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November 14 - 20, 2023

You Can't Feel the Aether But By Heat and Pressure
Seleucids at the Pontus

It was nice while it lasted. Hall of Names is no longer showing the descriptions of the Coats of Arms presented at House of Names, but I have many of them recorded in my memory, and in past updates from which to find some.

Please permit me to make dumb apes out of the scientists upon whom Einstein fed his silly brain. I don't know much about his work, or the work of others of that time, but I can understand a few things enough to object correctly. Einstein was largely responsible for murdering the aether, and replacing it with his photon, because he didn't correctly understand what the aether is.

I know what the aether is. It's not complicated. It's just free electrons in the air, and in outer space. The top of Wikipedia's article on Lorentz's ether theory got me a little excited because its sounds as though he guessed correctly that the aether is made of electrons, though in his day electrons were not much understood, and it was not yet known that they stream out of the sun and pass by the earth. Here's how the article begins:

What is now often called Lorentz ether theory (LET) has its roots in Hendrik Lorentz's "theory of electrons", which marked the end of the development of the classical aether theories at the end of the 19th and at the beginning of the 20th century [the establishment murdered the aether].

Lorentz's initial theory was created between 1892 and 1895 and was based on removing assumptions about aether motion.

Aether motion? What's that? It's the idea that the aether moves across the solar system. Whether one imagined it going in the same direction constantly, or snaking along, or changing directions any-which-way, it was all up in the air, anyone's guess. But they were all wrong in their guesses. Neither is the aether stationary, and neither does it move across the solar system in one direction, nor does it go back and forth, or curve along, or do a hop, skip and jump. If one seeks evidence for any of those postulations, it won't be found. The aether cannot be felt.

One cannot say that the earth moves WITH the aether wind for half its orbit, and then moves AGAINST the aether wind for the other half of its orbit, because the aether always strikes the earth from the same direction no matter where the planet is on its orbital path around the sun. That's because the aether comes out of the sun. It always strikes the earth on its sunside. Duh, why couldn't the scientists figure that one out? Or, did they hush that theory up because they didn't want an aether at all? Was the aether the death of the big-bang baby? Yes, I think it was. They needed to kill the aether to give birth to the big-bang.

Here's Wikipedia on the "discovery" that the aether could not exist as a massive entity in motion across the earth:

The Michelson–Morley experiment was an attempt to measure the relative motion of the Earth and the luminiferous aether, a supposed medium permeating space that was thought to be the carrier of light waves. The experiment was performed between April and July 1887 by American physicists Albert A. Michelson and Edward W. Morley...

The experiment compared the speed of light in perpendicular directions in an attempt to detect the relative motion of matter through the luminiferous aether ("aether wind"). The result was negative, in that Michelson and Morley found no significant difference between the speed of light in the direction of movement through the presumed aether, and the speed at right angles. This result is generally considered to be the first strong evidence against some aether theories...Of this experiment, Albert Einstein wrote, "If the Michelson–Morley experiment had not brought us into serious embarrassment, no one would have regarded the relativity theory as a (halfway) redemption."

Michelson–Morley type experiments have been repeated many times with steadily increasing sensitivity. These include experiments from 1902 to 1905, and a series of experiments in the 1920s. More recently, in 2009, optical resonator experiments confirmed the absence of any aether wind...

I assume that the Michaelson-Morley experiment was done in a room, where the air was motionless. But STUPIDS, if the air is motionless, so is the aether. Didn't that dawn on you? You can't find aether motion in a room with doors and windows closed because it's not moving in any direction.

Lorentz was starting to figure out what the aether was, but had no idea that aether particles were streaming from stars. The electrons from the sun enter our atmosphere, contrary to the establishment's claim that the planet's electromagnetic field forces them around and away from the earth. Once in the air, they fill a room, duh. In the air, the electrons are pushed along by air currents, but in a room without wind, duh, the aether is as motionless as Einstein's clock at the speed of stupidity.

In outer space, the aether wind is the solar wind. As earth orbits the sun, the front edge of the planet strikes solar-wind electrons, causing push-back that forms the predominant western wind in the atmosphere. It's like if you stick your head into the wind from a convertible car, there is push-back on your head. The push-back of the solar wind against the earth's air causes a push-back west to east across the sunlit side of the planet, and that's called the western wind. Uneven heating of the air can cause winds in all other directions, at times countering the western wind and forcing an eastern wind, yet there is a basic western wind force at all times.

As the solar wind is much faster than the speed of earth orbit, almost zero aether electrons contact the air on nightside of the front edge of the planet. On the backside of the sunside of the planet, aether electrons push air atoms west to east. If scientists can't even figure this out, or if they refuse to tell it to you for secret reasons, stop listening to the anti-Christian quacks, because they are out of their minds these days due to having error upon error in their points of views.

The sun is a negatively-charged ball repelling electrons at a distance through the solar system. The electrons themselves repel one another so that they accelerate with distance from the sun on two counts. The repulsion of the electrons within the sun defines solar gravity, and as this is the force which repels electrons from the sun, this alone causes acceleration of the solar wind. But the inter-repulsion of the individual solar-wind electrons adds to the acceleration because the negative charge in every electron is itself a gravity force, for gravity is to be defined as the electromagnetic force of free electrons in stars and in planets.

It can then be stated as a fact that electrons thin out with distance from the sun because, first off, their acceleration demands it. Simply out: the faster they move from the sun, the more distance they put between themselves. The density of these electrons defines temperature. The more sparse, the lower the temperature. Heat is to be defined as nothing more than the presence of free electrons, and specific temperature is to be defined as their density.

But there is another factor that thins electrons as they move away from the sun, for all particles streaming from a sphere will encounter eight times as much space with every doubling of the distance from the sphere's core. This alone thins electrons by eight times per doubling of distance, even if there was no electron acceleration, i.e. even if they moved away from the sun at a constant speed. Therefore, ignoring the aethers from stars, solar electron density is MORE than eight times less per doubling of distance from the sun.

In the meantime, the aethers of at least some visible stars are colliding with the solar wind, and the question is: what happens when stellar aethers collide between stars? How deeply do aethers penetrate into others, and how bad is the traffic jam where they collide? Do the electrons ever collide, or does their inter-repulsion prohibit physical contact? The light from stars getting to our eyes is not proof that electrons from the stars are in our solar system, for a star light moves across the solar-wind electrons after it has moved across the star's aether. The fact that we can see a star means that aether material is fully between the star and our eyes. No aether, no light waves.

If a stellar aether did not collide with the solar-wind aether, no light could get to our eyes, for the light wave is formed from an electron-to-electron collision, though I don't mean a physical collision. Electrons contact each other through their repulsion forced. Just as you can move a magnet with another magnet, without physical contact, if they are made to repel one another, so an electron can move another electron from a distance. That movement is the light wave, a train of electrons each moving another forward.

There are light waves in all directions from the sun because electrons are emitting / ejecting from all directions. You cannot see a light wave unless it's entering your eye. If solar material is moving toward the sun faster then the electron is emitting toward your eye, it looks black because there is no light wave formed. This defines a sunspot: solar material falling toward the sun faster than the electrons from the material are emitting toward the earth. Electrons emitting slower toward the earth than they are physically moving away from earth cannot jolt aether electrons toward the earth, just as a rock thrown at 50 mph backward from a car at 60 mph cannot hit the air atoms in the backward direction. Instead, the rock hits air atoms at 10 mph in the forward direction...because it's moving 10 mph in the forward direction, because it was moving 60 mph in the forward direction when it left your hand at 50 mph backward.

If you move faster than the speed of sound in a plane, the sound of the plane engines makes no sound waves backward. It's the same with light. The sunspot proves that light is a wave, but evolutionist frauds don't want you to know this because electrons filling the solar system, and the air, destroy their big bang theory. DESPICABLE FRAUDS.

Do you think that, when God gives Jesus the authority to judge the earth's people, Jesus will share it with His people? I think Jesus wants to share everything good because that's how friendships are formed. The Crucifixion has the number-one purpose of God making friends with people. And so the evolutionists had better treat us well, because we may become their judges soon. The worse they treat us, ouch, the worse it will be for them. We might remind the demons of this law.

Cosmic electrons can never come to a stop. Even if all forward motion of one aether ceases as another collides with it from the opposite direction, the electrons will repel one another in all directions. However, the collision points of aethers causes them to spread out into areas of least resistance, and those areas are the ones with the least density of electrons. Electrons move from a high-density situation into a low-density situation, same as gas transfer, and same as heat transfer. Why do you think the latter works in that way?

Heat from the sun is from two things: 1) the physical entry of solar-wind electrons into objects, and; 2) light waves moving through the solar wind that finally push aether electrons into objects (when the wave strikes objects). The solar wind is the aether; there's no difference, they are one and the same. Heat is the electron; they are one and the same. That's why a high heat moves toward a lower-heat situation, because high-density electrons move toward a lower-density of electrons.

As electrons eject from atoms in the sun, they push electrons to their front, and this starts a light wave transferring through the solar-wind electrons. It's simple. It's not Einstein lunacy, the impossible photon. It's not quantum wave-particle duality. It's just a wave essentially identical to the mechanics of a sound wave. The only main difference is that light moves across electrons while sound moves across atoms. If the ear was built to hear light waves, it would, but the ear is built to detect sound waves alone. If the eye were built to see sound waves, it would, but the eye was built to detect light waves. If you are an evolutionist moron who thinks these capabilities came without a Creator, get thee behind me, satan.

Evolutionists admit that electrical flow is the literal flow (like a river) of electrons across the atoms of a metal wire. They admit that these electrons emit out of the filament of a light bulb, into the space of the light bulb. They know that the electrons in the wire are pushed by giant magnets at the electricity-making plants. The plant does not add electrons into the wire; it only pushes them along using the repulsive force of the magnets.

The evolutionists then need to explain where the wire gets its new electrons once they emit out of the wire. When they do mention this thing, which I doubt will be in the college textbooks, they confess that the electrons come from the air. I've read or heard that only one time that I can remember. But of course the wire reloads with electrons. Where do you think they come from?

The same is true if you rub objects of various materials, thus giving them electrical charge due to the loss of electrons. We are rubbing electrons off of the materials, and you should be able to spot that these electrons are the heat of friction. The stupid evolutionists should be able to see that heat is defined as the electrons coming off of the rubbed material. They are smart enough to realize, but they become stupid by their unwillingness to admit it. Evolutionists don't want you to know that the air is filled with electrons because you might then ask: where do hey come from.

Objects electrified by friction need to reload in order to return to their neutral states, and of course they reload from electrons in the air because there is no other possible source for them. If one argues that the electrified objects take captured electrons from air atoms, which charges air atoms toward the positive, the question then arises: where do air atoms get their new electrons to become neutral again?

The fact is, objects electrified by friction regain their neutral states by taking free electrons existing everywhere between air atoms. The vacuum is not a vacuum, it's filled with electrons. I guarantee that objects rubbed in a "vacuum" will yet become neutralized, proving that free electrons fill space, all space.

The north-south magnetic poles of the earth is an idea I find erroneous. Is there really any proof at all that the two planetary poles emit opposite electromagnetic charges. There is the assertion that the planetary magnetic field(s) repels solar electrons away from the planet's air, and into space beyond the planet. The evolutionists absolutely do not want you to know that solar electrons fill the air. Why not? What are they afraid of?

First of all, the compass is proof only that the north end of the planet has an electrical charge. It's not proof that the opposite end of the compass needle points to a magnetic south pole in the earth. When one end of the needle is forced to point northward, the opposite end will point south whether or not the south has magnetic charge. Plus, if true that one planetary pole has a positive charge, it would be expected to attract solar electrons, not keep them away from the planet. Evolutionists are desperate to convince you that solar electrons do not enter the air.

I suggest that evolutionists do not want you to know of atmospheric electrons because they will repel one another and thus compress all around air atoms. Thus, atmospheric electrons will piggy-back upon atoms, and increase their negative charges, which spells the death of the kinetic theory of atoms that evolutionists hold to for dear life of cosmic evolution.

The outer parts of atoms are already covered in proton-captured electrons, which, according to evolutionists, make atoms "neutral" in charge. But if we then add the FACT that free electrons in the air compress themselves upon atoms, we are stuck needing to teach and confess that air (and all gas) atoms are made net-negative, as compared to their neutral condition where no free electrons are in the picture. If all atoms are net-negative in charge, they will repel each other into things, which provides a different way to interpret gas pressure, the correct way. It no longer is due to atoms colliding with things, as proposed by their kinetic theory of atoms.

So, because evolutionists need atoms to attract one another to explain star formation from the big bang, they wrongly claim that gas atoms attract one another, yet as electrons filling the air crowd around atoms to make them all net-negative, that's why evolutionist frauds don't want you to know the truth: electrons fill the space between air atoms.

As the density of free electrons in the air increases, they make air atoms more net-negative, which makes air atoms repel each other more strongly, explaining why gas pressure increases with increasing temperature, for the latter is correctly defined as free-electron density.

My excitement on Lorentz's electron aether was quickly dashed as I watched a video on the theory. This video is a waste of your time, you've been warned. It never says that Lorentz viewed the aether as a sea of electrons. Instead, he was apparently trying to prove how the aether moved or didn't move using electron flow in a wire.

He apparently argued against others who taught that the aether MOVES past the earth as a giant sea. Lorentz argued that the aether moves past the earth as a giant sea. Say what? Yes, and that was his problem, he argued with the erroneous premise of others, but claimed differently that the aether travels as fast as the earth where the earth is situated, but gets slower progressively with distance from the earth.

I have no idea how he came to this vary-speed aether, and while I think it's correct that the aether changes speed away from the earth, it's simply wrong to view the aether as a sea moving in one direction only. The aether goes out in all directions because it goes out from the sun. Rather than slowing down past the earth, it speeds up. And by a stroke of luck, the goofers all got one thing right when they said that the aether moves in one direction past the earth, even though they were wrong with how they described that situation. It's true that, no matter where the earth is in orbit, the aether always goes in the "same" direction, always in a line from the center of the sun through the center of the earth.

Surely, the evolutionist slobs, who slobber error upon their fellow mankind, realized that the aether could be coming from the sun. Surely, they realized that the light-wave medium that brought sunlight to earth could originate in the sun as small particles. Surely, after the discovery of the electron, they realized that the sun emitted electrons as the light-wave medium. Surely they were smart enough to realize this, yet stupid enough to deny it on behalf of promoting the big bang. STUPID IMBECILES at war with God became slobs, making a colossal mess even of atomic physics.

Now if the stupids tried to check whether the aether slows the earth in its orbit, and if they found that it did not, and if they therefore concluded that there can be no aether, they are guilty of neglect. And when scientists neglect the proper food, they puke up a big mess into everyone's science classroom. That's what these pigs have done. They invented an impossible gravity force that gives every atom an attraction force, because they needed it to form stars from the big bang. That's their only motivation for ruling gravity out as an electromagnetic force.

One cannot prove that gravity isn't electromagnetic. How would one go about disproving it? The only thing they know about gravity, in their minds, is that it attracts atoms. They have never proven that gravity attracts electrons, but only assume it to be so. As atoms are electromagnet with both positive and negative, why can't gravity be one or the other? It is one, and as gravity can be logically postulated to be sourced in the negative charge of free electrons, it can be postulated further than it blows away some captured electrons from all atoms, thus making them net-positive, in which case gravity can attract all atoms.

So, no fat coincidence is in play to explain how a negative charge can attract all atoms. Instead, gravity arranges all atoms to become attracted to itself. Absent of any heat, all atoms are expected to be net-positive in charge thanks to the gravity force "blowing" against it.

The thing that has confuses me is how gravity can retain attraction of all atoms when the latter are immersed in heat that itself makes atoms more negatively charged. I've had two theories. The one I've promoted is that heat at some temperature point cancels the atoms' net-positive charge, then gives it a progressively more net-negative charge with progressively higher temperatures, but in spite of this, gravity maintains attraction of all atoms. I had wondered whether gravity keeps the bottom sides of atoms net-positive while the top halves get net-negative thanks to heat.

I regret that I have never elaborated on the second theory, which, for some reason that I cannot remember, was rejected in favor of the theory above. The second theory is that all atoms retain their net-positive charge, thanks to gravity, even to very-high temperatures that turn metals to liquids / gases. At this moment, I can't see a problem with this theory, and it solves the problem above of explaining how gravity can keep a bite on atoms when they go net-negative.

The second theory seems to fail where gas pressure is known to increase with increasing temperature. If, as per the second theory, increasing temperature makes atoms less net-positive, then the atoms repel each other with less force with increasing temperature, resulting in less gas pressure. However, as I've known since the beginning, this problem can be resolved by appealing to the inter-repulsion forces of free electrons that define the heat in a gas.

In other words, while increasing temperature makes the atoms inter-repel with less force, it also makes electrons repel with greater force, and consequently gas pressure needs to be defined as electrons pushing against gas atoms. If the latter is in a sealed jar where its heat is increased, the electrons get more dense within the jar, and as they push away one another toward the jar walls, they also push atoms toward the jar walls, and this is gas pressure in this scenario. However, there is always SOME inter-repulsion from the atoms even though it decreases in force level with increasing gas temperature. Perhaps physicists know of some gas behavior that this interplay can explain.

Absent of heat, all atoms are net-positive in the literal sense, though physicists would call that the neutral state of atoms because they don't view atoms as being under the negative charge of gravity. If we say that such atoms at absolute zero are neutral, then indeed they become net-negative with the addition of negatively-charged heat. However, in the literal sense, they remain net-positive even with the addition of heat, until there is sufficient heat added to make the atoms literally neutral, at which point gravity would cease to attract them.

I like this second theory much better than the first, but for some reason I can't recall, I opted for the first one which says that all atoms at normal temperatures are literally net-negative, and they therefore repel one another with more force with increasing temperatures. In either theory, increased heat adds negativity to atoms as electrons invade them, and thus pile onto them. The invading free electrons become meshed with the proton-captured electrons, and I suppose that at least some of the free ones can thus become proton-captured. With added heat, the electrons surrounding atoms become more dense within the realm of the proton's gripping positive charge.

I laugh at those who teach that electrons orbit protons. I laugh. The whole world of evolutionary slobbery thinks that electrons orbit atoms at roughly the speed of light. Only a complete idiot takes such a view, or else it's someone with a devious plot to deceive mankind where the plot s so important that a fantastic falsehood (i.e. the orbiting electron) needs to be adopted and taught.

The evolutionist has been forced to admit that electrons flow like a river in metal wires, and does he still retain the orbiting electron? Yes, like a complete idiot. After they stop flowing like water, he imagines electrons going back into perfect orbits, all of them, as though orbits are the natural inclination of these particles so easily accomplished with the magic touch of the evolutionist's wand.

So, with gravity being a negative charge that repels electrons, it stands to reason that gravity repels atmospheric electrons upward into space, which not only explains why heat always rises, even in solid objects, but explains why the earth does not fry with the constant invasion into the air of solar electrons. By now you have realized that solar gravity repels solar electrons to the earth, and my point in returning to this subject is to point out that electrons are weightless. Think about that for a moment.

If there were weightless pianos flying out into space from the sun such that the earth in its orbit crashed endlessly into the pianos, would the pianos slow the earth in its orbit? Testing, testing, are you able to answer this question? The pianos have mass, but have zero weight, and are not tied down to anything. How much force is needed to move them aside when crashing into them from a perpendicular angle.

If a piano is flying through the air directly at you, it's coming at a 180-degree angle if you are looking out toward it at a 0-degree angle. Therefore, by a perpendicular angle, I mean a 90-degree angle from your line of sight. The earth in orbit around the sun would crash into outward-flying pianos at a 90-degree angle, always, non-stop. How much energy would it take for your finger to move a weightless piano forward, i.e. toward into your 0-degree line of sight, if the piano is coming, flying across the front of your body from a 90-degree angle? Testing, testing.

If it's weightless, it weighs less than a speck of dust. If it's not coming toward you at all, which is the case if its crossing you at 90 degrees, then none of its mass can enter your finger to produce force into your finger. Therefore, if the piano exerts zero force into your finger, and if it weighs zero, it takes zero force to move it forward. The point is, weightless electrons, though very numerous and constant, cannot exert backward force into the earth, as it crashes into the aether flow from a 90-degree angle the flow.

If electrons had weight, they would be "tied" to the sun's gravity, and consequently the earth would lose speed. A cannon ball shot through the air slows down because the air atoms are "tied" to the earth's gravity. The electrons in the air do not slow the cannonball down. Ask a bird's attempt to fly in a vacuum. It cannot fly because zero force is being applied to the wings by the electrons in the vacuum. The wings strike the electrons, but, sorry, no lift is possible because electrons move out of the way with zero restriction to their motion. The earth easily moves solar electrons out of its way as it crashes through them in orbit. Atoms are tied to gravity, and thus there s some restriction to their motion as a bird's wings strikes them.

Bottom line: one cannot disprove the existence of the aether by proving that nothing slows down when run through it.

Forgive me if you, like me, don't like the faggy sound of the speaker in the video below. He needs to adopt a new "dialect." He removes all the air from a container, and weighs it while it's being pumped out. The full weight of air proves to be 25 grams, and yet he says that, when the chamber registers a half-atmosphere of pressure, 24 grams of air has been removed. The problem is, a half-atmosphere, according to the stupids, is defined as half the air removed from the container. Obviously, almost all the air was removed from the container when the pressure gauge registered a half-atmosphere, not only suggesting that the slobs are lying to us, but it means that there is something else in the vacuum causing air pressure, as long as some air atoms yet remain in there. Only when all air atoms are removed does the pressure gauge register zero pressure.

What do you suppose is in there causing the "unexpected" pressure, and why doesn't this video owner, a devout science guy with zillions of views, mention this blatant problem? I suggest that the inter-repulsion of the electrons are pushing the remaining air atoms to produce the unexpected pressure levels. Ignore this guy when he talks about the vacuum being lighter than helium; that buoyancy factor has about nothing to do with the weight registered by the container, and this experiment even proves that buoyancy is not in play. The only thing that changes the weight is the decreasing volume of air, because air atoms transfer their weight to the bottom of the container:

In the 3rd minute of the video above, the pressure in another container, so heavy that buoyancy has zero play, is increased to 3.4 atmospheres, which the slobs define as 2.4 times as dense as normal air (1 atmosphere). Keep in mind that I've never seen experiments like this. This goes against everything we are taught by the pukes. They would tell us that 2.4 times extra volume of air is in that container as compared to normal air pressure, and yet the extra 2.4 times the pressure adds only 15 grams of air. The first container's normal air (normal air pressure) weighed 25 grams, and this second container looks just as large.

This experiment tells me that the gas pressure is due to something other than the added air. It tells me that a doubling of the gas pressure is NOT, as the pukes teach us, a doubling of air volume. We have been lied to. The pukes must have put forth false data that everyone copied into the textbooks. The false data likely conforms to (is required by) the expectations of the fallacious kinetic theory of atoms and heat.

The second experiment shows that, when the additional air is less than 2 times as heavy, and therefore less than 2 times as voluminous, the pressure goes up a whopping 3.4 times. Notice that the speaker didn't tell us how much the air weighed in the container prior to pressurizing it with the addition of 2.4 times more air. As he pumps additional air into the container, he's also pumping in free electrons mixed in with the air. One cannot pump air without also pumping free electrons. Electrons are fully dissolved in air. It appears that the electrons do, after all, produce gas pressure, providing that gas atoms exist in a space.

The speaker knows what science teaches about the proportionality of air volume to air pressure, and while he just showed viewers that there is NOT proportionality, he said not a word about it. That's how lies continue as lies, when investigators want to conform (for some form of profit) rather than to become ostracized by bucking against the system.

In the 5th minute of the same video, the third experiment deals with the buoyancy of a helium balloon. When the weight of the air per unit volume in the container equals the same of the helium in the balloon, the balloon no longer rises in the air. However, when the air becomes lighter than the balloon, causing the balloon to sink, the balloon yet remains upright. What do we suppose causes the balloon to remain upright, and with its larger half at the top? I suggest it's the electrons in the helium, for gravity repels them upward. Buoyancy in air is due partially to the upward force of gravity against electrons in all gases.

In case you don't know, buoyancy of a balloon is defined as a higher gas / water pressure against the bottom (cross-section) of a balloon than the pressure at the top (cross section). The higher pressure at the bottom lifts the balloon.

It just so happens that, when an immersed object weighs (per unit volume) exactly as much as the gas or liquid its immersed in, the downward weight from gravity pull is equal to the upward lift from the buoyancy factor. That's because the buoyancy factor is a working of gravity. That is, it's because gas / liquid pressure is a working of gravity. Buoyancy is defined as the pull of gravity on gas / liquid atoms (this creates gas / liquid pressure) such that the gas / liquid weight is redirected as a force in ALL directions equally, including the upward direction.

In short, as gravity pulls atoms down, the atoms redirect the force in all directions because there exists inter-repulsion in the air / liquid. Short and sweet. It would be impossible for a force amid gas / liquid atoms to be redirected in all directions equally without inter-repulsion. Although liquid atoms are bonded, they are yet under inter-repulsion, for the mechanism that attracts and bonds them works against the mechanism that repels them. When the mechanism that attracts them is stronger than the mechanism that causes them to inter-repel, gas atoms become liquid atoms.

My claim is that liquids form only when atoms make physical contact, at which time new electric forces kick in that were not present when the atoms had distance between one another. When the proton of one atom attracts the electrons of another atom (and vice-versa) more strongly than the atoms inter-repel, the atoms bond into liquid form. I claim that the mutual attraction between protons and the electrons of other atoms cannot begin until the atoms first sink into each other i.e. make physical contact.

The video above may have deliberately tried to steer clear of mentioning the downward force of the air atoms because the kinetic theory of the evolutionist goofballs cannot explain how atoms weigh down on the planet, or on a weight scale. In their theory, air atoms are racing around in the air. Yip, in the air. How can objects ripping around IN THE AIR weigh down on the ground, or on a weight scale? And yet they do. They really do.

The 14.7 psi pressure of atmospheric air is the actual weight of air per one air column, from ground to atmospheric ceiling, measuring one square inch. That's what it weighs, and that's also what the air pressure is in all directions at the ground, because atoms inter-repel. The air pressure decreases higher up from the ground because the total air weighs less to that elevation.

If air atoms do not inter-repel, they cannot redirect their weight in any direction, not even downward to the ground, or to a weight scale. Chew on that FACT, evolutionist goofballs. No bigger goofs of science can there be than the atomic physicists who stick to century-old theories easily disproved.

Go ahead, throw your bowling ball over the weight scale. Will it register its weight on the scale when flying over it? Then why do the goofs insists that inter-attracting air atoms, flying around in space, weigh down on the ground? GOOFBALLS. How can attraction forces between atoms cause them to transfer weight to the weight scale?

But if you slip 10 ring magnets over a vertical stick, itself rising up from a weight scale, the weights of all ten magnets will register on the scale even though nine magnets are hovering in the air above the bottom magnet lying on the weight scale. The weight transfers through the repulsion forces that keep the magnets in a hover position. The repulsion force of one magnet sits on the repulsion force of the one beneath it. The magnets are in contact by their repulsion forces. Ditto with ALL gas atoms.

But attractive forces between magnets do not cause weight transfer in the same situation. Think about it. Show no mercy for the goofs, for they deserve far-worse terms to be called, for they violate God's societal system, and make war against Him. They brainwash the peoples into evolutionary demonism, and care nothing for the waywardness of the human souls which they cripple.

I do more on light waves in the next update.

Kepke Must Have Been From Khazars

I'd like to show how an event at about age 18 points to Rothschilds as being from the Khazar rulers, the "Jewish" kagans.

Kepoi is near enough to the Khazar empire stretching across Ukraine that, I think, makes the namers of that place look like Hyksos that developed into the rulers of Khazars. Hyksos were non-Israeli Hebrews in the Nile Delta, location of the "great pyramid" of Kepoi-like Cheops', and of course everyone knows that there is a sphinx at that location. There is a photo of a female-headed sphinx shown in Wikipedia's article on Phanagoria, a location beside Kepoi.

The head of this sphinx so reminded me of Miss Peare, Mr. Kepke's girlfriend at his 18, that I started clicking around the links on that page. That's how I soon came to the article on neighboring Kepoi. Did God arrange this find, and, if so, why? It was just a few months before Kepke started to date Peare that he and I, both age 18 at the time, or perhaps still 17 (we were both born in June), were sitting on the HOOD of my car on what I remember as a summer day, in the parking LOT of KNOB HILL FARMS GROCERy store, where we both worked along with my girlfriend, Allison Bauer.

As we sat on the hood, Kepke saw Allison getting into the car of Mike Denardo, a fellow stockboy. I walked over to the car, talked to Allison BAUER, asking her to come out, but she refused. Until then, she had been, without incidence, my steady girlfriend. She is "Jewish." And I am sure I know why she had become my girlfriend, for Rothschilds descended directly from Mayer Bauer. Knobs even almost share the arrow of Rothschilds/Roddensteins (Bavaria with Knobs) to indicate that Hillary Rodham was a Khazar liner. Her husband was a RHODian Scholar, from a globalist school named after Cecil Rhodes.

(To follow better, load Knobs now to load and view other surnames on another Internet tab.)

Roddens/Rodhams, with a bend in the colors of the bend-by-arrow of Rothschilds/Roddensteins, were first found in Northumberland with the Vails in the "prevail" motto term of Scottish Allisons, and while Keppochs were a MacDonald branch, Scottish Allisons/ALLISTERs are said to be from MacDonalds, and Wikipedia tells that "The progenitor of the [Keppoch MacDonalds] is ALISTAIR CARRACH MacDonald,..." Carricks and Craggs share the dog with Scottish Allisons/Allisters, and while we all worked at a GROCEry store, Groce's/Graggs can be shown via the Lawn/Lane Shield to be a branch of Carricks.

Lookie: Pharme's/Farme's have "Fairholm of Craigiehall," and Craigie's were first found in Ayrshire with Carricks! Knob Hill FARMs!

I don't remember pointing out the "NOBlis" motto term of Stuarts in relation to Knob Hill Farms because I rarely load Stuarts. Instead, I load Stewarts, and it just so happens that while the progenitor of the Keppoch MacDonalds was the son of a royal Stewart, Stewarts share the MacDonald ship. Nobs share the green Shield with Bauers, Bowers, Bourlys, and Pollocks.

A big point is that Allison worked at Knob Hill Farms as a CASHIER while French Cassers/Casse's have three bends in the colors of the one bend of Scottish Allisons. Cassers/Casse's are the ones suggesting Khazar ancestry of Allisons, and thus the Keppochs look like they descend from Khazars of Ukraine, for not only is/was Kepke's father Ukrainian, but the Ukraine flag is in colors reversed from the Coat of the Groce/Gragg surname. German Cassers/Kassers have the split colors of the Ukraine flag, though vertically split.

Cassers/Casse's share the scallops of Meschins while Ranulph le Meschin married the Talbot-branch Tailbois', explaining why Talbots were first found in Shropshire with Meschins. The latter probably provided the Coat of Scottish Allisons, especially as the latter's dogs are often called, "talbots." This is another reason that my mother's Masci line should descend from Meschins. Talbots share the border of English Allisons who in turn use "blackbirds" while Blacks were first found in Lincolnshire with Meschin-branch MUSSELs, Tailbois', and Lucy Taillebois, wife of le Meschin. The "MUZZLE" is on the bear of Allison-like Alis'/Alice's.

Scottish Allisons were even first found in Lanarkshire with Scottish Caseys using "crow" heads while Crows were first found in Norfolk with Leslie-related Case's, but also with the Bus' sharing the Lanark cinquefoil. Leslie's had become earls of ROTHES, you see, and so both Caseys and Case's look like Khazar liners along with Cassers/Casse's. I trace Bus' to the Buzau river of the Cotesii and Roxolani, and yet the latter were also in the Kiev region named by some Kepke branch, I assume.

The Cotesii play excellent into things where the Coats/Cotes' share the six pale bars of Truths/Trots in the "Truth prevails" motto of Scottish Allisons. The Cotesii lived on the Buzau tributary of the Siret river while the Trotus was another Siret tributary.

The Siret was anciently the AGARus, and as the Hagar HEXagram is colors reversed from the one on the Israeli flag while Rothschilds founded modern Israel, it stands to reason that some Khazar family from the Agarus was in the makings of the Israeli flag. Hagars are also HaGARDS while "Garde" is a motto term of Carricks (Ayrshire, near Lanarkshire) and Lawns/Lane's. Irish Lawns/Lane's, a branch of which may have named Lanarks, share the bend of Keeps.

As Jewish Harts share a hollow hexagram with the Israeli flag, the Hardys, first found in Lanarkshire with Biggars, can take us to the Douglas', for the latter are said to descend from Hardys. I trace Moray to Khazars at the Mures river, at Biggar-like Biharia, and then the Biggar Coat is even shared by Dallas', first found in Moray with Douglas'. The latter share the Moray/Murray stars, and the Douglas Chief is even in the colors and format of the Chief of LockHARTs, first found in Lanarkshire. Apparently, Jewish Harts were from Khazars who made it to the Israeli flag.

As Biharia is in Romania, Scottish Caseys (Lanarkshire with Biggars) may be using the Romney bend, which is in colors reversed from the Biggar bend. Biggs were first found near English Case's, and Biggens/Bickhams share the checks of Cohen-branch Hohens and Budini-suspect Boyds. Bicks/Bickers are in Case colors and format while sharing the Anne/Hanne stag heads while English Hannitys share the Biggen/Bickham leopard face.

Scottish Harts share the saltire of Pollocks, the original owners of Rothes castle. Rothes is in Moray. The Moray stars are used also by Jewish Cohens/KAGANs, and Hebrew-Khazar rulers were Kagan king-priests while "cohen" is Hebrew for "priest." Cohens/Kagans share the sun of French Chase-branch Chance's. German Cohens share the checkered Shield of Checkers, both sharing the Stewart / Stuart checks, and Checkers were first found in Hampshire with Keppe's/Cheppe's/Kippers and Chase's. Checks/Cheeks/Chicks share the fitchee in Crest with Farm-branch Fir(e)mens, and then Firs/Fire's/Furs have a giant unicorn in colors reversed from the giant Keip/Keiper horse.

See the Rads/Raids in the last update who share the Hagar hexagram, but see also the identical hexagrams of Rotens, Reitmans, Plumers and Tunnels, all in the last update. There you will find Kepke's spider CHASE that pointed to the Spitzers using both the "tunnel" and "hills." The spider chase pointed to poison vaccines, and so Knob HILL Farms, a pointer to Mayer Bauer-Rothschild, can apply to the spider chase, which is to suggest that some Rothschilds are behind poison vaccines.

I think I now understand the significance of "Farms," for pharmacy-like Pharme's are listed with Farme's (see "Fide" last update) who happen to share the German HOOD/Hope/Hoopers Coat. At Knob Hill FARMs, Kepke and I were sitting on my HOOD watching Miss Bauer leave me. God appears to be pointing to "big pharma" in relation to Rothschilds. While Fauch's use the "grassHOPPER," Hoppers, first found in Wiltshire (near first-known Hills) with English Hoopers, share the Hill tower. English Farms are even in the colors and format of Keppochs, the latter first found in Yorkshire with Pharme-branch Fairs/Fare's, Firmins (share Farmer lion heads), and Formans/Fermans.

New: The "naomh" motto term in the Arms of the Keppoch MacDonalds caused me to find the Naom variation of English Name's, and then I spotted that Irish names have a good reflection of the Farm Coat! By the time that this came to light, the Farnys/Farnhams, like the Pharne variation of Pharme's/Farme's (Orange colors and format), had been found sharing the quadrants of English Name's! Therefore, Knob Hill FARMs was arranged by God, it seems, as Kepke's workplace. (Farms have the Orange hunting horn in colors reversed.)

Repeat: "Lookie: Pharme's/Farme's have "Fairholm of Craigiehall," and Craigie's were first found in Ayrshire with Carricks!" It just so happens that Craigie's share the Farny/Farnham crescent! Farnys/Farnhams probably use a hare because Scottish Hare's/Hairs were first found in Ayrshire. Craigs were first found in Aberdeenshire with Scottish Dee's/Die's, while "Dia's" is a motto term of in the Arms of the Keppoch MacDonalds. The MacDonald ship may have been code for Ships/Shiptons at one time.

Pharme's/Farme's share "Fide" with Keppoch-connectable Shepherds/Sheppers, and the latter use the hand-with-fitchee that's also in the Arms of the Keppoch MacDonalds (scroll don the page). Compare the Coats of Kepke's/Kopke's and Shaffers/Schafers (Hesse, same area as Mayer Bauer-Rothschild). The top half of the Shapiro/Schaper Coat is nearly the Dutch Graff and the KISSel Coat, and KAREN Graffs was (last update) the pointer to graphene-oxide in vaccines. KISSELs are in the colors of the chevron of Kiss'/Cush's and CASS'/Cash's. Kissingers/KISLings (look like KAREN / ROET kin) were first found in Saxony with Kepke's/Kopke's. Below, Kepke will be part of a pointer to Kiss'/Cush's for a pointer to Khazars.

These Arms of Keppoch MacDonalds use a "muir" motto term while Muirs/Moors/More's share the Bauer stars, though they are used by hundreds of surnames. Still, Rothschilds descend from Rothes of Moray, and the Muir/Moor/More stars are half in the colors of the Moray stars. If one compares the Muir/Moor/More Coat to that of Weirs/Vere's (share Moray stars), it can explain why English Vere's share the blue boar with the Arms of Keppoch MacDonald. The Weir/Vere fesse is shared by Keep-beloved Weavers and Farmys/Fernys/FURnys (almost have the Farmer lion heads). For their "fur tree", Alice's/Alis' are interesting where Furs/Fire's have the Spitzer unicorn in half its colors.

The fact that Keeps use a "weaver's shuttle" confirmed to me that Mr. Kepke chasing me with a spider dangling on its web was an act of God, yet that was before I knew that there was a Kepke/Kopke surname at houseofnames, and after finding it, I learned still later that Weavers/Webbers, who happen to share the Bauer / Muir/Moor/More stars too, were first found in Saxony with Kepke's/Kopke's. It really floored me to find the "GOTT" motto term of Weavers/Webbers because Kepke's/Kopke's use only a giant GOAT. It really floored me to find that the Weaver/Webber Crest is shared by Wies'/Wiesers while Weiss' (Saxony too) have another goat, as do Weishaupts for a likely pointer to Adam Weishaupt.

The Segne's in the Weaver/Webber motto were first found in Genova with Tromp-related Fauci's. We can clearly see that God is pointing to Tony Fauci and DONALD Trump, partners in vaccine-murder crimes, with the Kepke link to Keppoch MacDONALDs.

The last update showed how the spider chase pointed to graphene-oxide in Japanese vaccines. I postulated with good argumentation that the giant roundel of Vita's points to the flag of Japan. I can now add that I've just come across the Vita annulet in colors reversed with the English Hoopers, and the latter were first found beside the Severs sharing the Vita annulet. Severs were a branch of Saffers who in turn share the Spitzer unicorn.

Plus, English Hoods/Hoots have a BLACK "Cornish CHOUGH" that is in the design of the "BLACKbird" of English Allisons. Kepke had a dog, Blacky, when he was 18, and Blacks, who happen to share the stars of English Hoopers, were first found in Lincolnshire with the Halls sharing the dog of Scottish ALLisons/Allisters.

It's just amazing that English Cuffs were first found in Wiltshire with Hoopers while Irish Cuffs/Cough's, suspect with the Hood chough, have a "tamen aniMUS" motto phrase while Kepoi is in the Taman peninsula. To help prove that "Kepoi" was named after a royal family at the area of the Cheops pyramid, pharaoh Cheops (predated Hyksos) was also Cuff-like Khufu. It's a term that can modify to the Kupe variation of Kepke-branch Koops.

Keeps (share "galley" with MacDonalds) and Coopers were both first found in Sussex with the North's who in turn share the Denardo/NORDi tower, and Denardo's/Nordi's throw in the Maschi and Chance lion, colors reversed from the lion of Chance-branch Chase's, the latter first found in Hampshire with Keppe's/Kippers, and with Kupe-connectable Mile's. Allison left me for Mr. Denardo.

Denardo's/Nordi's come up as "NarBONNE," which can explain why Bone's were first found in Sussex too. French Narbonne's share the lion of German Grimms, the latter suspect from "Crimea," a land mass opposite the Azov sea from Kepoi. German Grimms share the sun of French Chance's. Grimes'/Gormleys share the Wray martlets, a pointer to Darlene Ray/Wray (not sure of the spelling), my first of two girlfriends at Knob Hill Farms who pointed with an ice-cream cone to poison vaccines. The spider CHASE does too, what are the chances?

Blacky the black dog was instrumental in revealing that Blacks and Blackys were named after the Naro/Neretva river of the Ardiaei Illyrians, for the vaired chevron of Blackys is shared by Nero's/Neretti's. The latter were first found in Tuscany with Mosca's while one can trace the Ardiaei to Ardahan at the Moschi-mountain theater. I'll come back to this Caucasian region, not far from Kepoi. The Neretva-like Nerets almost have the Coat of Spanish Dias' while "Dia's" is a motto term in the Arms of the Keppoch MacDonalds.

With Kepke's dog pointing to the Neretva while the Arms of Keppoch apparently applies to a Neretva-river family, isn't that amazing? Yes, for Italian Dias' share the giant Doria eagle while Doria's married Arduinici, from the Ardiaei above. And the giant Ardon/Artois eagle is colors reversed, and in the colors of the eagles of Gentius-like Ghents (Hampshire with Chase's and Keppe's'/Chepe's). Gentius was an Ardiaei king. Deise'/Diss'/Dice's (Norfolk with Case's) are in Arthur colors and format. While the Trump/Tromp stag head is with the Arms of County Waterford which uses a "Deise" motto term, Dutch Tromps (Fauci kin) share the giant eagle of Doria's (Genova with Fauci's) and Dias'...and it's got two heads with the Cheps/Jeepma's/Jappins and Belows (Pomerania with Trumps/Tromps). The eagle head in the Arms above could be the one of Segne's/Segurana's because they were first found in Genova.

I kissed Kepke's girl, Kim Walsh, on the cheek, at the same bar as I had kissed Miss Peare. Cheeks/Chicks can be linked to Choke's, a branch of Caucasia-like Chalks and Chaucers, excellent not only because Chalks share the Chaser Coat, but because Cocks (Somerset with Chasers) share the GRIMaldi Shield while my Masci-line mother has a Grimaldi maiden name. Kepke, at about age 13, called my mother's nephew, Mr. Grimaldi, a "goof," likely because Goffs/Gough's share the boar of Gog-like Googe's.

Allison had gotten into the car of Mike DeNARDo, and so I assume she began to date him. This can indicate that Denardo's were from the Neretva river too. Denardo's were first found in Naples with the Italian Romans/Romania's/Romanovs who share the split Shield of Groce's/Graggs for yet another pointer to the flag of Ukraine, especially as there's a Ukraine Roman(ov) surname too. The Agarus river is in Romania. Russian Romanovs look like kin of Scottish Picards/PICKards on two counts, a surname first found in Moray near the first-known Hagars. Mayer Rothschild named his first son, Nathan, and German Nathans/Natts share the escutcheon of Russian Romanovs.

Picks/Pix's share the fitchees of RATTerys, first found in Perthshire with Hagars, and while Hoods/Hoots were first found in Rattery (Devon with Pike's), Rads share the Hagar hexagram. Kepke was SITTING on the hood closest to the driver's seat, and I was beside him almost above the RAD. Seatons/SITTENs, first found in Lothian, named Seaton in Devon, and while Lothians share the brown dog with Lots (Kent with Picks/Pix's), we were on the car in the parking LOT while Lots share the giant double-headed CHEP/Jeepma/Jappin eagle, used also by German Belows, the latter first found in Pomerania while the Arms of Pomerania has the red griffin in the Russian Romanov Coat.

One night, Kepke invited me on his first date with Miss Peare. We were in a bar, and I really liked Miss Peare. When Kepke left the table, I did what I shouldn't have, except that it must have been God's will: I asked if she'd like to step outside, and so we RUSHed up the STAIRs to go kiss, and that we did, a big kiss....because, I gather, Kiss'/Cush's share the "fountains" of Cass'/Cash's, indicating that they too were Khazar elements. On top of this, KISINov is the Moldavian capital near the Ukraine border.

Beware kissing people on the mouth, because it's possible to spread vaccine-based poisons that way.

The Khazar empire stretched across Moldova and even covered the Buzau river in WALLACHia, in ROMANia, explaining why Kepke left Miss Peare for Miss Walsh (got engaged to the latter), for Walsh's (ROXburghshire) are also Walchs. The new-to-me-this-week Castons, possibly a branch of the Cast variation of Cass'/Cash's, share the Roxburgh horse head, and put it on the Ukraine flag. This Casten Coat might even predate the Ukraine flag.

] Italian Castro's (Genova with Doria's) use a flag while Flags/Flacks (Norfolk with Case's) share the scallops of Cassers/Casse's. Spanish Castro's use an eagle wing in the colors of the Doria eagle. Italian Castro's share the lion of RIMMINs/Crimmons, first found in Skye with Flag-related McLeods/Clouds/Lutts. The RIMNa river of Wallachia probably applies while the Holds/Holts in the McLeod/Cloud motto can be from the Olt/Alutus river of Romania. Lute's/Lutts share the quadrants of the Fasts in the McLeod/Cloud motto, and they are the quadrants also of the Name's and Farnys/Farnhams. Flags share the Meschin scallops while Maschi's were first found in RIMINi. Masons/Massins (Kent with Maschi-beloved Cone's) share the Name / Lute/Lutt lion, though the other name/Lute/Lutt lion is the Castro / Rimmin/Crimmon lion too.

In this picture, Crimmons can be a possible branch of my mother's Grimaldi line. In fact, German Grimms, sharing the Abreu/Abruzzo and Polish CASpar lion, come up as "Grimmen." The Italian Castro Coat even looks related to the Abreu/Abruzzo Coat. My mother was born and raised in Abruzzo.

The Keeps, with a bend in the colors of the bend-by-antler of Polish Casimirs/KazaMIERs, are from CASimir of Poland, son of Richeza of Lorraine, explaining why Keeps share the Lorraine bend. German Meirs/Miers share the Castro / Rimmon/Crimmon lion. The "paratus" motto term of Meirs/Miers can be for a family at the Pyretus/Prut river of Moldova/Ukraine. Masons/Massins share the Dutch Meer Coat, and then there's the Masci-branch RASmussens.

"Semper" is a motto term shared between Meirs/Miers and the Arms of Lviv (city in Ukraine), and the latter even has the Maschi lion in a gate while the Gates' share the same-colored lion, though it's upright as is the one of Meirs/Miers. The Neuri on the Bug river through Lviv are suspect in naming Nairnshire, where Geddes' and Rose's/RAS' were first found. Note the Ras-like Arras' who list Rothschild-beloved ArROWs, then note how Rows / Roe's were first found in Norfolk with the Ruffs/Roofs/Rolphs who in turn share the raven with Rothes'/Rothschilds, then load Scottish Rolphs (Nairnshire) to see that they share the Rose/Ras BOUGets. Even the two Bug surnames have "water bougets" and ravens.

Rose's/Ras', in the Rothchild roses, share water BOUGets (different colors) with English Meers (Rush colors and format). The Rose/Ras bougets are in the colors of Rash's/Rasch's, and while the latter were first found in Pomerania with Trumps/Tromps, the giant and black Rash/Rasch eagle is also the giant one of Dutch Tromps. Rushers/Rusch's (Knob kin?) have black eagle wings, and were first found in Austria with Rasmussen-connectable Fire's/Furs whose unicorns are in the colors of the Rush horses, but see also the Massey/Macey / Mackay horse. Runnings/Ronnys, possibly a MacDonald/Ronald branch, almost have the fesse of Dols (Pomerania), share the Rush fesse. Alans of Dol are suspect from the ROXolani Alans.

The Gates-suspect line of Agatha, mother of queen Margaret, might just be in the Lviv gate, for the Arms of Podebrady uses a "gold gate." Neuri loved the wolf while wolf heads are used by Fiddle's/Fidelows suspect in the "Semper fidelis" motto of Lviv.

I highlighted the stairs above because Stairs/Stayers, sharing the Peare stars, can point to AliSTAIR MacDonald, founder of the Keppoch MacDonalds. Kepke came up the stairs like a whirlwind to get us to stop kissing. Peare and I RUSHed up the stairs, and so did Kepke. We ran up the stairs, and so did he. By hook and by crook, he took Miss Peare away from me a couple of weeks later, but my being with her for such a short time makes me add that my mother's Masci bloodline can be traced to the Moschi mountains to which I trace the Hyksos. See "Moschi" three updates ago, in the 4th update of last month.

I've told many times of Mr. Kepke having a short fling with MARY Nigro, and how the latter pointed to Marys highly suspect with the Ross Coat, in colors reversed, due to a blood relationship. Therefore see that Ross clan in the Keppoch quote here: "Alistair Carrach MacDonald of Keppoch took an active part in supporting his brother, Domhnall of Islay, Lord of the Isles, in claiming the Earldom of Ross. The result was that upon the death of Domhnall, Lord of the Isles in 1425 the Lordship of Lochaber was forfeited to the Crown and then the Crown bestowed it on the natural son of Stewart, Earl of Mar." As earls of Mar were at KilDRUMMY (their capital), I suggest that an early Mary Drummond was named after Mars. Scottish Mars have lions in the colors of the Ross lions. The Stewarts above, who controlled ROTHESay, had married Annabel Drummond.

Mary Nigro suggested I apply for a job at Knob Hill Farms. I then suggested to Kepke that he apply there, and so we both worked there. Prior to my dating Allison Bauer, I invited the young employees of this grocery store to a party at my parents' place, and Mike Denardo, the one who later took Miss Bauer, brought his DRUM set to the party, I kid you not. And Mary Nigro stayed the night at this party, alone in the basement with Kepke.

Mike was probably born, Michael, and German Michaels were first found in Bohemia with Podebrady; there are some telling that George, father of the Drummonds, married a woman of Podebrady. It works heraldically, and may explain why German Michaels have a reflection of the English George Coat, and why George's were first found in Dorset with Russells, and the Soars/Sors' who in turn share the lion of German Michaels. Russells have the Ross / Mary lion in colors reversed. Kepke's first name is Lawrence, and Lawrence's/Laurence's almost have the Marine / Marines/Maryner Coat. The latter two almost have the Coat of French Andrea's/Andre's who in turn share the Bruce saltire, and we are headed to the royal Bruce's here, suggesting that Italian Andrea's have the Robert lion, yet as I trace Bruce's to "Abruzzo," it should be added that it's also the Abreu/Abruzzo lion while the latter's tower is colors reversed from the one of Italian Andrea's (Friuli, near first-known Abreu's/Abruzzo's).

Marine's were first found in Hampshire (beside Dorset) with the Khazar-suspect Chase's who share the lion of neighboring George's / Soars/Sors'. Marys were first found in Norfolk with Case's, Crows, and the Ruffs/Roofs/Rolphs who share the Mar lion. Crow heads are used by Caseys, first found in Lanarkshire with Allisons (share Casser/Casse fesse). French Caseys/Casa's are in Ross colors and format, and the Rus had a relationship with Khazars.

English and Scottish Michaels were first found in Surrey with Caesars. Varangians married the granddaughter of emperor Michael I RANGabe. Wrangle's/Wrangs were first found in Westphalia with the Vlads sharing the hexagram of German Michaels. The wife of king Andrew I of Hungary was descended from king Vladimir of Kiev.

Why might "Aindrea" be a motto term in the Arms of the Keppoch MacDonalds?

The stockboys got into the habit of going to Mr. SubMARINE for lunch on Saturdays, and nobody liked that as much as Denardo. Spanish Marina's have the German Drummond Coat in colors reversed, and Sea's, sharing the German Drummond Coat, were first found in Kent with Marines'/MARYners (not "Marine"). Italian Marina's almost have the Italian Maria Coat. This picture looks related to Maria of Kiev, for I claim that the Rus there named the Ross clan from king Andrew I of Hungary, father of George above.

Having said all of this, I think that Mary Nigro was a cashier at Knob HILL Farms for the purpose of pointing to Cassers/Casse's i.e. Khazars. As Hills have the Hall-branch Hulls in their write-up, we can add that Hulls (Yorkshire with dog-using Craggs), Halls/Hole's and Hollys (Norfolk with Case's) share the Allison dog. And German Halls/Hole's (Baden with Groce's/Graggs) almost have the Coat of GROCE's/Graggs to which the grocery store can point, and moreover Groce's/Graggs are the ones with the Ukraine flag in colors reversed. Cassane's, first found in Hampshire with Chase's, share triple-red chevrons with Dutch Halls/Hole's Cassane's. German Michaels share the fesse of Casano's and Italian Casa's/Casino's, and the hexagrams of German Michaels is the one of Vlads, possibly from king Vladimir of Kiev.

German Anders were first found in Silesia with Brocuffs/PROKOPPs while Prokopia was wife to Michael I Rangabe. As we arrived to Michaels from Michael Denardo, note that the Denardo's/Nordi's and their North branch have the lion of German Michaels in colors reversed, which tends to convince me more that Michaels are from George of Podebrady, i.e. DRUMmond patriarch.

Dutch Bergers share the Cassane chevrons in both colors, and king Bruce I of Carrick married both Elizabeth of BURGH and Isabel of Mar, tending to explain why Irish Burghs share the cross of Marine's (Hampshire with English Burghs/BUROUGH's) and Marines'/Maryners. YarBUROUGH's are from Yaroslav, brother of Maria of Kiev above, children of king Vladimir above. Vlads were first found in Westphalia with German Neils/Nails while English Neals were Yarburough kin. The latter two have Coats comparable to the one of Danish Anders', making the latter suspect from king Andrew I. English Neals were first found in Wiltshire, beside Drummond-line George's, and then Scottish Drummonds, from Varangian-descended George on Hungary, were first found in Perthshire with the Hagars sharing the Vlad Coat. George's mother was Anastasia, daughter of Yaroslav.

Queen Margaret of Scotland was in exile in Kiev along with king Andrew above. It can explain why Margaret named a son, David, the name of one of Andrew's sons. A daughter of Andrew I married Vratislav II of Bohemia as some evidence that her brother, George above, married a woman of Bohemia, whom I think was Agatha, mother of Margaret above. While I trace the Ross clan to king Andrew I, Ross' almost share the lion of Bohemia. The latter is the two-tailed lion of Montforts, and the Montfort lion can be traced to Marano's, first found in Modena with Casano's.

Let's Play Golf

Anders (not "Anders") have a fesse in the colors of the double Don fesses, and the latter's are in the colors of the double fesses of Morinis', first found in Modena with Casano's, Marano's and Morano's. The latter share the Moor head with Scottish Andrews/Anders', and then Morinis' are in the write-up of Deerings, the latter first found in Kent with Marines'/Maryners while Marine's were first found in Hampshire with Cassane's and Chase's. The latter were a branch of Chance's (and Casino-connectable Change's), first found in Essex with the Muschats sharing the triple chevrons of Cassane's. The double fesses of Dons are in colors reversed with Nissans, first found in Hamburg with German Drummonds. Dons can, along with MacDonalds, be from the Don river of Ukraine.

The double NISSan fesses are shared by Parrs who in turn share the black border with FurNESS', first found in Lancashire with Parrs. Ness'/Nessans share the double fesses of Annabels, possibly / likely from Annabel Drummond. Annabells share a brown Crest with Scottish Drummonds and Scottish Mars. I trace Furness' and Parrs to king Pharnaces of the Pontus, husband of NYSa. "PHARNaces" may have named Farmy/Fernys/Firnys and thus Pharme's/Farme's, Farms, Farmers, Firmens, Formans/Fermans.

It's an interesting idea, that Kepke at Knob Hill Farms should point to these rulers of the Pontus, for I could then link them to Kepoi at Azov, itself traceable to the Hyksos-suspect Hayasa-Azzi at the Moschi mountains. English Dance's, in the colors and format of Keppochs (Yorkshire with Dance's), share the Farmer lion heads, and Furness' use a giant black dog (a Lab), the color of Kepke's dog, Blacky (mainly a Lab). The Dance / Keppoch fesse is even in the colors of the Ness/Nessan fesses. Might Dance's be from "Tanais," or from "Tanis" in the Nile delta with the Hyksos proper?

Recalling that Blacky pointed to the Neretva river while Nerets almost have the Spanish Dias Coat, I can now add that the latter's Coat is almost the one of Italian Dance's/Donnas'/DONNA's while "dona" is a motto term of Dons who in turn have the Parr fesses in colors reversed. Kepoi is near the Don river, anciently the Tanais, and then while German Tans are also Tanners, the Tanaro river is in Piedmont, where Italian Dance's/Donna's and Masci's were first found. Tans/Tanners share "pine cones" with Maschi's (not "Masci"), traceable to the Moschi mountains at the eastern end of the Pontus.

Parrs share the fesse of Parrys, and it's blue, same as the Farmy/Ferny fesse (VIVian colors), a good reason to trace the latter to "Pharnaces." As Farmys/Ferny were first found in Fife while sharing the Fife / Five/Fify lion, Farmers and Dance's (Yorkshire with Firmens and Formans/Fermans) must be using the Fife / Five/Fify lion too.

Parrys (Wales with pear-using Parrots/Perrots) share the lozenges of Massey-connectable Bricks, in colors reversed from the lozenges of Brix's and Perry-beloved Hinds (Parry Coat in colors reversed). Shaws/Saws use the "hind" too. Perrys (pear in hind's mouth) share the Massey quadrants. Ranulph de BRIQUESsart was father to Ranulph le Meschin. You can clearly see the Meschins of the Bessin related to the line of Pharnaces of the Pontus. I trace Bessins to the Bassus Galatians.

Bessins use bees while Lawrence's/Laurence's have a "BE ready" motto to go with the "Be AS" phrase of Bracebridge's (Lincolnshire with Armine's), and then Brace's were first found in Herefordshire with bee-using and Doria-connectable Doors, from the Daorsi of the Neretva river. Dog-using German Bracks/Brachens share the Meschin fesse while Meschins were first found in Shropshire with Bracks/Brechs/Breakers. Meschins share the Flag scallops while Brays/Brae's use the "FLAX breaker".

Mr. Kepke, brother of Robert, is Lawrence, and Lawrence's/Laurence's were first found in the Furness area of Lancashire. Lawrence's are often called, Larry, and Laurie's/Larrys/LOWRYs (Dumfries with Armine-related Annandale) use a giant cup to go with Kepke-branch Kupe's/Koops. Irish Lowrys use the same giant cup, and are said to be related/associated with Irish Neils.

The Nile river is four miles from the great pyramid of Cheops, and I'm now tracing the Cheops household to Kepoi, and wondering if the Hayasa-Azzi merged with that household to explain why Hyksos ASians later invaded the Nile delta. The Nile-like Neils/Neals/O'NAILs were kin of Colchesters, and the Arms of Colchester, using nails, shares the "ragully" feature on its cross with the Lawrence/Laurence cross. I see "ragully" as part-code for Ragusa elements, home of SARACa's, and then Sharks were first found in Tyrone with Neils/Neals/O'Nails. Yet the Ragusa Saraca's had come out of Kotor smack at Rhizon, itself traceable to the Moschi mountains.

The Readys in the Lawrence motto almost have the Coat of Biggar-related Givens/Giverns (Govern colors), both first found in Lanarkshire with the Swans/Sions and sharing swans with them. Swans/Sions share the lion of English Neals. I see Biggars from Khazars, and I see Swans from lake Sevan of Gog, down from the Moschi mountains. Readys were first found in Angus with Kildrummy of the Mars, and Marsi lived upriver on the Salto from Rieti, the line to Reeds.

The swan head is with Leicesters of the Legro river, suspect from Ligurians. The latter were founded at Marseille while Marsys/Marcys/Marseille's share the Arras/Arrow fleur-de-LYS while Arras is the Artois capital near the LYS river. The Musy eagle is in colors reversed with German MARKs, and Marsys/MARCys/Marseille's are in Musy colors and format while the latter almost share the Ardon/Artois Coat. Mus at Lake Van (Armenia) is where I see the origin of the Hyksos, and Hicks' share the fleur-de-lys of English Marks (Essex with Colchester). Fane's/Vans are suspect from Fano, near Rimini's Maschi's. Meschins were first found in Shropshire with Moses'. I say that the Hyksos named the Biblical Moses from Mus elements.

Ardons/Artois' look like they have a saw in the eagle's mouth, making sense where Shaws/Saws can be connected to Italian Sheaves'/Chiava's, first found in Abruzzo with the Marsi. Saw-using Hamiltons (Renfrewshire beside Lanarkshire) share the Lanark / Bus cinquefoil. It just so happens that English Sheaves'/Shaws were first found in Berkshire with Pontus-like Points (Ardon/Artois colors) said to be from Arras in Artois. Shaws/Saws use the dagger while Daggers may have named POINDexters if they had been named partly after Dexters/Decksters. The latter show nothing but double chevrons in the colors of the double fesses of Parrs. English Daggers/Dackers were first found in Cumberland with Rays and Dockers/DockRAYs/DockWRAYs who in turn share the bridge with both Ponti surnames. I trace Parrs to Pharnaces of the Pontus, and while Parrs share the black border with Furness' and MontaCute's, the latter were first found in Somerset with Borders (share Duck star), Bridge's and Duce-branch Ducks. The Bridge's love the Crabs, first found in CamBRIDGEshire with PONTers! Duce's were first found in Staffordshire with Arrows/Arras'.

The Ready-et-al swans are with Cambridge's. Kepoi-like Chepmans/Chapmans use a "pondere" motto term while Ponders (Cambridgeshire with Chepmans/Chapmans) are also the Ponters who share the Coat roughly of Ponts/Ponds (Hampshire with Keppe's/Cheppe's and Perrys). Ponders/Ponters and Ponts/Ponds share the black boar with Bush's while the Buzau river is near the Rimna river while Maschi's were first found in Rimini. This all looks traceable to the Pontus at the Moschi mountains.

"PonDERE" looks framed as code for Dere's/Deers because Deerings have the Morinis' in their write-up who have the double fesses of Dons (Cheshire with Masseys and Maceys), first found in Cheshire, where Talbot-related Meschins ruled. Furness' use a SEATed TALBOT dog, likely. English Neals, descended from Maria of Kiev, have the motto, "NoMEN extenDERE FACTis" while Faucets were first found in Lothian with Sion-related SEATons/Sittens, Bass', and Mens'. The latter are in the motto of Poppins/Pophams, suspect from the Hyksos pharaoh, Apophis, and they share the stag heads of Deerings. Poppins/Pophams were first found in Hampshire with the Tiss'/Teese's suspect in "facTIS," and Sion/Sitten is in Switzerland with the first-known Tease's/Tess'.

Talbots were first found in Shropshire with Bats and Meschins. The Caucasian Bat peoples were at the Moschi mountains. Batsons/Bats' ("manu") are in the colors and format of Mans/MENTs and Dove's (Berwickshire with Arthurs) while Ments/Mants (Yorkshire with Batsons/Bats') share the Neret Coat. The Ardiaei of the Neretva and Rhizon can be traced to Ardahan at the Moschi mountains, near Rize. Omans/Omens (Suffolk with Ardons) are suspect in the "OMNia" motto term of Dons, and Dove's were added above because doves are the only symbols showing for the English Nests while Ness'/Nessans are Nests too. Then, Pharnaces' father was MITHRades III of the Pontus while a dove is used my Mitre's/Mitterands (the possible link is interesting but hardly conclusive with this alone). The family of Mithrades engaged with the Galatians.

Mans/Ments were kin of Dragons/Drainers who were in turn kin of Mynetts from Amyntes of Galatia, ancestor of the Bassus'. Amyntes was likely related to Opgalli, a Galatian, wife of king Tigranes VI of ARMENia at the Moschi mountains. Mosca's are in the colors of the lion of ARMINE's (Lincolnshire with Meschin-related Tailbois'), and the Armine Chief thus looks like a red version of the Maschi Chief. German Armens share the griffin of Annan(dale)s ho in turn share most of the Armine Coat. Armens share the griffin of Marble's (Cheshire with Propers/Roberts).

Messeys/Messier's were first found in Burgundy with the Roberts sharing the Armine lion, and with the Pilate's/Pilotte's linkable to PONTus Pilate. Armine's were first found in Lincolnshire with Pilotte's/Pillows and Messier's. As Formans/Fermans can be sharing the Armine Chief, they may have descended from "PHARNaces." Formans/Fermans may have the Robert lion from king Robert Bruce, from Bruce's of Annandale. This king was husband to Isabel of Mar, and Marsi lived in Abruzzo, where I trace "Bruce / Brusi."

Khazars of king Menumorut were on the Mures river of Romania. King Robert Bruce's grandson married Elizabeth Mure, and Mure's/More's/Moors (share Alan stars) can be of French Mars/More's/Mere's (share white scallops with Tailboys' and Meschins). Elizabeth's son married Annabel Drummond. The Mure/More/Moor fesse is in the colors of the Parr / Parry fesse.

The Keppoch MacDonalds ("muir") are from Alistair CARRACH MacDonald, and Carricks use the dog too. Marjory Carrick was the matriarch of the Robert-Bruce kings. Carricks were first found in Ayrshire with Mure's/More's/Moors. Scottish Mars are also Mare's, and while "mare" is a MacDonald motto term, English Mare's/Mere's/Mayers/Meirs share the MacDonald ship, though the latter's kin use it in various colors.

I tend to see here that Kepke liners were from Khazars on the Mures/Maros river of what was once Transylvania, and Dracula of Transylvania's Wallachia can be pointed to by the Walsh sisters which the Kepke brothers married / dated. Walsh/Walchs even have a "TRANSfixus" motto term, and Drake's ("muscas") were first found in Hampshire with Chase's. Drake's use a "catcher" term in their translated motto, and Catch's/Catchers, sharing the Mar/More/Mere scallops, were first found in Norfolk with Case's.

It begs whether Mayer Bauer-Rothchild was from the Keppoch MacDonalds, for Allison Bauer worked as a Khazar-pointing cashier at KNOB Hill farms while Knobs/Knobels look like Rothschilds/Roddenstein kin. Nobels share the motto of English Bucks, first found in Norfolk with Nobs. While Mars can be shown to be Drummond kin along with German Michaels, the latter share the two lions of Nobels, and as it was Michael Denardo who took us to Michaels, note that Nobels even have a NORbell variation to go with Denardo's/Nordi's and Norths. French Noels are in the colors and format of French Mars/More's/Mere's. And Mayer-like German Mays/Maya's share the Denardo/Nordi tower. Mayo's share the tree with Danish and German Meyers/Maiers.

AnnaBELs may have been named by Labels/La Bells who share the crescents of French Noels. Labels/La Bells, first found in Gascony with Cassars/Casse's, share the red greyhound with English Majors/Mayers while French Majors/Mayers have the Noel crescents in colors reversed. French Majors/Mayers (Provence with Andrea's/Andre's) even share the Farmer lion heads. Danish and German Meyers/Maiers share the lion of Italian Andrea's.

When I first started on the Graffs/Graffens, all I had to go on was their DEMI-lion and anchor. The Demys/DuMAIS'/LeMAYs could then connect to the giant anchor of Majors/Mayers/Magors, first found in the Channel Islands with the Poindexters who in turn use the Ukraine flag under their symbols, helping to show that Majors were from Magyars of Ukraine.

Mythical Maya was a daughter of the first mythical king of Western Atlantis, ATLas, son of Poseidon, code for ATTALia (real city) of the Pisidians (real people). The latter named Pisa near AETOLia, and the latter's CALYDON area was ruled by mythical Atalantis, we get it, the myth writers were talking in code. I trace "CALYDon" to the Khaldi of the Pontus, near/amongst the Bat Caucasians at the Moschi mountains, which might explain why Maya's were "first found in Maya del Batzan" (Spain). Yes, for Demys, sharing the Mais variation with German Mays/Maya's, share the Batter/Better Coat. The Abruzzi had a Maja goddess at mount Maiella, and they also have the Marsi people group that likely named mythical Mars.

The Maya's share the coat of Deas'/Dais'/Daes' while there is a Spanish Dias/Diaz surname that can be in the "Dia's naomh AINDREA" motto of the Keppoch MacDonalds. This Arms shows the MacDonald ship in the colors, including the red flags, of Mare/Mere/Mayer ship; the latter were first found in Cheshire with Dee's/Die's who in turn share the lion of Danish and German Meyers/Maiers, and of Italian Andrea's.

When crossing the Catchers above from the motto of Drake's (same place as Chase's and Keppe's/Cheppe's), I remembered that Kepke and I became golf CADDIES at about 14 years of age, the same year roughly as the spider CHASE. At about age 12 and 13, his Ukrainian father would drive us to a golf course on the Rouge river, and we boys would collect golf balls in the river that ran through three, near-adjacent golf clubs, then sell the balls to the golfers as they came by. The point is that Caddys can be gleaned (by their Coat) as a branch of the Keith Catti, and then cat-using Catchers were first found in Norfolk with cat-using Keats, cat-using Cattans, Chase-connectable Case's, and with Heads/Heeds and SHOULDhams suspect in the "head" and "shoulders" of the Parr woman (both terms are in the official description).

The question I then have is whether this golf theme with Kepke justifies the "par" golf term as a pointer with Parrs to Pharnaces? German Gulls are also GOLFins while Spanish Gulls, first found in CATalonia, show only two fesses, as do both Parrs and Ness' in different colors. English Gulls can be gleaned as a branch of German Julians, first found in Saxony with Kepke's/Kopke's. German Ness' and Dutch Ness' were both first found in Holland, as were both Dutch and German Golfs/Golfins. Guelfs were also Welfs while Welfs/Lupus' are in Chip/Chipper colors and format while a "chip" is a golf term. Did the line of Pharnaces and Nysa go to the Guelphs? Putters have four pale bars in the colors of the six pale bars of English Gulls and German Julians.

The Caddys show triple piles in the colors of the near-same of Cowes' (Lancashire with Parrs and Furness'), and it just so happens that the Cowes Crest has the crosslet of Gullys/Gollys, owned in giant form by English Julians. Might the Koo variation of Cowes' suggest a branch from the Kepke-branch Koops? Cowes is a location on Wight off the coast of Hampshire's Keppe's/Cheppe's, and Coves' were first found in Suffolk with the Kidds sharing the Kepke/Kopke goat. It just so happens that Coops/Copes' share an "Aequo" motto term with the Pennants while the Cowes/Koo/Coo piles are called, "pennants." Pile-using Pile's share the leopard face of Peare's (almost the Cooper/Copper leopard faces), first found in Oxfordshire with Gullys/Gollys.

Furness' share the black dog with the Spinks, the latter first found in Northamptonshire with Coops/Copes', and the Fiddle's suspect in the Spink motto have a different-colors version of the Welf/Lupus Coat while the latter's wolf heads are with Skins/Scans, first found in Aberdeenshire with Cups/Cope's sharing roughly the Coop/Copes and Copp Coat. All three look related to the Rouge/Roger Coat, and we collected golf balls from the Rouge river (flows from Markham to Toronto).

The Copps were first found in Hampshire with Keppe's/Cheppe's while Chips/Chippers are in Welf/Lupus colors and format. We might add that while French Bride's were first found in Savoy with Rouge's/Rogers, Birdie's are listed with Scottish Bride's while Bride-branch Brights were first found in Cheshire with Birds/Burds, Welfs/Lupus', and Bassus-line Bessins. The Bridge branch is beloved by PONTi's for what looks like a pointer to Pharnaces of the Pontus, especially as Bridge's use crabs while Crabs/Crails were first found in Cambridgeshire with Pont-branch Ponters in the Chepman motto, and with English Julians.

Welsh Rogers/Rosers even share three wheat sheaves in Chief (different colors) with Caddys. While Rogers/Rosers are in the colors and format of Scottish Simsons, and while English Simsons have a Coat like that of Pennants, Penns/Pence's were first found in Buckinghamshire with both Simson surnames.

Lookie: while Kepke had a white pet rat at the time of the golf-caddy job, Rose's were first found in Nairnshire with the Rats/Rate's suspect in the "orate" motto term of Shouldhams. German Rose's/Rosers were first found in Silesia with SPHINX-using Brocuffs/ProKOPPs (traceable to Khazars), suspect as kin of Spinks i.e. first found in the same place as COOPs/Copes'. Shouldhams, suspect in the Parr Crest, were first found in Norfolk with Caddy-connectable cat-using lines, and with sphinx-using Hips'/Hipkins (and with Luce's/Lucys suspect with cat-using Lucca's). Lucks/Licks, sharing black greyhound heads with Bass'/Bassins, do so in the colors and format to the Quade wolf heads, and the latter are from queen Quadratilla Bassus of Galatia, wife of LUPUS Laevillus. They ruled from Iotapa Herod-Maccabee, all near the Pontus.

Putters were even first found at BASUStowe while the other English Bass'/Bassins were first found in Head-connectable Haddington with Keiths. A putter is a golf club while a club is used by German Bessens/Besants. Clubs/Clobbes' of FARNdon were first found in Cheshire with Welfs/Lupus' and Bessins/Beestons. Farndon looks like it was named by Pharnaces liners. Why do Farndons and Pace's use the rare purple Shield?

Putters must be sharing the eagle of Basings/Basingstoke's (Hampshire with a Cowes location). Basings/Basingstoke's are in the colors of Italian Bassa's who in turn share the Coat of Kepke-beloved Goats/Gothams, first found in BASford with Annas-connectable Ainsleys, in Nottinghamshire where Markhams were first found. Annas' were first found in Cambridgeshire with the Wrench's/Rench's sharing the Bass/Bassin crosslets. Annas was a Sadducee while Saddocks/Sedgewicks share the escutcheon of the other English Bass'/Bassins. Annas' daughter married Kepke-like Caiaphas.

Chaffes-branch Chaffins share a giant black dog with Furness', and Shaffer-like Chaffers were first found in Lancashire with Furness'. Chaffes' (beside Battens/Badens and Church's) share the giant griffin of Battle's, the latter first found in Berwickshire with Lucks/Licks in turn sharing black greyhound heads with English Church's and Caves' (same place as Chaffers).

This now recalls my dream, mentioned several times, where golf balls were POPPING up out of the white sand (or maybe it was snow) everywhere, for Poppins/Pophams were at Hampshire's Basingstoke! It's suggesting the Keppe's/Cheppe's were related to Poppins/Pophams. There was nothing else in that dream that I remember.

The Bassus royal Galatians used the name, "Julius," and I reckon that the Galatian father of Plancia Magna Herod-Maccabee (descended from Glaphyra of Cappadocia) was of that royal Galatian family. I trace Plancia to the Perkin surname (Leicestershire with Bass'/Bassins) for good reasons, and it shares the Coat of Pews/Pughs, perhaps a take from the PEWter variation of Putters. I remember that my Mustang (1971) had an official "pewter" silver color, and this was the car that Kepke and I were sitting on when we saw Allison Bauer getting into Denardo's car in the PARKING lot of Knob Hill FARMs. Parkings are listed with Perkins!!! I just fell upon that without intention when starting this paragraph, didn't even come to mind until the parking-lot sentence was underway.

As I've said: Mustang-like Mustans were first found in Yorkshire with Keppochs and Keppoch-related Sheffields, and while Sheffields are in Mustan colors and format, and in Keppoch colors and near-format, it's amazing that it's the Chips/Chippers who were at Sheffield. Yorkshire is also where Caddys were first found.

Pharnaces was descended from Mithrades II of the Pontus, husband of Laodice (daughter of Seleucid II) of the Seleucid dynasty that the prophet Daniel pits with the and-time anti-Christ. Alexander Herod-Maccabee, probably ultimately named from the Seleucid king, Alexander Balas, was the son of Tigranes VI and Opgalli. This Alexander Herod-Maccabee married Iotapa, a descendant of Seleucus II above (take Alexander's line back through Laodice VII Thea to Seleucus II). Tigranes above was the king of ARMENia while Armine's/Ermine's are in the large ermine spots of the Balas/Bayles/Bailiff Coat. The amazing thing here is that Italian Ballas' essentially have the Ness/Nessan Coat.

Pharnaces of the Pontus married Nysa, daughter of Antiochus, son in turn of Antiochus III "the great," a main character in Daniel 11. Is God trying to tell us that Kepke's (Googe colors) descended from Gog at lake Sevan? Pharnaces of the Pontus was the father of Nysa, queen of Cappadocia. She descended from CASSander, king of Macedon, son of ANTIpater, thus looking like Antiochus liners. I have shown why Antipater, father of the first Herod king, can be from Antipater of Macedon through to Nysa of Cappadocia. For example, Herod Archelaus received his surname by marrying Glaphyra of Cappadocia, grandmother of Tigranes VI under discussion.

I'm therefore proposing that Khazars may have been named by some tribe from "CASSander." I can see Cassander elements migrating through the Caucasus to Khazaria with Herod and Maccabee Hebrews following along to become the Khazar king-priests. Cassane's/Cassandra's were first found in Hampshire with Chase's, Checkers, Casino-related Change's, and Keppe's/Cheppe's. Casano's/Cassandra's were first found in MODENa while Maccabees of Israel were at MODI'IN. Casano's/Cassandra's (share blue fesse with Parrs) have the blue hexagram, the color of the hexagram on the Israeli cross along with the double Parr fesses. Comprehendo?

Casano's/Cassandra's have the Mosca's, perhaps: "Cassone della Torre (or Casso, Cassono, Castone, Gastone), also called Mosca (died 1318) was an Italian medieval condottiero and feudal lord, Archbishop of Milan from 1308 to 1316 and patriarch of Aquileia from 1317 to 1318." The Casano/Cassandra fesse is shared in both colors with Farmer-branch Farmys/Fernys, and Kepke and I worked at Knob Hill FARMs.

Antipater of Macedon probably named AntiPATRia (beside Macedon), where I trace PATTERsons/CASSANE's, Patricks, Gospatricks and Kilpatricks. English Cassane's (share MUSCHat Coat) were first found in Hampshire with Patter-like Potters and Botters/Bodens while Italian Botters/Botini's were first found in Lucca with Nero's/Neretti's, smack beside Mosca's/MUSCAS' of Pisa. "Muscas" is a motto term of Hampshire's Drake's, and Dragons/DRAINers are from the Drin river near Antipatria.

King Cassander married the half-sister of Alexander "the great," the leopard and goat in Daniel 7 and 8 prophecies.

Either Wikipedia's article on queen Nysa, or on king Cassander, once said that Cassander's line birthed queen Nysa of Cappadocia. But Wikipedia may have taken that down because I've been linking the line to Herods, and the anti-Christs who control Wikipedia generally love the Herods, and/or protect them from Christian statements. Nysa of Cappadocia was mother to queen Nysa of Bithynia, and in the latter's article we still have: "Nysa was a royal of Greek Macedonian and Persian ancestry." Therefore, I suggest that these Nysa's descended from Cassander's son, king Antipater I of Macedon, or from Alexander, Cassander's other son.

Cappadocians may have named Quintus Caepio, grandfather of JUNia Caepionis, and it just so happens that while English Capone's were first found in Cambridgeshire with June-branch Jeune's, Nysa-like Niss' share the Jeune fleur-de-lys as well as the Quint chevron. Quints were once said to be first found in neighboring Essex, but are now said to be first found in Cumberland with the Daggers who are in turn from the DEXARoi peoples living at Antipatria mentioned above.

The Annas', first found in Cambridgeshire too, are suspect from Annas/Ananus, the chief priest of Israel who sentenced Jesus to death. He was a Sadducee, and while Sadducees of that period had a house of BOETHus to which Salome was born (as the daughter of king Herod II), it's not only interesting that Salome's were first found in Rhineland with Niss', but BOETs/Butts/Bute's share the fesse of Bithynia-like Buttons/Bidens, the latter first found in Hampshire with Cassane's/Cassandra's. Rhineland is where German Bush's were first found while English Bush's use the black boar.

Salome Boethus is the dancer who danced before Herod Antipas and asked for the head of John the Baptist as the thing that her mother (Antipas' wife) prized most at the time. There is going to be a big price to pay for that act, for the Herod bloodline.

Antipatria-liner Kilpatricks use the "dagger," and they were first found in Dumfries with the Annan(dale)s, suspect from a branch that named Ananus (chief priest of Israel). The Annandale Coat is in use with Scottish TATE's (and ARMINE's) while lake TATTa (west off Cappadocia) had a PERTa location while king Cassander descended from PERDiccas of Macedon. One of the peaks of mont Pilat is PERDrix. There was a mythical Perdix that could have named Perdiccas. "Perdix" means "partridge," and Partridge's were first found in Kent with Perts/Petts and Petits. The latter are in the motto of Malcolms/Columns, first found in Argyllshire with Herods/Hurls/Haralds.

The above reminds that Mrs. Kilpatrick appeared about ten feet tall in my dream shared in the lst update of last month. The dream ended with a thorny chair, and as she's CHARlotte by first name, I had wondered whether the chair was a pointer to Chars/Chards/Charts (Somerset with Carts and their Cary branch), for example, who happen to use "partridges," as do Saxe's who in turn have a "FIRMum" motto term that could be code for the line of Pharnaces. For example, Pharme's/Farme's use a "firme" motto term, and Firmans (Yorkshire with Hicks'), with a "Firmus" motto term, share the Farmer lion heads.

As Partridge's share the checks of Keep-beloved Galleys (Yorkshire with Keppochs and Gale's), might the line of Numidian king, Gala, have named OpGALLi, queen of Armenia. Gala's descendant, Juba II, had married Glaphyra Archelaus of neighboring Cappadocia. Did Opgalli's line go to Kepoi in the land of the Sadducee-like Sittaceni? French Galleys happen to share the chevron of Hope's in case OPgalli named Hope's. The latter named Hope in Derbyshire while Galatian king, Amyntes, conquered Derbe (Anatolia). Derbyshire is where Dere's/Deers were first found suspect in the "ponDERE" motto term that I think is for Pontus elements. CHEPman-beloved Ponders/Ponters and Ponds/Ponts use the black boar of Edom, and Keeps were first found in Sussex with Coppers/Coopers while Kypris was the Edomite mother of king Herod I.

Kilpatrick castle is near Castle Douglas, and the "arriere" motto term of Douglas' is like "Ariarathes," husband of Nysa of Cappadocia and father of Nysa of Bithynia. Douglas' are said to descend from Herod-like Hardys who in turn use black boars while the book of Enoch claims that the black boar was anciently the symbol of Edom. Antipater, father of the first king Herod, married an Edomite.

The Edomite capital, BOZRah, can be to Bush's/Bushers (Rhineland with Salome's). English Bushers are in Salmom / Saleman colors, and both of the latter were early in Surrey with the James' suspect in the "jamais" motto of Douglas'. The latter's SALAMander can be code for both Manders and ANDERsons because they share the Annandale saltire. Manders (Devon with Ridge's) can be gleaned as kin of Rhodes' who were in turn a branch of Rudes'/Rudge's and RIDGE's possibly in "PartRIDGE." As Ridge's have a peacock, note that Peacocks who love the Fears/Fiers, from Fier county downriver on the Apsus from Antipatria.

Peacocks were first found in Essex with early Quints, and with the Chance's who share, almost, the Ridge / Rudes/Rudge cross. The patonce cross of Chance's and Chase's can be code for Patents/Pattens (Essex with Jeune-loving Youngs), signalling another AntiPATria line. The Patent/Patten Coat is muck like the Partridge Coat. The Chase's were first found in Hampshire with Casino-related, Chance-like Change's/Changers in the motto of Stanleys (Cambridgeshire with Capone's, Jeune's, and Annas'). Annas' daughter married Caepio-like Caiaphas, and the latter egged PONTus Pilate to murder Jesus.

Hardys were first found in Lanarkshire with a Douglas location, and with Douglas-related LockHARTs (share Googe boar), and with Locks/LICKs whom I trace to lake Lychnidus between Antipatria and Macedon. Douglas' (Moray with Innis') share the stars of Morays/Murrays, suspect from Khazars on the Mures river, in Romania with the AGARus river, and Hagars not only have the Innis hexagram in colors reversed, but the Innis hexagram is in the colors of the one on the Israeli flag. We can take this to the "Keep TRYST" motto of Hebrons because they were first found in Northumberland with the Bailys (share Moray stars) who share the brown boar head in Crest with One's/Innis', the latter not only first found in Moray with Bellys, but using a "BE TRAIST" motto. Lawrence's share a "be" motto term. Lawrence Kepke.

The giant Bush/Busher fleur-de-lys is in colors reversed with Jewish Meyers, and as Mayers are listed with Magors, it tends to show that Magyars of Ukraine got related to a Buzau-river people. The Buzau is a tributary of the AGARus, and while Bush's/Bushers are in Hagar colors and format, and while Hagars have the hexagram of the Israeli flag in colors reversed, the Bush/Busher fleur (Trout colors) is shared by Trade's/Trotte's while the Trotus is another Agarus tributary. Trots/Trude's/TRUTHs were first found in Surrey with Douglas-connectable James', and "Truth" is a motto term of Allisons, first found in Lanarkshire with Douglas / LockHART elements. Jewish Harts share a hollow hexagram on blue with the Israeli flag.

Gows/McGoo's share the cinquefoils of French Locks/Loches'. The Army variation of Armine's can be in the "arma" motto term of Gows/McGoo's who in turn share the fleur-de-lys of Herods/Hurls/Haralds. Gows/McGoo's were first found in InverNESS-shire, named partly after the Ness river, meaning that we can likely trace at least one queen Nysa to the naming of the Ness river. It makes sense that the "deCORI" motto term of Gows/McGoo's is for the Scottish Corrys (Dumfries with Kilpatricks and Annandale) and Irish Corrys/Currys. The latter share the Gospatrick saltire, which is colors reversed from the Annandale saltire.

Scottish Corrys (share green dragon in Crest with Kilpatricks) are even much in the colors and format of English Capone's. The ESToiles of Scottish Corrys are those also of Colchesters, first found in Essex with Este's, and with early Quints who share the Colchester chevron. It's the Niss chevron too while Niss' add the fleur-de-lys of Caepionis-line Jeune's. Colchesters even share a red lion in Crest with Capone's.

This must have been the line of Quintus Caepio, and we can add here that Capes' (London, near Cambridgeshire and Middlesex) share the scallops of Apsus-river-line Apps'/Epps' while Eppsteins share the Cassane/Cassander Coat. Antipatria is on the Apsus river to Fier county, and Apps'/Epps were once said to be first found in Middlesex (near Epping) with Fiers/Fears, English Bessens, and Stanley-like Stans/Stands. English Bessens share the quadrants of Vere's and Masseys. The latter were first found in Cheshire with Bessin/Beestons and peacock-using Shirts/Shards in turn in Sheffield colors and format. Caiaphas- and Shaffer-like Chaffes', sharing the Chief-Shield colors of the same of Capes', use the peacock while Peacocks (Essex with Vere's) love the Fear variation of Fiers.

As Cowes is on Wight with Newport, it's notable that Newports almost have the Quade-reflecting Coat of Lice's/Lees' expected in "licitis." Kepke's WHITE rat can apply here because Quade's are also Wade's while Weights/Waits (Lice/Lees' colors and format) can be of the White's/Wights. Chaffes' and Furness-connectable Chaffins were first found in Dorset with the Caens whose "liCITIS" motto term is suspect for "Cetis/Citis," where QUADratilla Bassus was queen.

Caens share the fretty Shield of Caves', the latter first found in Lancashire with Caves-like Cowes', Chaffers and Furness', making Caiaphas look like he descends from and/or to the line of the Bassus'. Caiaphas was supposed to be a Levite in order to be a priest, and Quadratilla married LAEVillus. Bessins/Beestons share the bee with Leafs/Leave's/Leve's, and Bee's share the Bessen / Massey / Vere quadrants.

The bee Dragon should be for Dragons/Drainers, kin of Mynetts, the latter from king Amyntes, ancestor of Julius Bassus, father of Quadratilla. Amyntes conquered Derbe, and Derbyshire is beside Cheshire's Bessin elements.

Middlesex is where Spittalfields is, and Kepke's spider chase of one Masci liner pointed to Hill-loving Spitzers. Hills were first found in Worcestershire with Chips/Chippers who in turn share the escutcheon of Scute's, and the latter were first found in Lancashire with Chaffers who probably use finches as per the Chaffinch variation of Chaffins. A "chip shot" is a common golf phrase, and Shots/Shute's/Schute's (Wiltshire, beside Chaffes' and Chaffins) look like a Scute branch.

Chaffers are interesting for sharing the Karen crescent while the Avans/Avons suspect in the Hill motto share the Graff/Graffen lion. The spider chase was at the home of Karen Graff. German Rose's/Rosers were first found in Silesia with Karens while Rogers/Rosers were first found in Herefordshire with Avans/Avons.


Israel bombed Damascus late this week claiming to be after Iranian military assets. This looks like Israel's wider aims as per allowing Hamas to kill Israeli civilians in the first place last month. Israel may badly want this wider war understandably, because it has spied-out Iran arming in Syria...but to allow Hamas to kill Israelis is horrible. The anti-Christ, I say, will conquer Damascus prior to invading Israel. Does anyone want to venture a guess as to who that individual might be? I think the anti-Christ begins his string of military victories at the Syria-Turkey border.

I'm half expecting the Americans to re-invade the Iraqi-Syria theater to fulfill the flood below. Daniel 9:27 says that the anti-Christ makes a "covenant," a pact, for seven years, with "many" nations, which I see as a war pact against Israel. Then, in Daniel 11:22, the "ruler of the covenant", which may refer to the same covenant, gets broken, by a flood-like war, along with others fighters in the Iraqi / Syrian theater. Then, in 11:23, the anti-Christ joins the losers of that war, and thus rises up to power with them, and spouts off against Israel to gain more fighters. This is the war pact made for seven years, tending to locate the events of 11:22-23 at least at the near-start of the seven years. The flood-like war can be from the American-Israeli partnership that may right-now be developing. It's what I'm watching.

Who might the "ruler of the covenant" be? He is a second character/nation besides the anti-Christ. Couldn't Iran fulfill that phrase well at this time? Couldn't Russia step in once Iran falls hard against the Western forces? Couldn't Russia provide the anti-Christ as its proxy? Who might Russia stick into the Middle-East to re-gather the Iranian-backed forces?

If Russia has already decided on this man, it's not speaking about him. Could it be president Assad of Syria? Who could then become the False Prophet with Assad as the anti-Christ? Could the False Prophet be someone in the Russian government? How can this picture fulfill the anti-Christ's Roman basis? It's not making complete sense with an Assad-Russia partnership.

It could make more sense with a Russian-backed, Turkish anti-Christ if West-tolerated Turkey is egged on toward an invasion of Israel by an elite, anti-Israeli faction in the West. That makes the best sense to me for fulfilling ALL of anti-Christ prophecy in regards to his Israeli invasion. Backing from a Western faction (UN members?) and Russia together can explain how he goes from a small power to a beast with a ferocious / unbeatable military. Isn't the UN, which includes Russia and Germany at its table, pro-vaccine? Last I heard, Russia is pro-vaccine too. Germany may be turning on the United States as per the Russian-pipeline burst, and Germany might suddenly re-find the Nazi spirit too.

The below is not a long video, and so watch to the end to see how utterly corrupt both the FBI director and the chamber's chairman are:

The ending of that video needs to have an addendum from Speaker Johnson, but, so far, Johnson has been busy gathering up Democrat support for the budget bill such that he might not wish to offend Democrats NOW by releasing to the public the video evidence of FBI crimes (January 6) conducted against Trump supporters. We await to see what Johnson does, but even if he cowers and betrays, it's not Matt Gaetz's fault, for the latter did his best with what he had to work with to get the videos released.

Contrary to what one might think, the chairman of the Committee on Homeland Security in the video above is not a Democrat, but Mark Green, a Tennessee Republican. He's clearly trying to keep the speaker from revealing that the FBI had "ghost buses" filled with FBI operatives dressed as Trump supporters. This is crime. Wray should be shaking in his boots for fear of being jailed, for he's clearly covering that fact up, and is even lying to the Committee when he claims that the FBI did nothing to incite Trump supporters on January 6.

Wikipedia: "In April 2017, President Donald Trump nominated Green for United States Secretary of the Army." Once again, Trump, who nominated Wray too, nominated the enemy of his voter base. Time and time again, he stacked his government with the enemies of his voters, many Bushites. He even chose a military man to act as a spy on the White House by making John Kelly his Chief of Staff.

Some are now spreading the alert that Robyn Epps, wife of Ray Epps, is the "National Director of Sales and Development for none other than Dominion [Voting]." Ray Epps was planted by the FBI at the Capitol Building (American congress) to urge Trump supporters into the Building in efforts to make the peaceful protest look like a criminal riot. That protest was largely to protest the election fraud that took Trump out of the White House. It makes sense that Dominion would participate in the way Epps did.

Tucker Carlson was able to use his time at Fox news to show a video of Epps that incriminated him. Fox abruptly fired Tucker shortly afterward, possibly by a request from Dominion Voting, for it was at about that time that Fox chicken-heartedly settled out-of-court with Dominion after the latter sued the news company.

Out of nowhere, Speaker Johnson has released the video footage of January 6 that MacCarthy and Fox news refused to release. This comes immediately after Johnson's budget passed with some Democrat votes. I suggest that, due to losing popularity with that move, he's released what he knows the voters want released. Here's the first I've seen of it, showing that the Capitol Police have been guilty of not releasing this footage in support Trumpers charged with crimes on that day. Clearly, whether these are true or faked pro-Trumpers, this event was a set-up to frame Trumpers (no surprise whatsoever):

I see hints that many events, including the exposure of election fraud, the irony of not prosecuting the guilty parties in election fraud, and the January-6 stroll through the Capitol, were organized and staged to help start a civil war. Thus far, no luck for the tyrants. Many subsequent stories seeking to add guilt to the original stories may be additional fodder for starting such a war. It's a thing I always keep in mind. If parts of staged events are intended to be caught by the public, it makes sense that the government operation is intended to anger those who catch the crimes. It can explain why prosecutions never materialize, because insiders know, or are eventually told, that the events were merely staged. The very ones who stage the events can pay their helpers to be the first online to "expose" the events with the proofs deliberately engrained in the events. Those who expose the events do so with heightened anger to fill others with the same. It can explain why so many faked events are easy to catch as such.

For example, why would the government do bomb drills in Boston on the day of, or in the days shortly before, the Boston-Marathon bombing unless the government wanted to be caught? We're not supposed to know that the government wants to be caught, however. The plot is, I propose, to make the people angry enough to start shooting bullets, and then the government fights back with martial law. It explains why, simultaneous with the endless flow of staged events, the liberal governments are portraying nationalists as terrorists in preparation of clamping down on them with martial law. So far, the goons have not had any luck, we may wonder why not.

Should we keep in mind that the ghost buses may be just another faked event to get the ire of Trump supporters to a higher level? Many nationalists are asking: how long before we fight back with bullets? Certainly, the desire is there, but they realize it's not doable. Trump could put the nationalists over the top by making them believe that he will protect them from martial law if they decide to strike out violently. The best medicine going forward: remember always that Trump is a fraud, but if Trump supporters won't spread that word for fear that he might not be elected, then the whole movement could be in mortal danger after 2025.

The going rumor now is that Israel controls the American military, and while that may be true to some degree, it may also be true that spreading such a rumor is being done deliberately by the deep state in hopes of activating the civil-war plot. It's just the way I think to keep such theories on the back-burner. The idea may be to feign the start of a civil war using fake, right-wing Nazi types who hate Israel. The fake Nazi types would have the task of luring real Nazi types to use bullets. Beware militia-minded pro-Trump groups. Beware Proud Boys. Don't take any chances.

This is not to say that the government wants to get caught with all staged news stories, such as stories having propaganda as the intention.

Lavrov says that the "Palestinian state is unavoidable." Does Russia have a plot to make that happen? No matter how we cut it, the bad guy is the United States. The latter drove Russia into the Arms of China and Iran, and although I don't agree with it on ideological grounds, Russia is doing it as a life-or-death matter because it can't win a war against the West without some help from anti-American nations. Therefore, this American nastiness tends to make Russia sympathetic with Gaza rather than Israel.

However, Russia didn't desire to fight a war against the West, but attitudes changed when the West sabotaged its Ukrainian pipeline, and more recently the Russian pipeline to Germany. Russia has seen red and therefore its rulers need to fight hard internally to resist seeking revenge.

There is a lot of oil under Gaza, and some speakers are starting to say that Israel wants to force all Gazans to flee Gaza in order to take full control of that oil. Russia will therefore seek to keep Gaza intact so that it might have some of that oil instead, for the quest to rule the world by the West depends chiefly on curtailing Russia's oil wealth. It's the best reason for the presence of Western military in the Middle-East, and it's a nasty reason at best.

We may see Russia's first move into the Gaza theater in 2024, if Israel doesn't let up. Russia may choose a leader in Syria to gather fighters against Israel. Such a move will create a natural Russia-Turkey partnership against Israel. Iran's already on board.

The quest of the West for a "new world order," that can only be defined as tyranny, is delusional. This quest serves to expose to the minor nations that the West is a drunken glutton and a drunken whore all at once. The West will destroy itself seeking to fulfill this Rhodian quest. We can easily see it self-destructing as we speak. If the West wishes to dismantle normal or nationalist society so that it can re-work it, or reform it according to its own "order," doesn't that create the risk that it might not be able to re-build back better once it's torn down the things valued by those who resist it?

The United States has boasted long enough; the time to admit bitter defeat is upon it. The Rhodians are deeply entrenched in all facets of America life, and this is not going to go well as the two sides battle things out. Americans need to "count their lucky stars," as is often said, because the West has Russia and China for enemies, for if that had not been the case, all the money spent abroad to weaken these counties would have been spent warring with American nationalists.

It's better if the West is pre-occupied abroad than to have it pre-occupied within. Nationalists want the West to spend money building America, but the West will spend money destroying it. That has long been the goal of the Fabian schemers, the Rhodians, the anti-Christs. It was the Fabians who invented Sovietism. The first Soviet leaders and king-makers were "Jews." Sovietism slipped out of the grasp of the Fabians, and now there is going to be a thing called, Armageddon. The West built its own destruction when it built Soviet Russia. It built its own boomerang that will come back and hit it fatally on the head. When Soviet Russia fell, the Fabians began installing Communism in the United States.

We should be aghast at the Schwabite agenda of thieving tax money from many nations use the global-warming scam, a totally faked "crisis." canada has been such a good EU puppet for so long, thanks especially to the Liberal party. We read:

The federal tax was introduced by the Liberal government in 2019 and is designed as a financial incentive for people and businesses to change their behaviour to burn less fossil fuels and transition to greener forms of energy, thus helping Canada lower its emissions. Nov 2, 2023

An incentive??? Raising the prices of fuel is not an incentive, it's a theft. It's a convenient excuse to steal, worse than someone who breaks into your home one time, for this tax steals your money constantly on many product fronts. Just look at the plan over the next few years to force people onto useless, very-expensive electric cars: "Currently, all provinces and territories are subject to a carbon pricing mechanism, either by an in-province program or by one of two federal programs. As of April 2023 the federal minimum tax is set at CA$65 per tonne of CO 2 equivalent, set to increase to CA$170 in 2030." The $65 is already incredibly high. To justify it, the Liberals give hand-outs to the poor to help them pay this theft, but everyone else forks out their hard-earned money that does not go to curbing the affects of global warming, for that thing is non-existent.

Anyone can take the canadian government to court to force them to prove that global warming necessitates this tax. Is there even one canadian with a little money to spare who could muster such a suit? Just one? Could there be a class-action suit? Does any well-off canadian give a damn? If sea level is not rising, it's impossible for global warming to take place.

The supporters of global warming have condemned themselves, who lied when saying that ocean levels are rising, which only serves to prove that they are without argument once anyone has the sea-level records to show a judge. It is the global-warming supporters who first admitted that the greenhouse effect causes sea-level rises. They made sea-level rise part of the predicted emergencies. And they lied, everyone now knows this. They no longer use the sea-level argument because they know it's counter-productive. An entire court case can be based on this one argument alone because nobody can prove that climate changes or natural disasters are from the greenhouse effect. The latter is the direct basis of the carbon tax.

The plot to reduce fuel emissions is to lower the greenhouse effect, but one can prove easily that there is no greenhouse danger because carbon dioxide, the "culprit" in producing the greenhouse effect, is such a small percentage of the total atmosphere, many times less than one percent of it. Carbon dioxide in the atmosphere is not poisonous at all to living things. Therefore, there is no justification for the high costs of fuels to combat what does not exist, and yet nobody has yet taken the government to court? Are canadians that useless? Do they just let the government walk all over them? Yes, it's what they do best, which is why trudeau is walking all over them more than anyone has before. I've long been ashamed of canadians.

Is there not one Christian canadian with a little money who could spare a court case who also has enough brains to fight this thing, who can also get the right lawyer who won't torpedo the case mid-stream by an act of capitulation to the government-defence team? Is there not even one lawyer who could devote his/her time for free for such a case? Is there not one lawyer living high on the hog who can could start the case with a list of canadians standing behind him? This country is where people come to die a living death amongst the living dead. Where is the hero spirit? Where is the teamwork? Where is the integrity, the backbone? Are we afraid of spineless judges who regularly decide for the government which pays them, and thus cease to be judges?

The Liberal government is trying to force gasoline cars out of operation at a time when electric cars have never been less popular. This is the game plan, to force us into a futuristic type of car that has no sound when we drive, no character whatsoever, and can burn your house down without mercy. Even the insurance companies are sending the signal that home-insurance costs will go very high for electric-car owners. Yet the Liberals want to use this occasion to abuse the people they were elected by to help them. They keep on voting Liberal because they have anti-Christ mindsets; it's a more-correct accusation than you may realize, for anti-Christian values go beyond the mention of "Jesus." These voters know that Liberals will increase taxes, and they are fine with it so long as anti-Christian culture can be maintained and advanced. Even catholics want anti-Christian culture without realizing it, for many catholics never give the true Jesus a thought even when they attend church.

I wonder how many catholics were amongst the eight Republicans who voted against impeachment this week of the chief of the illegal-alien program. The vote failed 209 - 201, with 12 Republicans not voting at all. Why is Ms. Greene, who has little seniority in the House, advancing this bill instead of Speaker Johnson or some other elite member?

Tucker visited Julian Assange earlier this month, in his prison, but I've heard nothing from him bout it. Trump betrayed Assange, and so, as Tucker was invited to be with Trump this week in what could be a teaser-VP photo opportunity, it can explain why Tucker said nothing on Assange. Sad. Tucker with Trump will stain Tucker's image, but I think he would use Trump as a stepping stone to the presidency.

I don't think Tucker's image will be seen as stained amongst Trump's hottest fans because they are usually shallow, hypocritical and reckless in the first place for being hot for Trump, for he's an over-rated bump on a dead log who does nothing but brag about things he doesn't deserve credit for. He spent four years waving the white flag toward the deep state, pretending to his voters that he was fighting it with mortal zeal. In his last year, he agreed to push the country over a cliff for some bribes from the vaccine goons. The country's inners spilled out during the fall.

Trump's hottest fans think he's Jesus when in reality he's Judas Iscariot. And lavish-loving Trump would love to see you go cold for Jesus on behalf of his faked "make America great again." It's smoke and mirrors. Even if America thrives economically again, that's merely the healing of Babylon the Great, generally speaking, the lavish thing that makes American Christians awash in money-lust. I want fair prices, the ability of even poor people to save money, but Trump voters would love being awash in money, the thing that creates casino's and whore houses.

If the voters forget what the vaccine goons did, and if the voters don't seriously cripple the supporters of vaccine goons, the latter will consider it such a super victory that they will come back and do it all over again, even worse. And so if Trump voters do not punish him, by spurning him, for his massive part in the vaccine scheme, including the rocketing of the national dept to manage the scheme and pay off the vaccine distributors, then Trump can feel free to help the vaccine goons when he gets back in the White House. In this picture, Trump voters, with wonder-lust in their eyes, are gambling with the utter destruction of the nation. It could be that God disallowed Trump to take Office in 2021 knowing that he would have stifled the exposure of the vaccine goons. Trump is a troll with wet socks and swamp moss under his shoes. ZERO. He boasts of being everything when he is less than zero. He's the closest thing I can think of to the anti-Christ who claims to be God. He flirts with that idea at times.

Nearing the 1hr55min point of David Knight's Friday show, he shows an article telling that the American government has "confirmed" that cancer cases go up as much as a whopping 1,433 times "due to COVID vaccinations" as compared to other vaccines (article here). However, other vaccines may have been soft on the people by causing cancer many years after vaccinations. COVID vaccines cause fast cancer, a sign of the times where the wicked become completely wicked.

At about the same video point, Mr. Knight tells that miscarriages were shown to double due to vaccinations before or after conception, as compared to unvaccinated women. However, that number may be based on government numbers not to be trusted i.e. the killing of babies could be worse. Stop fully trusting the medicine man; warn people to find medical education with the alternative media too, before submitting to drugs. Don't take full tabs of most vitamin supplements, because that's over-dosing in many cases. Watch out for the metals. I bite small pieces of my tabs, and not daily, making them go a lot further, bonus.

As for trudeau, and perhaps even Poilievre, he advocates separation of church and state in such a way as to keep Christian principles out of governing affairs. But this is wrong because a large part of the population is Christian. A Christian elected to an office has the right to rule with his principles. trudeau would demand that Christians cut their souls and hearts out, and rule as atheist look-alikes so long as they represent the peoples. But, STUPID, if a Christian politician represents the people, he can also represent Christians, for they are the people too, yet trudeau never does anything good for Christians specifically, just as his father didn't, and he slanders them with all sorts of implicating statements.

If there are two or three Christians in political office for every ten politicians, then the two or three have every right to be fully Christian in their politics because the other seven or eight will not likely be in any way. But the way politics is set up, it's just like the scientific community that bans the promotion of Christians to elite offices in its fields. Therefore, when God has finished allowing our enemies to rule in this way, WHAMMO! In an instant, in one hour, the Whore shall be raped and murdered with no cure. The Lord will abort the anti-Christs without mercy. He will slice their body parts and yank them into the trash bin of history to lie there in their own blood, silent and spurned. God's heavy-duty grace on persecutors will translate to heavy-duty prosecution.

David Knight had a section in his Monday episode telling that Chuck Schumer vehemently pushed for abortions in the United States, but opposes them in Israel. Schumer thus shows that he's not concerned about "women's rights," for this is a smoke screen. Abortion is population control, and has always been, but to get women to support it, they tell them that Christians want to violate their rights, and feminist types believe this report. Or, the women who believe this report tend to become feminists. Schumer and many other Jewish organizations oppose abortion in Israel for non-Palestinian Israelites, we get it.

If per chance the 70th Week begins within a few years, Project 25 may be of great help for our tribulation endurance by denting, or even cracking, the liberal deep state. This movement looks like too-little-too-late from Republicans, but even a good dent into the liberal beast will be welcome as opposed to its reinforcing its bastions with another Democrat president. Gods knows what we need, and perhaps he allowed us Biden to make the liberal machine dizzy and convulsive, even chaotic. Near the end of the video, the speaker says that his movement arose after Trump failed to remove key and problematic Obamaites from his administration.

The same video owner as above has a story telling that the U.S. supreme court rejected to hear a case that could have decided for the entire country whether organizations could fire workers under vaccine mandates. I cannot understand how such a vital issue that crippled so many people and families could be rejected...unless a couple of the conservative judges were pro-vaccine, in which case they voted with their bias, when rejecting to hear the arguments, in which case they acted as activists rather than judges:

For brothers and sisters in Spain, the following video doesn't mention the obvious, that the leftists there could have taken the election by fraud, because the right wing was slated to win. It would have been a comforting thing had the anti-globalists won there too, but as things are going, leftists are winning too often now in Europe.

Canada's federal health department recently admitted that mRNA-based COVID vaccines distributed in canada contained DNA contaminants, included SV40, a known, potential cause of cancer. As you may know, DNA fragments can alter cells permanently, and cells altered in this way can sometimes lose some ability to stop replicating, a process defined as a cancerous growth. This issue made its way to the U.S. congress, but, to be assumed, most congressmen don't care, because they had pushed the vaccines, or at best closed their eyes to reports, and do not want to be held guilty, wherefore they will continue to let people become ill rather than apologize and begin reparations first by ordering a ceasing of mRNA vaccinations:

Andrew Torba this week: "The goal isn't necessarily getting everyone on the internet to join Gab. The goal is making the entire internet look like Gab does when it comes to free speech and speaking the Truth." Torba is a demented brother in Jesus, and he's sinning with what he allows on his platform, for he has mix of Christian and course material. The latter defiles people of God as they scroll through the posts, roughly the same as reading comments in a Christian video at bitchute where provocative imps come out to fester. Meanwhile, there's always lots of cute pets at Gab to soften the blows, and keep the Christians coming back for more step-by-step defilement.

The Pfizer CEO, Albert Bourla, was a dinner guest this week with Biden and the Chinese president. We wonder why. Does China want a new round of vaccinations? Larry Fink of Blackrock was there too, we wonder why. The Chinese president, who was visiting governor Gavin Newsom this week in California, has so much dirt on Biden's family and silent partners that he can help to force Biden to give thumbs-up on Newsom's replacing him in the White House. That's what could be going on at this time, with Biden's "supporters" (supplanters) egging him on to quit the 2024 race. Biden even offended the Chinese leader this week by openly calling him a dictator, a sign that he's upset with him. Trump has said he loves Newsom, just another hint that Trump is a liberal-minded fraud to his voter base.

This week, trudeau came out rabidly against Netanyahu, showing his true colors which he was hiding until now. Netanyahu's army has been killing children in Gaza for many days, but only this week did trudeau show disgust for it, and meanwhile this monster kills canadian babies en-masse with abortion and unrelenting vaccinations without apologies, without conscience. Is trudeau now showing support for neo-Nazi's of canada, as the opportunity has presented itself with so many pro-Palestinian voices speaking out?

As the Western tide turns against Israel, the anti-Christs will become bold against Israel. As Speaker Johnson supports the Israeli war, the anti-Christs will become bold against Christians. The real culprits are the Bush's, the Clintons, and Obama's administration to. They raped the Middle-East to foment Arab hatred against all Westerners. However, the Arabs have heard that not all Westerners are for American military invasions and "nation building."

There is a story out this week featuring a 2012 letter from Osama Bin-Laden, but I am very sure, judging from the contents, that bin-Laden did not write the letter. Bin-Laden had nothing to do with 9-11. The letter (I haven't read it) at least implies that he did.

You may have heard that Whites have historically been more intelligent than Blacks because Whites are the fathers of technology while Blacks in Africa continue to live more-rudimentary lives. But Blacks can argue that Whites love technology because they are lazy and wimpish, always seeking to minimize the work of daily chores, or to evolve toward glass houses without a spec of dust. Therefore, if Blacks are unafraid of the work ethic, or of soil under their fingernails, who really are the dummies? Why is the farmer less smart than the factory owner who opts for robots instead of human labor? Isn't the latter an absolute idiot for creating the inhuman assembly line for his own greed? The assembly line is inhuman even if it's manned by humans.

Elon Musk came out to denounce the ADL this week. I don't have any reason to doubt his sincerity, but it should be said that this is widely contributing to anti-Israeli sentiments. On the other hand, Musk is warning that X will not tolerate pro-Palestinian incitement toward Israel's destruction. Elite Israelites are going to be responsible for their own demise with their own evil. Blessed be Israelite Christians, lambs who do no evil. They will inherit the earth. Blessed are the meek and weak who take Refuge. The gentiles called by the Father to Jesus were grafted into Israel, not the other way around. Israel will be the Principal State, sorry Jew haters. Salvation is of the Jews. Jesus' mother descended from the tribe of Judah.

Wicked Israelites / Khazars / Jews, responsible for Illuminati-type societies, may hate gentiles as much as jihadi Muslims do, but at least the latter have good reason to hate the West whereas most of the West has been pro-Israel...until now. It appears that the Illuminatists wish to kill God-forsaken gentiles with drugs, but to kill them/us slowly so that they can make money on their/our illnesses. Disgusting, worthy of Hell. Many Jewish organizations have been killing Western society spiritually. I don't think any of this could have developed apart from the Rothschild family which worked hard to politically and corporately empower many Jewish individuals.

This video says that canada has approved an mRNA vaccine for pigs. canada has a murderous leader at this time who matter-of-factly deserves death, and any judge who knows the full gamut of what this leader has accomplished with vaccines would agree that no such person should be permitted to breath one more breath. What could possibly be the reason to use RNA / DNA materials inside of the pork meat that poor people eat? Can't even the poor avoid trudeau's murderous weapons? If they can't afford beef, fish or chicken, they buy pork. But I stopped buying even pork, and am now denied meat purchases in stores thanks to this swine of a man, for fear of what he's allowing / dictating within it. May trudeau be killed by an mRNA "bullet" to his heart, I would celebrate on a day like that. May trudeau be killed by a clot to his brain, and may the whole country rejoice with me, even if we can rejoice for just a day until we are grieved again when we remember the loved ones / friends whom he has killed or maimed:

If you haven't seen the current push of the WHO to create a global, dictatorial, forcible-vaccine system that could be the stepping stone to the mark of the beast. These two men are devoted to stopping the WHO:

Argentina got an anti-globalist president this week. It seems the whole world has heard of the derogatory globalism word.

Just another reason not to eat out anymore:


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