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July 2 - 8, 2024

Levite-of-Israel Bloodlines
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Hall of Names is once again showing the descriptions of the Coats of Arms presented at House of Names.

I've just found perhaps the best evidence that French Levi's were from the Laevi Gauls of Pavia, where Pierro's/PERo's were first found. Upon seeing the translated motto term, "praise," of Rawsons/Rowsons, I sought praise-like surnames and came to the Paris-like Peras variation of Pero's/Perino's, making sense because Ile-de-France in northern Paris is where French Levi's were first found. It tends to suggest that the Parisii who named the big city were from the Pero bloodline, or vice-versa.

Load Pierro Coat now, which loads on another tab, in order to load other surnames so that you can follow better.

Spanish Peras' are listed with Spanish Petro's, which jibes with Pierro/Pero variations. English Paris' even share the gold unicorn with Leavell-connectable Pierce's/Piers. The Peare's were kin of Tiens' (both in Oxfordshire with early Rooks) in the motto of Squirrels (same place as Rocks) while Belgian Paris' share the red squirrel with Squirrels. The Rowson variation of Rawsons is connectable to Rove's and Rows, the latter having the "paschal lamb" suspect partly with Lums/Lambs in the motto of Stevensons/Stove's, first found in Northumberland with Perrins and Lorraine's. Rows speak of the Roux's while Spanish Paris' use a rock. While Perins (not "Perrin") were first found in Lorraine, Pascals, with the Lorraine eagle in colors reversed, share the lion of Jewish Levi's. Scottish Youngs were once said to be first found in RoqueFEUIL-related ROXburghshire with Scottish Leavells, and both share the same piles. TREFoils are used by the other English Rows.

Pascals, first found in Essex with English Youngs and MUCH's/Muschats, are said to have been granted lands by "Robert, Earl of Leicester, at MUCH and Great BADDOW." That was likely Robert Beaumont, whose family had married Waleran de Percival of Leavell. Percivals were first found in Somerset with Leavells and Pierce's/Peirs. Baddow is like the Beddow variation of Bedwell-like Bedlows who incorporate the Coat of Seconds/Segurs in the "second" motto term of French Levi's. French Perins share the eagle of Segni's/SEGURana's.

Bedwells and Beetle's share the same lozengy, in the colors of the similar checks of English Vaux's/VALLibus' (Cumberland, beside Levins) to explain PerciVALs. The Vaux/Vallibus Coat is the Arms of Meulan, and Meulan is where the Beaumonts earls of Leicestershire ruled. Bedwells and Beetle use "On a ROCK, a fort..." English Forts have a rock too, and share an "audax" motto term with Roxburghs because Roquefeuil is in Aude province.

Beaumonts of Leicester married Simon de Montfort, and the French Henrys, first found beside Montfort of Brittany, can be traced to a Henry of Rodez, father/son of Hugh of Rodez who married Isabel of Roquefeuil. Rodez's (Languedoc with Aude province) share the lion of Spanish Paris' which stands on a rock, yet it's the Second/Segur and Beddow/Bedlow lion too.

The Arms of Meulan is shared in the Louvier Coat while Mons is beside La Louviere. "Mon" is a motto term of French Simons, first found in Lorraine. Mons is the capital of Hainaut while the counts/county of Hainaut used three-and-three chevrons that are roughly the three Levi chevrons. Leuven/Louvain is in Belgium with Mons, and the Counts of Hainaut used the Coat of Italian Leuvens in other colors while the giant lion of Louvains/Louvier's is in the colors of the lion heads of Chretiens who are in turn in the Levi motto.

The Chretien-like Cerats/Carite's (Yorkshire with Care's/Carre's), have the Pascal eagles as heads, and Carts (Somerset with Carys) were a branch of Carys of Castle Cary, home of Leavells. The English Care's/Carre's (Cary colors and format) have a bend with leopard faces in colors reversed from the very same of Aids/Ade's in turn in the Levi motto. Cerats/Charite's (possibly Keppoch kin) almost have the Coat of Irish Caseys while French Caseys were first found in Ile-de-France with Levi's.

French Care's/Carre's have the checks in the Arms of Massa-Carrara. The French Care/Carre Coat is in the colors and format of the Massi/Mattis Coat while Mathis' were first found in Burgundy with French Care's/Carre's.

I'm taking you to the two chief priests who killed Jesus, Joseph Caiaphas and his father-in-law, Annas/Ananus. They can be expected as Levite in blood, and as Seth, father of Annas/Ananus, was from Syria, he could have been related to Lupus Laevillus because Cetis is beside Syria. With Levi's traceable to HAINaut, it makes Hain elements look like Annas liners.

LUPUS Laevillus was husband to QUADratilla, the line to WOLF-using Quade's. yet the Arms of La Louviere uses the wolf too, and one of them is in the white-on-blue colors of the personal wolf head of earl Hugh Lupus, uncle of earl Meschin. Note the beakless ducks in the Arms of La Louviere, for the counts of Hainaut link back to Templar elements (shown below) in Lorraine while both Lorraine's and Perins (Lorraine) have beakless eagles.

French Caseys are in the colors and format of Lily's (Worcestershire with Rooks and Rooks) while Cetis'/Sestiers have a giant lily. Lille's were first found in Oxfordshire with Peare's. Cetis was home to its king, Lupus LAEVillus, the line to Leavells and Piers. Laevillus was father of CHARAX Proculus, the line to Carricks who can be gleaned with the Carrots/Carews sharing the lion of French Care's/Carre's. The latter are also Quarre's while Quarters/WATERs (share the Hainaut lion) were first found in Ayrshire with Carricks and Craigie's.

The Craigs were first found in Aberdeenshire with Caiaphas-like Chives' who share the cross of Mathis', allowing us to glean that Chives' were from the Cavii at the Mathis river (now the Mat) in Albania. Cavii were at Lissus while Lys'/Lisse's were first found in Ile-de-France with Chappes' and Levi's. See that?

The Spanish Paris' have am Aude-connectable "rock WITHin WATER", and French Masse's/Masseys (Savoy with Aude's) have "tree WITHout LEAVES". The Leave's are also Leve's. Pascals of Much and Baddow were first found in Essex with Leavell-connectable Youngs, and with Waters/Waterville's sharing the Coat of Much's/Muschats (Essex with English ESTE's). Waters/Waterville's almost have the Italian Leuven Coat. Waterfords/Waterville's, first found on Northamptonshire with Lauds/Laudymans expected in the "laudamus" motto term of Quarters/Waters, use "water LILIES". The fleur-de-LYS is a lily, suggesting that all bloodlines using the fleur-de-lys were from the Cavii.

Pascals are said to be from Eure, home of the Eburovices of Evreux, a line related to Abruzzo's/Abreu's sharing the Second/Segur and Beddow/Bedlow lion. Massi's/Mattis' were first found in Abruzzo with the Key-loving Sheaves'/CHIAVA's, and then English Sheaves'/Shaws share a "QUI" motto term with Beddows/Bedlows who in turn add "est" while Italian Este's share the Coat of Aquila's while Sheaves'/Chiava's were first found in L'Aquila.

"Aquila" is a motto term of Drake's, suspect with Dreux of Eure, and Drake's also use "muscas" while Muscas' are listed with Mosca's whose leopard is apparently the mountain cat of Chives'. The latter have a Shaw-like Shewas' variation. Eure's share the English Massey quadrants, and these Masseys share the Lys/Lille fleur-de-lys.

While Mosca's/Muscas' were first found beside Massa-Carrara, the Talbots in the Carrick Coat can be linked to the Taillebois kin of Meschins. The latter were first found in Shropshire with Talbots, Beddows/Bedlows, and the Bell-branch Bellamys were possibly of the Bellmont variation of Beaumonts. The first Meschins ruled Cheshire as earls, where English Masseys were first found.

Bells were first found in Dumfries with Scottish HAINs while Irish Hannitys/Heeneys/HEGNeys share the lion of Levi-beloved Seconds/Segurs, and Rodez's, while Levi's are expected at Hainaut's counts. Hegney-like Hagans were first found in Tyrone with Irish Henrys possibly from Henry of Rodez. Segni's/Segurana's are in the motto of Face's in the leopard faces of English Hannitys/Henage's. The latter's "firme" motto term can take us to Ferns/FEARne's because they almost have the Coat of Hannitys/Hegneys, and one Ferne lion is also in the Arms of Hainaut. The Ferne/Fearne Coat is very similar also to the Coat of Place's suspect in the motto of ANNANdale's Rome/Rums/Rims. Did you catch that?

Annandale is in Dumfries with the Hains, and ANANES Gauls were at PLACEntia. Does this not make it appear that chief-priest Ananus was from the Ananes Gauls, not far from the Laevi of Pavia? It now get important that the Levi lion is shared by Welsh Davids who almost have the Aids/Ade Coat.

The Fearne variation of Ferns takes use the Fears/Fiers', without doubt from Fier county of Albania. Fier is on the APSUS river, and the Apps' were once said to be first found in Middlesex with Fears/Fiers, but are now said to be first found in Huntingdonshire with HENRY, earl of Huntingdon, very traceable, with Haly ROD (Holyrood) House of king David I (Henry's father), to a Henry of Rodez. Fear-loving Peacocks were first found in Essex with Fear-branch Vere's/Vairs. Fern-like Ferme's/Fairholms (share "firme" with Hannitys/Henege's) were a branch of Fare's, the latter first found in Cumberland with the Daggers/Dackers, from the "Dexaroi" on the Apsus river.

Henry of Huntingdon was husband to Ada of Varenne, the line to the Aids/Ade's in the Levi motto. The Levi's were first found in Ile-de-France with the Verona's/Vairs while Varenne's are listed with Verone's while Belli's and Bellino's were first found in Verona. Bellino's use a "bear's paw" while both Paw surnames use peacocks. The bear is the symbol of Berwickshire, where Aids/Ade's were first found, and where the Percival bear heads can trace. German Leuvens have "bear paws FACIng outWARDs in center." Wards share the checkered Shield of Warrens while Ada of Varenne was also styled, "of Warenne."

The "Henege" variation of Hannitys could have formed the Henks and Hanks suspect in the "hanks of cotton" of English Cottons, first found in Huntingdonshire. English Henks use a "red buffalo's head" that shows exactly like the red bull head of Hank-like Anchors with an Annas-like Annacker variation. It just so happens that Anchors share the lozenges of Bullys, first found in Dumfries with Hains and Bells.

These are also the lozenges of "BULrush"-using Perts/Petts, first found in Kent with Louvains/Louvier's (and Brabants), and with the Petits in the motto of Malcolms/Columns. Malcolm III was father to king David I, and grandfather to Henry of Huntingdon. German Henks/HEINeke's/Heinkels use a "wreath" while Wreath variations of like the Levi-beloved Chretiens (lion heads in Louvain-lion colors).

If you scroll down this Count of Hainaut page, you'll see nearly the Levi Coat next to the counts of Flanders starting with BALDwin I, husband of Richilde of Hainaut and Mons. The Hainaut surname shares the Arms of Flanders. This Baldwin I is also styled, Baldwin VI of Hainaut. Balders have a "ferme" motto term while Formans/Fermans (Ferme/Fairholm anchor in colors reversed) were once said to be first found in Midlothian with Ferme's/Fairholms, and with the Sinclairs sharing the Balder cross.

I trace "Baldwin" to the Baltea river through Chivasso, named by the Caiaphas-like Chives' from the Cavii. The Cave's share the Shield of CAENs while the CENo river flows into the Taro while Ananes Gauls lived between the Taro and the Trebia. Caens were first found in Dorset (beside Tarrs) with Caiaphas-like Chaffs and Chaffins. Chaffs share the giant griffin of Battle's, the latter first found in Berwickshire with Levi-beloved Aids/Ade's.

The flag of La Louviere has the white wolf of Flynns, traceable to the Trebia river, home of Ananes. The other wolf in the Arms of La Louvier is in the colors of the giant wolf of German Flamings, and Flemings were from the Flemish peoples of Hainaut and Flanders. Flame's share the besants of Trebys, and Pero's/Perino's have "flaming stars" while Flamingo's share the Louvier Shield. In the Chief of French Louvier's, a black wolf, in both colors of the Quade wolf heads, and then the Leavell-related Youngs have a black wolf too. Irish Flemings share the Flamingo / Louvier checks too.

It seems clear enough that Laevi Gauls named Lupus Laevillus, and that his descent went to Levi's in Paris and Hainaut, and to Leavells of Normandy. The latter were at Yvery while the Baltea river though Chivasso passes first through Ivrea. The Lys river of Aosta, obviously named by Cavii elements from Lissus, drains into the Baltea. French Paris' ("apple with green LEAVES") were first found in Lorraine. Pare's/Parets, like variations of Pierre's/Pero's/Petri's, were first found in Auvergne with the Bouillons while Godfrey de Bouillon was a ruler in Lorraine.

Pare's/Parets, showing only "badgers", are in the colors and format of Parsons (share Peare leopard face), first found in Norfolk with the BAGs, Bucks, and with the Lance's in the Italian DERE Coat. French lance's have the Swedish Person Coat in colors reversed. I barely know the Pare's/Parets, but they are suddenly super for tracing Laevi Gauls to Levi's, the latter first found in Paris' Ile-de-France with "deer"-using Trudeau's. BAGGers, with a "badger" in Crest, are in the colors and format of ROE's, of Deerings, and of Biks/Bickers (Berkshire with MODANE's) while the latter's triple buck heads are in the colors of the "ROEbucks" of Deerings.

The Morinis' in Deering ancestry were first found in MODENa, suggesting that Modens/Modeys were from Morinis elements that had nobility in Modena. Berkshire is where I trace Berks/Burghs who share the cross of Marine's (beside Caens) and Marines' (Kent with Deerings and Osberts). The Osberts in Deering ancestry share a "bello" motto term with Bouillons, adding to the trace of Morinis' to the Morini people group of Boulogne. The Marine's and Marines' even share the Eustace cross while Eustace II was father to Godfrey de Bouillon. The Morini can explain why the Arms of Morano (southern Italy) shares the Moor head with Bouillons and with Morano's (Modena with Morinis').

Modens/Modeys have the fretty Shield of Peare-related Caens in half its colors, and Caens were first found in Dorset with the Deer-beloved Gallops. Modens share the fretty of Henry-like Enrico's while French Henrys were at MOTTE-Henry, near a Mott location of the Motts/MOTTINs, and the latter were first found in Essex with the Rams in the Coat of French Bauds/Bots (Auvergne with Bouillons and Pare's/Parets). Marines' were first found in Kent with Stump- and Tiger-connectable Ticks, with Paret-like Perts/Petts, and with Deerings and their Osbert kin while Osberts love the Tigers, first found in Suffolk with the Stamp-connectable Rush's in the "bulrushes" of Perts/Petts.

Caen is near Falaise, part of Roquefeuil elements, and German Terras'/Deire's show nothing but rooks in Cary colors and format. Scottish Terras' were first found in Moray with the Bellys in turn linkable to the Bouillon motto. Rockets, first found in Languedoc with Roquefeuil and French Pierre's, have a giant rook. La Falaise is at Ile-de-France with the first-known, Deer-loving Trudeau's.

The daughter of "the tanner" of Falaise (Normandy with Conteville) married Herluin de Conteville, son of John de Burgo. German Dare's/DERRs essentially share the Coat of Comyns/Comines' (Norfolk with Deeds/Date's) while Comines is near Boulogne, home of Eustace II while Eustace's were first found at KilDARE. John de Burgo, the line to Irish Berks/Burghs (share Marine / Eustace cross), was an earl of Comines by marriage to Eustice de Comyn, and so she looks related to Eustace II of Boulogne by the fact that Eustace's share the Berk/Burgh Coat.

This Wiki page has Eustace de Burgo, son of John de Burgo above, and this Eustace is said to have married Beatrix DeVesci. Then, this page on a later "EUSTACE Fitz JOHN De BURGH De VESCI," has the Bouillon Coat at the top that is assumed to be his own symbol. It tends to prove that Eustace's share the Berk/Burgh cross because Eustace II was himself of this Burgo bloodline. As Vise's/Vice's and Eustace's share the same cross between antlers, they look like a Vesci branch.

The Birds/Burds, with the Bouillon Coat in colors reversed. were first found in Cheshire, where Eustace fitz John de Burgh was constable. The Meschins are said to have granted Eustace his powers in Cheshire. Birds/Burds (Cheshire with Tows) were first found in Broxton while Ainsleys in BroxTOW. Thus, it seems certain that AINSleys and Annas' share the Eustace cross and Stacy saltire respectively.

Kildare's share the saltire of Eustace-branch Stacys, though Hall of Names says that Eustace's (showing a cross) have the same saltire, and it's the saltire too of Annas' while the Eustace cross is shared by Ainsleys who in turn love the My variation of Mee's while Eustace's and Stacey have a "me" motto term. The Mee's/My's share the cross of Face's/Fessys said to be from Eustace de Vesci. But see also the Taffys (share Face/Fessy motto terms) because Taft-branch Tows are listed with Tuffs.

Joseph Caiaphas married the daughter of Annas/Ananus. Ainsleys are in the colors and format of English Adams, and then Scottish Adams were first found in Annas-connectable Annandale, where English Adams were once said to be first found. Annandale was home to the throne-ascending Bruce's whom Marjory Carrick married after she married ADAM Kilconquhar. The latter's mother was a Comyn(s) by surname. Therefore, the royal family of Jerusalem had what look like ancient-priest-of-Jerusalem elements in Annandale.

The Bruce and Galloway lion is in the colors of the lion in the Arms of Brescia, and Brescia is near PLACentia to go with the "placit" motto term of Rome/Rims, first found in Annandale. Ananes Gauls lived at/beside Placentia, on the Trebia river, and Trebys were first found in Devon with Stacy-like Staggs/Stage's. Annas-connectable Hanna's of Galloway share the blue stag with Staggs/Stage's, Hanna's call them "deer's heads EACH with a BELL around its NECK""). The Augers/Each's, who share the motto of Herod-beloved Lure's, can be in the Comyn/Comines Crest. Necks have a giant "deer's head" that is almost the "buck's head" of Leggs, the latter first found in Dumfries with Bells.

As Perkins/Parkings share the Kilpatrick lion, one Parker Coat (Somerset with Leavells) is suspect with the Legg Coat on a black Shield. The red antler in the Parker Crest ought to trace to the red antler of Casimir's, kin of Lorraine's (Eustace / Stacy colors), because the family of Eustace II ruled Lorraine. Lorraine-connectable Casimir of Poland married Maria of Kiev, home of TRYPillians to explain the "stag trippant" of the other English Parkers, which is in the brown color of the Stacy "stag at a GAZE." Gaze's/Wassa's/Wace's, first found in Cornwall with Annas-connectable Enys', can be of the Wake's/Wachs', first found in Dumfries with Annandale and sharing the Comyn/Comines garb. The "wake knot" of Wake's can take one to Cnuts/Knots, first found in Derbyshire with one of the Parkers. Wake's, first found in Lincolnshire with Mussels/Muscels, not only share the red roundels in the Arms of Boulogne, but are in the colors of the Eustace's and Pierro's/Pero's while the latter are in Mussel/Muscel format.

Eustace's and Stacys even have a "PERsequeris" motto term to indicate something of Pierro's/Pero's. "Per" is a Hanna motto term. The Courage's in the Comyn/Comines motto almost have the Perkin/Parking Coat except that the latter add what could be the Levi lion. The "Cur" motto term of Eustace's and Stacys can be for the Kurr variation of Cars/Kerrs because the latter are in the colors and format of Peks who in turn have the Comming/Commenges patee in colors reversed.

Again, Eustace's were first found in Kildare while German Dare's incorporate the Comyn/Comines/Coming Coat, and Eustace II was a count near Comines. English Dare's (Essex with Brocks and Peks) share the lion of Brocks while the Chief-Shield combination of Brocks is shared by German Dare's. Ainsleys were first found in BROXtow.

Kildare's are said to be of the Geralds who share their saltire, and the Croms (share cat with Berks/Burghs) in the Gerald motto were once said to be first found in Berkshire with the Windsors (Crom colors) who in turn have the saltire in colors reversed. Windsors, with a "deer's head" in Crest, share "me" with the Eustace and Stacy motto while Mee's/My's are in the "my" motto term of AINSleys, the latter first found in Nottinghamshire with Mee's/My's, and where Annas' were once said to be first found. The Crom QUATRefoils can be code for QUADRatus BASSus and his daughter, Quadratilla, wife of Lupus Laevillus. Ainsleys were first found in BASford, and chief-priest Annas is suspect (by me) from the Levite line of Laevillus. Eustace's and Stacys have a "perSEQUERis" motto term, and Basfords share the eagle of SEGURana's while the Seconds, listed with Segurs, are in the Levi motto. Seckers/Segars (Devon) have the Segurana moline in colors reversed.

While Windsors descended from "Gerald de Windsor," and from FitzOtho line of OTHers/Otters, Geralds are said to be from "OTHO Geraldino, one of the chief commanders of Williams the Conqueror..." Others/Otters are said to be from Lombards, and while Ottone VisCONTI ruled the Lombardy capital, Ottone's have a Coat very linkable to the one of French Chappes' (Ile-de-France with Deer-loving Trudeau's).

Windsors share the crosslets of English Trips, and so let's mention the "stag trippant" of English Plants/Plantagenets, the latter first found in London with CAPES'. See anything suspicious? German Trips are Treffs too while Tudor-related Trevors/Trefors were first found in Herefordshire with Croms and Tudors (Crom colors and format). The "Je" motto term of Windsors looks like code for the Jays, first found in Herefordshire.

The English Fiens suspect in the Windsor motto were first found in Kent with English Trips, English Godfreys, and with the Dragons and Mynetts both sharing helmets (different colors) with Tudors. English Godfreys almost have the Coat of Meads/Meats, both sharing pelicans, and both in the colors and format of Trudeau's and Camps (Warwickshire with Meads/Meats). Meats/Meads share the martlets of French Josephs, first found in Maine with Pellicans, and with the Dere-connectable French Lance's.

The Comyn/Comines Coat is almost the one of Deeds/Date's in the "deed" motto term of Scottish Flemings. Eustace II was Flemish, and he lived in Pas de Calais while French Plants are said to have named "De Planques in the region of Pas de Calais." CALLOUville (Normandy) is where English Bello's were from who have cinquefoils in the colors of the Crom quatrefoils. Crombys (share white flory cross with Bouillons) were first found in Aberdeenshire with Chives' of TARVES who in turn share the cat with Croms. The Vito's in the motto of English Bello's were first found in TARVISium. Trevors/Trefors can apply.

The Crom cat can be code for the line that named Rennes-le-Chateau, near Roquefeuil, because French Vincents were first found in Languedoc with Rennes-le-Chateau while English Vincents have the Crom Coat on a blue Shield. Vince's/Finch's (Hertfordshire, beside Deers and Buckingham Palace) share the passant and black griffin of Irish Godfreys. Croms are in the colors and format of Crooms/Crone's. Scottish Crone's share the lozengy of "ROCK"-using Beetle's (Berkshire with Windsor castle) whose Bedwell branch was at Bedfordshire with the first-known Deers in the Windsor motto. Beetle's and Bedwells put a "fort in FLAMES" on their rock. Bedfords share the black border with the Parrs and Furness', both first found in Lancashire with rock-using Forts. Bedfords share the black lion in Crest with Crooms/Crone's, and the cat in the Crom Crest is black too. Croms were once said to be first found in Berkshire.

The living King Charles had married Lady Diana Spencer while Spencers incorporate the Berkshire Coat. Spencers (Leicestershire with Vincents) have a "defend" motto suspect as code for "otter"-using Fenders/VENDers, first found in Huntingdonshire with WINDsor-line Others/Otters. The Fender/Vender sword looks like the one of Chaine's/Chands because Schims/Schiens/Chande's (Aberdeenshire with Crombys) share a "fortuna" motto term with Bedfords (lion paws). The latter look like kin of Palins/PAWleys, the latter first found in Dorset with Deer-beloved Gallops and Vince-connectable ChafFINCH's.

The Crusaders were primarily Flemish and Normans of Normandy, and Normans were ruled by William the Conquered, grandson of "the tanner" of Falaise. The Tanaro river is in Piedmont with Pero's/Perino's and Masci's, and while German Tanners share "pine cones" with Maschi's, and while Cone's (Kent) share the Conte antlers, the Maschi's share the lion of Irish Carys and English Chance's, the latter first found in Essex with Sempers/St Peers/St. Pierre's. The latter share the Coat of Duce's, first found in Staffordshire with "deer"-using Yardleys. Peirs/Peers were first found in Warwickshire with the Pettys who in turn share the Coat of Yardleys. Leavells were at Normandy's Yvery, and Ivrea- and Yvery-like Iverys have the Peir/Peer bend in colors reversed.

Marine's were first found in Hampshire with Chance-branch Chace's, and with the Baud/Bot-connectable Botters who use a "perch" while Pero's/Perino's and Pierro's/Pero's are both Perichs too.

The Baltea river through Ivrea and Chivasso (both in Piedmont) can be traced to Baldwin I, first king of Templar Jerusalem, and brother of Godfrey de Bouillon. Baldwin was the grandson of Godfrey III the Bearded, ally of the Vaticanized PIERleoni Jews (of Rome) highly suspect with a line from Joseph Caiaphas to the Chappes' (same place as Trudeau's).

I've read that the first grandmaster of the Templars married Elizabeth Chappes, and while the Baltea was also the Bautica, French Bauds/Bauts/Bots were first found in Auvergne with Pare's/Parets while Pierre's/Pero's of Pavia were near this river, and near the flaming-star Pero's/Perino's (Piedmont with Laevi Gauls of Novara) who can thus trace to the Flemish family of king Baldwin. My suspicions are that these rulers and termites of Jerusalem knew themselves to descend from Caiaphas.

Scottish Bauds, a branch of Scottish Balds (Peebles-shire with Monts/MONS"), were first found in Stirlingshire with Scottish Chappes' and NewMARCH's while Marici co-founded Pavia with Laevi Gauls.

As per the "bello" motto term of Bouillons and Deering-related Osberts, the Labels/La bells are in the three-pointed, blue label of Plants/Plantagenets, yet this label is also in the Arms of Piedmont. While English Plants/Plantagenets share the "stag" with Eustace's (KilDARE) and their Stacy branch (both use "PERsequeris"), At Wikipedia's article for Herman, count of Hainaut: "As the Count of Mons, a title inherited from his father, [Herman] allied with Godfrey the Bearded, Duke of Lorraine..." Herman was the first husband of Richilde, and she married secondly to Baldwin VI of Hainaut, whom we met above as the first count of Hainaut shown beside the Levi Coat at Wikipedia's article on counts of Hainaut.

As his article, Baldwin VI is shown with his wife holding the Aller Coat, and Allers (Westphalia with DUCKs) are in the "allerions" of Holdens/Holdings, defined as beakless eagles. Lorraine's use beakless eagles in the colors of the Hereford eagles while Richilde's third husband was William FitzOsbern, 1st Earl of Hereford, son of Osbern of Crepon. It just so happens that French Crispins/Crepons were first found in Lorraine. The Arms of La Louviere shows beakless ducks in the colors of the beakless eagle of Lorraine's Perins.

It just so happens that Osbert of Crepon married a daughter of Rodulf of Ivry, that being the Yvery location of Leavells too. Crepon is near Dives (and a Dives river) while English Dives' (Cambridgeshire with Annas') are Divers too, thus suspect with "D'Ivry." Dives'/Divers share the CAPES scallops for an apparent pointer to Caiaphas and Annas. Iverys were first found in Oxfordshire (near Capes') with the Vere earls while Vere-branch Fiers/Fears are linkable to Daggers/Dackers who in turn share the red bull of Sabine's, the latter first found in Norfolk with Verys. Vere's share the Annas star.

The scallops of Dutch Divers, in half the colors of the Dives/Diver scallops, are shared with Daggers/Dackers, and with the neighboring English Jacks whom I trace to mythical Ajax, god of the Kennati priests of Cetis! That's where LUPUS Laevillus was king, and Dutch Divers even have a wolf head. The Kennedys are from the Kennati while their Carrick kin, from Charax, a son of Laevillus, share a dancette (different colors) with Dives'/Divers.

I told of the time when my date, Lorraine (she's much in my last update), pointed to Laevi at PAVia with her BARE FEET on the PAVEment of YONGE street. And here we just saw that Ducks, first found in Westphalia with Pansys/Pantzers, lead us to Levi elements at La Louviere, smack beside the Hainaut capital. From the last update: "I've explained a million times that Lorraine's white PANTs, on our last night together, pointed to Pansys/PANTzers, first found in Westphalia with Ducks/Dockers who named Bar-le-DUC in Lorraine province. The Arms of Bar-le-Duc uses the PANSY, you see."

Her BARE FEET point to the Bare variation of Bars, you see, and Feets/Fate's share a Pavia Coat while Yonge's are listed with Leavell-related Youngs. The latter are now said to be first found in Northumberland with Lorraine's.

The "PRUDentia" motto term of these Scottish Youngs/Yonge's can take us to the Prude variation of Pride's, first found in Lorraine-connectable Lanarkshire with Scottish Flemings, and looking related to the two bear paws of German Leuvens. The Prude/Pride Coat even looks related to the piles of Youngs/Yonge's and Leavells, and English Pile's were, until recently, said to be first found in Northumberland, but are now said to be first found in Somerset with English Leavells.

From there, were can take it to the Nuse's/Newes' because they almost have the German Leuven Coat. Nuse's/Newes' were first found in Hertfordshire with the PRIESTs/Prests suspect in the "preastat" motto term of the same Youngs/Yonge's, yet one can also glean the Prays / Preys in that motto to go with the "lampreys" of Prude's/Pride's. English Prays have wolf heads, and Preys were first found in Auvergne with French Prude's/Prats, Bouillons, and Mullets. Preys share the hunting horn of Mullets while Mullets share the hexagrams of Payens/Pagans while Hugh de Payens, the first Templar grandmaster, married Elizabeth Chappes. Payens/Pagans call their hexagrams, "spur rowells", and the items on the PANTer Chief are likewise "spur rowells."

Lorraine's were from royal Kiev, land of Trypillians, and so what might the "tripPANT" stags, we saw above, relate to in the Pant-like department? Lorraine's were from Richeza of LOTHARingia, and English Trips have a "scaling LADDER while Scale's share the scallops of neighboring Capes' in turn first found in London with Plants/Plantagenets who in turn have a "trippant" stag. She had the grass stain on her BUTT and ASS, and while German Butts/Bute's/Boets (suspect from Sadducee-Boethus) almost have the Coat of Laevi-connectable Pierro's/Pero's, Ass' were first found in the Orkney island group with the Peace's/Paise's sharing the Pansy/Pantzer doves.

She lived on Church street at the time, making me suspect that Church's were related to Leavells due to both first found in Somerset. Church's (same place as BILLs) share the greyhound heads of Bass'/Bassens, suspect from Laevillus' wife. Church's can be in the motto of Sawyers/SAWERs who in turn share the checks of German BILS', first found in Austria with Sava-river SAUERs. Lorraine was a Russellite, and Russells ("sara" motto term) share the Sauer Coat. The Plantagenet-related Fulke's almost have the full Russell motto, and Fulke's share "Qui" with Sheaves'/Shaws. The Posse's (Maine with Bill-branch Billets and French Josephs) in the motto of English Butts/Bute's use "quia." Posse's are listed with French Poussins while English Poussins/Pussys can be gleaned as kin of PAISley-connectable Pasleys. Peace's/Paise's, who share the fesse of McAbbe's (Arran, beside Bute), were first found in Orkney with Henry Sinclair of Russell-like Roslin, and Sinclairs are also the Suns in the suns of Posse's/Poussins.

What a Babe

The Chief of English Butts/Bute's is shared by Ports, the latter first found in Hampshire with Josephs and Richeza-line Rich's/Richess'. The Joseph Chief is in the colors and format of the Butt/Bute and Port Chiefs. The Charo's in the Joseph motto are also Claro's, the surname that made "Sinclair." Sun-using Babe's and Blonds were first found in Suffolk with Clare's. Lorraine got a babe symbol the minute she got her feet/foot symbol, and Blonds put a foot on their sun.

I gave her a feet/foot symbol because I remember that her BEAUTiful feet struck me when I saw them, and this can go to Bute-connectable Beautys/Bowds, connectable to Boys/Boets/Boeddu's. See that? Beautys/Bowds were first found in Dorset, where Babe's were once said to be first found, and as soon as Mike OULLETTE said, next to my ear as I walked past him, "WHAT a babe," I turned around to look at the babe, and saw her beautiful feet. It's interesting that Whats/Wadcotts (Essex with Butt-related Este's) are in Star/Stairr colors and format while the latter share gold estoiles with English Butts/Bute's (share black horse with Este Crest).

Mike Oullette said, "WHAT a Babe," and the LETT/Late Chief is almost the one of Wattle's (Somerset with Cocks and Church's) while the OulLETTE "moorCOCK [is]...wattled red"! What's/Wadcotts once said that they use a "whadCOCK" (spelling may be slightly off). The Wattle Coat looks much like the Annas Coat! It even looks linkable to Letters and Lauders. English Butts/Bute's are said to have named locations in Falaise, where Oullette's were first found. Whattle's are listed with WHATleys/WHEATleys. What a babe. Scottish Chappes'/Cheaps, first found in Stop-connectable Stirlingshire, use "ears of wheat". Wheats/Whate's are in What/Whadcock colors. Stops (Staffordshire) were Pipe and Stirling/STURling kin, which can explain why Sturs almost have the Basset Coat. SturLINGs look like Starlings, the latter first found in Suffolk with Babe's and Lings!!! Zikers.

Again, Whats are in Star/Stairr colors and format, and while Miss Peare had pointed to the Stars/Stairrs at her age 17, I last saw her at age 22 as little as a month before I met Lorraine. I hadn't seen Miss Peare for about two years when she called out of the blue, and we got together for a weekend (no sex). Peare's share the Whattle/Whatley stars.

I trace the "ORGAN pipes" of Letts/Late's to "ORKNey," and Pipe's were first found in Staffordshire with the Bassets that probably named Ouilly-le-Basset, (Falaise), where Oullette's were first found. Ouilly-like Owls were first found in Suffolk with Babe's, and with the Lodge's/Loge's who share the giant Wattle lion, as do Church-connectable Greys (Northumberland with Lorraine's).

Church's share the greyhound head of Basset-like Bass'/Bassens, and Lorraine got her feet and babe symbol on her return home from church. It was therefore a Sunday, and so I've just looked up Sundays/Sandys (look like Pierro/Pero kin!) who happen to have a "PRObum" motto term to be regarded as "proBUM" too as per the grass stain on her bum!!! We can even add that Pipe's and Bassets were first found in Staffordshire with Arse-like Arras'.

Bassets look like kin of Sturs, first found in Hampshire with Bute-connectable Ports and Porters. Porters share co-ownership of the portcullis gate with Yates', the latter first found in Gloucestershire with Letts/Late's who are in turn suspect in "annuLET" because they have the Annas saltire in colors reversed. The "Pro" motto term of Bassets suggests that they share the Pierro/Pero fesse, and Letts/Late's happen to share the Peare stars. Look at all the ways that Annas elements can be linked to Laevi Gauls.

Wake's look like they share the Pierro/Pero fesse too, and while Wake's use a "knot," Cnut/Knots (Derbyshire, beside Bassets) share the Basset Crest while Danish Cnuts have "pot hangers" while Pots and Potters were first found in Hampshire with Ports, Porters and Hangers. Basset-like Bastards (Devon with same-colored Staggs/Stage's) have a "potior bello" motto phase for linkage to the Bouillon motto.

Spurrs and Supers were first found in Devon with Spice's in turn in Trudeau colors and format, and "reSPICE" is a motto term of Priestlys whose Coat in turn looks related to Spice's. "RESpice" can also be code for the Res variation of Italian DERE's. To understand this latter surname better, see Daro's listed with Ros'/DeRos', meaning that Deers and Deerings may have been Roxolani / Varangian Rus to begin with. Daro's/Ros'DeRos' share a double-headed eagle on a gold Shield with Spice-like Spike's/Specks, and the latter's is in the colors of the giant FERTE eagle with Speccots use "frets."

"Roxolani" is from "Ros-Alan," and Res'/Dere's use a LANCE while the Lance fesse is in colors reversed from the Alan fesse. French Lance's, with a giant ROSE in the colors of the LANCashire/Lancaster roses, were first found in Maine with Roquefeuil-connectable, French Billets/Billiards. The Arms of Roquefeuil use billets while Billets (Devon) share the Coat of Bello's/Bellows, the latter first found in Cheshire with the Balls sharing a "fire ball" with the Spice Crest.

The Towers in the Priestly and Spice Coat were first found in Lancashire with Gorsuch's, and with Spike's/Specks in turn said to have a Specke location in Devon, where their Speccot branch was first found that's in the colors and format of Gorsuch's. The latter share the bend-with-eagles of Lorraine's. Devon is also where tower-using Thors/Tours were first found, and then French Tours (Languedoc, in Roque/Rocks colors), share the giant tower of Auvergne's.

If the Trudeau "deer" was part of the Deerings (Kent with Louvains and Brabants), who were descended from Deringus de Morinis, it's interesting that: "The Morini...were a Belgic coastal tribe dwelling in the modern Pas de Calais region, around present-day Boulogne-sur-Mer..." This Boulogne is where the father of king Baldwin ruled as a count. The Arms of Boulogne shares red roundels ("torteaux") with this Arms of Dering of Surrenden in Kent, described as "Argent, a fess azure in chief three torteaux." That is, a silver (white) Shield with a blue fesse, and three red roundels in the Chief. Lancashire's/Lancasters use that fesse too. Dutch Ghents/Gaunts have that fesse in colors reversed, and it's the wavy Dol fesse too. John of Gaunt was head of the house of Lancaster. Lancashire's/Lancasters share the Chief of Capote's/CHAPPUS', of the Cetis-suspect Seats/Seeds/Cedes' (Lancashire).

Capes' are also Capets, and first found in London with Plants/Plantagenets. French Plants were at Boulogne. Geoffrey Fulk-Plantagenet was directly of the royal house of Jerusalem. Bologna's and Belgian Flecks have the vertically-split Shield of Spanish Capets and Fulke's (Norfolk with English Flecks) in colors reversed. Belgian Flecks have variations reflecting the Fleck-connectable Fleets, Floats, Flatts and Fletchers. The latter have a Coat similar to the one of Balders. The house of king Baldwin and de-Bouillon ruled Lorraine, and Lorraine's were first found in Northamptonshire with the Greys expected on the Bologna greyhounds.

Surrendens/SORRENens (Kent) look like kin of Belgian Gone's/Guenets, suspect from Ghent of Belgium, a city at the end of the Lys river suspect with Cavii from Lissus. You see, we have what look like Caiaphas liners at the Lys river in Artois, and flowing to Ghent, smack near the Boulogne location of the first templar rulers of Jerusalem. I claim that the house of Caiaphas knew/suspected that the invading Romans (70 AD) had not found all the treasures in the Jerusalem Temple. The house of Caiaphas needed an army to get to that treasure, and the house of Eustace II was able to convince the vatican to allow the "Crusaders" to form armies. This was a work of the devil. The Arms of Roquefeuil probably has gold bars as its symbol, for billets are metal bars.

We can now explain why Cave's were first found in Lancashire with the Parrs who in turn have the double Morinis fesses in colors reversed. Then, Parr-branch Furness' (Lancashire) )share the black dog with Chaff-branch Chaffins, first found in Dorset with the Peare-related Caens sharing the Cave Shield.

Danish SORENsons share the cinquefoil of Scottish Dyke's (Cumberland with Daggers/Dackers) while German Daggers/Decks share the red squirrel with Dutch Dyke's and Belgian Paris'.

trudeau's Laundering Machines

When crossing the Bedwells, I started an insert, but as it got too long, I've put it into this new section.

Bedwell-like Bedlows/Beddows were first found in Shropshire with LEVENs. Lorraine my date met me, for our first outing, at my laundromat on the corner of LEVENdale and Yonge streets. That laundromat can now be pointing to trudeau's downfall. Bedwells were first found in Bedfordshire with Trudeau-beloved Deer.

Although his downfall is due to Liberals calling for him to step down, the reason behind that calling is that trudeau is responsible for the Liberal failure in the St. Paul election due to the money-laundering scandals unveiled over the past couple of years by Conservative committees. The Liberals shut their eyes to these scandals, but just one bad election in Toronto has caused put them over the top in panic.

When I first mentioned Lorraine's strong pointer to Pepin of Landen, and therefore to laundry-like Landens/Landers, I didn't yet know -- not for a couple of years or more -- that French Landrys, who once came up as "Laundry" about a year ago, were first found in Lorraine. It was amazing to find that Landrys were first found in the Bar area of Lorraine i.e. that named Bar-le-Duc, where her pant stain pointed. Laundry-connectable Levens share the chevron of the neighboring Staffs/Staffords, and her bus stop on that first date points to Stops/Stubbs and Pepin-branch Pipe's, both first found in Staffordshire.

Landrys share the martlet of French Josephs, pelican-using Pullys, and pelican-using and Godfrey-connectable Meads/Meats. Therefore, God set up our first outing, or DATE, starting at the laundromat, for due to Godfreys and Meads/Meats being in Trudeau colors and format, that date could be a pointer to God's unveiling of trudeau's money-laundering schemes. That makes sense, especially as Trudeau's are in the format of, and colors reversed from, Landrys.

Lorraine had a foot symbol that involved "foot"-using Blonds (Suffolk with Babe's, Mead-branch Meadows, and Medley-beloved Tigers), and Feets/Fate's, first found in Yorkshire with Mead-branch Methleys, share the Landry chevron. Methley-branch Medleys have a "fides" motto term while Fido's are listed with Fothes'/Fette's/Fitts (likewise share Landry chevron). English Fitts/Fitch's were first found in Essex with Motley-like Motts.

English Laundrys/Landrys are said to be of Leven-like "Lavendaria". The laundromat was at the very end of a strip mall overlooking the corner of Levendale and Yonge, and she got her foot / feet / babe symbol on Yonge street while Yonge's were Leavell kin. Lavenders almost have the Shield of trudeau-beloved Deers! Babe's were once said to be first found in Dorset with Deer-beloved Gallops! This is beside the Laundry-beloved Tree's, and the latter were once said to be first found in Warwickshire with Meads/Meats!!! Mead-branch Medleys and Motleys were first found in Shropshire with Levens and Bedlows/Beddows.

Ahh, Lavenders use "gem annulets" while gems/cams/game's share the six-pale bars of BABwells and English Lise's/Liss' while French Lys'/Lise's were first found in the same place with Trudeau's and Levi's! Look at all of these "coincidences". I AM VERY HAPPY TO REPORT trudeau's demise by the hand of God. May he not sleep well until he has returned all the money he has stolen. In which bank(s) is he hiding it?

A few weeks after seeing Lorraine at her Finch bus station, I was at a CAMP site with Mamie, the first day of our relationship. Camps (Warwickshire with Meads/Meats) are likewise in Trudeau colors and format. Shortly after that campsite event, Mamie and I were at a baseball diamond, where I gave her a hug at HOME plate. Looking over her shoulder just then, the pastor's daughter was seen walking along second base (there was no baseball game taking place, and I don't remember anyone else there). Seconds are in the Levi motto, and Home's/Hume's love the True variation of Tree's. Base's/Basemanns are in the colors and format of Jewish Levi's. True-like Trude's have six pale bars too, and French Levi's were first found in the same place with Trudeau's.

Trudeau's riding is in Papineau, and Papineau's use "plates"! Home PLATE.

I pointed this home-plate event to HUMA ABEDIN because her husband, Anthony Weiner, was charged and convicted for a pedophilia event, and my pastor's daughter (CINDY Richardson) was destined, a couple of weeks later, to point to "pizzagate" pedophilia. The point here is "Abedin" had me looking up Bedins to find them listed with Beddows/Bedlows who incorporate the Second Coat.

There's an Austrian Weiner surname, and Austrian Anthonys were first found in Styria while Steers were first found in Surrey with Trots/Trude's. English Anthonys were first found in Lincolnshire with Base's/Baise's! The "cede" motto term of Steers can be for the Cetis-like Cedes variation of Seats/Seeds (Lancashire with Plate's). Papineau's use "raisin seeds" in a "plate""!!! You can't believe this.

Cindy Richardson was at second base. Cindys/CUNTYs, looking like Conte's / Countrys, are listed with Kennati-like variations, and Kennati priests were at Cetis. "GrandesCUNT" is a motto term of Courts/Coverts (Sussex with Babwells) who almost have the six pale bars of Babwells and Liss'/Lise's. Babe's were first found in Suffolk with PLAINs/PLATTers, kin of Palins, and Babe's were once said to be first found in Dorset with Palins.

A couple of weeks after this baseball-diamond event, I was asked to wait on tables (I think it was my first and last time being the waiter there) at the pizza restaurant I was working at, and in comes Cindy and her parents to DINE. Diamonds are listed with Dinner-branch Dinans. I served them dinner, with WINE. Yes, they ordered wine, and that points to Anthony WEINer. The latter was in strong cahoots with Hillary Clinton. She gave all her illegal government emails to Weiner (I suppose he was hiding them for her lest she be caught with them on her computer).

Belgian Weiners (share Lys/Lise fleur-de-lys) are listed with Wansteads/Winners, and CHILDs are said to have been in Wanstead. Winns/Wine's share the eagle of Grave's/Greafs, first found in Gloucestershire with Lavender-beloved Gems/Cams/Game's. The latter share the Coat of Kemmis'/Kenys'/Camois', first found in Huntingdonshire, and then the Base's/Basemanns (Austria with Austrian Anthonys and Austrian Weiners), with hunting horns, are in the colors and format of Jewish Levi's. ADA of Warenne married Mr. Huntingdon, and Aids/Ade's (Berwickshire with Home's/Hume's) are in the Levi motto.

I was hoping that Mamie would become a Christian, but she wasn't interested.

Lorraine pointed to the Payens bloodline at her BUS STOP because the Stubbs (use PHEONs), who list Stops, look like they are from the Paionian/PAEONian city of Stobi. The Paioni, suspect in the Paion variation of Payens/Pagans, were also at AstiBUS while Astys share the Lorraine lion. A pheon is in the Crest of Salyes-like Sales'/Sallets while Salyes Ligures lived at the Durance river, explaining why English Durants share the Sales/Sallett fleur. It just so happens that English Durants come up as "Dant" while Stops/Stubbs have a "ceDANT"motto term. Then, Dents, in Sales/Sallett colors and format, were first found in Yorkshire with English and Scottish Pagans. It suggests that Dents, Denets and Donuts were from the Durance river, and perhaps earlier yet on the Turano river next to the Salto at Rieti.

Stops/Stubbs are in SALEman/Salian format and colors-reversed, and they share the gold eagle. Salemans/Salians were first found in Surrey, where Dolphins/DOLfins (Dol colors) were once said to be first, though they are now said to be first found in Cumberland with Salmons (Saleman/Salian colors). Payens/Pagans were first found dolphin-using Dauphine with French Durants who in turn have a "SAILing ship" while Dants/Durants share the fleur of Sales'/SAILs. A "sail" is with Tenants, first found in West Lothian with Balders. Balds and Bauds (Stirlingshire) use the "galley" ship while French Galleys and Galli's (share French Alan Chief) were first found in Dauphine. English Galleys (share greyhound with Donuts) were first found in Yorkshire with Pagans, Dents and Dance's.

Italian Durants share the sun of French Chance's, first found in Savoy with the Durance river. Italian Durants share the Auvergne tower.

Alans of Dol married Alice of Saluzzo, which is how we can trace "Saluzzo" to the Salyes Ligures. Durant-like Dure's share the Clun and Saluzzo Coat while the FitzAlans of Arundel, who married Alice of Saluzzo, lived in Clun of Shropshire. Sallows were first found in Shropshire with Baldwins, beside the Sales'/Salletts. Cluns share the black wolf with Saracens (Cumberland), and Saracena is smack beside Morano (southern Italy).

Lorraine's pant stain pointed to Dove-loving Pansys/Pantzers while Dove's share the dancetty-fesse of Dants/Durants, in the colors of the fesse of Saltz's. It makes Pansys suspect with Pan/Payen / Paine/Payne liners. Dansette's were first found in Ile-de-France with the Lys'/Lise's in the Sale/Sallett fleur-de-lys. This can suggest that Dance's (Yorkshire with Dents) were a branch of Dants/Durants. I trace Italian Dance's/Donnas'/DONNa's to king Donnus of the Cottians, and I trace his grandson, VESTALis to the Wests and Dove-loving Waistells/Wessels. Wests have the dancette-fesse of Dove's and Dants/Durants in colors reversed. Whistle's/Wissels (share Payne lions) were first found in Somerset with Paine's/Payne's.

Again, Stops/Stubbs are in Saleman/Salian format and colors-reversed, and while king CHILDeric was descended from Salian Franks, Lorraine's share the Child eagle. As I've said many times, Lorraine was carrying her infant child the last time I saw her. The "CEDant" motto term of Stops/Stubbs can be partly for the same as the "cede" motto term of Steers (Surrey with Salemans/Salians). Steers share the Paine/Payne lion. Stobi was a Paioni city. Stur-like Styre's/Sturs trace well to STIRlings/STURlings who are not only in Stop/Stubb / Saleman colors and format, and not only use a Moor head for a trace to Morano, but have the Stop/Stubb buckles in colors reversed. It's suggesting that Lorraine was part of the Morini of Belgium by way of de-Bouillon's rulership over Lorraine province.

Salemans/Salians share the eagles of Ghents (Hampshire with Styre's/Sturs), and so let's repeat: "John of Gaunt was head of the house of Lancaster. Lancashire's/Lancasters share the Chief of Capote's/CHAPPUS', of the Cetis-suspect Seats/Seeds/Cedes' (Lancashire)." John married Catherine Roet, daughter of PAYNE Roet. The Cetis/Sestier surname was first found in Provence, which borders on the Durance river, and is near Grasse while Grace's/Grasse's were first found in Provence too.

Those two Chiefs share the roses of French Denets (Brittany with Alans) who in turn have a Coat like that of English Dance's who in turn share the Alan fesse. The DONuts sharing the English Denet Coat can take one to the Dons ("dona"), logically a branch of Dance's/Donna's, and Dons (Cheshire with Sales'/Salletts) share the double fesses of Morinis'.

The way to trace Styre's/Sturs to Stirlings/Sturlings is where Drummonds (Perthshire with Cluns and Dure's) share the triple Styre/Stir fesses, and Drummonds even named Drymen in Stirlingshire (beside Perthshire). Starmonths/STORmounts/STARMERs (share Moray Coat) were first found in Perthshire, and Stars (beside Styre's/Sturs) list English Starmers. The triple-wavy fesses of Drummonds is shared by Bassets, first found in Staffordshire with Stops/Stubbs and their Pipe kin, but also with the Hicksons sharing the black eagle leg with Saltz's. Sauts are listed with Salts while Mr. SAUTby is in the write-up of Alan-connectable Hicks (Yorkshire with Pagans, Dents and Dance's).

De-Bouillon's brother, king Baldwin, can be to the Balders who essentially share the Begg Crest with Begga was the daughter of Pepin of Landen, who married Ita of Metz in Lorraine. Biggs were first found in Essex with Pepin-beloved Este's, and Biggars were first found in Lanarkshire with Biggar and Lorraine-connectable Astys. Asters were a Styre/Stur branch, and as we saw how Stops/Stubbs can be on the Styre's/Sturs, it's suggesting that Sturs were from Astibus of the Paioni. Stars, first found in Wiltshire with Dannys/Dance's) use ESToiles. Dannys/Dance's share the green dragon with Seatons while Steers are suspect with a Seat/Seed variation.

Did I mention that Steers were first found in Surrey with TRUDE's while Papineau's use "seeds" while Pepin-branch Poppins were first found in Hampshire with Sturs and Marens/Marine's? Trude's share the six pale bars of Coats'/Cotes' (Staffordshire with Stops/Stubbs) whole king Donnus was of the COTTians. Trudeau's use the deer while Morinis' are in the Deering write-up. The Truth variation of Trude's is in the motto of Scottish Allisons, first found in Lanarkshire with Astys.

Babe's were once said to be first found in Dorset with Bus-like Bushers who in turn share the lion of Donato's. Denet-branch Donuts are also Dant-like Danets. Bussys (share Finchem Coat) almost have the three-and-three Babe / Beak bars, and, under the bus-stop circumstances, Beaks (same place as ChafFINCH's) with Beach's (same place as Finch's) may have been from "Begga." Beags are listed with Bags (share "est" with Pepins), first found in Norfolk with Bus', Finchems, and Brains while BRIANcon is on the Durance river. Donato's were even first found in UMBRia with Grazi's who can be pointed to by Lorraine's grass stain! Grazi's share the pomegranate with French Crispins/Crepons, first found in Lorraine. UMBERs/Humbers (Herefordshire with Saluzzo-connectable BARRels) happen to share the triple fesses of Finchems and this not all confirmation that God set me up at Lorraine's bus stop? He's apparently trying to point to the Templars having the blood of Jesus' killers.

English Bush's/Buschs (Yorkshire with Dents and Dance's) share the Saleman/Salian eagle, and German Bush's/Buschs/Bushers were first found in Rhineland with Salome's. Saluzzo is beside Busca.

The Engaine's/Gaine's suspect in the Brain motto have another dancette-fesse, now in the colors of the same of Dives'/Divers. Engaine's/Gaine's were first found in Huntingdonshire with the Apps'/Abbs'/Epps sharing the Dives'/Divers scallops, which are the scallops also of Capes' and French Larins/Laurens/Laurents (Lily colors and format). The latter first found in Provence i.e. off the Durance river with giant-lily Cetis'/Sestiers. We can then take this to Seats/Seeds/CEDES', first found in Surrey with Diens/DIVES'!

It lends evidence for Seats/Seeds being from Cetis, where Laevillus was king, and then Leavells were at Ivry/Yvery while Divers got suspect earlier in this update from "D'Ivry." Ivery's even have a Coat much like the one of Biggars (Lanarkshire with Verys) while Biggs were first found in Essex with Vere's (Ivery / Biggar star in colors reversed).

Plus, English Verys/Verrers (Vere colors) have: "... Norfolk where 'OSBERNo Verrer' witnesses a grant of the younger William de ALBINI, Earl of Arundel,..." Alans of Arundel married Saluzzo, and Albini's were first found in Modena with Morinis' who are in the Deering write-up as: "The surname Deering was first found in Kent where the family claim descendancy from 'Norman de Morinis, whose ancestor, Vitalis FitzOsbert,...'" Osberns are listed with Osberts (share "bello" with Bouillons).

Beggs have a giant 'A', and Ita was related to Arnolf/ARNOLD of Metz while Lorraine's bus stop was (may still be) at the corner of Arnold and Yonge in RICHMOND Hill. German Arnolds have the Bouillon Coat in colors reversed, and English Arnolds share pheons (different colors) with Stops/Stubbs. Rich's were from Lorraine, and Richmond (Yorkshire with Pagans, Dents and Dance's) was ruled by Alans of Brittany. Richmonds share the bars-gemel of Labore's (Yorkshire with Richmonds), perfect as per the "labori" motto term of Stops/Stubbs.

There's a question as to whether ARNulf was of the Arniss', listed with Ainsley-branch Annas'. Ainsleys (share Bigg fleur) love the My variation of the Mee's suspect in the Steer motto. Beggs have the triple crescents of Ains'/Hains in colors reversed, and the latter have the Arrows/Arras' (Staffordshire with Stops/Stubbs) while Arras is near Boulogne.

Baldwins were first found in Shropshire with Saluzzo elements. Balders were first found in West Lothian with Scottish Towns who share the white cross of Balders. English Towns (share chevron of Scottish Towns) were first found in Suffolk with Stop=beloved Buckle's, Golds, and Babe's. The latter trace with the "gold gate" of Babwells to the "gold gate" in the Arms of Podebrady, and the latter is where I see the wife of GEORGE, father of Drummonds. George's were first found in Dorset with Babe-related Beaks, and then Baldwins have a cockatrice "beaked in gold, ducally GORGed... " The "pas" motto term of Baldwins can be for Pasi's/Pascels, first found in Bologna with Pane's/Panico's. The latter were at the Setta valley while Seats/SEEDs (Lancashire) are also Cedes'. "Sed" is a motto term of Cars (Lancashire) who in turn share the Biggar stars, in colors reversed from the Arniss/Annas star. The Kurr variation of Cars can be in the Eustace motto.

Eustace II of Boulogne was likely of the Pane's/Panico's of Bologna, as the "bird" of Pane's/Panico's can attest, suggesting the Hugh de Payens was chosen (by Eustace's family) as the leader at Jerusalem's temple (splashed with gold by the Herods) for a related reason. Birds/Burds share the Ainsley fleur-de-lys and the Crest of PROCtors (Cambridgeshire with Annas'). Ainsleys were first found in Broxtow while Brox's are also PROCKs. The latter were first found in Silesia with the Circle's/Church's in the description of Herod-suspect EarHARDTs.

Repeat from above: "The house of king Baldwin and de-Bouillon ruled Lorraine, and Lorraine's were first found in Northamptonshire with the Greys expected on the Bologna greyhounds." The Hounds, first found in Cambridgeshire with Arniss', share the ermined Dent and Gifford lozenges, and while Dents are now tracing with Dants to the Durance river, Giffords/GIVords, kin of Were's/Wears, share the Paine/Payne motto, and Givers/Eure's ("obLIVisCAR"), sharing the Weir/Vere boar, share the quadrants of Vere's/Vairs (Essex with Biggs) who in turn share the Car and Arniss star. Givens (swans), in the Biggar motto, were first found in Lanarkshire with Sions/Swans and Astys.

British Election in Heraldry?

The new British prime minister this week is Keir Starmer. Thanks to his surname, I've found Starmers listed with Stars/STAIRRS. It reminded me of the event I've told many times, when Miss Peare and I RUSHed up the STAIRs to kiss. I've shown why "rush" was the right word to use, and so this event can point to RISHi Sunak because he was the former prime minister given a trouncing by Starmer this week.

That is, Rush's are also RISH's you see. She was on her first date with my buddy, Lawrence Kepke, but she opted to be with me, and so we rushed up the stairs of the La Paloma bar, and while kissing out the front doors, Kepke barged (rushed) up and indicated his horror at my stealing his date. Just so you believe me, I have the following recorded as early as the 2nd update in December, 2019: "...Miss Peare went on to work for Sony electronics...while she was still with Kepke,..." Look at how Rishi SUNak can be pointed to by Peare's job at Sony. We could say that Sunak got his government stolen from him by Starmer.

The Peare-like Pero's/Perino's use "flaming stars", and it's Stars/Stairrs that come up as "Starmer." However, there's a Scottish Starmer surname listed with Stormounts/Starmonths, first found in Perthshire with Rinds. This gets interesting where Rinds share the scallops of Mallets and SONNYs/Stoneys, I kid you not. When Kepke came rushing up the stairs to see what Peare and I were doing, he STORMed up the stairs because he was furious. There is a Storm surname sharing triple-red fesses with Sturs.

Plus, "mallets" are used by SONE's/Soams, and while French Mallets share buckles with Sonnys/Stoneys, both Sone's/Soams and English Mallets were first found in Suffolk with Rush's/Rish's, Buckle's, Lings, and buckle-using STARlincks/StarLINGs. Can we believe this? The latter appears to be a Star-surname merger with Lings.

Kepke's even share the upright goat with English Kidds, likewise first found in Suffolk. Scottish Kidds share the stars of Starmers/Starmonts (share Moray Coat). But if God is pointing to Sunak and Starmer, why?

The "cat-a-mountain" of Stars/Stairrs/Starmers can jibe with the StarMONT/StarMOUNT variations. French Monts use three "mountains" in Demonte colors, and Italian Demonte's were first found in Piedmont with Star-loving Pero's/Perino's.

Rush-connectable Roslins and Starlincks are the only two surnames I know of showing square buckles, and Square's/Squirrels were first found in Worcestershire with Rocks and Rooks i.e. from Roxolani at Kiev. Amazingly, Sinclairs lived at Roslin, and they share the engrailed cross of Keirs! Keir Starmer! Keirs even add roses, code likely for the Varangian RUS of Kiev (Ukraine capital), where Rush's can be traced.

Kepke's father is Ukrainian, and I think Keeps and Kepke's were of the namers of Kiev. The Hebrons, first found in Northumberland with horse-head Horse's and Roddens/Rodhams, have a "Keep" motto term, yet more: Hebrons share the Keir rose, and have a horse head in the colors of the Rush/Rish horses. Another horse head is with Rushlands/Rutlands/Rotlands, and the latter share a "orle" border with Rutherfords, first found in Roxolani-line Roxburghshire. Roxburghs have another horse head.

Sinclairs are also Suns, and Sunnys, in Stair/Stayer colors and near-format, use suns! It appears that God arranged for Miss Peare's job at Sony electronics to point to Rishi SUNak. Stairs/Stayers use STARS. Plus, Stars/Stairrs/Starmers share the eye with Labors while Keir Starmer is on the Labour party! There is an Eye location in Suffolk with the first-known Sone's/Soams, and Sonny-connectable Buckle's. Compare "electronics" to "election," since there's likely no Election surname.

Another eye is used by Battins/BADENs while the Arms of Baden (Germany) is the Keep bend due to the Varangian-like Veringers of Baden. Battins/Badens were first found in Somerset with the Rushland-beloved Borders/BOARDers while Boards were first found in Sussex with Keeps.

Keeps share the "weaver's shuttle" with Shuttleworths/SHETTLEworths, first found in Lancashire with the SETTLE's who in turn share the rare-colored green lozenges of Stars/Stairrs/Starmers. The latter are in Flint colors and format, and Flints use "flint STONES" while Sunnys are listed with Stonleys. The Dee river flows in historic Flintshire, and "Hic LABOR" is a Dee motto term. The Die variation of Dee's can be in the "Dieu" motto term of Rush's/Rish's.

While Rush's/Rish's, Rosco's/Risco's, Riggs and Ricks all share the same fesse, Labors were kin of Richmonds (Yorkshire with Labors), and so see this: "Sunak served as Member of Parliament (MP) for Richmond (Yorks) from 2015 to 2024." The Dee river flows at Wrexham, which looks named by the Rex variation of Ricks. The latter share the fitchee of Births/Berts, first found in Devon with Rock-related Rods.

The Dee lion is also that of Rodez's/RODNEYS, and Keir Starmer's middle name is, Rodney. Scottish Kidds and Fells were first found in DunDEE, perhaps named after the Dee river of neighboring Aberdeenshire, where Scottish Dee's were first found who share the Coat of English Dee's. I trace Fells and Fellers to the Roxolani line at RoqueFEUIL, where Isabelle lived who married HUGH IV, count of Rodez. Hugs/Hughues' can be pointed to by my hugging Miss Peare when we KISSed after rushing up the stairs. Kiss'/Cush's use "fountains", and Hugs/Hughues' share the lion and triple fesses of English Fonts/Fountains while Font de Ville's were first found in Languedoc with Roquefeuil and Rodez's/Rodneys. Font de Ville's share purple with Rodneys, and Purple's were first found in Norfolk with the Fountains/Fonts, and with the Flags in the "purple flag" of Font de Ville's. The latter's lion has a "collar and CHAIN."

Rush's/Rish's even have a white wolf head, and the white wolf head of HUGH Lupus D'Avranches was the one of Bathers, first found in Denbighshire with the Dee river, and beside Flintshire! See that? We rushed up the stairs, and Stars/Stairrs/Starmers are in Flint colors and format. "Vivas" is a Bather motto term while "Vive" is in the Star/Stairr/Starmer motto. Baths were first found in Somerset with Battins/Badens, with English Rodneys, and with early Bulls/Bule's sharing fessewise annulets (different colors) with Rush's/Rish's.

Compare "AVRANCHes" to the "VARANGi" of Kiev. We can trace TRYPillians of Kiev to the "TREPidum" motto term of the Trysts in the "Keep tryst" motto term of Hebrons, and to the Trips, first found in Kent with the Gore's who share their crosslets, but this is also where Stairs/Stayers were first found.

English Rodneys have a "doves" motto term in their translated motto, and while Peare and I rushed up the stairs at La Paloma, Italian Paloma's have a giant dove while Spanish Paloma's have two of the Pero/Perino pale bars. Pero's/Perino's are the ones with "stars."

English Rodneys use eagles while Eagle's/HEGELs were first found in Lincolnshire with Buckle-loving Roslins. The Buckle-branch Buckleys share white bull heads with Rush-connectable Bulls/Bule's, the latter first found in SOMERset with HAGELs. And Buckle's were first found in Suffolk with Somer-like Sone's/Soams while Sunnys share the Sinclair-connectable sun with Somers/Summers. Sunnys were first found in Berkshire with the Stamps who in turn have a black-Shield version of the Rush/Rish Coat.

Plus, suns are used by Babe's and Blonds, both first found in Suffolk. Babe's were once said to be first found in Dorset with Roslin-like Russells, and Languedoc is at Roussillon. Font-de-Ville's of Languedoc share the giant Russell lion. Babe's and Babwells trace to the "gold gate" in the Arms of PodeBRADY, and the Somersets happen to have a "gold portcullis [gate] with chains" while Chains essentially share the Sun/Sinclair and Keir cross.

Rodez's/Rodneys were definitely a branch of Rods, or cousins at least, both from Rodez, and here we can add that Rods were first found in Devon with Gates' and Potter-connectable Flowers while the "castle gates" of Snaps are designed as portcullis gates. I looked up Snaps (Clinton kin) because Rushi Sunak was forced to form a snap election. Snaps were first found in Oxfordshire with Peare's and Clintons, and while Clintons use "STARS PIERced RED" to go to rush-up-stairs topic, and while Peare's have the Stair/Stayer stars in colors reversed, Clintons are in the colors and format of Snaps, and share the six fitchees of Hillarys so that RODNeys might even point to a Hillary Rodham-Clinton alliance with Keir Starmer, if it exists.

When we rushed up the stairs, Miss Peare was working for REITman's clothing, and Jewish Reitmans share the hexagram of Rotens for linkage to Roddens/Rodhams, first found in Northumberland with Perino-like Perrins, Store's/Storys/Sturys, and with Reds/Reeds. Peare's share the chevron-with-stars of Tiens' (Oxfordshire) who are in turn in the motto of Starlinck-connectable Square's/Squirrels, the latter first found in Worcestershire with Hillarys and the Clent Hills. Clents are listed with Clints, and they share the Deed/Date Coat while "LET the DEED shaw" is a motto term of Flemings while Pero's/Perino's use "FLAMIMG stars." Lets/Late's share the Peare and Tiens stars.

Repeat: "Sunnys were first found in Berkshire with the Stamps who in turn have a black-Shield version of the Rush/Rish Coat." Rodhams/Roddens use a "STUMP of a tree" while Tree's/True's were first found in Wiltshire with Stars/Stairrs/Starmers. Stamps were first found in Berkshire with Shaws/Sheaves' while their Italian Sheaves branch are also Chives-like Chiava's. Scottish Shaws were first found in Perthshire with Starmonts/Starmers.

The Stars/Stairrs/Starmers happen to share "cat-a-mountain" with the Chives', and while the latter were first found in Tarves (Aberdeenshire with the Scottish Dee river), the six fitchees of Tarves' are black, and in the same positioning of the six Clinton and Hillary fitchees. The Chives-related Mathis' were first found in Burgundy with the Monts and Demonte's suspect in the StarMo(u)nt variation of Scottish Starmers.

The Porters co-owning the portcullis gate were first found in Hampshire with same-colored Potters, and with Potts, and then the Rinds who share the Sonny/Stoney scallops use a "flower pot" while French Porters share the Sonny/Stoney bend.

We can add that Sonnys/Stoneys are in Stanley colors and format, and that the Changers in the Stanley motto were first found in Hampshire too, even with the Starmer-connectable Sturs. Stanleys were first found in Cambridgeshire with Capone's and Kiss-branch Cass'/Cash's, but, unfortunately, I can't make heraldic links between the three. Capone's share the Stair/Stayers Coat, and Peare rushed up the stairs for a kiss.

BUT WAIT!!!! LOOK AT THIS: the Sans' in the Stanley motto are also Sunak-like Sanches'!!!!!!!!!!! They share the eagle of Sunak-like Snake's/Snooks, and the latter were first found in Kent with Stairs/Stayers!!!!! Just when Stanleys looked useless, look at that. They came off of the Sonnys/Stoneys. The Sainz variation of Sans'/Sanches' is like the Saint variation of Sinclairs/Suns.

The chains of Somersets can take us to Chaine's/Chands having a giant wing while Wings/Winks, sharing the lone pile of RODney-connectable Hagels, were first found in Worcestershire with Rod-related Rocks, with English Somers/Summers, and with Knightons/Nitons while Scottish Nights share the lion of Herman Hagels (Baden). English Knights were first found in Suffolk with Sone's/Soams, with sun-using Babe's and Blonds, and with the Lings (Feller colors and format) and Starlings while Lynch's/Linch's were first found in Galway with sun-using Bradys of PodeBRADY.

English Somers/Summers share the Coffee/Coffer fesse, I reckon, because Coffers/Coffare's were first found in Somerset. Cuffey-branch Cuffs were first found in neighboring Wiltshire with Stars/Stairrs/Starmers. SANKA coffee comes to mind. Sanks were first found in Lancashire with the Cars/KERRs, a possible Keir branch. Sanks (look like Cuffee and Cuff kin!) are in the colors and format of the Dents of SEDbergh, and "sed" is a Car/Kerr motto term that can take us to the Cedes variation of Seeds/Seats (Lancashire with Cars/Kerrs), and therefore to the "cede" variation of Stur-connectable Steers, the latter first found in Surrey with RUSHlands/Rutlands.

Sturmers are listed with Sturmys, and Stormys/Esturmys have their earliest listing in Hampshire with the first-known Sturs. Sturmys share one of the Steer lions. Without going into all the details again, the main pointer to the Apophis asteroid on 2029 is the MacKenzie's of ROSS-shire (same place as BISSets), who's "astra" motto term and "mountain in flames" connects super to the flaming stars of Pero's, and to the StarMONT/StorMOUNT variation of Starmers. Asters were a branch of Styre's/Sturs (almost the Basset Coat), and Steers (same place as BISS') may have a version of the Ross lion. I'm including this in case Keir Starmer turns out to be an anti-Christian fiend helpful to the anti-Christ.

Biss' (first found near English Besants), who trace to Bissone in the Ticino canton, look like Store/Story/Stury kin. Down the Ticino river from Bissone were the Pierro's/Pero's while the nearby Pero's/Perino's love Stars/Stairrs. Rodneys connect to the Clubs/Clobbes' who use BESANTs while German Besants/Bessens use the club. We could say that Peare and I rushed up the stairs in a night CLUB, for English Nights/Knights were first found in Suffolk with Rush's/Rish's. The latter's "God" motto term can be for German Goods/Guts, first found in Switzerland with the TICino canton. The Ticks were once said to be first found in Kent with English Goods, Stairs/Stayers and the Biss-beloved and Sunak-like Snake's/Snooks! The latter were a Sanches/SANGuez branch while Sangs/Singers share the Pero-Perino hexagrams while Singers/Sangers (another horse) share the garbs of German Goods/Guts.

Miss Peare, a few weeks after the rush-up-stairs event, pointed to the Goods/Guts in another event with me.

The six-sectioned Shield of Store's/Storys/Sturys is colors reversed from the same of Trudeau-beloved Deers. In case Mr. Starmer connects with trudeau, it's notable that the "PRAEilia PRAEMia" motto phrase of Rushlands/Rutlands can get us to the Irish Prays sharing the six pale bars of Trots/TRUDE's, first found in Surrey with Rushlands/Rutlands. English Prays/Preters, connectable to the "pret" motto term of Starmer-connectable Morays, were first found in Lincolnshire with Prime's. Perhaps this is a pointer to "prime minister," for Ministers use millrinds while Rinds share the Sonny/Stoney scallops.

As Rishi SUNak is being pointed to by Sunnys and Somers/Summers, note that the latter were first found in Franconia with Schwabs whose giant unicorn is in the colors of the Rush/Rish horses.

The Rodney eagles are purple, and then while the Farndon Shield is purple, the Dee river (Cheshire with Farndon and Buckleys) flows across Farndon. In fact, Rodneys are in the format of, and colors reversed from, the leopard faces of Clubs/Clobbes' of Farndon, and they too have a purple Shield. The RODNey-like Rodden river is next door in Shropshire.

The Rush/Rish motto is translated, "ONE God," and while Sinclairs use a "God" motto term too, as likely code for Good liners, the One's/Innis ("Be TRAIST") were not only first found in Moray, but have the Moray and Starmer/Starmont Coat in colors reversed. English Goods were first found in Kent with Stairs/Stayers. These Goods have lions in Rush/Rish colors, and they are also the Ross lions.

One's/Innis' use a "traist motto term while Hebrons have "Keep tryst." and then Trysts and Tristans were first found in Cornwall with the Rosco's/Risco's sharing the Rush/Rish fesse.

Sonny-branch Stanleys held AUDley and Stanley in Staffordshire while Aude's were first found in Savoy with French Chance's (another sun), a branch of Chase's/Chace's, the latter first found in Hampshire with the Changers/Chance's in the Stanley motto. Audleys share the Weis Crest while Weis', first found in Bavaria with Starmer-like Sturmers, share the hexagrams of Star-loving Pero's/Perino's. Miss Peare worked at Sony shortly after quitting Reitmans.

Tracking Numidians

As Juba II, king of Numidia, married Glaphyra Archelaus of a religious cult way over in Cappadocia, one can suspect that Numidian elements were in the Cappadocian area. Juba was a descendant of Numidian king, Massena, and then Julia MAESA Bassianus is where we go next, whose father was a chief priest of a religious cult in EMESA, in Syria, home also of Seth, father of the chief priest of Israel, Annas, who had Jesus sentenced to death. Massena was of a Massylii people group thus suspect in naming "Emesa" / Maesa."

Glaphyra had two other husbands, both Herods, and with one of the Herods, Alexander, who was part MACCAbee, she was the ancestor of king Laevillus of Cetis. Laevillus became king when he married Quadratilla Bassus, and I've seen her surname as "Bassianus" too. Quadratilla descended from Parthian royals of Cetis, and Glaphyra Archelaus' was of a Parthian religious cult. In her Wikipedia article: "...her only natural sibling was her younger brother Archelaus of Cilicia. Her paternal grandfather was a Roman ally and priest-king Archelaus of the temple state of Comana, Cappadocia,..." One of the Herods she married adopted her surname as Herod Archelaus, and his brother was banished by Augustus Caesar to what became, Comana-like Comminges in southern France.

The Arms of Comines (in Artois) uses the KEY, symbol of Caiaphas-like Sheaves'/Chiava's, a branch of SHAWs/Sheaves' ("QUI" motto term), and the Shawia/Chaoui Berbers lived in Numidia. Plus, Scottish Shaws happen to share the "dagger" with Comyns/Comines who have a Comminges-like COMINGs variation, suggesting rather strongly that elements from Archelaus' in Comana had become the Comyns/Comings (Shaw colors and format).

By what coincidence were Comyns/Comings first found in Norfolk with Glaphyra-like Clavers/CLEAVErs who in turn share the black key with the Arms of Comines? Cleave's/Cliffs share the three wolf heads of Quade's, suggesting the line of QUADratilla, wife of LUPUS Laevillus of Cetis. The latter was in Cilicia with Glaphyra's brother. Clavers/Cleavers are even in Meschin colors and format, and nearly in Mussel/Muscel format.

French Commings/Commenges', first found in Gascony with Comminges, have the Massena patee in colors reversed, and in giant form. Not only is there a Patti location in Sicily's Messina province, but Pattys/Pati's share the escutcheon of Sadducee-like Saddocks, the latter first found in Sussex with Massylii-like MASCALs who have that escutcheon in colors reversed. While Comminges is near Roquefeuil, Pattys/Pati's were first found in Worcestershire with Rocks, and with the Wings in the Crest of English, Bassus-like Bass'/Bassins.

To go with Mascal liners, Numidia had a Mascula location, and while the Keiths are listed also as Mascals/Masculs, they were first found in Haddingtonshire with the Bass'/Bassins above. The latter have a form of the Mascal escutcheon, but enlarge it so as to form a "border," yet Borders are Boarders too while Boards, first found in Sussex with Mascals, use an escutcheon surrounded by eight white martlets, same as the Saddock escutcheon.

The Saddock Coat is exactly the one of BOLINGs, and both are a take on the Arms of Lancashire, where Bolings and PLATE's were first found. The Meschins of the Bassin-like Bessin married Lucy of BOLINGbroke, in Lincolnshire, where Meschin-branch Mussels/Muscels (PLATES) were first found who likely named Musselburgh in Haddingtonshire. Lincolnshire is where Bole's were first found who share "cups" with Scottish Shaws. Cups/Cope's were first found in Aberdeenshire with the Schims/Schiens sharing the Bole boar head.

Bolingbroke's have lions in the colors of the lion heads of Numidia-like Name's (Lincolnshire), and the other lion head of Name's is in the colors of the Mason/Massin lion. The latter were first found in Thanet, which I trace to the Numidian entity of Zenata. Numidia-like Nuns/Noons (Norfolk with Shaw-connectable Comyns/Comines) have a "SAUViter" motto term looking like part-code for a Shawia line.

The Macons are listed with Masons/Massins, and here we can point out a Macon location not far north of Vienna-Isere, where Herod Archelaus was banished.

Saddocks use "EARS of rye", and Caiaphas-like Chappes' use "ears of wheat". Ear-like Eyers share the Coat of Scottish Ayers, both looking related to the Coat of Irish Shaws. Scottish Ayers were first found in AYRshire with Ure's/Orreys who essentially share the Aur/Aures Coat, and Shawia were from Aures of Numidia.

Ayrshire is where Numidia-like Nons/Nems/Nine's (almost have the Craigie crescents) were first found who, in their "Vivis" almost share a motto term of Craigie's and Craigs. The Vise's (Sussex with Saddocks and Mascals) suspect in "Vivis" share the Knee/Knees stag head while Kness'/NESS' can be gleaned as Non kin. Ness'/Nice's trace to queen Nysa of Cappadocia, location of Comana. Ness'/Nice's share the double fesses of English Martins while French Martins were first found in Gascony with Commings/Commenges'. How about that.

The "ViVANT" motto term of Commings/Commenges' can be for a variation of the Vance's/Vaux's who essentially share the Coat of SADDUCee-suspect Salome's. Vance's/Vaux's were first found in East Lothian with the Keiths/Mascals while English Mascals can be gleaned as kin of SADDOCKs. English Vaux's were first found in Cumberland with Salmons.

French Martins, looking like kin of Marano-connectable Tours (Languedoc with Roquefeuil), share the giant castle of Roquefeuil-trackable Forts, first found in Lancashire with Tour-branch Towers. Italian Marano's are also MAURITANo's.

"Ura" is a motto term of KENNETHs, listed with MacKENZie's, suggesting a trace to queen Kenza of Numidia and Morocco. Yet KENNEDYs (Ayrshire too, with Carricks) can trace to the Kennati priests of Cetis because the Arms of Carrick at times used the Kennedy fitchees. Kennedys use the Arms of Carrick (a red chevron) amongst their fitchees. Charax was the name of a son of Laevillus, king of Cetis, and so it seems to imply that Kenza was descended from a Kennati line. She had married Idris, king in Morocco, and Juba II, who we saw earlier with Cetis-connectable Glaphyra, had been king of Mauritania, beside Morocco.

Idris' son ruled in Fez while Fez's were first found in Auvergne, and Spanish Marano's look like Auvergne kin. The Fay variation of Fez's can take one to VIVians/Veys. The latter were first found in Cornwall with Roquefeuil-linkable Tristans who share the Vise stag head. "VIVis."

I had read that the mother of Adam Kilconquhar was Miss Comyn(s), and he had been the husband of Marjory Carrick. This is another good trace of Comyns/Comings to Comana of the Archelaus'. "KilconQUHAR" may have been of the Carrick-branch Quarre's, or Quarters (Ayrshire with Carricks and Craigie's). The mottoes of Craigie's and Craigs look like code for a surname from "Vibia," mother of Lupus Laevillus.

The fitchees we just sat can take us to Fitch's/Fitchets and Muschats/MontFitchets. Ranulph de GERNON, son of Ranulph le Meschin, was from Montfitchet, and his surname looks like "Garonne," the river at Comminges. Gernons even share the Base/Baise Coat.

The Nun/Noon saltire is shared with Schutz's who in turn share the black greyhound head, with gold collar and chain, with the other English Bass'/Bassens, first found in Leicestershire with Scute's/Scutts. The Quade's have black wolf heads with gold collar and chain. Sadducee-like Schutz's were first found in Rhineland with Salome's, and Salome Boethus, of the Herods, had descended from a Sadducee chief priest of Israel. One can spot the convolution of religious cults in all this, for which reason it's not a wonder that Jesus rejected the chief priests of Israel, imposters.

The Fortune's in the motto of Shoots/Schute's were first found in East Lothian with Keiths/Mascals and Bass'/Bassens. Fortune's use a GYRONNy pattern suspect with something at the Garonne river. Mascals share the elephant with GROUNds/Crannys. English Grone's/Grome's were first found in Norfolk with Comminges-like Comings and CHADs, and Comminges is on the Garonne river. Saddock-connectable Mascals share the fleur-de-lys of Arrows/Arras' while Arras is near Comines. Arrows/Arras' were first found in Staffordshire with the CHADWICKs who almost have the Saddock/SEDGEWICK (and Chaddock) Coat.

Cetis'/Sestiers share the "lily" with the Chadwick Crest, and Lily's were first found in Worcestershire with the Pattys/Pati's having a reflection of the Saddock/Sedgewick Coat. Commings/Commenges have a giant PATEE.

As said many times, the Apsus-like Apps'/Abbs were once said to be first found in Middlesex with Fiers while Fier county of Albania is on the Apsus river. Fier is the location of Kuman, and as the DEXARoi lived further up the Apsus, at AntiPATRIa, while KilPATRIcks share the "DAGGER" with Kuman-like Comyns/Comings (Norfolk with Patricks), it seems that Comyns/Comings were of the namers of Kuman.

It then begs whether Glaphyra's Comana elements named Kuman, and this has teeth, for while Antipater, king of Macedon, likely named Antipatria, Wikipedia once told that his son and heir, Cassander, was the ancestor of queen Nysa of CAPPadocia, where Comana was located. And we read: " The Hittite toponym KUMMANNi is considered likely to refer to Comana." It can explain why Caps/Capes', first found in/near Middlesex, share the Apps/Abbs scallops.

Glaphyra married two Herods, sons of the first king Herod, and the latter's father had changed his name to, Antipater. See that? The first Herod's mother was from the Edomite house of Aretas III, and Arethusa was where the El-Gabal cult started that was later in Emesa under the Bassianus'. As was said, Emesa is in Syria, where Seth, father of Annas was living, and Comyn-related Shaws (dagger) are also Seths, and said to descend from "Sithech." What don't we understand about this?

Cassander-like Cass'/Cash's use a "pair of SCALES," and were first found in Cambridgeshire with Annas'. Scale's share the Apps/Abbs scallops. Cass-branch Kiss'/Cush's, linkable to the Kilpatrick "cushions", were first found in Leicestershire with Bass'/Bassens. The Kilpatrick dagger shares drops with Irish Pattersons/CASSANE's. Scottish Pattersons were first found in Ross-shire with Kenneths/MacKenzie's. Cass and Kiss' use "fountains" while Fonts/Fountains were first found in Norfolk with Drops/Trope's and Comyns/Comings. Font de Ville's were first found in Languedoc, near Comminges. Kiss'/Cush's share the red rooster with Bibo's who in turn put the rooster on a "cushion," and Bibo-like Vibia was mother to Lupus Laevillus, daughter of Vibius.

We can even go to the Cassander-like Cassandra's/Casano's because they were first found in Modena with Marano's/MAURITANo's, for Glaphyra of Comana married Juba II of Mauritania. Cassandra's/Casano's likely have a Coat similar to that of Sodans/Sowdens because the latter have the Patterson/Cassane scallops in colors reversed, and are said to be from the Sodhans of Ui MAINE. Scottish Pattersons use pelicans while Pellicans, first found in Maine, can trace to "Pelagonia" at Macedon. Marano's/Mauritano's share the giant lion of Greys in the Bass/Bassen greyhounds.

We can then go to Spanish Marano's almost having the Auvergne Coat, both sharing the fleur-de-lys of Massena-branch Masci's who in turn have Mascula-like variations. The Bouillons, first found in Auvergne, share the Moor head with the Arms of Morano. The near-to-Morano Sicils, originating in Messina province, could have named Scale's, for Meschins use scallops too. Masci's were first found in Piedmont with NOVARA, home of LAEVI Gauls suspect to "LAEVIllus," and Spanish Marano's were first found in NAVARRE.

The way to trace Laevi Gauls to Laevillus is where Gauls named Galatia, while Laevillus wife was from royal Galatians. She descended from king Amyntes, whose line I see in Mynetts/Minute's, first found in Kent with the Deerings said to descend from Morinis', the latter first found in Modena with Marano's/Mauritano's and Morano's. Morinis' have the fleur of Spanish Marano's in colors reversed.

We can take this all the way back to Terentia Murena, wife of Cilnius MAECENas of Arretium. As the latter is now, Arezzo, we take it to the Artois capital, Arras, because Arrows/Arras' share the red tower with Murena's/Moratins. Note how the El-Gabal cult was at Arret- / Aretas- / Artois-like Arethusa, for that cult produced Julia MAESa Bassianus of the Roman imperials.

El-Gabal can be suspect at Gabuleum, on the Drilon river toward the Caiaphas-like Cavii. Arethusa and Emesa were in Syria with Seth, grandfather-in-law of the other priestly killer of Jesus, Joseph Caiaphas. Gabal-like Cabels (Somerset with Laevillus-line Leavells) almost have the Cave Coat. Cabels have an "ImPAVide" motto term to go with the "Impavidum" of Perrins while Pero's/Perino's (Piedmont with Laevi of Novara) were a branch of Pierro's/Pero's, first found in Pavia with Laevi Gauls. The "FIR cones of Perrins jibe with the Maschi "pine cones," and Firs/Fire's share the giant unicorn of RasMUSSENs.

Terentia Murena may have been named by Taranto elements. Her father was a Roman general who conquered the Salassi of Aosta, near/at the Lys river of Masci-branch Masseys which drains into the Bautica through Leavell-connectable Ivrea and Chiava- / Caiaphas-connectable Chivasso, both near Novara.

Another Isabelle of Roquefeuil was mother to Tristan of Clermont (Auvergne theater), and while Tristans were a Tryst branch, the latter are in the motto of Hebrons, first found in Northumberland with Perrins. Bouillons were first found in Auvergne, and Godfrey-de-Bouillon's family ruled in Lorraine, where Perins were first found. This Tristan character is said (webpage below) to have married "Catarina di Taranto," and he's styled also as Tristano di Chiaromonte while Mosca's were at Chiaramonte, in the Saracen area of Sicily, beside Messina, and then Saracena is a location beside Morano. The Mosca leopard looks like the Chives "cat," and Keiths/Mascals were of a Catti tribe while Keatons have the Perrin leopard faces in colors reversed. Keats use cats.

Keatons share "laurel" with Lorraine's, and Laurels can be of the Lauer variation of Laus' because Saraca's were at Laus, also called, Ragusa (Croatia) after Sicilian Ragusa. Saracena is on the Sybaris river, and peoples of Sybaris founded nearby Laus, same name as Laus of Ragusa. Raggs' (Leicestershire with Keith-connectable Bass'/Bassens) may be sharing a version of the Pierre Coat because Pierre's were first found in Languedoc with Laurens and Roquefeuil.

An Isabelle of Roquefeuil married Hugh of Rodez, son of Henry I, count of Rodez, and father of Henry II, count of Rodez, and it just so happens that Irish Henrys were first found in Taranto-like Tyrone with Saraca-like Sharks and Neils. Lorraine's were first found in Northumberland with the Greats sharing the saltire of Nails/Neils (Westphalia with Pansys/Pantzers). It's not a wonder that Sharks share the Rod trefoils.

Rods were first found in Devon with the Billets in the Arms of Roquefeuil, and with the Sodans/Sowdens who I link to Irish Pattersons. The Pellicans in the Coat of Scottish Pattersons were first found in Maine with French Billets. Pellicans have a giant tower colors reversed from the towers of Devon's Thors/Tours, and the latter's is red like the Murena tower. French Tours, sharing the tower of Spanish Marano's, were first found in Languedoc, and Tour-branch Towers in Leicestershire with Raggs'.

The Tower tower can be with the Comets, in Comyn/Coming colors and format. French Conte's/COMITES' were first found in Languedoc with the Rodez-Roquefeuil marriage. "Comet"-using Reines' have the Pisa Coat in colors reversed while Mosca's were first found in Pisa, which can suggest that Mosca's of ChiaraMONTE were their branch. French Demonte's share the Maschi lion, and Italian Demonte's were first found in Piedmont with Masci's. Chiaro's/Claro's can take us to French Clairs, first found in Limousin with Comets.

As Lorraine's pant stain pointed to Pansys/Pantzers, this is a good place to add that her pant-stain event took place on her balcony, for which reasons the Balcons were pointed to due to their linkability to Botters. The pant stain was on her BUTT. The point is, Balcons are listed with BalCOMBs while Comyns/Comine's come up as "COMBINGS," and although they are said to be first found in Norfolk as a surname, there is, in the write-up, an earlier "Robert of Comyn (Comines,) a noble who accompanied William the Conqueror in 1066 and was made Earl of Northumberland" i.e. where Lorraine's were first found. The Comyn/Coming/Combing Crest might therefore have the Lorraine-beloved Laurels, for the latter were first found in Languedoc with Conte's/Comites' while the family of Herluin de Conteville, who married the Conqueror's mother, ruled Comines.

Plus, in the Scottish Comyn/Coming write-up: "Willelmus Comyn, a churchman, chancellor to David I. He was promoted to the bishopric of Durham by the Empress Matilda." Durham is where English Conte's/Comitissa's were first. As the latter share the antlers of TANNER-beloved Cone's, first found in Kent with Snake's/Snooks, it's notable that the VisCONTI snake was shared with Sforza's who in turn share the Laurel / Comyn/Coming lion. The Conqueror's mother was "the tanner" of Falaise, a location between the Masseys/Maceys of Ferte-Mace and the Meschins of the Bessin. Tanners share "pine cones" with Maschi's while Herluin's daughter (Emma) was grandmother to Ranulf le Meschin. Commings/Commenges' have the patee of Masci-branch Massena's in colors reversed, and Pattys (Worcestershire with Knighton and Knightons/NITons) have a Coat similar to the one of NITTs/Naughts, first found in Dumfries with the Kilpatricks on the Nith river.

The line of king David I above was to Welsh Davids (Cheshire with le Meschin) and Ade's/Ade's; the latter are in the colors and format to RODhams/Roddens. The Visconti snake came to be a "biscione" while Biss', with nearly the Arms of Bissone (up the Ticino river from the Laevi) share the Meschin scallops. Davids share the Levi lion while Aids are in the Levi motto. Can we easily imagine the line of Herod Antipas of Comminges here? The same lion is in a Kilpatrick Crest while the write-up of Scottish Comyns/Comings (first found in Norfolk with Patricks) says that Robert de Comines was granted Northumberland because it had been vacated by GosPATRICks.

Then, while Norfolk is where DUNhams were first found who named Dunham Masci in Cheshire, the Dunbars have: "There [Cospatrick] was granted the lands of Dunbar and Lothian, CUMNock in Ayrshire, and Mochrum in Wigtown [near the Nights/Nets and the Nith] by Malcolm Ceanmore [father of David I], the King of Scotland. Traditionally, the family descend from Crinan of Dunkeld, the Earl of Northumberland, ancestor of both King Duncan I (d. 1040) and the Earls GOSPATRICK..." Dunbar is at Berwickshire with the first-known Aids/Ade's.

Comyn-like CUMNock is near the first-known Herods/Haralds, first found in Argyllshire with Malcolms. The Argyllshire seas were home to king Harald, father of king Maccus, easily traceable to Kilpatrick-related Maxwells, Maxtons and Mackays, and even traceable to Normandy, home of Maceys/Mace's. Therefore, I tend to view Harald as a Herod, and suspect that Herods hid their name from Christianized Normans by changing it to "Harald" and similar terms. Herods/Haralds are also Hurls, and then Herls (Northumberland) are Hurls too, suggesting the HERLuin of Conteville and Comines was a Herod from Comminges. The Conqueror's mother was HERLeva. That's HerLEVA. Leafs/Leave's/Leve's, beloved of French Masseys, were first found in Norfolk with Comyns/Comines.

The GOSpatricks are suspect from Richard Goz, husband of Emma de Conteville, daughter of Herluin of Conteville. The Gospatrick saltire is shared by Tease's/Tess', first found in Switzerland with the Tessin/Ticino river of the Laevi, explaining why Tease's/Tess' have "five green LEAVES POINTing DOWN" upon their saltire, Dunham-connectable Downs/Douns were first found in Sussex with Visconti-like Vise's, and Points were first found in Berkshire, suspect with the Berk variation of Irish Burghs, from John de Burgo, father of Herluin de Conteville.

In the page below, the children of John de Burgo do not list Herluin, possibly from a centuries-long dispute between families as to his origins, but later on the page, we read; "John, Earl of Comyn, and Baron of TonsBURGH...He had issue. The eldest son, Harlowen de Burgh, m. Arlotta, mother of William the Conqueror,..." Others call him "HarLEVIN." See that? His life was prior to the Norman invasion of England. Herlows/Harlows have the Dunbar lion-on-escutcheon in colors reversed.

Plus, the Herlows/Harlows are said to have named "HAIRlaw" in Midlothian (near Dunbar), where Falls/Fallis' were first found while Herluin married Herleva (as some called her) of Falaise. HairLAW can suggest a Hair-line merger with Laws (Northumberland again) who in turn share the bend-with-pierced-stars of Salome's, suspect from the Herod liner, Salome Boethus. Northumberland is where Manners/Maness were first found having the double fesses of Scottish Hairs in colors reversed.

Scottish and English Hairs have Coats like those of Dunhams and Harcourts, and the latter were first found in Oxfordshire with Herod-like Hurts/Horts while Hortons were in Northumberland. Hurts/Horts are in Herl/Hurls colors and format.

The Lure's in the "hawk's lure" of Herods/Haralds/Hurls were first found in Ayrshire with Comyn-connectable Cumnock (given to Gospatricks), and with Scottish Hairs, yet Lure's were also first found in Galloway with Wigton which as in turn granted by Dunbars to Gospatricks (Northumberland with Bettys). Lure's, sharing the blue sword with Bettys), share the motto of Augers/Each's/Eagers, first found in the same areas as Hortons and sharing the lion in the Comyns/Coming Crest.

The Hanna's, first found in Wigton, can be connected to the Annas'/Arniss' because the latter were first found in Cambridgeshire with the Wigton-like Wiggons who nearly have their Coat. Thus, we have what look like a line from chief-priest Annas in alliance / marriage to descendants of Herods, and Levi's, in the Dumfries and Galloway region. Wiggons even share the Crest of Kilpatrick-related Scottish Johnsons.

The Herods/Haralds/Hurls are said to use a fesse with "flory couterflory," which could be a spelling error when intending "COUNTERflory," for Counters are listed with Conte's/Comitissa's while their Cone kin were first found in Kent with Countrys. Annas-branch Ainsleys use a "FOR my country" motto phrase, and Fore's/Forez's (near Herod Archelaus in Vienne) share the fesse of Herods/Haralds/Hurls. The Ainsley cross is shared by Berks/Burghs who in turn share the lion of Italian Conte's/Contareno's/Contarelli's.

Ainsleys are in the colors and format of English Adams, from Annas-connectable Annandale with the Bruce's whom Marjory Carrick married after she married ADAM Kilconquhar. The latter's mother was a Comyn(s) by surname. The Bruce lion is shared by Galloways while Galway, related to Galloway, is where Berks/Burghs were first found along with Teague's/Teegers. Houseofnames once showed (or allowed me to find), then hid, the septs of McLeods, which included several Teague variations along with several Herod/Haralds variations, and Lure's (share flag with McLeods) too.

Florence's were first found in Lorraine with the Loys/Louis' in the Berk/Burgh motto, and the Welsh Louis' were a branch of Lewis' while McLeods lived on Skye and Lewis'. Lewis' could have been Levis liners, especially as Leave's/Leve's were first found in Norfolk with the McLeod-beloved Flags and Fasts.

Ainsleys share the fleur-de-lys of Flore's while Countrys share the fleur-de-lys of Flore's and Flora's, and Herods/Haralds have a "flory couterflory" fesse. It's suggesting that Herods bumped into Florence elements. The Arno river out of Florence may have been named by the Arniss variation of Annas'. See that? My first date with Lorraine was obtained at YONGE and ARNOld, and Youngs/Yonge's might be three times in the Berk/Burgh motto with their "ung" motto term.

If it's not a spelling mistake, "couterflory" could be code for the Couts who share the Malcolm stag head. Couts were kin of Cults/Colts, and I've explained why the latter trace well to Pontius Pilate's mother in PERTHshire. Part of the reason is that they, and the Couts too, have the pheon of Pilate's in colors reversed. Mont Pilat, which has a PERDrix peak, is near the Forez mountains. The Travers in the Fore/Forez motto may have named Tarves, near Perthshire. Couts have an "eagle" while Tarves-connectable Eagle's/Hegels were first found in Lincolnshire with English Pilotte's and PLATE-using Mussels/Muscels (Meschin colors and near-format). Heraldic plates and pellets are both roundels, and while Pellets and Pilate's both use "cups," Cups/Cope's were first found in Aberdeenshire with Tarves. Plate's were first found in Lancashire with Travers (Meschin kin).

Pilate's were first found in Burgundy with the French Mochs having a Mochrum-like Moucher variation. Moch-branch Mucks share the erect sword of MacBeths while the otter head of Beths/Beatons takes us to Lombardy-line Others/Otters. The original color of the snake of Lombardy's VisCONTi's was green, the color of the "serpent" in the MacBeth Crest. Scottish Mochs share the Chief of Washingtons, the latter first found in Durham with Conte's/Comitissa's. The Cone's were first found in Kent with the Dragons/Drainers in the dragon of MacBeths, and with Snake's/Snooks. The Visconti snake traces to Biss' (share Traver scallops), first found in Surrey with Muggs/Mudge's. Mucks are also Muggah's.

King MacBeth was defeated by Siward of Northumberland, the line to Swords sharing the Muck sword, and then otter-using Fenders/Venders (likely a Windsor branch) share the erect sword of French Mochs. Windsor castle is in BERKshire, suspect in being named by the line of John de Burgo of Conteville (Eure). Mascle-using Bettys/Beautys were first found in Northumberland. MacBeth ruled in Moray, on the border of Banffshire, and Mucks were first found in Banffshire.

Dutch Beets share the Coat of English June's while German June's/Jungs/Youngs can be in the Berk/Burgh motto. MacBeths use a "ConJUNCta" motto term suspect with Cone liners and Jungs. While Mucks share the erect sword of neighboring, Schim-branch Skins/Scans, Scottish Mochs have a scimitar while Schims/Schiens share "fortuna" with the MacBeth and Bait/Beeth motto. Baits/Beeths, first found in Fife with Balcons/BalCOMBs, share the erect Muck / Skin/Scan sword.

The Balcons/Balcombs entered discussions as per Lorraine's grass stain at her balcony. Stains use the cloud while McLeods/Clouds were at Skye and Lewis while Lewis' share the green dragon head of Baits/Beeths, and then French Louis'/Loys were first found in Lorraine. I pointed at her grass stain, and Points were first found in Berkshire with Beetle's.

The MacBeth line of Beths/Beatons are also Bee's while English Bee's were first found in Oxfordshire with Hurts/Horts. Bee-using Boys were first found in Berwickshire with the Dove's in the dove of bee-using Leave's/Leve's, and with Scottish Arthurs while Irish Arthurs, in the colors and format of English Arnolds, use "hurts". MacBeth was killed three years later by Malcolm III, and "Ardua" is a Malcolm motto term. Italian Boys are listed with Boets/Boeddu's, suspect as a Beauty/Bowd branch, and so it seems we are on the line of Salome Boethus the Sadducee / Herod. Berwickshire was anciently BERNICia, and this is suspect from Bernice Agrippa, a Herod. The first Herod descended from the Edomite house of Arthur-like Aretas III.

Scottish Beets (Midlothian) have the Coat of English Bruns in colors reversed while Bruno's were first found in Florence. Flore's and Flora's share the Brown/Brun, Country, and Kenny fleur-de-lys, and while Kennys share a motto term with Browns/Bruns, Kennys were first found in Galway with Berks/Burghs. BEETle's were first found in BERKshire.

The "coelESTE" motto term of Bettys/Beautys should be for Italian Este's (Ferrara with Conte's/Contareno's) because they share the Coat of Aquila's while Bettys/Beatys share blue keys with Sheaves'/Chiava's, a branch of Comyn-connectable Sheaves'/Shaws' of BERKshire, and first found in L'Aquila.

The erect Moch and Fender/Vender sword is shared by Florence's. Repeat: "It's suggesting that Herods bumped into Florence elements. The Arno river out of Florence may have been named by the Arniss variation of Annas'. See that?" The Italian Arnolds share a gold dragon with MacBeths, and Boys/Boets share the stars of Florence's and Italian Dere's/Res' while Deers, in the Coat of Malcolms, were first found in BEDfordshire with Beetle-branch Bedwells.

MacBeth's mother was a daughter of King Kenneth III, likely the line to Kenneths/MacKenzie's.


This guy in a white cowboy hat is a pretty-good stand-up comedian. If he's for real in what he says, he's a lot better than Trump:


This fellow gives a good explanation for Schwabian globalism, if you don't know what it is. If you know, then just pass on this video. It's important to recognize that while liberals of the last few decades have been anti-corporation, accusing conservatives of supporting big business. Now, liberals are the supporters of a conglomeration of chosen corporations that prop Schwabism for the purpose of profiting from it. It's very sinister, and the small-people liberals who support this are what Schwab would call, "useful stooges":

To Tucker's credit:

Look at this guilty American, judge-wanna-be. This fool was the deputy-chief of staff of the FBI director, Wray. he was a Democrat plant into the affairs of Wray, and was therefore Democrat spy into the affairs of Wray, who conformed to the Bidenite will just as he maintained conformity to the CIA will while "serving" as the FBI chief under Trump:

To show the true nature of trudeau, as if we didn't know it, a political man rejected by the people, to the extent that trudeau's now rejected and despised, does the honorable thing, and steps aside to make a vacuum for being filled my another candidate. He's refusing to meet with his MPs as a group in one meeting, but prefers to call "them" (how many, six or seven only?) to speak that he can manipulate them one-by-one, right?

Talk about manipulation. Macron in France is manipulating the leftist parties to gang up on the party that won the first round of the elections, to keep it from getting a majority in the second round. This is not the bullish way to behave, in hard-headed opposition to the voters of the county he once led. Let the voters vote for whom they will. You don't treat elections as if it were a battleground where terrible, grudge-holding behavior becomes "ethical". In my youth, we had a phrase, "be a good sport." Tell the truth, expose the exaggerations and falsifications of the opposition party, where they exist, and let the people decide.

Another Canadian-Liberal scandal unveiled this week by the Globe and mail. This story shows why multi-culturalism is often persecution against traditional / entrenched citizens in favor of new-foreign elements:

Imagine the amount of new income for the farfar-left federal government taxing all properties / homes on top of the regular municipal / county taxes. This is what trudeau is secretly seeking to prop up with his fellow gangsters:

As these gangsters recognize that Liberal unpopularity is due to conservatives having a lion's share in social-media political news, here's a new story telling that Liberals want to hire 300 more censorship goons. Already, youtube canada is starting the introduce leftist videos into the options margin even though youtube knows I don't watch them. This is under the control of the Liberal government, not youtube. canada is turning youtube into its personal money-making business, and may have plots in place to give the top spots in search results to the video channels paying the highest dollars. Already, whenever I view videos like the ones below, youtube canada stacks me with mainstream-news videos that I never click. This is tyrannical pig-headedness, the very-best definition of modern canada.

Dr. John Campbell is behaving like a gatekeeper for the COVID killers once again, this week, where he again gives the excess deaths, now for 2023 for several Western countries. The problem is, he's not telling his audience that the government numbers he's sharing are expected to be fudged to show far fewer deaths than is the reality. Even so, canada reported the most excess deaths at 19-percent more than normal or expected numbers. This is now three years after vaccinations started. This figure represents 10,000 more deaths than expected. Is this a small thing, even if it's "only" 10,000 deaths from vaccines over a one-year period? This is murder, and the Liberals are responsible for not talking about this. In none of the Western countries are the politicians talking about it, not even Pierre Poilievre. I'm ashamed of my people, opening the door for the next wave of forced vaccinations. I am not one of these. I will rebel.

The Conservative prime minister of England has been defeated by the Labour Party, but by only one-third the total votes. The Conservatives had become the British RINO's, so to speak, or CINO's, Conservatives in name only. The new prime minister, who hopes to be a socialist, British dictator, portrayed himself as a LINO, Labour in name only, because he cooled on some global-warming initiatives, and changed his mind on some tax-and-spend policies. That is, he changed tack to resemble a Conservative to steal votes from the CINO prime minister, easy to do because the CINO has been an immigration goon. The new man seems shifty, not trustworthy, and wants to fulfill the Schwabian goal of net-zero gas emissions by 2030. This makes him a GOOF, good only on fooling.

The real reason that Keir Starmer's now the new prime minister is: "Keir Starmer is facing a backlash from activists and unions after he promised to slash 'sky-high' net migration if Labour wins the election." This is issue numero uno for voters.

The Reform party, the anti-immigration party, got almost half as many votes as Starmer, and yet won only four, maybe five, seats to the more than 400 seats for Starmer. It suggests that Labour won its seats by very slim margins, and who knows but the cheat machineries were on his side to cause this situation. The Liberal party got fewer votes than reform, but won at least 70 seats. How does that happen? To put this another way, Britain just elected the trudeau government:

Liberals have traditionally appealed to workers knowing that they constitute more voters than the executives and plant managers. But it was all a ruse, for the end-result of liberalism is corporate-sponsored, mind-bending, tow-the-line-or-else globalism. Workers are now starting to see that it's common-sense conservatives who are for the workers, because workers are needed to gang-up on corporate fascism. The problem is, the conservative vote is now split between common-sensers and RINO types who accept bribes from globalist forces. This is class warfare, and it's not going to progress well. The more money the liberals print, the more they slip and splash it around for persuading politicians to abandon "common sense," a phrase used by Poilievre to indicate normal, common people...the non-executive workers.

Make corporations illegal today. Make limited businesses illegal, because it is unfair that they go bankrupt betraying those they owe money to. This is an evil. Nobody else in business has this "right," and nobody should. The stock market is a gambling house, an evil. Nobody uses the stock market for love of the company, but as a means to make easy/fast money. The stock market assures the highest-possible prices, pitting common workers against executives. When governments are bribed by corporations, evil happens. If businesses were not allowed to be super-rich, the government-bribery programs would fizzle.

I'm for a government that puts limits on pricing according to the cost of producing a product. That would be God's way. It does not make God happy to see a company charging $30 for a product that costs $10. It does not make God happy to see a retailer charging $120 for a product it purchased for $30. Nor should a retailer be permitted to charge as much for a product as a company that stocks it. Profits should be in general accordance to work performed. It is outlandish for a company to make $2,000 on the sale a of product that it does not stock, that needs only a phone call to bring it in, and two days later goes into someone's truck or trunk.

When prices go down due to stabbing corporate greed in the eye, common people don't moan. It is a mirage produced by liberals to tax the rich because the rich pass those taxes on to consumers. The only way to remove the groaning is to force prices down, not to such low levels that make corporations groan, but to fair levels.

Which is better, streets filled with lavish skyscrapers and posh government buildings because corporations and governments charge too much, or streets with less-striking (to the eye) buildings but where people have twice the buying power? If you want to call the latter scenario, "communism," you're a dunce. Communism, in the evil sense, restrains corporations with higher taxes, and thus makes workers poorer because workers pay for those taxes, and when the buying power of workers is low, it makes corporations poorer because workers can't buy their product as much. It's a kill-kill situation.

But, if instead of taxing corporations, they are forced to sell at modest profits, this is a stable win-win-win because it cancels the threat of inflation too. When government prints money, corporations have a free-for-all, jacking up prices even when it doesn't cost more to produce a product. They jack up prices because there's more money in the money pool, and they can therefore get more, yet this sets up a feeding frenzy where, ultimately, everyone raises prices so that nobody is better off once the frenzy comes to an end. Yet the workers become poorer because they get exactly zero benefit from the frenzy. Only the sellers benefit for a short time. Soon after, another frenzy thanks to government "borrowing," and, the evil is, governments want higher prices because their rake-in in taxes goes up with higher sales prices. If you favor this "capitalism" and "free market," you support the evil of greedy corporates who brainwash you into thinking that any corporate regulations are evil.

There is such a thing as evil, corporate regulation, where the purpose is to stifle sales in order to deliberately impoverish and de-spiritize the nation in order to make it more manageable by the tyrants at the top. But if a government makes laws that prohibit price gouging, that's not to be viewed as regulation, but as forbidding sin.

How is it that liberals in glass houses want to keep people safe from a climate-change monster that doesn't exist while not keeping them safe from impossible-to-pay mortgages and rents? How do scheming liberals justify taking our taxes to assure that climate change doesn't kill animals when the liberals themselves wish to kill the very animals that give us our traditional meat? There is only one way for liberals to get away permanently with climate-change taxes, and that's through tyranny and its falsified "education" (propaganda).

There is also such a thing as God de-spiritizing and afflicting the common people when they enjoy "good" economic periods only to abandon Him for returning to carefree or lavish sinful patterns. We could even say that God will allow liberals to power in order to reward the nation as it deserves, in an effort to smoke away the sins with a fiery furnace. It is a shame that, when people have lots of money, they sin with much of it. It is human nature to want enjoyable things, but there is a line that should not be crossed.

My concern is that Trumpers, for example, do not care to acknowledge that line. They trust in Trump to bring back good economic times, but they were deceived in the four years that Trump had White-House powers, for he gave the tax breaks to corporations instead of to common voters. The best way to assure votes in the next election is to give tax breaks to commoners, for they greatly outnumber rich voters. Giving common people tax breaks means they will spend a little more for products, and this then becomes a little added profit for corporations. It's more perfect than Trump sees himself, because businesses then need to WORK for these extra profits by producing the products. Instead, Trump gave them the money (tax breaks) for free, for no work done, what a stupid man.

Yet, tax breaks alone are not going to do much for helping people pay mortgages, or save for down-payments. It is necessary to forbid the rising cost of land and properties beyond the cost-of-living increases. We have seen houses quadruple in cost when bread has only doubled, and in some places, this is even worse. Is this not the greatest economic evil of all? Rising costs must be done away with by forbidding governments to borrow or print, especially when they do so to buy their votes. This is what's going on, governments pretending to spend "for the people" when in fact they are seeking to buy votes.

Is it not an evil for a property to sky-rocket in price when not one toothpick of lumber has been added to the building, and when the building is aging and therefore diminishing in value? My father bought a bungalow in 1963 for $13,000 that, 60 years later, is selling for $1M. Yet white bread in those days was 20 cents per loaf, which we can buy today for about three or four dollars, an increase by 15 or 20 times. Yet that house has gone up 75 or 80 times.

Feminists of that time urged / compelled women into the workforce, which caused home prices to nearly double on that one aspect alone, because there were more homes now being paid for by two incomes. Even so, the price of city homes has gone up four times as much while bread has only doubled. And for families wanting a full-time housewife, they would pay the mortgage for almost twice as long as compared to their two-income counterparts, yet the fact that homes have quadrupled in cost has single-income families paying the mortgage into their retirement years. This is slave-dom, and women who created this situation are now, more-and-more, the entire single-income family. Single, divorced women and men alike are being forced into crude apartments, and liberals think that this is too good for them. Liberals are thinking to stack homes with 10 people or more...because they are the demons, the imps, who want to make people suffer.

The question is: has God foisted the liberals on city people? As cities are usually liberal and sinful of mind, why should God come running to help them against these detestable liberals? City liberals are so demented that they keep voting for liberals, can you even grasp this? Liberal voters have been enjoying the tormenting of their political enemies while committing suicide in the process. DEMENTED. But one riding in Toronto, St. Paul, may signal a turning point. But will the city people repent? I have no confidence.

Poilievre doesn't need the Christian vote to beat the Liberals, and his appearance in churches this week, to gather voter support, is a good sign, showing, at least, that he's not venomously anti-Christian. In canada, it is a "sin" to mention God in public, and a mortal sin for a politician to appeal to Christian voters. canada has become a basket case of anti-Christs, and even conservatives are wayward from God. This country makes me feel dead, the opposite of spirited. You can see it on news casts, people dull-looking, faces not very bright. Until the trucker protest, I never saw a person in public looking cheery, uplifting, happy, or fun to be with. This is a goon country trying to become happy again, but if the sought-after happiness doesn't respect Jesus, it's all in vain, because this rejection is what made the people succumb to goonery to begin with. Definition of "goon": dark mind.

As it turned out in France, after the anti-globalists won soundly in the first round, they came in fairly-distant third place, behind both leftist parties, in the second round just one week later, very suspicious...meaning that the next French president will be a leftist. However, this to me looks like the election fraud that apparently took place in Britain was shipped immediately over to France as a sure-fire way to defeat the anti-globalists. The easiest way to cheat is to secretly trash ballots. Has anyone got the guts to do a recount in a suspicious region?


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