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February 14 - 20, 2023

If you're waiting for Jesus to return, see Post-Tribulation Rapture

You may have missed this message from Paul in Colossians 3: "For you died, and you life is HIDDEN with Christ in God; whenever Christ our life appears, then you also will appear in glory with Him." It's maybe not something you think of very often, this concept that our lives are somehow with God as we struggle on earth, preserved there like a new skin that we put on, at the Appearance, in return for shedding the "old man." It's the reward for our perseverance, a new life or energy or mentality, or whatever it will be, we just have no idea at this time what exactly, though the New Testament does divulge that we will be granted the "mind of Christ." Hang in there, because the ways of Jesus are satisfying and fulfilling.

In the Gospel of John, Jesus comes as close as possible to disclosing to his enemies that he's God in the flesh, hoping that some would believe, and we finally see the outcome, explaining why he had to drop hints without saying it outright. Notice that He is not portraying himself as an angel originating from the "Father's" domain. Nobody called God "Father" until Jesus did so, and the reason is obvious:

..."In your Law it is written that the testimony of two people is true. I am the one who bears witness about myself, and the Father who sent me bears witness about me."

They said to him therefore, “Where is your Father?”

Jesus answered, “You know neither me nor my Father. If you knew me, you would know my Father also.” These words he spoke in the treasury, as he taught in the temple; but no one arrested him, because his hour had not yet come. So he said to them again, “I am going away, and you will seek me, and you will die in your sin. Where I am going, you cannot come.”

So the Jews said, “Will he kill himself, since he says, ‘Where I am going, you cannot come’?”

He said to them, “You are from below; I am from above. You are of this world; I am not of this world. I told you that you would die in your sins, for unless you believe that I am he you will die in your sins.”

So they said to him, “Who are you?”

Jesus said to them, “Just what I have been telling you from the beginning. I have much to say about you and much to judge, but he who sent me is true, and I declare to the world what I have heard from him.” They did not understand that the had been speaking to them about the Father. So Jesus said to them, “When you have lifted up the Son of Man, then you will know that I am he, and that I do nothing on my own authority, but speak just as the Father taught me. And he who sent me is with me. He has not left me alone, for I always do the things that are pleasing to him.”

As he was saying these things, many believed in him. So Jesus said to the Jews who had believed him, “If you abide in my word, you are truly my disciples, and you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.”

They answered him, “We are offspring of Abraham and have never been enslaved to anyone. How is it that you say, ‘You will become free’?”

Jesus answered them, “Truly, truly, I say to you, everyone who practices sin is a slave to sin. The slave does not remain in the house forever; the son remains forever. So if the Son sets you free, you will be free indeed. I know that you are offspring of Abraham; yet you seek to kill me because my word finds no place in you. I speak of what I have seen with my Father, and you do what you have heard from your father.”

They answered him, “Abraham is our father.”

Jesus said to them, “If you were Abraham’s children, you would be doing the works Abraham did, but now you seek to kill me, a man who has told you the truth that I heard from God. This is not what Abraham did. You are doing the works your father did.”

They said to him, “We were not born of sexual immorality. We have one Father — even God.”

Jesus said to them, “If God were your Father, you would love me, for I came from God and I am here. I came not of my own accord, but he sent me. Why do you not understand what I say? It is because you cannot bear to hear my word. You are of your father the devil, and your will is to do your father’s desires. He was a murderer from the beginning, and does not stand in the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he lies, he speaks out of his own character, for he is a liar and the father of lies. But because I tell the truth, you do not believe me. Which one of you convicts me of sin? If I tell the truth, why do you not believe me? Whoever is of God hears the words of God. The reason why you do not hear them is that you are not of God.”

The Jews answered him, “Are we not right in saying that you are a Samaritan and have a demon?” Jesus answered, “I do not have a demon, but I honor my Father, and you dishonor me. Yet I do not seek my own glory; there is One who seeks it, and he is the judge. Truly, truly, I say to you, if anyone keeps my word, he will never see death.”

The Jews said to him, “Now we know that you have a demon! Abraham died, as did the prophets, yet you say, ‘If anyone keeps my word, he will never taste death.’ Are you greater than our father Abraham, who died? And the prophets died! Who do you make yourself out to be?”

Jesus answered, “If I glorify myself, my glory is nothing. It is my Father who glorifies me, of whom you say, ‘He is our God.’ But you have not known him. I know him. If I were to say that I do not know him, I would be a liar like you, but I do know him and I keep his word. Your father Abraham rejoiced that he would see my day. He saw it and was glad.”

So the Jews said to him, “You are not yet fifty years old, and have you seen Abraham?”

Jesus said to them, “Truly, truly, I say to you, before Abraham was, I am.” So they picked up stones to throw at him, but Jesus hid himself and went out of the temple (compliments

We never hear of Jesus using a derogatory words. It's always respectable language. He was speaking with what look like end-time liberals who cannot hear us, who project their own demonism upon us.

Why did Jesus die? If you answer, "to forgive sins," you've missed the mark. Why did the carpenter start his saw? If you answer, "to cut the wood," you would be missing the mark. The correct answer is: he started the saw to live in the house he's building the skeleton for. Jesus died to build an empire filled with his friends.

He came ALONE into a world defunct of moral compass. He had to start a new movement, one teaching at a time, one jab at a time, one correction at a time, one group of disciples at a time, until the mustard seed becomes an empire. It was against all odds that he should succeed, except that God had it planned from the foundations of the world. If only you could be the engineer's room to see the entire plan. If only you could see it unfold from the privacy of a cloud, with God beside you explaining the events, generation after generation. This is what God is concerned about, and so should we be. In the least, we should be for it, in support, but ideally we should be helping it out with the things we say.

But if the Empire is to be filled with His friends, then we should be His friends, does that not make sense? We all know how to be a friend. We become friends with one we trust, and so when Jesus died on your behalf, it gave you the reason to trust Him. He's not just using you, as might a wicked dictator, but wants to be your friend, not to help you overcome sins for no reason at all, but that we might be suitable friends for Him. It's not good enough if we are merely forgiven; we've also got to conform. It's just a fact of life in His Kingdom.

To conform, we've got to understand His mind. To what will we conform if not to His mind? He has the wisdom of God; seeing all sides of all issues to know how to understand / judge them all correctly. There is no one else we could fully trust, and He's always going to tell you where you need refinements, improvements, which is why the world hates Him. The world doesn't want to be told repeatedly how to conform to one Mind. Some people don't want to listen to their consciences. The world wants freedom to do as it pleases, which is why we need to beware freedom movements, because, while they oppose wicked dictators, they have members who oppose Jesus too, for He is a type of dictator in their eyes.

Conformity is eternal life. It starts with forgiveness of sins granted by a Friend, do you get it? It's not fully-grown at the forgiveness stage, but rather is only born at that time. It's the new birth the New Testament talks about. The babe grows through conformity, and the Bible does say that, sometimes, this takes a little furnace heat. When conforming, one must overcome the "old man" who wants to be freely irresponsible. The old man doesn't care about the Future of the Mustard Seed. The old man sees only the state of affairs in his own life, and wants to better his position there, totally oblivious to the Kingdom under construction. But when one is born again, he/she sees the Kingdom, and is happy and proud to be a part of it. He/she sacrifices all of worldly standing, and, so to speak, sells his/her belongings to buy stock in the Kingdom To Come.

There is a transfer from death to life, it's not a wonder he/she is happy about the decision. The meaner more-cruel we view death, the more invaluable do we view the crossing to Life.

The devil's job is to make you think there is no Jesus, no forgiveness, no Kingdom being built, even after you've come to firmly believe it. There's no end of people who've come to believe that this is all pie-in-the-sky, a mirage we've allowed ourselves to be tricked by. But Jesus said there will be those who endure to the end. The Kingdom will go on.

Freedom in Jesus is not the worship of freedom. Constitutional freedom is not the ideal in His Kingdom. It's not the basis of all law. In His Kingdom, freedom is your being freed from the gates of Hades, and the value of this one thing depends on the value of the Kingdom, for anyone freed from Hades also enters the Kingdom. What value will we place on such a thing? Yet people resist this gift for pots of metallic gold, for nothing but what money can buy in this pitiful world of blood shed where the glorious things are merely man-made. I'll admit, there are some very impressive things build by man, but does anyone think God can't do much better? Who is the fool who would make a man his god in place of the Creator?

Jesus did not die primarily to forgive your sins, but to be your Friend. We cannot place a value on this thing until we see what sort of friend Jesus is toward us. The Cross is the First Act of a hand held out in friendship. Jesus came that low to become your friend. He could not have come any lower. Won't you even give Him a chance to be your lifelong friend, your counselor, your protection, your wisdom, your guide.

Why does Jesus want our friendship? Is it a trick to secure our service, to make us eternal slaves for the glory of His Kingdom? Achem. If God wants us to be slaves, of the common type, to be used selfishly for Himself, He didn't need to become our friend to do it. He has the power to force us into slavery of the adverse kind without having to trick us along. As we read the Bible, it becomes amply apparent that God is not like the typical slave owner. It becomes apparent that He values relationships. If Jesus wanted us all to be slaves of God, he would not have called him, "Father." If we are servants of God, we are such as "sons of God."

Is it correct to say that God wants willing servants? Yes, he wants to see us accepting the role of servant of God. Jesus made it plain that he wants us all to be the greatest servant, to compete, even, for the top position. It might even please God for a minute if there's a big fist-fight in Heaven over who gets to sit beside Jesus.

So, if you can't stand the thought of being a servant of the Creator of the Universe, because you want to be free to be your own boss, then you are headed for unspeakable pain. It's a bad choice, anyway, because being free to do as you please in a world filled with people doing as they please ends up in strife, thievery, destruction and murder. You don't want to raise your kids there, do you? Oh, what's that? You already do. That's right, you already see a world's fruit where people wish to do as they please, where nobody wants to submit to anyone unless they get paid money. That's not loyal submission, and is therefore like zero. But Christians are excited about a new Way of doing things, and for this we are willing to pay our genuine submission to God. It's a good deal.

If at any time God abuses us in the Kingdom, then His Kingdom will not be able to stand. But we have confidence even now that the All-Knowing is not abusing. For one thing, God has no competing king to worry about. He doesn't need to send us to war to defeat the God of a neighboring universe. He's not trying to steal what we own because he doesn't want what we own.

There is no end to the education system in His Kingdom. You ain't seen knowledge yet. God is our escort to show us the glorious things we aint' never seen before. We's just kids on his Campus, and like human dad loves to show his kids amazing things, to amaze them, to make their faces shine, that's God the Father too, not very hard to understand. Why doubt it? Why choose to think that God is an evil tyrant instead? Some wrong-thinking, freedom-loving people have decided that He is. Some people think they are too good to become mere sons of God. Some people have a catholicized view of saintliness, a pagan-Romanesque view of God but wearing the black robe of Jesus. What black robe?

You cannot have the forgiveness of Jesus if you change Jesus into something He is not, for if one invents a different Jesus, one is then at war with Him, and thus it cancels the reason for the forgiveness of sins, which is for we to be His friends. Let Jesus be Jesus, defined as one wholly committed to the work of God against all powers of evil combined. There has never been such a Hero, and a successful one at that. Do you have any idea how much work goes into such a program? It makes me faint just to think about how small it began, and how large it was to become ahead of it. We don't want to make waves that do not serve this Program.

The best thing we can do to help build this Kingdom is to possess the right teachings, to know the truths behind the Plan, and to urge people to betray the devil to become a part of this Plan. We can't urge people to become a part of it if we don't define for them what it is. It's a kingdom in making, a Society of people having one mind with the most-powerful God there can possibly be, not a fake god, but the One-and-Only.

The reason that so much work is needed to build the empire is that devils oppose the Plan. Whether they know it or not, the rulers of this world are generally helpful toward the devil's ambitions of sowing pain and destruction via selfishness. Every time there's a new kid on the block who inherits a domain and wants to expand it toward his neighbors, pain and suffering, killing and/or starvation, follow. And catholicism was heavily involved in these endless wars not because it was a part of God's Plan.

If we can't add to the numbers of new converts because God has so few new with each passing year, then what we can do is be some comfort or strength to the believers who teeter and waver in Faith. Can we provide reasons for them to hang in there? can we say things like, the 'shroud of Turin" speaks of the Resurrection without doubt. It's not a fabrication. It's the real power of God burned into the burial cloth of Jesus? Does that help? Then why are fundamentalist churches / individuals allowing catholics to use the shroud to increase members for the vatican churches while they never mention this shroud at all, ever.

I can't remember one church service that spoke on this shroud. Maybe the strong in faith don't need the shroud to perk up their faith, but others who are having a hard time can use it to hang on, because believing that Jesus is who he said he is is vital for continuing the fight of faith. Of course. Suddenly, healing the blind becomes like child play when One realizes that God can raise a body three days after death. Suddenly, the one with weak faith can say, "you know, all of those miracles ascribed to Jesus, I can believe that He did perform them, seeing that God can raise the dead. Thank you for the shroud, Jesus. It means so much to me. I'll hang on to you till my death. Please be there for me, don't let me slip away."

And what should the one do who decides to go to his/her death with praise for Jesus? It's all in the New Testament. If someone's faith has not drawn them to reading Jesus' words for himself/herself, I have a major problem with this kind of faith. If one has faith only inasmuch as to listen to a pastor once a week, but is not interested in digging into his own Bible, what is that? Is that like hoping to be saved on the graces offered by the church? Isn't that the error of historical catholicism?

If you have read the Bible to the point of studying it intensely for years and years, and if you stop reading it regularly because you know it so well, I would not place you into the category of one who does not want to know Jesus. When I open the Bible to begin reading, and know beforehand by heart what is about to come, why bother reading it further? How many times should I read the parable of the four seeds before I no longer need to read it? Is the reading-itself the sacred-to-God part? No, of course not. I haven't read that parable for years, but I remember what it says to me: don't let this world's worries rob me of my Faith.

How many times do I need to read, "blessed are the peacemakers" before I understand to be a peacemaker? Does it really help to read it over and over again? No. And the only time I need it is when I'm acting non-peacefully. That's when I need to remember to be peaceful. But If I'm always trying to conform to the ways of Jesus, I will never need to reflect on being peaceful because I wouldn't stir up trouble like a hoodlum or a thug or a gangster in the first place. I'm a new creature that doesn't do things like that even if once I did them.

I am divisive (i.e. not a peacemaker) because I divide between Jesus and his enemies. To conform to the Biblical call not to be divisive is something altogether different, like when the devil seeks to cause division in the family of God. Like when a wife goes to a worldly court so seize custody of all the children, hoping simultaneously to take all the money and assets of the their father while trying to appear like the angel in the divorce. And to appear like the angel, she needs to tarnish his personality, to convince the children that their father's half-crazy or abusive or whatever else can be used for the purpose. This generation steeped in feminism and chicken-hearted male judges has seen wives leave fathers dead all over the roadsides for the vultures to come finish off. That's especially the sort of division we are to keep from, the type that causes warfare between parties for the sake of robbery. After all is said and done, it's preferable to be on the painful end of the stick rather than at the guilty end.

You don't need to keep reading over and over again the general Ways of Jesus. The apostles owned no Bibles. They didn't carry scrolls with them everywhere they went, and they probably didn't own the entire Bible in scrolls. Once they had the gist of Jesus' teachings, they enlarged upon those ideas in sound ways. What is it we don't understand about being honest, caring and peaceful? Do we need to study that for 14 years in the desert before we can be entrusted to tell others what it means? A Bible-college degree is far-less preferable than studying your own Bible intensely, and then shooting some of its ideas off on friends who have the same faith. Within not many years, you grasp the Message as a whole lot. You see the Plan.

The only thing that slows us down, as we read the Bible, is when we apply the teachings to ourselves, because it goes against the grain of our old selves. If we read the Bible as fast as any other book, it's not sinking in. You do not read it like you read a book for entertainment or knowledge. You read it to correct yourself from the way your world of friends, teachers and/or parents made you become. You begin to see the differences in the approach of Jesus versus the approaches of this world which seek to make us a useful tool of the state.

Jesus wants us to be a useful tool of His Kingdom instead. He came to cause the right kind of division, even between you and your parents if necessary, and the faithful one accepts separation from parents if necessary. The world will call us a cult, but we call the world the ever-lusting devil. That's division, not peacemaking. The Christian who tries to compromise a peaceful settlement with this world's anti-Biblical machinery is a traitor to Jesus.

There has been no better time to convince people that the devil is in the world, and the world is in the devil, than today. To put this in other words, the devil is converting souls for God by exposing himself. The irony. The more wicked the world becomes, the more that the weak in faith agree that the Bible is correct in asserting the existence of the devil. It follows that they'll realize Jesus was right who was the one to "popularize" the devil. Nobody exposed the devil like Jesus exposed him. Jesus made him a topic. The devil's been on the Christian dart board ever since, but do hearken to Peter who said that we should not slander the fallen angels, though I don't know the context of his words. I think he's warning us not to bring pain upon ourselves by attacking evil spirits, or the devil in general, with wrong attitudes, for example in mockery, but we aren't told what prompted this teaching.


Here's Rick Wiles of TruNews telling his audience that satan will feign being an alien/UFO force AFTER "world war III," which can only be a far-fetched theory at this point that should be reported as such. But that's not how he's reporting it. He makes it sound as though he's got an inside scoop on this certainty:

We've been hearing since Obama's days that the United States was going to try to convince the world that aliens exist, but this doesn't mean the world is going to buy it, and, moreover, the U.S. military has NEVER had less credibility than now, and so this is not a good time for this batch of goons to attempt such a hoax. NASA and evolutionists in general have been seeking to convince the world for decades that alien life is to be expected, and astronomy has been busy feigning the existence of nearby planets i.e. in nearby stellar systems. The end times is an attack on the existence of the Creator.

Who knows, perhaps instead of blaming Russia or N. Korea for some attack in the world, they will soon blame aliens. But not until the polls tell them that a sizable percentage of people believe in UFO's, and one way to get there is with staged operations intended to convince. The reason that aliens have been depicted in drawings as human-like creatures with big eyes and big heads is, for one, to brainwash the naive into thinking that humans evolved from them. Otherwise, how possibly could it be that they have human-like bodies? It's a hoax claiming that human life is not from God, but from ancient aliens. There is also a good chance that some demons have human-like shapes, if we could see their bodies. Spirit "material" does not absorb nor reflect physical light. If light goes through spirit material, you cannot see the spirit. There is nothing too unbelievable about this because there are many transparent materials even in the physical world.

There's a good chance that this latest UFO will be reported as Russian technology, and thus the goal is to accuse Russia in violation of respecting American airspace.

Rick Wiles would be ecstatic, on the one hand, if world war III broke out this month so that he could say, "I told you so," and yet he is not asking his audience to store foods but maybe in one show per 20, 30 or even 40 (I haven't been counting), and even when he mentions food storage, he has almost zero emphasis on it. Therefore, if a food shortage occurs soon, TruNews will be guilty of not moving his sheep firmly enough to secure safety, just in case. Don't get me wrong, I'm not blasting TruNews, and I appreciate many of its positions, BUT, I have the right to correct it when I'm right in correcting it.

Jesus said do not worry about your food, but I think this is for normal times, not when we have heard reports that a food shortage is being engineered by obscenely-wealthy anti-Christs. Yet Wiles has been predicting a Russia-NATO war IMMINENTLY, and war is the typical factor causing food shortages, but he advises his sheep: don't worry, just trust God, even if you die of starvation. I'm not happy with this attitude, and so if I'm going to share a few TruNews videos, I'm also going to warn where I see warnings warranted.

In Jesus' parable of the rich man who stored up things in his barn, he did so with an attitude to displease God because he wasn't rich toward God simultaneously. Jesus' advice, therefore, is obvious: stock the flock of God too, your Christian neighbor, where needed, and this is where the spirit of Rick Wiles is failing as he promises conditions conducive to food-and-product shortages. How grievous would this be if Mr. Wiles is storing much food for his own family?

I've not heard him say that he refuses to store foods for himself because he believes in sheer trusting in God to supply in any situation.

Knowing that a gang would come to arrest Him, Jesus thought it appropriate to advise his disciples to bring swords to Gethsemane even though the angels were able to protect. Don't test God, but do what's prudent under special circumstances.

Below is an interesting video showing what could be Noah's ark at 14,000 of elevation on mount Ararat. If there's not fakery here, then it's got to be the ark. The larger those beams are, the harder it is to believe that someone dragged the wood up the mountain to build something so sturdy there. Nobody builds a mere home up a mountain with 16-inch beams. Nobody builds a barn 14,000 feet up where animals don't thrive. But, the video has no evidence that this structure is as high as claimed, nor even evidence that it's on Ararat. How does one provide such evidence? For one thing, show the government documents telling that the team was given Turkish permission to inspect.

Men are entering passages through the rock to get to the wood structure, as if God left the passages there, otherwise the structure could not be found, I'm assuming.

In the video, it says that this archeological site was "rediscovered" in 2008, and that world forces passed it off as a hoax (i.e. filmed in a "studio"), a thing we can expect from anti-Christian forces ruling globalism, for they would lie even if this find is authentic. What were the conclusions of the teams in this video??? Have they ruled out a mine shaft? Turkey wouldn't have allowed exploration of the site if it had been a mine shaft, obviously. The beams are too close to ground level to be a mine-shaft necessity. Where is a photo(s) showing the landscape around the site to show the difficulty / impossibility of dragging building materials up there? Turkey's not inclined to be helpful in this matter. Perhaps it allowed atheistic China to explore it in order to give evidence that it can't be the ark.

If the structure above is the ark, then the following story, as described by Ron Wyatt, a man of hoaxed many Biblical finds, is a fake. Just after 4 minutes, the picture doesn't look much like vertical timbers to me, and they aren't even in contact, whatever they are:

When you get to the "wall of Heaven" at 3:28 of the video below, you will see that it looks like the wrongly-supposed wood beams just after the four-minute mark of the video above, showing that there's no proof of there being wood beams in that boat-like "hull." Notice how there are similar rock outcrops near the hull-like outcrops that cannot be part of the boat, meaning the hull shape is coincidental. This video is hyped and filled with diagrams that can plant false ideas into your mind. Don't believe anything that Wyatt claims to have found. He's the kind of Joseph Smith who would plant some fossilized wood at the site so that he can have it "discovered."

The wood in the ice seen on Ararat itself has much-more ability to serve God in the Millennium, when there will be no restriction to its inspection. That site can expose to the world the reality of the Flood much better than Wyatt's dubious claims. We cannot compare real wood one can touch with the hand versus Wyatt's diagrams for packing a punch. That's why google, our enemy, gives you the hull-like rock shape if you ask for Noah's ark on Ararat, instead of the structure with hard-to-explain wood at 14,000 feet up. You can bet everything you own that globalist forces, our enemies (so disgusting in their disinformation which they claim to combat), have done all in their powers to convince Turkey to shut the door to further exploration of that wooden structure, and in the meantime google does its best to hide videos / articles on the topic.

The ark is 30 cubits tall. Using the short cubit of 17.5 inches each, that's 44 feet, and as it had three floors including the bottom floor, it tends to reveal much-more animal room than is commonly given for it. As the ceiling height for each floor works out to 14.5 feet, we can clearly see that other floors were likely in there because one doesn't need that much head space for most animals. I gather that the bottom floor, plus two floors above, were the critical parts to keep the walls stable. But other floors and walls not tied into the outer walls could have been added. In fact, when we divide 14.5 by two, we get just the perfect height for a standing person to work on that floor. And for small animals, head height didn't need the seven feet of height, and so one can imagine all sorts of shelves, between isles for the people to walk along, for small animals to be caged in. Even tigers can do with about four or five feet of height.

There's no doubt that a global flood took place because marine creatures are fossilized over all continental elevations, including mountain regions. If you or I were living before the Flood, why do we think God should have spared us if only eight were deemed worthy enough? God is not very happy with us, with our conduct. Somehow, on the death of Jesus, He's got to turn that around. It required a Critical Act to turn things around, God is not playing games. Don't Treat the Critical Act lightly. Respect it, and act accordingly if you've received the Spirit into your soul.

If you are using Christianity to supply your living, for example, with a Christian website, you had best not be using God to make your living, if you know what I mean. If, instead of educating, you do only enough as is necessary to make your allotment of money, God sees it. I would NEVER make money on a webpage fully fitted to educate Christians. You are on the slippery slope if you have such a webpage. You had best tread well.

What's the difference between a webpage owner who frowns on pastors paid to preach, and his own money-intake via his webpage? I don't see any difference. I don't expect a pastor who's paid to preach to say that it's cut-rate to get paid to preach. I don't expect elders to say it either, if they wish to remain elders.

After a few years, a pastor gets to learning the things to say on a large number of topics such that he doesn't need to spend much of the week preparing for the sermon. And if you're like me, you may have asked: "if the pastor visits his flock much of the week, besides working on a sermon, how come he never drops in on me?" Has a pastor or webpage owner slipped down the slope of using his flock for his own financial needs? And is he setting his sites on winning more money than he needs because he cares about doing "God's work" using the extra money? Nobody spent a dime for my conversion.

And when churches convert people, it's a lot like a revolving door because, since I've been a Christian from over 40 years ago, I don't think the numbers of Christians in my country has increased. If we all convert just one person a year after starting with a national population of ten-percent Christian, the entire country would be Christian after little more than three years. It's clear that God has been converting far-far less than one person per year per one Christian in the land.

If each of us makes one convert on average per ten years, starting with a Christian population of ten-percent, the whole country would be Christianized after little more than three decades. Therefore, over my 40-years plus of being a Christian, each Christian on average has saved less than one person per ten years. This seems to indicate the distinct possibility that there's no use laying out billions of dollars on saving people in evangelism projects when God is in no rush to save people, and when it doesn't cost God one dime to save somebody when the right time comes to do so. On the other hand, I think preaching on salvation in Jesus, and especially on Christian lifestyles / behavior, is considered necessary by God to warn those who will never convert.

But if pastors learn the trick of the trade in making people offer their lives to God in an altar call, maybe it's producing thin-string bonds to Jesus that are bound to break. God knows how to make the bond strong enough that the person will endure all things to the end. I don't think people have that ability, not even close.

Christian news stations can learn to expend 30 minutes on the days news easily, without spending seven hours that day to plan on what to say. Therefore, some of these news people make more money than an engineer on a lot less than eight hours work daily. I see the new stories daily, and it doesn't take a lot of time to find the most-interesting/important ones. Fetch a few articles on the topic, and voila, you already have things to say because you simply copy what's already been said. I see this all day long, newscasters just repeating the same points, and this includes big-name news people trained to make everything sound important / vital / entertaining.

When a Christian does it in the name of serving God, uh-oh, don't play with Him if what you're really doing is securing daily bread and three vacations annually with the hope and goal of making even more money. I don't think Jesus would operate in this way. One can see the reason as to why it could be better to have one of two shoes per week where money is neither asked for nor received than to have a daily show for making a living. It's something to think about both for video producers and watchers.

I'm not saying that I have a right to judge Christians with money-collecting webpages. I'm saying that I would fear having such a webpage because it would be a slippery slope for me.

Is the following train-wreck story another part of slowly destroying the United States by causing wide-spread illnesses, as only the global thugs wish to do? Normally, a story like this would definitely be covered by CNN, etc., but not this time. Why not? If it's only a train accident, why not cover it? But if it's a deliberate globalist-thug attempt to make people sick or dead sooner, then the goons will give their media barons a heads-up not to cover the story.

We might even ask what else they had in the trains that were set on fire? Did they arrange trains with poisons far worse than we're being told? Is this an experiment to see how well it kills or sickens? Just look at the poisons in creeks from this short video:

The least the government can do is truck in some clean water for locals, especially as it's not a large population center. And it can also donate home-use water distillers. The air may become clean, but they need clean water most of all now. This event has made many-more anti-government conspiracy theorists.

By midweek, this train "accident" has proven to be a premeditated crime by multiple political forces as accomplices. ALL MAJOR MEDIA WERE ORDERED NOT TO AIR THIS STORY, no stretch. The question is, what is the goal, or the backdrop? The story has been all over social media. There is evidence that this wreck was put together as a psychological operation by some demonic organization such as the CIA; see "White Noise."

The goal seems to have been to burn the toxic chemicals in the train because there was put out an excuse that, unless burned in a controlled way from igniting it at a relief valve in the tanks, the tanks might ignite on their own inducing a terrible explosion. Achem, no, a tank can not explode unless there is a crack in it, allowing material to get out, and after that it yet needs to be ignited. As the tanks sat on the ground, they were easy to check for leakage, and by the time they could get to them for such a check, there was likely nothing nearby to ignite the gases.

I claim that they burned the gases off anyway, even though there was no leakage, no threat to an uncontrolled ignition leading to an explosion. Multiple people reported a train axle glowing white-hot just before the derailment, and at least one person caught this axle on camera as it passed in the night. Therefore, the train was sabotaged by compromising its axle in some way. If the government were not complicit, major media would have covered this story without doubt. The message from the deep state is: we did this, and what are you going to do about it?

Why wasn't it an option to pump the toxic liquids into new train tanks brought to the crash site? It could have been faster than burning it.

If the balloon that was shot down passed in the vicinity of Ohio, the two events may have been related. For example, if the balloon was spewing out viral material, the derailment may have been used to spread the viral material more broadly by allowing the heat of the fire to send it higher into the sky with an eastward wind blowing. The train derailed February 3, and the balloon was reportedly shot down on the 4th.

"According to public information collected by open-source intelligence accounts TheIntelFrog and TieDyeIntel, the balloon was sighted in Kansas, Missouri, North Carolina and finally South Carolina, but also likely made its way across the states of Wyoming, South Dakota, Nebraska and Kentucky." Therefore, the balloon was first west, then south, of the derailment, from the end of January to February 3. The goons may have waited for the viral materials to fall eastward / northward as far as Ohio before igniting the tanks. Cleveland, about 100 miles to the north-west of the train derailment, reported finding some of the train's chemicals.

By mid-week (15th) this week, high winds across the northern United States in the area of the train wreck:

The Schwabites are unashamed in calling their movement a global government order even though no official organization exists. Nobody voted it in. At their affair this week, Musk spoke on a screen but was too afraid of saying outright what he obviously wanted to say: he's not for a global government because it rests too much power in one hand. That's a lot like what most people feel too, though they feel it's bad because it rests too much power in EVIL hands. If you and I can see that Schwabism is evil, so can Musk.

Never forget, Klaus Schwab is in bed to some degree with China. I don't know whether they have agreed to share the spoils of war, but maybe it is that bad. This week, Schwab had to tell his chief supporters that he understands how people can be suspicious of, or resistant to, his human-machine view of the immediate future. He's trying to convince his supporters that he wants this technology solely for the good of mankind, so he wants them to believe that there's no need to fear. Our aside continues to claim that his vision is absolutely worthy of opposing. This is where this battle is now, with damage-control propaganda coming from Schwab.

Meanwhile, Schwabism is trying to tell his enemies that unless we obey it, it will attack us with many horrible means...yet it's risking much by doing so. As people shift their allegiance away from his vision for the world, some of his key people are going to be arrested, and they will rat on him. For two years, the shift has been to anti-globalist governments even in Europe, and only election fraud can save this serpent, as it did in Brazil...which is the way things stand at the moment. Therefore, we had best get it through our heads, that unless our side puts a lot of its marbles toward the exposure, curbing, and penalizing of election-cheat machinery, we are going to be treated as warriors worthy of death unless we side with this serpent.

Schwab is playing with fire, and can be burned with fire. It's that way also for him. It's not the anti-globalists alone who are at risk of being burned. The politics can change quickly, and an FBI that will not prosecute now can in the short future. It was Trump who left the world to this serpent, never forget. He had his chance to change the military brass, and the Intelligence chiefs, but he was a total trash on this important front. It's like when you need a special tool to get a certain job done, the tool is a piece of trash that can get nothing done.

Got to hand it to The Guardian (not usually our friend) for openly exposing a "bot" operation on election fraud operated by the Israeli government:

Here's a bright spot for Australia's fight against forced vaccinations:

I don't want to put words into God's mouth incorrectly, but maybe we need to see God's judgments in-action right now against the guilty. For example: "We now have all the CMA Canadian doctor death data in a spreadsheet. It shows that doctors 50 and younger are being killed after the second booster a rate that is over 12X normal." It opens the opportunity for God to ruin / weaken our worst enemies in critical positions expected to be part of anti-Christ fascism. Do not mess with God in these coming years because He's got his judge's robe on underneath his armour. He's fighting mad, and judgment even starts with the Church, according to Paul.

RESPECT GOD. In old days, this was "fear God." It means the same thing. It means: do not disrespect God. Yet in these days, people mock him in public. If you want God to help you in your time of need, respect Him when you are not in time of need. This is no time to tell Peter-in-Heaven jokes. If we are at the brink of the Return, then He's been waiting for this day since the foundations of the world were laid. Act accordingly. Let all the judges of the earth stand when God walks into the room.

The statement above is more-accurately this, though I think the "2020" should be "2022" because vaccines didn't come out until 2021: "The Canadian Medical Association (CMA) data for 2020 shows doctors in Canada aged 50 and under die at a rate of about 10 to 12 per year. After the latest booster, 6 Canadian doctors, 50 and under, died within a 15 day period." The reason that's 12 times the normal rate is that virtually zero doctors die in that age group over a one-year period.

Apparently, fascist George Soros wants much of Tesla to go to somebody(s) in his will: "George Soros Buys Up Tesla Stock, Boosting His Stake By 270%". Is that purely a financial move, or does it got some politics in it? Is Soros now convinced that his fellow-fascist globalists will force the electric car widely on the masses soon? Doesn't that suggest that the fuel crisis will be ramped up so as to inadvertently reduce political support for Democrats and other globogoons?

Same day (Friday) from Bloomberg: "Biden to Sell Another 26 Million Barrels of Oil from the Strategic Petroleum Reserve". They are destroying both themselves and everyone else, a thing we could expect in the countdown to Armageddon. There's no use taking people off of gasoline with high prices and faked shortages -- it can't spawn political rewards -- if nobody wants to buy electric cars, and so Soros apparently wants to egg other goons to buy Tesla shares in hopes that this car market can work toward a forced, electric-car society. I sense that, maybe, Soros feels personally responsible for trying to save this market, which can mean that he's much behind the fuel problems / fuel taxes to begin with.

If you think you'll need more videos explaining to a court / board why you shouldn't lose a job due to rejecting a COVID vaccine, some new autopsy reports have been done finding mRNA culprits yet again:

On Thursday, the mid-level court handling Kari Lake's appeal finally revealed that it intended to deny her case all along, and so it appears the judges opposed to her needed an extra two weeks of time to come up with the best-possible argument to deny her, which is that her voters were permitted to vote. No joke. Lake's claiming that there was fraudulent counting, and the hiding / trashing of votes in her favor, and the judge responds back that, oh, ya but your voters were allowed to vote, therefore you could not have been cheated. The painful tease continues.

In one article, part of the decision was put this way: "[Chief judge] Cattani dismissed Lake’s claims that voters were discouraged from voting on Election Day by the hours-long lines caused by ballot printers and tabulators malfunctioning as 'quite simply, sheer speculation.'" Ya-but what right does the judge have in quite-simply-sheer-speculating that voters were not discouraged or otherwise robbed of their vote? He's not at liberty to say, "the accusation is untrue," without stating why so, and that reason(s) usually comes after a court case presents the evidence. Kari thus has good grounds to appeal to Arizona's supreme court, which she says she will do.

Dominion Voting sued Fox News to shut it up concerning election fraud, and it worked. And so we find the story below that looks promising for correcting this aspect of election fraud. As you read the following, keep in mind that companies conducting deliberate fraud need to put into writing means by which they can defend themselves against fraud in a court of law. One way to do this is to write a host of messages to people that Dominion software has been found vulnerable, in a few cases, to outside attacks, and contains bugs for making the voting process even more vulnerable. In this way, Dominion can claim, in court, that elections were not deliberately stolen by anything they arranged deliberately in the machinery, but candidates were robbed of wins due to mere errors or poor programming. But the companies do not admit these failures to the public, of course:

On Thursday, FOX News filed a brief in this case with Dominion Voting Systems. FOX News uncovered some material issues with Dominion and its voting systems. These items were so serious that Dominion employees expressed concerns about these issues.

Discovery in this case revealed that Dominion’s own employees expressed serious concerns about the security of its machines.

Mark Beckstrand, a Dominion Sales Manager, confirmed that other parties “have gotten ahold of {Dominion’s} equipment illicitly” in the past...

And just weeks before the 2020 presidential election, Dominion’s Director of Product Strategy and Security, Eric Coomer, acknowledged in private that “our shit is just riddled with bugs.” Indeed, Coomer had been castigating Dominion’s failures for years. In 2019, Coomer noted that “our products suck.” He lamented that “{a}lmost all” of Dominion’s technological failings were “due to our complete f— up in installation.”

In another instance, he identified a “*critical* bug leading to INCORRECT results.” Ex.H4, Coomer Email (Jan. 5, 2018). He went on to note: “It does not get much worse than that.” And while many companies might have resolved their errors, Coomer lamented that “we don’t address our weaknesses effectively!” (Gateway Pundit).

Here's Sergey Lavrov explaining why Germany has become a "satellite" of the United States:

Here's a good video concerning the securing of large-trunk firewood in the forest. The dryer the wood, the more heat you'll get i.e. the more work you will save, important if your wood supply is shy of your needs. Buying your tribulation property in a forest makes sense if you do it a couple of years before the 666 becomes mandatory, so that you can get to the large trunks and get them chopped, stacked and dry in time. Stacked wood lasts several years in the elements. Don't burn the brush with branches two inches or less because it's good firewood, with some extra work. Drag and pile the brush into heaps, and it'll be good fire starter one day. With a small hatchet, I remove bark from all stacked firewood as soon as it comes off easily enough, and the bark is good for garden spots, anyway. This work is good for building arm muscle.

I found that covering the wood with clear plastic during rainy periods helps, and the plastic causes temperature build-up on sunny days in the cool fall for some extra wood-drying help. Allow air currents to get in under the plastic. The closer the plastic is to the wood when draped over it toward the ground, the hotter the wood gets with trapped sunlight. Heat entering the wood pushes out humidity. Drape the plastic as far as the ground at both ends of a wood stack, and put some heavy wood on the plastic at those two points to withstand wind gusts. Then arrange a way (a stick works) to lift the plastic off the ground in the middle so that air current gets in. It doesn't matter how close the plastic is to the wood, the air currents will push the more-humid air through the stack to the other side.

By the way, I'm pretty sure I noticed that wood splits easier when it's below freezing temperature. Someone writes: "It’s minus 27 today, and I was having a tough time with my seasoned firewood only a week ago. Today it flies apart so easily it’s almost comical. I feel like I’m splitting balsa wood." My experience was the same when I had to split some wood in winter. The shorter the pieces, the easier to split, but the more gasoline and saw use there will be. It's your call. I've got some very hard (reddish) hardwood here that refuses to split after three years of drying (i.e. it needs a fourth). I'm splitting with an axe, however.

My Shingles Illness

[Insert Saturday February 25 -- This section could become boring / dry, and so I want to put up front here that I broke down last night, at 1 am Thursday-to-Friday, and went to the emergency ward to see if they would knock me out to get sleep. They refused, and sent me home with a couple of tabs of morphine and a prescription for 30 more tabs (5 mg). I took two when getting home, but it did nothing to get rid of the pain after three hours, though they said that one tab might do the trick after 30 minutes.

So at 6 am, I returned to the hospital to say I'm in critical shape and need some sleep. But again they refused to let me sleep there under pain watch, and sent me home with an additional prescription of pregabalin capsules of merely 25 grams. While filling the prescription at the drug store, I picked up some ZzzQuil sleep aid, and I recommend you remember that brand because, for the first time in 20 days and 20 nights, sweet sleep came upon me, I can't tell you how amazing that felt. ZzzQuil works.

I got three hours sleep, took a couple more morphine, and got five hours more sleep. I was fine after that, but I would not have been able to fall asleep had not the two drugs above, along with the sleep aid, removed the pain. The two drugs work, but need time to begin working. Just remember, morphine is much better than Advil or aspirin for shingles pain. Pregabalin is specifically for nerve pain, begging why they didn't give me a larger dosage.

Do not throw out your old morphine, and do not use it all if you don't need it for some illness, but keep it in case you need it in the tribulation period. I don't know whether old morphine is an issue, but maybe not.

Insert Monday -- Ever since, and a day or two before, taking morphine, I've had no bowel movements. On Monday I asked a pharmacist about this, and he said morphine will cancel bowel movements. You don't want to go too long without them, and so he suggested I buy Senokot-S to start a bowel movement. End inserts]

I'm reading that a weakened immune system causes shingles to wake up, attack nerves, and then create blisters on the skin. But I'm not vaccinated and therefore should not be having a weakened immune system, though I did have two chicken breasts weekly for about six or eight weeks ending a couple of months ago. Did I eat vaccinated chicken meat?

Almost everything I eat is bad for shingles. It figures.

On Friday (February 10, 2023), two small areas, one above, and one below, the hip started to develop a red skin rash. The next day, a swath of skin between the butt and belly started to turn red. On this Saturday (11th), as I write, I found this: "How long can you have nerve pain before shingles rash appears? Most cases of shingles last three to five weeks. The first sign is often burning or tingling pain; sometimes it includes numbness or itching on one side of the body. Somewhere between one and five days after the tingling or burning feeling on the skin, a red rash will appear." That's about a perfect description of what I've got, though it seems to be swelling the tendon too that passes across the hip bone into the leg.

It reminds of the ugly, painful sores that people having the mark of the beast will get. Shingles can be a blister-upon-blister mess. "The virus lies dormant when your immune system is strong. But if something causes you to become immunocompromised, the virus can reactivate. This triggers shingles." COVID "vaccines" therefore predict a shingles pandemic.

My skin has been numb from when the pain first appeared on Sunday, February 4, at, above and below the hip. If it's only shingles, it makes me feel much better than if it's some underlying infectious disease. I'm reading that pain can begin days before the rash appears.

As of Wednesday, February 15, my pain was worst ever in the morning, 4 am, after two hours sleep that was all I had all night long. On average, from the outset of pain days earlier, I had been getting one hour sleep nightly. I would lay all night, almost, until the pain forced me to get up. That's the setting this Wednesday, weak, and in agony.

On a scale of 1-10 for bearability, it was 10 (most painful), and it took about an hour for one tab of an acetaminophen-codeine mix to relieve the pain to about 1 out of 10, though I think the reduction in pain was the new position, sitting instead of lying. I don't know how people did this pain relievers. The score of 10 out of 10 does not define 10 like when one gets a leg sawn off with a chainsaw, for example, but where for me an 11 would send me to get special help. Also, 10 refers to the battle because it's re-occurring pain that wears out the soul, especially as it tends to wear out the mind.

The initial small rash appearing last Friday is now browning as about 20 unpopped blisters (I've read not to pop them), but still sensitive to the touch. This rash alone was painful, so you can imagine how much worse the 200 sizable blisters (and another 100 small ones) are, which started to redden between Tuesday and Thursday along about eight nerve bands. If this is what COVID vaccines are going to produce for many, sooner or later, it is horrible, like fire on the skin.

The pain overnight from Wednesday to Thursday morning was the worst of all so far. There was a nerve at the center of all the blisters that could not be pacified no matter what position I tried. I tried sleep while sitting on the couch, in an on-my-knees fetal position, or with bad leg raised this way, that way, everywhich position, and ironically could not get rid of the pain even when lying on the good hip. I tried putting a pillow in different places under me, but nothing worked. At dawn, I had to get off the couch and walk around to get relief, and decided to revert to two aspirins (650 mgs total) per dose instead of the half-dose (one aspirin at a time) I was doing all Thursday long. I was trying to lower the dose because I had been taking the maximum (4,000 mgs daily) for a week or more, and they say online that this can be dangerous. I started to feel mild pain at the heart area. You don't want internal bleeding when taking lots of aspirin like this. I was resolved not to go to a hospital for relief unless I was willing to half-risk my life to some ignorant, leftist-swine of a doctor. Things almost got bad enough twice, and I'm not celebrating yet because I'm not out of the woods yet.

The good news is, the severe pain in one nerve at the center of all the blisters left on Thursday morning, how fortunate. I got some good sleep Thursday night to Friday morning in spite of the biting / burning pain at the blisters. The nerve I'm talking about is one in the lower back that seems exactly to be the spot that had given me sciatica earlier in life, which went away about a decade ago. I have no idea why the sciatica went away. I can sit at the computer chair with mild pain only, but without sleep it hurts to think or use the keypad.

There was another couldn't-sleep-a-wink night of AGONY to Saturday morning, forcing me to get up for a couple of aspirins and a coffee at 4 am. Once again, the pain level immediately dropped to 1 out of 10 during coffee, and while I thought it was due to the sitting position, I'm wondering whether coffee helped.

Thinking it was time to get off of aspirin by now, changing to Advil for the last haul of this illness, I found the following: "As you may have guessed from the descriptions above, acetaminophen [aspirin] is best used for fever, aches and pains, but will not be very helpful if the pain is due to inflammation. Ibuprofen [Advil] is more helpful for these symptoms when inflammation is the cause." What a lousy time to discover that aspirin doesn't do much for inflammation, because other articles claim it does fight it. Shingles is all inflammation, whether it's the nerve pain or skin-burning sensation, is it not? Yes: "The shingles rash is associated with an inflammation of nerves beneath the skin."

Keep in storage a couple of bottles of ASA (aspirin), though probably best if not from Bayer (can't be trusted), and don't let it go too far past expiry. Don't throw old ASA out, for it might be effective for years after expiry, and this is a good drug to have for tribulation needs that might crop up. Keep Advil for inflammation, a term we hear lots of with COVID-vaccine side-effects. I don't know how this works, but a body could perhaps give up life if pain becomes too unbearable for too long.

Perhaps you don't need to throw out Benadryl if it's many years old because I'm reading it won't harm anyone if taken after expiry. Some chemicals just don't change forms due to time passing. If Benadryl is dry powder inside the capsules, perhaps the only reason they give it an expiry date is to force us to buy much more of it than we need to. A pharmacist over the phone recommended last week that Benadryl can help me get to sleep, but I haven't been to town since to try it.

On Saturday (18th), my tenant picked me up some Benadryl, and so I took two tabs at about 6-7 pm, followed an hour later by a half-aspirin in keeping with my tapering-off of it to go onto Advil instead. I took the first Advil (in this regimen) about an hour later, but was forced off the couch in 9-level agony about 9:30 pm. I got down onto an exercise mat, on the floor, and put the bad leg up onto a chair to cut the pain in half, which is as much as this method could do. The hard surface of the floor was better than the couch, which is why I'm not on the bed with a deep foam that makes the pain worse than the couch. Just so you know, a solid surface can be helpful depending on what's causing the pain.

It was at this time that I noticed the location of the pain, not at the lower-middle back where my sciatica typically pains me, but below the hip in the upper leg. This (just knowing) actually made me feel better because it indicated that the pain was shifting nerve to nerve, and that the other nerves were fine. That is, this seemed like the last nerve to need dealing with.

As previous nights reduced the pain almost totally by just having a coffee and sitting at the computer chair with the bad leg up, I did this once again this Saturday night, and once again the pain vanished by about 10:30 pm. Only this time, there was, for the first time, zero burning pain from skin blisters, and so I've got to credit either the Advil or Benadryl or both.

My desk is an old kitchen table with a center piece running across it about 12 inches off the floor, and I put the foot of the bad leg on top of this cross piece, in case you need to alleviate the pain by doing the same. It might not have been as good had the foot been left on the floor, for putting the foot up relieves more stress. This illness is fussy as to what alleviates pain; a small shift in leg position can make a difference.

I also want to add that I normally drink four coffees daily, but had been doing only two during the days when the getting up to have coffee relieved the pain. It's possible that my body's addiction to coffee i.e. going without the extra two "doses" daily made the nerves less happy. So, try coffee to alleviate nerve pain.

It checks out: "Certain chemicals in coffee will bind to and block the adenosine receptors which can have a pain-relieving affect. Coffee also stimulates the release of dopamine and beta-endorphins which are neurotransmitters that act as a natural pain killer in the body." Plus, "It's perfectly okay to have caffeine with Benadryl."

At about 11 pm, I went to bed without any pain but a dull sensation that was less than 1 on the pain level. I took the second Advil at that time, and I slept deep (for the first time) until 3:30, at which time some pain in the ballpark of 6/7 pain level forced me out of bed to the computer chair to where I'm writing this. I feel sleepy probably from the Benadryl. The burning sensation is 90-percent gone, and so I think the Advil is doing that part, which is a big deal if you ever get shingles. It's a big deal to know that aspirin might do little for it, and that Advil might do much better, because the burning is a major part of torment, day after day. I'm having a lemon tea at this time instead of coffee; I want to go back to sleep.

I now have a choice of one versus two Benadryl to help me get more sleep after I take another Advil. If I can get further deep sleep for hours with this mix of chemicals, then this looks like the right ticket for shingles relief, a thing I wish I knew from the start. I'm not taking 2 Advil at a time because the maximum daily dosage is 6 at the rate (every 5 hours) I'm taking them now. The sleep on the couch until 3:30 brought deep-down pain inside the hip area, not at the upper leg that had the pain earlier in the evening, and so something is working to cancel the pain at the upper leg.

There are ghosts of pain, and numb skin, at the blistered regions, but this is very tolerable. With the pain almost all gone, the face is without stress as I lay down to go to sleep, and I can have a different type of offering to God as comparing to the re-occurring begging to Him for relief that I naturally do when in deep pain. It never gets worse when I cry / reach out to Him.

I did try to tackle this illness from the start on prayer alone, but when that was not working, I had to succumb to aspirin, and some acetaminophen-codeine mix I had left over from a dental visit a few years ago. I made sure the prayers were respectful of God's choice. I don't know why God allowed me to endure this thing; I kept thinking it was due to something I've done wrong in life, and had to be content that I was able to tolerate the pain without a hospital visit. People online say that we should check in with a doctor when having shingles in case he knows how best to keep it from becoming the long-term illness that a few get, but I took my chances without medical advice because I don't trust the liberal swine that my world is now infested with. Sorry, but this is how I've come to feel, and to prove I'm correct about this fear, canada is now openly promoting euthanasia just to alleviate tax dollars. You want to talk about sick?

You've seen animals licking each other. It's pleasurable to give love. It's comforting to give love in that way, and this is what I need with God. It's called "worship," and so throughout the trying times I kept the goal in mind of wanting to get over the pain so that I could start to engage the Comforter again. Although I deeply hated the highest pain levels, and the drawn-out factor of the pain, I did some deliberate biting the bullet without complaining to Him. The harsher the pain levels we endure, the better we get at it, and maybe I've got worse pain coming in the future for which I now need practice. Having a respectful attitude toward God in pain can make the difference on whether we endure it at all. Every such illness is a trial, and God wants to know how you will talk to Him at those times when you become a brute beast stripped of all facades / cosmetics.

Jesus, just minutes away from his arrest, begged God three times to remove from him the need to go to his painful death. I did "lash" out at God over the past couple of weeks, for example complaining on why He made nerves in the first place to feel such high levels of pain. Why not tone this down? It seems cruel of God, especially as He knew that men would whack each other to death, or worse, in warfare. Anyone got an explanation for this?

All I know is, I don't want anyone to feel pain like this, and yet we have military demons who care nothing about the pain they cause the "enemy" for the sake of empire-building. The American military is operated by demons. Stay away from it. Vaccine deaths are to be blamed on the American military, and it doesn't care what horrors people have.

I'm wondering whether the painful sores that appear on those who take the mark of the beast are shingles illnesses. Revelation says they will seek death to avoid the pain, but will not find it. I wonder why the duration of that pain, which feels like scorpion stings (sounds like burning pain), will be five months in particular? Perhaps a generality. Perhaps not everyone gets it for five months. If the mark of the beast is what people receive only with proof of vaccination, then, yes, shingles can result widely when vaccines lower the defenses of the immune system. Woe to those who cause this pain in the name of satan.

Constant pain will tend to make people feel that God has abandoned them. I think this goes for anyone. Constant pain that ends in death is an awful thing to endure, and this is what God chose for inflicting Jesus when dying on our stead. In the end He lashed (perhaps not the best term to use) out at God: "why have you forsaken me"? The only explanation I have is that our rebellion against God has grieved Him, put him to deep pain, on account of our doing. We may not have realized that we were paining God when ignoring Him, but that's what we did. And so I find myself asking Him, "why do you let it bother you when someone rejects You out of ignorance, out of not knowing better"? Can't God just let this slide? If a person's thinking is wrong in not knowing God's true character, why should God take it personally as an insult?

It's after 5 am, time for an Advil, and I think I'll skip another Benadryl. We should keep in mind that the pain is tapering off greatly now perhaps partly due to the illness running its course, for this is now that start of day-13 since it began, and day-8 since the first rash appeared. I might be able to get away without the Advil too, but I don't want to take the chance. I feel very "lucky" that sitting at the computer chair relieves the pain, otherwise, without much sleep the past two weeks, I might have gone "crazy," or perhaps worse, I might have checked into a hospital. The first goal becomes getting sleep because we need the strength to fight the pain.

Deep pain, not skin burn, forced me off the couch at about 8:30 am (Sunday). I didn't get instantly to sleep even though there was no pain, but I did awake from sleep like the walking dead, and with mid-level pain inside the hip area. Skin is still numb to the touch, but as the burning is mainly gone throughout, I suppose Advil is responsible. Every once in a while I feel a blister bursting its liquid content, and felt one on my hip bursting while the kettle was on for coffee. They say the illness is over after all the blisters begin to crust over / dry out.

The hip bone this morning seems to be the culprit, and some slight burning above the hip in the main swath of blistering, which could be due to sleeping on it. There's discomfort here, not agony, and the best way to get rid of this is to do something, move around. I took another Advil at around 10 am, on an empty stomach (acts faster), and was feeling no burn shortly afterward, almost no interior pain either. The Advil is also good for alleviating the bloodstream of too much aspirin. I've read that Advil can be taken an hour after aspirin but eight hours should be waited when going from Advil to aspirin (probably not a rule for everyone, but a just-in-caser).

All day long Sunday, I thought I was past the illness. At 10 pm, with no pain at all, I had two caps of Benadryl to help sleep that night. I had kept topped up on Advil up until a pill taken at 7 pm, and so I didn't take an Advil at 11 pm, which was when I went to lie down for the night. The last thing I remember, I was thanking God, but then highest-level pain returned, waking me at 12:30 am. The sharp/biting pain was at the top-most and bottom-most bands of nerves. Oh-no. After a coffee and sitting at the computer table, most of the pain vanished by 1 am. The Advil was taken on an empty stomach, and may have worked that fast, I can't be sure. I'm afraid of laying down again.

After running out of chicken in my freezer several weeks ago, I started to eat three cans of tuna per week, up from the two cans per week prior to that and going back several months. I had stopped buying sausage and ground beef for my two, homemade pizza's weekly, and substituted with canned tuna. I don't put the whole can on the pizza, but would eat the remainder over three days on sandwiches. I ate half of a tuna pizza early today, then ate the other half in the evening, and finally I had some tuna in a sandwich at 11 pm, just before lying down on the couch. Therefore, a theory is that the tuna, or something in the tuna, is feeding the chicken pox virus in my nerves. I'm jotting this down just in case. They say that three cans of tuna weekly should be the maximum (due to potential mercury poisoning).

Someone writes: "Like other fish, tuna contains arginine. We don't know whether this amino acid will make shingles worse." Another writes: "Arginine is an amino acid that helps the shingles virus replicate. CHOCOLATE, nuts and seeds, canned tuna, and gelatin all contain high levels of arginine." It's interesting that I increased my cocoa intake immediately prior to the shingles outbreak. I was usually having one cocoa drink daily as a coffee substitute, but decided to double it recently for a reason I can't remember at the moment. I stopped taking this cocoa when reading the sentence above a week or more ago. The question is whether the increased cocoa and tuna together, immediately prior to the shingles outbreak, were its co-causes.

I also eat a lot of almonds now, and went through a 2-pound jar of cashews immediately prior to the outbreak. I almost never buy cashews, but did buy two jars recently. I eat lots of nuts as a protein substitute for the beef I no longer eat (I'm trying to avoid vaccinated cows).

Back to the couch I go, at 5 am, with another Advil (but no more Benadryl), which eventually took away the burning sensations, which, by that time, developed also in the mid-section of the blistering i.e. throughout. It's as though, with a decent sleep Saturday night, I got a one-day relief of burning sensation only to see it all return. I didn't sleep a wink because there's no position I can take on the couch that doesn't ail the nerve at the sciatica location of by back. This is what brought me back to the computer chair at this time, now almost 7:30 am.

As blisters continue to pop this Monday, the illness has not yet run it's full course. Some blisters have crusted over, they all go at their own speeds toward healing. I wonder what damage the virus does when in limbo in the nerves? Is it cause for some nervousness, edginess? Makes sense.

I got three hours sleep at the noon time. This is one lousy haul, I feel like I'm gasping for life itself (not critically) as I awake from one Benadryl taken before that sleep. What should I say, that anyone who gets shingles is under some displeasure from God, or that God is punishing that person otherwise He would have saved him/her from such an illness? I can't say that, but it sure feels like punishment.

I wonder, did Paul have shingles when he said he had a thorn in his side to humble him? Why did this spiritual man need to be humbled?

By the way, I've been taking one, two or three (1000 IUs) vitamin D3 daily, 400 IUs daily vitamin E, 1000 mcg of B-12, and 1,000 mg vitamin C. I ran out of zinc a few weeks ago. I've been having leafy greens daily. I tried melatonin for sleep, but it seems to do nothing. Maybe I didn't take enough. It's important not to let sleeping pills make you unable to handle the pain. You need strength to handle the pain. Even if the mind refuses to go to sleep, at least rest the body as much as you can, BUT DO NOT STAY CONSTANTLY in bed. Move around, get the blood flowing every few hours. I wish nobody ever gets this.

The reason I got hours of sleep above is that I went back to the bed to learn that it gives at least an hour of relief before cramping the back and affecting the nerve. I wish I knew this from the start. Over a week earlier, I got up with such pain that I determined not to go back to the bed. I went to the bed again opportunistically at 3:30 pm today (Monday), after another Advil, an slept most of that time until 6:30. A hot shower after that was very affective at disappearing back and facial stress. The hot water does not sting this rash; I assume it's because the blisters are closed. Even when one bursts, it's just a pin-sized hole. I can handle this illness now with this amount of sleep, if it doesn't get worse. No new blisters have shown up.

I didn't try Tylenol throughout this illness. Although we're told that Tylenol is acetaminophen, somebody writes: "While some people take aspirin because of its mild blood-thinning effects, Tylenol isn't a blood thinner." I'm learning something new, because I thought aspirin, ASA and acetaminophen were all the same thing. I now read: "Acetaminophen is a suitable substitute for aspirin..." Then we find: "ASA is short for acetylsalicylic acid, which is sold under names including Aspirin,..."

"Yes, it is safe to take ibuprofen (Advil) and acetaminophen (Tylenol) together if you need to for extra pain relief, such as for a dental extraction. Taking ibuprofen and acetaminophen together works better to relieve pain than taking ibuprofen and acetaminophen separately." I think I'll switch to Tylenol with my very next pill to see what happens.

When my tenant brought home some Benadryl, he also brought extra-strength Tylenol. I didn't read the label because I thought it was an aspirin product. I now see that it's made exactly for people who can't sleep due to pain. The label tells that there's a maximum of two tablets per 24-hours, and that one can take both tabs before bed i.e. it sounds like a power-packed pain relief, but maybe not. These tabs have 500 mg of acetaminophen.

Someone else writes: "'The usual safe doses for ibuprofen [Advil] is up to {a maximum of} 800 milligrams (mg) per dose every eight hours and acetaminophen [Tylenol] 650 mg every six hours if taken together, assuming normal kidney and liver functions,' according to Dr. Massachi." Why am I allowed only 1,000 mg Tylenol per 24 hours with my bottle, but Massachi says as much as 650 x 4 mg? We then read from someone else: "With Extra Strength Tylenol, patients can take 2 pills (each of which contains 500 mg of acetaminophen) every 4 to 6 hours; however, they should not take more than 8 pills in a 24-hour period." Why does my bottle say only 2 per 24 hours? Is this a new globalist plot to keep us in pain? The drug industry is plagued by globalist plots.

You might want to save this section to your files in case someone in your family gets shingles. I was worried about taking aspirin for over a weak, but lookie: "It is considered safe to take acetaminophen every day as long as you follow the recommended dosage guidelines of taking it every 4 to 6 hours, only take what you need, and do not exceed the maximum dosage of 4,000 mg per day..." This could be the drug of choice for shingles. I'll let you know how it works overnight in the morning.

I saw a video claiming that Tylenol can fight graphene-oxide in the body, breaking up its electrical potential.

I took one Tylenol tab, and no Advil, before bed well before midnight, looking forward to a full night's sleep. But I wasn't able to sleep at all because pain in the hip forced me out of bed immediately. This is not pain in the lower back, but may be related to sciatica as it goes down the leg. This pain is now inside the hip bone. I took a second Tylenol around 1 am as the pain level was the worst I've had so far. There was no burning-skin problem.

The pain persisted, and so after trying every position possible to relieve it, I took one Advil about 4 am. The last Advil prior to that had been about 12 hours earlier. I made a coffee about 30 minutes after the Advil, then sat down at the computer table, and as soon as I raised the cup for my first sip of coffee, the pain almost vanished. How to explain this? Apparently, the Advil was responsible. Two tabs of Tylenol did nothing for this problem.

Perhaps the brain, tasting the coffee in my mouth, signalled to the nerve that help was coming, and so the nerve relaxed. I dunno, sounds unlikely. I should probably go to bed now (5:30) while the Advil is working. Good night.

I made it to 9 am with lots of troubles. I had a couple of mason jars of hot water in bed to place under the backside of the hip, which helped a lot. Rubber water bottles would have been better. I had fallen asleep except that the flush of a toilet from the tenant caused the water pump to go on underneath my bedroom. I'm back at the computer table, with leg up, and a coffee, manageable pain level at the rash. Hip joint almost no pain at all...until I lie down, and this is what frightens me, because if this continues after the rash has run its course, I can't get proper sleep.

I can carry firewood without any issue at all, and I can sleep on a pillow on the table because I can sit on the chair without much pain, but I need to lie down and get 16 hours of beautiful sleep, and wake up to find it's all over. Not a chance. All day Tuesday, there was sleep in about three, two hour increments, though I was able to sleep on the good hip again for a while. Looking up. I was able to forsake Advil for nine hours until 11 pm. It's now 2:30 am, and mild deep pain, that I knew would only get worse if I didn't get up, took me off the couch again to this computer chair. This is very tolerable, and without complications, it feels like it's all but over during this Wednesday, now some 18 days after it began.

In the wee hours of Friday morning, I was becoming delirious for lack of sleep. I was going to go half-crazy if I didn't do something. I decided to drive to the emergency ward, and all turned out well with a prescription of morphine and one of pregabalin. I don't know whether they alone would have allowed me to sleep because I didn't try them alone, but took them together with ZzzQuil. It worked twice in a row, and will try it again Saturday night. Plus, I was able to lie on the blisters as an alternative of staying always on my back. The blisters are mainly healed.

The doctor said that I was still not through the shingles illness. I had resisted a hospital visit because I had read that the rash lasts 7-10 days, though someone else said as long as three weeks. I was hoping the 7-10 days. Had I known from the start that it's for three weeks, I might have gone to the hospital sooner. I suggest you go right away to get the morphine and pregabalin; you'll be glad you did. I have zero pain while on them, though this may be partly to the fact that I'm past the peak of the illness.

I awoke Sunday morning after five hours sleep with 4-out-of-10 pain, but this was after eight hours since my last morphine treatment (2 caps) that's supposed to be one or two caps per four hours. It means I'm not past the illness yet. I've been taking one cap of morphine (5 mg) during the day while sitting, checking to see if it's sufficient, and I do think I can bear this pain level so that I'll continue with 1 cap, per four hours, during non-sleep periods.

One can use aspirin (as a pain killer) with morphine or pregabalin to let those dry drugs go further, important for saving them for tribulation purposes. Don't listen to scare tactics that look intended to create $$$ for the medical beast. Instead, someone says: "I can't speak to Lyrica, but a study scientist attested that there has been no recorded instance of any harm from expired drugs in medical literature. A Harvard Medical School report (1985) says that a military study found that 90% of more than 100 drugs, both prescription and over-the-counter, were perfectly good to use even 15 years after the expiration date. Excluding nitroglycerin, insulin, and liquid antibiotics, most medications are as long-lasting as the ones tested by the military."

Five days without a bowel movement worries me. It makes me not want to eat because the crap becomes a poison, doesn't it, if it can't get out the body? I took two tabs of Senokot 15 minutes ago, and two more six hours later at 11 pm, and, thankfully, at 7:30 am had my first bowel movement. This was getting critical. Neither of the two doctors who prescribed the morphine informed that it would slow / cancel bowel movements. I'm keeping whatever Senokot I don't use for the tribulation for anyone who might need it. There are 60 tabs in the bottle, very useful if it doesn't expire. It's an over-the-counter laxative made from a plant. Drink water / lemon juice while on it, keep the internal body wet for transfer into dried-out stool (causes constipation).

The other good news is that I haven't taken morphine for over a day, and I slept well last night with minimal shingles / nerve pain on two aspirin and one pregabalin. I think this illness is all but over on day 23. Without drugs, this could be a major torment. Beware all who have been vaccinated. Get prepared. I don't know what part Jesus played to make me get past it, even though he was on my mind throughout.

A second bowel movement at 11 am was very welcome, and a third at 11:30, but I feel there's more to come today if I can stay off the morphine. Apparently, the Senokot works. but, "Why was Senokot recalled? The product is being recalled due to microbial contamination. Use of contaminated product by the elderly, patients with a weakened immune system, or patients at a higher risk of developing life-threatening inflammation of the heart, could result in infections that could be life-threatening."

Looking good, because the pain level at the hip area, and all around the shingles outbreak, is easy to handle thus far.

Then I learned that Advil, by the dose, is just as strong for killing pain as morphine, begging why the hospital gave me morphine in the first place. I had been taking low-dose Advil, but never tried a high-dose of two, 200-mg capsules every four hours. The morphine was recommended at two, 5-mg tabs per every four hours. So, now that my lower-back pain is back on Tuesday/Wednesday (this is the week after this update), after ceasing morphine, I'm going to try two Advil per four hours. Yes, although it was inside the hip that was bothering me when I went on morphine, it's now gone along with skin-rash burn, but the middle of the lower back won't let me lie down, won't let me sit, or walk, this can be critical. I hope it's related to the shingles, so that it will go away once the shingles is fully done.

If Advil is as good as morphine, then store lots of Advil for tribulation use.

Within two hours of taking two Advil, the lower-back pain vanished. Wow, I feel good. And bowel movements may not be stopped by Advil to boot.

Like most men at my age, and aside from a few short periods, my bladder only partially drains, which keeps me hopping out of bed nightly more than I would like. After my first two morphine tabs, I was up every 15 minutes six or seven times in a row. I told the doctor that it seemed my body was trying to get rid of the morphine through the urine. It was this doctor who prescribed pregabalin along with the morphine, and I started to take them both just a few hours after taking the first two morphine. I have not had a partial drain of the bladder since, i have had full drains ever since i went on pregabalin, and so a theory is that this drug makes for full drains, in case you would like to try it.

I've been taking, without fail, just two pregabalin capsules daily, nearly every 12 hours, at 25 mg per capsule, to this day, Thursday, March 2, less than a week after starting. I don't know how else to explain a properly-functioning is so nice to have it work this way. I can sleep hours at a time, so needed for an illness. If God has given me this benefit, THANK YOU, but you might like to try pregabalin, and you might like to take these words of mine to your doctor as the reason why you want him to prescribe it to you.

But wait. I had run out of zinc, and bought a bottle while my pregabalin prescription was being filled. I must have taken a zinc capsule (50 mg, way too much daily) almost as soon as getting home, and took one daily after that. Might the zinc have corrected the bladder? Perhaps it's a combination of the zinc and pregabalin (though I've been taking an assortment of vitamins daily too, including C and D). Sometimes, it's a combination of things that makes the body work better. They say zinc keeps the body from absorbing copper. There may be bogus reporting at any point because zinc has been lauded for helping to fight viruses, and we know there are goons aplenty seeking to promote "COVID" illnesses. "In cross-sectional studies, patients with heart failure have often had zinc deficiencies...

Use zinc, but in low quantities if you think you need it. "The upper limit dosage of zinc is 40 milligrams/day for adults. If you take more zinc than you should for a long period, you can have low copper levels, which can affect your nervous system." I wouldn't do 40 mg per day, but more like 50 per week on a regular basis.

Oh wow, Dr. Berg says early in this video that zinc is primarily held in the prostrate. In the 7th minute, low zinc is said to spoil the immune system via a poor thymus (in the throat), and a poor immune system is said to be the cause of shingles.

The doctor said that pregabalin attacks nerve pain in particular, but I'm reading that it also relieves anxiety, and I think I'm am having a calmed effect since on this drug. My theory is that it's calming the prostate gland so that it ceases to block the urinary track as much as it normally does. If this shingles discomfort, which is not yet fully healed, allows me to have extra pregabalin, I could use it to test whether it again brings the urinary track to work properly. If it does, I'll report back here (in the next few weeks). My skin around the hip is still almost as tender and numb as it had been at the peak of the shingles pain, though the burning sensation permanently disappeared days ago with the morphine, and hasn't re-occurred since going off morphine, nor even after several hours after not taking Advil. Looking good on this front.

[I ran out of pregabalin about March 5, and did see that I started to have partial bladder drains again, no longer having the full drains without fail.]

"Do not stop taking pregabalin suddenly, even if you feel fine. Stopping suddenly can cause serious problems." But, as 50 mgs daily, I doubt anyone will have withdrawal symptoms by going cold turkey.

Here's a guy describing his shingles illness. While my rash is about eight times worse than his, and my pain much worse too, I'm glad I didn't get mine close to the brain, as he did, or I would have worried. Note that he was able to sleep on one side, while I could not sleep in any position, if you could just imagine, for about 20 days. Without drugs, I honestly think I would have gone crazy, or succumbed to death or a coma. One video title suggests that shingles is now going around, but why now just after we've been inundated with COVID vaccinations? My question still is: did they vaccinate animals to make more money (all paid by taxes), and did I eat vaccinated chicken?

On Friday morning, I was forced out of bed at 4:30 am by interior shingles pain (in the hip nerve) due to not taking Advil since Thursday afternoon. It took an hour for two Advil capsules to relieve most of the pain. The lower-middle back pain has not come back, and I cannot remember having it together with this hip-nerve pain. Either one alone is highly painful, so be ready with pain killers in a trib situation where you can no longer enter a store or doctor's office.

One person who sounds worse than I:

My shingles experience rates one of the worst of my life. Thought I'd pulled a muscle at first. Then stabbing type pain. After that the rash came out. The rash was nothing compared to what was going on internally. It felt like my organs were being rearranged. The worst pain I ever had making we weep in misery. Kept thinking (hoping) I was getting better when bam slayed again. It all lasted 6-8 weeks and I feared I would never recover. Horrible horrible horrible pain. I had no idea! All you hear about is the painful rash. That was the least of my problems

Six-to-eight weeks, you do not want that, but do have pain killers to last that long to the tune of 12 tabs/capsules daily. I'm reading that pain can continue for three weeks past the time when the blisters are no longer active, and after the red skin starts to go normal again. Possible complications:
The following was found in a video comments section, and could be just an ad: "For years I had shingles, with pain so bad I just never wanted to wake up. It is the most debilitating and excruciating pain that I have ever felt in my life. Finally my doctor prescribed valacyclovir 1gram, and I have NOT had a outbreak since. I take it daily. Please those of you who have this virus please talk to your doctor."

Any kind of pain killer makes it tolerable. The question is on how long they need to be taken, and the side affects to organs. I'm reading that the full daily dose of Advil can be taken for ten days max, but if you have no other choice, a few more days will probably be safe, especially if you minimize the doses to considerably less than full daily allowance. Every body is different, there is always some risk.

Advil long-term is more dangerous for people of retirement age, and Tylenol may be better. It may be best to alternate drugs to prevent attacks on the same organs by one drug alone. Have plenty of them all on-hand for emergencies. Advil capsules have liquid, and so I suggest tabs for long storage. Some capsule materials could be deliberately tainted by globalist demons. Tabs seem best to me all-around.

Friday night into Saturday was perhaps the worst night ever due to lower-middle back pain. Everything else had no pain. Both the bed and the couch cause pain, which is the opposite of relaxation, and the only relief for this is to find relaxation, but on this morning at 4 am, not even the hot-water bottle helped. I tried to tolerate the pain longer while in bed to fight it away, but I lost; I had to get up and walk around, take two aspirin, and it wasn't until I started sipping coffee that relaxation set in with half the pain disappearing after 5 am. By then, I did call out to the Father.

I'm going to start 75 mg of pregabalin at noon today, then 75 or 50 mg every 12 hours afterward, with maybe the odd aspirin every six hours or so. I'll let you know how it goes, whether I get sleep this way. It seems that this back pain knows when it's night time because it's regularly easier on me during the day as I lie on the couch a few times for a couple of hours each time. I'm usually brain tired, and am sleeping two or three times daily, making it harder to fall asleep at night (not needing sleep enough).

I took 2 morphine tabs on Friday to help out, and afterward I think I lost the ability, slightly, to get full bladder drains. That's interesting because it continued on Saturday and I've not changed anything else in what I'm taking. So, the morphine may be cancelling the thing that makes the urinal tract clear.

If you're working while you have lower-back pain, work could be the best thing for it because I was out shovelling snow Saturday, which cleared all back pain. It's my sitting all day that I think is the cause, but I have no work to do this time of year aside from snow clearing and housework. I do this every winter without back problems, but, this time, the shingles was right at the lower-back area, then around the hip into the pelvis. Lucky me.

However, I took three pregabalin caps after sunrise Saturday, and pain has been gone into 5 pm Saturday, and so maybe that's why shoveling was easy on the back earlier this afteroon. I'm scheduled for another three caps (75 mg total) at 8 pm, and am hoping it will keep pain away all night long. I will get back to you on that. I'm taking the odd, single aspirin between pregabalin doses.

Alas, sharp middle-back pain woke me up at 5 am Sunday, but I did sleep all that time about five hours. It might be better to have two capsules every eight hours (as opposed to three every 12 hours) with two immediately before bedtime. Sipping on coffee once again makes the pain more tolerable. From what I'm reading, it's probably safe to have three pregabalin caps every eight hours (or only at bedtime) after starting slow at two per eight hours, but the article suggests asking a doctor first.

I'm disappointed that pain is still there because I'm asking whether this is going to be long-term until I'm able to work in the yard in April. Just because the drug takes away the pain doesn't mean I'm not aggravating the nerve as I sit most of the day.

After re-arranging the pregabalin schedule so that there were taken two caps at midnight, the same pain re-ocurred at 4 am after four hours of solid sleep. I went to bed not feeling a thing, and there had been no pain all day long while on two caps per eight hours and an aspirin between cap times. So, it's starting to appear that I have a long-term back-ache problem so long as I sit most of the day. The pain always continues for 15 minutes as I walk around while the kettle boils, then the pain relaxes and mainly dissapates after I sit down and start sipping the coffee.

On Monday evening, I pulled my lower back a little lifting the pow onto the truck, and put the back out mildly for a day. However, 30 hours later, at midnight Tuesday-to-Wednesday morning, I noticed that my lower-back pain was gone, which could suggest that pulling the back out a little had solved the nerve problem, probably a nerve pinching in the spinal skeleton. It's cheaper than surgery to pull the back out. I was back to insomnia at that time, and awoke at 5 am in spite of taking two ZZZquil sleeping aids after midnight. This time, internal pain at the shingles disease is what got me out of bed at 5 am, and this internal pain was gone while I had the lower-back pain, so "funny."

I'm taking Advil an hour apart when I take two per six hours, thinking it's better for the stomach. This amount seems to be sufficient to totally remove pain some of the times while making it tolerable the rest of the time, unless I take the chance and do just one capsule at a 6-hour point, when there could be a litle more discomfort, not a bad idea because pain to the brain may actually be good for making a better recovery, for the brain might then activate a better army against the illness. It might explain why, 30 days in, I'm still suffering pain. I've been having more-than-normal sugar levels in foods and drinks, and this, I've read, feeds the shingles virus.

I haven't slept deeply, as the brain needs, in 31 days as of Wednesday, March 9, and I've gotten a stretch of four or five hours only about two times, with several two- and three-hour stretches, sometimes on multiple occasions per day. I can barely stay on the computer more than three hours, when I get too exhausted to continue, and back to the couch I go to see if I can catch a nap.

I ran out of pregabalin about March 5, and did see that I started to have partial bladder drains again immediately afterward, no longer having the full drains without fail, up the March 8th, as I write here.

Oh no. When my right side started to get numb in a larger area both below and above the hip, I looked this up and came across an article saying the vitamin B is necessary for repairing nerve damage after shingles. Clicking to the B article, it was on B12, which is the vitamin I've been taking.

However, it was here that I found that I've been overdoing on this vitamin because they come in tabs of 1000 mcgs, and I've been taking half a tab daily, sometimes a whole tab daily. I just assumed the tabs were properly sized for recommended daily intake. As it turns out, this is overdose level, and here's what was found: "In rare cases, people who take high doses of vitamin B for a long period of time may experience extreme numbness or a tingling sensation. In some patients, tingling sensation is experienced mostly in the right side of the body. This symptom is one of the early warning indicators of Vitamin B12 overdose." That's where I have the numbness growing larger. Did this cause the shingles to begin with? The irony is, I just took a full tab upon reading that B is needed for shingles nerve repair, before I came to that quote. So, I'll not be taking anymore B12 for a while, or just small fractions of one tab daily.

I've been taking C and B12 together, a good thing under the circumstances: "It's not advised to take vitamin C and vitamin B-12 at the same time, says Litt. That's because high doses of vitamin C can reduce the amount of vitamin B-12 that's absorbed and metabolized by the body, she says. Be sure to take vitamin C at least two hours after vitamin B-12." The C may have lowered the B12 poisoning, in other words.

Then again, someone writes: "In rare cases, high doses of vitamin B12 injections have been associated with skin reactions. This isn’t the case for oral vitamin B12 dietary supplements." I wish my skin numbness is due to too much B12, because I can easily fix that. "Unlike most other vitamins, B12 is stored in substantial amounts, mainly in the liver, until it is needed by the body. If a person stops consuming the vitamin, the body's stores of this vitamin usually take about 3 to 5 years to exhaust."

Best thing: don't take vitamin supplements daily until you check to see how too-much the tabs/capsules have more than the daily requirement.

As of today, Friday, I am at day 33 of the outbreak of the pain that broke out in shingles rash, and this pain still will not let me lie down more than about three or four hours, and only if I'm topped up on a mild pain killer. If I go about 10 hours without the pain killer, I can't lie down at all due to about 6 out of 10 pain level. It's enough to persuade me to get up.

The middle-back pain has never returned after pulling my back out slightly lifting the plow to get it onto the truck. I'm grateful. As of Sunday, five weeks in, I'm sleeping better, but still unable to lie down more than about four hours at a time (due to modest shingles-nerve pain). My mental state got instantly better after ceasing zinc, though there may be other reasons for it, such as lots of sleep, three times in a row Thursday-over-Friday, and I went to sleep normal, without struggling. It was nice to get a near-normal mind back, and about that day I caught myself walking around a lot better, instead of a half-crippled old man, it took me by surprise.

Throughout this illness, I kept cayenne pepper out of my soups because I was afraid it might aggravate the stomach that the drugs themselves are said to aggravate, only to learn, roughly this past Friday, that cayenne is good for re-building damaged nerves. Just so you know. Right now I'm eating a stir fry with potatoes, carrots, pecans, home-made chicken jerky, rosemary and onions (fry without the lid on to dry things a little), with a sprinkle of cayenne. I'm dipping everything into sour cream laced with onion powder, green seasoning, a little tomato paste, and more cayenne, just lip-smacking right. Feeling good, a single man's dream-meal.

On the morning of March 15, after about 5 or more hours of solid sleep, I've just awoke for the first time in 38 days without pain, or about a pain level of .5 out of 10. However, I had to get up just now at 7 am because the pain was enough to force me out, as usual, and yet the pain went instantly away once up. I am like an old man when bending down to drop some firewood to the floor, and have a hard time straightening out the back. The numb skin has not cleared up at all, which is the only thing that has me worried, as a sign of permanent or long-standing nerve damage. The rash has long been disappearing to the point of about 90-percent now. I'm going to try to cut out all Advil and Tylenol this morning.

No drugs were used on the 15th but a couple of pills at midnightish, just in case pain returned during sleep, but even after 5.5 hours of sleep, there was no "pain" as I awoke. Just some discomfort, and this continued day after day, into the last 10 days of March, with a maximum five hours of sleep per session until discomfort got me up (with just one tab of aspirin per day). The numbness of skin seemed to get worse until it subsided a little by the 20th.

This short video is interesting as per the inflammation that shingles has given me, saying that the pain killers I've been taking oppose body healing, a thought that crossed my mind while taking them:

Day after day, now to the 22nd of March, the numbness continues unabated with discomfort, tolerable but debilitating for any hard work.


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