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March 25 - 31, 2024

God Apparently Points to the Key Bridge Disaster
With My Second Dream of 1979 I've Not Yet Explored

IMPORTANT: Hall of Names is once again showing the descriptions of the Coats of Arms presented at House of Names. Scroll down past the motto of each surname you wish to check.

I'm quite sure that I didn't start deciphering my Sleeping Beauty dream until 2016. I can't now recall how much time there was between that dream of about March-April, 1979, and another one I'm about to share, but it was as little as a week. I was very sure that the Sleeping Beauty dream was from God long before heraldry proved it to be so. I've never tried to heraldically decipher this other dream before, but it too has evidence of God's heraldic fingerwork. Here it is quoted from my 4th update in December, 2016, though I'm adding caps to some of the terms I'm treating heraldically:

The first dream started with me tumbling DEEPer and deeper in the waters of a dark [BLACK] body of water. Next, I saw a passenger PLANE swooping down near to the surface of the water, and suddenly, I was out of the water, into the plane, but it was empty, not even a PILOT. I then saw its nose raised and flying over three brown-BRICK BUILDings, one higher than the other, and while flying over the tallest, I was released onto the ROOF, FALLing down through the air like a stunt man. Next, I climbed down the outer walls like Spiderman, and JUMPed from a height to the ground, landing on all fours, unhurt. It was dark [outside] as the plane swooped down. The city before my eyes, if I recall correctly, was just beyond a BRIDGE. I could tell that the city was busy, like some point before 11 pm, or not much different than rush hour. This was a long dream as compared to most I've had. Finally, I saw a man in BLACK LEATHER JACKET, and hair of color and style much like mine, standing alone, and I walked over to him to ask, "Did you see that?" And we watched the plane disappear in the distance, and I/we knew that it was God driving the plane.

The first thing that compelled me into an heraldic investigation, this past Sunday, for this dream, was my prior knowledge that Drowns and Blacks share Chiefs as well as an orange lion in Crest. This is a rare heraldic color, but there is an Orange surname.

Load Drown Coat now, which loads on another tab, in order to load other surnames so that you can follow better.

I was DROWNing, you see, while tumbling deeper and deeper in the BLACK body of water, and we may add that Deeps were first found in Lincolnshire with Blacks. It's interesting that while "mer" means "ocean," Mertons, with MERETons in their write-up, almost have the Ocean/Cain Coat (both in Deep colors). Mertons show only triple bends, as do Merets/DeMers (Normandy with Mars/Mers/LaMers) in different colors. Can this paragraph establish that I was drowning in an ocean?

The first surname I loaded in this investigation was the Builders, as per the three buildings. They share the hunting horn, though not in the same colors, with Orange's.

I then loaded Roofs, followed by Bottoms, because I felt like I FELL out the bottom of the plane when DROPPing to the roof of the third, tallest building. The plane was RISING over the buildings at the time. Both Roofs and Bottoms were first found in Norfolk with Drops/Trope's, Rise's and Risings, but also with Builder-connectable Burts, and even PLATTers too...though Platters were first found also in neighboring Suffolk with PLAINs/Platters. The remarkable thing is: Bottoms show nothing but black roundels typically called, "pellets," is that not wild?

That's when I decided to show you this dream, but there's more, for while Pellets are like "Platter," Pellets happen to share the Coat of English Pilotte's (Lincolnshire with Blacks) while French Pilate's have a PILOT variation, is that not wilder? There was no pilot in the Plain-like plane.

And the pheons of French Pilate's/Pilots are shared by Lords/Lauds, first found in Suffolk with Plains/Platters and Jackets/Jacocks. The Lord was the Pilot!!!!

I FELL from the plane to a brick building, and Bricks happen to share the lozenges of Fells. I fell from the bottom of the plane, and Bottoms/Bothams can take us to Bothwells who almost have the Feller Coat, very linkable to the Falls/Fallis Coat. Scottish Mortons, easily of the Mertons, have a Mr. Mortoun of Bothevile. Mortons (once said to be first found in Cheshire with Buckleys) are in Builder colors and format, and while Mortons use buckles, Buckle's were first found in Suffolk with Plains/Platters.

Bottoms/Bothams have a Coat very linkable to Bridgemans, and the latter use plates instead of the Bottom pellets. It just so happens that Bridgemans were first found in Sussex with Pellets. The Bridgemans happen to share the full Buckley motto, and their "temere" motto term can be for the Mere-branch DeMere's (giant ship), and than French Mars/Mere's share the Plate scallops. I'm sure I saw a bridge cutting across the entire lit-up city scene (in the background) in this dream. What else could it be to see a straight and horizontal thing cutting across that scene.

Bridgeman-beloved Plate's were first found in Lancashire with Bridle's. Bridgeports are also BRIDports, and they were first found in Dorset with Bridlingtons having more plates. One can really see here the hard Bridge-line link to Platter / Pilot liners. Bridlingtons are listed with BURLesons, and they were first found beside Burleys of Somerset (same place as Bridge's). While the other Platters almost have the Ocean/CAIN Coat, Caens, in the same colors, were first found in Dorset with Palins/Pawleys and Bridgeports. Caens share a fretty Shield (different color) with Bridgeports (beside Bridge's), and Pawlins were first found in Somerset with Bridge's.

If we ignore the Palin lion, the surname is in the colors and format of Levins, first found in Westmorland with Leathers who in turn have a giant griffin in the colors of the Bridge griffin heads.

But were not yet done. The Plains are likely listed with Platters because they are in the colors and format of Palins (suggests a Platter marriage to Palins), and the latter share the giant lion of French Pile's/PILOTS!!! Is that not the wildest? No, not yet.

It was only after realizing most of these things above that I finally got round to loading Drowns, listed with Drane's, and that's when I saw the DRONE variation!!!!!!! The plane without a pilot can be deemed a drone! Zikers, that is mega-wild. It really makes me feel good to have such outstanding evidence that a dream has been tailored by God for some greater purpose than our entertainment, not at all meaning I'll shun this entertainment. This dream is 45 years old right now in the last week of March. I'm writing this on the 24th. I had this dream about the first week of my conversion to Jesus.

Builders share the hunting horn, though not in the same colors, with Orange's in turn suspect in the Drown/Drone Crest. It's probably not a coincidence that "Orange" is like the Orne variation of Horns. The Orange-like Range's (might have the Orion/Iron cross in colors reversed) share the Coat of English Bruns while Browns are Bruns too while all three buildings had the same brown bricks. But we're not done.

English Bruns were first found at SPITalfields while I know of a spider-like Spitzer surname that can apply to my SCALing down the building wall like Spiderman. Scale's, first found in the same place as Horns/Orne's, share the scallops of Apps'/Epps, and the latter were once said to be first found in Middlesex, location of Spitalfields. Apps'/Epps are now said to be first found in Huntingdonshire, and Hunting(don)s use hunting horns in Orne/Horn colors. Middlesex is where Players were first found while Plains/Platters and Platters show a Playter variation. Players use a "CLARior" motto term while Plains/Platters were first found in Suffolk with Clare's/Clairs.

The Apps/Epp Coat is almost the one of Abbe's/Abbys, and then Orions/Irons, from AIRAINES near ABBEville, are to the McABBE's/McCabe's of ARRAN. I've seen the description of McAbbe's/McCabe's: they use "salmon," and Salmons were first found partly in Surrey with Salemans and Orange's!

BELIEVE IT OR NOT: Oceans/Cains are also Kane's while other Irish Kane's/Cains show only three fish in the colors of the three McAbbe/McCabe salmon!!!!!! You can't believe it. With my scaling down the building, e followed the Scale scallops to Abbe's and then arrived to Salmons, and Builders were first found in Northumberland with the Laws who in turn share the bend-with-stars of Salome's.

Plus, because I scaled down the wall, we can add that Salmons were first found in Cumberland with Browns/Bruns, for the latter share the fleur-de-lys of English Walls!!! I scaled down the brown wall! So, yes, it appears that God arranged the orange lions of Drowns and Blacks to go with the Spiderman scene. All heraldic links like this are necessary to prove to me that God is the author of the dream for heraldic deciphering...otherwise I'm not going to write to you what I'm writing.

Scayle's are listed with Schole's/Schools, and then "Skoal" is the full motto of LinkLETTERS! Letters are listed with Leathers!

I fell from the bottom of the plane, and Fells were first found in Dundee with the Kids who in turn share the Chief of Jewish Salmons.

Bottoms are also Bothams, and then Bothwells have "A BOY PULLING DOWN a PINE TREE." Note that while Italian Boys are Both-like Boets too, English Boys were first found in Berwickshire with Leather-branch Lauders. As there were THREE buildings for the plane to climb over, might it be a pointer to Tree's? Hume's (Berwickshire) have the True variation of Tree's.

I JUMPed DOWN from the bottom of the plane, and Jumps (Yorkshire with Boths/Booths and PULLINGs) share the Trump stag head, in the colors of the giant Down stag. As you can see, the Downs are even in the Bothwell Crest. However, I don't see what Donald Trump has to do with this dream. Pullings love the Culps/Cups/Cope's in the cups of Pellets and Pilotte's.

French Pine's share the triple crescents of Jackets/Jaycocks, and moreover these Pine's look related to the Pilot-connectable Lords/Lauds. "Lord" is a motto term of Glasgows, and while Blacks ("LUX" motto term) are suspect with the stars of Glass' ("LUCtor"), Glasgow is beside Lanarkshire, where Bothwells were first found. I had read that Bothwells were from "Bute," and Bute is not only where Glass' were first found, but also the Kims sharing the cinquefoils of French Pine's, which cinquefoils are in colors reversed in the Lord/Laud Coat. German Bute's are likewise Boets.

Bute was earlier, Rothesay, and German Rothes'/Rothchilds share the raven with Roofs. The Roofs having a bridge in Crest helps to convince me that I did see a bridge cutting across between me and the city lights. In fact, the Lights/Lite's, first found in Somerset with Bridge's, are in Bridge colors and format, and moreover Bridge's have griffin heads in the colors of the giant LEATHER/Letter griffin!

Lookie: I jumped off of the building, saw the bridge and the city lights together, and the next scene was me walking toward this man in a leather jacket standing not far from the building I had just scaled down. Jackets are listed with JAYcocks, and "Je" is a Bridge motto term! Incredible, for the Jays share the bend-with-roses of Jewish Rothchilds (not "Rothschild").

Here's what I said back in the 2016 update:

Finally, I saw a man in black leather jacket, and hair of color and style much like mine, standing alone, and I walked over to him to ask, "Did you see that?" And we watched the plane disappear in the distance, and I/we knew that it was God driving the plane. Some 25 years later, I purchased a black leather jacket, having nothing to do with the dream, of course, because I hadn't yet realized that the man was me later in life. I was not yet 22 when the dream took place.

In other words, I didn't buy the black leather jacket to match the dream; it wasn't even on my mind. Like the man in the dream, I had longish dark hair (not long like a woman) when I bought the jacket. Not long after buying it, I went back to Texas one last time, and saw Miss Hicks one last time then, who was Sleeping Beauty in the dream I had shortly after the one under discussion. Her dream featured a British bulldog, which goes together with Spuds MacKenzie, the bulldog mascot for Bud LIGHT beer, the pointer to the Apophis asteroid scheduled on April 13, 2029, almost 50 years to the day of these two dream.

Keeping in mind that Lights and British-like Bridge's (Somerset with Brits!) were just coupled together beautifully by the airplane dream, it's now staggering that the other English Bridge's (Somerset too) use "crabs". I've mentioned, many times, how Crabs/Crails figure into the Apophis asteroid, because it will become visible to the naked eye in the constellation of Cancer the crab!

I've been heraldically investigating this asteroid for about a year. It's coming so close, and probably closer than they say (19,000 miles), that I'm claiming it could be the 2nd Trumpet of revelation, where it says "something like a blazing mountain" was cast into the sea. And so how amazing might it be that Platters almost have the Ocean/Cain Coat in colors reversed?

As I've said many times, the Cancer-like Chance's/CHAUNCEURs were first found in Essex with MOUNTAINs, and the flaming rock in the MacKenzie Crest is actually called a "mountain." Flemings were first found in Lanarkshire with Pine-loving Bothwells. Spuds MacKenzie. Asteroid-like "ASTRa" is a MacKenzie motto term.

The lion in the Drown/Drone Shield has a rare heraldic color that could be code for German Tans/Tanners, who show nothing but pine cones. English Tanners, with a Coat like that of Plains/Platters and Palins, were first found in Devon with Pine's. Cone's are in Biss colors and format, and Biss' were first found in Surrey with Orange's while the lion in the Drown/Drone Crest is orange.

Then, while we saw Pine's linking to Pilots, English Pine's use pineapples while Apple's and Applebys (Westmorland with Leathers/Letters!!!) share the Mountain and Tongue martlets. The Tongue's almost have the Mountain Coat, and there is a rock in the Tongue Crest. There's another rock in the Leather/Letter Crest. The Tongue's are perhaps God's pointer to tongues of fire, or flaming tongues trailing behind the main asteroid, as it screeches through the air.

It just so happens that the obituary of Miss Hicks' husband tells that he was a pilot. Then, here is the same man posing with Spuds MacKenzie in a Baytown Sun photo of April 1987.

So here's my thinking, that the airplane swooping down to the ocean shore, where I was tumbling and drowning like one in tribulation, can double as a symbol of the asteroid of God coming down to the sea. I'm not crazy about this idea; it's just that this scene had a Crab-connectable bridge, I think.

I've just returned from the bathroom after writing the paragraph above. I was wondering, on the way, whether this city scene, at what I assume was an ocean shore, represents a major city to be affected by the tidal wave from the asteroid. And right away, it came to mind that Blacks and Drowns/Drone's share the Washington Chief. The Blacks and Drowns/Drone's are the very first two surnames for this dream, because the first scene was me drowning in black ocean, and the second scene was this passenger plane diving in toward me, swooping down and up, close to the water surface.

[Insert -- Less than an hour after writing above, I remembered that SCHIMs likewise have the Washington Chief, and the plane SKIMmed the water surface!!! I get it. This is incredible, if indeed the Apophis ASTERoid's tidal wave will surge up the Potomac river to the Key bridge, a topic later in this update.

Schims have a comet-like "comite" motto term, and while French Conte's are Comite's too, English Conte's/Comitissa's were first found in Durham with Washingtons...seeming to explain the Schim Chief, but note how it explains it with a comet-like term. Comets share the tower with Towers and Tours while TOURlaville is where Asters were first found.

Plus, while the asteroid is pointed to by English Chance's, French Chance's were first found in TOURaine. Touraine's have a Coat much like that of French Merits/Demers, and English Merits were first found in Durham with Washingtons. These Merits, in this context, look like a pointer to an asteroid striking an ocean. By some coincidence or not, Sea's have triple-wavy fesses in the colors of the triple-wavy bends of Oceans/Cains.

French Conte's/Comites', with the triple crescents of Pine-connectable Jackets/Jaycocks in colors reversed, were even first found in Languedoc with Pine-loving CONTans/Constance's. In the meantime, Pine's were first found in Devon with Constantine's who in turn have the fleur-de-lys, in colors reversed, of the Arrows in the Cone Crest. Arrows share the cross of Cain-like Chains/Cheins/Shane's while Schims are also Schiens/Shands/Chands. Scheins were first found in Switzerland with Chiens/Cheinsteins.

Again, while "mer" is French for "ocean," Mertons, with MERETons in their write-up, almost have the Ocean/Cain Coat. There is a separate Mereton surname, in the same colors and first found in Durham with Washingtons and Comitissa's...which I think is some compelling pointing to an asteroid off-shore of Washington.

Repeat from above: "Mertons show only triple bends, as do Merets/DeMers (Normandy with Mars/Mers/LaMers) in different colors." English Merits/MORRITs (Mort/Mott) were likewise first found in Durham. Morts/Motts and Deaths share the same crescent, and Deaths share a griffin head (different color) in Crest with Merits/Morrits. This looks like a mort = death theme. Death's were first found in Kent with Cone's.

As Conte's/Comitissa's share the Cone antlers, let's repeat from above, when we passed the Bothwell pine tree: "The lion in the Drown/Drone Shield has a rare heraldic color [tan] that could be code for Tans/Tanners, who show nothing but pine cones. Cone's are in Biss colors and format, and Biss' were first found in Surrey with Orange's while the lion in the Drown/Drone Crest is orange."

The Hyksos kings ruled at the Nile delta, and I've read that the late Hyksos, which included king Apophis, were at TANis of that delta. This might explain why God arranged a TAN lion for Drowns/Drone's, to point to the Apophis asteroid with this dream. I claim that the Exodus pharaoh was a Hyksos, and the army of the Exodus pharaoh was drowned in the sea. It can also explain why Sleeping Beauty turned out to be Miss HICKS.

Tanners are suspect in the write-up of Tankerville's of Tanerdevilla, and it just so happens that the latter were first found in Lincolnshire with the Blacks who not only share the orange lion, but the Drown/Drone Chief. This gets amazing because Tankerville's are said to have married the "d'Arques" while DARKs/Arques', first found in Kent with Cone's, were in the DARK water in which I was drowning! We got to Tankerville's from the tan lion of Drowns/Drone's. Was the jet a tanker plane?

Drowns/Drone's were first found in Yorkshire with Tankerville-branch Tancreds, but also with the Pullings sharing the Tancred scallops. The BOTHwell boy is PULLING down a pine tree. Yorkshire is also where Boths/Booths and Lacys were first found, and while I sensed that I fell out from the bottom of the plane. Bottoms/Bothams (Norfolk with Lucy and Purple's) share the Lacy Coat. Irish Lacys have a purple lion. End insert]

[Insert the day after writing above -- The PLANE SKIMMed along the OCEAN surface, and Plain-branch Palins (Dorset with Caens) share the giant lion of Ocean-like Owens (Montgomeryshire with KERRYs), which is also the lion of Keons/Owens/McCAINs, kin of Kane-related Neils/O'Nails. Chains/Cheins were first found in County Kerry. The Owens are traced to "UWEN Wenta CYNing," and while "kynn" is a motto term of Key-branch Kays, there is a Kinn/Cyne surname.

Immediately after writing the last sentence, a flock of geese flew over my house, the first geese heard since last fall. The Schims/Schiens happen to share the Goose boar. Plus, I've just remembered that Scheins share the fleur-de-lys of Plains/Platters. Scheins were first found in Switzerland with leaf-using Tease's/Tess' while Teasels/Tesslers were first found beside Plains/Platters while Leafs/Leave's/Leve's were first found in Norfolk with Ocean-connectable Platters, and with the Drops/Trope's who in turn share the TOLLET Chief. I was on the TOILET when the geese flew over, pardon me. Tollets are listed with English Tulls while French Tulls/Tullia's use butterflies while Flys were first found in Hampshire with Tiss'/Tease's.

Leve-like Levins, first found in Westmorland with Leathers, have a Shield much like the one of Plains/Platters. Amazingly, the triple eagles of Teasels/Tesslers (Mort-connectable) are in the colors and format of Jackets/Jaycocks (Suffolk with Plains/Platters)!! The BLACK LEATHER JACKET.

Follow the bouncing ball for what you might get out of it, starting with the Teasel eagles. Eagle's/Hegels were first found in Lincolnshire with Croce's ("cruce" motto term) and Blacks. The latter, loving the Crux's in their motto who in turn share the pale bar of Blake's, and moreover the Crux Coat is similar to the Coat of Crooch's/Crutch's, first found in Somerset with English Hagels, which is beside the Palins/PAWlins traceable to the lion paw in the Eagle/Hegel Crest. The asteroid is a blazing mountain, and Blaze's share the Black saltire, the Mountain martlets, and even the Teasel crescents in colors reversed.

The rare-shaped FITCHee of Crooch's/Crutch's is use in giant form with Plains/Platters, and Fitch's were first found in Essex with Teasels. The Essex's, with the triple eagles of Teasels in colors reversed, were first found in Middlesex with early Apps'/Epps while Epsteins share the triple chevrons of Waters and MontFITCHets (both first found in Essex). Jeffrey Epstein's island is in the Atlantic along with Washington, and I'll tell below (written yesterday) why Jeffrey Epstein can be in this dream.

Essex's (share Faun eagles) happen to share the Crest of Deaths who in turn share the crescents of Fawns, Teasels and Morts/Motts (latter two both first found in Essex). Fawns were first found in Berwickshire with Leather-branch Lauders while the "SCALing LADDER" is used by English Trips (Kent with Deaths). It just so happens that German Trips/Treffs were first found in HAMburg with the German Bilders sharing the Teasel fesse, and I SCALed down the building! That's a beauty. HAMs, first found in Sussex with Downs, share the "salmon" with Scale-connectable McAbbe's/McCabe's.

Deaths are also Darths while Darts (Devon with Fauns, Wears and Berts) look connectable to Sleeps (Kent with Deaths/Darths). Fawns share the Builder/Bilder who in turn essentially have the Bert Coat, and Washingtons were first found on/near the Wear river at Durham. Wears were a branch of Fiers/Fears (Middlesex). End insert]

Washington Bridges

[I kid you not, most of this section was written on Monday. All of the material below on the Francis Scott Key bridge (Washington DC) was written Monday, though I've added some to this section today, on Tuesday. After tiring of heraldic work today, I went to the news just before 4 pm to find that a second bridge by the same name, Francis Scott Key Bridge, though at Baltimore, had collapsed. End insert]

I couldn't tell from the dream whether I was in an ocean or lake, but the Plain-branch Platters almost have the Ocean Coat, you see, necessary if God's indicating the 2nd Trumpet of Revelation. I have read that the Apophis asteroid will cross over the Atlantic ocean in 2029. That could cause tidal waves in Washington DC. Oceans/Cains and Sea's both use wavy bars.

Keys were first found in Yorkshire with Drowns/Drone's. The Key bridge is from Washington DC to Arlington, and then the Arlington Memorial bridge is at DC too. That's why I looked up Arlingtons to find them first found in Cambridgeshire with Crabs/Crails.

Perhaps it's coincidental thus far, but there's a little more because Keys and three-like Tree's have COTISed bendlets, and Cotis' are listed with Curtis (almost the Plow Coat) who have a "plowshare" in Crest while Plows share the Crab and Dole fleur-de-lys. It's now important that Plows were first found in Shropshire with the Dol Alans while Dole's were first found in Cambridgeshire with Crabs and Arlingtons. Were the dream's THREE buildings (beside the bridge) a pointer to the Key bridge, therefore?

The Key bridge goes to the Mackesy part of Arlington while Mackesys/Margesons were first found in Sussex with the ship-using Keeps suspect on the "kepe" motto term of Key-branch Kays. The Keep ship is called a "galley" while English Galleys were first found in Yorkshire with Keys and Keppochs. The latter named a MacDONald branch while Trumps are likely in the Coat of Jumps (Yorkshire with Grounds/Grundys). I jumped to the GROUND while Grounds/Grundys look like kin of Rhodes' (Yorkshire with Feets/Fate's). I jumped DOWN to the ground, and Don-like, Trump-connectable Downs/Douns were first found in Sussex with Keeps. I jumped down onto my feet, and Grounds/Grundys share the Feet/Fate martlets.

Feets/Fate's may have been a branch of plate-using Faiths/Feyths/Faithfuls, first found in Norfolk with Platters. Faiths/Feyths/Faithfuls, with large ERMINE spots on their plates, share the saltire of Blacks while the latter were first found in Lincolnshire with Ermine's/Armine's. English Blake's share the Feet/Fate martlets and the Blacky dragon head while Blackys were first found in Yorkshire with Feets/Fate's. Scottish Blake's/Cattells were named after Cattle's/Cattels (probably share Black saltire), first found in Norfolk with Faiths/Feyths.

As I said, I fell onto all fours, meaning on my hands too, and the Hands/Hanns can be of the German Hanns, a branch of Hahns (Mecklenburg with Trumps) who are in turn in Kepke and Trump colors and format.

I saw the bridge together with the city Lights, and while Lights/LITE's look linkable to Crab-loving Bridge's, "LoyaLITE" is a Mackesy/Margeson motto term. I had pointed the Loyola's/LOLITA's suspect in this motto term to Jeffrey Epstein's plane, dubbed the Lolita Express.

Someone in the Mackesy/Margeson write-up suggests that the surname includes "D'Argensons," and then the Darks/D'Arques' come up as "Dargs. In the first scene, I was drowning in dark waters.

The same Kays (share cotised feature of Keys) have a "Kynd Kynn" motto phrase, and while Kinds/Kinders can be of the Kinners, the latter were first found in Fife with a Crail location while Crabs list a curious Crail variation. Bridge's were first found in Somerset with English Camels while a camel head is with Crail-like Crawls/Crowells. The latter were first found in Oxfordshire with the Francis', and the long-form of the Key bridge is the Francis Scott Key bridge.

Scottish Scotts even share the Coat, and nearly the Crest and motto too, of Terrace's/Terras' while Terrents share the Francis Coat above. But there's more because these Francis' were first found in Oxfordshire with the Amore's in the motto of Terrace's/Terras'. The latter were first found in Moray while the Moray Coat is, along with the Schim boar, in the Coat of Goose-related Mole's, and Leathers/Letters have a goose on a rock. The other English Francis' share a tree stump (different color) with Leather-branch Lauders.

Oxfordshire is where GOFers/Gophers were first found who are in the colors of the Goffs/Gough's who in turn share the boar of Goose's above, listed with Googe's. The same boar is share with Schims sharing the Washington Chief, which is just three red-on-white stars, same as we find upon the fesse of Jewish Gofers. The Gofer fesse is cotised.

Let's repeat that I DROPped out of the PLANE's BOTTOM onto the ROOF of a BUILDing s while Drops/Trope's, Bottoms/Bothams, Plain-branch Platters, Roofs, and the Burts sharing the Builder Coat were all first found in Norfolk with Patricks who in turn share the Kilpatrick saltire. Builders and Burts happen to share the hunting horns of Patch's while Pathie's and Sheera's are listed with Irish Kilpatricks. Sheers, first found in Surrey with Black-connectable Orange's (hunting horn), share the black fitchee with Patch's.

The 2nd Trumpet is said to have a blazing asteroid, and Blaze's are in the colors and format of Scottish Kilpatricks. The hunting horns can take us to Hunters/Hunts who have both the saltire of Irish and Scottish Kilpatricks. Blaze's, Scottish Kilpatricks, Patricks, and Blacks all have the same saltire. As "Blaze" is like "Black," it tends to explain why I was drowning in black water, if the dream is a pointer to the asteroid.

Repeat: "Sheers, first found in Surrey with Black-connectable Orange's (hunting horn), share the black FITCHee with Patch's". Fitch's/Fitchets were first found in Essex with MontFitchets and Waters, the latter two sharing the same Coat, even with the Epsteins, which recalls that Mrs. Kilpatrick, as Sleeping Beauty, was on Jeffrey Epstein's island.

The way in which I started to realize that it was on Epstein's island is when I was in blue WATERs waist deep, before stepping onto the dry beach to see Sleeping Beauty in the distance. It was on account of that scene that I looked up Oceans to begin with, and that's also how I know that Oceans almost have the Platter Coat, which suggested that the latter's Plain kin could be a pointer to Epstein's plane.

I can now begin to see why the Trumps may have been in the airplane dream, when I JUMPed DOWN from the building to see a man in a jacket. It's not only Jumps and Downs who share the Trump stag, but the Arms of County Waterford, and while Waters are listed with Waterville's, ditto with Waterfords/Waterville's. The Whelans, first found in Waterford, share the Brick Coat. I jumped off of the brick building!

[Insert -- This is a good place to add that Corrys/Currys, first found in Waterford too, share the GOSpatrick saltire while Bricks liners married the daughter of Richard Goz. Leathers use the goose (some specifics below this insert). Gospatricks, who are to topic shortly below, were first found in the same place with Builders. Gospatricks are in the DUNbar write-up while Duns (share giant Lodge lion) is a location at Berwickshire with the first-known, Leather-branch Lauders, both in Dunbar colors and format. Lauders were kin of Larrys/Laurie's, first found in Dumfries with Kilpatricks. End insert]

But there's more, because Jackets/Jaycocks share the triple crescents of French Pine's, and the latter are flooring me right now because they were first found in Limousin with Seconds/Segurs!!! [I hadn't yet realized here that Comets were first found in Limousin too.]

Seconds were checked minutes ago as per the SECOND TRUMPet of Revelation, the asteroid!!! So, maybe Trump is in this dream's props as a pointer both to the sins of the Epstein crime ring, and to the 2nd Trumpet. David Knight says repeatedly that Trump met his wife, Melania, in the Epstein circle, and while Milans/Millens can apply here, Gallia's, first found in Milan, share the Platter Coat but without the wave pattern in the triple bends. The bends on the Gale unicorn could apply to the Gallia bends.

Donald Trump is said to descend from Drumpfs, and then German Drummonds (Trumps colors), first found in Hamburg with Trips/Treffs, share the triple-wavy fesses of Sea's, you see, the latter first found in Kent with English Trips. The second Trump is an asteroid into the sea.

Jeffrey Epstein is thought to have been a CIA operative, and God probably despises the CIA more than anything else on earth. The CIA would have a bug under every desk in Washington. CIA headquarters is in Langley, five miles from Arlington. Langleys were even first found in Durham with Washingtons and Comet suspects. Google is telling me that Langley is just 15 meters (about 50 feet) above sea level.

Ships/Shiptons, using "bellows" that can indicate tidal waves from the Billow variation of Bellows, were first found in Oxfordshire with English Francis'. Bellows/Billows share the Coat of English Billets in the eight billets of Arlingtons who in turn look related to the Coat of Lake's (Oxfordshire). The Arlington dog can be a "talbot" while Tailbois' were first found in Lincolnshire with Lakey-connectable Leaks/Leakeys.

I jumped off the BUILDing, and Builders/Bilders, now a possible pointer to the Bilderberg cabal, have one of the triple Water / Epstein chevrons. The Bilder-beloved Horns are in Lily colors and format, and Waterfords/Waterville's use "water lilies." Gale's, with a Key-like "Qui" motto term, and first found in Yorkshire with Keys and Kays, are in the NIGHTINgale of Nagle's, and Nightons were first found in Worcestershire too.

I should go to French Galli's, kin of French Gays, partly because Jackets are also Jaycocks while Jays were at a Gai location. Also, English Gays share blue scallops with Patterson-connectable SODANs/Sowdens (Gale colors and format). The latter have the Patterson/Cassane scallops in colors reversed, meaning also that Pattersons/Cassane's (related to SODHANs) share the scallops of Mars/Mere's/LaMers who in turn can be a pointer to the ocean waters in which I was drowning.

The Oceans almost have the Galli / Platter Coat, and while Plains/Platters were Palin kin, Pattersons/Cassane's share the Palin lion (but with DROPs upon and behind it). Then, Pattersons/Cassane's share the scallops of English Plate's, which can suggest that PATTERsons came to name "Platter" from their marriage to Plate's. The Swans/Sions have a Coat similar to the one of English Plate's while German Plate's have a swan.

English Cassane's share the triple Water / Epstein chevrons, and drops are shared between Pattersons and their Kilpatrick branch. As Mr. Kilpatrick has pointed to the mountain-like asteroid of the 2nd Trumpet via the MacKenzie mountain, by what coincidence were Scottish Pattersons first found in Ross-shire with MacKenzie's? I'm seeing some quaking plate tectonics at the sea floor.

MacKenzie's are also Kenny-branch Kenneths while Kenns were first found in Devon with Sodans/Sowtons. The Sodhans in the Patterson/Cassane write-up are said to be from Ui Maine, and while Maine's were first found in Devon too, the Pellicans, first found in Maine, are in the Coat of Scottish Pattersons.

Not only do Gale's look like Key kin to possibly take us back to the Key bridge, but Clermonts, first found in Dauphine with the French Galli's above (!), show nothing in their Shield but crossed keys. This is astounding because Gallia was the mother of Tullia of Lyon, who married a noble of Clermont-Ferrand, and then I've known for years that Clermonts' (not "Clermont") are listed with Clements/CLIMers. I was CLIMBIng down the building!!! French Galli's were first found in Dauphine with Tulls/Tullia's.

Or, I was SCALing down the building, and Scale's (Horn colors) were first found in Hertfordshire while Horns were first found in Middlesex and Hertfordshire, while Builders and Huntings/Huntigndons (Scale colors) use hunting horns. The Abbs'/EPPs, once said to be first found in Middlesex (near Eppings), and now said to be first found in Huntingdonshire, share the Scale scallops. Builders/Bilders were first found in Northumberland with the Herons sharing the triple Horn herons.

Then, the Scale Crest shares the five feathers in the Crest of Irish Clairs, first found in Suffolk with the English Clare's/Clairs, and now it gets astounding because French Clairs, sharing the Clermonts/Climer Chief, were first found in Limousin with Seconds/Segurs and Comets!! The only difference between a comet and an asteroid is the shape of its orbit around the sun.

I've told several times of Robert POWELL, a friend of mine at age 13. At about my age 20, I heard that he was thrown off of a bridge due to a drug deal gone bad. It's just that Powells, first found in Breconshire with Clermonts'/Clements/Climers, share the Palin / Pile/Pilot lion. As I've said many times, I was in Powell's home only once, and when he was then playing the song, "Silver Bird" (by Mark Lindsey), I asked him to play it again. The Silver Bird is a passenger plane.

Breconshire is also BRECKnock, and Brick-connectable Brecks/Breakers happen to have the Orange hunting horn in colors reversed. Better yet, while I as climbing down the brick building, German Brecks share the checks of German Bilders! The Meschins (Shropshire with English Brecks/BREAKERs) were from BRIQUESsart. Plus, Clermonts'/Clements/Climers share the double fesses of FLAGs/Flecks (share Meschin scallops) while Brays use a "FLAX BREAKER."

Italian Clements (four fesses in the same colors as above) were first found in Rimini with Maschi's who in turn share "pine cones" with the Tans/Tanners suspect in the tan lion of Drowns/Drone's! I, a Masci liner in one grandmother, was drowning, and the PLANE's pilot saved me while Pilot-connectable PALINs have a Coat much like the one of English Tanners.

[Insert Tuesday -- Fiers were first found in Middlesex, and Apps' of that place were from the Apsus river through Albania's Fier county. Up the Apsus from Fier was AntiPATRia, where I trace both Pattersons and Kilpatricks for good reasons touching upon the Kilpatrick and Comyns DAGGER, for the DEXARoi were at Antipatria. Moreover Comyn-like Kuman is in Fier county, and Comyns (Norfolk with Patricks and Drops) are in Comet colors and format. Dexters are a match with the "dexter paw" of Irish Kilpatricks.

The Scottish Kilpatricks using Cassane-like "CUSHIONs" add red drops to their dagger, the color of the drops on the Patterson/Cassane/CUSSANE Shield. Red drops are also with Players ("CLARior" motto term) while Platters/Playtors were first found in Norfolk with Drops/Trope's. Sleeping Beauty is Mrs. Kilpatrick, born Charlotte RENA Hicks, and Hicks' are said to have had a branch in St. Ewe while Ewe's/CUISTs share the giant CUSSON / Constance eagle. While I dubbed her Sleeping Beauty because I planned to kiss her awake, Cust-branch Kiss' (Leicestershire with Comet-connectable Dexters) are also Cush's. The Rena-like Reines' use a "comet", what are the chances?

I was going to kiss her awake because a voice behind me said, "it's YOU she LOVES, go WAKE her". "You" looks like a pointer to Ewe's, and Comets share the tower of Towers who are in turn said to have been Lofwicks. It just so happens that LOVicks, sharing the Beauty bull, I must assume, are listed with Lofwicks (Lancashire with Forts and a Washington location). Kissane's use a "Forti" motto term.

While Kissane's are also Cashmans, Kiss'/Cush's share the Coat of Cass'/Cash's, and the latter's "PAIR of SCALE's" might be able to apply to the scaling down the building. Pairs/Pauers can take us to Powers (Devon with Tanners and Mule's) who almost have the Palin / Tanner / Plain/Platter Coat. Wake's almost have the Coat of Mule's (Devon with DARTs), and the latter could have the double fesses of Sleeps (Kent with Deaths/DARTHs), especially as Sleeps have two of the one ermined Dart fesse. Mule's (beside proto-Washington Wassa's) happen to be in Washington colors and format.

Wassa's (Cornwall with Hicks of St. Ewe) share a canton square (in colors reversed) with Darts, and Cantons (Yorkshire with Hicks, beside Washingtons) have the Washington Coat in colors reversed. We need to combine all of this with the Kilpatricks having posed with Spuds MacKenzie.

Sleeping Beauty, after she was at the HOOD of a car, was HOVERing in the car when I woke her, and Hovers/Hoffs can take us to Hoffs/Houghs suspect in the Hickey Chief. Hoffs/Hough's were first found in Cheshire with Overs/Offers, Hootens, and Houghtons/HOTTONs, and then early GosPATRICKs are said to have been in HUTTON-RUDby of Yorkshire. Sleeps named Sleap in Shropshire, where RUDES'/Rudge's were first found who essentially share the cross of Ridge's (Devon with Hoods/HOOts), in the colors of the Gospatrick saltire.

Rudes' are said to have named Rudge in PATTINGham (Shropshire, beside Cheshire), and Pattings/Patients/Patents, first found in Dumfries with Kilpatricks, share the Hoff/Hough and Hickey bend. This is on newish heraldic territory for me.

The Pattings/Patents and Apophis-like Poppeys/Popleys are almost in Mail colors and format, and while Mails (Cheshire with Hoffs/Hough's) are listed with Moeles', Mule's/Mules' were first found in Devon with Hoods/Hoots. This new territory, using Gospatricks, is amazing, and may reveal, thanks to the suspected Wake-Mule relationship, that Mails/Meoles' have the Kilpatrick / Patterson lion. In the Patting/Patent Crest is a gold tower, the color of the Tower and Comet tower, and then Comet-connectable Comyns are linkable to the Kilpatrick dagger. It's also the gold tower of Scute's, first found in Lancashire with Towers and Lovicks.

Back to HUTTON-Rudby of Gospatricks, now with the Tease's/Tess' in mind who share the Gospatrick saltire. Teasels/Tesslers, sharing the Francis eagles, almost have the LEYland fesse-with-crescents, and while Hicks' were at Low LEIGHTon -- in Essex, where Patents/Pattens and Teasels/Tesslers were first found -- Leightons/LEYtons were first found in Shropshire with Rudes'/Rudge's of Pattingham, in Shropshire, where Pattons were said to be first found until recently. Leylands were brought to topic because Huttons were at Lancashire's Leyland (beside Cheshire), and both Huttons and Leylands share the Teasel/Tessler fesse, in colors reversed from the Houghton/Hotton fesses. It may even be that the gold Hutton stag heads are the gold "buck" heads of Hicks'. End Tuesday insert]

The question is: will the second Trump be against the Bilderberg cabal? All I did was jump from the building after scaling down it, and Jumps are the ones with the TRUMP stag head. As soon as I jumped, I saw the man in leather jacket, and Jackets share the triple crescents of French Pine's, first found in Limousin with Comets. English Pine's, first found in Devon with Segur-like Seagars, use pineapples while Apple's and Applebys (Westmorland with Leathers) share the martlets of asteroid-pointing Mountains.

Back to the idea that the plane coming down to the sea was a symbol of Apophis drowning many seafarers, for the plane then RAISEd its nose to rise above the buildings to land me on a roof. Bridge-using Roofs were first found in Norfolk with Rise's and Risings/Risons, and then Rice's, Welsh Reesors/Rees', and RAISons all share the raven with Roofs. However, Raisons are listed with Rainfords/REINSfords/Randfords, suggesting a Rice-line merger with Reines', for while the latter have the comet, Conte's/Comitissa's almost have the Cone antlers while Scottish Conans essentially share the Raison/Reinsford cross.

Irish Conans were first found in Tipperary with the Irish Kennedys, and with the LAFINs/La Fins expected in the "AVISe LA FIN" motto of Scottish Kennedys...a potential branch of the Kenneth variation of asteroid-pointing MacKenzie's. Avis'/Avisons (Norfolk with the above list, as well as Comyns) share the Coat of Comyns, in Comet colors and format. The "uro" motto term of Kenneths/MacKenzie's can be for the Ure's/Orreys, first found in Ayrshire with Scottish Kennedys. CONTEville's ruled at Comines, near Avison-line Avesnes. The Arms of Comines uses the key.

[As I often do, bits and pieces were added to everything above (on Wednesday and Thursday), after the initial writing...that was mostly on Sunday night (not much) and Monday.]

Baltimore Surname

It was immediately after the Tuesday insert that I went to the news to find that a cargo ship rammed a support base of a Francis Scott Key bridge at Baltimore. The 2nd Trumpet tells that a third of ships will be destroyed by the asteroid.

English Scotts share the Catherine wheel (different colors) with the Alters suspect in the Baltimore motto term, "alteri." A Catherine wheel looks like the steering wheel of a ship. The ship hit the bridge due to some as-yet inexplicable steering go the reports thus far. If it was a POWER-steering problem due to the electric POWER going out, note that Powers share the Chief-Shield colors of Palins/PAWleys while Paws are listed with Pauers. Pawlins were first found in Somerset with Bridge's.

I've heard that the engine power went out at Baltimore, making it impossible to work the rudder. Rudders/Rutters happen to share a Steer lion! The Amore's suspect in the Rudder/Rutter motto were first found in Oxfordshire with Ships.

This collapsed bridge is about 40 miles from the Francis Scott Key bridge at Washington DC, and the latter is just a couple of miles from the White House (54 feet above sea level). Both bridges are accessible from swelling ocean waters, especially the one at Baltimore. The Baltimore Coat is the logo of the city of Baltimore, yet Baltimore's are listed with Calverts because the latter were the first barons of Baltimore (Britain).

Baltimore's/Calverts were first found in Yorkshire with Keys and Calvarys...and with Apophis-like Poppys/Popleys. It's then amazing that the other English Francis' were first found in Derbyshire with Calvers and Morleys. And Calvers almost have the French Coat. Morleys use the Moor head, and Calvarys (Yorkshire with Morleys/Mauls) were first found in Morley of Yorkshire. English Morleys share the jessant symbol of Morlands (said to be from Mauley), and Leathers were first found in Westmorland. Morlands share the fleur-de-lys of Calvers.

I find it hard to believe that this ship-ramming is merely a coincidence with my writings. God could have arranged my writing to coincide with the ramming, in which case He didn't necessarily have anything to do with the ramming.

The DC bridge goes to the Rosslyn part of Arlington, and Rosslyn/Rosselins (Lincolnshire with Fleets) were probably a Rossel branch. The latter were first found at Rossal, near Fleetwood (Lancashire), while Fleetwoods (Lancashire), with nearly the Apple Coat, share the Mountain / Apple(by) martlets. Fleets and Fleetwoods can indicate ships.

The next interesting thing is that Baltimore's might have flags while Flags/Flecks almost have the Fleet Coat! The heraldry can thus point to both Key bridges. Henry Sinclair of Roslin/Rosslyn ruled in the Orkneys while Fleet-connectable Flatts/Fletts were first found in the Orkneys, as were the Leather-connectable LinkLETTERs. Leathers were from Lauder, near Roslin, tending to well explain why the man at the dream's bridge wore a leather jacket, if the dream is pointing to the bridge collapse.

Floats (share Flatt/Flett chevron), first found in Norfolk (beside Link-like Lings) with Flags/Flecks, almost have the Coat of Calvers and Flocks/Flogtons, and the latter were first found in Yorkshire with Baltimore's/Calverts. I suppose, in this context, that Floats can be yet another ship theme.

Repeat from above: "Scayle's are listed with Schole's/Schools, and then "Skoal" is the full motto of LinkLETTERS! Letters are listed with Leathers!" Linkletters use "mallard" ducks while Mallards/Millwards were first found in Derbyshire with Francis' and Morleys.

I suggest that if God wants the Church to know that Apophis is landing in 2029, the timing of this bridge collapse could be a part of His evidence. The ship rammed the bridge PIER about 1:30 am March 25, which was at least nearly TO THE DAY, 45 years after my drowning-in-the-ocean dream. I'm not saying that God timed the collapse to coincide with the dream, but vice-versa. I'm not going to blame God for this disaster.

Bridge's were first found in Somerset with Piers/Pierces and BOW-related Roets. The ship's BOW struck the pier! A bridge pier is made of PILES!!!! We saw French Pile's/Pilots sharing the Palin lion, and then English Pile's happen to share the PEARE leopard face!!! And Roets may be a branch of the Rotors in the Rudder write-up. Zikers. The pilot in my dream, it seems, the Lord, is pointing to the Baltimore crash. Ships/Shiptons were even first found in Oxfordshire with Peare's and their Tiens/Tame kin, which recalls the Tans/Tanners.

Although Piers/Pierce's were first found in Somerset with Bridge's, I can't see a way to link Piers to the Bridge-beloved Crabs. The best I can do is where Piersons were first found in Berwickshire with LAUDers whose griffin is in the colors of the Bridge griffin heads. Piersons show only suns while Suns/Sinclairs were owners of Roslin and Rosslyn Chapel (near a Lauder location). Lords/LAUDs share the Pilate/Pilot pheons while the ship's pilot was apparently unable to steer the ship from striking the pier.

Repeat from above: "And the pheons of French Pilate's/Pilots are shared by Lords/Lauds, first found in Suffolk with Plains/Platters and Jackets/Jacocks. The Lord was the Pilot!!!!" I suppose God chose to be an airplane pilot, instead of a ship pilot, to save me, because He wants the Platters in the picture for inclusion of the Oceans/Cains/Kane's. Akin to the "kynn" motto term of Kays, Irish Coins/Koens show a Kyne variation, and they share the Pilate pheons too. I'm seeing Hyksos in Kyne-like surnames, which can explain why Kays were first found in Yorkshire with Hicks'.

I came out the BOTTOM of the plane. Kays use purple bendlets while Irish Lacys use a purple lion while English Lacys (Yorkshire with Kays) share the Coat of BOTTOMs, both using SIX, Pilot-connectable pellets. The Pellets were first found in Sussex with Packs, suspect from the Hyksos king, APACHnas, who may have been the same as king KHYAN.

Meschins married Rumilly-SKIPtons of Yorkshire, and Skiptons use the purple lion too while Skipps/SKIPPERs were first found in Essex with Hicks' of Low Leighton. The skipper of a ship. Rumillys look like they might be using piles.

I had a third dream very near (I mean a couple of weeks or so) to the dreams under discussion, and although I can't remember it because I didn't think it was a dream from God, and so I've let it slip from my memory. I do remember just two things about it: I was near the sea floor, and POPeye was there!!! Unbelievable. It looks like a pointer to Apophis-like surnames such as Poppys. Ahh, Popeye the sailor man!!! Suddenly, this silly thing is making sense.

I had fresh spinach today, for the first time since last June!!! Spinach is Popeye's symbol. I grew a garden last year, then dried all my extra spinach. I ran out of dried spinach a couple of days ago, then went shopping yesterday and got fresh spinach. I had it today, can you believe it? I totally understand if you think I'm some kind of trickster making these things up.

Sailors were even first found in Yorkshire with Poppeys/Popleys and Baltimore's/Calverts and Calvarys. The latter use owls while Owls/Howls were first found in Suffolk with Sea-branch Seamans (or, at least, with Seaman-like forenames). Popeye had a pipe, and Pipe's share the Pepin/PEPY Coat. Ancient Apophis (Hyksos king) was also Apepi. Seamans are suspect in the "Qui semina" motto phrase of Gale's (Yorkshire with Keys). The Fame's/Fiens suspect in the "fama" motto term of Gale's were first found in Monmouthshire with Howl-like Howells. Gale's have lion heads in the colors of the lions of Fiens/Finis', first found in Kent with Sea's.

The Coggle's/Cockhils suspect in the "raCOGLia" motto term of Gale's were first found in Yorkshire with them, and they both use a "Key-like "qui" motto term. Cocks share the Coggle/Cockhill rooster, and were first found in Somerset with both Bridge surnames. The RACKs/Rake's suspect in the same motto term have a different-colors version of the one Bridge Coat that is itself in the format of, and colors reversed from, the Coggle/Cockhill Coat. The "Je" motto term of the Bridge's can be for the Jee variation of McGee's because the latter share the swords to a point with Reckitts/RACKets (Kent).

Coggs are super for being in the colors and format of Kinners suspect with the Kinds/Kinders and Kinns/Cyne's in the motto of Key-branch Kays! The Key bridge. Stunning. And Coggs were first found in Northamptonshire with spinach-like Spinks.

Then, Racks/Rake's have a reflection of the Tick/Took Coat, and while the latter were once said to be first found in Kent with Sea's and Reckitts/Rackets, they are now said to be first found in Yorkshire with Tickills, and then it just so happens that the Anne's/Hanne's, first found a Tickhill (in Yorkshire), share the stag heads of Poppins/Pophams!!! How did that happen? If that's not enough, English Galleys (Yorkshire with Gale's and Popleys) share the checks of Pepoli's.

Coggle's/Cockhills share the Cremer motto while Cremers have been linked to Hahn-related Bibo's (read Bibo write-up), and Hahns were kin of red-rooster Hanns, suggesting that Anne's/Hanne's were of the Hahns / Hanns in that the red rooster is also with Coggle's/Cockhills and Cocks.

My mother is a Masci and a Grimaldi in her two parents, and Grimaldi's share the Cock Shield. Coggers (look like Vick/Veck kin), new to me now, have a mace in Crest while Maceys/Mace's were kin of Brights and Bride's (Savoy with Masseys, Galli-branch Gays, and BRIGANTium), two Bridge branches. Briggs share the McBride cinquefoil.

Back to me as Spiderman on the third building, for English Webbers were first found in Somerset with Bridge's and Roets while Role's/Rolls were from the family of Payne Roet. Webbers have wavy bars in the colors of the Role/Roll fesse, and moreover Webbers have the Pepin/Pepy bend-with-fleur in colors reversed. Then, German Webbers/Weavers have the triple Bride / Bright / Macey/Mace stars. Role's are very likely from the "PaROLE" motto term of Baltimore's because Rollo's have the Roet boar heads in colors reversed.

The impression now is that God timed my conversion to Jesus, and these three dreams too (including Popeye dream), 45 years before this bridge collapse, and 50 before Apophis. The use of the bridge is excellent where one Bridge Coat has crabs while Apophis is returning in the crab constellation only in 2029, not when it returns in 2036.

This bridge collapse took place in Piedmont province, which includes Baltimore, and while my Masci bloodline was first found in Piedmont of Italy, "Masghii" is a Baltimore/Calvert motto term. I happened to check Cargo's because it was a cargo ship that struck the bridge, and Cargo's/CarGILLs have a "Domino" motto term to almost match the "Domina" of Gills, and then Domino's were first found in Piedmont too. Gillie's/Gillys, in the "gillie flowers" of Rinds (Perthshire with Cargo's/Cargills and Baltimore-connectable Athels), use a ship. Message's/Massingers might apply to the motto term because they share a winged horse with Masseys/Maceys.

Cargo's/Cargills were even first found in Perthshire with Rollo's, and with the Athels/Athols sharing the six pale bars of Baltimore's/Calvers!!! The ATHEL-like Ailes', first found in Kent with ATLeys/Atlas' and Sea's, could apply to these pale bars. Mythical Atlas, son of Poseidon the sea god, was the first king of western Atlantis, a ship faring entity.

As Cargo's/Cargills were first found in Perthshire with the GLENlyon location in the Mens write-up, we can now add that "Mens" is a Pepin/Pepy and Poppin/Popham motto term. The Chief-Shield colors of Mens' is shared by Poppins/Pophams and Glennys; the latter share black martlets with Glenns and Cargo's/Cargills, you see. It's another pointer to Apophis, I assume. The Glenny Chief has the same, pointed-type flag as the Baltimore/Calvert Crest! One in the Crest is grey, same as the Glenny flag.

Cargo's, who come up as "CarGOS," have a Coat and Crest suggesting kin of GOSpatricks, and then Masci's share the fleur-de-lys of a Kilpatrick and Cremer Chief. It makes the Cargo/Cargill saltire suspect as the one of ANNAN(dale)s, who in turn share the Mens Coat if the saltire is removed. The Annan-like Anne's/Hanne's share the Poppin/Popham stag heads. A flock of geese came over my house today, the first geese to return from the south, so far as I've heard them. German Geese/Geise's use a giant hand while Hands are also Hanns.

For what it's worth, I'd like to add that, because the Poppin/Popham Chief is in the colors of the Chief of Keiths/MASCALs, who in turn have pale bars in their Chief half in the colors of the Baltimore/Calvert pale bars, note that Mascals were first found in Sussex with the Wiske's who possibly named the DANBY Wiske location of Baltimore's/Calverts. Then, while Keiths were first found beside Musselburgh, note that Mussels/Muscels (Lincolnshire with PILOTTe's) have "PLATES," like "Platter, for the Platter-connectable Palins share the Chief of Danbys/Denbys (Yorkshire with Baltimore's/Calverts and Calvarys).

Dans and Dene's/Deans were first found in Sussex with Wiske's and Mascals while Keiths come up as "Mascal" too. Mascals were first found in the same place as Sadducee-like Saddocks (martlets) who in turn are in the colors and format of Calvarys (owls). Dennys, with a "MESSis" motto term, and the Muse patee cross, named Denny in Suffolk with the first-known Owls/Howls. Mascals share the fleur-de-lys of Calvers.

While I FELL to the building from the BOTTOM of the plane, Fellers look like kin of LYNCH's who in turn share the BOTHwell Coat. Fellers are in the colors and format of Lings, first found in Suffolk (beside Bottoms/BOTHams) with Owls/Howls, and suspect with the LINKletters. It was a brown building, and Kennys, first found in Galway with Lynch's, look like Brown/Brun kin.

French Pilate's and MESSeys/Messier's (possibly in the "messis" motto term) were first found in Burgundy while English Messier's were first found in Lincolnshire with plate-using Mussels/Muscels. Though not in the same format, Danbys/Denbys and Wiske-like Wise's share triple chevrons in colors reversed from each other.

For what it's worth? I'm glad I came down this heraldic path, for I've written several times that I bought my black leather jacket at Danier leathers (in Kingston). Danier's are listed with Scottish Daniels. I thought the man in BLACK leather jacket was me later in life (I still have the jacket and wear it from time to time). Mussels/Muscels were first found in Lincolnshire with Blacks, and it just so happens that Danier's/Daniel's show nothing but a pale bar formed from lozenges, a near match with English Blake's who show nothing but a pale bar. The same pale bar is used by Crux's in the Black motto!!!

I always link Blake's to the Coat of Tails/Tailors, but have just noticed late in this discussion that they come up as "Taller," which can explain why the three buildings in the dream were one taller than the next. Blake's obviously married the Cattle's/CATTels, and the latter had early forenames and surnames of Norfolk, where I know of three cat-using surnames including the Tiller-connectable Cattans/Cetins. Tillers share the Tail/Taller lions. Norfolk is also where BURTs (HUNTING horns) were first found who incorporate the Builder Coat! The taller than tall buildings. Cattle's/Cattels use a giant fret that incorporates a saltire in the colors of the Black and HUNTER/Hunt saltire. The Scottish Blake's/Cattells must have a cat in Crest. The English Blake's have: "...some of the family moved far north to Twizell in Northumberland" That's where Builders were first found.

I didn't know while writing "Burt" above that Burtons (probably talbot dogs) share a "Lux" motto term with Blacks. The full Burton motto is "Lux vitae," and Vita's have the Tile/Tiller annulet in colors reversed. Burtons were first found in Shropshire with Talbots, and Tailbois' (married Meschins) were first found in Lincolnshire with Blacks.

Blake-connectable Twizzle's look like they use wolverines, especially as Wolvers almost have the Coat of Meschins. The latter were first found in Shropshire with Burt-connectable Hunters/Hunts, and Hunter Biden can be pointed to here because Cattle-like Cheatle's/Chettle's (Cheshire with ruling Meschins) almost have the Biden Coat while Bidens have a "horn" in Crest. I'm not even flinching at the thought that the Biden family may have been involved in the ship sabotage and/or crash.

Tails/Tallers were first found in Sussex with Packs and the Dans, Dene's and Dane's. The latter share the Hicks fleur-de-lys, and I think I'm on the Hyksos bloodline with Packs. The latter share the anchors of Paisleys of the GLASgow area, and Glass' share the Black stars. Glasgows love the Leather- / Lauder-connectable Lords/LAUDs and organ-PIPE Letts/Late's.

I still have no explanation for the dream's THREE buildings aside from the Tree' the French Pack Coat! Tree's were first found in Wiltshire with Dannys, though they were once said to be first found in Warwickshire with Peirs/Peers (and Pettys). Can this work with the buster pier in the Baltimore tragedy? Ahh, did I yet tell that the Tree bendlets are shared with Keys?!

I am now reminded that Blake's share the German Wall Coat, recalling that I saw the man in jacket immediately after jumping off the wall of the building. And, ZIKERS, English Walls were first found in Gloucestershire with Danier's/Daniels!!!! INCREDIBLE.

This is leaping-good evidence that Danier's were kin of German Walls. The latter use five, black feathers while Feathers were first found in Sussex with Dans, Dene's/Deans, and Dane's. The latter share the giant lion of French Daniels as well as the Black crescent. I'm extremely impressed because this heraldic path came off of the Danby Wiske location of Baltimore's/Calverts.

Plus, Irish Dene's have a "CROCoDILE," and while Dile's/Dills share the Dene//Dean and Daniel lion, Crocks (Yorkshire with Baltimore's/Calverts) share the Blake / Danier/Daniel / Wall / Crux pale bar.

Now that my leather jacket has been framed with my jumping off the building wall, I need to add that I bought a BROWN leather jacket from the same store, on the same day. It was a winter jacket with lining, and then, as the saleslady pointed out a black jacket on sale, I bought that one too. It was a black lamb-skin jacket, and both English and Scottish Lambs were first found in Northumberland with Builders. Scottish Lambs share the Black stars, and have a "Palma" motto term while Palms (Yorkshire again) share the fleur-de-lys of Masseys and BRICKs!!!!! Can we believe it? I came to the BROWN jacket because the building's BRICKs were BROWN, but I didn't know, when starting this paragraph, that I'd find my way to Palms! Palmers were Flag/Fleck kin, and Flys of Flagi were Tull kin.

Continued Wednesday

While Meschins descended from Goz's, geese came over my house while I was on the TOILET, recalling that Tulls/Tolle's/TOLLETs (share Drop and Tool lion) are from Tullia of Lyon, daughter of Gallia, and Gallia's look related to the Plain/Platter Coat while Lyon is not far from Mont Pilat. Men's, sharing a red Chief with Tulls/Tolle's/Tollets, were at Glenlyon of the Lyons. This paragraph would be better if I could link the Geese's / Goose's to Tulls.

I dropped onto the third building, and three- / third-like Treetons/Tirtons (Yorkshire with early Bottoms) have a flag. I dropped from the bottom of the plane, and BOTTOMs were first found in Norfolk with Drops and Flags. Bidens/Buttons/BODINs were first found in Hampshire with Flys of Flagi.

Treetons/Tirtons use TEN trefoils, and while one Tyne river is near Lauder, Tyne's/THENs use ten bars. Tyne's/Thens were first found in Shropshire with Tall-connectable Talbots, and with the Brick-connectable Breakers/Brecks who in turn have the Orange hunting horn in colors reversed. "Then" is a motto term of Langfields/Longfellows.

The ship failed to blow its horn. The construction workers on the bridge could have escaped had the ship blown its horn when the power went on, during which time the ship was headed straight for the pier. Reports are that six of the workers drowned. As Jumps entered my dream, orange jump suits (= jail suits) come to mind for those responsible for their deaths.

Orange-connectable Drowns/Drone's were first found in Yorkshire with Treetons/Tirtons and Meschin-related Skiptons, the latter having been kin of Lacys sharing the Bottom/Botham Coat. While Drowns/Drone's have the tan lion, might Tyne's have been a branch of Tane's/Tanners (share the pine cone with Maschi's). Tailbois' married the Brick-line Meschins (Shropshire with Talbots). Leg-using Brays use a "FLAX breaker" while Treeton-beloved Flags share the Meschin scallops. Leghs/Leigh's, sharing the lion of Tyne's/Thens (Shropshire with LEIGHtons), were first found in Cheshire with Ranulph le Meschin, and with English Boddins below.

The Tyne/Then write-up: "The surname Tyne was first found in Shropshire where they were Lords of the Manor of Church STRETton. Traditionally, the name was originally BOTfield or Botville,..." It appears that Tail/Taller or Tall/Thal liners married Botville's to become TalBOTs. Strettons, with TEN bars of their own, were first found in Wiltshire with Tree's, thus making a possible Tyne link to Stretton-like Treetons.

STREETs (Devon with Treebys) share the red Catherine wheel of Bot- / Bottom-like French Boddins/BoDEINs. The Crest of English Boddins/Bodens might be using the lion of Tyne's/Thens/Botville's (Shropshire with Wheels). Boddons/Buttons/Bottone's, sharing the Bottom pellets, were first found in Sussex with ten-like Dens/DEINs who in turn have the Tyne/Then lion in colors reversed. The Catherine wheel belonged to Roets while German Roets were first found in Thuringia with Talls/Thals. The third building was tallest of all.

Tyne's are also Tine's, suspect twice in the motto of Carnys who in turn share the pheons of Lords/Lauds (Glasgow motto) and Glaze's/Glassiers. The Lords came up big because the Lord was piloting the AIRplane while Pilate's/Pilots share the Lord/Laud pheons too. And as He took me over the buildings one taller than the other, note that Welsh Carne's were first found in Glamorganshire with Taller-branch Tillers. Plus, the Ayers use a motto, "LIGHTer THAN AIR," and while Tyne's list "Then," Thans/Thaneys happen to share the six eagles of Tanes'/Tannys (both first found in Essex). Lights/Lite's were first found in Somerset with Bridge's (Light/Lite colors and format).

For your information: Drops were first found in Norfolk with Fulke's while German Fulks share the Flake wing while Italian Fulks share the checkered Shield of Tulls/Tullia's, the checkered Shield Italian FERRANDs (Florence with Bruno's, and Fulks and Gallus'/Galli's) but also the checkered Shield of English Checkers. The latter surname was first found in Hampshire with Fly-loving Drake's, and with Flys of Flagi while Tulls/Tullia's use butterFLIES. Tullia of Clermont-FERRAND. Clermonts' are listed with Climers while I was climbing down the brown brick walls.

Massi's/Mattis' share nearly the Coat of Italian Fulks while Massa-Carrara (Arms used the same checks as them both) is in Tuscany with Italian Fulks, and with the Muscas' in the Drake motto who are translated as "fly." Muscas' were first found in Pisa while the Pisa Coat is in colors reversed beside the "comet" of Reines', and half the Pisa / Reines lion is the giant one of German Flocks while English Flocks/Flogtons are linkable to Flags/Flecks. The flock of geese flew came over while I was on the Tollet, so to speak.

I've told that, at about age 12, I would use a lacrosse racket to bounce a lacrosse ball off the bricks of my neighbor, BRUNO, and they were brown bricks. The LaCrosse's/Cruce's/Croix's (Bruno colors), likely a branch of the Black-beloved Crux's, share the Coat of English Bruns and Orange-like Range's!!! I get it, for Blacks have an orange lion. It would be nice here, if lacrosse balls were made of Indian rubber, but, while that doesn't seem to be the case, lacrosse was a sport played first by native "Indians," and the ship that rammed the bridge was Indian, from India. Rackets use a SCIMitar as well as swords in the colors of the swords of Schim-branch Skene's/Skins/Scans. Schims are the ones with the Washington Chief.

Was this ship compromised by an American entity because its owners were known racketeers? How does an American entity cause the ship's engine / electrical system to fail? Of all the places for the ship to fail, it was just out of port.

As I've said several times, my father worked in real-estate with Bruno, and they bought side-by-side new homes on Senator REESORS drive in Markham, Ontario. It just so happens that the only surname I know of sharing the patee crosses of English Ferrands (Yorkshire with Baltimore's/Calverts) are the Reesors'. They even share the giant Dene/Dean, Daniel lion and Gallus/Galli lion.

Rutherfords (Roxburghshire with Goose's/Googe's), who share a goose on a rock with Leathers, once showed (in their Crest) the same black martlet as seen in the Cargos/Cargill Crest, found also at the center of the Gospatrick saltire (colors reversed from the Cargos saltire). Leathers have a giant griffin in the colors of the Bridge griffin heads. The "fato" motto term of Rutherfords is like the "Fatti" of Baltimore's/Calverts, so stunning yet again, and Feets/Fate's/Fatts were first found in Yorkshire with Baltimore's/Calverts.

The "PaROLE" motto term of Baltimore's suggests the "par" motto term of Rollo's, but then Role's/Rolls (Yorkshire too) are said to have named Roullours in Dieppe while Deeps share a so-called "orle" border (different colors) with Rutherfords and Wrecks/WRACKs who in turn virtually have the Coat of Deeps. The latter were first found in Lincolnshire with RAKE's/RACKs who in turn nearly have a Bridge Coat. The orle thus looks like a pointer to the Baltimore ORIOLs. Not that God watches baseball, but that the Deep and Wreck orle can point to the Baltimore bridge.

Oriols are listed with Orells/Orrels (Lancashire, beside Keys) who in turn almost have the Ince and Inch Coats. If we remove the roundels from the latter two, we are left with the Key Coat.

The Arms of Franconia, where Tans/Tanners were first found, uses the "Franconian RAKE." It can explain why English Tanners were first found in Devon with French's. We could be on the Francis bloodline here. French's share the motto of Payne's while Payens are listed with Apachnas-like Pagans.

A bridge pile / pier is essentially a column, and while one of the German Franch's/Franks are essentially in PEERless colors and format, the other German Franch's/Franks use a giant column. Spanish and Italian Franca's share the fesse of Coffee's who in turn share the green dolphin of French's. The Coffee Shield adds "cups" while Cups/Cope's were first found in Aberdeenshire with Malcolms/COLUMNs. Pellets and Pilotte's use cups, and then Pelosi's/PILATi's have columns too! Pelosi's/Pilati's were first found in SAVIGliano, and Savage's/Sava's (lion PAW) are suspect with the Palin/PAWley and Powell lion.

Though in different colors, Pelosi's/Pilati's share the bull-with-TREE with French Packs. The plane pilot rose over THREE BRICK buildings. Savigliano is smack beside Bray-like Bra while Brays use a BREAKER. There is a Bray region at the Dieppe theater. Rollo ruled at Rouen of that area, and made a pact with France that was named after Claro's and the Epte river. Claro's share the red bull with French Packs. The plane pilot SAVED me from the DEEP, and Savigliano is suspect with Sava's.

Save's use snakes. The DEEP was dark, and Darks, first found in Kent with Snake's/Snooks, are also Arques'. Then, an Arques river flows at DIEPPE. "The Pays de Bray is rich in springs and several watercourses rise there; notably the EPTE and the Andelle, tributaries of the Seine. The Bethune and the Eaulne flow into the ARQUES which enters the English Channel at Dieppe."

Peerless' use a "Sans" motto term. The Snake's/Snooks, Sans'/Sanches', and Seneca's share the eagle of Spinks, the latter first found in Northamptonshire with Brays...and with the Ladys/LAUDymans whom I can link to Lords/Lauds. The Lord was the plane pilot. Ladys/Laudymans are in Anchors colors and format while English Packs (Anger colors and format) use anchors, the same anchor as Paisleys, and Paisley is at Glasgow while Lords and the Let variation of Lady-like Late's are in the Glasgow motto. Angers were first found in Essex with Deep-connectable Wrecks while Rake's/Racks were first found in Lincolnshire with Deeps. It could appear that this heraldic set points to ship wrecks in the deep when Apophis lands.

Having crossed the spinach-like Spinks again, I'd like to repeat that, in early 1979, weeks after my drowning-in-ocean dream, I had a dream where I was at the floor of a body of water, where I recall seeing Popeye, and as the water was clear, it suggests the ocean, not a lake. Who could have known then that this could be a pointer to the Apophis asteroid, for it wasn't discovered until 2004. At about that time, astronomy told that Apophis might strike the earth in 2029, but when something like that is said, political powers are sure move in and demand that astronomers not panic the people. Hence, astronomy said, no worries, the asteroid will fly by about 20,000 miles from earth, which is only 2.5 earth diameters.

There is a video all over the Internet showing the ship striking the bridge column, and this scene with the city lights beyond the bridge is essentially identical to the one in my dream, though I recall a busy city whereas this event was after midnight.

For years, probably more than a decade, I've been telling that German Bach/Backs once showed a giant gold, calf. From the beginning, I felt in my heart that this calf was a beloved symbol of the Exodus pharaoh, when Aaron made a gold calf in the Exodus wilderness. I claimed that the Exodus pharaoh was a Hyksos king, sure that Egyptologists tried to stretch Egyptian history too far back to 3200 BC, and thus they added too many kings in Egyptian history so that their dating of Hyksos goes back in history more than is the reality.

Very soon after I first communicated my theory that this calf goes back to pharaoh APACHnas, because that name is like "Bach," houseofnames changed the symbol to an adult bull. After that, I was able to access a webpage that described Coat symbols, and the Bachs/Backs were described as using a "STEER".

[Insert Wednesday -- I went to bed last night, after writing the above, not realizing until then that "calf" is like the CALVert variation of Baltimore's. !!!!!!! This heraldry looks arranged by God (centuries ago) to verify the pointer to the Baltimore bridge. End insert]

A tribe from "APACHNas" could have evolved into the Pagan surnames and its branches. Scottish Pagans come up as Packens, and they may be sharing triple-blue bends with Platters. French Page's, first found in Dauphine with Pagans/Payens/Paions (suspect with heraldic pheons), have four fesses in the colors of the four fessewise bars of Dali's, and this ship under discussion is the Dali. Dauphine is also where Galli's and Galleys were first found while Gallia's have the triple Platter fesses in colors reversed.

Dali's sort of have the Ukraine flag, and Redacted showed that a/the Dali ship Master is an English-speaking Ukrainian. That could be Biden-interesting. His name was redacted from a piece of paper upon which his photo and some details are shown. This Ukrainian may explain why the American government claimed that everyone on the ship was Indian.

Lookie. Gallia's were first found in Milan with the Casino's/Casa's/Casets who almost have the Dali Coat, and then Casino-branch Casano's/Cassandra's were first found in Modena with Dali's. Dale's happen to share the swan of Papa's, the latter first found in Mirandola, in Modena province (glad I checked to see where it was)! Modena is beside the first-known Pepoli's of Bologna, and Popleys/Poppeys were first found in Yorkshire with English Galleys, Gale's and Hyksos-like Hicks'! Even the name of the ship has led us to Apophis-line suspects, and heraldic ships are often called, "galleys."

The PapaLEO variation of Papa's is interesting where Italian Leo's share the Swan/Sion lion. Papa's almost have the Christ Coat while Crystals have another calvary symbol, and then Christmas' and Christmans use more swans. "The surname Papa was first found in 1116 in Mirandola with Guido PapazZONi." His surname could have been from a Papp-SION merger.

English Pagans (Yorkshire with Pagans/Packens and Hicks) share the triple fleur-de-lys of Hicks-branch Hooks and Hyksos-connectable Masci's. The latter were first found in Piedmont with Papps/Papadopoli's. The latter can be with the Kingston lion because Kingston of Yorkshire is on the Hull river while Hulls and English Halls almost use the German Pape/Papenburg Coat, and then Poppo I was the founder of Babenbergs...making Baben- / Bebbanburg-like surnames look interchangeable with "Pepin / Papen," for Babon was the son of Mummolin, who shortly preceded the Pepins as mayors of the Merovingian palace. I see Merovingians from Marsi and Marici, and the latter co-founded Ticinum, which became Papia/Pavia.

I'll now take you to the Tigers in the Crest of English Pape's/Pope's, for Tigers were first found in Suffolk with the Clare's/Clairs having three of the double fesses of Pape's'/Pope's. French Clairs were first found in Limousin with the Comets and Seconds now pointing to the SECOND-Trumpet asteroid, and we are bang-on here on Apophis-suspect surnames.

We can then guess a good guess that the Pape/Pope tiger wears a leash because Leash's/Lise's (and Clarens/Larins) share the same double fesses as Pape's/Pope's. It explains the sun and "Clarior" motto term of English Lease's, for Suns are listed with SinCLAIRs of Roslin and Rosslyn chapel, perfect because the Francis Scott Key bridge at Washington goes to Rosslyn in Arlington. Arlingtons, sharing the black dog with German Pape's/Papenburg (!), were first found in Cambridgeshire with Pape's/Pope's!!! If the asteroid swells the waters at the Baltimore Key bridge, it ought to swell waters at the Washington-Arlington bridges too.

There's more than one bridge in these areas, but the heraldry took me to the Key bridges in particular -- on Monday, some 10 hours before the Baltimore crash -- after the heraldry took me to Washingtons with the plane skimming the ocean surface. To refresh your memory, Washingtons were first found in Durham with Conte's/Comitissa's, a branch of Comet-like Conte's/Comites' suspect in the "comite" motto term of Schims/Schiens. The latter were a branch of Skins/Scans looking like a pointer to 666 scanning machines, and this can explain why God is sending the asteroid shortly after the satanic world seeks to force Christians to receive the mark. As they make it hard for God's people to eat, God might destroy a third of their cargo ships primarily to make them hungry too.

Note that while French Larins share the Capes and SCALE scallops, Capes' share the Chief-Shield colors of English Lease's. I was SCALing or CLIMBing down the BRICK BUILDings, and while "Clermonts" is listed with Clair-related Clements, English Lease's, with a "teneBRIS" motto term, were first found in Northumberland with BUILDers/Bilders. Bris' are listed with BRICK-branch Brix's.

This brings us back to Clermonts (Dauphine with Pagans / Galli's) having nothing but crossed KEYS so as to look like the Gospatrick Coat, which can explain why Leash's/Lise's were first found in Dumfries with Kilpatricks.

Repeat from above: "The Hyksos kings ruled at the Nile delta, and I've read that the latter Hyksos, which included king Apophis, was at TANis. This might explain why God arranged a tan lion for Drowns/Drone's, to point to the Apophis asteroid with this dream. I claim that the Exodus pharaoh was a Hyksos, and the army of the Exodus pharaoh was drowned in the sea." The Moses' (same place as Meschins) happen to use a "calvary" symbol, and Moses, the Exodus hero, was raised in the home of the pharaoh.

The Steers were first found in Surrey with Drown-beloved Orange's. I've said, years ago, that the "TU NE Cede" motto phrase of Steers looks like "Tunis," and in those years I was linking Steer-beloved Bachs/Backs to king Apachnas of the Tanis area. French Packs use a giant bull, same as the Bach/Back/PACH steer (but in different colors). Tunes'/Towns share the black eagle with Tanes'/Tannys, and Tiens'/Tame's were kin of Pier-like Peare's (both of Oxfordshire with Ships). The Tunes/Town eagles are in both colors of the giant eagle of English Backs, first found in Somerset with Piers/Pierce's and Bridge's! The Calvary-beloved Owls were first found in Suffolk with Tunes'/Towns! The Scottish Towns were first found in West Lothian with the BATHgate's who in turn share the Pierson sun! I didn't expect this paragraph to be so loaded when starting it. Baths (Somerset) share the cross of Mee's probably in the "me" motto term of Steers, and so the Steers apparently took us to Piers and Bridge's.

Repeat from above, because Steers share the Tail/Taller lion:

I always link Blake's to the Coat of Tails/Tailors, but have just noticed late in this discussion that they come up as "Taller," which can explain why the three buildings in the dream were one taller than the next. Tails/Tallers were first found in Sussex with Packs and the Dans, Dene's and Dane's...I still have no explanation for the dream's THREE buildings aside from the Tree's in the French Pack Coat!

The Dane's share the fleur-de-lys also of Ainsleys who in turn love the My variation of the Mee's suspect in the Steer motto. Tree's were first found in Wiltshire with the Stour river suspect with the neighboring Sturs/STYRE's. And Dans happen to share the TREEton/Turton trefoils.

I had read from someone that Apachnas was another name for king Khyan, and moreover some article, I think from Wikipedia, told that Apophis was on the throne immediately after Khyan...though the last time I checked, Wikipedia made different mud of the sequence of the Hyksos kings. Don't you now see how critical it is that I was drowning in an ocean where the Oceans are listed with Khyan-like surnames? The Neils, kin of Keons/McCains and Keens/KEYne's, may have been Hyksos from the Nile delta. Keens/Keyne's use another calvary symbol!

Mythical Danaus, code for the Greek Danaans, was traced by myth writers to Phoenician-related African elements, and because Danaus' (brother of Aegyptus) father was coined, BELUS, I trace Dananns to PELUSium, location of Tanis. Thus, even the Danier Leathers store can trace back to Hyksos of Tanis. In fact, while Danier Leathers was/is in Kingston, Dutch Geese/Goese's have the giant Kingston lion in colors reversed, and Leathers have a goose. Kingstons were first found in Yorkshire with Baltimore's ("Masghii") and Massey-connectable Palms. Richard GOZ was the grandfather of Ranulph le Meschin, and Masci-branch Meschins have a version of the Mussel/Muscel Coat. Le Meschin was son of Ranulph de BRIQUESsart!!! I almost missed that! Bricks share the Massey fleur-de-lys. They were from the Bessin while Basing(stoke)s share the Tanes/Tanny Coat! Poppins/Pophams were first found in Basingstoke! I start paragraphs not always knowing where the end of it will go.

Richard Goz was husband to Emma of CONTEville, and Conte's are the Comites line. Italian Conte's share the giant Dutch Geese/Goese's Coat, that explains it. I must have been crawling down the building's bricks because my mother's Masci line is from Briquessart and Bricks. I fell onto the building while the three fell lozenges, in the colors of the Brick lozenges, are in colors reversed with Brix's/Brests.

We saw the Khyan-like "kynn" motto term of Key-branch Kays. It has been my suspicion that 666 is a number in honor of HYKSos, because "hex" meant "six" from ancient times, and may have been named by Hyksos. Tanis-like Tanes'/Tannys use six eagles while Eagle's/Hegels use six lions in the same format, the format also of the six pellets of Bottoms. Eagle's/Hegels were first found in Lincolnshire with Pellet-branch Pilotte's. Tanes'/Tannys share the double-headed eagle of Spike's/Specks (Lancashire with Dennis'), a surname suspect from Syphax of Numidia, beside Tanis-like Tunis. King Gaia/Gala was a Numidian king about the time Syphax was born, and Nagle-related Gale's share the saltire of Nagle's/NEILs.

Syphax married the woman who wanted to marry Gala's son and heir, Massena. Massena's can be gleaned as a Masci / Rasmussen branch, and Rasmussens (Hesse with Epsteins) look like Pepin/Pepy kin. Gala and Massena were likely of the Meshwesh north-Africans who had ruled the Nile Delta, from Tanis, in the so-called 21st Egyptian dynasty...not long after the Hyksos had ruled the delta.

I've just remembered that I had saved the international marine symbol for '6' from Wikipedia's article on Six. It's essentially the Coat of Plain-branch Platters, Oceans/Cains and Gallia's. This can now explain why God used the PLANE to save me from drowning, as a pointer to Plains/Platters, and indeed I shared my thought that this plane coming down toward the ocean was possibly a symbol of the Apophis asteroid striking the sea.

The plane came to save me while Save's (snakes) were first found in Burgundy with Messeys/Messier's, and with a Macon location not far from Lyon. Snake's/Snooks were first found in Kent with Masons/Massins/Macons. Eagle-related Sava's/Savage's were first found in Cheshire with Masseys and Maceys.

I now have more reasons to continue storing foods before word gets out that astronomy knows that Apophis can or will strike the planet. It will be too late to store foods if word gets out. If we do so slowly starting now, we alleviate any food emergency that might crop up in the God-forsaken future.

Why were the authorities so quick to assure the public that there's no terrorism involved at Baltimore? On the first day, Biden said on full-screen TV that the U.S. treasury will pay for the new bridge. WHY WHY WHY would he say that publicly so soon without first investigating? To who's benefit was that statement? The boat owners, of course. Some foreign boat breaks the bridge to the DC area, and Biden says, "no worries, have a nice day."

Continued Thursday

German Plate's have the grape vine, and Grape's/Grapps/Grabbers may have named Crabs. In fact, another grape vine (now showing grapes) is with German Dole's while English Dole's (Cambridgeshire with Crabs) share the triple fleur-de-lys of Crabs! Again, Apophis returns in the crab constellation, Cancer, and Chaunceurs were first found in Essex with MacKenzie-beloved Mountains. Plus, Dol is near Rennes while the "comet" of Reines' is a hexagram in colors reversed from the hexagrams of English Dole's!

Just to be sure that Dols were of the Dole's, Plows, first found in Shropshire with the Dol Alans, have a Coat similar to the one of English Dole's. And the wavy fesse of Dols is in the colors of the wavy bends of Oceans/Cains and Platters. The wavy fesses of Sea's are in colors reversed, and so, yes, some quaking plate tectonics indeed. We had best prepare for this event if we think God is warning us. I'm convinced to a very large degree.

The Plow Coat is a little like the one of neighboring CHESTERfields (probably the Masci fleur), and Chesters (neighboring Cheshire) have the Chief-Shield colors of Vilains. Dol is in Vilaine. Masci's were first found on/near the Tanaro river, and English Tanners share the same Chief-Shield colors. Pillows/Pilotte's were first found in Lincolnshire with Mussels.

I've just checked the Quakers/Vickers, who were not in mind until after writing "quaking plate tectonics." Their "TANdem" motto term brought Tans/Tanners to mind, who share pine cones with Maschi's who in turn share the Chaunceur Chief. English Tanners (Devon with Stewarts) have nearly the Vilain Coat while Dol is in Ille-et-Vilaine province. Tanners almost have the Coat of Crab-like Crapps/Crappers.

"TanDEM" should be part-code for the Deem variation of English DeMERE's because they share the same black ship with Mere's. Plate tectonics at the bottom of the mer, when Apophis splashes down. The DeMere-branch Mere's (Cheshire with Buckleys) were first found at BUCKLow, and DeMere's are now said to be first found in Suffolk with Buckle's. Pelosi's/PILATi's, first found at SAVIGliano (Piedmont with Masci's), have a bull in the colors of the bulls heads of Buckleys, first found in Cheshire with SAVAGE's and Masci liners. The "Pro" motto term of Savage's can be for the Pero's (Piedmont). The Pilati of the ship smashed into the Pero. The Pilot of the airplane SAVED me, and Savage's are also Sava's.

Pelosi's may have been named by the Pillows variation of Pilotte's, and then Crab-connectable Plows look like "Pillow." Savigliano is at least near Langhe, where I trace Alans/Alengs and Langleys, and the six Langley pale bars are shared by Landens expected from Pepin of Landen. English and Scottish Langs use letters while Letters are listed with Leathers. The man with leather jacket watched the Pilot and plane disappear.

Grapes are shared between Plate's and Teeters, the latter first found in Pomerania (beside Dols/Dollens) with Tollens/Tole's/Tollers; the latter share the Pepoli Coat. Alans are in Popoli colors while Popoli's are suspect in the motto of Bassets who in turn have three Alan fesses. Bassets, with essentially the Stur/Styre Coat, were first found in Staffordshire with Tulls/Toole's/Tollets. And then French Sturs are the asteroid-like Asters suspect in the MacKenzie and Fisc motto. Fiscs (almost the Tull/Tolle pyramid) share the checkered Shield of German Dole's.

The Arms of Pomerania is a red griffin, the color of the griffin head in the Chaunceur Crest. The latter's Crest has a billet, and Irish Dole's have a billeted border while Borders were first found in Somerset with Crab-loving Bridge's and Bulls/Bule's (probably share the Mountain bull). Borders share the star of Pelosi's/PILATI's, and the latter share a white bull with French Mountains.

Backs (share Popley/Poppey eagle) were also first found in Somerset, with Chacers even, while German, Hyksos-suspect Bachs/Backs (STEER = bull) share blue wings in Crest with Chaunceurs. Apophis was a Hyksos king. Sturs/STYRE's were first found in nearby Hampshire with Poppins/Pophams, and with Chaunceur-branch Chase's/Chace's. Cass'/Casts ("pair of SCALES") were first found in Cambridgeshire with Crabs and Dole's, and Scale's were first found in Hertfordshire with Vince's suspect in the motto of Irish Dole's.

As Grape's/Grapps/Grabbers are also Cravers, it's bringing Cravens/Gravens to mind who have a version of the Ely/Ealy Coat, and while SKIPTONs were in Craven, Ships/SHIPTONs have a "EEL" in Crest. It tends to identify Lacy-related Skiptons as a Ship branch, and thus it gets us back to Bellows/BILLOWS, what to expect if Apophis lands. Bellows/Billows were first found in Cheshire with the Meschin family that married Rumilly-Skiptons (of Craven), and Rumillys were first found in Cambridgeshire with Crabs.

Then, Skipton-like Skips/SKIPPERs, who can be of a ship theme too, were first found in Essex with Rack/Raik-like Wrecks while Ricks (Cheshire with Billows, and with Actons in the Craven motto) have the Craven Coat in colors reversed. Ship wrecks, you see, and so let's repeat that Deeps almost have the Wreck Coat. And Essex is where Cancer-like Chaunceurs were first found while I'm intending to take this discussion to Crabs.

Another eel is with Irish Foys while both French Foys are Foix's too to explain the "fox" in the Crest of Ship-beloved Bellows/Billows. Irish Foys have four-and-four pale bars in the colors of the four fesses of Italian Clements, the latter first found in Rimini with Maschi's. One of the French Foys share pellets with English Foys, and the latter share the Coat exactly of English Lacys and Bottoms.

From Bottoms and pellet-using Boddons/Bottens/Buttons, we go to Italian Botters/Bottini's, first found in LUCCa while Luce's/Lucys were first found in Norfolk with Bottoms and cat-using Cattans/Cetins. Lucca's use a giant cat while Botters/Bottini's once showed a straight bend so as to be linkable to the bend of French Chatans (Poitiers area). Potters were first found in Hampshire with English Botters/Bodins and Bidens/Buttons/Budins, and it does seem that Joe Biden's handlers are trying to cover something in regards to the destruction of the bridge.

The Chatan bend-with-roses is shared by Balcons/Balcome's, and the latter were first found in Crail while Grapp-like Crabs list Crails. This section started on Ship-connectable Grapps/Cravers and Cravens. For the purposes of pointing to the Apophis asteroid, we need Crabs with Chaunceurs who happen to share the Maschi Chief, and Cravens love the Fitch's, first found in Essex with MusCHATs/MontFITCHETS, and then their kin were the Muscats/Musks, first found in Cambridgeshire with Crabs/Crails, and yet Muscats/Musks were first found in particular at Ely to explain why Craven-connectable Elys have a version of the Muscat/Musk Coat.

The tectonic-plate theme was a part of this section from the start, as per the sea floor (i.e. which geology calls "tectonic plates"). It can explain why the invisible God was the pilot of a plane instead of a ship, because Plains/PLATTERs can point to an asteroid-disturbed, sea-floor plate. Plate's share the scallops of French Mere's/Mars while Cheshire's Mere's use a giant ship, and then Marone's, in the colors and format of Mere's/Mars, share the boar head of Schims while the plane skimmed along (didn't touch) the water surface when saving me. I suppose it can be a symbol of God saving His people from the asteroid's effects.

Marone-like Marine's/Marins (Hampshire with TISS') and Marines'/Mariners (Kent with Sea's) share the cross of cat-using Berks/Burghs, who use a "foy" motto term. Irish Foys share the eel with Ships. Berks/Burghs are from John de Burgo of Conteville and Comines, and Conte's are the Comet line. Schims (the ones with a "comite" motto term and the Washington Chief) share the Crest of Balcons of Crail. The latter use most of the motto of Darlingtons, first found in Durham with Washingtons and Conte's/ComiTISSa's. The Crail motto is shared in full by Masons/Massins, first found in Kent with Marines'/Mariners and RUSTs. The Apophis asteroid will destroy mariners when times up for humanity. God will not tolerate greedy-human trash forever.

After I was saved from drowning, I became like Superman and Spiderman. Could this mean that Christians will be re-invigorated by the falling of the asteroid? Of course, for it's the message of God, shouting from the rooftops, that, indeed, the Kingdom is just a year or two away. I climbed down from the roof like Spiderman, as a pointer to Clements/Climers, I assume, and they share the nebuly feature (called "waves" by Marina's) of Italian Marina's. Another ship theme, this time ships docked at marinas all struck by billows from the asteroid. Spanish Marina's have the triple-wavy bends of Sea's (Kent with Marine's/Mariners) in colors reversed.

Spiderman spins a web, and Webbers (same place as Bridge's) have wavy bars. I suppose we should ask how many bridges will fall from the tidal waves. There's going to be more than one wave. The will of our enemies will weaken, yet they will not repent. They will prefer to commit suicide and reap the wrath of God instead.

One of the French Foys/Foix's were first found in Auvergne with Clement-connectable Clermont-Ferrand, and DeciMUS RUSTicus of that place married the daughter of Gallia. Gallia's are part of the pointer to plate tectonics. GALways use another cat as well as a bridge (still standing, but not for long). Bridge's use the crab (still breathing, but not for long) while Crabs/Crails were first found in Cambridgeshire with the Cage's while Teague's/Caige's/TIGUE's were first found in Galway with MacKenzie-connectable Kennys.

Cambridgeshire is also where Chapmans and their Ponder/PONTer kin were first found, and then Spanish Ponts and Italian Ponti's use the bridge too. German Galls/Gallus' share the bendy of French Ponts in colors reversed, and it's almost the Coat of French Mere's/Merits, all in the colors of Marine's/Marins (Hampshire with Ponter-branch Ponts and Tiss'/TIGHs).

It's now important that Teague-branch Ticks were first found in Yorkshire with Tickhill, where Anne's/Hanne's were first found who share the stag heads of Apophis-like Poppins/Pophams (Hampshire with Tiss'/Tighs and Marine's). Ticks were once said to be first found in Kent with Mariners and Sea's, and the Sea's and Seamans look related to the wavy bars of Tuckers while Ticks are also Tucks. Do we see how Teague's keep us to sea themes.

There is no Tide surname coming up, but the Teague's have: "The original Gaelic form of Teague was Mac Taidh or O Taidhg." Tidds are curiously listed with TILburys (Essex with other Tilburys, and with Marneys/Marners) sharing the ANNulet of German Tile's/Tillers (DOVE) who in turn could be using the erect arrow of Scottish Adams (ANNANdale) because Galways look like they have a version of the English Adam Coat. The latter almost share the saltire of Annandale's, and the Annandale Coat is shared by Tide- / Taid-like Tite's/Teets/Tate's (Berwickshire with DOVE's).

English Tate's were first found in Suffolk with Tigers and Seamans while Teague's are also Teegers. English Wards share a checkered Tilbury Shield while Irish Wards were first found in Galway with Teague's. Apparently, Tide liners were in Galway, and so let's repeat that Galways use the bridge, as do Roofs who in turn share the raven with English Tate's. And Teeters use grapes.

Better late than never. I've been saying for years that Mrs. Teague, whose property I purchased, was born Miss Friend. That's because I was under the impression that Don Friend was her brother. It turns out he's her brother-in-law. Friends were first found in Somerset with Bridge's, both in same colors and format. Dons were first found in Cheshire with Bridge-branch Brights, and with the Weavers after whom I think the heraldic wave was formed. German Weavers/Webbers share the triple stars of Bridge-branch Bride's and Brights. Bridge's were first found in Somerset with wavy-bar Webbers.

Instead, Mrs. Teague was born Miss Cooksey. Cookseys share the three, bendwise cinquefoils of Gangs/Geggs, and while there are shipping "gangs" (ship workers), "Gang" is a motto term of Scottish Drummonds while German Drummonds (Hamburg with Trips) share the triple-wavy fesses of Sea's (Kent with English Trips).

Gangs/Geggs were first found in Norfolk with Ketchers/Catchers (share cat with Galways), Cockers/Cockets, Gang-related Bags, and Leafs. Then, Keach's/Ketch's/Kage's (giant leaf) were first found in Cambridgeshire with Cage's while Galway-beloved Bridge's were first found in Somerset with Cocks (share Bag Shield). It's making Cooksey-Teague sense. Gangs/Geggs are roughly in the colors and format of Kecks/Kicks, and the Gegg variation is like the Keage variation of Teague's/Caige's. Coke's (look like kin of Francis') share the vertically-split Shield colors of Cage's.

HAVING SAID THAT, Kitchens/Ketchens (LANCAshire!) are not only in the format of, and colors reversed from, Ticks/Tucks, but they share the water bougets of English LANKs/Langmans (portcullis gate), whom I've just looked up as per the Dali ship headed to Sri LANKa!

As the Ticks/Tucks are also Tocks/Toke's, might this tell that China is upset with the US outlawing or force-selling its TikTok system? Did China pay to have this bridge accident performed? China-like Shins/Chine's/Chings were first found in Somerset with Bridge's. And while "Sino" indicates China, "Sino" is a motto term of Sedans (Durhams with LANGleys) who in turn share a black border with Ketch's/Kage's. The "dono" motto term of Sedans can apply to the Downs/Douns expected at County Down, where Irish Lanks/Langens were first found.

The ship banged the pier immediately after leaving port, and Ports with Porters (portcullis gate) were first found in Hampshire.

SEDans share a "sed" motto term with Cars (LANCAshire), and SRI Lanka can then be pointed to by the "SERo sed SERIo" motto of these Cars! That's amazing. Seers/Sears were first found in Essex with lamb-using English Pascals and Sarah's/Sayers/Seyers, and French Pascals have a giant lamb in the colors and format of Welsh Lanks. Sere's/Saire's were first found in LANGuedoc! Sarah's/Sayers/Seyers even have the Sedan cinquefoil in colors reversed.

The lamb in the Crest of Irish Lanks takes us to Lambs because they share the cinquefoil of English Langs/Langens (Northumberland with Lambs and Lums). English Lums/Lombs were first found in LANCAshire with Kitchens and Cars.

Scottish Lums/Lambs, with a "sine" motto term, are twice in the motto of STAVE's/Stevensons (Northumberland), and it just so happens that Hawks use "pilgrim's staves" while SinoHAWK is a company founded by Hunter Biden (and/or his family) to fulfill his father's corruption with China! Hawks were even first found in Hampshire with Ports and Porters. Sine's/Sions/Swans share the lion of Welsh Lanks.

AMAZINGLY, the Kemmis'/Kenys', sharing the Coat of Shins/Chine's/Chings, were first found in HUNTINGdonshire with Fellows and Langfields/LongFELLOWs (look like Rick kin). Hunting(don)s are in Lum/Lamb colors and format, both having Coats similar to the Langfield/Longfellow (and Peach) Coat. The Tyne's/Thens, in the "then" motto term of Langfields/Longfellows, were first found in Shropshire with Hunters!!! Hunter Biden's China connections!!! Can this pointer be true? Fellows use "Patienta," like a Coke motto term, and Hunter Biden could be a coke addict! There is a Cocaine/Cocken surname sharing the Cock / Coggle/Cockhill rooster.

The Patiens' in the Coke motto are in Popley/Poppey colors and format, and Pepoli's were first found in Bologna with Pasi's/Pascels. Like I said, days after having this drowning dream, I had a dream where I was at the bottom of the sea with Popeye. I don't remember a thing that happened down there (dream seemed childish), but there's no need because the pointer to Apophis seems clinched already just by remembering that one thing.

Blaze's, sharing the Patiens crescents, are a very-good pointer to the Revelation asteroid. As the Patiens crescents are in flames, the official description might use "blazing." Blaze's look like kin of Kilpatricks, first found in Dumfries with Patiens. The latter are also Patients, and the Mr. Kilpatrick who was in a photo with Spuds MacKenzie was a doctor i.e. had lots of patients. Blaze's were first found in Yorkshire with the Tongue's/Tongs who in turn almost use the Coat of MacKenzie-beloved Mountains, and both Tongue's/Tongs and Mountains share the Blaze martlets.

Popeye's girl was Olive OYL, and Dali-like Dulys/OYLy's show nothing but two bends in the colors of nothing-but two-and-two bars of Dali's! Again, Papa's, first found in Modena with Dali's, share the Dale swan. Modena is right near Pepoli's of Bologna. Irish Peppards have a Shield with two fesses in the colors of the two-and-two bars of Dali's. And, to my amazement, Dailys/Delys share a courant greyhound (different color) in Crest with Peppards! "Courant" means all four legs off the ground.

Dells probably share the Daily/Dely lion, and while Dells were first found in Suffolk with PLAINs/Platters, the giant Daily / Dell lion is in the colors of the same of Palins! Half that daily lion is red, as is the giant one of Dillons, first found in Westmeath with Dailys. The Dillons happen to share the Crail motto for a potential pointer here to the Apophis asteroid.

While one of the Irish Delaneys has another red lion, the other Delaneys/Delane's have a pale bar in the colors of the pale-bar-by-dragons of English Blois' (Suffolk with Dells), and then Bleys/Blois' can connect to the Blay location of asteroid-pointing Blaze's/Blays'. These DeLANE's share a brown antelope in Crest with BRECKs/Breakers, and while Bricks and Brix's/Brests were from Brescia/Brixia, that's where Italian LANE's/LANCCA's (!!!!!) were first found. The lion in the Arms of Brescia is colors reversed from the same of Welsh Lanks! We got her by following Dali-like Dailys, can we believe it? The Dali ship was headed to Sri LANKA!

English Lane's can even be sharing the triple stars of Bridge-connectable Brights and Bride's. Bridge's (similar to Gardner Coat) probably have the Gards in their motto while Gards have a "fiDELE" motto term. There is a Dele surname in German Dell / Dali colors.

A similar greyhound, in the black of the Daily/Dely greyhound, is with Valois/VALAIS'/VALOURS, suspect in the "valore" motto term of Peppards. The surname can thus be suspect from POPPA of Valois, said to have been the wife of king Rollo. I've highlighted the Valais' because Sion is in Valais canton...and near Sierre, which recalls the Car motto pointable to SRI Lanka. As this was a cargo ship, let's repeat that Cargo's/Cargills were first found in Perthshire i.e. where Rollo's and Baltimore-linkable Athels were first found.

Valais is also called, Wallis, and the giant Wallis/Wallace lion is also the one of Lodge's/Loge's, the latter first found in Suffolk with Tate's suspect in the Wallis/Wallace motto. Suffolk is also where Jackets/JAYcocks were first found having the triple Valois/Valais crescents in colors reversed. The three roses in the Valois/Valais Crest are those also of Jays. Thus, the leather jacket can be a pointer to the family that named Poppa. Poppa's are listed with Papps, first found in Piedmont with the Pero's suspect in the "Pro LiberTATE" motto of Wallis'/Wallace's.

The beauty now is that the Valois/Valais Coat, ignoring the Chief, is identical to the one of Conte's/COMITES"! Pero's have the same symbol -- hexagram with tail -- as the "comet" of Reines' (but call their's "flaming star"). Then, while French Pine's share the triple Jacket crescents, they were first found in Limousin with Comets and Seconds! The second Trumpet. Seconds are listed with SEGURs, and English Pine's were first found in Devon with Seagars. Why might Seconds be in the Levi motto?

Back to Cookseys, before the Sri Lanka topic came out of the blue. The triple fesses of German Drummonds are linkable to Sturs/Styre's, and there is a second Stour river in Worcestershire, where Cookseys were first found. It might explain why both Teague's and Cookseys use a wolf head in Crest. Asters are Sturs too, and the sea themes off of the Teague's were assumed to be as per the asteroid. Tide-like Tidds -- listed with TILburys -- were first found in Essex with Cooks (share white ostrich with Coke's). "TILL" happens to be a motto term of Langfields/Longfellows (got me excited above).

Crossing the Francis' earlier can speak to the Francis Scott Key bridge. It recalls the Franconian Rake because Rake's/Racks, with a version of a Bridge Coat, look like kin of Ticks/Tucks. The Millets suspect in the latter's motto share the giant star of German Teegers. These French Millets show a Milez variation while Miles' were first found in Lincolnshire with Rake's/Racks and Wreck-connectable Deeps. Cooks were first found in Essex with Wrecks and Este's while Coke's share the eagle of Italian Este's, Pepin/Pepy kin. Cockers/Cockets (Norfolk with Platters and MILEham of the Alans) share the fleur-de-lys of Plains/Platters. Milehams share griffin heads on black with Ticks/Tucks who in turn share the Rake/Rack griffin heads. Recall the Tidds/TILburys sharing the Tile/Tiller annulet, for "uTILi" is a Rake/Rack motto term. Tiddal waves (so to speak) wreck bridges. The Hones' suspect in the Rake/Rack motto were first found in Hampshire with Mile's, Mills and Porters sharing the gate of Lanks.

Franconia is where Swabs/Schwabs were first found, and ship workers swab the deck. Decks/Daggers look like kin of Papa's (Modena with Dali's) who had connected with Dale's to the Dali name of the ship. Decks/Daggers share the red squirrel with Square's/Squirrels, first found in Worcestershire with Cookseys.

USA Today on Thursday: "The Dali's emergency generator was likely responsible for the lights coming back on after the initial blackout, [Clay] Diamond said. 'There was still some steerage left when they initially lost power,' he said." But why did it take ten minutes to get the generator to kick in from initial black-out, and why did the ship do a 90-degree turn only after the lights came back on? If someone was seeking to steer the ship during the black-out, how did the rudder get to one extreme side so as to allow a 90-degree turn? Was this a faked accident?

The Dali was headed to Sri Lanka, and we saw Lanks linking to English Langs, who share the Coat of Scottish Langs, both using the LETTERS, "ABCDEF". The leather jacket in the 1979 dream can now point to the Dali where Leather-branch Lauders were first found in Berwickshire with Scottish Langs.

These Langs use acorns while Acorns (Sussex with Downs) share the stag heads of Knee's who in turn were first found in County Down with Irish Lanks/Langens. I JUMPED DOWN to the GROUND and saw the man in leather jacket. I don't remember falling on my knees, however. Amazingly, County Down is where Irish Prays were first found who share the six pale bars of COATs'/Cotes'! It was apparently a leather coat too.

More: English Prays/PRETers share the three wolf heads of Wolvers, the latter first found in Suffolk with Jackets/Jaycocks! Lanks/Langens share the lion in the Irish Pray Chief, but it's also the Chief of Tulls/Tolle's, first found in Staffordshire with the Coats'/Cotes' and PRETs (similar to the Lank/Langen Coat).

I link wolf-head Pratts to Flys, and while butterflies are used on the red pale bar of Tulls/Tullia's, Coats'/Cotes' and Prays have red pale bars too. Pratts use mascles-on-pellets while Pellets were first found in Sussex with Downs/Douns and Mascals.

Jumps (Yorkshire with Grounds/Grundys) share the Down stag, and Grounds have a PASSant lion colors reversed from the passant lion of Irish Lanks/Langens, the ones using the lamb. Then, lamb-using PASS'/Pascals can apply, first found in Essex with Skipps/Skippers while Scottish Lums/Lambs share the cinquefoils of Ship-beloved Bellows/Billows.

The Black Box

I'm not going to believe them fast if they say the black box stopped working due to a power outage, because logic tells me that a black box, and everything that feeds into it to be recorded, would be provided its own battery, always kept topped up to full charge, that should thereby operate for hours during a power outage. If and when they say the black box stopped working, it'll be a red flag for me.

A news report is that this ship suffered "a severe electrical problem". See CNN and Julie Mitchell of Container Royalty, who told CNN that the ship was having power outages while docked for two days in Baltimore. That doesn't touch upon a rudder conundrum. The worst that can happen with that report is that foods in the freezer go bad due to the need of shutting power down to the freezers. Or, if they tried to use the emergency generator (which is a spare, not usually used for normal operations) to run refrigeration, how does that risk rudder operation?

Perhaps this report is just smoke and mirrors to lead people to think, "oh no, the power went out, the rudder was cut off, and the boat crashed." But it's not that simple. If there's any power at all, the rudder is the first priority when you're 1,500 feet or less from a bridge. An electrical breaker tripping freezers is not going to solve the mystery of this crash [but in the next section, I think I do solve the mystery, where I claim this was an inside job for a very good reason].

A news report told that Mitchell told that "refrigerated BOXES tripped BREAKERs on BOARD," which brought Brecks/Breakers to mind, first found in Shropshire with Hunters/Hunts and Rudder-like Rudes'. I've also looked up Box's for the fun of it. And Boards share an antler (different color) in Crest with Brecks/Breakers. I've just learned that the latter come up as Bridge-like Bredge's/Brege's, and so let's remind that they have the Orange hunting horn in colors reversed while two surnames having orange lions (very rare, unofficial heraldic color) played a central role in convincing me, a day before the bridge crash, that the 1979 dream with bridge was from God for heraldic explanation.

In the next section, where I show that the ship's crew was likely part of the crash plot now being blamed on an electrical-power failure, I don't talk about the electrical breakers, and so here would be a good place to say that, to feign this accident, they decided to shut power off to feign loss of power, for when power goes out, the BLACK BOX likely records that a key component(s) lost power. In other words, this heraldry touching upon Bridge-like Bredge's can be indicating that the plotters used breakers as their primary source of feigning the loss of rudder control.

The RUDDERs/Rutters/Ritters, in Bridge colors, have Rotors in their write-up while Roets (Somerset with Bridge's, Ducks and Board-like Boarders) share the Box-like "book" with Rudder-like Reeds/Reids. Readings/Ridings were first found in Sussex with Boards. Reeds/Reids (share Book stag head) share the stars of Ducks and Boarders, and the Reed/Reid Coat can even be a version of the crab-using Bridge Coat. Rudders/Rutters share the lion of Irish Lanks/Langens while Box's share the lion of Welsh Lanks.

Box's could be using the Bridge griffin heads because they were first found in Somerset with BOOK-using Roets, which is beside the first-known BOX's of Wiltshire. Freys/Fry's, sharing the FREEZE Coat, happen to be first found in Wiltshire too. Doesn't that spell freezer boxes?

So, although I looked up Box's as per the refrigerated boxes in the quote above, perhaps Box's can apply also to the manipulation of the black box by the government. Box's (beside Drake's) use a dragon, and English Dragons are also DRAINers for comparison with the Drain variation of Drowns/Drone's.

I don't know if this latest heraldic set applies from God, maybe not, but I'll add that while Drowns/DRONE's use an orange and tan lion, Tans/Tanners were first found in Franconia with Bochs/Bocks. Then, while Books use an hourGLASS, Glass' share the star of orange-lion Blacks. Is this heraldic set a pointer to the BLACK BOX? It does keep the time, as do hourglasses. Again, Blacks and Drowns/Drone's share the Washington Chief.

"Time" is a motto term of Houstons (Renfrewshire with Glasgows) who have another hour glass. Their write-up: "... East Renfrewshire, and IVERclyde, in the Strathclyde region of southwestern Scotland, where they were descended from a Scottish knight, Hugh de PADUINan, who in 1165 founded the town of Houston in that shire." IVERs/EURE's, suspect in the hour-like "heure" motto term of Hicks', apparently named Iverclyde so as to explain the Houston hourglass. I can't recall why the Black stars are compellingly linkable to the Glass stars.

Hugh de Paduinan looks like he's from the Padyn variation of Patients/Patents/PATTINGs, recalling the Pattingham location of Rudder-like Rudes' (same place as Breakers). English Patents/Pattens (Sussex with Boards) get interesting for sharing the Shield of Scayle's (Yorkshire with Ride's/Riders and Rhodes'), for while the breaker was tripping, English Trips have a "SCALing ladder." Ride's/Riders share the crescents of Pattons (not "Patten"), previously said to be first found in Shropshire with Rudes' and Breakers.

If the Bless variation of BLEYS'/Blois' are in the "Noblesse" motto term of Bochs/Bocks, it makes sense where the Bless/Bleys Crest has red-ended arrows in a bunch, same as the Crest of Bows/Bough's (Durhams with Washingtons) who in turn share the Roet motto. "NoBILIS" is a motto term of Lane-beloved Englands/INGlis, in turn in Boch/Bock colors and format (English Lane's use "lions of England"). INGers/Henders have red arrows, and English BILLS' were Roet kin. "NOBILitat" is a Henderson motto term while Knobs/Knobels probably have the Rothschild/Roddenstein arrow. Lane's were first found in Staffordshire with Arrows/Arras'.

Roets were proto-Rothschilds, and the Arms of Rothschild has five, bunched arrows, as I think Bows/Bough's do too. The most-direct Rothschild ancestors were Bauers/BOWERs, and Scottish Bowers have five, bunched arrows, you see.

Then, the Blaze-like Bleys variation of Bless'/Blois' is like the Blay location of Blaze's who in turn share the saltire of orange-lion Blacks! There is another Bleys/Blois surname, first found in Suffolk with the Kidds sharing the upright goat of Bless'/Bleys'. Blaze's are a very-good pointer to the Revelation asteroid. Blay is said to be three miles from a Molay location, and Mole's happen to share the boar head of Schims who in turn have the Washington Chief yet again.

For those who haven't seen it from me, here's from an update of almost a year ago:

I'm repeating this because the "ad ASTRA" motto phrase of Nickers/Nicholsons is like the "as astra" of the MacKenzie's whose Crest rock is called a "mountain in flames". The 2nd Trumpet of Revelation has a mountain-like rock falling into the sea that looks like an ASTERoid, do you see? My New Testament interlinear, translating the Greek word-for-word, puts it like this: "...AS mountain a great with fire burning was cast into the sea."" Most translations use "like" instead of "as," but the interlinear translation looks like it's supposed to draw us to the "AS astra" of flaming-mountain MacKenzie's.

Some Bible translations use a "a mountain ablaze," or even a "blazing mountain." It's appropriate.

"As this was a cargo ship, let's repeat that Cargo's/CARgills were first found in Perthshire i.e. where Rollo's and Baltimore-linkable Athels were first found." Cars (LANCAshire), the pointers with their motto to SRI Lanka, have three stars in the colors of the three stars of Washingtons. Rollo's have the Roet boar heads in colors reversed because Payne Roet belonged to a Rollo-like family / entity. Rolls/Role's (Yorkshire with Baltimore's/Calverts and owl-using Calvarys) are in the colors of Baltimore's/Calverts ("paROLE") and Owls/Howls.

The Parrs expected in "parole," and in the "par" motto term of Rollo's, were first found in LANCAshire with Furness', and they both share the black border with Sedans/Siddens. Furness' share the black dog with Scottish Carricks (Carre / Carew branch) who in turn share the dancetty fesse of Rolls/Role's.

The ship either had a steering problem, or faked it, and Steers use a "cede" motto term while Cars have a "sed" motto term, and then SEEDs/Cedes' were first found in Lancashire with Cars. China-pointing Sedans/Siddens (Durham with Washingtons) have a "sino sed" motto phrase.

I showed how CarGILLs can connect to Gills, but then ship-using Gillie's/Gillys were first found in East Lothian with Sedan-branch SEATons/Sittens while Seeds/Cedes' are also Seats. To my surprise, we can even take this to the "fata" motto term of SIDNeys because Baltimore's/Calverts have a "Fatti" motto term!

The important Lane's not far above share the horizontally-split colors of Gillie's/Gillys, and then Irish Lane's share the fleur-de-lys of Gellone's/Gillings/Jillings, first found in Yorkshire with Gale's/ Galleys, Gills/Jills and Jells/Gells. The latter share the black greyhound with Dailys, and it was the latter who took me to DeLANEYS just before finding myself at the Lane's/LANCCA's. Galleys (Yorkshire with Popleys/Poppeys) share the white greyhound with Peppards/Pappards who in turn share the Gellone / Lane fleur-de-lys.

Sidneys (Kent with Athel-connectable Ailes' and Alley-branch ATLeys/Atlas') have a porcuPINE while pine-tree Bothwells were first found in Lanarkshire with the Seaton-connectable Sine's/Sions/Swans (share Box and Lank lion, in the colors of the Alley and Atley/Atlas lions). Boths/Booths, sharing a black boar with Rollo's (Perthshire with Baltimore-connectable Athels), were first found in Yorkshire with Baltimore's/Calverts and Gills. The latter use a lozengy Shield in the colors of the lozenges of SETTle's, first found in Lancashire with SEATs/Seeds/Cedes'. The Settle lozenges are shared by Stars, first found in Wiltshire with Box's.

Perthshire is also where Colts/Cults were first found who share the blue pheon with Sidneys, and Colters, using the Roet wheel, were first found in Lanarkshire with Bothwells. Catherine Roet married Mr Sine-like SWYNford, and Swynfords share the black boar with Boths/Booths.

Having crossed the CarRICKs above, let's add that English Carricks/Kerricks/CARRIAGE's were first found in Cheshire with Ricks. A ship that CARRIES CARgo is a carriage. While English Carrys were first found in Somerset with Spear-related Roets and Bridge's, Irish Carrys use a spear as well as the Chance/Chaunceur lion. The latter are the pointer to the Apophis asteroid in particular, along with Bridge-beloved Crabs.

As Carricks share part of the Roll/Role Coat, the Christian song with, "When SORROWS with sea billows roll," comes to mind, for George Soros is another pro-globalist destroyer along with China-loving Klaus Schwab. Swabs/Schwabs were first found in Franconia with the Franconian RAKE, and CarRICKs share the fesse of Bugs, first found in Dorset with SORS/Soars.

The "MasGHII" motto term of Baltimore's (Yorkshire with Carre's and Dale's) can be of the McGhie variation of JEE's/McGee's (recalls "Je" of Bridge's) because Carre's share the leopard faces of Irish McGee's. In this picture, with McGhie's sharing the swords to a point with RICKetts/Reckitts/Rackets, it appears that God is pointing the Carricks/Carriage's (pile) to the Dali cargo ship in Baltimore. The Franconian Rake is a lot like the Coat of Busts, and this ship got busted in Baltimore. If I recall correctly, Busts have sideways PILES.

Sorrows'/Sorrys were first found in LANCAshire again, and they have another red-ended arrow. Bugs share the water bougets (different colors) with the English LANKs/Langmans who in turn have the lone pile of Carricks/Kerricks/Carriage's in colors reversed. So, yes, perhaps God played on a ship-carriage theme to point to the Dali CARgo ship.

Sorrows'/Sorrys share "simplex" with the motto of Perkins, the latter first found in Leicestershire with the Soar liver, and with the Sorrels having two large lions in the colors of the giant one of Irish Lanks/Langens. "Simplex" is the motto term of Spear-branch Spree's, first found in Cornwall with Carrick-branch Carrots/Carews, both in the colors of the Cole's/Colds, who were once said to be first found in Cornwall too.

Now, recalling that Carre's and McGhie's can relate to the Baltimore motto, and where Carricks/Carriage's can point to the Dali as an act of God, let's go to the "calTROP" of Carricks/Carriage's, which they also call "CALTrap." The Calts happen to be listed with Cole's/Colds. That works.

Then, the "paratus" motto term of Carricks/Carriage's is the full motto of Swords, from Siward of Northumberland, and we saw the SWORDs of McGee's, which are in the colors of the Sword swords. Northumberland is where Phoenix's/Fenwicks were first found who are in the phoenix's of Italian Bruto's. The latter were just looked up because Cole's/Colds named Cole in Somerset's Bruton. The "REGem" motto term of Cole's/Colds can now go to Reggio in Bruttium. I've not known Brutons/Bretons (Somerset with Brits/Brets) until now, but they almost have the Coat of Sword-like Sewards. And Brittanys happen to have the PIERCED Bright stars in the colors and format of English Mountains. PIERs/Pierce's can relate the Piersons/Pearsons who in turn share the sun with Bruto's (Somerset with Piers/Pierce's). The Bruton/Breton split Shield is in the colors of the Bruto quadrants.

The Italian Boys/Boets/Boeddu's have another giant bull, and they were first found in REGGIO-Emilia. The Boy/Boet/Boeddu bull is the steer of Backs/Bachs, and the "ne" motto term of Steers can apply to phoenix-using Knee's/Nee's and their Needham branch. The PILOT of the Dali, headed for Sri LANKa, STEERed the CARRIAGE ship into the PIER, and piers are made of piles while Carriage's use a lone pile in colors reversed from the lone pile of Lanks. English Pile's (piles in Dali colors), sharing the Peare leopard face, were first found in Northumberland with Phoenix's/Fenwicks. French Pile's are PILOTS too.

Brittanys are in the colors and near-format of Brightons; we can take them now to Birds/Burds (Cheshire with Brights and phoenix-using Tufts/Tuffs'), then to Births/Berts and Burts (Norfolk with paratus-like Pratts and calTROP-like Drops/Trope's), for the latter two both have the Coat of Builders/Bilders, first found in Northumberland with Bruto-beloved Phoenix's/FENwicks. Births/Berts were first found in Devon with early Brutons and FENs'/Venns and Fauns.

The Bruto's use the symbol, which I think is a "card," of bull-using, Italian Boso's (Milan), and Cole's/Colds have a giant bull of their own. Although Cards use a "letter," Carts are said to have been at Castle Cary along with English Carrys. We are now in Somerset again, beside the Boeddu-like Beautys/Bowds having bull heads.

I'd like to go back to my jump off of the brick building, landing on all FOURs, and just standing up, not rolling on the ground. I've just come across the "Stand sure" motto of Andersons, and they were loaded while I was on the Hendersons, having noted that the Henderson Chief has one of the Jacket/Jaycock crescents. I stood up and saw the man in leather jacket. The "nobiliTAT" motto term of Hendersons should be for the Tate's/Teets because they share the Anderson saltire. Tate's/Teets were first found in Berwickshire with Leather-branch Lauders.

The Sure's/Shore's were first found in Derbyshire with the Sola's in the Henderson motto. Sure's/Shore's share the Caen motto, with "PERimus," and Caens (Dorset, beside Piers) share the Peare and Pile leopard face. This heraldic set from Hendersons / Andersons is starting to form a picture of the ship accident. Tute's/Tuits were kin of Haydens and Heads/Heeds, a branch of Hats/Hades' (Dorset with Caens).

Tattons share the crescent of Touts (Yorkshire with Jumps) in the "Tout travers" motto of four-like Fore's/Forez's. I jumped to all fours. And Jackets/Jaycocks were first found in Suffolk with English Tate's, but also with the Tigers in the Crest of Travers'.

The Touts are also Tute's, and English Tute's/Tuits were first found in Norfolk with the Nobs suspect in the Henderson motto, with the Hollys in the Sure/Shore Coat, and with the Flags/Flecks sharing the double Stand fesses and the Travers scallops. The pilot didn't toot the ship's horn, and Horns/Orne's were first found in Middlesex with Stands (previously first found in Yorkshire). "Stand fast" is the Anderson motto, and Fasts/Fastoffs / Falstaffs were first found in Norfolk too. The latter two share the quadrants of Parrot-loving Pettys, first found in Warwickshire with Peers/Peirs.

My only problem is how my jumping off a building to see a man in jacket can possibly relate to the ship ramming the pier 45 years after the dream, perhaps to the day. Not long after my conversion to Jesus in 1979, I tried to think back when by "birthday was," and concluded tentatively at the end of March rather than the beginning of April. The ship busted the peer in this last week of March.

The Busts and the Hendersons even have similar Coats that I think are sideways piles. The Coats look much like the Franconian RAKE while Bridge-connectable Rake's/Raiks are linkable to Wrecks. I have it recorded: "Ricks from Somerset to Cheshire in about 2022." That is, a couple of years ago, and for many years prior to that, Ricks were said to be first found in Somerset with Bridge's (and Tints). Ricks have a Coat like the Tint Coat, and Tintons were first found in Cornwall with the Henders who brought Hendersons to topic in the first place.

Rake's/Raiks were first found in Lincolnshire with the Ermine's/Armine's (share Anderson / Tate saltire) in the Henderson ermine spots, which are on either side of the crescent that's also the Jacket/Jaycock crescent.

If the Vicks are in the "Victrix" motto term of Andrews/Andros', it should be added that Vicks/Vecks were first found in Lincolnshire with Rake's/Raiks while Somerset is where Weeks/Wycks and Wedge's/Weggs/Waggs were first found, and then Cornwall is where wedge-using Wage's and Wace's/Wassa's were first found. The latter were proto-Washingtons, and while I've sensed that the Wace/Wassa canton is of the Touts/Tute's (beside Washingtons), the Travers were first found in LANCAshire with a Washington location, and where Washingtons were once said to be first found. I jumped down on all FOURs, and Fore's/Forez's have a "Tout travers" motto!

I had to WALK over to the man; he was standing between me and the bridge. Walks/Wachs were first found in Dumfries with the Sure-loving Kilpatricks, and with the Annandale's who share most of the Coat of Henderson-connectable ERMINE's/Armine's. This can verify that the "Stand SURE" motto relates to my jumping down safe and sure-footed.

Large ERMINE spots are with Faiths/Faithfuls too, first found in Norfolk with Patricks, and sharing the Patrick and Kilpatrick saltire. Faiths/Faithfuls have their ermine spots within/on PLATES, and Norfolk is where Platters were first found who I think point to the plane that God saved me with. Was I a symbol of the end-time church at the Resurrection-Rapture? Ermine SPOTs can point to SPUDs MacKenzie. Spottens/Spauldings (Lincolnshire with Ermine's/Armine's) look like they have a dagger, the Kilpatrick symbol!

Repeat from way above after telling that I jumped down on my feet:

Feets/Fate's may have been a branch of plate-using Faiths/Feyths/Faithfuls, first found in Norfolk with Platters. Faiths/Feyths/Faithfuls, with large ERMINE spots on their plates, share the saltire of Blacks while the latter were first found in Lincolnshire with Ermine's/Armine's.

Blacks were kin of Drowns/Drone's. I was drowning in the black sea. Faiths/Faithfuls (Norfolk with Reps/Reeps) share the brown tree stump of Leather-branch Lauders ("REPullulat") and their Larry/Laurie kin, the latter first found in Dumfries with Kilpatricks (share Black saltire). See how nice that ball just bounced?

The Kilpatrick motto is, "I make sure," and Make's/Macks (probably the Masci bend but with Macey stars) shares the Walk/Wach stars. Make's/Macks were first found in Berwickshire with Tate's/Teets. Walks/Wachs have a "diTAT" motto term that can return us to Tate's.

Wace-like Wake's, with a semblance of the Washington Coat, were first found in Lincolnshire with Rake's/Raiks and Vicks/Vecks. Wake's use a "wake knot" while Knots/Cnuts were first found in Derbyshire with the Sola's in the Henderson motto, and this is the motto also with "nobiliTAT." If that term is part-code for Billets, they were first found between Wace's/Wassa's and Weeks / Waggs. Billets were first found in Devon with Gates'/Gatts while Wace's/Wassa's may have engaged the latter to produce their Gace variation.

Ahh, the Leveck variation of Vicks/Vecks can take us to the lamb-using Leveque's! It was the Sri-Lanka-like Irish Lanks who introduced the lamb in this update, and this Lank surname is in the colors and format of the giant Leveque lamb! This can explain why I came down the path to the "VICtrix" motto term of Andrews/Andros', first found in Caithness with Hendersons. It's the latter who look like they have the Franconian Rake, and rake's were first found in the same place with Vicks/Levecks. The latter share a single pale bar on red with VICTors/Victoria's who can likewise by in "VICTRix." Then, read also as "VictRIX" because Ricks are also Rix's (quasi-orange Crest).

Okie-dokie, but, still, why should my jumping off the building point to the bridge crash at the brink of Washington DC? Where's the related theme(s)? In my mind, my being like Spiderman and Superman upon that third building was a wild contrast with my drowning to death in what seemed like a fall to hell, at the start of the dream. Perhaps it was God's VICTORY symbol, like when Washington is persecuting the Church with the 666, and God smashes the government building in that city with the asteroid's tidal WAVE. I think the heraldic wave is for Weavers, a branch of Webbers / Webbs. Spiderman! I wasn't shooting web, but I was scaling down fast and easy, not arduous and frightened.

Spider-like Spitzers'/Spitz's may have named Spitalfields, in Middlesex with the first-known Stands. It was a brown-brick building, and Bruns were first found at Spitalfields. Weavers were first found in Cheshire with Ricks/Rix's, and with the Maceys suspect in the Walk/Wach Coat. The latter share the sheaf in the Arms of Cheshire, used also by Weavers.

I didn't see anything in the dream to suggest a pointer to Superman. I used him because I jumped down from a height that should have killed me, but I landed fine, with ease. I may have been correct to use Superman because billet-using Supers (Devon with Billets) can take us back to the "noBILITat" motto term of Hendersons. Supers look related to the Faith/Feyth Coat, and I fell on my hands and FEET.

I think I can trace Popleys/Poppeys to Papia/Pavia, where Pierro's/Pero's/Petri's were first found who share a red fesse with English Pavia's/Paveys (share Feet/Fate Coat), first found in Yorkshire with Pavers, Feets/Fate's and Popleys/Poppeys. Pavia's/Paveys were first found in Warwickshire with parrot-using Pettys. Pierro's/Pero's and Pero's/Perino's (same place as Papps) share a PERICH variation while English Botters/Bodins have an eagle on a "PERCH". The latter were first found in the same place with Bidens/Buttons/Budins who in turn almost have the Pavia/Pavey Coat.

The neighboring Palins/PAWleys can now be suspect with the Jewish Levi lion because Pavia's/Paveys are traced to Richard PAUii and Richard Paveye, both of Warwickshire. Pavia was co-founded by the Laevi Gauls, and Levins, first found beside Warwicks, share the Chief-Shield colors of Palins/Pawleys, Plains/Platters, and Powers while Paws are listed with German Pauers. Palins/Pawleys were first found in Dorset with Pools/Pulls who in turn share the Warwick lion, and Polesdons/PulesDONs (Cheshire with Dons and Sale's) share the Palin/Pawley stars. Palin-branch Plains/Platters share the fleur-de-lys of Sale's.

Povers/Poveys were first found in Gloucestershire with Papers/Papwells/Pepwells. Peppards/Pappards look related to the Pavia's/Paveys.

Faked Key-Bridge Chart

I find it suspicious that the Dali's black box, not owned by the American government, was publicized so fast, as if to get out a storyline before the theories of others settle in. The name of the ship's master / pilots have not been publicized, we wonder why. And there's no disgust from Biden on this catastrophe, but more like a song and dance. This week has all but come and gone without explanation as to what may have gone wrong. Nobody is telling news organizations what the pilots have told them to explain the reason for the "accident," and this screams the guilt of Washington people who are, at the least, seeking to cover for the event.

We are told that one of the ship's navigators reported a loss of power less than two minutes before the crash, to be expected if this was a staged crash, and there's some compelling evidence that it was staged. I saw at least one report, early in the week, timing the crash at very near 1:29:30 am, but then the time was changed to 1:28:45 to better fit the report that the ship reported electrical loss at 1:27.

A popular video of the crash shows black smoke from the ship until about 40 seconds before the crash, when the smoke ceases...suggesting loss of power from a generator at that time. That is, it seems they want the people to figure out that the last-resort power source had gone out, leaving the ship without steerage. And so, with only 40 seconds left, a crash at 1:29:30 does not fit the 1:27 report of power loss. A crash at 1:28:45 is at least close to harmonizing with it.

Midweek, a CBS article claimed; "The boat starts to lose speed at around 1:29 a.m. and soon, it hits a column holding up the bridge." It was at about this time, Thursday, that reports were floated having the crash at 1:28:45 instead. Why this change? Where did CBS get its data concerning a crash near 1:29:30? It's a difference of less than a minute, but that plays to whether or not the gamut of government claims are consistent. If they are not consistent, neither should we expect sincerity.

The black box, we were told, records the engine RPM and the rudder angle, yet nobody has publicized those particulars yet, so far as I've seen, and a report like that shouldn't be able to slip by me because I've been looking at many videos on the topic all week. Nobody has reported the specifics of how the ship turned into the pier, which should be in the black box, and I think I know why: because the planned narrative doesn't match a video showing the ship's attitude until the crash.

The planned narrative, which includes a ship chart, has the ship moving nearly in a straight line to the pier while the video shows a drastic turn not easily explained by error.

But this story doesn't hold water, because the report has power loss at 1:27:25 with the ship moving 9.2 miles per hour, or 810 feet per minute. The ship wasn't very-much more than 810 feet from the bridge at the time. The government claim is that the pilot dropped the anchor seconds earlier at 1:27:04, while lights were still on (though it was after the first black-out). Dropping of the anchor suggests critical failure by that time, but I don't think the anchor was dropped at that time because I think this accident was staged. A feigned report of an anchor drop at 1:27:04 suggests a narrative wanting complete electrical failure at 1:27:00 at the latest, because, after this anchor drop, there was only about 100 seconds left to crash time.

Over a period of 100 seconds, at a speed of 810 feet per minute, it places the ship 1,350 feet (.25 of a mile) from the bridge prior to impact...if the ship is continually headed toward the bridge at the time. It wasn't. It's headed straight toward the bridge all of those 100 seconds, and more, only in the fabricated chart of the perpetrators. I'll explain.

There's no explanation yet given for how the rudder got stuck in a non-straight position that would change the ship's course to the pier. In their on scenario, shown on the chart, the rudder would have been held straight ahead toward the bridge. If the electricity goes out at that time, locking the rudder in place, then the rudder gets locked in place straight-ahead...which is not toward the pier.

And so they need a narrative in which there is sufficient distance from the bridge for the boat to veer smack-dab to the pier, veering due to losing power to operate the rudder. The only way they can make this credible is to have the ship moving straight to the pier at the time of power loss. Their problem is, they delete the true path of the ship, and insert their own path. I'll show you this.

The black-box report had the ship at an angle of 141 degrees at 1:24 am. I don't know what this angle means, what it's in relation to, but their faked report has a change in angle of 11 degrees at the final stretch. That is, the ship veers toward the pier by first making an 11-degree shift in its path, and no sooner does it make this shift that it goes STRAIGHT to the pier. It does not take an arched or snaky path, but alters course once, then goes straight for the pier.

The initial report told that the black box ceased to record at "about the same time" as the alarm went off a second before 1:25:00. This looks like a bold load of trash to keep things a mystery as to what happened at this critical time. Black boxes don't stop working when the engine goes out. Black boxes are installed partly to record what happens when engines go out and alarms sound. Black boxes have back-up battery operation.

The mish-mash includes the report that audio continued to record when the alarm went off, yet the black box went out dead, sure-sure. We are told that the sound continued to record as per a "redundant power source," BUT, the black box went out as if it wasn't hooked up even to an alternative power source, sure-sure. At 1:26:02, the black box resumed working, what a lucky strike. It went out only when it was really needed badly. Therefore, if you want to know what happened in the 63 seconds between a fill-in-the-blank electrical problem and 1:26:02, just use your imagination. If you're a good and trusting government puppy dog, something will start to make sense, eventually.

By telling us that an alarm went off (1:24:59), they could be reserving the right to later say that the engine didn't necessarily stop working at that time. Why weren't they straight with their audience? Why didn't they tell exactly what the alarm indicated? What are they holding up their sleeve? The pilots knew whether or not the emergency generator was used, or whether the engine failed? As we hear nothing as to what the pilots have told the government, that's a big red flag. The pilots would have been contacted in an official capacity as first priority.

It just so happens that the black box records rudder angle, but the black box went out during the time that the rudder may have changed the ship's course. That's the story I expect to be the final story: rudder goes amuck during short black-box nap. Sorry.

So, you see, the plotters have removed their need to offer a means by which the rudder went wandering. We're leaving the explanation up to you, the plotters are telling you; use your imagination.

The report told that there were verbal recordings concerning rudder operation during the time that the black box went belly-up, but, shocker, the report told us NOTHING of what the verbal words were concerning the rudder. Are we in the Twilight Zone? The government representative comes to a press conference to enlighten the people on the cause, but "forgets" to tell what the rudder conversation was. My American friends, you're being slapped in the face, spit on, and directed to use your imagination, you'll think of something because you don't want to be labeled a conspiracy nut.

We are then told that, at 1:27:04, there was a record of "steering commands." The people are anticipating knowing what the commands were, but for the time being, the government isn't telling, and can therefore change what those commands were, depending on how well or not-so-well this scheme goes along. Imagine that, a government stooge comes to a news conference, tells that there were steering commands, but doesn't tell what the commands were or whether they can reveal the reason for the lost bridge. The crux of the "accident" is denied you. This is the government lighting itself on fire, and the people ought to pour gas on it until they get the truth.

It appears that the plotters don't want to blame the ship's navigators, yet, anyway. Not a bad word about them is to be found this week. Most of the things I've just said were taken from this video:

Some major media, fronted by a search on youtube, fail to show the ship's turn, such obedient puppets. It's the sharp turn that's problematic for the government narrative.

A ship expert tells that ships have emergency generators allowing steering but not engine drive. But this refers only to emergency generators, to be used when a main generator fails. It's not likely that two main generators will fail on the same voyage. I'm starting to think that the black smoke is going to be blamed on an emergency generator, in which case it seems they will claim further than a main generator went on the blink i.e. to explain the need for the emergency (= back-up) generator.

As I'm starting to sense that the navigators were in cahoots with the government, I expect them to play tricks with the ship conducive with the plot. I expect that the lights were kept off as "proof" to the audience that rudder operation was at risk.

There's no major load in steering a ship, because there are power-steering features in place. Granny can steer a big ship with her baby finger. As little generator power can steer a ship, part of the trick was, apparently, to put out the lights of the ship to advertise, to the viewers of the show, that there was a generator problem. Flickering lights, uh-oh.

Now that I know the ship is 1,000 feet long, I can find its velocity. This Reuters article (dated Thursday) tells that the crash video I'm featuring below may have been from Stream Time Live. The Reuters timeline includes:

1:24:33 a.m. Dali appears to suffer a total power failure as all its lights go out.

1:25:31 a.m. About a minute later, the ship's lights flicker back on. Black smoke starts rising from somewhere aboard the ship.

I'm including the above as part of my proof that this crash video is sped up six times real time, for it has little more than 10 seconds between lights-out and the first sign of black smoke, which works out to about 10 x 6 = 60 seconds, essentially the same as the 58 seconds reported by Reuters.

This crash video shows the ship moving more parallel with the bridge than toward it. How strange is this? Shouldn't the ship be coming straight through it, at 90 degrees, to minimize a crash possibility? Could it be possible that the government didn't expect nor want this video released to the public because it destroys the government plot as put forward in news conferences? But, even so, why is the ship not at the appropriate angle for passing between the piers? Is it because the pilots intended to strike the pier, wherefore they were unconcerned with moving past the piers? Sound good.

There is a sharp turn without doubt, but in a video below, this sharp turn, when shown on a chart, is obliterated, meaning that the government isn't being sincere (to put it mildly) with its report of the crash. The government probably figured that, after 1 am, nobody would see the ship approaching the pier. But, just in case, they thought to show black smoke as part of their plan to feign power problems.

The ship's turn begins immediately after the lights turn on, as though the rudder was fine during the black-out, yet was swung by someone to one extreme side for a sharp turn when power resumed. Isn't this backward? If the perpetrators want the story to be a rudder fault, wouldn't they have the rudder problem during the black out? Yes, and this backward scene can explain why they are trying to use the second, or even the third, black-out to blame the rudder in some way.

The original plan may have been to use the first and longest black-out, but the publicization of the crash video forced them to change plans.

My calculations show that this video is sped up to six times the reality. The full turn takes 18 seconds (video time), which works out to 18 x 6 = 108 seconds real time. After the turn, the ship moves STRAIGHT for the remaining five seconds, 30 seconds real time. What caused the rudder to be right down the middle for those 30 seconds, effecting neither a right nor left turn of the ship, after there were 108 seconds of continual, smooth turning? Does that not look suspicious? It's like the ship had eyes for the pier.

I mean, if one's going to blame the rudder for a crash into a pier, it's not helpful if the rudder goes crazily wayward for 108 seconds, then returns to a straight position that itself happens to send the ship straight into a pier. Who's going to believe that fat-chance story?

Take this video to about 1:12, to when the full ship is seen prior to the turn. What do you see? Do you see a ship coming straight to the bridge, at 90-degrees to it? No, you do not, for it if were, the ship would be past the two piers and almost perfectly between them.

Go ahead and measure the height of the two piers. The one on the right is only slightly shorter than the one on the left, and most of the reason for this is due to the one on the left being further from the camera. Therefore, the bridge is almost a perfect 90 degrees to the camera shot, meaning that any ship coming straight-on to the bridge (from beyond the bridge) would be seen, from this camera, under the bridge arch to the viewer's right of the pier.

Therefore, don't let the goons convince you that this ship, as it's showing in this video at 1:12, is headed normally past the piers, exactly midway between them. That's an illusion if you can bring yourself to seeing this picture that way. In reality, the ship at 1:12 is pointing more parallel to the bridge than toward it. If it continues on the path it's on, it will miss the bridge altogether for another mile or more.

The only way it can strike the pier is if it turns sharply, and your brain is telling you that it does turn sharply after 1:12, wherefore don't let the government magicians convince you that this ship is pointing between the piers at 1:12.

The ship was reportedly doing 8.7 knots after the first black-out, which converts to exactly 10 miles per hour = 880 feet per minute (and 14.6 feet per second). The first black-out was 59 seconds long, meaning that the ship travelled about 880 feet during that time. But does this picture jibe with what we see in the crash video? Can we find how many feet per second the ship is moving?

In the video, one can measure the travel of 1/2 the length of the 1,000-foot ship, in the 8 video seconds, which are 42 real-time seconds. It travels IN THE WATER a little more than half its length in feet, because the ship is moving not perfectly perpendicular to the camera. I'm trying to verify their ship velocity, so bear with me.

There are ways to figure how much this video has been sped up, and I think, based on the car speeds, that it's been sped by six or seven times. I showed earlier that some Reuters data showed this video to be six times faster than real time. That's why I converted the 8 seconds above to 42.

As compared to a ship's length fully seen when it's 90 degrees to your line of sight, a ship at a 45-degree angle, pointing toward the camera as much as pointing away from it, will yet measure about 80 percent it's true length (not half its length as we might at first assume). Therefore, as this ship is pointed more away from the camera than toward it, we are seeing about 90-percent of its true length. Over the 42 seconds above, we are therefore measuring about: .5 x .9 = 450 feet of its 1,000 foot length.

Slow the video down, and pause it at the very start of 1:04 (not including the 4th second). Put your mouse pointer at the front of the ship, and let the video run until the mouse pointer is at the center of the ship. I've found that this takes eight seconds i.e. the ship has traveled about 450 feet in 8 video seconds = 42 real seconds. How do we find it's velocity from these figures?

Divide 450 by 42 to find 10.71 feet per second. Then multiply by 3,600 seconds to 38,571 feet per hour. Then divide by 5,280 feet to find 7.3 miles per hour. Is that even remotely close to their 10 miles per hour for the ship's position at 1:04??? Why are they lying? I'll show more evidence below that the video is 6 times real time.

The ship's turn, starting at 1:13 of the video, took 16.5 seconds video time, = 100 seconds real time. It started when nearly perpendicular to the camera. At the end of this duration, the ship was pointed directly to the camera, for one can no longer see any of the ship's side. At the end of this time, the ship is pointed directly also to the pier (the ship, the pier and the camera are in a straight line). Assuming that the ship was still moving at 10.7 feet per second throughout the entire turn, it did this drastic turn in 100 (seconds) x 10.7 (feet per second) = 1,070 feet of water travel. That is one sharp turn, with travel of about the same distance as ship length.

As the ship turns, the back end moves further from the bridge as the front end moves closer. Therefore, after the turn, the ship's nose wouldn't have been 1,070 feet closer to the bridge than before the turn, but more like 700 feet closer (= more than half the ship length, due to forward motion in the latter half of the turn). The pilots would have wanted a slow ship toward the pier.

I would therefore suggest that the ship did less than 1,070 feet of travel on the turn, wherefore it did not approach as much as 700 feet toward the bridge. For the final stretch after the turn, I've calculated a 320-foot trip if the ship maintained it's pre-turn velocity of 10.7 feet per second. As I think the pilots were slowing the ship much, the 320 feet can probably be raised to that this ship can be calculated at 500 + less than 700 = less than 1,200 feet from the bridge, prior to the turn.

In other words, in both scenarios, maintaining original speed, or with a slow-down in speed starting at the turn, the ship seems to have been about a ship's length from the bridge, prior to the turn.

If we use the length of the ship as a measuring ruler, the distance on the road between the two piers measures at least 2,600 feet. That is, the pier-to-pier span is 2.6 times wider than the ship measurement. In actuality, this pier-to-pier span (this span is at the very center of this bridge) is only 1,200 feet long, according to a google query (it tells that there's 185 feet from water surface up to the road).

This means that the ship, as shown prior to the turn, would measure more than twice as long, on the computer screen, if it was directly under the bridge. Just concentrate on that, because the ship looks like it's very near the bridge, yet it's so far beyond the bridge that it measures less than half of what it would measure when under the bridge. This ship is almost as long as that pier-to-pier span.

If the ship prior to the turn would measure exactly half it's length as compared to it being under the bridge, then it would be as far from the bridge as the camera shot (zoomed or not zoomed) is from the bridge. And that's very-approximately the real situation.

There are five seconds left, once the ship is pointing directly at the camera, to collision time, and that span is 30 seconds real time, and therefore the ship moved toward the pier by at least 30 x 10.7 (feet per second) = 320 feet when it crashed. I say "at least" because the ship's speed is said to slow after the turn. Though we have no evidence of this slow-down aside from what's tossed to us by the unreliable government, it's likely the ship lost speed in its final 30 seconds, in which case the 320-foot distance goes up accordingly.

By the way, let's call this final stretch the Bee-Line. There was no rudder problem at all at this time, for the ship went straight ahead. See any problem here? No ship problem, bridge falls down. How does that problem happen from no problem with the ship? We see with our own eyes how much the ship can turn almost on a dime, and so if the ship went straight to the pier, it wasn't because the rudder can't turn it much if it isn't in the straight position. It was in the straight position, guaranteed.

Nobody reported on-board injuries. Ship slams into pier, nobody hurt. I didn't see any injury to the front tip of the boat aside from the damage due to the bridge falling on it. Where's the damage expected of a massive, fully-loaded cargo ship ramming a pier? Look at all that metal above the pier that holds the bridge? Didn't it even make an incision into the hull?

I've got the video playing at half or quarter speed in order to better time how long it takes cars to travel the 1,200-foot span pier-to-pier. I've measured a couple of vehicles at 2.2 seconds, as the video plays them. The math to find the car velocities, , assuming that the video is playing 8 times real speed is: 1200 feet / 2.2 (seconds) x 3,600 (seconds to the hour) / 5280 (feet-per-mile) / 8 = 47 miles per hour. That seems too slow, which is why six times real speed is better. If we divide by 6 instead of 8, the velocities then work out to 67 mph.

The big truck, and the car behind it, both took about 2.8 seconds to travel from pier-to-pier, and that's: 1200 (feet pier-to-pier) / 2.8 (seconds) x 3600 (seconds to an hour) / 5280 (feet per mile) / 6 (times real speed) = 49 mph. Sounds reasonable due to police at both ends of the bridge.

If you watch the pier closely starting at 1:21, you can see that someone has doctored in a dark patch over the pier, hoping you'll think it's an effect of the ship drawing near. Try slowing the video to half speed, and muting the speaker. Watch from before 1:21, and then see the front of the ship go black at 1:21 for no explicable reason other than someone wants to put a dark patch over the pier. That's what it looks like to me, and it's perfectly logical if they're wanting to hide something.

However, the best way to hide problematic things is not to allow the release of this video. But, if the government failed to have the iron will and iron fist to prevent release, then the next-best thing is for government spy people to demand the video, for tampering prior to release, based on some excuse that tampering is needed for court purposes. So, the FBI could have said, to the video owners, that it needed to hide what's going on at the pier because this is the part of the event that's going to court.

The video owners may have agreed to tampering there, but in no other place of the video was it permitted, for example at the explosive-like charges on the bridge. The owners may have said, "you can't hide those bomb-like lights," and of course the FBI wouldn't make a stink about it because it wouldn't look good (on the FBI) if their making a stink on that aspect got out to the public. It would tend to prove that the lights are indeed explosives.

As soon as the front of the ship goes dark, not having anything to do with lights-out on board, there's a dark patch appearing also over the pier. That black patch remains unchanged there until 1:25, and is then cut in size to allow some of the ship's front to be seen. The patch is then shaped like the pier to disguise it's being there, and shortly after collision, a black color suddenly appears over the entire front of the boat, as the bridge collapses, that looks like a round smoke bomb. Is the government hiding an explosion at the pier?

I'm now going to unhappily discuss this video. This guy insists that no backward propeller was applied, but he's also blind to the sharp turn, as though he's possessed by something I wouldn't want, such as ignorance.

You might skip the small talk, and go to his timeline starting about the 11th minute. In the 15th minute, there's a claim that the ship loses power at 1:24:33 am. The speaker then says (late 12th minute) that the power comes back at 1:25:31, for a total of 58 seconds of black-out, essentially the 59 we saw above. In the crash video, there's 9.5 seconds for this black-out, or 9.5 x 6 = 57 seconds. So, yes indeed, this crash video appears sped 6 times real time without question.

In the 15th minute, he says that there were rudder orders at 1:26:02, 31 seconds after lights came back on. But nothing is revealed to us on whether there was a rudder problem based on whatever the pilot / master said to one another. That's because the government failed to tell the public what the rudder problem was.

The ship was beginning its turn at about 1:25:31 am, same time as the lights came back on. Yet this video shows the path of the ship upon a chart, and look at how near-straight the path is when the boat turns toward the pier. Look at how the ship, prior to the slight turn, is moving 90 degrees to the bridge, dead-on target, ABSOLUTELY UNLIKE the path shown in the crash video. That's how you can know that this speaker is an ignoramus at best, or a fellow plotter at worst.

We are now being duped into thinking that the sharp turn didn't happen. This is brainwashing, deception, damage control.

In the 11th minute, he actually points to the ship upon the chart, indicating that it was there prior to its turn, and the ship is indeed on the straight-on path toward th bridge. That is, the chart does not disclude the sharp turn from the chart, but defines it as a mild turn. This chart may have been in the works from weeks before the crash as the established narrative for when the crash was feigned. Washington, where all sorts of money-grubbing fabrications take place needing all sorts of faked / contrived government paperwork.

In the 16th minute, we're told that the ship lost power for the second time at 1:26:37, meaning the ship had lights on for 66 seconds. The outdoor scene shows lights off for little over 10.5 seconds, or 10.5 x 6 = 63 seconds (close enough to 66), proving yet again that the video is sped six times real time. The authorities may not have released any real-time crash videos in order to better protect their pre-designed narrative.

In the 17th minute, that the anchor was ordered dropped at 1:27:04. I don't believe they dropped the anchor until after the collision, because the plan was to have the ship remain at the pier. It was still there on Saturday, even though it seems it could easily be towed away from the back end.

It also means that the anchor was allegedly released (needs no electrical power) during the black-out, which befits the government narrative for an inoperable rudder.

In the 21st minute (same video above), get-r-done puppet shows what is purported to be an official report with the time of 1:27, where the ship has changed course only by 11 degrees at the final bee-line to the pier. That is a gentle turn. I showed above why the 30-second Bee-Line was over a span of 320 feet only. You can work out your own angle with a to-scale drawing showing a 1,000-foot ship positioned 320 feet (1/3 ship length) from the pier, and therefore less than 320 feet to the bridge. The angle to be worked out is from the ship's nose to the pier, and that's going to be far more than an 11-degree shift in direction.

The reason they worked it out to 11 degrees is, firstly, that they had the ship moving faster so as to get more distance between ship and bridge in the final seconds. Moreover, and more pertinent, their Bee-Line starts far earlier than where I start it at five seconds before impact. They start their Bee Line at the start of the turn in the crash video, which is about 100 seconds before impact. That's how they can get something in the ballpark of 11 degrees when in fact the ship turns more like 50 degrees (hard to know exactly until we know the camera angle to the ship).

[Days after this update was out, I came across the video below, done by a fool, who in the 3rd minute shows the Curtis Bay Channel coming into the main channel at about 55-60 degrees to it. The main channel is straight-on toward the bridge, wherefore it's now clear to me that the Dali was coming down the Curtis Bay Channel, in which case it turned more like 55 degrees by the time it struck the pier. The reason this speaker is a fool is because he can't bring himself to admitting publicly that the ship was on the Curtis Bay Channel even though he sees with his own eyes, in the crash video, that the ship turned a lot more than 11 degrees. This fool even fails to tell his viewers that the ship turned when the power was ON i.e. when rudder control was ON: End insert].

The black smoke continues to show coming from the ship until about 1:30 video time, which is when the ship ceases to turn, and makes for the Bee-Line to the pier. This black smoke continues to spew throughout the second black-out and beyond. It may not have been engine smoke, but rather produced with a few drops of oil put into a generator's engine, so to speak, some means to feign a damaged emergency generator. That way, as per the ceasing of the smoke, they can say it was due to the emergency generator -- the last power resort on board -- going kerplunk. Thus, they can say there was no juice anywhere for the rudder.

In the 22nd minute, the goofball claims that the sharp turn seen in videos is a "perspective issue," implying that he thinks we're seeing things wrongly who see the sharp turn, and that his opinion of a near-straight line is the correct view. He's either too stupid to see that the chart he's using is a trick, or he's part of the trick.

Late in the 23rd minute, there's a claim that the pilot radioed the loss of power at 1:27:25, 14 seconds after the second black-out. It appears that this part of the story, the radio message, aligns perfectly with the black-out, suggesting again that black-outs are to be interpreted, by the viewing audience, as due to critical, generator failures, the set-up for a faulty-rudder story.

Again, so long as the smoke was shooting up, something was burning fuel. Smoke was coming out the chimney for some 50 real-time seconds after the start of the black-out. It's as though they were wanting us to believe that the emergency generator was needed due to a massive failure of the regular electrical sources. Their problem is, there is more than one main generator on board large ships, and so how can they expect us to believe that there was absolutely zero power for the rudder?

It seems a lot queer that the lights were going on and off while the engines were blowing smoke. You can't say the lights went out because the engines failed while smoke is coming out the chimney. Nobody I've watched has said that smoke wasn't coming out the chimney, and so I've got to reason that smoke was coming out the chimney. If they will say that it was from an emergency generator rather than the engine, then we are being led to believe that the generator went out a couple of minutes after it started, and thus it knocked out the ability to use the rudder...just when the ship was headed straight for the pier, and just when the rudder was locked in a straight position after doing a wild turn. A likely story, indeed.

What are the chances of having a ship-wide electrical problem in the same five minutes as an engine problem where the electrical problem is not caused by engine problem? Wouldn't that look too much like smoke and mirrors to make us think something's going on that wasn't? I don't know whether they are going to go with engine problems and electrical problems together, we'll see.

One video told that ship engines don't create the ship's electrical power, the way that a car engine can for its much-smaller needs. Ships have separate electric-producing generators for all the ship's needs, and these feed the engine's electrical needs too (pumps, plugs, etc.). He said that, in a full power failure, the engines can't run, but I've therefore got to guess that, as there are multiple main generators on board a large ship, any one of them must be prepared to feed the engine's needs. They are not going to depend on one generator alone for engine needs, because any generator can be easily wired to route it's power to wherever the crew wishes it to go...such as a rudder.

In the 24th minute, we learn that police were stationed at both ends of the bridge, with the excuse that they were working in tandem with the construction crew on the bridge. But this makes zero sense because construction crews don't ordinarily need police help. It makes more sense, under the suspicious circumstances, that the perpetrators got the police there to manage the scheme better in some way, whether the officers knew of the scheme or not.

And what was the construction crew doing on the bridge, anyway? I didn't see any dump trucks or excavating machines, etc.

At the 34th second below, the ship can be seen from front to back, in daytime, where one can add up the containers to calculate 1,000 feet on ship length, if the containers are 40 feet long, and with 8-foot gaps between them.

This video below has some good daylight views of the aftermath from the sky, where one can see that the ship is not badly damaged. Repairs might cost less than a million, not a big deal for such a company. The owner of the boat may have agreed to play a conspiratorial role in return for something. At 2:43, one can see both the widths and length of the containers, and by comparing the two, the containers look like 30 footers.

The guy in this video thinks the ship only glanced against the pier, no ramming. I think he's absolutely correct. There is zero damage to the front of the pier. It can appear as though the ship merely parked beside the pier. This makes me think that the metal columns were exploded away. At the sight of this photo, the speaker in the video should know better than to think that the ship took down the pier when there is no damage even to the side of the pier protection. Yet, like 80-percent or more of people, he's sticking to the official / media narrative lest his friends and family members take him for a conspiracy nut:

In the video above, the concrete pillars in the water, which were not hit, explains why the ship had to do a major, sharp turn, to get around the pillar. The problem is, the crash video doesn't seem to have the ship coming up alongside the pier. Yet the photo above shows no damage where one expects it, at the pier's bumper, but also on the upper hull. I don't even see a paint scrape. Out of 1,000 feet of hull, what are the chances that the very front of the hull would arrive to the pier, rather than some other part of the hull, unless a pilot was aiming for that situation?

There's is a huge difference between a heavy ship glancing something, and ramming something when it has no choice but to transfer forward its full load to whatever its ramming. If those lone-standing (not braced to anything) concrete pillars in the water are built to deflect a ship that merely glances against them, shouldn't the steel columns holding up the road, where all four columns support each other with bracing, have been able to do so even better with a glancing ship?

The speaker in this video isn't clever or brave enough to go against the media narrative wherein the ship was coming straight-on toward the bridge.

Video on cargo-ship generators and unlikeliness of losing rudder operation due to redundancy:


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trudeau wants to steadily increase gas taxes in the name of climate change, when the reality is that globalism wants a transition to electric cars and other "green" things (probably to make green $$$). And so the less desirable electric cars become, the higher the gas prices will go in efforts to recoup some desirability. However, when people get a load of this unique message that is bound to go around, in the first couple of minutes, it's the end of electric cars:

The guy is bang-on in saying that only a fool would renovate his gas station to accommodate electric cars when people do 90-percent of their charging at home. There's only one thing for globalists to do to overcome this problem: make it illegal to charge cars at home. VOTE THEM OUT. But they can't do that until there are electric-car stations all over the place, and they can't have electric-car stations all over the place unless they make it illegal to charge cars at home, wherefore this is game over, the writing's on the wall for Musk. But the globalists will still raise gas taxes because their true game is stealing green loot from your hard-earned, honestly-earned money.

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