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January 30 - February 5, 2024

US-Mexico Border Becomes Political Priority For Voters

It was nice while it lasted. Hall of Names is no longer showing the descriptions of the Coats of Arms presented at House of Names, but I have many of them recorded in my memory, and in past updates from which to find some.

If you've never read my heraldry work, where I claim that some heraldic connections seem to be arranged by God for using me to make pointers to things in the news, I just want to say I am sane enough to realize how crazy it sounds. Over the years, there seems to have been plenty of evidence that He did, and is doing, this thing. If I'm wrong, I'll probably need to pay a big price from Him, and for the work that I've done that has absolutely nothing to do with Him. I'm aware of this. I gain nothing, no money nor anything else, by investigating the heraldic connections that I see as possibly pertinent to key events in the world.

On Tuesday of this week, after re-pointing the Garden/Jarden and Jardin surnames to Kari Lake's ordeals in Arizona, the video below was loaded telling that some military from Arizona are in Jardin-like Jordan as part of the drone attack on Americans on January 27.

There is even a French Jordan/Denet surname, first found in Brittany with the Garden-branch Jarrets. There is then another Denet surname having a white boar head in Crest which tends to reveal that it's the Jarret boar head i.e. the Denets married Jarden liners to soon-after create a Jordan variation. Denet-branch Donuts/Danets look like they developed from Dane's (Sussex with Denets, Dans and Diane's/Deans) who in turn share the fleur-de-lys of Lake-connectable Leaks.

If this attack was a false-flag attack from the Americans, was it to send a signal to, or deride, the National Guards protecting the Arizona / Texas border(s)? The same video channel has a headline: "Enemy drone that killed US troops in Jordan was mistaken for a US drone, preliminary report suggests". The three Americans killed were from Georgia, and although the Georgia governor, Brian Kemp, is supporting Abbott's border protection, he's an election-fraud denier, and an accomplice to election fraud in 2020. End insert]

This week, some top news stories include the U.S. senate working on a new immigration law pretending to be an emergency measure that Republicans should love, and yet Biden loves it. How can that be? BECAUSE, it allows 4,999 illegal migrants, DAILY, to go without deportation. Only when the number reaches 5,000 daily do the authorities have the right to deport them or turn them away at the border. This is obviously a trick by the pro-globalist Republicans who vote for it.

4,999 x 365 days per year = 1.8 million bums annually who will enter the country ahead of those who fill out official forms for legal entry. Does this look like a good plan by demented senators? And that's only 4,999 people known to be in the country. The RINO, Mitch McConnell, supports it. In the meantime, so long as Democrats / globalists run the White House, they will never count 5,000 migrates daily even if 10,000 come across because the government can and will lie about the numbers. This bill, introduced by Democrats, is to give Biden a save-face opportunity so that he can give appearances that he's been trying to shut the border.

The Speaker of the House says that this bill won't pass if per chance the senate votes for it. Therefore, forget about it. Biden is not going to get his save-face opportunity, nor will his treasurer get to distribute more money he's wanting for border security.

The speaker in this video (not new) openly slanders Victoria Newland unafraid of being brought to court, suggesting that he's telling the truth. Note his claim that the American government was more than prepared to blow up a nuclear power plant in Alabama, many years ago, as a false-flag event. Its is things like this that are appropriate for the punishment of Armageddon, and so don't continue to be naive, believing that the powers are as innocent and loving as you can be. These powers are led by the demonic, American military, which justifies deception and bloodshed in the name of war, even if the war is against American citizens, do you understand this? They justify the war in their minds, and then use military mentality to carry out their destruction, meaning that shooting them dead by "unauthorized" private-militia power is justified.

It is very possible, if not likely, that the decision to allow a flood of immigrants across the Mexican border (why not the canadian border?) was two-pronged in purpose, one for ramping up pro-globalist votes to Democrats and RINOs, and the other to provoke southern militia, in the Bible belts, to start shooting bullets. Wouldn't it be a hoot if they started to shoot those bullets when public sentiment is majorly on their side, after a few years of exposure of the dark side resulting in the erosion of its angelic facade. Wouldn't it be a hoot if God inspired the militia to start shooting just when the deep state is saying, "no, not now, this is not our time."

It might just be a good ploy on the part of the normal people to make the dark side believe they would lose if they tried something like a bombing of the electric grid, to be blamed on China, for example. But how do we make them believe such a thing?

It should be obvious by now to all that their climate-change agenda, which includes weaning us off of gasoline, wouldn't go well if they bombed the grid, and so this may be why we aren't going to see such a bombing. Yet, I, for one, believe that they wish to murder people massively as part of their "population control" programs, which is why I believe that they have discussed the destruction of our electricity, though it happens to be the destruction of their electricity too.

They might make diabolical plots, but God has His counter plots. God is checking the tyrants on our behalf, and the world does not thank us. It is due to the Christian wheat that this world yet exists. Those ho ask Jesus to fill their souls are the true Christians. Those who say in their heart-felt prayers, "make me one with you, Jesus," will find salvation by Grace. The Bread of Life is real, sense-able SATISFACTION on the inside, the real prize in life, in case you didn't know. Mental acceptance of Jesus is not all there is. Heart-felt desire to be like Jesus is The Most.

And when we ask to be made like Jesus yet we fail, ask again and again why we fail. Is it because we need to be filled more deeply yet God is unwilling due to our not deserving it? Is glory from God free, without our making efforts? If we do nothing for God, then ask Him to give us The Most, are you nuts? Yet there are Christians who would mock me for suggesting that we need to work at anything in order to receive from God. To be one with God is to be one in purpose too. He aspires to make Jesus the Global Government. Do you want that, or not? If you do not, you cannot be filled with Jesus.

If you want American globalism with "white hats" in charge, that is not Globalism By Jesus. You contribute to ruining the world by aspiring to such a thing. Trumpism will not save the day. American freedom is not the Spirit of God. Unless the world walks in the Spirit, it will never again see happiness. This world is being given to obscurity, confusion and coldness of heart, can't you see the birth pangs already? Family-member betrayals are in progress right now. To keep food on the table, pastors will stroke the liberals in their pews in hopes of keeping them there. These liberals aspire to change the churches at the leadership level, and they have succeeded already in many buildings. They have, and will, cause schisms.

Non-Christian white hats are the blind leading the blind, in case this hasn't dawned on you. These white hats are to our benefit in staving off persecution from the dark hats, but if they come to despise Christians who call for The Reliable Change, then you should know that they are futile, a false hope.

If you have a gripe with God, try to get over it as though your very soul depends upon it, because it's the only choice God will give you. He's not going to change what He has decided is the right thing to do just because you have a gripe based on a limited understanding of the full scope of the matter.

If God has allowed a family member to suffer a great thing, do we expect Him to abandon His justice by which He rightly says: a person will reap what he/she sows? If we blame God for all the suffering in the world rather than blame the Godless people who manage it and gladly partake with them, will our gripe stand in His Court?

Do we judge correctly when we say it's God job to run to help those who slap him in the face every day? Do we characterize Him correctly when we give Him the responsibility of saving EVERYONE from terrible things even though they do spitefully against His very heart while enjoying His domain? They prioritize the enjoyment of the very gift of life He gave them, and for thanks they spit in His face even after they enjoy it sinfully while tearing His heart out. Sooner or later, Armageddon must arrive so that God can blow His top and get relief from this unjustified treatment. What do you say? Agreed? Which will you decide, that God is cruel for the Flood and for Armageddon, or that He is badly abused and justified for them?

He is who He is, and He does not despise our enjoying life so long as we respect who He is. There are many ways to enjoy life in ways that do not displease Him. Be filled with Jesus, and hope to be empowered by Him, for this is all there is that will remain standing.

The video below seems to be telling that Trump intruded into the affairs of Kari Lake in Arizona, and that she then changed her poise to align with Trump's wishes, for which reason some Republicans were very upset with her. It doesn't surprise me that Trump did this thing because he's secretly on-board with bad guys, no doubt about it by now. It is likely that Trump is very angry with Lake for revealing the DeWit corruption, but what she needs to do is break with Trumpism because her platform policies, and her integrity, are miles ahead of his.

Did Lake leak the DeWit conversation, or was it someone else? The timing was just before an Arizona meeting of Republicans. The article below says that Trump decided not to attend after saying he would, even though he was in Nevada, next door, at about that time. Is he giving Kari a cold shoulder? It could be that he feels very threatened by the DeWit revelation.

One day after its chairman [Jeff DeWit] was forced out over the leak of an embarrassing audio tape, the Arizona Republican Party got more bad news Thursday when former President Donald Trump backed out of a planned Friday fund raiser.

The rally, which was to have featured many of the state’s leading GOP candidates, was subsequently canceled – on the eve of the party’s annual meeting set for Saturday.

The article above plays-down DeWit's guilt, which he himself will not confess to, the unrepentant bonehead. It looks like Lake hit a very raw nerve in Trump, I like it, just as I would like to see his demise because there are many capable, anti-globalist Republicans who could steer the White House much better. Pick one, any one, so long as they are sincere and courageous to do what needs to be done.

Here's Kari Lake speaking at the Arizona Republican conference where I think the cheering eventually outweighs the resentment from RINOs, and where she sticks it to them by taking Trump's side. The owner of this video is a goof who played down what DeWit did, and doesn't mention that DeWit is guilty of the crime by trying to make her believe that she could be killed if she doesn't step aside.

Plus, this video owner is bent on demonizing her when she has done NOTHING wrong. The comments at his video reveal that he's a Democrat, so, yes, a goofball he is. He has no proof for his accusation that Lake records everything with whom she has conversations, but good for her when she does, if she's seeking to discover the corruption. The goof has no concern for catching the corruption, therefore, which means he's worse than a goof, he's a destroyer. If he can't be trusted to properly reflect this story, he's an evil spirit, and evil spirits are destroyers:

On the other hand, Lake seems to be seeking to advance her political career by siding with the destroyer, Trump. This is irony. She should run on doing the right thing, and be neutral on Trump. Let Trump be Trump, but she should be herself and fulfill her promises to catch and punish corruption in Arizona. She can run once again for the governorship, yet she has sent signals that she would rather be in Washington as a senator, which would be a good thing at this time if she can keep a Democrat from getting that job. The senate is essentially split 50-50 at this time so that every seat counts much for halting the destructive agendas of Democrats.

Amongst the emergency foods sold by Costco at this time is "low-calorie powdered peanut butter," where the fat is removed. BUT WAIT, for if there is a crisis, you want as much fat as possible. Keep a store of untreated/natural peanuts instead. You can't store them as long due to the fat, but you can just replenish them, as you eat them before they go rancid. The Canadian price is $10 per pound for Costco's peanut powder versus about $10 per three pounds of jarred peanuts (out of the shell). You get three times as much weight, and the fat too.

I've just jarred almost two liters (350 grams, less than one pound) of four spices combined at a total cost of about $18: Rosemary, thyme, basil and oregano. This mix is otherwise called, Italian seasoning. I put the two jars into an oven at 210F degrees for an hour, lids off, then heated the lids for an additional 15 minutes, then removed jars from the oven. Put the lids on right away to get the best seal, for when the heat escapes through the glass, outer air pressure will become dominant to give the lids a better seal as compared to heating the jars with lids on. I packed the spices fairly hard in the jars so that, with little air left inside, I can't see how the spices could deteriorate over the years.

Even that corruptocrat, Katie Hobbs, is disallowing migrants to enter Arizona at this time lest she loses public support, even though she would rather see the crossings go forward, I feel sure, as part of the typical will of political-animal liberals. We can give Abbott the credit for this move in Arizona because he's shed light on the problem, raising an outcry from the public, finally:

This week, the border guards have announced that they will rebel against Biden, i.e. not fight his war against Greg Abbott. To materialize a government-planned civil war, the guards would instead be expected to side with Biden. Therefore, this is hint that, whatever happens, the border guards are not on-board a planned civil-war attempt.

The question then is, why did Abbott wait so long to save the border patrol agents from illegally supporting Biden's policy? If the agents felt they had to allow the crossings to put food on their table, why did Abbott allow them to suffer that agony?

It is a good possibility that the illegals will be asked to fight the militia's should war break out. It begs how the Biden government would get guns into their hands, but that's not too problematic if the military is on-side. But woe to the leaders if they lose that war, or even if there is a ceasefire shortly after it begins, after they have openly committed to treason in this way.

Tim Pool has the story below of what looks like the American military signing illegal aliens up as military fighters, which can actually reveal part of the reason that the Ukraine war has been continuously advanced by the people behind Biden. That is, the war is necessary to justify signing up Mexicans and others. I might not be reporting on this story unless I could see that the REAL REASON for signing Central Americans and Mexicans is to use them as official soldiers, should they be necessary, against the conservative militia. That in turn requires that they brainwash the migrants toward hatred for the conservative ideologies.

Although Pool is talking, in other of his videos, about potential civil war in Texas, he is uninclined to go as far as highlighting (as a possibility) what I've just told you: that they can be enlisted to use against Americans. Nothing can make more sense to me because Biden can't get away with sending Hispanics to Ukraine without getting caught by anti-Bidenites there. We should assume enlistments in many other stations aside form at this airport:

Wanna see an idiot who hangs on to government fake jobs:

In the video above, Matt Walsh (the idiot pretending to be smart) argues that it would be impossible for NASA to fake a moon landing while none of thousands of employees failed to spill the beans, but he purposely doesn't add what others have said many times, that faking the landing didn't need thousands of NASA employees. Plus, he doesn't add that the fakers bribed those who participated, and probably got it in writing that they would not publicize the truth. In any case, once a person gets paid to pull off fakery of this magnitude, they are guilty of jail time, assuring that they would go to their graves, or nearly so, with the secrets.

Walsh then thinks he has a solid argument where the Russians didn't reveal the faked moon landings, but he fails to add that the Russians may have been guilty, in times before the Apollo mission, of faking their own space accomplishments. The Americans may have sent the Russian government and/or space agency a letter telling them that they had been caught faking it, and so how would a revelation play out when the Russian people caught wind of it? Therefore, with Russia blackmailed in this way, the Americans could go ahead faking their own moon mission without the Russians saying a word.

Besides, if the Russians did say anything, American people (and the rest of the Western world) wouldn't have believed them, so what would have been the point of Russians making themselves look like they merely had sour grapes?

The owner of the next video has done some homework to discover why government and other representative leaders have interest in seeing property prices and rents go up. It appears the people elect our own enemies rather than our representatives. All the latter need to do is convince naive voters that they are for the people, and it is largely the anti-Christian, faggot-tolerating buckets of trash, largely in eastern canada, who vote-in our worst enemies such as trudeau to the point of making them eternally entrenched. There is none better than trudeau who claims repeatedly that he's serving the people, which is a red flag to indicate to you that this is his mask, the mask of a bandit:

When God left demons on earth along with mankind, He no doubt wanted to check whether their mental promptings would be chosen by people when the choice came to honor Him versus the evil in the promptings. And it can be assumed that He takes pleasure each time a person rejects the promptings in favor of God's ways, especially when the promptings are a mortal choice between Jesus or rejecting Jesus. Those are called "saints" in the Bible, not to be necessarily mistaken for the men chosen by the vatican, just because they well served the vatican.

But for people like trudeau, who hate God with every breath they take, every word they speak, the harshest Hell is their due, so be careful how you make choices. If it doesn't feel that God is there, it's because He arranged things that way, the perfect set-up to test human hearts, to see how they feel when they think and act in private. When Christians begin to think that God doesn't exist just because he doesn't seem to be in their lives, not only could it be that He's waiting for us to start doing things expressly for Him, the things He could delight in, but it leads to stumbling, tripping backward and falling on our backsides. James warned about not being stable in Jesus. Let's make up our minds that God lives and hears us whether we can feel Him or not, and there is such a thing as God hearing but not hearing.

What if a Christian wants to be extra close to God but God doesn't feel like entertaining the offer because the person is dirty or without fruit? Besides, how close does God want us collectively? When Jesus prayed that we should be one with God, how close does that mean? Can I aspire to sit on the right hand of Jesus? Do I deserve it? Of course not. So, understand that God has reserved those who are the cleanest to be the closest to Him. The New Testament expresses that we do our best, then receive the rewards we deserve. Peter said that those who place themselves under hardships for the sake of doing good / right are exceptional. But even Jesus fled danger to avoid it, so don't get cocky and put yourself in danger thinking that God will necessarily save your skin.

The way to escape danger is to seek first the things that build the Kingdom, and then, when trouble comes to us, we can cling to the Rock until the storm has passed by. This means that we don't start serving God only when the storm begins, but should be building on the Rock before the storm arrives.

I've just put the following insert into the lst update where I was talking about my crashing into the hockey boards with my back, a pointer to Kari Lake and Mike Lindell:

[Insert January 31 -- Perhaps the Christians convoy to Texas and Arizona, called, "TAKE Our BORDer BACK," can apply to my crashing into the boards with my back, for Borders are also BOARDers. Plus, while the Border saltire is in the colors of the Tease/TECK saltire, it's colors reversed from the TAKE/Tate saltire. Plus, English Backs were first found in Somerset with Borders.

I had evidence that God likened the Canadian convoy to a spear, and, as was said, I speared the slide-by goal into the net. I used my stick as a spear, knocking the puck in with the tip of the blade as I slid by the net. The immigrant crisis is in fact part of Democrat election fraud, without a doubt. In order for the paragraph above to apply, though, I think it would be better if Mike Lindell were to become involved with this convoy. From two years ago: "MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell has announced plans to send pillows to Canadian truckers protesting vaccine mandates."

I met Mamie (a few weeks before the camp-site weekend) on my last night with Lorraine, and she, on the night of our first date, pointed to the Landrys, first found in Lorraine with LOUIS'. Jeff Landry is the LOUISiana governor at this time, supporting Abbott's fights against Biden.

The convoy-like Conveys could be sharing the Lake bend because the Convey bend shares the Vito / Witt annulet while Vito's may have been a branch of Fitch's/Fitts in the Lake fitchees. The Amore's, first found in the same place as Lake's, are in the Convey motto. Plus, the "Fide" motto term of Conveys can be for the Fido variation of Fette's/FITTs. There's a lot more that could be said here to link the latter's chevron to the Levi and Landry chevron. Fette's/Fitts (beside ProFETTs), first found in Kincardineshire with Patria's/Peartree's, share the Peare and Tiens' stars while Abbotts were Peare kin. Peare's use a Coat similar to the Fitch/Fitt Coat. End insert]

A video I was watching said that the convoy, coming down on Interstate 10, will split up eventually once in Texas, some going further to Yuma, Arizona.

By February 1, NBC started to portray the convoy as desirous of a civil war. This border up-start comes just as Trump supporters are being provoked once again with Trump in court in a most-ridiculous way, where it seems the deep-state is deliberately trying to appear like a kangaroo court for the express purpose of provoking Trump supporters, and of course if that is the goal, then all the fake Trump supporters in social media, including channel owners with fake Trump supporters, would be saying things to make Trump supporters want to kill their adversaries.

Mike Lindell is still in the courts concerning election fraud that robbed Kari Lake:

If ever you wondered whether globalists didn't want you growing your own garden, here's the proof as they throw around their "carbon footprint" BOMB, a phrase we need to shoot down because too many people respect it as a threat. This carbon footprint is just another bigfoot monster to push a false theory from the anti-Christs. The only missing links are in their theories:

Farmers in France are rising up this week due to destructive EU regulations and high taxes, and angry farmers also in Belgium have protested this week. We need to share stories like this to make it plain that globalists want to make us go hungry SOVIET STYLE. They haven't given up. They are still trying to succeed all across the West, and we don't yet know how lunatic they can be. I would delight to see God's backhand.

I can't imagine one Christian person or family regretting the decision to move out of the city to a country tract of a few acres. Month after month we hear reports of food threats and war waged against the people by Western governments. They are not conspiracy theories, they are true threats. I can't make your decision for you; I'm hoping the best whatever you feel you need to do, or can do. My hope is that I'll never need my stored foods due to a national or even inter-continental crisis. I wouldn't wish that on anyone. But as I believe in the tribulation Church, I've got stored foods, for peace of mind if nothing more. This week, I stored quick oats for the first time, one of the least-expensive foods. I've transferred them to large glass jars (once had pickles), and I'll pop them into an oven at about 215F degrees for an hour, lids off, then put heated lids on as soon as they and the jars are out of the oven so that, as heat escapes the jars, the lids will seal with extra force. I don't recommend heating jarred foods in ovens with lids on, as that seems destructive to the seals as inner build-up of air pressure seeks to go past/across the seals.

Ron DeSantis has wasted no time since dropping out of the presidential race. He's sending more of his National Guard to the Texas border. However, the state governors and their attorney generals should be prosecuting immigration officers who have assisted illegal immigration. Until then, I see cowardice and a betrayal of the people. Bad-mouthing Biden is not enough. As soon as a few immigration offers are arrested, the others will cease assisting the smugglers, don't you think?

I don't agree with the female in the video above because she ought to step down, give her job to a man, because men are stronger when strength is needed. She endangers her own fellow border agents whom are tasked to work with her on the field, and, if she's out to urge other women to take border-protection jobs, I think that's a multiple sin. I'm not saying that she can't be helpful, but that a man, generally, could be more helpful in dire situations.

This week, there is an investigation ongoing on the ArriveCAN scandal where the trudeau government sent millions of dollars mainly to organizations that did no/little work, yet none of those reporting on this will make the obvious-to-justify accusation that this is a means to get government money back into the pockets of those who concoct the scheme. It's similar to a government agent inventing a company, then sending it's bank account some government money by official contract, yet the money just goes into the pocket of the politician and others who've schemed to own the bank account. With ArriveCAN, the companies who received the money are complicit with the heist, obviously. These companies know to share the money with corrupt politicians, and trudeau is of course a chief suspect.

If you haven't seen how global-warming shysters get their data:

Whenever a video producer asks you to subscribe at the start of the video, it's because they know you won't subscribe at the end of it. I wonder why. Click-bating-ish producers do this the most, but greed plays a part too. At first, the greedy were careful enough to put their commercials at the end of videos, and they would ask then for you to subscribe, but now they are bald-faced beggars asking you to subscribe before they feed you the nothing-burger news that they dress up as vital to your ears. Perusing the news as I do is harmful to my soul. It adds nothing profitable so that I need to reflect on God at the end of each day like one takes a shower to get clean.

What video producers want is to make $200,000 annually for a 6-hour day in their pijamas, with donut sauce all over their cheeks. You get my point. If they were not beggars, they wouldn't ask you to subscribe with EVERY video. Decent people would request you sign on maybe once weekly, modestly, but there are not many such decent people making it to the big time, and so we get our news from the beggar types, the greedy. That's the way it is. Russell Brand gets an extra perk that others don't, he gets to show off his hairy chest along with that face that reeks of his sins. His motto is: if you got it, flaunt it. The only thing other than this, that I can see, is his motor-mouth. I don't watch his show, in case you're wondering.

My point is that social-media news from anti-globalists is not much from the traditional, typical Christian. These success stories are changing the definition of a Christian, to boot, which includes degraded language. It rubs off on people, and they know it, but they use it anyway, because they are dirty. There's no need to use that language, but they use it because they want to attract even the dirty to their subscription list. They want the Christians, they want the dirty, anyone who can make them millionaires in their pijamas. So to speak.

They dress up for the show of course. Take Gary Franchi with the gelled hair, for example, always wears a suit, always wants to look big-media like even while he opposes big media. He's got to be rolling in the dough by now, but he doesn't have enough yet. These guys who excuse themselves from begging in order to get big enough to work full-time from home will never give the money back even when they are making a million each year. They will not stop asking for more even when they are making 2 million each year. They will tell you that they are doing it all for a cause. They will tell you that they love you. I recall BCP, buying a new shirt every three days on the dimes of his supporters. Ya, sure, of course he loves his viewers, at least partly because he loves his new clothes. Nobodies have become hot-diggity-dogs on social media, but this will burn them on the inside when nobody loves them anymore, when they stop doing what they did at first, because they come to stroke their hot-diggity-dog status instead.

All of your favorite social-media channels who tell you they despise trudeau or biden or obama or AOC or hillary, will all put their ugly faces in living color before your eyes because they think it's good for business, meaning they care nothing for how you feel about it. The video owners think it's good for business to have the faces of the famous in their videos, even when they themselves demonize these personalities. This is twisted, shameful.

In the Book of Revelation, God chooses a choice 144,000 who have not defiled themselves with women. They are clean, in contrast to Russell Brand, who calls himself a Christian, who likes to advertise the fleas on his chest hair. Even the men watching need to put up with it because Brand is in love with his chest. The viewers shall have no say whatsoever; but Brand's will be done, amen and amen.

I don't want to come across as a petty critic; some will say I should have more grace. But, puke, it's getting bad now, and I just can't hold it in any longer. If social media is going to fight the demonic enemy, don't you think social media should shed the devil's skin while doing so, instead of wearing it? This is like a devil leading you away from another devil, to his own den where he eats you alive, demanding you to stop squirming in the meantime. It's a trap. Don't love the dirty. Don't love the Trumpists. If I offer news from a Trumpist, it's because I haven't seen the story from anyone better.

The CBC receives 1.4 billion annually from the government to put out news never unfavorable to key Liberal-government agendas. THE DIABOLICAL PARTNERSHIP, using my money to destroy my family while destroying God's family. For a very long time, the CBC had no competitor who would play dirty against it until the dirty social-media crews started rising. So, the dirty are spearing the dirty, and the dirty are spearing back, and this is how it will go until the end. The Liberal dirty, who are the extra-dirty, don't like the dirty treating them dirty as they themselves play dirty, and so you can see how this is going to throw society into turmoil as dirt points dirty finger at dirt, and the whole country joins in.

I too point the dirty finger at the dirt, but I also acknowledge the dirt on those who point to the same dirt, and I even acknowledge my own dirt. But the dirty who own social media accounts feel they are not dirty because they have become loved by many, and so they rub their dirt off on many naive people who then fall into the trap of becoming like their social-media idols. The dirty in social media will strive to be top-dog, you see, same as the trump ego, the trump greed. There is nothing new under the sun. Dan Bongino is a good example of top-dog dirt. Are there not cleaner men to lead the good guys against the globalists? Yes, in fact there are. Not all is dirty.

And then there are the dirt bags who copy the style of dirt bags because they think it can make them top-dog too. Where is this leading the world to? Has anyone considered the final outcome? Here's a clean-shaved dirtbag, with skeletons in his closet, pushing trackable, digital wallets that cannot carry cash:

canada is vying for top-dog dirtbag:

If you think that's outrageous, see Danielle Smith giving respect, like a typical political coward / turncoat, to females who want to be men, and men who want to be females. However, I'm sharing this video because there's some movement in the right direction against the flow of the new liberal lunatics, and I mean literal, diabolical, monstrous lunatics coming out of the closet:

The Liberals are so desperate to hold the moral high ground on their counter-Bible agenda to turn boys into girls and vice-versa that one of them came out to rally Canadians by crying the blues, accusing our side that the number one cause of suicide is when young people can't change gender (total cow patties), the implication being that we Christians are such horrible creeps for denying these kids what they want. The truth is that the Liberals care nothing for the children, but rather have long had a counter-Bible agenda in everything, thinking that they have the "illumination" when they go counter the Bible, and this is what they want to foist on everybody, starting with the children so that they grow up to teach their children twisted ideas.

Liberals pretend that the children want to change gender, when in fact the Liberals are urging them, coaxing them, muscling them to change, because they love to slap our God in the face with a society that sins in every manner possible. What is that better way than to urge children to change gender? To simply counsel them to be happy with the gender they were born with...what a radical idea. But to make them unhappy with the gender they were born with, and to then urge them to mutilate / alter their bodies, that's what's bound to make them commit suicide.

Danielle Smith should have said: outlaw the faggotry in Alberta. This is what God is waiting to hear. This is why He raises Christians, that we might speak out against end-time sin when He permits it to overflow over us. So, I say: outlaw dirty, disgusting faggots, an abomination in the eyes of the Light, the Creator, the Majestic One. What God feels and thinks, I will repeat. Are you with me? Never mind the cowardly Danielle Smiths who walk the fence between God and end-time sin. She's not going to go up with an attitude like that. Better to go down fighting at the feet of God's enemies than to surrender on the fence and fall backward into their camp without God's help.

Blessed are those who are persecuted and slandered for the causes of Christ, and especially if one loses their political position on His behalf. God can make-up for every political loss upon the political battlefield, if the loss was standing up for Him. The Two Lampstands are coming. They will shine light for our way forward.

It's even possible that the Lampstands represent the Church as a whole, wouldn't that be a hoot? We all get to smite our enemies as Revelation shows these Two Witnesses doing. If this is true, then, yes, blessed indeed are those who persevere. The victory celebrations, make sure you don't miss out. Hang in there until our enemies have filled their cup of wrath to the brim, for we will then see the power of God against them, the thing we yearn for each day while the darkness advances over us.

Patience in fidelity to God is what Jesus directed for us to energize within ourselves in the last days. Be energetic in the Faith, outspoken. We can chose to be outspoken in gentle ways, if you think that better suits you, or you can be rougher in zeal. I don't think God minds it if you are spitting fire on the obscenities of the leaders whom God expects to rule in righteousness. If they rule with counter-Bible agendas instead, using lies to pillage the nation, I don't think God minds at all if you use Biblical laws and dictates as a club over their heads.

God is allowing the enemy to come out of the closet to spew the things toward us that they value, and this is like an idiot asking for God's wrath in hot coals over his head. Shall we be afraid of idiots who accuse us of being Nazis? Only an idiot would portray Christians as Nazi's and terrorists. God foresaw that the enemy would use this sort of accusation, which is why He asks us to deny ourselves the use of violence against them even when its justified. Guaranteed that if Christian militia arise in Texas at this time, no matter how justified, the enemy will portray the entire Church as a terrorist organization. While it doesn't matter at all to me what they call us, it does matter that they would bring persecution against our brothers and sisters. Therefore, I feel that the most we can use as weapons is words in alignment with God's dictates for humanity.

Another reason to be suspicious of Western governments: "From the literature, ozone therapy has been used as medical treatment with the purpose of inducing apoptosis, reducing tumor cell proliferation, inhibiting migration and invasion, reducing angiogenesis, and enhancing the efficacy of conventional chemotherapy and radiation therapy in different types of cancer." That's the good news. The bad news is that canada makes ozone treatments illegal, and:

The United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) prohibits all medical uses of ozone "in any medical condition for which there is no proof of safety and effectiveness", stating "ozone is a toxic gas with no known useful medical application in specific, adjunctive, or preventive therapy.

Who should we trust, the FDA that's guilty of mass murder by COVID vaccine, and who knows what more, or those who claim that ozone can cure cancer? The FDA has many friends who will take the same position on ozone therapy. The truth has spilled out that the FDA, and trudeau's liberals, want people very sick, and many even dead. Live with that truth. Here's another reason that the FDA wouldn't like ozone: "The cost of Ozone Therapy depends on how it is administered and ranges from $40-$200 per session." The FDA and its fascist friends would rather we spend 10s of 1000s of $$$ for cancer relief.

Those who prohibit ozone treatments seek to scare with in its side effects, but then what about this claim: "On the other hand ozonetherapy procures positive effects: about 2/3 of patients, particularly those that feel depressed and asthenic, report a feeling of well being and euphoria after a few treatments." The NIH calls it a toxic danger, yet we now know that the NIH is a mass-murder machine, meaning it doesn't care about you, as it pretends to. We might conclude that ozone therapies are illegal in places because it "robs" hospitals. "Ozonated Water Inhibits Hepatocellular Carcinoma Invasion..." I'd risk a small side-effect or two for that, and so why doesn't the FDA praise this medical method? It is medical, in its administration.

"Ozone water therapy is used to bolster a person's health and immune system." Yet others say that ozone reduces the body's ability to fight infections, suggesting that it's the creeps who wish us to be sick who put out such information. Ozone kills bacteria, and infections are from bacteria.

You might find this Tucker show interesting that warns of the tricks and levers of the drug companies in the United States, which are apparently poised on making billions on drugs promising to fight obesity and diabetes:

I always like the Jaxen Report, which is not far into this video:

I can't see the date in the video below where Musk has said that a carbon tax is the right way to go to fight climate change. Remember, he needs the people to believe in climate change to assure that his electric-car company succeeds against the serious threats now pushing against it:

Here's another reason to fear electric-car batteries:


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