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January 23 - 29, 2024

Kari Lake Versus DeKnitWit

It was nice while it lasted. Hall of Names is no longer showing the descriptions of the Coats of Arms presented at House of Names, but I have many of them recorded in my memory, and in past updates from which to find some.

Here's only part of a leaked conversation between an Arizona Republican and Kari Lake, where things are getting very dirty, where the Republican establishment in Arizona and Washington is exposed as being afraid of her getting a win in Arizona politics (not that we didn't know already). This may only be part of the released recording. Note Kari Lake's unChristian language, and keep in mind that she's not only a pro-Trumper, but would probably accept being his vice-president:

It's possible that Miss Lake released this footage. In the meantime, she's calling for DeWit to resign, good for her, she's already shown she has more spine that the swamp-boot licker, Donald Trump. This news story from The Hill suggests she didn't release the footage: "Arizona Senate candidate Kari Lake called on the state’s GOP chair, Jeff DeWit, to resign Tuesday after a recording surfaced of the chair appearing to offer Lake money in exchange for not running for office."

The juicy thing about this story is that Trump loves DeWit, showing once again how Trump chooses his own enemies for powerful positions, just like a pushover so easy to fool and deceive. The big-talking man is a fool, did you think it could be any other way:

Jeffrey James DeWit (born December 21, 1972) is an American businessman and politician who is serving as the Chairman of the Arizona Republican Party since [January] 2023. A member of the Republican Party, DeWit became the State Treasurer [in charge of money bags] of Arizona in 2015, succeeding Doug Ducey (= another swamp creature whom Lake tried to replace as governor]. DeWit said in 2016 that he did not plan to seek re-election in 2018. In 2017, President Trump nominated him to be chief financial officer of NASA [in charge of managing corruption money]. His nomination as chief financial officer of NASA was confirmed by the U.S. Senate in March 2018. He resigned from NASA in February 2020 and joined Trump's 2020 campaign later that year [no luck because Trump's victory was stolen, partly by Arizona corruption] (Wikipedia).

Here's six minutes of the Lake-DeWit conversation:

I have yet to learn what happened to Lake's court fight to win the Arizona governorship. The story has gone off the radar. It was appearing as though Lake gave up the fight in hopes of going to the Washington Senate.

Here's Lake's response to the video release, admitting that she knows who released the leak:

When I was suggesting that God was pointing to Kari Lake though a couple of events on one day of my youth, the Lakey and LEAK/Leakey surnames came into play, and here we have a leak that will convince many doubters that the United States really is a machine of corruption, gangster style. I don't want to repeat all the heraldry that I think pointed to her, however. Lakeys/Leckeys were first found in Stirlingshire with the Nimo's suspect in the "Animo" motto term of DeWits/Jewitts.

It's important that the Lakey/Leckey Crest shares the brown wolf head in Crest with the Irish Teague/Teeger surname because the "diem" motto term of the latter surname can be shown as code for the Diem surname listed with DITTmayers. The latter surname was first found in Schleswig-Holstein with German Teegers, you see. Plus, I've shown several times before that stripe-less TIGERS are used by the Ditt/Diot surname, and there is a Tiger surname, much like "Teeger."

Load Lackeys/Leckeys now to use a another tab (you won't lose this page) for viewing other Coats of Arms, or you won't be able to follow very well.

Another brown wolf is in the Fien/Finis/FION Crest while their Shield is in the colors and format of Fiens/Fane's/Vans/PHONE's ("fano" motto term), likely a branch of Phoenix's/Fenwicks. Doug Ducey was the Arizona governor, probably with a head office in Phoenix, while "Fionne" is in the Govern write-up likely because Governs share the lion of Maschi's, first found in Rimini, near Fano. Rimini is in the Hamon motto.

The "Animum" motto term of Fiens/Finis'/Fions is like the "Animo" of DeWits/Jewitts, the latter first found in Cheshire with Dunham-Masci, and with Masseys and Maceys. Dunham-Masci was governed by Hamon de Masci, and Hamons were first found in Kent with Fiens/Finis'/Fions. Fane's/Vans/Phone's use a "ne" motto term while Knee's/Nee's share the phoenix with Phoenix's/Fenwicks. It's just amazing that while Knee's share the Coat of Needhams (Derbyshire, beside Cheshire), Halperins have "Needham Dyke" in their write-up while Kari lake married Mr. Halperin.

The Tiger surname was first found in Suffolk with the Owls/Howls in the owl of the WITTen Crest, important because this leak involves a Witten-like DeWit surname. Tiger-like Taggarts/Teggarts have owls, explaining how Teegers took us here. Plus, Teague's/Teegers share the crosslet of the Cowes surname while Cowes is a location on the island of Wight. English Witts were first found in Lincolnshire with Leaks. Note the TegGARTs because Irish Gards share the brown wolf with Teague's/Teegers, and then while English Gards share the motto of Phoenix's/Fenwicks, Jeff DeWit operated out of Phoenix, Arizona, when he wasn't in Washington.

I've never before known the Dwight/Dwite surname, so far as I can recall, but it came to mind while seeking DeWit-like surnames, and the Dwight/Dwite Coat happens to share the stripe-less tiger of Ditts/Diots! Slam-bang. I wonder why these tigers have no stripes.

I dealt with a dream I had, featuring Joe OULlette, an old friend of my youth having a surname that I showed to be of the Owls/Howls and Howells. I showed how that dream pointed to Arizona election fraud immediately before Kari Lake ran for office in that state. The Oullette's are said to have named Ouilly-le-Basset in FALAISE, and so it's interesting that the FALLIS/Falls surname shares the trefoils of Dutch DeWits/Witts. It's Wittens that use the owl. Note that Scottish White's/Wights and German Witts share the Chief-Shield color combination of Tanners while "the tanner" of Falaise was an important royal-Norman bloodline through WILLIam the Conqueror, a potential explanation as to the naming of "OUILLY-le-Basset."

The Fallis/Falls surname, with a version of the Feller Coat, was first found in Midlothian with the Mens/MAME's/Meme's, where BREADS were once said to be first found who have the same lion, I assume, as Fallis'/Falls. It was MAMIE and I emBRACing in a LAKE that I thought should point to Kari Lake, starting with the BRACE's having a not-bad reflection of the Lake Coat. Mens'/Mame's have a Chief looking linkable to the Leak Chief. East Lothian is where Keiths were first found who not only share the same-colored Chief-Shield combination, but have a Chief like that of Wyatt-like Watts/Waths.

As I've said a million times: the night before we embraced in the lake, she sat on my KNEES, and we saw the Knee-Phoenix link above. She sat on my legs, and Leggs almost have the Trump Coat. She was SITTING on my knees, and Sittens were first found in East Lothian with Vans/Fanns/Vaux's, a pointer to Karen Fann of Arizona.

DeWits/Jewitts are said to have had a seat in Cheshire's BREDbury. Breads are now said to have been first found in Cheshire with: 1) BEE-using Beestons whose Coat looks related to Lake's; 2) Masseys; 3) DeWits/Jewitts; 4) the Marble's sharing the fitchees of Lake's; 5) the Bellows/BALLOTs in the so-called f"bellows" of Ships. The latter were first found in Oxfordshire with Ouilly-like OWLeys/Oullie's/Oilli's. Plus, Ships, likely in code with the giant ship of DeWits/Jewitts, were first found in Oxfordshire with Lake's and Bee's; the latter, expected in the "Be" motto term of BRACEbridge's (Lincolnshire with Leaks), share the quadrants of Masseys who in turn share a winged horse in Crest with DeWits/Jewitts. Dutch DeWits share the dove with bee-using Leafs/Leve's.

Bee's almost use the Coat of Eure's/Evers, the latter first found in Dumbartonshire with Lakeys/Leckeys. Eure's/Evers share the Vere Shield while Vere's ruled Oxford for centuries.

Back to Ouilly-le-Basset, for French Bassets show only billets while English Billets share the Coat of Bellows/Ballots. Plus, French Billets were first found in Maine with Joe-branch Josephs. Joe Oullette was born, Joseph.

I could go on and on, but I don't want to. I am very tired of this type of work. I do feel the distinct possibility that God has used heraldry to reveal to us that He was responsible for the leak this week against Jeff DeWit. But I can't prove such things.

The question is whether Kari Lake was going to never leak this conversation, which makes her look either too afraid to do so, or like a hypocrite. In the 5th minute of the video above, she claims she went public with DeWit's corruption soon after the conversation took place, which she says was 11 months ago. At the start of the recording, DeWit was very happy to make Lake believe that she could be killed by "cartels" in "all 50 states." It becomes possible that DeWit wants Lake's Democrat challenger to get the Arizona senate seat in Washington.

How many other non-establishment Republicans were approached in this way who got scared out, or who took the money? Kelli Ward, very out-spokenly opposed to Arizona election fraud, may have resigned due to such pressures because DeWit is the one who took her job.

As I write here on the 24th, DeWit has announced his quitting the GOP job.

OH WOW. When relating the dream with Joe Oullette, I often said that I was unsatisfied as to what the snow meant. I also told that I didn't know why his wife, Diane, was at the start of this dream when we were all in the front of his black van. I told that Vans/Fane's, first found in Monmouthshire with Owl-branch Howells, and with the Williams, can point to Karen Fann, the president of the Arizona senate overseeing the gigantic election audit. In the end, she betrayed her party and her country like one who was paid off.

The dream opened with Joe asking me to get him a container. I saw Diane at that moment, who was never again seen in this dream, and so let's say right here that Diane's/Deans share the crescent of German Witts who are in turn if VITo colors and format. Thus, it now appears as though that container is a pointer to Jeff DeWit, for its Wittens who use an owl, not to mention a giant and so-called "water bouget" which is a water container! It just so happens that Vite's/Vatts are also MacWATTERS!!! Zikers.

Plus, English Witts (Lincolnshire with Leaks) share the giant Bolt griffin (same Coats exactly), and I recall that Carnagys use lightning BOLTS. This is being said because Scottish Watts (share Vite/Vatt/MacWatters Coat), once said to be first found in Worcestershire with English Watts, are now said to be first found in CARNagy. It just so happens that a CARNI people group of the Celts lived where Vito's were once said to be first found (in Treviso). Bolts are also Ballot-like Balts.

If God wants to point to Kari Lake, then the Lake fitchees should be part of that pointer. Fitch's/Fitchets/Fitts were first found in Essex with MontFITCHets/Muschats and Waters, and the latter two share Coats. Montfitchets/Muschats were kin of Muscats who were in turn once said to be first found in Suffolk, where their Love/Luff kin were once said to be first found, yet the Love's/Luffs are now said to be first found in Oxfordshire with Lake's. "Vits" is in the Fitch/Fitchet/Fitt write-up, and Vits', listed with German Witts, share the crescent of Cheeks/Chicks/Checks, first found in Oxfordshire and sharing the red fitchee of Love's/Luffs.

When Joe asked for a "container" (his word), I went across the street to a house and found a square-shaped container, bringing it back to him. He promptly shoveled SNOW into it, from off of his rear bumper, and I promptly turned the container over, dumped out the snow, and brought the container back to where I had gotten it. The meaning of these snow scenes have confounded me, but, now, perhaps there's something to the Snow surname sharing the fesse of Dutch DeWits, and Snows were first found in Worcestershire with English Watts and SQUARE's/Squirrels. It was a SQUARE container I went to fetch. The DeWits having the dove are the ones sharing the Snow fesse.

However, especially as Arizona is not in the snow belt, there's got to be more to the snow off the van's bumper than this lightweight link of Snows to the DeWit bloodline. Why put snow into a container? BUT, here's a headline on January 24, the day DeWit stepped down: "After two days of snow, rain, a warm-up is expected for Arizona" (

Dutch DeWits add a red rose while Scottish Rose's not only share the boar head of Watters/Wattis'/Walters, but have another water bouget seen above with Wittens. German Walters were first found in Silesia with German Rose's (red roses), and English Waters were first found in Essex with the Youngs/Yonge's who in turn share the German Rose Coat. Roses are used by the SCHLESingers who were in turn named by "Silesia," and it just so happens that Schlesingers share the triple leopard faces of English White's. German Dragons were first found in Silesia, explaining the dragon head in the Crest of English White's. The Jeune's in the motto of these Youngs/Yonge's were first found in Cambridgeshire with Watters/Wattis'/Walters, and with the Cass'/Cash's who use a "pair of SCALES" that can indicate the root/derivation of "SCHLESinger" in Scale / Scalia liners.

German Youngs/JUNGs look related to Trumps and Leggs, and Leaks use the leg. Lakeys/Leckeys have the red rose too. Recall the "JUNGuntur" motto term of GARDens, and that Gards share the brown wolf with Teague's/Teegers and Lakeys/Leckeys.

This set of pointers involving Rose's now becomes compelling toward the dream because Scottish Rose's use an "Constant" motto code while I had suggested that the CONTAINer was a pointer to the Contan variation of French turn sharing the stars of Snowdens.

The Daily Mail:

Last year Kari Lake claimed she had been offered a bribe to get out politics

On Tuesday [23rd, snowing], published audio of the meeting at her home

A little over 24 hours later (had been snowing still], Jeff DeWit announced he was resigning

I'll re-mention that OulLETTE's became suspect with Letts/Late's who have a different-colored version of the Contan/Constant Chief. And Letts/Late's share the stars of the Tiens' in the "Tiens" motto term of Square's/Squirrels. See how nice that works, and, to boot, Tiens' were not only first found in Oxfordshire with the DeWit-beloved Ships, but Letts/Late's were first found in Gloucestershire (beside Monmouth's Vans) with bumper-like Bumps. The latter's giant griffin is shared with Lett-like Letters, and we saw giant griffins with Bolts and Witts.

Scottish Watts use a giant tree while Tree's/True's, in the "Constant and true" motto of Scottish Rose's, use a "fiDUCia" motto term suspect as part code for the Duce's/Duceys (Rose boar-head colors) because Doug Ducey was the Arizona governor whom Kari Lake attempted to replace. This is the same Doug Ducey who was the Arizona treasurer when DeWit took over from him! This is new heraldic material, of course, and I'm impressed. Scottish Watts and Vite's/Vatts/MacWatters share the eye with the Stars/Stairrs, the latter first found in Wiltshire with Tree's/True's.

Lett-like Leiths (Lothian again) share a "True" motto term with Hume's/HOME's, and I got a container from a HOME. Hume's/Home's were first found in Berwickshire with DeWit-beloved Dove's and Hobbs-like Hobs.

In the past, I thought that the square container may have been about JOVAN PULITzer's part in the Arizona audit, because the dream was about JOE's VAN. Plus, Pulits/Pullens not only share the martlets of French Josephs, but share the scallops of Snowdens. And the "palleSCERE" motto term of Pulits/Pullens can be for a Square branch such as the Schere's.

The "culpa" motto term of Pulits/Pullens traces with the Culp location of Cups/Cope's/COLPs to the Kupa river in the land of the Carni Celts mentioned above. The Kupa is also called the COLAPis. The Carns even share the pelican with Pulits/Pullens while Pellicans, sharing the Howell tower, were first found in Maine with French Josephs (Owl/Howl colors).

These Welsh Carn(e)s, early in Monmouthshire with Vans/Fane's, are said to be from Gaunt (or Ghent) elements, and while Vans/Fane's use "gauntlets" as code for Gaunt elements, the Snows happen to share the fesse of Dutch Gaunts/Ghents. Moreover, English Ghents, first found in Hampshire with English Joe's/Josephs, Koop-related Mile's, and Hobs-beloved Hawks, share the eagles of Hobbs' while Kari Lake's bid to be the Arizona governor was stolen by Katie Hobbs.

Koops/Kupe's were a Kepke/Kopke branch, and while Kepke's were kin of Weiss', Keips almost have the Coat of Wits (not "Witt"), but see also the horse of English Masseys and Dutch Mackays/Macks because Maceys/Mace's use gauntlets too. German Witts can then be tied to the crescents of French Masseys (and Diane's/Deans).

Keips and Kopple's were first found in Nuremberg with German Tuckers. They with English Tuckers/Togers could be in the "Toujours" motto term of DeWits, but, in any case, German Tuckers have a "CONSTANTer" motto term.

Gauntlets are even used by the Gunters suspect in the "Junguntur" motto term of Gardens/Jardens. As I've said, Mamie and I were in the lake on the morning of the afternoon when she was at her front garden (afternoon), when I claim she got a thigh symbol due to Thigh's/Thy's being suspect with a giant fox as a pointer to Fox news, Arizona, where Kari Lake worked before she ran for the Arizona governor. The Bellows suspect in the "bellow" FANS of DeWit-beloved Ships have a fox head in Crest.

It took me quite a while to realize the significance of that garden, because I didn't know, for quite some time until after writing about the event that Scott JARRETT was the Director of Elections at the county (Maricopa) where the Arizona fraud was pervasive. The French Jarret (not "Jarrett") Coat is identical to the Garden/Jarden Coat, and we can see why, for "JARDen" is nearly "Jarret," and English Jarretts come up as "Jarred." These surnames were from the same root stock.

Sempers/St. Pierre's/St. Peere's share the Duce/Ducey Coat, and "Semper" is even a motto term of Jarret-like Jarrats/Garrets who share the Govern lion. Douglas Ducey was the governor until early last year. Governors, sharing the Moray stars with Douglas', were first found in Dol with Jarrets, what are the chances? Governors look like Hague and Gover/Gopher/Gofer kin, all in Goff/Gough and Gouch/Googe colors. The latter were kin of Mole's, from Eschyna de Molle, wife of an Alan whose descent is known to be from Alans of Dol. Mole's have the Moray Coat plus the Gouch/Googe boar but as a giant head, making it connectable to the giant Jarret boar head.

The Douglas heart can be code for Scottish Hearts/Harts sharing the Pollock saltire, for the first Pollock, a brother-in-law to Eschyna-de-Molle's daughter, removed to Moray and built Rothes castle. English Rothes' were once said to be first found in Shropshire with English Jarrets. The Rothes lion heads are even in the colors of the giant Jarret lion.

Plus, the white lion head in the Rothes Crest is in the design and color of the lion head in the Hatch Crest, and while Hatch's have the Duce/Ducey Coat in colors reversed, I've told a hundred times that, when I first got up to the camp site, Mamie was inside a hatch of a pick-up truck. Someone had to open the hatch to let me see in, and there was Mamie inside. It was the next day that she and I were in the lake.

Hatch's have Hack-like variations, and share the Gernon Coat while earl Ranulf de Gernon (Cheshire, beside Shropshire) was the son of Ranulph le Meschin, tending to explain why Meschins (Shropshire) share the scallops of English Hacks/Hacche's. Gernons are said to have been first at Montfitchet, and MontFITCHets were first found in Essex with Fitch's/Fitchets in the Lake fitchees. As Montfitchet is in the Bessen, note that Lake's are in the colors and format of Bessins/Beastons (Cheshire).

I Sleep with Jars

Oh wow, I've just seen again the Jarre variation of French Jarrets. I can tell you that I have slept on my couch three nights in a row as I write here on the eve of January 25. That's because, after sleeping with mason JARs for five or six years straight, all winter long every winter, one of them broke in my bed while I slept. I awoke soaked on my back. The sheets and blankets had to be pulled off, and the mattress has been drying out since. I slept the rest of the night on the couch. Therefore, the first night on the couch was January 22-23, the night that the jar broke, and the DeWit leak was on the 23rd! I took another one for the team, guys.

This is fantastic, but I'm telling you the truth. The jar did not merely leak, though. The bottom of the jar had cracked right off the rest of it because I had poured too-hot water into them that night, while the jars were yet cold straight out of the cold bedroom, and so the stress was too much for the old jar I had used for years to that point (the other jar was new this year). I don't heat the bedroom; instead I slip two Mason jars in the bed each night, routinely, to heat the bed before I get in, one for my feet, and one in my armpit or on my chest, wherever needed. These jars feel so good in a cold bed, every trib survivor should know this trick. Push them aside when the bed's gotten warm.

Plus, we saw the MacWatters surname above listed with Witt-connectable Watts, and the jars were filled with water. I think we can therefore interpret this bed-soaking event as a major leak. The DeWit leak. I'm impressed. Both Leaks and English Watts use gold items in a red Chief, and while Scottish Watts share the VITE/MacWatters Coat, "gnaVITEr" is a motto code of the Leaks. English Watts use billets while Billets were a Bellow/Ballot branch. The Vits' are in the Fitch write-up, and Lake's use fitchee crosses. Fitch's were not only first found in Essex with Waters/Waterville's, but can be linked to them through MontFITCHets.

[Insert -- I missed the following until Sunday of this week: "gNAVIter" can be part-code for the Navys/Neve's who happen to share a winged WHITE horse in Crest with DeWits/Jewitts)! This looks like a clincher. Navys/Neve's and Neve's/Nevays were both first found in Angus with Gardens/Jardens and Jardins.

AND OH WOW, a minute after writing the paragraph above, the Jouet variation in the DeWit/Jewitt write-up caused me to load Jutts/Judds, and they are the ones sharing the boar heads of McGee's!!! You will see Jim McGee later in this election-fraud investigation.

Though not in the same color, Dovers, connectable to the DeWit dove, share a COCKatrice in Crest with Jutts/Judds. As the latter come up as "Jugg" too, I had figured them to be a branch of Judge's/Juge's. Cocks were first found in Somerset with Jews, and beside Dover-connectable Jewells (more on this later). Back to the Jutts suspect as a DeWit/Jewitt variation, for Jutts use a so-called "raGULLY pattern on their fesse, and Gullys with Gulls can be gleaned as branches of English and German Jewell-like Julians. Note only do Gullys (Oxfordshire with Lake's) share the crosslet of English Julians and Teague's/Teegers, but the six Gull pale bars are in colors reversed with Scottish Jeffreys. Jeffrey DeWit.

I've told many times that the omen I had in Texas is in the Crest of Scottish Jeffreys. I have told many times that, hours after the omen, I was mugged in Galveston and thought I was going to get shot. I have told many times that this mugging caused me to change plans, for which reason I started searching, that same day, for Texas property to purchase. I have told many times that I ended up buying the Texas property of Mrs. Teague!

The Galveston mugging caused me to look up the Galves surname, listed with Gallego's, and it just so happens that Kari Lake is running for a senate position against Ruben Gallego! Right now. He's Mexican by background. Gallego is a Democrat fiend.

I have told many times that, hours after the mugging, God set me up with a coffee purchase in Victoria, Texas, which led to my expounding many times on the Coffee/Coffer surname ("Victoria" motto term), the Crest of which is essentially the Arms of Taranto (!), that being a naked mythical Taras riding a dolphin! You will see Taras shortly, written days prior to this insert.

Back now to the start of this insert featuring the Navys/Neve's who have the Caffer Coat on a black Shield. Caffers are in the colors of the CUPs of Coffee's/Coffers, and Cups/Cope's were first found in Aberdeenshire with the Craigs who have the horse-and-rider of Caffers and Navys/Neve's. I wouldn't have come here except that McGuire's share the Caffer Coat while Miss McGuire is/was the mother of Kari Lake.

Plus, as I've said a million times, I bought the coffee when buying a NEWSpaper to check out the want-ads for affordable Texas property. The Neve-like News'/NUCES' and Nuse's/Newes' came to topic, therefore, but this was some 20 years after I bought my Texas property on direct NUECES riverfront. End insert]

There was a comprehensive paragraph above involving the Rose and Water bloodlines that ended with: "German Youngs/Jungs look related to Trumps and Leggs, and Leaks use the leg. Lakeys have the red rose too." A giant leg is with Prime's (Lincolnshire with Leaks) suspect in the Lakey motto. Ship-using DeWits/Jewitts happen to share a "prudentia" motto term with Youngs/Yonge's!

Oh wow, I've known this Lakey-Prime link for a long time, but regret not loading Prime's at this time until way down here, because they have an OWL in Crest! Plus, the "MINErva" motto term of Prime's can be part-code for the Mine's/Menne's expected in the "tentaMINE" motto term of Leggs.

I can also regret not loading Prime's until now due to their "inVITA" motto term, for while MacWatters list "Vite," Vita's are the ones in the colors and format of German Witts! "Vita" is not only a motto code of the Ship-beloved Bellows/Ballots, but of the English Saffers (Devon with Bellow-branch Billets) who have a Coat like that of English White's. The latter share the lion of Diane's/Deans while the latter share the crescent of German Witts. French Saffers were first found in Burgundy with Primo's (not "Prime").

Back to Scottish Rose's, who have the Bush-branch Bosco's in their write-up. Bosco's are also in the write-up of Scottish Bois'/Boasts very suspect in the "boast" motto term of Nimo's, and the latter can be expected in code with the "Animo" motto term of DeWits/Jewitts.

This recalls that Scottish Bauds, first found in Stirlingshire with Nimo's, use a ship, and it happens to be on blue, same as the DeWit/Jewitt ship. It's probably not coincidental that Ship-beloved Bellows/Ballots are also Bello's while "bello" is a motto term of German Bauds. The black lion heads of German Bauds could be the black lion of Jeffreys because their Geoffrey variation is like the Godfrey surname (Auvergne with French Bauds) using another "bello" motto term.

This now looks like an excellent pointer to Jeffrey DeWit because the Phoenix Coat is close enough to the Christ/Kist Coat (ROSES) to go with the "bello Christi" motto phrase of Godfreys. Kari Lake is attempting to take the senate job of KYRSTEn Sinema, and Kryste is a Christ/Kist variation. German Rose's were first found in Silesia with PROCKs/Brocuffs who in turn share the sphinx with the Hips' who in turn almost have the Phoenix/Fenwick Coat who in turn share the "Toujours fidele" motto of PROCtors. "Toujours" is shared by the Youngs/Yonge's sharing the German Rose Coat.

I'm not going to explain fully again why Christine Peare pointed to choreography / stage work when pointing to the "bello Christi" of Godfreys. Suffice it to point out the cinema-like Sinema surname. When she appeared in my dream upon a stage, Miss Peare had a waist and/or hips symbol then. Her waist pointed to Waistells/Wessels (because I rode her white horse), but note how the German Wessels have split Shield in the colors of the split Hips / Phoenix Shields. The Waistells/Wessel doves are colors reversed from the one of Dutch DeWits. The first time I met Miss Peare, when she temporary became my teen girlfriend, was at a La Paloma bar (Toronto), and this is how I know that Italian Paloma's use the dove. It's in the design of the DeWit dove. Coincidence?

It's making me think that we haven't seen the last of the DeWit scandal, or that it will lead judges to turning hard against election fraud.

I've told that Spanish Paloma's have two pale bars in the colors of the Pero pale bar. Peare's were first found in Oxfordshire with the Bee's suspect in the two "be" motto term of Gallops, and then while the Waistell/Wessel horse is said to be on a "gallop," George's, sharing blue-on-white doves with Waistells/Wessels, were first found in Dorset with Gallops, and beside the Whistle's/Wissels (look like Stoll kin). Gallops use a "be wyse" motto phrase while Pero's share the double hexagrams of Weis'/Wise's.

Did it ever occur to you that the Gallop poll has become, not the true reflection of the voters at the time of the poll, but something close to the election results later, the goal of the cheaters so that the people don't get wildly surprised by the outcome. If in reality the liberals are 20 points back prior to the election, it would look suspicious when the liberals win by 2 points, wherefore the gallop polls make the race look very close prior to the elections so that the 2-percent win looks true, without fraud involved. Is Miss Peare's waist symbol a pointer to the Gallop poll that God will rectify eventually? When I rode her horse, I rode it to a BANK (sudden slope) in the field, then returned to her. What could that mean?

German Wissels were first found in Westphalia with German Ducks while English Ducks, an obvious branch of Duce's/DUCEYs, were first found in Somerset with Whistle's/Wissels. Doug Ducey held the job in Arizona that Kari Lake took legally. We could say that Ms. Lake blew the whistle on DeWit.

English Bush's/Busch's (Yorkshire with Palms) share the boar head of Gardens and Jarre's/Jarrets, and there's a high chance that Jeff DeWit was assisting Bush-circle supporters when seeking to eradicate Ms. Lake. The English Busher surname (lion in CAROL lion colors) was first found in Dorset, beside the first-known Carys (roses) and their Cart branch (both of Somerset), and then Carts share the Paloma-like palm tree with Italian Cari's'/CAROLI's, a possible pointer to KARI Lake. Carys and Carts were first found in Somerset with the Jews/Chews who may have derived in the Jewitts who come up as "DeWit." Palms share blue vair with White's in case DeWits were White's.

Somerset is also where Tarrs/Taras' were first found whom I trace to mythical Taras, symbol of Taranto near the first known Cari's/Carols (Sicily), tending to explain why the Cari/Carol Shield is almost the Tarr/Taras Shield. This gets amazing because both Shields (i.e. their pale bars) are almost with Scottish Macks, and I had ventured to trace this Tarr-Mack link to the TARMAC event between Bill Clinton and Loretta Lynch in Phoenix, Arizona!!! Phoenix is the largest part of the Maricopa county under discussion with Kari Lake!!!

Plus, Scottish Macks were first found beside the Scotts, which can explain why both surnames have a similar bend with symbols. I can glean that the Macks were related to the Masci and Messina Coats, and Messina is in Sicily with the first-known Cari's/Carols. This inclusion of Scotts can be a pointer to SCOTT Jarrett, especially as Carols share a giant lion on black with English Jarretts. These Scotts were even first found in Roxburghshire with Scottish Leavells (Young kin) while English Leavells were at Castle Cary of the Carys and Carts above. Perfect.

In fact, as Scottish Terras' share the Scott Coat under discussion, one might have reason to believe that Scott Jarrett is a Clintonite fool. That is, the TAR-MAC event with Bill Clinton can be pointed to by the Tarr/Taras link to the Mack and Cari Coats, and here we have the Terras' sharing a Scott Coat while the other Scotts share the Catherine wheel with Jews/Chews (Somerset with Roets, owner of the Catherine wheel).

Oh wow. Paloma's were first found in Bari, a city in Apulia along with Taranto. The giant Paloma dove is in the design of the white dove in the Coat of Dutch DeWits, and Dutch DeWits share the treFOILs of Fellers and Fallis'/Falls', two surnames from proto-Rockefellers at RoqueFEUIL (in Aude province). This family was of the namers of ROXburghs ("AUDax" motto code) while Roxburghshire is where Scotts were first found. To boot, while these Scotts share a Terras Coat, German Terras'/Terrace's share rooks with Rooks, the latter first found in Worcestershire with English Rocks (trefoil), a branch of the French Roque's/Rocks who named Roquefeuil.

I'll even go to the Waits/Weights because they are in the colors and format of Rice's that tends to explain the "aris" motto term of Waits/Weights. This can be a pointer to DeWIT because Rise's were first found in Norfolk with Arizona-like Risons.

Roets are traceable in multiple ways to Hugh of Rodez, husband of Miss Roquefeuil. German Roets look related to KARENs who in turn look related to the Terras and Scott Coats, and so we can bounce from here to KAREN Fann (mentioned above), a back-stabber to the honest guys. In fact, for the first time ever about a month ago, I set up a FAN, on a kitchen stool, to blow heat from my wood stove, and the foot of that stool now stands just four inches from my pillow upon the couch. I slept my fourth night in a row on that couch due to the BROKEN jar that I think is pointing to Scott Jarret. Karens were first found in Silesia with German Rose's while Scottish Rose's were beside Rothes, a location named by the Roet bloodline.

There's a "Bracewell and Brogden" region at the Yorkshire-Lancashire border region. Brokens/Brogans can easily be a Brogden branch, and Brogdens/Brokdens not only have a rose in Crest, but a "Constans" motto term to go with the "Constant" of Rose's. The latter use a water container. Constans'/Contans were first found in Languedoc with French Alans, and with the Cotta's/Cottons in turn sharing the fretty Shield of Brogdens/Brockdens, how about that. The Chief of French Alans shares the stars in the Constans/Contans Chief, and English Alans were first found in Shropshire with English Jarrets. Jarre's/Jarrets are said to have been in Dol, home of the Shropshire Alans, and they became the royal Stewarts who share the Brock motto. Thus, we herein have what looks like a Broken-Jarre link.

The first royal Stewarts were Bruce's who happen to share the giant blue lion with Masons/Massins. The mason jar broke in my bed. While Irish Constantine's look like kin of Irish Brians, French Brians are said to have been Alans of Brittany. Sleap in Shropshire explains why Sleeps/Slippers were once said to be first found in Cheshire, and the jar broke while I was sleeping.

The Fann and Vance surnames at houseofnames are listed with the Vaux's, though Fanns could just as well be listed with Fane's/Vans/Phone's, Fauns/Phones', Fawns, Fenns/Venns or even Phoenix's/Fenwicks. In fact, as Karen Fann was the president of the Arizona senate in Phoenix, it may be by God's design that Phoenix's/Fenwicks were first found in Northumberland with STOVE's/Stevensons because the fan on my stool is directly between the wood stove and MY PILLOW. As I've said, I watched Mike Lindell, owner of My Pillow, say that he was funding Kari Lake's legal costs in fighting Katie Hobbs' election fraud.

There is no Stool surname coming up, but when I claimed that God sent a "stool pigeon" (my phrase) to walk over my septic/stool tank, I had found two Stoll surnames, the English branch using a dove, which is a pigeon. And so, maybe, that stool pigeon of God may now be turning out to be Kari Lake, for DeWits use the dove. Kari Lake just stooled on DeWit on the day I first slept on the couch. There is a Couch surname which I have mentioned in relation to the so-called "COUCHant lion" of Tints. And this is amazing because Mamie's tent had pointed to the Tintons using so-called "royal tents". It was Mamie who pointed to Kari Lake, for she and I were in a lake the very next morning after her tent event.

The amazing thing about going from my couch to the Tints is that while the latter were first found in Somerset with the Tarrs/Taras' having pale bars in the colors of the Mack and Cari pale bars, the Tints do likewise! Plus, as I've said, Mr. Gouch inspected my septic tank, and so note how that surname could be a variation of the Couch's! I had verified online that Crapps use the "pigeon," believe it or not. Gouch's/Gooch's/Googe's were even first found in Roxburghshire with Macks having eight of the ten pale bars of Tarrs/Taras'.

Gouch's/Googe's share the boar head of Mole's who in turn use a phoenix. Point made, especially as I've said at least three times before that the only mole hill I ever saw on the grass above the septic tank was a couple of days, maybe three or four, after the pigeon walked on that grass. It had landed in the grass above the tank, walked on the grass above the tank, and flew off while still over the tank. It did not ever walk anywhere but above the tank. The mole was under my front deck at the time, for there were tunnels there. The deck is about four feet from one end of the septic tank. And that's what happened. That event is now seemingly pointing to Phoenix, Arizona, with DeWit as the mole in the Republican camp, and Ms. Lake as the stool pigeon.

German Crapps share the bull's scalp with Cheneys, what make ye of that? Cheneys share "pruDENTia" with DeWits/Jewitts (and Youngs/Yonge's), and Dents are in the colors and format of the English Pigeons. Pigeon-like Piggs share the black-on-white boar with Jarrets and Bush's, what maketh ye of this? Piggs were first found in Northumberland with Pilotte-connectable Pile's while Piggs'/Picks/Pix's are in Pilotte/PILLOW colors and format.

My Slip-Slide Goal

It's a little interesting that while French Pigeons are in falcon colors and format, Stevens use a falcon. I now need to return to STEVEN Tarr, for I've said a million times that the goal I scored off of his slap shot, at age 12 in organized hocked, was a pointer to Mike Lindell. I've said this so many times that I can't stomach to repeat it all, but will mention the highlights of our semi-final match. Let's just wait and see what comes of Cari Lake, and whether Lindell is still with her. I'm not sure whether her election-fraud battle has been terminated, but last I heard, she was appealing her loss at the corrupt hand of judge Thompson. At that time, I thought that her own lawyers were trying to sabotage her court battles.

Mike Lindell recently said that he's broke. The things that trouble me about Lindell is that he's always mixing $$$-raising with his election-fraud fight, and he's a blind supporter of Trump, the fake-Christian dog. If God is pointing to Lindell and Lake, I suppose it's to make "conspiracy theorists" of more people for the protection of His Church when persecution gets bad. Exposure of the deep state weakens the deep state. Lindell is still advancing the election-fraud fight, but he's always asking for money while doing so, and, of course, who knows what really happens to the donations. You can see him at The Lindell Report, where he may take credit (as "we") for fights he's not involved in.

And by the way, I bought a new pillow about a month ago, and am sleeping with it now. I've just walked to the pillow to check it out. It has "Bamboo" written on it, and is made in China. As I said, the goal I scored off of Tarr's slap shot had pointed to China's involvement with Dominion Voting machines. Lindell had accused China as being the largest player in election fraud. China had been pointed to by the SHIN/Chine/Ching surname (Somerset with Tarrs) because I poked the puck over the goal line while sliding past the net on my SHIN pads.

They were my KNEE pads, and Knee's, kin of Leaks, share the phoenix with Phoenix's/Fenwicks. As it was the winning goal with seconds left on the clock, the team cleared the bench and PILEd on top of me to celebrate. English Pile's (look related the Leavells) were first found in Northumberland with Phoenix's, and while French Pile's (Bolt/Balt colors and format) are Pilots too, English Pilotte's come up as "Pillow." The piles of English Pile's are in the colors of the pile-like pattern of German Baltons/Beltins, perhaps a Ballot branch.

The Lindells share the leaves of Hazels and Hockeys. Both Hazels (Devon with Hooks) and Hockeys put their crescents on a blue fesse, and while Hockeys share the demi-black griffin with English Scotts, Scottish Scotts use these same crescents. Then, because there was a SQUARE CONTAINer in the dream that I say points to Phoenix election fraud, compare the Scotts (the ones with crescents) to the Chief of CONTANs/Constants, then check out the squirrel in the Hazel Crest, for Square's are listed with Squirrels.

OH WOW, I don't think I've ever mentioned the following before even though I've known that Lindells show the same leaves, in the same colors, as Hazels. I've seen the official description (webpage no longer available to me) of the Hazel leaves, called, "hazel SLIPs", and while Mike Lindell also owns My Slippers, Sleeps come up as Slippers!!! I saw and told that Hazels were once said to be first found in Cheshire, beside a Sleap location in Shropshire, explaining why Sleeps/Slippers are said to be first found in Shropshire. I even recall that HazelWOODs were once said to be first found in Shropshire.

Plus, HAZELtons, sharing the HazelWOOD Coat, share the full motto of Waits/Weights in the so-called "weights" in the Crest of Dexters/DECKsters (Leicestershire with WOODs). Decks/Daggers share the squirrel with Hazels. Hazeltons and Hazelwoods share the oak leaf with the Alans, the latter first found in Shropshire.

LOOKIE: the Sleep/Slipper write-up tells of a SLAPE location in Dorset, beside the Tarrs, and Steve Tarr took a SLAP shot, knocking the goalie down to the ice with it, way out of his net. I was skating in alone with the puck coming to a rest on the goal LINE, and from the excitement, my knees gave way, making me fall to the ice on my SHIN pads to knock the puck over the line. Scottish Line's share a Lind surname with Lindells.

Again: the Sleep/Slipper write-up tells of a SLAPE location in Dorset, beside the Tarrs. Tarrs were first found in Somerset with SHINs/Chings, and while Newtons (Cheshire) use "shin bones," there is a Sturminster Newton location in Dorset! Lookie there.

I SPEARed the puck over the line, pool-cue style, with one hand, and Spears/Speyers, first found in Renfrewshire with Pool-branch Poke's/Pollocks, share crossed spears with Scottish Line's/Linds. Pools named Poole in Dorset. I've said many times that the Pollock saltire shown by Wikipedia's Clan Pollock article is almost the Arms of Pola/Pula, that being an Apulia-like location in ISTRia, and Tarrs trace to Taranto in Apulia, yet there was also a Tarsatica location at Istria. The Arms of Pola/Pula is the cross of Arizona-like Risings/Risons.

But there's more because STURminster Newton is on the STOUR river while Sturs have an ISTER branch to go with "Istria." Isters are also Easters while a so-called "EASTERn prince" is in the Newton Crest.

The first Rothschild banker was Mayer Bauer who must have had ancestry in Pollocks. Boar heads, in the colors of the Newton shin bones, are used by Burleys/Bourleys, first found in Somerset with Tarrs, and Burleys/Bourleys happen to share a green Shield with German Bauers/Bowers, with the Scottish Bowers who share the Arms-of-Rothschild arrows, and with Pollocks/Poke's. Jewish Pollocks probably share the Jewish Rothschild bend.

Peter Pollock built Rothes castle on the SPEY river, and so my spearing or poking the puck into the net is amazing along with the Speyer variation of Spears (share Roet boar heads). As I've said many times, I remember that I wore new, Johnny-Bower brand skates during that goal (it was my first year of organized hockey).

Johnny Bower was a star goalie for the Toronto MAPLE Leafs, perhaps another pointer to Taras of Taranto. Why is Taras on his dolphin, in the Arms of Taranto, in the colors of the Toronto Maple Leafs? In any case, while the goal with Tarr was at the old Markham arena, Markhams were first found at MAPLEbeck while Maplebecks/Mapletons use a giant fitchee in the colors of the Lake fitchees, and then Maple-like Marble's/Marple's happen to share the Lake fitchees in both colors, slam-dunk! MapleBecks/Mapletons were first found in Kent with English Gards having the Marble/Marple griffin in colors reversed!

Gulls were first found in Kent too who have the Jeffrey pale bars in colors reversed while Gull-branch Gullys were first found in Oxfordshire with Lake's. The Gullys are/were also goalie-like Gollys/Golie's.

The Line's/Linds sharing crossed spears were first found in Ayrshire with the Barrs that can be traced well to Bari in Apulia, for it's across the Adriatic sea from a Bar location at lake SCODra, where I trace Scotts (share the Roet wheel). Scodra is at the Albanian theater that I say named Scotland as, Alba.

Tarsatica (now Rijeka) is near Lesce, and it was due to Pollocks marrying Leslie's that the latter inherited Rothes from Pollocks. Leslie's can be connected to "Lesce" via Beards/Bards and Lesks (both use boar heads as code for Bauer liners). Pollocks were a sept of Maxwells, and I can trace Maxwells to the Arms of Rijeka. Maxwells are also MAKESwells while we saw Macks/Maks/Makes' almost having the Tarr Shield.

New: I've seen Rijeka called Reka, but I don't think I've mentioned Reeks but once before, who not only share the motto and the lodged stag of Maxwells, but show a giant ship for possible linkage to Renfrews. In fact, I now recall that a so-called "lodged stag", under a "holly tree", is used by Hazel-branch ISLIPs/HASLips, explaining the "hazel SLIPs" of Hazels, and it just so happens that Maxwells have their lodged stag under a "holly BUSH" (Bush's use boars). As I said, Bush-branch Bosco's are in the Scottish Rose write-up, and not only do Reeks use the rose, and not only is the Rose boar head in the Lesk Coat, but here's the Maxwell-Ros Coat sharing the water-bouget with Scottish Rose's.

I've just searched my files to find the Reeks introduced in the 1st update of December, 2019: "By the way, Reeks are an excellent example of proving that Maxwells (a branch of Masseys/Maceys) are from Rijeka over in Croatia...The Reek Chief may be a form of the HALPER Chief, how about that? Can this show that [Stefan] HALPER / [Phillip] Reeker has been compromised by Epstein's Ghislaine Maxwell?" It just so happens that Mr. Halperin is Kari Lake's husband! Both the Reek and Halper(in) Chiefs use a single, central rose in the same colors.

I've mentioned before that Halper(in)s are also HALFpenny's, and share the gold fitchee with Halfs/Halps. I've mentioned before that Halfs/Halps and Kari-like Kerrys share the hourglass-like Shield in the same colors. Is that not looking as though God has prepared some pointers to Kari Lake?

Kari Lake was pointed to first of all, in my mind, when Mamie and I embraced in a lake (I was 24 years old), our first embrace. That was just the first clue because Brace's have a semblance of the Lake Coat. That allowed me to venture to the Bracebridge's with a "Be" motto term, and here we can add that while Kerrys use the bee hive with bees, and while Bee's were first found in Oxfordshire with Lake's, Halfs/Halps were first found in Lincolnshire with Bracebridge's, Leaks/Leakeys, and with the Crozier-like Cross'/Crose's who share a "cruce" motto term with Gardens/Jardens.

Cross'/Croce's even share the quadrants of Bee's, and so here's the Cross/Crose write-up: "The [Cross] name was first found to be in the southern English counties of Lincolnshire, Buckingham, and OXFORDSHIRE, about the year 1250." While Bracebridge's use the crozier, LaCrosse's share the cross of Scottish Crozier's. French Crozier's use a lone BESANT while German Bessens are Besants too while English Besants share the Cross/Croce and Bee quadrants while Bessins use bees.

Scottish Crozier's (ROXburghshire) share the Arms of CHALONS-en-Champagne, explaining why the vaired Bracebridge Shield is that also of Scottish Champagne's. It just so happens that this Shield is almost the Halper(in) Shield, and I know why. Plus, Scottish Champagne's were first found in LEICestershire, named with its LEGro river to which heraldic legs can trace. For example, a few hours after Mamie and I embraced, she was standing (not working) at her front garden, and the only reason I can think of for her standing there was to water the plants / flowers. That entails a water hose, and Hose's, showing only human legs, were first found in Leicestershire. English BeauCHAMPs share the swan head (different color) in Crest with Leicesters.

Camps/Champs (and Trudeau's) are in Welsh Chalon colors and format. The latter have Chalons-sur-MARNE in their write-up, now Chalons-en-Champagne, and so Italian Marina's are suspect as a branch of the namers of the Marne river because they share the nebuly bends of Clements, the latter first found in Powys with Welsh Chalons. French Chalons' have "BeauCHAMP" and "Challons-Leigh" in their write up while Leigh's/Leghs are suspect with Leicester elements. As Campanio's use bells, we can entertain that Belchamps were a Beauchamp branch, especially as French Beauchamps share the eagle of Italian Este's while English Este's were first found in Essex with Belchamps (share Mott/Morte Coat) and their Mott/Mort kin. The latter us an ESToile in Crest.

Back to the bloodline of Kari Lake's husband. Halfs/Halps are also Helps while AVESNes is on a Helpe river partly in Belgium, and AVEZZANo's share the potent pattern with French Champagne's because a noble of Avesnes (Margaret of Flanders) married William Dampierre of Champagne. Camps are also Champs, and Mamie and I embraced in the lake of a camp site. Half-like Have's/Haafs use ducks while English Ducks have lion heads in the colors of the Ducey lions. Doug Ducey was the Arizona governor.

Westphalia is where German Ducks and German Camps were first found, and the latter, like the Mine's/Menne's to which Mamie pointed, show only a dancetty-fesse. Mine's are in the Legg motto. Mamie was sitting on my legs and knees around the camp fire. The next thing I remember, we were spreading a sleeping bag getting ready to sleep in her TENT (nothing happened). The next morning we were in the lake. Leggs use a "TENTaMINE" motto term, and almost have the Trump Coat. I've called this a pointer, without much hesitation, to the Lake-Trump alliance. Mamie in the lake represented Trump.

Later in the day we were on her LAWN at her front garden while Val TROMPia is at lake Garda and Brescia. Mamie has large breasts, and Brescia liners include Lane- / Lawn- / Launay-related Brests/Brix's. Brest is near Launay. Dutch Tromps are connectable to the Knee's via the Acorns and Downs. I can trace the Drumpf ancestry of Donald Trump with Drummonds to the Labe river at Podebrady, and Labbs'/LAPs were from that city. Mamie was on my lap when she was sitting on my legs and knees, and Labes'/Laps were first found in Wiltshire with Camp-like Kemps. English Camps share the Gardener griffin heads. English Champagne's were first found at/near the Legro river.

Laps/Labbs' share the mermaid with HUGo's, and while the embrace in the lake the next day was a HUG, the Hugo mermaid is on a split Shield in the colors of the Split Shield of Dutch Tromps whose Acorn kin share the Knee and Vise/Vice stag head. Vise's/Vice's share the cross between antlers of Eustace's, and as Eustace II was the father of Godfrey de Bouillon while Bouillons love the Bello's in their motto, note that the mermaid comes with a BELLY button. One can see that the Tromp Coat is related to the Fauci Coat, and the latter share the lozenge of Angers who are in turn a branch of Anchors in the anchor held by the Hugo anchor. Bottons/Bidens were a branch of Butts/Bute's/Boets who almost have the Shield of PIERRO's, i.e. connectable to Dampierre's. Sempers/St. Pierre's were first found in Essex with Angers.

Dampierre's probably have the lion of Flanders, and we can add that Pierre's were first found in Languedoc with the Rose-beloved Constants while Avezzano's throw in a rose, the Pierro/Pero symbol too. The triple chevrons of French Levi's were used by the county of Hainaut, part of Flanders, which can explain why the Levi chevrons are in DamPIERRE-lion colors, especially as Sauvage's were first found in Champagne with William of Dampierre while the "pro te" motto phrase of English Savage's/Sava's looks like code for PIERRO's/Pero's at Pavia, home of Laevi Gauls. The lion of Jewish Levi's is in the colors of the Savage/Sava lions. The te-like Teys' (Yorkshire with Tees river) can be from the Tessin river at Pavia. Mamie had pointed to the Tees' in her tent.

I see for the first time that houseofnames has changed the leaf designs of German Tees'/Tease's/Tecks so that they are now upside-down, same as the German Huls leaf, and while English Huls' were first found in Cheshire with Savage's/Sava's, Hull-branch Halls were first found in Lincolnshire with Savage-related Eagle's/Hegels. As French Sauvage's use a giant, red heart, note that the Tees/Tease/Teck leaves look like red hearts. English Huls' look like they use at least one pile, and the German Huls' may be using their leaf upside-down to assume a pile, for Pile's/Pilots share the Savage/Sava lion.

German Huls' were first found in Westphalia with Ducks and duck-using Velins and Velens (once showed ducks). The line of Velin-like Valentinian I of VINKovci is to the Wings/Winks who share the lone pile of Hegel-like Hagels (both colors). Vinkovci is near the Sava river. English Kerricks, first found in Cheshire with Savage's/Sava's, share a lone pile in different colors.

Garda-connectable Scottish Kerricks/Carricks were kin of Scottish Kennedys who have the Avezzano-connectable "Avise" motto term as well as a "la fin" phrase for the Lafins (Tipperary with Irish Kennedys) who share the Dampierre lion. I trace Kennedys to the realm of king LAEVIllus of Cetis, to the Kennati priests of Cetis, to be exact. Laevillus' sons includes a CHARAX (Proculus) character to the Carricks, very apparently.

Braswell-branch Brazile's/Brassils show only a lion in colors reversed from the Ducey lions. As the lake was at a camp site, there was also a beach, and while Beach's/Bechs and English Beckers share vaired Shields with BRACEbridge's, Beckers use it in the colors of the same of Shins/Chings. As I said, I slide past the goal, and hit the boards with my BACK, and then Dutch Beckers are not only Bakers/Bakkers too, but they share the Lindell leaves (same colors, same design, anyway). When I got up off the ice, I started to skate back to the teammates, but saw them all rushing me to PILE on top, the other pointer to Mike Lindell. Beach's even use a lone PILE in the colors of the Pile piles. Dutch Beckers/Bakers almost have the Hazel Coat. Therefore, this paragraph tends to reveal why I crashed into the boards with my back, though I can't see how Boards might relate to this pointer to election fraud.

As Beauchamps are also BEACHams, it's interesting that the Beauchamp eagle is shared without a beak by Perins, for Beach's/Bechs were first found in Hertfordshire with Beak-connectable Finch's. This makes Beach's and Beckers look like Beauchamp branches.

I slid past the goal post while "Post" is a motto term of phoenix-using Mole's, and while I poked in the goal as a pointer to the Poke variation of Pollocks, and while Posts share the English Pool/Pole Coat lion, Eschyna de Molle had a daughter who married Robert Pollock, the second Pollock after his brother, Peter of Moray. It explains why, aside from the Mole / Gouch boar head, Mole's share the Moray Coat.

Stolls share the dove (i.e. a pigeon) with Moses'/Moys (Shropshire with early Rothes' and the father of the Pollocks) while Mole's are Mows/Mowls too while Mosleys named a Mowsley location in Lancashire, which can explain the "mole hills" of Shake's/Shicks, first found in Lancashire. Moses'/Moys were first found in Shropshire with the Alans who in turn not only had the father of the Pollocks as their vassal, but married Eschyna de Molle.

German Posts were first found in Prussia with German Beckers, and the latter are partly in Lake colors, and fully in Lake format, though I wish I had a harder link than merely this. German Beckers share the checks of Halperins/Halfpennys, and while Perins share the chevron of Dutch Beckers/Bakers, "HalPERIN" is interesting here, especially as Halls were first found in Lincolnshire with Bracebridge's.

Tarr and I won the CHAMPIONship game, which I'll get to below. He scored four goals that game. There are Champion surnames, one being Belgian, and an English branch looking connectable to MAPLEbecks/Mapletons who in turn use a giant fitchee in the colors of the Lake fitchee. Maple's could have been of the Marble's/Marple's. Camps/Champs happen to share the griffin of Marble's/Marple's who in turn share the Lake fitchees. Marble's/Marple's were first found in Cheshire with the SHARDs/Shirts (Line/Lyne colors and format) while Avezzano's were first found in SARDinia with Amori's.

Amori's not only share the label in Chief with Dampierre's, and not only share the Crozier / Leicester / Montgomery fleur, but share the stars of Garden-branch Jardins (Angus with Gardens/Jardens) who in turn share the saltire of Belgian Champions/Campions. Lakeys/Leckeys have a Coat much like the Shard/Shirt Coat. Heraldic labels are probably code for Labels/La Bells, and bells are used by Campanio's.

Mamie's thigh has brought to mind another heraldic link never realized before. The shin-slide goal was a TIE BREAKER, for the score was 2-2 until that last minute in the game. Thigh's/Thy's are also Tie's, and Breakers are also Brechs while Brecons/BRECHins use piles in Thigh/Tie colors. The team piled on me after this goal. Brecons/Brechins were first found in Angus with Gardens, and she got her thigh symbol at her garden! It works like a lucky charm.

I don't recall anything linking Mamie to this hockey game, but then I don't remember everything. The camp grounds that Mamie and I were at can go with the championship that Tarr and I won for the team, especially as Jardins share a Champion saltire. This Mamie link to the hockey game (12 years apart) is to be expected if both point to Kari Lake.

Ahhh, David Clements is still working in election fraud with Mike Lindell, and Clements were first found in BRECONshire (or Brecknock)!!!! Plus, David Morley (my old friend) appeared in the same dream with Miss Peare on the stage, and Scottish Morleys/Mauls have a "CLEMENTia" motto term!!! The Riggs suspect in the Morley/Maul write-up may be sharing the white dog of Williams, first found in Breconshire too, and the other English Riggs (Shropshire with Jarrets!) share the annulets of Gunturs in the "JunGUNTER" motto term of Gardens! The election was RIGGed!!!!

I often call this dream the sleeping bag dream, and Sleeps/Slippers were once said to be first found in Shropshire with Riggs (and Meschins and Talbots), is this not astounding? Morleys/Mauls (Yorkshire with Meschin-Skiptons) share the Tailbois scallops while Meschin-related Tailbois are in Jardin colors and format. Jardins were first found in the same place as Brecons/Brechins.

The Morleys/Mauls can have the Pulit/Pulling and Peartree scallops because Pulits/Pullings and Jumps were first found in Yorkshire with Morleys/Mauls while Jumps share the Peartree stag head. Peartree's are from the Tessin/Ticino river of Tess'/Tecks suspect in the "Tecte" motto term of Morleys/Mauls. The last scene in the dream with Morleys/Mauls was an embrace scene, with Miss Peare.

"TecTE" can be part-code for a surname from the Tees river of Yorkshire, and my original justification for Mamie's thigh symbol was that she teased me the night before in the tent. Tess'/Tecks are Tease's too, yet Tease's are listed also with Tees'/Tyes'. Thigh's are Tie's too, yet English Tie's and Teys'/Toys (Perin kin?) were first found in Yorkshire too. Tease's/Tees'/Tyes' share the Jardin stars while Jardins, a Garden branch, have the Tess/Teck/Tease and Peerless saltire in colors reversed.

Notice the Teya variation of Teck-like Texas' who share the Coat of English Vaux's (beside Teys/Toys) while Scottish Vaux's were first found in East Lothian, beside the MAME's of Midlothian. I've told many times that, about a year after Mamie and I broke up, I was dispatched to pick her up a couple of times in my TAXi cab, and on the second occasion, we dated one last time.

[Insert January 31 -- Perhaps the Christians convoy to Texas and Arizona, called, "TAKE Our BORDer BACK," can apply to my crashing into the boards with my back, for Borders are also BOARDers. Plus, while the Border saltire is in the colors of the Tease/TECK saltire, it's colors reversed from the TAKE/Tate saltire. Plus, English Backs were first found in Somerset with Borders.

I had evidence that God likened the Canadian convoy to a spear, and, as was said, I speared the slide-by goal into the net. I used my stick as a spear, knocking the puck in with the tip of the blade as I slid by the net. The immigrant crisis is in fact part of Democrat election fraud, without a doubt. In order for the paragraph above to apply, though, I think it would be better if Mike Lindell were to become involved with this convoy. From two years ago: "MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell has announced plans to send pillows to Canadian truckers protesting vaccine mandates."

I met Mamie (a few weeks before the camp-site weekend) on my last night with Lorraine, and she, on the night of our first date, pointed to the Landrys, first found in Lorraine with LOUIS'. Jeff Landry is the LOUISiana governor at this time, supporting Abbott's fights against Biden.

The convoy-like Conveys could be sharing the Lake bend because the Convey bend shares the Vito / Witt annulet while Vito's may have been a branch of Fitch's/Fitts in the Lake fitchees. The Amore's, first found in the same place as Lake's, are in the Convey motto. Plus, the "Fide" motto term of Conveys can be for the Fido variation of Fette's/FITTs. There's a lot more that could be said here to link the latter's chevron to the Levi and Landry chevron. Fette's/Fitts (beside ProFETTs), first found in Kincardineshire with Patria's/Peertree's, share the Peare and Tiens' stars while Abbotts were Peare kin. Peare's use a Coat similar to the Fitch/Fitt Coat. End insert]

As the Tax/Dack Coat can be linked well to Borders, was that date a pointer to something at the Texas border? I told that we went to hear live music at the restaurant of Joe Fix, an Israeli immigrant, and I've been catching wind that there is a Jewish organization, HIAS, in the shadows of the laxity at the border, perhaps even supported by Ben Shapiro. HIAS stands for Hebrew Immigrant AID Society (caps mine), and as Fiscs use an "ad" motto term, I see Atha's/Attys (share Fisc Coat) as an Ade/Aid branch, and here we can point out the "Duci" motto term of Atha's/Attys because English Ducks/Dacks, who share the crossed swords of Tax's/Dacks, and who were first found in the same place as Borders, probably share the Border star. Plus, Fix/Feck variations are like those of Feschs/Fechters who in turn have more crossed, white swords. Plus, this can be a pointer to DOUGLAS Ducey because Douglas' have a Chief in the colors of the Tey/Toy Chief. There's yet a chance that Kari Lake will become the Arizona governor, Ducey's job just 13 months ago.

The embrace in the lake was connected to Mamie's thigh bone, and the thigh bone is connected to the knee bone. The shin bone is connected to the knee bone, and the Irish Shins have a demi-black dog in Crest to go with the black dog head of French Barrys. German Barrys/Baris' ("regi") are in Lily colors and format while Lille's were first found in Oxfordshire too. Lilys share the white swan head in Crest with Leicesters ("rege"). The Baris variation is much like "Bras." The demi-dog of Shins is shared in white by Swans/Sions/Sine's, and the Amore/Armer dog head is likewise white. We're clicking all over, just like bone joints. Cheshire is where Ship-beloved and fox-using Bellows/Ballots were first found along with ship-using DeWits/Jewitts, and Shinnocks use the fox.

The reason I went to Barrys is that Barry invited me to the camp site, or I wouldn't have been with Mamie at all. I've told this many times. French Barrys share the upright and white horse with DeWits/Jewitts (Cheshire again), and the Crest of French Barrys shares the dog head (different color) with Amore's/Armers and Damory's/Amori's. French Barrys even use a "bien" motto term while German Biens use bees suspect in the Bracebridge motto. Bee's were first found in Oxfordshire with Amore's/Armers and Damory's/Amori's. Kari Lake is all over this heraldry unfolding.

Amore's and their Damory branch were first found in Oxfordshire with Lake's, and Leaks share the engrailed bend of Knee's/NEE's while Amore's/Armers have a "ne" motto term. "Amor" happens to be a motto term of Brace-connectable Brasier's/Brazers. The Armer variation of Amore's might therefore explain the armored arms of Brace's/Bras'. While "Amore" means "love," the Love's/Luffs, who worked earlier (above) into the Lake fitchees, were likewise first found in Oxfordshire. Love's/Luffs were once said to be first found in Suffolk with DeMere's, and while Italian Amori's are also Demore's, DeMere's share the giant ship of Mere's/MARE's (Cheshire with Ship-beloved Bellows) in the MacDonald motto ("Per mare per terras") along with Amore-beloved Terras'. Demere's were once said, for over a decade, to be first found in Cheshire.

It's not easy to find green footless martlets, but they are shared between English Gards and Denvers while the American head office for Dominion Voting is in Denver. Gardners have the griffins of Gards in colors reversed, though Gardeners use them as griffin heads in the colors of the Camp/Champ griffin heads. See anything suspicious here? It appears that I was Destined to be at that camp site with Mamie, and I was living at the apartment of Paul Oullette at the time, Joe's brother.

Leicesters were not only first found in Cheshire too with Knee-connectable Touch's/Tuffs and Tufts/Tuffs', but share the motto in full of Lyne's/Lyons who in turn share the Touch/Tuffs Coat. See Tufts shortly below as they apply to my goal with puck on the goal LINE. I say that Leaks were Knee kin for multiple reasons not repeated here.

Dampierre's, with a "Dominus" motto term for what looks like a pointer to Dominion Voting, were first found in Lincolnshire with Bracebridge's. This now gets very deep because Leicesters (almost the Montgomery Coat) share the fleur-de-lys of Croziers and Montgomerys while Mike Lindell openly claimed to receive the election-night Internet records from Dennis Montgomery (and friends) that incriminated Dominion Voting, China, and other jail-worthy cheaters on election day/night.

Since then, Lindell seems to have been scared off in continuing that line of revelation. In any case, as Mamie was at her garden, the only event I recall at her home that day, isn't it amazing that "Gardez bien" is a Montgomery motto term? German Biens (Silesia) use more bees. It just so happens that bee-using Kerrys (look like Help kin) were first found in Montgomeryshire. Montgomerys were first found in Renfrewshire, and Renfrews almost have the DeWit ship.

I had given Mamie got a thigh symbol at her garden because she had the most beautiful thighs, which of course are part of her Leicester-connectable legs. The Thigh's/Thys' are suspect with a giant fox to go with Kari Lake's anchor job at Fox news, Phoenix. The shins are part of the leg too, and Shins can by of the Irish Fox's and Shine's/Shinnocks who both share Coats. These Fox's use a "SIONnach" motto term while Swans, who are in the Leicester Crest, are also Sions/Sine's. Kari Lake and Ruben Gallego are trying to win the job of Kyrsten SINEma at this time. German Shine's/Scheins were first found in Switzerland with Sion. Swans are used by Chris'/Christmans and Christmas'/Christmans (Austria with Christs/Kists/Kryste's).

I've just found a Kristen surname listed with Kerstens/Karstens, first found in Austria with Christs/Kists/Kyrste's, pretty amazing because Christine's are listed with Christians. I'm now starting to think that God set up Christine Peare in my dream (in my early 60s) to point to Arizona because Pero's share the Kristen/Kersten/Karsten (and Karen) hexagrams. Karens were first found in Silesia with Wies' while Weis' share the Kristen/Kersten/Karsten hexagrams too.

In this dream, it ended with Miss Peare on a stage with me, and so, yes, I think this is pointing to Krysten Sinema. What was that last scene? I was pulling her toward me by the waist / hips for an emBRACE, but before our bodies touched, I woke up. Weiss' (not "Weis") were kin of Kepke's, and Kepke's with Koops/Kupe's share the border of Chris'/Christmans and Christmas'/Christmans, and I stole Miss Peare from my buddy, Mr. Kepke, at the La Paloma. Christine's/Christians share cups with Koops/Kupe's. He and I were about 18 years old, and she was his date that night. But he took her from me soon after on Lawrence avenue in Toronto. His name is, Lawrence; we remained friends for a few years.

I've just found a Kister surname listed with Kesten surname, first found in Prussia and Denmark to go with the first-known Kristens/Kerstens of Denmark. Kisters/Kestens happen to share the white, courant horse on red of Waistells/Wessels, I figure, because German Wessels were first found in Prussia too.

The Schims/Schiens now recalls the SCIMitar of Irish Kennedys because "Avise" is a motto term of Scottish Kennedys while Avesnes-like Avisons are also Avis'. Scottish Kennedys were kin of Carricks who in turn nearly have the "Gardez bien" motto of Montgomerys.

This is a good place to add that Mame's and their Sinclair kin, both first found in Midlothian, share a "God" motto term with Bracebridge's, and Sinclairs add "thy." It doesn't look coincidental. Irish Shins were first found in County Clare, named by the Sinclair bloodline. I got the poke-in goal on my shin/knee pads, and Knee's were first found in County Down while Downs, first found in Sussex with the Packs who share the Montgomery anchor, have a giant stag in the colors of the giant stag of German Jungs/Youngs/June's while "JUNGuntur" is a motto term of gardens to which Mamie pointed at her garden. English June's share the fleur-de-lys of German Shine's/Scheins and Sinclair-connectable Conans (Tipperary with Kennedys).

Back to Bosco's. Italian Bosco's share the Scott / Terras star and crescent. Plus, Scottish Bosco's (Pilate/Pilotte colors and format) are excellent for this poke-in goal because they have "TUFTs of grass" on top of "pillars." It just so happens that Pilotte/'s/Pillows come up as "Piller," and the latter use cups while Cups/Cope's were first found in Aberdeenshire with Leslie's. Pilotte's/Pilotte's were first found in Lincolnshire with Grasse's. Tufts of grass.

French Pilotte's/Pilate's (Burgundy with Save's) share the pheons of Carnys while the Carni people lived at the Lesce region, on the Sava/SAVE river. Sava's/Savage's, first found in Cheshire with Newtons and Tufts/Tuffs, share the Pillar/Pilot/Pile lion. Moreover, the Sava/Savage Coat is a colors-reversed version of the Eagle/Hegel Coat, and the latter were first found in Lincolnshire with Pilotte's/Pillows/Pillers and Grasse's.

But there is more because TUFTs/Tuffs (Cheshire with Newtons) share the Phoenix with Knee's, and I fell to my knees when I fell to my shin bones! We got here from the Bosco's. Therefore, the Bushites with Rothschild elements can become suspect behind the bribe attempt on Miss Lake. English Bone's were first found in Sussex with Pillow-branch Pellets/Pilots. Pillars (not "Piller") are listed with Pilots/PILE's, and the entire team piled on me after scoring this goal.

Having said that, I am amazed because the lodged stag can be part-code for the Lodge's/LOGE's (Sussex with Bone's) while Lindells share the same leaves as Hazel but stemming from what I assume is called a LOG!!!

Repeat from above: "German Crapps share the bull's scalp with Cheneys, what make ye of that? Cheneys share "pruDENTia" with DeWits/Jewitts (and Youngs/Yonge's), and Dents are in the colors and format of the English Pigeons. Pigeon-like Piggs share the black-on-white boar with Jarrets and Bush's, what maketh ye of this? Piggs were first found in Northumberland with Pilotte-connectable Pile's while Piggs'/Picks/Pix's are in Pilotte/PILLOW colors and format."

We can then ask how this picture can be of the stool pigeon because Stolls share the lozengy cross of PICKers/Peckers/Packers. Why might Piggerds/Picards share the lone Leak fleur-de-lys? Why do Picture's/Picthalls, in English Line colors, share the crossed spears of Scottish Line's/Linds? While Roets were Spear/Speyer kin, Piggs'/Picks/Pix's (Kent with Roots) share the rooted tree of Roots. Stolls are very connectable to Rhodes-related Baths (near GORDANo) and Payne's (from Payne Roet). The Dove's in the Stoll Crest were first found in Berwickshire with Roet-related Gords/GORDANs.

Might "Cheney" be much like the Chynne variation of Shins/Chings because the political Cheney family is behind the election-fraud push by Arizona Republicans? Dick Cheney's wife is Lynne, and while the puck was on the goal line, German Linds come up as "Lynne." English Line's (more red roses) are also Lynds. Plus, the Lyons have just come up as "Lyne" who happen to share the giant lion of Touch's/Tuffs, first found in Cheshire with BOSco-beloved Tufts/Tuffs (phoenix), and BOStons have this giant lion in colors reversed.

The Banks are said to have been at a Newton location in Craven, and the reason that the CRAVen Coat is a colors-reversed version of the RICK Coat is that Croatians, called, KRVati, were at Rijeka, also called, RIKA. Ricks were first found in Cheshire with Newtons, Leghs and Marble's, and the Rick fitchees can easily be the white ones of Marble's and Lake's. The Lakeys/Leckeys almost have the English Line/Lyne Coat. I'll admit that the Rick link to Lake's is very weak here without the BROKEN spear in the Crest of Leghs (share red lion with Broke's/Brocks). Brokens/Brogins share the saltire of Loge's and Messeys/Messier's, which will become election-fraud important shortly.

And so let's bring the Reeks back to topic because we saw that they helped to trace Maxwells (double-headed eagle) and Maxtons of ROXburghshire to the double-headed eagle on a ROCK in the Arms of Rijeka. Remember, German Terras'/Terrace's use Rock-related ROOKs, and Rijeka is at ancient TARSatica.

We now go to Ricketts/Reckitts, who almost have the Line/Lyne Coat too, but add the two swords to a point of McGee's, which the Maxwell-branch Mackays use as "daggers." Why is this important? Because, it tends to confirm that my poke-in goal is a pointer to the leak of DeWit's criminality done against Kari Lake, but also a pointer to the funding of her legal war by Mike Lindell.

As I've said a million times, the very next goal that our team got, as the first goal of the championship match, was from a pass from Steve Tarr to my stick in front of the net. I backhanded the puck over the KNEE pad of Jim McGee, my very own friend, as he KICKed his knee pad out to block the shot. Two goals in a row from Tarr to me, and we went on to win that championship match. It should therefore seem interesting to you that there is a "scimiTAR" in the Rickett/Reckitt Crest.

Rickets is a bone disease to go with the Newton shin bones, in case God arranged those shin bones to suit my shin-bone slide. "Bon" is a motto term of the Hicks (Yorkshire with Craven) who in turn share the fleur-de-lys of leg-using Leaks (partly in Yorkshire), and Hicks had a branch of Low LEIGHTon, which is in Essex with the first-known Hockeys. Leightons were first found in Shropshire with Sleeps/Slippers, and beside the Leghs/Leigh's, you see, of Cheshire (where Hazels were once said to be first found). Hicks almost have the Coat of Hooks, first found in Devon with Staggs/Stage's, and with Hockey-related Hazels. The latter's Islip branch uses the lodged stag, and was first found in Oxfordshire with Lake's, though the latter were also early at TrevarRICK, in Cornwall roughly where the Hicks of St. Ewe were.

I was able to glean that Kicks/Kecks were related to Leslie's, by the way, relevant where Leslie's (Aberdeenshire with Reeks) are from Lesce, near Rijeka. Lesks are in Rickett/Reckitt colors. Reeks use a giant ship (as do DeWits) while Ships were first found in Oxfordshire with Lake's and Amore's, and then "amore" is a motto term both of Terras' and Rickers/Ricards. These Terras' were first found in Moray with Rothes, and Leslie's became earls of Rothes due to their marriage to Pollocks and Watt-connectable Watsons.

I POKED the puck across the line as though my STICK was a SPEAR, and Spears were on the Spey river to Rothes. The Poulos', though they appear to use logs, use so-called "STICKs, I kid you not, and Sticks, first found in Somerset with Tarrs, are probably from the "Sithech" ancestry of Sava-like Shaws. Richters use either a giant log or stick. Tarsatica and Rijeka are near the Sava, and while Sava's were first found in Cheshire with Ricks, we may add that Scottish Shaws share the Pilotte/Pillow Coat while English Shaws were first found in Berkshire with Lesks.

While Lindells/Linds appear to use log, and while we saw English Loge's/Lodge's linking to the lodged Maxwell and Reek stag, yet there is a French Loge surname (Terras colors), first found in Burgundy with Pillow-branch Pilotte's/Pilate's and Locks/DesLOGES', but also with Pula-like POULOS'/Pouls, is that not astounding? Yes, for Mr. Poulos owns Dominion Voting, the company in Toronto's Chinatown that defrauded Lake and Trump (and many others) out of their election wins.

The Brace's are also Bras', and then French Brasier's/Brasots were not only first found in Burgundy with Loge's, but they have similar colors. Can my emBRACE with Mamie in the lake point to this picture? English Brasier's were first found in Somerset, near the first-known Brace's/Bras' of Herefordshire.

Dominion Voting's original office was (may still be) at 215 Spadina Rd, in Toronto, and Tarrs trace to Taranto, is that not wilder? My shin pad slide, to knock Tarr's puck home, can therefore point to Toronto's Chinatown district, which covers 215 Spadina. The Trudeau Coat is much like the Camp/Champ Coat. Toronto is a liberal bastion for voting purposes; the Franks of canada made it that way with heavy immigration. Note that the French surname shares the green dolphin with the Coffee/Coffer Crest, the one that points to the Arms of Taranto. The French Coat is also the Ille/YLLEY Coat while Trudeau's were first found in ILE-de-France. The Yellows were first found in Oxfordshire with the Gardeners almost having the Camp/Champ Coat.

justin trudeau has admitted to China's interference in canadian elections, after trying to hide it for quite some time. It's obvious to anyone with a brain that China cheated on behalf of trudeau's government, because Klaus Schwab (Switzerland), whom trudeau serves shamelessly, is a pro-China stupid. Yet trudeau is trying to make it appear as though his government was trying to block China from interfering.

The two Poulos sticks form a saltire cross, in colors reversed from the saltire of Loge's (Burgundy with Messeys/Messier's), and moreover the latter's Coat is the Messey/MESSIER Coat in colors reversed while English Messier's were first found in Lincolnshire with Pilotte's/Pillows and Lakeys/Leckeys. Poulos' even share wings (different colors) with Messey-branch Masci's, and my mother is a Masci on her mother's side.

Masseys/Maceys were of the Mackays, from king Maccus to whom Maxwells/Makeswells and Maxtons trace. Macks/Maks/Makes', with nearly the Tarr Shield, share the Macey/Mace and Terras stars. Masci's and Messina's share the sinister-rising bend with RASmussens, and while Ras' are listed with Scottish Rose's, Jewish Rothchilds put roses on their sinister-rising bend. "Sinister" is the Shield's left side (viewer's right).

The full Arms of Rothschild uses "TURNed" helmets, and Masci's were first found in Piedmont with TURIN. Scottish Turins, first found in Aberdeenshire with Leslie's, share the boar head of Bards/Beards/Bears who in turn share the Leslie Crest. Bards were not only first found in Lanarkshire with LOCKharts, but use a Dominion-like "Dominus" motto term while Domine's/Dunhams use spears to go with Rothes at the Spey river. And Piedmont is where Domino's were first found. Lesks are in Dome colors and format, and "Domus" is a motto term of English Bayers (giant rose) while Bards/Beards/Bears are also Bayerds. German Bayers use the bear.

I don't give much credence to derivations at houseofnames, but it's possible that Chickens, first found in Suffolk with Lodge's/Loge's, may have been a Poulos branch as per the latter's write-up: "Originally the name Poulos was derived from the Old French word poulet, meaning chicken."

Chickens are more likely descended from Shake's/Shicks because the two share chevrons. Shake's/Shicks use "mole" hills while Mole's and their Gouge/Googe kin (both from ROXburghshire) share the boar head of SCHIMs/Schiens. The latter were not only first found in Aberdeenshire with Reeks, but Ricketts/Reckitts use the SCIMitar.

I've said before that while the stool pigeon came to my stool tank inspected by Mr. Gouch, the Gouch's/Googe's share the boar head of Schims/Schiens who in turn share a white dove with branch in beak with stool-like Stolls. The "vis" motto term of these Stolls is probably code for the Vise's who share the Knee and Acorn stag head. Vise's and Acorns were first found in Sussex with the Downs, and while the latter use a stag in Trump stag-head colors, and while Tromps use acorns, Knee's were first found in County Down. This can link the stool pigeon to my knee-pad goal, especially as Shins/Chings were first found in Somerset with Stolls.

Vise's can be gleaned in the Eustace Crest, and then Eustace's were a branch of Stacys, and the Staggs/Stage's in the Vise Coat.

I think I can make the case that the Reek ship is also the DeWit ship, but the only reason I'm willing to go through this exercise is that "Reek" can be a variation from the Ricketts/Reckitts who in turn share the swords to a point, chevron style, with Scottish McGee's. And so my goal against Jim McGee, to start out championship game, can be a pointer to DeWit's demise. It's a big deal because he's been shown guilty of exactly the sort of criminal thing that "conspiracy nuts" have been claiming as the reality behind closed doors.

The Reeks use so-called mill RINDs while Rinds use "gillie flowers"." That's my best recollection of the spelling, and if not mistaken, the Jewells, who use them too, spell them as "gilly flowers." As DeWit-like Dews/Deweys share the cinquefoil of Flowers and Potters (Dove colors and format), it makes DeWits/JEWitts look like a branch of Jewells, or vice versa. Potters (Dragon/Drainer colors and format) were first found in Hampshire, on-shore from WIGHT, along with Reek-like Rich's and mill-rind-using Mills. Reeks use the mill rind.

Dews/Deweys are said to have named "Douai, near Lille," and Lille's happen to share the blue border with Mills while Lilys are in Puck/Puckel colors and format. Lille's were first found in Oxfordshire with Ships.

Hampshire is where dragon-using Drake's were first found to help explain the dragon heads of Dews/Deweys. Plus, while DeWits use the dove, Dovers have the giant Flower cinquefoil in colors reversed. Dovers have a Dour surname in their write-up, yet German Dours/Dorrs share the hand of Pucks/Puckels while Hands were first found in Cheshire with Ricks, and with Ship-beloved Bellows who in turn have more white cinquefoils. Reeks and DeWits/Jewitts use the ship.

Lille's, said to be from L'Isle's, share the red fitchee with hand-using Ille's/Isle's/Ylleys while Yellows/Yelleys were first found in Oxfordshire with Lille's and fitchee-using Lake's. The key here for a pointer to Lake's leak of DeWits bribe attempt, by the looks of it, is the IlLEIGH variation of Ille's/Isle's/Ylleys, because Cheshire is where Leak-like Leghs/Leigh's were first found. Leaks use the leg.

Kari Lake and Gregg Abbott News

[Insert -- Before starting this section, I'd like to quote from the next update: "On Tuesday of this week, after linking the Garden/Jarden and Jardin surnames to Kari Lake's ordeals in Arizona, the video below was loaded telling that some military from Arizona are in Jardin-like Jordan as part of the drone attack there, on Americans, on January 27."

If this attack was a false-flag attack from the Americans, was it to send a signal to, or deride, the National Guards protecting the Arizona / Texas border(s)? The same video channel has a headline: "Enemy drone that killed US troops in Jordan was mistaken for a US drone, preliminary report suggests". The three Americans killed were from Georgia, and although the Georgia governor, Brian Kemp, is supporting Abbott's border protection, he's an election-fraud denier, and an accomplice to election fraud in 2020. Note that Kemps can easily be Camp liners. End insert]

We can't be lip-service Christians. True-hearted Christians know enough not to get close to Trump. They ought to know to call him out as an unrepentant mass murderer who's going to need to tell God about what he did, and you don't want to be standing beside him at that time. So to speak. For all I know, he may not get a chance to explain himself to God.

Why didn't Miss Lake expose DeWit right away, early last year? Is it enough to tell the voters that she was being bribed, without telling who was doing the bribing? Was she afraid until now? Did she even give the order to leak the conversation at this time?

On Megyn Kelly, January 25, Ms. Lake tells that she leaked the audio:

Mike Lindell has been pushing "Let My People Go," by election-fraud fighter, David Clements, and yet, so far as I can see on frankspeech, one must buy this movie, which tells you how little they care about how many people watch it. The "movie, "2,000 Mules," which was nothing but a simple news show, had the same, money-priority agenda, and it made way too money so that the people who raked it in need to give it back to those who paid for it. It is just a simple-to-make news show; it is not a movie. The election-fraud fight should not become like the money-changers at the Temple, where Trump himself would fit right in.

Let the people see these "movies" for free, and then let them donate to the cause if they freely choose to do so. But charging to see them will reduce the viewers by more than half, not because people can't afford to pay, but because they rightly should not trust those who claim to be warriors yet charge money to explain the state, status and nature of the war. Nothing can harm the war effort more than the money-grubbing leader of the war. Even if he wins the war, he'll be under Punishment. Here's the captain of 2,000 Mules:

That looks like a juicy story that should have many social-media people talking more about it.

On Glenn Beck, Ms. Lake said that she did not splice anything out of the DeWit conversation, nor add anything to it. She said that she shared the recording with her husband. I think it's safer to come out publicly with a revelation of such a dangerous threat than to sit on it. Once it's out in public, the goons won't have as much motive to kill you to keep it from becoming public. Their motive then will be vengeance, but that is usually put off for some time, and, by that time, the one wanting vengeance will have second thoughts.

Another video said that Kari Lake and Ruben Gallego (Democrat) were "neck and neck" for the senate race, which is a shame for Arizona, to have a Democrat contender at this pivotal time.

With the entry of Christine Peare into the Kari-Lake discussion, and especially as Lake is for border control too (on the Arizona border), along with Greg Abbott, I'll now remention that Abbotts use pears because they were first found in Oxfordshire with Peare's/Pears/Pearls. Abbotts even share a white unicorn in Crest with Christine's.

I and others are hoping that Abbott is not faking a role where his offense against the Biden government is staged for the purpose of creating a news-based, pretend emergency allowing Biden's people to operate in martial law. By the end of this week, I heard of 700,000 trucks and other vehicles en route to the border to support Abbott, but this is such a high number that it seems purposefully exaggerated. This video tells that Keith Self, a Republican in Texas, named the 700,000 number:

As you can see, this convoy to Texas has a Christian umbrella, perfect if the Obamaites wish to cause strife against the Christian militia of Texas, which the liberals like to call "terrorists." There is no doubt in my mind that non-Christian, Texan militias have been thinking of killing people for years who are ruining American life, and a concocted martial-law state would hope to get those Texans to start shooting.

The problem for the Biden administration is, there's lots of guns in Texas, and the leaders amongst the Obamaites are very few indeed so that, in fact, the conservatives could win a civil war by gunning for the leaders wherever they live, though at great cost to all. These possibilities have been tabled by militia in every state. They know they need to get the leaders, and so the leaders will be put on lockdown everywhere, by their own selves. The militias know who the bad-guy leaders are, all over the country.

The trick now is to watch closely to see if the build-up to this crisis is pre-planned rather than naturally occurring. Watch Abbott closely. Abbott condemns himself when he cries that Biden has killed more Americans than ever before from rampant illegal immigration. Why didn't Abbott do what needed to be done starting in 2022, when it was already blatant that Biden's government was assisting crimes in Texas? Unless he was fearful of repercussions, I can't understand why he waited until millions had crossed freely, threatening the 2024 vote in Texas and beyond.

I've shown many times that the Border Coat shares the crossed swords of Texas-like Tax's/Dacks, for Borders, first found in Somerset with Ducks/Dacks, share the Duck/Dack star. The Decks/Daggers, linkable to the Christs/Kists above, share the red squirrel with Square's/Squirrels who in turn have a "Tiens" motto term for the Peare-related Tiens' (Oxfordshire with Abbotts) who share both the Peare and Abbott chevron. I find this amazing. The Falcons in the Duck/Dack Crest were first found in Cumberland with English Daggers/Dackers, and with the Vaux's who share the Texas Coat.

In my sleeping-bag dream of several years ago, Christine Peare appeared in the last scene upon a wooden DECK in a mall, the one I was on. She had come from a deck beside the one I was on, and there was another woman on the deck with her, whom I was able to reveal as Louise Phillips, an old friend of hers who were renting my apartment along with me when Miss Peare was dating Mr. Kepke. The last time I saw Louise, she told me she was going into choreography, and so I reasoned that these wooden decks in the mall were also to be viewed as stages as code for the Stagg/Stage surname, for Miss Peare had pointed very hard to Godfrey de Bouillon, son of Eustace II, and Eustace's can be gleaned, with Stacys (both use stags), as a Stagg/Stage branch.

But other considerations got me wondering whether God was pointing to staged, false-flag events with that last scene. The sleeping bag in this dream had pointed, first of all, to the International Order of St Hubertus, whose leader was in Mexico when judge Scalia was murdered on a Texas ranch. The sleeping bag had pointed to his murder, which took place when about 30 hunters were hunting with him, on a February weekend, all 30ish having been members / friends of the Hubertus "order." The Hubert write-up has "Hibberts of Marple", that being of the Marble/Marple surname.

The two dream scenes starting with the one having Miss Phillips were the ones pointing to the Waistells having a horse on a gallop, and so let's add that Dutch Polls almost use the Welsh Phillips Coat, a possible pointer to Gallop polls as election-fraud tools. Gallops almost have the Welsh David Coat, and Davids were a part of this dream. These Davids are suspect with the Jewish Levi lion which wears a gold crown, same as the lion of Dutch Poll's and the Phillips. Gallops have a "wyse" motto term while English Wise's could have a version of the French Levi Coat.

Just in case there's anything to the Hubertus cult pulling election-fraud strings: German Polls use a "frying pan" while Fry's/Freys (beside Whistle's/Wessels, Pools/Pole's, and Waistell-related George's), sharing the white and courant horse with Waistells/Wessels, were first found in Wiltshire with Hubert-related Cuffs. The latter could be incorporating the Bee bend-with-fleur because Gallops use two "Be" motto term.

The waist scene was in a mall, and Malls almost have the Bee Coat. The Malbanks in the Mall write-up can take one to Banks, whom I see as a branch of Benjamins who in turn share the annulets of Hubert-branch Hubbards and Schole's/SCAYLE's (Yorkshire with Morleys/Mauls). The Hubertus cult murdered judge SCALia. David Morley circled the sleeping bag that pointed to the murder of judge Scalia aside from David Morley circling the bag. I haven't told, in this update, how the bag pointed to the Hubertus cult.

Ahh, Schole's/Scayle's share the crosslet of Gollys/Gullys, and so I checked whether Gallops come up as Gollops, and they do. Gollys/Gullys were first found in Oxfordshire with the Bee's suspect in the Gallop/Gollop motto!

Schole's/Scayle's were first found in Yorkshire with Gale's and Galleys while French Galleys were first found in Dauphine with Galli's (Italian Gallo's share a gold lion with the Gallop/Gollop Crest). Dauphine is where PANs/Payens were first found who are in the POLL frying pan! The Gallop POLL. Pans/Payens share the Pero/Perino hexagrams while the Pero/Perino pale bar is in colors reversed from the pale-bar-by-ladder of Scalia's.

OH WOW. I didn't know until now that George HORACE Gallup invented the Gallop poll. It is the Waistell HORSE that has the Gallops/Gollops!

Louise Phillips was working for Penningtons clothing when she was Peare's friend. Penningtons and Phillips' both use an "amor(e)" motto term, and while French Louis' share blue lozenges with Penningtons, the latter's Coat is almost the one of French BRASier's/Brasots. The latter is not very familiar to me, but not new either. As I said, the last scene in the dream, with Peare on my stage, was my emBRACing her. I told earlier that Brace's/Bras' use armored arms while Amore's (same place as Peare's) are also Armers, and they use an "Amor" motto term. So, the same loving-embrace theme that pointed to Kari Lake via Mamie and I is pointing, apparently, to Ms. Lake through this final scene. Brasier's/Brasots are even in Stagg/Stage colors. Pennings use stag heads.

The two Brasier surnames are fairly new to me, perhaps not more than about a year old. English Brasier's, I have only now seen, after writing the paragraph above, use the motto, "Amor patriae," absolutely amazing because Penningtons use an "amore patria" phrase while Welsh Phillips use, "DUCit amor patriae"!!! Irish Phillips' (not "Phillip") even show an armored arm in Crest! As I've said many times, Patria's are listed with PEARtree's. Penningtons even look like kin of Percys (Yorkshire with Braswells/Bracewells and Pennystone's). While Pierro's/Pero's were first found on the Tessin river (Italy), Tessons are in the Percy write-up. Pennys/Penes' were first found in Northamptonshire with Brays/Brae's in turn using a "flax BREAKER", perhaps linkable to Broken/Brogden elements.

German Ducks were first found in Westphalia with the Holding-related Allers (Holdings use "ALLERion" eagles). Holds/Holts use the squirrel so that my embracing Miss Peare is also to be viewed as my holding her. Holds/Holts and Holdings were first found in Lancashire with Bracewell and Brogden, a location in the Braswell/Bracewell write-up. Allerions (beakless eagle) is used also by Lorraine's and Perins (Lorraine), and Perins are suspect with Peare's because Kepke-branch Keeps were Lorraine kin. Pero's are also Perino's.

Holds/Holts use two of the Holder fesses, and Eric Holder was guilty with Obama in the "fast and furious" gun sales (or give-aways) to Mexican criminals. That was effectively the beginning of the illegalities at the border now in the news. What we see now was always the will / plan of Obama, safe to say, or whoever Obama called his Rhodian boss. The neo-Rhodians strive for the destruction of Constitutional America.

I can make the case that alleRIONs are part-code for the Rion variation of Riolle's who share the stars of English Ducks/Dacks. Allers were first found in Westphalia with German Ducks/Duckers (Tucker branch). Plus, Riolle's look like elements from Payne Roet while Spear-related Roets were first found in Somerset too, and then the Ducks/Duckers come up as Dockers while English Dockers (Cumberland with Daggers/Dackers) use spears and a Semper motto term while Sempers/St. Pierre's/St. Peere's share the Duce/Ducey Coat, is that not remarkable? English Dockers use the bridge while Bridge's were first found in Somerset with Ducks/Dacks.

Bracewell and Brogden is in West Craven, and the Banks, first found in Craven, were actually in the sleeping bag dream because I picked the sleeping bag up on a hill that proved to be a bank off the side of a road. Penistone is said to be near Sheffield, and I've shown how Keppochs (Yorkshire) and Chips were related to Sheffields. Miss Peare almost married Mr. Kepke. Banks were confirmed in the dream with the MalBancs in the Mall write-up, for the stage was in a shopping mall.

New: if we ignore the Patria/Peartree Chief, and the Trump stag head, we are left with almost the Lake Coat!!! That's huge because Peare's/Pears were first found in Oxfordshire with Lake's and Amore's/Armers. Plus, the Patria/Peartree Chief shares the Pulit/PULLING scallops, and the last scene of the dream was my PULLING Miss Peare toward me. Pulits/Pullings were first found in Yorkshire with Braswells/Bracewells who in turn look related to Dexters/DECKsters, and the stage that I was pulling her on was also a plain-wood deck. Therefore, Pennystone's (ravens) may have been of the Halperins/HalfPENNYs who point to Kari Lake.

If Pennystone's were from a Penny-line merger with Stone's, note that Stone's share the cinquefoils of French Buckets, for English Buckets were first found in Norfolk with the Bags having those cinquefoils in colors reversed. English Buckets share the Brecon/Brechin Coat, and the latter were first found in Angus with Jarre-branch Gardens and Jardins, evoking the BROKEN jar in my bed. English Jarrets were even first found in Shropshire Bagleys and BRECHs/Breakers, and as this is where English Rothes were once said to be first found, note that German Rothes'/Rothschilds share the raven with Pennystone's. Plus, English Rothes' are now said to be first found in Kent with Bagley-related Roots.

I can't recall much of whether the sleeping-bag dream had a meaningful pointer to Sleeps/Slippers, as a pointer to Mike Lindell's My Slippers, which in turn implies a pointer to the election-fraud battlefield. Root-connectable BAGleys were noted as being first found in Shropshire, where Sleeps/Slippers were once said to be first found. They are now said to be first found in Kent with Rothes' and Roots, and Roots share the Coat of Bagleys, both using lozenges in the colors of the Pennington lozenges.

Rothes is on the Spey river while Spears/Speyers seem to be in the spear-in / poke-in goal that pointed to Lindell. Spears/Speyers use an armored arm while Armors (not "Armer") share the Moray stars probably because Rothes is in Moray.

It all gets a little confusing, and each time that I finish a work like this, I'm left wondering what parts are of God, if any at all. I wouldn't have come this far, on this work, had there not been sufficient "coincidences" to lead me on, seeking more links.

The sleeping bag was on a hill, and it had pointed to Ade's/Aids', and so note the "ADvance" motto of Spears/Speyers, then put it's Vance portion together with the "AVANCEz" motto of Hills, and so it could be deemed a pointer to the Vance/Vaux surname that comes up as "Fann." Karen Fann was first on the Lindell side in the election-fraud fight, but then betrayed and joined the corrupt Republicans in hiding the corruption as best she could. She then stepped down as the president of the Arizona senate. Some suggested she took a bribe.

After PICKing up the sleeping bag, which was deemed a pointer to Picks/Pix's because they share the rooted tree of Roots (Kent with Picks/Pix's), I walked up the hill to a Root- / Rhodes-like road, and so one could say that I was RISING up the hill as a pointer to Risings/Risons and therefore to "Arizona." Hills were first found in Worcestershire with Decks.

The road at the top of the hill went super with the Rodhams/RODDENs only partly because they share the white-ermined bend of Malbanks, both surnames first found in Northumberland, but then this bend is the Jewish Rothchild bend without question because it's used as an arrow by Rothschilds/RODDENsteins. Plus, the Rise's/Rye's, now said to be first found in Norfolk with Risings/Risons, share the same white-ermined bend.

The Hill News features a Rising show that consistently breaks with news that conspiracy theorists dwell on, and so we might ask whether God arranged that show, or whether the dream is pointing to that show too, because God can point to more than one thing using the same scene of a dream, or the same event in my life. Or maybe I'm just unjustifiably wrong to suggest such a thing in the first place.

The deck / stage at the end of the dream was made of wood alone, only the rough frame with plywood, and English Woods share the rooted Root tree, you see, while Scottish Woods share the fitchees of Picks/Pix's (Kent with Wootens/Wooters). I had suggested that my picking up the sleeping bag, in the woods, pointed also to John Solomon, a journalist who was working for The Hill at that time. Solomons share the bend-with-stars of Phoenix-connectable Vance's/Fanns. Solomon often comes out with news against corruption in politics.

Yet, I picked the sleeping bag up in a forest upon the hill, and while a Mr. Foster flew alone to the Texas ranch with judge Scalia, Fosters are also Forrests. The latter are in Shake/Shick colors and format who in turn use "mole HILLs." John B. Poindexter admitted in his own words that Foster convinced Scalia to go hunting on the Poindexter ranch when Scalia turned down the initial invitation from Poindexter. Note that Scottish Forrests have a motto, "Hunter blow THY horn." They were first found in Newlands. I trace Horns/Orne's or mythical Orion the hunter. I trace Shake's/Shicks to Schimatari (Boeotia) at Tanagra, home of Orion's father.

Woods have a "DeFEND" motto term possibly code for a branch of the Fendons/Fentons who almost have the Bank Coat. Both surnames were first found in Yorkshire. The sleeping bag was picked up on a bank. Belgian Fentons/Vante's/Wendons (possibly with the Windsor saltire), have the double Sleep/Slipper fesses in colors reversed. Fenders were definitely a Windsor branch. Bagleys even speak of a Bagley-Wood Berkshire, location of Windsor castle. The Rams in the Bagley Crest were first found in Essex with Woodens/Woddens and Woodwards (share Aquila eagle).

I can add that while the Bagley lozenges are shared with Penningtons, the Pendragons, a branch of Pennys/Penes', were given a mythical Uther name, secretly in honor of the Utters/Otterburns and Others/Otters (share otter with Fenders). Others/Otters are said to be Windsor ancestors, explaining why mythical Uther Pendragon mated with the wife of mythical GORlois, part-code for the Gore's sharing the Windsor crosslets. GorLOIS is also part-code for Lois liners, and Louise Phillips worked at Penningtons clothing when I met her with Miss Peare.

So, yes, it appears that the sleeping bag was in the woods by God's design as a partial pointer to Bagleys who named a Bagley location owned by Hamon de Masci of neighboring Cheshire. While Maschi's use "pine cones," Hamons share the antler of Cone's and Conte's while both Conan surnames could be in the Fendon/Fenton Coat.

The Wootens are interesting where I had a paper route in Markham, at age 11 and 12, just before the shin-pad goal. I delivered the conservative Toronto Telegram, and my competitor, Ken SAVAGE, delivered the liberal Toronto Star. We both picked up our newspapers on Wooten Way, near the corner of SENATOR Reesors drive, where I lived. It's just amazing, suddenly, that Reesors can be gleaned as a Rice branch, and thus they can link to Rise's and Risons/Risings! Wow, that's a first, going well with Kari Lake's SENATOR bid for ARIZONa. However, this could be coincidental, as I can't see an extra way to get Kari Lake into this picture.

But wait. As Reesors' (Lincolnshire with Leaks/Leakeys) share the brown wolf head in Crest, let's repeat from way above: "It's important that the Lakey/Leckey Crest shares the brown wolf head in Crest with the Irish Teague/Teeger surname because the "diem" motto term of the latter surname can be shown as code for the Diem surname listed with DITTmayers. The latter surname was first found in Schleswig-Holstein with German Teegers, you see. Plus, I've shown several times before that stripe-less TIGERS are used by the Ditt/Diot surname, and there is a Tiger surname, much like 'Teeger.'" I went on to show that the Ditt/Diot Coat is shared by DeWit-like Dwights/Dwite's.

Oh wow, I bought my Texas property from Miss FRIEND who married Mr. Teague. The vaired patee cross of Reesors' is shared with English FERRANDs!!!

Kim Walsh lived on Wooten Way, and she ended up engaged to Kepke after he left Miss Peare. Wootens share the Walsh saltire. I first saw Kepke at age 11/12 as he walked toward me at the newspaper station on Wooten Way. We became friends that year. The Wooten Crest is a Moor head, and Moor liners can include Morlands and Morleys, both of whom share the symbol of David-related Ade's/Aids' because DAVID Morley (my old Christian friend) was in the dream. He came off the ROAD on his motor bike, rode down the hill and circled the sleeping bag, then returned up the hill and rode away down the road as a pointer to Cecil Rhodes' Round Table, for Rounds happen to use a so-called "SLEEPING lion" in Crest, white like the lion head in the Morland Crest.

While Morley rode away, I was crossing the road into the parking lot of a mall because Malls are also MARLYbone's, first found in Cheshire with Davids and Savage's/Sava's. Plus, Scottish Morleys are also Mauls. Of course, I didn't know these things at the time of the dream, but it does appear that God gave it, for these reasons and many more, to jibe with heraldic connections for to tell some stories. Your interpretations of these things can be as good as mine.

NewsPAPERs. The Papers happen to use "CARNations" while Carni people lived at the Sava river. Ken Savage, my friend at the paper route. The Nations/Nathans suspect in "carNATION" were deemed Rothschild kin along with the Nathans/Natts who share the escutcheon of Saddocks, and it's the latter who use "ears of RYE" because Rise's/Rye's (share MalBANK and RODham bend) were once said to be first found in Sussex with Saddocks. I've been convinced over the years that Saddocks were named from descendants of Sadducee priests of Israel, which included the family of Salome Boethus, whom I trace to Salome's/SOLOMONs.

Ken Savage was likely born, Kenneth, and the "Sic itur as astra" motto of one Kenneth/MacKenzie surname can apply here because most others who use the motto alternate "AD" for "as." "As" is a motto term of Bracebridge's. Plus, Asters are listed with Isters/Easters, suspect from Istria, smack south of the Carni peoples. It could appear that God arranged Ken's first name to jibe with his surname. Kenneths share the Kepke border.

After moving away from Senator Reesors drive at age 13, I never saw Ken again until he bumped into me at KNOB Hill Farms grocers, my workplace, and where Kepke came to work too. Later, Ken once again greeted me at Knob Hill Farms. The Knobs (Bavaria with Rothschilds/Roddensteins) apparently share the Rothschild/Roddenstein arrow, and here in the name of this grocery store we see the Hills too, who were in the sleeping bag dream linkable to John Solomon. It could seem that God is linking the Rothschild BANKers to the Sadducee killers of Jesus, for the hill in the dream was also a bank off of the Rhodes-like road.

And so why was Kepke also working at Knob Hill Farms when I was there? We were called stockBOYs, and Italian Boys are also Boets, like the BOETHus-branch Sadducees. Plus, he met Miss Peare that fall, immediately after we both stopped working at Knob Hill Farms, and Pierro's/Pero's not only have a good reflection of the German Bute/BOET Coat, but they share the fesse of English farmers who in turn are mainly in the colors and format of Kepke-like Keppochs. Knob Hill FARMs. This picture can enlighten us on why Miss Peare appeared in the sleeping-bag dream, begging whether Rothschild bankers play a central role in election fraud.

It just so happens that Pierro's/Pero's (share roses of Jewish Rothchilds) were first found in Pavia, a city co-founded by Laevi Gauls (or Ligurians) who thus look like Levites from the Sadducees.


Here's a story telling that, last month, the U.S. supreme court had the opportunity to strike down Biden's vaccine mandates, but tossed the case as it if were a hot potato, shame. The court said that this issue is moot, but that is ridiculous under the circumstances that people are suffering to this day on all that the mandates entailed:

By the time a new vaccine mandate works its way up to the top court, the pandemic will again be over, and the top court can again save its skin by saying, MOOT. What is the top court afraid of? Why couldn't it just make the correct and noble decision?

A judge in canada, who strikes me as a liberal, judging from his admission in his conclusions, nonetheless made a harsh judgment against trudeau's emergencies act. I don't think all liberal judges want to go down in infamy supporting trudeau's illegal moves. I'm hearing that this is a federal court, but one video on the story from CityNews calls it the "Supreme Court." Rebel News has a good report on this, but starting in the 8th minute:

The decision included a statement against the seizing of bank accounts just for financially supporting a protest with a high number of truckers. The trudeau government says it will appeal the decision (how can he appeal a Supreme-Court ruling?), but this bank-seizing tactic will likely be a part of the appeal so that even the next court should lash out at trudeau for such a massive over-reach. That's good news for Canadian Christians if the tribulation is soon.

When I loaded a CityNews video at youtube on this issue, youtube canada did not have a slew of related videos to offer as further viewing, but offered only one from CTV, meaning that youtube canada is censoring stories on this topic. And that's the way liberals have always rolled in this country, since the day I started to notice as a young Christian in the early 1980s. They roll by brash, bold-faced, unapologetic censorship of the facts, and by deception to disguise what the majority of canadians think. Yet I blame prominent canadians for letting this take place without appropriate opposition, including from the church leaders, and especially the church leaders who have shown that they are more concerned about the church $$$ than for standing up for Jesus against anti-Christ waves.

Liberal media the world over are receiving a continual bashing, and these sentiments will eventually curb their bad policies. Even CNN had to repent recently, though it's not genuine. The real sleeper cells are the propagandists who wear trust-me faces. They are the viruses who imbed themselves to fight at a later date. The destroyers will return into our faces, though they think mistakenly that they will prevail. Fascism is always stamped out because there is a God who has mercy even when he punishes nations. canada and all the West deserve painful death, yet God will relent from full destruction because he does not have a cold heart.

Here's trudeau's political rival, let's hope he's sincere in what he says here in his attacks against the WEF. Poilievre also talks about trudeau's illegal immigration that has got to be in partnership with the same in the United States. About midway, you see trudeau's latest scandal as he elbows a woman in her chest right in the House of Commons:

This story of where canada's law-enforcement has evolved to made Tucker Carlson news. As you can see, canada is now publicly displaying (.i.e. giving the green light for) the authoritarian tactic of false arrest in the name of political brutality:

Amy Coney-Barrett gave the liberals side of the U.S. supreme court the 5-4 win, this week, that's now allowing Bidenites to take away some "razor wire" at the Mexico-Texas border. This decision is making her infamous amongst pro-Trumpers. The decision comes just as the Texas governor is fighting the Bidenite government in passion. This same governor is now saying that he will ignore the top court's decision. I haven't seen why Coney-Barrett voted to remove the wire, perhaps for the danger it poses. However, Biden's border people are not removing the wire for safety reasons, but to increase Democrat voters.

The decision doesn't pertain to border wall. One news org: "A Supreme Court ruling granted the U.S. Border Agents the ability to remove razor wire from the top of Texas’ border wall, but said nothing preventing it from being laid."

It is such a sad yet eye-opening thing to see the border people obeying Biden's will on this matter. It shows that "good cops" can become dirty bums, servants of satan, on a dime. This fact becomes pertinent for future Christian persecution from the government on down. I'm not exaggerating by the use of "satan". Big money has made diabolical rulers, and I'm not exaggerating with "rulers," for they are no longer representatives, but king-like fascists whose love has grown cold. Money makes the heart grow cold, no exaggeration.

Civil war in Texas? Will the Bidenites stage the start of the war? Now's their chance. It could backfire big-time.

Here's Tucker Carlson mocking trudeau publicly on the advent of his (Tucker's) speech in Alberta:

Here's Tucker again mocking trudeau, speaking all truths. This Canadian media is not pro-trudeau like all other national media. It is these media who poison the minds of the people most of all. Half or more of canadians are too daft to recognize the demon:

Tucker told Canadians in Calgary: "Your timidity [toward wokism] needs to be replaced by bravery." Unfortunately, it's worse than timidity. It's sick-minded canadians that ails canadians, and even the better half are mentally poisoned by anti-Christ liberalism and the abandonment of Biblical health-food. Go-it-alone-without-God is now raising creeps for children, birthed by creeps arising in all facets of life. You know what a creep is, don't you? If this better half tries to fix canada without the churches, it's not going to work, but as the churches would rather not lower the weekly $$$ intake by throwing some fast and heavy spears into the political arena, where satan is roaring against them, it looks like its over for canadian happiness. Come to canada all who wish for DIM LIFE.

What's an example of a heavy spear into the political arena? What Tucker has come out to say is pretty heavy, and he aimed it straight to the Traitor of Canada.

Here's an up-coming documentary against trudeau's tyrannical measures. It's a Rebel News presentation called, RAID:

I trace the Spear/SPEYer surname to the Spey river, location of Rothes castle (a castle at Rothes). The Rats/Raids, first found near Rothes, might just be a branch of the namers of Rothes because the English Rothes surname comes up as "Wrath." Plus, German Raths (Austria with Bauers) share the sinister bend of Jewish Rothchilds (not "Rothschild"). Rothes is in Moray while Rathers/Rothers/Ruths/Randolphs were first found in Moray. German Rathers are listed with Rothes'/Rothchilds (Bavaria). It explains why Roets share the Spear/Speyer boar heads. Note that the spear in the Speer/Speyer Crest rises in the sinister direction.

While some canadians don't like the Americans coming up to have a say in its politics, there are also Americans, hating canada, who don't want their American heroes to get involved in canadian politics. But I applaud Tucker's worldwide move to oppose the Schwabites. To my horror, Alberta, known as a conservative state, was going a hard-left into Schwabism until Danielle Smith got elected as the Alberta premier (numero uno). She's outspokenly anti-Schwab. We maybe owe it to the botched plandemic that Alberta did a hard-right back to normalcy. Will this be a hard-lesson learned by trudeau? No. The people responsible for poisoning citizens, while citizens were trusting, must be punished in full exposure of their deeds.

If you want to hear key comments on Tucker's visit, and the liberal push-back against his "insurrection":

If you're worried about civil war started between government fighters in Texas, here's something that can make you worry more:

I don't know what to say. If a civil war starts from the deep-state side, could God be behind it to destroy the deep state? If it starts against the deep state against its will, when it's not ready for it in this way, could it be God's surprise attack? The thing that makes me nervous is that Texas governor has shown himself to be insincere in his opposition to the migrant invasion. What exactly is going on now? Stay aware on Texas news.

Buy extra food, always, and dry it, as much as you can, fast. Buy Mason jars, lots of them, before you can't find any. Buy 100 jars per person in your household, because the deep state, with the violent migrants as their partners, may destroy the nation wholesale if it can't win a civil war. Buy jarred goods so that you can re-use the jars and lids. Fill jars with dry goods because wet goods are mainly water, a waste of jar / space.

Texans have lots of bullets, lots of guns, when push comes to shove. It's not the best state for the deep state to pick on. But maybe this was the plan because the deep state has a plan, but then God has the last say.

Just as Jordan Peterson somehow maneuvered himself to appear with Tucker Carlson in canada, Polly has done another video on his connections to ARC, a Fabian-suspect org funded originally by George Soros. Peterson was pretending that he founded this ARC when in fact Soros sponsored it with $25 million. Why would Peterson pretend like this, and why is he trying to position himself as someone to respect and follow? Polly thinks he's WEF-Alternative, and his "bosses" appear to be in Britain / Australia rather than Schwabian Europe.

Just got word that some Cheerios boxes, and some other cereals (Lucky Charms included), have the toxic trisodium phosphate (TSP). I've eaten lots of Cheerios, almost daily, though mixed with other cereals, and so the build-up is not good. I think I'll ignore google's holy "fact-checkers" who say it's safe. Some meats also have this chemical used as cleaning agents, and we have indications that globalists / liberals want to poison meat consumers.

I approve this fictional movie that has Jesus as the co-star:

I approve this fictional movie that has Jesus as the co-star:

One needs to watch not to view Jesus as some man who plays him in a movie, because no such man has the personality of Jesus. I don't approve of all Christian movies. In fact, many are doing more bad than good when they feature hypocritical Christians. I would rather see all Christian movies have good-to-excellent Christian behavior with interesting story lines. That way, the right attitudes will be rubbed off the viewers in the meantime. Instead, half the modern Christian movies have mostly bad attitudes that, for a short time at the end, get repentant / rehabilitated. The world was a much better place when the right attitudes were on television.

God is righteous. Be righteous. Do right. Apologize when we do lousy. Be strong, improve. This is God's will in a nutshell, but it should also include heart-felt speech toward God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit in spite of His not speaking back in plain English.

Beware feminism creeping into "Christian" videos because feminism is now creeping into the churches. You know what a creep is, don't you? A woman concerned about "my power" is a dead woman creeping.

Here's some Creationists punching out the fool evolutionists, though I would ask you to ignore the section concerning stars, because the evidence for the distances of stars, as claimed by the fools, is not reliable. Unfortunately, some Creationists step into many errors of the fools, I think they need to evolve some backbone as well as some extra smarts:

The nice thing about the money spent by Godless evolutionists to advance science is that their discoveries can be useful for proving the existence of God, how ironic for the fools, too bad for them. Let them repent, or else. None of us will mock them after they repent, but rather they will be embraced as forever-more brothers and sisters. But for the fools who fight God to their deaths, you are pitiful.


Here's all four Gospels wrapped into one story.

For Some Prophetic Proof for Jesus as the Predicted Son of God.
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