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May 1 - 8, 2023

Walensky's CDC
The Gareb-Knesset Connection
A New Slew of Rangabe-Related Surnames
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If you're waiting for Jesus to return, see Post-Tribulation Rapture

It was nice while it lasted. Hall of Names is no longer showing the descriptions of the Coats of Arms presented at House of Names, but I have many of them recorded in my past updates from which to find some.

I'd like to show something by quoting from the 3rd update of last month. Pay particular attention to Balfours, Balcons, and Tipps':

Insert April 26 -- Now why would God have me go to Texas to attend [Miss Hicks'] church just to point to Hyksos who worshiped a gold calf? There's got to be more to this. Jewish Kaufmans share the Otter/Other crescent while the Baal-like BalFOURs ("FORward" motto term) have an otter head at the TIP of their chevron, as Calvers have a fleur-de-lys at the TIP of their same-colored chevron. The two chevrons are colors reversed from the Forney/FOURnier chevron, and the TIPPS'/Tippins are suspect in the motto of Pendragons who not only share the Forney chevron, but add fleur-de-lys to it so as to jibe with the Calver chevron.

And here's the kicker: Balfours were first found in Fife along with the BALcons/BalCOME's/BalCOMBs of Crail!!! Wow, for Crails are listed with Apophis-pointing Crabs.

[Insert May 5 -- Kaufman county is beside Rockwell county, and English Rochelle's/Rockwells have a near-copy of the Balfour Coat. Amazingly, French Rochelle's/Rockons (Limousin) have a bend-with-stars in the colors of the bend-with-roses of Balcons/Balcombs. This is just incredible. Back to the April-26 insert.]

To follow better, load Balfours now to load and view other surnames on another Internet tab.

This gets more incredible because I looked Rochelle's up on Friday night (the 5th) as per Rochelle WALENsky, Bidens CDC director. I first checked for a Walensky surname but did not find one. I was wondering whether they are a branch of black-bull Walerans. I claim that Miss Hicks, as Sleeping Beauty, pointed to Walerans (Devon with Ratterys), and possibly to Ratcliffs. The latter not only share the black bull head of Tipps'/Tippins, but were first found in Lancashire with them. The amazing part is where Ratcliffs were first found in Bury with HOLTs/HOLDS. It's amazing because of the Rochelle/Rockwell write-up: "Among these immigrants were the ancestors of the Rochelle family, who lived in either of two locations, one in Buckinghamshire, and one in Somerset. The places were originally called RockHOLT,..."

It's amazing because John Ratcliff lives in Heath, ten miles or less from where Miss Hicks moved to in Forney, a thing I've mentioned many times because I feel there's a reason for it. John Ratcliffe, formerly the mayor of Heath, was in charge of all American Intelligence for a short while in 2020, and he's if God put him into that position miraculously for a reason(s). Heath is not fully in Kaufman county with Forney, but is in a neighboring county too. Which one? "Heath is a city in Rockwall and Kaufman counties,..." Is that not unbelievable?

I've explained why Sleeping Beauty pointed to Walerans by her hovering LEVEL in her car asleep, and then she and I were HOLDing one another as soon as I woke her. Holts/Holds don't need to be behind the making of the "RockHOLT" location of Rochelle's/Rockwells in order for her scene to point to Ratcliffs. This pointer involves the coincidence that Forneys can be connectable to Balfours who in turn can be shown to be Balcon kin, and in the meantime Rochelle's/Rockwells are in Balfour colors and format while Rochelle's/Rockons are in Balcon colors and format.

And then, while the white Balfour otter head is at the TIP of the chevron, ditto with the white boar head upon the same-colored chevron of Rochelle's/Rockwells, and while John Ratcliffe lives in a city partly in Rockwell, Ratcliffs were kin of Tipps'/Tippins. The Holts/Holds even have this: "'The Holts, of {Buckinghamshire},...'" (brackets not mine). Buckinghamshire is where Rochelle's/Rockwells were first found as the namers of Rockholt, and so it may have been partly named after Holts.

English Rocks were kin of Rods, the latter first found in Devon with Walerans, and thus the wake-up scene can also point to Rockefeller medicine / vaccines. Miss Roquefeuil married Hugh IV of RODez to explain why Rods and Rocks both have trefoils. Hugh's can be to the Hugs/Hughes', and we were hugging when we were holding while rising into the sky. McLeods/Clouds, first found in Skye, have a "Hold" motto term as well as a white bull head which I have seen in black.

I've just found a Rockly surname: "The surname Rockly was first found in Yorkshire where the name was derived from the name Rockholt..." Rocklys may be using the lozenges of Irish Diamonds because English Diamonds/DINANs, with the lozenges in colors reversed, were first found in Devon with Rods. Plus, seconds later, I found Rockwell-like Rogels ("Ros" motto term) listed with Roskalls who happen to share the martlets of French Henrys. Hugh IV of Rodez was father to Henry I of Rodez, and French Henrys were first found near Rance-like Rennes while the Rance river is the location of Dinan. This is in Brittany, where French Roys were first found who have the Rochelle/Rockon bend-with-star in half its colors. Rogels/Roskalls look related to the Arms of Rochdale (Lancashire).

Diamonds/Dinans were first found in Devon with the Hooks having the Coat of Hicks' (Yorkshire with Rocklys) on a blue Shield, which can explain why Irish Diamonds share the Hicks fleur-de-lys. The "bon" motto term of Hicks can be for the Italian Bons/Bono's (Lombardy with Otters/Others) who happen to share the Coat of Rogel-like Rosells/Rosewells (Somerset, beside Devon). I say that Bons/Bono's share the lion of Hood-connectable Odins/Hoddys (Yorkshire) for a related reason, and the latter were ancestral to "Lords of HOLDERness" while Holders, in Hook colors and format, share the fesse of Holds/Holts. The Hicks motto took us here.

Just before Sleeping Beauty was hovering, she was at the fender and hood of a car, and while Fenders share an otter head (different color) with Balfours, Hoods have the Rogel/Roskall crescent in colors reversed. Plus, Hoods were first found in Devon with the KENNs who share the crescents of Otters/Others (Huntingdonshire with Fenders). Rosco's/Risco's were first found in neighboring Cornwall, where KENNedy-connectable TIPPers were first found who in turn share a white anchor with the "Cornish CHOUGH" in the Hood Crest. This helps to connect the black bull head of Walerans (Devon) to the same of Tipps-related Ratcliffs, especially as Hoods were first found in RATTery of Devon.

Plus, while Heaths/Heths are Heathers too, Heaters/HATers not only have bull heads, but were likewise first found in Devon. Sleeping Beauty pointed to HATs/Hades' because the latter's Hayden branch shares the black bull of Beautys (Dorset with Hats/Hades'), and so you can see here a pointer to Ratcliffe's home in Heath.

Tippers share a CUFFed sleeve with Coughs and Cuffs and even with the Rogel/Roskall Crest that comes with the red fitchee of Burt-branch Berts (Devon). Birds/Birds share red martlets with Rogels/Roskalls as well as having the Bouillon flory in colors reversed, and this then allows us to go to Scottish Bauds because they share the Rogel/Roskall crescent while French Bauds/Bauts were first found in Auvergne with Bouillons. The Cruce's in the Bird/Burd motto were a branch of Crozier's (Auvergne with Bouillons) in the crozier of Odins/Hoddys.

The "Ros COELi" motto of Rogels/Roskalls has got to be partly for Cole's, not only because they were first found in Cornwall with Rosco's/Risco's, but because they have a giant and black bull. Kyle's (Ayrshire with Kennedys) claimed to be from mythical king Cole.

Repeat from above: "This helps to connect the black bull head of Walerans (Devon) to the same of Tipps-related Ratcliffs, especially as Hoods were first found in RATTery of Devon." Ratterys were first found in Perthshire with ATHels/AThols, and the latter are suspect from the Atheling royals which included Edmond Ironside. Ship-using Edmonds happen to be in Heath/Heth colors and format, and Edmonds were even first found in Oxfordshire with Ships/Shiptons, and with the Peare's who share the Heath stars, making the "EsPERE" motto term of Heaths/Heths look like code partly for Peare's. While John Ratcliff was the Heath mayor, Mare's/Meyers use a giant ship.

So, it now appears that Heaths were of the Atheling bloodline.

Heth-like Atha's/Attys sharing the Fisc Shield, and the FBI was abusing the FISA court, or FISC, about which Mr. Ratcliffe was sorely opposed. There's no telling how much damage Ratcliffe's short time over Intelligence ruined the FBI's plots to conduct the January-6 false-flag event, because the FBI needed to communicate low-key / carefully / slower to keep Ratcliffe from noticing what it was up to.

I didn't especially see a pointer in all of the above to Rochelle Walensky, though it's interesting that Fiscs can be shown to be a Fauci and Fiser/Visser / Pfizer branch. WALENs are listed with WALLwyns, and German Walls happen to share a single, black pale bar with Fiscs. I don't know whether John Ratcliffe has held a bombshell secret on the COVID / vaccine crime.

English Walls almost have the Coat of Hooks (Devon with Walerans), both in Holder colors and format. Whalleys, with the Faux lozenge in colors reversed, and in Waleran colors and format, were first found in Lancashire with the first-known Ratcliffs and Wrays (share Rogel/Rockon martlet). Christopher Wray was the director of the FBI when Ratcliffe was the Director of national Intelligence. Wrays were first found in a Botton location, and Bottons are listed with Bidens while Botons/Boughtons (Gloucestershire with Holders) share the Hood crescent. Eric Holder was Obama's boss of the FBI.

I've said many times that Miss Hanson, the ice cream girl, pointed to the vaccine goons, especially to Tony Fauci, where Hansons share the English Faux mascle, and partly where Cream-like Cremers almost have the Coat of French Faux's/Fage's/CHOLLENS' (Francis COLLINS was Fauci's boss when the "pandemic" was foisted on us). Nordic Hansons even have the FUGGer Coat. I was 16 when dating her.

Why did God point to Fauci through five decades ago? But why would he simultaneously point to John Ratcliff, and did He arrange Miss Hicks to live near him for confirmation that He's pointing to him?? In this update, it appears possibly that He is also pointing to the CDC though Rochelle Walensky. I've told that Trump's director at the Food and Drug Administration, which gave the "legal" green light to distribute vaccines, was Stephen HAHN, a branch of Hanson-like Hanns. Do we think that God provided Fevers to share the Trump stag head and the Rattery fitchees?

Collins and/or Fauci funded ECOhealth to transfer money to the Wuhan lab, and Ice's are also ECCO' well as Ickys, and even the Hicks' come up as "Icky." When I checked the Helds as per "EcoHEALTH, I had found them with the Hickson Coat, and so note that while Holds/Holts are now to topic above, Helts are also Helds.

The amazing thing (this is not the first time I'm telling of it) is that while Holds/Holts were first found in Bury with Ratcliffs, I saw Miss Hanson one last time, a year or less after we stopped dating, being dropped off at her ice-cream place while I was at the parking lot entry to that place (Gormley Ontario) which, at the time, acted also for the entry into the parking lot of Ratcliff LUMBER. Online:

Ratcliff Lumber, which was the first business at the intersection of Woodbine Avenue and Stouffville Road in Gormley 40 years ago, is under new ownership.

...At that time, there were mainly fields. Now, there is a new gas station on one corner with a Tim Hortons and other businesses coming, an industrial area and the plaza with Famous Samís restaurant and other retail businesses nearby.

Miss Hanson sold ice cream at Sam's Restaurant, and I've said many times that Sams/Sammes' (Essex with a branch of Hicks) share the FAUCet lion. I'll re-show below how German Hansons get us to Faucets lickety-split.

Ratcliff LUMBER was highlighted above because Creamer-like Crema is in LOMBARdy. The Otters/Others, which we came to in this update via the Balfour otter, are said to be from lords on Lombardy. And it just so happens that there's three ways to link German Hansons to OTTONE Visconti, ruler of Milan, the Lombardy capital. Add to this that the "bon" motto term of Hicks' can take us to Bons/Bono's, first found in Milan, who almost have the Gates Coat. The Bons/Bono's not only share the ODIN/Hoddy lion, by the one of OTONE's/Oltons.

To link Odins/Hoddys to Hoods, compare the saltires of Oddie's/Hoddys to the Hood fret, but note the English Bone's/Bohuns were first found in Sussex with Hodley-branch Oddeys/Hoads/Odo's. At the center of the Hood fret is a white mascle, and there's a white mascle in the Crest of English Hansons (Yorkshire with Odins/Hoddys and Oddie's/Hoddys) held by what could very well be the Faucet lion for a Quincy-reason you'll see below.

French Oddeys are listed with Auto-like Aude's/Ode's. Ottone's are also Otto's, and then Auto's/Otto's have a giant black bull head (Ratcliff connectable) in both colors of the Cole bull. This recalls the "Ros coeli" motto term of Rogels/Roskalls. The Otter/Other crescents are in colors reversed with the Seatons who in turn share a "forward" motto term with Otter-loving Balfours, and Seatons were first found in East Lothian with Faucets. Sleeping Beauty was at the fender of an AUTO, and Fenders love Otters too.

The original Visconti's used a green snake, and we find one in the Coat of German Hansons along with the lozengy of Scottish Lombards. This makes the lion of German Hansons suspect as the one of Visconti-related Sforza's. I need to bang this home, and so let's repeat that while the Sforza lion is said to hold a "quince", Quince's/Quincy and their Winchester kin share the mascle (different colors) with English Faux's, and Saer de Quincy is in the Faucet write-up as the builder of the Faucet castle at MUSSELburgh. Mussels, sharing plates with Fuge's/Fuchers (Lincolnshire with Mussels) are also mascle-like MUSCELs. Quince's/Quincy's were first found in Northamptonshire with Fauci-branch Face's/Fessys. Miss Hanson is probably the best pointer I've ever discussed.

It's an amazing confirmation that Miss Hanson points to TONY Fauci, especially as a quince is a flower while a so-called "flower" (no species given) is used by Italian Tonys/Anthonys. Australian Anthonys share the bend of English Collins'.

German Hansons sharing the Sforza lion can explain why Sforza-like English Forts (Lancashire with Ratcliffs) share the Otone/Olton quadrants. The Fort write-up links to the Fortibus' (Devon with Ratcliff kin) who in turn happen to share the stars of Rochelle's/ROCKons! They are also the BULLis stars. It's an obvious pointer to Rockefeller vaccines because Forts not only have a rock in Crest, by share an "AUDax" motto term of Roquefeuil-branch Roxburghs! English Forts even share the bee with Maxtons, first found in Roxburghshire, and Bee's were first found in Oxfordshire, where Rooks were once said to be first found.

Therefore, the lion of German Hansons has now possibly pointed to Rochelle Walensky. In fact, wow, Walens/Wallwyns were first found in Pembrokeshire with Parrots (definite Peare branch) while I've said several times that Miss Hanson lived on Warden avenue when I was dating her. Wardens share pears with Parrots! She sold ice-cream in Gormley, and if she did not live technically in Gormley, it was close. Gormleys/GRIMES' not only share the martlets of Rogets/Roskalls, but they are colors reversed from the same of Grime's/Grimms who in turn share the green martlet with the English Gards suspect in the "gward" motto term of Walens/Wallwyns. That is incredible, and while Parrot-branch Pierro's/Pero's were first found in Pavia, English Pavia's share the Feet/Fate Coat while Grime's/Grimms have the Feet/Fate Coat three times.

[Someone told me that Gordon Lightfoot died this week, and so I checked LightFOOTs (Oxfordshire with Amore's) to see them with almost the Leavell/Level Coat which I often claim is a version of the Amore Coat. The beauty here is that Leavells/Levels have fessewise bars partly in the red color of the Feet/Fate fesse, and in both colors of the Pierro/Pero fesse, wherefore this is evidence that Leavells were from Laevi of Pavia. Lightfoots look like they have the silver nail of Logans PIERCing a red heart, but with a square-headed nail. Pierce's/Peirs, first found in Somerset with Leavells/Levels and PERCivals, can apply as Leavell kin because Waleran de Leavell was a Percival.]

German Grimms even share the Fort / Otone/Olton quadrants, and GRIMaldi's were partners with the Fieschi of Genova, where Fauci's were first found! Encyclopedia Britannica: "Dominating the city, the Fieschi and Grimaldi allied themselves with the French prince Charles of Anjou,..."

The pears of gward-like Wardens are in both colors of the Gard martlets, and Wardens were first found in Hertfordshire with Scale's in case the RoSKALLs ("Ros" motto term) were named from a Ros-Skall merger. Skalls are wild here because they are listed with Calls/McCOLE's while Ros/Roskalls are the ones with a "COELi" motto term! Calls/McCole's share the Kyle stars while English Calls/Calles' have TRUMPets, perfect because Trump is the "father of the vaccines." Call'/Calles', possibly a branch of the Chaulnes variation of Faux's/Fage's/Chollens', were first found in Wiltshire, right beside the Sticks in the Kyle "candlesticks."

Plus, German Calls/Kallers, sharing the split-colored griffin of Hangers (Hampshire, beside Calls/Calles'), have a griffin in the colors of the griffin of Hold-branch Holders while Helds/Helts were first found in Silesia, beside the Lusatia location (now in Poland) of the first-known Calls/Kallers. The vertically-split Shield (i.e. colors) of German Fuge's/Fuggers is shared by Fauci's and Dutch Tromps while German Trumps are Tromps too. Calls/Kallers use the same colors in a horizontal-split Shield.

One can make a good case for the possibility that God chose a ice-cream for a pointer to the vaccine pushers because Joe Biden has an ice-cream symbol all over conservative-media sites. Another ice-cream girl became my date less than a year after Miss Hanson and I dated, and this girl was Darlene Ray/Wray while Wrays, sharing the Gormley martlets, were at a Botton location (Lancashire) while Bidens are listed with Bottons.

I told how Wrays were at Botton for a pointer to the Bidens. Wrays were first found in Lancashire with Martons/Martens who in turn have the Grime/Grimm fesses in colors reversed, making them look closely related to Gormleys/Grimes'. The latter have the Feet/Fate Coat and Pavia Coat three times, and Wrays happen to have the footless Feet/Fate MARTlets in colors reversed while MARTELs were first found in Gascony with Martins. While Pierro's/PERO's of Pavia have a fesse in the colors of the Marton/Marten fesses, the latter have a "patrie" motto term while Patrie's list PEARtree's with the Trump stag head. The triple Marton/Marten fesses look connectable to the three-and-three fessewise bars of Leavells/Levels. English Pettys (footless martlets) were first found in Warwickshire with English Pavia's while Scottish Pettys were first found in Perthshire with the Justine's suspect in the Wray motto.

The Barrs of Brunswick had been Welfs, as were the Fieschi and Grimaldi, which can explain why Scottish Barrs share the eagle of Segurana-like Segurs (Genova with Fieschi). The same eagle is with Perins of Lorraine, location of Bar-le-Duc, though the Perin eagle is beakless, as is the "allerion" of Holdens/Holdings (Lancashire with Wrays and Holds/Holts). Allers were first found in Westphalia with the Ducks who formed "Bar-le-Duc." Beaks share the ostrich (different color) in Crest with Wrays.

Martons/Martens even share a scallop of Italian Pavia's, in colors reversed from the Patrie/Peartree scallops. The other Pavia scallop is shared by Mars/More's/Mere's for a good pointer to the Marici, co-founders of Pavia with the Laevi. The Levi's use a "second" motto term while German Grimms (share sun with Patrie's/Peartree's) almost have two of the Second/Segur quadrants. The Aid's in the Levi motto share the bend of Walens/Wallwyns (same place as pear-using Parrots and English Martins), and while the latter come up as Wolfyns too, Obama descends fro a mayor Wolflyn. Dunhams use a "marten" for what looks like a pointer to Obama (his mother was Miss Dunham).

Here's from the write-up of Martins who have two red fesses in the colors of the English Pavia fesse: "Martin, Sire of Tour,...conquered the territory of KEMEYS in Pembrokeshire." English Pavia's were once said to be first found in Somerset with the China-pointing Shins/Chine's/Chings who in turn share the Coat of Kemeys, both sharing triple-red fesses with Martons/Martens.

I almost missed it: the Walen/Wallwyn Coat is almost the one of Rauch's/Ruchs for another pointer to Rockefeller poisons. The only difference between Coats is that the Rauch's/Ruchs have their bend rising toward the left side of the Shield, as do Jewish Rothchilds (not "Rothschild") in the same colors.

Back to Darlene Ray/Wray the ice-cream girl. Darlene's share the gold-dropped Shield of English Cnuts while Danish Canute's have a "pot HANGER". Miss Hanson was Danish, and Danish Hansons were Fuge/Fugger kin. The Cnut pot hangers can be gleaned with Pots and Potters, both first found in Hampshire with Hangers. Cnut was the grandson of Mieszko I of Poland, and Mieszko II LAMBERT is to the Lums/Lambs, Limbs, Lamberts and LUMBERs. The latter, who were to topic with my being at Ratcliff lumber, have the Potter Coat worked in, and were first found in NORTHUMBERLAND with Stevensons and Rothschild/Roddenstein-branch Rodhams/Roddens, all sharing the Walen / Rothschild / Rauch/Ruch bend. Lumbers were first found at Denton (NORTHUMBERLAND) while Dentons share the Rodham/Rodden cinquefoils, which are colors reversed from the same of Potters and Lumbers, how about that, an apparent pointer to Hillard Rodham Clinton.

POITou is where Marici-like Marcys/Marseys/Marseille's were first found, and they share the fleur-de-lys of Fly's, the latter first found in Hampshire with Pots / Potters and Murtons/Mertons. Flys (FOOTless martlets) look like kin of Foots (Cheshire with Cardine's) and Fothes'/Fette's, and the latter were first found in Kincardineshire with Patrie's/Peartree's.

This picture can get us back to Ratcliff-related Tipps'/Tippins (almost the Cardine pheons) because they have a Chief in the colors and format of the Ghent Chief to go with the GAUNTlet in the Crest of Flys (Hampshire with Ghents). Tipps'/Tippins add the Ratcliff bull head to the Ghent Shield, but it can be also the McLeod/Cloud bull head because the latter use "flags" with their bull heads while Flys were at Flagi. The Fly gauntlet holds a lure while Lure's (flag) were not only a McLeod/Cloud sept, but have a single item upon their chevron at its TIP. The "aGENDo" motto term of Lure's looks like it's for a Ghent liner.

The black Ratcliff / Waleran bull head thus becomes connectable to the black bull head of Mieske's/Mesechs, and the reason the latter's is in the colors of the Cole/COLD bull is that mythical Piast KOLODziej was the ancestor of Mieszko I. Dents share two motto terms with the Arms of Rothschild.

Dents have a tiger head in Crest, and the Arms of Fieschi has a full tiger in Crest while Tigers were first found in Suffolk with the Platters who almost share the Arms of Fieschi. Fieschi-branch Face's/Fessys were first found beside the Murtons/Mertons who essentially have the Platter Coat in colors reversed, but see also the Gallia's (Milan). English Martins share the double fesses of Dentons. Italian Martins share the upright goats of English Kidds, first found in Suffolk with Tigers.


About 20 years ago, I was looking at the Jerusalem at the back of Ezekiel, at a city not yet built, figuring it will be the Millennial Jerusalem. Christians have difficulty with the priestly duties of that Jerusalem because they include animal sacrifices, something that God has apparently done away with. I argued that animal sacrifices can yet be in remembrance of what Jesus did for Israel, in the way we break bread but much-more elaborate. And the animals are eaten in celebration so that there are feasts involved. Who am I to argue if this is what God wants post-Armageddon Israel to do.

However, years later, I went flipping through the footnotes of my New Testament to see where Jesus quoted from Ezekiel, and there was not one quote found. And so there is that fact too with its possible implication that Jesus did not respect Ezekiel. It's made me wonder (no final decision made yet): what if the Gog prophecy is false? It's at the back of Ezekiel too, immediately before the temple chapters. Revelation not only mentions Gog too, but has the army of the anti-Christ feasted on by the birds, as does Ezekiel upon the armies led by Gog. If Revelation is a false prophecy, then I'm wrong for expecting the 666, and yet the financial system seems to be fulfilling that prophecy as we speak.

About 20 years ago, I must have found a version of that text that led me to think that the re-built Jerusalem wall would go TOWARD the hill of Gareb but turn south at Goath, before getting to Gareb. This should refer to the city destroyed by the Babylonians with walls re-built soon after Ezekiel's time by Nehemiah. Was there a school of priests in Israel at that time who had grand plans drawn up for the temple that never came to fruition? Or was God inspiring plans for a post-trib temple?

Jeremiah 31:38 tells that a rebuilt-wall starts at the tower of Hananeel, which most everyone seems to peg, as if the spot is not in dispute, near the north-west corner of the temple wall. Therefore, it makes no sense for the wall from Hananeel to Gareb goes southward from Hananeel because it would then leave the temple site outside the city. Therefore, the wall from Hananeel should go westward.

The rest is all confusion. If you look here and here, those walls of Nehemiah are not at all the same.

As per Jeremiah 31:38-39, some see Gareb at the south-east corner when they guess that the "Corner Gate" is the north-west corner of the city wall. If we go by the reading in a Bible interlinear by J.P Green Sr.:

...the city will be built to YHWH from the tower of Hananeel to the Corner Gate, and the measuring line will go out yet before it TO the hill of Gareb and turn TOWARD Goath. thee

It's assumed to be the city walls rebuilt by Nehemiah, what else? In the interlinear, and unlike all other words in that text, the "to" I capitalized has no number above it to correspond to a Hebrew word in Strong's Concordance, and therefore I don't know what this Hebrew word can mean besides "to." Perhaps it can mean "toward" so that the wall does not stop at Gareb before turning, but goes toward it, then turns toward Goath before getting to the hill of Gareb. This is how I understood it 20 years ago, and on a long-shot guess, I pegged Gareb 1.67 miles (a third of five miles) west of the city's north-west corner due to calculations I made with the city at the back of Ezekiel.

I don't remember how I was using the five miles or on what, but as I do the math now, I take Ezekiel's 20,000-cubit width for the city of Jerusalem, and multiply it by a 16-inch cubit to get 5.05 miles. Page 170 of a book says that 16-inch cubits works for certain measurements at/near the temple.

Having come to the idea that Gareb could have been 1.67 miles from the north-west corner of the Nehemiah city, I went to Google maps (20 years ago) to measure that distance, and landed either on the hill upon which the Knesset is built, or the hill beside it. I didn't do an exact measurement.

Looking upon this map showing Old Jerusalem with seven hills, we see no hill marked at the north-west corner, which can deny this location as being mount Gareb. Google is hiding from me other maps of the seven hills, however, and google prefers to bring up only the above scenario.

We can see the wall heading south-west from Hananeel (not marked), not fully west, to a corner that may have had the Corner Gate Jeremiah speak of. After this corner we see on the drawing, the wall goes purely in a westward direction, and it's roughly in line with the northern temple wall. So, when we go to a google map of the modern city, we first find the northwest corner of the old city as indicated by the dashed line between the Knesset and the temple mount. We then measure 1.67 miles west of that dashed line, or where it says, "Church of the Holy Sepulchre." The temple site is where you see "Western wall.

I have the map enlarged to where two centimeters on my screen is said to cover a distance of 500 meters. It's 7.5 centimeters from the corner of the wall to the Knesset, or 1,875 meters, which, to my astonishment, is 1.65 miles!!! Maybe it's just a fluke, but this is what half-convinced me that mount Gareb is at the Knesset.

Whether correct or not, I have some heraldry in this regard starting with the Gareb-like Grabb/Crabb surname showing only two white bends, as do the Schilds who could have partook in naming "RothSCHILD." The Rothschild bankers founded modern Israel, and so they may have decided where the Knesset (Israeli parliament) was to be built, and they may have known that this was the old Gareb hill.

Next, we note that English Shields are in the colors of Crabs/Crails. The trefoil at the tip of the Shield chevron indicates a Rockefeller family, but note that "TREFoil" is expected to be part-code for the Treff variation of German trips, for they were first found in Hamburg with Grabbs/Crabbs!

ROCKefellers, from RoqueFEUIL, could have chosen the qua treFOIL or cinqueFOIL to depict themselves, but the TREFoil makes sense because Trips/Treffs once showed BOOTs while the Budini lived south of Kiev (the Dnieper river is there) while Wikipedia locates ROXolani on the Dnieper river. Plus, English Shields share the full motto of English Shaws/Sheaves', first found in Berkshire with boot-using BOOTs!!!

What are the chances that heraldic sheaves of wheat are often called Gareb-like "garbs"!!?? Yes, it's true. We have a story.

Scottish Shaws use the "dagger", and the short, white sword in the Crab/Crail Crest is exactly the Shaw dagger. Irish Shaws (trefoils) have a Coat like that of Foots for which the "footless" martlet is expected...which now recalls that Less'/Lesks (share Rose boar head) were first found in Berkshire with Shaws/Sheaves! FootLESS. Foots have an Agrippa-like griffin, and Gripps are also Gareb-like Grape's/Grabbers. It can make Agrippa look like Gareb liners. Levin-like Levine's use a grape vine.

German Plate's have another grape vine, as do German Dole's while English Dole's (Cambridgeshire with Crabs/Crails) share the Crab/Crail fleur-de-lys. English Plate's (Lancashire with Crapps/Crappers) happen to be in Crab/Crail and Shield colors and format. I trace Garebites to Serbs and Croatians, and German Dole's share the checks in the Arms of Croatia.

The amazing thing about Gripps/Grape's/Grabbers is that they share the Coat of Goath-like Goats/Gothams!!! ZOWIE! The old wall went from Gareb or it's environs to Goath! Incredible. German Rose's (expected from Roxolani) were first found in Silesia with goat-using Weiss', and it just so happens that Weis'/Wise's (Bavaria with Rothes'/Rothchilds and their Bauer kin) and Wies'/Wiesers both have a version of the GARB Crest while the latter were first found in Austria with Gripps/Grape's/Grabbers!!! WEIShaupt's use the GOAT!!!!! Adam Weishaupt (unconventional Jew) founded the Bavarian Illuminati.

While I trace Garebites (my term, I don't know what they were called in history unless they were the Rephaites) to Croatians, the Shaw-like Sava river starts at the southern border of Austria (i.e. near the first-known Gripps and Garbs), and flows through downtown Croatia. Croatians are also, KRVati, a Gareb-like term along with "Serb."

Rephaites, who lived at the Rephaite valley south-west of Jerusalem i.e. where I'm locating Goath, could have been named from a G-less "Gareb," or a switch from "Areb" to "Areph/Araph" and later to "Repha." It may have been named after the tribe naming Arphaxad, a Hebrew in the ancestry of Abraham. Rothes'/Rothchilds have a giant Reph-like raven, sometimes called a crow. Crows were first found in Norfolk with raven/crow- and trefoil-using Rowe's/Roe's, and with raven/crow-using Rove's/Roffs/Ruffs. Repps not only have a not-bad reflection of the Weis and Wies Crests, but have the triple chevrons of English Wise's in colors reversed. Rockefeller-line Rooks (Worcestershire with trefoil-using Rocks) put a raven/crow on a garb!

Jewish Rothchilds (not "Rothschild") have roses on a bend in the colors of the Grabb/Crabb bend, and therefore the white Rothschild bend with three red roses looks connectable to the same of Balcon/Balcombs, first found in Crail. The latter have a version of the bend-with-star of Italian Botters/Botini's, especially when the latter's bend was ordinarily straight (it's now showing curved). This is another indication of a Budini-line link to Crabs/Crails and/or their branch(es).

Having said all that, wow, we go to the Knesset-like Kness/Ness/Nish surname, first found in Perthshire with Drummonds, and with both Irish and Scottish Shaws. German Drummonds were first found in Hamburg with Grabbs/Crabbs, and Kness'/Ness/Nish happen to be in Crab/Crail and Shield colors and format. It's then amazing that Scottish Ness'/Nessons were first found in Fife with the Crail location of Balcons/Balcombs, and moreover Nissans were first found in Hamburg with Grabbs/Crabbs!

There can be no Kness-surname link to those who named the Knesset because the latter was named in recent times. However, God could have arranged this Crab-infested heraldry to point to the Knesset as an object of His scorn and later destruction. There is an English Ness surname using doves / pigeons, for connection to Shields and Crapps/Crappers, what are the chances? I learned online that Crapps/Crappers use "pigeons", and therefore the English Shields likely use(d) pigeons too, versus doves, though Dove's/Dows were first found in Berwickshire (beside ROXburgh) with these Shields.

Shields show a Shiel variation while Shells/SCHELLs, in SCALE colors, have the Crab/Crail fleur-de-lys on a RED SHIELD. SCAYLE's/SCHOLE's can be from Eschol valley in Hebron, about 20 miles south-WEST of Jerusalem.

Scale's were first found in Herod-like Hertfordshire, and they have Harduin de Scallers in their write-up. Going back to Trips/Treffs suspect in the Shield trefoil, we can now go to English Trips with so-called "scaling ladders." English Trips were first found in Kent with the Snake's/Snooks in the snake of Shells/Schells.

Irish Shields look by their Coat to be kin of Irish Neils/O'Nails, the latter first found in Tyrone with GARVeys/Garvens (in the colors of Croatian-line Gravens/Cravens). It just so happens that German Nagle's/Neils/Nails were first found in Westphalia with Shells while the latter have a different-colors version of the SKELLtons (Cumberland with Burns / Bernice's). English HARVeys are in the colors and format of Skelltons while French Harveys (Ile-de-France with Levi's) almost have the GARB stars.

Gravens/Cravens (griffin in Crest), with a Coat like that of Kippax's/Keppochs, have an "ACTione" motto term, which recalls mythical OGyges of Acte, a region between Athens and Boeotia, where I trace the line of Keturah, second wife of the Biblical Abraham of Hebron. Therefore, Ogyges, a dragon of Ares, or a monster in any case, was suspect (by me) from "Og," the Biblical king of Rephaites. The Benjamin-connectable Banks named Bank Newton in Craven (Yorkshire with Kippax's/Keppochs), and then Newtons (Cheshire with ACTons suspect in the Graven/Craven motto) have "shin BONES" while Bunns/Bone's could have been a branch of goat-using Bunnys.

Scayle's/Schole's (Yorkshire with Gravens/Cravens) have: "...Scholes in the parish of Barwick..." Scayle's/Schole's share the annulet of Benjamins, and the Benjamites lived right next door the northern outskirts of Jerusalem. I trace Benjamites from Rimmon (book of Judges) to the Rimna river at the near-north of the Buzau, and I saw a map with Roxolani stamped across the Buzau river. Bus' were first found in Norfolk with the Wheats using wheat sheaves but often called garbs (I don't know off-hand what Wheats call them).

French Benjamins, listed with Jamins, share the black bear Barwicks and Berwicks, and while Barwicks share the motto of Sarah's/Sayers, the latter share the bend of Agrippa-like Gripps/Grape's/Grabbers while Berwickshire is now BERNICia, a term I trace the Bernice Agrippa (a Herod). Berwicks were first found in Berwickshire with Shield-beloved Dove's/Dows.

Scholes is about three miles from Kippax of the Keppochs whose wheat sheaves / GARBs are connectable to the Shaws/Sheaves sharing the Shield motto. If Goath is at the south-west of Jerusalem, it faces Hebron directly. That is, people of Hebron would usually enter and exit Jerusalem at Goath. The Anaki of Hebron are suspect to Anchors/Annackers, and while Bex's/Becks use a giant anchor, I've seen the description of Weishaupts, an "ibex" species of goat. The Kepke's/Kopke's have a giant goat while Hebrons have the Keeps in their motto. Keppochs use garbs or sheaves, we get it.

Bonneys (share the Skellton fleur-de-lys) share the white martlet in Crest with Crapps/Crappers. While Bunnys use black goat heads to go with the black Weiss and Weishaupt goat heads, Bunns/Bone's were first found in Oxfordshire with Crow-branch Crawls/Crulls/Crowpers, and where Rooks were once said to be first found until recently. It just so happens that Bunns/Bone's and Bone's/Bohuns (Sussex with Keeps) have a Coat reflection of the Scale- / Schall-like Skulls, and the latter's lion heads are in the colors of the lions of English Goat-like Goods/Gude's. The latter were first found in Kent with Scale-connectable English Trips while German Trips/Treffs were first found in Hamburg with the Grabbs/Crabbs having two of the Skull bend.

Bonneys were first found in Bedfordshire with Luton while Lutons share the giant eagle of Grave's.

Look at "OXford," for OG was a Rephaite king. Og (bed over ten feet long) was a giant, and Mr. Kepke (I was in his home 100 times) was a big, hefty man, incidentally. I'm now getting the impression that the Kepke goat is code for Goath liners.

Mr. Kepke's son was my teen buddy, and at age 18, he began dating Miss Peare. Peare's were not only first found in OXfordshire too, but she had pointed, in a belly-press event with me, to the German Goods/Guts who happen to have garbs!!! I absolutely get this: God arranged for the two to point to king Og of the Garebites / Rephaites. Goath liners must have good through Kiev, a good theory.

German Goods/Guts share the STICK Coat while Comyn-related Shaws are said to be from "SITHECH." Comyns (Norfolk with Crows) have more garbs/sheaves. The Shaw cups can thus be of the Kopke variation of Kepke, for Kupe's/Koops use cups. The Kupa tributary of the Sava is in Croatia. Kupe's/Koops share the Kepke/Kopke and Justine border, and Justine's were first found in Perthshire with Shaws. The Larrys/Lawrie's use a giant cup and share a "REPullulat" motto term with GRIFFin-loving Lauders/Leathers (Berwickshire with Dove's/Dows).

While Crapps/Crappers are also CROWpers, note that Crows were first found in Norfolk with Plate-like Platters and dove-using Leafs/Leave's/Leve's. Crapps/Crappers are in Levin colors and format, and as the WHITE footless martlet (symbol of Levins) in the Crapp/Crapper Crest is given feet (rare instance), we trace these Levins to Laevi Gauls of Pavia because one Pavia Coat shares the Feet/Fate Coat. Then, we note that Pierro's/Pero's, first found in Pavia, have a Coat like the BUTE/Butt/Boet Coat, tending to assure that the latter were from Budini, even as the Budin variation of Buttons/Bidens tends to confirm.

Levins were first found in CUMBria (evokes Balcons/BalCOMBs), and neighboring Cumberland is where Burns and Bernice's were first found, suspect from Berenice Agrippa. Burns happen to share the Crab/Crail fleur-de-lys, tending to verify that Agrippa's were from peoples of Gareb.

The Arms of Pomerania use a griffin because the House of Griffin was in Pomerania. It's where the Krebbs'/Crebs' were first found whose lobster or crayfish is bendwise in the colors of the Keep bend. Keeps were first found in Sussex with Coopers/Coppers while Cypros was the mother of the first king Herod. Another Cypros was wife to Herod Agrippa, and mother to Berenice Agrippa. The mother of this Cypros was SALAMpsio, no doubt named from Salamis on the island of Cyprus. Salampsio was a daughter of the first king Herod with his Maccabee wife.

Mythical Salamis if Cyprus was made related to Ajax, or Aiax, a term that could conceivably come from "Og," for mythical Aphrodite (also called Kypris, special mate of Ares, was given a birthplace at Paphos of Cyprus while some say the Ares dragon of Boiotia, whom mythical Cadmus killed, was Ogyges. Cadmus was made the brother of Cilix, code for Cilicia, and Ajax was worshiped in Cilicia by the Kennati priests.

Cyprus is the location also of Lapithus/Lapathus, and the mythical crow, Coronis, was a daughter of the Lapith king, PHLEGyas, highly suspect as a portrayal of a tribe from the Biblical Hebrew, Peleg, son of Eber, founder of Hebrews. "Aphrodite" is from "Euphrates" because Hebrews lived at the (K)Habur tributary of the Euphrates. Mari upon the Euphrates was the capital of Amorites who had a branches both in Jerusalem and Hebron. Peleg's brother was Og-like Joktan.

Suspects from the Rangabe-Line Khazars

Last week, I tried to re-find the claim that Melissena Rangabe was from royal Khazars on her mother's side. I suspect that elite Khazarian Jews would want to hide this from us. I found a genealogy giving "Irene" as her mother, but Irene's ancestry was not given at all, as if neither her mother or father is known.

When I checked the Irene surname, and found it listed with Orions/Irons, it floored me because they named Airaines in Picardy, which is at the SOMME river. At Wikipedia's Menumurat article: "Menumorut or Menumorout (Modern Hungarian: Menmarot) was the ruler of the lands between the rivers Mures, SOMES [caps mine] and Tisza at the time of the Hungarian conquest of the Carpathian Basin around 900, according to the Gesta Hungarorum..." The Tisza can partially explain the multiple allusions I found for tracing the Hungarian family of Andrew I to the Ticino/Tessin river. My date in my early 20's, Mamie, pointed to the Tease's/Tyes' and MENS/Mame's, and "MENumorut" might just apply.

The listing of Irene's with Orions/Irons/KENirons startled me because I trace them to proto-Kennedy Kenites suspect at Schimatari / Tanagra, home of mythical Orion. Having the line of Irene, reported mother of Melissena Rangabe, is like a monkey wrench in that trace. However, it just so happens that while Orion was the mythical hunter, suspect in heraldic hunting HORNs (like "Orion"), the RANGabe-like Orange surname uses a giant hunting horn.

Here's from the last update:

A gold moline is used on a purple Shield by an Athenian line of Byzantine emperors, the so-called Sarantapechos family, which included empress Irene near the time of Melissena Rangabe. Melissena is not given as this Irene's daughter at this Irene's Wikipedia article. Athens is right beside Boeotia, home of Orion, and so it is very possible that Irene was named after whatever Orion depicted in that area of Greece. There is even a white moline, with fretty upon it, in the Irene/Iron Crest.

As I trace Abraham's second wife, KETURah, to mythical KODRos of Athens, and while his first wife, Sarah, got suspect from a tribe that branched out to become Saraca's in KOTOR, note SARantapechos. Kodros had a fish symbol, as did Saraca's, and the tips of a moline cross have what look like fish tails.

As I've said a million time's, Moline-like Mole's are in the "mole hills" of Shake's, from the Shechemites at SCHIMatari, because SCHIMs share the Mole boar head. And Sarahs/Sayers are in the SHAKEspear colors and near-format. Moreover, Varns, suspect from the Varangians, share the Sarah/Sayer scallops while Melissena Rangabe married a Varangian. A satanic portion of the Varn-like Vere family traces itself to mythical Melusine, which I claim is the heraldic mermaid. I already know one such mermaid to use for this discussion, that of Hugo's.

Varns were first found in Ayrshire with Kennedys, and with the Cunninghams who use a "SHAKEfork". If you're following slowly enough, I should have your attention.

There is FRETTY in the Irene/Iron moline. FERTE-Mace is at the ORNE river of the Orion line. Ferte-Mace is near Falaise, the latter being about five miles from the Orne river. The Moulins variation of Moline's are said to descend from a sibling of "the tanner" of Falaise. Moline's are said to have named Molland in Molton, and Moltons probably share fretty with a chevron with Simple's because the latter are in the motto of Spree's, first found in Cornwall, i.e. near Molton. The Trysts in the Simple motto were first found in Cornwall too. Simple's were first found in Renfrewshire with Speers in "ShakeSPEAR," and Speers even share the Spree crescents.

Therefore, we can take this picture to the Spree river of Lusatia because it flows beside Silesia, and Silesia is where Prokopps were first found while Prokopia was the mother of Melissena Rangabe. Heraldry snitches on the bloodline realities not recorded in history.

Abraham lived in Hebron, and Simple's share the motto of Hebrons/HEPburns. HIPs'/Hipkins share the sphinx with Prokopps, can we believe it? The Spree river also enters Saxony, where KEPke's were first found who share the goat (different colors) with Moline's. The Simple and Hebron motto is, "KEEP tryst." Fortunately, I know from recent digs that Saxony is where Weiss' were first found who have the Kepke goat in both colors of the Moline goats!!! SNITCH JOB EXTRAORDINAIRE.

The Kepke's are also "KOPke," looking related to "ProKOPia." I trace Kepke's to "Kiev" because I had a friend by that name whose father is Ukrainian. Inger the Varangian, though nobody online has the sense to say so, must have been from Varangians of Kiev, for Byzantines were not apt to make alliances with Varangians of Scandinavia. Inger is the earliest Varangian of all, yet he's not even mentioned in articles on Varangians. He must be a hot-potato secret of the rulers over our end-time education. He was the husband of Melissena Rangabe.

Now lookie here at the games the rulers play. Inger's daughter was Eudokia, wife of emperor Leo VI "the Wise." Hee-hee, it must be code for the Weiss', for Weis' are also Wise's, first found in Bavaria with Rothes'/Rothchilds and Bauers, and Adam Weishaupt, a Jew, and perhaps a Khazar Jew, founded the Bavarian Illuminati in the days of the first Rothschild, Mayer Bauer.

The Speers/SPEYers we saw above were first found in Renfrewshire with Peter Pollock, who was commissioned by the king to build Rothes castle on the SPEY river. Peter was named after the village of Pollok, and the Spree river is over by Poland i.e. Poles must have named Pollok, and Poles must have lived in that area. The daughter of Eschyna de MOLLE married Peter's brother, and thus this tends to prove that Mole's were a Moline branch, and that Moline elements had been at the Spree-river theater. Why did Peter's family / father move to Pollok? Was he descended from something at the Spree-Polish area?

Peter's father was Fulbert, the first name also of "the tanner" of Falaise...making it appear that Peter descended from Moline's of Falaise stock, perhaps from the Moline-connectable Weiss'. I almost forgot: German Wies' (not "Weis") were first found in Silesia! And English Wise's (mace likely for Ferte-Mace) were first found in Devon with Moline's! Roquefeuil is in Aude province -- the line that named Rockefellers, Fellers and Falaise-like Fallis' -- and "aude" is a motto term of English Wise's.

OH WOWWIE. Kupe's/Coops (East Prussia, may have touched upon the Spree river), if their cups are ignored, are not only in Kepke/Kopke colors and format, but they have a gold-on-blue moline half in the colors of the gold-on-purple moline of Byzantine empress Irene!!! We have hit pay dirt.

One day, I saw a female sphinx in Wikipedia's article on Phanagoria, and the face of this sphinx reminded me a little of Miss Peare, the teen girlfriend of my friend, Mr. Kepke. I had a feeling to click around (with the mouse) to see if there was something to this, and soon clicked to an article, starting from the Phanagoria page, having a KEPoi location a few miles away. I often highlight "pro" motto terms in heraldry because I think they are from Pero / Peare liners, and so note "PROcopia," for the sphinx looked to me like Miss Peare.

Kepoi overlooks the Azov sea, and is a little east of Alania/Iron, and not far south of Khazaria. Kepke was a pure blond at 20; nobody else in his family was, and so I think God arranged his hair because Herodotus said that Budini of the Kiev area were blonds. The ROXolani Alans lived smack with/beside the Budini, the same who named Roquefeuil. I'll show below why a Budini branch may have named Bithynia.

Keeps were first found in Sussex with Coopers/Coppers. The Kupe/Coop moline suggests that ProCOPia was descended from the Athenian branch above with gold-on-purple moline. Her father was Nikephoros, who took the Byzantine throne from Irene, and she is the one descended from the gold-on-purple moline. Both Irene and Nikephoros are said to have been of the Isaurian dynasty, from near Cetis.

Melissena Rangabe's son-in-law, Leo "the wise," is said to be the son of emperor Basil, and it just so happens that English Basils share the three pellets of Nike's/Nicholsons, suggesting that the latter were descended from NIKEphoros, or whatever named him.

However, Wikipedia's article on emperor Michael III has him married to Eudokia Rangabe rather than Leo the Wise married to her, and then has she and Michael as the parents of Leo the Wise.

English Basils are excellent here because they were first found in Yorkshire with English Lacys/Lace's (purple "FRET knot") who, like Basils, show nothing but pellets, and then Irish Lacys/Lace's use a purple lion, likely the one of the Yorkshire Skiptons, signalling now that these purple colors are from the purple-Shielded Athenian dynasty.

English Pace's have Byzantium-like besants on a purple Shield, much like the Coat of Varn-like Farndons, and Pace's were once said to be first found in Cheshire with Farndon and the Meschins who married Skiptons. Skippers/Skypps have more besants, and were first found in Sussex with Pellets, Keeps, Coopers, and with the Packs who share the anchor of Paisleys (Renfrewshire with Speers), the latter having been a branch of Italian Pasi's/Pace's (share crossed spears with Speers). Neat tidy little work.

At this point, I need to mention emailer Pollock, who had a porphyria disease named after purple urine, or so some say. She and others were seeking the root of this genetic disease. The Byzantine emperors were at times surnamed, Porphyrogenita = "PurpleBorn." Emailer Pollock told me that her husband, Mr. Spear, was murdered in connection to something at Stanford University, which had become infested with Illuminati elements, according to those in-the-know. She was at least part Jewish, and she re-married a Jew. Jewish Pollocks probably share the bend of Jewish Rothchilds (not "Rothschild").

It was due to her that I became familiar with Pollock kin and history, and it was she who found an article telling that a king commissioned Peter Pollock to build Rothes castle. There is not much to be found online about this, maybe because it's a hot secret. Pollocks now look like they could find inclusion as Illuminati material, if any of their members wish to go satanic in league with end-time billionaires of the Rothschilian kind, the type who never have enough money because they inhumanly know no shame.

The English and Scottish Michael surnames look like Meschin kin, and so the heraldic besant can depict both Byzantine lines from Michael Rangabe, and the line of the Bessin over which Meschins ruled. This can discover that queen Basina of France was a Byzantine, and for this cause we can appeal to the line of her husband, Childeric, which is to Childs. Her son with Childeric was king CLOVES, and Clubs/CLOBBES' (Child colors and format) were first found at Cheshire's Farndon, and I just showed you the purple-Shielded Farndons. Making sense.

In colors reversed, the Child eagle is red, and that's the color of the giant Constance eagle, in both colors of the giant FERTE eagle. Meschins were likely from Ferte-Mace. The "AppeTITUS" motto term of Constance's can be partly for Titus', first found in Hertfordshire with Childs. The Constance's can be from Roman emperor Constantine, the founder of Roman Byzantium.

The Ferte eagle has blue talons, identical with the Cusson Coat, and then while Cousins were first found in Norfolk with Khazar-connectable Case's, English Cassons/Cassane's are absolutely traceable, even by their Cassandra variation, to king Cassander of Macedon. Emperor Basil above was Macedonian.

If we follow the Cusson eagle to the same one of Cuists, we can then go to Kiss'/Cush's and their two branches, the CASS'/Cash's and Custs, and from there we go to the Custer variation of English Cussons above. The Kiss'/Cush's and their two branches all use "fountains", and then Fountains (Norfolk again) were kin of Hugs while Hugo's, first found in BASEL (Switzerland), use the mermaid suspect as code for Melissena Rangabe. Basel is near the domain of the Varangian line of Veringers in Keep-related Baden, which now (thanks to Hugo's of Basel) makes VeRINGERs suspect from Inger the Varangian, the mermaid's husband.

Fountains and Hugs -- the latter first found in Languedoc with Font-de-Ville's who happen to use a purple "flag" -- share the lion of Khazar-like Cassars (not "Casser"). French Cassons, sharing the Meschin and Flag/Fleck scallops, are also Cassers. They were first found in Gascony with MARTELs, perfect for the MARTLets of sphinx-using Hips/Hipkins (Norfolk with Case's). As French Charles' use martlets, it seems certain that martlets are code for the French-royal line of Charles Martel.

French Martels were first found in Gascony with French MARTINs, how amazing is that? Melissena Rangabe is online also as Melissena MARTINakia, though I don't as yet know how that can be her surname unless either her mother or alternative husband was a Martinakia.

Wikipedia has an article on Theophano Martinakia, wife of emperor of Leo VI (The Wise), yes the husband of Melissena Rangabe's daughter. Leo is said by one Wikipedia to be the son of emperor Basil the Macedonian.

The English Basil Coat is in the colors and format of the French Amour Coat. I'm not familiar with the latter, but found them now as per the so-called Amorian dynasty founded by emperor Michael II, who succeeded Michael Rangabe. It seems that if this second Michael took the first Michael's throne name, the second may have been a Rangabe too, or else from the blood of Prokopia. Amours, sharing the triple stars of POLtons (Cheshire) have the Coat of POLESdons (Cheshire) in colors reversed. I don't at the moment see how the Coats of Amore's, Amori's or Damorys/Amori's might connect to these imperial families.

Amorians are from Amorium, in the theater of mythical Cybele and the Phrygians. It brings us near to Akmonia, home of Severus, father of the Bassus' whom I see developing into the Roman-imperial Bassianus' (predated queen Basina), very trackable to queen Basina. The Bassianus' didn't ascend the Roman throne until they married another Severus, the emperor Septimius, possible namer of Septimania.

Iron is an alternative name for Alania (Caucasia), and Khazars were founded at the Terek river of Alania. I've read that the line of Attila the Hun was at the Terek as Khazar ancestry. The ARDon location and river is in Alania too, and "PicARDY" looks related. When read as "PICardy," the Pechenegs come to mind who lived amongst/beside Khazars. So, what I can say is that Irene was named after Iron-of-Alania elements, and that mythical Orion represented a real-world entity descended from Alania, suspect from URANus, for both gods had a urine symbol. Uranus' son, "Cronus," could easily have become, "Orion." A corn is a horn.

The last update showed Leslie's from Khazars into Hungary, and Leslie's were kin of Case's, who likewise became suspect from Khazars in the last update. Case's, first found in Norfolk with Orions/Irons, share buckles with Leslie's, and Buckle's were first found in Suffolk with Khazar-like Caesars. Norfolk is where Crows were first found while Scottish Caseys use the heads of a "crow. Amazingly, Scottish Caseys were first found in Lanarkshire with BIGGARS, and so see this from the last update:

Douglas' descend from Hardys, explaining why LockHARTs have a form of the Douglas Coat, with heart included, and the beauty here is that Lockharts and Hardys were first found in Lanarkshire with Biharia-like Biggars! Menumorut of the Moray-like Mures river (Transylvania) was a Khazar ruler at Biharia!!!

So, yes, it appears that Caseys and Case's had been Khazars. Plus, Norfolk is where sphinx-using Hips/Hipkins were first found, and another sphinx is with Brocuffs/PROKOPPS, suspect with Prokopia, wife of Michael I Rangabe, grandparents of Melissena Rangabe.

Basil is interesting here for my claim that mythical Melusine is the heraldic mermaid, and code for Melissena Rangabe, for Hugo's, first found in Basel, use the mermaid. In any case, the last update had some material on queen Nysa of Cappadocia, descendant of Cassander of Macedon, and while "Nysa" is to the NICE/Ness surname, it just so happens that English Martins share the Nice/Ness Coat! Wow. We now know that Martins are from, or to, the Byzantine Martinakia's.

Basel was born beside Bithynia, and queen Nysa of Bithynia was the granddaughter of Nysa of Cappadocia. Thus, Basil becomes suspect from the blood of these Nysa's. French Basils even share the crown of French Martels, perfect because Basil's mother was a Martinakia.

Wow. Basil was born in CHIAROpolis, and it just so happens that Chiaro's/Charo's/Claro's were first found in Ferrara with the Capelli's who in turn share the "chapeau" with Buttons/BIDENs with a Budini-like Budin variation, and "Biden" is like "BITHYNia"! But there's more because Buttons/Bidens use "horns" for tracing to Orion, and they look like bull horns while Chiaro's/CHARO's/Claro's use a giant bull! "Charo" is a motto term of English Josephs, first found in Hampshire with Buttons/Bidens.

As Buttons/Bidens use one of the double Nice/Niss fesses, it appears that Buttons/Bidens and Butts/Bute's/Boets descend from the Nysa's too, and that makes the Sadducee house of Boethus suspect from that same line. In fact, Sadducees entered history about the time of one of these Nysa's. And "chapeau" looks like "Caiaphas" while "Ferrara" looks like it was named after Pharisees.

Then, it just so happens that Prokopia above, who married the first-known Rangabe, was the daughter of NIKEphoros! So nice.

Wikipedia's article on Melissena's husband (Inger) says: "Inger married Melissena Martinakia, a descendant of Heraclius, with whom he had several children including the future empress Eudokia Ingerina." As he seems named after Hercules, it's notable that Hercules was given mythical Hebe for a wife, a Hebrew entity feasibly. Hercules was a Danaan, a peoples of Argos, and the goddess of Argos, Io the white cow, was placed by a myth writer at the Bosphorus, where emperor Basil was born, son of Melissena's daughter.

French Martins share the castle of CASSels, and Scottish Cassels share the chevron of Irish Caseys. Repeat from above: "The listing of Irene's with Orions/Irons/KENirons startled me because I trace them to proto-Kennedy Kenites suspect at Schimatari / Tanagra, home of mythical Orion." Scottish Cassels have most of the Scottish Kennedy Coat.

Then there's Poppo of GRABfeld, which can switch us to Apophis/Apepi liners. "Poppo was a 'leading man of the Franks' in 838-839, when he and several other noblemen, including Gebhard, Count of the LAHNGau, Count Adalbert of METZ and Archbishop Odgar of Mainz opposed Louis the German's revolt against Emperor Louis the Pious." Pepin of LANDin married Miss Metz, and Landens/Landers share the six pale bars of Lahngau-like Langleys. Langhe in Piedmont is not far from Laevi and Marici of Pavia/Papia, and I think the Marici were Marsi / Merovingian elements, as were Pepins. The latter share the camel head with Crows and Crawls.

Lahngau was apparently related to Orange-Nassau because they used the Arms of both; the Arms of Orion-like Orange is the hunting horn. I'm reading from one tree page that Gebhard of Lahngau was a son of EUDES, and then EUDOKia RANGabe may have been of "ORANGE."

The Metz surname uses a giant besant as an "orb," and then places more besants upon the besants, and I see this picture from the Bassus' of Olba (Cetis), which was apparently ORBA too, but I see the Bassus' becoming, over one or two generations, the Byzantine-like Bassianus'. Therefore, the Metz besants make it appear that Bassianus elements to the Rangabe Byzantines got married to Pepin of Landen.

Kabar-like McCabe's use a "mori" motto term to go with the Mures-river Khazars that I see at Moray. The latter was at times called, "Moravia," and I say that European Moravia was named by Merovingians about the time of Gebhard above. McCabe's are also MacAbbe's while ABBEville is near Airaines of the Orions/Irons, and thus the Scottish island of Arran, where McCabe's/MacAbbe's were first found, looks related to Orion / Airaines liners. Compare "GEBHARd" to "Kabar," or even to the Caucasian province of KABARDino (where Kabars lived).

German Gabe's/Gaube's/Goobs, sharing the Shield of English Gabe's/GABARs, share the white horse with Pepins/Pepys, and moreover have swords in saltire in the colors of the flory cross that is the Arms of Michael I Rangabe. Gabe's were first found in Baden with the Varangian-line VerINGERs, making the latter look like they could have been from Inger.

Lahngau was named after the Lahn river at the Hesse theater, and Hesse's share the Cohen/Kahn/Kagan sub. English Lawns/Lane's, sharing a demi-horse (different color) in Crest with Gabe's, were first found in Staffordshire with Pepin-branch Pipe's, and with Arrows/Arras who can apply where arrows are the only item showing on Ingers/Inders/Henders. I can't be sure that the latter are from Inger the "Varangian GUARD" of Byzantium, but note the "Garde" motto term of English Lawns/Lane's because someone might have given him that title knowing he was of Gard(a) elements.

The Inkers/Ingstars (possibly the Renfrew ship) share the motto and tree of Hamiltons (Renfrewshire). INKers/Ingstars were first found in Orkney with LINKletters, and letter-branch lauders were first found in Berwickshire with TATE's and Home's/Hume's having a motto, "True to the END." Ingers/HENDERs are also Enders, and True's are listed with Tree's. Orkney is off the coast of Caithness, and it just so happens that HENDERsons ("NOBILiTAT") were first found in Caithness. It now appears that Inger's line merged with Hendersons (Andersons?) to form the Henders. Anders-like Andrews were first found in Caithness too. Caithness is from the Chatti of HESSE-Cassel, the Lahngau area.

The Keith Catti were first found in East Lothian with NOBILs, beside the Sinclairs of Roslin who came to rule Orkney. Nobils not only share the double lions of German Michaels for a trace to Michael Rangabe, but add besants. Ahh, Endys/Hendys/Hendleys were first found in Surrey with English and Scottish Michaels! AHHH, and Handle's / Handels, first found in Silesia with Brocuffs/PROKOPPs, share the Moray Coat!!! MICKLEover is in Derbyshire, where the Sola's were first found who are in the Henderson motto.

This recalls my dream with the door handle to my Jeep, and Jeepma's happen to share the hexagram of German Michaels! I didn't know until now that Handle's are from Inger, husband of Miss Rangabe.

Irish Lawns/Lane's share the bend that is the Arms of Baden, shared also with Keeps and Lorraine's (and Casimirs) both of which descended from Maria of Kiev (wife of Casimir), daughter of king Vladimir of Kiev. Vlads are not only in the colors of the Arms of Rangabe, but share the hexagram of German Michaels. The latter's Coat looks related to the Weirs/Vere's, first found in Roxolani-line Roxburghshire, and thus Vere's look like they descended from the Kiev Varangians. Roxburghs share the white horse head with Pepins, Pipe's and Keep-loving Hebrons.

While Weirs/Vere's (share motto of English Vere's/VAIRs) share the stars of Cohens/Kagans while German Cohens and Hohens share the Shields respectively of Vere-connectable Fers/Ferrats and VAIRs/Fers'. Warings/Wearings, first found in Devon with Ware's and Wears/Were's, share the checks of Warrens and PAPE's/POPE's/Popps.

I would have done more, but didn't have time this week.


Here's a good few thoughts on the current CIA that should lead you to believe that literal gangsters have being installed in powerful positions:

The latest revelations on Jeffrey Epstein was spilled by The Wall Street Journal, owned by News Corp, and it just so happens that Rupert Murdoch, owner of Fox news, owns much of News Corp. Wikipedia: " Fox Corporation, which is News Corp's sister company and successor to the former 21st Century Fox, is also owned and controlled by the Murdoch family." Murdoch is the founder and current Chairman of News Corp, and so this latest spill could be the first in a string as news fillers to keep the news off of court cases against Epstein accomplices now going forward. I've suggested that Murdoch and others at Fox have been partnered in some capacities with Epstein. The Wall Street Journal is withholding some/most of the documents and redacting those released, and we can easily imagine Murdoch behind that situation:

Here's Trump deflecting and protecting Ghislaine Maxwell, pretending he knows nothing about her role with Epstein:

Last week, we heard that Fox viewership for the 8-9pm slot with Carlson was down by half, no surprise, but Megyn Kelly reports this week that Hannity, at the 9-10-pm slot, is down by almost 40-percent, and Laura Ingraham at 10-11 pm is down about 20-percent.

Here's an alternative and juicy theory that Ukraine got Carlson fired because the president there controls Biden with blackmail:

One way the blackmail can work is: Zelensky calls the CIA and demands that Murdoch fire Carlson immediately because he's opposing the Ukraine war. If the CIA refuses, Zelensky will reveal some Biden corruption in Ukraine that was facilitated and enjoined by the CIA. This wouldn't work unless the CIA had Murdoch under its thumb, and that seems to be the truth according to Rupert's track record at Fox. Zelensky's problem is that Carlson can strike back (at Zelensky) with his next news job.

It's simple, it's deadly. Electricity from outside of the body can energize graphene-oxide, and turn it to heat sufficiently hot to burn cells. That can kill if this poison is in a vital location. Nobody knew as yet that Pfizer was using graphene-oxide experimentally when their claims came forth that this material was found in Pfizer's COVID vaccines. It has NOT been approved for in-human use. It is regarded as a poison, and therefore Pfizer is guilty of poisoning nobody-knows how many.

Reiner Fuellmich had said that there was a class-action law suit filed in Canada, to be followed by others elsewhere, against vaccines in some capacity. I welcome news like that. I still pray to God to shame those murderers before all of humanity, so very important to do. Here's from early this past March: "Several former municipal employees from municipalities across Ontario, including locally, have filed a $125.9M class action lawsuit in connection to the Province of Ontarioís COVID-19 vaccine mandates, which the plaintiffs claim were unconstitutional."

Here's a recent story, a class-action law suit against trudeau's government asking reparations for COVID illnesses and deaths:

A class-action law suit by 500 citizens against the Australian government and related accomplices:

When the government allows vaccine companies to go protected from law suits from citizens, then the government is placing itself in the responsible position. When the government shows no regard for vaccine-injured citizens after getting vaccines companies off the hook, how's that going to look to an honest judge when the government de-facto forced workers to vaccinate apart from assuring that the COVID vaccines were safe, and while there was ample evidence of on-going injuries and even deaths?

The government would like to argue that there was no evidence that increased deaths were due largely to COVID vaccines, but an honest judge would rule that "unexplained" deaths recorded by government agencies (even if the causes are unknown officially), when they are concurrent with the vaccine roll-out, requires governments to shut down vaccination programs immediately. It's as simple as that, and governments have only one way to get away with what horrors they committed: corrupt judges. When a government allows two years to go by without raising the injury flag, it becomes criminally responsible for the injuries. When the dope pusher doesn't inform new buyers of his knowledge that previous buyers were killed by the same dope, the pusher is guilty of murder.

Dr. John Campbell calls out the American government for failing to withdraw vaccinations in spite of the dangers. Youtube is apparently afraid to censor Campbell as it does others so fast / easily. He gives the impression that a Boston study with dangerous spike proteins is deliberately reporting false conclusions, no surprise at all:

If you would like to watch Stew Peters beat up on the CBC with his typical sandpaper-to-the-face approach:

Here's what China's been doing in canada, and trudeau didn't do anything about it...meaning he's guilty of complicity with a foreign nation(s) when it acts to muzzle outspoken Canadians:

Here's Jordan Peterson trying to pass himself off as a Christian in a video entitled, "Here's Why the Bible is True." There are many Christians praising him for the jibber-jabber irrelevance he panders in this 6 minutes, cramming the whole of it with what belongs in a secular hall rather than in the ears of Christians. Not once does he mention God or Jesus or even a Biblical concept that a typical Christian is familiar with. I don't know what his game is in this video, but it's not Christian, and he never answers the question in the title of the video. It's a sound-good-to-Christian title followed by a cult of language that he's developed for himself:

Tucker Carlson is in a video speaking to 9-11 truthers, denying the 9-11 truth. And when he was asked his opinion on how Building 7 came down, he refused to answer (because there is no answer when taking his position on the event as a whole), and only after being asked that question did he double-down calling truthers nuts jobs, parasites, not worth speaking to as adults. Therefore, Tucker cannot be trusted, especially now that videos came out this week showing that his TV personality is not what he is off-camera. He's now claiming to be a Christian, and yet he's got a sewer mouth.

I'm telling you this because lately, he's telling people that the fall of Building 7 looks like proof that the building was taken down by the government. In other words, if he was denying 9-11 as an inside job PURELY because Fox or other news orgs wouldn't allow him to tell his true feelings, then there was no need to go as far as ridiculing truthers as he did, but by doing so, he shows himself to be a liar, and so why should we trust him now? He may be feigning coming clean in order to get Republicans to trust him, but what's he really up to? Using them to make $100M on his new job going forward?

It's not enough for Tucker to now give appearances of believing an inside job just when he needs truthers to maximize his viewership if he's thinking to cater heavily to conservatives now. He needs to explain why he had the attitude that he did when calling truthers "parasites," which is not even an apt word even if truthers were wrong. The real parasites are those who conducted 9-11, sucking the money dry of the country, and Tucker acted as their accomplice by acting as though he could not conceive of how Building 7 was brought down by a standard demolition technique. In street language, this is called a "dick." And now he wants to be Mr. Everything?

I don't easily think that nano-technology can create microscopic chips that serve as little mother boards, things that you may have seen on Stew Peters. However, I owe it to you to share this video where someone claims that this nano-technology is being injected by dentists. You decide on the veracity of this report, whether it's a fake story intended to keep people from visiting dentists:

Court cases against the COVID fiends are still ramping up slowly but surely, and so it appears that Biden's CDC director quit this week likely (the timing is right) because she sees that she's going to be lumped in with this massive crime. For a long time, these criminals thought that nothing could go wrong with their perfect crime, and so they delved deeper into it with their own roles. And that means they became more guilty. If ever the hammer comes down, it will come down harder. Still hoping that the hammer comes down while I'm still very angry. It is not weak to be angry in the face of mass murder; it is a requirement, for a normal person.

Here's evidence, from the E.U. itself, that the Dutch government is NOT shutting down their farmers due to local (in Holland) environmental concerns, as claimed, for the E.U. admits that it wants farmers to shut down operations while signing a paper promising not to start farming ANYWHERE within the E.U. Thus, the EU exposes itself in the very midst of heist: the E.U. plans on providing foods for the people from alternative sources i.e. from its pro-globalist buddies (= communist redistribution). The farmers must not cave to this E.U. buy-out because the money comes from tax-payers to destroy the conventional food supply of the tax-payers (including farmers) by fascist thugs who will strike with their heavy hand to produce misery:

Note what the lady says in the 8th minute, that 40-percent of all foods end up in the land-fill, meaning there is much more food in the world than humans and their animals need. The globalists are constantly lying to us in this regard. Instead of trying to make farm foods go further, the goons are trying to destroy the farmers. What does this tell us? They want to put sewage into our foods and laugh at us, trust me, these are sheer goons.

This anti-farmer agenda is clearly a grand conspiracy intended to cripple all nations. Punch these animals straight to their faces, kick them in the groin, put boots to their arses, vote them out, cry slander with one voice against them because they deserve it, show no mercy. Show united muscle, we are far bigger and stronger than they, and they are acting criminally so as to weaken their position before judges. They have no science to back their claim that cows contribute to climate change, for there is no proof of a climate-change crisis until sea levels rise. It is a Dutch ruse to claim that farmer fertilizer is toxic to the environment.

Here's the EU faction fighting persistently against the next pandemic coming down the sewer pipe:


Here's all four Gospels wrapped into one story.

For Some Prophetic Proof for Jesus as the Predicted Son of God.
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