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March 7 - 13, 2023

Exploring James O'Keefe in Heraldic Pointers
Wake Scene of Sleeping Beauty Points to January-6 Shaman
Epstein's Sandy Ocean Beach
British Bulldog Needs Brueders For Fuller Decipher

If you're waiting for Jesus to return, see Post-Tribulation Rapture

It was nice while it lasted. Hall of Names is no longer showing the descriptions of the Coats of Arms presented at House of Names, but I have many of them recorded in my past updates from which to find some.

I can't believe what I'm reading this week:

"Believe me, Mr. Garland, your corruption is legendary," said President Zelensky during their short meeting. "But Ukraine is already corrupt to the core. We're pros at corruption, so we have this pretty well covered. We will not be needing your services, thank you very much."

Sources say the Attorney General stammered in response, citing his lengthy rap sheet which included sending the FBI after parents who protest at school board meetings, sending militarized police units to pro-life protestors' homes, and investigating "radical Catholics."

"Yes, yes, we're aware. Very impressive. Very devious. But not needed here. You're welcome to go back home where you belong," said Zelensky. "Thanks for stopping by though, bud! You didn't have to!"

Is Zelensky signalling openly that he has the Biden administration around his little finger? Some say that Zelensky is getting endless money from Biden by the threat of revealing the agendas at American bio-weapons labs in Ukraine. Why would Zelensky, who is a corrupt operator himself, blow away Biden's attorney general like this, this week? It was Biden, to spare his son prosecution, who got Ukraine's attorney general fired in the son-of-a-bitch event we all know about. Is Zelensky signalling that he doesn't approve of what Biden did at that time? I hope so.

But with Trump saying he's opposed to more military money to Ukraine, wouldn't Zelensky want Biden to win the 2024 election? Perhaps Zelensky has inside information that American Democrats have decided to sabotage Biden's 2024 run.

Good turn of events: "The CEO of Moderna, Stéphane Bancel, has come forward and confessed that their company manufactured 100,000 doses of C-19 vaccine in 2019, before the pLandemic even began!" But Trump said that his Warp Speed program was responsible for developing the vaccine in time to save millions of people. Now we find out it had already been developed before the pandemic began. We were told that they had to inspect the COVID virus first, then tailor a vaccine to it, and so how did Moderna have it already made and ready-to-go in 2019 unless they already knew what particular virus would be claimed / used for the plandemic? It works, it's logical, this corruption is purely expected.

Below is Moseder on the condemnation of Tony Fauci this week. If you remember, note that, in the 24th minute, Jeremy FARRAR, Tony Fauci, Francis Collins and Ian LIPkin are all in the same sentence. I'm going to repeat some of my events involving a pointer of God to FARRAH FAUCet, through Sharon Quinn (my old friend), which pointed also to the Fauchy's and Faux's/Fage's/CHOLLENS'.

(To follow better, load Fauchys now to load and view other surnames on another Internet tab.)

Sharon Quinn (attractive blonde) was the one, at a party thrown by Steve Mellanson (he's a big vaccine-poison topic in my last update), who punched Barry on the LIP, on the evening that I saw a blond in a snap-vision while waking up in the morning. I later wrote that the woman in the vision had looked like FARRAH Fawcett to me, but this was before the COVID plandemic, before I had any reason to see a Faucet-Fauci similarity. Fawcetts are listed with Faucets. I wrote about this event multiple times before realizing that Faughns, who share the so-called "compony" with Fawcetts/Faucets, were first found in Longford with Quinns, what are the chances? Plus, the Faughn-like Vaughns have a vaccine-like Vychan variation.

I didn't know about Jeremy Farrar until a long while after the COVID plandemic had started. Farrars share the horseshoe (different colors) with Farrah's while the Wuhan lab was using horseshoe bats to conduct gain-of-function work.

Sharon Quinn fulfilled the vision that night, about a minute after she punched Barry on the lip. The vision was a blond having a head ailment, and that night, immediately after she punched Barry (because he was sticking up for my becoming a Christian), Sharon ran down the hall to her brother's apartment, but fell at the door screaming uncontrollably, as one might when possessed. She was sick to her soul about me becoming a Christian...because she hated Christianity, I assume.

Sharrons share the PenderGRASS Coat, and when a surname uses a "grasshopper," it is likely code for the Grass(e) bloodline inherent in a grasshopper code. It's just more proof that grasshopper-using Fauchys apply to this event.

Lorraine was my girlfriend for a very short time (two weeks maybe three), when I lived at the home of a landlady who not only knew Sharon Quinn, but she happened to be over to her place while I lived there about the span of one month! This was about two years after the Fawcett vision. The Lorraine surname has a bend-with-eagles in the colors and format of the bend-with-horseshoes of Farrah's. Plus, it was my last night with Lorraine when the GRASS stain on her PANTs pointed, via Barry-like Barrs of Bar-le-Duc (in Lorraine), to James LeDuc of the National Galveston Lab who participated inside the Wuhan lab to help set it up / operate. The PANTers/Panders are being pointed to because of the PENDERgrass', you see. Both Sharon and Lorraine are pointing to Pendergrass'.

In fact, the Berrys / Barrys share heraldic "barry" with English Crispins while French Crispins, first found in Lorraine and sharing the bend of English Grasse's, share the pomegranate with Italian GRAZi's. The Berry barry is in the colors and the Punch barry, and the Punch's almost have the Coat of English Crispins. Sharon punched Barry in the face. None of the heraldry in this paragraph is new, and we can add that Pockets/Pouchers (probably Bus kin), sharing the Shield of English Crispins, look like kin of Porch's/Porchers, important for where my jean pocket is concerned, which I'll get to as I can.

Lorraine pointed to Bus' because I met her at a bus stop. About the day after I met her there, I moved into my place with the landlady who knew Sharon Quinn, and that was at the corner of lip-like Libby and Rumble (Richmond Hill, Ontario). The Rumble's share the Bus and Porch/Porcher cinquefoil.

Why might Sharrons have a "veritas" motto term. Did God arrange that term to suggest that He used Project Veritas recently when it reportedly uncovered Pfizer guilt in poison vaccines? Here's Moseder's video:

James O'Keefe

In the last update of last month (two updates ago), I re-explained why my coffee in Victoria pointed to James LeDuc as well as bio-weapons labs in Ukraine. It involved pointers from the Coffee/Coffer surname, and it happens to have coffee cups in Keefe colors. James O'Keefe has been the founder and shaker of Project Veritas.

The Coffee cups are the only heraldic cups I know of, and I've seen 30 or more of them in various surnames, that use handles on the sides. The Handle's and Handels happen to have the Moray Coat, which is a five-pointed-star version of the Duc/LeDuc Coat. The Coffee cups look like MUGs, and at 1 am on the morning of the day that I bought the coffee in Victoria, I was attacked by a mugger on Galveston. Coffee's use a "victoria" motto term. James O'Keefe was removed from the company recently upon admission of a Pfizer employee, caught on a Project Veritas hidden camera, that Pfizer engages in gain-of-function work.

Vissers/FISERs show nothing but three fessewise fish in the colors of the fesse of Coffee's and McCabe's. The latter show a "salmon" in both colors of the Visser/McCabe fish. Coincidences?

I'm not sure what story it might tell to add that Cudds, in Keefe colors too, share a hand holding a "dart" with Maine's who in turn have a Project-like "projeki" motto term. Maine's were first found in Devon with the French's in turn sharing a green dolphin in Crest with Coffee's. I've just loaded Maine-like Mane's, wow, to get the surname that I usually bring up as "Manet." It's a term in the "ImMOTA manet" motto of L'Aquila (share black-on-white eagle with Mane's/Manets). I've told many times that the Coffee Crest shares a naked rider on a dolphin with the Arms of Taranto, and that Motels, who happen to be a branch of Mota's, are said to have been in Taranto.

Portuguese Mota's are even in Coffee-cup and Keefe colors again, and meanwhile there's a Portuguese Abreu surname to go with the fact that Italian Abreu's are listed with Abruzzo's while L'Aquila is the capital of Abruzzo province.

Thus, as Mane's/Manets got us to Mota's, I think it's correct to point to Project Veritas from the "projeki" motto term of Maine's. It would make for a better case if the Sharrons / PENDERgrass', both using "Veritas," could be linked to Maine liners. Ahh, if "veRITAS" is part code for Ritas'/Rita's, note that the latter's lion, in PENDER lion-head colors, holds "PIECES of wood," for Peace's/Paise's are not only in McCabe colors and format while sharing the McCabe and Coffee bend (!!!), but they share the doves of Pansys/PANTers!!!!

This is the first time I've used the Ritas'/Rita's for a pointer to actors for poison vaccines, and so let's add that Ritas'/Rita's share the James lion, and that the other English James' have a dolphin while Dolfins/Dolphins were once said to be first found in Surrey with both James surnames. Is that a pointer to James O'Keefe? Oh wow, I had forgotten, until loading the James' after writing the last sentence, that the lion-using James' have a "Victor" motto!!!!! Incredible. My coffee is pointing to James O'Keefe!!!!

Irish Barrys were first found in Cork with Keefe's. Corks/Core's use "lion tails" while Tails/Tailors have lions, in the colors of the Cork/Core lion tails, on a black pale bar, the color of the pale bar of James-beloved Victors/Victoria's. How might the punch to Barry's face point to James O'Keefe? For one, we saw the "veritas" motto term of Sharrons.

To answer that question again, Project Veritas recently caught a Pfizer executive admitting that Pfizer advances viruses to more dangerous levels than natural virus', and then VISSers/Fisers share the fish of Hams (Hammer colors), the latter first found in Sussex with Hammers and Vise's/VICE's, a potential Victor branch. Hams are in the colors of the Hammer dolphins, and James' love the Dolfins/Dolphins. That works, especially as the Hammer dolphins are green in colors reversed, the color of the Coffee dolphin!!! Zowie, that's new and it works.

While I was still able to access the website that described Coats of Arms, I saw that Hams share the "salmon" (same colors) with Coffee-connectable McCabe's, perfect because Salemans, in Salmon colors, were first found in Surrey with James'! Dolfins/Dolphins are now said to be first found in Cumberland, where Salmons were first found!

Lorraine's pant stain had pointed to Pansys/Panters because they were first found in Westphalia with Ducks/Duckers while the pansy is a symbol in the Arms of Bar-le-DUC, a location in Lorraine, France. It's plain to realize that German Ducks were related to a noble family at Bar-le-Duc. The Barrs who named Bar-le-Duc were also in Brunswick to explain why Duce's/Duceys have the Brunswick Coat in colors reversed, and the latter's lions are in the colors of the lion heads of English Ducks, first found in Somerset with Coffers/Coffare's (Keefe and Coffee-cup colors). English Ducks even share the stars of Coffee-beloved Victoria's. The Lorraine lions are colors reversed from the Keefe lion.

I'm beside myself because the coffee in Victoria is pointing to James O'Keefe. The vaccine companies have actually patented the COVID virus, but as a virus cannot be patented, the viruses were patented as bio-weapons. The Patents/Pattens probably have the green Leslie griffin head in Crest to go with green Coffee Crest. Patents/Pattens have a "culpa" motto term suspect with the Culp variation Coffee-beloved Cups/Cope's, the latter first found in Aberdeenshire with Leslie's and Mellansons. Pattons (not "Patten") share the Mellanson crescents.

The DOLfins/Dolphins beloved in the Coffee Crest are in Dol colors, and while Dol is near the Motte location of French Henrys, those locations are in Brittany, where Duc's/LeDuc's were first found who happen to be in Dolfin/Dolphin colors and format. Is that not amazing? Plus, French Henrys use martlets in the colors of the same of French Alans and Velens, though I have it recorded that the latter two surnames once showed ducks in the same colors. To prove it, Velins (not "velen"), still showing ducks, were first found in Westphalia with Ducks/Duckers (compare with Valence's) and Velens. The Velens use ducks as a fesse in the colors of the fesse of English Alans, known to be from Dol. This is a tidy way to point my coffee in Victoria to James LeDuc, but I didn't realize this method until very recently.

The dolphin-using James' share a "jamais" motto term with Douglas' , the latter, having the Moray / Murray stars in Chief, first found in Moray with Bellys. The latter share the roses of Italian Mota's, and between the two Belly roses is the eight-pointed star of Ducs/LeDucs, which tends to assure that Morays are Ducs/LeDucs are using the same Coat but for the number of points on their stars.

Scottish Moors/More's have a star-version of the Nagle Coat, and these stars are half in the colors of the Moray Murray stars. Nagle's share the Fauci lozenge likely because they named Oneglia in Liguria, for Fauci's (share Tromp Shield Coat) were first found in Liguria too. Oneglia is now Imperia, and it just so happens that Irish Murrays, with the Moray Coat, have an "Imperio" motto term. German Nagle's/Nails/Neils were first found in Westphalia with LeDuc-connectable Ducks. If it looks like a duck and walks like a duck, Fauci must be a medical quack.

It just so happens that Irish Moors almost have the Keefe Coat, and both surnames were first found in Munster. Therefore, we repeat that "jaMAIS" is a motto term shared between Douglas' of Moray and James'. James O'Keefe, and James' almost have the "victoria" motto term of Keefe-like Coffee's.

The Mais'/Mays have the rock design of Roque's, and the latter were first found in Languedoc with Roquefeuil, the proto-Rockefellers who own much of medicine. Likewise first found in Languedoc are French Narbonne's, and a Narbonne location happens to be in Aude province in particular, location also of Roquefeuil. Aude's (Roque colors) were first found in Savoy with the Mane's/Manets in the Arms of L'Aquila with "ImMOTA." Italian Narbonne's/Denardo's share the Mais/May tower. The Arms of Roquefeuil is in the colors of the Coffee cups having Handles, and Handle's / Handels almost have the Duc/LeDuc star, which is the eight-pointed star of Feller-like Fells in colors reversed. Rockefellers were made up of Fellers, the latter almost having the Falls/Fallis Coat, and the latter share the James lion / Ritas/Rita lion. I took the Ritas' off of "veritas."

It's just amazing that while Belly-connectable Douglas' were James kin, the "ARRIEre" motto term of Douglas' can be gleaned as code for the Arie's/AIRys, noting that Ayers with an "air" motto term were first found in Ayrshire with Scottish Moors/More's. The Aire's/Airys share the Coat of Italian Belli's in the "belli" motto term of Scottish Bellys. Italian Belli's were first found in Verona while Verona's nearly have the Feller Coat. Why might Verona's come up as virus-like Vires'? "Vero bello" is a Bouillon motto phrase. "Vero" is a motto term of Vers/Weirs having the Moray stars and looking like Belly kin.

I knew a Vera (Ukrainian accent) who packed used clothes in large boxes and shipped them to her native land of Ukraine. She would call me when she wanted to ship them because I would load them into my van and drive her to the cargo company. I've never mentioned this before with virus advancements in Ukraine labs in mind, but it works thanks to her name. She's passed away now. She lived at the time in Holland Landing, and Hollands are interesting for sharing the lion of Falls/Fallis'. It looks like another pointer to Rockefeller vaccines.

I've found her in the 5th update of July, 2022: "I once knew an elderly Ukrainian lady named, Vera, to go with "Varangian." She lived in the HOLLAND Landing, an area famous for its black soil, and thus it's farmland. She spent her entire days, in the years that I knew her, gardening and sending clothes to churches in Ukraine." Verona-like Varangians ruled Kiev, the Ukraine capital.

Hallands, first found in Yorkshire with Bruce's, SCHOLE's/Scayle's, and Pullys/Pullens, have the giant Holland lion in colors reversed. Hallands share the James / Jean/J'Anes and Bruce lion while Jeans/J'Anes' share the Pully/Pullen scallops while the latter share the Patent/Patten motto i.e. that includes the Coffee-beloved Culps/Cups/Cope's. Patents/Pattens share the Schole/Scayle Shield. Scottish Patents/PUTINs were first found in Dumfries with Bruce's of Annandale, and with the Bells in the Coat of French Jeans/Geans. The letter were first found in Languedoc with proto-Rockefellers, French Falcons, and with bell-using Costs while Costello's (falcon in Crest) who in turn share the Fauci lozenge. Narbonne is in Languedoc while Narbonne's/Denardo's share the Mais/May tower while Costello's were first found in Mayo. English Falcons share the Demy/DuMAIS/LeMAY chevron.

Costello's have a "Ne te quaesiVERIS" motto phrase looking like part-code for the Neets (bat wings?), and then Needs/Neme's/Name's (green griffin head with perhaps the Mayo crown) can be of the Knees/NEE-branch Needhams because "NE te" can be for Nee's too. Neets were first found in Cambridgeshire with Knees-like News'/Nuces'.

I had locked myself into my NISSAN truck from the inside with a pair of VICE-GRIPs, and the Leslie's who share the Need/Neme/name griffin head use a "Grip" motto term. Vice's/Vise's were first found in Sussex with Coffee-connectable Hams / Hammers, with Coverts/Cofferts connectable to the Coffer variations of Coffee's (share green Crest with Coffee's), and with the Courts/Coverts who love Grands who share the Mayo crowns. Mayo's were in Norfolk with Leslie-related Case's. Vise's/Vice's share the Knees/Nee stag head, and the mugger in Galveston woke me from outside the Nissan, and then, when I got out of the truck, he motioned like he was stabbing me toward the belly with a fake KNIFE (see two updates for that story). I blocked his swing by raising my knee, and the "weapon" popped out of his hand when hitting the knee.

Knife's/Nons were kin of Knees'-like Kness'/Ness' (look like Falcon kin), and Ness'/Nessans can point to my Nissan. Niss' (Rhineland with Vaux-connectable Salome's) are in the colors and format of Clots (Lorraine), a potential pointer to blood clots. Bloods/Bluds (share brown stag with Nissans) may have named Bled, beside Lesce, the latter being where I can trace Leslie's and Less'/Lesks. Nissans were first found in Hamburg while German HAMburgs may have the Knee/Nee bend closely due to Hams being first found in the same place as Vise's/Vice's. English Hamburgs use an Attila-like "utili" motto term while Bled (not far from HUNgary) could logically have been named by Bleda, Attila's brother. English Hamburgs have a "PRAEfero" motto term while Irish Prays were first found in County Down with Knees'/Nee's. English Hamburgs can be traced with Trips to Trypillians at Kiev.

The Carni peoples lived at/beside Bled, and Carns almost have the Coat of Wells/Wellers, the latter first found in Rhineland with Niss'. Carns and Wells/Wellers use giant pelicans while Pellicans (Maine) share the tower of English Hamburgs. Carnys were first found in County Mayo with Costello's (the Fauci-connectable ones with "Ne").

OH wow. As I've said many times, I clamped the vice-grips on the LATCH inside the truck in such a way as to keep it from turning. Without a turn of the latch, the hatch was locked. Not only do Hatch's share the Brunswick Coat for a pointer to Duce's'/Duceys, but Latch's have just stunned me because they share the Costello / Fauci lozenges in the form used for them by Nagle's!!! Bingo. Latch's are in the colors of the "Grip"-using Leslie's, and the two may have been branches. For example, Latch-like Lasks/Leasks were first found in Aberdeenshire with Leslie's. Lasks/Leasks share the mascle of Fauci-connectable English Faux's. Is that not amazing? This paragraph has new material.

The Lask/Leask Chief is shared by Duck-like Douglas-related Selkirks, and the Douglas Chief is shared by Scottish Kidds who in turn share the Lask/Leask Crest. See the Chief also of SELKirk-like Sellicks.

The Lask/Leask escutcheons is used by Allers, first found in Westphalia. Repeat: "German Nagle's/Nails/Neils were first found in Westphalia with LeDuc-connectable Ducks." The Latch-connectable Irish Nagle's use a "nightinGALE" because German Nagle's/Nails/Neils share the saltire of Gale's, and while the fesse-with-items of Gale's are in the colors and format of the same of Irish Nagle's and Latch's/Leasks, the latter were first found in GALLoway.

The Clubs/Clobbes' seen above were suspect with the "COLAPIS" river, where I trace the "cups" of Coffee's. The coffee and NEWSpaper in Victoria pointed to News's/Nuces', first found in Cambridgeshire, where Clubs/Clobbes' were once said to be first found. English Neve's show a giant fish in the colors of the Club/Clobbes fish. The Nuse's/Newes' were first found in Hertfordshire with Childs, and I say the latter are in Club/CLOBBES colors and format because the two are from king CHILDeric, father of king CLOVIS.

I showed, two updates ago, how Victorys/NEBo's -- now suspect in a James motto -- are connectable to News'/Nuces' who in turn initially came to topic because I bought a newspaper and coffee in Victoria. That's all I did in that place as I drove by. The News'/Nuces' have the same Shield design as Madge's/Machets (Coffee-cup colors), but in different colors, and Madge's/Machets happen to have been first found in Surrey with MUGGs/Mudge's and James'. I was mugged on the day I bought the newspaper and coffee, and so it appears that I need to consider the fine points of that mugging as it can point to Mr. O'Keefe's organization, though I'm already convinced God used the mugging to point to its exposure of Pfizer's poison vaccines. The vice-grips are now pointing to fish-using Vissers/Fisers, you see.

Although the first-known Madge's/Machets is said to be Mr. Maggard of Surrey, the write-up adds: "Distinguished members of the family include John Machet, Rector of Lambeth, county Surrey in 1526." Lambeths/Lamberts were first found in Surrey. Maggard-like Magers/Majors are also MAYers to possibly go with the Mais'/Mays. In fact, Magers/Majors have a Coat like that of Annas' (Cambridgeshire with News'), once said to be first found in Nottinghamshire with the AINSleys who in turn share the Magde/Machet fleur-de-lys.

The My's twice in the Ainsley motto, likewise first found in Nottinghamshire, share the boar heads of Scottish McGee's, and while the letter have the McGethe's in their write-up, Irish McGee's have leopard faces to go with the leopard heads (different colors) of Machet-like Magets/Magots/Meggats. The latter were first found in Selkirkshire with the Selkirks/SALkirks sharing the "JaMAIS arriere" motto of Douglas', and both use a SALaMANDER while the Mander Coat looks related to the Ainsley Coat.

Recalling how Maine's are the ones with a "proJEKI" motto term, let's add that the Madge/Machet fesse-with-fleur is in the colors and format of the fesse-with-scallops of Scottish JACKs, the latter first found in Yorkshire with early Machets. Maine's were first found in Devon with MANders and Mands, and the latter two both have the rarity of a bird facing the left side (viewer's right) of the Shield. The Mane's/Manets happen to share the eagle in the Chief of Mando's/LaMantea's (HICKson colors). It's interesting that the latter's stags are colors reversed from those of Trudeau's.

It appears that Manets named Mantua as per mythical Manto, a Hyksos entity (see "Manto" last update), and so we can add here that even Hicks' share the Madge/Machet and Ainsley fleur-de-lys. Especially where Hicks' and News'/NUCES' share the "chaplet," I showed how the newspaper in Victoria pointed to a Miss Hicks with a ranch upon the NUECES river. Mythical Manto's sister was Daphne, and it just so happens that the Dauphine surname has a giant dolphin on a red Shield, the James symbol too. The dolphin-using James' have an "Jaime" motto term, perhaps code for the Aime variation of Ainsley-like Ains'/Hains. The Fix's/Vicka's/Fecks might be using the Mane/Manet and Mando/LaMantea eagle closely.

In comparison to the James dolphin fessewise, the Dauphine dolphin is vertical. It's the only thing on the Shield, as is the one, vertical bar of English Vicks/Vecks in the same colors as the Dauphine dolphin (and in Victory/Nebo colors too). Therefore, it appears that the Victors/Victoria's/Vechters/Fichters in the James motto were a branch of Vicks/Vecks, especially as Victors/Victoria's have one vertical bar too, albeit in black on red. The News'/Nuces' had brought the Nuse's/Newes' to topic, who have two white, vertical bars to go with the one, white-on-red bar of Vicks/Vecks. This tends to indicate that the newspaper actually links to Victoria liners, that being extra evidence for you that God set up the event for pointers.

The Victor/Victoria stars are in the colors of the same of Scottish Vaux's, first found in East Lothian with Fawcetts/Faucets, I almost missed that. Plus, Nuse's/Newes' share a mascle, though not in the same colors, with English Faux's while French Faux's/CHOLLENS' are the ones first found in Perigord with grasshopper Fauchys. A mascle is a hollow lozenge, and English Faux's have a giant mascle to go with the giant lozenge (different colors) of Fauci's. I had missed this Victoria link to Fauci liners! It was right in the Victoria stars all along. The Fauci lozenge is in the colors of the similar mascles of Seneca's, perhaps God's pointer to AstraZENECA vaccines.

English Vaux's were first found in Cumberland with Dolfins/Dolphins. Plus, if DolFINs were a Dol-Fein/Finn merger, note that Feins/Finns share the FINchem Coat, both sharing the pale bar of Finch's/Vince's expected in the "Vincit VERITAS" motto of Sharrons / Pendergrass'.

The vertically-split Fauci Shield is shared by Dutch Tromps while German Tromps are also Trumps. "Trumpets" are used by Calls/Calles', first found in Wiltshire with Hoppers suspect in the Fauchy grasshopper.

As I've said, on the morning I had the vision with Farrah Faucet, to the best of my recollection, it was a few minutes at most afterward, while I was still in bed, when I heard an "audible" voice telling me to write down that there was going to be a fight / disagreement at Steve Mellanson's tonight. And so I wrote this down on some paper and put the NOTE into my JEAN pocket (I always wore jeans). English Jeans/ J'Anes' share the James lion. Decades later, I learned that Note's/Cnuts share the Mellanson crescents, but the Hopper-point here is that they were once said to be first found in Derbyshire with Hope's/HOPERs (in Note/Cnut colors and format), where they named a Hope location.

Jeans/J'Anes' share the Halland lion while Hallands above share the drops of Note's/Cnuts. The latter share the crescents of Patons, first found in Shropshire with Hope's/Hopers. Hallands had been part of the pointers to Ukraine, and so we should ask how many bio-weapon patents have been secured from American labs in Ukraine.

As it happened, I had forgotten about this note in my pocket while at Steve's. He had thrown a party that night, and Barry's gang went, but at about 8pm they decided to go out, and I went with them, though we returned to the party a couple of hours afterward. They went to the Village Inn, a bar, in BRADford, Ontario, and I was reluctant to drink while there. It surprised me that they drove that far, about a half-hour away, but I think I can show that God arranged it to prove he's pointing to Sharons. BRADs, with a giant lion head in the colors of the Falls/Fallis lions, were once said to be first found in Midlothian with the Falls/Fallis'. The Penders share the Brad lion head, and Sharrons share the Coat and motto of PENDERgrass'.

I had the note in my jean POCKET all that time, and Pockets were first found in Lincolnshire with English Grasse's who happen to share the Falls/Fallis / James lion, ain't that a hoot? It tends to predict that Penders have the Grasse lion too due to a marriage that produced the Pendergrass'. Shared heraldry is legally passed down through generations via marriages. This paragraph would not have been written had we not gone to Bradford.

When we got back to the party, I was sitting at the dining-room table with Sharon, and Joe Oullette was there if I recall correctly. I sensed a moving of the Spirit on me, which I say with confidence because I had been a Christian only a couple of weeks, and did sense the Spirit coming into me at that time, an experience I've never had before. And so I started to tell the gang about Jesus, and, shocked, a concerned (not hateful) Sharon immediately said, "don't be a fool." Barry piped up to stick up for me, and so she got up and punched him one on the FACE. Face's/Fessys use a "signo" motto term for the Segni's/Segurana's, first found in Genova with FAUCI's. Segni's/Segurana's share the eagle of Barry-like Barrs (and Aquila's). This eagle is shared by Perins, first found in Lorraine and connected in the last update to Bellys.

Ashamed of what she had done, Sharon ran out of the apartment to her brother's apartment, but didn't make it into the door. Outside the door she fell and started to scream, and so a few of use ran down to see her, and when she stopped screaming they put her on a couch, at which time I went back to Mellanson's, but as I was getting to Mellanson's door, he stopped me there to say he wasn't happy about my leaving the party, and that's when I remembered the note, handing it to him then. He didn't believe I had written it in the morning at the direction of God. He said, "you just wrote that now."

STEVEN Mellansons was inside the DOOR, and I was outside the door when handing him the note, and Sharon had fallen at a door, and then the English Doors, looking like they have a version of the Gates Coat, have a Scottish branch sharing the leopard faces of WRITE's. I was told to write Steve a note, and Write's have a reflection of one STEVENson Coat sharing a blue fleur-de-lys of Morinis' who in turn have double fesses colors reversed from the same of Write's/RIGHTs. Mellansons have a Coat like that of Maurels/MAURINO's. I remember that the note was in my right pocket, as could be expected from someone who's right-handed.

The note was a piece of paper, and Papers/PEPPERwells were first found in Gloucestershire with Stevens. The latter use the "falcon" while both English Falcons and Papers/Pepperwells share the Belly chevron. The Maurice's (beside Gloucestershire) share the lion of Peppers, in the colors of nearby CARNs to help explain the "CARNations" of Papers/PepperWELLs. German Wells/Wellers share the giant pelican on red, with a nest, with Carns (same design throughout).

Wells/Wellers were first found in Rhineland with the Salome's who in turn essentially have the Coat of Scottish Vaux's/Vallibus, whom someone said were a branch of Wells. We got here from the note, and it had to do with a pointer of Farrah Fawcett (died of cancer) to Faucets, first found in East Lothian, beside Falls/Fallis' of Midlothian, with Vaux's/Vallibus'. English Vaux's/ValliBUS' were first found in Cumberland with English Falcons and Salmons. BUS' have the Pocket Coat in colors reversed. Salome's recalls the Salmons and Salemans in an important heraldic set above that tended to point to James O'Keefe.

It should be added that German Wells/Wellers were first found in both Rhineland and Westphalia, the latter said to be where German Lipps were first found. Sharon punched Barry on the lip, and Barrs of Bar-le-Duc were from Ducks of Westphalia, how about that. It was Lorraine's pant stain that pointed to German Ducks, and then Weller-like Wheelers/Whellers (Worcestershire, beside Herefordshire) share the Lorraine lion! James-connectable Jeans were first found in Worcestershire too.

I can no longer find the article telling that German Barrs shared the Arms of Bar-le-Duc but for "Baars" of Brunswick, and this can explain why Scottish Lipps, first found in Aberdeenshire with Mellansons and Faucet-connectable Millens/Milans/MELLENTs, share the brown lion with Browns/BRUNs, the latter first found in Cumberland with the Vaux's/Vallibus' who in turn share the Arms of Meulan, a location also called, MELLENT.

There is a question as to whether Mellents point to MELINDa Gates, wife of Bill Gates, and so we go back here to the English Doors having a version of the Gates Coat. Is this why I gave the note to Mellanson at his door, as a pointer the Bill Gates? English Doors use bees, and "Be" is a motto term of Scottish Vaux's/Vallibus'. The Gates lion is not only the one of Irish Doors and Papers/Pepperwells, but of Beaumonts/Bellmonts, and Beaumonts were rulers of Meulan/Mellent and Leicester. The latter is where Peppers were first found. I'm pretty sure I had read that Wells were related to these Beaumonts of Meulan.

New. I can possibly get a pointer to the corrupt Merrick Garland with Mellanson's door, Biden's attorney general, first because Stevensons use a "garland," and second because Merricks (Wales, beside Herefordshire) are suspect as a branch of Maurice's/Morice's and their Morris/Morice branch, both first found in Herefordshire with English Doors. Beside Herefordshire is beside BRECONshire, where Williams were first found who share the gyronny of Hoppers, and then, whatever the Hope/Hoper Crest is called, whether "earth" or "world," it's BROKEN.

Stevens were first found in neighboring Gloucestershire (beside Herefordshire), and these Stevens share a solid white-on-blue chevron with French Chappes', first found in Ile-de-France with Mellans. Scottish Chappes' were first found in Stirlingshire with Earths/D'Airths in case the Hope/Hoper Crest is called an "earth."

Ile-de-France is also where Page-branch Lepage's were first found who come up as Lepps', perhaps signalling that Lipps had been Page liners. I can't recall how large the paper was on which I wrote Mellanson a note, but a full page makes sense. Hmm, above I had said, "The note was a PIECE of paper," and Peace's/Paise's share the dove (different color) with Paise-like English Page's/PAIGE's (Devon with Mellanson-beloved Rods). Mellansons share the fesse of LePage's/Lepps', and the latter's Coat looks related to Italian Bono's/Bonons, first found in Milan! Half of the Bono/BONONs lion is the giant one of German Lipps!!! This is new material, which connects the note in my pocket to the punch to the lip as Barry sat on Mellanson's living-room floor.

PLUS, Punch-like and Pinc- / Ping-branch Panico's/Pane's were first found in BONONia with PAISley-branch Pasi's/Pace's/Pascels!!! Beauty, and Paisleys share the anchor of Packs, the latter first found in Sussex with Bone's/Bohuns. French Page's were first found in Dauphine with Pans/PAGans while Pings are Pagans too! Dauphine's share the dolphin (different colors) with French Bone's!

To top it off, the Douglas' of Morice-like Moray have a Chief in the colors and format of the Stevenson Chief. German Stevens share the Garland Coat, you see, explaining the Stevenson garland...which is shared by the Stains, recalling Lorraine's grass stain. Stevensons are also STEINsons, revealing that they were a Stain branch. Stains, once said to be first found in Yorkshire with Bradfords, are now said to be first found in Middlesex with the Fiers/Fears in the Bradford motto. The Peacocks, in the Bradford peacock, have the Fears in their motto, and Peacocks were first found in Essex too.

The green Stevens and Stain garland is held by a hand, as is the green garland-like item of Fiddle's/Fidelows who are expected in the "FIDELis" motto term of the Scottish Barrys who share the Fiddle/Fidelow wolf head. Fiddle's were first found in Surrey with James'. Fiddle's/FIDElows are said to have named VIS-de-lou, and Vise's/Vice's have a stag head colors reversed from the same of Fido's/Fittes'/Fette's, kin, I think, of the neighboring ProFETTs/Prophets whose giant leg can explain the "legi fidelis" motto phrase of Fiddle's/Fidelows. Vise's/Vice's recalls the Vissers/Fisers.

Hope's/Hopers were once said to be first found in Derbyshire with Morleys while Bradfords are said to have been first found in Yorkshire's Bradford of Morley. It should be added that Knee-branch Needhams were first found in Derbyshire, while I got down on one knee to pray for Sharon when she started to scream, and within two or three minutes I was at Mellanson's door. English Morleys almost have the Morland Coat, and Westmorland is where LIPtons were first found. Liptons share the black wolf head with Bradfords, and we had gone to a BAR in Bradford just before Sharon punched Barry on the lip. I saw blood drops at his lip.

Jewish Lipkins/Lippmanns are interesting for showing nothing but two fesses in the colors of nothing-used but two fessewise lions of Brunswicks. That's new and amazing along with the brown Lipp lions. Irish Collins' are suspect with the brown lions of Ramps/Rumps (Cumberland with Browns/Bruns). The Lipkins/Lippmanns are new to me yesterday when I saw them in the news like so: "Below is Moseder on the condemnation of Tony Fauci this week. If you remember, note that, in the 24th minute, Jeremy FARRAR, Tony Fauci, FRANCIS Collins and Ian LIPkin are all in the same sentence." One Francis surname was first found in Derbyshire with Note's and Morleys, and Morleys had pointed to Aids'/Ade's while AIDS is a disease caused by poison vaccines.

It doesn't look like a coincidence that Francis-like French's share the green dolphin in Crest with Coffee's who in turn share the fesse of Italian Franchi's/Franca's/Franks and Spanish Franca's/Franses'. Is that cool or what, because my coffee even points to Francis Collins. The beauty of the English Francis' (Oxfordshire) is that they share the Terent/Tarant Coat while the Coffee Crest is essentially the Arms of Taranto. That is really cool, Oh Lord, fascinating. The Derbyshire Collins' even share a green Crest (tree stump) with Coffee's and French's. Stumps were first found in Sussex with the Coffee-connectable Hams and Hammers.

Furs/Firs, with a white unicorn, have variations like the Ferrers, and the latter, sharing horseshoes (different colors) with Farrars, have a white unicorn in Crest too. here's the scoop a couple of weeks ago on Jeremy Ferrar: "The World Health Organization said on Tuesday that Jeremy Farrar will become its new chief scientist..." I think this begins next month. While Ferrers' were first found in Staffordshire near Market-Drayton, Drydens were first found in ForFARshire with Farrars.

A good pointer to Jeremy Farrar is with the Jeremy surname because it has symbols forming a single pale bar in the colors of the Necker pale bar, and neither Coat shows anything else. "Nec" is a motto term I trace to the Neckar river, and Jeremys happen to use "Nec" twice. It just so happens that while Stuttgart is on the Neckar, the Arms of Stuttgart shares the logo of the FERRARi car company. You can see that logo with Italian Forts/Fortino's, first found in Ferrara, and then Ferrari's share the giant lion of Drydens and Draytons. Spanish Ferrara's have horseshoes in the colors of the Farrar horseshoes.

Fauci and Collins were paying EcoHEALTH, and the latter had brought up the Helts a lot longer ago than when recently finding the Helton variation of Belli-connectable Eltons. The latter's six pale bars are colors reversed from the same to Jermains/Germans, and Jeremys are Jermains too. I think this convinces me already that God arranged the heraldry to point to Jeremy Ferrar. English Jermains/Germans were first found in Essex with Hickes' of Low Leighton, and Hicksons share the Helt Coat. Jeremys/Jermains share the crescent of Morte/Motts, first found in Essex.

The Crest French Germains/Jermains are excellent for having a giant fleur-de-lys in the colors of the Tickhill fleur, and the latter, first found in Yorkshire with Hicks, includes one of the Hicks fleur. Ticks (Yorkshire) look like kin of Stumps (griffin heads on black) who were in turn early in Essex. Ticks (griffin heads on black) were once said to be first found in Kent, where Deaths (griffin on black) were early who share the Morte/Mott and Jeremy crescent. The Death's/D'Arth's of Kent were at Knowlton while Knowltons are in Morton colors and format.

The Galveston mugger had both his hands round my neck, and as I bought a newspaper later that day, I discovered (more than 20 years later) that German Neckers have one pale bar in the colors of the two of Nuse's/Newes', which pointed to the NOOSE around Epstein's neck [see British's/Brodicks later in this update for more Epstein pointers]. I'm repeating this because there is a "PARCHment" in the News/Nuces Crest while English Parkers were first found in Somerset with Coffee-connectable Coffers/Coffare's who are in turn in the colors and format of the other English Parkers who in turn use another "nec" motto term.

It really is remarkable that News' should have a Crest that puts us on Coffee liners so neatly, and there is a Parchment surname listed with Parkmans who are in Charlie/Chorley colors and format. Their Charley branch (at another Chorley location), first found in Leicestershire with PARKings/Perkins, show a Charlette variation while Miss Hicks is Charlotte. Is that neat or what?

To the best of my recollection, I purchased a fiberglass British bulldog within a month before or after the Galveston mugging (1994), but I didn't remember the British bulldog in this 1979 dream until 1996, which was the same year that I started to think that Sleeping Beauty was Miss Hicks, whom I had seen for the first time in December of 1994.

The Parkers in Coffer colors and format were first found in Derbyshire, where lines from king AMYNTes of Galatia resided, and so the "parchMENT" becomes suspect with Mynett / Mant/Ment liners, perfect because Mants/Mans (dragon) are in the colors of the Mynett-related Dragons/Drainers. The latter were not only first found in Kent with Mynetts (probably share the Dragon/Drainer helmet), but with the British's/Brodicks who share the stag head of the Derbyshire Parkers. Beside that stag head, British's/Brodick may have the Hicks chaplet, important because "chaplets" are in the News/Nuces Coat too. Miss Hicks appeared in the Sleeping Beauty dream with a British bulldog.

The line of Amyntes produced Quadratilla Bassus, queen of Cetis, and Cetis is where the Kennati priests of Ajax resided, the line to Irish Kennedys who almost have the Mynett Coat.

I'll say it again, that one day (1996) I opened a CLOSEt door to get some clothes, at which time a realization, like a lightning bolt, came as through the ceiling into my head: "the bulldog. The bulldog in the garage must be the one in the dream." But it wasn't until 2016 that I realized hard God's use of events and dreams in my life to be worked our heraldically, and that's roughly when realizing that my seeing a CLOSE-up of Beauty's face (in the dream) is to be a pointer to Kilpatrick castle at CLOSEburn. That's why I think the bulldog came to mind at the CLOSEt when getting my CLOThes. Clots/DuCLOS's appear to apply, especially as they almost have the Parchment Coat.

Sleeping Beauty was framed as my bride, and Close's almost have the French Bride Coat. The black eagle head in the Crest of Scottish Bride's is even in the Charlie Crest. Sleeping Beauty appeared at a car, and Cars, first found in Lancashire with CHARlie's, have the Charlie chevron in colors reversed. Yet Charlotte Hicks-Kilpatrick never became my wife.

New: the closet event above was on a street named, Stiver, and so I've just looked up Stivers/Sturtevants (Nottinghamshire with Ainsleys) to find that they essentially have the Charley/Charlette Coat! How can this be? What kind of a cosmic "trick" is being "played" on me, and why? Ainsleys have the Kings in their motto who share the CAROL lion. Kings were first found in Devon with the English STUARTs/Stewarts who in turn have the giant Stiver/STURTevant lion in colors reversed. While Charlie's are in Parchment/Parkman colors and format, Scottish Stuarts / Stewarts share the checkered Park fesse.

More cosmic tricks. Kingstons (share King lion) are said to have received a title near a Hart river, begging whether Earhardts had been named from that river. I went looking online to see where this river might be, and google brought up a Hartley entity. Not familiar with Hartleys, though by that time the Snake's had been loaded, as per the Earhardt snakes, to see that Snake's are in Close colors and format and even sharing the Parking/Perkin fleur-de-lys. It therefore shocked to see that Hartleys (Yorkshire with Hicks) almost have the Ainsley Coat. Snake's were first found in Kent with a Hartley location older than Hartley in Yorkshire.

Hartleys share the cinquefoils of ARDens, and "Ardens" is a motto of Petts who in turn share the mascles of heart-using Bullys. Roger de Bully was a Yorkshire character (in the Tickhill and Jump write-ups). Walter of Aincourt is in the Jump write-up, and Aincourts include an Ainsley-like Ainey variation. The British bulldog had JUMPed into the pool, and Jumps share the Trump stag head. The Arden-like Hardens have a Harden location in West Yorkshire with Hartley.

I bought my British bulldog in Hamilton, and Hamiltons share the Blank cinquefoil while Blankney is where Aincourts/Aineys were first found. Miss Hicks married Hamilton Kilpatrick. Blankneys share the six pellets of Lace's/Lacys (Yorkshire), while Bus', who share the Blank Coat, were first found in Norfolk with Luce's/Lucys. Blankneys and Aincourts were first found in Lincolnshire with LUCY Taillebois, wife of Ranulph le Meschin whose family married Skiptons of Yorkshire who in turn share the purple lion with Irish Lace's/Lacys.

Hardens look like kin of Bonnie's (share fleur of Earhardts) because Ainsleys were first found in Basford with Bunnys. As Sleeping Beauty was hovering, and as Hovers/Hoffers may have been a Hefner branch, Hugh Hefner's Playboy bunnies come to mind. Sleeping Beauty was that type of lady. I didn't know until writing the last sentence that Hefners have a bend-with-items in the colors and format of the same (different items) of Bonnie's and Hardens. Hefners use lion heads in the colors of the Bunn/Bone / Bone/Bohun lions, and "bon" is a Hicks motto term. It's a cosmic trick, informing me that I'm going to marry both Miss Hicks and Ainsley Earhardt in my old age.

Irish Harts share the lion of English Heffers/Heffners (Somerset with Coffers) and Hevers/Heafers/Hephers/EVERs (Kent with Hartley), and then Evers/Eure's are expected in the "bon heure" motto phrase of Hicks. You can't believe this, but why point to Playboy with Epstein's island? Was Epstein grooming bunnies for Playboy? Sorry for getting sidetracked, but it's been pulling me along because many of these links are new to me.

The Earhardt description in-part is: "...two intertwined snakes, ENCIRCLING a fleur-de-lys." Circle's are listed with German KURCHners/Church's while KIRKbys share the crescents of Irish Heffers and English Coffers, and the latter were first found in Somerset with English Church's. Neat and tidy packages here. The SAWyers/Sawers, with a "Cherches" motto term, were first found in Somerset if we ignore the earlier Mr. Sagyere of Berkshire, and list him with snake-using, English Seagers/Sagars instead. German Seagers/Sagars probably share the Snake eagle. The Hamiltons use a "saw" in a tree, and Miss Hicks married Hamilton Kilpatrick.

Hefners are also HAAFners, which recalls that Have's/Haafs share ducks with Velins, the latter first found in Westphalia with Ducks/Dockers (linkable to Doctors/Dockers) and Hovers/Hoffers! Beauty. Sleeping Beauty must have been a Playboy bunny, though note also that while Hooks have a blue-Shield version of the Hicks Coat, it could be pointing to Hookers. The Hooks (Devon) share the Earhardt / Bonnie fleur-de-lys. It appears very correct that Ainsley Earhardt is the alternative fulfillment of Sleeping Beauty, a claim that's now older than a year.

The Haeften/Haaften variations of Have's/Haafs evokes the "country OFTEN" motto phrase of Ainsleys. I can't find an often-like surname aside from Haaftens. Country's, first found in Kent with Hartley, with Snake's, and with Hevers/Heafers/Hephers/Evers, share the Earhardt fleur again, as well as the single pile of Beach's, and Sleeping Beauty was on Epstein's beach. It was around 2016 when I said that Mr. Kilpatrick died at 89, the age of Hugh Hefner's death.

[Alert -- After reading below in this update's Epstein-related matter as pointed to by Sleeping Beauty, which is the best evidence yet, see the next update for some incredible heraldic pointers that likewise connects Sleeping Beauty to Epstein.]

I think Francis Collins calls himself a Christian, and so he tried to convince all pastors to push the vaccines, not cool, but criminal. You owe people their lives, Mr. Collins, and you cannot repay this debt. Fall on your knees and beg forgiveness, scoundrel, and confess your sin to the world, and turn-in your partners in crime to the police, or why should God spare you hell-fire for eternity? Tell us, why should He spare you??? You put in your lot with murderous criminals, scoundrel.

In trying to find what in Oxfordshire the Francis' were first found with, the Bee's came to mind, which brought the "Be faithful" motto of Scottish Vaux's/Vallibus' to mind because I remembered that German Faiths/Veits/Feits have two Coats in one Shield, one of which has three bends in the colors of the two bends of Oullys (Oxfordshire), and neither Coat adds anything else. The Faiths/Faithfuls (Norfolk with Platters) use "plates" while Platters have three bends too, in blue, the colors of the three Faith/Veit/Feit bends. [Insert -- The Plains can be gleaned as a Palin-Platter marital merger, and Palins were first found in Dorset with Eaton-connectable Hats/Hades' below.

It was Michael Oullette who was used by God to give Lorraine her feet symbol for the Feit-like Feets/Fate's, at the instant he blurted (beside me), "what a babe," when he first saw her. The Plains/Platters, first found in Suffolk with Babe's, have a giant fitchee, and Fitch's/Fitts are thus suspect with Feit / Feet / Fothes/Fittes'/Fette liners. However, Babe's were once said to be first found in Dorset with the Hats/Hades', a branch of Haydens, and it was this week when I discovered the Heatons (West Yorkshire with Dents) sharing the Fothes/Fitt/Fette stag head in an undeniable link because the latter share "industria" in their motto with Dents (Heaton colors and format).

The point is that Heaton-like Eatons have a motto, "Vincit omnia VERITAS." Lorraine, who took the bus to the FINCH subway station each weekday, had pointed to Pendergrass', who have the motto, "VINCit veritas," and Finch's are listed with Finch's. Babe's and their Beak kin can be connected to Finchems and Feins/Finns. A week or two after Lorraine's grass-stain event, Joe Oullette invited me to Toronto to see a friend, and when I got off the bus at the Finch station, there was Lorraine first in line to get on the same bus. We eyed each other but neither of us said anything because we split up on bad terms the night she got her grass stain.

It's begging whether Lorraine, when involved with the Oullette brothers, points to Project Veritas for its sting operation on Pfizer. It recalls the "proJEKI" motto term of Maine's, suspect with Jacks, and it just so happens that English Jacks, first found in Yorkshire with Heatons and Feets/Fate's, are in Feet/Fate colors and format!!! WOW! Jack-branch Joke's were first found in Kent with Fine's/Finis'! Jake's/Jackmans were first found in Essex with Fitch's/Fitts and Montfitchets/Muschats!

Plus, it was earlier today, while working on another matter not at this spot, when finding JACobs looking like kin of Dent-branch Denets and DONUTs, and I've said many times that I predicted that Joe Oullette would marry Diane when she was working at Mr. Donut, at the very time she was serving Joe a COFFEE!!!! Here's how I put it in the 5th update of April, 2022, though I've been telling this story for years longer. In light of the Montfitchets being listed with Muschats, note my girlfriend, Diane Muschatov:

Connie put me together with Diane [Muschatov] for that last time, but Connie didn't know I'd be picking Diane up at the Richmond Heights plaza. She was waiting for me at the coffee shop, but I didn't go in, as she came out to me. This coffee shop, once called, Mister Donut, is where I first saw another Diane , as I've said before. When I saw a piece of fluff in Diane's hair as she was serving coffee to my friend, Joe Oullette, I saw a piece of fluff in his hair too, and suggested jokingly that he was going to marry Diane on account of it. I don't think the two knew each other at the time, but they did get married, freak me out.

Note how the JOKE's may have been in that paragraph possibly by God's inspiration. Jack liners are now contributing to the pointer to Project Veritas. Denets ("proviDENTiam"), by the way, were first found in Sussex with Diane's, though listed with Denet-like Deans/Dene's. As one of the Oullette brothers involved with Lorraine was Michael, it's notable that one of the English Michael Coats shares the Joke scallops while German Michaels were first found in Bohemia while Babe's and Beaks trace to Podebrady of Bohemia. Both English Michaels were first found in Surrey with James'.

A third Oullette brother, David, was dating (may have married) Karen Graff, and she had pointed to graphene-oxide in vaccines. Welsh Davids, Attys/AIDS kin, were first found in Cheshire with "veritas"-using Eatons.

The Fitch's/Fitts are in Coffee / Coffer/Coffare / Keefe colors, and while Irish Heffers (Munster with Keefe's) share the Coffer/Coffare crescents, English Heffers, like the Keffer variation of Keefe's, were first found in Somerset with Coffers/Coffare's.

I've told several times that Lorraine came up the stairs to her balcony, where I was waiting for her to return from a nighttime walk with a married man, and as she came into view on the BALCONy, I saw the grass stain and pointed to it accusatively, probably because Babe's use fingers pointing. Balcons can be gleaned as Botter/Botini kin, and English Botters/Bodins were first found in Hampshire with Buttons/Bidens/Budins, and with Ports sharing the Butt/Bute estoiles, while her grass stain was on her BUTT. The point in repeating this is that Ritas'/Rita's, suspect in "Veritas," share a very rare curved bend (different colors) with Botters/Botini's.

I found a "veritas" motto term with Hood-connectable Oddeys / HODleys, both of whom use the pelican while Pellicans were first found in Maine, and then Maine's were first found in Devon with Hoods! Maine's are the ones with "projecki"! It works super.

I loaded Oddeys and Hodleys, first found in Sussex with English Packs, after writing the following later in this update: "English Packs with anchors were a Pasi branch, and for a new realization: the saltire-by-spears of Pasi's is apparently the saltire-by-fret of anchor-using Hoods because a saltire in the same colors is with Ode's/Oddie's/HODDy's, which might play to the hood of the car where I first saw Sleeping Beauty before I began walking toward her." French Packs share a bull (different colors) with Beautys.

However, for the moment, I can't see how to clinch Project Veritas at her hood, or why the front of a car on a beach should suggest that organization. End insert]

To argue that the earth in the Hope/Hoper is code for Earth's/D'Airths, who are new to me here, there is a Death/D'Arth surname sharing the crescent of Motts (Essex with Peacocks). There was a mythical book, "Le MORTe d'Arthur," concerning the DEATH of king Arthur. It explains why Motts come up as "Morte." That is, the myth title was secret code for the Arthur-like Deaths/D'Arths and Morte's/Motts. The latter were first found in Essex with BROKE's/Brocks, explaining why the Hope/Hoper earth is broken. Essex is where RAINs/Raines' were first found, which can predict that the Hope/Hoper Crest, above the broken earth, has a "rainbow."

The Motte location of Henrys is in the Vilaine province of Brittany, and it just so happens that Vilains share the Earth/D'Airth Coat. It's almost the Tanner Coat, and William the conqueror was the grandson of "the tanner" of Falaise. La Falaise is at Ile-de-France too. Motte-Henry in Vilaine is near RENNES, which can again predict that the Hope/Hoper Crest has a RAINbow.

The Shaman

Tucker Carlson, on Monday night, released new-to-the-public footage of the January-6 "insurrection," though many congresspeople saw this but did nothing to help the jailed "victims" proven innocent by such video...probably because most of the guilty were insiders. In this video below, we see the Trump supporter wearing buffalo / steer horns, and you should be able to spot that he's an insider with the FBI or something similar being shown where he can plant himself within the congress to do some maximum damage to Trump's voters as a lot.

Why is no other Trump supporter with Mr. Buffalo Horns? That makes no sense. One thinks he walked in with other Trump supporters if indeed he's a genuine Trump supporter. Yet he's walking alone with police helping him out. The police never seem to be on-guard against this man, because he's one of them, on the same team. At 1:40, one of the many officers looks toward him, sees him coming, and then Mr. Buffalo Horns walks right past the side-arm (pistol) of that same officer, yet the officer shows no fear at all that this lunatic-like Trump supporter might try to grab his gun. It's obvious this guy was dressed to do maximum damage to the Trump team. They say he was just jailed for a few years, but this has got to be a ruse.

Or, they promised him freedom if he played the plant, then did nothing when he was arrested, charged, and jailed, but they had first threatened his family and himself if he should tell anyone, especially the courts, that he had been a paid plant. In such circumstances, a paid plant would stay quiet hoping to beat the charge. However, the fact that police were totally unconcerned with the potential danger of this man suggests he was a paid plant long in cahoots with the police i.e. very trustable.

The deep state probably has mock courts with mock judges to judge their plants for jailing purposes (they get it on video), but they never go to jail. If all the congressmen were able to keep silent about January-6 truth, the actors in a mock court, and those privy to it, can likewise keep silent...unless they want to be ruined.

The deep state has another option, to arrange a plant's early freedom from jail. They tell him before the trial to be silent throughout, and to expect an early release from jail, if it comes to that, with a specific amount of cash if he goes through with it, more money if he's jailed, less if he gets off without jail. The longer he's in jail, the more money he gets, yet the deep state probably knows how to get him out earlier rather than later, which is of benefit to the deep state because it assures the plant won't talk to prisoners.

Leftist media is denying that this latest release of January-6 footage is damning. The more leftist media denies so stupidified, the more the stupidified viewers realize their media stars are, uh, duh, lying to them for political purposes. All's good. Here's Tucker's Tuesday follow-up:

Tucker probably wouldn't be able to say that Buffalo Horns is an insider, due to his boss disallowing it, unless more-persuasive evidence trumped his boss' denial.

On the one hand, I still think a purpose of this staged resurrection was to dissuade future protests against deep-state programs by freedom fighters, and yet another purpose could very well be to provoke Christian / conservative militia, by the unlawful and elongated arrests of protestors real or otherwise, into armed response so that the deep state can call martial law in reaction. This is a good theory because it seems certain that globalists are allowing themselves to be known behind terrorist acts inside the United States. The globalists are saying, "what are you Americans going to do about it?" Globalists are, I think, hoping that push comes to shove.

Revolver this week: "On both January 5 and January 6, Epps announced multiple times, at multiple locations, his upcoming plot to breach the US Capitol. He then spent hours attempting to recruit hundreds of others to join him. On top of it all, Epps was seen leading key people and managing key aspects of the initial breach of the Capitol grounds himself." Does this sound like reality or staged? Why would a professional police partner admit in the midst of the crowd that he's going to instigate the illegal entry into the Capitol building?

Could this have been a planned program, with Epps video deliberately released to the public after Trump supporters were already infuriated with false accusations of insurrection? The idea of a program like this would be to make Trump supporters grow more livid, with the FBI arresting innocent protestors while not arresting their own plants, and thus the authorities are hoping to ignite a violent backlash eventually along with other measured revelations, with passing months or years (whatever it takes), of staged police / government corruption to get the ire still more of nationalists. If the latter never use violence, the leftists are burying themselves politically with such failed programs.

Take a look at how loud Ray Epps is in this page below, and how obvious his message is to many in ear-shot of his loud voice. It looks staged to me because the right thing for the police to have done is to talk much-more quietly, but still with excitement and confidence, to the Trumpers using a few of these plants. By his loud voice (see video) Epps gave away to the Trumpers instantly that he's a plant. When you see the Trumpers going past a barricade, ask; how many plants were in there to get the job accomplished:

What could better open the eyes of citizens still sleeping than this January-6 false flag? It's just a matter of time when the entire country sees these videos, if the left doesn't succeed in quelling them. Perhaps the deep state has decided to release new footage to Tucker Carlson as a last-ditch event to start a civil backlash, seeing that nothing has worked to date. For all we know, the video of Mr. Buffalo Horns released by Tucker on Monday may have been acted-out / taped recently, not on January 6.

Jacob Chansley is the reason I looked up the Jacob surname this week, which I'm not very familiar with. They are calling Jacob Chansley, the original buffalo-horn guy (I'm assuming they're buffalo horns), a "shaman," and so it's very interesting that SHAMpoo's/Campoo's, first found in Burgundy with French Rays, and beside French Chance's of Savoy, have a Chief in the colors of both Chance Chiefs while Chance's are also Chanseys. On top of that, the Shampoo's/Campoo's may be using a heron (though it looks more like a stork), and if so, it's in the colors of the same of HORNs/Orne's. It looks like a pointer to RAY Epps along with one to Jacob Chansley.

Ahh, stork-using Store's/Sturys were first found in Northumberland with Herons! That explains how Shampoo's/Campoo's can use both symbols.

He's wearing horns for his shaman outfit, and Bidens, first found in Hampshire with the Chace's/Chase's sharing the patonce cross of English Chance's, are said to use "horns" in Crest. It could appear that God set up this heraldry.

I've known since this Wednesday morning that Jacobs were first found in HUNTINGdonshire with Apps'/EPPS', and Huntingdons use "hunting horns." I've got it recorded for years (as many as 10), until recently, that Apps'/Epps' were first found in Middlesex and HERTFORDSHIRE, and Middlesex is where Horns/Orne's are said to be first found! The Huntingdons are in the colors and format of the Abbys who have nearly the Apps/Epps Coat. Middlesex is in London, and the Capes', first found in London, share the Apps/Epps and Abby scallops...which are also the scallops of Scale's, first found in HERTFORDSHIRE (north border of London).

I claim with confidence that Chansley was a plant. I'm not as confident that God might use the English Plants to point to him, but will add that they were first found in London while sharing the red McCarthy/ARTHY stag. Kevin McCarthy gave Tucker the Capitol-Building surveillance video. Red stag heads are with COLUMNs/Malcolms (same place as McARTHURs). Columns/Malcolms have an "ardua petit" motto phrase for Arthur liners such as the Ardens in the motto of Petts (Kent with Petits). Pelosi's have "columns," and there's a photo of Richard Barnett (Trumper) sitting with feet up on Pelosi's desk on January 6. Some say Pelosi was in cahoots with the shaman, but of course if you ask google, you get denials up-front.

"Ardua" is a motto term of Scottish Mans (Aberdeenshire with Cups/Cope's) who use "pellets," and Pellets share the cup-using Coat of Pilotte's while Pelosi's are also Pilati's. We have just found true that the Pelosi columns are indeed code for Columns/Malcolms. Cups/Cope's are also Colps while the COLAPis river, also called the Kupa (near the Maezaei), is a Sava tributary, excellent because Pelosi's were first found in SAVIGliano (near first-known Masci's) while Savage's are also Sava's. German Mans (Massey quadrants) even use the savage with a Colp-like club while Clubs/Clobbes' were first found in Cheshire with Savage's/Sava's and Masseys.

My current tenant's surname is a variation of Chance's, and his first name is Zachary while Zacharys have a saltire with five items in the colors and format of the same (different items) of Columns/Malcolms. Zacharys use "water bougets" while Vatts/Watters' were first found in Argyllshire with Columns/Malcolms and MacArthurs. Fox New's, "Watters World," would love to cover this shaman story, but perhaps Fox anchors are simply allowing Tucker to have full dominance over the story. Or, the Fox boss is preventing Jesse Watters from covering it too. Watters is on weeknights immediately before Tucker.

The Domine's in the Apps/Epps motto are listed with Dunhams, that being the surname of Obama's mother. Coincidence? Domino's were first found in Piedmont with bull-using Pelosi's. And Domins/Dolmans look like kin of Josephs, first found in Hampshire with Bidens so as to spell, Joseph Biden.

French Chance's were first found in the Touraine part of Savoy, and Turin happens to be in Piedmont! The one Turin bend is in the colors of the Touraine bends, and while Aude's were first found in Savoy too, "AUDentes" is a Turin motto term looking like part-code for the Dance-connectable Dents/Dentes'. Turins happen to be in the colors and format of the Others/Otters, the latter first found in Huntingdonshire with Apps'/Epps'.

As Pelosi's are Pilati's too while Pilate's share the pheons of Carneys, the latter's "SUStine et ABStine" motto looks like it takes us to Susa of Piedmont, as well as to the Abbs variation of Apps'/Epps'. It's probably not coincidental that Apps'/Epps' share a "te" motto term with Savage's since Pelosi's were first found in SAVIGliano. The Apps/Epps motto is shared by eagle-using Velis'/Vails/Valleys who in turn use eagles while Eagle's/Hegels have the Savage Coat in colors reversed. The Tey/Toy Chief happens to be in the colors and format of the Carny Chief. We can even take "te" it to the Tea variation of Tease's/Thys' because they were first found in Nottinghamshire while Nottings/Nuts share the Carney / Pilate pheons.

There is an EPPing location near Middlesex, in Essex to be exact, and Essex is where Montfitchets/Muschats were first found who share the EPPstein Coat. I've never known what surname the "shame" motto term of Leightons/Leytons is for, and I can find no shaman-like surname at this time, but note the choice of term used by the Hicks write-up, and note too that Low Leyton is in the Leighton/Leyton write-up: "The CHANCEL {of Low Leyton in Essex} contains some elegant monuments of the family of Hickes" (brackets not mine). The shaman's surname is said to be, CHANSLey. Coincidence? French Chance's are also Chansels (Burgundy with Pilate's).

Sleeping-Beauty Barn Berner

In my Sleeping Beauty dream of 1979, where I've abundantly proven that Miss Hicks played Sleeping Beauty, and where I claim that Ainsley Earhardt of Fox and Friends is a second fulfillment of this same Sleeping Beauty, I was told to WAKE her up, and so I'm wondering whether God provided the January-6 footage to Fox's Tucker Carlson to wake the country up.

I've said many times that the fulfillment of Sleeping Beauty's knee / leg symbol was fulfilled in CAMP WOOD, Texas, and here we can add that while English Camps are Champs too, Scottish Champagne's were first found in Leicestershire with Woods. The latter's "defend" motto term can be for Fenders, first found in Huntingdonshire with Apps'/Epps' and English Jacobs. French Sauvage's were first found in Champagne, and Woods use a "savage" while Savage's may have named Savigliano, where Pelosi's were first found. What are the chances that the Pelosi bull is colors reversed from the Beauty/BoWOOD bull!?!

Plus, while Sleeping Beauty was hovering at her wake scene, and while Richard Barnett was at her desk, Barnetts share the black leopard face with Hovers/Hoffers! Both use a white Crest, and the Barnett saltire is in the colors of the saltire-by-eagle-legs of Hicksons!!!! I am now more-easily convinced that Sleeping Beauty's wake scene was not decipherable until after January 6, 2021.

[Insert -- late this week, I happened upon the Falds/Fauls, first found in Staffordshire with Hicksons, and sharing the Hicks and AINSley fleur-de-lys. This is excellent because Falds/Fauls share the triple stag heads (in the gold colors of the Hicks stag head) of Ains-like Anne's/Hanne's, first found in Yorkshire with Hicks. Anne's/Hanne's were first found in Tickhill, and Tickhills, with probably the Hicks / Ainsley fleur in Crest, have: "Roger de Bully who held estates in Nottingham and Yorkshire, and he built a castle at Tickhill, four miles to the northwest of the Honour of Blyth in Nottingham." Ainsleys were first found in Nottinghamshire, and while Roger de Bully owned Wombwell (Yorkshire) with Mr. d'Aincourt above, we saw the Ainey variation of Aincourts. End insert]

In one article, he's "Richard 'Bigo' Barnett, and Bigs, wow, not only share the Hicks fleur-de-lys, but were first found in Essex with Hickes' of Low Leyton while Leytons can be gleaned as a branch of Leghs/Leys for which the Hicksons may be using legs, for Leghs were first found in Cheshire with Eagle-related Savage's.

PLUS, wow, the Big Crest shares a leopard face with the Hover/Hoffer Crest, and the Big leopard face is red, the color of the BULL / BUFFALO HORNS on the black leopard face of Hovers/Hoffers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Can you believe it? I'm stunned. These horns can also be steer horns, which I add because Big-like Bachs/Backs (Swabia) use a "steer," and, amazingly, Welsh Bachs/Baghs were first found in DenBIGHshire! Can you believe it? The three Steer lions are in Horn/Orne colors and format, as are the three legs of Newgate's/Newdegate's (bear legs, I think), and then the Steer write-up has:"'The Steers or Steeres were a Newdegate family of gentry...'"

Repeat: "Barnetts share the black leopard face with Hovers/Hoffers! Both use a white Crest, and the Barnett saltire is in the colors of the saltire-by-eagle-legs of Hicksons!!!!" The Barnett Crest is also the Newgate/Newdegate Crest. While Barnetts were first found in Herefordshire with English Doors, the latter look like Gates kin, and so we see NewGATE's here. Scottish Doors are the one's sharing the white leopard face with the Hover/Hoffer Crest. There's even a white leopard in the Crest of English Barns/Bernys' (Surrey with Newgate's and Steers). The Barn/Bernys Chief is shared by Trebys, first found in Devon with bear-using Beers...and, oh wow, Dutch Beers share the Barnett saltire!!!! To help prove that this is the Hickson saltire, Dutch Beers add a fleur-de-lys colors reversed from the same of Hicks'.

Plus, bear-using German Barns/Berns (Switzerland) were from Switzerland's Bern, founded by Zahringers whom, I had read, used the buffalo! Can we believe it, it appears that Sleeping Beauty is pointing to Mr. Barnett at Pelosi's desk. The Barn/Bern write-up: "Founded by Duke Berthold V of Zaehringen..." On Thursday of this week, Stew Peters called him "buffalo man," suggesting that he was wearing buffalo horns in particular.

PLUS, I can now prove that "hatchet"-using Zerrs/ZEHRERs were from Zahringers because English Beers mention their Beer-Hacket location while Hackets are listed with Hatchets! LOOKIE from google: "Beer Hackett Parish Records, Dorset". Dorset is where Beer-Ferris is located too, and Dorset is where Beautys (Beer colors) were first found!!! English Ferris'/Ferrers' were even first found in Staffordshire with Hicksons.

English Berrys (Devon with Beers) have triple fesses in the colors of the Hicks fesse as well as the fesses of Labore's/Labours (Yorkshire with Hicks), and while "Hic labor" is the motto of Dee's (Hicks colors), "labore" is a motto term of English Berrys.

I should record here that while Mr. Kepke connects with heraldic shoes, Ferris'/Ferrers' share horseSHOES with Farrah's/Farrers, the latter first found in Yorkshire with Hicks', but more in particular at Leeds, where Kippax of the Keppochs is located. OH ZIKERS, the Farrs (Yorkshire with Hicks' and Fairborns) share the Hicks fleur-de-lys!!! Impossible. Fairborns, looking like Keppoch and Sheffield kin, share "cede" with the Steers, and while Sleeping Beauty hovered over the car seats, Seats are also Cedes'. English Berrys have the Stur/STYRE Coat in colors reversed. She was hovering flat on her BACK, and German Bachs/Backs call their bull a "steer." I had reason for tracing Bachs/Backs (once showed a gold calf) to pharaoh Apachnas of the Hyksos.

The Farrah's are amazing here because my vision of Farrah Faucet was about a couple of weeks after the Sleeping Beauty dream. The Farrah Faucet vision became suspect as taking place Friday, April 13, 1979, exactly 50 years before Friday, April 13, 2029, the date of the return of the Apophis asteroid...that I think will strike the earth to fulfill the 2nd Trumpet of Revelation. I don't say that lightly. King Apophis was a HYKSos king.

I've just remembered my conversation with Miss Hicks concerning buffaloes! It's in the 1st update of January, 2017:

On one occasion, she said that they had buffaloes on their ranch. And I responded, "You mean the ones with big HEADs," while separating my arms to indicate largesse. The only heraldic buffalo I know today of is that of Pohls, and it's a buffalo HEAD. However, buffalo horns were a symbol of Zahringers, and the latter come up with a look at Hykes/Hack kin below. "BUFFALo" had been suspect with "BOUILLON," especially when the 'u' is a 'v'.

Note that I said "BIG heads," for we saw Bigs working out excellently above with the Hicks'. I capitalized "head" in that statement, and it just so happens that Heads/Heeds were first found in Norfolk with the Haydens using the Beauty bull!!!! Can we believe it?

The quote above in the 2017 update is about one-third the way through the month of January, in the first update of that month dated January 3 - 9...i.e. it might have been written on January 6! Just saying.

It's just amazing that while Shampoo's/Champoo's are said to have been first found at ChamPOUX in DOUBS of Besancon, the Dobbs not only have a version of the Head/Heed Coat but mention William Dobbe of Norfolk, where Heads/Heeds were first found. The "poux" endings of Shampoo's/Champoo's suggest the Poke / Polk variation of Pollocks, first found in Renfrewshire with DOBys, with Hadden-branch Haldans, and with Wake-related Orrs/Ore's. The first Pollocks were affiliated with the Dol Alans, and French Alans share the Shampoo/Champoo Chief.

Besancons show nothing but 11 billets in the colors of the Etienne's showing six billets in the same colors. These are the colors of Pilate's/Pilotte's (and Billets/Billiards) who named mont Pilat at Saint Etienne, and then Pelosi's are Pilati's too. Not planned when starting this paragraph: Etienne's were first found in Lorraine (not far from Besancon) with a Nancy location!! Not planned when starting this paragraph: Dobbs were first found in Lincolnshire with English Pilotte's! It argues that Shampoo's are indeed a pointer to a secret relationship between Pelosi and the shaman. Not planned: Nancy's essentially have the Coat of Sham- / Cham-like Shane's/Chains! Lookie there, a super-duper paragraph.

To help prove that Shampoo's/Champoo's once used the heron, Herons were a Horn/Orne branch while the BESANcon-like Bessin is at the Orne river. Repeat: "stork-using Store's/Sturys (suspect from "Istria") were first found in Northumberland with Herons". The longer beak on the Shampoo/Champoo bird makes it look like a stork, but then the Stury-like Sturs/STYRE's (branch of Istria-like Isters) have triple fesses in the colors of the same of English Bassets while Besancons are listed with French Bassets. Styre-like Steers are in the "steer" of German Bachs/Backs, and the shaman wore a BACK-pack on his back. Sturs were first found in Hampshire, beside the Stour river of Dorset, and then stork-using Pitts were first found in Dorset.

Pitts (very linkable to Dol Alans via Stewart Coat) link to the stork-using Petts ("BULrushes"), and the latter, sharing the Bully lozenges, were first found in Kent with the Petits in the motto of COLUMNs/Malcolms who in turn share "ardua" in their motto with Pitts. Amazingly, Pitts were first found in Dorset with the Beautys whose BULL is in colors reversed from the Pelosi bull, and on the other half of the Pelosi Coat is a pair of COLUMNs!!! We got here by following the Besancon location of SHAMpoo's! Shaman on you, Ms. Pelosi, deceiver, human trash. Bulls/Bule's (look connectable to Rush's) were first found in Somerset, beside Dorset.

The shaman wore a backPACK, and while French Packs have another red bull, it's amazing that this bull comes in front of a green tree while the Pelosi bull comes behind a green tree!!! Tree's/True's were first found in Wiltshire with Mangers. Why Mangers? You'll see.

It then gets to be too-much because English Packs, in the colors and format of Anchor-branch Angers, use anchors!!! The Pett and Bully lozenges are shared by Anchors, and there is a red bull head with red horns in the Anchor Crest!!! TOO MUCH. As Pett-branch Petits are with Pelosi-beloved Columns, this back pack is pointing again to Nancy Pelosi.

The chief of Capitol Police came out to criticize Tucker for his shaman revelations, and this chief of police is Thomas Manger. The new-to-me Manger/Mainsher surname has a version of the English Major/Mager Coat and Crest, and both have giant anchors. The Manger/Mainsher Crest is a white version of the Schutz Crest, and the Schutz saltire is the Barnett saltire in colors reversed. Barnett had his feet on Pelosi's desk. Chain-like Cheneys love the Majors.

Ahh, the Manger and Schutz Crests use a chain, recalling the super-duper paragraph that included: "Nancy's essentially have the Coat of Sham- / Cham-like Shane's/Chains! Lookie there."

Amazingly, the Schutz Crest shares the black greyhound with Scoots/Scougals, and while the Shoe's/Shoemakers have Scoug-like variations, this heraldic set, launched off of Thomas Manger, looks like a pointer to Schumers!!! Chuck Schumer and Manger both came out this week to pressure the Fox boss to cancel Tucker's revelations. I've said many times that Miss Hicks, at the 9-11 memorial, said to be, "you can SCOOT OVER." Over-like Hovers have red bull horns that may connect with the red Anchor bull head. Scoots/Scougals were first found in East Lothian with the Keiths who in turn have a version of the Anchor Coat.

It appears that "Manger" was devised to reflect "Anger," and my take-away from this heraldic set is that the shaman is a police insider in cahoots with officer Manger. Wakie wakie, everybody. The shaman is on video telling everyone around to be peaceful, to respect law enforcement, and that's exactly the message that the police would want him to say to keep the Senate from being trashed, and the police safe. The shaman in this video makes himself an organizer/leader, you see (who gave him the impetus to act like an organizer?), shouting out the peaceful way forward, and yet the media took care not to release such video, but only the snippets that make the shaman look like an insurrectionist.

I'm reading the Schumer's criticisms only made Democrats go see Tucker's show for themselves, because leftist media are denouncing the show without showing the shaman footage. Fox news prime-time this week has sky-rocketed, doing six times better than CNN. Rupert Murdoch is under pressure to let the revelations continue, and perhaps he's thinking that the most $$$ can be made if viewers are teased slowly over longer periods. Rupert Murdoch employs news anchors.

[insert -- Sorry to spoil the important flow here. As Anchors have a version of one Anger Coat (share Nagle lozenges), we can first note that while Dagger-like Dangers can be gleaned as Angers, English Daggers have a full red bull to go with the red Anger bull head, and the Dagger Shield is moreover in Anchor-lozenge colors. These Daggers were first found in Cumberland with English Rays and FARE's while French Rays share the "escarbuncle" with the Angers above as well as the Hangers/Angers. The latter were first found in Hampshire, beside the first-known Dangers/Angerfields and Beautys, both of Dorset along with Murdoch-connectable Pitts. The giant Manger anchor is shared by Fare's above.

I didn't realize until now that Daggers and Rays/Ree's, being found in the same place as Fear-branch Fare's, makes an excellent pointer to Ray Epps, for the Apps'/Epps' (almost have the Dagger scallops) were once said to be first found in Middlesex with Fiers/Fears because the Dagger-line Dexaroi people group were on the APSus river that flows downstream through Albania's Fier county. Kuman in Fier county is the line to dagger-using Comine's, the latter first found in Norfolk with Ray-like Rye's (Ryan colors) who happen to have a RISE variation to go with Norfolk's Risings/Risons! Beauty. It can appear that Beauty's hovering-wake-rising scene points also to Ray Epps. Daggers share the scallops of Jacob-like Jacks.

As the January-6 staging was staged primarily by the FBI, the same rising scene can point to the FBI director at the time, Christopher WRAY. Christophers share pineapples with English Pine's, and the latter are in the "porcupine" of Speakers/Specks who in turn had a location in Devon where Speccots and Pine's were first found. Can this indicate Wray's deep-state alliances with Capitol police and the Speaker there?

New: the TailBOIS share the Apps/Epps scallops probably because Boius (see bottom-left of map) was a region at the top of the Apsus river. Shown right beside the Boius is ORESTis, and it just so happens that Restons were first found in Lincolnshire with Tailbois'! Rhizon further north was therefore related to the namers of Orestis.

Asking what TAILLebois' might point to, the Jacob the shaman wore two racoon TAILs at his head. The Hicks of Clapton married the Arthurs who use "rests," though the two shared "CLARions" at that time. English CLARE's, who married the family of Ranulph le Meschin, husband of Lucy Taillebois, were first found in Suffolk with CHARLES' and CARLsons! Claro's/Charo's use another red bull! Red-bull Daggers share the scallops of Jacob-like Jacks. The original Sleeping Beauty was fulfilled by Charlotte Hicks, and French Charles'/Charlotte's are in Arthur colors and format. End insert]

Murdochs (Ayrshire with Nagle-connectable MUIRs/More's) have two ravens said to be "HANGing on an arrow," suspect with Hangers/Angers, first found in Hampshire with Chansey-branch Chase's. That's beside the Wiltshire location of the first-known Mangers. The "Artes" motto term of Hangers/Angers is listed with Ardons, and the Bully-connectable Petts have "Ardens" for their motto, wherefore let's repeat that Murdochs share the checkered fesse of Pitts. The Ardons are listed with Artois', feasibly connectable to the Arthy variation of McCarthys, and then while the Artois capital is Arras, the Arrows in the Murdoch Coat are also Arras'. English Jacks are Jacques' too, and French Jacques' were in Arras.

Pitts share the checkered fesse of both Murdochs and Scottish Wrights/Rights. It's English Wrights/Rights who share the Hover/Hoffer Crest. Coincidence? Sleeping Beauty, played also by Fox's Ainsley Earhardt, was hovering immediately after she was standing at the HOOD of the car. Hoovers are Hubers too, and share the HOOTer Coat while English Hoods are Hoots too (I've said all this before), and moreover, for the new addition to this heraldic set, it just so happens that the giant Manger anchor is colors reversed with German Hoods/Hope's/HOOPERs/HOPFERs! Cool. And Mangers were first found in Wiltshire with Hoppers, bonanza, as if the hovering scene points to the devious Capitol police. By why that? How does that relate to the rapture? Sleeping Beauty had a look of distress on her face as she fell asleep hovering.

New: I think the "raven" of Washingtons is telling where the Washington Coat is a reflection of the Wake Coat, and with the double Sleep fesses in colors reversed. The English Ravens happen to share a red-on-gold roundel with Wake's! I've never noticed this heraldic set before. It can be pointing to Nancy Pelosi's desk in Washington because she's been the leader of the House while English House's share the white anchor with English Hoods/Hoots.

More New: English House's, with almost the Rising Coat, were first found in Oxfordshire with the Lake's who in turn have a black-Shield version of the Hover-like Howers/Howards, first found in Norfolk with Risings! Beauty. Lake's share the bend of Norfolk's Antrims. I'll try to remember this apparent House-Hood-Rising link to Howers. I've just checked Howe's/Howes' but with nothing to say. Lake's look like Bessin kin while French House's (Normandy, with the Orne province) are in Horn/Orne colors and format.

Hoods/Hoopers/Hopfers were first found in Bavaria with Earhardts and Hoovers/Hubers. Hopfer-like Overs/Offers share the fret (different color) on blue with English Hoods/Hoots (another anchor). The two Hoover/Huber wings are in the colors of the split Hanger/Anger griffin.

Earhardts/AIRharts can connect to the "air" motto term of Eyer-branch Ayers, first found in Ayrshire with Murdochs. The red stag is at times called a "HART," and while McCarthys/ARTHys (look like Hart branch) show only a red stag, this stag can be of the EarHARDT bloodline. The hart stag comes from the German Harts, showing only a red stag, and it's probably true that Kevin McCarthy has a regular spot on Fox and Friends. I think that maybe Ainsley Earhardt is to go together with McCarthy's role in January-6 exposure, but the question is whether Murdoch will break down and allow January-6 talk by any or every Fox anchor. Irish Harts are Arts and Carts too, and so note that one Carter Coat is in the colors and format of English Carlsons.

German Harts were first found in Bavaria with Earhardts/Airharts, and also with Herr-branch Herzogs/HARTzogs. The latter share the border of the HERmits in the "hermit of the Crest of Sheds/Sheddens (Ayrshire). The "arduis" motto term of Hermits goes well with Pitt-connectable "ardua petit" phrase of red-stag Columns/Malcolms (came place as MacArthurs). The Hermit helmets are in the colors of the one helmet of Dobys, first found in Renfrewshire with the Pollocks who share the saltire of Scottish Harts.

I've forgotten until now the police-like variation of Pollocks, and in trying to re-find it, the Polis surname came up with many different variations including Polazzi. This surname happens to share the Shampoo Chief, is that not wild??? It hasn't occurred to me until now that God may have arranged a Shampoo/Champoo surname to tie the shaman to "hairy" Pelosi!!! Online: "Pelosi is an Italian surname meaning 'hairy'..." The Earhardts were a branch of Hairs/Hare's!!!

It means that there's evidence for a Savage link to "Savigliano" because French Sauvage's were not only first found in Champoo-like Champagne, but they show only a giant heart while Harts are also Hearts!!! The Savage-related Eagle's were first found in Lincolnshire with Pillows'/Pilotti's. And Savage's share the lion of Pile's/Pilots! Zinger. It's making the shaman look like a corrupt-police attribute controlled by the Pelosi circle of crime. The Pillows variation of English Pilotte's applies to same-colored Polis'/Polazzi's (and Pellets) because Pelosi's are also Pilati's.

It's the Polick variation Pollocks/Poke's (who share the Hart/Heart saltire) that looks like "police," and this surname has hunting HORNs to link to the Orne connection of Shampoo's/ChamPAUX's. Oh wow, while Shampoo's/CHAMpaux's were first found in Burgundy with Pilate's/Pilotte's/Pilots, the Pillows'/Pilotte's have: "The name was firstly noble house of Pilotte of CHANtrans in Bourgoyne." It recalls the Shane's/Chains sharing the Nancy Coat.

The hunting horn goes to Hunters/Hunts, and Hunter Biden is/was a part-owner of the part-Chinese company, SINOhawk. Chans are a Chinese surname, and they say that Pelosi is involved with Chinese elements in San Francisco. There is even a Trans variation, perhaps naming "ChanTRANS," of the Trents (eagle) who were in turn first found in Somerset with the Chane's/Shins/Chine's/Chings. Trent-like Terents/Tarants (connectable to French's) share the Coat (eagles) of Francisco-like Francis'! What are the CHANces? We should ask Jacob CHANSley. One can see the shaman all over Nancy Pelosi.

Oh wow. I recently said I don't know any other surname, besides the TARANTo-connectable Coffee's, having cups with handles, but I've just found some (the same square cups) with Fransisco's/Franco's!!! The Coffee Crest shares, in different colors, the Arms of Taranto! And the Coffee Crest shares the green dolphin with French's. Coffee's share the Franca fesse.

While Chance's/Chanseys were a Chase branch, it's even more amazing that Fransisco's/Franco's are essentially in the colors and format of Leslie-related English Case's. Leslie's, first found in Aberdeenshire with CUPs/Cope's and Turins, have a green Crest too, and while Turins are in Fransisco / Case colors and format too, Savigliano of the Pelosi's is so near Turin that the Pelosi bull is likely a Turin symbol. (My Galveston mugging is now pointable even to Nancy Pelosi.)

Barnett had his FEET on Pelosi's DESK, and Disce was an alternative name for Diss expected in the motto of English Case's (Norfolk with Diss). Diss'/Dice's are in the colors and format of French Charles'/Charlotte's who in turn share the FEET/Fate martlets, and while "fato" is a motto term of Chain-like Cheneys, Liz Cheney is a frontline advocate of January-6 corruption. Chains almost have the Nancy Coat.

In the Beauty dream, God said to me, "What ARE you waiting FOR...go WAKE HER." Are's are listed with Ayers, first found in Ayrshire with Scottish Hare's/Hairs while English Hare's/Hairs have the double Wake fesses in colors reversed. Her(r)s apply to Eyers/Ayers and Heyers both of Derbyshire. "For" is twice in the Ainsley motto.

Amazingly, the unicorn in the Crest of Scottish Wrights/Rights is split into the two colors of the split-colored griffin of Hangers/Angers, which is perfect for serving evidence that the hanging ravens of Murdochs and MARGys/Mackeys (Ayrshire) are code for Hangers. Mackeseys, listed with MARGesons, were first found in Sussex with English Wrights/Rights.

Beauty and I were RISING into the sky when she awoke. Risings were a Reston branch, and the latter were kin of Scottish Doors who both share the leopard faces of Wrights/RIGHTs who in turn share the Hover Crest, and Hovers/Hoffers are the ones with the bull / buffalo horns on their leopard face. As I've said many times, I was standing at the DOOR of her car watching as she fell asleep while hovering inside the car. I touched her RIGHT leg with my RIGHT hand.

Therefore, perhaps the rumors / accusations are true that Pelosi and the shaman were in cahoots. It's all making sense.

I trace Risings to the Arms of Pula/Pola (Istria), and therefore to the Scottish Pollocks/Poke's suspect at Champoux. Or, as Pollocks were named after Pollok of Renfrewshire because they lived there, the namers of Champoux may have named Pollok to begin with i.e. before the Pollocks proper arrived. Poole is a location in Dorset, and Poole's (Dorset) are also Pulls. I've shown many times why Pullys/Pullens were kin of red-bull Sabine's (Norfolk with Risings).

Repeat from above: "In one article, he's "Richard 'Bigo' Barnett, and Bigs, wow, not only share the Hicks fleur-de-lys, but were first found in Essex with Hickes' of Low Leyton while Leytons can be gleaned as a branch of Leghs/Leys for which the Hicksons may be using legs, for Leghs were first found in Cheshire with Eagle-related Savage's." The shaman-like "shame" motto term is with LEIGHtons/LEYtons, first found in Shropshire with Hunters/Hunts to go with horn-using Huntingdons, and this can even be a pointer to Hunter Biden under the circumstances of this heraldic section. The leg-like Leghs/Leys were first found in Cheshire (beside Shropshire) with Savage's! Bingo. And Legh-like Leggs almost have the Trump Coat.

The full motto, "Dread shame," aptly describes the Capitol police and the deep state that keeps it controlled to the point that few officers are willing to rebel against the staged event. It really is eye-opening to see police officers act in this shameful way.

Again, Chance's/Chanseys were first found in Essex with the Low Leyton location of Hicks', and as I've said many times, a certain Stanley sat beside Miss Hicks in Camp Wood, at the first anniversary of 9-11, when our church put on a 9-11 memorial there on the night she got her knee / leg symbol there. The Stanley motto loves the Changer variation of Chance-like Change's (Hampshire with Chase's) who in turn essentially share the Coat of Chase-like Casino's/Case's. Her knee / leg symbol was on the Leakey road, and Leakeys/Leaks can point to the leaking out of the video footage. Stanley was holding the American flag on the stage that night, and Flags were first found in Norfolk with English Case's.

Ahh, for what it could be worth, shame-like Same's/Sams'/Sammes' (no symbols but a giant lion) were first found in Essex with Low Leyton. Samsons love the Flags in their motto and their scallops. As Same's/Sams are said to have named Saham Toney (Norfolk), and as Tonys were of the rulership in Leicester with Beaumonts of Meulan/Mellent, I suggest Same's/Sams share the Millen/Milan/Mellent Coat. Beaumonts were first found in Dorset with Beautys/Bowoods.

Italian Tonys use the "flower" while Flowers share the cinquefoil of their Potter kin. The shame-like Shampoo's/CAMPOO's can be of the French Campo's because they almost have the Coat of French Pots while English Pots and Potters were first found in Hampshire with Bidens and Chansey-branch Chase's. The blue eagle head in the Crest of French Pots is in giant form with Dutch Camps, but in white-on-red Horn/Orne colors instead. German Campo's are in Horn/Orne colors too, and show nothing but a dancette for Dance liners, and Dansette's have one fesse, in colors reversed from the French Pot fesse, and in the colors of the English Pot fesse.

[Insert -- I'll return to Pots, but first, "Dread God" was found below as a motto term of Carnagys who share the blue eagle with Pots, and the Carnagy eagle is the giant one of English Orms in colors reversed while Scottish Orms have Orne-like variations. I've just found dread-like Drydens (Angus with Carnagys) sharing the giant lion of Draytons, the latter first found in Shropshire with the Hope's/Hopers sharing the Dryden besant. The Dryden Crest even shares the earth / world with Hope's/Hopers.

I'm reading of a Dryden location at Roslin, where Sinclairs/Suns (French Chance's have a sun) were first found who share "God" with Drydens. The Dryden / Drayton lion is in the colors of the English Chance lion, but so are a hundred others, yet then we need to recall that "Dread shame" is a motto term of Shropshire's Legh-branch Leightons who named Low Leyton in Essex, where Chance's and Hicks' were first found. Beauty.

The Draytons, first found near Sleap of the Sleeps (Shropshire), were part of Sleeping Beauty because she was hovering when I touched her leg to wake her, and Hoper-like Hoovers/Hubers share the eagle leg of Draytons. Hicksons use eagle legs too.

As I've said many times, I was standing at the DOOR of her car watching as she fell asleep in a car. Irish Doors happen to share the giant Dryden / Drayton lion. When God told me to wake her, I was thinking to kiss her awake Sleeping-Beauty style, hence I called her Sleeping Beauty. The point is that the Kiss Crest is the Earth/D'Airth Crest while Hope's/Hopers and Drydens both use an earth in Crest. Kiss' essentially have the Coat of Chase-like Cass'/Cash's

My take is that our rising into the sky, immediately upon waking Sleeping Beauty, is a symbol of the post-tribulation rapture, and thus it makes sense to me that God is pointing to the 666 of the False Prophet, now expected from the Washington entities that staged January 6. The Hicks-line Hyksos may have taken a hex = six symbol for themselves, and later they may have used a TRIPLE 6 as secret code for their ancestry in TRYPILLians of Ukraine. January 6.

As I've said, I once walked out of church in the middle of Miss Hicks prophesying in the first-Person, i.e. as if God were speaking through her. She considered herself a prophet, but I consider her a false prophet in that regard, and so I could theorize that the False Prophet will be a Hyksos liner. Note that a giant leg is used by Prophets/Profetts. And the false-like Falls'/Fallis were first found in Midlothian with Dryden, and it's the latter's Drayton branch that shares the gold eagle leg with Hoovers. Eagle's/Hegels have the Savage/Sava Coat in colors reversed, and Savage's (Cheshire with Eatons) are suspect at SAVIGliano, where Pelosi's were first found. The shaman was dressed as a savage, was he not?

While Hicks have fleur-de-lys colors reversed from the same of Irish Loans/Lane's/Lawns, see this: "A location in Midlothian, Dryden lies a quarter-mile (0.5 km) north of Roslin and a mile (1.5 km) and a mile (1.5 km) southwest of LoanHEAD in Midlothian. Hykes'/Hacks almost have the Coat of Heaton-like Eatons, and then Edins/Edons, in Hykes colors and near-format, are suspect at EDINburgh, six miles from Roslin i.e. near Dryden of Midlothian. This is new material.

Roslins use buckles while Buckle's, perhaps related to the Hicks "buck" head, were first found in Suffolk with Edins/Edons and the Tigers in the Eagle Crest. English Bucks, with antlers in the colors of the Heatons stag (or perhaps buck) heads, were first found in Norfolk with Heads/Heeds and Haydens. Heatons are in the colors of the Heads/Heeds (unicorn heads).

Beauty-connectable HATs/Hades' use an eagle head. The shaman wore a fur HAT along with his bull / buffalo horns, you see, and Haydens share the Beauty bull. The other English Haydens share the Hat/Hades quadrants, which can be gleaned related to the quadrants of Tute's/Tuits (Norfolk with both Haydens) and tattoo-like Tattons. The shaman had tattoos showing on his SHIRTLESS chest, and, as I've said many times, I saw myself walking toward Sleeping Beauty's car with no shirt on, just blue jeans, albeit the shaman was not wearing blue jeans, but TAN pants, and so perhaps this scene from the dream does not apply to him.

However, note that while Shirts are in Tank/Tancred colors and format while the latter's Tankerville branch (Lincolnshire with TAILbois') named TANERdevilla, German Tans/Tanners (Franconia with Schwabs/Swabs) share the "pine CONE" with Maschi's while the shaman wore two COON tails on his hat!!!!! That is amazing.

Tattons (Cheshire with Masseys and Shirts) are said to have been of Massys, the latter were of Meschins while Ranulph le Meschin of Cheshire married Mrs. TAILLebois of Lincolnshire. I'm a Masci on one of my four sides. Coons/Cunningham use Hover-like "over" twice in their motto, and Overs/Offers were first found in Cheshire too! There seems to be a good reason here that while I had blue jeans in the dream, shaman had tan pants.

After arriving to her car, I was standing at its passenger door looking in as she hovered within it, and Irish Doors share the lion of French and Spanish Jeans. The Cars, with a "SERo sed serio" motto, share the stars of Washingtons while the Washington Chief looks related to the SEER/Sear Chief, and there is even a Washington location in Lancashire (see Washington write-up) while Cars were first found in Lancashire. Did her car represent Sleep and Wake-connectable Washingtons?

Ahh, Lancashire is where Shake's were first found in the so-called "shakefork" of Coons/Cunninghams! The latter's motto, "Over fork over," is probably code for Forkers listed with Farquhars (Ayrshire with Coons/Cunninghams), a potential branch of FURs/Firs!! The latter use a white unicorn, and Coons/Cunninghams have a white unicorn HEAD. Furs/Firs have variations like the Ferrers, and the latter, sharing horseshoes (different colors) with Farrars, have a white unicorn in Crest too, making Forkers/Farquhars look like a Farrar branch.

Amazingly, Sere's with a Shirt-like Sert variation, are in Shirt/Shard format and colors reversed from them! Now I understand why I had no shirt on, to get us to this point. Sere's/Serts even have the Car stars in colors reversed, and share the Car chevron. Then, I showed above how Zerrs/Zehrers connect to the Zahringers who had a buffalo symbol!!! The shirt scene therefore points to Jacob Chansley (is that his real name? Maybe not).

Zahringers use three blue antlers, and Cone's/CHOONs with Conte's (Durham with Washingtons) use the antler too. Zahringers were kin of Veringers (three red antlers) from Ukraine's Varangians. We might add that Conans almost have the Nancy Coat. The Conte's look related to variations of the Country's in the Ainsley motto, and the Country pile is shared with Beach's. I was walking on a beach without a shirt toward Beauty's car. Swedish Carlsons seem to use a Shield filled with these piles (same colors), amazing because English Carlsons are in Shake colors and format.

Scottish Doors, the ones sharing the leopard faces of Restons, a branch of Arizona-like Risings/Risons, were first found in Fife, beside Drydens. I trace Fife's, Five's/Fifys and Vivians/VEYs to Ukraine's Lviv. The boot of in the Crest of Dutch VEYs traces with TRIPs to Trypillians of Kiev and the BUDini there, for German Trips once showed boots (now show shoes). Boots were first found in Berkshire with Beach-connectable Becks/Bechs and PASleys.

I was at the PASSenger door on the beach, and Pasi-branch Paisleys and Packs share the same anchor while Anchors were an Anger branch, wherefore spot "passENGER," for Engers are listed with the Angers (Pack colors and format) who almost have the Anchor Coat. Why should this be a part of that dream's door scene? Inger the Varangian, perhaps the first-known Varangian, was likely of the Kiev Varangians. Pasi's are also Pascels, and Pass'/Pascels were first found in Essex with Engers/Angers. Zahringers may have been from Kiev along with their Veringer kin.

Oh wow, just realized that Dutch Veys are in the colors of Kepke-connectable Schumers/Schumachers!!! They have got to be a branch of Shoe's/Shoemakers. Kepke's are at least partly from Ukrainians. The chevron-with-stars of Five's/Fifys is shared with BATTistelli's, and Batti's are listed with BOTTa's, first found in Cremona at the BODENcus river (now the Po), and near the Trip-like Trebia river.

The ancestry of Beautys/Bowds/Bowoods is a hard nut to crack, but I've just found the new-to-me Butty variation of BUTTERys/Butrys who have Boteri and Buteri in their write-up. Butteri cowboys lived north and south of Rome so as to be near the Botters/Botini's of Lucca. This works where Sleeping Beauty was hovering LEVEL probably because I'm supposed to go to Waleran de Leavell, because English Leavells/LEVELs were first found between Beautys and Walerans while the latter have bull heads in the colors and format of the Beauty bulls. Though not in the same color, the Walerans and Buttys/Butterys share an upright tiger in Crest, and then the Maccabee-Herod, king TIGRanes VI, was ancestral to the wife of Lupus Laevillus.

Walerans were first found in Devon with Kings sharing the Butty/Buttery Coat. Butters use the bow that can possibly explain the Bowd variation of Beautys. Buddys are listed with English Botters/Bodins.

As Butters share the heart of Sauvage's and the Nancy cross, perhaps God arranged the Butter symbols to point to Nancy Pelosi because here surname was first found in SAVIGliano.

I showed above why Earths/D'Airth's and Deaths/D'Arths link to Morte's/Motts, first found in Essex with Hickes' of Low Leyton. The Atha's/Attys share the Fisk Shield, almost the Grimaldi Shield while Grimaldi's were partners of the Fisc-like Fieschi. The Grimaldi Shield is shared by Cocks who in turn share the Kiss / Earth/D'Airth Crest, and while I had a "sleeping bag" dream pointing to Atha-connectable Attys/Aids/Ade's who share the leopard face of Hovers/Hoffers, Bags (Norfolk with PilGRIMs) share the Grimaldi Shield too. I'm not sure where I'm going with this.

The Bag Chief is in the colors and format of the Mandy/Monday Chief, and the latter's Chief has the Hoover/Huber eagle legs in colors reversed. Hope's/Hopers named Hope in Derbyshire, and Mandys/Mondays were first found in Derbyshire, now suggesting that Hoovers/Hubers and Hovers/Hoffers had been a branch of Hopers (and maybe Hoppers too). The Mandys/Mondays may even be using the cross of Baths (Somerset with Cocks), though I think it could be wrong for the Bath write-up to derive the surname in "ab-ATHA."

The Leavells/Levels were from LUPUS Laevillus, and consequently they got a Lupellus-like variation, explaining why we find this Lupellus-wolf derivation in the Leavell/Level write-up. The point is, there is a wolf head in the Mandy/Monday Crest. HOVERING LEVEL.

It's amazing timing to find the Drydens (not familiar with them) here in this insert because they almost have the Port Chief, and the paragraph below was sitting there already written when first finding Drydens. Sorry for splitting the flow with this long insert. End insert]

Ports and Porters were first found in Hampshire too, important because French Porters were first found in Berry with French Pots, and then the Ports essentially have the Chief of Domins/Dolmans while "domine" is an Apps/Epps motto term. Domino's were first found in Piedmont with Italian Dance's and Pelosi's.

English Dance's (Yorkshire with Hicks), sharing the Alan/Allin fesse to go with DOLmans, are very connectable to the Hicks' (Alan/Allin fesse in colors reversed). The Hicks motto is translated with "ALL IN." In the Christian testimony of Miss Hicks, she said that, as a teen, she was a stripper = dancer, and this can apply to Epstein's pedophile business.

I've said many times that Sleeping Beauty was on Jeffrey Epstein's island, and here the Epping location in Essex with Hicks is important. Plus, the Eppsteins were first found in Hesse while Hesse's share the sun in the Chief of French Chance's. We saw the "chansel" term of the Hicks' in relation to their Low Leyton.

Miss Hicks, at 19 going on 20, married a doctor, Mr. Kilpatrick, about 32 years older than she, who had pulled her from her mother's womb. I assume they were sleeping together prior to when they were married. Is that not an apt symbol of pedophilia? Good enough. In his obituary: "Dr. H.W. Kilpatrick III M.D., practiced medicine in Baytown, TX for over 40 years. On November 30, 1979, H.W. married Charlotte Rena Hicks of Baytown, TX, who just so happened to be one of the many babies he delivered throughout his practice."

I'm reading this week that RINA Oh is "one of Jeffrey Epstein’s accused recruiters". It seems google is hiding Rino Oh, and so I'm including the article having her name, where I would otherwise not include it due to the content:

Note the Rena middle name of Miss Hicks, for while Reins/Raines/Raines' were first found in Essex with Hicks of Low Leyton, Reines'/Reine's use both a "comet" and the pizza-like Pisa Coat in colors reversed, suggesting her pointer to James AleFANTIS of Comet Ping Pong pizza. The owner is a satanic goon, and pedophilia is reported from him.

FOLLOW this shocking heraldic set. The Fantis surname to which Alefantis points, has what look like boys, and was first found in Bologna with the Pinc-related Panico's, and the latter can be found online on the Setta valley (Bologna) in particular, a tributary of the Rena-like Reno river. The Reno's/Rhine's share the Pinc/Pink lozenges, and Pincs/Pinks were first found in Yorkshire with Hicks' and PING/PONGs/Pagans, can we believe it? French Pagans are also Pans while Panico's are listed with Pane's. Plus, the Pings/Pongs/Pagans share the four-pointed, red "label" of both Fantis' and Panico's/Pane's, and the latter two surnames even add a Kilpatrick Chief to that label! You can't believe it, but it's all correct, no mistake made.

The Panico Coat looks related to the Shampoo/Campoo Coat. Panico's use a "green tree" with a "bird" upon it, and while Proctor-connectable Birds/Birds share the Hicks / Ainsley fleur-de-lys, Ainsley Earhardt was once Mrs. Proctor, parents of Hayden Proctor. One Bird/Bird Coat almost has the German Jacob Coat. French Chance's/Chansels, with a Chief in Panico-Chief colors, have two trees in the green color, but I don't know whether they are called, "green trees."

Tree's/True's were once said to be first found in Warwickshire, where Camps/Champs are now said to be first found, but Camps/Champs are now said to be first found in Wiltshire with Dannys/Dance's and trumpet-using Calls/Calles' who might just be in the "Ciall" motto term of Chansley-like Channels/Cannells/Connells.

The Reins/Raines/Raines' have a "leges" motto term while Leggs, suspect with the Trump stag head, were first found in Dumfries with Kilpatricks and Bells, and then the Labels are listed with La Bells.

The Huntingdon write-up traces to king David I, and Welsh Davids look like Aids/Ade kin likely because of Ada of Warenne, wife of king David's son, ruled in Huntingdonshire. The Herons, sharing the Horn/Orne Coat, are said to have been first found in the Tweed river of Berwickshire, and Aids/Ade's were likewise first found in Berwickshire.

Steve Bannon? What For?

I'd like to go back to the Apps/Epps' and Horns/Orne's, both first found in London with Bannans. The reason that Bannans were looked up is because there was an heraldic section created when my tenant, with a surname that's a variation of French Chance's/Chansels (share Hesse sun), gave me some of his own-baked BANANa bread. Bannans are in BUNcle/BONkyll colors, and the latter are expected in the "escarBUNCLE" of French Rays, the latter first found in Burgundy with shaman-like Shampoo's/Campoo's suspect with the Horn/Orne heron.

This tenant's first name is Zachary, and it just so happens that Zacharys share an "en BON" motto phrase with the Hicks' of Low Leyton in Essex, where English Chance's/Chanseys were first found along with the WATERs sharing the Coat of EPPsteins (Hesse). That looks like a big deal. Again, Bun- / Bon-like Bannans were first found in London with Epps', and with the Rays involved in this heraldic set, we are pointing to Ray Epps again as well as to Jeffrey Epstein.

Waters are mentioned above because Zacharys use "WATER bougets." This recalls the Vatts/Watters' above who share the Watt Coat, and the latter surname was first found in CARNagy, in Angus, where Brecons were first found who share a Bucket Coat. Water bougets (water containers) are code for Bucket liners. Carns were first found not far from BRECON (Wales).

The water bouget is used by Bugs once said to be first found in Nottinghamshire with Bunnys. The Bunny goat may thus be the Zachary goat because Bunns are also Bone's. Bunnys were first found in Basford with Ainsleys (share Hicks fleur), and the latter's Annas branch (once said to be first in Nottinghamshire) are now said to be first found in Cambridgeshire with Proctors. Ainsley Earhardt married Will Proctor, and they birthed Hayden, and then Haydens share "foy" with Zacharys who in turn share the saltire of Nagle's/NAILs while Proctors show only nails. Is that all cool or what? French Foys are listed with Foix's while Ainsley works for Fox news.

Irish Foys use the eel while Elys/Ealys were kin of Muscats/Musks (Cambridgeshire again), the latter said to have held the bishopric of Ely in Cambridgeshire. Muscats/Musks and their Love/Luff kin can be gleaned with Muschats, the latter first found in Essex with Waters and sharing their Coat. Love's/Luffs were first found in Oxfordshire with eel-using Ships/Shiptons. recalling the banana bread / cake, Cake's/Cakebreads were first found in Cambridgeshire too.

Likewise first found in Nottinghamshire are the Hayden-like Hedings/Headons, and they look to have the Fantis boys heads!!! I found Hedings/Headons due to what I said in the banana-bread update below, because it has a Hedingham location in Essex, and Chance's/Chanseys were first found in Essex. I have it recorded in the 2nd update of September, 2022:

This section started as an aside at this point of the update, but became a major task. The Bannons were loaded Wednesday, during the writing of this section, because Steve Bannon is in the persecution news, being threatened with jail time. Just as I went to load Bannons, a video that was simultaneously playing spoke the phrase, "BANANa republic" (i.e. the United States has become a banana republic). Bannons are BANNANs too, but I made nothing of this, chalking it up to coincidence because I had nothing to go on, in the Bannon Coat, to prove that God set up "banana." Then, a couple of hours ago on Thursday evening, my tenant arrives home, and comes to speak to me, and says he's baking banana bread, and he [later] offered me a loaf (i took it and ate it]. So the Bannons were re-loaded, but I could see no way to link Bannons to Breads or even Cake's/CakeBREADs.

A few minutes later, I heard "banner" on a video, and, zowzers, I knew without looking that German Banners share the giant fleur-de-lys of Cake's/Cakebreads! Plus, a banner is a flag, and Bannons use a gold-scallop version of the Flag Coat!!! Zinger. But why is God pointing to Steve Bannon...?

Cake-like Case's, first found in Norfolk with Flags, have a "DiSTANTia" motto term while Stains/Stants/STANs share the double fesses of Flags. The shaman was carrying a U.S. flag, and while STANley at the 9-11 memorial was holding a U.S. Stanleys love the Case-connectable Changers/Change's.

I go on to say, in that update, that Banners, Bannons, Baumgartners (share Cake/Cakebread and Banner fleur), and Bone's/Bohums are suspect with Bohemians, known to be founded by BOII, and thus the Hedings and Fantis can indeed have BOYs, especially as Fantis were first found in Bologna, also called, BONONia, home of the Boii. The Breads/Bradds are suspect with PodeBRADY of Bohemia, explaining the Banana bread. Plus, German Franks, first found in Bohemia, share the column (different color) with Pelosi's (she was the Speaker / leader of the House at the time).

[Insert -- While working on the Watkins surname of JACOB Chansley's lawyer below, I ran into the loaves of bread are used by Spanish Pando's, from the "pando" motto term of Lockharts. The latter were loaded because I was following the Lukart variation of Lux's, and the reason Lux's were loaded was two-fold: 1) they have a bull / buffalo head in the colors of the known "buffalo" head of Pohls; 2) Lux's are said to be from "Luchs = lynx," and there is a lynx in the Crest of Penes'/Pennys who share the courant greyhound of Jacobs.

LockHARTs, by the way, can be gleaned as kin of HARDY-descended Douglas', and the Lockhart boar is the Schim / Mole / Haley boar too, which we see shortly below. Whenever we are on Hart liners, they are possibly a pointer to McCarthys/Arthys as per a pointer to Kevin McCarthy's role toward January-6 exposure. The reason Penes'/Pennys came to mind in the Watkins section below is that Pens/Pence's were to topic from the Watkins motto. End insert]

For what it's worth, English Bannons/Banains, in Terent/Tarant colors and format, share the Trent/Trans roses. The latter have a vertically-split Shield colors reversed from the same of Rodham-connectable Tunnels/Tunno's (share Roten hexagram) who were in turn first found in Northumberland with Trane's/Trains (and Roddens/Rodhams).

Not more than two or three hours after writing the Bannon quote above, I was watching Moseder's Wednesday show, and he says that Steve Bannon announced that Rupert Murdoch (Fox boss) shut Tucker Carlson down in airing additional January-6 footage. We can guess that Paul RYAN of Fox helped that to happen, if correct that it did happen.

The question is whether Carlson versus Fox owns rights the video as per the grant from Kevin McCarthy. Couldn't Carlson share it with whomever he wants outside of Fox? If Fox won't allow Carlson to reveal anything he wants, then McCarthy, who's using the opportunity to appear responsible and for the good guys, is required to give the same footage to someone else who has no boss keeping the footage from becoming public. McCarthy, if he's trying to pull off a scam can't get away with it. He's legally required to make the footage available to all lawyers whose clients are being persecuted, otherwise he becomes an accomplice to the government crime of framing innocent people.

And so we find that McCarthy, under pressure, made this headline by week's end: "McCarthy vows to release full January 6 footage to the public" In the article: "Addressing why he chose to release the tapes to Fox News’ Tucker Carlson, McCarthy said, 'This is all about transparency, and it won’t just be to Tucker.'" Let's wait and see what he has in mind.

English CARLsons were first found in Suffolk with English CHARLES', and then while French Charles's are also Charlotte's, Miss Hicks is Charlotte my first name. HOPE Charlotte Hicks, once in Trump's White House as his Communications director, went to Fox news about the time that Paul Ryan became an executive there. Later, Hope returned to Trump's White House, but I didn't trust her to be on his team at all, more like on the RINO team, and so let's go back to the Ryan-like Rena middle name of Miss Hicks, which took us to Reins/RAINs, for Hope's/Hopers have a RAINbow.

Hoppers use a giant tower while Towers/Tours (Lancashire with ORMSkirk) are said to have been of Lofwicks/Lovicks (Lancashire) whose bull heads are in the colors of the Beauty bulls, and then Luffs/Love's (Oxfordshire with Checks/Chicks) share the fitchee of Checks/CHICKs. Ryans (share Paine/Payne motto) are not only in Horns/Orne colors and format, but O'Ryans look like "Orne." Amazingly, while Horns/Orne's are from mythical Orion of SCHIMatari, and while Schims/Schiens share the Mole boar, the Shake's having "mole hills" are in the colors and format of English Carlsons. Moreover, the latter were first found in Suffolk with CHICKens who share the Carlson / Shake chevron, and Shake's are even Shicks. How did that happen?

The Schim boar is used also by Haleys who look related to the Schumer Coat, and Nikki Haley wants to ruin Trump's 2024 election win as much as Chuck Schumer does. You saw Chuck Schumer in Moseder's video above, calling Rupert Murdoch to stop Carlson on this matter. Chick-like Chucks are listed with Suchs/Zouch's, first found in Lancashire with Shake's/Shicks, and yet Chucks/Suchs were first found in ORMSkirk in particular while Scottish Orms were first found in Aberdeenshire with Schims/Schiens and Skins/Scan/Skene's. Moreover, believe it or not, Scottish Orms are listed by Orion-like Orrins. Schumers have the ORMs axe in half its colors. Compare "SCHUMer" to "Schim." Skinners are in Simmer colors and format, and the axe is used also by Simms'.

I've told many times about my teenage buddy, Mr. Kepke, shoe salesman. Schumer's have variations identifying them as Shoemakers (share axe with Schumers), and Schumers are in Kepke/Kopke colors and format, with both surnames first found in Saxony.

Pressure is on Kevin McCarthy to admit that Capitol police were part of the January-6 crime, but, as could be expected, McCarthy is too selfish to admit it. It's no more complicated then that. He knows a firestorm will come against from the police, RINO's and Democrats if he admits the police were complicit, but if he does not admit it, then he looks like a cold, wet sock to those who just voted him in to be the Speaker of the House (he replaced Nancy Pelosi).

Moseder claims that no other Fox channel talked about the things Tucker showed on Monday night, which can only reveal that the other anchors know Fox boxes are against it.

As it turned out, Tucker spoke again on January 6 on Wednesday night, saying what makes it hard for Murdoch to silence him. The first point Tucker makes about officer Sicknick seems to me that the left is staging the lie about Sicknick as part of an ongoing attempt to burn Trumpist voters with anger to the point of violence. There seems to be no other logic in the continuation to lie concerning events that are clearly proven false by Capitol video. Perhaps they think it best to be caught lying as long as their supporters / viewers are willing to play along with them for political scores. Perhaps they're just insane:

Tucker on Wednesday is doubling-down seeking to make his detractors defenseless. So far, so good. He appears to be risking his job, whereas nobody else at Fox is willing, unless Tucker's mission is itself a staging, agreed upon by his bosses too, so long as it's him alone. Perhaps McCarthy and Murdoch came to a deal beforehand to perform a certain task through Tucker's show to bring Trump supporters to greater delirium. We can imagine deep-state plants in conservative social media egging conservatives to violence.

On Wednesday, Tucker had Chansley's lawyer on. If he's the authentic lawyer, or if the court case that jailed him wasn't staged, then this lawyer, with Watkins surname, should immediately file to have another trial, or to cancel the first trial for immediate release of his client.

The Watkins surname shares the Coy Coat, using pheons that can be races well to the Paioni/Paeoni people, to whom I trace Pendragons who share the Watkins chevron. It tends to explain the Watkins dragon head, and moreover the Watkins are in Dragon/Drainer colors and near format. It gets better because the "Pen-aur" motto phrase of Watkins looks like code for the Penner variation of Pens/PENCE's (Watkins colors), and Mike Pence was an integral part of the January-6 fraud on Trump voters. The Watkins write-up has: "[Watkins'] held a family seat at Pennoyre...", and Penes'/Pennys share the black, courant Jacob greyhound. The Watkin dragon head is likely that of Welsh Lewis'.

Watkins (Wales) use a "chalon" motto term likely for Welsh Chalons, yet French Chalons were first found in Burgundy with SHAMpoo's/Campoo's, and Welsh Chalons, in Watkins format, are in Camp/Champ colors and format.

If Chansley's court case was in a real court of law, all Capitol police officers in-the-know are under threat of jail time not only for jailing him without evidence that he deserves more than a week in jail, if that, but because they reportedly forced him to sign a confession i.e. under threat we may assume. A substack article on the man: "Finally, Chansley himself signed a plea statement in which he agreed to a narrative describing what he had done." But if it was a mock trial not in a real court, and if Chansley is an insider, as I think he must-certainly be, then Capitol police can rest easier. HOWEVER, if it was a mock trial, then it serves to show that Washington is the den of deceiving devils.

Sandy Beach at the Blue Ocean

The sandy beach may have been in the Sleeping Beauty dream to get me to tell that red-bull Sanders have a bull head in the colors of the Pelosi bull, which recalls that the Pelosi bull is with a tree, as is the red bull of French Packs. The shaman had a backpack saddled on his back. English Packs were a Pasi branch, and for a new realization: the saltire-by-spears of Pasi's is apparently the saltire-by-fret of Hoods because a saltire in the same colors is with Ode's/Oddie's/HODDy's, which might play to the hood of the car where I first saw Sleeping Beauty before I began walking toward her. Oddeys/Hodleys were even first found in Sussex with English Packs.

I first saw Sleeping Beauty walking round the car's fender to the hood. The Windsor-branch Fenders, having the right colors for the Hood branches above, were first found in Huntingdonshire with the Oddey-connectable Others/Otters.

The Pelosi bull is in the colors of the Steer lions while Pack-like Backs use a "steer" bull. Might Pelosi's call their bull a steer too? As the Cedes variation of Seats is expected in the Steer motto tern, "cede," it could be that Steers were a branch of a Seater-like variation such as Setters/Satters, whose write-up has a Satterthwaite location in Lancashire, and Cedes'/Seats were likewise first found in Lancashire. It just so happens that Setters/Satters share three roses in Chief (different color) with Cedes'/Seats. I don't know whether I've been on this heraldic territory before.

Moreover, Setters/Satters are in Levin colors and format while Levens share elephant heads (different colors) with Irish Sanders. Levens (Shropshire with Alans) are in Sandy / Sand colors and near-format, and Sandys / Sands share the Alan/ALLIN chevron while I showed above how the Hicks motto reveals the Hicks as Allin kin. The Leven chevron-with-stars is even the Car chevron-with-stars in colors reversed. Moreover, Setters/Satters share the roses of English Carys, a branch of Hart-connectable Carts. Castle Cary was home to Leavells/Lovells who in turn look connectable to Sturs/Styre's (Hampshire with Carters).

Thus, this heraldic set is, I think, making new headway into the meaning of the sandy beach. I vividly recall telling many times that Sandy-branch Sands were once said to be first found in Lancashire with Cars and Seats/Cedes', for Sleeping Beauty was hovering over the car seats while her car was the only one parked on the sandy beach. Sands are now said to be first found in Surrey with Steers!!! Beauty.

The upright Sander bull is the red one of Claro's/CHARo's, WHAM! Cars must have been Charo's, who are in the motto of English Josephs (Hampshire with Sturs/Styre's). Steers almost share a Joseph motto term, both motto terms suspect with Knee's/Nee's / Nie's/Neys. The "Cas ni charo" phrase of Josephs looks like part-code for Chase's / Case's.

The Claro-like Clare's have triple chevrons in the colors of the triple fesses of Sturs/Styre's! Hicks of CLAPton (see "Juliana Arthur," wife of Mr. Hicks) used CLARions while Clapps/Clappers, first found in Surrey with Cars and Sands, zowie, share the Beach Shield!!! BEAUTY.

It's all suggesting that the Beauty bull is the Sander bull head in colors reversed, because Beautys were found at/beside the Stour river while neighboring Sturs/STYRE's look like they belong to the German Back "steer," especially as the Stour starts in Somerset, where English Backs were first found. Sands and Sandys have one of the triple Stur/Styre and Basset fesses, and Bassets were first found in Staffordshire with Hicksons whose black eagle legs can now be expected with the giant black eagle of English Backs.

Amazing and new, think: she was hovering LEVEL on her BACK, and while English Backs were first found in Somerset with Leavells/Levels, Scottish Leavells were first found in Roxburghshire with Maxtons and Maxwells of Maxton. Epstein's partner in crime is Ghislaine Maxwell, and the new thing: Maxtons have a great reflection of the Sandy and Sand Coats!!!!! That is a huge piece of evidence that I was Epstein's beach. PLUS, I didn't realize the following until writing the last sentence: all latter three surnames use FITCHee crosses, and Fitch's/Fitchets were first found in Essex with the MontFITCHETs/Muschats who share the Eppstein Coat!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Believe.

Sands and Sandys are in Hicks format and colors reversed from them. Sleeping Beauty was played by Mrs. Kilpatrick. Scottish Kilpatricks, sharing the Maxwell saltire, have a motto, "I MAKE SURE," and this is part-code for the Makeswell variation of Maxwells, we can safely assume. That's not new material. Irish Kilpatricks show a Sheera variation, and thus Sure's/Shore's must have been a branch of Sheers/Shere's/Shire's/Share's because they were first found in Sure-like Surrey, and that's not new either. Surreys are also Shark-like Sarks. Not new.

The new thing: Sands are now said to be first found in Surrey, while Maxtons, Sandys and Sands all share fitchees on a gold Shield!!!! Perfect.

The pointer to Epstein and Maxwell was all over this just waiting for me to discover how to lay it out, and to-boot this proves again that I correctly identified who Sleeping Beauty is played by in the real world. I can even add that Sure's/Shore's, who play to the shoreline where I appeared at Epstein's beach, share the motto of Caens/Cans (Dorset with Beautys) while Oceans are Cain liners, is that not wild? From this perspective, Miss Hicks was playing one of Epsteins hookers for pedophiles, though this view is inconsistent with other ways to view her. In how many different ways can God frame the same scene? Can we put a limit on it?

The Makeswells/Maxwells (black eagle) even have a Coat that could hint of the Hickson Coat (black eagle legs), for these Maxwells were first found in Yorkshire with Hicks'.

On this light map, spot the Caeni in Thrace beside the APSinthii, suggesting that some branch of the latter named the APSus river that has an Orestis location at its sources, for Orestia is on this map a little north of the Caeni. Orestia is at the mouth of the Arda river while Ardiaei were amongst Door-line Daorsi, and Caens were first found in DORset. Cabyle is shown on the Tonzus river with a mouth at Orestia, and Cable's (Somerset, beside Dorset) share fretty Shield (different color) with Caens. Thus, it seems that Oceans/Cains were related to proto-Eppsteins from far back to Thrace.

Although there is indication that Sleeping Beauty can point to January-6 when heraldry is framed as I've framed it in this update, I have heraldically framed the same dream, which includes the shark in a kidney-shaped swimming pool, to point to poison vaccines, which I've done several times in the past. Vaccines are being advanced by 666 pushers, in my current opinion, whether they know it or not.

The Sleeping Beauty dream came with two setting, splitting the dream in two. The first setting ending when I dove into a swimming pool to save a British BULLdog (Trump) from a shark, but before I could see the outcome of that act, I found myself standing in ocean waters off the sandy beach. Surely, the two halves of this dream relate. With the second half now pointing to shaman as well as to the COVID scheme, it can be assumed that the U.S. military was responsible for both shams, and indeed we saw the National Guard fill the streets around the Washington Capitol Building to the tune of 10,000 troops, well after January 6 was called out as am insurrection to assure that Trumpers didn't take their rightful place in the White House.

I went from the pool to the ocean waters, and as Trump is the bulldog in the pool, it is amazing that Oceans show nothing but triple-wavy bends while German Drummonds show nothing but triple-wavy fesses. Donald Trump is said to descend from Drumpf's. Is that not cool or what? This is the biggest proof I've ever realized for identifying the bulldog with Trump, though other evidence is very compelling too.

The shark had the BRITISH bulldog half swallowed, and the British/BradDOCK/Brodick Coat (Dock lion?) happens to use a fox, which could be a pointer to Fox news' support of establishment Republicans who despised Trump's intrusions onto their traditional turf. While English Docks, first found in Staffordshire with Duce's/DUCEY, share the blue lion with British's, Scottish Docks are listed with DOGs, you see. The pool scene does appear to point to British's.

The British's are linkable to Brets, first found in Samford Brett (Somerset with Bright-like Bridge's), and as Samfords are listed with SANDfords, we are back to Sandys / Sands because they share the Bret fitchee.

Instead of support from Fox against election fraud, which was Trump's first calamity, Fox did nothing. Note that Fox started opposing Trump in the ARIZONa election process, for the dream ended with Beauty and I rising as code for RISONs. It just so happens that one of the RINO's (establishment Republicans) who opposed Trump was Arizona governor DUCEY, which again tends to confirm that we are meant to go to the British/BradDOCK Coat.

And then Fox news is owned by Rupert MurDOCH, of the MURdock surname, first found in Ayrshire with Mure's/Muirs/Moors so as to tend to identify the Dock surname in marriage to Mure liners. HARDY-descended, HEART-using DOUGlas' were first found in MORay, and Scottish Harts/Hearts almost have the Rising/Rison cross, and do have the saltire of police-like and Pool-related Pollicks/Pollocks. DOUGals have the lion of English Docks in colors reversed, and while Dougals were first found in Galloway, Galloways have the English Dock lion.

The swimming POOL can click with the Pohls said to use a "buffalo head." Can this be a pointer to the shaman, to indicate that January 6 was the thing to sink Trump at last? It certainly put his political fortunes into the dark for four years. The Pools are listed with Pole's while German Pohls are listed with another Pohl surname having a "frying PAN" to indicate the Pan variation of Payens/Pagans, first found in Dauphine with their Page branch, and with Galloway-like Galli's and Galleys.

The frying pan is held by a man wearing a feather in his hair, and Feathers/Fathers were first found in Somerset with the Pollets in the Pole/Pool/Pull motto, and beside the English Page's, but also beside Poole, suggesting that French Page's have a version of the Pole/Pool/Pull Coat. Somerset is also where Bulls/Bule's were first found who can be behind the Pohl buffalo when they married a buffalo-like surname.

At this point, one can compare the Ocean Coat to that of PULLys/Pullens and Romneys, noting that the latter two share the same bend-with-scallops. Pullys are from Vespasia POLLa of Rieti, explaining why Rita's share the giant Pole/Pool/Pull lion. Rita's were first found in Rome with the Luciano's who share the fish of Luce's (Norfolk with Pully-related Sabine's), as well as looking very related to both Irish Kane/Cain surnames. Oceans are themselves listed with Kane's/Cains. Those familiar with RINO's know of John McCain of Arizona, and Mitt Romney who is still one of Trump's arch-enemies still pushing the January-6 scam.

The dream started with a shark, and Sharks were first found in Tyrone with their Neil kin who in turn have a Coat related to Keons/McCains.

It get's pretty amazing that once we are on the English Luce's, French Luce's share the Water / Eppstein Coat. I went from the pool to the ocean waters off of Epstein's island (Little Saint James in the Virgin group of islands).

Behold. French Luce's were first found in Picardy with a location of Baliols and Bailys (see their write-ups). Pollets happen to share the Baliol swords while Baliols and their Bailey branch were a branch of Moray's Bellys, which recalls that the shark's teeth were ringed around the bulldog's belly while its head was down the throat. Baliols / Baileys named a location near ABBEville (Picardy), and near AIRAINES too (Picardy), where ORIONs were first found, by the way, and thus this Abbeville-Airaines duo takes us to McCabe/McABEE's/McAbbe's of ARRAN, which is where Blue's were first found whose rooster heads are colors reversed from the giant rooster of French Gays, a branch of Galli's above. The BLUE ocean waters at our service. The "Aut" motto term of McCabe's/Abee's is like the Aude's (Savoy with Gays) who have a blue-Shield version of the Baliol Coat.

Picardy is where French Jacques' were first found who have a different-colors version of the Baliol Coat. English Jacks/Jacques' almost have the Apps/Epps / Abby/Abbe scallops. I was transported from the swimming pool to BLUE OCEAN WATERs off of EPstein's island, and we can see above how the McABBE's can relate to Apps/EPPs, for the latter are a branch of Abby's/Abbe's. The Blue's of Arran thus point very well to EPPsteins who share the Water Coat.

We read: "The main settlement on the Isle of Arran is Brodick..." Is that cool or what? The British bulldog tends to prove that the dream wanted me to go to Arran with the Blue's.

The Oceans are perfect here because they are listed with Cains/Kane's while the other Irish Kane's/Cains show the same fish as McCabe's/Abbe's, tending to prove that I saw blue waters in order to get me to the Blue's of Arran. It could be to indicate that the corrupt circle of Andrew McCabe -- the FBI second-in-command under Obama and into Trump's White-House term -- is behind the January-6 staging of the "insurrection."

The Oceans/Kane's have a version of the English Platter Coat, and the latter's SOTTERley location clinched the pointer of the paper plane, in my Obama dream (two weeks after Trump took Office), to Obama's previous name, Barry SOETORo. In the dream, I sewered a paper plane that acted as the cue ball on Obama's POOL table, and Sewers are listed with SUTERs/SUITs.

Later in the dream, Obama celebrated his getting away with persecuting Trump by being on a skateBOARD in his SUIT, and while Boards look related to Sewers/Suters/Suits, perhaps BRODicks apply to Boards / Broads. Brodick happens to be a location on Arran. Trump did so little to remove the deep-state leaders from positions of power that they stung him eventually while he was portraying himself as the invincible God.

I had no shirt on as I walked along Epstein's beach. Tous'/Tosini's use a man wearing a "shirt" with "buttons," and it just so happens that Buttons/Bidens/Budins were first found in Hampshire with English Botters. We can take this to Tous'/Tosini's (Pisa in Florence) from the "virTUS" motto term of Pole's/Pools/Pulls, for Florence is where Lucca (beside Pisa) is located. Lucca happens to be where Botters/Botini's were first found who share the bend of Oceans/Cains, yet the Botter/Botini bend is no longer shown straight, but is curved, as is the Rita bend. Rita's were first found in ROME with Luce-related Luciano's, we get it. And ROMneys (almost the triple bends of Oceans/Cains) are essentially in the colors and format of Botters/Botini's when the latter is shown with a straight bend. It suggests that Romneys descended from the Roman emperor, Vespasian, the line of which got caught up with the ancestry of the Butteri cow and bull herders.

I almost missed it: Butters were first found in Fife with the Balcons/Balcome's/Balcome's that Lorraine the babe linked to Botters/Botini's!!! The Balcons came to topic when I saw her BUTT stain as she came from the stairs atop her BALCONy! From that alone, along with similarity of Coats, I ventured to claim that Balcons were Botter kin, and here, earlier in this update, the Butters came to topic (with Buttys/Butterys), but only now was it recalled that they too were first found in Fife! Lorraine was a BEAUTiful young lady, and the Buttys had looked like a Beauty branch.

Repeat: "As Butters share the heart of Sauvage's and the Nancy cross, perhaps God arranged the Butter symbols to point to Nancy Pelosi because here surname was first found in SAVIGliano." Nancy is a location in Lorraine! Lorraine had been a Russellite (Jehovah's Witness), and Russells, sharing the lion of Sauers and Sorrys (ROSE), were first found in Dorset with Beautys. Sauers are said to be from the Sava river, and English Savage's are Sava's too. As Russells look like they named Roslin, home of Sinclairs, it's notable that Sinclairs share the Butter cross too. Nancys were first found in Cornwall with Rush-branch Rosco's, and Rosso's share the giant Russell lion, in colors reversed with Ross'. Lorraine had the grass stain on her ass, and Ass', first found in the Orkneys islands with Henry Sinclair of Roslin, share the "fasces" (rare symbol) with Sorrys.

To make the Sauer-Russell link, we first go to the Sauer write-up, "Dieteri Galleri was the first to take on this name," and then we load the Gallerys/Galloways to discover their sharing a giant, blue lion with French Rosseau's, first found in Burgundy with the Save's who share the Balcon / Botter/Botini bend. The Sava is also the Sau and the Save. Russells, Rosso's and Sauers all share the giant Fergus lion, and the latter were first found in Galloway.

MORE: Galloways have a motto, "Higher," and High's, first found in Buckinghamshire with Buttys/BUTTERys and CHENEYs, share the Butter / Sinclair / Nancy / Chain cross! Compare Chain's to Cains / McCains!

Lucca is where the first known elements of the House of Canossa are said to have been, making Canossa look like a branch of Cains / Oceans/Cains/CANES'. The House of Canossa uses roughly the dog of Fortuna's, first found in Tuscany. I suppose one can say that John McCain is in the British bulldog along with Mitt Romney.

Both McCain and Romney were chosen by establishment Republicans to deny ordinary Christians the power of the White House. Anything but ordinary Christians, but when Trump embraced Christians, the RINO's and Democrats together geared up for mortal battle. And that's where we will be until Armageddon's fury comes upon the rebels.

For what it's worth, perhaps a pointer to Jacob Chansley, English Jacobs share the black greyHOUND with Lucca-like Lucks/Luke's, and the latter share the pelican in Crest with Pullys/Pullens and English Becks who in turn share a Bech variation with Beach's. I was without my shirt on the beach, and Jacob Chansley had no shirt on at January 6. Becks/Bechs, with the moline cross of German Jacobs in colors reversed, were first found in Berkshire with English Pasleys, and the latter have the CANOS Coat in colors reversed, suggesting that Lucks/Luke's were Lucca liners too of the Canossa kind.

Yes, for Greys look related to both English Huns/HUNGate's (dogs in Canossa-dog colors) and German Huns/HUNDTs (almost the Canossa dog but with a greyHOUND). German Huns/Hundts essentially have the Coat of Hungers, the latter first found in Hesse with Luce-connectable Eppsteins. Jeffrey Epstein is thought by many to have been an Intelligence operator, and while James Clapper was Obama's chief of Intelligence, Clappers not only have a version of the Beach/Bech Coat, but share the Hesse Coat in a CANTON square. CANtons have the Washington Coat in colors reversed. Becks/Bechs were also first found in Dorset with Poole and Beautys.

[Insert again, sorry -- I trace Trumps to prince George of Hungary, son of king Andrew I, and this tends to explain the Hungars of this picture. As there are dogs in this picture, note that Canossa can be of the Oceans/Canes', for the latter almost have the Drummond Coat while George above was the father of the first Drummond. Both Drummond surname show nothing but triple fesses, as do Spanish Canos'/Cano's. The CANtons have two fesses in the colors of the Canos/Cano fesses. George of Hungary is to the English George's sharing the blue doves of Wessels/WAISTells, the latter having named Wasdale near a couple of Washington locations. Wassa's were proto-Washingtons. German Wessels use the "horn" in red, possibly of the red Hover horns. German Wessels are vertically split in colors reversed from the same of Tunnels, the latter first found in Northumberland with Horn-branch Herons.

Heron-using English Smiths were first found in Durham with Washingtons. Smithers'/Smothers' share the eagle of English Carlsons. The Smith heron holds a "fish" because Fish's are in Smith colors and format, and moreover the Tigers in the Fish Crest were first found in Suffolk with English Carlsons. While English Carlsons are in Shake colors and format, and while Shakes use "mole hills, and while the Washington Chief is shared by Shake-liner Schims/Schiens, the latter share the Mole and Halys boar head while Fish have "...Gilbert Fysche recorded as burgess [in Edinburgh, beside Musselburgh] there in 1483 had a charter of part of the lands of Estir HALYS in the regality of Mussilburgh in the same year". Musselburgh is two miles from the FAUCet castle at FAUXide. Mussels were first found in Lincolnshire with Fish.

NEW: zowie, as Fish have Fiscs in their write-up, they trace to Fieschi of Genova, where Fauci's were first found! It gets better because Fish essentially share the coat of vaccine-like Vychans/Vaughns, and Paul SMITH (buddy in my mid-20s to mid-40s) lived in the city of Vaughn! Mussels share "plates" with the Singletary antelope, and while Singletarys were first found in Fylde of Lancashire, Fylde's/Files' are in the colors and format of Carlsons and Shake's (Lancashire). Obama descended from Jonathan Singletary-Dunham, and Dunhams were first found in Norfolk with Fiscs.

Paul Smith was the friend of Ray Luff when I met Paul, and the last time I saw Paul was in Luff's home. Luffs/Love's were Check/Chick kin, and Chickens (Suffolk with Carlsons) share the Carlson chevron. Chickens apply the COCKatrice to their chevron, and Cocks share the Shield of Grimaldi's who were allied to Genova's Fieschi, is that cool or what? It's new, anyway.

The last time I saw Lorraine the babe was when she was carrying her newborn CHILD about three feet away from a table where I was sitting for coffee with my new-found friend, Paul Smith. Lorraine's share the Child eagle, but it's also the eagle of English Charles', first found in Suffolk with CARLsons and Babe's. Lorraine had a feet / foot symbol at the moment she got her Babe symbol, while French Charles' share the Feet/Fate martlets. We're only halfway through. The French Crispins, first found in Lorraine, share the "pomegranate" with Carls/Carleys, and then English Crispins (almost the Luff/Love fesses) were first found in Oxfordshire with Luffs/Love's and Checks/Chicks. Is that stranger than fiction or what? Crispins were direct Clare's at first, and Clare's were first found in Suffolk with Chickens and Carlsons. These English Clare's have the Bled Coat in colors reversed while Bleda was Attila's brother.

Lorraine had a butt symbol too with her GRASS stain, and Attila the Hun had headquarters at Buda, which became Budapest, the HUNgarian capital, when twinned with neighboring Pest. The Arms of Hungary shares barry in Crispin-barry colors. Her butt symbol from her BALCONy pointed with Balcons to Italian Botters/Botini's, both of whom share the bend of French Crispins. Buda-like Bodys/Botters are in PESTer/Pistol / Drummond colors, and "pistols" are used by Hopkins, first found in Oxfordshire with barry-using Crispins. Pesters/Pistols were first found in Shropshire with the Dol Alans, and while Attila made a pact with the Alan Huns he had first defeated, Attila was from a House of Dulo.

Hopkin-like Hope's/Hopers were first found in Shropshire too, with the Leytons ("shame") who named Low Leyton in Essex, where Shame-like Same's/Sams were first found who share the Faucet lion. The SHAMan had no shirt, and while the Bleds love the shirt-and-button Tous', Shirts are also Shards while Lizarts/SARDo's were first found in province with French Grasse's and Grace's/Grasse's.

Hopkin-like Hoppers are in the Fauchy GRASShopper, and English Grasse's, first found in Lincolnshire with Fish and Mussels, share the bend of French Crispins. French Grasse's get suspect with the Faucet lion due to Faucets being beside Musselburgh.

Drummonds descend from Hungarians, and as the first Drummond was Maurice, Irish Grasse's ("Grace" motto term) probably share the Maurice / Morris lion. Grace's/Grasse's show nothing but triple chevrons in the colors of nothing-shown but triple fesses of German Drummonds. Back now to the Huns. End insert]

Huns/Hundts were first found in Swabia, and are in Schwab/Swab colors and format. Swabia was named by the ancient Sabines as they developed into Suebi Nordics. Rieti is at Sabina. Pullys share the scallop of red-bull Sabine's because Vespasia Polla was married to Flavius Sabinus of Rieti. Suebi were living with SEMNones, from the SAMNite tribe of Sabines, I reckon. SAMsons love the Stain-connectable Flags, first found in Norfolk with Sabine's, and Flags named Flagi from a Flavius character in the Fly write-up. Fly's (Hampshire, beside Poole) have the Pully/Pullen martlets in colors reversed.

Both John McCain and Mitt Romney ran for the White House against Obama, and both lost likely due to election fraud. To perhaps clinch the dream's pointer to Mitt Romney, a new thing in this update, Romneys were first found in Kent the British's/Brodicks whose lion heads are in the colors of the giant lion of Masons/Massins (Kent) who in turn share the full motto of Balcons/BalCOMBs/BalCOME's. I've shown by the grass stain how the latter are in Botter/Botini colors and format, but we can now add that they are in Romney colors and format too while Comeys are Combs/Come's too, and then James Comey was Obama's chief of the FBI when Andrew McCabe was his deputy!

I didn't know of English Balcome's/Balcombs ("TeNEBO") until now, and they happen to have been first found in Sussex with the Hams sharing the McCabe/McAbbe "salmon," and with the same-colored hammers showing only dolphins, seemingly important because Salemans (Salmon colors) were first found in Surrey with Clappers and James', and where Dolphins/Dolfins were once said to be first found. James Clapper and James Comey often collaborated on corrupt Intelligence agendas.

The Nebo's suspect in the Balcome/Balcomb motto come up when we ask for the Victory surname, and Coffee's, with a "victoria" motto term, look related to McCabe's/McAbbe's. If English Balcome's/Balcombs are using a version of the TOOTHill Coat, note the Tooth-like surname, for the shark had nasty teeth clamped to the bulldog that I previously claimed to be a pointer to James Comey. Nebo- / News'-like Neve's and Navys were first found in Angus, beside the Scottish Balcome's/Balcombs of Fife, and English Neve's/Nephews (Kent) share the fish of one of the Irish Cains/Kane's.

Scottish Neve's use "proba" as compared to the "probitas" of Salmons, and the Timms/Time's, suspect in the "Optima" motto term of Salmons, were first found in Kent with English Neve's. Salmons (Cumberland with Dolphins/Dolfins) use three fish looking connectable to Ocean/Cain branches, and "optima" is translated with "best" while English Bests, in Salmon and Mead colors and format, were first found in Somerset with Medleys while the latter's Mead branch had married Arthurs (share pelican with Pullys/Pullens, Meads and Godfreys) of CLAPton, a Somerset location. We just saw Clapps/Clappers first found in Surrey with Salemans.

Meads, sharing the martlets of Romney-related Pullys/Pullens, almost have the Godfrey Coat while Godfreys (Kent with Romneys) share "Libertas" in their motto with Bests. It all clicks well, and we can add that Salemans are in Cheney colors and format.

The scene after I saw myself walking on the beach with Door-connectable Jeans and no shirt, I was at a car door. English Jeans share the Pullys/Pullen and Romney scallops, but these same Jeans share the Dock lion too while Romneys were first found in Kent (beside Boards of Sussex) with British's/BradDOCks/BRODicks. Boards have a "perforaTUS" motto term for possible linkage to shirt-and-button Tous'/Tosini's. "Tous" is a motto tern of Bleds suspect from a Bled location on the SAVA river, and the Savage's/Sava's are in the Broad Crest. Docks were first found in the same place with Duce's/Duceys, the latter being a branch of English Ducks, the latter first found in Somerset with BOARDers who share the Duck stars. DOUG Ducey, governor of Arizona, protector of Arizona election fraud?

The next section brings us to the Trump bulldog like I never remember doing it before, which I think is a must-read.

Graphene-Oxide Not Much in the News

Greg Reece put out a video a year or more ago claiming that 5G first appeared in Wuhan about the same time that COVID appeared there, and he suggested that this disease was started by 5G transmissions. I don't know whether it first appeared in Wuhan, but can show this headline with date: "China rolls out 'one of the world's largest' 5G networks Published 1 November 2019".

La Quinta Columna of Spain, upon showing square-shaped chips in human blood that it claimed to be graphene-oxide nano-electronics, distanced many medical people, especially when it started to say that these chips are to be used in conjunction with 5-G or 6-G waves from common cell towers. This was a large leap without sufficient evidence shown, and La Quinta Columna's Internet program seemed too cheap to be taken seriously. Graphene-oxide was not talked about by many, and some say it's disinformation to deflect from the reality that the real poisons are spike proteins instead.

Karen Kingston is with Stew Peters again this week, telling that Sino Biological, Inc., manufactures graphene-oxide for China, which is used in bondage to spike proteins (= same as a virus, essentially) for COVID "vaccines," and then companies outside of China can order this graphene concoction...meaning not all COVID vaccines have this, but only companies who purchase it, but even then, any company purchasing it doesn't likely use it for ALL their vaccine products.

Karen Kingston claims that Pfizer has used graphene in its vaccines. She says that it's to be frozen, and I think I understand why, because the magnetism of graphene is weaker in colder conditions, but also graphene-oxide is like a liquid-paste (at room temperature) that might go solid at colder temperatures, and thus the concoction remains more stable during storage / shipping while cold. Plus, some medical people reported bottles of vaccine glowing with light when out of the deep-freeze.

Ms. Kingston says she's got evidence on a Pfizer document that the company was potentially purchasing graphene from as many as 15 companies. She says that the spike proteins are grown from the kidney cells of aborted children. I don't like it when Ms. Kingston smiles while talking about this deadly material, proud of herself, it appears, for exposing it further.

I've checked some heraldry that you might find interesting. To start with, I'll go back to my claim, that God created an event at my age 14, where my friend of the same age chased me with a spider dangling on a web in front of KAREN Graff. As Graffs are also graphene-like Graffens too, and as graphene forms a spider shape when activated by light waves, and as they say graphene is stronger even than spider web strands, I suggested that the Kepke event was a pointer to graphene-oxide in vaccines, especially as Keep use a "weaver's shuttle" while Weaver-branch Webbers play to the spider web he was holding.

I've made the case very solidly that Keeps descend from Maria of Kiev, the Ukraine capital, and Kepke's father was Ukrainian, which makes me suggest that American labs in Kiev or other parts of Ukraine have been ordering graphene-oxide so as not to get caught with it inside the United States.

I've told in the recent past that Graffs/Graffens share a gold lion with Kingstons and Kings, and so I was wondering whether God wanted me to flip from KAREn Graff to Karen Kingston, for she's very big on reporting graphene developments. Kepke CHASED me with the spider, and while Chase's/Chace's were a Chance branch, the Chance lion is in both colors of the Graff/Graffen and Petit lion.

I'm including French Petits here because they are in the motto of COLUMNs/Malcolms, in case God is using them as per "Quinta COLUMNa" (Fifth Column). The Quinta's use three dice showing three fives on their tops, but they also have three 6's facing the viewer. One could suggest that 6's are shown because they are the favorite dice number, but, one can also suggest that 666 was arranged by God for Quinta's because the 666 purchasing system might just be a vaccine pass into commercial buildings.

It's notable that English Quints share the CLOT/DuCLOS chevron while Cupionich is on the CLAUSula river that can be a pointer with Claus'/Klaus' to Klaus Schwab, whose interested in brain chips, body chips, and the implementation of the "Great Reset" using the COVID-vaccination programs as his launch pad. The Clauds/CLAUSELs happen to share the Tromp acorns, and trumps styles himself "father of the vaccines." Trumps were first found in Mecklenburg with Schwabs/Swabs and Hahns. Tromps share the split Shield of Fauci's, can we believe it?

I mention CUPIONICH because of Quintus CAEPIO, to whom I trace Quints, and his bloodline soon after became the CAEPIONIS'. It's just amazing that another name for Cupionich is KOPLik, the line to Kopple's, first found in Nuremberg with Keep-like Keips/Keipers who in turn almost have the Schwab/Swab Coat in colors reversed.

I've shown pointers to Tony Fauci pointing to Faucets, first found in East Lothian with Vaux's/VALLibus', and here I've just seen that French Petits (Burgundy) are said to have been "seated at LaVAUX." The LaVaux's are listed with LaValle's, first found in Brittany with Nerets and sharing their triple bends. The LaVaux's/LaValle's add stars to one bend to show connection to Scottish Vaux's/Vallibus'. I've just remembered that English Vaux's/Vallibus' were first found in Cumberland with Quints!

Keeps were kin of Lorraine's, and LaVaux's/LaValle's have this: "By 1512 they held a seigneurie at Chenillon in Lorraine." It explains why Chenillons are listed with Valleys/La Vallee's (Brittany).

I've shown how there are pointers to Trump's FDA chief, Stephen Hahn, from the Bibo's who have the Hann-branch Hahns in their write-up. I've told that Hahns are in Trump colors and format, but also in Kepke/Kopke colors and format. I've told that Hanns share the red rooster with Bibo's and Cocks, but I can now add that HANcocks have the red rooster too, and Hancocks were just found because Matt Hancock, Britain Health secretary, is making vaccine-crime news this week like so (you can speed this up by starting at 4 minutes, but see also 9:15 up to the 11th minute):

The following heraldic set looks like it points to Rockefellers for graphene-oxide poisoning. Let me show you how starting with DANCEtte-using Fellows/Felloe's, first found in Huntingdonshire with Jacobs, and having a "MAGNAnimiTATE" motto term to go with the "magna" of English Walkers (Yorkshire with Dance's, Jacks and Hicks). Tate's, first found in Suffolk with Jacobs of MENDham, share the raven with Rocco-related Tragers, and with Trager-related Rooks, while Fellers are also FellTRAGERs. "Mente" is a motto term of Vowells while Fowlers/FOULers have a good reflection of the Fellow/Felloe Coat, but see also the Falds/FAULs in a Hicks-related insert above, which insert I've just added to this update. Jewish Fells have the LeDuc stars in colors reversed. Mants/MENTs share a Coat of Rocco-like Rosseau's/RosSAULTs while Jacobs were at MENDham.

Saults/SAUTs ("traHUNT"), with a lion in the colors of the FelLOW/FelLOE lion heads, were first found in Burgundy with Rosseau's/Rossaults. Hicks are said to be from "HIKKE de SAUTby," and I told of the day when I had to hitch-HIKE home from a job site at lake Rosseau. Hitch's are also Hyche's, and Hike's are listed with Hyckes'/Hacks. Scottish Treys, suspect in "TRAhunt," have part of the Feller Coat. English Rocks were first found in Worcestershire with the Lows/Loe's (share Rocco and ShakeSPEAR bend) suspect in "FelLOW/FelLOE." "SPERA" is a Low/Loe motto term, and Spears/SPEYers are suspect at the Spey river, location of Rothes while German Rothes/Rothchilds have a giant raven.

Back to Scottish Treys, with a "DiscriMINE" motto term, and first found in Bedfordshire with dancette-using Mine's/Means/Menne's, and with the Lutons who share the giant eagle of GRAVE's/GREAFs. GRAPHENE-oxide was pointed to by Karen GRAFF, and Graffs/Graffens/Gravs share the demi-lion in Crest of Saults/Sauts. The Trey mascles are shared by Seneca's/SENESchals for a potential pointer to AstraZENECA vaccines. Sens/Senns were first found in Switzerland with Graffs/Graffens/Gravs. That's amazing.

The Luton-like Lutts/McLeods ("fast") were first found on Skye with CRIMMONs/Rimmons suspect in the "DisCRIMINE" motto term of Treys. Lutts/Lute's, sharing the Fast quadrants, have both the Graff/Graffen/Grav / Sault/Saut lion / Crimmon/Rimmon lion, as well as the lion of the other French Rosseau's/RousSAULTs (Sault/Saut Shield and Crest in colors reversed). The other Rosseau's/Rossaults share the Mant/Ment Coat.

Although I've become happier with the role of British's/Brodocks as per the British bulldog in the pool, whereas it was a non-starter at one time, it's still fuzzy in my mind as to what it points to strongly and cleanly. Perhaps the Brueders/Broders can help. The write-up of German Jacobs tipped me off on this surname, and as the bulldog was half swallowed by a shark, it seems like a correct path to be on because German Jacobs have the French Sarasin Coat in colors reversed. Shark-like English Saracens/Sarasins were first found in Cumberland with Fauci-connectable Vaux's, you see, and the latter share the checks of Brueders/Broders. We have an excellent starter here because the Brueders/Broders even have the bend of Collins'.

In fact, Irish Collins' are expected with the double-brown lions of Ramps, first found in Cumberland with brown-lion Browns/Bruns. The Brunswicks share the Duce/Ducey Coat in colors reversed and "duce" is a motto term of Slains. Ducs/LeDucs were first found in Brittany with French Sarasins, such a good pointer to James LeDuc. The BradDOCks/BroDOCks may have been from English Docks/Doxeys, first found in Staffordshire with Duce's/Duceys.

Slains were first found in Shropshire with Alans of Dol, a location of Britain-like Brittany. The shark swallowed the British bulldog, and while Alans of Dol became the Swallow-loving Arundels (married Saluzzo), Sallows were first found in Shropshire with Slains. Saluzzo's share the Dure and Clun Coats, and the latter two were first found in Perthshire with Scottish Docks/DOGS, so much fun, and with the Wings/Winks in the Crests of Irish Leslie's, Slains and Brueders/Broders. We seem to be treading on the British bullDOG here, a solid pointer to crooked vaccine providers. In the dream, the bulldog came walking past my leg at knee height, and both Knee's and Leggs can be linked to Trumps / Tromps.

We now have an excellent starter well out of the gate. Slains, who, along with their wings have the Leslie griffin head, were looked up as per the "the lands of Leask, in the parish of Slaines," that being a quote from the write-up of Lisks (Aberdeenshire with Leslie's and Lasks/Leasks) who were in turn looked up as per "Braddock of Broadoak is a parish, in the union of Liskeard," a quote in the British/Brodock write-up. The Broads, so excellent, use a savage while Savage's are also Sava's while LESCE is on the Sava river, how perfect can things get? Wings/Winks are from Vinkovci, not far off the lower Sava in the Hungarian domain.

Lasks and Lisks have "mascles" (different colors), code for Meschins/Masculine's and their Mussel/Muscel branch, and yet there's also the Mascals, the latter first found in Sussex with BOARDs. The Lask Coat looks related to Scottish Mans (Aberdeenshire with Lasks and Leslie's) while German Mans (Steer-like Styria) not only share the Massey quadrants, but throw in a savage for the Cheshire Savage's/SAVA's. Lesce is near the Sava-river Maezaei, and British's/Brodocks are suspect with the Mason/Massin lion. Scottish Mans (dragon) are in the colors and format of Dragons/Drainers, first found in Kent with British's/Braddocks/Brodicks.

Maezaei lived beside the Sava-river Ceraunii, who named the Cornovii founders (my personal discovery) of Cornwall, though the Cornovii were also in Cheshire, where Masseys and le-Meschin were along with the first-known BRADDs/Breads. The latter show nothing but a giant lion head in the colors and format of the Trumps and Hahns. Now we know better why the British bulldog represents Trump, for this Braddock-Bradd connection, but it was not this blatant until I had first found Brueders/Broders.

It took until now to find all of this, thanks only to Jacob Chansley, because he brought the Jacob surnames to this update which found the Brueders/Broders. Broads were first found in Cornwall, and then British's/Brodocks have: "Braddock, Bradock or Broadoak is a parish in the hundred of West, Cornwall."

I've shown how the matriarch of the Drummonds, suspect as an Agatha of the Gates bloodline, was from PodeBRADY, which is also called, PodeBRODy, and this looks like the British/Braddock/Brodock bloodline. They say that Donald Trump descended from Drumpf's, and then while the patriarch of Drummonds was a prince George of Hungary, let's repeat: "Wings/Winks are from Vinkovci, not far off the lower Sava in the Hungarian domains." Wings/Winks were first found in Perthshire with Docks/Dogs, and with Scottish Drummonds who in turn share the Coat of Bassets, the latter first found in Staffordshire with Duce's and Docks/Doxeys. Is this not like music?

German Drummonds, in Trump colors, were first found in Hamburg, near the first-known Trumps. Hamburg is where Nissans were first found who share the first quadrant of Brueders/Broders, is that not wild? Yes, because I was mugged in Galveston, a pointer to James LeDuc, while I slept in the back of my Nissan pick-up.

Although I don't know what's in the British/Brodick chevron, whether chaplets, wreaths or garlands, I can be confident that they're the Hicks chaplet because the latter is around the neck of a gold head of a "buck," and then there's a gold stag head on the British/Brodick chevron, between the two chaplet-like items. The Shake's, from Shechemites, were cousins of Schims/SCHIENs and SKINs/Scans/Skene's, and this takes us to German Shine's/SCHEINs because Irish Shine's/Shinnocks share the Coat of Fox's/Shinnocks while there is a fox under the British/Brodick chevron.

Hamiltons were rulers of Brodick in Arran, and I bought a fiberglass, British bulldog ($5,000, not cheap) in Hamilton, Ontario, 15 years after the British bulldog appeared in the dream. Later in the year, just months after the purchase of the dog, I saw Miss Hicks for the first time, wife of Hamilton William Kilpatrick III (family DOCtor). Williams have a dog in Crest, and Hamiltons share the Dog/Doug/Dock cinquefoil. Doctors are listed with English Dockers (Cumberland with DAGGERs) while German Ducks are Dockers too. Kilpatricks use the "DAGGER."

Sleeping Beauty was framed in this dream as my future BRIDE. The heraldic bridge is shared between Galveston-like Galways and Doctors/Dockers, and while British-like Bridge's were a Bride / Bright branch, McBride's (almost the Hamilton cinquefoil) were on Arran with Hamiltons of Brodick Castle. The Sempers in the Doctor/Docker motto share the Coat of Duck-branch Duce's/Duceys, and these Ducks (share Boarder stars) were first found in Somerset with Brets, Bridge's, and BOARDers. I use Briggs, sharing the McBride cinquefoil, to show that Bridge's can apply to this set. Somerset is where early bull-head Heaters/Haters (share spear with Doctors/Dockers), bull-head Hosts/Osts suspect in the Shirt motto, and bull-head Bulls/Bule's were first found, all beside Bull-using Beautys.

I almost missed it, but happened to load "Brood" to find them with the Brights sharing the stars of French Bride's, and thus the BRITish's look like a Bright branch. It makes sense. I trace this entity to BRIGantium, in Savoy with Bride's, or to Brigantians of Britain in general. The Brood/Bright stars are pierced, as are the same stars of Britains/Brittanys/BRETins, and English Brets were first found in Somerset with Pierce's. French Brets (Brittany) have another pierced star.

Cotes d'Armor is in Brittany, tending to explain why Armors share the Britains/Brittany motto. Armors share the helmet with Irish Kennedys, first found in Tipperary, and Armors are in Tipper colors and format.

The Hykes-related and Heaton-like Eatons could even be in the "eadem" motto term of Doctors/Dockers. Heatons are the ones suspect in sharing the buck's head with Hicks'.

If you search google for "charlotte kilpatrick" or "HW Kilpatrick" along with "baytown sun," there should come up an article showing H.W. Kilpatrick standing in a photo with the bulldog, Spuds MacKenzie. I have it my files here. Charlotte is in the top photo holding a trophy with a man beside her.

As Spuds MacKenzie is the mascot for Bud Light beer, and as Buds/Bude's have bows, the Bowd variation of Beautys may indicate that Beautys had first been a Butty / Buddy merger with Bows/Bough's, who had also married one of these local Bull liners. Buttys were first found in Buck-connectable Buckinghamshire while Bucking(ham)s (neighboring Oxfordshire) look related, by their Coat, to the Bruggs of Oxfordshire in the Brigg write-up.

MacKenzie's are said to have a "mountain" in Crest while French Mountains share the white bull head with Bulls/Bule's and Hosts/Osts, and then English Mountains are the Britain/Brittany colors and format. We can see again here how the heraldry connects Miss Hicks to the British bulldog in the dream.

New: as one Hayden Crest has the BEAUTY bull while the other Hayden Crest has a white dog linkable to the same of the William Crest, I'm going to suggest that Williams have the BUTTY/Buttery lion because it was paired earlier with the King lion while it's also the lion of Kingstons, the latter first found in Yorkshire with the Hicks, and with the TOUTs/Tute's/Toots in the Hicks motto. The Hamilton earls of Arran share the quadrants Tute's/Tuits, the latter first found in Norfolk with the Bus' who share the Hamilton cinquefoil. My newspaper-and-coffee purchase in Victoria, on the day I was mugged, pointed to Miss Hicks. Coffee's look like kin of McCabe's/McAbee's i.e. of Arran.

Haydens were kin of Tute's/Tuits, and the Tute/Tuit quadrants are shared by Haydens and Hats/Hades', the latter first found in Dorset with Butty-like Beautys. Heatons, first found in Yorkshire with buck-using Hicks, might just have buck's heads because Bucks and Heads/Heeds were first found in Norfolk too. Heaths/Heathers were first found in Durham (beside Yorkshire) with the Cone-branch Conte's, and the latter two share the antler of English Bucks.

German Bucks ("VirTUTE") might just have the Brueder/Broder lion because the latter share a pair if wings (different color, same design) with the German Buck Crest. Beauty. The BRUE-like Portuguese Abreu's show nothing but wings, and Abreu's named Evreux in EURE while "heure" is a Hicks motto term. Abreu-related Salisburys were first found in Wiltshire with the Hoppers sharing the gyronny Shield of Williams. Hicks were first found in Yorkshire with Abreu-related Presleys.

Eure's list Ivers, and I'm going to field this surname with my Galveston mugging that pointed to poison vaccines. In a real sense, the faked COVID pandemic was a mugging of the world for to rob the peoples of their tax dollars. The Muggs/Mudge's, who share the cockatrice (different color) with Presleys (show two Abreu symbols), were first found in Surrey with Madge's/MACHETs who in turn share the Hicks fleur-de-lys. Iver and Machets can spell, IverMECHTen.

The muggers of the world refused to allow the world of medicine to use Ivermechten to cure / relieve virus infections, and Del Bigtree this week is reporting that Ivermectin saved lives, from virus deaths, to the tune of 92-percent, a huge number. Therefore, I'm proposing that waking Sleeping Beauty might point also to a victory over the COVID goons through future law suits against them, using Ivermectin as the cure systematically disallowed at the pain of various and stiff punishments to doctors if they prescribe / administer it.

I claim that God inspired me to say that a spear of God would be thrown through the head of trudeau, and then came the long, spear-like convoy came to the canadian capital (= head) last year to make trudeau look like a dead man. I'm repeating this because of the video below concerning Dutch farmers now rallying with Canadians in the Dutch capital because trudeau and the Dutch prime minister, RUTTE, are both loyal Schwabites, both promoting the same, sick agenda of foreign powers, making them guilty of treason under the circumstances of lockdowns and mass-murder through vaccines.

Having said that, the Spear surname share the boar heads of Rutte-like Roets/Rouets, in colors reversed from the same of Rollo's, and the tractor trailers of the farmers are now rolling as had the truckers from as far away as Canada's west coast. Roets/Rouets share the book with Scottish Reeds who in turn share the stag heads of Books, English Farmers/Farms, and Celts/Cults, the latter first found in Perthshire with Rollo's. However, I'm repeating the convoy-spear event firstly because Doctors/Dockers, first found in Cumberland with ShakeSPEARs, use seven spears. Hopefully, we've only gone through one of them so far. German Daggers/Decks share the red squirrel of Squirrels, the latter first found in Worcestershire with Sevens/Severins.

The English Farmers/Farms are causing me to repeat that Mr. Kepke and I worked at Knob Hill Farms grocers when we were teens. Keppochs (Yorkshire with English Jacks) are in the colors and format of Farmers/Farms, and the latter's fesse-with-hunting horns are in the colors and format of the fesse-with-scallops of English Jacks, the latter placing the scallops of Daggers (same place as Doctors/Dockers) upon their fesse. Here's the video:


I've been thinking to have chickens, and so I checked Kijiji (a buy-and-sell site) to find local people selling vaccinated chicks. For example, "$25 each 18 weeks old, vaccinated as chicks..." What a rip-off. This world has gone crazy, and on top of it there are ignorant people oblivious to the harms to humans of modern vaccine products. Someone else: "vaccinated Hatched March 8/9 $12..." There is a push to vaccinate chicks, I'm now learning. For thousands of years, no vaccines, and now suddenly they are sticking this into our chicken supply. GRRRR.

I therefore need to assume that large egg manufacturers are being forced to vaccinate, which is why I'm happy that I dried eggs a year ago or more. Twelve dollars per chick is ridiculous. GREED. These people are taking advantage of high egg prices. How much are they charging to vaccinate??? GRRRR. Why The US Is Considering Vaccinating Millions Of Chickens. It's scare tactics. The world has had very cheap chicken, cheap eggs, since the start of time, until the vegetarian-slanted globalists arose, because chicken disease has not been much of an issue, but now the powers are brainwashing the new generation into thinking disease is everywhere, and Rockefeller medicine has been accused of causing some of it to begin with. We should have our own hens.

I checked kijiji, not to buy chicks, but to see if there were ads available so that I could get rid of extra eggs for free, not because I'm such a nice guy, but because I'm normal. I live alone and want just one egg daily for my own food supply; I didn't want my extra eggs to go to waste. Now I can't give them away because someone keeping daily hawk-eyes on the kijiji ads will rush to scoop them to re-sell them, and maybe vaccinate them too. I want a world where it's normal to be kind. I can rejoice in a world like that. But this world since COVID is making me angry.

This Bigtree video features Jeremy Ferrar.

In case you didn't see Moseder's video above, it's about a medical paper that Fauci oversaw of which he had the last right to edit. This paper explained (falsely) why COVID could not come from a lab. The following month, Fauci was on national TV with Trump (in the nightly dance Trump did with Fauci), when someone in the audience asked Fauci whether COVID was from a lab leak. Fauci then started to tell about the letter above, making it appear as though he didn't know who the authors were, not revealing that he commissioned the paper to save his neck from his funding gain-of-function at the Wuhan lab. And he told the world that, nope, the disease couldn't be from a lab because this paper proves it was from a natural origin.

Yet the paper was his own invention, and so this reveals how Fauci operates, showing point-blank what his face looks like when lying a major lie to the country. And he maintained this lie under oath in Congress. On bitchute, I watched this story from a quasi-leftist news channel, part of The Hill, on Saturday of this week, and once I went back to the bitchute home page, the video was GONE.

It was right at the top of the page just minutes old, tending to inform us that corrupt organizations with news trouble, such as Fauci's people at this time, pay people to watch video forums, and to ask the forums to remove videos dangerous to them. Bitchute does this often (remove videos).

I hadn't done the heraldic set above until Monday and Tuesday of this week, and the last update had this:

Over a year ago, Project Veritas broke a bombshell story that received little attention. The story can still be found on the website titled “Military Documents About Gain of Function Contradict Fauci Testimony Under Oath.” With the revelations we have now, Dr. Robert Malone decided to unearth it. It tells a story of the US role in the development of coronavirus.

Dr. Malone asked Project Veritas for the underlying documents and did receive them. Central to the story is a report to the Department of Defense Inspector General written by U.S. Marine Corp Major Joseph Murphy, a former DARPA Fellow.

Caveat: This requires further corroboration.

Project Veritas reported that EcoHealth Alliance approached DARPA in March 2018 for gain function funding for bat-borne coronaviruses under the name Project Defuse. DARPA rejected it over safety concerns and the gain of function research moratorium. Allegedly, Dr. Fauci, NIAID and NIH, went ahead with it anyway and then lied about it. Major Murphy’s report below details the grave concerns over the COVID-19 gain of function program, concealment of documents, suppression of curatives like Ivermectin and Hydroxychloroquine, and the mRNA vaccines.

As the government admits the coronavirus resulted from a lab leak, these documents become all the more critical. According to the allegations made in this report dated August 13, 2021, the US government was directly and extensively involved in creating this virus, in cooperation with the WIV (Wuhan Institute of Virology).

There us talk that a Swiss banker is joining the fight against the vaccine goons in criminal court unlike others are doing, begging why others aren't doing it if it's permitted and doable in the first place. The plaintiff claims that this case is on the steps to the U.S. supreme court, and has the Swiss president as one prime defendant for bringing a dangerous American medical product into Switzerland without the government conducting proper screening, or assuring proper testing for safety. It sounds like a good case to me, but, the problem is, governments pay judges' wages directly, and so judges tend to favor government actors, versus the people, in legal disputes. But not always:

Here's another avenue opening up for charging vaccine promoters criminally:

I think Tim Truth in the video below is bang-on in saying that the light under the train, that derailed in East Palestine, is a faked fire or faked video shot, in order to make the derailment appear due to a mechanical failure. I featured a Tim Truth video in the last update convincing me that the exact location of the derailment, at two sewer pipes to a stream, was planned that way, suggesting that the mechanical failure didn't derail it, but rather a sabotaging of the track(s) at the sewer pipes.

The lady in the news is trying to convince the public only of what she's been told to say, because she herself has no idea. She's the face of the deception. She asks the people to believe that a hot axle ignited plastic in the train car, but axles are a fair distance from the bottom of the cars, and moreover a moving train cools / dissipates any heat source under the car so that heat does not concentrate at any small spot on the car floor. She even mentions the grease of the axle as being on fire, but there is insufficient grease in an axle to cause high heat over about an hour of time.

The video below by Greg Reece claims that Rockefeller globalism seeks to own private property mainly in middle America now called the Bible Belt. Should tribulation survivors be concerned about this agenda? Does the agenda have any hope of being fulfilled against the powers of Jesus? Will Jesus stop this, or not? Will it ever even get off the ground?

Dry your foods NOW to last a decade, don't take the chance on growing them as you need them in the tribulation. There are many dry foods already in the stores. It's not hoarding to store now, but is helpful to humanity, because the more people there are who store ahead of an emergency, the less of a food crisis there will be if ever there is a wide emergency that causes people to hoard. Be helpful, store now. Everyone should have a large store of foods, and Christians expecting the tribulation should prepare three or more years of food, all of which can be eaten.

Here's Kevin McCarthy double-speaking, and admitting that he's not releasing everything after all. He not only says that some exits of the Capitol Building will not be shown for security reasons (this could be an excuse to hide bad police behavior), but says that Tucker wasn't given everything. Moreover, McCarthy says he wants to be fully transparent, but if that were the case he would have given all the footage to four or five different news outlets. As it is, McCarthy may have known ahead of time by a special deal, before granting the video to Tucker, that Murdoch would not permit everything to go out. Plus. McCarthy says there are 42,000 hours of footage, but if we say that each camera did 10 pertinent hours on that day, that works out to 4,200 cameras, and we know there are not that many in that building. The math is not working.

Tucker still hasn't come out to admit that 9-11 was an inside job, and there's more evidence that it was, on publicly-available footage, than there is evidence that the shaman was framed. Is Tucker really fully trustworthy? No, he apparently bends to pressure. He won't admit 9-11 was an inside job, even though he knows it was, possibly because he's bent to pressure...though another reason is possible.

Republicans in Congress, especially Matt Gaetz, has in his hands paper records from January 6 records, but not all of them. I don't see why the Republicans can't release these records to the public.

By Friday night, I'm not seeing the Hancock story much on bitchute, a real mystery, because even the leftist BBC has the story: "Matt Hancock suggested to an aide that they 'frighten the pants off everyone' about Covid, messages published by the Sunday Telegraph show...In another exchange, the head of the Civil Service, Simon Case, suggested the 'fear/guilt factor' was vital to the government's messaging." The bastards without a Father in Heaven were trying to inflict Britain with another lockdown with strict "social distancing" to turn the people anti-social, which works to Schwabite reform seeking to turn workers into robotic cattle.

It was Katrina Hanson, the ICE-CREAM girl at my age 16, who pointed to Cremers, Faucys and Faux's/Fage's/Chollens', but also to Bibo's and Hahns (Mecklenburg with Ice's/Ecco's), and here I find that Hansons were first found in Yorkshire with Hancocks.

I've told before that Hansons share the mascle of English Faux's, and this topic goes super with Petits of LaVAUX, for Faux's were a Vaux branch. English Faux's, with a version of the Fauci Coat, were first found in Essex, where Quints were said to be first found until a year or two ago.

In order to point to ECOhealth, Ms. Hanson sold me the ice-cream at Sam's Restaurant in Gormley, where Karen Graff had lived too. Kepke CHASEd me with a spider at the Graff residence, and we just saw "the head of the Civil Service, Simon Case", seeking new lockdowns. Is graphene scheduled to be doled out in Britain for the next plandemic? Same's/Sams, first found in Essex with Faux's, share the giant lion of Welsh Matts (type of COCK in Crest). Matt Hancock, a demonic PIG. It's also the giant FAUCet lion.

The Case's have a "JUNGit" motto term while Jungs/June's/YOUNGs have a giant stag in the colors of the giant Trump stag head. Trump likes to own casinos, and Italian Case's are with Cassane-connectable Casino's (lots of dice there). Amazingly, the "DIStantia" motto term of English Case's is partly for Diss of the Diss/DICE surname. Cassane's, first found in Hampshire with Chase's, share the tripe chevrons of Epsteins. Trump was involved with Jeffrey Epstein. Diss'/Dice's are in Arthur colors and format, and the Stants in "DiSTANTia," and in the "obstantia" motto term of Arthurs, use a cloud while McLeods/Clouds use flags. Flags, first found in Norfolk with Diss and Case's, share the double fesses of Stants.

The triple Epstein chevrons are shared by Waters and Muschats, both first found in Essex with English YOUNGs, and with Chance's/Chanseys. While the shaman is Mr. Chansley, who was pointed to by some Sleeping Beauty scenes, those scenes opened with me STANDing in blue (ocean) WATERs off of a sandy beach. Stants are also Stands, now said to be first found in Middlesex with Apps'/EPPs. Coincidence?

Add the Hancock-related videos above and below to your list of poison-vaccines videos in case you need any or all of them to fight future forced vaccinations in court. Just start the law suit on the premise that no COVID virus has been shown to exist by any nation, and watch the company cower. The Hancock story is huge, predicting that the trash of humanity will deny truth yet again to bury themselves deeper yet:

A collection of more than 100,000 messages sent between former Health Secretary Matt Hancock and other ministers and officials at the height of the Covid-19 pandemic have been obtained by the Telegraph. Here are some of our stories on the leaks:
*Text leak shows people in quarantine hotels mocked

*Messages reveal battle over Covid school policy

*Rees-Mogg had Covid test couriered during shortage

*Hancock denies claim he rejected care home advice

*Covid hearings begin in court of public opinion

*Who is Isabel Oakeshott?

(same BBC article)

The bullet points above are all links at the article if you wish to delve deeper into this set of scandals. At the article for the first bullet point: "...100,000 [emails] sent between ministers and officials during the pandemic, and handed to The Telegraph by journalist Isabel Oakeshott. Ms Oakeshott, a longstanding critic of lockdowns, was given them while helping Mr Hancock write his book, Pandemic Diaries." A beautiful whistle-blower indeed.

The following sounds like a communist / Schwabite compound to me:

AUSTIN, Texas— Elon Musk is planning to build his own town on part of thousands of acres of newly purchased pasture and farmland outside the Texas capital, according to deeds and other land records and people familiar with the project.

In meetings with landowners and real-estate agents, Mr. Musk and employees of his companies have described his vision as a sort of Texas utopia along the Colorado River, where his employees could live and work.

Who wants to live at their place of employment, to see their factories from their own porches? This sounds like a scam from those who don't want people driving anymore, for when they take away gasoline and force people on electric cars. The latter are 20 times more attractive to purchase when the drive to work is only 1,000 feet away, I get it: Musk is a capitalist-communist at heart, capitalism for the rich class and corporate executives, and communism for the workers. Musk is a self-serving pig who doesn't have enough money and honor yet, not until he rules the universe...after he plants his SpaceX flag on Mars.

What does it mean when Revolver has this headline (this week): "'History will hold Donald Trump accountable for what happened on Jan. 6' – Mike Pence…" It means that Donald Trump chose, for his vice-president, his very own mortal enemy who reported back to the RINOs, his other mortal enemies, all that Trump's White-House affairs entailed. Trump put a spy for the enemy on his own shoulder peering down on his agendas. And this celebrated Trump did this repeatedly with other government officials, telling us that those who clamor for him are fools.

Take a look at what WHO wants to do in conjunction with vaccine passports, no longer merely a passport:

The more gross the vaccine-pass requirements / tyranny, the more the public will buck against it. They want to record every person you visit when traveling, and this is obviously to assure that the political enemies of globalism don't meet to strategize without it being known by the globalist-stooge governments. The best way to fight this: throw out the stooges and elect anti-globalist national leaders. The best way to do this is to go back to paper ballots and hand counting to determine election winners.

Due to what is generally understood now, that amongst female citizens there are the most-active, most-passionate, self-appointed mask police by far, I suggest that this is the underlying reason to systematically equalize the number of females in power positions. That is, women tend to be better tyrants for the globalist cause. The reason for this is the feminist movement. Most females vote leftist. This is why the white male is being demonized by the left, because most males are conservative / nationalist / anti-globalist. Plus, women tend to love government handouts (= socialism / communism) more than men, probably because men have an easier time in a capitalist / dog-eat-dog society.

The problem here is that women are paving the way for communism, which is why trudeau calls himself a feminist i.e. in an attempt to increase the number of safety-bent females. Societal "safety" is a communist tool. The quest to make society safer allows the government to take control. It's insidious, a way to remove the freedom to choose.

Feminism is the reason that home prices doubled decades ago, and never looked back, tripling soon after, and even quadrupling by now, because two-income families allows home prices to double, a no-brainer. Had women stayed home to tend the home turf and the children, the husband alone would have been able to pay the mortgage. As things generally are now, both husband and wife need to work for many years to get the mortgage paid sufficient to rest easy. By that time, the kids have grown up, and many woman then continue to work, half of them divorced by then. Thank you, feminists, for such a world. SPIT!

My take is that if they couldn't force-vaccinate in 2021-22 with threats, insults and penalties toward the unvaccinated / anti-vaxxers, they won't be able to now using such methods because more people are anti-vaxx now more than ever. Therefore they are moving on to a vaccine pass in order to force vaccinate. This looks like the 666 system coming to bud. First they mandate vaccines for travel, then for making purchases. This is where they plan to go, and perhaps they feel confident that they can bring it to fruition because the Bible tells them that they will succeed. Yes, but for a short time only, STUPIDS, and at an eternal cost you cannot now fathom.

Here's a video giving reasons, from many worldwide experts, to think that no COVID virus exists...which may explain why some are now trying to make us think that COVID escaped from a lab, because mass belief in this is a far-lesser evil to the goons than to expose that most governments around the world are guilty of feigning a virus unto vaccination programs. Some say that, rather than a virus being released deliberately from a lab, the vaccine material / bio-weapon that maims and kills -- spike protein -- was unleashed, and then the vaccines just release more of it. Some think no "virus" was released except by the vaccines. There's plenty of confusion expected by design by contributions from the deep state masquerading as anti-deep-state orgs. Confusion from many theories going around serves to hide the criminal truth.

Canadian children dying suddenly, and Ontario is hiding virus stats on children to keep child deaths secret, can we believe this?

Some unrest in Israel as Netanyahu may be seeking too much power:

A Christian in the U.S. congress dumps rightfully on globalism's march:

The deceivers have been secretly injecting aluminum into children under the guise of injecting vitamin K, another scandal on top of endless scandals all in the news simultaneously:

I'm hearing that the U.S. House voted unanimously, all Democrats included, to release data on COVID origins. The Senate has okayed this bill. This looks like a concerted trick by the Democrats to appear transparent, knowing they would lose the vote even if they all voted opposed, and knowing Biden will veto the bill, anyway.


Here's all four Gospels wrapped into one story.

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