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March 12 - 18, 2024

Milcah, Nahor's Wife
Graphene Delivery Mechanism for DNA Destructuring?
Heraldic Prediction: Class-Action Laws Suits from Ban-the-Jab in Florida
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IMPORTANT: Hall of Names is once again showing the descriptions of the Coats of Arms presented at House of Names. Scroll down past the motto of each surname you wish to check.

In a section midway through this update, I'll feature a video on the theories and claims of Anders Brunstad concerning the killing of people in the proximity of 5G towers, especially those who have been poisoned with graphene "dots." It has been reported by quite a few people that Wuhan was the first-ever location to radiate 5G waves, and it was started at the very same time that COVID supposedly started to spread in Wuhan, both at the end of 2019. Coincidence? I don't think so.

Why was Trump not only for lockdowns, but also for military-controlled vaccinations and 5G? The lockdowns were necessary to keep people indoors so that 4G towers could be converted to 5G, important if the killers wanted to hide how they were going to kill using vaccines and 5G together. Trump wants to keep Tik Tok? Can China kill / sicken TIK TOK users with radiation through phones / computers? Perhaps only those who continue to get booster vaccines.

This story below on Wuhan's access to a bio-weapons lab in central Canada has not spread to American social media much. In the second minute, you see American-lab involvement with the "Vice-Director" (aka "bat woman") of the Wuhan lab. In this second minute, you see Dr. Qiu (not the bat woman) of the Winnipeg lab becoming a leader in the Wuhan lab, working with bat-related viruses in both labs, just in time for the COVID scam in late 2019 / early 2020. What these paid fiends do is to create human-viable and human-spreadable bugs for the purpose of creating vaccines...the perfect set-up for making $$$trillions worldwide by allowing the bugs to get out:

This Winnipeg-lab story begins to explain, in my mind, why trudeau was so adamant in vaccinating every last citizen, and their pets too if possible, implying the possibility that he's been stuffing his pockets with money from the perpetrators, perhaps even from China, as that seems only logical since he's made it obvious to anyone with functioning wits that he cares not for the well-being of citizens. If I were the boss of the Royal Mounted Police, trudeau would be suspect in the near-center of a criminal ring all privy to the gamut of the COVID plots. The problem may be, the Royal police may be complicit in the vaccine crimes, same situation exactly in the United States, Australia, Britain and France, just to name a few dirty players.

The last update checked "WINNipeg" for heraldry. If you know my heraldic pointer of the Kepke-Graff duo to GRAPHENE-oxide in vaccines, by what coincidence is half the giant eagle of Grave's/Greafs/Griefs the WINN eagle too while Graffs/GRAFFENs are also Gravs? Just think of it. How many surnames are there that share this Grave/Greaf eagle? Not many, yet the Winns have it.

Go to Winn Coat now, which loads on another tab, in order to load other surnames so that you can follow better.

The pointer to graphene-oxide was when Kepke and I were 14 years of age, and when he chased me with a spider a few houses down to road from my home. When we were 17, we both became shoe salesmen in two different shoe stores in the same mall, and shortly after Kepke quit that job, he went into plumbing sales. That's why I've mentioned that English Plumers/Plumbers share the Shoe star. I also mentioned that Jewish Reitmans share the hexagram of German Plumers/Plume's because, while he was a shoe salesman, Kepke met Miss Peare at Reitmans clothing (he almost married her). But, I can now add that the Coat of German Plumers/Plume's is almost the one of WINNers/Weiners. Austrian Weiners even share a gold, demi-lion in Crest with Graffs/Graffens (Switzerland, beside Austria).

Plus, while English Plume's were first found in Suffolk with Knights, Shoe's use a knight. Suffolk is even where Kidds were first found who share the upright goat of Kepke's/Kopke's.

Although it's not as neat as I would like to see it, to be convinced that God arranged these heraldic similarities as a pointer to trudeau's role in the WinniPEG-China crimes, French Plume's/PLUMART's share the symbol (different colors) of PIGGots/Piccots while Peggs, in Pichot colors, are in Pigg/Picg colors and format. Kepke had worked for PLUMBING MART. Peggs are being included as per "WinniPEG," checking for evidence that God is using them to point to the Winnipeg lab.

Piggs/Picg's have a purple lion in Crest, a rare heraldic colors shared by English Winners/WhinRAYs (Cumberland with Rays). And Whins/Quinns share the Caffer(ty) horse while the latter seat a knight upon it with plumes of feathers in his helmet! Whins/Quinns and Caffer(ty)s share the green Shield with Welsh Winns (share Grave/Greaf eagle).

However, as I see it, it would have been better, for a more-direct link, if Peggs had shared the arrow/spear heads of Plume's. I know that Piggots/Picots call them "pike heads." This same design is used in giant form by Werps, who came to topic with Trump's WARP Speed, a poison-vaccine program. Werps are in Kepke and Trump colors and near-format. Dutch Tromps share the eagle of Austrian Weiners.

The "pike heads" of Piggots/Picots takes us to English Pike's sharing the trefoils of Ice's/Ecco's/Icke's who in turn pointed in multiple ways to poison vaccines. The top half of the Ice/Ecco/Icke Coat (Mecklenburg with Dols) is that also of Fix's/Fike's/Fecks (Dol fesse in colors reversed) who in turn share the fleur-de-lys of Arrows/Arras'. Hicks/Icke's share "Tout" with the Piggot/Picot motto. Mr. Kepke left Miss Peare for Miss Walsh while Walsh's use a "TransFIXus" motto term, and Fix's/Ficks/Fecks were first found in Saxony with Kepke's/Kopke's.

Plus, both the Werps and German Walls share five, black feathers in Crest while feather-using Shoe's have a wall. We got to the Werps via "WinniPEG," and we got to the Shoe's via Kepke shoe-sales job; yet we see a Shoe-Wall-Werp connection here. And English Walls were first found in Gloucestershire with Winn-connectable Grave's/Greafs. The Tree's, first found in Wiltshire with Webbs, who are in the "tree" upon the Shoe wall, have a knight with a feather-plumed helmet, what are the chances that the Shoe's would even befit Kepke's plumbing job?

If we ignore the border of English Carbons, they share the Dutch Grave Coat, and graphene is pure carbon. The white sword in the Carbon Crest is one of the two crossed swords of Borders, first found in Somerset with Baths sharing the same cross. Baths are in the bat of Randolphs sharing the same cross again, and bat viruses are modified in relation to creating vaccines with graphene-oxide.

The axe held by the Shoe knight can take us to Shows/Schore's, first found in Baden, because Badens/Battants were first found in Somerset with an Axe river, which has a source near Bath.

The Werp Crest shows what I feel sure are spear heads, and this works well where the head in the Werp Shield is used on crossed spears (Werp colors) by Pasi's/PACE's, perfect because English Pace's -- first found in Cheshire with Piggots/Picots having the same spear-head design -- share a purple Shield with English Winners. I am now almost convinced that God arranged Kepke's spider-chase event, and his jobs, to give us hint that the Winnipeg lab was/is working with graphene-oxide to produce vaccines that will be slated for the public use after an overseer of the lab secretly releases a virus (from that lab) upon the world.

Recall my spear to trudeau's head that was the trucker convoy to Ottawa, for it protested trudeau's forced vaccinations. The protest was unexpectedly successful. trudeau's troubles have not stopped since, and I think he may be in for some terrible fate from God as-yet.

The Spears/Speers (Renfrewshire with PASleys) share crossed spears with Pasi's/Pace's, and while Pasleys share the Pack anchor, Graffs/Graffens use the anchor too (different colors) while Anchors (Pack colors and format) were a branch of Angers (Essex with FAUX's) who in turn share the lozenge of Tromp-connectable Fauci's. Whenever I tell that, I add English Pasleys having the Poussin Coat in colors reversed while poison-like Poissons share the three sheaves of Bardys, the latter first found in Perigord with Fauchys and Faux's/Fage's/Chollens'.

The Wedge's/Weggs are suspect in the Pegg Coat (look like they use wedges), for I know that Watch's/Wage's (Pegg colors and format) use "wedges." Watch's/Wage's were first found in Cornwall with the Trysts in the "KEEP tryst" motto of Simple's (Renfrewshire with Spears), and with the Spree's (share Spear crescent) who in turn have a "simple" motto term. Kepke chasing me with the spider dangling on a web was pointed to by Keeps because they use a "weaver's shuttle" while German Weavers/Webbers were first found in Saxony with Kepke's/Kopke's. English Webbers were first found in Somerset with Wedge's/Weggs.

There's a Speed and Spade/Spede surname to go with "werp speed," but I'm not seeing a way to link either of them to the Winnipeg lab. Both Speeds and Spade's/Spede's are in Vere colors while Werps/WEERpys can be from the Weer-branch Vere's. English Vere's share the star of Annas' who in turn share the Chief-Shield colors of Speeds.

The following is not as direct / reliable a link as I'd like to see it to test its validity as a pointer of God to China's involvement with the Winnipeg lab. The China-like Shins/Chine's/Chings, first found in Somerset with BACKs, share the triple fesses of English Pasleys, the latter first found in Berkshire with BECKS and BICKs, and then English BECKers share the blue-vaired Shield of Shins/Chine's/Chings. The latter's Kemmis/Kenys branch was once said to be first found in Gloucestershire with Grave's/Greafs.

English Kays, a Key branch, are now said to be first found in Gloucestershire! The KEYmich variation of Kemmis/Kenys' (share Shin/Chine/Ching Coat exactly) can thus be a pointer to Dr. QIU, the one who took/sold secrets to China from the Winnipeg lab! I was thinking that it would be a better pointer had Beckers (instead of Backs) been first found in Somerset with Chings, but then Beckers, with a "QUI" motto term, were first found in Yorkshire with Keys!!! GRIFFIN-loving Scottish Kays (Yorkshire with Keppochs) use a motto, "Kynd KINN Knawne KEPE." The latter term is translated, "Keep."

With Kemmis' and the M'Shimmie/M'Kin variation of Kims, we might even venture a pointer to KIM JONG Un, China's dictator. Dutch Jongs use comBATTANT lions in the colors of the English Young/Yong lion, and Battants/Battins were first found in Somerset with Shins/Chine's/Chings. I trace Youngs/Yongs and Youngs/June's to mythical Juno and Ina, which I've resolved to be named from the Una tributary of the Sava. Kim Jong UN. Scottish Youngs/Yongs were once said to be first found in Yorkshire with Keys, Scottish Kays, and even with the Hicks sharing the fleur-de-lys of the other Dutch Jongs.

Kims share the Coat of McKinneys while the latter's "prest" motto term can go to Priestlys/Presleys (Yorkshire with Hicks) having "hooks" while Hooks have a blue-Shield version of the Hicks Coat. The Jays suspect in the McKinney Coat were first found in Herefordshire with Juggs/Judds sharing a red cockatrice in Crest with Priestlys/Presleys. If instead of Jays the Jee's/Gee's are in the McKinney motto term, "Je," they share the Jugg/Judd boar heads. Hooks, Fenns, and Fauns were first found in Devon with the Trudeau-connectable Spice's suspect in the Priestly/Presley motto, "Respice finem." With the Fine's/Fiens likely in the Priestly/Presley motto, one can take it to the Feins/Finns, Finchems, and Finch's (Hertfordshire with Prests/Press').

Kemmis'/Kenys' are now said to be first found in Huntingdonshire with Others/Otters, who were proto-Windsors of Berkshire. Others/Otters use a motto, "Watch," and it's the Watch's/Wage's who use wedges highly suspect in the Pegg Coat.

In my eyes, which are not God's eyes, it would have been better if the stag head of English Beckers was in the colors of the Trudeau stags rather than in colors reversed. The Becker stag head is black, as is the one of Tromp-beloved Acorns, and the Tromp acorns are used by Clauds/CLAUSels/CLOTs, and Close's/Cloce's (look related to the Snake/Snook Coat) were first found in Yorkshire with Beckers and Keys. Clocks/Cloke's were first found in Surrey with the Biss- suspect in the "Bis" motto term of these same English Beckers, and the Biss scallop are colors reversed from the same of PICHOTs/PICHONs, which can explain why the two Biss snakes are said to be "resPECTINg each OTHER."

We can even follow the Beckers to their Beach branch, first found in Hertfordshire with the Childs of Wanstead. Wansteads are listed with Winners/Weiners while the other Weiners share the Tromp eagle, in Becker stag-head colors.

Two snakes "respecting EACH other." I won't re-explain here why Ice's/Ecco's and Eggs/Edge's point to poison vaccines. First, Each's/Etches'/Augers were first found in Yorkshire with Beckers. Then, Each's/Etches'/Augurs share the full lion of Gates' and Snake's/Snooks, and share even the demi-lion Crest of Graffs/Graffens and Gates'. Each's/Etches'/Augers have a "SPECTemur" motto term while Speccots were first found in Devon with Gates', with a location of the Speke's/Spike's, and with the Spice's in Trudeau colors and format. Pointer to spike proteins? Speke's/Spike's share the eight bars of Knightons/Nightons, first found in Worcestershire with Eggs/Edge's.

Worcestershire is also where the Clent Hills are while Clents/Clints share the Clock/Cloke Coat.

I can link Winns to Graff suspects. It starts with an understanding of the Gwynn variation of Winns from ancient Gwynedd, now called, Carnarvonshire, where Winns/Gwynns were first found. The Arms of CARNarvonshire uses the Winn/Gwynn Coat, and this location (in northern Wales) is suspect from the Welsh Carne's share a pelican on a NEST with Wayne's/Wainers and Arthurs, and GUINEvere was coined as the wife of mythical king Arthur. The Carne's are said to be from GlaMORGANshire and Monmouthshire, the latter being where Fane's/VANs and Howells were first found. Carnarvonshire is where Morgans (Winn/Gwynn and Moor colors) were first found.

Howells have the Pellican tower, and I trace "Gwynedd" to an alternative name of Vannes, home of the Celtic Veneti. This can explain why Dutch Ness'/Nessans/Nests come up as "Vannes," and, besides, there is an English Nest surname listed with Ness'.

The Fane's/Vans happen to share a "Ne vile" motto term with Griffins while Grave's/Greafs/Griffs (beside Monmouthshire) share the Winn eagle. Grave's/Greafs/Griffs were first found in Gloucestershire with Vile's. That looks like a strong pointer to graphene use in the Winnipeg lab.

I've told many times that Karen Graff moved from my street at age 14, same year that she witnessed Kepke's spider chase. I didn't see her again until my early 20s, when I visited the apartment of David Oullette with my friend, Joe Oullette. As David opened the front door as Joe knocked, there on a couch I could see Karen Graff.

OulLETTE variations suggest a branch of Williams who were likewise first found in Monmouthshire, and the LETTs were first found in neighboring Gloucestershire with Grave's/Greafs/Griffs. See that? It just so happens that Oullette's share the bars-gemel of Monmouths, though Oullette's use three sets of bars-gemel instead of two, and from here we go to the Maids/Mauds/Molds (Cheshire with Welsh Davids) who have three sets too, along with the giant Monmouth lion.

The "EnsuiVANT" motto term of Williams must be partly for the Veneti-like Vante's/Wendons (Windsor saltire in colors reversed) who share the double fesses of Ness'/Nests/Nessans/Vannes' (Holland, beside Vante's/Wendons). The "veRITE" motto term of Williams ought to be for English Rite's/Wrights, first found in Sussex with Nests/Ness. The latter even share doves (different colors) with Windons/Wintons (Wales with Winns/Gwynns) who in turn use sheaves probably because Shaws/Sheaves' were first found in Berkshire with Windsors.

These English Rite's/Wrights share the double fesses of Parrs who, along with FurNESS' (both first found in Lancashire), were from king Pharnaces of the Pontus, husband of Ness-like Nysa, and we should add that Ness' are also Nice's. There is a Niss surname (Klaus/Clot colors), and it happens to be in the colors and format of French Clots. Klaus'/Clots share the black border with Parrs and Furness'. This can be a pointer to BLOOD clots especially where there is a Bled location (upper Sava river) in/near the land of the ancient CARNi peoples.

Bled is beside Lesce while Lesks were first found in Berkshire with Windsor castle. The Windsors likely have the Fiens in their motto while Fane's/Vans are also Fiens. Leslie's were kin of English (Chase-like) Case's in turn in the colors and format of French Carne's. The latter share the Arden cinquefoils while Arthurs probably have the Stants in their motto, as do Case's. Stantish's share the Vante/Wendon saltire.

English Nests/Ness' share the triple doves of Pegg-like English Page's. The latter's pheons indicate descent from the Paioni peoples, and Pagans/Payens/Paions were even first found in Dauphine with French Page's who in turn share the Coat of LePage's, the latter first found in Ile-de-France with Chappes', Trudeau's, and the Foys in the Piggot/Picot motto. Hugh de Payens is said to have married Elizabeth Chappes. Both Foy surnames are also Foix's, and the other French Foys were first found in Auvergne with Bouillons while Hugh de Payens served in Jerusalem when the brother of Godfrey de Bouillon was its king.

My first hint that pheons (arrow heads) were code for Paioni liners is where they are used by Stubbs (Staffordshire with Arrows/Arras' and Bassets), for Stobi was a Paioni city. Oullette's were first found at Ouilly-le-Basset, in Falaise, an area that I think was named by the Rockefeller line. The mother of William the Conqueror was from Falaise.

Welsh Davids were kin of Ade's/AIDS', and AIDS is what one gets with poisoned COVID vaccines (most vaccines didn't come with poisons). AIDS is defined as a weakened immune system. Ade's/Aids' were first found in Berwickshire with Dove's/Dows and Fawns/Faughnes'. Faughns/Faughys and Faucets together use so-called "compony," and Campons/Les Champs can get us to Comps/Camps/Champs -- with GRIFFIN heads -- in Trudeau colors and format. David Oullette was with Karen Graff.

Comps/Camps/Champs were first found in Warwickshire, beside Quincys who built the Faucet castle. Whins/Quinns were first found in the same place with Faughns/Faugheys. The Faughey-like Foggs (Kent with Fiens/Finis') and Figgs even almost have the Coat of Wedge's/Weggs, and the Fogg / Figg stars are shared by wedge-using Watch's/Wage's.

One can take the hunting horn of Fawns/Faughnes' to Hunts/Hunters, first found in Shropshire with Vychans/Vaughns, and moreover Huntingdonshire is where Others/Otters were first found who have a "Watch" motto, but it's also where otter-using, Windsor-connectable Fender/Venders were first found. Foghertys have a reflection of the Kelly Coat while Kellys are in the Faughn/Faughey write-up.

I trace Ade's/Aids to Ada of Warenne, who married the earl of Huntingdon, son of king David I, explaining why Welsh Davids (Cheshire with Piccots/Pigots) and Ade's/Aids have similar Coats. While Welsh Davis' share the Welsh David Coat, French Davis' (Pick/Pix colors and format) share the lyre/harp of Foghertys. Foggs were first found in Kent with Picks/Pix's, and Welsh Davis' were first found in Flintshire with Pictons while Piggs/Picg's are in Watch/Wage colors and format. The "Pax" motto term of Welsh Davids can get us to the Fauci-connectable Packs, and Windsors were first found in Berkshire with Pickers/Packers/Peckers.

Let me show how Feins/Finns and Finchems can be pointed to by the Pegg wedges, for Wedge's/Weggs, in VINce/Finch colors and format, share their motto, and they both have one of the triple fesses of Feins/Finns and Finchems. It's then remarkable that Vince's/Finch's (GRIFFINs) were first found in Hertfordshire with the Childs said to be at Wanstead, for Wansteads are also WINNers. Wayne's/Wainers (pelican on nest) share the GAUNTlet glove with Fiens/Fane's/Vans, but also with the Wedge/Wegg Crest (compare "Wayne" to "Wagen / Wagner"). English Gaunts were first found in Kent with Fiens/Finis'. See the Hickeys in the next update because they share the fisted gauntlet with Wedge's/Weggs.

Vince's just caused a find of Vinns/Vins'/Veyns, first found in Gloucestershire with Grave's/Greafs/Griffs, and beside Fiens/Fane's/Vans. This looks like yet another pointer of graphene to WINNipeg.

Pegg-like Paggs are listed with French Packs while English Packs, the ones linked above to Fauci's and Faux's, were first found in Sussex with the Nests/Ness' i.e. the ones sharing the Page doves. Polish Packs have a giant form of the Palm fleur-de-lys while Paloma's, in Polish Pack colors and format, have a giant dove in the colors of the Page and Nest/Ness doves. Nests came to topic with the nest of Carne's, from "CARNarvonshire," home of Winns/Gwynns.

Quincys are in the Faucet write-up, and FAUCets were first found in East Lothian with Vant-like Vance's/FANNs/VAUX's. The Whins/Quinns, sharing a green Shield with Winns/Gwynns, were first found in Longford with Faucet-branch Faughns while Vaughns have a vaccine-like Vychan variation. This is where it gets good, or better, where Longfords, with nearly the six pale bars of Trots/TRUDE's, were first found in Derbyshire with Peggs. Langfords (not "Longford") do have the six Trot/Trude pale bars, and Langdons, in Pegg colors and format, share the bear with both Trots/Trude's and COUCH's, the latter almost having those six pale bars of Trots/Trude's too.

Plus, Langfords were first found in Bedfordshire with Luton while Lutons have a giant form of the Winn/Gwynn eagle, and, therefore, the Luton Coat is shared with half the Grave/Greaf/Griff Coat.

This inclusion of Trude's looks like a Winnipeg pointer to prime minister TRUDeau, and the Trude-connectable Couch's are in this discussion because I saw Karen Graff on a couch as the door opened. Joe and I did not enter the apartment, we only saw her sitting there, and we promptly left after Joe took or gave something from/to his brother. I had no idea that Karen was with David until then. I never saw her again. It looks like God set that event up to point to graphene-oxide in relation to Winnipeg / Wuhan.

Peggs are in Tinton colors and format. Tintons were first found between Page's and Tints, and the latter were first found in Somerset with a Tintinhull location, and with the first-known Payne's, which recalls the Pagans/Payens (same place as French Page's). The Tints use a "COUCHant" lion in the colors of the Payne lion.

I've just been reminded in WINNifred, and so here's the story from the 1st update in May, 2016, which involves Kepke, the pointer to graphene-oxide :

This recalls the party I threw [age 18] at my parents' place with fellow co-workers. My parents had left for about ten days...Mr. Kepke slept in the basement...another girl, Winnie/Whinnie (not sure how to spell it, short for Winnifred), slept with me in my parents bed...I was using my parents bed, and this Winnie, whom I was not interested in, was a pushy girl who simply wouldn't get lost no matter the hints I dropped. So, she slept beside me, and I never touched her. When my parents got back, and I had left the house, she was still there somehow, and wearing my mother's house robe at the time. It was so embarrassing.

There you have it, from the night of the party, Winnie remained in the house for some days hoping to get me to like her. Her first night there was on the same night that Kepke slept in the basement, and he had never slept in that house before or after. It was about four years after the spider chase just 100 feet down the road.

It the "Deo" motto term Grave's/Greafs/Griffs is for Dee's (Cheshire with Cardine's), note the latter's "labor" motto term. I looked up the Tory's (KinCARDINEshire) as per "LABORaTORY," and they not only use a GRIFFin, but may be sharing the vaired Shield of Shins/Chine's/Chings. Labors share bars-gemel (different colors) with Monmouths, and the Howells of Monmouthshire have the Coat of Tours in colors reversed, both sharing tower (different colors) with Torys.

Milcah and Honey

I'm very interested in talking about the Apophis asteroid's arrival to earth in April or 2029, 50 years after roughly April 1 of 1979, when I had a dream that, for the first scene, began with a nasty shark, and ended with a rising-into-the-sky scene. As the woman in the dream was sleeping just before she rose into the sky with me, I was able to understand what God was doing, in part, with this dream. He was pointing to ancient Rhizon in/beside the land of sleep-like Selepitanoi Illyrians. Rhizon is a dog's walk from Kotor, and Wikipedia's article on the shark-like Saraka's claims (or claimed) that this family first lived in Kotor before moving to Ragusa on-shore from the ELAPHiti islands. Eliphas, son of Esau, Abraham's grandson, was father to Milcah-like Amalek.

God so hated Amalekites that we can venture to assume that it was a Moloch cult. I'll give the evidence below, but first, it seems that God is egging me on to a trace of Saraca's back to the nasty tribe that named Sarai, Abraham's first wife. I say nasty because the shark was nasty, especially its TEETH. This trace is sound because I can trace "Kotor" to a mythical king of Athens, Kodros, father of mythical Medon (myth had code words for real entities), while Abraham's second wife, KETURah, gave him a son, Medan.

Athens is beside the bull cult of Boiotia, i.e. where the mythical Cadmus followed a bull, and where he settled while seeking his sister, Europa. That is, the myth writer believed that the Cadmus Tyrians migrated to Boiotia. Kodros had another son credited with the founding of Ephesus, but this is not pure history, just a semblance of it. In other words, the myth writer saw Athenians, under the Kodros umbrella, removed to Ephesus. Julie, a reader, and who was in contact with me from the time of the garden bee, informed me of an "essenes" bee cult in Ephesus.

In the first update of this month, I did a section on my garden bee in Texas, claiming that God used it to get me to find the Buzites, from Buz, son of Nahor, brother of Abraham. I didn't know Nahor's wife at the time, but now do; she's Moloch-like Milcah. Abraham's ancestry was not holy, so far as we can tell from Genesis, but was pagan, at enmity with the Creator. When Abraham too-easily consented to sacrificing his son to God, it looks like evidence that Abraham's ancestry was into child sacrifices.

Moloch was a child-sacrifice cult that honored the bull, and AMALek ("mel" became "honey" to Greeks) appears named after it because Crete had mythical AMALthea, a honey/bee goddess who tended the Zeus when he was an infant, when his father was seeking him to eat him i.e. this was a cannibal cult too. On Moloch we read: "Common worship practices included...burning symbolic honey cake..."

Moloch evolved into the Zeus Taurus, obviously, and "Taurus" was play on Tyrus (Tyre). It's well known that child sacrifices were in Tyre, and so when the myth writer had the Zeus Taurus abduct Europa of Tyre, bringing her to Crete, it means that Tyrians migrated to Crete. The myth writer says that Europa and Zeus birthed the Minoans, who had a bull symbol. Crete had mythical BRITomartis, and here I can add that the second scene in the dream was a BRITish BULLdog that jumped into the residential swimming pool, where the nasty shark was.

The shark appeared at the side of the pool, fully out of the water, showing its nasty teeth, and another myth writer had the teeth of the Ares dragon becoming "Sparti," after Cadmus had killed this dragon. Sparta is on the other side of Athens from Boiotia. And Boiotia had Melia, a honey goddess that was made part of the beginnings of Argos, where the goddess (Io) was the white-cow counterpart of the white Zeus bull. You can see that the various myth writers were playing on each others symbolism.

Another myth writer traced the ancestry of Cadmus and Europa to the Nile delta, at Pelusium and Tanis, home of the HYKSos who had a king, Apophis, or Apepi. I've resolved without question that the sleeping woman of the 1979 dream was Miss Hicks. Here's the Arms of Saraca, a fish on a fesse in the three colors of fesse-with-items of Irish Nagle's. Oneglia is now IMPERia, and the same Julie above introduced to me a Boofima human-sacrifice cult that had IMPERi priests.

Then, we can take this to German Nagle's/NEILs/Nails because Irish Neils/O'Nails (use a fish, old symbol of Kodros of Athens) were first found in Tyre-like Tyrone with Sharks. It would be very daft of me not to see God's hint here: Miss Hicks descends from Hyksos on the Neil-like Nile delta.

Her children and husband appeared in a 1987 photo (Baytown Sun) with Spuds MacKenzie, a bulldog mascot for BUD light beer, and so it would be foolish of me not to see God's additional pointer here to Hyksos in Budva. Buds/Bude's were even first found in CORNwall with the Hicks' of St. Ewe. In this way, the bulldog in my dream points to the Apophis asteroid, not just because Apophis was a Hyksos king, but because some particulars of the MacKenzie surname can reveal this asteroid as the fulfillment of the 2nd Trumpet of Revelation (see "MacKenzie" in last update of last month for details).

I bought my fiberglass British bulldog in Hamelton, Ontario. Miss Hykes' husband was Hamilton Kilpatrick, and Hamels / Hameltons can be from "Kemuel," a son of Nahor, and therefore likely a son of Milcah. Neuri worshiped the wolf, and Dutch Hamels use a giant wolf, though heraldic wolves can be of the Wolfs/WELFs who descended from, or partnered with, Este's.

Wolfs/Welfs were first found in Cheshire with the Dons in turn sharing the double fesses of Irish Hamels, and they are the double Hone / Honey / Milliken fesses in colors reversed. Irish Hamels were first found in Tyrone with Sharks and Hyksos-suspect Neils/O'Nails. In fact, Hamels are said to descend from Neils.

Tyrone is also where BOOT-using Hagens were first found, and BUTua (now Budva) is a dog's bark from Kotor and Rhizon. Note the bee-like BOIotians/Boeotians, then see the giant bull of Italian Boys/Bo's/Boets/Boeddu's. Or see the fish on a fesse of Butts/Bute's/Boets.

The Tyrone/Tyrell surname almost has the double fesses of Milcah-like Millikens, Hone's and Honeys. It could seem that a certain, Hone-like bloodline that merged with Milcah's line took on a Honey variation in honor of ancient honey cults to which the Milcah line belonged. Hone's were first found in Hampshire with Mills and Mile's, making Millikens look like a Mill branch, yet there may have been a reason that they look like "Milcah."

There is a Milk surname listed with Millsops/MillinSHOP, and then Shops/Shirelands/Sherlands, linkable to Carrick-related Shere's/Shire's, have a dancette in the colors of the dancette of Carricks who in turn use a "Garde bien" motto, and Millikens (Wigtonshire) happen to use "Regarde bien." German Biens even use bees! Gard-branch Gardners (Oxfordshire with Bee's) share the griffin heads of Milehams/Millhams (Carrick Coat, almost, in colors reversed). English Gards were first found in Kent with Shops/Shirelands/Sherlands and Sleeps. Shere's/Shire's were first found in Surrey with the Fiddle's/Fidelows suspect in the Gard motto.

As Alans of Shropshire are said to have been at Mileham while Talbots were first found there with the Sleap location of Sleeps, the Millikens can be using the Talbot lion, since Carricks and Shere's/Shire's use a dog often called a "talbot." Honeys use the bee and the hive, and add a "ne" motto term while Nee's/Knee's apply to the shark dream because the woman awoke as I touched her knee. I was going to kiss her awake, for which reason I called her, Sleeping Beauty, and much later I realized that bull-using Beautys/Bowds were a branch of bull-using Boys/Boets/Boeddu's.

Milks were first found in BUCKINGhamshire with Simsons who in turn share the Chief-Shield colors of mill-rind Miles' (not "Mile"), which recalls my trace of Simsons to SARACena and Laus (at BUXENtum) in southern Italy, where I trace BUCHANans (share Simson / Milan/Millen lion) that are in turn in the write up of Milans/Millens. We just saw the Milks listed with Millinshops. Buchanans even have a "HONos" motto term! Again, Millikens share the double fesses of Hones' and Honeys. Ragusa was also called, Laus(a), explaining why Saracena is near Laus. The nasty shark was in southern Italy.

"HoNOS" looks like part code for double-fesse Nos'/Ness'/Nests/Nessans, perfect because I trace the latter, along with Nissans, Parrs and FurNESS', to queen Nysa of the Pontus, and Parrs share the double fesses of Millikens / Hones' and Honeys! Pontus-like Ponts (probably share the Button/Budin and Butt/Bute/Boet fesse) were first found in Hampshire with Hones' and Button/Budins. Buxentum (at Laus bay) was also Pyxus while the Pontus had a Pyxites river. Picks/Pix's were first found in Kent with Shops/Shirelands/Sherlands and Sleeps while the latter have the double Nos/Ness fesses in colors reversed.

The "COELeste" motto term of Bettys/Beatie's could be code for both Este's and giant-bull Cole's, first found in Cornwall with Buds/Bude's who are in turn in the colors of Este-related English Butts/Bute's (estoiles). English Este's were first found in Essex with TYRone's/TYRells. The latter share the Coat of Dexters, first found in Leicestershire with Ragusa-like Raggs' (in all three colors of the Arms of Saraca). Este's are important because they were loved by Pepins/Pepys, suspect from the Apophis/Apepi cult. The Tonys of Leicester had evolved from Staffs/Staffords, and while Pepin-branch Pipe's were first found in Staffordshire, note the RAGully STAFF of Crane's.

The Hone-like One's/Innis', with a "Be" motto term (believe it or not), almost have the Coat of the other Innis' who in turn have the Hagar (Hagen colors) HEXagram in colors reversed. Hagar was a quasi-wife to Abraham, who gave him Ishmael, and there is an Israel surname that lists an Ismaelli variation. What can we make about that? Did Ishmaelite lines in the Rothschild family establish modern Israel?

One might trace One's/Innis to the Una river highly suspect by me to the naming in Ina, the chief Etruscan goddess. The Etruscans were also TYRRhenians. The third highest god of the Etruscans was Hercules (related to Danaans of Argos), known to be of Tyre's human-sacrifice cult. Mythical Ino was one of Cadmus' daughters, and myth writers made Cadmus the father of Illyrians, a generality i.e. the Tyre line to Boiotia / Argos moved into Illyria. Boiotians may have named Butua to help prove that Kotor was from the Kodros cult of Athens.

Kodros had both a boar and fish symbol, and the brown boar head of One's/Innis' and Belly-branch Baileys can be the brown boar of Pool-branch Pollocks. The shark was in a swimming pool. Pollocks ruled at Rothes, in Moray, and while the Moray Coat is a colors-reversed version of the One/Innis Coat, One's/Innis' were first found in Moray with Bellys. As said a million times, the shark half-swallowed the British bulldog so that I saw a ring of teeth around its BELLY. Baileys were a branch of Baliols, which looks like the Baal bull cult.

The Una river was beside the Ceraunii Illyrians that I see in code with the crane of Sharks. The Saraca's of RAGusa were near the Ceraunii, and English Crane's (Cornwall) have a crane standing on a RAGully staff. Crane's/Crauns have annulets linkable to the annulets of Bulls/Bule's. Ragusa is on-shore from the island of Melita while Crane's/Crauns were first found in Suffolk with "deer"-using Mallets (share scallops of Rinds in mill rinds). Honeys have "dere" buried twice in their motto. One of the motto terms, "reGREDere," can be code for the Crete-like Greeds/Grete's who happen to share the Nagle/Neil/Nail saltire.

Mythical Cretheus was made the husband of Tyro, we get it. Cretheus' mother was Neretva-like Enarete. His father was made the brother of Dorus while the fish-depicted NEREIDs, mothered by mythical Doris, can be traced to the Daorsi of the NERETva river, yet this map shows them at Rhizon / Butua / Kotor. The Selepitanoi are on the map. Off-shore of this river's mouth is ISSa. The ISrael/Ismaelli Coat shows only three gold bends, used also by French Grands, though the latter use them in both colors of the triple bends of Nerets (identical Coats). The "vaRIIS" motto term of French Grands can be either for Rise's or Risons/Risings, both first found in Norfolk with MILEhams/Millhams near DEREham (some say, probably wrongly, that "Ragusa" means "deer"). The Neretva river is between the Ceraunii and Ragusa.

Scottish Grands (crowns likely code for Ceraunii) were first found in Inverness-shire with Crete-like Creights/Craiths, a branch of Cressents/Crets, apparently, because the latter were first found in Burgundy with Grands. Between Melita and Ragusa are the Elaphiti islands, which might explain the elephant of crane-using Grounds/Crannys (the Kims of Bute may be in their motto). An elephant head and the double-wavy fesses of Una-like Hone's are in an Elliott Coat.

The elephant is used also by Mascals, first found in Sussex with Sadducee-like Saddocks and Vise's. Issa is also, Vis, and beside Issa is pharaoh- and Pharisee-like Pharia. Freys'/Phreeze's were first found in Essex. Saddocks use "ears of rye," and the Rise's above, who are also Rye's, were once said to be first found in Sussex with Saddocks.

The double Milliken fesses are in colors reversed with the Hazards of the Seaton/Sitten motto. While Seatons/Sittens use a fire-breathing dragon, Breaths/Breads were first found in Cheshire with the Dons sharing the double Hazard fesses. Hazards can be gleaned as a branch of Hare's and Harcourts, especially as Haze's and Haas' use the hare. Hause's look like kin of Keiths / Kettle's, and House's/Howes' were first found in Oxfordshire with Harcourts. Here we can add that the Seaton and Sattle/Setler crescents are in colors reversed from the same of Kens. MilliKEN.

In this picture, "Milliken" doesn't look like play off of "MILCah," but rather from a Mill marriage to Kens. However, Howe's use wolf heads linkable to the Neuri wolf cult, and the Howe fesse is also that of Bugs while Neuri were on the Bug river. Therefore, the descendants of Nahor and Milcah could have been in the Howe / Hause / Hazard bloodline. Keturah-like Catters (fish) were first found in Berkshire with Howe's.

Seaton-branch Sutys share a "hazard" motto term, but add "Nothing" while Nothings are listed with NORthens (probably Cnut/Nott kin). The Hope's in the Norton/Notton motto were once said to be first found in Derbyshire with Cnuts/Notts (in Nothing/Northen and Hope colors and format) who in turn share the Hazel/Hessel crescents, gold like the Ken crescents. Kens were first found in Devon with a Seaton location, and with the first-known Hazels/Hessels.

The Keith Catti were from the Chatti of Hesse-Cassel, and Hesse's list Hessels too, suggesting that HazARDs were Hesse elements, but in marriage to ARDens (Lancashire). Hazels/Hessels were kin of Weavers (Cheshire with Hazard-connectable Dons), and a "weaver's shuttle" is used by Shuttleworths/SHETTLEworths, first found in Lancashire with Sattle-like Settle's and Seats/Seets.

The "forWARD" motto term of Seatons/Sittens (same place as Keiths) can bring us to Irish Wards, first found in Galway with Kennys who in turn share the Hazel/Hessel crescents. I think I've just discovered what the "luCEAT" motto term of Kennys is for, at first thinking it's for a branch of the Cedes variation of Seats/Seets. I then found Cheaters/Chaters sharing the McKinney cinquefoil, and McKinneys (share Keith / Kettle Crest) are known to have had a relationship with the lands of Keith. Chater-like Catters were first found in Berkshire with Howe's.

Herodotus said that Neuri turned into wolves once annually, which evokes the ancient Hyperboreans, the "far northerners" who could have included the Neuri by whatever name they went at the time. Hyperboreans worshipped Apollo and Artemis, twin children of Leto, and the latter trio all had a wolf symbol that no doubt became the wolf of Rome. Leto's/Alitto's have a crane said to be "drinking," and Drinks share the pale bar of Roxolani-line Roxburghs.

Leto-connectable Letters and Lauders (Leto colors), near Roxburghshire, share the giant griffin of Aliotto's, the latter first found in a Terme location suspect with the Thermodon river, which, according to Herodotus, was the early home of Amazons. ArTEMIS was an Amazon, suggesting that her mother was too, and THEMIScyra was a city at the Thermodon river.

The wolf of Rome was likely from Romula, a location between the Japodes and the Una river, and that brings them to the vicinity of the Ceraunii to which I would trace the Leto/Alitto crane. Japodes thus become suspect in naming Jupiter, chief Roman god, husband of Una-like Juno, the line to English Youngs, first found in Essex with English Este's. The Jeune's in the Young motto were first found in Cambridgeshire with Capone's and the Ely location of Muscats/Musks, which is interesting where Ali's are listed with Aliotto's.

Scottish Youngs were, until recently, said to be first found in Roxburghshire, but are now said to be first found in Northumberland with their Pile kin, with Lauder-connectable Lorraine's, and with Drinks/Drengs. The Drengot Normans secured Capua and other areas around Naples, and Capes' were first found in London with Tooths sharing the Lauder / Letter / Aliotto griffin. Capua's are listed with Italian Capone's.

The Italian Romans (giant wolf, Ukraine flag in colors reversed) were first found in Naples, near the Hirpini "wolf peoples." They were near the first-known Aquila's sharing the Italian Este Coat. Leto's/Alitto's were first found in Ferrara, and rulers of the latter location were politically involved with neighboring Este which itself produced the Guelfs = Welfs. Apollo skinned the MARSYas goat alive, and Skins/Scans share the Wolf/Welf wolf heads. The Marsi were probably heavy in L'Aquila. Mythical Mars was an integral part of Romulus-wolf mythology of Rome's origins.

Este was founded by Azzo, and Hazo was one of Nahor's sons. In a long line of evolved terms, tribes from Nahor's son, Maacah, may have named Maccabee's. The MacAbbe's/MacCabe's were first found on Arran (beside Bute) while Haran was Nahor's brother. Maccah's mother was Rome-like Reumah, Nahor's concubine. Nahor's father, Terah, can be to the Tarrs because they almost have the eight pale bars of Macks/MAKE's who in turn share the Masci bend upon which are the stars of Maceys/Mace's who in turn use a mace (hammer) as potential code for Maccabees. Scottish Kilpatricks (Dumfries with Nitts/Naughts and Rome's/Rums/Rims) of the Nith river use a "make" motto term while Irish Kilpatricks share the Masci fleur-de-lys.

English Patricks were first found in NORfolk with the Rimini-connectable Benjamins, and both share a black saltire with Scottish Kilpatricks.

It wouldn't have been hard for Neuri to develop lines such as wolf-using Norrys (Aberdeenshire with Skins/Scans), or Norths and Nortons. Irish Nortons (share triple-white swords with Skins/Scans) are said to derive from "Aeneas Lally," and mythical Aeneas was made the founder of Rome. Nottens were first found in Yorkshire with RUMilly-Skiptons married by Maccabee-connectable Meschins. Lallys share the triple crescents of French Pine's (share cinquefoils of Bute's Kims) while Maschi's, first found in RIMINi, use "pine cones."

Norton/Notten variations may have named Nottinghams/Notthams, who share the Young, Walch and Benjamin annuLETs. Let's/Late's were first found in Gloucestershire with Nottings/Knuts, and Nights/Naughtens were first found near Rome's/Rooms/Rums/Rims (from Reumah?) and the first-known Nitts/Naughts. I trace Benjamins to the RIMNa river (WALLACHia) of Romania, and to Benjamites of Israel's RIMMON, and these entities became suspect to the mythical founders of Rome, including Remus, because the Benjamites married women from Japodes-like Jabesh. Jeepma's/Jappa's even look like they use the Roman eagle, and throw in the Hagar hexagram while the Rimna flowed into an AGARus tributary.

The Rimna is to the near-north of the Buzau, and I trace the Cotesii of the latter to the Tume's/Tombs, first found in Worcestershire with Knightons/Nitons and Wings/Winks. The latter were, until recently, first found in Perthshire with Hagars, and Nottings have wings in Crest. Jewish Glass' show nothing but wings while Glasgows love the Lords/Lauds and Lets in their motto, and Lords/Lauds, first found in Suffolk with Knights, share the Notting / Glaze/Glaser pheons. Tume's/Tombs use tombSTONEs while the "ut" motto term of Stone's can be from Utz, the first-listed son of Nahor. His second-listed son is Buz, feasibly to the Buzau river.

The Capua's/Capone's have a black lion head with gold crown, matching the black lions with gold crowns of Jewish Levi's, making Capua's suspect with "Caiaphas." Another black lion is with Young connectable French Pile's, and they share the giant lion of Harps/Harpers, which recalls the harp symbol of Apollo the wolfman. Irpini-like Arpins/Herpins (Savoy) happen to have a giant moline cross in colors reversed from the one of Caiaphas-like Chives', and Chiava's were first found in L'Aquila. The Aquila's were first found near Capua.

Capote's/Capone's (Forez, near mont Pilat, beside Savoy) are also Caiaphas-like Chappus', and then Chaffs have a giant griffin in half the colors of the Letter / Aliotto griffin. Capes' share the Chief-Shield colors of Chaffs. Forez is near the first-known, Chives-related Mathis' (Burgundy with Pilate's sharing Notting pheons). Chaffs share the giant griffin of BATTLE's while Rocco's, first found in Naples, use an emBATTLEd bend.

Prediction: Class Action Law Suits

Here's a very-recent video on a 5G and graphene-oxide combination for killing people. Eventually, not far in, the speaker begins to show shocking data exposing the danger of living in cities. The speaker has lots of premature theories, but regardless of whether he's right or wrong on any of them, focus on the charts he shows. He probably gets his theories from others, and they get them from others, who get them from others, and who knows for sure who's on our side versus those who want us to fear everything. I'll comment below:

In the 25th minute, a chart shows high spikes in excess deaths in Ontario and Quebec in the middle of April, 2020. The speaker even shows/says that Rogers communications put 5G on in March of 2020, in Montreal, Ottawa and Toronto (= big cities in Ontario and Quebec), just before the peak in excess deaths for each province. Note that English Rogers almost have the Trudeau Coat.

In the 26th minute, it shows the months in 2020 when 5G was introduced (either by Rogers or Telus) in other large Canadian cities, and the chart shows a spike in excess deaths almost immediately afterward. This is compelling data. Excess deaths are defined as unexpected, extra deaths as compared to the norm.

Nobody was supposed to be vaccinated in 2020, but how do we know whether hospitals weren't injecting graphene into the weak and aged in a deliberate program to get them off pension / disability payments?

What we need to see is whether people in 2021-23 died unexpectedly in proximity to 5G signals but only if they were heavily vaccinated, and then we need to find which vaccine batches were received by the dead or seriously sick. These are not a hard things to find, if only someone in the right departments would inquire without obstructions.

How do we know that upswings and downswings in deaths are not manipulated by government-bought killers for whatever government / globalist needs there may be toward their agendas? By manipulation, I mean that radiation levels can be turned higher at will, or almost at will, depending on whether those in charge of towers comply. I'm expecting the globalists to make even the phones themselves the co-weapons along with the radiation towers. In this way, they can target one person at a time. When the social-media watchers stop caring and reporting about the deaths, the goons will turn the dial to kill in greater numbers. When society begins to scream again on social media, the goons may have the option of turning down the dial.

At the 16th minute of the video, Anders says that animals were getting sick near Starlink antennas on the ground, as they transmit radiation to Starlink satellites and/or as they transmit to the local community. That is, Elon Musk's ground antennas on the rooves of farm buildings have been making farm animals sick.

It reminds that, when I climbed the antenna of DIANE MUSCHATov, whose parents had a Ukrainian accent, it had pointed to Musk's ground antennas in Ukraine's war against MOSCOW. Her surname may have been, MUSCATov, and Muscats are listed with Musks. The point in repeating this here is that "Diane" looks like "DNA," and it has been discovered that COVID vaccines are infested with dangerous DNA fragments.

When Joseph Ladaopo, the surgeon general of Florida, wrote to the CDC to inquire about this, nothing was written back either way on whether these fragments were found in Vaccines, or whether they were prevalent, or whether there were any studies into this matter. When canada admitted that DNA fragments were in canadian vaccines, the government and its media passed it off as a non-issue. And all canadians went back to sleep; nobody's making it an issue who has the ability. canada is the witch sister of Australia, sorcerous daughter of Rhodian Britain.

In order for the DNA fragments to be dangerous, they need to be delivered into bodily cells, and this is where the lipid nano-particles of mRNA vaccines come in, because their very job is to break into cells, and my understanding is that graphene-oxide can be used for delivery of such products to / into the cells. We then need to ask why Italian Diane's/Diana's/Natali's share the Coron / Corona crown. Doesn't it appear that God arranged the Diane variation of a surname that is otherwise Natali/DiNatali? This surname was first found in Venice, near the first-known Corona's of Treviso.

As I'm a Massey liner, we now go to English Diana's/Dene's, first found in Sussex with Mascals. English Masseys were first found in Cheshire with Corons/Corona's who share the crown of Corona's. Diana's/Dene's have the Chief of French Masseys/Masse's in colors reversed, and Massa-Carrara is beside Pisa, the latter being where Mosca's were first found who use a leopard/cat in the colors and format of the giant Diana/Dene lion. The Mosca cat is in the Crest of Chives' as a mountain cat, and Chives' were first found in Tarves while Treviso, where Corona's were first found, was Tarvisium. Traves'/Travers share the Meschin scallops. Finally, antenna-like Antons were first found in Lincolnshire with Mussels/Muscels (almost the Meschin Coat).

Did I say "finally"? The Maschi lion is used by Chance's, the latter first found in Essex with Muschats. Chance-branch Chase's were first found in Hampshire with the Drake's having the Muscas variation of Mosca's in their motto. The Dile's/Dills (share Diana/Dene lion), in the "crocoDILE" of Irish Dene's, were first found in Warwickshire, where the Tree's in the Coat of French Masseys/Masse's (Savoy with French Chance's) were once said to be first found. The Crocs in the crocodile share the crescent of Diana's/Dene's.

I climbed Diane's TV antenna (to knock on her 2nd-story window) late in my 22nd year, very near to the time when Joe OulLETTE and I saw Karen Graff at David's apartment. While I was dating Diane, Joe was married to another Diane/Dianne, sister of Annette. Annette's/Arnots share the Diana/Dene crescent!

The "compLETum" motto term of Annette's/Arnots can be for the Lets, first found in Gloucestershire with Grave's/Greafs/Griffs. The Annette/Arnot star is colors reversed from the star of Annas'/Arniss', and the latter were first found in Cambridgeshire with Muscats/Musks.

The other Irish Dene's use wings while Wings/Winks were first found in Worcestershire (beside Gloucestershire) with the Tume's/Tombs suspect twice in the Annette/Arnot motto, including "compleTUM." Fauci-connectable Nagle's use "voTUM," which could be part-code for Voters/Gauthier's/GOTHie's (Languedoc with Cotta's and Rocks/Roque's) in that they have a "vue" motto term while the royal COTTians were on the RIParia river that itself was off a Viu valley. "R.I.P." is in the Tume/Tomb Coat. Cotesii were on the Buzau river with Roxolani, and Rocco's (Naples) essentially share the Goat/Gotham Coat. English Rocks and Rooks were first found in Worcestershire with Tume's/Tombs. Rooks were once said to be first found in Oxfordshire with Yellows while Roxolani were also on the neighboring IALOmita river.

A day before writing here, I thought to check whether God could be pointing to CLASS ACTION LAW SUITs. It brought me to the "COMPosiTUM" motto term of Laws, and so I had loaded Compo's. Note the "COMPletum" of Annette's/Arnetts. I didn't have anything to say about Compo's yesterday, but can now point out their "DENaing" motto term, incredible because the Dene's with the crocodile brought us to Crocs sharing the fesse of Actions/Actons.

The thing that strikes me here is that Crocs almost have the Coat of Coverts/Cofferts, first found in Sussex with COURTs/Coverts and Diana's/Dene's!!! It's as though God had prepared me to go from the Muschatov's pointers to court-related, class-action law suits. The "aucta" motto term of Courts/Coverts (beside Axton) might even be for Actions/Actons/Axtons.

Crocs are even in the colors and format of Juggs/Judds while both Judge surnames are also Juge's!

Coverts/Cofferts are in Cove/COVIT colors, and the latter share the bend of Croc-branch Crooks. The Covert/Coffert Crest is almost the one of Ade's/Aids' (Crook colors and format), both using gold leopard FACES for a connection to Fauci's, and Tony Fauci is one of the chief crooks for having introduced AIDS and VAIDS to humanity. The Ade/Aids Crest is the symbol also of Morlands, first found in Westmorland with Crooks. VAIDs is AIDS caused by COVID vaccines. Anton-connectable Tonys use a maunch, often called a sleeve, and, I think, a sleeve is used by Irish Crocs.

The axe in the Cove/Covit Crest can be for the AXton location of Actions/Actons, perhaps explaining why the two surnames share colors. Axton is in Kent with sleeve-like Sleeps (have two of the Action fesses), though Sleeps were once said to be first found in Shropshire with a Sleap location, and with Crocs.

Actions/Actons were first found in Cheshire and neighboring Shropshire, and the latter is where Crocs were first found who share the Action/Acton fesse, as do Altons, who were looked up as per an Aldenham location of a Mr. Acton, and moreover the Alton-branch Daltons are in the Action/Acton write-up too. It just so happens that Aldens/Oldens (share Action//Acton border) have crescents colors reversed from the Diana/Dene crescents.

Actions/Actons (share Rick fesse) were first found in Cheshire with the Ricks who in turn have the Coat of Cravens/Gravens ("actione" motto term) who in turn have the Action/Acton fesse in colors reversed, and, moreover, Cravens/Gravens were first found in Yorkshire with Glaze's/Glassers. The Craven/GRAVEn Coat is very comparable to the Muscat/Musk and related Ely Coats, and both the Craven/Graven and Rick Crests have GRIFFIN, suggesting that Cravens were a Grave/Greaf/Griff branch, an excellent pointer to graphene-oxide.

"AcTIONE" can be part-code for Tony / Anton liners, and Antons (leopard FACE) were first found in Lincolnshire with English Pilotte's while French Pilate's/Pilotte's share most of the Glaze/Glasser Coat. Their Pellet branch were first found in Sussex with Courts/Coverts. I climbed Muschatov's TV ANTENna, and KNOCKed on her GLASS window. Windows were first found in Yorkshire with Glaze's/Glassers. Knocks/Knox's, first found in Renfrewshire with Glasgow, have a border in the colors of the Action border. Knock-knock, who's there? Glass action law suits. Nocks/Noke's even share the red leopard face with Antons.

Windows are suspect with the lion paws of the Fien/Finis lions, and the latter were first found in Kent with the Axton location of Actions, and with Sleeps having two of the action fesses. She was sleeping when I knocked at her bedroom window.

Next, we go to Eltons (Cheshire with Corons/Corona's/Coroners) who share the Action/Acton Crest, important because Klassens/Class' can be a Glass branch while Gleasons share the Glass stars in the form of the Eltons bend-with-stars. It's seems a concise way to see "CLASS ACTION" as an heraldic pointer.

I wouldn't have shared the above had not Klassens/Class' used "Lady Fortune", for Scottish Fortune's were first found in East Lothian with the Vance's/Vaux's suspect in the "avance" motto term of Actions. And it just so happens that the bend-with-stars of Vance's/Vaux's are shared in the same colors by Laws! We now have CLASS ACTION LAW, along with Courts, yet I haven't been able to figure out a way to get Suits/Suters into this set of heraldry.

But wait. Laws were first found in Northumberland with Altons, and with SIWARD of Northumberland, and Suits/Suters come up as "Sewer." The Vails/VELIS', expected in the "velis" motto term of Griffins, but also suspect in the "Vailance" motto term of Actions, were first found in Northumberland too. The Vail/Velis eagle happens to be the Court/Covert eagle! The red Vail/Velis formee-fitchees are shared by Checks/Chicks (share Diane/Dene crescents) who in turn have the Alden/Olden Coat in colors reversed. One Griffin Coat is shared by Marble's, first found in Cheshire with Actions and Eltons.

The "VaiLANCE" motto term can get us to Judge-connectable Juggs/Judds, for the latter share the boar heads of lance-using Rankins. The Reckitts are suspect in the Rankin motto because they share the swords to a point of Jee's/Gee's who in turn share the Rankin boar heads too.

Ladys/Laudymans and Quincys were first found in the same place as Face's/Fessys, a Fauci branch, and while Saer de Quincy built the castle of Faucets, the latter were first found in the same place as Fortune's. Fauci's (share split-Shield of Tromps) were first found in Genova with the Doria's who in turn share the Vail/Velis, Court/Covert, and Tromp eagle.

I think I can see how God can use the Suits/Suters/Sewers here, from the leopard in their Crest, for while German Leopards and Lipps/Lippers were first found in Westphalia with Klassens/Class', English Leopards/LIPParts (sharing a gold leopard face with Coverts/Cofferts and Coopers) were first found in Sussex with Courts/Coverts, Alton-connectable Coverts/Cofferts, and Coopers!!! That came unexpectedly and suddenly. Scottish Lipps (leopard in Crest, share Chives motto) were first found in Aberdeenshire with Cups/Cope's (and Chives'), and Ladys/Laudymans were first found in Northamptonshire with Cope's/Coaps.

Actions and Eltons use swords while Swords were from Siward of Northumberland. And Sewards/Showers (Action colors), who look like they have cats, have: "Alternatively, the name could have originated in Sewardesley, in Northamptonshire." Northamptonshire is where Ladys/Laudymans were first found expected in Lady Fortune of the Klassens/Class', for the Lords (share Glaze/Glaser pheon), with a Laud variation, are in the motto of Glasgows along with the Let variation of Lady-like Late's. In different colors, the Lord/Laud Crest is the Coat of Irish Crocs.

This is perfect because Eschyna de Mole married Robert Croc of the Glasgow area, where Spears were first found too, expected in the "Speratum" motto term of Annette's/Arnots. Spears even have an "AdVANCE" motto, almost the "avance" of Actions. Repeat from above: "Annette's/Arnots share the Diana/Dene crescent!" It's the Spear crescent too, and in fact Spears would share the Diana/Dene Chief if they didn't apply the Annette/Arnot and Glass star in the center of their two crescents!! Annette's entered this discussion because she's the sister of Diane Oullette.

Paisleys were first found in the Glasgow area too. Spears were kin of Pasi's, and then Packs, sharing the Paisley anchor, were first found in Sussex with Diana's/Dene's and Courts/Coverts.

When I dated Diane Muschatov, she lived on Weldrick road (Richmond Hill, Ontario). No WeldRICK surname comes up, but Welders, first found in Thuringia with German Roets, share the world/globe with Sandmans who in turn have Lady Fortune and her "banner" too. Scottish Roets share the Spear boar heads, in colors reversed from the boar heads of Rollo's, and Laws are suspect in the "La fortune" motto of Rollo's, first found in Perthshire with Sandmans.

Robert Croc is known to be to the Crooks (named Crookston outside of Glasgow) who in turn are in Elton colors and format. Crooks were first found in Westmorland with Aldens who are in turn in the colors and format of French Robins, and Robin Hood is, I think, in the Alton/Dalton Crest. Crooks are in Ade/AIDS colors and format, and so let's repeat the "ADvance" motto of Spears. The French Robins almost have the Glaze/Glasser Coat.

The Sewards/Showers are said to have possibly been first found in Essex, where Vaux-branch Faux's were first found, and Vaux-branch Faucets have the Quincys in their early history who were first found in Northamptonshire with Ladys/Laudymans. And both Faucets and Action-connectable Vaux's/Vance's were first found in East Lothian with Fortune's. LADY FORTUNE.

Does this heraldry point to class-action law suits against Tony Fauci and company? Looks like. Though not in the same colors, the Fortune's share a gyronny Shield with Hoppers suspect in the "grasshopper" of Fauchys, the latter first found in Perigord with French Faux's/Fage's/Chollens'. Francis Collins was Fauci's boss during the plandemic. Hopers/Hope's were first found in Shropshire with Action- and Court-connectable Crocs.

Note the Laud bloodline possible in a "laudimus" motto term in a quote from two updates ago: "The Quarters (probably a Carrick / Quarre and/or Cord/McCourt branch) use the caduceus, and a "laudaMUS" motto term. The Cords/McCOURTs (Ayrshire with Quarters) can be linked to Courts/Coverts who in turn share the triple pale bars of Muse's." Cords/McCourts/Cuarta's share pheons (different colors) with Lords/Lauds, and with Glaze's/Glassers whom in turn share the red heart with Cords/McCourts/Cuarta's.

"William de Cuvert," the COURcys, and a Mr. Mosca is in the Muse write-up. Le Courts are listed with Coeurs, first found in Brittany with the Musics/Musys/Musse's who in turn have a giant eagle colors reversed from the Court/Covert eagle. Let the music begin. Although pro-vaxxer hypocritters are loath to admit that they were accomplices to vaccine murders and illnesses, many of them will ignore their ignorance to quietly join law suits due to their being hurt by vaccines.

After Miss Muschatov and I parted ways, we were talking on the phone, and she told me she almost choked on a chicken bone. I'll come back to Choke's, but let's start with Chickens, first found in Suffolk with STARlings/StarLINCKs, what looks like God's pointer to Elon Musk's Starlink satellites. Stars have a chevron-with-items in colors reversed from the Chicken chevron-with-items. The Star Crest has a cat looking much like the Mosca cat/leopard (I don't know which it is).

The Checks/Chicks (Oxfordshire with Love's/Luffs) share the red formee-FITCHee of Love's/Luffs who in turn were kin of Muscats/Musks, both once said to be first found in Suffolk with Chickens and Starlincks. It's incredible.

The Choke's (Berkshire, beside Oxfordshire) look like kin of both English Pasleys (Berkshire) and Amore's / Damorys/Amori's, the latter two first found in Oxfordshire too. The triple fesses of Choke's are shared by Love's/Luffs and Pasleys in colors reversed, and triple chevrons in the same colors are with Muschats/MontFITCHets, first found in Essex with leopard-face Fitch's, and Chicks/Chichs. I'm not making it up, she told me she almost choked on a chicken bone, and Bone-branch Bonns were first found in Oxfordshire while Bone's were first found in Sussex with Diane's/Dene's.

It now gets incredibly incredible where English Judge's, first found in Warwickshire, share a green chevron with Chickens, and then apply the Fitch leopard faces upon that chevron. Then, the Warwicks share the Chick/Chick Coat, and both Warwicks and English Judge's use the axe. Aside from colors, the Judge arm-and-axe is the Cove/COVIT arm-and-axe, and Arme's/Harms share a lone besant with Class'/Klassens.

We saw Lady Fortune play into the glass on Diane's window, and here we can go to the "fortuna" motto term of Mole-related Schims/Schiens (share Glass / Gleason stars). The Shake's/Shicks use mole hills, as well as the Chicken chevron. And the "phoenix" in the Mole Crest, along with the "FOENus" motto term, speaks to the phone that we were on when she told me about the chicken bone, for Phone's/Fiens/Fane's are expected as a branch of Phoenix's/Fenwicks, the latter first found in Northumberland with Laws who in turn almost have the Coat of Vaux's/Fanns/Vance's who were in turn first found in East Lothian with Fortune's. Shake's/Shicks don't use moles alone but mole hills, and Hills have an "AVANCEz" motto, like the "avance" motto term of Actions.

Actions share the erect sword with Schim-branch Skeens/Skins/Scans, and the latter two were first found in Aberdeenshire with the Banners in the "banner" around Lady Fortune in the Class Coat. CLASS ACTION. Aberdeenshire is where Bane's/Beans were first found who share the cat of Chives' (Tarves of Aberdeenshire). French Banns/Bannes' happen to share the Coat of MusCHATs/MontFITCHhets, first found in Essex with the Mountains in the Chives mountain cats.

FITCHee-using Tarves' have a vertically-split Shield in colors reversed from the same of the Tromp and Fauci Shields, and then Tarves-like Traves'/Travers almost have the Coat of Irish Judge's. The latter's "proVIDEntia" motto term can be part-code for Vido's, first found in Tarvisium/Treviso. Traves'/Travers (Buckley and Buckle colors and format) share the motto of Buckleys (Cheshire, beside Traves'/Travers), and Starlings/Starlincks use buckles, and Buckle's have what looks like a cat in Crest (at houseofnames, cat tails are different from lion tails).

Aberdeenshire is not only where Skins/Scans were first found who can point to 666 scanning machines, but where Buckle-loving Leslie's were first found who have a round-buckle Coat version of the Starlings/Starlincks (Suffolk with Buckle's and Chickens). Is God trying to tell us here that Elon Musk will be involved with the 666 system? He has admitted his purchase of Twitter in order to get many to buy and sell using its future "everything app." "...Musk's ambition for an 'everything app', one which integrates all types of communications, and the financial world, into one platform." Big spy system, lots of money to be had sharing personal information; lots of tyranny to be had. Why do Chicken-connectable Stars use a human eye?

In fact, I now recall telling that SATELLite-like Settle's (Lancashire with Seats/Seets and Traves'/Travers) share the green lozenges upon the Star chevron. The lozenges are all that Settle's show. While Sattle's are listed with Satlers, Sadlers were first found in Wiltshire with Stars. Sattle's/Satlers even have the Seaton/Sitten crescents upside-down, and the "FORward" motto term of Seatons can bring us to Fore's/Forez's who have a "Travers" motto term.

Stars come up as "Stairr" while Stairs/Stayers were first found in Kent with Masons/Massins (share Glass mermaid) and Louvains/LOVEns; the latter two share the Saddler Coat. Love's/Luffs (Muscat/Musk kin) share the Check/Chick fitchee. Kent is also where Choke-branch CHALKs and CHAUCers were first found, wherefore be on the look-out for some cake.

The "forWARD" motto term of Seatons can take us to the Irish Wards sharing the three crowns of Corons/Corona's, first found in Cheshire with Breaths/Breads in the Seaton dragon said to be "breathing" fire. CAKEbreads (Cambridgeshire with Muscats/Musks) share the fleur of German Banners feasibly in the banner of Lady Fortune. Banns share the Muschat/Montfitchet Coat. Lady Fortune in the Class Coat, wherefore: is this set of heraldry pointing to class action law suits?

Irish Wards were first found in Galway with the Lynch's/Linch's, and then Lings/Lyngs were first found in Suffolk with Starlings/Starlincks, and with the Tigers linkable to Teague's/Teegers (Galway). Cheaters/Chaters, found above with the "luCEAT" motto term of Kennys (Galway), were first found in Somerset with the Bridge's in the Galway Coat, and moreover "Fortune" is in the motto of Cheaters/CHATers (kin of Keith-related McKinneys). Fortune's were first found in East Lothian with Seatons and Keith CATTi, and it just so happens that Glass' were first found in Buteshire with the Kims sharing the McKinney and Cheater/Chater cinquefoil. Glass action law suits coming for Lady Fortune.

Hagars share the Kate/KATTERbeck hexagram, a super reason for tracing tribes from "Keturah" to Catter-like surnames. Cutters (Dorset, beside Cheaters/Chaters) share the dragon (different colors) with Seatons/Sittens. Recall how Milcah-like MilliKENs looked like they married Seaton-connectable Kens. The Chief-Shield colors of Kate's/Katterbechs is shared with shark-using Valients; both Coats have a gold, blank Chief.

Cheaters/Chaters share the cinquefoil of Lords/Lauds in the Glasgow motto, and while Ladys/Laudymans were first found in NorthAMPTONshire, Amptons share the other Cheater/Chater cinquefoil. The Lord/Laud pheons can be linked to the Nair pheons where the Glass' and Nairs (Perthshire with Hagars and Sutys) share the mermaid in Crest. The Lets/Late's in the Glasgow motto were first found in Gloucestershire with Seaton- and Suty-beloved Hazards and Grave's/Greafs/Griffs, and Sutys were first found near the first-known SUITs/Suters! get a load of that, because Sutys (might be using a form of the SANTis/Santo fesses) were first found in Perthshire with the SANDmans sharing lady fortune with Klassens'/Class'!!! Knock-knock, who's there? Class action law sutys.

Let's/Late's can be linked to Letters who in turn have the giant griffin of Aliotto's, and then Leto's/Alitto's (Ferrara, politically involved with Este) have a giant crane in the same colors. Samuel Alito is, I think, the de-facto head judge on the supreme court for the Conservative side.

The DeSantis' show six fessewise bars, partially in blue along with the six fessewise bars of Sutys, and Ron DeSantis, the Florida governor, is working toward what looks like a ban of COVID vaccines, meaning that Florida can become the perfect place for class-action law suits...if DeSantis and his attorney general are good enough to give up some of the Florida treasury to vaccine victims. We shall see how he behaves in this sacrificial task at hand. The DeSantis' share the Doria and Tromp eagle, and even use it giantly in the top half of the Shield, as do COURTs/Coverts!!!

Plus, Rons essentially have the Action Coat! RON DeSantis. Lawyers/Layerds have two on the Ron fesses. I am not familiar with Lawyers/LAYERds, but as they share the double Sleep fesses, note that Sleeps came to topic with Sleeping Beauty LAYing on her back while hovering in the air. I woke her when touching her leg, and Leghs/LEIGH's/LAYs/LEE's (Cheshire with Actions) can apply here, especially as a resolution to ban vaccinations came from LEE county (Florida)!

Layers also tell of a Leire location in Leicestershire, at/near the LEGro river, and Leicestershire is where Keatons were first found who share the black leopard face with Hovers/Hoffers. Cheaters/Chaters were first found in Somerset with the LEVELs/Leavells, BACKs, and Coffers. She was hovering LEVEL on her BACK, and Backs share the giant eagle of Face-connectable Doria's while I was standing at the door of her car as she hovered within it, over the SEATs. Beautys (DORset with Soars) are linkable to the Coat of Walerans, from Waleran de Leavell, and the Legro river has also been the Soar. Soars happen to share the Leighton/Leyton quadrants, and probably the Legro lion too.

Miss Hicks is a singer, and the Lee-county resolution was from Joe Sonsone while Sonsone's have a SonSING/SonSANG variation. Hicks are said to have had a Low LEIGHTon location in Essex, and while Essex's share the Sonsone eagle, the latter's is the Coat of Italian Este's while English Este's were first found in Essex too! Wow. English Este's look linkable to the horse of English Layers/Leyre's! There seems to be something here of importance in punishing the vaccine goons. Layers/Leyre's even tell of Layer location in Essex.

Oh wow. French Liers/Layre's, in Layer/Leyre colors, share the Coat of Irish Judge's who in turn have an "est" motto term! Liers/Layre's (VYCHAN/Vaughn colors an format) were in Dol while Rons almost have the Dol Coat. English Judge's look linkable to Fitch's, first found in Essex with Muschats/MontFitchets.

It appears that Sleeping Beauty was hovering in a lay-down position for all of these apparent pointers to vaccine-related law suits. Florida's/Fleurs (version of Flore Coat?) use vair fur while Vere's/Vairs were first found in Essex. Mosca's were first found in Tuscany with FLOREnce.

In keeping that Sleeping Beauty -- Mrs. Kilpatrick -- points to the lines of Abraham, we first find that the Leghs have a lion in the colors of the two of Bramtons, first found in Norfolk with the Patricks who in turn share the saltire of Scottish Kilpatricks (CUSHions), the latter first found in Dumfries with the Leggs who almost have the Trump Coat. I touched her knee in particular because Knee's and Trumps can be linked to Tromp-beloved Acorns, and Downs. I was trying to kiss her awake at the time, and Kiss'/CUSH's were first found in Leicestershire with the Legro river.

"LUCEat" (of the Kennys) must be part-code for the Luce's (fish), first found in Norfolk with cat-using Keiters/Keats, Cattans and Catch's/Cathers (all three show cats). It just so happens that Lucca's use the cat while Lucca is beside Pisa, and the horizontally-split Pisa Coat is colors reversed from the same of Cheaters/Chaters. The Lucca area is the earliest-known origins of the house of Canossa, and the latter's upright dog is the one also of Fortuna's/Fortune's (Tuscany) who are in the "Fortune" motto term of Cheaters/Chaters.

Luce's use pike fish (as do Geddes' or NAIRnshire) while Pike's, first found in Devon with Kens (and Gates), share the trefoils of Ice's/Ecco's/Icke's, the latter first found in Mecklenburg with Kate's/Katterbecks. Norfolk is also where Abram-like Bramtons were first found, important where/if cat-liners were from "Keturah." Cat-using Croms, once said to be first found in Berkshire with Catters, share three white cinquefoils with McKinneys and Kims. Berks have another cat.

As Shark-branch Saraca's s were at Kotor, recall the shark of the Sleeping Beauty dream, because it appeared in a kidney-shaped swimming pool. While Pools were first found in Dorset with Cutters, Kidneys/GEDneys have fish in colors reversed from the Ged pike fish, and the Ged motto, "DuRAT," can be for the Dure's, first found in Perthshire with Hagars (share Rad / Katterbeck hexagram), and then the Rats/RAIDs were first found in Nairnshire with Geddes'. Gates' look like kin of English Doors/Dorrs, a possible Dure branch. I'm seeing Bill Gates in the kidney-shaped pool.

The Kidney/Gedney fish is the blue one of Hagens, first found in Tyrone with Sharks. As said many times, the saltire-by-fish of Kidneys/Gedneys is in the colors of the Nagle/Neil/Nail saltire, and Irish Neils/O'Nails were first found in Tyrone with Sharks. I've explained many times how the lozenges of Irish Nagle's (nightinGALE) are traceable to the giant lozenge of Doria-connectable Fauci's. Two rats (Gates and Fauci) in the kidney-shaped pool into which Trump, as the bulldog, jumped. Jumps (Yorkshire with Nagle-beloved Gale's) share the Trump stag head, and Tromps were Fauci and Doria kin.

Dure's share the Coat of Sallow-like Saluzzo's and Cluns (Perthshire with Dure's), and Clun is a location in Shropshire, where Swallow-branch Sallows were first found. The shark half-swallowed the stupid and foolish bulldog. Swallows were first found in Lincolnshire with Kidneys/Gedneys, and I've heard often that Remdesivir, pushed by Trump, kills people by ruining their kidneys. Hahns (Trump and Kate/Katterbeck colors and format) were first found in Mecklenburg with Trumps and Kate's/Katterbecks.

In his own words by Donald Trump:

...Iím pleased to announce that Gilead now has an EUA from the FDA for REMDESIVIR [caps mine]. And you know what that is because thatís been the hot thing also in the papers and in the media for the last little while. An important treatment for hospitalized coronavirus patients. And itís something ó I spoke with Dr. HAHN and Dr. Fauci; I spoke with Deborah about it. And itís ó itís really a very promising situation.

When Trump supposedly got a dose of COVID, he reported the use of Remdesivir at that time, but I have my grave doubts that he took it. I'd rather believe that he was advertising the product so that you might take it and destroy your body in some way.

Go Sansone

From an article dated February 24 of this year: "Yes, you heard that correctly. Based on a majority vote, the [Lee county Republican] Party has passed a so-called 'Ban the jab' resolution that will now go to the desk of Florida Governor Ron DeSantis (R) for his consideration." The ban-the-jab resolution was put forward by Joe Sansone, and Sansone's/SanSONGs/SanSINGs (share Este / Aquila Coat) almost have the giant eagle of Sans'/Sanches'/SANGuez's. The giant Sansone eagle is almost the one of Jeepma's/JABBE's!!! They are both in the colors of the DeSantis eagle!!!

The same eagle (with one head) could be the black one in the Crest of Voters/Gothie's, sharing the JOSEPH martlet, because Goths/Gothels share the Jeepma/Jabbe hexagram. The "CHACun" motto term of Voters/Gothie's can be code for the Choke/Chock / Chaucer / Chalk bloodline. Note the ChichESTers, sharing the stork in Crest with Choke's. Muschatov almost choked on the chicken bone, and Banns share the Muschat Coat! Knock-knock, who's there? JOSEPH Sansone of bann-the-jabbes.

Jeepma's/Jabbe's were first found in OLDENburg while Oldens have the Coat of Checks/Chicks/Chacks (Oxfordshire Muscat-related Love's/Luffs) in colors reversed. Olden-like Oltens/Oldhams use the owl while Owls/Howls were first found in Suffolk with Chickens, and early Muscats/Musks, kin of Check-linkable Love's/Luffs. Muschatov's antenna can point to Towers (Lancashire with Oltens/Oldhams) who are in turn said to be fundamental with LOFwicks/Lovicks. Tower-branch Tours were first found in Languedoc with Banns/Banes'. English Thors/Tours share the Howell Coat in colors reversed. Banns/Banes' can be of the BANESters (Lancashire), who were at Preston while Prestons (Lancashire with Preston) share the double Muscat/Musk fesses.

Italian NarBONNE's share the Tour tower, and the lion of North's, first found in Sussex with BONE's. Bone-branch Bunns were first found in Oxfordshire with Checks/Chicks. Bunnys are in the colors and format of Rabbits (Suffolk again, with Sone's/Soams). Why should choking on a chicken BONE point to Joe Sansone's anti-vaccine effort? Does God know that COVID is a chicken flu? French Narbonne's were first found in Languedoc with Tours and Narbonne.

The DeSantis Coat looks related to Fountains/Fonts and their Hug/Hughes kin, and the latter were first found in Languedoc too, with Font-de-Ville's. Fountains/Fonts and Hugs/Hughes' both share the Bone / Bunn lion, in the colors of the Narbonne / North lions. Fontana's share the DeSantis eagle.

Italian Narbonne's are very interesting for being first found in Naples, near the first-known Aquila's who are in the colors and format of the Tour tower! I bought my JEEP from Joe DeSimone, who told me he was from Benevento, and that's where Aquila's were first found who share the Sansone Coat exactly!!!!!! My Jeep appears arranged for me by God to point to Sansone's law suit hoping to compel Ron DeSantis to ban vaccinations. Joe DeSimone lived in Seguin at the time, and Seguins (Narbonne colors) were first found in Languedoc.

I've just noted that the Knocks/Knox's, sharing the falcon with Sone's/Soams, have theirs standing on what could be a stick, interesting where Sings/Songs share the Stick sheaves. Sonsone's are also SonSings/SonSangs. Then, the Sone's/Soams have what looks like a Seguin variation: "Soham is also a small town in Cambridgeshire that has a similar lineage that dates back to before the Domesday Book. For it is here that Saegham was listed c. 1100". German Sangs/Singers have a bear likely of the Bears / Berrys, first found in Devon with Sings/Songs, Chichesters, and SEAGars (share green snake with Chichesters). German Seagars even share the Sans/Sanguez eagle, which is almost the Sansone eagle.

Sing-like Sinks were first found in Cambridgeshire, and as one of my tasks for receiving Joe's Jeep, I replaced his bathroom sink. The deal was to rip out the entire bathroom, re-do it, and I would get the Jeep plus $1,000.

I kid you not, the wife of Joe DeSimone had a karaoke machine, and I was SINGING to it one day (or two) along with her! This was during the two weeks I stayed the nights in their home because I was re-doing the bathroom (I was no longer renting their apartment). The only song I can recall singing on the machine, which I'm sure was my last song, was Desperado from the Eagles. The Eagle's/Hegels were first found in Lincolnshire with Aquila-like Keele's/Kills and Cheile's!

[Insert -- Didn't know until a couple of hours after writing here that Simon- / Sinsone-like Simsons have a Desperado-like "despeRANDum" motto term. Rands/Rynds/Rance's are excellent here because St. Malo is at the RANCE river, and buckle-using French Mallets are also Malo's while English Mallets, sharing the scallops of Rand-branch Rinds, were first found in Suffolk with Buckle's and mallet-using Sone's/Soams. The same scallops are used by SONNYs/Stoneys/Staneys who are in turn mainly in the colors and format of buckle-using Leslie's and Stanleys (Cambridgeshire with Rance-like Rench's).

Moreover, Rands/Rynds/Rance's share the giant Legh/LEE lion while: "...a member of the Lee County Republican Party wrote a resolution for the executive committee to consider. Joe Sansone argued the risks of the COVID vaccine are not worth it." Leftist media has, of course, demonized Sansone (lives in Lee county). End insert]

Cheile's share the bend of Esters/Sturs/Esturmys while English Sturs have the triple fesses, in colors reversed, of the Camera's/Camerons who in turn have a "cheile" motto term. Store's share the stork with ChichESTERs, and while Sturs share triple-red fesses with Storms, the latter share the triple fesses (both colors) of Check/Chick-related Love's/Luffs. The point here can be that L'Aquila liners were related both to Este's and Esters / Sturs. L'Aquila is where Chiava's were first found while Chives' have the Keele quadrants in colors reversed.

I've told many times of the occasion, while in the home of Keele-like Kelly, a couple of months before I dated Miss Muschatov, that I picked up a Bible, asked God whether I would be a singer, and opening the Bible, I put down my finger blindly. It landed in Isaiah exactly where it says, "you shall have a song." I was dating Kelly, and her father was a song writer, believe this story or not. Nobody was watching me at the time. Something entered me to ask this thing of God with the full intention of pointing blindly into Kelly's Bible sitting on the coffee table.

Kellys (Aquila colors) even have a different-colors version of the Abreu/Abruzzo Coat to help indicate that Keele's and Cheile's were from L'Aquila (Abruzzo capital). Now I know that God set up Mrs. DeSimone with the singing machine for to point to Joe Sinsone. Simsons may even have been a Simon branch.

I've said a few times that Joe and his Filipino wife bought into a chicken-egg farm (!) in the Philippines. For example, here's from the 4th update in January, 2021: "Another surname using the Eggerton lion is the DeSimone's, the surname of an old landlord who got financially involved in an egg factory in the Philippines with his Filipino wife."

So, the you-SHALL-have-a-song miracle appears to be pointing to class-action law suits in general, or to some in Florida that will begin others all over the place, or to Sonsone's ban-the-jab movement. Shalls/Schalls (Rhineland with SALome's) even have the Table Coat, essentially, and the Bible was on the table. Shalls/Schalls and Table's share the blue roundel with Bann-like Benns/Bends, and with German Eggs/Eggertons. English Eggs use a giant eagle.

While English Este's have a "J'AVANCE" motto term, Salome's and Vaux's/VANCE's have a Coat like the one of Laws, and, unbelievably, Laws share the red rooster with Bible's/Bibo's and Kiss'/Cush's! English Vaux's share the checkered Shield of ChichESTers. There must be an egg under the Bible/Bibo "cushion."

The Bible/Bibo write-up tells that they were using the symbol of Hann-branch Hahns, and the latter's giant rooster is in Sansone / Aquila / Trump colors and format. Hahns were first found in Mecklenburg with Trumps and Egg-connectable Ice's/Ecco's/Icke's (giant eagle).

I've told that my Jeep is red, as was the Jeep of an old friend, Paul Smith of Vaughn, 40 years ago. English Smiths are in Vaughn colors and format, and Vaughns are the ones with a vaccine-like Vychan variation. Smith's use a so-called "fish" in Crest, and Vaughns essentially share the Fish Coat. Fish's use the tiger while Tigers were first found in Suffolk with the Sone's/Soams who may have named SanSONE's.

Sansone's/Sansangs are in Moody colors and format, and Ms. Moody is the attorney general for Florida. She would fight against class-action law suits, I assume, unless Florida welcomes them. I assume that DeSantis would decide whether or not to welcome them. How will Trump weigh in?

Moodys have a wolf head in Crest likely as code for Este-related Welfs, and the Sansone/Sansang Coat happens to be the one of Italian Este's, shared by Scottish Bars who can point to the lawyer's bar. This eagle is shared by Phones'/Fauns, first found in Devon with Sings/Singers whose brown horse head once showed in black in the Crest of English Este's. Fens/Fanns/Venns, who came to topic initially with the FENCE at the home of Diane Muschatov, were first found in Devon too.

If Moody resists the law suits, they could go soon-after to the supreme court of the United States.

Reported some 15 months ago: "Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis said he plans to petition the stateís Supreme Court to convene a grand jury to investigate 'any and all wrongdoing' with respect to the Covid-19 vaccines." That was before he campaigned against Trump for the White House. I wonder what's become of the Florida effort.

Headline October, 2023: "Florida settles COVID-19 lawsuit; will start sharing weekly virus data". However, the article opens with: "Two years after Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis' administration was sued [by a liberal] for not sharing information on the spread of COVID-19, the case is now settled and the state will again have to start providing weekly virus updates to an online dashboard." Why would DeSantis fail to be transparent? I suppose it's because he doesn't want class-action law suits to dwindle the Florida treasury.

Pepin Origins

I'm quite confident that the Merovingian Franks were from or to Maruvium in central Italy, land of the Marsi. Note how the Marici co-founders of Pavia/PAPia may have been a Pepin-related Marsi branch. The Marici-like Marks share the border of Biggs while Begga was the daughter of Pepin of Landen, a sub-ruler of the Merovingians. Pepins have an "est" motto term, and the horse heads of English Este's, and then Biggs and Marks were first found in Essex with English Bigods, and with English Este's while Italian Este's share the Aquila Coat. French Bigods/BiGOTs were first found in Ile-de-France with Levi's and Caiaphas-like Chappes'. BaGOTs use a GOAT head.

This brings me back to L'Aquila, seven miles from the home village of my mother and a certain Pepin. I was either born in the home of this Pepin, or my parents moved into the home shortly after, for they shared the house. If L'Aquila was not a part of Maruvium, it was right beside it. As my mother's Maiden name is Grimaldi, by what coincidence do Bags share the Grimaldi Shield?

As my mother is a Masci on her mother's side, by what coincidence were Bagleys first found in Shropshire with the Meschins who in turn share the scallops of BEGINs and Flags/Flacks (Norfolk with Bags)? Meschins ruled Cheshire (beside Shropshire), home of Hamon de Masci who himself oversaw a Bagley location there. More scallops are with French Bigots.

Prime minister of Israel, Menachem BEGIN, suddenly looks like a Merovingian Pepin, but more than that, Pepins use only five scallops, and in the positions of the five keys of Italian Sheaves'/Chiava's, first found in L'Aquila. The latter is the capital of Hebrew-suspect Abruzzo, and while Italian Abruzzo's are listed with Abreu's, Portuguese Abreu's use only five wings in the positions of the five keys and scallops above. The Masci's, first found in Piedmont with scallop-using Italian Pavia's, share the gold wing with Portuguese Abreu's...all begging whether Mr. Begin's ancestry was from Hebrews of Abruzzo.

The black L'Aquila eagle can be in the Popley Coat because Popleys are in Bessin colors and format while Meschins were from the Bessin. Bessens are also Besants, and there's a besant between white wings in the Crest of Baggens/Beagans/Behans. Masci's use the white wing too, and moreover Masci-branch Masseys share the quadrants of English Besants.

English Besants were first found in London with Caiaphas-like Capes' who in turn share the Tailbois and Pavia scallops. Ranulph le Meschin (ruler in Cheshire) married Lucy Taillebois. The Sheaves'/CHIAVA's/Chiapponi's are themselves suspect from Joseph Caiaphas (chief priest of Israel), and while he's expected to have been a Levite by blood, Laevi Gauls were co-founders of Pavia/Papia.

Popleys were first found in Yorkshire with early Meschins of Skipton, and with Pavia-like Pavers who in turn share the lozenges of Caiaphas-like Chaffs; they are blue lozenges shared also with Bagleys. The latter were first found in Dorset with Chaffins who in turn have a giant dog often called a "talbot," and here one can glean that Talbots (Shropshire with Meschins) were related to Lucy Taillebois. Chaffs share the Capes Chief-Shield colors. The Coat of Talbots (Lincolnshire with Antons) looks very related to the one of Biggs who in turn share the red leopard face of English Antons. Bagots share a white goat head in Crest with these Antons.

German Antons show only three mallets, as do English Martels (Essex with Biggs and Marks) in different colors, and while English Mallets were first found in Suffolk with English Charles' and Carlsons, Charles MARTEL, founder of a French dynasty prior to the CAPETian dynasty, descended from Merovingian Pepins. Capes' list Capets. French Charles' share the Pavia MARTLets, tending to clinch the Marici as Marsi of Maruvium. French Mars/More's/Mere's (share a Pavia scallop) have scallops in half the colors of the Mallet scallops, and Mallets share the French Bigot scallops while English Bigots were first found in Essex with Marks, and with the Rams in the Bagley Crest.

Next, let's go to Khazar suspects because the ruling king-priests of Khazars were "Jewish." Their king-priests were called, kagans, and Jewish Kagans are listed with Cohens while German Cohens and Hohens have full Shields covered in checks in the colors of the checkered fesses of French and Jewish Marks/Marx's. This could make it appear that the Khazar rulers were from the Laevi and Marici (predated Khazars by many centuries).

Popley-like Pepoli's share a Shield filled with black checks with Beggers/BEGENsteins/Begets (Hamburg with Bugs), and Popoli's, first found in CAMPania with Aquila's, have a giant letter on their Coat, as do Beggs (not the same letter). CAMPs were first found in Warwickshire with Pavia's, Bagots and Ardens. Bagots, said to be from Artois, were also first found in Staffordshire with Pipe's and Arrows/Arras' (Pepin and Pipe fleur in colors reversed), and Arras is the Artois capital not far from Landen.

Bagots and Ardens are in the same colors and format, and Ardens remind that I trace Arduinici Illyrians to Artemidoros, a king of Galatia i.e. where Gauls founded Galatians. This is how the Laevi and Marici Gauls (about 300 BC in Italy) may have become Galatians en-route to the Israeli priesthood (many centuries before Khazars). Galatia-like surnames (such as Galli's and Gallus') share the rooster with Landens. Pepin of Landen.

ArtemiDOROS looks like the ancestor of the Doria's (Genova with Grimaldi's) who share the giant and black eagle of German Marks. Doria's had married Arden-like Arduinici of IVREA, though they both lived in Oneglia. The Laevi-like Leavells were at YVERY, you see, so that Laevi Gauls can be suspect at Ivrea, which is on the Bautica river along with Chiava-like Chivasso (Piedmont with Pavia's). Ardens and Pavia's are in the colors of Turins, and while Chivasso is near Turin, Turins were first found in Aberdeenshire with CHIVES' of Tarves. Compare Aberdeen" with KABARDINO, that latter being a Caucasian region of the Khazars.

Kabars made up about a third of the first Hungarians, who were from the Khazar allies, Magyars. While English majors are Magors too, Spanish Majors share the Pepoli / Begger/Begenstein Shield. Spanish Majors were first found in Navarre while Novara (Piedmont with Pavia's) was another home of Pavia's Laevi Gauls.

It's known that, when the Varangians conquered Khazaria, many Khazar "Jews" escaped to Hungary. Leslie's, whom I trace to Lesce, were Hungarians who settled Aberdeenshire, and the Drummond Hungarians can be traced to German Drummonds, first found in Hamburg with the Beggers/Begensteins (Cohen-connectable) sharing the Pepoli Shield. Popoli's are also PopuLESCHi's, and Lesks were first found in Berkshire with English Sheaves'/SHAWs ("qui" motto term) while Lesce is on the SAVE/Sava river. Popoli-like Popleys were first found in Yorkshire with the Keys in the Coat of Italian Sheaves'/Chiava's. As Case's look like Leslie Kin, Case's may have been from a variation of "Khazar."

By their Coats, French Bigots look like Mellan kin (both first found in Ile-de-France), and Mellansons with Milans/Millens were first found in Aberdeenshire. Meanwhile, Milan is near Pavia/Papia.

Back to English Pavia's and Ardens nearly sharing Coats, both first found in Staffordshire with Pipe's (share Pepin Coat), and with Bassets having a motto term suspect as code for Popoli's / Pepoli's. Bassets share the Coat of Scottish Drummonds, first found in Perthshire with Scottish Shaws and Galatia-like Galts. The latter's "Patentia" motto term can take us to Patents/Pattens (Essex with Marks, Biggs and Este's) whose Shield is almost the one of Beggers/Begensteins and Pepoli's. We can even add that the Schole's/Scayle's, sharing the Patent/Patten Shield, were first found in Yorkshire with the Popleys who in turn are in the colors and format of the Scottish Patents/Putins. The latter's flames can take us to Scottish Flemings, first found in Lanarkshire with the Flemish Biggars.

NEW! Back to MENACHem Begin, for Spanish Mena's/Menchaca's have a border in the colors and format of English Marks and Biggs! It reminds of the Manet motto term in the Arms of L'Aquila, and that Manets/Manez's have a giant eagle in the colors of the L'Aquila eagle.

Back to Spanish Majors of Navarre, for Navarre's happen to share the border, and probably the wolves, of Mena's/Menchaca's.

The Maness-branch Mens' are in the Pepin and Poppin/Popham mottoes, and the latter were first found in Hampshire with the Checkers sharing the Coat of German Cohens, and with Chace's/Chase's in case the latter were from Khazars who then branched into Checkers and later married Cohens. Chace-branch Chance's were first found in Essex, yet the French Chance's, in the colors and format of English Chance's (share Maschi Chief), were first found in Savoy with Manets/Manez's (and Masseys)!

Checks/Chicks (not "Checker") share the three CRESCENTs of Beggs, and while the latter were first found in Inverness-shire with Grands, Creights/Craiths, and Gows/McGoo's, the latter were related to Locks, first found in Burgundy with French Grands and CRESSENTs/Crets (and Cressys). Chichesters (share stork with Choke's/Chocks) share the Paver checks. That can be a trace of Begga of Pepin to Pavia along with Khazar suspects.

In this way, Jewish Kagans/Cohens can be of the Popham bloodline out of Pavia, for while Men's share a "God" motto term with SUNs/Sinclairs (Midlothian with Mens'), Kagans/Cohens and French Chance's use the sun. The Coat of Pophams looks related to the one of the Keith Catti (East Lothian), from the Chatti of Hesse, and Hesse's use a giant sun. Popleys were first found in Yorkshire with Keith-branch Caddys. I had read from someone that Chatti named Caithness, and that's where Budge's/Buge's were first found while Baggers/Baghots are also Badge's.

Khazar-like Catters/Cathers were first found in Berkshire with Sheaves'/Shaws and Bicks/Bickers. The latter share the stag heads of Poppins/Pophams, and Baggers/Baghots (Yorkshire with Popleys) are in Bick/Bicker (and Case) colors and format. Baggers/Baghots share the eagles of Diss'/Dice's suspect in the motto of Case's (Norfolk with Baggins'/Bags). Budgets/Buckets could have been a branch of French Buckets in turn having the Baggins'/Bag cinquefoils in colors reversed.

Budge's/Buge's may have the lion in the Arms of Brixia because Brecons share the Budget/Bucket Coat, and because Brix's have lozenges looking linkable to those of Bagleys and Chaffs (Dorset with Bugs). I had read that Eburovices, namers of Abreu-line Evreux, were in Brixia, which explains why Bruce's (Brusi) have a lion in the colors of the Arms-of-Brescia lion where "Brusi" looks to be from the Abrussi peoples of Abruzzo.

Brix's are also Brisons while Scottish Brisons, sharing the Tease/Tess saltire, were first found in Berwickshire, near the Tees river. Brice's, sharing the Scottish Bruce Coat plus, look like kin of Justine's, from Justine of Picenum, near L'Aquila. The Tite variation of Tate's'/Teets (Berwickshire) could be in the "justitia" motto term of Brice's, especially as Tite's/Tate's/Teets share the Coat of Annandale's (Brison saltire in colors reversed) while it's known that Bruce's use the Annandale Coat on a gold Shield for a related reason. English Tate's were first found in Suffolk with Bruce-branch Brush's/Brusche's. One can take this picture to Galatia's lake Tatta, and then Justine's were first found in Perthshire with Galts.

Annandale (home of Bruce's) is in Dumfries with the first-known Patents/Putins (Popley colors and format) while Patents/Pattens share the Shield of Schole's/SCAYLE's (Yorkshire with Tees river and Popleys)...which can explain the SCALES of justice shared between Brise's and Justine's. Scale's share a Pavia / Capes scallop.

The reason I've included this section is to begin pondering whether modern Israel was founded by Hebrew elements in the Pepins, all descended from Abruzzo's Marsi and Joseph Caiaphas. It does appear that Begin (prime minister starting in 1977) could descend from that picture.

Baggins'/Bags (not "Baggin"), sharing "est" with Pepins, were first found in Norfolk with the Flags/Flecks in turn sharing the Begin scallops. Baggins'/Bags share two white wings in Crest with Baggens/Beagans/Behans, and the latter have a lone chevron in the colors of the only-show-a-chevron Tiss'/Teese's (Hampshire with Poppins/Pophams), suspect with Tease's/Tess' from the Tessin river through Pavia. Early Popleys were at least near the Tees river of Yorkshire.

As Baggins'/Bags share the Grimaldi Shield while royal Grimaldi's were in MONACO, compare with "Menachem." PilGRIMs (staves), first found in Norfolk with Baggins'/Bags, have the "pilgrim's staves" of Hawks, the latter first found in Hampshire too. Stave's are staffs, and Staffs/Staffords show only a red chevron, the color of the Tiss/Teese and Baggen/Beagan chevron. The staves of Hawks are purple, as is the throne of Grimaldi's of Monaco. Staffordshire is where Arrows/Arras' were first found who share the fleur-de-lys of Hawkins (FIVE fleur-de-lys).

It just so happens that Spanish Santiago's have more staves, as well as sharing the five Begin scallops in other colors! It reminds that Spanish Santis' have, in colors reversed, the Coat of German Drummonds (Hamburg with Beggers/Begensteins). Suns/Sinclairs are also Saints, and they share the cross of Compo's, first found in Normandy with the Mars/More's/Mere's in turn having the Santiago scallops in colors reversed. Scottish Mars (Yorkshire), suspect from Mars of KilDRUMMy, have the Jewish Levi Coat in other colors. Scottish Mars, with nearly the Brunswick Coat, share a brown Crest with Browns/Bruns, and then the Barr's of Brunswick were of the house of Este, founded by Azzo of Fermo (see Assi scales), suspect in the "ferme" motto term of Squirrels.

Stave's are listed with Stevensons whose other branch is in the colors and format of squirrel-using Valentins. Wing-line Vinkovci was home to Valentinian I, husband of Justine of PICENum, and my mother was born and raised in PINCENze (not far from Picenum). Steins (Norfolk with Baggins'/Bags and Pilgrims), a Stevenson branch, can thus be suspect in the BegenSTEIN variation of Beggers, and then German Steins use a giant white goat to match the white goat head of Bagots. English Steins were a branch of Stains/Stants suspect in the motto of Case's (Norfolk with Steins).

Scottish Marrs named Marr at TICKhill, and while that's at least near the Tees river, Tease's/Tess' are also Tecks. Marr is in West Yorkshire with same-colored, early Marsdens ("es" motto term) who in turn have a white unicorn heads that can go to the white Pepin / Este horse heads. Marsdens look related to the Coat of English Pigeons, not only because these Pigeons were early in Lancashire with a Marsden location, but because French Pigeons were first found in Normandy with Mars/More's/Mere's. Pigeon-using Crapps/Crappers were first found in Lancashire with Marsdens.

Smug ArriveCAN Owners in Parliament

After resisting for a long time, the owner of GC Strategies was forced to come to a parliamentary committee at the pain of arrest, and he showed up. Take note, American congress. Plus, when he, Mr. Firth, refused to answer a question, the committee chair told him that he was required to answer any question that does not compromise a police investigation. But in the American congress, anytime a guilty witness says he can't answer a question for the sake of not compromising an FBI investigation, the Republicans let him off the hook easily.

Firth refused to answer a question, saying it was from the advice of his lawyer(s), and this is a red flag screaming that he's protecting people in the trudeau government. The question he refused to answer is: who did you work with, or sit down with, to discuss the obtainment and details of the government contract? It's an easy and acceptable question that cannot compromise an investigation because it asks only for the names, not the details to be hashed out in an investigation. It may even be that Firth does not want to mention the names because the Royal Police have decided not to question one or more of these people. This all stinks, and Firth has incriminated himself, almost certainly.

The committee person (Kelly Block) who asked the question let him off the hook, saying she'll return to it. She went on to inquire about other people he was involved with, but he again refused to tell the committee, saying he'd like to do so off-camera. That wouldn't be required if there's been no corruption. In fact, if there's been no corruption, the best way to clear all involved of perceived guilt is NOT to withhold their names from the public. Like, duh, if you withhold their names, they, duh, look guilty. Thanks for the admission, Mr. Firth. He answered questions with head phones on with likely his lawyer(s) coaching him.

A few minutes later, Michael Barrett challenged him to mention the names he had refused to mention on camera. Barrett then named names of government officials and forced Firth to answer whether he's ever been with any of them outside the scope of official work hours / work places. But Firth was semi-tight-lipped, not wanting to disclose where he met three of them. In previous questioning, Firth claimed he met with no officials outside of work stations.

Eventually, the committee Chair forced him to make an answer to name names, but Firth asked to speak to his lawyer first. And his lawyer told him to refuse to name names.

To justify his $2.5M profit (his number) for his work on the ArriveCAN app (his partner profited $2.5M too), he tried to make it appear as though he worked about 35 hours per month, over a period of two years, but I don't believe that level of hours at all. It's obvious that he's going to greatly exaggerate his hours worked because his profits were so staggering. Then, a Conservative did the math based on his claim (of some 35 hours per month), and it worked out to about 2.5 thousand dollars per hour. Firth was not ashamed of himself when this figure came out. He tried to justify it. It seems obvious that the government would not have paid him this high money unless the people giving him the money were benefiting in some corrupt way. Firth seems to be covering for these people.

Firth told that "GC Strategies" stands for "Government of Canada Strategies," wow. What private company picks a name like that unless one wants to fake being a government agency when needed? The government uses GC strategies to find those who do the work; the government pays a whopping sum to GC to find those who do the work, and most of this whopper is laundered treasury money, plain and simple, for what else could it possibly be?

According to Firth, he billed the government only $11M (an investigator said it was more), with $5M as the profits, yet the only task this company had was to search out contractors to do the building of the ArriveCAN app. How possibly could there have been $6M (or more) in costs when seeking contractors is a messaging / communications task, with use of phones and computers mainly? Isn't it clear that the details of this $6M is not known because crimes were committed?

Here's a sample of the questioning on Firth:

Firth's partner, Darren Anthony, appeared before the Committee on Thursday, and one of the first things he admitted, to a Liberal questioner yet, is that he did nothing for his $2.5 million profit but assure that candidates (for doing the ArriveCAN app) had security clearances. How little work could that entail?

Both he and Firth said that they had other contracts, not with the government, during the seeking and choosing of the ArriveCAN contractors, and so one can easily dig into those other contracts to see how little time was left over, per month, to work on ArriveCAN. But Firth claimed at least 80 hours per month for the ArriveCAN work, yet I can't conceive that Anthony did more than about four hours per month, on average, merely to confirm that candidates were given the green light on their security clearances. Surely, any company having a security clearance has documentation so that Anthony needed only to see it, and to assure that the clearances had not been revoked.

Anthony said that GC Strategies had 200 contractors attempt to get jobs since 2015, though these were NOT all to do with ArriveCAN. The latter was called for only after 2020. The point is, 200 contract attempts/submissions over eight years from 2015 to 2023 is only about two per month. How much time could it have taken him, per month, to assure that the companies were secure? About 30-60 minutes each could be about right once he's expert in doing that task. Check criminal records of company owners, check citizenship of company owners, check for civil suits and liens against the company? Have I left much out?

It therefore seems to me that Anthony was doing more than security clearances if what Firth said is true, that both partners bagged $2.5 just for ArriveCAN. The auditor general claimed that there were more like $19M in revenue for ArriveCAN, which would then greatly increase the $5M profit for the two of them to the ballpark of $18M, because I can't see it costing more than a million dollars to find and secure the workers to put the app together. The partners didn't do any of the work on the app, but had only to chose the people who did the work. Therefore, Anthony appears to be hiding the work he did in fact do: he must have been distributing much of the $millions illegally, and Firth must know all about it. This explains why the auditor general found missing paperwork and missing emails in this regard.

Anthony was then asked (by Julie Vignola) how it could be that he did only the "security" side, having nothing to do with the contracting strategies, yet he profited 50-percent of the incoming revenue. At this, Anthony looked stressed/nervous as he realized he now needs to admit to other work he did do, but his tongue is slow to say anything without checking his brain for what might incriminate him if he says the wrong thing.

When the next questioner (Taylor Bachrach) asked him what his responsibilities / duties are as the vice-president and half-owner of Government of Canada Strategies, he answered, " I don't know the answer to that," which is like saying, "I'm guilty as hell, and can't tell you." Criminal mind, by the looks of it. The Firth-branch Firth's, by the way, come up as Frauds.

It as a long while before Ms. Vignola came back around to ask how many hours Anthony worked in his job to verify security clearances, and he again became nervous knowing that he's in trouble. His answer was, "I have no idea," but he said this, I think, after listening to the advice of his lawyer in his ear phones. Nobody on the panel is stupid, they all see his game. he was asked to give a ballpark, 10 or 100, but and said, "again, I don't know."

A little later, he admitted that he shares half the profits of all that his partner is responsible for, yet claims that he did no work with his partner in obtaining those profits. Ludicrous. He's now in trouble because he was hoping to get away without discussing the contracts by saying he had nothing to do with them. He's now realizing how ludicrous his claim is because for doing no work, he wants us to believe his partner gave him half the profits anyway, and while this may be true, it smacks of passing illegal money along to him for other purposes. He might even be the laundry machine itself, where he gets a portion of the illegal / hyper-inflated profits which he funnels through his bank account(s).

As part of his work specifics, he said that he checks the passports, and things like that, of the potential contractors chosen by Firth. In other words, yes, he barely did any work at all, and it appears that he took home about $10M dollars for his efforts, with an additional $10 to Firth. The related questions are: who gave them this money from within the trudeau government, and why has he/she not yet been arrested by the federal police?

Or, how long do you think this type of thing has been on-going from the Liberals; how many other government departments conduct exactly the same crimes; is the federal police part of the corruption???

Mr. Anthony then told that Firth's security clearance was canceled by the government, but the government has not yet canceled his security clearance, begging whether Anthony is being kept in the government's back pocket for a re-surfacing on another day once the smoke clears from the ArriveCAN bomb. Perhaps Anthony has a sophisticated laundering operation going that the government mobsters very much like. How else can we explain that the government canceled the security clearance of GC Strategies, but not Anthony's? Why is the government maintaining this bridge out to Anthony? To better assure that he doesn't rat-out, by holding out a golden carrot, the promise of future work? Does this tend to reveal that Anthony is the chief mobster over Firth?

The committee overseeing ArriveCAN corruption passed a motion, without the help of the Liberal party, ordering trudeau to show the receipts for money paid to that app. Those receipts, and more, are due on Monday, March 18. If you're reading this, that day has already arrived.


Still some hope in Britain against the normalphobes:

This British man is incredible in his persistence and courage; note that no one has arrested him even though he accuses the government of mass-murder:

No news is good news these days. Globalism is still doing damage control, wound-licking, fund-finding, and huddles rather than being in attack mode. Globalism is looking behind its shoulder for traitors everywhere. We could be in the eye of a hurricane, but Jesus commands the winds, let's not forget, with a word. The West seems bent on bringing the world to Armageddon if it can't secure total domination.

As crazy as it may sound, Armageddon is the best news ever, for those who are raptured into the sky at that time. Armageddon is not the end, but the beginning. How many new universes will God make in Eternity to show how amazing He is? This planet, though we think it's beautiful, is based on the rocky mess left over from the receding of a planetary Flood, after the wrath of God upon a too-sick-to-tolerate humanity. He's going to do it again, almost-total destruction of a too-sick-to-tolerate humanity. Withdraw from that part of humanity, keep company with brothers and sisters. Await a new universe and a new earth having no foundation on destruction.

I'm almost perfectly happy with the post-trib-rapture presentation in the video below. I'm not happy with his claim that the rapture is a myth when he's referring to the pre-trib rapture. He should say, instead, that while the pre-trib rapture is a myth, there will be a post-trib rapture. But this man doesn't seem to believe even in a post-trib gathering in the sky. He's content to say that the saints rise, which could mean they rise from the dead, but he's not willing to place the entire Church in the sky at Armageddon just because Revelation tells that these saints will rule the earth with Jesus.

Just because they go into the sky doesn't mean they remain there forever. Besides, it will be the souls of the dead that go into the sky, and so why should we assume that our bodies will rise into the sky if we are alive when He returns? Couldn't our souls leave our bodies at the rapture? That makes more sense.

What I do like about this video is that he separates the end-time church into a protected portion, and a lesser-protected or non-protected portion, which is what I do too, and for the same reason that he gives out of Revelation 12. I don't see many speakers addressing that point:

What I don't like about the video above is the speaker's utter failure in urging the end-time church to store years worth of foods in time for the 1260 days. Just because the Woman of Revelation 12 (the protected portion of the Church) is shown taken care of by God doesn't mean that Christians don't store foods ahead of time. What if God chose to write Revelation 12 to put it on our minds to store foods before the 666 (of chapter 13) is enforced?

Here's a typical response from a pre-tribber, found in the video's comments:

all I know is that from revelation ch 1 to rev ch 4 the church is mentioned 19 times from rev ch 4 to rev ch 20 the church is Not mentioned once WHY is it because the church believers are no longer here and how about all those mansions god prepared for us the believers. sounds to me like the church is not here during the 7 yr tribulation period

A Bible reader really needs to be daft to make an argument like that, an empty argument because Revelation 12 itself has Christians saints. Just because "church" isn't mentioned in that chapter doesn't mean the Church is not on earth at that time. Believers like this become daft on the timing of the rapture because take their marching orders from irresponsible pre-tribulationists who must be silenced and ridiculed, or whatever it takes to keep them from killing / starving as many believers as possible with their foul pre-trib-rapture passions. Don't be afraid to create a division between they and post-tribbers, that is my advice.

Here's another argument they think shores up a pre-trib rapture: "So what is the wedding feast of the lamb? Where is it being held? When Jesus returns in the 2nd coming, he returns with his saints!! Who are these?? Unfortunately in my opinion and belief what you are saying is wrong." That's a video comment too. The Wedding feast is not necessarily in the sky, if it's a literal feast at all.

There is no word whatsoever telling that the riders in white robes, advancing to earth with Jesus, are Christians. But what we do know is that angels do come with Jesus when He returns. So, make the right choice, identify the riders (not going to be on literal horses) as angels, and cease to be a daft pre-tribber who'll view them as Christians solely because it helps to support a pre-trib rapture.

It's time to put down prophecy-related daftness. You don't want to be judged with pre-tribbers as the killers of God's people. And if post-trib pastors fail to urge their members to store foods to endure the 666, then they too can be responsible for killing / starving some of God's people. The pre- versus post-trib issue is not for mere debate to show-off one's scholarly abilities; it'll be a life-and-death issue when the time arrives.

Definition of prophetic daftness: when one reads 2 Thessalonians 2, sees Jesus coming to rapture the saints at the end of the anti-Christ's 42 months, and then says the rapture is years before the anti-Christ appears for 42 months. If you are listening to a Christian who takes that position, ask: how can anyone be made so daft that they can't take in / accept the simple black-and-white? Blame it on the pre-trib scholars who do all they can to deceive, and with passion they teach the "importance" of not becoming a post-tribulationist. I don't know what ails them. Perhaps they will be a part of the many false teachers / prophets foretold by Jesus. It's not for me to say or guess, but I see it as a possibility for some.

If the book of Revelation proves to be not from God, then we may not need to live 1260 days without the ability to make purchases. But I wouldn't want to create doubt in Revelation either.

Revelation has the "False Prophet" who's thrown into a "lake of fire" with the anti-Christ at Armageddon. The second beast in Revelation 13, the one who advances the 666, is thought to be this False Prophet. If the lamb-horn symbol of the second beast is hint that he's a false-Christian prophet, then see this video about the false Christian, Donald Trump:

As you can see, Trump is adamant in portraying himself as a Christian, and it may be for a sinister purpose beyond that of obtaining the votes of Christians. The second beast has "fire from the sky," and Trump is the founder (the visible one, anyway) of Space Force. However, I don't see a clear path for Trump to become the supporter of the first beast, if he should become the next U.S. president, but then the particulars of the first beast will remain foggy to everyone until he's revealed.

What we do know is that Trump is full of traitorous surprises, like when he hosted a faggot event at Mar-a-Lago, or when he murdered millions with his vaccines, or when he turned on Assange, or even on his political partners, or when he played footsies with the American deep state in his first four years, or like when he pretends to be a Bible-loving, Bible-reading church-goer. And he did turn on Bibi Netanyahu too, perhaps a possible reason for his future support of the anti-Christ's invasion of Jerusalem. However, I can offer no expect-able scenario on what that invasion can look like, prior to 2029, and with president Trump as the False Prophet.

I heard a video last week where it was pointed out that the four colors of the four Revelation horses are the four colors of many Arab flags, including the Palestinian, Jordanian, Syrian, Arabian, Sudanese, and Libyan. However, not all four colors are in the Lebanese, Iranian, Turkish, nor Egyptian flags. I wouldn't make too much out of this such as trying to guess what or where the four horses strike.

Another definition of daft: the evolutionist who peers into the cosmos and sees no evidence of a Creator, giving no thought to his eyes, his body, or his ability to move body parts at will, without pressing a button to do so; he ignores that he was PROGRAMMED to evolve from a tiny arrangement of cells to a viable human in less than nine months. Where there is a program, millions of years of biological evolution isn't needed, ask the gilled tadpole and the lunged frog about that.


Here's all four Gospels wrapped into one story.

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