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October 3 - 9, 2023

The Hunka Scandal Piles on Chrystia Freeland

It was nice while it lasted. Hall of Names is no longer showing the descriptions of the Coats of Arms presented at House of Names, but I have many of them recorded in my memory, and in past updates from which to find some.

One of the highlights of the last update, while on my miracle-marble shot, is this:

I asked self what God may have called it when my marble STRUCK Tony's marble. I looked up Strike's, but had nothing to say about them. Later in this update, there was cause to entertain a ping because Pings almost have the Cotton Coat. But then I tried for a Hit surname, and found Hitler-connectable Hitts!!!!!

(To follow better, load Hitts now to load and view other surnames on another Internet tab.)

I went on to show a slew of surnames reflecting the Hiedlers/Hitlers. It was a remarkable find because Hitts were, along with the Hiedler/Hitler stars, linkable to Rothschilds and/or their Bauer ancestors. I didn't check for a Struck surname, but found one early this week, listed with Strechleys, sharing the Back Coat, which is great because I wanted to share the following quote, anyway, from the last update:

The Scarfs share the white wolf with Fleetwoods, and the latter's is looking BACKward over the shoulder while English Backs were first found in Somerset with Sticks. In the Schere Crest is a black eagle, the color of the BACK eagle. Bachs/Baghs were first found in Denbighshire with the Bathers sharing the Scarf Coat. This is the first time I've deciphered the backward-looking Fleetwood wolf.

That's being quoted because the giant Back eagle is on its side with Hiedler-like Edlers/ADELers, first found in Bavaria with Heids and Rothschilds/RODDensteins. Backs were first found in Somerset with Rothes-branch Roets. The only other eagle I know of on its side is that of Roads/Roders. We were playing marbles at the SHOULDer of the ROAD (between sidewalk and the road), and the Hitt quote above was placed into an insert that I started with the SHOULDhams for that reason. As Shouldhams come up as "Shoultz," let me show more of the Hitt quote above:

But then I tried for a Hit surname, and found Hitler-connectable Hitts!!!!! The reason I'm putting this bit into this insert is that Hitts have a red-Shield version of the Dutch Schultz/SCHILD Coat, and so don't miss that the latter could have named "RothSCHILD," especially as Hitts have a red Shield.

As the difference between "Shultz" and "Shoultz" is slight, it tends to nail the marble shot as a pointer to Nazis. The last update started on the topic of Yaroslav Hunka, a still-living, world-war Nazi who was given two standing applauses in the canadian parliament last week. The marble shot was pointing to justin trudeau and Anthony ROTA prior to finding Hitts.

I was amazed when writing the following upon finding Hitts: "OH WOW!!! Danish Pauers/Bauers/BOHRs/BOERs use the double bends of Hitts!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If that's not enough, I've known for years that Dutch BORRs/BORS' use POTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We were playing potsies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! " That is, the miracle-marble shot was in the game of potsies.

[Insert -- This short video has a man claiming that Rothschilds descended from Orsini's, and when loading Orsini's/Orsi's/Dorso's, I found them with the Rothchild rose in Chief, and a good reflection of the Hitt / Hitler / Bauer/Pauer bends. The Jays, share the bend-with-roses of Jewish Rothchilds (not "RothSchild"), were first found in Herefordshire with Dorso-like Doors. Doria's may have the Hore eagle, and Doris'/Orris' (share black border with Parrs), with Jewish Pollocks, probably share the bend of Jewish Rothchilds. Orsons/Horsons may have named the Horse's in the Jewish Rothschild Coat. So, yes, it appears that I've just learned a new thing: Rothschilds descended from Orsini's.

Horse's were first found in Northumberland with the Ore-beloved Pile's/Pills while Ore's were first found in the same place with Scottish Pollocks. As Ore's have the Guiscard/Wishart piles in colors reversed, the green snake of Orsini's (Rome with Sforza's) is probably the Visconti / Sforza snake.

Orsens/Horsens/Aursens (Aur/Aures and Ure/Orrey colors) share the saltire of German Franks (Peerless/Napier colors and format) while the other German Franks share the column of Malta's while Malta faces Aures of the Numidians. It can explain why the Malta lion is colors reversed from the lion of Aurs/Aures' / Ure's/Orreys. The "Sans tache" motto term of Ure's/Orreys is shared by Peerless'/Napiers sharing the Orsen/Horsen/Aursen saltire. End insert]

The Strucks were first found in Nottinghamshire with Nathans/Nations, and Mayer Bauer, the FRANKfurt banker who changed his surname to, Rothschild, named his first son, Nathan. The Comps/Camps who were so exciting in the past two updates, for being in Trudeau colors and format, can be in the COMPass of Nathans/Nations.

Nathans/Nation use the comPASS while Pasi's/Pascels were a branch of Paisleys, first found in Renfrewshire with Pollocks and the proto-Stewart Alans who had escaped away from Shropshire in fear of the English king.

German Nathans/Natts (show only a Schild-like shield) were first found in Rhineland with Roads and German Bush's; the latter share the fleur-de-lys of Trade's/Trote's while Trudeau-like Trude's/Trotts were linkable to the marble shot. The Trade's/Trote's add a red heart, symbol in the Nathan/Nation Crest. The latter's heart is pierced with an arrow, and the Pollock boar is pierced with an arrow too.

English Edlers/ADELards were first found in Norfolk with Shouldhams/Shultz's, and happen to have the triple wolf heads of English Prays in colors reversed. I prayed to make the marble shot, and I hit Tonys marble in a long-shot. Irish Prays share the six pale bars of Trudeau-like Trude's/Trots, and for a new thing I missed in the last update: Pray-like Parrys have one of the two Parr pale bars, and Parrs are the ones showing a woman's "HEAD and SHOULDers"!!! The Heads/Heeds (Norfolk with Shouldhams) were a branch of Hats/Hades', looking like more Hiedler branches!!!!

The Rollo's with a "PASSE PAR" motto phrase can take us to Passe's/Pascals. Hoot-like surnames looked like Hitler branches in the last update, and the compass-connectable Pass'/Pascals', first found in Essex with Parry-connectable Hinds, share the Hott eagle. It's the eagle also of Roads and Tarants, and while the Arms of Taranto has mythical Tarrs, the Tarrs came up big in the last update who look (by their Coat) like kin of Prays and Trude's/Trots.

A "hind" is used by Perrys, and Parrys (not "Perry") have the Hind Coat in colors reversed, both a little similar to the Hide/Hyde Coat. The "Recte" motto term of Perrys can be for the Reckitts/Ricketts, and here we can add that Wrecks (central in the last update) were first found in Essex with Pass'/Pascals and Hinds. Meanwhile, Recks/Rich's were first found in Hampshire with Perrys. Rick Perry was, under Trump, overseeing Ukraine energy moves.

The Hide-like Heids (Bavaria with Bauers and Rothes'/Rothschilds) are super here because they likely have the Nathan/Nation arrow in the form of the Gleason Coat. Gleasons substitute the Heid arrow with the Glass stars, and Adolf Hitler's father not only marred Miss Polzl, but Anna Glasl-Horer. Edle's/Elts were first found in Staffordshire with Arrows, and "ero" is a motto term of Quails sharing the Edle/Elt Coat. I'll even repeat from the last update:

English Edle's/Elts, using quail, share the Quail Coat while Cale's share the white anchor with Heidlers/Heidels! Irish Cale's have it in Crest, as do Hoods/Hoots/Hutts. Sleeping Beauty at the hood of a car looks Nazi all of a sudden. The Russian medallion found on my hood looks Nazi all of a sudden. Calls/Callers show nothing but TRUMPets. Cale's share a "confido" motto term with the Boyds, suspect from the blond Budini at the Kiev theater. MontGOMERys share the anchor on blue with Heidlers while Kerrys were first found in Montgomeryshire while Cale's were first found in Kerry County. John Kerry is dirty with Ukraine corruption.

"Confido" is a motto term also of Perrys (Hampshire with Hone's and Recks) and Boyds, the latter suspect from the blond Budini of Kiev. Rick Perry took over where John Kerry left off on Ukraine / Kiev energy moves. Kerrys and Honeys use bees and a hive, and Honeys with their Hone branch were likely a branch of Honors/Honens (Worcestershire with Adell-connectable Alleys) in the "Honore" motto term of Rickers/Richards. The latter have the Coat of German Rolls in colors reversed, and Rolls were first found in Swabia with Adells who share the Ricker/Richard lion. How about that.

German Cassels share the Real castle while Rolls are also Raels! Rollo's are the ones with a "par" motto term, and Parrys may be related to the Adle/Hadderley Coat. Marbles roll. Rollo's even share "la" with Rechs/Rich's, suspect in the last update with the alley/marble-relevant Laws.

As was pointed out in great surprise, German Elde's/Edels share the giant Marble griffin. This came shortly after discovery of Hitts. But I neglected to tell that Edle's/Edels share the Glass / Gleason stars!!! That is huge. Glass' were first found in Boyd-like Bute, and Bute's/Butts were kin of English Este's (Essex) almost having the Head/Heed Coat.

Marble Shot Hits Chrystia Freeland

Late this week, I learned that Yaroslav Hunka received a "Medal of Merit" from the Canadian Congress of Ukrainians. As this group would have known that Hunka was a Nazi, we can assume that the leaders of the groups, and/or its founders, are either pro-Nazi or at least comfortable with Nazism.

The Glass stars are shared even by Freelands, and it's Chrystia Freeland whose suspect at the center of the Hunka scandal because her grandfather was a Ukraine according to Rebel News. Freeland is in trudeau's cabinet, part of Schwabism. The "terra" motto term of Freelands can be for German Terra's/Terras', first found in Bavaria with Freys/FREIE's, Heids, Hiedlers/Hitlers and Heidens/Haydns, and with Hitler's Dachau concentration camp. Heidens/Haydns are in the colors and near-format of Freelands. Scottish Terras' share the gold and passant stag with trudeau's. Aside from the giant lion, Freys/Freie's have the Ukraine flag.

Terra's/Terras' use rooks while Rooks were first found in Worcestershire with Alleys and Rooks. The latter share the Hiedler/Hitler sun. English Freys were first found beside Freelands and Hats/Hades'. I've told that God pointed to Rockefellers through the rock-using Roach's in the cockroaches in my motel room in CRYSTal City, which can now point to CHRYSTia Freeland. Christs/Criss' have a reflection of the Coat of Decks/Daggers who in turn share the red squirrel with Squeers/Square's/Squire's. Daggers/Dackers, connectable to the bear paw of Squeers/Square's/Squire's, can be Dachau liners.

Rooks were first found in the same place as Squeers/Square's/Squire's while Freelands essentially share the SHERwood/Sharwood/Shirwood Coat while the Sherwood Crest shares roses on a stem with SCHERE's/Schare's/Schire's/SCHERFs. George Herbert Scherff, Nazi, was father to George Herbert Scherff Jr, the latter suspect by me as taking on the new name, George Herbert Walker Bush, who feigned being a son of the Nazi banker, Prescot Bush and, with help from other disguised Nazi's, came to control the CIA and the White House, and likely played a key role in assassinating JF Kennedy.

There's a bear leg in the Squeer/Square/Squire Crest while English Bears essentially share the Rook Crest while French Bears/Beards/Bearts (share Dagger/Dacker bull) are in Legh colors and format. Rooks share rooks with Terra's/Terras' suspect in the Freeland motto. The translated Rook motto shares "flouRISH" with the GLASgow motto while Rush's/Rish's share three, courant and white horses with Freys and Free's.

The Sinclair-related Mens' in the Crystal motto were first found in Midlothian with Chrystys.

As I struck the marble when I hit it, it's mentionable that Strike's are in the motto of Hawks, the latter first found in Hampshire with Freelands, Perrys and Biden-related Recks/Rich's.

[Insert -- This week, I came across the Sackville's in the write-up of English Jordans, and then loaded Sackville to find their "Sauqueville, near the River SCIE, in Normandy." As the marble flick was directly across the street from Skye Court, I loaded Wikipedia's article on the Scie river to find that it flowed at Offer-like Auffay, which evoked Sleeping Beauty HOVERing OVER the car seats when I woke her, at which moment she and I rose into the SKY. She was on a beach at the time, while Wikipedia's Auffay article shows and describes its Arms with "a beech tree proper".

Sleeping Beauty was fulfilled by a Miss Hicks whom attended my Texas church, whom was pointed to by my newspaper-and-coffee purchase in Texas, and so compare "Auffay" to "Coffee" or the Cuffey variation of Coughs. The gold buck head of Hicks' can be the gold Trudeau stag, but in any case, the Hicks buck head has a "chaplet" around its neck while Chaplets were first found in Lorraine while Maria of Kiev was the line to the Lorraine surname. The newspaper pointed to News'/Nuces', which not only use chaplets too, but share the Shield of Copals/Copple's. On the other half of the Arms of Auffay is an "episCOPAL crozier", and Coffee's use "cups". It appears that Auffay, for some reason, applies to Sleeping Beauty on Jeffrey Epstein's island. EPPstein elements such as the Eppes' can even be in "EPiscopal."

Bracebridge's, with a black form of the Beach/Beech Coat, show a crozier. Copals/Cophalls smack of Kopple's, first found in Nuremberg with Keips, and I trace Kopple's/Coppels to Goplo of Poland, location of the ancestry of Casimir of Poland who married Maria of Kiev and then had a line to Keeps (Sussex with Coppers).

Cobble's/CopolDICKs are in Freeland format and much in their colors too, and Diss'/DICE's share the eagles of Copals/Cophalls. As I've said a million times, I checked into a motel in CRYSTal City (Texas) some eight hours or less after the newspaper-and-coffee purchase. It looks like a pointer to CHRYSTia Freeland. Crystals even have a Scie-evoking "conSCIA "rect" motto phrase suspect also with Reckitts/Ricketts. We saw "recte" above with Perrys, and Rick Perry was the governor of Texas.

Crozier-like Croce's/Crosara's, first found in Vicenza with Valentins, share the giant lion of Alleys and Crews/Creuse's (Cheshire with Marble's) while Copals/Cophalls tell of their "Coppenhall near Crewe, held by William Malbank." Alleys were first found in Worcestershire with Auffay-like Auffrays, and with the Squirrels in the Coat of Valentins while Valentinian I is the line to Kepke- / Koop-connectable Justins. Auffray-like Caffreys/Afferys are in Coffee-cup colors.

AufFRAYs are listed with ALLey-like ALfrays/Alphrays perhaps because both surnames were first found in Worcestershire. They even have an AllFREE variation to go with Freelands. Freys and Free's have horses in the colors of the CafFREY/Affery horse. It's then interesting that while Alfree's are said to be from "Alfred," English Alfreds were first found in Kent with Alley-branch Atleys. Overs/Offers use a Fred-like fret. Therefore, the miracle-alley shot is pointing to Freeland as well as to trudeau, two Schwabite fools in a pot of Babylon.

Coppenhall was held by Rodham-related Malbanks while Malbancs are in the write-up of Malls/Marlybone's (Cheshire with Savage's/Sava's) who in turn share the quadrants of Perrys, and in colors reversed from the quadrants of English Croce's/Cross', first found in Lincolnshire with Crozier-loving Bracebridge's. The latter share the English Champagne Shield while SAUQ(ueville)-like SAUVAGe's were first found in Champagne with Goplo-connectable Gobels.

As we got here through English Jordans, let's add that the Jordan lion is in the Coat of Rimmons/CRIMmons (Crimea line?), first found in Skye and said to have been pipers for the McLeods/Clouds. The latter's flags are to the Flicks/Flags, and while McLeods/Clouds share the Lutt variation of Lute's, the latter, sharing the Jordan / Rimmon/Crimmon lion too, were first found in Worcestershire with Alleys. The thing now is that Hamon(d)s, with a black-star version of the Freeland Coat, and first found in Kent with Alley-branch Atleys, have a "discRIMINa" motto term. Hamon de Masci (or de Massey) of Cheshire was close to Hugh Lupus.

When read as "DISCrimina," it evokes the Disce location (Norfolk with Flicks/Flags) that is now Diss of the Diss'/Dice's sharing the Copal/COPENhall eagle. The latter had come out of the Arms of Auffay, and so let's repeat: "compare "Auffay" to "Coffee" or the Cuffey variation of Coughs". The Coats of COUGHs and Cuffs look related to COCKers/Cockets, and while Hamon(d)s were first found in Kent with Copens/Cobhams/Cobbans (share Diss/Dice chevron), the Copen/Cobham Crest is shared with Cockers/Cockets, first found in Norfolk with Diss'/Dice's.

Hover-like Hoovers share the Coat of Hooters while Hoods/Hoots/Hutts use a "Cornish CHOUGH". That symbol, in the black of the Hood/Hoot choughs, are probably with Kimbers/Kimpers (Cornwall) who share the Palin Chief and use a "FLECti" motto term so as to link with their bull head to the one of McLeods/Clouds and Houghtons. Kimbers/Kimpers were first found from Hunkins (Cornwall), lords of Kimber. Hunkins share the giant mascle of English Faux's, for what it's worth. justin's mother divorced Pierre and married Mr. Kimper-like Kemper (almost the Pierre Coat) who share the thistle (different colors) with Faux-like Fauch's. Kimberleys/Kimperleys almost have the Coat of Jordan-like Giordano's.

It's probably important to point out here that while Caucasia-like Cocks (Somerset with Coffee-connectable Coffers) share the GRIMaldi Shield, nearly the Beech Shield, Grimm liners are suspect with "CRIMea," a peninsula across the Azov sea from the Taman peninsula suspect in "tamen" motto term of Coughs. I trace Kepke's and cup-using Koops/Kupe's to Kepoi in the Taman peninsula.

The triple Hamon stars are shared by Poltons/Pooltons/Pulltons, first found in Cheshire with the Polesdons/Pulesdons having the triple stars in colors reversed. These stars are those also of Medley-branch Methleys who in turn have the triple Houghton fesses in colors reversed, and then their Mead/Meat branch are in Trudeau colors and format. These stars are those of Palins too, first found in Dorset with Polls/Pulls and Beautys. The latter's bull could be the Hoghton / Houghton bull in colors reversed, especially as Houghtons were first found in Cheshire with Overs/Offers.

Meads and Medleys can be from a branch that named ancient Medes, Aryans. Nazis wanted to be cultic Aryans.

As Poltons/Pooltons share the fesse of Irish Jordans, the latter could have the Palin / Hugh / Offen/Owen lion. However, the Jordan lion is PASSant in position, as is the same-colored lion of Dutch Posts while English Posts share the Pool/Pull lion. The Powells who share the Palin lion have the Edrichs (Wiltshire with Freys, beside Hats) in their motto who share the giant lion of Hatricks/Ettricks while Hatters are also Hettericks.

Hovers are listed with Hoffers/Hoffs. Hoffs/Huffs/Hough's (Cheshire with Hugh Lupus and Overs/Offers), with a Heugh variation in their write-up, use a black wolf head to indicate the line of Hugh Lupus, especially as Heugh's are listed with Hugh's. It just so happens that an hourGLASS is used by Houstons/HUGHstons, who are said to have named Houston "near GLASgow." Freelands are connectable to Glasgows.

Next, Houstons even share the Pully martlets while Pauls (Yorkshire with Pullys) share the crosslets of the Sackville-related Jordans. Houghtons/Haughtons (Cheshire too) share the white bull head with McLeods/Clouds of Skye, and Sauqueville is at the Scie river. Suchs/Zouch's were first found in Lancashire with Houghton-branch Hoghtons/Hoctons and Saxons. The triple Houghton fesses are colors reversed from the double Flag/Flick fesses. The "tort" motto term of Houghtons can be for the line of the Toreatae scythians at the Azov sea off of Crimea i.e. this is the disputed area of Ukraine now the focus of the war.

This Pully / Paul line goes to the Palins/Pawleys (Dorset with Pulls/Pools sharing the Alley Coat) who share the Hugh/Heugh Coat, and moreover I see the black lion paw of Quints as the Palin lion while Quints share the blue vair fur of Sackville's. Quints were once said to be first found in Dorset and Essex, and the Rams in the Sackville Crest were first found in Essex with Low Leighton while Leightons share the Sackville quadrants.

It evokes Mikheil Saakashvili, former president of Georgia (Caucasia). "Saakashvili was the governor of Ukraine's Odesa Oblast...Saakashvili heads the executive committee of Ukraine's National Reform Council since 7 May 2020. He is currently serving a prison sentence in Georgia on charges of abuse of power ..." Perhaps all sorts of flickering red flags go up here as to what Freeland is enjoined to.

Hugh Lupus was styled, D'AVRANCHes, and Branch's essentially share the Freeland Coat. I see "AVRANCHes" with the Kiev VARANGI, and Chrystia Freeland descends from Ukrainians. "AUVERGNE" can apply to Varangi, and while the Auvergne Shield is shared by Pools/Pulls, the Bouillons, first found in Auvergne, nearly have the giant cross of Humphreys/HumFreys/HumFRIES'. The Home's/Hume's suspect in the Humphrey motto love the True's in their motto, first found in Wiltshire with Freys. The Pollys are in the colors and format of the Otters/Others in the Humphrey otter.

English Jordans share the giant lion of German Freys/Freie's. Jordan-like Jardins and Gardens/Jardins were first found in Angus with Scottish Sewers/SHUTers while Swiss Sewers have the rose in the colors as the Sach rose. It can explain why English Jordans are said to have been Sackville's. Shute's/Shots were first found in Wiltshire (near Worcestershire) with Free-branch Freys/Frays. And the Hectors, linkable to the Hoctor / Hector variations of Houghtons / Hoghtons, were first found in Angus too.

Back to Auffrays/Allfree's. They share the six-sectioned Shield of Deirs/Deers feasibly in the "lyDEIRnon" motto term of Hughs/Heugh's, and while Houstons/Hughstons were Glass kin, Freelands share the Glass stars. Peter Pollock (the first Pollock) of the Glasgow area is to the Petersons (share swan with Peters and Swiss Sewers) who look like kin of Pattys, first found in Worcestershire. Swedish Petersons have a Coat like that one of English Jordans.

I've seen heraldic pelicans said to be "feeding their YOUNG," and so Auffrays/Allfree's can be showing young pelicans as code for the Youngs. We saw Houstons sharing the martlets of pelican-using Pullys, but they are the martlets also of the Meads (once said to be first found in Somerset with Gordano) who have a nest filled with young pelicans. English Youngs (share black wolf with Hoffs/Houghs) can apply with their "TouJOURs" motto term if it's for the line of the Jourdan variation of Jordans. Giordano's (ROOTed tree) share the tree with Roets who in turn have the Gordan boar heads, and the Varangians of Kiev had launched out of NovGOROD, home of the Ruthene Rus. Gordano is in Somerset with the first-known Scottish Roets i.e. a Rus / Ruthene line. Back to Ms. Glasl-Horer, Adolf's mother-in-law. End Insert]

Hore's have a giant eagle in colors reversed from the same of German Edlers/Adelers, and Pollocks were first found in the same place as Glasgow. Houstons use the "hourGLASS" and the Stewart checks. William Stewart-Houston, born William Hitler, was Adolf Hitler's nephew.

Pollocks were first found in Renfrewshire with the Knocks/Knox's sharing the Shouldhams/Shoultz bird (probably a falcon) but on a different-colored Shield. I suppose one can say that when I hit Tony's marble, it was knocked. Knocks share the so-called orle border with Rutherfords/Rudfords and Rutlands/Rotlands/Ratlands/Ritlands/Roushlands. See a pattern here? The Rats/Rate's can be in the "oRATE" motto term of Shouldhams/Shoultz's. The latter were a compelling addition to the marble shot because their "VIGILate" motto term connected with the flick of the marble shot where Italian Vigils almost have the Belgian Fleck Coat. The bend of Italian Vigils is shared by Jewish Pollocks and Jewish Rothchilds.

The orle-like Orrels were first found in Lancashire with Wreck-like Wrays/Wreys who use an ostRICH suspect as part-code for Recks/Ricks. Wrecks use the orle border too. Wrays/Wreys have a "juste" motto term to go with the "just" of Peacocks, the latter first found in Essex with Wrecks, with Freeland-connectable Free's who are in turn in Ray colors and format, and with Rams suspect in the Kennet motto. German Freie's are also Vreys, and "vrai" is a motto term of Humphreys/HumFreys/HumFRIES'. Rayborns have a "brook" while Brooks with Brocks/Broke's were first found in Essex too.

Rayborns ("roebuck") were first found in Ayrshire with Scottish Kennedys, making the Rayborn helmet connectable to the ones Irish Kennedys and Kennets, the latter first found in Wiltshire with Free-branch Freys. French Rays share the ESCARbuncle with Angers (Essex again), which came to topic in the last update with ESCHER WYSS, a company at which the father of Klaus Schwab worked. Chrystia Freeland is a devout follower of Klaus Schwab, suggesting that Schwabites want her to be the next canadian prime minister.

Rayborns use a "roebuck" while Bucks were first found in Norfolk with Roe's/ROWS' and Rows. German Rows' (Saxony with Weiss'), using ROSEs, look like kin of Jewish Rothchilds, Haddens and Gleasons. Haddens share a "Suffer" motto with Haldans, the latter first found in Glasgow, beside Pasi-branch Paisley! The Roe lamb is a symbol of Pass'/Pascals, first found in Essex with the Skipps/Skippers in turn in the English Row Coat.

English Rows even have a Coat like that of English Pike's (Devon with Rods) while throwing in the Rod cinquefoils. While Mellansons use "rods," French Mellans, sharing a blank, gold Shield with Rods, not only share the Row besants, but were first found in Ile-de-France with Trudeau's! Steven Mellanson's cotton SWAB (!) was a topic in the last update. The stag head in the Crest of Rows (Norfolk with Bucks) makes the Trudeau stag look like a "buck."

Although Stoltenbergs don't show it, I've read their official description having a heart pierced with an arrow (same as Nathans/Nations), and it just so happens that Jens Stoltenberg is the current NATO Chief. Compare "NATO" to "Nathan," but also consider "United NATIONs. The previous NATO leader was Mr. Rasmussen while Rasmussens (Hesse) share the giant Schwab/Swab unicorn. The EU logo even shares the Bauer / Hitler stars. Stolts show nothing but Bill-connectable billets, the symbol on the Arms of Roquefeuil, and then the Shield of Nassau's/NASI's is covered in billets.

There's got to be a reason that Adolph Hitler's nephew, William, changed his Hitler surname to "Houston-Stewart" when moving to the New York. Houstons were first found in Renfrewshire with Pollocks, and Adolf Hitler's mother was Klara Polzl. Her mother in turn was JOHANNA Hiedler, and Hitlers are listed with Hiedlers sharing the sun with Hesse's, whom I found, in the last update, listing Hitler-like "Hister." Mayer Bauer lived in Hesse-Cassel, at FRANKfurt, and English Franks ("nati" motto term) share the Pollock saltire.

JOHANNE's share the red scallop with Jeans/JANE's!!!!! Tarzan and Jane.

I claim that Kepke chasing me with a Spitzer-like spider at the Graff residence is a pointer to graphene-oxide in poisoned vaccines. Perhaps a Spital location can apply in that picture because Johanna Polzl was born there. Spitzers use "hills" while Hills were first found in Worcestershire with Alleys and Jeans/Jane's. There's a hint in the Hill write-up to make them a branch of Hulls, and the marble shot was on Hullmar drive.

The Spitzer hills have a "tunnel" while Tunnels are also Tunno's, like the Tune variation of English Towns. While Tonys and I were playing potsies with our alleys, English Pots share the bend of Bruno's while English Bruns (Bruno colors) were at SPITALfields. During the marble shot, my father was working real-estate with Bruno, and they moved to Markham in side-by-side new homes. We moved mere weeks after the marble shot. French Bruns were first found in POITou, and share the saltire of Hate's/Haits/Hague's and Oddie's/Hoddys, in the colors of the Hood/Hoot/Hutt "fret" that is itself a saltire.

Here's from the last update to show why Towns are important. This has to do with the TUME's/Tombs (Worcestershire with Alleys) who came to topic because i flicked the alley with my THUMB:

Incredible Insert -- The day after writing here, I saw a Thume surname in the political news which I'm not familiar with. Loading Thume's/Toomie's/Twonys, I also tried for a Toom surname, which is listed with Scottish Towns. The latter have crosslets in the colors of the Marble crosslets, though not in the same style. As I've said many times, the miracle-marble shot was against the marble of Tony!!! Tonys/Tone's thus look like a branch of the Thume's/Twonys!!!

It seems that Hitler's mother was of a Pollock branch, and so let's add that Pools/Pole's share the Alley Coat (we called our marbles, alleys). The Pool/Pole Crest has a white griffin head to match the white griffin in the Shouldham/Shoultz Crest. There's another white griffin head in the Crest of Dobermans/Tobermans who share the Pollock bend too, and Pollocks were first found in the same place as Dobys who in turn share the helmet with Idle's. The latter were first found in Herefordshire with the Jays sharing a part of the Jewish Rothchild Coat.

English Tobys, with almost the Rosco/Risco fesse-with-cinquefoils, happen to share the Shield of German Bills (Austria). The Toby cinquefoil is colors reversed from the same of Hamiltons, the latter first found in Renfrewshire with Dobys. The Hamilton tree comes with a saw while Sawers/Sawyers share the Toby / Bill checks.

OH WOW. If we ignore the Seagar-like variation of Sawers/Sawyers that should be of the Seagars instead, Sawers/Sawyers are now said to have been first found in Somerset with English Bills and Taras'!!!! As Tarrs come up as "Taras," this bit I'm now writing is an incredible outcome that matches the following quote from the last update:

Tony [whose marble I hit] was involved to some degree with Andrea Fabian, and British Rothschilds are thought to have belonged to Fabian societies. With BILL, I bought Andrea a book on TARZan and JANE for her 11th birthday, and Roets, first found in Somerset with TARRS', use a "book." Idle's are also Adell-like Idells, and Atley-like Adells share the Jean/JANE Coat while both have the lion of Atleys and Alleys in colors reversed!!! I get it. Alleys were first found in Worcestershire, smack beside Herefordshire, with Jeans/Jane's! Suddenly, Adells look like a branch of Hitlers.

While Scottish Shaws (Perthshire with Roet-related Rollo's) come up as "Saw," Irish Shaws (Perthshire) use a "hind." Scottish Shaws (Comyn colors and format) share the "dagger" with Comyns, the latter first found in Norfolk, where Sawers/Sawyers were once said to be first found.

I've just looked up new-to-me Trovers from the "trouveras" motto term of Sawers/Sawyers, and they almost have the Tarant Coat! The latter's is the Child Coat in colors reversed who in turn share the Road eagle. The last time I saw Lorraine was when she was carrying her infant child. I had dater her a couple of years earlier when she lived on Church street, and while Lorraine's share the Child eagle, and "Cherches" is a Sawer/Sawyer motto term, Church's were first found in Somerset with "Humfrey le Sayhare, le Sawyere," in the Sawer/Sawyer write-up. The Sarah's/Sayers were first found in Essex with Tobys and Lorraine-connectable Wrecks (see Wrecks and Recks last update).

Hats/Hades' were first found in Dorset with the Soar's/Sors' and George's whom I had pointed to George Soros, born George SCWARTZ, a surname like the Swart variation of Swords. The latter look like Shot/Shoot kin, a possible pointer to the marble shot. Shots/Shoots, kin of trumpet-using and Glass-like Calls/Calles' (same place as Shots/Shoots), were first found beside Dorset. Klassens/Class' use "Lady Fortune" while Rollo's have a "La fortune" motto phrase while Laws share the bend-with-stars of Scottish Vaux's, first found in East Lothian with Fortune's and Kettle-branch Keiths. The latter were of a Catti tribe, from the Chatti of Hesse-Cassel, stomping grounds of the first Rothschild.

I've read that the Chatti / Catti named Caithness, where Andrea-like Andrews were first found. Tarzan was a wild man, and Wilds, in colors reversed from, and in the near-format of, Trudeau's, share a "victrix" motto term with Scottish Andrews! Wow. These Wilds have stag heads colors reversed from the Trudeau stag. These Wilds even share a "veritas" motto term with stag-head Keiths! "Veritas" is translated as "truth," that Truths are listed with Trude's/Trots almost having the Keith pale bars!!!!! They are in the colors of the Tarr/Taras pale bars. I've got it recorded in my heraldry-changes page that Trots were once first found in Berkshire, where Wilds were first found! Bingo. God apparently arranged the Tarzan book so that I would venture to the Wild surname and thereby point to trudeau.

The Keith pale bars are in the colors of the bends of Italian Andrea's. Wilt-like Willots look like they have a cat. In colors reversed, Willow(by)s ("Verite" translated as "truth") have the fretty Shield of Modens, the latter first found in Berkshire with English Wilds. Scottish Willows/Will share "As God wills" with the Bracebridge's, the latter first found in Lincolnshire with English Willow(by)s. The "As" motto term can be for the Ass'/Assi's whom I connect to Justins!

Lady Fortune points to Lords and Lets/Late's in the GLASgow motto because Lords are also Lauds while Ladys are also Laudymans. The latter were first found in Northamptonshire with the Spinks sharing the mascles of Adle's/Hatterleys. Hatters/Hettericks are in Nazi colors with a reflection of the Rosco/Risco Coat. The latter were a branch of Rush's/Rish's, first found in Suffolk with the Clare's in the Coat of German Cassels.

Keith-branch Kettle's (Perthshire with Rollo's and the Toby-beloved Wings/Winks) share the fesse-with-cinquefoils of Rosco's/Risco's, and nearly the fesse-with-cinquefoil of English Tobys while Rise's share the Doberman / Pollock bend. Rise's list the Rie's, once said to be first found in Sussex with Saddocks who not only use "ears of rye" but share the escutcheon (shield) of German Nathans/Natts, the latter first found in Rhineland with Salome's sharing the bend-with-stars of Vaux's and Laws. Salome Boethus was from the Saddock-like Sadducees of Israel. Rise's/Rie's are now said to be first found in Norfolk with Pollock-connectable Risings/Risons.

Dutch Tobys show nothing but a giant eagle LEG. It's important for pointing the marble shot to George Soros, for as Soars/Sors have a lion in the colors of the Legro lion, we can trace this to the Soar river of Leicestershire because it's the Legro river too. Sorrels were first found in Leicestershire.

Leicester was ruled by Beaumonts of Meulan, and while Beaumonts were first found in Dorset with Soars/Sors', the Arms of Meulan share the Coat of English Vaux's.

The griffin head of Doberman-branch Dobers (Austria) is shared by Hadden-branch Haldans, once said to be first found in East Lothian with Keiths, but now said to be first found in Renfrewshire with Pollocks and Glasgow. Haddens share the scimiTAR with Reckitts/Ricketts and Annas-branch Ainsleys. Annas, killer of Jesus, was a Sadducee. Irish Kennedys use the scimitar too along with the Doby helmet. Scottish Kennedys use much of the English Cassel Coat.

The Lizarts/SARDE's, looking related to Swords/Swarts, were kin (probably a branch) of Lise's/Liss', the latter first found in Hampshire (beside Soars/Sors') with Strike-loving Hawks. Leghs share the Strike Coat, and I struck the marble when it was HITT. George Soros was a Hitler-supporting Jew, by his own admission. He sure is different, alright. Lizarts/Sarde's were first found in Provence with French Andrea's.

The Hawks (Hampshire with Fabians) use purple "pilgrim's staves" to match the staves of PilGRIMs, the latter first found in Norfolk with the Bags sharing the Shield of Italian Fabians. Andrea Fabian. Irish Lacys have a purple lion and what looks like a RISING hawk in Crest. Rise's/Rie's and Risons were first found in Norfolk too, with Purple's even.

Pile's/Pills -- first found in Northumberland with Stave's/Stevensons, Tunnels/Tunno's, and Grimms -- likely named PILgrims because the latter were first found in Norfolk with the Parsons sharing the leopard face of Pile's/Pills, and also with the Stevenson-branch Steins sharing the same leopard face. I tested the marketability of my fence-post invention, which Mrs. Parsons patented for me. I tentatively called it the PILLar-Post. Pillars list a Pile variation. What could that invention be about as a pointer to the trudeau government's dirty laundry?

Two Post surnames share the giant lion of Pollet-loving Pools/Pulls while Dutch Posts share the Chief-Shield colors of Cutters/Gutters, first found in Dorset with Pools/Pulls and Palins . The latter apply where they share the stars of PILTone's while Pillars are also Pilots/Pillets (share giant Palin lion). Read also as PilTONE for linkage to Tonys, for while Italian Tonys use the "flower," Piltone's were first found on Devon with well as Pine's, Powers and fence-like Fens'. I'm just gettin-going. English Tonys were kin of Hastings, the latter first found in Sussex with Pellets.

Then, Palins (linkable to Power Coat) named the Plain variation of Pilot-like Platters (Suffolk with Towns/Tune's) while the other English Platters were first found in Norfolk with Parsons and Flicks/Flags. Pilots fly Plain-like planes while Flys (Hampshire with Posts and PILgrim-loving Hawks) use pellets while Pellets share a Pilotte/Piller Coat. Flys were at Flagi and thereby suspect with Flicks/Flags (Norfolk with Steins) who in turn share the double fesses of Stein-branch Stains/Stands (share a Stevenson Crest) who in turn have a cloud while McLeods/Clouds use flags.

The Cutters/Gutters can be of Cottons, for the Piltone write-up traces to the bishop of COUTANces at Pilton. Coutance's/Constance's/Constantine's (pine tree) were first found in Languedoc with Cottons/Cotta's while English Cottons are in Polly colors and format, and much in Stein colors and format. English Constantine's (Fly fleur in colors reversed) were first found in Devon with Pine's and Piltone's.

English Constance's share the giant eagle of Cussons (Burgundy with Pilate's/Pilots) while Cousins were first found in Norfolk with Parsons, Stave-connectable Pilgrims, and Stave-branch Steins (share Parson / Pill leopard face). Flys were from Flavians of Rieti, which included emperor Titus in the "AppeTITUS raTIONI" motto phrase of English Constance's. Rieti-line Reeds were first found in Northumberland with Stave's/Stevensons.

Coutances-like Coutes'/Coots probably have a rising falcon, and moreover the Coutes/Coot Coat is a version of the Celt/Colt Coat who in turn have the Pilate/Pilot pheon in colors reversed. French Falcons (share Coutances / Conte crescent) were first found in Languedoc with Coutances and Cottons/Cotta's. Trude's/Trots share the six pale bars of Coats'/Cotis'. Posts share the Alley Coat.

It Must Have Been the Game of Sorry

The Lise's/Liss' (Hampshire with English Fabians) share the triple pale bars of GAME's/Cams, and I am sure I bought Andrea Fabian the game of Sorry. When I bought her the Tarzan-and-Jane book, I feel fairly sure that the game board that I threw in was the game of Sorry. It was one of my favorite games. I regret that I can't recall.

Sorrys share the lion of Sauers (from Sau/Sava river in Austria), in colors reversed from the Sorrel lions. Sorrels were first found in Leicestershire with Parkings/Perkins while I got her the Sorry version by Parker Brothers. Incredibly, English Fabians share the Parking/Perkin fleur-de-lys!!! This is too much coincidence to be coincidental.

English Fabians share the border of Scoots/Scougals, first found in East Lothian with the Faucets suspect in the Sorry motto. The Faucet lion may be in the besants of English George's (same place as Soars/Sors'). As was said in the last update, English Fabians use flags while Flicks are listed with Flags. The latter are in the motto of Samsons (share Flick/Flag scallops), first found in Gloucestershire with Game's/Cams.

I missed the following in the last update: Andrea lived on Shoreham while Shore's/SURE's share the motto of Caens; the latter were first found in Dorset with Shore-like Soars/Sors', and I trace Caens (for a Traby-reason) to the Ceno tributary of the Taro. The TARzan book!!! The Ananes Gauls between the Taro and the Trebia are suspect in naming Ananus/Annas of Israel, and the Cam variation of Game's can take us to the Cam river of Cambridgeshire, where Annas' were first found. With Andrea pointing to this situation, by what coincidence is Piacenza on the Trebia river near the mouth of the Taro?

Andrea-connectable Andersons have a "Stand SURE" motto for love of the Sure variation of Shore's. While Stands (share double Flick fesses) married Yarborough's, the latter's split Shield is with Danish and German Andersons (but see also English Neals near Dorset). I've seen the Arms of Piacenza use a blue wolf, symbol of Danish Andersons. Andrea's have the Annandale saltire in colors reversed as used by Bruce's of Annandale.

Incredibly, the Perkens (not "Perkin") love the Feathers who in turn have a motto honoring emperor Valens and his brother, Valentinian I, the latter being the husband of Justine of Picenum, the line to Justins. This therefore looks like a pointer to justin trudeau because the flick shot of the marble pointed to him.

I think this game of Sorry works with the marble shot due to the "FLUCtu" and "flatu" motto terms of the English Parkers almost having the Trudeau Coat. Flatts/Fletts and Floats were a branch of Fleets who in turn almost have the Coat of Flicks/Flecks/FLUCKs/FLUKE's (Norfolk with SHEETs), and I flicked the marble to hit Tony's marble. Tonys were first found in Leicestershire with Parkins/Perkins. Flatts/Fletts were first found in the area of SHETland with Justin-connectable Assi's who in turn share the "fasces" with Sorrys.

Sorrys were first found in Lancashire with Fleetwoods!!! I almost missed that. And, to boot, Perkens were first found in Lancashire too! I must have bought her the game of Sorry.

OH WOW, the Brothers have a griffin head in the colors of the Marble griffin!!! Parker BROTHERs!!!!!! Brothers were first found in Oxfordshire with the Gardners sharing their griffin heads. Repeat: "The Comps/Camps who were so exciting in the past two updates, for being in Trudeau colors and format, can be in the COMPass of Nathans/Nations." Comps/Camps share the griffin heads of Gardners and Brothers.

Wikipedia's article on the Sorry game says it was owned once by Waddingtons, and, can we believe it: Waddingtons/Weddings share the triple fleur-de-lys of Fabians and Parkins/Perkins.

Thanks to the Parker motto, I've just found that German Flucks (Swabia with Adells) list Flicks, but unfortunately their Coat doesn't afford many clues for making further links. Dutch Fluke's/Flake's share the wink of German Fulks while Fulke's were first found in Norfolk with Flicks/Flecks/Fluke's.

In colors reversed, the Fulke fleur-de-lys is that one of Parkings/Perkins, and I trace the latter to Perga, home of Tertullus, the name given also for a mythical ancestor of the Fulk counts of Anjou. Tertullus was related to Mr. Simplex, explaining the "simplex" motto term of Parkings/Perkins, which is shared by Sorrys. Simple's were first found in Renfrewshire with Pollocks and Glasgow.

I can't recall whether I resolved whether Pews/Pughs were a branch from the Poke variation of Pollocks, but while the latter do trace to Plancia Magna, Pews/Pughs share the Parking/Perkin Coat.

Tertullus of Perga was husband to the Herod-Maccabee, Plancia Magna, suspect in the "magna" motto term of English Walkers who share the Lady/Laudyman annuLETs. "Lord, let" is a Glasgow motto term, and Let's/Late's can be expected in the "VigiLATE" motto term of Shouldhams/Shoultz's (Norfolk with Fulke's and Flicks/Flecks) because Vigils (Fulke Shield in colors reversed) get us to Belgian Flecks. Lets/Late's use "ORGAN pipes" traceable to LinkLETTERs, first found in ORKNey with Flatts/Fletts.

Look at how much the Sorrys have done, though there's more, for the Sorry bend-with rose is shared by Jays and Jewish Rothchilds, and Jays were first found in Herefordshire with the Skulls having roughly a colors-reversed version of the Sorry Coat. A wrecking ball of God to trudeau's skull was my favorite topic in the last update, where the head represents Schwabism infiltrated into Ottawa.


Italian Fabians share the Grimaldi Shield. I've had reasons to trace the latter to "Crimea," which is at the Azov sea in Ukraine. The current Ukraine administration is supported in its war by the Azov Battalion, a Nazi-polluted militia. Historical Crimea was known as, Taurus, and Andrea's Tarzan book can be a pointer to Tarrs/Taras' (Alan colors). The latter were first found in Somerset with Gog-like Cocks who share the lozengy Fabian / Grimaldi Shield. Andrea was a blue-eyed blond, by the way, CAUCasian, that is. Gogarene/Gugar (at lake Sevan) was in CaucASIA, and the Assi who named Asia (at/around lake Sevan) may have name nearby Azov.

Now watch how we get to a couple of Jane-like surnames. The Grimaldi's were politically partners with Fieschi of Genova (see Wikipedia for that), where the Fieschi-branch Fauci's were first found, a branch of Face's/Fessys, the latter first found in Northamptonshire with Jansons/JEANsens. Plus, Danish Jansons/Johansens share the checkered Shield of Fieschi-like Fiscs (similar to Grimaldi Shield) first found in Norfolk with PilGRIMs. Fiscs share an "ad" motto term with Janesons/Jamesons while James' share the Jean/Jane and Alley lion.

Janesons/Jamesons share the wavy fesse of Fisc-like Fix's/Fecks, and the Janesons/Jamesons even use anchors while Anchors/Annackers were a branch of Angers (ESCARbuncle) who in turn share the Fauci lozenge. The Hone's, first found in Hampshire with Hangers/Angers, have two of the wavy Janeson/Jameson fesses, and Hone-branch Honeys were first found in Worcestershire with Jeans/Jane's. I flicked the alley, and Flicks are suspect from Fulks of Angers.

[Insert -- UNBELIEVABLE. Not far below, where Janesons/Jamesons and Hone's become a topic again, I realized: "The BOOKer motto shares "Ad" and "tendit" with the motto of Janesons/Jamesons."!!!!!! It tends to prove that my giving Andrea the Tarzan-and-Jane BOOK is to point to Janesons/Jamesons. End insert]

A new think cropping up here is that Janesons/Jamesons share the black anchor with Graffs/Graffins, the latter first found in Switzerland with Feschs having a Feck-like Fecht variation. Coming in the midst of Fauci elements, this paragraph tends to support my claim that Graffs/Graffins point to graphene-oxide in vaccines. Johnson & Johnson COVID vaccines are from a company, Janssen.

The Jansen/Jeanson/Janssen Crest (no antlers) may be a fawn because Faughns can be seen a branch of Fauci-connectable Faucets who in turn have Saer de Quincy in their write-up while Quincys were first found in Northamptonshire with Jansens/Jeansons/Janssens! The latter share the Fort quadrants while Sforza's use a "quince."

The deviation to Jansons and Janesons is off topic to what I intended for this section, but as it was Kepke (blue-eyed Ukrainian blond) who pointed with Karen Graff (German) to graphene-oxide, let's add that he was engaged to be married to KIM Walsh, for while Walsh's have a "TransFIXus" motto term, Kims were first found in Bute with the Janesons/Jamesons sharing the wavy Fix fesse, which is a big wow in my sight.

Maybe it's not off topic at all because "TRANSfixus" can be part-code for the Trans variation of Trents while mythical Taras is the god of Taranto while Tarants are also Terents!! WOW! I deviated to Jane-like surnames and came to Walsh's who apparently took us to Taras elements.

Taranto is in Pull-like Apulia while Pullys share the full motto of Patents/Pattens (Essex with Angers) suspect in the so-called patonce cross of English Jansons/Jeansens. Pullys share the Jean/Jane scallop.

I had intended to go from Taurus in Crimea to Cilicia's Taurus region which was likely related to Tarsus, a major Cilician city related to Tyrus (Tyre). Mythical Poseidon was made a king of Tyre/Phoenicia, and so mythical Taras, son of Poseidon, looks like code for Tyrians in southern Italy. Taras was the god of Taranto, and Andrea and I lived in Toronto. My mother's maiden name is, Grimaldi. She invited Andrea to my BIRTHday party, and Births/Berts (beside Brits/Brets) use hunting HORNs while I see Horns/Orne's as a branch of Orions/Irons, the latter first found in Norfolk with Birth-branch Burts. Alania was also, Iron, perhaps a take off of "Eran/Iran" or "Uranus, grandfather of Poseidon and Zeus.

BRITO-Martis was a goddess of Crete, where the Zeus Taurus was given a BIRTH place, and myth writers included birth symbolism in with Zeus stories, including the number nine for nine months. Brito-Martis has an axe symbol suspect by me with the Assi of Asia. The Ass'/Assi's share the fasces with Sorrys, and the fasces has an axe head. Assi of Asia lived at/around the Moschi mountains, and my mother is a Masci on her mother's side.

Let's repeat from when Chrystia Freeland was to topic: "The Sinclair-related Mens' in the Crystal motto were first found in Midlothian with Chrystys." Christine's share cups with Koops/Kupe's, and the Sichs/Sykes' suspect in the "Sic" motto term of Chrystys have an "ASSIduus" motto term. When Henry Sinclair of Midlothian ruled Orkney, he may have ruled Shetland too.

As Hadden-branch Haldans were once said to be first found in East Lothian, Chrystys likely share the Haldan saltire, making it appear that God arranged Freeland's first name to connect with a Hitler branch. Haddens even share the Chief-Shield colors of Keiths (East Lothian), and of Mens' in the Crystal motto, as well as the Hatter/Hetterick roses. Freelands (share Glass stars), in the colors and near-format of Heidens/Haydns, use the same kind of spots on their Crest cat as Haydens do on their Crest dog. They are often called, pellets, and Pellets share the Christine Coat. Haldans are now said to be first found in Glasgow (beside Paisley), suspect as a branch of Miss Glasl, Adolf's mother-in-law. It's not easy to make heraldry connect like this, from merely someone's two names, by sheer coincidences.

As English Free's are also Frese's/Phreeze's, it just so happens that Frasers share the cinquefoils of Kims, first found in Bute with Glass'. It can explain the glass stars of Freelands. In the Fraser write-up, "Sir Simon Frasee held part of the lands of Keith", it explains the brown Keith stag head in the Fraser Crest, making the Freeland Crest suspect as a cat, the Keat / Catch / Cattan symbol too. Frasers share a McKinney Coat while Kennys have a Chief looking connectable to Free's/Frese's/Phreeze's.

The Cattan cat has pellets upon it as well. The Fraser / Kim cinquefoils are in the colors and format of the Pellet-branch Pilate's, and the latter share the pheons of Lords in the Glasgow motto. Pellets were first found in Sussex with Sadducee-like Saddocks, and with their Mascal kin while Keiths come up when entering "Mascal." This helps to make Phreeze's look like they descended from a Pharisee's family.

The Tuits expected in the "meTUIT" motto term of Cattans (Norfolk with Tuits/Tute's, Haydens and Heads) have the Hayden quadrants in colors reversed. Cattans use a Saracen's "HEAD." Frasers were first found in Peebles-shire (near Glasgow) with Bauer-branch Bowers whose "metam" motto term looks related to "METuit." German Bauers/Bowers were first found in Austria with Heidlers/Heidts who in turn almost have the Paisley / Pack anchor. Free's/Frese's/Phreeze's were first found in Essex with Pass'.

Just realized: the Pasi / Pace's / Pass' / Paisleys / Packs / Packers may have been named by elements from Phasis, a Caucasian city also known as POTi!!! It was a city at the mouth of a Glaucus river while Game's/Cams were first found in Gloucestershire with Bumps and Letter-branch Letts/Late's. The Shield and Crest of Orion- / Aryan-like Ryans are a near copy of the same of Letter-related Tooths who in turn share the giant griffin(s) of Bumps.

I've shown how Orions connect to Arran (an island beside Bute), where Brigg-branch McBride's were first found. The Hamilton rulers of Arran were first found in Renfrewshire with Paisley and Glasgow. Hamiltons almost have the Kim / Fraser Coat. French Hamils share the Bright / Bride stars, which are the triple stars of Dutch Freelands too. Dutch Hamils/Hamme's are in Ham, Hammer, Free, Frey, McCabe and RAY colors while German Freys/Freie's/VREYs share that giant lion of German Hammers/Hemmers. Wrays have a "vray" motto term, interesting if the FBI is Nazified (not surprising) because McCabe's (share Ham "salmon") were first found in Arran.

Up the Glaucus river from Poti was Tyndaris which named mythical Tyndareus the Spartan, husband of Leda, mother with the Zeus swan (code for lake Sevan of Gog) as father, of Pollock-like Pollux. Pollocks were at Paisley. The Palmans in the Tooth motto use swans. Leda laid swan eggs to birth her children. Leda was a version of mythical Leto (mother of Pollux-like Apollo), and Tooths were kin of Letters in Leto colors.

Cadmus, a mythical character descended from Poseidon, was made the brother of Cilicia. CadMUS followed the Zeus bull to Boeotia and settled there, where mythical Orion lived whose father was at Tanagra, the line to Tankerville's / Tanks/Tancreds / Tacks. Tankerville's and Chaddocks / Chadwicks can be gleaned as kin of Sadducee-like Saddocks/Sedgewicks, and Soducena was on lake Sevan too while the Sittaceni Scythians lives at Azov. Crimea was home to the Sitta-like Scythians, and Skit-branch Skate's/SHEETs were first found in Norfolk with Orions/Irons while Ass'/Assi's were first found in SHETland.

Packers (Berkshire) share the lozenges of Whistle's (Somerset with Stole's/Stowells and Baths) in the form of the Stole/Stowell cross, which is in the colors of the Bath cross while a Bat peoples lived between Poti and the Moschi mountains!!! Bats were first found in Shropshire with Alans! Andrea Fabian was blowing a party whistle. I have the memory burned in my head of her having a good time (pleasure on her face) with that pointed hat on. Phrygians used the pointed hat.

Wikipedia's article on the Tauri of Crimea says that these peoples worshiped Iphigenia, a mythical character whose family engaged Spartans, and Spartans founded Taranto. In fact, Taranto is in PUGLia, and the Spartan, Pollux, was a PUGIList i.e. he has a pugilist symbol. Myth writers gave word-play symbols to their characters that expressed some real-world thing about the people-groups and/or places the characters represented. Pollux was made the son of Agamemnon's brother, and Iphigenia was Agamemnon's daughter. This family depicted a human-sacrifice cult, very rife in Tyre. Pollux's sister, Helen, was probably code for the Alans, who were at Crimea and its environs. These were the dangerous lunatics of humanity ever seeking thronal powers.

I can make the case that Agamemnon's brother, MENelaus, was from a peoples of Laish, near Tyre, who named Las on the MANi peninsula of Sparta. Laish was renamed, Dan, and while Greek Danaans lived at Mycenae and Argos, that's where Agamemnon ruled. Danaans were given a mythical Danaus as a founder, and the Tanais river became the Don that flows into the Azov sea. It's part of the Ukraine area where warfare goes on at present. The proto-Hungarians lived at the Don from whom arose king Andrew (10th century), possibly the origin of the Andrea surname.

Both Andrea surnames are in the colors of English Grimms, in case Grimms developed from variations of "Crimea." The triple fesses of English Grimms are shared by Scottish Drummonds, who descended from King Andrew I. Both Andrea surnames are in Tarr/Taras colors and format, and the latter surname was first found near the Stour river that named Sturs who likewise have the triple fesses of Grimms. The latter were first found in Northumberland with Ukraine-liner Lorraine's. I now trace the latter's Keep kin to Kepoi at the Taman area of the Azov theater. Northumberland is where Greys were first found whom I trace to Hungars and both Hun surnames.

The triple fesses under discussion are almost the three-and-three fesses of Leavells (Somerset with Tarrs/Taras), who are from Lupus Laevillus of Cilicia, where TARSus is located. Italian Andrea's have three-and-three bends in the same colors. Italian Andrea's (Friuli, not far from Hungary) use a tower while Towers have a Tour / Thor branch. Turris' are also Terras'/Tarras', and Turins were first found in/near Tarves. Italian Andrea's were first found near Tarvisium. See any pattern here?

And while German Terras' use rooks, Rooks and Rocks were first found in Worcestershire with Alleys and Jeans/JANE's. I missed that until now. "Terras" is a motto term of DONalds.

I should probably repeat from above where I went from Tarzan to the Wilds: "Wilt-like Willots look like they have a cat. In colors reversed, Willow(by)s ("Verite" translated as "truth") have the fretty Shield of Modens, the latter first found in Berkshire with English Wilds and Wildmans/Wilmans. Scottish Willows/Will share "As God wills" with the Bracebridge's, the latter first found in Lincolnshire with English Willow(by)s. The "As" motto term can be for the Ass'/Assi's whom I connect to Justins!" The Assi may have descended from "Azov" or its namers.

Ass'/Assi's share scales with Justins to go with the "scalland" motto term in the Arms of Shetland. Kepke's and Koops/Kupe's share the Justin border, and I trace Kepke's to Kepoi at the sea of Azov. One day, Kepke was over to my place at about age 16, when my cousin, Mr. Grimaldi was over, and Kepke said to me privately, "who's that? He looks like a goof." I take that to be inspiration of God to indicate (to me now) the Goffs/Gough's sharing the boars of Gog-like Googe's. The Meshech/Mushki are said to be a chief tribe of Gog, and my mother's Masci side traces to the Moschi mountains at the Battle-like Bat Caucasians. She was born in Picenze, perhaps even named by a descendant of Justine of Picenum who had taken on the Picenum name. Keeps were first found in Sussex with Pasi-branch Packs potentially from Phasis/Poti. God was at lake Sevan, the line to heraldic swans shared by Sine's in the Justine and Yarborough mottoes.

The Justin scale is held by a blue armored arm that's also in the Armor Coat, and so the scales in the Justin Coat should be those of Cass'/Cash's potentially in the "cassis" motto term of ArMORs. The latter share the Moray stars, and I trace Morays to the Khazars on the Mures river, the Khazars who had ruled Kepoi after the Huns had, and while Khazars ruled at Romania's Bihar, Swans/Sine's were first found in Lanarkshire with the Bihar-like Biggars in the "byggar" motto term in the Arms of Shetland. Kepke sold shoes, and the Sheet-branch, Scythian-like, Shoe-connectable Skits/Skeets/Skeochs were first found in Ayrshire with Picenum-like Pickens/Pike's.

Kepoi was inhabited by Sindi while Sintians lived in LEMNos while Lemons use dolphins in Keppoch colors and format while Dolphins/Dolfins were a branch of Dols while Alans lived at Dol while Alans joined Attila the Hun from the House of Dulo. Kepoi is near the Don river while MacDonalds had a Keppoch sect/sept. Although Bihar is outside of Wallachia, where Kepke's fiancee, Kim Walsh traces, BUCHARest is in historical Wallachia. TRYPillians of the Kiev area had spread to eastern Wallachia, and shoe-using Trips were first found in Hamburg with German Bugs, perhaps a branch of the namers of Bucharest. English Bugs use the bat. Hungarian Drummonds were first found in Hamburg too, though they descended from Kiev Varangians on their female line. Scottish Drummonds were first found in Perthshire with Justins. The Budini of Kiev can go to Bute with the boots that German Trips once showed, and Kims were first found in Bute.

Bugers/Bogans (Bug colors), sharing the raven with Rothes'/Rothchilds, were first found in Bavaria with Buchers/Buckens and Roet-branch Rothes'/Rothchilds. Buchers/Buckens have an ORLE border while Orells were first found in Lancashire with Bookers. The Bucher/Bucken tree thus becomes suspect with the tree of Book-beloved Roets (Somerset with Borders/BOARDers). Boards were first found in Sussex with Keeps and Packs.

It dawns on me here that, while Hungarians descended from Huns, the wavy Drummond fesses are in colors reversed from the wavy HONE fesses, and as ONE's are listed with the Innis' of Moray, I should trace "Hun" to the Una/Oeneus river near Vinkovci, birthplace of the husband of Justine of Picenum. In other words, the claim that Huns were from Mongolia way, an idea I'm not biting, is false. It appears they were named after the Una river, home of the Mushki-line Maezaei. Hungarians had descended from Mongolia way as the MAGYars, suspect with "Magog" in the land of Togarmah-like Tocharians.

The Una river is beside the COLapis/KUPa, which I trace to Colchesters (Essex with Bouchers/Bowkers) who happen to share the estoiles and Crest lion of English Buckers (Norfolk with Bucks). Their Butcher/Bucker branch were first found in Shropshire with Bug-beloved Bats and Alans while Bats share the black saltire with French Bouchers/Bouche's.

English Bouchers/Bowkers (and their Teasel / Tessel kin) have blue eagles in both colors of the Honeywell eagle heads, and Honeys share the double-Hone fesses. While Honeys were first found in Worcestershire with Jeans/Jane's, Annabells/Honeybells happen to share the Coat of German Jansens. Annabells/Honeybells even have a version of the English Jansen/Jeansen Crest. The latter's Crest was suspect as a fawn while Fauns/Vauns, with the Boucher/Bowker eagles in colors reversed, were first found in Devon with Honeywells, and with the Fens'/Venns sharing the green griffin head with all three, the Scottish Jansens, the Hungarian Leslie's, and the Patents/Pattens. The latter were first found in Essex with Teasels and Colchesters. The brown Annabell/Honeybell stag is shared by Bloods/Bluds while Bled (on the Sava near Colapis river) is beside Leslie-line Lesce while Bleda was the brother of Attila the Hun.

Honeywells use a so-called emBATTLEd pattern on their chevron while Battle's were first found in Berwickshire with Fawns/Faunes' and Books. Fawns/Faunes' have the Teasel / Tessel crescents in colors reversed. Fauns/Vauns were first found in Devon with the Patch's sharing the Fawn/Faunes hunting horn while Pattys were first found in Worcestershire with Honeys. Patchie's are listed with PATTERson-branch KilPATRicks, and Irish Pattersons/Cassane's share the Fens/Venns scallops while English Cassane's were first found in Hampshire with Hone's.

The Booker motto shares "Ad" and "tendit" with the motto of Janesons/Jamesons (Bute) who in turn have one of the double wavy fesse of Hone's!!! Bookers even throw in a Cole-like "coelum" motto term. Bookers (share Masci fleur) happen to have the border of Kupe/s/Koops / Kepke's/Kopke's in colors reversed, indicating that Kepoi liners from Azov were at the Kupa river. The Kupa is a tributary of the Sava while Shaws/Sheaves' were first found in Berkshire with the Modens/Modeys (and boot-using Boots) having a Willow Shield in colors reversed.

The Willows/Wills, with the "As" motto term, have a griffin in the colors of the giant griffin of Battle's/BATTELs, first found in Berwickshire with Willows/Wills. Is this a pointer to the Azov BATTALion? The Battle griffin is half in the colors of the giant Marble griffin. The Books were first found in Berwickshire too, and Wilds came from the Tarzan theme of the book I gave to Andrea. Emailer Patterson was married to Mr. Wilder, and she would mention her horse, COPPERchief. Coppers/Coopers were first found in Sussex with Keeps.

Lizarts/Sarde's, first found in Provence with French Andrea's, share the Coat of Armstrong's who in turn share the strongarm in Crest (different color) with Battle's. As Game's/Cams share the Coat of Lizart-branch Liss'/Lise's, we can now go to GameDAYs partly because because Days have a variation like the Dee's (Battle colors and format), first found in Cheshire with Cheatle's and Marble's.

Days share, almost, the Coat of BRIGHTs and French Bride's, the latter first found in Savoy with BRIGANTium (now Briancon). Briggs share the McBride cinquefoil. Brights (Burton/Berton and Breton colors) and Birds/Burds were first found in Cheshire with Day-connectable Dee's. I took days from Gamedays, but note "BIRTHday" because Births/Berts and Burts look to apply with Bright liners. The Constans' in the Brigden/Brogden motto share the Bright / Day stars.

About 25 miles north of Brigantium is Moden-like Modane on the Arc river while Arks/Arch's and Modens were first found in Berkshire with Kents. Then, another strongarm is in the Crest of Darks/ARQUES', first found in Kent. The strongARM, symbol of fascism / communism, and in the Arms of Rothschild too, can then go to the Armys/Ermine's because they were first found in Lincolnshire with The Tankerville's who are said to have married the "D'Arques," and moreover the Arms/Ermine's share the Anderson saltire, half in the colors of the Andrea saltire. I repeat, Andrea's were first found in Provence with Lizarts sharing the Armstrong Coat.

Might this pointer to Armys be a pointer to the Azov BRIGade? Yes, the Azov Battalion is also the Azov Brigade. We entered Brigg-connectable Brights from the Gamedays. Briggams happen to be in the colors and format of Heidens/Haydns (Bavaria with Rothes- / Rothschild-connectable Heids), and Adolf's mother, Miss Polzl, was a daughter of JOHANNA Heidel. Repeat: "JOHANNE's share the red scallop with Jeans/JANE's!!!!! Tarzan and Jane." This is an incredible outcome. I started on Brigg liners NOT having the Azov Brigade in mind. It just hit me for obvious reason.

I have said it before, that Army-like Armors (use the armored arm) were once said to be first found in Berwickshire i.e. where Battle's/Battels were first found. Amazingly, Armors share the motto of Bretons/Britains/Brittanys who in turn share the pierced Bright stars. Isn't that inclusion of Brights (Cheshire with Battle-connectable Marble's) with Army-like Armors looking like another pointer to the Azov Brigade? Armys were first found in the same place with BraceBRIDGE's while Brace's have more armored arms while Bridge's (more griffins) were first found in Somerset with Bat-line Baths and BRITs/Brets.

Somerset is beside the Brit-like Berts/BIRTHs who can be pointed to by Andrea being at my birthday party, or my giving her the birthday gifts, the Tarzan book and game board. I recall her blowing a party whistle, and wearing the pointed birthday HATs, and Hats/Hades' were first found in Dorset, beside the Whistle's of Somerset who probably share the Payne/Paine and Bath lion. The Payne/Paine motto is shared by Ryans whose "quam" motto term is suspect with Game's/Cams. I trace the Kenites of proto-Israel to mythical Orion elements, suspect also to the Kennati priests and therefore to the Kennedys, which can explain why Irish Kennedys were first found in Tipperary with Ryans.

The pierced Bright stars are similar to the pierced "spur rowells" of Pagans/Payens, linkable to Payne Roet. Obama's grandmother was Miss Payne, and her husband's mother was Miss Armour. Obama's mother (daughter of Stanley Armour Dunham) was descended from Randolphs.

ArMORs share the MORay stars while Scottish Randolphs were first found in Moray because they had ruled Moray, and these Randolphs use both the Battel-connectable bat while sharing the horseshoe (different color) with Heidens/Heydns. Horseshoes were a common Polish symbol, and Klara Polzl could have had a surname initially honoring Polish nobility. Klara-like Claro's share the red bull with Polish Packs, and English Packs share the anchor of Paisleys while Pollocks were at Paisley.

Scottish Randolphs share the cross of Baths, first found in Somerset with Battans/Battins/Badens and Roets, and Bats were first found in Shropshire, where English Rothes' were once said to be first found. Battle's/Battels share the giant griffin of Chaffs, first found beside Somerset. Book-loving Roets share the motto of Book-like Bows/Bough's.

Chaffs were first found in Dorset with Chaffins/ChafFINCH's who share the black dog with Wile's/Wileys who in turn share the griffins of Vince's/Finch's. They are black griffins, symbol in the Bright Crest. The Wiles' (not "Wile") share five, bunched arrows (different colors) with Roet-related Bows/Boughs and the Arms of Rothschild, and Wile liners entered the discussion with Tarzan the wildman.

Johanna's and Briggams/Brighams have Crests looking like they are off of the Weis/Wise Crest, and English Wise's were first found in Devon with Pike's in turn sharing the trefoils of Briggams/Brighams.

The closest surname I can find to "brigade" is the Brigdens, listed with Brogdens/Brockdens. This goes to the cotton swab in Steve Mellanson's ear, another topic of the last update. French Cottons share the fretty Shield of Brigdens/Brogdens, and the latter share the blank, gold Chief with Mellanson-colored Mellans, first found in Ile-de-France with Trudeau's, perfect because justin trudeau is a SCHWABite stupid. The cotton SWAB is now pointing to the Nazis of Ukraine. Mellansons use the axe. French Cottons were first found in Languedoc with the Constans' in the Brigden/Brogden motto.

Although we might think that Brigdens may have been Brock liners instead of Brigantine elements, Briggers/Brigge's/Briegners were first found in Silesia with Brock-branch Brocuffs.

Kent Appears Named by the Kennati Priests

This section started on the similarity between the Marble and King Coats while Kings/Kengs use the crosslets of Towns/Tooms in different colors while the Town/Toom crosslets are in the colors of the Marble crosslets. I have found a new-to-me Kinton/KenTONE surname, in King and Kingston colors, first found in Suffolk with English Towns/Tune's. Suffolk is beside Kent, suggesting that Kingstons derived, not from "king" as we would assume, but from Kents who had first become Kentons/Kintons. The latter's write-up has a Kenton location in Devon with the first-known Kings/Kengs, and the write-up says that Mr. King of Devon "brought the name to Cheshire in 1177," which is where Marble's were first found.

Kingston Upon Hull in Yorkshire is on the Hull river, and the miracle-marble shot was on HullMAR drive. Might Hullmars have been named by the Mars that named Marble's too? The latter had an ancient MarPUL location, and Pulls/Pools, beside Hampshire, share the giant Alley and Atley lion while Atleys were first found in Kent.

Peoples of Kent were called Cantii, and Candys/Cantys/GAMEdays, the latter first found in Suffolk with Towns/Tune's who share the black eagle with Candida's/Candys. Cantons/Gantons were first found in Yorkshire with Kingstons, and while GAME's/Cams share the Lise/Liss Coat, the latter were first found in Hampshire with Kinsons/Kingsons sharing the Kingston Coat, and with Ghents/Gents having the Candida/Candy eagle in colors reversed, and then Gaunts were first found in Kent.

Kents are said to have moved to East Lothian, where Canty-like Catti lived who became the Keiths/Keths. It begs whether the Kennati priests named the Chatti Germanics at Hesse-Cassel because Scottish Kennedys share parts of the English Cassel Coat. German Cassels share the Coat of Clare's/Clairs, first found in Suffolk with Candys/Cantys, and then SinCLAIRs, living in Midlothian near the Keiths, are also Suns while Hesse's/Hislers use the giant sun, in the colors of the Hiedler/Hitler sun. Moreover, Lothian is where Kinson-like Kensons/Kennisons/GUNNisons were first found who share the black dog with Kennedy-related Carricks.

The Kensons look like they married Gunns, first found in CAITHness and Orkney, the latter being where Sinclairs of Lothian came to rule. The Gunn Chief is also the one of Cantons/Gantons. German Gunters happen to share the annulets of Candle's/Kentwells/Cantwells (Suffolk with Candys/Cantys/Gamedays).

English GUNters use GAUNTlet gloves, and were first found in Oxfordshire with the Ships in the giant ship of Gunns. Oxfordshire is beside the first-known Kents of Berkshire, and we can add that the Chief-Shield colors of Kents are shared by Gunter-like Cutters/Gutters, first found in Dorset with Pulls/Pools. Repeat: "[Marble's] had an ancient MarPUL location, and Pulls/Pools, beside Hampshire, share the giant Alley and Atley lion while Atleys were first found in Kent."

Gunters of Oxfordshire is where Gardners were first found who have the Marble griffin, and Gardens/Jardens have a "JunGUNTUR" motto term, thus showing a Gunn link to lake-Garda liners, which includes the Carricks with a "Garde" motto term. Gaunts were first found in Kent with Gards who in turn have the Marble griffin in colors reversed, and moreover the gold Gaunt wolf head can be the brown wolf of Irish Gards.

Scottish Marrs were first found in Yorkshire with Kingstons, Hulls, and Cantons/Gantons. We are looking for the namers of Hullmars. Scottish Marrs operated at Kildrummy, itself in Angus, where Gardens/Jardens and Jardins were first found.

Jardins, looking like kin of Andrea-like Andersons, share the Chief of Cantons/Gantons, as well as the saltire of Candys/Cantys/GAMEdays in colors reversed. I bought Andrea a game board. Andrea's share the saltire of Bruce's (Yorkshire) who in turn have the Alley Coat in colors reversed. Bruce-branch Brush's were first found in Suffolk with Gamedays, with Candle's/Kentwells/Cantwells, and with the Soams who may have had a variation applicable to the "adSUM" motto term of Jardins.

Gardens/Jardens share the French Jarret Coat while Jarrats/Garretts share the Kent lion.

John of Gaunt married Catherine Roet, and while Roets use the book, I gave Andrea a book along with the game board. John of Gaunt was at the base of Foix-Candale, and Candals/Cundells (Clare colors) have a Coat with some reflection of the Claro/Charo Coat. Candals/Cundells were at Leckby while Lecks/Lakeys may have been from the Lake's (Oxfordshire) who share the fitchees of Marble's. It should come across incredible that Foix-Candale married the de-la-Pole's while Pulls/Pools are also Pole's. It does therefore appear that god arranged Pulls/Pools to have the Alley lion to fit in with this Cantii discussion that itself includes Gamedays.

Note the "PalleSCERE" motto term of Pullys/Pullens, for Schere's use the "stick" to go with the Kyle candlesticks. Schere-branch Shere's/Sheers share the black dog with Kensons and Carricks, but also with Craggs, the latter first found in Yorkshire with Pullys/Pullens and Candals/Cundells. "PALLEScere" can be also for the Palles'/Pauls (Yorkshire) who in turn share "Pro rege et" with Leicesters/Lesters.

Lecks/Lakeys look like Leicester elements due to the leg-using Prime's (Lincolnshire with Leaks/Leakeys) suspect in their motto. That is, as even Leaks/Leakeys use the leg, these surnames look like they are from the Legro = SOAR river, and while Soars/Sors' were first found in Dorset with the Pulls/Pools suspect in "MarPUL," the game board was, I do think, the game of Sorry. Pulls/Pools share the Alley Coat, both surnames first found near to one another. Alleys were first found in Worcestershire with Jeans/Jane's (Alley lion in colors reversed), and I did buy her a book on Tarzan and Jane.

It just so happens that Sorrels, first found in Leicestershire, share the Coat of Scottish Marrs!!!!! I didn't see anything, when starting this section, that could come around to the marble flick against Tony's marble. This section started with Towns, like the Tonys of Leicestershire. Leicesters/LESTERs (share swan with Locks/Licks and Lochs) were first found in Cheshire with Marble's. The amazing thing is, Lester-like Listers/Lists share the six pale bars of Game's/Cams!!! We would not be here had it not been for the Leckby location (Yorkshire with Kingstons and Roet-connectable Pings/Pagans) of Candals/Cundells.

There's another reason that Lecks/Lakeys are important, for their holly symbol shared by Scottish Jacks, who are named after mythical Ajax, the god of the Kennati priests. English Jacks were first found in Yorkshire again, even with English Listers in turn in the colors and format of Jack-branch Joke's/Yoke's, first found in Kent! Swiss Hochs/Yoke's have a giant swan to go with Lesters, and Lesks were first found in Berkshire with Kents. I'm not at all familiar with the Lister surname; I've only known the Lists in the past.

I almost missed it: Andrea lived on Shoreham drive while Shore's/Sure's share the triple holly of Scottish Jacks!!! Hollys share the dog of Hulls and Halls/Hole's, and I lived on Hullmar. She lived on Shoreham one block from Hullmar. Shore's/Sure's even use a "liCITIS" motto term while Cetis, home of the Kennati, was also Citis!!! Wow!

Scottish Jacks were first found in Renfrewshire with Paisley, and Renfrews share the giant ship of Gunns while we saw Gunnisons listed with Kensons/Kennisons.

Again, Kyle's, using candlesticks, were first found in Ayrshire with Kennedys and Carricks, but also Craigie's, and so let's quote from the Kents: "'Further to the north in Scotland...'Radulfus de Kent...witnessed the gift of the church of Cragin (Craigie) in Kyle to the monks of Paisley.'" The Kennati priests were in Cilicia with the king of Cetis, Lupus Laevillus, father of CHARAX Proculus, explaining why the Arms of Carrick sometimes came with the triple fitchees of Scottish Kennedys. We can read that a manor of the Candle's/Kentwells went to the Valence's, first found in Kennedy-like Kent.

Laevillus' mother was Vibia, from the Vibius surname, and both Craigie's and Craigs use a Vib-like motto term, suggesting that the Vibius line is to Vivians/VEYs, Five's/Fifys and Fife's. Vivians/Veys were first found in Cornwall with Tippers while Tipperary is where Irish Kennedys were first found.

Dutch Veys use the boot while Vivian-like Vevey in Switzerland is near Pully and Morges while mythical Morgan le Fay of Cornwall became a witch of Bute (Avalon). She was the step-daughter of mythical Uther Pendragon while Pendragons (Cornwall) appear to have Tipps liners in their motto. Pully could have been named by a branch of Pulls/Pools.

Uther Pendragon was named as part-code for Utters/Otterburn sharing the Craigie crescent, gold like the Otter/Other crescent, and the latter's are in both colors of the Kenn crescents. Kenn history is said to begin in Cornwall, where Pendragons were first found to, and as Uther was made the father in king Arthur, it can explain why Kenns are in Arthur colors and near-format. OtterBURNs share the crescent of BRUNs of SPITALfields featured earlier in this update.

I went to get some work done after writing to the above, and the first thing done afterward was to load a video showing Kevin McCarthy ganging with Paul Ryan and Eric CANTOR. There is a Cantor surname, with "TERRET" motto term, that happens to share the six bars of Leavells, in the colors of the pale bars of Tarrs/TERRES' (Somerset with Leavells). Leavells are from Lupus Laevillus, husband of Quadratilla Bassus, the line, I claim, to Bessins and Besants, and the Cantors have roundels that are half besants. Bessins use bees while Bee's were first found in Oxfordshire with Cantors. The Cantor Crest may use the word, "leaves," in its description.

There is also a "Quam" motto term with Cantors, and as we saw that Andrea's gameboard can be to Cantys/Gamedays (Suffolk), it's a little interesting that "quam" is a motto term of Cambridge's because it looks like code for Game's/Cams from the Cam river at Cambridge, not far from Suffolk. Cambridge's share the motto of Scherff-like Sheriffs, a motto using "Esse." Cambridge's (patee cross) share a white lion in Crest with Pattys/Pati's.


The new war in Israel started early on the Sabbath morning (before 7am Israeli time), the first day after the seven-day Feast of Tabernacles came to an end on Friday. We are of course wondering whether this is the war that brings the anti-Christ to the struggle.

It's hard to see how Hamas could start such a huge offensive without having the means to continue the war with some chance of success. It's just another suicide mission otherwise.

Before the final 1260 days arrive, the anti-Christ must conquer Egypt. If the Apophis asteroid of 2029 is the 2nd Trumpet, I would guess that Egypt should be conquered between 2024-26.

I don't have any information that's not in the news everywhere. Keep eyes on Western nations or media who show signs of supporting Hamas, because shadow-government operatives are behind them both.

Keep in mind that modern Israel is the epitome of anti-Christ secularism, and that God has in mind to destroy that nation through the anti-Christ. God will not abandon Israel for good. While Israeli's have languished in pleasures, Arab fighters have been rustic, brutal, ready to destroy.

The human destruction to come will be brutal, and should make all of us saddened, on the one hand, because we don't want to be flippantly sporty in reaction to this ongoing conflict. War is not a sport to be treated with yahoos if your side is winning. Let gross Trump supporters own that attitude, but not us.

On the other hand, we shouldn't become deeply troubled at what is to come. When Israelis begin to persecute Christians, God no longer feels like curbing the destruction of His enemies. If God restrains evil on behalf of respectable people, He also ceases to restrain evil when the people turn Him off.

I've heard that the Taliban has chimed-in, offering support for the war. This trend will expand the harder Israel strikes back. By all reports on Sunday as I write here, Israel is promising the hardest military reaction ever against Gaza. Wasn't it Obama's will to leave billions of dollars of American military equipment in Afghanistan? Didn't the U.S. presence in Afghanistan end at that very time under the Biden = Obama administration?

How can the Taliban join the fight against Israel? By the path though south-western Syria to the Golan Heights, a stretch controlled by the American military since the days that Obama was in power. Wouldn't Obama's anti-Israeli plotters want to take advantage of that path between now and before Republicans take the White House in 2025?

The world is already nervous, and things have yet to begin getting animal. War makes animals of civilians. Prepare to resist being an animal. Don't let the animals rub off on you. Stay your Godly attitude. Don't gloat when Israel flattens Gaza; don't gloat when the Arabs succeed in toppling Israel. But please prepare to rejoice and sing as God slaughters the bloated Taurus, the Western globalist with bottomless stomach, the smuttiest creature ever to fashion a world throne. The Lord's Day in the midst of Armageddon is the Day of Delight. The harsh yoke will be lifted, and an ease will replace it in the Rest of God.

Tyrants will be cancelled as they try to cancel us. In whatever way they succeed in silencing our voices, God will do measure-for-measure on our behalf to make up for it. Justice on High is the Inventor of Calamity, the Author of the Plot, the Perfecter of the Punishment.

Here's an American show on Chrystia Freeland's looming cloud concerning her Nazi-supporting grandfather. She looks like a part of the human products of the Nazi move from Ukraine to canada. Just after Trump was attacked by a gang of American diplomats in Ukraine, this Ukrainian, Freeland, finds herself at the threshold of being the next prime minister. How did that come about if not for Nazis pulling strings in the shadow government?

The digital currency from a central bank, which you may have heard of as an outrageous government-control / government-spy tool, may not be permitted in the United States, depending on who owns the next congress. The Bidenites want this digital / electronic money NOW. The COVID scheme's attempt and failure may be the biggest game-winner for us because it woke a lot of people up as per the true nature of the government as a control-freak tyrant. The push of this electronic dollar will wake yet more, and help us to spread the message wider on the mark of the beast.

We are in this to win, and we will win, but just be sure to minimize the hardships that are coming our way. Don't depend on a tribulation garden, but go to your local farmers, buy bulk foods, and dehydrate them starting now. It can't hurt; the foods will not go to waste unless you let them. Here's the scoop on the digital currency's lifeline while some House Republicans are now seeking to outlaw it (Lynch stupidly wants the digital currency as long as it's "private":

I don't care if there's digital transactions as long as I get the choice to pay in cash. I want to be able to pull money out of the bank and not have it in any bank, if I so choose. As it's my money, how dare the government forces the banks to "own" my money as a mere electronic blip that could disappear in an electrical glitch, or an electronic storm, by a computer hacker, or even by bank employees working in tandem with outside crooks. "Progressive" Western governments wish to make us feel like slaves of THEIR money system, not because they love us.

With COVID vaccines causing cancer, and even exploding cancers, to increase, the video below on a sure-fire cancer cure by apricot seeds may be of interest to you. The guy in black shirt says he knows nobody who's died of cancer who's taken the chemical, laetrile (vit. B17):

The U.S. supreme court has accepted a case that could force youtube to stop censoring, and that would include shadow-banning by google:

Rebel News revealed this week that Yaroslav Hunka lives in Callander, "just outside of North Bay," Ontario. Anthony Rota lives / works a few miles away in North Bay. They look like potential buddies, yet Rota made-out that he didn't know that Hunka was a Nazi.

Ezra Levant, founder of Rebel News was on Alex Jones this week to discuss Hunka. trudeau is becoming famous, just as he's always wanted. Ezra says that Hunka's Waffen brigade was trained at Dachau, and that Hunka "snuck into Canada by lying about his past," but this may be too kind to the Canadian officials at the time i.e. who may have known fully that he was a Nazi. Other Nazis may have entered the country in the Hunka trail.

Chrystia Freeland was trudeau's Minister of Finance (dishes out the military money in laundry bags), and is currently the vice-prime-minister. She had a Nazi-supporting, terrorist grandfather in Ukraine, whom she praises, which seems to say it all. She was the one who decided / announced that the bank accounts of the convoy truckers could / should be frozen. Yes, that despicable fascist.

How could Rota unilaterally invite an ex-Nazi to the parliament i.e. without permission from trudeau? It's seems unlikely. Here's Rebel News' follow-up to the video above, concerning the Rota-Hunka ties:

Hunka's Medal of Merit:

At the 9th minute of the video above, there is a comparison of trudeau's face to that of a Castro of Cuba. The resemblance is so close that I loaded the Castro and Caster/Coster surnames, checking to see if there are obvious links to Trudeau's, and it so happens that Casters/Coster are in Trudeau colors and format. Some people claim that trudeau is a son of Fidel Castro. Costners/Castners were even first found in Franconia with Swabs/Schwabs.

Costners/Castners share the Fulk eagle wing in Doria-eagle colors while Italian Castro's (Genova with Doria's) use a flag for Fulke-branch Flicks! Italian Castro's are therefore suspect with the Irish Door lion standing with the castle of Flag-using McLeods/Clouds in gold. That's amazing because it's making a fundamental McLeod-of-Skye link to Castro's.

Trudeau once said:

The Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, today issued the following statement on the death of former Cuban President Fidel Castro:
“It is with deep sorrow that I learned today of the death of Cuba’s longest serving President. “Fidel Castro was a larger than life leader who served his people for almost half a century. A legendary revolutionary and orator, Mr. Castro made significant improvements to the education and healthcare of his island nation.

...“I know my father was very proud to call him a friend and I had the opportunity to meet Fidel when my father passed away. It was also a real honour to meet his three sons and his brother President Raul Castro during my recent visit to Cuba.

How did this communist fool get elected to top spot in Canada, and now he's surrounded by Nazi lovers? trudeau is a man of death and destruction. He tries to cover it with rosy language. Just like Obama, he pretends to be for the people. He repeats that theme endlessly, especially when he's caught in sin.

Another article for your consideration:

In the 1970s, the Trudeau family had notable interactions with Fidel Castro. Pierre Trudeau, Justin’s father and Canada’s Prime Minister from 1968-1979 and 1980-1984, was at the helm of this connection. Notably, in 1971, Pierre Trudeau took the bold step of being the first NATO leader to visit Cuba, setting a precedent for others to follow. This visit wasn’t just diplomatic; it marked the beginning of a close personal bond between Pierre and Castro.

A few years later, in 1976, the Trudeau family, including a young Justin, visited Havana. This journey wasn’t just a political maneuver. It symbolized the strengthening ties between Canada and Cuba, two nations with distinct ideologies but mutual respect.

Try to figure out how, possibly, justin could have been a son of a Castro (not necessarily Fidel) in that situation. It's made possible where Pierre Trudeau was interacting with Fidel about the time of justin's birth (December 25, 1971). It's near-impossible to debunk this theory unless you were in the bedroom that conceived justin.

I assume that Pierre's wife gave justin birth. She was born Margaret JOAN Sinclair while Compo's (laBEL) share the Sinclair cross. Her second husband was Fried Kemper, and while English Camps are in Trudeau colors and format, Kempers use a thistle-version of the Pierre Coat. Kempers were first found in Huntingdonshire with Hank-beloved Cottons, and Pierre's were first found in Languedoc with French Cottons/Cautes', Costner-like Costs/Causts, and with Margarets. Campanio's share the bell with Costs/Causts

Her middle name of Joan is excellent, starting with the Joans who share a three-pointed label (different colors) with Compo's. Sinclairs are Suns too while sun-using Joans were first found in Worcestershire with Jeans/Jane's and Alleys (Jean/Jane lion in colors reversed). The Alleys even share the Welsh Jone's/Jones Coat! The James' who share the Jean/Jane lion were first found in Surrey with Fidel-like Fiddle's/Fidelows.

One of Fidel Castro's brothers was Ramon, and Ramons/RAMS' (Castile with Spanish Castro's) happen to share the portcullis gate with Porters who in turn share the bell of Costs/Causts (Languedoc with Raymonds). English Raymonds were first found in Essex with Rams. Scottish Porters (linkable to Pots and Potters) were first found in Kyle while Kyle's (share Freeland stars) use CANDLEsticks to go with the Candida's/Candi's who share the giant eagle of Doria's (Genova with Italian Castro's). Casters/Costers were first found in Gloucestershire with the Gates-branch Yates' who use the portcullis gate too. French Porters, with almost the Kemper Coat in colors reversed., were first found in Berry with the Pots who in turn share the Spanish Campo fesse.

Casters/Costers share the besants in Chief of Stick-connectable Trebys. The latter were first found in Devon with Door-connectable Gates, and with the Spice's who are in Caster/Coster and Trudeau colors and format. Spice's can be linked to the Brampton Speke location (Devon) of Spike's/SPEAKERs, and it was trudeau's Speaker of parliament who introduced Hunka.

Neil deGrass Tyson is not really smart at all, as he advertises himself. He's on a science kick these days. He tried to make God look evil by saying the same-old same-old: if God is good, how come a tsunami kills a quarter-million people in Indonesia? And I respond: why should God come running to save Indonesians who ignore Him every minute of every day, generation after generation, and probably hate Him too? Jesus warned about His good father: if you do not repent, something worse than a tower could fall on you. It's not a secret that God kills people who despise Him, where is this man's head? God contains for Judgment, and then eradicates, the weeds on behalf of his commitment to the wheat. It's not a secret, deGrass.

There are money-sick people who would do anything for fast cash. How do we explain the U.S. supreme court simply ignoring this case that needs attention:

When Peter told the church that "you are a chosen people," the word "chosen" should not be minimized. That word is better than winning the lottery. It was a 50-50 situation; either God chose not to have a people, or He chose to have a people, and that fortuitous choice gave billions of people the opportunity for something much greater than winning a lottery. But He will not chose for His company the person who buys or sells fetal body parts, which makes life all the better for the Chosen, because the quality of that life goes up-and-up-and-up if only due to evil people not being there.

Make sure you don't miss out; put trust in Jesus, and do no more evil. The attitude in life after Jesus should be, "I hate evil, I'll resist it." Therefore, know the right from the evil, and that's why God gave the books of the Bible, to teach us what evil is, the things He cannot tolerate in us.

When I wrote to the canadian government decades ago on multiple occasions complaining about porn on television after midnight, the CRTC (Communications) wrote back to say that it allows television stations to police themselves but holds them to "high standards." The CRTC was the devil playing mind games with me; it was the anti-Christ agency that assured the right-of-way of everything demonic on television. I threw out the TV.

A few years later, canada then did nothing about free Internet porn available to the children, because it had in mind, all along, to sexualize the children. This country has been run by the demented.

High standards make for better quality of life for all, and that's what Jesus has in mind, real high standards, not pretending. We need to learn to take instruction from God until we learn high standards of behavior. Trump supporters are often filthy in their minds and speech because they are demonically influenced. Trump plays his fiddle to them.

Let Jesus be your coach and your hope. He's not out to become great and famous, because He has already achieved that post. He is the King right now. Not in the future, but right now. God has decided to allow the devil to rule this planet for a short time to expose the useless fruits of darkness, and everything today is signalling to us that we are on the threshold of that period. We can't change it with Trump, but rather Trump contributes to the wickedness. If you can't see that about him, you must be a "foolish virgin." Don't let Trump supporters and video podcasters defile your high standards if at one time you learned them and held them in high honor. Don't slip away to political vanity. The weeds are indeed growing with the wheat, choking out our high standards. Jesus asked, will there be Faith in the earth when I return?

The following video shows some evidence that the NSA, an American spy agency whom Edward Snowden betrayed righteously, was the founder of Bitcoin. In this picture, the American government would create the illusion that the government opposes bitcoin, and that bitcoin transactions are fully private and obscure from government eyes, when in reality the opposite are the facts. Note how the bitcoin logo uses two thin bars that not only represent part of the dollar sign, but the number 6 on the UPC's left half. Then, the 'B' in the logo could be take as 2 6's, one upside-down. Is this going to be part of the mark of the beat? Not necessarily, but we should be open to it.

On the other hand, this video may have been produced by the U.S. government with fake evidence for the claim that the NSA is behind the bitcoin, to dissuade people from using it. You might want to do some research and thinking to find whether these claims are legit:

I didn't know that the biggest fomenters of hate crimes in France, a country led by a Schwabite, are the anti-Christians. The third segment of this video has that story:

On Tuesday, Kevin McCarthy was voted out as Speaker of the House in the U.S. congress. It would have been better had he never taken this job under the conditions that he did. Anyone who cares about him will emphasize whether or not he broke his promises made in order to secure the job expediently, but don't expect Fox news to shame him, for Fox is pro-RINO. I suppose there's a chance that he can get his job back yet, if he wants to try at his own risk:

McCarthy got almost 200 votes from Republicans, a huge body to overcome for the good guys. It's up to the voters to replace them with better people. The overwhelming votes that ousted McCarthy were from Democrats. The pressure is on Matt Gaetz to get the Speaker position refilled fast.

Here's the tip of the iceberg on canada's history of allowing Nazi officers / fighters into the country. What sorts of talks has the canadian government had with these Nazi's, and how many of them were allowed into high political / bureaucratic positions:

The video below has the first person, Ley Golinken, to spill the beans on Hunka's true identity, and he speaks much about the Nazis of Ukraine in the second world war, far more horrendous than we would have thought as per Nazis killing Ukrainians. To skip fast to him, start at about 4 minutes:

So here is the trend suddenly: the liberals on the streets, who have for decades chimed in with news organizations when they accuse the "far right" Christians of being dictatorial and even Nazis, are going to start supporting Nazis in Ukraine just because Western-globalists leaders will. They're going to make shameful hypocrites of themselves when they embrace / extol even the anti-Christ. I can see it coming.

This man claims that he and others have obtained forbidden data on how Pfizer processes its vaccines, and it doesn't sound good, yet he seems not to want to accuse Pfizer of deliberately making poisons:

I agree with Redacted in advertising the very-apparent fact that the U.S. government is trafficking children at the Mexican border. The government itself. The liberals who voted for Biden, knowing that he's a pedophile, will be held responsible for this crime against humanity. These liberals are not raising a cry against this:

If Jesus were to spend a week in your home, he'd be instructing you often. He'd be answering your question awkwardly in your eyes, not answering your question at all but taking the opportunity to correct you where you need it.

The new Christian "sees" and feels the overwhelming kindness of God, as a deposit of things to come, but soon after conversion, we start to sense a coldness when prayers are not answered, and when inner "waters" are not moving as much. I think I've figured this out. The Spirit of God does not wish to lavish answered prayer on us until we get life in Jesus right. It would be a wrong signal to us if we receive every need prayed for while we are backsliding, for example. So long as we are not improving or harnessing sufficient yoke of the Calling, we get few rewards to urge us to do better, to look inward for error, because the goal Jesus wants most is for us to work and get it right so that He can HAPPILY give rewards. When we pray, we receive because we have done our part in rejecting evil, and loving righteousness.

Here's a video on the coaching task of Jesus, please excuse the man for wearing a suit and tie, things Jesus would not wear. There's no action in this video, and the goal of the devil is to get us addicted to lively videos so that we will not accept "boring" instruction videos. But let the things this man says sink in, it is spinach for the soul. Let the words of Jesus hang in you, for these words will do you well when needed in the future. If the Word hangs in you like branches over-weighted with fruit, you can feed others. Wouldn't it be nice if people like deer in the night came to eat from our branches? But shudder, most of this generation wants nothing of this Food.

Store the words of God in you like you store gas for your car, or food for the body. The Word is our power to improve, though looking at food won't do you anything, but taking in the Words of God, digesting them, is what fuels Life in us. Our fuel is cleaness. Jesus told his disciples that His Word made them clean, not because they stared at the instruction manual, but because they digested His instructions, accepting them as their way forward, not turning back. Commitment. Loyalty. To "follow" Jesus is not literal, but rather it means to conform to His world view and devotion to the Creator. When He said, "I am the Truth," I would venture to say that He meant, "I am Sanity." The truth will make you sane. Insanity -- belief in a pack of lies -- is your jail cell, but sanity is power and freedom. This has nothing to do with American freedom from government abuse.

What's the big deal about Truth? Productivity. A people who come to believe the lies of a lying government are simultaneously weakening, wilting. A government seeking to survive with the power of the sword will self-destruct because the enemy sword will cut it down. God assures it. If a people can do no good thing because they have been trained in anti-Christianity, there is not only a leaking out of sanity, but it amounts to a suicide mission because God assures it.

Trump lies freely, unafraid of it. Beware the foolery.

Life in Jesus should not be drudgery. Being a slave to God is not to be unpleasant. God would not want such things for us. This is the revelation that people have when they come to love God. They see that God is a different kind of ruler. He is very cool, though "cool" in this world means that one is at ease with sin, or that one accepts the company of those who trend bad as the new good thing. I will never accept the devout faggot. I am not cool with it. I resist it, denounce it; it is our right to do so in God. We are permitted to detest what God detests because it's harmful.

God is cool because He comes into us, thanks to the deal at the Cross, even when we are yet sinful. So long as we are working as a slave to Jesus, so to speak, God is cool with us. We do better, volunteer more gladly, when we hear Jesus say that our slavery results in glory with Him. He's trying to bring a rusty tool to an excellent condition, how can anyone accuse Him of totalitarianism? Worldly dictators convert tools into military machines, but Jesus builds better people.

We are saved by volunteerism. God wants volunteers. Anyone who volunteers will be saved. We serve for free, and reap what we don't yet know. That's why it's called faith. We trust that we will be paid for our work. We trust that we will evade death as a fundamental part of the Deal. Do we want eternal life for not lifting a finger for God? What do we take Him for? Jesus said that if there is a tree not bearing fruit, He'll try to bring it to health, but if it refuses to bear, He'll abandon it, even curse it.

My greatest wish: for all pastors to cease being paid for preaching. I wish they would volunteer as an example to others. That pastor would be blessed beyond measure, but the pastor who forsakes it is, in my opinion, running a saw part way into his own tree, making sick the fruit. Never is there a Sunday without the offering plate going around, making newcomers wonder what the leadership really wants. Get the offering plate out of the church "service." You should not pay to hear the Word of God, yet they force you to do so two minutes before the preaching begins. It's not the right way to go about it.

Here's a history of Putin and Medvedev where Putin looks like a Joe Biden while Medvedev looks like a Hunter Biden in Gazprom. Later, Putin looks like Obama while Medvedev looks like Biden. Note how young the speaker has the Ukraine flag draped over his door. I don't have anything to offer on these matters as I simply don't know what the realities are in Russia. What I do know is that Putin publicly opposes porn, faggotry, liberal aberrations and insanities, and anti-Christs, as well as globalists. As for Medvedev, he's lately started to quote themes from the Book of Revelation, even threatening nuclear war on Europe repeatedly. He could come off as a sort of False Prophet acting on behalf of the boss, yet Putin doesn't fit my vision of the anti-Christ:

The young speaker is determined to portray Medvedev as a "fascist," when in fact Medvedev rails against, accuses, and warns Western fascists in NATO. I take Medvedev's position over NATO's any day. His threats to use nuclear weapons against the West is a defensive strategy because Russia is afraid of war against the United States. The dire threats hope to urge the world public to tell NATO to back off from Russia. Why did the long ending of the video emphasize Medvedev instead of Putin?

Nick Moseder has some updates on Arizona election fraud, all going bad because all the judges who decide the cases have thus-far decided lock-step as pro-Democrat horror shows:

The death of the big-bang theory requires a new lie by the anti-Christs:

We cannot understand how God could simply exist without a beginning, by looking out into space. We sense that there was a beginning to the universe, and we are correct. But that which is outside of the universe has simply always existed. Perhaps those who are blessed will one day understand this when they see with their own eyes that which is outside of the universe.

The video above wants to redefine gravity into some impossible thing. Knowing that they are wrong with Newton's gravity, evolutionist goofballs want to introduce another piece of trash rather than to accept that gravity as the magneto-negative charge of heat material, the sea of electrons in the sun and in the planets. Gravity arranges for all atoms to become net-positive in charge by exactly the same level of positive charge. If a few electrons are added to an atom, scientists call it negatively charged, though it is not. It's more negative but not net-negative.

If you didn't stop watching the video above prior to the 20-minute mark, you're not very wise to evolutionist trash. It's all enchanting junk, entertaining fiction.

This man at FAI Studios is roughly a post-tribulationist:

There are plenty of post-tribbers in this world, the majority even because pre-trib is mainly an North American thing. I find that "Pre-Wrath" is confusing way to label the timing of the rapture because there's multiple ways to define the wrath of God in the end-times. The best label is Post-Trib, in which it is understood that the rapture is pre-Armageddon. It's clear-cut: after the 42-month tribulation of Israel, Jesus will send his angels to gather saints in the sky, and then Armageddon befalls the world.

We have yet to see how badly passionate pre-tribbers will ostracize Christians in their pews. This battle will come to a head, a real issue. It'll be a battle because post-tribbers view pre-tribbers as irresponsibly dangerous, and pre-tribbers thus get offended. They think they're smarter, more gifted, better able to see things between the lines of certain passages. This is no time for post-tribbers to pussy-foot on egg shells. Tell the pre-tribbers they are FOOLISHLY acting irresponsibly dangerous. They are going to be responsible for starving untold numbers of Christians.

Egypt's position on Gaza as of Monday, two days after the Hamas violence:

A neutral position taken by Egypt is considered a betrayal by anti-Israeli fighters. Can Egypt thus become their target? You know it.

Jim Jordan has already signalled that Congress will allot money for Israel to fight the war, especially if he becomes the new Speaker. If Ukraine military money from the U.S. got to Hamas, this will be a counter-measure, yet the military goons in charge of military spending can re-direct money...because they know how to do it illegally.


Here's all four Gospels wrapped into one story.

For Some Prophetic Proof for Jesus as the Predicted Son of God.
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