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March 1 - 6, 2023

Joe Oullette Had to be at the Ear-Swab Event
Link of Herod Agrippa II to Julius Bassianus

If you're waiting for Jesus to return, see Post-Tribulation Rapture

It was nice while it lasted. Hall of Names is no longer showing the descriptions of the Coats of Arms presented at House of Names, but I have many of them recorded in my past updates from which to find some.

Late in the last update, the following was added in case you missed it:

Here's a new-to-me topic concerning new-to-me Giulio Fanti, a scientist who did much attempting to prove the authenticity of the shroud who was not part of STURP:

The video above was perhaps produced AFTER it was shown by others that the infamous radio-carbon dating of the shroud was taken, probably deliberately by the vatican (the enemy in this case), from a contaminated piece of the cloth that was sure to give a false date for a period in which some repair cloth had been sewn to the original shroud. To the tune of every Christian who demonizes the vatican, the latter has rejected the authenticity of the shroud and has thus played to support the correctness of its demonization. Forsake the vatican if you hold it dear, because it has historically been at enmity with Jesus, wearing merely a Christian mask in order to retain maximum political powers.

When we pray, it's okay to see the face on the shroud to give thanks, but, in the book of Acts, Paul told king Herod Agrippa II that Jesus appeared to him whose face was more brilliant than the sun. That's probably the way we should imagine Him now, without facial features that you've seen in a painting.

Below is evidence that criminal-type censorship is engaged by the Atlantic Council (globalist group). The guilty branch of Atlantic Council, in this case GEC, was formed by Obama using Intelligence operators specifically to counter disinformation. There you have a crux of Obama's shadow government built to silence the political enemy. GEC was tasked with finding foreign disinformation but turned its guns on domestic "disinformation," no surprise at all. It's notable that, in this latest Twitter dump, there's evidence showing that Twitter didn't want to play along with GEC...but Musk may have ordered that no disclosures should be publicized when Twitter was agreeable to stifling voices. There's no shortage of Twitter abuse in closing accounts, etc., for insufficient reasons:

If you didn't go to the article above, the crimes that GEF committed is to use tax dollars to complain to social-media platforms with bogus claims that tens of thousands of accounts were caught supporting / advancing anti-American foreign projects when in fact the accounts were doing nothing of the kind. GEF is hoping that the platforms act "blind" with a wink, and just close the accounts with the understanding that they are anti-leftist / anti-globalist. While Twitter may not have played along, what about facebook and google? How many times have we heard media owners say that they were canceled without a reason given, or without a sound reason?

GEF and others were falsely-accusing accounts of integrally being Russian accounts supporting conservative politics, and so it's important that GEF was founded by Obama in his last year i.e. in preparation for president Hillary Clinton. She's the animal who wanted to use Russian-disinformation accounts against Trump. It was important to her mission to make the Internet appear loaded with Russian, election-interfering accounts in the United States. This crime is now going back to Obama himself, as expected.

It seems that anti-disinformation programs have backfired on the Obamaites because conservative media continues to pound out a heavy political impact. It's probably been more impactful specifically due to the anti-disinformation programs. That is, the latter only grease the wheels of conservative talk, and spin their wheels harder and faster.

I'm sharing the following video to show where it lies to Christians on the topic of the timing of the rapture. This video is stacked with truth, yet makes small falsifications starting early where it says that there's a pre-tribulation rapture BEFORE the prophetic fulfillments of the 70th Week. The reality is that the rapture comes at the end of the 70th Week. The second falsification comes at the end of the fourth minute where he defines the rapture as the "departure of the church," giving the impression that the Church departs to Heaven for seven years. But the Bible does not call the rapture a departure, and there is no prophetic evidence that the saints, when taken into the sky, remain off the earth for any elongated period of time.

So, disregard "departure of the Church." It's a false seed intended to go with other false seeds until a pre-trib plant develops into dangerous figment of the imagination. It's dangerous because it assures Christians that there's no need to store foods and other needs to endure the 1260 days of Revelation 12 and the 666-purchasing system of Revelation 13. It abandons Christians to a horrific situation of satan's all-out war without preparations, mental and physical.

You would think that Christians who were good shepherds of the flock would simply forego the pre-trib teaching in case they are wrong about the rapture timing. Yet they do not let it go, but continue to teach on an activist level for no good reason that I can think of. Good Christians would admit that the Bible has no clear pre-trib timing for the rapture, and would therefore allow Christians to take the post-trib position just in case it's the correct view, especially as we post-tribbers have shown solid Biblical reasons as to why we are correct. Therefore, activist pre-tribbers are NOT good Christians, but have a reckless approach to the end times. Pre-tribbers are highly churchy and scholarly types. They put themselves on the high-road of churchianity. They want to control the churches, and generally do.

As my new accusation goes, they do not want to teach post-tribulationism because it decreases church donations, whereas churchianity is always out to maximize church donations, even conning the flock by pushing "tithes" 2,000 years after God did away with them.

Pre-tribbers like to quote things like, "Let not your hearts be troubled," to suggest that there's no threatening, difficult tribulation to endure, yet they see with their own eyes, from the Bible, that the apostle Paul himself was giving thumbs-up to the killing of early Christians, which the Lord allowed to take place in spite of His saying, "not a hair of your heads will be harmed." Therefore, Jesus is saying, "do not fear those who kill the body [only]...", meaning that pre-tribbers are literally "out to lunch" (in lalaland) to suggest that God loves us too much to allow us to face the harshest persecution. I wish it were true, but the historical facts say otherwise.

This video does not get right into the meat-and-potatoes of Biblical evidence for a pre-trib rapture because there is no such evidence. This video takes over 30 minutes of blah-blah preparation -- speaking truths to set you up for a lie -- before it makes it's first argument for a pre-trib rapture. You get the distinct impression that the speaker is using the "mansions" in Heaven to set up a pre-trib scenario, though others translate "mansions" as "rooms." It's probably symbolic talk. The gist is that Jesus is preparing eternal life with Him to begin after the rapture, but in no way does this statement with "mansions/rooms" give away a timing of the rapture before the 70th week, and so why did the speaker waste more than 15 minutes on such a weak argument? Because, pre-tribbers have nothing but weak arguments.

They overload you with blah-blah truth -- i.e. lots said but nothing that reveals rapture timing -- to get you to become agreeable as they chug along in scholarly train, all the way until they plant the lie. In the case of this video, the viewer is half asleep or brain tired by the time the first pre-trib argument arrives. Here's the video:

At the 23rd minute, the speaker finally gets to the point I knew he was working up to make, that the mansions are in Heaven, off the earth, and he's going to use this to convince you that the rapture requires life in Heaven, and from that standpoint he's going to try to convince you that there's no other way to explain this by but a rapture seven years before Armageddon. It's a weak argument, and for all he knows, the many rooms/mansions may be in the New Jerusalem that we see at the end of the Revelation, after the 1,000 years. The speaker wants you to think that the apostles will begin living in the mansions seven years before Armageddon, and that they will be having cumfiness and bliss there while their brothers on earth face fiery persecution. The mansions argument is a non-starter. The speaker doesn't even try to argue as to why the mansions passage disallows a post-trib rapture. More than 30 minutes wasted on nothingness.

At the 24th minute, the speaker claims that pre-trib doctrine was introduced by Jesus, yet zero evidence is given for this. The speaker then continues telling the viewer about the mansions that Jesus is going to prepare, like one struggling at keeping the train straight even though he's on the same track from the start. Although there's value in all of the Scriptures mentioned, this is a painful-to-watch video for anyone seeking evidence of a pre-trib timing for the rapture. It testifies of the lack of evidence for the so-called "blessed hope." To pre-tribulationists, that phrase is defined as a pre-trib rapture, because, they argue, a post-trib rapture fails to be a blessed hope. And that's the typical sort of poison seeds they plant in everything they argue fruitlessly.

One gets the impression that all of the wonderful scriptures in the video are intended to sanctify the poisonous pre-trib rapture amongst those scriptures. That's how desperate they are who recklessly teach this thing. Those pre-tribbers who witness the 666 system on earth will be like those poisoned suddenly by the pre-trib teaching. People in the comments section praise this video for the value of Jesus' return to rapture the church, but nobody praises it for the clarity by which it convinces them of a pre-trib timing. Yet many of the viewers were deceived nonetheless into thinking that the rapture is pre-trib, and for this the owner of the video will pay the price. The Bible speaks of only one return of Jesus, at Armageddon, and that's after the 70th Week. Pre-tribbers have two comings of Jesus, one for the rapture, and one at Armageddon seven years later.

Some pre-trib advocate in the comments section writes: "I pray for those who believe, God will pour His wrath on us. We are told we are not appointed to His wrath." He's praying for post-tribbers while bad-mouthing them. No post-tribber teaches that God's wrath will be poured out on the Church. Anyone who uses that argument puts words caustically into the mouths of God's people. The wrath of God arrives after the post-trib rapture, and the warning-plagues of Revelation are not aimed at the Church, obviously.

Pre-tribbers think that Paul's words, we are not to be delivered to God's wrath, necessarily mean that we partake in a pre-trib rapture. Aside from trying to force the meanings of scriptures to fit their theory, pre-tribbers are guilty of ignoring post-trib scriptures while banking on ad-hoc argumentation.

Ear Swab

I often tell readers of Steve Mellanson putting a cotton SWAB into his ear to draw blood out, and I've suggested this to be a pointer to Klaus SCHWAB's involvement in the forced-vaccination scheme. I've been waiting for some vaccine-related blood in the ear for a long time, and have not heard of any until hearing it this Monday night at the 28th minute of Stew Peters:

I had been convinced that God set up the event with Mellanson for several reasons, which I will go over here to see whether new things can be added / gleaned. Mellansons and Millens/Milans were both first found in Aberdeenshire, and Mellansons have a Coat making them look like kin of Italian Maurels/Maurino's, first found in Milan with OTTONE Visconti, Milan's ruler at one point. Milan is the Lombardy capital, and it just so happens that Ottone-like Others/Otters, who share gold crescents with Mellansons, were first found in Huntingdonshire with English Cottons. However, the makers of heraldry didn't know about the COTTON swab in Mellanson's ear, but you just saw Cottons working into the heraldry.

(To follow better, load Mellansons now to load and view other surnames on another Internet tab.)

Plus, Mellanson's wife is/was Susan, and Susa is the COTTIAN capital near Turin (near Lombardy border) while Turins were not only first found in Aberdeenshire with Mellansons and Millens/Milans, but Turins are in the colors and format of Others/Otters.

If you missed the heraldic discussion in my last update on Victoria Nuland, you should go get a load of that, for it pointed to the vaccine scheme's Ukraine connections. But it ended up pointing also to James LEDUC, and the Ducs/LeDucs, first found in Brittany with French Maurels, can be pointed to here too because the eight-pointed Duc/LeDuc star is in half the colors of the same of Italian Maurels/Maurino's. What are the chances? James LeDuc probably worked in the Wuhan lab several times.

I've shown how my pointers point to James LeDuc's lab, and so note that the Chinese flag shares the stars of English Ducks, first found in Somerset with the Shins/Chine's/Chings whom have previously pointed to China.

The Docks/Doxeys, first found in Staffordshire with Duck-branch Duce's/Duceys, have the "compony" of Fauci-connectable Faucets/Fawcetts and Faughns, while Faughn-like Vaughns have a vaccine-like Vychan variation. Faucets/Fawcetts even have the Millen/Milan lion. For those who know my Quinn-Fawcett story occurring a few weeks before the ear-swab event, Faughns were first found in Longford with Quinns. The Quinn-Fawcett story included Steve Mellanson, and was the event that pointed to Note's, the latter first found in Derbyshire with the Longfords who in turn almost have the Italian Belli Coat. Scottish Bellys ("belli") have been shown to be Duc/LeDuc kin.

Faucets/Fawcetts were first found in East Lothian with Sion-connectable Seatons/Sittens while the "sino" motto term of their Sedan/Sidden branch not only points to Sino = China, but is likely code for the Shin-like Sine's/Sions. We have hard pointers here to vaccines from Wuhan but including Duck / Ducker/Docker liners apparently for James LeDuc.

Duce's/Duceys were even first found in Staffordshire with Cotton-connectable Cotes'/Coats'. The latter are important because they share the six pale bars of Irish Prays/Preys, and as I said, Mellanson allowed Joe Oullette and I to PRAY for the blood in his ear. After we prayed for him, Mellanson put the swab into his ear, and said something like, "now watch, I'm going to pull blood out," but when it came out, the swab was clean.

Irish Prays/Preys share the Chief of Tulls/Tolle's from Tullia of Lyon, daughter of Gallia, explaining why Gallia's were first found in Milan with Maurels/Maurino's. The latter have a Chief in Galli (not "Gallia") Chief colors and format. Gallia's share the Coat of Murtons/Myrtons, and the colors of both Coats looks related to Morinis', suggesting to me that Murtons were from Morano on the Sybaris river. Galli's share the Chief of French Alans, but also of French Julians, the latter first found in Languedoc with French Cottons/Cotta's (Aurelia Cotta was mother to Julius Caesar).

While English Cottons use "hanks of cotton," the Gallia Coat is similar to the Coat of Hanks. The latter were even first found in Lincolnshire with English Preys/PRETers. PRETs/Prettys (Staffordshire with Cotes'/Coats' and Duce's/Duceys), who share the Duck stars, have the Duce/Ducey lion in colors reversed. "Pret" is a motto term of Middle-branch Meads/Meats, but also of Morays who in turn essentially use the Duc/LeDuc Coat, can you dig it? We got to the LeDucs here via the prayer for Mellanson. The event is pointing hard to poison vaccines.

I'm suggesting that God used Joe Oullette because Oullette's (and their Aulnay/Oulney branch) share the lion of Middle's (Shropshire, beside Staffordshire) while Mellansons are said to use rods "with an axe in the MIDDLE" (it looks like part-code for AXELs/AxelRODs/Haukeswells). Oullette's have triple fesses in the colors of the triple fesses of Middle-branch Methleys/Mettleys (Oullette colors and format). Plus, Motleys almost have the Coat of Ottone-like Otone's/Oltons (Cheshire, beside Shropshire of Motleys), and then while OULlette's were Owl liners, owls are used by Oltens (not "Olton").

This paragraph is for those who know why Fauci's EcoHEALTH pointed to the HELTs who share the Coat of Hicksons (Staffordshire again). Helts were first found in Silesia with Handels who essentially have the LeDuc Coat. The six Cotes/Coats and Prey/Pray pale bars are almost the six of Eltons/HELTons (Cheshire with Oltons), you see, who in turn have the Medley and Methleys stars in colors reversed. This is the first time I've gone to Heltons for investigations such as this one. They look like Sale/Sallett kin.

Olton-like Holts/Holds, first found in MIDDLEton, have a Coat looking related to Middle-loving Mellansons. The Sempers in the Holton motto share the Duce/Ducey Coat, and moreover Sempers were first found in Essex with Motley-like Motts. Holtons, who may be sharing the Hilton fesse, look like Dol kin.

The Elton/Helton Coat is almost the one of Longfords (beside Cotes'/Coats' of Staffordshire), and the six pale bars of Langfords are those of Prays and Cotes'/Coats'. Is that not verifying that God set Joe and I up to pray for Mellanson? A cotton swan is a Q-TIP while Tipps'/Tippins (Lancashire with Ratcliffs) were kin of RatCLIFFs, and while Cliffs (married Traby-related Stichs) share the Coat of Quade's suspect in the Q-shape "scarf" of Trabys/Sadowski's. Scarfs share three white wolf heads with Preys/Preters, and while this scarf has a knot, Knots are listed with Note's. The Arms of Staffordshire has a knot. Anyone know the scarf lady, Deborah Birx? Ratcliffs were first found in Bury with Helt-like Holts/Holds.

I can see why God arranged the Mellansons to use a "bundle of rods," because Rods (Rock kin) were from Rodez, where Hugh of Rodez married Isabel Roquefeuil, the latter being the proto-Rockefellers. Vaccines are being pushed from the top by Rockefellers. Rockefeller liners include the Fells who have the Duc/LeDuc star in colors reversed, and include also the Fellers and Falls/FALLIS' (both share the trefoil with Rods and Rocks), and then Oullette's are said to have named Ouilly-le-BASSET in FALAISE. God cannot get more pointing than this, and now we know why Joe Oullette prayed with me for Mellanson's ear, but also why He arranged the ear to be free of blood, so that I could write this story to you to indicate that God is watching the Rockefeller lunatics with a "reward" in his hand.

The Fall/Fallis lion is even the one of Otone's/Oltons and Motleys. Rods share the chief of French Mellans, the latter first found at/beside La Falaise. See the pattern? Plus, English Bassets (Cotes/Coats colors) were first found in Staffordshire with Cotes'/Coats' and Duce's/Duceys. Basset-like Bastons even use the bat.

La Falaise is in Ile-de-France, and the latter is where Ottone-connectable Chappes'/Chape's/Chapax's were first found. Scottish Chappes'/Cheaps use "EARs of wheat" and probably also a wheat SHEAF in Crest, the symbol in another color of Chapax-like Keppochs/Kipax's. The latter almost have the SHEFfield Coat, and then while Kepke's/Kopke's almost have the SHAEFer/Shefer Coat, Chips/Chippers (beside Kippers) have Mr. Chepe in Sheffield. Chaffers not only share the eight-pointed Maurel/Maurino star, but the Mellanson crescent. Chaffs share the lozenges of Fells who in turn have eight-pointed stars.

I've told about an old teen friend, a Ukrainian on his father's side, Mr. Kepke. This friend went into plumbing soon after meeting his girlfriend at Reitman's clothing. Jewish Reitmans happen to share the hexagram of German Plumers/Plumbs, you see, and while plumbing involves copper, Koppers, sharing the Plumer/Plumb hexagram, have a version of both the Jewish Rothchild and Plumer/Plumb Coats. English Plumbs/Plume's were first found in Suffolk with the Kidds having the Kepke/Kopke goat. Jewish Rothchilds have the upright Keip/Keiper horse in colors reversed. The Keip/Keiper horse is likely the one round-about of Keep-loving Hebrons/Hepburns because the latter were first found in Northumberland with Horse's. Keeps were first found in Sussex with Coppers/Coopers.

Methleys/Mettleys were first found in Yorkshire with the Odins sharing the Otone/Olton / Motley lion. The only difference in the triple fesses between Oullette's and Methleys/Mettleys is that Oullette's use so-called bars "gemel," but they are used in the same colors by Medleys/Madleys, first found in Somerset (as the Middele's) with the Ducks whose lion heads are in the colors of the Duce/Ducey lions. It seems that God arranged the event with Mellanson to point hard to James LeDuc. Ducs/LeDuc's (Dol colors) were first found in Brittany with the Dol Alans who moved to Shropshire, and the English Alans have one of the three Basset fesses. French Alans were first found in Languedoc with Roquefeuil, Roque's/Rocks (Duc/LeDuc colors), and with French Cottons/Cotta's.

Medleys have this: "Madley is a small parish, in the union of DORE, hundred of Webtree, in Herefordshire." Therefore, one should compare the Dore's/Doors (Herefordshire) with Motleys and Gates', for a potential pointer to Bill Gates.

I'm going to move now to the Lamps/Lambys, first found in Northumberland with STEVENsons/Steinsons and Lams/Lambs, because Mellanson was born, Steven/Stephen. Lamps/Lambys use croziers, as do Lums/Lumbs suspect in the "CoeLUM" and "soLUM" motto terms of the Stevensons/STEINsons. Scottish Lums (Northumberland) are listed with Lams/Lambs, who are in Lum/Lumb colors and format. Croziers were likely a branch of Crose's while Italian Croce's (Lamp/Lamby colors) were first found in Vicenza with the Valentins who are in turn in the colors and format of the other English Stevensons, but then compare these Stevensons to the AIDS'/Aids and English Stein Coats.

The Lums/Lumbs have the three eagle heads of Irish Caseys in colors reversed, and the latter share the Lamp/Lamby motto, perfect for this discussion. I didn't know until this week that "GoF" is the short-form for "gain of function" (= the pursuit of bio-weapons such as COVID), and so the reason the Lamps/Lambys were entered above is because they share the saltire of GOFers/Gophers, the latter first found in Oxfordshire with the Peare's who share in turn share the leopard faces of English Steins. "Per" is a motto term of Lamps/Lambys and Irish Caseys. French Caseys were first found in Ile-de-France with Mellans. Wow, Israelite Gofers even share red stars on a white fesse with Lums/Lams/Lambs.

Goffins/Coffins/Chafens (Devon with Mellanson-beloved Rods) even share the Mellan besants. French Goffins (Dol) share the black dog with Chaffens (not "Chafen"). Cough's are Cuffs/Cuffie's (share besants with Goffins/Coffins/Chafens) too while French's (Devon with Goffins/Coffins/Chafens) share the Coffee dolphin. Mellanson was on the COUCH when we prayed for his ear, and there is a Couch surname with two pale bars in the colors of the three-and-three pale bars of Prays and Cotes'/Coats'. The Couch's were first found in Oxfordshire with the Gofers/Gophers while Goffs/Gough's share the Googe/GOUCH boar. The Tints with a "COUCHant" lion were first found in Somerset with Couch-like Cocks and Coffee-connectable Coffers. The "FACTis" motto term of Goffins/Coffins/Chafens can be for FAUCets.

There's a Malone surname with an "AD" motto term, and in Coffee / Coffer colors. Is this a pointer to the work of Dr. Robert Malone? Can Mellanson's ear healing point to Mr. Malone? The news section below has an important message from Malone, who's wanting jail time for the vaccine-pushing murderers.

ADa of Warenne, whom I trace to the Aids'/Ade's, was from Surrey, where Lamberts were first found. Ada married a ruler from Huntingdon, where Cottons and GAINs were first found for another potential pointer to "gain of function." Can that picture connect with the "ad" of Malone's? The latter's Coat is similar to the one of Irish Moors and of FALLIS' while Oullette's, first found in FALAISE, have a "MOORcock" in Crest. The Malone / Moor lion is in the colors of the Arms of Roquefeuil.

Amazingly, while Scottish Moors, connectable to Nagle's and Fauci's, are Moormans too while Mormons/Moormans (Suffolk, beside Fiscs) share the checks of Fiscs who in turn share "ad" with Malone's. Fauci's were first found in Genova, home of the Fisc-line Fieschi. Scottish Moors were first found in AYRshire with Eyer-branch Ayers. The cotton swab in the ear showed that the ear was healed, and Healings/Helys/Haleys share the Marone / Goff/Gough / Googe/Gouch boar. Nagle's are important here because German Nagle's/Nails have the Lamp/Lamby / Gofer/Gopher saltire in colors reversed. Heals/Hele's look like a branch of the Helly variation of Livelys, perhaps a pointer to the anti-Fauci Kent HeckenLIVELY.

Outspoken U.S. senator, Tom Cotton, opposes the COVID scheme and points the guilty finger at Wuhan. However, even Trump points the finger to China while he worked gladly for the U.S. military when the latter promoted the vaccine scheme nation wide. The U.S. military had at least a financial motive to cause COVID, but other motives are suspect. Perhaps Trump vilified China from the start of his presidency because he had, by that time, agreed with the military to push its vaccine program before the end of his term. That is, as my theory goes, the purpose in vilifying China early was to later better deflect suspicions and attention away from the U.S. military, to Wuhan. Fauci was, to the contrary, adamant that the virus didn't come from Wuhan because he knew the U.S. military was involved there with his own hand.

The corrupt FBI chief, Chris Wray, who may be fearing a Trump victory in 2024 that allows Trump to scrutinize his work under Biden, has now come out to blame Wuhan as the next-best thing to do, seeing that the Fauci approach isn't going to work, but still deflecting from the CIA and the military, what else? Malone and others are right over the target.

Don't forget that Klaus Schwab loves China, and is a conductor of a perpetual, global vaccine scheme. China too loves the power it can obtain over the peoples by the COVID scheme, the very same social-disaster scheme pushed by Schwabites.

Oullette's were first found at Ouilly-le-Basset while French Bassets/Besancons share billets (different colors) with the Arms of Roquefeuil. Billets were first found in Devon with Roquefeuil-connectable Rods and Heals/Hele's. It gets more amazing here because French Billiards/Billets almost have the Duc/LeDuc Coat while English Billiards/Hillards, with almost the Moray Coat, were first found in Surrey with English LAMBerts who are in turn in the colors and format of Mead-branch Meadows. Irish Murrays (share Moray Coat) have an "Imperio" motto term while Imperia (Liguria with Genova)) was once Oneglia, named by Nagle's.

As Lamberts are in Lum/Lumb colors and near-format, it's informative that the Lum/Lumb eagle head is in the colors of the so-called "Piast eagle" of Mieszko II Lambert, husband of RICHEZA of Lorraine, and father of CASimir, husband in turn of Maria of Kiev, perfect for suggesting gain-of-function in Ukraine labs. Chase's were first found in Hampshire with Rich's/RICHESS'. Lorraine's (Northumberland with Perrins), thus from the royal Varangians of Kiev, use the Piast eagle, and it comes without a beak for connection to Perins (not "Perrin"), first found in Lorraine with a Duck-related Bar-le-Duc region. Duc's/LeDucs share the eight-pointed star of Bellys who, if we ignore all symbols but that one star, are in Perin colors and format! Bingo. The Bars of Bar-le-Duc were in Brunswick too, tending to explain why Duce's/Duceys have the Brunswick Coat in colors reversed. Scottish Bars have a giant version of the Perin eagle.

Lorraine my girlfriend had a foot symbol at the minute she got her babe symbol from Joe Oullette's brother. While Foots (Cheshire with Gernons) are suspect in the Gernon motto term, "cyfoeth," and while Gernons share the Brunswick Coat, Babe's were kin of Beaks, amazingly enough. Babe's were once said to be first found in Dorset with Beaks. German Lamberts, looking like they have a version of the Borderland BELL Coat, use beakless ducks, what are the chances? It appears that the Lamps/Lambys, a pointer now to GoF, point to the Galveston LAB of James LeDuc. German Babe's even share the mermaid with LABBS'/Laps.

The Chief-Shield colors of German Lamberts and Bells is shared by pear-using Parrots/Perots, and the latter were first found in Pembrokeshire with Fauci-connectable Nagle's. Fauci's were first found in Genova with the Face-beloved Segni's/Segurana's who in turn share the Perin / Bar / Este eagle. Seconds/Segurs were first found in Limousin with French Clairs while Nagle's look like kin of Irish Clare's/Clere's while Strongbow Clare ruled in PemBROKE. The Face cross is in the colors of the PATONce cross of Chase's and Chance's, and Chance's were first found in Essex with Patents/PATTENs, Este's, Brocks/BROKE's (and Aids-connectable Stevensons). While "ad" is a Malone motto term, Melone's/Maloneys were first found in County Clare.

Patents/Pattens share the griffin head of Case-related Leslie's (Aberdeenshire with Mellansons), and Patons (Shropshire with Middle's) share the Mellanson crescents. While Mellansons are connectable to Italian Maurels, Brocks/Broke's (share Stewart motto) share the fleur-de-lys of Patons and French Maurels (Brittany with Shropshire's Alans and with French Perrins). English Perrins (Northumberland with Stevensons) use "fur cones" while Furs/Fire's essentially share the Swab/Schwab Coat, and the Maschi's with "pine cones" share the lion of Chase-branch Chance's, which is the Chase lion in colors reversed.

The Patent / Leslie griffin is green like the griffin of Powells. The Medley-like Smedleys/Smethleys (Yorkshire with Methleys) reminds that Robert Powell and I (age 13) played NICKY nicky nine DOORS on a classmate with a Smedley surname, and so let's add that while Smedleys share the checks of Warrens, from ADa of Warenne, she was the wife of HENRY Huntingdon (son of king David I), very tracable via king David's Haly ROD house, to Henry of Rodez, son of Isabel Roquefeuil. This is amazing because Welsh Davids are from king David in that they have a version of the ADE/AIDS Coat for a pointer to vaccine-induced AIDS disease. Then, as per nicky nicky, "AD" is a motto term of English NICHOLsons/NICKERsons (Cumberland with Nicksons/Nixons) while Dutch Nichole's almost have the Rod Coat, and the Nicholsons/Nickersons have double fesses colors reversed from the same of Nissans while Kness'/Ness' and Lams/Lambs share a "non" motto term while Nine's are listed with Nons. Nicky nicky NINE doors. Ada of Warenne's father lived in Surrey, where Lamberts were first found.

Ada was styled also "of Varenne," and Varenne's/Verone's share the ravens of English Tate's (Suffolk with Warrens) suspect in the "GenerosiTATE" motto of Scottish Nicholsons. The double fesses of Nicholsons/Nickersons are shared by Morinis' who are in turn in the write-up of Deerings from: "Norman de Morinis, whose ancestor, Vitalis FitzOsbert..." Osberts/Osburns (Kent with Deerings) use a "bello" motto term and share the tiger with Medleys of Dore. Osberts/Osburns use a "PAX in bello" motto, and then Pasi's/Pace's/Pascels were round-about a Pack branch while Pascals/Pass' share the Lambert / Lam/Lamb lamb. The Pack Chief is in the colors and format of the Lamp/Lamby Chief. The Tate's (and Bellys) share the roses of Pasi-branch Paisleys (share the Pack anchor). We will shortly see Lamb liners again with Belly liners.

Nicky nicky nine doors is when kids KNOCKs on a front door, then run away and hide to watch the person come to the door to find nobody. This is then repeated at the same door a couple more times. Knocks were first found in Renfrewshire with Paisleys, and Pasi's/Pace's/Pascels were first found in Bouillon-connectable Bologna. Scottish Kidds share the Moray / Douglas stars. English Kidds (Suffolk with CLERE's) almost have the upright ram of French Bauds, first found in Auvergne with Bouillons and CLERmont-FERRAND. English Ferrands share the vaired patee of Reesors, and then the Smedleys, Robert Powell and I all lived on Senator Reesors drive (Markham, Ontario). Irish Clere's can be gleaned as kin of Nagle's (Pembrokeshire with Strongbow Clare) who are in turn very linkable to Tromp-connectable Fauci's.

The eight-pointed stars of Mellanson-related Maurels/Maurino's is in giant form with German Teegers while a tiger is in the Medley Crest. The Medley tiger is green feasibly due to Greens, first found in Kent with the Greenwich's (and tiger-using Osberts/Osburns) who in turn share the Coat of Medley-connectable Odins. Tigers were first found in Suffolk with Mead-branch Meadows and Warrens.

The crossing of the Bassets gets perhaps 666-relevant as it takes us to the Beasts/Bessins. English Bests (Godfrey / Mead colors), because they share "Libertas" with Godfreys, look like kin of Medley-branch Meads. The latter share the pelican with Godfreys, and Pellicans happen to have been first found in Maine with Billiards/Billets (almost have the French Lambert Coat) while French Bassets (Moray colors) show nothing but billets in Billiard/Billet colors. Repeat: "It gets amazing here because Billiards/Billets almost have the Duc/LeDuc Coat while English Billiards/Hillards, with almost the Moray Coat, were first found in Surrey with English LAMBerts who are in turn in the colors and format of Mead-branch Meadows." The 666 man, the False Prophet, is given a LAMB-HORN symbol while Horns/Orne's are from the Orne river that flows through the Bessin.

Maine is also where French Josephs were first found who share the martlet of Meads.

But there's more, for English Billets share the Coat of English Bellows/Bellows while Godfrey-connectable Bouillons have another "bello" motto term. We are back to the Ducs/LeDucs and Bellys of Moray, and the latter's Bailey and Baliol branches were even first found in Northumberland with Lams/Lambs and Lamps/Lambys (and Lorraine's). Lams/Lambs share the cinquefoils of Billets, Bellows/Bello's, Bus' and Porch's, and while the English Bassets have been resolved (by me) in the Porch Crest, Bus' can be in the "legiBUS" motto term of English Bests while French Bests/Bez'/Bes'/BECs have the Moray / Billiard/Hillard star yet again.

Crispins were at BEC Abbey, and while English Crispins share the eight fesses of Porch's, French Crispins were first found in Lorraine. Meadows were first found at CARLford while Clare-like Carls (Aberdeenshire with Middle-loving Mellansons) share the "pomegranate" with French Crispins and Grazi's while the latter share the black rooster with Billiards/Hillards. French Crispins descended directly from Clare's, first found in Suffolk with Carlford and the first-known English Charles'. The POMEgranate can perhaps be part-code for Pomeranians, and German Belows were first found in Pomerania. Suffolk is also where Mellan-like Mullens/Millens were first found while Scottish Millens/Milans were first found in Aberdeenshire with Carls.

More: "ArtiBUS" is a motto term of Eltons/Heltons who not only have the six pale bars of Italian Belli's in colors reversed, but were first found in Cheshire with Bellows/Bello's and Beasts/Beastons/Bessins. The Helt-related Hicksons were first found in Staffordshire with Bassets while Hicks (Yorkshire with Belows) share "Tout" in their motto with English Belows and Morays. Hicks, who translate their motto phrase with "all in," have the Alan/ALLIN fesse in colors reversed, and Ducs/LeDucs were first found in Brittany with the Dol Alans.

It would be remiss if I didn't track the Horns/Orne's to mythical Orion at Boiotia's TANAGRa, for TANKERville's share the Bellow / Billet / Bus / Porch cinquefoil too. The Baiocasses of the Bessin are thought to have been from the Boii, very linkable to Bello-loving Bouillons, and Boii may have been from Boiotians. Boys/Bie's share the bee with Beasts/Bessins. BiaoCASSES' are interesting where "casus" is a Lamp/Lamby and Casey motto term. More bees are with Leafs/Leave's suspect in the leaves of French Caseys (Ile-de-France with BESANT-loving Mellans).

The Lamps/Lambys and connectable Caseys had played above to the Gofers/Gophers as a potential pointer to "gain of function," and here we can go to the Goffs/Gough's and Googe's/Gouch's because they share the boar of Schims/Schiens from the Shechemites whom I say named Schimatari at/beside Tanagra. Is this not amazing?

Googe's/Gouch's were first found in Berwickshire with Mole's and Aids'/Ade's. Bec-like Beckers (Beach branch) share the vaired Shield (BELL pattern) of Manchesters while Shakerley of the Shake's in Greater Manchester. Shake's/Shakerleys/Shicks -- with "MOLE hills" -- are from Biblical Shechemites that named Schimatari. Schims/Schiens share the Mole and Marone boar head. CHICKens share the Shake/Shakerley/Shick chevron so that Checks/Chicks / Chichs / Chichesters can apply to Shechemites. Compare Chochs/Choke's and Chalks to English Crispins, the latter first found in Oxfordshire with Checks/Chicks.

The "chalice" in the Crest of English Belows, and the Callouville of Bellows/Bello's, suggests a family from Pas-de-CALAIS, where the father of Godfrey de Bouillon ruled as count. Godfrey himself ruled at Lower Lorraine, and so he may have had a relationship with Bar-le-Duc in Lorraine, named partly by German Ducks/Duckers/Dockers. Tuckers were first found in Devon with Billets, and Teeger-connectable Tucks/Ticks, along with Tickhills, were first found in Yorkshire with Belows.

Recall how Gallia, mother of Tullia of Lyon, played to Mellanson kin, the Italian Maurels/Maurino's, for the latter look like kin of Bute's/Butts, feasible from Boiotians/Boeotians. Melone's/Maloneys share the BUDE bow, and bow-using, Boii-like Bows/Bough's were first found in Durham with VisCONTI-connectable Conte's. Visconti's ruled Milan. Bee-using Boys/Bie's, sharing some of the Cough/Cuff/Cuffie Coat, are in Goff/Gough / Googe/Gouch colors and format, and Bee's/Bie's were first found in Oxfordshire with Gofers/Gophers.

Mellanson's wife, Susan, is a pointer to Susans, first found in Berkshire with Boots, and near the first-known COTTars (Oxfordshire with Crispins and Mullen-connectable Checks/Chicks). The Cottians of Susa track to the Cotesii on the Buzau river, where Roxolani Alans had a branch who had also been south of Kiev with the BUDini. The husband of Tullia of Lyon was Decimus Rusticus of CLERmont-Ferrand, in Auvergne, where Bouillons, Bauds and Payen-related Mullets were first found. While mythical Orion was a hunter, French Preys share the hunting HORN of Mullets, recalling that we had prayed for Mellanson's cotton-swab event. Irish Mullens share the blue sword with BEATys/Bettys.

Decimus Rusticus named his descendant, Rusticus of Lyon, the ancestor of Mummolin of Chalons-sur-Marne. The Arms of the latter location is a Crozier Coat while Lamps/Lambys use croziers. It could appear that the two horns like a lamb on the False Prophet are a Boeotian line. French Bauds/Bauts/Bots (same place as Bouillons) even have a ram with horns, and a ram is an adult lamb. The line of the False Prophet thus seems to go to Templar Jerusalem and the Merovingian Franks in Mummolin.

The Irish Caseys, who share the full Lamp/Lamby motto, almost have the Terent/Tarent Coat while Spartans, from beside Boiotia, founded Taranto, in Apulia with BARi. Spartans are suspect at the Sybaris river, location of Morano, and then the Maurels above are also Maurino's while Morinis', Marano's' and Morano's were all-three first found in Modena, a city conquered by the Boii. The latter had first been in Bologna/Bononia, and Bononia is the alternative name of Boulogne, where the father of Godfrey de Bouillon was count.

Godfrey's brother, BALDwin, was the first king of wicked, Templar Jerusalem (imposters into God's domain). Balds were a Baud branch, and the Bauds in this case, the Scottish branch, happen to have been kin of MEDALs/Dougals!!! IT IS MY FIRST TIME, I THINK, THAT I'VE BEEN ABLE TO SHOW CONCRETELY THAT THE MEDAL VARIATION SUGGESTS A DOUGAL / DOUGLAS MERGER WITH MIDDLE LINERS. Douglas' (share Moray stars) were first found in Moray, and Dogs/Doags share the Bellow/Bellow cinquefoil.

Baldwins, first found in Shropshire with Mellanson-beloved Middle's, share the Middleton (and Rust) saltire, recalling that Meads almost have a Godfrey Coat. The Middleton Crest can be the Coat of Dutch Camps because Meads (Warwickshire with Camps) look like Camp/Comp kin, but compare Compo's with Balders / Sinclairs / Rusts too. The "label" of Compo's is for Labels/La Bells while Campanio's use bells.

God showed me via a Russian MEDALlion on the HOOD of my Jeep that Medal-related Bauds have the Hood crescents in colors reversed because both Bauds and Medals share the quadrants of HODleys and Oddeys. The latter two share the pelican with Belly-like Bills (Somerset with Meads), and the Bill Chief has what looks like a billet. Lamps/Lambys share the saltire of Oddie's/HODDys, in the colors of the saltire-by-fret of Hoods (Devon with Billets), and lams/Lambs share the Billet / Bellow/Bello / Porch/PORTIs cinquefoil while Portishead is in Somerset with Bills. Portishead is at Clapton, and Meads had married Arthurs of Clapton. Clapps/Clappers were first found in Surrey with Lamberts.

The Russian MedalLION was left by someone on my hood in Bracebridge while Bracebridge's (share crozier with Lamps/Lambys) are from Mummolin of Chalons-sur-Marne, now called Chalons-en-Champagne, explaining why the Bracebridge Shield is shared by English CHAMPagne's. Meads look like Camp/CHAMP kin. Hugh de PAYENS, the first Templar grandmaster, was associated with rulers of ChamPAGNE, which may have been from Rusticus of LYON, for while French Lannoys share the Lyon lion, English Lannoys almost have the Leicester Coat while Scottish Champagne's were first found in Leicestershire. The Drops/Trope's in the Leicester Crest share the Chief of Tulls/Tolle's, the latter from Tullia of Lyon.

Th Legro river in Leicester gave birth to heraldic legs, one of which is in the Crest of ear-like Eyers/Ayers. The BLOOD was in Mellanson's EAR, and the Leicester drops are red, indicating blood drops. Mellanson-branch Millens/Milans are also Mellents, and Mellent/Meulan was home to the Beaumonts who ruled also in Leicester.

I showed how Joe Oullette pointed to Ouilly-le-BASSETT at False-like Falaise, and that brought BEASTs/Bessins to topic that in turn brought us to Orne and Orion of TANAGRa. The Prophet's/Profetts use a giant human leg too, and so Mellanson's ear swab can be a pointer to False Prophet. The TANKERville's were first found in Lincolnshire with the Bessin's Taillebois', and the rulers of the Bessin, the Meschins, married Lucy Taillebois. Lucy's are said to have been lords of Dice, from a Diss location near an Eye location that may have named by the Eyes variation of Eyers/Ayers.

Mythical CADmus, settled Boiotia, but was a Tyrian entity that I see as the Cadusii Armenians at mount HERMon, for the mythical caduceus was owned by Hermes, who gave it to TIRESias, father of Daphne, a location at mount Hermon. Daphne was given another father, Ladon, a 100-headed dragon, much like Lotan, a seven-headed dragon that seems conspicuous beside the seven heads of Revelation to which the False Prophet belongs. As I've said many times, Joe Oullette and I LAID hands on Mellanson when praying for his ear, for Joe's mother, who was instrumental to my conversion, was a charismatic, or at least she watched the 700 Club, and Joe and I were attending charismatic churches at the time.

The point is, just before writing the paragraph above, I checked for a Laid surname, finding it listed with Ladons/Ladds and having a wavy fesse that looks related to the same of Meschins. And while I'm a Masci liner, I've predicted that the anti-Christ and/or False Prophet would be a Meschin / Masci liner, from the Moschi mountains of Armenia.

The Cadusii are suspect in naming Hattusa of the Hatti, and the latter named mythical Attis, husband of the Great Mother cult, Cybele, whom I see as the basis of the harlot of Revelation that forms a partnership with the seven heads of the dragon/beast. Attis was at times given a mythical Cotys as his father, and this looks like the Cotesii peoples that I trace to royal Cottians, the ones who were to topic above with Mellanson's wife, Susan, and with the COTTON swab. Cotesii lived on the Buzau river with Roxolani, named fro Rus-Alans, and the Rus included the Rose/RAS clan while RASmussens share the giant Schwab/Swab unicorn. The Rus were from mythical Ares, named after Armenia's Aras river, and CadMUS, from Mus of Armenia, had been made the husband of Armenia-like Harmonia, daughter of Ares.

The Aras river ran past the land of Gogarene/Gugar, and while Gog is suspect in naming CAUCasia, Cocks were first found in Somerset with Laids/Ladons/Ladds. Cocks can be linked to Crimea-like Grimaldi's, and to Bags, first found on Norfolk with Cockers/Cockets. The Lucy-like Luzi/Lazi on the map at the link above were at Ladon-like Lazona. The Lazi lived at the mouth of the Glaucus river (shown on map) that flows from Cadusii-like Kutaisi (not shown), home of mythical Medea, queen of CORINth, a branch of the Ceraunii in "uniCORN." Mellansons are from Milan, which was founded ad Medea-like Mediolanum. Medea was a daughter to Attis-like Aeetes.

Near Corinth was Boura, peoples of which were at SYBARis, and Mediolanum was named by InSUBRES'. Boura was between Corinth and the Ladon river, and Burleys/Bourleys were first found in Somerset with Laids/Ladons. Apollo wanted to have Daphne when she was in the Ladon river, and one myth paired Apollo with Corinth-like Coronis, code for the Ceraunii who named the Ceraunii mountains at Apollonia, but also at Aulon of the Alans. Aulon was also Avlona, which named mythical Avalon with its NINE witches. Apollo, whose twin sister was an Amazon huntress for connection to Orion), had nine MUSES (all women = code for Amazons) that we can expect at Mus Armenia, the entity suspect in CadMUS. Apollo's sister was at Ephesus, where there had been a mythical Pandareus, father of queen Aedon of Boiotia. When Cadmus arrived to Boiotia, he slew Ares' dragon, with "Sparti" soldiers who were placed in Kutaisi, and then the ram of Hermes was made the golden fleece of Kutaisi. Hermes was given a home in Arcadia of Greece, between Sparta and the Ladon river.

The map above has a Tyndaris location at Kutaisi, which named Tyndareus, mythical husband of Leda. The latter was play on "Leto/LATONa", mother of Apollo and Artemis. Leda's daughter, Helen, married the Spartan king, MeneLAUS, code for the Mani peninsula on Sparta, which had a Lazi-like Las/Laas location, and while this was not far from Boura, peoples of Sybaris founded nearby Laus at BUXENtum, the thing that named the Buchanans (share Millen/Milan lion) who are in the Millen/Milan write-up. Thus, the Insubres' of Mediolanum may have been from Spartans from Sybaris.

The Mani peninsula can be suspect from mythical Manes, the father of Attis, and suspect from Mannai of Armenia. Attis was made the father of Ladon-line Lydians. Daphne was given a sister, a Hyksos entity, Manto, thought to have named Mantua of Lombardy i.e. near Milan. Crema of Lombardy looks like it may have been from Crimean elements.

Hyksos can now be traced to Hockeys/Hockleys sharing the Mellanson crescents, for shortly after the ear-swab event, Mellansons asked me to be his assistant coach for a peewee hockey team. Mellansons love Oullette-connectable Middle's, and Oullette-connectable Medleys and Methleys share the pierced Hockey/Hockley stars. The Owls behind Oullette's can be from the owl cult of Edom, Kos, and that may have been from Lotan of Edom, brother of Esau's daughter-in-law, Timna.

The Daphne location of Phoenicia was beside Dan, which had previously been Lazi-like Laish, and Mellanson had also pointed to the Note variation of Cnuts, from king Canute of the DANES. Note's/Cnuts share the Mellanson / Hockey crescents, and here we can add that mythical Danaus was made part of Cadmus mythology. Danaus' father, Belus, is suspect from Pelusium of the Nile delta because Tanis was there. Danaus was code for the Danaans of Argos, beside Sparta, and Sparta's Tyndareus was of Tyndaris of the Glaucus river of the Lazi. Helen, the daughter of Tyndareus' wife, is suspect from the Alans who lived at/around the Tanais river north of the Glaucus. Remember, Helen's husband is suspect at Lazi-like Las. It's possible that Helen's brother, Apollo-like Pollux, was an entity from "Belus" / "PELUSium," for Apollo had also been, Abello.

I didn't realize until now that Middle's and Medleys are from MEDIOLanum, the early name of Milan, explaining why Mellansons love Middle's. The Mellanson / Note/Cnut / Hockey crescents can be for the Crescents/Crests who happen to share the triple bendy of Manto-like Mants/Ments! Hockeys and Mellansons look like Hook kin. Manto's grandfather was Everes, code for the Hyksos capital, Avaris. Scotts are from lake Scodra, near Meteon (see map), the line I see to Medley-branch Meads/Meats. Medleys were first found in Somerset with Laids/Ladons. Oullette and I LAID on hands. German Dorrs use HANDs.

While Oullette's name Ouilly, there is an Oully surname showing only bendy in colors reversed from the Mant/Ment bendy, which can suggest that Oullys and/or Oullette's were from some Lombardy element. Mants/Ments look related to Gallia's, and to the Platters, first found in Suffolk with their Plain/Platter branch, and then Owls were first found in Suffolk too. PLAINs/Platters can be gleaned, by their look of their Coat, as a Palin-Platter merger, which traces to Palinurus near the Sybaris river.

Bendy is used also by Kos'/KOSINski's, in the colors of the Cossen bend, while Kos was the owl cult of Edom. Kosinski-like Cousins were first found in Norfolk with Platters. Herods descended from the house of Aretas III of Edom, and while Herod Agrippa II can be linked to the El-Gabal cult of Emesa (I make this link later in this update), that cult had earlier been at Aretas-like Arethusa (Syria).

Mythical Merops of Kos was made father of PANdareus, looking like it descends from the Pan cult of Panias, smack beside a Daphne location, and this Daphne entity of Phoenicia is the one that was made the sister of MANTo i.e. which brought the Mants/Ments to topic. The Aretas-like Ardiaei and Daorsi seen stamped beside Meteon were on the NERETva river too, and then the triple Crescents/Crest and Mant/Ment bends are shared by NERETs. Perfect. Medleys of Dore were connected earlier to English Dore's/Doors/Dorrs, whom I trace to Daorsi with good logic.

[Insert March 8 -- Scottish Mants/Mans (dragon) look like a Mendham branch, and while German Mans share the quadrants of Bee's (dragon), Minds/Munds share bees with English Doors. The Dragons/Drainers (Kent with Munds/Munts and Mynetts) were Mynett kin, from king Amyntes of Galatia, now suggesting that he was named by whatever mythical Manto had been named after amongst the Hyksos. Amyntes' father was ArtemiDOROS, suspect to the Arduinici marriage to Daorsi, and thus we can see why Doors are in this mix.

Mandys/Mondays were first found in Derbyshire probably because Amyntes had conquered Derbe. If not in ANKARa, these Galatians ruled near it. Anchors/Annackers, suspect from Hebron's Anaki, are beloved of the Majors/Magers who share the Chief-Shield colors of Mandys/Mondays. The Latter's motto is suspect with the Vido variation of Vito's, from Julius Avitus, husband of Ms. Bassianus, suspect from the Bassus line of Galatians from Severus, Amyntes' grandson. Gaius Severus was from Akmonia of Phrygia near Ankara, and as Italian surnames of the Galli kind often use the galina / rooster, not that Gaius-like French Gays have the rooster too.

I've been tracing Haydens and their Hat/Hades branch to the Hatti of Galatia (represented by mythical Attis), but have not known the Heatons until seeing the Marheaton location of Mundys just now. Heatons are in Dent colors and format, and first found in West Yorkshire with them. The Fothes/Fette's, sharing an "Industria" motto term with Dents, share the Heaton stag head! I suppose that Eatons could become suspect as Hatti liners too. And the Eaton Coat is much like that of HYKES'/Hacks! Hicks' were first found in Yorkshire too. The Eaton / Hykes/Hack cross is in the colors of the Mandy/Monday/Mundy cross. Hykes'/Hacks had been kin of Chives', first found in Tarves, a location suspect from Tarvisium, where Vido's/Vito's were first found.

The Jacobs of Mendham, and their Donut / Denet kin, use ermines, and as Dents can be gleaned as a Denet branch, it appears that Jacobs (share greyhound with Donuts and Majors/Magers) were of the Jacks, first found in Yorkshire with Dents, and thus this looks like the line from mythical Ajax of Cetis in Cilicia. I claim Hyksos at Cilicia's Kizzuwatna. Jacks are in the colors and format of Arduinici-like Ardens.

Amyntes' domain was at/near the upper Maeander river, where I trace Man / Mander liners. The Manders share the Stable/STAPLer saltire while "stabilis" is a motto term of Mants/Mans (goats). Staple's share the symbol of ATTYS'/Aids/Ade's, and while Stable's/Staplers use acorns, the Acorn stag head is colors reversed from the Heaton stag head.

I can glean that Staple's were from Peter Pollock of Rothes, but also related to Leslie's, earls of Rothes when they married the descendants of Peter Pollock. The point here is that Eatons have the bow while Bows/Bough's share the motto of Rothes-line Roets, and then Beauty's/BOWds, first found in Dorset with Hats/Hades', share the bull of Haydens.

Thus, it appears that the Manto-line Hyksos had been Maeonians on the Maeander river, including mythical Maenads. Amyntes' father was the high priest of Cybele, mother of Lydians north side of Maeander river, and I see Pelops-branch Lydians naming the Ladon river of mythical Daphne. The ERMINE's/Arms share the Chief-saltire combination of Stable's, and Lydians were on the Hermus river of mythical Hermes, whose cult had named mount Hermon (Phoenicia) with a Daphne location beside the Panias of Hermes' son, Pan. Cybele's husband, Attis, had a pine symbol, explaining why Maenads had a pine-cone symbol. Ardiaei had at least one king, Pinnes, and English Pine's are in the colors and format of Irish Arthurs, both using an ermined chevron.

The Arthur "rests" are likely for Restons because they share the leopard faces of Scottish Doors, but there was an ORESTia location where the Arda river (of Thrace) joined the Hebros river suspect with the Hyksos, for the latter had been Hebrews (not Israelites). On the Tonzus tributary of the Hebros was Cybele-like Cabyle. There was a Cabelees and related Lasonii (suspect from Lazona of the Lazi) people groups in the Lydia / Phrygia / Galatia theater, I don't know their exact location.

Dragons/Drainers, in the colors and format of the Mans/Mants (dragon in Crest), were from the Drin river on the west side of Paionia, and Payens/Paions/Pagans, first found in Daphne-connectable Dauphine with French Page's, are also Pans, while PENdragons, from the PENEStae of the Drin river, share the open helmet of Mynetts (colors reversed from the helmet of Dragons/Drainers. The latter were first found in Kent with the Petts/Perts using an "Ardens" motto. Irish Kennedys, from the Kennati priest of Ajax, have another helmet. PENES'/Pennys happen to share the courant greyhound of Jack-like Jacobs. End insert]

Crescents/Crests and Cressys were first found in Burgundy with the Oullette-branch Aulnays/Oulneys, and the latter share the Cressy lion suspect in the Cressent/Crest Chief. English Cressy were first found in Beeston (Norfolk with Lucys). The red Cressy border is shared by English Scotts who in turn share the demi-griffin of Hockeys. A Kotor location near Meteon is from the Biblical Keturah, mother of Medan, very connectable to mythical Medea, the witch of Kutaisi. Saraca's at Kotor are expected at Saracena on the Sybaris river.

The Oullette / Cressy lion is in the colors of the Buchan lion heads, important because they are black lions like the Buchanan / Millen/Milan lion that traces to Buxentum at the Laus bay, an area related to the Sybaris river. Cressy-connectable crescents are used by Mullens/Millens. The Hockey-connectable Note's/Cnuts/Knots are in the "fret-knot" of Laus-like Lacys/Lace's/Lase's (Yorkshire with Methleys). Italian Milans were first found in Messina, near the Laus bay at the LUCANia border. Luciano's share the fish of Luce's'/Lucys. PALINurus is at the Laus bay, and the horizontally-split Milan Shield is colors reversed from the same of English Powers while Irish Powers have a Coat like that of Palins who in turn share the Oullette / Aulnay / Cressy lion. The three stars in the Palin Chief are in the Medley / Methley Chief. Power-branch Poors (Devon with Powers and Hooks) share the Hockey star and Hockey fesse.

Kiev Connections

English Mullens/Millens are in Keppoch colors and format, and I have good confidence that Keppochs are from the namers of Kiev in Ukraine. I've only found, today, a Baudini location on the west side of Ceva, and as Budini were at/near Kiev, it tends to identify the naming of Ceva by a branch of the namers of Kiev.

If you enlarge this map, you will see a Capponi location on the north side of Baudini. While Capponi's are listed with Italian Capone's/Capua's (Campania with Aquila's), yet the Chiapponi variation of Sheaves'/Chaves' can apply who were first found in L'Aquila. It appears that Ceva was of the Chaves bloodline.

Moreover, while the Capelli's were first found near Este while the Aquila's share the Este Coat, note the Cappella location on the north side of Capponi! The Capelli's/Cappella's have a giant "chapeau," and Bidens/BUDINs use that symbol too!!! Beauty.

Ceva is at a Cevetta river, and Cavetts/Kave's/Chavo's/Chevee's/Chevers, in Cave / Capelli colors, show nothing but four fesses partly in blue to do with the four pale bars of Italian Dance's/Donnas', partly in blue. Italian Dance's/Donnas', from king Donnus of the Cottians at Susa, were first found in Piedmont with Ceva. Mellanson pointed to these Cottians with his cotton swab, and so watch how I can link the Swabs/Schwabs to it.

The Cave's use a greyHOUND while Hounds share the lozenges of Dents, first found in Yorkshire with English Dance's (share Crest of Maurel-linkable and Este-related BUTTs/Bute's). I assume that Dance's were a Dent branch i.e. Dents are from the Cottians too. Cave's, though not in the same color, share a fretty Shield with French Cottons/Cotta's, and so we are gleaning a Cottian relationship to a family in Ceva. English Dance's share the fesse of English Alans while French Alans share the Chief of French Julians (Languedoc with Cottons/Cotta's). Thus, it appears we are at the family of Luis(a) of Ceva, mother of Alice of Saluzzo, wife in turn of the FitzAlans of Shropshire.

It's notable that one lion head of English Dance's is that of English Ducks, for the five fesses of German Ducks/Dockers almost make the Cavett/Kave/Chavo Coat. English Duckers/Dockers have a "Semper" motto term, used also by Ukraine's Lviv location, and Sempers share the Coat of Duck-branch Duce's/Duceys. Mellanson's cotton swab is pointing again to James LeDuc. Sempers were first found in Essex with the Butt-related Este's.

The Arms of Bar-le-Duc in Lorraine uses pansies while Pansys/Pantzers were first found in Westphalia with Ducks/Dockers, and as the latter are looking related to the Cevetta river, home of Luis, it's amazing the French Louise's were first found in Lorraine. Plus, Cuneo-suspect Coneys have a coney rabbit holding a "pansy," and Cuneo (Piedmont) is the location of Saluzzo. Scottish Bars even share the Coats of Italian Este's and Aquila's.

The Cave's are the ones with a greyhound, and were first found in Lancashire with the Riggs who share the dogs of Huns/Hungate's (Yorkshire) while German Huns/Hundts (SWABia) and Hungers (Hesse with Rasmussens) have upright greyhounds in the same colors as the dogs just mentioned, but also in the colors of the upright Grey lion and the upright unicorns of Rasmussens and Swabs/Schwabs.

The dogs and greyhounds under discussion are in the colors of the upright dog of the House of CANOssa, and then the other English Riggs, with a "cano" motto term, were first found in Shropshire with the Alans who married Saluzzo. The cano-like Caens/Cans happen to share the Cave fretty Shield. The house of Canossa came out of Lucca, where Budini-suspect Botters/Bottini's were first found.

RASmussens are expected with the Rose's/Ras', and then Rush's/Rish's, Rosco's/Risco's, Ricks and Riggs all share the same fesse while Rich's/Richess' (Hampshire with Bidens/Budins and Botters/Bodins) were from Richeza of Lorraine, mother-in-law of Maria of Kiev, how 'bout that. Budini and their Alan-suspect Geloni partners were at/near Kiev. Thus, Kiev was very related to Ceva. The Cevetta river at Ceva probably named Cavetts/Kave's/Shavo's/CHEVERs, and the English Chevers ("est") share the upright and white goat with Kiev-liner Kepke's/Kopke's. The Chever goats are in both colors of the Hun dogs / greyhound.

The Riggs with the dogs even put an arrow in the mouths of the dogs while Arrows/Arras' are from the Artois capital while Luis-like Lois' (giant ostRICH), in Kepke/Kopke and Baut/Baud colors and format, were first found in Artois. The household of count Eustace II of Artois had ancestry at the BAUTica/Baltea river that flows to Chivasso (Piedmont), the line to Chives'/Shewas'. French Bauts/Bauds (Auvergne with Bouillons) almost have the Kepke/Kopke Coat.

Keppochs, Huns/Hungate's (similar to Rigg Coat) and Dance's were first found in Yorkshire with Morleys/Mauls who in turn have a "RIGore" motto term suspect partly with the Gore's who named mythical GorLOIS, husband of the mother of mythical king Arthur, an Artois entity. Heraldic dogs came to be "talbots," and Morleys/MAULs share the Tailbois scallops. Dogs/Doags/Docks (Perthshire with Shaws and Saluzzo-related Dure's and Cluns) are in Hun/Hungate colors and format. KEEVers/Eure's/Evers almost have the Mall Coat.

The Noms in the NEWland/Newley motto, and suspect in the Keever/Eure/Ever motto, are also the Nons/NEWins sharing the NEWsom fesse (in the colors of the Cavett/Kave/Shavo fesses), recalling the last update's Kiev pointers from Victoria NUland. Recall the Keppoch / Kepke link above to Sheffields, for the latter share the gold boar head in Crest with Newsoms, but also with KEEVers/Eure's/Evers and Weirs/Vere's (ROXburgh, from Roxolani of Kiev). The "LOYaute" motto term of Newlands/Newleys can be partly for the Loy variation of Lorraine's Louis'.

Nons/Newins (Dol fesse?) were first found in Ayrshire with Shaw-connectable Ayers while an Arms of Ayrshire has a "shaw" motto term. English Sheaves'/Shaws were a branch of L'Aquila's Sheaves'/Chaves', and L'Aquila is the capital of Abruzzo while Abruzzo's/Abreu's named Evreux in Eure province, making this look like a Kiev-related element too as per Keevers/Eure's/Evers. Abruzzo is off mont VELINO and mont Sabina, and the latter's Sabine peoples named SWABia. This is the line connectable to ear-like Eyers/Ayers (Derbyshire with English Morleys), and so Mellanson's ear swab can be a pointer also to Eure's. Cool.

A Velino river is off the east side of mont Sabina, and this entity named Avalon, where the myth writers placed the death of king Arthur. Velins use ducks and were first found in Westphalia with Ducks/Dockers, and we saw these Duck liners related to Ceva. Velens (not "Velin") were likewise first found in Westphalia, and they once showed the ducks that French Alans showed, though they now both show the same martlets i.e. this must be the line of FitzAlans who married the daughter of Luis of Ceva.

The Keevers/Eure's are also Ure's suspect in the "uro" motto term of MacKenzie's. The latter are from queen Kenza of Aures, land of the SHAWia/Chaoui Numidians who look related to such surnames as Cavetts/Cave's/Shavo's and Sheaves'/Chaves'/Chiapponi's. Scottish Ure's/Orreys, likely a branch of Aurs/Aures', were first found in Ayrshire with Ayers.


This article deserves a large quote:

Over a year ago, Project Veritas broke a bombshell story that received little attention. The story can still be found on the website titled “Military Documents About Gain of Function Contradict Fauci Testimony Under Oath.” With the revelations we have now, Dr. Robert Malone decided to unearth it. It tells a story of the US role in the development of coronavirus.

Dr. Malone asked Project Veritas for the underlying documents and did receive them. Central to the story is a report to the Department of Defense Inspector General written by U.S. Marine Corp Major Joseph Murphy, a former DARPA Fellow.

Caveat: This requires further corroboration.

Project Veritas reported that EcoHealth Alliance approached DARPA in March 2018 for gain function funding for bat-borne coronaviruses under the name Project Defuse. DARPA rejected it over safety concerns and the gain of function research moratorium. Allegedly, Dr. Fauci, NIAID and NIH, went ahead with it anyway and then lied about it. Major Murphy’s report below details the grave concerns over the COVID-19 gain of function program, concealment of documents, suppression of curatives like Ivermectin and Hydroxychloroquine, and the mRNA vaccines.

As the government admits the coronavirus resulted from a lab leak, these documents become all the more critical. According to the allegations made in this report dated August 13, 2021, the US government was directly and extensively involved in creating this virus, in cooperation with the WIV (Wuhan Institute of Virology).

There we have it spelled out. And so we expect American gain-of-function-capable labs to have been in cahoots with Wuhan. Why are no such labs identified? Why is the finger pointing so generally only to the military? China, in seeking to protect itself from American, blame-deserving accusations, had pointed to the military's Fort-Detrick lab. But to protect itself from getting caught, the military may have moved the work out of a military lab to another one, such as the Galveston National Lab in military-laden Texas.

A related article at substack says, from Project Veritas: "According to the documents, NIAID, under the direction of Dr. Fauci, went ahead with the research in Wuhan, China and at several sites across the U.S." SEVERAL sites is not two or three, but more than. DR. Robert Malone's sentiments at the article above:

It is time for more than Congressional and 3-letter agency investigations. It is time that criminal charges be brought against those who have created and released this virus upon the world.

Furthermore, how can the people of the United States accept that their government has killed millions of people in the name of science, and in the name of “public health”? How do the people of the world respond to this?

How can anyone who realizes what has been done not be beyond furious.

We, the people of the world, deserve answers.

We, the people of the United States, patriots devoted to our country, deserve accountability and justice.

That key leadership and personnel of NIH-EcoHealth Alliance be held accountable and brought to justice.

I think we can all agree with that, and Malone puts his life in jeopardy by saying it. That's deep passion. That's high-level righteousness. At the end of the short video below, it seems that the woman is making a full quote from a court case in which Pfizer accused the government of forcing it to participate in a "fraud" upon the people:

Pfizer is guilty of defrauding the people if it participated in the fraud ordered by the government. THEREFORE, whatever the fraud led to, which is maiming and killing, is what Pfizer is partially responsible for, perhaps more responsible than the government because Pfizer produced the poison which the government ordered. Whoever produces the poison is most guilty. The government is guilty for not forcing Pfizer to conduct acceptable studies before vaccinating the population. The government is THEREFORE co-guilty of poisoning the population. If the government contractually waived the need for proper studies, then the government could be held MOST responsible. Pfizer may have "advertised" recently that it didn't do any studies prior to roll-out, for the purpose of hiding that it did in fact do a study(s) only to find that people were being seriously hurt. I have heard that such a study(s) was in fact conducted.

When Paul Ryan quit congress, he was hired by Fox news, which is all we need to know about Fox news. It is a great shame that Fox decided to go deep-state Republican rather than anti-globalist. This has made the fight of anti-globalists much-more difficult. It would have been great to have the most-watched American media on-side the anti-globalist side. We don';t hear much of Ryan, but it's a no-brainer that he's pushing globalist ideologies at Fox, now that he's an executive there. We read this week:

A wave of documents from the Dominion defamation lawsuit against Fox were released this week, revealing that numerous executives and hosts at the company were questioning the 2020 presidential election conspiracy theories being pushed on the network in the wake of Donald Trump’s loss.

The documents also revealed that Ryan claimed he approached Rupert Murdoch over concerns about election fraud theories being pushed with no merit, saying Fox should 'move on from Donald Trump and stop spouting election lies.'

I can't stand reading Gab anymore. Daily, there's a racist theme. Why talk about racism at all, since it fuels racism? Just shut-up about it, because white supremacists defending themselves against blacks is a form a racism. Just shut-up about it, and it'll help to go away. Most people do not care what skin color others have. Let the liberals push pro-Black, and watch them lose viewers and elections. Black, leftist dog, Lori Lightfoot, just lost her election this week. She won't be Chicago's governor any longer after just one term.

Especially because I'm still physically ill, it's stomach-turning to watch Whites extol Whites in the name of defending themselves against pro-Black Whites. The latter are not pro-Black, they are pro-Democrat votes. They want Blacks, Hispanics and Chinese to continue voting Democrat, so call it what it is, a political ploy, not racism. I don't want to be made to think that Whites are better than Blacks. Just because Whites are more technological doesn't make them better. Ask God what He thinks of the quest for cutting-edge technology. Restrain yourselves modern Whities, and get back to basic work-ethic. Moderate / healthy work mixed with a bit of sweat is better than technology. Do we really need a brain chip to open doors for us, or to relieve us from taking a wallet out of our pocket? Are we nuts?

Gab's owner allows a daily f-bomb to offend Christians on his platform. Most people who comment at Gab know the site is heavily Christian, and so non-Christians probably use the f-bomb as a deliberate offense to Christians, but Gab's owner thinks it's more important to allow this rather than to disallow it. I wonder what Jesus would have to say about it to him. Christians, do not succumb to sewer language as if Jesus doesn't mind it. Keep it respectable. "Sewer" and "swear" are similar terms. Swear only when you hit your finger with a hammer, and only when there's nobody else within ear shot.

Outspoken Christine Anderson of Germany even met with Artur Pawlowski when she visited Canada. I find it unbecoming that Pawlowski didn't have Ms. Anderson's speech on this video, but showed only his own self speaking. Pawlowski is not doing right by advertising all of his works because that's not how God would have us serve. I think he's trying to become a political figure, a sure-fire way to ruin his spirituality in many cases. A politician can tend to advertise his works (boasting) to win popularity:

trudeau is trying to figure out how to make up for lost ground since the days in which he was poised to force vaccinations on truckers, and later everyone else. Ms. Anderson verbally attacked trudeau to his face in a European forum, what a gal. She shocked the world with her passion and courage that day. But she became the enemy of her peers in the European cabal. Germans are still reeling from the bombing of their underwater gas pipe. German voters have yet to decide what political moves to make for that bombing.

The so-called freedom fighters can be described well as work-ethic inclined and traditional-family oriented. You may have not thought of it before, but the best name for God in the Bible is never used for Him. That name is, The Worker. God is always at work. When he's called, The Provider, he's The Worker. When he's called The Savior, he's The Worker.

Remember, we are to HATE men who dress as women, or men who engage in anal sex. It is NOT wrong to hate this, do not let the liberals who threaten us with consequences, if we hate them, dissuade you from HATING it. Hate those who are activists for their cause. This means we are to hate trudeau himself who's an activist prime minister, a piece of trash who favors the sinners of the country instead of the righteous. We will tell the judges of this land: we hate these kind of men, we do not want them to be our leaders. We are disgusted with them, and are proud of Righteous Jesus. We want a normal civilization at the worst, a place where we can raise our kids without fear of demonic sexual hunters. The Worker is coming to do his scathing work.

God will torment the wicked, let this warning go out. You do not want to be tormented. Make yourself white while there is time. Do not tolerate trudeau or Biden, for anyone who tolerates their spiritual disease is too comfortable with it. Toleration leads in increments to conformity, and the liberals have asked us to tolerate them for decades but will now not tolerate us, because they were never playing fair, but were in it as control freaks. trudeau is a control freak, say it with me. Let the whole country realize: trudeau is a God-despising control freak who would keep his people in the dark to the realities of his agendas. Here is the communist pig:

Here's a good climate-change point:

Here's good news, evolution is dead:

Here's Bibi Netanyahu admitting that he permitted Pfizer to treat Israelites as guinea pigs, though he wants you to think it was a good strategy:

Here's an interesting video about an "orange car," though it looks neither orange nor like a car to me. It's positioned at the Ohio train wreck, and is on fire along with the trains with such a large fire that it seems not to be a typical car fire. I don't think it's a car from what I can see of the satellite image, and if true that it was parked by the side of the road continuously for weeks or months, it again doesn't sound like a car.

If correct that the "orange car" had much to do with the train's flames, then the people who staged this wreck had planned to bring the train to roast exactly beside it, suggesting, perhaps, that the train track was compromised at exactly that spot i.e. to force the train off the track. Then again, and especially at 6:23 of the video where we see the aftermath of the burning, I cannot make out where the tracks are in these satellite images. I can see the road, but not the tracks.

At 6:23, it appears that there are train cars on both sides of the road, but then this makes the road look like the track, meaning there is no road here, and so how did the car come to be parked on the shoulder of the road if it's not a road to begin with?

AHHHHH, I now get it. The speaker is not referring to a car we drive, but a train car! Why doesn't the speaker say so??? The road is not a road, therefore, but the train track. He's claiming that an orange train car had been parked beside the track, and someone in the video says it was in a "ditch" suggesting an abandoned car. If there had been no earlier derailment at that spot, how did this car get there:

As the orange car is right in front of some buildings, it could be that the owners of those buildings were complicit with this crime. If the orange car didn't explode, it's a good question to ask how it was avoided. What was causing it to burn? Was it a controlled burn using a pressurized gas/liquid within the car that could not ignite until out into the atmosphere? Looks like. Who's authorized to leave a car "abandoned" beside train tracks filled with flammable material? This car appears gone in the aftermath photo (the car was beyond the white-roofed building).

The video shows that the orange car was parked beside drainage pipes made to take rainwater to a river, and so it appears that the people who staged this wreck were pumping poisons into the river deliberately. For example, as the multiple cars were burning, they were simultaneously allowed to drain their poisons via a lower drain pipe per car. That would be easy to arrange, and the fires assured that the public could not get near to see this poisoning. The globalists like poisons. It seems to be their product of choice for the masses, underscoring why God made Hell with fire and torment, for those who deserve it, for those who would perpetually poison others for their entertainment.

At 11:00 of the video, one can see the scene with a fire at one end of a train car partially upon the tracks. The "orange car" is at the top of the screen, not burning at this time, opposite the tracks from the flames.

I forgive Dan for his lousy choice of music at the end of his videos. Dan here (it's a good video) highlights the latest revelations in Ohio:

So far, the people who promised to bring food shortages, though they are obviously trying by destroying some food facilities, have not made a major impact on the supply, but much-more have caused food prices to increase that might never come back down. Also, the burning of a car-part factory in Ohio this week, not far north of the train derailment location, could be a means by which a crime group is seeking to notify the public that there are wicked forces at war with the country, and what are you going to do about it? The wicked love this kind of destructive game. My position is that Schwabites and similar others would want to send the message that, unless we bow the knee to them, we will suffer wreckage in our normalized lives.

Does this attitude make you want to bend the knee? Not yet, I do not think, and when they start wrecking more than they are now, the question is whether the people, as one lot, will bow the knee versus clobber them over the head. Which do you think is more likely? Therefore, expose the ones responsible now so that when the people finally take out their club, they will know who exactly to clobber. We don't want them to clobber the wrong group.

The more the heroic politicians engage in a crusade to expose the culprits, the more the higher-ups amongst the culprits will speak out against these politicians to expose themselves. We need politicians like that. The higher-ups know they stand to be clobbered even now (take Fauci), and so they will have their angelic lines all planned to deny criminal intent. This is going to be a slow process, and the good guys might never win in time for Armageddon, but that puts EVERYTHING into the Court of the Good Guy. Woe to the crime syndicates who have robbed our governments to destroy us, to steal from us, to kill us. The devil is in these robbed governments.

They use the government printing press to keep their political and NGO gangsters doing their will. They need a constant flow of money, much of which is taken from military "needs." Thus, the CIA and others create foreign "monsters" and combat "needs" to keep the money flowing. And the Schwabites have the task of creating all sorts of tax "needs" in other departments. his is how they are playing their "game" (literal war against us), with tax needs which they create for to funnel funds to their entrenched gangsters. It is congress, including the majority of Republicans, which gets them their funds, which is why DeSantis has become such a hot potato recently as per his support of war(s). But Trump is the one who funded our enemies more than anyone else previous to himself. Biden may have done even better, I can't be sure.

The censorship continues, and our problem is this, that while we are being informed by social media as to who the gangsters are, people who don't follow social media are oblivious to the things we know and thus do not tend to make a political difference for the toppling of the political gangsters. BUT, there are some political changes being made as a testament to how social media IS making a difference.

The more that social media gets the news correct, the more the fame of social media will spread. This is a crux. People who carry social media need to take great care in not advancing unprovable / incorrect conspiracy theories just because they want to make for more interesting stories in efforts to keep their viewership watching. News media need juicy stories, and so they try to frame news stories as juicy as possible, which can then enter into zones of incorrect news.

The military spigot was opened full by Bush Jr., and it, along with spending to fund the phony-baloney Patriot Act, had not been turned off even through the Trump years in spite of Trump not escalating war. Playing better toward his political fortunes, Trump decided to make a monster of Russia, which decision only played better for opening wider the money spigot into Ukraine, a big spigot for helping our enemies hold power against the good guys. But, the fall-out from this war is still dust in the air, and we don't yet know whether it will bury the bad guys more than the good guys.

The American voter has yet to show proper ire against the decision to blow up Nord Stream, but the suffering of the German people will help to increase this ire. The revelation that the United States blew up the pipe as an act to threaten the German people with a cold winter has probably caused the gangsters not to make Germans as cold this winter as they had planned. And, I think, God has made this winter a warmer-than-usual one to show compassion. The heating bill in my place has been $110 for January 9 to February 9 (lower than for December 9 to January 9) where it should have been more like $150.

If it's RINO's who need exposure because they assist the funding of political gangsters, that's where election-fraud exposure has played a big hand because it has exposed Republican RINOs on a non-military front via their assisting election cheats. It is not all loss where the fruits of election fraud have not been rectified on behalf of the politicians who were robbed. The mere exposure of the RINOs threatens them with losing future elections even as anti-globalists attempt to replace them. This is a new type of war in the world, exposing those who support election fraud, for they are likely the same who support money-fraud in government.

Have you noticed that Elon Musk has release NOTHING to expose election fraud across the board, even though there had to be much evidence at twitter of its tentacles? This is the same Musk who is in bed with government thieves who would take your money by force to pay for someone else's electric-car purchase. Yes, Musk formed Tesla with the full knowledge, in agreement, to have government rob the peoples in efforts to force the purchases of electric cars. Musk is a bandit, make no mistake about it. He may be a repenting bandit, but his decision not to expose election fraud is making his standing more like a mechanic's rag than a white robe. There's much room for improvement yet from this man.

Musk probably doesn't want to advertise election-fraud crimes at twitter because he wants Democrats in power. Republicans in power generally oppose climate-change policies, and Musk needs climate-change fears to feed Tesla the money it needs to survive. In short, Republicans in power are not good for electric-car sales, and so Musk wants election fraud to continue because it's what gives Democrats power. Those who want Democrats in power are the same as election-fraud deniers. Musk might pose in opposition to election fraud because its comely, but the absence of twitter revelations on its election-fraud policies screams his being pro-election fraud.

Perhaps after some serious toiling with his spirit, he will have a change of heart in spite of his financial losses at Tesla. He can make up for those losses with more people joining twitter if he were to come out as a warrior against election fraud, and in opposition to climate-change nonsense. He could then live with himself, which means more than having more money. The latter is the thing he least needs because he already has enough of it to survive cushy to the end of his life. But, I think he wants to make big changes in the world by obtaining as much money as he can for the purposes, which makes him into another Bill Gates, dangerous as a nut stuck in your throat, but likely to be spit out.

Here's Musk showing his true, falsifying colors. He doesn't tell you that the carbon taken from the ground by humanity, to make fuel, is only a small part of the carbon already in the air naturally, and he then fails to tell you that the natural carbon in the air is itself but a tiny spot under one percent of the atmosphere, meaning that the additional carbon from fuel is not going to make any difference to atmospheric temperatures, yet he wants you to think so because it sells electric cars, and of course he simultaneously wants to demonize gasoline. Musk, the world-class liar:

An article out this week on Fauci's cover-up spells out why the gangsters need a constant flow of money: "It turns out that top virologists who changed their tune on COVID-19 'lab leak' theory received millions in NIH grants, courtesy of Dr. Anthony Fauci. Millions in grants – that could motivate a lot of researchers to sing a new tune, couldn’t it?" Yup, absolutely, with a few threats thrown in to make sure they sing a new tune in favor of the Fauci gang. That's just the way gangsters work, isn't it? Fauci even sounds like a mafia boss.

This week, the entire U.S. Senate, including all the Democrats, voted for a bill to unveil all COVID-related Intelligence...which can only mean that the Senate RINOs and Democrats are trying to feign anglelicism suddenly, to give their voters the impression that they want to investigate the guilty parties in the COVID scheme. Of course, Biden can just veto this bill so that it goes nowhere, as expected. Senate FARCE.

Even the FBI chief this week is feigning angelicism by claiming that the COVID virus was from the Wuhan lab. The demons are protecting themselves with public statements, while COVID truths are spilling out concerning their guilt as accomplices to the scheme. The leaks keep coming, by back-stabber journalists (hail back-stabbers), to condemn politicians, now in Britain:

I'm happy about the school closures because it increased home-schoolers and exposed school corruption. It was a win-win for the students too because schools corrupt them; the children would be better off without school whatsoever to save their souls in return. I hope you understand me. Better a high-school drop out who becomes a Christian and a worker with his/her hands than an anti-Christ university graduate who becomes a wealthy technician.

The best thing about this horrible video are the comments from Christians, STEADFAST, whew. I stopped the video at 2:10, ENOUGH, snake-in-the-grass poison from Charles Stanley's son:

American agencies blaming the leak on Wuhan are implicating the Chinese government, but I predict that, if the truth were ever made known, the Americans involved with Wuhan deliberately released the virus probably in reflection of Chinese-government designs to do the same elsewhere, perhaps even in another Chinese location for the benefits it could give the government to lock down the country, etc.

Here, after the 10th minute, you can witness a Canadian pastor arrested for nothing but sheer Christian persecution against trudeau's Sodomite vision for canada. It's persecution like this that can change a dark ruler to one of the good guys, and there's no time to waste, which is why we need pastors everywhere to speak out in a political platform to help make the difference before things get worse:

Here's all the damning video you need to see, though much more exists, to show that Capital police were instructed to allow Trump supporters to be used as unwitting players for the government staging of a "riot" with which certain RINOs were privy to and involved. One purpose in falsely reporting a riotous event was to make future protests very unattractive. Instead of firing bullets at the protestors, many were jailed unjustly. Government plants were amongst the Trump supporters dressed as Trump supporters i.e. this was staged by corrupt politicians on the Obama/Biden side.

Sometimes I think this is such a lousy staging job, like so many other false flags, that they got caught deliberately for the purpose of dividing the political sides more than ever, pitting them at each others' throats, as if this one thing is always the number-one task of the deep state while simultaneously messing with their brains by replacing reality with fabrications of reality, in which case we would do better to pay it no attention, but just to vote the liberals out of power:

The problem is, Trump supporters are becoming their own kind of snake seeking to replace the Obama-Biden snake, because Trump is himself a snake that his supporters follow without blinking. We have yet to see what sort of snake this becomes should it win the White House in 2024. Who will Trump choose this time to run the Justice department, the CIA, National Intelligence, Homeland Security, and the State Department? That alone will identify the snake species early, and if he takes too much time replacing the current heads of those organizations, it'll look more venomous and fork-tongued yet.

Proof that Trump is a snake: he denies that there is government-sanctioned murder taking place using vaccines.

I've yet to hear that Kari Lake has appealed her court case to Arizona's supreme court. I assume this takes time.

I sometimes warn readers to read bitchute comments at your own peril. Bitchute comments sections are so utterly trashy, degrading and defiling that someone attempted a good video on the subject. The foul trash gets trashier from bots, I reckon, on videos produced by Christians. Bitchute does nothing about it because its owners are God-forsaken pieces of trash, OBVIOUSLY. Trash begets trash. But what's Gab's excuse? I really do wish there was a clean bitchute-alternative for my news-gathering purposes. Newsmax features disgusting faggots like Rick Grenell, and RINO's like Pompeo, and a lot of pro-Trump fever. There's one other site that I was using recently, but it's so-heavily Trumpist that I finally puked it off my bookmarks menu:

It's the churches who should have media reach to fight battles such as the one below, and the best way to fight these battles is to regularly urge voters to eradicate election fraud in their local areas. Once that's accomplished across the board, the leftist swine will become a vast minority at elections, and we can win in probably all moral departments instead of fighting each battle separately. It will be much less work to simply eradicate election fraud, and once there is a winning strategy, it can be copied county-to-county-to-county:

Here's a video showing a Dominion-Voting patent allowing the voting machines to change votes under the excuse that the voter might have wrongly contacted the paper ballot with a pen, or even if the voters want to change a vote...meaning that Dominion voting can change votes at any time claiming that there was justification, and nobody in the world will ever check whether this was done 100,000 times per election because the corrupt offices in charge dissuade anyone from handling the ballots after an election. This video claims wildly that Tesla can alter votes in Dominion machines, but on this there is no sufficient evidence given, and the speaker seems wild-without-evidence in other accusations too.

There have got to be many ballots where the voter voted for Trump, but the machine took opportunity, thanks to a deliberate program guiding the machine, to simply switch the votes to Biden under pretence that the voter didn't mark the paper properly enough. There should NEVER be a vote switch by the machine where no humans see it. Instead of automatically changing the vote, the machine should spit out all ballots with possible problems in the ways voters mark the ballots. But even then, voter fraud can be increased where the humans who view the spit-out ballots are known to be pro-Biden and pro-fraud.

It might be a good question: how many attempts to alter ballots remotely came in to ballot offices from foreign entities through Musk's satellites, and why hasn't Musk studied that thing like he studies twitter for various corruption?

There's little talk of graphene-oxide in vaccines, possibly because vaccine companies recalled all vaccines having this material once it was discovered, and possibly also because the experts are in the dark on how graphene can be manipulated in the body. This video claims to show graphene being manipulated (happily) by an electrical force at-a-distance. In some/all cases, the camera speed may have been sped-up.

The video admits that it's a toxin, and so they are hoping to encapsulate the graphene with a substance to keep the toxin from getting out once they place it into a human body. This is what they are hoping to do, and vaccine companies are suspect in wishing to test it in people regardless of whether they die because the vaccine companies are part of de-population programs, so they whistle happily while they work on us, you see. All's good, in their eyes, to kill some of us, fast or painfully slow, they really don't care either way:

Here's Dr. Campbell again, who can be trusted with this report because he once pushed the vaccines through his show (reaching millions of youtube viewers). He's now sharing that it's the vaccines killing people, not the virus. The gangsters are trying to blame the up-tick in "mysterious" deaths and illnesses on effects from the virus, you see. Dr. Campbell tells how microscopic investigations can now tell the difference on whether a person has spike proteins (the things that kill) from viruses versus from vaccines, which is a key for proving that vaccines are the killers rather then the virus:

Although this is a fast-talking video that eventually looks like a sales pitch for youth tonic, it's interesting as per the reported latest decision of Dr. McCullough:

Peel all of your store-bought vegetables, or plan to grow and dry/can your own:

I'm happy to hear that Moldova could, in the majority, be anti-globalist: "Thousands of angry Moldovans block the roadway in the capital of Chisinau. They want the immediate resignation of President Maia Sandu who is pro EU and NATO" (comment at Gab).

Trump is making all the right promises in his effort for re-election, but that's what he did before he was elected the first time, only to keep the deep state in power all four years which has since covered the nation like a bad, toxic cloud. Trust him at the peril of everyone you love.

If you have a young person being drawn into a charismatic cult, this video might help (forgive the attempt at comedy, it degrades the video):

A follow-up by the same man with some justified criticisms against the controllers of the "Asbury revival." I suggest that some people, if not the majority, at this revival are true Christians, of course, in spite of the ones who control the affair. I think receiving good / warm sensations when in worship is acceptable and normal, but when I see writhing and shaking, it looks demonically-inspired. I don't think we should toss out the whole worship experience when there are some demonic voices in the crowd who need deliverance. If the church leaders confuse the demonic activity with a move of the Holy Spirit, that's an obvious problem that will disillusion true Christians, and maybe that's the plan:

Jesus wouldn't have called the Holy Spirit "the comforter" if there wasn't a sensation of comfort. But the greatest sensations of comfort come when one needs comfort most. One cannot enjoy comfort when one is not in need of it. When one goes through a dry spell not feeling the Spirit of God, it is a great relief to sense Him again, if one loves God. If one does not love God, it cannot be a sense of comfort to sense Him. Or, if one thinks that any spiritual sensation is of the devil, oh-boy, big problem there, and that's what charismatic revivals or faith healers do to us, confuse and disillusion us as to what is or isn't the Holy Spirit in us.

A baby DEMANDS comfort from mom, when he needs it, and he needs it whenever he senses discomfort, or perhaps when mom stays away too long, or maybe the baby gets addicted to the sensation of comfort and over-demands it i.e. cries all the time for it. As we grow up, we don't demand it like unthinking babies do. We treat God with respect. I say that anyone who seeks the love and comfort of God is thereby proving to love God, don't you think?

But there's more to it, because if the devil gives us evil images in our minds, and we like or accept them, then that is the opposite of love for God. God wants to see us reject such pictures, whether they are in our heads or on the computer screen. Therein is the test of faith for all. What is it we cherish, God, or evil? You probably know without a doubt that you want God, if you are a typical Christian. Keep your mind clean of foul images. Pictures come with messaging. Routinely and habitually reject and despise the evil messages and music, which I do. Know righteousness. Too much trans news, as we see at bitchute and gab, threatens to put evil messages into our minds. That's why I don't report much faggot news to you, and the reason I use "faggot" is to keep your mind on the fact that it's disgusting behavior, to be despised.

Our generation has enjoyed many comforts and cushiness, and Christians especially seem to ooze those sorts of things. We should perhaps ask whether God is using the wicked to upset our daily lives with some tough changes, not necessarily aimed at Christians, but especially at those who have enjoyed the comforts while not having the tendency to bond with the Spirit of God. For Christians, discomfort has crept in where wickedness / anti-Bible values have prospered, and now there is coming upon us some fears of total breakdown of society, and coldness of heart, even murderous, violent spirits. We will need the Comforter more often, but God may not offer this comfort as much, depending on how close we remained bonded with him during the cushiness decades. Did we backslide in those times? Isn't that like stabbing Jesus in the back?

Jesus died to sanctify us, and that means to cleanse us, meaning that we who want Him to be our savior must live / be worthy of sanctification. If you decide that this is not for you, then neither can you be saved when you die, and you will likely need to endure a painful ordeal in life without help from God. That's a foolishly dangerous way to live. I will admit, that just as we don't seek comfort when we don't need it, we Christians may fail to bond with God when we don't need Him, sad to say.

I suppose that this is why God chose to make suffering a central rule in our lives, suffering from time to time, to learn obedience and what closeness to God means, and to learn what being strong in the Spirit is when we are weak in body. Creating bad situations for us can explain partially why God chose to leave demons in the midst of humanity, though the other reason is to punish those who despise Him all their lives long. God is available to the pagan and to the one who grows up brainwashed with a false God. Pagans had rejected that call of God upon their spirits, and instead they formed metal, wood or clay gods, like the stupids of the planet, and this was not very long ago. Then came the "enlightened" atheistic evolutionists, just as obstinate, just as dangerous to society, and their darkened spirits are the ones plaguing us now because they have bred many like-minded people.

There is a joy in knowing correct doctrine in Jesus, to read the Bible to get this message correct. Don't you want to know what exactly God requires in return for the gift of life? You can't just say, thank you God for life and then skip town on Him. You are not permitted to count your lucky stars for the fact that you are a living being, and then ignore the calling of the sky as you look up to its blue infinity. The sky is telling you about a good God, though a mysterious One, and by the time we become adults, it should dawn on us that this God wants us to forsake our evil inclinations.

We need to look for the cruxes of Jesus' teachings. For centuries, God was happy to have anyone call on Him while recognizing what His Spirit required in life. I think He's made His righteous self known to all people, that anyone might keep to the righteous path, but in the midst of the claws of the iron dragon, Rome, He started to provide the world words in book form, now the New Testament, to shed maximum light on what it is to be righteous. Anyone despising the call to righteousness will be Rejected, especially now that it's been spelled out across the sacrifice of Himself upon the altar of the power-hungry in Israel, and supervised by the iron beast that knows no bounds in killing and conquering strange nations and tribes. If you can't get the Message correct with such a blatant picture, you must be a mental disaster.

Jesus was sacrificed by God by the most-powerful, the most wicked, to put on display how we ought not to behave, and how we ought to behave, even dying for someone we love. There is a contrast here. Jesus is Our Contrast. We are to be in contrast to the typical ways of the world. That's what it means to shine. The more in contrast you are, the more you shine in the presence of God. The world will not respect or even acknowledge your shining, no surprise. To shine in spite of what the world / family thinks of us is to suffer persecution and be blessed by it.

It is better to be in pain for this Cause than to be on the evil side of the whip, the side that strikes and stings the back of Jesus. It is far better to be on the stinging end of a modern whip than upon the side that swings it. Pain and weeping now, but joy with laughter later...the BEATITUDES at our service. The first Christians were doing battle against the iron dragon. Through a period of Western sanity, this same beast, which had been in limbo for centuries, started to re-arise in the 1960s, standing upon its feet in the 1970s, and now on its back two legs poised to throw its spear at us. We are about to be under cast between the legs of the end-time Roman empire, and we best chose persecution rather than cling to its filthy legs in peace with it.

Unless they change, those who openly stood up for, and policed, the COVID mask state are the ones clinging to the dragon's legs. That's how I've viewed things. To my great surprise, a large portion of my town's people were clinging to the Western deep state in fear of being persecuted by it. I rebuke these neo-communists whenever the opportunity arises. I take the side of Jesus against them. I say that God has been revealing to us who our enemies are via the mask society, the ones who would jail us unless we receive the vaccine. This is where we are right now. They are poised to attack us in this way, they need only to find a political way to succeed in it.

We can be thankful that both trudeau and biden are stupid; they give away their game plans everytime they open their mouths to a public forum. They have informed us that they're training the vaccine beast together right now, coaxing it to show its UN fangs, training it on how to make the attack upon all nations simultaneously. And what are we going to do as we face this reality? Deny that it exists? Hope that it will go away? Pretend that the good guys have already had the victory over it?

The wicked are wrapping a spiked collar upon their vaccine beast even now. They have it tied with a chain to flag pole upon which there is a UN flag flying. By night they will release this beast in ambush upon us when they become desperate to quell the inspired good guys. They see us rising, and therefore want to lock us down again, make us weak in fear, and they wish to own the streets again in hopes of moving us all through gates where we become their cattle for the slaughter. They are training their vaccine beast to round us up and herd us through their gates of no return, unless we repent and become like them. Those who chose to obey them will be released through the gates into pasture. Good cows, eat grass, get fat, later we slaughter you, useful idiots.

Around the 20th minute, AnOmaly has some good comments against a couple of Trump's latest promises:

Headline this week at Revolver: "Kari Lake beats out Ron DeSantis for Trump’s 'veep' in CPAC straw poll…" At least Trump might try to fulfill some of his new promises -- which are very big, much of what I would like to see -- or make a good show of it, to keep his legacy above water. That's the best we can hope for, yet his announcements to build freedom cities on GOVERNMENT LAND stinks of detention centers = government prisons for those who reject vaccines. He says these cities will be to create affordable housing, which sounds like small, packed-together units perfect to act as a compound. As they are new cities, they can be isolated, out of view. If Trump were a tyrant, he'd be decidedly ruthless.

Here's Polly on the Roman beast. This video shows how the anti-Christs wish to make their sinful lifestyles appear like ground-zero health, while swiping at Christians for claiming to own solid values lest useful idiots (of the anti-Christs) are convinced to join our side. The anti-Christs have been recruiting sinners to come against us in the name of their own, better-than-ours family values:

There's a political price for the beast to pay as it advances, the turning of its legs into a mix of iron and clay. There's weakness in the legs, some people being loyal to the beast, others not so passionate. The thing could tumble into a thousand pieces at any time. It's stout and fierce in the upper body, but fragile below the hips, wherefore, it's going to need to do grisly battle like a tyrannosaurus rex in a wheelchair. With these legs, God is being merciful to us cushy-prone, end-time Western Christians. We're going to be able to outrun this rex, unless we choose not to run from it. Plan on your retreat from Western society; get away from its phone towers.

A tyrannosaurus has short arms, and so when the beast tries to poke us with his spear, he won't have much reach. He'll be restricted to the cities and towns, wherever he has his technology set up.

As the world now appears, I can't be blamed for thinking that we could be at the brink of the 70th Week. I speak as though we were because I'm largely convinced we are. If you are one of the dumbos who thinks the rapture will save you at the start of the 70th week, you are not going to run. The rex's wheelchair will run over you, and leave you flattened on the road, gasping for life. It's going to defecate on you, and smack you with its heavy tail, as it drives by. But blessed are those who have correctly read from prophecy that Christians need to flee to the wilderness to live out 1260 days with God, in God's country, where no fiery wheelchair cometh to rip up your land. Arm yourselves against bandits, for Jesus said, at Gethsemane, that it's fine to protect ourselves with a sword from evil gangs.

I would not blame you if you purchased a country tract today, but later discovered that this is yet another false alarm, not the 70th week. It might be a great idea just to hold onto that property because the 70th Week could yet come in your lifetime.

When Jesus instructed the 11 to bring two swords with them (Luke 22), he was also telling them to change their approach to preaching while on the road, that they could now use the sword to protect themselves. It is wrong to suggest that, because Jesus rebuked Peter for using the sword, Jesus doesn't want us to use the sword at all. Jesus was opposed to using the sword to save Him on that particular night, for He had resolved to give himself up to fulfill God's plan. I argue now that, if someone were to attack the disciples directly, they were permitted to use the sword.

So, if bandits seek to steel your food, etc., in a trib situation, I think that use of the gun is permitted to protect your family / friends. Yet I oppose the use of guns against the Western beast. I say that Revelation 13 forbids it. It reads: "If anyone is slated for jail, into jail he goes; if anyone will kill by the sword, by the sword he is of recourse to die." It sounds like we are to go to jail peaceably...because it doesn't heighten persecution against others still in the wilderness. Fighting back with bullets against the authorities will trigger them to round up all of us, and perhaps to execute us without trials. Be wise, be warned. Go to jail, have food, have a toilet, have fellow inmates to share the Word with, and find comfort in prayer through the long hours.

God saw fit to leave Paul in jail for long periods, probably as a testimony to all Christian history that he was sincere with what he preached, for he could have gotten out of jail instantly by promising to give up his church missions. We know he spent a couple of years in jail even before he stood before his arch enemy, caesar. Paul wrote that God spared him from the lions, and as lions were used by Romans to punish criminals, it suggests that he had won a court battle in Rome against his activist enemies, though he was not out of the woods yet. Writing to Timothy: "At my first defense, no one came to my support, but all deserted me. May it not be held against them. But the Lord stood at my side and gave me strength, so that through me the message might be fully proclaimed and all the Gentiles might hear it. And I was delivered from the lion's mouth."

It sounds as though nobody in the churches of Rome stood with Paul, all afraid to be fed to the lions, even as Jesus' disciples abandoned Him at Gethsemane. I think we Christians would be more disposed to dying for others if nerves didn't feel such sharp pain when metal, or lion teeth, pierce / slash the body. Our nerves have historically served as some deterrent to going to war. Our nerves are telling us, don't do it, don't cause such pain to others, and don't risk it to yourself.

Just go to jail, brother, sister, it won't be for very long. When you are in jail, tell the most rabid instigator against your Christian message: "there's one thing you can't take away from me, caring for where your soul ends up after you die." That sort of statement should tame the beast, maybe even make him a friend. The power of love for the souls of others is the victory over evil, and everyone in jail is living in poverty, advantage. The poor have no money clouding your words of healing. Tell them that Paul was in jail, and rejected by the police. Advantage. When you are weak in jail but in close touch with God, suddenly, surprisingly, He speaks words through you in the midst of a person(s), and His Words never go out without fruit.

Let me tell you what I believe. It doesn't matter how few people we reach in our small Internet websites, we can have more effect on the world than those who have the most viewers. When God sees the right stuff from us, the right messages, and sees how we passionately oppose His enemies and support His people, He can't resist being moved to making the political changes we desire and need...which the Bonginos of the Internet are powerless to do. Not even all of Fox news can compare to what God accomplishes on behalf of those showing great concern for these wicked days. But pity those Christians who remain silent and comfortable in this wave of evil, many of them expected to be pre-tribulationist fools i.e. the foolish virgins.

I just did a good work: expose the wrong kind of Christianity so that you might not fall into its ditch. As they beg for food on the streets during 666 time, the dragon will do tail-swinging drive-bys, and send them all headlong into the ditches. The back hoe follows and buries them alive in gravel, so to speak.

My theory is that when Flavius Josephus betrayed Israel and went over to the house of emperor Flavius Vespasian, he did so with other people of the priestly line. My bet is that the high priest, Joseph Caiaphas (Annas may have been dead by then), the killer of Jesus, went over to Rome too, under Vespasian's curtesies. My bet is that God, to Paul's ultimate glory, arranged priestly-line goons, for example, Caiaphas' son(s), to spoil the cause of Paul yet awaiting his trial before Caesar. How could they resist if Paul's court date(s) were during Vespasian's rule? It's just a theory, but the timing of Josephus possibly living in Rome, and Paul's trial(s) there, could feasibly match. Paul was before Agrippa during the reign of Nero, which ended in 69 AD. Vespasian became the emperor in 69.

Suppose that Paul, during Nero's reign, was sentenced to 10 years in a Roman jail during which period the priestly family from Israel arrived to Rome in a cut-out relationship with Vespasian. Might the priestly family have demanded Paul's execution while in prison? It could explain why nobody has written on how he died. Nobody was telling how he died, that it. Nobody on the outside saw it, if he was murdered in jail. Why would God want such an end for him?

Nobody has written that Paul survived the Roman court(s) to continue his ministry for even a short time. There's no letter from him celebrating his victory over the Jews in the Roman courts. There's nothing in his letters indicating his knowledge that the Jerusalem temple was destroyed in 70 AD.

Paul had been a prisoner when Festus (governor of Judea to the mid-60s), unsure of his guilt, brought him for assessment before king Herod Agrippa II. It seems that the latter was an ancestor of Julius Agrippa, uncle in turn of Julius Bassianus. The latter had been the chief priest of El-Gabal (sun god) in southern Syria, and so see this: "Herod Agrippa II, (born 27 AD — died c. 93), king of Chalchis in southern Lebanon from 50 AD and tetrarch of Batanaea and Trachonitis in SOUTH SYRIA [caps mine] from 53 AD..."

The Line of Herod Agrippa

I don't know whether I've ever been at the Wikipedia article of Julius Agrippa before, but note first that King Agrippa's full name was Marcus Julius Agrippa. Julius Bassianus was a chief priest in Emesa. Then, from the article:

[Julius] Agrippa was an Emesene nobleman who was a direct descendant of the Emesene Roman Priest-Client King Sohaemus of EMESA, also known as Gaius Julius Sohaemus. He was the brother of a Julius and the paternal uncle of Julius Bassianus, the Emesene High Priest of El-Gabal.

What does "direct descendant..of Sohaemus" mean? Does it mean from the male line? Or does it mean a son of Sohaemus? We then click to the article on Sohaemus to find that he married a Drusilla, the same name as a sister of king Agrippa II. They say that Sohaemus' Drusilla is descended from Juba II of Mauritania, but might that have been a mistake. Might he have been married to Agrippa's sister. It makes all the sense, because she was an Agrippa.

"[Sohaemus] had an elder brother called Gaius Julius Azizus, who was the first husband of the Herodian Princess Drusilla." So the historians (or some of them) have Sohaemus' brother marrying the sister of king Agrippa II, allowing the brother's children to adopt the Agrippa surname. How then did Julius himself get his Agrippa surname if not from a parent??? It makes sense that Sohaemus, or perhaps both brothers, had married Drusilla Agrippa. Or, Julius Agrippa had Bernice Agrippa as his mother, perhaps out of marriage.

Between the Chalchis area of king Agrippa and Emesa was a Massyas area, and Juba II was a Massylian Amazon descended from king Massena, wherefore Massylians may have named Massyas (northern Lebanon), which may have named Maccabees. Julius Bassianus had a daughter, Julia Maesa, and while Bernice Agrippa (above) was another sister of Agrippa II, there is a Bernice surname sharing a winged horse (different colors) with Masseys/Maceys. Bernice's use hunting HORNs while Horns/Orne can be from the Orne river passing by Ferte-Mace, origin of Masseys/Maceys and Mace's/Maceys.

Likewise interesting: Masons/Massins were first found in Kent with Chalchis-like Chaucers and Chalks/Chalkers. In this picture, Julie, a correspondent with me years ago, may have been correct in saying that FreeMASONry was from the Herods. Note her name, Julie, bang-on to topic here.

The Burns/Bernes', first found in Cumberland with Bernice's, share their black hunting horn. The Burns/Bernes' have a motto, "Ever ready," and while Evers/Eure's share the Massey/Macey quadrants, Readys/Reedie's use swans, symbol also of Chalks/Chalkers. The Ready/Reedie Crest has a scimitar to indicate mythical Orion (like "Orne") at Schimatari.

Schimatari is suspect from Shechemites to Shake's, and the ShakeSPEARE's are interesting here for having the Coat of Agrippa-like Grape's/Gripps/Grabbers. The Roet-related Spears (Renfrewshire with Paisleys) are in the spears of Pasi's/Pace's. Ready-like Reeds use a"Pax" motto term while English Packs share the Scottish Paisley/Pasley anchor while English Pasleys were not only first found in Berkshire with the Chocks who in turn share the three wavy fesses of Chalks/Chalkers, but these triple fesses, without waves, are also those of the English Pasley Coat. Thus, Bernice's and Burns/Bernes' do seem to descend from Berenice Agrippa.

I trace Pasleys to Pasi's/Pace's, and then to the naming of VesPASian from his mother Vespasia Polla. Pollocks (hunting horns) were first found in Renfrewshire with Paisleys/Pasleys. The Pollock hunting horns, in colors reversed, would be green, the color of the hunting horn in the Burn/Bernes Crest. Jewish Pollocks essentially share the Chaucer Coat. The Burns/Bernes write-up mentions a Bernys location in Renfrew. Pollocks, sharing the saltire of Herod-like Hearts/Harts, are in Herod/Harald colors.

The line of Vespasia Polla and her husband, Flavius SABINus, of Reed-like Rieti, is to the Sabine surname because it shares the red scallop of Polla-like Pullys/Pullens. The red Sabine bull is thus suspect in the Coat of French Packs, but also with the Daggers because they too were first found in Cumberland with Bernice's and Burns/Bernes'. A dagger is used by Agrippa-like Crabs who share the chevron-with-fleur of Burns/Bernes'.

The "palleSCERE" motto term of Pullys/Pullens can be for snake-using Schere's because they share the "stick" with Poulos'. The latter were first found in Burgundy with snake-using Save's/Saibe's, a potential Sabine branch in connection with Severus / Sava liners. Burgundy is where Severus-connectable French Saffers were first found. Severus liners are connectable to a daughter of Julius Bassianus. Sabines of Italy were Safini to Italians, and Saffins, once listing Sabina's, were first found in Somerset with Saffer-branch Severs/Savers and crab-using Bridge's. The other English Bridge's use griffin heads in the colors of the Tooth et-al griffin. Saffins share the Turtle/Toothill crescents, and the latter have a Coat looking related to Crabs.

Pollocks were first found in Renfrewshire with the Haldans (griffin head) who have a "Suffer" motto. The same motto is with scimitar-using Haddens. Tute's/Tuits were first found in Norfolk with their Hayden kin, and with Sabine's. Save's/Saibe's share the bend of Pullys/Pullens (Yorkshire with Tute's/Toots), Toothills and Eytons/Eitons (almost the Toothill Coat), and then Hayden-like Aytons/Aitons were first found in BERNICia with the Hume's/Home's using a "to the" motto phrase suspect with Tooth liners.

Irish Tute's/Tuits were first found in Norfolk with Sabine's. If Eytons named Eye (Norfolk-Suffolk border), note the "aye" motto term of Burn-beloved Readys/Reedie's. The latter share the scimitar with Haddens and AINSleys, and the latter were a branch of Annas', suspect from the chief priest of Israel, Annas/Ananus, father-in-law of Joseph Caiaphas. "Ever ready" is a Burn/Bernes motto, and Evers/Eure's almost have the Coat of Ananus-like Hanans.

Rieti-like Jewish Reitmans share the hexagram (different colors) with Bernice's. Dutch Reitmans share the stars of POLESdons/Pulestons/PILsons (Cheshire with Masseys and Macey's) while Pollo's (share spears with Pasi's/Pace's) are listed with Pilo's (Florence). The same stars are pierced in the Sabine Chief. There seems to be a clear / heavy link between the Herod Agrippa's and the Rieti imperials, the Revelation dragon.

A mister Chaucer married the sister of Catherine Roet, and she married Mr. Swynford while Swynfords share black boar heads with READings/Ridings. Roets share the "book" with Scottish Reeds, and thus Roets are from Rieti too. Books were first found in Berwickshire, anciently BERNICia. I therefore expect that Bernicia was named by Herods from Agrippa.

I don't know what the Chaucer Crest is, whether a turtle or tortoise, but I suspect a turtle because Flavius Sabinus was the son of Tertulla. Turtle's, with a chevron-with-items in the colors and format of the chevron-with-items of Burns/Bernes' and Crabs, are listed with Tuttle's/TOOThills. One can see how Tooths may have formed from TOOTHill variations, and it just so happens that the vertically-split Shield of Tooth-connectable Bumps is that also of Chaucers. Tooths, Bumps (Gloucestershire with LETTs), Letters and Lauders all share the same Agrippa-like griffin.

Lauders were first found in BERNICia, and they named Lauder at the Bernicia theater near the first-known Seatons/Sittens from Sitten/Sion. Sions/Swans use more swans, in the colors of the Ready/Reedie swans, and the Ready/Reedie Coat is essentially the one of Palmans who are in turn in the Tooth motto. Bernice's share "Vincit" in their motto with Palmans, the latter first found in Herod-like Hertfordshire with Vince's/FINCH's. Umbers/Humbers (white griffin head) suspect in the "umbra" motto term of Letters share that triple fesses of Finchems. Hertfordshire is also where Titus' were first found while emperor Titus was the son of Vespasian.

The "PerSEVERantia" motto term of Tooths and Bernice's is suspect from gaius Severus of Hasmonean-like Akmonia (Phrygia with the Great Mother cult). Hasmoneans were the first Maccabees. Gaius Severus of Akmonia was the father of the Bassus' suspect in naming Julius Bassianus, and as Julius Agrippa was the latter's uncle, Bassianus' mother is suspect as the Agrippa. Bassianus' daughter, Domna, married emperor Severus. Domna's sister, Julia Maesa, married Julius AVITus while "Vita" is a motto term of Severus-like Saffers.

Maesa-like Maisys have the Maes/MAEST cinquefoils in colors reversed, and German Mesters/Meister share the pierced and black hexagram with Bernice's and Burns/Bernes'. Maes'/Maests share the cinquefoil of the Flowers in the "flower" of Italian Tonys/Antonacci's, possibly from Mark Antony. Wikipedia's Sohaemus article says that his wife, Drusilla, "was the great grandchild of Ptolemaic Greek Queen Cleopatra VII of Egypt and Roman Triumvir Mark Antony."

Tute's/Tuits are said to be from Eure and Les ANDELYS, and the latter is where Toeni's = Tonys were from. I trace "Andelys" to Antalya, beside Perga, and the latter was home to Tertullus, husband of the Herod, Plancia Magna. The latter's father was from Galatia, suspect there by me with Julia Polla in order to explain why Vespasia Polla married the son of Tertulla.

Mesters/Meister have a Coat looking related to Morinis', and the latter were first found in Modena (Italy) with the Morano's. Maccabees were from Modena-like Modi'in (Israel). Morano's are from Morano on the Sybaris river with SARACena. This Arms of Saraca shares the fesse of Bernice's (share Mester/Meister hexagram). The Morinis' and Mesters/Meisters share the Chief/Shield colors of Valiants (Yorkshire with Masters/Mesters and Ticks) who in turn have a Saraca-like shark. English SARACens/Sarasins were first found in Cumberland with Bernice's.

French Sarasins share the moline of Italian Vallan/VALLETTA's (share Tute/Tuit quadrants). Valletta is a city on Malta while Malta's share the giant lion of Marano's (Modena with Morinis' and Morano's). I've established that the lion of Morano's (Modena, home of proto-Bohemian Boii) is the one of Montforts, and the latter's is the two-tailed lion of Bohemia while Bohemia is where German Franks were first found who share the column of Malta's. The Saracen people group lived around Malta.

Back to Julia Maesa. Maisys, with a dragon, are in Dragon/Drainers format, and colors reversed from them too. Dragons/Drainers were first found in Kent with Mynetts, and where MASTers/MESTers (griffin heads) were once said to be first found, as well as the TICKs (griffin heads). Julia TYCHE, mother of Julia POLLA, is said by some to have been the sister of Severus (full name, Gaius Julius Severus) of Akmonia, grandson of Amyntes of Galatia. Dragons/Drainers have the Mynett helmet in colors reversed. Mynetts are from king Amyntes of Galatia, son of Brogitarus, the high priest of the Great Mother in Phrygia. Amyntes was father to ARTEMidoros, father in turn of Julia Tyche. Artems are listed with Aitons/Aytons.

Again, the vertically-split Shield of Tooth-connectable Bumps is that also of Chaucers. Bump-like Pumps are listed with Scottish Pape's/Pope's, and then German Pape's/Papenburgs look like Babenbergs who in turn founded Agrippa-like Grabfeld. It just so happens that while Babenbergs were at Bamberg (Bavaria), the Bernicians had a Bebbanburg peoples at a Bamburgh castle (Scotland). Therefore, the naming of Grabfeld is suspect from Bernice Agrippa. The Dutch Grabs/Crabbs show nothing but two bends, and Chaucers show nothing but one bend in the same colors as the two of Grabs/Crabbe's. Perfect, for Berenice Agrippa was from Chalchis.

Here's a new, dorky, roo-roo-roo movie, with some nice Western scenes, for a young Christian. I'm actually watching this because my pregabalin drug on this Saturday is making me feel well again, after 29 days of continual pain (from shingles). This movie is comforting, easy on the brain, I even had some popcorn tonight. I'm breathing easy for a change:

I'll admit, I couldn't watch more than about half of the above in spite of all the Biblical scriptures. I switched to this one with some better adult content, but not by much:

I watched that to the end to see the nice ending, and then there was no nice ending. Just pain.

Want more pain? I'm hearing that canada is trying to set up "15-minute cities," where the idea is to make us into cattle, forbidding us to go too far from home at the cost of a fine if we do, and they are setting up this system because it's their excuse for forcing a tracking device on us to show whether we have gone too far from home at anytime. How do the globalists think they can get away with this? The very attempt will backfire on them. They must have planned long and hard to force this against us because they knew from the start the people wouldn't take it lying down. What tyrannical moves have they planned? I guess we'll soon find out.

If you like Creationist science (I didn't see it all), and if you like to wonder at how God put things together, this video should leave you aghast at the Intelligence level of God to put together living beings. This level of Intelligence is why God is so fearful to face. The Bible says that a person must die who sees God's face. That face may reveal how utterly intelligent he is so infinitely beyond our ability to cope with it, and we die from overload-shock or something in trying to manage the magnitude of what we are seeing. Just a wild guess. What's yours?

Should we even be talking about His face? How can God have a face? Who wouldn't want to see it? Who doesn't want to know how God thinks, or have Him explain how he creates from nothing? Who wouldn't want to hear from Him, one by one, how and why He created cells the way that they are? Etc. Imagine how many presentations God could give on the things He's done.

Would it be disrespectful to ask God, "Lord, how did you begin?" How could you be without a beginning? How did you get to be the way that your are? Did you grow in knowledge since eternity past? Have you been getting better at creating things with each passing eon? Or have you always been at maximum intelligence / creative ability? How much are the tickets to come watch Your presentations? Sign me up.

When you try to imagine God, bonk, sorry, you missed the mark. Don't bother trying again because you can't do it. If you think He has a beard, you are way-low in smarts. Don't you want to have eternal life just to see what He looks and acts like, or to see His new Creations? Can't you bring yourself to admiring this Existence? Don't know want to speak with I Am? You can do it right now.

Try respecting Him as He deserves, but you will fall way short because a human is incapable. We are too shallow to swallow the Reality of God. All of Him cannot fit into our 5-inch brains. But, likely, with new bodies at the rapture, we will be able to grasp things better.

Don't you want a better brain, a better ability to think, and a body that does not corrupt? Are you stupid or something? Can't you see there is a Creator, and can't you see He wants you as part of His family as long as you are honest with him about yourself, including your evil, and as long as you show Him you are dealing with your evil, and in the meantime you show proper respect, which doesn't mean that you need to be in knee-wracking fear before Him, for we should have peace before Him because we are obeying Him as best we can. John said that love drives out fear, and this is absolutely true with God. If you are appreciating Him, He means no danger to you. If we are also obeying what He wants of all of us, ask anything and He shall want to give it to you if it's good for you.

Life is a really good deal for us, haven't you realized? This world is dung, said Paul, and we know what he means. This life is not yet life. Being alive is a really good deal, since we come into existence from virtually nothing, but our evil environment pollutes what God intended, and we get upset / disillusioned with God for the lousy life we grow up to have as adults, because, as children, we thought we were going to grow up to have an amazing life. It didn't materialize because the world is evil.

You didn't realize, while in the protection of your parents as child, that adulthood would be a dog fight, and a cage filled with liars never being fully honest with you, wherever you turn. This is a world fit for making lunatics, and our job as Christians is to use our freedom in Christ to remain sane within it. That's the job of the Holy Spirit while we are here, to keep us sane, be happy about that. The Spirit imparts us with truth, which is the platform upon which sanity clings. The truth shall make you sane, and sanity will make you free from lunacy.

The Truth shall make you free from sin, which is the robe draped over sanity. Being free from sin is mental health. Grow in this sanity, for sin shall make you a lunatic, you just watch the sinners become insane, it's going to happen beyond belief. In their insanity, they won't see our sanity, but will regard us as the insane ones. Very troubling. Willful sin makes people insane because God permits sinners to be infested with evil spirits who have long-ago gone insane.

If you are developing into a pant-wearing feminist in the church, you are going to get a demon or two as payback for ignoring and violating God's will. If you are a feminist preacher / pastor, the demons will make your teachings veer toward insanity, nonsense, error. Jesus did not chose one female apostle. Jesus did not instruct Paul to choose one female pastor. Jesus did not correct Paul, in this matter, through any other apostle or New Testament writer, because Paul needed no correction. Let women not seek positions of leadership, period, play it safe, be content with eternal sanity, and wait for the Glory to appear. It comes to everyone worthy of it within 80 or 90 years, often sooner. Nobody waits 2,000 for Jesus to arrive. Once your earthly body lives no more, your wait is over.

My belief is that the dead literally sleep (as pure souls) until the First Resurrection, for nothing else makes sense. If they live before the Resurrection, doesn't it cease to be their resurrection? There's a chance that the dead in Christ could receive short visits from God to receive revelations, instructions, comfort, only to go back into a that the long wait isn't painful until the Resurrection. The idea that the dead go immediately to Heaven is not Biblical. Don't say, "my daddy is in heaven." Teach your kids the truth.

God's face can kill us because, maybe, we can see upon it how he knows everything about us, and we just give up the ghost at the absolute horror of what we see about ourselves. God's face might be a mirror into our inners we never knew of before, so ugly, so brutish, so in need of change. We can't cope. We fall down in fear, so bewildered and afraid that we go into a coma and die rather than look at it to understand it. The mirror of God slays us. And so I assume the job of the on-fire face of Jesus is to burn away the ugly upon the heart until it becomes circumcised, fresh and clean. This burning is painful, and so if you feel tribulation, let the Doctor work; don't insult Him while he works.

Some Bible translations did not insert Matthew 17:21. Check your Bible to see whether it's there. Here it is: "However, this kind [of evil spirit] goes out only by prayer and fasting." That sounds like a painful situation, a denial of comfort to get God's attention. When one endures pain, it's natural for us to stay close to God in prayer, and we can ask God at that time to remove any evil spirit that might be plaguing our minds, or shooting darts at us, or that might be trying to devour us. Say to Jesus, "throw it into Tartarus."

It's also in Mark 9:29: "And he said unto them, 'This kind can come out by nothing but by prayer.'" My interlinear does not add "and fasting," though at least one Bible version does add it. Yet, Jesus cast it out without any said prayer, but by a command. And the boy who had the demon (often threw him into a fire) doesn't seem fit to pray for himself, and so others need to pray it out with some heavy prayer. I often wonder why we need to convince God to do a good thing. I think He looks at the condition of our hearts at the time we ask, but when someone is in a serious / fasting mode, God can better tolerate such a heart and be moved to answer in the affirmative. If we are always enjoying the good life, and then come to pray for something, God might not even draw close to listen.

I've got to admit, I never fast fully, but do reduce my food intake to the point of suffering a little, but not because I'm trying to please God. I never eat deluxe foods, anyway. I'm not into fancy dishes, and so I eat basic, which is like a continual fast in a way. I don't treat myself very much.

I've got to admit, I've never seen the purpose in fasting to get God's attention. I can become serious with Him without going without food, I just don't understand why God would want me to go hungry in order to answer a prayer for my needs. What does an empty-versus-full stomach have to do with the heart? Why didn't the Apostles fast? We don't find fasting as a regular command/suggestion in the epistles?

When Jesus fasted 40 days, wouldn't it better mean that He went with little food, or that He deliberately reduced his food intake to the point of suffering in order to throw Himself upon God for comfort? Maybe we should try this once in a while. All living creatures are geared to seek comfort and a full stomach. Many living creatures love one another for comfort, the giver being comforted too. It works. But only humans chose to fast, to sacrifice biological comfort. Maybe it causes God to give us His comfort because he sees we are willing to suffer for it. Note that it was at His 40-day fast that Jesus confounded the devil's attempt to trip Him.

I praise the few evolutionists who have come to openly agree that a Designer designed genetic information for the building of various cells and organs. Well done, you have passed from dark to light. But, shame on you for not seeing it apart from the most-compelling scientific learning in microscopy. The very sight of the animals in the macro-world should have been enough to convince you of a Designer. Why did you insist on "proving" that there is no God? Is this what you desired, freedom from the Biblical God?

Here's an interesting camel-cable mystery:

Should pastors get paid?

Here's a "movie" on vaccine-caused illnesses, with testimonies from those who got sick. I think it's acceptable to keep in mind that some or many (not all) of these who give testimonies in sadness / anger could have developed into our enemies had they not become sick, some of them into ignorant arch-enemies, or leaders of those who persecute we who reject vaccines. These illnesses, which are not all heavy-duty, have made friends toward us of what could have otherwise become enemies. That's a backfire on the vaccine goons that's going to get louder and louder. These sick people have already played the biggest role by far in putting down the vaccine scheme, for the time being. The goons fear these sick people, unless they don't speak out in the right way, in objection of further vaccine programs:

As people organize to speak out, and to point fingers at the vaccine goons and their medical stooges, the goons might think that it's better to kill people with vaccines because sick people talk, and dead people don't. However, dead people have relatives and friends who will speak out. It seems that a vaccine program to make people sick or dead is like a monkey wrench into their own machinery.

There's a gang of friends or relatives having a restaurant meal, and ordering beer, who regularly get together, even in their homes. They, all vaccinated recently, are mocking anti-vaxxers and discussing what bad things should be done to them to punish or change them. The next day, one of them comes down with an illness having the markings of a vaccine injury, and this is a huge backlash against the goons because all the friends / relatives who were at that table will feel ashamed of themselves whenever the sick person is amongst them.

The sick person will be shunned by the others because they don't want to be reminded that they are problematic to the society they claimed to be concerned for. Later, as the truth sinks in, some cease to be as pro-vaxx as they once were, and some become anti-vaxx. Advantage good guys. Mark the traitors to humanity who lie on behalf of the goons.

The rulers of media who refuse to spread the messages of those who were made sick by vaccines are murderers. Trump is still a murderer. He does not support those who have been killed by vaccines. He does not show sympathy toward them. The media heads want to hide those whom they have maimed by pushing vaccines. We have never seen anything like this in our generation. This is new evil, the worst by far, and it's collecting the faggots and other sinners as partners in the maimings and killings. This is an end-time wave against us that wishes to drown us.

I oppose political purple. I want no blue on me. I want no leftist, no pro-vaxx, mentality on me. I care almost nothing for a political blue who has gotten sick from a vaccine who continues to push leftist ideals. That person is on track for torment from a merciful God who judges with perfect scales. If even a merciful God decides they should be tormented, it can only be because, if they were given eternal life with eternal rule, they would eternally be wreckers of humanity, dishing out torment to the good guys crying out for decency. I prefer a divide, not only between red and blue, but, at least a partial divide, between red and Jesus.


Here's all four Gospels wrapped into one story.

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