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March 14 - 20, 2023

Silicon Valley Bank and JP Morgan at Jeffrey Epstein's Beach
I was a Playboy in My New Dream This Week
This Week's News at the Last Section

If you're waiting for Jesus to return, see Post-Tribulation Rapture

It was nice while it lasted. Hall of Names is no longer showing the descriptions of the Coats of Arms presented at House of Names, but I have many of them recorded in my past updates from which to find some.

Private Investigator Polly meanders a little for the intro in the first 15 minutes, to set up the main topic, and starting in the 15th minute, she delivers some paydirt in potentially connecting Jeffrey-Epstein enterprises to the Silicon Valley Bank that was abruptly and suspiciously put out of commission last week.

In the video above, Peter THIEL is at the center of the reported failure of Silicon Valley. As Polly says, Theil recently advised people to take money out of the Silicon Valley Bank as if he knew the bank bust was coming. Then the March-11 headline: "Peter Thiel's Founders Fund got its cash out of Silicon Valley Bank before it was shut down, report says"

WOW!!! For those of you who know my stories through Miss Hicks, who fulfilled Sleeping Beauty, Theils almost have the Leak/Leakey Chief and the Hicks fleur-de-lys. The last update gave new and compelling assurance of my claim, that the second fulfillment of Sleeping Beauty is Ainsley Earhardt, and here I find that Theils were first found in Nottinghamshire with Ainsleys, and the two share the same fleur-de-lys!!!

(To follow better, load Theils now to load and view other surnames on another Internet tab.)

I am amazed here because Theils/Teals (almost "Thiel") share the wyvern dragon of Tile's/Tillys, the latter first found in Dorset with Beautys!!!! The Theil Coat is a version of the Wilkin Coat, and Wilkins were first found in Glamorganshire with Tillers, tending to reveal that Tillers were a Tile/Tilly branch. The Wilkins share the green wyvern with Lewis, first found in GlaMORGANshire with Theils/Teals.

It's amazing that Glamorgan was anciently, MORGANnwg, and I even recall that I was searching a year or more for the owner of the triple red-on-white chevrons before finding them in colors reversed in the Arms of Morgannwg. The Eppsteins use triple red-on-white chevrons!!! Didn't we just see the Morgan bank involved with Epstein??? Morgannwg was part of the kingdom of Gwent, which may have named Ghent in Belgium, which for it's Arms use a "virgin." Epstein's island under discussion is in the Virgin Islands. It just so happens that Welsh Louis', first found in Glamorganshire with Lewis', have the very lion that appears with the virgin in the Arms of Ghent.

It was once easy to find the Arms of Ghent having the virgin and lion together, but I not see that anti-educational google, the global flatulence in our faces, isn't making this easy, even when I ask for " "arms of ghent" virgin ". How much-more useless is google going to be in a year from now? It could be google canada that makes surfing difficult for me. Wikipedia is still showing the Arms with virgin without description.

The only reason I'm familiar with Wilkins is that they share the split-Shield colors of Walker-related Schere's/SCHERFs, the line by which I connect the presidential Bush's to ancestry in the Nazi, George Herbert Scherff Sr. That is, the presidential Bush's did NOT descend from the Nazi-collaborating banker, Prescott Bush, as the claim goes, but George Herbert Walker Bush was born George Herbert Scherff Jr., and then "adopted" without papers by Prescott Bush, as part of the Nazi infiltration into American politics.

I dealt with my OCEAN scene, in my Sleeping Beauty dream, in the last update, using the Ocean/Cain surname, and was able to link it to Donald Trump . With that in mind, let's continue.

Darren Indyke, Epstein's personal attorney, and Richard KAHN, the estate's in-house accountant have long been accused of mismanaging his wealth. The two have been accused of transferring millions to the BUTTERfly Trust, which Epstein started in 2013, authorities in the US Virgin Islands said,...

Kahn/Cahn variations are almost the Cain/Kane variations of Oceans, suggesting that my ocean scene, where I was STANDing in blue waters off of a sandy beach, points now to Richard Kahn too. Keep BUTTERfly Trust in mind, because I'm going to link the Beauty surname to it as I get to it. Stands are also Stans.

Here's a zowie: While STANleys use a "Changer" motto term that has been resolved as code for Cahn-like Change's/Changers, the latter use three fesses in colors reversed from the three fessewise canoes of German Kahns/Cahns!!!!! If that's not enough, Jewish Kahns/Cohens/Kagans (looks very Khazar-Jew) share the Chief of French Chance's while English Chance's share the patonce cross of Chase's/Chace's, the latter first found in Hampshire with Chance-like Change's/Changers!!! INCREDIBLE "coincidences." It's tending to prove that Stanley at the 9-11 memorial points to the JP bank that supported Epstein's cruel crimes.

Hold on. The Chase-like Casino's essentially share the Change/Changer fesses, and then Casino-like Cassane's, first found in Hampshire with Chase's, share the triple Epstein chevrons!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And in the video above, you can see that the attorney general of the Virgin Islands had sued JP Morgan CHASE with complicity in Epstein's crimes in the Virgin Islands!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You can't believe this.

Hampshire is also where Ghents, Fly's and Drake's were first found, and the latter share a wyvern dragon (different color) with Theils/Teals and Tills/Tillys. The "muscas" motto term of Drake's is translated, "FLY," and as new-to-me Buttys/BUTTERys got suspect with Beautys only as of the last update, see the quote above where Epstein founded BUTTERFLY Trust!!!! I'll spare you the 20 exclamation marks that this deserves. Just look at that. Fly's, sharing the fleur-de-lys of Banks, were first found in Hampshire with Stanley-connectable Chase's, and banks had a branch at WinSTANLEY.

God clearly arranged the heraldry centuries ago to connect Mr. Thiel to the Epstein circle, and so I've got to believe that God is bringing the backers of Epstein, highly suspect with Israeli Intelligence and the CIA, to exposure and failure, slowly but surely. The Times Of Israel said this week that two Israeli banks withdrew $1B from Silicon Valley the day BEFORE it was forced to close. One of the two, Bank Leumi, is in the list of banks alleged guilty with Epstein, in Polly's video. Why might an Israeli bank put money into a California bank? Is it to pay for big-tech censorship and similar globe-trodding programs? Do you think that Jewish billionaires are in cahoots together, to bring about Biblical prophecy as they erroneously see it, with Israel ruling the world through themselves? They have a big surprise in store.

If indeed God is pointing the Chase's to this Chase bank, shouldn't there be some evidence in the Chase Coat itself? It shares (same colors) the so-called "patonce" cross with Chance's, and the latter were first found in Essex with Patents/Pattens', and so it seems we have found the owner of the patonce cross in Patents/Pattens, who happen to have a lozengy Shield in the colors of the Apps/EPPs lozenges, and so there we have it, proof in the Chase Coat that we are to point things to Jeffrey Epstein.

Plus, the BLACK-and-WHITE lozengy Shield of Patents/Pattens is shared by Schole's/SCAYLE's while Scale's share the scallops of Apps'/EPPs. Perdy good. The latter's Coat is shared by Abby's, only Abby's use WHITE lozenges instead of the BLACK lozenges of Apps'/Epps. They both use a string of five, fessewise lozenges, and Abbys use them in the colors of the four fessewise lozenges of Dinans, a branch of Diamonds/DIMONs (five, fessewise lozenges), a possible pointer to BlackRock Diamond Property Fund, Inc., but, if it's a pointer at all, and it sure looks like one, it goes better to Jamie Dimon, the CEO of JP Morgan Chase!

A bendwise string of four lozenges, in colors reversed to the four of Dinans, is with State's, and State Street asset management ("largest custodian bank in the world)" is in Polly's video at 5:00 minutes.

I don't know whether Jamie Dimon was born James, because the Jamie's are listed with Jamesons, first found on Bute, which I've been claiming, without fade for over a decade, to be the mythical Avalon, where the chief witch, Morgan le Fay, called home.

Plus, I was on the shore at Epstein's island, and "shore" is a term for the translated Jamie/Jameson motto, and here we can add that Shore's/Sure's were first found in Derbyshire with Cherrys, who are in the cherries of the Coat of Misers in turn expected in the "Miseris" motto term of Diamonds/Dimons. This Sleeping Beauty dream then pointed to the Shirts/Shards when, upon getting out of the ocean, I was walking on Epstein's beach without my shirt on. I'll expound on this as I get to it.

Cherry-like Cheers/Chertseys/Curtseys, who in turn look a lot like "Shirt/Shard", share the black scallop with James'. Cheers/Chertseys/Curtseys were first found in Surrey with James' and the other Curtsys/Chertseys/Chartseys, how about that, now involving both the James line and the Dimon line. Chars/Charts/Chards were first found in Somerset with Carts and their Cary branch, and with Cherry-connectable Severs/Savers (Char/Chart/Chard fesse in colors reversed).

I trace Shirts/Shards to Sardinians, and while Avezzano's were first found in Sardinia, their Avisons/AVIS branch share the garb of Cherts/Chards. VISE's were first found in Sussex with CURTs/Courts/Coverts. Carts were first found in Somerset with Carys, both of Castle Cary (Somerset), and so it's possible that even the Cars were hooked up with Sardinians, for the latter, as "Sherden/Shardana," had been of the Sea Peoples along with Lydians and CARians (two side-by-side nations), and the Liddle's / Little's/ Litts shortly below may have been Lydians.

Derbyshire is beside the first-known Shirts/Shards, the latter nearly having the Cherry Coat. There is now a question as to whether Shards are of the Share's/Shere's/Shire's, first found in Sure-like Surrey with James'.

So, as we now have what looks like a pointer of my being without my shirt on Epstein's island to JP Morgan Chase, let's note that being shirtless ("I lost my shirt") is at times a symbol of losing all your money. That sounds a lot like Silicon Valley Bank, however [and later below, I stumble on multiple pointers of my shirt scene to Silicon Valley Bank, with a super chemical ending.]

If we ignore the anchors in the Jamie/Jameson Coat, it's the Dutch Ghent/Gant Coat in colors reversed while Ghents/Gants look similar to the Ocean/Cain Coat, another reason to have Jamie Dimon and his Morgan bank on Epstein's beach. I was at the ocean shore, and Shore's/Sure's share the motto of Cain-like Caens/Cans. This heraldry appears Arranged to include Jamie Damon, not likely because he's a good guy.

Jamie's/Jamesons were first found on mythical Avalon with Morgan le Fay, and Feys/Fays (obvious kin of Speers) happen to share the full motto, "EspeRANCE," with Fick-like Fitch's/Fitchets/Fitts, and it just so happens that the latter were first found in Essex with the MontFICHETs/Muschats and Waters both sharing the Epstein Coat!!! The Fey variation is included because Dutch Veys use a BOOT while Bute, where Jamie's/Jamesons were first found, was the mythical Avalon. Avalon was named after the line that named the Velino river and mont Velino, the latter very near Avezzano. Avezzano's were first found in Sardinia.

The WAVY Jamie/Jameson fesse is in the colors of the same of Fix's/Ficks (!!!) who in turn share the fleur-de-lys of BANKS, Fly's and English Webbers. I claim that heraldic wavy is code for Webber-branch Weavers because English Webbers have wavy bars. We saw how Fly's (beside Webbers) play to Epstein's Butterfly Trust.

The Chartsey-like Cardins, first found in Cheshire with Shirts/Shards and Foots, likely named Kincardineshire, where Foot-branch Fothes'/FITTs were first found. All I had on was jeans when shirtless, and English Jeans/Jane's (share James lion) happen to share the red scallop with Peartree's/Patria's, first found in Kincardineshire! The "Fide" motto term of Peartree's/Patria's must be for the Fido variation of Fothes'/Fitts, but it can also go to FIDDLE's/FIDElows, first found in Surrey with James', and expected in the "FIDELiter" motto of Theils. The latter even share the fleur-de-lys of Diamonds/Dimons.

I had discovered that the Arms of Bute, as per the rule there of Rory MacDonald there, was the same lion as used by the Rory surname, and it's the Jean / James lion too while Jamie's/Jamesons were first found on Bute. LITTLE Saint JAMES. Tattons of Massy share the Little crescent, and Liddle's with Litts share the Massey fleur-de-lys.

Theils use "FideLITer," perhaps code for Lite's/Lights (white swan), first found in Somerset with Cherry-like Carys (white swan), and with the Severs who share the annulets of Cherrys who are in turn in Lite/Light format and colors reversed. It's feasible that Lite's were of the Little-branch Litts.

Shirts/Shards were first found in Cheshire with Masseys, Foots, and with the Tattons who in turn share the Theil Crest, a SEATed GREYhound. Greyhounds share the personal lion of Ranulph de Gernon, son of the Massy-branch Meschins, and Gernons, at Montfitchet, use a "cyFOETH" motto term. Tattons of Massy are said to have been at NORTHENded, and SEATon-related Northens were first found in Huntingdonshire with Ada of Warenne. "Ad" happens to be a motto term of Tottens while Tuit-branch Tattons share the Tute/Tout crescent.

In the scene immediately after I was in the ocean, I was looking at Sleeping Beauty walk from the FENDER of a car to its front, and Fenders, first found in Huntingdonshire with Others/Otters, have a white sword through an otter's head, like the white sword through a leopard's face of Fitchets/Fitts, and like a white sword through a boar's head of Feys/Fays. Ada of Warenne, wife of Henry, earl of Huntingdon, is highly suspect in the "Ad" motto term of Jamie's/Jamesons because Ada's father was from Surrey, where James' were first found, and thus this tends to prove that Jamie's were a James branch, no surprise.

If you didn't catch it, "Ad" is a motto term of both Jamie's and Tottens while Tattons share the Theil Crest.

Having said that, it's amazing that while mythical Morgan le Fay was the half sister of mythical king Arthur, the only difference is that they were assigned (by the fable writers) a different father, Arthur getting UTHER Pendragon, code for the Utters/OTTERburns. And so we now have Sleeping Beauty at her fender for an additional pointer to Jamie Dimon. Plus, as Diamonds/Dimons were a branch of Dinans, it's amazing that Dinan is a location at Brittany's RANCE river, because we just saw the "EspeRANCE" motto of Feys/Fays and Eppstein-connectable Fitch's/Fitts.

There's more because the "LITTora" motto term of Jamie's/Jamesons can be for the Litts sharing the fleur-de-lys of LITTLE-branch Liddle's, and this points excellently to LITTLE Saint JAMES, Epstein's island under discussion.

I've never had this good a pointer to Little Saint James as we do now with Jamie's in the picture. I was walking on the beach toward Sleeping Beauty, not yet knowing that I would wake her, and Wake's, sharing red roundels with Shirts/Shards, have them in both colors of the ORE/Orr roundels, and the latter put them in their Chief, as do Wake's. The new point is that Wake's use an "ora" motto term to indicate the Ore's/Orrs, and then we just saw the "littORA" term of Jamie's/Jamesons. Sleeping Beauty has been fulfilled by Miss Hicks, and Hicks share the Diamond/Dimon fleur-de-lys.

Syllables in mottoes are important, often used as code, and we can see this again in the "proficiOR" motto term of Knocks/Knox's, first found in Renfrewshire with Ore's/Orrs. Yet look again at "proFICior," as though part-code for the Jamie-connectable Fix's/Ficks. Let me show why the wavy Fix/Fick fesse could be close to the similar one of Severs/Savers, the latter first found in Somerset with wavy Webbers. Severs/Savers and Cherrys share the annulet of Saffers with a "Vita" motto term.

If you want to play this game well, you need to have an eye for syllables in mottoes. The "MoVEO" motto term of Knocks/Knox's can be for the Vio variation of Vita's who share the annulet of Cherrys, the latter first found in Derbyshire with the Knots in the "wake knot" of the Wake Crest. Are we pointing here to Fort Knox through Dimon's banking sphere?

Repeat: "I am amazed here because Theils/Teals share the wyvern dragon of Tile's/Tillys, the latter first found in Dorset with Beautys!!!!" The latter update ventured to show how Oceans/Cains could have been a Caen branch, and while Caens were first found in Dorset too, with Beautys and Tile's/Tillys, the latter are said to have named Tilley at the Caen theater of Normandy. Therefore, when I was standing in the ocean waters, it was not only a pointer to Epstein's island, but to Peter Thiel, for Theils/Teals share the Till/Tilly dragon. The ocean scene has pointed to Kahn and Thiel together.

I was at the ocean shore, and the Caens/Cans share the Shore/SURE motto. Keeping in mind that Epstein's partner was Ghislaine MAXWELL, let me repeat from the last update:

Sleeping Beauty was played by Mrs. Kilpatrick. Scottish Kilpatricks, sharing the Maxwell saltire, have a motto, "I MAKE SURE," and this is part-code for the Makeswell variation of Maxwells [first found at Maxton], we can safely assume. That's not new material. Irish Kilpatricks show a Sheera variation, and thus Sure's/Shore's must have been a branch of Sheers/Shere's/Shire's/Share's because they were first found in Sure-like Surrey, and that's not new either. Surreys are also Shark-like Sarks. Not new.

The new thing: Sands are now said to be first found in Surrey, while Maxtons, Sandys and Sands all share fitchees on a gold Shield!!!! Perfect.

I was on the SANDY beach at Epstein's island. Maxton was not far from the Liddesdale location of the Little / Liddle line. The Sheers/Shere's/Shire's/Share's in the quote above essentially share the fitchee of SCHERE's/SCHIRE's/SCHARE's whom I like to load as "Scherf," which brings us back to 9-11 conducted under president George W. Scherff. English Walkers and Bush's were both first found in Yorkshire with Scarfs. I can glean from the Coat of Scottish Walkers that they were Kilpatrick/Shera and Knight kin, the Knights/Nights (share "spur" with Liddle's and CLOSE's) highly suspect with naming the Nith river, location of Kilpatrick castle at CLOSEburn. German Schere's use a "snake" while the Coat of Snake's/Snooks looks related to the Coat of Walks/Wachs, first found in Dumfries with Kilpatricks. Wachs are in the Wake write-up, no guff. Wake's/Wachs have a Coat like the Washington Coat, and proto-Washington Wassa's are also WACE's, we get it.

Change's/Changers had pointed, years ago, to "Loose Change," one of the first documentaries to reveal that 9-11 was an inside job. This Stanley character, whom I've mentioned 100 times, sat in my very seat (after I got up and left it) on the night our Texas church put on the first-anniversary memorial of 9-11 (it was done on September 11, 2002). Due to this Stanley character, I discovered, on a hunch, that Morgan-Stanley bankers had offices on several floors in one Trade Tower directly beneath two maintenance floors, suspicious because the insiders needed to plant explosives in the walls of the towers over a long period (to feign plane crashes), and thus needed the maintenance floors for conveniently storing equipment, etc. It makes Morgan Stanley look very complicit, or so I take the use of Stanley sitting in my seat beside Sleeping Beauty.

As I've said many times, the Stanley surname and the Hicks surname contributed in making a pointer to Leaks/Leakeys, because we were at the corner of Leakey road at the 9-11 memorial, and I had been sitting directly beside Miss Hicks, and when I got up, Stanley was then sitting beside her. If you want to know why I identify her as Sleeping Beauty in my 1979 dream, the last update will help lots.

There is also a Thiel/Tiel surname (duck) beside Theils/Teal, but I hadn't realized until this point that Peter's surname is, Thiel. There is a smashing reason as to why Thiels/Tiels are immediately important: they were first found in Hesse with Eppsteins!!!!!!!!!!!!! What are the chances if not arranged by God? Plus, the Hesse surname shares the sun of French Chance's and Kahns/Cohens/Kagans.

The previous attorney general of the Virgin Islands, who was looking into Epstein corruption (until she was fired by the crime syndicate), is Denise George. George's were first found in Dorset with Beautys. Ms. George was fired promptly upon filing a law suit against JP Morgan Chase...which in some way had been part of Morgan-Stanley. Ms. George had discovered that JP Morgan had been supporting Epstein's criminal enterprise, and her being fired proves she indeed did discover it, with a lot more to discover with further investigation. I think she's still on the case privately, a brave soul.

Polly tells that Biden visited the Virgin Islands just after Denise George filed a law suit against JP Morgan Chase, and just days before she was fired by her boss (the leader of the Virgin Islands), suggesting strongly that Biden asked her boss to get rid of her.

Isn't it amazing that the Denise/Dennis Coat is almost the Button/Biden Coat? Denise's boss must be Albert Bryan, the governor of the U.S. Virgin islands, location of Epstein's island. Albert Bryan lives on St. Croix, where Biden visited to get Ms. George fired (that is, I'm convinced he got her fired if others weren't quite able to get the job done without him). Bryan sounds, from his Wikipedia article, like a "correct" COVID-lockdown / get-vaxxed hooligan in a suit.

Playboy, But Why That?

We saw Wake's as kin of Ore's/Orrs, and the latter love Bone liners along with Hicks. Pointer to Skull and Bones? Maybe, for Skulls even look related to English Bone's. I see Bone's from "Bononia," home of the Boii, and this can play to "PlayBOY" because Players have a "clariOR" motto term. It's a start, and might be worth more as we go along.

I'm going to repeat a long quote from the last update here partly because it's been one of the most-compelling heraldic sets to prove that both Miss Hicks and Ainsley Earhardt fulfill Sleeping Beauty. Note the one sentence that I now place in capitals. Kingstons share the lion of Beauty-like Buttys/Butterys:

Kingstons (share King lion) are said to have received a title near a Hart river, begging whether Earhardts had been named from that river. I went looking online to see where this river might be, and google brought up a Hartley entity. Not familiar with Hartleys, though by that time the Snake's had been loaded, as per the Earhardt snakes, to see that Snake's are in Close colors and format and even sharing the Parking/Perkin fleur-de-lys. It therefore shocked to see that Hartleys (Yorkshire with Hicks) almost have the Ainsley Coat. Snake's were first found in Kent with a Hartley location older than Hartley in Yorkshire.

Hartleys share the cinquefoils of ARDens, and "Ardens" is a motto of Petts who in turn share the mascles of heart-using Bullys. Roger de Bully was a Yorkshire character (in the Tickhill and Jump write-ups). Walter of Aincourt is in the Jump write-up, and Aincourts include an Ainsley-like Ainey variation. The British bulldog had JUMPed into the pool, and Jumps share the Trump stag head. The Arden-like Hardens have a Harden location in West Yorkshire with Hartley.

I bought my British bulldog in Hamilton, and Hamiltons share the Blank cinquefoil while Blankney is where Aincourts/Aineys were first found. Miss Hicks married Hamilton Kilpatrick. Blankneys share the six pellets of Lace's/Lacys (Yorkshire), while Bus', who share the Blank Coat, were first found in Norfolk with Luce's/Lucys. Blankneys and Aincourts were first found in Lincolnshire with LUCY Taillebois, wife of Ranulph le Meschin whose family married Skiptons of Yorkshire who in turn share the purple lion with Irish Lace's/Lacys.

Hardens look like kin of Bonnie's (share fleur of Earhardts) because Ainsleys were first found in Basford with Bunnys. As Sleeping Beauty was hovering, and as Hovers/Hoffers may have been a Hefner branch, Hugh Hefner's Playboy bunnies come to mind. Sleeping Beauty was that type of lady. I didn't know until writing the last sentence that Hefners have a bend-with-items in the colors and format of the same (different items) of Bonnie's and Hardens. Hefners use lion heads in the colors of the Bunn/Bone / Bone/Bohun lions, and "bon" is a Hicks motto term...

Irish Harts share the lion of English Heffers/Heffners (Somerset with Coffers) and Hevers/Heafers/Hephers/EVERs (Kent with Hartley), and then Evers/Eure's are expected in the "bon heure" motto phrase of Hicks. You can't believe this, but why point to Playboy with Epstein's island? WAS EPSTEIN GROOMING BUNNIES FOR PLAYBOY? Sorry for getting sidetracked, but it's been pulling me along because many of these links are new to me.

The Earhardt description in-part is: "...two intertwined snakes, ENCIRCLING a fleur-de-lys." Circle's are listed with German KURCHners/Church's while KIRKbys share the crescents of Irish Heffers and English Coffers, and the latter were first found in Somerset with English Church's. Neat and tidy packages here. The SAWyers/Sawers, with a "Cherches" motto term, were first found in Somerset if we ignore the earlier Mr. Sagyere of Berkshire, and list him with snake-using, English Seagers/Sagars instead. German Seagers/Sagars probably share the Snake eagle. The Hamiltons use a "saw" in a tree, and Miss Hicks married Hamilton Kilpatrick.

Hefners are also HAAFners, which recalls that Have's/Haafs share ducks with Velins, the latter first found in Westphalia with Ducks/Dockers (linkable to Doctors/Dockers) and Hovers/Hoffers! Beauty. Sleeping Beauty must have been a Playboy bunny, though note also that while Hooks have a blue-Shield version of the Hicks Coat, it could be pointing to Hookers. The Hooks (Devon) share the Earhardt / Bonnie fleur-de-lys. It appears very correct that Ainsley Earhardt is the alternative fulfillment of Sleeping Beauty, a claim that's now older than a year.

The Haeften/Haaften variations of Have's/Haafs evokes the "country OFTEN" motto phrase of Ainsleys. I can't find an often-like surname aside from Haaftens. Country's, first found in Kent with Hartley, with Snake's, and with Hevers/Heafers/Hephers/Evers, share the Earhardt fleur again, as well as the single pile of Beach's, and Sleeping Beauty was on Epstein's beach. It was around 2016 when I said that Mr. Kilpatrick died at 89, the age of Hugh Hefner's death.

I didn't bother to look for the new owner of Playboy until now, and in the midst of seeking, found that the current CEO is Mr. Kohn. It just so happens that Jewish Kohns use palm trees, evoking Epstein's mansion in Palm Beach. Trump's Mar-a-Lago estate is in Palm Beach too, and the Trump stag head is used by Patria's/Peartree's in the "patria" motto term of Hood-branch Oddeys and Hodleys who in turn both have the quadrants of Jewish Kohns in colors reversed. Didn't Trump operate beauty pageants?

I was STANDing in blue waters. Stands/Stans were once said to be first found in Yorkshire, I have it recorded a million times, but are now said to be first found in Middlesex with PLAYers!!!! I get it. It appears that God changed the first-found location so that PLAYboy can be pointed to. I did not intend to go to Players when starting this paragraph, but was going to point out that Stand/Stans share the double PALMer fesses, perfect with the Kohn palm trees.

Let me repeat something. When Stanley sat beside Miss Hicks at the memorial, he was holding the American flag, which he then took to the stage to stand there with it as the memorial was in its last act. I have therefore been telling that Stands/Stans share the double fesses of Flags, and I've said this a dozen or two times, I've lost count. It just so happens that Flags, first found in Norfolk with Palmers, almost have the Palmer Coat!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! INCREDIBLE, I can't resist holding down the !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!s

And that's not all because the Fly's we met earlier, as per Kohn's transfer of Epstein's money to Butterfly Trust, are said to have been at Flagi!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Palms were first found in Yorkshire with the Banks sharing the Fly fleur-de-lys, and with the Touts/TUTE's in the motto of Hicks, and in the "ServiTUTE" motto of Players. To clarify a little: "The transfer of funds to the Butterfly Trust, which Epstein registered in 2013, took place nearly a year after Epstein committed suicide." It makes Kahn look like he had rights to that bank account even after Epstein was disappeared, and thus it could suggest Kahn was seeking to pocket the money by first putting it into that bank.

OH WOW. I've just loaded "Plays" to see if I could get a Play-like variation of Players, but instead got the Plessys...who have an excellent reflection of the Bank Coat!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You can't believe it.

As I said in the last update, the Apps'/EPPs were once said to be first found in Middlesex too (I have it recorded a million times), near Epping of Essex, but are now said to be first found in Huntingdonshire with Fenders. Essex is where WATERs were first found who share the EPPstein Coat. I was STANDing in blue ocean WATERs, and Stands/Stans were once said to be first found in Yorkshire, but now in Middlesex, is that not outstanding heraldry, as if it had eyes to see the Epstein crime ring from centuries ago?

Flags share the Traverse/Travis (and Meschin) scallops, and so see that capitals in the quote below. The owners of Playboy, now called PLBY Group, include BlackRock and Vanguard, two companies always coming up in global-control discussions, who happen to be the two largest shareholders of Silicon Valley Bank! Here's the owners of PLBY Group: "Largest shareholders include Rizvi TRAVERSE Management, LLC, Builders Union LLP, BlackRock Inc., Fortress Investment Group LLC, Vanguard Group Inc,..."

AHHH, while Traverse is apparently the largest owner, Traverse's/Travis' share a white tiger in Crest with the Beauty-like Buttys/Butterys!!!! I felt I made the case in the last update that God wants Beautys connected to Buttys. Buddys/Botters, first found in Hampshire yet again, and likely a branch or cousin of Buttons/Bidens (Hampshire), use an eagle standing on a "perch," and because Perche is a region beside Maine, Perche's share the double chevrons of Maine's.

In the dream, I first saw Sleeping Beauty at the fender and hood of her car, and so see the following as I investigated whether heraldry was Arranged to point to Project Veritas: "I found a "veritas" motto term with Hood-connectable Oddeys / HODleys, both of whom use the pelican while Pellicans were first found in Maine, and then Maine's were first found in Devon with Hoods! Maine's are the ones with "projecki"! It works super."

Plus, Ainsleys use "FOR" twice in their motto, and in one case they use "for my king" while My's were first found in Nottinghamshire with Ainsleys and Theils/Teals. The Kings were first found in Devon with the Walerans who almost have the Beauty Coat (see Walerans last update for connection to Beauty's hovering scene), and it just so happens that Kings share the Butty/Buttery lion! The FORE's/Forez's, can we believe it, use a "Tout TRAVERS" motto, and "Tout" is a Hicks motto term!!! Hicks were first found in Yorkshire with the Kingstons sharing the King / Butty lion. How can heraldry sing like this unless Arranged?

BalFOURs, with a "FORward" motto, share the otter with Fenders, the latter first found in Huntingdonshire with Others/Otters (= proto-Windsors). Windsors were first found in Berkshire with Boots. The Others/Otters are in the colors and format of Turins, who in turn were first found in Aberdeenshire with Travers/Travis-like Tarves. TARVISium is where Vito's were first found who have a giant annulet colors reversed from the annulets of German Tile's/Tillers. I trace Vito's to Julius Avitus, husband of Julia Maesa Bassianus, the line to the namers of the Bessin.

Travers are said to descend from Ranulph le Meschin (Cheshire), husband of Lucy TailleBOIS, and as this Meschin was from the Bessin while Bessins (Cheshire) use bees, so Boys use bees too. Can't this help in pointing to "PlayBOY"? Yes, and while Taillebois' can be of the Tails/Tailors sharing the Tiller lion, it was shown above why Tillers were a branch of English Tills/Tillys and Thiels! Plus, Tailbois'/Tailboys (Lincolnshire with Lucy Tallebois) share the Apps/EPPs and Scale SCALLops. It never stops. Scale's share the Crest of Ocean-connectable Caens/Cans (Dorset with Tile's/Tillys), and Caen is a location with Tilley in the Bessin.

DO NOT WATCH PORN if you research Playboy. DO NOT RISK ADDICTION. Be a real man, resist, because the man who can't resist is reduced to a wet sock, a slave of the female tramp, and a partner with disgusting pornographers. Make resistance our habit. Rise above your riser, and tame it for Jesus' sake. Much easier for me to say in my mid-60s.

Ranulph de Gernon, son of Ranulph le Meschin above, married Maud of the earls of Gloucester. Gloucestershire is where SAMSons were first found who not only have the Flags in their motto, but share the Meschin / Flag / Traverse/Travis scallops. While Gernons are said to have been at Montfitchet, Sams/Sammmes' were first found in Essex with the Montfitchets/Muschats who in turn share the Eppstein Coat! Essex is also the location of Hickes of Low Leyton, and the "shame" motto term of Leytons (big in the last update) got suspect with the Same variation of Sams/Sammes'. The latter share red drops with Players.

Leightons/Leytons can be gleaned as a branch of the neighboring Leghs/Leys (Cheshire), and the latter share the personal lion of Ranulph le Meschin. In the dream, I touched the leg of Sleeping Beauty with my hand, and Hands were first found in Cheshire too.

I Ran a Tile Store

By the way, I wouldn't confuse Tiller liners with butterfly-using Tulls/Tullia's and Tulls/Toole's / Tools. The latter three are expected by me to have been a Dol branch from Attila's House of Dulo, tending to explaining "MUNDeric," a descendant of Tullia of Lyon, from "Mundzuk," Attila's father.

As Dols share the Dutch Gant/Ghent Coat, now suspect with the Ocean/Cain Coat for a connection to the Virgin Islands, it makes the Tullia butterfly all the more powerful as a pointer to Butterfly Trust. Leiths, having a "Trustie" motto term, share the crescents of Welsh Tillers, the Theil/Teal line, a super point for pointing to Epstein. The "end" motto term of Leiths can be for Enders, who not only may have the Tile/Tiller arrow in colors reversed, but were first found in Cornwall with Trysts and Tristans. The motto of Hume's, first found in Berwickshire with Lauders in turn sharing the Coat of Leith-like Letters, shares three words in the Leith motto, and Hume's have the Lyon Coat in colors reversed.

Welsh Tillers are Telliers too, and Tellers/TEALers/Tallers share the Butty/Buttery lion, though many have it (it alone is not a speakable connection between surnames). The trick is to find a Tiller-line connection to Buttys / Butters, and I think we have that well underway.

I'll momentarily find an update where I've told of a TILE store that I managed on Gorham drive. I've checked the Gorhams for this reason to see whether we can link that job to Theils or Thiels. I can first repeat that Tile's/Tillys were first found in Dorset with Beautys, and then we can go to my 4th update in March, 2018, where I have it recorded that Buddys/Bodens/Botters, first found beside Butty-like Beautys, have "...a red eagle STANDING on a SILVER PERCH." German Silvers are immediately amazing for being first found in Hesse with Thiels and Eppsteins, is this not amazing???

English Silvers/Silversteins share the Gernon lions, and Gernons were at Montfitchet while Montfitchets/Muschats share the Eppstein Coat!!! Larry Silverstein bought the Twin Towers soon before 9-11, and he's a known contributor to the inside job.

I'm able to glean that Gorhams look like they're from the Gorm variation of Blue's, and not only because I was STANDING in BLUE ocean waters when I first appeared at Epstein's island. I've told several times that I was waist deep in those waters, and here it can allow us to go to the blue dove shared between Waistells and English George's, first found in Dorset with Tile's/Tillys and Beautys!!! Denise GEORGE is the one who prosecuted JP Morgan in search of Epstein crimes.

Isn't it amazing that while the Denise/Dennis Coat is almost the Button/Biden Coat, the Denise/Dennis fesse is that of Butt-connectable Pierro's/Pero's/PERICHs while Buddys/Botters have a "PERCH"? It is more amazing yet because Buddys/Botters have a giant eagle in Denise/Dennis colors while the latter's Coat is almost the one of French Sauvage's (Champagne, same as Denise's/Dennis') while English Savage's have the Eagle/Hegel Coat in colors reversed, tending to assure that Denise's/Dennis were round-about kin of Buddys/Botters. French Sauvage's share the heart of BUTTERs (not the Buttys/Butterys)!

Behold. English Savage's even have a Pero-like "Pro" motto term, and the "te" motto term of the same Savage's can be for the Tea variation of Tease's/Thys' who, along with Tease's/Tess' (Switzerland with the Ticino Canton) are from the Tessin/Ticino river, location of Pavia i.e. where Pierro's/Pero's/Perichs were first found. Tea's/Tease's/Thys were first found in Nottinghamshire with Theils/Teals.

Thiels use a blue duck while English Ducks (beside Dorset) have lion heads in the colors of the Duce/Ducey lions, and the latter's Coat is the Gernon Coat in colors reversed. English Ducks were first found in Somerset with the Severs/Savers, a branch of the neighboring Saffers who are in turn in Silver/Silverstein colors and format. Savers/Savers and Saffers ("vita" motto term) both share the annulet of Vito's, so amazing because it's in colors reversed with German Tile's/Tillers. Savers are from emperor Severus because his wife was a sister of Julia Bassianus, wife of Julius AVITus.

The reason that I see Gorhams as Blue's/Gorms is that Gormleys/Grimes' have martlets colors reversed from the same of Grime's/Grimms, and the latter have the Feet/Fate Coat three times, and then the Gorham Shield shows only three items fessewise in the colors of the three martlets fessewise of Feets/FATE's. It tends to explain the "FAITHful" motto term of Gorhams (there is a Faith/Faithful surname as well as a German Faith/VEIT surname.

Feets/Fate's share the English Pavia Coat, so excellent because it plays to the Buddys/Botters, suspect with the Butty/Buttery pointer to Butterfly Trust.

Pavia is where Pierro's/Pero's/PERICHs were first found to go with the "perch" in the Buddy/Botter Coat. Pierro's/Pero's/Perichs have a good reflection of the German Butt/Bute/Boet Coat to assure that the perch is code for Perichs. The latter two surnames even share the red-on-gold fesse of Feets/Fate's and Grime's/Grimms. Joe Biden is the one who got Denise George fired, safe to assume. The Clare-connectable Clarens, showing a Feeter variation, share double-red chevrons with Perche's. Clare's (Suffolk, beside Montfitchets and Waters) share triple-red chevrons with Eppsteins, MontFITCHets and Waters. Montfitchets are very linkable to Fette's/Fittes'/Fitts via Fitch's/Fitts. If the latter's Shield were red, it would essentially be the Peare Coat.

I've never thought to check for a Perich-like Perish surname before, and they's listed with English Paris'/Pares' sharing the Saffer unicorn. The latter are in the colors of Silvers (!) who were in turn first found in Lincolnshire with Perish's/Paris'!!! The SILVER PERCH speaks. I didn't see that coming when starting this paragraph. Lincolnshire is where Eagle's/Hegels were first found expected in the eagle standing on a perch (of Buddys/Botters).

Perichs were apparently a Paris branch, not necessarily named after the French city. Italian Paris' even share the hexagram of Pero's/Perichs/Perino's. Spanish Paris'/Aparici's are very interesting for sharing the lone pale bar of Tulls/Tullia's who in turn place BUTTERFLIES on that bar. That looks very linkable to Buttys/Butterys. Spanish Paris'/Aparici's have a rock while Rocks were kin of Rods, and the latter, first found in Devon with the Kings who share the Butty/Buttery lion, share a black, gold Chief with Buttys/Butterys.

The Butts/Bute's/Boets even share the red-on-white fesse of Buttons/Bidens/Bodins who in turn share the "horn" (different color) with German Wessels (Waistells are Wessels too), and as they look like bull horns, we bring in the bull horns that come with the "bull's scalp" of Cheneys, for Cheney not only share gold martlets with Feets/FATE's, but have a "fato" motto term.

Cheneys may be excellent because, for some 15 years until recently, they were said to be first found in Buckinghamshire, where Buttys/Buttery were first found. I don't see any heraldic way to link Buttys to Cheneys but through the bull's scalp, and this method involves the Beauty bull. Coincidence? It can therefore link Cheneys to Butty via Beautys, which implies the Beatys were named after Buttys.

The Italian Pero's come up as "Perich," and Pierro's/Pero's show Perichs in their list of variations. PEARtree's/Patria's, sharing the Trump stag head, were first found in Kincardine with Foot-branch Fothes'/FETTE's/FITTs, and beside the PROphets/ProFETTs who use a giant leg while Leggs almost have the Trump Coat. Is this not wild?

Trump was in the Sleeping Beauty dream, as a BULLdog, see the last update for evidence. Bullys were first found in Dumfries with Leggs and Kilpatricks, and while Miss Hicks is Mrs. Kilpatrick, a Hickes branch is said to have been at Low Leyton while Leightons/Leytons were a branch of LEGHs/Leys.

The same 2018 update above that has the Buddy/Botter description with "standing on a perch" has the Lever/LOVEr description, "A rooster standing on a TRUMPet, all proper." Trumpet-using Calls/Calles' were first found in Wiltshire with the Tree's who could have named the PearTREE's sharing the Trump stag head. LOVE's/Luffs, first found in Oxfordshire with Peare's, and kin of MUSCATs/Musks, share triple-red fesses with Feet-connectable Grime's/Grimms. MontFITCHets/MUSCHATS, the ones sharing the same-colored triple chevrons of Eppsteins, were first found in Essex with Low Leighton, and with Fitchets/Fitch's/FITTs.

Fothes'/Fette's/Fitts share an "industria" motto term with Dents expected in the "pruDENTia" motto term of "fato"-using Cheneys. "Prudentes" is a motto term of Theil-related Wilkins, first found in Glamorganshire with Tillers.

Why should Dick or Liz Cheney be pointed to in this heraldic set? Perhaps Dicks ran in the Cheney family where Dutch Dyke's/Dycks share the Bull/Bule annulets. Bulls/Bule's were first found near the first-known Squirrels (Worcestershire with Rocks), who share the red squirrel with Dutch Dyke's/Dycks. Spanish Paris' have a ROCK (and maybe upon "water"), and Belgian Paris' share the red squirrel too. German Daggers/Decks have the red squirrel too, and Scottish Dyke's/Dicks were first found in Cumberland with Scottish Daggers/Dackers (red bull) and Waistells. Can the Cheney bull's scalp apply?

Dick Cheney (CEO and Chairman of Halliburton) was a partner of both Bush presidents, and Belgian Dyke's happen to share the Coat of German Bush's, first found in Rhineland with Salome's while Cheneys are in Saleman colors and format. English Bush's share the black boar with Haliburtons. The latter use "majores," while Cheneys use "major," in their respective mottoes. Majors and Mangers love the Anchors/Annackers, a branch of Angers who in turn share the Haliburton mascles. Majors have a Coat like that of ANNACKer-like Annas'.

I now take us back to the 9-11 memorial, after I set up the video camera of Miss Hicks, because she wanted to video the event. After setting it up, I went back to her, and after some chatting, I saw that the seat beside her was vacant, and asked, "anyone sitting there?" She said that it was reserved for her daughter, but in any case if she arrives, "you can scoot over," she said to me, meaning, go ahead and sit there. And that's how God set that up for you, because I was sitting where Stanley later came to sit. This revelation is not for me alone. God apparently wants us to know what He's watching, what He's involved with, in the modern day.

After Stanley left the seat to bring the flag to the stage, I took a few steps toward Miss Hicks (her husband was not there), and leaned over to her ear, asking, "is that your buddy"? And realizing my insinuation, she responded, "We're just friends." I was upset because I had recently seen this man sitting next to her twice in church (on pews) too close to be just friends, in my opinion. You know how there's no air between a new couple on pews; that's how it was with them in church. Therefore, we can see that God caused me to utter, "buddy," to the woman whom I pegged correctly to fulfill Sleeping Beauty. I find that satisfying.

This heraldic "science" makes me look so crazy, I need all the evidence that can be had to prove that God is behind the use of heraldry to explain / unravel the reasons for dreams and events in my life. It seems like a crazy claim, that is, I fully realize, I'm not oblivious. "You CAN scoot OVER," and while Cans are listed with Caens (same place as Beautys), Overs/Offers can be a branch of bull-horn Hovers/Hoffers.

The Scoots are amazing, but before getting to them, let's repeat that Fly's of Flagi were first found in Hampshire with Buddys/Botters, and we saw Epstein's Butterfly Trust. "Butterfly Trust was registered by Epstein in 2013..."

NEW YORK/FRANKFURT (Reuters) - Deutsche Bank will pay a $150 million fine from a New York regulator for allowing disgraced financier Jeffrey Epstein to make payments to Russian models and withdraw suspicious amounts of cash during five years as a client.

...New York said Epstein had more than 40 Deutsche Bank accounts, some of which were for the “Butterfly Trust”, whose beneficiaries included co-conspirators in alleged sexual abuse.

The Scoots/Scougals are amazing mot only for their Hick-connectable "Haec" motto term, but for sharing the black greyhound with Schutz's, the latter first found in Rhineland with Salome's who in turn share the bend-with-stars of Vaux's, the latter first found in East Lothian with Scoots/Scougals.

The Salome's are excellent because Salemans are in Cheney colors and format, and in the colors of Salmons while "salmon" are used by Hams, the latter first found in Sussex with Cheneys. While the Cheney bull's scalp can be of the Button/Biden "horns," Salome's are suspect from Salome BOETHus of the Saduccees, wife of a Herod, and then BOETs are listed with the Butts/Bute's we saw above as almost having the Pierro/Pero/Perich Coat, and moreover sharing the Button/Biden fesse. Salemans share the Ghent eagles while the Arms of Ghent/Gaunt has a "virgin." Virgins were first found in Kent with Gaunts/Kaunts.

Ahh, I've only now realized that Dutch Gants/Ghents show nothing but a wavy fesse in the colors of nothing-shown but wavy bends of Oceans/Cains! This is extra evidence that God placed me in blue ocean waters at Epstein's island i.e. in the Virgin Islands.

I've suggested that the "Haec" motto term of Scoots/Scougals is code for Haeks/Hacke's/Hachs, and I've known for a while that the latter share the giant unicorn of Giuffre's, but I've never had as good a reason to use Giuffre's as now, because Virginia Giuffre was one of Epstein's sex slaves...who has since ratted out (or publicly accused) prince Charles, Alan Dershowitz, and others, for forcing her to give them sex on Epstein's island. Giuffre's are also GOFFredo's, and are in Goff/Gough, Googe and Gofer/Gopher colors.

It may be a stretch, but as HALLIburton-connectable Hallys/Haleys share the boars of Goffs/Gough's and Googe's, might Dick Cheney have been an Epstein partner or victim? Epstein worked for Intelligence, and the first president Bush was the CIA director, and he chose Dick Cheney, another Yale product, for his Defense chief.

Prince Charles is the brother of the current king of England, a bastard without a Father in heaven, a first-rate globalism-pushing fiend. Miss Hicks is Charlotte, and French Charles'/Charlotte's share the Feet/Fate / Pavia / Grime/Grimm martlets, and so let's repeat that while these martlets are in colors reversed with Gormleys/Grimes', I sold TILES on Gorham drive as an apparent pointer to Peter Thiel.

When showing Gorham linkage above to Feets/Fate's, I neglected to add that Gorhams use FETTERlocks, and that Fetters/Fetts/Vetts share the Hesse Coat and roughly the Hesse Crest too, while Thiels and Eppsteins were first found in Hesse. Is that not amazing? Absolutely. This Thiel-circle investigation is becoming, or has become, the best-ever heraldic set for steadfastly staying on topic in blatant form.

I have "Gorham drive" in five updates, the earliest being the 1st of December, 2020: "I ran a tile store at Gorham drive a few hundred feet from Leslie avenue." I've just found, in an online directory: "Newmarket Ceramic Tiles. 1131 Gorham St Rr 5 # 5. Newmarket L3Y7V1." The store may not be there any longer, or perhaps the store doesn't have it's own website.

It's a little interesting that Buddys/Botters have an eagle positioned such that it possibly looks like a replacement for someone's bend, and I'm guessing the bend of the neighboring Keeps because they are in the "Keep TYRST" motto of Hebrons. Keeps use a "weaver's shuttle" while Weavers were a Webber branch, and English Webbers, first found in Somerset beside the Fly's of Hampshire, share the Fly fleur-de-lys. We saw ButterFLY TRUST, and so I'm thinking that Trysts and/or their Tristan branches can be a pointer to "Trust". "Trustie" is a motto term of Leiths, first found beside the Seatons whose crescents they share, and then Seaton is a location in Devon, where one of the Tristans were first found.

Seatons (double TRESSURE border) share the green dragon with their Tresure/Trasher kin (Somerset, beside Tile's/Tilleys and Caens/Cans), but also with the Lewis', the latter first found in Glamorganshire with Tillers. The green-dragon Wilkins were Theil kin. Seaton is in Devon with the Trasher-like Tracys/Trasse's who are in turn said to be from near Caen, and Tilley of the Tile's/Tillers is near Caen too. Plus, Leiths share the fitchee of Cetins/Cattans, who are from the Cetina river, also called the TILURius.

I've mentioned my cat, Sassy, many times because she was a pointer to certain heraldry, including the Cetins/Cattans because they share the Saracen head with Sassys. Sassy sucked her TAIL regularly as an adult, and Tails/Tailors share the lion of Tillers/Telliers, you see. I remember that we had to give Sassy away when I went to Texas in late 1994, and as she was born about two or three years earlier, my family had her all the time I worked at the tile store.

I've told that I was re-finished a banister for a lady, and when I was done, she asked if I wanted a kitten from her LITTER. How about the "FideLITER" motto of Theils, is that not amazing? I took the kitten and named her, Sassy, because she was sassy, as many cats are. As per the CEO of JP Morgan Chase, what about the "LITORa" motto term of Jamie's/Jamesons?

Decades later, I discovered that Banisters, first found in Lancashire with Kitten-like Kitchens/Ketchins, share their "WATER bougets" in the same colors. It can now be added that Waters share the Epstein Coat, and that Bugs are now, as of about two years ago, said to be first found in Dorset with Tile's/Tilly! Bugs use the water bouget too!

Banisters are also BANESters while French Banes', first found in Languedoc with the Cautes'/Cotta's in the Cetin/Cattan motto, share the Eppstein Coat too. Sassy seems to be pointing to Peter Thiel in particular. English Banes' are also Baines' while Bains/Beans almost share the motto of Clan CHATTAN, is that not amazing, as if Sassy had eyes to see heraldry. God obviously set me up to refinish the lady's banister.

New as per "BaniSTER": Sters are listed with cat-using Stars/STAIRRS, and the banister I reFINIShed was on stairs. More new: Sturs/Styre's are Stowers too while Stairs and Stayers too, and they were first found in Kent with FINIS'/Fiens!!! Beauty. Sters/Stars/Stairrs share the lozenges of Settle's, the latter first found in Lancashire with Gorsuch's.

Banes'/Baines use a "Vel" motto term while Vels/Valats almost have the Ister/Easter/STUR Coat. The latter were first found in TOURlaville's while Thors/Tours share the red tower with Gorsuch-connectable SCARborough's. The latter were first found in Yorkshire with the SCARfs who in turn have the Banes/Baines wolf head in half its colors. Plus, Sters/Stars/Stairrs (Wiltshire near the Stour river) are in Flint colors and format while Bathers, first found beside Flintshire, share the Scarf Coat. It just so happens that a bath in French is a "bain." There's a Bath location smack beside Wiltshire, and the Sters/Stars/Stairrs of Wiltshire use a "Vive" motto term to go with the "viVAS" of Bathers. Vase's/Face's share the Bath cross.

When I first mentioned Sassy, Bugs were said to be first found in Nottinghamshire with Ainsleys and Theils who in turn both share the Flore fleur-de-lys, and I sold FLOOR tiles predominantly. Both Flore's and Flora's share the Earhardt fleur-de-lys. I wish I solidly understood why Ainsley Earhardt might be the second fulfillment of Sleeping Beauty. Cetins/Cattans were first found in Norfolk with cat-using and Kitchen-like Catch's/CATCHERs/Ketchers, but also the Flags...which is why I've said before that Fly's of Flagi are the in "fly catcher" motto phrase of Drake's!!! UNBELIEVABLE, for Fly's are now pointing to Butterfly Trust. Catch's/Catchers are in the colors of the giant cat of Jewish Katz's/Katch's.

I was re-FINIShing the lady's banister, and Finis'/Fiens are in the colors and format of Fiens/Fane's who in turn use GAUNTlets, and that brings us back to the Gaunts (Kent with Finis'/Fiens, Virgins and Gore's) and Ghents (Hampshire again), the pointers to the Virgin Islands, and to the ocean shore.

I've said a million times that Suchs are like the Saucer variation of Sassys, because she SUCKed her tail. The Banisters were first found in Lancashire with Sucks, but also with the Lorraine-connectable Lawrence's/Laurence's who are not only said to be from The SANDS to go with the beach sand, but share a "Ready" motto term with GORhams. Lancashire is where Such's and GORsuch's were first found, and GorSUCH's (share Lorraine bend-with-eagles) share the eagle of Childs, the latter first found in Hertfordshire with Gorhams.

Gorsuch's have: "Years later, John de Gosefordsik was listed in the Subsidy Rolls of Lancashire in 1332. He held estates just outside Liverpool, near Ormskirk." Ormskirk is where Suchs were first found.

Plus, butterflies are used by Tulls/Tullia's while her line at Clermont-Ferrand (she married there) are from FLOREnce when it's called "Firenze." FLOOR tiles!!! The Tulls/Toole's share the checks of Italian Ferrands (Florence) and Catch-like Checks/Checkers, the latter first found in Hampshire with Drake's and Fly's. The Drake motto term translated as "fly" is "muscas," and the Muscas/Mosca surname was first found at Pisa in Florence. Drake's have a motto term as code for L'Aquila, a city just seven miles from my Masci line out of Picenze. Masci's even share the Flore and Flora fleur-de-lys.

Massi's/Mattis share the Ferrand checks, but also the checks in the Arms of Massa-Carrara, an area beside Pisa and Lucca, and Lucca's have a giant cat. Lucks/Luke's (version of Kitten/KEATons Crest) have greyhound heads in the colors of the greyhound of English Palmers (Norfolk with Luce's/Lucys and cat-using Keats). The Massi/Mattis Coat is related to the one of Italian Fulks (Florence again) while English Fulks and Flags/Flecks were both first found in Norfolk with English Palmers.

Flag-related Palmers gets us to Palms sharing the fleur-de-lys of litter-like Litts and Liddle's for another apparent pointer to Little Saint James. The Tutts/Tute's (Yorkshire with Palms) who can be in the "virtuti" motto term of English Palmers (Norfolk with Tatton-line Tute's/Tuits) have the Little crescent in colors reversed.

Clare's expected at Clermont-Ferrand share triple-red chevrons with Taddei's, French Banes' and Eppsteins; the latter were first found in Hesse while Hesse's use a giant sun while Suns/SAINT's are listed with Claro-line Sinclairs.

WOOOOOWWWIE!!!! I'm not only directly from the Masci's of Picenze, but one of my grandmothers was a Taddei on one side. Taddei's were not only first found in Florence too, and they not only have a Chief like the one of English Ferrands, but both Chiefs are in the format of the Theil Chief!!! PLUS, the Theil Crest is the white, seated greyhound of Taddei-like Tattons of Massy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! INCREDIBLE. Sassy's wet tail speaks.

As John Kerry married the Heinz-KETCHup family while Sassy pointed to Kitchens/Ketchins and now Theils, it's interesting that the Heinz Chief is almost the Theil Chief. John Kerry was born of the Jewish Kohn surname, and German Kohn/Cons/Cohens share the Shield of Italian Ferrands, Checks/Checkers, and Massi's/Mattis. In the meantime, French Mathis' (from the Mathis river of the Cavii) share the moline of cat-using Chives', and while the latter were first found in Tarves, the Tarves' share the fitchee of Cetins/Cattans. Chives' are expected as a branch of L'Aquila's Chiava's.

It's important to repeat that the "FLORY" cross of Taddei's patee cross is shared by Bouillons, the latter first found in Auvergne with Clermont-Ferrand. While Auvergne's share the giant tower of French Tours (Languedoc), in the colors of the Chatan tower, and it's almost the giant tower of Towers (Cato/Chattan colors), first found in Lancashire. English Thors/Tours share the red tower with Scarborough's who in turn have variations like the Scarisbrick location in the Gorham write-up. I have the Scarborough Crest recorded (5th of December, 2017) as: "A gold demi-lion rampant emerging from a red mural crown with a SARACEN'S HEAD on the tip of a lance."

Palmers have a seated, black greyhound in Crest. Palms (share Massey fleur-de-lys) and Palmers can be from Palma di Montechiaro, a Sicilian location near the Drake-line Drago river, and related to "Chiaramonte" (in the land of Sicilian Saracens), home of the Mosca's. Chiaro's/CLARO's can connect with CLERmont-Ferrand.

English Banes'/Baines' use a "vel" motto term while Vels/Valats have variations like the Sarasin-connectable Valle's/Valletta's (probably from Malta). Vels/Velats have the Gorsuch Coat minus the eagles. French Vallets (Languedoc with French Banes') share the courant GREYhound of Palmers. Greys, sharing the giant lion of Malta's, have the Coat of Talbots (Shropshire with Meschins) in colors reversed, and they are suspect with the TAILbois' from LUCY Taillebois, Ranulph le Meschin's wife. The Banisters are in the Meschin write-up. Le Meschin was the nephew of Hugh LUPUS of Cheshire, and his wolf head was white on blue, almost the Banes/Baines wolf head.

Masci's of Cheshire were of Hamon de Masci of a Dunham Massey location. Hamons have the RIMMONs/Crimmons in their motto probably due to Maschi's (not "Masci"), first found in Rimini. Rimmons/Crimmons were related to Flag-loving McLeods/Clouds. The latter were first found in Skye and LEWIS with Rimmons/Crimmons, and Lewis are the ones first found in Morgannwg with Tillers/Telliers, and sharing the dragon of Wilkins who in turn share the split-colors Shield of Theils.

I've shown why Gorhams were kin of Feets/Fate's. The latter have the fesse-with-martlets of Pepe's/PEPPERds in colors reversed. To reFINISh the banister, I had to SAND it down, with sandPAPER, and Papers/Pepperwells have lion heads in the colors of the Finis/Fien lions. Kittens/Keatons were first found in Leicestershire with Peppers/Pepers (may have Sicily-like sickles). The "VirTUTE" motto term of Pepe's/Pepperds gives away that their canton-with-cinquefoil is a Bus- / Porch-connectable version of the Tutt/Tute canton-with-crescent, for Bus' and Porch's were first found in Norfolk with Tute's/Tuits, cat-using Keats, and with Cetins/Cattans; the latter use a "meTUIT" motto term.

As Gorhams use fetterlocks while Feathers are in the feathers of Lite's/Lights, while the latter share swans with Locks and Lochs, the kitty LITTER that Sassy came from can point to this because Feathers and Lite's/Lights are in Litt / Liddle colors. The Feather and Lite/Light chevron is shared by Kittys/Chittys/Kitterlys who have dog heads in the colors of the Wolf/Welf/LUPUS wolf heads, and Cetins/Cattans use a "lupus" motto term. Dogs/Doags (Lite/Light colors and format) share the Bus / PORCH cinquefoil. Kitters are listed with Cato's/Chattans ("OmniBUS"), this line suspect from PORCius Cato (200 BC). Kittens/Keatons share the black boar with Porcia's, making cat-using lines look descended from Porcius Cato.


Some would argue that globalists would collapse the economy by deliberately failing banks, but others would argue that globalists are either big-corporate players, or politically tied to them, and that the last thing they want is an deliberate, economic breakdown. Either way, the globalists will be blamed because they've shown their colors in wrecking and abusing society without qualms. If there is a banking failure soon, globalists will be despised more than ever.

Just because it's becoming apparent that some players tipped their buddies off on the government seizure of Silicon Valley doesn't necessarily mean that this is a planned bank failure to bring the people to their knees with a frightening show of force. We might want to hold the theory that God is arranging the breakdown of Silicon Valley by allowing the Virgin-Island law suit to go forward in spite of the firing of Denise George.

It's possible that the lead prosecutor for the Virgin Islands will soon have a look at court-sanctioned documents detailing the criminal paths of the Epstein-circle finances, and the names of those who pushed the money through.

Not only Thiel, but Silicon-Valley executives sold much of their stock in that company just before it was closed down, signalling that they were tipped off, but signalling also that they're crooks, giving others (those they sold stocks to) their misfortune to cancel their own misfortune. That should be illegal.

Here's what we can expect from CIA-beloved banks, especially Jewish banks beloved by both the CIA and Israeli Intelligence within the United States: deliberately use up (spend) most bank liquidity after securing a promise / deal from the Democrat White House to grant a tax-payer bail-out upon insolvency, and funnel some of the liquidity (cash) to the people responsible for obtaining the bail-out, as well as to globalist / leftist causes, and of course to favorite companies. This way, the banker is the bank robber giving to fellow robbers, and you and I pay to fatten the global government whether by insurance money to cover the illegally-spent money (this is a bail-out), increased taxes to handle the bank bail-outs, or increased inflation from the use of printed money to handle bail-outs.

This is government gansterism with legal printing presses to serve self, the aim of which is to grow the government until it becomes a fat monarchical parasite lording all of life over the tax-paying peasantry. The American KGB is here, and it's being formed by the same CIA that over-decades smeared the Russian KGB as anti-democracy. Some of us saw it coming with George Bush Jr's push (mere talk) for a global, pro-democracy crusade, but using the "patriot act" to begin the enslavement of the middle class for the objective of reducing it to peasantry. At the end of Bush's presidency: huge bank bail-outs leading to inflation and recession.

The good news is that leftist media covered the law suit against JP Morgan because the media stood-up opposed to Epstein for the political purpose of welding Trump to him and thus to condemn Trump by association. It didn't work. "The court filing by Denise George, attorney general of the US Virgin Islands, where Epstein infamously owned two small islands, wants the Epstein estate to submit to discovery to make sure that other assets belonging to the billionaire have not be transferred to his executors — INDYKE and Khan [sic]."

Polly says that a judge, just days ago, last Thursday, ordered discovery, against Indyke and Kahn, on behalf of some entity left unmentioned, even though Ms. George is not working for Virgin Islands any longer. This is a story that Polly will want to follow. Her video name is "Amazing Polly" in case you'd like to check in with her videos.

Google must be hiding articles on the subject, but I have found an article dated January 12, 11 days after George was fired: "An amended complaint [against JP Moran Chase] was submitted in Manhattan federal court on Tuesday by the US Virgin Islands, which had previously sued the bank giant over their ties to Epstein." That sounds like the new attorney general is following up, perhaps a sham investigation such as the FBI does to do public relations but never getting anything done. The attorney general will acquire the discovery material, but not use them to prosecute, but merely to spy on behalf of the crime ring. We shall see, but not likely anytime very soon.

As I can't get an InDYKE surname to come up, I've got to guess which of the Dyke surname it belongs to. Scottish Dyke's, who were at BRIDEkirk, use the McBride cinquefoil in colors reversed, and Sleeping Beauty was fashioned as my bride. However, it stretches my mind to unbearable pain to reason how a bride symbol upon Epstein's island can relate to Indyke and Butterfly Trust. You go ahead and take a stab; you go crazy, but not me.

Scottish Dicks/Dycks were first found at Edinburgh with the Leith's in turn sharing the crescents of Welsh Tillers/Telliers. Perhaps the Indyke's belong to Dicks/Dycks.

Leiths share the Seaton crescents, and Seatons share "hazard" in their motto with Sutys, and the latter were a branch of Side's/Sudys, and, WOW, the latter were first found in Fife with the BUTTERs, as well as in Perthshire with Sutys, and the Side/Sudy Crest happens to be a white tiger, the color of the tiger in the Buttys/BUTTERY Crest!!!!! WOW! I wasn't even going there with this paragraph, and there we have it, another pointer to Butterfly Trust.

Instead, I was going to the Nothings in the Side motto, because Nothings (share green dragon with fire with Seatons) are listed with Northerns, and as Denise George wanted discovery on Northern TRUST (see 18th minute in the Polly video), that's why the Leiths are in the paragraph above, because "Trustie" is a Leith motto term. But en route to pointing that out, I stumbled on the connectability, with fair-to-good certainty, of Suty-branch Side's to Buttys/Butterys so that we have a pointer to Butterfly Trust in the same package. The Side and Suty lions are even colors reversed from the Butty/Buttery lion.

The Side/Sudy Chief is shared by Ghents while we saw Tillers/Telliers first found in Gwent with green-dragon Lewis'. They were first found in the Morgannwg area of Gwent, and Morgans have the lion, in colors reversed of Tricks/Triggs and Drigs, perhaps branches of the Trice variation of Trysts, for Tricks/Triggs and Drigs use darts while Darts were first found in Devon with one English Tristan surname, and with a Seaton location at the mouth of the Axe river, begging whether the axes, the only symbol of English Dennis', can imply Denise George here.

The Trick/Trigg write-up: "It is thought the name originated with the Norwegian Trygg, or the Old Norse Tryggui, meaning 'true, trusty.' This looks like wordplay code, for Hume's almost have the Leith motto but substitute "True" for "Trustie."

The Side's/Sudys have an arrow with their tiger, excellent because Arrows/Arras share the fleur-de-lys of Banks and Fly's...another implication toward Butterfly Trust.

I have been linking the Butters to Aflacks for years because the Middle-East Baathists we founded by Mr. Bitar and Mr. Aflaq while Bitars are listed with Butters who share the cross of Aflacks...the point being that Flags are listed with Flacks. Hmmm, is God pointing our banker discussion to the Middle East elements about to destroy Israel with the anti-Christ?

Ghent-connectable Side's/Sudys have a Syd variation suggesting the Sydneys, first found in Kent with Virgins and Gaunts. Sydneys are like "Sedan/Sidden," the latter being a branch of Seatons/Sittens.

Sutys have a "have" motto term while Have's/Haafs share the duck (different colors) with Thiels. There's not much of a link there just because they share ducks. But Halfs/Halps, a branch of Halpers/Halfpennys, are in the rare red-on-blue of the Thiel duck. That helps. German Ducks are also Dockers while English Dockers were first found in Cumberland.

I was standing WAIST deep in the ocean waters at Epstein's island, and Daggers/Dackers, first found in Cumberland with WAISTells, share the scallops of Belgian George's while English George's share the blue dove with Waistells. The gold lion in the Coat of German George's can be the Butty/Buttery lion first because the German George Coat compares with the German Hagel Coat. English Hagels (Somerset with tiger-using Medleys), first found beside English George's, share the lone pile of Wings/Winks (Perthshire with Sutys), while the gold George lion is with wings. That works, especially as the lion of German Hagels is colors reversed from the lion heads of English George's. The latter's lion heads are in the colors of the Suty / Side/Sudy lion (share tiger of Buttys/Butterys).

On Thursday, The Hill's Intercept put on a story where Gavin Newsom's wife received a grant of 4100,000 from Silicon valley bank, this being what looks like the Chinese connection of that bank. I therefore looked up Newsoms to find a fesse in the colors of the Ghent/Gant and Dol fesse. With a 'u' to 'v' switch for "Gaunt," the Gavint variation if Irish Gavins might result, and then French Gavins were first found in Brittany with Dol. Irish Gavints/Gavins share the triple roundels in the Arms of Boulogne, a location beside Belgium i.e. location of Ghent. The latter is at the end of the Lys river having a source near Boulogne. There is a Belgian Gone/Guenet/Kohns Coat sharing the red bend with English Gaunts, and then Scottish Gone's are listed with Scottish Gows/McGoo's/GAVINs.

If, therefore, we suggest that God arranged the heraldry above to make a Gavin link to Newsoms, we come back to the wavy Gaunt/Gant fesse, in the colors of the wavy bend and bendlets of Oceans/Cains. I was standing in the ocean at Epstein's island, and the Gone's with a KOHN variation show nothing but a bend-with-bendlets too, same as Gone-like Oceans/KAHANs though in different colors. And it is Mr. KAHN who's Epstein's accountant / bank manager who got into cahoots with Indyke in Butterfly Trust.

Jewish KAHn/Kagans/Cohens happen to share the Newsom bend, and they are non-wavy bends in the colors of the Gaunt/Gant bend. Isn't that something? It appears that Gavin Newsom, the corrupt California governor, possibly the next American president, is at my ocean scene. German Kohns are listed with Cohens/Cons.

The video above says that Newsom had his bank accounts, for all three of his WINE companies, in Silicon Vallen Bank. Here's a repeat from early in this update while on Butterfly Trust: "Fly's, sharing the fleur-de-lys of Banks, were first found in Hampshire with Stanley-connectable Chase's, and banks had a branch at WinSTANLEY." That's WINstanley, and so it's interesting that there is a Belgian Winner/WannaMAKER surname. Makers/Macks/MAKE's, in a Kilpatrick motto, were first found in Berwickshire with LETTer-branch Lauders, near the first known Little-branch Liddle's who share the fleur-de-lys of LITTs and Winners/Wannamakers, is that not amazing? The Liddesdale location of Liddle's is in Roxburghshire, the latter being also where the first known, Kilpatrick-related Maxwells/MAKESwells were first found. There is a compelling pointer in this paragraph to Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell.

Letters (once first found in Berwickshire), sharing the goose on a rock of Rutherfords (Roxburghshire with Goose's/Googe's), are now said to have been first found in the Cumberland area of the first-known English Winners/Winerys. Wine's/Winns have the Arms of Carmarthenshire, in Wales with the Googe-branch Goffs/Goughs, both in Giuffre/Goffredo colors.

Austrian Weiners/Weins/VEINs/Veans have variations like the Veins/Vine's/Veyns, first found in Gloucestershire with Grave's/Greafs in turn sharing the eagle of Wine's/Winns.

Silicon-Like Surnames, And Valleys

"Te" is a motto term of Savage's and Apps'/Epps, and the latter's full motto is shared by eagle-using Velis'/VALLEYS who in turn use eagles while Eagle's/Hegels have the Savage Coat in colors reversed. However, to my surprise, neither Silicon-like Sellicks/Sillicks of Silks/Sheedys offers a bingo-bango way to point to "Silicon Valley" along with Velis'/Valleys above, so far as I can see at this moment. The best I can do is suggest that Sheedys are a variation of the Shirts/SHARDs, whom I trace to SARDinia, location of Sellick-like Sulcis. And from that one could ponder why my being shirtless on Epstein's beach might point to Silicon valley.

Sulcis is at Sant'ANTIOCo, and Anticks use a giant parrot while Parrots use pears for Peare liners, and thus this is the line of Pierro's/Pero's/Petri's, first found on the Tessin/Ticino river. It's interesting evidence for tracing Shirts/Shards to Sardinia, and Silks/Sheedys can be shown to be using the lion on Malta's where Malta's share the column (different color) with Pelosi's, first found in Savage-suspect Savigliano, not far from the Ticino. Malta is not far from Sardinia. The Maltese capital is Valletta, and the Valle/Vallan/Valletta surname could easily be a Valley branch.

Malta is off the coast of Sicily's SARACens, and Vallan-like Valiants use a "SHARK." French Sarasins share the Valle/Vallan/Valletta moline. The Sleeping Beauty dream started with a shark. Sharks were first found in Tyrone with Neils/O'Nails, and German Neils/Nails/Nagle's share the saltire of French Bryans/Brians, first found in Brittany with Sarasins.

I've said a million times that I saw myself WALKING toward Sleeping Beauty's car without my shirt, and the very next scene had me standing at the DOOR of the car, interesting where English Doors were first found in Herefordshire with Sellicks/Sillicks.

I could have been standing without my shirt, but as I was walking, perhaps the "UACHtar" motto term of Irish BRYANs/Brians applies to Walks/Wachs, for Mr. Bryan is the governor of the Virgin Islands. Walks/Wachs were first found in Dumfries with Scottish Kilpatricks while Irish Kilpatricks share a "laidir" motto term with the same Irish Bryans/Brians. That's interesting. As BRIANcon was also, Brigantium, the Walk/Wach Coat looks like it shares the Bright / Bride Coat, and they both share the triple stars (same positioning) of Dutch DeVaux's while Vaux's (Cumberland with Saracens, beside Valles/Velis'/Valletta's) are also Vallibus'. Does this paragraph work well? I'd say. The Bride's I'm talking about were first found in Savoy with Briancon.

The "HosTIS" motto term of Shirts/Shards is probably for the Tiss'/Teese's (share Shirt/Shard chevron), likely a Tea/Tease/Thys branch. Tiss'/Teese's were first found in Hampshire with the Sturs who in turn share the Coat of French Valleys, both sharing the triple-red fesses of Love's/Luffs (Oxfordshire with Peare's) who in turn share the fitchee-formee cross of Velis'/Valleys who in turn share the crosslets of Gullys/Gollys (share Shirt/Shard / Tiss/Teese chevron) who in turn were first found in Oxfordshire with Eppstein-connectable Love's/Luffs. The Shirts/Shard Crest got suspect, from the HARborough's in their write-up, with HARcourts, first found in Oxfordshire.

But unfortunately, I am not at all content with that exercise as a pointer to "Silicon Valley." Maybe you feel differently. Maybe I'm missing something. I'd be happy if something in the Sellick/Sillick Coat could contribute with some punch. The Silk/Sheedy Chief, by the way, is in the colors and format of the Theil/Teal Chief, and both use two items only in their Chiefs, as do Sellicks/Sillicks.

I had the white greyhound in the Theil Crest on the brain waiting to find another pertinent one, and one popped up in the SILCox/SILcock Crest. The latter's Shield illegally has gold in contact with silver, and Theils have a split Shield in gold and silver (two "colors" contact). I know I wrongly call heraldic silver "white." As The Sellick/Sillock Chief is in the format of the Theil Chief, SilCOCKs look like a Sellick/Sillock branch. The heraldic COCKatrice, which you can see with English Bogans (Cornwall with Trust-like TRICE's/Trysts), is a version of the wyvern dragon (no front legs) in the Theil and Tile/Tilly Coats. Thus, the case has just been made that God may have arranged a pointer to Peter Thiel amid Silicon-like surnames.

I've just asked self who I know first found on Sardinia, and one surname is the Amori's while English Damorys/Amori's and Amore's were first found in Oxfordshire with the surnames shortly above. "Amore" is a motto term of Terrace's/TARRAS', traceable to mythical Taras in the Arms of Taranto, that being a location very near Malta. The Terrace's/Tarras' share the Coat of Scottish Scotts while English Scotts and Scoots/Scougals share the border colors of the Sellicks/Sillicks border, and the Border surname was first found in Somerset with Tarrs/Tarres' and Taranto-connectable Coffers.

Earlier in this update, Sardinians became suspect with Shirt-like Chertseys/CHARTseys, and here we can add the "amore" motto term of CARDins, first found in Cheshire with Shirts/Shards. AND WOW, the Cardins, sharing a black wolf head in Crest with the Devon-branch Tristans, even share (this is not new) the down-pointed pheons of the Devon-branch Tristans who in turn share (this I think is new) the Shirt/Shard roundels (!) while the neighboring Tristans were first found in Cornwall with the Trice's/Trysts in "cockaTRICE"! Pow-wow.

Plus, as we just saw the cockatrice with Bogans (Cornwall with bow-using Bude's), we now go to German Bogans/Bugens showing nothing but a bow in Bug colors, and Bugs were first found in Dorset with Tile's/Tillys whose cockatrice-like dragon is colors reversed to the Bogan cockatrice! PLUS, more new: Bugs use "water bougets," part-code for the Buckets/Buchards who just came up as "BOGARt." Bouchier's/BOWshers use water bougets too, and WOW.

I need a new paragraph for this new wow. I had loaded the Bouchiere's before loading the Bouchier's, and had noted that Bouchiere's share the Ewe/Cuish eagle, a little interesting because the Hicks of Ewe were in Cornwall with their Ewe location. Then upon writing the last sentence of the paragraph above, after noting that Bouchier's were first found in Essex with water in "water bouget," I spotted the following in the Bouchier/Bowsher write-up: "'The eldest of the sons, Henry Earl of EWE and Essex, Lord Treasurer of England, was grandfather of Henry, the second and last Earl of Essex...The Earl died in consequence of a fall from his horse in 1539, and his barony of Bourchier was eventually inherited by the descendants of his sister Cicely.'"

Sardinia is beside Cicely-like Sicily, but my original point is that Hicks' are said to have been in Low Leighton of Essex as well as at Ewe of Cornwall. Therefore, even while following Theil liners to Bogans, we were touching upon Sleeping Beauty, and Beautys/BOWds were even first found in Dorset with Bugs and Tile's/Tillys.

Welsh Tillers/Telliers, first found partly in Herefordshire with Sellicks/Sillicks, have a fesse colors reversed from the Bug fesse. Tellers/TALLers (Austria with German Tillers) reminds of the Talls/Thals, first found in Thuringia with German Roets while Scottish Roets, first found beside BUGs of Dorset, share the Bow/BOUGH motto. It speaks for itself. Bogeys are listed with Buckleys/Bulkellys who have bull heads colors reversed from the Beauty/Bowd bulls, suggesting the "Beauty" derives in a Bough(t)-like surname. Roets use the "book" while Books are also Boggs. Bougheys/Buffys, sharing the stag head of the Cornwall Tristans, Vise's/Vice's and Acorns, almost have a motto term of Roets / Bows/Bough's.

Keeps are in the "Keep TRYST" motto of Hebrons/Hepburns. Vise's/Vice's, Acorns and Keeps were first found in Sussex with Buckley-branch Buckle's, and while Hicks use a "buck" head, Bucks have antlers in the colors of the Boughy/Buffy / Vise / Acorn stag heads (i.e. with antlers). Scottish Bogeys were first found in Fife, near the Brecons (Angus) sharing the Bucket/Buchard Coat, and Welsh Tillers/Tellier's were first found in Wales near Breconshire.

I didn't know until checking just now that Silicon Valley's CEO is Gregory Becker, and Beach's/Bechs share a vair-fur Shield (different color) with English Beckers/Bechers!!! MORE HAPPY NOW, this is the sort of thing I like to see as per my walking on the beach shirtless. Plus, English Becks/Bechs share the giant moline of Valle's/Valletta's. Isn't that something? Things have shaped up. The CEO got us to the Valle's, and then French Valle's are also Valleys. Silicon Valley! Valle's/Valleys share the Stur Coat, and that surname is surely from the Stour river through Dorset, which named STURminster Newton (Dorset), for example.

Dutch Valle's essentially have the Coat of French Sturs/Isters/Easters, suspect in the "EASTERn prince" of the Newton Crest. The Arms of Sturminster Newton has a WAVY saltire in the colors of the saltire-by-shin-bones of Newtons, and the neighboring Shins/Chine's/Chings (Somerset with WAVY Webbers) share triple-red fesses with English Sturs and Valleys. Irish Shins have the fesse of Webber-connectable Keeps in colors reversed. The Weavers in the "weaver's shuttle" of Keeps were first found in Cheshire with Newtons.

The Newton saltire with BONES is shared by Scottish Franks while both German Franks were first found in Bohemia, where I trace Bone's/Bohuns (Sussex). One of the German Franks shows nothing but the "column" of Malta's, and the latter add a giant lion beside the column that is the Arms of Bohemia. The only difference is that the Arms-of-Bohemia lion has two tails (it's the Montfort lion), which tends to explain why the lion in the Crest of Scottish Franks has a tail split at the end to two tails. Malta's capital is Valletta, and French Valle's/Valleys were first found in Brittany with Valletta-related Sarasins, and with Montfort.

Back to English Becks sharing the Valletta / Sarasin moline. These Becks have a write-up suggesting Bec Abbey, where Crispins (Oxfordshire with Harcourts) ruled, and yet I recall that a WELLS family applied to that circle and to the Beaumonts, likely from Humphrey de VIEILLES of the Harcourts, ancestor of the Beaumonts (Dorset with Becks, Beautys and Tile's/Tillys). English Wells, first found in Somerset, beside Tile's/Tillys, have a two-tailed lion, and Tillers/Telliers share the lion of Tails/Tailors. Making sense.

Two-tailed Montfort is near Dol, and Dols love the Whale's/WHELE's, tending to explain the double-tail Wells. As Dols have a reflection of the Ocean/Cain Coat, the Dol whale might be said to be in an ocean. This can put Whale liners at Epstein's beach.

Whalers are listed with Wheelers. Whale's/Whele's share the bend of Lorraine-related Keeps and Lorraine's while Whalers/Wheelers share the Lorraine lion, which is colors reversed from the MORGAN lion, and here we can go to the Whalleys said to have been at Stanlow (Cheshire), likely named by Stanleys who had been barons in Cheshire's Alderley after they had been in Lancashire with the first-known Whalleys.

This article says that Stanleys were at Lancashire's Liverpool in particular, tending to explain why Livers use a rooster "STANDing" on a "trumpet." The point is, Morgan Stanley bank was related to JP Morgan, and Donald Trump might have been on Epstein's island. In the dream, I was instantly removed from the swimming pool with Trump, to standing in the ocean. Stands/STANs, who have a Coat like the Liver Coat, were first found in Middlesex, where Apps'/Epps were once said to be first found. Livers share the Coat of Ratcliffs (Lancashire), who are not only said to have been at Whalley, but share the black bull head with Walerans.

Do RatCLIFFs show descent from proto-Leavell LUPUS Laevillus, royal husband of QUADratilla Bassus? Yes, in the three wolf heads of Cliffs (Cheshire with Shirts/Shards), shared by QUADE's, in the colors and format of Whalleys and Walerans. This black wolf head is shared even by Shard-like Cardine's (Cheshire with Bassus-descended Masseys).

The Quade's/Wade's (linkable to Yorkshire's Scarfs) are suspect with the Waddings and Weddings/Waddingtons, who, because they were both first found in Yorkshire with Dance's and Hicks, can be gleaned with the Alan fesse. Weddings/Waddingtons (Bird and Dance colors and format) share the Bird martlet, and the French Alan martlet too, while Birds (Cheshire with Shirts/Shards), in Shirts/Shard colors and near format, share the Hicks' fleur-de-lys. Shirts/Shards use roundels while Rundels/Roundels almost have the English Alan/Allin Coat. Rundels share "Tenax" and "propositi" motto terms with Ferrands. The latter's write-up: "The surname Ferrand was first found in YORKSHIRE where they were granted lands by William the Conqueror and appointed to the Wardenship of Skipton Castle, for the CLIFFords,..." Cliffs share the triple Quade/Wade wolf heads.

Ms. Beaumont married Weller- / Whaler-like Waleran de Leavell. Sleeping Beauty, when hovering LEVEL at the Beck-connectable beach, pointed to Leavells/Levels because Beautys almost have the three Waleran bull heads. This recalls that the English Leavells/Levels (Somerset with Wells, beside Beaumonts) have a Coat reflective of the Amore's, the latter first found in Oxfordshire with Harcourts. Suddenly, my shirtlessness on Beauty's beach fits perfectly into this discussion with Beach-like Becks because Shirts share the Harcourt Crest (a peacock).

Peacocks "use "just," and Ferrands use "JusTUS" while TOUS' (Florence with Ferrand-line Firenze) use a Man" wearing a "shirt," and though I'm not sure whether "wearing" is a part of the official description, Wearings share the checks of Warrens and CLIFFords (share Drake and Dragon wyvern). Scottish Mans use the dragon, and Cliffords use "paraTUS."

The Beck Crest shares the pelican with German Wells/Wellers, wherefore I'll repeat that I read a Wells-family webpage claiming that they were of the VALLIbus'/VAUX's, tending to explain why the giant Well/Weller pelican is the one (in different colors) of DeVAUX's. The Vaux-branch Faux's have the mascle of Whalleys (whales in Waleran and Beauty colors and format) in colors reversed, and the Whalley mascle is in a canton square while Cantons (Sleep fesses?) are also GANTons while whale-using Dols share the Dutch Gaunt/Gant Coat.

OHHHHHHHHHHHH WOOOOOOOWIE! When I saw the black-on-gold stag head of Beckers/Bechers, it recalled that there was a stag in those colors in the last update (with stags colors reversed from the Trudeau stags; some say he's a pedophile). As it turned out, the one's with stags matching the Becker stag head is with the Mando's/LaMantea's, first found on Sardinia!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Staggering.

The Mando/LaMantea Chief shares the Velis/Valley and Manet/Mannai eagle, which got suspect with the Arms of L'Aquila because the latter has a Mantea-like "Manet" motto term. As Scottish Mans/MANTs were first found in Aberdeenshire with Sillers/Sellers, perhaps the latter were a line from SULcis through Sillys/SULlys. The SELKirks, possibly named from "Sellick," use a salaMANDER.

German Mans/Manners share the white lion in Crest with Sillys/Sullys. English Manners/Maness' share the peacock in Crest with Shirts/Shards. German Mans/Manners use it as a demi-lion, as do Sellick-like Slick/Sleigh's in the same color. The latter surname was first found in Essex with Waters and Muschats, both of which share the Epstein and Silly/Sully Coat. The thing is: this new entry of Slicks/Sleigh's, first found in Essex with Peacocks in the Shirt/Shard Crest, are in Shirt/Shard format and colors reversed from them.

By the way, as Sillys/Sullys have a "Sully-sur-Loire" location on the Loire river, the triple Silly/Sully chevrons are likely the ones in the Arms of Eure-et-Loir (named partly with the Loire river). Ahh, not until checking out the Eure-et-Loir article, after writing to the last sentence, did I see that Sarthe is a province beside Loire. I didn't deliberately arrange the Shards in this part of the discussion to go with "Sarthe." The latter is beside Maine, and Mainards, in Shirt/Shard colors and format, have a "justa" motto term to go with the "just" of Shirt/Shard-beloved Peacocks. Mainards even have a "Manus justa" motto phrase while Manners/Maness' have the peacock too. It appears that Shirt/Shard liners named Sarthe. The Mainard Shield and Crest are almost those of Hands, first found in Cheshire with Shirts/Shards, and with Savage's and Clubs together in the Coat of Mans/Manners. SAVIGliano is beside Monforte.

Ahh, Poppins/Pophams, with a Chief in the colors and format of the Theil and Silk/Sheedy Chiefs, have a "Mens" and "MANSit" motto term, and were first found in Hampshire with Tiss'/Teese's (i.e. expected in the Shirt/Shard motto) and other pertinent-to-topic surnames. Poppins/Pophams share the Anne/Hanne stag heads, and stag-using Hanna's were first found in Wigton while Wigtons share the Sellick/Sillick stars. The stag-using Hands come up as "Hans".

Although it's hard to known whether Sillys/Sullys were a Sillick / Silk branch, it sure could figure because they share the Eppstein Coat, three chevrons, and Shirts/Shards have one of these chevrons while also being in colors reversed, and in the format of, Sillers/Sellers. The Malta-like Maltons/Moltons/Molsons, first found in Devon with Sillys/Sullys and Maine's, are in Theil colors, and both Theils and Sillys/Sullys almost have the same motto term.

Suddenly, the Theil/Teal dragon becomes suspect with Draguignan liners due to the Theil/Teal motto, "FideLIS." The Tiss'/Teese's suspect in the Shirt/SHARD motto were first found in Hampshire with Tiller- and Theil connectable DRAKE's, and with the Lise's/LISS' almost sharing the Coat of LIZarts/SARDE's, the latter first found in DRAGuignan. German Dragons share the wyvern species of dragon with Drake's, Theils, and Tile's/Tillys. Draguignan is in Provence, beside Savoy, and while Manets/Mannai's were first found in Savoy, "maneo" is a motto term of the Armstrongs who in turn share the Lizart/Sarde Coat. Mans/Mants use the dragon.

AHHHHH, as it's the sandy beach especially pointing to Silicon Valley, might I ask you if you know what sand is made of? It's made of silicon dioxide = silica!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You can't believe it. Glad I deviated topic to do this insert.

After writing the above on silica, I thought it would be nice to find a silica-like surname with symbols connectable to Sand liners, and so Sandersons were loaded to find them with the six pale bars of Lise's/Liss', whom I regard as a Lizart and List branch, and so I also think that Lizarts were named from a Liss-Shard merger. If the "Je" motto term of Sandersons is for Jays, they were first found in Herefordshire with Sellicks/Sillicks, but that alone is not much of a connection.

Sandersons share "Je suis" with Frasers who in turn share the quadrants of Sandfords/Samfords (Shropshire, beside Sandy's). I don't see anything here especially connectable to the dream's scenes.

But I do have an interesting realization with the Silks/Sheedys, the ones who have a Chief in the colors and format of the Sellick/Sillick Chief. If the Silk/Sheedy Shield were black, it would be comprehensible with the Shield of Ghents (Hampshire again), and the Silk/Sheedy lion then becomes the one in the Arms of Ghent that sometimes comes with a virgin! There's a way to get two silica-like surnames to point to the Virgin Islands, especially as Sillys/Sullys share the Eppstein Coat. Waddaya think?

Earlier, the lion in the Arms of Ghent got suspect with Welsh Louis' because they were first found in Gwent and MORGANnwg (pointer to JP Morgan Chase, right?) with Theil-branch Tillers/Telliers, and with Lewis' (hand), and with Lewis-connectable Wilkins who definitely look like Theil kin.

If instead of the Wilkins they were the Walkins, my walking on the beach could have pointed to JP Morgan too. But, Walkins are interesting because they were first found Huntingdonshire with Fellows. Here's from the last update: "Fellows/Felloe's, first found in Huntingdonshire with Jacobs, and having a "MAGNAnimiTATE" motto term to go with the "magna" of English Walkers..." I have it recorded that there is a Lizart-like "lizard" in the Crest of English Walkers.

[Insert -- New: I was WALKING on Little Saint James, and Little's mention WISCARD Litil of Huntingdonshire, where Walkins were first found! That can't be a coincidence. New: WISCARDs/Guiscards were first found in Stirlingshire with NIMO's suspect in the "magnaNIMitate" motto of Walkers! Not new: Little's, sharing a white saltire with Scottish Walkers, have a "magnum" motto term, and Little's are said to have had a branch at the eastern border of Dumfries while Scottish Kilpatricks were first found in Dumfries, and then Irish Kilpatricks share the saltire of Little's in both colors. Little's share the red crescent of Moke's/Mocks in turn in some Nimo variations, and Nimo's themselves have red crescents.

I kid you not, the paragraph above was written about 45 minutes after waking up and remembering a dream with a dryer (laundry machine). There were three blonds in this dream, and I was at first sitting with one, who later turned out to be Helen, a tenant I had in real life whose heraldic pointers included a LANDing she was standing on underwhich were my two LAUNDry machines. I don't know/remember who the other two blonds were, but after I left the table with Helen, I was seated with the third blond, and then got up to walk to a man who was in the process of FIXing a dryer, and I thought, great, think I'll do my laundry now. I'm telling you this nonsense because I looked up Dryers after finishing the paragraph above to find them with the Scottish Johnson Coat, both surnames first found in Dumfries with Scottish Kilpatricks and using a different-color version this Kilpatrick Coat.

Looking into this further, I find Dryers use a "NUMquam" motto term to go with the "MagNUM" of Little's, which helps to assure that Little's were Kilpatrick kin, which is important because Mrs. Kilpatrick, and Sleeping Beauty, were blonds. The dream thus appears to be arranged for the topic at hand.

Little's use "QUAM magna" to go with "NumQUAM," and "quam" is a motto term of CAMbridge's, from the Cam river of Cambridgeshire. Cambridge's happen to share the swan of Swedish Johnsons, and "numquam" is shared by Dryer-related Scottish Johnsons. Unbelievably, Cams share the Coat of English Lise's/Liss, the Lizart/Sarde line in the "lizard" of the English Walker Crest, and the latter surname is the one with "quam magna"!!! Plus, Scottish Lise's are now said to be first found in Dumfries (as the M'Cleish's)! There's no way a sleeping mind can arrange a dream to make all of these heraldic links.

Hicks are said to have been at a St. Ewes location while Ewe's/Cuish's, Cussons and Constance's, all sharing the same giant eagle, look like the reason that "cushions" are shared by Kilpatricks, Dryers and Johnsons.

Wiggons (share Janson Chief) were first found in Cambridgeshire who almost have the Coat of Ainsley-branch Annas', the latter likewise first found in Cambridgeshire. The second fulfillment of Sleeping Beauty is Ainsley Earhardt (blond), and Ainsleys share "my" with Wiscards/Guiscards while the latter were in the new material above (as per Wiscard LITIL) written just after waking from this dream. My's/Mee's were first found in Nottinghamshire with AINSleys (reflect the Nimo saltire), wherefore the other two blonds in the dream look like they may have been the two fulfillments of Sleeping Beauty, especially as Wiggons share the Crest of Scottish Johnsons who share the Dryer Coat. Wiggon-like Wigton is beside Dumfries.

The Dryer / Johnson Crest includes a spur, shared by Close's expected at Closeburn of the Kilpatricks, upon the Nith river, and English Nith-like Knights/Nights almost have the triple pale bars of Scottish Walkers. Nets/Knights/NAUGHTs were first found in Kirkcudbrightshire, part of Dumfries and Galloway, and Dumfries is also where Nitts/Naughts were first found. Thus, we definitely have a Little-Kilpatrick-Walker link to go with my walking on Little Saint James toward Mrs. Kilpatrick. Irish NAUGHtons share the Crest (falcon) of KNOCKs/Knox's who in turn love the WAKE-beloved Ore's/Orrs who in turn have the triple Wiscard/Guiscard piles in colors reversed.

Suddenly, even the Knocks look like a branch of the namers of the Nith river, and Walks/Wachs were first found at least near that river. Scottish Naughtens have a "hope" motto term, and while Hope's were kin of Knight-like Cnuts/Knots in the "wake knot" of Wake's (ZOWIE NEW), Walks/Wachs have the WaucHOPE's in their write-up. It tends to prove that Wake's were a Walk branch, and as God told me to wake Sleeping Beauty, this paragraph is more proof that she is Ms. Hicks-Kilpatrick. It suggests that the Nith river was named from the line of king Cnut/Canute, and I've read that he named Nottingham.

I had checked the Table's because I was sitting at a table, but didn't have anything to say about them until reading to find that a branch was at Knutsford. It suggests that Ainsley was at the table with me because Ainsleys were first found in Nottinghamshire...with the Theils/Teals who share the Ainsley fleur. Table's use "hurts" while Hurts/Horts (share McBride cinquefoil) were first found in Oxfordshire with Bunns/Bone's. The latter could be sharing the Lorraine bend-with-eagles.

On my last night with Lorraine, she got a butt = bunns symbol. A woman's bunns are often like cushions, and the cushion-depicted Ewe's/Cuish's share the Bunn/Bone eagle. Hicks' were at Ewe. Dryers use "cushions." Can you believe this? The English Constance's/Custers, who share the giant Cusson / Ewe/Cuish eagle, were first found in Cambridgeshire, though it also mentions the early "Custance de Byerne, Nottinghamshire." Cambridgeshire is where Cust-branch Cass'/Casts/Cash's were first found.

Cnuts/Knots share the "OR" (gold) drops of Dryer-like Drys/Drays/Dreigh's who in turn may have contributed to naming DARlene's and Darlingtons because they have the same drops. Hope's were once said to be first found in Derbyshire with Cnuts/Knots (and a Hope location), but are now said to be first found in Shropshire with DRAYtons. French Drays/DRAYERs have five ducks in the colors and format of the five birds (not eagles, probably falcons) of French Saffers (Burgundy with Drays/Drayers and Cuish-branch Cussons).

English Saffers, with perhaps the same bird as Dryers, were first found in Devon with Darlene's. Although I can't find the official description for English Saffers, the 4th update in April, 2017, says that the Saffer Crest is a heron with an olive branch in beak, and Smiths, first found in Durham with Darlingtons, use a heron too. Heron-branch Horns/Orne's were first found in Middlesex with the Players who in turn share these gold-on-blue drops with Drys/Drays, Darlene's and Darlingtons!

As I was with three blonds in this dream, sitting alone with two of them, was I being depicted as a "player" as a pointer again to Playboy? The last scene in the dream was my embracing Helen warmly after she stood up from the table, even though I had previously been sitting at another table with another blond, from which table I could see Helen sitting at her table. That looks like a player to me.

The "APPetitus" motto term of Constance's/Custers is excellent because Apps/Epps, sharing the TailBOY scallops, were once said to be first found in Middlesex with Players! And Middlesex is near Epping, the latter in Essex with Waters and Muschats both sharing the Eppstein Coat. Apps/Epps are now said to be first found in Huntingdonshire, near Epping. Thus, it appears that God is pointing to Jeffrey Epstein the playboy, making sense.

We can add that Countrys and Earhardts share the three fleur-de-lys of one Kilpatrick Chief while the other Kilpatrick Chief has three "cushions" in the same colors. French Constance's have variations like the Cone-branch Conte's/COUNTERs, and then COUNTRYs (share Earhardt fleur) in the Ainsley motto were first found in Kent with Cone's, and with Earhardt-beloved Snake's/Snooks. Countrys share the lone pile of Beach's, the latter first found in Hertfordshire with the Titus' suspect in the "AppeTITUS" motto term of English Constance's/Custers. That looks like a pointer to Epstein's beach.

Cone-like Conys (Lincolnshire with Custs and Tailboys) and Conns both use white rabbits, the Playboy-bunny symbol. The "pansy" in the Cony Crest is in the Arms of Lorraine province with the first-known Landrys/Laundrys. The heraldry is singing. [As per about April 7 next month, French Landrys stopped coming up as "Laundry."]

Not new but welcome here: Ainsleys were first found in Basford with BUNNY's. I'll bet Ainsley was one of the three blonds. Not new: Hicks' have a "bon" motto term while Bunns are listed with Bone's. The latter, along with their Bone/Bohun branch, have lions in the colors of the Hefner lion heads, and for young readers, Hugh Hefner founded / owned PlayBOY. Bohuns were probably Bohemians, founded by the BOY-like Boii. It appears that God set up both Sleeping Beautys to point to Playboy. Was Epstein grooming young ladies for Playboy?

Here's nonsense: I was a playboy concerned about drying my CLOTHes while sitting with a blond??? That's more like a ninny. But it works, for Clots are also DuCLOS', perfect for the Closeburn location of Kilpatrick castle. I've only now loaded Clots/DuClos', after writing the last sentence, to find that they were first found in Lorraine with Laundrys/Landrys!!! ZOWZERS.

Helen had pointed with her landing to Landens/Landers, the same that Lorraine had pointed to. Landens/Landers share the Langley Coat...suspect in the past with Langley, Virginia, location of CIA headquarters, the money-laundering kingpin of the world.

Lorraine, my date in my mid-20s, was a beautiful blond in face and body i.e. a target for pornographers. When I spoke with her for the first time, and she agreed to go on a date, I told her I was planning to do laundry that evening, and suggested she can meet me at the laundromat. I kid you not, it happened just that way, and she showed up there. I regret that I cannot remember the faces of two of the blonds in this dream i.e. I can't verify whether one was Lorraine.

The Hicks, with an Orr-like "HEURE" motto term, love the Bone's along with the Ore's/Orrs. EURE's (Dunbartonshire, beside Ore's/Orrs of Renfrewshire) are Ure's too while Scottish Ure's are Orreys too. Aurs/Aureys have a version of the Ure/Orrey Coat and Crest, AND WOW, while I was going to say only that they both share the red lion in both Shield and Crest, I then remembered that Virgins do likewise whom I loaded to see that they share "numquam" with Dryers!!!! I never remember dreams unless I have them as I WAKE, and that's what happened with the dryer dream today! AHHHH, the Eure's/Ure's use "Numquam" too!!!!!! INCREDIBLE.

"Numquam" means 'never," and Nevers'/Neve's have an "honestas" motto term while "quam"-using Walkers also have "honesta." Hone's/Hones' (Hampshire with Flys) have two wavy fesses in the colors of the one wavy fesse of Jamie's/Jamesons and Fix's/Ficks (share Fly fleur). A man had fixed the dryer in front of me. The Fly-related Pratts (Norfolk with Drys/Drays) may be in the Dryer motto term, "paratus." (The other Pratts (share wolf head of Preters/Prays) were first found in Essex with the Faux's whose mascle is colors reversed from the same of the Norfolk Pratts.)

Again, Walkins were first found in Huntingdonshire (part of Cambridgeshire) with Wiscard LITIL, and that area is near Buckinghamshire, where Beauty-like Buttys/Butterys were first found who share the Walkin lion, in the colors of the Net/Knight lion heads. English Walkers use "magna," and I trace PLANCia Magna to Plunketts who have a "lente" motto term to go with the "VoLENTE" of Nets/Knights/Naughts. "VOLENti" can be for Avalon-connectable Volens (almost the Hicks-connectable English Alan Coat) sharing the martlets of French Alans while the Dol Alans lived in Vilaine, where Plunketts are said to have been.

For what it's worth, a Net-like St. Neots location in Cambridgeshire is also called, EYNESbury, and Eynes'/Ennys/Ennis' (Cornwall) look like a branch on Annas', first found in Cambridgeshire. St. Neots was named after a saint Neots who name also named St. Neots in Cornwall. The Kings in the Ainsley motto share the Net/Knight/Naught lion, but this is insufficient evidence to trace Nets/Knights to "Neots."

The Plocks/PluckNETTs having the Plunketts in their write-up share the martlets of LAUNDRYs/Landrys, first found in Lorraine, yet they are also the martlets of Pullys/Pullens (Yorkshire with Bush's and Walkers) having a "palleSCERE motto term, which plays right into the paragraph immediately after this insert (that was already there prior to this insert). This dream comes on day 40 of my shingles illness that's attacked and pained my hip, which is still painful a little, and Hips' share the Volen / Alan martlets.

By the way, the illness has about come to an end, I don't need pain killers anymore as of two days ago, and I can sleep normally now as of two days ago, whereas for 38 days I could sleep only about three hours at a time before the pain forced me to get up and take more pain killers. My dream today came during a morning nap (March 16) because I didn't get much sleep overnight, but not due to pain. Yesterday morning was the first time I awoke without pain, and the same happened this morning. Hip area still numb, but the shingles blisters are all gone. Nerves damaged by shingles are still under repair. It's been an experience. I've at least a week to go for full recovery. End insert]

It just so happens that German Walkers have a Coat sufficiently like the one of Scherfs/Schere's who in turn share the vertically-split colors of Wilkins! Thus, my WALKIN' on the beach can point to Silicon Valley as well as the JP Morgan Chase bank that allegedly supported Epstein's corruption. I'm grateful that God should use me in a dream of 44 years ago this month to disclose these things.

Securing Cash

As you probably know, banks take your money and spend it by purchasing things that may or may not make them money. Your money is not really in the bank, and, wherever it's put to, it never returns to the bank, even if it makes profits, for the bank then uses it to buy more money-making products. The solution is to keep cash on your own property, or for the government to build local safe houses where people can deposit the money, where it's not a standard bank, but only a safe.

I feel inventive. People should be able to buy a type of metal, because storing metal at home is safer than storing paper/plastic bills, in case a fire breaks out. The metal does not need to be "precious," it can be in any shape or size. When someone converts $20,000 into metal, the metal will be worth $20,000 whenever they want to cash some or all of it in. There's no risk of losing money due to the manipulators of gold / silver value in the normal system of gold / silver purchasing.

BUT, you see, the reason this system doesn't exist is that governments have usually assisted bankers and corporations, NOT wanting people keeping big money at home or in a central safe house. Government themselves want your money spent continuously because it makes government tax revenue. If you won't spend it, the banks spend it for you, and leftist governments are very happy with that situation.

To dissuade thieves as per my invention this morning, the metal I speak of above would be stamped with a number, your number, meaning that only you can cash it in. If a thief raids your home and demands your cash or gold in your safe, you are out of luck, because unless you open the safe and hand it over, you are going to die. But if you own metal stamped with your number, nobody else can cash it in. You won't need an expensive safe, therefore, because it's worthless to anyone else. The least valuable piece of metal would be $1,000, for example, to be used in a savings account.

You cannot spend these pieces of metal at stores. I'll explain. The government sets up metal houses all across the nation that act like safes, paid for by the tax payer. Each house has a metal-stamp machine, an incinerator, a dollar-bill shredder, some ladies with grade-eight math to take your cash, and that's about it, keeping it simple. The pieces of metal there are worth various amounts up to $20,000, for example.

The metal pieces are no good without a stamped number so that a would-be bank robber, if he came in and demanded that $300,000 of stamped metal, could only benefit if he gave over his personal number (if he has a number at all), and that would be like turning himself in because the stamp machine records every detail of every stamp operation...because it can only stamp the numbers if someone enters the numbers in the first place, and presses the start button. Is this too simple or what?

The metal should have a high melting temperature so that common fires don't destroy the stamped number. Did I miss anything? Can it be this simple for countries to secure the money of their citizens?

There would need to be one non-profit metal house per largest cities of every county (not "country"), but not in every village or town. You might need to go for a two-hour drive, but you won't do this but once or twice a year, usually.

For example, you withdraw $10,000 from your bank, and take it personally (or transfer it electronically with a receipt from your bank) to the metal house. You convert the cash to metal for a small fee that pays the ladies who take your cash. The fee is worth it to you just to see their bright-lovely faces as they benefit mankind in this practical way. Pure charity, helping to safeguard your family from the big-bad bankers.

The lady asks, "what's your number," and no need to ask for your identification (BONUS!), because nobody wants to give her the wrong number. The lady enters your number into the machine's software, loads the metal pieces you've just paid for onto the machine, and bing-bing-bing, it coughs out three $2,000 metal "coins" (they can be any shape) in three seconds.

The metal house destroys the cash that arrives to it to dissuade a major heist, but more to keep employees from nibbling away at it in secret. That's what the incinerator is for. Once you get your metal, you personally run your cash through a paper shredder, or better yet, throw it into the flames, because if you don't, the employees can figure out a way to get it into their pockets, because they might all agree to do it together. This is just a hick-up in the system, can't be avoided. The cash needs to be destroyed, or this is not going to work well in a world of Godless people.

Burn up the cash? Isn't that the craziest thing? Yes, burn it because the metal acts as your cash now. You haven't burned it up at all. You've converted it to something harder than your teeth. You can bite your banker back when he bites you for taking "his" money out of "his" bank. You thought it was your bank, your money, but he wants to own your money, gamble it away as he thinks best. So take a bite into his greedy enterprise, often.

Your regular bank payments are never made, by the bank on your behalf, by its sending cash through the mail. Don't worry about burning your cash because you don't need it when making payments to any company from your bank. There's no disadvantage in converting your metal-cash to electronic money, at the metal house, because the standard bank itself would convert your cash deposit into electronic money. It's the same ball game. The only thing needing a remedy is how to replenish the burned cash. Got any ideas?

The metal-cash system is a savings account, when you have much more money in the bank than you need to pay your bills, but would rather not have the extra in a bank in these unstable days.

If and when you need to re-convert some of your metal to usable money, you take it to the metal house, asking it to transfer electronic money to your regular bank account through which you pay the bills. Are you with me? Safe and secure. You can't spend the metal anywhere because the only person that can cash it in is the person having the number on the metal. This is vital to keep thieves from abusing the system.

Therefore, you need to register your number, with your ID, at the metal house, and you should give a password too, for example: what's the name of your pet? This way, if a robber robs your wallet with ID and metal pieces together, he won't know your password...unless he forces it out of you, at the pain of torture, by getting you alone somewhere, like at your house. But there is a simple solution even to this threat.

Burn up your cash, but the government then needs to mandate something: when you send an amount from the metal house into your bank account, the government must send that bank an equal amount in new cash i.e. paper bills, otherwise paper money would eventually disappear completely. So, every bank tallies automatically (by computer program) how much money they receive electronically from metal houses, and then the bank notifies the government the amount of cash to ship. Banks regularly send cash around, they know how it's done, it's not a new thing. Keeping it simple.

So, because Jack turns cash to metal while burning the cash, Jack needs to pay for the cost of printing and shipping the new cash, and this is charged as a small bank fee when he converts his metal to a bank deposit. Paper bills are so light they cost next to nothing to ship, and they are printed in such huge numbers they can't cost very much. When the government ships cash to banks, it's shipping a HIGH number of metal-house transfers with one truck load, i.e. on-the-cheap.

The metal should be rust-proof so that it can be buried under your lawn. One simply cuts a square piece of grass out, digs a hole, puts the metal into it, then replaces the grass that will in little time not show signs of a dig. You might not need to dig it up for a year or two, and maybe only to add metal to it rather than to remove some. This is how to prevent a thief from getting your password for the metal house, by not letting him find your metal. If he breaks into your home and finds it under your mattress, you might lose it if he can convince the metal house that he's you. And that means he's going to take your wallet too.

You didn't waste your time reading my metal-cash invention. You can do the same with cash, gold or silver: bury it in a water-tight container. Put the water-tight container (rodent-proof) into a larger water-tight container for peace of mind, and bury the containers under the grass that will in short order, in spring or summer, hide your tampering with the soil. If your house burns up, your cash will be safe.

Just make sure you know what your doing with sealing the containers. Use three containers if you're unsure of your ability to seal them. PVC / ABS pipe is not rodent proof if they are determined. Glass jars are rodent proof but have questionable seals with lids underground, and frost can crack the glass. In most areas, the first couple of feet of soil is not often saturated year-round, but it can become saturated when snow melts, which is when water is a pool within the soil.

Off-hand, I suggest some galvanized culvert pipe of about 12-16 inches in diameter, the wider the better, actually. It will be stood vertically at least two feet deep, the depth depending on how wet you expect your lawn to be at its wettest. Is it a high spot on a hill, or is it in a basin / valley? Big difference.

This culvert is the housing in which to keep your sealed containers from being swamped by water. The top of the culvert should be at ground level to minimize water entry at the top. Any rain water that gets into it, either from the open top or open bottom, will drain out through the soil, but only slowly. It could fill up to a large degree in some spots, as it's exactly like a water well. If you think it'll get swamped in the fall or early winter, you're better off to scrap the culvert idea, and use a sealed pipe instead.

If you put the cash in a mason jar, put the cash in a stiff (not cheap) plastic bag first that has no air left in it before sealing, or freezing water will pop the bag if ice gets to it. The problem is, without air in the bag, you won't know if you have a good seal, so put the plastic bag into a second plastic bag for insurance. For the cost of a third bag, go for it.

Put a stone at the bottom of the mason jar in case the culvert fills with water, so that the jar floats lid-up. Make sure it floats in your kitchen sink first (i.e. don't make the stone too heavy), but if it is forced to float in early winter, that water could freeze around the jar. In the least, arrange for the jar(s) to be suspended high, well off the soil at the bottom of the culvert pipe.

If your culvert fills with water and freezes, you will then wish you put the cash into a sealed 2-inch metal pipe inside a sealed 3-inch metal pipe, using no glass at all.

Depending on how much money you bury i.e. how large the risk, the mason jar should itself be in a larger, rodent-proof container for peace of mind, which doesn't need to be sealed as long as the mason jar has a good seal. If you're a mason-jar pro, bonus. If you've never used a mason jar, be careful. You could use a high-quality silicone around the jar's lid as some insurance. Press the silicone with your finger to make it bond well with the glass and metal, but don't leave the silicone thin where you want the seal. It should be at least 1/8" thick above the potential entry point of water.

But, are the lids of mason jars mouse proof? Squirrel proof? They're pretty thin on their tops. The rodent might not get into the jar, but one tooth puncture will break the seal. That's why a metal container all around the mason jar is a must. The metal container should have a hole at the bottom if you choose not to have it sealed, to allow for water to get out, into the culvert's space, in case water gets in.

A good metal container would be a simple food can of just the right size for the total height of your mason jar(s). Apply the can opener to a can of food, but don't go all the way around. Leave the top on the can so that it flaps open and closed. Put the mason jar(s) inside of it, close the lid and assure that the weight of a rodent or two upon the lid won't allow the lid to fold down far enough to allow them to enter the can. Chances are, no mouse will find this hole, but just in case, use the metal can.

To better assure a good seal in the mason jar, put the cash in it, turn the jar upside down in the sun, with lid off, until the air within gets to a high temperature, so long as it doesn't damage the cash (keep an eye on it), then slip the lid on (with jar still upside down) before the hot air gets out of it. Tighten the ring, and when the heat leaves the jar, the lid will get a better seal. How long should the same mason jar be left in the ground before it gets a new lid? Good question. I would say that years should be fine.

The colder it gets in the ground, the better the seal. If you initially put the jar in the ground in the cold, without heating the jar's air first, the summer temperatures will increase the interior pressure and make the lid seal less secure. The quality of the seal depends on outer air pressure versus lower air pressure in the jar; the greater the difference between the two pressures, the better the seal.

Somebody writes:

You can bury money by preparing the money to be buried by vacuum sealing and placing the money in zip lock bags. The more layers of protection the money has against water the safer it will be. Once the money is prepared you should find a good spot to bury the money and dig a 5ft deep hole. In addition to this, you should also place the zip locked money into a plastic container and bury it that way, for extra safety.

A plastic container is woefully insufficient for all soil conditions. Frost can crack it easily. A squirrel chewed through the lid of my garbage can a couple of months ago, sufficient in size to get it's body into the can. Five feet deep in some areas can be below the water table. I have a water table beside my house that is at ground level all winter long.

The same article shocks with this:

The PVC pipes will be just another layer of protection for your money. Take the vacuum-sealed money and place them into PVC pipes, and cover the pipes with PVC lids. For extra safety, you should glue the PVC lids onto the pipes, this way no water should leak inside. You can also use duct tape as another layer of safety, for more information check out my recent article

This article must have been advanced at the google search results by a globalist wanting us to fail. Duct tape??? This writer is your worst enemy. "For extra safety," he/she says, glue the PVC caps to the pipes??? But of course the caps should be glued, there's no question about long as one knows how to get a pipe seal first time, every time. But again, rodents can chew through plastic eventually, especially thin PVC. The writer didn't even mention to use the thicker PVC. Be careful who you read on this topic. Assume that every mouse instinctly knows that paper money makes for nice bedding.

If you risk the thick PVC or ABS, instead of gluing caps on both ends, arrange a threaded end, so long as you know how to get a good seal with threads and appropriate pipe dope. I would go the extra cost and get 3" (interior diameter) METAL pipe with one threaded end so that the pipe can be opened and re-sealed. I'm reading that a 9-ounce mason jar is 2.8 inches outside diameter, perfect for slipping into a 3-inch pipe. These glass jars are 3.5 inches high, perfect for a roll of cash. If you can put the cash into a smaller jar that fits into the mason jar, bonus. Nobody buries $1,000. If you're going to bury money, chances are it's a lot more, so do it with lots of insurance.

Stand the pipe upright, or at least at a slant, not horizontal, to allow the glass jars inside to float in case the pipe leaks slowly. Usually, a leak in pipe dope is very tiny, and, generally, wet earth at ground level has no pressure to aid in getting through the threads.

However, if I were to bury $10,000, I would forget the glass jars, and get some 2-inch steel "nipples," which come threaded both ends. They come ready-made long enough to slip in a roll of cash. I imagine one can get about $5,000 in hundred-dollar bills into one 2-inch nipple. Seal the threads with dope or teflon tape if you know how, silicone the joints for added insurance, then put the 2-inch nipple into a 3-inch nipple. Or, if nipples don't come long enough for your needs, then get a length of pipe. Just look at that price for a six-inch long nipple, a whopping $10 per inch. This world is mad with greed. It's only steel, not rare.

Warning: I don't know what effects bare or galvanized steel might have on cash or the material that you place the cash into; I can't see what possible reactions there can be, but just saying, I've never tried it, and we're dealing with a lot of money here, so think hard for every possible problem.

Garden Season Upon Us

Asking google for the shelf life of any food product about 99-percent of the time gets false claims way below the limit, as if globalists control this platform to discourage long-term storage. For example, someone says that dried apples last only months, or even a year, which is ridiculous because canned apples, all wet, last several years. Yet the top of a google search for the shelf life of canned apples has somebody giving two years max.

But google at times gives alternative views, for example: "I dehydrate the apples, vacuum seal them in vacuum bags, and heat-seal the vacuum bag inside of a Mylar bag (“double bagging”), so that they will last up to 30 years." One can seal in glass jars and get the same results, though I plan on tasting the foods every three years to check on whether or not I had best eat it right away and in the meantime dry more to replace it. If still good after three years, I can check again after the fourth year, and so on.

"Most shelf-stable foods are safe indefinitely. In fact, canned goods will last for years, as long as the can itself is in good condition..." How can dried foods last less long than canned, wet foods? Incorrect.

I've stored dried food in hot air straight out of an oven (lids of the jars) at 210 F degrees. Air volume decreases with increased temperature and so one gets an excellent seal this way, as the heat escapes through the glass while not letting air in through the lid. I get less than 14 psi inside the jars, therefore, but most long-storage preppers advocate all oxygen removed.

My thinking is that sufficiently-dried foods grow no bacteria, and so what's the point of removing oxygen from within the jars? Some remove only the oxygen and leave the nitrogen inside, which retains most of the air pressure. Others pump out all the air leaving near-zero pressure. Is there a difference for the two methods as per the quality of the food years later. Might foods do better in some air pressure versus almost zero pressure? Can normal air, with oxygen, keep the quality of the foods better? Does oxygen have a "magic" overlooked by those bent on reducing bacterial growth? Has anyone tested for an answer to this question? Probably.

Navigating the world of long-term food storage can be a little bit tricky. Basic dry goods such as wheat, white rice, rolled oats, dry beans, and potato flakes can be safely stored for 30 years or more under the right conditions. Packaging low moisture dry goods in air-tight containers with oxygen absorbers extend the quality shelf-life by removing the oxygen and creating a high nitrogen environment.

That's framed as though nitrogen is good for the food. Maybe not, but that's what it sounds like. It then says: "Removing the oxygen from stored dry food significantly extends the shelf-life. A low oxygen environment prevents oxidation and controls insects." If you dry your own foods, insects won't be a problem. But, oxidation, a bad word, I can tell. It sounds as though some foods combine with the oxygen to form some other material, not good. And yet, from ages past, people have stored dried foods in oxygen.

The question is, how little of the food will be ruined by the available oxygen in a jar? If it's just a thin or even microscopic film on the exterior of the food, it doesn't sound like a concern at all. One oxygen absorber has a wee-bit of iron, and the oxygen is compelled to bond with it, and so it seems that, if oxygen bonds at all with a particular, dry food, it won't bond with any significant volume of the food.

Plus, I'm not eating the foods dry, but throwing them into soups, and so what little bacteria might have grown, if any, is vanquished. I'm eating dried chicken on bread because chicken jerky has a decent texture, and I like chewy foods.

I don't like bothering with oxygen absorbers because they have a short shelf life, and I take a long time to dry foods, a little at a time, and so a lot of oxygen absorbers would got to waste. I can't get them from a local store. Plus, with corruption ruling the world now, you might just buy expired absorbers with new-and-faked dates of expiry labeled to the package, and you'll never know the absorbers didn't use up the oxygen in the jars.

However, I have a feeling that I should take the dried foods after two years, remove the lids, and throw in absorbers. This way, I can buy the absorbers 100 at a time, and do 100 jars at a time while the absorbers are still good. You can test the absorbers in a sealed bag; if they work, the bags shrinks a little. I have the option of re-treating the foods in an oven at 210 F for an hour, before slipping in the absorbers.

The article adds that oxygen absorbers: "Reduce rancidity and improve the shelf life of polyunsaturated fats and oils." That's a concern with dried meats, albeit the drying process removes most of the fat. I have a small freezer devoted to dried meats, which, I think, serves about just as well as an oxygen-free system. I'm eating a jar of dried ground beef right now that was heat-treated in May of 2021, and it's fine in soups. It doesn't taste great in the dry condition, but this is the nature of dried ground beef, a little "rocky." The freezer probably doesn't help with the texture. Drying steak would do much better, but I'd want to get it from a local farmer to the tune of a quarter cow (share it with my sons).

I don't trust the meat industry with vaccine goons pushing their buttons these days. With governments paying for vaccines, the goons are having a bonanza shooting up as many animals as possible.

As I'm growing my own vegetables now, and drying them, I'm thinking of drying fruits instead. It's a wise choice. Many fruits come dried already. Apricots for vitamin A. I disliked dates, but am growing to like them. I love figs. We have fruits dried from all over the world, take advantage. These sweet fruits have their own, built-in bacterial killer, in high sugar content. Again, if wet, canned foods are good for five years, and they are, how can dried fruits with high sugar not do much better if they too are sealed in oxygen-free containers?

But if you ask google for shelf lives of these fruits, you get months to a year usually. For example: "If kept properly stored, dried fruits can last for several months after the expiration date. In fact, even if they are just stored in the pantry, they can last from six months to a year after the expiration date as long as the container is airtight and properly sealed after each use." The page where this is found lists many fruits and their shelf life, but the author doesn't have a word about shelf life in a sealed container that's never opened at all. It might have taken a whole 20 words extra to add that bit in.

To find what you need to know, always add "mylar bags" to your google search, because long-term storage uses them. By asking google, "shelf life apricots mylar bags," I right-away got this:

Professionally-Dehydrated Vegetables 10-20 years

Professionally-Dehydrated Fruits* 10-15 years

It should read, "correctly-dehydrated" i.e. you don't need to be a pro so long as you dry it correctly, which usually means dry it sufficiently. Know how dry is dry enough. The page above is an ad, and so the shelf lives may be exaggerated, the unusual limit, not the usual limit. But if we are gunning for five years with fruits, we could be ecstatic about it. I would love to have five years worth of seven or eight different fruits, wouldn't you, just for peace of mind?

The only thing that scares me about a food shortage is that others will come beg for some of my foods. How can I turn them away without feeling terrible, and being viewed as terrible? I prefer not to store foods at all, if the world was not as it is. But this week, we are hearing that people are withdrawing money out of banks, and others are selling off their stock in banking institutions, all of which can put a lot of businesses under, or at least gasping for life. Many businesses need loans when times are rough, to stem a low-sales period, but if banks have no money, the turbulence is going to get rougher.

Wouldn't it be nice if governments stopped wasting money on global-government wish-lists and self-serving dreams of a faked, technological "utopia," but used the money instead to buy citizens storable foods? It's not going to happen, but the very reverse seems to be a global-government agenda.

Let's not misunderstand the black horse of Revelation 6. It's not a food shortage from the hand of globalists, but from God's hand to the globalists. God's law is that people reap what they sow, and so when the globalists deny us the right to buy our foods and other needs, at 666 time, God will unleash the four horses of Revelation against them. And the first four Trumpets of Revelation are the direct result of the four horses, in my strong opinion.

In my view, and I think this is absolutely correct, the plague that follows immediately after the 2nd horse is the 2nd Trumpet, then the 2nd Bowl. The plague that follows immediately after the 3rd horse is the 3rd Trumpet, then the 3rd Bowl. The 2nd Trumpet is an asteroid falling into the sea, which destroys many ships i.e. cargo, including food cargo. The 2nd Bowl says that many sea creatures die, and so seafood supply also plunges.

The plague immediately after the 2nd Bowl is the 3rd Seal, which is logically the black horse of food rationing, and the death that comes to some...probably from complications of malnutrition. It's what the world will deserve for not coming to the rescue of Christians when they are denied their foods.

The 3rd Trumpet looks like a giant nuclear blast that poisons river and lake water by the fall-out, ruining many of the most-precious properties where the wealthiest of the world live, by-and-large. The 3rd Bowl apparently kills fresh-water fish so as to turn rivers and lakes to "blood." Lake-front properties become dirt-cheap, because nobody wants them. We would do well, on a trib property by a river or lake, to secure water from a well as an alternative to direct pumping from a river / lake.

I can't make sense of the 1st Trumpet aside from conventional but modern warfare caused by the 1st horse that looks like a war horse. The 1st Trumpet: "The first angel sounded his trumpet, and there came hail and fire mixed with blood, and it was hurled down upon the earth. A third of the earth was burned up, a third of the trees were burned up, and all the green grass was burned up." Does this predict a wide war with conventional bombing (not nuclear) i.e. explosions both on the ground and in the air? Might there be some small nuclear bombs now as part of "conventional" warfare? How could it cause hail? Or is "hail" a symbolic term for some other falling material from the explosions?

Falling blood, from the sky? I find high difficulty with that picture unless there is bombing of cities, of innocent people, not at all out of the question because Western, maniacal powers did it in WW2. The blood of people and concrete from tall buildings exploding high in the sky, and falling? But why use "hail" for concrete? It's not a great explanation.

Literal hail in abundance needs high heat to lift large quantities of water vapor and dust into the cold regions high in the sky, and conventional warfare has high heat, especially if concentrated in a small area such as a city / town. If there is a prolonged bombing of a city and its outskirt towns, then I can conceive a sizable hail storm as a result. If the first horse is the anti-Christ, for which there are good arguments, then I suggest that the 1st Trumpet and 1st Bowl will strike the Middle East, where he arises, and especially in Israel where he concentrates his military powers. Where Revelation speaks of plaques affecting one-third an entity, it's not necessary a global one-third.

The 2nd horse seems to predict that a red-depicted power will arise to confront the white horse, and thus peace, as it reads, is taken from the "land." Bible versions translate "land" for "earth," and we tend to view that term as global. It may be the wrong view. These are horses of Jesus -- His vengeance, His recompense, His protection of His Bride -- but it doesn't rule out the anti-Christ as being one of them because Biblical prophecy claims that God brings the anti-Christ to Israel as His own instrument of wrath.

Well that was quite the sidetrack. Where was I? One thing that takes up a lot of storage space is canned tomatoes. I've just watched one video on how to dry tomato paste, followed by this one on how to make paste. It's all easy, and, in the leather state that is the final result, it'll save a lot of room.

I use up the canned tomatoes to the tune of one tomato per pot of soup a few times per week, sometimes daily in winter. It should work just as well if I threw in some dried tomato, and so this next garden season, I think I'll dry much of it, which is especially nice because I'm not confident that wet tomatoes in jars, packed only with salt and some vinegar, will last very long. I didn't pressure-cook in a bath. I can't see why dried tomato leather, some of which can be powderized, can't last a decade.

I'm on my way, learning how to do these things. I feel that I'm in good time for it, with lots of time left for my personal needs. Remember, it doesn't matter if it costs more to provide food due to set-up costs; what matters is that the extra cost provides insurance against starving or suffering illnesses and unhappiness due to malnutrition. I'm putting together, for readers, a large webpage of alphabetically-stacked videos in self-sufficiency, and will have it out soon before it's all done. I'll put it at the top of updates for a while.


I didn't know Tucker Carlson resisted the vaccine even though Fox news moved to compel it, though without a formal rule. I still fault this man for not outing 9-11 as an inside job. I think it's a big deal that he should be either this naive or falsifying. I think the latter is true, and it brings into question the stability / integrity of his morality: at any time, he can be a liar without qualm, to judge his big lies as little ones, that sort of thing.

He has an hysterical laugh at times, and I mean that in a negative sense. If I were his boss, I'd suggest he not laugh like that on the air, because he temporarily sounds like a psycho, or a teenage girl. Here he is outside of his show if you want to study his mind for 40 minutes:

In the video above, the McCarthy drop to Tucker as per January-6 footage becomes a topic about the 28th minute. He says that there were only three weeks of searching through the 41,000 hours, and he admits that he asked permission, in a way, from the capitol police, to publicly release the footage of the shaman, and on Ray Epps, last Monday. He did not say that he received flack or fury from the Capitol police, as he sought permission, and this I find hard to believe because the chief of that police force has come out against the publication.

Tucker says, "we had full cooperation from Capital Police," but that doesn't tell whether the police were for or against, yet it's framed as though the police had no qualms...which sounds like Tucker lying a big lie that he's relegated to the realm of a white lie. It's a big news story if the police was furious about this release; it's integral to the bigger picture because the release proved the police to be complicit with this crime.

I appreciate Tucker's quest to remain on a truth track in spite of complains from Fox-beloved RINO's. Hope he goes all the way, but political forces are always pressuring him to leave out truths, bend truths, or lie outright. If anyone is cherry-picking on what footage to present on his show, it could be Tucker most of all, to quell the building pressure against him.

Nearing 36 minutes, Tuckers says, "I don't have ownership of this footage," by which I think he means to convey that he's not been given rights to share the footage with others, yet when Clayton (the host) asked him whether McCarthy put limits or rules in place as per how he can handle the footage, Tucker deflected and didn't answer.

Safe to say, McCarthy secured a promise that Tucker should not share this footage, which makes McCarthy look like he's controlled by others, or that he's trying to protect his friends in congress who are guilty in complicity. The last thing McCarthy wants is for his friends to come down on him for revealing their guilt, right? Therefore, McCarthy is, I predict, censoring what can be shown, and Tucker and/or his boss has made agreement to that effect.

Near the end of the show, Tucker shows skepticism toward the government storyline as per how Building 7 in the Trade Center fell on 9-11, and perhaps he's trying to come clean now, yet he gives the excuse, for past denials, that it's taboo to admit that 9-11 was an inside job. It may have been taboo a decade ago, but not anymore. Time to come clean.

To be acceptable to God, whom he says he's trying to serve by becoming honest, I'd guess that he should give almost all of his money away, and live on far less than one million annually. Otherwise, as he tries to enter the Kingdom, he could get stuck in the eye of a needle.

Here's a video showing that the U.S. military is controlling AP and others, no surprise, to keep the disappearing money flowing through, and disappearing in, Ukraine:

What do we call it when the government pays a media with the unwritten understanding or contract that the media takes the money in return for doing political-driven favors for the party that gives it the money? It's a bribe. If the media wants not to be guilty of taking the bribe, it can reject the government offerings, and report to the people that the government tried to bribe it. That would skyrocket media viewership so that bribes would dwarf by comparison.

What do we call the following comment at Gab: "501c3 non-profit churches aren’t allowed to speak out on political issues for fear of losing their tax exemption." It's called a bribe to keep the churches quiet on societal-engineering programs directed and conducted by the anti-Christs. This is more horrible than the media taking bribes to support the anti-Christ agenda, and the two together explains why the minority, the anti-Christs, have come to control minds, and thereby have come to control organizations who facilitate government powers to compound the abilities to conduct societal engineering.

Shame on the church leaders who refuse to speak out against wicked politics that in the end come to persecute church attendees. Shame on pastors who pay their bills and take their vacations on the labors of church attendees while not using as much as a finger to push off the weight of the political beast upon their shoulders. I am not talking about all pastors, all church elders, but they know who they are who are guilty even of protecting the liberals in their pews, and proud of it. The apostasy is growing.

I regret that Gab is a mix of Holy-Spirit water and sewage, and regret even more that the owner of Gab freely allows the sewage in the name of "free speech." This is a man who seeks to gain heavenly rewards with half he does, put throws it all away with the other half. STUPID. The solution: instead of violating Jesus, violate free speech where it violates Jesus. It's just so simple. Let the sewer mouths complain all they want, let them go to some other platform to spew their sewage. It's just such a simple solution. All that needs to be done to anyone who posts sewage is to send then a note asking them to clean up the post, and then to repost if they clean it up. It's just such a simple solution.

To allow the sewage on Gab only serves to keep some Christians away who do not agree with a mix of Jesus and sewage, it's a no-brainer. This is why Gab is filled with foolish, pro-trump Christians. To one extreme are pastors who do not engage politic controversies / battles at all, and to the other extreme are the Torba's, the political animals who support a duplistic and deadly beast for the White House in spite of seeing how many people he's hurt and literally killed. These types of Christians look like wolves with goat heads, and are thus bound to evolve more like freemasons than genuine Christians.

Didn't Trump add much more to the debt than even the naked Obama thief? I was aghast at Obama's $800B heist at the time of the bank bail-outs, but Trump, after promising to bring down the debt before being elected, borrowed something like five times as much (as $800B) in something like his last year (I'm not up-to-speed on the details / numbers). Where do you think all that money went? Not to our friends, but mainly to the killers-by-vaccine. Is this the sort of stupid beast that Conservatives should prosper and praise, let alone Christians? AGHAST.

The Russians love Karen Kingston, and have spread her message to the other side of the globe:

Karen Kingston has taken the great trouble to parse through Pfizer documents, and repeatedly tells social-media audiences that the mRNA technology is classified as a "poison," meaning that anyone can sue the vaccine companies because they do not have immunity with declared poisons. But then why is nobody suing these companies on an emergency basis like next week? I dunno, I'm stumped. There is no lack of evidence that people have died, and become more sick critically, a lot more since the vaccine roll-out, and I've heard repeatedly that the bulk of these people have been vaccinated more than two times, which is super evidence. There's no lack of groups gathering evidence against the vaccine companies, what are they waiting for?

Stew Peters in the video above mentions the "absence of the rule of law." Until a couple of years ago, I always wondered what the world would be like under the "lawlessness" ascribed by Paul to the anti-Christ. We are seeing it in Western countries galore already, and he's not yet arrived to his 42-month mission. Lawlessness is tyranny. The tyrant does as he pleases to quell / eradicate those he despises, those who despise him, and so the anti-Christ system will set up an "image/picture of the beast" to discover who refuses to be obedient to the tyranny, for Revelation 13 tells that people will be forced to "worship" the beast or his talking picture.

In the video above, Karen Kingston argues passionately that Dr. Robert Malone frames his anti-vaxx positions in such ways as to save himself from his role in founding mRNA technology. Ms. Kingston says that Malone, who I think still worked for U.S. defense, knew full well that he was creating a bio-weapon, or at least the cradle that births the bio-weapon in a living body. She may have a point there, but I suggest we forgive Malone because he's doing super repentance by speaking out against the continued vaccinations.

I would agree with Malone when he says that the Stew Peters show has confused his audience due to the many different theories on just what the true nature of the vaccines are, but it may not be Stew's fault that we are confused if the vaccine companies are testing many different kinds of products in their "vaccines." That by nature will get confusing when one expert finds this, another finds that, and to top it off, the vaccine advocates come out with false vaccine products for the sheer purpose of confusing and discrediting everyone as a conspiracy theorist.

I'm not a fan of the snake-poison theory because the one who promotes it laughs while he talks about it, like he's having a good time. Something is very wrong with that delivery, and perhaps the scientists who claim to have found snake-product biology forming in vaccinated people are part of the fakery. Stew seems sincere with his efforts, but his brash approach turns some people off while others can understand or even applaud his angry / frustrated / impatient tones under the circumstances of mass-murder still in progress.

If Jesus made a whip against only the opportunistic / greedy sales of Temple birds, what sort of weapon will he use for this mass-murder spree that reaches even some of His people? It's called the Armageddon weapon, and it's very loud, brash, and "insane." A furious man unleashing fury can be deemed "insane" by measured, tolerant people, and the Bible says that God's fury overwhelms all who tolerate anything-goes.

It's embarrassing for a person to become furious over too-little, and embarrassing for a person to remain passive in the face of intolerable sin. What can we do but wait passively as God allows intolerable sin in our faces? When we're asked to be patient in the last days, and not fight back, it suggests passivity, but it doesn't mean we can't show our disdain, or even our fury from time to time, if we have those things to begin with, when called for. If we don't have disdain in these days of wickedness, isn't that embarrassing? John the Baptist showed disdain, or call it by another term, he lashed out, as though his tongue were a whip. Jesus comes again with a sword of war for his tongue, quite the opposite of how he left, for he rose up from the midst of his favorite sheep, but will come again to confront the wolf packs.

We are gentle when with good people, and we much prefer to be amicable than to be furious at someone. But if I were to catch a pedophile in the act, how could I be amicable? When Jesus returns, He finds the world in the act. It doesn't call for love. Zeal for God will CONSUME him, meaning burning up inside, fury. The devil would plot to desensitize us, to normalize the grossest sins, to remove our appropriate anger toward them. And I'm afraid it's going to work, for nobody can keep constantly angry at constant and ever-growing sinfulness. There comes a point where we simply frown or smolder, but, a smoldering volcano is on-the-ready to erupt. Jesus says, leave the fury to me, you be patient for enduring the pains this world spins your way, you warn the willful sinners of My Coming Fury.

Never mind devising formulas on how to speak to people under various scenarios, because we are best to let God speak through us for any given situation. We just be ready to open the mouth. We be an open crater, a little smoke, a little tremor, if necessary, on-the-ready to spew. Sure, we are to be gentle to the gentle, but when we identify corruption, a little lava is what the Doctor may order. We can't walk around Sodom being cheerful and happy to be with everyone. Those days are gone because Sodom is upon now us. 2020 changed my societal attitude. Under the guise, war is against us from the librarian to the nurse and doctor to the cashier to the police officer to the salesperson; walk appropriately.

If I greet someone and they greet me back, I'm calm, no lava is gonna fly. But if you start talking to a person who's showing some anti-Christian stripes, make a little excitement for yourself, be bold if you think you can muster it, open the crater to see what comes out. Let the other person turn up the heat in you, not you turn up the heat in you. If the other person turns up the heat, let 'em have it between the eyes. Speak what is Biblically good for that person even when showing disdain. Point the person to the correction that Jesus taught you, and feel good for standing up.

You be the boss of the conversation because you do know better if you know Biblical values. You are like a thriving, intellectual giant as compared to one spurning the Bible. You humbly know what matters; the anti-Christ soul is a dry crust with an infestation of incorrectness within, a walking tomb for the purposes of staying alive i.e. achieving eternal life. Anti-Christs are completely unarmed to do battle with the Sword. If you stab them with the Sword, you learn first-hand they neither have any guts. To stab them with the Sword so as to see their crustiness, like crabs, you need only to mention "Jesus" calmly in a short sentence. It starts to remind them of their rebellion, and they don't like it. They therefore try to make you feel bad for mentioning Jesus, as if you should know better, as if Jesus is an understood societal taboo. That's how they like it, but we absolutely should not comply.

A lot of these atheists are simply ignorant, and we might easily excuse them for that, and yet I don't think God will excuse them if they stay ignorant to their ends. And so it's a lot more grievous than we might think to "simply" be ignorant. God might say that they fed their own ignorance, based on rebellion, treating God with indifference, and that too is more grievous than it sounds. Treating God cheaply. Uh, take him or leave him, it's all the same to an atheist, and so he takes the easy way out: leaves Him. It probably takes a lot of work, many decisions throughout life, to remain "ignorant" of Him to the end.

Therefore, it is a very big deal when a person confesses Jesus with his/her own mouth, and even better when he/she does so in public. Do you understand? God's wrath is wiped away when a person ceases to reject Him and simultaneously opens the door to everything that Jesus means. If a person starts to believe, and then continues to believe, continues to accept and love Him, after reading every book in the New Testament, then doesn't that clinch this person as a God-accepted person? The Person reading the Bible who does not like it from the first pages does not continue to read much more, and this is the one who dies in his/her sins.

In Holland, the BBB "farmer's party" has become the biggest power bloc as of this week's elections, and the Schwabite prime minister, Rutte, has lost power. BBB faired almost twice as well with 20_percent, and an additional 13-percent from three right-wing parties in combination expected to oppose Rutte's agenda. And so control of the issues and controversies, going forward, is going to come down largely to what positions the center-of-right parties take who got an additional 24-percent combined. I'm hearing that Rutte's party, in combination with other parties siding with him until now, have been reduced to 30-percent of the power. I can't comment as I don't know anything of Dutch politics, but the anti-Schwabites are in great jubilee with the results, hopefully with good reason.

Italian elections are still moving away from the globalists. Europe wide, in general, the pro-Schwabites garner about 1/3 the votes even with the major media on their side. Can you imagine what a super-minority these globalists would be without big media, big corporate money, and election fraud, churning out their political wins? Imagine the arrogance of a movement that, if all truth be known about it by all voters, would become batted down, and yet it wants to order the entire world's lifestyles and education.

The best thing Klaus Schwab can do now is open his mouth, or just publicly show his face, to garner more unpopularity with his rabid hate speech. They tried to oust the farmers, and the farmers made noise, got heard, and thus the farmers are ousting the Schwabites. It's a great signal.

Schwab hates the poor, hates all who dislike him for hating the poor, and this hate is what he spreads worldwide through the corporate leaders he seeks to control. And the way demons work is to accuse that the ones who dislike his Western-wide proposals are the ones who lie and hate. Of course we hate him, because he proposes hateful things. Don't let his bullish media horns dissuade you from despising them just because they falsely accuse us of hate speech, a cheap trick that doesn't work anymore. The only cow flatulence endangering the world is coming from the mouths of Schwabites.

"Hate speech" is warranted and requisite toward the one who promotes hateful things on a global scale. In France, the French people are apparently succeeding in removing the other Schwabite, president Macron, not because the people are integrally hateful, but because Macron deserves to be hated for seeking to force France to adopt over-reaching, Schwabite controls and authoritarianism.

Not only did Schwabites use the COVID scam to murder the aged because he views them as "useless eaters" wasting tax dollars, but Macron has unilaterally -- a word defined as dictatorially -- raised the age at which people start to collect pensions. Instead of fulfilling their government responsibility to aged tax payers who paid into the system all their work lives, the goons steal their money in as many ways feasible to pay for a global government instead, which then advances hate-nurturing programs in return to the tax payers. How disgusting, how can they live with themselves?

The greenhouse-effect cabal is losing badly. This past winter convinced the masses that energy SECURITY for home and business is indeed better and more important than solar panels and wind turbines, even if the temperature of the globe goes up .1 percent over the next decade. That's a wise choice...that up-to-speed people made decades ago. But not wanting to give in to the oil monster, the new trend of the caving leftists is toward nuclear-power plants, what they once abhorred:

The energy crisis was a major wake-up call for the world. It was a reminder that our energy supplies are far more fragile than we often realise. And it made it clear that green technology can rarely be relied on. The exception to this rule is nuclear power, which can produce vast quantities of electricity without any carbon emissions. Despite this, during last year’s global energy crunch, working nuclear power plants were shut down across the world, from California to Germany. This will be seen by future generations as a moment of absolute madness. As will attempts to phase out fossil fuels before reliable replacements are available.

This changing direction of the climate-change winds is going to profit Klaus Schwab's deputies even more enemies, a cause for our celebration. Some of the hardiest, non-Christian "haters" are gearing up to despise him in riots nation after nation. These apes have already been pushed to the edge, and are on-the-ready to jump on his back. Let's keep in mind that while riots are to be only the last option, much-less damaging is a riot that quells a Schwabite deputy than for the deputy to get his way. Expect riots because Schwabites are not disarming, and they seek to abuse Christians and non-Christians alike. Therefore, the apes and the bulls will fight our battles, to send the wolves with tails between their legs, and the sheep can at least be thankful.

Love will grow cold because the haters have come to be the most powerful, not at all meaning they control the world. In their attempt to control they will reap chaos, the opposite of control. That's how this will go, like a suicide mission. With every Gestapo-like action, the most-powerful will reap deserved hatred, not at all a recipe for world control. They can cry "hate speech" all they want, but the people will see that they are the hateful ones.

The biggest outstanding demon, in all the world, is the American shadow government, a combination predominantly of: 1) the U.S. military and it's Intelligence and RINO tentacles; 2) the Democrat party and its NGO tentacles, and; 3) the "Jewish" bankers who abuse both (I'm not anti-Jewish). Of course we hate the demons, otherwise we are abnormal. Anyone who hates the "Good Book" is the hater. Anyone who loves the Good Book, to protect it's righteous values, is the star, and this star will rise and contribute to a New Society...sorry Schwab, you seem to be loosing out.

Imagine how sweet it will be to find that you will not face the sting of death. "It is appointed unto man once to die," but imagine if you rise to life to never die again, and with a body that can no longer suffer nor deteriorate. This is the New Society, and no brainchips are needed to make us happy. Sorry Schwab, you best get ready to face your Maker in the next ten years or so, or earlier, it's such a short time, fool.

The fools push for electric cars even while having a plan to make everyone poorer in order to better control them by force, but how will poverty bode for electric-car purchases, STUPIDS? When people are poor, they're not thinking about fun with microchips in their bodies. But I think their drive to produce a vaccine pass is stronger than their drive to fulfill their green-energy plots, precisely because they're sociopaths unconcerned about the well-being of the populations. They can put green energy on their backburner because they would rather see the anti-vaxxers cringe with the prospect of going foodless unless they vaccinate. That's where the fun is for them, and they are apparently willing to risk all to have it.

The election-fraud fight progress from Kari Lake continues Tuesday, according to Kari Lake late this week. She says that, this Tuesday (March 20), the Arizona supreme court will look through her submissions for her appeal against her loss in a lower court.

James O'Keefe is on his way down if he continues to portray himself as a rock-star journalist, an icon. He needs to remain in the shadows, out of public view, for this is how he became popular, with humility and consistent, unique work. When fame and begging for dollars becomes the primary goal, it sets up a downhill slide.


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