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May 16 - 22, 2023

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It was nice while it lasted. Hall of Names is no longer showing the descriptions of the Coats of Arms presented at House of Names, but I have many of them recorded in my past updates from which to find some.

I find the following interesting as per a new and offensive Miller Lite commercial that seems to be kicking against all the people who have stopped buying Bud Light. To set this up, I'll first repeat that a Kilpatrick family that attended the same church as myself is in an online photo with Spuds MacKenzie, mascot of Bud Light. Therefore, when I loaded Millers yesterday to find the Scottish branch first found in Dumfries with Kilpatricks, it caught my attention, prompting a deeper look.

To follow better, load Millers now to load and view other surnames on another Internet tab.

At the sight of the "Manent" motto term of Scottish Millers, the Manens were loaded (no Manent surname comes up) who were first found in Galway with the Kennys whose "LUCeat" motto term begins to suggest that they were a branch of the Kenneths/MacKenzie's using a "Luceo" motto term. Plus, I purchased my Texas property (about ten minutes from the Kilpatricks) from Mrs. Teague, and while Teague's/Teegers were first found in Galway with Kennys, my septic system was installed by LUCE Construction, which I've said a few times before, I'm not making this up.

"LuCEAT," by the way, looks like part-code for the CEDES'/Seats because Kenneth-like Kennati priests were at CETIS (Cilicia). I trace the "OPtem" motto term of Teague's/TEEGERs to OPgalli, wife of king TIGRanes VI of Armenia i.e. near Cilicia. "Cede" is a motto term of Amore's, and while the Cetis/Cettier surname uses a giant lily, Lille's were first found in Oxfordshire with Amore's. Lilys are in Luce and Steer colors and format, and Steers share a "Tu ne cede" motto phrase with same-colored Amore's. Steers can be of the Styre variation of English Sturs (Hampshire with Lily-connectable Lise's/Liss') while the Asters/Sturs are suspect in the "astra" motto term of Kenneths/MacKenzie's. Cetis'/Cettiers were first found in Provence with Liss-connectable Lizarts/Sarde's. French Lise's/LYS' are in the lily that is otherwise called a "fleur-de-lys." Lille in Artois is near the Lys river that goes to Ghent, and Ghents were first found in Hampshire with Lise's/Liss'.

Luce's were first found in Norfolk with Patricks (share Kilpatrick saltire), and while a septic system is a shit system, the new Miller commercial had women speaking "shit" about a dozen times, and while Teague's have an "optem" motto term, Scottish Millers have an "optima" motto term. Doesn't this heraldry appear arranged by God? If not God, who arranged it? Nobody else could have. The Time's/Timms (Kent) suspect with "optima" share the Kenny fleur-de-lys.

The Luce write-up says that this family were lords of Dice, and the Dice write-up says that the Dice location was formerly, Disce, and it just so happens that there's a blue roundel in the Bud/Bude Crest, and the blue roundel in the Crest of Webbers is called a "disc"! Zinger, for Webbers use a "praeLUCENT" motto term while Lucents list Luce-like Luca's! This heraldic set is now linking to the "shit" theme of Miller Lite.

A video I watched yesterday said that both Miller and Coors Light are "woke" along with Bud Light, and here I'd like to add that Wake's almost have the Coat of Mule's while Walks/Wachs were first found in Dumfries with Scottish Millers. The Wake roundels are shared by Dice's, and then Luce's, in Shitt/Shute colors and near-format, love the Pike's, first found in Devon with Mule's, Moline's and Molsons/Moltons, and even with English Beers. Scottish Millers use a moline cross with what I suspect are fish-tail ends. The three, white vertical pike fish of Luce's look connectable to the three vertical, white fish of Ways/WEIGHs, first found in Devon too, and the Weiks/Weeks/Wicks (Surrey with FIDDLE's/Fidelows) are said to have been at WOKing. Wake's list Waiks/WAYke's. Molsons have a "FIDELis" motto term.

New: I don't bring up the Cetis surname much, but on this occasion, I noticed that their Cettier variation is like the Cutter surname (Dorset, beside Drake's of Hampshire) which happens to have dragon heads while Lizarts/Sarde's were first found at DRAGuignan of Provence. Therefore, Cetis'/Cettiers (first found in Provence) may have been in a rulership position in Draguignan, and Cutters suddenly look connectable to Cetis. Cutters were first found in Dorset with the Caens who in turn use "PERimus liCITIS" for a motto, and Peare's (share Caen leopard face) were first found in Oxfordshire with Amore's, the ones with a "cede" motto term.

I trace Cutters to "Keturah," Abraham's second wife, and ABRAM-like Bramtons share a dog head (different color) in Crest with Amore's and their Damory/Amori branch while Italian Amori's were first found in SARDinia! It thus appears that the tribe having named Keturah, or even a tribe from her own self, named Cetis. Heraldic cats are highly suspect as code for this place. Mythical Cadmus' brother was code for Cilicia, and therefore CETIS had become suspect from the CADUSii Armenians represented partly by "Cadmus."

I trace Drake's to a Drago river of Sicily, but I'm not familiar with the Drago surname (Genova), which shares a giant wyvern dragon (different color) with Drake's and German Dragons. Dragons/Drainers (share helmet with Irish KENNEDys), who were kin of Mans/Ments suspect in the Kenny Crest, were first found in Kenneth-like Kent. The Chief-Shield combination of Kents is shared by Cutters, Brocuffs, and Brocks, and the latter were first found in Essex with the Chance's/Chaunceur's who share the Kent lion. Brocuffs were first found in Silesia with Shitt-connectable Sitlers/SCHITners.

As these are "light" beers, I'll add that Lights were first found in Somerset with Dice-connectable Webbers, and with the Strongs who in turn share the Dice eagle. Somerset is between Devon and the first-known Shitts/Shute's of Wiltshire, where eye-using Stars were first found, and Eye is a location right beside Diss. Somerset is where Scottish Roets were first found who owned the Catherine wheel used in giant form by German Millers/MUELLers. Roets share the BOW/Bough motto while Buds/Bude's share the bow with Bows/Bough's.

Plus, the Weiks/Weeks/Wicks use axes likely for a family on an Axe river in Somerset (one Axe river ends in Devon) because eye-using BATTINs/Badens, first found in Somerset with Wedge's/Weggs/Waggs, use axes too. A so-called "baton" is in the Way/Weigh Crest, and English Batons/Bastons were first found in Cornwall with Buds/Bude's, Wedge-beloved Witch's/WAGE's/Wichs, and proto-Washington Wassa's/WACE's who in turn can be gleaned as a Wake branch because Mule's (almost the Wake Coat) are in Washington colors and format. The Washington Crest is a raven, and there is a raven also in the Beer Crest.

The Nons in the "Luceo non uro" motto of Kenneths/MacKenzie's were first found in Ayrshire with the Ure's/Orreys (Ayrshire with Kenneth-like Kennedys) suspect with the "uro" motto term in the same motto, and Orrs/Ore's can be gleaned as Wake kin. Plus, the Orr/Ore motto loves Bone liners too while Hicks have a "bon HEURE" motto phrase while Eure's come up as "Ure" too. Mrs. Kilpatrick was born, Miss Hicks. Hicks are said to have had a branch at St. Ewe (Cornwall), and Ewe's/Cuists and Cussons (suspect with the Kilpatrick "cushions") have a giant eagle colors reversed from the Dice/Diss eagles. Eure's share the quadrants of German Mans/Manners.

In the 1st update of April, 2016, I had this: "...the Kenny Crest: "A hand grasping a roll of parchment." The other Kennys use: "A cubit arm in armor hand grasping a roll of parchment." Why not "holding"? Why is it "grasping?" The Ments in "parchment" were first found in Yorkshire with the Pings in "grasPING," and they share each other's bends in colors reversed. WALKers and Waggers/Wage's/WAYgers were first found in Yorkshire too. Pings, who list PUNGs/Pagans, share the fleur-de-lys of Kennys, and the Rims/Rums, first found in Dumfries with Millers, use a "PUNGit" motto term.

"PunGIT" is suspect partly with the Geds who were on the Nith river of Dumfries. The Geds happen to share pike fish with Geddes' and Luce's, and the Geds arrange their three fish in the same format and colors as the Way/Weigh fish while Walks/Wachs were first found in Dumfries too.

Both my property and the Kilpatricks were on the NUECES-river, and the Crest of News'/NUCES', first found in Cambridgeshire with Crabs, is likewise a "parchment" (as is the Kenny Crest). Cambridgeshire is also where Changer-loving Stanleys were first found who can be traced hard to Casino's, Chace's/Chase's and Chance's, the point being that Stanleys share the Kenneth/MacKenzie stag head. A Stanley character with Mrs. Kilpatrick became "buddy," and Botters/Buddys were first found in Hampshire with Cassane's/Cassandra's, Chace's/Chase's and Casino's. Dice go with casinos. Trump loves casinos.

Casino-branch Casano's/Cassandra's were first found in MODENa, and Modens were first found in Berkshire with Kenneth-like Kents who share the Chance/Chaunceur lion. The Kent Chief-Shield colors are shared by Brocks/Broke's, first found in Essex with Chance's/Chaunceurs. Kilpatricks were a branch of Pattersons/Cassane's. Kents share the lion of Irish Carys/Keerys, first found in KilKENNY, and English Carys were first found beside Kenns.

Kenny-beloved Parchments/Parchers are in the colors and near format of English Millers, very impressive. English Millers share "est" with Pepins/Pepys who in turn have the bend-with-fleur of Webbers in colors reversed. Webber branch Weavers use "Esto FIDELis" while Fiddle's/Fidelows share triple wolf heads (different color) with English Millers.

Ancient Apophis was also Apepi. Pepins/Pepys share the horse heads of English Este's, first found in Essex with MacKenzie-beloved Mountains. The Crest of English Este's was once the very same horse head in the Crest of English Bute's/Butts (Bud/Bude colors). Is that not looking like an heraldic Arrangement from centuries ago?

What does the Weaver antelope hold with its foot? It looks like the gold eSCUTcheon of Scute's, and then Shitts/Shute's (Wiltshire, beside Cheppe's/Kipps) are also Schute's, can we believe it? Keeps share the "weaver's shuttle" with Shuttleworths (Lancashire with Scute's), and more gold escutcheons are with Cheppe-connectable Chips/Chippers.

Between the two Scute escutcheons is the gold tower of Scottish Patents/Patients (Dumfries with Millers) while English Patents/Pattens, suspect with the patonce cross of Chance's, were first found in Essex with Chance's and Mountains. I'll re-explain below why the latter two point to the Apophis asteroid.

Apophis flies near to the earth in six years (and could strike the earth), visible to the eye in the crab constellation of CANCER. The Chance's above are also CHAUNCEURs. "Woke" is a modern synonym for "open, unashamed sin," and the sodomy advertised by Bud Light beer is an appropriate reason for God to send Apophis to the earth's surface. The corruption of mothers by the woke crowd is a runner-up reason.

Crabs list a Crail variation while Balcons, linkable to Bude-like Botters/Botini's, were first found in Crail. Crail is in Fife, where the first-known Geds were first found who share pike fish with Luce's, and then Lucca happens to be where Botters/Butini's were first found. English Botters/Buddys have an eagle in colors reversed from the Dice/Diss eagles.

The Luce write-up says that this family were lords of Dice, and the Dice write-up says that the Dice location was formerly, Disce, and it just so happens that there's a blue roundel in the Bud/Bude Crest, and the blue roundel in the Crest of Webbers is called a "disc"! Zinger, for Webbers use a "praeLUCENT" motto term while Lucents list Luca's! This heraldic set is now linking to the ignorant / low-life "shit" theme of Miller Lite.

Spuds MacKenzie had pointed to the Apophis ASTERoid mainly due to the "ASTRA" motto term of Kenneths/MacKenzie's as well as the "mountain in flames" in the Crest of the other Kenneths/MacKenzie's. This topic, which everyone should read because it seems to correspond with the 2nd Trumpet of Revelation, is at the top of the 3rd update of last month.

Again, the English Mountains (expected in the MacKenzie Crest) were first found in Essex with Chance's having a cancer-like Chaunceur variation. I'm repeating this because the giant Chance/Chaunceur cross is colors reversed from the giant moline cross of Scottish Millers, and the Moline surname happens to be first found in Devon with Molsons and Beers, hmmm.

There is a blue billet and wings in the Chance/Chaunceur Crest, and English Billets were first found in Devon with the Ware's (share RIND scallops) who in turn have the Chance lion in colors reversed, which is the lion of Chance-branch Chace's (have four of the Chance cross). Chace's/Chase's were first found in Hampshire with Miller-connectable Mile's (moline cross) and Mills (mill RIND) while Miles' (mill rind) were first found in Lincolnshire with KENNy-beloved Parchments/Parchers, while Kenns were first found in Devon with Moline's, and while Chance's use wings, Wings/Winks were first found in Perthshire with the RINDs.

Hampshire is also where Apophis-like Poppins/Pophams were first found who share a gold stag head with Kenneths/MacKenzie's. The Manner-branch Mens' in the Poppin/Popham motto with "mansit" looks connectable to the Manens suspect in the Miller motto. Scottish Mans come up as Ments, and we saw Ments above in the Kenny motto. That all works to make Poppins a good pointer to Apophis. The Pope's/Popps/Pape's share the checkered bend of Warings, the latter first found in Devon with Ware's, can we believe it?

Although there's no Coors surname coming up, MacKenzie-beloved Mountains have a Coat much like the one of Coeurs/Cours' (Brittany with Alans), and then same-colored Cours/Courciere were first found in Languedoc with French Mountains, French Julians, and French Alans (share Chief of French Julians). French Alans have a Coat like that of French Gore's/Jore's while English Gore's (Alan fesse in colors reversed) are also Coor-like Core's. French Julians share the saltire of Windsors who in turn share the Gore/Core crosslets. Gowers/Gore's (share white wolf with Gore's/Core's) almost have the triple fesses of Berrys (Devon with Beers) who in turn share the red griffin head in Crest with Chance's/Chaunceurs.

Chance's and Mountains together point to Apophis, and while the asteroid of the 2nd Trumpet is said to be "like a mountain" cast into the SEA, we therefore go to the German Drummonds, first found in Hamburg with German Trips. It just so happens that Sea's, sharing the triple-wavy fesses of German Drummonds, were first found in Kenneth-like Kent with English Trips and Gore's/Core's, both of whom share the same crosslets, which are even the crosslets of HAMburgs. Hams (and Hammers) were first found in Sussex with the Courts/Coverts in Coeur/Coors/Courts and Cours/Courciere colors. The Coeur/Cours/Court Coat is almost the one of Weis'/Weisers, and that looks like a pointer to BudWEISER beer.

Plus, Curtis'/Courtis', in the same colors again, have a "plowshare" in Crest and even have a Coat like that of Plows (Shropshire with Dol Alans) who in turn share the Crab and Dole fleur-de-lys, what are the chances unless Arranged in this way? Scottish Drummonds have triple fesses in the colors of the fessewise bars of Gowers/Gore's.

If that's not enough, Scottish Drummonds were first found beside their Drymen location in Stirlingshire, and as Stirlings are also Sturlings, it explains why the triple fesses of Scottish Drummonds are shared by STURs. Then, French Sturs list ASTERs suspect in the Kenneth/MacKenzie motto, the pointer to the asteroid.

To lend evidence to the idea that Spuds MacKenzie points both to the current disaster for Bud Light and to Apophis, Curtis/Courtis' and Plows both share the DANCEtty fesse of Buds/Bude's. Plus, new-to-me Coursys/Corcys (dancetty bend) almost have the Aster/Stur Coat, what are the chances? English Dance's share the lion head of Irish Farmers, and the Curtis/Courtis Crest is a "farmer" with a plowshare over his shoulder.

Gowers/Gore's almost have the motto of Monans, and both share the black flory cross. Monans evoke the Manens/Manons who came above from the "Manent" motto term of Scottish Millers. Manens/Manons share the triple crescents of Ains'/Hainsons, and the latter's crescents have wavy bars in the colors of the wavy fesses / bars of Sea's and Seamens. The latter are suspect in the motto of Nagle-beloved Gale's (Yorkshire with Hainson-like Hansons), and Nagle's/Neils/Nails have a saltire in the colors of the saltire-by-fish of Kidneys/GEDneys. The Sea fish is in the colors of the Kidney/Gedney fish.

Trump In the Troat of the Shark

This brings me to the Sleeping Beauty dream of about April 1, 1979, almost 50 years exactly from April 13, 2029, the date of Apophis' return to earth. The dream opened with a nasty shark in a KIDNEY-shaped pool, and it featured a bulldog which I've deciphered as Donald Trump for various good reasons. Spuds MacKenzie is a bulldog, an excellent way to prove that Mrs. Kilpatrick fulfilled Sleeping Beauty in this shark dream.

After I tried to save the bulldog when it was half into the shark's mouth, the scene switched to my being waist-deep in blue WATERs that I assume is a SEA, and I've since deciphered this as being on the shore of Jeffrey Epstein's island in the VIRGIN islands. I could argue that the Apophis asteroid is going to hit the sea for the likes of the Epstein crime ring. While the lion head of Muscats/Musks is shared by Virgins, Muschats and Waters (Essex with Muschats, MacKenzie-beloved Mountains, and an EPPing location) share the EPPstein Coat.

Waters are listed with Waterville's, as are Waterfords, and this Arms of County Waterford has the Trump stag head. How come? Trump was responsible for a global LOCK DOWN, which was the real pandemic, and no sooner had he unleashed it that the deep state shark swallowed him whole very possibly by a design of God, because the "pandemic" murdered people, and Trump was the chief killer, one could argue.

This paragraph is a new realization now. German LOCHs/Logens have a giant swan head in profile, in the colors and format of the giant stag head of German Trumps/Tromps. DOWNs, first found in Sussex with the Acorns (stag head) beloved of Dutch Tromps (shares split Fauci Shield), use a full stag in the colors of the Trump/Tromp stag head. LOCK DOWNs. Plus, the swans of Scottish Locks are upon blue water, and as Waters share the Epstein Coat, what might that tell us about Trump's associations with Jeffrey Epstein? Scottish Logens, first found in Ayrshire with the Nons in the Scottish Lock motto, have a "hoc" motto term while Hochs/Hoks have a giant swan in profile in the colors of the Trump stag head in profile, and the Loch/Logen swan head in profile. Scottish Logens share the red heart with Acorns and LOCKharts, and while the latter were Douglas kin, Douglas' (Moray with Bellys) share a crowned heart with Acorns.

The SHARK surname was first found in Tyrone with Irish Neils/O'Nails, and can we believe it: Scottish Logens use nails! There are nails in the Arms of Colchester (Essex with Waters) to explain why Neils/O'Nails share the red estoile with Colchesters.

The shark's teeth were locked-on around the bulldog's belly (head in the throat), and Douglas' were first found in Nagle-connectable Moray with Bellys. Bellys share the roses of Jumps who in turn share the Trump stag head, explaining why the bulldog jumped into the pool with a shark, but not until the dog walked past my knee (it was a British bulldog, about knee height). Knee's (County DOWN) share the Acorn stag head.

The shark had half-swallowed the dog, and while FitzAlans of Arundels were from Shropshire, where Swallow-like Sallows were first found, Arundels share black swallows with Swallows. The amazing thing discovered not many months ago is that the six pale bars of Sallows are used in colors reversed by the Italian Belli's in the Belly motto! See also Carpenters.

This Arms of SARACA (i.e. like "Shark") has a fish in the colors of the Ged fish, and colors reversed from the Kidney/Gedney fish. Moreover, my first date with Miss Hanson was in a Valiant car while Valiants (Yorkshire with Nagle-beloved Gale's and Hansons) use a shark.

Another new thing: the Troat surname. The bulldog was in the shark's THROAT, and Troats/Trots/TRUDE's (BEAR), possible a branch of Trudeau's, almost have the Sallow / Belli Coat. Belli's and Bellino's (bear LEG) were first found in Verona while Verona's, with possibly the Arms-of-Saraca fish, were first found in Ile-de-France with stag-using Trudeau's. Leggs almost have the Trump Coat.

The Valiant belonged to the Quinn family, and while Quinns were first found in Longford, Longfords share the Belli Coat while Langfords share the Troat/Trot/Trude Coat! What a staggering coincidence. These six pale bar belong to Pepin liners such as Landens/Landers / Langleys.

Another new thing: after "lock down" came to mind, I tried "panDEMIC" to find a "lege" motto term with Demicks/DeMoaks! Plus, Moaks have a gold rooster with red comb, same as the Lever/Liver rooster standing on a "trumpet"! Smack-dab. Pans are listed with French Payens/Pagans, and English Pagans are in Comyn colors and format while sharing a dagger with them. With the Shaw-Comyn relationship, we can add that English Pagans have a Coat like that of cup-using Kupe's/Koops, a Kepke/Kopke branch. The latter two surnames share the border of Justins (Perthshire with cup-using Shaws) for a potential pointer to justin trudeau, a treasonous WEFer madman. Someday, judges will turn and jail treasonous national leaders.

Cetis'/Cettiers are in Kepke/Kopke colors and format, and while the English Kidds share the giant Kepke/Kopke goat, Scottish Kids were first found in Dundee (with Fells) while Dundee's are said to have a giant lily...which happens to be in the colors of the giant lily of Cetis'/Cettiers. Thus, Kepke liners are hooking up to Cetis elements, and while the Kennati priests of Cetis worshiped Ajax, I trace "Ajax" to Jacks, first found in Yorkshire with Keppochs and sharing their fesse.

Daggers were a branch of Acre's/Ackers while another English Acker surname uses acorns.

The "timeo" motto term of English Pagans can be for the Time's/Timms (Kupe/Hoop colors) who not only share their fleur-de-lys, but have a white goat head in Crest, the colors of the Kepke/Kopke goat. Thus, this heraldic set tends to prove that Kepke liners were Time/Timm kin at least round-about. Plus, Kepke's/Kopke's were related to Weiss' and Kopff's (share black Weiss goat) while Weis'/Weisers (Bavaria of Kopffs and Keefers) share the Pan/Pagans and PERO hexagram, and "PRO" is a motto term of the Demicks/DeMoaks who came up with "panDEMIC."

Irish Keefers are also O'Keefe's, and there is/was an O'Keefe brand beer brewed by Carling and owned by Molson Coors. I didn't know Molson merged with Coors until now. German Keefers are also Geifers while Giffers/Giffords were first found in Devon with Molsons.

Another way to show that Kepke's were of the Keep-Lorraine line from Maria of Kiev is through the Rich's/Richess' from Lorraine through to Richters/RICKters. Ricks and Rush's/Rish's (Suffolk with Kepke-connectable Kidds) share the Kipling fesse. But I'm only getting started.

Richters show what I assume is a log, and then French Locks/DeLOGES' (Burgundy with Loges') share the cinquefoils of Gows/McGoo's, the latter first found in Inverness-shire with Gipps'/Gibbs'. The Fauch-beloved Thistle's are in the thistle of the Gow/McGoo Crest, and Thistle's have a Crest looking related to the Keven-branch Kews/Cue's (Norfolk with Wheats).

The Gow/McGoo Chief is in the colors of the Chief of Joseph-connectable Wheats in the "ears of wheat" of CHAPPES'/Cheaps while Gipps-like Kipps'/Kippers were first found in Hampshire with Josephs, Rich's/Richess' (Bottony crosses), and Bottons/BUTTON's/Bidens. I've told several times of Mr. Kepke's fleeting relationship with Maria Nigro of BUTTONville, and Nigro's have five "ears of wheat" colors reversed from the five keys of Sheaves'/Chiava's/CHIAPPoni's. Thus, L'Aquila's Sheaves' were of the Chappes'/Cheaps.

If the five items above are code for Quints, we need to add that the chevron of Quints (near first-known Levins) is shared by LEVENs and Keeblers (Suffolk with Kidds, Blonds and Blondville's). Quints, suspect from Quintus CAEPio, share the Blondville Chief. The triple Blond bars are in the colors of the triple chevrons of Levi's/Levine's, the latter first found in Ile-de-France with Scottish Chappes', and thus we seem to be on the line of Joseph Caiaphas, a prime Levite killer of Jesus. One of the triple Levi chevrons is used by Blond-beloved Foots and Fothes'/Fette's (near first-known Scottish Kidds).

Quints were once said to be first found in Dorset with Palins (and Chaffs and Chaffens), and so the black lion paw in the Quint Crest became suspect with the lion of Palins who happen to share the Keebler Chief. Palin-branch Plains/Platters were first found in Suffolk with the host above including Keeblers and LODGE's/Loge's. Quints were kin of Austins with a "corona" motto term suitable for this discussion as we continue. English Austins share the Keebler chevron and add a lodged stag suspect with the Lodge's/Loge's.

Back to Richters, first found in BRANDENburg. Kepke's share the gold-on-blue border with Wing-related Justins, and German Brandens/Brandels show nothing but wings. Plus, English Brands (Lincolnshire with English Brandens, Keppers/Caps', and early Laundrys), with more wings, are in the colors and format of Foots / Fothes' and Landrys, the latter first found in Lorraine, indicating a Maria-of-Kiev line named after some Brandenburg elite (i.e. some count/duke/baron of Brandenburg).

One of the two German Brands were first found in Saxony with Kepke's/Kopke's. English Brands even have a cockaTRICE while Trice's are listed with Trysts in the "Keep tryst" motto of Hebrons (Northumberland with Lorraine's). It's a red cockatrice, same as the Presleys who show two Abreu/Abruzzo symbols, and then the latter's Eure branch comes up as "Keever."

Presleys (largely in Hebron colors and format) were first found in Yorkshire with a Leeds location, and while Keppochs named Kippax at/beside Leeds, the Leeds have a gold COCKatrice. Cocks share the red rooster with the Crest of German Hanns while Hands/Hanns (Cheshire with Foots) are in the Coat of English Brands. German Hanns happen to share the giant rooster of Kopke-like Kopple's, first found in Nuremberg with Keips/Keipers. German Hanns are a branch of Trump-connectable Hahns. Stephen Hahn was Trump's chief vaccine pusher. Irish Keefers have more hands and the Lorraine lion in colors reversed.

For extra Kepke branches, Keeblers (Kepler colors) were first found in Suffolk with the Kidds sharing the Kepke/Kopke goat. It's also where Bohemia-line Babe's and Blonds were first found, and the nebuly bars of Foot-loving Blonds are shared as bends by Italian Maria's (Genova with Fauci's). Keplers, with a lozengy bend of Keeps, were first found in Bohemia.

I think it's amazing that the Kepler Coat is essentially the Lively/HIVely Coat in colors reversed, while Heckens/Hacks have goat heads in the colors of half the Kopff goat, while Kent HeckenLIVELY has sold books against poison vaccinations. Livelys/Hivelys and Keplers look like kin of English Payne's who in turn share the Giffer/Gifford motto. Gibbs look related to Lorraine's, Wells and Tailboys, which can explain why Wheelers/Whalers share the Lorraine lion. The Kepler lozenges are shared by Graff-beloved and Fauci-connectable Anchors/Annackers (compare Angers to Fauci's), suspect from the Biblical Anaki of Hebron.

In a spider-chase event at the Graff residence (at 14 years of age, five years before dating Miss Pero-like Peare), Mr. Kepke had pointed to graphene-oxide in COVID "vaccines," and it just so happens that vaccine-like Vychans/Vaughns (Shropshire with Sallows) share triple fleur-de-lys in the same format (different colors) with Time's/Timms and Pagans (almost have the Elon motto). As these fleur-de-lys look connectable to both Brown/Brun surnames, it can explain why the bendy of Scottish Pings/Pongs/Pagans (brown Crest) is in the colors of the Bruno bend!

As I've said many times, Kepke and I played lots of ping pong in his baseMENT, and Ments/Mants share the Ping/Pong/Pagan (Yorkshire with Scottish Ments/Mants) bends in colors reversed. Kepke had a dog at the time, Blacky, and Blacky's share the vaired chevron of Nero's/Neretti's (Florence with Bruno's) while Nerets share the Ment Coat exactly. Blacks were first found in Lincolnshire with Swallows.

Likewise first found in Yorkshire are the Saunts/Saints suspect in the "sunt" motto term of Moaks/Moke's/Mocks. The latter share "Cura" with DENhams while Irish Dene's share blue wings with Saunts/Saints. Wings/Winks were first found in Perthshire with their Kepke-connectable Justin kin, and with the Rinds sharing the scallops of Pie's suspect in the "pii" motto term of Moaks/MOKE's/MOCKs. The Nimo's (share Manning cinquefoils) list NewMOKE's/NemMOCKs, and were first found in Stirlingshire with Keep-like Cheaps. German Mocks/Moeks have the same lion as Graffs/Graffens and French Pole's/Saint-Pohls, and while the Mock/Moek lion holds the Pan/Pagan hexagram, German Pole's/Pohls have a feather and "frying PAN." The lion of French Pole's/Saint-Pohls holds a sword that is the only symbol of French Mochs/Muchets.

The Frying pan can be partly for Freyns/Friends (Feather colors and format) because they were first found in Somerset with Payen-like Payne's/Paine's and Feather-connectable Lights/Lite's. Feathers were first found in Sussex with Downs/Douns who came up with "lock down," and it just so happens that while Scottish Mochs/Mochrys were first found at Lanarkshire with LOCKharts, and beside the Scottish Locks, French Locks/Loaches' were first found in Burgundy with French Mochs/Muchets.

The other Irish Dene's (Galway with Manens/Manons) have a crocodile that points to the crocodile-leather shoes in Kiev boutique owned by Michael Zlochevsky, owner of Burisma gas of Biden-corruption infamy.

Denham-like Dunhams/DOWNhams/DOUNhams (share spear with Fulke's), looking linkable to the Downs/Douns were first found in Norfolk with Date's and Comyns (almost share the same Coat), and "dat" is another Denham motto term. English Deans/Dene's were first found in Sussex with Keeps, and Keppochs (Yorkshire) share triple garbs (different colors) in the same position with Date's and Comyns.

Norfolk is also where Fulke's were first found, said to be from Fulk III Nerra (count of Anjou, near Dol), great-grandson of Miss Loaches. Fulk II (son of Miss Loaches) had married duchess, Mrs. Alan, while Elons share the double fesses of Fulk-like Flecks/Flags (Norfolk). English Alans are said to have been in MILEham of Norfolk.

Mrs. Alan was mother to count Drogo and Vannes, and Drake's were first found in Hampshire with Ware-connectable MILE's/Mills and Drake-beloved Flys of Flagi, indicating that when Nicholas de Vere von DRAKEnberg invented Milo de Vere, count of Anjou prior to Fulk I of Anjou, he was alluding secretly to the Mileham/Millham bloodline. Milehams/Millhams are in the colors and format of Sallow-like Shellys while English Shiels/Shields (Berwickshire with Elons) share the motto of English Shaws/Sheaves' while Italian Sheaves'/Chiava's were first found in L'Aquila suspect in the "Aquila" motto term of Drake's.

The Manens/Manons were feasibly a branch of the Manner-branch Mens' in the motto of Apophis-like Poppins/Pophams. The latter share the stag heads of Ains/Hainson-like Anne's/Hanne's (Yorkshire with Hansons), and Hanna's happen to have the Trump stag head in colors reversed. Anne's/Hanne's were at Tickhill (Yorkshire with the Jumps sharing the Trump stag head) while Tichfield in Hampshire was home to the Burghs/Burrough's while Burrough is a variation also of Brews/Broys. We can't have pointers of beer companies without the Brews.

Brews/Burough's probably use wreaths, the known Burgh/Borough symbol, and it can be added that the Brew/Burrough wreaths are in the colors of the similar ANNulets of neighboring Bulls/Bule's (Somerset with Burleys). The Burgh/Burrough write-up has "Harlowen de Burgh" looking related to Herluin de Conteville and Comines, son of John de Burgo. Burgos' use a giant annulet.

Mans/Ments were kin of Dragons/Drainers, the latter first found in Kent with Scoot-connectable Scotts. The Manens/Manons are in Horn colors and format while a hunting horn is used by SCOOTs/Scougals (East Lothian with Fortune's) who in turn have the Manen/Manon border in colors reversed. The SHITTS/SCHUTE's, with a "Fortune" motto term, are not only in Manen/Manon colors, but are in the colors and format of the triple TRUMPets of Calls/Calles' (Wiltshire with Shitts/Schute's). Scoots/Scougals share the black greyhound with Schutz's, and Shoe's/Schugs love the lock-down-connectable Knee's because they use a "knight iSHUing from the knees."

My impression is that Trump is a part of this asteroid upon the woke crowd even while he opposed that crowd with his mouth. My prediction is that he loves the woke crowd in his secret heart.

The Mill-related Rinds share the scallops of English Mallets who in turn share "deer" with Shitt-connectable Scute's. French Mallets/Malo's share the buckles of Auleys/CAULeys who in turn share the checkered fesse of Bud-like Boyds who in turn share two fingers pointing in Crest with Scottish Millers. Is this not an amazing paragraph?

The McCALLES'/Hale's share arrows with Auleys/McCauleys, and it's the Calls/Calles' who have trumpets in the colors and format of the triple Shitt/Schute swords. The arrow in the McCalles/Hale Crest, as well as the gold buckles of Auleys/Cauleys face the Shield's left side (viewer's right), a fairly rare feature that is owned by certain surnames such as Masci's, Pepin-connectable Rasmussens, and Massena's. It can explain why the Spauldings, sharing left-facing gold buckles with Auleys/Cauleys, are said to have been tenants of Ranulph le Meschin.

I had a hard time finding what surname heraldic "spots" were code for. Haydens, for example, have "spots" on their dog, and then there are ermine spots too. Finally, I found Spottens listed with Spauldings, and though I can't recall the evidence that spots were code for them, the point here is SPUDS MacKenzie. He appeared at a barbecue contest won by a team to which the Kilpatrick family belonged, and so note the short sword in the Spotten/Spaulding Crest, apparently a dagger, the Kilpatrick and Comyns/Comine's symbol too. Comyns/Comine's (Norfolk with Patricks) share the garbs in the Arms of Cheshire, which were owned by Ranulph le Meschin because he descended from the Conteville's of Comines.

If not for the sectioned-off Spotten/Spaulding Shield, it would be in Comyn/Comine colors and format. Another six-sectioned Shield is used by Mallet-beloved Deers while Spottens/Spauldings share gold and left-facing buckles with French Mallets/Malo's. Beer is made with Mallet-like malts, and Maltons are listed with Molsons/Moltons (Devon with Moline's). Another six-sectioned Shield is with Wheelwrights (Yorkshire with POPELys/Popillys and early Cole's) who share Catherine wheels (different colors) with German and Jewish Millers, and then Wheels/Whele's happen to share the moline cross (different colors) with Scottish Millers. Is this another combination pointer to woke beer drinkers (= Biblical sleepers not watching the Signs) and Apophis together?

Mythical POPIEL of the Goplo Mouse tower was defeated by mythical KOLODziej the Wheelwright, and COLDs/Cole's (Cornwall with Buds/Bude's), in Well colors and format, can be in the "coela" motto term of Scottish Millers. The Mieszko dukes were given Kolodziej as their mythical ancestor, tending to explain why Mieske's/Mesechs have a bull head in the colors of the giant Cold/Cole/Coale bull. This can explain why Wheels/Whele's (Shropshire with Meschins) have a Coat much like the Meschin Coat, especially as Meschins married Yorkshire's Rumilly-Skiptons while Rumillys look like they use Pilly-like piles. Skippers/Skypps were first found in Suffolk with Spotten-beloved Buckle's, and the latter's Buckley branch was first found in Cheshire with the Meschin earls.

Note "PoPILLY," for new-to-me Pillys (Yorkshire with Popillys and Wheelwrights) who apparently named Hampshire, where Poppins/Pophams were first found who share the stag heads of Anne's/Hanne's (Yorkshire). Pillys are said to have had estates at Yorkshire's Sheffield, and Sheffields share Coat nearly of Keppochs (Yorkshire) while I have found cause to link Kepke's/KOPke's to heraldic cups, for example as used by Kupe's/Kops sharing the gold Kepke/Kopke border. The latter's border comes with a moline cross all in colors reversed from the border-and-moline combination of Mile's/Mills (Hampshire), and the latter share an "industria" motto term with Dents (Yorkshire).

It just so happens that Weis'/Weisers, in "Budweiser," are expected as a branch of Weiss' (Saxony with Kepke's/Kopke's) who in turn have a goat head in the colors of the Moline goat heads! Mr. Kepke was an avid beer drinker. The Moline moline is in Cold/Cole colors and format, and so let's repeat that German / Jewish Millers share the Catherine wheel with Wheelwrights while Scottish Millers have a moline in Keip/Keiper colors and format. The latter surname was first found in Nuremberg with the Kopple's (Cold/Cole colors and format) of the Goplo mouse tower.

Sheffields share triple garbs (different colors) with Comyns who are in turn in Comet colors and format while Sheffields have a "COMITer" motto term. There's a question on whether the Keiper-like Keever variation of Eure's/Ure's (share Sheffield Crest) indicated Kiev liners. The gold boar in the Sheffield Crest is a symbol also of Roets who own the Catherine wheel.

Pillys share the cup-using Coats of Pellets and Pilotte's (Lincolnshire with Wells), and almost the Coat of Scottish Shaws (kin of Comyns) who in turn have a "well" motto term to go with Wheels / Wheelwrights. Pullys/Pullens (Yorkshire with Pillys) love the Culp variation of Cups/Cope's in their motto, a motto fully shared by Essex's Patents/Pattens. Until recently, Pattons were first found in Shropshire (with Wheels and Spotten-connectable Meschins) but are now traced to Paton(e) forenames in Cumberland, where Daggers were first found, and near the first-known English Pile's/Pills.

The Shaw dagger is the Spotten/Spaulding dagger, and this keeps us on SPUDS MacKenzie, right? The Spottens are a pointer to Spuds, right? That's been my point. Irish Shaws can be gleaned as kin of Ayers (Ayrshire with Ure's and Kenneth-like Kennedys) whose "Lighter" motto term can be expected with Lights/Lite's. The motto of Scottish Kennedys loves the Avis'/Avisons sharing the Comyn Coat.

At this point we can go to queen Kenza of the SHAWia Berbers, the line to MacKENZie's, and we can add that COLchester is in Essex with MacKenzie-beloved Mountains. French Mountains can be gleaned as Messey/Messier kin while English Messier's were first found in Lincolnshire with Pilly-branch Pilotte's and Spottens/Spauldings. King Massena of the Numidians is suspect with Shawia liners. Massena's use a rare bend because it rises leftward.

The "spots" on the dog of Haydens (Norfolk with Comyns and Tute's/Tuits) are made as heraldic PELLETs (black roundels), and so we can add that while Haydens have both a black bull of their own plus the Tute/Tuit quadrants in colors reversed, the Yorkshire Tute's/Touts share the crescent of Tattons (share Manen crescents) who in turn have the Hayden quadrants while placing a white greyhound in Crest to quasi-match the white spotted dog in the Hayden Crest. The point is that another six-sectioned cross is with Tate's, first found in Suffolk with Spotten-beloved Buckle's and Mannings. Manningham (Yorkshire with Popleys/PoPILLYs) is where Mountain-related Tongue's/Tongs were first found, and Poppins/Pophams have motto terms for potential Manning branches.

By what coincidence is the Comyn motto, "COURage?" Courage's, in Courcy (not "Coursy") colors and format, are listed with CourRIDGE's/CouRUGGE's, and Rugge's (Ridge colors), first found in Norfolk with Comyns, probably use the Rigg dog. The other English Riggs share the Walker chevron-with-annulets, and Walks/Wachs share the Comyn garb, the Courage fleur-de-lys, and the Cours/Courciere stars. Ruggs share the TAILbois stars, and lion tails are used by Courcy-like Corks/Corrs while Courcy's were first found in Cork. Courcys share the Coursy/Corcy motto.

The write-up has a Spaulding location in Lincolnshire, and Lincolnshire is where Ermine's/Armys were first found who contribute to ermine spots. Ermine's/Arms have a Coat like that of Dumfries' Annandale's and Hinks, and "Hinc" happens to be a Spotten/Spaulding motto term. Ranulph le Meschin married LUCY Taillebois, and the Tailbois' are almost in Hink colors and format. Hinks use a gold Shield, as do the Bruce's of Annandale, and the Bruce-branch Brush's were first found in Suffolk with Buckle's, spot-on.

Luce's are also Lucys who pointed to the Shitts/Schute's when Luce Construction built my SEPTic system, and here I might add that Saxons/Septons share "chaplets" (different colors) with News'/Nuces' and Hicks. The septic system was built about 200 feet from the NUECES river.

Lucy Taillebois was styled, Lucy of BolingBROKE. Repeat: "Casino-branch Casano's were first found in MODENa, and Modens were first found in Berkshire with Kenneth-like Kents who share the Chance/Chaunceur lion. The Kent Chief-Shield colors are shared by Brocks/BROKE's, first found in Essex with Chance's/Chaunceurs." The latter's lion, which is also the Maschi lion, is in the colors of the Bolingbroke lions.

Bolingbroke's were first found in Lincolnshire with Bole's/Bolls, amazing because Bule's/Bulls have bull heads in the colors of the Bole'/Boll boar heads, and in the colors of the bulls of French Mountains! The latter likely share the saltire of French Messeys/Messier's, and then English Messier's were first found in Lincolnshire too. Lucy of Bolingbroke was a Mercian, and the flag of Mercia is exactly the Messey/Messier Coat.

The Bole/Boll boar heads are shared by Haleys while Hale's list the McCalles' while Calls/Calles' were first found beside the first-known Bule's/Bulls (Somerset). It was the Auleys/Cauleys who share gold and leftward-facing buckle's with Spottens/Spauldings.

Oh wow, I've just loaded the Hells because Haleys are also Helys, and Hells'/Hellers (Kent) share the Crab Coat! The crab-using Bridge's were first found in Somerset with Bule's/Bulls! Hellens/HAYlins can be gleaned with English Este's, first found in Essex with Kent-connectable Chance's/Chaunceurs!!! Heys/Hays share the eSCUTcheon (different color) with Bolings.

[Insert May 24 -- With my claim that the Apophis asteroid is pointed to in combination with English Mountains and the Crab kin of Bright-branch Bridge's, isn't it verification of that claim to find Brightons/Brytons in Mountain colors and near-format? Brits, sharing fitchees (different colors) with Brightons/Brytons were first found in Somerset with Bridge's. End insert]

This recalls Helen my tenant who had a breast event on the stair LANDING that pointed to Brests/Brix's because Helen-branch Helions are said to have been near Saint Brieux. As Helens have the three Pepin horse heads in colors reversed, that event appeared arranged by God due to Pepin of LANDEN. The last update once again told of Lorraine my date of more than 40 years ago who had a laundry symbol that pointed to Landrys, and Landens are also Landers. Brieux-like Brie's/L'Abri's, with the Abreu/Abruzzo lion in colors reversed, were first found in Lorraine. I trace the Brieux-like Brusi / Bruce's to the "Abrussi" people of Abruzzo, and so this works to prove even more that Helen's landing event was Arranged.

Lorraine pointed to Bar-le-Duc in Lorraine, and Scottish Bars share the giant eagle of both Italian Este's and Aquila's while L'Aquila is the Abruzzo capital. Her breast event was able to point to Bra at Langhe because Landens/Landers share the six pale bars of Langleys, and because Brays/Brae's/Bree's have eagle legs in the black color of the eagle in the Arms of L'Aquila. Bra is near Asti, and while Brown-branch Bruno's were at Asti, and while Astys share the Lorraine lion, I told of the time I wore brown pants to a buffalo-meat diner with Helen, and one of us had DUCK (I've forgotten which one did), I kid you not.

The Italian Brae-like Brave's/Bravo's were first found in Padua with the Abreu's/Abruzzo's, and not only do they share the same lion, but Spanish Brave's/Bravo's have a different-colors version of the Abreu/Abruzzo Coat. The Spanish Brave/Bravo Coat is almost the one of Kellys, tending to affirm my theory that Keele's/Kills and Cheile's (leg) were variations from "Aquila." Leggs are in the colors and format of Aquila's. While Abreu liners were to the Eburovices of Evreux in Eure, it's amazing that Eure's come up as Keevers while Keveneys, sharing the Kelly Coat, share a "mihi" motto term with Spottens/Spauldings, the latter first found in Lincolnshire with Keele's/Kills and Cheile's!

Keveneys were first found in Galway with Manens/Manons while "Manet" is a motto term in the Arms of L'Aquila, which is almost the "Manent" motto term of the Millers who brought Shitts to topic this week. The Shitts/SCUTE's were first found in Wiltshire with Abreu- / Evreux-related Salisburys, and then the Enfields, in the "Enfield griffin" of Keveneys, share the gold escutcheon with SCUTE's, the latter first found in Lancashire with Kelners/Kilners, and with the Towers who have the Brave / Kelly / Keveney tower in half its colors, which the Comyn-like Comets share in both colors.

Miss Hicks once said to me, "you can SCOOT OVER" while Overs have a Coat almost that of German Kelners/Kellers. Hicks have a "HEURE" motto term! "Aquila" has been shown to be a form of the Keele/Kill and Cheile surnames, and while the scoot-over event (involved her video camera) pointed to Camera's/Camerons, they are the ones with a "Cheile" motto term. The Aquila-like Eagle's in the Bank Crest were first found in Lincolnshire with Keele's/Kills and Cheile's (leg), and as it's a white eagle head in that Crest, it might even be the Aquila eagle. The Keele/Kill Coat looks very related to the Coat of BANGs/Bings/Bengs/Bongs (Kent with Scotts sharing the Scoot/Scougal border). The other Scotts were first found in Roxburghshire with Benjamin-related Walsh's/Walchs. Bongino's were first found in Florence with the Italian Botters/Botini's while the scoot-over event involved a Stanley character whom I called "buddy" that night. Buddys are listed with English Botters.

The scoot-over event was part of a pointer to Morgan Stanley bank's involvement with 9-11, and Hicks even share gold fleur-de-lys with Banks (Yorkshire with Hicks). Hicks use a "bon" motto term while Banks named Bank Newton while Newtons have "shin bones." We saw above how Banks helped to point to JP Morgan's Jes Staley. Miss Hicks has a Rena middle name while Reines' use a "comet".

Millers share two fingers pointing with Pointers. Upon the escutcheon of Enfields (Berkshire with Shaws/Sheaves' and Pointers) is a martlet in both colors of the keys of L'Aquila's Sheaves'/Chiava's. German Kelners/Kellers have this key in colors reversed, and English Kelners/Kilners (almost the Aquila Coat) have the Manet Coat (giant black eagle) in colors reversed. Scottish Kevens (share Keveney lion) have a wheat sheaf that is probably the wheat sheaf of Comyns-connectable Kews/Cue's (Norfolk with Comyns). Keveneys list Gaine's while Gaine's/Engaine's almost have the Coat of Trip-related Gore's/Core's while Trypillians were at Kiev. Gaine's/Engaine's and Gore's/Core's share the crosslets of Windsors, first found in Berkshire with Enfields.

This section was started Tuesday morning, and now, on Tuesday evening, I'm hearing already that Miller Lite has pulled its feminist commercial due to a backlash.

Epstein of JP Morgan Chase

In the Greg Reese video below, where he no longer has his eerie music in the background, we find some data on the Staley brothers in cahoots with Fauci's AIDS programs, the runner-up to his COVID program. One of the Staley brothers, Jes, became an executive for JP Morgan CHASE bank as it concerns Jeffrey Epstein corruption. See a mean asteroid here?

Right away I will repeat of the spider-CHASE event when Mr. Kepke, knowing I was afraid of spiders, chased me with a spider dangling on a web at the Graff residence in Gormley about two years before Katrina Hanson of Gormley pointed to Fauci and company. Graffs/Graffens look like a pointer to graphene-oxide in vaccines, and that heraldic investigation confirmed a pointer to that poison.

The giant Graff/Graffen lion is in the colors of the giant Irish Cary/Keery lion, and English Carys share the Still/Steley roses in case that's a Staley branch. English Carys were first found in Somerset with the Keep-connectable Webbers who happen to share the Stale/Stiles fleur-de-lys. Mr. Kepke's spider chase pointed to Webbers because Keeps have a "weaver's shuttle."

Cary Castle (Somerset, beside Hampshire) of the Leavells/Lovells is near the first-known Hangers whose griffin is half in colors reversed from the same of German Steels/STALLs, and the latter's double pale bars are in the colors of the one pale bar of Tulls/Tullia's who in turn apply the butterFLY upon their pale bar, perfect because Flys (Hampshire with Hangers) share the Stale/Stiles and Webber fleur-de-lys.

The single Tull/Tullia pale bar is shared by Brains, first found in Norfolk with Fly-connectable Flags, and with the Drops/Trope's sharing the Chief of Tulls/Tolle's. Half of the Irish Brian lion is the Drop/Trope lion too.

The top half of the split Steel/Stall Shield, the half with the griffin, is in Kepke/Kopke colors and format, and as it's the Bert/Berta griffin too, I should tell that Mr. Kepke's BIRTHday was one or two days away from mine, perhaps arranged by God to confirm that Steels were Kepke kin. The arrow between the Steel/Stall pale bars is excellent because Arrows/Arras' share the Stale/Stiles / Webber / Fly / Bank fleur-de-lys. We have a story here in Jes Staley.

Arras is the Artois capital, and the Artes' in the Hanger motto are listed with Artois'/Ardons. "Ardens" is a motto of Petts who in turn share the stork in Crest with Pitts ("ardua") and Stills/Steleys.

Ahh, the spider was HANGing in a STRAND of web when Kepke chased me, and Hangers were first found in Hampshire with Chase's! Hangers are in the "pot hangers" of flag-using Danish Cnuts, and English Cnuts were first found in Derbyshire with Staleys! Flys (same place as Hangers) were at Flagi. Malbancs are with Malls while Mauls are listed with Scottish Morleys while English Morleys were first found in Derbyshire with Staleys.

As I've said many times, Hangers share the "escarBUNCLE" with English Angers who in turn nearly have the Coat of Anchors/Annackers in the Graff/Graffen Coat. The Annacker-like Anaki were in Hebron, and Hebrons love the Keeps. Buncle's show only buckles are in Stall/Stiles / etc. colors, and Buckle's were first found in Suffolk with Artes'/Artois, and with the Kepke-connectable Kidds and Strands.

The JP Morgan CEO is Jamie Dimon, and Dimons/Diamonds happen to share the lozenges of Staleys. Staley was about to replace Dimon in that position. Staley-like Stale's/Stiles' happen to share the bank fleur-de-lys, and even have the fretty, in colors reversed, of Twitts/Thwaite's, the latter first found in Norfolk with their Tuit/Tute branch, and with Bank-linkable Benjamins.

Stale's/Stiles' were first found in Bedfordshire with Lutons who in turn share the giant eagle of Grave's/Greafs while Graffs/Graffens are also Gravs. Stills/Steleys share the roses of LOWers who are in turn in the colors and format of vaccine-like Vychans/Vaughns (beside Steels and Weavers both of Cheshire) who in turn have triple fleur-de-lys on black with Stale's/Stiles'. While German and Jewish Lowers are also Lows, English Lows share the wolf head (different color) with Stale's/Stiles', and both surnames are in the same colors.

Lower-like Lovers/Levers (Lancashire with Scute's and SHUTTLEworths/SHETTLEworths) have a rooster on a TRUMPet. Stale's/Stiles' look related to the Schutz Coat while trumpet-using Calls/Calles' were first found in Wiltshire with Shute's/Schute's and SETTLE-connectable Stars.

Back to the Stale-connectable Banks, first found in Yorkshire with Tute's/Touts with the Hicks who have a "Tout en BON" motto phrase while Banks were first found at Bank Newton while Newtons (Cheshire with Staley-connectable Shirts and State's) use "shin BONES." Malls/MarlyBONE's (Cheshire) are have MalBANCs in their write-up, and I'll show you soon how Malbanks link to a Staley variation in connection to Stevensons and Rodhams (both share Malbank bend). Is this heraldry Arranged to point to Jes Staley?

The fleur-de-lys superimposed with another symbol, is called "JESsant," and there is a Jessant surname that could have been derived in a Jes-like surname in marriage with the Sant/Saunt/Saint bloodline we met above with the "sunt" motto term of Moaks/Moke's/Mocks. JES Staley. It just so happens that Staleys share the State lozenges while STATielli Ligures were at the cusp of Genova (some probably were in Genova), where Fauci's and Grimaldi's were first found. Grimaldi's have a Shield of lozengy in both colors of the Staley / State lozenges. But we are not done.

We read: "Jessant-de-lys is a heraldic term denoting a fleur-de-lys issuing out of any object. It is most frequently seen in conjunction with a leopard's face..." The FACE's/Fessys were a Fauci branch, and the jessant-de-lys with leopard face is used by AIDS'/Ade's, doesn't that appear Arranged? The Jesse/Jessant surname has red rooster heads and red combs, and the Moaks are the ones with a gold rooster with red comb, same as the Lever/Liver rooster standing on a TRUMPet. Fauci together with Trump conspired to give the world lockdown madness.

The Jesse/Jessant fesse has the heraldic emBATTLEd pattern while Battle's were first found in Berwickshire with Aids'/Ade's.

I always suggest / insist that "ad" motto terms are for the Aids'/Ade's, and it just so happens that Staleys share the "ad" motto term with FISCs while Fieschi of Genova were partnered with Grimaldi (see their Wikipedia articles). Fiscs use "sic itur ad astra" as compared to "Sic itur as astra" of MacKenzie's, and while the latter point to the Apophis asteroid suspect as coming as God's punishment on end-time sodomy, Peter Staley, the drug pusher using AIDS as his basis for making $$$, was/is an unabashed faggot. The asteroid is pointed to by both MacKenzie's and Chance's/Chaunceurs, and the latter share the patonce cross of Chase's (Hampshire with Poppins/Pophams) while Jes Staley worked for JP Morgan Chase. The Staleys even share the POPPin/Pophams stag heads, is that not amazing?

The other Scottish Kenneths/MacKenzie's use a Luceo" motto term suspect with Luce's, lords of Dice. Again, Webbers use a "disc" while DISS'/Dice's named a Disce location, and it's the Moaks who have a "DIIS SUNT" motto phrase. You really need to sit up and take notice of the "disco" motto term of Dimons/Diamonds. Plus, if the "SUCCURere" motto term of Dimons/Diamonds is partly for the Seconds/Segurs, it just so happens that both Aids and Seconds are in the Levi motto. Plus, SEGURana's were first found in Genova too.

Here's how Moaks came to topic above: "Another new thing: after "lock down" came to mind, I tried "panDEMIC" to find a "lege" motto term with Demicks/DeMoaks!" Leggs almost have both the Trump and Kenneth/MacKenzie stag heads. Demicks/DeMoaks were first found in Gloucestershire with the Barclays, and the video above says that Jes Staley, after 30 years with JP Morgan Chase, joined the Barclays bank for nine years.

There's a papal mitre in the Crest of English Barclays, a potential pointer to Pope's/Popps/Pape's sharing the bend-with-checks of Wearings/Warings, and they happen to be the Warren checks too, from the line of Ada of Warenne! She's the Aids'/Ade line!

As I've said, the current Grimaldi prince of Monaco is now related to baron Massy which includes a Massy character (forget his name) who had married Miss Quintana, and Quintana's happen to use three dice showing foremost three 6s', though they also show three 5's on the sides as code for "QUINT." Why didn't they put the three 5's on the top? Why did they choose the 6's as primary? Why do Grimaldi's use a purple throne?

Fiscs were first found in Norfolk with Stave-branch Steins, Bags (share Grimaldi Shield), and PilGRIMs. Stave's are listed with Stevensons/Steinsons, first found in Northumberland with the MalBANKs and their Rodham kin; the latter are in Aids/Ade colors and format. Pilgrims use "staves", and it just so happens that Staleys are also Staveleys, having named Stavely locations. We read: "Some of the family held a family seat at Stalybridge in Cheshire," and Cheshire is where State's and Shirts/Shards (Staley colors and near-format) were first found along with English Steels while German Steels come up as "Stall."

Steins (Norfolk with Palmers and Flags/Flecks) happen to be a branch of Stains/Stands/STANs (share double fesses of Palmers and Flags/Flecks) capable of pointing to Morgan Stanley bank, especially as Stanleys share the MacKenzie stag head while MacKenzie's, in their capacity to point to the asteroid, connect with Chase's who named the JP Morgan Chase bank under discussion. The Stands are in the Lever/Liver rooster "standing on a trumpet".

The Staley write-up: "Staveley is also a village and civil parish in the Harrogate district of North Yorkshire and this village also dates back to the Domesday Book where it is listed as Stanlei." Staleys thus look like a Stanley branch.

The Fevers/LeFABre's have the Trump stag head, and Italian FABians share the Shield of Grimaldi's and Bags (Norfolk). The Trump stag head is in the Arms of Waterford that itself has a "Deise" motto term for Waterford's Deise area, and Deise's are listed with Diss'/Dice's.

Fevers/Lefabre's share the fitchees of Scottish Woods. English Woods, with an "unDIS" motto term to go with Diss of Norfolk, share the rooted tree with Roots who in turn have the BAGley Coat, both having lozenges in the colors of the giant Fauci lozenge! The "TuTUS" motto term of English Woods can be for the Tous' having a "man" said to be "WEARING a shirt with gold buttons", and here we can add that German Mans/Manners share the savage-with-club with Woods while English Manners/Maness' (share peacocks in Crest with Shirts/Shards) were first found in Northumberland with Rodhams / Stave's.

In my sleeping BAG dream, David Morley rode a motorbike around the sleeping bag in the WOODs, and while Davids (Cheshire) can be gleaned at Aids'/Ade kin by the looks of their Coats, English Morleys (Derbyshire with Staleys!) share the jessant symbol in the Aids/Ade Crest. Davids are from king David I, father of Henry, earl of Huntingdon, husband of ADa of Warenne, and the Fenders suspect in the "Defend" motto of Scottish Woods were first found in Huntingdonshire.

The sleeping bag dream had me walking into a mall because Scottish Morleys are also Mauls, and because the Cheshire Malls/Marlybone's have the Malbancs. Malbanks share the white-ermined bend of Rodhams, and these surnames link to Aids'/Ade's. Rhodes-like Rodhams named the Rodden Shropshire, where BAGleys were first found. Morley came riding down the ROAD before riding a circle around the sleeping bag, a pointer to Cecil Rhodes' Round Table, and that secret society was also known as, or was at least connected to, the Fabian Society (communist agenda). Rounds have a "SLEEPING lion", and Table's share the blue Arthur roundel while Arthurs were first found in Berwickshire with Aids'/Ade's. The "disc" of Webbers is a blue roundel.

Arthurs had married Hicks at Clapton, in Somerset with Rothschild-branch Roets (tree), and with the Webbers sharing the Fly fleur-de-lys. Both the Hicks' and Arthurs of Clapton shared "clarions" said by some to have been trumpets. Clapton is right-near the first known, trumpet-using Calls/Calles' of WILTshire. A savage holding a rooted tree is with German Wilts/Wilders. Somerset is also where Moaks were first found whose gold rooster can be traced to the gold rooster on a trumpet of Levers/Livers because the latter were first found in Lancashire with the Cars/Currs (and Liverpool) suspect in the "Cura" motto term of Moaks.

Another gold rooster is with French Gays/GUESTs, first found in Savoy with the Fevers/Lefabre's sharing the Trump stag head! And this suddenly looks like the Jesse/Gesson/Jessant bloodline! Moaks are the ones with a "SUNT" motto term to go with "jesSANT," and Moaks happen to share the Jesse/Gesson/Jessant fesse! Welsh Guests are also Jests. Scottish Saints are listed with Sinclairs, the potential clarion bloodline. Claro's/Charo's were first found in Ferrara, and Welsh Guests have a "Ferro" motto term.

English Fabians, with flags, were first found in Hampshire with Chase's and Flys of Flagi who in turn share the fleur-de-lys of Banks. The latter were first found in Yorkshire with Jesse's/Jessants, Sants/Saunts/Saints, and Morleys/Mauls. The sleeve in the Jesse Crest has a bend in the colors of the Aids/Ade / Malbank / Rodham / Stevenson bend, and so, suddenly, David Morley (my old friend) is pointing to Jes Staley of JP Morgan.

Jes also worked for the Barclays bank in the UK, and here we can go to the papal mitre in the Crest of English Barclays/Barkleys, for they and Mitre's/Miterrands have Chiefs in the same colors and format. In their Chief, Barclays/BARKleys share triple patee crosses (different colors) with the Chief of WinSTANLEYs, and Banks were at Winstanley! Banks look like a branch of Benjamins, the latter first found in Norfolk with Barks (three "larks") and Fly-connectable Larks. Barks can be a pointer to BARACK Obama because his mother was born Miss Dunham while Dunhams, who nearly share the Coat of English RANDolphs (Yorkshire with BARKers), were first found in Norfolk too. MitterRANDs (dove on WATER) look like a Mitre merger with Rands/Rance's (Norfolk!) because the latter happen to have the triple Water and Epstein chevrons in colors reversed, making them the triple chevrons of Singletarys (Lancashire with Winstanley); Obama descends from Jonathan Singletary-Dunham!

Scottish Randolphs are the ones with both the bat and horseshoe's for a pointer to horseshoe bats.

I've now got to repeat that Rinds (share scallops of Malo-connectable Mallets) can be shown to be a branch of the Rynd variation of Rands/Rance's. Dunhams place a "marten" between two spears, and Spears/SPEYers are suspect in naming the Spey river of Moray i.e. where Scottish Randolphs were first found. The Leslie's who became earls of Rothes upon the Spey river share the buckles of Spottens/Spauldings, tenants of Ranulph le Meschin said to be at the root of English Randolphs (Yorkshire with Meschin-Skiptons). Meschins married Skiptons of Craven, and Craven is where Banks were first found.

The Leslie buckles are those of Chace-like Case's (Norfolk again, beside Buckle's and Mallets of Suffolk), only Case's use them in both colors of the Mallet/Malo buckles. "Malo" is a motto term of English Payne's (Somerset with Randolph-related Baths), and Obama's mother was a daughter of Miss Payne. Doesn't this heraldry appear Arranged since coming to Barclays ("spero")? The Barclay Chief is in the colors and format of the Mitre/Miterrand Chief, and the latter's Chief has the Moray stars.

Sonny-like Soams/Soans (Suffolk with Mallets) use mallets. The Rind / Mallet scallops are even shared by Sonnys/Staneys, first found in Cheshire (beside Winstanley of Lancashire) with Staleys/Staveleys, and with Stanleys of Great Meolse (Stanley write-up). The bend-with-scallops of Sonnys/Staneys is in the colors of the bend-with-stag-heads of Stanleys. It's possible that the Sans' in the Stanley motto were named by the Soans, for they named a Sohan location in Cambridgeshire, and Stanleys were first found in Cambridgeshire.

The Pattys/Pati's suspect in the patee crosses of Barclays were first found in Worcestershire with two Guest surnames, the ones who look like a Jesse/Jessant/Gesson branch. Patents/Pattens are expected behind the Chase cross.

Bilderberg Bolt

After watching this short history on BILDERrberg globalists, I'll have some heraldry to see where it leads:

As Bilders, first found in Northumberland with Lorraine's, share most of the BIRTH/Bert / Burt Coat, I'm starting this section on my asking Lorraine for our first date on my 24th BIRTHday (it was no plan of mine to ask her for a date on that day).

Rich's named Riche in Lorraine while Ricks share the Birth/Bert / Burt fitchees. Stains, first found in Middlesex with the Horns/Orne's in the HUNTing horns of Births/Berts / Berts / Builder, essentially share the Birth/Bert Crest. Ricks and Hands were first found in Cheshire, beside the first-known HUNTs and BURTons/BERTons/BIRTons of Shropshire with the ARUNdel-based Alans, named after an Arun location, and Births/Berts and Bilders share the hand from a cloud with Arens/Aarons. Bilders have the Bolders in their write-up, and Bolders have the Aren/Aaron quadrants in colors reversed.

I'm pretty sure that Bolders use the heraldic "bird bolt," and this can explain why Bilders almost have the Birth/Bert / Burt Coat, as per a Bird/Burd marriage to Bold/Bolt liners. German Bolts, I do believe, use an arrow that was later called a bird bolt after the merger took place. Boltons (Lancashire with English Bolts/Bolds) share the Bilder / Birth/Bert / Burt chevron. Arrows/Arras' were first found in Staffordshire (beside Cheshire and Shropshire) with the Stops/Stubbs and Pipe's to which Lorraine both pointed with her bus STOP on the 24th birthday. Pipe's (Stop/Stubbing colors and format) have the Arrow/Arras fleur-de-lys in colors reversed. Or, we can say that Keep-connectable Webbers (Somerset with Bird-like, Bright-branch Bridge's) share the Arrow/Arras fleur.

Bridge's share the white griffin with Berts/Berta's, and the other Bridge's love the Dole-related Crabs who connect with English Mountains in a pointer to the Apophis asteroid. Dol is in Brittany while Britains/Brittanys are in the colors and format of English Mountains. Burtons/Bertons/Birtons are in Britain/Brittany and Borden/Birdon colors, and the latter's axes can indicate the Axe river of Devon because Births/Berts were first found there, beside the Brets/Brits and Bulls/Bule's (share French Mountain bull) of Somerset.

Devon is where Darts were first found who are in the paw of the BROCK lion, and then Broxton is where Birds/Burds were first found. Broxton is in Great Boughtons while Boughtons are listed with Borden- / Burton-like Bortons.

Can we say yet that my birthday "gift" points to some act of God against the Bilderberg goons, those who hide their plots from the world as if they wish to rule over us with plots they know are not to our liking? Does God appreciate closed people like this wielding too much wealth from ill-gotten profits? When God speaks of the smoke from his nostrils, isn't He blowing threats against these types?

Berthe was wife to Mummolin, and he the brother of Gondulphus of TONGeren while Tongs/Tongue's almost have the English Mountain Coat. Gondulphus is said to have been the brother also of a BODEgisel, and French Bode's/Bauds/Bauts were first found in Auvergne with the Bouillons who in turn have the giant Bird/Burd flory cross in colors reverse.

Scottish Bauds share the ship of Bold-like Balds. Balts are listed with Bolds/Bolts. Dutch Bode's/BAUDE's (Bude/BUD and Bute/Butt colors) share the Fauci lozenge, and moreover Bude's/Buds point to Apophis too. Unholy Baldwin I of ARTOIS became king of Jerusalem, and the Artois surname thus probably has the red eagle of BODE's/Buddys/Botters/Bodins, first found in Hampshire with Buttons/Budins/Bidens for an apparent pointer to Hunter Biden. That is, Baldwins, sharing the saltire of Rusts and Hunts/Hunters, were first found in Shropshire with Hunts/Hunters, and RUSTicus of Lyon was the grandfather of this same Mummolin. Baldwin was brother to Godfrey de Bouillon of Lower Lorraine, recalling that Rich's with BOTTONy crosses were in Lorraine. Bouillons and Birds/Burds use a FLORY cross while Florentinus was the father of this same Mummolin, a Merovingian Frank, and Mayor of the Palace, an office owned for a long spell by Pepins.

Baldwins have a COCKatrice, and Cocks (Somerset, beside Drake's) share the Shield of Grimaldi's suspect from Grimo, Mummolin's grandson. I was birthed by Miss Grimaldi. GriBALDi's/Garibald's, first found in Genoa with Fauci's and Grimaldi's, were probably from Garibald of Bavaria, who lived about the time of Grimoald of Bavaria. Grimaldi's share a lozengy Shield (different color) with the Arms of Bavaria. Fauci's and Grimaldi's were first found in Genova with the Drago's who have a cockatrice-like wyvern dragon in the green color of the Baldwin cockatrice.

Mummolin's son, Babon, looks related to Babenbergs, founded by Poppo I of a Bavarian location. Baut-like Baits/Beeths share the black boar head with Babons, and so it seems that even Poppo is of the Pepin-Mummolin bloodline. While Ghents were first found in Hampshire with Poppins/Pophams, Bavo of Ghent was one of Pepin of Landen's children, and Bavo's are listed with Bavara's (compare Coat to a Bird/Burd Crest).

Lookie: Bavo's/Bavara's were first found in Calabria with Italian Mota's while Portuguese Mota's share the fleur-de-lys of Gows/McGoo's, the latter first found in Inverness with the Beggs while Begga was Bavo's sister!!! As "ImMOTA" is a motto term in the Arms of L'Aquila, it seems that the white horse of Mota-branch Motels is in both colors of the Este and Aquila eagle for a related reason, especially as Pepins and Este's (Essex with Mountains and Motts!) share white horse heads. The arm in the mouth of the Motel horse looks connectable to the "arma" motto term of Gows/McGoo's.

As I've said, I was probably born in the home of a Pepin, for my parents, one being a Grimaldi by maiden name, lived on the top floor of his house until I was five or six years old. My mother moved from Picenze (5-minute drive from L'Aquila) to Toronto at 22 years of age, and I was born the following year. Pepin had married Miss Masci from Picenze. Merovingians had likely named Maruvium, which, if it didn't cover L'Aquila, was close to it. Marsi of Maruvium were centered at Fauci-like Fucino.

Maruvium is near Rieti/Reate, which can explain why Wreaths/Craith's were first found in Inverness-shire too. Note InverNESS, for Babons share double-red fesses with Ness'/Nice's, and Wreath's/Craiths have one. Nice is a location near Grimaldi's of Monaco, and the Monk lion heads are interesting for being in the colors of the Bavo/Bavara lion.

On the Marsi of Maruvium: "Their origin is ascribed by some legends to Marsyas of Phrygia,..." I think PHRYGians named Franks and gave them their FROG symbol. This complements my trace of "Pepin / Apophis" to PAPHlagonian Heneti (proto-Veneti) beside Phrygia.

Amazingly, the Grimaldi write-up has: "A statue of Grimaldi as a monk with a sword under his FROCK stands at his memorial in Monaco today." Frocks are not only listed with Frogs, but they have nearly the Coats of Fucino-like Foggs and Figgs. Do the three frogs of satan, in Revelation 16, apply here? They are said to be responsible for setting up Armageddon.

Marsi of Maruvium (Abruzzo) predated Merovingians, and so I would trace the latter's ancestry to Abruzzo. Italian Leuvens/LIVELYs were first found in Padova with Abreu's/Abruzzo's, and Marsi-like Marshalls/MAREScalls essentially share the Lively/Hively Coat. Merovingians traced themselves to the Padova area.

French Mares' use a moline cross suspect with "MumMOLIN," and English Mares' were first found in Kent with Wreath-like Wreths/Wraths/Rothes', the proto-Rothschilds...though Rothschilds descended directly (on their male side) from Bauers (Bavaria with German Rothes'/Rothchilds). Wreths/Wraths/Rothes' were once said to be first found in Shropshire..with Frocks/Frogs.

Bavo-like Bobo's/Boba's (SARDinia) share the horizontally-split Papa Shield. Bovo's/Boveys were first found in Lorraine with Grimaldi-connectable Crispins and martlet-using Landrys (Foot colors and format). Papa's are expected from Papia/Pavia, on the Tessin river, and Tiss'/Teese's (Hampshire with Poppins and SARD-connectable Lise's/Liss') have the Bovo/Bovey Coat in colors reversed while English Mares' share the Tess/Tease saltire. The latter's leaves are expected as code for the Laevi co-founders of Pavia, and the other co-founders were Marsi-suspect Marici. Lys'/Lise's were first found in Ile-de-France with Levi's.

There are claims online, which heraldry tends to confirm, saying that a Grimaldus married Crispina, daughter of king Rollo, husband of Poppa...making her look related to Poppo of Babenberg, especially as Rollo's share the black boar head with Babons, and have the boar heads additionally of Rothes-branch Roets in colors reversed. Crispins had descended directly from Clare's, first found in Suffolk with same-colored Babons (latter listed with BAVents). French Clairs were first found in Limousin with the Seconds/Segurs whose two quadrants can be in the Coat of English Grimms.

More black boar heads are with CAMbrays, and Cambray is where English Mares' lived. Camerons share the five, bunched arrows of Roet-related Bows/Bough's, of Scottish Bowers, and in the Arms of Rothschild. Camerons even have the Coat of Babon-connectable Sturs (Hampshire with Bavo-connectable Ghents) in colors reversed. The Brays possibly in "CamBRAY" were first found in Northamptonshire with Fauci- / Fisc-branch Face's/Fessys. Fiscs could easily have become Fischers/Fishers, or vice-versa, and the English Grimms have: "'Thomas Grym witnessed a confirmation by Patrick, Earl of Dunber. (no date) Cuthbert Grym was a pledge for Andro Fishar, 1488,...'"

Grimo, Babon's son, was a contemporary of Pepin of Landen, and what I've never realized until loading a few family trees at this time is that the "astra" motto term of MacKenzie's can be for Pepin's AUSTRAsia elements, for Pepin of Landen was Mayor of the Palace of Austrasia! The MacKenzie-beloved Mountains have nearly the Tongue/Tong Coat, and thus it does seem that the latter were from Gondulphus of Tongeren. We read: "Adalgisel Grimo (died after 634) was a deacon and member of the Austrasian nobility."

MacKENZie's are from Kenza of Aures, land of Shawia Amazons, and Sheaves'/Chiava's were first found in L'Aquila in/beside historical Maruvium.

The Fiscs, with another "astra" motto term, nearly have the Grimaldi Shield! The Apophis asteroid appears aimed for the French frogs of the end times, and the current French leader is at this time a despicable WEFer. The Asters list a Stur variation, and English Sturs happen to have three of the double fesses of Babons! ZINGER. Grimms have three of them.

Asters/Sturs were first found in Manche, home of the Normandy Masseys (share Lys/Lise fleur-de-lys) whom I see from Masci's of the Lys tributary of the Bautica river. The French Lys river flows to Ghent, and Ghents were first found in Hampshire with English Sturs and LISE's/Liss'. Scottish Lise's look like Claren / Clare kin.

I've told of the time when I accidentally urinated on the head of little Pino (we were both 4 or 5 years of age) while I stood on the porch railing of Pepin, my uncle. I've told that I was thinking to jump off that porch roof with an umbrella after seeing Mary POPPINs doing it. Poppins/Pophams, who share "Mens" with Pepins, were first found in Hampshire too, and the Pipe / Pepin camel can be for Essex, where Mountains were first found whose martlets are for Charles Martel, son of a Pepin of Herstal. The latter was not only a grandson of Pepin of Landen through Itta of Metz, but father of Grimoald.

English Grimms (Northumberland with Lorraine's) share the Feet/Fate Coat three times, and while Lorraine had a feet / foot symbol, Feets/Fate's share the martlet of French Charles' while English Charles' were first found in Suffolk with foot-using Blonds. The Blonds place their foot on a sun, and suns are used by German Grimms. The triple Feet fesses in the Coat of English Grimms are also the triple Stur and Drummond fesses, and while CAMerons have the three in colors reversed, early Grimms were in CAMbridgeshire, named after the Cam river.

Scottish Marshalls (Lothian with Mens' in the Poppin/Popham motto) are said to have been kin of Keiths (East Lothian), though I don't agree that Marshalls were named after a police marshall of the Keith family. The point is, the stags heads in the Poppin/Popham Chief are in the colors of the pale bars in the Chief of stag-head Keiths. Mens' are said to have been at Perthshire, where Rollo's and Keith-branch Kettle's were first found.

Perthshire is also where ATHELs/Athols and Stur-connectable Drummonds were first found whose Coat is like the three NAILs in pale of Proctors, which tends to explain why Scottish Marshalls share the saltire of German Neils/Nails/Nagle's. It's the saltire also of Malcolms/Columns while Malcolm III married Margaret the ATHELing. Malcolms/Columns share the stag heads of Colts/Cults (Perthshire).

Charles Martel was of the house of ARNULFing. Some say the Mummolin's and BERTHE's son, Bodegisel, was the father of ARNOLF of Metz. Yup, he's the father of Arnulfings. Some say Arnulf was directly related to (i.e. father of) Itta of Metz (Lorraine), wife of Pepin of Landen to which Lorraine pointed on my 24th BIRTHday. As I said, her bus stop, where I met her on that birthday, is at the corner of Yonge street and ARNOLD crescent (across the intersection, it is Yonge and Lorne) in Richmond Hill. Of Arnulf of Metz, Wikipedia says: "In English he is known as Arnold." Can you believe it? No, you can't believe it, because you prefer to think I'm making this all up, because German Arnolds share the BIRD/BURD flory. It was my 24th birdday, your see, when God gave me a fleeting, cheap-cheap relationship with Lorraine just to challenge your mind decades later (at this time).

New: the son of Charles Martel was Pepin the Short, and so it's interesting that Shorts share the estoiles of Butts/Bute's to which Lorraine pointed with the grass stain on her butt (on our last day about three weeks after the birdday). Shorts even share blue wings with Hers, Here's/Heyers, and Herzogs, which can suggest that Pepin of HERstal was of these lines. About a week after my birdday, Lorraine had gotten a babe and feet symbol all at once, and while Feets/Fate's share the martlets of French Charles', Babe's were once said to be first found in Dorset with Shorts. That's all new material from Pepin the Short, and the Short griffin is even the Bert/Berta griffin in half its colors.

Babon-connectable Babe's are now said to be first found in Suffolk with Babons and English Charles' (and Carlsons). English Charles' share the eagle of Childs, suspect from king Childeric of the Merovingians. Repeat for the millionth time: the last time I saw Lorraine, about two years after my 24th birthday, she was carrying an infant CHILD...because, I assume, Lorraine's share the Child eagle. Childs were first found in Hertfordshire with Finch's, important below.

Berthe's father was MAURILion (perhaps named partly after Lyons/Lions), which should explain why Maurels/Maurs have a reflection of both the Butt/Bute and German Bode Coats. It's now very interesting that Maurels/Maurs share the eight-pointed stars of Tous' (Florence with the Taddei's sharing the Bouillon flory) who in turn use a man "wearing" a shirt with buttons, and Wearings/Warings share the checkered bend of Pope/s/Popps/Pape's. Warrens, having the same checks, were first found in Suffolk with English Charles'. Then, Shirts (share roundels in Arms of Boulogne) are also Short-like Shards while Lizarts/Sarde's were first found in Provence, at Draguignan, which can explain the Baldwin / Arnold / Rust wyvern dragon. Rusts use this dragon species in red, as do Drake's (Hampshire with Buttons and Lizart-branch Lise's/Liss'), and the original point was that Bodegisel, Mummolin's son, was duke of Provence. Much later, Provence was taken from Merovingians by Pepin the Short (warmonger).

The same eight-pointed stars are with Chaffers, suggesting they share the bend of Botters/Botini's (Florence with Bruno's). Chaffers probably use BROWN finches because Chaffens (Dorset with early Finchem-connectable Babe's and Beaks) are also ChafFINCH's, and, as I said, about two weeks after her pant stain, I bumped into Lorraine by "freak chance" at her FINCH subway station (Toronto, and Finch and Yonge) when I was with Joe Oullette, the brother of the guy who gave her the babe symbol (when he said, "what a babe"). Lorraine's use BEAKless eagles called "allerions," and Allers were first found in Westphalia with PANTzers.

The same eight-pointed stars of Maurels/Maurs are with BattiSTELLI's, a branch of German Steels in turn sharing the Bert/Berta griffin. Battistelli's share the pyramid with Tulls/Tolle's, first found in Staffordshire with Stops/Stubbs (possibly have the Arnold pheons round-about). Tulls/Tolle's, sharing the checkered Shield of Italian Ferrands (Florence again), are from Tullia of Lyon in Clermont-Ferrand (Auvergne with Bouillons), daughter of Gallia, which can explain why Gallia's were first found in Milan with Maurels/Maurs. In colors reversed, Gallia's have the Coat of Platters, the latter first found in Norfolk with Finchems, and in Suffolk with Babe's, English LOGE's, and Charles'.

The daughter of Pepin of Landen and Itta of Metz was Begga, likely to the Beggs because they have a giant 'A' looking like code for Arnulf of Metz. Beggs were first found in Inverness-shire with Grands and Gows/Gowers, and the latter share the cinquefoils of French Locks/Loches'/DesLOGES', first found in Burgundy with French Grands, Loges', and Finchem-branch Feins/Finns.

If the Finchem Crest is a hind, we can add that Hinds have a Coat looking like a cross between the Dutch and German Bode Coats. Hinds were first found in Essex with Bauds/Bude's, and with the Mountains who combine with Bude's/Buds in a pointer to earthly destruction, I expect, from the Apophis asteroid...destruction that goes to election cheats and feverish, self-inflicting, globalist nutjobs. Bude's/Buds have a seven-pointed star in the colors of the Maurel stars, indicating the line of Bodegisel. Perhaps the Bowds who list Beautys are from this same line.

In fact, when God told me to wake Sleeping Beauty, he said, "WHAT are you WAITing for...go wake her." While Bowd-like Bouds/Bude's were first found in Essex with Whats/Waddcocks (Boud/Bude and Wheat/Whate colors), the Bouds/Bude's share the wheat sheaves of Wheats/Whate's!!!

Zikers, I was perhaps wrongly seeking a Beauty-like surname in seeking the Beauty ancestor, and maybe I should have considered Bowds to have been a variation earlier than Beautys. Bettys/Beatys have a "coeleste" motto term while Cole's share the black bull with Beautys/Bowds. When read as "coelESTE," we go to Bute-related English Este's, first found in Essex with Bouds/Bude's! This must be why God arranged Sleeping Beauty as the TROPHY girl with Spuds MacKenzie, mascot of Bud Light beer! Trope's/Drops (Norfolk with Wheats/Whate's) share the Chief of Tulls/Tolle's.

Betty/Beaty variations suggest Baits/Beeths ("fortuna") who in turn are linkable to the Seaton dragon, and then Seatons were first found in East Lothian with Faucets and Vaux's (and Fortune's) while Bauds/Bude's were first found in Essex with Fauci-branch Faux's, and even with a Hicks branch at Low Leighton (Leightons have a dragon too). Though not in the same colors, Faux's share mascles with Bettys/Beatys and the Quincys who build the Faucet castle. Baits/Beeths (Fife, beside Sewers/SHUTers) share the sword of Shute's/SCHITTs while Sitlers/SCHITners (Silesia with German Brix's/Bricks) share the Faucet lion.

If the Finchems have a hind, it can explain why Scottish Shaws (near first-known Scottish Bauds) were first found in Perthshire with hind-using Irish Shaws. Scottish Shaws are in the colors of Dutch Bode's who almost have the Hind Coat. From here, I feel compelled to go to the lightning BOLT that struck my chimney (age 11) on Senator REESORS drive in Markham, first because Chimneys nearly share the Bolton Coat, and secondly because Reesors share the vaired patee cross of English Ferrands who in turn have a Chief like that of Bouillon-related Taddei's. French Bauds/Bauts were first found in Auvergne with Clermont-Ferrand...we are back to Mummolin's ancestry in Clermont-Ferrand.

I have a Mrs. Taddei grandmother born in Picenze with my mother, seven miles from L'Aquila. The Shaw-line Sheaves'/Chiava's (share blue keys with mascle-using Bettys/Beatys) were first found in L'Aquila, and while that's the Abruzzo capital, Abruzzo is where Massi's/MATTIS' were first found who share the checkered Shield of Italian Ferrands and Tulls/Tolle's. Chiava-like Chives' share the MATHIS MOLINE, a symbol suspect from "MumMOLIN," because Cavii Illyrians were at the Mathis river (Albania), now the Metz-like Mat river. I met Lorraine at the Levendale laundroMAT on my 24th birthday. Chives' named Chivasso at the MontFERRAT frontier, and Ferrats/Fers share the checkered Massi/Mattis Shield too. Ferrat-branch Vairs/Fers' (share Fisc Shield) were first found in Burgundy with Mathis'.

Fiscs were first found in Genova with Bode-connectable Fauci's, with the Doria's (probably the Tromp eagle), and with Fisc-branch Fieschi. Doria's married Arduinici from the BAUTica/Baltea river, the river upon which is Chivasso. A family on this river is to Bolt-connectable Bauds/Bauts and Balds. The Doria-Arduinici marriage lived in Oneglia, the line to the Irish Nagle's sharing the lozenges of Tromp-connectable Fauci's and Dutch Bode's.

The lightning strike sent crumbled bricks rolling down the roof SHINGLES, and Massey-connectable Bricks have the Brix/Brest and German Bode lozenges in colors reversed. The fesse-by-lozenges of Brix's/Brests is the fesse of German Bode's.

John Bolton wants Armageddon by his war-hawk foolishness, and lightning is a symbol of Armageddon. Shingle-like SINGLE's are listed with Singletarys (Lancashire with Bolts and Boltons, beside Chimneys) who have the Chimney and Bolton chevron in colors reversed, and both Single's and Chimneys have anteLOPES in Crest. Loupe's share the tower of Auvergne's, and Bauds/Baut's were first found in Auvergne.

SHINGs are listed with Shine's while Shins/Chings share the Coat of Chimney-like Kimmis'. Shimmeys/Kimmeys/McKinneys, sharing the cinquefoils of BUTE's Kims, share the brown stag in Crest with Boltons. Though it was day already, I saw the brightness (out the bedroom window) of this loud and fearful bolt, probably because Brights share the black griffin with Bolts. I'm pretty sure that the pierced Bright stars are called, mullets, for they are even in the colors of the pierced stars of Mullets, first found in Auvergne with Bauds/Bauts. Mullets, with a Molton-like Mollet variation, even share triple hexagrams of German SINGers while English Sings/Singers were first found in Devon with Moltons.

Brets/BRITs (Somerset with Bridge's, Sing-connectable Sticks, and Shins/Chings) probably share the red lion in the Crest of Breads/Breeds/Bradds (Cheshire with Brights and Birds/Burds). BRIGHTs were a branch of Bride's, and French Bride's (Savoy) are expected from BRIGantium in Savoy, now called, BRIANcon, and so it's notable that Irish Brians (KilKENNY) share the Bolton lion as well as the armored-arm-with-sword with Shings.

These particular Irish Brians share lion paws (different color) with Windows (compare with Fiens/FINIS"), and while I've shown how Windows link to a FINIStere location in Brittany, the Arms of Finistere share the upright ram of French Bauds/Bauts. Plus, French Brians were first found in Brittany. Plus, Brest is in Finistere!

The lightning bolt was so bright that it felt as though it's power bounced off my pillow onto my forehead. Pillows/Pilotte's (Lincolnshire with Messier's) share the Scottish Shaw Coat (Bright colors and format), another pointer to Shaw liners of L'Aquila. French Pilotte's/Pilate's, in Kim / Shimmey/Kimmey colors and format, were first found in Burgundy with Mathis' (Massi/Mattis branch, I assume) and Messeys/Messier's. Irish Bricks share the Massey fleur-de-lys, indicating that my mother's Masci line was at the Lys tributary of the Bautica river, and that the Lys river was named by Cavii living at their city of Lissus near the mouth of the Mathis river. Masci's were first found in Piedmont with the Bautica river.

It's been a long time since loading Gribaldi's to now see their rooted tree, symbol of Rothschild-branch Roots. Since the last time, I've said several times that Roots share the Coat of Bagleys (Shropshire with Baldwins) both sharing the Fauci lozenge, while Bags share the Grimaldi Shield.

Gribaldi's are also GARIBaldi's, and Grabfeld was home to Poppo I of Babenberg. The hill of Gareb near Jerusalem comes to mind, and while wheat sheaves can be expected as part-code for L'Aquila's Sheaves', they are also called, "garbs."


The big problem with Musks' pick for a leftist Twitter CEO who has been challenged by Musk to raise advertising dollars is that she will cater to leftist companies to make that money who then develop sway over Twitter's policies to lean them more leftward. Duh. So why did Musk do this? Because he wants Democrats in political power so that they can help sell his electric cars, because only leftists want to eradicate gasoline with reckless, all-serious cookery.

Why would Musk work so hard to win the political right only to pick this pro-vaccine activist to lead Twitter? Because he's stupid? Only a stupid man would build an electric-car plant knowing that the batteries must be charged primarily with fossil fuels, and in the meantime he needs to pretend (lying to people) that electric cars are "clean."

Most of his customers are going to be leftist stupids kept stupid by leftist governments and leftists media, and most of these wrong-thinkers live in big population centers where it's not helpful to its air quality to waste fossil fuels by the fact that energy is wasted both when converting fossil fuels to potential electricity in the car batteries, and also when driving electric cars in the cold (get about half the power efficiency as compared to summer months). Only an brute beast dependent on iron-handed, far-leftist governments for company success would decide to go into the electric-car business. Never forget that about Musk.

Meanwhile, thanks to leftist politicians with so many big and unusual mandates who cannot just let goodness be, food prices and everything else is going up-up-and-away even on leftists, but they are too stupid to acknowledge this as a rip-off, but calmly go along with it as if there's something like a pot of gold for them at the end of a rainbow if only they rough-it through this temporary hard time. STUPIDS. It is NOT temporary, and there nothing but a pot of irony awaiting at a dead-end.

Late last week, Maricopa county tried to get Kari Lake's refreshed court proceedings dismissed, but the anti-Lake judge Thompson thought twice this time about dismissing a case sanctioned by a higher Arizona court. This piece-of-trash judge couldn't get his way, and so: "Kari Lake’s lawsuit against Gov. Katie Hobbs claiming election misconduct is moving forward. On Monday, Maricopa County Superior Court Judge Peter A. Thompson approved one count in Lake’s lawsuit to continue in court regarding signature verification procedures in the 2022 general election."

Piece-of-trash judge is now worried that a higher court is watching him closely, that's where this is, and so it's going to give the Lake team opportunity to expose that fraudulent signatures are applied to fraudulent ballots, lots of them, meaning DELIBERATE fraud, not mere mistakes by election workers. But, this judge is dead-set on having her lose this case anywhich way he can muster it. He'd like to set her bar very high for the Lake team to prove fraud, but proof of fraud isn't necessary. The necessity is to show that sufficient ballots made invalid by illegalities in the ballot-signature department makes Ms. Lake the new winner of the election. Here's a video of this week on some of the fraud:

Here' Dr. John Campbell suggesting that the UK wants its citizens sick / diseased due to low vitamin-D intake of 400 IU daily The UK is a cloudy area to begin with:

I once despised Dr. John Campbell for his trusting the medical establishment. He should have known better. His mentality at the time was the error of most doctors, and most still have that ignorant attitude, as if men who wear white are all honest and angelic. Campbell has really come around, seen the sad truth, and is now preaching against West-government plots to keep people sick and in need of $$$medical $$$attention.

How does it feel to be excited about the free ability to get lots of medical / health advice online, only to discover that google is in the business of conspiring with the $$$goons who could care less about your health? The time is here when we can't trust any angelic face because that's the face practiced to deceive. What if, instead of recommending insufficient vitamin intake, they start telling us that extra-high levels of certain vitamins are becoming new recommendations that are in fact poisonous (at extra-high levels) to some of our body parts?

One thing I know, I had almost no sun all winter since November...same as I've been doing every winter for some 15 years now (Texas was beautiful, sunny almost every day in winter). But I'm now old and at higher risk of things. This past February, I came down with a severe bout of shingles, which they say is from a weakened immune system. Then, during a long, cloudy period of 10 days or more in April, while still getting over the shingles numbness, I was having what seemed like heart irregularity, or something going on in my chest, which began to worry me...until the sun came out, when I started to go outside without a shirt on. There was then about 10-15 days straight with no rain, lots of sun. VITAMIN D to my rescue, right? I think so. The palpitations, or whatever they were, went immediately away on the first couple of days of getting sun. This coming winter, I'm getting an ultra-violet source at my computer table (probably less money than vitamin D).

I've never been vaccinated as an adult.

Here's John Campbell telling that Canada's high excess deaths for 2022 is due to vaccines, though he doesn't actually say it for fear of youtube cancelling his show:

I do not think we can trust those graphs dished out by governments because of all things, governments know that excess deaths after 2020 are due to vaccine poisoning. THEREFORE, let us not be stupidopes: it is clear that governments in-the-know of their population-reduction programs will also prepare measures to downplay the actual numbers of murder-by-vaccines released to the public, hello? Whatever extra deaths they are forced to confess to is going to be on the low side for as far as they can swing it.

We can be sure that these governments have plied the insurance companies to keep their mouths shut, not to publicize the increasing numbers of deaths and illnesses, and the best way for governments to do this is to reimburse them for their extra costs due to excess deaths and illnesses. This is bribery on top of murder, making insurance companies complicit with the murders if they take the bribes in agreement not to publicly voice their knowledge of the evidence for this mass-murder campaign. Anyone who has kept their mouths shut for profit is a despicable traitor unworthy of life.

Imagine how much greater the excess deaths would have been in 2022, globally, if people had been sold on continuing their vaccination programs, or if governments had succeeded in mandatory vaccinations. Meanwhile, Sean Hannity, for $$$profit$$$, talks about Joe Biden's latest blunder instead of quitting Fox in order to freely voice abhorrence at this atrocity. Money-and-fame fools are all over Fox news, but if fools are all they are, it wouldn't be so bad. Complicit with mass-murder is what they are completely, because they as news casters profess a responsibility to enlighten the people against government plots against them. Instead of saviors, they become government agents when conveying themselves as stooges who know nothing of the plots.

Earlier in this update, I mentioned Tullia of Lyon, the line to Battistelli's and German Steels. Battistelli's were a Batti/Botto-Stelli merger, I assume, not only because both surnames use eight-pointed stars, but because Tulls/Tullia's use BUTTERflies. There is a Butter/Buttar surname, you see. Although I'm on board the mission of Rashid Buttar and others, I didn't like the way he did his videos the last I stopped watching them; they seemed sensational. It turns out he's a Muslim by his own admission in his last video.

It is being reported that Mr. Buttar died (young) on May 18, very suspicious. The bow in the Buttar Crest may indicate a Bude/Bud branch, for the latter use the bow. I don't want to go over all of the heraldic story I've told many times on how solidly the CREMer/Cramer surname points to Fauci branches, suffice to say here that Batti's/Botto's were first found in CREMona, near the first known Gallia's and Maurels of Milan, where the line of Tullia of Lyon traces. The same set of heraldry enjoined by Cremers/Cramers also involved Raymonds and Raymundo's, the latter first found in Cremona and sharing the Fisc Shield.

The amazing thing is that Lorraine's pant stain pointed to Botter-connectable Balcons, first found in Fife with Buttars. The latter even have Botere's and Boturs in their write-up (!), and the Boturs were in Cambridgeshire with the Crails/Crabs while Balcons were first found in Crail! Why should Lorraine's pant stain point to Rashid Buttar? I'm stumped, aside from the fact that the stain was on her BUTT.

Did God arrange the Rash's (Pomerania with first-known Trumps/Tromps) to share the giant eagle of Dutch Tromps? Trump is the master vaccine pusher, the sociopath who cares NOTHING for the maimings and killings by vaccines. Did God arrange the Rash's in this way because He knew I'd check them today as per RASHid Buttar? Did Rashid get murdered?

Scottish Lombards have the Tromp / Rash eagle in demi form, and Cremona and Milan are both in Lombardy. Italian Lombards share the Chief of Italian RES'/Dere's, and "RESurgo" is a Lorraine motto term while the same eagle again (but with two heads) is with Spanish Dero's/Ros'! Rash-like Ras' are listed with Scottish Rose's! That is amazing.

Ras'/Rose's have a "Constant" motto term while the Constant/Constance Chief is almost the Res/Dere Chief! Constants/Constance's were first found in Languedoc with the French Alans who do have the Res/Dere Chief in full, and the latter use Alan-connectable lances. That is, one Lance surname has the Alan fesse in colors reversed...and the other Lance's have a giant ROSE. Ras'/Rose's add a "true" motto term while Constants/Constance's use a pine TREE while Tree's/True's share the plumed knight with Lyon-like English Lannoys. French Lannoys share the Lyon lion, in colors reversed from the lion of Hume's/Home's who in turn have a "True" motto term.

Oh wow, I don't think I've ever checked for a Lauro surname as per the "Lauro" motto term of Lorraine's. Lauro's/Laurini's happen to have the Gallia Coat in colors reversed! Gallia was the mother of Tullia of Lyon. I often mention that Lyons and Lorraine's share green lions, and while Buttars were first found in Fife and Angus, both are near the first-known Lyons, Milans/Millens and Mellansons.

In the video below on the topic of Rashid's death, the video owner engages again his crusade against Ivermectin because he's read that it has serious side-effects. But, woe just a minute: shouldn't we expect such warnings against Ivermectin to come falsely from the vaccine pushers because others are claiming Ivermectin prevents and/or cures viruses?

Here's canada's stepping stone to a cashless society now in the works. What you hear here from the Bank of Canada is from fall-out when trudeau wanted to seize bank accounts of anti-trudeau demonstrators, but it backfired because the banks were harmed in that seizure. trudeau's remedy is to go to electronic money so that people can't withdraw bank cash, and so this is what this move is all about behind the friendly face who in reality is an accomplice to massive government theft of the peoples' hard-earned money:

FACT: if it was not for the Canadian truckers last year, this move to a central cashless system would not have found major opposition at this time from common people. In other words, trudeau woke the country up when he threatened to seize bank accounts merely to show himself more powerful, more rude, more brutal, than the truckers. Way to go, pirate.

Leave it to Stew Peters to break another new horror story, this time cyanide in Remdesivir:

The latest from Dr. John Campbell as he asks the UK government why it's not talking about mRNA attacking bodily organs in it's "proper" or intended workings. The Common(ist)wealth Nations seem to be at the charge of bringing mRNA forward to all flu shots, not just SARS, and you would guess correctly that they wish to force people to get mRNA for ordinary flus. It's been proven that COVID is a common cold, by the way, but the governments faked a crisis with it:

For the old guys, below is a long video that would be easier to watch if the speaker's attempt at dry comedy were actually funny. By the one-hour mark, he tells that $3B, more than half the money allotted to cancer prevention in the U.S., goes to "screening" for prostate cancer. I think the speaker is insinuating that prostate cancer is a racket for making money at the expense of old men, but I would go further by saying that this situation lends itself to creeping government programs aspiring to kill off the aged earlier than they would otherwise die...because globalism covets their pension dollars for its own agendas. In the meantime, make lots of money treating victims for rapid-growth cancer they don't have.

After the one-hour mark, there is mention of a study done with over 200,000 prostate-cancer patients who were asked what sort of advice their doctors gave prior to putting them on a cancer regimen/plan. This study found that only one-third of them were told both the advantages and disadvantages while the others were told only the advantages or nothing at all. One-third were told only the advantages, which sounds like a money-making regimen to me. Did you ever hear this good news: "For instance, a 2011 study out of Canada treated skin cancer cells with dandelion extract and found that it started killing off cancer cells within just 48 hours of treatment. Another study in Oncotarget showed that dandelion root extract was able to kill 95 percent of colon cancer cells within two days." Why haven't you heard about this since 12 years ago? Do the powers want us to get cancer for $$$s.

I've been picking dandelion off my place for over ten years, but not until this week did I think of tasting some of it. The root is bitter, awful, like only a witch could love. But dropped in bits in a potato fry, or in soups, makes them invisible to the tongue, and they are a nice white on the interior. Chopped dandelion leaves in soups does not ruin the taste, much anyway. This is a dynamite tribulation food, plenty of it everywhere. Get some info on what weed roots and leaves are edible, and grown some in your garden just to harvest the seeds (keep cool for a few years) in case the tribulation arrives. Spread the seeds all over your lawns in the tribulation.

The good news is, dandelion is not a marketable item, meaning that all praise going to it is not motivated by selling more of it as might be the case with common foods and herbs. "Some studies indicate that dandelion extracts and compounds may help reduce inflammation in the body." Remember that the next time you have a flu. Here's an article calling for a study of dandelion-root potential for curing prostate cancer. Bone ache in the hip and lower-back areas, by the way, is a sign of run-away prostate cancer:

High-end medical-establishment people who stand to profit from medical regimens could very well be willfully / irresponsibly apathetic toward conducting studies on any natural cure for obvious reason. It can possibly explain the lack of experimental conclusions on the effects of dandelion root. The NIH article above says that dandelion-root extract killed out-of-body prostate-cancer cells in/within 96 hours after treatment. Lemongrass extract did the job even faster. The mystery is why these substances do not adversely affect normal body cells, meaning that cancer cells have the distinct difference (as compared to normal cells) of being subject to fatal attack. WHY? What in the root or lemongrass causes this attack? Don't the establishment's rulers want to know?

Video on making coffee from dandelion roots:

Don't throw away the root power after making the "coffee," but toss it in some cooked meal.


Here's all four Gospels wrapped into one story.

For Some Prophetic Proof for Jesus as the Predicted Son of God.
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