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October 24 - 30, 2023

New Giant-Beauty Dream Steers Us to Gaetz, Johnson, Jordan and Scalise
The High Preparation Value of Daniel 11:21-31

It was nice while it lasted. Hall of Names is no longer showing the descriptions of the Coats of Arms presented at House of Names, but I have many of them recorded in my memory, and in past updates from which to find some.

For anyone who has followed my alley (marble) FLICK shot over the past few updates, I've just found a Flagstaff term which is probably from a surname. The Flags/Flicks were first found in Norfolk with the Fasts/Fastoffs and Falstaffs who both share the same quadrants, and thus the Flagstaffs look like a branch of Falstaffs. As was said, the marble shot was across from Skye Court while McLeods/LUTTS, first found on Skye, have a "fast" motto term while Fasts share the quadrants of Lutts/Lute's, the latter first found in Worcestershire with Alleys.

(To follow better, load Flags now to load and view other surnames on another Internet tab.)

I've said most of that before, but what's additionally amazing now is that the Staffs/Staffords have this in their write-up: "His brother, Robert de TOENI, built a castle in Stafford and was the first to be surnamed Stafford." It was Tony's marble that my flick shot smacks, and while English Tonys (Leicester) almost have the Hasting Coat, itself in Staff colors, Hasting-like Astys were first found in Lanarkshire with the Swans/Sions in the swan of both Staffs/Staffords and Leicesters.

Plus, Staff-like Stave's are in the "pilgrim's staves" of Hawks, the latter first found in Hampshire with Flys of Flagi while Flags/Flicks were first found in Norfolk with Pilgrims who in turn use more staves. Therefore, Flicks look like Tony kin round-about when Tonys had been nobles of Leicester.

Rothschilds Descend From Buzau River

Roxolani Rus, the line to Roxburghs, were on, and to the south, of the Bush-like Buzau river. To the north of the Buzau, and especially as the Rimna river, were wayward Benjamites from Israel's Rimmon. It would be interesting to know what they were called once they established themselves at the Rimna, or even before that.

I trace BENJamins to Banks, the latter first found in Craven. The reason Cravens look related, by their Coat, to Ricks, is that Cravens had been Croatians/KRVati at Rick-line Rijeka. Ricks, sharing the Rush/Rish and Rosco/Risco fesse, were first found at Sturminster NEWTON while banks were first found in Bank Newton (in Craven), tending to nail Ricks to Cravens (Rick Coat in colors reversed).

Rijeka is where the ancient JAPODES lived whom I trace to the 400 wives, from JABESH GILEAD, of the 600 Benjamites in Rimmon. GALATi is a location near the mouth of the Buzau river.

I've found a Rosbury surname after finding that Roxburghs are also Rosburghs/Rosbrows. Rosburys share the Coat of Touch's/Tuffs, a branch of TUFTs/Tuffs (Cheshire with Newtons), and Bush-line Boasts/BOIS' use "tufts of grass" while the Rosbury Coat is the BOSton Coat in colors reversed. Bostons tell of a Boston location in Lincolnshire, and the latter is where English Grasse's were first found.

Rosburys, first found in Yorkshire with Bush's, are therefore useful in assuring that Bush's, Bos', Bus' (Norfolk with Benjamins) and similar surnames were from the Buzau river, especially as the Bus cinquefoils are in colors reversed from the same of Rosco's/Risco's. Scottish Rose's even have the Bosco's in their write-up while German Boschs share the fleur-de-lys of German Bush's.

The first Rothschild Banker, Mayer Bauer, changed his surname to, Rothschild, and Banks were at Bank Newton of Yorkshire while the Rosbury write-up has: "But Saxon surnames survived and the family name was first referenced in the 13th century when they held lands at NEWTON under Ouesbergh at North Yorkshire". Burleys/Bourleys share green Shields with Bowers and Bauers/Bowers. Bostons are also Bauer- and Bois-like BAUStons/BOWstons, and in the colors of the Burley/Bourley boar heads while English Bush's have boars of their own, in the black color of the boar of Rollo's, the latter first found in Perthshire with the Lyons sharing the Rosbury Coat.

The sense I'm getting is that Bauers/Bowers were a direct branch from the Bauston/Bowston family. Buzau-river liners, and linked there to Benjamites as they evolved into the Benjamin surname. The latter almost have the Scottish Walsh/Walch Coat, first found in Roxburghshire, because the Rimna river is in Wallachia. It just so happens that Laura Walsh married president George Bush Jr., and the latter's WALKer-descended father was adopted secretly by Prescot Bush, a Nazi-supporting banker.

The irony is that Nazi's were welcomed into elite America where Rothschilds were establishing globalist puppets and partners. Hitler had been opposed to Rothschilian globalism. The idea that the Rothschilds would purchase Nazi scientists to further their industrial and war-machine ambitions smacks of Mystery Babylon, the European whore. We seem to be at the brink of her destruction. She will partner like a fool with the anti-Israeli anti-Christ, only to be destroyed painfully and utterly by him. This is not going to be pretty. This will come with the literal stench of death. The oppression will end; the Day the good guys have been waiting for will arrive. Great relief. Cheer. Celebration.

The Tall Dream

I had a dream some days ago around October 21. Miss Hicks came into the door, surprising me, at which point I went to shake her hand, but she motioned with open arms for a HUG. So we hugged slightly. She was ten feet tall. She was at the DOOR. I can decipher this part of the dream well.

The scene then changed to a wooden chair covered in needle-like thorns about an inch long, but there were ROSES of different colors lining the back legs and upper frame where the legs formed the BACK rest of the chair. I can decipher this too. The needles were coming out from these BACK legs and back rest.

Ever since I saw the calf once shown by German Backs/Bachs, I introduced the idea that this surname was from the HYKSos king, APACHnas. I sensed that someone in that family knew their origin from this the family of this Exodus pharaoh. It struck me that when Aaron made the golden calf in the wilderness, it was in honor of the Exodus pharaoh who had wanted the Israelites killed. It struck me that they made the golden calf to appease his anger. The Backs/Bachs showed a gold-on-blue calf that is now a full-blown bull, yet it's called a "steer."

It took me seven years to figure out why Miss Hicks fulfilled Sleeping Beauty in my 1979 dream. It was in 2016 when realizing that this dream is to be deciphered using heraldry. but it was just months ago when realizing that Italian Boys/BOETs/BOEDDu's were a branch of Beautys/Bowds, you see, whose giant bull is in the colors of the Back/Bach steer. It tends to mean that God framed the Sleeping Beauty dream to trace Miss Hicks to the Apachnas Hyksos. He was able to show me that Miss Hicks fulfilled Sleeping Beauty even though I didn't meet her until 15 years after the dream.

Scottish Boys share bees with English Doors. We HUGGed at the door in this week's dream. She was about ten feet TALL, and Talls (share Massena HEXagrams) probably share the Bessen/Beast bees because the latter were first found in Cheshire, where earl, Ranulph le Meschin, nephew of earl, HUGH Lupus, was from the Bessin with the TAILLeBOIS', tending to explain why Meschins and Talbots were both first found in Shropshire, where ROSE-using Moses'/Moesens were first found, as well as where Sleeps were once said to be first found who named a Sleap location (Shropshire). Le Meschin married Lucy Taillebois. Welsh Bachs/Baghs were first found near Cheshire.

We can see here that the hug is a pointer to Hugh Lupus of AVRANCHes. The latter looks like "VARANGi," and Varangian RUS explain the roses on the chair. Varangians are highly suspect with conquering Kiev because it was the land earlier of the Roxolani, who were Rus-Alans. As I've shown why Hicks' were Alan kin, it's telling me that the Hyksos trace to the proto-Rus at the Aras river near the Meschin-like Moschi mountains.

My claim had been that Apachnas' daughter named Moses because Apachnas was the Exodus pharaoh. I was able to see that Moses was named after Moschi elements at Lake Van, location of Mus, and for that reason I claimed that Hyksos of Egypt had earlier been from Mus. It was Steve Quayle, who was always talking about ancient giants, BY THE WAY, who wrote about "GUG-Cimmerians," and it just so happens that Cimmerians conquered king Rusa at Lake Van.

There came a time when I began to theorize that Hughs, and therefore the Hugs/Hughues', were from "Gug/Gog." Gogarene was near the Moschi mountains and Lake Van, and so Hugh Lupus D'Avranches and le-Meschin together look like lines from Gogarene elements. My mother is a Masci on one side, and Sleeping Beauty and I hugged in the 1979 dream too.

It's notable that "AVRANches" may have named Arun in Sussex, where Apachnas-like Packs were first found. Aarons list Arens, and they happen to use clouds while McLeods/Clouds were first found in the same place as RIMMONs/Crimmons who in turn share the Hug/Hughues lion, suspect as the Maschi lion because the latter were first found in RIMINi.

The Crimmon variation may even indicate a line from the Crimea, where Russians live to this day who can be traced to king Rusa at Lake VAN. The Fane's/VANs were first found in Monmouthshire with Howells, and CALVarys happen to use owls while Owls are Howls too. The thing is, the Moses surname uses a so-called "calvary" symbol, and this appears arranged by God to link to the Back/Bach CALF!!!

One writer had said that Apachnas was an alternative name for king Khyan, and KEON-branch Kyans/Keens/Keans use the calvary symbol on a white escutCHEON which Calvarys share. Kyans/Keens/Keans share the Coat and motto of Carolings/Caroline's/Carlings while English Charles' and Carlsons were first found in Suffolk with Calvary-beloved Owls/Howls. Kinns/Kyne's (probably in the Kay motto) share the Calver chevron. Moses'/Moesens have the calvary symbol, and the Biblical Moses married the KENites. See anything keen? Kenites were related to / partnered with the SHECHemites whom I trace to Shake's/SHICKs (share Carlson chevron) who in turn are in the colors and format of CHICKens, the latter first found in Suffolk with Carlsons. Checks/Chicks were kin of LOVEYs/Luffs!

I now realize why Miss Hicks came to church one day reminding me of the spoiled Lovey Howell on Gilligan's Island. How does such a thing come to anyone's mind? Gilligans are in the colors of Kyan-like Kane's/Kayne's, both first found in Derry.

As I've said, it was an outdoor church service to which she arrived reminding me of Lovey Howell, and everyone was asked to wear a cowBOY theme that morning! I get it: it was God's pointer to the Back-connectable Boys/BOETs/Boeddu's!!! The latter have the steer of Backs/Bachs that once showed as a calf, a COW. Cows are listed with calf-like Cuffs while Calfs are also Caufs! And Caffers have a giant horse in the colors of the giant horse of Gilligans!! Caffers put a knight upon it, as do Spanish Cavallo's. The Scute's (use the escutcheon) in "eSCUTcheon" were first found in Lancashire with Cave's who in turn share the Shield of Caens, the latter first found in Dorset with Beautys/Bowds and HATs!!!!

I wore my cowboy hat and cowboy boots that morning, and the pastor, at the start of the service, jested to everyone (making fun of a canadian) that I had mine on BACKward! I've told that before, but don't think I realized it was a pointer to Backs/Bachs. Now I know. The cowboy boots square with the Bute's/Butts/BOETs, and "Bowd" could relate. Boots were even first found in Berkshire with Kennati-like Kents while Hyksos can be traced to the Kennati. Hicks' are said to have been at Low Leighton while Leightons (Shropshire with Moses'/Moesens) share the Kennet quadrants, and Low Leighton is in Essex with the first-known Rams suspect in the "alteram" motto term of Kennets! Essex is where MUSchats were first found, kin of Loveys/Luffs and Muscats/Musks.

Hatters, sharing the Moses roses, were first found in Prussia with Mieske's/Mesechs who in turn share the black bull with Beautys/Bowds.

Plus, the Sadducee-like Saddocks, first found in Sussex with Arun and Packs, are in the colors and format of Moses-beloved Calvarys (Yorkshire with Hicks'). It's perfect because Sadducees had a house of Boethus, and Beautys were a now-obvious branch of Boets. In fact, German Butts/Boets, with the Hatter and RUSH fesse in colors reversed, were not only first found in Prussia with Hatters, but Butts/Boets too share the Hatter / Moses roses! It's incredible because Butts/Boets are also Bute's. My cowboy BOOTS!!!!

Butts/Bute's/Boets have a fish in the colors of the fish heads of Geddes', first found in Nairnshire with Rose's. Geddes' share the escutcheon of Saddock-branch Chadwicks / Chaddocks. Butts/Bute's/Boets share the Button/Biden fesse. It struck me, in the dream, that she was TEN feet tall, and this can be a pointer to the ten bars of THENs/Tyne's/BOTville's, first found in Shropshire with Sleap. The Ten Plagues of Moses on the Exodus pharaoh comes to mind (Hyksos are dated by Egyptologists too far back, wrongly).

The Then/Tyne/Botville motto is linkable to the Hicks motto wherefore the two surnames can be sharing gold stags in Crest due to a close relationship. Hicks' call their stag head a Back-like "buck," and German Bucks share the red lion with Thens/Tyne's/Botville's. Is that cool or what? That must be why I instinctively knew her to be ten feet tall, especially as TALbots, sharing the Buck lion in both colors, were first found in the same place as Thens/Tyne's/Botville's (share Legh lion in both colors).

Mrs. Howell was, on Gilligan's island, wife of the millionaire, THURSTON Howell. He was played by Jim BACKus! Backus' even share "Confido" in their motto with Bowd-like BOYds! The latter were first found in Shropshire with Hicks-related Alans and Caiaphas-like Capes'/Capets. French Alans (Languedoc with Hugs/Hughes') share the Chief of Hugs/Hughues'!

Thurstons were first found in Suffolk with Owls/Howls and English Charles'. French Charles' list Charlotte's, and Miss Hicks is now Charlotte Kilpatrick. Thurston-like Thors (Devon with Boyd-related English Stewarts) have the Howell Coat in colors reversed.

Mrs. Howell was played by Natalie Schafer, and Schafers have a sheep in the colors and format of the ram (= sheep) of French, Boeddu-like Bauds. "Pax" is a motto term of German Bauds, and Scottish Bauds, using a sheep-like ship, were first found in Stirlingshire with Caiaphas-like Chappes'. German Bauds were first found in Prussia again, same as Hatters, and I had both a cowBOY hat and boots. The Bello's in the motto of German Bauds are in the "bellows" (FANs) of Ships/Shiptons, suspect with Skiptons (Yorkshire with Calvarys), and then Skipps/Skippers can be pointed to by "Skipper" on Gilligan's Island.

Pax-like Packs show only anchors, in the colors and format of Anchor-branch Angers (Essex with Hicks' of Low Leighton, and with Bute-related Este's). Anchors/Annackers, sharing the red bull with French Packs, look like they descend from the Anaki giants of Hebron, home of Abraham. The Hebrons/Hepburns were first found in Northumberland with the Reds/Reeds who have another "Pax" motto term. It appears that the APACHnas Hyksos got related to the Anaki giants of Hebron. Packers/Peckers were first found in Berkshire with Boots.

Recall the clouds of Aarons/Arens who could have been to topic as per the golden calf that Aaron (Moses' brother). Another cloud is in the Crest of English House's along with an anchor.

Anchors/Annackers happen to be in the colors and format of English SHEPherds. Shepherd-like French Savards/Savarys share the Skipp(er) besants. Shepherd-like Saffers/Savarys, beside the Severs (Somerset with Backs), share the vaired fesse of Welsh Bachs/Baghs. So, yes, it appears that Apachnas Hyksos were through Hebron, or, at least, merged with Hebron's giants elsewhere. Hebrons/Hepburns use the red rose too, and they love the Keeps in their motto while the MacDonalds of Keppoch shared the black fitchee with the Crest of English Shepherds. Hyksos were anciently called, "Shepherd Kings."

Keppochs were kin of Sheffields (share Keppoch sheaves), both from Yorkshire with Hicks'. The thorn-like Torns/Turins share the gold boar head in Crest with Sheffields, and with the Eure's likely in the "heure" motto term of Hicks'. The Comets (Limousin with Rose-related Clairs) suspect in the Sheffield motto share the tower of Tour-branch Towers, and these latter Tours were first found in Languedoc with Comet-connectable Conte's/Comites', and with the Falcons/FalCONTE's suspect in what look like falcons of Irish Naughtons (County Clare). CONTEville's ruled Comines (in Artois) while Comyns/Comine's have more sheaves. Irish Naughtens were related to Ui Maine along with Kilpatrick-branch Pattersons/Cassane's.

The Hope's in the motto of Scottish Naughtens were first found in Shropshire with Moses'/Moesens, yet they named Hope in Derbyshire while ShefFIELDs are said to have named the Sheaf river between Derbyshire and Yorkshire. Derbys and Fields both have different-colors version of the Sheffield Coat. Derbyshire is where Naught-like Cnuts/Note's/Notts were first found. Hope's can be from surnames from OPgalli, a royal Galatian linkable to the royal Galatian, SEVERus of Akmonia.

I've not known about this Sheaf river until now, so far as I can recall. The heraldic sheaf should always trace to a Numidian-sourced family on this river exactly because Sheffields (Weed / Wedding colors), Derbys and Wheats/Whete's use sheaves of wheat. German Wettins were first found in Saxony with Kepke's/Kopke's. English Wettins (Gloucestershire with White's) love the Buckle's, the latter first found in Suffolk with Owls/Howls in the Crest of Whittens (share Treby Chief). Weddings (Yorkshire with Hicks and Keppochs) have a different-colors version of the Hicks Coat. Severus-like Severs (Devon with Trebys) share the annulet of Wheat-like Vita's in the mottoes of White-connectable Saffers/Savarys, and Bello(w)s. Ships/Shiptons love those Bello(w)s.

Vita's were first found in Tarvisium while the Travers variation of Travis' is in the "Tout travers" motto of Fore's/Forez's, and here we can add that "Tout" is a motto term both of Hicks and the English Belows (Yorkshire with Hicks, Touts and Feets/Fate's) who in turn share the fretty of Tute-branch Twitts/Thwaits. Tarves' (not "Travis"), first found in Aberdeenshire with Thorn-like Torns/Turins, share the black FITCHee with Shepherds, and Fette-connectable Fitts/Fitch's were first found in Essex with Skipps/Skippers.

One day, Miss Hicks (tall for a woman) was speaking in church when she said, "I SAW the giants fall." She liked to prophesy. English Shepherds use Hicks-like axes. Her husband is the late Hamilton Kilpatrick, and while Hamiltons use a SAW, Saws/Shaws share the dagger with Kilpatricks. Daggers/Dackers (Cumberland with Satters/Satterthwaits) share the red bull with Anchors/Annackers and French Packs, but also with the Sabine's, first found in Norfolk with Patricks and Hamilton-connectable Bus'. Patricks (share Kilpatrick saltire) almost have the Chief of Satters/SatterTHWAITs while Twitts/Thwaits (Norfolk) share the OpenSHAW Coat.

English Capets/CAPES' can be from HUGH Capet, founder of the Capetian dynasty of Franks who took over from the Carol(ingian) dynasty named after CHARLES Martel. Carols share the Net/Night lion, and while CLOSEburn is on the Nith river, Close's have a Clovse variation while king Clovis was likely the Carolingian ancestor. Clovis' father can be traced to Childs (Capet/Capes colors), first found in Hertfordshire with the Scale's sharing the Capet/Capes scallops. Childs share the eagle of English Charles'.

I think it's now obvious that this week's dream is a pointer to the Hyksos as they developed into the BOETHus Sadducees, likely named after Soducena near Gogarene. Charlie's (Lancashire with Bootels) use "bottles" while Bottle's are listed with BOOTels (share crowns with Martels and Spanish Capets), and they are said to have named Kirkcudbrightshire (near Nith river), where Nets/Nights/Naughts were first found sharing the Carol lion, safe to assume. Knights/Nights were first found in Suffolk with Charles'.

Charlie-branch Charleys of CHORLey probably share the Corral fleur-de-lys, shared in turn by Morinis', the latter first found in MODENa with the Marano's who in turn share the Charley Coat, and then Modens were first found in Berkshire with Boots. The Maurels/Maurino's, who look (by their Coat) like a Morinis branch, have a Coat like that of English Bute's/Butts.

Why were the thorns/needles and roses on the back of a CHAIR? A pointer to CHARlotte? There's a Chairman/Sharman surname as well as a Char/Chard surname (Somerset with English Backs). Chars/Chards are also Charts while Chartrans share a "courage" motto term with Comyns (Norfolk with Hug-related Fountains) who in turn share the wheat sheaf of Chars/Chards. The latter share the "partridge" with sheaf-using Saxe's, and then Schafer-like Sheaves'/Shaws, first found in Berkshire with Boots and Kents, were from Shawia Numidians. The Partridge/Pettridge surname (KENT with Perts/Petts and Numidian-line Masons/Massins) may have been related to whatever the "partem" motto term is code for of the Kennedy-branch Kennets, and as I trace Hyksos to Kizzuwatna of Cilicia while Kennati priests were at Cilicia, it's a good bet that king Khyan was named in honor of proto-Israel's Kenites whom Moses married.

King Gala of the Numidians, father of his heir, Massena, is to the French Galli's sharing the Chief of Hugs/Hughues', and while the latter is suspect with the Maschi lion, Masci's have a version of the Massena/Messina/Mussina Coat. One can begin to point the hug to Mike Johnson here because Talls can be linked to Massena's/Messina's/Mussina's.

It's interesting that I'm writing here the morning after Mike Johnson became the Speaker, for one of his grandfathers is/was Mr. Messina (according to his Wikipedia article). It's interesting that Scottish Johnsons (Dumfries with Kilpatricks) have a version of the Kilpatrick Coat while Comyns (Norfolk with Patricks), kin of Scottish Shaws, share the dagger with Scottish Shaws and Kilpatricks. Comyns were first found in Norfolk with cushion-like Cousins while Kilpatricks and Johnsons share "cushions." French Cussons essentially share the giant SPEAKER eagle! Speakers were first found in Lancashire with Saxons and Plate's while Swedish Johnsons use plates, and share the swan with German Plate's/Platters. English Johnsons have the pheon of Plate-like Pilate's (Burgundy with Cussons) in half their colors. What could this be about? Is the dream also pointing to Mike Johnson's ancestry?

Speakers named Brampton Devon, where FRET-using Speccots were first found, and as Ferte's share the Cusson eagle, it tends to reveal that it's the Speaker eagle too. Speakers share the porcupine with Sidneys, and the Sidney pheon is colors reversed from the ones of English Johnsons (Lincolnshire with plate-using Mussels/Muscels). Maybe Mike Johnson is in the hug of the Sleeping Beauty dream, which event I've suspected to represent something good for Christians. Maybe Mike Johnson will restrain the deep-state shark for a time, giving us more time to prepare. Or, maybe he'll produce a permanent setback for the shark that cannot be fixed.

Brampton Speke was named by Bramtons (Norfolk with Risings and Saddock-beloved Rye's/Rise's), the line of Abraham and Keturah at Kotor and neighboring Butua, both beside RHIZON, traceable to Rize near the Moschi mountains. As soon as I awoke Sleeping Beauty, were were RISING into the sky, meaning that Beautys and Boys/Boets/Boeddu's were from the namers of Butua, now Budva. I get it. The Daorsi were in that area, explaining why I hugged Miss Hicks at the door in this week's dream, and moreover DORSet is where Beautys/Bowds were first found. The dream was after Jim Jordan was forced to give up the Speakership challenge, and so it was then en route to the win by Johnson.

I've explained why Shake's (MOLE hills) are from Shechemites of BOEOTia, which now explains why I went to shake her hand at the door. Hands/Hans' (Cheshire) thus look like they are from chief-priest, Annas, Caiaphas' father-in-law.

I think I can decipher why the BACK of the chair had thorns, where Torns/Turins share the gold boar head with the Eure's suspect in the "heure" motto term of Hicks'. The "AuDENTES" motto term of Torns/Turins can take us to "HUGo cum dentibus" in the write-up of Tooths, the latter first found in London with BACKus'. Tooth like Touts are listed with the Touts in the Hicks motto, and the Irish Tute's/Tuits were a branch of Twitts (Norfolk with Shaw-related Comyns) who in turn share the OpenSHAW Coat.

Mike Johnson Is In This Tall Dream's Chair

Repeat: "Keppochs were kin of Sheffields (share Keppoch sheaves), both from Yorkshire with Hicks'. The thorn-like Torns/Turins share the gold boar head in Crest with Sheffields, and with the Eure's likely in the "heure" motto term of Hicks'." Miss Hicks married Kilpatricks from the Nith river, the line to Nitts/Naughts (branch of Nights/Naughts) while Scottish Naughtons share the Thor/Tour tower. English Knights were first found in Suffolk with Owls/Howls while Howells have the Thor/Tour Coat in colors reversed. Thors/Tours were first found in Devon with the Spurrs suspect in the English Knight spur.

Scottish Naughtens have a blue-version fitchee-in-hand of the Keppoch MacDonalds. Another blue fitchee-in-hand is with Leans/McLane's (show MacDonald ship, as do Keeps), and I was LEANing over to kiss Mrs. Kilpatrick. To what does this leaning-to-kiss event point to, since it was apparently Arranged to include this Naughton-Lean link?

The Lean/McLean tower is even white, and can be the white Howell tower because Knights/Nights were first found in Suffolk with Owls/Howls. Then, Knightons/Nitons, sharing the green dragon in Crest with Kilpatricks, were first found in Worcestershire with the Rocks in the Lean/McLean Coat. It's also where Alleys were first found, and then Chairmans/Sharmens use holly while Hull-connectable Hollys may have been a branch of HOWLeys.

Hulleys (owl) are in the format of, and colors reversed from, German Matts (pointer to Matt Gaetz?), and Welsh Matts/Matthews were first found in Glamorganshire with the Lewis' who in turn share the Kilpatrick drops and the Knighton/Niton dragon head.

Howleys (Cheshire with Newtons) have a saltire in the colors of the saltire formed by "shin bones" of Newtons, and while Sleeping Beauty awoke when I grazed her knee i.e. connected to her shin bone (while leaning over), note the "bon" motto term of Hicks' (Yorkshire with Hull river, Hulleys, and Bank Newton). Bank Newton is in the write-up of Banks who in turn share the fleur-de-lys of German Matts!

I think the lean-over-to-kiss event can point to Matt Gaetz and the chairmanship he secured for Johnson, for while Scottish Johnsons share the Kilpatrick cushions, CUST-branch Kiss' are also Cush's. Hicks' are said to have had a branch at St. Ewe, and Ewe's/CUISTs share the giant Cusson and CUSTer/Constance eagle, red like the giant SPEAKER eagle. Irish CASEYs have eagle heads in both colors of the Speaker eagle, and those eagle heads appear also in the Lean/McLean Coat. This is being said as per what I've told many times: I TOOTed my horn while driving by the GATE of Mrs. Kilpatrick, when her aunt's husband, Mr. Casey, was at the gate wanting in!!! That event now looks like a pointer to Matt Gaetz.

Hicks have a motto, "TOUT en bon heure," and Touts/Toots were first found in Yorkshire too, with Matt-connectable Banks. The latter were likely a branch of Benjamins, the latter first found in Norfolk with Case's, Crows, Tute's/Tuits and Heads/Heeds while Scottish Caseys use the crow head.

BINGO! To help prove a lean-to-kiss pointer to Matt Gaetz, the Gaets'/Gede's/Geers/Geens share the Coat of French Bays (both share French Conte crescents) while the English Bays share the double fesses of Scottish Matters while German Matts are Matters too!!!! The applicable Italian Conte's share the Coat of Welsh Matts/Matthews. French Conte's were first found in Languedoc with Kiss-connectable Constance's/Constantine's while English Constantine's share the fleur-de-lys of German Matts/Matters. Conteville's ruled Comine's while Comyns'/Comine's were obvious kin of Kews' (Norfolk with Case's) suspect with the Kewsh variation of Ewe's/Cuists.

It recalls that Kews' share the Keveney lion in case this can point also to KEVIN McCarthy, for McCarthys were kin of KISSane's/Cashmans. The red stags of the latter two surnames got called a "hart" from use by German Harts, and then LockHARTs (LANarkshire with Caseys and Hardys) have a Chief in the colors and format of the Hardy-descended Douglas' who in turn share the Chief of Englands in the "lions of England" of English LANE's/Lawns. Leans/McLeans are also McLane's. Lanarkshire is where Flemings were first found who love the Deeds and Shaws, two obvious kin of Comyns/Comine's.

Mrs. Howell was played by Natalie Schafer, and Natalys/Natelys share the snake (different colors) with Needle-like Nettle's. Natalys/Natelys were first found in Hampshire, beside the Thorns (Somerset with Backs). It just so happens that the Nataly/Nately snake is in both colors of the Quinn snakes while the other Irish Quinns share the winged Gilligan horse! So, yes, God must have put it into my head that Miss Hicks as momentarily looking / acting like Mrs. Howell (no physical similarities).

Nate's (Lancashire with Travers) share the Coat of Travers in the "TOUT travers" motto of Fore's/Forez's, and Miss Hicks moved, with her husband, Hamilton Kilpatrick, from my area of Texas to FORney while Forneys share the Nate / Traver chevron. The BalFOURs, with a "FORward" motto and the Forney chevron in colors reversed, use the Otter while Otters/Others are in the two snakes of Biss' said to be "respecting each OTHER". The Biss' share the Nettle snake symbol as well as the Nate scallops, which are also the scallops of Meschins, the latter first found in Shropshire with Needle's. "ResPECTINg" can be code for a branch of Pictons (beside Bachs/Baghs) who share the Net/Night and Trevor/Trefor lion.

Nate's are also NETbys while Nets/Nights are highly suspect with the Nith river of Kilpatricks. The English Knights/Nights (Suffolk with Owls/Howls) have triple pale bars in the colors of the triple fesses of LOVEYs/Luffs, purdy incredible because Natalie Schafer played Lovey Howell. Loveys/Luffs were first found in Oxfordshire with Schafer-connectable Ships/Shiptons. Lofwicks/LOVicks, with bull heads in the colors of the Beauty/Bowd bulls, are in the write-up of Howell-beloved Towers.

The Biss' (Steer colors) were first found in Surrey with the Back-beloved Steers, and with Michaels in case this cane be a pointer to MIKE Johnson, for he's been of the STEERing Committee with the likes of Kevin McCarthy, Tom Emmer, Steve Scalise, and Elise Stefanik. According to Matt Gaetz, interesting where English Doors look like Gates kin, Else Stefanik was the one who breathed to request to put up a tentative vote for Mike Johnson immediately after Emmer decided not to try for the Speakership. The "cede" motto term of Steers is like the Cedes variation of Seats, and the chair in the dream is a seat!!! Maybe that works. The chair had needles like the quills of a porcupine, and Speakers have a porcupine in Crest!!!

Yes, although the back of the chair had roses, the needles were not shaped like the thorns from a rose bush, but were of identical thickness from start to finish, same as a porcupine needle. I'm impressed. Another porcupine is with Sidneys (Kent with Sleeps), and they are the ones with the pheon of English Johnsons in colors reversed! Incredible. Sidneys were first found in Kent with Masons/Massins while Johnson's grandfather is/was Mr. Messina.

The Steers even have three lions on a vertically-split Shield, same as the Gates' in other colors, and so this could be a pointer to Gaetz. The dream had a TALL Miss Hicks while Talls share the bee with Bessins while Meschins and their TAILLebois kin were from the Bessin while Messina's/Mussina's share the Tall hexagrams. Mike Johnson's grandfather is/was Mr. Messina. I trace Steer-loving Backs to proto-Messina's at Mus of Lake Van. Messina's/Mussina's (version of Masci Coat) use patee crosses while Pattys not only have lions in the colors of the same of Back-beloved Steers, but are in the colors and near format of Back-connectable Calvarys. Italian Patti's probably share the Maschi Shield.

There is no Gaets surname coming up, but there is a Gaets/Gedda/Geer/Geen surname, first found in Hamburg with Trips/TREFFs, linkable to Trevors/TREFors, the latter first found in Herefordshire with Gates-connectable Doors!!!

I even remember by heart that Welsh Matts/Matthews share the CHAIRman/Sharman lion!!!! ZIKERS. Welsh Matts/Matthews were even first found in Glamorganshire with Tillers, who, I kid you not, share the Steer and Tail/Tailer lion!!! Tails/Tailers can be of the bee-using Talls who were in this dream as tall Miss Hicks at the door. She had just come into the door when I went to shake her hand. Symbol of a congratulations? The fact that she hugged me flips us over to the Sleeping Beauty dream. Tillers can be traced excellently to the Tilurius river of the Maezaei Illyrians, the line to/from Messina's and Masci's.

Scottish Matthews have the gyronny pattern in the colors of the split Steer Shield, and it's the gyronny pattern also of Scottish Mathie's/Manns/Maghans who in turn have a "Fac et" motto phrase suspect with Faughn-branch Faucets. The Fenns/Venns below were first found in Devon with Fauns while Fawns (Berwickshire with Boys) are in the colors and format of the Boy bees, perfect where Italian Boys likely share the Back/Bach steer. The Welsh Bachs scan apply in this Welsh picture.

The "fyn" motto term of Welsh Matts/Matthews reminds of the "EDRYCH i fynw" motto of Powells (Wales) who in turn share the green griffin in Crest with Fenns/Venns, likely a branch of Fane's/Vans (Wales). The Edrichs/Edricks share the lion of Hatricks/Ettricks while Hatters are also Hettericks. It just so happens that Hatters were first found in Prussia with German Matts!!!

As per porcupine quills, Quills are listed with MacWilliams while Williams, first found in Breconshire with Powells, almost have the Mathie/Mann / Matthew gyronny. In fact, Williams almost have the Mathie/Mann Coat, which is really staggering since the dream had what looked like quills. Williams were also first found in Monmouthshire with Howells, and OUILLys/Willi's (compare with Monmouths), by their Ouele/OULlette variations, look like Owl/Howl / Howell kin. The Coat of Ouillys/Willi's compares with the one of Monmouths while the latter were first found in Herefordshire with Doors and Jays; the latter have a reflection of the Quill/MacWilliam Coat! It's amazing how things sneak up on me, working out so super. Ouillys/Willi's use a "Moorcock" while Cockers/Cockets almost have the Quill/MacWilliam Coat.

Some of you may know my heraldry concerning the hat-trick goal in my teens, which was able to point to Hatricks/Ettricks. I've now got to consider whether that hat-trick night can point to this Gaetz-Johnson team. It had pointed, so far as I could figure, to Trump's election-fraud woes, and promised an unexpected win through Sidney Powell, but that thing is not materializing. The chief and fast-up agenda of Mike Johnson should be the curbing of election fraud. Note that Frauds/Friths (share Char/Chard sheaf) use what could be a sickle as code for Sicilians, for Messina is in Sicily.

Just learned: Matt's full name is Matthew LOUIS Gaetz, and Welsh Louis' were first found in Glamorganshire with Matts/Matthews!!! Plus, Mike Johnson is of LOUISiana! It appears that this latest dream is a pointer to Johnson's win, but has this been steered by God? I can't say until I see Johnson's choices as Speaker.

I'm now thinking that the 1979 dream was to get me to the Beauty > Boeddu bloodline, and from that to the steer of Backs in order to later point to the Steering Committee. In that old dream, Beauty was hovering flat on her BACK over the SEATs of a car, and Cedes'/Seats are suspect in the Steer motto!!! She was hovering LEVEL while Leavells/Levels were from Lupus Laevillus, king of Cedes-like Cetis. It was also "Citis," suspect in the "PeriMUS liCITIS" motto of Cave-related Caens (share Scottish Leavell fesse), the latter first found in Dorset with Beautys.

The Speaker of the House is a chairman. The dream's chair can be a pointer to the Chairmans/Sharmans having the Matt/Matthew lion!!! Can we believe it? It's also the Net/Night lion in colors reversed.

Mattis' (Burgundy with Speaker-connectable Cussons, and with Saffers and Save's) share the moline of Chives', the latter first found in Tarves. Chives' are from the Cavii Illyrians at the Mattis river, now the Mat. I always link the "cats" of Chives' to the same-colored lions of Tails/Tailers and Tillers. German Tile's/Tillers have the annulet of TARVISium's Vita's (Saffer / Saver kin) in colors reversed. Tarves' share the fitchee of cat-using Cetins/Cattans, and the Tilurius river is also the Cetina.

The thorns/needles were on the back chair legs as well as the upper legs that form the back REST, and then Restons, a branch of Risings/Risons, share the leopard faces of Scottish Doors. Immediately after hugging the giant Hicks at the door, I was POKing my fingers into the needles of this chair, which I wasn't going to mention until realizing that Risings/Risons (almost the House Coat) almost have the saltire of Pollocks/POKE's, the latter first found in Renfrewshire with Pack-branch Paisleys and Hamiltons.

Kilpatrick-related Johnsons share the Crest of Wiggons, and the latter almost have the Coat of Annas' (Cambridgeshire with Wiggons) Coat. Hanna's (Wigton) almost have the Legg / Trump Coat. The chair had legs. Trump looks like he's from the giants. Johnson was Trump's lawyer. On and on I can go, never really knowing for sure what's Intended. Is Mike Johnson an agent of God to help us, or is he to the contrary an agent of Trump wickedness?

I was poking the chair's needles with my hand, and German Doors have hands on the quadrants of Tute's/Tuits (Norfolk with Beauty-related Haydens) and Hats/Hades', the latter first found in DORset with Beautys/Bowds, a branch of Boys/Boets/Boeddu's who in turn are in the colors of the bees of English Doors. The latter were first found in Herefordshire with Tout-connectable Trevors/Trefors, and with Jays sharing the Hatter roses.

It is surprising that heraldry has no giant that I know of as code, for example, of Gants / Gaunts. John of Gaunt was the symbol of the Lancastrian red ROSE. The "maiden" in the Arms of Gaunt can be code for the heraldic merMAID because Maids/Mauds/Molds nearly have the Monmouth Coat while Fane's/Vans, first found in Monmouthshire, use "GAUNTlets." Maids/Mauds and Monmouths share the lion of Virgins (Kent with Gaunts and Rothes'), and I've seen the Gaunt maiden called a virgin. I trace the mythical mermaid to Melissena Rangabe, whose mother, I've read, descended from the Khazars of Magog (Ukraine). They lived beside the Varangian RUS whom she married, but they also lived beside the proto-Hungarian Magyars whom I see from "Magogar." The gauntlet is used also my Maceys/Mace's (Cheshire with Maids/Mauds), traceable to the Moschi mountains of southern Caucasia.

The tall giant ENTERed the door and hugged me, and then there was a chair with ROSES UNDER (and alongside) its needles. While Melissena married Inger the Varangian, Ingers are listed with Henters/Enders, first found in Cornwall with the Hicks branch at St. Ewe. Ewe's are listed with CUISTs sharing the Cusson eagle while Kiss'/CUSS' love the Hug-related Fountains.

The Drummonds were Hungarians, descended from George of Hungary, and there is a Belgian George surname while Gaunt is in Belgium. English George's were first found in Dorset, beside the Rus-line Roets (same place a Crimea-tracable Cocks) whom John of Gaunt married. Cockers/Cockets share the Crest of French Gants (Burgundy). Roets were a branch of Rothes', and Ruthene (Rus) were all over the place in Ukraine, home of the Cimmerians (in Crimea too) who would later conquer Rusa at Lake Van. Ruthene and Redones were also in Burgundy along the Rhodanus river.

The first Drummond was Maurice, and Maurice's with Morris' were first found in Herefordshire with Doors and Trevors/TREFors (lion on Morris-lion colors) while Trips/TREFs, first found in Hamburg with German Drummonds, were from Trypillians of Ukraine and MOLDova (recalls Mold variation of Maids). Trevors/Trefors use a Gog-like COCKatrice while Trice's/Trysts are in the motto of Hebrons. The Bible locates giants in Hebron.

I brought Drummonds to topic for their "Gang" motto term, for Gangs, first found in Norfolk with Bagh-like Bags, and having their cinquefoils in colors reversed, are also Giggs while the ancients called the giants, GIGantes. It could appear that mythical Gigantes' were named from "Gog," for Drummonds descended from Magyars suspect from Magog, land of Gog. Khazars were Bulgars, and there is a Bulger surname ("Haec") almost having the Bag Chief. If Bags were from Bachs/Baghs, then we can trace them to Annacker-connectable Packs (anchors) or "Apachnas."

The Maurice-like Marks share the giant Maurice lion, and it just so happens that the border of these English Marks is shared by Biggs, first found in Essex with Marks. "Bigg" therefore looks like a giant-insinuating variation from "Bag(h)." German Marks share the vertically-split Shield colors of Fauci's and Dutch Tromps, and both the latter and the German Marks use the same eagle, very connectable to DORia's, first found in Genova with Crimea-like Grimaldi's and Fauci's. Grimaldi's share the Shield of Bags and Cocks, and Fauci's share the lozenge of Anchor-branch Angers (Essex with Marks and Biggs).

The Mark / Tromp / Doria eagle is black, same as the giant one of English Backs, suggesting that the latter were of the Bag-Grimaldi marriage. Irish Nagle's share the lozenge of Fauci's while German Nagle's have a saltire colors reversed from the one of BACKus', tending to increase the chances that Backs were related to Grimaldi's. The latter's Monaco branch is near Nagle-line Oneglia, home of a Doria branch.

German Trumps/Tromps, first found beside same-colored Drummonds, were likely Drummonds because Donald Trump is said to descend from "Drumpf." The stupid, Nicholas de Vere von Drakenberg, who claimed descend from Anunnaki, claimed further that mythical Melusine was the mother of Milo de Vere, first count of Angers.

German Trumps/Tromps use the giant stag head, and Hungarian lore traces back to a stag. The Trump/Tromp stag head is colors reversed with Hanna's of Wiggon-like Wigton, and then Trumps/Tromps were first found in Mecklenburg with Varangi-like Varni, and with Hanna-like, Hann-related Hahns. The Hanns share the red rooster with Cocks (Somerset with Backs). Dols (Trump colors) were first found in Mecklenburg too, and they share the fesse of giant-like Belgian Gants/Ghents. While Musics/Musys were first found in Brittany with Dol, English Ghents share the Music/Musy eagle and the Macey / Fane/Van gauntlet for a Gant trace to Mus at Lake Van. Miss Hicks gave me a MUSIC tape which she had recorded in a studio.

Miss Hicks, the GIANT at the door, is signalling that giants of some sort were at Lake Van, and Hicks' were even first found in Yorkshire with GANTons/CANTons (from Kennati?) who possibly incorporate the Sleep Coat, especially as Sleeps were first found in Kent, a county named by a CANTii peoples. Sleeps were from the Selepitanoi Illyrians near/amongst the Door-trackable Daorsi Illyrians. Did Moses marry a tribe with plenty of giant genes?

English Ghents (Hampshire with Grimaldi-connectable Fabians) have the Doria eagle in colors reversed. Hampshire (near English Backs) is where Steer-like Sturs/Styre's were first found who essentially share the Scottish Drummond Coat, and German Backs/Bachs are the ones with the "steer" while the DORia eagle is half the back eagle. The ten-foot giant came into the DOOR, and hugged me, a Masci and Grimaldi liner. My Masci-line mother has Grimaldi as her MAIDEN name.

Baggens/BEAGHans/Beehans share the Coat of Tiss'/Tease's, first found in Hampshire. Tesla-like Teasells (Essex with Musk-branch MUSchats) and Tessels/Tassels (share Maisy fesse) share the Maise eagle. Maisys have the Coat of Potters (Hampshire with Tiss'/Tease's) in colors reversed.

The Mark and Bigg border does not only share the Hicks fleur-de-lys, but the ones of Annas-branch Ainsleys, which can make me realize why Ainsley Earhardt was a second fulfillment of Sleeping Beauty, though this makes me suspect further that God chose her for that role due to the Earhardt surname tracing to the same giants that God wants to emphasize. Note that Jewish HARTs, with a reflection of the Earhardt/AirHART Coat, have a hollow hexagram, as does the Israeli flag. Bachs/Bags even share the stars of Annas-related Wiggons, and Annas was the Chief priest of Israel, also called Ananus, a term that can go back to "Anunnaki / Anaki."

German Marks (Prussia with Hatters) have motto terms shared by both Buck surnames, and while Hick's call their stag head a "buck," German Bucks share the lion of Hatter-connectable Hatricks and Edricks. English Bucks were first found in Norfolk with Bags.

Steers (probably share Rothes lion) have lions in the colors of the lion that is with the maiden in the Arms of Gaunt, and Steer-like Stairs/Stayers were first found in Kent with Rothes', Gaunts, and Sleeps. Sleeps may be using the lower part of the Ganton/Canton Coat; the latter's Chief shares the Bach/Bagh stars.

The Steyer variation of Steybers/STEUBers (fox) can be shown to connect to Sturs/Styre's because Bassets, first found in Staffordshire with Sturling-related Stubbs/Stops, share the triple-wavy fesses of Scottish Drummonds (named Drymen in Stirlingshire), which are the triple fesses, unwavy, of Sturs/Styre's. Stirlings/Sturlings share "Gang" with Drummonds, and Bag-related Gangs are listed with Giggs/Geggs. Sturs/Styre's were first found beside Stars/Stairrs.

We need to back-up a little, because I didn't do justice with the Chairmans/Sharmans when first suggesting that this week's dream has a chair linkable to them. The ten-foot giant who came with the thorny chair is Mrs. Kilpatrick, and then Irish Kilpatricks show a Sheera variation while Sheer's/SHIRE's/SHEARs, in the colors of Chairmans/Sharmans/SHIREmans/SHEARmans, were first found in Surrey with Steers!!! ZOWIE, as Chairmans and Sheers are both in Steyer/Steuber colors, this paragraph's material must be God's back-up for proving that He gave this dream.

The Chairmans share the giant Matt/Matthew lion, which was part of the undeniable pointer to Matt Gaetz and Mike Johnson (new House chairman), and Scottish Johnsons share roughly the Coat of Scottish Kilpatricks who in turn have a "sure" motto term while Sure's share holly with Chairmans!!! Just gawk at that giant clue. Sure's were first found in Mickleover, and Mickle's, in Sheer/Shire/Shear colors and format, were probably Michaels because the latter were first found in Surrey with Sheers/Shire's/Shears. MICHEAL Johnson.

German Michaels were first found in Bohemia, where Maurice Drummond's father married a woman whom I claim is Agatha of Podebrady, mother of queen Margaret of Scotland, explaining why Maurice Drummond married the sister of Margaret's husband, Malcolm III. It just so happens that Malcolms/COLUMNs can be connected, not only to the column of German Franks (Bohemia), but to the columns of Pelosi's/Pilati's while Nancy Pelosi was the House Speaker until not long ago!!! The heraldry appears Arranged to confirm the pointer to Mr. Johnson.

Moreover, Mickle's share the spur (different colors) with Close's, Knights/Nights and Liddle's (Liddesdale of ROXburghshire with Mickle's) while Kilpatrick castle is/was at CLOSEburn on the Night-connectable Nith river. Nets/Nights (Kirkcudbrightshire, near the Nith) have the Matt / Chairman lion in colors reversed. Liddle-branch Little's, sharing the Irish Kilpatrick saltire, are said to have had a branch roughly at the south-eastern Dumfries border.

The "make sure" motto phrase of Kilpatricks (share Maxwell/Makeswell saltire) is partly for Maxwells/Makeswells (same place generally as Liddesdale, beside Boys), yet note that their Maxton branch share the bee with English Boys for a likely connection to Steer-connectable Boys/Boets/Boeddu's. Mrs. Kilpatrick is Sleeping BEAUTY.

I can make the case that the dream points also to Jim Jordan, who almost won the Speakership. English Jordans, sharing the Fountain and HUG/Hughues lion, have a "perCUSSa" motto term while Kiss'/Cush's, linkable to the Kilpatrick cushions, use "fountains" that are designed with the triple-wavy Drummond fesses in colors reversed. Fountains and Flags were first found beside English Jordans, and then "flag"-using Ville's/Font-de-Ville's, first found in Languedoc with Hugs/Hughues', can be connected to Lafins/La Fonts who happen to share the giant Matt/Matthew / Chairman lion!!! Mrs. Kilpatrick walked into the door, and gave me a HUG (but no kiss that I can recall).

Kiss-branch Cass'/Cash's, unbelievably, use a "pair of SCALES" while Steve Scalise was first voted in for the Speakership challenge immediately before they voted in Jim Jordan! Italian Fontana's (look connectable to both Trump surnames) have a version of the MATTis Coat while Mattis share the checks of Nitts/Naughts, the latter first found in Dumfries with the Nith river of Kilpatrick castle! Nets/Nights are also McNaughts, and then Irish Naughtons were first found in Ui Maine with Pattersons/CASSANE's while Kissane's/CASHmans almost have the McCarthy Coat! Matt Gaetz fired Kevin McCarthy in order to get Jim Jordan to replace him.

Kiss-branch Custs (share the same fountains) could have the Hugh / Savage/Sava lion in Crest because the latter, first found in Cheshire with earl Hugh Lupus, have the Coat of Eagle's/Hegels (Lincolnshire with Custs) in colors reversed, and meanwhile SAVIGliano is where Pelosi's/Pilati's were first found. Savigliano is in Piedmont with Pero's suspect in "PERcussa" of the Jordans

The "Resurgo" motto term of the same Jordans can be for the Reesers variation of German Rice's/Risers, and Sleeping Beauty and I were rising while hugging in the 1979 dream. Is God about to rise to bash the wicked Democrats. My bet is that He'll do it with Trump's assistance while Trump of-course takes the credit.

While we were rising, we were emBRACEd, and while Brace's were first found in Herefordshire with Bee-loving Doors, Bee-loving Bracebridge's (Lincolnshire with Custs and Savage-related Eagle's) share the crozier (different color) with Reesers/Rice's/Risers. She walked into the door this week to embrace me, and we might add that the Bracebridge fesse is the one also of French Jordans who in turn use roses. Bracebridge's share the vaired Shield of Scottish Champagne's (Leicestershire with Savage-connectable Kiss'/Cush's) while French Sauvage's were first found in Champagne.

For the record, new-to-me TRUDells/Trudaine's (potent cross) were first found in Champagne too while English Trudells share the Scottish Leavell/Level Coat while Trudeau's were first found in the same place with French Levi's. English Trudells (possibly kin of Knight-loving True's/Tree's) share the green dragon in Crest with Irish Kilpatricks who in turn put the "dexter paw" of a lion -- same as the lion of Jewish Levi's (and Irish Jordans) -- upon the "head" of their green dragon. Dexters were first found in Leicestershire with Kiss'/Cush's, and with the Perkins/Parkings sharing the Levi / Kilpatrick lion. The Heads/Heeds were a Hat branch while French Jordans share the Hatter roses.

McCarthys (County Kerry with Kissane's/Cashmans) almost have the Kissane/Cashman stag, suspect from the latter's "Forti" motto term as a buck. County Kerry is also where Baggens/Baeghans were first found, and their Shield, ignoring their border, show only a chevron that is fully the Coat of Tiss'/Tease's suspect in the "HosTIS" motto term of Shirts/Shards who in turn share the Tiss/Tease chevron. Moreover, the Shirts/Shards/Sherrats have a Coat much like the one of French Jordans/SHURTans (Brittany with Jarden-branch Jarrets), and while Kissane's/Cashmans have a lizard in Crest, Lizarts are also Sarde's, probably in the lizard of Kyne's/Keens.

Especially as Shirts/Shards were first found in THORNton (!), the Chair-like Chareys/Cherrys can figure into this dream because the Shirts/Shards (Charey/Cherrys colors and format) have an "inVIDia" motto term while Vita's/Vido's share the Charry/Cherry annulet. Charrys/Cherrys were first found in DERBYshire, which was named by elements in Derbe conquered by king Amyntes of the Galatians. Derbe is not far from Perta on lake Tatta while Shard-like Chars/Chards use "PARTridges." Severs, likewise sharing the Charey/Cherry, were likely from SEVERus of Akmonia, a descendant (grandson, I think) of Amyntes.

Kissane's/Cashmans share the motto of English Deans, which might explain the Dean-like variations of French Jordans.

With the Kissane's in this picture, I can repeat that I was about to kiss Mrs. Kilpatrick awake, which is how she was dubbed, Sleeping Beauty," for the dream said, "She's beautiful." But she awoke while I was leaning over to kiss her (before I kissed her), and she popped into my arms for a hug. As I've said a million times, I had NO SHIRT on at the time, wherefore it's a possible pointer to Jim Jordan, who has been the chairman of an investigative committee, the OVERsight Committee. I was about to kiss her while she was HOVERing OVER the seats of the car, and while Cars (Lancashire with Seats/Cedes') share the Shirts/Shard / Tiss/Tease chevron too, that scene now looks like a pointer to Jordan's OVERsight investigators.

The start of this dream had Trump swallowed by a shark, but I didn't see the outcome of what the shark would do to him beyond that.

I trace Tiss'/Tease's with Tess'/Tease's (Switzerland with Ticino canton) to the Tessin/Ticino river at Pavia, where Pierro's/PERo's (probably Boet/Butt/Bute kin) were first found that can explain the "PERcussa" motto term of English and Irish Jordans. English Jordans even share the Pierro/Pero roses. Both Pero surnames list Perichs while a "perch" is in the Coat of English Botters/Bodens (Hampshire with Tiss'/Tease's and Buttons/Bidens/Bodins), tending to confirm that Pierro's/Pero's almost have the Boet/Butt/Bute Coat for a related reason. Irish Jordans share the Jewish Levi lion while Laevi Gauls founded Pavia. We could say that Jordan's appointment to the Speakership challenge turned out to be a mere teaser.

We can now go to Pierre's, first found in Languedoc with Hugs/Hughues' and sharing their lion! We got here from entering Jim Jordan to topic.

King of the North

I have a rare but logical interpretation of Daniel 11 amongst post-tribulationists, who tend to agree with pre-tribulationists to their impoverishment in this case. I'm going to try to make my case to show that I'm correct, I hope for your sake that you agree. In the webpage below, I decipher Daniel 11:4-21 in square brackets inserted into the Biblical text. In the quote below from that page, I'll add only the ending of those verses to get faster to the point:

And he [still Antiochus the Great] shall turn his face to the coasts [in western Asia Minor], and shall capture many [Aeolis, Ionia, and Thrace]. But a ruler [the Romans] shall make cease his reproach for him, and his reproach will return to him [he was defeated by Roman armies in Greece in 191 and in Asia 190/89]. And he shall turn his face to the fortresses of his land [Babylon], but he will stumble and fall, and will not be found [he was killed while raiding a temple in Elam, near modern-day Kuwait].

[Verse 20] And one [Seleucus IV] who sends an exactor shall stand in his [Antiochus the Great] place, for the glory of the [Syrio-Babylonian] kingdom. But within a few days, he will be broken, but not in anger, and not in battle [Seleucus IV was murdered by his own official, paving the way for the infamous Antiochus IV to come to power]. [Verse 21] And a rejected one shall stand up in his place..." [End of Quote]

Immediately after the above, I finish with the following:

"Although Antiochus IV follows Seleucus IV in history, the "rejected one" is clearly the end-time anti-Christ, for there is no other personality which rules further as "king of the north" in Daniel's prophecy. That is, if the "rejected one" is the last "king of the north" to be introduced and portrayed, where he is shown associated with end-time events leading up to the resurrection of the saints (12:2), then he must be the end-time anti-Christ."

I don't know how to put it more simply. At some point after the king of verse 20, the end-time anti-Christ needs to be the "king of the north." That phrase enters the text earlier with Antiochus II, and the text tells of transitions to his successors, but does not tell of a transition to the end-time king of the north. The pre-tribulationist claims that the end-time king of the north enters the text at verse 36 because verses 32-35 have saints suffering severe persecution. The fundamental tenet of pre-tribulationism is that end-time saints don't suffer such things.

But if one is wiser, or a post-tribulationist, one should view the saints of verses 32-35 as the chosen Israelites, both the Biblical "remnant" of the Israeli theater, and the Christians therein, because verse 31 has the king of the north committing the abomination of desolation at Jerusalem. It is this remnant that Jesus warns in Matthew 24, warning them to flee the Jerusalem theater. And Matthew 24 happens to have the text that is a monumental, unquestionable proof of a post-tribulation rapture (24:29-31). Already, just from the latter point, the king of the north of Daniel 11:31 needs to be the end-time anti-Christ, for that even matches Revelation 13 wherein he makes war against the saints for 42 months.

The error that pre-tribulationists make, followed by many post-tribulationists, is to exclusively see Antiochus IV starting at verse 21, and all the way to verse 31. And so because God had to make verses 21-31 reflect the reign of Antiochus IV to a fair degree for all people living prior to the end times, pre-tribulationists opt to keep the end-time king of the north out of those verses.

In other words, God intended 21-31 as a double-fulfillment prophecy. Both Antiochus IV and the end-time anti-Christ invade Jerusalem. But for the wise one, the abomination of desolation appearing in verse 31 is the clincher that verses 21-31 do indeed have the end-time anti-Christ, for this abomination of desolation appears in Daniel 12 as an end-time event. It also appears at the end of the 70th week in Daniel 9. Therefore, I claim that nobody has the right before God to exclude the end-time anti-Christ from verses 21-31, and especially from verses 29-31.

Therefore, verses from 25-27 speaks to the invasion of Egypt (king of the south) IN THE END TIMES. You won't get this view from many prophecy writers. I claim that this prophecy is necessary to alert the Church to the 70th Week being upon us, otherwise, without this prophecy, there's no way, from all other Biblical texts, to know when that the mid-point of that Week is upon us until it's already begun. That latter picture seems as though God abandons the end-time Church to frantic inability to prepare to endure 42 months in which we can no longer make all/most of our ordinary purchases.

I claim that, out of love and devotion to His Church, God provided at least one prophecy to give us a hard clue as to the approach of the final 42 months, as many as a few years before they begin. I have read and re-read all the prophecies looking for any important clues to anything, but did not find a second prophecy to identify a knowable event as being definitely prior to the 42 months that could help us time our preparations. It seems that part of His Devotion is to provide Revelation 12 and 13 themselves, which warn about the anti-Christ's partner not allowing the Church to make ordinary purchases for 1,260 days.

Revelation 12 has a war in Heaven between the angels that occurs prior to the 1260 days. These are clearly of the 1290 days found at the end of Daniel 12. But I doubt very much that this war will be a thing we can witness by which to time our food-and-shelter preparations. Besides, the text doesn't tell us how much sooner before the 1260 days the war comes to an end.

Revelation 12 is clearly about the end-time king of the north, and by "north," Daniel 11 makes it plain that it's not Europe or Russia, but the Syria-Iraq theater...not necessarily meaning that he can't be European or Russian. We are to look for a small military power in the Middle-East rising into a formidable power after conquering Egypt. There's no way to miss such a sign if one knows it's going to take place, but with the pre-and post-tribulationists together teaching that this sign will not take place, it can explain the foolish virgins ending up unprepared, especially as even the best post-tribulationist advocates are devoid of any urgings toward us to make physical preparations. These pooper-tribulationists have always been a big head-scratcher for me, being almost as dangerous as their pre-trib counterparts.

Revelation 12 has the king of the north, by another name, spewing a river toward the Church-woman to inhibit her flight into wilderness regions, where God promises (in the text) to nurture her. This river is not identified as a specific event i.e. we can't use it to know how soon before the 1260 days it takes place, or whether it takes place after the 1260 have begun.

I have admitted throughout the years that this woman of Revelation 12 may not be the Church worldwide, but only the Christians and remnant in and around Israel. Although I don't know which, I am yet preparing myself even now, just in case. My foods are being dried so that I can eat them at any time, not wasting them.

I've been eager to prepare also for my sons because, besides my concern for them, it's sinful to prepare for self only if I'm able to prepare for others too. I'm retired, having plenty of time for this, and I urge all retired Christians to engage in this task. But, on the other hand, as we are not given a definite clue as to whether Christians worldwide will need to prepare at all, you may think differently, and be justified for it, on whether to prepare also for others. On the other hand, we do see what could amount to a mark/number in the hand developing worldwide. Therefore, I think it's best I urge others to prepare no matter where they live, starting NOW if you haven't started at all.

It is important that we don't make the mistake of attributing the 666 (Revelation 13) to the king of the north alone. While that number is in his honor, the 666 system is advanced by another beast that seems to be Christian-like partly because it's depicted with lamb horns. That other beast could easily be Western, or perhaps Russian, because it has what I interpret as very-advanced military fire from the sky that ought to surpass in technology the ordinary fighter jet and bomb-dropping capability. Nobody considers the latter very miraculous, but the "fire from the sky" of this second beast is portrayed as miraculous such that they "worship" the king of the north for his sudden and wholesale ability to conquer nations fast-and-easy.

Yet this fire from the sky may arrive after the 1260 days have begun. There seems to be no Biblical clue as to whether it comes before or after the 42 months. Daniel 11:25 tends to reveal that the king of the north will yet be a smallish power when he succeeds against Egypt, and so, perhaps, the special fire from the sky may be in effect at that time to explain how he succeeds. We are hearing about laser weapons that are so new to the public as to well-qualify as miraculous fire from the sky. This can explain why the West is so itchy to start a world war, because it wants to use the lasers to conquer the world.

The last verse of Revelation implies that, when the king of the north doesn't succeed in dissuading the Woman from living in the wilderness, instead of going after Her again, he goes out to make war against stranded pre- and pooper-tribulationists who have no means to feed themselves. For, about the time of this river, the second beast makes it difficult for Christians to secure food and heating from others. It's your choice as to whether you don't want to take that message to heart now, but don't blame God later for not warning you. The Revelation 12 text make it clear to the pre-tribulationist fool that this Woman is not natural / political Israel, but those who hold to the Lamb of God. There will be no excuse before God for the pre-tribulationist scholar, or for his schools of suckers who know the prophecies well.

There's no shortage of sound post-tribulationists online with videos and articles alike; the correct message is out there, and there's a few years, at least, yet to go for this message to spread further. Besides, pre-tribulationists are themselves spreading the message when they attack post-tribulationism. They often present the latter for anyone to see that it's the correct position. There was a time, before the Internet, when they didn't need to argue against post-tribulationism; they only presented pre-trib so that nobody would even know that post-trib was an option. NOT ANYMORE, hallelujah.

Daniel 11 presents the attack against Egypt such that the latter is confident that it will defeat the king from the north of Israel. But, surprise, Egypt loses, makes lots of news, we simply can't miss this sign. In Matthew 24, Jesus warns the Judean churches to flee into the wilderness when they spot the king of the north's allies ganging inward toward them. God will speak many messages to the worldwide Church through the Two Witnesses concerning the attitude we should have in resisting this king and his partners.

Revelation 13 gives him ten kings as partners, but these should not be confused with the ten kings of Daniel 7, who were ancient Roman emperors easily decipherable from Little Boots (37 AD) to Nerva (98 AD). The ten kings (horns) of Revelation 13 are possibly, at least mainly, Middle-Eastern, foes of Israel. It's possible that the second beast is a Western leader who arranges the king of the north with some Western nations to help fight Israel, and if the second beast belongs to the Unites States, it underscores God's jealousy, turning sinful Israel's chief ally against her in a final act of wrath. Most Middle-Eastern nations do not, as Israel does, accept / tolerate / praise Sodomites.

So far as I know, the U.S. is the only nation having laser weapons. I've seen how they destroy from online videos on the topic. They melt steel. There can be more than one type, one shooting typical laser light, the other shooting "microwaves."

There are three "woes" in Revelation. The second woe is in chapter 11, which includes the resurrection of the "Two Witnesses" very nearly before the 7th Trumpet. The latter is the 3rd woe, and so, as the rapture is when the last trumpet is about to sound, it appears that the Rapture-Resurrection of all saints takes place just before the 7th Trumpet, which, in my sequence of the 21 plagues, takes place just after the opening of the 7th Seal. I have no plagues between the 7th Seal and 7th Trumpet, one follows the other, after the 6th Seal that itself takes place after the 42 months of Israel's "great tribulation," which agrees with Matthew 24:29-31.

I'm venturing into the 7th Trumpet because pre-tribulationists locate it in the midst of the 42 months (= same as the 1260 days), or even earlier than the 42 months. This is an extremely-dangerous teaching. God's not going to breath through the apostle Paul that the rapture takes place at the "last trumpet" (2 Thessalonians 2) if the 7th and last Revelation Trumpet is another trumpet altogether. Besides, the text within the 7th Trumpet places the event at the start of God's Kingdom, exactly when we expect the post-trib rapture.

The 7th Trumpet is moreover after the 42 months over which the Two Witnesses prophesy, and God is not going to confuse us by making their 42-month period anything other than the anti-Christ's 42 months, yet the daft, licentious pre-trib scholars do in fact place the Two Witnesses in the first half of the 70th Week, so callously and recklessly, so devoid of wisdom and concern for the plight of the Church which Revelation speak to.

In the least, do we think pre-tribbers are capable of proposing that the Two Witnesses MIGHT prophesy concurrent with the anti-Christ's 42 months, in case they are wrong? No, they do not give you even that much. You are to agree with the foolish virgins all the way to Hell, they are not going to budge on their dogmatism in this regard. But you, if you have any wisdom at all, bank on the Two Witnesses enduring the full 1260 days, side-by-side with the Church-woman of Revelation 12. And don't identify that Woman as natural Israel alone, as pre-tribbers do to avoid their error.

Obviously, they can't decipher the Woman as the Church, or they would need to capitulate on the pre-trib-rapture position. Instead, they lie. Whenever they see the Church in the tribulation, as they do in the "elect" of Matthew 24:29-31, they switch the Church there for natural Israel, like bonkers. However, wherever "elect" occurs in the New Testament, it's always referring to the Christian Church. Don't be a pre-trib fool.

If you, as a pre-tribulationist, are open to being wrong, then what do you think your options are for going forward toward the 1260 days? Your best option as I see it: get prepared with foods, and a place where you think you can stay warm without utilities from the grid. The only decent option is your own country tract of land, or partaking on one owned by someone reliable who will make a reliable deal with you. Traversing the northlands like an Indian in a tent, with a rifle strapped to your shoulder, is not likely a thing you'll survive in even the first winter. Aim for something better.

A small wooden cabin with bedrooms insulated to the max, and I mean max, would do you much better. The smaller the quarters, the more your body heat might suffice, wherefore make the bedrooms very small, even as small as a cubby (with sufficient ventilation for air) with a foot of height above the bed, and walls touching the bed, with lots of insulation beneath the mattress. You can have that cubby inside the larger bedroom for the coldest of nights, or when you have no heating fuel. Use the best-quality sleeping bags. I used one, for weeks through January, rated for a few degrees below freezing, and slept in it with clothes on, with nights as low as -20C (less than 0F), in an unheated camping problem at all so long as I was in the bag. You'll be wise to have warm hats for this.

Another sign which unmistakably identifies the anti-Christ for us, and possibly prior to the 42 months, is where he considers himself, God. This is not only in Daniel 11, but in Daniel 8:11 and 8:25.

Daniel 8 has some value in timing preparations because it includes a 2,300-day period (almost seven years), which likely ends at least close to the end of the 1260 days. The 2,300 days alludes to the 70th Week. However, no event that's said to be a part of the 2,300 days touches upon the early part of the final 70th Week; for that, we need Daniel 11:21-28. The 2,300 days tells us only that the full war against Israel, made by the king of the north, lasts for that specific time period. Therefore, when we see the initial assault against Israel in Daniel 11:28, we can assume it to be the start of the 2,300 days. It suggests that roughly three years will go by before he conquers Jerusalem, or that he comes back south, successfully into Israel, in less than three years from when he leaves Egypt.

It will give us at least three years to put our affairs in order in preparation to endure the final 42 months. For anyone owning most of their homes, that should not be a problem, providing there are sufficient country tracts available for purchase, or providing that people will be permitted to live in the city in spite of not being able to buy or sell. I wouldn't like to chance the latter.

Don't be deceived by licentious, prophecy bonks (big disappointment) who claim as sure-fire-fact that anti-Christ makes a "peace treaty" with Israel. Daniel says no such thing, but rather calls if a "covenant", and says it will be with "the many." Since when is Israel described in the Bible as "the many"? Only a devious person with some snaky agenda argues in this way, and, to no surprise, this doctrine has been foisted upon our generation by pre-trib goofs. It's just one big goof to interpret "the many" as Israel, and a gigantic exposure of how not to go forward with "scholarship."

This peace-treaty trash will allow pre-tribulationists to clamor in the future, saying of a successful invader of Egypt that he cannot be the anti-Christ because he hasn't made a peace treaty with Israel. So, even though he claims to be God, yet some pre-tribbers who have no preparations, and who refuse to prepare, will urge believers to wait for another man to fulfill the king of the north. TOXIC. DANGEROUS. STUPID.


A beaten-down Mike Lindell is hoping that Mike Johnson will somehow revamp election integrity from a federal field. This is, to him, like a flickering wick, but, instead of going out, looks to be coming back to brightness:

One of the reasons that Lindell has failed is that he never ceases to take the opportunity to raise money for My Pillow whenever he does election-fraud events. It's conflict of interest. People see that. Lindell is sinning to support Trump for 2024 because the latter is an unrepentant killer-by-vaccines. If you want God to help you, you need to be cleaner than that.

If Johnson still supports Trump, he's dirty too. It's called an actor, a hypocrite, which has the synonym: politician. Trump pretends not to be a typical politician. He wasn't, then he became one. Johnson may not have been a RINO, but he'll become one if he becomes more like Trump than Jesus. Trump may not be a typical RINO, but he's a similar hippo-critter, king of a swamp. He bathes in the swamp he claims he's going to drain. Truth is not Jesus' only attribute; He's also clean. He doesn't support murder by vaccines. If a Christian cannot call Trump out for that, he's dirty. He's got Trump slime in his mouth. He drools foul slime whenever he talks. He might even be the walking dead. Trump has turned Christians into America worshippers. Freemasons, the founders of the Washington swamp, are identical to Trump. Masons can wear a Christian mask when necessary, and so does Trump, while hating the Bible and its God.

Gab members, along with Gab's Christian founder, shoot lots of slime from their mouths. They are going the way of sick sick sick if their chief aim is to topple the devil in Washington. A loyal Christian calls Washington out for what it is; he does not praise the Congress, as Mike Johnson did this week. Mike was spewing sewage from his mouth from his victory speech. It doesn't look promising for restraining the devil in Washington. Playing footsies with the devil is dirty. Most of Trump's supporters were vile before Trump ran for election, and many Christians who still support him are becoming vile. When you play with the devil, who's smarter than you, he will make you vile.

Matt Gaetz is a dirty Trump supporter, and so is Jim Jordan. We've got to call a spade a spade. There is no hope for Washington. It will not tolerate a clean, unwavering, non-compromising Christian. Jesus will never give you the green light to mirror compromised congresspeople. Anyone with a dirty mouth can clean it. Just don't praise Trump, for starters. The core teaching of Jesus to Israel's leaders: don't be compromised and defiled by your politics; let God be first each and every time. It got Him rejected and crucified to stick to that rule, but He did not waver, and in the end He wins when God hands Him their kingdom.

Lose your life here, gain later. Win here by compromising, lose later. Losers shall be winners, and winners shall be losers. Be a big loser today. Master it. Then wield power in the Kingdom of God. Do what's right in spite of losing a reputation, which is what Gaetz did, yet he came out a winner. Yet, he's got Trump grime on his lips, and is therefore in danger of getting a serious infection. Not smart.

Hopefully, this is the open door we've all been waiting for who love justice:

The video above is from the Tuesday show of David Knight, who says, let the law suits begin. The vaccine companies should no longer be protected now that DNA has been found in "ALL" Pfizer and Moderna vials. What took so long to discover this? Article: "The polyomavirus simian virus 40 (SV40) is a known oncogenic DNA virus which induces primary brain and bone cancers, malignant mesothelioma, and lymphomas in laboratory animals." The article suggests that this DNA poison is being distributed to people illegally by other means besides by vaccines. Perhaps in some foods.

Although we probably won't hear about it in the mainline news, some corrupt doctors are going to frown on the politicians who do nothing to reprimand the vaccine companies, and even their own selves, for the SV40 scandal. The doctors and hospitals didn't mind making extra money to artificially raise the number of COVID-death numbers, but some of their better classes would draw the line on gross medical irresponsibility. Yet, what we have with SV40 is not mere irresponsibility, but a crime against humanity.

Who might have facilitated the pro-Palestinian DEMONstration in Montreal? Sure smells of trudeau. It would be very nice, and is very possible, that all avid anti-Christs the world over will soon be pro-Palestinian as an entire lot. It's "nice" because it makes it even easier to identify them than other factors already do.

Switzerland had more elections this week that saw it go more anti-globalist. We have Schwab himself, and his climate-change flatulence, to thank for this. We could never have toppled globalist regimes so well all on our own. Big thanks to you, Klaus, keep opening your mouth, keep doing us favors, and prepare to go more mad than you already are. Those are my sweetest sentiments, you murderous whore.

This is not to absolve Israel's leaders. I am neither pro-Israel nor pro-Palestinian. I am pro-Abraham. I'm in favor of the restoration of natural Israel without the demonic Westernization that now defiles the land of God. You should be careful who you call holy inside Israel today. The nation as a whole is NOT holy to God. Think as God does, and you will do well for yourself. If Israel murders Palestinians who do not deserve it, God takes the side of the Palestinians in those cases. When Israel acts the demon, God opposes Israel. It's always been that way because God doesn't show favoritism in the sense of having two standards of justice. He does have favoritism toward the Jewish bloodline, not because blood counts for anything, but due to his promise to Abraham.

I missed this story last week: "New York Times Rehires Pro-Hitler Journalist Based in Gaza, Sparking Backlash" (National Review). Everyone knows that the NY Times is a sponsor of the CIA, which was Nazified by the time George Bush Sr. had controlled it, and so this story is not surprising except for the fact that the Times is now defending the hiring and re-hiring of this pro-Hitler goon. How many other Nazi goons from the CIA are in Gaza, and is this war an Israelo-American orchestration after all? The man's name, Soliman Hijjy, looks Jewish at the first name, and maybe an alias (faked) at the surname.

It reminds me of Old Testament times when God would reveal to Israel that all the peoples they depended on were really their traitors-in-waiting. Ditto for the United States. It's been a bad week for the NY Times and others ever since they took sides with Hamas out of the gate:

How could the liberal, American media be so opposed to Israel unless the CIA had been for that very position? So, out of their mouths, the Military, media and even Biden pretend to be pro-Israel, but by their actions they look, not merely sympathetic for Palestinians, but pro-Hamas. One can easily conclude that the American military wants war to escalate, and will betray Israel, and play friendly toward it to begin with, to accomplish that task. The Ambush is coming.

By now, the CIA has had time to feign pictures of decapitated babies, or to produce them from another war somewhere, and to put them online as though they derive from reliable sources. We should expect it because it seems to be a logical part of the American game plan, to horrify the governments of the world on behalf of justifying the escalation of this war. That's what I think. It's doubtful that Israel and the CIA see eye-to-eye on every facet of the going-forward. The two syndicates each have their own wicked interests, and murder is the flag of both.

The video below shows at least one fake-news scene, but then therefore the entire broadcast can be assumed to be propaganda from an Australian news media in Israel, even as it comes across that way. There's not much use watching the "star" surgeon (no humility) to the end of the video:

The video below solidly tends to expose Israel doing what the CIA wants done to ramp up a war, not at all meaning that the CIA is necessarily in charge of the plots:

Fox news, very disposed to American and Zionist warism, is telling viewers that Hamas must be destroyed. It's saying nothing about what appear definitely to be concocted events intended expressly for news-fed propaganda. That's the way Fox news has always been, always ignoring "conspiracy theories" that look like the truth from the get-go. Perhaps Fox has always had the mission from the military establishment to passionately pit American against American.

The RCMP has incriminated trudeau while trying to protect him:

I have the hunch that Kevin McCarthy supported both Scalise and Jordan last week because he wants to become the Speaker again. In other words, he wants to look good pretending to support his foes that he knows can't get elected so that his team, especially the 20 hold outs, can renominate him once the whole of the congressmen feel desperate / pressured to win the job fast for somebody-anybody.

On Tuesday, Republican voted for Tom Emmer as their third candidate after Jim Jordan was voted out. Emmer is despised by Jordan backers. Before you get to the 2nd minute of the video below, you will see McCarthy stumping for Emmer with passion, which reveals McCarthy's true colors if ever we had any doubt:

Marjorie Greene: "Today I voted against Tom Emmer on all rounds of voting including the spoken roll call vote because he has a voting record I canít support. He voted for Democrat gay marriage bill, voted with Democrats to overturn President Trumpís transgender military ban, voted for every penny of Ukraine funding, at one time supported the Soros national popular vote scheme, and voted to certify Bidenís 2020 election."

Matt Gaetz has done the right thing whether or not he succeeds. If he fails, he gets marks for trying. The fault for the failure lies elsewhere, not with him. Paul Ryan, who I assume is still an executive at Fox news, lashed out of leftist media against Gaetz as a "nihilist."

Emmer canceled his win and stepped out of the candidacy on Tuesday. Excellent. Who's next up to bat? Some voters are already saying that McCarthy should re-enter the vote.

By the way, I've shown in the past how Laps/Labbs' and German Babels trace to Drummonds out of Podebrady (Labe/Elbe river). Both surnames share the mermaid with Emmers, and the latter's EMERICK variation is very telling because Mericks not only share the wavy fesse (different color) with Drummonds, but it was, in particular, Merick-like Maurice Drummond (grandson of king Andrew I of Hungary) whose mother, I and others claim, was at Podebrady. The Mericks share the seahorse (different colors) with the Seamans who in turn almost have the Sea Coat while the latter do incorporate the German Drummond Coat.

By Tuesday night, the House had another candidate scheduled for a prompt House-floor vote for Wednesday morning: "In January 2021, Johnson was one of 147 Republicans to vote to overturn the results of the 2020 United States presidential election in the state of Pennsylvania...In 2015 and 2016 Johnson led a pro-life 'Life March' in Shreveport-Bossier City" (his Wikipedia article). He sounds purdy good, willing to go against the establishment. He seems to have all the goods that Jim Jordan does, aside from being pro-Trump i.e. not part of the goods. What Trump says he stands for is not necessarily what he stands for; he's a proven deceiver. He usually says the things his base stands for because he's a social-media reader. And RINO's do exactly the same: say the things their voters want to hear with no desire / intention of doing them.

Anyone following this House story should see the admissions of Matt Gaetz revealing the true McCarthy:

On Thursday, Johnson won on the house floor, 220-209. He's the new Speaker. Gaetz succeeded after all, and it so-hurts the Democrats who were mocking him. Shut-up, Democrats, and sit down. Lie down. Get lost. Kill yourselves. Johnson's victory speech, heaping praise on McCarthy:

Behold at what Gaetz reveals here, so much fun:

The mass shooting in Maine on Wednesday may have been a staged event because the timing is perfect for leftist media (includes half of Fox) not covering the Johnson-Gaetz victory. Covering this story is pain like Hell to Democrats, who were hoopla and laughter for days previous at Jordan's short-comings. Johnson's win is like a cup of vinegar down the throat for some at Fox news. Hannity celebrated his win.

From a few glances at things, Johnson sounds like a bona-fide Christian, and he therefore is not supposed to make to the position he now holds. However, I don't like it when he compares the House to something holy to God, which is what he did in his speech. Spit! This House is the stink palace of the world. That's why he got elected, to change it, not praise it. And, no, a strong America is not the future. God is going to destroy this nation. It will not be praised more than Sodom will be praised. This House is like the Revelation Hose.

It turns out that Johnson is an evangelical having a Christian show with his wife. That sort of person is not supposed to make it a Speakership position in the U.S. Congress. And that's why this House is a whore house. I have a feeling that he won't compromise his basic Christian positions. I'll be watching. I'm eager to see how a Bible-based Christian can make a difference. As Speaker, he gets to set agendas for forming news laws or amending bad ones. There's no shortage of work to be done. He'll have McCarthy's and McConnell's trolls nipping at his heels all along.

The big problem is, Johnson wants to genuinely help Israel on Biblical grounds, yet when he hands money to the U.S. military, he's handing it to the devil. How would you like to be that person? No thanks. In the least, he shouldn't appear excited about handing the money over. The U.S. military is turning things upside-down, claiming that American involvement in the Israeli theater will be a deterrent to a wider war, but this is deception because it's fully obvious already it wants a wider war.

This video below doesn't make its case that Hamas is owned by the CIA / Mossad, but part of the video is important where the son of a Hamas leader speaks against Hamas. It's not beyond credibility that American military money, that goes missing repeatedly, can buy favors from multiple militant-Muslim groups:

It surprised me to hear that China has sent ships to the Gaza area. On Stew Peters this week, George Papadopoulos has a theory that this Gaza war was instigated by a Chine-Turkey alliance seeking to advance a China trade route into Europe, in competition with an Israeli-India pact to do the same. You might be interesting in listening along in case you can begin to figure out / predict how the "kings of the east" find it in their interests to attack the anti-Christ in Israel. Don't ask me for an opinion, yet, because this still is not making sense with a Russian anti-Christ in the picture:

Due to the way that Israel allowed the Hamas invasion to occur with checking it, a few think that Hamas and Israel are in cahoots for some grand purpose. Some might therefore say that Hamas did not attack Israel due to a mortal trade competition. However, Israel did not likely fail to check Hamas due to being in cahoots with them, but rather allowed Hamas to do its worst, for a time, in order to garner national anger and world sympathy for escalating war between Iran and Turkey, where the pipelines, for example, are desired.

Israel does NOT need American funds or military help to fight merely Hamas and Hezbollah. However, in the way Israel is going about the Gaza invasion, they are probably going to need America's back. I suggest you keep ears open for the sound of the anti-Christ coming to Gaza's defence.

On Wednesday, Netanyahu said that Israel will realize / fulfill Isaiah's prophecy. Yeah, but not without spinning out of control first. Israel will lose control of the vehicle, and skid into a dark desolation. Israeli's are going to starve, others murdered as they flee the country, others brought into prison in foreign lands. There has to be some good reasons for this. It's God's wrath. He's not happy. Zionist Christians, He's not happy with Israel, what can't you grasp about this?

Mike Johnson is close to Trump, not a good mix. He was one of Trump's impeachment lawyers. Perhaps this is Johnson was able to get 220 votes, for the backlash that the hold-outs would have gotten from their voters had they rejected him.

Here's a method for politicians to get money back into their own pockets by wildly over-paying their fellow gangsters:

Here we discover that Schwabite puppets, in feigning a success story, are powering electric-charge stations for cars with gas generators. Rather than admit defeat, they lie and waste our money:

Bigtree's Highwire this week didn't mention the SV40 scandal. Maybe next week.

Polly below shows how the French in Quebec are serious racists. trudeau, who accuses the English opposition of being racists and worse, is a pro-French frog, a swamp lunatic. In Revelation 16, God uses frogs to describe the anti-Christ's leadership, we wonder why. Frogs are not a natural Biblical topic. Isn't it making sense that Klaus Schwab, who looks like a frog, will lead the way to the 666? Franks were Germanics at first.

Merovingians, some of the first Franks, were from Veneti elements, and Veneti were from Heneti of the frog-like Phrygian theater. Merovingians may have originated from Marsi of Maruvium, or vice-versa, and Marsyas was a mythical Phrygian goat prior to the Franks proper. "Varangi" is like "Frank," which can suggest that Franks evolved from the Varni of the Odin-FRIGG theater.

Frigg was the mother of Balder, and this looks like play on the Balder surname because it almost has the Roost Coat while ROSTock was home to the Varni. Roosts share the Baldwin Coat, and thus we are now creeping on the first Crusader king of Jerusalem, who was a Flemish Frank. Balders share the Drake wyVERN dragon, and the tail of the latter looks like 666. Roosts are also Rusts while Rusticus of Lyon was part of the early line to Mummolin i.e. a Merovingian of the Palace. It's highly interesting that while Frogs, first found in Shropshire with Baldwins, have a version of the Fogg Coat, the latter were first found in Kent with Roosts/Rusts.

Kent is where Mynetts/Minute's were first found who are from king Amyntes of Galatia i.e. at the Phrygian theater. It just so happens that Amyntes conquered DERBE while Froggits were first found in DERBYshire, making Froggits look like they descended from a surname in honor of BROGITarus, Amyntes' father.

Plus, while Scottish Bauds share the Bald ship, French Bauds were first found in Auvergne with Bouillons while the first crusader king of Jerusalem was Baldwin, brother of GodFREY de Bouillon. Mythical Frey as likely playable on "Frigg."

The open-borders policy of the Bidenites is not only good for increasing Democrat voters and streamlining the racist card that Democrats can play at election time, but the criminality that many of the migrants will be urged to employ to bring home their bacon will come with a "natural" government "solution" that does the citizens more harm yet. The Bible predicts violence everywhere in the lead-up to Armageddon, and the current illegal-migration policy of Western nations looks like the brute cause. For one such solution that is instead a trap for the citizens, start the video below at about 6 minutes, and see if you can't reckon that Trump is doing the globalists a great favor:

The more the globalists can cause criminality and violence in the streets, the more they can "solve" those problems by treating everyone as a possible criminal. The more the globalists can cater their solutions to their own quests, the more they will value criminality in the streets...because it keeps their security measures thriving. The Patriot Act came with faked terror attacks for years to keep the Act thriving and evolving. Therefore, prepare for their "solution" for immigrant crime waves. We saw how globalist state leaders allowed crime to go unchallenged in the heat of the plandemic.

What I think they wish to do, with social-media accounts helping them out, is to cause a civil war that, when raging, reduces population and allows leftist governments to drastically persecute its political enemies. The Biden administration has been one long string of coaxing / provoking Republicans to start a civil war. They may have figured that it would have started by now, and may therefore be trying to figure out frantically what more ironies and provocations they need to stage and frame in the news to get the war to trigger.

Mike Johnson wants to close the border. This may be a God-send for Christians, saving the country just in time from a militant outburst from conservatives in the south.

A half-dozen candidates have fronted their names already to take the vice-chair position, mostly women, under Johnson. We should expect that some or all of them are his enemies pretending to be angels. The vice-chair oversees House tasks taken to the Steering Committee, but also gets to spy on Johnson's agendas and thinking patterns, or to keep him in line with the RINOs if possible.

Speaking of in-fighting, Biden is already calling for the two-state solution for Israel, exactly what the anti-Israelis want to see as a stepping stone to getting the upper hand over Israel over a long haul. However, this new call for a two-state solution is not intended as a long-range plan, but is a rallying call for all anti-Israeli forces in the Middle East to make a fast job of Israel's destruction. My prediction.

The call from the West for a two-state solution allows a Western entity to agree to an invasion of Israel. That is, it allows for a Western False Prophet to wink with, or even facilitate, the anti-Christ's invasion. Turkey's leader has called for a ceasefire this weak, and ditto for Russia, which does not play to the rise of the anti-Christ, yet we don't know what the Turkish and Russian leaders are saying off camera to concerned Arab nations. Russia has been putting out propaganda in favor of Gaza, no surprise, and especially to make Israel look like an unjustified hammer.

I suggest that it doesn't matter what national leaders in the Middle East are saying to one another in regards to this latest violence. I suggest that the anti-Christ's army will be birthed from a broad, multi-national but grass-roots movement in spite of national leaders clamoring for peace and stability. The anti-Christ is a part of the Jewish Bible, but you never hear Israelites reciting those prophecies. The only prophecy it wants to know is the Restoration.

If end-time Israel knew its prophecy, it would not misbehave with high-tech bombings of the poor for fear of provoking the anti-Christ to raising militants successfully against it. The fact may now be that those militants will not let Israel off the hook at this time, but may continue to bombard inside Israel in order to make Israel misbehave even more, in order to have recourse to convincing more militants to join the cause.

The anti-Christ is said to have one foot in the sea, and this convinces me that he will have ships on his behalf attacking Egypt from the Gaza stage. It makes little sense that the north-of-Israel anti-Christ will invade Egypt by coming through Israel (though anything's possible). That sort of thing is reserved for midway into the 70th Week, but the defeat of Egypt comes, in Daniel 11, a few verses before the middle of that Week at verse 31.

Therefore, I expect his side to come to Egypt by ship, and when he succeeds against Egypt, he will step away rather than sticking around, but will take a shot at Israel in the meantime before going back to his base of operations. God did not want to tell us, in Daniel 11, where his own country is. He's to be a surprise to the whole world. Nobody is allowed to identify him before the time that God has set.

The "king of the north" in verse 21 is the same king who, later in the same prophecy, gets destroyed in Israel at Armageddon. Don't let foolish prophecy scholars convince you that verses 21-36 are speaking of ancient times. It seems to me that Egypt needs to be extremely pro-Israel to get the ire of the anti-Christ. In a situation where Gaza has become a holy cow for anti-Israeli forces, it is an abomination to those fighters that neighboring Egypt should remain accommodatingly / indifferently at peace with Israel. Egypt has already committed the chief mortal sin, but if it continues to stay that course, it's going to become too much to tolerate.

Obama was humiliated when, shortly after taking Egypt for the Muslim Brotherhood, it was taken away from him by pro-West factions in Egypt. Obama would love to coax militants to an invasion of Egypt, I therefore think. But what country could supply the ships? Turkey? Russia? And how does it get past the American ships already at Gaza? Maybe we can ask Obama's shadow government. "Stand down" comes to mind. Obama's shadow government has giant sway in Biden's military, for it now honors dirty, disgusting faggots more than it does normal men.

Obama is a dirty, disgusting faggot, and the irony is, Muslims hate faggots, and even kill them lest they breed faggots and abuse the children. Muslims are more moral than Western globalists. The latter will fry as Mystery Babylon, like Sodom they will burn. And into the Lake of Fire will the anti-Christ go, burned alive. God's not going to fool with this.

Prior to invading Egypt, the king of the north should take roughly what was once the Seleucid empire: the Syrio-Iraqi domain where Russia has some sway at this time, and where it will have more sway as the Americans re-ignite that theater.

Here's Mike Johnson on Hannity with comments on a myriad of issues, including his approach for funding the Middle-East saber-rattling. However, he gives no signs whatsoever that the U.S. military is a demon. Instead, he's for a big-bad, bullish military to scare adversaries into submission, which can easily backfire, making adversaries more hateful / rebellious. Ask Iran about that. Friendly, humble police officers make society less aggressive, but big-bad-bully-authoritarian cops make people more aggressive toward them, duh. Johnson has said that he does not want military money to go unchecked i.e. like the Gaetz camp, he knows the money is gravitating toward corrupt pockets:

Hannity did not ask Johnson about the January-6 issue that was part of the firing of Kevin McCarthy. Will Johnson release the January-6 video from the capital building??? Those videos condemn the FBI and even the capital police. Did Johnsons ask Hannity not to ask about that issue for this interview? Does Johnson want to hold off on the release for fear of making instant mortal enemies, which capitulates his hoped-for successes (in passing legislation) as Speaker? Johnson believes that God is desirous for saving America from evil. I wonder if he believes that Trump is a God-send.

It would be easy for Gazans to bring people to an empty building bombed by Israel, and to have them lie down in the rubble to create a meant-for-news scene to make it appear that Israel bombed civilians. Such staged scenes are to be expected promptly after an attack, yet they can be fabricated at any time after an attack but made to appear that they took place at a more-recent attack location. It's cheaper to stage much footage at one site, then use some of that footage later on.

There are many social-media owners, including Nazi types, who foment hate for all Jews even though it's the fault of only some elite / corporate leaders, yet these same media owners want to distinguish between Hamas and the Gazan people (i.e. the latter are innocent). No, there are Gazans who genuinely love Hamas, and who stay behind to support them, and if they get bombed, it's justified. There have been reports that Israel hasn't allowed any Gazans to flea to safety, but then we don't know where those reports come from, perhaps lies from pro-Hamas media. And then there are the leftist Israelites who favor Gazans over the political right now in power in Israel. It's not all cut-and-dry. And we need to keep in mind that God Himself will ultimately assist the Israeli military in resisting the Arab onslaught after the 42 month tribulation.

Johnson's problem is that the feeding money to the Israel military at this time may do the opposite of quelling the Arab enemy. Johnson is like a de-facto president of the country at this time because he can assist or resist the Bidenite will. And the Bidenite will is schizo at this time, wanting to support Israel for political need on the one side of his brain, but wanting to support Hamas as the will of Obama's parasites now openly pushing for a pro-Hamas stance.

The best thing to do is to not give Israel any money in hopes that war will die off, and to later give money only as Israel needs it, as Arabs refuse to let war die off. But by lavishing Israel with military money / weaponry at this time, there's going to Ukraine 2. Chances are, Russia will not enter this war if the Arabs are the aggressors, but by lavishing Israel with money to start a wider war, Russia will not only be desirous of entering the war, but can claim a responsibility to do so to protect Syria's interests, for Israel's wider war will inevitably be in Syria.

American leftists are seeking to get the military brass and the CIA on-side the anti-Israel side. How, then, can it be a good think for Johnson to fork over raw money to such a military machine? It's not a good think, but a demented think by one who's hypnotized by Zionism. Prophecy makes it clear that modern Zionism leads to sinful anti-Christs in Israel, wherefore God will feed them the anti-Christ war machine for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Johnson should not want to be a part of that. Modern Zionism is NOT what leads to Israel's Restoration. God is.

Zionism is a counterfeit restoration by corporate fascists who care nothing for the old woman who gives her last penny to the service of God. If Johnson has not considered this thing, and if he forks U.S. treasury over to it, how can that be an act of God? There are many old widows in need of some pennies in the United States, and every billion dollars given for war can instead make 1,000 millionaires of old widows. Or, every billion dollars can relieve 10,000 poor people with $100,000 each. It would be such a breath of fresh air for a country to do such things with the tens and hundreds of billions of dollars it forks over for foreign wars. And Trump, instead of giving mass tax breaks to the workers, gave it instead to the corporations. The United States, at the political level, is like a Great Whore in bed with a Great Satan. When Americans boast of being the richest country, they boast of being the Biggest Whore, because their leaders don't look after the poor with their great money, but instead give the poor just enough crumbs to stay breathing.

Social assistance in the midst of ever-rising product prices is a life-support machine, it doesn't get any better than that. Liberals hike taxes, which hikes all product costs, and they justify it by throwing a few extra crumbs to the poor who would otherwise stop breathing without the help. But this is a band-aid on a serious cut-throat action that they themselves inflict. Liberal governments don't betray their people with high taxes alone, but by falsely accusing their political opponents whose compassionate hearts call for reduced taxes, reduced suffering, and value on human life.

Globalism is the High-Tax Whore who services anti-Christ killers. Liberal politicians and police departments are her elves, and liberal voters are her trolls and snitches. Revelation 17 and 18 portrays it as a blood-thirsty, corporate machine, but, we might say, God's "Steering Committee" will steer her to assisting the destruction of Zionist Israel in her swan song. Globalism now wants to tax the very things that make the peoples the poorest, the very things that are hinged to product pricing, because Globalism wants people poorer, because the peoples hate Globalism. It's her war against us to her death.

The problem with "progressive" conservatives, which the Americans call, RINOs, is that they incite business owners to increase prices by placing too much value on making more money. It's wonderful to make more money by reducing taxes, but by making more money with increased prices, there's one loser for every one winner. The Great Whore got rich with fixed pricing, and then stole tax dollars to boot by infiltrating the treasury department and the tax-money distribution centers. The stock market is her fat, bottomless belly, and progressive conservatives are the owners of corporate stock, the stock-market gamblers who keep prices highest as possible. They milk her breasts, and feed her belly in return.

Conservatives in power are going to be incapable of lowering the debt because the damage done by liberals costs so much to fix. And when conservatives get power, the impish liberals increase the damage through they tools they bought in every nook of the country, and through the forts they seized on every high cliff. Like kids stomping their feet in protest, they never think to be helpful, but do nothing but accuse daily with false / exaggerated accusations primarily.

The world has become the Roman empire's iron fist, but, to some relief, it has clay fingers. The fingers are not united on the two hands, and not much is getting manipulated toward her fascist goal. Grand dreams the European globalists have, but fulfillments will elude them. She will die violently trying to reinforce her status with an alliance with the anti-Christ. He will steer her to her naked poverty, rape her flesh off, while God will open the doors that steer him to where God wants him to Edom says Daniel and Isaiah prophecy. It begs how far the Whore will ride on his back as he enters and remains pent up in Israel. It makes some sense that the False Prophet will be a sponsor of European globalism.

Somewhere in the ballpark of half the cost of electric vehicles are paid for by tax payers. This is theft of your money and mine. In the end, we not only have to pay for half of our neighbor's electric car, but our own at more than we pay for gasoline cars. Plus, I've just learned that some percentage of the cost of charging car batteries is paid for by tax dollars too. GRAND THEFT AUTO! It's all a ludicrous scam, and it's hard to believe people like this exist in the same world we grew up in. The globalists are sheer lunatics, spread the word. Unapologetically incite whole populations against them.

Call on politicians to make it illegal to "subsidize" anything without our permission, unless the politicians want to pay from their own pockets. "Subsidize" is a derogatory Communist term.

About the 6th minute of the video below, Dr. McCullough says that about three out of four cancer deaths (75-percent) now are due to COVID vaccines, according to a massive study done by a team he's involved with:

I'm convinced that for every one illegal alien into the United States since 2021, two or more Democrat voters were either killed or made unable / unwilling to vote, by the COVID vaccine. Hopefully, Republican voters avoided the vaccine en-masse.

Here's a video on Israeli trolls, snakes and scorpions paid by the Israeli government. This video might (I really don't know) be produced by anti-Israeli trolls, snakes and scorpions:

It's a no-brainer that the Israeli trolls are tasked with becoming masters of disinformation seeking to quell true information by labeling it misinformation. This is how people behave who have no fear of a God with recompense in His hand. Spies become the lowliest of snakes. Spies are used to infiltrate, snakes in the grass, coming on ambitiously as angels with knives behind their backs to kill / threaten anything standing in their way. Ambition is a root of all sorts of evil. The founders of modern Israel were ambition incarnate, and their descendants are too. Politics becomes the practice of ambition, to exert (exercise) the ego.

Some good canadian comedy from the top clown:

This video shows evidence that Israel was partly responsible for the 9-11 disaster:

While I don't know how many of the following accusations against Rick Wiles are warranted or fully warranted, many segments are interesting for revealing how he's become compromised with the wrong organizations and motives:

Gab's Christian free-speech platform is more of a nazi bastion today than a year ago. Free speech is not God's policy. Free speech in His economy is limited to whatever is lovely and edifying, and to what breaks up evil plots. The free license of free speech to the wicked is sinful. America the sinful, what else. Free speech and free expression, coupled with the most money, has made America the most sinful country by far. There is nothing to brag about that isn't over-shadowed by a sinful cloud hanging over the country. canada is only a tenth as sinful because it has a tenth the population and a tenth the money. Both nations along with its ancestors are going to be tossed into Hell with its sin-accommodating courts and police departments, it's schools and its compromised legislators. Then the earth will begin to smell fresh and clean again. Hang in there those who are waiting for better things, it might arrive while you are yet alive.

I agree with the Nazis that the Jews in America are a vast part of the sin problem, but it's not all Jews. There is most-definitely a set of Jewish cabals which care nothing for human life, as it cares only for the luxuries that money buys them, but why am I not a Nazi, therefore? Because, a Nazi is the reciprocal of the wicked Jew, who, if he and his buddies had all the money, would treat us just as the wicked Jews do who are in every power structure, and, indeed, many Nazis are in the same power structures. All we need to do is to wait Faithfully until they kill each other off with Communism in the ring.

The Nazi's didn't kill only some Jewish elite, but people on the streets. The owner of Gab is GUILTY for allowing neo-nazis to spout off (by implication or otherwise) almost daily on how Jews generally should be degraded / eradicated / killed today. GUILTY. Send Torba to a concentration camp, and gas him to death (not serious).


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