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October 10 - 16, 2023

Rand Paul Gets a Pointer
The Jewish Nazi Mouse
Chasing Moles with Lawnmower in Hand

It was nice while it lasted. Hall of Names is no longer showing the descriptions of the Coats of Arms presented at House of Names, but I have many of them recorded in my memory, and in past updates from which to find some.

I've been saying for about two years that God has been pointing to James LeDuc with my getting mugged in Galveston. The implication of this pointer is that LeDuc was involved in something nefarious with the Wuhan lab. Articles tell that he was involved with Wuhan, but thus far nobody seems to peg LeDuc as nefariously involved, at least not anyone whom google brings to the fore of a standard search in canada (canadian government censors some things). But the article below, dated July of 2020, evaded me until now; perhaps google was burying it until now:

A prominent research lab in China can ask its partner institution in Galveston to destroy records of their joint work, including “secret files, materials and equipment,” according to a memorandum obtained by the nonprofit news organization U.S. Right to Know and shared with the Houston Chronicle.

Dr. James Le Duc, the director of the Galveston National Laboratory at the University of Texas Medical Branch, signed the nine-page memorandum of understanding, which lays out the terms of collaborative efforts with the Wuhan Institute of Virology, in 2017. The two research labs, which study some of the most dangerous pathogens in the world, have had a relationship since 2013 and announced a formal cooperative agreement in 2018.

...Le Duc visited the Wuhan lab in 2017, shortly before it opened, and hosted the lab’s building engineers at the Galveston National Laboratory for a training program on building operations and maintenance while it was under construction, according to an April 2020 Houston Chronicle article.

That agreement is against U.S. law, to begin with. Yet LeDuc signed it. What was he agreeing to hide if not so-called gain-of-function details? Why didn't he outrightly reject even the premise of the deal? Because, likely, his lab was aiding the illegal-in-the-US testing of gain-of-function work at Wuhan. As such LeDuc was contributing to bio-weapons research that was fully open to the communist Chinese government. It would have been better had he illegally secretly done gain-of-function without Wuhan than to do it in collaboration with Wuhan. This is the scandal that Rand Paul should be uncovering.

Rand Paul is the U.S. congressman who has been seeking arduously to prove Tony Fauci's guilt in Wuhan's gain-of-function. This week, Mr. Paul announced new evidence found that will bring Fauci down. I therefore took a look at the Rand and Paul surnames.

The reason that I started to look at this heraldry, last night, was not due to the article above, which was found this (Thursday) morning, but because I saw a video last night telling that Ron Paul, Rand's father, is a representative of Victoria-Freeland (Texas), a thing I didn't know until now. I was in Victoria on the day of the Galveston mugging. Wikipedia's article on Ron Paul doesn't even mention where in Texas he reigns from, but here on this linkedin page we find his "headquarters" in "Victoria, Texas."

As I said, the mugger woke me as I slept in the back of my pick-up, but thanks to an on-coming car beaming headlights at us (at about 1 am) at that moment, I as able to step out of the truck, to the street, without incident. I then reached into the back of the truck to get my keys out of my RUNNING shoes...which is why I had loaded the Running surname when investigating (years ago) whether God used the props of the mugging event to point to things.

(To follow better, load Runnings now to load and view other surnames on another Internet tab.)

When discovering that Ron Paul was from Victoria, the first thing I did was to load Rons to find them listed with Runnings. I then loaded Pauls to find them in the colors and format of Irish Nagle's who in turn use the Fauci lozenge!!! I thought that was amazing, yet I needed to ask why God would make Nagle's use the Fauci lozenge rather than the Pauls. It would be much more compelling to the reader, as a bona fide pointer of God, if Pauls used the Fauci lozenge.

It didn't take long for me to find how Pauls can point to James LeDuc because I've known for years that Pauls share the crosslets of Carpenters, and beyond that, I can't think of anyone else who does. Carpenters share the Belly motto, "Per acuta belli," and, as I've been saying repeatedly, Bellys, first found in Moray, share the eight-pointed star of Ducs/LeDucs who in turn essentially share the Moray Coat!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

That is incredible. All this time, God was using my mugging to point to Rand Paul's investigations on Tony Fauci, suggesting that God is the mover-and-shaker of his investigations. Beautiful. This has caused to globalists to back-off on their COVID scheme lest they attract more investigators.

Now look at another way that heraldry points to James LeDuc, by way of German Nagle's/Neils/Nails, for they share the Gale saltire while Gale's, first found in Yorkshire with Pauls, are in the "nightinGALE" in the Crest of Irish Nagle's. German Nagle's/Neils were first found in Westphalia with German Ducks!!! The five fesses of German Ducks are even in the colors of the Paul / Nagle fesse.

The Runnings/Rons have one wavy fesse in white, as do Dols. The latter were first found in Mecklenburg with Trumps/Tromps while Dutch Tromps share the vertically-split Shield colors of Fauci's! That's another way to have Runnings/Rons point to the Fauci-Trump duo who gave us lockdowns and poison vaccines. But there's more because Dol is a needle's spit from the Rance river while Rands list the Rance surname. Rands/Rance's even share the giant Legh lion while Leggs almost have the Trump/Tromp Coat. The Rance river is in Brittany, and Ducs/LeDucs were first found in Brittany.

As Irish Nagle's use the NIGHTingale, it should be added that Scottish Nights/Knaughts were first found near the Nith river, which is in Dumfries with the first-known Leggs, and with the Nitts/Naughts who in turn share the lion of Rance-like Raines' who in turn have a "leges" motto term. Rennes is near the Rance river. English Knights/Knights almost have the pale bars of Italian Belli's. The running shoes can point to Shoe's using a Knight. German Belli's use a "beacon" while Beacons/Bacons (Suffolk with Knights/Nights) have a white boar in Crest to go with the white boar head in the Rand/Rance Crest. Knightons/Nitons named Knighton in Worcestershire, where Tume's/Tombs were first found suspect in the "voTUM" motto term of Irish Nagle's. Knightons/Nitons show only four-and-four fessewise bars as very comparable to German Ducks showing only five fesses, both Coats in the same colors.

Moreover, German Ducks are Duckers/Dockers too while English Daggers/Dackers and Dockers were first found in Cumberland with Dol-branch Dolphins/Dolfins. The Sempers in the Docker motto share the Coat of Duce's/Doocys, both showing nothing but lions in the colors of the Rand/Rance lion, and in the colors of the lion heads of English Ducks. The latter's stars are those of Sutherlands too, and Sutherlands tell that their stars are the Moray stars in different colors. Thus, Ducks can be linked to the Coat of Moray-connectable Ducs/LeDucs.

Rand Paul is a U.S. senator representing KenTUCKY, and so I'll jot here that Tuckys/Tuckers/Tookers, first found in Devon with Kens, share the eight bars of Knightons/Nitons. KENtucky.

I've always come up shy with reasons as to why God may have arranged the Victoria surname as a pointer. The Victoria Coat doesn't show much for making links to other surnames, but I can now feel confident that its shares the stars of English Ducks for a closely-related reason! Suddenly, the Victoria Coat comes up large. I had stopped in Victoria (day of the mugging) to pick up a newspaper to check the want-ADs (Claverings use an "Ad" motto term), and in the meantime bought a coffee where I got the newspaper. I did nothing in else in Victoria, and here we can add that Rands/Rance's were first found in Clavering while the newspaper pointed hard to News'/Nuces', first found in Cambridgeshire with Rance-like Wrench's/Rench's!!! I think that's amazing.

As it turned out. Coffee's/COFFERs use a "victoria" motto term, and English Coffers come up big because they were first found in Somerset with English Ducks i.e. sharing the Victoria stars. It doesn't look coincidental.

The trick now is to discover whether God arranged the black PALE bar of Victoria's for connection to a key surname that enlightens us further on what He wants to point to. We can start with Pale's/Palys (Yorkshire with Pauls) sharing the Rand/Rance lion! It's in the colors of the Duck and Duce lions!

German Walls show only a black pale bar, the color of the Victoria pale bar, and so I must have slipped the keys into my running shoes because God wanted to point to the "wall" of Shoe's! There's a tree on that wall while Tree's share the knight with Shoe's. Though not in the same colors, Tree's share double bendlets with Keys.

AHHHH, Irish Walls/Wale's, sharing the Paul crosslets (!), use a "nihil" motto term suspect with the Nihill variation of Neils/O'Nails. German Nagle's are Neils/Nails too while Gale-loving Irish Nagle's are the ones in Paul and Gale colors and format. It just so happens that Wale-like Gale's have lion heads in the colors of the lion of Irish Walls/Wale's! Gale's and Pauls were first found in the same place with Keys, suspect with the "Qui" motto term of Gale's.

The Galveston-like Galves' are listed with Spanish Gallego's while Italian Gallego's/Gallus' are in the colors and format of the rooster of French Galli's, the latter first found in Dauphine with Galleys while English Galleys were first found in Yorkshire with Gale's. The Arms of Dauphine shares the dolphin with the Caesars in the Irish Wall/Wale motto. Caesars were first found in Surrey with Claverings while Clavers use the key. It's amazing because Rands were at Clavering while Clavers were first found in Norfolk with Rands while Pauls share the Wall/Wale crosslet.

As a Negro mugged me in Galveston, it should not be added that the five ears of wheat of Negro's are colors reversed from the five keys of Italian Sheaves'/Chiava's while "Qui" is a motto term of English Sheaves'/Shaws, tending to prove that the "Qui" of Gale's is code for the Keys. My FEET go into my running shoes, where I put the keys for the night, and Feets/Fate's were first found in Yorkshire with Keys. Then, German Faiths are Feits too while English Faiths/Faithfuls, first found in Norfolk with key-using Clavers, are in the Key motto. Faiths/Faithfuls share large ermine spots with Pauls and Pale's/Palys. Can we believe it? It seems that God is determined to prove that He put the keys into my shoes as a pointer to Ron Paul of Victoria.

Pale's/Palys use the camel while English Camels/KEYmells (read as KeyMELL too) were first found in Somerset with Ducks and Mells! Mells use a giant fret, symbol of Overs/OFFERs (different color) who in turn share the Pale/Paly bend. Somerset is where Offer-like Coffers were first found while Coffee's, with a "victoria" motto term, list Coffers too. The Fauci-connectable Faucets can be in the motto of Coffins having a caffeine-like Caffin variation, as do the neighboring ChafFINs/ChafFINCH's, first found in Dorset with Pale-like Palins/PAULeys! I've just loaded unfamiliar-to-me Paulins/Paylins, first found in Somerset with Keymells! French Paulins/Paula's (Burgundy with FINCH / Finchem-branch Finns/Feins) are amazing for sharing the giant Galli rooster!

Mells (Alan / Leigh colors) were first found in Mells and LEIGH, excellent because Leigh's essentially share the Rand/Rance Coat!!! The Mells came off of KEYmells while Keymells came off of the Pale/Paly camel. Keys and Kays were first found in Yorkshire with camel-using Pale's/Palys and Pauls!!! Can you dig it?

CAMULodunum is near the Cam river of Cambridge, the turf of the first-known English Rench's while German Rench's/Rentz's share the lone fleur of Gamble's/Gamals. Cambridgeshire is where Proctors were first found who share the three nails of heart-using Logans, the latter first found in Ayrshire with heart-using Gemels (not "Gamel"). Camulodunum is now Colchester, the Arms of which use NAILs, explaining why Irish Neils/O'Nails share the red estoile with Colchesters (once said to be first found in Somerset). Hear any quack-quacks around here that could point to James LeDuc's company?

The Negro mugger may point to Spanish Negro's with nearly the Proctor Coat. Proctor and GAMBLE might apply for some reason where Gamble's/Gamals look linkable to Camulodunum.

Keymells are said to have been especially in Cornwall, where Cole's were first found who are in the colors of Gamels (not "Gamal"). Gamels were first found in Cheshire with the Marble's sharing the griffin of German Camels. It just so happens that German Camels have the Fauci / Nagle lozenge in half its colors, but why only half?

The Camel lozenge is also the one of Dol-connectable Brix's/Brests, and the Camel griffin is with Mell-like Milehams while Alans tell of their Mileham Norfolk, where Rands/Rance's and camel-head Crows were first found.

Pattersons/Cassane's have another camel, and English Cassane's have the triple Rand/Rance chevrons in colors reversed. Scottish Pattersons share the pelican with Pullys/Pullens (Yorkshire with Pale's/Palys and Pauls).

Again, Rands/Rance's were first found at Clavering (Norfolk), excellent because Claverings share the quadrants of LEIGHTons/LEYtons (Shropshire with English Alans) while the neighboring Leigh's/Leys are the Leghs above sharing the giant Rand/Rance lion. Low Leighton (Hicks write-up) is in Essex, and Essex is where Claverings were first found along with Rance-connectable Raines'.

Clavers use the key for connection to Keymells/Camels! We got here from the Victoria pale bar. Keymells/Camels were first found beside English Walls (Gloucestershire with Holders) while German Walls share the black pale bar with Victoria's. Holders share the griffins of Masters (Yorkshire with same-colored Gale's and Pauls) who in turn look like kin of English Walls, both of whom share the fesse of Gale's / Nagle's / Pauls.

Claverings share the James Crest for a potential pointer to James LeDuc, especially as James' use the dolphin while Dolphins/Dolfins were once said to be first found in Surrey with James'. Surreys come up as "Sark" while Sharks, a branch of Brittany's Sarasins (compare with Malta-connectable Vallans/Valletti's), were first found in Tyrone with Irish Neils/Nails. Saracens/Sarasins were first found in Cumberland with the Dolphins/Dolfins who were once said to be first found in Surrey.

Plus, on Galveston, I had to get my KEYs out of the RUNNING shoes (the pointer to Ron Paul) while Clavers (Norfolk with Legh-connectable Rands/Rance's) use a KEY in what looks like a bear's leg, excellent because Bellini's (Verona with Italian Belli's) show nothing but a bear's LEG!!! The Powys' (Shropshire with English Alans) have it as a "bear's gamb" (Alan colors), likely code for the leg-using Gambino's (Alan colors) who almost have the Chief of French Alans. It evokes the Gamble's/Gamals mentioned above with German Rench's.

The six pale bars of Italian Belli's are with Arie's/Erie's who in turn have a "TIENdrai" motto term while there's a bear leg in the Crest of Tiens'/Thames'. "TienDRAI" suggests French Drays/Drai's who show nothing but Ducks while English Ducks share the Arie/Erie star. The Drays/Drai's (Burgundy with Saffers) are in the colors and format of the rising birds of French Saffers while English Saffers were kin of Savers/Severs, the latter first found in Somerset with Ducks. If French Saffers use falcons, it jibes with English Falcons where they were first found in Cumberland with Arie's/Erie's.

Gambino's were first found in Venice with the Italian Davids, and I'm going to propose a pointer here to David Knight because he repeatedly rails against Trump's part with Fauci in giving the world deadly vaccines. The hunting horn of Italian Davids assures that I'm correct in pegging the AIDS'/Ade's from Ada of Warenne, wife of Henry, earl of Huntingdon. This Henry was a son of king David who elevated the Dol Alans to "High Steward of Scotland" (second in command of the nation), suggesting that the king named Henry in honor of the Brittany Henrys at MOTTE-Henry, near Rennes. As those Henrys share the Alan martlets (once showed as ducks), Henry must have been Alans at the time that Alans escaped into David's protection.

Scottish Valence's have the five Duck/Ducker fesses in colors reversed, and add red martlets, the symbol of Alan-related German Valence's/Velens (compare with English Alan Coat). The latter were first found in Westphalia with Ducks/Duckers and duck-using Velins. I have it recorded in old updates that Valence's/Velens and French Alans both used ducks, in the colors of the martlets that they now both show, and the Henrys showing the same were first found near the Rance river under discussion. For those who don't know, English Alans were from nearby Dol. Meanwhile, Irish Henrys were first found in Tyrone with Neils/O'Nails while the Westphalia Nagle's list Neils/Nails.

Motts who named Motte-Henry were first found in Essex with Raines' and RANGers/Raingers/Ringers while Irish Rings almost have the Coat of Huntingdonshire's Others/Otters. English Rings were first found in Norfolk with Rands/Rance's. Note that Italian Davids share the hunting horn of Rance-/ Ranger-like Orange's while WRENch's/Rench's and Raines-branch Wrens share the gold crosslets (different background colors) of Pauls and Carpenters. Norfolk is also where Flatt-connectable Fleets were first found who share the Meschin and Flicks/Flag scallops, and then the Dol Alans descend from Flaad, father of Alan. The Biss', sharing the Meschin scallops too, were first found in Surrey with Clavering-connectable James'.

Welsh Davids were first found in Cheshire with Rance-connectable Leghs, and with Cleave's suspect with the Cleaver variation of Clavers. It just so happens that Claverings use an "Ad" motto term for Ada of Warenne while Rands/Rance's were first found in Clavering. Many tell that Fauci was responsible for the AIDS pandemic and related vaccines. Clavers not only share the tower of Hoppers while Fauchy use a "grasshopper", but while Clavers are essentially in the colors and format of Meschins (Shropshire with Cleave's/Cliffs, Hunters/Hunts and Powys'), Rands/Rance's share the lion of Ran(d)ulph le Meschin, earl in Cheshire.

While Deborah Birx appeared nightly with Trump and Fauci when they were all-three conspiring to lockdown the country, she always wore a scarf while there is a scarf on the ERMINE mammal in the Arms of St. Malo, a location at the Rance river, and very near the Alans of Dol. Large ermine spots are used by Pauls. Malo's list Mallets while English Mallets (Suffolk with Belli-beloved Beacons/Bacons) share the scallops of Rand-branch Rinds. Mallet-like Malta's not only share the Montfort lion while Montfort is beside Rennes and Motte-Henry, but Malta's use the column while Columns/Malcolms can be from Malcolm III, father of king David under discussion.

The island of Malta is the location of the city of Shark-connectable Valletti, home generally of the Saracen people-group. That is, Sarasins share the moline cross of Vallans/Valletti's. In my 1979 Sleeping Beauty dream, Trump was the bulldog in a pool with a shark. The shark clamped its teeth around the dog's BELLY, and half swallowed him. Swallows share the swallows of Arundels, and Fitz-Alans came to rule Arundel, explaining why Sallows, with the pale bars of Italian Belli's in colors reversed, were first found in Shropshire with Alans.

To put it another way, Sallows share the six pale bars of Carpenters who in turn have the Paul crosslets on what looks like the Belly (and Beil/Baile) chevron. The Belly Chief shares the Moor heads of Morano's, and Morano is a location on the Sybaris river (Saracen domain) with Saracena. The same Moor heads are with Collars who in turn have the split Shield colors of Doria's, the latter first found in Genova with the Fauci's, and sharing the giant eagle of Fauci-connectable Dutch Tromps. Collar-like Calls/Calles', first found in Wiltshire (near Doors) with Fauchy-connectable Hoppers, use trumpets, and Hopers/Hope's (share globe of earth in Crest with Carpenters) were first found in Shropshire with Sallows.

I've told many times of my friend in my youth, PAUL Smith, a licensed Carpenter. It's part of the reason that I remember that Carpenters share the Paul crosslets. The thing is, while I've never before had the reason to point the Galveston mugging to Rand Paul, I was mugged in my Nissan pick-up which I sold to Paul Smith some three years later (1999). Nissans were first found in Hamburg with Trump-branch Drummonds, and with SHOE-using Trips. The running shoes in that Nissan are now pointing to Paul Rand's father, a "conspiracy theorist."

Arundels were in Sussex (with Arun), where Hams and Hammers were first found while German Hammers/Hemmers have a Coat reflecting the one of REUTERs/Royters. Hames'/Haymes' (Cumberland) are essentially in Claver colors and format. Pauls Smith, a carpenter specializing in hammer swings to the heads of Nagle-connectable nails, gave me his self-made, wooden ROUTER case. Reuters/Royters and Hammers/Hammers share a "Per" motto term with Carpenters. Roters are listed with Jewish Rothchilds and German Rothes'/Rothschilds who were pointed to when I checked into a motel in Crystal City on the day I slipped into Victoria on the day of the Galveston mugging. Ron Paul operates at Victoria.

John Ratcliffe in My Attic

I've told several times that, after climbing into the back of the pick-up, I locked the HATCH with a vice-grip plyers clamped to the LATCH in the locked position, which is why I've just loaded the unfamiliar-to-me Latch's. The only reason I clamped the plyers (why were they in the vehicle at all?) was in case a mugger came by and saw me through the glass. A mugger came by as soon as I fell asleep, suggesting he watched me get into the truck.

I've mentioned the Hatch's and Latch's before in regards to this event, but never had as good a reason, until now, to tell that the Latch fesse-with-lozenges is the one also of Nagle's having the Fauci lozenge. The better reason now is that Paul's have a similar fesse-with-crosses while Hatch's have the Coat of LeDuc-connectable Duce's in colors reversed. Plus, Latch's were first found in Galveston-like Galloway.

In the Latch Crest is a gold lion head, the color of the lion heads of Nagle-beloved Gale's who in turn have a fesse-with-lion-heads in the colors and format of the Latch fesse-with-lozenges. And, the Latch fesse is even wavy, as is the Ron/Running fesse (different colors).

If that's not enough, the Latch's share the red escutcheon with Allers, first found in Westphalia with Nagle's/Neils/Nails and Ducks. So-called "ALLERions" are used by Holdens (Lancashire with Holds/Holts and SCUTE's) who in turn share the Aller eSCUTcheon too. We can now go to Holds/Holts, first found in Bury of Lancashire with Ratcliffe's, because Holds/Holts have two of the Holder fesse, in the colors of the Latch-et-all fesse. The point here may be that John RatCLIFFE has shared some Intelligence with Rand / Ron Paul. Cliffs are listed with Cleave's while Clavers are also Cleavers while Rands were at Clavering. John Ratcliffe took the Intelligence helm held by James Clapper (like "Claver") under Obama.

It seems connectable to the keys in the running shoes that Ratcliffs share the double bendlets of Key-branch Kays. The running shoes were in Texas, and John Ratcliff has been a House representative, and a state Attorney, for Texas. He still lives in Texas.

The triple escutcheons of Holdens are shared by Hays/Hayers/Heys, first found in Perthshire with Rand-branch and Mallet-connectable Rinds while Rands/Rance river were first found at Clavering. Scute's share the "deer" with English Mallets. The "jugum" motto term of Hays/Hayers can be for the Juggs/Judds whom I trace to Jugon, near the Rance to St. Malo. Juggs/Judds were first found in Herefordshire (beside Holders and PATTYs) with Hays'/Hayse's who in turn share the demi-gold lion in Crest with Dinans and Diamonds. Dinan is at the Rance river.

Dine's/Diens (Surrey with Clappers), in Hays/Hayse colors and near-format, use the PATEE cross, as do Claptons, and Pattys share the lions of Raines'. Dine's/Diens were once said to be first found in Sussex with Deins/Deans, and so the Dine/Dien patee cross is shared with Bathursts (Sussex) who in turn use a "tien" motto term to go with the "Tiens" of Squirrels. Hays'/Hayse's (beside Bath and Worcestershire) share the leopard faces of neighboring Weights/Waits, and also of Bathurst-connectable Feltmans/Felthams. Pattys/Pati's were first found in Worcestershire with Hold-beloved Squirrels, and while Holds (squirrel in Crest) were first found in Bury with Ratcliffs, John Ratcliffe was depicted in my attic with a unique squirrel, the 17th amongst 16.

I caught the 16 with one rat trap, but the 17th got away; there wasn't an 18th. John Ratcliffe was the Director of National Intelligence, a 17th agency overseeing 16 other Intelligence agencies.

As English Mallets were first found in Suffolk with Rabbits (Bunny colors and format), the Hays-like Haze's and Haas' may be using a rabbit rather than a hare. Bunnys were first found in Nottinghamshire with the My's/Mee's sharing the Jugg/Judd boar heads.

I turned the attic into an apartment. The first tenant was a female who wore a Mohawk hair style from North Bay. She had Goth-loving stickers on her vehicle, a potential neo-Nazi. She wore the black boots that punkers wear who feign being Gothic rebels.

The next section has a new mouse event that points to Vladimir Hunka at Callander, beside North Bay, and the latter is where Anthony Rota lives who is a friend of Hunka. Years ago, there was a mouse in my attic that was killed beside the rat trap that itself depicted John Ratcliffe (Cliffs can be linked to Trapp-like Trabys), for I've told quite a few times how that mouse (came in through the COAT closet that a Dan was in) depicted Dan Coats, the man who took over Clapper's job which was then taken over by Mr. Ratcliffe.

Cliffs share the triple Quade wolf heads while Quade's are expected in the Q-shaped "scarf" of Trabys/Sadowski's, and so that's how the rat trap can point to Ratcliffs, especially as Wikipedia's article on Traby has them directly related to RADziwills. Ratcliffs are also Radcliffs, and the Rads happen to share the Goth hexagrams, can we believe it?

For quite some time, I was saying that the mouse which died (in a mouse trap) beside the rat trap was the last mouse ever into my house. However, in about the third and last year that the Goth-loving tenant was here, there was one more dead mouse found in a trap that I had placed in a cubby hole directly above the water heater. I've never had another mouse in this house since then, for, as it turned out, the mouse I mentioned a couple of updates ago was NOT in the house after all. I'll explain below.

I've never told this cubby-hole story before, but I've told that the previous mouse, Dan Coats, entered through the hole in the floor where the gas pipe comes up to feed the water heater in my coat closet. A fellow named, Dan, was over one evening, and opening the door to the closet, he asked what the thing was hanging on my wall. It's the tankless water HEATER. Heaters/HAYters/Haters share the bull head (different colors) with the Ratcliff Crest, and John Ratcliff lives in HEATH, where he was once the mayor. Heath's list Heater-like Heathers, and they share the stars of Tiens' in the squirrel motto, can you believe this? Tiens' were kin of Peare's to explain the "EsPERE" motto term of Heaths/Heathers, and Peare's share triple-gold leopard faces with Hays'/Hayse's.

Dan Coats was a Bushite Republican foolishly chosen by Trump to head National Intelligence. And Michael Hayden, with a surname suspect as a Hiedler/Hitler branch, was the deputy director of National Intelligence under George Bush, as well as the CIA director under Bush. Hayden now he's part of the leaders of a censorship board, NewsGuard, fighting against anti-globalists, what else? As per "NewsGuard," it's interesting that Guards, first found in Kent with early Ticks/Tocks, share the black griffin with them, though Ticks/Tocks use griffin HEADs while Heads/Heeds were first found in Norfolk with Haydens.

Coats/Cotes-like Acotts ("aucta" motto term), who share six pale bars with Coats'/Cotes' in a different color, are listed with Courts/COVERTs (Sussex with Coverts/Cofferts), and I've said many times that a former emailer to me, Miss Covert, lived less than 10 miles from Hayden Lake, Idaho, former headquarters of Aryan Nation, a white-supremacist group. Acotts/Coverts are said to have held the barony of Braiose/Briouze, and while Italian Abreu's are listed with Briouse-like Abruzzo, Portuguese Abreu's share the wings of Messina-branch Masci's and Italian Ales'/Alesi's, the latter first found on Messina with a Patti location in the patee crosses of Messina's. And Alleys were first found in the same place as Pattys/Pati's!

I've just found Acott-like Aucotts (never knew them before) listed with Allcocks/ALEcocks sharing the black rooster with Kopple's Nuremberg with Keips), the latter connectable to Coopers/Coppers, first found in Sussex with Keeps and Acotts/Coverts. While Ale's/Alleys share the Coat of Atleys, the latter were first found in Kent with Ailes' (this is how the Italian Ales' were found above). The miracle-marble shot can apply here because Guards (Kent) have the Marble griffin in colors reversed, and the Guard griffins are in Ailes colors and format. Aikens/Atkins (Lanarkshire with ALLISons) not only share the black rooster with Aucotts/Allcocks, but they have "vigilantia" versus "VIGILate" motto terms respectively while Italian Vigils have a reflection of the Belgian Fleck Coat while Flicks are also Flecks, and I flicked the alley with my thumb while Tume's/Tombs ("R.I.P."), first found in Worcestershire with Alleys, are suspect from the COTTian capital at Susa upon the RIP-like Riparia river.

The marble shot had pointed to trudeau's impoverished / ridiculed head, and was highly suspect with his Hunka scandal, and here, while following Michael Hayden, we just crossed the Truths/TRUDE's, the ones sharing the six pale bars of Coats'/Cotes, in the "Truth" motto term of Scottish Allisons/Allisters!

The chimney of my water heater goes through the ceiling into the cubby hole under discussion, and the hot water pipes go into that cubby hole too, which is why, instead of closing it off from access, I put a small door (about 48' x 18') into the cubby hole. The entire cubby hole's floor is the entire ceiling of the coat closet, in other words, so that the last dead mouse in this house seems to point to Dan Coats for a reason. I found this last mouse dry as a bone long after it was killed, meaning it was a lone mouse in the house, no family, for I've kept a couple of mouse traps in the attic, none of which have since been visited.

I think I can decipher this last mouse simply because my tenant was from North Bay, where her mother lives. The Coats'/Cotes' share the pale bars of TRUDE's, first found in Surrey with Clappers, and Hunka has been involved, surely, with some part of TRUDeau's cabinet and/or canadian Intelligence.

The next mouse event, which started about the first of last month, is in the section below, which was written BEFORE this section, and before the Paul Rand section. I decided that the Rand section should have priority in this update. The next section points a mouse at my WALL compellingly to trudeau and Hunka. You be the judge.

As this Nazi mouse comes with the Ticks, note "atTIC," for while I can link Ticks to Masters, the latter nearly have the Coat of English Walls, first found in Gloucestershire with Holders who share the fesse of English Walls. Obama's Eric Holder, scum activist for the anti-Christs, is coming to mind. Norwegian Eriks share the Nagle/Nail/Neil saltire. German Eriks/Erichsons share the Reich rose.

The Nazi Mouse

I'd like to re-visit what was said in the 5th update of last month, in the midst of covering pointers to justin trudeau and Yaroslav Hunka, the Nazi who appeared in the canadian parliament whom the trudeau government has been forced to shame against its will. Imagine that, being forced to tell the whole world that the Nazi you love is in fact a diabolical character to be rejected outright:

I awoke this morning hearing the words, "TICKing TIMEbomb," which I thought was interesting because Time's were first found in Kent, where Ticks/Tocks were once said to be first found. Just as I awoke hearing those words, I heard a mouse in the wall nipping away at something that sounded like a ticking timebomb, yet I did not hear it consciously until a split-second after I heard "ticking timebomb."...Perhaps God let this mouse into the house frame to depict trudeau...

In the evening, upon hearing it again, I went out with a flashlight, noting that, as soon as I shone the light at the wall roughly where the nipping was going on, it stopped.

The next night, when it started to nip away again, I went out with the flashlight, and as soon as I turned the corner to the spot, it again stopped nipping. I had thought: this mouse is not inside the wall, but near the outside where it can see the light. On the third night, I snuck up to find the spot with my ear, and finding it at the top-corner of the door jamb, I pointed the flashlight between the outer siding and the inner plywood sheet, and there it was looking toward the light. I could see one eye and its cheek. It was trying to chew through the plywood.

I decided to look up Flash's as per the flashlight, and found them listed with Flaxmans/Flachmans, pretty incredible because I was pointing my miracle-marble flick shot at trudeau at the time of this mouse event, and Flicks are listed with Flags/Flacks. The flashlight can also suggest a look at the Lights, who love the Feathers (Light colors and format) who in turn love the line of emperor Valens and his brother, Valentinian, in their motto. Valentinian married Justine, the line to the Justin surname. Plus, English Valence's were first found in Kent with early Ticks and Time's/Timms.

The next thing was amazing, for lake Nipissing came to mind with the nipping of the mouse. I didn't have that lake in mind when using "nipping," and, at the time, I didn't know where Hunka lived. It turned out that he lives at Callander, near North Bay, Ontario, which is only a couple of hours from my place.

I'm not familiar with lake Nipissing, though I've heard it many times over my life. A few minutes ago, I checked to see if Callander is on that lake, and, yes, indeed. So, I think God arranged that mouse trying to get into my house as a pointer to trudeau and Hunka, which begs the question of whether some Nazis are looking to find me.

The day after I saw the mouse with the flashlight, I forgot to plug the entry into the spot where it was nipping, but on the day after that, which was on/near October 5, it was plugged. However, I heard it nipping away again in the evening, and it sounded as though it was from exactly the same spot. It didn't go on long, and the next night too, it nipped for a couple of minutes only at the same spot, afterwhich I've not heard it (two nights and counting), suggesting that it got trapped between the siding and the plywood, and has since died of thirst. If this is the case, what does this mouse's death represent as it concerns Hunka?

The English Cottons, using "HANKs of cotton", were first found in Huntingdonshire with Flash's/Flaxmans/Flachmans. When the Ukraine flag is shown in vertical, it's the Flash/Flaxman Shield (ignoring the chevrons) in colors reversed, and the French Millets (share giant Teeger star), suspect in the Tick/Tock motto, have the same split colors diagonally. Hunka is a Ukrainian-canadian. On one half of the Flash/Flaxman Coat, it shares the French Chaplain Coat while English Chapmans/Caplans, first found in Hampshire with Flys of FLAGi, share the griffin heads of Masters/Misters, who, along with Ticks/Tucks (griffin heads), were once said to be first found in Kent, though both are now said to be first found in Yorkshire with Tickhill.

One half of the Flash/Flaxman Coat has chevrons in the colors of the Time/Timm chevron. Masters/Mister are justified in this discussion because the mouse was trying to chew through the wall while English Walls, in Master/Mister colors and format, share the fleur-de-lys of Time's/Timms. The latter even share a white Crest with English Walls. The Time/Timm Crest is a white goat head, as is the Crest of Dorals who in turn share the giant lion of Irish Doors and Irish Walls. The mouse was at the wall at the top of the door into the crawl space / basement.

The Caplan / Master griffin heads are in the colors of the giant griffin of Hangers/Angers (Hampshire with Caplans), and this giant griffin is in split colors, colors reversed from the split-colored flag of Ukraine.

Caplans are in the colors and format of Scottish Roets while Anthony Rota claims that he invited Hunka to the parliament. Roets were first found in Somerset with the CHEWs (show the Catherine Roet wheel) who in turn share the Caplan / Master griffin heads. The mouse was trying to CHEW through the plyWOOD. Woods share the tree with Roets and their Root branch, and Roots were first found in Kent, where Masters and Ticks/Tocks were once said to be first found.

It's taken me this long to try for a Callander surname, and there is one, first found in Perthshire with Justins and Scottish Nipps/Napiers. I trace the latter to the Naparis river of the Roxolani Rus suspect in forming the Varangian Rus of Ukraine!

The Tache's/TASS' in the Nipp/Napier motto, evoking Ticks/Tocks/Tucks/Tooks, were first found in Suffolk with Kepke-connectable Kidds, and where MOUSquette's were once said to be first found. The latter are now said to be first found in Cambridgeshire with Tacks ("NobiliTAS"). I believe the latter share the cherub with Callander-connectable Chalants/Challons, and Mr. Kepke said to me, "be nonCHALANT." It just so happens that Chalants/Challons (Powys with Clements) are in Trudeau colors and format.

Princess Maria (sister of King Yaroslav) of the Kiev Varangians is to the Lorraine's who, ignoring their lions, are in the colors and format of Callander-like Callands. Caplan-like Chaplets were first found in Lorraine. There's a gold griffin in the Calland Crest, the color of the Caplan / Chew griffin heads. The Callands share the demi-gold griffin in Crest with Hangars/Angers.

English Nipps/Nipes'/Knipe's along with Nipps/Napiers evoke the Napps/Knape's who in turn share the Side lion to go with the house siding, and Side's were a branch of Sutys, first found in Perthshire with Nipps/Napiers and Callanders. English Nipps/Nipes'/Knipe's were first found in Lancashire with the Gorsuch's sharing the Lorraine bend-with-eagles (this is in Calland colors and format). The Napps evoke the Sleeps (Kent with Roots) because the double Sleep fesses are shared by Nipps/Nipes'/Knipe's.

Ahh, Callander-like Callants (Calland / Lorraine colors) are listed with English Alans, first found in Shropshire with Sleap, and where Sleeps were once said to be first found along with the Breakers in the "FLAX breaker" of Brays/Brae's. The Roxolani were Rus-Alans! I say Alans named Langhe at the Bray-like Bra theater of Piedmont. Callanders come up as "Callant" too. French Callants/Gallande's (Picardy with Irons/Orions) share the triple leopard faces of Peare's while Nipps/Napiers come up as "Peerless". Alans of Alania were Irons too.

Nazi's and Rothschilds were both of Rosicrucian stripes, that being a sinister cult that honors the red rose (Jewish Rothchild symbol) in place of Jesus. Rosicrucians desired to infiltrate politics, same as the Bavarian Illuminati, in the quest to rule the world.

Oh wow, off-the-wall, I decided to shoot for a Merit-like Mertz surname, and not only did one come up (first found in Rhineland), but it shares the Hitt and Danish Bauer Coat!!! The Mertz's use their double bends wavy in the colors of the one wavy bend of Jewish Pollocks. The first Pollock of Rothes (Scottish location near the Rose clan) was a proto-Rothschild. Drummonds married the royal Bruce's, which can explain why the Mertz saltire is that of Bruce's too. The first king Bruce took the Templars into his protection when France tried to wipe them out under their grandmaster, Jacques de Molay.

Dutch Mertz's suggest a branch of Maurice's from Maurice Drummond, a descendant of the Varangian Rus! Dutch Mertz's share the Andrea saltire while Maurice Drummond was the grandson of king Andrew of Hungary. Drummonds look related to Amore's and Damorys, but also of Spanish Marina's. The Dutch Mertz saltire is shared by Marine's and Marines'. It makes Maurice look related to Maria of Kiev. Her brother, YARoslav, is to Yarborough's/YEARby (chaplets?), and Years were first found in Stirlingshire with the Drymen location of Drummonds.

English Billets share the Dog/Doag cinquefoil. The Callanders, first found in Perthshire with Drummonds and Dogs/Doags, use billets while French Billets/Billiards were first found in Maine with the French Josephs while English Josephs (Hampshire with Chaplains/Caplans and Flys of Flagi) were kin of both Chaplain surnames. To put it another way, the double chevrons of French Chaplains and Flash's/Flaxmans are shared by English Josephs. English Billets share the cinquefoil of English Millets suspect in the Tick/Tock motto. In colors reversed, it's the cinquefoil of Rosco's, first found in Cornwall with Hunkins.

Hampshire is where Hunkin-like Hangers/Angers were first found who share the "escarbuncle" with the Angers, the latter first found in Essex with the Faux's who share the giant Hunkin mascle, and with Vere's. Angers is where I trace the Flicks/Flags/Flacks and their Faux-like Fulke branch. Hunkins could be a Hun branch, but then Huns are a branch of Hanger-like Hungars. English Huns/Hungate's were first found in Yorkshire with the Hansons who share the Hunkin mascle, in colors reversed from the similar lozenges of Hounds.

This makes Hunkins and Hunka's suspect with Angers/Anjou elements from the Fulk counts there. Hunkins were first found in Cornwall with Enders who come up as Ingers while Inger the Varangian was likely of Kiev, for he was husband to Melissena Rangabe (Byzantium), whom I identify with mythical Melusine, whose son, Milo de Vere, was a fictional count of Anjou. I've deciphered that Melusine is the heraldic mermaid, and she's found in the Crest of Callan-like Cullens who happen to share the hands of German Dorrs. The mouse was just inside at the top-right corner of the door jamb.

I trace the "Ad" motto term of German Dorrs to Ada of Warenne, wife of Henry of Huntingdon, and while I saw the mouse in the hole at the top corner of the door with a flashlight, Flash's/Flaxmans were first found in Huntingdonshire. It's even interesting that it's an orange flashlight, for Orange's share the hunting horn with Huntingdons. Hunter Biden's Ukraine connections are coming to mind. I've suggested in the past that Orange's named Rangabe's, the surname of Melissena above! However, I mentioned her BEFORE the orange color of the flashlight came to mind, and before Henry of Huntingdon came to topic.

Repeat: "The English Cottons, using "HANKs of cotton", were first found in Huntingdonshire with Flash's/Flaxmans/Flachmans." The Hanks have the bendy of Italian Davids in half its colors, and the top half of the Italian David Coat is the Orange Coat!!! Ada of Warenne is to the Aids/Ade's having a Coat like the one of Welsh Davids who in turn are suspect with the mouse-using Coat of Misls.

The giant Orange hunting horn is colors reversed from the hunting horns of the Flax-connectable Breakers, the latter first found in Shropshire with Hunts/Hunters, and with a Rodden river of the Roddens/Rodhams/RODENTs and Rothschilds/Roddensteins. Meanwhile, Bidens were first found in Hampshire with Hangers/Angers.

English Doors/Dorrs use bees while Bee's (share Vere quadrants) were first found in Oxfordshire with the Vere rulers of Oxford, and with the Anger-like Hankers, which recalls the "hanks" of Cottons, first found in Huntingdonshire.

There's a Broc location on Anjou, which can explain why Brocks and Brooks were first found in Essex with Vere's. yet, Melissena Rangabe was the granddaughter of Prokopia while Brock-branch Brocuffs are also Prokopps. Plus, the latter along with Brocks share the Chief-Shield color combination of the just-found, new-to-me-now Nipps' listed with the Nibbs! Lake NIPISsing.

The imperial Rangabe's were Byzantines about 200 years before the first Templars in Jerusalem, and Byzantines were engaging the nation of Caucasian Georgia. The latter's flag today is the Jerusalem flag of Templars, and this is in use in the Brocuff/Prokopps Chief too.

While Hunka's lake-front home in Callander is on lake Nipissing, note that "ticking timebomb" has to do with time, as does the calendar, and Calendars are listed with Callanders. But why would God arrange a bomb in pointing to this man? Is it for God's "bomb" against him which we are seeing now, or are some Nazi's planning a literal bombing of their own?

The Millets suspect in the "Militia" motto term of Ticks/Tocks essentially share the BUS Coat, and I've seen Roxolani of the Naparis stamped also on the nearby BUZau river. Wikipedia puts them also at the Naparis-like Dnieper river through Kiev. I've had a question in mind as to whether Nazis in Ukraine goaded Hamas to start a war against Israel late last week. Wouldn't that amount to a ticking timebomb on God's calendar?

The Rocks

The Naparis and Buzau are/were in Wallachia, where Walls can trace who had been shown above as kin of Doors / Dorals and Time's/Timms. I can make the case for tracing Walsh's/Walchs to Wallachians on the Buzau, and here we go to the "AuSPICE" motto term of Scottish Walsh's/Walchs (ROXburghshire) not only because Spice's are in Trudeau colors and format, but because there's a bomb in the Spice Crest. What could this mean? Is trudeau thinking of doing some false-flag bombing operation? Or, is he involved in helping Hamas? The ticking-timebomb dream was about a week before Hamas launched some 4,000 rockets, and Rockets were a branch of Rockefeller-line Roque's/Rocks. Walsh-branch Walsers use the mermaid.

The Roxolani named Roquefeuil (Languedoc with Rockets and Rocks/Roque's), and the Spice's in the motto of Roxburghshire's Walsh's share the gold tower with Scute's (Lancashire) while Shute's/Schute's (Calles colors and format) were kin of TRUMPET-using Calles' (Wiltshire with Shute's/Schute's). the Hamas invasion started on the day after the last day of the FEAST of TRUMPETs, and there is even a Feast surname listed with German Faiths/Feits, possibly a branch of Fate's/Feets. English Faiths/Faithfuls have a Coat like that of the Roxburghshire Walsh's.

I went down the STAIRs in my bare FEET to see where the mouse was hiding, because bare feet are as quiet as a mouse. The stairs are each made of single ROCKs (weighing hundreds of pounds each). I had to stand on another rock to reach my ear up to the door jamb. And that's how I found where it was chewing away. Chews list the Jew surname. Stairs (Kent with Time's/Timms) are in Trudeau colors and format. Stars/Stairrs' were first found in Wiltshire with Calles' and Shute's/Schute's/Shutts.

There's a French Callender surname (not "Callander") likely using the Sutherland stars because Suters/Shutters can be linked to Shute's/Schute's/Shutts. Suters/Shutters have a Coat much like the Board Coat. The Suters/Shutters appeared as the Sewers in my dream in which I sewered on Obama's billiard table, and the Billets in the Callander Coat are listed with Billiards. The sewer shot pointed to Obama for more reason than his previous name, Barry SOETORo. In that dream, Obama was on a skateBOARD.

I happen to have a photo of these stairs at the time I was adhering stucco to the corner of the house. The door under discussion is in the picture. As you can see, the siding is the reverse from board-and-batten, with the dark 1 x 10 boards overtop of the white 1 x 6 battens. Behind the dark board that goes up along the right-side jamb, there is a piece of strap nailed to the plywood, with the dark board nailed to the strap. That piece of strapping does not continue past the top jamb, but as it stops at the top jamb, its top end acts as a seat for the mouse so that it can sit there and chew away at the plywood all night long. The mouse was in the one-inch air space between the dark board and the plywood, and I assume it's there now, but dead.

It was SITTING (not like on a chair, but) on the strap for the SIDing, and Sittens share a "hazard" motto term with Side-branch Sutys, the latter first found in Perthshire with Callanders (NOTTINGham colors). Sittens, first found in East Lothian with the Fortune's in the motto of Suty-like Shute's/Shutts, share the fire-breathing dragon with Nothings/NORTHens in the "Nothing" motto term of Sutys, and Callander is beside NORTH Bay. English Bays (COLchester) have fesses in the colors of the fessewise bars of Sutys, and French Bays were first found in Dauphine with French Callenders. And while I was shining a flashlight at the mouse, Flash's/Flaxmans were first found in Huntingdonshire with Nothings/Northens.

Callands (Colchester colors) have a version of the COLLAN/Caullings Coat, and Cole's were first found in Cornwall with Hunkins who are in turn connectable to English Faux's, the latter first found in Essex with Colchester. Collans/Caullings (share Calland Crest) even share the martlet of French Josephs, the latter first found in Maine with the Billets in the Callander Coat! The mouse has sprechen sie Deutsch.

This photo was taken for readers when the scaffold slipped off the blocks in the rain, minutes before I went inside to learn that the British were building scaffolding up the Ecuadorian embassy to apparently spy on Julian Assange. When the scaffold fell off the blocks, it sent me for a fall to the rocks, which I thought was a pointer to Rockefellers, for Fellers have a version of the Falls/Fallis Coat, and then there are Jewish Fells to boot.

I've only just realized that while the Fellers have a chevron in the colors of the Flaxman chevrons, wow, the latter list the Falls-like Flash's!!!! My flashlight pointed to the mouse points to Rockefellers rats! Rockefellers are the globalist fat-cats who don't want to be defamed by social media because they want more of our money than they have already pillaged and hoarded.

Plus, Fallows/Fellows (Door / Wall lion?) were first found in Huntingdonshire with Flash's/Flaxmans!!!! It makes the Flicks/Flags/Flacks suspect as Roquefeuil liners, and perhaps Fulke's were too. The Fallow/Fellow write-up has a Flag-like character: "Walter Felagh was one of the first records of the family." The vertically-split Flash/Flaxman Shield (colors only) is shared by Fauci's and Dutch Tromps. Faux's (Essex with Mousquette-branch Muschats) share the giant mascle of HUNKins. I suppose that Hunka is a Rockefeller ally, and that God was putting him into a limelight in the parliament which he regretted immediately as even his friends denounced him publicly. The flashlight of God. It's going to expose Nazi elements kept hidden by Western governments. The rats nipping away at the foundations of civil life will destroy and be destroyed.

Languedoc, where Roquefeuil is located, is where French Cottons were first found while Fallows/Fellows were first found in Huntingdonshire with English Cottons. The Fortuna's in the motto of English Cottons were first found in Tuscany with Italian Fulks, and Fortune's were first found beside Falls/Fallis' of Midlothian. English Cottons have a "paratus" motto term while Pratts (Norfolk with Flicks/Flags) were kin of Flys of Flagi. I showed how Trudeau-like Trude's/Trots share the Coats/Cotes pale bars. "I say that "paratus" is code for ancient versions of the Prut river at Ukraine, which flows to the Siret into which the Trotus and Buzau rivers flow. The Cotesii were on the Buzau. The Sensii were nearby at least near the Naparis to explain the "Sans" motto term of Nipps/Napiers who in turn share a red saltire with Belgian Pratts/Praetes'. Irish Prays share six the Coats/Cotes pale bars while English Prays/Preters were first found in Lincolnshire with Cotton-beloved Hanks.

The only heraldic mouse I know of is with Misl's/Meisels, and that mouse looks related to the Welsh David Coat, itself related to Ade's/Aids from Ada of Warenne, wife of Mr. Huntingdon, son of king David I. Roddens/Rodhams/RODENTs are in Aide/Ade colors and format.

I've told many times that I kissed Kim Walsh on the cheek when she was Kepke's girl. Kepke's father is Ukrainian. When pointing the flashlight up to the mouse, I saw one eye and one cheek peering out toward me. Cheeks/Chicks (Oxfordshire with Love's/Luffs) were kin of Love's/Luffs, in turn kin of MOUSquette's/Muscats/Musks, and Lovers/Levers (Lancashire with Scute's) use a TRUMPET too. This round-about Cheek link to Mousquette's/Muscats convinces me that the mouse-cheek scene was Arranged, and the Cheek/Chick Coat is shared by Hitler-connectable Hoddels in turn sharing the Hott eagle while Heidlers share the white anchor with Hoods/Hotts/Hutts. Hoddels share a red Crest with Cheeks/Chicks, and while Love's/Luffs and Mousquette's/Muscats were both said to be first found in Suffolk, that's where Shake/Shick-branch Chickens (cockatrice) were first found.

The Love's/Luffs and Mousquette's share the lion head of Barrs/BARE's. I was in bare feet. Cheeks and Love's/Luffs share the same fitchee, and Fitch's/Fitchets/Fitts with Muschats/Montfitchets were first found in Essex while Foot-branch Fittes'/Fitts are also Feet-like Fette's.

I kid you not. The final rock that I stood on, to place my ear against the siding to find where exactly it was chewing, was directly beside a GAS jug I had left there (for my chainsaw). In fact, it might have been on the rock at the time. Can that be a pointer to "Gaza"? The gas chambers?

The gas is still there beside the chainsaw oil, and it just so happens that OILeys have a different-colors version of the Hitt Coat.

There is a Gaza surname listed with Spanish Casa's, sharing red wheat sheaves with Keppochs, and then the Keeps were first found in Sussex with Hamas-like Hams'. Is the anti-Christ going to be a pro-Muslim Nazi? Some American congresspeople are already suggesting that American weapons allotted for Ukraine have been sold to Hamas. Hames' were first found in Cumberland with Dolphins while dolphins are used by English Hammers, first found in Sussex with same-colored Hams'. This paragraph might not be so compelling had not Kepke been Ukrainian. He's the "non-chalant" man now pointing to Hunka of Callander.

French Hamels share the fesse of Dolphin-branch Dols, and while Alans were in Dol, the Callants are listed with English Alans while French Alans share the Chief of Callander-connectable Galli's. The latter were first found in dolphin-using Dauphine, and Keeps even use a "galley" SHIP. The French Hamels almost have that Chief, but instead use two stars, as do Clintons in the same colors, instead of three. Alans of Dol moved to Shropshire, location of the Rodden river of the Rodhams/Rodents (Northumberland with Keep-loving Hebrons). Clintons were first found in Oxfordshire with Ships and Bee's. BE nonchalant.

Hillary Rodham Clinton had supported Hamas when she was Obama's foreign secretary. Clintons were even first found in the same place as the Horts who in turn have a near copy of the Hames Coat! This gets incredible where Hames', in Aimes' colors, show a Haymes variation while Aims/Ains'/HAYNES' have the Hoddel Coat in colors reversed. "Aime" is a motto term of Home-connectable HUMphreys.

The Aim/Haynes write-up has "Hugh de Haynes...founding CHICKsand Priory", and Cheeks are listed with Checks/Chicks who share the Hoddel Coat! I kissed Kepke's girl on the cheek at La Paloma, and if Spanish Paloma's use a pot, we can take this to Pots and Potters, the latter almost having the Hames Coat!!! Pots and Potters were first found in Hampshire with Hone's/Hones' whose wavy fesses are in the colors of the wavy pale bars in the Aim/Haynes crescents.

I've just gone to find where Chicksands Priory is, and it's in Bedfordshire, where Hoddels were first found!!!

There's more because the Iran surname is listed with Irons/Orions, first found in Arran-like Airaines (near ABBEville), and then the McAbbe's/McCabe's share the Hams "salmon" in both colors!!! Can you believe this? Iran and Hamas in cahoots against Israel.

Hoddels (new to me this week) are also Odells and WODEhulls while both Wood surnames list Wode's. The mouse was nipping away at the plyWOOD. Woods share the fitchee of Roots and Ratterys while Hoods were first found in Rattery. Ratterys were first found in Perthshire with Billet-loving Callanders! The mouse was at the siding while Side's were a branch of Sutys, the latter first found in the same place with as Ratterys to explain the latter's "SIDera" motto term. But if we see it as "siDERa," it works because Dere's/Dears were first found in Bedfordshire with Hoddels/Odells.

I SAW the mouse's eye, and Saws/Shaws use an "I" motto term suspect with Eye in Suffolk. The Ratterys (same place as Saws/Shaws and Callanders) happen to be in SAW/Shaw colors and format, and the mouse was directly above my one-gallon jug of chainSAW gas. The Gallon surname is much like "Callander," and it just so happens that French Callenders, first found in Dauphine with Galli's and Galleys, share the Gallon lion!!! But there's more, for while GALLUS AnonyMOUS wrote the heraldry for the Goplo mouse tower, the Gallons above list Gallus'!!! Can we believe it? That mouse is pointing to Hunka without question.

That CHAINsaw can go with the Chains because they share the cross of Butters, first found in Perthshire with Saws/Shaws and Wings/Winks. Chaine's (not "Chain") have a giant wing. Butters can be in the "butterflies" of Tulls/Tullia's while Tulls/Tolle's are also toilet-like TOLLETs. That little window in the wall in the photo of my house is directly above the TOILET, and it was while I visited the toilet that I regularly heard the mouse nipping away. It just so happens that Tulls/Tullia's were first found in Dauphine with French Callenders while Callanders were first found in Perthshire with Butters!

And the Cheney Coat is a different-colors version of the Calland Coat, suggesting that God arranged for me to leave the chainsaw gas where I did, on and beside that one rock that I placed my feet on to find the mouse. The "Fato" motto term of Cheneys can be for the Feets/Fate's because they share gold martlets with Cheneys. Feits/Faiths share the bend of Pings/Pongs/Pagans.

Butters of Perthshire were first found also in Fife with Geds ("DuRAT") while Rats/Raiders were first found in Perthshire with Ged-branch Geddes. The "DiriGET" motto term of Butters should apply, yet the same term caused me to check the Dire's to find them with a "TIMere" motto term, and with the Time/Timm goat head to be assumed. The ticking timebomb came with the nipping mouse, and Nipps/Napiers, with roses as code for Roxolani on the Naparis river, were first found in Perthshire too.

Note "TiMERE" because French Mars/Mere's are in the colors and format of French Noels (Normandy with Mars/mere's) feasibly in the "nolo" motto term of Dire's. The latter's "terrere" motto term suggests their being a branch of German Terras'/Derrs/Deirs who in turn share rooks with Rock-branch Rooks and Rockets. The Rooks were once said to be first found in Oxfordshire, where Dire's were first found.

English Nole's/Noels were first found in Staffordshire with Tulls/Tolle's/TOLLETs and Pipe's. The mouse was nipping away at the plywood directly roughly beneath the toilet PIPE. It was the Tulls/Tullia's that took us to Butters suspect with Dire's in their motto. Butters were first found in Perthshire with the Dure's while DURham is where the Bows/Bough's were first find in the bow of the Butter Crest.

The mouse was at the door frame while Frame's (Devon with Hoods/Hoots and their Rattery location) share the Callender / Gallon/Gallus lion too! English Frane's/Frayne's have that lion in colors reversed, and share the Klaus Coat for a possible pointer to Klaus Schwab, especially as Odell-like Adells were first found in Swabia. The Klaus' are also Claus' while Goplo-like KOPLik is on the CLAUSula river. It just so happens that KOPPLE's, first found in NUREMBERG, share the rooster of German Gallus'. I've known this for some years.

The bottom half of the German Gallus Coat looks linkable to Hiedlers/Hitlers and Hitts. The Gallus bendy is in the colors of the Keep bend, and while Keeps use a "galley", Keips were first found in Nuremberg with Kopple's. Mr. Kepke owned a pet WHITE RAT when we were teens, which he kept in the basement, where we played lots of ping-pong at the time. Pings/Pongs/Pagans, sharing the WHITE eagle, use bendy too, and French Pagans were first found in Dauphine with Galleys and Callenders. Then, while Hunka was awarded the Medal of MERIT by a canadian-Ukraine group that knew he was fighting for Nazis, French Merits have triple bends in the colors of the Gallus bendy, and now the colors are those of the lone Callander bend. The Ping/Pong/Pagan bendy is in colors reversed from the same of Hanks.

The French Merit Coat is exactly the one of Israels/Yisraels, and Merit-like Amorites has owned Jerusalem. English Merits are also Morits. The Hitts and Danish Bauers nearly having the Merit / Israel Coat have bends in the colors of the bars of Amore's and Damorys. Israels/Yisraels (possibly named by Templar elements) were first found in Venice, the general area of Merovingian descent. Merovingians were the first Franks, and Franks later became a major part of the Crusaders / Templars.

Venice is also where Italian Davids were first found who almost have the triple Merit bends. The hunting horn of Italian Davids traces to Henry of Huntingdon, son of king David. Merits with Mertz's were looking like they were from Maurice Drummond, and it so happens that he married the sister of king David's father.

Rats/Raids, in Italian Maria colors, share the white anchor with Hoods/Hoots. Now that Rothschilds/Roddensteins are said to be first found in Speyer, we can discover their being a Rat/Raid branch by the latter's "Spero" motto term, for Spears are also Speyers. Thus, as Rats/Raids were also a Roet branch, Rothschilds are from the namers of Rieti, where I trace Flicks/Flags. And Ratterys share the Root fitchee.

Merits are also Merre's/Mereys while Keeps were from Maria of Kiev. It explains why Italian Maria's (Rat/Raid colors) use bends, and it also tends to show that God Arranged the Merits/Mereys to point Hunka to Ukraine's capital. As I've said, on the night that I threw a party for fellow employees at Knob Hill Farms grocers, Kepke and MARIA Nigro stayed the night together and alone in the basement. Nigro's show only five ears of wheat in the colors of the five fleur-de-lys of Spanish Maria's. Italian Marina's (almost the Italian Maria Coat) were first found near the first-known Grazi's who share a black rooster with Gallus' and Kopple's.

Maria Nigro (we called her Mary) lived in BUTTONville at the time, and Buttons list the Bidens of Ukraine corruption.

The amazing thing now is from the MEDAL of Merit where Medals/Dougals share the quadrants of Hoddel-like Hodleys!!! The latter were even first found in Sussex with Keeps (and Oddeys/Hode's). While Oddeys/Hode's share the Hodley Coat, Oddie's/Hoddys were first found in Yorkshire with Pings/Pongs/Pagans.

English Merits/Morits, with Chief-Shield colors reversed from Scottish White's, were first found in Durham (beside Yorkshire) with the English White's in turn sharing the Callender / Gallon/Gallus lion, which I think explains Kepke's white rat, for while it was in the baseMENT with the ping-pong table, Ments/Mants have triple bends in the colors of the three-and-three bendy of Pings/Pongs/Pagans (Yorkshire with Ments/Mants). It just so happens that while French Pagans were first found in the same place with Galli's, Mant-like Manets, sharing the eagle of Scottish and English White's, were first found in Savoy with Galli-branch Gays.

Recently, I was linking Odell-like Adells to Alleys, and while Rocks (colors of the billets in the Arms of Roquefeuil) were first found in Worcestershire with Alleys (Roque/Rock colors), these Rocks share the lone trefoil of the other Odells/O'Dells (Bedfordshire with Hoddels/Odells/WodeHULLs). The miracle-alley flick was on HULLmar drive, and while Hullmars may have married Mars, French Mars are also Mere's i.e. like the Merre variation of Merits. Dells share the gold wheat sheaf in Crest with Rock-branch Rooks, and the Dell sheaf is with a cloud while Clouds have flags for connection to Flicks.

In the past, I've had reason, and explained why, the mouse is a symbol of Obama, whom I think trudeau loves. What might it mean that I trapped a mouse at the top corner of my door jamb? Perhaps the jamb-like James' (Surrey with Trude's/Trots) can apply because they have one of the double chevrons of Flash's/Flaxmans. Plus, these James' are in Feller colors and format while sharing the Alley / Falls/Fallis lion.

James-connectable Jeans/Jane's (same place as Alleys) likely have the Alley / James lions in colors reversed, and the nearby Samsons, sharing the James Crest, and nearly the Jean/Jane Crest, share the Flick/Flag scallops while even using a "FLAGitium" motto term. Samsons (now show a patonce cross) once showed the patee cross while Pattys were first found in Worcestershire with Alleys. The "PeJUS" motto term of Samsons might just be code for a Justin branch.

Having said that, Samsons were first found in Gloucestershire with English Walls while German Walls were reckoned earlier in this update with the pale bar of Victoria's/Victors, and "Victor" is the full motto of James'. Dutch Walls use what looks like a giant rock, in colors reversed from the Arms of Roquefeuil. English Walls use a mural crown while Spanish Murs/Muriels use "walls" as play on "muro" = "wall." English Muriels share the fleur of English Walls, and Muriel of Roet-related Rothes was the daughter of Peter Pollock of Rothes, at Moray, and Mole's share the triple Moray stars likely because Eschyna de Molle's daughter married Peter's brother. Eschyna-like Eskins/Erksins (Renfrewshire with Pollocks) share the lone, black pale bar of German Walls.

Alleys were first found in the same place as English Rocks and Rocket-branch Rooks, and while Mole's were first found in Roquefeuil-related ROXburghshire, I stepped on and killed a mole virtually under the rock under discussion, a couple of weeks before dealing with the mouse. I stepped on this mole about the time I first started to hear the mouse nipping away.

The mole was running away from me to the backside of this rock when I was able to stomp on it at the gravel not only beside the rock, but directly under the mouse. I find it amazing that French Gravels are in the colors and near-format of the James' under discussion. James' share the Crest of Samsons who in turn were first found in the same place as Grave's/Greafs.

My garden GATE is now where the photo above was taken, and there's a fresh mole hole/tunnel at that gate (wasn't there earlier in the year). The mouse was at the door while English Doors are in Gates colors and format. English Bills were Roet kin.

PLUS WOW, the mole was spotted when I was throwing pulled weeds onto the weed pile over at a cut-down pine tree i.e. the STUMP is still there protruding a couple of inches above the ground. Stumps are not only listed with Stomps, but they have the Tick/Tock Coat in colors reversed!!! I stomped on the mole!!! It was a literal stomp. I missed it with my foot once or twice, as it was running along, but finally stomped it under that rock. And RODhams/Roddens use a tree stump!!!! Incredible. This mole is pointing to Hillary Rodham Clinton.

The stump is just outside the photo at the bottom left, but one can make out the pine tree's branches in the top-left corner. By enlarging the photo, the top of the rock can be seen to the right of the 6 x 6 post. The scaffold's leg is at the gravel exactly where the mole's furry remains are now.

I can't have moles, so I opted to kill this one, the first mole I've seen all year. It was dead and ROTTed much away when I stood on the rock to find the mouse's chew spot. Chews/Jews (Catherine-Roet wheel) can be gleaned as kin of Rott-like Roets!!! It seems to be pointing again to Miss Rodham.

Roddens/Rodhams (Northumberland with Phoenix's/Fenwicks!) even have a bend in the colors of the Rothschild/RoddenSTEIN bend-by-arrow, and English Steins (Stephenson Coat in other colors) can be gleaned as a branch of the Steinson variation of Stepp-like Stephensons!!! I stepped on the mole when I stomped on it!!! The Stepps are also StepTOWs while Tows/Touch's/Tuffs were first found in Cheshire with Tufts/Tuffs', and the latter, I kid you not, share the "phoenix" in Crest with Mole's!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It looks like Intelligent Design.

Rotts/Rothes'/Rothchilds share the raven of the Peters who probably share the Pierre bend, and Pierre's (Languedoc with French Jeans) not only share the lion of Gates' (Devon with Bill-connectable Billets), but of French and Spanish Jeans while the latter share billets (different colors) with the Arms of Roquefeuil. That same lion is in the colors of the lion head in the Crest of these same Peters. French Billets/Billiards (branch of Hillards/Billiards) share the triple Moray / Mole stars. Rooks, first found in the same place with Jeans/Jane's and Rocks, use the raven too.

Rooks and Rocks were first found in Worcestershire with Hillary who in turn share the six fitchees of Clintons, another reason that the mole was stomped at the rock. Hillards/Billiards were once said to be first found in Yorkshire with Ticks/Tocks and Rook-branch Rookbys, but the write-up now mentions a "Hildiard de TRULE" in Surrey, where James' were first found along with their Michael kin who in turn share the Peter mascles.

The Trule-like Trulls are also Trowells, and, in the photo, I was working the stucco with my masonry trowel. The six Trull/Trowell trefoils are in the pattern of the six Hillary and Clinton fitchees. The stucco-like Stucks/Stocks were first found in ROTHENburg, believe it or not. Rothers/Ruths/Randolphs were first found in Moray while Rutherfords (ROXburghshire) share "Nec" with the Rodden/Rodham motto.

New-to-me Rothens/RothenHALE's, with a reflection of the Hiedler/Hitler Shield, have the split colors of Hale's and Draytons of Hales (Cheshire, near Rodden river). By what coincidence do Haleys share the mole boar head!!!? No human who formed heraldic symbols knew I'd be doing stucco with my trowel, with the scaffold's LEG at the spot of the mole-stomp. Draytons use the eagle leg while Eagle's/Hegels (Lincolnshire with Swallows) are in the colors and format of the six swallows of Clinton-connectable Arundels.

There is evidence that Jack Sava, who I think participated in the murder of Seth Rich after the latter got Clinton-circle emails publicized, was a friend of Hillary Clinton because his wife was active politically with Hillary Clinton. Savage's/Sava's have the eagle Coat in colors reversed.

OH WOW. As I've said, the scaffold slipped off the concrete BLOCKs you can see in the photo. I was on the scaffold spreading stucco at the lower end of the house's corner, when it started to rain so that the legs slid off the blocks, causing one leg to end up at the future mole-stomp spot. The point is, English Blocks share the brown tree stump with Roddens/Rodhams and Scottish Watsons!!! The latter probably share the tree-on-mound of Scottish Roets while the giant crescent of German Roets is in the colors of the crescents of English Watsons. Pollocks and Leslie's both married Watsons of Rothes while Watsons (RUTland) share the Block chevron.

German Blocks show nothing but billets, and English Blocks look related to Bellys of Moray while English Bello's share the English Billet Coat.

Rothens/Rothenhale's were first found in Aberdeenshire with Tarves while Tarves' have the black Hillary and Clinton fitchees in the same pattern, how can that be coincidental? The Leslie's, earls of Rothes after they married Block-like Pollocks, were first found in Aberdeenshire too. Plocks were first found in Oxfordshire with Clintons. English Watts, with the billets of German Blocks in colors reversed, were first found in Worcestershire with the Alleys sharing the Pool Coat.

While the Rodden river is in Shropshire, where English Rothes' were once said to be first found, Market-Drayton is in Shropshire. Draytons share the vertically-split Shield colors of Hale's, but Draytons even share the Gates lion while Hale's are in Gates colors and near-format.

Clintons share the Chief-Shield colors of Saluzzo's, a branch of Shropshire's Sallows, and of the Swallows. The Arundels who married Saluzzo have six swallows in the pattern of, and colors reversed from, the six Clinton fitchees. The six pale bars of Sallows are in colors reversed from the same of Arie's/Erie's who in turn have a "tienDRAI" motto term while Drai's are listed with Drayton-like French Drays. The Tiens in that motto term were first found in Oxfordshire with Clintons. English Drays share the drops of Darlene's, first found in Devon with Gates' suspect in the Drayton Coat. Chives' of Tarves were once said to be first found in Devon. English Drays were first found in Norfolk with Drops/Trope's while Troops were first found between Tarves and Rothes'. Chives' were from the Cavii Illyrians while Cave's share the fretty in the Hale Crest.

I stepped on the mole, and Stepps share the German Bush Coat while the presidential Bush family was protected by a Nazi banker, Prescot Bush. The same fleur-de-lys is with Trade's/Trotte's while Trots are also Trude's (Surrey with James'). It appears that the step-on-mole event points to the same dastardly characters (trudeau and Hunka) that the mouse points to. German Peters, likewise sharing the Pierre bend, share the Hiedler/Hitler Shield (when the latter's symbols are ignored), which jibes with Hitler's mother, Klara Polzl, being suspect from Pollocks. Pierre Trudeau was justin's father, and while Justins were Wing/Wink kin, German Peters have a wing in Crest.

In my early 20s, God put me together with Miss Muschatov whose Ukrainian parents had the Ukrainian accent. The first point here is the MOUSquette's listed with Muscats/Musks. As Mousquette's share the black antelope in Crest of Singletarys, I would urge focus on the Dunham surname of Obama's mother, for she descended from Jonathan Singletary-Dunham. Singletarys have the triple Muschat (not "Muscat") chevrons in colors reversed. Miss MUSCHATov.

On Friday 13th of this week, after writing on the mole above, I was mowing the lawn. This was the first time I had to use carburetor cleaner to get the mower to start. After conking out three times as I mowed over three clumps of tall grass, I had to remove the fuel filter three times to get the cleaner shot into the carb, a pain I can do without.

Therefore, as a mole popped up out of the grass, I didn't want to let go of the mower handle because the mower shuts off automatically if I do. So I'm chasing this mole while pulling the mower with one hand, and, off-balance due to this, I missed the mole about four times while trying to stomp it. It would have been a comical sight had anyone been looking on. I always missed it by about one boot length to the front of the boot. Yes, I was wearing rain boots, not easy to run in.

But as it was crossing some gravel, I stomped it. I felt sorry for this critter, but I cannot allow moles to raise families here now that I grow a large garden for my food-prep operations. Then, a second mole popped up, and this time I chased it with the lawnmower going frontward ahead of me. I ran the mower over the mole, and as it came into view from the back of the mower, i stomped it deed too, trying to put it out of its misery as fast as possible. The Stomps/Stumps, a pointer to Rodham Clinton, have the Tick/Tock Coat in colors reversed, and the mouse was the ticking-timebomb mouse. What could all of this mean?

Note that bomb-using Boms may have been a branch of Baums, and then there are Jewish BaumGARDners and German Baumgardens while Italian Lane's were first found in Brescia, near lake Garda, and then English Lane's are also Lawns. The moles were on the lawn. Jewish Baumgardners share the lone fleur-de-lys of Scheins while Schiens (not "Schein") share the giant boar head of Mole's. How can that happen coincidentally?

As per the carb cleaner, why might Cleans be listed with McLane's while Lawns are also Lane's? Wow, I've only just remembered, seconds after asking that question: Mole's are also Mows. The LAWN MOWer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Can you believe it? God must be stomping on the Clintons at this time or soon

UNBELIEVABLE: this was the first time I used this brand-new can of carb cleaner, and I can now prove that it was God's will to not let the mower start this Friday whereas it "normally" starts on the third of fourth pull. The Cleans/McLane's must be using a rock because English Rocks were first found in Worcestershire with the Honours in the "Honour" motto term of Cleans/McLane's. The Honours share "Nec" twice in their motto with STUMP-using Roddens/Rodhams, and Honours thrown in a "TIMEo" motto term while the mouse is the ticking-TIMEbomb mouse. Time's/Timms were first found in Kent with Greens, and where Ticks/Tocks were once said to be first found, and Greens essentially have the Honour Coat! Kent is where Roet-branch Roots were first found while Roets share the boar heads of Spears while "Sperno" is another Honour motto term. Spears and a wall is used by German and Jewish Baums! And French Baums have an "L'HONNEUR" motto term! Thus, the cleaner is responsible for all these added things.

But there's more because the Rocks are from RoqueFEUIL while the CARBURetor cleaner was acting as my FUEL. Carbers/Carvers use the Moor head while Mowers are listed with Irish More's in the colors of the Arms of Roquefeuil. Mowers/Moors share the giant lion of Morgans while mythical Morgan le FAY was on Rothesay, now called Bute, and I got the last two moles while wearing my rain boots. Rains share the Rothes lion. A boot is used by Dutch Veys. French Baums share the Bute/Butt Crest! This is the first year (we got much rain) that I've owned rain boots since being a kid.

Italian Lane's are Lano's too, and there is an Alano surname sharing the Root oak tree. It show acorns, as do English Alans and English Langs. Acorns were first found in Sussex with FitzAlans of Arundel. Roots were first found in Kent with Alan-related Rundels/Roundels, English Lands, and DEERings. The latter share the stag heads of ANNE's/Hanne's of TICKhill (Yorkshire with Ticks/Tocks). Alans married Bruce's of ANNANdale. Langfords (same place as Deers/Dere's) and Longfords can be linked to FitzAlan-related Sallows. Lane's/Lano's use a giant roundel.

German Lands share the pale bars of Langleys. MOWbrays can be from Bra at the Langhe theater, and the Italian Res'/Dere's, sharing the Chief of French Alans, use lances while Lancco is a variation of Lane's/Lano's. Get the picture? English Longs share the giant lion of English Jarrets (Shropshire with Alans). French Lance's share the Lancashire/Lancaster rose, and the latter look like they share the Lane/Lawn lion. The moles were on the lawn.

The dead moles wanted my garden roots. Gardens/Jardens were first found in Angus (beside Schiens) with Jardins who in turn have the Schien Chief in colors reversed. Schien-like ESCHYNa de Molle married an Alan descended from Alans of Dol, and French Jarrets, said to be from Dol, share the giant boar head of Jarret-like Gardens/Jardens (Eskin/Erskin colors), which assumes it to be the white Mole boar head in someone else's colors. The Alans which descended from Dol married Bruce's of Annandale, and while Annandale's share the Chief-Shield colors of Jardins, and while French Jordans were first found in Brittany with French Jarrets, Bruce's share the lion in the Arms of Brescia/Brixia.

I've read that Roets descended from Croys or Groys, both listed with Greys, first found in Northumberland with the Mowbrays sharing their lion. It's essentially the Montfort lion too while Bra is beside Monforte. Montforts have the double-tailed lion in the Arms of Bohemia while German Boms/Boems/Bohums were first found in Bohemia, and, surprise, Boms/Boems/Bohums happen to share the demi-lion in the Crest with BOH's/Bows/Bough's (Dutch Bom colors and format) who in turn share the Roet motto! I've never known before that Boms were a Bough / Book/Bogg branch.

German Franks, first found in Bohemia, share the column (different colors) with Pelosi's/Pilati's, first found in SAVIGliano, beside Bra and Monforte. Brays/Brae's have eagle legs while SAVAGE's have the Eagle/Hegel Coat on colors reversed.

Mole's/Mows were first found in Roxburghshire while the "Audax" motto term of Roxburghs/Rocksburghs assures their being from Roquefeuil in Aude province. The Tams in the Roxburgh/Rocksburgh motto are listed with Tiens while "Tiens" is a motto term of Squirrels, first found in Worcestershire with Rocks and Rooks. The latter were once said to be first found in Oxfordshire with Clintons while the Clent Hills are in Worcestershire. I can make the case that the Tam/Tiens martlets are specifically of the Feets, and I was stomped on the moles with my feet.

I really don't have any solid idea as to what the ticking timebomb is pointing to. Perhaps some future event(s). I suspect it has to do with Obama's fingers, aided by the Clinton circle, in the secret camps of Hamas and Iran.

But then what could my stomping on the moles mean, while PULLING and PUSHing the Mole-connectable mower, where Stomps/Stumps virtually share the Tick/Tock Coat? I was running, pulling the mower for the first mole, and then pushing the mower for the second one, chasing both moles across the lawn. Pullings (Yorkshire with English Bush's) share the Gardner scallops, and we saw Baumgardners and Baumgardens. Push's are listed with German Bush's, in Mole colors. English Bush's share the black Garden/Jarden and Jarret boar. The president Bush's were Nazi elements. Are there Nazi's about to fight Israel on the side of Iran? I RAN to get the moles.

The Knesset Parliament Wants This War

Good Morning Tuesday. I was trying to load the Knesset-like Kness' to check whether its symbols could link to the mouse event. I misspelled that surname as "Kiness" (because the 'i' is beside the 'k'), and up popped the MacInnus surname, amazing because the hexagram on the Israeli flag is in both colors of the Innis (not "Innus") hexagram. The Innis' have the Moray Coat in colors reversed, and Morays can be from Amorites at mount Moriah in Jerusalem, some two miles or less from the Knesset. Incredibly, the Kness' have two of the triple Moray stars!!!

The Moray Coat is essentially the one of Ducs/LeDucs, and the latter's eight-pointed star (symbol of ancient Ishtar) is in colors reversed with the Fells. The latter were first found at Dundee, near the Kildrummy capital of the Scottish Mars.

Plus, "The surname Kiness [MacInnus] was first found in MORVen", smacking of the Merovingians whom I do see from Amorites. I claim that Merovingians named Maruvium in Abruzzo, land of the Marsi, and Amorites of Babylon had a capital at Mari. French Mars, with a Coat like that of Kness', are also Mere's/More's.

Kness' are also Ness' while Ness'/Nice's (Fife, near Dundee) share double fesses (different color) with the Israeli flag. The FurNESS', first found in Lancashire with Parrs, share the Parr border. The two fesses on the Israeli flag are shared by Parrs, and while Parrys have one of those fesses, they happen to share the lozenges of Fells. Parrs were first found in Lancashire with the Plate's who in turn almost have the Mar/Mere/More Coat. Aside from their leopard faces, the Plate's are in Kness colors and format. The Shouldhams/Shoulers suspect in the "head and shoulders" of Parrs may have, in their Shield, the Kness/Ness Crest. As the Kness'/Ness share the crescent of French Falcons (Languedoc with Rockefeller elements), the Kness/Ness Crest is likely a rising falcon.

The Callants/Gallande's (leopard faces) caused me to check Gallands, to find the German branch sharing the Parr Coat. Gallands were first found in Hamburg with Nissans sharing the same two fesses, and Ness' are also Nessans. We wouldn't be on the Gallands had it not been for Hunka of Callander. Hamburg is also where German Galts were first found who share the Knees bend, and then Scottish Galts (possible galley in Crest) were first found in Perthshire with Callanders. French Galleys are also Galt-like Gallets.

German Gallands are also Whelan-like Galens while Kepke said to me, "be NONchalant" when going to speak with Karen Whelan, my ex-girlfriend. Whelans/Whalens are also Failins, and share the Fell lozenges. The Nons are in the Kness/Ness motto, but can you spot anything else suspicious in "nonCHALANT"?

The mouse was nipping away at my wall. The Nipps/KNIPE's (Lancashire with Parrs) have the double Ness/Nice fesses in colors reversed, and the Knipe-like Knife's are listed with the Nons/Nevins (Ayrshire with More's/Moors/Muirs) in the "non" motto term of Kness'/Ness' (share Knife/Non/Nevin crescent). "Non" is used also by Scottish More's/Moors/Muirs (share Parry fesse). Kness'/Ness' were first found in Morven while a Morvan location in France is near Nevin-like Nevers and Nievre province. The Nevers'/Neve's have an "HONESta" motto term while One-like Hone's/Hones' share the double Parr fesses (!), amazing because Innis' come up as "One." It's the Innus' who come up as "Kiness."

The Innus/Kiness crosslets-on-cross are in the colors of Irish More's/Moors, and Morals/Maurels have a "NEScit" motto term while Skits were first found in Ayrshire with Scottish More's/Moors/Muirs.

While Bauer-descended Rothschilds share the FIVE, bunched arrows (different colors) with Bows/Bough's and Bowers, there is a bow in the Innus/Kiness Crest while the latter's cross shares the crosslets of Irish Burys/Buris' (boar head) while Burleys/Bourleys (boar heads) share the green Shield with Bowers and Bauers/Bowers. The Innus/Kiness cross has FIVE crosslets, and the Nevers/Neve's have five fleur on their cross. Ness'/Nice's were first found in Fife while Fife's share the FIVE/Fify lion, which might just be on this Arms of Rothschild.

"Kynn" is a motto term of Scottish Kays (Yorkshire with Keppochs) who share the double bendlets of Innis-like Ince's and their Inch branch. Inch's were first found in Perthshire with Kness'/Ness' and Kepke-connectable Justins. The same Kays add a "kepe" motto term. Kinners were first found in Fife, not far from Perthshire, and the latter is where Callanders were first found who share the Kinner bend. Kepke's share the goat of English Kidds while Scottish Kidds were first found in Dundee (near Fife) with Fells.

Mr. Kepke was the one who said to me, "be nonCHALANT," which now takes us to Callander-like Chalants/Chalons', with the Keep Coat in colors reversed, and sharing a gold bend with Callanders! Hunka of Ukraine lives at Callander, and Kepke's father is Ukrainian. Kepke was still dating Miss Peare at the time of "BE nonchalant," and Peare's (Oxfordshire with Bee's) share the triple leopard faces of Callants/Gallande's and Gallands/Galens. Keeps use a "galley" while French Galleys/Gallets were first found in Dauphine with Galli's and Callenders.

Chalonts/Chalons' share the Collins/Caullings/CAULLIS bend, and Calles' (Coles/Coals colors) use trumpets. Collins/Caullings/COLISS' can get us to Cole's/Coles' (Landry colors), first found in Cornwall with Hunkins who in turn share the giant mascle of Faux's, the latter first found in Sussex with Keeps. Keeps share the Lorraine bend, and Landrys, first found in Lorraine, share the Collins/Caullings martlet, as do French Josephs in giant form, and it just so happens that these Josephs were first found in Maine with the Billets in the billets of Callanders (and French Chaplains)! It recalls that English Josephs share the double fesses of Flash's/Flaxmans while the flashlight-on-mouse pointed to Hunka.

French Josephs once showed a giant swan (instead of the martlet) in the colors of the Chaplet swans, and while Chaplets (Landry colors) were first found in Lorraine, English Josephs were kin of Chaplains and Caplans. The latter share the gold griffin with the Collins/Caulling Crest. Francis Collins was Fauci's boss during the plandemic, and I saw the mouse's FACE. The Knesset was the world's most lockdown / vaccine proponent.

By the way, I almost missed it: the Arms of Roquefeuil share gold billets with Callanders and Nazi-like Nassau's/Nasi's! Nassau's formed Orange-Nassau while the flashlight is orange!!! Possibly, the Nassau/Nasi lion is with Fallows/Fellows (same place as Flash's/Flaxmans and Cottons). Italian Nasi's have a Coat much like the one of Cottons, and when I saw the mouse's eye and FACE, I also saw it's nose while Nose's are listed with Ness' above, one branch first found in Holland with Nassau's/Nasi's! Dutch Ness' even list Knesset-like Nests. I kid you not, that Ness'/Nose's share the double fesses of MOUSquette's!

AHH, the mouse was behind the board-and-BATTEN siding, and Battens/Badens (Somerset with BOARDers!) use the eye!!!! I saw it's cheek, and Cheeks/Chicks were kin of Love's/Luffs in turn almost having the Mousquette Coat. The Boarders (Somerset with Ducks), sharing the Duck star, share the swords in saltire of Dacks/Dachs suspect with Dachau, Nazi headquarters for their atrocities.

The mouse was on a piece of strapping behind the board, and Strapps, with a border-and-items in the colors and format of the same of Boards, have a pelican on a nest! English Nests (Coles/Coals colors) were first found in Sussex with Boards (!), and with the Leopards in the leopard FACES of Coles'/Coals'. But how do we rectify the Israeli parliament with Nazi's unless the two are conveniently allied in Ukraine?

The Scottish Stewarts who share the Brock motto use the pelican on a nest while English Nests are said to have been in Broketon. There is a Brockton/Brogton surname first found in Shropshire with the proto-Stewart Alans. Brock-branch Brocuffs/PROKOPPs are suspect with Prokopia, grandmother of Orange-suspect Melissena Rangabe. It just so happens that Brocktons/Brogtons share the fleur-de-lys of German Rang-like Rench's, and it's the giant fleur of also of Demaine's, first found in Maine with Billets. Maine's were first found in Devon with English Billets.

The Bruckton variation of Brocktons/Brugtons suggests the royal Bruce's of Annandale which the Stewarts married. It can explain why the Brockton/Brugton saltire is shared by Annandale's. It's a version of the Ainsley Coat, and Ainsleys were an Annas branch suspect from Annas/ANANus, the chief priest of Israel who killed Jesus along with his son-in-law, JOSEPH CAIAPHas. Again, Josephs were kin of CHAPlains and CHAPlets.

While German Rothes'/Rothchilds have a giant raven, Rabbs are listed with giant-raven Rave's. Then, while Spears/SPEYers likely named the Spey river, location of Rothes, Annandale's use the Spear-connectable motto, "SpeRABo," while "SpeRAVi" is with Apps'/Epps who share the CAPES scallops. It was only recently that the first-found location of Rothschilds/Roddensteins was changed to a Speyer location. The write-up speaks of a "Hartmut zum Rotenschite or Rotschilt was recorded in 1313" [in Speyer]. That's four centuries before the first Rothschild banker. Speyer is about 15 miles from Heidelburg.

Apps'/Epps were once said to be first found in Middlesex with Brogers/Brockers, but are now said to be first found in Huntingdonshire with Cottons whose Hank kin look connectable to the Brock Coat. But, in any case, Hanks were first found in Lincolnshire with the Knee-connectable Leaks who share the Brockton/Brogton fleur-de-lys. Knee's are also Kness-like Knees'.

It's notable that Brooks share the scallops of Jack-branch Joke's for a trace to the Kennati priests of Ajax in Cilicia, beside Syria. Annas'/Ananus' father was Seth of Syria. Brooks and Joke's share gold scallops with Brogers/Brockers. Irish Kennedys were first found in Tipperary with mouse-like Mose's/Moose's who have the Hitt Coat in other colors along with sharing the star of Hiedlers/Hitlers (Munich, in Bavaria with Dachau). The double Mose/Moose bends are colors reversed from the Callander bend.

Hitts were first found in Switzerland with German Shine's/Scheins, which could apply to my shining the flashlight on the mouse. Schims/Schiens are a Skin/Scan branch. The latter are a potential pointer to the 666 skin-scanning system, and it just so happens that the flashlight brought to topic the Flash/FLESH surname!!! It could appear that Nazis are bringing the 666 system to the world, and that the False Prophet might be a Nazified idiot box. I've been saying, since 10 years ago or more, that the False Prophet will be a mouse liner, by which I meant a Massey/Macey / Meschin / Mousquette/Muscat/MUSK liner.

[Insert -- WOW. The Skins/Scans have swords through wolf heads in the colors of the sword through a white boar head of SWANsons, a surname I've not known before. Skin-branch Schims/Schiens use a white boar head, in both colors of the Googe boars, and, as I've said many times, the Biblical Gog at Gogarene named lake Sevan after itself, and Sevan liners are to SWANS! The Swan/Sion Coat can be linked to Massey-branch Maceys/Mace's, and the Moschi mountains beside Sevan can be traced to the mouse liners above!!! I still think that Ezekiel 38's Gog and Meshech will be the anti-Christ.

Swedish Swansons share the Swan/Sion chevron and the Justine border, the latter being a surname from Justine of Picenum, a region I trace to the Picensii of Moesia, that being from the Moschi elements. The Picensii on this map are not far from the Moschius river that turns into the Margus. The Margys/Mackeys share the Swan/Sion lion. The tall chevron of Swansons (share Masci fleur) looks linkable to the tall and solid chevron of French Chappes' (same place as Trudeau's) while Chappes-like Kepke's share the Swanson border and have a goat in place of the same-colored Swanson chevron.

Spoons, sharing the Schim/Schien boar head, have a swan. End insert]

I can add to that now because Shine's/Scheins (Meschin colors) share the giant fleur of Cake's/Cakebreads, whom I can trace to Sitric CAECH, grandfather of king Maccus, the line to Macey-branch Mackays, Maxwells and Maxtons. It just so happens that Cake's/CakeBREADs were first found in Cambridgeshire with Mousquette's/MUSKs, and Elon Musk wants skinchip implants. Breads, first found in Cheshire with Masseys and Beasts, were once said to be first found in Midlothian with false-like Falls'/Fallis' whose lion is in the colors of the giant lion head of Breads.

English Marks can be sharing the Callender lion that itself comes between the Sutherland stars. Mackays were first found in Sutherland. The Mark lion is in the colors of the Gernon lions, and Gernons were first found in Montfitchet while Montfitchets and Fitchets/Fitts were first found in Essex with English Marks. Earl Ranulph de Gernon was son of Ranulph le Meschin, and while the Foots (Cheshire) are suspect in the Gernon motto, their Fothes/Fitt branch are also Fette's, first found beside PROPHETs/ProFETTs.

Meschins were likely from Ezekiel's Meshech while Schims/Schiens share the boar of Gog-like Googe's, first found in Roxburghshire with Maxwells and Maxtons (share bee with Beasts). Skins/Scans share the wolf heads of Wolfs/Lupus' (Cheshire again). Prophets/Profetts use a giant leg while French Marcus', sharing the Coat of Leghs (Cheshire), were first found in Dauphine with Callenders and Galli's. Wikipedia's article on Ranulph le Meschin showed his lion as the Legh lion.

Galli's were from king Gala, father of king Massena. Masci's have a version of the Massena Coat while the latter's hexagram is shared with Jewish Marcus'/Marks/Marx's. Massena's share the patee crosses of Peks (Essex with Marks) while Picensii are on the map above at the Pek river, beside the Mark-like Margus river! The Marx of the Beast has apparently spoken sie fascist Deutsch. Christians are about to go head-to-head with demented fascists as they attack us, when the loud-mouthed anti-Christ arrives to his 42-month reign.

Mackesys/MARGesons are now suspect from the Marcus surname. Marges' are listed with Marsh's who share the Chief of French Chance's while English Chance's (same place as Mackesys/Margesons and Muschats) share the Maschi Chief.

French Callants are listed with Galli-like Gallande's, and English Callants are listed with the Alans who became the Boyd-related Stewarts both of whom have Coats connectable to French and Jewish Marks. Callants/Gallande's share the Coat of English Gallands, first found in Essex with Marks.

God took the kingdom of Israel away from the chief priests and gave it to the 12 Apostles. Rothschilian Israel is not Israel proper, yet God will choose a few end-time Israelites, and graft them into the Tree of Israel, the Church. They have never been Israelites, but will become Israelites when they accept Jesus as their king.

When Christian Zionists tell you that we are to bless Israel because the Old Testament tells us to, it's not talking about end-time Israel. When Nazi's tell you to hate modern Jews, we should not do so as they do so.

In the 31st minute of David Knight's Tuesday treatment on the Gaza war, he speaks about Netanyahu's "NIP and TUCK" attitude for taking Israel to war. The ticking timebomb got us to Ticks/Tocks/TUCKs! I'm impressed. A second after hearing "ticking timebomb," the words, I heard the mouse NIPPing away (it was daylight at the time) like the sound of a ticking timebomb. How can that mouse point both to a trudeau-Hunka scandal, and to the Gaza war? Is Anthony Rota a Rothschild? I suppose what the Rothschilds did after WW2 was to buy Nazi scientists for their own benefit. Rothschilds were founders of Israel at the time that the UN was being founded. The UN logo uses both the Bauer and Hiedler/Hitler stars.

A Crazy Dream

On Monday morning late this week, as I write, I woke having a dream. I was opening a jar of something very nice to eat, though I can't remember what it was. Just then, I felt water on my chest, and woke up opening a jar of water. My t-shirt was soaked. It was a CRAZY thing. The moral of this story: don't sleep with a gun.

I keep two Mason jars of water in my bed these days because I don't heat the bedroom. At bedtime, one jar of hot water goes by my feet, and the other goes between my arm and chest, it feels so good. Was this event a pointer to something? As they are MASON JARs, let me repeat from above:

Masci's have a version of the Massena Coat while the latter's hexagram is shared with Jewish Marcus'/Marks/Marx's. Massena's share the patee crosses of Peks (Essex with Marks) while Picensii are on the map above at the Pek river, beside the Mark-like Margus river! The Marx of the Beast has apparently spoken sie fascist Deutsch...

Mackesys/MARGesons are now suspect from the Marcus surname. Marges' are listed with Marsh's who share the Chief of French Chance's while English Chance's (same place as Mackesys/Margesons and Muschats) share the Maschi Chief.

Nimo's/NewMARSH's/NewMARCH's love the Boasts said to be a Bosco branch, and then English Bush's/Buschs, first found in Yorkshire with the Belows that have WATER POURING from a chalice, share the black boar with JARRE's/Jarrets. I poured water on my breast from a MASON JAR, and while Brests/Brix's have the Brick lozenges in colors reversed, Bricks share the Massey fleur-de-lys likely because of Ranulph Meschin de BRIQUESsart. He was a Norman ruler of the Bessin, and his son, along with Masseys/Maceys and BEASTs/Bessins, were in Cheshire with the first-known Shirts/SHARDS, and so note "BriquesSART," for I poured water on my t-SHIRT.

Jarret-like Jarrats/Garrets not only share the Maschi / Chance lion, but they have the Sempers (red lion) in their motto, first found in Essex with WATERs, their Muschat kin, and English Bois/Boys' (red lion). Boasts list Bois' too. Boys/Bie's share bees with Beasts/Bessins. As Sempers list St. Pierre's and St. Peers, we can trace them to Pierro's/Pero's/Petri's, especially as Masci's were first found in Piedmont with Pero's/Perino's. It just so happens that Pierro's/Pero's/Petri's were first found at Pavia, co-founded by Mark-like Marici. It tends to inform me that Marici had been a family at the Margus river that moved to Picensii-like Picenze, birthplace of my mother whose mother was Miss Masci. The Marsh-like Marsi probably lived in Picenze, and Marges'/Marsh's are the ones sharing the Maschi / Jarrat lion.

Mackesys/Margesons use a "me lie" motto phrase while Mee's share the raven with Margys/Mackeys, and while Lie's/Lee's/Leghs have a lion in Semper lion colors. Mee's were first found in Nottinghamshire with Tee's/Tease's, very traceable with Tess'/Tease's to the Tessin river at Pavia. And we can even take this to my wet tee-shirt this morning, especially as Shirts/Shards, with a "HosTIS" motto term, share the Tiss/Teese chevron. The Hosts were first found in Somerset (beside Tiss'/Teese's) with Marges'/Marsh's.

My tee-shirt was very WET. Wets are listed with Scottish White's using plenty of QUATREfoils suspect from QUADRAtilla BASSus, whom I trace to the "Bessin." Her husband was Lupus LAEVillus, and the Chief of Wets/White's is in the colors and format of LEVins while Pavia as co-founded by Laevi GAULs. Gauls named the Galatians, and Quadratilla was a royal Galatian. Masons/Massins were first found in Thanet, named after Zenata in Numidia, and it just so happens that king GALa of Numidia was father of king Massena.

But if God is in the open-jar event, what for? Did I get wet just to point to Numidians? I think this rude awakening this morning is a pointer to the Levite killers of Jesus, their bloodline through Lupus Laevillus. Quadratilla Bassus was queen of Cetis via the line of GLAPHYRa Archelaus and her husband, Alexander Herod-MACCaBEE. CLAVERs/Cleavers are in the colors and near-format of Meschins of the bee-depicted Bessen, and Meschins were in Shropshire and Cheshire with the first-known CLEAVE's/Cliffs who in turn share the triple wolf heads of Irish Mackays and Quadratilla-like Quade's. Glaphyra has also married king Juba II of Numidia.

Ranulph le Meschin was the nephew of Hugh Lupus, and both were earls of CHESTer while the water wet my CHEST. The Chester Chief is in the colors and near-format of the Wet/White of Levin Chief. While Italian Sheaves'/Chiava's (L'Aquila, seven miles from my mother birthplace) share the key with Clavers/Cleavers, Chesters share the motto of English Sheaves'/Shaws, from the Shawia Numidians suspect in naming Chiava-like Caiaphas, Levite killer of Jesus. Caiaphas married the daughter of chief-priest Annas, son in turn of Seth, and Shaws, said to be from Stick-like "Sithech," come up as "Seth." The Cleave's/Cliffs married the Stiche's, and Sticks, using wheat sheaves, were first found in Somerset with Marges'/Marsh's.

Chester-like Chessers/Cheshire's share the hawk's lure with Herods/Haralds, only Chessers/Cheshire's use it in purple to go with the purple "pilgrim's staves" of Hawks. Chess'/Chesers (Norfolk with Pilgrims) have the Mason/Massin lion in colors reversed. This paragraph recalls the Jew, Harold, who invited me (age 10) to his place to play chess on two occasions at least. He lived directly across Shoreham drive from Andrea Fabian, interesting because Andrea's have a saltire in the colors of the saltire-by-legs/paws of Chessers/Cheshire's. Andrea was my recent topic, and while Fabians share the GRIMaldi and Bag Shield, Bags were first found in Norfolk with PilGRIMs. English Fabians were first found in Hampshire with Chance-branch and Chess-like Chase's. Suddenly, Chase's and Chance's look like a branch of a family taking on the Cheshire surname, likely by rulers in Cheshire. The Arms of Cheshire are the sheaves of Comyns (Norfolk with Chess').

While Mr. Kepke chased me with a dangling spider in front of Karen Graff, Graffs/Graffins share the Chess/Cheser lion. Chasers/Chaucers and Chalkers were first found in Kent with Masons/Massins.

Note that the Hawk's lure looks like a mustache probably because "Gernon" is wrongly said to derive from "mustache." That wrong idea stuck for the purposes of heraldry, apparently, because while Ranulph le Meschin was father to Ranulph de Gernon, Gernons use lions in the colors of what should be lion (rather than bear's) legs/paws in the Chesser/Cheshire Coat. The Strike's in the Hawk motto share the lion of LEGHs (Cheshire).

Irish Shaws, first found in Perthshire with Justine's, share the Cleave/Cliff trefoil, and use a "Te" motto term suspect with Tee's. My tee-shirt was wet at the chest. Scottish Shaws (Perthshire) were kin of Comyns (Norfolk with Wheats) sharing triple-gold wheat sheaves with Sticks. Sheaves'/Shaws use a Pero-like "Pro" motto term, and Shaw-like Savage's/Sava's (Cheshire with Chester) use a "Pro TE" phrase, believe it or not.

As Wets/White use quatrefoils to go with the Irish Shaw trefoils, the latter can be using the Wet/White eagle. Wheats (more gold wheat sheaves) are also Wet-like Whete's/WHATE's while Quade's are also Wade's.

Sheaves'/Shaws (Weight/Wait colors and format) were first found in Berkshire with the Archs'/Arks, and Herod ARCHelaus, who got his surname when marrying Glaphyra Archelaus above (she had three husbands), was banished to Vienne-Isere (like "Israel"). The Arc river flows into the Isere.

As I awoke, it felt as though God was shaming me to let me open a jar of water in my sleep over my chest. Like someone throwing water in my face in disgust. It then frightened me a little because it could appear demonic in nature. What next, sleep-walking, I thought. But I now see that this was important to God, and I sense that we are to point to the False Prophet. It recalls the dream of a couple of years ago where I was kicking at a crow on the stove burner, at the second I awoke kicking a Mason jar. That crow and burner was a definite pointer to Rothschild elements.

The False Prophet will want our brothers and sisters dead or jailed when we resist their programs / pogroms. We need to deal with this in our minds, and still go forward in peace; we can't lend our minds to going crazy as the world of peoples do progressively crazier things due to the heated battle between the lie and the Truth. Demons are insane, and will cause the ungodly to do crazy things that can potentially rub off on us if we are too close to worldly affairs. Remain in Jesus, keep your heart a good distance from worldly affairs. Let your mind see what's going on, but keep your heart far from money matters, and the things that pagans chase and grapple with. The evolutionist and the Mason is the end-time pagan.

I can point the KICK-at-crow dream to the False Prophet too, which raises my suspicions that he will be a Mason liner. Masons/Massins are also Macons while Macon location is near Vienne-Isere of Herod Archelaus. Herods/Haralds, first found in Archelaus-like Argyllshire, are in BURNER/Bernier colors, and then French Bernier's share the key (different color) with Clavers while Glaphyra Archelaus was this Herod's husband. I was kicking at the crow/raven at the stove BURNER, and Rothes' use the giant raven.

The Kicks are in Leslie colors and format while Leslie's, earls of Rothes, were first found in Aberdeenshire with the Prophets/ProFETTs, beside the Foot-branch Fothes'/FETTE's and Peartree's/Patria's. It's important that the latter were a branch of Pierro's/Pero's/Petri's, first found in Pavia while English Pavia's share the Feet/Fate Coat. In the dream, I could see only my legs and feet kicking at the crow to get away from landing on the stove burner. Prophets/Profetts have a giant leg.

French Bernier's sharing the fish of Trouts while Trots/Trude's were first found in Surrey with Burners/Bernier's. Trudeau's were first found in Ile-de-France with Caiaphas-like Chappes'. Trouts were first found in Westmorland with Levins, and the Burner/Bernier QUADRants are suspect as code for Quadratilla Bassus, a descendant of Glaphyra Archelaus. Bernice Agrippa Herod is suspect to Bernice's/Burness' and Burns, both first found in Cumberland, beside Westmorland.

The Burner/Bernier quadrants are colors reversed from the same of Jeepma-like Jebbs (Herod/Harald colors) who in turn share the hawk's lure (different color) with Herods/Haralds. Hawks use "pilgrim's STAVEs" while Stave's are listed with Stove's/Stevensons (beside Westmorland). The crow was at the STOVE burner. Scottish Chappes' are also Cheaps while Jeepma's are also Cheps.

Lure's were first found in Ayrshire with Carricks and their Craigie branch. The latter's "vivo" motto term is suspect with the line of Vibia, mother of Lupus Laevillus. The Craigie crescent, in the colors of the Lure star, is in the colors of the Kick crescent, and while the latter are in Leslie colors and format, Craigs were first found in Aberdeenshire with Leslie's. One son of Quadratilla Bassus and Lupus Laevillus was CHARAX Proculus, the line definitely to "Carrick."

Bassus-line Base's/Bassens share the black hunting horn with Burns and Bernice's/Burness', and Burns tell of their Bernys location in Renfrewshire, where Pollocks of Rothes were first found who married Leslie's. Quade's are also wade's while Weights/Waits use more black hunting horns.

Hunting horns go to mythical Orion the hunter. Horns/Orne's are like "Orion." Orion was in Boiotia/Boeotia, and the Sadducee Levites were of the house of BOEThus. Boys/Bie's can be of the Italian Boys/Boets, and so the MaccaBEE's, from "MaccaBAEUS," out of whom came the Sadducees, may have been from Boiotians, especially as mythical Melia, the honey goddess, was of Boiotia. The Bee's/Bie's incorporate the Ever/Eure Coat while "Ever" is a Burn motto term. The Ever/Eure boar is likely the one of Scottish Vere's/Weirs because English Vere's (share Ever / Bee quadrants) ruled Oxfordshire, where Bee's/Bie's were first found.

Burns can now be suspect with the fleur-de-lys of German Bush's because they were first found in Rhineland with the Salome's suspect from Salome Boethus of the Sadducees. Her line was a royal-Herod line. The Bee's share the bend-with-fleur of SALE's while Salemans are in the colors of Salmons, first found in Surrey with Burners. Like that? They can run, but they can't hide. They're going to get burned.

Why was the crow desirous of landing on the stove burner? For love of Heaters, we can now assume, for they happen to have bull heads in the colors of the giant Boy/Boet bull. Heaths/Heathers use an "EsPERE" motto term and share the stars of Peare's, the latter first found in Oxfordshire with Bee's/Bie's. Like that? There might been be an Esper-like branch of the Espaines' because the latter have the Burner quadrants in colors reversed.

There was count Balso d'Espaines (in the Bessin) in the ancestry of Ranulph de Briquessart. Malahule was the grandson of earl Iver, and Evers/Eure's list Ivers. Espaines' were first found in Somerset with early Heaters (broken SPEAR), and with Hosts/Osts sharing the Heater bull head. It ought to be the Boy/Boet bull.

Speranza's show a SPENZierato variation. Speranza-like "sperno" is a motto term of Elons, first found in Berwickshire (was BERNICia) with Boys/Bie's. Spence's (Fife, beside Gardens/Jardens) should be using the Garden / Jarret boar head, and Spoons share the Mole / Schim boar head. Schim-branch Skins/Scans look like Swanson kin while Spoons have a swan. Swynfords and Swannys/Sweenys share the black boar with Spence's. Spencers share the Meschin scallops.

The Sequence of the 21 Plagues of Revelation

In the video below, a brother who leans post-trib rapture talks on the pre-wrath-rapture position. In the 5th minute, after showing why the rapture is after Israel's tribulation period of 42 months, he tells of the pre-wrath position wherein all 7 Trumpets and all 7 Bowls come AFTER the 6th Seal. You'll see why he has the 6th Seal after the tribulation, to which I agree. The problem is, there's not enough time to squeeze the 7 Trumpets and 7 Bowls after the tribulation period, especially as the 5th Trumpet alone has a 5-month plague against God's enemies. The end of all prophecy -- the restoration of Israel -- comes mere weeks after the rapture, meaning that the first five Trumpets need to be BEFORE the end of the tribulation.

Therefore, to solve this problem, pre-wrathers have an unknown period of time between the rapture and the last Bowl. They squeeze all 7 Trumpets and Bowls into that period, and they justify the creation of this unknown period of time by making the rapture take place within, but an unknown period of time prior to the end of, the 42-month tribulation period. This is their akin-to-pre-trib-rapture theory, though they see the Church living into the Tribulation period. They justify having the rapture prior to the end of the 42 months because they feel that Jesus tells them, in Matthew 24, that the 42 months will be shortened...which I think is a ridiculous view.

Here's the video:

At about the 6th minute, the speaker tells that pre-wrathers view the Trumpets and Bowls as the wrath of God that the Church is to be delivered from, but this is absolutely incorrect. This carries from the pre-trib fallacy demanding that any wrath of God poured out in the end times requires the Church not to be on the earth at the time. This argument is desperation devising some form of textual support for a pre-trib rapture, by smooth talk, that isn't really in the Bible.

It is not advisable to time the rapture on the question of whether the Church will be on earth during outpourings of Wrath. Yes, the Church will be spared the Wrath that becomes part of Armageddon, but it is not wise to therefore push all the Revelation plagues to a period after the rapture. This is the stumbling block of pre-tribbers that evolved into the pre-wrath lizard. It's got the same eyes, the same tongue, but a shorter tail with a quieter rattle.

That is, the same stumbling block is the very foundation of the pre-wrath position. Toss it out, it's not the correct way to go about timing the rapture. The correct way is to find where the rapture takes place by other means, an easy thing to do, and if it's after some of the Revelation plagues, so be it. How easy is that? What kind of a problem could anyone have with that? Besides, when Paul was saying that the Church is not delivered to God's wrath, he means that the Church is not its object/target, and is therefore not to be delivered to eternal condemnation. I doubt very much that Paul was thinking of, or alluding to, the Revelation plagues when he said that. Surely, he was alluding to the Judgment.

Unfortunately, the speaker in the video didn't tackle the problem of the timing of the seven Trumpets while he himself believes that the 6th Seal is after the 42 months allotted to the anti-Christ to trample Israel. How does he squeeze all seven Trumpets and Bowls into that short time which remains after the 42 months? Maybe he doesn't. I know I don't. Instead of going over the explanations here, I'll just make available my chapter, The Order of Revelation's 21 Plagues.

The sequence of those plagues dawned on me 42 years ago to the month or week. It had been in October of 1981. I remember where I was.


The FBI overseeing Ukrainian-Nazi programs; why has this story not had legs over the past 30 days?

Follow-up by Laura Loomer:

See Paul Rand snitching on Fauci at th 14th minute:

The video below shows historical evidence that British Rothschilds bought both Jerusalem and 90,000 acres in Jezreel (location of future Armageddon). Parts of the latter were purchased in 1918 and 1929, the stepping stones to the creation of the nation of Israel and the backdrop to Israel's "great tribulation." It's debatable as to what part God played in the architecture of proto-Israel by Rothschilds. There's no way to know.

The assumption one can make is that agents in the British government conspired with the Rothschilds to urge Jewish settlements in Palestine, by the power of the British military to begin with (1917), and afterward by adverting the idea as a holy one, and in the meantime to buy up huge tracts of land i.e. for to make $$$$$ from the buyers of small parcels of land.

One way to decide whether news videos of atrocities have been staged is to ask who's holding the camera. In the second clip of the video below, of a party on the Gaza border, the woman is looking down at the camera that is, at most, waist height and pointing upward. Why would a woman be walking around a party with her camera attached to a camera-supporting structure itself wrapped around her waist?

Secondly, staged events often have young people in bulk because they work for cheaper. When the woman is crying at the 53 seconds, who's holding the camera that records her shoulder area rather than having her in the center of the picture, and why would anyone be recording her instead of the assault supposedly taking place nearby within ear-shot? Or, of all the pictures taken by this one camera, why do we only get this scene as the best-to-offer?

The next shot has a camera panning right and left or following the action, yet continually pointed toward the ground illogically, expected when faces are not wanted shown by the directors. One can tell that the camera is not just dangling from a person recording happen-chance, but is purposely putting into view certain body parts, and even a gun for fright-effect. When you see the woman's feet walking, who else but the walker is pointing a cell phone straight down from her mid-section, to her feet, and why? Does that seem normal to you? It's completely not normal. I don't even see how it can happen accidentally.

With such little footage to judge by, it's debatable whether these scenes were staged. I wouldn't be saying things like this had it not been for the evidence that Israel allowed the attack to take place for some sort of advantage to their agenda, and so some staged scenes to increase the public outcry would facilitate that thing. The video scenes above may have been shot years ago, for all we know, but released now.

I'm not saying the attack by Hamas did not occur, but, according to Redacted (may have originated with AP), Egypt sent Israeli Intelligence the message that something was about to explode in its face from Gaza, yet Israel did not prepare to defend itself as one might expect. In other words, for example, why wasn't this youth gathering called off by the Israeli government? Why was there no military protection in the Israeli villages/towns near Gaza?

It appears that the Israeli government sacrificed some of its people for this agenda, the excuse to retaliate with an invasion of the Gaza Strip, and to have the further excuse of dealing with Iran and its Hezbollah army in Lebanon before it becomes too strong. It's risky and evil to go about it in this way, and Israel has no better ally than the Zionist Christians who (not all) promote Israel's attacks against Arabs. This will not end well for Israel, don't they know? And what did God tell Israel way back in prophecy? To show devotion to Him, and to simultaneously trust in Him, i.e. not in the military might of the United States, or of Egypt.

Of the reported 4,000 missiles sent into Israel, the claim from Israel is that about 95-percent were shot down by its Iron Dome. It suggests that 200 missiles got through, but I've seen small holes (about 15-20 inches round) in the ground from a landed Hamas missile, not very powerful, and some of the 200 may have missed population centers altogether. Therefore, damage done by the missiles was not going to be enough to raise the desired outcry, though pictures of the missiles flying through the air has worked well. Then, look at this video that suggests Iron Dome to be a fake defence system:

I think the video owner above is onto something. I think I'm convinced already that Iron Dome is a fake missile system. Note that the Iron/Orion surname lists "Hiram." Dome's use a giant crane, symbol of the Ceraunii who lived at least near the Una river suspect to the One's/Innis' who have the same hexagram, almost, that's on the Israeli flag. What chemical(s) might the Israeli's be putting into their Iron-Dome rockets that may kill / sicken people?

I'm not inclined to agree with the conspiracy theorists who claim that Hamas and Israel are working together to stage this war, even though such a "partnership" could be an easy thing for Israel to secure with enough $$$s. In any case, prophecy tells that Israel will be desolated, and that's not a staged operation. The former Hamas leader is doing what I envision the anti-Christ doing to fulfill Daniel 11:21-24, calling for fighters everywhere to go against Israel. But he, Khalid Mashal (or Khaled Meshaal), doesn't fit the description of "king of the north."

However we cut this new, same-old-same-old situation, it's the war hawks' dreams come true. This is what Western war hawks live for. This war is not to be for your entertainment. This is not a football match. Things will not end well for sinful Israel. The thing for us to rejoice in: the Rothschild empire in Israel will come to a blasted end, and with it will go down in agony many Israeli citizens. In the end, the 144,000 will lead the nation toward recovery and God-approved decency.

Definition of God-approved decency: man says, "Lord, I can watch porn at any time, women stripping, but I won't, because I'm scared of you, because I believe in you." The man puts a pleasant face on God. It shines over his home. Like all nations, Israel now is filled with porn, just ask all the faggots running the streets into the midnight hours. There's no face of God shining over Israel at this time. Pre-tribulationists are delusional if they think so. God will whistle for war against this evil generation. It's called goodness. It's not cruelty. It's called, standing up for decency.

Recently, the Bidenites agreed to free-up $6B of Iranian assets in return for the release from Iran of five American prisoners. Never mind that this amounts to giving into, and therefore promoting, abductions, but it comes just as Iran is being fingered as the money bags behind Hamas' new effort. Biden claims that the $6B has not yet gone to Iran, in which case he can change his mind and cancel the deal. Will he?

In the video below, starting at about 4 minutes, we find a diplomat (Robert Malley) in Obama's State department responsible for Iranian diplomacy. He's been fingered as a spy for Iran, and the question is whether Obama winked with him, for Obama gave a sky-high pile of cash to Iran just before Trump took the White House. Much of this news is from John Solomon:

No evidence has come in to prove that Hamas decapitated babies / children. About midweek, Biden tells the people that he verified the decapitated babies when has saw pictures of Hamas fighters in the very act, only to get a message from Israel to the effect: "you idiot! Now we're being asked to show the pictures, and we haven't got any [because there were no decapitated babies]." The White House then confessed that Israel told it that there were no such pictures.

Yet, Hamas has released all sorts of pictures of the things they did in the early-morning raids, yet even Hamas says: no decapitated babies. Sorry, no pictures either. Oops. Where do the reports come from of such babies? Apparently, the Israeli government. Why would Israel ant more than justification for retaliation?

Israel has a motive for disseminating that babies claim falsely, not as justification for retaliation against Hamas, but for unusual / massive retaliation...which seems to be the Israeli agenda to date. The motives for a totalitomic retaliation? I'm not sure, but grasping at a few U.S. $B would be one logical motive. Another is to ramp up Israel's military presence in Syria because it knows that Arabs there are plotting an Israeli invasion. That takes $B of help.

A journalist at the Toronto Sun has said that the state media, the CBC, refuses to call Hamas a terror group, a piece of evidence that trudeau is anti-Israel, as expected if he's been in cahoots with Obama. trudeau's mother is from Vancouver, and Obama may even have been born there, for Obama's mother was in Seattle (beside Vancouver) for university. With Black Lives Matter now supporting Hamas, doesn't that group look like Obama's spirit for an Obama reason? trudeau's already gung-go to send weapons to Israel, no time to waste where a little flea is going against Goliath.

If Hamas thinks they don't want the worldwide reputation of decapitating babies, then neither will they do such a thing. Clearly, therefore, Israel is fabricating this story. Chalk another one up for the conspiracy theorists in their battles against media hype / disinformation. Here's Russia Today with the story:

The White House this week has changed tune completely on big funding the Ukraine war, signalling that funding has been coming to an end for a while, but we know this is a lie, because we know funding is now going to Israel instead. If the coming months sees aggression against Iran, there could be a Russo-Iranian backlash that translates into fulfilled prophecy. I think a military hit on Iran is justified, but that doesn't make it wise.

We can now assume that the Israeli death / injured toll is being exagerrated. Why shouldn't that be true if the government's purpose is to put out propaganda to justify the readying of 300,000 fighters? For what? In case Hezbollah enters the war. By the end of this week, it doesn't look like it will...which begs why Hamas started a futile war only to get the Gaza strip ruined all over again, and to maim and kill many tax payers and workers. It doesn't make sense to set off some fireworks at this time, so to speak, to "celebrate" the Yom Kippur war, which Israel won. Militant Palestinians always seem to come across demented, maybe this explains things.

Perhaps Hamas, knowing that there is an Israeli invasion coming from the Hezbollah, just wanted to hurry things up, trying to force war earlier than planned. Or, has it dawned on you that Israel is fighting so terribly against Hamas because it wants to force Hezbollah and ISIS to attack it? With American people fed up with sending obscene amounts of hot-off-the-press money to Ukraine, maybe the American shadow government can convince them to send hot-off-the-press money to Israel instead. The American brass has a military laundry machine out Israel way too, doesn't it? But of course.

Christian news stations are disseminating the Israeli propaganda, which is terrible for the Israeli people because the Israeli government has already seen opportunity to declare an "emergency government" to fight wee-wee Hamas. And the pouring of American military dollars into Israel will start some inflation there too.

An emergency government is defined as making the people poorer in both their wallets and in spirits. It is not an emergency, yet. Hamas attacked a small fraction of a tenth of one percent of Israel. Hamas is no longer a fighting force already. Where's the emergency? Why should life change for the rest of the 99.98-percent of the country? Netanyahu is taking advantage of the attack to move Israel to an up-scaled war with Syria, or at least this explains why he called Hamas, "ISIS," this week.

How do we know whether there were really 27 dead Americans due to Hamas strikes? Why should be believe this report? As the United States would like nothing more than to ramp up the Syria war, we should expect staged or concocted terrorist attacks in Western countries once again. Just like in the Obama years. This is a bonanza for the government-spy machines in Western countries. Just when globalists need to silence their political enemies most of all because the globalists are losing political power all over the place, the spies can feel justified to spy on us even more if the terror bogeyman can be propped up again after having disappeared for the past few years. All those secret sleeper cells in America, which the CIA and NSA together can't quite find, behaved themselves as a lot during the pandemic because they are such nice guys.

By week's end, Israel attacked Syrian airports. If such a trend continues, it will incite Russia to protect Assad.

A possible scenario to bring the anti-Christ to Egypt is the Russians out of Syria by ship to Gaza, which can incite Egypt to war against Russia. Russia has the potential to keep Israel at bay while it conquers Egypt. Late Sunday came a report that the Turks are sending their military to Israeli coastal waters. From an Egypt point of view late-week:

I don't like it when David Knight and others state as a fact-to-be, or fate-accomplished, anything that globalists are merely planning. The Spy Eye in Heaven has the last say on what particulars will be permitted from amongst all globalist schemes. It's my opinion that God is allowing the globalists to be thwarted at this time to give us more time to prepare. Store your jars of oil, just in case this is the end. I didn't say I don't like David Knight. Just don't assume without hope that whatever the goons are planning will come to fruition.

The despicable woke-faggot agenda, to be forced upon us by elite corporation after elite corporation, is failing. Climate-change scams have never developed wings, but creep along like drooling lizards half-mad with rabid delusion. Don't say that people will be brain-chipped just because the goons want it so. The globalists are dreaming, for the most part. They will never get their world of electric cars by 2035, or their gas-be-gone program by 2050 (unless they kill half the world). The grid can't handle even some periods of high air-conditioning use; how can it power all the cars and heat all the homes too? Schwabites are demented, evil, selfish, greedy. Those things do not make for success stories. The people have the last say on whether they will eat crickets or not. If Schwabites try to force them, they will see a backlash.

And aside from the peoples, there is the will of God too, to consider. Our prayers do not go unheard, and some of them are answered. God has an intrinsic right to interject in political affairs when it affects His people. The goons must be permitted by God to succeed to the degree that God wishes in order for them to condemn themselves.

The global government was to be here years ago, and the goons thought they could get that accomplished because they owned the media. Not anymore. People now turn to social media, and the globalists are thereby getting their butts pounded to the point of crying like cry-babies against social media even though it's the globalists who cheat with extensive censorship. Imagine if they had no censoring capabilities; globalists would be in jail by now as even judges would be forced to take the popular, anti-globalist position.

Imagine if I could make a law forbidding the government to speak counter to me. What's the difference if it's the other way around? Just because the government has more money than me doesn't give it the justification to do to me what it finds horrible if I unilaterally and irreversibly force it to do exactly what it wants to do against me. If it's wrong, it's wrong no matter how big or rich the censor is.

Surprisingly, and perhaps thanks to the unpopularity of trudeau, the supreme court of canada, late this week, obliterated a trudeau-government law that, for one, has kept Alberta from advancing its fossil-fuel businesses. This is a major blow, canada wide, against the Schwabite agenda to murder gas companies. This is a direct result of Alberta recently electing an anti-Schwabite Premier, which sort of thing could be a wave of the near future for many countries. Credit can also go to the social-media fighters who constantly nip away at trudeau, assuring that he gets bashed as he deserves to be bashed. Shame to the CBC that continues to support trudeau. This ruling was after even the supreme court of Alberta had likewise decided against government intimidation / impishness:

Here's what could be government-paid group feigning a Christian-terrorist group in canada, the purpose of which would be to advance the Obama notion that Christians are terrorist material, a notion that trudeau has embraced, though not genuinely (he knows we're not terrorists), but rather only for the purposes of political persecution:

In the 4th minute of the video below, we find the World Health Organization vying for dictatorial powers over the world's nations, by securing the unilateral right to declare anything it so desires to fight a future pandemic, and moreover, whatever it installs by such a decree can be made permanent with you powerless to resist. The video shows how the WHO does not want it's renewed "treaty" to be debated by the public before it's enacted, which isn't a treaty at all but is rather a tyrant's fist. The speaker continuously uses choice words, bravo; he's calling the world's citizens to ask their politicians to curb this proposed, imposing treaty into the trash can:

If this WHO treated is enacted next spring/summer, it could be a crossing of the threshold to the mark of the beast.

Nobody in the comments section of the video below is buying the new message that graphene(-oxide) in the body might be safe and even beneficial:

The video below shows evidence from Alberta that vaccines in canada were concocted with low-risk for side-effects, but only for a few months after vaccination. It then shows the major damage starting 6 or more months after vaccination, exactly what we would expect in a mass-murder campaign. The speaker says the same as many others do, that the vaccines robbed people of their immune capabilities, and the more vaccines they got, the worse their immune system. That is now established fact, meaning that the goons will need to force-vaccinate the majority in their next attempt because word of this has sufficiently spread compoundingly.

This is the way you can know, from CDC records, that the CDC supports vaccine deaths. I'm so aghast at this, I don't know what to say:

I suggest that Steve Scalise is on the brink of securing the Speakership of the U.S. House because RINOs prefer him over Jim Jordan. I don't feel very super about Steve Scalise. He seemed to me to be a bit compromised after he was shot in the hip. I don't follow his politics, and so I can't comment further. Jim Jordan seems the better choice for "freedom fighters" and anti-RINO's. Scalise got 113 votes to Jordan's 99, a long way yet from securing the job. Trump has endorsed Jordan. Here's a good reason to want Jim Jordan as the new Speaker: he fights against evil like a winner, making proud his fellow fighters:

Woah. On Thursday evening, Scalise withdrew from the race. The pro-Jordan congresspeople are wanting to get the vote out of closed doors to the chamber so that the people can watch / hear which RINO does / says / votes what. The hope is that, once out in public view, some of the RINO's will vote Jordan to save their own jobs, whereas behind closed doors the RINOs are charging with all their brute weight and intimidating horns.

I've got to say, I'm impressed with the ease by which they ousted McCarthy. Never thought it would happen. McCarthy has even endorsed Jordan, but this came after Jordan said on public TV that he will fund the Israeli war. It could be that McCarthy's RINO side agreed to let Jordan win as long as he promises to keep funding the military. It could be that, when the Rothschilians saw Ukraine money about to dry up with the booting out of McCarthy, they decided to heat up the Hamas front in order to keep military money going out of the country to globalist laundry machines.

Rand Paul talks about military laundered money:

Here's more evidence that judges are desirous to unjustly support the COVID goons:

This is a tactical Creationist video that obliterates evolutionist "logic" in a few minutes flat from which there is no escape:


Here's all four Gospels wrapped into one story.

For Some Prophetic Proof for Jesus as the Predicted Son of God.
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