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November 1 - 6, 2023

70th Week 2024?

The article below has claims that the cashless system will be a fledgling imbecile in the West by 2025. An imbecile is a dummy, and this is dummy cash. "Digital currency" means a new form of cashless money, fake money. It will not exist except as electrons in a wire that register on a computer's sensors. Your money will be nothing but some figments in a computer, phantomness, nothingness. You can't take it home, or bury it, or hide it, to feel safe with it. It's your labor, but it'll no longer be yours alone because the global government thinks it has the right to tinker with everything we have to the point of intruding upon our rights. There are many non-Christians fighting against this thing to help slow this beast down, but are you using this time wisely to prepare your foods?

You don't need to worry about thieves breaking into your home to steal your food because most thieves will go along with this system, i.e. will be able to buy their own food with it. Only a small percentage of people will reject the mark of the beast, and most will be Christians who, we can assume, won't steal your food. In other words, don't let the possibility of theft keep you from doing the work, or spending the money, to secure three years' worth of dried foods. That is, aiming for three years worth is ideal if done slowly over the next few years. The food industry can handle it, and you can justify it by arguing that every prepared person is one less potential thief, in case a calamity / emergency arises.

The article says: "Surprisingly, the [political] left, which once held strong and healthy skepticism of centralized power, has become a cheerleader for big pharmaceutical companies and the governmentís overarching role. Itís alarming to watch and scary to see how easily the government can persuade a vast portion of the population into doing things that, under normal circumstances, would seem unfathomable." That is, the political left seems to be embracing the cashless society, and this makes perfect sense because the left has long been stacked with anti-Christian activists who would love to bring on something like the mark of the beast because it allows them to watch us cringe, or to persecute us, or starve us, or jail us. Here's the article:

The article below shows again how two of what were supposed to be rock-solid conservative judges, on the U.S. supreme court, have temporarily allowed -- now into election season -- the Biden cabal to continue to request censorship from big tech on any political or non-political issue as the Bidenites deem appropriate. These two judges, Kavanaugh and Coney-Barrett, have disappointed in the past, but this latest failure is atrocious because everybody knows how badly the Bidenites have censored innocent and even correct speakers. Even the leftists know it, and are happy about it. Shame. How will this supreme court rule for things-Christian in the final 1260 days? Will there be time for a case to even get up to it?

On this Tuesday morning, ouch, it's 52F in the house, and I'm intent on not burning wood for heat. Instead, I've got the two smallest gas elements turned on to their lowest settings, each heating a plate of semi-dried apple pieces suspended six and eight inches above the flames, high enough not to burn the food or even cook it. If it cooks, it can get crystallized on the exterior, trapping humidity in.

Four apples on one plate took 4 hours to get them to the point where they were at half their volume. They were then removed from the heat and put into the freezer so that I could repeat the process with four other apples, all diced by hand with a knife. I have the freezer to it's warmest setting to prevent as much harm as possible to food texture. When I did this to about 130 apples (got second batch of 90 at half price), I took them out of the freezer and put eight apples on each plate, because they had shrunk enough previously so that eight now fit on one plate. And that's what's going on this morning, 16 apples on two plates, both needing four hours yet to get them dry enough (not too dry) for jar storage for long term.

That is, I hope they are dry enough for long term, because I don't want to do this work every year. I'd like to keep these apples stored for at least five years. I'm going to heat treat each jar, filled with apples and lids off, in an oven to about 220F. No bacteria must be allowed to survive inside the jar. I'll break a jar open in the spring to see how they are doing, giving it a sniff and taste test. If something seems off due to bacteria, back into the oven they will go for a longer period than the first attempt. I can also use oxygen / water absorbers, but if you want apples to taste nice out of the jar, they need to be chewy, not bone dry. To be safer, make them bone dry, then re-hydrate. The concentrated sugar content of the apple may prevent bacterial growth. Don't listen to all articles about the shelf life of dried apples; most articles are too safe in how little shelf life they give treated foods.

These apples are delicious when dried, even the peals break up in your mouth like candy. When the largest pieces are midway between crunchy and chewy, the smaller pieces will be nicely crunchy, but, the problem is, that's when the pieces are cooled off. When on the stove, the ones that become just right when cooled still seem wet. Don't let then dry completely over the burner, or they will be too dry when cooled. Take them off the burner while a little pliable, and let them little dry more to your liking beside the burner in a steel container / plate. I don't treat the freshly-cut apples with lemon juice to prevent oxidation-browning because the latter makes the pieces look nicely golden when done.

I filled the first jars yesterday, almost three one-liter jars each fitting about 12 apples, and each jar's apple material weighing just 300 grams. I could throw them into cereals, or eat them alone as snacks without need for re-hydration. But think of how not-very-far 130 apples goes if one can't buy or sell for 1260 days. I'll need more. The heat is "free" because I'm heating my living quarters and computer room with it. I have a small electric heater under the computer table, all is good.

The place slowly climbed from 52F to 60F by 5 pm, some six hours after starting the apples, even though the high outside today was only 7F. That's pretty amazing for two small burners only on low heat. I have no problem at all at 60F. One should clear the house air of carbon-dioxide every few hours depending on the volume of your kitchen / living quarters.

The dehydrated red peppers I have in a one-liter jar weigh only 230 grams, a little over a half-pound. There's a huge number of large peppers in that one jar alone, far more than 20, for I recorded that 20 peppers, weighing 4 kilograms fresh, weighed 480 grams in a semi-dried, still-wet condition; they filled 3/4 of a liter. The jars weigh so little filled that they can be stacked three high to conserve shelf space. The big deal about dehydrating foods is the space saved as compared to jarring wet, and the much-longer shelf life to boot.

Next for dehydrating is a little cauliflower, carrots and butternut squash; I have all winter until April in which I can dry over the wood stove, at which time I can go back to the kitchen-stove method until June; I'll look for deals on bananas or something else for that.

I've squeezed a LOT of water out from frozen vegetables. If you dry these foods from the fresh condition, you will need more heat, more time, because a soft freeze allows the squeezing of more than half the water content. I'm not wasting this "water" because it's probably got nutrients; it's going to be used in soups. Two large freezer bags (over 12-inches square and bulging) of cauliflower reduced to a mere half-liter of dry material weighing only 120 grams (about a quarter-pound).

It costs roughly the same price to buy fresh onions that reduce to 300 grams dried, as it does to buy 300 grams of dried onion. I think the same goes for a 700-gram jar of garlic powder (it's a waste of time to dry fresh garlic). These materials last a long time, so buy buy buy. I've got it recorded that 900 grams (2 pounds) of fresh onions dries to 75 grams.

I'm eating chicken, beef and eggs this year that were dried in 2021. No problem at all, they all smell and taste like the day they were jarred. I toss them into my daily soups. I'm addicted to spicy, daily soups. However, I freeze these three items for most of the year, outdoors all winter, and in the bottom of my freezer during warm times. It's probably unnecessary to freeze them, but there's room in the freezer, and winter cold is free until the globalists tax it.

I have this year's wood prepared, and enough already cut for next year. A thought came to me that I should pass onto you. If you live on a wooded tract now, or for when you do own one, cut lots of trees down around the house to provide protection from a forest fire. This can give you many years of wood already cut down in case the globalists make it illegal to cut trees at a moment's notice. Cut the branches off the fallen trees, and use as fire-starter, but piling them away from the house. Cut the trunks as long as you can for carrying them to spots where they can be piled neatly to dry. You can thereby have many years of wood that will be ready to burn at anytime.

But instead of cutting all the trees right next to the house, which amounts to a few only, cut a path through the forest further out from the house sufficiently wide that the flames won't likely jump to the trees beside the house. That's what I'm doing on the backside and one side of the house (the front and other side are open air already). I'm starting with a path 50 feet wide and 300 feet long (I'll make it wider when I'm done if I think it's needed). It's going to get a huge amount of firewood, far more than needed for three years.

The forest fires in Quebec this past summer, only a few hours drive from my place, half-convinced me I had best do this, and the rest of the convincing came from the possibility that globalists would make it illegal to cut living trees down. Don't worry, they will make their excuses needed to try to pass such a law. It has become evident they don't want people living in "their" wilderness. They think they should own the world and the planet too.

It was the trudeau government that lit the fires in Quebec this past year for reasons yet to be discovered. The evidence was placed online for all to see, but daft and useless canadians did not make light of it, not even the political opposition. Cowards, all of them, who care not for others but only for themselves. To let a government get away with such destruction is worse than cowardly. The Quebec fires were very remote likely on Crown land, and, in my opinion, created some decent open areas for Christians to live in when and if the nation denies them the ability to make purchases. Christians can live right on the borders of the burned forests, with open land to their front, and forest to their backs.

canada, with many conservative and Christians joining together, were at the very precipice of taking children from their parents to force vaccinate them, and to detail the adults until they took vaccinations, until the truckers saved the country at an opportunistic, come-to-a-head time when the world of sane people took on the needed motions to tell the vaccinators to back off. We should expect the monsters to try it again soon.

When a baby is born, the government is not at the bedside to hold him/her. It's not the government who smiles on the new birth and takes it to the heart and breast. The government doesn't take the baby home to love him/her, to nourish, to get to know each other, to put up with night-long cries. The government doesn't put clothes on the child, or train the child to behave. But the government forces the parents to give the child an education, and then governments like the ones of liberals today think they should own the child due to this forced-schooling situation. This is more than beastly-rude, it's criminal. Everything liberal governments in the West are doing today is based on criminality, starting with the theft of our money in never-rising taxation, inflation and atrocious home prices.

Did you know that, when houses go up in price by 50-percent, for example over ten years, every company selling products for home building raises their prices accordingly even though it doesn't cost anyone a dime more to produce the products? The reason companies raise their prices is that, if they did not, they allow the builders of homes to make the full 50-percent extra on house sales. Therefore, the companies swoop in and take their share of the 50-percent before the home builders can get a piece of it, but if the companies take too much, then the builders are forced to raise home-selling prices even more.

The government loves this inflation because it sucks in taxes based on the selling costs of things, an evil that foments more increased pricing. Tax levels should not be based on the selling cost when those costs are set by the sellers, because sellers and government can then gang up on the buyers. The only thing to save buyers is morality (a good heart) in the sellers, but in evil times, we get what we are seeing now, outrageous pricing and a callous trudeau. All of his Liberal members voted recently not to give a carbon-tax reduction for home-heating oil, do you see their immorality? And trudeau fronted this tax decrease only because he's trying to save his political skin for the next election.

The carbon tax that the Liberals want at this time is a whopping $2.75 per gallon. This is an unforgivable heist. trudeau and Schwabite infiltration must go.

In the United States, they print money to cause inflation globally, for these dollars spread globally. When military money goes to Ukraine, up go the food prices in Ukraine as the Ukrainian leaders pocket the money and give the rest to their political friends. That money spreads into the Ukraine money pool, and up go the prices for those who did not benefit from that money. The federal American government is BLM with missiles; both love to trash things and throw their weight around. The military views war as though it were a video game, having no thought for people blown up at close range by bits of steel and concrete. How does this picture bode for us Christians when the government decides to attack us?

Why would it attack us? We don't go around terrorizing or stealing or causing havoc. All we do is speak against them. And not all of us, because many Christians feel safer to not speak, and, I suppose, church leaders prefer not to do verbal / political battle for fear of losing tax-exemption benefits. Perhaps in wisdom do Christians think it best not to speak because the enemy views it as intimidation, competition. On the other hand, if we don't speak out, what might God think of us? While social media is a field of spiritual weeds, we do see Christians speaking out in all manner of truth and pride. Aside from this, there are only a few court cases being led by Christians against injustice, and only a few Christian politicians willing to show integrity; these things combined are the full extent of Christian "misbehavior" that pro-globalist snakes can accuse us of. Meanwhile, God is adding daily to a very long list of evils to justify His Armageddon Day against the snakes.

The justice of God after Armageddon includes the unjust taking of wealth from the poor. This Justice will therefore take from the rich and give it back to the poor, but only to the righteous poor, not the poor who welcome evil into their hearts. Yes, re-distribution of wealth. Nobody ever hated Robin Hood but the sheriff and the rich, but the Shoot of Jesse will do much better than Robin Hood. From the stump of Jesse came the outspoken David: "let me at him, let me at him, I want to kill that grotesque giant." Though David came with pizzazzy courage and gross sin together, the Final Shoot of Jesse comes without a spot of sin. There will be no obstructions when Loyal-To-The-End metes out justice; the flow will flow straight-forward with the Father holding the trough. The one thing God will want to dispel instantly on day one of the Millennium is the historical accusation that He is a cruel God by nature. Cruelty of God to the cruel, in perfect justice.

Throw out your accusations hard and fast, snakes, your time is getting short. The Brightness in the night will light upon you in an instant, buzzards, just as your beaks are piercing and tearing the flesh of His Bride. God has ordained that you should look up and see the Brightness with your own eyes, your worst nightmare a reality in a sudden bolt to your eyes. At the speed of lightning will you see the beginning of your torment, the torment you boasted would never arrive.

Mid-Week Possible By 2027

The video below has Joe Schimmel in a red shirt, who, due to time constraints, speaks non-stop for over 30 minutes without a period at the end of every sentence. Finally, after background information that only the prophecy-learned can follow off the top of their heads, in the 37th minute, he reveals that he sees the 1st Trumpet occurring immediately after the opening of the 1st Seal, which is how I too see the falling out of the 21 plagues of Revelation.

In the 49th minute, Joe is asked where we might read more about the "overlapping" view of the 21 plagues, but, regrettably, he can't give many names. The overlapping view, which is at least close to the Biblical fact not yet taken up by most post-tribulationists, and apparently distasteful to pre-wrathers, goes like this: 1S 1T 1B, 2S 2T 2B,...5S 5T 5B...7S, 7T, 7B. That's the sequence in which the plagues befall the earth. It cannot be any other way, which serves to show how dumb prophecy experts really are. But it's worse than that because, even though the view has been out there, the experts yet refuse to admit their error in order to jump up to the truth and move ahead with it. It doesn't sell books nor net popularity for prophecy experts to admit colossal error, we could say.

The over-lapping view, in its pure form, has the Trumpets starting while the Seals are still operational. For example, the 1st Trumpet is said to begin while the 1st Seal has not yet ended, and the 1st Bowl begins before the 1st Trumpet ends. Ditto for all seven Seals. A similar view is that the 1st Trumpet does not begin until after the 1st Bowl has ended, etc. I don't see any reason to debate which of the two views are correct.

Someone in the video comments: "However, Rev 8:1-2 shows the angels being given the 7 trumpets after the 7th seal is opened. I donít see how the angels could be blowing the 7 trumpets before theyíve received them which makes the seals and trumpets being concurrent a hard sell for me." The concurrent view is the same as the over-lapping view, just another name for it. The problem with this speaker is that, due to the Trumpets appearing in the text AFTER the 7th Seal, he/she assumes that the Trumpets are also blown AFTER the opening of the 7th Seal.

The premise of Joe's / Joel's teaching (and mine) is that the events of Revelation are not all in the order in which they are found written. This is not hard to grasp, but hardheads will insist that events on the ground MUST follow the textual sequence of events even though they, the hardheads, should plainly see that it cannot be so. A prophecy expert cannot be an expert who cannot see why the textual sequence cannot be correct on the ground. Sorry, hardheads, but you deserve that. It's as though you're brain-challenged. You could be excused if nobody pointed out the reasons for the erroneous view, but even after someone shows you the error, hardhead you remain. A mental block conforms to a hardhead. I wish it wasn't true, believe me.

The erroneous view: 1st Seal, 2nd Seal, 3rd Seal...7th Seal, 1st Trumpet, 2nd Trumpet, 3rd Trumpet...7th Trumpet, 1st Bowl, 2nd Bowl, 3rd Bowl...7th Bowl. Matthew 24: 29-31 places the 6th Seal after the 42 months, and it's simply not possible to place all Trumpets and all Bowls after that Seal. Therefore, with the 6th Seal immediately after the 42 months, all five Seals, all five Trumpets, and all five Bowls befall the earth before the end of the 42 months. The 5th Bowl is the last plague of the 42 months. Once you remove the mental block, you can pass through to greater heights to speculate on the prophetic landscape seen from that vantage point.

Joel, the bearded brother in the video above, continues to promote the mistake that other post-tribbers do, claiming that the anti-Christ makes a peace treaty with Israel prior to the final 42 months. The Bible in Daniel says nothing of the sort, but rather implies that he makes a deal / pact with many peoples, probably meaning many, anti-Israeli nations. I'm not pointing this out because I like to embarrass others, or to place myself above them, but because it's dangerous, for those planning tribulation preparations, to misinform believers into thinking that a certain event must first take place, prior to the final 1260 days, that will never take place.

Daniel 9:27 on the end-time anti-Christ: "And he shall confirm a covenant with the many for one week [seven years], and in the middle of the week, a desolator shall make the sacrifice and the offering to cease, and [make] abominations on an extremity, even until the end." The one who confirms the covenant is satan, the one who defeated Jerusalem in 70 AD, and the anti-Christ enters the text as the "desolator" of Israel. There is no noun after "many" to identify who they might be, but the context strongly suggests many enemies of Israel by which the devil succeeds with the anti-Christ in conquering Jerusalem.

Just think of how STUPID post-tribulationists are for adhering to this "peace treaty" at the beginning of the Week. What's the use in expending yourself preaching the need to prepare for the 1260 days when you also teach falsely that the 1260 days cannot arrive until some character makes a peace treaty with Israel about 3.5 years before the 1260 days? This can explain why post-tribulationists don't urge the storage of foods: they're waiting for the peace treaty to occur first. FOOLISH and dangerous. I wouldn't use this strong language if the Daniel text said "peace treaty," but it DOES NOT. Nor does it say "Israel." Only a sloppy / reckless prophecy student would sabotage the post-trib message with an insistence on a peace-treaty-with-Israel prediction where the Bible says no such thing. THINK ABOUT WHAT YOU'RE DOING HERE. It's not a trivial position to take. It adversely affects tribulation preparation.

If the sacrifice and offerings refers to animal sacrifices in a temple building, then we may as well not store foods for the tribulation period because it's not happening anytime soon. If the "extremity" refers to the Wailing Wall, and if animals sacrifices will be conducted there by some unexpected legislation, then the final half of the week can arrive within a few years. Possibly, the sacrifices and offerings are prayers at the Wailing Wall rather than animal sacrifices. The Wailing Wall is the western wall of the temple grounds and thus rates as an extremity or property wing.

There are laughable prophecy "experts" who insist that the anti-Christ will be a Jesus-like character, an alternative Christ, that is, when the Bible says no such thing in any prophecy of the anti-Christ. How do such experts arise, anyway? Are they illiterate? Can't they read from the book of Daniel that he's an atheist who takes away the sacrifices toward the God of Israel, replacing Him with himself? Surely, the "abomination" is partly just that, he sitting in the place of God in a Jerusalem sanctuary. In other words, he's not deceptively trying to be a God-like character, but will be a military leader mocking God.

Daniel mentions no temple building, no rebuilding of a temple. Just a "sanctuary." Why would God leave His people hanging like this for 55 years and counting since 1948? The mark of the beast is doable even today, if the leaders wished to force it upon us, yet there's no temple to fulfill Daniel, nor to fulfill Paul in 2 Thessalonians 2 where he speaks of Daniel's prophecy, saying that the anti-Christ must proclaim himself to be God in the "temple" of God.

Modern Israel knows that the world would scream if it were to demolish the Dome of the Rock, especially for the purpose of building an Israeli temple there. I don't think political Israel cares enough about a temple for such a move. I don't think there's going to be a Temple in Old Jerusalem, therefore, for at least ten years longer, and only by some miracle. Perhaps they will start constructing one outside of the Temple Mount. But Arabs want to own all of Old Jerusalem, to have it as their capital. Religious Israelis are probably hoping that this new war will allow their temple to be rebuilt.

One could argue that, for all we know, prophecy won't be fulfilled for another 100 years. One could say that globalism will soon fall and not be capable of enforcing a number in the hand for 100 more years. It creates a lot of disillusionment for those watching prophecy closely. It creates a lot of false alarms to let the modern situation linger another 100 years. Many in the world are beginning to reveal their satanic stripes, with American media openly slandering Christians in political power just because they want to make the world more attuned to Biblical principles. Isn't that media the anti-Christ already? We've never seen the Western media behave this way before. How can we stay silent and not warn that we can be on the brink of the 70th week? I would hate to be part of yet another false alarm.

To make matters more dicey for any watchman, there is a large and destructive asteroid coming in 2029 with a high probability of striking the earth. How can we fail the Church of God by refusing to posit this rock as the possible fulfillment of the 2nd Trumpet of Revelation? This rock's arrival even corresponds to the so-called 2030 agenda that, judging by reports, includes murderous "population control." We could suggest that world leaders know that this rock will likely strike the planet, and so to prepare for it, they want the planet to have as few people alive when it strikes to minimize chaos at that time.

We could posit that world leaders, though they are preparing for the asteroid strike, have decided to publicly announce that the asteroid will miss the planet by 20,000 miles. Do you trust the ability of astronomers to tell us today exactly how close the rock will graze the planet 5.5 years from now? How small of a shift in its path does it need to experience today to put that 20,000-mile prediction off by 20,000 miles? Do you really think that by peering out their wee-little telescopes (relative to the size of the earth orbit) that they can predict the perfect path of a space rock?

What if the earth doesn't quite follow the path they predict for the next 5.5 years? Both the earth and the asteroid circle the sun closely to one another, yet with all of their "huge" telescopes, they didn't discover this asteroid until 2004, even though it passes the earth every seven years roughly. That's how not on-top-of-things the astronomers really are.

I'm biting my nails here. If this asteroid, dubbed, Apophis, is the 2nd Trumpet, then how might we guess it's timing in the final 1260 days? Can we even state factually that all seven Trumpets are blown within the 1260 days? Yes, maybe we can. Nobody has been able to announce when the Seals or Trumpets begin in relation to the 1260 days because almost nobody knows the correct sequencing of the 21 plagues. There is a clue in the 1st Bowl because it's poured out on those who have the mark of the beast. However, even if it's true that the 1st Bowl befalls within the 1260 days, it can't reveal whether the 1st Seal or 1st Trumpet begins within the 1260 days if one holds to the traditional, erroneous consecutive sequencing.

But if one holds to the concurrent sequencing where the 1st Bowl follows immediately after the 1st Seal and 1st Trumpet, then it likely places all three plagues within the 1260 days, though, if not, then at least very close to the start of those days. From this standpoint, we could claim that an asteroid in 2029, if it's the 2nd Trumpet's fulfillment, lands on earth within the 1260 days. If the 2nd Trumpet is midway into the 1260 days, then the 1260 days would begin in the autumn of 2027. In that picture, the beginning of the 70th Week is in the spring of 2024. The first act of the anti-Christ, which in my tentative opinion is at the start of the 2300 days of Daniel 8, would be some eight months after the spring of 2024. But I have no idea when within the 1260 days the Apophis asteroid will arrive, if indeed it fulfills the 2nd Trumpet.

The only unknown would be that the contents of the 1st Bowl doesn't tell how deeply into the 2160 days it might befall the planet. However, for our purposes in preparing needs to endure the mark of the beast, we could consider ourselves fortunate to be capable of knowing that 2029 is within the 1260 days...IF, that is, Apophis is the 2nd Trumpet. This asteroid can work in conjunction with the fulfillment of Daniel 11:21-28 to convince us that the time to prepare has arrived. That is, when we see someone fulfilling the boots of the anti-Christ successfully conquering Syrio-Iraq and Egypt too, there's a good chance that the time has come to store our lamp oil.

The Gaza situation at present makes it feasible for the anti-Christ to arrive to Egypt. I have already heard that the Americans are thinking of occupying Gaza. There is no doubt that the Americans wish to own the Gaza situation at this time ahead of Turkey, making it difficult for the anti-Christ to invade Egypt. There's plenty of time for this situation to change. Judging by things at this week's end, Israel is going to make this a prolonged scenario.

Daniel 11:21 says that the anti-Christ will be rejected where he arises. The King James Version wrongly interprets the verse with "he shall come in peaceably" to seize the neo-Seleucid domain, though using a peace-making facade might be part of the seizure. My best translation using my Interlinear: "And a rejected one shall stand up in his place, and they shall not give to him the honor of the kingdom; but he will enter while at ease and seize the kingdom with smooth talk." It could be interpreted in that he will not be at war when starting the seizure, but suddenly uses war to begin the seizure.

Or it could mean that he seizes while not at war, an acceptable interpretation, tentatively, for those (like me) who don't know the correct one. It sounds as though he tries to become the leader of a Middle-East crisis by a diplomatic move which gets him a foothold, and a launch pad, for seizing the region more strongly by collecting warriors to fight on his behalf. The subsequent verses tell that he becomes strong by war, and by taking a rabid, anti-Israeli stance. This situation is very predictable at this time even without the Daniel prophecy. Anti-Israeli / anti-American fighters want a leader to melt into as one.

While Turkey owns the land around ancient Gogarene, the Turkish capital is way over toward Greece. Turkey doesn't fit the "far-north" language of Ezekiel 38/39, especially as there were populations of Scythians north of the black sea in Ezekiel's time. Turkey is south of the Black sea. "Far-north" befits Russia or Ukraine much better. Part of the Gog force in Ezekiel is "TOGARmah," and Tocharians did live in Russia in ancient times. We do see Russia's military already imbedded in Syria, on the side of the anti-Israeli Syrian government. It seems the stage is set for the entry of a Russian, or Russian-backed, anti-Christ into the Middle East. Don't be too surprised if this is how things pan out, for Russia is actively supporting Gaza at this time.

The big problem I have with a Russian anti-Christ is Daniel 7, where the anti-Christ is made a "different" sort of king from the first 10 kings who were Roman emperors of the first century. The problem is, he's the 11th king, suggesting that he needs to be attached to end-time Rome by something, and Russia today is not so attached. This 11th king is the 8th king of Revelation 17, where he's again shown attached to the European whore, only this time it's revealed that he hates the whore, even destroying her after he uses her for his purposes. A Ukrainian can better fit the anti-Christ in this particular picture, and yet, how possibly can a Ukrainian enter the Middle East to conquer it? Will the West sponsor Zelensky in the Middle East? Is he the bold-faced anti-Christ? Sounds ridiculous.

How can a weakened country like present Ukraine rape and burn Europe in the end? With his Muslim forces on-side, calling for disturbances / riots / jihad in Europe with the many Muslim refugees and illegal immigrants living there? It's possible. Until now, I took Revelation 17, and the end of Daniel 7, to mean that Europe gets burned by the nuclear weapons of Russia. Perhaps it just means looting (raping) and fires in the streets.

I have for decades imagined the anti-Christ to be a little power, just like Zelensky, who somehow weasels his way to owning Muslim fighters. However, a pro-Russian Muslim such as the current leader (Kadyrov) of Chechnya, makes more sense for arousing anti-Israelis, yet he has the problem of being unsupportable by present Europe. Zelensky with his Nazi supporters makes some sense in becoming the anti-Christ with Western support, but trying to imagine Zelensky as the king of Syria/Iraq is a wee-bit difficult.

In the end-times especially, God will use humans to attack those He wants to punish. There's no lack of such punishment in end-time prophecy. To on-lookers such as those of us who follow the news, we may side with the people who are attacked, and thus we can take a position that opposes God Himself. We can argue till blue in the face that the aggressor is to blame, and yet God may have brought the aggressor. God has said that he will slaughter Israel's enemies, and they undoubtedly include Muslims. Yet, not all aggressors are from God's hand.

We don't lump God in with human slaughterers because God slaughters the ones who deserve it, to make the earth a better place, whereas human slaughterers attack good or bad groups/nations if it can make them richer. Human slaughterers deserve to be slaughtered, and so when God opens the door to allow Muslims to slaughter anti-Jesus Israeli's because these Israeli's deserve it, God will then slaughter the Muslims for slaughtering Israelis with an anti-YHWH basis. What is hard to understand about this? Just because God allows His enemies to kill His enemies doesn't mean He's a partner with his killer enemies. He's the Restrainer, and the Muslims will not be able to slaughter Israel until God opens the door for them.

Therefore, we should not assume that God loves modern Israel just because he has saved her from Muslim attacks repeatedly to date. He's saving the slaughter for the Appointed Time, and each failure of the Muslims will result in a more-bitter slaughter once they get their way. By the grace of God, some Israelis will only be imprisoned, because He promised Abraham a Remnant to represent and radiate His glory in the world.

As the Church is His Bride, perhaps we can view the Remnant as his concubine. God will cut off the pagan arms and the Western legs from his concubine so that they may grow back properly. That is, he loves his concubine in spite of her waywardness, and we ought not to be like neo-Nazi types who utterly despise all Jews...lest we wish to risk our being slaughtered by God. For all we know, God is now rejoicing over Gaza's razing. The fact is, I don't know how He feels about this latest battle, but I do know that Israel's enemies will be slaughtered by God's hand, and that Muslims everywhere, along with white supremacists, need to heed the right of Israel to exist in "Palestine."

So, my position is due to my caring more about the will and agenda of God than for the Palestinians. It's not my fault that Muslims worship a god I do not recognize. They chose Allah, they chose Mohammed instead of the true God, that's their fault, and they will need to pay the price. They shoot down the glory of Israel on behalf of their counterfeit God by which they hope to find glory in the end. They can't see that Allah is a fake who cannot help them against Israel.

Hat-Trick Goal

I wanted to take a break from heraldic pointers this week, but something came up when I heard the Speicher surname this week; I think it was in the SV40 news. It could be a branch of Speakers/Spike's, and so let me show you how this can be a pointer to the new Speaker of the U.S. congress, Mike Johnson, who was part of heraldic pointers in my last update (link at top of this page).

(To follow better, load Speichers now to load and view other surnames on another Internet tab.)

In order to set this up, I've got to go back to a hat-trick goal that I got in organized hockey at age 16. For various, seemingly-good reasons, I had offered the possibility that it was a pointer to election fraud along with an important winning goal I got four years earlier that looked definitely like a pointer to Mike Lindell's fight against election fraud.

The hat-trick goal was pointable to Sidney Powell, a lawyer who was involved in discovering election fraud against Trump in 2020, same task as Lindell and roughly on the same general team of election-fraud fighters. The only things I can remember of the hat-trick night was the two last goals and speaking with MARY Nigro, a friend of my age, after the game. I had noted that Marys, Hatricks/Ettricks and Edrichs all use the same lion, and that "Edrych" is a motto term of Powells, you see, which allowed the inclusion of Sidney Powell. The same lion is used also by Deke's while the second goal was scored on a deke.

The first goal was an election-like deflection of the puck off of my stick, through my LEGS, and into the net. Leggs almost have the Trump Coat, and so I thought all of these things were interesting, capable of pointing to some future action of Sidney Powell to discover election fraud making a big difference in the field of struggle. It seems that a hat-trick night should point to something victorious.

The first reason that I'm repeating these things is that Speichers share the ears of wheat of Nigro's. It was the first think I noticed when loading Speichers, but that alone would not have convinced me that Mike Johnson should be part of the hat-trick goal. That alone wouldn't have caused me to repeat things on this goal. By the way, Wheats were first found in Norfolk with both Deke's and Marys, and Nigro's came off of Mary Nigro of BUTTONville, an apparent pointer to Joe Biden for whom the 2020 election cheating was performed, for Buttons list Bidens.

When re-loading Johnsons this Wednesday morning, I saw a remarkable thing that's hard to come by coincidentally: they have the Sidney pheon in colors reversed, and then there's the further phenomena wherein both Sidneys and Speakers/Spike's share the porcupine. I therefore started to ponder why the Speaker of the House should be part of election-fraud fight, and it just so happens that Mike Johnson has himself been vocally opposed to the election fraud that robbed Trump of the 2020 win. As I write on November 1, it's just a week before the three-year anniversary of the 2020 election.

The Speicher write-up is interesting: "The earliest recorded bearer of the name was Konrad Speicher, who was living in KONSTANZ in 1388." It just so happens that Speakers/Spike's, in the colors of the Speicher castle, shares a giant and red eagle with English Constance's and French CUSSON, and then Scottish Johnsons use "CUSHIONs", go figure. Cousins were first found in Norfolk with Marys, Wheats, Deke's, and Speaker-connectable Bramtons; the latter have more red lions, and in Constance / Cusson colors. Bramptons share the Coat of Duce's, first found in Staffordshire with Docks while Deke's named Docking in Norfolk.

Cushions can evoke the My-Pillow company of Mike Lindell, and Pillows/Pilotte's/PILLERs (Lincolnshire with English Johnsons), in English Johnson colors, were a branch of Pilate's (Burgundy with Cussons) who almost have the pheon of English Johnsons. PILLARs/Pile's share the giant Powell lion. There's just a lot of heraldic coincidences going on apparently connecting Mike Johnson to Mike Lindell and Sidney Powell.

Scottish Johnsons use the spur while Spurrs were first found in Devon with Spike-like Spice's, with Bramton Speke of the Speakers/Spike's, and with the Speccots. Devon is also where Spurr-like Supers were first found sharing the saltire of Scottish Johnsons. Devon is also where Fenns/Venns (and Fauns/Vaunce's) were first found suspect in the Powell motto. Vance's/Vaux's were first found in East Lothian with the Faughn-branch Faucets suspect in the "Fac et" motto phrase of Ayscough's below.

English Johnsons are said to be from the earliest "Johnsons of Ayscough-Fee", and then the Ayscoughs share the motto of Mathie's/Maghans/Manns who were part of the pointers to MATT Gaetz in the last update, the one ultimately responsible for Mike Johnson's election to the Speaker position.

The Ayscough's are in Coney colors and format in case this is a pointer to Amy Coney-Barrett on the U.S. supreme court, for Kari Lake lost her election-fraud appeal, not many days ago, in the Arizona supreme court, and might be appealing to the U.S. supreme court. Her legal bills have been paid in-part by Mike Lindell, who now says he's broke for ventures such as this. Courts have been bashing election-fraud fighters with complete corruption the likes of which can bring down the whole country. This week, a judge in Bridgeport, Connecticut, ordered a new mayoral election due to video proof of "mules" stuffing ballot drop boxes. There should not be any drop boxes, obviously.

It was the Johnsons with the Powell pheon in colors reversed that took us to donkey-using Ayscough's, and Donkeys have a "pati" motto term while Pati's were first found in Messina while Mike Johnson's grandfather is/was Mr. Messina. Donkeys were first found in Northumberland with Siward of Northumberland who defeated king MacBeth in 1054, three years before king Duncan's son (Malcolm III) killed MacBeth. Donkeys share the Duncan motto. Malcolms are also Columns while Pilate-connectable Pelosi's/Pilati's use column, and were first found in Piedmont with Coneys and Messina-branch Masci's. Siward-line Swords not only share a "paratus" motto term with Scottish Johnsons, but both have a pair of gold wings in Crest.

English Chamberlains, with a donkey head, use a "conSPICi" motto term for linkage to a branch of Speichers / Speakers/Spike's.

The "fata" motto term of Sidneys can easily be for the Fate's/FEETs, which can apply to the slap shot along the ice that came to my stick, and then deflected along the ice between my legs i.e. between my FEET...and into the net for the hat-trick goal. Powell-connectable Hatricks/Ettericks share the lion of Marys and Deke's, both first found in Norfolk with Fate-like Patricks and Faiths; the latter share the saltire of Patricks, and of Kilpatrick-related Scottish Johnsons. The latter two use CUSHIONs while Norfolk is where Cousins were first found who almost have the Coat of Vocks potentially in the Sidney motto.

But there's more because Fate's/Feets (Yorkshire with Pavers) have the English Pavia Coat while Italian Pavia's (Piedmont with Masci's) essentially have the Coat of Fritters in colors reversed while FRAUDs/Friths may be using a sickle as code for Sicilians such as Masci-branch Messina's. The latter's patee crosses are code for Patti in Messina, and we saw the "pati" motto term of Donkeys suspect in the donkeys of AYScoughs. The latter may have named Eye, a location beside Diss (Norfolk) that was earlier, Disce, and then Donkeys use a "Disce pati" motto. Diss'/Dice's are in the colors and format of donkey-using Chamberlains.

It was English Johnsons who were first found at Ayscough, and the Eyes surname is listed with ear-like Eyers (share spur with Scottish Johnsons), first found in Derbyshire with Frauds/Friths, and we saw the ears of wheat of Speichers. Is this predicting that Speaker Johnson will tackle election fraud? If not, these heraldic connections are mighty but merely coincidental.

The write-up of Ayscough's thinks that this family named an Asche location, and then the "ProDESSE" motto term of Donkey-loving Chamberlains could be code for the Dess' said to have named, D'Asche's. "PROdesse" can be code for Pero's/Perino's, not only because Perrins were first found in Northumberland with Ayscough-beloved Donkeys, but because Pero's/Perino's were first found in Piedmont with the Coneys in turn in AysCOUGH colors and format. Coney-like Cuneo is a province in Piedmont, and while Saluzzo is in Cuneo, I trace Saluzzo's to Sales' that almost have the COUGH Coat.

I've just found Perrono's (flag) accidentally, first found in Piedmont. Perons (Savage colors) were first found in Champagne with Sauvage's while Piedmont's SAVIGliano is where Pelosi's/Pilati's were first found. Savage's (share Pillar/Pile lion) use a "Pro" motto term. NANCY Pelosi is in cahoots with the Chinese who are expected as the chief election-fraud schemers on behalf of Democrats. Nancys were first found in Lorraine with Perins (not "Perrin").

There's nothing to do but wait and see whether Mr. Johnson advances some election-fraud motions. Election fraud endangers the American nation far more than $100B to Ukraine. It's election fraud that makes such money-laundering schemes easy to come by because it's the money launderers who most want to fix elections. And they commit to many evils when in power, yet House Republicans seemingly care nothing for fighting election fraud. It's unforgivably irresponsible and chicken-hearted.

On Friday night, there was a post reporting that Speaker Johnson is working on a plan to hand the January-6 videos to The Blaze. That media is owned by a Mormon. Why him? Is Johnson a Mormon?

Pointer to Byram Bridle?

I trace Chamberlains and Chambers to Chambre on the Arc river, location also of Modane. Modens/Modeys share a fretty Shield on blue with BRIDGEports/BRIDports, understandable because Modane is about 25 miles from BRIGantium, in Savoy, where French Chambers and French Bride's were first found; the latter share the triple stars of BRIGHTs and Maceys/Mace's. The latter were from FERTE-Mace to explain the fretty Shields.

Brights and Maceys/mace's were first found in Cheshire with the Welfs/Wolfs while Guelphs were also Welfs while Dr. Byram BRIDle, a vaccine opponent, is from Guelph University (Canada). Cheshire is also where Leicesters were first found who share the swan of Hedge's in the "hedgeHOGs" of Byrams. Byrams almost have the Coat of Swynfords (share Hog boar heads) who were in turn first found in Leicestershire with Bridle's and early Chamberlains. Byrams are said to have been first at a Byram location in a Pool district of Yorkshire, and Pools, first found in Dorset with Bridgeports/Bridports, share the fleured Shield of French Chambers.

The amazing thing about Byrams is that Yorkshire's Byram is in the township of Brotherton while Brothertons (Yorkshire) share the Coat of Irish Brians while Brigantium is now Briancon. But the parents of Byram Bridle didn't know this, did they? Chamberlains of Leicestershire were first found in Oxfordshire with Brothers/Broders, and then BRITish's are listed with BRODicks/Braddocks.

Dorset is beside the first-known Bridge's (Somerset with Swynford-related Roets and Brits/Brets) and Ports who thus look like they named Bridgeports from Bridge's. Ports were first found also in neighboring in Hampshire with Ghents while Catherine Roet married both John of Gaunt and Mr. Swynford. Gaunts (share gold wolf head with Welfs/Wolfs) were first found in Kent with Hedge's and British's/Brodicks. The Port Chief is in the colors and format of the Roet Chief, and the Port Chief shares the ESToiles of Bute's/Butts while Boots were first found in Berkshire with the Modens/Modeys we saw at the outset of this investigation. Este's were the mother trunk of Guelphs.

CHAMbers and Camerons (Chamber colors) could have been of the namers of CamBRIDGE upon the Cam river. Camerons share five, red, bunched arrows with Roet-related Bows/Bough's. Brothers/Broders have a red arrow. Cambridge's share the swan of Hedge's and Leicesters, and "quam" is a motto term shared between Cambridge's and Leicester's Chamberlains. Hedge-like Edge's/Eggs, once said to be first found in Cheshire with Eggertons and BYRDs/Birds, are now said to be first found in Worcestershire with the Pattys/Pati's suspect in the patee cross of Cambridge's. Bridle's are also BYRDle's. Worcestershire is where Square's/Squirrels were first found whose "ferme" motto term can be traces well to Azzo of Fermo, founder of the house of Este.


On Tuesday, Speaker Mike Johnson revealed that he's bucking fore $14.5B to help Israel fight wee-wee Hamas. How in tarnation can it possibly cost that much to fend off Hamas and Hezbollah together? Hezbollah hasn't even attacked yet. Hamas is on the defensive without American help. This money will only make the war go wider. It does not look like the Christian thing to do. It would be much better to leave this money in an American bank account to be given to Israel instantly, in chunks, only if and when it needs it.

For those who like to quote that God blesses those who bless Israel, Jesus also tells us, "Blessed are the peacemakers." If you want to support Israel's current war just because you think it's a blessing toward Israel, you don't know the meaning of "bless." Anyone who gives Israel money for this war is the opposite of a peacemaker, because this war was allowed to begin by Israel. It probably had more than enough Intelligence on Hamas to frustrate it long before this latest outburst, but Israel has been preparing a wide killing machine in retaliation against merely a Hamas' outburst. This is not the time to support Israel's war. I would not want to support a war that could translate into Armageddon. Would you?

Steve Turley, who likes to portray himself as a doctor with the same honor-thyself spirit that infected the Pharisees, and who loves honor-thyself Trump, has come out with a deplorable title in a video of this weekend: "MAGA HAS TAKEN OVER THE "CHRISTIAN" RIGHT!!!" Achem, should we not instead celebrate a headline: "CHRISTIAN RIGHT HAS TAKEN OVER THE MAGA!!!" Instead, he's happy if Christianity as a whole lot were firmly imbedded in the camp of that boastful, murderous, deceptive spiritual swine, Donald Trump. Something is very wrong with Turley.

The Red Cross has long been known to be $deceptive:

Here's Speaker Johnson in action this week against the hard-hearted Democrats who are coming out of the gate, as expected, using the devil's tactic of character assassination:

The video above is on an honoring of police forces because they face danger everyday. The other truth is, police officers are just one mayoral order away from being the most-dangerous force to society, and we saw during the plandemic that most officers would become our worst nightmares just to put food on their tables. Never forget, because something worse than the plandemic of 2020-22 is probably coming within a few years. The mayors learned in 2020-22 that police officers are easily turned into attack dogs, and state / provincial / federal rulers all saw it.

The media orchestra lumped Johnson as a "far-right extremist," which normally means a Nazi type, but liberal media have been playing those accusatory games against Christians for a long time now, their game is known. The fact will always be: there is no authoritarian like God, the author of a mystery-laden Creation. Are we going to compare God to Hitler or Stalin? The media goofs do.

The media dopes like to portray any Christian in high political office as a stringent authoritarian, the purpose of which is to convert him to a hypocrite in the eyes of God, bending to liberal wishes in compromise. This has got to stop. Somebody needs to popularize STRICT and STRINGENT obedience to God as fair play on the political field. Whenever a Christian is elected, he should be fully free to conduct God-policy in matters of state interest because every elected anti-Christ is fully free to do his antiGod-policy. What's worse, Christian stringency or anti-Christ stringency? Far-left extremists are showing, even this very minute, that they are the destroyers. Christians are the constructors. See the media devil here, our constant enemies:

A Christian leader becomes compromised when he begins to value honor from men. When he senses no value in receiving thumbs-down or persecution because it's the opposite of receiving honor, it's a turn toward the bad. It means that he prefers to be honored, and in order to get it, he quells the fight-of-God within him, and becomes a traitor. Be hated today, and rejoice in that God honors you, therefore. But this requires a strong faith.

trudeau (a Liberal) has tried to buy his votes by cancelling his carbon tax for much of the eastern part of the country, a Liberal bastion. Actually, he's only suspending (not permanently cancelling) the carbon tax for three years for much of the east because he's got an election in about two years, and so he doesn't want to say he'll do it for two years because that looks too suspicious...and so he thinks he's fooling the people by making it three years. His tax amounts to billion of dollars annually just for home heating, pure theft because his stated motive is non-existent climate change. When you include heating and manufacturing fuels for businesses, it raises the price of many products too.

If easterners vote for the Liberals, then let easterners fork out the billions of dollars out-of-pocket. Imagine that, they vote for a party that does nothing but seek to hike taxes, and then they get exempt from paying taxes. trudeau knows no shame.

It didn't occur to me in the last update that the Obama circle should want Israel to attack Gaza as criminally as possible because it is better for starting a wider war by which it hopes to destroy Israel.

The two videos below speak of Pfizer's guilt in having the SV40-DNA contaminant in ALL vials tested, by a certain group(s), in canada. When the voice gets to some bumps midway into the first video, just advance it a little to hear some important parts:

The fact that canada admitted the presence of the SV40 virus without recalling all Pfizer vaccines and cancelling all vaccinations makes both trudeau and all involved guilty of serving Pfizer's interests in the least. They are likely serving others too, including their own pockets. To serve self while endangering peoples' health is a criminal offense of a high order. But the political opposition is a mouse, asleep, on matters of vaccine poisoning. He could become the next prime minister, and may do nothing about this vast crime.

WND has an article this week: "A new study confirms that almost one in three COVID-19 shot victims were hit, after taking the jab, with 'tremors, insomnia, muscle spasms,' and more, revealing the shots' huge toll in neurological complications." This study was in Italy. "The report said the study found 31.2% of vaccinated individuals soon were suffering from the neurological complaints which also included headaches and tinnitus, sleepiness, vertigo, double vision, numbness, taste and smell alterations, even 'cognitive fog or difficulty in concentration.'" Those items are related to the central-nervous system; bodily horrors can be arranged by tampering with it. Why didn't Italy stop vaccinations under these circumstances? These problems appeared on the first dose, yet Italy was typical in condoning / demanding successive doses. It could be true that different nations got different poisons depending on the rationale of the designers of this faked pandemic.

Israel's prime minister has admitted that his Intelligence drafted a plot to displace over two million Gazans into Egypt's desert. That sounds like a land grab to me. Israel's military leaders are guilty in this war of murder against their own people. No doubt about it. All the clamoring Christians, in so many media, are wholly ignorant of this due to blind love for this end-time nation, which is Rothschilian, another thing that Christians seems to be happily ignorant of. They simply see the end of the matter, the Eternal Israel, and therefore assume that the Israeli government is blessed by God, or something to that effect. That's called, ignorant. Here's an interesting video concerning a possible Hamas-EU alliance; start at 6:00 to expedite:

Peggy, the woman above, seems to be suggesting that Hamas' use of wind-gliders to attack Israel (October 7) was facilitated by the EU's ambassador to Gaza. I would suggest, as an open possibility, that the EU might have been a partner with Israel to start a wider war in the Middle-East by coaxing Hamas to attack. The EU has many pro-Palestinian voices, and the EU wants to keep a good partnership with the UN that itself has many pro-Palestinian voices, and so the EU leaders at this time, if they want to see a wider war in order to get Middle-East gas / oil from Western powers as the deliveryman, may be helping Israel to start that war while feigning a pro-Hamas stance. Anything is possible where wickedness resides.

More vaccine criminality has come to light, this time from the FDA again, as told by an ex-liberal-media personality, Naomi Wolf:

A new week, a new scandal with trudeau's government. This video below is the second one tonight that freezes up as it plays, and both videos feature the same parliamentary man speaking, and so if the video freezes for you too, especially if you are in canada, then the canadian government may be causing it to dissuade you from watching it all. No other videos I've watched all day to late this evening have done this:

Liberals go on thieving tax dollars, and Liberal voters -- the nation's number-two enemy -- keep voting Liberal. They don't mind paying extra taxes as long as the anti-Christ agenda is continually pushed. Canada has had an anti-Christ agenda from the days that it would not allow Christians to run a normal television show; eventually, they were given 90 minutes daily for "100 Huntley Street." That was censorship against Christians by the anti-Christ Liberals, and church leaders did nothing collectively in retaliation but look away without a peep, so far as I heard.

"Progressive" is an insulting codeword for "anti-Christ," intended to portray Christianity and traditional values as "backward." And when church leaders don't fight back with condemnation from the rooftops, I see them as lying down to be walked upon their backs. They allow futurists to view them as irrelevant pushovers, cowards, seemingly unwilling to instill courage and passion in their members. We are the rulers in-waiting of this world; we are permitted by God to slash, pierce and condemn the sinfully-rebellious policies of the anti-Christs. It is pitiful to live in Christian canada without some fight, without some zeal for the realities.

Just because we are to be friendly and accommodating for the cause of evangelism doesn't mean that we should let them change, unhindered, the society we need to live in. If they want to destroy us, dare we be true friends with them? We must make a distinction between our mortal enemies and those who might -- MIGHT -- want to become Christians. We can't treat them all nicely as they spiritually and mentally pollute society for our children, slandering our Lord all the while. They are condemned and being held for condemnation, they should have only themselves to fear but are too foolish to do so. They are their own worst enemies.

Busted pots, they hold no water. Sunken ships, they are forgotten wrecks at the cold darkness of the sea floor. They decided that this is how their lives should end. They rebelled against the Glorious Creator, and this is what they have earned for themselves: nothingness. Yet they want to call the shots for our lives??? And the Bible-based churches let them have that authority over us without a peep? How can this be?

Can't the churches raise Christian candidates for top spots? Not even in the Unites States where Christians are far more vocal? And when Christians do win, they seem to become lost in political lust. Where's the plain loyalty to God? It doesn't need to be decorative, plain loyalty will do.

Pierre Poilievre, who may very well be the next prime minister, has never uttered the word, "God," so far as I've heard, or shown that he has some faith in God. Is he an atheist? Is he under Wrath? Why has he yet not confronted trudeau on the SV40 and other DNA contaminants in vaccines? Was he a pro-COVID-vaccine stooge? Did he close his ears to the warnings against COVID vaccines?

The carbon-tax mini-scandal has become a full-fledged assault on trudeau's position. Poilievre is trying to force the leader of the NDP (canadian communist party = typical leftists) to break lock-step support for trudeau in order to force a no-confidence vote that forces a new election immediately. The timing is such that trudeau is very weak due to multiple scandals hitting him at once, meaning that his NDP support at this time flies in the face of NDP popularity, and the NDP has been know to abandon trudeau for political expediency.

Near the end of the week, CTV media in canada had a headline telling that the NDP leader had capitulated against trudeau, but as nobody else had that story, perhaps there was a change of mind. The Liberals argue that by increases fuel prices, people use less fuel and thus it saves the planet from "climate change," and Liberal voters apparently don't see spot this as a red herring to justify the heist, and moreover these voters are so daft as to believe that climate change is real no matter that they are told that the total amount of carbon-dioxide is a tiny fraction of one-percent the total make-up of the atmosphere. All the world's burning of fuels barely changes that number at all. Most of the air's carbon-dioxide is produced by nature because plants need to feed on it, yet Schwabites even demonize the natural formation of this much-needed gas. It's a scam. It's a heist of your hard-earned money. trudeau to prison.

If trudeau is ousted on the carbon-tax issue, it will be a shovel to the face of Klaus Schwab, something to celebrate because it will be another shovel after receiving a few in a row already, all in 2023. After a national shovel hits him in the face, it's used to bury him alive in his grave. Just a few years or less from his dying day, Schwab's quests to cancel fossil fuels, to make global chaos / poverty thereby, and to force-vaccinate are failing, making him unhappy as he's about to face a surprise bodily malfunction that kills him. He has no fear of God in this setting, but he will. Poilievre fails canadians by not adding Schwab into this discussion each and every day that it continues. The carbon tax is a Schwabite endeavor.

The Bank of Canada, which one assumes to be in the Schwabite corner, has been distraught with the carbon tax thus far, claiming that it alone is responsible for one-third of canadian inflation. Banks need thriving businesses as their customers, and banks even put stock in big companies, yet taxes on fuel hamper many businesses, duh...big-face Schwab really does have a pea-brain, under-cutting his own corporate friends / supporters in this way.

See how despicable American liberals / gangsters are:

This Weeks's Jaxen Report says that 27 vials of Ontario-based vaccines were tested, taken from 12 different lots, by the way, and found an illegal numbers of DNA molecules -- tens of billions -- PER DOSE. The violation amounted to hundreds of times the legal limit per dose. Why wasn't this discovered earlier? Del Bigtree doesn't hesitate to portray this a murderous crime.

The Wuhan lab sent Chinese viruses from remote bats to Montana, USA:

The video above makes a passing mention of the Galveston lab run by James LeDUC. I wasn't going to get into heraldic pointers here from the minor point that Italian Montana's have hexagram stars in the colors of the pentagram stars of English Ducks. However, when taking a close look at Spanish Montana's/Monts, I'm pretty sure that they have inverted (upside-down) feathers. To see three types of feather designs at houseofnames, see the Feathers/Fathers, Perkens and Lite's/Lights. None of the three are identical to the design of the Montana objects, and so I can't prove that Montana's use feathers.

If Montana's use feathers, it's amazing that the English Valens/VALENCE surname, in the "Volens et Volens" motto of Feathers/Fathers (Sussex, beside Valens'/Valence's), has the five fesses of German Ducks in colors reversed while Volens'/Valence's once showed ducks, as their Velin branch still do. Ducks, Volens/Valence's and Velins were all first found in Westphalia.

To help prove that Spanish Montana's have feathers, they also show what could be rope for the Rope's, first found in Devon with English Stewarts and sharing the Rope lion. Stewarts had been Alans, and while the fesse of English Alans is in the colors of the fesse-by-martlets of Volens'/Valence's, French Alans not only show the same martlets, but once showed ducks as did Volens'/Valence's. Rope's are said to have been "Barons TEYNams" while Tyne's/Tine's were first found in Shropshire with English Alans and vaccine-like Vychans/Vaughns. The Rundel kin of English Alans were first found in Kent with Valens'/Valence's, and their Arundel branch was in Sussex with the first-known Feathers/Fathers. Feather-using Tooths have an "obTINEbit" motto code.

Nobody expected The FBI to publicly admit, before the leftist media did, that the COVID virus was manufactured in the Wuhan lab. As the FBI is not to be trusted for getting to the truth of wicked plots, one way to read this FBI announcement is in the way a magician points elsewhere to hide what he doesn't want you be looking at. In other words, the FBI knows that an American lab was responsible for COVID using Wuhan so as to blame Wuhan. Once it became clear that the lab-leak theory was going to capitulate Fauci's natural theory, the FBI thought it advantageous to admit it.

My point here is that while Christopher Wray has been the FBI director, Wrays show the three Volens/Valence martlets. Christophers use pineAPPLES while Apple's and Applebys have more martlets, this time in the colors of the Mountain martlets. Is this a pointer to the Montana lab? Montells, though listed with MonHOLT, were first found in Lancashire with both Christophers and Wrays, and with Holder-branch Holds/Holts. Wrays were first found at a Botton location while Bottons are listed with Bidens.

The FBI has been called, "The Bureau," and there is a Bureau/Bure surname while Holds/Holts were first found at Bury (with Ratcliffs).

French Monts (Burgundy with same-colored Demonte's) use rocks while rock-using French Rocks/Roque's were first found in Languedoc with French Mountains. English Rocks were first found in Worcestershire with the ALLEYs who share the Montell/Montholt Coat, and with Squirrels in the Hold/Holt Crest. Holds are in the motto of McLeods/Clouds of Skye, and the latter were involved with my miracle-ALLEY shot, a topic of every update of last month, and especially in the last update of September when it pointed to Nazi's and trudeau.

I claim that Montana and neighboring Idaho had bona fide Nazis after WW2.

Thursday, the U.S. House passed a bill for $14.5B for Israeli military support, but as this money is being taken from the federal tax man, Bidenites are promising to crash the bill in the senate. If that doesn't work, Biden says he'll veto the bill, bouncing the ball back to Speaker Johnson to reform the bill. Johnson may be forced to give Israel nothing, which is my hope. Israel should focus on Hamas with care not to harm civilians, even if it takes months.

As soon as this bill passed, Israel announced that its ground invasion of Gaza will be slowed. Israel can now see that this money will take some time in coming, if it comes at all. It doesn't want to spend its own money, but will gladly become the reckless idiot with money from the drunken American whore who wears the underpants of over-rich, spoiled and/or anti-Christ American Jews. It's the Jews of Hollywood which brought the whole world profane lifestyles and moral horror shows. They almost-all vote Democrat along with most of the Mexicans and catholics. How does it feel, catholics, to be lumped in with this whore, you sick people. You express faith in some form of Jesus steeped in popestry, and then you vote for the anti-Christ party in hopes of getting dropped some rewards for the votes. Where's your honor? SICK.

In canada, catholics overwhelmingly rule the political field, yet the Liberals have just as strong a grasp of power there. How can this be unless catholics are guilty for a catastrophic sleepwalk, turning a blind eye to the Bible and voting instead for abortion and faggot "rights", evolution deception in the schools, and free-flung porn. Liberals have been advocating these things since openly the 1980's, yet Liberals still get into power to this day. Somewhere in the range of 65-percent of canadians are of catholic background. In the United States, only about a third are of catholic background, yet the liberals there have the Blacks and election fraud to make for a near-majority.

Dr. John Campbell, who promoted the vaccines in the first year, and believed all government reports as fact, is now admitting that nursing homes were murdering the aged even though the homes make money on the aged. The only apparent explanation is that governments (prefer not to pay pensions these days) were paying the nursing homes to kill, $sufficient that it was $worth the killings. The video tells about "end-of-life" programs i.e. decision by doctors to feed patients a poisoning or lack of bodily needs. One would imagine that the most-troublesome residents are given their death sentence to make room for less-troublesome residents. Everyone in this video can be you or me someday:

Here's to show that Rebel News has been doing it's work to make canada's Health department look criminal in not answering requests to prove that vaccines were safe and effective, as claimed:

Homeschooling has more than doubled in some states. For the failing leftist fight against homeschooling:

People have the right to live in the country, never watch any news, never partake in city society, never partake in industry, spend all their time hiking country trails, river walks, visiting country friends, fishing, growing their own foods, having pets and livestock, and teaching their kids as they so-please. No government tool has the right to own your kids even after they become adults. No government tool has the right to tell your adult children how to live their lives, or to force them to live for the system as though they should serve the system. Take your system and shove it!

Here's a Maui story of animals "frozen" by extreme heat, though the evidence shown here is not exactly brilliant:

The inspiring preacher below didn't say anything that I heard that could reveal whether he's pre- or post-trib. I might commend him for this, or criticize him for it, depending on his position. If he's pre-trib, he did his darndest not to push it, and I might commend him for it. If he's post-trib, I should criticize him for not saying so. I have a bad feeling about this pastor. I'm guessing he's pre-trib concerned about losing church members / video viewers by coming out forthright to teach pre-tribulationism. When enough post-tribbers are vocal in the churches, they will silence pre-trib heresy from the pulpit. The days of pre-trib-yahoo are over. Pre-trib pastors will be the last, ashamed of their conduct, for while they teach that the Return can be at any moment, they do not prepare the flock to endure the anti-Christ onslaught. GREAT SHAME.

I'll add, before you watch his video, that he doesn't seem to see that Israel's reaction to Hamas at this time is evil. Israel is not, as this pastor is portraying her at this time, an innocent lamb reacting normally against the attack from Hamas. Pastors shouldn't generally have as much time as I do to follow the news, and so their views can be less fine-tuned, and more distorted by common news media.

I'd also add that while he and his viewers think his message is "prophetic" or filled with the Holy Spirit, the same sermon he preaches here has been preached virtually word-for-word since the last century. The points he makes can be made without the special help of the Holy Spirit, from common knowledge. It may sound super-duper-spiritual to the young believer, but it's all common knowledge. He may be teaching that the anti-Christ will be a Muslim from the Turkish theater, though I didn't hear him say that outright (I was in the kitchen for some of this):

There's no evidence that all Arabs descend from Ishmael. No Arab knows whether he descends from Ishmael. It's a fanciful idea, yet might be true to some degree. I'll agree that Hagar and Ishmael were the antithesis of the Abrahamic covenant, and I'll add that I see evidence that a tribe which named Hagar had a branch that named the Agarus river (now the Siret) in Romania and Wallachia. That was Scythian territory, and likely the origin of the Romans too. Ishmael's line may be to Europeans, therefore, or to the Biblical dragon. That makes a lot of sense. Note how "Ugor" (proto-Hungarians) is like "Agarus."

Psalm 83 has "Hagarenes" together with Ishmaelites, suggesting that Hagar's child(ren) named a tribe after the mother.

I think it's a good bet that "Arab" is derived in an ancient name of Kirkuk, Arabkha. Another name for Arabkha, Arrapachitis, looks like it was named after "Arphaxad," the name also of Abraham's ancestor.

Pre-tribulationists like to say that the "restrainer" in 2 Thessalonians 2 is the Church. It's how they get a pre-trib rapture from a chapter that actually spells out the post-trib rapture, that's how brazenly rebellious the pre-tribbers are as they claim to be the chief scholars. It is not the Church that restrains the anti-Christ, especially as he arises in the Muslim world where Christianity hardly calls the shots or blocks what Muslims do. The Restrainer is God Himself assuring, by ways not indicated in the text, that the devil never invades Israel until the Appointed Time. When the world is ready to be handed the Wrath of God, God will allow them to be carried away by the anti-Christ and his partner to a very bitter ending as they place their full trust in him.

Mike Adams of Brighteon revealed November 6 that he doesn't believe in the rapture, arguing against it just because he's ignorant of prophecy, and because he thinks John Darby invented the idea. He says that when Paul tells of us meeting Jesus in the air, it's only symbolism. This no-rapture idea, not new with him, adds to last-days confusion.


Here's all four Gospels wrapped into one story.

For Some Prophetic Proof for Jesus as the Predicted Son of God.
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