of the True Way in the Gospels. By "Spiritual," I mean people self-trained in the Word such that they respect it as top priority for mankind, and for that reason they keep close to Jesus from their hearts, allowing the Spirit to flow within. The idea at google is to make people question Gospel material, often by picking at it with the loyalty-to-Jesus levels of the Pharisees...whose moral foundations were based on despising Jesus' friendships with the poorest and least-honored members of the nation.

The Gospels were not written as entertainment. If you want entertaining, Christian videos, beware that you not fall into the clutches of the ear-ticklers.

Living today is what Solomon meant when he said it would be better (the lesser of to evils) for the soul if it were spending time in the midst of weepers than in the midst of laughers and hedonists. Living today is what Jesus meant by, blessed are those who weep today, for they will celebrate, but woe to those who laugh now...i.e. when there is everything to weep about in the world. Still, Jesus does want times of refreshment for us, times of easing the nerves, and so He said, do not worry in anxiety, and consider it joyful when people hate you for My sake. Joy is the best pill against anxiety, but rather than finding joy in harmful ways, find it by entertaining other Christians, where there are no lures into sin.

Join the company of sinners at your own risk. Coming crawling back to Jesus isn't a happy experience, and for every disloyal infraction we commit against Him while Christians, we are chipping away at His thrill in knowing us. The point could arrive when He says, "I don't know you." But for everytime one crawls back to Jesus, and He reveals that He's still loyal to us, to keep us with Him, that is a source of great joy. Sin on a fling at your own risk.

Consider it constructive of God to allow His enemies to tyrannize the world at this time, to cancel the voices of their political foes, because the devil's representatives, after Armageddon, will have nothing to argue when God forbids the speech of anti-Christs, when Jesus is on the world throne. There will be pure liberty for good people who break no laws.

The harsh judgments we wish for now against government gangsters will come to pass when Jesus takes the world upon His shoulders. Kings will shut their mouths because of Him, says Isaiah. That's called self-censorship for fear of The Rod. Blessed are those who wait loyally until the end. "Faithfully" means "loyally." You know what loyalty is. Joel says that the Spirit of God will fall on all flesh, and Isaiah says that this will make even the wild animals treat each other with goodwill.

Hickeys and Higgie's

In the last update, I was checking whether God may have arranged pointers to the relationship, now known, between a level-4 bio-lab in WinniPEG and the Wuhan lab. And so I as checking Winn and Winn-like surnames as well as Peggs. I had said: "The Wedge's/Weggs are suspect in the Pegg Coat (look like they use wedges), for I know that Watch's/Wage's (Pegg colors and format) use 'wedges.'"

Load Pegg Coat now, which loads on another tab, in order to load other surnames so that you can follow better.

It's feasible that a Wegg family changed the surname directly to "Pegg." Alternatively, a Pegg like surname changed it to "Pegg" because it had a relationship with Weggs. As I went on in this investigation, with compelling reasons to see God behind the heraldic links, my Sleeping Beauty dream entered the picture, which featured Miss Hicks. On the Monday that the last update was uploaded to the Internet, I loaded Hickeys because I saw a Hickey surname in the news. I'm not familiar with the Hickey Coat.

Here's what more you can find in the last update that looks related to WINNipeg:

Let me show how Feins/Finns and Finchems can be pointed to by the Pegg wedges, for Wedge's/Weggs, in VINce/Finch colors and format, share their motto, and they both have one of the triple fesses of Feins/Finns and Finchems. It's then remarkable that Vince's/Finch's (GRIFFINs) were first found in Hertfordshire with the Childs said to be at Wanstead, for Wansteads are also WINNers. Wayne's/Wainers share the GAUNTlet glove with Fiens/Fane's/Vans, but also with the Wedge/Wegg Crest (compare "Wayne" to "Wagen / Wagner"). English Gaunts were first found in Kent with Fiens/Finis'.

A few days after writing that, I loaded Hickeys to find them sharing the fisted gauntlet with Wedge's/Weggs. The "virTUTis" motto term of Hickeys tends to identify them as Hicks because the latter have "Tout" in their motto, and Touts/Tute's were first found in Yorkshire with Hicks.

Before leaving the quote above too far behind, I need to add that Miss Hicks is Mrs. Kilpatrick, and that Irish Kilpatricks share the Masci fleur-de-lys, which are also the fleur of Hicks-branch Hooks. Then, Maschi's (not "Masci") share the giant Hickey lion, yet it's also the lion of Voirs said to be from Gripel and Penhoet, in the VANNES region of Brittany. This jibes with the Fiens/Fane's/VANs above having a "fano" motto term while Fano is near the first-known Maschi's. Moreover, the Fien/Fane/Van gauntlet is shared by Massey-branch Maceys.

We can get a glimpse here as to one reason that God chose Miss Hicks to be Sleeping Beauty in a dream of one (me) who has a Masci grandmother.

Then, because I TOUCHed her knee in the Sleeping Beauty dream, note the "Touch" motto term of Higgie's, while Higgins and Higgensons are Hicksons and Hickensons too. The touching of her knee was importantly a touching of her leg; see Leghs/LEE's in the last update along with ban-the-jab from Lee county, Florida. Note that Prime's have a giant leg who can be in the "PRAEMium" motto term of Hickeys and Lakeys. The latter have a Leg-like Leck variation, and Leaks/Leakeys, sharing the Hicks fleur-de-lys, were not only first found in Lincolnshire with Prime's, but show a leg in Crest. This can begin to explain why the Legh/Lee Lion is in the Higgie Coat.

Higgie's are excellent for their Cagy variation, for while Teague's/Teegers have a Caige variation, they share the brown wolf head in Crest with Lakeys. I find this remarkable, which tends to explain the unexpected Caige-and-similar variations of a Teague/Teeger surname, itself not much like "Cage." It appears that Teague's had married Higgie's/Cagys, and to this I must repeat that, before knowing or meeting Miss Hicks, I purchased a Texas property 10 minutes from her home, which was sold to me by the owner, Mrs. Teague. Just weeks after moving onto this property, I attended Mrs. Teague's church on the Ranch road, called the "Leakey road" by locals, and saw Miss Hicks there for the first time.

I've now got to repeat that Leaks/Leakeys share the engrailed Knee bend, which might explain why the Leak/Leakey and Prime leg is bent at the knee. By what coincidence do Prime's share a brown owl with Teggerts/Taggerts while Owls/Howls were first found in Suffolk with Teeger-like Tigers?

Her property was in Montell, and here I think it fits Italian Montels, first found in Treviso with the Vita's expected in the "invita" motto term of Teggerts/Taggarts. Higgie-connectable Chives' of Tarves can be traced to Treviso elements i.e. which named Tarves.

We can even return to the Diems/Dittmayers (same place as German Teegers) from the "diem" motto term of Teague's/Teegers, and then we go to the stripe-less tiger of Ditts and Dwights, the latter first found in Derbyshire with the Nots in the Higgie/Cagy motto phrase, "Touch not." And Derbyshire is also where Needhams were first found who share the Knee Coat.

Now we know why I TOUCHed her knee with my hand, while leaning over to kiss her awake, noting also that Hands (Cheshire with Touch's/Tuffs) are also Hanns so as to point to Hahn-branch German Hanns sharing the red rooster of Kiss'/Cush's (and cushion-using Bibo's). It's obvious that God arranged the Hahns to be in Trump colors and format: just see Stephen Hahn of Trumps FDA, and their united roles in the vaccine program.

It's important to repeat that Touch's/Tuffs were first found in Cheshire with the Tufts/Tuffs who in turn share a "phoenix" in Crest with Knee's, Needhams, and Phoenix's/Fenwicks. The Phone's are listed with Fiens/Fane's/Vans, but this gets better where Phones'/Fauns (not "Phone") share the eagle of Sansone's, for it was Joe Sansone who introduced the successful ban-the-jab law in Lee county for DeSantis' consideration. Lee's (Cheshire) are also Leghs/Leigh's! Hicks were at Low LEIGHton, in Essex, where English Este's were first found while Italian Este's share the Sansone Coat. You can't possibly deny God's arrangements in this dream's particulars. I sure can't.

The last update had some exciting / compelling heraldry pointing to both Ron DeSantis, anti-vaccine governor of Florida, and Joe Sansone. But here's what I missed then: Wefers, first found in Herefordshire with their Wafer branch, share the Phones/Faun and Sansone eagle, and Wafers share the wavy fesse of Rons! RON DeSantis. Plus, I was standing at the door of Beauty's car when I touched her knee with my hand, and while Doors/Dorrs were first found in Herefordshire too, German Dorrs share hands with Hands/Hanns.

Faux- and Fauchy-connectable Cremers (share red rooster with Hanns) pointed to poison vaccines by Tony Fauci and Donald Trump through two ice-CREAM girls, and while investigating Cremers along those lines for a long time, I didn't know that Hicks come up as "Icke," a variation shown for the Ice's/Ecco's (same place as Trumps and Hahns). The Custs suspect in the Cremer motto share the Kiss/Cush Coat, and were first found in Lincolnshire with the Leaks/Leakeys, giant-leg Prime's, and Hickmans.

Hickmans share the greyhound with, and the vertically-split Shield of, English Neals (Wiltshire with Fauchy-beloved Hoppers) who in turn have a "FACTis" motto term suspect with FAUCets (same place as Vaux's).

The Trump Coat is almost the one of Leggs, first found in Dumfries with Scottish Kilpatricks. The first ice-cream girl was Katrina HANSon, and Hansons (Yorkshire with Hicks) share the mascle of English Faux's, first found in Essex with Hicks' of Low Leighton. Essex is also where Rams were first found who are in the ram head of German Cremers (Hickson colors).

Back to the Voirs sharing the Hickey lion. Voirs have a "VINCit" motto term, and, as was said above, Vince's/Finch's share the motto of Pegg-connectable Wedge's/Weggs. The Eggs, using a Coat much like the one of Ice's/Ecco's, have a Wedge-like Edge variation, and Higgie's/Cagys are also Heggie's. This tends to tell me that poison vaccines can point to the WinniPEG lab through the use of wedges by Peggs.

I can't verify, but the unknown item in the Hickey gauntlet could by slim chance be a peg. It looks like a straight pipe or rod except that it has what looks like a groove near each end. It's a fisted gauntlet shared by Wedge's/Weggs, you see.

The "Vis" motto term of Voirs is excellent for the investigation at hand because Vise's share the stag head of Knee's and Tromp-beloved Acorns (Sussex with Vise's and Downs) while Knee's were first found in County Down, and while Downs have a stag in Trump stag-head color.

One day, while considering that the Ecco variation of Ice's/Icke's might be a pointer to ECOhealth, I also looked up health-like Helts to find them sharing the Hickson Coat! What a blast. Both Coats use eagle LEGs, can you dig it? They's in the colors of the Tromp and Jabbe eagles. Tony Fauci and his boss gave tens or even hundreds of millions of dollars to Ecohealth who in turn gave it to the Wuhan lab. His boss at the time, Francis COLLINS, seems pointed to by the Cremer- and Fauchy-connectable Faux's/Fage's/CHOLLENS'. It's a boom-bomb to Fauci's lap.

I don't know where Trump's mega-billions of tax dollars went to for vaccine programs, but possibly it landed at Ecohealth in-part. Fauchys have a "grassHOPPER", and so we need to ask whether it's merely a coincidence that Higgens/Hickens and Higginsons/Hickinsons share the Hopper tower? Fauchys were first found in PeriGORD with Faux's/Fage's/Chollens, and Gords/GORDANs (and Roets) share the Higgie/Cagy boar head.

The cat in the Higgie/Cagy Crest is shared by Chives' while Chiava's were first found in L'Aquila while Sansone's share the Aquila Coat too. Sansone's are also SanSINGs/SanSANGs, and this recalls that Miss Hicks gave me a cassette tape of her studio-recording singing (Christian songs). It just so happens that cassette-like Casts/Cass' share the Kiss/Cush and Cust Coats.

Insert Wednesday, After Finding Glatz's Below

The last update focused on glass action law suits, so to speak, and here we can go to the Glatz's showing a giant Moor head while Irish Moors and Morgans have the Lorraine lion in colors reversed while CLOTs were first found in Lorraine. Then, French Glads/GLATs/GLOTs can take us to English Glads/GladWINs (compare with Lorraine bend) while Wins/GWYNE's are in Moor / Morgan colors. Mythical Morgan le Fay (code for surname) was the half-sister of king Arthur who in turn married GUINEvere, we get it. Just code for surnames beloved of the myth writers. The point is, the Glatz's can be a pointer to the Winnipeg lab.

While German Ulmans were first found in Glatz, they share the double fesses of Lawyers/Lawers. Layers/Leirs were first found in ULM. Allmanns/Alemans were first found in Rhineland with Law-connectable Salome's, and Allmans (not "Allmann"), who share the Manet/Manez/Manai Coat, are in the colors and format of English Ulmans and Glatz's. English Ulmans/Ollmans share the Oullette / Aulnay/Oulney lion while Oullette's have a "MOOR cock" in Crest.

German Clots (Schwab/Swab colors and format) show nothing but a trunk while Trunks were first found in Franconia with Schwabs/Swabs while the Clot variation of Clauds/CLAUSels (share Tromp acorns) looks like a pointer to blood clots by vaccines compliments of Klaus Schwab...the one who wants to use the COVID pandemic for his "Great Reset," the "new normal," that satanic bastard without a Father in Heaven, who has no clue about, nor control over, what his fanatical and non-normal modifications to the planet will result in.

Klaus Schwab, who loves China, as does trudeau, is online, on camera, telling that his WEF "infiltrated" half of trudeau's cabinet, and at the same time he tells the audience that trudeau is one of his "young global leaders." Put that mouthful of excrement into the Winnipeg lab's illegal connections to the Wuhan lab. The excrement from Schwab's mouth makes for the hot gas that causes the climate-change hoax. It's not the cows that threaten the planet, it's Schwab's plans. And he probably has bosses.

I kid you not, just as I finished this insert to the paragraph above, when tired of writing, I went to some news at bitchute, and right at the top of the page, at 3:45 pm, there was the following clip from today's David Knight show, where he's interviewing Joe Sansone! I can hardly believe this:

At about the one-minute mark, Joe Sansone mentions "kitchen SINK"! Not only are Sinks linkable to the SanSING variation of Sansone's, but I've known for years that Kitchens share the water bougets of BANESters, and it's the Banns/Banes' who are pointing to his ban the jab.


When I was refinishing a banister for lady, she gave me her new-born KITTEN at the end of the job, which is how I learned that KITCHENs share the symbol of Banisters (Lancashire with Kitchens). Cats are used by Ketchers/Catch's and Cattans, both first found in Norfolk, and while I named that kitten, Sassy, Sassys share the "Saracen head" with Cattans, believe it or not. Another cat is used by Bene's/Beans/BANE's/VEANs, believe it or not. I learned that the latter come up a "Vean" from the "foVEAN" motto term of Cattans! It appears that Sassy is pointing to ban the jab.

Years later, I had to give Sassy away when going to Texas (for months) to purchase a property, and that was from Mrs. Teague. Recall the Teague's/Teggers are Teggerts/Taggarts (owls), for while the latter come up as Targets, Cattans use a "fovean targe" motto phrase. Cattans were first found beside Suffolk, where Owls/Howls, Sone's/Soams and Knights!

And zowzers, "fovean" is translated, in the motto, as "snare," and Snare's/Schnors/Snorrs happen to share the double-headed eagle of Jeepma's/JABBE's!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jeepma's/Jabbe's were first found in OLDENburg while Oldens can be of the owl-using Oltans/Oldhams. The Lodge's/Loge's (Suffolk with Owls/Howls) might be in the Snare Coat, yet it's the lion also of Oltons/Otone's.

As I've said a million times, Sassy SUCKed her TAIL routinely as an adult cat, like a baby on a pacifier. Suchs/Souch's, like the Saucer variation of Sassys, were first found in Lancashire with GorSUCH's and Oltans/Oldhams. Judge Gorsuch has been a reliable conservative voter on the U.S. supreme court. I've said many times that Tails/Tailers and Tillers have lions connectable to the Cattan cats, especially as Cattans come up as Cetins while the Cetina river is also the Tilurius (near the Saracen-line Saraca's of Ragusa).

The leopard faces of Kitchen-like Kittens/Keatons, and the cats of Keats (Norfolk with Cattans), are colors reversed with the leopard faces of Perans/Perrins, the latter first found in Northumberland with Laws. French Perins, first found in Lorraine, have an eagle in the colors of the Sansone eagle! Amazing. The Lorraine's share the bend-with-lions of Gorsuch's (what are the chances?), and Kittens/Keatons share laurel with Lorraine's. Absolutely amazing.

Such's/Souch's were first found in ORMSkirk while Orms' share the eagle of Sans'/SANGuez's i.e. linkable to Sansone's/SanSings/Sansangs. Is that not amazing? God is playing war-game strategies with the globalist goons from centuries ago. I wonder who's going to win.

It gets interesting that while the first Sassy-like variation was with Mr. Saci of Gloucestershire, where Sansone-like Samsons (share the white Flag/Fleck and Judge/Juge scallops) were first found who likely have the Flags/Flecks in their motto, who first found in Norfolk with cat-using Ketchers/Catch's (white scallops) and Cattans/Cetins. Gloucestershire is also where Sessions/Sissons were first found.

Then next-earliest as Mr. Saci was of WINchester's bishopric, and Winchesters (mascles) share the Suit/Suter fitchees on their cross, in case this picture can somehow apply to lawsuits. Winchesters likely have the Quint fitchee in their Crest, because Saer de Quincy ruled Winchester. Saer de Quincy build the Faucet castle at MUSSELburgh while Mussels/Muscels have a Coat like the one of Meschins who share the Samson / Flag/Fleck and Judge/Juge scallops in both colors.

Musselburg is in East Lothian with the first-known class-action Fortune's, and with Catti-liner MASCALs/Keiths. The Coat of Quince's (Northamptonshire with class-action Ladys, and Spinks), filled with MASCLES, looks very related to the one of SENESchals/SENECa's while SNAKE's/Snooks share the SANS/SANCHez/Sanguez and Spink eagle! Sassy has brought us right back to Sansone suspects.

The SalCEID surname in the Sassy write-up is likely from a Sassy merger with the Seats/Seeds/Cedes' (Lancashire with Suchs/Souch's) because they share the Sassy besants. The owl-using Oltons/Oldhams (Lancashire) almost have the Seat/Seed/Cedes Chief.

The David Knight video above reveals that both Ron DeSantis and his attorney general are ignoring the calls and claims of Mr. Sansone. That's bad, revealing that DeSantis is more a sensitive, political nerve than a God-trusting soul who'll go to all-out war against the goons. Shame. For anyone going to all-out war having a public profile, protect yourselves from soul-less, mindless goons.

When my family got to Texas to purchase property, we went and got a puppy, and the kids named her, Katy. Kate's/Katterbechs happen to share the Jabbe hexagram! Just so you know I'm not making this up, here's from the 3rd update of March, 2019: "I had to give Sassy away when leaving for six months to purchase land in Texas, and we purchased off of Mrs. Teague. While in Texas, we got a black Lab, and the kids named her, Katy. Catincidence?"

The Kate/Katterbeck hexagrams are in the colors of the giant Trump stag, and both surnames first found in Mecklenburg. I've just found the Ketters/Kittericks, new to me here, first found in Galloway, beside the first-known Nets/Knights/Naughts of Kirkcudbright. While Ketters/Kittericks share the Net/Night/Naught lion, Galloway is where Hanna's were first found having the Trump stag head in colors reversed. Therefore, Katy my black LAB looks like a pointer to Trump, even as Mamie sitting on my lap/knees/legs was a pointer to Trump (descends from Drumpf's) three times: for the Laps/LABBs', Knee's and Leggs! The latter were first found in Dumfries, right beside Kirkcudbrightshire.

As the Arms of Podebrady shares a "GOLD GATE" with Babels/Babwells, and as Golds share the Gates/Gatt lion, I conjecture that the Podebrady matriarch of the DRUMMonds was Gates-like Agatha (mother of queen Margaret), it's notable that the demi-gold lion of the Gates Crest is in the Crest also of Nets/Knights/Naughts ("DURUM" motto term). It's then interesting that the Lents suspect in the "durum voLENTi" motto phrase are in Sassy format, and first found in Buckinghamshire while Buckinghams almost have the bend-with-besants of Sassys. The latter were first found in Devon with Kate-like Gates'/Gatts! That is an amazing piece of work looking arranged as a pointer to Bill Gates' pro-vaccine lusts.

The Lent Coat even appears related to that one of Ragusa-like Raggs' while Saraca's of Ragusa were first at Katter-like Kotor! Beauty, for Sassys use SARACEN heads!

When we got back home to Canada, I got the kids a new kitten, but within a couple of weeks, it got extremely sick, as if it was poisoned by something it ate. We brought it to the vet (breathing but not moving), but after injecting something directly into its veins a few times, we were told that there's no use, the kitten will not survive. Could that be a pointer to poison vaccines shots?

Katy was a Lab, and Laps/Labbs' (Podebrady liners along with Babels/Babe's and Babe's) were first found in Wiltshire with Shute's/SHOTs and their trumpet-using Calles kin. Podebrady is on the LABE river, and the matriarch of the Trump-branch Drummonds were from that city.

Santis' have the German Drummond Coat in colors reversed, and DeSantis' (look like Fountain kin) share the Tromp eagle, as do DeSantis-connectable Fontana's who themselves have a fountain in Trump and Bread/BRADD colors and format. Fontana's were first found in the Boii city of Bologna, and Boii named Bohemia, location of PodeBRADy. The sun of Babe-related Bradys (Galway with Teague's/Teegers) is in the colors of the Sunny/Sonnin/Somin sun.

The giant Bread/Bradd lion head is in the colors of the giant lion of Ills/Alleys/ALEIGH's suspect in the "I'll" motto term of Lennox's/LEVENax's. The earliest Drummonds came to rule Lennox, and while LEVENs (Shropshire with LEIGHtons!) use the elephant head, the Elaphiti islands are beside Ragusa. There you see another link of Trump elements to Leighs/Lee's, and we can even add that the latter's giant lion is with Sassy-connectable Buckinghams.

The Salceio variation of Sassys was early in Buckinghamshire and nearby Oxfordshire, and the latter is where HURTs/Horts were first found who are in turn in Sunny/Sonnin/Somin colors and format. In colors reversed, the Sassy besants are blue, called, "hurts." Cottars were first found in Oxfordshire while the Cautes variation of Cotta's/Cottards is in the Cattan motto. Sunnys/Sonnins/Somins were first found in Berkshire with Catters/Cathers.

Montells, sharing the Ill/Alley/Aleigh Coat, were first found in Lancashire with SUCHs/Souch's, Banesters, Kitchen, and the Holds/Holts suspect in Montell variations. Sassy, who pointed to Banesters and Kitchens, SUCKed her tail. Banesters and Kitchens use the same "water bougets" while Waters (Essex with Montell-like Mountains) share the Coat of Banns/Banes' (Languedoc with French Mountains). Katy grew up in Montell, where I purchased the property of Mrs. Teague, and Teague's/Teegers have a good reflection of the Kitchen/Ketchen Coat, and a not-bad reflection of the Ketcher/Catcher Coat. The latter surname was first found beside the Tigers, and the Caige/Keage variation of Teague's/Teegers may have come off of a Ketch-like surname...especially as I've just loaded Ketch's to find them first found in Cambridgeshire with Gates-connectable Cage's!

I gave Katy away before returning to Texas four years latter (unable to get away until then). With the new owners, she got run over (died) by a car, CHASING a cat. No matter how often I punished her for chasing cats and scaring the daylights out of them, it was futile. She was a vigorous dog, not the docile or pure-breed type of Lab, but bred in Texas as a hunting dog. I took her to a park DAILY. As soon as I took her off the leash at the park, she'd tear toward the pond and literally fly into the water, crying with joy for chasing the ducks (never could catch one), and even try to CATCH beavers when she saw one. German Beavers have variations like German Babels/Babe's, bringing us back to Podebrady elements, origins of Trumps / Drumpfs, right? Ketchers/Catch's are in Trump / Drummond colors. It was at the so-called MILL POND, and while Babe's love the Pointers/Points. Ponters/Ponders were first found in Cambridgeshire with Ketch's and Cage's.

And wow, while I trace Parrs and Furness' (Lancashire) to king Pharnaces of the PONTus, they both share the black border with Ketch's! And also with Ketch-like MontaCUTE's (beside Cutters/Gutters and Gates'/Gatts), first found in Somerset with Ducks.

Variations of German Beavers include Bieble's, and Bible's/Bibo's are said to have obtained their rooster on a cushion from Hahns, who are in turn in Trump and Kate/Katterbeck colors, all three first found in the same place. This seems to be the reason that God may have used Katy to point to Trump. Could we say that Trump is sassy by personality?

Chase's were first found in Hampshire with Ponter-branch Ponds/Ponts and Mills. Katy chased ducks and beavers at the Mill Pond. Kepke had a black lab too, named Blacky, and Blackys taught me that Blacks were likely from the NARO/Neretva river, smack beside the Cetina/Tilurius river of the Cattans/Cetins! The Nero's/Neretti's, you see, share the vaired chevron of Blackys. Kepke's/Kopke's are in Trump / Hahn colors and format, and Kepke was the pointer to poison (GRAPHENE-oxide) vaccines when he CHASED me with a spider dangling on its web. It was at the home of Karen Graff, and Graffs/GRAFFENs (anchor linkable to Fauci's) share the demi-lion in the Gates/Gatt Crest.

Hampshire is also where Drake's and Fly's were first found, and the Drake motto phrase "captat MUSCAS," is translated as "fly catcher" while Ketchers/Catchers (Norfolk with Case's and Chate's/Keats) use the cat. Mosca's/Muscas' are suspect with the Chives mountain cat, and English Mountains were first found in Essex with English Este's while Italian Este's and Sansone's share the Coat of Aquila's in the Drake motto. The tail of the red Drake dragon is made fancy (looks like 666), and Tails/Tailers with Tillers were from the same Cetina river as Cattans/Cetins.

The Chase-connectable Changers (Hampshire) and Casino's almost have the Santis Coat, and Casano's were first found in the Boii city of Modena (beside Fontana's). Flys were at Flagi, and a "flag" us used by French Fonts (Languedoc with French Mountains). Fountains/Fonts (share Gates/Gatt lion) were first found in Norfolk with Flags/Flecks.

Sassy would chase cat-COOKIES like a dog. We'd slide them along the wood floor, and she'd tear toward them, sliding in but deliberately deflecting /swiping them, with her paw, at a 90-degree angle so that she could chase it again, and get a laugh out of the kids. I've told this before, and I'm sure I showed the cookie-like Cookseys on account of it because their bend-with-cinquefoils is in the two colors and format of the Sassy bend-with-besants. And the Cooksey border has the Such/Souch besants, but that's not all, for Mrs. Teague and her brother owned the Cooksey ranch. Though not in the same colors, the Cooksey Crest shares a wolf head with Teague's/Teegers.

The Cooksey wolf head is black, as is the Saracen/Sarasin wolf, and as I've just discovered that these Saracens come up as "Sasson," it could appear that things-Sassy are pointing to Joe Sansone's anti-vaccine program.

We haven't left the Drummond topic here because the triple cinquefoils of Cookseys are with the Gangs (Norfolk with cat-liners) who are in turn in the Drummond motto. Cookseys were first found in Worcestershire with the Ills/Alleys/Aleigh's in the motto of Lennox's, and Hungarian Drummonds ruled Lennox (Stirlingshire). Scottish Drummonds share the triple fesses of Stirling-branch Sturs, first found in Hampshire with Chase's, and then Case's (Norfolk with cat liners) were kin of the Hungarian Leslie's. Drummonds came to Scotland with the Leslie's.

Kate's/KatterBECKs were in the last update with Saraca's of Kotor. I said: "The Chief-Shield colors of Kate's/Katterbechs is shared with shark-using Valiants; both Coats have a gold, blank Chief." Sharks were of the Sassy and Cattan "Saracen heads," and Sarasins share the Vallan cross, but also the English BECK cross to possibly explain "KatterBECK." Dutch Catts almost have the Sarasin / Beck Coat.

I found Valiants because I dated Katrina Hanson, a pointer to poison vaccines, in the Valiant car of the Quinn family (my age 16, a couple of years after the spider chase). Quinns/Whins look like a Winn/Gwynn branch, meaning that Miss Hanson can be pointing to poison vaccines as explored in the Winnipeg-Wuhan scandal now supposedly under investigation.

It then gets amazing where Cookie's/Cooks and Coke's share the white ostrich in Crest with Beck-like Beaks who in turn have their triple fesses above the "gold gate" in the Arms of Podebrady. For the first time, I've just seen that houseofnames changed the triple Beak fesses to three-and-three bars, identical to the six bars of their Babe kin except that Beaks use them wavy, as do both Drummond Coats. Cookie's/Cooks were first found in Essex with the Sarah's who in turn have the Cooksey bend-with-cinquefoils in other colors.

Babe's were once said to be first found in Dorset with Beaks and Cutters, but are now said to be first found in Suffolk with Sone's/Soams while Babe's can be linked to Sunnys/Sonnins/Somins. The Sansone eagle is shared with Coke's, yet the latter also share the Child and Lorraine eagle which is on the bend of GorSUCH's. Cooks were first found in Essex with Sansone-connectable Cooks, and so Sassy chasing the cat cookies can be a pointer to Joe Sansone. Yes, for she chased them on parquet (pronounced, parkay) wood flooring, and Parkays/Parks were first found in Cumberland with Sassy-connectable Saracens/Sassons.

Cumberland is also where Sink-beloved Dolphins were first found, yet Dolphins were once said to be first found in Surrey with Salemans and Salmons while Sinks are in Sale / Saleman colors and format, making the SALceid variation of Sassys look like Sassy liners married Sale liners. Plus, the Fiddle's/Fidelows, suspect in the Singer/Sing motto, were likewise first found in Surrey.

Now that Sansone's are suspect with Sassons, let's repeat their SanSING variations, like "Sink." It was Joe Sansone who mentioned the "kitchen sink" at least twice in the David Knight video, and Kitchens are partly what brought Sassy the cat to topic. I'm very impressed at the heraldic fall-out since.

The Salceid variation of Sassys was first found in Devon with Sings/Singers, and the bear of German Singers/Sangs, shared by Devon's Bears, can go to the Sarah and Barwick motto, "Bear and FORBear." Bear heads are with Forbes', first found in Aberdeenshire (beside Kidds) with Kitters/Cato's and Schims/Schiens. If you enter, "Chattan," you get the Kitter/Cato Coat, though said to be first found in Roxburghshire...with the Mole's/Mows and Googe's/Gouch's, both sharing the boar head of Schims/Schiens.

If I were Joe Sansone, I wouldn't find it complimentary to be pointed to by a cat sucking its tail. There must be a deeper meaning, something profound to appease him.

The Tail/Tailer Crest is probably a cat because the tail/tailer and Tiller lions are in the colors of the Chives cats. Chives' were first found in Aberdeenshire with Kitters/Cato's. The latter are new to me because I've known them only as "Chattan." I now see that Chives' were Clan Chattan liners, same as Bene's/Beans/Bane's! Ban the jab! And Benns/Bends were Sassy kin! Kate's/Katterbecks share the Jabbe hexagram!!! How could the heraldry be arranged any better?

The Tail/Tailor pale bar is shared by Eskins/Erskins, and the Pense's in the Eskin/Erskin motto were not only first found in Devon with Salceids, but Pense's have eagles in Sansone eagles colors! The two color schemes for the Pense eagles are shared by Coke's. I've told before that Sassy's tail looked PINK when she sucked it, because the flesh started to show through, and Pense's are listed with PINCons. It was at the TIP of her tail that went wet and pink, and Tippers (Cornwall, beside Pense's/Pincons), sharing dolphins (different colors) with Sinks, share the blue sleeve and cuff with Pense's/Pincons (and Parkers)!!!

Penns/Pence's, in Tail/Tailer colors and near format, were first found in Buckinghamshire with early the Salceio variation of Sassys. Mike Pence was made Trump's COVID-scam handler. Mike Pence as the vaccine pimp. You see, we got more profound already. Penns/Pence's use plates while Plate's (share Ketcher/Catcher scallops!) were first found in Lancashire with Suchs/Souche's. Plains/Platter were first found in Suffolk with Sone's/Soams.

I'm having some difficulty seeing Sansone's purely from "Sasson" and Sans'/SANGuez's both. Possibly, Sassons came first, then Sansone's/Sansangs, then Sans'/Sanchez's, Seneschals/Seneca's and Snake's. The question then becomes whether Sone's/Soams and Sunnys/Somins were a further outcropping, or whether the latter two had their own and distinct origins. It's possible that Sansone's were not from "Sasson," but that Sassons were named by an offspring after Saracens came to a marriage with Sansone's. For example, Mr. Sansone married Miss Saracen, and their child or grandchild changed to "Sasson," and out from that came Sassys and their branches. Or, houseofnames is simply wrong to list Sassons with Saracens. Perhaps they were of the Sessions'/Sissons'.

Salceio's are said to have been also at KIDDINGton of Oxfordshire, but I hadn't seen this when mentioning the Kidds / Ketters/Kittericks / Kitters/Cato's. Kite-branch Kitts were first found in Middlesex i.e. near Oxfordshire, and Kite's were first found in Norfolk with Cattans, Ketchers/Catchers and Keats.

The last time I saw Lorraine (some two years after dating her), she was in Vaughn with her infant child, a possible pointer to the poisoning of infants with vaccines, for Vaughns list Vychans. The Vaughns/Vychans have the Fish Coat except that Fish use a wavy chevron, in the colors of the wavy BARs of Beaks. The pansy is in the Arms of BAR-le-DUC, in Lorraine. Bars of Bar-le-Duc were in BRUNSwick, and the Vaughn/Vychan Coat is also with Scottish Browns/Bruns.

Fawns/Faughnes' and BRADfords have similar Coats, making Bradfords look like Podebrady liners. Hortons, sharing the Parker stag head, were in Bradford, and Horts/Hurts are in Sunny/Sonnin/Somin colors and format while Babe's were first found in Suffolk with Sone's/Soams. Sunnys/Sonnin/Somins share the Brady sun. Babe-beloved Bars incorporate the Sansone Coat.

While telling readers about Lorraine's foot / feet symbol, which she got at the same moment as her babe symbol, I said that Lorraine was a "sun-bright" blond, which caused me to load Blonds to discover that they share a sun in Crest with Babe's, and Blonds have six bars half in the colors of the six bars of Babe's. At the time, Babe's were said to be first found in Dorset, but they are now said to be first found in Suffolk with Blonds. The Blond sun was amazing because it's said to have a "foot" upon it. Foots and Fothes'/Fette's are in Blond colors. Why do French Blonds use gates? Ask the Arms of Podebrady.

She got her foot symbol because, just as Michael said, "what a babe," I turned around to see Lorraine's reaction, and spotted her BARE feet looking BEAUTiful. Bare's are listed with Bars, and Beautys were first found in Dorset with early Babe's. I had only known her for about a week at that time.

The beauty here is that, as I've said many times, I asked Lorraine on our first date on my 24th BIRTHday, and Births/Berts, first found in Devon with Fawn-like Fauns, share the hunting horns of both Fawns/Faughnes' and Bradfords! That's new, and they are also the black hunting horns of Brun-like Burns and Bernice's'/Burness', both first found in Cumberland with English Browns/Bruns and Saracens/Sassons. The Bernice/Burness fesse is in the Arms of Saraca (a fish). Bradfords share a "sage" motto term with Spree's who in turn share a "simplex" motto term with Perkins/PARKings. The center of the Sassy Coat is in the colors of the Arms of Saraca.

The Fiers in the Bradford motto share the Dutch Catt moline. Bradfords have a peacock in Crest while the Fear variation of Fiers is in the Peacock motto. Fiers/Fears were first found in Middlesex with Stanley-connectable Stans/Stands/Stains. Moline's were first found in Devon with Sassys.

Sassy chased cookies on the parquet WOOD floor, and Perkins/Parkins were first found in Leicestershire with Kittens//Kittings/Keatons, Woods and Tonys. Tune's/Towns (Suffolk with Sone's/Soams and Clare's) may have named Tonbridge's/Tunbridge's who in turn share the triple Saracen/Sasson crescents. Tonbridge's/Tunbridge's are in the format of, and colors reversed from, the sun-using Sunnys/Sonnins/Somins. Tunbridge in Kent was home to Clare's while SinCLAIRs list Suns.

Tonbridge's/Tunbridge's were first found in Kent with Chaser-branch Chaucers and Chalkers, and the latter look Drummond-ish with their triple-way fesses. The Chalker fesses are in the colors and format of the trumpets of Calles', the latter first found beside the Chasers. KENTs, looking like Cutter/Gutter and Brock kin, and sharing the lion of Chase-branch Chance's (Essex with Brocks and KENNETH-beloved Mountains), were first found in Berkshire with Sunnys/Sonnins/Somins and fish-using Catters/Cathers. Kenneths share the stag head of Sonny-connectable Stanleys.

I've just realized that Sonnys/Staneys and Stanleys have a bend-with-items in the colors and format of the Sassy bend-with-items.

Katy cried with joy all the while chasing ducks in park ponds (don't let dim-spirited liberals witness this or make you feel like a criminal for allowing it), and on my last night with Lorraine, she pointed to Pansys and the related Ducks, both first found in Westphalia with Sass'/Sassers!!! The latter are new to me right now (or at least so new I don't remember loading them in the past). English Ducks were first found in Somerset with Chasers, Parkers and Badens!!! Lorraine's (share Arms of Baden) were related to the red antler of Casimirs (from Casimir of Poland) and Veringers of Baden, and Parkers show a red antler.

Sass'/Sassers share the fesse of Butts/Bute's/Boets and Buttons/Bidens/BUDINs, the latter first found in Hampshire with Chase's and Ponds. Butua is beside Kotor, thus making Sassys look like they were named from the Sasson variation of Saracens i.e. from Saraca's of Kotor. Lorraine's trace definitely to Maria of Kiev, in the land of the BUDINi, beside the Chase-like Khazars. Did the Hebrew line of Keturah name the Hebrew Khazars?

Sass'/Sassers use a "label" while Labels/Le Bells share the Sassy/Saucer crescent. Sassys use a BEND with besants upon it, and Bends/Benns (Cheshire with Sonnys/Staneys) share the Sassy besants. Bends/Benns (beside Bellamys and Seats/Seeds/Cedes') look like BELLamy kin, and Bells share the Bellamy fesse. The SalCEID variation of Sassys is suspect with the Seats/Seeds/Cedes (share Sassy besants), and Seatons share the Bellamy crescents. Seatons were at a Say / Saytown location, and Says (Seaton colors) were first found in Shropshire with Bellamys.

If the Gates-branch Yates' are in the Seaton motto, they were first found in Gloucestershire with the Saci variation of Sassys. Yates' share the "portcullis" gate with BELL-using English Porters, and French Porters share the Sassy bend. The Salceids of Sassys were first found in Devon with cat-like Gates'/Gatts! The Ketters share the bend-with-crescent with Sassys, though the Ketters use them in the colors and format of the bend-with-items of Sale's (Cheshire with Huberts), which could explain "SALceid."

While passing, it's notable that Ketters (almost the Hubert Coat), first found in Northamptonshire with Kittys/Chittys/Kitterlings, list KITTerings while English Kidds/Kidmans (Suffolk and Northamptonshire) use goats while the Goats/Gothams almost have the Ketter/Kittering Coat. As we expect Ketter-like surnames with Saraca's, note that Sarah's/SAYers, looking like kin of SALEmans, have a Coat much like the one of Ketters/Kitterings.

Lorraine had a babe symbol, and she took the bus daily on workdays to the Finch subway station while Finch's (Hertfordshire with Childs) have one of the triple fesses of Finchems (Norfolk with Bus' and cat liners) which are in turn over the gold gate in the Arms of Podebrady.

In the Sleeping Beauty dream, I dove into the pool with the shark to pull the bulldog (portrayed Trump) from its throat, but before I could see the result, I was transported to another setting, standing waist deep in light-blue ocean waters (we might assume shark-infested waters). I then walked out of the water onto a Beck-connectable beach. Waters/Waterville's share the Epstein Coat, and Waterfords are listed with Waterville's while the Trump and Legg stag have both been used in the Arms of County Waterford.

The Cattan canton-with-fitchee is in the colors of the canton-with-stag-head of Beach-branch Beckers, and colors reversed from the canton-with-face of Beaks-related Babe's. Beckers were first found in Yorkshire with shark-using Valiants.

I at times listen to David Knight's podcasts (no visuals), but loading one of his videos this week, he had a nice-sounding song but with scene after scene of guns ablazing, which I don't think is appropriate for the show of a Christian.

Some American Christians are too American. I will not agree to the concept of American free speech because it's not God's will. While I understand that Christians can never form a country founded on God-sanctioned speech alone, yet I stand on His system, which is to censor evil speech, as God defines it. In His Kingdom, there will be no absolute free speech. The devil is not going to be permitted a voice. That's the country I want to live in. End insert

More Glass Action Law Suits

She gave me the music tape on the Sunday before our church put on an outdoor event at the park in Camp Wood. The event was on September 11, 2002, because it was a memorial for the 9-11 disaster one year earlier. And that night, Miss Hicks got a knee symbol at the Get'n Go corner store, at the corner of the "Leakey road." And that's how I discovered that Leaks/Leakeys share the engrailed Knee bend (because I check most-everything in anything she and I did or spoke together).

I was sitting beside her at the memorial, and, as I've said a million times, Stanley took my seat beside her after I went up to the pastor to get him to have Miss Hicks sing a second song. He did get her to do that, but when I returned to the audience after speaking with the pastor, I didn't sit beside her.

Some minutes later, I saw Stanley sitting beside her holding the American flag on a pole, and I've noted that Stans/Stains/Stands share the double fesses of Flags/Flecks. And this is why I know that Stanleys share the blue-on-white bend with Knee's and Leakeys. Livers/Levers, with double bends in the colors of the double Stan/Stand fesses, have a rooster said to be "standing" on a trumpet. Why might Miss Hick's friend be pointing to Donald Trump?

I saw she and Stanley together on four occasions, and the second time was about five minutes after she handed me the cassette tape, for he walked into church and sat beside her, real close. Her husband (nice man) was out of town, and as he was about 32 years older than her, and as he married her, his patient, when she was about 19, is this a pointer to pedophilia? As he was the doctor who pulled her out of her mother's womb/belly, can we take this to the Trump- and Belly-connectable Jumps, first found in WOMBwell?

For what it's worth, Wombwells look related to the Skull Coat while English Bone's and Bunns have a similar Coat while Hick's have a "bon" motto term. Skulls (Wafer colors) might have been related to Ron- and Sansone-connectable Wafers and Wefers, all three first found in Herefordshire with Doors. Wafer and Wefer variations suggest a branch of Ways having a Wage / Wegg-like Weigh variation, and using two wavy fesses in the colors of the one wavy fesse of Wafers. Nearby Webbers (Somerset with Hickey-connectable Wedge's/Weggs) have wavy fessewise bars.

I can now add the SONNYs/STANEYs (they're in the last update), who essentially happen to be in Stanley colors and format, can apply to SanSONE's/SanSANGs (do you see it?!), especially as Sansone's had me checking the Sone's/Soams in the last update. Is that not wild? It appears that God arranged for Stanley to point to ban-the-jab. And Jabbe's/Jeepma's have a giant eagle in the colors of the eagle Legs of Hicksons.

I gave reasons (last update) as to why Banns/Banes' should apply to ban-the-jab. But, now, Beans/Bane's share the Clan Chattan motto with Higgie's/Cagys (not in the last update), and both have the same lion that's also the Legh/Lee lion. I had suggested reasons for the Gows/McGOO's to be pointed to by "Get'n GO," but this was years before knowing about graphene-oxide in COVID vaccines, and that it has a GO short form. I can now add that Gows/McGoo's were first found in Inverness-shire with Higgie's/Cagys (almost have the Gow/McGoo boar head).

Back to Fauchys and Faux's PeriGORD while Gords are also Gordans sharing the Higgie/Cagy boar head. Gordano is in Somerset with the first-known Wedge's/Waggs and Roets, but also with the Payne's/Paine's sharing the motto of Higginsons/Hickinsons. This motto includes "Malo," and so see the Ranch-like Rands/Rance's in the last update, as they link to Malo's while sharing the Legh/Lee lion. The Get'n Go is at the corner of RANCH road, the road to Leakey, the so-called Leakey road.

Stanleys were first found in Cambridgeshire with Rench's/WRENch's (share Wren crosslets), and then German Rench's/Rentz's have a giant fleur-de-lys in the colors of the Leakey and Hicks fleur-de-lys. It appears Arranged. Gords/Gordans were first found in Berwickshire with the RANTons/Rentons/WRENtons who in turn share "not" with the Higgie/Cagy and Bean/Bane motto. These crosslets are shared by Gore's who in turn share the white GOWer/Gore wolf, and as Gowers/Gore's use a "franGAS" motto term, I included them into the Get'n Go with Gows/Gowers because that corner store is also a gas bar. Gethins/Gettins seemed applicable to the name of that gas bar, and they have a giant lion in the colors of the Raines lions while Wrens are said to be of the Raines' (Essex with Rams).

Next, I need to repeat that the last update did a large investigation into the four terms, "class action law suits." I thought it turned out to be a compelling investigation. The Class'/Klassens took me to Glass liners, and so I'll repeat for the millionth time: Miss Hicks got her knee symbol at the Get'n Go when I saw them through the front GLASS door as I was entering the store. I congratulated her on songs well sung.

Class'/Klassens use a banner while Scottish Banners were first found in Aberdeenshire with Beans/Bane's. Ban the jab.

I gave reasons, that included a political sign having Mr. Moreno, for pointing that glass door to Mr. Glas, vice-president of EcuaDOR. This sign was seen by me on the proper Leakey road (Hwy 83) on a special day that I claim was designed by God, the day of my mugging in Galveston, the event that made me change my mind as to where I would seek property, which then culminated in the purchase of the Teague property some seven months later. The administration of Mr. Glas (protected Julian Assange) was followed by president Moreno of Ecuador, and he betrayed Sang-like Julian AsSANGe, founder of WikiLEAKs, by allowing the British police to invade the Ecuadorian embassy (London) to arrest him. The glass door on the Ranch-LEAKey road, on the evening of September 11, 2002.

But with God, one event can point to more than one thing through heraldic links, and the Galveston mugging was resolved as a pointer to the bio-lab in Galveston, the director (James LeDuc) of which has been several times to the Wuhan lab. The investigation on "class action law suits" concerned suits for those harmed by vaccines. If there's anything to the glass door above as a pointer to law suits, I expect to find some evidence. I've said many times that Sleeping Beauty appeared in her bathing SUIT. It was a SUNNY day, and Sonnys/Stoneys/Staneys can point to Joe Sansone.

[Insert immediately after the Sassy insert above -- I can get the bathing suit to Suit-like Scute's (Lancashire with Gorsuch's and Such's/Souch's) because Scute's share the gold tower with Bench's, and judge Gorsuch work the bench. Bench's (Yorkshire with Rhodes') are mainly in Rhodes colors and format when ignoring the latter's besants, which are in the colors of the Such/Souch besants. Then, ignoring the Rhodes besants again, the Rhodes are left with the bath Coat in colors reversed.

To top it off, the spotted cat/leopard in the Rhodes Crest is SEATed, same as the spotted cat/leopard in the Suit/Suter Crest, and I told that the SalCEID variation of Sassys/SAUCers is likely from the Seats/Cedes' (Lancashire with Such's). I find this heraldic set Arranged by God to point to law suits. End insert]

I should add that, the pastor whom I asked to have Miss Hicks sing a second song is Mr. Johnson, and Scottish Johnsons share the Coat, almost, of Scottish Kilpatricks, cushions and all. He was the pastor of a church in Barksdale, and while Barksdale's share the five, bunched arrows in this Arms of Rothschild, CAMERA's/Camerons have five bunched arrows too, as do Roet-branch Bows/Bough's (Durham with Rench-branch Wrens), and then Beautys are also BOWds (Dorset, beside Roets).

BOUGHys/Boffeys (share a Roet / Bow/Bough motto term), whom I rarely mention, are not only in Beauty/Bowd colors format, and do not only share the Knee stag heads, but were first found in Staffordshire with Hicksons! No beef. Buffs/Boeffs share the rose of Trump-connectable Jumps, and of Bellys (Moray) too while Ducs/LeDucs (almost the Moray Coat) share the eight-pointed Belly star. Beefs/Boeufs were first found in Perigord with Fauchys and Faux's/Fage's, and while Tony Fauci is thought to be married to a man, Fagots/Fage's share the Faux/Fage and Cremer Chief-Shield colors, all in Belly colors while "bello" is a motto term of Bouillons, first found in Auvergne with Fagots/Fage's.

Camera's/Camerons, with the leg-using Cheile's in their motto, are applicable to this discussion because I set up the video camera of Miss Hicks at the 9-11 memorial. That's how I ended up sitting beside her so that Stanley could become part of the pointers. Time to blow your mind. In their motto, Stanleys love the Changers/Change's, first found in Hampshire with Chance-branch Chase's/Chace's (Chance lion in colors reversed), and Chance's (share patonce cross of Chase's/Chace's), first found in Essex with Hicks of Low Leighton, share the Hickey lion.

The mind-blowing part is the "SANS changer" motto of Stanleys, for Sans'/SANGuez's have a giant eagle half in the colors of the same of Sansone's/SanSANGS!!!!!!!! ZIKERS, folks, events with Miss Hicks take years and years to fully decipher. The memorial events are now pointing to Joe Sansone. He's involved in more than anti-vaccine measures, from LEE county. Shake a leg, Joe, we've got more work to do.

On the Sunday before the memorial, she handed my a music tape, and while Musics/Musys have a giant eagle colors reversed from the Hickson eagle legs, Muse's share the six pale bars of COURTs/Coverts (class-action-lawsuit theme) who in turn have a giant eagle in colors reversed from the one of Musics/Musys. Recall the SanSONE-linkable Sonnys/STONeys, for Stoners share the Music/Musy eagle.

Oxfordshire is where Bee's and Stoners were first found while bees are used by English Doors. The glass door. Sunnys/Sonings (Stoner colors) were next door in Berkshire, and Stone's (not "Stoner"), aside from their eagle, are in the colors, and pretty much in the format, of English Doors. The Stone eagle is half in the colors of the Sans/SANGuez eagle! Stanleys use a "Sans" motto term.

Did I say OXford? I almost went by this segment not realizing that the six bars of Octons/OXtons are nearly in the Oxford Coat, and the Arms of Oxford even has an ox, now revealing, I feel sure, that Oxford was named by the Hicks bloodline! The Vere's who ruled Oxford for centuries are to the Were's/Wears, Ware's and Warings/Wearings, all three first found in Devon with Octons/Oxtons.

The three fesses shown for Oxfords and Stouts/Stows (Cambridgeshire with Stanleys) are colors reversed from the same of Stanley-beloved Changers (Hampshire with Hawks).

Although I can't prove a Music/Musy link to Ducs/LeDucs (both first found in Brittany), it's interesting that Duce's/Doocys (lions in Legh/Lee lion colors) were first found in Staffordshire with Hicksons and Docks (share giant Renton lion). Her music tape can thus be a pointer to James LeDuc of the Galveston National Lab.

Ducs/LeDucs are said to have been involved with a noble entity of BusneLAYE, and that place looks named by a merger of Bushnells/Bushels (Yorkshire with Bush's/Busch's) and the Laye variation of Leghs/Lee's, for the latter share the giant lion of Pastor-related Dutch Bos'/Bush's/Boschs. She was LAYing flat on her back while hovering, when I touched her leg, and English Backs (same place as Duce-branch Ducks) have another giant eagle while German Backs share the giant bull of Boys/Boets/Boeddu's i.e. suspect with Beautys/Bowds (beside English Backs) in English Back colors.

It just so happens that Scottish Bosco's (kin of Rose's sharing water bougets with Bushnells/Bushels) are the ones with "tufts of grass" while Tufts/Tuffs' are the Touch branch sharing the Knee phoenix. And more water bougets are with Tape's/Toups (Somerset with Duce-branch Ducks) to go with the music-cassette TAPE. Toups might even have been word-play off of the Tough (pronounced almost "Touph") variation of Touch's/Tuffs. The Tipps'/Tippins share the Music/Musy eagle, and then it's also the eagle of Bush's/Buschs (Yorkshire with Muse's), I almost missed that, and so this latter part allows a Music/Musy link to LeDuc's of Busnelaye. George Bush of 9-11 infamy comes to mind with the 9-11 memorial.

I put the cassette into my shirt pocket, and Pockets/Pouchers, with the giant BUS cinquefoil in colors reversed, were first found in Lincolnshire with Bosco-connectable Grasse's and bouget-like Buckets/Buchards. Bouchier's have more water buckets, and eagle-using Bouchiere's/Bouchers might just have the Hickson saltire-by-eagle-legs.

The "LUCTor" motto term of Glass' had me finding (years ago) the Luckets/Locketts, suspect with the Lockharts and Locks of Lanarkshire, beside Glasgow. It just so happens that the Gows/McGoo's, part of the pointers from the glass door of the Get'n Go, share the three cinquefoils of French Locks! The latter were first found in Burgundy with the Primo's, recalling how the Prime's worked into things through the mottoes of Hickeys and Lakeys. I can't recall how I was able to show that GlasGOWs may have been of Gows/McGoo's.

OHHH, wow. The Glasgow motto, "Lord, let Glasgow FLOURish," can be part-code for Fleurs/FLORIDA's!!!! Wow. Joe Sansone of Florida, and all of his supporters too!

This is an excellent place to introduce Luckets/Lockets (Cheshire with Masseys / Maceys and Actions/Axtons) because they have a motto, "TenuiMUS"! Music-connectable Muse's share the six Court pale bars! So, yes, the glass door can point to law suits. These bars are in the colors of the six, fessewise bars of Octons/Oxtons.

The three Glass stars are shared by Fortibus', first found in Devon with Axton-like and Hicks-connectable Oxtons and Hooks. Devon is also where Were's/Wears were first found with a "FiuMUS" and the crosslets of Touch-branch Tufts/Tuffs' (Cheshire with Luckets/Lockets).

Hickeys are expected with the Hoff/Hough bend, and Houghtons/HOCTors (Cheshire with Hoff/Hough's and Leghs/LEE's), with a Lee-like "le" motto term, suddenly look like an Oxton/Octon branch. In fact, Hoctons/Hoctors (Lancashire with Fortibus-branch Forts and Seats) have a near copy of both the Haughton/Hoctor Crest and Shield. Hoctons/Hoctors and Octons/Oxtons even share the red border with Glass'. We can even add that German Hoffs/Hovers/Hoffers share the white leopard face with Oxtons/Octons, and then as she was hovering OVER the seats of the car, we are justified in taking it to Overs/Offers, first found in Cheshire with Hoffs and Houghtons!

While Hicks use the head of a "buck," the Houghton/Hoctor bull head is that of Buckleys (Cheshire), who are in the colors and format of Buckle's, the latter first found in Suffolk with the Babe's who in turn share the three-and-three (six in all) bars of Hoctons/Hoctors. Babe's were once said to be first found in Dorset (beside Bulls/Bule's) with the Beautys whose triple bulls are colors reversed from the three bull heads of Buckleys.

Noting that Haughtons/Hoctors use three FESSES in the colors of the thee-and-three bars of Hoctons/Hoctors, and seeing a leopard FACE in the Babe Coat, we could begin to identify the heraldic fesse as rooted in Fessys/Face's. That is, any surname with a fesse needs to descend from Fessys/Face's/Vase's, or the government won't allow them to use a fesse. It tends to show that this family was important at the beginning of heraldry. And any surname changing the fesses to bars needs to descend from Bars, who happen to share the giant Sansone eagle.

The Babe's share the sun with their Beach-connectable Beak kin, but also with Sunnys/Sonnins/Somins, first found in Berkshire with same-colored Pointers/Points. And Sone's/Soams were first found in Suffolk with Babe's. Ponters/Ponders were first found in Cambridgeshire with Stanleys, and Ponts/Ponds (virtually share Ponter/Ponder Coat) were first found in Hampshire with Stanley-beloved Changers. Babe's have a finger pointing to the sun, and Pointers/Points have two fingers pointing. As Miss Peare worked for Sony electronics when we spent time together (not as a couple), note that Peartree's/Patria's have a rising bird pointing to a sun.

Plus, I've only noticed now that Peartree's/Patria's (Kincardineshire with Fitts, near/beside Angus) share the Fitt-connectable fitchees of the SUITs/Suters (Angus). The last time I spent time with her, she showed me a photo of she in a bathing SUIT RUNNING on a BEACH! Sleeping Beauty was in a bathing suit on a beach. And Runnings are listed with the Rons whom I'm now pointing to Ron DeSantis when investigating law suits! The "EspeRANCE" motto of English Fitts/Fitch's, who share the leopard faces of English Judge's/Juge's, can get us both the Leghs/Lee' by way of Rants/Rance's, and to Rankins sharing the Jugg/Judd boar heads. JUGon is not far from the Rance river itself near Rennes.

AHH, wow, the Juggs/Judds were first found in Herefordshire with Wafers, and while they are in the same colors and format, Wafers share the wavy bend of Rons/Runnings!!!! The latter, like Actions, show only a chevron, both in the same colors. This heraldic falling-out definitely seems to be pointing to class action law suits in Florida. Again, Wafer-branch Wefers (possible pointer to WEF globalists) share the Sansone (and Bar) eagle!

This is a good place to add that while Lawyers are also Layerds, the Laws may have been a branch of the Lay variation of Leghs/Lee's. Lawyers/Layerds share the Sleep Coat but add a mill RIND while Rinds (share almost the Sonny/Staney Coat!) were a branch of Rants/Rance's in turn sharing the giant Legh/Lee/lay lion. Unions use mill rinds while Miss Peare showed me her bathing-suit picture in her Unionville apartment. Rinds were first found in Perthshire with the Hagars sharing the hexagram of Jabbe's.

Read the Fitt/Fitch motto as "esPERANce," and then take it to Perins, first found in Lorraine and sharing the beakless eagle with Lorraine's, yet the Perins use that eagle in the colors of the SanSONE eagle! I think I get this: Miss Peare at Sony electronics is a pointer to law suits expected as an outcropping from Sansone's ban-the-jab law. Perans/Perrins (more leopard faces) were first found in Northumberland with Lorraine's.

The "Fide" motto term of Peartree's/Patria's must be for the Fido variation of Fitts (KinCARDINEshire with Peartree's) who in turn share the Peare stars. In different colors, English Fitts/Fitch's share gold leopard faces with Peare's. Again, English Fitts/Fitch's were first found in Essex with Sansone-connectable Este's, and with the Muschats/MontFITCHets who share the Bann/Banes Coat. BAN the jab.

The last update told of my climbing MUSCHATov's ANTENna and KNOCKing on her bedroom window, and Nocks/Noke's share the ANTON leopard face. The Fitts/Fitch's are in the colors and format of one of the English Parkers who have a "MOVEtur" motto term, and Knocks/Knox's have a "MOVEo" motto term, perhaps code for the Mowe variation of Mole's, or Mowbrays (looks like a cat in Crest).

Mowbrays were first found in Northumberland (near Mowe's/Mole's) with a Horton location while Hortons share the giant stag head of the other English Parkers. Hortons were at Bradford of Morley while the first Parkers were first found in Derbyshire with Morleys. Bradfords share a "sage" motto term with Spree's who in turn share a "simplex" motto term with Perkins/Parkings, and Simple's were first found in Renfrewshire with Knocks/Knox's. Horts/Hurts (stag) are in the colors and format of the neighboring Sunnys/Sonnins/Somins.

Compare "photo" with "Foot," for Scottish Fitts are listed with Fothes'/Fette's, and the two surnames share chevrons. The neighboring ProFETTs/Prophets, suspect as a Pero merger with Fette's, use a giant leg while Leggs almost have the Peartree and Trump stag head.

Here's from the 5th update of March, 2017: "That evening, she showed me a photo of herself (21 years old) in a two-piece bathing suit, running on a beach toward the camera..." She was probably at Sony at that time. I then dated Lorraine a month or two after the photo event, and she was given a babe and FOOT symbol at the same instant (a week or two after our first date).

Foots were first found in Cheshire with Cardine's, and while Lorraine had a bus STOP symbol at per our first date, Stops/Stubbs share the Cardine pheons. Cards were first found next door in Shropshire, and they use a Lorraine-connectable "letter." Cartons (look like Doner/Donahue kin) have the Lorraine lion in colors reversed.

I should also mention, in case Dons (Cheshire with Actions) can apply to class action law suits, that one could see the Sony building from the Don VALLEY Parkway. Valleys/VAILs (Northumberland with Lawrence-connectable Lorraine's and Laws) are expected on the "VAILance" motto term of Actions. Lawyer-like Lawrens are listed with Lawrence's/Laurence's who share a "Be" motto term with the Innis'/Inns' possibly in the "In" motto term of Laws. Ince-branch Inch's/Hinch's (Perthshire with early Wings/Winks) can be of the wing-using Hinks, first found in Oxfordshire with Bee's.

LAWRENCE Kepke and his brother were hockey GOALIE's while Gollys/Gullys, expected in the raGULLY pattern of Lawrens/Lawrence's (Lancashire with early Ince's), share the black crosslet of Vails (different background colors).

I distinctly recall riding down this Parkway with Kepke and Peare in the car (Kepke was driving), and my looking at the Sony sign as we drove by it. I'm telling this because the Keppoch MacDonalds have a hand holding a black fitchee, as do English Sheppards, and Sony Electronics is on Sheppard avenue. Keppochs were kin of Shepherd-connectable Sheffields, and Shafers use a sheep in Kepke/Kopke colors and format. Kepke is the pointer to poison vaccines. English Sheppards even share "Fide" with the Peartree motto.

BEHOLD: Sony eLECtronics; electRONics; electroNICs. Lecks are listed with Legg-connectable Lakeys suspect with the Prime's in their motto who share a giant, human leg (different colors) with Profetts/Prophets. RONs have already been dealt with. And while Kepke's brother married NIKKi Walsh, and while Kepke left Miss Peare (at her age 19) to get engaged with Nikki's sister, only to go back with Miss Peare (age 20) when she was at Sony, English Nickle's (Cheshire with Cardine's), who share three motto terms with Peartree's, share the Cardine pheon!!!! Trump-connectable Peartree's/Patria's were first found in KinCARDINEshire with Prophet-connectable Fothes'/Fitts/Fette's! Profetts/Prophets were first found in Aberdeenshire with the Bene's/Beans/Bane's.

I'd also like to stress "eLECTronics" because Lectons, who share a dragon in Crest (different colors) with Bee's and Lucketts/Lucas', are listed with Lee-branch Leightons/Leytons (Bee quadrants in colors reversed). And it's the "LUCTor" motto of Glass' which can be for the Lucketts/Locketts. French Locks are in Dutch Nichole colors and format, both using foils. Nikki Walsh was likely born, Nichole, and while Irish Walsh's have the three Cardine pheons in colors reversed, Scottish Walsh's probably have the Spice's in their motto along with Lucketts/Lucas'.

As Lucketts/Lucas' share the motto of PRESleys (recalls my belly-PRESS event with Miss Peare), first found in Yorkshire with Cravens, the Lucket/Lucas Coat is likely in Craven colors and format for a related reason. And Cravens are the ones with the Actons/ACTIONs (Cheshire with Craven-related Ricks) in their motto. The "Luckett/Lucas motto includes "RESpice," and Res' are listed with the lance-using Dere's while Laws have a "VaiLANCE" motto term.

BUT WOW, I can hardly believe it. I've just checked for a Nikkel surname, finding it listed with English Nicholsons, they share the double Don fesses!!!! This comes after wondering whether the Don Valley Parkway could include Dons in some way toward the laws suits. Again, Peartree's share the Suit/Suter fitchees, and Shute's were kin of trumpet-using, Class-like Calls/Calles' (Wiltshire with Peare-beloved Stars/Stairrs).

Nikkels/Nicholsons ("Per" motto term) even have more suns, as well as sharing "ad astra" with Face-connectable Fiscs. Will Sony electronics have anything to do with the 666 system?

BRADys share the finger pointing to the sun with Babe's, and then Sonnys/Stoneys/Staneys were first found in Cheshire with Breads/BRADDs who were once said to be first found in Midlothian with Sinclairs/Suns. This is perfect for the "COMPOsitum" motto term of Laws, for Compo's/Campeau's share the engrailed cross of Sinclairs/Suns! And Camps/Comps were first found in Warwickshire with Judge's.

Behold. Lorraine's babe symbol took us here, as well as to the sun-using Sunnys/Sonnins/Somins. Repeat: Sone's/Soams were first found in Suffolk with Babe's and Buckle's, but also with buckle-using STARLincks/StarLINGs (Stanley colors and format) and Lings/Lyngs. Then, Stars/Stairrs are in WHAT/Waddcock colors and format, and I gave Lorraine her babe symbol when MICHAEL Oullette said, "WHAT a babe," as he first saw her. OULlette's (share a "cock" with Whats/Waddcocks) look related to the Babe bars, especially as OWLs were first found in Suffolk with them, and German Michaels were first found in Bohemia with PodeBRADY. Babe-connectable Bradys were first found in Galway with Ling-like Linch's/Lynch's. Scottish Michaels and Michaelsons (Angus with Suits/Suters) are in Sunny/Sonnin colors and format!!! Now I know why God used Michael Oullette for the babe symbol.

Sonnys/Stoneys/Staneys share the scallops of Mallets while Sone's/Soams use mallets. Sonnys/Stoneys/Staneys, looking linkable to Buckle-using Leslie's, Mallet-connectable Rinds, and Stanleys, were first found in Cheshire with Haughtons/Hoctors and BENDs/Benns, and then Hoctor-like Hectors (Heck elements?), once showing a giant sun over their triple BENDs, were first found in Angus with the SUITs/Suters. The central bend of Hectors has a small sun, all in the colors of the Law bend-with-stars, for the potential making here of "law suit." German Suters/SAUTers, suspect with Hikke de SAUTeby in the Hicks write-up, are mainly in Sunny/Sonnin/Somin colors and format.


As she was hovering at the touch-leg event, it's notable that Hovers/Hoffs (Westphalia with German Ducks) can be of the English Hoffs who show nothing but a bend in the colors of nothing-but-a-bend in the Chief of Hickeys.

I've just found the new-to-me Hoxtons (no write-up) in Friend colors and format. Mrs. Teague was born, Miss Friend, and while I saw Miss Hicks at Mrs. Teague's church, English Church's, in Bush colors and format, were first found in Somerset with Friends, beside the Octons/Oxtons of Devon, where Hooks were first found who almost have the Hicks Coat. Ferrands were first found in Yorkshire with Hicks and Bush's.

One curiosity is that Oxtons can be of the Actons/AXTONs who were the Actions of the last update in "class action law suit." The Vance's suspect in the Action/Acton motto share the bend-with-stars of Laws. Something to keep in mind.

Again, I bought a property from Mrs. Teague in Montell. The Montel Chief is shared by Italian Dere's who in turn use lances, and from here we can go to the "VaiLANCE" motto term of Actions/Actons. The Dere and Montel Chiefs are even shared by Glass-like Gallis'/Galli's.

You should like this. Repeat from the last update: "The "VaiLANCE" motto term can get us to Judge-connectable Juggs/Judds, for the latter share the boar heads of lance-using Rankins. The Reckitts are suspect in the RANKin motto because they share the swords to a point of Jee's/Gee's who in turn share the Rankin boar heads too." The Get'n Go is on the RANCH road!! And in relation to "GET'n Go," I've told several times that the Jee's/Gee's have the McGETHe's in their write-up. Irish McGee's have leopard faces in the colors of Gethins/Gittins', the latter first found in Cheshire with Ricks while Reckitts (Rick colors) are also Ricketts.

The Polys/PolWHELE's, sharing the bend of Whaley-branch Whele's/Wheels/Whale's, share the Rench and Wren crosslets, and then Pools/Pole's/Pollys/PULLs share the Montell Coat. I can glean that the Wren Chief-Shield is from Renier/Rainier of Montferrat. Pullys share the pelican with German Wells/Wellers. Whaleys have whales in Waleran and Beauty colors and format. The latter two share the black bull with Ratcliffs, in turn first found in Bury with the Holds/Holts seen in Montell-variation suffixes.

Ahh, Rickers (Pool lion in colors reversed) share the RANTon/WRENton lion while RENCH's/Wrench's share the Wren crosslets. It appears that God wants to point the Ranch-road glass-door event to the Rankin lances in order to get to the Dere/Res lances, and from there to the Dere-branch Dero's/Ros' because the latter share the giant and double-headed Jeepma/JABBE eagle. Tromps have a giant, one headed eagle in the colors of the Jabbe eagle, in the colors of the Hickson eagle legs, but then while Hicks love the Touts along with English Belows, the giant Jabbe eagle is also with German Belows, first found in Pomerania with Trumps.

The Bello's/Bellows and English Billets share the cinquefoils of Dogs (Trump was a bullDOG), and French Billets/Billiards were first found in Maine with the French Lance's using a giant ROSE. While English Lance's have the fesse of English Alans in colors reversed, French Alans share the Dere/Res Chief too. And while the Hicks motto is partially translated "ALL IN," the Hicks fesse is colors reversed from the Alan/ALLIN fesse, making the Hicks fesse that of Lance's too. Then, Hookers have what looks like a gold DEER (no antlers) in Crest, the color of the Hick "buck" head. Bucks were first found in Norfolk with Lance's and Hake's.

It's all important because English Belows (Yorkshire with Gale's and Galleys) use a "CHALICE" while Chalice's/Challes' bring us to trumpet-using Calls/Calles', and we just saw the Gallis'/Galli's (Dauphine with French Galleys) sharing the Dere/Res Chief. However, I don't think I'd be writing this at this time had it not been for checking Montels (new surname for me this week) to find them sharing the Dere/Res Chief. It caused me to go fetch the lance-using Rankins from the last update, and then everything above fell into place.

Montells (not "Montel"), first found in Lancashire with trumpet-using Livers/Levers, share the giant lion of POOLs, first found in Dorset, beside Calls/Calles'. The Liver/Lever trumpet is stood upon by a gold rooster, the color of the Gallis/Galli rooster. The bulldog jumped into the POOL with the Neil-connectable shark, and while German Nagle's are Neils too, Irish Nagle's (fesse linkable to the Gale fesse) use a "nightinGALE."

Hoxtons share the white tower with Higgens/Hickens and Higginsons/Hickinsons, but also with Fauchy-beloved Hoppers (Wiltshire, beside Friends, and beside Bath). Hoxtons, sharing black drops with Higgens/Hickens, happen to use leopard FACEs while Fauci-branch Face's ("hoc") share the Bath cross. Now we know even more why Miss Hicks was used as Sleeping Beauty, for the Hoxton link to Fauci elements.

Sleeps are now said to have been first found in Kent with Gaunts (almost the Teague/Teeger wolf head) who in turn have six bars colors reversed from the same of Octons/Oxtons. Hickeys use a GAUNTlet. Kents have almost all of the Hickey Coat. Kent is where Venus' were first found whose stag is brown, as is the stag head of German Hecks.

Kent is also where Hedge's/Hegge's were first found showing nothing but triple swans in the colors of the giant Hock/Yoke swan, and Joke's/Yoke's were first found in Kent too. Hickman-connectable Neals share the Swan/Sion lion, and Sion is in Switzerland while Hocks/Yoke's were first found in Switzerland. What else might Hyksos have been doing in Switzerland besides running mobster-friendly banks? Miss Hicks adopted a daughter, Geneva.

My first time attending her church was on Sunday, Christmas day, and German Christmas' share the lone Hock/Yoke swan. The latter is in Haek/Heck/Hach and Trump colors and format, but more importantly (for pointing to poison vaccines) in Kepke/Kopke colors and format who in turn share the goat (different colors) with Hecks/Hacks. German Hecks have the Trump Coat in different colors.

Goats/Gothams share the Coat of Shakespeare's, and of Gripps/Grape's/Grabbers who possibly named Gripel of the Voirs sharing the Hickey lion, and the Voir Coat is nearly the Hatch/Haach Coat. The Voir Crest has the lion of "St. Mark," and English Marks (Essex) have a giant lion in the colors of the Hatch/Hacch lion, and then German Marks look like Tromp kin while sharing the double-tipped Shakespeare spear. Higgie's/Cagys share the Spear/Speyer boar head.

Voirs share a "Vincit" motto term with Palmans (almost the triple swans of Hegde's/Hegge's), first found in Hertfordshire with Vince's/Finch's. Palmans are in the motto of TOOTHs while the shark in the pool, in the first scene of the Sleeping Beauty dream, had nasty teeth. Hicks use a motto term for the Touts/TOOTs. The teeth of the shark were ringed around the belly of Donald Trump, the bulldog that JUMPed into the deep-state pool with the deep-sate shark. Nobody toots his horn like Donald Trump.

As Palmans have the Patria's (share Trump / Jump stag head) in their motto who share the Pully scallops, the Pully location on lake Geneva can appeal to a pointer of the daughter of Miss Hicks to things in Geneva intended by God to be part of the shark's teeth. Geneva (at 13 years of age) had gotten a child-molestation symbol. Lake Geneva is near Sion while Palmans use rising swans.

It could be that God used a bulldog to portray Trump because bull-using Beautys have a Coat similar to the ones of Turnbulls/TRUMBulls and TRUMPle's/Turnbulls, the latter being in Hickson colors who in turn use legs while Leggs almost have the Trump Coat. The "king" motto term of Trumbulls/Turnbulls reminds that Kings (Devon with Oxtons and Hooks) share the lion of Kingstons, the latter first found in Yorkshire with Hicks and Jumps. One can then see the Turnbull-like variation of Beefs/Boeufs, first found in PERigord with Fauchys and Faux's/Fage's. PEARtree's/Patria's share the Trump stag head.

As an aside: Trumple's/Turnbulls (ROXburghshire) share the YELLOW fesse while ROXolani were on the IALOmita river, which was earlier the NAPARis river while PEERless' are listed with NAPIERs.

I'm not suggesting that Trumps were even related to Turnbulls, but perhaps God decided to use the bulldog to make a connection to them so as to make a simultaneous connection to Sleeping Beauty. Bullys were first found in Dumfries with Leggs and Kilpatricks, you see. And Roger de Bully, along with Walter d'AINcourt, are in the write-up of Jumps sharing the Trump stag head. Scottish HAINs (Dumfries) share the Bully mascles too. Roxolani Rus can be to the Rush's in the "bulrushes" of the Petts who in turn share the Bully mascles.

I don't think that Bullys were a Pully branch, however, in spite of Jumps first found in Yorkshire with Pullys (share red scallops with Scottish Hains). Pullys are from Vespasia Polla. The "tentaMINE" motto term of Leggs applies to the six pale bars in the crescents of English Hains/Ains, and the tent-like Atintanes were at/beside Bullis (Epirus). There is even a Bullis/Bulliard surname, first found in Wiltshire with trumpet-using Calls/Calles', suspect with such lines as Class'/Klassens. I think these things make the case that I've been correct to identify the British bulldog as Trump in the shark's mouth.

The Sleeping Beauty dream pointed to Shirts/Shards, suspect from Sardinians. Shirts/Shards share three red roundels with Bullis'/Bulliards (Wiltshire with Stars), and in the Bullis roundels are three white-on-red stars, the colors of the three stars of Amori's, first found in Sardinia. The Amori Chief is also the one of Cremers, Faux's and Irish Kilpatricks. Shirts/Shards can be linked to HarCOURTs, the latter first found in Oxfordshire with Amore's and Damori's/Amori's.

Pullys probably have the Palles'/Pauls in their motto, but Pelles'/Pels share the pelican with Pullys while Palmans are listed with Pelhams. Pelles'/Pels were first found in Lincolnshire with Pilotte's who in turn use cups while the Culp variation of Cups/Cope's is in the Pully motto. French Pile's are listed with Pilots while a lone pile is in a canton square of Beach's, in both colors of the pelican in a canton square of Pelles'/Pels.

It just so happens while the beach in the Sleeping Beauty dream was on Jeffrey Epstein's island, Beach's were first found in Hertfordshire with Palmans. Jeffrey Epstein was/is a money launderer for various political gangsters. Epstein is as sharky as the deep state can become, and David Knight implies that Trump met his current wife in Epstein's prostitution ring.

Beach-branch Beckers (Yorkshire with Pullys and Palles'/Pauls) share a blue canton square with Beach's. It just so happens that the Bene's in the Becker motto are listed with Beans/Bane's who in turn have much of the Higgie/Cagy Coat. Then, the French Banns/Banes' happen to share the Epstein Coat!!! Hows-about that. This is new because Higgie's/CAGYs are new to me. They are helping to assure that the second half of the Sleeping Beauty dream was on Epstein's island. Compare Cage's to Gates' (Devon with Hooks and a Hoxton branch) because Bill Gates was/is Epstein's buddy. It would be nice if the Cage's are a pointer to jails for Epstein-circle gangs.

This recalls that, after Stanley sat beside Miss Hicks, but also after he left to bring the flag to the stage, I asked Miss Hicks, "is that your buddy?" Stanleys (Cambridgeshire with Cage's) have gold stags heads, as does the Hicks Crest, and there's a gold stag in the Cage Crest. Buddys/Botters, possibly part of the "bot" motto term of Higgie's/Cagys and Bene's/Beans/Bane's, were first found in Hampshire with the Stanley-beloved Changers/Change's and their Chase/Chace branch that were pointers to JP Morgan Chase / Morgan Stanley bankers. Epstein was criminally using one of these banks, at least.

This now gets interesting because Changers/Change's nearly have the Coat of Casino's/Case's, a branch of Casano's/Cassandra's by the looks of their shared fesse, and it just so happens that Changers/Change's were first found in Hampshire with the Cassane's/Cassandra's sharing the triple Epstein chevrons. Doesn't that all look Arranged?

English Christmas' share the Hicks fesse, and per-chance if they use hares instead of rabbits, it recalls that the murdered, and severed body on the infamous atheist, Madalyn O'Hare, was dug up on the ranch of Don Friend, Mrs'. Teague's brother and next-door neighbor. English Christmas' have one of the double fesses of Hare-branch Harcourts (share "bon" with Hicks), and the Peacocks in the Harcourt Crest were first found in Essex with Christmas', and with Low Leighton of the Hicks'. Leightons/Laytons were first found in Shropshire with Sleap of the Sleeps.

When I first saw her at Miss Teague's church, it was a beautiful Sunday Christmas day, t-shirt weather, and Sundays/Sandys/Sandes' are in Hicks format and colors reversed too. Sandfords were first found in Shropshire too. Sleeping Beauty was on a pure-sandy beach in a man's car, and Cars were first found in Lancashire, where Sands were once said to be first found.

When arriving to her car from a walk along the beach, I was looking at her FACE in distress, and could hear her thinking, lamenting that the man (not in the dream) was "MAYBE CHASING OTHER women/LADIES." Maybe's/Mabee's (share stripe-less tiger with Ditts / Dwights), sharing the vertically-split Cage / Gates Shield, almost have the Coat of Italian Bons, and Hicks have a "bon" motto term. Ladys/Laudymans, connectable to the GLASgow motto (see Lords/Lauds last update for that), are in "Lady Fortune" of the CLASS'/Klassens, first found in Westphalia with Hovers/Hoffs.

If the hover scene is now viewed as pertaining to class action law suits, would hovering in limbo in the air describe people in a long court process, under stress due to a corrupt court system not reliable for delivering good and swift justice? The last update showed how the Lawyer/LAYERd and similar surnames could be pointed to by the laying on her back of this hovering Sleeping Beauty. Aside from their canton, Lawyers/Layerds happen to share the Sleep Coat. I'll try to remember this.

Chase's and Chance's (Essex with Christmas') have crosses linkable to the one of Face's (Northamptonshire with Lady's/Laudymans, near Chase's), and so Chance's are more suspect now in sharing the Hickey lion closely. French Chance's were first found in Savoy while Savoys share the Face Coat.

The Others/Otters share the otter with Fenders/Venders (Windsor branch), and I first saw her on Epstein's beach walking past the fender of the car to the hood. I haven't known the otter-using Utters/Otterburns for long, but they can jibe with "chasing other ladies" because The Utter/Otterburn Chief is in the colors and format of both Chance Chiefs.

The canton square with lion of Chase's (Hampshire with Gaunt-connectable Ghents) is colors reversed from the canton-with-pile of Beach's. Cantons/GANTons were first found in Yorkshire with the Scayle's (and Oddie's) sharing the vaired Shield of PATENTs/Pattens (Essex with Chance's) while Chance's and Chace's use a PATONCE cross. Scale's (not "Scayle") were first found in Hertfordshire with Beach's. Pattons (not "Patten") share the Utter/Otterburn crescent). Counter-like Countrys, sharing the lone Beach pile in counterCHANGED colors (Changer colors), were first found in Kent with Oxton-connectable Gaunts. Oxtons (almost have the Changer / Casino / Gaunt Shield) were first found in Devon with Hooks sharing the Country fleur-de-lys, and with Hoods/Hoots sharing the Oddie saltire, I reckon.

Then, Hoxtons share black DROPs with Utters/Otterburns, Higgens, and Drops/Trope's. Hoxtons put a flag on the Higgin tower, and Flags/Flecks were first found in Norfolk with Brains (share Hoxton leopard faces), with Drops/Trope's, and with the Hake's who once listed Hykes'. Hake's are in the format of, and colors reversed from, Hoxtons. Hykes'/Hacks (Chives kin) were first found in Devon with Oxtons, and then Chives' (Aberdeenshire with Bene's/Beans/Bane's) share the spotted cat of Higgie's/Cagys (share much of the Bene/Bean/Bane Coat).

Another flag on a tower is with Lure's who in turn look related to the Layer/Leir Coat. The latter surname was first found at Ulm, which recalls that German Ulmans, said to be from Ulmann of GLATZ (!), share the double fesses of Lawyers/Layerds (and Sleeps). Knock-knock, who's there. It's the glatz action lawsuits! Sleepers awake, invade. Allmanns were first found in Rhineland with Law-connectable Salome's.

Judges (not the surname) use a gavel, and so Gavels were loaded. Dutch Gavels have the only raven I know of looking back over its SHOULDer, and it's in the colors and format of the giant falcon of SHOULDhams, first found in Norfolk with the Flags/Flecks who in turn share the scallops of Irish Judge's. The Vigils, suspect in the Shouldham motto, have a Coat like the one of Belgian Flecks and Fulke's, the latter first found in Norfolk with Flags/Flecks. The Gavels therefore work for getting us to the Judge scallops.

The "VigiLATE" motto term of Shouldhams can be for the Letts/Late's, and then Lette's/Leto's/Leuto's list the Alitto's while judge Samuel Alito is on the U.S. supreme court. The Leuto variation if like the Lutt variation of flag-using McLeods. The latter's "fast" motto term tends to reveal that Lutts/Lute's, sharing the Fast quadrants, were a McLeod branch too, yet they just became suspect with Leto's/Alitto's and Letts/Late's. The latter are even suspect in the "letho" motto term of Samuel-like Samsons (Gloucestershire with Letts/Late's) who in turn love the Flags! Flag-using Lure's were a McLeod sept.

Then, we can go to the squirrel of the Holds/Holds, as per the "Hold fast" motto of McLeods/Lutts, because Samuels use squirrels! Samuel Alito!

Leto's/Alitto's were first found in Ferrara with the Este's sharing the Sansone Coat. Lutts/Lute's share the Ferrara lion. The Leto/Alitto bird is said to be "drinking," and Drinks/Drenks were first found in Northumberland with Laws.

Earlier in this update, I mentioned the political sign with a Mr. Moreno. That was about four hours after I purchased a newspaper in Victoria, Texas. I bought the newspaper to check out vacant land in southern Texas, and the first property I checked was up that way toward Leakey. Soon after seeing the Moreno sign, I decided I didn't like the landscape up that way.

The point is, the NEWSpaper in Victoria seemed to point to Victoria Nuland's Ukraine affairs, including the American bio-labs that she admitted to be in Ukraine. But afterward, very recently, I learned that Victoria was the political turf of Ron Paul, and it's his son, congressman Rand Paul, who's been chipping away at Tony Fauci's credibility. This Tuesday, Tucker Carlson had Ron Paul on, and right from the start of this show, he mentions Victoria Nuland's Ukraine's affairs.

Here's the man responsible for the Winnipeg-Wuhan scandal who refuses to answer where the guilty doctors are now, because, very apparently, he knows where they are. It suggests that others in his circle are covering for the crimes. And there are other questions he refuses to answer in order not to incriminate himself (why else won't he answer?). Instead of answering, he gaaaabs off-topic to waste time, acting insulted, saying, for example, "I don't agree with your mischaracterization...":

The federal police of canada came out recently with a statement making it appear that it cares about the condition of citizens, because it cares nothing but doesn't want that truth to spread, for it's spreading as we speak, due to its protection of trudeau-government crimes.

People don't want electric cars now, even if they once thought it was a good idea. Well, then, there's only one thing for government to do, right? Yes, of course, force them to buy electric cars. This program is on. I don't think it's going to work, however. Leftist politicians are on the brink of ruin as it is even now. Most are barely hanging to power, and there's writing on the wall everywhere. They are going to need to soften up their iron fists. But never forget, iron fists they wish to utilize for the sheer joy of it. Oh what fun to pain their political adversaries while stealing their hard-earned dollars to boot.

To defeat global-warming goofs, just tell people the facts, that carbon dioxide in the air, the falsely-accused, villainized "greenhouse" component, makes up 1 part per 2,500 parts of all air products. Ask google hat the percentage of CO2 is in the atmosphere, and it doesn't try to hide it; it'll tell you straight-up: .04 percent. One part per 2,500. Ask google how much mankind contributes, and google is not trying to hide it, it's telling me straight up: 3-precent of the .04 percent.

Just imagine how defenseless a climate-change activist, or a thief like Biden and trudeau would be, in a court room, accused of lying to the people, when you tell the judge that the world has been beautiful for thousands of years with the 97-percent of the naturally-formed CO2, but somehow has become on the brink of human destruction due to the .0012 percent of CO2 added by humans to the .04 percent natural.

Imbeciles? No, much worse. Liars for the purpose of thieving tax dollars for the purpose of forcing a quasi-invisible global government into our faces whether the people like it or not. Is this not a matter for the court rooms? Why have the conservatives not brought Biden of trudeau to court? The already-too-high gasoline tax in canada is going up about 25-percent on April 1, but this includes a tax even on the fuels used by manufacturers, as well as on all fuel products aside from car and truck use.

So, what trudeau has been forced to do, in the political wave that's turned against him, is to give the poorer people a rebate in return for forcing them to pay the "carbon tax," even though there is ZERO carbon emergency. In the meantime, he's acting like santa claus to the poorer people, hoping to buy their votes by announcing that they are getting back more from the federal government than the tax taken from them.

However, he knows that the gas tax will increase all product prices, which then TAKES massive $$$ for to pile into the national treasury, through the whopping 13-percent GST (sales and services tax) that people pay on most things they buy. The trudeau government has expressed the desire to tax even groceries, which sacred turf has historically been off-bounds for taxing. Only a dismal parasite would tax food, and trudeau doesn't mind becoming one openly as long as he can score points for team Schwab. For the sake of his promotion within that globalist body, he's robbing the people he's supposed to be serving. That's the bare fact.

USA TODAY: "CO2 is 0.04% of the atmosphere and humans have contributed only 3% of that." If you and I can know this from a simple google search, then trudeau and Biden know it, and do the leaders of all Schwabian / leftist European leaders. Why isn't anyone taking them to court on this matter? If anyone is being forced to pay the climate-change tax, anyone can take their government to court to get financial reimbursement, but the goal is not to win the reimbursement, but to win the court case, for the same decision then applies to all people forced to pay the taxes.

If I had the money for a lawyer, I'd just do it. Such a court case could then be used against Biden / trudeau if they tried to pretend, in the future, that they didn't know how little carbon monoxide human industry contributes. In the meantime, during the court case, you force the government to answer how high sea levels have risen over the past 50 or 100 years, and the answer will be nearly zero, or, in some cases, less than zero. On some land masses, sea level has gone down due to land masses rising a little. And where sea level goes up, as it does off Florida, it's known that its due to Florida sinking. That is, it's not from polar-ice melt. Polar-ice melt was a fraudulent scare-tactic used by David Suzuki, for example, but he's shut his mouth since. And this is what liberals do, lie but never apologize when they are caught lying.

What happens when volcanic material spews and comes to rest on continents or sea floors? One answer is an obvious fact: there's less molten rock under the continents and sea floors. What do we think is the natural result when continents and sea floors sit on less volume of molten magma? They sink a little, and for this reason, sea level goes "up" in relation to the continents. Sea level is not really rising if continents are sinking. And sea level is actually doing down if sea floors are sinking. But if continents sink more than sea floors, it gives the appearance that sea level is rising to the scientists who keep tabs on sea levels at coastline rocks. And as the scientific establishment is infested with anti-Christ leftists, they report only that sea levels are rising, not reporting how little they rise, or whether the "rise" is due to continental sinking.

Climate-change activist at top of a google search result: "In the past 60 years, carbon dioxide in the atmosphere has increased 100 times faster than it did during the end of the last ice age." Scaaary. But this goof has no idea how much CO2 there was in the last ice age because there was no ice age. They can invent anything they wish in this scenario because you and I can't disprove them.

The evidence presented as proof of moving glaciers is the transportation of heavy rocks far from their origins, but the FLOOD receding off of the continents, toward what are now the oceans, can accomplish that too. And the Flood waters were powerful enough to slide massive rock bodies along the rocks beneath them, because, after the Flood, rocks were semi-cemented layers (strata).

That's right, the rocks were not yet hard after the Flood formed them. Volcanoes galore exploded that formed the Flood in the first place, by forcing waters under the sea floors to come up. Molten material exploded in the relatively cold Flood waters. These exploded materials became granular and sand-like, and of course they precipitated (fell down) to create the rock strata, a no brainer because there's no other way to for those strata to form. The weight of rock on rock, with the additional weight of the Flood water, made the strata semi-cemented, but not cemented enough to make it impossible for some force to move some of it.

The only way I can conceive the receding of the Flood in a few short months is from the breakage of the earth's crust. The Flood account in Genesis is so detailed that we can glean it's origins in an eye witness of the event. And why not? What is so hard to believe about Noah and his sons keeping records of events, then sharing them in written with their offspring?

The Genesis report has the Flood fully receded in months, but this is too-short a time if the waters merely seeped through the rocks. The only way to explain it is to imagine the crust of the earth cracking under the weight of exploded volcanic material.

Just imagine a hard, igneous crust a few miles thick in the downward direction until it reaches molten magma. During the flood, the hot bottom layer of the crust was continuously eroded by melting, and sent up to the top side of the crust as volcanic spews. The crust was continually thinned, in other words, until weakened sufficient that it cracked. Once the first crack started, the sinking of some crust piece created waves of energy through the magma in order to crack the crust elsewhere, and so in one swoop, at roughly the same time, at the end of the rising Flood water, the crust broke in many places.

What's going to happen next? As the pieces of crust sink? Well, only some pieces sank, and others did not. What's going to happen? A no-brainer. As some piece sink, water over the non-sinking pieces will wash off onto the sinking pieces. The sinking pieces therefore became the sea floors today, and the washed off water become the oceans today. As the waters washed off what are not the dry continents, they formed canyons and all sorts of rock formations that we see with our own eyes, everywhere, as proof of the forceful Flood waters. And in some of the harshest of cases, large bodies or bulks of strata at the top of the continents, because they were only semi-cemented, were pushed along to SLIDE over lower strata, and this was capable of forming the striations that modern, Flood-rejecting goofballs use as proof if ice glaciers.

They say: "Additionally, erosion from a moving glacier picks up large amounts of rocks and soil, leaving marks on the land beneath the ice." These carve marks I call striations (lines). There are at times large rocks or boulders mixed in with granular strata, and so if one bulk of strata was force to slide over a stationary bulk of strata, the rocks / boulders existing where the two bulks touch will form carve marks (on the lower bulk) in straight-ish lines, or in the direction that the top bulk is pushed along. No moving ice needed to form these carve marks.

Then, as the water continues to wash across the area, the top bulk can be wholly washed away so that only the linear carvings remain visible on the tops of the lower bulk. The goofs teach that glaciers formed those carve lines because they are loath to admit that there was ever a global Flood. These goofs wish to rule over us today as the anti-Christ empire, and while God has given them much power over us, it's only to make them self-condemned for their sins against us.

This is why I rejoice when I think that their time is short. And as they see the signs that their time is short, they become furious against us. And when they see that several sciences solidly disproves evolution, they become furious toward us rather than repenting from their lie. They are already coming to the conclusion that the only way to keep their lies on the throne of public opinion is to jail us for the crime of "disinformation."

On top of being science-manipulating goofs, they are persecutors and killers too, when they think they can get away with it. God will allow them to side with an enormous number of political allies such that they will think they can get away with it.

When you look at the sides of mountain strata (pictures galore online), you can clearly see the huge masses of strata that were removed and obliterated. If you were to follow a near-horizontal line from an orange strata in one mountain, to the next mountain across a valley, you would find that same orange strata there too. And if that orange strata has a grey strata on top of it at the first mountain, there would be the same grey-over-orange layers on the adjacent mountain too. Ditto for all layers above and below the orange layer. The valley was once a single rock bulk with what are now the two mountains on both sides of it.

It means that Flood water washed the strata between the two mountain peaks completely away. Some of it came to rest in mountain valleys lower down toward sea level, and some was washed fully into the seas, or onto the mountain foothills, or even on the plains a significant distance from the mountain range. What is it that we can't understand about this simple-to-understand process? It's child's play, like washing a bucket of water over a sandcastle at the beach. That simple-to-understand water erosion is why the goofs are guilty of seeking to murder the God of the Flood. That's not a small sin.

For Christian geologists who give fuel to the ice age, smack one another on your ears. There wasn't enough time, since the Flood, to create glaciers as far south as the US-canada border. What in tarnation is wrong with you? You know that the Flood eroded the rocks enormously, and you can't figure ways to show how formations were formed that the goons attribute to glacier motion down mountain sides? Why did the washing-off of the continental waters form peaks? Probably, it was due to the slowing of washing-off waters with time. As the ocean-to-be crustal pieces sank into magma to begin with, the washing-off would have been fastest, most-powerful on the first days due to the greater depth of waters. More depth = more water pressure = faster waters and stronger erosion capability.

The erosion of the strata started beneath the water surface, keep in mind, not at the water surface. But, eventually, the water surface became level with the "rock" strata (still "soft," not cemented hard), where no peaks existed yet, but rather there were relatively-flat layers remaining that were not yet washed away. What would happen after that?

Let's say that, when the water was level with the remaining layers, it started to erode a valley a half-mile wide for the first day. Then, the waters running over this valley would become less deep above it. Right? But of course. For, the mass of continental water was falling into the chasm created by the sinking of the to-be-sea-floors, and in the meantime this flow into the chasm washed rock into it that created the so-called "continental slopes" (underwater slopes now at coastlines).

As water level decreased progressively over the half-mile-wide valley taking shape, guess what? It could not continue to erode a half-mile wide. Day after day, it could erode progressively less than a half-mile wide, thus forming the V-shaped valley. There was left one peak each at the top of the V. Mountain peaks were formed where the valley was at the maximum half-mile width, but also where the rock mass was cemented the most. All strata cemented the most became the peaks, in other words. UNASSAILABLE FACT: all strata resisting erosion the most became the peaks.

There ought to be mountain peaks under what are now foothills or plains. The receding waters should have created valleys down near modern sea level too, but the washing off of materials from higher up came down and buried those valleys and peaks such that plains or gently-rolling hills have remained visible to our eyes.

As to the origin of soils needed for growing crops for the first few centuries after the Flood, I think this is another no-brainer to explain, for the pre-Flood world was likely lush in forestation. It's known that trees trunks can remain afloat for as long as the Flood lasted. Therefore, we could expect that much of this floating forestation (kept the birds alive on the Flood waters) remained on the continents, after the Flood had fully receded.

Soil is formed from rotted vegetation. Therefore, the pre-Flood forests became soil in a few short years. And it's known that seeds can last in wet soils for decades, wherefore they would have survived the Flood too. Therefore, plants and trees sprung up probably within a decade or two of the Flood. As their leaves fell year after year where no man yet lived, soils become progressively deeper and more-wide spread. Where I live, in the Canadian Shield, the soil (over igneous rocks, no rock strata) is on-average only a foot deep, which seems perfectly expected after about 4,500 years since the Flood.

In flat regions where soils are much deeper, not including grey clay that is partly rock material, the only explanation -- if it's not enough to appeal to soils carried down mountain sides by rainfall -- is that the Flood left massive depths of trees and other vegetation on flat-lying rock remnants. These remnants were once molten rock beneath the planetary crust. They became granular pieces of rock during the Flood, and the Flood waters washed it away to form the plains and valley floors, and the last thing to pass over the plains and valley floors was the highest water laden with pre-Flood vegetation.

Go ahead, make a computer-animated, short-movie video of all that I've just said. The stupids have even admitted that there are several continental pieces of crust that they call "plates." They know that ocean floors are distinct plates from the continental plates, but they are stupids because they wrongly describe how they came to be.

It is asinine to claim that all land mass was one wart on one side of the planet, in the beginning, that then spread out by "sea floor spreading" to form the distinct continents we now see. Evolutionists are long-eared goats, never let that slip from the front of your mind. Sheer human trash who look for science-involved ways to "prove" long-term evolution, but bury the facts, or refashion them, which obliterate their holy-cow evolution. And like old pagans worshiping a false-cow god, they will be condemned, shut out from the presence of Life due to insulting the One True God to the end of their lives.

The reason that the part of South America facing Africa has a shape roughly the shape of the Africa facing South America is, not because the big wart split up to see South American float away from what is now Africa. Only ding-dongs would expend billions of dollars trying to discover how that happened. They are worse than ding-dongs because an alternative explanation is amply visible to them, for they have mapped the so-called "mid-Atlantic ridge." They know that this ridge is a long range of volcanoes extending in a snake-like shape from the north arctic region to the south arctic region.

What does it mean that the center line down the Atlantic crustal plate is a volcanic line? Duh, I guess it means that there's a lot of heat down the center line of the Atlantic sea floor, more heat than to the sides of the center line.

Duhhh, this is evidence that, during the Flood, the center of what would become the Atlantic sea floor got plopped with lots and lots of magma such that the plates cracked at what is now eastern South America, and at what is now western Africa, such that both cracks (now the coastlines) have roughly the same shape because both cracks would roughly follow the shape of the undersea volcanic ridge. Duh.

The goofballs know this, it surely has dawned on them as a possibility, but they bury this idea lest anyone get the impression that the ocean floors were formed at the Flood.

If you lay a hot wire in any shape on a block of butter, the melted butter will take the shape of the wire, duh. The melted butter to the extreme right side of the wire takes on the same shape as the melted butter at the extreme left side of the wire.

That's what happened at the Flood. To the extreme right side of the snaking volcanic ridge, the plate was harshly heated and softened toward what is now Africa, and the extreme left side was softened harshly as far as what is now eastern South America, and those two extremes is where the Atlantic-to-be plate snapped and sunk to form the Atlantic ocean. No sea-floor spreading, or continental sailing, is needed to form those two continents; just a sinking of the plate segment between them is needed.

Evolutionists claim that, just because there is volcanic debris coming up through the sea floor, this somehow causes the lateral/horizontal growth of the sea floors. Baloney. If magma pierces a sea crust, it merely piles on top of the plate; there's no reason that the crust should start to grow longer to the east and to the west and in the meantime push away South America and Africa. Some Christian Creationists actually promote this theory, trusting the "evidence" of the fools.

And what's their evidence? Just that the continents are moving apart an inch or two per year, or whatever their figure is, it's no different than the unprovable "facts" that they prop up for global warming by a small fraction of one degree per year since the industrial revolution. BALONEY. It's very easy to fabricate this "professional" evidence, especially in desperation to provide a theory that stands as a solid alternative to how the Flood may have created sea floors. It wasn't sea-floor spreading over billions of years, stupids, but sea-floor dropping in a few days or less.

I'm tempted to take the position that globalists are trying to make Americans, in southern USA, shoot bullets in order to persecute Christians from a federal vantage point. If correct, then we would expect the globalists to pay social-media personalities to act as patriots, but having the purpose of advertising and hyping tragedies as if they were disguised with them. For example, this week we find that companies are hiring illegals and firing Americans. That could get the ire of Americans.

We are also hearing that illegals who can't get jobs are breaking into peoples homes. If this is not enough to get Texans to shoot illegals upon entry of homes, arranging news stories, from true events or staged, in which illegals break into homes, kill the husbands and rape the wives, should bring things beyond the breaking point. But such extreme tactics are not expected until the Bidenites are ready to pounce, and for reasons we don't know, pounce time may not have arrived...meaning that their social-media operatives have the task of keeping the fires hot, but not seething just yet.

The problem with this theory is that we are going to ask which patriots are the fakes versus the genuine ones, and how do we tell the difference? With audiences and fellow newscasters pointing fingers at, and insulting, newscasters, the whole lot of them will be weakened as per the impact they make on and through their audiences.

For example, when Elon Musk (very wide reach) publicly announces (s he is this week) that the Democrat goal is to use illegals for winning elections, it could be deemed a tactic to make Americans angry enough, in concert with other reported horror stories, to start shooting bullets at them...when the illegals begin invading homes massively. Then again, I myself claim that illegals are being used to win elections, but I'm not doing it as part of a globalist plot. It's easy to imagine that I can be, but it's just the imagination playing tricks.

One could say, "yeah, that Tim Pool guy, he's so good at what he does in pointing out injustices, and because his co-hosts and guests have tattoos or drug-related backgrounds, he must be a fake paid to promote provocations, hoping to get ruffian red-necks to join a retaliatory militia." That's how the imagination can take one away. And Tim Pool has been recently talking about an impending civil war. But that crossed my mind to, and many others.

The bottom line is that Texans do feel the need to shoot illegals if there's legitimate fear of them killing residents massively. And so we need to ask whether the deep state is plotting this very thing, perhaps paying teams of illegals to invade homes to do dastardly things. Best thing to do, get good surveillance equipment outside the home to catch invaders before they break in. It's best, if possible, to take one into custody at gunpoint, not shooting to hit the body. The alarm system should include a sound device in the bedroom to wake the homeowner from sleep. Scaring the intruder away so that he gets to invade another home(s) doesn't seem like a plan to be proud of. What if he comes back with a gang?

What if the deep state arms the illegals and pays them to attack homes in gangs of three or four? That's called a horror story. If this materializes, whom do we blame? The state governors, for doing too little when, and since, the invasion began.

A couple of hours after mention of Musk and Pool above, I came across this unique, non-accusatory video telling that both men have a high proportion of interaction with Jews (I don't know this video owner):

New Dream

I remembered a dream, which I don't often do. I was on the highway shoulder just past a ramp, with two plastic containers on the shoulder, into which I or someone else had placed some latex gloves. Then I saw what I thought were blue latex gloves, but when I discovered that this particular pair was made of cloth, I complained and demanded latex.

Then, strangely, a car backed up toward the containers to pick me up, but the driver, a pretty woman, took off down the road, with me in the back seat with an old friend, Joe Oullette, and she left the containers back at the shoulder. I was furious, complaining that someone's going to surely stop to take them away. When she got to a plaza, or something like it, I was still upset, and got out of the car to go salvage the containers, by hitch-hiking I guess.

I was then in a shed-like building on the opposite shoulder of the road, and there were two men in that shed, one being crazy. I saw myself doing something at a lower corner of the shed, and while I can't remember what I was doing, a mouse comes to mind when trying to make the picture clear in my mind. It won't come clear in my mind.

The women driver was "Julie." When I awoke, I realized that she was familiar, like someone I knew, and then it hit me that she was Laura Ingraham of The Angle on Fox news.

As soon as I got to the computer, I realized that this dream is a pointer to Fauci and company. Ingrahams were loaded to find them first found at Ingram, a location in Northumberland also called, ANGERham, and the Angers happen to share the Irish Nagle and Fauci lozenge. The Nagle's are said to have included Mr. D'ANGULo of Cork, and Laura's Fox show is, The ANGLE. These Nagle's even have a fox-like "vox" motto term, and this dream will shortly include German Nagle's. German Vos' look like they have a fox, and Voxe's happen to be listed with Fauci-connectable Vaux's.

I think I can glean why the containers with gloves were on the SHOULDer on the road not many feet past the exit of a RAMP, for I've been on the Ramps/Rumps before due to their sharing double-brown, combattant lions with Irish Collins'. During the plandemic, Tony Fauci's boss at the NIH was Francis Collins. Ramps/Rumps were first found in Cumberland with Voxe's/Vaux's, with the Falcons in the SHOULDham Coat, and with the English Browns having another brown lion. Then, Scottish Browns share the Coat of vaccine-like Vychans/Vaughns while Faughns were a branch of Faucets, the latter first found in East Lothian with Vaux's/Vanse's/Fanns.

English Angle's/Angels have the Nagle / Anger lozenges in colors reversed, but the Fauci's split the colors of their giant lozenge so that it's half in the colors of the Angle/Angel lozenges.

It begins to appear that the blue latex gloves were a pointer to the vaccine scam and killer scheme, and that the blue CLOTH gloves are a pointer to Clots, first found in Lorraine. Lorraine's first found in Northumberland with Ingrahams, use "laurel," and that spells Laura Ingraham. She's shown signs of opposing the COVID scam, but her bosses likely tie her down on that topic, restrict all that she might like to say. She should quit Fox and go on her own; she doesn't need any more $millions, especially at her age.

Clauds/CLOTs share the Tromp acorns, and Tromps share the vertically-split Fauci Shield, and likely share the eagle of Doria's (Genova with Fauci's). Doria's married Arduinici of Nagle-like Oneglia, explaining why Irish Nagle's share half of the Fauci lozenge.

German Angels/Angle's even use a ram in Ram colors, and Rams, who are in the German Cremer Coat as a giant ram head, were first found in Essex with Angers and the Este's expected in the "este" motto term of Ingrahams. The latter were at IngRAM/Angerham. With Ingrams looking like n Ing-Ram marriage, we note that Ings share both the Crest and Shield of English Judge's, and "est" is a motto term of Irish Judge's while Tromps and Doria's share the Court/Cover eagle.

Ings and Judge's share the leopard faces of Fitch's/Fitts, first found in Essex with the Angers and Este's, and here it's probably correct to add that Italian Este's and Scottish Bars share the giant Sansone eagle. Bars are from Lorraine's Bar-le-Duc. Barr's were first found in Ayrshire with SHEDs who in turn have a shedding-like Shedden variation as a possibly pointer to vaccine shedding. This is made possible because mRNA "vaccines" produce the virus in the body, and thus this type of product can make people very sick from any flu / virus / infection / illness after receiving too many shots. It's claimed that these shots weaken the immune system (some die by their first shot).

The Bars can be a pointer to the lawyer's bar because Latters/LAWtie's, first found in Ayrshire with Bars and Cords/COURTs, use piles while English pile-using Pile's were first found in Northumberland with Laws. It's conspicuous, therefore, that the fesse-with-crescents of Latters/Lawtie's are in the colors of the Ingraham Coat. Laura Ingraham was lawyer.

More piles are with the Shouldham- and Knock-connectable Orrs/Ore's while Orreys were first found in Ayrshire too, even with GRAHAM-related Varns. Orrs/Ore's and Knocks were first found in Renfrewshire with Scottish Jacks while InGRAHAMs share the Coat of English Jacks. The Hollys in the Coat of Scottish Jacks were first found in Norfolk with Shouldhams. Grahams were first found in Midlothian with the Leiths/Lethe's in turn having the Latter/Lawtie crescents in colors reversed. The Leith's/Lethe's even have the lozenges of Anger-branch Anchors in colors reversed.

Laura Ingraham backed up to the shoulder (I think she was facing in-coming traffic at the time, crazy woman) and picked me up. I assume she didn't take the containers because the dream intended for me to get out of the car so that I could be in the shed. She picked me up on the ROAD, and a lawyer's bench can perhaps apply here because Bench's (Yorkshire with Rhodes'/Roads') have a version of the Rhodes/Roads Coat. I get it, for the latter essentially share the SUITs/Suter Crest! Plus, she picked me up on the street while the Street Shield shows nothing but Catherine wheels, owned by Catherine ROET!

The "Deus" motto term of Rhodes'/Roads could be for the Deas', first found in Angus with Suits/Suters. Or, it could be for Dee's/DIE's because they share the gold lion in the Street Crest. English Dea's/Days were first found in Somerset with Roets.

The Catherine wheel just caused a loading of Wheelers/Whalers to find a jury-like "jure" motto term. Jurys/Durie's'/Dorie's, first found in Fife (beside Angus) with Scottish Doors/Dormans, have a blue-Shield version of the Glove Coat. English Doors share the bee with Deas', and Glove's were first found in Perthshire with LOONEY-related Dure's!! This is a great heraldic path because Perthshire is also where Lyons/LUNE's were first found to match the crazy guy in the shed, and Lyons/Lune's even share the green lion with Wheelers/Whalers. The latter were first found in Worcestershire with Tombs (tombstones), and while both share a green Shield, John O'Looney is an outspoken, anti-vaxx funeral director i.e. sees lots of tombstones.

The Arms of Bar-le-Duc include the pansy while Pansys/Pantzers and Ducks were first found in Westphalia with German Nagle's/Neils. The latter share the saltire of Greats/GREEPs (Northumberland with Ingrahams and Lorraine's) in the translated motto of Ingrahams, "BE great of MIND." Minds/Munds use BEES. The Bee's were first found in Oxfordshire with the Crispins having a Greep-like Crepin variation, and French Crispins/Crepins were first found in Lorraine.

Now I know why Miss Ingraham was driving a car, for Cars (Lancashire with Angels/Angels), sharing a "sed" motto term with Irish Nagle's, have a "serio" motto term while Cremer-like Crema is on the Serio river. Irish Cremers share the whole Chief, as well as a gold Shield, with Faux's/Fage's/Chollens', first found in Perigord with Fauchys and Bardys, and the latter happen to share the Ingraham scallops!

Irish Carrs, in Ram colors and format, use ESToiles. English Faux's were first found in Essex with Ingraham-connectable Rams, Este's, and Angers, but also with Raines' who have the Rams in their write-up, and who are in Ram format and semi-colors. Raines' are in the colors and format of Glove's, and there were latex medical gloves, I assume, in this dream. Rams were first found in Essex with the Sears/Seers (share Car stars and Car chevron) suspect in the motto of English Cars: "Sero sed serio." Sears/Seers have a "fides" motto term to compare with the "Fida" of Irish Carrs. The Sere's/Serts, first found in Languedoc with Contans, have a similar Coat to the ones of Cars and Seers. The gloves in the container(s) therefore go well with the Car/Kerr/Curr bloodline.

Glove's share the crescents of Deaths and Motts/MORTs ("mort" means "dead"), and while the latter were first found in Essex too, they are said to be from a Mott location in Brittany, near JUGon, though there is a Motte-Henry location near Raines-like Rennes. The Judds, who come up as "Jugg," are expected in the Raines motto, and Judge's above are also Juge's. Motts/Morts share a white estoile in Crest with Irish Carrs, though Motts/Morts use it with eight points.

It starts to appear that this dream is pointing to the courts / law suits / criminal charges. Why would God continue to give dreams pointing to Fauci crimes at this late time, when it seems that he's safe from prosecution? Might we be pointing here to Trump's law suits? Is God telling us He's behind his courtroom nightmares? I hope so, but we all want Fauci executed, yet Trump was willing to be his chief accomplice. The "super" motto term of English Angels/Angels might even point to the SUPReme court.

The Muse's suspect in the "magnaniMUS" motto term of Ingrahams share the six Court/Covert pale bars, and the Musics/Musys, first found in Brittany with the Mott location near Jugon (in Cotes-de-Nord = Cotes d'Armor), have the giant Tromp eagle in colors reversed while Raines' could have the Trump-connectable Leggs/Legges' in their motto term, "leges." The six pale bars of Mind-like Mine's/Minns, suspect in the "tentaMINE" motto term of Leggs/Legges', are half in the colors of the six Court/Covert pale bars.

The Muse's can explain why I remember a MOUSE at the bottom corner of the streetside shed. Muse's were first found in Yorkshire with the jacks sharing the Ingraham scallops, and the Jack-branch Joke's were first found in Kent with the Stairs/Stayer's suspect in the "Stare" motto term of English Angle's/Angels.

I'm pretty sure I recall that English Angle's/Angels use a "bastion" instead of a baton. The latter is common in heraldry. But Batons are listed with Bastons, and English Batons/Bastons happen to share the black bat with Bats, the latter first found in Shropshire with Minds!!! The latter are not only in the translated Ingraham motto, but Judy Mikovits (jailed by the Fauci circle decades ago), for example, speaks bigly on viruses and/or vaccines manufactured from mouse brains! Mouse minds! Brains even use leopard FACES for an additional pointer to Fauci. Judy accuses Fauci of killing people using products from mouse brains! I don't remember the details very clearly of her accusations.

Laura Ingraham was driving the car, wherefore she was STEERing the car, and Steers use a "cede" motto term suspect with the SEATs/Seeds/Cedes'. The latter were first found in Lancashire with Cars,Sassy-connectable Such/Souch's, and Lorraine-connectable GorSUCH's. I was in the BACK SEAT of this car, probably because German Backs/Bachs use a "steer." JOE Oullette as beside me in the back seat, and I think I can give some pertinent reasons as to why, starting with JOE Sansone. I thought he was pointed to well by Sassy my cat, especially where she SUCKed her TAIL.

The Tails/Tailors and Tillers (and Raines') use lions in the colors of the lion tails of CORKs/CORE's (Cornwall with Angel-beloved Batons/Bastons)...who show nothing in their Shield but lion tails, and this recalls Gilbert D'ANGULo of Cork. Tillers were first found in Glamorganshire with Lewis' who in turn share the green dragon with the Crest of Scottish Corrys (same place as Leggs/Legges' suspect in the Raines motto).

Then, Irish Corrys/Currys were first found in Waterford where both the Legg/Legges and Trump stag heads were used, in the Arms of County Waterford.

The Waterfords/Waterville's, interestingly, use water lilies in the colors of the Joel/Jewel flowers, which may help to explain why Laura Ingraham was "Julie" in this dream. Joels/Jewells (Devon with Sassys and Flowers) were once said to be first found in Wiltshire with trumpet-using Calles' and Stars/STAIRRs, and while the gold rooster in the Crest of Livers/Levers (Lancashire with Cars and Seats/Cedes') stands on a trumpet, Corrys/Currys have a gold rooster in Crest too. Yet the Scottish Currys/Corrys (essentially share the Corry/Curry Coat) have the rooster in red, the color of the rooster of Hahn-branch Hanns. Trumps look like Hahn kin.

The Gore's/Core's (Kent with Stairs/Stayers) were once said to be first found in Essex with the Waters/Waterville's, and with the Angers who are connectable to D'Angulo of Cork. Tillers were kin of cat-using Cattans/Cetins, and the Clan Chattan motto, which includes "glove"!), is shared by Gillie's/Gillys (Lothian with SEATons) while Joels/Jewells use either "gillyflowers." Joels/Jewells were first found in Devon with a Seaton location.

Why did Laura Ingraham pick me up but leave the containers behind having the blue latex / cloth gloves? Blue's/Gorms use blue rooster heads, in case they apply to the blue gloves. Blue-like Blows almost have the Hecken Coat while Judy Mikovits co-authored a book, on Fauci and company, with Kent Heckenlively. Blows share the goat heads of Moline's, first found in Devon. These goat heads are in the colors of the German Walser goat while Dutch Walsers (Wise colors) show a giant moline cross. German Walsers were named from the Wallis canton, location of Sitten, and then while Seatons/Sittens named Seaton at the mouth of the Axe river (Devon with Wise's), the Walser goat holds an axe. See also the Weiss and Kepke/Kopke goats, both surnames first found in Saxony with Julie-like Julians having the Seaton crescents in colors reversed. English Julians are also Gillie-like Gillians.

In fact, the Julian crescents are in the colors of the Kenn crescents, and Kent-like Kenns were first found in Devon too (with Joels/Jewells even). As per an additional pointer to Kent HeckenLIVELY, by the Ingraham dream, Livelys/Hivelys, looking related to the Lorraine and Keep Coats, were first found in Picardy with Laurs/Lore's/Laureys/Lorets, and with Lannoys sharing the green lion with Lorraine's (same place as INGRahams). INGER the Varangian was likely from the Kiev Varangians to whom Lorraine's and Keeps trace.

The blue gloves were in CONTAINers, and Contans/Constance's, first found in Languedoc with French Julians, almost share their Chief. English Pine's in the Contan/Constance "pine tree" were first found in Devon with Constantine's. Although JACKets are listed with Jaycocks, they share the three crescents of French Pine's (Ingrahams have a Jack Coat). This is helping to convince me that Laura was Julie in the dream as a pointer to the Julian / Joel / Juel bloodline. But why to that? How does it figure in vaccine crimes?

Juels/JuelBACKs share the vertically-split Shield of Bumps (Gloucestershire with LETTs), which recalls another of my dreams in which Joe Oullette asked me to get him a "container," his word. After I brought him back a square container, he filled it with snow from the BACK BUMPer of his black van. Overnight last night, this same Joe OulLETTE was sitting with me in the BACK seat of Julie's car, after we took off from the containers left on the road's shoulder. It's interesting that Lette's/Leto's (Ferrara with Sansone-connectable Este's) have an Alito-like Alitto variation.

However, the dream with snow on bumper pointed to election fraud in Arizona, not vaccines. The two containers had lids on, and while Little-branch Liddle's share the fleur-de-lys of Litts, the latter are almost in Bump colors and format. Bumps share the vertically-split Shield of Hinkleys while "Hinc" is a Liddle motto term. And Bumps share the giant griffin of Lett-connectable Letters and Lauders. It's a white griffin, and there's a white griffin in the Crest of Shouldhams who in turn have a "VigiLATE" motto term while Letts are also Late's.

This part of the discussion can probably use a repeat from above: "Grahams were first found in Midlothian with the Leiths/Lethe's in turn having the Latter/Lawtie crescents in colors reversed. The Leith's/Lethe's even have the lozenges of Anger-branch Anchors in colors reversed." That picture was pointing with Bars to lawsuits where Latters/LAWtie's have piles while Pile's were first found in Northumberland with Laws, yet that's also where Little's were first found who share a gold leopard face with Pile's. The Little Crest (the leopard face) is shared by Coverts/Cofferts, first found in Sussex with COURTs/Coverts.

The "MAGNaniMUS" motto term of Ingrahams works beautifully here because, while she herself was a lawyer, and while Muse's share the Court/Covert pale bars, "MAGNum" is a Little motto term. The Super-like Spurrs (Devon with Supers) suspect in the Liddle spurs can thus be a pointer to the SUPReme court.

Although the Letts/Late's have a latex-like Lates variation, I can't see a Lett-line link to Glove's aside possibly from Lettuce's/Lattice's first found in Essex with Motts/Morts who in turn share the Glove crescent.

But wait, there's more, for while Lettuce's/Lattice's share the chevron of English Cars, Irish Carrs (Ram colors and format) share a white ESToile in Crest with Motts/Morte's, the latter first found in Essex with Sansone-connectable Este's and Rams! The Sansone eagle is almost the Child eagle, and Glove's can be from CHILDeric's son, Clovis. "Clavo" happens to be a Carr motto term. So, YES, Motts/Morts, the pointer to death, can allow a blood link between latex-like Letts/Lates' and Glove's.

CHILDrens were first found in Kent with TREFF-connectable Trips, and with the Death's/Darth's sharing the Mott/Mort crescent. Trips (share Windsor crosslets) have a "scaling LADDER" while Scale's were first found in Hertfordshire with Childs and Beak-like Beach's. Scale's probably have white ostrich feathers to go with the white Clovis/Clovile (Berkshire with Windsors) and Beak ostrich. Death's have a griffin head holding a green TREFoil in its Mott-like mouth, and while Lettuce's/Lattice's have trefoils too, there's a green trefoil in the Chief of Dutch Clavers while English Claver's are Clovers for a near match with the Glover variation of Glove's.

Clovers/Clavers use the a key while Keys were first found in Yorkshire with Childers. Childer like Kildare's are interesting for telling that they share the Gerald/Desmond Coat while the latter use a "monKEY." The MONKs (Devon with Pike's), in Child colors and format, can then take us to Grimaldi's of MONACo, and Clappers ("pike" fish) look like they might have a vaired version of the Grimaldi Shield. Clappers were first found in Surrey with the Fidelows possibly in the "Fida clavo" motto of Irish Carrs.

Coming down this Clapper path gets interesting because the latex gloves are an expected symbol of vaccinations, and Needle's not only share the Clapper sun, but were first found in Shropshire with vaccine-line Vychans/Vaughns (in Glove colors and format!), and also with Swallow-branch Sallows. These were a branch of Saluzzo's (married FitzAlans of Clun in Shropshire) who in turn share the Looney, Clune and Dure Coats, all of whom have a Chief-Shield color combo in colors reversed from the same of Sheds/Sheddens. The looney bird was in the shed.

I think the Children use swallows. Vychans/Vaughns essentially share the Coat of Fish's who were in turn first found in Lincolnshire with Swallows. In my Sleeping Beauty dream, the shark half-swallowed Trump, and Irish Looneys/Lonneys, sharing the Chief-Shield colors of Scottish Looneys / Cluns, were first found in Tyrone with Sharks. The "Patriae" motto term of Irish Looneys/Lonneys (share McCarthy stag) is excellent here because Patria's/Peartree's share the Trump stag head.

A Grimaldus character is thought to have married Crispina, daughter of Rollo, and Rollo's were first found in Perthshire with Glove's. The Grimaldi princes of Monaco use a purple throne, and while Clovis-like Clobbes'/Clubs were first found in Farndon, Farndons use a purple Shield, and almost the Clapper vair.

Childers have buckles while Buckle's and Buckleys are in Glove colors and format. Buckleys were first found in Cheshire with Clobbes'/Clubs, Claptons/Cloptons/Clappertons, and Mort-like Mortons. Clappers share the vaired Shield of Beach's, the latter first found in Hertfordshire with Childs.

I don't remember Joe being on the road's shoulder with me, however. The Road/Roed surname shares the eagle of Childs, the latter first found in Hertfordshire with shoulder-like Shovels/SHOULERs (Child colors and format). As said many times, this same Joe Oullette was SHOVELLing snow into a container from his back bumper...but I do not recall making the Shovel/Shouler link to Shouldhams for that older dream. His van was parked on the side of the city street, but I don't recall it being on a shoulder proper. I had the impression that it was on a city street with curb.

As the containers in this latest dream could have been on a gravel shoulder because it was on a busy road / highway, I get it, for Grave's/Greafs/Griffs (pointer to poison vaccines) were first found in Gloucestershire with Letts/Late's and Bumps! Joe's brother was dating, and may even have married, Karen Graff. This makes lots of sense as to why Joe was in the car with me. Again, Bumps / Letters use a GRIFFIN, and Graff/Gravs are also Graffens/Graffins. The latter use a anchor, and the Anchor Coat is almost the Anger Coat! Lettuce's/Lettuce's were first found in Essex with Angers! It's working. Angers and their Hanger branch both use an "esCARbuncle", and Hangers have a giant griffin.

If the HIGHWAY is to be a pointer to Highs and ways, it's notable that High's were first found in Buckinghamshire with English Gravels, and then Ways/Weighs (once said to be first found in Devon with Sings and Wefer-connectable Fauns/Phones') were a branch of Wefers and Wafers while Wefers can be a pointer to Sansone's. The Way-like Wye's (GRIFFINs) were first found in Gloucestershire with Grave's/Greafs/Griffs, the pointer to graphene-oxide in vaccines which some say is for harming people through PHONE towers. Fauns/PHONES' look like they can point to that theory. Wye's have a pair of blue wings in Crest.

Oullette's named Ouilly-le-Bassett, and French Bassets use billets in the colors of the French Billets/Billiards while English Billets were first found in Devon with Joels/Jewells. English Bassets share the Coat of Scottish Drummonds while German Drummonds were first found in Hamburg with Juels/Juelbacks.

French Josephs were first found in Maine with Billets/Billiards, and their Billiard/Hilliard branch was first found in Surrey with SEATs/Seeds/Cedes'. Joe was in the BACK SEAT with me. The Seed-like Sheds/Sheddens were in the dream, I assume, and they use a "hermit" while Hermits (Yorkshire with Sheds/Sheds) share the border of Hers/Herrs who in turn share the blue wings of Backs/Bachs. The latter love the Cedes-connectable Steers. Herrs and Hermits share the border of Justine's, first found in Perthshire with Glove's, and the latter's crossbow can take us to Cross'/Crose's sharing "cruce" with Backs/Bachs.

The four-word Cross/Cruce motto is shared in fully by Darlingtons, first found in Durham with Bows/Bough's. CrossBOW. Bows/Bough's share the motto of road-like Roets while the latex gloves were left on the shoulder of the road. The shed-like building (about four feet wide and eight feet long) was on the shoulder of the road too.

Joseph Oullette can be a pointer to Joseph SanSONE, I suppose, where Sassys were also SalCEIDs, first found in Devon with Seaton and Sings. Sansone's are also SanSINGs. OULlette's can be traced to Owls/Howls, first found in Suffolk with Sone's/Soams and Brush's (compare with Letts). Why should Joe in the back seat of Ingraham's car point to Joe's ban-the-jab? Oullette's black VAN (in the older dream) can point to Fens'/Venns and Fauns/Phones' (branches of Phone's/VANS), both first found in Devon! Fauns/Phone's share the Sansone/Sansing eagle!!! Joe Sansone is also opposed to election fraud, I get it! That's why Joe was in the back seat with me, I now think.

Perhaps I need to bring Blacks into this because English Blacks share the Car/CURR and Fortibus stars while Scottish Blacks share "sed" with Seaton-branch Sedans/Siddens and Car/CURRs (Lancashire with Forts). Fortibus' were first found in Devon yet again, and Forts almost have the "audaux" motto term of CURRys/Corrys.

Oullette's are highly connectable to the Williams who in turn share the gyronny Shield of Hoppers while a "grasshopper" is with Fauchys. English Grasse' share the Falls/FALLIS' (Lothian with Joel-beloved Gillys) lion while Oullette's were first found in FALAISE.

Clan Chattan included the ban-like Bane's (same place as Scottish Banners) having a "Touch" motto term while Touchs'/Tuffs share the giant lion of Lyons/LUNE's. The latter were first found in Perthshire with Scottish Looneys (share Clune Coat), and with Sandmans who in turn essentially share "Lady Fortune" (Klassen/Class Coat) that herself has a "BANNER." Hagars were first found in Perthshire too, who share the JABBE hexagram. Ban the jab.

Looneys / Cluns are excellent for sharing the black and upright wolf with Saracens/SASSONs! Saracens heads are with Sassys/Saucers. Is this another pointer to Joe Sansone from the back seat of Julie's car? Isn't Laura Ingraham a sassy lady?

Perthshire is where Rinds were first found using "gillie flowers," almost the "gillyflowers of Joels/Jewells. Perthshire is also where Scottish Drummonds were first found while German Drummonds were first found in Hamburg with Juels.

Irish Looneys were first found in Tyrone with Saracen-connectable Sharks and with Neils/O'Nails while the German Nagle's were saw above are likewise Nails. Saracens/Sassons were first found in Cumberland with the Ramps/Rumps and Falcons, and the ramp. Aside from the Shouldham falcon, I can't see much of any reason to have the containers on a shoulder of the road as a pointer to Shouldhams. The fact that French Falcons were first found in Languedoc with CONTANs/Constance's does seem to have the CONTAINers pointing to a Shouldham-Falcon relationship.

English Falcons have a "Vis COURAGeux" motto phrase. The Courage's, in the motto of Comyns (Norfolk with Shouldhams), share the three fleur-e-lys of Perkins/PARKINGs, and I was in Ingraham's car in a PARKING lot when I got out, still upset with her (she was having a great time), to go back to the containers. I never did get there. Instead I went into a shed-like structure with a looney man, then woke up.

Ahh, in being upset, I was ANGRy, a pointer to Angers, first found in Essex with Courage's and Rams! Ingrahams named IngRAM = ANGERham! Recall the gillyflowers of Julie-like Joels/Jewells, for Courage's almost have the Gellone/Gilling/Jelling Coat, and the latter surname was first found in Yorkshire with the Gills and Jells/Gills/Gells. The latter's black and upright greyhound is almost the Crest of Saracens/Sassons (Cumberland with Voxe's/Vaux's) while Sarahs'/Sayers (Essex with Faux's) are in Jill/Gill/Gell colors and format.

Sarah's/Sayers and Jills/Gills/Gells are in the format of Varns (Ayrshire with Sheds/Sheddens), and then Grahams (Midlothian), possibly in "InGRAHAM," share the Varn scallops because the two surnames were related, both having the same Crest with a falcon! The Varn / Graham scallops are shared by Joke's, a branch of Jacks who in turn share the Ingraham Coat. Lookie there.

The Jill/Gill/Gell Coat is part of the HERzog Coat, and the Herzog Crest is excellent for being also the Crest of Hermit-branch Herrs (Bavaria with Herzogs). It was the Sheds/Sheddens having a "hermit" in Crest. English Here's/Heyers share blue wings with the Herr / Hermit Crest, and were first found in Derbyshire with early Jills/Gills/Gells (Yorkshire with Sheds/Scheds), and Scottish Herrs/Hare's/Hairs were first found in Ayrshire with Sheds/Sheddens and Sheet-branch Skits/Skeets.

Suddenly, the shed on the shoulder jibes with my sitting in her back seat, for Herr-branch English Hare's/Hairs were first found in Surrey with Sheet-like Seats/Seeds/Cedes'. She BACKed up to me while I was standing at the shoulder with the GLOVES, and the next thing I knew I was in her back seat driving down the road. I almost missed the Glove-like Glue's/Glough's/Cluffs (*), first wound in Denbighshire with Welsh Bachs/Baghs!

Where you see the asterisk, in the paragraph above, is where a song was singing the line, "Jesus take the wheel, take it from my hands" (Jesus, Take the Wheel, by Carrie Underwood). The Wheels (Glove colors) share the blue boar head with Rollo's, the latter first found in Perthshire with Glove's. It reminds me of another dream I've described, where I used carpenter GLUE for greasing my WHEEL bearings, while my car was up on four JACK stands. That dream is much older than the COVID scam.

Joe Oullette was in the BACK SEAT with me, and while Oullette's named Ouilly-le-Bassett, Bassets share nearly the Coat of Sturs/STYRE's while Backs/Bachs have a STEER. I get it.

Are we to be pointing here to the Shouldham-Falcon relationship? The reason that the "Vis" motto term of Falcons was shown above is that Courage's may have been of the Couers/COURTs, and then the Courts/Coverts were first found in Sussex with Tromp-connectable Vise's and Acorns. An acorn is used by CORNERs/Garners, and I was doing / seeing something at the bottom corner of the shed. I think it involved a mouse, and Muse's (Yorkshire with Courage-connectable Jills/Gills/Gells) share the six pale bars of Courts/Coverts. The Tromp acorns are shared by Clauds/CLOTs.

Plus, the French Clots have the scallops of Jack-branch Joke's in colors reversed while English Jacks (Yorkshire with Hole-branch Hulls) share the Ingraham Coat. Scottish Jacks, first found in Renfrewshire with the Knocks/Knox's suspect with the Shouldham falcon, use holly while Hollys were first found in Norfolk with Shouldhams. The latter come up as "Shoultz" while Schole's/Schools were first found in Yorkshire with Sheds/Scheds. Plus, the latter share the potent cross of Sheets/Skate's (Norfolk with Shouldhams/Shoultz's) who in turn share the Coat of Skits/Skeets/Skeochs, the latter first found in Ayrshire with Sheds/Sheddens. Now I know why the shed-like structure was on the road's shoulder. Suddenly, Shouldhams look like a Shed branch round-about.

Schole's/Schools are also Scayle's while Scale's were first found in Hertfordshire with same-colored Shovels/Shoulers. The Schole/School Shield is shared by potent-like Patents/Pattens (Essex), and then Pattons, who look like they have the Shouldham falcon as a hawk, were first found in Cumberland with Falcons. Hawks use the staves of Pilgrims (Norfolk with Shouldhams and Hake's), and Stave's/Stevensons were first found in Northumberland with Ingrahams. Ms. Ingraham was driving the car, and Drive's/Drove's/Drave's (Hykes/Hack quadrants colors reversed) were first found in Hampshire Anger-branch Hangers, and with Hawks. Pattons share the fleur-de-lys of Hooks (Devon with Hykes'/Hacks) and Browns (Cumberland with Falcons and Pattons).

I trace Perkins/PARKINGs to Plancia MAGNA of Perga, and while Laura Ingraham drove into a parking lot, note the "MAGNAniMUS" motto term of Ingrahams. Perkins/Parkings were first found in Leicestershire with Ings, and with Dexters while Here's/Heyers use two "dexter" wings.

The Brush's were mentioned above because they and Bruce's (Yorkshire again) share a "FiuMUS" motto with Wears/Ware's, the latter once again first found in Devon. Wears/Ware's share the crosslets of Touch-branch Tufts/Tuffs', and the latter share the "phoenix" in Crest with Knee's/Nee's suspect in the Varn / Graham motto.

There were two containers on the shoulder. If this is a dream from God, there needs to be a reason as to why two. I had a little trouble trying to find how the container-like Contans and/or the shoulder-like surnames might be obtained from the PAIRs/Pauers. I'll show you what I've got.

Pairs/Pauers use peacocks while the Fears in the motto of Peacocks (Essex with Angers, etc.) can justify taking us to Wears/Ware's and Wearings/Warings, both first found in Devon with Pauer-like Powers, Power-like Poors, Contan-beloved Pine's, and with Contan-branch Constantine's. The latter share the Pepin/Pepy fleur-de-lys.

The Wearings/Warings, with the checkered bend of Scottish Papps/Pope's/Pape's, have hunting HORNs, and Horns, in the colors and near format of shoulder-like Shoulers, were first found in Middlesex with Fears/Fiers, but also in Hertfordshire with SHOULERS (there we have it) and Childs. I trace the latter to king CHILDeric, whose dynasty was ruled by Pepins.

The Poors, with a clever "PAUPer" motto term, share the triple stars of Fortibus' (Devon with Poors), and moreover Poors share the fesse of Nagle's, the ones who share the Anger lozenges...and Nagle's also share a "non" motto term with Poors. It just so happens that Nons/Nevins were first found in Ayrshire with Sheds/Sheddens. I was so angry that I got out of Ingraham's car, and found myself in a shed with two MEN = a PAIR of men, and "Mens" is a Pepin and Poppin motto term, I GET IT.

The giant lion of Italian Papps is in the colors of the giant one of German Brecks, and while the latter's Coat looks related also to Scottish Papps/Pope's/Pape's, English Brecks share the Wearing hunting horns.

Two men in the shed. One was a lunatic, and Looneys and Lyons/Lune's were first found in Perthshire with GlenLYON. The Mens' (Glenny / Glenn kin) tell that they had a branch at Glenlyon. The two containers had the gloves, and Glove's were first found in Perthshire too.

Italian Papps (look like they love Tails/Tailers) were first found in Piedmont with the Domino's whose giant black tower could be in the Poor Crest.

The Horns share the Coat of Herons, first found in Northumberland with Ingrahams and Mens-branch Manners/Maness' (peacock). More specifically, Herons were first found in Norham, and German Norhams/Normans were first found in Hamburg with Juels. Ingraham was "Julie" in the dream. Childeric's heir was Glove-like Clovis, and while Clovis'/Clovile's use NAILs, the Clobbes'/Clubs (Child colors and format) are in the club of German Norhams/Normans.

The Neils suspect in the "Nil" motto term of Herons, are also O'Nails and Nihills. "Nihil" is a motto term of English Vere's, first found in Essex with Fear-loving Peacocks. The Heron write-up: "...Heron, near Rouen in Normandy and some of the family arrived with William the Conqueror. 'Tihel de Herioun was of Essex, 1086...'" Rouen is in the vaccine-like Vexin. Rollo ruled at Roeun, and Rollo's (Perthshire with Glove's) share the black boar with Juels.

Repeat from above: "Schole's/Schools are also Scayle's while Scale's were first found in Hertfordshire with same-colored Shovels/Shoulers." With the pair of containers on the shoulder now pointing well to Shoulers, why might the "pair of scales" in the Cash/Cass Crest apply? There are "fountains" in the Cash/Cass Coat, and Fountains/Fonts were first found in Norfolk with Shouldhams and Flags/FLECKs. Then, Fountain-related Hugs/Hughes' and French Fonts (purple "flag") were first found in Languedoc with container-like Contans. Plus, Belgian Flecks have a reflection of the Italian Vigil Coat suspect in the "Vigilate" motto term of Shouldhams.

The purple flag can go with the purple Shield of Farndons, and while Clobbes' were first found at Farndon, Clovis'/Clovile's have double chevrons in the colors of the double fesses of Flags/Flecks. Another purple Shield is with English Pace's (Cheshire with Farndon) while Italian Pace's/Pasi's were a branch of Scottish Paisleys/Pasleys and Packs; the latter two are connectable to the Anger-branch Anchors. English Pasleys were first found in Berkshire with Clovis'/Clovis'.

Also, Ingraham backed up the car, and I think I saw the back door open, after which I was in the back seat. She PICKed me up, in other words, at the pair of containers on the SHOULDer, and then the Rate's/Rats, suspect in the "orate" motto term of Shouldhams, were first found near the first-known Ratterys who in turn share the Pick/Pix fitchees. She picked me up at the glove's, and Ratterys were first found in Perthshire with Glove's and SIDE-branch Sutys. She picked me up at the SIDE of the ROAD, and Roet-branch Roots (Kent with Picks'/Pix's) share the rooted tree with Picks, and with the English Woods who in turn share the Picks/Pix and Rattery fitchees. Scottish Woods have the savage-and-club combo of German Norhams/Normans.

Here's John O'Looney showing that many governments are in-concert in killing many young people with vaccines:

I've heard as many as 30-percent of the deceased, in certain regions, have these clots, but this doesn't include deaths by other vaccine mishaps. With governments no seeking to hide excess deaths, it's more important than ever to vote in anti-vaxxer candidates. Election fraud and media censorship are the only things that can keep the killers in power. And they know it. If they don't succeed, it could be Nuremberg II for them; I sure hope I see this soon.


Look at how Wray continues to portray himself as the smug ignoramus...because it's better, for his fortunes, than admitting to the crimes he's facilitating in FBI spyrooms:

Here's the judicial state of the Texas v. Biden border conflict, where the U.S. supreme court kicked an important case back to a lower court. The Bidenites are seeking to keep Texas from arresting illegal aliens to send them back into Mexico, if we can believe it. It exposes the Bidenites for what they truly are as they feign being in opposition to illegal entry:

The attorney general of Texas, not many months ago, publicly said: "I am suing Pfizer for misrepresenting Covid-19 vaccine efficacy and conspiring to censor public discourse." What about mass-murder charges??? It sounds like a hollow effort, Ken, when the misrepresentation is still killing people to this day, three years later. Are you after a swat on the wrist? What exactly do you seek, Ken? Whose fly swatter are you using, your own, or the governor's?

No matter how deep the guilt becomes publicized of the Biden family, liberals, millions upon tens of millions, will yet vote for him if he's the presidential candidate later this year. What does this tell us about priorities? They won't vote for him for his policies, but because they've been indoctrinated to hate conservative values so much that they seeming cannot see that it is they, not conservative citizens, who are spoiling normalcy to the point of driving people nuts.

Christians seeking to return American society to normalcy should first consider whether God has been the governor of the floodgates of calamity, to slowly destroy excess materialism (= the core of MAGA), because it ruins solid loyalty for Jesus. Having sufficient material things obtained with modest sweat if fine, but you've got to admit, American Christians, swamped in excess materialism, have become some of the world cheapest Christians.

By "cheap," I mean they break easily when the storm arrives, because they are not grounded firmly on the Rock. As the storms sweep by, I suppose God wants to see who'll remain loyal to Him, but if pro-Trump Christians take the position that God is on their side to restore the good days (= excess materialism), how will they react when realizing that God's opposed to American restoration in favor of Israel's restoration? Even modern Israel needs to be spoiled and desolated before God re-builds it. Globalism wants to destroy Christianity to fly a satanic flag, but God has in mind to destroy the destroyers.

Where some liberals refuse to vote Democrat now, due to fanatical and demented leftist policies having become the figurehead of the party, they will vote for liberal Republicans who undermine some traditional, common-sense values as best they can. For when a Republican gets voted in by Democrats in significant numbers, he/she feels compelled to cater to them in rewarding them. The milder Democrats today are yet the villainous / spoiler Democrats of 25 years ago, who facilitated the construction of the anti-Christ empire now pushing further left to the very flames of Hell itself.

I have no idea why pro-Trumpers celebrate when these Democrats enter the Republican fold. That's not a win-win, but is rather the dried-up mud of Democrat swamps sprinkled into the Trump swamp. Trump himself is the liberal of 25 years ago foisting himself into the Republican camp, using the age-old tactic of telling the camps what they want to hear.

If I were the leader of the Trump camp, I would demand from Trump, long before the election, who he'll appoint to head the FBI, the Justice department, the military agencies, the CIA, the NSA, and the State Department. But as things now stand, the pro-Trump camps are giving him the White House not knowing if he'll chose anti-globalists this time around. Pro-Trumpers are looking like gamblers. Having seen how Trump killed millions of Americans with the military vaccine program, they are giving him the White House again in trust that things will be different this time.

Extreme satanists are betraying even the feminists. The latter hoped to infuse themselves in male sports to dig it into men, but now men are infusing themselves into female sports, and feminists are screaming foul play. To anti-Bible extremists, the lunatic gender policies are more important for them than being loyal to feminist wishes, and this could begin to see an influx of militant feminists into the Republican camp...wolves in sheep's clothing.

It would be better to see Trump jailed so that a better Republican can become the lead candidate. I would like to see Trump jailed, because he deserves it. It would be better for his soul if he had time in prison to think about his eternal fate, rather than for him to be in the White House deceiving the people of God again. When a person refuses to commune with God, that's why God threw demons down to earth, and, for all we know, the demons that people die with, clinging to their souls, will remain with them.

It is not cruel of God to leave demons on earth, because anyone who honors God, and communes with Him, and seeks to be an obedient child and friend, will automatically get God's protection against these evil spirits. Plus, anyone who knows His Mind from reading the Scriptures is not easily deceived by the wrong-think of evil spirits. The world is now going nuts because demons are turning up their heat as they control the mentalities of God-rejectors.

Modernist educators taught us that we have only five senses, but this is wrong, because the sixth sense is our spirit, which I might define as the mouth of the soul, or the feelers of the soul sharing sentiments and concerns with the Spirit of God. But if one seeks to touch God's heart who is not the true God, it's fruitless. Demons might commune with our spirit instead.

Imagine if God considered us merely as fleas of no account. Instead, He wants us to be one with Him for a future agenda that He alone knows. The first requirement is that we respect Him in this, and become appropriate children before Him, not like immature kids, of course, but like minors / subordinates who appreciate a caring Father having infinite knowledge and wisdom in comparison to ours. Let's not be dirty fleas jumping in and out of sins and simultaneously seeking His Fathership.

I often speak freely, IN TRUTH, to God when I go to bed, and I've come to feel a little sorry for married couples who can't do this as freely as I can. Praying out loud to God with a spouse listening is not much conducive to being IN TRUTH or IN SPIRIT, as when one is alone. This is what Jesus meant by directing us to have prayer closets, by which he meant aloneness with God.

This is part of the Good News of Jesus, because eternal life alone is not the goal. We are forgiven our sins in order that we might approach God in confidence, touching Him with our spirits, but if we don't do this, then Jesus died for nothing. He prayed that we might be One with Him and with God, and this certainly means a oneness in Spirit as well as a oneness in "world views" and "values."

Imagine, being one with the One you cannot fathom. What is that? Keep tapping Him with your spirit, until He is happy to respond. You should feel a washing come over you, which Jesus called "living waters." He also called it, "the Comforter." When this washing comes over me, I get the sense that God is affirming me, showing appreciation, building faith, and a host of other qualities that fall under the umbrella of pure love. Test yourself to make sure you're not trying to butter-up God with sweet words, working up to making a request(s) He doesn't wish to give at the time.

When Jesus takes the world throne, I sense that God will BILLOW-OUT his Spirit upon all flesh so that every air atom, so to speak, or perhaps even literally, becomes pregnant with His love. Peace will thus reign in all living things. This world at present is devoid of this billowing-out. And what I sense further is that God will greatly enjoy loving mankind, for when He loves the world, he bathes in the pleasure of it, like when He gets great relief from 6,000 years of frowning on mankind, after 6,000 years of enmity with mankind, after 6,000 years of withholding his full love.

Pierre Poilievre called for a non-confidence vote against the trudeau government this Thursday. The vote failed probably because the NDP party didn't think it could get close to winning an election at this time, and it hopes to pick up ground in the future, but this is a pipe dream. Had the vote succeeded, there would have been ordered a new national election at this time. On the silver-lining side, trudeau will be forced to make a bigger mule of himself throughout this year.

Poilievre is going to become the next prime minister, probably, but only as a walking tape recorder. Everytime I hear him speak, he sounds like a tape recorder, saying the right things, but not saying them differently each time he says them, and not expanding on the things he hopes to do. Happiness in canada is not going to come flying out of its cave just because he removes the carbon tax and allows the people to have more spending power. Poilievre doesn't strike me as a spiritual man, and the biggest problem with this country is its humanistic fleshiness, it's dim or non-existent Spirituality.

When the people love God in unison, He makes love and prosperity fall upon the living. But when people get ease and prosperity, they forget God and get greedy. A vicious cycle, 6,000 years of it. What's the cure? The destruction of the weeds, and the resurrection of billions of historic souls all in glorified bodies, endowed, no doubt, with powerful minds more like the angels.

Spirituality grows more under tough times than under "good times." It's not God's perfect will, but it is what it is because humans drift away from God under ease and prosperity. The False Prophet, says Revelation, will promise the people ease and prosperity, but Revelation tells that it's a deception. We can gather from this picture that the end-time people want ease and prosperity as a priority, and we can see the reason even now, because the very opposite pervades modern life thanks to the Schwabism, and no doubt the Bilderbergs too.

The best news I can offer you this week is that we are one week closer to Billow-Out Day, when the soul prospers with experiences we can't even dream about at this time. God has kept it a secret to the point that we know almost nothing about it; it's going to be Big Surprise Day. Jesus didn't say more about its quality than: BLESSED are those who achieve it. It's going to be a lot better than defeating trudeau's carbon tax, a lot better than defeating Biden's corruption.

We will no longer see the tyrant raised up. Money won't be wasted on military. People will no longer think to kill each other for money. But as for the quality of the inner life, we have no idea except that it'll not be based on the quest for material things, but rather on interactions with other lives. People want to roar, like when their sports team gets the win at the buzzer. God is planning a Buzzer Moment of His own for those who love Him. At the Last Day, the winning point, in an hour, on Surprise Day. This is for our joy, you see, for God is not opposed to our having a roaring good moment, especially when He's the one with the winning shot. The entire planet will be the arena, and Revelation tells of voices in heaven at buzzer time.

Revelation: "The seventh angel sounded his trumpet, and there were loud voices in heaven, which said: 'The kingdom of the world has become the kingdom of our Lord and of his Messiah, and he will reign for ever and ever.'" I don't think everyone is going to be saying that line in unison, but rather it's describing the feelings that the blessed will experience at that time. It's the Big Relief. It's the Bright Dawning. It's the vaporization of fear, the casting off of illnesses and pains.

A little later in Revelation, now in chapter 12 in the midst of the dragon's assaults: "Then I heard a loud voice saying in heaven, 'Now salvation, and strength, and the kingdom of our God, and the power of His Christ have come, for the accuser of our brethren, who accused them before our God day and night, has been cast down.' A LOUD VOICE. The Roar. And if God roars, so will those who make themselves loyal-white for that day.

Later in Revelation, now in chapter 16 with Armageddon:

And the seventh angel poured out his vial into the air; and there came a great voice out of the temple of heaven, from the throne, saying, It is done. And there were voices, and thunders, and lightnings; and there was a great earthquake, such as was not since men were upon the earth, so mighty an earthquake, and so great.

And the great city was divided into three parts, and the cities of the nations fell: and great Babylon came in remembrance before God, to give unto her the cup of the wine of the fierceness of his wrath. And every island fled away, and the mountains were not found.

The Church, both the dead souls and the living, need to be raptured into the sky prior to this earthquake, to witness the finale of Armageddon from above. The church can survive the anti-Christ while on earth, but not this planetary shaking. When Jesus and white-robed beings are seen coming in the sky on horses, in Revelation 19, it's not the Church, and it's not literal horses. Scripture tells multiple times that Jesus comes to Armageddon with his ANGELs. It is a pre-tribulation fantasy that He's bringing the Church behind him to destroy the anti-Christ. That idea is nowhere to be found in Scripture. Matthew 24 tells that these angels gather the Church in the sky, but that is all it says of the Church.

It sounds as though the mountain rocks will break up and roll into the valleys, and perhaps the continents will even sink a little into the molten mass beneath them. Unlike at the Flood, there will be as many as millions of survivors who won't let their descendants forget what happens here. When they see the rocks laid low, where once there were mountains, they will see God's wrath. But, today, when we look at the mountains, we say, "how beautiful," yet they are the remnants of the wrathful Flood. I suppose that God doesn't want to see the mountains anymore, after Armageddon.

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