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March 5 - 11, 2024

I Peed on My Toe To Point To Barrie Schwortz
What's Wrong With You, Barrie, To Refuse Faith?
David Clements' Documentary on Election Fraud, at end of this page
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IMPORTANT: Hall of Names is once again showing the descriptions of the Coats of Arms presented at House of Names. Scroll down past the motto of each surname you wish to check.

The last update had a section on the "shroud of Turin," where I showed some heraldry related to the Templar "owners" of the shroud in France. The video below, which has compiled an enormous history of the shroud's meanderings through the Greek world prior to its export to France, is a super production that you would do well to watch with a clear mind, at the end of day after work, for example, so that you can soak in what's being said.

This video shows that even the earliest disciples were showing the shroud to the Greek churches. I mention this because there are some Christians who have the idea that it's somehow unholy for God to increase the faith of believers with visible evidence of Jesus' Resurrection. Apparently, God thinks otherwise. Apparently, God instilled a strong faith in the earliest churches thanks to this Burial Cloth. This "weapon" was to do battle with the gates of Hades, no contest.

I feel I know atoms better than all the scientists because they have got a wrong model of the atom. Their utter stupidity is where they claim orbiting electrons, and from this blunder, they went forward to other, related errors.

The true atom is a single proton, per atom, covered in a literal atmosphere of proton-captured electrons. All colors variations depend on the various make-up of each electron atmosphere. Some are deeper than others, some more dense with electrons; some protons have different shapes to produce different-shaped atmospheres, and these and other differences determine how light will reflect off of the captured electrons to produce a wild variety of colors when that light finally reaches the eyes.

This is said because the fibers on the shroud, they say, are all the same color. They are all gold, but they do not range from light gold to dark gold. We are told that they are all of the same shade of gold, and that darker regions on the shroud are due to a larger density of darkened fibers rather than a different shade of gold. The video above shows some close-up fibers at the 92nd minute. One can make out that some darkened fibers are immediately beside non-darkened fibers.

The darkened ones are so longitudinally, down the fibers, but not always cutting across to affect a neighboring fiber in contact with it. This situation is not to be expected because we expect the energy from the body of Jesus to strike all fibers. We find it hard to understand how that energy could strike ten or twelve adjacent fibers yet miss neighboring fibers.

Therefore, I have a good theory that involves my unique understanding of atoms after many years of study. Note that sunlight doesn't golden/brown a white piece of paper instantly, but will eventually. The only explanation is that the electron atmospheres of the paper atoms have been altered permanently. It seems a good theory that the proton itself has been weakened in positive charge, by the bombardment of light waves, so that it can no longer attract as many electrons. I assume that, with a less-deep electron atmosphere, the paper goes toward the tan color.

When the power of God radiated from the body of Jesus, it could have been reflecting out after having entered from the outside. But maybe not. Perhaps it originated from within the body by a command of God. We can see the bones in the palm region of the hands of Jesus, making the fingers look too long for fingers. That is, because the bones radiated/reflected light onto the (inner side of) the shroud, one can get the impression that the fingers look wrong as too long. And we can see that the mustache and beard created the darkest fibril regions, meaning that power was radiating/deflecting from hairs too.

The darkest regions are those with the most discolored fibers per unit area of cloth. I'm proposing that the fibers which received the greatest energy are the ones which suffered a color change, and that, if the energy was not above a certain threshold, a fiber did not suffer a color change at all. Plus, when a segment of a fiber received energy above the threshold, the energy then flowed atom-to-atom, down through a fiber. but did not cut across to an adjacent fiber, with enough power to cause a colors change, in spite of the two fibers having physical contact.

It stands to reason that the atoms of each fiber constitute an atomic system that can transfer atom-to-atom energy more efficiently than atom-to-atom from one fiber to another. The reason for this is that the atoms of each fiber are chemically bonded rather than being merely in contact. By "chemically bonded," I mean that the electron atmospheres are merged (or sunk) into one another. On the other hand, where fiber contacts fiber, the electron atmospheres are merely kissing at their outer surfaces, but not merged into one another.

This explains why a single fiber can be discolored over a distance thousands of times longer than the distance between fibers. When high energy existed in one fiber at the contact points between it and a neighboring fiber, the energy level getting across to the other could have been too minute to cause a color change. Or, in some cases, the energy getting into a neighboring fiber may have been sufficient to cause a color change in spite of the atoms merely kissing at their contact points. And when the energy was enough to cause golden discoloration to begin with, there were limits on how far down a fiber it could take place.

As the face of Jesus looks thin, it can be explained by the energy coming mainly from the skull rather than from the skin. One can clearly see that the shroud is darkest in the arms and legs along the bone lines. It begs the question on why the bone line at the upper leg bone, on one side of His body, isn't showing at all while the upper bone on his other leg is well discolored. It appears that the one leg is higher than the other, thus making the cloth further from his other leg so that there wasn't enough energy to produce an image with that leg's upper bone. (The bone lines are white in a color-reversal showing of the shroud.)

And by the way, I think it is wrong to call the shroud a photographic negative. This is apples and oranges. The shroud was not formed by light striking a photographic material that forms a negative, that then needs to be turned into a positive in a dark room. The image on the shroud is what it is, neither a photographic negative nor a positive. The shroud image where the colors are reversed is from a camera shot that first creates the negative. Therefore, the shroud image that shows the most detail is a literal photographic negative, but this doesn't mean that the shroud is a photographic positive. It just so happens that the photo negative of the shroud shows more detail to our eyes, end of mystery. No mystery, that is.

The parts of the shroud closest to the skin/bones got the greater number of discolored fibers. To some, it seems that the energy, not necessarily radiation as we known it, came straight up or straight down against the cloth, but this may not be correct. Instead, the energy could have gone out equally in all directions, yet only the fibers closest to the origin of the energy got discolored, giving the wrong impression that energy went only straight up or straight down (to form his backside)...because the straight-up and straight-down directions happen to be closest to the cloth.

In other words, if you were thinking that there's no reason for me to delve into this color-variation topic, there is in fact a reason. The point is: only the fibers receiving sufficient energy are the ones that went gold, and all fibers received some energy, we can safely assume. If the energy came down through the cloth to begin with, we would need to ask why the outer-top side of the cloth has no "burn." One can call the discoloration a burn, or even an atomic "etching," though I think I'll stop using the latter term.

Energy went into the atoms of the inner side of the cloth, and after jiggling their electrons harshly enough, the discoloration was formed. Jiggling electrons harshly releases electrons from protonic capture, which then converts to plain heat, begging the question of whether heat caused the image as a slight burn. I don't think heat would attack one fiber longitudinally while leaving a neighboring fiber wholly unscathed. It looks more like an atom-to-atom transfer of electron energy. That is, the power to Resurrection struck the electrons, and, jiggling, they struck each other to send their energy down the fibers, electron atmosphere to electron atmosphere.

If one could show that the image was formed from plain heat, then, no matter how one might try to explain it from God's power, the anti-Christs could argue that someone draped a cloth over a hot statue for a second or two, and thus this cloth was faked to be the shroud of Jesus. Now you know why this discussion is important, because the fibers were discolored by a process not known even to modern man, and by an energy not known even today.

It seems that the Resurrection power was a physical energy, at least after it struck the body parts. The power may have come through the cloth without the ability to affect atoms, but after it reflected off of body parts, it was able to affect atoms in the cloth.

From this, we can add that God knows what sort of energy to send the bones so that it re-invigorates all bodily cells such that, though no longer operating, begin to be "alive" again. Give them a little jolt all at once, and they pop back to becoming the little factories that they are. I don't think this is important for our resurrections because I don't think God will raise our flesh bodies at that time. That idea seems incorrect just from the fact that bodies long dead have decayed to oblivion. When Paul said that Christians will rise from their graves, we take it be non-literal, i.e. not from their burial places.

The 5th Seal of Revelation has Christian souls under the altar of God, and while this too can be non-literal language, it speaks to a literal place / condition where souls are kept in limbo who carried their crosses while in the body. It makes no sense to me that souls are wholly alive in Heaven from the moment of bodily death, yet later receive a resurrection unto eternal life. It makes more sense to me that souls should be asleep in limbo rather than conscious in limbo so that, so far as it seems to them, they are in the resurrection-rapture (or Hell) the "moment" they die, even if thousands of years pass between death and resurrection.

In the 92nd minute, the video owner writes that the shroud image was formed while the body was bleeding. I don't understand how he arrived to this unlikely thing. One can make the case that, even if some on His wounds dried while on the Cross, they may have been opened again when moving the body parts, when transporting Him to the tomb. That can well explain the blood on the cloth from head to foot.

I've just looked up the Linen surname, to find it listed with Lennons. I am amazed at its "STIRPE" motto team, because the Shroud of Turin Research Project, or STURP, was a team of scientists that investigated the shroud for five days straight, some 45 years ago. Load Linen surname now, which loads on another tab, in order to load other surnames so that you can follow better.

I know of STRIPE-less tigers used by Ditts/Diots and Dwights while Tiger-like Teague's/Teegers, first found in Galway with Linens/Lennons, use a "diem" motto term that's got to be code for the Diem/DITTmayer surname (first found in Schleswig-Holstein with German Teegers). The only stripe-like surname I know of is the Stirrups, and they happen to show a Stirpe variation, the exact motto term of Linens/Lennons! That doesn't appear coincidental. Someone above humanity apparently arranged this.

The Styrrup variation could indicate a branch of the Styre variation of Sturs, or perhaps the Steers. Stirrups/Stirpe's use what I'm sure are ears of CORN that comes with a CRAUN-like crown, and then the top of the Stirrups/Stirpe Coat probably uses a crane because crown-using Crauns/Crane's were first found in Suffolk with Tigers, but also with the Meadows, a branch of tiger-using Medleys.

It took me a while to see that English Crane's have a crane on a raGULLY STAFF while Gullys share the Teague/Teeger crosslets. These crosslets are in giant form with English Julians, the latter first found in Cambridgeshire with Cage's while Teague's/Teegers show a Caige variation. That's remarkable already, but then I've long known of the stripe-less tiger of Maybe's/Mabee's who in turn have the vertically-split Cage Shield. Both share a gold Crest, and Cage's use a stag in the gold color of the stag head in the Craun/Crane Crest. Gullys were first found in Oxfordshire with the BEE's suspect in MaBEE's.

Amazingly, French Julians share the Chief of French Alans/Alleins while "Allein" is a motto term of Shroud-like Shrouts/Shroders! The latter even have an "ewigen" motto term while Wigens, first found in Cambridgeshire too, and where the Harnes variation of Annas' was early, almost use the Annas Coat while chief-priest Annas sentenced Jesus to death at his kangaroo court.

Let's go back to the ragully staff of Crane's, for Staffs/Staffords share the chevron of cloth-like Clots. And Staffordshire is where Ditts/Diots were first found, beside the first-know Dwights of neighboring Derbyshire; both use stripe-less tigers.

The Schrout/Shroder Crest (three feathers, two colors) is in this Arms of Rothschild. The early Rothschild were CLOTH producers / distributors. Here's on the first Rothschild: "Mayer Rothschild learned business at a young age. His father, Amschel Moses Rothschild, dealt in silk cloth and exchanged currency".

Although the Schrout/Shroder motto is likely code for ancestral surnames and/or their kin, the motto is translated, "Christ alone for eternal freedom." The latter term is in "frieheit" while Frey-branch Freys' have a Pharisee-like Phreeze variation. Frei's/Freie's were first found in Bavaria with Heits/Heids and Rothschild elements. FreHEIT. Heits/Heids show only an arrow on a bend while Arrows/Arras' were first found in Staffordshire with the first-known, Stirpe-connectable Ditts/Diots of FREEford.

I can see why God would include a "stirpe" motto term for Linens/Lennons, since the STURP investigation is the very thing, the only thing, that showed the world, with a mushroomed worldwide reach, that the image on the cloth was NOT paint nor any other material. It showed the world that the image is only a discoloration of the cloth, and what a huge only this is.

I've known for years that Scottish Logens list MacLennans, and this surname happens to use three nails. And Loge's/Lodge's were first found in Suffolk with the Crauns/Crane's suspect in the Stirpe Coat. Teague's/Teegers were first found in Galway with Linens/Lennons and Lynch's while Lings and Starlings were first found in Suffolk too, even with Tigers and Tiger-connectable, Star-like Stirrups/Stirpe's. The Logen/Lennan nails are the three nails (same colors) of Proctors, first found in Cambridgeshire with the Teague-connectable Cage's and Julians.

When quoting on the silk cloth of Rothschilds, I checked the Silk surname to find it listed with Sheedys, which reminded that Seeds/CEDES' are suspect in the motto of Stirrup/Stirpe-like Steers. The Silks/Sheedys share the giant Loge/Lodge lion, in the colors of a Seed/Cedes lion. The Seeds/Cedes are also Seets, first found in Lancashire with the Satterthwaite location of Steer-like Setters/Satters and Settle's.

Nails/Neils were first found in Westphalia with Pansys and Ducks while Irish Logans (not "Logen"), using the same three nails as Scottish Logens/Lennans, show a Duck variation. The Arms of Bar-le-DUC in Lorraine uses a pansy (or pansies), and while the Lorraine province is where cloth-like Clots were first found, they share the chevron of Colchesters (share Neil/O'Nail estoiles) while the Arms of Colchester has a cross and three nails. We might perhaps view these links as additional pointers arranged by God to show that He cleared the way for the STURP investigation against the will of the stingy vatican. How long did the vatican know that the image on the shroud was not paint, yet it did not announce it to the world as a supernatural image??? WICKED VATICAN.

Colchesters were first found in Essex with Proctor-like Brocks, and with the Freys/Phreeze's. Brocks share the Chief-Shield colors of Procks/Brocuffs/BROX's while Annas-branch Ainsleys were first found at Broxtow. Broxton is where Birds/Burds were first found who share the Proctor martlet.

The Stirrup/Stirpe crane can now take us to the crane of Sharks, first found in Tyrone with Neils/O'Nails. The first-known English Crane's were first found in CORNwall to go with the ears of Corn of Stirrups/Stirpe's, and the next-earliest Crane's were in Essex with Colchester.

Dwights (stripe-less tiger) were first found in Derbyshire with the EYERS/Ayers, suspect in code with EARS of corn/wheat/rye, and Scottish Ayers were first found in Ayrshire with Logens/Lennans, and with Barrs who may have named Bar-le-Duc. These Barrs share the giant Este eagle while English Este's were first found in Essex too, as were the Sempers in the Bedwell motto, and Sempers share the Coat of Duck-connectable Duce's/Doocys.

Ayrshire is where Scottish Logens/Lennans were first found along with Line's/Linds, and then Irish Lennans list Linens. I've just remembered that Ayrshire is where Rayborns were first found, and they incorporate the Linen/Lennan Coat with a brook! Line's/Linds share the full motto of Scottish Marshalls, the middle name of Barrie Schwortz. In that motto are the Sempers, first found in Essex with the Brooks and Brocks, and the latter share "virescit" with the Marshal / Line/Lind motto. These Marshalls (may have the Lindell/Lind leaves) even share the saltire of Nails/Neils! I've seen "Marshall" presented as Barrie's surname, suggesting that it was his mother's maiden name.

The Shrouts/Shroders use what look like beetles, and while Beetle's were once said to be first found in Derbyshire too, their Bedwell branch is still said to be first found there. This is a compelling paragraph because Derbyshire's Dwights can have the Stirpe's in code with their stripe-less tiger. It's tending to reveal that God arranged a shroud-like surname to apply to a STURP-like surname.

Barrie Schwortz

If you happened to read from me my stool-pigeon story, I can now show that the stool pigeon, or at least one of them, is Barrie Schwortz. He's online as the biggest stool pigeon ever upon the anti-Christ Jews, for he has created an organization to promote the shroud as the burial cloth of Jesus, even though he refuses to say that he's a Christian. He admits that the image on the shroud appears to be a supernatural one expects of a Resurrection. But he seems bent on remaining just a Jew.

Look. When we acknowledge that Jesus died for sins, as even Isaiah 53 says to all Jews, Jesus expects us to GRACIOUSLY ACCEPT the gift of eternal life, otherwise we insult Him. After doing the dirty work leading up to the Cross, and then the dirtier work on the Cross, are we going to deny becoming even His friend? But once we accept the gift, what do we do? We offer Him and His Father appreciation from our hearts for this greatest of all gifts. From there, and especially when we sense the Spirit of God moving happy within us for our entering Faith, all we need to do is to remain loyal to His words, which are not burdensome nor ugly nor loathsome nor ruinous. The one Who gives life also gives the good things needed for life because He's the Good Shepard. Humble thyself, Barrie, before Him, enough to receive the Gift, because a Shepherd is not a tyrant. He'll feed your soul.

The soul is all that will remain after the death of the body, and you don't have long to live in the body. Hurry up already, wash your soul with the Living Waters of the Holy Spirit, and be "born again" to a New Way. Stay excited, stay thankful, until the day dawns with your new, non-mortal body. The Shroud is calling us to this wisdom, rich or poor.

Online: "My name is Barrie M. Schwortz, and I am your host. As the Official Documenting Photographer for the Shroud of Turin Research Project,..." That is, the official photographer for STURP.

On Thursday of this week, I added some heraldic parts to the section above, and at about 10:30 am, an hour ago as I write here, I got up from the computer desk to put the kettle on, and to put some cheese on bread. I took the sandwich outside into the beautiful sun. After eating the sandwich, I had to take a leak, and decided to go on the grass rather than going indoors to the toilet. By the way, most of the grass/ground is already showing this year, four or more weeks ahead of schedule for all other years. Bring on more global warming!

So, as soon as I started to take the leak, it hit my big toe. Doh, it was all wet. After dipping my toe into some water to clean it off, I took off the wet sandal, leaving it in the sun to dry while going indoors to get the kettle. While walking into the kitchen, the Sindone surname came to mind. I was wondering how that surname could apply to the shroud, since sindonology is the study of this shroud, because "sindone" means "cloth." And just then I recalled, from the previous day, that Sindone's are listed with SANDALs!!!!!

Repeat from above: "The Stirrups/Stirpe's use what I'm sure are ears of CORN that comes with a CRAUN-like crown, and then the top of the Stirrups/Stirpe Coat probably uses a crane because crown-using Crauns/Crane's were first found in Suffolk with Tigers, but also with the Meadows, a branch of tiger-using Medleys." The latter were a branch also of Meats/Meads and Methleys. The latter were not only first found in Yorkshire with Meaths and Sindone's/Sandals, but both the latter two have one fleur (different colors) in the top corner of the Shield.

The first time that these Sandals (in Touch/TOW colors) came to mind was with the green TOEnail polish of Miss Hicks on the night we were at the LEAKey road! She was wearing sandals at that time. I took a LEAK on to my toe and sandal today! Didn't we see nails above with Linen-connectable Logens/Lennans? ToeNAIL. Miss Hicks is Mrs. Kilpatrick while Kilpatricks almost have the Coat of DRYers (both first found in Dumfries). My sandal was left to dry on the deck! Decks/Deckers can be of the "dexter paw" in a Kilpatrick Crest.

Dexters share the double fesses of Bagots, first found in Staffordshire with HICKsons! This gets fantastic because the Ditts/Diots share the same stripe-less tiger as Dwights, both in the colors of the eagle legs of Hicksons. Tow-branch Tafts/Tuffs' share the phoenix with Knee's, and the latter share the bend of Leaks/Leakeys and Scottish Sandals. The latter's spread eagle is gold, like the gold phoenix in the Crest of Knee-branch Needhams, first found in Derbyshire with Dwights.

[Insert Friday -- I tried for a Santell surname and got one listed with SANDALi's/Sandi's showing nothing but a black eagle with gold legs! The Hickson eagle legs are black on gold! Santells/Sandali's were first found in Lucca, and I've told many times that Luce Construction installed by septic tank and bed in Texas.

I recall entering the United States on the evening of November 7, 1994, the night Bill Clinton lost the House and the Senate. I recall taking three weeks more to find the property I would purchase, and then, by the time we signed the papers and moved in -- or by the time Luce Construction came in (can't move to property without an approved septic system) -- it must have been near Christmas day, the day I first saw Miss Hicks in church on the Leakey road. I took a leak on my toe over my present septic tank. I was on the grass, and English Grasse's were first found in Lincolnshire with Leaks/Leakeys.

Santell-like Cantels (Yorkshire with Hicks' and Candells/Cundells) have a Coat similar to the Santell/Sandali Coat, and in the Cantel Crest could be the Higgins/Hickins tower. End insert]

While Hicks share the Leak/Leakey fleur-de-lys, Hickson-beloved Eagle's were first found in Lincolnshire with Leaks/Leakeys, and with TANK-branch Tankerville's. I peed roughly where a PIPE comes out one end of the tank, and Pipe's (Staffordshire) saw their estate go to Bagots (suspect from Begga, daughter of Pepin of Landen).

Knee's and Needhams share the stag heads of Acorns while Clauds, with a cloth-like Clot variation, show nothing but acorns. The same stag head is with Vise's (Sussex with Acorns) suspect in the "vis" variation of Whistle's/Wissels (Somerset with Stolls and Baths) who in turn share the lozenges of Stolls. The latter were first found when seeking a stool-like surname when the stool pigeon arrived, and they were discovered then with a dove in Crest. Whistle-like Waistells/Wessels use the dove too. The lozengy cross of Stolls is shared by Packers (look like Bath kin) while Packs were first found in Sussex too. Though not in the same colors, German Stolls (Zurich beside Baden) share the antler with German Wessels.

Repeat from above: "The Shrouts/Shroders use what look like beetles...This is a compelling paragraph because Derbyshire's Dwights can have the Stirpe's in code with their stripe-less tiger." While the same beetle-like bug is with German Stocks, English Stocks share the dove-with-branch of English Stolls. What are the chances? We are getting a fairly-close connection between shroud-like Shrouts and stool-like Stolls having a pigeon-dove. The Stower variation of these Stolls can even be from the Stower variation of Sturs, and Stirrups/Stirpe's are also STURrups.

It would be amazing to be able to prove that the Stoll cross is that also of Savoys, for a pointer to the house of Savoy, the owners of the shroud who gifted it to the church in Turin. Savoys use a "Saint" motto term while Saints/SUNs/Sinclairs are linkable to Santones of Sainte! I left the wet sandal in the sun to DRY! That was a minute after a I peed on it where the pigeon had landed five years ago. I've only just-now looked up Dry's, and they were first found in Norfolk, beside the Stirpe's, both of whom use the crane, to be assumed. Drys are even in the colors and format of French Pigeons! The latter were first found in Normandy, French origin of Sinclairs.

English Pigeons have the Pichons in their write-up, and the Pichons/Pichots, with their own page, were first found in Dol. The Pichon scallops are black, as are those of French Clots, and the latter are in English Alan colors. The Pichots evoke the Pictones Gauls, beside the Santones Gauls. It just so happens that Pictons share gold drops with Drys! That's why I kicked off the sandal to dry in the sun, for French Clairs were first found in Limousin (of the Lemovices Gauls), suspect with the Lemnites who probably migrated with their Sintian partners to become the Santones.

The shroud was first displayed in France at Lirey by Ms. Vergy, and the Liers/Lairs, first found in Dol with Pichons/Pichots and Vergys/Berges', have their scallops in colors reversed. What are the chances? The Vergy/Berges' almost have the Coat of German Teegers. Liers/Lairs almost have the Coat of tiger-using Travers while Trevors probably have the Picton Coat with a slight difference.

The Dry drops are gold, and Golds share the lion of the nearby Dorals. It's interesting because I bought the sandals under discussion when I bought a Doral boat. Doria's share the giant eagle of Ruberts/Rubi's, in case they apply to StirRUPs/StirROPs. Ropers/Rupers have the giant eagle in colors reversed.

I've never seen cause before for any heraldry to point to STURP. The toenail event was when I was cutting in front of her to take my SEAT beSIDE her at a church event, when I didn't want to step on her toes. I saw the pale-green toenails at that time. The SEATon-branch Side's not only use a tiger, but a passant lion in both colors of the Dwight and Diot tigers!!! INCREDIBLE "coincidence"? Side's even give their tiger an arrow while Arrows/Arras' were likewise first found in Staffordshire.

Anyway, I took the coffee into the sun to drink it, at the front deck, and realized that I had peed on my toe exactly where the stool pigeon had landed years ago. As it landed over the septic tank, filled with stool, I called it the stool pigeon. I remained on the watch for God to reveal a particular stool pigeon. I told that Shots/Shute's have a SHITT variation, and that Crapps/Crappers use so-called "pigeons" rather than doves. Shuters come up as "Sewer," what are the chances? There are two pigeon surnames at houseofnames.

I included the Shots/Shitts because they share three swords in the colors of the three of Swords/Swarts, but also because the pigeon, after it meandered over the septic tank for a minute or less, flew off down the driveway and across the road to the neighbor's property. I've told many times that this property is owned by a Schwartz-like surname, and thus the Swords/SWARTs and Shots/Shitts can apply. I thought that God was pointing to a stool pigeon on George Soros, born George Schwartz. But suddenly, with that shot of pee to my toe today, Barrie SCHWORTZ looks like the stool pigeon!!!

I find this funny. And fun too. As I said, I dipped the sandal and toe together in some water, and took the one sandal off in the sun before going indoors. My one foot was BARE, that is, and while Bare's are listed with Barrs, Barrie's/Barre's (Angus with tiger-using Side's) could of course have been from Barrs. The latter were first found in Ayrshire with Ayers having the Airs/Eyers (same place as tiger-using Dwights) in their motto, and Airs/Eyers share the leg with Leaks/Leakeys (share Gamal/Gamble fleur) while Barrie's/Barre's use a "legi" motto term. Irish Berrys use bars-gemel while Gemels were first found in Ayrshire too, even with Logens/Lennans who share their heart. Leahy's/Leghe's have the giant Leghe/Ley lion in colors reversed.

German Bare's/Barre's share the giant Loge/Lodge. Shrouts/Shroders/Schroters may even have been a Schwortz branch. There's also a Shrode/Shrade surname, sharing the red lion head with Barrs/Bare's. Shrode's/Shrade's were first found in Brunswick, and Brunswicks share the Coat of Gernons ("CyFOETH") while I always link Foots to Ranulph Meschin de Gernon. My bare foot is pointing to the Shrode-like shroud, but to Barrie Schwortz in particular.

I dipped my foot into the water, and Waters share the Coat of Muschats/Montfitchets (Essex with Waters, Fitch's/Fitts and Pee's/Peas'/Peacocks) while Gernons are said to be from Montfitchet. Foots share the Fothes/Fitt chevron. Muschats/Montfitchets were a branch of Muscats/Musks who in turn share the Shrode/Shrade and Barr/Bare lion head. It doesn't look coincidental.

I went with the bare foot to get the kettle, and Kettle's share the brown stag head of Keiths, and so I had best add that the Linens/Lennons use a brown stag on a mound. Mounds were first found in Peebles-shire with some lands of Keith that came to be those of Frasers / McKinneys. Peebles-shire has a Sandilands location while Sandilands come up as "Sandal." They share the Leak bend while Leaks were first found in Lincolnshire with Tank-branch Tankerville's. This is fantastic because I trace Tankerville's to TANAGRa, home of the father of mythical Orion, himself having had a urine symbol!!!!

That snuck up on me. I was only going to say that the urine leak on my sandal was over the septic TANK! I figured that Orion was named after mythical Uranus, and that "urine" was a term related to that sky god in charge of rain showers i.e. pee from the sky. There is a Schwortz-like Shower surname listed with Sword-connectable Sewards.

The Sword description mentions the "hilt" of their sword, and Hilts are listed with Hyatts/Hytte's while same-colored Heights/Hyte's (Derbyshire) have a semblance of the Sindone/Sandal Coat. Hate's/Haights (Yorkshire with Sindone's/Sandals) love the Sola's/Solneys of Derbyshire.

I didn't want to tell this wet-toe story today in case the heraldry that was coming to mind (before writing any of it and expanding upon it) was just coincidental, but when realizing that English Berrys have the STUR/Styre Coat in colors reversed, I decided to humble myself and tell you I peed on my toe...a wee-wee miracle by the looks of it. God does not despise small things. Stirrups are also STURrups.

Stirlings/Sturlings apply to Sturs, and here we can add the Lennan-like Lennox's/LEVENax's of Stirlingshire. Levens share the elephant head (different colors) with Irish Sanders.

For the first time ever, I've been wearing RUBBER sandals in the morning for only the past three weeks or less. It appears that God was secretly setting me up for this pee-on-toe event with my sandals on. I should be proud if this is indeed His pointer to His advancement of the Shroud. This can be considered his assault on anti-Christ, shadow-government goons headed for a Fatal Bruising in a city near you.

It just so happens that rubber-like Rubys/Rubens have the Scottish Barrie Coat in colors reversed! Look at that. Both Coats use so-called "barry." Rube's (Westphalia with DUCKs) use a scythe while Scythe's/Skits/Skeochs were first found in Ayrshire with Barrs/Bare's suspect from Bar-le-DUC.

Good morning Friday. I took a longer look at the Dry surname just now, and recalling that I was drinking my coffee while the sandal dried out (it was dry at the end of the coffee), I loaded the Coughs because the Urine ravens are likely called Cornish choughs. I've seen ravens called such choughs; I've got it recorded that Offalys/Offlie's use "Cornish choughs" though they show as ravens. Coffeys/Coffee's are also Cougheys, you see. This seems important because Urine's, first found in Cornwall, show ravens. But I now see that Coughs/Cuffs were first found in Kilkenny, and I do recall a surname above first found there too while Kennys were first found in Galway with Linens/Lennons.

I've got it recorded that French Champs/Deschamps (Picardy) use "ears of corn" probably because Corns share the Camp/Comp/Champ chevron. The owls in the Champ/Deschamp Chief were first found in Suffolk with Stirpe-connectable Tigers, and with the Stirrup-beloved Crane's. Teggerts/Taggarts use the owl too. The Linens/Lennans are the ones with the "stirpe" motto term while Stirpe's (share crane with Drys) likewise have ears of CORN. Cornish's share the Corn chevron.

Thus, the surname pointer to the STURP team investigating the linen cloth is hooking up with the Urine surname, thanks to my coffee...and the sandal was drying during the coffee due to getting urine on it. And while study of the particular cloth is SINDONology, Sindone's are listed with English Sandals. The Cornwall Urine's were first found beside Coffey-connectable French's (both have green dolphins in Crest), and French's even share the Urine chevron.

Then unbelievable, Scottish Sandals/Sandilands were first found in Peebles-shire with Scottish McKinneys while Irish McKinneys/MacKENNYs are in Coffey colors and format!!! If that's not enough, Scottish McKinneys share a brown stag head in Crest with Kettle's!!! I went to get the water kettle with a bare foot, while the sandal was drying, and made the coffee then!

I bought the rubber sandals specifically for my new boat, and Boats/Bauds have a lion head in the colors of the lion heads of Irish McKinneys, and in the colors of the Kilkenny lions. Kennys were first found in Galway with Linens/Lennans, and with the Teague's/Teegers who are themselves linkable to STRIPE-less tigers. STURP.

Then, the Kims, sharing the Coat of Scottish McKinneys, were first found in Boat-like Bute, beside the MacAbbe's of Arran who share the Coffey and McKinney fesse! Scottish Bauds share the ship of Balds while the latter were first found Peebles. And this is how God must be rolling this event, with ABSOLUTE PROOF, as far as I'm concerned, that He's wanting to point everyone to the burial cloth of Jesus. People of weak faith need to see this cloth. We need to explain the supernatural image on this cloth.

Rile's/Rills/Riels (Forez) are in Kim / McKinney colors and format while O'Reillys essentially share the Kilkenny Coat. Rile's/Rills were first found in Forez at/near mont Pilat while Pilate's (Burgundy with Roberts) are in Rile/Rill/Riel colors and format. Pilate's show nothing but pheons, in colors reversed from the Rope/Roop pheons, and Rupers are in the latter's write-up while Stirrups are also StirROPs. Robe's/Robbs, in the Crest of Darlene's (Devon with Rope/s/Roops), were first found in STIRlingshire.

I've said many times that, three days after the stool-pigeon event, three pigeons WHIRLed around a maple tree, each chasing the other. I was nailing together the 2x4 frame of the tenant's shower stall at that time, on my deck, and Showers can be linked to Swords/Swarts for an additional pointer to Barrie Schwortz.

There is both a Orion/Iron/KENiron surname, like the Urine surname (Cornwall, beside Kens). Urine's share the chevron of Wirral-like Warrils/Worrels, and "warily" is a motto term of Cornwalls (Devon with Kens) who share the raven-like birds of Urine's. Wirrals (in the Warril/Worrel write-up) were first found in Cheshire, where the Cornovii founders of Cornwall lived alternatively. Scottish Drummonds, with another "warily" motto term, share the triple STUR/Styre fesses. This paragraph now starts to become additional evidence that God set up the stool pigeon (May 19, 2019) to go with the urine-on-sandal event today (May 7).

Warrils/Worrels evoke the Orrels/ORILLs/ORIELs, like the Rile's/Rills/Riels shortly above. Warrils/Worrels happen to have nine crosslets of Teague's/Teegers. Warrils/Warrels look linkable (by their Coat) to Bunnys, the latter first found in Nottinghamshire with Stirrups/Stirpe's. For the record, a giant goat is with Kepke's while Keppochs were Sheffield kin while goat-head Warrils/Worrels tell of a Wirhal location in Sheffield (Yorkshire with Teague-branch Ticks/Tucks). Sheffields were first found in Rutland while Rutland use an ORLE border.

The pigeons were whirling round a maple tree, and Maplebeck is in Nottinghamshire too. Compare the Maple Coat to the Wakefield Coat, for Sindons/Sandals were first found near Wakefield...which is in West Yorkshire with the Tankersley location of the first-known TANKs/Tancreds (Sheffield colors and format). I peed on the sandal above my septic tank.

Urine's happen to share the leopard faces of PRISKs/Prescots, whom I looked up earlier as per the "Prisco" motto term of Linens/Lennons! The same leopard faces are with Lichfields while STRIPE-less-tiger Ditts were first found at Lichfield. The Linens/Lennans are the ones with a "STIRPE" motto term! The solid Lichfield chevron is shared by Teague-branch Ticks/Tucks, and Teague's have it in colors reversed. I had looked Prisks up Wednesday, the day before the urine-on-sandal event, but didn't have anything to say at the time as per how they can link to topic.

Recalling the nails of Logens/Lennans, we can take this to the Press'/Prests (suspect as Prescots) sharing the Neil/Neal Chief.

Ahh, they are blue sandals, and Blue's were first found in ARRAN with MacABBE's (!!!) while Orions/Irons are said to be from AIRAINES, near ABBEville!!! It appears that God caused me to buy blue rubber sandals, but this was back in 2008, the year I bought a Doral boat. I needed rubber sandals to launch the boat. Dorals share the giant lion of Irish Doors, first found in Galway with Linens/Lennans (!), while English Doors were first found in Herefordshire with Bare-like Barelys and Barrels.

Abbeville and Airaines are in Picardy with the first-known France's/LaFrench's while French's share some of the Coffey/Coffee Crest.

Dorals and Doors share the giant Cheese lion, and while I ate the cheese SANDwich immediately before the pee-on-SANDal event, there is a Sandwich surname sharing, essentially, the Coat of Dunhams (and English Randolphs). The latter were first found in Norfolk with Cheese's, and the second-listed Cheese liner, HAMO de Chese, was first found in Shropshire with Randolph-related Meschins and SANDfords. Chase's/Chace's and Chance's are suspect with the Maschi lion. Hamo de Masci was beside Shropshire with the Meschin earls.

But there's more because Sandwich's and Sindon-like Sintons/Sanctons have near-identical Coats in colors reversed from one another. The WICKhamford location of the first-known Sandys/Sandes'/Sandalls might help to explain Sandwich's/SandWICKs. Wickhams (double chevrons of German Sanders in colors reversed) were first found in Hampshire with the Lise's/Liss' who in turn share the six pale bars of Sandersons/Sandesons. Irish Sanders were first found in Wicklow, and Wickers/Weeks/Wikes' were first found in Surrey with Sands.

There may be a Rubber surname. Repeat from above: "I've just remembered that Ayrshire is where Rayborns were first found, and they incorporate the Linen/Lennan Coat with a brook!" The Rayborn motto has "Robur." Might "StirRUP" have been from a Stur-Rupert merger? Ruperts/Ropps have the Meath quadrants in colors reversed, and it was told above why Meaths could have been related to the Sindone/Sandal Coat. Rupp variations look like a Crapp/Crapper branch, and Ruberts/Rubi's are in Rapp colors and format.

As Rays use stags, they look like Rayborn branch. Rays, first found in Cumberland with a "Sandys" location (Sandman write-up), are in the colors and format of Tume's/TOMBs, the latter first found in Worcestershire with Sandy/Sandes'/SANDALLs, another good reason for my sandals to point to the shroud. The "R.I.P." on the Tume/Tomb tombstones could be code for the Rippers/Ripleys who come up as Ripps, and Stirrups com up as StirRIPs too. A pointer to STURP along with a Stirrip-related link to Tombs is making sense.

Ripleys/Ripps may even have been first found at Ripelei of Derbyshire, and the Eyers of Derbyshire are suspect with the EARs of corn of Stirrips. Plus, the pattern on the solid Ripley/Ripp chevron is shared (in different colors) by Teague's/Teegers, the ones with kin having STIRPE-less tigers, and the Dwights with the stripe-less tiger were first found in Derbyshire too.

There is a white horse head in the Crest of the Tume's/Tombs, the color of the horses of Freys and Freys'/Phreeze's who are both in Ray colors and format. The rock in the Crest of Sandmans/Sandimans can then point to the rock that was placed over the entry to the tomb of Jesus, possibly ordered by the Phreeze-like Pharisees.

The feckless anti-Christs: "Christian art portrays the tomb on Easter morn as being guarded by just two Roman guards, leading both Christians and non-Christians to give credence to an explanation that was roundly dismissed at the time: the guards simply fell asleep." It wasn't just art, you feckless liar, but a Bible account is the origin of the guards. The chief priests dismissing the Resurrection proves nothing since they were the ones who murdered Him, the last people who wanted the Resurrection to be true.

Sandmans are said to be first found in Perthshire, where Wings/Winks were said to be first found until months ago, and while Wings/Winks are now said to be first found in Worcestershire with Tume's/Tombs, the latter have wings on either side of their horse head. This can be an additional reason for pointing my rubber sandals to the Shroud.

The woman in the Sandman Coat holds what could be a book, and I do know that the "female figure" with "robe" in the Darlene Crest holds a book. This woman is nude and shares a banner with "Lady FORTune" of the Klassens while Forts have a rock in Crest too. Forts were first found in Lancashire, where Sands were formerly said to be first found.

I think I can make a case for a pointer to the Christian investigator of the Shroud, Bill Meacham, for Meachams share gold pelicans with Meats/Meads while Meaths are also Meathams/Methams. One could imagine a Metch variation of Meach's. Pelican-using Meadows were first found in Suffolk with StirRUP kin while Ruperts/Ropps/RUBBERts have the Meath/Meatham quadrants in colors reversed.

Back to McKinneys who share a Jesus-like "Je suis" motto phrase with Sandersons/Sandesons. The latter were first found in Durham with Darlingtons. Robe-loving Darlene's share the fitchees of Sandy/Sandes'/Sandalls (Worcestershire with the Rocks in the Sandman/Sandiman Crest) and Sands, the latter first found in Surrey with Meacham-like Mitchams/Michams and Mitchells/Michaels. Mitchams/Michams share the Logan/Lennan heart, and both pierce them. Put this paragraph together with the possible Sandford link to Meaths/Meathams.

Irish Harts, looked up as per the Logen/Lennan heart, were first found in Meath while Logans/Lennans were first found in Westmeath. These Harts happen to share the lion of French Roberts. Rupers: "The Ruper family lived in Derbyshire." Prisks/Prescotts (suspect in the Linen/Lennan motto), sharing a white boar head with Meach's, were first found in West Derby.

For a long time, I've been withholding the fact that I peed on my toe right beside the bottom end of a ladder that's propped up against the deck. I've had this ladder in the back of my mind along with Scale's possibly at issue because Scalia's use a ladder. Scale's happen to have scallops colors reversed from the Tank scallops, and in the colors of the Scottish Abbe and Apps/Abbs scallops. The latter were once said to be first found in Middlesex with Stains, and the latter were once said to be first found in Yorkshire with the Staincross location of Tankersely of the Tanks! The end of the ladder is over the STOOL tank, and English Stolls share the lozenges of Scottish Abbe's!!! This recalls the MacAbbe's above and all their heraldic connections.

StainCROSS can even be an apt pointer to the blood stains on the Shroud. But there's more, for APPS/Abbs were once said to be first found in Middlesex with Fiers/FEARs because Fier county in Albania is on the APSUS river, and here we take it to the "fear" motto term of PEE's/Peas'/Peacocks!!!! I peed over the tank at the bottom of the ladder.

[Insert -- A few hours after writing here, I tried for a Sandle surname, finding it listed with Sandle's/Sindlers/Saint LO's, and it essentially shares the Scottish Abbe Coat. Then, clicking to French Abbe's, which I failed to do above, there was nearly the Coat of Sindone's/Sandals (Yorkshire with Scayle's/Schole's)! And English LOW/LOE's (Worcestershire with Sandys/Sandes'/Sandalls) share the motto of Scottish Sandals/Sandilands. So, yes, it seems that the little squirt on my sandal was supposed to take place beside the ladder so that Abbe's / Apps' can come to topic with Scale's. It reinforces the pointer to Coffee-connectable MacAbbe's. End insert]

More. The ladder is lying almost horizontally with the top end on the floor of a deck. I have it there because I lift it onto the deck repeatedly in winter, when it snows, to scrape snow off of the STUCCo window ledges, above the front door (facing south toward the sun)...because I'm retired with time on my hands, and it protects the stucco from getting brittle due to harsh freezes when over-soaked. In other words, I keep the stucco as dry as possible.

The main point is that stucco-like Stucks are listed with German Stocks showing the same beetle design as shroud-like Shrouts/Shroders! Incredible. English Stocks share a "Fortis" motto term with rock-using Forts while Beetle's use a "fort" atop a rock. The Beetle-branch Bedwells love the Sempers, first found in Essex with Pee's/Peacocks. The bottom of the ladder is directly over the spot where a pipe comes out of the tank, and goes ten feet to the septic BED. BEDwells.

What's a Shadow Got to Do With the Shroud?

Good morning Saturday. After including the insert above with Sandle's/Saint Lo's, I looked up Bed-like Beads/Beadle's, so glad I did, because they almost have the Santle/Saint-Lo Coat!!! Incredible. Beads/Beadle's are in the colors of the Shoulers/Shovels (Scale colors), first found in Hertfordshire with Scale's.

I had been wondering if I'd come across the Googe's/Gouch's somehow, because Mr. Gouch inspected my septic system. They share the boar of MOWs/Mole's, both first found in Roxburghshire, and then MOWbrays, with the giant German Low lion in half its colors, were at St. Lo. The latter is right beside Les Loges in Calvados, and then the Lodge's/Loge's, who come up as "Ledge," are said to be from Loges in Calvados. I used the ladder to scrape snow from the window ledges, and Lodge's/Loge's/Ledge's share the giant Mowbray lion.

Yesterday afternoon, I was sitting on the deck steps (facing the septic tank) when I saw the curved shade of the ladder in front of me. It was quite curved because the ground rose from the patio up toward the septic tank. This makes me wonder whether the Shade/Schade surname is a variation of Shands/Schands who come up as "Schims/Schiens," who share the Mow/Mole / Googe/Gouch boar. I haven't loaded the Shands/Schims/Schiens at all this week, but here I find them sharing the dove-with-branch exactly of stool-like Stolls and Stocks!!!! It's the German Stocks having what I assume are beetles!

Plus, the lady of Shand-like Sandmans has three similarities with "Lady Fortune" of the Klassens, and "Fortuna" is a Shand/Schand/Schim/Schien motto term. Fortuna's/Fortune's were first found in Tuscany with ladder-using Scalia's. Fortibus' share the stars of Shands/Schands/Schims/Schiens. English Forts, sharing the rock in Crest with Sandmans, Beetle's and Bedwells, were first found in Lancashire, where Sands were once said to be first found.

Lady Fortune is said to hold a "banner" while Scottish Banners were first found in Aberdeenshire with Shands/Schims/Schiens and Skene's/Skins/Scans (share gold wolf heads with Lows). Plus, German Scheins (not "Schien) essentially share the Coat of German Banners! It therefore appears that Sandmans were of the Shands/Schiens. It is the law that, below the septic bed, I had to have 50 feet of pure SAND to act as a filter for the sewage.

Repeat: "As it landed over the septic tank, filled with stool, I called it the stool pigeon. I remained on the watch for God to reveal a particular stool pigeon. I told that Shots/Shute's have a SHITT variation, and that Crapps/Crappers use so-called "pigeons" rather than doves. Shuters come up as "Sewer," what are the chances?" "Fortune DE" is a motto phrase of Shots/Shute's/Shitts, and Dee's (share German Low Coat) were first found in Aberdeenshire with Shands/Schims/Schiens and Skene's/Skins/Scans. The latter share the three swords (different positioning) of Sewer-like Swords and Shots/Shute's/Shitts.

I reported many times that, when the stool pigeon had arrived, there had been a mole under the deck, making tunnels there, and that two, maybe three days after it flew away, I saw one mole hill on top of the septic tank, afterwhich there was no more evidence of this mole being at this spot of the yard. That mole is how Mr. Gouch came to topic in the first place, and the mole hill was at least close, if not bang-on, where the end of the ladder now sits.

I was meaning to go to the Bennets with the BENT shade, but got sidetracked with what I've just added. The Bent/Bend write-up suggests that the surname is from Bennets / Benedicts, and English Bennets use double "SCALing ladders," you see. English Bennets share the Mowbray and Lodge/Ledge lion, and then Scottish Bennets were first found in Perthshire, where Sandmans are said to be first found. Dutch Bennets/Benedicts share the giant Low lion (Mowbrays were at St. Lo).

Half the giant lion of Bons/Bono's is the Mowbray / Ledge lion while Scottish Benedicts and Bennets have a "DE bon" motto term...that can be also for Dee's having the giant Low lion, in the colors of the lions of Scottish Bennets. While Scottish Dee's were first found in Aberdeenshire with Shands/Schims/Schiens, MILANs/Millens, Mellansons, and Bene-like Beens/Beans/Bains. Bents/Bends list Bene's. Bons/Bono's were first found in MILAN, and English Dee's were first found in Cheshire with Bents/Bends.

The "Hic" motto term of Dee's can then take us to the "bon" motto term of Hicks, the latter first found in Yorkshire with Sindone's/Sandals, and with SCAYLE's/Schole's and having a branch at LOW Leighton, in Essex with the Patents/Pattens sharing the Scayle/Schole Shield, and with the Sere-like Seers who in turn share the Chief-Shield colors of Capes' who in turn share the scallops of Scale's and Sandle's/ Saint Lo's. The "SERvire" motto term of Scottish Bennets can be for Sere's because they share the star of Vere's, from Manche with St. Lo, and because Sere's are in Sandle/Saint-Lo colors and near-format.

Zehrs/Sehrers are expected from the VERINger-related Zahringers, both from Baden, where Shade's/Schade's were first found. "SerVIR" can also be partly for Vire, on the Vire river to Saint Lo. The Vires'/Vairs/Verona's were first found in Ile-de-France with Mellans in turn sharing the Bent/Bend besants. Verins/Verone's share the Coat of German Bugs, the latter first found in Hamburg with German Trips while English Trips have a "scaling ladder."

I have never before noticed the bent/curved shade under the ladder because I've never had the ladder where it is now without a foot or two of snow on the ground. This winter has had such low snowfall and high temperatures that nearly the entire yard is pure grass today. So, because there is a greater distance between the ladder and the ground, the shade becomes more bent than when the snow is immediately below the slanted ladder. The shade is bent because the shade over the septic tank is so close to the ladder (less than a foot) that shade stays straighter there as compared to two feet or more of ladder height over the patio.

The PATENTs sharing the lozengy Shield of Scayle's (Yorkshire with English Lombards and Scheds/Sheds) almost have the lozengy Shield of English Lombards while Lombardy is where Bons/Bono's were first found who almost have the Coat of Schatts/Schatz's, i.e. like the Schade variation of Shade's. And Scheds/Sheds with Skate's/Sheets (Norfolk with Lombers/Lomers) have a POTENT cross. Note how "Lombard" is like "l'ombra," the Italian for "shade." MELLANsons (from Milan, Lombardy capital) share the crescents of Pattons while Patents are also Pattens.

Throughout this section, I have been asking what the shade of a ladder could possibly have to do with the Shroud, and here I come to the Scheds/Sheds almost having the flag of Templar Jerusalem, suspect with the Rosicrucians (a demonic cult) who substitute a red rose (Sched/Shed symbol), instead of Jesus, on the center of a cross they claim to be the cross of Jesus. They look like they loved the Roxolani Rus to me. Scottish Crozier's were first found in ROXburghshire. French Crozier's were first found in Auvergne with Bouillons, and the brother of Godfrey de Bouillon was the first king of Templar Jerusalem. The flag of Templar Jerusalem is often traced to de Bouillon. The first king, Baldwin, was from Boulogne, and the Arms of Boulogne shares the red roundels of Bents/Bends! The bent shade! It's working. It's telling that the Templars became the owners of the Shroud...not necessarily because they respected Jesus.

The potent cross (used for the Jerusalem flag of Templars) is said to be the upper part of a crutch, and English Crose's/Cross', suspect as a branch of Crutch's/Crooch's, have a double-fingered potent cross. French Cruce's (in the Crose/Cross motto) share the Coat of English Bruns, both sharing the cross of Scottish Crozier's, and same-colored Bruno's (colors reversed from Scalia's) were first found in Florence with ladder-using Scalia's/Scalise's. The first grandmaster of the Templars is said to have married Elizabeth Chappes while Capes' (near Bruns and Scale's) share the Scale(s) and Sandle/Saint-Lo scallops.

Recalling how Beads/Beadle's worked well with Sandle's/Saint Lo's, note that Scottish Beeds/Beets have the English Brun Coat in colors reversed, and then Scottish Beeds/Bauds, a branch of Baldwin-like Balds, can bring us to French Bauds, first found in Auvergne with Bouillons.

Recalling the Mole's/Mows, we can take it to the Templar grandmaster, Jacques de Molay, that being a location in Normandy. The Blaze's are said to be from "Blay, 3 miles north east of Le Molay in Calvados." Le Molay is near the Vire river, and about 15 miles only from Saint Lo. Chives', suspect from Caiaphas, share the black moline cross with Moline's/Moulins, and Wikipedia's article on Jacques de Molay once showed him with a black-on-white moline on his breast clothing. It just so happens that Belgian Moulins/Mouline's share the Shade/Schade Coat. Let's repeat that Veringers were in Baden, with the first-known Shade's/Schade's. The shade of the ladder = scala was bent, and Sandle's/Saint Lo's share the Scale scallops.

Veringers were from the Varangian Rus at the very area where Roxolani had lived when on the D'Nieper. But the Roxolani of the Naparis were on the IALOmita, and Yellows, first found in Oxfordshire with Vere counts of Oxford, have the Shade/Schade Coat in colors reversed, which can explain why Schatts/Schatz's have a Shield in Vere colors, and why Weirs/Vere's were first found in ROXburghshire. Oxfordshire is where House's/Howse's were first found who have the Sindone/Sandal Coat in colors reversed. Howe's/Howes' share the Yellow fesse, black like the Yell fesse.

Plus, the line of princess Maria of the Varangian Rus was the line also of her husband, a son of Richeza of LOTHARingia. I tentatively resolved that the heraldic ladder is code for Lotharingian elements, which were in Lorraine with the ancestry of Godfrey de Bouillon. Godfrey's grandfather, Godfrey III, had made a pact with the Pierleoni Jews of Rome who were, at that time, vying for top spot in the vatican. What do we suppose became of those Christianized Jews? Rosicrucians? Had the Pierleoni descended from Joseph Caiaphas to explain Elizabeth Chappes?

I've just arrived to Pierleoni without thought of their being named partly after pope Leo BENEDICT! The ladder's shade took me to scaling-ladder Bennets sharing the Benedict motto! Peare's use LEOpard faces. Pierleoni were named partly after a Peter, and while German Peters (almost share Bruno bend) are also Peers, English Peers/Peirs (said to be from a templar, Robert Lepere) were first found in Warwickshire with the Pettys sharing the quadrants in the Arms of Rothschild.

I've said many times that the last time I saw Miss Peare on a quasi-date for the weekend was as little as a month after ROXanne Bennett and I separated. As little as a month after seeing Peare for the last time, I was with Lorraine briefly.

I use my ladder to clean snow off the window ledges, and Windows use an emBATTLEd fesse while Battle's share the giant griffin of Chaffs. Windows use paws while both Paw surnames use peacocks while Peacocks list the Pee's. There is a peacock in the SNOWden Crest. Snowdens (Essex with Peacocks/Pee's) look related to Glass-like Gale's/Gales' and Pulleys, both first found in Yorkshire with a Snowden location.

German Paws/Pauers, with a Coat comparable to the one of Scottish Austins, were first found in Baden with Shade's/Schade's, and Scottish Austins (probably Quint kin) share blue paws with Windows. Danish Pauers list Bauers too. Quints were first found in Cumberland with the Brun-branch Browns/Bruns.

I've just found scrape-like Schraps/Schropps having a shroud-like Schrod variation, perfect for my scraping snow off the window ledges. It recalls the Shrouts/Shroders (share the feathered Crest of Arms of Rothschild). The Schatts/Schatz's were first found in Brandenburg (Where Rothschilds/Roddensteins were once said to be first found), and English Brandens happen to share the double fesses of Schraps/Schropps/Schrods. English Scrope's (Yorkshire with Windows!) not only share the Bruno Coat, but the five feathers of the Scale Crest! Brandens were first found in Lincolnshire with the Tailbois' sharing the Scale scallops. The Bruno Coat is not a far cry from the Scalia Coat.

I think we can now point the shade of the ladder to the Rothschilian shadow governments (plural), perhaps the chief battle foe of Faith in Jesus which the Shroud will support. Governors/Governets (Dol) look like kin of Gophers/Gofers, both in the colors of Goffs/Gogh's and the latter's Googe/Gouch branch. My septic system was inspected by Mr. Gouch. This goes to the Mole's (Roxburghshire with Rutherfords), and the task of controlling governments illegally is by use of spy moles.

I've just found the new-to-me, Rothen-like Rotneys/RODENeys, first found at Somerset's with Scottish Roets. Rodens/Rodhams, with as bend in the colors of the Rothenburg Pollock bends, were first found in Northumberland with their related MalBANKs (bad banks) and ladder-connectable Lorraine's. Rodens/Roddens even share the brown tree stump, with three branch shoots, with Lauders! The latter's Letter/Lauder branch share the goose-on-rock with Rutherfords, and the latter were first found in Roxburghshire with Googe's/Gouch's/GOOSE's.

The Alters in the Roden/Rodham motto are listed with Colters who in turn share the Catherine wheel of Catherine and Payne Roet. Colts, Colters and Cole's/Colds (probably share Mieske bull) are suspect with mythical KOLODziej, the root of the Pollock-connectable Mieszko Poles who married Richeza of Lotharingia.

Rotneys/Rodeneys (with rising purple eagle) were first found at Rodney STOKE, and it just so happens that Stoke's (may have the Rothes lion) are listed with Stocks while it's German Stocks/Stucks (share Stoll Crest) who were first found in Rothenburg. Stocks/Stoke's share the Crest of Mole-connectable Chands/Schims/Schiens, both sharing the Goff/Gough and Googe/Gouch boar. Mole's share the Govern/Governet / Moray stars.

Rothenburg on the Tauber (Bavaria with Rothes'/Rothchilds and Bauers), and the Stocks there share the bug/beetle of shroud-like Shrouts/Shroders. Rothens look connectable to the Coat of Bons/Bono's possibly in the motto of Bennets (ladders) and Benedicts (likely from Pierleoni). The Pierleoni Jews were on the Tauber-like Tiber river of Rome, and Rita's (share Pool/Pull and Rothen lion) were first found at Rome whom trace to Rieti with Pollocks and Pullys. Tabers have lion heads in the colors of the Window lion paws while Paws share a Pauer variation with Danish Bauers. The latter's double bends are in the colors of the three bends of Rothenburgs. English Rothes' are in the colors and format of English Pigeons.

Taubers/Daubers (might have pigeons) look like Lorraine kin while the Lorraine Coat is connectable to the Arm of Baden and thus to Richeza of LOTHARingia. I've told many times of the day when I walked a 32-foot extension ladder, on my shoulder, past the home of my former date, Lorraine. Lower Lorraine is where the family of the first Templar kings operated while that family was in cahoots with Pierleoni. The latter were named after pope Leo Benedict, and German Leo's/PYRzewski's share the lion of Rothenburgs, in colors reversed from the ones of scaling-ladder Bennets.

The Tauber river reminds that I had WRAPPed TAPE around the ladder to affix two old gloves to the ladder where it leans against the stucco of the top window ledge. Having cloth there would protect the corner of the ledge from being chipped. Tape's/Tupe's recalls the Taupers/Taubers/Dobers, first found in Thuringia with RAPPS, and with German Roets while Tape's/Tupe's were first found in Somerset with Scottish Roets, a fundamental Rothschild ancestor whose branches named Rothes of the Pollocks. Taupers/Taubers/Dobers share the Tapper bend.

Scottish Roets share the book with Reaps/RAPE's, and Somerset is where the Stour river begins flowing through STURminster Newton, beside the first-known Sturs/Styre's who possibly named StirRUPs/SturROPs. The giant Roper/Ruper eagle is colors reversed from the giant raptor of Rapps.

I WRAPPed the tape around the GLOVES around the ladder, and Rapps are in Rupp/Crup/Croppe colors while Crappers use pigeons. What are the chances? Rupps/Crups/Cropps were first found in Hamburg with German Drummonds while the mother of the first Scottish Drummond is thought to have been in Podebrady of Bohemia. Scottish Drummonds, first found in Perthshire with GLOVE's, essentially share the Stur/Styre Coat. Glove's use the crossBOW while Bows/Bough's share the Roet motto. Taubers/Daubers (ones who might have pigeons) were first found in Bohemia with Rice's/Rise's/REEPs (looks like a Rapp-line merger with Rhizon's Illyrians).

I had resolved that the ladder was code for Lotheringia elements along with Lauders and Letters, both sharing the white-on-red griffin with Dobermans/Tobermans (Pomerania with a red griffin). Lauders share a "REPullulat" motto with giant-cup Lawrie's/Lowrys who in turn share "laurel" with Lorraine's ("Lauro" motto term) of LOTHARingia. Ahh, Lauders are in the colors and format of Lodge's/LOGE's/LEDGE's, believe it or not, and both use a tressure border! The ladder on the window ledges had tape to protect the ledges! Wow.

Lodges/Loge's/Ledge's, possibly of the Logens/Lennans and therefore possibly the Linens/Lennans (same place as Teegers), were first found in Suffolk with Stirrups/Stirpe's and Tigers. The Rothens, possibly from Rothenburg on the Tauber, have half the Lodge/Loge/Ledge lion. The triple Rothenburgs bends can easily apply to the one of Jewish Pollocks of Rothes, and so the tape is pointing again, I assume, to Rothschilian shadow governments. Ruths/Ruthers/Randolphs and Randolphs were first found in Moray with the Rothes location.

I didn't need to wrap tape and cloth around the ladder, and haven't done so for a couple of years, but I did do so for the first several years. I think I now know why. We needed the cup-using Tape's/Toops in this discussion.

I don't know why German Rice's/Rise's come up as "Reep," but English Rise's were first found in Norfolk with Risons/Risings while the latter almost have the Scottish Pollock saltire, and while the English Rise's almost have the bend of Jewish Pollocks. Norfolk is where Leslie-connectable Case's were first found who both love the Buckle's, the latter first found in Suffolk with Stirrups/Stirpe's. Buckle-branch Buckleys use the bull head of Haughtons, the latter suspect from Sigrid the Haughty, daughter of Mieszko I.

Jewish Pollocks (almost share the Jewish Rothchild bend) were kin of Taupers/Taubers/Dobers by way of the Doberman/Tobberman Coat. Taupers/Taubers/Dobers share the griffin-head Crest of Haldans (Renfrewshire with Scottish Pollocks and Dobys), suspect from Oda of Haldensleben, wife of Mieszko I (Polish duke). His other wife was DOBRawa of Bohemia to explain the Dober(mans)s.

Repeat: "The Taubers/Daubers (ones who might have pigeons) were first found in Bohemia with Rice's/Rise's/Reeps." Scottish Roets were first found in Somerset with Bulls/Bule's while Dobrawa was daughter of king BOLEslaw I of Bohemia. We saw PodeBRADY of Bohemia, and Bradys were first found in Galway with the Stirpe-loving Linens/Lennans. Breads/Bradds (Cheshire with Newtons and Haughtons) have a giant lion head in the colors of the giant lion of Pools/Pulls (Dorset with Sturminster Newton and Lorraine-beloved, Haughton-connectable Beaks).

The Pollets in the Pool/Pull motto were first found in Somerset with Bulls/Bule's and the Newton-beloved Shins who in turn share triple-red fesses with Sturs/Styre's. Bulls/Bule's have three, fessewise annulets in colors reversed from the same of Crane's/Crauns, the latter first found in Suffolk with the crane- and corn- and crown-using Stirrups/Stirpe's. It appears that the tape on the ladder is getting us to the main pointer to the STURP team.

English Bole's share a boar shot with an arrow, though in a different color, with Scottish Pollocks. Therefore, Mieszko liners ought to have named Pollok in Renfrewshire (hard to say whether Pollocks, who adopted the name of that place, descended from Mieszko).

If I recall correctly, Bole's use cups, not bowls as expected, and Tape's/Toops (Somerset with Bulls/Bule's) have cups too while Cups/Cope's/Culps (loved by Pullys) were first found in Aberdeenshire with Leslie's, Roet-related Reeds, and with the Sellers sharing the Tape/Toop cups. In the three Bole cups are three boar heads in the colors and format of the three bull heads of Bulls/Bule's.

Mieszko I was the grandfather of Lesce-like Lestek/Leszek, a possible mythical name as code for Leslie liners, and Rothes went to Leslie's (griffin head in Crest) because they married Pollocks of Rothes. This tape-on-ladder investigation therefore works because Mieszko II LAMBERT was the husband of Richeza of ladder-like Lotharingia (Lorraine), and while Mieszko elements were linked to Griffins of Pomerania, Lauders have a giant griffin in Piast-eagle colors. Lorraine's have beakless Piast eagles while German Lamberts have beakless and footless ducks. English Ducks were first found in Somerset with Bulls/Bule's and Tape's.

Immediately after inserting the Lauders to the paragraph above, I was loading Schwartz's, but spelled "Schartz" instead to find a giant griffin in colors reversed from the Lauder griffin. Schertz's are listed with Schere's/Scherfs (Austria with Schartz's). The latter's Shere branch was first found in Surrey with Lamberts, and with the Fiddle's/FideLOWs suspect in the "fidelis" motto of Scottish Barrie's (share red wolf head with Fiddle's/Fidelows). Barrie Schwortz.

The pointer to Barrie Schwortz was from a pigeon which had walked where the pee sight was, this week, above the septic TANK at the base of the ladder. Tanks are in the colors of Shirts/SHARDs/Sherrats (of HARborough's) who in turn share the HARcourt peacock while Peacocks list Pee's. Plus, Harcourts happen to share the Chief-Shield colors of Hairs/Hare's while the Schartz/Schart/Schardin griffin holds a hare or rabbit. The stool pigeon had flown off to the property of the people across the street having a Schwortz-like surname.

MORE. Scottish Barrie's almost have the six bars of Amore's and Damorys/Amori's (both of Oxfordshire with Harcourts) while Italian Amori's were first found in Schardin-like SARDINia. Shardins/Sheridans share the Lorraine lion, and nearly the Coat of Irish Hare's/Jarrys; the latter share a "Fear" motto term with Peacocks/Pee's. Shardens/Sheridans have a "lacessiTUS" motto term while Tous'/Tosini's have a man said to be wearing a "shirt."

The GLOVes taped to the ladder can now point to the GLOPeani, an alternative name for the Goplans who named Goplo, the origin of the Mieszko dukes. Globens/Globs are new to me now. English Gobels/Goodbows use the bow. German Gobels essentially have the Trout Coat while Trotts were first found in Surrey with Lamberts. The Sandmans (Perthshire with Glove's) from SANDES have a woman standing on a GLOBE that may be called a "globe" officially. The Hope's/Hopers (Shropshire with Rodden river) have a rainBOW with what could be a globe. Italian Gobels use a giant camel while English Camels were first found in Somerset with Roets and Tape's. The latter share the cups of Sellers, in turn in the colors and format of Lamberts, and the latter were first found in Surrey with the Sandes'/Sands/Sandalls.

To be sure that English and French Lamberts were from Mieszko II Lambert, compare their Coats to Sweets/Sweits, for Swietoslawa was a daughter of Mieszko I.

The Mieszko's were Piasts by ancestry, and their eagle is in the Coat of Lorraine's while the Taupers/Daubers have the Lorraine bend but with white doves/pigeons instead of the white Piasts eagles. The tape around the ladder, to protect the STUCCo, took us to Taupers/Daubers, but only after we landed on the Tauber river of Rothenburg, where German Stocks/STUCKs were first found. English Rothens (possibly the Pool/Pull lion) were first found in Aberdeenshire with Tape-beloved Cups/Cope's.

The English Pigeons have three white pigeons on a black bend as compared to three on a red bend by Taubers/Daubers. English Pigeons are in the colors and format of English Helms (Surrey with Lamberts) to possibly explain the Doby helmet in the colors of the helmet of German Helms. English Pigeons have a white griffin in Crest with gold feet, linkable to the white and gold griffin heads of Dobers, Dobermans and Haldans (Glasgow). "Suffer" is a motto term of both Haldans and Haddens, and the latter use s SCIMitar. The English Bole's seen above share the Molle / Googe/Gouch / Shand/Schim/SCHIEN boar. We saw all three of those surnames work into my stool-pigeon story.

Schien- / Skene-like ESCHYNa de Molle married both an Alan of the Dol Alans to which proto-Pollocks belonged by political partnership, and a Robert Croc(e) to help explain why Crose's/Cross were first found in Lincolnshire with Bole's and Bolingbroke's. Crooks share the bend of Jewish Pollocks probably because a daughter of Eschyna de Molle married Robert Pollock, the second Pollock after Peter of Rothes. Croce-related croziers are used by German Rice's/Rise's, first found in Bohemia with BOLEslaw and Dobrawa.

Back to the Piast / Lorraine eagle. The Eagle's/Hegels have the Sava/Savage Coat in colors reversed, and Lesce is on the Sava river. Lesce is near the COLAPis/Kupa river suspect in the Culp/Colp variations of Cups/Cope's, which one can glean in the "culpa" motto term of Pullys and Scayle-connectable Patents/Pattens. The Colapis is beside Istria which itself has a Pollock-connectable Pola/Pula location The Arms of Pola/Pula is a fat green-on-gold cross, in colors reversed from the fat Pollock saltire that was itself used in colors reversed, and Sindone's/Sandals have a fat green-on-white cross while sharing the Glass fleur-de-lys connectable to GLASgow at Renfrewshire. The Lords/Lauds in the Glasgow motto share the pheons of Carnys while a Carni peoples (shown at extreme left) were on the upper Sava to the near-west of Lesce. Welsh Carne's share the pelican with Pullys, and French Carne's are in the colors and format of Leslie-related Case's.

I scrape/wipe the snow off the window ledges and the glass, and Snowdens of Snowden Pool look like kin of Pools/Pulls, Pullys and Alans.

The ladder was propped on its gloves against the window ledge to clean it of snow, and windows have glass. Klassens nearly have the Coat of Sandmans were Sandes (Perthshire with Glove's), and then Sands/Sandes' are also Sandalls. Glove's share double wings, with an item between them, with Tume's/Tombs (horse head), the latter with found in Worcestershire with Sandys and Snows. The dancetty-fesse of Sandys makes them look like kin of English Dance's (Yorkshire with Sindone's/Sandals and Windows) because they are half in the colors and format of Sandys and Sands/Sandes'/Sandalls.

English Dance's now show a blue horse head while previously it was the same black horse head as Bute's. Glass' were first found on Bute. Glass-like Gale's/Gales', first found in Yorkshire with Windows, and having a part-blue unicorn head (once showed all blue), have lion heads in the colors of the Window lion paws. Klassens are also Class' while Calls/Calles' were first found in Wiltshire with Dannys/Dance's. The Seamans/Semans (part-blue seahorse) suspect in the Gale/Gales motto were first found in Suffolk with the Lauder-connectable Ledge's. The ladder was placed up on the window ledge to clean it of snow.

The Italian Dance's/Dannas' (Piedmont with king Donnus) are suspect with King Donnus of Susa, on the RIParia river, and Susans are in the colors of Tume's/Tombs (with "R.I.P."), first found in Worcestershire with Snows. Snowdens named Snowden in Yorkshire, and they have a fesse-with-stars in the colors and format of the Gale/Gales fesse-with-heads.

The snows share the antelope (different color) with Roper/Ruper-like Rapers/WRAPers, and it's even possible that Rapers became Scrapers or Shcraps//Schrode's. I scraped the snow off the ledges with tape WRAPPed around the ladder, and Rapers/Wrapers were first found in Sussex with Lodge's/Ledge's! The Raper/Wraper antelope head is a blue Crest while the Gale/Gales Crest was once fully a fully blue uniCORN head. Stirrups/StirROPs use EARs of CORN while Eyers and Here's/Heyers (blue Crest) were first found in Derbyshire with Ropers/Rupers. German Here's share the scythe on blue with German Rube's/Rubi's.

The Snow anteLOPE can be for the Loops said to have named Loope in Westphalia, where Rube's/Rubi's and Nagle's/Nails/Neils were first found while Irish Nagle's, with a "nightinGALE," have a fesse-with-items in the colors and format of the fesse-with-items of Gale's/Gales' and Snowdens. This gets amazing where Irish Nagle's have a "voTUM" motto term while Tume's/Tombs were first found in Worcestershire with a Knighton location, and with Knightons/Nightons to go with the NIGHTINgale.

It seems that God arranged the Snows and Snowdens to link to Tombs for the sake of my ladder that is part of the pointer to the shroud in the tomb of Joseph of Arimathea.

Snowden Close is said to be in Cumberland, with the first found Daggers/Dackers who share the red bull in Crest with Sabine's who in turn share the Snowden scallops. German Daggers are also Decks, and the bottom end of the ladder is on a wood deck when it rises to the window ledges.

As per the Nagle NIGHTinGALE, see the Knight write-up: "'The family seat of the Knights, here [West Yorkshire with Snowden], an ancient house, was taken down by the late Mr. GALLY Knight when he removed his residence,..." Galleys and Gale's were both first found in Yorkshire.

There are 3-D imaging machines that turn a 2-dimensional image into a three-dimensional one. It works rather simply, programmed to make the darkest features on the image the highest while making the lightest features/spots on the image the lowest. Hence, a near-normal-looking 3-D face can be made for the shroud's face, but only because the energy out of Jesus generally made the body parts lighter which were furthest from the shroud, while making the body parts nearest the shroud the darkest. The 3-D machine just takes the darkest part of the face, and raises it the highest, that being the nose line.

It's not altogether true that the shroud shows the image of a dead man, for it shows a man in the midst of coming alive again. For all we know, God may have slowly revived Him so that he was fully alive already when a burst of energy produced the image.

According to the strips of cloth in the Bible accounts, the shroud may itself have been wrapped by a few strips of linen. I don't know the purpose of the separate face cloth reported by John, but it seems to me that it could not have been against His face with the shroud over it, but rather vice-versa. It's known that the energy could not get past the blood on the cloth to apply the gold discoloration on the cloth, wherefore if the smaller face cloth was directly against his face, the image of His face upon the shroud would not have been fully formed, as we do see it. Parts of the face would have been missing wherever the smaller cloth was bloodied.

At the 1:30 point of the video below, in what I think is a special-light image of the shroud that shows the blood stains, I think I can see Jesus' pupils. Not coins on his eyes, but pupils.. There are two roundish spots in the exact centers of two white regions that are obviously the depressions at the eyes:

The image is not His skin. It's only the cloth we see. We cannot see the eyelids nor the pupils under the cloth. Yet those two dark spots exactly where his pupils are can be explained if his eyes are open, because the energy from within His body can be more powerful through the pupils, one can imagine. The dark spots on the cloth are larger than pupils, but then energy from within the eyes can go out at angles (as well as straight out) such that it creates circles larger than the pupils by the time it strikes the cloth an inch or so away.

The material inside the pupils was Created to allow light radiation through, and so one can imagine that radiation, or something similar, can also travel more efficiently out of the pupil.

If there were coins on his eyes, then, of course, the coins (and their details) would not appear on the cloth, for the energy that created the shroud's image would have been hampered when penetrating the coins, and the regions of the eyes were one of the weakest spots of all for discoloring the cloth, coins or no coins. It is impossible, I think, for energy penetrating the coins, to show the writing on the coin transferred to the cloth.

I'm not convinced at all by the claim in the video above that the shroud has evidence of Jesus moving. I don't trust this video owner to be sufficiently critical against the sensational / dubious claims he's making in this and another video.

Lots of reading and up-close photography, from the professionals, here for you to bookmark:

Kepke's Hand on the Strand of Web

See "spider" in my last update for my claim that God used Mr. Kepke to point to graphene-oxide. I've assumed that this is a pointer to this material when in vaccines. It was when he chased me with a spider, and what I'm going to do now is ask: what are the chances that a barn could point to the Kepke bloodline?

You can trust me when I say so, or look it up on google-maps street view yourself: there is and was a barn on the south side of Doner street in Gormley, Ontario, on the corner property at Doner and Union streets. Across Doner on its north side, the graphene-like Graffs lived on the corner of Doner and Union too.

Graffs/Graffens were first found in Switzerland with a Bern location, and German Barns are listed with Berns, first found in Switzerland. It's known that Zahringers of Baden founded Bern, and it's online, or was, that Zahringers used three blue antler while Veringers of Baden used three red antlers. Heraldic symbols are shared only when families had married. Ignoring the Bern/Barn bear, the Coat is the Arms of Baden in colors reversed.

The Casimir surname uses a red antler bendwise in the red-on-gold colors of the Arms of Baden, and these Arms show nothing but a bend. The Casimirs show nothing but the bendwise antler, and Casimir of Poland married Maria of Keep-like Kiev of the Varangians, indicating almost without question that red-antler Veringers descended from princess Maria the Varangian Rus. Thus, the barn at which Kepke chased me with the spider has traced to Keep-like Kiev, and Keeps, sharing the Arms of Baden, use a "weaver's shuttle" that compliments the weaving of a spider web. The spider was dangling on its web as Kepke chased me.

We can then go to spider-like Spitzers in case they were a branch of bear-using Switzers/Swiss'. In any case, Spittle's/Spittals almost have the Coat of English Barns. Spitalfields is the first-found location of Barn-like Bruns, and then Italian Bruno's almost have the Bern/Barn Coat. Bruno-branch Browns/Bruns were first found in Cumberland with Burns and Bernice's/Burnes'. BERNICia is now Berwickshire, where Battle's were first found expected in the "embattled" pattern on the fesses of English Barns.

When I lived near Kepke in Markham, prior to moving to Doner street with the barn, Bruno was my neighbor. My mother's mother was born Miss Masci, and Masci's share the bend-with-fleur of Staple's. Moreover, Masci's share gold wings with the Bernice/Burnes horse. Masseys/Maceys have a gold-winged horse too, and this horse is partly in the red color of the Keip/Keiper horse. Masseys/Maceys share the quadrants of Evers/Eure's in the Burn motto. The Massey fleur-de-lys are in the Brick Coat while the Brick lozenges are colors reversed from the same of Brix's while Brixton is where the first English Barns were first found. Meschins, descended from BRIQUESsart, have one fesse in the colors of the Barn fesses.

Browns share the fleur-de-lys of Staple's suspect in Barnstaple of Devon, and Devon is where Trebys were first found who share the Chief of English Barns.

We got to all of this with the spider event in front of the barn. I was afraid of spiders, and Kepke knew it. Karen Graff was watching (we were all 14 years of age), and that's probably why Kepke was doing it, because he thought it was fun to do it with her there, at my expense. The father of Keep-like Mr. Kepke is Ukrainian, and Kiev is the Ukraine capital.

Karen's father was Simon Graff, and French Simons (Treby lion?) were first found in Lorraine. Lorraine's share the Keep bend because Casimir of Poland was the son of Richeza of Lorraine and Mieszko of Poland. Thus, if my mother descended from Mieszko (a Piast), Kepke and I appear related way back when. The Arms of the Piasts use the eagle on the Lorraine bend.

Burns use an "Ever" motto term while Evers/Eure's were first found in Dumbartonshire with Spittle's/Spittals. Spitzers use the "tunnel", and Tunnels were first found in Northumberland with Keep-loving Hebrons. Next door in Cumberland were the Bernice's/Burnes' sharing the fesse of Keep-beloved Weavers (Cheshire with Dons). The Rants/Rynds suspect in the Bernice motto were a branch of Rinds ("fragRANTior" motto term) in the mill rinds of Unions (Sussex with Keeps), and Mills (Hampshire with Keppe's) look related to Kepke-branch Kupe's/Koops. The barn was at Union and Doner, and the Chief-Chief colors of Doners are colors reversed from the same of mill-rind-using Miles'.

While Kepke's/Kopke's were first found in Saxony with Weavers/Webbers, English Webers were first found in Somerset with the Severs suspect in the "PerSEVERantia" motto term of Bernice's/Burnes', the term suspect with the Rants too. Bernice's and Burns share the black hunting horn with the Arms of Traby. These Arms use three strings that look like 666, and graphene-oxide may be part of the 666 scanning system.

English Barns share the besants of Trebys, and TRYPillians lived in Ukraine. Trebys were first found in Devon with one of the English TRISTan surnames while the other English Tristans were first found in Cornwall with Trysts in the "Keep tryst" motto of Hebrons. Coincidence, or was this too an Arranged set of heraldry. Did God inspire someone to build that barn there for this pointer? Looks like.

Traby is a location in Poland, and Polish Traby Sadowski's use a so-called "scarf" while Scarfs have triple wolf heads in white while Doners have two white wolves facing each other, which in heraldry is called, "comBATTANT." The Battants are listed with Badens. Just luck? I don't think so, for while Italian Romanovs use an upright and white wolf too, they have it on the Ukraine flag in colors reversed, and then Ukrainian Romanovs show only roses, an apt symbol for Varangian RUS.

The Chief-Shield colors of Ukrainian Romanovs is shared by Scottish Simsons while the spider event was with the daughter of Simon Graff. The Simson Chief's crescents are in the colors of Italian Romanovs, but see also the Welsh Roser Coat. The Alis' in the Simson motto share the muzzled bear of Berwicks and Barwicks.

We can then add that the Chief-Shield colors of Ukrainian Romanovs is colors reversed from the same of Doners, and from this we can take it to the Wolf/Welf/Lupus surname, first found in Cheshire with Doner-like Dons, and with earl HUGH Lupus D'Avranches. Doners are listed with DonaHUE's/DonaHUGH's. Hugh's Wikipedia article once showed his wolf head, and I saw it: in both colors of the Scarf wolf head. Note how AVRANCHes" is like "Varangi."

German Flemings/Flamings share an upright wolf on a blue Shield with Italian Romanovs, and it just so happens that the English Barns and Trebys share the besants of Flame's. The Trebia river is a tributary of the Po, and the latter river was once the BODENcus while Budini lived south of Kiev with Rus-line ROXolani. Poe's/Po's/POUGH's (Devon with Trebys). Pews/PUGHs share the motto of Fisks who in turn share the WROCester/ROCHester Shield. Zahringer-connectable Hatchets/Hackets share the cinquefoil of Rocks, first found in Worcestershire with Rooks.

Worcesters (not "Wrocester") almost have the Gore Coat, and Gore's (Kent with English Trips and Wrocesters/Rochesters) share the crosslets of English Trips and Hamburgs. The latter were first found in Oxfordshire, where the Rooks were said to be first found prior to about a year ago. HAMburg write-up: "Henry de Hambury (fl. 1330), was an early English judge, the a son of Geoffrey de Hambury of Hambury or Hanbury in Worcestershire." GORsuch's (Lancashire with Such's) share the bend-with-eagle of Lorraine's, the latter from Maria of Kiev.

Trips were first found in Kent with Chaser-branch Chaucers and Chalkers, and this is apparently part of the heraldry arrangements because Kepke chased me with the spider. Kepke became a shoe salesman about four years after the spider chase, and German Trips show nothing but shoes in the colors and format of Chips/CHIPPers, and while the latter were first found in Worcestershire with Wings/Winks, the Bernice's/Burnes apply wings to their horse while Keips/KEIPERs have a giant horse colors reversed from the Hebron horse head.

Note that Hams and Hammers, in Doner colors, were first found in Sussex with Keeps while the white horse in the Hamburg Crest is white, as is the horse head of Keep-loving Hebrons. Hammers use dolphins combattant in the colors of the wolves comBATTANT of Doners. The Zahringer-pointing barn is on Doner street. Dons have the double fesses, in colors reversed, of Nissans, first found in Hamburg. HAMsteads not only share the axe with Battants/Badens, but were first found in Sussex with Hams and Hammers (both share the same colors).

HamSTEADs look like a marital merger between Hams and Steads because the latter share the Coat essentially of bear-using Berwicks. Zahringer-founded Bern uses the bear, as does Berwickshire. "Brunswick" looks like "Berneich," an old name of Bernicia. Brunswicks share the Hatch/Hacch Coat, and Zehrs use the hatchet.

Barnys tell of the early Bernai's of Worcestershire, but also of a Barney location in Norfolk, and while the latter is where Chase-connectable Case's were first found, Case's are in Barny colors and format. There's another reason for the spider-chase event at the barn.

[Insert after writing several paragraphs below -- I don't recall whether English Alberts describe their Crest savage with a "sledge" alone, or a "sledge hammer," but their giant GRIFFIN happens to be in the colors and format of the giant lion of German Hammers, and this is the lion also of Griffin-like Graffs/Graffens too!!! WHAMMO! Now I know why, just as I was looking at the German Hammer Coat a couple of hours ago, David Knight said "sledge" on his March-5 show. I was listening to it while writing here today on the 6th!!!

It took me a couple of hours to get around to loading the Alberts, not remembering that they have a griffin. I've known for years that they use a sledge. Sledge's/Sleigh's almost have the Crest of Albert-like Halpers, and while Alberts describe the sledge as being over the "shoulder," Shouldhams are in Albert colors and format. These Alberts were first found in Kent with Chaser-branch Chaucers, Worcester-connectable Gore's, and Wrocesters/Rochesters. Halpers were first found in Worcestershire with Worcesters, and with the Hills in the "hills" of Spitzers.

My conclusion is that God informed me today that the Graff lion was closely related to the same-colored the Hammer lion.

I've just re-found "sledge hammer" in Knight's show at 2hr47min48second. End insert]

The [English] Hammers are said to have named Hamer in ROCHdale, and Dutch Hamels happen to use a giant and upright, white goat in both colors of Hams / Hammers / Doners while Kepke's/Kopke's use a giant and upright goat in white too! Irish Hamels even share the double fesses of Dons.

Dutch Hamels show a HameLINCK variation, perfect because Starlings/StarLINCKs were first found in Suffolk with the Kidds sharing the upright Kepke/Kopke goat in both colors, and the two Kidd goats are combattant! Therefore, the goat of Dutch Hamels is indeed linkable to the Kepke goat. And "DONec" is a motto term of Scottish Kidds. English Kidds were first found in Suffolk with an Eye location, and Starlinck-connectable Stars/Stairrs share the eye with Battants/Badens.

Irish Hamils were first found in Tyrone with Neils/Neals while English Neals have a version of the Yarborough Coat while Yarborough's can be traced to king Yaroslav of the Kiev Varangians, brother of Maria of Kiev. Irish Hamils share the Crest of eSCUTcheon-using Suters/Shuters while Shute's/Schute's were first found in Wiltshire with Neals. Scute's/Scutts share the gold escutCHEON with Chips/Chippers while Keons and Keens look like Neil/Neal kin.

Stars/Stairrs were first found in Wiltshire (beside Battants/Badens, Chasers and Webbers) with Webbs, at the sources of the Axe river. Zahringer-like Zehrs use an axe in Crest, the symbol of Battants/Badens, this being good evidence that Zahringer elements from Baden were on Somerset's Axe river. In Devon were the first-known Veringer-like Were's/Wears, Ware's, and Wearings/Warings. The Ware Coat shares the border of Mills and the lion of CHASE's/Chace's, both first found in Hampshire. Kepke CHASED me with the spider.

We can now go to the Rinds in the Union mill rinds, not only because the Graffs and the house having the barn both face Union street, but because Rinds were first found in Perthshire with the Justine's sharing the Kepke/Kopke border, and with the Hagars in turn in the colors and format of the giant Kepke/Kopke goat. The Hagars share the giant hexagram of Goths/Gothels! GO figure.

As the Zehr Coat has "hatchets," one could get the impression that the Axe river named the Hatchets/Hackets...whose Chief-Shield color combination has the colors of the split-colored Shield of Italian Romanovs. In their Chief, Hatchets/Hackets have TREFoils, which I trace to TRIPs/Treffs, not surprising because Zahringers could be from Ukraine elements with their Veringer kin.

And we can add that the TRIPLE fish of Hatchets/Hackets are in the colors of the TRIPLE fish of Scarfs while TRYPILLians are suspect to Trabys and Treble's, both first found in Devon with another Axe river having sources near Somerset's Axe river near Battant-like Bath. Baths (Rush colors) share the lion of Ross', and Ross-shire is near BADENoch. The latter is beside the first-known Rose's of Nairnshire.

Canada is now hearing news of a Dr. Qiu taking Canadian ebola viruses to China for profit, and so I checked for a Bolla surname, to find three. The French Bolla's/Bolards/Bollots happen to have antlers in Casimir-antler colors, and Italian Bolla's/Balli's/Ballons have a Coat much like the one of Chasers, the latter first found in Somerset with Bulls/Bule's/Bula's. The vertically-split Shield colors of Bolla's/Balli's/Ballons and Chasers are shared by Tunnels in the Coat of spider-like Spitzers. Kepke was the spider chaser.

Chasers and Bulls/Bula's were first found in Somerset with China-like Chine's/Chings. The double-red fesses of Bolla's/Balli's/Ballons can thus be of the triple-red fesses of Chine's/Chings, and the double-white fesses of Bolla's/Balli's/Ballons can be of the one of Huntingdons because the Kemmis'/Kenys/Camois', sharing the Chine/Ching Coat, were first found in Huntingdonshire. However, Kemmis'/Kenys/Camois' were previously said to be first found in Gloucestershire with Graff-like Grave's/Greafs. It's where Cams/GAME's are still said to be first found while Gains/EnGAME's, first found in Huntingdonshire, almost have the Worcester Coat. Worcestershire is beside Gloucestershire.

PLUS WOW. Before looking at ebola-like surnames, I had checked the Keys as per Dr. Qiu. I couldn't find anything to say with Keys, but here I see the KEYmich variation of Kemmis'/Kenys/Camois'. As the latter share the Chine/Ching Coat, we add that Qiu's husband is Keding Chang. Keddings were first found i Norfolk with the Kidd sharing the Kepke goat. And I've just remembered the "kynn" and "kepe" motto terms of Key-branch Kays! Both Keys and Kays were first found in Yorkshire, and both use a white GRIFFIN head with key in its beak. Can we tentatively theorize that the Winnipeg lab, and/or Dr. Qiu, was applying graphene to her ebola manipulations / experiments?

Plus, if God provided a pointer to the WINNipeg lab with Winns, they happen to have the eagle in half the Grave/Greaf Coat. There is a Peg surname (s per "WinnePEG") looking like it can have the Witch/Wage wedges, but I don't see how to apply Pegs to topic. But wait. I've just remembered that Wedge's/Watch's (Witch/Wege colors and format) can be in the "Watch" motto of Others/Otters, first found in Huntingdonshire with Kemmis'/Kenys/KeyMICH's, and this could even be a pointer to Hunter Biden's Chinese connections. Mich's/Mitch's are listed with Muscats/Montfitchets, and their triple chevrons are in the red color of the triple fesses of Kemmis'/Kenys'/Keymich's.

The reason that I started this section today is because I wanted to know whether God was promising Nuremberg-like trials against those guilty of putting graphene into human bodies, without permission, through the COVID vaccines. Why did God give the spider event at all, merely to point to poison vaccines but without specifying His actions against the perpetrators? I suppose it could be a heads-up to us that the mark of the beast could use graphene in the "ink" upon the skin.

The Kepke-connectable Keips and Kopple's were both first found in Nuremberg, and as I know so few surnames first found there (I can't think of a third), I was wondering whether God was pointing to some laws suits or criminal charges against vaccine criminals. I looked for Nurem-like surnames but failed to find any but the Normans. After looking at all the Norman surnames, I saw absolutely nothing that could link to the spider event. But, there was a blind spot, and I now see a possibility.

I've included the Strands in the past, with the spider-chase event, because the spider was dangling on a strand of thread. It therefore amazes me now that the Strands share a giant savage with greenery in his hair, and holding a club, with German Normans! Coincidence? Strands were first found in Suffolk with Kepke-connectable Kidds.

Herman Normans were first found in Hamburg with Kiev elements such as Trips/Treffs, and with the German Drummonds too who trace to Kiev's Varangians because king Andrew I of Hungary was married to one. The first Drummond was a son of George, son in turn of this Andrew I. Donald Trump, who deserves execution for his part in the vaccine roll-out, is said to descend from Drumpf's, which can explain why Trumps, first found near Hamburg, are in the colors of German Drummonds.

I now know where I need to go with this heraldic path, because Dutch Tromps have one half of their Shield in the colors and format of the giant Kopple rooster, and Trumps are in the colors and format of Kepke's/Kopke's and Hahns. The other half of the Tromp Shield has acorns while Acorns were first found in Sussex with "galley"-using Keeps. The Kopple rooster is in the colors of the GALLUS/Gall/KALIS rooster, and Calls/Calles' show nothing but TRUMPets!!!

I can't remember for sure, but I assume that Kepke grabbed the strand of web with his hand, as he saw the spider dangling from a tree branch or something. I assume he had it in his hand because Hands (Cheshire with Keep-connectable Weavers) share a Hann variation with the German Hanns/Hahns who share the giant Kopple rooster!!!!! Trump had appointed Stephen Hahn to be the director of the Food and Drug Administration that had much say over the vaccine roll-out, and Hahns, a branch of Hanns/Hahns, use a giant rooster in the colors of the giant stag head of Trumps, the latter first found in Mecklenburg with Hahns.

The Strands and Nurem-like Normans use a savage with club, and both Savage's/Sava's and Club/Clobbes' were first found in Cheshire with Hands/Hanns, as well as the Dons who can be connected to Miles-connectable Doners. Savage's/Sava's have the Coat of Eagle's/Hegels in colors reversed, and the latter, feasibly in the Tromp eagle, were first found in Lincolnshire with Mile's. Recall how the Mills, first found in Hampshire with Keppe's, can connect to Kepke-branch Koops/Kupe's. Keppe's are also Kippers while Keips/Keipers were first found in Nuremberg.

I've never before included the Hanns with the spider chase, as per Kepke holding the web with his hand. The Webbs were even first found in Wiltshire with trumpet-using Calls/Calles'. Therefore, is God appointing Trump to all of his laws suits and impeachments to torment him for his unrepentant part in vaccine murders and maimings? I hope so. I hope there is far worse for him, if he refuses to correct his attitude. I fear he'll do another vaccine roll-out if he wins the election later this year.

As the Unions use the mill rind, as do Miles', I'd like to go now to NORMAN Miles, whom I knew for only two months, when I went to a new school (grade 8) upon moving to Doner street. I took the bus there with Karen Graff, and I never saw Norman again until, at about the age of 25, I fell asleep in my taxi cab, on the SHOULDER of the road, when Norman knocked on the windshield to wake me up, because he was a police officer. The Strand savage has his club on his shoulder.

Norman recognized me, and we chatted briefly. I never saw him again. It happened on Keele street, and while Scottish Normans have an "AuXILLiam" motto term, Keele's/Kills, and their LEG-using Cheile branch, were first found in Lincolnshire with Mile's. Leggs almost have the Trump Coat!

It was Mamie who pointed to the "Tentamine" motto term of Leggs, on the night she pointed to Trump in multiple ways, especially when she sat on my legs / lap / knees. Without repeating the compelling reasons for all of those pointers, I'd like to repeat here that I was dispatched to pick her up twice while driving taxi cab. Note how "Mamie" can be a pointer to maimings by vaccine.

Here's from my 3rd update in November, 2022:

There was a time when I had checked Strands because Kepke chased me with a spider hanging from a strand of web. In the 2nd update of April, 2018, I recorded the Strand description: 'The Strand Coat looks simple, but it's packed with surname code: "Blue shield, a savage crowned and WRAPPed in ivy, holding a club proper in his dexter and resting the club on his SHOULDER, and his sinister HAND resting on his HIP. He is STANDing on a green TERRACE with a silver stream FLOWing through it."

Flow-like Fellows were a Feller branch, of the Rockefellers, a family heavily invested in drugs. Terrace's are listed with Scottish Terras' while German Terras' use ROOKs. Rapps use a "raptor" in Tromp-eagle colors. Fellows were at SHOTESham (Norfolk with SHOULDhams, HIPS', and Stand-branch Steins) while Shots/Shute's (same place as Webbs), kin of Calls/Calles', can be traced to the sling shot in the Arms of DACHau, and I think my TAXi pointed to Tax's/Dachs/Dacks. Slings have a giant "vulture" in the colors of the Rapp raptor. Dachau was headquarters for Hitler's Bavarian concentration camps. The Strand Coat is almost the one of Nuremberg-like Normans.

The Fellow lion heads are in the colors of the Graff lion, and Karen Graff watched Kepke holding the strand of web. Fellows were first found in Huntingdonshire with Kemmis'/Kenys, though the latter were once said to be first found in Gloucestershire with Grave's/Greafs/Griefs. Graffs/Graffens are also Gravs. How many people did Trump put into their graves?

One of the English Norman Coats shares the Chief of English Feltmans/Felthams. The write-up of English Normans seems to have them first found in Sussex with Keeps and Bathursts (club in Crest), excellent because the latter almost have the Feltman/Feltham Cost, both using the Stand/Stain fesses in colors reversed. Feltman-like Felmans are listed with Fellers. It now appears definite that the strand of web is pointing to Rockefeller input into the vaccine program. Stands/Stains were first found in Middlesex with Spitzer-like Spitalfields.

I've said it many times, that I was so sleepy-eyed while driving through the intersection of Keele and highway seven (busy intersection) that I just pulled onto the shoulder, in rush hour, some 200 feet away. I didn't know I had dozed off there until Norm Miles woke me. The Seven/SEVERin/Seffern surname (Worcestershire) uses a "praeSTANTior" motto term, and Stants are listed with Stand/Stains. The Strand savage is STANDing on a terrace.

The Sever-branch Saffers were first found in Devon with the Trebys almost sharing the Norman Chief, as well as sharing the Seven/Severn/Seffern besants. Devon is where Billets were first found while Scottish Normans/Normandys have seven billets. French Pastors (Normandy) have five of the same billets. Pastor-like Bastards (Devon with Billets) use a "bello" motto term while Bello's share the Billet Coat.

I don't think I realized, until now, that the other English Normans were first found in Suffolk with Strands. It should explain why Strands almost have the German Norman Coat. However, there were hundreds of surnames early in Suffolk, yet you just witnessed Nuremberg-like Normans pointable from the spider strand.

Bathursts reminds me of Bathers' (beside Lupus-related Meschins of Cheshire) sharing the Scarf Coat. It's Trabys/Sadowski's who use the Q-shaped scarf. The "viVAS" motto term of Bathers can be for the Vase variation of Fauci-branch Face's who in turn share the Bath cross, and from here we could be back to Battants/Battins/Badens.

Bathursts use "Tien" while Squirrels (Worcestershire with Rocks, Rooks and SINDys/Sandys) use "Teins," and then Tiens' are listed with Thames'/Tame's, possibly from the Taman peninsula, location of Kepoi. It was the land of the Sindi while Senters/Sainters share the triple leopard FACEs of Tiens-related Peare's and Parsons (Norfolk with Hips'). The Senter/Sainter Coat is colors reversed from, and in the format of, the Sindy/Sandy Coat.

The FellTRAGER variation of Fellers can be understood in the Rook write-up. Rocco's (Naples with Doner-connectable Romanovs) look like German Trager/Troger kin, and while these Tragers/Trogers share the bend of Keeps with an embattled pattern, Rocco's (more embattled pattern) share the Coat of Kepke-beloved Goats/Gothams. Now we know why God had Kepke holding the web. Greedy, control-freak Rockefellers are in deep trouble. When God doesn't like one, and he never repents, the full wrath comes on that He withheld in hopes of seeing repentance. If evil doesn't repent, it harms continuously.

trudeau NEWS

trudeau's latest scandal of last week, in case you missed it, a smashing wrecking ball to the front of his skull. This comes just as he's picking himself off the floor from the smashing ArriveCan wrecking ball to the back of his skull. If he wants stardom, he's now got it just they way we like it:

The video above charges that trudeau must have known that Chinese elements in the highest-level bio-lab (Winnipeg) were taking deadly ebola viruses from there to Wuhan, China, and unauthorized (= secret) trips between the two countries were made prior to the COVID plandemic, starting in 2017, and even/especially in 2019, the year that COVID-19 was discovered. When you put this picture together with the shameless and criminal gusto by which trudeau served the people with vaccines like candy, it puts further questions on the table as to how much he deserves execution demanded by a Nuremberg-like trial.

The question now is, how far will the average Liberal voter go deeper into the Twilight Zone by burying this story as though it deserves no concern? How suicidal are these walking dead, those responsible for the canadian horror show at this time?

On Monday, the Liberals forced an official meeting, in progress, to be shut down, by a 6-4 vote, because Liberals and the NDP together don't want details of this lab crime to get out. But why did the NDP join the Liberals in this vote? Why would the NDP want this crime hidden?

The trudeau government is making it appear that the Chinese elements in the lab worked alone, without government knowledge. The Conservatives wish to pry into that convenient claim to see whether it may be untrue. Trudeau's desperate and initially-successful attempt to hide even the firing, by someone in canada, of two virologists (see Ms. Qiu) involved in the ebola transfers, suggests the possibility that he's complicit with those transfers. Otherwise, what's he afraid of when he should instead be celebrating openly that his government caught the two, and removed them from their jobs?

Mr. Poilievre, on the day (last Friday) that this story broke, said that a "Chinese official" was able to peer into the Winnipeg lab's computers, begging whether she transferred any or all information to the Chinese military. It's known that Klaus Schwab loves the Chinese government, because he himself said so. It's obvious that there is a conspiracy or two or three afoot between trudeau and China, and the thing is, the RCMP seems to be stupid enough to become bought off and embroiled in it. What trudeau does best is to bribe criminals and criminals-to-be. This is the tactic going forward for to set up the global government, because they leaders are unable to prop it up by the will of the people. What a bunch of trash, it's laughable. Imagine the end of the story for a bunch like this, who kill, steal and destroy.

Imagine the final torment, and be of good cheer. Have fun, rejoice for the final outcome, laugh and sing and clap your hands. The fools are upon us for their hideous swan song. Like Hitler, they are shooting stars. No sooner do they attack that they go dark. Nobody will love them, nobody will feel for them, no one will give them a moment of warmth, after they do what they do.

We learn below that Dr. Qiu was at the Winnipeg lab since 2003, and later was celebrated just before being removed from that lab in 2019. However, this video reveals that she wasn't fired from the lab position until 2021, begging whether trudeau's China-serving dragons were hoping to get her into the lab again, for doing China an additional a favor. This looks like a potential huge, world-class story:

Nearing the end of the 4th minute above, we learn that Qiu and her husband were "officially terminated" on January 20, 2021, which was Biden's first day as president. Any connection there? I've heard that her whereabouts in canada is not now known, but perhaps she was fired due to a Chinese plan to ship her to the United States to work under a Bidenite lab. The Bidens are, after all, guilty of taking huge Chinese bribes, and/or of making secret deals.

More ArriveCAN corruption that I haven't yet heard about, and now it involves an official overseeing COVID testing, and more than $60M to his oversight above and beyond the $60M or more cost for ArriveCAN itself. This is an investigation all to itself as per how much of the money went into secret pockets:

You might like to subscribe to this up-and-coming, level-headed, thoughtful, Christian news reporter:

An official motion to start an investigation on the Winnipeg-lab scandal is imminent:

Other NEWS

I keep hearing warnings against BHT in some cereals such as some Cheerios and Kellogs products. This material is banned in many places, yet cereal companies use it freely in some cases. Now I can certainly understand by globalists would want to poison us slowly, and where there are soaring food prices, people tend to eat more cereal because it's one of the cheapest foods...though, just as soon as many more people start to buy up cereal to save money, up the prices go because food providers, out of greed, have a policy: higher demand = higher prices.

We might say that there are still some good people who are responsible for banning BHT, and this is causing some cereal companies to cancel its use. But what if they just lie to us, remove "BHT" from the ingredient's list, but use it secretly anyway? BHT is responsible for a host of bodily malfunctions, and when there are too many of them, things can go south fast, especially for older people. That's called killing people earlier. It's what Schwabites wish to do according to the messages they send out, and, of course, Schwabites include giant-corporate executives and owners.

BHT is added to increase shelf life of foods, but the shelf life of dry foods is extremely long without it, and most people do not store foods, anyway, wherefore the use of BHT seems sinister. There is a war against us, and the ammunition is in foods. We will need to be food-wise going forward. Read up also on the related BHA.

Here's some great good news on the vaccine front, though there are 49 bad news stories called all the other American states. This video would be much better if Stew Peters called off his shot scenes, which I hate watching, don't you? Everytime the Peters show has a vaccine story, he shows needles going into arms, which I think is blasted sick. How many times do we need to see these shots???

As governors of 49 states were complicit with the vaccines, there's not going to be a tidal wave of governors who now outlaw vaccines due to some of them being lethal. The governors have their heads in the sand hoping this issue will be gone when they pull them out. In the meantime, more people are being crippled permanently, or are harboring biological threats that can strike with disabilities at any time. What's needed, and what's deserved, is to see them voted out later this year, and replaced by new governors who will arrange for their attorney generals to throw the old governors into hardcore courtrooms where the judges swing iron rods.

Here's the more-likely real reason that Bill Gates is in the risky game of modifying mosquitos:

This world needs clean enjoyment. It's healthy to have fun, to laugh, to be playful. But humans need other humans to be playful with. Not with booze and drugs or the pursuit of sex. The globalists want us at the opposite end of playfulness because ill feelings and ill sentiments breeds ill bodies. Minds at ease are good for bodies. How can we become happy while calling curses down on Schwabites, that is the question.

Sometimes I wonder whether the Schwabites advertise the ill they plan to do on Westernism as a bluff, as part of a program to anger nationalists until they start civil wars that then perform their population-control programs while allowing martial law to step in for a win-win-situation. I used to think that the globalists were willing to fake an attack, by China, on the American power grid, but I now think it's more likely that they have invited China to do it so that it doesn't need to be faked.

I've seen several social-media programs lately that signal a program now running to get the ire of patriots to the point where they fight back. This seems especially true in Texas this month with the so-called wildfires. These fires are not in forested areas, but in scrub-brush and grassland, not highly important to populations, and able to spring right back easily. Yet this fire is being hyped in Texas, I wonder why. Is it in sincerity, or is it to get the ire of those prone to forming militias? I can imagine the deep state planting many faked pro-Trumper media personalities just for the ultimate purpose of urging them to ravenous ire for when the green light is given to do so in-concert.

The American deep state has made it impossible to get Americans to rise up in civil war due to over-reaching spy systems that makes it difficult for fighters to communicate secretly over large areas. This fruitless endeavor might explain why Schwab predicted an EMP attack by China before 2025 i.e. as an alternative to stoking militia groups to flames. It might explain the sudden surge in illegal crossings of Chinese people (i.e. possible operatives, spies) over the Mexican border.

God will decide how far the goofs succeed with their plans for the sole reason of allowing them to self-destruct. Anyone who thinks he can control the world and the future, and then actually attempts it, is the first-placing goofball. Schwab's upper-level stooges know: half the population eradicated means half the people to buy their corporate products gone, and so how can this make Schwabite members excited? Only a killer goofball knows for sure.

It's now become evident that Schwabites are going forward with hardcore censorship of people who speak out against globalists programs and goals. Their worst enemy is social-media; they cannot go forward as long as social media remains more powerful than their state-government tools. They want to frighten speakers into silence with jail terms and fines, like when they conducted their murderous vaccine program. How can we be silent in the face of that atrocity?

There was a time when the globalists demanded for free speech because they wanted to use it to brainwash people, to recruit them, until they, the globalists, had enough political power to censor their foes. This is how they roll, in mortal combat. Therefore, I describe them as brutal conspirators, political parasites, greedy tax thieves, inhuman vaccine killers, Jesus haters, spy maggots, fascists, hypocritical accusers. FACT CHECK ME. The evidence is all over the Western world, in the open. The conspirators are exposing themselves openly...just like FOOLS. And that's why they want to censor, so that they can act without obstructions in turning the people into their fools. half the world knows this, and so they can't win the world. They want to brainwash an entire generation from their youth, unobstructed by their parents, this is their goal. If that's not a fool...

It's people like you and me who want to protect the people, who care about the safety of the people against the HATEFUL goons like trudeau. They want to turn this on its head, as though we are the hateful ones. I LOVE HONESTY, PEACE, SOCIETAL CHEER, GOODWILL, MORALITY, THE CREATOR. I don't want to hate, but the trudeau's of the Western world breed ill feelings in me, and they spoil life for all, while pretending to be serving the people. The people groan under their rule. The ill feelings instilled in the heart of God will fall upon the earth as His Wrath in recompense, in perfect justice. This is not a hateful God, but One who protects all that is good by destroying the destroyers. I'm for Him; what He hates is what I hate. We are in tune. We are one.

They can't shut down the entire Internet, or their own corporations won't make money. The Internet giants themselves will complain and act because they'll be losing money. Anything can happen once some drastic act begins. They won't be able to control what happens, and they should know it, but fools will be fools.

France's Schwabite floundering:

David Clements' now-free documentary on election fraud has new information; too bad he supports Trump as one who cares for his voters:

This is the first non-Christian I've ever heard about willing to believe in a global flood covering the highest mountains. Virtually all other non-Christian geologists just followed the fool-flow toward Hell, teaching the rubbish of up-lifting sea floors that are now the highest mountains. What this guest is saying is that the shapes of the highest mountains were formed by massive amounts of flowing water...yet such flows could not shape the sedimentary mountains/plateaus we now see as hard rock unless they were once "soft" like highly-compressed, wet and not-yet cemented pebbles and sand. This HONEST man is saying the glaring obvious to all archaeologists, and to you and me too: the tiny rivers flowing through giant canyons and mountain valleys could NEVER have carved the canyons and mountain valleys, but massive flows of water were needed instead that were once above the mountains and canyons, DUH:

Here's my good theory. Over the course of the Flood, volcanic debris spewed from underwater craters which became water-bourne to a degree, in a churning sea, and finally the debris precipitated to form what are now sedimentary rocks. Spew after spew formed layer after layer, we could say to simplify. The Flood then ended when multiple regions of the one crust of the earth broke away from the main. These broken parts became segments sinking down into the molten material beneath, now ocean floors. As they sunk, water to all their sides rushed into the void above them, and this rushing water, of a mile deep or more on average, is what caused the higher, non-broken crustal plates, now continents, to become eroded with mountain valleys, canyons and caves.

There needed to be a cause for fast and abundant rushing waters. Mere seeping of Flood water (very slow) into the solid "ground" of the earth could not explain the formation of canyons by the Flood's water. There needed to be something that caused the water to flow violently across whole continents, and the only explanation I can come up with is sinking crustal plates.

As they sunk, molten material beneath them would have been pressurized, due to the sinking of plates by gravity power, and so the molten material was forced to press on the undersides of the main crusts that are now coastal land masses. They were lifted, and are now higher than the inner continental land masses beside them, for example: the Rocky-Mountain system that follows the coast all the way to southern South America is much higher than the inner continent that is itself far from the sinking plates.

That is, the sinking plates caused these mountains to be mountains rather than low-lying plateau's. They are visible, peaked mountains today because there wasn't enough gentle waters above them to allow sediments to bury them, whereas the inner continents were covered with sediments, from gentler waters, such that they produced horizontal, flat plains. This is very simplified or generalized.

One way to explain why sedimentary rocks have visible divisions between individual strata is that the heavier, grittier materials laid down first did not have cementing agents with them, which, if they did, would weld one strata to another without showing a visible division. Then, hours or days later, another wave of material rolled in and fell on top of that layer to form another visible strata, but only if heavier material came down first without cementing agents.


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