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June 25 - 30, 2024

More Pointers to trudeau, and Guilbeault too
The Ghost of Jody Raybould Who Rattled trudeau
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Hall of Names is once again showing the descriptions of the Coats of Arms presented at House of Names.

There is an article online telling that proto-Geddes Geds were on the Nith river from 400 BC or earlier. I think I have found heraldic evidence for it by loading Nuggets from seeking a variation of Nitts/Naughts and Nets/Naughts. The latter were first found beside Dumfries, and Nitts/Naughts were first found in Dumfries with the Nith river. The Nuggets are listed with NewGATE's, however, but this is a boon for my theory that Gates' were a Geddes branch.

Load Nugget Coat now, which loads on another tab, in order to load other surnames so that you can follow better.

I had the theory that Knee's were descended from a Nith-river family, and there Knees variation looks like the News surname to perhaps explain NEWgate's The latter named an old location, NiuDEGATE, and so the Delgatto's came to mind, and as they use a white, stripe-less tiger, I loaded Maybe's/Mabee's to see their white stripe-less tiger on a vertically-split Shield in the colors of the same of Gates'. I might not have been writing on this except that Maybe's/Mabee's were first found in Kirkcudbrightshire with Nets/Naughts. I thought that this was pretty good stuff.

For the longest time, I haven't known what the "naked" code of heraldry was for, but can now show it's for Nugget elements because a "naked woman her hair DISheveled" is used by Elis' sharing the Coat of Elias', the latter first found in West Lothian with BathGATE. The Kilpatricks of the Nith use an "I" motto term while Eye is beside the Diss of the Diss'/Dice's, first found in Norfolk with Patricks and Lucys. The Geddes' were said to use "lucy" fish too, and Lucys are said to have been lords of Dice. Google tells of a Nacket / Nakket surname. Nugents/Newgents/NewSHANds can apply because Schims/Shands almost have the "fortunae" motto term of Nitts/Naughts.

In fact, Schims/Shands share the Washington Chief while the double Washington bars can be of the Nugent/Newshand Coat. Washingtons were first found in Durham with the Comites-branch Conte's, and Nitts/Naughts use "OMNia fortunae committo." Sinclairs, at Midlothian, beside Fortune's of East Lothian, use "Commit." Sinclairs were kin of Mens', and Omens/Omans are suspect in the Nitt/Naught motto.

The Jackets/Jaycocks were then loaded because they share the triple crescents of Lallys who are in the Irish NAUGHTon write-up. Jackets/Jaycocks were first found in Suffolk with Tigers, Nights/Naughts, Omens/Omans, but also with the English Towns/Tune's possibly in "forTUNa." Scottish Towns were first found in West Lothian.

Then, while French Pine's share the triple Jacket/Jaycock crescents too, English Pine's were first found in Devon with Gates'. Lallys come up as "MOLally" while Mole Valley (in ConNACHT) is where Nuggets/Newgate's were first found.

I later found that Geets/Gedda's have the Jacket/Jaycock Coat in colors reversed.

The Kilpatrick-branch Pattersons/CASSANE's were from Ui Maine, and the Naughtons have: "...DalCASSIAN sept of the Ui Maine related to the Mulallys". The latter are listed with Lallys. Cass'/Cash's were first found in Cambridgeshire with News'/Nuces' and March's while English Case's love the Diss'/Dice's in their motto. March's share the crescents of Nimo's/NEWmarch's/Newmoke's and Seatons/Sittens (East Lothian with Nitt/Naught-connectable Fortune's). Nitts/Naughts share the lion heads of March's.

As Chase's and Cassane's were first found in Hampshire with Ghents and Checkers while the latter's Coat is in the Nitt/Naught Coat, note the NewGENT variation of Nugents/Newshands. Schims/Shands were first found in Aberdeenshire with the Case-related Leslie's.

Naughtons are also Nortons while the Nothing variation of Northens is in the motto of Sutys (Green dragon), and while the latter share a "hazard" motto term with Seatons, the latter share a green dragon in Crest with Irish Kilpatricks while Scottish Kilpatricks had a castle on the Nith. Suty-branch Side's/Sudys have a "tiger". Plus, there a Seaton location in Devon with the first-known Gates', with Geddes-beloved Pike's, and with pheon-using Maine's.

The Barrys/BARRE's in the Suty "barry" have barry in the colors of the Knight pale bars, and the Fiddle's/Fidelows in the Barry motto, who share the red Barry wolf head, have a "garland" while Garlands (Perthshire with Sutys) share triple-red pale bars with Knights in turn having the Kniths in their write-up. These Barrys have a "legi" motto term while Leggs/Legges' were first found in Dumfries. The Rains/Raines' with a "leges" motto term share the Nitt/Naught lions. German Barrys share triple fish heads on red with Geddes'. The latter call them "pikes" while Scottish Barrs/Bare's were first found in Ayrshire with Scottish Pike's.

Sutys have a "hull" while Hulls, who share the triple dog heads of Halls (Lincolnshire with Wake's) were first found in Yorkshire with English Walkers and Wakefields. Scottish Walkers share the triple pale bars of Garlands. Garlands share the "chaplet" with Hicks while Mrs. Kilpatrick was born, Miss Hicks.

These things confirm all the more that waking Sleeping Beauty, in my dream of roughly April 1, was fulfilled my Mrs. Kilpatrick, the pointer to the Apophis asteroid that I think will strike the earth, scheduled in April 2029, 50 years after the dream.

English Walkers, first found in Yorkshire with English Jacks and Hulls, share the triple crescents of Naughten-related Lallys and Jackets/Jaycocks. Scottish Jacks use "holly" while Hollys have a dog in the colors of the Hull and Hole/Hall dog heads, and then Sutys have the "hull." Kingston of Yorkshire is on its Hull river while Kings (Devon with Gates') and Kingstons share the Net/Naught lions.

The Nothing variation of Northens is telling because their Coat is in Cnut/KNOT colors and format, suggesting that king Cnut/Knutr was a Nith-river liner, especially as Wakefields have been found to trace there while Wake's have a "fret knot".

Sutys show a one-tailed lion, but are said to have a lion with "two tails", wherefore they were a branch of Suttons because the latter, first found in NOTTINGhamshire, have a two-tailed lion. The Suty lion is in the colors of the two-tailed lion of Wells, first found in Lincolnshire with Wake's, Souths/Sowthe's, and Southerton-beloved Eagle's/Hegels. Wake's and Souths/Sowthe's share double-red fesses.

Historians are usually simpleton stupids when deriving place names, and probably derive "Sutton" is "south town" rather than having the wisdom to derive it in a similar surname. These stupids know full-well that places are often named after human or tribal names, but duh, they conveniently "forget" it when deriving place names in some off-the-wall dictionary terms that they IMAGINE best suit the location. Suters were first found in Angus with Side's/Sudys. The latter's Tiger kin were first found in Suffolk with eagle-using Southers of Sotherton. Patterson-connectable Sodans/Sowdens/Sowtens were first found in Devon with Seaton, and with Patterson-connectable Maine's.

With one tail, the Sutton lion (Sitter/Sidewell colors) happens to be the lion of Lorraine's while Chaplets were first found in Lorraine. The same lion is with Astys while Asti province is beside Monforte while Montforts have a two-tailed lion in the colors of the Garland lion, and it's Garlands having the "chaplet." Lorraine's (Northumberland with Sitters/SIDEwells) use the eagle of the Polish Piasts because Richeza of Lorraine married Mieszko II the Piast, and then king Cnut was the grandson of Mieszko I the Piast.

Suttons are said to descend from Montaign-like "Montaigu" when a ruler of Montague came to rule Sutton in Nottinghamshire. Therefore, Seaton elements were at Sutton, and as Seatons are also Sittons, we take them to Sitten of Switzerland, also called, Sion, and then Sions/Swans/SWEYNs were first found in Lanarkshire with Asty's. SWEYN Forkbeard was Cnut's father with Side / Suty-like SWIEToslawa (read as "SUIEToslawa), Mieszko's daughter, as his mother. This is the first evidence I've had that Sions were a part-Polish line from Sweyn Forkbeard.

The Mieszko-like Masci's, first found in Piedmont with Monforte, share the fleur-de-lys of Irish Kilpatricks who in turn share the Seaton/Sitten dragon, to be assumed. Masci's probably named the Meschins, and the latter were from the MalaHULE Danes while Forkbeard and Cnut were Danish kings.

The Make's, listed with MACKs, in the Kilpatrick motto have a Coat feature looking like a feature of Masci's, both sharing the MACEY/Mace stars. Suty-beloved HULE's, suspect in MalaHULE, are listed with Hulls who share "laurel branches" with Lorraine's. The latter are in the colors of SITTERs/Sidewells, both first found in Northumberland with king Sitric Caech, grandfather of king MACCus. Kilpatricks share the saltire of MAKESton-branch MAXwells/MAKESwells. The Bee's in the Makeston Crest share the quadrants of Masseys and MALahule-like Malls, both first found in Cheshire. The bee-using Boys/Bie's were first found in Berwickshire with Make's/Macks.

The Hull laurel comes with a "dog's head" while Dogs/Doags (Perthshire with Sutys) share the cinquefoil of Lanarks/LURNachs who in turn have the Lorraine-like Lorne's. Lanarkshire is where Lorraine-connectable Astys were first found who could possibly be in the "as astra" motto phrase of Mountain-loving MacKenzie's who are in turn the main pointers to the Apophis ASTERroid. The Sutys are important in this dog picture because Suttons share the Asty lion.

Mr. Kilpatricks (Sleeping Beauty's husband) and the Dogs/Doags were important to the pointer to Apophis in the second update of this month, when I did a full and thorough pointer to this asteroid. I strongly recommend everyone read it for obvious reason. The Suttons were from rulers in "Montaigu," and Montagne's are listed with French Mountains.

I had read that Mens' were a branch of Manners/Maness' (Northumberland with Sutton-connectable Lorraine's) who in turn share the Sutton motto. Mens' were at Glen Lyon of the Lyons (Perthshire with Sutys) who in turn share a green lion with Lorraine's and Suttons. Mens' are in the mottoes of Poppins/Pophams and Pepins/Pepys while king Apophis of the ancient HYKSos was also, Apepi. Pepins ruled with the Merovingians, and the latter descended from Childeric while Childs share the Lorraine eagle. The "manSIT" motto term of Poppins/Pophams should be part-code for Sittens, first found beside Mens' of Midlothian.

The blank red Chief over a blank white Shield belonged to MontFERRAT/Monferrat, beside Monforte. It's almost the Coat of Poppins/Pophams, first found in Hampshire with Checkers. Ferrats (Brittany) and Checkers share the checkered Shield of Nitts/Naughts (Nith river with Geds), and while Montfort is beside Rennes (Brittany), the Rains/Raines' have lions in the colors of the Nitt/Naught lion heads. Alans of Brittany married Alice of Saluzzo of Montferrat elements. Saluzzo's and Ged-beloved Dure's (same place as Sutys) have the Arms of Montferrat but with a blank, blue Chief.

The Side/Sudy-connectable Ditts were first found in Staffordshire with same-colored Hicksons and Pepin-branch Pipe's. Seats/Seeds, Settle's and Shettleworths were first found in Lancashire with the Gorsuch's who share the Lorraine bend-with-eagles. Shettleworths share the "weaver's shuttle" with Hebrons, first found in Northumberland with Lorraine's. German Weavers are also Webbers while English Webbers have the bend-with-fleur of Pepins and Pipe's in colors reversed. English Webbers were first found beside the Webbs, the latter first found in Wiltshire with Saddle's, and with the Stars/Stairrs sharing the lozenges of Settle's. Asters are listed with French Sturs, and English Sturs were first found beside Wiltshire.

It's making me wonder what the Seaton bloodline could possible have to do with a pointer to the mountain-depicted asteroid in the 2nd Trumpet of Revelation. The Poppin/Popham motto is translated with "mind" while Minds are listed with Mountain-like Munds.

Asti province is not far from the Stura-Demonte river of Piedmont. Lancashire is where Plate's were first found beloved in giant form by new-to-me Papineau's/Papins. I looked the latter up days ago when it was on the news that trudeau's home riding is Papineau. It just so happens that Papineau's/Papins have "raisin SEEDs in a plate", and Raisons/Raise's and Seeds were first found in Lancashire with Plate's. The Suty-beloved Hulls have the triple dog heads of German Pape/Papenburgs in colors reversed. Papineau's/Papins were first found in Maine.

[Insert -- When Sleeping Beauty was hovering, she was RAISEd over the SEATs. The Seats are listed with Seeds. As soon as I touched her leg, we were RISING into the sky as if something super took place by surprise. Risings/Risons may have been a Raison branch. She was sleeping or resting when I woke her, as she hovered, and Rising-branch Restons were first found in Lincolnshire with Wake's, Reesors/RAYSONs/Reasons, and Schim-connectable Blacks. The new-to-me-now Rowsons/Rawsons use a "BLACK raven's head" to go with the similar "Cornish chough" of Raisons. Reesors/Rice's use ravens. It's pointing to trudeau via Papineau elements.

We were HOLDing each other while rising into the SKY, above her CAR, while Skye is where McLeods/Clouds were first found, with a "Hold fast" motto, who share the bottom half of the Rowson/Rawson castle. Holds/Holts were first found in Lancashire with Papineau-beloved Seats/Seeds, and Cars too.

By the time of this insert, I was connecting trudeau to the Rumble's below, and they almost have the full Rowson/Rawson motto!!! Zowie. And Rows along with raven-using Rove's were first found in Norfolk with Risings/Risons and Rise's. Rovers were even first found in Surrey with Trots/TRUDE's, and with the Steers who can have the Cedes variation of Seats/Seeds in their motto. End insert]

While Irish Pattersons were of Ui Maine, Scottish Pattersons, first found in Ross-shire with Apophis-pointing MacKenzie's, love the Pellicans, first found in MAINE, but then the Carne's have a giant pelican while CARNEYs share the pheons of Nutters/Nottings, and of Lords/Lauds, the latter first found in Suffolk with Knights who have a "Roger le Knith". While the Kilpatrick castle on the Nith is at CLOSEburn, Knight's share the "spur" with Close's/Clovse's, and then Spurrs with Supers were first found in Devon with Gates'.

Some are saying that Mark CARNEY will replace trudeau when the latter is forced to step down this year. The Tine's/Tyne's, twice in the Carney motto, use a "reindeer" to go with the trudeau "deer." The "causa" motto term of Justins is just about the "cause" of Tyne's.

Suffolk is where Mens-like Omens and Glenny-beloved Pennons were first found suspect in the Nitt/Naught motto. Pennons share the "buck's head" (different colors) with Hicks' and Poppins/Pophams. Omens are in Pape/Papenburg colors and format while Mens' are in the Pepin motto. Is this an omen that Apophis is LANDING? Pepin of LANDEN of the Merovingians.

Mens' are said to have been at GlenLyon while Glennys share the Chief-Shield colors of Mens' and Poppins/Pophams, the latter first found in Hampshire with Aster-branch Sturs whose Coat in turn can be traced very well to Scottish Drummonds, first found in Perthshire with GlenLyon. German Drummonds were first found in Hamburg with Pape's/Papenburgs. There's a Sutton location in London, where Capes' were first found who share the Chief-Shield colors of Pennons, both in colors reversed from the Chief-Shield colors of Glennys, Poppins/Pophams and Mens'.

The Glenny "MARTLets," suspect from Pepin-line Charles MARTEL, are "LEGGed red" while Leggs were first found in Dumfries with the Nith.

The Close/CLOVSE Crest has a green lion that should be the Sutton lion because king Clovis of the Merovingians was the son of CHILDeric while Childs share the Lorraine eagle. The Fiddle's/Fidelows in the Barry motto are also in the Close/Clovse motto.

While Cnut-connectable Chanuts are also Chene's, the Wings in the Nutter/Notting Crest, and in the Chaine/DuChene/CHAND Coat, were first found in Worcestershire with Knightons/Nitons. Schims/Shands/CHANDs (Chaine/DuChene/CHAND colors) share the Mole boar while Nuggets/Newgate's were first found in a Mole Valley.

The Nothing/Northern write-up: "Later, Richard le Northryn, le Northren was listed at WAKEfield, Yorkshire in 1317 and William Northene was recorded in the Subsidy Rolls of SUFFOLK in 1327." Wakefields (in the last update) share the garb of Walks/Wachs, the latter first found in Dumfries with the Nith. Wakefields were first found in Yorkshire with Close's/Clovse's (and Hicks), and so the Kilpatrick Chiefs may be in the colors and format of the Wakefield Chief for a related reason. With the Masci fleur suspect in one Kilpatrick Chief, it squares with Close's/Clovse's looking like they borrow the Macey/Mace Shield.

Clots/DuCLOS' were first found in Lorraine, and German Clots were first found in Hesse with the Vechters/WACHters. The latter share an "Industria" motto term with Walks/Wachs. The Tate's suspect in the latter's motto term, "DITat," were first found in Suffolk with Knights and Side-loving Tigers. It just so happens that Ditts share the white and stripe-less tiger with Nuggets/NEWgate's, yet the stripe-less tiger in the Ditt Coat is a version of the Side and NAPP lion. Sleeping Beauty fell asleep, -- took a nap, we could say -- before I was told to WAKE her. Napps were first found in Cambridgeshire with Chaplet-loving NEWS'.

The vertically-split Shield/Chief of Wakefields is connectable to the same of Dutch Tromps because the latter share the Delgatto eagle that's itself horizontally split in the same colors. Therefore, it can now be established, for the first time in my work, that Trumps were in the Leggs who almost have the German Trump/Tromp Coat. Leggs were first found in Dumfries with the Nith.

Donald Trump is said to be from a Drumpf family while German Drummonds were first found in Hamburg with Geats/Gedda's (Trump / Drummond colors). Scottish Drummonds were first found in Perthshire with the Dure's expected in the "Durat" motto term of Geds. Perthshire is where Sutys were first found while their Side/Sudy branch was first found in Fife with Geds.

The Rats/Raids in "Durat" were first found in Nairnshire with Geddes'. Rads share the hexagram of HaGARDs, likewise first found in Perthshire, and in Trump/Tromp colors and format. Val Trompia is at lake GARDa. English Gards were first found in Kent with Drummond-connectable Sea's. The Rads share the triple hexagrams of Kate's/Katterbachs, first found in Mecklenburg with Trumps/Tromps.

Cnut-connectable Nutters/Nottings share the pheons of Pilate's, first found in Burgundy with Chanuts/Chenu's, and with the Cussons who are very linkable to the Kilpatrick "cushions." Burgundy is where Legg-like Loge's and Primo's were first found, and while Loge's share the Gettes' Coat, the Prime's, first found in Lincolnshire with Wake's and GEDneys, use a giant leg. English Loge's/Lodge's were first found in Suffolk with Knights. The latter are suspect from the Nith, home of Geds several centuries before the institution of heraldry.

Is Swietoslawa named the Seet-like Sweets/Sweits, then, because the latter share the Car STARs, and a chevron in colors reversed from one another, the Seats/Seats/Seeds could have been from she and Mieszko. This can explain why Sweit-like Suits/Shuters share the "leopard" with Mieszko-like Mosca's of Piast-like Pisa. Shots/Shute's/Schute's were first found in Wiltshire with STARs, and Scute's in Lancashire with Seats/Seeds and Cars.

The Suit/Shuter leopard is "sejant," meaning that it's sitting, and is even said to be "sitting on a green mount." Mounts were first found in Peebles-shire with Sweet-like Tweets while Thwaits/Twitts were a branch of Irish Tute's/Tuits (Norfolk with Thwaits/Twitts). The Fish in the Tweet Coat were first found in Essex with Mount-like Mountains. Tweeds, with a reflection of the Tate/Teet Coat, were first found in LANARKshire (beside Peebles-shire), where Sions/Swans/SWEYNs first found while Sion is also sitting-like Sitten. Swietoslawa married king Sweyn. This is not to say that Tweets were purely a variation of "Sweet," for it could be that Tute liners merged with Swietoslawa elements to create a Tweet variation in honor of her name.

Tute's/Tuits are linkable to Haydens, and Haddens share a "Suffer" motto with Haldens (Renfrewshire, beside Sions/Sweyne's) while Oda of HALDENsleben was a wife of Mieszko I i.e. father of Swietoslawa. Haddens share the Shield-Chief colors of Poppins/Pophams and their Mens' kin while Poppins have a "hath" term in their translated motto that can be code for the Hat variation of Hades' (share Hayden quadrants). Hatters share the Hadden roses. Haldens were once said to be first found in East Lothian with Seatons/Sittens.

With Sweyns first found in Lanarkshire, we go to Lanarks/Lurnacks having the Lorraine-like Lorne's while Lorraine's are from Mieszko II Lambert and his wife, and we can see similarity between the Sweet/Sweit Coat and two Lambert Coats.

AMAZING. Leopard-using Suits are also Sewers while Sewards ("leopards") share the two Sweet/Sweit chevrons while SIWARD of Northumberland could have been related to the Lambs, first found in Northumberland with the Stevensons/Stinsons having a "CoeLUM non soLUM" motto terms while the Lambs list "Lum." Meanwhile Coel-like Cole's/COLDs have a giant, black bull in the colors of the giant Mieske/Mesech bull HEAD, and this is from mythical KOLODziej, founder of the Piasts to which Mieszko's belonged.

The amazing part is where the other Stevensons/Stinsons, until recently said to be first found in Northumberland too, are in SWIMIN colors and format. Swimins have "leaves" while Leave's/Leve's were first found in Norfolk with Hadden-branch Heads/Heeds, Stinson-branch Steins, Beauty-related Haydens, and Suit-like Tuits, Sleeping Beauty was wearing a SWIMMING SUIT!!! The Cole/Cold bull is black, the color of the Beauty and Hayden bull. Haydens have the Foys/Foix's while there's a "fox" in one of the Crests of Mounts, first found in Peebles-shire with Tweets.

One of the French Foix's/Foys was first found in Auvergne with fox-using Fez's and Bouillons. The latter have a "bello" motto term while Baileys and Baliols were first found in Northumberland with Stevensons who in turn share the Chief of Douglas', the latter first found in Moray with Bellys. And king Bela of Hungary married Richeza of Hungary, daughter of Mieszko Lambert and Richeza of Lorraine. You can see the Piast / Lorraine eagle at Richeza's Wikipedia article.

Notice that Helen, queen of Croatia, is one of Bela's daughters, for I had read that Bela was married also to Helena of Angusta (Romania). I trace Cravens and their Rick kin to Richeza-like Rijeka/Rika of Croatia, and the Rich's/Richess' are said to have named a location in Lorraine, suggesting strongly that Richeza was named after Rijeka elements. The ancient BREUCi were at/near Rijeka, and Helens were "first found in Brittany, where Hillion, near Saint-BRIEUX, was the birthplace of Herve d'Helion."

Angusta is near Bacau while German Belli's have a "beacon" while Bacons are also Beacons. Bakers/Backers share the lion of Cabbage's who in turn have an "ANGUSTis" motto term. Cabbage's were first found in Northamptonshire with Haddens while Helens almost have the Head/Heed Coat in colors reversed. Haddens have: "Haddon Hall is an English country house on the River Wye at BAKEwell, Derbyshire," and Bakewells/Bagwells (Derbyshire) share the Coat of Verone's/Varenne's and German Bugs while Italian Belli's were first found in Verona.

Hats/Hades' were first found in Dorset with English Bugs, and with the George's whom I trace to George of Hungary, Bela's nephew. This George was father to the Scottish Drummonds while German Drummonds were first found in Hamburg with German Bugs and Trips. The latter were from Trypillia, near Kiev, and Lorraine's were from Maria of Kiev, wife of Casimir, son of Richeza and Mieszko Lambert. Richeza of Lorraine is styled "of LOTHARingia," and Lauder is beside Peebles-shire. Lotharingia was named after Lothar, descended from Pepins, and while Pepins/Pepys (Este kin) are also People's, Peeble's list "Peoples."

Pepin-connectable Helens look like kin of Este's, first found in Essex with Swimin-connectable Stevensons/Stinsons. While Sleeping Beauty was wearing a swimming suit at her CAR, Swimins look like kin of Stevensons/Stinsons, first found in Essex with Este's, and with the Low LEIGHton location at which the Hicks are said to have had a branch. Yet the Hicks' are also said to have had a branch at St. Ewe, and Helens have: "Some of the family were found in the parish of St. Ewe, Cornwall. "The manor of Heligan,..." Apophis/Apepi was a HYKSos.

Rijeka is at the northern end of ISTRia while asteroid-like Asters are also Isters.

Leightons/Leytons were likely a branch of neighboring Leghs/Leigh's/Leys who in turn share a giant Mount lion while Apophis-pointing Mountains were first found in Essex with Low Leighton of the Hicks, and Miss Hicks' husband is in this photo with Spuds MacKenzie (see two updates ago for more details). MacKenzie's have a "mountain in flames." to match the blazing mountain-like asteroid of the second trumpet.

I've told why this asteroid, for 2029, has been tracked to flying by at 4,000 miles from the earth's surface, explaining why NASA wrongly pegs it at about 19,000 miles from the surface. At just 4,000 miles away, and moving five times slower than NASA wrongly predicts, this asteroid could easily be pulled in by earth gravity.

The Helions in the Helen write-up are listed with English Helms while German Helms have a giant helmet. The Dragons/Drainers (Kent with Greens) in the WORM Crest have helmets too, and Helena was the daughter of VRM, count of Angusta. English Helms were first found in Surrey with Trots/TRUDE's while, in doing my best to locate Angusta, I pegged it on the Trotus river, location of Bacau. Helens almost have the Head/Heed Coat while the latter's Hayden kin are suspect with the Foys/Foix's and Firmans and/or Formans/Fermans, and while the other Foys/Foix's were first found in Ile-de-France with Trude-like Trudeau's, Formans/Fermans share the green Worm dragon, both in Crests.

Bacons/Beacons (Suffolk, beside Heads/Heeds, Haydens, Bakers/Backers, and the Fayerman variation of Firmans) have a "firme" motto term while "beacon"-using Fullers have a "FERMiora" motto term. Firmans have a "Christo" motto term while Bouillons, first found in Auvergne with the other Foys/Foix's, have "BELLO Christi." Bello's use the fox HEAD. Suffolk is where Bruce-branch Brush's were first found while Helens were traced above to the Breuci of Croatia. Bruce's were first found in Yorkshire with Formans/Fermans and Firmans. Bela was the father of Helen of Croatia.

I've just recalled the Hose's/Hussys of the last update because they share the Arms of Pola/Pula in Istria. From the last update: "Mamie had her BATHing suit on, and Hose's/Hussys have: '"William Hosed or Hostus held Charlcomb, in Somersetshire, of BATH Abbey [beside Stur-like Stars],..."'" Hosts/Osts were first found in Somerset with Bath and Bulls/Bule's, and the latter with Hosts/Osts have bull heads in the colors of the full bulls of French Mountains, and so this looks like another pointer to the Apophis asteroid, especially as Poppins (same place as Aster-branch Sturs) love the Mens'/MAME's.

We could say that Mamie had a Swimin SUIT on because Swimins share the bend of Jewish Pollocks whose saltire is connectable to the Arms of Pola/Pula. I showed how SUITs can trace to the Swietoslawa POLES. The Arms of Pola/Pula is a cross in colors reversed from the same of Risings/Risons, the latter first found in Norfolk Rise's, and with the Swimin-beloved Leave's. If the Swimin leaves are ignored, the Swimin Coat is the Rise Coat.

Mamie and a garden hose were to topic when she got a thigh symbol at her garden. English Hose's (at/near LEGro river) have human legs, and Thigh's/THY's, in the "thy" motto term of Sinclairs (Midlothian with Mens'/Mame's), have a giant fox while Mountain-connectable Mounts (Peebles, near Roslin of Sinclairs) have a fox too while the other Mounts share the giant Legh/Leigh/Ley lion.

The MacKenzie mountain is shown as what houseofnames normally uses for a "rock," but then French Rivere's, first found in Languedoc with Roque's/Rocks, have a giant "mountain" in the design of the Roque/Rock "rock," but the Rivere mountain is in the colors of the Arms of Roquefeuil.

"LANGUEdoc" looks like the French word for "tongue," and while English Mountains almost have the Tongue/Tong Coat, French Mountains were first found in Languedoc.

Trudeau's Nazi Deputy

Chrystia Freeland, the "vice-president" of canada, has Nazi elements in her immediate family, and so she was likely in-the-know concerning the invitation of a Nazi from Ukraine, Vladimir Hunka, when he was given two rounds of applause in the parliament last year...when nobody in parliament was told openly that he had been a Nazi in world war II.

The Freeland surname is virtually the SHERwood/Shirewood Coat. The latter shares roses with Chrysts, who in turn were first found in Austria with Austrian Schere's and German Schere's/Schire's; the latter share red roses on the stem with German Walkers/WALCHers. German Freys/FREIE's have a horizontally-split Shield in the colors of the vertically-split Shield of Austrian Schere's.

As heraldry bears it out, I had decided to agree with someone who claimed that president George Herbert WALKER Bush was born George Herbert Scherff Jr., the son of a Nazi, George Herbert Scherff. German Walkers, and Wilkins too, have Coats reflecting the Scherf/Schere Coat. And English Walkers were first found in Yorkshire with English Bush's and Walk-related Wakefields. Walks/Wachs were first found in Dumfries with Scottish Kilpatricks (share WALCH/Walsh saltire) while Irish Kilpatricks have a Sheera variation. The Sure's/Shore's (Surrey with MICHAELs) in the motto of Irish Kilpatricks can be a branch of Shere's/Sheers (first found at MICKLEover) who in turn probably share the fitchee of Scherfs/Schere's. George Bush Jr. married Laura WALSH.

Mickle's (LIDDESdale) share the spur with Kilpatrick-connectable Close's and Knights, and also with Lyddle's of Lydesdale, the latter first found in Roxburghshire with Walchs/Walsh's and Mickle's.

As Prescott Bush was a pro-Nazi banker, it makes sense that George Herbert Scherff Jr. had become more than friendly with Nazi infiltrators into the CIA, for long before he became the CIA Chief, he had an official Bush surname, suggesting that the CIA was in full agreement with his feigning the son of Prescott Bush.

Both Freeland Coats use stars while Stars/Stairrs were first found in Wiltshire with Freys/Frys. Stairs/Stayers were first found in Kent with Shoreland/Sherlands (look like Carrick kin while Carricks look like Shere/Sheer kin). Schore's share red roses with Scherfs/Schere's. Therefore, the name of Chrystia Freeland is linking hard to Scherf(f) elements, and while there's no Hunk surname coming up, Hunkins, first found in Cornwall with Score's, share the mascle of English Vaux's, first found in Essex with Frey-branch Freys'/Freeze's/Phreeze's.

Prescott Bush was a Sheldon on his mother's side, and Sheldons share ducks with Hunkin-like Hankins, though Sheldons call them "sheldrakes". It's amazing that Sheldons were first found in Worcestershire with Square's/Squire's. Hankins call them "black ducks" while one Black Coat is reflective of the Freeland and Sherwood/Shirwood Coats. The other English Blacks (Lincolnshire with HANKs) share a Lux" motto term with Prescotts. Sherwoods were first found in Durham with the Washingtons sharing a Black and Scottish MOCH Chief. Shows/Schorrs and Bosco-branch Boasts/Bois' are in the motto of Nimo's/NemMOKE's suspect in the "animo" motto term of Hankins.

Square's/Squire's have "a red squirrel CRACKing his NUTs," and Carricks share the black dog with Shere's/Sheers while Nut-connectable Cnuts/NOTs were first found in Derbyshire with Sure's/Shore's. "I show NOT boast" is the full Nimo motto. Nuts/Knuts share the pheons of French Pilotte's/Pilate's, and English Pilotte's/PILLERs (Lincolnshire with Blacks and GRASSE's) share the Coat of Pellets in the pellets of the Freeland Crest. Scottish Bosco's use "...pillars, out of EACH, a GOLD TUFT of grass." Each's and English Golds share the giant Frey/Freie lion. Tufts share the "phoenix" in Crest with Hankins.

The closest I can get to linkage of this discussion to Trudeau's is where Trots/Trude's were first found in Surrey with Shere's/Sheers, and with two Michael surnames both looking linkable to the Trudeau Coat along with Scottish Michaelsons. Surrey is also where Biss' were first found having snakes "respecting EACH OTHER." Others/Otter were first found in Huntingdonshire with Cottons who in turn use "HANKs of Cotton."

Also close to the discussion, Trade's/Trotte's share the fleur of German Bush's and Bosco's. Bosco's are in the Scottish Rose write-up, and the Show variation of SCHAWs/Schorrs is in the motto of Nimo's along with the Boast variation of Bosco-branch Scottish Bois' who in turn share the Score cinquefoils. Shorelands/Sherlands are also SHAWlands.

Nimo's/NemMOKE's are also NewMARCH's while March's share the crescents of Nimo's/NewMarch's and FREEdays/Freydays/Fridays, in colors reversed from the same of March-like English Marks. Freys/Freie's share the giant lion of German Moke's/Mocks (Rhineland with Bush's).

I'm not familiar with this heraldic set with March's and Marks together, but it's suddenly amazing where Scottish Mochs, while having a "SCIMitar", share the Chief of SCHIMs/Schiens/Shands, first found in Aberdeenshire with SKINs/ what looks like a pointer the skin-scanning machines for the Biblical "mark of the beast." French Mochs show nothing but an erect white sword, symbol of Skins Scans too, yet the Moch sword is in both colors of the Chaine/CHAND sword! ERECT heraldic features could be code for RECKITTs, amazing because they too have a scimitar, and they happen to share the Skin/Scan swords in both colors!

[On Friday, after mentioning my MUGGing in Galveston, I thought to seek a Moch-like term that could be a Mugg variation, and found the Mucks/Muggah's sharing the French Moch Coat but with the sword in both colors of the Skin/Scan sword. Muggs/Mudge's and Madge's/Machets were first found in Surrey with Trots/TRUDE's and Fitch-loving Sheers/Shere's. Much's are listed with Machet-like and Fitch-related Muschats, and then French Mochs are also Mouchets/Mucheys. My mugging later points to Steven Guilbeault in an interesting way.]

The "ViDERI" motto term of Scottish Mochs can be for a branch of Deers in the Trudeau Coat.

trudeau's Schwabian Gangsters

I wrote the above on Wednesday. On Thursday morning, I looked up the GuilBEAULT surname, as per Steven Guilbeault, trudeau's climate-change and carbon-tax overseer. And here's a Thursday headline in youtube from a Conservative MP: "Minister Guilbeault’s friend ILLEGALLY funnelled $50M taxpayer dollars to HER companies". This is an example of how the money can get to Schwabism. Americans ought to take notice. See also "green slush fund."

I saw that the GUILBEAULT Coat looks related to the ArchiBALD Coat, which reminded me of Verne Archibald, my landlord in my 20s after I build him a deck. The German Decks/Daggers share the red squirrel with Square's/Squire's, and a red squirrel is with Carrick-related GILBERTs too. Gills were first found in Yorkshire with Carrick-branch Craggs. The GilBERT chevron-with-roses is in the colors and format of the chevron-with-fitchees of BERTs/Births, suggesting a Gill-Bert marriage to form Gilberts.

French Guils, who almost have the DUC/LeDuc Coat (both first found in Brittany), share the eight-pointed star of German Teegers while "Teg" is a GILbert motto term. Ducks/Dacks, with lion heads in the colors of the lions of Duce's (Staffordshire with Docks), have the falcon design of English Stevens, and as English Falcons were first found in Cumberland with English Daggers/Dackers and Dockers, it speaks for itself for a pointer to STEVEN Guilbeault.

Because we crossed the Births/Berts with Gilberts, I'm going to add that I asked Lorraine for a date on my BIRTHday at her bus STOP. Stops/Stubbs were first found in Staffordshire with their Pipe kin, and with Duce's and Docks, and the Letts/Late's with "organ pipes" were first found in Gloucestershire with Stevens.

Lorraine lived very near Verne Archibald, and to the best of my recollection, I was headed to his place when I spotted Lorraine at her bus stop (I had seen her there before), when I rode my bicycle to her and asked her for a date. James LeDuc, chief of the Galveston National Lab, comes to mind in all of this because it had entry into the Wuhan lab, and then the WINNipeg lab in Canada was caught bringing viruses to Wuhan in 2019, just before the plandemic was foisted. WINNs share the eagle of Graff-like Grave's/Greafs, first found in Gloucestershire with Stevens.

"WinniPEG" suggests a look at Peggs, but while I see nothing with them to connect to surnames above, Peks/Pecks are in Car colors and format and therefore connectable to the chevron-with-roses of Gilberts!

But wait. The Peggs use "wedges" while Wedge's/Weggs/Waggs share the Finch motto while Lorraine took the bus each workday to the FINCH subway station...and I saw her there by freak chance a week or two after we split up!!! The motto includes "ConSCIRE" while Square's, sharing the red squirrel with Decks/Daggers and GilBERTs, are also Squire's!

I've explained a million times that Lorraine's white PANTs, on our last night together, pointed to Pansys/PANTzers, first found in Westphalia with Ducks/Dockers who named Bar-le-DUC in Lorraine province. The Arms of Bar-le-Duc uses the PANSY, you see. But now watch what's yet to be said.

I built Verne a deck. Deck-like Dacks are also TAX's. Steven Guilbeault oversees the carbon TAX. I trace Dachs/Tax's to Borders (Somerset with DUCKs and CARys) while CARbons (almost the Duck/Dack Chief) use a border but also half the saltire-with-swords of Dachs/Tax's and Borders (share Duck star). Gilberts (share white roses with Carys) are in the colors and format of CARs, the latter first found in Lancashire with Bolts/Balts and Boltons/Baltons. GuilBEAULTs were first found in the same place with Beaults/BEAU's while BEAUmonts (beside Somerset's Wedge's/Weggs) share the lion of English Bone's possibly in "CarBON."

The Bolton/Balton Coat looks related to the Coat of Deckers/Deekers/Dickers, first found in Sussex with Bone's. The Coat of Deckers/Deekers/Dickers looks related to the BERT/Birth Coat, signalling "GilBERT." It appears that my birthday date with Lorraine is pointing to this Guilbeault character. While Dutch Dyke's share a red squirrel with Gilberts, Scottish Dyke's were first found in Cumberland with Daggers/Dackers and Dockers.

I told that, a few days before asking her on the date, I came home from a jobsite building a boat house...which inevitably had a dock.

English, LeDuc-connectable Dockers share the BRIDGE with Galveston-like Galways, and while we saw German Teegers sharing the eight-pointed stars of Guils, Galway is where Irish Teague's/Teegers were first found. These eight-pointed stars are in half the colors of the same of Duc's/Le-Ducs. The Vince variation of Finch's is in the Galway motto. Bridge's were first found in Somerset with Ducks/Dacks. See that? It's not necessary for Guils to have formed "GUILbeault"; it's sufficient if God arranged the heraldry around Guils (established in Dol) to point to Guilbeault for some reason. Dols were first found beside German Teegers.

I've told a hundred times that I had a cloud-on-sun omen hours before being mugged in Galveston. I found this cloud-on-sun in the Crest of Jeffreys who in turn have the six pale bars of English Guils/Gulls in colors reversed. The same cloud-on-sun is with English Lease's, first found in Northumberland with STEVENsons/Stove's. A giant sun is with Beaults, first found in POITou with GuilBEAULTs. This looks like an undeniable pointer to Steven Guilbeault. The Posts in the Jeffrey motto were even first found in Hampshire with the Poitou-like Potters and Pots.

Repeat from above: "The "causa" motto term of Justins is just about the "cause" of Tyne's." Cause's share the Bolt/Balt Coat, and the first-known Cause was in Gloucestershire with Stevens. As Tyne's are also BOTville's, the latter may have been a variation from "Bolt." In fact, it recalls that BOTTle's/Bootels, first found in Lancashire with Bolts/Balts, are said to have included a BOLTelai location. It is very fortuitous that I remembered this because Bottle's/Bootels are said to be from "Count ROGER de POITou"! Cause-like Chase's/Chace's, which pointed to graphene-oxide in vaccines along with Mr. Kepke, were first found in Hampshire with Pots and Potters!

GuilBEAULTs and Beaults were first found in Poitou, as were Fouchys who are in turn in Bolt/Balt / Cause colors and format! As per Roger of Poitou, English Rogers not only share "deer" with Trudeau's, but they both have the same Coat in different colors! The Pennants in the Coat of Cowes' (Lancashire with Bolts and Bottle's) were likely kin of Pictons while the Pictones Gauls named Poitou and Poitiers.

The Bottels are listed with Bothwells who essentially share the Coat of Verona's/Vires', the latter first found in Ile-de-France with Trudeau's.

Butlers are linkable to Dunhams while Botlers have: "Their ancient title was Butler (Bouteillier) to the Counts of Meulent (Robert de Beaumont about 1066,) the actual family name being PINCERna". The Arms of Meulent shares the Texas Coat, but do note the BEAUmonts of Meulent (also called "Meulan"). Beaumonts of Meulan married the Leavells of Castle CARy. That is, Waleran de Leavell married Ms. Beaumont of Meulan, and Walerans (Bottle format and colors reversed) were first found in Devon with PINCERs/Pincons. PINCum was at the mouth of the Pek (Moesia) while Peks/Pecks are in the colors and format of CARs (Lancashire). It can explain why Sleeping BEAUty was with a car, for Waleran-connectable Beautys were first found in Dorset with BeauMONTs. For what it might be worth toward Apophis, Botlers are in the colors and format of Mountain (Essex with Peks/Pecks).

I've told a hundred times that, later in the day when being mugged in Galveston, I had a change of plans, deciding to seek property in south Tax-like Texas instead of dangerous Mexico. I picked up a newspaper that morning for a look at the want-ads, and seeing that property prices for vacant tracts (as lows as $10,000) were very good, I went home to Canada the next day, after staying the night in CRYSTAL City, due to black-smoke problems out the tailpipe. While pulling out of Crystal City, I resolved to return in six months to purchase. Seven months later, I purchased in Texas from Mrs. Teague. The Texas Coat shares the Coat of English Vaux's, first found in Cumberland with Daggers/Dackers and Dockers! Crystals share the cross of Galways, and Teague's were first found in Galway.

It was Rick LEGGE and TREVOR (don't know his surname) who helped me build ArchiBALD's deck. Legge's almost have the Trump Coat, and Fouchys were first found in Poitou with Guilbeaults and Beaults/Beau's. Then, Verne's were first found in Forez with Fauch's while Trevor-like "Travers" is a Fore/Forez motto term. Is Guilbeault a key vaccine-pusher criminal in Canada? Verne's use a giant "tree" while Tree's were first found in Wiltshire with trumpet-using Calls/Calles'.

The Sempers in the Docker motto share the Duce Coat, and Sempers were first found in Essex with STEVENsons/Stinsons. While Archibalds are said to have married much with Douglas', Verne's share the Chief of STEVENsons/Stove's and Douglas', the latter first found in Moray with the Bellys who in turn share the Guilbeault rose and the eight-pointed star of Ducs/LeDucs who in turn essentially share the Moray Coat.

We just saw Verne Archibald's deck pointing to bio-weapons / vaccine goons, for the relationship between LeDuc's Galveston lab and Wuhan concerns bio-weapons, we can be sure, for the Obama administration wanted to cripple the United States for to re-build it in communism. "BUILD Back Better" was Biden's slogan, but it is also the slogan of the globalist destroyer, Klaus Schwab. Builders/Bilders essentially share the Birth/Bert Coat. It makes by birthday date look like it points to the Bilderberg globalists, especially as Date's were first found in Norfolk with Birth-branch Burts.

Obama permitted his vice-president (Biden) to have corrupt ties to China, and it's known that the Clintons were selling top-secret data to foreign nations in return for pocket cash. The same corruption is in Guilbeault's circle of gangsters.

Balds were first found in Peebles-shire, near the first-known Archibalds of Roxburghshire, and I was dating ROXanne while building Archibald's deck. Roxanne can be a pointer to Anne's of TICKhill (Yorkshire with Ticks) because they share the stag heads of Deerings, the latter first found in Kent, where Ticks, a Teague branch, were once said to be first found. Kent is also where Guils/Gulls were first found, who, by the way, were a branch of Gullys/Gullys in turn sharing the crosslet of Teague's (and English JULians)!

Stop/Stubbs are possibly in the write-up of Stumps who have the Tick Coat in Colors reversed. I went to the Deerings above because Trudeau's use "deer". Italian Dere's look like they share the Chief of French Galli's and French Julians, and German Julians have the triple pale bars of Guils/Gulls in colors reversed.

Lorraine's share the bend of Keeps (for a related reason) who in turn share a "galley" ship with Balds. GALways share the cross of Crystals, the latter first found in Yorkshire with Galleys, Gale's and that Crystal-beloved Calvarys.

Trevors share the Coat of Pennants who are in turn in the "pennants" upon the "galley" of Scottish BALDs. Trevor helped me build ArchiBALD's deck. Pennants use another "animo" motto term while Nimo's were first found in Stirlingshire with the Bauds sharing the Bald "galley." This is quite amazing since Mr. Archibald and Trevor had nothing to do with the formation of heraldry.

Trevor has red hair while the Budini of Kiev were said to have blond / red hair. Kepke's were from Kiev, as were Lorraine's, home of TRYPillians, and while German Trips are Treffs too, Trevors are TREFors too.

French Bauds, with almost the Coat of Kepke's while Mr. Kepke pointed to graphene-poisoned vaccines, were first found in AuVERGNE while Verne's list Laverne's. Archibalds share the Crest of Scottish Kidds while Kepke's share the goat of English Kidds. Kepke's were related round-about to Lorraine's, and I dated Lorraine some eight months after moving out of Verne Archibalds. She happened to live a half-dozen properties from Archibald's, both of them nearest the intersection of CHURCH and LORNE streets.

I'm writing this two days after the country learned that Leslie CHURCH lost the by-election in St. Paul, though I don't know whether this should to be to topic here. Possibly, because her loss may have been part of God's hammering trudeau, one painful step at a time.

Balders were first found in West Lothian with Bathgate while Bathgate's share the sun of vaccine-pointable Needle's, the latter first found in Shropshire with vaccine-like Vychans having a Fauci-connectable VAUGHN variation. The Needle Coat is shared by Guilbeault-branch Beaults/Beau's and Hesse's. Three of the suns of Beaults/Beau's is with French Poussins while poison-like Poissons share the triple garbs of Bardys who in turn were first found in Perigord with Fauchys and Faux's/Fage's/Chollens'. Fagots/Fage's were first found in Auvergne with French Bauds.

German Clots were first found in Hesse. French Clots, sharing the Fagot/Fage chevron, were first found in Lorraine. Clots use a "mullet" while Mullets were first found in AuVERGNE with Fagots/Fage's. After moving into VERNE's place a second time after dating Lorraine, I moved out after discovering that his tenant and he may have been faggots. I've heard that Tony Fauci is married to a man.

German Clots (Schwab colors and format) use a tree "trunk" while trunks were first found in Franconia with Schwabs. French Clots are listed with Clauds/CLAUSels, looking like a pointer to KLAUS Schwab, the vaccine-murdering, anti-Christian, Nazi-suspect infiltrator who wants his people to affect / control your brain by remote control. These people have death wishes.

When moving out of Archibald's, not having a vehicle at the time, I had to carry an extension LADDER on my shoulder past Lorraine's place, which I think pointed to Hunter Biden's corruption in Kiev, for Lorraine is also called LOTHARingia, and I was moving to Hunt street while Hunts list Hunters. Bidens are listed with Budins while Budini were at/near Kiev and Trypillia. Scottish LAUDERs use a "tree STUMP BUDDING" as apparent code for Budini elements. The ladder is a symbol of English Trips, from the Trypillians of Kiev, where Lorraine's trace. Stump-like Stamps look like kin of Rush's (Suffolk with Kepke-connectable Kidds), suspect from Varangian Rus of Kiev. Stumps look like Tick kin.

More "pennants" are with Keith-branch Caddys, and I trace Keith Catti to the Chatti of Hesse. Keiths were first found in East Lothian with Faughn-branch Faucets and Vaux's/Vance's. French Bauds use a ram while Rams look like kin of Raines' while Guils had a branch at Rennes. Cowes' use "pennants" and were first found in Lancashire with Bolts/Balts/Bolds, Boltons/Baltons, and Trevor-like Travers. GuilBEAULT. It was the Trypillia-connectable Trevors/Trefors who share the Pennant Coat. The Kiev-like Chives' were first found in TARVES while Travers are also Traves'. Tarves' look like Clinton and Hillary kin.

Bolts/BALTs/Bolds (Lancashire with Barksdale's/Brickdale's) are said to have been first at Barkisland while Barks use "larks" while Archers (share arrows with Barksdale's/Brickdale's) share the Coat and motto of Larchers/Lurch's. French Archers share the crescent of ArchiBALDs. Larks were first found in Norfolk with Barack-like Barks and Dunhams. Barack Obama is a Dunham on his mother's side. Barksdale's/Brickdale's have the five, bunched arrows (same colors) as per the Arms of Rothschild.


To the best of my recollection, and a thing I've said a few times before, I moved into a new apartment, on Rumble avenue, the day after I met and dated Lorraine. Earlier this week, on a story involving trudeau's crimes, I looked up the RayBOULDs to find them listed with Rumble's/RumBALDs. They share the Bus cinquefoil, and I met Lorraine at her bus stop.

We split up two or three weeks later, yet I bumped into her, almost 10 miles away, at her FINCH bus-subway station, a week or two after we split up, by freak chance that I consider a set-up by God. I stepped off a bus at the station, and she was the first to in line to get on the same bus. I walked right by her, and we eyed each other. She was not happy because I had accused her of fooling around with her friend's husband when she came home, from a walk with him, with a grass stain on her pants (I dropped in on her while she was on the walk). That was the pointer to Bar-le-Duc. As I POINTED to the grass stain, note that Pointers (Berkshire with Arch's/Arks and early Boots) share two fingers pointing with Budini-like Boyds and Babe's. This is, I assume, why the grass stain was on her BUTT. She was/is pure blond, and HERODotus said that Budini were pure blond.

The Lorne's have: "Lorne is a Scottish place name in Argyll and BUTE, of unknown meaning." ARCHELaus-like Argyllshire is where HERODs/Haralds were first found, and they share the Coat, almost, of Fore's/Forez' because Herod ARCHelaus of Israel had been banished to Vienne-Isere, not far from the Forez mountains. The Arc river flows into the Isere, in Savoy, and Fore's/Forez's were first found in Savoy. Save's were first found in Burgundy with the Forez mountains, and with the French Grands while Scottish Grands were first found in the same place with Gows/McGoo's who in turn share the Herod/Harald fleur-de-lys.

I'd also like to mention the grapes of LAUS'/Lauers because we have Agrippa-related "ArcheLAUS" to topic while Grape's/Grabbers/Cravners list Agrippa-like Gripps. I've mentioned MANDy Teeter many times, and while Teeters/Deeters use grapes too, MANDER's (Herod-like Rhodes kin) share a "Laus" motto term with Rumble's/Rayboulds. Mandys share the Rudes/Ridge cross to show that they were a Mander branch. The Maeander river of Caria is near Rhodes. Teeters/Deeters use the "dog" while Dogs/Doags share the Rumble/Raybould cinquefoils. What could this all mean in regards to what's at topic with Rumble's?

Teeters/Deeters use a "BUNCH of grapes" while Derbyshire's Froggits (same place as Mandys) have a "bunch of cherries," and Bunch's were first found in Perthshire with Dogs/Doags.

Mandy lived at the WINEcup ranch, and Wine's are listed with Winns who in turn share the Grave/Greaf/Grief eagle. Is Mandy a pointer to the WinniPEG lab? Why were Peggs first found in Derbyshire with Mandys?!? The Piggs, in Pegg colors and format, share purple with Mandys!!! She's the one who invited me to a famous FRIO Bat Cave (Frio Canyon, Texas)! Bats are used in bio-weapons labs to make virus' that can attack humans.

I was on the bus that day (at Finch) with Joe Oullette while Mike, his brother, had given Lorraine a Babe symbol a few weeks earlier by saying "what a babe." Babe's and their Brady kin were from PodeBRADY of BOHEMia. Bone's/BOHUNs (Sussex with Lorraine-related Keeps) share the lion of BEAUmonts while Beau's/Beaults share the sun with Babe's and Bradys (Galway). I've said many times that Babe's were once said to be first found in Dorset, where Beaumonts were first found. Ukrainian Babys share the Arms of Meulan, where Beaumonts ruled.

As my birthday is at the end of the month, I may have been living at the apartment of Albert Oosteyn on the day of the bus-stop event, because apartments are usually rented on the first day of the month. Albert's girlfriend at the time was LORNa, what a coincidence. Albert was a pure-blond Dutchman, and his surname may have been of the Stains and Steins = Stevenson branches.

In fact, English Steins (Norfolk with Bus') share the Rumble leopard face. Incredibly, "AlBERT" took me to BIRTHs/Berts, who not only have a chevron-with-items in the two colors of the chevron-with-items of Rumble's, but the Birth/Bert Crest shares the Stein and Stevenson Crest!!! Birth-branch Burts (share Coats) were first found in Norfolk with Rumble's!

I moved out of Albert's place on, or roughly on, my BIRTHday, to Rumble avenue, and Rumble's not only share the Bus and LURNach cinquefoils, but have a "laus" motto term while Laus' are listed with Lauers, evoking the Larks/Lauerks (Norfolk too) who in turn have a version of the Stain and Stevenson Crests! Her pant STAIN. Larks/Lauerks look like kin of Foots in turn in the Crest of same-colored, Babe-related Blonds. The Pellets in the Lark/Lauerk Coat were first found in Sussex with Babwells.

Almost missed it: Laus'/Lauers were first found in Bohemia, where Babe's trace!

The Crest of Births/Berts has "a garland of laurel", and Stevensons/Stinsons have a "laurel garland", though Stains call it a "green wreath". French Alberts share the Laurel Coat. German Stevens share the Garland Coat. Lorraine's use "laurel" so that the Rumble Crest might have the lion of Laurels and Alberts. The latter were first found in Languedoc with Roquefeuil, and with the Rockets almost having the Coat of Albert-like German Halberts. Halpers (same place as Rocks and Rooks) almost have the Crest of Sledge's who are in turn in the Crest of English Alberts. Sledge's, in Halpert/Halbert colors and format, were first found in Essex with the English Stevensons/Stinsons having a version of the Stein Coat.

As the Rumble chevron-with-cinquefoils are in the two colors of the Gilbert chevron-with-ROSES, it's notable that while BABwells and the Arms of Podebrady use the "gold gate", the Rumble Crest might be the Gates Crest because Gates' were first found in Devon with GilBERTs, with AlBERT-connectable Berts, and with Pincers/Pincons.

English Alberts have a giant griffin (Gates colors) in the colors of the Graff/Graffen lion, and the latter's Crest is the Gates and Rumble Crest but with an anchor. As I've said since prior to COVID, I lowered Albert Oosteyn onto his GRAVE, and Grave's/Greafs were first found in Gloucestershire with Stevens. I didn't know I would be one of the pallbearers until asked to be while attending his funeral. He died at roughly 42 with MS. Mandy Teeter was with me, at his funeral, and Teeters/Deeters use Grave-like "grapes" while Grape's list GRAVers, can we believe it?

Two OulLETTE brothers were involved with Lorraine and I, as mentioned above, and the last time I saw Karen Graff was at the place of a third Oullette brother (David). There were four Oullette brothers in all, and I moved to the apartment of the fourth one, PAUL, upon moving promptly out of Rumble when the landlady evicted me for using her POOL without getting permission, when the sister of Joe Oullette's wife came over. French POLLs/Pole's are also Pauls, and they share the Graff/Graffen lion too.

I was Albert's POLLbearer at his grave, carrying his coffin, and Grave's/Greafs were first found in Gloucestershire with Letts. OulLETTE. I trace the latter to Owls/Howls, and Albert-beloved Sledge's use owls. Pools/Pole's were first found in Dorset with the Chaffins/ChafFINCH's and Chaffs, the latter almost having the giant Albert griffin, and then Coffins are also Chafens, can we believe this? Why is Lorraine, and Albert's death, pointing to graphene-oxide? Chaffins/Chaffinch's use the "dog" while Dogs/Doags share the Bus / Rumble cinquefoil. I was living at Rumble when bumping into Lorraine at her Finch station.

As Mandy Teeter was born, Miss Sim(p)son. I have shown why the Simson motto should be for ancient ENOTRians, also called OENotrians. "Oen" in Greek means "wine," and Mandy lived at the Winecup ranch. The Enotrians lived in the area of Italy's LAUS!!! The reason that the other Simsons (BUCKINGhamshire) share the BUCHanan lion, in colors reversed with Pictons (near the Wine's/Winns), is likely that BUXENtum is at the Laus bay. Buxentum was also called, PYXus, perhaps of the Piggs / Peggs. The other Simsons are connectable to the Tudor-related Trevors, and Tudors can be a pointer to Tedros, chief of the WHO.

We can also take "Pyxus" and the Pictones Gauls to the Pyxites river in the land of the Celt-like Khaldi whom I trace to "Calydon," where OENeus was the mythical king. He was given the real city of Methoni/Modon for a daughter, in Messenia which named Messina in Sicily, near the Laus bay. Modon-like Modena is where Morano's were first found, from Morano on the Sybaris river even nearer to the Laus Bay. In fact, Wikipedia says that peoples of Sybaris founded Laus.

Behold: Morano's were first found in Modena with the Morinis' in turn in the write-up of Deerings, and while Trudeau's use the "deer," Deers share a six-sectioned Shield (different color) with Nutters/Nuts. The Simson motto, "Alis NUTRior," can be for the Nutters/Nuts because Mandys were first found in Derbyshire with Cnuts/Nots. Pictons even share gold drops with Cnuts/Nots. It just so happens that Nutters/Nutts (in the cracked nuts of some squirrels) were first found in Gloucestershire with Grave's/Greafs, is that not amazing? Mandy Sim(p)son was at Albert's grave. Nutters/Nuts share the Carney pheons, begging whether Mandy is a pointer to Mark Carney too.

"Alis" is a Simson motto term. They are suspect from the wine god, Dionysus, and I trace his MAENADs to the Maeander river i.e. to Manders. Alis', with a "Vincit" motto term to get us to Finch's, use a "fir" tree while there's "fire" in the Mandy Crest. Firs are listed with Fire's. Maenads were all females suspect as code for Amazons at the Pyxites theater, and while Maenads were given a crazy-killer symbol, that NUTS!!! It tends to convince me that Simpsons have the Nutters/Nuts in their motto!

We then go to the Simms using a "halbert" axe to match Mandy attending Albert's funeral (she didn't know him). Simsons were first found in Buckinghamshire with English Grass' who in turn share the giant lion of French Alberts. The Pens/Pence's in the "pen" of the Simms' were first found in Buckinghamshire too. English Alberts were first found in Kent with Rick-connectable Actons suspect in the Rumble motto, and with the Reckitts/Ricketts (share Rumble chevron) suspect in the "recte" motto term of Coffins/Chafens, and in the "rectum" motto term of Pens/Pence's. The Prime's suspect in the Coffin/Chafen motto were first found in Lincolnshire with English Grasse's (not "Grass").

When Mandy came to visit me, we went to Blue Mountain ski resort in Collingwood, and Collingwoods almost have the Coat of English Rogers (Northumberland), both much like the Trudeau Coat. The thing is, Welsh Rogers/Rosers are in Simson colors and format, and English Rogers (share Finch/Vince motto) share "deer" with Trudeau's! When mentioning this before, I added the trudeau's brother died in a ski accident. I also told that Albert Oosteyn went to work one winter at the Whistler ski resort in British Columbia, and while Whistlers are listed with Wissels, Waistells are listed with Wessels! Look at all of these "coincidences".

I now need to go back to the end of my Sleeping Bag dream where Miss Peare got a waist symbol as a pointer to Waistells who have a horse on a "gallop." The Deers have "A galloping horse", and I told several times of riding Miss Peare's horse at about age 20. There is a "horse bridled" in the Roger/Roser Crest that shows in the courant positioning along with the horses in the Deer and Waistell/Wessel Coats, and I also rode Mandy Teeter's horse.

I mentioned the Collingwood event in an October update of 2021, but later, in the 3rd update of July, 2022, I said:

The English Roger Coat is a different-colors version of the Trudeau Coat, which reminds that the only time I went skiing was at Blue Mountain in Collingwood, and that justin trudeau's brother died in a ski event (avalanche). I was skiing with Miss Simson at the time, and Simsons are in the colors and format of Welsh Rogers/Rosers. This paragraph seems to be a trudeau link to Francis Collins, chief of the NIH until his recent resignation.

I think it's astounding that while Peggs above tended to make Mandy point to the Winnipeg lab, they use "wedges" while Wedge's/Weggs (Somerset with Whistlers) share the motto of English Rogers!!!! The latter almost have the Trudeau Coat. The Winnipeg lab is under the direct authority of trudeau, and he's responsible for the scandal there involving Wuhan. It's also the motto of Finch's/Vince's who are in turn in Wedge/Wegg colors and format.

I rode Peare's horse to a bank, a drop-off in the field, then returned to she and Kepke. The sleeping-bag dream had a hill off of a road, and so I realized that it was Intended by God as a bank because the opposite side of the road had a mall, and Malls have the MalBANCs. The road was then realized as a pointer to Hillary Rodham, not only because Hillarys were first found in Worcestershire with Hills, but because Rodhams share the ermined bend of Malbanks, and both were first found in Northumberland with Horse's.

There's more evidence for creating that picture, but, the point here is, the Bank of Canada.

The discussion prior to bumping into Mandy Teeter above had Lorraine's grass stain all over it because Lorraine's were Rick liners. Rijeka is near the Carni peoples while MARK Carney, a former head cheese of Bank of Canada, is being called by some to replace trudeau as party leader.

English Marks are in the colors and format of English Grass'. The vertically-split Shield colors of Fauci's and Tromps are shared by German Marks. Will the mark of the beast arrive when he's the prime minister?

Carneys are the ones with the Tyne's in their motto, and the Faucets suspect in the Coffin/Chafen motto were first found in East Lothian with the Simms' and SEATons, at/near a Tyne river. We saw Mandy pointing to Grave's and Coffins while Grave's were first found in the same place as Carney-connectable Nutters/Nuts. Plus, Chaffs and Chaffins were first found in Dorset with Gallops!!!! I think I now see why the Deer have a galloping horse, as a pointer of the sleeping bag dream to both the Clintons and trudeau, for I have suspected for a long time that he was engaged with the Clintons, on a hunch, from when they visited Quebec.

Before reading the below, note that while Hats/Hades' (another pointer to death) were first found in Dorset too, Hatleys were first found in Bedfordshire with Trudeau-beloved Deers!

North Hatley [Quebec] has been abuzz as former U.S. President and former first lady Bill and Hilary Clinton spend some quality vacation time there. As Amanda Jelowicki reports, the couple plans to host former Canadian Prime Minister Jean Chretien over the weekend, to celebrate Bill Clinton's 75th birthday. – Aug 14, 2021

It was their second trip to North Hatley. Hatleys share "pierced" stars (same colors) with Hillary-connectable Clintons while Peare's were first found in Oxfordshire with Clintons and BEE's below. Miss Peare pointed to the Clintons in the dream, but is now also pointing to trudeau with the Gallop-loving Waistells. Pierce's are PEIRs too, and Pero's/Perino's share the double Hatley hexagrams, as do Wise's/Weis' (very similar to Hatley Coat) suspect in the "BE wyse" motto phrase of Gallops (same place as Hats)!!! The Weis/Wise Crest is much like the Nutter/Nut Crest!

The Wings in the Nutter/Nut / Wise/Weis Crests were first found in Worcestershire, where the JEANs were once said to be first found. JEAN Chretien! Chretiens share the blue lion with Creightons/Crichtons who in turn have a "grace" motto term for Grass(e) liners. Creights/Crate's (share Washington Chief) come up as the Wreaths in the Hat/Hades Coat! Why does it seem that God is pointing to the Clintons meeting up with Chretien? What possible corruption were they discussing between the two countries that could inevitable involve trudeau's decision(s)? This meeting in mid-2021 was in the throes of the vaccine mandates.

Chretiens are in motto of Levi's, first found in Ile-de-France with Trudeau's, and Laevi Gauls were co-founders of Pavia along with Mark-like Marici. MARK Carney? Pavia is where Pierro's/Pero's were first found while trudeau's father was Pierre! The sleeping bag dream had pointed to the Aids/Ade's, in Rodham colors and format, likewise in the Levi motto.

Chretiens can be from the Carot variation of Carons who have a lower Shield in colors reversed from, and in the format of, Chretiens. Carets/Carite's share the Wreath/Creight/Crate fesse. Carrots/Carews (Cornwall, beside Walerans) can be gleaned as a Carrick branch, and French Care's/Carre's (Burgundy with Carney-connectable Pilate's) share the Carrot/Carew lion. But then English Care's/Carre's ("Cornish choughs") have a bend-with-faces in the colors of the bend-with-roses of CART-branch Cary, but, more than that, the Care/Carre bend-with-faces is in colors reversed from the very same of Aids/Ade's in the Levi motto while Leavells were at Castle Cary, in Somerset with the first-known Carys, Carts, and English Leavells. This is how to trace Leavells to Levi's.

The Birth-connectable "blue BIRD" of Coffins/Chafens (share Seat besants) goes to the "bird" in the "green tree" of Pinc- and Ping-connectable Panico's/Pane's at the SETTa valley. Births/Berts share the fitchees of Ricks, the latter first found in Cheshire with Birds and Setta-like State's/Stations. Can Lorraine's bus/subway station apply here?

It's probably important that the Setta valley drains into the Reno river while Reno's/Reins (share Pinc lozenges) can be in the Tyne/Botville "reinDEER." Reno's/Reins share the lozenges of State's/Stations.

Lorraine's PANT stain pointed to PANsys/Pantzers and Panters who in turn share "spur rowells" with Pans/Payens/Pagans. The latter share the pierced "mullets" of Hatleys and Mullets. The Pings (Yorkshire with Pinc) sharing the Pane/Panico "label" are Pagans too. Enemies of Liberals are all saying that they are PANICKing, having lost St. Paul this past week.

I pointed at her pant stain. The Pants-like Pense's (not "Pence") in the Pointer motto are listed with the PINCers/Pincons, seen above as the BUTlers of Beaumonts (descended from Dane Rus). The Gilbert roses can take us to Varangian RUS of Kiev. Rush's were first found in Suffolk with Babe's and their Blond kin. Pointers share two fingers pointing with Babe's and Boyds. The latter are said to derive in a term meaning "blond," but this is not likely correct, though the proto-Boyds may have known that they derived from blond Budini, and for that reason only did they alter the surname to reflect "blond."

The "actio" motto term of Rumble's can be for the Actons (Cheshire with Ricks and State's/Stations) highly suspect in the motto also of Rick-connectable CRAVens. The Croatians of Rijeka/RIKa were "KRVati" to locals. State's/Stations use LOZENGEs while Losinj is in Croatia. The State/Station Coat is much like the Aster/Ister Coat while Rijeka and Losinj are at/beside Istria.

The Arms of Pola/Pula (in Istria) is the Rising/Rison Coat in colors reversed while the Rich's/Richess' have a "wyvern rising on a green MOUND." Asters are expected in the motto of MOUNTain-loving MacKenzie's (ROSS-shire). Aster-branch Sturs were first found in Hampshire with Budin-connectable Rich's/Richess' ("crosses bottonee"). The Arms of Rijeka has a rock while Roxolani were amongst the Budini. The latter's Gelloni partners may have been from proto-Alans in "RoxoLANi."

Lorraine and I lived in RICHmond HILL, and Richmonds are from Alans of Brittany. Hills were first found in Worcestershire with Rocks. I trace Richeza of Lorraine to the namers of "Rijeka," though it may have been named after her.

Rich's/Richess' were first found in Hampshire with Rumilly-connectable Mills. Or, Millys/MULLoys share the motto of Pagan-connectable Payne's, and then Payens/Pagans share most of the Mullet Coat, and Mullets were first found in Auvergne with Bald-connectable Bauds/Bauts/Bots. Millys/Mulloys are said to descend from Baltinglass, and then Baltins/Baldings/Boldings (share "cups" with Bole's) were first found in Lincolnshire with Mill-branch Miles' and Mole-connectable Bole's. In this picture, Rumble's/RumBALDs may have been of the Baldings.

The RUMilly-Skiptons were in Craven (Yorkshire with Pagans), and as Rumble's have "bold / bald" suffixes, they may have been Rums/Rims/Rome's (Dumfries with Lorraine-related Larrys/Lawrie's) who evolved into Rumillys/Romillys. The Axton location of Actons is in Kent with the first-known ROMNeys, with the first-known English Alberts, and with Ukraine-trackable Trips. There is a Ukrainian ROMAN surname...which could be for elements in neighboring Romania.

House of names has changed the Rumilly/Romilly Coat since last I saw it, and now gives it "a rock with nine POINTs, on each point a lily..." Lilys were first found in Worcestershire with Rocks, Rocks and Albert-like Halperts. German Halberts use a giant rook. The Rumilly Chief, sharing the crescent of ArchiBALDs (ROXburghshire), looks related to the Verne's.

Rumble's almost have the canton-with-face of Babe's, and Rumble's do have the canton-with-face of Pointer-beloved Pile's, the latter said, until very recently, to be first found in Northumberland with Lorraine's. French Pile's are listed with Pilots while mount Pilat is at/near the Forez mountains. Babwells were first found in Suffolk with Pilotte-branch Pellets.

I looked up the Raybould variation of Rumble's when hearing a story about Jody WILSON-Raybould, the former attorney general of trudeau whom he fired because she refused to get him off the hook for his obstruction-of-justice crime (he replaced her with someone who supported him). Were his crimes concerning his feeding of graphene-oxide to Canadians?

It's quite amazing that English Wilsons are said to have been at Melton while Meltons were first found in Norfolk with the Rayboulds/Rumble's, and also with the Bus' who in turn share the giant cinquefoil of Melt-like Millets. This is the Raybould/Rumble cinquefoil too. So, what part of Lorraine is pointing to Jody Wilson-Raybould? Judging from the Wiles', it's my birthday date with her.

As Loys were first found in Lorraine, note that Lows/Loys have wolf heads in the colors of the giant Wilson wolf. German and Jewish Lows share the Coat of Lorraine-beloved Laurels. Laws were first found in Northumberland with Lorraine's and Will-connectable Velis' (Low/Loy colors), and millrind Lawyers have the double fesses of Wiles' in colors reversed. Velis' are loved by Irish Griffins who in turn share the gold griffin with in the Wilson Crest.

Wiles' were first found in Sussex with the Wools and Packs while a Wulson variation of Wilsons makes them look like a branch of wolf-using Wulfleys/Wooleys who in turn share "wool PACKs" with Wools. Packs loved the Anger-branch Anchors. Alberts have a giant gold griffin too, and Albert-beloved Sledge's, in Wool colors and format, were first found in Essex with the Fauci-connectable Angers who in turn share the "escarbuncle" with Hangers/Angers and French Rays.

Why do French Millets share the eight-pointed star of German Teegers, and of French Guils (Burgundy with French Rays) suspect in the makings of "GuilBEAULT"? Rays (Gill colors) are said to have been at GILL, and then Rumble's are also RayBOULDs. Gills were first found in Yorkshire with Wilsons of High Melton. English Guils/Gulls were first found in Kent with early Teeger-branch Ticks, now said to be first found in Yorkshire with High Melton. I link Ticks to Masters (Yorkshire), once said to be first found in Kent with the Alberts who share their griffin, as do Ray-connectable Hangers/Angers.

I had shown how Darlene Ray (teen girlfriend) along with Danish Katrina Hanson (another teen girlfriend) pointed to poison vaccines with their ice-cream cones. Cnut-related Darlene's have the Wiles fitchees in colors reversed while Danish Cnuts have "pot HANGERs." Hansons (Yorkshire with Wilsons) share the mascle of English Faux's (Essex with Angers) while French Faux's (look like CREMEr kin) were first found in the same place as "GRASShopper" Fauchy's (not "Fauci").

I mentioned Lorraine's Finch bus station because Finch's are listed with Vince's while Scottish Wilsons have a motto with "vincit" twice.

RAYboulds are interesting because Scottish Rays are in Frey / Freys colors and format i.e. connectable to Freelands. Rayborns share the "roebuck" with Rosedale's while Freeland's riding is University-Rosedale (includes Rosedale part of Toronto), right beside the St. Paul riding that was lost days ago by the Liberal, Ms. Church, but all thanks to trudeau's chronic, criminal performance. Lorraine lived on Church street when she had her grass stain.

Zowie, Chinatown is at the southern end of University-Roseland! Chinatown has the original head office (215 Spadina rd.) of Dominion Voting, the over-feared company, a paper tiger, deeply involved in American election fraud. The picture I'm seeing is that Liberals are winning elections by hook and by crook as taught to them by China elements in Chinatown, and for this reason the Liberals, and especially trudeau, are sucking up to China for paying it rewards in return. The same is happening with American Democrats. We can view this Western infiltration by China as God's first steps to destroying the Western anti-Christ by "kings of the East."

Speaking of grass stains, GUILbeaults are in the colors and near-format of English Grasse's. French Rays use a "GRACIEusete" motto term while Grace's are listed with French Grasse's. Gracie's are listed with Grassys and share the giant lion of French Grass' (note "Grasse'). English Grass' share the giant lion of Lorraine-beloved Laurels.

The Wilson motto shares two motto terms, including "vincit," of English SHEAVES'/Shaws, first found in Berkshire with ARCH's/Arks and Pointers. Lorraine lived a half-dozen properties from Verne ARCHibald. The Arms of Rothschild share five, bunched arrows with Wilson-like Wiles' which the latter call "A SHEAF of red arrows".

Jody Wilson-Raybould belongs to the riding of Vancouver Granville, and it just so happens that Granville's share the "organ rests" of Arthurs/ARCHiBURE's!!! Lookie there. While the first Rothschild was Mayer Bauer, Bauer-branch Scottish Bowers/BURE's (Peebles with Balds) have five, bunched arrows, "sheaves of arrows".

The Wiles fitchees are in colors reversed with Brits/Brets, and the neighboring BIRTHs/Berts have a chevron-with-fitchees reflecting the same of Wilson-like Wiltons. I asked Lorraine for our first date on my 24th BIRTHday. And Brittanys almost have the Coat of English Mountains, first found in Essex with Wiltons. Wiles' were first found in Sussex with Bone's while "bona" is an Archer / Larcher motto term.

Giant-wolf Wilsons are said to have been in some Wakefield records, and while Wake's are connectable to Weedins, the latter share the double Wiles fesses. Granville's share the white wolf in Crest with Wakefield-connectable Fleetwoods, and with Gowers/Gore's (Yorkshire with Wakefields, Weedin-branch Weddings, and Gran-like Grounds/Grundys) and Gore's/Core's. Gowers/Gore's are excellent for sharing the motto of Arthur-related Granville's, for the fictitious king Arthur, mere code for the Arthur surname, was born from the wife of fictitious GORlois, part-code for Gore's. Gore's/Core's share the Windsor crosslets while Windsors descended from OTHERs/Otters, a branch of UTTERs/Otterburns, which is why Pendragon, father of king Arthur, was given an UTHER first name.

The beauty here is that Granville's are also GRANDville's while Scottish Grands were first found in Inverness-shire with GOWs/McGoo's, the pointer to graphene-oxide. It's also where Stain-beloved Wreaths were first found. The Granville organ rests can take us to the "organ PIPES" of Letter-branch Letts/Late's, and Letters were a branch of ladder-like Lauders i.e. connectable to Lorraine elements. I met Lorraine at her bus STOP, and Stops/Stubbs were Pipe kin.

All the arrows seen above, including with the Bure's suspect in the Archibure variation of Arthurs (Berwickshire, beside Archibalds), are for Arrows/Arras' who named the Artois capital, and Artois is where LOIS' were first found. GorLOIS. Arrows/Arras' were first found in Staffordshire with Stops/Stubbs and Pipe's.

Pipe's share the Pepin Coat while our first date pointed to Pepin of Landen because we met at my LAUNDRoMAT that evening. Landens are also LANDERs, and Landrys were first found in Lorraine. Pepin of Landen married Ita of METZ in Lorraine province, a relative of ARNOLD of Metz, and her bus stop was at the corner of Yonge and Arnold. Across the intersection, it was Yonge and LORNE (Lorne turns into Arnold, Richmond Hill, Ontario).

I met her at her bus stop on my BIRTHday, and Birds/Burds share the giant flory cross of German Arnolds. English Arnolds are in Irish Arthur colors and format.

Roughly the day after our first date, I moved to Rumble, and while Rumble's/RAYBOULDs share the cinquefoil of Bus', the latter were first found in Norfolk with the Burts sharing the Birth/Bert Coat, and with Parsons sharing the leopard head of Rumble's/Rayboulds. Persons/Piersons, first found in Berwickshire with Arthurs/Archibure's seem applicable, and here we can add that Arthur-related Granville's are in Parson colors and format. Jody Raybould won her political seat in Granville.

Ms. Raybould was justin trudeau's MINISTER of JUSTICE, and while Justice's list Justins, Ministers use millRINDs while I've recently shown how Rinds were related to Mallets aside from their sharing the same scallops, the point being that Rinds were first found in Perthshire with Justine's. The latter use a"pair of balances," my apologies for assuming they were "scales of justice," though maybe they were to begin with, for the surname lists Justice's too. They share the lone and erect Moch sword. Scottish Mochs share the Black Chief, and so note the "black millrinds" of Ministers.

The amazing thing coming to mind AFTER writing the paragraph above: Minister like Mines'/Menns were first found in Bedfordshire with the Deers in the "deer" of Mallets and Trudeau's!!! I already knew I was going to go to the Trudeau and Mallet deer, but I didn't load Mines'/Menns until the paragraph was ended! Mens' are in the motto of Poppins/Pophams, first found in Hampshire with millrind-using Mills. I link the latter to the Kupe's/Koops sharing the Justine border.

Ahh, even better: Mines'/Menns are also the Means in the motto of Scottish Shaws (Perthshire with Justine's), and "shaw" is a motto term of Scottish Flemings, first found in Lanarkshire with Scottish Mochs! The latter even have a "viDERi" motto term. The Deed variation of Date's is in the motto of these Flemings.

Plus, the six pale bars on Mines'/Menns are shared by English Lise's (Hampshire again) while French Lise's/Lys' were first found in Ile-de-France with trudeau's. It appears that God had prepared the MINISter surname to point to trudeau in these ways, suggesting that He could have been the one exposing trudeau's crime, and the RCMP's criminal duplicity on his behalf, via Ms. Raybould way over in Vancouver.

Mine's are in the "tentaMINE" motto term of Leggs, first found in Dumfries with Scottish Lise's!!! Mamie, who pointed to Mens'/Mame's and Mamesfelde of the Mansfields (Hampshire with Mine-connectable Lise's), also pointed to the Legg motto term just mentioned via her tent on the evening she sat on my legs / knees!

I met Mamie on my last night with Lorraine, but did not leave Lorraine for Mamie. Rather, Lorraine broke it off with me about an hour after I met Mamie at her party. Lorraine was upset with me having nothing to do with Mamie. A few weeks later, a friend invited me to a camp ground, and Mamie was there, only the second time I had seen her. That now looks like a set-up by God because both ladies are pointing to things-trudeau and things-Raybould. As soon as Mamie and I split up, I moved back to Verne Archibald's place for the ladder-walk past Lorraine's place.

Muck of the Beast

The Carney motto, "SusTINE et absTINE" is actually translated, "SuSTAIN and abSTAIN." I'm wondering whether Lorraine's pant stain can point to MARK Carney. Kearns/Kerns share leopard faces (different colors) with English Steins and Stevensons/Stinsons, the latter first found in Essex with English Marks.

Note "ABStine," for the Apps'/Abbs' are from the Apsus river of the DEXARoi, which flows through Fier county, and Kearneys are said to have the "DAGGER". I kid you not that Stains are now said to be first found in Middlesex with Fiers, which is where Apps'/Abbs' were once said to be first found.

And wow, Scottish Kilpatricks use a "a dagger DIStilling drops of BLOOD." Bloods/Bluds have "bucks lodged" while Lodge's/Loge's (in LAUDer colors and format) were first found in Suffolk with Carney-connectable Lords/Lauds and Clare's/Clairs. The giant Lodge/Loge lion is colors reversed from the giant one of Sauers (Austria) said to be from the Sau river, another name for the Sava. Carneys and Kearneys share the Sauer lion. Bloods/Bluds can therefore take us to Bled, a location on the Sava/Save river to the west side of the Carni! Save's were first found in Burgundy with the Pilate's sharing the Carney / Lord/Laud pheons.

Blood-loving Kilpatricks (linkable to Comyns) have a Coat much like the one of Blaze's (share Comyn / Walk garb), and the latter are said to have named Blay while Bleds are also Bleys. Bleds/Bleys have the Coat of English Clare's/Clairs in colors reversed, first found in Suffolk with Lords/Lauds while French Clairs share were first found in Limousin with Lord-connectable Pine's.

Plus, French Clairs use a red leopard to go with the red leopard faces of Kearns/Kerns, and the latter's are in both colors of the giant leopard face of English Anthonys/Antons, the latter first found in Lincolnshire with the Pilotte's, but also with Wake's sharing the French Clair Chief. While Carni were likely across the border into Austria, Austrian Anthonys share the rose of the other French Clairs (Brittany with Alans) while Italian Anthonys almost have the Chief of French Alans, the latter first found in Languedoc with the French Marks sharing the checkered fesse of the Alan-line Stewarts.

German Antons love the Mallets, first found in Suffolk with Clare's/Clairs and Lords/Lauds, and as the latter share the Carney pheons, let's remind that Carni were likely at Bled while Bleds almost have the English Clare/Clair Coat.

Bled is beside Lesce, which I trace to Leslie's and Lesks, and it just so happens that Leslie's can be gleaned as kin of Case's, the latter in French CARNE colors and format. Case's were first found in Norfolk with Stain-branch Steins, and with DISS'/Dice's expected in the "DIStantia" motto term of Case's. The term can also be for the Stant variation of Stains, but there's more, because we just saw the "DIStilling" drops of Kilpatricks, and Drops/Trope's were first found in Norfolk too. Lesks were first found in Berkshire with the Susans possibly in the "SUStine" motto term of Carneys.

Susans use the giant lily while Lilys were first found in Worcestershire with Beast-branch Bistone's. The ancient Bistones of Libya used a erect sword as their sanctuary to mythical Ares, and Bistone's not only have an erect sword, by it's held by an armored arm while the erect Kearney dagger is held by an armored hand or gauntlet. The Beasts are listed with Bessins, tracable to Talls, first found in Thuringia with queen Basina's father, and with German Roets sharing the sleeping moon of Karens/Kerns.

The Meshwesh/Mazyes of Libya can trace to the Meschins of the Bessin, and to the Maezaei Illyrians on the Sava river, next to the Ceraunii Illyrians who can take us to Corons/Corona's, first found in Cheshire with Masseys, gauntlet-using Maceys/Mace's, and Beasts/Bessins.

While Quintana's show three dice showing 666, Quints share the black lion paw with Sava's/Savage's. Quints were once said to be first found in Essex with Marks.

Irish Kilpatricks have a black "dexter paw" of a lion to match the black "lion's paw" of Sava's/Savage's. The Carni, Bled and Lesce are all on the upper Sava river (near Austria) of Croatia, and the Arms of Croatia share the Jewish Mark/Marx checks. "Te" is a motto term shared between Sava's/Savage's and Apps'/Abbs, suspect with Tee's/Tease's from the Tessin river at Pavia, home of Laevi Gauls. The Jewish Levi lion can be the one in the Kilpatrick Crest, both in the colors of the upright Sava/Savage lions, and black like the upright lion in the Kearn/Kern Crest.

Plus, while Sava's/Savage's have a "PRO te" motto phrase, Pierro's/Pero's were first found at Pavia while Pero's/Perino's use "stars" while Stars share the Kearn/Kern chevron. The Pero/Perino stars show as hexagrams, and they happen to be in the colors of the same of Jewish Marks/Marx's and German Karens/Kerns!!!! The Graffs/Graffens have a "DEMI-lion" while Demys are listed with Mays, and then both Carneys and Kearns/Kerns were first found in County MAYo.

Carneys almost have the KEARNey Coat, making me wonder why Miss Graff is KAREN. I hadn't seen her since she moved from my street at age 14, until I saw her one last time at the apartment of DAVID Oullette about a decade later. Was that event set-up by God? Why? Welsh Davids (share Levi lion) were kin of Aids', and AIDS is what the COVID vaccines proved to give people. Nobody's talking about this any more. The more vaccines people had, the weaker their immune systems were shown to be. It's a form of murder by many different threats that can get the vaccines off the hook as the causes.

Welsh Davids were first found in Cheshire with Sava's/Savage's and Beasts. The Packs suspect in the motto of Welsh Davids share the Fauci-connectable anchor of Paisleys, and Graffs/Graffens have the anchor too. Anchors, in Lady/Laudyman colors and format, share the red bull with French Packs, the latter first found in Languedoc with French Marks. Lauders and their Letter branch, both with giant GRIFFINs, can take us to Lets/Late's, first found in Gloucestershire with Graff/Graffen-connectable Grave's/Greafs. See that?

It was David OULlette who took us to where we are now, and OWLs were first found in Suffolk with Lords/Lauds while the latter can be linked to "OulLETTE by the "Lord, LET" motto phrase of Glasgows. See that? Paisley is at the Glasgow theater! It's where the Spears were first found in the Coat of German Marks, and it's also where Houstons ("hourGLASS") were first found sharing the checks of French Marks. Marks are popping up all over this discussion, and we got here from Mark Carney.

The Scottish Wrights/RIGHTs use the checks of French Marks too while "Might is RIGHT" is the translated motto of the Kilpatricks using a "dexter paw" (= right paw) upon a dragon's "head", similar to the lion paw of Head-branch Haydens upon the back of the Beauty bull.

Glass', having the Polish Pack fleur in colors reversed, were first found in Bute with the Kims in turn sharing the cinquefoils of French Pine's, and colors reversed from the Lord/Laud cinquefoils. French Pine's were first found in the same place as French Clairs, and Claro's/CHARo's share the red bull with French Packs. I had reason to believe that Karens were from Carians, and ancient Clarus was in Caria with the moon goddess (Selene) who loved the eternal sleeper. Karens use a sleeping moon, but called a "crescent with a face" to explain the leopard faces of Kearns/Kerns.

Clarus was home to a false-prophet cult of MOPSus, and the mark of the beast will be from the "false prophet" of Revelation. False-like Falls/Fallis' were first found in Midlothian with SinCLAIRS, how about that. The Ladys/Laudymans can be in the "lady" of the MOPPS/Moberley Crest, how about that. The latter surname (Cheshire with Beasts) were first found at Bucklow while Buckley-branch Buckle's, beloved by Leslie's, were first found in Suffolk with Clare's/Clairs, HOW ABOUT ALL OF THAT.

Mopsus was also called, MUKSus, making it very interesting that the erect Moch sword could be the one in the Kearney / Carney Crest. Mochs were first found in Burgundy with Carney-connectable Pilate's and Save's. I trace "Muksus" to Mokissos, which was rebuilt by emperor JUSTINian, hmm.

Mokissos was in CAPPadocia while Capes' share the scallops of Scale's in the "pair of scales" held by the Mopps lady. Recalling the Case's in Carne colors and format, let's add that Cass'/Cash's share a "pair of scales" too. The Carne cinquefoils are shared by Nimo's/NewMARCH's/NewMOCKs/NewMOKE's. News' were first found in Cambridgeshire with March's and Cass'/Cash's. See that? Will the mark of the beast outlaw cash? Likely, cash will become scarce with the goal of eradicating it fully.

As the Breuci were at the Bled / Lesce theater, and Scottish Brush's/Bruce's share the saltire of Nimo's/Newmocks, as do English Brush's, first found in Suffolk with Lords/Lauds and Mopsus-connectable Clairs. It just so happens that Brice's ("JUSTitia"), with the Nimo / Bruce saltire in colors reversed, have another "pair of scales."

The same triple scallops as used by Capes' are with the Apps'/Abbs' suspect in the Carney / Kearney motto! It just so happens that French Naturals were first found in Burgundy with Carney-connectable Pilate's, and with sword-using Mochs while Capes' have a "sword natural". Natural suffixes look like a Natt-like family married the Relles'/Riels (Forez, part of Burgundy at times) who are in turn in Pilate colors and format. The triple Relles/Riel crowns are almost the three of Corons/CORONA's, first found in Cheshire with Mopps'/Moberleys.

This gets more interesting where the Moch-branch Mucks share the SKIN/SCAN sword for a pointer to skin scanning machines. The latter's Schim/Schien/CHANDE branch (both first found in Aberdeenshire with Leslie's) share the boar of Halys' while Mokissos was on/off the Halys river. The Schims/Schiens (share Chief of Scottish Mochs!) even share "duce COMITE" with Selene-like Slains/Slane's. French Chande's/Chaine's share the Moch sword held by a wing, and Wings were Justine kin!

Repeat: "I'm wondering whether Lorraine's pant stain can point to MARK Carney." That stain pointed to German Ducks of Bar-le-Duc. The Arms of Bar-le-Duc uses pansies while Pansys/PANTzers (same place as German Ducks) are in the Crest of Conn-branch Conys, and then Cone's share the antler of English Conte's/Comitissa's i.e. very linkable to the "duce comites" of Schims/Schiens. Conns were first found in Aberdeenshire with Skins/Scans and Duce-loving Schims/Schiens. See that?

I pointed at her pant stain, and Pile-loving POINTs were first found in Berkshire with Lesks while Lesce is in Carniola, named by the Carni. French Pile's are Pilots while Pilate's, suspect from PONTus Pilate, share the Carney pheons. See that?

Lorraine my date attended a Russellite church, and Russells (Dorset with Soros-like Soars/Sors and George's) share the Coat of Sava-river Sauers, both sharing the Carney and Sorry lions. The Soar river is in Leicestershire, where Perkins were first found who share a "Simplex" motto term with Sorrys. Sorrys were first found in Lancashire with the Caria-like Cars/Currs suspect in the "Cura" motto term of Mocks/Moke's. See that? Muksus from Clarus in Caria.

In March/April 1979, 50 years before Apophis is coming to visit us, God told me to wake Mrs. Kilpatrick at her car, and Wake's share a Clair Chief, suggesting to me that Hyksos were at Clarus at Caria because Mrs. Kilpatrick, born a Hicks, practiced false prophesying in the first-Person (as though God were speaking straight out of her mouth). I heard this in church twice with my own ears. Dunham-like Denhams (share Car/Curr chevron) have a "Cura DAT" motto phrase while Date's were first found in Norfolk with Dunhams/Downhams. English Dene's (Sussex with Downs/Douns and Coffer-like Cofferts) share the Mock/Moke crescent.

It's again pegging the Hyksos in Muksus/Mopsus of Clarus. It could be suggesting that the Biblical False Prophet will be a Clare element, or something rife in this discussion. Mokissos is at the upper Halys river while Halys'/Hellys were first found in Sligo with Hickensons and Hickens/Higgins. I'm going to guess that the Halys Coat is related to the one of Biss' because the latter were first found in Surrey with Muggs.

I see mythical Hades named from the Hatti on the Halys river, and then Hells (Halys/Helly colors) share the Crab Coat while the Apophis asteroid will become visible to the eye in the crab constellation. Apophis was a Hyksos king. Mokissos was near lake Tatta while the Tate pale bar is colors reversed from the pale-bar-by-boars-heads of Halys'/Hellys. The Tate pale bar is shared by Roxburghs while Mickle's were first found in Roxburghshire. Tate's were first found in Suffolk with Crauns/Crane's.

The Crane's in the Denham Coat are like "Carney," and Crauns/Crane's were first found in Suffolk with Carney-connectable Lords/Lauds, isn't this fun like a merry-go-round? It suggests that the Carni had been a branch of the Sava rivers Ceraunii, where the URBANus river meets the Sava, and then Urbans share the hexagram of Karens/Kerns. Compare both Coats (with the Maezaei-connectable Massena's too).

Ahh, as the Karen/Kern hexagram is also with German Mocks, I checked the Machs, listed with Machule's/MACHOTTa's, to find a white version of the Karen/Kern Coat. The Mugg-branch Madge's are also MACKETs, and first found in Surrey with Machule-like Michaels! German Michaels share the Mach/Machule hexagrams!

So, it turns out that Moch / Much / Mugg elements were from, likely, Byzantine emperor, Michael I Rangabe (9th century), husband of PROKOPia, for Brocuffs/Procopps were first found in Silesia with Karens/Kerns and Machs/Machule's. Michael II of Byzantium, ruling after Michael I, was from Amorium, in Phrygia between Mokissos and Clarus.

One can see the similarity between the Karen/Kern and Scottish Mach/Mack/Make Coats. The Moons share the crescent of German Machs/Machule's which the latter call a "crescent moon." Moons have the Mock/Moke crescent in colors reversed. Byzantine emperor Justinian (6th century) had his capital at Mokissos (in Galatia). The Galatian king, Amyntes, conquered Derbe of those regions, which I trace to Derbyshire, location of Mickleover.

The Karen- and Mach-beloved Cressents/Crests/Crete's/Craits, linkable by way of both Grand surnames to Moch-connectable Wreaths/Craith's, were first found in Burgundy.

The Chief-Shield colors of Brocuffs/Prokopps is shared by Brocks, first found in Essex with Marks, Clare's, and Lords/Lauds. Like I said, a merry-go-round.

I always keep my eyes out for heraldic sets that could identify the anti-Christ / False Prophet himself before the Church recognizes him. So far, not much luck, because the heraldic sets point to multiple candidates. For making a strong warning / prediction, I'd need very strong convincing. The Mock/Mock Crest could have the rooster Livers/Levers (Lancashire) that STANDs on a TRUMPet because we saw how Mocks/Moke's can link to Lancashire's Cars/Currs.

I claim that God, though my being MUGGed, caused me in fright to buying a newspaper and coffee in Victoria, Texas, which is the motion that landed me on the NUECES river, ten minutes from the Nueces-river ranch of Miss Hicks. The Denhams have a "victoriam" motto term to go with the "victoria" motto term of Coffee's/Coffers, and the News'/NUCES' (share "chaplet" with Hicks') can be of the NewMOCKs/NewMOKE's. See that? The James', with a "Victor" motto, were first found in Surrey with Muggs/Mudge's and Madge's/Machets, and the latter share the Hicks / Ainsley fleur-de-lys. The James-connectable Jeans were once said to be first found in Worcestershire with Beast-branch Bistone's.

The Conte-like Countrys in the Ainsley motto almost have the lone pile of Pile-like Pie's suspect in the "pii" motto term of Mocks/Moke's, but see also the lone pile of Beach's (Hertfordshire with Nuse's/Newes') because Sleeping Beauty's car was parked on a beach. It just so happens that Pie Crest is essentially the Jean Crest, and, as I've said a million times, I saw myself, as a spectator would, shirtless, with only my jeans on, walking on the beach toward Beauty's car. Shirts share a peacock in Crest with Sorrels, and Peacocks (love the Fiers in their motto) were first found in Essex with Hicks of Low Leighton, and with the Marks sharing the Hicks / Ainsley / Madge fleur-de-lys. Marks have a version of the Pie / Jean Crest. I was mugged for making this pointer; how important was the mugging for identifying the anti-Christ beast?

I don't know whether God's pointing to Mark Carney; I'll let the readers consider it in case he comes up the political ladder, especially if he's a globalist animal to boot. He was the governor of the Bank of Canada, and later, until 2020, the year of COVID, the governor of the Bank of England. Banks were at a NEWton location while the Coat of March's (same place as News'/Nuces') looks somewhat related to the Bank Coat. Banks (Yorkshire with Hicks) share the fleur-de-lys of Arrows/Arras', first found in Staffordshire with the Lane's/Lawns/LOANs having "lions of ENGLAND," with Hicksons, and with the Fridays who in turn share the Nimo/NewMarch/Newmock and March crescents. Banks share the white eagle head with Dutch Camps while English Camps are in Trudeau colors and format.

The Peacocks come up as "Peas" while Pie's are also Pies' while Peace's/Paise's (Orkney with Henry SinCLAIR) share the doves of Pansys/Pantzers. Antons use mallets while Pie's/Pies' share the scallops of Mallets, first found in Suffolk with Clare's/Clairs. The dancetty-fesse of Dove's is white, like the same of German Camps, but the one of Dove's takes us to Wests who almost have the Coat of Hoo's/HOOS'/WHOO's, a potential pointer to the globalist WHO now setting up what looks like a vaccine-enforcement "treaty" that could become the mark of the beast. English Anthonys/Antons share the leopard face of Kearns/Kerns.

Sorrels were first found in Leicestershire Hoos-like Hose's, with the Soar river, with Mocks/Moke's, and with Anthony-connectable Tonys/Tone's while Towns'/Tone's were first found in Suffolk with Lords/Lauds. Tonys/Tone's use a "sleeve," often called a "maunch," and the latter is what Lords/Lauds have in their Crest. Lords/Lauds share the Carney pheons, and while Mark Carney was head cheese of the bank of England, Englands almost have the Sorrel Coat.

As the English Channel off of Manche is "the sleeve," it's notable that the Thistle's, first found in the English Channel, share the gold pheon with the Crest of Nutters/Nuts having the Carney pheons. Kearneys use the pheon in both colors of the Thistle pheons.

"COMMIT" is a motto term of SinCLAIRs, and French Comites'/Conte's were first found in Languedoc with Marks while English Conte's/Comitissa's were first found in Durham with the Washingtons sharing the Chief of Scottish Mochs.

As Troops look like the Trope variation of Drops in the drops of blood on the Kilpatrick dagger, note that Mucks were first found in Banffshire with Troops. The Kilpatrick and Kearney "dagger" could therefore be the Moch / Muck sword by another name. This looks like the Muck of the beast because Much's (not "Muck") are listed with Muschats, first found in Essex with Marks! Muschats came up as "Mitch" too while Muggs/Mudge's and their Madge/Machet branch were first found in Surrey with Mitchells/Michaels. Mucks have Mugg-like variations. Is the Much of the beast being pointed to by my getting mugged (by a Black man) in Galveston? Blaze-connectable Blacks (Lincolnshire with Clair-connectable WAKE's) share the Chief of Scottish Mochs and WACE-branch Washingtons. The latter seem to incorporate the Coat of Mopsus-like Mopps'/Moberleys.

Lookie: James LeDUC heads up the Galveston National Lab, and the Schims/Schiens, sharing the Chief of Scottish Mochs, use "DUCE COMITE." Duce's/LeDucs were first found in Brittany with the other French Clairs who in turn love the Rose's while Scottish Rose's share the LESK boar head, another reason to trace Clare's/Clairs to Bled, beside Lesce. German Rose's were first found in Silesia with Karens/Kerns! So, yes, it does appear that Karens et-al, and the Carni, were from Carians at Clarus.

Kearns/Kerns have leopard FACES, code for a branch of Fauci's, and Face's were first found in Northamptonshire with the Lauds/Laudymans while the Lords/Lauds share the Carney/Kearney pheons. The Constans' (Languedoc with French Marks) in the Kearn/Kern motto use the "pine tree" while French Pine's, first found in Limousin with Seconds/SEGURs, almost have the Lord/Laud Coat. Seconds are in the Levi motto along with "Aide" and "CHRETIEN," and Segni's/SEGURana's, in the Face motto, were first found in Genova with Fauci's.

By what coincidence are we following Carneys while apparently bumping into Jean Chretien, the Liberal prime minister previous to trudeau? Chretien's government was voted out exactly for the corruption that's been discovered, more massively however, in the trudeau government. trudeau is a Marxist wanna-be, and Jewish Marks list "Marx." They share the checks of Fiscs, likely a branch of Genova's Fieschi, yet Marks/Marx's even share the Karen hexagram (and incorporate the Boyd Coat). It's the hexagram also of German Mocks/Mucklers who in turn share the Graff/Graffen lion. The Mock of the beast could incorporate graphene-oxide.

Apps'/Abbs (expected in Carney motto) are now said to be first found in Huntingdonshire with ADa of Warenne, the line to AIDS suspect in the "ad" motto term of Fiscs. Warrens almost have the French Mark checks.


Here's a really-good Christian Western that'll make you teary-eyed, though there's serious shooting at first that could be offensive to Christians, yet it's a necessary part of the main plot...which I didn't realize until after 40 minutes in:


I didn't know that Mexico shot down the WHO's bird-flu scam a couple of weeks ago:

The threat from WHO is real. That goonish organization is wanting to kill a swath of humanity all over again, and maim tens upon millions more, if not hundreds of millions this second time around. We should be very thankful that some non-Christian bulls of society have decided to put down Schwabian leaders, because church leaders did next to nothing so far as I can tell. Yet I believe that God used the non-Christian, anti-globalist bulls to get the job done. The "bulls" are massacring the cow-killers. So far, we have respite.

The video above tends to expose that one of the globalist goals is to keep tribulation survivalists from raising their own chickens, and soon this will go to other types of meat, we can be sure. We don't need to obey these sorts of laws if they succeed at making such laws. There is no doubt in my mind that this movement, amply vivid now to anyone who understands the backdrop, would go so far as institute the mark of the beast to fulfill their fascist goals. I'm not saying that WHO will produce the mark, but that it would take such measures if useful and politically possible.

Larry Brock seems to speak off the cuff at times in this video, it's all good, but if you have little time and want to see him unhappy with the RCMP for not charging trudeau with obstruction of justice, start at about 12 minutes:

Twelve hours after the Conservatives unexpectedly won the St. Paul by-election in Toronto, youtube canada did not have a story from the CBC or CTV, but did have both media with stories on the St. Paul election that were one and two days old. You see, the Liberals who have sway over youtube canada, and the state media, don't want the people to know about this major least not until they've decided how to put the best-possible face upon it. The Sun is saying that this was one of, or perhaps the absolute, safest ridings in all of canada for the trudeau Liberals. The truth is, St. Paul went to Conservatives because they oppose trudeau's harsh and heartless taxitiude and money-laundering crimes.

Here's word from someone spying on Guilbeault's telling that trudeau's in the throes of suffering mutiny. It would be better if he struggles to continue only to get arrested and/or make more of a trademark-fool of himself:

I used to say that a wrecking ball hit trudeau by surprise on the back of his head, but now I'm changing it to: trudeau's head is the wrecking ball. Wherever he swings by, his Liberal candidates see smithereens. It's time to call an emergency act on this pesky and ruinous blowhard. The Liberal who lost this election was the deputy-prime-minister's chief of staff in former years. The win was 42.1 percent to 40.5.

The Liberals probably didn't have entrenched cheat machinery set up in this riding because it was so stacked with Liberal voters. However, it is possible that there was cheating going on by Liberal forces who want trudeau to step down. The Liberal candidate was ahead after midnight by about 10 percent, and was still ahead at 4 what looks like fishy things a-happening all night long. After 4 am, the Conservative eked out a win by just enough votes to stave off an automatic recount. That looks like the Liberals cheating on behalf of the Conservatives, as to sacrifice one riding in order to salvage the Party with someone else at the helm.

A jubilant Poilievre spared no time to celebrate, we can be sure. But the blame is not on trudeau alone, but with the Liberals he sits around the table with when hatching tax-heist plots. There's usually a ring leader in a gang, and it's not likely trudeau. The ring leader(s) might want to keep trudeau in office for as long as possible because gangsters are in government to siphon $$$. The corruption won't disappear when trudeau is gone, unless Poilievre has the fortitude to dish out some painful justice. Otherwise, bad will only get uglier.

The gang leaders do want to see a Liberal win in the next election, but would desire it best if they can team up with the next Liberal prime minister to continue corruption with him on board. If you took notice, fully 40 percent of the voters went for the Liberals in St. Paul, even after Liberal corruption has been splashed in the news for more than a year sufficient to get word to spread person-to-person.

These types of Liberals are the ruinous citizens sewing confusion, the half-truthers who ignore the more-important parts of issues. Trudeau blusters his token assurances in their direction to assure them that he'll keep canada anti-Christian. These kinds of liberals only focus on half the reality, but, for example, ignore the choice of the unborn, ignore that the unborn are human, ignore the butchery of abortion and pass it off as though it were merely the removal of a wart. They are sociopaths, just like trudeau. They have no tight hinge on realities. In public, they talk like Christians, but are based on satanism.

At 8 pm, a CTV video hit youtube, not celebrating the fantastic win, but with a title: "Should Justine Trudeau Resign?" I say that trudeau is more likely to call an early election, if he has enough support from his inside supporters, than to resign with zero chance of continuing in the spotlight. If he calls an election, he'll have a 1-percent chance of returning to the spotlight. At 7 pm, the CBC Vancouver hit youtube with "Should Trudeau step down as Liberal leader?" There's no video celebrating the win, however, even though the CBC is paid by Conservative tax payers as much as by Liberal payers.

By Saturday night, this leaked on trudeau's "fortunes," and the beauty here is that no Capital revolt is needed from Conservatives because the Liberals themselves are ready to give trudeau the boot he so richly deserves. No civil war is needed because the Liberals are already in civil war under the radar. All we need to do is eat popcorn and watch:

My regret is that if he steps down, the Conservatives might get off of his war path. Their current goal is to force the RCMP to lay charges against he and others guilty within his Schwabite cabinet. If you want to hear the long story (almost an hour of non-stop gangsterism) with articulated details of Liberal corruption never seen by the public hanging on any other Western government, and things the compromised CBC won't properly share with the people who pay its salary:

Liberals and Rhodian globalists did well politically when they hid their true colors, like when people are too ashamed and afraid to come out in the open with their dark morals. As soon as they tried to make people go "woke," because they thought the time for mass-acceptance of counter-Bible "civility" had arrived, they lost half their political votes.

Julian Assange is a free man:

I find it suspicious that Tucker Carlson landed in Australia on the day Assange was released. In Australia, Tucker said he heard about the release while flying to Australia. That doesn't sit right with me. In Australia, Tucker talked about Assange, and said that Britain jailed him for five years without charging him for a crime, which could mean that Assange was never in jail at all. I did notice that Assange had an on-the-large-side stomach showing (under his white dress shirt) when coming down the stairs from his plane, when he landed in Australia. Did they over-feed him in prison? Lots's of ice cream and fatty foods? Then again, I suppose one can grow a booby stomach by eating too much bread.

We were told that Assange was very ill, but as soon as his wife bumped into him a minute after coming down the plane's stairs, he lifted her a foot off the ground, and held her there for a couple of seconds. I'm not making any claims, just observations. Some think that he's been an Intelligence psy-op, but there are serious arguments against this view.

I just learned that, since trudeau came to power in 2015, the number of government executives has increased by "a third," all lavished by salaries above $200,000. This reveals how liberals and globalists wish to reinforce their government bastions so that they can rule forever, by buying their support base with your money, the money of the subordinates and slaves who are deemed citizens only if they comply. It's no secret that they have wanted big government as a means to create a bastion. The more government workers, the more voters, they hope.

Imagine this gangster scenario: the government prints money and sends the tax-payer the interest tab, but doesn't tell the people where the money goes that supposedly repays the "loan" money. Where do you think it goes? Does anyone deserve it? Of course not. Money-printing is the operation of gangsters. When was the last time your government told you where the loan money was coming from?

To deceive the American people, media tells them that China is the biggest loaner for the American debt. But, not many years ago, I came across the fact that the United States owes China just $1.1 billion, at a time when the debt was over $20 billion. Where do the American people think all the rest of that money came from, and why don't the Republicans make it an issue? Why don't even the Jim Jordans of that party make it a federal crime issue? Why do governments not have a public notice available online showing where each new dollar comes from? This is why inflation is through the roof: the fault partially of tax-payers for not curbing the printing of money by demanding change from their representatives. There are key people in the world of politics that can successfully make these demands, yet nobody is doing it. The irony. Why isn't Poilievre doing it, since he's focused so much on trudeau's inflationary policies?

Why don't the American congresspeople ask the treasurer point-blank, before a national audience: where has the borrowed money come from? Can you give the American people a list of lenders, and the money amounts with dates? After all, as it's their money, shouldn't they have receipts?

Once gangsters become addicted to any successful project like free-for-all money printing, anyone who tries to take it away is in danger. There is a solution: more than one person, simultaneously, needs to attack it. One person can be contained with threats and bribery, but if the attack is concerted by many politicians and social-media activists, this is what the gangsters cannot contain. Trudeau cannot quell the wave coming over him because, to our surprise, the opposing political party is doing the damage from concerted committees, and they all love what they are doing, none yet showing fear, and now shining the burning spotlight even on the RCMP (the canadian FBI). Yet, the Conservatives have not made the government printing press an issue, and there's plenty of scandals to be exposed on that front, we can be sure. Then, when they get into power, they will become busy fulfilling agendas rather than exposing Liberal corruption, until the Liberals scratch their way back to power by hook and by crook, and by the subtle transforming (brainwashing) powers of the CBC blowhorn.

Liberal media people are embarrassing trudeau's political supporters, not because they have rightfully come to despise the Liberal party, but because they want a stronger leader than trudeau. This is the wide road to destruction.

Denmark now wants to charge a carbon tax of about $100 per cow (passed on to the end-user, you) to supposedly fight the added climate change caused by cow flatulence. This is pure theft, pure Schwabism. This will cause a change in government in Denmark, but if not, then the majority of Danes are absolute fools.

After Amy Coney-Barrett voted with the Liberal side of the U.S. supreme court on the issue of allowing the government to force social-media companies to censor voices, she's now sided with the Liberals on a vital January-6 ruling (but her side lost):

Here is something to celebrate: the people-rejected, ultra-Schwabian stooge, former leader of Holland, is the next leader of NATO. Just think of the bad look when all the failed Schwabite politicians are given leadership positions in globalism. What could spell the political death of globalism better and faster? It's not a wonder that this Rothschilian hooker is headed to suicide in the fires of Armageddon's prelude.

Macron has been rejected as the French election has begun:

Macron wants the votes of the immigrants. Globalists are trying to topple ordinary Western civilians with immigrants, so disgusting, the real makings of civil wars, you see, if not this year, then later as the number of immigrants grows while they are brainwashed into hating and rebelling against anti-globalist voters. Our punishment will be another plandemic. The far-fart-left wants another plandemic, only this time we are to be jailed if we don't comply.

To put this another way, the immigration crisis is a boon to Christians, because it gives us "allies" against far-far-left anti-Christ forces with more than enough power to badly persecute us. It seems to me that God needs to keep them pre-occupied with all sorts of threats to their powers and make-believe reputations. The whole world is laughing at Klaus Schwab, and the "far-right" vitriol is oozing from those who think there ought to be a global order. The imbeciles think they can win their voters back by using "far-right" slander. That's exactly accusing that people who want their nationhood are fringe. Oh ya? They're showing the imbeciles whose truly fringe. Who in their right mind wants a far-off global-order leader to change their society into something that Schwab wants??? Only a lunatic commoner, or one who stands to make a lot of money from the global order.

If tossed-out trudeau and Macron think they can recklessly plow ahead with Schwabian agendas in spite of succumbing to political suicide at home, because Schwabism will give them a respectable post in globalism, they should think again, because, if Schwabism is as-yet too blockheaded to realize that it looks bad to make leaders of rejects, it should start sinking into its big-fat head soon enough. For the time being, Schwabism wants to dig the sword into the belly of the right-wing enemy by elevating the rejects to posh posts, but, this is like sticking the sword into its own belly. Nobody loves posh more than trudeau, but I doubt very much he's getting anything from Schwabism, except maybe a toilet-cleaning job.

Some are saying that trudeau is magic for evading scandal after scandal, but the reality is that Liberal voters don't have anyone with integrity enough to heal the damage. It's pure hope for those who've moaned under the high cost of living under this administration. For our purposes who consider tribulation survival, it's our eye of the storm, a time when we can prepare our foods, especially if food prices soon come down under a Conservative government.

As per Del Bigtree and his ICAN legal department (for the Highwire), I would not send them a penny until they publicly expose how much money they have taken in from donations, and how it's being used in the courts, or how much each action has cost thus far. Social media groups should not be allowed to collect collect collect and then not use the money as promised. Last I heard, ICAN / Highwire was receiving tens of millions annually. How do you feel about a social-media news outlets urging donations in every show in order to keep bringing you the news, yet half the money eventually goes to luxuries once the video owner becomes a social-media "sensation."

here's why vaccine companies will need to sign pacts with governments that force-vaccinate their people:

During the pandemic, governments were falsifying the percentage of people that were pro-vaccine in order to make anti-vaxxers, or hesitant ones, feel bad. It was not uncommon that nations would publicize that 80-percent of people were vaccinated. But the poll in the video above tells that 25-percent of American took no vaccines, and that an additional 15-percent took only one before smartening up (many against their will). We could guess that another 25-30-percent took only two vaccines (many against their will) before smartening up. Only about 20-percent of people want to continue vaccinations, risking great and horrible pain who trust governments in spite of the heavy evidence for their utter corruption.

The poll numbers above do not include the opinions of those who have died from vaccines, or those too sick from vaccines to answer phones or use a computer (to do the poll), and some of the respondents are anti-vax yet push the pro-vax position because they make money on the scheme. You can be sure that trudeau is an anti-vaxxer who pushes vaccines for $$$, and for winning a promotion into Schwab globalism.

Can we even trust the pollsters not to fudge the numbers? Even so, the numbers are bad enough. Well more than half the people who took vaccines feel that they were lied to, and much of the remainder are ignorant because they don't watch social-media news; otherwise they would be anti-COVID vaccine too. A fringe part of the population are gung-ho pro-vaccine because they are government-sucking fools who refuse to change political course when thunder and lightning is all about. By next year, the numbers will be more in our favor. This issue isn't going away, especially if they try hard this winter to foist a bird-flu vaccine. With God's help, we won the first battle, though many lay dead on the battlefield. The goons had retreated, but many of the dead were in the goon camp because they vaccinated their own. That's how you can know they are lunatics, not merely fools, but also because they are eager to do it all over again, to put their thumbs on our heads and make us like their toy soldiers.

Some weeks ago, I was talking about my upper arm pain. It turns out that it comes on when lying on my back, but when I remove the pillow, the pain vanishes. It suggests that bending the neck up into the pillow pinches the nerves...which is a relief as long as it doesn't get worse. I've been sleeping without a pillow, not easy to get used to.


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