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March 21 - 27, 2023

Hush Money to Stormy Daniels Not Because Trump is Innocent
President Macron on God's Target

If you're waiting for Jesus to return, see Post-Tribulation Rapture

It was nice while it lasted. Hall of Names is no longer showing the descriptions of the Coats of Arms presented at House of Names, but I have many of them recorded in my past updates from which to find some.

Trump is asking his voters to start a civil war to get him out of jail trouble. He never asked anyone to get his voters out of jail by continuing protests, but asked his voters last week to "protest protest protest" to help his latest cause. He is using his voters for selfish ends. He wants glory before he dies a criminal and a sinner. He would like to shame God by taking Christians to his earthly causes.

Here's three bullet points from a leftist media, the Daily Mail:

* Bragg received $1million from Soros-backed Color of Change PAC while running

* He had bragged about going after Trump and his family while in the AG's office

*Bragg is one of dozens of progressive prosecutors proudly backed by Soros

This story concerns Alvin Bragg, the district attorney in Manhattan. The story sound bogus from the start, like a distraction in the news. When I first heard it, the first thing to hit me between the eyes was the timing, soon after the story came out that a judge was permitting the attorney general of the American Virgin Islands to see documentation of JP Morgan Chase for the purposes of discovering whether this bank was in cahoots with Epstein's Virgin-island enterprise. This story made almost no news headlines obviously due to the leftist media protecting JP Morgan.

I've known that Trump is afraid of something he's done, in cahoots with Epstein, spilling into the news. If the deep state has not revealed this thing, it makes sense that Trump, during his presidential term, called up the people above Epstein's head to threaten them with tit-for-tat if they dared reveal his Epstein connections. Trump probably has a lot more tit on Epstein's bosses than they have tat on him.

So here's one theory. This Trump-arrest story is bogus, in the sense of being a nothing burger, from those in New York who arranged Epstein's final arrest. The purpose is to keep the social-media people in both political parties from talking about the loss in court of JP Morgan Chase. The people who stand to be exposed needed a news distraction, and a sure-fire distraction in the conservative camp is Trump's arrest. The New York side framed a grand-jury movement to give appearances of an imminent Trump arrest, and Trump barked about it as though it were more imminent than the realities would allow.

New York prosecutors and Trump have this in common: the need for a distraction at this time. Immediately, Trump sends (on the weekend) a social-media message to his voters, telling them that he's being arrested in a few days on Tuesday of this week, and nobody knows how he discovered this thing, but he's on-the-ball with the announcement. Immediately, this becomes the top story in Trump world. It hits conservatives between the eyes that the Soros side is trying to set up a riot situation...and Trump is helping it along.

So Trump gave the bad guys what they want, writing to his voters, "protest protest protest"...even though he has little to worry about since Bragg has no proper / solid strategy against him. In other words, Trump and Bragg are in sync, both wanting a news distraction, and perhaps both want a protest too. It's Trump who looks odd by being in sync and fomenting a riot-serving situation while nobody else on his side wants it. Nobody on the Soros side revealed this Tuesday arrest. It was Trump who revealed it along with "protest protest protest."

There's no evidence that this arrest attempt originates from the Democrat party, for even Biden's attorney general wasn't keen on charging Trump on a lapsed Stormy-Daniels infarction (i.e. a good-as-dead story). No major protest materialized, giving the Soros side no fodder to do its thing.

I wasn't going to tell of this theory that the New York FBI is afraid of the JP Morgan Chase case until I loaded the Bragg surname late this afternoon on Tuesday. By the way, there's some compelling heraldic pointers in the last update exactly on the Virgin-Island story. As I've said, Sleeping BEAUTY, a pointer to the Beauty surname, who was on Jeffrey Epstein's island, pointed to Trump's demise by a deep state shark, and this, too, makes me think that Trump has an Epstein ghost or two in his closet.

[Insert -- On Wednesday from Newsmax: "New Jersey Republican Rep. Jeff Van Drew told Newsmax on Wednesday that Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg is JUMPing the SHARK [caps mine] when it comes to bringing on another bogus charge against former President Donald Trump." The Jump surname shares the Trump stag head. End insert]

(To follow better, load Braggs now to load and view other surnames on another Internet tab.)

The Braggs, first found in Somerset with Bragg-like Bridge's, use three bulls in the colors and format of the three Bridge crabs. The Beautys, first found in neighboring Dorset with George's and Soros-like Sors'/Soars, have three bulls in the format of the Bragg bulls, and while the Beauty bulls are black, so we find a black bull head in the Bragg Crest. This looks like the Ratcliffe / Tipps'/Tippin bull head because both latter surnames were first found in Lancashire with the Singletarys of a Fylde location, and Fylde's share the Bragg chevron.

Obama's ancestry is in Jonathan Singletary-Dunham, and the black antelope in the Singletary Crest is shared by Muscats/Musks (CamBRIDGEshire with Bridge-beloved Crabs) while Muschats (not "Muscat") have the triple chevrons of Singletarys in colors reversed, but moreover the Muschat Coat is also the Epstein Coat. Obama is widely believed to be a Soros stooge, and fellow facilitator of (or winker at) street protests > riots.

The last update featured Peter Thiel, one of Epstein's confidants / partners, and yet he was "a co-founder of PayPal..." Elon Musk was the founder of PayPal, while Thiel and others had founded proto-Paypal, from what google offerings are telling me. You just saw the Bragg chevron taking us to a branch of Muscats/Musks (almost the Muschat / Eppstein Coat), but let's add that while "FIDELis" is the full motto of Theils, the same term is in the Bragg motto. The Fiddle's/Fidelows have three wolf heads in the colors and format of the three Bragg bulls.

Plus, the Theil-branch Tile's/Tillys were first found in Dorset with Beautys and Sors'/Soars too.

Braggs use the motto, "Fidelis et constans," and then "Constans et fidelis" is the motto of Brigdens/Brogdens. The latter use a rose while Rose's have a "ConSTANT" motto term, and Stands/Stands/Stans were first found in Middlesex with Apps'/EPPs. Scottish Rose's add a "true" motto term while True's/Tree's, sharing the double bendlets of Stands/Stants/Stans, were first found in Wiltshire with the Calls/Calles' in turn showing only TRUMPets. These Scottish Rose's share the "WATER Bouget" with bouget-like Bugs (Dorset again), and Waters (Essex with Muschats) share the Muschat / Eppstein Coat too. These heraldic links seem to have a one-tracked mind.

The Ratcliff-connectable Livers/Levers/LOVERs (Lancashire with Ratcliffs), feasibly of the Love's/Luffs whom were kin of Muscats/Musks, use a rooster "STANDing on a "TRUMPet," and the TRIPLE-RED FESSES fesses of all three, Love's/Luffs, Stormy-like Stroms/Storms (same place as Trumps!!!), and Muscats/Musks, are colors reversed from the triple fesses-by-trumpets of Calls/Calles'! .

Stands/Stants/STANs are connectable to Stanleys (Cambridgeshire with Muscats/Musks), the pointer to Morgan Stanley bank, and therefore to JP Morgan Chase (see Stanleys, Change's, Chance's, Chase's, Casino's, Checkers and Cassane's in the last update).

While Donald Trump is said to descend from Drumpf's, Scottish Drummonds, with a Drymen location in STIRlingshire, essentially share the TRIPLE-RED FESSES of Sturmy-like Sturs. Stirlings are also STURlings.

Calls/Calles' almost have the Choch/Choke Coat, and Epstein was reportedly choked to death. The Chock/Choke Coat is almost that of Damorys/Amori's, first found in Oxfordshire with Love's/Luffs in turn essentially having the Choch/Choke Coat in colors reversed...suggesting that Choke's were a Check/Chick branch. A red fitchee is shared between Donalds and Love's/Luffs while Livers/Lovers have a trumpet. Donalds use a ship while Ships/Shiptons were first found in Oxfordshire with Love's/Luffs. Ships/Shiptons use an "eel" while Muscats/Musks, Ely kin, were at Ely (Cambridgeshire).

This recalls my girlfriend in my early 20s, Diane MUSCHATov, who told me she almost choked on a chicken bone. Love's/Luffs (Oxfordshire with Checks/CHICKs) share the FITCHee cross of Checks/Chicks, and FITCHETS/Fitch's were first found in Essex with the Chichs (not "Chick"), and with Muschats who show a MontFITCHET variation.

Bugs were a German Bogan/BUGER branch, and English Bogans (Cornwall with Trice's) use a COCKatrice, symbol of CHICKens (in different colors) who in turn share the chevron of Braggs (Somerset with Cocks).

As the arrest is being framed around some questionable facet of Trump's HUSH MONEY in the STORMY Daniels affair, I've looked up the Stormy/Sturmy, Hush, Money and Daniels surnames. The Hush's/Huish's/Hywis', first found in Somerset with part of the STOUR river and first-known Braggs, actually share the Stormy/STURmy lion. AMAZINGLY, while the Huish variation is like the Cuish surname that itself shares the giant eagle of English Constance's, the Constans variation of French Constance's is in the Bragg motto! Can we believe it? The Cuish's come up when we enter "Ewe," and a Hush branch is said to have been at St. Ewe!!! That is incredible.

While Stormys share the Hush lion, the Strom/Storm Coat (barry) is colors reversed with Hush-like Hersh's (barry). The Stur Coat is in colors reversed with English Berrys, the latter first found in Devon with early Hush's, and with Beers sharing the bear with the Stormy Crest. German Beers (bear) were first found in Silesia with Hersh's and the Liss-branch Lists. This jibes with a LYSSE-Sturmy location in Hampshire, where Sturs and Liss'/Lise's were first found. Hursh's/Horse's were first found in Northumberland with Store's/Storys. Stormys/Sturmys were first found in both Wiltshire and neighboring Hampshire. The Stour river flows starting in Wiltshire with trumpet-using Calls/Calles' in Hersh colors and format. Stroms/Storms were first found in Mecklenburg with Trumps. The Dorsets, first found in Wiltshire, thus look like kin of Hesse's/HUSS'.

The Stour from Wiltshire flows through Dorset to the sea facing COWES on the Isle of Wight, and Stormys/Sturmys were at COWSfield of Wiltshire. Dorset is where Bragg-connectable Beautys were first found, both using bulls, and then Somerset is where Bulls/Bule's were first found whose bull heads are in the colors of the bulls of French Mountains while French Moneys/Monets (ROUNDELs), under discussion as per HUSH MONEY, first found in Savoy with Manets, almost have the Coat of English Mountains (Essex with Muschats) and Bretons/Brittanys (share Bright / Bride stars) while Brets/Brits were first found in Somerset with Braggs, Bridge's and the new-to-me-now Brutins/Bretons/BREWtowne's.

The Brewtowne variation is excellent because Brews/Broys/Burrough's have the Bull/Bule annulets in colors reversed, and while Trump is the British BULLdog in the shark pool, the British surname is listed with Brutin-like Brodicks/Braddocks. Plus, the split Shield colors of Brutins/Bretons/Brewtowne's are shared by Ironside's, the latter suspect from king EDMOND Ironside. This link is made possible where the Brutins/Bretons/Brewtowne's almost have the Coat of Sewards, the latter first found in EDMONDton of Essex. Ironside's use a PATONce cross while Patents/Pattens were first found in Essex. Ironside was father to king Edward, and then the Trump stag head is almost used along with what looks like the Bright / Bride Coat as part of in the Edward Coat.

By the way, king Edward above was husband to Agatha, whom I claim was of Podebrady of Bohemia, the mother of Scottish Drummonds when she married prince George of Hungary. I see "AGATHa" to the Gates surname which, I now see, shares the vertically-split Shield (colors) of Brutins/Bretons, Ironside's...and Italian Bono's. While I see English Bone's/BOHUNs from Bohemians, Italian Bono's almost have the Gates Coat. I trace PodeBRADY to Bradys, and "Braddock" and "Brutin" is similar enough while Bradd/Breads (Cheshire with Birds and Brights) have the giant Bono lion as a giant lion head. French Bret/Brettons (Brittany) have the Hush/Huish lion in colors reversed, by the way.

Sleeping Beauty was fulfilled by Miss Hicks, and the Hicks', with a pertinent location in Essex, are said to have been at St. Ewe while Ewes' are listed with Cuish's while Hush's are also HUISH's. The latter have a write-up which includes: "Again in Cornwall, 'the manor of St. Ewe, so early as the beginning of the fourteenth century, was in the family of Hiwis, from whom it passed with Tremoderet and other estates to the co-heiress of Arundell.'"

It just so happens that while the Hicks', with the Alan/ALLIN fesse in colors reversed, have a motto translated with an "ALL IN" motto phrase, the FitzAlans of Arundel share the Alan/Allin Coat with Rundels/Roundels, both sharing oak leaves with the Alan-like Elons who in turn almost have the Daniels motto. Is this an additional pointer to Elon Musk? If so, why? Elons have the double fesses of Stants/Stands/Stans while Stanleys were first found in the same place with Musks. These double fesses are in the colors of the one Hush/Huish fesse.

French Dennis' share the Alan / Rundel fesse, and English Dennis' and German Dane's/Denners use axes while two Axe rivers touch upon Somerset near Wiltshire. Daniels/Danier's were first found in Gloucestershire, beside both Dorset and Somerset. English Dane's, sharing the fleur-de-lys of Hicks', were first found in Sussex with Deins/Dene's/Diane's.

Rundels were first found in Kent with TIME's/Timms, and the Elon motto is, "NEC Sperno nec TIMeo." The Daniels/Danier motto is, "Nec timeo nec sperno," and German Neckers have in the past, along with NUSE's/Newes'/Nuce's (almost the Necker Coat), pointed to Epstein's NOOSE around his neck. It just so happens that German Neckers have a colors-reversed version of the Daniels/Danier Coat.

The Neckar river is the location of STUTTgart while Stouts are Stowers while Stows are listed with Stormy-connectable Sturs (Hampshire with Change's/Changers, beside Somerset and Dorset). Stouts were first found in Cambridgeshire with Muscats/Musks, NEWS'/Nuces', and Stanleys. The latter love the Change's/Changers in their motto who in turn have the Stout fesses in colors reversed. It's interesting that the Titus', in the motto of Constance's who share the giant Ewe/Cuish eagle, were first found in Hertfordshire with Nuse's/Newes'.

I'm almost done. Hicks' are said to have been in Low Leyton of Essex while LEIGHtons/Leytons (Shropshire with Hush-connectable Alans) share the quadrants of Sors'/Soars while the Soar river, also called the LEGros, flows at LEICester. Leggs almost have the Trump Coat. Sorrels/Sorwells were first found in Leicestershire, and Leghs/Leys were first found in Cheshire (beside Shropshire) with Leicesters. The Sorrys almost have the Stormy/Sturmy Coat.

Actually, I'm not almost done due to the Coat similarity between the Weddings, Cravens, Elys and Muscats/Musks of Ely. The eel is with Skipton-like Shiptons, and Skipton is in Yorkshire's Craven. Weddings, and obvious branch of Weeds/Weetins, were first found in Yorkshire, and this has to do with Sleeping Beauty when she was framed as my wife, with God telling me, "it's you she LOVES, go wake her." I touched her LEG, and she rose up into my arms. I showed how Love/s/Luffs connect with Muscats/Musks.

The only thing I can justify for the embrace scene, as per Elon Musk, is that he will be a positive thing in some way to wake people up, apparently through Twitter because the Hicks motto term, "Tout," is connectable to Tute's/TUIT and their Twitt/Thwait branch. Touts/Tute's were first found in Yorkshire with Weddings. The Wedding Crest is shared by Birds/Burds sharing the Hicks fleur-de-lys.

However, Weeds/Weetins, with the double fesses of Sleeps in colors reversed, can be applied to George Soros, which may indicate that Musk will oppose him to fulfill her wake scene against "woke" gangsterism. A few years ago, I proposed that my constant pulling of wood-sorrel weeds was a pointer to George Soros.

It's important that Meschins of Cheshire married Skiptons while Leicesters share the Masci fleur-de-lys while Masseys of Cheshire almost have the Hicks fleur-de-lys. Weed- / Wedding-connectable Birds/Burds were first found in Cheshire with Leicesters while Woods and Sorrels were first found in Leicestershire.

Weed-like Woods love the Eagle-related Savage's/SAVA's while Sorrys/Sawrie's, with the lion of Sava-river Sauers/Sours, share the armored arm with embrace-like Brace's/Bras'. Bracebridge's were first found in Lincolnshire with Eagle's, with Prime's, and with Hick-connectable and leg-using Leaks/Leakeys.

Lakeys/Lechs, in Weed/Weetin colors, are interesting for probably having the leg-using Prime's in their motto, keeping in mind that Leggs almost have the Trump Coat. Lakeys were first found in Dumbartonshire with the Eure's suspect in the "heure" motto term of Hicks'. The Eure and Massey quadrants are colors reversed from the Sors/Soar and Leighton/Leyton quadrants. We can even add that Lakeys/Lechs share holly with the Cabbage's, the latter first found in Northamptonshire with Weeds/Weetins, and sharing the Stormy/Sturmy / Hush/Huise lion. It's amazing that Hollys look like Brace/Bras kin. The Prime leg, though bent at the knee, is positioned as a pale (vertical) bar, as are the lozenges of Daniels'/Danier's.

George Soros is, apparently, going after Trump at this time to nab him on his hush-money transaction to Stormy Daniels. The heraldry immediately above seems Arranged to point to this. The Money-branch Manets have a giant eagle with Eagle's have lions in the colors of the Stormy / Hush lions.

We now go back to the Hicks and Bird/Burd fleur-de-lys, shared by Ainsleys, and then while Ainsley Earhardt is the second fulfillment of Sleeping Beauty, she married Will Proctor while Proctors share the Bird/Burd and Wedding Crest. I'm repeating this because the Always', in the Ainsley motto, sharing the Hush/Huish fesse, almost have the Alvin Coat. Alvin Bragg!!! The Elvis'/Elways were even first found in Nottinghamshire with Ainsleys.

For what it's worth, the Always' and Alveys/Alvays/Elvys were first found in Suffolk with the OWLs/Howls who likely formed the OULlette's and their Aulnay/Oulney branch, both of whom share the Always and Alvin lion. Alveys/Alvays/Elvys (Kingston colors and format) are in King colors perhaps as per the "king always" motto phrase of Ainsleys.

The Ainsley-branch Annas' were first found in Cambridgeshire with Proctors (Owl/Howl colors), and with the Bridge-beloved Crabs and their Dole kin. The Dol Alans lived in Shropshire with the Plows in the Alvey/Alvay/Elvy Crest, and it just so happens that Crabs, Dole's and Plows share the same fleur-de-lys.

Proctors use "Fidele" while "Fidelis" is used by Braggs. The Bridge and Bragg branch of French Bride's were first found in Savoy with Brigantium, and with the Fore's/Forez's suspect in the "FOR my king always" phrase of Ainsleys. Braggs can be gleaned as Beauty kin, and Sleeping Beauty was framed in the dream as my BRIDE. Scottish Bride's, in Always colors and format and sharing the Weed/Weetin martlet, were first found near Crail (Fife) while Crabs are also Crails. McBride's share the Briggs cinquefoil, and the latter use a "FIDELiter" motto term. Briggs were even early in WAKEfield (Yorkshire with Weed-branch Weddings and "fidelis"-using Brigdens/Brogdens).

A Great-Reset Theory

I'm only realizing now that the Annas Coat is like the Brigden/Brogden/BROCKden Coat while Brock-branch Brocuffs/PROCKs could have named Proctors. The latter use "nails" while the Nail/Neil/Nagle saltire is shared by Annas-branch Enys'/Ennis'. Brocuffs/Procks and Hips' share the "sphinx" while Hips' share the red martlet with Proctors. Spinks were first found in Northamptonshire with Weeds/Weetins, and the latter's Wedding branch shares the Proctor Crest.

While the heraldry is clicking wildly, it's hard to see or realize what exactly God may be pointing to, in the real world, with these links. I am often baffled when things click this well. It's not enough for my curiosity to point in general to Alvin Bragg. I'd like the heraldry to be a predictor of events. I'm a poor interpreter of the heraldic links. What in tarnation do brides and weddings have to do with Alvin Bragg's wild-goose chase for putting Trump behind bars?

I should have mentioned the green Wakefield wyvern dragon in the last update, symbol of Theil-connectable Wilkins and Tiller-connectable Lewis'. The red rose on stem is shared by Wilkin-connectable Schere's/Scherfs and Wake-connectable Walkers. The split Shield of Wakefields is shared by Dutch Tromps and the Tarves' while the latter are connectable to the Travers'/Traves' in the Fore/Forez motto, "Tout travers." Hicks' share "Tout," and Ainsleys use "for" two times.

For the discussion below, note that Annas of Israel, the high priest who participated chiefly in murdering Jesus, was a son of Seth. Then, the Scottish Shaws/Seths, said to be from "Sithech," were first found in PERTHshire, which may have been named from ancient Perta at lake Tatta, roughly the Phrygian domain.

Braggs and Bridge's were first found in Somerset with Brets/Brits suspect with Bretons/Brutins. Brigantians look like they were from the ancient Bryges, another name for Phrygians. Phrygians lived beside the PAPHlagonians, and APOPHis/Apepi was a HYKSos king who worshiped Set, or Sutekh. The latter is in his Wikipedia article with what looks like the beak of a CROW. I'll come back to the crow.

Set was incorporated into the Hyksos pantheon at their capital of Avaris. Avaricum in France became Brygg-like Bourges, and the French Bourges surname has the giant Fier/Fear moline in colors reversed, but see also Irish Fairs. Fiers are from Fier county in Albania, and the Comyns, of Fier county's Kuman location, are in Shaw/Seth colors and format not only because the two surnames share the dagger, but because Comyns are in the Shaw/Seth write-up.

I'm mentioning Set due to Klaus Schwab's "Great ReSET," in case it's a secret code for the Set cult, for as he was anciently a god of darkness, he appears to be from "satan," for Hyksos were Hebrews, though not Israelites. Hyksos had likely been married eventually to Esau-line Hebrews, whom I see naming OSIRis and HORus from the Horites of Seir in Edom. Esau's. son, ELIPHAS, married Timna the Horite of Seir, and the HALYBES lived in the Phrygian theater, and may have been named as per the Halys river, location of lake Tatta.

I see Horus with the Caucasian HROS, from Ares at the Aras river reaching the foothills of the MOSCHi mountains. I claim that the Hyksos were of the Mushki = Meshech peoples. And so see this from Wikipedia's Phrygian article: "A conventional date of c. 1180 BC is often used for the influx (traditionally from Thrace) of the pre-Phrygian Bryges or Mushki,..."

The Hyksos are often credited with introducing the chariot into Egypt, and then mythical Ixion, brother of Coronis the crow, had a chariot wheel symbol in Tartarus. Ares had the symbol, the white "Thracian HORSEman," and all the way to Scandinavia, Hros-like "horse" was called a "hross." And so I'll even mention that Schwabs/Swabs use a giant, white UNiCORN, which I see as part-code for the UNa river, location of the Mushki-like Maezaei, and part-code for the neighboring, Coronis-like Ceraunii. Coronis' son was Asclepius, the god of medicine, do we get it? End-time satan wants to use the medical establishment against the world for world control and world suicide.

"Rosh" is lumped in Ezekiel 38 with Meshech and Gog, and the Aras river flowed through the land of Gogarene/Gugar. We await to see who end-time Gog is, and I still hold out that the anti-Christ is Ezekiel's Gog, perhaps explaining why Gog is the dominant, earthly power near the end of Revelation.

We can ask whether mythical PHLEGyas, whom I see from "Peleg" the Hebrew, named "plague." That would be interesting. Phlegyas was the father of Ixion and Coronis. One Greek word for "plague" is PANoukla, begging whether mythical Pan was named after plague. Note "PANdora's box," an apt symbol of plague. One page on the derivation of "plague": "...from or cognate with Greek (Doric) plaga 'blow'..."

Perhaps the Schwabites called it the "GREAT Reset" as part-code for the Great surname, which I trace to Gratian the Elder, father-in-law of Justine of Picenum, the line to Justine's, first found in PERTHshire with Seths. Picenum elements are suspect in naming Piacenza, also called PLACentia, like "Peleg." The Picensii Moesians were beside the Pan-like Paioni, and I trace Moesians to the Moschi mountains, near or at an ancient PIXites river i.e. a tribe of which may have named Picensii.

Note the Moschius river (center-left of map) to the left side of the Picensii. One of Schwab's stooges is JUSTIN trudeau. Some say, with heraldic backing from me, that the mother of Pontius Pilate was a PICT of Perthshire, and so note how "Pict" is like "Pixites." The Pictones Gauls were at least beside Avaricum, i.e. probably in it too, and the proto-Hyksos had been Asians i.e. at least near the Pyxites river. The Picton (and Trevor/Trefor) surname shares the giant lion of Ainsley-beloved Kings, the latter first found in Devon with English Pike's.

There is an Una location, within reach of the Picensii, on the Ister river to the north-north-east of "Picensii." The Picensii are marked at the upper Pek river (not stamped), itself very near CUPpea (shown) The Una (or Oeneus) river of the Maezaei is beside the Cuppae-like Kupa, otherwise called the Colapis. I trace Kepke's and Keeps to "Kiev," home of TRYPILLians, and so spot the TRIBALLi peoples along the Ister in Lower Moesia. Piacenza is at the TREbia river.

The Una and Kupa rivers are two tributaries of the Sava, and then between the lower Sava ("Savus" on the map) and the Ister is Cibalae (not shown), home of Gratian the Elder, not far west of the Picensii. "Cibalae" (now in crow-like Croatia) is like mythical Cybele, the chief Phrygian goddess. She was married to mythical Attis, the Phrygian sun god, code for the Hatti on the Halys river i.e. touches up Perta.

Cibalae was also VINKovci, the line to Wings/Winks (Perthshire with Justine's) who share the lone pile of English Hagels (Somerset), and the latter are from the ACHELous river in Greece's Calydon, location of mythical king Oeneus who was made father of the real city of Methoni in Maezaei-connectable Messenia, tending to explain why the Una was anciently the Oeneus.

trudeau's Spies Are Ashamed of Him

After the canadian federal election of 2019, a major canadian news media, Global News, revealed that the canadian CIA (CSIS) was concerned about China's interference in the election, and it therefore sent trudeau this message unaware that trudeau knew of the interference, welcomed the interference, and even praised Chinese communism in return for the money. In this story, China was caught sending money to 11 federal candidates, nine of them in trudeau's Liberal party. The interesting thing is that this interference came out of China's consulate in Toronto, a city with a large Chinese presence which includes a Chinatown community, location of the canadian headquarters for Dominion Voting (215 Spadina rd.), the company heavily involved in American election fraud.

When questioned about this by the political opposition in the parliament -- specifically whether it was true that CSIS did alert him of the interference -- trudeau denied that he was notified, exactly to be expected if he was guilty.

The political opposition held his feet to the fire, fried them repeatedly, and got ready-steady for the fatal punch to his face, in case he should be discovered guilty. Another major news organization in Canada, the Globe and Mail, took trudeau to task in late 2022, by announcing that he did in fact receive notice that China had paid off the 11 candidates. We would be naive to think that China's involvement stopped at these 11 candidates just because others have not been caught.

Toronto is a Liberal bastion due to its heavy "multi-cultural" demise, and this city alone is the reason that Ontario ends up electing Liberal prime ministers in the same way that a Republican state in the U.S. awards Democrat seats to a presidential candidate due only to its capital city infested with Godless "progressives." I once had nothing against immigrants, but even though I'm not racist, I dislike them now very much because they contribute to handing powers to the anti-Christs, and this alone explains why the Liberals love immigrants, and pay them off to buy their votes as they have the opportunities. Globalism is on-board exactly with this program, and wishes to bring immigrants from non-Christian countries to secure eternal "progressive" power in North America.

The Globe and Mail, upon getting hold of Intelligence data, reported that China helped to re-elect trudeau in 2021. The only good news seems to be that canadian Intelligence is not like the American CIA, in bed with election-fraud corruption. The Globe revealed that China uses blackmail and "honey pots" against opposing politicians aka Epstein style, yet the canadian CIA was not angelic enough to tip the people off about these things, but kept it private with trudeau's cabinet. These latest revelations are fresh in this year of 2023, and are juicy enough to cause the leader of the canadian communists, the NDP party, to feign public disgust against trudeau.

Just this past February, late in the month, the Globe and Mail disclosed that a Chinese billionaire, Zhang Bin, gave the trudeau foundation $200,000 back in 2016, for election interference, like when a canadian prime minister accepts a foreign bribe to allow a foreign nation to elect the federal government of canada and some of its representatives. Is this just a small crime to be swept under the rug by the bought-off CBC? If not, why doesn't this story have legs?

And now, just like in the United States where the whistle-blowers become the bad guys, the target of the Justice department, the canadian CIA is after the whistle-blower(s) who leaked to the Globe and Mail these publicized discoveries from Intelligence documents. Don't worry, the Liberals are telling us, the Chinese did not affect the election largely enough to make a difference, exactly what we expect the guilty to say. So long as they didn't make a difference, it doesn't really matter much that politicians took bribes from China, just move on, let it go.

On March 3, the political opposition put on their boxing gloves fitted with lead weights, demanding, and winning the vote for, an official investigation. The very fact that this made the news is the punch to trudeau's face even before such an investigation begins. trudeau doesn't know how to blush, and so the only way to give him a red face is to smack him out. he can now go to bed each night with discomforts. his t-bone steaks won't taste luscious for a while. he might get caught trying not to get caught, going from one trap to another, being spied on as he deserves so that he knows what it feels like when he spies on his citizens for corrupt and dastardly plots on Schwab's behalf. Instead of glory, a smack-down. Everything I've said on this story was found in this video:

It's not until seeing Bill Gates of Microsoft WINDOWS, in a video below, that I realized: the Window surname has three lion paws in the colors of the three Gates lions. It appears that God arranged this heraldry. The Trudeau's were first found in Ile-de-France with the Mellanson-branch Mellans, and the Mellansons, with a Coat like that of Windows, were first found in Aberdeenshire with Milans/Millens/MELLENTs, a possible pointer to the Bill and MELINDa Gates Foundation.

The Bono's, first found in MILAN, look like both Mellanson and Gates kin. Bononia was an alternative name of both Bologna and Boulogne, and it just so happens that the Fiens/Finis," likely in the "fie en" motto phrase of Window-branch Windsors, have the triple Gates / Windows lions, important because Fiens/Finis' are said to be from Conon de Fiennes, earl of Boulogne. This Conon was son of Eustace of Fiennes, and the first king of Crusader Jerusalem was the son of Eustace II, count of Boulogne. Both Eustaces lived at the same time, and one website has Conan as "Accompagne Godefroy de Bouillon a la croisade," this Godfrey being a son of Eustace IL of Boulogne. The Boii of Bologna named Bohemia, where I trace the Gates'.

The Gates and Fien/Finis lion is also the WINKler lion, and the nice thing is that German Winklers share the border of Wink-related Justine's. This goes well with the WindHOUSE variation of Windows because English House's (Oxfordshire, near Windsor castle) have the cross of English Winklers/WINDle's and Windle's (almost the Windsor Crest). And German Winders use WINGS. The Bee's (likely from the Boii of Bohemia) in the English Door Coat, itself a reflection of the Gates Coat, were first found in Oxfordshire too.

Those of you who know my story about my teen friend, Mr. Kepke, being a pointer to GRAPHENE-oxide, when he chased me with a spider at the house of Karen GRAFF, will be interested to know that German Winklers, first found in Saxony with Kepke's/Kopke's, share the demi-lion of Graffs/GRAFFENs, and moreover while the Graff/Graffen lion holds an anchor, the Anchor bull head can be expected in the Crest of Windle's. The only difference is the colors of the two, same-style bull heads, the one of English Winders being white, as is the same-style bull head of Fiens/Fane's, who are in turn in the colors and format of Window- / Windsor-connectable Fiens/Finis'! As I've said, Graffen-like Griffins share a "Ne vile" motto phrase with Fiens/Fane's.

Plus, Windsors share the saltire of Tease's/Tess' (LEAVES), first found in Switzerland with Graffs/Graffens. The Leave's/Leve's use more bees. French Levi's were first found in Ile-de-France with Trudeau's. Poison COVID vaccines result in AIDS, and "Aide" is a motto term of French Levi's. The CHRETiens in the motto of the same Levi's have three lion heads in colors reversed from the three Fien/Finis and Gates lions, and then Feins/Finns were first found in Burgundy with the CRETE's/Craits (share lion of Jewish Levi's), possibly from Chretien-like GRATIAN of Vinkovci, he being the root of the Wings/Vinks, and father-in-law of empress Justine.

Crete's/Craits have variations like the Great-like Grate's. Feins/Finns and Finchems share the triple fesses in the Arms of Podebrady, and one of the same fesses is used by Finch's/VINCE's, a Vinkovci line we may assume, but see also the colors of the Vincent border.

Haters of Jesus Are Popular

The apostle Paul would seek to ruin the "circumcision" group in some of his letters, though I can't quite understand all that he had against it/them because he doesn't elaborate much. I can't readily make out whether they are a Christian group or only Jewish. He insults its leaders, implying that they're brutes and similar portrayals, and then, sometimes in the next breath, he might honor the pagan rulers, holding them up almost as an example of goodness. I'm not suggesting that Paul should be defamed. We should be very careful not to speak against a chosen Apostle of Jesus, which is what Paul did when he openly rebuked Peter, the rock of the Apostles. I'm not speaking against Paul, but am pointing out an inconsistency as I see it.

Paul can go from stern to beautiful, stern when it comes to speaking to Timothy and Titus on how to manage and train church leaders. Paul was zealous for his established churches, and didn't want to see them come to ruin, which is an extra good mark on his already-fantastic record. Paul did an amazing work, but he wasn't Jesus. Jesus would have done some things differently. Jesus would have taught some things differently. When I read Paul, I try to compare him to Jesus' ways.

In his writings in our possession, Paul doesn't disclose exactly how he knew Jesus' teachings, but he consistently reflects them thanks much to his study of the Old Testament. Paul's teachings are geared toward doing the common good, and he names many evil human attitudes to flee from. The Gospel is not forgiveness of sins only, but the revelation of a Body of Believers which subscribes to the Right Way to live, the only way to live as a thriving society free from thieves, bullies, drunkards, sewer mouths and other trouble makers. Anyone can understand these things, and yet Christianity is not for the faint of heart. We subscribe to the Right Way because we forsake all we have been to buy into salvation. We are willing to become a lot like plows plowing against the load.

According to a parable of Jesus, He will rapture into the sky only the Christians who have an acceptable-to-God Jesus-consciousness. If, when He returns, you are a Christian fighting for making America great again, you could easily be left behind. By "Jesus consciousness," I mean that a person "always" (acceptably-to-God) has Jesus at heart, like when one is paying tribute to the United States with zeal and love of country, only he/she is doing it with Jesus' Kingdom instead. Make Jesus Great in your heart.

I'll be the first to agree that keeping zeal is difficult at times due to His taking so long to Return, and we are apt to thinking that our lives will run their courses, and still no Return. And so we could also say that Jesus will take to the rapture those who are in sorrow or even drawn-out agony (a product of zeal, we might say) due to a terribly-sinful world badly in need of His return. Anti-sin needs to be the condition of our hearts and minds if our "rapture" turns out to be our bodily deaths. Same ending, same thrills, same lofty heights, whether you are raptured alive or die in the Lord. Yes, THRILL.

To be born again is to become anti-sin. When a true believer reads Jesus, he/she learns what God opposes, and this is taken seriously. The shabby believer doesn't take it very seriously. The Bible calls the shabby believer the spit out of God's mouth.

In the parable, Jesus is not intending to teach that anyone who is in a proper spiritual condition in the MINUTE of His return will be saved. The Intention is instead to urge believers to remain sinless all life long not knowing when the Return will arrive. We can't take risks living like the pagans half the time hoping He returns in a period where we've reduced the pagan lifestyle. Shabby. I would like to see God's grace abound even to the shabby, but I would never suggest you can take your chances being shabby. I suggest that the shabby preach God's boundless grace the most.

There's more to the Calling than to eliminate the common lifestyles of the modernist pagan. There's also attitude. We remove our stained clothes and put on a new attitude. It's not easy to do the latter because it's not simple in our world of needs. Will our new attitude cater to making friends through flattery or passing ourselves off as esteemed / popular / entertaining, or should we be unpretentious like Jesus at the risk of having few friends?

Lucrative positions in the workplace can often go to those who succeed in being popular, who manufacture a likability. I was able to do some of this in pre-Christian days because I worked at it, like a lot of others. Having friends increases the potential to bump into a boss who might ask you to take a lucrative position. But this was not Jesus' style. He valued other richness, and I think we would do well for ourselves to seriously investigate what those riches are. The Bible is not shy in revealing them. It tells us to seek promotion in the kingdom of God by being a friend of God. We should seek to be liked by God, to abide in the Light, for promotion begins there. That's the Good News: you sell your old man and buy Stocks in Heaven as a Prodigal Son. It's rejuvenating. It's a giant leap for mankind.

When Jesus said that the Father desires worshipers in truth, He meant prodigal sons who become their real selves instead of pretending to be a popular-someone in a gang of friends. Someone might say that someone who expresses the real self looks homely, especially if she doesn't wear make-up. As compared to an uppity socialite, someone staying the real-self path might get criticized as a dry prune or stuffy. And that's probably why the Old Testament (Isaiah 53) predicted that Jesus would not be attractive to others.

All down the pitted, dusty and winding highway of history to Armageddon itself, Jesus will be despised because His attitude, His lifestyle, his straight road, goes counter the worldly socialites, counter the bar scene, counter the sex chase, counter the fashions, counter the music, counter the fine car. Instead, He was resolutely obedient to the Cross, that we might escape death, and this gift of life to anyone who receives it is the embodiment of His richness. This is his Robe of White Light, the thing He and we delight in, the thing that matters. You cannot compare a bar scene (often painful) to this Mission Accomplished. The one who rejects the latter for the bar scene or parties at Mar-a-Lago is an absolute fool.

Profit from this Good News because that's part of the Purpose. Going forward, this is true progress, don't let the "progressives" going backwards to Sodom make you think that Christianity is backward, for it has always been about the FUTURE Kingdom.

Macron Heraldry

The riots and protests in France has forced president Macron to speak to the people, since he's the reason behind the uprisings. In a typical move of a hypocrite, the likes of which are rife in the COVID scheme, we have this juicy bit of news this week: "Macron while asking for sacrifices from the French people realizes he is wearing a € 80,000 watch and like a magician makes it disappear under the table. Unworthy." I don't know how the writer knew the dollar value of the watch, but the video below shows him with the watch, then without the watch:

The Macron surname is listed with the Scottish M'Crone/Crone surname, and as it shares the lozengy Shield of Funks and Finks, I thought I would investigate whether God is pointing to this globalist through heraldry. I had suggested a couple of times that Funks point to Gain of FUNCtion.

But before I get to the evidence, which I found yesterday as I write here, I'd like to show an amazing thing starting with the fact that the quote above is a tweet by RadioGenova. I didn't find this quote until minutes ago. It's amazing because Genova is where both Funk-like Fauci's and Grimaldi's were first found, and both use lozenges. Funks and Macrons use lozengy Shields half in the colors of the lozengy Shield of Grimaldi's, is that not amazing? It reminds that

The thing I did yesterday was to see whether the Gain bloodline could work into the Funk / Fink surname, otherwise I can't be convinced that God would use heraldry to point to "gain of function," which happens to be the bio-weapon crime that Tony Fauci is guilty of. Before loading Gain-like surnames, I knew already that the lozengy Shield of Funks is much like the same-colored, checkered Shield of English VAUX's, a Fauci-connectable surname.

After loading the two Gains' (not "Gain"), I didn't see anything relevant for connecting to gain-of-function, and having no other avenue to check, so far as I could think of, aside from checking the France surname, it was loaded to find that it shares the lion of Irish Gains', first found in Longford with Gain-like Quinns. This was so important that I checked for a Gain-like Quain surname, checking whether Gains and Quinns may have been branches, and, yes, Quains are listed with Quinns.

RadioGenova sent us to the Macron-WATCH story, and "Watch" is the full motto of Others/Otters (Gain colors), first found in Huntingdonshire with Gain's.

It gets better because Quinns essentially share the horse of Cafferys, who are in Coffee/Coffer colors while the latter share the green dolphin in Crest with France-like French's. Is that cool or what? French's were first found in Devon with the Frame's sharing the France Coat! I'll tell you soon why Quinns are important.

The winged Quinn horse is shared by GILLigans while Gills have yet another lozengy Shield, and this lozengy is in Gilligan- and Quinn-horse colors (it's also in the colors of the Horse gyronny). The giant Gill lion may even be the one of Irish Gains'. The Gill Shield is a lot like that of Radi's/Radice's, and so let's go back to RADIoGenova, the one who took us to the Macron-watch story.

This horsey picture lends itself to the giant uniCORN of Schwabs/Swabs, for not only are Macrons a CRONE branch, but French president Macron is a known stooge of Klaus Schwab.

WOW, it's staggering that while English Frane's have the Frame / France lion in colors reversed, English Frame's share the Coat of Klaus'!!!! can we believe it?

I very-much do not want to repeat again how Sharon QUINN pointed to Faucets/Fawcetts and to Tony Fauci a few weeks after my Sleeping Beauty dream of 1979. Faucets/Fawcetts were first found in East Lothian with Scottish Vaux's, and so let this suffice while adding that she also pointed to Fauchy's and Faux's/Fage's/Chollens' via the Sharron surname sharing the PenderGRASS Coat, for Fauchy's use a "GRASShopper." English and Irish Grass' share the Frame / France lion. Grasse is near GRIMaldi's of Monaco, and while GRIShams have a grasshopper too, Gris' list a Griim variation.

It can be added that Frame's and France's are in the colors and format of Keiths, the latter likewise first found in East Lothian. The Keith-branch Caddys were first found in Yorkshire with the English Crone's, recalling that Macrons are listed with M'Crons/Crone's.

Likewise first found in Yorkshire were the Cantons of GANTon who share the Chief of Scottish Guine's/Gunns, and Quinns are also Cuins. German Gains', sharing a white fleur-de-lys with French Lys'/Lise's, are also GAUNTz's while Gaunt/Ghent is at the mouth of the Lys river. Lys'/Lise's share the fleur-de-lys of English Crone's. Plus, French Frane's, looking linkable to the Coat of French Grace's/Grasse's and Lizarts/Sarde's (Provence with Grace's/Grasse's), gets us to the similar Coat of English Lise's/Liss'.

This heraldic section seems to make the case that God is pointing to Macron and Schwab along with their vaccine scheme joined at the hip with Tony Fauci. Lys'/Lise's were first found in Ile-de-France with Trudeau's, and justin trudeau is another Schwabite stooge according to Schwab himself.

Repeat: "RadioGenova sent us to the Macron-WATCH story, and "Watch" is the full motto of Others/Otters (Gain colors), first found in Huntingdonshire with Gain's." Watch's/WAGE's were first found in Cornwall with Washington-branch Wassa's/WACE's, and Cantons/Gantons have the Washington Coat in colors reversed. Others/Otters were from Lombardy, which has a capital of Milan, where Mellansons trace.

Watch's/Wage's use "wedges" while Wedge's/Waggs share the VINCE/Finch motto. "VINCit" is a motto term of English Moens. The Finch-like Fens'/Venns were first found in Devon with Monaco-like Monks/Moyne's whose Coat is like that of Dutch Moens, and then Devon is where Trebys (share English Moen/Mund Chief) and French's were first found; the latter share a green Crest with Fens'/Venns. We saw France's sharing the Frame Coat, and then Frane-like Friens/Friends (Somerset with Wedge's/Waggs) are in Monk colors and format. Grimaldi's still rule Monaco. Grimaldi's have a "frock" in their write-up, and Frocks (Shropshire with Moses'/MOYs) share the Coat nearly of Wedge's/Waggs while both Monks and English Moens/Munds' (Kent with Munds) are also MOYne's.

Moens/Munds were first found in Kent with Virgins, Gaunts, and with Gore's who in turn almost have the Gain Coat while German Gains' are also Gauntz's. The latter share the fleur of English Dole's while German Dols share the Coat of Dutch Ghents/Gaunts. Gore's share the white wolf with Gowers/Gore's (share Monan/Moonan flory cross) whose motto in turn is almost the one of Monans/MOONans. Moons were once said to be first found in Devon with Monks. The Monan/Moonan lion looks like the Virgin lion because the Arms of Gaunt has a virgin at times.

The pointer of Sharon Quinn to Fauci involved Steve MELLANson (Frenchman) on the same night she pointed to Fauci, and she verified that she was a pointer to Fauci when she fell at the door of her brother's apartment a few doors from Mellanson's apartment. As I've said many times, this same Mellanson had a ear-SWAB event a few weeks later, and while ear swabs are cotton swabs, English Cottons were first found in Huntingdonshire with GAINs. French Mellans were not only first found in Ile-de-France, but share the blank, gold Chief with horse-using Quinns/QUAINs.

I would like to get a symbol of Trudeau's involved with any surname above in order to be at least open to a pointer also to crime-minister trudeau. As was said, in Mellanson's ear-swab event, Joe Oullette and I prayed for his ear, and this allows us to go to Irish Prays sharing the six pale bars of TRUDE's/Trots and Langfords, and then the six pale bars of LONGFORDs are in half the colors of the six of Langfords while it was Quinns/Quains and Gains' who were first found in Longford. I think this nails it.

Langfords were even first found in Derbyshire with the ear-like Eyers, and with the Note's/Cnuts (share Mellanson crescents) to which a NOTE pointed on the day Sharon Quinn pointed to Fauci. If you want details of that day, find "Sharon" in the second update of this month.

German Gains have two pale bars, made by fleur-de-lys, in the colors of the three pale bars of French Frane's/Frasneys (Burgundy with Fresnels/Freners branch), and as the six pale bars of Cams/Game's are nearly the three of Frane's/Frasneys, Gains and Gains' may have originated on the Cam river with Game's. As cams/game's were first found in Gloucestershire, where Kemmis'/Kenys'/Camois' (Huntingdonshire with Gains) were once said to be first found, it appears that Kims, McKinneys and FRASers, all three sharing the same Coat in Frane/Fresney colors, apply to the Cams/Game's.

Now that we can return with gains to gain-of-FUNCtion, it's a little amazing that Funks and Macrons share the lozengy of Beetle's/Betells (Berkshire with Windsors), for this prompted me to check for a Bethel surname, and there is one sharing the black boar head with Baits who in turn almost have the Coat of Windsor-branch Fenders/Venders (Huntingdonshire with Windsor-related Otters/Others and GAINs!) who in turn substitute an otter head for the Bait boar head. The Apps'/Epps suspect in the "Ap" motto term of Bethels were first found in Huntingdonshire too.

Bethels (shares Swynford Coat) have a chevron-with-boar-head like the chevron-with-otter-head of BalFOURs ("FORward" motto) who in turn look like kin of English Beauforts/Belfoi's (share Balfour and Bethel chevron), relevant because Catherine Roet, wife of Mr. Swynford, was the ancestor of Beauforts.

Then, French Beauforts, first found in Savoy with FORE's/Forez's while nearby Forez is where Fauch's were first found. Savoys share the cross of Fauci-branch Face's/Fessys. Savoy is where AUDE's (share Fender/Vender sword) were first found. French Beauforts probably have the MontFORT lion because the Beetle/Betell Crest has a castle called a "fort." English Forts (share rock and castle with Beetle's/Betells) use the BEE and an "AUDax" motto term suspect with Aude's. Beths/Beatons/MacBEE's (otter head in Crest) are now amazing because they share the lozenges of Funk-like Fauci's!!!!!

Fauci's were first found in Genova with the Grimaldi's who almost have the Macron / Funk / Beetle/Betell lozengy! President Macron is again pointing to Fauci's gain-of-function crimes, making wholesale sense.

While Fore's/Forez's have the Travers in their motto who have a boar head colors reversed from the Bethel boar head, the Trevors/Trefors were first found in Herefordshire with new-to-me Bethels! This is amazing because the Trevor/Trefor lion now looks like the one of German Funks! I'll add that Face's/Fessys were first found in Northamptonshire with Pennys/Penes' while the Pennants in the Cowes "pennants" share the Trevor/Trefor Coat. Though note in the same color, the Trevor/Trefor Crest shares a COCKatrice with the Crest of Monaco-like Monks/Moyne's, and Cocks share the Grimaldi Shield. Tripps/TREFFs once showed the same Coat (with boots) as French Masseys (SAVOY) once showed.

The Beth/Beaton lozenges are those also of Irish Nagle's, of the namers of Oneglia near Grimaldi's of Monaco. Oneglia is now IMPERia, and I trace the latter to PERIgord, where Fauchys and Faux's/Fage's/Chollens' (share fleur of German Beths) were first found. The Beth/Beaton Coat is almost the one of PERRY-related Hinds (Perrys use a 'hind"), and the McBee variation of Beths/Beatons gets us to English Bee's, first found in Oxfordshire with Peare's.

Now that we are on Peare's, it doesn't look coincidental that PEARtree's/Patria's share the stag head of German Trumps/Tromps while Dutch Tromps (share Doria eagle) share the split-Shield of Fauci's, the latter first found in Genova with the Doria's who married Arduinici of Nagle-line Oneglia, thus tending to prove both that Nagle's were of Oneglia, and that they were related to Fauci's. I think God set this heraldry up because I have read of the IMPERi priests of a human-sacrifice cult called, Boofima. Those peoples thought nothing of murdering people for a false god such as satan.

It took me until getting to this point to realize the Macrons/CRONE's are like the Corona's and Corons/Corona's. The coronavirus. Plus, the blue fish in the Macron/crone Crest should be the blue "pike" in the Scottish Getty/Geddes Crest, used in white-on-blue by Geds. Then, the two blue fish of Kidneys/GEDneys form a blue saltire, the color of the French Gette/Jette saltire.

Scottish Gibbs, first found in Inverness-shire with Grands and Gows/McGoo's, can be of the Gibney variation of Kidneys/Gedneys because Grands share three, gold crowns with Corona's and Corons/Corona's. Plus, French Grands were first found in Burgundy with the Loches'/DeLOGES' (share Gow/McGoo cinquefoils) and Loges' while the latter share the Gette/Jette Coat.

While English Crone's share the Massey fleur, the Loges Coat is the one of Messey's/MESSIER's (Burgundy) in colors reversed, and then the great thing is that English Messier's were first found in Lincolnshire with Kidneys/Gedneys, with Tailboys/Tailbois' (in GIBBon colors and near-format), and with Lucy Taillebois-Meschin. It makes the English Gibbs, because they share the Tailboy scallops, look like another Kidney/Gedney/Gibson branch. I suggest the Gibbon Chief is close to the Vito and Saver/Sever Coat.

In 1979, I had a Sleeping Beauty dream that began with a shark in a KIDNEY-shaped pool. Beside the pool there appeared a British bulldog that I've deciphered as Trump. The Sharks, sharing the Corona-connectable crane with CRONkite's and Crane's, were first found in Tyrone with Neils/O'Nails (fish in Ged-pike colors), and it just so happens that German Neils/Nails/Nagle's have nothing but a saltire in the colors of the saltire-by-fish of Kidneys/Gedneys. Is that heraldry not looking arranged by God to fit the shark-in-pool scene?


I find this presentation by Karen Kingston to be the top news of the week. She has found that Trump forced Pfizer to sign paper promising to distribute effective, consistent, and safe vaccines, yet this only makes Trump look worse for not holding Pfizer's feet to the fire now that there have been millions of serious and heartlessly-neglected adverse illnesses in the U.S. alone. Trump is protecting Pfizer to protect himself, double shame:

The more people to which we help spread the video above, the safer Ms. Kingston will become. She's becoming very problematic to the vaccine cabal. I'm thinking of discussing some of the major points in the video above, in the next update.

To my great surprise, and perhaps to the great surprise of all the Democrats who voted grudgingly for the bill so as not to appear in bed with Fauci, Biden actually signed a Republican-led bill that demands government documents on COVID origins. This twist must signal the absolute weakness of the Biden regime, unable to take more unpopularity at this time by appearing opposed to COVID transparency. The trend has been slowly-but-surely toward exposing the crime syndicate.

The only logical reason for the FBI coming out to confess that the lab-leak theory is the correct one is because it sees little hope of concealing the truth from here-on-in. This situation suggests that agencies / individuals don't want to be labeled accomplices now by obstructing transparency in a gigantic crime. By now, most of the proof of the crime has been scrubbed by the emails records. There's as much more to the crime than COVID origins as there are people other than Adam and Eve.

For anyone following the revelations of Republicans on COVID origins, pay particular attention to the claim starting at 2:50 minutes below, where Rand Paul reveals that China, in 2018, asked the U.S. military for the money to produce a "super-virus" capable of "invading the cell." This Chinese request implies that the Americans were supervising the project i.e. that the Chinese not merely felt comfortable asking for the funds, but obliged because it was a partnership venture. The timing in 2018 is perfect for the planned COVID outbreak, likely planned and orchestrated by the U.S. military for to blame the Chinese:

The problem with the Republicans in charge is that most of them reveal only what doesn't absolutely put the criminals in jail. They're afraid of the backlash, and so whatever the criminals redact in the acquired documents, the Republicans allow to remain redacted, making them accomplices to the crimes. But, we may get a gem Republican who'll take the risk, hopefully with God's guidance, and pursue the beans, and finally spill them in the open. It's not going to be Kevin McCarthy, for he's already proven to be a fake. He won't let out the January-6 footage, as he promised, unless he's pressed, and apparently there are no Republicans pressing him. I've heard nothing on this issue ever since Tucker went dark, choosing his Fox money bag over saving America from the weaponized Department of Justice. Imagine that, a criminal department of justice, and Tucker hasn't the integrity to quit his job at Fox, even though he's super-rich already. He's going the way of the greedy imposter. There's still time for him to do the right thing.

Here's David Martin again trying to urge lawyers / attorney generals everywhere to prosecute Fauci. In this video, Martin shows (with papers) that there was a deliberate plan to RELEASE a viral but man-made product, made in the United States but in correlation with work at the Wuhan lab. Martin pegs the manufactures from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (= head-scratcher, why there?), in particular spearheaded by its Institutional Biosafety Committee. There's records shown in the video about product origins in backbones of mice, but this may not be the only viral product released because there's talk also of products from bats. The goal was to infect human lungs, as richly as possible, and it was found that the mouse product was "best":

I've now got to repeat parts of my sleeping-bag dream because Mr. Martin is apparently implicating MODERna in particular as the agency involved with the mouse product. In the dream, I deciphered a MOTOR bike rider as DAVID MORLEY, an old friend of mine who owned a motorbike. He circled the sleeping bag with his bike, then rode away down a road as I crossed it to enter a MALL. Scottish Morleys are also Mauls, and English Morleys share the AIDS' symbol.

The Welsh David surname can be gleaned as kin of the Aids'/Ade's, and I've shown many times why this is so through king David I, father-in-law of ADa of Warenne. The point in repeating this is because Welsh Davids are in the colors and format of the bend-with-MOUSE of Misls. I know no other surname with an heraldic mouse.

We now go to the MALLS/Marlybone's, first found in Cheshire with Welsh Davids, because Malls are said to have "held a family seat at MOTTRam." This has got to be the reason that David was on the MOTOR bike, so that the Misl mouse may help to point to MODERna. Moters/Moutier's share the bend of Chalons' and Collins' while Francis Collins was, until recently, Tony Fauci's boss at the NIH. While Scottish Francis' were first found in Derbyshire with English Morleys, English Francis' have the Road eagle in colors reversed, making it appear that the motorbike is a pointer to the NIH.

Though not in the same colors, Scottish Francis' share a tree stump with Roddens/Rodhams (Rothschild/Roddenstein branch). Jewish Rotens happen to share the FIZER hexagram, and Fizers happen to share the annulet of German Tile's/Tillers who in turn share the Rothschild arrow (bendwise as the Rodden/Rodham bend). Therefore, one reason that Morley rode down a HILL to the sleeping bag is that Hills were first found in Worcestershire with Hillarys and the Clent Hills. Hillarys share the six fitchees of Clintons while Clents/Clints share the garbs of Blythe's while Bill Clinton's biological father was Mr. Blythe.

The same garbs are used by REDs/Reads, first found in Northumberland with Roddens/Rodhams. Sharks use a "REDit" motto term, and the Red/Read motto ("Pax copia") is almost the one of Welsh Davids. The latter use "PAX ET copia," making the David and Davis lion look like the Packet/Paget lion. Packets/Pagets were even first found partly in Derbyshire with Morleys.

The last scene of the sleeping bag dream had Miss Peare, a lady I knew from my teens when we first dated after we first kissed at a La Paloma bar. The Coat of Spanish Paloma's (French Page colors) shares the Pero/Perino pale bar, and Italian Paloma's have a dove in the colors of the dove of English PAGE's while Packets/PAGets have this: "The surname Packet was first found in Oxfordshire and Derbyshire." It just so happens that Peare's were first found in Oxfordshire who have a Perle variation expected in the "Per il" motto phrase of Packets/Pagets.

LePage's were first found in Ile-de-France with French Levi's while Jewish Levi's share the Packet/Paget and David lion. Amazingly, French Levi's use an "AIDE" motto term!

It was resolved that Mr. Morley circled the SLEEPING bag as a pointer to the Round Table of Cecil RHODES, for he first appeared in the dream from a ROAD, and then drove back down the same road after riding the round circle. The Rounds use a "SLEEPING lion" in Crest, and Table's share the "hurt" with Arthurs while the "round table" first appeared with mythical king Arthur. Arthurs were first found in Berwickshire with ARTems/AITons and AID/Ade's, you see, and Artems/Aitons are much in the colors and format of Rhodes'.

Plus, Eitons, with a blue-Shield version of the Welsh David Coat, were first found in Shropshire with Bats (black bats), and with the Rodden river while Roddens/RODHAMs are in Aids/Ade colors and format. It doesn't appear coincidental that while much of the Rhodes Coat is a colors-reversed version of the Bath Coat, Scottish Randolphs use a black bat, the Bath cross, and horseshoes for an apparent pointer to Wuhan's horseshoe bats. Bate's/Bats' were first found in Yorkshire with Rhodes'.

While Trump called his reckless vaccine program, "Warp Speed," this is a phrase from Gene RODDENbury's Star Trek.

I'll even repeat that the only scene having the sleeping bag was when I PICKed it up prior to the arrival of Mr. Morley. Even though I knew he circled it, I did not see the bag while he was circling it. It was not seen in my hands at that time, and was never seen again in the dream. It was resolved that this is a pointer to Picks/Pix's (Kent with Roots) sharing the Root tree with Woods, for the sleeping bag was on a hill in the woods. The Roots happen to share the Coat of BAGleys, you see, first found in Shropshire, and the Rodden/Rodham write-up has: "There is also a Rodden River in Shropshire." Bagleys even named Bagley-Wood.

It may be a good idea for Canadians Christians to move to Alberta and Saskatchewan, by the political conditions at this time, as we look down the 666 tube to the future. trudeau is not a good-enough man to alter the politics of those two provinces anytime soon, and he may only have a short time left before he looses his prime position over the country:

The video above is implying that trudeau wants the health data of everyone in canada, and canadians by-and-large have allowed him to get this far because they are made daft by the CBC, the state media, and by the other large media who like to mirror the CBC in order to retain favor with Ottawa. It's obvious that Ottawa's current desire for "transparency" on medical data is part-and-parcel with Schwab's vaccine syndicate. trudeau's arguing that transparency is the only way for nurse trudeau to help the doctor operate on canada to remove its cancer. In reality, he's of the political train, starting with his father, that's been the fatalistic cause of the national cancer, and Schwab is the quack doctor who needs to watch his back because Jesus the Almighty has a target upon it.

With social media, the canadian government cannot get away with spying on the unvaxxed without getting caught. The more this invasive program continues, the more its news will spread. It makes us curious as to what exactly Ottawa wants in the video below, but one thing is: to know how many people live at a house, which is probably why they showed up three times to the same house to see how many cars enter the driveway.

Dr. Campbell below shares a hard-obtained document from Australia to show that world-health authorities were not honest when they said the mRNA stayed at the injection site. There's a question on whether the numbers in this document were fudged to make it appear that the mRNA didn't go very much to other parts of the body, but, in any case, the numbers show a significant build-up in bone marrow, the heart, kidney, liver, lung, ovaries, pituitary gland, spleen and blood.

How was this detailed information obtained on interior body parts if not from autopsies on people who died shortly after vaccination? Why might the authorities have wanted to know how well, or not so well, the new technology spread through the human body? It wasn't because they wanted the public to know it. Dr. Campbell shows, near the end of the video, that the data may have been recorded only for the first 48 hours after vaccination:

As they are checking peoples' bone and heart health, taking blood and saliva samples, and as they even want to enter homes on the excuse to check tap-water condition, this program may be a spy-out how certain / different types of vaccines have affected people, or whether they have shed to the unvaxxed. The latter makes a lot of sense, for the vaccine goons wish to know whether the unvaxxed will be made sick by the heavily vaxxed...not because they want to help people, but because they want to see how successful the vaccine program has been for making people sick. Medicine has been a big-money program, bigger than ever now.

This survey is the first of it's kind, and I suggest they don't want to do the survey by phone or by email because the questions asked, and the reactionary comments made to extract deeper information, will be recorded. This survey wants to see your medicine bottles...upon which is your doctor's name. The surveyors may be wearing hidden cameras to boot, for replay back at home base by those who assess friendliness / compliance toward government, or animosity. They put you on a good or bad list, with your doctor's name, and if you doctor is demonic as they are, perhaps they can have you secretly killed by him with one injection or pill. We can no longer limit the evil these goons will attempt in their quest for absolute power. We might be better off not having a family doctor.

Why is it they tell people that they alone have been chosen "at random" to participate, and that others not chosen cannot be allowed into the survey? Isn't that evidence of spying on chosen people? Are not other people just as qualified to participate in a health survey, if indeed it is a health survey? My guess is that they wish to go batch-to-batch, one after the other, but want for us to believe they are decided on only one batch. When they admit that people were chosen, doesn't it mean they spied on the chosen to begin with, in order to chose which BEST to spy on?

At 12:30 of the video, they say they want to ensure globalist "interventions to fight COVID-19," which is to facilitate vaccinations...don't the rats condemn themselves in that alone? The pandemic is not over for trudeau's fellow rats; they wish to bring one back to punish us again, and profit from it. trudeau desires globalist glory in the fake name of "safety for Canadians." trudeau the hateful one has "COVID Mandate Psychosis". I am one for the safety of Canadians, and that's why trudeau needs to be euthanized as a useless eater.

The Australian province of New South Wales has a new premier, of the Labor party, and so I'll report back as I hear what he plans to be as per advancing / ceasing vaccine programs of the previous Liberal administration. Look no further: "NSW Labor Leader Chris Minns has thrown his support behind the introduction of vaccine passports..." Oh no. Poor Australians.

The last thing the Western globalists wanted to do is to send China into Putin's arms, but that's what is happening now. It's to be expected because we have never seen such a bunch of stupid people as those who are now at the public-relations campaign of the invisible globalists. In an effort to out-muscle Russia in merely a saber-rattling duel, the Westerners scared the pants off of the other side of the globe so that even China has come to Russia's defense, like a long-tossed, spinning, supersonic, cross-ocean knife into the back of the invisible government that props Biden up as the Absolute Number One Zombie-Stooge of the Rothschild Era.

The looming China-Russia threat may now terrorize the Western cabal needing a strong dollar. It would be nice to see the dollar fall if common Westerners are not affected while Western globalism is set back 20 years in its tyrannical agenda. Can we see why this Russia-China threat can be a good thing so long as it only looms and slows Western tyranny? It may not be a checkmate, but we should welcome continuous checks.

Jane Ruby reports this week that a total of 1,598 athletes suffered heart attacks, 1,100 of them fatally, in 2022 alone. By comparison, she says that, from 1966 to 2004, only 1,100 (29 annually) suffered death on the field. I assume she means globally.

If you are in a position to hamper child vaccinations, please do what you are willing to risk. Stew Peters regularly puts out shows to push people to stop child vaccinations. In the meantime, when children die suddenly, even the pro-vaxx sector has got to admit that it looks due to vaccines, which is why it's important to continue to put out statistics like the ones above with athletes, for the vaccine roll-out started in 2021, and suddenly, at the same time, deaths shot up for a variety of reasons.

These things are happening under the radar now because Fox would rather talk about Biden's everyday move and gaff. Pro-Trump social media cover the political conflicts, day after day, disregarding Trump's part in poison "vaccines," how foolish of these "conservatives." They are like fellow killers with Trump if they would seek to prop him as the next president. In the meantime, these same voters slap Ron DeSantis down like a diseased fly even though he's taken real, legislative strides against the vaccine goons in his state. Whatever negatives DeSantis has, he's at least taken the right steps in the MOST-IMPORTANT issue today. Anyone still on the Trump's black train at this point is a blind fool.

DeSantis became a excellent example of how a state governor should proceed to become politically popular, but when pro-Trumpers ganged up to swat him down, how did that help other Republican state governors, surrounded by pro-Trumpers wielding heavy-handed fly swatters, from doing the right things as DeSantis had done? In other words, for selfish motives, Trump and his zombies ruined a perfectly viable political movement, which failure tends to keep the country enslaved to the next pandemic. This is Trump's legacy; he wants to go to his grave believing the illusion that he saved hundreds of millions of people. How can four more years of Trump save the country from the next pandemic?

Forget wild economic times, what most pro-Trumpers want, and emphasize the fight against the next pandemic, or there will be no healed economic times. It would be better to vote in DeSantis while urging him to fight election fraud, which I think he will do if the people demand it enough. He should be given the opportunity to stand as the peoples' representative, for he might be good for it whereas Trump promised it but failed miserably. Trump, a pro-faggot goofball who pretended to be otherwise, gave his voters lip-service, and continued power to the deep state. He never was a five-dimensional chess player, but just a big goofball with a rich mix of evil duplicity.

I keep repeating these things because there is a constant flow of new readers from my homepage, sorry for those who hear it repeatedly if anyone follows along long-term. Gruff, sewer-mouth pro-Trumpers are rubbing off on pro-Trump Christians as they become more worldly than Biblical. "Hate the world" means foremost "hate America." If a Christian doesn't understand this, I have doubts about that type of Christianity. What nation more than the United States is demonic today? What wisdom is there for a Christian, who's supposed to be a mere visitor on earth, to seek rulership over the United States? Forget it. Instead, warn the peoples of coming Judgments, and, like prophets sounding the alarm (not with prophecies God has not given), urge politicians with all boldness to do the Godly things, the easy things which Trump will not do because he's controlled by evil spirits.

The big, conservative, social-media, activist sites can be affected by the smallest of social-media personalities, or even one video comment, that puts the big ones on a certain track that then expands upon the same track permanently. In other words, little seeds from out of "nowhere" can determine what the big spreaders / disseminators say and focus on, or how they think. It's not how small you are that might often count for little, but what you say that can count sometimes for much. It's long-past time to warn Christianity against Trump. If he were to die this year, DeSantis could be just as politically popular, once the Trump-crazed gruffs lay down their swatters.

The video below shows new things about graphene I've not seen before. Whatever it bodes, I think it's a done-deal that the military demon in the United States is experimenting with graphene capabilities in the human body. But I also get signals that citizens are being deliberately and secretly poisoned with this material as part of the experiments where the military can "see" who's poisoned, who's not, and it wants to know what can be done to and with the poisoned.

The video producer is about two years old on bitchute, and concentrates on potential COVID-related conspiracies. This producer has a short video below, dated March 20 early this well, showing a Pfizer document about the characteristics of its spike protein as it applies to a "vaccine antigen." An antigen is a material bonding to a T-cell receptor. T-cells are a part of the body's immune defence mechanism.

Then in section 3.4. of the same document, it tells that the protein is placed upon a gold foil grid pre-laid with graphene-oxide. Why would Pfizer be doing this if not to see how the two substances react, or can be made to behave, though I don't mean a "chemical reaction":

[Insert two hours before this update is due online -- I'm writing on a Karen Kingston video for the next update, and when she mentions "gold graphene" there, I wrote: "I've just looked up the Gold surname to find that it shares the giant Graff/Graffen lion!!!"

Plus, as per "gold foil," it just so happens that treFOILs are a symbol of Rockefeller branches. The Gold Coat looks related to GRIFFIn of Hangers/Angers, especially as the Graff/Graffen lion holds an anchor while Anchors almost have the Coat of the other Angers!!! These other Angers, sharing the Hanger/Anger "escarBUNCLE," share the Fauci lozenge!!!! The other Angers are in the colors and format of anchor-using Packs, first found in Sussex with Bone's, and Buncle's are also BONkylls. Golds were first found in Suffolk with the Buckle's in the Buncle/Bonkyll Coat, and while English Hammers and Hams were first found in Sussex, German Hammers almost have the Gold Coat while FISERs/Vissers have fish in the colors of the Ham "salmon". End insert]

If you haven't heard Klaus Schwab singing the glories of China, here it is in short order:

All he needs to do to ruin his own movement is to open his mouth and show his face in public "rallies." In the 24-second clip below, you can tell how desperate his partners have been, because you can glean that they are far behind schedule, and want "faster change." Wasn't "change" Obama's election slogan?

If Schwab wants glory before he dies, by achieving a big step toward succeeding in his agenda, he's going to need to utilize some stiff tyranny now, to keep the voters from demolishing his deputies at the top, or near-top, of Western nations. It's all risk for him at this point, unless he wants to lay down his weapons and retreat for some years, which doesn't look like an option for him if he wants glory before he dies. As it is right now, he's going to his grave a dismal failure. That's where he stands at this time, at the edge of his own suicidal cliff. Let's see whether he jumps. I hope so. His fall will splatter his guts all over the Revelation Whore. Not that she's afraid of guts, for she drinks it to get happily drunk, but Schwabite failure spattered all over her royal dress would enhance the murderous look on her face...meaning that the failure is going to fuel like-minded ones to double-down against us...because God wants the most-painful end for this fool as possible.

There will be hell to pay for the medical and media people who allowed the millions of cases like the ones in the first few minutes of this video to be ignored. The vaccine goons have somehow ordered whole governments to be inhuman, heartless, to pass the message down to medical people to simply ignore the vaccine-injured, and to never admit that the injuries are from the vaccines. Hospitals have become the fright zones now. Anyone who wants or needs to fight a company, or a moronic trudeau or Biden trying to force-vaccinate you, needs to save this video for court purposes. See list at end of this update for videos the data of which you can use in court if you've been rejected for medical treatment due to resisting a vaccine:

Just because a natural virus hasn't been isolated doesn't mean it doesn't exist. The so-called spike protein is a man-made "virus," we can say. It's possible that all traditional viruses were created in the lab, and put into vaccines of the 20th century, which can spread through saliva and breath as "the common flu." Schwab not only wants to see mechanized humans working like submissive elves in lock-step, but wants to accomplish it with vaccines. Why vaccines? See Stew Peters, always fuming now when on this topic:

The music in the video above is not from the Stew Peter's show, but from the goofy video channel. However, even the Stew Peters show has goofy pictures of toy-like viruses even while he claims there is no COVID virus, and he never ceases to show people getting injected with needles, to create a more-interesting show, he thinks, or to charm viewers with moving pictures, which devalues the show with petty sensationalism. Too bad for Stew, ruining his own show with constant "professional" tactics the likes of which are used by news shows (Fox does this) with $$$ on the brain.

Good news from a Revolver headline: "Home prices fall year-over-year for first time in 11 years… down 12.3% since June…" Never mind the greedy home builders, they can get by with less profits, but this is good news for first-time home buyers (usually the poor) where their interest rates are being jacked up by greedy bankers. Nobody is forcing bankers to raise their interest rates. Banks do not need to heed the fat cats at the Federal Reserve. The world is not all about them. Young people who get married should be faced with affordable housing with space enough to raise three or four children. This is what's important. And the wife of a common man should have the option of not working.

This week, Ron DeSantis had enough of Trump's dirty swipes against him, and announced he'd be running against Trump for 2024 with his boxing gloves on. In other words, all of Trump's faults will be in the conservative-media news for a long running time, oh what fun.

I haven't seen that DeSantis has Christians backing him for this effort, and I'm afraid he's going to allow Bushites to come to his assistance, meaning that Bushites will want a piece of White House power if they succeed in electing him. They won't help him fully unless he agrees to such a deal, and maybe he's already made it. Like Trump, DeSantis will seek the Christian vote, which I don't mind as long as it's sincere. Trump's Christian allegiance is insincere. This week, DeSantis called Putin a war criminal, which can begin to suggest he's appealing to Bushite war mongers seeking to rob Russia of massive oil capabilities. If DeSantis is making his decisions based on what prospers his political ambitions most, then he's no true friend of Christians, but a shyster.

Look at how Pfizer deflects to condemn itself, contributing greatly to the downfall of Schwabism:

It's pretty hard to argue against the vaccine take of David Martin when he has the paperwork to back him up. His take is akin to that of Karen Kingston, that there was no natural COVID virus but that it was a literal invention and a deliberate poison made to appear like a naturally-circulating virus. Mr. Martin openly accuses the very-large organization, the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), as the kingpin in the deliberate poisoning on mankind...which begs the question: how did individuals controlling this government organization, a holder of SARS patents, make money as the CDC pushed the COVID scam, and how did the CDC patents themselves make money for CDC individuals and outside partners? To convict the criminals, the movement of money into their pockets needs to be proven. A screened payment method looking like the mark of the beast is just before 55 minutes

It's clear that the COVID scammers deserve to be murdered in cold blood, but with governments firmly on-side with them, it has kept the public from rising up to do exactly that, along with the massive spy machines that keep the people from organizing secretly. Therefore, we have only one way out of this: God's help.

Jesus asked us to pray to the Father in Jesus' name. Jesus did not ask us to pray to himself, and so the Father took the burden of our prayers, on top of His work in maintaining the globe. The Father WANTED to take on the task of our prayers, our needs. And He knows we need to be kept safe from these vaccine killers. I am so sad to see the churches still not championing the thrust to expose the killers. I always believed that God's people were the champions of truth. I'm not sure how to view this church situation. Maybe God wants them quiet, maybe only for a while, we will need to wait and see.

I'm now entering old age. I've never seen anything like this before, and neither have you:

Although the video owner for the one above seems to be poking fun at those who succumb to falls or death, I'm showing the video for those who haven't seen it, not to mock the inflicted, but to show that the same lot of people who are putting out the vaccines are likely responsible for these falls whether or not they are caused by COVID vaccines. If not by vaccines, then something they are putting into the food.

By mid-week, Tucker Carlson has still not shown more January-6 footage. It means that his bosses have shut his mouth, and he may comply rather than quit his job. What do you think about that move? Would he be glorified by God for it? How tumultuous will his future be if he does not expose the wickedness of his own boss, from whom he receives money? Would you take money from the devil? Why would he? Should this issue form a part of your comments toward, or praise for, Tucker? Why couldn't Tucker do a show much better by first releasing himself form Fox's grasp? He could go on his own. He could afford expensive lighting and cameras, hire a producer and arrange a fancy studio. He's not doing it at Fox only for the money, is he? Doesn't this cheapen the man? Yes.

On Wednesday night, I started to feel like I was leaning over. I made it to the couch before I felt I was passing out. The room was moving as I lay there. It was worrisome. It was better if I closed my eyes. It didn't last long, but it was after midnight, time for sleep anyway. In the morning, still feeling the after-effects and minutely off-balance, I learned that it could be just a case of Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo, a minor ear problem which can be corrected by this Epley Maneuver (there's both right and left maneuvers), in case someone suffering this thing is reading here:

Many people have this condition for months not knowing about the maneuvers. Mine went away maybe because I had been lying on my left side when I had to sit up due to the need to urinate. Maybe a sufficient amount of the Epley Maneuver was done (without my knowing about it yet). If the Epley doesn't work for you, you will be put through the Brandt-Daroff Maneuver by a doctor; or try it yourself from a youtube video:

If you throw-up when doing these maneuvers, good news, you have only Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo. What if a driver coming your way gets this suddenly? What if you get it while driving on a major highway? I remember bending down when I started to get off-balance as I stood back up. Driving doesn't involve bending down, and so maybe there's less to worry about in the driving position. If you've had a vertigo-like episode and the maneuvers above haven't worked, you might try the maneuver below (it cures some instantly) at some risk of making things worse due to not needing these types of motions:

On Thursday, conservatives were celebrating Kari Lake's win at the Arizona supreme court, but I see this as a sham from the court. Initially, Ms. Lake filed 10 claims with the lower court, eight of which were not permitted into court, all of them good claims deserving scrutiny by a judge. Judge Thompson, in that lower court, acted criminally by slapping her case down completely even while trying to appear just by allowing two of her ten claims into court.

Ms. Lake then appealed to the state's supreme court with seven of her claims, and we may assume that two of them were the two that Thompson allowed in court but ultimately rejected as successfully making her case to win the position of Arizona governor. This week, the top court reported that six of the seven claims were inadmissible, showing complete contempt for Ms. Lake. The one thing that Thompson got wrong, according to the top court, was the signature-match claim, and so this court sent this claim back to Thompson's court for a new review / one Lake enemy to another playing ping-pong with the desire in both to send the ball completely off the table. It's obvious, both courts are against her, and so this cannot be good news.

It's all-too-possible that the top court allowed one claim that it knows can be batted down sufficiently by Thompson by hook or by crook. If Kari Lake is truly taking this case to the highest court, the U.S. supreme court, as she promised, anytime now is when to appeal the rejection of six of her seven claims to the highest court. All potential crimes have right of entry into a court of law as long as there is fair evidence for the crimes.

The top court may be sending this claim back to Thompson simply asking him (wink-wink) to find a better reason to reject it because the original reason wasn't acceptable by law.

Moseder below adds some detail on the case decision this week. He says that Lake's 1st of seven claims is the complaint that Thompson required proof of deliberate fraud, and everybody but Thompson knows that this is unlawful for Thompson to claim. The problem is, the Arizona supreme court did not agree with Lake, and threw this 1st claim out, suggesting that even this top court demands proof of deliberate fraud, which is a very dangerous and new precedent for fraud cases as concerns us in 2024 or 2028. BUT, the good news should be, this one thing alone allows an easy appeal to the supreme court of the United States, easy as long as the judges there are not similarly corrupt.

I say that it's the peoples' responsibility to take AT LEAST the 1st of Lake's claims to the U.S. Supreme Court, and therefore the people should pay for this case by sending Lake's team the money. This case is of extreme importance for saving the country from tyrannical intrusions. Doesn't Trump have any extra cash? Does Lindell, who has been funding Lake's legal team, have anymore money? The only short-term way to catch the crimes is for Lake to oust Hobbs through this court run at some point this year. But then there's always the 2024 election a year after this one.

Here's Ms. Lake on Bannon calling it a "huge" win when it's a huge loss. Many of the fraud crimes cannot now be discovered in her court cases, how is this a huge win? I haven't been able to find a number of potential spoiled votes via bad signature matches, but Kari here says it's "well over the margin of victory":

I view Ukraine as part of the Middle-East for the purposes of prophecy, not meaning Ukraine is allied to Middle-East nations. If you're interested in some up-to-date Ukraine news, start this video at 3 minutes:

There's a lot of talk in the prepper community about a digital currency implemented by the globalist freaks who like to make trouble for the people. The fear is that, while we are forced to go cashless, they will have access to our bank accounts, and punish them if, for example, we use too much gasoline or buy too much meat, and eventually the noose gets tighter and they will punish our bank accounts if we don't eat as much cricket meat as they dictate. The punishment is to their benefit because it's formed specifically and deliberately as sheer robbery of our money to grow their globalist government i.e. to make the noose ever-tighter.

However, this is not what we should fear because we should be so lucky if all we are forced to do is eat less meat and reduce gas consumption. At worst, we might need to get a job closer to home if they have a gasoline limit. We should be so lucky. Instead, what we are to fear is the inability to enter a store to buy anything, or a commercial building to go to work. That is the mark-of-the-beast system, and they do want it in our faces RIGHT NOW. We were witnesses in 2020 and 2021 that they are willing to keep us from purchasing who refuse their vaccine dictates.

The good news is that the devil needs to act the angel in order to enforce our government-mandated destruction. It means that he has no glory, and that he will glorify angelicalism instead. Even non-Christian people accept angels but reject demons (when demons acts openly as demons), and so the Court will sit and take away his powers.

In Revelation 13, verse 14, we read that a certain ruler, with wide powers, will "telling those dwelling on the land/earth to make an image to the beast..." In this context, as we read on, the word "telling" should be viewed as "ordering," like an executive order / law from a government authority. There's no indication that this order relates to a vaccine. The punishment for "not worshiping" the image is as much as death, according to verse 15, or at least comes with the threat of death, and so we should be so lucky if the punishment were merely a gasoline ration or a vegetarian diet.

The interesting thing is that it's the people who are ordered to MAKE the image. How can people today make an image? Revelation calls it an icon, a picture. As this icon speaks, we might now get the impression that people will be forced to use their phones / computers to hook up to a talking webpage in order to make purchases. However, how does merely clicking to a webpage rate as "worship"? How will they enforce worship of anything or anyone? I suppose what it means is that anyone seeking to survive apart from this particular webpage will be punished. The powers will seek to fool everyone into believing that this beast is good for them, and where verse 14 says that it "deceives those dwelling on the land/earth", it seems to be implying, not only that it tries to deceive, but that many are genuinely deceived...similar to the people who have been blind to the COVID / vaccine scam.

Then, in a related program, verses 16 and 17: "It also forced all people, great and small, rich and poor, free and slave, to receive a mark on their right hands or on their foreheads, so that they could not buy or sell unless they had the mark, which is the name of the beast or the number of its name." Does a mark rate as a skin chip? Due to the tendency for humans today to reject a skinchip in the forehead, might the powers use the step-by-step process, starting with an invisible mark en route to getting a new generation to accept a head chip for purchasing purposes?

Name of the beast? If the image is a webpage, then we might expect it to have a name. The purchasing system will have a name, the name of the anti-Christ, the man. Who in the world is so popular that a mass-purchase system could be named after him, with people happily jumping on board? This beast will be a magnet for all who hate Christians, that's what this is all about.

We should be so lucky that they steal only 10- or 20-percent of our bank accounts. In such a case, we ought to practice turning the other cheek rather than fighting back. Even Alaska Prepper seems to advocate fighting back with guns. Do not. Go to jail instead if it comes to that, get fed and be safe there, for so says verse 10. Beware the NIV translation of Revelation 13:10 that you read at the link above, for it reads: "If anyone is to go into captivity, into captivity they will go. If anyone is to be killed with the sword, with the sword they will be killed." This version makes it sounds as though we are to allow ourselves to be killed by warfare or government persecution if God has given us over to it. But my interlinear translation reads differently:

If anyone [is] for captivity, to captivity he goes; if anyone by a sword will kill, it behoove him by a sword to be killed. Here is the endurance and the faith of the saints.

That's word-for-word from my interlinear with no word positioning changed at all. In this version, we are being told not to kill the worshipers of the beast or those who enforce the system. Ride out the persecution, it tells us, without armed rebellion. Use the Word as our sword, testify about Jesus. Good news: we win after less than one presidential term of four years. Our good behavior will condemn their wicked behavior, that's what God wants to see.

The powers don't need a centralized cashless system to bring on the mark of the beast. By "centralized," it means that the government has access to all bank accounts. As things are now, it's the various banks only who have access to our banking information, unless they allow the government to see it too, and that can happen with all the big banks without us being notified. But even if there never is a centralized banking system, they already have electronic debit cards that allows a government spy system to tap into the data of all such purchases.

The hope, we may assume, of the globalist cabal, is to make a hoarding law that prohibits a vast amount of food purchased all in a short time upon one credit / debit card. This is why the government wants to know how many people live in a house so that they can know whether that house should be allowed roughly $300 monthly groceries for one person versus much more for a family of five. This is why we should store foods and other needs while we are still able. As long as the food industry can handle it, there's no hoarding issue, and so there may be in swing, right now, a faked food shortage, with faked news reports of food factories being burned, and massive destruction of meat, in order that the cabal can justify rationing food purchases.

However, the cabal's number-one aim will not be to keep us from storing foods, but from going to work, for this makes people unable to pay even the rent / mortgage. This is where a vaccine pass into your workplace becomes extremely threatening to you. We have seen the cabal very happy to see people lose their jobs over vaccination status. We have arrived, people, we have arrived to complete wickedness. Government goons, and many citizens too, would happily see you ruined over merely a $100 vaccine payment every six-to-twelve months.

But Revelation 12 says that the river spewed by satan behind us, to overtake us, will be swallowed up by God. He will help you who choose to go forward with Him, rejecting the image of the beast. We understand why God did not reveal his method of swallowing the river, and why He didn't reveal the meaning of the river. God will surprise the cabalists with a one-two punch, making them furious. Pain-pain-pain will be to the wicked just when they think they will finally win.

The Biden administration is threatening to punish Uganda for opposing the Western trend to advance faggotry worldwide, and the threat is to remove some of the American funding of the Uganda government. This is how American globalism seeks to keep nations on-side the anti-Christ agenda, and the sickening thing is, money payments, from tax-exempt status for donations, is how the United States seeks to keep churches on the faggotry train.

I can tell you with confidence, that if the churches don't speak out against globalism, the non-Christian anti-globalists will not give hoots about Christian suffering at the hands of globalists when the time comes. We don't need to join the ranks of non-Christian anti-globalists to speak out against globalism's gross intrusions and rebellion. If non-Christian anti-globalists come to view church leaders as a bunch of sucks unwilling to stand up for the ordinary worker, how is that glorious for our God? We shouldn't fight for American glory as they do; we should fight for God's glory. Evil is rampant at our feet, dare we say nothing to expose and repel it? The Lord rebuke you, satan, get away from me.

Globalists are a super-minority but need to give appearances that the majority of people are on their side, and so much of their money and efforts go to cultivating and maintaining their leftist stooges. Therefore, we should cut-down the reputations of those stooges, or convert them by exposing to them how the globalists are truly the liars, the fiends. The more we do this, the more the globalist shakers will waste their money holding on to their stooges. Imagine going to your death with the most-glorious thing under belt being the fruitless endeavor of partnering with puppets whom you are lying to. It's like breaking into a police station with a bag of money you robbed at a bank. Globalists are "smart" enough to rob the tax banks, and stupid enough to sacrifice their souls in eternal jail.

There's nothing like spoiling the reputation of Schwabites like China walking around the dance floor to ask Putin for a dance, and he accepts. It makes Schwab, because he wants to make the West like China, look like a fool because, by this dance, China is telling the world it hates the West. Schwab is a laughing matter, especially when he talks lofty and haughty like stuff to be reckoned with, as if he were the doctor of humanity, able to cure all its ills. He's a quack, an imposter, and a steel-headed automaton with the bank bag for his pillow. He dreams of a world cleansed of people.

This short video features a palm scanner for making purchases. This method doesn't have a good chance of going worldwide because there are too many similar palms. One palm halfway around the world could be taking money out of your bank account to make the payments of the one who owns the hand:

I've been of the opinion that the late craze for flat-earth bunk is a dissemination from the enemies of Christians to portray Christians as lunatics. But I didn't know that justin trudeau picked up on this issue, which you can see in the video below, which is a sick video through and through because it's put on by a lunatic flat earther claiming to be a Christian. You can easily imagine, now, that trudeau is privy, if not very close to, this flat-earth movement so that he and his ilk can begin to cut away at Christians:

Another purpose of flat-earth videos is, apparently, to discredit anyone, such as myself, who doubts the moon landings. The idiot in the video, who may not be a Christian, claims that the flat earth is not a flat disc in space, and has no edge, but this is impossible. If it's flat, it must have an edge, and whether they think its round or square, who cares, it's an impossibility either way. These lunatics are trying to convince people that the sun and moon are at about cloud height in the sky, but I cannot conceive any Christian being that daft, and so I choose to believe that they are predominantly fake Christians who promote these ideas with videos.

Paul admonished his churches to kiss-up to caesar and his deputies spread throughout the Roman world. In Timothy I, he outright gives the reason, that the churches might live peaceably. That is, if the churches in those days spoke as I do against trudeau, there would be chaos in the churches, and harsh persecution. He asked his churches to do good to all, even to the Roman dragon, and this is what Jesus meant by loving your enemies, to minimize persecution while God permits evil to rule over us. I disagree strongly with Paul (he wasn't perfect in his judgments) when he says that all governments are installed by God to promote godliness. He went too far when he said that. If Paul never once erred in his judgments, then he must be God, but as he's not God, expect mistakes.

Therefore, if I were to be arrested by the anti-Christ authorities for the things I speak against trudeau, and if we are in the last few years, I had best kiss-up to them (be on my best behavior) as best I can to minimize persecution against my fellow Christians. In the meantime, I cannot help but speak against trudeau for the deliberate murders he conducts while feigning safety for Canadians, all in the name of a globalist blanket that he wished to drape over the country in what I see as sheer gangsterism criminality by the super-rich, God's arch enemies. If I did not speak this, and if I told you that trudeau is God's servant to promote good in the land, I would feel like an enemy of the churches.

Not even the caesars would have done such a thing as trudeau and similar other deputies of the globalists are doing. There would have been Roman soldiers assassinating a caesar for doing such a thing as enforcing a killer vaccine. Where has trudeau spoken to the people concerning the deaths and maimings by vaccines? He pretends they don't exist. GUILTY! He's guilty of Hell. So long as we have a representative government with a fake representative, I will express my disdain, as the law permits me to do, to support the victims, to enlighten the potential victims.

If Paul chose never to write to his churches concerning the fulfillment of Daniel prophecy in the Roman dragon, we could understand that. Especially when he was writing from prison, he had to be careful to caress the Roman powers, or both he and his churches would otherwise have become the enemy of the dictatorial state. At any time, any of his letters, even when not written from prison, could have gotten into the hands of the powers.

When "my" country (I've disowned its leaders) goes dictatorial, and everyone can see the evil clearly, there will be no need for us to shed light upon it, for the tyrants themselves will be shedding light upon themselves. At that time, we should act as shrewd as serpents, and pretend to respect the rulers when we are before them. We will act respectful while maintaining our position to choose Jesus as our Lord, and our Savior from death. Kiss-up to the 666-accepting police in the anti-Christ reign, that all may go best for you if they lock you up. Let the communist rulers have fake respect, fake "worship," as they desire, and let them go to their burning graves with this "prize" of fake honor, for they can then eat it while the flames engulf their jaws.

However, above all, Jesus taught that the Holy Spirit can speak through us when we are brought before the powers on undeserved charges. And if the Spirit wishes to rub a judge the wrong way at the risk of our suffering a backlash, the Spirit can also spare us from a potential backlash. I don't say that we should lie before judges when I say we should present fake honor. I'm saying that we should give the judge what he/she demands, fake honor, or he/she will have the choice of charging us with contempt. The law orders us to show respect in court, and therefore it also asks us to show fake respect if in all sincerity we don't respect the judge.

There is nobody less capable of rendering correct judgments than a human judge who sits jaded for decades before lawyers who try to convince him either that the lie is the truth, or that good is evil. In return for the honor he covets, he wracks his own thinking by subjecting himself to sly lawyers. If he has an Anchor for Truth, as Christians do, he can spare himself a derailing of his proper thinking. But non-Christian judges are bound to become lunatics who favor the arguments of demons. We are witnessing it in news stories right now.

Trump said this week, "Our biggest threat is high level politicians..." Yes, like himself. Trump is a mass-murderer in the name of faked COVID safety. A pro-Trump Christian can betray you who speak truth about Trump. He criticizes DeSantis if he shows signs of being a Bushite, and this is after Trump himself elevated to high-political status Bushites such as Pence, Bolton, Barr, Wray, Pompeo, and others. Trump, like the devil, has no check on his own errors because he has the self-induced illusion that he's God-like, unable to make errors.

Gab continues to be a racist dish with a sprinkling of Christian seasoning, and dumplings of sizzled Trump turds as the appetizer in a golden side dish. My assessment after a year of reading Gab posts daily. The owner should be ashamed of himself.

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