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February 21 - 27, 2023

Amazing Shroud of Jesus, Much-Needed Miracle

If you're waiting for Jesus to return, see Post-Tribulation Rapture

Don't put your chickens in the house. In this video, I learn that this couple (above) bought a camp ground with 250 acres, which I've always thought is an excellent idea for helping Christians in the tribulation because one can lawfully rent camp spots to anyone on a 12-month basis, year after year, for one dollar per year. It allows many Christians to live on the same land legally, and the owner can grow animals to feed the whole lot, then sell the food to the campers for whatever price at all. The COVID scheme has made this a good time to buy camp grounds.

We Christians tend to think that everything that happens is from God for a reason, but we need not to think this way. Sometimes, things happen that are simply not from God, can we fathom that? Of course we can. If you think something is from God to steer you in such-and-such direction when in fact it's not, the question is, how much damage have you done by going in that direction? The many-move man in the video above tends to think that God is in his every move, but nobody can say for sure. On the other hand, it's better to be attentive to what God might be wanting for changes in our lives than to pay no attention at all. If we are helpful to others, we are fulfilling much of our Christian commission, and I think the man above is trying to be helpful, which is what tends to keep God attentive to our situations. If we help others, God will more-likely help us when we need help.

The Shroud

The vatican doesn't want to popularize the "shroud of turin" because science can now prove it to be authentic, the sheet that covered Jesus. The thing that most convinces me is that the image on the shroud was made at-a-distance without physical contact of the shroud by any object or paint. The best we know is to claim that "heat of radiation" formed the image of Jesus' body, which, no matter what sort of radiation it was, is 100-percent proof that it was RESURRECTION POWER that created the image at the moment He was revived. This is spectacular in my sight. See the slightly "charred" fibers for yourself which a team of scientists found decades ago. Please excuse this video in the latter half of the 6th minute, so disrespectful of Jesus, so inappropriate where the video owner gets childish with his video effects:

The speaker in the video above has borrowed his material from the scientists who had determined those points made. These points can be found in several videos, better than the one above, if google still lets you find them. I noted that asking youtube for shroud videos tends to hide those that show and deal with close-ups the fibers of the cloth, which is the principal evidence of authenticity. Hiding the prime evidence is called censorship. Where have we seen that before with youtube and google? Woe to the rulers of these companies.

Somebody writes: "Atheists have always been asking for evidence of God's existence but even if He stares them in the face, they will reject Him." Perfect. Have you any idea what it means that the shroud is authentic? GOOD NEWS: the universe, and life, will continue forever, with an all-powerful King to protect and manage it. The universe is not dark and senseless big-bang cosmology.

If you really want to know whether Jesus is who he said He is, seek those videos and see for yourself. If you don't care enough to know, then Jesus will not care for you when your time of horror arrives. Jesus endured horror for you, not so that you could ignore Him your whole life long for fun and games. Here's a youtube page where you can start your search, but try google too:

Videos on this subject should show the utmost respect for the One who died so horribly, but some producers speak matter-of-factly, without emotions.

Whereas typical dictators are happy to have the peoples on their knees in unwilling and insincere obedience/devotion, God wants sincere friends on their knees through Jesus' sacrifice. No dictator gives his life for the country. And so while the Sacrifice is itself the white flag of friendship flown in our view while we are yet in our sinful trenches shooting darts at God, there is yet another factor to consider that speaks of eternal friendship: God packed himself into a human body to experience all that humans do in their mortality, to be able to KNOW mankind by this method, and to lower Himself as low as the people whom he wants to be friends with. Jesus is our Forever God-Man, do you get it? It's time to stop throwing darts, time to stop ignoring God, and get with the Program. What will our sacrifices be toward this Program?

Dan Bongino at the judgment of God: "Dan, I know you had at least five podcasts per week where you tell your viewers that Americans have God-given rights, and you also claim to be a Christian before your audience. But then why do you not have regular segments on the excellence of Jesus, and how His ways our the remedy for a wicked nation, and for a run-amuck society? Have you been afraid of losing half your audience? In what ways should I judge you worthy of the Death of My Son since you've had thousands of opportunities to speak about Him, yet you failed to do so? You taught your audience the evils of politics, but did not trumpet the excellent ways of Jesus simultaneously. Unless Americans live correctly before Jesus, they have no God-given rights."

A film-maker has issued a million-dollar challenge to the British Museum to prove that the Turin Shroud is a fake.

David Rolfe, whose 1978 documentary The Silent Witness investigated the mystery surrounding the relic, said that he remains unconvinced by the 1988 tests which seemed to show that the shroud was a medieval forgery. He has challenged the museum, which ran the tests, to create a replica, promising a $1 million donation if they can.

Here's Mr. Rolfe if you would like to listen to him:

Here's a typical, ignorant statement made by some Christians: "I believe in Jesus Christ because of the scriptures alone. It would be nice if this really is Jesus showing the resurrection literally. However I'm not going to put my faith in a shroud when I have the scriptures from the mouth of God to me a Christian." YA BUT, if God gave the shroud, who are you to downplay it like that? YA BUT, what if people weaker in faith than you can be uplifted by the shroud? YA BUT, nobody puts faith in the shroud as much as they put faith in the One who created the image on the shroud, is that just a little bit of triviality? RESPECT THE SHROUD.

Modern interest in this burial cloth began as a result of 33 American scientists obtaining full access to it, in 1978, for 24 hours each of five days in a row.

It's survival seems miraculous for reasons, and one reason I can think of is to mock evolutionist anti-Christs before their time of horrors arrives. Even in the face of this overwhelming evidence of the Resurrection, they continue to take the masses to destruction with them in full rebellion against the Creator.

He didn't die to forgive sins only, but rather this was a necessity for the bigger reason: to allow the Creation to continue. Otherwise, all Creation would have been canceled. You don't even know what surprises lie ahead for those who are permitted to live on, dare you take your chances and miss out on it all? Would you be that sort of an absolute fool? If yes, you are in the majority. You trend in the last days if you pay Jesus no respects. You are popular, and this is what I mean by "surprise." You don't expect what horror you are about to get, for as the Father saw Jesus suffer for you, and yet you paid no respects, soon it's your turn to suffer what He suffered for you, and nobody knows how horrible your torment will be. That's why you are an absolute fool for not getting with the Program.

You would be without understanding if you get offended at what I just called you, because if you truly understood the rest of what I just said, you would be slapping yourself in the face before I came to call you the fool. You are already under a heap of judgment, and so get to work to minimize it, starting today, by begging forgiveness for ignoring Jesus. And once you've done that, no more the fool will you be...we hope.

If you are unfamiliar with the shroud, this video goes over the typical gamut. I would caution that when he claims the shroud to be a photo-negative, this is not correct. The shroud's darkest parts are where the cloth was closest to the body, having nothing to do with photography. The latter is when normal, colored light strikes a flat surface, but the shroud was not flat at the time, and so there's a difference already between the two methods for providing an image. With a photo, a person's face is ALL about the same distance from the surface receiving the image. With the shroud's image, there was only one "color," but it wasn't a true color, and the shroud did not record the color of light, anyway, making it impossible to be what we regard as a photographic negative. Where the shroud is darker, it has more density of the SAME COLOR color than where the shroud is lighter, or so I was told.

However, while the natural image is not a literal negative, the darkened image of His body that we see everywhere is a negative of a normal photo of the natural image. The advantage is that while the color of the natural image is almost white so as to make it hard to see against the white cloth, a photo negative turns the cloth black but makes the image white.

Where you see the bones of the upper hand, where no bones can be seen when you look at a hand, we are able to glean that the energy which created the image originated from the bones. There's no way to form the image of the bone on the shroud unless the energy originates at the bone. The dark part along the nose line must be energy originating in the nasal bone and cartilage.

The best way to describe the Crucifixion is, "He did it." He took it over the line, subjected Himself to his killers willingly, and became a victor. The whole of Existence rests on this victory. Dare we ignore it, treat it as unworthy of our thoughts? Being a friend of God starts with heart-felt contemplation on the Sacrifice. If we consider ourselves compassionate, and if we would help even a stray dog in an emergency, do you think you can offer your sympathies to Jesus for what he went through to help you, a stray dog in an emergency?

The more normal people win the social wars against leftists, the worse the world becomes, ironically, because leftists, instead of admitting their defeat from pushing insanities, become more resolved to portray their insanities as normalities while accusing us of pushing insanities. And their insanities always manage to be gross sin, explaining why the world gets worse with leftist activism. Sin is destructive. It seems that extreme leftists are simply in love with the destruction of normality, hoping that the pieces of a world exploded as chaos will somehow land to their benefit, or that they are willing to live with the fallout providing they can share in rulership over the normal / traditional people. There are destructive elements in the so-called "far-right" too, but we shouldn't lump the typical Christian into a far-right camp, as leftists will do. Christians are normal, and sinners are the majority.

The murderous wickedness continues, and I stand behind the two men below calling for the death sentence for those who pushed vaccines knowing that they would cause horrors, because the same players are pushing the vaccines even to this day while denying their conspiracy. However, I am aware that my talking like this will cause our enemies to call for our executions for...whatever, they'll think of something. It would be sufficient if a good number of the major players were jailed for a long time. The vaccine push would then be squelched. But they do deserve to die, and die painfully they will.

If I say, "Lord," please judge the vaccine pushers before they come back again," He might respond, "not yet, wait until their cup of wrath has reached the brim, and then I'll pour out Surprise Day upon them." Be patient. Keep your mind safe from the evil thoughts and pictures being pumped into brains everywhere. I can barely take perusing / perusing even the news anymore. We are going to become vexed with end-time Sodom.

It was God's people who outed google as a cheat. It was the Christian voice on the satanic Internet that caused google to censor Christians and therefore to expose itself as unworthy to steer or nourish (educate) society. google is under heavy judgment, we Christians understand this. Be patient, because they cannot any longer mock us when God suddenly brings torment upon them. If google's rulers were guilty of mocking / denigrating us alone, they would not deserve the torment they have coming. However, the more we talk like this in the open, the more they will want to torment us. Therefore, as Jesus says, pray for your enemies, and treat them with the common good, because it is God's to avenge on our behalf. The more we threaten them in the coming years, the more they will do us harm in the coming years, because God will give them supreme power over the earth to condemn themselves to the brim. You see, I warned them, if they are reading this paragraph.

Don't just do common good to them (i.e. do no harm), but warn them of their coming torment, and tell them the reasons for their torment in opposing our Jesus. These people, when God knocks them down with warnings, will get up, and soon thinking they have recovered, will attack us all over again, until the Final Day. They so badly wish to have the ultimate victory over us, they so hate the Coming Kingdom that we speak of. We are the chief enemy of the deep state. We who sling Jesus will crush their heads. Their chief enemy is not the guys and gals who have 14-million twitter followers but speak only politics and sling no Jesus. The deep state will pay the price for opposing our Jesus, plain and simple. God will save / glorify those who remain True to the end. There is mere salvation for some, and glory for those who earn it.

It is so very hard for me to pray for enemies who have destroyed my country with satanism, and who uphold their victory over Christians like a cherished trophy. Even as they hold this trophy cup over the head for all the world to see, God is filling it with their recompense without their knowing. The only prayers I can muster for those who celebrate their victory over Christians in the land is that God will frustrate them, and shake them off of us. But I want to see His people standing tall against this political enemy, not cowering, but making a clear schism rather than compromising with it in hopes of receiving less persecution. PROUD IN JESUS, we own all the colors, we are the life, so act like it.

To the West's chagrin, China looks like it might support Russia in the saber-rattling now clanging louder at Ukraine. This eastern partnership could naturally stave off war for the next few years, which is what I expect. I don't see a Russian nuclear strike in Europe for some years yet. The Russians are appealing to Christians around the world in opposition to the satanism of the Western globalists. I never would have expected such a thing years ago.

The time is about here that we change our message. It should now be: pray for your deep-state enemies, do them good while God plots their utter destruction and humiliation. Do no harm as you expect blasphemy after blasphemy, but wait for God to avenge. This is the best way forward. Pray that they do not harm the people who resist the satanic stench already thick in our nostrils, and pray/hope that non-Christians who oppose the satanism will become openly one of us.

You can clearly see that this is largely a waiting game for Christians. But rather than waste time entertaining yourselves, dry your foods. You can get a lot of comfort from soups where you throw in dried beef/chicken, dried egg, dried squash, pasta/rice, etc., and we will need comforts going forward in this uncomfortable world. The deep state will try to make us as uncomfortable as people under Soviet rule. Don't find comfort in vodka, but in foods you like to eat. Have heat. Have each other. Hope your family members don't betray or abandon you, but if they do, I don't think prayer will change things because God's got to allow every individual to make their choice on this matter of Jesus, and on the matter to enduring for Him to the end. Some of your friends are not going to be interested, but will take the foolish / coward's way. Tears...need comfort.

Stay close to the Comforter which you can find inside of you when you think properly about Jesus, when you cry out to Him and view Him as He truly is. His personality is God's. God reproduced His personality in a human body. But if you are sinning, how can you get the Comforter to be your comfort? You need the Comforter to make it to the end. You cannot make it without Him helping you. You won't look for comfort when you don't need it. So, He is also your helper, not to make you successful and rich, but to endure the times to the end. He likes it when you stay clean and call to Him for fellowship. Try it until He manifests in your spirit like a flow of assuring living waters. Keep on.

The assurance is needed so that you can have the Peace. You need to have to peace if you want to endure because if you have doubts instead, it goes counter to your endurance. Make it a habit to fall asleep in the Spirit of God, but if He does not manifest as you speak some words, say, I love you, be with me, may God bless you, good night. Just speak the loving things you know He will appreciate, and sooner or later, He cannot help but manifest to show you love in return. He lives for love from people. Once you discover this, you will be turned on in the Light, and you will have the stuff of endurance because you will want to be faithful to this Love. It is an awesome thing to discover that God loves little-ole-you, but do not go around saying that God loves everyone, for it depends on whether they love God. You who love God will discover the Heavenly gold that our enemies have forsaken. This is the Secret Treasure. I've got a feeling that every Christian having the Comforter within is the Ark of the Covenant, filled with Power and Light. But this Power is not for us to wield as we chose to wield it, you understand.

If you're sick of news, and want to sit down to hear some very good arguments on why the shroud cannot be an artistic product, start this video after the introduction at 4 minutes. Listen carefully to where he talks about how there is no "radiation" image under the hundreds of blood stains, and how difficult / illogical it would have been for an artist to produce his art in this way:

At about the one-hour mark of the video below, you can see Barrie Schwortz tragically making an absolute fool of himself. Barrie was with the team of scientists who went to Turin in 1978, and perhaps nobody on that team has facilitated the worldwide dissemination of the shroud's scientific data more than he, for which Christians are very grateful. Barrie is a likeable, but while he admits that the shroud is likely authentic, he says he's not going to become a Christian. Tragic. He even seems to be proud of playing this type of fool. You are going to die in your sins, Barrie, and you will fail to see further life for your eyes, but will be relegated to darkness, shame and pain, if you do not give Jesus the praise he deserves, and make him you Lord.

The thing is, Barrie a bright guy, and so he knows he's playing the fool to think that while all the shroud's evidence points to a Resurrection, he's not going to bow the knee to the One whom God gave for the forgiveness of Israel's sins. Instead, he seeks the praise of fellow Jews who, in the main, are tactically anti-Jesus. At 1hr12min, Barrie argues that Jesus should not be made any part of the scientific evidence because it tends to assault / betray the scientific process. CLOWN OF SATAN. The science points to a miraculous power in Jesus, but nobody on the science team, he argues, is supposed to say so, because it betrays the scientific premise of the team. Instead, the science team is to betray Jesus in an effort to extol the scientific premise. FLAMING TWISTED SNAKE. He seeks the praise of anti-Christ-leaning scientists rather than the praise of Israel's God. He's so in-worship of the scientific conclusions that He misses the salvation for his soul who stares him in the face in the scientific conclusions. Like you, I hope he finally becomes a Christian.

At 1hr39min, Barrie shows his stupidity by arguing like a warrior / activist on behalf of anti-Christ scientists, because he's completely denying the right of opinion of Christian scientists. Are the latter not scientists too? Why does belief in God eradicate the premise of scientific conclusions? That's the way anti-Christs argue in order to keep Jesus out of all science. If the scientific conclusion points to God, why does Barrie not permit a scientist to say so? It is ludicrous to deny the Jesus-conclusion of the science by saying that such a conclusion betrays the science. Barrie is an idiot box for our enemies at this point. It seems he would rather suggest that the shroud's image was made by something other than God raising Jesus to life.

Or put it this way; just because somebody believes in Jesus does not necessarily sabotage / mar / distort his/her scientific process. Every Christian delights in the use of science to prove the existence of God, but Barrie would deny it to us for fear that some people would frown of the reliability of their scientific conclusions. Who cares about the opinions of people antagonistic toward Jesus? Barrie does. Therefore, he's fighting on behalf of anti-Christs.

He says that faith in God must be without evidence of God's existence, but in this he is completely out to lunch. He's trying to make faith appear as scientifically groundless as possible in order to make an impassible concrete wall between science and faith, because it serves his desire best to keep the Spiritual ramifications out of the shroud's science. But wait. Science is the utilization of tools for arriving at truths, and so if the science of the shroud supports the Resurrection, who does Barrie think he is to keep anyone on the science team from blowing that trumpet?

Barrie fears that people of faith lean toward fanatical scientific reasoning. On the one hand he tends think that scientists who have no faith are the best for articulating and defining the results of scientific experiments, but on the other hand he repeatedly blasts the "skeptics" for keeping to an anti-Jesus track on this shroud's science.

He doesn't want someone's faith to taint the interpretation of the scientific data, but when the data points to a Resurrection, he frowns on anyone who says so, if that person was part of the team, because he's afraid that the skeptics might pooh-pooh the science team as a whole. But if it's the skeptics who are clearly the ones willing to malign the scientific conclusions, why does Barrie fight on their behalf against the Christians, against the ones obviously correct with proof-of-Resurrection as their interpretation of the shroud-science? It turns out that Barrie has chosen to be sympathetic toward the synagogue of satan. His other option was to celebrate with the Christian on the team his conclusion that the image on the cloth is proof of the Resurrection. Barrie dislikes that option.

Bottom line: the science is what it is, and religious persuasion or no religious persuasion does not matter. Each person is handed the science, and each person interprets it as they will. I personally want the shroud to prove the existence of Jesus, but why does this make me less scientific on the issue than a non-believer? I didn't say I was dishonest about it. I said I want the shroud to prove the authenticity of Jesus, but if the science showed that the shroud is a hoax, I would definitely cease to use it as proof of the Resurrection. The science is what it is, and the science proves the Resurrection, even Barrie himself says as much between the lines, yet he remains a spiritual fool in order to keep to his Jewish heritage, the synagogue of satan.

It is a sin to say that nothing explains the image on the shroud but a power from the body of a man shining on the cloth, and then to say zero about the Resurrection. It's a slap to God's face. We should not serve the non-religious scientific community if it means we slap God in the face. We should not keep Jesus out of the shroud-science just to make the non-religious happier.

The shroud is our cut-throat absolute victory over evolutionists and other anti-Christ scientists. Use it as an evangelistic tool, because the evangelists who refuse to use it are suspect with something seriously wrong with them. If evangelists use the attitude and words of the apostles / Gospels as proof of the Resurrection, what could possibly be their acceptable excuse for not using the shroud? If Peter had realized that the image of Jesus was on the shroud, he would have used it in convincing Christians. And maybe he did secretly. It had to be kept secretive because the Roman / Jewish authorities were prone to destroying the shroud upon getting wind of its image.

Below is Part 2 of Part 1 in the video above (start at 2 minutes to get past the opening, but small talk follows; the meat and potatoes don't start until the 17th minute):

Barrie concludes that it's not known what caused the image on the fibers. Even if it was the power of God, Barrie would argue that we don't know what created the image, in the sense that we don't know what sort of energy it was. Fine, we may not be familiar with the energy type, but this does not mean that we cannot conclude that God caused the energy / image, yet Barrie does not offer this fact to his viewers. God will hold him responsible for this sin, don't you think?

In the 35th minute, you can see that the yellow discoloration of the image travels along fibers while missing adjacent fibers, tending to reveal that when the energy entered a fiber, it would more-likely travel along the atoms of the fiber rather than jump over to the atoms of the neighboring fibers. This is a little like, or perhaps exactly like, electrical flow in a steel wire taking the path of least resistance. The discoloration went only so-far along a fiber, but no further, indicating that the energy was absorbed (used up) by the fiber atoms as it flowed. We could say that the energy was exhausted into the atoms until there was insufficient energy to discolor the atoms further along the fibers.

However, how do we explain that energy from the body of Jesus would strike one fiber but miss a neighboring fiber? Well, it didn't necessarily miss any fibers, but rather only the fibers receiving a certain threshold of energy were darkened, in which case the outgoing energy level was not equal in all directions.

As the energy flowed along the fibers, it permanently changed their color, meaning that it altered the electron configuration at the perimeters of the fiber atoms. Whatever color we see on any material is light reflection from the perimeter electrons upon atoms. I venture to guess that darker colors reflect less intensity of light than lighter colors.

The thing of importance is that, with some fibers darkened and adjacent ones not, it makes it all the more impossible for a paint brush, or transfer of acid from statue, to be the cause of the image. Plus, there was no paint or acid found on the fibers. The best recourse for the anti-Christ skeptic is an appeal to heat, but even Barrie, who's very disposed to all scientific possibilities, denies that application of heat was the cause.

There could be expected a small change in fiber temperature due to radiation striking it, but this is heat released/absorbed from/by the fiber atoms, not an exchange of heat from some material (such as a statue) into the fibers. How can some parts of a statue, heated in a fire, be hotter than others to the point that some fibers got "cooked" while adjacent fibers remained uncooked? How can a heated statue cause fibers to discolor only in a direction along the fibers but not in a fiber-to-fiber direction? We don't see streaks of discoloration going off on any angle across multiple fibers. Big problem for the skeptics, the liars, the falsifiers who will say anything to dismember the Son-of-God Fact.

In the 43rd minute, you could get the impression that God permitted the shroud to be partially burned in order to show the difference in fibril discoloration between high-temperature contact and the image discoloration. That is, it tends to show that image discoloration was not due to contact with a material having high heat.

On the topic of the statue covered in silver with urine fixer to produce a "photograph" upon the statue using sunlight, what in tarnation has that got to do with creating an image on a CLOTH that has no silver for to create a photo effect? How can any clown with a straight face propose a photographic image upon a statue as the means by which the image was formed on the shroud?

The great thing about Barrie is that he's usually a truther as far as the shroud's specifics are concerned. He's the kind of guy that the anti-Christs loath and fear. The anti-Christs would have preferred that liars were on the team to proclaim that the image is a form of paint. Barrie refuses to do so. He's not an anti-Christ activist, and is Christian-friendly, though he may have a financial motive for the latter. MAY HAVE. He turns on a dime from a Christian-friendly guy to an idiot when claiming that the image on the shroud can't prove it's from Jesus.

He admits that energy came forth from the body to form the image on the shroud. He knows that this is very conducive to the resurrection of a body, but maintains that this is not scientific evidence to support your faith. Is that not an idiot? Or is he deliberately riding the fence between Christians and anti-Christians in order to make himself famous / wealthy more widely? Possibly, but I don't know for sure. At times he says the shroud is "authentic," but he doesn't explain what he means. What is a man who says the shroud is authentic but then refuses to have faith in Jesus? An idiot, or a fool.

See 1hr49 minutes to see Barrie challenged on his refusal to believe. But he spends two or three minutes deflecting and avoiding the meat of the question, and the video owner lets him get away with it...probably because he's the video's owners special guest. Barrie says he refuses to step over the science line to faith line. IDIOT. The science tells him that Jesus is the Messiah of his Jewish people, but he sees no value in it. He prefers to be a friend of science rather than a friend of Jesus. He portrays himself the idiot. I say he hates Christians. He does not wish to be in their fellowship. He's very much into himself; he always finds a way to change the focus of anything someone else says to what he thinks. He can't help but interrupt in order to keep the discussion along the lines of his own beliefs.

He refuses to acknowledge skeptics as liars. Near the end of the video, he rebuked the woman on the show for insinuating that Walter McCrone was a liar (he tried to convince listeners that the shroud was painted). If Barrie doesn't yet realize that science departments are controlled by anti-Christ liars, he's an idiot box in their defence. The better theory is that he's defending anti-Christ liars when Christians expose such liars. My view of Barrie has changed this week. He wants respect for scientists who use their science clout to falsify. Barrie therefore becomes a defender of snakes. He's had opportunity long enough to choose Jesus. He decided to be a snake's friend instead. A man becomes like his friends.

Clowns of Satan on Display (Ruining Their Own Reputations)

The only thing missing in this video are big-red noses on the two clowns. Early in the video, you will see that discoloration tended to be all-encompassing around a fibril's perimeter, which I think can be like electrical flow because I suspect that electrical flow occurs only on the outside of a wire i.e. all around the perimeter of the wire because it's the path of least resistance for transferring electrons atom-to-atom. I'm not suggesting that the energy source that caused the discoloration was itself an electron flow, but that the energy caused electrons already captured upon the atoms to flow atom-to-atom. After the flow, the atoms were permanently altered in such a way that they reflected light in a darker tone.

This video explains why McCrone was a liar, giving the false impression, easily debunked, that pigments formed the discoloration. If it wasn't so easily debunked, I wouldn't call him a liar. He found some miniscule amounts of pigment on the shroud, but he knew it didn't explain the discoloration that caused the image of Jesus' body:

In the video above, as the topic goes to the 3-D factor of the image, the guy on the left fails to tell his viewers the meaning. He dances quickly around the significance and moves on as if there is little significance. He doesn't tell his viewers what Barrie does, that the darkest (most yellow) areas of the shroud are those where the skin is closest to the shroud. Why is this important? It's vital because it shows either that the forger tried to make it appear that power had come from the DEAD body that discolored the cloth to various degrees in accordance with the nearness of the cloth to the skin, or power did in fact come out of the DEAD body to produce the image.

Between the tip of the nose and mustache, there is less discoloration because the linen was about an inch from that part of the skin. The top of the mustache and the beard on the chin are about as discolored as the top of the nose, suggesting that power came out from the hairs too. It explains why the eyebrows are heavily discolored too. There is less discoloration between the mustache and the cheek because the mustache lifted the linen a little off of the cheek closest to the mustache. There's no discoloration between a cheek bone and the head hair because the hair caused the linen to be lifted from the face at that area.

Nearing the 20-minute mark, the boys share the theory from Ray Rogers that certain chemicals could have reacted on the shroud to discolor it in a deliberate hoax, but this requires that those chemicals be found on the shroud, yet I've not heard anybody claim that traces of any chemicals are regularly upon the fibers. Somebody could get away with this explanation except that the team of scientists who tested the shroud for material content found none at the discoloration locations, unless those materials migrated there in minute amounts over centuries of human contact with the linen.

Barrie Schwortz would have been sure to mention Ray Roger's theory if it had any leg to stand on. Ray said: "Taking into account all these results [showing no paint], it was decided to check the hypothesis that the image could derive from an amino-carbonyl reaction between sugar residues on the cloth and amino derivatives produced by the corpse post-mortem reactions. In order to get historically reliable results, experiments were performed on a linen cloth prepared following exactly the procedure described by Pliny the Elder (77)." Ya but, Ray, fink, offender of Jesus, if your idea is plausible, why has there been found no other burial cloth with such an image if it's from body chemicals reacting with linen chemicals? Why is this image type exclusive to the shroud of Jesus? The answer is obvious, Ray, fink.

This Ray Rogers was the leader of the STURP team that was in Turin in 1978. I know little of Rogers, but it comes to mind that he may have been secretly chosen to make sure the shroud lost all credibility by the discovery of pigments. If so that he was chosen with such a task, he failed. It backfired on him.

Rogers at the page above: "Observations of weave density and lignin content of the shroud fibres (Rogers, 2001) indicate a very mild BLEACHING [caps mine] technique in agreement with the methods described by Pliny the Elder. The same technology was in use, with some minor differences, until after the last crusade in 1291 (Hochberg, 1980)." Ho-ho-ho, if this is true, why didn't you just create your own shroud of Turin with some of your special bleaching agent, Ray? Note how he insinuates that the process was common in history, which is a ploy of liars when they speak to the naive. To date, and I've looked extensively into shroud reports, I've seen zero human images transferred from dead bodies to burial clothes, but if there was even one, it would be regularly popping up in shroud-of-Turin talk.

Keep in mind that Jesus' image is at times on the cloth even where the cloth was not in contact with the body. Rogers poses a theory in which the body would need to be in contact with the cloth in order to cause an image from "amino derivatives produced by the corpse post-mortem reactions." What do you or I know about amino derivatives and post-mortem reactions so that we might argue against Rogers? If nothing, we might take him at his word since he comes off as the expert. But never forget, 90-percent of scientific experts lie about the authenticity of Jesus on any front. This is a fact of life in current history.

Rogers writes (2002): "The characteristics of the image can be explained by reference to highly probable, well-known chemical reactions. No miracles are necessary to explain the image." But wait. Chemical reactions need chemicals, and chemicals are made of atoms, yet those chemicals are not reported as being upon the fibers where discoloration is found. Chemical reactions / amino acids from bodily materials expect liquid involvement, yet no liquid smudging is found on the discoloration. If Rogers is suggesting that some wet, biological material was in contact with the shroud, it necessarily requires smudging of the linen with that material. But even if he argues that it was a dry amino product, we expect smudging on the cloth just the same.

Or put it this way, that if Rogers knows he lying with his amino-derivative argument, he's not going to explain exactly how it works so that we can't prove him right or wrong. He's going to depend on the brotherhood of crooks to keep their mouths shut about his falsification...because most of the science experts are anti-Jesus by design of the brotherhood's leaders over the decades.

At about 30 minutes, the two guys talk about the possibility of radiation from Jesus' body. The first line of talk is on proton radiation, which I think is nonsense. Why would anyone expect naked protons to be shot from a dead body? Plus, the guy who proclaims to be an expert in radiation doesn't correctly include an electron medium through which light travels naturally at all times. He thinks protons can be shot like bullets from body to shroud. Dude, where do such protons derive in a body? Are you a mental case? Or are you just trying to show off what you know on proton radiation?

At 41 minutes, the two clowns make fun of those who claim a miraculous burst of energy, and are especially having fun at the notion that the radiation was moving in the straight-up direction as opposed to sideways from the body. If correct that the radiation was moving straight up, I offered a reason for it some years ago: power originated from above Jesus' body, and was cast into the body (by God), and consequently a burst of energy deflected straight up out of the body after striking solid surfaces such as bone, hair, and skin. In other words, shut-up your mockery, clown, you haven't thought of everything yet, smart-ass.

I assume with high confidence that the image is on the shroud side closest to the body, not on the side closest to the tomb's ceiling. Therefore, if energy started to flow from above the body, then it didn't form any discoloration on the way down, as it passed through the cloth to the body, but discolored the cloth only on the deflection upwards. I don't see this as problematic because the downward energy could be gleaned as non-atomic in origin while the deflected energy had to deflect off of atoms, thus producing typical electron-wave energy i.e. typical light.

You may as well skip all the talk in the video on carbon-14 because that issue was ruled out even by Ray Rogers as bogus. The two clowns apparently don't know it....because major media doesn't report on it, because major media likes for falsifications to disseminate. Major media and evolutionists are one force, on the same team. It's all about control of education. Satanism starts with controlling education with lies concerning God.

The two clowns repeatedly view anything requiring "miracle-land" as trash. This is their premise, that we cannot appeal to miracles to explain things, which only shows how daft they are, which proves that they are clowns dancing for the evolutionists. If someone says that we are not allowed to enter a miraculous power into the picture even when it comes to the Resurrection of Jesus, then you have a super definition of an obstinate (stupid) clown. A circus clown is at least harmlessly entertaining (unless he's of a woke circus), but these guys are hellishly dangerous.

The entire discussion on Rucker and neutrons is useless. But launching off of Rucker's work, the clown on the left concludes that to appeal to radiation for the formation of the shroud's image is "nuts." Achem, he takes the most-likely cause (radiation) and rules it out in such short-order just by attacking Rucker's arguments. That doesn't even rise to the level of good science. There are other ways to apply radiation to the shroud to form the image, and on top of this we expect it to be special radiation if the origin is from an act of God. To rule out an act of God here is BAD SCIENCE, because if the scientific quest is whether or not God caused the image, you are not permitted to rule out an act of God.

The clown argues that since man doesn't know how the image got on the shroud, it doesn't give us the right to conclude that God caused it, but this is an obvious over-reach because, in fact, if God caused the image, then it is to be expected that man cannot reproduce it. The clowns are biased in the typical blind-bat way of evolutionist pigs, those who wear pig heads by design of their hatred toward God. That's all this is, hatred of God, to be witnessed when they mock. They mock anyone who appeals to an act of God as if such a person is in lalaland. This is the spiritual illness that blinds them, the illness responsible for Armageddon, because evolutionists wish to dethrone God and rule over His creation instead.

So, if we are not allowed to appeal to a miraculous event, but only to a natural event, the conclusion will be that the shroud was formed by a natural event...yet you can easily see why this is not science at all. It's bias. It's censorship. You are not allowed to appeal to an act of God, or you will be mocked as non-scientific. That's closed, narrow, bigoted, pig-headed, insulting, controlling.

When evolutionists say that we can't appeal to acts of God on the question of Creation, it's obviously based on stupidity. It's like saying that, to prove whether a car was created or evolved, we are not permitted to appeal to a car manufacturer as the creator. Only an idiot or an anti-God character argues as the typical evolutionists do. If they are not idiots, then they are anti-God, biased in this direction.

As no natural explanation sufficiently explains the Creation, the alternative is Creation by God. It's not necessary to show how the Creation was made. The only necessity is to show that natural events cannot explain Creation, and thus the default is Creation by a Living Being. Creationists have successfully debunked evolutionary process. The evolutionists have lost this battle, there's nothing left but the crying, and they have given themselves an eternity of weeping a gnashing of teeth.

You can see God behind this end-time revelation to combat the devil's work of destroying the faith of many. Yes, in spite of the evidence from the shroud, Jesus predicted that the faith of most will grow cold or die away. Such is the ferocity of this battle, and I think we can blame Protestant churches for not advertising the shroud's "secrets" at every opportunity. I don't understand this.

Some say that the face on the shroud shows peace, but my thoughts upon first seeing it is that its shows obedience. Jesus decided to succumb to this form of painful death, trusting His Father. That's where the "peace" comes in, trusting the Father.

To avoid repetition, go straight to the 18th minute of the video below to see why the carbon-14 dating was fraudulent. My take is that the vatican knew of a piece of cloth that was sewn onto a corner of the shroud in the past, and thus the vatican acted to deceive the world into thinking that the entire shroud was a fake by dating that sewn-on piece without informing the public that it had been sewn on. I have no proof for this accusation, but what are the chances that the sewn-on piece turned out to be the tested piece by sheer accident? The Savoy owners of the shroud, and the vatican, were in position to know best about the sewn-on piece, where and when it was sewn on.

I do not think the shroud is authentic just because I believe that Jesus is the Son of God. I do not think it is authentic just because I want it to be. Christians are not this shallow or soft of brain or dangerous to Jesus. If the shroud appeared to me as a fraud, I would want to proclaim it for at least two reasons: 1) I want the truth; 2) it would damage the reputation of Christianity to promote a fraud for the hope of promoting Faith. Christians do not think like this, but our enemies will portray us as just so simpleton. It is they who are simpleton for not understanding the value we place in truth. It's the evolutionists who promote fraud in hopes of destroying Faith.

Barrie Schwortz helped Joe Marino to advance his theory that the corner piece of the shroud had been tampered with in order to explain the too-young carbon-14 dating. Barrie is a man of truth, and yet he hates Jesus. There are people like this, seekers of scientific truth yet unwilling to submit to the Creator for various reasons, one of which could be that they do not want to join Christians because they are shameful in the sight of scientists. However, it is not true that they are shameful, but rather the scientists shamefully portray them as shameful. It's the scientists who are shameful, but Barrie has not got the character enough to rebuke them, because he cares not for Jesus.

Ray Rogers was upset with Barrie for advancing Joe Marino's theory, and in the end Ray died of a terrible disease upon realizing that he had been wrong about Jesus all of his damned life, and upon realizing that the carbon-14 date that he had celebrated was itself wrong. You see, in the end, we win, we get the glory, and they get the shame. The Father will not tolerate giving respect to these our enemies for one minute, and so why should we? Like father, like son, I rebuke these enemies of the Glory. The latter has resolved to make utter fools of these enemies, of anyone who does not give proper respect to the One who suffered on behalf of all mankind. For His sake, the Father will destroy His enemies. Do not respect that which God does not respect, or you might suffer the wrath that the enemies are worthy of. Do not respect the snake that seeks to destroy Faith in Jesus. One who uses expertise to promote fraud deserves disrespect.

It appears that God used Joe Marino and his partner, Sue Bedford, to unexpectedly overthrow the carbon-14 obstacle. We are talking two "nobodies" overthrowing the full weight of the anti-Christ, scientific establishment. If you'd like to listen to Joe:

There are only two ways for the shroud to be a fake: 1) someone had to drape a cloth over a statue body that in some way transferred its 3-D image upon a 2-D cloth in such a way that a 3-D computer-machine can alter the 2-D image to a 3-D image; 2) someone had to drape a cloth over a human body that in some way transferred its 3-D image upon a 2-D cloth in such a way that a 3-D computer-machine can alter the 2-D image to a 3-D image. One cannot appeal to any acid or other material that needs to touch the cloth to form some of the image because the shroud has no such material upon it. Barrie, Ray and others ruled out ordinary heat as the image creator. The only option to remain, in the natural world, is light radiation. It well explains the clean / pristine image.

The Smithsonian Channel tells you how to fake the shroud in three minutes. The nice thing is that the comments section gives this scientist a good lashing, and nobody comes to his defense:

Okay, so the guy is said to bake some "ochre paint," yet it's a blue substance. He then washes the blue substance off of the linen after the bake, and he claims, though without proof (it could be a video trick), that the blue material leaves behind a greyish image. Ya but, the shroud had a golden / yellow image, and this video does not show us a microscopic close-up of the fibers via its method, suggesting that it's not a good match at all. What exactly is the grey color on his cloth? Is it a material? Is it a stain? Isn't a stain a material? The video is vague, perfect for allowing useful idiots to disseminate this method as the ultimate victory over the authenticists, laughable.

The video doesn't even tell at what temperature the cloth was baked, or whether the parts of the cloth without pigment had become discolored by the heat. It says that this baking process is to simulate 600 years of aging, but this is not a provable claim; it's just for the naive who'll believe anything the experts tell them.

It says that the oven "scorches the image into the fibers." Achem, the reality is that the blue pigment was scorched into the fibers because there was no image apart from this baking of the pigment. There's no attempt to describe the greyish discoloration aside from "ghostly image that has been left behind when the pigment came off." Ya but, what is that ghostly image made of? Is it just a part of the pigment that refuses to wash off?

The man then slanders us by saying that we will simply refuse to listen to science when it stares us in the face...insinuating that we are just a bunch of small-brains who'll believe in fantasies over science. Achem, we do listen to good science, and good science is always on our side. His science is trick science, vain science, false science. The world of good people is coming to understand that science departments have deceived the world.

Here's a new-to-me topic concerning new-to-me Giulio Fanti, a scientist who did much attempting to prove the authenticity of the shroud who was not part of STURP:

Victoria Nuland

I feel it's safe to claim that God used me in combination with heraldic pointers to various monster stories of our times. I often doubt this claim because I fear making false claims in God's name, especially a claim on something so wild as using heraldic connections. I'll give an example here on how these heraldic pointers work, and so you decide whether it's of God or not.

See "Victoria Nuland" in my 1st update of February a few weeks ago, where I claim that my 1994 mugging on Galveston, Texas, was a pointer partially to Victoria Nuland due to my stopping in Victoria some 10-14 hours after the mugging. I stopped in that town only to purchase a COFFEE and a NEWSpaper, and as the Coffee surname has a "Victoria" motto term while NEWlands can be a branch of News'/Nuces', I began to ask whether this event is a pointer to Victoria Newland. Later, in 2022, Victoria Nuland admitted before the public that there are biological labs in Ukraine, and by this time I had surmised that parts of my mugging event connected James LeDuc of the Galveston National Lab (known ties to the Wuhan lab) to Ukraine for some reason, at a time that nobody at large yet knew of biological labs in Ukraine.

(To follow better, load Newlands now to load and view other surnames on another Internet tab.)

You can see Victoria Nuland admit of labs in Ukraine in this video out this week:

The video above suggests a logical thing: the Ukrainian leader is blackmailing Biden / Congress, demanding money or he'll snitch on the American labs in Ukraine, and on their dastardly purposes.

The News/Nuces surname uses the heraldic "chaplet" on a Shield having an hourglass shape. Another hourglass shape is used by the Madge surname, first found in Surrey with the Muggs/MUDGE's, you see, and I purchased the newspaper only because I had been MUGGed.

The mugging caused me to change plans, no longer to seek a winter-retreat property in Mexico, but in Texas instead, and for this I needed a newspaper to check the want-ads. Seven months after the Victoria stop, I purchased land directly on the NUECES river (Texas), and as "Nuces" is a News variation, it gives the impression that God is verifying His use of the mugging event in conjunction with heraldry. If correct, there has got to be more to this that I should seek and discover for you.

The hourglass shape of Madge's is in the colors of the Coffee cups, and in the colors of Portuguese Mota's. After almost 20 years of delving into heraldry at the same website, I've never seen heraldic cups looking like MUGs as used by the Coffee surname. The Madge's even share gold fleur-de-lys with Portuguese Mota's. The latter surname shows nothing but five fleur-de-lys in the pattern of the five swans of the Chaplet surname.

The Coffee cups are RARE due to their four handles, and there is a Handle / Handel surname that can be connected to Morays aside from their sharing the Moray / Murray Coat. The Handel / Moray Coat is essentially the Duc/LeDUC Coat except that the latter have eight-pointed stars instead of five-pointed, and then the Bellys, first found in Moray, share the eight-pointed Duc/LeDuc star. It just so happens that while I was mugged on Galveston, James LeDuc is the chief of the Galveston National Lab known to have participated to some degrees at the Wuhan lab. I think this is the major significance in God's use of the Coffee surname, pointed to on the day of my mugging (April 1994).

Incredibly, Bellys also share the roses of Italian Mota's! As the mugger was a Negro, note that while there are Negro's in the Belly Chief, the Negro surname uses FIVE ears of wheat (relates to SHEAVES of wheat) in colors reversed from the five keys in the Coat of SHEAVES'/Chiava's, first found in L'Aquila. I'll show momentarily why that location is Mota-important.

The Mota's are important because they were a branch of Motels (both first found in Calabria). I was sleeping in the back of my truck when mugged, but this event caused me to check into a motel for the rest of the night. I did nothing when waking but drive, and stopped in Victoria a few hours later. The Motels are excellent because they are said to have been in Taranto, and the Arms of Taranto shares a naked rider on a dolphin with the Crest of the Coffee surname. I have it recorded that the Dolphin/Dolfin surname was once said to be first found in Surrey i.e. along with Muggs/Mudge's and Madge's.

The Mota's are important also for linking to the Chaplet swans because "ImMOTA" is a motto term in the Arms of L'Aquila, which uses the black eagle. The giant eagle of Jeepma's/CHEPs is in both colors of the Chaplet swans while Chapmans/Chepmans (suspect in the News/Nuces Crest) were first found in Cambridgeshire with News'/Nuces'...suggesting that Chaplets were a Chapman branch. It gets better because Scottish Chappes'/Cheaps use sheaves of WHEAT while Italian Sheaves'/Chiava's/Chiapponi's, with a Coffee-like Cioffani variation, were first found in L'Aquila. The Wheats/Whate's are even in Mota / Coffee colors.

The Sheaves'/Chiava's/Cioffani's even have five keys in the pattern of the five Chaplet swans and five Mota fleur-de-LYS, and then the LYS/LISSE surname, first found in Ile-de-France with French Chappes', is from Lissus, a location (in Albania) of the CAVII Illyrians. Thus, the Chiava variation of Sheaves gives away that they were from these Cavii peoples. Cave's/Caveys even share the black greyhound with Lys'/Lisse's.

I think I've made the case that Chaplets use swans connectable to the eagle of L'Aquila. We note that Chaplets were first found in Lorraine with Richeza of Lotharingia, the mother-in-law of Maria of Kiev, a Varangian princess. Kiev happens to be the Ukraine capital, you see, for yet a stronger pointer of the mugging/newspaper event to Ukraine. The Richeza-like Rich's/Richess' not only use BOTTONy crosses, and are not only said to be from a Riche location in Lorraine, but were first found in Hampshire with English LISE's, BOTTONs/BIDENs and English Josephs. The latter not only use wheat sheaves, but French Josephs once showed a giant swan in both colors of the Chaplet swans. It can explain the "CHAPeau" in the Botton/Biden Chief, and it just so happens that the Biden family is heavily steeped in Ukraine corruption.

The Lorraine's share the bend of Keeps while "Keep TRYST" is a motto term of the Hebron surname, the latter first found in Northumberland with Lorraine's. Thus, we can glean that Keeps were from a royal family of Kiev in connection to Maria of Kiev. The Biden-like Budini lived anciently at the Kiev theater. The Trysts/TRICE's can then be gleaned in the so-called "cockaTRICE" of the Mugg/Mudge surname, you see. My mugging is pointing to Biden-et-al corruption in Ukraine. Why a mugging for this Purpose?

The Biden-beloved Capelli's, who share the "chapeau" with Bidens. We read: "The Capelli family lived in the city of Ferrara, where the Cappelli family occupied many of the first seats in the ESTensi Court in the 12th century." Ferrara was partnered with nearby ESTE, and Italian Este's share the Aquila Coat while Aquila's were first found in Campania with Capone's/Capua's. Plus, the Charo's in the "charo" motto term of English Josephs were first found in Ferrara, and so it appears we are on another Chaplet branch with the Capone's/Capua's, especially as English Capone's were first found in Cambridgeshire with Chaplet-loving News'/Nuces'. This in turn again points the newspaper-and-coffee purchase in Victoria to Biden corruption in Ukraine while expecting that Victoria Nuland is (or has been) partnered with those criminals.

The Chapeau's/Chappus' share triple-red roses in Chief with Ukraine Romans/Romanovs. Italian Romans (Naples with Capone's/Capua's) have the Ukraine flag in colors reversed. The Chapeau-loving Capelli's have the horizontally-split colors of German Labe's, and these are half in the colors of the horizontally-split Ukrainian flag. I assume that Labe's play into this as a pointer to bio-weapons LABs in Ukraine / Kiev.

German Labe's are also Labes' while French Labes'/Bes'/Bez's/Becs share the Ferrara lion. That's important/expected because Capelli's were first found in Ferrara. French Labes' (share parts of Monaco Coat, apparently) have this: ""This great Norman house was divided into two branches, that gave their name to Bec-Crespin and Bec-en CAUX, and claimed to descend from Duke Rollo's daughter Crispina, the wife of Grimaldi, Prince of Monaco." Michael Zlochevsky (owns Burisma) of Ukraine corruption, who hired Hunter Biden to procure his money laundering to the Bidenites, lives in Monaco.

Crispins descended directly from Clare's while Ferrara's Charo's are also Claro's. The Mugg/Mudge COCKatrice is expected partly with Cocks (Somerset with Coffee-connectable Coffers) who share the Grimaldi Shield. Cocks were first found in Somerset with Weaver-connectable Webbers while the neighboring Webbs were first found in Wiltshire with Laps/LABBS' whose mermaid is very traceable, via Babels/Babwells, to Podebrady on the Labe/Elba river. BabCOCKs share the Cock rooster. Babels/Babwells share the six pale bars of English Lise's/Liss' while Scottish Lise's share the double chevrons of Clarens/Larins, in the colors of the triple Clare chevrons. Clare's were first found in Suffolk with English Babe's and Babons/Bavens. Babwells are not likely from "Barbara," as the write-up suggests, but from "Babon," father of Grimaldi-like Grimo. Babons/Bavens share the black boar in Crest with Rollo's, and while Babenbergs (share Muschat Coat) were founded by Poppo I, Rollo married Poppa of Valois. The Valais variation of Valois' is suspect from the Valais canton of Switzerland, location of Sion.

Another COCKatrice (part rooster) is in the Crest of Monaco-like Monks, the latter first found in Devon with Newlands, and with Sodans/Sowtons who in turn share the scallops of the PARCHments/Parkmans (share Newland chevron) in the "parchment" of the News/Nuces Crest. English Parkers (Somerset with Cocks, Coffers and Badens/Battins) share the red antler of Keep-line Casimirs and Varangian-line Veringers of Baden, while Scottish Parkers are in Coffer colors. The latter Parkers are in the colors and format of Fitch's/Fitchets, and as there is a FITCHee cross on top of the red Newland chevron, the latter's is likely one of the three chevrons of Luff-connectable MontFITCHETs/Muschats (Essex, same as Fitch's/Fitchets). Luffs share the red Newland fitchee-formee.

Casimir of Poland was the husband of Maria of Kiev. The Casimir antler is a version of the Arms of Baden. Babcocks are also BATcocks/BADcocks i.e. looking like Baden liners in connection to Veringers. Bio-weapons labs use bats, and English Bats (Cornwall with Trysts/TRICE's) share the brown wolf in Crest with neighboring Newlands.

To reinforce the Biden connection to Kiev, I've shown why YARborough's are from king YARoslav of Kiev, brother of Maria of Kiev. Chapeau's not only have a horizontally-split Shield in the colors of the vertically-split Yarborough Shield (Este colors), but Yarborough's may be using chaplets. The "EST SINE" motto phrase of Yarborough's is excellent because Sine's are listed with Chaplet-beloved Sions/Swans, first found in Lorraine-connectable Lanarkshire. Yarboroughs are also Yearbys while Years/Yare's were first found in Stirlingshire with Chappes'/Cheaps and Budini-like Bauds. "Esto" is a motto term of English Weavers (share Joseph wheat sheaves) while Kiev-line Keeps use a "weaver's shuttle".

It's then of interest that God is pointing to Kiev through my mugging at a time when the West seems committed to risking Armageddon to topple Moscow. The Muscas variation of Mosca's plays well here because this surname essentially shares the Crest of Cavii- / Chiava-like Chives', and "muscas" is a motto term of Drake's (Hampshire with Bottons/Bidens and Fly's) that is translated as "fly." The Fly's have the martlets of French Josephs in colors reversed. Joseph Biden. English Josephs can be gleaned as kin of Capelli-like Caplans and Chaplains. I get the distinct impression that God is pointing here also to the end-time descendants of Joseph Caiaphas, the chief priest under whom Jesus was sacrificed to save the world from Armageddon. Without Jesus, nobody would survive Armageddon, yet God in His mercy provided Jesus, a way out of certain destruction. Give thanks from time to time for this because it is not a small thing. When He does save humanity from Armageddon, the importance will be central to the survivors. The GLORY will never fade.

OH WOW, THIS IS NEW RIGHT HERE. Seeing the Newley variation of Newlands, I checked for a Newell surname, which happens to share the hourglass design (my descriptive term, not official) of News'/Nuces in colors reversed!!!! That is huge, after my claim that the newspaper, which brought News'/Nuces to topic initially, is a pointer to Victoria Nuland!

For those of you who know why the newspaper pointed to Mrs. Kilpatrick on the Nueces river, Newells were first found in Dumfries with Kilpatricks. As was said, I first saw Mrs. Kilpatrick on Christmas day of 1994, and it just so happens that Noels are listed with Newell-like Nowells! The latter are in Newells / News/Nuces colors. Mrs. Kilpatrick was born Miss Hicks, and Hicks' share the chaplet with News'/Nuces, and moreover Hicksons, with eagle legs in Chaplet colors, were first found in Staffordshire with Nowells.

This gives me a tip that my first seeing her on the Leakey road on CHRISTmas points to Ukraine corruption along with Crystals, for I stayed in a motel in Crystal City on the night of the newspaper purchase in Victoria. I didn't know until 2002 that Mrs. Kilpatrick had attended church in Crystal City. In colors reversed, Crystals have the cross design of News-connectable Bash's who in turn were first found in Hertfordshire with Nuse's/Newes'. Bash's have a Coat much like that of News'/Nuces'.

The California governor, Gavin NEWSom, is in cahoots with Chinese corruption along with the Bidens. Gavins have the Newland besants in colors reversed. Gavin-like Gafins/Gows/McGoo's, in Coffee / Caffer colors, not only share the gold boar head with Newsoms, but happen to share the Portuguese Mota fleur-de-lys. Coffee's had pointed to Mota-branch Motels who have an arm in a horse's mouth while Gafins/Gows/McGoo's use an "arma" motto term. Welsh Gavins may even have the five fleur-de-lys of Portuguese Mota's. Caffins/Chafins (Dorset, beside Coffers) are a Chaff branch. It could appear that God created the coffee-and-newspaper event to point also to Gavin Newsom.

Repeat from above:

The Coffee cups are RARE due to their four handles, and there is a Handle / Handel surname that can be connected to Morays aside from their sharing the Moray / Murray Coat. The Handel / Moray Coat is essentially the Duc/LeDUC Coat except that the latter have eight-pointed stars instead of five-pointed, and then the Bellys, first found in Moray, share the eight-pointed Duc/LeDuc star. It just so happens that while I was mugged on Galveston, James LeDuc is the chief of the Galveston National Lab known to have participated to some degrees at the Wuhan lab. I think this is the major significance in God's use of the Coffee surname, pointed to on the day of my mugging (April 1994).

Incredibly, Bellys also share the roses of Italian Mota's! As the mugger was a Negro, note that while there are Negro's in the Belly Chief, the Negro surname uses FIVE ears of wheat (relates to SHEAVES of wheat) in colors reversed from the five keys in the Coat of SHEAVES'/Chiava's, first found in L'Aquila. I'll show momentarily why that location is Mota-important.

I've told many times that the mugger lunged at me while I was on the passaneger seat of my truck. He grasped my neck with both his hands, and demanded the KEYS of the truck which had been in my hands, though I had dropped them during this scuffle. He then raised his right hand as high as he could, and proceeded to thrust an object, which I figured was a KNIFE, toward my BELLY. I lifted my KNEE in time, knocking the object out of his hand to the floor of the truck (I managed to find this object, to grab it, before he did. I then pushed him up and got away from him to see that this object was half the black plastic case for a remote-control unit for a TV or electronic device).

There is a Knife surname listed with Nons/Nevins, and "non" is a motto term of Knee-like Kness'/Ness' (Non/Knife colors) who in turn share two of the triple stars of Morays and Handels. If that's not enough, Knee's/Knees' share the stag head of Vise's while "ViVIS" is a Non/Knife motto term. Plus, the Belly-like LaBells share the Non/Knife and Kness/Ness crescent. Therefore, this seems like verification that God is pointed to belly-related LeDucs with the mugger. Why a mugger?

The Bellys appeared in my shark / Sleeping Beauty dream, and the shark was code for the line that named Saracena on the Sybaris river with Morano, and the Morano's share the Moor heads (Negros) of Bellys.

In the last update, I showed that the "victoria" motto term of Coffee's is likely a pointer to Victorys/Nebo's because News' and Newes' look related to Nebo-like Neve's. The Nons/Nevins can apply to this line, and then I am lately suggesting that, when God points to Knee's/Knees' and Kness'/NESS' (Perthshire, near Moray), it's a pointer to the Israeli Knesset. Let that sink in as per the vaccine scheme. The other Ness' are also Nessans (Fife, near Perthshire), and I've said a million times that I got mugged (in Galveston) in a NISSAN pick-up. Israel supports the current, Jewish Ukraine president.

The Nons/Knife's even share the Newsom fesse while the latter apply the crosslets of Tufts/Tuffs' while the latter share the "phoenix" in Crest with Knee's/Knees'! Beauty, and Phoenix's/Fenwicks were first found in Northumberland with Belly-branch Baileys (share Innis Crest) and Baliols. These same crosslets are shared by Wears/Were's while Weirs/Vere's (in all three Belly colors) not only have the Moray / Handel stars, but share the gold boar in Crest with Newsoms, which is almost the brown boar head of Baileys and Innis' (Moray, Moray kin). Wears/Were's were first found in Devon with Newlands/Newleys while News-branch Newells were first found in Dumfries with Bells. Weirs/Vere's share a "Vero" motto term with the Bouillons (share Moor head with Bellys) who in turn add "bello CHRISTi" to their motto to go with CRYSTal City.

On Sunday, the day after writing this section, I came across a video (dated Friday) that, at the 7th minute, tells that Elon Musk blames Victoria Nuland, more than anyone else, for the Ukraine war:


When I saw the Project Veritas' sting of Pfizer a few weeks ago, the secret taping (it all looked surreal to me) looked like an act-job so far as the Pfizer employee is concerned. Now that James O'Keefe has been fired from his own company, we can advance the theory that the board of Project Veritas, which fired O'Keefe immediately after the Pfizer sting, is teamed up with the Pfizer crime ring and sought to use a staged performance as an excuse to fire O'Keefe. However, the sting did not give much excuse to the board to fire O'Keefe i.e. the public would not have agreed to such an accusation. Here's O'Keefe's story in his own words:

As it turns out, at least one of the predetermined purposes of the OHIO train wreck may have been to introduce an "attractive" ID device for health purposes. I don't think many people will go for this, and so it's going to be hyped to make it appear popular:

You can see the age-old trap that the vatican laid for its members midway through this video, where the present pope demands catholics to enter and attain salvation via church assembly only i.e. kiss the pope, or you are damned:

Here's a cry-out from TruNews against a rationing program desired by globalists that has no basis, meaning that you all had best store your dried foods NOW, if you haven't started already, that last as long as ten years:

In the second half-hour of TruNews above, Rick Wiles asks his donors to give more money because he wants to increase the tasks of his ministry, but I think he needs to stop this. I think he needs to tell his viewers to spend their extra money on foods and other needs in case this world suddenly goes to the dogs. He's still selling a Fauci doll to raise money, so humiliating especially for a Christian to do. Fauci is a murderer, yet Mr. Wiles finds his Fauci doll amusing. Big problem there when he closes eyes to the fact in order to bring in money. Mr. Wiles, your ministry shouldn't grow larger at the expense of the security of your viewers. It doesn't cost much to do a sit-down show, and to upload it online.

Here's a photo of Obama and his "wife" when "she" still looked like a man about three decades ago. Obama is a DISGUSTING FAGGOT.

The information war is on. This, aside from toppling Russia, is the most-important war for the globalists to win this year. They need to do something fast to win this war against social media because they are losing ground with each passing year. Exposures, exposures galore are ruining the false image of this harlot which she worked hard over decades to produce. This loss of respect is even decaying support for the war against Russia, perfect. her burning cometh. Europeans, your leaders are going to burn your empire to a crisp at Surprise Time. God has a painful Surprise Day for all who go forward ignoring Him, please get your act together if you haven't already:

The U.S. Supreme court could soon cripple deep-state censorship:

I don't hear much news from Spain, but, regrettably, instead of going anti-globalist, it's going deep sodomite: "The new law strips informed consent requirements for abortion, creates a public list of pro-life doctors, and mandates homosexual and transgender ideology at all education levels." The country needs a populist, anti-global movement. I don't know whether I can handle the human suffering that's coming in the next few years, the way things are going now, from satanic killers.

Note the whammies at the 2nd minute, including what looks like the vaccines targeting mainly women of child-bearing ages (20-50).

I can't understand why there is no legal group in the world taking the CDC to court with data such as in the video above alone. I can't understand how this issue does not warrant emergency court cases to be started and ended in a few days immediately. What irresponsible bug has gotten hold of the good guys for not demanding emergency court cases? Are there no lawyers in all the world who'll work for free to stop this mass murder? What exactly is wrong?

Here you can see the double of the Ukraine president at the bottom of the stairs. Story here:

Anyone putting their hope in Pierre for the next canadian prime minister needs to see his statement in the 4th minute of this video. Pierre doesn't want to join the stand of a "right-wing extremist," though this is the view of the conventional conservative in canada, who is not a good guy but chooses to be half or more the bad guy. Pierre is apparently kissing-up to the Europeans whom have come to bad-mouth Christine Anderson after she openly rebuked trudeau at a European forum. Pierre doesn't want her movement to spread in his canada. Suddenly, Canada's new-found hope in Pierre is no longer much of a hope. Buckle-up, Canadian Christians, Europeanism is going to install itself as top-dog in your country.

Anyone following my shingles illness, in case you want to record how best to deal with it for tribulation purposes, see last update. I added the following insert late in the last update, which you may have missed:

Insert Saturday February 25 -- This section could become boring / dry, and so I want to put up front here that I broke down last night, at 1 am Thursday-to-Friday, and went to the emergency ward to see if they would knock me out to get sleep. They refused, and sent me home with a couple of tabs of morphine and a prescription for 30 more tabs (5 mg). I took two when getting home, but it did nothing to get rid of the pain after three hours, though they said that one tab might do the trick after 30 minutes.

So at 6 am, I returned to the hospital to say I'm in critical shape and need some sleep. But again they refused to let me sleep there under pain watch, and sent me home with an additional prescription of pregabalin capsules of merely 25 grams. While filling the prescription at the drug store, I picked up some ZzzQuil sleep aid, and I recommend you remember that brand because, for the first time in 20 days and 20 nights, sweet sleep came upon me, I can't tell you how amazing that felt. ZzzQuil works.

I got three hours sleep, took a couple more morphine, and got five hours more sleep. I was fine after that, but I would not have been able to fall asleep had not the two drugs above, along with the sleep aid, removed the pain. The two drugs work, but need time to begin working. Just remember, morphine is much better than Advil or aspirin for shingles pain. Pregabalin is specifically for nerve pain, begging why they didn't give me a larger dosage.

Do not throw out your old morphine, and do not use it all if you don't need it for some illness, but keep it in case you need it in the tribulation period. I don't know whether old morphine is an issue, but maybe not.

Insert Monday -- Ever since, and a day or two before, taking morphine, I've had no bowel movements. On Monday I asked a pharmacist about this, and he said morphine will cancel bowel movements. You don't want to go too long without them, and so he suggested I buy Senokot-S to start a bowel movement. End inserts

The rest of the shingles information past this point hjas been moved to the end of the last update.


Here's all four Gospels wrapped into one story.

For Some Prophetic Proof for Jesus as the Predicted Son of God.
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