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October 17 - 23, 2023

Chris Sky Part of the Marble Shot
Gokturk God in/from Boeotia With Pagan Levites?
Evolutionists are Photon Fools

It was nice while it lasted. Hall of Names is no longer showing the descriptions of the Coats of Arms presented at House of Names, but I have many of them recorded in my memory, and in past updates from which to find some.

In the last update, as well as the last update of last month, I showed how my miracle-marble shot pointed to justin trudeau, after there had been pointers to the trucker convoy that frightened him so much due to its ability to popularize the anti-vaxx camps against his murderous camp. For canada, the trick has always been to push agendas by feigning their popularity, which is why trudeau wants to suppress social media which popularize the sides he and his anti-Christ partners oppose.

This week, Christ SKY was in the social-media news, which reminded that the miracle-alley shot was on Hullmar drive directly across from SKYE Court in Toronto. I then recalled that Chris Sky ran to be the mayor of Toronto recently. I therefore looked up the Chris Coat to find them listed with Christmans sharing the Justin border. It looks like a pointer to justin trudeau.

Plus, Doug FORD was the Toronto mayor during the plandemic, and Irish Fords happen to have a "Christi" motto term! Irish Fords share the roses of Mayor-connectable Beils, and branch of Bellys, and then the "bello Christi" motto phrase of Bouillons can apply. It appears that English Fords may have been first found in Hampshire with Chris'! It looks like a pointer to Chris Sky. Bellys were first found in Moray with DOUGlas'. Douglas Ford!

(To follow better, load Fords now to load and view other surnames on another Internet tab.)

Irish Fords even share the martlets of Fleetwoods while Fleets almost have the Coat of Flicks!!! The marble was flicked off of my thumb, which is why Flicks have been a re-occurring topic over the past few updates now. As I've said many times over some years, the Flags are listed with Flicks while McLeods/Clouds, first found on the island of SKYE, use flags!!! Fleet-like Floats/Flotts were first found in Norfolk with Flags/Flicks.

The new-to-me-now, Flick-like German Flocks share the giant Alley lion! The Flock lion holds what looks like a nail, and while German Nails list Nagle's, Irish Nagle's share the Fauci lozenge! Lookie there. Flake's share the wing of German Fulks while English Fulke's were first found in Norfolk with Flags/Flicks and SHEETs. Fulks ruled Angers, and English Angers share the lozenge of Irish Nagle's too! English Flocks/Folketons even share the chevron of Floats/Flotts and Flatts/Fletts (SHETland). Zikers, I've been missing all of this all along until now.

We were playing potsies when I smacked the opponents marble by my flick shot, and the pot is just a HOLE in the ground that we make. Fleets, in HOLE/Hall colors, and first found in Lincolnshire with Hole's/Halls. Fleets were first found more particularly at HOLbeach, how about that. Fleets and Flags/Flicks share the scallops of Meschins (Shropshire with TALBOTs), and while earl Ranulph le Meschin (Cheshire with Marble's) married Lucy TAILLEBOIS (Lincolnshire with Holbeach), the dog used by Hole's/Halls is often called a "talbot." The flick show was on HULLmar drive, and Hulls share the triple dog heads of Hole's/Halls.

It gets more amazing as per the Fleet write-up: "The surname Fleet was first found in Lincolnshire at Fleet, a parish, in the union of Holbeach, hundred of Elloe, parts of HOLLAND." Hollands happen to share the lion of Hall-like Alleys, and while Scottish Allisons have the same dogs (same colors) as Hole's/Halls, they (Allisons) are in the colors and format of Potters, the latter first found in the same place as English Pots. Allisons point to trudeau by their motto.

Chris Sky tours canada speaking against COVID tyranny, and for his efforts has been arrested by police / RCMP on multiple occasions as the trudeau government seeks to suppress the opposing side. He even appeared on stage in Ottawa at the trucker convoy. The outspoken Sky has been mistreated far worse than any trucker, highlighting the tyrannical nature of the trudeau's political partners.

The justins use a "sine" motto term while Sine's are listed with Swans who in turn share the swan of Chris'/Christmans and German Christmas'/Christmans. Both of the latter share the Justin border. Plus, I was on the front steps of a home on Skye Court talking to COSmo and his brother while "Causa" is a justin motto term. Cosmo's use a flower the design of which is in the Dundee Crest, and while Scottish Kidds were first found in Dundee, English Kidds (Suffolk with English share the goat of Kepke's/Kopke's who in turn share the Justin / Chris border.

Kepke's/Kopke's, Dundee's and Chris' are all in Alley colors and format. Mr Kepke took CHRISTINE Peare from me (age 18), and Christine's/Christians, who might be using a blue-on-blue border to go with the gold-on-blue border of Kepke's/Kopke's and cup-using Koops/Kupe's, share cups wit Koops/Kupe's.

Then, Chris' were first found in Hampshire with the Mile's/Mills who not only have the moline cross of Koops/Kupe's in colors reversed, but their border in colors reversed too. The other English Mills, likewise first found in Hampshire, use a mill rind while Rinds were first found in Perthshire with Justins, helping to make the Chris link to Justins. The Moline's (Devon with Wise's) have black goat heads in the colors of the demi-goat of Weiss', the latter first found in Saxony with Kepke's/Kopke's (white goat). The Moline Chief (has the goat heads) is in the colors and format of the Belly Chief.

The Honors in the Mill motto were first found in Worcestershire with Alleys and TUME's/Tombs. I flicked the miracle-alley shot with my THUMB. Tummy-like Tume's were pointed to by a Belly-press event between Christine Peare (I called her, Chris) and I (when we both worked in Toronto). Bellys have a "Per" motto term. I trace Tume's/Tombs to the royal Cottians while the six pale bars of Coats'/Cotes' are shared by Trudeau-like Trude's/Trots/TRUTHs, and "Truth" is a motto term of Scottish ALLISONs, first found in Lanarkshire with Chris-beloved Swans/Sine's. I've said quite a few times that shortly after ALLISON Bauer and I split up, I dated this Chris Peare...just weeks before the belly-press event that pointed to the "bello Christi" motto phrase of Bouillons, first found in Auvergne with the Kepke-connectable Bauds.

SHOCKING. I've just fallen on this after thinking that I could not involved the Mayors as per Chris Sky running to be Toronto's mayor. English Mayors are said to have held the countship of CorBEIL while one Beil Coat shares Belly chevron and Belly rose!!!! The other French Beils (another red rose) were first found in Burgundy with the Sire's/Sirets who not only share the anchor with English Majors, not only share the SCALES of justice with Justins/Justice's, but throw in a "justitia" motto term!!! Scale's were first found in Hertfordshire with Press'/Prests. The Belly-press!!!!!

The Siret variation of Sire's can take us to the Siret river into which the Trotus rivers flows which I trace to Trude's/Trots/Truths. The Siret was anciently the AGARus while Hagars were first found in Perthshire with Justins/Justice's. Hagars share the hexagram of Goat-connectable Goths/Gothelo', and the Goods/GUTs were pointed to by the belly-press too because Gothelo was the grandfather of Goda, mother of Godfrey de Bouillon. The Cotesii were on the Buzau tributary of the Agarus, and the Coutes' look like kin of Colts/Cults, the latter first found in Perthshire with Justins/Justice's.

Mayor-like Meyers/Mare's (Cheshire with Bellows/Bello's) use a giant ship while Ships use "bellows" while Bellows are also Bello's (in the Bouillon and Baud motto).

Tute's/Touts share the Tatton crescent while TATTons (Cheshire with Meyers/Mare's) share the seated greyhound (different color) in Crest with English Mayors. Chris Sky has a horrible TATToo on his neck, and Necks share the giant Coutes / Colt stag head. Colters were first found in Lanarkshire with Chris-beloved Swans, and Totts share the giant Chris/Christman swan!

No Sky- / Skylar-like surname comes up, but Sykes' have an "ASSIduus" motto term while I link Assi's (Shetland with Flatts/Fletts) to Justins. The Chrystys happen to have a "Sic" motto term while Sykes' are also Sichs. Thus, we do seem to have a Chris Sky pointer to Justin trudeau. "Sic" is a motto term also of Fauci-branch Fiscs/Ffiske's (Norfolk with Sykes-beloved Fountains) who may have been a branch also of Pfizers. Fiscs/Ffiske's share the stars of Whoo's/Hoo's, a potential pointer to the sickening WHO now seeking to confirm a "treaty" next spring with many nations that amounts to a blood-brother pact amongst thieves and killers.

One makes a fist when flicking a marble off of the index finger. Pfisters (Bavaria with Rothes'/Rothchilds) share the Roten / Reitman hexagram, and Fisters/Fists are also Fauci-like Fauss'. Fisters/Fists are also Fausts while Fasts are in the motto of McLeods/Clouds of Skye, how about that. The latter's flags are code for the Flags/Flick, and thus it's pointed to by the flick of the marble across from Skye Court. Flags/Flicks and Fasts were first found in Norfolk with Fiscs/Ffisce's.

The Fieschi were in Genova with the first-known Fauci's, and while the Genova surname is listed with Geneva's, WHO has a headquarters in Geneva, in Switzerland with Schwab's Davos cult of thieves and killers. The translated Fisc motto includes "go," which is the short-form for graphene-oxide, which I claim was pointed to by Graffs/Graffins, first found in Switzerland, and using the anchor while Anchors were a branch of Angers who in turn share the Fauci lozenge. Switzerland is also where Fisc-like Feschs/VECHTers were first found who share the black pale bar with VICTOR(ia)s.

For the record, while Feschs list a FescherNICH variation. Nichs are listed with Knesset-like Kness'/Ness'.

Allison Bauer can point to Mayer Bauer, the first Rothschild. Allisons are not only like "Alley," but the alley shot was at HULLmar and Skye while Hulls essentially share the Hall/HOLE, Holly and Allison dog. English Allisons use the peacock while "just" is a motto term of Peacocks. We had dug a HOLE in the grass to form a pot in the alley game of potsies, and Pots were first found in Hampshire with Mills while Miles', sharing the mill rind with Mills, were first found in Lincolnshire with Halls/Hole's and Grasse's. The latter share the Alley lion! Milehams, sharing the Marble griffin, and in Trudeau colors, were first found in Norfolk with Hollys! It was the Justin-connectable Koops/Kupe's who took us to Mills to begin with.

Plus, the same Mills with the "Honor" motto term throw in "PRETium" while Preters/Prays were pointed to when I literally said a prayer before the miracle-alley shot. Irish Prays not only have the six pale bars of Coats'/Cotes' and Trude's/Truths, but "preTIUM" looks like code also for Tume's (same place as Alleys and Honors). "TOUT Pret" is the motto of Morays/Murrays while Bellys were first found in Moray. The full Mill motto is "Honor virTUTis pretium,' and Tute's are listed with Touts. The latter are in the motto of English Belows (Yorkshire with Tute's/Touts), and it just so happens that Totts share the giant swan of Chris'/Christmans, perfect because we got here from the motto of Mills, first found in Hampshire with Chris'/Christmans.

The cool thing now is that the "viresco" motto term of Chrystys can take use to the Vires variation of Verona's, first found in Ile-de-France with Trudeau's. If the latter's Shield were blue, it would be in Vires/Verona colors and format, and then Verona is where Belly-branch Belli's were first found.

Royal Cottians were at Susa, in Piedmont, and Piedmont is where Peare-branch Pero's/Perino's were first found. Susans, in Tume colors, use the lily, and Lilys were first found in Worcestershire with Tume's and Alleys. The Lille Coat looks linkable to a Mill Coat.

I may be wrong, but didn't Chris Sky work a while with Rebel News? The Rebelo's share the triple fesses of Stouts/Stows, the latter first found in Cambridgeshire with News'/Nuces'. Rebel News.

OH wow. I actually lived in the home of a Miss Abreu (Portuguese) whose mother was born Miss Rebel(l)o. The Portuguese Rebelo's are said to descend from Delgado's while Italian Delgado's not only share the flower design of Cosmo's, but were first found in Padua with Cosmo's! The only friends I had on Skye Court were Cosmo and his brother, but it was hardly a friendship. We spoke a couple of times only as I would venture to their place. And I think this explains paragraph why i.e. to help confirm the pointer to Chris Sky / Rebel News. By far, Rebel News is more a thorn in side of trudeau than Sky.

Miss Abreu lives in Kingstons while Christ Sky lives in King township while Kings and Kingstons share the same lion which was recently linkable to the same-colored griffin of Marble's. Here's how it was put two updates ago, keeping in mind that the marble shot was against the marble of Tune-like Tony, and that Tooms are like the Tume's:

This section started on the similarity between the Marble and King Coats while Kings/Kengs use the crosslets of Towns/Tooms in different colors while the Town/Toom crosslets are in the colors of the Marble crosslets. I have found a new-to-me Kinton/KenTONE surname, in King and Kingston colors, first found in Suffolk with English Towns/Tune's. Suffolk is beside Kent, suggesting that Kingstons derived, not from "king" as we would assume, but from Kents who had first become Kentons/Kintons. The latter's write-up has a Kenton location in Devon with the first-known Kings/Kengs, and the write-up says that Mr. King of Devon "brought the name to Cheshire in 1177," which is where Marble's were first found.

Kent is where Alley-branch Atleys were first found. Kingstons were at Kingston upon Hull, and the marble shot was on HULLmar drive.

The Cosini variation of Cosmo's may have been the original. From there, we can go to Cossins/Cousins, first found in Norfolk with Tute's/Tuits, and to Cossins/Cossets (Anjou) having a Coat looking like the Totten Coat. From Cossets, we can go to Costners sharing the wing of German Fulks, likely from Fulks of Anjou, and likely a branch of Flicks/Flags. Chris's were first found in Hampshire with Flys of Flagi who in turn have the fleur-de-lys of English Constantine's in colors reversed.

From Cossets, we can also go to Costs/Causts/Cotels, first found in Languedoc with Cottons/Cotta's, and with Cusson-connectable Constance's/Constantine's/Contens and Conte's. As Cosmo's are also Gosmins while Goz's are also Gos', we can further go to the Conteville's of Gosmin-like Comines (Norfolk with Cousins/Cossins) who married Richard Goz. Irish Constantine's share the triple lions of Irish Brians while Briancon is directly over the Cottian alps from the royal Cottians.

Cottle's/Cotels essentially share the Coat of Kepke-branch Keeps for a trace to Kepoi at Azov, the latter suspect from the Assi peoples to the "ASSIduus" motto term of Sykes'/Sucks. Note how "assiDUUS" can connect to the "duce" motto term of Goose-connectable Schims. Azov is near lake Sevan, the line to Chris-beloved Swans. Goose's (blue/Gog color) are listed with Mole-related Googe's while Mole's share the Goz/Gos stars, and they say that "gog" means "blue / sky."

Keeps share the Lorraine bend for a related reason, and Lorraine's share the bend-with-eagles of GorSUCH's, first found in Lancashire with of Sich-like Suchs. Keeps and Lorraine's are from Maria of the Kiev VARANGians, and Hugh D'AVRANCHes was son of Richard Goz. Mole's and Goose's/Googe's were first found in ROXBURGHshire, named by the Roxolani of Kiev who has a homeland also near/at the lower Siret river.

Roxburghs share the pale bar of raven-using Tate's, and while the Stout-surnamed vikings had a raven banner, Stouts/Stows share the triple fesses of Rebelo's. Rebels/Robels show the wing once shown by Masci's, a branch of Massys of Tatton. Lake Tatta was near the upper Halys river, and Halys'/Haleys share the boar of Goose's/Googe's. Halys'/Haleys were even first found in Sligo with Higgens/Hickens and Higgensons/Hickensons while Hicks' use a "Tout" motto term while Touts/Tute's share the Tatton crescent while HYKSos are thought to have been from/to the Hayasa-AZZI of the Moschi mountains.

The Meshech (at lake Sevan) were a chief Gogi tribe while Richard Goz was the grandfather of Ranulph le Meschin (Cheshire with Tattons of Massy). The Skye-like Sykes'/Sichs (Cumberland with Daggers), who could have Tattons in their write-up with Tatton Skyes, share "fountains" with Cusson-connectable Kiss'/Cush's, and then "cushion"-using Kilpatricks can bring us to Irish Kilpatricks who share the Cosmo saltire. The cushion-using Kilpatricks share the dagger with Comine's, the latter first found in Norfolk with Cousins/Cossins, Patricks and Fountains. Fountains have a Coat like that of Hugs/Hughues' (Languedoc with flag-using Font-de-Ville's), and Richard Goz was father to Hugh D'Avranches. Hugs/Hughues' almost have the Chief of Languedoc's Constance's/Contens.

I've seen the description of the Sykes/Sich Crest as a "triton", though I don't know whether that describes the TORToise now showing in the Sykes/Sich Crest. The TOREATae scythians were at the sea of Azov. The triton could be code for the Treetons/TURTons, a possible TRUDeau branch. Treetons/Turtons not only use a flag for connection to my flicking the alley in the miracle-marble shot, but they share the trefoils of Rocks, first found in Worcestershire with Alleys and raven-using rooks. Doesn't this paragraph's heraldry appear Arranged (by God) to point both to Chris Sky and justin trudeau? Tretts/Trittons/Trattons have the Trote's, Trotts and Treeton of Yorkshire in their write-up.

The idea here is that the Toreatae, a fellow Maeotian tribe with the Sadducee-like Sittaceni, named the Trotus river, and later the Trudeau's, first found in Ile-de-France with Caiaphas-like Chappes'.

Back to the Tattons of Massy. Chris Sky has multiple tattoos, and the Pyxites river, at least beside the Moschi mountains, may have been named by skin pictures. For example, the Picts were/are thought to have been named after their tattoos. Justine of Picenum's country may have been named by proto-Picts of Scotland, for the latter lived in Perthshire, where Justine's were first found.

It has been said, even at Wikipedia's article on the Biblical Pontius Pilate, that his father, a Roman ambassador to the Picts, mated with a Pict of PERTHshire to give birth to him. It tends to trace Pilate's bloodline to the pheon of Colts/Cults (Perthshire), not only because it's colors reversed from the pheon of Pilate's/Pilotte's, but because a peak of mont Pilat in Burgundy is, PERDrix. Pilate's/Pilotte's were first found in Burgundy with Mayor-connectable Beils and Messeys/Messier's. English Pilotte's and their Pellet branch share the Coat of Christine's/Christians. Pictons share the lion of Kings, the latter first found in Devon with Pike's. Pictons have ermines filling their Shield while Ermine's were first found in Lincolnshire with English Pilotte's and English Messier's.

Pictons are essentially in Marble colors and format, and Marble's tell that Ranulph le Meschin "granted the manorial rights [of Marple] to Robert of STOCKport." Pictons tell of their Pickton location in STOCKton...of Yorkshire, where Kingstons were first found who share the King / Picton lion. Stockports/Stopfords tell that they had been from a tenant of the baron of Dunham Massey, a barony that started with Hamon de Masci. This explains why Hamons, first found in Kent with Roots and Picks/Pix's/PIXT's, share so-called "pean" (gold-on-black ermines) with the Picton Shield. Picots, first found in Cheshire with Marble's, Stocktons, Stockports, Dunham Massey, and le Meschin, use "pike heads" (arrow heads in honor of Pike's). Arrows/Arras' were first found in Staffordshire with STOPs/Stubbs (pheon arrow heads). Stockports/STOPfords have the Coat of Roots and Bagleys (Shropshire with Meschins) in colors reversed, and Roots share the rooted tree in Crest with Picks/Pix's/Pixt's. The latter share the fitchees of Ratterys, first found in Perthshire.

Felice, I have read, is the vatican "patron saint" of Picenze, where my Masci ancestors lived, and Stockports have an "inFELICi" motto term. Heraldic codes often go way back to about 1100-1200 AD. I'm the guy God used for the miracle-marble shot. I can now see why, where Marble's were involved with Masci's of Cheshire.

So far as I've heard of Christ Sky's complaints against the COVID scheme, not only are they all my positions, but my attitude would be as outspoken as his, maybe even more indignant than he is, had I been called to do what he's been doing across this country.


I really dislike tattoos, however. I can't figure out how anyone could be so childish and bizarre as to wear permanent, lizardic drawings on their skin. I can see how Sky's tattoos point with his surname back to lake Tatta, location of Perth-like ancient Perta. It's not far from the Pyxites river. "PARTem" is a motto term of Kennati-like Kennets (share helmet with Irish Kennedys) who use the Massey Shield while I trace Masseys to Quadratilla Bassus of Cetis, location also of the Kennati priests, and not far from lake Tatta. I trace the Kenites of Israel to Schimatari, and Irish Kennedys have a scimitar.

Perts/Petts were first found in Kennati-like Kent with Picks/Pixts and English Petits; the latter are in the motto of Malcolms/COLUMNs while Stocktons use the column, as do Pelosi's/PILATi's (Piedmont with Masci's). The giant lion of English Petits is even in the Picton Crest. French Petits first found in Burgundy with Pilate's/Pilotte's, and the latter are in Stockport/Stopford colors and format. The cups of English Bole's are shared by English Pilotte's (Lincolnshire with English Bole's) who in turn have the Goose/Googe boar heads in their cups in Pilate/Pilotte colors and format. The Bole's share the black boar in Crest with Rollo's (more boar heads), the latter first found in Perthshire with Pontius Pilate's Pictish mother. She's expected to the Celts/Colts while Alters/Colters can be in the "alteram" motto term of Kennets. Perhaps Pontius Pilate was a Kenite > Kennati descendant.

Pictons share the lion of Kennati-like Nights/Knaughts likely of the English Knights, the latter first found in Suffolk with the Rush' in the "BULrushes" of Perts/Petts. The latter share the lozenges of Bullys, first found in Dumfries with Nitts/Naughts and the Nith river. Apparently, Kennati were at this river near ANNAN(dale). Nitts/Naughts share the checks of Pitts who in turn share the stork with Perts/Petts. Stork-using Store's/Sturys have the six-sectioned Shield colors of Alfreys in reverse, who were first found in Worcestershire with Alleys while the latter's Atley branch were first found in Kent with Alfrey-like Alfreds.

King Alfred "the great" was the son of AETHELwulf, and Athels were first found in Perthshire with the Wings/Winks while Portuguese Alfreds show nothing but wings. Athels almost have the Coat of Alley-like Ailes', the latter first found in Kent with Alley-branch and Athel-like Atleys. As Elvis Presley was Miss Abreu's favorite singer while Presleys have two symbols of Italian Abreu's, it could be that Elvis/Elways were an Alley branch. Elvis/Elways were first found in Nottinghamshire with Ainsleys who in turn have the Elway-like Always' in their motto.

Ainsleys, suspect with Annandale's from Annas/Ananus of Israel, have another scimitar, as do Reckitts/Ricketts who in turn look by their swords like kin of Scottish McGee's, first found in Dumfries with Annandale. McGee's share the boars of Meigh's/My's (Nottinghamshire with Ainsleys) in the "my king" motto phrase of Ainsleys. The latter also use "my country" while Countrys were first found in Kent with Joke's while English Conte's are also Country-like Counters (Yorkshire with Cuntys/Conedays) while Italian Conte's share the lion of Lafins/La Fonts in the motto of Scottish Kennedys, and it's the Irish Kennedys (same place with Lafins/La Fonts) who have the other scimitar. Conte's thus look like Kennati liners.

Kennati worshipped Ajax, and Scottish Jacks use holly while Hollys share the Hull dog while Dogs/Doags were first found in Perthshire while Douglas' names Castle Douglas near the Nith river. They also named Douglas in Lanarkshire, where Alters/Colters were first found while Alda's/Aulds/Aults were first found in Ayrshire with Scottish Kennedys. French Jacques' share the swords of Auld-like Aude's suspect in the "Audi" motto term of Kennets.

Knight-like Kings and Kingstons, sharing the Night/Knaught lion, named Kingston on the Hull Yorkshire, where English Jacks were first found. Jack-branch Joke's were first found in Kent with Perts/Petts and Petits, and the latter share the giant lion of Hoe's, first found in Tipperary with Irish Kennedys and the Lafins/La Fonts in the "la fin" motto phrase of Scottish Kennedys. Lafins/La Fonts have the Night/Naught / Picton lion in colors reversed. Jake's/Jackmans look like kin of Ticks/Tocks (early in Kent).

The Pyxites river was at the PONTus, and something at the latter probably named PONTius Pilate. Ponts/Ponds were first found in Hampshire with swan-using Chris', and lake Sevan was not far from the Pyxites. The Pilate/Pilotte pheons are shared by Nottings while the Sutys love the Nothings in Cnut/Note colors and format. Sutys, a branch of Scythes'/Side's, were first found in Perthshire with the Wings/Winks in the Notting Crest, and with the Wing-related Justin(e)s. Scythes'/Side's were first found in Fife with SIBALs, and VINKovci was called, CIBALae, city of the husband of Justine of Picenum.

Amazingly, Miss Abreu of Kingston (Ontario) had a Miss Rebelo mother now pointing to Rebel News (main lady there has tattoos too). On a weekend sunny day in winter, I would drive roughly every two weeks along lake Ontario to the brink of Picton, and I often took the ferry to go into Picton. That's when I was living in her home. The owner (Ezra Levant) of Rebel News is Jewish, and Abreu's/Abruzzo's were probably Hebrews, not necessarily from Israelites. Picenze is in Abruzzo. The Abreu-related Portuguese Alfreds can connect to Kent's Alfreds.

As was said above, Rebels/Robells show the white wing once shown (same design) by Masci's, and later, houseofnames changed the Masci Coat. changing it's two white wings to one white, and the other gold, wherefore the Masci's no share the gold-on-red wings of Portuguese Abreu's.

Rebels/Robells even share the tree stump (different color) with Stocktons, and Abreu's/Abruzzo's can be gleaned with the lion of Robell-like Roberts (Burgundy with Pilate's) and Propers/Robins/Roberts (Cheshire, near Ribble river) because I trace Bruce's (Brusi's) to "Abruzzo" while and the first royal Bruce's were Roberts. The Portuguese Abreu's are in the format of, and colors reversed from, the Spanish GAZA/Casa Coat, and the latter use wheat sheaves while Italian Sheaves'/Chiava's, first found in the Abruzzo capital, have five keys in the format of the Gaza/Casa sheaves. The Gaza's/Casa's use eagle heads, I think, and L'Aquila (Abruzzo capital) uses the eagle.

Lupus LAEVILLus was king of Cetis while Robinsons have the six bars of LEAVELLs in colors reversed. Joseph Caiaphas was the high priest of Israel whose cabal demanded from Pontius Pilate to crucify Jesus, and then Robbs/Robe's (share Robin chevron) were first found in Stirlingshire with Chappes'/Cheaps while French Chappes' were first found in the same place with Levi's and Trudeau's. Robbs/Robe's nearly have the Trudeau Coat. The Robinson Crest shares the gold boar with the Crest of Eure's, and I trace "Abreu" to "Evreux" in Eure.

Robertsons were first found in Perthshire's Atholl. Atholls/Athels (compare with Ailes' of Kent) could have been from the royal Athelings who included the wife of Malcolm III, the line possibly to the Malcolms/Columns in the Stockton / Pelosi/Pilati column.

Again, Atholls/Athels might be a variation from/to the Atley variation of Alleys, and Atleys were first found in Kent with Picks/Pixt's. The brown lion heads of Atleys can be the brown lion of Stocktons which holds a column, and while there is a Robert of Stockton in the Marble write-up, there is a Robert of Stockport in the Stockport write-up.

Pictons, who named Pickton at Stockport (Yorkshire with Bruce's), were first found in Flintshire (beside Cheshire), beside or near the Denbighshire location of the first-known Bathers almost having the Roberston Coat. Bachs/Baghs, first found in Denbighshire, share the blue vair fur of French Roberts (Burgundy with Messeys/Messier's). Messeys/Messier's use the flag of Mercia while Robertsons have a "merces" motto term. Mercys are listed with Maisie's.

Chris Sky, along with the trucker convoy and Rebel News, were major players in halting the horrible fate that trudeau was on the brink of bringing canadians. Most of the latter are stupid, ignorant, deceived, dull, dim, useless, and many have become disgusting. They rather get along and enjoy peaceful evenings than to be bothered to fight the dark anti-Christ wave that has swamped them. But God is apparently telling us that he's restrained some of the evil, for now. Take advantage while there is yet time and opportunity.

I almost missed it. The Mercys/Maisie's have the Potter Coat in colors reversed! Potters were first found in Hampshire with Pots, and Tony and I were playing potsies with our alleys.

Patents/Pattens share the black vair fur with Stocktons while the Quints, once said to be first found in Essex with Patents/Pattens and STUBBings, share the blue-vaired fur in Chief with French Roberts. Potters are in the colors and format of Dragons/Drainers (Kent with Column-beloved Petits) while Stockports have a dragon in Crest.

The "fidelis" motto term of Stockports can be for Fiddle's/FIDElows having the Roberston Coat in colors reversed, but see also the Wolvers in Meschin colors and format. The "Patriae" motto term of Stockports can be for Patria's/Peertree's, first found in CARDINEshire with Fothes'/Fette's/FIDO's, a branch of Ford-like Foots/FOODs (Cheshire again). Stockports/StopFORDs. STOCK your FOODs. Cardine's (Cheshire) share the pheons of Stops/Stubbs while Stockports are also STOPfords. The Stockton tree stump may be called a tree stub.

Repeat from above:

Plus, Doug FORD was the Toronto mayor during the plandemic, and Irish Fords happen to have a "Christi" motto term! Irish Fords share the roses of Mayor-connectable Beils, and branch of Bellys, and then the "bello Christi" motto phrase of Bouillons can apply. It appears that English Fords may have been first found in Hampshire with Chris'! It looks like a pointer to Chris Sky. Bellys were first found in Moray with DOUGlas'. Douglas Ford!

The CorBEILs in the Mayor write-up were first found in Savoy with the Aude's suspect in the "audax" motto term of English Forts (rock for Roquefeuil in Aude). Ford-like "Fortis" is a motto term of English Pots and English Forts. The Moray stars are shared with Billiards/Hillards, a branch of Billiards/Billets, the latter first found in Maine with the Pellicans in the Potten/Pottinger Coat (Tume / Susan colors), and the latter have the Savoy cross in colors reversed while Savoy is just over the Cottian Alps from the Cottian capital, Susa, i.e. where I trace Tume's.

Gog's Sky God

Repeat from above: "The idea here is that the Toreatae, a fellow Maeotian tribe with the Sadducee-like Sittaceni, named the Trotus river, and later the Trudeau's, first found in Ile-de-France with Caiaphas-like Chappes'". It's where Mellans were first found too, who share the Chief of Rock-related Rods while English Mellansons, using "rods," are from Milan, where Ottone Visconti ruled who used the snake symbol. Ottone's share the tall and solid Chappes chevron. Milan is where Italian Maurels were first found having a form of the Mellanson Coat, and then French Maurels (same colors) were first found in Brittany with the Melansons (not "Mellanson") who in turn share the SNAKE and Sans/SANCHez eagle, perfect because Roxolani lived at least beside (probably amongst) the SENSii.

Azov is also Maeotis, near Alania, and while Alans were in Brittany too, and Meads/Meats can be linked to Medleys and Motleys of Shropshire, where Middle's were first found, and Mellansons have rods with "an axe in the middle". The axe can be for a branch of the Assi, first found on SCYTHian-like Shetland. Scythe's are listed with Sheets/Skate's, a Skit/Skeet branch, and Scythes' are listed with Seaton-branch Side's while Seaton is a location at the mouth of the Axe Devon, where Rods were first found.

Rhodopolis was between lake Sevan and Azov. Rhodes' have a coat like the one of Decans and Deacons, and Decani is on the White Drin not far east of Maeotis-like Meteon. on this map, near the Caiaphas-like Cavii Illyrians on the Black Drin, and the Selepitanoi who named Sleap in Shropshire. Lake Scodra of that area looks Scythian, and can be traced to Scotts, both the people and the surnames. The two Drin rivers were beside the Paioni upon the AXius river, and who had a city of Stobi traceable to the pheon-using Stops/Stubbs. The Black Drin drains out lake LYCHNidus, and Lake Sevan was Lychnis too. Licks/Locks (Lanarkshire with Sions/Sine's/Swans) use swans while Licks/Lucks use greyhound heads in the colors of the courant greyhound of FORDs and Scoots/Scougals. Stops may have named the StopFORD location of Stockports.

The Scotts sharing the Mellanson crescents were first found in ROXburghshire. These Scotts were at the Ale river while Ailes' were first found in Kent with English Scotts and Snake's/Snooks. The latter share the Melanson and Sans/Sanchez eagle, in the colors of Seneca's/SENESchals ("sine" motto term) who in turn almost have the Rouen Coat. Rollo the Dane Rus ruled at Rouen.

The Rouen Coat is almost the Quincy Coat while Saer de Quincy built the Faucet castle in East Lothian. Quincy's were first found in Northamptonshire with the Spinks who in turn share the Sans/Sanchez and Snake eagle, and also have the Seneca/Seneschal MASCLES in half their colors. Mascals (Sussex with Saddocks) have the eSCUTcheon of Sadducee-like Saddocks/Sedgewicks in colors reversed, and Scottish Mascals are listed with Keiths, first found in East Lothian with Seatons/Sittens. Scute's were first found in Lancashire with Cavii-like Cave's, and Cavii were to the south of lake SCODra.

The Sensii, Roxolani and Trot-connectable Cotesii lived in Scythia Minor (Lower Scythia), home of the so-called Royal Scythians. Upper Scythia touched upon Moesia, a land likely named by a tribe of the Moschi mountains. The Moschius river was at Moesia. I trace the Polish Mieszko's of Goplo to Koplik at the Clausula river at lake Scodra.

I trace Seatons/Sittens to the Setantii Brigantians of England. I see them as the namers of Sitten, otherwise called, Sion, in Switzerland with the first-known Sensii-like Sens' sharing the Mellanson crescent. The Sittaceni of Maeotis looks applicable to Setantii. Sions/Swans are suspect from lake Sevan, and may have named Sweyn/Sveinn Forkbeard, a Danish king, father of king Cnut. At Wikipedia's article on Forkbeard, he's got a picture of an axe on his breast. Forkbeard's father was Moschi-connectable Mieszko, whom I trace to Mieske's/Mesechs. Lake Sevan, shown as Lychnis on this map, had a Sittaceni-like Soducena location near Gogarene.

Seatons/Sittens were first found in East Lothian with Scoots/Scougals who are in turn linkable to king Cnut while Note's/Cnuts share the Mellanson crescent too. Shoe's have Scougal-like variations, and they use the Knight while Nights/Knaughts look like "Cnut / Knutt." I trace Danes to mythical Danaus, and to "Tanais" at the Maeotian swamp.

The Ardon river of Alania can be of the Ardiaei that you see beside Meteon, the latter suspect from Medan, son of the Biblical Abraham and his second wife, Keturah, suggesting that his tribe named lake Maeotis.

The Seneca's/Seneschals are said to descend from Dents, who were first found at SEDburgh, suspect from the Sedans/Sidens, and branch of Seatons/Sittens and thus traceable to the Setantii Brigantians whose fractions could have been at Brigantium, opposite the Cottian alps from the royal Cottians.

Quora: "Could Gog come from the Gok word that means blue or sky"? Googe's are white on blue. Might SCYthians have been named after "sky," since Scythians were proto-English speakers? Wikipedia's article on Gokturks: "Gokturk means 'Celestial Turk', or sometimes 'Blue Turk' (i.e. because sky blue is associated with celestial realms)."

On a Gokturk god, Tengri: "In one Turkic myth, Tengri is a pure, white goose..." Can this explain the Goose variation of Googe's? Tengri was the god of the Huns, and might even have been a part of the Khazar pantheon, therefore.

Might Tengri have named a Tanagra location (Boiotia), home of Orion's father? I trace Tanagra elements to Tankerville's, a branch of TACKs and Tancreds, relatives of Rollo. "SANS TACHE" is a motto of Peerless'/NAPIERs, suspect from the Naparis river of the Roxolani. Napps share the lion of Seaton-branch Side's/Scythes'. Tankerville's share the Bus cinquefoil for a potential trace to Roxolani on the Buzau river. The Tankerville Shield with eSCUTcheon is roughly shared by Chaddocks and Chadwicks who nearly have the Saddock/Sedgewick Coat. Tankerville's were kin of CHAMBERlains, suspect from Chambre on the Arc river near Brigantium.

Ahh, I get it. The flower in the Chadwick Crest is the flower design of Cosmo's, and the latter came to topic with Cosmo on Skye Court!!! Chads share the potent cross of Scythe's/Sheets/Skate's, Skits/Skeets/Skeochs, Sheds/Scheds, but also of the Brocuffs using a sphinx suspect for Spinks. We came across the same flower design with Italian DelGado's/Gado's, excellent because Geddes' have the same escutcheon as Chadwicks!!! We just found Geddes and Ged branches because Gade's/Gode's/Goths (Goat/Gotham colors), with another escutcheon, share the Chadwick / Chaddock martlets! Kidneys/GEDneys were even first found in Lincolnshire with Tankerville's!

Goats/Gothams share the bend of Coat of SHAKEspears while Shake's are from Shechemites at Schimatari, at or beside Tanagra! Shake's have mole hills while Googe-related Mole's share the SCHIM boar head. A "shakefork," perhaps part-code for the Forker line of Sweyn Forkbeard, is used by Cunninghams, first found in Ayrshire with Forkers, Skits/Skeets and their Shed/Shedden branch. Forkers even have a Gado-like "cado" motto term. There is a Cado surname looking like kin of Platters.

AHHHH, I struggled to find a Hullmar-like surname until one finally popped up with Hallmarks/ALLmarks who not only have a potent cross, but might just have a flag in Crest!!! Flags are with Flicks, and I flicked the alley at Hullmar and Skye in the game of potent-like potsies. Pots and Potters were first found in Hampshire with Chase's/Chase's who in turn share the patonce cross with Chance's, the latter first found in Essex with Patents/Pattens.

Allmarks might just have been an Alley merger with Marks, for English Marks have eight items around their border, as do several potent-using surnames. Hallmarks/Allmarks were even first found in Dumfries with same-colored Patents/Patients/Putins.

With all that talk about nit-river liners, let's add from the Hallmark/Allmark write-up: "...this curious name [Hallmark] is descended from Robert M'Kawele, Lord of Karsneloughe, who was living in 1370 in GUFFok land in Nithsdale." Goffs/Gough's share the boar of Googe's. Guffs/Goffs, new to me here, share the Coat of German Pape's/Papenburgs, which happens to be the English HALL Coat in colors reversed. HALLmarks. Gog is suspect with "sky." Hullmar and Skye. I must be descended from Gog.

Chris Sky was born with a Sach-like surname while Sachs/Sax's are in Hall / Guff/Goff colors and format. Sachs/Sax's were first found in Breslau, also called WROClaw, and Alleys were first found in WORCestershire. The fesse-with-stars of Breslau's/Breslers are in colors reversed from the fesse-with-star of Worcesters. Breslau's/Breslers, probably a Bress/Bresler branch, were first found in Saxony while Guffs/Goffs were first found in Brittany with Brests/Brix's, in case thee latter apply to the namers of Breslau. Works/Werks share the double fesses of Flicks/Flecks/Flags while Hallmarks may have a flag (unless it's called a banner). Plus, Worcesters almost have the Gaine Coat while Irish Gaines' happen to share the vertically-split Shield colors of Belgian Flecks.

Works/Werks (Essex with Rains/Raines') probably have the Rain/Raines and Wren lion because Worcesters share the Wren / Wrench/Rench crosslets. Rennes is near the Rance river of Rind / Rand liners, and Fleck-like Felix's love the Rinds and Mills, the latter first found in Hampshire with Flys of Flagi while Milehams (Norfolk with Rands/Rynds/Rance's) share the Marble griffin.

Works/Wergs look like kin of Oullette's of Falaise, and Falls'/Fallis', sharing the Alley lion, were first found in Midlothian with the Clare-branch Sinclairs using a "work" motto term. Clare's were first found in Suffolk with OWLs/Howls, traceable to "OULlette." Fells even share the lozenges of Bricks, in colors reversed from the same of Brests/Brix's. The quote above has Howl-like Robert M'Kawele, possibly from "MacAwl." It just so happens that Awls/Aults/Alts share the pale bar of Breslau's/Breslers, and the latter's eagle is in Owl/Howl colors. Awls/Aults/Alts were first found in Basel while Basels share the Bress/Bresler Coat.

Hallmarks share the potent cross (different colors) with Flick- and "Fell-like Felix's/Fellicks' who in turn add the mill rind while Rinds share the scallops of Pie's (Herefordshire, beside Worcestershire and the Howl-like Howells) suspect in the "pii" motto term of Moke's. Moke's will be linked to the alley shot below. The "Commit" motto term of Sinclairs is traceable to Conte's/Counters while the lone PILE of Countrys is colors reversed from the same of Pie's. Basels and Bress'/Breslers show nothing but pellets while Pellets were Pilate kin while Pilate's share a Pilot variation with French Pile's. The piles of English Pile's are in the colors of the Country pile.

The AllMOKE variation of Hallmarks can indicate further merger with Moke's because the latter's "Cura" motto term can be for both Currys/Corrys and Corys. English Corys share the cinquefoils of GEGGs/Giggs, and Currys/Corrys share the GOSpatrick saltire, evoking the Goz/Gos and Goose/Googe surnames!

I recall one of the Cory surnames said to be first found in Dumfries with Kilpatricks and Patents/Patients, but maybe I was mistaken. In any case, it's wild that while English Corys are in Kilpatrick colors and format, Irish Corys have griffin heads in the colors of the giant Marble griffin!!!! Just gawk at that. The Hullmar-like Hallmarks took us here!

CORsons/Carsons were first found in Dumfries, and they happen to use a Schimatari-like scimitar! Right-on topic. Corsons/Carsons have a motto somewhat like that of Campbells (Camp / Cory colors) while Camps/Comps, in Trudeau and Cory colors and format, share the Cory griffin heads. Camps/Comps were first found in Warwickshire with Newburghs/Newborough's who in turn share the roses of Carys of Cary Castle, home of Leavells. The Newburgh/Newborough Chief is even in the colors and format of the Levin Chief, and Levins were first found in Moor-connectable Morland.

The "Ne obliVISCARis" motto of Campbells can be code for the Tancred-related Wiscards/Guiscards, first found in Stirlingshire with Nimo's/NewMOKE's, and with the Drymen location of the HUNgarian Drummonds. "Ne" looks like code for the "New" in "Newmoke," or for a branch of Newburys (like "Newburgh") who share the Moor head in Crest with Stirlings/STURlings. As Stirlings/Sturlings share "Gang" with Scottish Drummonds (share Stur Coat essentially), Newburys probably have the German Drummond Coat in colors reversed. Sturminster NEWton comes to mind. I trace the Stirling/Sturling Coat to Stops/Stubbs.

Case-related Leslie's (almost the Stirling/Sturling Coat) were Hungarians too, coming to Scotland with Drummonds, and the Scottish Leslie Coat is much like the Gegg/Gigg Coat. Moreover, the latter come up as "Gang" in the Drummond motto. Hungarians descended from Magyars (beside Khazars), suspect by me from a Magog > Magogar > Magyar evolution of terms.

While Trudeau's were first found in the same place as Mellans, some say trudeau is having an affair with Melanie JOLY, his foreign-affairs minister. The Gegg/Gigg cinquefoils are also those of Jolys who in turn share the giant rooster of Galli-branch French Gays, and one can link Gulls and Gollys/Gullys to German and English Julians while French Julians (Languedoc with Jolys) share the Chief of Gay-branch Galli's...almost the Chief of Italian Tonys!!! The flick shot struck the marble of Tony, an Italian, and Italian Tonys use a "flower" in the colors of the "gillyflowers" of Joly-like Joels/Jewels!!! As I've said many times, this same Tony gave Andrea Fabian a JEWEL(s) for her 11th birthday! The marble shot seems to be pointing to trudeau's foreign affairs.

English Anthonys were first found in Lincolnshire with English Buckets while French Buckets share the Joly cinquefoils too.

The Corsons/Carson motto, "Ne m'ouBLIEZ", can be for the Blez variation of Bleds, for another Bled variation seems to be in the write-up of Blazers who are in turn in the colors and much-format of the English Corys. Bleda was the brother of Attila the Hun, and while Bleds have the Coat of English Clare's in colors reversed, Clare's were first found in Suffolk with English Corys. Blazers and Nothings both share the martlets of Tengri-like Tongue's/Tongs, in Teng/TengNAGLE and Nagle colors. Tongue's/Tongs were first found in Yorkshire with Gale's in the Nagle "nightingale."

Tongeren/Tongres in Belgium was ruled by the family of BODEgisel (Merovingians), whom I trace to Butts/Bute's (Bode colors) for reasons. Dutch Bode's share the Nagle lozenges, and Tengs/Tengnagle's are Dutch too. German Bode's were first found in BRUNswick while English Bruns share the Teng/Tengnagle Coat, both sharing the cross of Croziers who in turn use the Arms of Chalons-en-Champagne, home of Mummolin, father of Bodegisel above.

The "tous" motto term of Bleds can be for the Tous'/Tosini's who use a man with a "shirt," and Shirts/Shards, in Tancred colors and format, use "torteaux," possible code for the Toreatae scythians. Shirts/Shards have a peacock in Crest while the "not" motto term of Peacocks can be for the line of king Cnut. Tous'/Tosni's pout "gold buttons" on the shirt, and Buttons/Bidens were a branch of Butts/Bute's/BOETs, suspect from Boeotia i.e. location of Tanagra and Schimatari.

The Gaza/Casa eagle heads are in the colors of the Snake / Sanchez / Melanson eagle, and the Mellansons (two l's), along with Maurels of Milan, look like kin of English Butts/Bute's. This makes Mellansons and their branches look like they are from whatever real-world thing named Melia, the honey goddess of Boeotia, wife of the founder of Argos, land of the Danaans from mythical Danaus. Danaus was traced by myth writers to Egypt, likely at Tanis at the Nile delta, and between that place and Phoenicia (where Danaus' descendants were placed before migrating to Argos) was ancient Gaza. Nile-like Neils are listed with Nagle's/Nails.

My mother was born near L'Aquila, in Picenze, and then Piacenza is also PLACentia, like "PALEStine." The Place's/Plaise's are split PALEwise, and have a lion half in the colors of the Abruzzo/Abruzzo lion. The other half of the Place/Plaise lion is in the colors of the Pale/PALES/Paly lion.

A way to get Masci's to ancient Palestinians is with the Massy-like people group of Massena, king of the Numidians near Tanis-like Tunis(ia). The 21st Egyptian dynasty ruled at Tanis, and was held by the Meshwesh/Mazyes', who were Amazons of north Africa, same as the people of king Massena. These Amazons were at and around the Atlas mountains, and the Atlas'/Atleys, first found in Kent with the Numidian Masons/Massins, are interesting where the Marble griffin is shared by German Camels possibly in the camel head of the Pale/Pales/Paly Crest. Camulodunum was related to Irish Neils/O'Nails (probably share Colchester estoiles) via the nails in the Arms of Colchester.

I've just remembered that CAMPbells, in Camp/Comp colors, are also Cammells, and Camps/Comps happen to have griffin heads in the colors of the Camel griffin! However, I don't think that "Placentia" is in honor of a Palestinian line, but rather looks like a natural variation of "Piacenza."

English Camels (Somerset with Mells) show the KeyMELL variation. Mythical Melia of Boiotia may have been named after the same that named mythical MELEager of Calydon, husband of ATALanta, a term traceable to mythical Atlas (king of Plato's Atlantis) at ATTALea of Poseidon-like Pisidia. Calydon is at AETOLia. Mythical Myrina, named after the Amazonian city of Myrina on Lemnos, was in north Africa, and while Lemnos was the city of mythical Hephaestus, whom I see named after the Amazonian city of Ephesus; the latter is right-near MILetus. There was an Essenes bee cult in Ephesus. Amazons had been the Meshech.

Start this video at the 14th minute to see Rebel News' tattoo lady showing trudeau, who's been in hiding since the Hunka-Nazi story, out to make a news statement condemning Israel for attacking a Gaza hospital. It's as though this propaganda is important to him or his superior. Then consider the evidence shown that Hamas was responsible for the bombing, though don't miss the main point: trudeau comes off looking pro-Palestinian before all the evidence is in on who blew up the hospital. The evidence, an intercepted Hamas phone call, could have been faked by Israel or the CIA:

Did you notice that Biden is kissing up to Netanyahu? The latter knows what sorts of gangsterism goes on in Ukraine on behalf of the Biden family and his partners, and so, yes, Biden is being lovey-dovey to Bibi for that reason, we can safely assume, otherwise Biden would be showing sympathy / bias toward Gaza as do the leftists in his party.

Bill O'Reilly claimed Wednesday evening that U.S. Intelligence admitted that a Hamas rocket blew up the hospital. Hmm, that doesn't stand with what Obama wishes, but more with what Biden is standing for, as well as the war hawks, yet it might be the truth, though, even if it is the truth, I wouldn't expect U.S. Intelligence to weigh-in on it publicly if it wanted another scenario to be propagated. I think O'Reilly still has a soft spot for the CIA from his days at Fox news.

It's Time to Disseminate Post-Tribulationism

Here's a worthy video on enduring the tribulation, though no call to prepare foods are mentioned:

The stress in the video above is: blessed are you if this world, and even your own country, makes you sick when you think about it's sinful trajectory. Woe to those who laugh amongst, and enjoy themselves with, the unGodly. If you need "7 Reasons Against Pre-Trib Rapture":

The speaker in the video above should not have said that we can't be absolutely sure on the timing of the rapture. This allows the pre-tribber to walk away "justified" in his/her mind with his/her position. It's appropriate to make pre-tribulationists fear their position, especially if they teach it to deceive others at the wrong time i.e. just before the last 42 months. The fact is, pre-tribulationists risk the starvation of Christians even in their own families. This is what they need to be told that they might fear teaching what they do. The more resolute we tell them, the better, and if we suffer rejection from Christian family members due to this position, don't worry, Jesus is on our side.

Pre-tribulationists need to be told of Jesus' words, where he warns us in a parable not to beat our fellow believers. I suggest that this "beating" is symbolic for harming fellow believers by breaking fellowship unjustifiably.

I don't understand how the speaker above can tell his viewers that we must prepare for persecution in the last 42 months but not even mention a word about purchasing / preparing beforehand things we might not be able to purchase in those 42 months. To me, this is blasted STUPID. It's like taking your child outside of a house, in winter, having no heat system, hoping to find a home with heat, but without any clothes on the child from the very outset to so the child dies before knocking on the first door. It's tantamount to murder.

I don't know what ails post-tribulationist teachers that they almost always neglect physical preparations. It's as though they are stupid, but knowing they are not, the question is: what ails them? What ails them that they cannot say to their audience: when the time comes, it would be better to have our foods and warm shelter before the 42 months arrive. Just plant the seed to begin with, not meanly, but resolute, like it means life and death to the people we speak to. If we really care about people, we can plant a seed of contemplation that has them considering starving and/or freezing to death with their family members.

I'm dehydrating a bushel of apples this month, as well as 60 red peppers. Throughout the summer, I sun-died leaves and stems from broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower, squash, kale and fennel. I put some 25 liters (hard-pressed) of such dried leaves and stems away knowing they are packed with vitamins, knowing they will last ten years or more.

The stem parts that will not soften in soups were ground to powder in my little coffee grinder, and I bought an extra grinder for later use due to the great value in doing this thing that never occurred to me before. Even the squash stems, which don't taste good fresh, taste fine sprinkled in soups. In fact, I can't taste them at all, but they are packed with all sorts of things the body needs in a dire situation. Don't throw away your stems when you grow your own garden. You might even grind up the roots. I'm passing this on to you for your benefit, but the video speakers above said not one word to help you in that regard. What is holding them back?

The last speaker is a pastor, and a pastor knows that if he urges congregants to prepare foods starting now, they will give less to the church, which could mean less income for him. How do you think Jesus looks upon a pastor like that, looking after his own bills by the charity of his sheep, then letting his sheep starve to death in the tribulation? This is the seed of contemplation we should plant into the minds of post-trib pastors lest they be foolish and neglect the message of physical preparation.

Imagine a pastor preparing food for himself but not warning his congregants to do so. It would be better for that pastor to quit his pastor job, and push broom as a janitor, than to use the money of his sheep to store his own foods but not implore them to store their foods at the risk of reducing his wages to the point where he hasn't enough to store his family's foods. This is going to happen, and may be happening already. We don't need paid pastors. A pastor who doesn't teach post-tribulationism for fear of reducing church income is not acting the shepherd at all.

Below is a post-tribber who also emphasizes physical preparations. It happens to be a woman, and so not likely a pastor. The only thing I would disagree on is her emphasis on the expectation of living in the wilderness but not on a property you own, or that a fellow believer owns. I think we should prepare to live on a private property, and when that fails, if ever, then we need to move into unowned lands such as government-claimed land...which belongs to God first and foremost. Tell that to the judge if the government arrests you and removes you from government land. Where will they put us all? There will be too many of us to jail, and so I think they'll generally let us be on our own private properties.

How Stupid

At the 4th minute of the video below, the man thinks that electricity travels nearly the speed of light through his wire. He thinks this because it's what he's been taught, yet he has not sufficient brains to realize on his own that this is a trick of the evolutionist magicians who control science departments, especially physics and chemistry. At the 4th minute, his device shows evidence that electricity has traveled from his electrical switch, and around his 28-meter loop of wire, in 98 nano-seconds, and thus he thinks he can measure the speed of electrons flying through the wire as 28 meters per 98 nano-seconds, which he calculates as nearly the speed of light, HOW STUPID:

The stupids believe that the electrons in a wire are orbiting metal protons prior to allowing electricity to flow. Then, when allowing electricity to flow, they imagine the orbiting electrons flowing like water, straight ahead, through the wire. Only a school of idiots can believe this because they all believe that the electrons start to orbit metal protons again once the electric flow is removed. It's as though they will believe anything their masters teach them, as though they haven't got enough sense to realize that things don't go into orbit naturally.

An orbit is a difficult thing to achieve, but to say that all the flowing electrons go back into orbit is sheer nonsense. It's as though they are so happily willing to be brainwashed that they don't ask self whether the electrons are doing something different besides orbiting, like sitting still over protons. Why do they insists that electrons are orbiting? BECAUSE, the stupids imagine the electrons, in a flow of electricity, zipping like bullets through the metal. Only a school of idiots takes a position like this.

Folks, atomic physics is a clown show. Due to their mistake in claiming near light speed for electrical flow, they needed to come up with a way to get electrons moving that fast, and so they decided that electrons orbit protons at near light speed. This is how they can achieve electrical flow at near light speeds, but they have it wrong to begin with because electrical flow is much slower than light speed. I'll explain.

So, they imagine electrons going out of orbit, moving past zillions of protons, and then resuming orbits once electrical flow ends. They think that electrons re-enter orbits because it's needed to get them moving at near light speed again just as soon as someone flicks the electrical switch to the on position. To help convince the happily deceived that electrons can flow at near-light speed though a solid material such as metal, they decided to view atoms with more than 99-percent space. They need this open space to allow electrons to zip along at near light speed, mainly unobstructed by collisions with protons, you see. It's a trick. It's nonsense. Even your common sense tells you that solid metal cannot be more than 99-percent space. Only a school of idiots believes this.

If a 28-meter wire from a switch to a light bulb had no electrons to begin with, then I would need to agree that, yes, electrons flowing from the switch to the bulb do so at 28 meters per 98 nano-seconds. But as there are electrons filling the wire both before and after the switch, then the speed of the electron flow is irrelevant because, even if the flow is one mile per hour, electrons will flow into the filament in about 98 nano-seconds after the switch is turned on.

It's exactly the same as with a flow of water in a hose. If the 28-meter hose is filled with water to begin with, then, even with water moving at one mile per hour, water begins to flow out the hose roughly 98 nano-seconds (i.e. instantly) after the tap is turned on. The school of idiots knows that electrons fill the wire between switch and bulb, yet they treat the situation as though the house has no water. Only if the hose has no water can water be moving literally at 28 meters per 98 nano-seconds if it takes 98 nano-seconds to go from tap to hose end.

But if the hose is already filled with water, it's then a dunce's exercise to measure the water speed by this method because speed of water flow is irrelevant. When one measures the time it takes for electricity to flow through the filament of a bulb after turning on the switch, it is not useful for measuring the speed of electron flow. It measures only how fast the electrons begin to flow at the bulb, not how fast they are flying through the wire.

Ditto for the speed of light. The flow of light from a light bulb to a wall is practically instant, not because light particles are whizzing through the air at 186,000 miles per second. Only a school of idiots with reckless abandon teaches such an impossible thing. The fact is: electrons fill all of space. Therefore, when light flows from bulb to wall, it acts instantly at the wall because electrons between bulb and wall are already there.

If there were no electrons between bulb and wall, then I would need to agree that they move from bulb to wall at 186,000 miles per second, but if there is a sea of electrons between bulb and wall, then the speed of light-particle flow to the wall is irrelevant; the light will shine from upon the wall, regardless of light-particle flow speed, a few nano-seconds after the bulb is turned on.

Plus, there is no sea of photons between a light bulb and a wall. There is no need for photons to begin with if light is a "flow of water" from bulb to wall. Do you get it? Photon bullets do not exist. For if light does not flow at 186,000 miles per second, then photons do not exist. Another explanation is needed to explain light flow.

The only other explanation is that there is a medium through which light flows. That medium is the free electrons filling all of space, and therefore filling all of the air. As electrons emit from the filament of a light bulb, they push the electrons in the air against the wall. It's that simple. Therefore, the light particle is an electron, not a photon. The light particle is the electron emitting from the filament. What can't we understand about this?

Light thus becomes a literal wave through a medium of electrons, and these electrons have their source mainly in the sun. They arrive to earth as the solar wind. They fill the solar system, and the air of the earth. Too logical? Not complicated or mind-stretching or entertaining enough for the clown show?

Ditto for a sound wave. Sound carries across atoms. No atoms, no sound possible. Any vibration of atoms (like a guitar string) against the air aether produces a sound wave. The air aether is made of up atoms. The goofs know that air atoms don't move at the speed of sound when sound carries across it, but rather the sound wave moves at the speed of sound regardless of how fast the air atoms are moving, even if they are motionless.

Therefore, why does the school of idiots act so daft, as though it cannot realize the reality: it's not the light particles that move at the speed of light, but rather the light wave moves that fast. The idiots were not apt to sticking to the truth, but wanted all of physics to align with their false theory of cosmic evolution, and so they decided wrongly, but tactfully, that a light medium did not exist.

Instead, the evolutionists wanted photon bullets to emit from stars in order to prove that the big bang occurred, for if they could prove that photon bullets traveled at the enormous speed of 186,000 mps, they could argue that only the big-bang explosion could set particles in motion at that speed. On the other hand, if light is a wave through a medium, then it's no longer necessary for light particles to travel at any fast speed.

The electrons that emit from a bulb's filament, which are the true light particles, are not moving very fast at all. I suggest they move out of the filament as fast as they move through the wire. I suggest they move through a wire in accordance to the speed of the magnet moving toward the wire, at the electricity-producing station. It's the magnet that pushes the electrons, atom-to-atom, down a wire. The captured electrons covering one atom's proton are transferred to the next atom in the line, and so on. The atoms do not budge, only the electrons flow, literally like water. This is not staggering. It's water-flow physics.

The electrons captured by protonic attraction are stationary (not orbiting) underneath the protective covering of an electrical wire, until the magnet at the station forces them to move atom-to-atom. I do not think they can move faster than the magnet moves. The resistance to flow probably assures that they will move slower than the magnet moves toward them. It's not big-bang energy that sets electrons in motion, it's the magnet at the station, sorry evolutionist fools.

The fact is, the solar wind is the aether, but even after they discovered this "wind" in the 1950s, they refused to call it the light-wave medium. That's because they were deceptive clowns in a wicked clown show, jokers and riddlers. The solar wind strikes the earth's atmosphere, contrary to what evolutionists teach conveniently for their theories. They don't want the solar-wind electrons in the earth's atmosphere because it's absence nullifies the definition of light as a wave through an electron aether. They really don't want this view of light, badly don't want it.

It is not true that Einstein, nor anyone else, proved the non-existence of an aether, the thing that can act as the light-wave medium. If they think they proved its non-existence by arguing that an ether should slow the earth around the sun by friction, how could they prove that the earth is NOT slowing down? Besides, what if the aether particles had zero weight? Would they exert friction in that case?

After writing the paragraph above, I discovered why the earth experiences a prominent western wind. Maybe it's already known, but for me this is a "discovery." But before getting to that, let me finish on the fact that the aether is weightless. Yes it is, a fact. Electrons have no weight because they are repelled by gravity. It's a fact. It can be proven. Electrons have mass, but cannot have weight if they are not attracted by solar or planetary gravity.

If a piano weighed nothing, and if it were hovering in the air, one could push it along easier than a soap bubble in the air, if the bubble weighs something. The question then becomes: can solar-wind electrons slow the earth as the latter crashes into them in its orbital path? Or, if something weighs zero while hanging in space, isn't it true that zero energy is expended when moving it aside? Yes, that is true, even as near-zero energy is expended when moving aside a soap bubble.

If the weightless piano were to strike you while you were hovering in the air, and if it strikes at 50 miles per hour, it would send you backward at 50 miles per hour because it has mass. You'd be unconscious or dead. The piano's got stuff, and that stuff can move things around when it strikes things.

However, if the weightless piano were moving past you vertically, and if you gave it a shove forward as it passed, it would not send you backward at all because it's not pushing you backward, and meanwhile you expend zero energy pushing it forward. Only if your shove expends energy will you push yourself backward. Now you are ready to learn why the aether doesn't slow the earth, much.

Evolutionists who were filling science halls at the time of Einstein didn't inform the people that the aether could be a moving sea of particles sourced in the sun. Instead, they gave the impression that aether particles were just hanging everywhere in the cosmos rather than flowing out of the sun. But if the aether is the solar wind passing by the front edge of the earth as it orbits, then this situation is much like the piano moving vertically past you. When the earth strikes solar electrons as they pass by "vertically," the earth expends zero energy in moving them aside, if the sun does not attract them, for if the sun does not attract them, they weigh zero.

The orbital path of the earth is horizontal while the solar wind flow is vertical. Striking weightless objects as they pass by vertically offers no backward force to slow the orbital speed. It's as simple as that, and in fact this picture tends to prove to the evolutionist that electrons weigh zero.

The second clue that they weight zero is that they are travelling away from the sun. Duh, it means that they are repelled by the sun, but weight can exist only if the sun attracts a thing. Bare-naked electrons are not attracted to gravity. It can be proven that they are repelled by gravity, which is not even mind-boggling except that we've been brainwashed into thinking that gravity attracts all matter.

The clowns don't want anyone to prove that gravity repels electrons because it destroys the possibility of cosmic evolution. The stars were formed, they say, by a gravity spot that set itself up, but if it repelled away all electrons, there could not be a build-up of atom formation at the gravity spot, and therefore no star formation at the gravity spot.

If you want to know why the earth tends to form a prevailing westward wind, then try to follow. We start with the front edge of the earth as it orbits the sun. View this edge as fully HALF the earth that faces toward the orbital direction. Now answer this question: does all of this half the planet strike the solar wind?

No. The solar wind strikes only the sun-lit side, wherefore only half of the front half of the earth gets struck by the solar wind. Half of the front half of the planet is in darkness. Neither light nor solar wind strikes the night side. To put this another way, only a quarter of the planet strikes the solar wind due to the orbital path (not to be confused with the solar wind striking half the earth). Once you understand this, you will realize why the orbital striking of the solar wind pushes air in one direction only, westward.

Imagine standing outdoors at noon facing the sun. To your right is the west, and to your left is the east. The earth's orbital path is toward your right. The sun-lit quarter of the planet's atmosphere to your right gets struck by the solar wind, but the dark-side quarter of the atmosphere, again to your right but behind you, does not get struck by the solar wind. Therefore, the planet striking of the solar wind pushes the air from your right side toward your left, pushing it eastward, but this is called the western wind because it originates in the west. This is proof that earth's air strikes the solar wind, contrary to the lie of the fools.

The planetary striking of the solar wind does not slow the earth as much as would be the case if the earth's solid ground were to strike it. When the air strikes the solar wind, the air can move out of the way easily as compared to the ground unable to get out of the way at all. The upper air is sent spinning as a conglomerate whole around the planet, which lessens the energy transferred to the solar wind as compared to a concrete wall striking it. Transferred energy is orbital energy lost, which sub-results in a slower orbit (not the end of the story).

The average direction of the striking upon the one quarter of the planet assures a loss of orbital energy, though a large fraction of this quarter planet strikes almost perpendicular to the solar wind so as to have near-zero energy transfer i.e. as with the piano analogy.

Exactly half the planet is struck by the solar wind such that the orbital height from the sun gets increased. That is, the solar wind is always seeking to move the earth further from the sun. On the other hand, when the planet loses orbital velocity to the solar wind. However, with nothing else going in, the planet would fall toward the sun, when its orbital velocity is slowed, and so the planet would pick up a little speed as it falls (during its spiral). In the meantime, the solar wind is lifting the earth to a greater height.

Yes, the solar wind is ALWAYS increasing the earth-sun distance, and the loss in orbital velocity is ALWAYS decreasing the earth-sun distance, meaning that the earth's orbit could be defined purely as a balancing act between those two things. That is, the earth sits on the solar wind as it rides along around the sun. The earth is water-boarding around the sun on a cushion of electrons, but not gaining height because it simultaneously spirals toward the sun by another factor.

Perhaps it's correct to say that, if the earth were to be lifted 2,000 miles further up from the sun, it would fall to a point where the upward force of the solar wind balances the force of the downward fall. The planet is just stuck there in its niche. You might argue that this is ridiculous because the earth weighs so unfathomably much, but then, no it doesn't because it's weight is from gravity at the sun so very far away. You're thinking of how much the earth weighs in relation to earth gravity, not the same thing at all.

The upward force acting on the earth is a combination of the density of solar-wind electrons and their velocity. While the density of solar-wind electrons decreases by eight times with a doubling in distance from the sun, I don't think their velocity decreases at all. One can make the case that solar-wind speed accelerates with distance from the sun, because gravity force accelerates things. As gravity accelerates atoms as it pulls them, so gravity should accelerate electrons as it repels them.

Therefore, as planets are placed further away from the sun, they slow more due to increased solar-wind speeds, and consequently they fall toward the sun until the downward force of fall equals the upward force of solar-wind cushioning.

The Evolutionist's QuagMirror

There's a difference between the solar wind and the light waves that pass through it. The wind is the physical energy, not the light energy. The wind is the flow of electrons, the light is the waves of energy across the electrons. Why do we need photons at all knowing now that stars emit electrons? Why not just substitute the emission of a photon through space with the emission of an electron through the solar wind? What will the goofs tell us, that photons are piggy-backing on electrons in the filament of a light bulb, just waiting for someone to turn the light switch on, and only then do they emit from the electrons to cause light, as soon as electrons are forced out of the (glowing) filament? Why not just view the emitting electrons as the light source? Duh.

How do the stupids explain that photons do not emit from flowing electrons in the wire, nor even from the electrons on the outer surface of the wire, but only from the electrons emitting off of the filament surface? Why would the latter alone be true? Because there are no photons; the light is caused by electron emission into space. DUH. The electrons in the wire, or on the wire, do not emit into space, and therefore do not cause light. What reasoning have the dopes come up with, if any, to explain why only the emitted electrons shoot photons? Just look this square in the face: electrons emit, they cause light thereby, therefore there is a light-wave medium in any space. Wherever you see light, there will be electrons moving in a space as the source of the light.

But they want photons, and they want no waves, to "prove" that the universe in billions of years old. They can want it all they want, but the fact may be: a light wave can be instant no matter how far a star is, meaning that starlight didn't take billions of years the arrive to earth. When they measure the speed of light, they measure the speed of the wave, not the particle of light. A light wave is one electron pushing the one in front of it and so on until it strikes an atom, the end of the trail. But as they need mirrors to measure light speed, it means they need to feed light into the mirror atoms, and that can create a tiny pause in time as the light pushes into the mirror atoms, then pushed out again in the deflection. A tiny pause in time can then give an experimental result that light is not instant, but only 186,000 mps...which is not true at all if the deflection causes a pause in the light's transmission.

I can tell you why the effect of electricity is almost instant from switch to bulb. The outer electrons on an atom are barely held on because they receive roughly as much repulsion, from the whole compliment of the atom's electrons, as they receive protonic force. The outer electrons are balanced between negative and positive forces, and moreover they are hovering above the protonic surface because they all repel each other while the proton has them trapped in its positive field. Repulsion is the best "lubrication" by far. Particles that move down along the outside of the electrical wire, when they are not making contact due to the inter-repulsion forces between them, and travelling with virtually zero friction. That's why they can get to the bulb just about as soon as the switch is turned on.

Captured electrons do not orbit or spin. In a dark room, or in the dark casing of an electrical wire, electrons just sit stationary above the protonic surface. The deeper into the atom the captured electrons are, the harder they are attracted by the proton, and consequently the harder it is to make them flow along. It suggests that only the electrons on the outer edges of atoms define electrical flow, and moreover it makes sense that the atoms at/near the surface of the wire experience that flow best, because atoms deep into the wire material are swamped with electrons all around, whereas the atoms at a wire's outer surface have some space to move through, unobstructed by the sea of electrons deeper in.

Therefore, if even the physical flow of electrons is near-instant in/on a solid wire, imagine how much more free a light wave can move through outer space's vacuum when the wave is itself easier for transmission than a physical flow. A light wave in a vacuum needs only to jolt electrons forward, not flow against the pull of protons upon them.

I can prove that light is the transmission of electron jolts by the fact that light moves through the atmosphere. There is no way for photon bullets to get through the atmosphere without striking protons, making them unable to transmit STRAIGHT light. I don't care how small you imagine the photon in comparison to a proton, the sheer vastness of the numbers of air atoms will assure photon collisions, and this would deflect photons in all directions chaotically, collision after collision. It would ruin the shape of the sun. We would not be able to see a round sun if photons reached our eyes after deflecting off of zillions of air atoms. You dig? There is no such thing as photons bullets to define light.

Instead, a light wave streaming through a vacuum strikes an air atom but continues around the atom's outer electrons. A vacuum here is defined as the sea of electrons devoid of atoms. The light can move around atoms because light transmits electron-to-electron, and all atoms are covered in electrons. Transparent materials are absolute proof that light transmits across electrons. Light waves strike an atom on one half, same as the sun strikes a planet on one half only, and after moving across the outer electrons, the waves jump off the atom, into the sea of electrons again, repeating that thing atom-to-atom all the way to our eyes. Even weak starlight gets successfully to our eyes while retaining a semblance of their round shape. The red sun on the horizon teaches that air atoms do cancel / obstruct a small percentage of a light wave.

The glass pane is proof that light transmits across electrons, for only a school of suckers believes that photon bullets can get past the many protons in a pane of glass without collisions. What is it about glass that allows light to pass through, while metals do not? Glass has lots of oxygen. Who invented light waves? Ahh, The Magnificent One, the One whom the schools of idiots despise. Who invented electrons and their repulsive charges? Can the idiots do that? Who do they think they are despising the Creator of the countless miracles throughout Creation? "Idiot" is not a strong enough term for describing them. Idiot boxes of the devil wish to control our thinking.

A google offering: "...when a photon of light collides with the atoms in a pane of glass, it doesn't have enough energy to interact with them and [thereby] become absorbed or reflected. Instead, the photon passes straight through." And of course the whole world of suckers believes this report because they all trust that the scientists know what they are taking about, even when they make things up like they do this sentence. It's just made up. There is not proof for it, and cannot be proof for it. It's just what they think happens because they are sure that light is made of photon bullets.

The sentence above is claiming that rather than being absorbed or deflected, the photons pass straight through. They thus prove that photons do not exist, for it is impossible for bullets to pass through glass atoms without atomic collision. It is in vain that they say the photon doesn't get absorbed, for that's besides the point. The question is whether they will collide, and how many times they will collide, and how badly the light ray becomes distorted by those collisions. They know the answer, but don't want you to know it.

They claim no photon collisions because they can witness with their own eyes that light passes straight through glass. They thus admit to having no other explanation but that photons pass straight through without collisions, meaning they are admitting error, meaning there is no photon. It means that light transmits by some other method beside bullet-like particles, and of course the only other alternative is a true wave. So why are the goofs so intolerant to defining light as a true wave? Because, they don't want an electron aether. No matter that this aether exists, they don't want you to know it exists; they don't want the new generation of science suckers to know it exists. They are demons intent on killing God from the minds of the whole earth.

Someone else writes: "Photons can't be blocked, they get absorbed or reflected." In their dreams. The only reason that say photons can't be blocked is because they need that "law" to explain transparent materials. But so long as a photon is a material thing, it can indeed be blocked by a material proton. Besides, science today is on the verge of defining a photon as a non-material spirit of some sort (they can play with our minds better that way), because they are too hardcore obstinate to admit that light is a true/normal wave.

All stars shoot electron bullets. They are the stellar winds, identical to the solar wind. Stellar winds fill the cosmos. Light can transmit instantly rough these winds. But they want you to think that light transmits only at 186,000 mph. That's slow enough to make their universe billions of years old, and they think that by this basis they can destroy Faith in a Creator by making Genesis look like a fable. Besides, their claimed distances for the stars and galaxies is not full-proof, but that's another discussion.

When you shoot a bullet straight up, it comes to a stop before falling. The question is not how long it comes to a full stop, but whether it comes to a full stop. Yes, obviously, it comes to a full stop, and so we can glean that, on both sides of the full stop, both while still rising and then falling, the bullet slows down to a crawl. A light wave that enters a mirror atom does a similar thing, coming to a full stop before bouncing back out. How much time passes as it comes to a full stop? That little bit of time can be the reason that light-speed measurements are at a slow 186,000 miles mps.

When light strikes materials, some of the light can be reflected as color. This type of reflection goes out in all directions, which is why you can see an item from anywhere in the room. But there is a different type of reflection, in one direction only, out at the same angle at which the light comes in to strike a surface. This type of reflection is what the mirror produces. It seems to me that color is the re-emission of light from excited / tumultuous electrons as they jolt outward into the aether, whereas the one-directional reflection must then be when the light wave reaches the proton which acts like a concrete wall. The wave bounces off the proton like a ball bouncing off a wall when coming to it at an angle.

Therefore, we need to ask what the mechanics are of a wave penetrating into an atomic sea of captured electrons, then bouncing off the proton, then coming back through the sea of electrons to the outside. How much time will this process take, and does it explain why light measures slower than instant?

Could it be tentatively claimed that light is in fact near-instant, and that it only appears slower due to the penetration of light waves into mirror atoms? No, that it not the only cause. The other cause is the bonehead, the evolutionist, who doesn't tell you that light entering a mirror is able to slow light. You have never heard that possibility from him before, which is strange because he's supposed to be honest.

Not only that, but he's expected to be absolutely meticulous when working on something so difficult as measuring the speed of light. But if he's truly meticulous, and honest, why doesn't he report that the mirror could ruin the measurement? He can't measure the speed of light without a mirror(s). At this point, we can ask whether he's been honest at all, and of course we Christians know the answer: the evolutionist is a goon prone to hiding behind a bastion of lies. It's where he makes his war against us. It's his fort, the lie. It's nothing. It's a sham. He has no weapons but the ones you swallow. Stop swallowing everything he says.

The speed of light always measures a little differently per experiment, and this could be due to the number of mirrors per experiment. Also, the angle of light shot at the mirrors can make a measurement difference too, for one can expect the time delay of light to be different when shot at an angle versus straight on.

In the video below, see the common, fallacious interpretation of a magnetic-field shape at 3:30, and then proceed and pause at 5:42:

The goofs want you to believe that a curved, magnetic-field shape occurs around a magnet. The reality is that no such shape exists. Rather, the iron filings are taking a shape in accordance with how they act on one another. The filings exactly midway between the south and north poles of the magnet are parallel with the magnet because one end of the filing is attracted by one end of the magnet while the other end of the filing is attracted by the other end of the magnet. That's the only reason that the filing is perfectly parallel with the magnet.

The filings that are nearer the south pole of the magnet (than to the north pole) are of course positioned to point toward the south pole because the ends of those filings are attracted by the south pole. That's all. The shape of the filings as a whole is not inherent as a an invisible field, but rather the shape is formed by the particular differences in attractive forces, depending on where the filings are located.

If a filing a half-inch from the magnet were alone, with no other filings beside it, it would be attracted to the magnet in a collision. But as we see other filings between the magnet and all other filings, the inner ones are keeping the outer ones at bay i.e. not attracted to the magnet in a collision. That's because the inner filings are repelling the outer filings. They all have the same basic orientation depending on how far or near they are to a magnetic pole. That's all, there's nothing more amazing taking place, not very amazing at all. One end of every filing attracts one end of an adjacent filing. That's all that's going on.

There is a magnetic field, but it has no shape. The field is just an outward force in all directions.

As you can see, the filings are hovering above the magnet in the liquid. This is much the way an atom looks like. The surface of a proton is expected to have a pile of electrons, but thinning out with distance from the protonic surface. Some electrons on the protonic surface may be in contact with one another, in spite of their inter-repulsion, if the proton attracts them strongly enough i.e. to overcome their inter-repulsion. All electrons at the outer edges of atoms will hover in space, in contact with each other only by their repulsion forces. This repulsion force is a "lubricant." It allows electrical flow to go with ease.

As you can see, the filings produce an atmosphere. The further from the magnet, the less dense the filings, same as the air atoms as they hover over the earth while caught in the gravitational field. Yes, air (and all gas) atoms repel one another, contrary to the evolutionist claim. They need atoms attracting each other to form the stars via the big-bang fairy tale, but this inter-attraction amongst gas atoms is not the fact.

If the container were large enough, in which you see the filings hovering, you would see that there is an outer limit, a maximum distance that the filings can assemble while in capture to the magnetic poles. When the total repulsive force outward of all filings equals the total attractive force outward from the magnet, the charge is neutral, wherefore no more filings can be attracted/captured by the magnet. Ditto with an atom. A no-brainer: the stronger the proton of any atom, the larger the atom's electron atmosphere.

A light wave splashing into an electron atmosphere is not like a ball crashing into a hard spring. In the latter scenario, the spring is compressed until the ball comes to a full stop, then the spiring throws the ball back out again. One could argue that, in this scenario, there is no net-slowing of the ball because the velocity last while compressing the sporing is regained when the spring unleashes the ball.

However, an electron atmosphere doesn't act as a hard spring causing an in-and-out bounce, at least not to a wave powerful enough to cause visible light (color). It's easy to figure that colored light from a light bulb's reflection off of any object in a room is going out in all directions from all atoms in the object, even though a light bulb is at only one place in the room and thus attacking the object from one basic direction. The only explanation is that all the electrons in the atom are being bounced around like a tossing sea of water, and thus the electrons jolt (chaotically) in all directions, striking against the room's aether in all directions i.e. sending waves in all directions.

The color of reflected light is not identical with all materials because jolts are not identical in their strengths. The softer the jolt, the more it tends toward the red color. The harder the jolt, the more it tends toward the violet. The one color of a material (like a wall paint) might be the mix of all different colors radiating from each atom. Or, possibly, the electrons in every atom are all jolting at roughly the same energy level so that each atom radiates only one color. Clearly, the same light bulb produces different-colored objects only because different types of atoms unleash light with jolts of various strengths.

The point is: what happens to a light wave as it splashes into an electron atmosphere of a metal atom? Mirrors are made from polished metals. As metals have an unusual "color," how do we explain it? It's not color much at all, for if we polish metals, they reflect light like a ball bouncing in one direction only off of a wall. This is not color reflection, but ball-bounce reflection, for lack of a better phrase. Yet we can see a piece of metal from all directions whereas we cannot see a mirror from any direction. We don't see the highly-polished mirror, we see only the light reflection from it. But then why do we see a piece of metal?

What we learn from polished metals is that the silver color of unpolished iron, aluminum or silver is not a true color. Instead, metal atoms from a piece of unpolished metal radiate light in all directions only because the arrangement of atoms is a rough surface akin to mountain peaks i.e. atoms are facing all directions by which the eye can see the piece of metal. Once the mountain peaks are ground down to a polished surface, the light reflects predominantly in one direction only.

Perhaps copper comes with a reddish color due to a combination of raw-light reflection and colored-light reflection.

It seems that light waves can reach the "concrete" core of metal atoms much more easily than through objects having color. Nevertheless, the wave into a mirror must penetrate whatever electron atmosphere exists, and somehow the jolting of electrons in all directions is mainly avoided. One explanation for the "somehow" is that light shining on metals causes electrons to go free from protonic attraction in what is commonly called photo-electricity. That's a fancy term for light-excited electrons bouncing high above protonic surfaces, going temporarily free from the atoms. Solar panels become positively charged when the sun shines on them because the captured electrons are bounced high so long as the sun shines. The more electrons that can be kept bouncing high, the stronger the positive charge in the meantime. Remove the sun, and electrons settle back down, and protons reload with electrons (from the aether) to make up for the electrons they lost from sunlight's bombardment.

In the same way, apparently, as electrons flow as electricity, the wire becomes positively charged because outer electrons are bouncing around in the flow, like when a river flows across rocks on the riverbed. Bouncing captured electrons temporarily makes atoms more positively charged.

The point was: as light splashes down into metal atoms, it raises captured electrons more than with non-metallic atoms. I'm suggesting that the light clears a path toward the proton by raising the electrons. It can never clear a path to the proton because the latter is covered in electrons held so tightly that they do not budge much. Every atom should be viewed as having a tightly-packed core acting like a solid wall -- or a solid mirror -- to incoming light waves. The wave causes electrons to bounce off the core in a ball-bounce fashion, if the wave can get that deep. Apparently, it gets that deep in metal atoms, suggesting that metal atoms are amongst the smallest of atoms, exactly the fact that evolutionist goofs got wrong.

I won't re-explain here why the goofs pegged the smallest atoms as the largest and the largest as the smallest, but they could not have goofed any bigger than to have the sheer opposite of the reality. See "smallest" in my 4th update of last month for the odd discussion on why hydrogen atoms are the largest while metal atoms are amongst the smallest.

As gas atoms are often transparent, one could get the impression that transparency occurs in atoms where light has no chance of getting deep enough to hit "concrete." The largest atoms have the most electron cushion i.e. makes for a soft landing for attacking light waves. The light wave into a large atom is like a bullet so fast-and-easy into a lake that no splash is made. All the wave energy goes into the atom to some depth, then finds its way around it, then jumps off the opposite side of the atom to carry-on in the aether. This is a transparent atom.

The light wave into a medium-sized atom is like a bucket of water (or even a rock) dropped into water, creating an upward splash in all directions.

A light wave into a tiny silver atom is like a bullet off of a steel wall...because a light wave is indeed a bullet at its final act. It is not a bullet along its track, but as it enters an atom, it is a bullet. It is a straight-ahead train of cars as it moves through the aether, and is finally a straight-ahead bullet as it splashes into an atom. It is not a train of cars pulled from the front, but one pushed from behind.

A light wave is a runner passing a baton to the next runner until the final runner throws the baton like an axe into the atom. It slices open the atomic atmosphere. The wave striking an atom is a wind creating chaos in the atom's atmosphere. It might be mild chaos, even pleasant-to-watch chaos, but you get the splish-splash point.

The final result of a light wave is like the result one might imagine for a photon landing in an atom, except that those who imagine photons see them piggy-backing on orbiting electrons for some time until they are shot out again as reflected light. Only a school of idiots takes such a position; don't be one of them. Expose it for the fraud that it is.

When a steel ball is rolled past a magnet fast enough, the magnet will not curve its path because it takes time to curve it. The slower the ball is rolled past the magnet, the longer the magnet has to curve the path.

Similarly, if we roll a ball magnetic fast enough past a stationary ball magnet, the latter will not budge, whereas if we roll it slow enough, the stationary one will budge. Magnetic force takes time to get stationary objects into motion. It's like one or two consecutive fast punches that can't get a thing to roll visibly, but 30 or 40 consecutive punches all add up to finally move it substantially, if they come fast enough so that one punch contributes to the previous punch's result. Even the first punch sets a thing in motion on a miniscule level. If the next punch comes while the thing is still rolling, then there will be acceleration with the second punch, and so on. If the second punch comes after the thing stops rolling from the first punch, then no number of punches will get it moving visibly. With a magnet, the punches are probably continuous, no gaps of time between them.

Therefore, a train of light past a rock goes straight ahead, not curving into the rock's shade, because the aether electrons are jolting forward so fast that they don't move aether electrons to their sides much. That is, they don't move aether electrons in the shade much to start a light wave into the shade. There may be some sideways curvature of light, at an angle into the shade, but it's so weak as to be invisible light. The faster the aether electrons jolt forward, the lass sideways action there will be.

Infra-red light will curve around a rock when weak enough. Weak light can be defined as slower aether electrons, or fewer of them per unit time. When they measure the time from switch-on to bulb-on, they are measuring the speed of the wave through the electrons. The wave has punch. When the punch of one wave reaches the filament, it forces electrons off of the filament, producing light in the aether. The speed of the wave is determined by how much time transpires between the first electron coming past the switch to when the next electron begins to move forward toward the bulb. If it's instant, with no time delay, then all electrons from switch to bulb would move forward at the same instant, which then becomes a flow with a flow speed equal to the speed of the original jolt at the switch.

However, the filament is a thin wire that doesn't allow the electrons to flow as fast as the initial jolt. The filament creates great resistance to flow. The wave yet moves through the slow electrons. If the second electron, the one that is jolted at the switch, begins to move instantly, as soon as the jolting electron moves, then the wave speed from switch to bulb is instant because the third electron, and all other electrons to its front, will begin to move toward the bulb as soon as the jolt takes place.

If the power past the switch is from a battery pack, where electric current goes in one direction only, then there will be a wave only at the moment that the switch is turned on. After that, there will be a flow. The forward-pushing power at the battery will squeeze electrons between itself and the bulb due to the thin filament being incapable of receiving high-volume flow. Some electrons in the filament are then falling out of the filament due, not to wave punch, but to electron congestion through the filament.

However, if the electricity is AC, going back and forth in the wire, then there will be constant jolting toward to bulb, and therefore constant waves (in both directions of the wire). The electrons are now falling out of the filament due to a combination of wave punch and congestion.

On the other hand, a light wave is a punch into an atom. The jolt that starts the light wave evolves into an electron punched into an atom rather than an electron punched out of a filament atom. The electron punched into an atom is called, heat. Heat is defined (not by the goofs) as free electrons in the aether invading a substance. They can invade without light waves, but also from light waves. When electrons fall out of a filament, they are the heat of the bulb. I suppose that the heat flow from the bulb is directly proportional to the electron flow out of the filament, for one causes the other. No-brainer: cooler LED lighting is produced with far-less electron emission.

I can't prove that light is instant from star to earth, but neither can science prove it isn't. Until they come clean with the time delay of light entering a mirror, we can assume that the mirror is the major cause for less-than-instant light speed. There might be some details in the solar system that can be used to "prove" the speed of light to be what they claim it to be, but these things may be fudged for the express purpose of "proving" that particular speed falsely, by tricks. Just as there are false-flags operations from military goons, there can be contrived, false experiments expected from those who war against us, bogus experiments with the outcome predetermined to prove a falsification that they want stamped as fact.

One could argue that, if light speed were 1,000 times faster than they claim, it's still not nearly instant, for light speed can yet be a billion times faster than their claim, and that too is far from instant when one considers that light can be a trillion times faster than their claim. But light speed needs not be instant to destroy their big-bang cosmology. The goons are now claiming that the furthest galaxy is 13.5 billion light years away. They treat a billion light years like a teaspoon of sugar.

If light were 13.5 million times faster than their claim, suddenly that galaxy above is only 1,000 light years away i.e. its light reaches earth in 1,000 years, obliterating the proof that stars must be billions of years old. I think the goons need to take a hard look in the mirror.

I'm not alone in my common sense. Here's the pertinent part of a comment by a viewer of a video (not worth watching) performed by a typical physics clown: "In this video THE most important thing you should know is that the 'electric field' (current) moves at the Speed of Light and physical electrons move or 'flow' VERY SLOW thru a conductor (copper wire). Most electricians will tell you its the electrons moving thru the wire at the speed of light! Which is impossible when you think about thousands of mile of electric wire with electrons moving that fast from point A to point B. The friction alone would cause any size wire to melt INSTANTLY!"

The problem with the quote above is that the writer doesn't know how to define the part of the electricity that moves/acts at what he thinks is the speed of light. He wrongly calls it the "electric field" and then equates it in brackets as the "current." He's wrong about that too. The current and the flow are the same thing. The electric field is not a current or flow at all, but the positive charge radiating out of the wire as the flow takes place. What he should have said is that the WAVE through electrons moves at something like the speed of light i.e. relatively instant. Even old telephone communications through metal wires were roughly instant across oceans, or roughly at the speed of light, proving that waves through electrons do exist...but then this only tends to prove that light waves are nothing other than waves through electrons.

And now you may have realized why the goofballs want you to believe wrongly that electrons FLOW at the speed of light, to keep you from knowing that there is an actual wave across the flowing electrons. For, once you are conditioned to know that there is a wave in there, you might get the idea that light is a wave through electrons, and the goofballs absolutely don't want you to know that.

Even if the electrons in a wire were stationary, a wave could yet pass through it if somehow an electron could make contact with (jolt) any one of the in-wire electrons. A telephone is set up to jolt the in-wire electrons, converting your voice to electron jolts. The jolts are then converted to an artificial voice at the other telephone with which you are communicating.

In the famous double-slit experiment, it doesn't matter whether they shoot common light or single electrons through the two slits, the same "wave pattern" can be observed on a surface past the slits. Whether it's a wave pattern as they think it is, the point here is that when they shoot electrons, they cause common light waves, duh? Why are the stupids so stupid? If the electrons have the same result as normal light, then STUPIDS, emitted electrons are the cause of light through a wave medium.

Here's a typical, stupid science ape trying to explain the double-slit experiment with the lunacy he apes from the bigger lunatics:

He probably makes a mistake right out of the gate when he suggests that two light waves meeting can cancel themselves out just as water waves reportedly cancel themselves out when the peak of a water wave meets the wave's trough/dip. But STUPIDs, the wave hasn't been canceled when peak meets dip. Rather, the water from the peak fills the dip so that the water becomes level. Just because the water becomes level doesn't mean that the energy of the wave has disappeared. The energy in the peak went into the dip, and that energy still exists there, getting spread throughout the surrounding water molecules.

Besides, light waves are not made of atoms attracted by gravity. The water wave goes level when peak meets dip because gravity causes water to become level. Therefore, you shouldn't use the water wave to explain the wave reality after the two slits. I've never heard that sound waves cancel each other out when their peaks hit their dips, and so why do they assume that light waves do? Because, they really have become Godless-stupid while pretending to be so wise.

Sound waves travel through air atoms that are not in contact with each other but by their inter-repulsion forces. Sound does not carry sideways equally as it does frontward. The more sideways the sound goes, the weaker it gets. Very little sound curves around a 90-degree corner. When your hear someone in the house who's around the corner of a wall, you hear it clearly because sound is bouncing off the walls and ceilings. But in a wilderness, sound won't carry much around a 90-degree rock wall.

The slit experiment suggests that light does bend when passing a rock, or when passing the slit. If there's only one slit, the light that hits a wall beyond the slit forms a single slit-shaped reflection (on the wall), as we would expect, straight ahead from the slit. However, weak waves, invisible to the eye, may have become bent so that weak waves DO hit the wall on both sides of the slit-shaped reflection. The weak waves look black in color.

But when the same light is allowed to go through side-by-side slits, suddenly an array of slits appears on the wall, apparently meaning that the wave from one slit affects the wave from the other in such a way that even the weak light gets strengthened (probably doubled in intensity) sufficient to become visible light.

When I say that light goes sideways past the edge of a rock or slit, I mean in all other directions aside from the vertical. The latter is the straight-ahead path through the slit. Some of the light probably goes sideways between a slight-bit off the vertical to the extreme perpendicular to the vertical. Likely, most of the invisible light goes a slight-bit off the vertical (less than 1-percent sideways) while the least amount goes perpendicular (100-percent sideways).

The amount of sideways light depends on how fast the electron emissions are that cause the wave. The wave ought to be faster with faster-emitting electrons. The faster the aether electrons are sent into forward motion, the less their repulsion forces spread energy sideways.

They will tell you that a water wave travels at the same speed regardless of whether you toss a pebble or a giant boulder into water. But this principle ought not to be the case with light waves, because it's the case with water only because water molecules are in contact with each other, unable to go faster if you strike them faster. Instead of going faster, the molecules are forced to SPREAD the added energy, of a harder / faster strike, further out (from the strike point) to other water molecules i.e. the wave gets bigger, not faster. But aether electrons are not hard-and-fast in contact with each other. They can move closer to one another in spite of their inter-repulsion forces. If you strike them harder / faster with emitting electrons, they can move ahead faster.

Until I do the slit experiment for myself, which I may never do, I can't be sure what mechanics are involved to form the multiple slit-shaped reflections. But what we can be sure of is that some of light from each ray hits the wall at the same places sufficiently strong to form visible light. It may be debatable as to whether or not the light from two rays COMBINE to form straight lines to the visible slit shapes on the wall. It's possible that one ray's wave curves the other ray's wave such that certain places only get the visible light on the wall.

The water analogy in the video above suggests that the light wave goes out sideways as portrayed by circles. The latter tend to mean that the light from each slit goes equally perpendicular (100-percent sideways) as compared to all other sideways directions. I don't think this is the case. Perhaps the circles ought to be changed to ovals, therefore. Or, the reality may be that neither circles nor oval should be used to interpret what's taking place. I can't trust the evolutionist to give the truths at all times, and physics departments are stacked with them. As you can see, no matter how many videos you watch on this topic, the stupids all resist the aether that causes the waves. LIARS.

Here's a possibility. When a light wave from the left-side slit reaches the wave from the right-side slit, the left-side wave, by common deflection, starts to curve the right-side wave toward the right, and the right-side wave starts to curve the left-side wave toward the left. There are many waves from both slits, and so the total outcome of this situation could possibly form bright slits on the wall as some parts get more than double the light than the non-lit areas. In this picture, waves do NOT combine to double up in power. Instead, they redirect each other.

The video above creates drawings to make it appear that the firing of electrons toward the wall each create a dot on the wall, but this is deceptive, and only portrays what the stupids think is happening. They are trying to deceive you into thinking that light waves are indeed bullets too. That's the lunatic part. The idiot even says that the photons "knows" and "chooses" where to land, very creepy, as though evolutionists are trying to create a mind in the universe that is not God. That's probably because God-believing people are whipping their theories into lalalaland as physics compoundingly shows Design all over the place. In the end, they would accept any other mind in the universe that is not the Biblical God, in order to keep the Biblical God out of the public mind.


Here's possibly the biggest vaccine-scandal story of the year, where canada's health department has admitted that it found DNA (dangerous) in the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines, one of the suspect products for causing deaths and illnesses well after vaccinations. canada is incriminating itself to this day on this issue. Turn up the volume and listen to this video to at least 60 minutes in:

It was only days before the video above came out that Pfizer publicly cried the blues because it's losing money, meaning, perhaps, that it's planning on filing bankruptcy to avoid the coming law suits. Pfizer has no legal protection for "adverse events" due to any product in its vaccine(s) not reported to the public, when that product is a contaminant, especially if it can be shown to be a dangerous product. All the vaccine companies claimed that their vaccines have no DNA product.

One way to explain canada's health regulator admission (that the vaccine has DNA) is that some of its key people have close kin who died, or worse, due to the vaccine. As more people die unexpectedly long after the virus has passed, they will start to betray the politicians, like trudeau, on the issue of the "safeness" of the vaccines.

A related story:

The longer the vaccine criminals go on forward laughing it up, the worse will be the trap for them when finally a majority of people accept the criminal realities. We might say that they are already in the trap, and that we await the hunter to arrive to finish the laughing hyenas off.

Slightly-related story:

FEMA has coached Americans to stock a couple of weeks worth of food, and I think I know why. Not because the U.S. government cares for Americans, but to let illegal aliens passing through to garb food stocks as they move through. There's not a chance that FEMA would wish to genuinely help American citizens, for the American government wants many American citizens dead, of that there can be no doubt.

However, I think it's wise to store far more than for two weeks. I suggest saving a year's worth of dried foods every year for the next three years, though that is the ideal plan to play things as safely as possible. Whatever you save will mean you'll need to provide less when the time of the 666 arrives. It could arrive as early as 2027. There are multiple risks if you store foods now. It's your call.

David Knight has an important story for Australian COVID hypocrisy that was probably in effect in all Western nations:

Here is Britain's great shame at the parliament building:

Here's a little bit on what the Americans may have been doing in Syria in conjunction with UN winky-wink "oversight":

This is a good news show from Redacted on the Israel-Ukraine-Syria fronts, and though it's from the early part of this week, this is with a bent you won't get on mainline news:

I suggest that U.S. military money to Ukraine was intended by Obama to go to anti-Israeli fighters since he supported the coup in Ukraine (2014). It's not new now with the start of the Hamas offensive. I suggest that the corrupt actors in the Obama government, as private citizens, sold the American weapons slated for Ukraine on the black market to anti-Israeli fighters, and then pocketed some of the money, but some has been used to bribe news media and perhaps some congresspeople who would otherwise not vote for more war money to Ukraine. The latter nation was intended merely as the funnel for arming anti-Israeli fighters, and thus the Americans cared nothing for helping Ukrainians defeat Russia.

If the Ukrainians are left cold now, the Russian military will be able to focus on its Syria front again. I suggest that Ukraine was ramped up as a money pipeline when Trump refused to fund the Syria theater against Russia. This pipeline was needed by Obama to defeat Israel, that is what I still believe to be his chief aim. It's why he defeated Egypt, and then, when he defeated Libya, he transferred Libyan weapons to Syria. It should be obvious to us what he's been trying to do, for he's been openly pro-Palestinian. It's why far-left Americans are coming out pro-Palestinians.

We should not go too far in sympathy for Gazans because many are genuinely pro-Hamas due for hatred for Israel. We Christians need to balance our disgust for modern Israel and the Promise of God to eternally restore bloodline Israel. Some Gazans "support" Hamas out of fear for not showing support, and so, yes, we can sympathize for those who don't have an agenda to wipe Israel out of "Palestine." But Israel bombed the transportation gate out of Gaza into Egypt. It could not have been Hamas that bombed it because Egypt was bringing in food and supplies, which Hamas needs. Therefore, Israel wants Gazans not to go to Egypt to report what they know of the Israel's war attitude thus far.

I do not believe Biden one iota as he acts pro-Israel. It needs to be acted out exceptionally well to hide the agenda of arming anti-Israelis. American ships off the Israeli coast may be there now to do just that as they get the opportunity.

Some of you might appreciate knowing that this snaky movement is creeping into evangelical Christianity;

Some hard, serious talk on end-time Jerusalem:


Here's all four Gospels wrapped into one story.

For Some Prophetic Proof for Jesus as the Predicted Son of God.
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Pre-Tribulation Preparation for a Post-Tribulation Rapture