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November 7 - 13, 2023

David Knight Cites Japanese Graphene
Kepke the Chaser, From the Khazars

It was nice while it lasted. Hall of Names is no longer showing the descriptions of the Coats of Arms presented at House of Names, but I have many of them recorded in my memory, and in past updates from which to find some.

The crux of the Crucifixion is that it makes peace between the Father and the believer. The One who applied Himself to the Crucifixion implores the Father to make peace with the believer, and the Son receives many loyal brothers by this Act. This is not the feely-kind of peace, but is synonymous with reconciliation, the open door to be one with the Father, to cast off His judgment against you...who can ask for anything more? Bake and break unleavened bread, from time to time, to give thanks for this peace.

As a result of the laying down of God's weapons against us, so to speak, I do feel a peace of the tranquility kind from time to time, as I concentrate on God, or on what I think we're doing together. I assume that this is what Jesus meant when he said that the Kingdom of God is within you. It's like the moving of the Holy-Spirit waters, a sense of being whole, full, what I think coined the word, "blessed." It's like God is gifting us with a touching of Himself to the inners, which is the real person. It's far better than a touch to the skin by a loved one. The closest another person can get to the inner is with the voice, or with body language. The voice can terrify the inner, or sooth it, or give it joy, or an enormous number of other "feelings," or an enormous number of mixed feelings. How we feel is on the inside, where life resides. That's what the Bible means by "spiritual."

Whatever is good for the inner spirit falls under spirituality, such as doing good for others, or blessing God, but things like Yoga and meta-physics are fool's games, like the roll of dice where you have a hope as they roll, but find that you've lost after they come to a stop.

Reconciliation speaks more than to just the decision of God to grant eternal life. It speaks to friendship with God, what He's always wanted with His creatures. It's not a here's-your-everlasting-life, now go your way ending. It's a be-with-me invitation, not a go-your-way sending away. The Sacrifice speaks with LOVE. If you don't see that, you're in the dark. The Sacrifice makes us capable of trusting the Father not to pour out His anger upon us. Instead, He takes our hand, and takes us away WITH Him. If you don't want this, then you don't want Jesus either. I have a friend in Jesus is not a song for kids only.

When broken people come to God for help, and receive more than the help, but enter the Faith in a born-again moment, do they then abandon God when they become broken again, years later? Isn't that the time to stick with God, to give Him the opportunity to punish and heal you? If you get broken as a Christian due to some backsliding, don't betray Jesus, because this is the mortal danger of the end-times.

Whenever this world convinces you that the Christian experience is a fake experience, or that Jesus doesn't exist as the Son of God, see the "shroud of Turin," and discover how the image on the shroud was made. That will be the thing that can make you keep-on with Jesus until you start thinking properly again, IF, that is, you want Jesus to begin with. Some people just decide they don't want Him anymore, who are the wrong-soil / shallow-soil types. This is a pretty good video in that regard, where the speakers may be trying to win a pastor back again to Jesus:

Japanese Graphene

On November 9, David Knight once again mentioned how Reuters news denied graphene-oxide in vaccines because, if correct, there would be black particles in vaccines. Mr. Knight then repeated that Japan withdrew millions of vaccine vials due to having black particles and metal bits. One can glean here that by the time Reuters made the claim above, the vaccine companies in most the world had quickly removed vials with graphene from the market.

I'm telling this story because Cheps/Jeepma's/Jappa's, with a Japan-like Jappin variation, may have been a branch of Kepke's/Kopke's. As I've claimed, God set up a spider chase with my teen friend, Lawrence Kepke, to point the graphene-oxide in vaccines. I may have used the Jappins, though I don't remember it, to point to graphene in Japanese vaccines.

(To follow better, load Cheps now to load and view other surnames on another Internet tab.)

At the time of the spider chase, Kepke had a pet white RAT. How many people have one of those? The white color could suggest the Aryan / Caucasian "race" out of Kepoi in Caucasia and into Ukraine.

The Reuters surname, a Rothschild branch, happens to have a different-colors version of the Keip Coat. Keips were first found in Nuremberg with Kopple's, and the latter are in the colors and format of the giant Chep/Jeepma/Jappin eagle, and in the colors of the Rats/Raids. Cheps/Jeepma's/Jappins add a hexagram shared by Rads/Radders (Kepke/Kopke colors). The Keip Coat can be, in colors reversed, in the top corner of the Jewish Rothchild Coat; both are in the colors of the giant Rothen lion, and half in the colors of the giant Rauder/Rodez lion. The latter share the Coat of Italian Gallus' while German Gallus' share the Kopple rooster. German Gallus' emerged partly in Oldenburg, where Cheps/Jeepma's/Jappins were first found. Rotters are listed with German Rothes'.

I can now reveal why we are all over Rothes liners in this Japan-pointing section. The SPIDER that Kepke chased me with had taken me to the SPITZER surname. While I was yet able to access the website that had official descriptions of houseofnames Coats, I learned that Spitzer's use "hills," one of which has a "tunnel". Isn't it incredible that Tunnels/Tunno's share the hexagram of Rotens and Jewish Reitmans, half in the colors of the Rad/Radder and Chep/Jeepma/Jappin hexagram? I find that amazing.

The Spitzer horse/unicorn faces the rare direction of the Shield's left side, as does the similar horse, in half its colors, of Jewish Rothschilds.

Plus, while I was re-reading the paragraph above, and adding "Jewish" in front of "Reitmans," David Knight's show was still playing at the 2-hour point, and there he said, "JP Morgan CHASE"!!!! The Spider CHASE! But before I heard the word, "chase," I noted that "JP" is like the Jappa/Jappin variations of Cheps! I think God is verifying here that this Japanese vaccines is what He was pointing to 52 years ago. It's verifying that the killers were seeking to murder the Japanese and others using graphene.

As I've said, Kepke worked in plumbing at age 20-21, about a year after he left shoes sales, having done that for a year or two prior. German Plumers/Plumbs (Bavaria with Shoe's) happen to share the Tunnel/Tunno / Roten / Reitman hexagrams, and Mr. Kepke had dated Christine Peare, whom he had met at Reitman's clothing while he was selling shoes. The Shoe's even use a knight! David Knight.

Miss Peare sold clothes at Reitmans at the time, and while Jewish Reitmans have a rose with stem, Steins/Stems, a branch of Northumberland's Stevensons, share the Peare leopard faces (doesn't look coincidental). German Steins even share the white goat with Kepke's/Kopke's. Dutch Steins have a rose in Rose-boar and Rose-rose colors. The Roddens/Rodhams (Northumberland) are in Aids/Ade colors and format while Stems/Steins, with the Rodden/Rodham and Aids/Ade bend in colors reversed, have a different-colors version of the Aids/Ade Coat.

The eight-pointed star of Dutch Steins (German Steven colors) is colors reversed from the same of Rothschilds/RoddenSTEINs. German Stevens almost have the Knight/Night Coat, and English Stevens were first found in Gloucestershire with Graff-branch Grave's/Greafs. Although it could be very important if a Steven Coat showed linkage to the Grave's / Graffs, it can be added that Graffs share the anchor (different color) with Dutch Reitmans while the Grave/Greaf eagle can be the gold one in the Knight/Night Crest.

I don't remember a clue to indicate whether Mr. Kepke was still with Peare when he first got into plumbing, but this is a close call if not. He left Miss Peare for Kim Walsh. As English Plumers/Plumbers share the Shoe star, I've got to suppose that Plumers/Plumbers closely share the Graff/GRAFFEN lion, for while the spider chase was at the home of Karen Graff, that's how I pointed the event to GRAPHENE-oxide. Grave's/Greafs were first found near Knighton so as to make possible the sharing of the Knight/Night eagle with Grave's/Greafs. David Knight is fitting into the spider-chase event at the Graff residence.

Last I checked google maps' streetview, the BARN is still there directly across Doner street from the Graff residence. German Barns/Berns (almost the Bruno Coat) were first found in Switzerland with Graffs/Graffens, and while SPITTals share the besants of English Barns/Beryns', the spider points to SPITZERs/Spitz's. Barn-like Bruns were at SPITTALfields. It appears that God arranged the spider event on Doner between the Graff home and the barn to include the Spittals so as to prove a pointer to Spitzers/Spitz's.

By the way, Barns/Bernys' were first found at BRIXton while Brixia is near the Trebia river, explaining why Trebys/Treebys share the Barn/Bernys Chief. Trebys/Treebys were first found in Devon with bear-using Bears/Beers while German Barns/Berns use the bear. The ragully pattern of Barns/Bernys and Stewarts (Devon) is likely part code for Raggs' (share Bruno bend), suspect from Saraca's of RAGUSa, and this Arms of Saraca shares the bend of Burn-branch Bernice's/Burnes' (Cumberland with SARACens). French Bears/Beards were first found in Brittany with proto-Stewarts and Saraca-connectable Sarasins.

I trace Bernice's to Berenice Agrippa, and I speculate that Graffs/Graffens and Griffins were from "Agrippa," noting that Kepke-beloved Goats/Gothams share the Gripp/Grape/Grabben Coat. The latter's Grapp/Grapner variations are like "graphene." Their Craver variation can take us to Cravens (griffin in Crest), first found in Yorkshire with the Keppochs having a similar Coat, and with English Galleys. Herod-like Hurts/Horts (near Spittalfields) are in Spittal colors and format. Cravens share the red fitchee with MacDonalds while Keeps share the "galley" with MacDonalds while MacDonalds have a Keppoch branch. MacDonalds were once said to be first found in Argyllshire with Herods/Haralds.

Unfortunately, I can't see a way to like Plumbers to Graffs, but I can go to English Walls because Shoe's use a "wall," and because these Walls were first found in Gloucestershire with Grave's/Greafs while Graffs/Graffens are also Gravs. Danners/Daniels, likewise first found in Gloucestershire, almost have the Coat of German Walls. The "Nec" motto term of Danners/Daniels suggest the Neckar river (Baden with Walls) because German Neckers/Nechelers/NIECHTers (Bavaria with Plumers/Plume's), in Nickel/Nicol colors, have the German Wall Coat in colors reversed. Plus, while German Plumers/Plumbs are Plume's too, I'm pretty confident that the Tree's/Trews, who are in the Shoe tree that's on the Shoe wall, have a so-called "PLUME" (common in heraldry) in the helmet of their Neichter-like knight! And English Plume's were first found in Suffolk with Knights.

Kepke's brother married Nikki Walsh, who I assume was born, Nicole. French Nicole's share the three wolf heads of Wolfs/Lupus', first found in Cheshire with Nickels/Nicols. As "Vita" is a motto term of Spitzer-connectable Saffers, I'm proposing that the Vido's/Vita's in the "vide" motto term of Nickels/Nicols are a pointer to Japan for almost having the flag of Japan.

"Fide" is shared between Nickle's/Nicols and Kep-like Shepherds, and while Keppochs were related to Shep-like Sheffields, Shepherds share the hand-with-black-fitchee (code for Fitch's/FITTs) of the Keppoch-branch MacDonalds. The Shepherd axe can be for the Axe river, in Devon where Sheffield- / Shepherd-like Saffers were first found who are in the colors of the Shepherd axes. There's another Axe river in Somerset, where Saffer-branch Severs/Savers were first found. Shepherds are in the colors and format of Anchors/ANNACKers, suspect from the Anaki of Israel's Hebron, and "Keep" happens to be a motto term of Hebrons/HEPburns. Severs/Savers share the Vido/Vita annulet.

The Chepe's in the CHIP/Chipper write-up were at Sheffield, and as Chips/Chippers are in Wolf/Lupus colors and format who in turn share the Skin/Scan wolf heads, it makes Mr. Kepke point to the future 666 skin-scanning system while implying that it could involve a skin CHIP. Should we, therefore, expect graphene as part of 666 endeavors?

Nickels/Nicols were first found in Cheshire with Bello's/Bellows using another "Vita" motto term, and the Vita-like Fitts/Fido's (share Peare stars), expected in the "Fide" motto term of Nickels/Nicols (Cheshire with the related Cardine's), were first found in KinCARDINEshire, beside the Skins/Scans who could be a pointer to 666 due to having their three wolf heads at the tips of three swords in the colors of the three Shot swords for what looks like a pointer to "the (vaccine) shot." Shots are also Shute's/Schute's while Scute's, unbelievably, share the Chip/Chipper eSCUTcheon.

I can't think of a surname having exactly the flag of Japan. In heraldic terms, this flag has a giant "torteau," which I trace to the Toreatae scythians at Kepoi. It's beside Phanagoria, and as there is a sphinx in Wikipedia's Phanagoria article, I trace "Kepoi" to the great pyramid and sphinx of Cheops, possibly from the Hyksos. Compare "Cheops" to the Chep variation of Jappins. The torteau is a red roundel, note that Roundel-branch Arundels were in Sussex with Keeps.

WOW, I didn't intend to go to the following when starting on the torteau. Kepke was the chaser, and Chaser-branch Chaucers have a TORToise!!! It's just incredible that the vertically-split Shields of Chasers and Chaucers is shared by Spitzer-beloved Tunnels/Tunno's!!!! He chased me with the spider!!! BEHOLD: Chalkers (Kent with Chaucers) share triple-white fesses with Cassers/Casse's, and the latter share the triple fesses of Haughts/Houghtons in both colors who use a "MALGER le TORT" motto!!!! Hungarian-linkable Majors/Mayers/Magors (share CAESAR roses!) have "Malger" in their write-up. The Hungarian Drummonds almost have the Chalker Coat, and proto-Hungarians had been amongst the Casser-like Khazars. Chalkers (and Choke's) are in Shot/Shute/Schute colors and format. The Fortuna's nearly in the latter's motto look like Hungar kin.

Fitts/Fido's use the cloud while McLeods/Clouds were first found on Skye with Nicolsons. The latter look like kin of Irish Caseys while the spider chase can point via Chase's/Chace's to Kepke-connectable English Case's. How many times did you hear the word, "cases," during the COVID plot?

Skins/Scans share the wolf heads of French Nicole's, and while Nikki was married to Robert Kepke, French Roberts were first found in Burgundy with French Saffers while Cheshire is where Propers/Roberts/Robins (share Robert lion) were first found. They say that graphene-oxide in the human body can be applied to a tracking device such that the 666 might become using a skin scanner. "Six / hex" is suspect from the Hyksos, and the Alan-connectable Hicks' look related by their Coat and motto to French Nicole's (Brittany with Alans).

French Saffers use five birds possibly as code for Quints or 666-showing Quinta's/Quintana's, a possible pointer to La Quinta Columna, the discoverers of graphene-oxide in COVID vaccines. English Saffers share the blue vair FUR of Quints while Furs almost have the Saffer / Spitzer unicorn. English Vairs/Vere's, Fitts/Fitch's, and Chase-branch Chance's were first found in Essex, where Quints were once said to be first found, and French Vairs were first found in Burgundy with French Saffers. Quints are now said to be first found in Cumberland with Falcons, and French Saffers probably use five falcons.

The three dice of Quinta's also emphasize the fives for obvious reason, and Dice's/Diss' are likely in the motto of English Case's (Norfolk with Dice's/Diss'), suspect from the Khazars near/in Kepoi. These Case's, sharing the bend of Chaucers, were kin of Hungarian Leslie's, and Hungarians descended from Ukraine in what was the Khazar empire. The spider CHASE. Why do German Cassers almost have the Ukraine flag behind their red lion? English Cassers/Casse's share the scallops of Flags/Flecks (Norfolk with Case's) in the Crest of McLeods/Clouds, and then between the latter's flags is, apparently, the bull head of Haughts/Houghtons who in turn share the triple fesses of English Cassers/Casse's.

It's interesting that Elon Musk, who owns a company that wants to do brainchip implants, also owns, The Boring Company, which bores TUNNELs. Borings/Barringtons, first found in Cambridgeshire with MUSKs/Muscats, share the triple chevrons of Muschats/MontFITCHets, the latter first found in Essex with Youngs/Youngs (and Fitts/Fitch's) suspect in the "Ung" motto term of Borings/Barringtons.

I've told that Sleeping Beauty was hovering LEVEL (in a CAR) because WALerans were of Waleran de Leavell while Levels are listed with Leavells (of CARy Castle), but with this Wall-Plume picture, we can also say that she was hovering plumb level! Zinger. Plus, Carts, said to be from Cary Castle, use plum-like palm trees! Plume's and Palms both use vair fur (different colors).

Kepke had left Miss Peare to date Miss Wall-like Walsh, the sister of his brother's wife, and it was his brother who had been established in plumbing and thus got Kepke into plumbing too. English Walls are also Walls', and it just so happens that Walsers share the axe with the Shoe knight!!! German Walls were first found in Baden, and it's known that the Arms of Baden is used by Keeps. Baden is where Groce's/Greggs were first found who happen to share the horizontally-split Shield colors of English Walls'!

Keeps not only use a "weaver's shuttle" while German Weavers/Webbers were first found in Saxony with Kepke's/Kopke's, but this proves that God chose Kepke to chase me with a spider dangling on a WEB. Webbs were even first found in Wiltshire with Shoe-beloved Tree's! The Hebrons with a "Keep" motto term were even first found in Northumberland with Tunnels/Tunno's. Webbs (near first-known Grave's/Greafs) might just be sharing the Grave/Greaf eagle.

I suppose it's feasible that Graffs were a branch of a Gragh-like surname pronounced as "Graff" in the way that "laugh" is pronounced as "laff." I'm suggesting this as per the Gragg variation of Groce's/Greggs (Carrick / Cragg branch) because they share the horizontally-split Shield colors of Italian Romans (Wolfley colors) who in turn share a giant white wolf with Doners while Kepke chased me with the spider on Doner drive (Gormley, Ontario). But there's more to be had from coming down this new heraldic path.

Wolfs/Welfs were first found in Cheshire with Dons/Doune's and Wolfleys while Downs/Douns were first found in Sussex with Keeps. The wolf of Italian Romans is in the colors of the Wolfley wool packs / sacks, and if they are packs, it can go to English Packs, not only first found in Sussex with Keeps, but these packs, probably in the Welsh David motto, happen to be in Anchor colors and format while Graffs/Graffens use the anchor.

Wolfley are also Wooleys while Woolworths share the wheat sheaves of Clents while Clent Hills are in Worcestershire, where Hills and Chips/Chippers were first found along with KNIGHTons/Nitons. Chips/Chippers are in the colors and format of Wolfs/Welfs, the latter first found in Cheshire with DAVIDs. David Knight and his pointer to Japanese graphene, at our service!

Lookie: Chips/Chippers have the Chepe's in their write-up, and Cheps are also Japan-like Jappins.

And Keppe's/Cheppe's were first found in Hampshire with GRIFFIN-loving Hangers/Angers and Sturs/STYRE's (Drummond kin) while STYRia is where spider-like Spitzers were first found who in turn love the Hills, the latter first found in Worcestershire with Chips/Chippers and Hillarys. The Hills have the Coat similar to the one of Carrick-branch Craigs who in turn have a KNIGHT with a PLUME in its helmet. Amazing. English Plume's were first found in Suffolk with Knights. Both Craigs and Hills almost have the Coat of Dutch Graffs! Craigs were first found in Aberdeenshire with Hillary-connectable Tarves'/Tarvins while Dons/Doune's were first found at Tarvin! The vertically-split Tarves/Tarvin colors are those of the horizontally-split Groce's/Greggs/Graggs, can we believe it?

Almost missed it: Aberdeenshire is where Cups/Cope's/COLPs were first found while Japodes were first found on the COLAPis river, the one that's also the Kupa. I trace the Cheps/Jeepma's/Jappins to Japodes (not new here). Kepke-branch Kupe's/Koops probably use cups, as do Coffee's/Coffers who are in turn in Caffer colors while the latter share the horse with knight with plumed helmet with Craigs!!! The Caffers are in Doner colors and while Downs/Douns were first found in Sussex with Cofferts, Courts/Cofferts, Keeps, and Kepke-connectable Coppers/Coopers.

I don't recall doing a Graff-Gragh comparison before, but it just jibed with Doner drive. The Graff residence was at the corner of Doner and Union, and Unions use mill rinds while Mills and Mile's were first found in Hampshire too, and then the Mile's (this is not new) look (by their Coat) like kin of the Kepke-branch Kupe's/Koops. I trace the latter to the Kupa river of the Japodes i.e. I trace the Cheps/Jeepma's/Jappins to Japodes. The Unions are also Onions while the Japodes of the Kupa river had a southern boundary roughly at the Una/Oeneus river.

It should be added that Griffins are suspect from Agrippa's while Gripps/Grape's share the Coat of Kepke-beloved Goats/Gothams while Goths/Gothels share the Chep/Jeepma/Jappin hexagram.

There is more that God apparently set up: goat-using Weiss', first found in Saxony with goat-using Kepke's/Kopke's, have a goat in both colors of the Walser goat. Walsers were first found in Bavaria with Weis'/Wise's, a branch of Wies'/Wiesers who in turn have the Shoe star in colors reversed. Weis'/Wise's happen to share the double hexagrams of Peare's, making it impossible for anyone to deny God's involvement in this heraldic set, unless one accuses me of fabricating this story of Kepke, Peare, Walsh, and the shoe and plumbing stores.

When Kepke worked for Plumbing Mart, he got me a job at a Plumbing Mart in Richmond Hills. Two Mart surnames are listed with Martins, and while the German Marts/Martins were first found in Oldenburg with Cheps/Jeepma's/Jappins, what could be the chances, by chance alone, that Italian Martins (could be using a wool pack) share the upright goat of Kepke's/Kopke's and English Kidds? The latter were first found in Suffolk with English Plume's!!! PLUMbing MART!!!

English Webbers (beside Beaks), first found in Somerset with Chasers, share the fleur-de-lys of Peaks/Peakmans (Suffolk) while Beaks share the ostrich in Crest with Pakmans/Peckhams. Pass'/Pascals were first found in Essex with the Peks/Pecks, and with the Este's suspect in the "est" motto term of Pakmans/Peckhams. Packers/Peckers/Pickers were first found in Berkshire with English Pasleys who in turn share triple fesses on white with Beaks. Kents were first found in Berkshire too while Kennedy-branch Kennets share the quadrants in the Pakman/Peckham Chief.

The lone Shoe star is shared by Poindexters who in turn have the split Groce/Gregg and Wall Shields. Shoe's are the ones with the wall. Poindexters were first found in the Channel Islands with the first-known Majors/Mayers who in turn have a giant anchor that might connect closely to the Graff/Graffen anchor. It's possible because Karens were first found in Silesia with the German Rose's who in turn share the Major roses, red like the roses of Jewish Rothchilds. KAREN Graff (our age, 13) watched Kepke chase me with the spider. Karens even share the Peare / Weis/Wise hexagrams! The Karen bend-by-symbols rises in the rare left direction.

Scottish Rose's were first found in Nairnshire with anchor-using Rats/Raids! It's looking good for Majors/Mayers (share white anchor with Rats/Raids) to fit into this story, especially as Mayer Bauer was the first Rothschild. The Constants/Constantine's in the motto of Scottish Rose's were first found in Languedoc with French Conte's/Comites' while English Conte's/Comitissa's were first found in Durham with the Plumers/Plumbers (Graff lion?) who in turn use a "CONSulto" motto term likely part-code for a Conte / Cone / Country branch. Constants/Constantine's have the Plumer/Plumber star in colors reversed.

Ahh, the True's in the motto of Scottish Rose's are listed with Shoe-loving Tree's!!!

English Constantine's (Devon, beside Webbers) have the fleur-de-lys of English Webbers in colors reversed. English Weavers were first found in Cheshire with Welsh Davids while Knightons were first found near the first-known Grave's/Greafs (Knight eagle?). David Knight is killing the vaccine goons; he's not letting up on their crimes. Go killer David, kill Goliath all over again. Welsh Davids happen to have "David ap GRYFFydd" in their write-up.

Welsh Davids likely share the lion of Pass'/Pascals because Scottish Pasleys/Paisleys share the anchor of English Packs while "Pax" is a motto term of Welsh Davids. Graffs/Graffens share an anchor on blue with Pasleys/Paisleys and English Packs! The latter are in the colors and format of Anchor-branch Angers (Essex with Pass'/Pascals). Anchors share the red bull with French Packs (tree). While Welsh Davids were first found in Cheshire with English Pace's, Italian Pasi's/Pace's/Pascels were first found in Bologna, near the first-known Italian Davids of Venice.

Knightons were first found at Knighton of Worcestershire, and the Lilys suspect in the "Lillae" motto term of nearby Webbers were first found in Worcestershire with the Spitzer-beloved Hills! Lookie there.

Recently, a so-called "Karen" is typified by an authoritarian woman who forces you to put your mask on in a store. But the Karens want to twist this around to mean the woman who refuses to wear the mask.

I met up with several of them, rebuked almost all of them, got kicked out of stores because of it, happily centering them out in front of customers. Got a police ticket for trespassing too on one occasion, but didn't need to pay it. These safety-freak women want to rise up and become authorities over men, and the mask mandates gave them their opportunities to strike out. They expected all women to fall in line, you see, and so some vigorous men were their only threats. The law gave them their opportunity to muzzle the courageous guys, but only if the management in the stores allowed them.

The Karens were so disappointed when masks were no longer enforced that they continued to wear masks all summer long (in my area), hoping masks would be enforced again soon. They finally let up (took off masks) by the fall because they started to feel despised, I suppose, or centered-out, and so the situation had flipped on them. So far, so good. But they await the next pandemic like loyal, communist-pig stooges.

A couple of years after the spider-chase event, KATRINA Hanson, a Dane, pointed to poison vaccines with me in her life, and I'm reading that "Karen" is an Anglo version of the Norse "Katherine." Karens were Roet kin, and Roets descended from Catherine Roet.

My mother is a Mask-like Masci on her mother's side, and while GORMLEYs/Grimes' have the Grime/Grimm martlet in colors reversed, my mother's maiden name is, Grimaldi. Karen Graff and Katrina Hanson were both living in Gormley, and Nordic Hansons share the Masci fleur-de-lys. Maschi's/Masks (not "Masci") have a lion in Graff lion colors. Karen Graff lived at the corner of Union street, and while Unions/Onions are in the colors and format of English Pine's, Maschi's/Masks use "pine cones".

The Maezaei Illyrians lived at the Una/Oeneus river, but also next to the Urbanus, explaining why the bend-with-hexagrams of German Urbans is shared by Masci-branch Massena's/Messina's. Spanish Urbans look related to the Kupe/Koop and Kepke/Kopke Coats. The Pattys/Pati's in the Massena/Messina Coat were first found in Worcestershire with Spitzer-beloved Hills. Italian Pati's, looking like they have the Maschi/Mask Chief-Shield, were first found in Messina with a Patti location.

Avon Calling

I HAVE FOUND IT!!!! This is new. I understand it now. The spider at the Graff residence took us to hill-using Spitzers, and while I've just realized, I think for the first time in this update, that the Hill Coat is almost the one of Dutch Graffs, Hills use an "AVANcez" motto code that must be partly for the Avan variation of Avons because they share the giant Graff/Graffen lion!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WOW! Avans/Avons were first found in Herefordshire, beside Worcestershire!

The way to connect the Avons to Graffs is where one of the Avon rivers of England flows through Gloucestershire, where Grave's/Greafs were first found, to Bath of Somerset, explaining why Dutch Grave's/Greve's/Gravens share the Bath cross! It tends to disclose that Grave's/Greafs were a Graff/Graffen branch. The giant Grave/Greaf eagle is shared by Lutons while Lothians (pine tree) share the brown dog with Lots, the latter sharing the Chep/Jeepma/Jappin Coat minus the latter's hexagram.

As per the Kennets above, we read: "The Kennet and Avon Canal (now abandoned) is linked to the [Avon] river by a ladder of seven locks at Bath." Kennets named a location in Wiltshire, smack beside Bath, and Tree's/True's, the ones with a plume in the helmet of a knight, were first found in Wiltshire too, location of another Avon river. Kennets and Kennedys use the helmet too.

Same article: "The Avon enters the River Severn estuary at Avonmouth," and then the Severs (Somerset with this Avon river) share the annulet of Vito's who in turn almost have the flag of Japan. Hmm. Severns were first found in Worcestershire, location of yet a third Avon river. Sever-branch Saffers ("Vita" motto term) happen to have unicorn heads in the colors of the Spitzer unicorn, and, surprise, Spittals share the Severn besants! That fits perfectly with the Spitzer-beloved Hills, first found in Worcestershire with Severns! Hills (share Bristol fesse) are the ones with a motto that introduced the Avan variation of Avons. I don't know whether I can remember this new set of links, but there could be some imbedded, revelatory thing as per the spider pointer to graphene in vaccines.

Vito's/Vita's were first found in Treviso/Tarvisium while Trevors/Trefors were first found near the first-known Bachs/Baghs who in turn share the vaired fesse of Saffers, and while French Vairs were first found in Burgundy with French Saffers, Spitzers were first found in Styria while a "steer" is used by German Bachs/Backs. Steers were first found in Surrey with Bristols, and the Avon river through Bath goes to Bristol. English Backs (Somerset with Severs) may therefore have the Chep/Jeepma/Jappin eagle, and to this we can add a CHEPstow location near Worcestershire, which recalls that Sturs/STYRE's have a STOWer variation that could have named ChepSTOW as well as the BriSTOW variation of Bristols. There's a Stour river in both Worcestershire and Somerset-Dorset.

Chepstow is in Monmouthshire with Magor, and the Majors/Mayers above are also Magors (ROSES), suspect from the Khazar-related Magyars who may have formed alliances with the Varangian Rus. Howells were first found in Monmouthshire while Owls/Howls are in Chep/Jeepma/Jappin colors. Owls/Howls were first found in Suffolk with Kepke-connectable Kidds.

Spittals share the besants of Trebys/Treeby, first found in Devon with Saffers. The Glorys suspect in the Saffer motto use a giant cup while Kepke-connectable Cups/Cope's/Colps were from the Colapis/Kupa river i.e. home of Japodes...who could easily have been prominent in Tarvisium, smack beside the first-known Italian Davids. Tarvisium is near Vicenza, and while the latter is where squirrel-using Valentins were first found, Squirrels were first found in Worcestershire with Severns while the Vita's of Tarvisium are in the Saffer motto. Tarvisium and Vicenza are near Padova, and the latter is where Salisbury-related Abreu's/Abruzzo's were first found while Salisburys were of Wiltshire. Near Padua is Ferrara while Ferrara's essentially share the Avon Coat.

The Nemo's in the Poindexter motto were first found in STIRlingshire with Chappes'/CHEAPs, a potential branch of Cheps/Jeepma's/Jappins. Stirlings/Sturlings may therefore have been of STYRia (where Tunnel-loving Spitzers were first found), and while Kepke chased me with the Spitzer-like spider, Sturs/STYRE's were first found in Hampshire with Chase's (this is not new). The red GREYhound in the Major/Mayer Crest can be related to the red dog in a Plume Crest, and Greys were first found in Northumberland with Reitman-connectable and Spitzer-beloved Tunnels/Tunno's, with Rothschild-branch Roddens/Rodhams, and Keep-loving Hebrons.

Repeat: "The Spitzer horse/unicorn faces the rare direction of the Shield's left side, as does the similar horse, in half its colors, of Jewish Rothschilds." The latter share the Peare / Weis/Wise hexagram too.

I suggest that La Quinta Columna's discovery of, and emphasis on, vaccine-based graphene-oxide saved much of the world from graphene poisoning. Credit would then go largely to Stew Peters and Karen Kingston for pushing the Quinta-Columna story. Kingstons share the Night/Naught lion. Grave-connectable Diss'/Dice's allow me to repeat that three dice, showing 666 and 555, are used by Quintana's/Quinta's, a pointer to La Quinta Columna because it asserts that graphene-oxide in human bodies works in relation with skinchips.

The Quint lion paw is in the black of the David / Pass/Pascal lion. Quints were once said to be first found in Essex with David-connectable Pass'/Pascals. Quints are now said to be first found in Cumberland with Pack / Anchor connectable Daggers/Dackers while Welsh Davids apparently love Packs in their motto. I have proven that Welsh Davids are from king David I of Scotland, son of Malcolm III, and Malcolms happen to have a Column variation for an additional pointer to La Quinta COLUMNa (= The Fifth Column).

As I've said, Karen Graff moved away from my street weeks or months after the spider chase. I saw her one more time years later at the home of her boyfriend / husband, DAVID Oullette. Oullette's were at a Basset location while English Bassets essentially share the Stur/Styre Coat, and Spitzers were first found in Styria!!! I get it, another pointer to David Knight! Another proof that the spider chase was a pointer to graphene.

I see "OulLETTE's as an Owl merger with Letts/Late's (share Peare stars), first found in Gloucestershire (beside Herefordshire) with Grave's/Greafs!!! See? The stars of Letts/Late's (look related to Webbs) are in colors reversed with Styre-like Stairs, and Stars/Stairrs were first found in Wiltshire (beside Gloucestershire) with Webbs and Tree's. The Lett/Late Chief is a different-colors version of the Chief of Rose-beloved Constants/Constantine's while English Constantine's were first found in Devon with Pine's in the Constant/Constantine pine TREE, with Billets, and with Knight-beloved Spurrs and their Super branch. Supers share white billets with French Bassets. The "organ pipes" of Letts/Late's take us to Pipe's (Staffordshire with English Bassets) who in turn have the Webber bend-with-fleur in colors reversed. Webbers were first found in Somerset with Karen-connectable Roets.

The Webb eagles are in the colors of the Diss/Dice eagles, and while Diss was also, Disce, the blue roundel of Webbers is said to be a "disc". The Grave/Greaf eagle is half in the colors of the Diss/Dice eagle. I link Diss'/Dice's to Davos-like Daves'/Davers (more hexagrams) who in turn use the jay while Jays, sharing the bend-with-roses of Jewish Rothchilds, were first found in Herefordshire with Avans/Avons. Davos, where Klaus Schwab (German accent) operates who pushes poison vaccines, is in Switzerland with the first-known Graffs/Graffens/Gravs who in turn share the Avan/Avon lion! Mr. Graff still had his German accent, and he was always smoking a pipe outdoors. Smoke's were kin of Jewish Rothchilds, Jewish Pollocks, and Rockefeller-branch Roach's. It's a pointer to Rockefeller-sponsored vaccines.

Avon-like Davons/Devons (ducks) use a "NITor" motto term, though I'm not sure I should be making an Avon-Davon comparison. On the other hand, the horizontally-split Davon/Devon Shield colors are shared by Gates-branch Yates' while Gates' do share the Avon and Graff/Graffen/Grav lion, excellent because Grave's/Greafs were first found in Gloucestershire with Yates'! Vaccination by BILL Gates can be pointed to here because Bills (Somerset, beside Ports) have a Chief in the colors and format of the Port Chief.

Yates' (Porter / Davon/Devon / Davenport colors) share the "PORTcullis" gate with Porters/Pawters to indicate that DavenPORTs were a Daven merger with Ports (Hampshire with Porters/Pawters and Potters). French Ports/Porters almost have the Over Coat while Dovers have the Potter cinquefoil in colors reversed. Welsh Davids were first found in Cheshire with Davenports and Overs, and then Daves'/Davers are said to have had an Auver variation. The Dover cinquefoil is shared with Flowers (Devon with Dews/Deweys) and Dews/Deweys suspect in the Dhuw" motto term of David-branch, Welsh Davis'. French Davis' use the lily while Lilys were first found in Worcestershire, beside the Jays.

The jay in the Daves/DAVER Crest convinces me that they were from the Daversi Illyrians, better known as the Daorsi, for Jays were first found in Herefordshire with English Doors who in turn have a Coat like that of Gates'. Irish Doors share the Gates / Avon lion. Daves'/Davers are in Arthur and Arden colors and format, and Ardons (not "Arden") were first found in Suffolk with Daves'/Davers likely because Daorsi lived amongst the Ardiaei Illyrians. Arthurs were first found in Berwickshire with David-related AIDS/Ade's. French Davis' share the harp or lyre with Scottish Rose's.

It's possible in this picture that Davids, Daves', and Davons were all from "Daversi." Or, on the other hand, Davers formed a Daves variation when they married Davis / David liners.

New: Kepke chased me with a spider DANGLEd on a strand of web, and Italian Davids were first found near the Italian Dangels/Angels. The latter were first found in Tarvisium with the Vito's who in turn almost have the flag of Japan! I think that works, for I trace Cheps/Jeepma's/Jappins to the Japodes living in/near Tarvisium.

Plus, English Dangels/Angels use a RAM with flag/banner to nearly match the lamb with flag/banner of Pass'/Pascals (Essex with Rams, Rains, Rangers and Angers), recalling that Pass'/Pascals (Anger colors and format) are connectable to Anchor-loving Packs while Anchors almost have the Coat of Angel-like Angers. Italian Davids share the HUNTING HORN of OrANGE's/HORRINgs, and Henry, son of king David I, ruled Huntingdon with his wife, Ada, the line to Aids'/Ade's.

Clintons and Hillarys share the six FITCHees of Tarves', suspect from TARVISium. Clintons have a Chief in the colors and near-format of the Bill / Pack / Anger Chief. Fitch's/Fitts were first found in Essex. Travis/Travers could have been a branch of Trevors, the latter sharing the Night/Naught lion and first found in Herefordshire (beside Clent Hills and Knightons) with Graffen-connectable Avons. The latter share a giant, gold lion with Trevors, and the latter use a cockaTRICE while Trice's/Trysts are in the "KEEP tryst" motto of heraldry while Keeps are the ones with a "weaver's shuttle", shared by Shuttleworths who in turn were first found in Lancashire with Travis/Travers.

We then go or Orange-like Rangers who share the Coat of English Bruns who were in turn at SPITTalfields, a location possibly named by spider-like Spitzers/Spitz's. The latter were first found in Styria while Sturs/Styre's were first found in Hampshire with the GRIFFIN-loving Hangers/Angers who in turn share the "escarbuncle" with English Angers. GRAFFENs use the anchor. David Knight is responsible for this Japanese-graphene section.

Spittalfields is in Middlesex, and the latter is where English Horns were first found while Dutch Horns share the hexagram of Tunnels/Tunno's, Plumers/Plume's, Rotens, and Reitmans. Roddens/Rodhams were first found in Northumberland with Horn-branch Herons. Horn-like Orange's/Horrings use a giant hunting HORN in the colors of the Reitman rose and the Rose boar head. Orions were first found at AiRAINES.

Rains'/Raines' have a lion colors reversed from the David / Pass/Pascal lion, and while Nights/Naughts were first found near the first-known Nitts/Naughts who share the Rain lion, Knightons/Nitons were first found in Worcestershire with the Clent Hills, and with Spitzer-beloved Hills and Clinton-related Hillarys.

Worcestershire is where Alleys were first found while I'm seeing a connection of this section to my miracle-marble shot (age 11), for not only did we call our alleys, marbles, but Marble's (Cheshire with Davids) have a giant GRIFFIN in the colors of the giant Night/Naught lion.

I've gone over and over the miracle marble shot against TONY, telling that the latter had given a JEWEL to his classmate, Andrea Fabian, about the same time as my long alley shot pinged his alley after a prayer to God for that very thing. It just so happens that Italian Andrea's have the bendy of Italian Davids in colors reversed. English Fabians were first found in Hampshire with GRIFFIN-loving and Graffen-connectable Hangers/Angers, and with Flower-connectable Potters. We were playing the game of POTsies with our alleys, and Italian Tonys use a "flower" in the colors of the "gillyflowers" of Jewels (Devon with Flowers).

Hungarians From Juno's Sister

As there was a Romula location between the Japodes and the Una/Oeneus river, it's a good bet that Juno, mythical wife of Jupiter, was named after some entity on the Una river, because Jupiter appears named after the Japodes. This can explain why Romans were founded by mythical Romulus, likely code for a family / people from Romula. Romulus was anciently given a wolf symbol, and Italian Romans share a white-on-blue wolf with Danish Anders.

I say that HUNgarians, named after "ON-Ugur," were named after a family / people on the Una/Oeneus, and Anders' can be from Andrew I of Hungary whose wife was a Varangian RUS to explain why Ukrainian Romans share three red roses in Chief with Majors/MAGORs. Hungarians are known to evolve from MAGYARs, you see, and the Major/Magor Chief even has a red GREYhound to match the white-on-red greyhound of German Hungars and German Huns/Hundts. Czech Hungars likely use the Grey lion. Magor is a location in Monmouthshire with CHEPstow while Cheps/Jeepma's/Jappins are, I think, from the Japodes.

Another wolf is used by English Youngs/Yonge's who in turn share the Major/Magor roses and use a Juno-like "Jeune" motto term. Jeune's share black fleur-de-lys with English June's, and Jeune's (Cambridgeshire with Grey-connectable Hounds) use them in the colors of the Cheps/Jeepma's/Jappins. German June's/Youngs are also Jungs, sounding Hungarian. Hungarians trace their ancestry to a mythical stag, and the giant June/Young/Jung stag is in the colors of the giant Down/Doun stag (Don/Doune colors) while Doners who share the white and upright wolf with Italian Romans. Downs/Douns were first found in Sussex with Kiev-line Keeps, which brings us back to Kepke's spider chase at the corner of Doner and Union streets, for Unions/Onions are suspect from the Una river.

Unions/Onions use mill rinds while Mile's were Kupe/Koop kin while Miles' (not "Mile") share the Chief-Shield colors of Ukrainian Romans, in colors reversed from the Chief-Shield colors of Doners. Kepke's father is/was Ukrainian, and Kiev is the Ukraine capital.

The greyhound of Hungars is upright, and in both colors of the upright dog of the Fortuna's in the motto of Scottish Andrews. That's some very good evidence for a trace of Andrews to king Andrew, and moreover while king Bela (Hungary) was Andrew's brother, Bellys (roses) were first found in Moray, beside ROSS-shire (near Rose's), tending to explain why Ross' share the Czech Hungar lion.

Bouillons, with a "bello Christi" motto phrase, were first found in Auvergne with French Jeune's. Christs/Kists use more roses, and Chris' with Criss' share the border of Kepke's/Kopke's, Kupe's/Koops, and Justins (Perthshire). French Bauds, first found in Auvergne, almost have the Kepke/Kopke Coat, and Scottish Bauds were first found in Stirlingshire with Chappes'/Cheaps. German Bauds (share Moray stars) have another "bello" motto term but throw in "Pax," shared with Welsh Davids. The latter use "Pax et COPia" for a trace to the Kupa river of Japodes.

This goes to the RED JEEP of Paul Smith, an old friend who lived in Vaughn (Ontario). English Smiths are in the colors and format of Vaughns with a vaccine-like Vychan variation, and the Herons in the Smith Crest were first found in Northumberland with the REDs/Reeds whose motto is "Pax copia" i.e. much like the David motto. The Smith heron holds a so-called "fish" (no species given) while the Fish almost have the Vychan/Vaughn Coat. Reds/Reeds share the Clent/Clint sheaves while the Clent Hills are in Worcestershire with Knighton, and Knightons/Nitons have a reflection of the German Drummond Coat. Pauls share the crosslets of Carpenters who in turn share the motto of Bellys which includes "belli." It can now appear that Paul Smith, a licensed carpenter hen I knew him, and his Jeep is a pointer to David Knight's pointer to Japanese graphene.

Donald Trump is said to be from Drumpf's, and Drummonds were Hungarians. The Down/Doun stag is in the colors of the Trump/Tromp stag (Drummond colors) while the Chep/Jeepma/Jappin eagle is in the colors of the Dutch Tromp eagle. The Acorns in the Dutch Tromp Coat were first found in Sussex with Downs/Douns and Pax-like Packs. The Bello's/Bellows are said to be from CALLOUville, explaining the "chalice" of English Belows because German Belows (Pomerania with Trumps/Tromps) share the Chep/Jeepma/Jappin Coat (minus the hexagram). Chalice's are also Challes', and then trumpet-using Calls/Calles' were first found in Wiltshire with Shots (Call/Calles colors and format), an apparent pointer to vaccine "shots." The Vita's, with almost the flag of Japan, are in the Bello/Bellow motto, recalling that Vita's are in the motto of Saffers who in turn share the Spitzer unicorn.

It is said that Andrew's son, George, married a woman of Podebrady of Czechoslovakia. George's son is said to be the first Drummond, and Scottish Drummonds were first found in Perthshire with the Union-beloved Rinds, and with ATHELs. Perthshire is beside Stirlingshire, and the latter is where Chappes'/CHEAPs were first found who use sheaves of wheat, and while Sheaves' list Shaws, Scottish and Irish Shaws were first found in Perthshire.

I have seen, and have in my files somewhere, an historical document telling that this George of Hungary was in Scotland in 1055, a year or less after Siward of Northumberland defeated king MacBeth of Moray. Hungar-connectable Greys were first found in Northumberland. In 1057, Malcolm III killed MacBeth to become the new Scottish king, and George's son married this Malcolm's sister. There were reports that George's son brought to Scotland Malcolm's new wife, Margaret AETHELing, who had been in Kiev under the protection of the Varangians. It is my opinion that Margaret's mother, Agatha, had married George, and that her name is the line to the Gates'.

Malcolm and Margaret birthed king David, the line to Welsh Davids, first found in Cheshire with Bello's, Dons/Doune's, Wolfs/Lupus', and Hugh LUPUS D'AVRANCHes, a Normandy location like "VARANGi." Wolfs/Lupus' are in Chip/Chipper colors, and share the wolf heads of Skins/Scans, first found in Aberdeenshire with Cups/Cope's/Colps. The Skin/Scan wolf heads are probably at the tips of the swords of Swords, the line of Siward of Northumberland. Keeps are in the motto of Northumberland's Hebrons (more roses). The Pyretus river, now the Prut at Moldova, near Ukraine, is suspect to the "Paratus" motto term of Swords. The Prut is ROMANia's border.

I've only just seen this from Wikipedia's Prut article: "The Prut originates on the eastern slope of Mount HOVERla, in the Carpathian Mountains in Ukraine..." In my 1979 dream, I leaned over to kiss "Sleeping Beauty" while she HOVERed, and Kiss' can be of "Kisinov," the Moldova capital. Hovers share the black leopard face with David-related Aids'/Ade's (Northumberland), the line from Malcolm III which married Drummonds.

Kiss' use Drummond-connectable "fountains" while Fountains were kin of Hugs/Hughes', suspect with Hugh D'Avranches. Both Fountains and Hugs share the lion of Gates, and I trace the latter to "Agatha," mother of Margaret whom Malcolm married. Besides, as soon as I leaned to kiss Beauty, she rose into my arms for a HUG, and we then ROSE into the sky while hugging.

As Beauty represented Miss Hicks (real person in my life), I'm conjecturing that Hyksos were at Moldova's capital. Molds/Mauds were even first found in Cheshire, where Hugh D'Avranches ruled, and where Hover-connectable Overs/Offers were first found along with wolf-using Claptons.

As Miss Hicks was hovering in the car, I was standing at the passenger DOOR looking in at her. I leaned over there, and then while Irish Doors share the Fountain and Hug lions, Rising branch Restons almost have the Coat of Scottish Doors. English doors have a Coat reflecting that of Gates'. Hovers/Hoffers share the white leopard face with Restons and Doors.

We were rising into the sky. Rush/Rish-colored Rise's (share David / Aids/Ade bend), and Risings too, were first found in Norfolk with Fountains, beside Rush's/Rish's looking related to the Reston Coat. Resh's are listed with Scottish Rose's. The other half of the Reston leopard faces are those also of Coppers/Coopers who in turn share the blue saltire with Malcolms/Columns. Arthurs (same place as Aids/Ade's), who married Hicks of Clapton, use "rests". Claptons use the wolf head, a symbol also of Hugh D'Avranches and his son.

Scottish Rose's share the boar head of Lesks (but see also Leslie-connectable Bards) while Leslie's married the family of Peter Pollock of Rothes, while Risings almost have the Scottish Pollock saltire while Jewish Pollocks share the bend of Aids'/Ade's, the latter from Ada of Warenne, with of Henry of Huntingdon, tending to explain the Pollock hunting horns.

I don't know where to put this video in this update, which I think the Christian will appreciate, so let's put it here before the next section:

Ask the frog whether it takes millions of years for a gilled creature with a fish tail to evolve into a lunged amphibian with four feet, or rather just a few weeks. The Programmer lives. He has always been, The Here.

New Discoveries by Math Man

I'm going to start this update with a most-fascinating thing by which I think God glorified Himself recently. But first, I feel the need to say that king James I of England, who sanctioned the King James Version, was part of the royal house of queen Elizabeth I who had welcomed the Rosicrucian heretic, John Dee, into her courts.

But note also that William Shakespeare was alive during the translation of the King James Bible, and that he apparently left his secret mark in the translation of the poetic Psalms, because "shake" is the 46th word of the 46th Psalm while "spear" is the 46th word from the back of the 46th Psalm. Therefore, it seems that Shakespeare was secretly a part of the translation team, and king James may have known it. Britain at the time was steeped in Freemasonic elements plotting their empowerment everywhere, and they are God's arch enemies to this day, possibly in cahoots with the descendants of Rothschild Hebrews who initially came to adopt / embrace Rosicrucianism too.

My point is that while Masonic elements may have been chosen to translate the KJV, God yet (in spite of) manipulated the translators to inject His own marks into the translation, for example see this spectacular video:

What you saw above is child's play for God, the One who put together the programs of biological cells, and caused life to reproduce itself fully ingrained with copies of those programs. You have no idea how intelligent He is. He laughs at the Rosicrucians who would take his throne and rule on His stead.

I suggest that one might find similar numbers in other translations of the Bible, not only in the KJV.

The video below is by the same video owner as above, and both were uploaded online at about the same time. This one shows God's apparent work through the KJV in such a way as to stress Samothrace, origin of the Kabeiri cult that I claim to have been a Hebrew secret society. This video seems to be telling me that the Rosicrucians in the British courts, of the time of King James I, had descended from the Kabeiri cult.

King James I descended from the royal James' of Scotland, and Scottish myth traces Scots to Miletus, near Ephesus. I see the latter city as naming mythical Hephaestus, the leader (not founder) of the Kabeiri cult. Mythical IASON (Jason), son of AESon, landed with the Argo ship on Lemnos, sacred island of HephAEStus, and the founder of the Kabeiri cult was made, mythical IASION of Samothrace (near Lemnos). We can easily spot the games that the myth writers were playing here.

The Argo ship then went on to the RHODopolis area of Colchis, and John Dee is said to have descended from king Rhodri of Wales, and moreover I trace Rhodes elements to mythical Ares, father of Erotes and Eros with Aphrodite as the mother. Aphrodite was the official wife of Hephaestus. The island of Rhodes is near Miletus, and we can add here that the seven churches of Revelation, along with Patmos, were all near Ephesus.

In the video above, where you hear that the Holy Spirit forbade Paul to enter Asia, that's where the seven churches were, and one can make the argument that the churches in Asia were the turf of the apostle John, writer on Patmos of Revelation. God was infiltrating the satanic world of the Greeks with these apostles. And Bithynia was the turf of the apostle Peter, we get it.

I haven't yet been convinced by the video producer above that God favors the KJV of the Bible, though I've witnessed many times that its translation is closest to the earliest manuscripts, though not always. And it's true that the NIV, for example, waters down a relative-few texts in ways that should not be so treated. This could be due simply to the mark of the times having liberalized scholars involved in the translations, not necessarily an innate plot of satan from the start. Nobody should argue with great exaggeration that the modern translations remove Jesus from the Bible, even though they bruise a relative-few parts.

I would love to have the KJV in modern language because I have felt that the old English gives modern people the impression of theatrical. And when the Bible is done with what comes across as Shakespearean poeticism, a young reader could get the impression that the Bible is staged, a fake book, and perhaps this was the plan when the KJ was created, to make it sound a little fantasial. But maybe not. Just a thought. The video owner above is giving new respect to the KJV.

I thought it was amazing that the top of Samothrace is 1,611 meters high while "Samothrace" is in Acts 16:11 (in all translations). It seems to claim that these two matches are to be lumped into the KJV of 1611 AD. However, I don't own a globe to verify that a line from Samothrace to Neapolis creates a straight line to London.

The measure of 1,611 meters is EXACTLY one MILE. One could argue that the Mile / Miles / Millet surname was named by a peoples descended from Miletus. The second video above stresses the word, "day," in Acts 16:11, and while English Days (Somerset, near Mile's) share the star of English Mile's, the Deie variation of Days can indicate a branch of Dee's. John Dee, the astrologer, was a spy for queen Elizabeth I, mother of king James I. Irish Miles' have a blue lion head in Crest to match the blue lion in the James Crest, but see also the blue lion of Masons/Massins because they have the Spears/Spire's in their motto.

The Coat of English Days looks related to the flag of Ukraine where Irish Days use snakes, for Snake's/Snooks (Kent with English Trips) look like kin of German Drummonds, the latter first found in Hamburg with German Trips (shoes), from the Trypillians of Ukraine. I see Drummonds from Agatha, the line to the Gates' who share the Snake/Snook lion.

The Swords in the Coat of Irish Days can be traced by their motto to the Pyretus/Prut river at Ukraine. French Prude's ("DEUS") use TREFoils, suspect partly with the Treff variation of German Trips. The trefoils of Prude's (almost the Gates Crest) are with English Rocks, who not only share a blank green Chief with Miles', but were from the Roxolani of the Kiev region. Miletus elements had settled at northern Azov in Ukraine. French Prude's were first found in Auvergne with Bela-connectable Bouillons, and Drummonds descended from king Bela's brother. The Space's/Speccots suspect in the Prude motto are in the colors and format of Kiev-descended Lorraine's (from Maria of Kiev, Yaroslav's sister). These Prude's share the Yellow fesse, and Roxolani had a branch at the IALOmita river near the Prut.

Prouds/Prouts (a new-to-me surname) may be using the weasel, for I trace Weasels/Wessels/Waistells to the royal Cottian, Vestalis, and then the Cotesii were on the Buzau river next to the Ialomita. The Prowd variation may have named Prows/Prouz's, in the colors of the Pride's/Prude's. As Christine Peare had pointed with her waist to Waistells, the Prows may now be giving indication that Prow-like Pierro's/Pero's, Perows'/Perrots (pears), Peare's/Pears/Pearls and Pero's/Perino's were from the Prut river, and from there developed into the Pierre's / Peters / Peers. Pride's/Prude's use lamPREYs.

Rock-related Rods (Devon with Prows/Prouz's, Gates', and with Drummond- / Sea-connectable TUCKers) have a blank Chief too. The Ticks/Tocks/TUCKs (Yorkshire with Rhodes') have a "MILITea" motto term, and they share griffin heads (different color) with Milehams. The latter were first found in Norfolk with the Bus' essentially sharing the Millet Coat. Bus' use ermines for their Coat while Ermine's were first found in Lincolnshire with English Miles'. The Millet cinquefoil is shared by French Bacons while John Dee was acquainted form Francis Bacon. English Bacons were first found in Suffolk with Millet-like Mallets, Sea-branch Seamans, and Rush's.

Mileys/Millys happen to share the motto of English Payne's, first found in Somerset with Days and Roets while Payne Roet was the ancestor of Rhodes-branch Roets, from the Greek island of Rhodes near Miletus. Yes, for while Miletus was at the MAEANDER river, that's why Manders ("omniBUS" motto term) almost have the Rhodes cross-with-besants. Rhodes' share the Russell / Rossi lion. It's the Ross lion in colors reversed while Kenneths/MacKenzie's were first found in Ross-shire. King Alpin is said to be the father of Kenneth, the first Scott king.

ROSicrucians use the rose on a cross for a symbol in the stead of Jesus on a cross, and roses with crosses are ample in heraldry, yet heraldry is the love, not of God, but of the Crusaders, the proto-Masons. God can use heraldry against these globalist swine, as I claim he has done through me. Heraldic crosses are code for the Cross surname and its variations, and while the Templar flag of Jerusalem uses potent crosses, that cross is used by Croce's/Cross' (Lincolnshire with Miles') who share a "dum spero" motto phrase with Masons/Massins and have the Massey/Macey quadrants. Italian Croce's even share the James lion, and while the Croce Coat is also the Creuse/Crew Coat, the latter were first found in Cheshire with English Dee's.

I might even add that while the video owner under discussion is a math expert, Mate's/Mathe's share the Mander Coat. The "Deo" motto term of Manders could easily be a code for Dee's. English Maths/Mathie's have the Coat of English Clare's (Suffolk with Mallets) in colors reversed while Clarus was a location smack beside Ephesus.

Mileys/Millys have a "malo" motto term while French Malo's are listed with Mallets while English Mallets share the scallops of Rinds in the so-called "mill rinds" of English Miles' and Mills. Mileys/Millys even share the trefoil of Pike's (Devon with Manders) for a potential pointer to Albert Pike, grand master of the Freemasons living concurrently with Nathan Rothschild, London banker, and first Rothschild into England. Scottish Pike's share the stars of Prets suspect in the "pretium" motto term of Mills, and Prets may be adding the Dee lion and/or the Day stars.

The triple Pret stars are in colors reversed with Cruise's, and while Creuse's are also Crews, Crows were first found in Norfolk with Irish Pratts and Abram-like Bramtons. Cruise's share the Stafford chevron while Staffordshire is where Duce's were first found who have the BRAMton Coat, both sharing the lion of English Ducks (Somerset with Crutch's/Crooch's and Payen-branch Payne's) who in turn share the Pret stars. The crutch developed into the potent cross for this reason, wherefore the first Templars, ruled by Hugh de Payens, were closely related to Crutch / Croce / Creuse liners.

The passant Pret lion is shared by Ermine's who in turn essentially share the Annandale Coat, and the latter share the Mander / Mate/Mathe saltire while Bruce's of Annandale (Dumfries with Scottish Millers) used the same lion in the James Crest. The royal Bruce's of Scotland were a harbor of protection for the Templars under Jacques de Molay, and the royal James' came forth from the royal Bruce's.

I trace Jacques', Jacks, and Joke's to "Ajax" of the Kennati priests, the line likely to Kenneths (ROSS-shire) and Kennedys (Ayrshire with Pike's). Ajax was a cult trackable to Cyprus, where the Greeks saw the birthplace of Aphrodite, partner of Ares, symbol for the Hros = proto-Rus group.

Acts 16:11 has Paul's team setting out from Troy to Samothrace, and this requires my repeating yet again matters touching upon mythical Priam, king of Troy, and father of king Hector of Troy. "HECTor," son of HECuba, can be gleaned as the writer's play on mythical Hecate, satanic goddess of mythical Medea, wife of Jason of the Argo ship. Heket was a FROG goddess, and we saw "PHRYGia" in Acts 16:11. I trace "Medea" to Medan, son of the Biblical Abraham and his second wife, KETURah. The latter was apparently named after a tribe that evolved into the naming of mythical KODRos, king of Athens and father of Medan-like Medon. This explains why Medea above flew her dragon-pulled chariot (code for Helios of Rhodes) to Athens. This picture tends to reveal why "Priam" looks like "Abram."

Another son of Kodros was made the founder of Ephesus, an Amazonian city that I see to the Amazons of Lemnos, island of Hephaestus, where Jason landed to mate with its Amazons prior to his meeting up with Medea. Kodros had a fish symbol, and while Wikipedia's article of Saraka's has them living first in Kodros-like Kotor, this Arms of Saraka shows only a fish symbol. Kotor is very near lake SCODra, in ALBAnia, where I trace "Scott," especially as king Albania-like Alpin was a Pike-like Pict whose son is said to have been the first Scottish king. English Albins/AUBINs were even first found in Devon with Pike's while Aubin is a location near Rodez.

If the Scots and Irish are correct in tracing their ancestry to Miletus, it can explain why Saraka-line Sarasins (Brittany with Alans) have the Scottish Miller Coat in colors reversed. English Alans are said to have been at Mileham (Norfolk).

The first exercise in the video below, by our Bible-math expert, is on Dueteronomy 16:11. He's trying to convince me that the KJV version is God's special translation above all others. I haven't watched this 73-minute video yet as I write here but to the 5th minute:

By the 11th minute, one gets the impression that mathman is trying to suggest that God made his personal name (YHWH) holy in London in 1611 AD, but this is hasty. First of all, "LORD" in the KJV is "YHWH" in Hebrew, and does not mean, "Lord." Therefore, where mathman shows that the 1,611th mention of "LORD/lord" in the KJV is found in Dueteronomy 11:16, it's not so in the Hebrew text, and moreover the human writers may have arranged it, possibly, because Rosicrucian types were likely in love with numerology.

Lords/Lauds (Suffolk with Rush's) are in the motto of GLASgows, and Glasgow is roughly where Scottish Jacks were first found. I trace Glass' and Glaze's (Lord/Laud cinquefoils in colors reversed) to the Clausula river at lake Scodra. Scottish Glass' were first found in Bute while Butua is beside Kotor i.e. near the Clausula.

While "Lord" is the translation of the Hebrew, "ADONai," Adons/Edens (Suffolk with Lords/Lauds) happen to share the chevron-with-scallops (in two colors) of James', and this chevron looks related to the Jack/Jacques and Joke Coats.

It's probable that the KJ translators and sponsors didn't know how far and wide that version would go in the centuries to come, and so we might say that God scorned and mocked them where they intended the translation to do harm to Christianity.

Mathman insists that God first revealed his personal name in 1611, and yet the KJV uses "LORD" instead of his personal name. Rather, the KJV only reveals to the reader, by capitalizing "Lord," where "YHWH" is found in ancient manuscripts. If the translators truly wanted to honor God's name, they could easily have used "YHWH." But they didn't. Why not? Did the creators of the KJV even tell their people that "LORD" was used in place of "YHWH"?

It's a good bet that the KJV was created so that the Anglicans could have a Bible of their own respect, for their own glory, without concern for, or in competition with, other Bible versions, and that motive happens to be a sinful one. The Anglicans were based on the royal court of James I, with he thinking that he was the true pope of the global Church...just another disillusioned lunatic, if you ask me, was king James. Why didn't Anglicanism remain true to the Word of God? Why does that denomination embrace fagot marriage today? How is that God's true Church?

In the KJV, I'm convinced that God arranged letters, words, verses and chapters, while toying with special numbers as mathman begins to point out, to expose His might to the end-time generation and beyond. But this capability was not likely done to glorify the translators of the KJV, but to strengthen the faith of the end-time generation who will badly need it in the final fury of satan.

Mathman is intent on glorifying the translation while I'm suggesting that it was just the tool for what God was building. Like when God used a donkey, He wasn't trying to glorify the donkey. I'm suggesting that He could have used another translation to perform this work, but happened to choose the KJV; it doesn't necessarily glorify the KJV.

I view it as God's knife into the backs of end-time Rosicrucians, right where they can't reach to pull it out whether they go up with the hands, or down. Forever more, Mr. Rotten RosyCross will have this knife in the spine for all to see, the Sword of Jesus from His Mouth.

It seems that God plotted to take Jerusalem away from satan when he made David conquer its Jebusites / Amorites. One could get the impression that Jerusalem was satan's special throne so that God stung him in due time, to make him furious, to begin a long-standing battle over that city. The Templars (some say they had become international bankers) should be viewed as satan's sons, and Rothschilian Zionism should be viewed as a further development from later sons of satan. When the anti-Christ comes to Jerusalem to proclaim himself the god of the universe, that's satan reclaiming his old throne, right? Yep, and this lunatic gets to rule a whopping 3.5 years before being put into his place, Selah.

I'm staggered at the amount of work, or the lengths he went to, in providing the materials in the videos I've shared thus far, and he's got even more of them. I'm impressed, and I'm enjoying the ride as I watch. I love new things, and this sort of thing really turns my crank. Yes, it does glorify God, and yes it should strengthen Faith, and even birth Faith in many.

The 70-based material starting at the 49th minute seems certain proof of God's arrangements, for I doubt very much that a team of men in the early 17th century would have undertaken such arrangements without then revealing it to the public in some way so that they might glory in their tricks.

In the 56th minute, mathman starts a new topic, showing that the KJ translators included some warranted instances of "LORD" whereas the Greek manuscripts did not have any such distinction for "Lord." It's therefore possible that the translators were playing some numerology tricks with the use of "LORD," for example, where it's the 777th word in Matthew whereas it's not the 777th word in a Greek manuscript. Mathman gives the credit to God for this, but men could easily have arranged it. If for example "Lord" is the 800th word in a Greek manuscript, it would have been easy to lessen the word count of the text by 23 to bump it down to the 777th word in the KJV.

Mathman has another video where he gives credence to Ron Wyatt, who seems to me to be a Joseph Smith type fraud. Wyatt lost me after he claimed to find the Ark of the Covenant beneath the cross of Christ. He claims he saw the Ark in a cave-like chamber, with part of it positioned beneath a crack in the ground through which he saw "brown" staining that he said was also on the Ark. And he said that this staining was the blood of Jesus pouring onto this particular part of the Ark. We are to believe that blood flowed down the cross, into a hole in the ground into which the post of the cross stood, then finding it's way into a crevice in the rock (below soil level if there was any soil) until it dripped onto the lid of the Ark.

He claims that he could not get into the mouth of this cave, but rather he had a midget of a man with him who could get in. When the midget indicated something spooky inside that chamber, Wyatt made the entry of the hole larger, though he doesn't tell that he had a tool to do so, and he went inside himself with a light. The question then becomes, how did anyone get into that small opening to get the Ark into it?

In other words, the story doesn't make for good logic, and the midget may be invented to explain why nobody else in that cave/tunnel had previously found the Ark i.e. because it was in a hole too small for ordinary-sized men to get into. Are we to believe mere boys dragged the Ark through that small opening? The Biblical dimensions of the Ark are about 30 inches tall and wide, and still longer. You can't get it through a small hole in rock that a man can't fit through. The Ark was not solid gold, but made of wood and covered in gold; ground water could harm it.

I doubt anyone would hide this "furniture" in a chamber having two entry points, as that would double the chances of someone finding it. We assume that someone was trying to hide it rather than merely storing it, if we assume that Wyatt did find it, for it was deep in the ground. Wyatt claims to have been back into the cave chamber with a camera showing the pieces of the Ark. But as he did not release this video, perhaps he realized that his fakery would be caught by others. Why else wouldn't he release the video to the public? Some claim that they saw his video, though Wyatt was not in any scene, and so there's no evidence that he shot the video. Pretty dumb, wouldn't you say, to shoot the Ark without you yourself in the picture? I'd say, sounds like maybe it's from a movie, or from someone else's faked Ark shot. Maybe Wyatt was in cahoots with others who wanted to fake the discovery of the Ark.

Wyatt claims that angels spoke to him, told him to set up the camera and shoot the Ark, much like the testimony of Joseph Smith with his faked book of Mormon. Wyatt perhaps contradicts the bright-red color of the blood of Jesus on the "shroud of Turin," when he says it was a brown color upon the Ark. I've never heard from anyone that the blood on the shroud, which is indeed, without a doubt, from Jesus, had only 23 chromosomes, but Wyatt claims that he ordered a test of the blood from the chamber, afterwhich the testers claimed that it had only 23 chromosomes, enough only for the mother but not the 23 others from the father. This sounds like a faked story to "prove" that the Ark had the blood of Jesus.

I suggest that Mathman is well on his wayward way to thinking he can successfully unravel other mysteries to which he was not called to unravel. He should stick to his forte, and leave the Wyatt hot potato out of his Biblical portfolio. The good news is that someone off the correct path can abandon the path. The bad news is, many continue to their reputational doom. I can't stand the constant, paganesque music in his video featuring Wyatt, nor the nauseating tones of the men he chooses to quote scriptures. Suddenly, the one whom I marvelled at, at the top of this update, has lost my interest.

Ron Wyatt found some sulfur rocks which "proved" the discovery of Sodom and Gomorrah, and yet others have recently convinced me that these cities were logically on the north side of the Dead sea. Wyatt did discover sulfur balls at the southern end of the Dead sea, suggesting that the disaster which overtook Sodom was widespread to the southern side of the sea too. Wyatt's discovery of the true Noah's Ark has been mainly debunked.

Here's two starter videos on what really looks like the true Sodom and Gomorrah, NORTH of the Dead sea. The significance here is that it's yet more proof that the Bible is not filled with fairy tales. Another significance is a warning to queers in these days: God doesn't approve with queer abomination, and He will destroy every unrepentant faggot:

It's amazing that scholars didn't realize what Collins says is obvious from Genesis, the northern location of Sodom. Everyone has been taught that Sodom is on the southern side. Here's Collins in a longer video if you're interested in more details:

This story is a great victory for Bible adherents. Mr. Collins says that the global scientific community took more interest in his find, as per study of meteoric material and affects on the ground, than any other topic that made global rounds in scientific papers. That's not to say that the scientific community is finally getting on its knees before God.

Collins thinks that the space rock actually hit the ground at Sodom after letting out a burst of light-heat that can be proven to be beyond any temperature that natural, earth-bound causes can achieve. This is shortly after the midway point of the video directly above. No more will the world hear that the Bible concocted the story of these cities. This has got to be God's warning to faggots and lesbians to abandon their unusual lusts merely for orgasms, and to get straight with God.

My question is whether the scientists have evidence that this catastrophe could not have been due to a meteor, because if it's not from a meteor, about the only other option is miraculous. Volcanic material can't achieve the temperature to glaze pottery to the sort found in the dig, and moreover there's no evidence of volcanic ash / lava, or Collins would have said so.

The Biblical "brimstone" might suggest, in a meteoric event, the broken-up pieces of the meteor flying through these cities with fantastic speeds, razing the people like popcorn in a sand-blasting machine. The heat of contact of meteoric pieces with the stone homes would have been enormous too. I don't understand why there are not hundreds of new videos on this Collins find, though google may be suppressing them.

Christian or not, I suggest you give this video at least five minutes to see how satan is becoming the best Christian evangelist. In fact, when I turned to Jesus, evil in and up to 1979 made God's existence even more real to me. This man (JP) has come to exercise easily-attainable wisdom, do likewise if you haven't yet. Read the comments if you want/need to get happy today:

Faggots in the last days will convince more people to try God out, to knock on the door of Jesus, and to thus find Someone answering the door. He knows how to make it happen. The end times will become very ironic to the wicked. Some who see evil join it, others will draw back to God's protection. As the days get darker, the numbers of sinners turning to God grow larger, to the chagrin of satan and his ignorant sons. The victory of God is in His accepting sinners when they knock on His door, but we need to persevere in making decisions that God can take pleasure in. When the Spirit is felt moving in you as you think a thought, say a prayer, or speak a sentence, it's likely the Clean Spirit showing pleasure, to urge you onward in that attitude.

Thank you, Dark Woke, you are waking millions up to God. Keep it up, stupid, make God's Day. They were meandering toward satan, but Dark Woke jumped out from the woods, into their paths of delusion, and scared them back to God. Blessed are the scared ones, cursed be the ignorant lovers of death and destruction. Blessed are the ones who are afraid to join evil for God's sake, because wickedness intends to remove all the blessings that God intended for the Creation. Blessed are the wise who understand that God intended blessings for those who respect Him. Blessed are those who gratefully accept the chastisement of God that turns them back toward eternal life. Father.

It wasn't much more than a year ago that I stopped watching JP videos soon after I tried them out, because I came across a sinful one. I often stop watching videos from those who produce evil trash because it wears on me as I go from video to video seeking pertinent news. And so it makes me very happy to see JP doing a 180, which the Bible calls, repentance. I would say the same of wicked trudeau if he started talking this way in all sincerity. We all forgive the wicked when they start talking this way.

You may have noticed that you never get certain video owners from me for the news section, especially from bitchute. That's because I don't click on their videos. Just the sight of their names troubles me. I understand what they do to minds, and I hate them for contributing to the destruction of the world. I now accept the destruction of the world as inevitable, but that doesn't mean that the destroyers get a pass.

There are many destroyers in the camp of the destroyer, Trump. What pleasure could it give God if we applaud and support Trump, and even urge others to do so? Are we nuts? He's praising dirty faggots these days as though they were the pristine rainbow, and so he's probably abandoning Christians openly due to his large lead over DeSantis, but also because they make him puke whenever he's needed to pretend he loves them.

It is better to abandon Trump and get another Democrat president than to support Trump and lose your eternal life by sliding away from God for temporal things-USA. Don't risk the fate of Lot's wife. If another Democrat gets the White House, have no fear, but endure it. Look at the sorts of monkeys trudeau and Biden are becoming as they hold "power." They have very little power, isn't that right? They are not succeeding as they wished. They are being shamed and tripped, falling on their faces, tripping over their words, looking like idiots. Their souls consist of skinny demons totally undependable, totally reckless, totally insane. These two delinquents don't even realize when they are making juveniles of themselves. They made themselves empty vessels for skinny demons to abide in, and they don't know it, and won't know it until they wake up in the destruction of Hell, the final place of destroyers.

Eudokia of Byzantium

I had read from at least one genealogy that Melissena Rangabe of Byzantium descended from royal Khazars, making sense where Khazars enjoyed some political relationship with the early Varangian Rus of Kiev neighboring. It makes sense because Melissena married Inger the Varangian, and this was at the time (9th century) that Varangians were new to Ukraine. Not long after, the Rus conquered Khazaria, and forced Khazarian Hebrews, called AshkeNAZI "Jews," to Hungary and Germany.

I had read reports, and was convinced of their truth, that Rothschilds had been associated with ROSicrucians, a good reason to trace Rothschilds to a Khazar-Rus family such as that of Eudokia, daughter of Inger the Varangian. Ingers/Enders even share arrows on blue with the Arms of Rothschild. And the Arrow/Arras surname was first found in Staffordshire with Eudokia-like Docks and Duce's/Doocys. Melissena was the granddaughter of Byzantine emperor, Michael I Rangabe, and his Wikipedia article has/had his Arms as a flory cross in the white-on-blue colors of the Rothschild arrows, as well as the Doke/Dook/Duke Shield, as well as the Duc/LeDuc Coat, and in the colors also of German Ducks/Dockers.

English Dockers use spears while Spears/Speyers probably named the Spey river, location of Rothes castle. It's in Moray, and Morays essentially have the Duc/LeDuc Coat. Spear-branch Spree's were first found in Cornwall with Ingers/Enders. The Sempers/St. Pere's in the motto of English Dockers share the Duce/Doocy Coat.

The Ender variation is probably from king Andrew/Anders I of Hungary, for one can see how the Scottish Andrews were kin of Pollocks, the builders of Rothes castle. King Andrew married a Varangian Rus. German Anders/Enterls/EnterLEINs (possibly the Rothes lion) were first found in Silesia with Brocuffs/Prokopps, and Prokopia was Melissena's grandmother.

Brocuffs/Prokopps use a "sphinx" while the Spink MASCLES are in the colors of the Arms-of-Rothschild arrows, and this gets more important where Mascals have the eSCUTcheon of Nathans/Natts in colors reversed, for the first Rothschild named his first son, Nathan, while "nati" is a motto term of English Franks in turn sharing the Pollock saltire. English Nathans/Nations use comPASSes while Pass'/Pascals were first found in Essex with Brocuff-branch Brocks.

Spinks were even first found in Northamptonshire with the Silesia-like Siles'/Sills/Sells', perfect where Brocuffs/Prokopps were first found in Silesia.

Moreover, Mascals share the fleur-de-lys of Arrows/Arras', the latter first found in Staffordshire with LEINs/Lane's/Lawns suspect in "Enterlain." The SCUTE's, who have another escutcheon (a shield), as does even the Arms of Rothschild, were first found in Lancashire with the Barksdale's/BRICKdale's who in turn share the Arms-of-Rothchild arrows. As Bricks share the Massey/Macey fleur-de-lys, they are likely from Ranulph de Briquessart, son-in-law of Mr. Goz and father of Ranulph le Meschin.

Biss', sharing the Meschin and French Casser/Gasser scallops, were first found in Surrey with Khazar-like Caesars (lots of Rus-line roses) while Italian Cassars/Cesaro's (Maschi lion?) were first found in Messina while Messina's/Massena's were a Masci branch. Gasser-like Gossers are in the colors and format of Leslie-connectable Case's, the latter first found in Norfolk with Barksdale-like Barks. The latter were first found in Norfolk with Diss'/Dice's while dice are used by Quinta's, the latter first found in Messina.

Barch's/Berch's/Birch's (share Masci fleur) were first found in Lancashire with Barksdale's/Brickdale's. The Simple's (Renfrewshire with Pollocks) in the Spree motto are probably in the "simplicitate" motto term of Barch's/Berch's/Birch's. Tate's share the raven with German Rothes'/Rothchilds (Bavaria with Cassers/Gassers).

Silesia-honoring Schlesingers share the Caesar roses and the gold Masci wing, and were first found in Silesia with Brocuffs/Prokopps and German Rose's. Two Frank surnames share the motto, "NON noBIS nati," and while Biss' look related to the Coat of Swedish Anders' (not "Ander"), the latter share the crescent of Nons/Nevins who in turn have a "SPERandum" motto term. The Spree river is near Silesia.

The same crescent is with French Falcons to explain what looks like a falcon in the Crest of English Franks, and then English Franks, in the colors and format of Duc-connectable Bellys (Moray), were first found in Cumberland with spear-using Dockers and Daggers/Dackers. The Bridge's in the Crest of these Dockers were first found in Somerset with Duce-branch Ducks.

Danish Anders' have a vertically-split Shield in the colors of the horizontally-split Shield of Doke's/Dooks'/Duke's, the latter first found in Devon with the Fens'/Venns who in turn share the scallops of Swedish Anders, and moreover the Fens/Venn Crest shares the Crest of Leslie's who had married Pollocks to become the earls of Rothes. Fens'/Venns share the scallops of Pattersons/Cassane's while English Cassane's share the Coat of Silesia-like Sillys/Sullys, and then while Pattersons/Cassane's were of the Sodhams of Ui Maine, Sodans/Sowdens, with the Patterson/Cassane' scallops in colors reversed, were first found in Devon with Sillys/Sullys, Fens'/Venns and Maine's. Muschats (Essex with Brocks) share the Silly/Sully Coat too.

By the way, I just loaded the Mark Attwood show of November 9, and he featured a pitch for "dragon blood," a cult that mixes the Creator with that New-Age trash. On that day, he featured Dr. Carl Rothschild. This was the first video I loaded after writing to the paragraph above some five minutes earlier. Just a warning, in case this snake, Attwood, tries to convince viewers that he's a Christian.

The amazing thing is, the first I heard of "dragon blood" and "dragon light" plastered to Jesus was from Nicholas de Vere von Drakenberg, and he's the satanist who pushed mythical Melusine, whom I regard as code for Melissena Rangabe. He placed Melusine's fictitious son, Milo, in Anjou (or Angers), location also of Broc, and Brocks (Essex with Angers) happen to share the Chief-Shield colors of Brocuffs/Prokopps while Prokopia was Melissena's grandmother.

I hope to do a section in the next update showing how my job with Kepke, at Knob Hill Farms, points to Rothschild-based Khazars, with potential traces back to the Seleucid line through king Pharnaces of the Pontus. I'll be exploring what God may have pointed to with that job as pertains to the anti-Christ.


A sign of the end-times is where brazen lawlessness is ignored by lawmakers, and by law enforcers paid, bribed, or threatened, by the Lawlessness cabal. Someone on twitter reminded people of widespread election fraud, almost totally ignored by the courts and legislative bodies:

Undeniably Proof Out Of Georgia That Dominion Voting Is Rigging United States Elections. Confirmed With A Hand Count Of Ballots, This Is SHOCKING

“The result from the Dominion machine showed Lorne Alexander received 34.67% of the vote, Marshall Orson receiving 41.35% of the vote, and Michelle Longspears receiving 23.98% of the vote. The result from the Dominion machine showed Lorne Alexander received 34.67% of the vote, Marshall Orson receiving 41.35% of the vote, and Michelle Longspears receiving 23.98% of the vote.

In Georgia, if one candidate doesn't get above 50% of the vote total, a runoff election is automatically held between the two top candidates. Meaning Michelle Longspierce was cut out of the race.

But Michelle Longspierce felt odd about the numbers, so she visited different precincts to double check the tallies. Guess what?

She noticed that in some precincts she didn't receive a single vote. But how is that possible that a candidate with 24% of the vote total finds precincts where she didn't receive a single vote?

While statistically alarming, the real surprise came when she realized there was not one vote cast for her in her own precinct, the same one where she and her husband voted for herself. Spears immediately demanded a hand recount of the results and got one.

On June 1st the results were released and the difference between the Dominion machine count and the hand count was shocking.

After the hand count Lauren Alexander gained 355 votes, Orson lost 1298 votes and Spears actually gained 3620 votes making her the new runoff candidate.

And here's the best part, when you add them all up the hand count shows 2810 votes more than the Dominion machines reported on the 24th.

This is huge.

In a small county commissioners race with 15 and a half thousand votes total, the Dominion machine tally was short by nearly 3,000 votes. What does that say about all the other races that were conducted on these very same machines?

This is proof that the machines cannot be trusted. If Spears had not sounded the alarm, no one would have been able to do this.”

The lowest of the low are running the country. They aim to bring the people yet lower. And God is allowing it to take place because the people have not lifted holy hands to Him. If God does not restrain evil, it will swamp the nations. God is taking Himself out of the way of evil, allowing a storm to arrive with flooding that will wash away all who build their "American dream" on sand.

Blessed are those holding on to the Rock. Put a steel pin tightly into It, hook a chain to the pin, and tie it around your waist. Protect yourself for what seems to be coming. Abandon your castle built on sand.

The devil's sons will gain control with election fraud, and will then seek to force the vaccine-goons to infect their dirty deeds again upon your well-being. The bankers will do the rest by punishing you if you fight this system, and the peoples will become distraught. Lawlessness will beget lawlessness, and warrior spirits in the streets will abound. Prepare to hide yourself in your rooms, so to speak, until the Fury passes. Let God let lawlessness win for a short period, because it justifies his Final Fury. Hang on tight while The Doctor, with robe dipped in blood, performs this vital operation. To feel safer, stock your rooms with future needs.

The vaccine goons I speak of are the "Jewish" cabal, the Illuminatists, the Rosicrucians, the cults of billionaires seeking to install a counterfeit Millennium with modern Israel as the "holy" core. This is an abomination before God. It stretches the mind to predict that this entity it will bring on the 666 while also invading Israel. It's not making sense. Some lunatic factor seems to be at play to produce that situation, but we have not yet witnessed this factor, clearly anyway. The original Nazi's would have done well if they had destroyed only the Hebrew Illuminatists, yet the Nazi's themselves were a devilish type of Rosicrucian cult so that WW2 was snake upon snake. There was no hope of a good outcome.

Perhaps the Final Week will be the same sort of snake-upon-snake so that both exterminate themselves. Perhaps the neo-Nazi snake will produce the 666 rather than the pro-Israel side. The Khazars were ruled, eventually, by Hebrews, yet they had been Togarmites aside from their Hebrew stripes. Perhaps Hitler favored the Togarmite side, despising the Hebrew side. In any case, modern Israel was likely stacked with Khazar-rooted Hebrews whom God may wish to clear out of the land before giving New Title to the 12 tribes of Israel. However, for all I know, some of the 12 tribes, especially of Levi, may have ruled Khazars.

White supremacists who hate all Jews don't even have sand under their souls. They are already washed away. Gab gives these dark souls a voice daily. You cannot be a Christian and hate all Jews. We await to see who the real Jews are in Israel, and whether the 144,000 of Revelation will be Christians during the tribulation of Israel, or whether they become Christians lightning-fast only after Jesus appears above Israel.

Here's proof that the original Hamas invasion of October 7 was staged with American help, and therefore the event was staged with Israel's full knowledge. In other words, I think the Americans urged Hamas to attack, and, perhaps unbeknown to Hamas, Israel's part in the event was to allow the attack to take place to the point that Israel could justify a new war:

Youtube is now putting "FUNDRAISER" at the bottom of some Christian video titles when the videos themselves do not ask for money at all. This is atrocious. youtube wants to dissuade people from clicking on the links. I saw only two videos today (Wednesday) with "FUNDRAISER," and both were Christian.

Karen Kingston is back in good form. She appeared on Stew Peters this week with an important story, a good-so-far story that will hopefully become the launch pad for a wider fight against doctors and nurses guilty of first-degree murders:

The below is not the way for Israel to go about defeating Hamas. On top of murdering civilians, this nation is de-stabilizing much of the world. The Biden support for Israel is due only to the long-standing support of the Democrat party of corporate Jews. But, now, these Jews will be looking over their shoulder lest a pro-Palestinian American shoot them in the back. Or, perhaps even a Muslim who sneaks over the Mexican border. The ones who ordered the lockdowns of all Westerners will now be locked away in their homes and offices for fear of going outside, lest a Muslim shoot them. That's is to where this situation is fast arriving. Controversy and division, the beloved product of globalists, is now coming to their front doors. FEAR. Luxury doesn't feel good when one's afraid for his life.

Torba at Gab is now putting all the pro-Nazi and derogatory posts nearer to the end of the page, but that's not good enough. On Tuesday, someone posted a Christian cross with a swastika at the center, and said it was "cool." I'm ashamed to call Torba a brother. He protects American free speech above protecting God speech. He lets his Christian readers slip down the slippery slope. He defiles the minds of all readers with wicked posts steeped in racism. He stinks, like milk and honey mixed with sewage. His page is Christian artwork smothered with puke.

Torba, on Tuesday, moved his readers to not vote because it's a waste of time. I don't think you would agree with this in the United States. It has, in the past, been a waste of time in canada, but now that trudeau is the one to oust as a matter of life and death, it's no longer a waste to go vote, even if Poilievre might be a quasi-climate-change stooge as his replacement. If we can restrain / weaken the devil with our votes, we should vote.

Many video owners daily at bitchute, and many more who don't make the daily cut, are snakes who defile Christian viewers. Be careful who you watch on a regular basis, or if you watch a high number of defiling videos from a large assortment. I watch many videos looking for material that I think is pertinent for my weekly news sections, and so I know the look of this jungle. It's got a lot of snakes, some soothing, others re-assuring or assertive, some confident and uppity, feel-good, all making video merchandise while they claim to care about you, or love you. Of course they love you, if you help them make their daily profits.

The globalists wanting martial law may be chatting amongst themselves something like: "If we can't get conservatives to shoot bullets by fixing elections, maybe they will if we just cancel elections." Yeah, but at what price? Nothing like revealing their true colors to those who have yet to spot them. But if they can't rig elections sufficient to make up for lost voters due to their atrocious policies, then how will they stay in power to succeed in their 2030 agenda? If they loose four years in the next elections, that's much more than half of what's left after 2024. So, things are coming to a head at the end of 2024. We need to crush globalists politically, and perhaps God will agree to getting that job done.

Although the Canadian socialists abandoned trudeau's carbon-tax push, trudeau found support from the Quebec party, and thus passed a vote this past Monday to advance this law. Poilievre thinks that trudeau bribed the Quebec party to get them to vote with the Liberals, and is making that an open accusation. trudeau keeps justifying his tax for fighting climate change, but Poilievre won't attack climate change itself, at every opportunity, to undermine the very ground under trudeau's feet. Until sea level begins to rise, there can be no extra greenhouse effect, and thus there can be no climate change to speak of (as a result of carbon-dioxide emissions from human activities). Sea levels have not risen at all, but any extra warming of the planet demands higher sea level. If there is none, neither is the atmosphere warming due to anything.

Here's why Rothschild bankers et-al need to go into lockdown soon, to make their own homes their own prisons, as they deserve:

Hmm, some patriots have been wondering whether Russia might come to save us from the globalists. Now we might wonder whether the Muslims already in our midst might be the solution. I don't oppose Jews because they are Jews; I oppose the filth and slime who destroy the moral fabric of society, and steal our last dollars that they might have still-stronger tyranny over us. Elite Jews will partner with anyone to grow in wealth, and this is the definition of the Revelation whore.

The Muslims are coming, empowered by God to mow elite Hebrews down, and while I thought that this was going to be an Israel-centered thing alone, suddenly I'm wondering whether the Muslims will shoot the globalists in our Western countries to wipe away the useless eaters. Wow, I can live with that: make more room today, kill the fat cats who sponsor population control. Perfect. Make fresher air for the poor by getting rid of the fat-cat rot, it's God's agenda, a sure-fire win. Wait for it.

The Ukraine who allowed NATO to be her lover has just been betrayed. NATO has left Ukraine in the cold, and has re-married Israel in her stead. Mr. America is whispering to Ukraine to surrender to Russia after saying, a few weeks earlier, that he will never abandon her. He's left his night robe in her room for her to cry on, telling her to put it through the laundering machine if ever she needs to sell it for bread and water. Her problem is, Mr. America has taken the laundering machine with him to Israel. There is nothing the latter adulteress likes to do but laundry, and she especially gets excited to do the ironing on her new Iron Dome table, because she likes flattening things.

Although Ron DeSantis has murdered his own chances of winning 29024 by looking to Bushite support, he's probably the better choice than Trump. The latter was unwilling to deport illegal aliens, but DeSantis is saying he will do it, and when he says it, he's likely more reliable than fraud Trump. It is necessary to deport illegal aliens because they are by-and-large a societal downer on the nation in multiple ways. Most illegals are young men who would likely take to crime if necessary, and in Biden's economy, it gets more necessary, especially as Schwabism sets in harder:

DeSantis was a fool for taking financial support from Bushites and war hawks. He should have chosen against those types, and for the freedom-fighters. He could have had half of Trump's voters easily on that platform. He is a far-better man than Trump, yet, idiot, he sacrificed America's better fortune's for supporting wars overseas. He sliced his own legs off by supporting Ukraine, and thus impoverished the American people by denying them what could have been under his presidency. IDIOT. He wants to be married more to the war hawks than to the people in need of cancelling the leftist onslaught. The left has waged true war on the average American, and all sorts of government agencies need new leadership devoid of leftists, but Trump left them all in the hands of leftists, that gigantic fraud. If DeSantis then comes in and gives the agencies over to Bushites, what another disaster that will be.

It would be far better for the country if Trump goes to prison before the next election, and if the people vote in Mr. Man On The Street who doesn't have billions of dollars. But Republican voters seem to have no political machinery to gang around such a man. Yet they do have that machinery, with the Internet, but are so enchanted with $Trumpism$ that they can't muster a wise choice for themselves. Trump is a government-level killer, and deserves to spend more than the rest of his life in prison.

Congress does not want the man on the street because he's a newbie. Seniors in congress / parliament want someone with seniority to carry the torch. One gets seniority by submitting to seniors for a long time first. Thus, congress / parliament is a conformity machine that plays against the voters who want someone like themselves to work the congressional machine. The seniors there just ignore a newbie who gets too ambitious too fast. It's gang mentality. If Jesus were to enter congress, he would be told to stay at the back for 15-20 years before he starts to get some respect, but only some. Some good news is that congress / parliament can't pick their next federal leader.

I think it's a good possibility that Tucker Carlson (very wealthy) wants to offer himself to Trump as his vice-president. That would be a disaster in comparison to how things could be with a poor, Tucker-look-alike as the president, and with Trump in jail. Why can't Republican anti-globalists pick a bona fide anti-globalist candidate to represent them? They should do the right thing, win or lose, and if they lose, they can build on their loss to make it less calamitous until they win. It takes work and time to get the right man into power, but by putting a Trump band-aid in the White House once again, he's going to leave the country bleeding yet again. If you like tormenting yourselves, vote Trump in once again.

Just because a candidate loses shouldn't be cause to throw him away and try someone else in the next election. If Jesus were to run, he could easily lose, not because he's not the right man, but because the country has so many anti-Jesus freaks. If the Godly man has the right principles, and especially if he's not duplistic, you try-try-try him at least three times. Give God a chance to have a say for a change. Instead, Republicans choose ungodly "winners" only to watch them betray the platform once they get a taste of political honordom.

The above on Tucker Carlson was written Thursday, during the day, some days after it entered my mind that he was publicly gushing over Trump because he wants to be the vice-president. Then, on Thursday evening, so fast, I visited WND's homepage to see a top-of-the-page headline: "Trump says he would consider Tucker Carlson as a potential VP". Even if he knows now he'll never pick Carlson, he'd want Carlson to think so in order to get many public compliments from him to the election. Carlson doesn't care about Trump, but would use him as a stepping stone to his own presidency. To God's chagrin, WND is pro-Trump, such a disgrace. Later in the week, Tucker was in front of a rambunctious audience right beside Trump at his "pulpit." Trump probably noticed that the crowd was louder for Tucker's presence than for him without Tucker. Trump wouldn't like playing second personality-fiddle to Tucker. It can explain why Trump chose Mike Pence as his vice-president, who has almost zero personality-shine, especially when he stands next to Trump, whom he's always hated.

Gab Thursday is a Hell hole, shame on Torba.

The Texas governor signed a bill preventing companies to force their employees to vaccinate. What took them so long?

When Trump poises to do things if he wins 2024, he never explains to voters how he's going to get them done. He can' usually just waltz into the White House and order those things done without congressional votes. Ron DeSantis speaks below on two important challenges that he's eager to tackle, and he gives a little information on how he can do them after Trump failed on both. However, this man could come to spawn a toxic side if he chooses the wrong people for his leadership positions:

Trump voters are blind. They can't even see why he won't participate in the debates. His failure to join the debates shows his duplicity and arrogance all at once. He lies as to why he won't debate, and simultaneously claims he's too popular to join the debates. Is he being fair with his voters? No. But they still want to vote for him. Trump voters are blind to his demonic spirit. They think he's merely a little gruff-and-tough at times. He's demonic in an angel-of-light type of way. He pretended to know the Bible; he pretended to respect Jesus. He speaks softly and soothingly at times to deceive. He speaks publicly only that which he thinks will get him elected. Behind the cameras, he's raw sinner, a sympathizer / supporter of many leftist values.

This video gives hint of only one way in which Democrats are now "winning" elections:

You can plainly see that people need to be jailed for stuffing ballot boxes with fake ballots. This is happening country-wide, a no-brainer by now. The stuffers, or "mules," go from box to box to box day after day after day, and likely get paid by a criminal body. The fact that prosecutions have been piddles while the evidence has been mountainous speaks to the existence of deep-state gangsterism right up to the top, the FBI, which Trump left in the hands of the deep state for four full years. He deserves the burn he received when the FBI contributed to stealing the election from him.

A way to fight ballot-box fraud is for Republicans to keep cameras on all boxes in battleground counties / states. If fraud could be fully erased, many states would no longer be battleground states. A better way to fight this type of fraud is to argue in court that so much fraud has been unveiled recently that mail-in voting should be made illegal. Instead, for aged / disabled voters, they can vote via a computer as long as the two parties have full access to who voted, and where they live in order to verify the votes. If a voter is unwilling to give a home address, he/she shouldn't be allowed to vote, for obvious reason.

If a candidate loses and has absolute recourse (= legal right without restriction) to check (handle and view) mail-in / emailed-in ballots without need to ask a judge, it will reduce fraud just because it's so easy to catch fraud by this method. The candidate should also have the right to sue anyone who tries to steal an election from him/her by submitting fraudulent ballots. It's just common sense.

The anti-Christs are for mail-in ballots. Do you hear me? The anti-Christs are for voting-machine tabulation on election nights. Do you hear me? The anti-Christs are vying for absolute political power in order to persecute Christians, because their fight has been against Christianity all along, for a century or so. It seems to be upon us, momentarily. We could get ambushed by those who will later be ambushed by the Thief In The Night.

I wouldn't worry one bit if, at the onset of the last five or six years, all free speech is outlawed. It won't matter much to true-blue Christians at that time, when it's time to hunker down and wait things out. But for the political activites like Trumpers, and for Kingdom-Now Christians who feel they are destined to defeat evil without the Return of Jesus, it will be their nightmare.

The political fighters, if they start to shoot bullets, will be our second-worst enemies, for when bullets are used, the governments and their servants will start shooting bullets at us too. For every war act, there is commonly a war act in return. Jesus said, don't fight the beast with weapons of war. Just get by as best you can at that time in a peaceable manner, don't make the enemy angry. It's fine to restrain the enemy now by speaking out while we can, because we don't know whether the final Week is anytime soon. The enemy has understood that it is loosing the war against us due to our ability to speak out, and their next agendas include silencing anti-globalist voices.

In other words, the political activists now helping us may become our second-worst enemies when they start firing bullets at our worst enemies. Revelation 13:10 is a hard verse to translate from an interlinear due to missing words; it's translated in two different ways, therefore. I read it in this way: if anyone is slated for captivity, he/she should go into captivity, for if anyone kills by the sword, by the sword he/she will be killed (a generality). The verse then ends with a warning or advice to be patient (i.e. be peaceable) in enduring the final years...if the beast's authorities nab you.

The global powers have been so frustrated in installing their global order that they are going to be very happy to achieve it even if only temporarily, just for the sheer pleasures of abusing their enemies. That's where this history is going in their lust to abuse us. The more they have been frustrated, the worse they will treat us when they get the upper hand. They are trying to turn us into cattle because they hate us, it's not hard to understand. We refused to believe their re-assuring promises in the past because their forked tongues and dragon horns were showing in all that they were doing, and now they hate their adversaries more for "slandering" them with the truth.

Speaker Johnson lied this week when saying there's insufficient evidence to impeach Biden. He should have been honest with the reason for his refusal, but he knew the real reason would not resonate with those who previously rejoiced in his election. He could be playing to the Republicans who don't want an impeachment, because he needs them to vote for his future agendas. The problem Speakers have is keeping the congressional voters on-side, but the problem with taking this establishment-stroking tack is that Johnson seems to be fast becoming Kevin McCarthy 2.

Expect Johnson to throw some crumbs to those who rejoiced in his election, now that he's disappointed on Biden-family crimes. Johnson will go down in history as more than a louse for this refusal to punish the Bidens. Biden is guilty of pure treason so that Johnson has just become guilty of assisting treason. His God knows it. The horse out of the gate already runs on only three legs. It would be far better to do the right things and get less done with RINOs than to please RINOs with the wrong things done. Apparently, the RINO horn has Johnson by the belt, and may soon drag him along.

Nearing the 56th minute of the Highwire below, it shows why Speaker Johnson MUST bring the vaccine issue back to the voting table if he's not a supporter of mass murder. I cannot see anything more important than this issue, and so if Johnson does not deal with the free spree of vaccinations in the United States, I'm writing him down, my brother in Christ, as a Trump-supporting mass murderer:

It is not enough to make a law curbing the free spree of vaccinations, but prosecution of the guilty parties in government is beyond Johnson's scope. The problem is, if Trump wins 2024, he will not prosecute the pushers of vaccines because he's a proud one himself. Therefore, all Trump supporters are bringing the country to a place where DeSantis cannot deal with these killers. For the moment, Americans should be asking whether DeSantis will share with voters his intended methods of punishing the unrepentant pushers.

A guest on Timcast this week said that DeSantis should have shown support for Trump in order to get some leadership position in the Trump administration when he loses against Trump, but this is a non-Christian thing to do. Tim Pool might even be an atheist, though not an activist atheist. If DeSantis would show support for Trump when he doesn't sincerely support him, he becomes a plotter, which is the core problem with politicians. To pretend to hold a position just because it's expedient at the moment for attaining power is perfectly legal in the free-speech system of USA, but it is illegal in the moral system of Jesus. This compromises / ruins many Christians after they come to political power, turns them into lustful deceivers, for example.

If Tucker doesn't speak out against vaccine murders just because he wants to be in the Trump administration, he's plotting sinfully, harshly, especially if he calls himself a Christian to gain more popularity across Trump world.

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