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February 6 - 12, 2024

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It was nice while it lasted. Hall of Names is no longer showing the descriptions of the Coats of Arms presented at House of Names, but I have many of them recorded in my memory, and in past updates from which to find some.

Here's an uppity presentation by pre-tribulationist deceivers trying to make a come-back after post-tribulationists burst their monopoly balloon with the onset of the Internet. This is more than a one-hour presentation, though I'd like to tackle only a few of their arguments to show what sand they build their fort upon. If you follow these reckless fools, you will not prepare to endure the tribulation. These fools are well-prepared to talk a good talk, but by leaving information out of their discussion that we post-tribulationists use against them. It is time we attack them, not just their doctrine. It is they who are the irresponsible ones who will do great harm to their fellow believers.

Toward the late 5th minute, their first lie slips into your mind, that the rapture is a sign-less event. But, stupids, Jesus said that there will be signs of His return so that the signs must come first, yet they are telling you that the Return comes before the signs. IDIOT BROTHERS who ought to know better, here they are in full color:

The second lie comes in the 6th minute, where the guy in the glasses says that, in order to get the timing of the rapture correct, we need to distinguish between Israel and the Church. NO, this is NOT necessary at all, but rather this is leading you down their dispensational path, where they try to trick you. The timing of the rapture in the Bible (e.g. Matthew 24:29-31) is never related to natural Israel, but always involves the "elect," which, in the New Testament, always refers to the Church. In any discussion of the rapture, you can leave natural Israel completely out of the picture.

The guy in the glasses says that the 70th Week pertains to natural Israel alone, and that, therefore, the Church cannot be in the 70th Week. How terribly diabolical does one need to be to make such a wild jump? The 70 Week of Daniel 9 have nothing to do with the timing of the rapture, wherefore we cannot use that prophecy at all in this controversy. The 70th week pertains to the anti-Christ's attack on Jerusalem, and natural Israel's restoration to Jesus, finally, but how does this make for a pre-tribulation rapture? It doesn't.

Rather, these speakers are skirting the pertinent scriptures, seeking to set you up for what sounds like a professional treatment on the topic, yet it's a nothing burger. That's why they turn themselves into dopes, ignoring the post-trib-rapture passages at the start of their discussion in order to set you up with a nothing burger that looks juicy and attractive down a dead-end path.

At the beginning of the 7th minute, the same goofer tells that many "get confused on this issue," but he doesn't tell that the confusion is from the pre-trib goof. They are the ones slinging the mud into the eyes of their listeners. They are the ones who produced pre-wrathers and mid-tribulationists clinging to an erroneous facet of pre-tribulationism. "Error" means "goof." These men are goofers. We use "goof" when the error is of such obvious nature that we want to mock the one making it. These men are goofballs with a canned, professional facade. Tactical or militant pre-tribulationism always comes out of a can. The ones who promote it just re-hash the same goofery with a scholarly facade.

What would you call a Bible teacher when we are as close as we might be to the final 3.5 years, yet they are able to teach: no worries, Jesus is going to take us out before the trouble comes? What do we call such reckless goofs when there is not one scripture telling of a rapture seven years, or three years, or two years, or one year, before the post-tribulationist Return of Jesus? We call them fools, if we wish to use the proper word to describe them. The Bible talks about foolish virgins who do not prepare for the night. "Goof" is not strong enough. "Horrible fool" gets closer to the proper definition.

I decided to do battle against these fools back in 1995, but since then, there has been an army of online post-tribulationists that you would do well to listen to. We all cry the same message with the same Biblical evidence. It's simple evidence, it's reliable, and we have the high ground because the Bible describes only ONE return of Jesus in the 70th Week (seven-year period before Armageddon). It's always at Armageddon, case closed.

In the 10th minute, we get the canned argument that the Church cannot be on earth during the "great tribulation" of Israel because it necessarily places the Church under the wrath of God. BUT GOOFBALLS, Jesus warned in Matthew 24: when you see the anti-Christ invading Jerusalem, GET OUT OF THE WAY, not by the rapture, but by fleeing to the wilderness. So, the wrath of God can come against Israel, or against the West, or against a dog or a monkey, and the Church can still be on the planet at the same time. You really need to be a fool to claim with iron teeth that a rapture is necessary to keep the Church safe from merely a REGIONAL event in tiny Israel alone.

That's especially true where Revelation 12-13 speaks of a war that the anti-Christ wages against the Christian saints. How does he wage that war? With the saints in the clouds or at the Wedding Feast in the sky? No, but with saints on the earth.

In the meantime, during this war, God has measures in place to protect the Church, by-and-large, but may not protect the foolish virgins who didn't think it wise to take the trouble to prepare for this war. The main weapon against us will be the 666 system denying us our foods, etc. Therefore, how should we prepare for that time period, by walking into it without foods prepared? Does that sound wise to you? The blind will lead the blind to blunder.

The rapture is necessary to deliver the Church from a world-wide set of Wrath at Armageddon, which includes the massive earthquake(s) that knocks the city buildings down. But a rapture is not necessary to deliver Christians from the Judean region alone.

After setting up the Church-versus-Israel concept, which is smoke-and-mirrors, the guy in the glasses finally gets to Matthew 24 (17th minute), and he with his partner-in-crime deny that the elect there refers to the Church. And this is how they wipe away the best, clean-cut evidence for the post-trib rapture, by replacing the Church of the text with natural Israel.

When Jesus is warning that "you" need to flee the Jerusalem area, into the mountains, who in the end-times will listen to that warning, Jews who do not respect Jesus, or Christians in Israel who know their prophecy? yet, the two stooges tell us with iron teeth and brazen faces that Jesus is warning natural Jews alone. How does this make sense? Why would Jesus warn the non-Christian and anti-Christian Jews but NOT the true believers in Israel? Only a dangerous fiend bent on betraying the people of God would capitulate to this notion where the Matthew text has the Christian apostles as the listeners of His warnings. The apostles are not Jews alone, but are the co-founders and representatives of the Church. How dare anyone say that Jesus is speaking the warnings only to anti-Christ Jews in the end times? Great shame.

The gathering of the saints in the sky, in Matthew 24:29-31, are said to be, by the two stooges, to be the natural Israelites alone. How do these men sleep at night?

29 -- Immediately AFTER THE TRIBULATION [caps mine] of those days shall the sun be darkened, and the moon shall not give her light, and the stars shall fall from heaven, and the powers of the heavens shall be shaken:

30 -- And then shall appear the sign of the Son of man in heaven: and then shall all the tribes of the earth mourn, and they shall see the Son of man coming in the clouds of heaven with power and great glory.

31 -- And he shall send his angels with a great sound of a trumpet, and they shall gather together his elect from the four winds, from one end of heaven to the other.

There we see the rapture of the Church, which Paul said would come at "the last trumpet," yet the endless train of pre-tribulationists would try to convince you that the last trumpet occurs seven years before Armageddon, and seven years before this Matthew trumpet. Why would they be this brash in countering Scripture? Because, apparently, they love to betray God's people while creating an elite class of scholarly Christians that they like to appropriate. Why else would they not leave room for this event to be the rapture of the Church? Is "brash" not the correct term to use against them, in the case of this impossible argument?

Where did Paul get the idea that Jesus would arrive at the last trumpet? We have it right there in Matthew 24:31. This trumpet is after the 3.5 years of Israel's tribulation, perfect for being the last trumpet.

Why do pre-tribbers place the "last trumpet" before the seven Trumpets of Revelation? Is there not evidence in the written contents of the 7th Trumpet (of Revelation) that it's the rapture trumpet? Yes, there is, but to understand how this can be, in the face of pre-tribbers wrongly locating the 7th Trumpet years before Armageddon, you'll need to read my chapter, "The Order of Revelation's 21 Plagues. Almost nobody else is taking the position I lay out in that chapter, because almost nobody else knows about it who teaches online, but it's vital for understanding how the 7th Trumpet can be post-tribulational.

I apologize, but I found the victory smile of the guy with the glasses so offensive after he tells one falsehood after another that I had to click away from the video. I hope you had the wisdom to reject his deception if you watched it all. He doesn't care to think that, maybe, just maybe, he's wrong. He doesn't care if he leaves you abandoned to starvation. He smiles a big smile while urging you to be so abandoned.

Wrecking Ball

For this section, I've got to repeat what sounds like a brag from me. I really do like re-telling this in case it's true that God was in it. Put yourself in my shoes, and I'm sure you'd like it to.

One day, during the plandemic, I either prayed to God to spear trudeau in the head, or I was about to tell readers that I prayed it. As I remember it, I deleted it after writing it out in an update. Shortly afterward, I asked for the same thing again, and wrote it out, but deleted it again in case canadian law enforcement could one day use it against me as inciting murder of the prime minister. And just at that time, the truckers came to Ottawa, the HEAD of canada, and I realized that a convoy is like a long spear; hence, a spear to trudeau's head.

As you can imagine, I enjoyed watching the truckers make an idiot out of the chief idiot of canada, and this delight grew as calls from all over the world came in to support the convoys. And so I told readers about this interpretation of the spear to his head.

And then I told readers that trudeau deserved a surprise visit from a WRECKing ball to the back of his head, and had wondered whether the original Hunka scandal was the fulfillment of that thing. But I now have another theory. I did look up the WRECK surname, checking to see if God had used it in some way to identify what a wrecking ball could be. I've remembered that the Wreck surname shows only a border.

Load the Wreck surname now, which loads on another tab, in order to load other surnames, so that you can follow better.

Well, it just so happens that the truckers arrived because trudeau was forcing them to vaccinate when coming across the US-canada border, and of course there were two other trucker convoys at two border locations, one in southern Alberta, and the other at Windsor, Ontario.

Also, trudeau is currently suffering the greater unveiling of his ArriveCAN scandal, which some dub, ArriveScam: "All travelers entering Canada by air, rail, road, or marine vessel, must provide their travel information through ArriveCAN." The Wreck border can apply here because this scandal has been revealed to be a crime by the liberal government. We can therefore tentatively conclude that God has placed trudeau in a trap with the exposure of his ArriveCAN heist of treasury money.

Pierre Poilievre was soaking up the failure of trudeau to handle the situation like a man, and since then, Poilievre has soared in the polls. His biggest platform used against trudeau, since then, was his opposition to his carbon tax.

This brings me to the point that the French Carbon surname, partly in the colors of the Border Coat, almost has the Duck/DACK Chief, both using the same stars in that Chief, not surprising because Borders, using the same star yet again, were first found in Somerset with Ducks/DACKs...and Backs (evokes the back of his head). And it just so happens that German Dacks, listed with TAX's, have crossed swords in the colors of the crossed swords of Borders. CARBON TAX.

Poilievre's first name is Pierre while Sempers/St. Pierre's share the Coat of Duck-branch Duce's/Duceys.

Poilievre's motto when crusading against trudeau's Schwabite carbon tax is, "axe the tax," and it just so happens that there are two Axe rivers in Somerset, both having sources around Bath of Somerset, and Baths, first found in Somerset, share the cross of English Carbons, in the colors of the saltire-by-swords of Dacks/Tax's and Borders. Doesn't this appear Designed by God to point to Poilievre's bashing of trudeau?

The stars in the Carbon Chief are shared in the Chief of Bonnels while Carbons are also CarBONNELs. The latter even share the full Chief of French Bone's. The Coat of English Bone's (and Bonns) is much like the Skull Coat, which can explain the naming of the Skull and Bones cult, and then the wrecking ball is to trudeau's skull! Bingo. French Bone's were first found in Provence with Grace's/Grasse's who in turn have the triple chevrons of Carbons/Carbonnels in half their colors. There was also one Guerin of Provence whose line could be in the Shot/Schute motto.

These English Carbons even use a border, as well as one diagonal sword, in white, the color of the Dack/Tax, Border/BOARDer, and RECKitt swords. English Bone's were first found in Sussex with Boards.

I can guarantee that the HEADs/Heeds and Haydens were a branch of Hats/Hades', the latter first found beside Somerset. In this picture, the back of trudeau's head can be a pointer to the Heed-like Hiedlers/HITLERs (Munich) who share the sun with Cohens/Kagans. Heads/Heeds and Haydens evokes a Hayden Lake location in Idaho, the past headquarters of Aryan Nations, a good fit with a pointer to Yaroslav Hunka.

Plus, while Adolf Hitler's headquarters for his Bavarian headquarters was at DACHau, Dacks/Tax's are also Dachs. Moreover, while the Arms of Dachau uses a sling shot, Shots/Schute's, using swords in the colors of the Dack/Tax swords, were first found in Wiltshire, smack at the Axe-river and Bath theater. The Sword surname, once again sharing the Dack/Tax, Border and Shot/Schute swords, uses "wings expanded," and if you load Irish swords, you will see that their rare expanded-wing design is in the Crest of Hats/Hades'. Plus, the Prut river at the Ukraine theater went by other variations much like the "Paratus" motto term of Swords.

The Roxburghs, from the Roxolani of Ukraine, use an "auDAX" motto term while Dax's are listed with Tax's/Dacks and Ducks/Dacks. The Falcons in the latter's Crest were first found in Cumberland with Daggers/Dackers and spear-using Dockers. The Bridge's in the latter's Crest were first found in Somerset with Ducks/Dacks (Dagger/Dacker and Strong colors) and Strongs, and "Strong" is a motto term in the translated motto of Daggers/Dackers. Strongs have a different-colors Coat version of the Backs (Somerset with Strongs).

Kepke's were from Kiev elements in Ukraine. The crossed Dack/Tax swords are shared with Gotts in the motto of Kepke-related Weavers/Webbers while English Webbers were first found in Somerset with Bird-like Bridge's and English Webbers. As the Gott birds have feet, they are not the typical, abundant footless martlet, and as they don't look like any particular species of bird, the Gotts can be using them as code for the Birds/Burds, first found in Cheshire with English Weavers, and with the Brights sharing the triple stars of German Weavers/Webbers.

"PoiLIEVRE" could be a merger of some Poi-like surname with Levers, the latter first found in Lancashire with Orrels while the Wreck border is often called an "orle." Lancashire is also where Schute-like Scute's were first found. Poi's are listed with DuPuys while Pays are listed with Spear-related Pasi's/Pace's. Spears share the boar heads of Gordans and Roets, the latter first found in Somerset, location of Gordano smack near the Axe rivers. The Levers share the trumpet with Calls/Calles' (Wiltshire with Shots/Schute's) who were in turn obvious kin of Shots/Schute's (in Call/Calles colors and format).

The "guerre" motto term of Shots/Schute's can be code for Guerins because the latter share the Payen Coat while Payne Roet was the ancestor of Roets (Somerset with Payne's). The Guerin Chief has a demi-lion in the colors of the Poy/Dupuy / Duce/Ducey / Duck/Dack lion. The exPANDed" wings could be code for the Panders/Panters because they share "SPUR rowells," though in a different design, with Payens/PANs. Spurrs and Supers were first found in Devon with most of one Axe river out of Somerset.

When Elon Musk came out this past week to say that the only thing needed to fight climate change is carbon taxes, he meant that the taxes don't need to be spent on any programs to curb climate change, but that just having the taxes in place will cause people to drive their cars less. Yes, and he said this because he wants to get rid of gasoline cars in order to sell enough electric cars to get rich enough to put men on Mars, the desire and agenda of a lunatic. Thank you, Musk, for finally exposing what a piece of trash you really are. I've been wondering for a long time when you would come out to incriminate yourself to this level. This is steep.

He's hoping to get conservatives on-side of this carbon-tax agenda; that's why he's been so palatable to conservatives in his public statements. He's been bending himself to stoop to much of their politics, but for reasons. And now we know the reasons. He would see your money evaporate BIG-TIME, by force of government subsidies / taxes / fees, to save his electric-car company. SPIT! he would rather see your house burn down with faulty batteries in your electric car than to give up this company.

Putin's Pipeline to Poland

While watching Tucker interview Putin this week, the latter told that Russia has a second Nord Stream pipeline into Poland and through to Germany. Putin said that he doesn't understand why Germany would pay much more for natural gas, from Europe, instead of buying his cheaper gas through this pipeline in Poland. I therefore re-loaded the Poland surname because I recall going to Poland when a BEAR (potential symbol of Russia) bear chewed my water PIPE (potential pointer to Nord Stream) down by a beaver pond some 200 feet from my house. The bear chewed through the pipe, which then needed repairs.

Although I'm not sure how I got to Poland from that event, I've just found an interesting thing starting with the Poland surname that shares the Pully/Pullen pelican. Both surnames use SCALLops, as do SCALE's, and then Scayle's (Yorkshire with Pullys/Pullens) share the lozengy Shield of English Patents while Scottish Patents come up as "Putin." That such a neat-little package that it started this section, but even after I decided to start it, I recalled that English Patents and Pullys/Pullens share the same motto.

Scale's, sharing white scallops with Baltics/BallDOCKs, were first found in Hertfordshire with early Baltics/Balldocks. The Nord Stream pipeline was blown up in the Baltic sea. Bald-branch Bauds could be a branch of the Boats/Bauds who are in turn possibly in the boat of Nords. The Bauds were first found in Stirlingshire (beside first-known Dogs/DOCKs) with Nimo's who in turn can be in the "Animo" motto term of Norths. Beaumonts, sharing the Bone lion, in the colors of the North / Nordi/NarBONNE / Gas lion, ruled in Meulan while the Arms of Meulan share the checkered Shield of Baltics/Balldocks. As the Baltic/Balldock Crest has a falcon, the Baltic/Balldock Shield is that also of the Vaux's (same place as Falcons), likely. Nordens probably use a falcon.

Narbonne is in Aude province along with Roquefeuil, the latter named by the Roxolani Russians. Bauds thus appear to be from the Budini, who lived at the Kiev area with Roxolani of the Dnieper river.

The Baltic/Balldock Crest is almost the one of Peartree's/Patria's who in turn share the Pully/Pullen scallops and bend.

And there's more because English Patents were first found in Sussex with the BONE's whose Coat is much like that of Polands and Scale-like SKULLs. While the Nazi Bush family was into the Skull and Bones, I can glean that the Pond surname (red fesse) is a version of the English Bush Coat, for I have in my records the Bush Coat using as red fesse.

Plus, as I said, the bear chewed the water pipe about 5-10 feet from my beaver pond, and the beaver is the symbol of canada, begging whether trudeau was involved in blowing up the Nord Stream along with Nazi's of Ukraine. Nordens (Kent with Nortons) happen to use beavers! I didn't know Nordens when starting this paragraph. Nord-like Norths, first found in Sussex with Puttens/Puttocks and Bone's, share the lion of Nordi's/Narbonne's (might be the Paul lion). Puttens/Puttocks share the stars of Poltons/Pulltons (Cheshire with Polesdons) who are in turn largely in the colors of the English Bush Coat. I claim that President George Herbert Walker Bush was born George Herbert Scherff Jr., son of a Nazi, and then while Schere's come up as "Scherf," Patents and Pullys/Pullens use a "palleSCERE" motto term. Scottish Nortons share the tower of Pullen-beloved Pellicans.

Plus, Pully-branch Polands were first found in Staffordshire with Pipe's. Wall Street Journal: "Polish officials have resisted cooperating with an international probe into the sabotage of the Nord Stream natural-gas pipelines..." Poland appears guilty.

I've remembered how Poland got into the picture of the bear chewing through the water pipe, for a bear had been at the FREEZEr in my garage at that time too, and so I assume it was the same bear. I don't remember how I knew that the bear had been at my freezer, but it would be amazing if it had taken some chicken out of it, because I know, without checking, that the Chicken surname, first found in Suffolk with English Carlsons, share the English Carlson chevron! Tucker CARLSON!

Freezer-like Frasers/Frazers were even first found in Peebles-shire with Baltic-connectable Balds.

I've just found the bear story, with the water pipe, in the 4th update of September, 2022. At that time, I told that this bear had come to the freezer of my garage but had found no food then. I also told that, a couple of years earlier, a bear was stealing food out of this freezer, which I discovered from food packages out in the backyard, and, yes, I distinctly recall it had taken out a pack of frozen chicken, and some bread.

Look at this timing. While the Nord Stream was bombed on September 26, 2022, here's from my 4th update in September, dated September 20 - 26, 2022:

I've had a bear (symbol of Russia?) around the house for the past 15 days roughly. It chewed my water pipe first, and last came on Monday night [19th] looking for garbage. Finding none, it smelled the peanut butter in the mouse trap (beside the freezer], and when it snapped on its nose, it made a loud draw-back sound through the recycling containers, which I could hear from inside the house. I've seen this bear twice over the past 10 days, he's a very big black bear. I'm just wondering about the timing, for I haven't seen a bear here for the past two years, maybe even three.

...The bear, some 15 days ago, put his teeth through my water pipe at the shore of the beaver pond. Waters [share Muschat Coat] were first found in Essex with the Moscow-like Muschats. Muscats (not "Muschat") are also MOUSquette's.

It may not have visited my place for two or three years because I had thrown a jar at the bear's arse as it ran away (after it had stolen the chicken and bread), and it smashed loudly against a rock beside it (this is in the 1st update of October, 2022). I also yelled at it simultaneously (don't be kind to bears, and don't yell at one, girl, if it thinks you're a weakling due to your not having a voice frightening enough).

While German Pohls are also Pohlands, German Pole's/Pohls use a "FRYing pan" that could be code for the Fry/Frey / FREEZE/Freys bloodline. That's how the bear at the freezer can point to Poland, especially as the Nord Stream was exploded off the coast of Poland. English Pole's/Pools were first found in Dorset with the Gallops who are in turn in Bern colors and format. The Gallop motto can take one to the Kepke-related Weiss'.

Frys/Freys were first found in Wiltshire (beside Dorset's Poole location) with the English Neals who in turn were kin of YARborough's/YEARbys from the Varangian king, YARoslav of Ukraine's Kiev. The Year surname was first found in Stirlingshire with the Bald-branch Bauds to which my Russian medallion pointed. French Bauds are in the colors and format of Kiev-line Kepke's/Kopke's who in turn share the upright goat of English Kidds, the latter first found in Suffolk with Carlsons and Tigers.

I found the medallion at a GROCEry store, for which reason I checked Groce's, and later realized they have the Ukraine flag in colors reversed. Groce's were first found in Baden while the Arms of Baden shares the bend of Keeps because Veringers of Baden were from the Varangians of Kiev. While Varangians of Kiev co-founded Moscow, the Veringer kin of Zahringers used a bear symbol for their Bern location (Switzerland). That's why Berns (the surname) use the bear as used in the Arms of Bern.

Early in the interview with Tucker, Putin starts a history of the Russian people with Rurik, a 9th-century Varangian prince in NovGOROD, near Kiev. It's interesting that Roets share the boar head of Gorod-like Gords and Spears/Speyers while Rothes is on the Spey river. The Rus of Kiev were, I think, also called Ruthene, as were the Rus of southern France, the Redones (of the Rhodanus river) by another name.

Keips (not "Keep") were first found in Nuremberg with German Tuckers/Tuchners, how about that. English Tuckers were Sea kin, and share the seahorse with Sea-branch Seamans while the latter were first found in Suffolk with Carlsons.

Both Pohls/Pohlands and Pole's/Pohls use the feather while Feathers (Payne colors) are in the colors and format of frying-like Friens/Friends (Somerset with Roets, beside Wiltshire and Dorset). PANs/Payens were kin of Payne Roet.

I've told many times (see two updates ago) that the newspaper in Victoria, Texas, which pointed to Victoria Nuland, led me to purchasing a property from Miss Friend, who married Mr. Teague, and it just so happens that while Irish Teague's/Teegers use a "diem" motto term, Diems/DITTmayers were first found in Holstein-Schleswig with German Teegers and German Carlsons (similar to the Carlo Coat). Plus, I didn't start this paragraph knowing that Diems/Dittmayers share the Ukraine flag exactly! I'm beside myself on that score.

I was going to go to Putin's tiger. Nuland, along with Biden, foretold the blowing up of the Nord Stream. Newlands share formee-fitchee cross of Love's/Luffs, the latter being kin of Moscow-like Muscats. Love's/Luffs and Muscats were both once said to be first found in Suffolk with Tigers. Newlands were first found in Kent, where Tucks/Ticks were once said to be first found, and where Tucker-connectable Sea's are still said to be first found. Amazingly, Newlands share a brown wolf head in Crest with Teague's/Teegers. The full Crest of Nordens is almost the full Coat of Maddens, the latter first found in Galway with Teague's/Teegers. The latter were a McLeod sept along with Nortons.

The reason I was going Putin's tiger (his birthday gift) in the first place is because Teegers can be linked to Tigers, the latter first found in Suffolk with English Carlsons, and with the Owls in the Teggert/Taggart owls. The latter surname might even be from the Biblical Togarmites, suspect to the Tocharians of Russia. In any case, the Diems/Dittmayers in the Teague/Teeger motto takes us to the stripe-less tigers of Ditts/Diots (Dwight branch). Is that not wild? Ditts/Diots were first found in Staffordshire with Polands and Pipe's.

Headline: "Vladimir 'Putin's Tiger' Devours a Bear in Russia - ABC News". It is really, really wild that while German Carlsons essentially share the Berta/Bert Coat, English Berts/BIRTHs, first found in Devon with Tuckers, can be a pointer to the BIRTHday gift, the tiger. The Berta/Bert and Carlson Coats (giant griffins) are similar to the one of Italian Roman(ov)s who probably have the Ukraine flag as a backdrop because there is a Ukrainian Roman(ov) surname too. Russian Romanovs might be using the Tooth griffin because the bear at my pond chewed clear through the pipe with its teeth.

Recall the bread that the bear ate from the freezer, for Bert-like Breads/Breds, first found in Cheshire with Birds/Burds and Bride's, are in Berta/Bert colors and format! Friens/Friends were first found in Somerset with Bridge's and Brets/Brits, and the latter share the giant lion of Frane's. The Coat of German Brets looks related to the Dutch Tromp Coat. Klaus' share the Frane Coat (both use borders), and Clauds/CLAUSels share the Tromp acorns.

The neck chain on the tiger in the Ditt/Diot Crest has four links, as does the Russian medallion someone left on the hood of my Jeep several years ago. How many Russian medallions have you found on the hood of your car in the past 50 years?

Plus, the Bert/Berta Coat is in the colors and format, including the gold border, of Kepke's/Kopke's, a branch of Keeps descended from Maria of Kiev, sister of king Yaroslav above. Kepke's/Kopke's alternate the giant Berta/Bert griffin with a giant goat, and there are headlines telling that Putin's tiger, once released, killed 15 goats in China.

Kepke's/Kopke's were a branch of CUP-using Kupe's/Koops, and Cups/Cope's/CULPs, in the motto of Pullys/Pullens and Putin-connectable Patents, were first found in Aberdeenshire with Carls, Milans/Millens and Mellansons while Milan is where Carlo's were first found who have a Coat similar to the one of German Carlsons.

Later in Tucker's interview, Putin seemed to be complimenting George Bush Jr., a thing I can't understand unless he's being strategically (insincerely) complimentary. Putin often demonizes the American military's expansionism, and Bush Jr. was a brutal commander of that expansionism. So, ???

I've said it before and I'll say it again, that the overly-relaxed, passive Putin who's been on TV for the last several years doesn't not strike me as the real Putin. I saw the real Putin in a Russian jail, but nobody told what happened to him. Note that the real Putin spoke English some years ago, yet the one interviewed by Tucker spoke Russian only, and moreover had to have Tucker's words translated to him into his ear plug. Here's his full English appeal:

Here he is with Tucker, needing a translator for a short question:

Justified or Rectified

Off-hand I can't think where the apostle Paul speaks of justification through the blood of Jesus, but it's always been a word that I've had trouble with. "To justify," for me, means to prove innocent by way of proving absence of guilt. But we Christians are not absent of guilt. Rather, we confess our guilt and are forgiven. How can we be justified, therefore, if we are forgiven? "Justify" may not be the best word translated.

To justify, for me, means to absolve of any guilt. The lawyer proves that the accusation against us is untrue. But with Jesus, out guilt is forgiven because we decide to get on the right path as explained by Jesus. Last night, while reading Isaiah 53, a beautiful chapter, I got to verse 11, where the resurrected Jesus justifies many: "After he has suffered, he will see the light of life and be satisfied; by his knowledge my righteous servant will justify many..." (NIV version).

I started to look for a word that I thought might better apply than "justify," and came up with "rectify." It goes better with, "by His knowledge." I can't understand how a Lawyer can "justify" someone "by his knowledge," but I can understand how a teacher or friend can rectify a sinner, a criminal, by his knowledge. The knowledge rectifies; it corrects us.

Rectification takes someone from the horizontal position of dead in our sins to a vertical, erect position. But only if we abide by the knowledge, and the power of His Sacrifice is to give us the desire, the impetus to marry his knowledge, the knowledge that makes us well, that makes us in good standing with the Judge.

The next verse even portrays Jesus as our lawyer of sorts, though one can also view him as a loyal friend: "Therefore I will give him a portion among the great, and he will divide the spoils with the strong, because he poured out his life unto death, and was numbered with the transgressors. For he bore the sin of many, and made intercession for the transgressors." An intercessor is one who appeals to the judge on our behalf. But if we have not married His ways, how can He secure forgiveness on our behalf?

It's not the mere belief in Jesus that saves, but the clinging to His words; the Bible makes this plain in a variety of ways. The Sacrifice opens the door to redemption, and our marriage with the words of Jesus is what saves us. One can say that the Sacrifice saves us because, without it, there would be no new opportunity to be saved, but it's the New Covenant in His blood that saves us. A covenant means that we enter into a contract to abide in Him, and "abide" here does not merely mean to breathe the air and stay alive. It means to be one with Him, like in a marriage.

I like to say that Jesus is also our coach, which entails correction. We can't be a winning team with out it. RECTIFICATION. Humility is needed because, if we are as proud as trump, who doesn't need correction according to his own words, we will resist correction. When asked on camera whether he's ever asked God for forgiveness, trump implied that he couldn't think of anything he did wrong enough to ask for it. This is how much this goon, this liar, this goof, resists Jesus, like the devil.

So, God planned to give Jesus to humanity to make the Bride like God, eventually. It's going to take time, and while our job, until He arrives, is to make ourselves white, the becoming like God probably starts, in a major way, after He returns. It is a necessary work of God, from us, to keep away from the typical sinful ways of the world. And while we resist the things we once engaged in, we should also take opportunities to do what others appreciate from us, because, not money, but love, makes the world go round. Money makes the money lover lie down in a horizontal position, hopelessly lost before God.

Love is the outplaying of our "game" in life. If someone asks you for help, I'm sure you, as a Believer, are happy to do it. The Christian who's a strong worker is more on the ball when helping others, but Christians who become too relaxed, or too engaged in making money, might be bothered at the request to be of help. There's nothing wrong with giving money so long as the receiver isn't asking for it to do wrong with it.

We have all enjoyed being of help to others, but if we don't respect humans, as the Liberals do not, our love will grow cold to the point that we rejoice at the unexpected deaths of others. We are seeing Liberals, the anti-Christs, unbothered about, and even rejoicing over, deaths. This is Trump, and he may kill massively again with vaccines if he's the next president.

Once we have learned to resist the bars, the casinos, the pornography, drugs, friendship with thieves and God-haters, patience in being helpful is the way forward. Being hospitable keeps our love alive. Feeling good when helping others is a sign that our hearts are still good, not grown cold.

I believe that trump can be good to others, but so can any pagan, and there is always the question of whether pagans give gifts expecting to receive something in return; praise, for example. Yet Jesus said it's fine to give in order to make friends or turn away anger. When we give to Jesus the fulfillment of His instructions (without griping, of course), God's anger, once set against us, turns to joy and mercy, and we receive Living Waters within us, the food of God that Jesus delights in.

Then, when you need something, the Father gets on-the-ball preparing it for you just as you deserve. If I constantly gripe when I'm obeying Jesus, I'd expect that God's good return to me will come with thorns built in. Bless God today; give freely even when it hurts. Feeling the pain of doing a sacrificial thing is not griping necessarily.

Did Jesus gripe on the Cross? No, but He sure felt the pain both inside and out. Did He go through with it? Yes, and for this we remember what He did for us, making us ever thankful, and, hopefully, ever willing to be like Him. Did God reward Jesus for His sacrifice? No one will be as popular as Jesus; the world will become His to order, and His delight will be in rectifying the nations by His knowledge. And His Father will then lavish more gifts upon Him, never-ending. Can you image how huge his reward pile will get after a million years? Rejoice not in a million dollars, but in the millions of years where the I-Am-That-I-Am will make His saints into the You-Are-That-You-Are.

If we are justified, it's because we are determined to take the Long and Straight Road to perfection. The one not giving up on Jesus in this life will be permitted upon that Road. What's it like to be perfect in all that we think? Glorious. Much better, cleaner, safer, than a brainchip that's only as good as the human programmers, and that's hooked up to human-made equipment in a world made by evil humans, including evil women. Make ye this day your good choice.


Here's an uppity treatment on end-time Rome, the EU, and the evolution of its "imperial" dictatorship, to date, in the WEF. Perhaps the latter can be considered the iron leg of Daniel prophecy, which, fortunately, is mixed with clay to weaken it substantially, God's grace toward His people:

At about the start of the 10th minute, you can catch wind of EU plots for Britain, disallowing farmers to build a food stand on their property to sell direct to the public, a thing that has been with mankind since the dawn of farming. The WEF simply does not want Christians to be able to sell or give food they themselves grow, it's obvious. The WEF is at war with the Woman in Revelation 12, count on it. That Woman is clearly the Church, not natural Israel as the daft and dangerous pre-tribulationist would tell you.

A pre-tribulationist can be defined as a Christian who confuses / replaces the Elect Church with natural Israel everytime the Bible places the Church in the final 3.5 years. An activist pre-tribulationist can be defined as a self-serving deceiver who conveniently twists end-time prophecy whenever he/she wants to make it appear that the Church is not going through the final 3.5 years.

Globalists can be defined as a bastion of anti-Christs seeking to keep us from retreating into the country to eke out the final 3.5 years. It's going to be hard for them to make laws to keep us from growing our own foods, but they are trying hard to keep us from sharing our foods under the excuse that the foods might be toxic to those who buy them. However, if buyer and seller have an agreement, and if giver and taker have an agreement, who is the globalist to get between it??? That is a tyrant who dictates that one person cannot sell to a willing-to-buy other. It violates historical precedent, tradition, and the human rights that globalists pretend to abide and legislate by.

So, when a globalist denies you the right to buy / receive food from another Christian in the final 3.5 years, let it go to a court, and tell the judge how the prosecutor prefers that you starve rather than take a wee-wee chance with food that might make you sick by some bacteria. Globalists should stand no chance in winning such cases, unless the judges happen to be the friends of tyrants.

By the time that the tribulation arrives, EU tyrants will have made a very bad name for themselves precisely by making such over-reaching / ridiculous laws as this, which is why we should talk about such things in public forums, so that more judges get wind of how creepy these bastards without a Father are.

The video above is by a Christian, Larry Alex Taunton, whom I'm not familiar with. In his video below, where he goes to Davos, he fails to show how he got in. Makes me wonder. In any case, in the 12th minute, you can hear this year's theme from Schwab himself, as he tells attendees that they've got to re-build trust. In what? In themselves, of course, but he doesn't tell them that he's taking a beating from his enemies, from those who put out "disinformation," as the elite wolves like to call it. The attendees know what he means, that they need to act angelic for a few years rather than appear dictatorial, for the latter is what has been doing the damage to the point of causing a quarter of the castle to collapse.

So, as the castle is partially collapsed, in need of re-building, we have a few years to prepare for the tribulation period that could very well arrive just as they begin their next global-wide attacks. At about the 20th minute, the topic turns to population control by way of moving societal sectors to fewer births, but what if this agenda includes mass murder of their enemies? How does that bode for Christians refusing the mark? The video would have been better without the lousy "music." I stopped watching it due to it. People who add music to such videos are sensationalizing their product.

Here's what looks like more than 350 protestors at/near the Davos discussions last month. Hopefully, next year will see 3,500 protestors until the goons feel a little pain trying to come in, move around, or go home. It's time to chant, death to WEF. It's time to strike fear into the members like they want us to fear them. It's time to make the members lose sleep. Yell at them wherever you see them, at the bank, in parliament, in local councils, at their dinner tables, on the beach, anywhere. Expose these rats, make them the targets of population control. Tell them, go ahead, you kill yourself, make life better for the rest of us. We be the survivors, not you.

Here's some Texas wildcats, otherwise known as women:

Tucker probably got fired from Fox due to his sympathy for Russia and his disdain for Ukraine propaganda. This week, he did something absolutely horrible to the money launderers in American politics. This video fails to say, though it should repeatedly, that American money allotted to Ukraine and Israel goes through laundry machines for to be stuffed in all sorts of pockets, not only in the American and foreign military establishments, but the politicians at the front lines of securing the money in the first place. It's the obvious motive of war support, and the secondary motive is, for the meantime, to defeat a Russian bogeyman created on behalf of the true motive:

Not many months ago, a Nazi warrior in the Ukraine, now in his old age, was honored in the canadian parliament, at which time the Speaker of the parliament was blamed and removed from his job. In the video below, when you see the Speaker pause in shock while reading, "against the Russians," I don't think the video owner is correct to say that he was in shock due to realizing, for the first time, that this Ukrainian man may have been a Russian. It was revealed that this Speaker lived at North Bay (Ontario) along with this very Nazi under discussion, and that they had been friends. Therefore, the Speaker was shocked for some other reason.

I now think a better theory is that he was disappointed at the bad choice of words, "against the Russians," because they hint, for anyone in-the-know, that the Ukrainian could have been a Nazi.

The story in the video above can reveal that canadian Liberals have been pro-Nazi all along for decades. It well explains the constant corruption and immorality in Liberal politics. Once a person starts to side with murderous, power-hungry Nazi ideology, all morality goes into flames.

The video above is coming to this story to add a new part of the story starting at 3:47: This time, the Nazi, Mr. Hunka, has been caught celebrating the current, corrupt, and morally-defunct Ukrainian president, in Toronto. We are now learning that trudeau's office itself invited Hunka to this Toronto get-together, how about that! Excellent. Just as trudeau is being rolled to the trash yard like a used-up can of beer, someone steps on the can and squashes it, what better cause for celebration can there be? The soul-less trudeau has full similarity with an empty beer can, and now he's going to get all crumpled up, more useless than before.

This is the same trudeau who tried to pin a Nazi flag on the truckers to defame them at the start of their protest. Nobody has been able to succeed, better than this fool, to spoil the Liberal party at this time.

The video shows an article from the Globe and Mail, a Liberal-supporting major media in canada, telling that both trudeau and his partner-in-crime, Ms. Freeland (looks like a witch, talks like a witch), attended the Toronto gathering with Hunka and Zelensky. This revelation comes just as Tucker is in Russia throwing darts and barbs at the stressed-out Zelensky machine in Washington. The deep state in Ukraine is being exposed for what it is, and the world may be on its way to healing in parts for the constant drip of such revelations. Keep 'em coming because there's little to be happy and positive about but the destruction of globalist goons.

What is Hunka's name and address doing in trudeau's office? Why was he, rather than other Ukrainians, invited to this affair? How many other Nazi sympathizers were invited by trudeau's office? Who's in charge of Nazi fighters enlisted in Zelensky's army? How much canadian treasury money has been sent to them? Has Hunka been participating in the coup / war effort since 2014? How much money has the WEF granted these efforts? Where is the canadian press that we don't yet know any of these possibilities? How embarrassing for the vampire press that has supported trudeau until now. At least we have something to laugh at.

The video reveals that the Toronto affair was on September 22 of only last year. That was very close to the date in which Hunka was invited into the parliament for a couple of standing ovations courtesy the prime minister and his Nazi partner-in-crime, Chrystia Freeland. She looks like a witch, talks like a witch.

To my surprise, the Globe and Mail has even revealed the invitation, saying that it came from none other than trudeau. Hahahaha, we get another great laugh. The bozo at the helm of canada has made me laugh. It feels good. The destroyer, the rebel, the one who attacks God, has been slammed. We are witnessing it in living color. But I won't be happiest until someone takes a club to his head for a complete slaughter, for he knowingly killed (in the first degree) his own people, and has left many untold victims sick and in dire physical conditions. If anyone speaks up for these victims, trudeau attempts to silence them. Guilty of obstruction of justice.

The fact that Freeland has a Nazi past in her family nails trudeau to the Hunka invitation without doubt, though Liberals will continue to do damage control by saying that trudeau knew nothing of the invitations.

Hunka belonged to a Nazi militia, WAFfen SS, begging why Klaus Schwab, heads the WEF. Some have reported that Schwab has a Nazi past too, in his family. And trudeau is a known partner with Schwab, for he's being groomed as a WEF leader. This is your leader, Liberal canadians, destroyers of the country. You destroy your own country with shame, without regrets, without apologies, which is exactly the charge of God against the final anti-Christ, the man of perdition. Liberals pretend, I know nothing, nothing.

Even aside from this news on the trudeau-Hunka relationship, canadians are no longer in avid support of Ukraine funding, meaning that trudeau's risk with Hunka is contributing to cancelling some money otherwise slated for the laundry machine. Hopefully, trudeau's all dried up once and for all. His father would be proud of him having become the biggest buffoon ever to hold the top-dog office. I'm saying this because the thing that Liberals hate the most is when we others have something to laugh about and ridicule in their camp. Yet we didn't make the clown or ask him to make us laugh. He did it all by his lonesome. Good job.

It's even possible that the Globe and Mail released this new news now while Zelensky is asking for more donations from canada. Perhaps the Globe and Mail has seen enough of this war effort while the money goes to Nazis in Ukraine. This makes the most sense, but it may also signal that the Globe was sitting on this story, not intending, at first, to release it to the public.

The entire nation of political beasts will now know, whether they confess to it or not, that trudeau blamed Speaker Rota for the Hunka scandal when it was his own office all along that sent out the invitations. It gives us all a glimpse of the games these warlocks and witches play on us all. And they are satanists, make no mistake about it, for everything that comes out of their lips is to prop up their lies as faked truths.

Here's a short video where Kennedy Jr. reveals Mitch McConnell as part of the laundry machine on behalf of the American military, for one. McConnell was possibly trying to quell the accusation that U.S. money was going to corrupt Ukrainians, and so he claimed that it was instead going directly to the military, which amounts to the admission that the military controls the money before it goes to Zelensky's government. Who oversees this money? Nobody who passes the goings-on to the public, not even the major media, not even the Republican camp whose job it is to oppose corruption from the ruling party. This laundry machine makes a hush-hush sound, and has a master-control unit for the political-spin cycle.

The Dutch globalists had suffered a well-deserved defeat recently, but not is yet all well for the farmers because: "AMSTERDAM, Feb 1 (Reuters) - Ten weeks after his resounding win in Dutch elections, far- right leader Geert Wilders said on Thursday that the task of forming a new government was not getting any easier." He's not yet formed that government because other political sectors are unwilling. I assume that Geert is good for the farmers.

The success of right-wing politician Geert Wilders in the Netherlands general election has dominated international coverage of the vote but masked the growth of the Dutch farmerís party.

...In a shock result, Wildersí Freedom Party secured 37 of the 150 seats, well ahead of his nearest rivals,...

Coming sixth, the Farmer Citizen Movement party (BBB)secured seven seats.

But, the fact is, so callous was WEF's treatment of Dutch farmers that they didn't stop at merely forming convoys, but successfully organized their own political party with seats enough to topple, in combination with normal citizens, parasitic globalist puppets, traitors of their own country. And if the people say enough of what I've just said -- if we dish out the unbecoming portrayals that WEFers deserve -- nobody will be caught supporting them around the dinner table. WEFer supporters are traitors, and cannot prove that WEF is beneficial so long as it wages war with farmers and dangles the climate-change bogeyman who doesn't exist. WEFers are natural losers the moment they lift their skirts to show their hairy legs.

This week, Spanish farmers took to the streets too, where it got a little ugly, and no doubt their grievances are primarily due to the socialist forces in Spain as they enforce policies grounded in globalist heists. I don't think these protests are nearly as bad as they will get if globalist forces continue their war on the populations. Violence in the streets, expect it, and violence against the globalist-supporting media too. The traitorous media is at the front lines of this war, and the front lines are the first to be fired upon. Traitors are the prime targets. Media have become insurrectionists, inciting pro-globalist citizens to war with the rest. It's time to call a spade a spade.

Treason is the goal of the globalists as they pay off large swaths of society to remain on their side, to effect the treason. The people rule, and globalists are at war with the people, this is how I see it. Treason does not need to be against a government, especially when the government is against the people. This sort of government is then guilty of treason in cahoots with globalist logistics and strategies. The farmers are sending this message, and many are joining them.

PBS writes this week: "The European Commission, the EUís executive branch, has already made concessions to farmers over the last few weeks on environmental and aid rules, and this week decided to shelve plans to halve the use of pesticides and other dangerous products." Nobody likes pesticides, but without them, our food costs rise enormously, and can even put farmers out of business in certain areas. Globalists don't much care about pesticides on our food; they rather want us to suffer with high food prices and food shortages, this fact has become glaring, the very strategy used by other communist states to stranglehold the citizens into compliance with tyranny. Here's the goods on the EU's strangling agenda, and note how Spanish police learn that they can't stop farm tractors with merely a road block of police cars, duh:

This topic is central, safe to say, the our tribulation survival, because, where we need to store foods, a pre-plotted food shortage likely has the goal of prohibiting people from buying extra foods beyond that which is allotted. So, hurry, start drying your foods today; it will not go to waste if you eat it years from now, and thus will not put a strain on the food industry. The only reason the EU is granting concessions is due to losing most of its political puppets, and also for fear of losing all of them soon for continuing down this assaulting path, one they know full-well to be a provocative, civil-disturbing path. We can theorize that God won't let them get away with an engineered food shortage, but one never fully knows the devils in these details, so let's not take chances.

It doesn't take much time, each evening, after work, to prepare pounds of food into a dehydrating machine. On the next day, put them into mason jars, then heat-treat the filled jars, without lids on, in an oven at 210 F. As the goods mount, you will start to feel glad that you prepared them. I speak from experience.

The video above shower how European farmers differ from canadian protesters. Unlike them, canadian protestors have been well-behaved, which is why trudeau's iron-fisted response was like acid down their throats. But canadians need to re-consider, and get "louder" because they should not stand for how that response went down. They should not show that, at the first sign of abuse, they will back-off and cease protesting in Ottawa.

The truckers should not have backed down at the threats; they should have allowed the police to arrest them, for the police would then not have arrested them because no laws were broken. Had the truckers stayed their ground, the unjustified emergency powers utilized by trudeau would have looked 10 shades darker. The harder the tyrants utilize their powers, the harder the people push back, and it's best to push back before tyranny gets such a tight grip that it takes decades to oust from power.

The great thing is, trudeau's trolls arranged for google canada to force more canadian news upon canadian Internet users just as trudeau's scandals were beginning to outnumber the brain cells in his skull. trudeau has greatly helped canada's social media to spread the scandals around like butter on hot toast to a hungry audience in the throes of waking up. The alarm clock went off, and so Awake began to do battle against Woke. Awake is now winning because this camp has normal people. The more the Wokers hit us with their clubs, the more that Awake becomes awake. It's a natural-losing strategy, from the Wokers, to cause us pain.

If globalists thought that the people would lie down and raise the white flag at the first instance of organized abuse, that's why they are lunatics out of touch with reality. They can force the people into compliance only with political success through election fraud, for most people will vote against the tyrant. Tyranny arises with election fraud and with bought-media support (= a form of election fraud). I am very disappointed with the American people for allowing the election-fraud fight to go overwhelmingly to the gangsters. Other nations will now be encouraged to use the same election-fraud tactics. The gangsters do what works, and they capitulate on what doesn't work. They alter plans as needed. They won't go away because lust for government treasury money, and their war against the Bible, fuels them.

The only "winning" strategy left to Wokism is use of force, and trudeau of course badly wants this dictatorial power. he wants to be an example of holding out through the storm until he scores the fatal blow against his foes, and basks in the glory awaiting promotion to a higher, globalist post. I don't see how our prayers on behalf of an iron-willed, stubborn jackass could possibly help. He refuses to repent each time he's caught in a load of corruption. He loves the smell, the feel, of corruption. He sprays perfume, and paints mascara, upon it. He makes it look like his doll, his dinner date, and all of his supporters celebrate this partnership with excrement. He wraps his arms around it, and kisses it, unashamed. It's on his cheeks as he smiles and celebrates like one who has done nothing wrong. he was re-elected due to election fraud; China and the American liberals assisted him. The Jailer is Coming to cleanse the planet.

This video below gets better as it goes as it calls for Nuremberg 2 for chief vaccine criminals. I never forget that while a Mr. Kepke (old friend) pointed to graphene oxide in COVID vaccines, Kepke-branch Keips and Kopple's were first found in Nuremberg. Is God promising a world-class trial of the vaccine goons here?

Kopple's use a rooster / chicken used also by many Galli-like surnames, as play on "galina," and then Keeps (not "Keip") use a "galley" (ship). While Fauci's (share Nagle lozenge) were related to the Nagle's in turn using a "nightinGALE," their Gale kin, along with English Galleys, were first found in Yorkshire with Keppochs. I've shown, several times in the past, that Kopple's were kin of German Gallus'/KALIS', but I don't recall mentioning that while both use a rooster in the colors and format of the Dutch Tromp eagle, Kalis-like Calles' use trumpets. I've shown several times how Dutch Tromps are related to the Fauci Coat. Keeps were first found in Sussex with the Acorns in the Dutch Tromp Coat, and with the Downs/Douns (Kepke colors and format) having a stag in the colors of the Trump/Tromp stag head. Trump needs to be in prison with Fauci and Byrx.

The Nagle "NIGHTINgale" can be for Nitons/Knightons sharing the four bars of Tuckers. The Seamans/Semons (Tucker kin) suspect in the Gale motto were a branch of Sea's, both kin of Trump-branch Drummonds (Hamburg with German Galts, and Perthshire with Scottish Galts), and Sea's probably use the lions of Fiens/Finis' (Kent with Sea's and Nordens), a branch of Fiens/Fame's in the Gale motto. While Gale's have a version of the Irish Nagle Coat, German Duckers were first found in Westphalia with German Nagle's while German Tuckers (Kopple colors and format) were first found in Nuremberg. The Jailer is Coming.

I've shown many times how the Cremers (Faux/Chollens kin) point to Fauci's / Collins' circle of vaccine criminals. Cramers share the full motto of the Coggle's/Cockhills (share Cock rooster) suspect in the "raCOGLia" motto term of Gale's. Coggle's/Cockhills were first found in Yorkshire with Gale's, Keppochs, and Kepke-related Sheffields (in Coggle/Cockhill colors and format). Cocks (Somerset with Gale-related Tints) share the Shield of Grimaldi's, first found in Genova with Fauci's. GRIMbalds/GrimBAUDs share the six Seaman bars. English Grime's/Grimms have a Shield similar to Scottish Drummonds (named Drymen in Stirlingshire). Scottish Bauds were first found in Stirlingshire while French Bauds almost have the Kepke Coat.

I didn't know until this week that Reiner Fuellmich had been arrested and jailed almost four months ago. Details start in the 7th minute, and if I heard the man right, Reiner was "kidnapped" in Mexico...where a researcher working for La Quinta Columna was murdered, and where Karen Kingston's attempted murder took place, both women seeking to reveal graphene-oxide in vaccines.

This video says that he was arrested mainly for abusing / embezzling loan money...a charge without evidence, they say, which sounds correct because he shouldn't be in jail at this time prior to his trial. People without criminal records, especially when charged for this off-color crime in view of his being a crusader in opposition of harmful government over-reach, should absolutely be granted bail prior to trial. But this tough treatment stinks of a conspiracy, using trumped charges, to punish him for his anti-vaccine crusade. It is very important that Fullmich wins this case, because one purpose is to frighten people from speaking out. Apparently, Trump supporters in social media have been hush on this crime, by the German government, because they don't want to talk about deaths by vaccines at all, because it hurts their conscience, because they know that Trump is an unrepentant mass-killer. Avid Trump supporters are becoming decrepit, sinful, harmful, by ignoring his crime.

After being in jail for six weeks, Reiner wrote: "...I will go into the background of everything and show how the money from the sale of the house of myself and my wife were simply taken from us - that is, our entire financial existence was taken -.and that is how the entire Mexican plot was created which led to my arrest and much more. I thank all of you, Reiner Fuellmich". The webpage below has that, as well as a video telling of his kidnapping, and of his arrest facilitated (but not secured) by factions of a Corona committee he himself once partook in. I do recall that this anti-vaccine committee pushed him away on accusations of stealing company money:

Mr. Kepke, at age 14, pointed to graphene-oxide with a spider dangled on its web. There is much more to this story that I won't repeat. I'm back to this because you can see how graphene-oxide, in the video at the page below, takes on a spider-like form when activated by electromagnetic waves. Keeps use a "weavers shuttle" while Weavers/Webbers ("GOTT" motto term) were first found in Saxony with Kepke's (giant GOAT). The Segne's in the "Gott segni UNS" motto phrase of Weavers/Webbers were first found in Genova with Fauci's. The UNS'/Lunds/Lwn's (probably the Lawn/Lane lion) were first found at Lund, about 35 miles from the Kippax location of Keppochs. Now you're ready to watch this 2016 video until the spider's web is mentioned, noting that the narrator deliberately neglects to mention that graphene-oxide is the material under camera view:

Here's Tucker's side of the story for his entering Moscow this week:

I really like the video above. Hats off to Tucker on this one for bashing the liberals in the United States from the bogeyman, Russia. I'm absolutely sure that he was offending Fox news with his attacks on American media. I could even sense some pleasure as he bashed. Tucker seems to be on-track for becoming a vice-presidential candidate for the 2028 election, as a stepping stone to the White House.

Some people have called Victoria Nuland the real ruler of Ukraine i.e. she had a lot of sway there. A video out this week has informed me that her husband is Robert Kagan, and so we can take this to the Jewish Cohen surname that comes up when we enter "Kagan." The way I explain this mystery, since the two surnames are not at all alike, is that Cohens and Hohens descended from the Khazar king-priests, called, "kagans," because "cohen" is the Hebrew word for "priest." It's known that Khazar kagans were king-priests...and the point is: Khazaria was in proto-Ukraine.

His Wikipedia article: "During the 2016 U.S. presidential election campaign, Kagan left the Republican Party due to the party's nomination of Donald Trump and endorsed the Democratic candidate, Hillary Clinton, for president." There's a typical RINO, a Republican traitor in the camp, a globalist-obedient tool. Kagan's father "was the Sterling Professor of Classics and History Emeritus at Yale.

Moreover: "Kagan is married to American diplomat Victoria Nuland, who previously served as deputy national security advisor to Vice President Dick Cheney and assistant secretary of state for European and Eurasian affairs in the Obama administration." This has military money laundering all over it. The Americans are killing both Ukrainians and Russians to keep the laundry machine hot, and are prepared to send Western fighters to their deaths in Ukraine as we speak. The reason that the military is getting away with this crime against humanity is due to the simpletons, the naive, the ignorant, who are deceived by media propaganda to support the Ukraine war.

I have proposed that by stopping in Victoria, Texas (1994), to buy a newspaper, was a pointer to Victoria Nuland. I have told a million times that the newspaper was purchased for the want-ads, that I might start to look at vacant Texas properties. The second property I looked at, on the day of the newspaper purchase, was in Crystal City. I'm repeating all of this because I had small cause, many years ago, to point CRYSTAL City to Bill Kristol.

Over the past week or so (don't know the exact date), Kristol called for Homeland Security to deny the return of Tucker into the United States from Russia, because Tucker dared interview Putin.

While Krists are listed with Crystals, Christs are in the "bello Christi" motto phrase of Bouillons while Belli-branch Scottish Bellys (share roses with Christs) were first found in Moray while Cohens/Kagans share the Moray stars. The Mens' in the Krist/Crystal motto were first found in Midlothian with the Suns/Sinclairs in the Cohen/Kagan sun. Henry Sinclair of Roslin (Midlothian) came to Scotland with queen Margaret after she had been in exile in Kiev (Ukraine capital) with king Andrew of Hungary.

The Christ Coat is almost the one of RECKetts/REICHs, and the wrecking ball to trudeau's head had pointed to this Hunka scandal, in my opinion. Recketts/Reichs were first found in Switzerland with Davos, where resides trudeau's unofficial, de-facto boss. The Davos-like Daves'/Davers (Rich colors and format) use a jay while Jays share the Reckett/Reich, Rickett/Reckitt, and Christ roses. Bellys share the rose of German Rose's (Rickett/Reckitt colors and format), and it just so happens that Scottish Rose's share the harp with French Davis'. The latter share the Coat of Welsh David's whose lion is in the colors of the giant lion of Balls (Cheshire with Welsh Davids). The wrecking BALL. These Cheshire Balls use a "FIREball" while Fire's essentially share the giant Schwab unicorn while Klaus Schwab runs/owns the globalist Davos forum. Klaus' share the Frane Coat, both using a border, and Friens/Friends were first found in Somerset with Borders.

Moreover, German Belli's use a so-called "beacon" while Bill Kristol wrote for the Washington Free BEACON. His "daughter, Anne, is married to writer Matthew Continetti, editor-in-chief of The Washington Free Beacon website." Christ's use roses likely as code for the Varangian Rus of Ukraine who had conquered the Khazar empire. Anne, the name of his daughter, became a popular name in Ukraine after Anna of Kiev, daughter of king Yaroslav. His first name belongs also to Yaroslav Hunka, the Nazi discussed earlier in this update.

I have shown why "BELLo Christi" traces well to king BELa of Hungary, whose ancestry was in Magyars of Ukraine. Magyars became suspect (by me) to the Majors/Magors, first found in the Channel Islands with Thistle's/Thissels and Poindexters. The Crystals/Krists use thistles, as do Fauch's, and while German Belli's (share Tromp eagle, probably the Below eagle too eagle) have the horizontally-split Shield of Poindexters in colors reversed, shared by the flag of Ukraine. These are the vertically-split colors of the Fauci and Tromp Shields. Bela's brother, king Andrew, birthed George, father of Drummonds, and Donald Trump descends from Drumpf's. Scottish Drummonds were first found in Perthshire with the Wings in the Christ Crest.

Fauci's were first found in Genova with an elite Fieschi family while Fiscs share the Hohen Coat. The Fieschi were allied in Genova with the Grimaldi's who use a similar Shield. GRIMaldi's are suspect by me from "CRIMea," in the Ukraine. The "ad" motto term of Fiscs (Norfolk with Stave-branch Steins and Pilgrims) is suspect with the Ade's/Aids' (version of a Stevenson Coat) because Atha's share the Fisc Shield. Ade's/Aids were first found in Northumberland with the Stave's/Stevensons in the "staves" of PilGRIMs. Stave's/Stevensons share the Chief of Moray's Douglas', both sharing the Cohen/Kagan and Moray stars.

It wouldn't surprise me if the False Prophet / anti-Christ were to be a Ukrainian entity. Keep dwelling on this war against Russia, for the West does wish to topple Putin for a pro-West leader. In some way that I cannot understand at present, this situation could reveal the anti-Christ. God seems to have made it impossible to identify him, with certainty, prior to the time of his God-ordained revelation. It's as though he's some kind of jack-in-the-box still in box at this time.

John Kerry was born with a Jewish surname, Cohen-like Cohn. And Kerry is a big player in Ukraine. How are these things coincidental? I say that Masonic, Varangian-Rus lines are the butt of Illuminati / anti-Christian ideology. German Cohns share the Cohen/Kagan sun. Suns/Sinclairs were granted ROSlin. can all of this Westernism possibly be end-time Gog, Meshech, Tubal and Rosh, or is it purely the Russians?

The Googe's/Gouch's, in Gog colors (blue and white), share the boar head of Haleys, and Nikki Haley is still vying to be the next American president whose agenda includes fundraising for the Ukraine war. Googe's/Gouch's were first found in ROXburghshire, named by the Roxolani of Ukraine, and Roxburgh's have a lone pale bar colors reversed from the pale-bar-by-boar-heads of Haleys. The Arms of Lviv, a Ukraine city, shares "fidelis" with Roxburghs.

No sooner does the war in Israel fizzle from the news that there's money beggars on the loose raising funds for the Ukraine war again. Doesn't it make more sense for the anti-Christ to be of the Russians rather than pro-Israeli Western-Rus lines? Can this predict that the West will succeed in toppling Putin? Will the replacement be the anti-Christ, for example? Can this explain why prophecy has both Gog and an end-time Roman leader as the anti-Christ, the man? I think it can. It doesn't necessarily mean that Putin's replacement will be whole-heartedly on-side with the EU / NATO, but just enough to fulfill the thin-skinned partnership in Revelation 17.

Here's a video on Trump, the false Christian, the liar-Christian, the supporter of destroyers of Christianity:

Oh no. Is this deliberate: "People who use certain types of dental floss may absorb toxic chemicals that have been linked with heart disease and cancer, according to a new study." How can it not be deliberate? We can't make a floss without a toxin???

Here's how Wilders won the Netherlands, by opposing climate change and its globalist ilk. This is extremely important for forcing the globalists to act with force, which is their stepping into a fatal trap. Losing political tools forces impatient globalists to act with force, which is their last hurrah. Globalists have been so long in taking over political organs that they are out of patience. The time for their stepping into the trap has apparently arrived, if we judge by their rash and brutal conduct in the plandemic. Note how trudeau is in the trap himself without the wisdom to step out of it. What's keeping him there if not for the hope of becoming a famous dictator i.e. he's that STUPID:

In case there materializes some civil-war scenario between Biden's government and Texas, we should acknowledge that Trump has urged all pro-Texas governors, of surrounding states, to send some of their National Guard to the border. I don't trust Trump.

If you would like to see Poilievre's response to the latest part of the trudeau-Hunka scandal, start this at about 8:25. When Poilievre questions trudeau on whether he'll quit his job as he allowed Rota to quit his, trudeau, as is typical of him, doesn't answer the issue at all, but went to left field on a wholly different topic. In the opinion of many, it should be against the rules of parliament to not answer questions forthright, and the one being questioned should not be permitted to leave the parliament during the questioning, as trudeau does here:

Here's some of the conclusions on the ArriveCAN scandal; start at the second minute, if you wish, and tolerate the STUPID practice in canada of politicians and government offices speaking in two languages. It's not until the 37th minute that we hear how the development of the ArriveCAN software should have cost $80,000, yet the conductors of this heist managed to allocate and spend $60M or more to produce it, and then the little elves and bridge trolls deleted emails and buried records to hide the heist. Although OFFICIAL supervision for this software was not directly under trudeau, but rather under the border chiefs, yet he with his parliamentary underlings have deflected and squirmed as best they could over the past many months to keep details in the dark. The auditor general you see, Karen Hogan, is hiding the fact that money was stolen; she maintains only that the government spent too much for what the people received in return i.e. she deserves a political whiplashing for her pitiful reporting:

The money lost on ArriveCAN is nothing compared to the money lost and stolen to enforce and conduct the COVID plandemic and its vaccine aftermath. Corruption was thick everywhere at that time; many professionals are now committed to corruption on account of partaking in the first degree.

Here's more out this week on this scandal that helps to show its nature, but, on a basic level, it's the same-old same-old where liberals in all Western countries rule mainly to extract and throw tax money around from which politicians and their friends might reap undeserved benefits. Liberals then brag publicly, for re-election purposes, that they are helping citizens by extracting treasury money for them. It's no laughing matter because this trend invents tax needs out of the blue, such as the climate-change scam:

Newsweek, this week, says that Trump has $5M in Bud Light stocks. All the anti-Trump media are telling that Trump told his Trump train to start drinking Bud Light again, because the company has been punished enough, he said this week, for supporting transvestites. Yet Trump himself supports faggotry and transgenderism, and so why doesn't the Trump train boycott the Trump train too? Because, it's filled with disillusioned passengers who can't see his duplicity.

After disappointing me last week, the premier of Alberta, Danielle Smith, is now fighting against a class-action lawsuit against her government, as per the previous premier putting companies out of business via the COVID lockdowns. Ms. Smith is opposed to those lockdowns, yet now, apparently, she doesn't want to spend her government money to make amends for the companies who lost some or all of their businesses. Shameful if true. What does a canadian RINO look like? Does it look like Ms. Smith in a year or two?

The $300+M that the trudeau government wants to spend at this time to house migrants can put a stiff down payment on about 1,000 houses for 1,000 new home owners who have long been citizens. After he spends this money, he will dish out even more to these migrants that could help pay the 1,000 homes off. But he does not care for the people. And he's got a lot of other migrants who've entered the country besides this small lot.

Instead, he wants to buy his votes, which is why he's sending canadians free money all over the place lately. What a tramp, what a thief, what a bum. We owe this situation to Liberal canada in the eastern provinces, and to the migrants largely in Toronto. This is bound to make normal canadians "racist," not because they oppose other nationalities, but because the migrants take our money, and then vote Liberal so as to make us poorer yet and spiritually wretched together. The problem is, too many canadians will give a migrant a job because they are ignorant of the political cancer I'm talking about. A political cancer becomes a societal death.

Redacted thinks that Tucker's working to resurrect the Seth-Rich scandal as part of his visit to Russia this week. I did hear that Tucker interviewed Julian Assange in his jail a few months ago, but we heard nothing about it in the news, suggesting that Tucker has yet to come out with it, if he's permitted, that is:

Tucker speaks on his interview while still in Russia just hours after it, seemingly distancing himself from Putin in certain, small ways so as to make the interview appear unbiased to detract from the pro-Russia way the "libtards" are portraying him straight out of the gate.

Tucker says that Putin is angry with the West, but I say that Russian leaders would like nothing more than sweet vengeance for the blowing up of the Nord Stream, and for the political sabotaging (by the West) of one or two Russian pipelines through Ukraine some years ago (I think one was the South Stream). However, this vengeance can't happen unless Russia thinks it can win a war against the West, and the best time for winning such a war would be while Biden is the president, don't you think the Russians have pondered this?

On the other hand, there's evidence that Russia wants vengeance on Britain more than upon the United States, and has probably discussed whether it can get away with something upon London in such a way as to keep the U.S. out of it...though the fact that Biden seems like a lunatic may be the very thing that keeps Russia from striking back (because a mentally-unstable president might start throwing nuclear bombs around as pay-back for attacking London). Russia doesn't want a nuclear war, but if NATO does not cease its ever-escalating bully tactics, the Russians might have a weak, cognitive moment of their own.

Some Americans are beginning to wonder whether it might be favorable for Russia to destroy NATO along with the grip of the deep state upon Washington and London. No guff, things are this bad in the West for freedom lovers. Revelation 17 might just reveal that Russia will have vengeance nearing the end of the 3.5 years, which could possibly remove the deep-state knife at the throat of the wilderness Bride at that time.

It's not certain that the Western deep-state is identical to the Anti-Christ, though the deep state may fall under the False Prophet. On the other hand, one can make a good argument for identifying the False Prophet as a Russian leader, though I won't go there until there's reason for it in world events. It is my strong inclination that the False Prophet's fire from the sky is from the world's biggest, or one of the biggest, military machines. Russia could easily fit that role.

In the video above, Tucker names Victoria Nuland as a chief instigator for Putin's overthrow. Tucker then warns that, with the overthrow of the strongest Russian leader of post-Soviet Russia, the world as a whole could go downhill fast. He's suggesting that, to avoid a nuclear world war, it's best to have a strong Russia because a weak Russia has no choice but to use nuclear weapons in a suicide mission. This is a debatable point.

It makes a lot of sense that the anti-Christ, PRIOR to his demise in Israel as per the 5th Bowl, will have raped and burned Europe, the harlot of Revelation 17. That is, if I'm correct in pegging the anti-Christ as a Russian in a thin-veiled partnership with Europe, part of the anti-Christ's many military victories, to which Scripture speaks, should include Russia's victory over Europe (this could easily be God's gift to the Bride in Europe). The question then becomes: what will the United States do in the meantime, stand down, or fight back? Also, will Russia be in control of Europe after the First Resurrection? For how long?

Beauty: Bell Media announced this week that it's trashing half its radio stations as well as its W5 television (news-events) show. Wow, this is huge. Next, we need to see canada's TV-news shows go so badly that they will cease the anti-Christ / globalist propaganda. The problem is: as they are still surviving years after the COVID scam, canadians are too supportive of these media cancers. I'm so ashamed of canadians for how they conducted themselves in the COVID scam. The blame goes partly to the news media that they watched religiously.

Never mind freezing bank accounts for protesters in canada, the judges are fining the organizers of COVID-based protests tens of thousands of dollars to dissuade future protests. This is the illegal globalist game to get an advantage in the next plandemic. It is illegal to fine a person for protesting, the judges should be very ashamed, and they should be punished.

The woman speaker in the video above is Kristen NAGLE, and it just so happens that Irish Nagle's share the Fauci lozenge. Fauci's were first found in Genova with Doria's, and the latter married an Arduinici family in Nagle-like Oneglia. The latter location is even in the Doria write-up, and Doria's even share the eagle of Dutch Tromps who in turn have a version of the Fauci Coat.

Here's a documentary-movie, with some free license in the movie segments, on the impact of John Wycliff (with a couple of sword-thrusting scenes) on the proto-Reformation. He was at first in some partnership with John of Gaunt, a thing I didn't know because I knew almost nothing of Wycliff before watching this:

Here's Putin's history lesson on Russia and Ukraine, where he makes a good case for Ukraine being overwhelmingly Russian. However, I figure that Ukrainian citizens despise Russia today for how Stalin committed crimes against humanity against Ukrainian farmers, for example. If Putin honors Stalin, then Putin is going to be a big problem for Ukrainians to cosy up to, whether or not they have Russian ancestry.


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