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May 9 - 15, 2023

I Think God Wants Us to Beware Ukraine
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If you're waiting for Jesus to return, see Post-Tribulation Rapture

It was nice while it lasted. Hall of Names is no longer showing the descriptions of the Coats of Arms presented at House of Names, but I have many of them recorded in my past updates from which to find some.

To follow better, load Krebbs now to load and view other surnames on another Internet tab.

For this week's heraldry, I'll start with what I assume is a LOBster in the Coat of Krebbs'/Crebs'. The latter were first found in Pomerania, beside the first-known Dols while English Dole's (Cambridgeshire with Crabs) share the triple Crab fleur-de-lys. Pomerania was a location of the House of Griffin, and the giant griffin that is the Arms of Pomerania is in colors reversed from the griffin heads of English Bridge's, the latter first found in Somerset with their Bride branch showing "crabs."

POMErania could be in code with the "pomegranate" of French Crispins. The latter were first found in Parez of Lorraine with the Chaplets who shaw five swans in the colors of the giant swan once shown by French Josephs. The latter were first found in Maine with French Billets/Billiards expected in the "billetee" border of Irish Dole's. This border is shared by Portuguese LOPers/Lope's'/Lupus' in case they apply to a Lobb/Lobs surname (Devon with English Billets) suspect in the Krebbs/Creb lobster.

Chaplets were first found in Lower Lorraine, where the family of Eustace II of Boulogne ruled, it should help to explain the swan in the Arms of Boulogne.

It should be noted that the Krebbs/Crebs lobster is bendwise in the colors and format of the red Casimir antler, and in the colors of the Lorraine and Keep bends, so that the Krebbs'/Crebs' are expected from the line of Richeza of Lorraine, mother of Casimir of Poland. Irish Dole's have a stag head with RED ANTLERS with a crown around its neck, and while Alans lived at Dol, Alan-connectable Hicks' have a stag head with a "chaplet" around its neck.

The Hicks' call it the head of a "buck" while English Bucks use antlers while German Bucks share the lion of Lobbs. "Fortitudine" is a motto term shared between Irish Dole's and English Bucks, likely indication that Dole's use the buck head too. Lobbs and Virgins (Kent with English Gaunts) share the red lion in Shield, and a red lion head in Crest too, and while the Arms of Ghent/Gaunt used a "maiden" that I've seen as a "virgin," Dutch Ghents/Gaunts share the wavy Dol fesse.

"Chaplets" are used by SAXons too while Sachs can come to topic with the Sieg-river location of Lopps/Loops/Lopers because German Siegers are also Seagars while English Seagars/SAKers have snakes while Snake's/Snooks share the Sieger/Seager eagle (makes one wonder whether "Snake" formed from "Sake."

Tooths throw in feathers while Feathers have the Velin-branch Valens'/Valence's and Volans'/Velens in their motto, and the Sieg river happens to be in Westphalia, where Alan-related Velins, Alan-related Volens'/Velens, ALLERs, and Ducks/Dockers were first found. Not only do Valens'/Valance's have the five Duck/Docker fesses in colors reversed, but these Ducks named Lorraine, where Perins were first found who use the beakless eagle which in heraldry is called an "ALLERion." The Perin eagle is in the colors of the eagle of Seagar-branch Segni's/Segurana's.

From Perins, we take it to the Peare's and their Tiens/THAME's kin, both first found in Oxfordshire with English Crispins while French Crispins were first found in Parez of Lorraine, a location connectable to the Perich variation, for example, of Pero's/Perino's and Pierro's/Pero's (Pavia). Now this is very interesting as per the lobSTER of Krebbs'/Crebs first because Lobbs have this: "Lobb is a hamlet in the parish of Great Haseley, poor-law union of THAME, hundred of Ewelme in Oxfordshire,..." Tiens'/Thame's share the Pavia martlets.

It's interesting because I've told many times, for heraldry-connection purposes, that Miss Peare and I RUSHed up the STAIRs of a BAR for our first kiss. We were rushing to get away from Mr. KEPke, he being of the Keep bloodline that can be gleaned related to the Krebbs/Crebs Coat. Perrins (not "Perin" of Lorraine) were first found in Northumberland with Lorraine's (share Keep bend), and with the Hebrons using a "Keep" motto term. Keeps and Lorraine's were descended form Maria of Kiev, a Varangian-RUS princess to explain why we RUSHed.

Repeat: "Lobbs and Virgins (Kent with English Gaunts) share the red lion in Shield, and a red lion head in Crest too, and while the Arms of Ghent/Gaunt used a "maiden" that I've seen as a "virgin," Dutch Ghents/Gaunts share the wavy Dol fesse." The Rush fesse is in the colors of the RUNNING/Ronny fesse, yet the latter surname shows nothing but the fesse, and it's wavy too so as to be the Dol / Gaunt/Ghent Coat on a red Shield. We were RUNNING up the stairs when we were rushing. Stairs were first found in Kent too.

There's also a Sacker/Saker surname, first found in LONdon with Tooths who in turn have the Arms-of-Pomerania griffin. Irish LONE's/Lawns/Lane's, sharing the Lorraine / Keep / Krebbs/Crebs bend, are in the format of, and colors reversed from, Krebbs'/Crebs' (Pomerania), and in the colors and near format of Lawn-like Laws/Lawes'. LOBlaws?

As I've said, 20 years after dating the Ukrainian, Diane Muschatov, she bumped into me at a Loblaws GROCEry store, and so it's pretty amazing here that English Lone's/Lawns/Lane's (share "Garde" with Craig-branch Carricks) share the horizontally-split colors of the Groce's/Greggs/Graggs, the latter first found in Baden, where the Arms is the bend of Ukrainian-liner Keeps...because Veringers of Baden share the red Casimir antler. Scottish Roys, suspect in the motto of English Lone's/Lawns/Lane's, were first found in LANarkshire with Allisons/Alisters (share dog with Carricks) said to have had a seat at Loupe (Kintyre). Allisons/Alisters are in the colors of Scottish Mans, first found in Aberdeenshire with Craigs.

Though not in the same colors, Sackers/Sakers share bull heads with Heaters (Devon with Lobbs) who are in turn in SAUNT/Saint colors and format. Lobbs are said to have been "near SAUNTon" (Devon). Heater-like Heathers/Heaths ("EsPERE") share the Peare / Tien/Thame stars, which are colors reversed from the stars of STAIRs. Miss Peare and I rushed up the stairs, and STERs/Stars/Stairrs, suspect in the "flaming stars" of Pero's/Perino's, can be in the Krebbs/Crebs lobSTER, you see. This lobster is a new addition to the rush-up-stairs event, and while we rushed to kiss on the lips, German Lipps were first found in Westphalia with the Sieg-river Lopps/Loops/Lopers.

It's now important that the Ster/Star/Stairr Coat is essentially in the format of, and colors reversed from, HAZELtons and Hazelwoods, for as well as being first found near Saunton (Devon with HAZELs/Hessels and ESSE's/Ash's), Lobbs were first found in Lobb is a hamlet in Great HASELey of Thame. Hazels share a Hessel variation with the HESSE's who show a giant sun while Scottish SAINTs/Sinclairs (ROSlin) are also Suns. Lobbs were "near SAUNTon." Hesse's/Hessels share black wings in Crest with Siegers/Seagars. Hazeltons / Hazelwoods share oak leaves with Liebs/Liebers and Alans.

Again, we just saw the rush-up-stairs event linking to Lobbs, and Sters/Stars/Stairrs were even first found in Wiltshire with Laps/Labes'. The Labe river runs through Bohemia, and Bohemia is where Loper-like Lowers/Lowe's/Lobe's/Lebs were first found while Liebs/Liebers come up as Lobers too. Lows use wolf heads as though being a Loper/Lupus branch. Scottish Lipps were first found in Aberdeenshire with the Skins/Scans sharing the wolf heads of Wolfs/Welfs/Lupus' (Cheshire).

Aberdeenshire is also where Scottish Deans and Dee's were first found, and the latter not only share the Lower/Lowe/Lobe/Leb (and English Deen/Dean) lion, but have a "Hic labore" motto while Labore's come up as "Lober." The latter share the eye with Sters/Stars/Stairrs. Scottish Deans happen to have the Segni/Segurana moline, and it's colors reversed with English Seagars, the latter first found in Devon with the Lobbs "near Saunton." One of the Irish Dean Coats shares the wings of Saunts/Saints.

English Lowers share the triple roses of Sachs, and so note the similarity between "Saxon" and "Scan." Saxe's use a GARB. English Lowers were first found in Cornwall with the Trysts in the "Keep tryst" motto of Hebrons. Tristans were first found in Cornwall and Devon, the latter being where Lobbs and hazels were first found. The Devon-branch Tristans even share the triple pheons of Nickels/Nichols (Cheshire with Cardine's).

With Lobbs first found in HASELey, let's now go to Pero-connectable Peartree's/Patria's, first found in KinCARDINEshire while Cardine's (Cheshire with Hasels) share the pheons of Hasels/Hassals. Hazels were once said to be first found in Cheshire with their Weaver kin, and with English Dee's. 'Weaver's are in the "weaver's shuttle" of Keeps and Shuttleworths (Lancashire with Hazeltons, Saxons, and Lieber-like Levers). While Weavers/Webbers share the Arms-of-Cheshire GARBs, German Weavers/Webbers (Saxony with Kepke's/Kopke's) have a Coat and Crest like that of Crab-like Garbs. Weavers/Webbers even have a "segne" motto term while Seagar-branch Segni's/Segurana's are connectable to Perins.

Plus, the Weavers/Webbers have a Coat like that of French Bride's and English Brights (Cheshire with Weavers) while Bridge's (Somerset with English Webbers) use "crabs."

English Seagars were first found in Devon with Hazels who in turn have a fesse in colors reversed from the same of Siegs. Siegers/Seagars share black wings with German Pots/Botts while French Pots (Berry with Porters) have the Sieg Coat in colors reversed. English Pots (share Sieg fesse), Potters, Ports (share Butt/Bute estoiles) and Porters were first found in Hampshire.

Shuttleworths are also Shettleworths (Lancashire with Settle's) while Settle's share the Ster/Star/Stairr lozenges. Doesn't it make it look even more as though God set up the rush-up-stairs event to click with this heraldry? If that's not enough, I've told that the event was at a La Paloma bar while Spanish Paloma's have two the Pero/Perino pale bar, in the colors of the four pale bars of Italian Dance's (Piedmont with Pero's/Perino's, and with Vigils suspect in Caulder/Caddell motto). Italian Vigils share the Peir/Peer bend. And if Spanish Paloma's use the heraldic "cauldron," isn't it amazing that Caulders/Caddells have a stag head with antlers in Casimir-antler colors? Casimirs were Keep kin.

Spanish Paloma's could have called their symbol a "pot" because they look (by their Coat) related to the Pots. The Caulder stag head is even in the colors of the giant pot of German Pots, and the Nons in the Caulder motto were first found in Ayrshire with the Cole-connectable Kyle's while Pot-related Scottish Porters were first found in Kyle. McCole's/MacCalls share the Kyle stars and the Colt/Cult pheon. The Colt/Cult stag head is shared by Malcolms/Columns (Argyllshire with McCole's/MacCalls) and Hazel-connectable Huls' (Cheshire); Malcolms/Columns share the stars of Weavers/Webbers. The CAULDer stag head (probably the Colt/Cult stag head in different colors) is in the colors of the Cole/COLD bull, and Cole's/Colds were first found in Cornwall with Keep-connectable Tristans. The latter share the stag head of Vise's/Vice's and Acorns, both first found in Sussex with Keeps, and with Coopers/Coppers (share blue saltire with Malcolms/Columns) who look like kin of the neighboring Ports and Pots.

It's amazing that while Potters are in the colors and format of Dragons/DRAINers, Drains/DRONs can be in "caulDRON." Drains/Drons even share the demi-orange lion in Crest with Scottish Blacks, as well as the Chief of English Blacks, and then one Cattell-related Blake surname lists Caddells, the variation listed also for Cauldrons. The latter even share the stag head of Caddells/Cadwells, and then Keith-branch Caddys were first found in Yorkshire with Drains/Drons! Mr. Kepke and I were golf caddies at about age 13!

Cattells (giant FRET) share the Black saltire, and may be adding the Faux mascle, especially as Scottish Vaux's were first found in East Lothian with Keith Catti and Seatons/Sittens. The Cattell write-up: "The surname Cattell was first found in Norfolk, where Chetel FRIEDAY, a freeman was listed in 1087...HERVEY Catel in Norfolk." While I've shown why Garbeys and Herveys/Harveys linked to Bellamys, who in turn married FERTE-Mace, Fridays happen to share the triple crescents of both Bellamys and Seatons/Sittens.

English Harveys were first found in Lincolnshire with Mussels/Muscels (named Musselburgh in East Lothian), a branch of Meschins/Masculine's (Shropshire with Bellamys), a branch of Meschins who ruled in Cheshire with the first-known Cheatle's/Chettle's/Chedels. As the latter were at StockPORT while Porters use BELLs, note that Cattells share the saltire of Kilpatricks, first found in Dumfries with Bellamy-branch Bells. Thus, the green Kilpatrick dragon looks close to both the green dragon of Stockports ("Patriae") and Seatons/Sittens. Stockports have the Coat of Bagleys (Shropshire with Bellamys) in colors reversed.

Plus, Stocks have a two-tailed lion in the colors of the Tail/Tailer and Tiller lions, and while the Tiller Coat is in Meschin colors and near-format, the Tillers share the Bellamy / Seaton / Friday crescents too.

We were caddies about five years before he invited Miss Peare to the bar, when she and I RUSHed up the stairs to kiss. Rush's/Rish's and Rosco's/Risco's share fesses, and the latter share the cinquefoils of Keith-branch Kettle's...tending to prove that God arranged the event to point to Rush liners. Lobbs even share the Russell and Russi/Rosso lion! Plus, the Lobb Crest is the Crest also of Scottish Bars while Bari is where Italian Paloma's were first found. The La Paloma BAR (no longer there, in Toronto).

Caddells/Cadwells have a "VIGILantia" motto term to go with the "Vigilans" of Caulders/Caddells. Drains/Drons share the Chief of Schims/Schiens while the latter's Skin/Scan branch was first found in Aberdeenshire with the Reeds sharing the Caddell/Cadwell stag head. Aberdeenshire is also where Mans were first found who can be gleaned as Dragon/Drainer kin. Mans were linked above to Scottish Allisons/Alisters, and then English Allisons use "BLACK birds."

The Crest (blue Indian peacock) of English Allisons is shared by English Manners and Harcourts, the latter first found in Oxfordshire with Lobbs of Thame who list Lobe's, and, wow, this goes to the EAR lobe partly because ear-like Eyers/Ayers share the Coat of Scottish Ayers, first found in Ayrshire with Harcourt-branch Hairs/Hare's!!! Scottish Hairs/Hare's share the double fesses of English Pots, in colors reversed from the double fesses of the English Manners who in turn share the Allison / Harcourt peacock. Peacocks share a "fear" motto term with Irish Hare's/Jarrys, and the Nots in the Peacock motto were first found in Derbyshire with Eyers/Ayers and Here's/Heyers. German Here's/Herrs share the border of Justine's suspect in the "just" motto term of Peacocks. Justine's were related to Wings/Winks, explaining the Here/Heyer, Herr, and Herzog wings.

This is a wow because today, this very day, I was shocked to see a single, fine hair (barely visible) almost a half inch long growing from the tip of my ear lobe!!! I don't like it, I have no choice but to tell you because it appears that God arranged it. Haha, it's beyond me why this is important to God. I had to SHAVE it off with the electric shaver, and Shave's/Sheaves' were a branch of English Shaws/Sheaves' while "God SHAW the Richt" is a motto of an Arms of Ayrshire (explains why Irish Shaws look like they have the chevron of Ayers). Richt-like Rich's/Richess' (named Riche in Lorraine) are from Richeza of Lorraine, mother of Casimir of Poland. Ayrshire is where Kyle's were first found whose "candleSTICKs" must be part-code for the Sithech ancestry of Shaws. Sticks share triple-gold sheaves of wheat with Shaw-related Comyns.

Herzogs share the bend-with-stars of Jells/Gels (Derbyshire with Eyers/Ayers/AIRs) suspect in the "JE LE TIENdrai" motto of Erie's/AIReys. These stars (shared by Stairs) are in colors reversed with Tiens/Thame's and Peare's! Lobbs/LOBE's were at Thame!!! This job comes with all the bells, whistle's and ear-lobe hairs, who could ask for more?

Jellys (share Eyer/Air and Ayer chevron) were first found in Ayrshire with Ayers and Hairs/Hare's. Shaving GEL comes to mind! The Drays/Drys suspect in the Erie/Airey motto share the gold drops of Cnuts/Nots, the latter first found in Derbyshire. Ahh, Drays can easily be from Dragons/Drainers/DRAYners, and thus from the Drago river in Sicily, location of Agrigento, a place founded by the Sicilians at GELa! Agrigento was ACRAGus, where I trace Craigie's (AYRshire again) who happen to share the Cnut/Not crescents. Shawia Berbers were off the Sicilian coast, so why not also on southern Sicily? Jells/Gells were first found in Yorkshire too, with Craigie-branch Craggs. Scottish Greggs look like kin of Irish Shaws.

Aberdeenshire is also where Cups/COPE's and Colt-branch Coutes' were first found. Cootes' (share ducks with French Drays/Drai's) almost have the Keith motto, both sharing "Vincit" with English Shaws/Sheaves'. Colts/Cults (Perthshire with Keith-branch Kettle's and cup-using Shaws) were kin of French Pilate's/Pilotte's (Burgundy with French Grands and Drays/Drai's) while Scottish Grands were first found in Inverness-shire with Cauldrons/Caddells. French Grands happen to share the Coat of Rosso-like Rosseau's (Burgundy).

Pilotte-branch Pellets were first found in Sussex with Keeps, Cope-like Coopers, and the Courts/Coverts having a "GRANDescunt" motto term. Both Black surnames were first found in Lincolnshire with English Pilotte's. The latter not only share cup-using Shaw Coat, but it's essentially the Christine Coat while Miss Peare is Christine. The Christine chevron must be "cooped" (cut short) because the one of Scottish Cooper chevrons is.

As I put this section together, not intending at first to go to the rush-up-stairs event, it's got me wondering why God might want to link that event to the Krebbs/Crebs lobster, or to Lobbs liners. I'm not having a strong mental day today, maybe you are. The Jerusalem-area hill of Gareb was a large topic in my last update if you're interested.

This section was written all-day Saturday, and at the end of it, near 9 pm, I found the following video concerning Masonic Shriners taking an oath to Allah by way of the Muslim king Idris of Fez, Morocco, husband of Kenza of Aures in the land of the Shawia Berbers:

Sometimes, Klaus Schwab wears goofy clothes that deck him out like some idiotic mason, and I think he thinks he's a king when he wears it. I'll end with saying that Shriners (the surname) were first found in Franconia with Schwabs/Swabs. Should we appeal to God against this spiritual disease just to show Him that we are on His side?

Prayer is often work because we often think we should pray for the things that are wrong and gone bad. And then we realize that if God has allowed things to go bad, it's not like we are informing Him for the first time of those things. Do we really think that God will correct the bad things which He allowed to go bad in the first place, just because we ask? Maybe, sometimes, it could happen. That's why we pray, yet God respects the prayer that has lots of passion, usually to, or beyond, the point of tears. He has compassion on the things we recoil from the most.

It's more pleasurable to praise God for the good things...if there are any good things to praise Him for. An lo, to receive good things from God takes work too, sorry, this is not a lazy person's walk. Whose soul was more ragged than the one of Jesus from whom no ill escaped notice? And yet God sustained Him by his miracle working, for then He could lift up praise for corrected things. But the Jews he could not correct much.


Here's a video showing that judges who know better have been brought in-line, by powers to which they feel subject, with the COVID scheme. In short, judge's are choosing to be rubber stamps for the COVID scheme for fear of a backlash, and this is the way forward to the future until, I think, the mark of the beast is enforced:

I've claimed that cosmology cannot know the distance to what they call galaxies. I claim that cosmologists so-badly wanted to explain the universe that they allowed themselves to believe lies in order to develop methods, for example the method of determining galactic distances. I also claim that cosmologists have long ago discovered, but not disclosed to the general public, that their big-bang scenario is not permissible because it is not supported by their mapping of the universe as per their methods of determining galactic distances.

Recently, videos have been hitting youtube telling that the new James Webb telescope is disproving the validity of the big bang as cosmologists have preached it for decades. And by the way, when you watch these videos, don't let your perspective of the cosmos be hijacked by the computer animations that fill the videos for entertainment / attention-capture purposes:

The video above reveals that cosmologists assumed they knew where in space the big-bang spot is located. They preached that galaxies close to that spot ought to be smallest of all galaxies because they grow larger with time, and galaxies closest to the big-bang spot are deemed the youngest. These assumptions are made because cosmologists are big-shot fools who allow themselves to be fooled big-time. I despise cosmologists because they are liars hijacking your view of creation.

You heard the video claim that the James Webb telescope has discovered galaxies much more massive than expected near the big-bang spot. But, fools, they cannot know the size of far-off stellar systems in the first place, and unless they have the sizes, neither can they know how far they are. Conversely, if they don't know their true distances, neither can they know their sizes. They need one or the other to know both, and thus these horny "scientists" deceived themselves into "knowing" how far away the galaxies are by a method they developed for itching desires.

What James Webb is telling them is that they have wrongly pegged the distances of stellar systems, and consequently they do not really know where the big-bang spot is located. The reason they will never know is that the big bang is just their fantasy from their insatiable horniness.

The video starts off talking about a half-dozen, too-massive galaxies formed 500-700 million years ago. Achem. How do they know when they were formed? Well, since they think they know where the big-bang spot is, and because they think they know how far galaxies are from earth, they think they know that these particular galaxies were near to the big-bang spot when they shone their light toward earth that is only now reaching the earth. They think the telescope is receiving light now that was shone toward earth a certain number of billions of years ago, and by this certain number they think they know how far the galaxy is, whether near or far from the big-bang spot. In reality, their entire system is trash.

They jumped to conclusions prematurely because they were horny to disprove the existence of God any-which-way possible. No need to try to understand the things said in the video below because none of it is true except the claim that the James Webb telescope has proven that there was no big bang, no expansion of the universe, whereas other videos on the topic of this telescope do not want to make such a cold, bald claim...because the fools want to carry on being even bigger fools to their bitter end:

I couldn't watch the trash above past the 9th minute. TRASH TRASH TRASH, it's all the vanity of God-despising stupidoids wasting their time. They are now saying that witnessing galaxies almost 13 billion years old ruins the big-bang. BUT STUPIDS, the galaxy is not almost 13 billion years old, you are depending on a false method of timing the ages of galaxies. STUPIDS! It means they know NOTHING about the distances to stellar bodies, NOTHING. They have not mapped out the universe at all, have not proven it is expanding at all. They have wasted their time lying to the masses by the powers of tax dollars, criminal conspiracy.

In their horniness, they prematurely decided that all atoms attract one another. It was their only way to have the world believe that big-bang material formed stars, for if atoms repel one another, they would not form stars. The number-one aim was, not to reveal the cosmic realities, but to "prove" that no God was needed to explain the existence of the universe. But I can prove to you that even cold air atoms repel one another, and that, therefore, all gas atoms inter-repel. Science knows that the hotter the gas, the more the gas atoms want to get away from one another, and so they should be deemed fools to insist that, in spite of the great heat from the big-bang, the out-going, screeching atoms came together to form cosmic clumps that then became full-blown stars. Impossible.

Here's how to prove that air atoms repel one another: they all weigh down on the ground. That's it, too simple: all air atoms transfer their weights to the ground even though they are not in contact with one another. The fool, the physicist scientist, will readily tell you that a one-square-inch column of air, from ground to atmospheric ceiling, weighs about 14.2 pounds. But, fool, if a cannon ball flying through the air cannot transfer weight to the ground, how do you insist that air atoms -- which you claim are flying about like ever-colliding cannon balls --transfer weight to the ground? Are you an imbecile or something? Do you need re-education? Absolutely they do.

Reader, let's appeal to your good senses. If a million cannon balls were all colliding repeatedly, off of the ground, you would agree that their weights cannot transfer to the ground. The best you could say for ever-colliding air atoms is that a small percentage of them are colliding with the ground and thus applying air pressure to it. But what are we to say, that the particular pressure caused on the ground (or any other surface) by moving air atoms happens to equal 14.2 pounds per square inch, the very same number as the air weighs from ground to atmospheric ceiling?

Air pressure is the sum of the particle's weight x velocity; air pressure per square inch of any area is weight x velocity x density of air atoms. All air atoms weigh the same, and so the pressure they apply to any surface, from their velocities, depends on their specific velocity. The fool teaches that air atoms are ever-racing about in random directions at different speeds. Therefore, the fool is insisting that the velocities of all air atoms combined just happens to be perfect for amounting to the 14.2 psi of pressure that the full weight of air likewise applies. If they say that the atmosphere weighs down on the earth, they are correct, but they cannot explain it by their view of inter-attracting atoms. Atoms that attract one another CANNOT transfer weight atom-to-atom if they are not in contact. So what's the problem with the "scientific" community, are they daft or just wicked fools? Will not even one of them stand up against this obvious problem?

I submit to you what they have not presented to your mind for fear of losing you for their big-bang deception: all gas atoms inter-REPEL, and they transfer their weights to the ground through their inter-repulsion "fields." I can prove it to you without your need to do an actual experiment.

If you place a square magnet on a weight scale that weighs one pound, and when you then hold a second magnet a half-inch from the top of the first magnet so that both repel, the weight scale will register more than one pound depending on how much force the second magnet repels the first. You don't need an experiment to know this, you need only know that repulsion force is a force that will press the first magnet against the weight scale with greater force than its own weight. The weight scale will register the pull of gravity on the first magnet, plus the force of their mutual repulsion EVEN THOUGH THE TWO ARE NOT IN CONTACT.

There is force from your hand holding the second magnet still in spite of the mutual repulsion. Your hand keeps the second magnet from rising from the first, and thus this force from you hand transfers through the magnetic field to the first magnet. If such a physical force can transfer through the magnetic field, so can the weight of the second magnet.

That's right. If we let go of the second magnet so that it can hover above the first, it will rise to a certain distance according to the specific repulsion force between them. The greater the repulsion force between them, the higher the second magnet will hover, BUT: no matter what the specific force of repulsion, the magnet will always hover at a point where the upward repulsion force is equal to the pull of gravity force (i.e. the weight) on the second magnet. You don't need an experiment to know this because there are only two active forces, one pulling down, one pushing up. Therefore, the weight scale will now register two pounds if both magnets weigh one pound...because gravity pulls them both. The second magnet is in "contact" with the first by the repulsion force.

The weight of 1,000 hovering magnets, one over the other, will transfer to the ground. Ditto for air atoms because they inter-repel one another, it's as simple as that. I win, the fools lose.

In the hand of evolutionists, cosmology has become the science of deception with the art of entertainment tossed in. That's all it is. It's designed to convince you that the big-bang is king.

Here's an educational cartoon:

Here's a conservative goof whose been non-stop supporting Elon Musk, until now. He's been gambling that Musk would turn out to be fully anti-globalist, until now:

Pointer to Musk

It's now clearer than ever that Musk has been walking the fence between the polarized political parties, catering favors to conservatives probably as a calculated decision to advance his agendas.

Although I cannot remember clearly anything concerning what Rick Legge and I did together, or said to each other, at the home of Diane Muschatov, I've said in the past that he was with me that night. It was the night I climbed her TV antenna to knock on her bedroom window, and afterward I walked on the privacy fence at her home as she lived there with her Ukrainian parents. I showed why Miss Muschatov pointed to Elon Musk, which reasons include the Muscat/Musk surname. The point in repeating this is that I've not yet used the Oaks for this pointer, which is permissible because Rick Legge lived in OAK Ridges at the time. Oaks share oak leaves and oak trees with Elons. Ricks, until recently, were once said to be first found in Somerset with Oaks.

Ridge's happen to be first found in Devon with OKEhampton, which was ruled by a Mr. D'Avranches, husband of Miss Alan of Dol, and then Elons share oak leaves with English Alans. The latter lived in Shropshire, where Ridge-branch Rudge's/Rudes' were first found. Rick Legge lived in Oak RIDGES.

Legge's almost have the Trump/Tromp Coat, and Dutch Tromps have acorns = oak seeds. Safe to say, Elon Musk has been courting Trump voters ever since he purchased Twitter, and he thinks it's a good gamble to make a Schwabite the new CEO of Twitter at this time because Trump still prides himself in being "father of the vaccines."

There is an Oakhampton/Oxenham surname (Devon with Okehampton) said to have named Oxenham in Tawton (Devon). Oakhamptons/Oxenhams are very interesting for being in the colors and format of Alan-connectable Hicks, for the latter have a "Tout en" motto phrase looking like code for Tawtons/Tautons (Oakhampton/Oxenham colors and near-format). It gets amazing where Hicks were first found in Yorkshire with Touts/Toots/Tute's while Irish Tute's/Tuits were first found in Norfolk with their Thwait branch, and Thwaits come up as Twitts!!! We got here, to this Twitter-like surname, from Rick Legge of Oak Ridges.

Thus, it seems I was correct a few months ago to claim that Elon Musk was going to walk the fence between liberals and conservatives.

Plus, Tawtons/Tautons share the full motto of Scottish Jeffreys, the ones with a cloud over the sun which was my omen a couple of hours before driving by the Baytown location of Miss Hicks' home at one time, and about eight hours before I was mugged in Galveston as a pointer to the poison-vaccine scheme. If this is a pointer to Jeffrey Epstein, let's repeat that Epsteins share the MUSCHAT Coat while Musks are listed with Muscats.

I've told a couple of times that Scottish Jeffreys were once said to be first found in Peebles-shire, which is where Tweeds and Tweets were first found, I kid you not. I have it recorded in my Heraldry-Changes page: "Scottish Jeffreys changed late 2019 from Peebles to Aberdeen." This makes me think that Musk is actually for the vaccine mandates while feigning otherwise hoping to string along Trump supporters in a calculated conspiracy with others.

Elons were even first found in Berwickshire with Tweed-connectable Teets/Tate's (almost the Tweet Coat). Both English Tate's were first found in Suffolk with Omens and Towns/Tune's. One of the English Tate's has a "Thincke" motto term to go with the "Think" of Tweeds. Tinks/Tinkers (TINton and Town/Tune colors and format) were first found in London with Toot-like Tooths who in turn share the griffin of Lauders (Berwickshire) while Lauder is a location near Peebles. Tinks/Tinkers are also TYNEkars while Lauder is near the two Tyne rivers while Tine's/Tyne's (Shropshire) are expected in the Tooth motto term, "obTINEbit."

For years I wanted to know what the heraldic ladder might be code for, and then one day I began to think that Lauders could apply, though in many cases the heraldic "scaling ladder" (used by Bennets and Trips) ought to be part-code for ladder-using Scalia's who happen to show a ladder only, positioned as a pale bar in colors reversed from the Pero/Perino and Paloma pale bar(s). This was interesting because "scala" in Italian is also a stair case, and Miss Peare and I had run up the stairs at La Paloma.

It just so happens that Stairs/Stayers were first found in Kent with scaling-ladder Trips, and the latter are from Trypillians at/near Kiev, where Mr. Kepke's surname traces to who took Miss Peare away from me after that first kiss (it was meant to be).

One day, just minutes after telling that Lorraine had gotten a foot-and-babe symbol, I was comparing Mr. Kepke's first name, Lawrence, to "Lorraine," and told readers that both he and Lorraine (my date in my 20s) were "sun-bright blonds" (Herodotus said that Budini of Kiev were blonds), at which time I looked up the Blond surname to find a foot on a sun. This was one of the many occasions that much convinced me of God's arranging events in my life to coincide with heraldry. Not only do Fetters use a giant sun, but Babe's share a sun in their Crest with Blonds.

I've told many times how Lorraine's pant stain pointed to Pantzer-related German Ducks, and the latter were kin of the duck-using Velins, a branch of both surnames in the motto of Fetter-like Feathers/Fathers (Sussex with Keeps). Don't you find this amazing? The Volens'/Velens in the Feather/father motto have the triple Feet/Fate and Pavia martlets in colors reversed, and I've told many times how her feet pointed to Laevi Gauls of Pavia through the Yonge-Leavell relationship. I had POINTed to her pant stain, and Points share triple piles (different colors) with Scottish Yonge's and Scottish Leavells, and the latter were first found in ROXburghshire, where Scottish Yonge's were once said to be first found, perfect because Roxolani were on the Dnieper river through Kiev.

English Yonge's/Youngs (ROSes) share the Coat of French Clare's while English Clare's have three of the double chevrons of Clarens/FEETers, and while Sinclairs (ROSlin) had been Claro's, they come up as "Sun," can you believe this? Now we know why Fetters have a giant sun. If Clarens/Feeters have a "galley," the symbol of Keeps, it should be noted that Clarens/Feeters are in Keep colors, especially as Clarens/Feeters share "laurel" in Crest with Lorraine's.

"Henry" was a common name for Sinclairs of Roslin, and French Henrys (near RoxoLANi-connectable Alans of Dol) share the martlets of Volens'/Velens in the Feather/Father motto, now making the latter appear definitely as a Feeter / Fetter / Feet/Fate branch. Henrys were at a MOTTe-Henry location, and Motts/Morte's were first found in Essex with English Yonge's/Youngs, and with the Patents/Pattens sharing the lozengy Shield of Walsh-connectable Schole's/Scayle's.

"Lozenge" is suspect with Losinj in Croatia, and while Rich's/Richess' (Hampshire with Dracula-like Drake's) were of Richeza of Lorraine, RICKs had been Croatians from ROCK-using Rijeka/Reka.

Scottish Yonge's/YOUNGs, sharing the annulets of Scottish Walsh's/Walchs (Roxburghshire), are now said to be first found in Northumberland with Lorraine's. Mr. Kepke (31 Henry Corson Place), who lived right beside RICK Young (29 Henry Corson Place), left Miss Peare to become maritally engaged to Miss Walsh. Walsh's/Walchs were from Wallachia, location of a Roxolani branch upon the Bus-like Buzau river, and Lorraine had a bus symbol too. Walsh's/Walchs share the saltire-with-annulets of Benjamins (Norfolk with Bus'), and I trace the 600 Benjamites of RIMMON (book of Judges) to the RIMNa river to the near-north of the Buzau (TRANSylvania, now Romania). Walsh's/Walchs use a "TRANSfixus" motto term suspect with Transylvanian elements. Count Dracula was in Transylvania, and Clarens/Feeters come up as Lorraine-like "Larin" too while French Larins (share Scale scallops) were first found in Provence with DRAGuignan. Scale's (recalls Trip scaling ladder) were first found in Hertfordshire with the Childs (Feather/Father colors and format) who share the Lorraine eagles.

You really need to sit up and pay attention, I am not really way out in left field playing alone. God is with these things. As another example, Walsh's/Walchs, Benjamins and Yonge's/Youngs share the annulet of SCHOLE's/SCAYLE's while a Biblical ESCHOL valley was in Hebron while Hebrons (Northumberland with Yonge's/Youngs) use a "Keep" motto term.

I recall the Blond description saying that the foot is "ON" a sun, not "in" or "over." The ONE variation of Moray's Innis' (share Bailey boar head) can apply to the Moray stars of Armors because the laurel Lorraine's (Northumberland with Baileys, Baliols, and Hebrons) is held by an armored arm, symbol also of Armors. Hebrons use "Keep TRYST" while One's/Innis' use "BE Traist" while Lawrence's use "BE ready." The Bellys of Moray (share Duc/Leduc star), to which Miss Peare pointed, share the chevron of French Henrys at a Motte location, and the Mott write-up says that Motts were at Cotes-du-Nord, now called, Cotes-d'Armor.

Between Cotes-d-Armor and Dol is a St. Malo location, the Arms of which has an ERMINE wearing a scarf, and then Scarfs, in Turbot/TurBUTT colors and format, were first found in Yorkshire with the Turbots in the "turbot" tail of Lawrence's. Ermine's/Armine's list "Army," making them suspect with a family in Cotes-d-Armor. Lawrence's were first found in LONSdale (Lancashire with Lorraine-connectable Gorsuch's) while Irish Lone's/Lawns'/Lane's, because they share the Keep bend, may have been named from RoxoLANi elements.

At the time I was telling readers of the feet-and-babe symbols, Babe's were said to be first found in Dorset with their Beak kin, but I didn't yet know that Perino-like Perins, first found in Lorraine, use a BEAKless eagle. Years later, houseofnames changed the first-found location of Babe's to Suffolk, where Blonds were first found. Blonds almost have the six fessewise BARs of Babe's, and that points to Bar-le-Duc in Lorraine. Years after first becoming familiar with the Lorraine Coat, I looked and saw that even the Lorraine eagles were beakless (maybe they were not at first).

People born "Lawrence" are often called, Larry, and Larrys/Laurie's happen to have a giant cup to connect with the Kopke variation of Kepke's. More than that, Larrys/Laurie's, sharing "laurel" with Lorraine's, share both the tree stump and motto of Lauders. Lorraine's were first found in Northumberland, beside the Berwickshire of the first-known Lauders, and Northumberland is not only where Keep-loving Hebrons were first found, but also the RODHAMs/Rodens who share the brown tree stump with Larrys/Lawrie's and Lauders. This is partly why Lorraine points to the Clinton money-laundering crime ring.

When Lorraine agreed to go out with me, I suggested she meet me at my laundromat, where I was doing laundry that evening. I don't think houseofnames had a Laundry surname at that time, but for a year or more, French Landrys (FOOTless martlets) were coming up as "Laundry," and they were first found in Lorraine. This blew my mind. Previous to this discovery, I was suggesting that laundry-like LAUDERs were named from Richeza of LOTHERingia, another name for the Lorraine province, and this Richeza is the one whose son married Maria of Kiev.

But there's more because Landers are listed with Landens while Pepin of Landen, the ancestor of Charles MARTEL in the footless MARTLets of Landrys, can be traced to Pipe's because they share the Pepin Coat. While Lauders share the Letter Coat, Letts/LATE's, suspect in the "RepulluLAT" motto term of Lauders and Larrys/Laurie's, use "organ pipes." It was more staggering than this because I suggested she meet me at the laundromat when I was at her bus STOP, and Stops (Staffordshire with Pipe's) are in Pipe colors and format. The Buckle's in the Stop Coat were first found in Suffolk with Babe's and Blonds.

Staffordshire is where Fridays and Lichfields/LITCHfields were first found, explaining why Litch variations are like Leaths/Lethe's. Lichfields/Litchfields not only share the Babe leopard face, but the Chief of Feltmans. The latter were first found in Middlesex, where Stains are now said to be first found whose double fesses are colors reversed from the same of Feltmans. Thus, the grass STAIN on Lorraine's pants applies to this heraldic set, especially as Stains married YARborough's, suspect with king YARoslav of the Kiev Varangians, brother of Maria of Kiev. As Stains can be gleaned with confidence as a branch of Steins and Stevensons/Steinsons (Northumberland with Lorraine's), the solid chevron of Lichfields looks like the same of Stevens. Stevensons even share the stars and fleur-de-lys of Leeths (not "Leath")...who were in turn possible Crab/Crail kin for what it could be worth, since my pointing to her pants was on her balcony while Balcons were at Crail.

Letts/Late's were first found in Gloucestershire with Stevens, and with the Hambrook location of the first-known HAMBURGs/Hambrows, yet the latter were also first found at Hambrough of Oxfordshire, and that's roughly where Peare's were first, as well as Crispins who can connect to Crispins, first found in Lorraine. Mr. Kepke met Miss Peare when he was a shoe salesaman, and German Trips/Treffs, first found in Hamburg with German Leths, now show shoes (that go on FEET) but once showed boots because Budini lived at the Kiev theater with Trypillians.

Hamburgs/Hambrows share the crosslets of English Trips (scaling ladder suspect with Lauder /Letter liners) and GORE's (Kent with Trips). It just so happens that GORsuch's (Lancashire with Such's) share the bend-with-eagles of Lorraine's.

I have been neglecting the faint crowned heart on the Lauder griffin. It may not have been there until recently. It's an amazing symbol because Blonds have a "Lux motto term while Lux's/Laux's/LUKARTs can be a branch of LockHARTs, who are also LoCARDs while Cards have a "letter" in Crest with a stump-like stamp upon it. Lauders use the tree stump, and there are Stump and Stamp surnames.

Stumps share the white griffin with Lauders, and Stamps (Berkshire with Boots) have a black-Shield version of the Rush Coat while Rush's were first found in Suffolk with Babe's, Blonds and Blondville's in case that connects Lorraine the babe to Peare and I rushing up the stairs, for Lauders with Letters look like they are in the stair-like ladder symbol. As I said, Miss Peare called me out of the blue about two years after I last saw her, after she and Kepke were no longer together, and we spent two days together as little as a month before the bus-stop event with Lorraine. Blondeville's have Fette/Fittes-connectable fitchees.

Scalia's were first found in Florence with the Bruno's who can explain the BROWN tree stump of Lauders, for Letters are now said to be first found near the first-known Browns/Bruns. And Lorraine-connectable Astys are excellent here because Bruno's tell of their branch at Asti.

Letters share the "goose" on a rock with Rutherfords (ROXburghshire with Goose's/Googe's), and Goose's/Googe's happen to have the Lockhart boar. How amazing, because we got to Lockharts via the motto of Blonds, and ROXolani were at the very same Kiev theater as Trypillians and Budini.

The Bus cinquefoil is used also by Dogs/Doags, and Douglas' share the crowned, red heart with Lauders while Lockharts (red heart without the crown) have a Chief in Douglas-Chief colors and format. Thus, Lockharts were a Lock-line merger with Hardys because Lockharts were first found in Lanarkshire with Hardys...and ASTYs. Hardys are in the Douglas write-up as Douglas ancestry. It gets astounding again because Lorraine's BUS stop was at the corner of Yonge street and LORNE avenue (RICHmond Hill, Ontario), and while Lorne's are in the Lanark/Lurnack write-up, the latter share the BUS cinquefoil. Someone arranged my date with Lorraine to go with these heraldic particulars, and your job is to figure out why if I cannot. It's pointing hard to things in Ukraine.

The lock in the Lockhart Coat is called a FETTERlock, and we saw the Feet-like Fetters (Hesse/Hessel kin) above sharing the Babe / Blond sun. Plus, Lanarkshire is where Astys were first found who share the Lorraine lion while AstiBUS is where Lorraine's bus STOP pointed because Astibus was an ancient Paeoni city along with Stobi while Stops are listed with Stump-like Stubbs ("pheon" arrow heads). I would need to be crazy to claim that these "coincidences" were not arranged by God, yet there are people in my own family who think I'm crazy for making these claims...though they are nice enough not to say it.

The Lux's/Lokarts in the Blond motto took us to the all-important Lockharts (Lanarkshire with SWANs/Sions) who are rather new to my set of Lorraine-pointable heraldry. I think the first time I took notice of Lockharts was less than six months ago when seeing the surname in the news. Locks, Lochs and Swans/Sions (share red heart with Lockharts) share the white swan with the Brow/Brugh/Burgh Crest, and the latter's Shield shares black swans with Chaplets, first found in Lorraine! Lochs list Lokens/Logens while Scottish Logens have another red heart.

Brows were looked up purely as per the HamBROW variation of English Hamburgs, but the amazing thing is that Brows were first found in Orkney with LinkLETTERS!!! Plus, I trace the "ORGAN pipes" of Letts/late's to "ORKNey"! What are the chances? A black swan head is with English Guests while their swan-using Welsh banch has a "ferro" motto term to go with the "praeFERO" of Hamburgs/HamBROWS!!! Thus, the black Brow swans link to the black Guest swan.

Brow-like Browns/Bruns ("FLOReat" motto term) and Flore's / Flora's have the fleur-de-lys of English Guests in colors reversed, and Bruno's were first found in FLOREnce with cat-using Lucca's to go with the Lux's/Lukarts, how amazing because there is a cat in the Crest of Irish BURGHs/Berks (could have named Berkshire) while Brow are Burghs too. The Roys (probably share the Swan/Sion lion) and Loys in the Burgh/Berk motto were first found in Lanarkshire and Lorraine respectively!!!

Sion is in Switzerland with the first-known LANDERs/Landens who in turn share the six pale bars of LANGLeys while Langhe is at Alba (in Piedmont near Asti) while Italian Alba's use the swan. German Langs were first found at Luneburg, at BRUNSwick, home of bars of Bar-le-Duc. And English Langs use LETTERs, what are the chances?

Cat-using Croms were once said to be first found in Berkshire with Catters, and Croms are said to have named Worcestershire, where both English and Welsh Guests are said to be first found. Catters are in Buckle colors and format, and I've just noticed that the tail on the lion-like symbol in the Buckle Crest is not like the tails that houseofnames uses on lions, making the Buckle Crest look like a cat. Repeat: "The Buckle's in the Stop Coat were first found in Suffolk with Babe's, Blonds and Blondville's." Babe's use two fingers (why two?) pointing to a sun, and Point(er)s were likewise first found in Berkshire who share two fingers pointing with Budini-suspect Boyds (said to be named after "blond," but this is code for blond Budini). Lorraine's trace to Budini, and while Lorraine had a foot / feet symbol, the "ConFIDO" motto term of Boyds should be partly for the Foot-branch Fido's/Fothes'/Fette's/Fittes'. Fitts/Fitch's were first found in Essex with MontFitchets/MusCHATs and STUBBings. God arranged my first date with Lorraine at her Stubb-pointing bus stop.

Budini lived with the GELoni, and Galli-branch Gays, first found in Savoy with Masseys/Masse's, come up as "Guest." Masseys/Masse's, traceable to Massa-Carrara at Lucca, once showed the same three boots that shoe-using Trips/Treffs once showed, and thus the Botters/Botini's, first found in Lucca, look like more Budini liners. The Mea's in the Blond motto along with Lucca-like Lux's share the Savoy cross.

I POINTED to Lorraine's PANTs on her BALCONy, and Balcons/Balcombs can be gleaned as Botter/Botini kin. PANTers use "spur rowells", as do Payens/Pagans/PAIONs (Dauphine with Galli's) in a different design, and Paeoni at Stobi were also called, PAIONI, can we believe it?

Back to the Roys in the Burgh/Berk motto. Royal-like Scottish Roys share the lion of German Rolls/Rael's, first found in Swabia with Lux's/Lukarts, tending to explain why Roy's were first found in Lanarkshire with Lockharts. Royals share the bend of Glads (Staffordshire with Stops/Stubbs) suspect in the "gladio" motto term of Welsh Guests/Jeste's. French Glads were first found in Brittany with French Roys.

Why might French Gays come up as "Guest"? Perhaps the goose of LETTer-branch Lauders knows something about this because Dutch Geese's are also Goese's. German Geese's are listed with Guisers/GUYsers. French Guys share black buckles with Stops/Stubbs, and English Guys (share swan with Guests) are also Guise's (Gloucestershire with LETTs/Late's). German Geese's have: "Alsace Lorraine was their original birth place."

I now get it because, on the night that I pointed to Lorraine's pants, she had two dinner GUESTs over. I popped into her place around 10-11 pm, just when she was out for a walk with the husband of the couple. When she returned with a grass streak on the BUTT of her white pants, I pointed accusatively, with the wife standing there on the balcony with me.

At this point, I've got to go to the boom-packed Belgian Gays/GALINgs because, instead of full bird legs, it has BIRD FEET, and while Feets/Fate's share the Pavia Coat, Pavers, with almost the Boyd or Galley Coat, were first found in Yorkshire with Feets/Fate's, PINCs/Pinks, Pings/Pings/PAGANs, Galleys and Gale's/GALLINs, making they and Gays/Gaylings look like the Geloni associates of the Budini. It's explaining the feet-and-babe symbol of Lorraine on the PAVEment of Yonge street. The Feet/Fate and Pavia fesse-with-footless-martlets is in the colors and format of the fesse-with-items of Birds/Burds (more footless martlets) while Burt-branch BIRTHs/Berts (Devon with Pense's/PINCons) were pointed to by Lorraine's bus stop because I asked her for our first date there on my 24th BIRTHday. Italian Berts/Berta's share part of the German Steel Coat while English Steels (Cheshire with Foots) share the Galley checks.

They were her BARE feet I saw so BEAUTiful, and perhaps Beautys (Dorset, where Babe's were once said to be first found) share the black Lux/Lukart bull. Scottish Bare's/Bars were first found in Ayrshire with Scottish Boyds, can you believe this? God is writing us a story, probably pointing to the bio-weapons labs in Ukraine, and/or the start of Armageddon from Googe-like Gog of that area. Googe's list Goose's, and the Pense's in the Point(er) motto are also in the ESKIN motto while ESCHYNa de Molle connects to Googe's/Goose's because they were first found in Roxburghshire with Molle's while sharing the same boar, even the Lockhart boar.

To my surprise, Scottish Gallins are listed with Malcolms/COLUMNs (Gale/Gallin colors) while German Franks, first found in Bohemia with Babe-connectable PodeBRADY, use a COLUMN. I've explained why I think the mother, Agatha, of king Malcolm III's wife, was of Podebrady, but before going there again, let's add that Bradys share a hand pointing to the sun with Babe's while Babwells/Babels share a "gold GATE" with the Arms of Podebrady to go with "AGATha." The amazing thing is, I would never have dreamed a Malcolm connection to Gale's, but it just so happens that Gale's/Gallens have lion heads in the colors of the Gates/Gatt lions!

Babe-related Blonds gave us the Lux's and Mea's, and so note the Geese-like location of Lux's: "The surname Lux was first found in the village of Geislingen, where Hans Lux, the first recorded bearer of the name, was living in 1484." Compare "GEISLING" with the Gayling variation of Belgian Gays. Giesels are listed with German Geese's (Bavaria with Goz's/Gos'/Goese's) while German Geisels/Geise's/Geysle's were first found in Silesia with the Handels sharing half the Coat of Goz's/Gos'/Goese's.

Handels share the Moray/Murray Coat and are thus linkable to Ducs/LeDucs while DOUGlas' (share Moray stars) were first found in Moray. Irish Murrays use an "Imperio" motto while Imperia was Oneglia of the Gale-related Nagle's ("nightenGALE" in Crest). German Nagle's (share Gale/Gallen saltire) were first found in Westphalia with PANTzers and Ducks, both pointed to by Lorraine's pant stain.

The gold unicorn (on a MOUND) of German Geisels/Geise's/Geysle's could be the part-gold unicorn head of Gallens/Gale's. It's the giant unicorn of DeMONTE's too, first found in Piedmnont with Asti, and then Astys were first found in Lanarkshire with Swans/Sions, beside the mound-using Mounds/MONTs of Peebles-shire. Asti is near Alba while Italian Alba's use the swan. German Alba's (probably the Massey fleur) happen to have been first found in Alsace, recalling the Alsace-Lorraine location of German Geese's. Massey-branch Masci's were first found in Piedmont too while French Demonte's (Burgundy with Swan-connectable Locks/Loaches') share the Maschi lion. Scottish Locks/Licks show water while Waters share the Muschat Coat. Mosca's were first found at Pisa, beside LUCCa. Lorraine lived at Church and Lorne, and Church's share the LUCK/Luke/Lick greyhound heads.

It strikes me hare the Spanish Alba's (Navarre) share the rooted oak tree of Alan-like Laundrys. The Alba's throw in a wolf, symbol of Navarre's, and the latter's two wolves in pale are in the colors of the two lions in pale of French Demonte's. Jewish Levi's have two lions in pale too, and the Laundrys are said to derive in Mr. LAVENdaria while Lorraine and I met at a laundromat at the corners of Yonge street and LEVENdale. Lavens (Alan colors) are listed with Levens (Shropshire with Alans), and Laevi Gauls lived both at Pavia and Navarre-like Novara (near Pavia). The Alans use oak branches to go with the oak tree of Alan-like Laundrys, and Launays were first found in Brittany with Alans.

Albins share the Peir/Peer bend, in colors reversed from the bend of Iverys suspect with the Yvery location of Yonge-related Leavells. Alba is not far from the two places where Laevi Gauls are said to have settled.

You might have time for the long video below on the problems with medicine and its abuse by fascist societies. One admission is that hospital-caused deaths are the third-most. Every professional occupation has heartless people who like it when people die for various reasons, but when it's the nurses and doctors who have this mindset, those who become insensitive toward illness and death to begin with, you have a killing machine at a trigger that can be pressed at any moment.

The problem with this video above is that there's no mention of Jesus', nor even an allusion to his cures in life. The main speaker is even okay with prostitution, and so I'd understand it if you didn't want to listen to him.

The video above talks about stress/anxiety leading to lower abilities of the body to fight the onsets of illnesses. This makes a lot of sense, and the "pandemic" has perhaps caused stress and fear by design, as well as family division which is like bringing people to spiritual death. People need to be happy together, because if we are bickering and hating, it doesn't ring of health.

Jesus gives peace, comfort, hope, and health by way of eradicating sinful practices that lead to ill. Value those things that Jesus offers, and thrive by finding fellow Christians to spend time with. The other option is to find fleeting cheer in the ballooning of sin now in full flight. Feel-good blasphemy will become trendy for ungody fools.

When family members create division against people who take Jesus seriously to the point of changing their values and "harping" on them, this is not healthy for Christians, not a source of happiness / comfort. It eats away at us.


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