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March 1 - 4, 2024

Where Issa Good Place to Trace Ishmaelites?
The Big Bee in the Garden Was a Buzite
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I've caught glimpse of a possible way to identify lines from Ishmaelites. I've not been on this turf as extensively as I'll make the attempt now. It starts with the HaGARD variation of Hagars. Hagar was Ishmael's mother. He was Abraham's son, and Abraham's brother, Nahor, can be to the Nairi of Lake Van, and to the Neuri of Ukraine, the latter not very far from the BUZau tributary of the Hagar-like Agarus river. Buz was Nahor's second-listed son, and Camel-like Kemuel was the third-listed. Camels were first found in Somerset with Tarrs/Taras' while Terah was father to Abraham and Nahor.

Load Hagar surname now, which loads on another tab, in order to load other surnames so that you can follow better.

New to me from Wikipedia's Nairi article: "The names of twenty-three Nairi lands were recorded by Tiglath-Pileser I (r. 11141076 BC). Their southernmost point was TUMME,..." How very welcome. Though the Buzau is not named on
this map, the COTESii are shown on it, and I trace the royal Cottians of SUSa, on the RIParia river (not far from ASTI), to TUME's/Tombs because they have tombstones with "R.I.P." upon them, but also because they are in SUSan colors while Susans use lilies while Lilys were first found in Worcestershire with Tume's/Tombs and Babcocks.

Susans were first found in Berkshire with the Bicks sharing the Anne/Hanne stag heads. Ripleys/Rippers (share green with Tume's and Susans) had their Ripley estate pass to William AmCOTs (share Asty lion), and Amcots are listed with AmCOTES', first found in Yorkshire with Hancocks who in turn share the red rooster with Babcocks and Cocks. The Amcots are also Ancotts, which is why I checked HANcocks for linkability. Both were first found in Yorkshire with ANNE's/Hanne's, and Caiaphas, killer of Jesus, married the daughter of the chief priest of Jerusalem, ANNas. We thus have those priestly lines linking to the royal Cottians of Susa, especially as Hancocks share the Chief-Shield colors of Chaffs and Caiaphas-like Capes'.

I'm proposing that the Amcot/Amcotes tower is code for Turin, a city to which the Riparia flows, because the Amcots/Amcotes' use cups while Cups/Cope's were first found in Aberdeenshire with Turins and Chives'. The latter, suspect with Joseph CAIAPHas, must be from CHIVASSo, a location near Turin.

The red rooster is shared between Hancocks and German Hanns, and the English Hanns/Hands are in Cup/Cope and Copp colors and format. The Hanns-branch Hahns were first found in Mecklenburg with Ice's/Ecco's/ICKE's (ROStock), potential Ishmaelites along with Justine-connectable Ise's/Assi's (Shetland of the Rus vikings). Anne's/Hanne's and Hancocks were first found in Yorkshire with the Alan-connectable Hicks/ICKE's sharing the fleur-de-lys of Annas-branch Ainsleys.

Cups/Cope's and Copps use ROSES expected for Roxolani lines, and while Roxolani were also south of Kiev, Kiev-line Keeps were first found in Sussex with Kupe/Koops-like Coppers/Coopers. German Hanns' share the rooster of Kopple's, first found in Nuremberg with Keips/Keipers. While Kupe's/Koops (cups) share the Kepke/Kopke and Justine border, Keppe's/Kippers were first found in Hampshire with Copps.

Justine's (from VALENTINian I of VINKovci) were related to Wings/Winks, now said to be first found in Worcestershire with Cottian suspects above, and with the Squirrels loved by Valentins; the latter are in Susan and Tume/Tomb colors. Rippers/Ripleys share the lion of Kiev-like Keefe's. I didn't realize that wings are in the Tume/Tomb Crest when writing that.

Terrah's/Derrs use rooks for the line of Roxolani, whom I saw stamped on the Buzau, though Wikipedia has them on the neighboring Naparis (shown on map above). The Teran variation suggests a Taron location (of the Taronites) that was at Lake Van's Mus province. Rooks and Rocks were first found in Worcestershire with Eggs/Edge's, increasing the chances further of Roxolani lines in merger with Cottians.

Rooks are in Copp and Cope format and partial colors, and the Ades' / Ade's/Aids' suspect in the Cope motto can be from Ada of Warenne in Huntingdonshire, where English Cottons were first found. Note that Ades' share the crosslets of Warren-connectable Wears/Were's (Devon with Ware's and Wearings/Warings) in turn having a "FuiMUS" motto term.

English Mallets use a Derr-like "deer" while Rinds, first found in Perthshire with Nairs and Hagars, share the scallops of Mallets (Suffolk with Buckle's), and while French Mallets/Malo's use buckles, Saint Malo is beside the Alans of Dol whom I trace to RoxoLANi Alans.

"Naparis" is like the Napiers (Perthshire with Nairs) who share the motto of Ure's/Orreys while Ore's/Orrs were first found in Renfrewshire with Bus-connectable Hameltons. The Ure's/Eure's are suspect in an Icke motto that also has "bon," and these Icke's have the Alan/ALLIN fesse in colors reversed to explain why they translate their motto with an "All in" phrase. French Alans were first found in Languedoc with Roquefeuil of the Roxolani Alans, and with the French Bonne's.

Napier-like Napps share the lion of Side's/Suddy, a branch of Sutys (Perthshire with Napier's), and Side's/Suddys were first found in Fife while Fife's and Five's/Fifys can trace to "Lviv," on the Bug river of the Neuri. Five's and Five's/Fifys, kin of Vivians, share the Nair lion. Plus, the Side/Suddy Chief shares the eagle of Musics/Musys (Brittany with Alans). The Nothings in the Suty motto are listed with Northerns, a potential Nahor line, for Norths (Sussex with Bonne-branch Bone's) and Nordi's/NarBONNE's share the same lion while Narbonne is near Roquefeuil. The Nair lion is colors reversed with French Narbonne's.

Norths and Bone's were first found in Sussex with Diane's/Deins while the Nairi article above has their northern-most area at Daiaeni, also called, Diauehi, perhaps to the Dee's/Die's too because they share the Diane/Dein lion. Mythical Dia was a wife of Ixion, suspect by me from the Hyksos. I recall writing that Ixion and Ares were related entities in Armenia. Ixion's sister was Coronis, the mythical crow. Their mythical father, PHLEGyas, looks like "Peleg," ancestor of Abraham and Nahor.

Myth terms are often cleverly-devised variations of real entities, with a twist that fits a storyline that's itself imbedded with symbols (often from previous myths). Coronis mated with Apollo, lord of the mythical Muses (all females, had a music symbol). It appears here that Amazonians from Mus were given a music symbol, you see.

Tumme-like Toms/Thomes' use ravens or crows, and they share the dancetty-fesse of Wests ("de") who I in turn trace, with Waistells, to Vestalis of the Susa Cottians, i.e. to whom I trace Tume's/Tombs. The interesting thing here is that Christine Peare, whose belly symbol gave me the Guts and Tume's, had a waist symbol related to her belly symbol that gave me the Waistells. Tomme's were first found in Venice, named by the Veneti, possibly from Lake Van. Code's (beside Wests) show ravens/crows.

Kimmels (Devon) almost have the West Coat, and Camels were between the Kimmels and Wests. Kimmel variations suggest that they put forth Kemps/Kempens, and then German Camps/Campens/Kamps show nothing but a dancetty-fesse, ditto with Wests (though in different colors). The heraldic dancette is suspect with Italian Dance's/Donnas', first found in Piedmont with Susa, where king Donnus ruled, Vestalis' grandfather.

English Kemps are said to have been at St. Ewe, ditto with Hicks/Icke's (Yorkshire with English Dance's), and then while Dee's use a "hic" motto term, the Dee border is shared by these Kemps.

The Cotesii-like Coats/Cotes' share the triple pale bars of Trotts while the Trotus is a tributary of the AGARus, and then we can go to the "MODEste CONabor" motto of Hagars (Este colors and format), because Modes'/Modens were first found in Berkshire with Susans (giant lily) and Arks/Arch's (Lily colors and format). Modane is on the Arc river directly over the Cottian Alps from Susa. The Cotesii were on the Buzau tributary of the Agarus. Though not in the same colors, Modes'/Modens share a fretty Shield with Cotta's/Cottons and drop-using Cuttings (Norfolk with Bus' and Drops/Trope's).

Cuttings probably have a version of the UTTer/Otterburn Chief due to a related reason, for English Cottons were first found in Huntingdonshire with Otters/Uthers. The question is whether Otters/Others, from Lombards, were from Uts, Nahor's son.

I've seen the Augusta location on the Trotus as "Angusta," and I had found a "Vrm" character as count of Angusta, father of Helena. I didn't realize until now that Vrm could have been named after a carrier/noble of "Urmia," for Nairi lived at lake Urmia. The Robertians, otherwise called the royal Capetians, are from Worms elements (Germany, and Roberts and Propers/Roberts/Robins share the Lane/Lawn lion. Launay is near Brest, and that's the general area of the first-known Helens who look like kin of Este's expected in the Hagar motto.

The article telling about Vrm claimed that king Bela of Hungary married Helena, and this works where we can see the link between both Bacons Coats and Bello's/Bellows (Cheshire with Propers/Roberts, and with the Overs/Offers in Worm colors and format). Bello's/Bellows share the Bus / Hamelton cinquefoil. The "PECTor" motto term of Bello's/Bellows could be partly for Cheshire's PiCOTTs, or the Picotts/Pickots, the latter first found in Brittany with Helens, thus making the latter traceable to Helena of Angusta. Bellamys were first found in Shropshire with Brittany's Alans. There's also the Peckitts/Becketts (Cheshire, and Norfolk with Bramtons and Crows) with lion heads in the colors of the Bramton lions, and probably a crow in Crest.

"ReBUS ANGUSTis" is a Cabbage/Cobbold motto term, and while Bacau is along the Trotus, English Bakers, first fond in Norfolk with Bus' and the Hollys in the Cabbage/Cobbold Coat, share the lion in Chief with Cabbage's/Cobbolds. Bolds/Bolts and Boltons were first found in Lancashire with ORMSkirk. French Bacons share the Bus cinquefoil.

Where was my head: Cobbs (Suffolk with English Bacons) have a Coat like that of English Bacons, suggesting strongly that Cabbage's/COBBolds were a Cobb-Bold merger. It's good evidence that the family chose "angustis" because of knowing their ancestors to be from Angusta. Note that Trots are in the colors of Helen-like Alans/Alens/Ellens. The Stems/Steins (Norfolk, beside Suffolk) can be in the Cobb motto.

I have a sneakin suspicion that the Cons/Cohens are in the Hagar motto, because Jewish Cohens/Kagans are suspect from the Khazar Kagans, which might just be a sign that Ishmaelites were amongst the ruling Khazars, called kagans, priest-kings. "Cohen" is the Hebrew word for, "priest."

There was a mythical Cotys, sometimes made (by myth writers) the son of Manes and father of Attis. Manes is suspect (by me) as code for the Mannai Armenians to the Maeonians, and Attis was code for the Hatti of the Halys river that flows near lake Tatta. I'm adding this because Dansette's share the roses of raven-using Tate's. It may mean that the Daiaeni region of the Nairi could be to the Dance bloodline, and then there are the Dannys/Dance's, first found in Wiltshire with English Kemps and Kimmels.

Maeonians were on the Maeander river, the line to Manders (Devon with Wests) who share the saltire of Scottish Tate's. Manders have an "omniBUS" motto term. Bus' were first found in Norfolk with Wheats, and with Tate-like Date's/Dade's/Deeds who in turn share the triple wheat sheaves of English Kemps. Wheats share the gold wheat sheaves, and throw in a dancetty-fesse. As Wheats were first found in Norfolk with Bucks while Hicks'/Icke's use a gold "buck" head, the gold stag head in the Wheat Crest can be a buck head too. Bucks might have been a hardened Bus branch.

Nairs have a lion in the colors of the BRAMton lion, while Abraham was also ABRAM. The Nair Coat is much like the Eggerton Coat, both sharing the large Ure/Orrey lion, and I trace Eggs to Lake Garda, opposite the lake from Val Trompia. Trumps/Tromps, in Hagar/Hagards colors and format, were first found in Mecklenburg with Ish(mael)-like Ice's/Ecco's/Icke's. The latter can be gleaned as a branch of Eggs/EDGE's who are traceable to the ADIGE river at lake Garda.

The last update crossed the "laiDIR ISE" motto phrase of Learys, and from that I found Dire's/Dyers and their Irish Dyer/Dwier branch that almost have the Eggerton Coat. Dire's/Dyers have a "TERRere" motto term, and Tarrs/Taras' were first found in Somerset with Laids/Ladds/Ladons. "Laidir" is shared by Kilpatricks, first found in Dumfries with Leary-like Larrys/Lawrie's. "Laidir" is shared by Irish Brians ("UachTAR" motto term) who almost have the triple lions in pale of Lane's/Lawns, whom can be of the Italian Lane's in the vicinity of lake Garda, at BRIXia, and Brix's/Brests share the lozenge of German Camels. Camel-like Hameltons share the ermined cinquefoil of Buz-like Bus' (Norfolk with Bramtons).

Plus, while German Bush's/Bushers are in Hagar colors and format, English Bushers were first found in Dorset with Bug while Neuri were on the Bug river. I'll give reasons later for linking the Bee's to the line of Buz, possibly from the BIAini of Lake Van. I saw "ini" as a suffix in an ancient term in the Lake Van / Mus theater, and mythical INO was a daughter of mythical CadMUS, himself part-code for the Cadusii Armenians connected by myth writers to Armenia-like Hermes because the latter's symbol was a caduceus incorporating two snakes, explaining why another myth writer turned Cadmus and his wife, Armenia-like Harmonia, into two snakes.

The Quarters (probably a Carrick / Quarre and/or Cord/McCourt branch) use the caduceus, and a "laudaMUS" motto term. The Cords/McCourts (Ayrshire with Quarters) can be linked to Courts/Coverts who in turn share the triple pale bars of Muse's. Musics/Musys have the lone eagle of Courts/Coverts in colors reversed. Quarre's share the lion of Carrick-branch Carrot/Carews, in the colors of the Quarter lion too, and Carricks trace to Charax Proculus of CILICia, a nation that was mythethized as, Cilix, Cadmus' brother.

The Nairi of Lake Van can be theorized as migrating west with nobles who carried the Van name to Fane's/Vans, first found in Monmouthshire. While Nairs use the merMAID, Monmouths and MAIDs/Mauds (Cheshire with Eggertons and Fane-related Maceys) almost share Coats, both sharing the Eggerton lion, and both using so-called "bars-GEMEL" that can indicate a Kemuel line. Gemels were first found in Ayrshire, near the Campbells/CAMMELLs.

Dyers / Diers look like branch's of Dee's/Die's (Thigh/Tie colors and format), with English Dee's/Die's first found in Cheshire with Eggertons, and Scottish Dee's/Die's first found in Aberdeenshire with Norrys (share Rush/Rish / Rosco/Risco fesse). Dee's have a "HIC labor" motto while Labors (Yorkshire with Hicks'/Icke's and Dye's/Tie's) have the same bars-gemel of the Alan-related Richmonds. The Alan ruler of Richmond is in the write-up of French Brians. Tarans/Terents were at Rushton.

As Rosco's/Risco's have the cinquefoil of Bus' (Norfolk with Rise's and Risons) in colors reversed, Rush's/Rish's with Rosco's/Risco's look to be from Roxolani at the Buzau river. Rice's are in Norris/Norrey colors and format. Thanks to Miss Hicks as Sleeping Beauty, I can trace Risons to ancient Rhizon, beside Kotor, the line of KETURah, Abraham's second wife. As Wikipedia's Saraka article has Saraca's at Kotor, they look descended from a tribe that named Sarah, Abraham's first wife...whose concubine counterpart was Hagar.

Bars-gemel are used also by Washington-branch Wassa's/Gace's, both with Coats looking related to Hampsteads while Norris'/Norreys named Hampstead-Norris (Sussex, beside Hampshire). Norris'/Norreys probably have Crow heads because Crows and Case's were first found in Norfolk with the Faiths/Faithfuls in the Norris/Norreys motto, and I've seen the "crow head" description of Scottish Caseys. Case's have a Coat version of the Leslie's, first found in Aberdeenshire with Norrys. Hampsteads were first found in Sussex with Vise's/Vice's.

Crow-branch Crawls/Crowells, both using the CAMEL head, can suggest that Crawfords were Crow liners, and the Crawford Coat is essentially the Norry Coat too. Crawls/Crowells were first found in Oxfordshire with Bone-branch Bonne's, and Norths, with a lion in the colors of the Bonne and Bone lions, were first found in Sussex with Bone's and Hampsteads. Crawl-like Crails/Crabs were Dole kin, both sharing the North and Bush fleur-de-lys.

It thus appears that Norrys were a Norris and North branch. It can explain why Nortons/Naughtons were first found in Argyllshire with Kemuel-like Campbells/Cammells. French Bonne's share the three ermine spots of Irish Dwiers/Dyers while English Dyers were first found in Oxfordshire with English Bonne's/Bunns. Bugs were once said to be first found in Oxfordshire with Bunnys.

Nordens use what should be a boat because Boats/Bauds have a lion head in the colors of the giant lion of English Nortons/Nordtons/Northingtons. It's also the giant lion of Morgans while mythical Morgan le Fay was given a home on mythical Avalon, which I say was the island of Baut-like Bute. Kotor is beside Butua/Budva.

Possibly, German Bugs use crows. Their Coat is almost the one of BAKEwells/BACKwells (Derbyshire), though their birds are given white bellies. I took the latter surname from a Baslow location, in Bakewell (Derbyshire), of BEESleys/Beaseys, a surname I rarely visit. The red ROUNDEL of Beesleys is a TORTeau, and a tortoise is in the Crest of Chaucers (Kent with Rundels/ROUNDELs and Chalkers) sharing the vertically-split Shield colors of Beesleys. Crow-branch Crawls/Crowwells were first found in Oxfordshire with Bees, and so the Beesleys are suspect with crows, for Crows were first found in Norfolk with BUS' and Bakewell-like Bakers/Backers, Backers/Bacors, and Case's. The Chaucer-branch Chasers (identical Coats) were first found in Somerset with Camels and Backs. Buz is listed in Genesis after Kemuel, and both Crows and Crawls/Crowells use the camel head.

The white bellies of the Beesley birds can perhaps indicate Bellys because they share the chevron of Dutch Bakers/Beckers. As Chalkers use a swan, they with Chaucers look like CAUCasians from lake Sevan, near Lake Van's Nairi.

There's more because Bee's and Crawls/Crowells were first found in Oxfordshire with the Amore's and Damorys/Amori's, both sharing a dog head (different colors) with Abram-like Bramtons (Norfolk). The Damorys/Amori's almost have the Chalker Coat, and Chalkers do have the Coat of Choke's, the latter first found in Oxfordshire (with Checks/Cheeks/Chicks), and shared by Pussys/Pousins who have a cat in Crest while Beesleys show the demi-cat of Chives in Crest. The Chives cat has a tongue, and while Tongue's/Tongs almost have the Mountain Coat, I know that either the Chives-Crest cat, or the cats in the Shield, are called mountain cats.

I don't know why Amore's come up as "Armer," but maybe it's due to Armenia-like French Hermans/Armens sharing the Pussy/Poussin Coat in colors reversed. The latter share part of the Moise Coat for a trace to Mus of Armenia, and then English Pasleys (Berkshire, beside Amore's), sharing the Herman/Armen Coat, can be from nearby Phasis in downtown Caucasia. Moise's were first found in Burgundy with Chives-related Mathis', and while Mattis' come up as "Massi," they share the checkered Shield of Checkers, first found in Hampshire with Chace's/Chase's and Keppe's. Kepoi is not far north of Phasis.

English Bakers/Backers and Cabbage's share the Stormy lion while the Store's share the stork with Choke's, yet the Store Shield shows swans, also in the Chalker Crest. Sturs share three red fesses with PASleys, first found in Berkshire with Choke's, and the three fesses of Chalkers and Choke's would be red in colors reversed. Pasi's/Pace's were first found in Bologna with BOII, suspect with the BaioCASSES' of the Bee-line Bessin. Phasis was an ancient location near lake Sevan, also called, Poti, and Pots with Potters were first found in Hampshire with Chase's/Chace's.

The Campbells/Cammells and Eure's/Ure's share the same Crest, as well as the "obliVIScaRIS" motto term that can be for elements from Vis/ISSa. Eure's/URE's were first found beside the Nairs (of Perthshire), and can be expected in the "heure" motto term of Hicks'. The problem is that Hicks' have an Icke variation too, and I've been convinced that Hicks' were from Hyksos...which could mean that Hagar was a proto-Hyksos. The Hyksos proper of Egypt were a few centuries after Hagar's time. They may previously have been the Hayasa-Azzi, say some, and Assi's come up as "Ise." Wikipedia on the Nairi: "According to Bryce, parts of Urartu, a state of Nairi, corresponded to the Azzi of Hittite texts from the same period."

Bramtons were first found in Norfolk with Sheets, and SHETland is where Assi's were first found. Aesons/Assone/Easons, with a near-copy of the Peckitt/BECKett Coat, share the double lions, almost, of Bramtons (Norfolk with crow-using Peckitts/Becketts, Crows and Leslie-connectable Case's). The base of the Aeson/Asson/Easons is the boar of Leslie-connectable Bards (Lanarkshire with crow-head Caseys), in colors reversed from the giant boar head of Leslie-connectable Lesks, and the latter were first found in Berkshire with English Becks.

Then, while the Adriatic island of Issa is also Vise, Vice's/Vise's share the black stag head of Acorns (Sussex with Vise's/Vice's) in the acorns of Dutch Tromps. Hagar-like Ackers use acorns, as do Corners/Garners (Hagar colors) said to be from "GARDner."

Italian Lane's were first found at Brescia, south of Val Trompia. English Lane's have a Coat like the one of Dyer-like Days/Deys/Deie's, and their triple stars can be presumed to be close to the triple stars of Comforts/Comerfords, for the latter share the peacock with the CAMELfords/Comerfords/Campbellfords, and the Hoe's suspect on the "ho" motto terms of Comforts/Comerfords not only share the lion of Irish Dyers/Dwiers, but both were first found in Tipperary. Fear-loving Peacocks were first found in Essex with the Vere's who in turn share the Hoe Crest.

English Lane's look connectable to Irish Brians while Briancon, once BRIGANTium, is in Savoy with the first-known Bride's sharing the triple stars of Brights and Comforts/Comerfords. The latter's cross is colors reversed from the same of Norways/Norwoods.

Irish and English Lane's (Staffordshire with Camelfords) are also Lawns while the Launay/Lawny Chief is shared by ISHerwoods/Usherwoods. Was the line of Ishmael to Isherwoods? As Woods use the savage while Savage's are also Sava's, note that peoples on the Sava river could easily have ruled in Issa, and so Isherwoods may have been an Ishmael line married to Woods. Savage's/Sava's were first found in Cheshire with Marble's of Isherwood, and while Marble's have a giant griffin in the colors of the Camp/Champ griffin (Campbell colors), French Sauvage's were first found in Champagne while Scottish Champagne's were first found in Leicestershire with Woods.

As the giant griffin of Marble's is shared by Irish Griffins (Van kin) who in turn had a major branch in Pomerania, that's beside the Ice's/Ecco's/Icke's (eagle) while Eggs/Edge's (eagle) were once said to be first found in Cheshire with Marble's and Eggertons. The Egg-like Eagle's/Hegels have the Savage/Sava Coat in colors reversed. Eggels/Edgells (Essex with MUSCHats) have the Bus cinquefoil in colors reversed. MUSy's/MUSICs have a giant eagle in the colors and format of Marble's (Cheshire with Fane/Van-connectable Massey / Macey / Masci liners).

Having said that, Isherwoods/Usherwoods were first found in Monmouthshire with Fane's/VANs, and Monmouths use bars-gemel too, and look related to gemel-using Maids/Molds (Cheshire again). Did the line of Uts, first-listed son of Nahor, name Usherwoods, or Utters of ROXburghshire?

The Utter crescent is shared by two Camel-like Hamel surnames while Dutch Hamels use a giant GOAT in Susan colors and format while Goats/Gothams (Cottians?), in Bug and Boz/Bose colors, were first found in Nottinghamshire, where Bugs were once said to be first found, and where Norris'/Norreys were early. Boz/Bose' use a giant rose while Scottish Rose's share bougets with Bugs (Dorset with Bushers). Scottish Hamels share the griffin of Box's (Wiltshire, beside Dorset).

Donnus of the Cottians might also be the line to Dons sharing the double fesses of Irish Hamels. The "dona" motto term of Dons can be for the Donna variation of Dance's/Donnas' (similar to Coats/Cotes Coat). The upright goat of Dutch Hamels/HameLINCKs (Star colors) is white like the same of Kidds, first found in Suffolk with Lings and Starlings/StarLINCK's. Stars were first found in Wiltshire with Box's. Stars use the eye and there's an Eye location in Suffolk. Rabbits (Suffolk) are in the colors and format of goat-using Bunnys, and of the Norris'/Norreys who named a Hampstead-Norris Berkshire with the first-known Susans. I get the impression that the tribes from Nahor's sons were in cahoots with Cotesii.

More goats are used by Moline's while Belgian Gands have a moline cross in Susan colors and format. Isherwoods/Usherwoods share a gold wolf head in Crest with English Gaunts, who were in turn first found in Kent with English Gards while Irish Gards use a brown wolf while Brunswicks share the Gernon Coat. The canton square of English Lane's/Lawns almost has the GERNon Coat while Corners/Garners are also Gerners. Dutch Gaunts share the wavy Dol fesse (Trump colors) while Dols and Trumps/Tromps were first found in the Pomerania area while the red griffin head in the Corner/Garner Crest may be the red griffin in the Arms of Pomerania. Neuri elements reaching Pomerania could have named Norway.

The Gernon and Brunswick Coats are shared by Hatch's/Hacch's while Acker- / Hagar(d)- like Ackards are listed with Hatchards/Hackards. All three Coats have the BRAMton and Semper Coats in colors reversed while "Semper" is a motto term in the Arms of Lviv (Bug river with Neuri). Sempers/St. Peers were Pierre's while Napiers/Peerless' may have been Pierre's knowing of their descent from the Naparis. The Naparis is now the IALOmita, and Yellows (Oxfordshire with Camel-loving, Norris-connectable Crowells) share the Bug fesse. The Coats are identical aside from the BOUGets of Bugs.

Though not in the same colors, water bougets are shared between Bugs, Bushnells/Bushels/Bussels, Bouchier's (Essex with Waters) and Buckets/Boquets/Bocards.

The Coat of Kimmels/Kemple's/Kimble's (Wiltshire with Kemps) is similar to the Yellow Coat, and then the MontaCute's (Somerset with Camels) share their black border and perhaps share also the triple lozenges of German Kemps (Pomerania), though the latter's are in the format and colors of German Bugs.

The Campbell/Cammell GYRONNy can be code for Gernon liners. Gernon-like Grenons almost have the Coat of Nobs (Norfolk with Bramtons), who can be in the "nobilitas" motto term of Dyers/Dwiers (almost have Eggerton Coat). In colors reversed, the Pomeranian griffin is the one of Letters while a "letter" is in the Crest of Gard- / Ackard-like Cards.

Frankly, I could care less about the line to Ishmaelites. I've never seen historical evidence that they became the Arabs or Muslims, but a case can be made if they named the Hyksos, because, aside from any Ishmaelite considerations, I trace Hyksos to Mus at Lake Van, which may have been related to the namers of Mosul, itself near ancient ARABkha. The MOSlums / MUSlims may have been named by Mus / Mosul elements. Mosul and Arabkha are at the Tigress-river region while German Teegers were first found in Holstein/Schleswig, beside the Trumps/Tromps of Mecklenburg.

With Vis/Issa in mind: Ackards/Hatchards are also ACHARDs while Chards use partridges while Partridge's were at WIShanger. Weiss' use the goat while Goats/Gothams share the Ackard/Hatchard Coat. Partridge's were also at MISERden while Misers use cherries while Chairs were first found in Kent with Partridge's and PERTs/Petts. The "imposSIBLE" motto term of Misers can be for Sibals, whom I trace to Cibalae, home of Valentinian I, husband of Justine, the line to Justine's (PERTHshire with Hagards). I link Justine's to Sire's/Sirets (share "justitia" motto term with Sibals) while the Agarus river is now the Siret. And "deSIRE" is a motto term of Wiss'/Wisharts/Guiscards along with "is," how about that. Justine's and Sire's/Sirets share the scales of justice with Assi's/ISE's, HOW ABOUT THAT!

The full Guiscard motto, "Mercy is MY desire," and My's were first found in Nottinghamshire with the Goats/Gothams sharing the Ackard/Hatchard Coat. Weiss-like Weis'/Wise's share the hexagram on blue with Hagards, and Weis'/Wise's and Wies' share white, Justine-connectable wings in Crest with Acorns and Corners/Garners.

Partridge's share the checkered Shield of Pepoli's, and that surname can go back to the Apophis/Apepi Hyksos. The horizontally-split Shield of Popoli's is shared by Schwerins (Mecklenburg with Trumps/Tromps and ICE's/Icke's, who named Schwerin in Mecklenburg.

The PartRIDGE's may have been a Pert-line merger with Ridge's, first found in Devon with Treble's and Trebys while the Trebel river separates Pomerania from Mecklenburg. This makes the Treby lion possibly the one of English Jarrets because they were first found in Shropshire with Ridge-branch Rudge's/Rudes'. This Arms of Traby has hunting horns colors reversed from the ones of partridge-using Chards.

The Garden Bee

The Jarrets above are very linkable to French Jarrets (in Dol) sharing the Coat of GARDens/Jardens.

My career in heraldic investigations started when I went out the my vegetable GARDEN. A big bee -- the biggest one I ever saw -- wouldn't leave me alone. Everything in Texas is big, they say. That little event made me think and believe that I had to go back into the house and seek the Buzites, from Buz, son of Nahor. And that's what I did. I went straight inside to the computer, and I've never stopped since to understand heraldic links. I've been at it 20 years now, roughly, almost all full-time work. By the time of this bee, I had been trying to track people groups using myth codes and history articles, and had been working on Nahor's sons at that time, which is why the bee "spoke" to me about seeking Buzites.

I think I can explain why the bee was in my garden, for Gardens/Jardens with share the black-on-white boar with Buz-like Bush's (Bussy branch). These Bush's were first found in Yorkshire with Bushnells/Bushells/Bussels who in turn use hurts (blue roundels) while Hurts/Horts were first found in Oxfordshire with Bee's.

French Bussys share the eagles of Childs who are in turn in the format of, and in colors reversed from, TARANs/Tarrents. Childs were first found in Hertfordshire with the Vince's/Finch's having one of the triple Finchem fesses, and then while English Bussys incorporate the Finchem Coat, Finchems were first found in Norfolk with Bus'.

After writing to the paragraph above, I added some parts above from the Cabbage's to the Code's, then loaded Codlins (Yorkshire with Bush's) who are on the colors and format of Bush-branch Boasts/Bois', and moreover Codlins even share the Bush eagles. After that, I tried for a Cotlin surname, wholly new to me, and they not only show bees alone, but were first found in Dol. That's amazing. The Faithful One. Bee's buzz.

The bee was after me in the garden, and it made me go in to find the Buzites from Nahor. It would be some 10 years before I would find Angusta (1st update in August, 2014). Gardens/Jardens were first found in Angusta-like Angus with the Aesons/Assons/Easons who share the Bramton lions, and may also throw in what could be the Robert lion for a possible trace to the Robertians from Vrm-like Worms. English Roberts (Bacon stars?) are said to have been first found in Kent (questionable) with Dragons/Drainers while Worms' use the dragon.

I was tracing Cabbage's to the Trotus river, and here the Cotlins/Kotlans show only two pale bars formed by bees, in the colors of the six pale bars of Trots and Coats'/Cotes! I'm stunned. As Cotlins/Kotlans are also Coetlins, I tried for a Coet surname, and it's listed with Cockers/Cockets (Norfolk again) sharing the Cabbage fleur-de-lys in the way that Bee's/Bie do!!! Shocking.

I've found the map (dated early 2nd century AD) showing "Angustia" at the center-right, where the Agarus is called the Hierasos, possibly named after elements from Hierosolyma (Greek for Jerusalem). This is the map (I haven't seen in years) having the Roxolani centered on the Buzau, and stretching from the Naparis to the Agarus:

The Roxburgh pale bar is in the Coat of English Tate's (Suffolk with Bacons), and the Tate's add ravens/crows "charged" with orange beaks and legs, same as the raven/crow in the Peckitt/Beckett Crest. Lake Tatta is in Galatia while the bottom of the Agarus (Siret), below the mouth of the Buzau, has a major Galati location. The Tate pale bars shares the roses of Beil-branch Scottish Bellys (share Dutch Baker chevron).

The Urmia-like Ermine's/Armine's (like "Armenia"), who could have the Robert lion, share the Chief-and-saltire combination of Scottish Tate's, and both share the Chief of Angus' (Fife). "Vrm" looks like it could have developed from "Urm." The AIRmine variation could explain why Airys/Erie's have the triple bends of Italian Belli's. The Angus Chief is a different-colors version of the English Bacon Coat, and while French Bacons share the Bellow and Bus cinquefoils, the Angus Chief is a good reflection of the Bellow Chief, which convinces me that Helena married king Bela.

The Angus motto shares "Fortis" with English Forts, and, zowie, the Fort Chief is the bacon Chief with a bee in the center! I was going to repeat that rock-using English Forts share an "AUDax" motto term with Roxburghs while Roquefeuil is in Aude province. If Forts share the McLeod/LUTT castle, note the Alutus river on the map, which is now the Olt, and then the Hold variation of Holts (Lancashire with Forts) is in the McLeod/Lutt motto. English Lutts/Lute's (connectable to the Fasts in the McLeod/Lutt motto) were first found in Worcestershire with the Este-connectable Squirrels in the Hold/Holt Crest.

My first update in August of 2014 (I was more an amateur then) has: "We see at Wikipedia Bela's daughter, Helena, important because the article (History of Hungary) I quoted from has Bela marrying an Helena, daughter of the count of Angusta." If you click on that link, you will see (page 67) Vrm as the count's name.

It says they had four sons, Geysa, Ladislaus, Stephen, and Almus. Stephens (rising falcon) are interesting for being found in Gloucestershire with the Holders who have one of the two Hold/Holt fesses, and moreover the Holders are mainly in Bellamy colors and format (ignoring the Bellamy crescents). English Falcons share the chevron of Bellys. German Stevens almost have the Trot / Coats/Cotes Coat. French Falcons were first found in Languedoc with Roquefeuil, and with French Alans.

If we trace Helena through Bela's daughter, Helena, we can get to the Helens of Brittany because Bellamys were first found in Shropshire with Alans/ELLENs and Belli-connectable Sallows, and Bellows were next door in Cheshire. Helens have the English Este Coat in colors reversed, and the Helen horse heads are black, the color of the horse in the Este Crest (once showed as the Bute Crest). "Fortis EST" is an Angus motto phrase.

We might have reason for tracing Stephen, Bela's son with Helena, to Stephensons and their Stein/STEM branch, recalling the "STEMmata" motto term of Cabbage- and Bacon-connectable Cobbs ("angustis" is in the Cabbage motto). Cabbage's are listed with CobBOLDs, and both Bolds/Bolts and Boltons (share Robert lion) were first found in Lancashire with Holds/Holts. Steins/Stems were first found in Norfolk with the Hake's having the Cobb Coat in colors reversed. Ignoring that part of the Cobb Coat, the rest looks like the Chief of English Bacons/BEACONs (Suffolk with Cobbs). It just so happens that a "beacon" is used by German Belli's.

The Alans/Ellens tell that the first Alan of Dol built a castle at Mileham, in Norfolk. This Alan was the son of Flaad, and Flatts/Fletts and Fleets can be linked to Norfolk's Floats Flags/Flacks. Floats and Flags/Flacks share the double fesses of Stein-branch Stains and Elens/Elons/Ellams (Berwickshire with Tate's) who share oak leaves with Alans/Ellens.

Milehams are in Camp and Campbell/Cammell colors while German Camels have a giant griffin in the colors of the Mileham and Camp griffin heads. German Camels have the Brix/Brest lozenge, and Brest is in Brittany not far the first-known Helens. Campanio's use bells, and the Aaron/Aren quadrants in colors reversed while Alans of Arundel were at Arun. Aarons/Arens use clouds while McLeods/Lutts/Clouds, who love the Fasts of Norfolk, use flags.

Compare the "Buzau" river to "Bacau" not far up the Agarus river. Might tribes from Buz have named Bacau as the centuries saw evolution of terms? Beacon-like Beasons/Beesons are listed with bee-using Bessins. Then, the Hagar Coat shares a giant hexagram (different color) upon a blue Shield with Vise-like Vicks/Ficks/Fecks, which is remarkable where Walsh's/WALCHs use a "transFIXus" motto term while the Buzau was/is in WALLACHia, in TRANSLvania. Can that be read as, TransylVANia, from Nairi of Lake Van? Is "Sylvan" really the root of that word, as one might at first think? This paragraph adds to the evidence that Hagarites migrated with Ishmaelites that came to name Issa/Vis off the Croatian coast, where some Colchians had migrated to, especially near Pula/Pola.

It just so happens that while Weis'/Wise's/Weisers (wings) share the Vick/Fick/Feck hexagram, their Wies/Wieser branch (same wings) almost have the RAGGS Coat while Issa/Vis is near RAGUSa. "BE wyse" is a motto phrase of Gallops, first found in Dorset with Poole. The star in the Raggs Chief can be the Wies/Wiser star, yet the Raggs star is white, as is the Hagar hexagram that's itself in the colors of the Raggs and BUSH fleur-de-lys.

The Raggs Coat looks related to Pierre's and Peters, and the latter are highly traceable to Peter Pollock while the Pollock saltire is highly traceable to the Arms of Pula/Pola (Istria). Pollocks lived at Rothes while "aster" is an Istria-trackable motto term of the neighboring MacKenzie's (Ross-shire) who share the Justine border.

While Winklers (Valentin colors) share the Wind Coat, both with the Arms of Pula/Pola in half its colors, German Winders (wings, no surprise) share the Jewish Pollock bend. And Danish / Norwegian Winters conveniently use the POLar bear while Polars/Pollards (in RedRUTH) share the Pully and PEARtree/Patria scallops. Sempers/St. Pierre's, first found in Essex with the Hinds suspect in Crest of English Winters, happen to share the BRAMton Coat. Pollocks were first found in Renfrewshire with the Hameltons sharing the Bus cinquefoil.

The Winkler / Wind cross is shared by SINDone's/Sindells/Sandals, and while the Sindi were at Kepoi of Caucasia, Kepke's/Kopke's and Koops/Kupe's share the border of German Winklers (Sinton/Sancton / Saint colors) and Justine's.

I once had an employee, Gord Winger, in Hamilton, Ontario, and Gords/Gordans, in colors reversed from, and in the format of, bee-using Boys, were first found in Berwickshire with Gords/Gordans. The latter share the boar heads of Roets, first found in Somerset with Gordano, and the latter location is beside Clapton while one Clapton Coat looks related to a Winger Coat! Zikers.

The Perrys do use the "hind" in Crest, with a pear in its mouth, symbol of Butua-like Abotts, and the latter were first found in Oxfordshire with Peare's, and with the Bee's who in turn almost have the Perry Coat. Boet-connectable Boyds share a "confido" motto term with Perrys. Pear-using Parrots were first found in dragon-using Wales (looks named by count-Dracula elements from Wallachia?) with the Parrys who in turn have the Hind Coat in colors reversed. Perrys were first found in Hampshire with red-dragon Drake's, and count Dracula was in Wallachia of Transylvania. The Hind and Parry lozenges can trace to Colchians of Losinj, i.e. where we can trace heraldic lozenges.

I trace Medan, son of Abraham's wife, Keturah, to the mythical witch of Colchis, Medea, wife of Jason of the Argo ship. Pula/Pola is on Istria, and surnames such as Isters/Asters/Sturs, Stars/Stairrs, Stairs, and Steers may be from that place.

The Vicks/Ficks/Fecks show a Feddercke variation, and share a person in pointed hat with German Fedders who in turn share a red Crest with Feathers/Fedders. The giant hexagram of Vicks/Ficks/Fecks, a star, is used by Fetter-connectable Weis'/Weisers, and is in the colors of the five-pointed Bauer stars, and in the colors of the Rot/Rothchild hexagram, and the Star surname (near Stour river) was first found in Wiltshire, beside the Sturs, and beside the Feathers/Fedders whose motto ("Valens et volans") looks very linkable to lines from Valentinian I (his brother, Valens), the line to Justine's, first found in Perthshire with Hagars, and where the Wick-like Wings/Winks, in the Bauer Coat, were once said to be first found. Valentinian lived at VINKovci, a potential Vise/Vice / Vick/Fick / Fix line.

The earliest Wing/Wink entity in their write-up is: "'The lands of Winkston in the parish of Peebles gave name to possessors in 1262,...'" There's then a William Wynk of Perth in 1291. Bauer-branch Bowers were first found in Peebles-shire. The Arms of Rothchild use feathers in the Crest.

The Wing/Wink Shield is covered in billets while French Billets/Billiards were first found in Maine with the Pellicans in the pelican of German Fedders, and with Josephs sharing the Pully martlet. The pelican-using Pullys could be from Pula/Pola, and Pools named Poole near the Stur river, and beside Feathers/Fedders.

Polesdons and Poltons (VINCE/Finch colors and format) use stars, and both were first found in Cheshire with same-colored Beesons/Bessins, Sales' and Masseys. Buzzz. Masseys share the Bee quadrants, and the Bee Coat adds the Sales Coat. Bee's were first found in Oxfordshire with the Bauer-connectable beaver in the Arms of Oxford. The Dragons/Drainers expected in the Bee Crest are in Potter colors and format.

Pawtons in the Poltons write-up, because their Coat is much like the Potter Coat, could be a merger of Colchians from Poti (Colchis) merged with Pula/Pola liners. The Polton stars are colors reversed from the Polesdon/Pulesdon stars, and the latter's stars are used by Purys (Oxfordshire with Bee's) who are in turn fully in Polton/Pawton colors and format when the Pury stars are ignored.

It's important to mention that Purys and Polesdons share the Sabine stars while Sabine's share the Pully scallop, for it's this which traces hard to Vespasia Polla of Rieti (in Sabina), wife of Flavius Sabinus, parents of the Revelation-17 dragon. They birthed emperor Titus while Titus' were first found in Hertfordshire with Vince's/Finch's (Polton and Pury colors and format) while Finchems were first found in Norfolk with Sabine's.

The Sabines people group were Safini to Italians, and Saffins/Savens (share stars of Wieser-related Weavers/Webbers) were first found in Somerset with English Webbers, with the Bulls/Bule's expected in the Sabine Crest, and with Saffer-branch Severs/Savers. Weavers/Webbers have the Wies/Wieser Crest, with wings, and Weavers/Webbers were first found in Saxony with Weiss-branch Kepke's/Kopke's sharing the Justine border.

English Weavers were first found in Cheshire with Billet-branch Bellows linkable to the Wing/Wink billets, and with Pulesdons and Poltons. Billets and Bellows share the cinquefoil of Bus', first found in Norfolk with Sabine's. Were Buzites of Nahor in Sabina, or did Sabina liners merely marry Buzites elsewhere? Nahor's third-listed son, Kemuel, can be to Bus-connectable Hameltons, first found in Renfrewshire with Pollocks? Camels were first found in Somerset with Saffins.

The Reate-like Reats/Reeds, first found in Northumberland with Valentin-linkable Stevensons, share the sheaves of Dade's/Deeds, first found in Norfolk with Sabine's, and Dade-like Daddys/Douds share the Pollock saltire.

Why does the Arms of Rieti/Reate use fish in the colors of the Arms of Saraca fish? The German Fish's/Fischers have that fish as well as a "walREIT" motto term. Their Coat looks related to the Dol whale to explain "WALreit." Whale's/Whele's are in Alan colors. English Fish share the Coat of Vaughns/VYCHans, first found in Shropshire with Alans.

Purys share black martlets with Pullys, and the latter's are colors reversed from the same of English Wingers. The black martlet is in the Crest of Prests/Press' (Hertfordshire with Vince's/Finch's), and then Winklers were first found at Prestbury. The Prest/Press Chief is shared by Neils (probably have the Arms-of-Saraca fish), first found in Tyrone with Saraca-line Sharks, and with boot- and fish-using Hagens. Dutch Hagens and German Camels share the lozenges of Hinds in turn suspect in the Crest of Wingers and English Winters. Vinkovci is off the Sava river while Bus-connectable Hamiltons use the saw while Sawers share the checks of English Winters.

Potters (now suspect in marriage with Poltons/Pawtons) were first found in Hampshire (beside Polla-connectable Poole), with English Josephs and Sturs, with same-colored Porters/Pawters, and with the Ports sharing the Bute/Butt estoiles in a Chief looking related to the Joseph and Roet Chiefs. It can be connected to the Chief of PASley-related Packs (Sussex with Vise's/Vice's) because Poti was also, Phasis. I think that VesPASIa Polla was named partly after Pasley-branch Pasi's, but, now, wow, look at "VESpasia." She thus appears to descend from Colchians of Phasis removed to Pula/Pola. The Arms of Pula/Pola has the cross of English WINKlers (and Winds) in half its colors.

Dutch Winklers use acorns while Acorns (Sussex with Vise's/Vice's) share the stag head of Vise's/Vice's!!! Surprise. I'm going the right way. Just follow the bouncing heraldry symbols. There's even Jewish Winklers/Winche's.

As English Winklers share the brown stag head in Crest with Keiths, Kettle's (Perthshire with Winks/Winks) and Frasers, note the latter's write-up, for Dutch Winklers can be sharing the Keith Chief: "The surname Fraser was first found in Tweedale, Peebles-shire, where Sir Simon Frasee held part of the lands of Keith." This picture speaks to Winkston in Peebles. Kettle's even have a "vince" motto term, and their "Bono" motto can be for Bono's, first found in Milan with the VISconti's who ruled the city. Issa that not sumthin, wink-wink.

Ahh, Kettle's were first found near/at Doune, and Downs/Douns were first found in Sussex with Vise's/Vice's, Bone's, and Keith-connectable Mascals, tending to explain why the Kettle lion is in the colors of the Bone and Bonne lion. Bonne's were first found in Oxfordshire with Bee's while Hone's (beside Sussex) share the double fesses of bee-using Honeys.

Two sets of those double fesses are with Isherwoods/Usherwoods. The latter were first found in Wales with the Kerrys who share bees and a hive with Honeys. Hone's were first found in Hampshire (beside Vise's) with the Perrys almost having the Bee Coat, and while "Be" is a motto term of Hone-like One's/Innus', their Innus branch (Moray, near Hagars) has the Hagar hexagram in colors reversed. Isherwoods/Usherwoods can thus look like they descend from the Hagar-Ishmael line. As Drake's and Potters were first found in Hampshire too, note Usher-like UTHER PenDRAGON, named after the Dragons/Drainers in Potter colors and format. I trace "Drainer" to the Drin river of the Penestae.

The Malls (Cheshire with bee-using Bessins) almost have the Bee Coat, and so note the "MaLUM" motto term of Kettle's, which can suggest the Lums too, in the Stevenson motto. The Lum cinquefoils, white like the Fraser cinquefoils, are colors reversed from the Kettle cinquefoils. One Stevenson Coat is in the colors and format of Valentins, and the latter's Squirrel kin were first found in Worcestershire with Honeys, and with "William de la Winche" (Wing/Wink write-up) of 1275. Squirrels love the Tiens', first found in Oxfordshire with Bee's.

I don't think that Bee's and their branches trace to "Buz," but I'm thinking that someone or Someone may have arranged a Buz-line marriage to Bee liners. The Lum cinquefoils are in both colors of the giant Bus cinquefoil, and Bus' were first found in Norfolk with bee-using Leafs/Leave's/Leve's while Peare's of Oxfordshire, Tiens kin, can take us to the Laevi Gauls of Pavia via the Pierro's/Pero's of Pavia, whose Coat is much like the one of German Bute's/Butts/Boets. It could appear that Buzites were in the veins of the Boethus-branch chief priests of Israel who sacrificed the Real Passover Lamb.

Leafs/Leve's use the dove while Dove's were first found in Berwickshire with bee-using Boys/Bie's (Kim /Fraser colors and format), and then Italian Boys are also Bute-like Boets...who in turn share the giant bull ("steer") with Bacau-like Backs/Bachs. French Bacons share the Bus cinquefoil.

As Bute's/Butts/Boets have a fish on a fesse, as does the Arms of Saraca, it's justified to trace Bute's/Butts to Butua, beside Kotor's Saraca's. The Saraca fish is white, as are the VISSer/Fiser fish, a not-bad reason to see Ishmaelites naming Issa/Vis. Wingers were first found in Durham with the Conte's who could have named VISconti's, and not bad reason to see Wing/Wink liners from a Vise/Vice evolution to "Vick." Visconti's were in Lombardy with the first-known, Bude- / Bozon-connectable Bose's/Bosins.

The lone red pile of Wings/Winks is shared by English Hagels (Somerset with Feathers/Fedders, not surprising), and I trace Moor heads, found in the Wing/Wink pile, to the Moor heads in the Arms of Morano, a location on the Sybaris river along with SARACena. Wikipedia says that peoples on the Sybaris founded nearby Laus, and this picture traces to Laus(a), otherwise known as Ragusa, home of a SARACa family. Ragusa is off the Croatian coast very near Issa/Vis! Lookie there at the fish we just caught.

Repeat from above: "It just so happens that while Weis'/Wise's/Weisers share the Vick/Fick/Feck hexagram, their Wies/Wieser branch almost have the RAGGS Coat while Issa/Vis is near RAGUSa." Raggs' are in Arms-of-Saraca colors, and first found in Leicestershire with Issa-like Kiss', hmm. Their Kisser branch was first found in Londons while Lundys were kin of Sibals suspect from "Cibalae," the alternative name of Vinkovci.

I haven't been convinced that Muslims descended specifically from Ishmaelites, but Muslims in north Africa came to be collectively called, Saracens. I have reason to believe that proto-Saracens named Abraham's first wife, Sarah, because the Saraca's of Ragusa were earlier in Kotor, which I can trace to "KETURah," Abraham's second wife. And so we might expect Ishmaelites migrating with Saraca's to Croatia, because Medea-branch Colchians were there. Medea's brother's name is of an island in Croatia off the Istria coast.

The Frasers and McKinneys, two related families first found in Peebles-shire with Winkston, share the cinquefoils of Kims, first found in Bute, and Butua is beside Kotor.

German Winklers share the gold-on-blue border of Justine's. German Winklers share the gold-on-blue border of Justine's. The Crest of German Winklers is shared by the Gates' while Wingers are also WinGATE's. I trace Gates' to an Agatha of Bohemia, where German Camels were first found. Prior to the Isherwoods owning Marple Hall (of the Marble's), the BRADshaws did so.

I claim that this Agatha was mother to queen Margaret Atheling, and here we can go to Athels/Athols (Brady / Point colors) of Perthshire i.e. with Justine's, Hagars and Stur-connectable Drummonds. German Michaels, first found in Bohemia, share the Hagar hexagram, and may have the Gates lion in colors reversed.

I claim that this Agatha was the mother of the first Drummond, Maurice. Queen Margaret gave Roslin of Midlothian to Henry Sinclair, and Midlothian is where Brady-like Breads/Bradds were once said to be first found, and where Falls'/Fallis' were first found who have the three Gates lions, possibly, but in the colors of the Bread/Bradd lion head. Cake's/CakeBREADs were first found in Cambridgeshire with the Point(er)-like Ponders while Bradys use a finger pointing to the sun (in Pointer colors) while Suns are listed with Sinclairs.

The Breads/Bradds are now said to be first found in Cheshire, though they are said there to be of the Brets, who were first found in Somerset before the Brets/Brits of Cheshire in the Bread/Bradd write-up. Brets/Brits share the red lion in Crest with Breads/Bradds, and the red fitchee is shared between Brets/Brits while Births/Birts/Berts were first found in Devon with Gates'! Bingo. This can explain why both Gates' and Breads/Bradds have a demi-lion in Crest while the latter use it in red instead of the gold of Gates'. I trace Gates' to bee-using Doors and Irish Doors, and Bee's share the fleur-de-lys of Cake's/Cakebreads. I trace Cake's to Sitric Caech, very linkable to Setantii Brigantians suspect to Seatons, East Lothian. Gates' were first found in Devon with a Seaton location.

From here we can venture to guess right that Brights (Cheshire with Breads/Bradds and Birds/Burds) and Bride's (share triple Saffin stars) were PodeBrady elements, though the Brights / Bride's may have named Podebrady in the first place, from Brigantium elements at Briancon. One shouldn't assume that cities and towns named surnames rather than vice-versa, for the localities that named surnames can then name other localities.

Shroud of Turin and Savoy

Brigantium is in Savoy with the first-known French Bride's, and upon pondering this, the Shroud of Turin came to mind, owned by the House of Savoy. I was just asking why God would have the burial cloth of Jesus owned by the Savoy family, and then turned to Turin because Turin elements, at Chivasso, are very connectable to Caiaphas-like Chives', first found in Aberdeenshire, where Turins/Thurins (share Bard boar) and Bard-linkable Leslie's were first found.

That got me thinking that God allowed the burial cloth to be supervised by the line of Caiaphas, for he was responsible for the murder of Jesus. What wisdom or final outcome could there be from God for this?

Chivasso is in Piedmont with the first-known Domino's who in turn share the Coat of Chiverstons, the latter first found beside the Chivers/Cheevers and Bozons of Devon. The Ilton location of Bozons is said to have gone to Chiverstons, and then Chiverstons were first found in Cornwall with Buds/Bude's having arrows in the colors of the near-arrows of Bozons. Chivasso is on the BAUTica river.

Iltons/Hiltons share the double fesses of Bee-using Honeys and Hone's, yet they are also the double fesses of Parrs (in the colors of the Parry fesse). The thing here is that Parrs share the black border of Furness' (Lancashire with Parrs) who in turn share a giant black dog with Chaff-branch Chaffins/ChafFINCH's. The latter two were both first found beside the Josephs (Hampshire with Hone's) whom I can trace to the priestly line of Flavius Josephus, and it's this that makes Josephus appear related to Joseph Caiaphas, killer of Jesus.

Iltons/Hiltons were first found at Wear while Wears were first found in Devon with Chivers/Cheevers, and where Chives' were once said to be first found. The Bose/Bosin bull is partly red, making it the red one of Chiaro's/Claro's, the latter first found in Este-related Ferrara with the Capelli's sharing the chapeau (cap) with Bidens/Buttons in turn sharing the fesse of German Bute's/Butts/Boets. Capelli-like Caplans/Chaplins (Hampshire with Josephs) have a chief in Joseph Chief colors, and Josephs share the double chevrons of French Chaplins. Bozons might have bottony arrows (see the bottony cross of Rich's) as part-code for the Botton variation of Bidens/Buttons.

As Italian Bose's/Bosins have a bull in the colors of the French Mountain bull while Bute's/Butts (ESToiles) were kin of English Este's (Essex with English Mountains) in the "est" motto term of Chivers/Cheevers, suddenly Spuds MacKenzie of BUD Light beer can indicate that the Apophis asteroid is aimed at the end-time, obstinate and wicked parts of the Caiaphas bloodline. See last update for Mountain and Spuds relevance to the Apophis asteroid of 2029. It could very well hit the earth, and I'm urging people to save foods starting now in case it does.

The shroud of Jesus is being supervised by the satanic vatican in Turin. The vatican discredits the shroud as being the cloth of Jesus even though there is no other explanation for the formation of the image of Jesus on the cloth aside from the power of God entering His body at the moment of His resurrection. This cloth's image goes a long way to strengthen the faith of weak-faithed believers. It's a Gift (of God) that protestant churches are not emphasizing hardly enough, in days when the faith of many is growing cold.

The Savoys/Savois' share the cross of Switzerland, in the colors of the Swiss/Switzer eagle shared by Childs. The latter were first found in Hertfordshire with the Chalice's/Challes' that may have named Chalais near Sion of Switzerland. The Savoy cross is shared by Chapelle's while CHAPLets use swans. The Shroud of Turin was given away by the Charny family (a Templar family) to a church at Saint Chapelle, at Chambery, in 1453. Charny-like Carnys share the Pilote pheons. The Arms of Boulogne (home of first Templar kings of Jerusalem) uses a swan.

I see evidence that Charnys and French Carne's were from a Carni peoples between Istria and Austria, which can explain further why French Carne's share the Ister/Aster bend. While Godfrey de Bouillon was the first (but very tentative) ruler of Templar Jerusalem, Bouillons were first found in Auvergne while French Chambers/Chambrays, first found in Savoy with Chambery, share the Auvergne Shield. The red bend of Isters/Asters and Carne's is also on the Chamber/Chambray Coat. De-Bouillons father lived at Pas-de-Calais, but this is in western France, not the Chalais of Switzerland.

Thus, the claim that Godfrey-de-Bouillon was the leader of a Priory of Sion appears bang-on, especially as swan-using Chaplets were first found in Lorraine while de-Bouillon's family ruled Lower Lorraine. That is, it can explain the swan in the Arms of Boulogne, and as French Josephs used the Chaplet swan, we can take this back to Joseph Caiaphas because the first grand master of the Templars is said to have married Elizabeth Chappes.

The backdrop on the Auvergne and Chamber/Chambray Shield is shared by Pools/Pulls while Pullys share the martlet of French Josephs. The Pollocks who ruled Rothes married Leslie's so that they became earls of Rothes, and the point here is that I trace Leslie to Lesce in the land of the Carni. Pollocks are said to have been named by Pollok at Glasgow, and the Lords in the Glasgow motto share the Carny / Pilate pheons. The Pollets/Pawlets in the Pool/Pull motto have a black-Shield version of the Aude Coat while Aude's were first found in Savoy with Chambery, not far from Auvergne.

There are reports that the wife of Pontius Pilate was the first owner of the shroud, and when she retreated to her home in the Pontus, she became a Christian. Therefore, who named Mont Pilat? Was it her descendants?

Pools/Pulls were first found in Dorset with the Palins/Pawleys who in turn share the giant lion of French Pile's/Pilots and Dutch Liers. The shroud was first displayed in France at Lirey by Ms. Vergy. She was descended from Mr. Roche who's thought to have brought the shroud to France from Athens. The Arms of Roquefeuil use gold billets. Roche's, in the colors and format of Calais-like Calls/Calles', use a rock.

French Liers/Lairs almost have the Coat of Travers' in the Fore/Forez motto while Mont Pilat (near St. Etienne) is at least near the southern end of the Forez mountains. Leslie's were first found in Aberdeenshire with Turins, and with Chives' of Travis-like Tarves while Travers' are listed with Travis'. The Bards (share Leslie Crest) who share the Turin boar were first found in Lorraine-connectable Lanarkshire with Sions/Swans.

The Cups/Cope's/Culps (in the Pully motto) were first found in Aberdeenshire too while their Copp branch, with a semblance of the Lire/Lure Coat, was first found in Hampshire, beside Poole and Pulls of Dorset. The Speccots suspect in the Lire/Lure motto are in Lorraine colors and format.

The Vergys/Berges' were first found in Dol with Liers/Lairs, and Jeanne de Vergy was a wife of Geoffrey de Charny, early owner of the shroud. Proto-Pollocks were in Dol, or politically involved with Alans of Dol. The latter became the Stewarts who share a pelican on a NEST with Welsh Carne's, and I trace Ness'/Nests to queen Nysa of the Pontus. Pellicans were first found in Maine with French Josephs, and with the Billets/Billiars in the colors of the Etienne and Besancon billets, but also in Pilat colors. Why is the Ponder variation of Ponters (Pont branch) in the CHAPman motto?

Vergys/Burges' have the peculiar Batti/Botti star in colors reversed. While John De Burgo ruled Conteville, VisCONTI's were rulers in Lombardy, where Batti's/Botti's were first found. Scottish Lombards were once said to be first found in Renfrewshire with Pollocks. Italian Lombards share the Coat of French Alans.

The Fore's/Forez's share the fesse of Herods/Hurls, who were a McLeod sept along with Lire's/Lure's, and Herod Antipas was banished from Israel to Vienne-Isere (between Mont Pilat and Chambery) while Chambery is on/off the Isere river. Compare "Isere" to "Israel" in case there was a relationship.

Charnys almost have the Coat of German Bode's/Boedde's (suspect with the Boethus house of Sadducees) while French Bauds were first found in Auvergne too, and German Bauds share a "bello" motto term with Bouillons. It could logically reveal that the burial cloth was found in Israel by one or more of de-Bouillon's fellow invaders. But if not in Israel, perhaps in Antioch, or any other city where the Crusaders had invaded, and where early Christians had previously hidden the cloth.

While French Bauds (from the Bautica/BALTea river past Turin) are in Kepke colors and format, Kepoi is in the land of the Sindi while the study of the shroud of Turin has come to be coined, SINDONology, where "sindon" means "cloth." Were the Sindi and Sintians cloth makers? Sindons (lords of Wakefield, in Yorkshire with Pullys) are listed with Sindells/Sandals.

Wakefields share the Chief of English Josephs, almost, kin of Chapelle-like Chaplains and Caplans. French Josephs (share martlet of pelican-using Pullys) were first found in Maine with Pellicans, and Welsh Carne's have a giant pelican that could double as a giant swan. Pully is a location in Switzerland with Sion. The Vince's suspect in the Wakefield motto share the black-on-white, passant griffin with one Godfrey Coat, and the other Godfreys use pelicans. Vince's were first found in Hertfordshire with Titus', and I can trace Josephs to Flavius Josephus whose surname came from emperor Titus' family. I saw with my own eyes (ten years or more ago) that the giant martlet of French Josephs was once a giant swan in the same color, making it the same swan as Chaplets use.

English Godfreys (with pelicans) are in the colors and format of Trudeau's (same place as Chappes' and Levi's), and while Godfrey-de-Bouillon was the great-grandson of Gothelo, the Goths/Gothels essentially share the Hagar Coat while Trudeau's are suspect from the Trotus tributary of the Agarus. The Goth/Gothel and Hagar Coats (both in Kepke colors and format) have the hexagram in the Israeli flag in colors reversed. Caiaphas-like Kepke's (Baud colors and format) use a giant goat suspect with Goats/Gothams.

Swans/Sions were first found in Lanarkshire with Flemings, and Pas-de-Chalais at the French/Belgium border of the Flemings is at least roughly where king CHILDEric came to roost, husband of Basina of THURINgia. If the Bessin was named before Basina, then one can trace Bessin elements to Talls of Thuringia, and that probably connected to Basina's family.

Lanarkshire is where Flemings and Astys were first found while Chaplets were first found in Lorraine while Lorraine's share the Asty lion, green like the one in the Chappel Crest. Lorraine's were first found in Northumberland with English Reeds sharing the sheaves of Deeds in the motto of Flemings. The chaplet-using Nairns have motto term connectable to Sierre, between Chalais and Sion. While Blackys share the vaired chevron of Nero's/Neretti's/NERINi's for a trace to the Naro/Neretva river, Black's also share double-gold chevrons with French Chaplains. Were Nairns from the Neretva? Looks like. Were the Nairi of Lake Van there as its namers?

The lone Swiss/Switzer eagle is in the colors of the giant one of Roads'/Roders/Roede's (Rhineland with Salome's) while Rhodes' incorporate the Coat of Baths (Somerset with Scottish Roets) in colors reversed while Baths (beside Chalais-like Calles') share the Savoy cross. German Roets were first found in Thuringia. Scottish Roets share the book with Rieti-line Reeds, first found in Aberdeenshire with Chives' and Turins/Thurins. Plus, Baths were first found in Somerset with Badens/Battins while Baden, Germany, was home to the Zahringers, founders of Bern (Switzerland) while Berns share the Swiss/Switzer bear.

The Swiss' can be suspect in the "suis PREST" motto phrase of Frasers and McKinneys both of whom share the Coat of Kims, first found on Bute. The Prests/Press'/PRIESTs, sharing estoiles (different colors) with Bute's/Butts, were first found in Hertfordshire with the Childs sharing the Swiss/Switzer eagle. Frasers/Fryssers/Frayssers may have been a branch of Freys'/Freese's (Essex with Este's) having a Pharisee-like Phreeze variation. Making sense?

Why do Leafs/Leve's show a LeafCHILD variation? The Children may use the dove, a Leaf/Leve/Leafchild symbol too.

We can even take this to Battle's, first found in bear-depicted Berwickshire (Bernicia), where I trace the line of Berenice Agrippa, a Herod of Israel, as was Salome Boethus. The Battle's share the giant Agrippa-like griffin with the Chaffs, a Caiaphas-like surname first found in Dorset, beside Bath of Somerset. The Percivals, ancestors of Leavells (Somerset with Percivals) share black bear heads with Berwicks and Barwicks. The Sadducee-like Saddocks have a Coat like the one of CALVarys, and while they say that Jesus was hung at Calvary, Calvary's may have been of the Chaff-like Calfs/Caufs. Who invented "Calvary" for the cross of Jesus? Was it the heraldry-loving Masons?

FLAVIUS Josephus claimed to descend from the Israelite priesthood. As an Israelite general fighting emperor Flavius Vespasian, he murdered his own army in Galilee, and then turned-coat to join Vespasian in some sort of deal, which is how he adopted his surname. I think it's safe to say that many other priestly families, even the family of Joseph Caiaphas, went over to Vespasian's protection. He was the son of Vespasia Polla and Flavius Sabinus.

Might the line of Vespasian be to Vespers? Might the big bee in my garden go to Vespers since "vespa" is Italian for "wasp / bee." Vespers almost have the Bud/Bude arrow, similar to the Bozon arrow. Bozons are also Bauzans. Buzans are listed with English Besants, first found in London with Capes' who in turn share the Chief-Shield colors of Chaffs. Was God using that big bee to show this apparent Buzite connection to Caiaphas? Buzans/Besants even share the Bee quadrants!

Ahh, as I remember swinging my arm toward the bee, I've just checked for a Swing surname, and it's listed with Sweenys (probably a Swinford branch) sharing the black boar with Bush's and Gardens/Jardens! This makes it appear that God, centuries before I swung at the bee, arranged for a Swing and Swinford surname to be connectable to Bush's in order to know that they descended from Buz, son of Nahor. If He did not arrange it back then, then it's just by total coincidence that a Swing surname should get us to this black-boar situation. I even recall the night when wild boars were at the grass very close to the house, on just one occasion, and they were immediately opposite the garden fence from the house, about twenty feet from the fence.

One can also say that I pushed the bee away with my arm because Push's are listed with German Bush's. English Bushers were first found in Dorset with Chaffs and ChafFINCH's while Bussys share the triple fesses of Finchems! Can we believe it? If the Finchem Crest is a hind, it gets up back to Perrys (Hampshire, beside Dorset) and Parry-connectable Parrs, and thus to Furness' sharing the giant black dog with Chaffins/Chaffinch's! It's proof that Finch liners married Chaffs.

After loading Armors as per swinging my arm, and after considering that neither they nor Armys/Armine's have anything to offer toward the swing toward the bee, I decided to load Armys to see if I missed something in my recollection of their Coat. But while writing "Army," I recalled the Arme's/Harms, and they happen to use one big fat BESANT!!!!! I've not known the Buzan variation of Besants until writing it down above.

I swung my arm toward the bee as it was inspecting me. It flew in the opposite direction, but returned, and I had to swing my arm meaner this time, because bees sense when a person means business. They will leave you alone if you show them you're dangerous. Let them hear the whoosh through the air.

So, apparently, God arranged the Arme's/Harms to use a giant besant, and so the Buzites must have been of the Bessin bees, for German Besants are listed with Bessens. Arme's/Harms were first found in Surrey, the London theater. German Besants/Bessens use the club, perfect because Clubs/Clobbes' have been suspect from "Clovis," son of Childeric, because Clubs/Clobbes' (Cheshire with CLOPtons/Claptons) are in Child colors and format. And Clovis was the son of Basina! Childeric had gold bees in his tomb, apparent Masonic code for Basina's line. The Besant/Bessen crown thus looks like the Martel crown. Besants/Bessens have armored arms in colors reversed from the same of Armors.

Plus, the bee-using Talls, first found in Thuringia, reminds that Tailbois'/TailBOYs share the scallops of Garden-branch Jardins (Angus with Gardens/Jardins)! Boys use bees, and I recall that Armors were once said to be first found in Berwickshire, where Boys were first found, but also Army-connectable Tate's/Teets. The latter two surnames are mainly in Jardin colors and format so that all three, Arme's, Armors and Armys befit the bee-swing-in-garden event.

Jardins almost use the Angus Chief, both sharing the Annas star. Jardins are in the colors and format of STABLE's (Somerset with Severs) who in turn add five acorns so as to look linkable to Annas-branch Ainsleys. The Fore's suspect in the Ainsley motto love the Travers', and the My's in the Ainsley motto share the fitchees of Albins of BarnSTAPLE (Devon with Saffers). "Vide" is a Stapleton motto term while Vido's (in Saffer motto) were at Tarvisium. The Chives', once said to be first found in Devon with Saffers, but now said to be first found in Tarvisium-like Tarves, can take us to the Armenia-like Harmers/Hermers/HEARmers sharing the ANNulet of Vido's. English Barns share the Chief of Tarves- / Treviso-like Trebys (Devon).

Harmonia was made the wife of CadMUS, and Devon's Wears/Wears use a "FiuMUS" motto term. The Wear river is at Durham, and Weir-connectable Durhams use "aniMUS." Weirs/Vere's (share the gold boar with Eure's/Evers in turn sharing the Bee and Vere quadrants) were first found in Roxburghshire, named by the Roxolani of the Buzau river, and suspect by me from the proto-Rus of mythical Ares, father of Harmonia (Aras river is in Armenia).

The Harmer/HEARmer Coat is almost the one of Cherrys who were first found next door in Derbyshire with Airs/Eyers/HEARs and Beesleys. It's hard to say, at the moment, whether Harmers were Eyer / Hare liners versus Army/Armine liners, or whether they were two lines in marriage who formed a new surname most-like the one in their ancestry.

For example, Mr. Hear marries Miss Harm, and their grandchild forms a new surname, Hearm(er). Or, Mr. Horn marries Miss Hearmer, and a great-grandchild forms, Hearn/Heron (share Horn/Orne Coat, almost). Or, the Hearns then become the Hearms but not at all related to Hearmers. The Arme's/Harms love the Besants while English Besants share the Massey quadrants while Masseys named Ferte-Mace near the Orne river into the Bessin. Bessins were first found beside Harmers/Hearmers and Cherrys.

German Besants/Bessens have a crown in the colors of the three crowns of Corons/Corona's (Cheshire with Bessins and Masseys), and the coronavirus has done much HARM. French BESANcons/Bassets love the Bellow-connectable Billets while English Bassets were first found in Staffordshire with Harmers/Hearmers.

Virus-like Vires'/Verona's were first found in the same place as Caiaphas-like Chappes' and Levi's (and Trudeau's) while the Vire river is beside the Orne, and near Macey of Manche. trudeau is trying to pass a "Harms" act this week to silence opposition. The Pont-Farcy location on the Vire (probably named by Massey-related Vere's who share the ANNAS star) can be of sleeve-using Fars'/Farrs (Vere colors) because Manche is also "the sleeve." Vardys/Vertys (share Fear/Fier moline), first found in Cumberland with Fare's/Phares', are said to have been barons of La Ferte while fretty is in the Arms of Pont-Farcy. The point is, Fars'/Farrs have a Coat reflection of the Annas-related Ainsleys, and Jesus was brought to trial at the home of the de-facto chief priest, Annas/ANANus, father-in-law of the official chief priest, Joseph Caiaphas. Ainsleys are in the colors and format of English Adams, from ANNANdale.

[Insert -- For what it could be worth to topic, Ainsleys were first found in BROXtow, and Birds/Burds, sharing the Ainsley and Brockton fleur-de-lys, were first found at Broxton. Brocktons (Shropshire with Sleap and early Sleeps), first found in Kent with Sleeps, and with the Country's (share Brock and Earhardt fleur) in the Ainsley motto, have a saltire version of the Ainsley Coat. Brockmans share martlets (different colors) with Birds/Burds, and one is in the colors of the martlet of Mountains, first found in Essex with Brocks, Brooks, with the Fitch's suspect in the Broxton fitchee, and with the Low Leighton location the Hicks' who likewise share the fleur-de-lys of Brocktons (Shropshire with Leightons). Brockers and Brockfields were both first found in Middlesex (London), and they, along with Brocktons and Brockmans, are new to me here, wherefore this insert can argue even further that Ainsley Earhardt was a second fulfillment of Sleeping Beauty.

The Brockers can be using the Mallet scallops, gold like the Brook scallops, because Mallets were first found in Suffolk while the Brockers share a seahorse (different color) with the counterchanged Seamans said to be first found in Suffolk. Sea's were a Seaman branch, and they were first found in Kent with Joke's (nearly the Brocker Coat) who share the Brook scallops in both colors, with counterchanged Countrys, and with Brockmans.

Having said that, I can trace the Mallets, due to their "deer," to Melita, an island near Issa and Pharia. Plus, Middlesex, where Brockers and Brockfields were first found, is where Fears/Fiers were first found who almost have the Irish Fair/Phare Coat. It was Brockers who took us to Mallets. The Irish Fairs/Phare's share the moline of Saraca-line Sarasins while English Saracens/Sarasins were first found in Cumberland with Fare's/Phares', absolutely stunning because I trace the Mallet dear to Ragusa, home of Saraca's, because someone thought "Ragusa" is to be derived in some word for, deer.

Ragusa is close to Melita, with only the ELAPHiti islands between them. An ELEPHant is in the Crest of Mascals, first found in Sussex with Sadducee-like Saddocks. With Sadducees in mind, what does "Pharia" remind you of? This insert started with Ainsleys, suspect from Annas the high priest (I've assumed he was a Sadducee, but possibly was a Pharisee).

Brockers and Mallets share the scallops of Mallet-connectable Rinds, first found in Perthshire with Hagars. St. Malo is at the Rance river (Brittany with Sarasins) while Rinds were a Rance/Rand/Rynd branch.

This insert was written at least a day after the below, and I had no intention of arriving to the Mallets and Melita when starting it, nor to the Fairs/Phare's sharing the Sarasin moline. Again, Brockers sharing the Mallet scallops were first found in the same place as Fears/Fiers. End insert]

The Fare's/Phares' might be from an island, Pharia, beside Issa/Vis. It's not far from Fier county (Albania) of the Fears/Fiers, near the DEXARoi to explain why Daggers/Dackers were first found in Cumberland with Fare's/Phares' [and Saracens]. The latter have a giant anchor while Anchors/ANNACKers have an ANNERcaw variation to go with the Caw variation of Adams, and then Anners are listed with Annas'.

I trace Pharia-like Parrs (share double fesses of a different color with Ness'/Nice's) and FurNESS' to king Pharnaces of the Pontus, and his queen, Nysa. The Pontus was close enough to the Syria theater that exported rulers to Israel by Roman command / sanction. Seth of Syria was the father of the high priest, Annas, and the latter was Caiaphas' father in law. Annas' were first found in Cambridgeshire with CHAPmans who in turn love the Pontus-like Ponders/Ponters (Cambridgeshire) in their "pondere" motto term, and Ponders/Ponters share the black boar with Ponts/Ponds (Hampshire with Josephs and Caplans).

Sabinus was father to emperor Titus, and Titus' were first found in Hertfordshire with Childs who in turn share the eagle of French Bussys. Sabina is on the south side of the Marsi of Maruvium, and Childeric was the first Merovingian king when mythical kings are ignored, such as Merovee. French Mars/More's are in the colors and format of the French Maurice's (incorporate Moray Coat) in the Savoy/Savois motto, and the Baths sharing the Savoy/Savois cross are in the bat of Scottish Randolphs (Moray) in turn having the same cross yet again.

French Maurice's were first found in Guyenne with Martels, and Charles Martel, of the family that defeated the Merovingians, can be to the English Charles' sharing the Child and Swiss/Switzer eagle. The Charley-branch Charlie's/Chorleys use bottles while Bottle's/BOOTle's were first found in Lancashire with Charlie's/Chorleys. Charleys share the giant lion of Lodge's/Loge's, first found in Suffolk with Charles'.

Frasers were beside the first-known, boy-using Bothwells while Boths/Booth share the black boar with Bush's (Yorkshire with Boths-booths). Boys use bees. It's then Bute-interesting that Bottle's/Buthills/Bootle's and Bute-connectable Frasers have three crowns, the only things shown by them and by Scottish Grands (though all in different colors) while French Grands were first found in Burgundy with French Loge's and Locks/Desloges'. Spanish Capets and French Martels show crowns too.

The Carolingian dynasty founded by Charles Martel was followed, for a long time, by the Capetian dynasty, named after the Capets. English Capets are listed with Caiaphas-like Capes', first found in London with the Tooths having the Chaff griffin in half its colors. The Feathers/Fedders in the Tooth Coat were first found in Somerset with same-colored Baths, and the Tine's/Tyne's suspect in the Tooth motto were first found in Shropshire with Fetters.

The Saffin surname (Somerset with Baths) once came up when entering "Sabina." Baths and Badens/Battins can be from the Bat Caucasians/Colchians at or beside Poti/Phasis. Roets share the book with Rieti-line Reeds (Aberdeenshire with Chives' and Turins/Thurins) while Books were first found in Berwickshire.

As I claim that Caiaphas and/or Annas should prove to be from Laevi Gauls after they became a part of the Gaul migration to found Galatia, I'd like to start with the blue roundel of Buds/Bude's, and link it to the blue ones of Arthurs, TABLE's, and Francois', partly because king ARTEMiDOROS of Galatia is suspect with/to Artems/Aitons (Berwickshire with Arthurs), and with the Arduinici marriage to DORia's. Arduinici were at Ivrea, on the BAUTica river with Chivasso, and Ivrea-like Yvery was home to Leavells, who descended from Percivals...whom the Arthurian cult turned into a favorite, mythical character of king Arthur's Round Table.

The Ardiaei were on the north side of lake SCODra, and the Cavii on the south side, which can explain why Sadducee-like Saddocks use the eSCUTcheon. We can assume that Cavii arrived to the royal Galatians too, who put forth royals of Cilicia, beside Seth of Syria, father of Annas, father-in-law of Caiaphas...which is a way to trace the latter to "Cavii." While Seths are listed with Shaws said to descend from "Sithech," the Save's were first found in Burgundy with Chives-related Mathis', and thus the Chives' can be traced to the Cavii on the Mathis river. It's now the Mat river while German Matts/Matters share the fleur-de-LYS of Saddock-connectable Mascals. Scottish Matters/Mathers were first found beside the first-known Chives' and escutcheon-using Suters (may share the Chives Crest is a seated form).

King Arthur's birthplace was made in Cornwall, where Buds/Bude's were first found, and his death in mythical Avalon was on Bute, in my long-standing opinion.

The Francois' have a hurt-variation of the Tess/Tease Coat, the latter from the Tessin river through Pavia, the city co-founded by Laevi Gauls, not very far from Chivasso. The Francois-like Franks were first found in Devon (beside Buds/Bude's) with Moline's, with France-branch Frame's (Frane lion in colors reversed), with Chivers/Cheevers, and where moline-using Chives' were once said to be first found. Franks share the green dolphin with Coffee's/Coffers, and the latter's cups are in the colors of the Coffers/Coffare's who were in turn first found in Somerset with Frane-like Friends/Freins (share ermined chevron of hurt-using Arthurs), Arthurs of Clapton, and with Leavells and Percivals too. Next door to Somerset were the first-known Coffee-like Chaffs/Chaffee's, you see. Friends/Freins (beside Bugs and Bushers of Dorset) are mainly in the colors and format of hurt-using, Bug-connectable Bushnells/Bushels/Bussels.

Chivers/Cheevers use a "foy" motto term while one of the French Foy surnames was first found in Ile-de-France with Chappes' and Levi's. Frame's are in the colors and format of Anchors/ANNERcaws having an Annas-like Annacker variation, and Anners are listed with Annas'.

The Annas' were once said to be first found in Nottinghamshire with AINSleys. Then houseofnames changed it to include only the Arness-like variations, saying they were first found in Cambridgeshire, which works where Wiggins (Cambridgeshire) almost have their Coat. This links to Wigton's Hanna's. However, for the first time I've just noticed that the Annas' are now said to be first found in: "Robert filius Harneis, Lincolnshire; John filius Hernici, Lincolnshire; Roger Herneys, Norfolk; John Harneys, Cambridgeshire;..." It just so happens that the Armys/Armine's were first found in Lincolnshire, and while the latter share the Chief-saltire colors of Annans while Annas of Israel was also ANANus. Mr. Harney of Norfolk was near Norfolk's Chaffinch-connectable Finchems.

I don't recall making the Annas-line link to Armys/Armine's before, and so my swing at the bee with my arm can now point to high-priest Annas. That makes a lot of sense to me. God must be revealing that Buzites of Nahor were in Annas' veins.

Mr. Herneys of Norfolk, where Risings were first found, can explain why English Herneys/Harneys/Erneys' (Hampshire with Tiss'/Teese's) use a giant, rising bird. Risings/Risons were a branch of DOOR-connectable RESTons (Lincolnshire with Harneis' above) expected in the Arthur "rests." The Reston Coat even looks connectable to Irish Herneys/Harneys.

All of the many ermine spots in heraldry, thought to originate mainly in Brittany, are now shaping up to be a bloodline symbol of one of the two killer priests of Israel.

Repeat from above: "English Capets are listed with Caiaphas-like Capes', first found in London with the Tooths having the Chaff griffin in half its colors." The Chief-Shield colors of Chaffs and Capes are the same, and the Surrey area of London is where Arme's/Harms were first found. The Arme's/Harms use a giant besant, and, for the first time I can recall, Besants are now said to be first found in London! So, yes, that bee in the Garden was God's history lesson showing the bloodlines from the killers of God whom the heraldry masters love.

Here's a two-hour video on the Shroud; it takes a little time to get going, but if this is new to you, you should see it like your eternal life depends on it, if you are not yet a believer, because you can see the face of Jesus here. If you encounter what seems to you to be some mistakes from the speaker, they might be where I think he makes a few mistakes. It's the Suffering of Jesus, but it's important to show evidence of any kind, including scientific, that this is the image of Jesus. No greater hero has there been than Jesus; acknowledge Him, and praise Him, desiring to see Him as the most-popular king ever.

The Garden Bee and trudeau's Harms-Act Spy System

Shortly before the convoy to the canadian capital, I became so angry with trudeau that I prayed two or three times for God to spear him in the head. Not literally, of course. And after the convoy to Ottawa was deemed by me to be a long spear to trudeau's head, I wrote that trudeau needs a WRECKing ball to the back of his head. At first, I thought this was possibly fulfilled by his Hunka-Nazi scandal, but then came the ArriveCAN scandal that is ongoing to this day, and is much more his demise than the Hunka scandal.

It just so happens that Wrecks show nothing but a border while the ArriveCAN app is used as a vaccine-based spyware on Canadians who are entering into Canada over the BORDER, whether driving or flying. The Rex's/Ricks were, I feel sure, once said to be first found in Somerset with Tints of WREXhall. The thing is, the Tint Coat is much like the Rex/Rick Coat, and Somerset happens to be where the Borders were first found.

But that's not all, for I've seen the Tint description using a "COUChant" lion, and Couch's have a Coat like that one of Trudeau-like Trots/Trude's. The wrecking ball thus seems to be God's exposure of Trudeau's part in the ArriveCAN scandal, not simply the application of the vaccine-spy system, but his gross money laundering through the setting up of that application. Plus, the Wrecks and Ricks can point to Trudeau's partnership with the nazified Klaus Schwab as per the Reich surname.

The wrecking ball can now go the Balls (Cheshire with Rex's/Ricks) because they use an explosive "fireball" appropriate as a boom-boom wrecking ball, and because Fire's share the giant Swab/Schwab unicorn. French Balls happen to show only three ERMINE spots suspect with the Armys/Armine's/Ermine's. The three spots are in the colors of Boms/Bomes' who use what look like flaming bombs that might be described with "fire," though they might be the Pot-Crest pot, I can't be sure.

From here we can go to the armored arm of German Boms/Bohmers, and also to BaumGARDENs who happen to use a "fence." My garden needed a fence to keep stags and boars out. Jewish Baumgartens share the Cake/CakeBREAD fleur while PodeBRADY is in Bohemia with the first-known Boms/Bohmers. Breads/Bradds/BRATTS were first found in Cheshire with fireball Balls who share the demi-lion of Boms/Bohmers.

[Insert -- I looked up the Rives surname as per "ArriveCAN," to find them first found in Dorset with CANs. The Rives' are in Cutts/CUTE's colors and format while the Cutts/Cute Crest shares the greyHOUND (different color) with Rives who in turn share the ermined Hound lozenges. Hounds, with a different-colors version of the MontaCUTE Coat, share a border (different color) with Montacute's, the latter first found in Somerset with Borders. During the convoy "emergency" in Ottawa, there was deemed a simultaneous trucker emergency at the Us-Canada border crossing in COUTTS, Alberta. If that's not enough. Trots/Trude's share the six pale bars of Coats/Cotes'.

The Rives LOZENGes are suspect from Losing in Croatia (home of KRVati), and while CRAVens were Croatians, they have the Coat of Wreck-like Rex's/Ricks in colors reversed. The Ricks are thus suspect from Rika/Rijeka of Croatia. How possibly can we get so well to a Wreck-lime bloodline through an Arrive-like Rives surname? Wrecks were first found in Essex with the Fitch's in the Rex/Rick and Craven fitchees.

Rex's/Ricks were first found in Cheshire with Actons suspect in the Craven motto. Plus, the Lance's, suspect in the Acton motto, almost have the Acton Coat, and a lance is spear-like. Actons named Axton while Astons (Cheshire) have lozenges colors reversed from the same of Rives' and Hounds (share white border with Actons).

The Aston Coat is comparable to the HUNKin/Unkin Coat, and while that can act as a pointer to Yaroslav Hunka (the old Nazi that trudeau invited / welcomed to the parliament), Hound-like Huns/Hundts (greyhound) and Hungars (greyhound) can apply here who are linkable to Greys (Northumberland with Vails suspect in the "Vaillance" motto term of Actons). Hunkins/Unkins share the giant mascle (hollow lozenge) of Faux's, first found in Essex with Wrecks and Youngs/Yonge's. Huns/Hundts (SWABia) are in Swab/Schwab colors and format. The Una/Oeneus river is near Hungary. The "avance" motto term of Actons can be for the Vance variation of Faux-branch Vaux's/Fanns.

Also, the Golds were checked as per the gold Wreck border, and it just so happens that German Golds use hunting HORNS in the colors of the BULL HORNS of trucker-like Druckers (in the colors and format of German Wissels). The truckers in Ottawa were blowing their horns to the world, and Bulls/Bule's were first found in Somerset with Borders and Whistle's/Wissels while German Wessels (not the Wissels) use a single bull horn in the colors of the Drucker bull horns. Plus, the Gold Shield is split horizontally in the colors of the vertically-split Wessel Shield. It seems that Someone arranged for these similarities for pointing to the convoy.

Wessels add an antler colors reversed from the stag head and antlers of Coutts' and Celts. The latter's motto, "Transfigam," can be partly for the Trans variation of Trents, first found in Somerset with Borders, and the convoy travelled from Vancouver to Ottawa on the TRANS-Canada highway. This gets more amazing because Trans'/Trents share crossed white swords with Borders, and moreover the vertically-split Trans/Trent Coat is colors reversed from the same of German Wessels! We got here from the Coutts trucker blockade, i.e. from the similarity between the Wessel and Coutts Coats (virtually identical to the Celt Coat).

Celts and Kelts were first found in Perthshire, where Wings/Winks were said to be first found, and German Wissels use giant wings in Drucker colors and format. Coutts' and Celts use the arrowhead while Coats'/Cotes' were first found in Staffordshire with Arrows/ARRAS' (of the ARTois capital). I trace the red tower in the Arrow/Arras Crest to Murena's and therefore to TERENTia Murena, wife of Cilnius Maecenas, the latter of the Cilnia family in Arretium/AREZZo. End insert]

In order for Schwabite tyranny to succeed, spy systems galore are required, for one cannot control the world without an elaborate spy system. The Spears even have a spy-like Speyer variation, and Speyer is where Rothschilds/Roddensteins were first found.

I'm pretty sure that I've wished by a club to trudeau;s skull, and so I'd like to return to Clubs/Clobbes' in CHILD and Tudor colors and format. There's been a man online claiming without fear (should be afraid to do so if he had no evidence) that trudeau has been involved in a CHILD-sex ring in Vancouver. trudeau's Harms bill is on the basis of building a spy system to specifically fight child traffickers, and yet it reminds me of George Soros forming an intimidating, anti-corruption agency in Ukraine to get the corruption competition into legal trouble so that the Soros-backed groups can have all the $$$ from their own Ukraine corruption. trudeau's government is adamantly pro-Ukraine.

A club to the back of his HEAD, and Heads/Heeds were first found in Norfolk with the Hake's having the Club/Clobbes Coat in colors reversed. The Sabine's were first found in Norfolk too, and they are from Flavius Sabinus of Sabina, named by the Sabine's whose Samnite partners can be traced to the Semnones partners of the Suebi Nordics who named Swabia, and it just so happens that Swabs/Schwabs use a white unicorn, the color of the Head/Heed unicorn heads. The Sabine's are called, Safini, and Saffins, first found in Somerset with unicorn-using Tints and Wreck-beloved Borders, were likely a branch of unicorn-using Saffers, a branch of Somerset's Severs. We should now be asking God to sever trudeau's head.

The Hake's we saw above linking to Clubs/Clobbes' once came up as "Hykes," and Saffins once came up as "Sabina." Houseofnames had a change of mind, but were these things correctly changed? The Hykes'/Hacks, first found in Devon with Saffers, share the Chives quadrants because Chives' were once said to be first found in Devon, rather than the Tarves location now stated. And Vita's/Vito's of Tarvisium are not only in the "Vita" motto term of Saffers, but share the Sever annulet. The Saffer unicorn heads are half in the colors of the Swab/Schwab unicorn, and the Heads/Heeds have three unicorn heads in Hecken/Hack colors and format. Heckens/Hacks use goat heads, as do Devon's Moline's who in turn share the black moline with Chives'.

The Merovingians under CHILDerick and Clobbes-line Clovis were related to Maruvium in some way, not far north of Sabina. The Arms of Rieti, home of Flavius Sabinus, use fish, as do Clubs/Clobbes', and the Fish Coat shares the rare curved chevron of Pierce's, first found in Somerset with Saffins, and sharing gold unicorn heads with Saffers. While the SALTo river connects Maruvium with Rieti, the Fish share the fleur-de-lys of Sale's/SALLETTs (Cheshire with Rex's/Ricks and Vita-loving Bellows), a branch of Salemans/SALIANs to explain why Merovingians descended from Salian Franks (Holland).

When we go to the Garden-branch Jardins to find them much in Army/Armine and TITES/Tate/Teet colors and format, it asks whether the Tites variation is from Flavius Titus, son of Flavius Sabinus. Titus' were first found in Hertfordshire with Childs, and this is off the Surrey area of Salemans, Salmons and Arme's/Harms. The latter share the besants of Sabina's/Savards. If this suggests Armenians into Rieti, we can perhaps trace the latter term to whatever mythical Erotes, son of Ares (father of HARMONia), was named after in the real world. Besant-using Rhodes' come to mind, which recalls the Childs sharing the eagle of Roads/Roeds, first found in Rhineland with Salome's!

French Saffers were first found in Burgundy with the Mathis' in turn sharing the Chives moline exactly...because Cavii Illyrians were on the Mathis river near Lys-connectable Lissus. The Cavii can take us to Cave's sharing the fretty Shield of Caens, the latter first found in Dorset with Head-connectable, Hayden-branch Hats/Hades', and with Cave-like Chaffs (Saffer colors). Cave's were first found in Lancashire with the Orells suspect in the orle border of Wrecks. The Vido variation of Vita's/Vito's is suspect in the Cave motto, but also in the motto of Irish Judge's who almost have the Coat of Tarvisium-like Travis'/Travers.

The Fish Coat is essentially the one of Vaughns/Vychans while the latter's write-up has them descended from Tudor Trevor, who's also in the Tudor write-up. It can explain why Tudors are in Club/Clobbes colors and format. Salemans and Salmons were first found in SURREY with Helms (Sale/Sallet colors and format) and Tudors use HELMets. I'm in the process of investigating whether the bee in the garden points to trudeau's Harms act, and Arme's/Harms were first found in SURREY too. The garden bee pointed to the black boars of Gardens and English Bush's who in turn share the Saleman/Salian eagles! Cool. German Bush's were first found in Rhineland With Salome's! How do we like them apples?

I was using a shovel (to "plow" soil) when the garden bee came along, and Shovels (Tudor colors and format) were first found in Herefordshire with Tudors and Tarves-like Trevors! Travis'/Travers have the Garden boar head in colors reversed. This Garden-Travis link works because Travis'/Travers are said to be kin of Meschins, explaining why the two surnames have the same scallops, and while English Jarrets were first found in Shropshire with Meschins (Jarret colors), French Jarrets have the Garden/Jarden Coat. Jarrats share the Maschi lion.

By what coincidence do German Helms share the helmet design, in the same colors even, of HERMits??? The only difference in the helmet designs is that the Hermits (Pilate colors and format) use what could be a helmet-attached breastPLATE due to Brests/Brix's being in their colors, and due to "pellets" (black roundels) used by German Brests/Bres' while Pilate-like "plates" are white roundels. Pellets share the Coat of Pilotte's, first found in Lincolnshire with Armys/Armine's and plate-using Mussels/Muscels. Hermits were first found in Yorkshire with Lace's/Lacys almost having the German Brest/Bres Coat. Pellets are used by Rieti-line Pratts in the motto of the Arms of Rieti.

By what coincidence do Hermits share the border of Justins, the latter first found in Perthshire with Hagars who are in turn in German Helm colors and format. JUSTIN trudeau! His surname is suspect from the Trotus tributary of the AGARus, now the Siret, and the Sire/Siret Coat and motto is obviously related to Justins.

It's clear to me that the snake looking at himself in the mirror, in the Sire/Siret Coat, is justin trudeau. He's asking in tears why nobody loves him. I trace the "Spes" motto term of heraldry, shared by Sire's/Sirets, to the Space variation of Spike-branch Speccots, first found in Devon with Spice's who are in turn in Trudeau colors and format. Space's/Speccots use mill rinds while Rinds were first found in Perthshire.

The Lys's/Lisse's were first found in Ile-de-France with Trudeau's (Pierce colors) and Levi's, and Trots/Trude's (share the bear with Pierce-branch Percivals of Leavell) were first found in Surrey with Salemans/Salians (Trudeau colors) and Salmons (Trudeau colors). It's then interesting that Salmons (with fish) use an ARM holding a spear, for while Spears/Spire's are also Speyers, Speyer/Spires is a location in Rhineland, where Salome's were first found. I've not been able to decipher the "sapientia" motto term of Salmons, but it can be tentatively assumed to be for a Sabine-line branch.

Wait. Sapins are listed curiously with DuPuis'/Dupuys, and Pays are listed with the Pasi's to which I trace Flavius "VesPASian," son of Flavius Sabinus. The "pays" motto term of HUMphreys is telling because they almost share the Coat of Bouillons while Godfrey de Bouillon was likely in Boulogne with his father while Pays/Pasi's were first found in Bologna. The first Templar king of Jerusalem, de Bouillon's brother, was Baldwin I, and Baldwins have a "pas" motto term. Then, Humphreys have a "l'homme" motto term (as do Actons) while Homme's are listed with PRUDhomme's sharing the Auvergne tower. French Prude's were first found in Auvergne with Bouillons.

"Sapienter" is a motto term of Hirts/Hurds, and if they be a Hurt branch, compare "harm" to "hurt" because Bussels use hurts while Hurts were first found in Oxfordshire with Bee's. The Hirts/Hurds use hearts in their Chief, and Jewish Harts share the lone Arme/Harm besant. While Hirts/Hurds are Hirds too, the Hords were first found in Lincolnshire with "William Lehird," and with Armys/Armine's. The latter's Chief, and a Chief in the Titus Coat, share the Irish Hart lion, and Titus' were first found in HERTfordshire. German Harts/Herts probably share the MacCarthy/Arty stag. Hertfords/Hartfords have stag heads in the colors of the Anne/Hanne stag heads, and Hertfordshire is near the first-known Annas'. But see also the stag heads of nearby Bicks.

The Vaughn/Vychan Crest has an armored arm, and the Clubs/Clobbes' came off of the Besant/Bessen Coat when investigating my arm swing toward the bee. Clubs/Clobbes' are suspect from Clovis, son of bee-line Basina.

Sales'/Salletts (Cheshire with Tattons), first found in Cheshire with Tatton-related Masseys who in turn share the Shovel fleur, are in the colors and format of English Helms while German Helms have a giant helmet. It can explain the Tudor helmets. Perhaps the Tudys/Tottys (Hampshire with Tott-connectable Christmans) share the Armor chevron for a related reason, since Armys/Armine's look like kin of Tate's/Teets (Berwickshire with Tuit-connectable Todds) while Tute's/Toots share the Tatton and Shovel crescent.

Three of the Helm helmets are with the Hermits who in turn share the border of both Christman Coats while both Christmans share the giant Tott swan. These German Helms (Austria with Christmans) are in Hagar colors and format, and Buzites are expected from/on the Buzau tributary of the Agarus. Not far north is the Trotus tributary of the Agarus, and Trots were first found in Surrey with Arme's/Harms and English Helms. This is the only evidence I have for a Hagar-Helm link, not much, but we can appeal also the Trevors/TREFors (Herefordshire with Helm-line Tudors) because Trips/Treffs trace to Trypillians that were also in Moldova while a Moldova river is yet another Agarus tributary.

Fortunately, I checked the spelling of the Moldova river (to make sure it wasn't "Moldava") with google, and that landed me on its Wikipedia article, where it tells that the first Moldavian principality was at Baia upon that river. As Bavaria was said to be founded by a Baia people group from the Boii (though there are stupids at google's searches who muddy these waters), I clicked to the Baia article to see its Arms, a sinister-facing (Rot/Rothchild symbol) black stag with a black cross between its antlers of the cross style of the black cross between the antlers of a black stag head of Vise's/Vice's! Ishmaelites from Issa/Vis? Vise's/Vice's can be gleaned as Eustace / Stacy / Stagg/Stage kin.

It says: "Soon the court was moved to Siret, and Baia was not even a county seat by the time of Bogdan I of Moldavia." Bogdan-like Bogans of Bavaria owned the Arms of Bavaria. Half the Bogden/Bugden Shield is green, as is the full Shield of Bavaria-like Bauers. The latter's Chief is almost the Chief of Italian Boys/Boets. The BIAini ("ini" is a suffix) were at Lake Van in the time of the Nairi, and the BAIOcasses' were in the bee-line Bessin at BAYeux. Buys/Boys/Bys use bees. "DoMUS" is a motto term of English Bayers/Beyers, and the latter's giant rose can trace to king Rusa of Mus at Lake Van. The same motto term can be for the Dome's having a giant crane in the colors of the Rose BOAR (Bauer-connectable symbol), and these Rose's were first found in NAIRnshire.

They say that Lake Van elements named the nearby lake Sevan, which traces to Swan-like Savona, but can also go to the Savena/Sevna river in Bologna, city of the Boii. I've got it recorded (4th update May, 2011) that Nairns use a "chaplet" while Chaplets use swans. Swans are listed with Sions while Sion is near Sierre while "Sero" and "serio" are Nairn motto terms.

Gardens/Jardins share the giant boar head (Coats virtually identical) with French Jarrets/Jarre's, "well established in the region of Dol." English Gardners, sharing the gold griffin with Chaffs/Chaffee's, are in the colors and format of Trudeau's, first found in Ile-de-France with Chappes' and Levi's.

One of the highlights in this section was the Arme/Harm surname, which I very-rarely mention. This comes on the same week that trudeau is tabling his "Harms" bill to censor voices that oppose his globalist agenda. With God, one can't limit the pointers through the same event. The bee was a pointer to Buzites, I contend, and Trudeau-like Trots/Trude's were from the middle-Agarus river between the Nairi and the Buzau river. The lone fleur-de-lys of German Bush's, in Hagar colors and format, and in Trout colors too, is shared by Trade's/Trotte's. The latter add a lone heart while Jewish Harts are absolutely amazing because they share a giant hexagram on blue with Hagars, and in the center of their hexagram, the Harts apply one besant in both colors of the Arme/Harm besant!!! I didn't yet know the latter sentence when starting this paragraph.

We just saw a Bavaria-connectable Baia location to the near north of the Trotus, and German Harts were first found in Bavaria with Buckers/BOCKers (share Nair, Beaver, and Fife / Five lion). Rads (Bavaria) show three of the Hagar hexagrams, and in the colors of the three bees of Boii-like Boys, the latter first found in Berwickshire with BOOKs, and not far from the first-known Trouts/TroutBACKs showing only three fish in Boy colors and near-format. Roets use the book while a rooted tree is with Buckers/Bockers. As Berwicks/Burwicks (Berwickshire) have a Buick variation, a Buck marriage to Berwick elements looks feasible.

As the giant stag of German Harts is in the colors and format of the German Buck Coat, that stag could be a "buck" officially, in which case Bucks look like they are from the Bacau region on the Trotus river, especially as the Buck eagle wings are in the colors of the Back eagle. English Bucks and Bacon-connectable Bus' were first found in Norfolk together with Buckers/BUSCHers, and English Bacons/Beacons were first found in Suffolk with Buckle's. Bucking(ham)s share a red lion with German Bucks (in both colors of the Bucker/Buscher and Bush/Bos/Bosch lion), and throw in besants in the colors of the Hart / Arme/Harm besant.

I have arguments for tracing Buchans, Buchanans and Buckin(hams) to Buxentum at the Laus bay of southern Italy, and so Buck liners may be much from there instead of from Bacau. However, the Laus bay is a Sunday sail to mythical Scylla of SICILy, named by the Sicels, and I was able to trace Scylla's fellow monster, Charybdis, and the CARPae/Arpii who I think named king Arpad, founder of Hungarians at the CARPathian mountains (borders Romania too). I then realized that the Szekely Hungarians were of the Sicels, and so note this: "The Szekelys...are a Hungarian subgroup living mostly in the Szekely Land in Romania." The Baia location on the Moldava river, as well as nearby Bacau, are in Romania along with the BIHAR region of the Szekelys, a location that I trace to Biggars. The big bee.

Plus, wow, the Givens suspect in the "Giving" motto term of Biggars almost have the Ready Coat, both sharing the swan of Swans/Sions, the latter first found in Lanarkshire with Biggars. The Readys were first found in Angus with Gardens and Jardins for a feasible trace to Angusta on the Trotus. The Readys (in the "BE ready" motto of Lawrence's) and Givens are in the colors and format of bee-using Boys while Jardins almost share the TailBOYs Coat. Tailboys almost have the Army/Armine Coat, and both surnames were first found in Lincolnshire with the wife (Lucy Taillebois) of Ranulph le Meschin from bee-line Bessin. The Jardin stars are even in colors reversed in the Biggar Coat.

By the way, as Gavens/Gavins have the triple roundels in the Arms of Boulogne while the latter adds only a swan to them, it seems that Givens were a Gavin branch, and then while Boulogne is in Pas-de-Calais, Chalais is a location near Sion while Sions/Swans were first found in the same place as Given-loving Biggars and Flemings. These roundels are in the colors and format of the crescents of Fleming-related Seatons/Sittins while Sion came to be called, Sitten, too.

All that to say that the TRUDeau bloodline can apply to my pushing the bee away. It was inspecting me, but I sent it away. The Harms Act uses the roof of protecting on-liners from child predators, yet it creates an online-police force to do so, to keep everyone SAFE, and so under this roof will eventually come all sorts of spy offices to inspect on-liners (especially social media) for to sting them with arrest warrants and other punishments. Let's remind that the bee was in my garden at the time while Gardens/Jardens were a Jardin branch, both first found in Angus, and while the Jardin Chief is almost the Angus Chief, ANGUSta was up the Trudeau-connectable Trotus river. Can we Bee-Leve it?

It was a BIG bee, and Biggs (share Angus lion) almost have the English Mark Coat, both first found in Essex with the Colchesters sharing the Bucker/BUSCHer estoiles and Crest, and I trace Marks to the Marici co-founders of Pavia with the Laevi Gauls. Leafs/LEVE's use bees and were first found in Norfolk with Bus' and Buckers/Buschers. Gardens/Jardens share Bush/BUSCH boar.

It was the biggest bee I ever saw. Now that it has pointed possibly to Mark-related Biggs (both share the Hicks fleur-de-lys while Hicks had a branch in Essex), consider an additional pointer to MARK of the beast, for bees are used by Beasts/Bessins (Cheshire with Buckle-branch Buckleys) from the Bayeux land of BAIOcasses'. And German Marks look linkable to Tromps. Recall the Berwicks/BUICKs, because Barwicks (almost the Berwick/Buick Coat) share the motto of Sarah's/SAYers who were in turn first found in Essex with Marks and Biggs, and then while Says were first found in Shropshire with the Leightons/Leytons sharing their quadrants, Hicks were at Essex's Low Leighton. Leghs/Leytons (Cheshire again) share the Bucker/Buscher / Bush/Bos/Bosch lion.

Baia- / Bauer-like Bayers share the bear with Berwicks and Barwicks.

There's a good chance, therefore, that the Trudeau stags, in Buckler colors, are called "bucks." In different colors, Bucklers share estoiles with Buckers/Buschers.

When on the black Baia stag, it crossed by mind that the stags of TRUDeau's, who can be from the Trot river with Trots/TRUDE's (Prussia with German Harms/Hermans/Armans), is black in colors reversed. English Hermans/Harmons, sharing the martlets of Levins (Westmorland with Trouts), have a white-on-black stag head. Trudeau's were first found in Ile-de-France with Chappes', Lys' and Levi's...and Leve's use bees. Trouts/TrowtBACKs look like they are from Bacau on the Trotus river. The garden bee pointed to Bush's, and German Bush's (Trout colors) share the Trade/Trotte fleur-de/LYS.

I can get black boars from Hermans/Harmons, first found in Norfolk with Bush-like Bus'. To do this, we go to Hermon/Harmon variations and their Chief colors suggesting a branch of Herrs and Hears/Eyers, and so we go to same-colored Harrys/Harris' with hedgehogs while Hoggs use black boars heads in the colors of the Bush boars, and they are in both colors also of the boar heads of Swing-branch Swynfords and Gardens/Jardens. I was swinging at the bee, and Irish Harrys are listed with Carys/KEERYys (armored arm in Crest) while Kerrys use bees and a hive!

The "Ubique" motto term of Harrys/Harris' can be for the Bicks because they were first found in Berkshire with the Shaws/Sheaves' who in turn share the Harrison motto. Harrisons have the French Bussy eagle in half its colors, and the fesse-with-eagles of Bussys are in the colors and format of the fesse-with-items of English Herrings/Herrins.

Jacob Rothschild Died This Week With Mammon-Stuffed Mouth

What will you do with all your money now, Jacob, facing eternal Prison? How will you enjoy all your precious furniture and ornaments from there? You sold your soul to what money could buy. The human owner of modern Jerusalem will not arise to rule it. The beggars at the city gates might rise to true riches, but not poor and wretched Jacob. Take heed, all Rothschilds, don't become an eternal wretch like your father, human wreckage.

The Rudge's/Rudes can be gleaned with the Rhodes cross in colors reversed, an then the English Rothes' were once said, for more than a decade, to be first found in Shropshire with Rudge's/Rudes' and Moses'. Moses Bauer's son, Mayer, gave himself a Rothschild surname. Thus, it could be that Moses Bauer was from the Shropshire Moses', and from Rothes liners there. Rudesheim is in Hesse, and Mayer Bauer had done his banking with a prince of Hesse-Cassel (I don't know many details). Ridge's (essentially shares the Rudge/Rudes cross) were first found in Devon with Hazels/Hessels while Hesse's are Hessels too.

Wikipedia's Hesse article: "The name of the Hessians ultimately continues the tribal name of the Chatti. The ancient name Chatti by the 7th century is recorded as Chassi, and from the 8th century as Hassi or Hessi." The Chatti are to the Keith Catti, and the McKinneys and Frasers, both first found in Peebles-shire with Bauer-branch Bowers, were Keith kin. Frasers were in a Keith area of Peebles-shire. Keiths were first found in East Lothian with Seatons, and Kenns, with the Seaton crescents in colors reversed, were first found in Devon with a Seaton location, and with Ridge's.

Powers, likewise first found in Devon, may have been named from the Pauer variation of Danish Bauers who in turn share the double bends of Hiedlers/Hitlers (share Bauer stars) and Hitts/Hitiers. On a black Shield, these double bends are with Dutch Schilds, and so Schilds with Rothes' could have named, Rothschild. Some ancestor of Moses Bauer, on the female side may have been a Rothschild (or close to it). The Bauer wings were kin of Justine of Picenum. Not everyone with a Hitler surname should be demonized, of course.

William Hitler, Adolph's nephew, changed his surname to Stuart-Houston, and so why? The Houstons were first found in Renfrewshire with Pollocks and Dol Alans from Shropshire, and while the first Pollock built Rothes castle, with the king's request / permission. Someone writes: "The [Rothes] castle is usually said to have been founded by Peter de Pollock in about 1200, a tenant of the Stewards in Renfrewshire,...Rothes passed to the Leslie family with marriage by 1286,..." The Stewarts lived in Renfrewshire too, and, the point is, Jewish Pollocks show nothing but a bend in the colors of nothing-but-two-bends of Danish Bauers, Hiedlers/Hitlers and Hitts/Hitiers. The single Pollock bend is shared with Jewish Rothchilds (not "Rothschild").

The McKinney write-up: "The first chief to settle was named Simon Frazer, and his lands were called Keith Simon. Their stronghold was Oliver Castle on the Tweed." Scottish Olivers use an "Ad" motto term that I trace to Ada of Warenne, and she was the mother of Scottish king, William the Lion, the king up until 1214, and thus he was likely the king who commissioned / supervised the building of Rothes castle. William the Lion and Glasgow, home of Pollocks, are in the write-up of Scottish Olivers. As Houstons (share Stewart checks) named Houston in Glasgow, the black Houston martlets must be in the Oliver Chief.

The Ade's/Aids' are in the colors and format of RODhams/Roddens while German Rothschilds are listed with RODDENsteins who in turn use the Ade / Rodham bend as an arrow. The Ade / Rodham bend is in the colors of the Pollock / Rothchild bend, more evidence that Moses and Mayer Bauer descended from the Pollock line at Rothes.

Scottish Olivers were first found in ROXburghshire, named by the proto-Rockefellers, the Roquefeuils, or perhaps vice-versa. Isabel of Roquefeuil married a ruler of Rodez, and we just saw Rhodes elements in Shropshire, where the proto-Pollock(s) was likely living a generation before the building of the Rothes castle.

The Houston write-up: "'The ancient family of Houston originally bore the name of Paduinan, from a place of that name in Lanarkshire....'" The Patents/PADYNs/PADDONs/Pattings look like they should have named Pattingham in Shropshire.

This section comes in the same update as my accumulation of evidence for the lines of Abraham's family to various surnames. Were Rothschilds from one or more of those lines? The problem is, surnames from the nobles came from where they operated or ruled. For example, if Rothschilds were named after the Pollock line out of Rothes, the Pollocks were not the namers of Rothes and therefore not necessarily descended from a Rothes people group. In that case, even the Rothschilds were not named after a Rothes entity side from the name of a location. It means nothing by blood.

On the other hand, I've resolved that Pollocks are from the Polla line of Vespasia Polla of Rieti, and one can trace Roets and reeds to that place. Roets then share the boar heads of Spears/SPEYers (Renfrewshire with Pollocks) while Rothes of the Pollocks is on a Spey river. Yet, just because the imperial family of Vespasia Polla was living in Rieti doesn't mean they were related to the namers of Rieti. And while I think Reeds were from "Rieti," it doesn't necessarily follow that Reeds were from the bloodline of anyone who named Rieti. It might, or else Reeds were from nobles of Rieti of a wholly-different bloodline from the namers of Rieti. Tracking surnames backward to prior people groups thus becomes difficult to impossible, unless one knows the people group of someone who adopted a surname from their location.

It's possible that Roets got their book symbol from the Scottish Reeds, who use the book too, because Reeds were first found in Aberdeenshire (near Rothes) with the Leslie's who became earls of Rothes in marriage to Pollocks. One could speculate that Rothes was named by the Roets, which then gives one a chance at tracking them to a Rus peoples. Reeds almost have the Taran/Terrent eagle, and Taron was at Lake Van with king Rusa.

As the proto-Pollocks (themselves said to be named after a Pollok location in Renfrewshire) were vassals of the Alans whom I think were from Roxolani, that happens to be a Rus-Alan line. While Rus were also called, Ruthenes, by what coincidence were Ruths/Rothers/Randolphs first found in Moray with Rothes on the Spey (and with Scottish Randolphs)? And Rodden-branch Rutherfords were first found in ROXburghshire. I trace the "Nec" motto term of Roddens and Rutherfords to the Neckar river in the land of the Varangian-line Veringers.

Pollocks, Bauers, Bowers and Bourleys all share a green Shield with Stars, and while many claim that the all-seeing eye is a Rothschild symbol, it just so happens that while Bauers use stars, the Stars us an eye. I heard in a video of last week that Moses Bauer hung a red shield on his company door, and thus his son, Mayer took the Rothschild name from that shield. However, it's known that elites used fables to deceive the public and historians as to their ancestry, and so this red-shield story may be a family fable to hide their origins in Pollocks of Rothes.

You will also find that Mayer Bauer named his house, Green Shield, which I think is true for the reason above. The Rothschilds claim that they use five, bunched arrows in honor of the five, surviving sons of Mayer Bauer, but this looks like a tale because the Scottish Bauers, as well as the Bows/Bough's sharing the Roet motto, use five, bunched arrows. I would say that those symbols existed before Moses Bauer was even born.

There is a GREEN beaver in the Arms of Oxford, and "Bauer" was likely from "Bavaria." That is, Bauers, first found in Bavaria, were likely named from a noble of Bavaria, and so we could conjecture that Scottish Bowers, as well as Bows/Bough's and their branches, were from a ruler of Bavaria who also formed the Beaver surnames. Drago de BeWERE can be included because Drakenberg-related Vere's ruled Oxford. It could be that Vere's formed a Beaver-like surname after marriage with a Bavarian bloodline.

And Bogans, using the bow, and in Bug colors, were not only first found in Bavaria, but they owned the Arms of Bavaria before they became the Arms of Bavaria. These Arms are bendwise lozenges in blue-and-white, and it just so happens that Irish Weirs use bendwise lozenges in red and white, the colors of the lozengy Shield of Cocks, first found in Somerset with Roets.

A lozengy Shield in GREEN is used by Gills, first found in Yorkshire with the Gilling location of the first-known Rookbys (almost the Rook Coat). Another lozengy Shield is with Scottish Lombards, once said to be first found in Renfrewshire with Pollocks, but now said to be first found in Yorkshire with Gills. Italian Lombards share the Chief of Bauers and French Alans.

I am familiar with Grimoald of Bavaria, and the Cock Shield is also the Grimaldi Shield. There are people who tell that a Grimaldus married, Crispina, the daughter of Rollo, and he was a Dane Rus. English Crispins were first found in Oxfordshire with that green beaver. And the Green surname may be responsible for the green Shields above because they come up as Greems/Greme's too. As my mother's maiden name is Grimaldi, I'm starting to think that she traces back to Rothschild ancestry. If indeed God called me to this heraldic work, is part of the reason to warn the Rothschilds of their coming judgment?

Have Rothschilds been reading my work because they are bloodline lusters who wants to know their ancestry better than they could apart from my work? I repeatedly warn the Rothschilds, and in God's name order them to give the money back to the poor whom they have created by gobbling down vast money from the common money pool of society. Their increase is the decrease of others, do the rich capitalists ever ponder that?

If correct that Rothschilds were from the Hebrew rulers of Khazars, we now have good reason to trace a family on the Bug river to those Khazars, and so some Nahorite line might apply. English Bugs were once said to be first found in Nottinghamshire with Nathans/Nations, and Mayer Bauer, probably a heraldry freak like the Rothschilds after him, named his first son, Nathan. Nathans/Nations even share the Bug fesse, yet it's also the fesse of Yellows (Oxfordshire) for a potential trace to the Ialomita (Naparis) river of the Roxolani.

I don't know Rothschild history enough to know why they and gobbling Rockefellers might have been related, but I can tell you that Rooks, now said to be first found in Worcestershire with Rocks, were once said to be first found in Oxfordshire. The Rooks call their raven a "rook," and I assume that they had that symbol, as did German Rothes', before Moses Bauer was even born. It's suggesting to me that Rothes in Moray was a Roquefeuil element from the Roxolani Alans of Dol. The latter escaped royal perception (in England) to Scotland, but why did they go to Renfrewshire? I don't know. How did the Pollocks get the royal directive to build a castle at Rothes in particular?

It's possible that houseofnames if confusing a Rock family of Worcestershire with a Rook family. The Rock, Rod, Feller and Falls TREFoils traces with Trips/Treffs to the Trypillians south of Kiev, where the Roxolani of the Dnieper river lived. Worcestershire is where Eggs are said to be first found while German Eggs almost have the Coat of German Beavers/Biebers/Byble's (Bavaria). The Bible's are listed with Bibo's (share Cock rooster), in case you'd like to explore that entity, which takes you to Hahns.

The Arms of Bavaria has a grey elephant, and so do English Mascals and crow/raven-using Scottish Corbetts/Corbans (Shropshire with Bats in the Bug Crest). Bats share a brown Crest with Corbys, as well as their saltire. French Corbins/Corbets share the Coat of German Bugs (ravens/crows) and Verone's/Varenne's. Corbieres' (Brittany with Alans) share the Corbin/Corbet Coat. Corbett elements can be of a ruler of Corbieres in Aude province, between Narbonne and Roquefeuil. The Mascals (Sussex with Saddocks) have the Saddock escutcheons (shield) in colors reversed, and the one of Saddocks happen to be the one also of German Nathans/Natts.

The Randolphs of Moray use the bat and the cross of Baths (Somerset with Roets). The "pascit" motto term of Corbetts (Shropshire with Rodden river) can get us to Paisleys (Renfrewshire with Roet-related Speers/Speyers) from the Pasi's/Pace's/Pascels sharing crossed spears (different color) with Spears/Speyers. We might now ask whether the English Pace's (Cheshire with Masci elements) have a purple Shield (rare Shield color) as per the purple Grimaldi throne?

Paisleys share the anchor of Packs, first found in Sussex with Saddocks who are in turn round-about connectable to Moses'/Moys (Shropshire with the Rodden river and early Rothes'). The Anchors and Angers (Pack colors and format) can take us to Fauci's (giant lozenge), first found in Genova with lozengy Grimaldi's. The Grimaldi-related Crispins almost have the Coat of English Pasleys and Poussins (Oxfordshire with Crispins), and while Poussins have the Pasley Coat in colors reversed, the Moise's/Moissons share the triple Poussin fesses. Poissons (not "Poussin") share the Bardy Coat, almost, and Bardys were first found in PeriGORD with Fauchys. English Pasleys were first found in Berkshire with the Leslie-connectable Lesks in turn having the Bard boar in colors reversed. Gords (Berwickshire with Roet-beloved Books) share the Roet / Speer/Speyer boar heads, and as Burleys/Bourleys (green Shield), first found in Somerset with Roets and Grimaldi-connectable Cocks, show nothing but boar heads, this symbol looks like code for Bauer-line Bavarians in the line of Grimoald, duke of Bavaria (8th century).

His Wikipedia article: "It was Grimoald who induced Saint CORBINian to come to Bavaria in 724 to evangelise." Corbins share the raven with the Bavarian Rothes'/Rots who come up as "Rothschild." Jewish Rots/Rothchilds (Not "Rothschild") almost have the hexagram of Monaco's, Rads (Bavaria), and Hagars (near Rats/Raids), the latter first found in Perthshire with Ratterys. If the Bavarian Bogans use Robin Hood, note that English Hoods were first found in a Rattery location of Devon. Ratterys share the fitchees of Root-connectable Picks/Pix's (Kent with Roet-branch Roots and Rothes').

The lion over the Monaco hexagrams can be the Pool lion because Pools were first found in Dorset with Moons (partly in Monk/Moyne colors and format) having Moyns in their write-up. I see Monks as Grimaldi's. As Pools share the Rita lion, Pools look like they are from Vespasia Polla of Rieti. Rita's have their lion holding "pieces of wood" while Woods share the Rattery / Pick/Pix fitchees, and the rooted tree of Roots and Picks'/Pix's. Rita's were first found in Rome with Luce-connectable Luciano's, and while Luce's use Pick-like pike fish, they were first found in Norfolk with Grimaldi lines.

The Saddock, Chaddock, Chadwick and Boling Coats are versions of the Arms of ROCHdale (Lancashire with Bolings), and while Calvarys (Yorkshire with Beavers and Rookbys) are in Saddock / Boling format and colors, Moses'/Moys use a so-called "calvary" symbol incorporating stairs. It just so happens that while Stars come up as "Stairr," star-using Stairs/Steyers were first found in Kent, where Rothes' are now said to be first found. So, yes, the Bauer stars do look like code for the Stars/Stairrs.

How did the Moses'/Moessens become Moys? Perhaps from Monaco-line Monks/Moyne's (share lion heads of different colors with English Rothes'). Monks/Moyne's use a COCKatrice to show their linkage to royal Grimaldi's of Monaco. It's these Grimaldi's having a purple throne, evoking the Revelation harlot dressed in purple. There is a Purple surname, first found in Norfolk with Bags (share Grimaldi Shield), PilGRIMs, and BARKs. Why do Paisleys have purple thistles while Pace's have a purple Shield? Why do Bug-connectable Nathans/Nations use the comPASS? Pass' are listed with Pascals while Pasi's/Pace's are also Pascels.

English Mascals share the fleur-de-lys of Arrows/Arras to possibly explain the Bower / Bow / Arms-of-Rothschild arrows. Barksdale's/Birkdale's have the five Arms-of-Rothschild arrows in the same colors. Barksdale's/Birkdale's (Feller colors and format) share the motto of Bucks (Norfolk with Barks). Rothschilds apply an arm holding the arrows while arm-using Armors share the Moray stars.

As the Keiths come up when we load "Mascal," we then take things to the lands of Keith in Peebles-shire, for Bowers were first found in Peebles-shire. Repeat from above: "The McKinney write-up: "The first chief to settle was named Simon Frazer, and his lands were called Keith Simon. Their stronghold was Oliver Castle on the Tweed."" The McKinneys and Frasers share the cinquefoil of Kims, first found in Bute while Buds/Bude's (Cornwall with Pasco's) use bows. I link German Bute's/Butts/BOETs to Salome Boethus of the Saddock-like Sadducees and Herods.

Buds/Bude's use a star in a "hurt," and three connected arrows in the colors of the arrow-like items (perhaps bird bolts) of Bozons/Boyzons. They both share a blue Shield with Boy-connectable Bose's/Bosins. Bushnells/Bushels have hurts too, probably on the Irish Arthur and Friend chevron, and Buds/Bude's were first found in Cornwall with the English Bogans who share a white cockatrice with the neighboring Monks/Moyne's. Hirts/Hurds use a chipMUNK, I think. It therefore appears that Buds/Bude's share the German Bogan bow. Hurts/Horts were first found in Oxfordshire with Bug-connectable Yellows, and they have fesses colors reversed from one another.

Keiths were a Kettle branch, and Kettle's (Perthshire with Hagars) share the Rosco cinquefoil, colors reversed from the Bus cinquefoil. Have we made the case that Rothschild ancestry is from Nahorites on the BUZau river with Roxolani? Nahorites on the Bug would have had river access into Poland, from where the namers of Pollok in Renfrewshire could have descended. What Polish family do we look to? Casimir of Poland, who married Maria of the Varangian Rus, could apply.

Casimirs and Veringers used the red antler, but colors change from next-generation families to families. The Conte's/Comitissa's, first found in Durham with Bauer-connectable Bows/Bough's, use antlers, and they are the antlers of Cone's too, first found in Kent with Rothes'. Casimir of Poland descended from Mieszko's while Maschi's, having Mascal-like variations, use "pine cones".

The PASSant Maschi lion is shared with Demonte's (Piedmont with Masci's), and Monaco's have an upright lion in these colors. Plus, a "MONKey" is in the Crest of Demonte-like Desmonds/Geralds while French Desmonds/DesMonts show nothing but three roses in the colors and format of the Monk/Moyne lion heads. The saltire of Desmonds/Geralds (Munster with Massey-line Bricks) is in colors reversed from the one of Gerald-related Windsors. Although I don't know a surname sharing the blue and white lozengy Shield of Bavaria, Bricks, Brix' and Fells use lozenges in those colors. Windsor castle is in BERKshire, and Berkshire's use "frets" incorporating mascles for what looks like a trace to Masseys of Ferte-Mace.

Birch's (share Masci fleur) were in Cheshire with the line of Herluin de CONTEville, which went to the Meschin earls of that place. The Brick-like Birks/Berks/Burghs are from John de Burgo, father of Herluin of Conteville. Barksdale's/BRICKdale's/BIRKdale's have the Arms-of-Rothschild arrows in Feller colors and format, and Bread-connectable Falls'/Fallis, sharing the Feller trefoils and perhaps the Monaco lion, were first found in Midlothian, where Breads/Bradds were once said to be first found, now said to be first found in Cheshire. The Falls/Fallis lion is also of the Gerards, who are in the Barksdale write-up as inheriting the Birkdale manner in ORMSkirk. It recalls lake "URMia of the Nairi.

Repeat from above: "Reeds almost have the Taran/Terrent eagle, and Taron was at Lake Van with king Rusa." The Nairi were between Lake Van and Urmia. Rusa elements to mythical Ares (god of war) likely named the horse as "hross," or voice-versa, and Roxburghs along with Helens use the horse. Helena, daughter of Urmia-like Vrm. Helens are said to have been near St. Brieuc, and this can go to the Brickdale variation of Barksdale's, and thus Vrm elements can go to the Rothschild arrows. Arrows were a Hungarian symbol, and Helena married a Hungarian king, brother of Levite-like Levante. Proto-Hungarians were mixed with Khazars, and they formed Hungary together. Bela's brother, Andrew, was in exile in Kiev with the Rus there. Scottish Andrews look connectable to the Pollock Coat.

Orms' are now looking like a branch of Orne's/Horns, for the Orne river is up by Ferte-Mace and flows into the Bessin ruled by Ranulph de BRIQUESsart, father of le Meschin of Cheshire. De Briquessart married the daughter of Emma of Conteville.

Wikipedia's article on Ranulph le Meschin, grandson of Emma de Conteville, has (or had) his lion in red on gold, the color of the Im/Imme lion. The Emma's/Emans/Emmons happen to use a purple lion, and were first found in Birkdale-like Berkshire, near the first-known Imms/Imme's of London. Especially as Meschins married purple-lion Skiptons, this all makes the Meschins look like they were named by Emma Masci (my surname conjecture), of Conteville.

The purple lion in the Emma/Emmon Crest is seated while Seats (Lancashire with Birch's and Barksdale's/Brickdale's/Birkdale's) share the double pale bars in the Arms of Vilaine, that being the province having Dol, and then the Ims/Imme's add the Alan fesse to their red lion. English Stewarts have a red lion too. Orms' use the DOLphin. Scottish Orms'/Orens have a lozengy Shield in the colors of the same of Schole's/Scayle's (Yorkshire with green-lozengy Gills, and Skiptons).

For how long did God prepare a church Barksdale, Texas, for me? I wouldn't have known the Barksdale surname if I had not attended there. How important is the Barksdale/Brickdale surname in exposing Rothschild roots? I was freshly back to Texas in 2001, and because the LEG of my wood STOVE had broken off, I went to visit a friend, a WELDER by profession, named BILL, to get it repaired. While there, the pastor of that church dropped in, whom I had never seen or known before.

Welders, sharing the Rot/Rothchild hexagram, where first found in Thuringia with BEE-using Talls (buzz-buzz), German Roets, and with the family of queen Basina, the line to the Bessin. Basina's husband was CHILDeric, whose tomb was found having gold bees, the symbol of Bessins (Cheshire with le Meschin of the Bessin). Childs have the Taran//Terrent Coat in colors reversed. The welder's name is Bill, and Bills (Somerset with Roets) can be gleaned as kin of Scottish Roets.

The STOVE's leg had broken off, and Pilgrim-connectable Stove's/Stave's are listed with Stevensons while the other Stevensons (Northumberland with Roddens) are in the colors and format of Roddens while Rothschilds (first found in SPEYer) are also RODDENsteins. The Leghs/Leighs/Leys (Cheshire) share the Ims/Imme's lion, the colors of the lion of le Meschin in his Wikipedia article. Leightons/Leytons were first found in Shropshire with Meschins and Broken- / Brick-like Breakers/Breaks.

In colors reversed, Breakers/Breaks have the hunting HORN of ORANge's, a possible Orms/Oran line. Barksdale's/Brickdale's were at Ormskirk, you see...which can only mean that God broke my stove's leg, or I wouldn't be writing this. Barksdale's/Birkdale's share the Buck motto while Bucks were first found in Norfolk with Barks, and then Orange's were first found in BUCKinghamshire with Simsons.

The first or second time attending the Barksdale church saw me turning around to look at the back of the church, and there Miss Hicks was looking at me. I hadn't seen her since 1994, seven years earlier. I didn't know her at all. I had never spoken to her when we went to the same church on the Leakey road. It was the meeting place of House of Praise, which didn't have a church building at the time. The leaders of the church were completing a building in Barksdale during the time that I went to the gathering on the Leakey road.

I wasn't able to get back to Texas for a few years, because my former wife was dragging me through child-custody court, and this was being prolonged for a strategic reason. She ruined the marriage with that effort, it was disgusting. My rightful authority over the family, granted by God, was turned to smithereens. I suppose she was worried that I'd take the kids to Texas, but I had no such intention, for I could only visit, not live there permanently. In the end, I told the judge that Christians should not be in court like this, and I gave the whole thing up, letting her have custody. I then went to finish my Texas property.

By about 1996, even before the court appearances, I was wondering whether Miss Hicks was the woman of the Sleeping Beauty dream. I had always believed that God gave me that dream.

When returning to Texas in 1999, I attended the new House of Praise with Amanda SIM(P)SON, and her regular seat was right directly behind Mr. Kilpatrick, the husband of Miss Hicks. But she was not attending there at the time. I attended again in 2,000 and into 2001, but she was not attending there. I stopped going, switching to the Baptist church under discussion, and saw her there with her husband having no idea that they were going there. The Baptist pastor was Johnson by surname, and it just so happens that Scottish Johnsons (Dumfries) have a near copy of the Scottish Kilpatrick Coat.

Barks (Norfolk with Larks/Lauerks) use "larks," and Larks/LAUERks may have been a branch of Lauers/Laurels in the "laurel" of Larrys/Lawrie's (Dumfries with Kilpatricks). Lauer-like Lavers, sharing the cross of Birks/Berks/Burghs, are interesting for sharing the red dog head in Crest with Abram-like Bramtons/BROMtons, for Barksdale's (Lancashire with Bramers/Bramhalls) had a Birkdale location in Ormskirk that went to Gerards of BROMley, and BromLEYs (Staffordshire, beside Shropshire and Cheshire) share the quadrants of Legh-connectable Leightons/LEYtons (Shropshire). Low Leighton is a location of the Hicks', which is in Essex, where Bromleys were first found. Lavenders were first found in Oxfordshire with Love's/Luffs while Lavens are also Laufers.

The reason I thought the Sleeping Beauty dream was from God is that God was in the dream, telling me to wake her because "it's YOU SHE LOVES," He said. I'm repeating this because we just saw the Love's/Luffs. I've talked about that phrase quite a few times before seeing that Hicks' had a branch at St. EWE, and this can be pointed to by the "you" term in that phrase. Ewe's/CUISTs share the giant eagle of CUSSONs while Kilpatricks and Johnsons use "cushions." CUSTs (Lincolnshire with Wake's) are a Kiss/Cush branch, and I leaned over to kiss her awake.

The Shee's are also Shea's (share Birch / Kilpatrick / Masci fleur) while English Shea's are listed with Shaws/Sheaves', first found in BERKshire. That phrase, "it's you SHE loves," is now making more sense than ever. It's connecting to Barksdale's, a surname I've known for only little more than a year. The dream had nothing to do with my future wife, but is for heraldic purposes, I strongly believe.

The Wake's almost have the Mule/Mules Coat while Cheshire's Meoles' (share gold wing with Masci's) are apparently in the Barksdale write-up: "Birkdale is a small township, in the parish of North MEOLS, union of Ormskirk, hundred of West Derby in Lancashire. 'The manor, in the reign of Henry IV., was held by the Halsalls; and the Gerards of Bromley became possessed of the estate by purchase in the 17th century.'" Shea's/Shaws/Sheaves' have six, bunched arrows that can perhaps apply to the five of Barksdale's, and here we should point out the Arrows/Arras' of Staffordshire, where Bromleys were first found.

Brooms/Brome's (Kent with Rothes' and Sleeps) share the white cockatrice in Crest with Monks, and then the Monk lion heads are in the colors of the lion of Lavens/Laufers who in turn share the red dog in Crest with Bramtons/Bromtons. With their flames, Monaco's share the lion of Laver-like Lauers/Laurels, and Scottish Flemings have a "deed shaw" motto phrase while Deeds/Dade's (Norfolk with Wheats) have wheat sheaves. The Love's were in the dream's words to me, and Lauers/Laufens happen to have a lion colors reversed from the Love/Luff and Musk/Muscat lion heads.

We got here from the indirect Barksdale link to Larks/Lauerks, and so note that Lofwicks/LoVICKs (bull heads, appropriate for Turin liners) were direct kin of the Tours' in the write-up of Towers (Vick/Fick colors and format), both first found in Lancashire with Birkdale of the Barksdale's. The write-up adds: "Some branches of this distinguished [Tours of Lofwick] line remained in Lancashire, while others branched south to Sowerby in Lincolnshire, and Isle of Ely." Ely is where Musks/Muscats were first found who not only have a version of the Love/Luff Coat, but both surnames were once said to be first found in Suffolk. Musks/Muscats are in Ely colors and format.

The Tours of Lofwick were named after a Tours location so that it doesn't tell us what surname they were from prior to adopting the name of that location. Towers, because they share the Comet tower, are suspect from the Conteville's of Comines, the line of John de Burgo.

Two possible Wheat branches are in God's words to me, spoken from behind my back as I stood watching Sleeping Beauty fall asleep: "WHAT ARE YOU WAITing for, it's you she loves, go wake HER." Waits/Weights are in Shea/Shaw/Sheaves colors and format. Whats/WhadCOCKs, using Grimaldi-connectable cocks, are in the colors and format of Stars/Stairrs who were connecting to Mayer Bauer. The ARE's/Ayers love the Airs/Eyers, a branch of Here's/Heyers (Derbyshire with Airs/Eyers) who in turn share blue wings with German HERs/Herrs (Hermit branch, compare with Wing-related Justine's), Herzogs, and Bauers (Bavaria with Herzogs). ARE's/Ayers were first found in Ayrshire with "hermit"-using Sheds/Sheddens (Brock/Broke / Brook kin, likely), and the Arms of Ayrshire shares a "shaw" motto term with the Flemings who love the Lets/Late's. The Lights/Lite's are suspect in the "lighter than air" motto of Are's/Ayers.

(Insert -- I thought I made a good case for Hermit-loving Sheds/Sheddens pointing to vaccine shedding and the hermit society from Trump's lockDOWNS (Downs have a stag in Trump stag colors). The Sleeping Beauty dream pointed to poison vaccines in numerous ways, but I don't think I've yet included the Gene's/Ganays into that picture in the way I'm now seeing them. This dream had a scene where I had only my JEANS on, no shirt, when arriving to the DOOR of her car. The Gene surname can point to the so-called "gene therapy," a phrase commonly used to describe COVID vaccines. The Gene's/Ganays share the giant DORia and Tromp eagle, and Tromps can be gleaned (by their Coat) as kin of Fauci's, first found in Gene-like Genova with Doria's.

Gene's/GANays were first found in Burgundy with GANE's/Gaine's/GAGneys, and the lockdowns gagged people with masks. English Gaine's are in Hicks colors and near-format. The Mask/Maschi Chief has a lion in the colors of the French and Spanish Jean/Jan lions, and Spanish Jeans/Jans include the Massey quadrants.

NEW: French Jeans (Languedoc with Conte's/Comites) are also Geans, and while they use a bell in Label/La Bell colors, the latter share the triple crescents of Conte's/Comites' and German GENE's/Geeds/Geets/Geats/Geers. Note the Get-like Geet variation, and consider it along with the knee event at the "Get'n Go" (below). These Gene's/Geeds (Ged colors) were first found in Hamburg (with Trips) while German Hamburgs share the Knee bend while English Hamburgs share the Gain and English Trip crosslets. Hamburgs have gold drops while Golds share the French and Spanish Jean lion. German Golds share the Huntingdon hunting horn while English Gains were first found in Huntingdonshire.

Gene's/Ganays were first found in Burgundy with French Locks. LOCKdowns! French Locks even share the cinquefoils of Gows/McGOO's whom I had pointed, along with Miss Hick's knee event at the Get'n GO corner store, to GO, the short form for "graphene-oxide." I claimed that her knee in the Sleeping Beauty dream was affixed to her knee event in real life at the Get'n Go. As I've said a million times, the knee event took place as I was seeing her through the glass of the store's front DOOR.

I've entered some square brackets shortly below after writing this insert. In one of the brackets you'll find the bee-using Doors having a Coat like the one of Geat-like Gates'. Bill Gates is a vaccine goon, and the Gates lion is the one of French and Spanish Jeans and Irish Doors and Dorals. The Door-beloved Bee's share the quadrants of Spanish Jeans and Vere's. Doria's share the giant Gene/Ganay / Tromp eagle. Doral-like Dorlings are listed with gold-drop Darlene's, first found in Devon with Gates' and Vere-branch Wears/Were's, and their Darlington branch (almost the Door/Doorham leopard faces) were first found in DURham with English Conte's and the Wear river. Weir-connectable Durhams are also Dorhams. End insert]

The earliest family I could find owning the lozengy Arms of Bavaria was the Wittelsbachs, who were a White branch sharing the blue vair of the English WEIGHts/White's, first found in Gloucestershire with Lets/Late's. Scales, said to be "weights", are in the Crest of Dexters (Leicestershire with Kiss'/Cush's) while Herrs/Heyers are said to use two "dexter" wings.

If we think that these many heraldic links are all coincidental in connection to the words in the dream, then I could be one very cursed individual for explaining dreams in this heraldic way. But if God is in it, what do we think He's doing? He won't tell me, won't explain anything. I figure that somebody must be reading whom He wants to be reading, but I have no idea who.

Upon leaning over to kiss her, but before I reached her face, she awoke [as I inadvertently touched her knee], and we then found ourselves embraced, RISING into the sky. Waits/Weights, in Rice colors and format, use an "aris" motto term, and Rodden- / Pollock / Rot- / RoddenSTEIN-connectable Rise's were first found in Norfolk with Risings/Risons and Stevenson-branch Steins. Weights/White's were first found in Gloucestershire with Stevens/Stephensens. [We emBRACED while rising, and Brace's, first found in Herefordshire with English Doors, share armored arms with Armors.] The Armors, sharing the Moray stars, have this thing I've not noticed before: "John Armourer was Mayor of Rising, Norfolk in 1343." It can explain why Pollocks used the Rising cross as a saltire.

Moor heads are common in heraldry, used even by Bouillons and Bellys of MORay, and king Idris of Morocco was a Muslim. Bouillons were first found in Auvergne with Fez's/Fays, and Idris' son ruled at Fez of Morocco. Godfrey de Bouillon was the first unofficial ruler of Templar Jerusalem. His brother became the first official king. I believe they were Flemings.

I trace Moor heads to Morano on the Sybaris river (southern Italy). Moreno's/Murena's, suspect from Terentia Murena and her brother. Terents are also Tarans, perhaps from Taron of the Nairi. Trents/Trans' were first found in Somerset with Tarrs/Tarras'. Boar-heard Tarns/Turins/Thurins (Aberdeenshire with Terrent-connectable Reeds) and Thuringia can apply to Taron liners. Basina of Thuringia married king Childeric, and Childs have the Taran/Terrent Coat in colors reversed.

Childs were first found in Hertfordshire with Titus', but I can't see a way to trace the latter to emperor Titus, Vespasia Polla's son. Titus' use GYRONNy while Gernons share the lion in the Titus Chief. I've seen Eustace II, father of Godfrey de Bouillon, get a gernon = MUSTache symbol, but that must be a family tale to hide descent from Gernons. MUSTs/Muscats were a branch of Muschats/Montfitchets, and Gernons were from Montfitchet.

The best symbol for Freemasons is: "snake in the grass," infilTRAITORs. The Spy in the Sky has been watching all along.

The Brown Keith and Kettle Stag Head

The Keiths/Mascals were from the Catti, yet as they lived near/at Musselburgh, they ought to connect to Mascals and Mussels/Muscels (Meschin colors and near format). This can be explained by the Davidson sept of Mackays, i.e. a Macey branch. Maceys were first found in Cheshire with Davids, and so we can fathom why a Mackay family formed a David-honoring variation. From the Mackay write-up: "'..The Inverness-shire Mackays are usually called in Gaelic Mac Ai, that is, MacDhai, or Davidson; they formed a branch of Clan Chattan.'"

We can now glean that the brown stag head at the center of the Mackay chevron is the Keith / Kettle and Scottish Davidson (Perthshire with Kettle's) stag head, all brown like the giant stag of English Davidsons who in turn have: "Some accounts suggest that around 1000 AD the Catti (Chattan) Clan, from whom the Davidson Clan descends, broke into two distinct factions, the MacKintosh and the MacPherson clans." MacInTOSH's/McKinTOWse must be from/to the Touch's/Tows (Cheshire) in the "Touch" motto term of Clan Chattan.

The Mackay-branch Maxwells (Roxburghshire with Chattans) have a brown stag LODGED, and the Scottish Davidsons have a red stag lodged, and a giant red stag is with Daids/Dade's/MacDavids. For this picture, we go to the Lodge's/Loge's because French Locks/DesLoges' share the cinquefoils of Gows/McGoo's, first found in Inverness-shire with the MacDhai Mackays. The Grands of Inverness-shire might therefore have the Coron/Corona Coat in someone else's colors.

The Dhai-like Days must be sharing the Macey Shield, and Dee's were first found in Cheshire with Maceys, Welsh Davids, Corons/Corona's, and Bessins. While Irish Days (compare with these Mackesys) have another brown stag, Scottish Days may have split their Shield's colors to reflect the one of MacPhersons (Inverness-shire). Days suddenly look like a direct Mackay branch.

French Dave's/Davis' (Savoy with Masseys/Masse's) look like they have the Mackay Shield, with its colors and format, that is. The Lilys in the Dave/Davis Coat were first found in Worcestershire with Bessin-branch Bistons who may have provided the bee of Maxwell-branch Maxton.

More new: MacPHEREsons probably share the dagger with Mackays, and the dagger is code for lines from the Dexaroi on the Apsus river of Albania above Fier county, tending to explain why Phere's/Pheres' are listed with Fears/Fiers! Phares'/Fare's were first found in Cumberland with Daggers/Dackers...suggesting, apparently, that Phares' were not from Pharia unless Pharia was named after Fier-county elements. Pharia is off the coast of the Tilurius river, also called the Cetina, and the Cetin/Cattan cats are very linkable to the Tiller / Tail/Tailer lions, and the cat is with MacPhersons and the rest of Clan Chattan. How about that.

Cetins/Cattans were first found in Norfolk with cat-using Catch's, and the Dade's/Deeds that can be a branch of Daids/Dade's/MacDavids. Norfolk is where Luce's were first found while Lucca's have a cat while Botters suspect in the "bot" motto term of Clan Chattan were first found in Lucca, beside Mosca's of Pisa whose leopard-like cat is called a cat by Chives'. Lucca and Pisa are in Florence, and while Tous'/Tosini's were first found in Florence too, MacIntosh's/MacInTOWSE's can be of the English Towse's/Tose's/Touse's (Devon with early Chives'). Tous'/Tosini's use a "man" wearing a "shirt" while Shirts/Shards were first found in Cheshire with Touch's/Tows. Scottish Mans were first found in Aberdeenshire with Chives' of Tarves. The Dase variation of Tose-like Dose's (share DAYle/Dale swan) may reveal that they have a version of the Scottish Day/Days/Daze/Deie Coat (share Macey, Mack and Mure/Muir/More's stars).

There's no doubt in my mind that all of these Davids were from kind David I of Scotland, son of Margaret who could be in the Margy/Mackey surname. MacPhersons are said to be from "the children of Muredach," and Murdochs (Ayrshire with Mure's/Meurs/More's and Margys/Mackeys) almost have the Margy/Mackey Coat while Dogs/Docks were first found in Perthshire with Scottish Davidsons, and with the Dure's suspect in the "Duris" motto term of Mure's/Muirs/More's.

Dogs/Docks share the cinquefoil of Lanarks while Flemings of Lanarkshire use a "deed" motto term. The Thistle's/Thissels in the Dog/Dock Crest share the pheons of Scottish Davidsons.

Mackesys/Margesons were first found in Sussex with the Deans/Deins have a surname like the Dea of Days, and sharing the Dee/Die lion. Sussex is also where Mascals were first found who somehow married Keiths.

Houseofnames does a great disservice to the Keats surname (Keaton colors). As they were previously said to be first found in Norfolk with cat-using Cetins/Cattans, and as Keats show only cats, they should be regarded as a branch of the Kett/Keath variation of Keiths until proven otherwise. As cat-using Catch's (Norfolk) share the Mar/MORE scallops (Moray colors), the latter can be to the Mure's/Muirs said to be originally from "More."

The horizontally-split colors of the MacPherson Coat is half in the colors of the same of Pearsons, and colors reversed from the same of German Freys while English Freys' are also Phreeze's (MACABEE colors). Did proto-Pharisees name Pharia? How might they have arrived to Israel in time to merge with the Maccabee priest-kings of about 125 BC?

Kepke's Graphene Warning

The man in this too-short video (promises more later) claims that Chinese documents have been secured revealing graphene-oxide as the poison of choice by the Chinese producers / distributors of Pfizer vaccines. I think I'm feeling this out correctly from the tail-end of the video:

I'll keep this heraldic section short as possible. Mr. Kepke chased me with a spider dangling on a web, when we were both 14 years old, outside the Graff residence with Karen GRAFF (our age) looking on. Graphene-oxide can look like a black spider when activated by electromagnet/phone waves. Keeps use a "weaver's shuttle," and Weavers/Webbers were first found in Saxony with Kepke's/Kopke's. One of the main instigators of the Wuhan plot was Lee Fang the "bat lady," and Fangs have a giant horse in colors reversed from the giant horse of Keips (Nuremberg).

Webbs were first found in Wiltshire with the Stars/Stairrs sharing the lozenges of Settle's, the latter first found in Lancashire with the Shuttleworths/SHETTLEworths using another "weaver's shuttle." Settle-like English Steels, first found in Cheshire with English Weavers and Billet-branch Bellows), share billets (different colors) in Chief with BattiSTELLI's, and Stelli's share the eight-pointed STAR (different colors) with bat-like Batti's/Botto's. The Wuhan lab was using bats to procure its bio-weapons. German Steels share the griffin of Berta's/Berts (Ferrara, near first-known Stelli's of Bologna) while Birts/Berts were first found in Devon with English Billets.

You should now find it compelling that Kepke's/Kopke's are in Berta/Bert colors and format, border included. And the giant Kepke goat is substituted, in the Berta/Bert Coat, with a giant graphene-like griffin.

I use the Shin/Chine/Ching surname -- sharing the Kemmis/Kenys Coat -- to check if any suspicious / compelling sets of heraldry point to China, but while that surname was first found in Somerset with English Webbers (beside Webbs), I see no heraldic link between the two, not necessarily meaning there isn't one in my blind spot. I've had many blind spots. I know for a fact that Kemmis'/Kenys' were once said to be first found in Gloucestershire with Grave/Greafs, and Graffs, with a graphene-like Graffen variation, are also Gravs.

Did Someone arrange this to indicate that China's military had distributed graphene-oxide in some of its vaccines (not many of course, just a few, for starters)? I've just remembered that Karen's father, Simon Graff, always smoked a pipe when he went for a walk down the street to visit my father, and Pipe's have the bend-with-fleur of Webbers in colors reversed. Graffs/Graffens use the anchor while Anchors use the bull head while Bulls/Bule's were first found in Somerset with Webbers and Shins/Chine's/Chings.

The Shin/Chine/Ching Shield (ignoring the fesses) is shared by English Beckers who in turn have a stag head colors reversed from the Trudeau stags. Trudeau's are in Camp/Champ colors and format, and while the latter use griffins, English Champagne's have the Shin/Chine/Ching Shield in black. The thing is, I feel justified in going to Beckers because German Beckers share the checkered bend of English Steels.

German Steels have two of the Tull/Tullia pale bars while Tulls/Tolle's (Staffordshire with Pipe's), with almost the Becker Shield, share the pyramid with BattiSTELLi's who in turn have a chevron in the colors of the same of Dutch Beckers/Bakers. The Becker-connectable Shins/Chine's/Chings were first found in Somerset with Backs. German Backs use a "steer," and Styria is where spider-like Spitzers were first found. The triple fesses on the Shin/Chine/Ching Shield are in the colors of the triple bends of Backers/Bacors, first found in Norfolk with the Drops/Trope's sharing the Tull/Tolle Chief.

Italian Ferrands likely share the checkered Tull/Tolle Shield because Tullia of Lyon married a ruler of Clermont-Ferrand, the point being that English Beckers, with nearly this checkered Shield, were first found in Yorkshire with English Ferrands who happen to share the blue vair of the same Beckers.

To make this Ferrand-Becker link harder while making the Becker-Shin link, Ferrand-like Friends were first found in Somerset with Shins/Chine's/Chings.

Ferrands put their vair inside of a patee cross, but while Pattys/Pati's were first found in Worcestershire with the Hills in the "hills" of Spitzers, I see no solid way to link Hills to Pattys, though Hills do share a tower (different color) with Patents/Patients/Putins. The latter use the tower in gold, as do Scute's (Lancashire with trumpet-using Levers) while Shute's/SHOTs/Schute's were first found in Wiltshire with the Webbs said to have been also in Somerset, wherefore the three swords fessewise of Shute's/Shots/Schute's can relate to the three fesses of Shins/Chine's/Chings, and I always link the Shute/Shot/Schute Coat to three fessewise trumpets of Calls (Wiltshire).

Ahh, I now remember that Keppe-connectable Chips were not only first found in Worcestershire too, but happen to share the eSCUTcheon of Scute's! The latter were first found in Lancashire with Keep connectable Shuttleworths. It just so happens that the three Shute/Shot/Schute swords are in the colors of the three of SKINs/SCANs/Skene's that can go with skin-CHIP implants (to be scanned) to foist the mark of the beast upon us as a vaccine-SHOT enforcement scheme. The Skin/Scan Chief is in the colors and format of the Scute Chief.

The Schims/Schems/Schiens (Aberdeenshire with Skins/Scans/Skene's) have a "fortuna" motto term to go with the "fortune" of Shute's/Shots/Schute's, perfect.

OHHH WOW. The Schims/Schems/Schiens share a Chand variation with same-colored Chaine's/Chesne's/CHASSAINGs!!! Kepke was CHASING me with the spider dangling on its web!!! I'm momentarily excited, but this is hardly cause for celebration. It tends to be verifying that God was using Kepke (and my fear of spiders) to point to our suffering under the mark of the beast, and, I think, that mark will be implemented as a vaccine door-pass into stores and work buildings, and especially hospitals. We're not going to be able to get in when this system is enforced. And, graphene-oxide in the scanning system makes some sense.

Recall how the vaccine goons claimed that the vaccine would remain in the arm, and then, for months only, people were hanging metal items to the needle spot in the arm (I assume they withdrew vaccine vials having graphene, because the magnetic phenomena went away). Graphene-oxide is highly magnetic.

Let's go back to the shared swords of Shute's/Shots and Skins/Scans, for the Chaine's/Chassaings have a white sword too, and a Chine-liken Chene variation while Skin-like Shins/Chine's/Chings were first found in Somerset with Chasers/Chacers (Chaucer / Chalker branch), beside the first-known Shoots/Shots, and near the Chase's and Chacer-like Checkers of Hampshire. Checkers have a Shield similar to the one of Shins/Chine's/Chings. The wing of Chaine's/Chassaings has a hand holding the sword, and Wings/Winks are now said to be first found in Worcestershire with Chips, is that not an amazing warning for us? The Wing/Wink pile is shared with Somerset's Hagels.

It's a long shot, but while Kepke's spider chase was in front of Karen Graff, Graffs/Graffens (Switzerland) share the black anchor of Tulls/Tullia's. Tullia's origins were at Lyon, near Switzerland.

The butterFLY of Tulls/Tullia's can take us to Fly's, first found in Hampshire with Butter-like Botters/Budins and Buttons/Budins/BIDENs, with the Checkers sharing the checkered Tull/Tolle / Ferrand Shield, and with the Kepke-like Keppe's. We are now beside the Weaver-loving Keeps of Sussex. Italian Ferrands were first found in Florence with Italian Botters/Butini's. The Webbs (beside Hampshire) have birds in the design of, and colors reversed from, the giant Botter/Boden eagle. The latter's is red, and there is a red demi-eagle in the Webb Crest.

I saw Simon Graff come visit my father with a beer and a pipe about four times while my father was building the house (with my help summers and weekends), and here we can point out that Beers/Bears can link to Bern of Switzerland, not only because it was founded by Zahringers of Baden, the kin of Keep-related Veringers of Baden, but because Keep-connectable, Weaver-loving Shuttleworths use the bear, as do Berns who in turn have the Keep and Arms-of-Baden fesse in colors reversed. Badens/Battins were first found in Somerset with Webbers who in turn share the eye with Stars (connectable to Shuttleworths through Settle's), first found in Wiltshire with Webbs and trumpet-using Calls.

It just so happens that Shuttleworth is a location in Bury of old Salford (Lancashire), where Ratcliffs were first found too, and the latter's double bends are also those of trumpet-using Levers (Lancashire). I've told many times that my father was getting his building supplies, to build the house, from Ratcliff Lumber (Gormley, Ontario). The Webbs of Wiltshire are said to have become established in Dorset, where Tile's were first found suspect in the "Utile" motto term of Shuttleworths. Tile's share the wyvern dragon (different color) with the neighboring Drake's who in turn have the Flys (Hampshire with Drake's and Flys) in their translated motto. The Drake's use "muscas" for "fly," and Muscas'/Mosca's were first found in Pisa, right beside the first-known Botters/Butini's.

The Chaine/Chand-beloved Wings/Winks were previously said to be first found in Perthshire, which is where Butters were early who share the cross of Chains (not "Chaine"). The Butter Coat is in the format of the Webb Coat, and while Webbs are said to have moved to Dorset, that's where Caens were first found. The Bows in the Butter Crest were first found in Durham with the Conte's/Comitissa's suspect in the "comite" motto term of Schims/Schiens/Chands.

The reason we are on the Butters is from Tulls, and Tulls came from the Battistelli's, who came from Steels, who came from Beckers because they share the Steel bend-with-checkers and the Shin/Chine/Ching Shield, and I conjecture that if any surname should be a pointer to China, it's the latter. I could be out of my mind with this pointer, but did you see that it took us to a Chasing-like surname listed with Chaine's/Chene's from play off of the Skin/Scan bloodline that even brought up Chasers/Chacers, first found in the same place as Shins/Chine's/Chings? And there was more to it, with Chacer-like Checkers first found in Hampshire with Chase's/Chace's, with Tull-connectable Checkers, with Chassaing-like Cassane's, with Tiss' in "ComiTISSa", and with Keppe's/Cheppe's with a Chip-like Kipp variation.

I went to bed last night sure that God was pointing to the 666 system in relation to Kepke's pointer to graphene. I can understand why God would tolerate my learning heraldry, therefore, if it's to warn His people, though I continuously think it's a crazy way to communicate...i.e. that most people will find ludicrous.

Chips have Mr. Chepe in their write-up, from Sheffield, and Sheffields share the sheaves of Keppochs/Kippax's, both first found in Yorkshire, beside the Comites-branch Conte's/Comitissa's. And Shafers/Schefers happen to be in Kepke/Kopke colors and format. The Sheffield boar head is ERASed at the neck, suggesting the Eras variation of Keip-connectable Rasmussens, first found in Hesse with Shafers/Schefers.

By what coincidence do Sheffields use a "Comiter" motto term to go with the "comite" of Skin-branch Schims in turn sharing a Chand variation with Chaine's/Chene's/Chassaings? Conte's/Comitissa's were first found in Durham with the Washingtons who share the Schim/Schien/Chand Chief. Is that Arranged to predict a 666 system out of Washington? Chaine's/Chene's/Chassaings use a large wing while, for the first time in some 15 years, the first-found location of Wings/Winks has been recently changed to Worcestershire, where the first-known Chips were first found.

Sheffers (share Caffer Coat) are then interesting for listing Gofferys because Gophers/Gofers are in the colors of Goffs/Gough's and Googe's/Gouch's who both share the Schim//Schien/Chand boar.

The opposition leader of Canada, this week, said that trudeau was wanting to purchase vaccines from China, and, for all we know, he already did. If this is correct, it's such a sinister, diabolical move absent of beneficial motive, and filled with risk, that I can only conclude he's been conspiring to kill his own people with China's help. He's not once warned his people not to risk the vaccines, and even pushes them on children knowing that people have died and suffered extreme disabilities to boot. It appears that he's been willing to wink-wink-allow the Chinese to kill Canadians, and pretend he knows nothing about it. It explains why he's not come out to admit the colossal killings-by-vaccines, because he's guilty.

As only the liberal naive, in the main, can be convinced by propaganda to take the vaccines willingly, he wants to force unwilling, conservative voters to take their fair-share of murder. That's what's going on. And to replace the deaths and maimings of liberal voters, both he and Biden are recruiting illegal citizens to become the future liberal voters by pretending to love them more than the Western people who've been here for generations. That's what's going on.

The revelation this week of trudeau's guilt with China's military can protect many Canadians from government attacks in various ways. Imagine a government taking someone to court for speaking out against its vaccine programs when that same government was seeking to use Chinese vaccines on the people. This latest revelation promises to turn even liberal voters against his government because partnership with the Chinese military, after the COVID plandemic began in China, looks too much like wink-wink population control. While I'm willing to say this frankly, Pierre Poilievre is not likely going to chose the same words/sentiments even though he knows that murder-by-vaccines has been the trudeau policy. Half the country is sure of it, but trudeau wants to scare people into not talking about it at the pain of being jailed or harshly fined. That's what's going on.

Here's the China story from politicians speaking at the brink of its falling out of the closet:

Here's a can-see-right-through-him Liberal under fire in the parliament on this Chinese scandal:

trudeau News

trudeau is being bashed every week non-stop, but, the problem is, his party may ask him to step down so that, maybe, the Liberals might win the next election if they can successfully give appearances of cleaning up their act. Thus far, every last Liberal has been complicit with trudeau.

Based on what I've seen/heard from Schwab himself, I'm going to suggest that Schwabite officials have asked China to wink-wink-kill Western populations, at least, with a bio-weapon. But, now that this news has come out, the good guys in the labs, who have been deceived and kept in the dark until now, may not be deceived any further, thus putting a dent into, or even thwarting, the mission with China. Why else would trudeau allow the Chinese military to see, or partner with, canada's bio-lab work with dangerous pathogens? The West would want to blame China, and China might be willing to be blamed (while denying the charge) if it can weaken the West. It's as though canada is wink-wink-asking China to take a canadian pathogen home, and spread it around for the next plandemic.

The Conservatives have had the RCMP in committee, and two top-level officers have confessed rather freely that the trudeau government blocked the RCMP from expanding an investigation into the criminality of trudeau himself:

However, we have heard nothing from the RCMP on its progress in catching trudeau in his crimes. It seems the RCMP will not arrest trudeau, nor even incriminate him publicly until forced to do so. But this direction will incriminate the RCMP, a good thing, because it's already visible that it's corrupt, needing correction. The RCMP chiefs need to go to jail, in other words, because they are facilitating the obstruction of justice by being passively obedient to their boss, trudeau, when he refuses to assist the RCMP in its investigation of him. The RCMP needs to scream publicly that trudeau is obstructing justice, and to force trudeau to comply, otherwise the RCMP is guilty of covering the crimes, and risking that trudeau might win another term in Office to multiply his crimes. Lately, trudeau has been throwing treasury money at canadians to buy their votes. Is this just a small sin?

trudeau and others have stolen millions of treasury dollars, and the money may have gone to sinister purposes besides. The nice thing is that the canadian media is going down for protecting trudeau every step of the way. But I'm not happy yet. I want to see justice, perfect justice, and a new media must become honest so that the people are not deceived with lies and cover-ups. Even though I never click a CBC or CTV video, canada has youtube canada rigged to stick those news channels in my face EVERY DAY. And who knows how many videos canada completely forbids us to see.

Here's the guilt of the RCMP in the open, as per the darts thrown by Larry Brock at the same officers we saw above. We now see the officers dodging and protecting their own complicity. When the one goof admits that trudeau is not above the law, he incriminates himself for not calling trudeau to appear in even one session of questioning. They wear mighty-fine outfits for the pieces of trash that they truly are underneath them. trudeau would throw me into prison for a decade on a trumped charge, and the RCMP would throw the book at me on his request to do so, great shame:

As the goof spoke, you could see the RCMP's game, to deny that there is sufficient evidence to put trudeau down on paper as a suspect in a crime(s). But their game is coming undone because the evidence now is overwhelming. The goofs didn't think it would get this far; they were waiting for the issue to blow over, and so, at least, the RCMP has been exposed with the rats I always knew it harbored, rats who spy on the population on behalf of trudeau's Schwabite agenda.

Here's Larry Brock, who looks like he'd make the sort of prime minister needed at this time, one who revolves around justice:

On Wednesday, Conservative pressure over the past few weeks forced the NDP party to abandon trudeau's party, to vote for the handing over of pertinent documents to expose the guilt of the Liberal party. The NDP has become a significant force in Western Canada so that it can't always afford to stick lock-step with the Liberals, yet the NDP does the Conservative will only grudgingly when politically necessary.

No globalist news is good news, and globalist-hampering news is much better. Keep it up, trudeau, make Schwab sorry he ever picked you. How many Canadian dollars have gone to Schwab's programs? Here's trudeau claiming that he's giving canadians more money in rebates than he's wanting to charge them in carbon taxes. Ah, er, then why have the carbon taxes at all...unless he's up to something sneaky? Why not cancel both the taxes and the rebates if the rebates fully counter the taxes? Because, as might come to mind with you too, he wants to play santa claus to buy votes with the rebates. Do the rebates go to families who don't even use gas to heat their homes? With the Liberals, who knows. Everything they do is sneaky and secretive as possible, always wearing an angelic facade when necessary, just as it works with American "Democrats."

Carbon taxes cost more than carbon taxes. When one taxes fuels, all other products increase in price, and that's the Schwabite goal, to impoverish the people so as to make them more obedient, less able to fight against unwanted globalist policies, and to make more people sicker, more depressed / stressed, that they die sooner. That's part of Schwabism at the present time.

Is it a coincidence that wildfires ravage Texas this week just as Texas is being disobedient to globalist policies? Last year, trudeau's government set Alberta's forests on fire, probably, because there is indisputable evidence that the government lit forests beside Ontario, 19 on the same evening, 25, 50 or more miles apart, when the wind was blowing toward Ontario. A lunatic runs this country, the whole world of normal people are in agreement. This screwball messes with peoples' minds by misrepresenting every dark thing he does, then accuses others of disinformation if they point out his track record of failures. He admitted that he desires to force his own people not to dispute with him so that he can get official business done as fast and as certain as Chinese communists do. He was publicly sending China a love-bomb, you see, when he said that, and admitting that he's putting Canadians under his feet in return for China's help in his affairs. He's as good as a banana republic on the Biden tree.

This week saw the Liberals caved under voter pressure so that a Conservative motion passed to enable the committee to arrest the officers/owners of GC Strategies. This is what the American Congress needs to do, arrest those who do not appear when ordered to come answer questions. And, pass laws prohibiting people to deflect off-topic when answering Congressional questions. Otherwise, Congress and Parliament become clown shows.

Canada's problem is its liberals. If you show them the video below, even though it sorely affects them, they will yet vote for the Liberal party:

I'm starting to ask whether God is bringing many fast-and-furious things against trudeau to dampen the harsh plans he has for Canadians who oppose his Schwabite agendas. If God is doing this, it speaks to me of great harshness in those plans that need to be checked. When one is on the hook for exposure to crimes, he's not as fast to commit more risky crimes simultaneously.

Other News

Here's additional advancement of investigations into "embalmer's clots," as they are being called here. The anonymous man says that only the vaccinated have these worm-like "clots," and, he adds, the more vaccines people have, generally, the worse this condition becomes, suggesting that there is a substance in the vaccines that aggravates the condition:

This was one of my best minutes this week:

This video shows that the government was dropping graphene-oxide in the air as per chem-trails. They are trying to make us sick, to live less long. Dr. Young claims that everyone has graphene-oxide in the body that should not be there at all. I hope he's not hyping the numbers / facts to make money on the medicine he has measured / mentioned. There's no evidence presented that the bright spots all over the man's clothes are graphene-oxide bitties. I've not heard from anyone else that city water systems are being "treated" with graphene-oxide, which sounds ridiculous, though one can't trust the powers anymore not to do it. The two men are working in concert on this issue, promising an update in the future:

Lead-poisoning in some imported aluminum pots:

There's been a supreme-court ruling in Queensland: the forced vaccinations, or the firing of government employees for refusing vaccinations, was unlawful / unconstitutional because they didn't/couldn't prove the lethality of the COVID flu. Fantastic. This bodes well against the next plandemic. The goons badly need the judges to support the iron fist in the name of safety, but the goons themselves made a right-hypocritical stink of themselves. If courts continue to rule this way, there may not be another plandemic anytime soon. On the other hand, the more the courts rule against forced vaccinations, the more the fools will risk planting some deadlier flu in hopes that forced vaccinations will take priority over constitutional rights.

Below features an article from the mainline goofballs coining "long-vax" as a flu-like condition similar to "long COVID"," but caused by vaccinations instead. They are goofballs because they disinformate. They don't want people to be alarmed, and they don't want pro-vaxxers to feel ashamed of themselves, or sorry for contributing to vaccine illnesses, and so the goofs collectively claim that it's far better to have long-vax in the world than no COVID vaccine at all. It's a deadly lie.

The fight against vaccines is not over because ruinous, anti-Christ ignoramuses are fighting to win this war against all odds, those who refuse to admit their guilt, and who wish to demonize and persecute anti-vaxxers. They live for this, and the only good they do for the world is to weaken or kill off their fellow anti-Christs who would persecute Christians to death, if they had their way.

The study is admitting that vaccines are producing look-alike viral symptoms that people would not otherwise get had they never been vaccinated. But there's illnesses that are not indicative of a flu, which, for me, suggests that the vaccines simply weaken immune systems' ability to fight even common bacteria. The sticky (long) and "mild" conditions listed, which include headaches, could be signs of worse things to come when aging itself weakens immune systems further. Besides, headaches and coughs are not necessary mild, but very debilitating, ruinous to life itself if steadily re-occurring. A steady cough for even as long as a few weeks could cause you to lose your job for being deemed too dangerous to co-workers.

I'm going to say it. It's maybe crazy, but I'm going to say it: the current half-billion dollar fine against Trump, and a similar court-ordered fine against Alex Jones that didn't put Info Wars out of business, are so out of the ordinary, so ridiculous, that even some pro-Trump social-media people, some sporadically showing verbal Christian faces, are committed in a conspiracy to get Trump supporters to start a civil war.

It seems that the string of never-ending plots against Trump get gradually more outrageous because each step of the way fails to start the civil war, and so the plotters (sit around the table to invent and discuss plots) get progressively more desperate or outrageous in their faked plots against him.

I haven't been watching Trump (and am much better for it) since he lost the election to try to figure out whether he's a central player in this possible conspiracy, but it wouldn't surprise me if he were a model dark soul coming as an angel of light with conspiracy to kill his supporters his goal. Trump was a typical liberal prior to using a Republican platform to get elected, but he wasn't anywhere near the first politician to use that facade, and others have used it as well or's just so easy to give appearances of being a devoted conservative by using certain phrases and jargon alone.

The judicial attack against Trump comes timed with a well-publicized, up-scaled political schism on the border issue that itself has the stuff of starting a civil war. So far, that issue isn't even close to starting a civil war. All or most of the state governors joining Texas in a pact, taking on a heroic aura, are honky with vaccinating their own people...what does this tell us about these governors? Can they be trusted to care about their people? Or are they concerned more with the draining of state coffers from the influx of illegals, and the tendency of even their children to vote for Democrats? These are legitimate concerns, but they should have stepped up to the plate primarily on behalf of a higher concern: citizens facing hardships under Democrat-spawned fascism. Instead, they allowed COVID fascism to fester without justice to the guilty.

I'm not happy with the Italian prime minister meeting with trudeau this week. It's a right-shame to be caught standing beside him, especially at this time. Why did she tarnish her image like this all over the world after she portrayed herself as an anti-Schwabite?


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