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June 27 - July 3, 2023

The Mitanni of a Hebrew River
Thierry Breton
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It was nice while it lasted. Hall of Names is no longer showing the descriptions of the Coats of Arms presented at House of Names, but I have many of them recorded in my past updates from which to find some.

I didn't keep my promise in the last update when saying I was going to add to a Keturah-line discussion. I ran out of time with other topics. I may not go back to that, as I've forgotten what I was going to say.

I'm going to propose reasons for identifying the anti-Christ with the Wagner Group of Russians. Calm down, I'm likely wrong, but just in case it's correct, I've got to tell this story.

Immediately after uploading the last update about three minutes before noon Monday, a thunderstorm passed over as I watched The RISING show on the so-called attempted coup by the Wagner Group. It brought RUTH Wagner to mind, a woman I know who showed me the grave of her husband, Mr. Wagner, in her backyard. She had cut out a raven shape and painted it, then stuck it in the grass beside the grave. Why a raven? It's always amazed me.

(To follow better, load Ruths now to load and view other surnames on another Internet tab.)

Ruths are listed with Rothers/Randolphs, first found in Moray with a Rothes castle. German Rothes'/Rothchilds use a giant raven. Why did Ruth choose a raven? Or was it God who chose it for her?

Ruths/Rothers have an ermined-white chevron to match the ermined-white fesses of Sleeps, and my Sleeping Beauty dream I've been talking about update-after-update for months (see also last update) had Sleeping Beauty sleeping, and when I was told to WAKE her, we both started RISING into the sky. I was thinking these things while watching the RISING show on this Wagner story, and surnames such as WAGner, Wager, Wage's can be of the Wake's.

I'm going to look deeper into these things and share with you my findings. First, Sleeps were first found in Shropshire with the Rodden river while Roddens/Rodhams share ermined-white with both Sleeps and Ruths/Rothers. Then, Rothschilds are listed with RODDENsteins with an arrow that shows them to be a Rodden/Rodham branch, explaining why English Rothes' were once said, for over a decade, to be first found in Shropshire.

Ruths/Rothers even share an ermined-white chevron with Wagen-like Wayne's while Wagons share two parts of the English Wagner Coat.

Ruth Wagner asked me to remove the cement joints from the ROCKs that had been laid as her front PORCH, and to re-grout between the rocks. I instead pried the rocks off in order to easily chip away the joint cement, then re-laid the rocks on new, fortified cement, and re-grouted the joints like new. The first point is, the ROXolani had been in Ukraine, and I even saw them stamped on the BUZau river while Porch's (Norfolk with Bus') share the giant, white-ermined BUS cinqueFOIL, part-code for RoqueFEUIL.

Wagner-like Wagers are suspect from Wagrians at ROStock, where Ice's/Ecco's were first found who share an Icke variation with Hicks. Sleeping Beauty was fulfilled by Miss Hicks. English Rothes' are now said to be first found in Kent with ROOSTs, possibly from ROSTock elements. Sleeping Beauty awoke when I touched her leg, and Legg-connectable Trumps were first found in Mecklenburg with Rostock.

Leggs were first found in Dumfries with Walks/WACHs, and while the presidential Bush family married Walkers, they both were first found in Yorkshire with Walker-like Wagers, Wagners, and Hicks, tending to show that Hick's had been Ice's too. The latter are said to be first found in Rostock in particular. This picture can be traced to VARANgians of Ukraine where the Varni people group had lived in earlier centuries on the Warnow river (to Rostock), where Wagrians lived too. Varangians co-founded Meshech-like Moscow, and the Moschi mountains are near lake Sevan. The Wagner Group's leader claimed late last week to have captured a military installation in Russia's Rostov, a city on the Don river. He withdrew from it the next day, or so are the reports.

The first thing coming to mind while watching the start of the Rising show is that the Wagner surnames uses the SWAN, traceable to lake SEVAN, the lake of Gog from Gogarene. I still propose that the anti-Christ can be Ezekiel's Gog; I've had that belief since the early 1990s. Wagens/WagHORNs (share wavy, gold fesse with Meschins) have the same swan because they have the Wagner fesse. As Horns are listed with Orne's, Wagens may have been kin of Masseys/Maceys of Orne, beside the Meshech-like Meschins of the Bessin. It can explain why Wagners share the Masci fleur. It can explain why Wagons were first found in the same place as Eure's who in turn share the Massey / Vere quadrants.

Before the video had reached five minutes in, I was starting to feel nervous because the storm out was making me feel that God is right-now revealing the anti-Christ to me. Daniel prophecy calls him a small power who grows large, and the Wagner group is a small power at this time, fussing that Putin isn't doing enough to fight the Ukrainians. The Wagner Group want to get the Russian military on his side to fight with more resolve i.e. get the war done.

German Wagners have the Catherine wheel of Catherine Roet. Roets can be traced easily to the Rothes location because it's on the Spey river while Spears/SPEYers (Renfrewshire with Pollocks) share the Roet boars heads. Peter Pollock of Renfrewshire built Rothes castle. Roets share the tree with Scottish Watsons and Watts / VATTs likely because Peter Pollock's family married Watsons. The Wagner swan sits on WATer. English Watsons likely share the Rodden/Rodham tree stump. Googe's have a "juVAT" motto term.

English Watsons look like kin of Moray's Bellys, and share the crescents of Scottish Terras', first found in Moray with Rothes castle. German Terras' use ROOKs in English Rothes colors and format while Scottish Terras' share the Coat of Scottish Scotts, first found in ROXburghshire. English Scotts, with the Catherine-Roet wheel, were first found in Kent with English Rothes'.

I don't think I've come across this article before: "Rothes Castle...was founded c1200 by Peter de Pollock, who was from Renfrewshire. He was granted the Barony of Rothes by William the Lion, who instructed him to build a castle here....Peter granted the barony and castle to his daughter Muriel, who was married to Walter Murthac, and who styles herself as Lady of Rothes." I was told by emailer Pollock that Muriel's daughter, I think it was, married a Watson, and, yes, she's online as "Eva de Murthac Watson."

Pollocks have a saltire cross in the colors of the Rising/Rison cross, and the latter were first found in Norfolk with Rie's/RISE's who in turn share the bend of Roddens/Rodhams. Rutherfords were first found in ROXburghshire, named after Roxolani of Ukraine. Pollocks were a sept of Maxwells (Roxburghshire) who were in turn from Maceys/Mace's, connectable to surnames, such as the Polish Mieszko's, expected from the Moschi mountains of the Meshech. Pohl-connectable Mieske's are listed with Mesechs, and Pools/Pole's were first found in Dorset with Russi- / Ross-branch Russells.

As Roxburghs share a blue pale bar with German Wagners, it's a good bet that Roxolani named Rostock. German Wagners probably have the red griffin in the Arms of Pomerania. I've read that Griffins of Pomerania were related to the Mieszko Poles.

Maxwells were a king-Maccus line, and Maceys/Mace's share the GAUNTlet with Fane's/Vans/VEYNE's from Armenia's Lake Van, which named Lake Sevan, where king Rusa was subjected by Cimmerians of Ukraine. Fane's/Vans/Veyne's happen to share the gauntlet with Wagen-like Wayne's. The Wagen-beloved Swans/Sions once showed gauntlets. Cantons are also Gantons/Gaunters, and Gaunt-like Wants/Wantons share the Ghent (and Bush) eagles, begging whether Watsons had been from "Wanton." English Watts look slightly related to the Orr/Ore Chief.

Cantons were at Dickering while Dickers/Deckers share the raven with Rothes'. Dickersons/DICKENsons share the lion of Wagner-beloved Swans/Sions. Then, amazingly, the Arms of the Wagner Group (looks Germanic) brought the Dickens to mind before I came to the Dickering location. The Dickens have a giant black cross (rare design) that is a part of the Wagner Arms, and the Dicken Chief has the lion design of Rounds that the latter call a "SLEEPing lion", excellent because Cantons share the double Sleep fesses.

The Rounds are in the mythical Round Table of king Arthur, a phrase which Cecil Rhodes adopted for one of his globalist, communist organizations. The Dicken-like Deacons and Decans both have the basis of the Rhodes Coat, and these Rhodes' were once said to be first found in Lincolnshire, where Sleeps were first found.

Lincolnshire was once called, Lindsey, and Lindos on the Greek island of Rhodes was home to the Danaans prior to their reaching Argos (so says a myth, likely true). Jason on the Argo ship sailed to Colchis, in the area of Heliopolis, and Helios, a close relative of mythical Medea of Colchis, was the god of the island of Rhodes. Healys/Haleys share the boar of Gog-like Googe's.

Watsons were first found in RUTland while Rutlands share the "ORLE" border with Ruth-connectable RUTHERfords who in turn share the "nec" motto term with Roddens/Rodhams. ORELLs share the red roundel with Orrs/Ore's (Renfrewshire) and WAKE's, is that not amazing? Wake's show two clues of being Orr/Ore kin, and when we take it the Mule's who almost have the Wake Coat, we find that the only difference between the two Coats produces the double fesses of Sleeps, in colors reversed, in the Mule Coat! Jewish and German Muellers use the Catherine-Roet wheel.

But there's more because the Mule's are in Washington colors and format while Washingtons have the Coat of Cantons/Gantons (Yorkshire with Hicks) in colors reversed who therefore have the double Sleep fesses. A canton square is used by Wassa's/WACE's, and so we can glean that Wake's were of the proto-Washington Wassa's/Wace's (Cornwall with Wage's/Wichs, beside Mule's and Weigh's/Ways of Devon). Is this a pointer to some anti-Christ supporting entity in Washington? Hicks tell of their branch at St. Ewe of Cornwall, and the Hicks Coat with a blue Shield is with Hooks, first found in Devon with Mule's.

The Orrs/Ore's were in the last update because they share the fitchees of Darlene's (Devon with Mule's) who in turn share the dropped Shield of Cnuts/Note's/Knots while Wakes have a "wake KNOT." Darlene-branch Darlingtons were first found in Durham with Comites-branch Conte's/Comitissa's, and "comites" is a motto term of Schims/Schiens who in turn share the Chief of Washingtons. The last update treated how the Schim-branch Skins/Scans can be of 666 scanning machines.

This is a great way to link Mole's to Mule's because the latter are in Washington colors and format, and Mole's are super not only because they share the giant boar head of Schims/Schiens, but because they share the boar of Gog-like Googe's, first found in ROXburghshire with Mole's. Roxolani (Ros-Alans) were likely ancestral to the Varangian Rus, and so they look very much like the Rosh of Ezekiel 38's Gog prophecy.

"The Wagner Group includes a contingent known as Rusich, or Task Force Rusich,...Rusich are described as a far-right extremist or neo-Nazi unit, and their logo features a Slavic swastika. The group was founded by Alexey Milchakov and Yan Petrovsky in the summer of 2014,..." I've been wondering whether the West formed these groups with bought-off Russians, to fuel foreign wars, because the Westerners want lots of wars for seizing tax dollars to defend one side in each war. They want the Ukraine war to be prolonged.

There is a Rusich-like Rusch/Rush surname with down-pointed arrows in saltire akin to the down-pointed swords in saltire in the Arms of Wagner Group.

In the canton of Wassa's/Wace's is a hexagram shared by Jewish Rotens and Jewish Reitmans/Redmans. I've not known until now that Reitmans come up as Redmans, and it was just not that I discovered Redmaine's to come up as "Redman" too. This is amazing where LAWRENCE Kepke "picked up" Miss Peare at her Reitman's clothing store, and then went on to almost marry her. Lawrence's were at Yealand-Redmaine! It's only now that I discover both Redmaine's and Reitmans as Redmans. And Reds/Reeds have a saltire in the colors of the saltire-by-swords in the Arms of Wagner Group (it sounds like a Western company).

At about the time Kepke was leaving Peare her for another woman, he started to work in plumbing with his brother, which is why I've mentioned several times that German Plumers share the Reitman hexagram. And the reason I simultaneously tell that English Plumers/Plumber share the Shoe star is that Kepke was a shoe salesman when he met Miss Peare at Reitmans.

Some days after he met her, he invited both she and I to a la Paloma bar, and while he was away from the table, I asked Miss Peare if she's like to step outside, and, as I said a MILLION times, we RUSHed up the stairs before Kepke saw us, and I've resolved that God wanted me to use "rushed" for the Rush surname. It shares the WHITE horse of WAISTells/Wessels to which Miss Peare pointed in my dream about six years ago, and while Waistells were at Wassa-like Wasdale, the Waistell horse is white and said to be on a "gallop." I figure that God set me up to be with Kepke at Peare's horse stable one day, and after he took the horse for a ride, I was invited to take it out too. It was a white horse.

Roxolani named Roquefeuil in Aude province, explaining the "audax" motto term of Roxburghs, yet English Plumers/Plumbers, in Wager colors and format, have an "AUDacter" motto term, as do Pollocks. Googe's (Moray / Duc/LeDuc colors and format) use "AuDACes," which, along with "AuDAX" and "AuDACter" can be part-code for Tax's/Dax's/Dachs, whom I think named Dachau, Hitler's headquarters for his Bavarian concentration camps. Although not pointing down like the crossed swords in the Arms of Wagner Group, the crossed swords of Tax's/Dachs are, like them, upon a red background.

It just so happens that the Borders share the Tax/Dax/Dach Coat and throw in the same star as have Ducks/DAX's, first found in Somerset with Borders/BOARDers. These swords are in the colors of the three swords of the neighboring Shute's while Boards, first found in Sussex with Kepke-branch Keeps, have a Coat like that of Shoe-like Sewers/Shuters. Dutch Sewers have a giant Rose for Ukraine's Varangian Rus smack where TRYPillians lived, and German Trips show shoes to explain why Kepke was a shoe salesman when his date and I RUSHed up the Stairs. Shute's were first found in Wiltshire with Stars/STAIRRs, and the Stairs/Stayers happen to share the star at the center of the wagon wheel that is the Arms of the Wagner Group.

Rockefeller lines use the treFOILs as code for their Roquefeuil ancestors, yet we can glean that the trefoil is part-code for the Treff variation of German Trips. I had read that ancient Trypillia is south of Kiev, and the Roxolani of the Dnieper river were there too.

These same Trips once showed boots, and there is a large boot in the Coat of German Shusters. Growing from the Shuster boot there happens to be red roses with stems in all three colors of the red rose with stems of Jewish Reitmans!!! That's new. I'm not familiar with Shusters. I too was a shoe salesman on the night of the rush-up-stairs event. English Shusters are also SHOEsters.

The Sewer variation of Shuters can be of "Siward" of Northumberland partly because he's to the Swords sharing the triple Shute swords, and partly because Hebrons, with a "Keep" motto term, were first found in Northumberland with Keep-related Lorraine's (likewise from Kiev elements).

What possible cause of God could there be in the rush-up-stairs event pointing to the Wagner Group?

The Ducks/Dax's have lion heads in the colors of the Duce lions, and "Duce" is a motto term of Schims/Schiens, first found in Aberdeenshire with their Scan/Skin branch who happen to have triple swords in the colors of the crossed swords in the Arms of the Wagner Group. Plus, Duce's were first found in Staffordshire with the Dickens who share the rare cross in the same Arms of Wagner Group. For what it could be worth, Eatons once showed that cross design.

The saltire formed by the Wagner-Group swords is in the colors of the RED/Reed saltire, and this surname was first found in Northumberland too while Scottish Reds were first found in Aberdeenshire. I declare that this is not coincidental because Lawrence's, the ones from Redmaine, have a "ready" motto term while Readings/Ridings (Sussex with Keeps) share the triple-black boar heads of English Shusters/Shoesters. The latter share the Coat of Swan-like Swynfords, and Catherine Roet married Mr. Swynford. Roets and Scottish Reeds both use a "book."

One Wagner Coat has a swan while the other has a Catherine wheel. The Book-like Box's share the Swan/Sion lion.

Roets and Reeds are both from Reit-like Rieti, home of three heads of the Revelation dragon, Vespasian and his two sons. Swynfords were first found in Leicestershire with Woods in the "pieces of wood" held by the Rita lion. Rita's are suspect with the giant lion of Pools (Dorset, beside Roets) because Vespasia Polla was Vespasian's mother.

Roets were first found in Somerset with Ducks/Dax's while German Ducks were first found in Westphalia with the Pansys/Pantzers who in turn share doves in the white-on-green colors of the piece-like Peace doves. I trace VesPASIa to Pasi's/Pascels sharing crossed spears on blue with Speers (share Roet boar heads), and the latter were first found in Renfrewshire with PAISleys/Pasleys while Peace's are also Paise's, an excellent reason to trace Rita's to "Rieti." The Paisley anchor is the one of Packs, and Packs (expected in the "Pax" motto term of Reeds) were first found in Sussex with Readings/Ridings and Keeps.

The Savini/Sabini star is shared by Pollock-connectable Terras' and Scotts, and Pollocks, likewise first found in Renfrewshire, are from Vespasia Polla's surname. The white-ermined cinquefoil presented above from Porch's and Bus' is shared by tree-using Hamiltons, first found in Renfrewshire. The Hamiltons put a Sav-like saw into their tree.

The swan-using English Wagners (Yorkshire with Keppochs) sharing the Wagon fesse add a bend in the colors of the Keep bend. Once again, Mr. Kepke (his father is Ukrainian by background) is acting as a pointer to the Biblical dragon and to the Wagner Group. Hmmm.

NEW: as Flavius Sabinus was Vespasian's father, I tried for a Savini surname because the Sabines people group (they lived at Rieti) were also Safini, and the new-to-me-now Savini's are not only listed with Sabini's, but they share the Coat of Pane's/Panico's, first found in Bologna with Pasi's/Pascels!!! Plus, Savini's/Sabini's share the star of Saffins/Savins (Somerset with Roets) who once came up as "Sabina."

But there's more because I've insisted that Pane's/Panico's were a Pagan branch, and Savini's/Sabini's have "The surname Savini was first found in Paganico Sabino, a comune in the Province of Rieti,..." Pagans are also Payens while Payne Roet was the father of Catherine Roet! Plus, Bologna has a Savena river that can be traced from lake Sevan to the Swans/Sions. Sion in Switzerland is also Sitten, and while Sittens are listed with Seatons, Panico's lived at the Setta valley (Bologna).

The Panico and Savini "label" is expected as code for Labels/La Bells sharing the crescents of Saffins/Savins (Somerset with Saffer-branch Savers) and German Silvers while English Silvers are in the colors and format of Saffers, first found in Devon with a Seaton location.

Prigozhin, the so-called founder of the Wagner Group, claims the Russians attacked his forces and killed 30 of them in a bombing. So, why might Russia attack his own military supporters if indeed they are his supporters?

The Wagner Group has headquarters in Saint Petersburg.

Mad-Dog Mattis

With Medan in mind, son of the Biblical Abraham and his second wife (Genesis 25), Keturah, the Maidens were loaded on Monday of this week to see if I could see a connection to Maids/Mauds, or any evidence for a trace to Medan. And I saw some interesting things which I'll get to as I can.

I've explained recently (see last update) why Medan traces to Meats/Meads and Meadows from the namers of Meteon at lake Scodra. For extra clues to build this case, I see Meads as a branch of all four, the Medleys, Methleys, Motleys and Middle's/Models. These surnames evoke the Medal variation of Dougals, and I've told many times as to why the Medals/Dougals are pointed to by a Russian MEDALlion I had found left on the hood of my Jeep with the inscription, in both English and Russian, "SAINT-PETERSBURG RUSSIA." Here's the medallion.

In the course of this investigation, Madden-like "Matten" was loaded to find them listed with German Martins, first found in OLDENburg with JEEPma's/CHEPs!!! It's a location in Lower Saxony while KEPke's, in the colors and format of Dougal-branch Dowells/Douls, were first found in Saxony with German Wagners. Kepke's share the goat of Italian Martins!!! Irish Martins were first found in Galway with Maidens/Maddens!!! Look at what just fell out of the bag. Irish Martins use a "calvary" symbol while Calvarys use owls for linkage to Maid-connectable Howells, first found in Monmouthshire.

Italian Martins were first found in Brescia, and the Arms of Brescia is with the lion of Bruce's, shared by Galloways and thus very connectable to the Medal/Dougal lion. I trace Jeepma's/Jappa's to Japodes living across the Sava river from the Breuci. Japodes were on the Kupa river to explain why Jeepma's have a Kepke-like Chep variation, for Kepke's were a Kupe/Koop branch.

Any idea why "Medal" should be listed with a Dougal / Douglas / Dog/Doag bloodline? Medals/Dougals share the lion of Motleys, first found in Shropshire with Medleys and Middle's/Models.

Why do Maidens/Maddens trace to "warrior DOG"? Years ago, it brought "Mad Dog Mattis" to mind, an American general who led Obama's Central Command. Trump made him his Secretary of Defence, and the medallion seemed to point to Trump in multiple ways so as to suggest his Russia-collusion woes. Gog-like Goggle's/Gogels/Gockels, in Venus colors and format, show nothing but a brown dog to match the brown dogs of Lots (Kent with Venus') and Lothians, the latter first found in Perthshire with Dogs/Doags/Docks. As Maids/Mauds can be linked to Fiens/Fane's/Vans, the Venus' probably apply to that line.

Cockle's/Cockerells were first found in Gloucestershire (beside Cocks of Somerset) with the Grave's/Greafs sharing the eagle of Lothian-like Lutons.

I'm not sure what value it is to go to dogs, but I'll add that while German Wagners have a red greyhound, German Huns/Hundts and Hungers do too (in Grey colors and format), which would both be red in colors reversed. English Huns/Hungate's, first found in Yorkshire with English Wagners and Wagers, have dogs in the same colors. As I trace Trumps to Hungary's prince George, father of Drummonds, Wagners could have been close to Trumps because the latter were first found in Mecklenburg with Wagrians.

The first Drummond married the sister of king Malcolm III, and he in turn married princess Margaret who had been in exile in Kiev with her husband, the ATHELing, tending to explain why Athels were first found in Perthshire with Scottish Drummonds. The Varni-like Varangians of Kiev could easily have married Wagrians on their Warnow river.

This Margaret's mother is known to have been Agatha, and I expect her to have been George's wife because he's said to have married a women from Podebrady while the Arms of Podebrady has a "gold GATE" looking like code for "Agatha." English Huns are HunGATE's too. The Gates Coat looks related to the one of Mittens/Muttons, first found in Yorkshire with Wagrians.

Huns/Hungate's are in the colors and format of Colles', first found in the same area as Trump-loving Calles', and the Hun/Hundt and Hunger greyhounds wear COLLars. Malcolms are Columns too, and Colles'/Coals (columns) have a column in Crest, and while the latter named Cole at Malmesbury (Wiltshire with Calles'), the Malmes' share the Hound lozenges. It asks whether "MALmes" is related to "MALcolm" because Malcolm III was related by marriage to Podebrady and Hungary while Hungers have the greyHOUND. I'll show you how the MAUL motto gets us to the Hun/Hungate dogs via the Riggs. Dogs/Doags share the cinquefoils of Duncans / Donkeys, and Malcolm III was son of Duncan.

As Trump was the BULLdog in the 1979 dream I had (on DEMAINE crescent), let's add that Colles'/Coals (Somerset with Ducks and Bulls/Bule's) are in Dog/Doag colors and format. I'd have to say that this is one of the best reasons for God's use of a bulldog to represent Trump, to prove that it was His dream, not mine. DeMaine's almost have the Gamble Coat while Trump has/had a casino with dice while Dice in Norfolk was also Disc while "Disce" is a Duncan and Donkey motto term while Dice's/Diss'/DEISE's must have named Deise at Waterford while the Trump stag head is in the Arms of County Waterford.

LOOK. The Donkey Chief is also the English Billet Chief while French Billets were first found in Maine with Demaine's while Maine's were first found in Devon with English Billets. The shark had Trump by the belly, and Bello's/Bellows, in the "bellows" of the Ships in the Donkey / Duncan Crest, share the Coat of English Billets. Bello's/Bellows were first found in Cheshire with Maids/Mauds using bars-gemel for connection to the Gamal variation of Gamble's. German Belows were first found in the same place as Trumps, and English Belows use a "chalice" while the Challes' variation of Chalice's is almost the Calles surname with trumpets. It appears that God either arranged for me to have the dream on Demaine crescent (Richmond Hill, Ontario), or arranged Demaine heraldry to point to Trump in these many ways.

Though not in the same colors, Colors/KOHLer share the heart with Wagers, and Kohls were first found in Bohemia with PodeBRADY. To top it off, Maidens/Maddens were first found in Galway with Bradys and Teague's/CAIGE's while Cage's have a Coat like that of Mittens/Muttons and Gates'. The giant Color/Kohler heart is with French Sauvage's while SAVIGliano is where column-using Pelosi's/Pilati's were first found. The latter were near Asti, and while Astibus was a city of the Paeonians, the latter were probably in neighboring Pelagonia, suggesting that pelican-using Pelles' (probably in the Pully motto) were a Pelosi branch. The Pelles pelican is in a CANTON square, and while canton-using Wassa's/Wace's can be from the capital city of a Mitanni peoples living on a river of Hebrews, Pelagonia is suspect from Peleg, son of the founder of Hebrews.

The pelican in the Pelles Crest is probably inside a chaplet because Chaplets use black swans in both colors of the swan once shown for French Josephs, first found in Maine with Pellicans. French Josephs now show a martlet in those colors, and Pullys (and Pollock-like Plocks) have those very martlets. Pullys are from Vespasia Polla, wife of Flavius Sabinus, the line to Sabine's (not "Sabini") who share the Pully scallops.

I can now see why Savini's/Sabini's use a cloud, because McLeods/Clouds have flags while Flys of Flagi, with the Pully martlets in colors reversed, have this: "The surname Fly is derived from 'Flageum, a French village named for FLAVIUS, the owner of an estate in the region. This village eventually became known as 'Flagi'..." Especially as Flys were first found in Hampshire with English Josephs, they with French Josephs are suspect from Flavius Josephus of Israel, who was adopted to some degree by Vespasian's family.

Flys (Hampshire with Ghents) use the GAUNTlet, and the Fly chevron-with-fleur is in the colors and format of the WANT chevron that itself has the Ghent eagles. Wants were first found in Norfolk with Sabine's, and with Fly-related Irish Pratts in the "pratus" motto term of the Arms of Rieti. English Pratts were first found in Essex with CAMULodunum (COLchester), and Flys have the fleur-de-lys of camel-using Pepins in colors reversed, and then more camel heads are with Pale's/Palys (Yorkshire with Pullys), Crows (Norfolk), and Crow-branch Crawls (Oxfordshire with Plocks).

Wagers almost have the Crest of Kyle-connectable Candle's/Kentwells, and Italian Cales'/Cale's share the Hundt and Hunger Coat, gold collar included. It's another reason to link Calles' to Wagners, but add to this the whale of Irish Cales' because Trumps were first found in Mecklenburg with whale-using Dols. Irish Cales' have the anchor, as do Majors/MAGORs who in turn have a red greyhound, as do Wagners. MAGYARs were proto-Hungarians.

Greys have the Maid/Maud lion in colors reversed, and while Maids/Mauds use bars-gemel, Gemels share hearts (different colors) with Wagers. The Gemel heart is the Color/Kohl heart too, and both surnames have the arrow, as do dog-using Riggs suspect in the "rigore" motto term of Morleys/Mauls (Yorkshire with Wagers). English Morleys with their Morland branch share the jessant symbol of Collers/Cooleys, and while the latter are in Want colors and format, Gaunt-line Ghents share the Want eagles while a maiden is in the Arms of Gaunt.

Morleys/Mauls can be linked well to Malls/Marlybone's (Cheshire with Maids/Mauds) who in turn essentially have the Coat of Eure's/Ure's, first found in Dumbartonshire with Wagons.

Calles-like Klassens/Class' have "Lady Fortune" while Ladys/Laudymans share the annulets of Candle's/Kentwells, Riggs, and English Walkers (Yorkshire with Wagers and Wagners). Italian Fortuna's/Fortune's have a giant and upright dog in the colors and format of the greyhound of Hundts / Hungers / Cales'. Hungarians are suspect with Magog, and the Schims/Schiens with a "fortuna" motto term share the Googe boar.

The other English Riggs, who can be linked to Rosh-line Rush's/Rish's, Ricks and Rosco's/Risco's by their common fesse, share the Hun/HunGate dogs. The first Riggs, sharing the chevron-with-annulets of Walkers, share a black rooster with Hahn-branch Hanns, and Hahns (Trump colors and format) were first found in Mecklenburg with Trumps, Wagrians and Varni. In colors reversed, the Hann rooster is gold, the color of the rooster of Levers/Livers (Lancashire with Riggs) standing on a trumpet.

Candle's/Kentwells were first found in Suffolk with Candy's and Lings while Lynch's were first found in Galway with Maidens/Maddens. English Candels/Condals were first found in Yorkshire with Wagers. The Cale Crest can be the eagle of Italian Candels/Candida's/Candi's, yet it's also the Tromp and Massi/Mattis eagle. Massi's/Mattis were first found in Abruzzo with L'Aquila, and Aquila's were first found in Campania with Candels/Candida's.

Throughout this discussion, I failed to load Meckle's, as per "Mecklenburg," until now, seeing that they not only share pelicans with Meats/Meads, but were first found in Maid-connectable Monmouthshire with Pellican-connectable Howells. Gamels (Cheshire with Maids) are in Owl/Howl colors and format, and Gamals/Gamble's share the giant fleur of DeMaine's while Pellicans were first found in Maine. Maine's were first found in Devon with the Saffers who are in turn in Meckle colors and format.

It just so happens that Mathis' share the moline cross of Mallard/Millwards while I have it recorded that Maidens/Maddens have a falcon seizing a mallard duck. And Duck liners are like Dogs/Doags/Docks. English Docks/Dox's were even first found in Staffordshire with Duce's, and the latter share the Coat of Abram-like Bramtons. The Bramton Crest even has a dog head.

Here's the Maiden/Madden write-up: "Another source claims the family claim descent through Owen Buac, brother of Owen FIONN, ancestor of O'Madadhain, of Connaught, slain, 1008; Anglicized O'Madden, Madden." Write-ups at houseofnames always have the bad habit of making the Irish versions of surnames appear as the originals. In this case, "Madden" may have been the original. The point is that Fionn-like Finns/Feins were first found in Burgundy with Mathis', tending to verify that Maidens/Maddens were from the Mathis river.

Welsh Matts/Matthews (Owl/HOWL colors) have a "fyn" motto term. Meats/Meads share the martlet of French Josephs, first found in Maine with Pellicans, and French Josephs are in both the colors and format of Matts/Matthews.

Monmouthshire is where Howells were first found who share the Pellican tower, and Meats/Meads and Meadows use pelicans, tracable to Pelagonia not far from the sources of the Mathis river. Pelagonia is suspect from Peleg in the ancestry of Abraham. Mead- / Maiden-like Maids/Mauds (Cheshire with Maceys/Mace's) have a version of the Monmouth Coat while Fein-like Fiens/Fane's/Vans were first found in Monmouthshire. The latter share the gauntlet with Maceys/Mace's while Mosca's were first found at Pisa, beside Massa-Carrara whose rulers shared the checks of the Massi/MATTIS surname. The latter were first found in Abruzzo, where the capital is L'Aquila, and the Phones'/Fauns/Vauns share the Aquila eagle.

Abraham lived in Hebron while Hebrons/Hepburns and Bramton-connectable Dogs/Doags/Docks are both in Meadows colors and format. Meadows were first found beside Bramtons and Hepburn-like HIPS' of Norfolk while Hips' almost have the Coat of Phoenix's/FENwicks, the latter first found in Northumberland with Hebrons/Hepburns. The Fionn-like Fiens/Fane's/Vans (same place as Howells) are also Phoenix-like Phone's. Phones'/Fauns/Vauns, sharing the Coat nearly of WEFers, were first found in Herefordshire with Monmouths, and with the Umbers/Humbers sharing triple fesses of Maids/Mauds, Medleys, Methleys, but these triple fesses are also of the Finns/Feins suspect in the Fionn ancestry of Maidens/Maddens. Phones'/Fauns/Vauns were first found in Devon with Fenns/Venns. The Finns/Feins share the triple fesses of Finchems, first found in Norfolk too.

Phone's/Fane's use "gauntlets" while the Arms of Gaunt sometimes has a "maiden" with its lion. I'm waiting to come across the white-on-black lion in those Arms that's important to topic. The Raines' have that lion, first found in Essex with same-colored Motts who had a location of Motte-Henry (see Henry write-up) near Rennes.

The Varangian-suspect Varns have "A falcon killing a stork," similar to the Maiden/Madden falcons seizing a mallard. Varns were kin of Grahams/Grams, and the latter have a good reflection of the Ghent Coat. Grahams/Grams share the scallops of Joke's/Yoke's, first found in Kent with Gaunts. The Warnow river of the Varni is where you saw Wagners trace, and I see Varni as proto-Varangians. If correct, Wagners may have been from Ukraine / Russia too. German Grams share a heart on blue with Wagers while Wagrians lived on the Warnow.

Ahh, splendid: I now recall that German Grams trace with the YARborough's to the Varangian king, Yaroslav, not only because the vertically-split Yarborough Shield is colors reversed from the same of German Grams, but because the Yarborough Crest has another falcon seizing or killing an item, this time what looks like a pheasant. Plus, Yarborough's were first found in Lincolnshire with Keele's/KILLs who are in Killin and Store (stork) colors to go with "KILLINg a stork." The Vere's suspect in the "pulvere" motto term of Yarborough's have a "nihil" motto term while Nihills are listed with Irish Neals while Yarborough's share the split Shield of English Neals. English Vere's were first found in Essex with Sarah's/Sayers (suspect in the Russell motto) who are in turn in Varn colors and format. Scottish Vere's, Roxburghshire.

Fions/Fiens/Finis' (Phone/Fien/Fane colors and format) were first found in Kent, where Ticks/Tooks/Tucks were once said to be first found. The latter can be gleaned as a branch of Teague's/TEEGERs, first found in Galloway-connectable Galway with Maidens/Maddens and the Lynch's. The latter were of a Lyncestis location, smack beside Pelagonia and the Phone-like Paeoni. Teeger-like Tigers, in the tiger of Mead-branch Medleys, were first found in Suffolk with Meadows. The latter were a branch of Methleys, first found in Yorkshire with Ticks/Tooks/Tucks and the Tickhill location of Anne's/Hanne's while Hanna's (Wigton of Galloway) have the Trump stag head in colors reversed. Trumps were first found in Mecklenburg with Hahns (Trump colors and format) who are in the colors and format of one side of the split-colored heart of German Grams, and the latter are listed with GremLINGers, how-bout that.

If not for the Gremlinger surname appearing in the same paragraph with Lynch's, "Linger" would not have been loaded at this time to discover that Lingers not only share the eight bars of English Gaunts, but both have wolf heads in Crest, as do Teague's/Teegers. Lingers use the wolf head in black, as does the Crest of English Neals. Lingers almost have the Varn bend-with-scallops, suggesting it was correct to link they and Grahams/Grams to Gaunt element, and this goes a long way to proving that the maiden in the Arms of Gaunt is code for Maidens/Maddens.

Lingers are also LinGARDs, and while English Gards were first found in Kent with Gaunts, Irish Gards have a brown wolf, the colors of the Teague/Teeger wolf head, suggesting a close relationship between the latter and Lynch's. German Teegers were first found in Schleswig-Holstein, the general area of the Varni, and Tigers were first found in Suffolk with Lings and Starlings/Starlincks. Elon Musk's Starlink satellites are being used by Ukraine to fight the Russians.

Mark Meadows was Trump's White-House Chief of Staff. He and Mattis are not anti-globalists. The Meadows are said to have been first found in WITNesham while Wittens happen to use an owl while Howell-like Owls/Howls were first found in Suffolk with Meadows. Medleys share black-on-white bars-GEMEL with Maids/Mauds and Monmouths. Gemels almost have the Coat of Wagers (Yorkshire), from the Wagrians of Mecklenburg, and the Gemel Crest even shares the swan with Wagners and Wagens. Gamble's/Gamals share the giant fleur-de-lys of DeMaine's, the latter first found in Maine with Howell-connectable Pellicans. Gamalls (Cheshire with Maids/Mauds) are in Owl/Howl colors and format. A wager is a gamble, and Trump loves casinos.

CAMULodunum was in Essex, where Phone/Fien/Fane-related Wayne's were first found who have a pelican in Crest because Meads of Clapton married pelican-using Arthurs while Irish Arthurs are in Wayne colors and format. Some pelicans have their "young" with them, and Youngs/Yonge's were first found in Essex too.

I do not think that Maidens/Maddens were derived in "warrior dog," but rather someone probably invented that idea who saw connection of the surname to a Dog-like surname. In any case, as the Wagner Group has headquarters in Saint Petersburg, I'm momentarily wondering whether James Mattis (war hawk) has something to do with forming the Wagner Group as a fake-Russian military agency. Mattis had rebelled against Trump's decision not to ramp-up Middle-East / Ukraine wars against the Russians.

The Madden-like Mathis' share the moline of Chives', and this is why I trace both surnames to the Cavii Illyrians at the north side of the Mat river, anciently the Mathis. The Cavii lived at least beside Meteon and Kotor, where I trace Keturah and the tribe from Medan. This is in Albania, and Albanys share the giant lion of Docks/Dox's and Galloways while Medals/Dougals, first found in Galloway with Donalds, have a lion too and in colors reversed. Cavii lived at Lissus while Lys'/Lisse's are in the fleur-de-lys of German Matts/Matthews (Prussia with Mathis'/Mathias'), and this fleur is in the colors of the star at the center of both the Mathis and Chives moline.

I've said many times that the Russian medallion was found in the parking lot of a FOOD Basic grocery store. Foods are listed with Foots (Cheshire with Maids/Mauds) who in turn share the chevron of Fothes'/Fette's/FIDDES', and "fydd" happens to be a motto term of the Welsh Matts/Matthews. This grocery store caused me to find and emphasize the Groce's/Greggs many times before realizing that they have the Ukraine flag in colors reversed.

Fothes'/FETTE's/Fiddes' were first found in Kincardineshire with the Peartree's/Patria's sharing the Trump stag head. Kincardineshire is also where Matters/MAIDers were first found while German Matts/Matthews are Matters too. In neighboring Aberdeenshire were the first-known ProFETTs/Prophets with a giant leg while Leggs almost have the Trump Coat. German Mathis'/Matthias' share the Fothes/Fette/Fiddes chevron. The "CELERiter motto term of Matters/Maiders can be for the line of trumpet-using Calles' because German Celles'/Kellers have eagle heads in the colors of the Tromp eagle, and because Scottish Celles'/Kellers share gold acorns with Tromps.

Kepke sold shoes when he met Miss Peare at REITmans, and "celeRITER" can be code also for Ritters. The Shoe stars is with Matters/Maiders, and English Ritters/Ruttys, in Reitman, Rush and Calles colors, were first found in Cheshire with Maids/Mauds whose lion in turn is colors reversed from the Ritter/Rutty lion. Peare's rush-up-stairs event pointed to Stars/Stairrs, first found in Wiltshire with Calles'. Ritters/Ruttys have an "amor" motto term while dog-head Amore's were first found in Oxfordshire with Peare's.

Reiters share a white and courant horse with Rush's. I'll venture to say that the Reiter lion is the one of German Mattens listed with Martins, for Italian Martins share the Kepke goat. The Reiter horse is in Kepke colors and format, and Rush's were first found in Suffolk with the Kidds likewise sharing the upright Kepke goat. Peare and I rushed up the stairs to kiss, and Kiss' share a red rooster in Crest with Laws. The Reiter lion is exactly the one -- with both holding a white sword -- of German Lowers/Lows/LAU's, which is why I just checked Laws! That's incredible. I'm not very familiar with Reiters, but I now find that they had been a key for the rush-up-stairs event.

Lowens/Lows/Lau's were first found in Bohemia, where I trace Trumps / Drummonds, and here we can point out that the Lowen/Lau and Reiter sword is in both colors of the three swords of Calles-related Shute's/Shots (Wiltshire with Stars/Stairrs). We shot up the stairs.

German Ritters use what is often called a log, and Loge's/Lodge's, sharing the Ross lion in Rush colors, were first found in Suffolk with Rush's. So, yes, the Reiters / Ritters were the missing ingredient to really nailing the stairs event as God' arrangement. It's pointing hard as a rock to Ukraine. Loge's/Lodge's have the tressure border owned by Flemings while Roten- / Reitman-connectable Plumers are also Flaums. Irish Flemings (MEATH) share the checks of English Vaux's while Scottish Vaux's (East Lothian with tressure-using Seatons) share the bend-with-stars of Laws.

I've totally missed out on the Meaths until now; they were first found in Yorkshire with Meat-connectable Methleys and English Wagners!!! Meaths happen to share the fleur-de-lys of German Wagners!!! Is this why the rush-up-stairs event points to Ukraine, for the Wagner Group?

Kepke was mad as a lightning bolt with me for taking his date up the stairs. He stormed out the front doors very angry in the middle of our kiss, and, not knowing what to do to get us to stop kissing, demanded to the bouncer at the door to kick us off the property. I don't remember what happened after that. As my mother is a Masci, I apparently represent Moscow since Kepke is a Kiev liner. Kiev was very angry when Moscow stole the Crimea from Ukraine, and so as my mother's maiden name is GRIMaldi, suspect with "CRIMea," by what coincidence do Gog-like Cocks share the Grimaldi Shield and the Kiss rooster??? It's making sense.

Trumps, in DOL colors and first found in Mecklenburg with them, are in the colors and format of Dougal-branch Dowells/DOULs (share Medal/Dougal lion). Medals/Dougals, who share the Donald / MacDonald ship, were first found in Galloway with the first-known Hanna's who have the Trump stag head in colors reversed. It looks like the medallion is pointing to Donald Trump.

Fothes'/Fette's not only have the Meat/Mead Coat in colors reversed, but share the stars of Gamalls, the latter first found in Cheshire with Foots/Foods and Maids/Mauds. While Medals/Dougals were first found in Wigton or near it, WIGtons/WIGGENtons (Yorkshire with Feets/Fate's, Gemel-connectable Wagers, and Wagners) have the Gamall Coat in colors reversed, and Wigtons add a gold border as do BASCHs (share Back/Bax eagle). The medallion was found at Food BASICs. Wigtons/Wiggenstons share the stars of Stairs/Stayers, first found in Kent with the Sidneys having a "fata" motto term suspect with Feets/Fate's.

The Meadow Crest pelican has FEET in different colors to the pelican's body, and Meads have a pelican showing its hatchlings in a nest. I have it recorded: "The German Well/Wellner Coat (white on red) is a 'pelican FEEDing her young' in a nest, the symbol in the Scottish Stewart Crest." I have it recorded that Pattersons have "A pelican feeding her young." I assume "feeding" is code for Feets/Fate's who have a fesse in the colors of the two of Nests/Ness'.

Wells/Wellners were first found in Westphalia with Ducks, and English wells share the giant lion of Welsh Matts/Matthews. The latter's "duw" motto term can be for the Dows/Dove's in the doves of English Nests, and Medals/Dougals share the lion of DOWells/Douls. Per-chance the Nests call their doves "pigeons" too because Pigeons share the fesse of English Falcons while Maidens/Maddens have a falcon on a Mallard duck. Maidens/maddens were first found in Galway, named after Galloway (or vice-versa), where Medals/Dougals were first found.

AHH, the medallion was found on my Jeep, and Jeepma's were first found in Oldenburg while German Nests/Ness' claim a Nesse location in Oldenburg! Oldons/Oldans/Oldhams use OWLs (!!!) around the same chevron as used by Meats/Meads. The Coat of Otone's/Oltens (Cheshire with Maids/Mauds) looks related to Motleys, and Motts were first found in Essex with Youngs/Yonge's who in turn share the Oldan/Oldham roses.

The Otone's/Oltens are excellent here because they share the lion of Odins/HODDys (Yorkshire again) while the medallion was left on my HOOD. The Hoods have the crescent of Medal-related Bauds in colors reversed, and Bauds were first found in Stirlingshire with Chappes'/CHEAPs while Jeepma's are also Cheps. CHEPstow is in Monmouthshire. French Bauds (KEPke colors and format) were first found in Auvergne with Bouillons while Godfreys almost have the Meat/Mead Coat. Godfrey de Bouillon was great-grandson to Gothelo, and while Kepke's have a giant goat, Goths/Gothels share the Jeepma/Chep hexagram.

As I've said many times, I left-off writing one day about Miss Hicks at the hood of the dream's car, then went to town, and the last thing done before returning home was grocery shopping, on the day someone left the medallion on my hood. The Howdens caught my eye (minutes ago) after seeing that Meaths were at Howden. Howdens, also Odin-like Houdens, were first found in Yorkshire with Meaths and Hicks, and the latter are in the colors and near-format of Howdens/Houdens.

The triple Howden/Houden crosslets are shared by Gore's who are in turn in Hicks colors and format. The Howden/Houden crosslets are in the colors and format of the three Anne/Hanne stag heads, gold like the Hicks stag head, and while Anne's/Hanne's were at Tickhill, the Teague-branch Ticks/Tooks/Tucks were first found in Yorkshire too while "tego" is a motto term of Howdens/Houdens. The latter must be using the black Teague crosslets in Hicks colors.

The Howden/Houden Chief is probably the Forman-Chief lion in colors reversed. Formans were a FIRman branch to explain the fire in the Howden/Houden Crest. The latter shares the green dragon with the Forman and Seaton Crests. FORmans (Yorkshire with Touts) were once said to be first found in Midlothian, beside Seatons and FAUCets, and Fauch's were first found in Forez while Forez's ("Tout") are also FORE's! Zikers, it appears that Forez's were a Forman branch, but see also Irish Farmers, Pharme's (Midlothian) and Fare's.

Fauch-beloved Thistle's were first found in the same place as Majors who in turn share the anchor (different colors) with Formans, Firmans, Hoods/Hoots and Hoods/Hope's/HOOPERs (share Pharme Coat). Fauchys have a grassHOPPER, no guff, and English Hoopers were first found in Wiltshire with Hoppers. English Hoopers look like kin of Bullis' (Wiltshire) and the neighboring Bulls/Bule's.

I often told that Mr. Kepke looks like a symbol of Donald Trump, but that was long before I knew that houseofnames had a Kepke surname (I perhaps mistakenly entered "Kepka" or something similar that does not bring the surname up). He lived beside my friend and his, Rick Young, and German Youngs, with a giant stag in the colors of the Trump stag head, are in Trump and Kepke colors and format. Kepke's first name is Lawrence while Lawrence's were at a RedMAINE location while Redmaine's have a castle with the Pellican towers while Pellicans were first found in Maine.

The Fate variation of Feets is suspect in the motto of giant-PHEON Sidneys, first found in Kent with Phone-branch Fions/Fiens/Finis'. Maidens/Maddens are said to descend from a Fionn entity. "Fato" is a motto term of Chain-connectable Cheneys while the medallion still had four links of its chain.

Behold: I've just looked up Links to see that they have a reflection of the Matten/Martin Coat. Maidens/Maddens were first found in Galway with LYNCH's/Linch's!!!! PLUS wow, LINKletters use "mallards", the Maiden/Madden symbol!!! The Linkletter Crest has a white duck with gold feet, and the Meadow Crest has a white pelican with gold feet!!! It appears that Maidens/Maddens may have been a Martin branch, or, if not, then at least the two were married to one another.

German Langs (Saxony with Jeepma's/Cheps and Wagners!!) have a pelican-on-nest with her young, while English and Scottish Langs have LETTERs...suggesting the LINKletters were a Lang branch. The "ORGAN pipes" of Letts/Late's were suspect with elements on ORKNey before I knew that LinkLETTers were first found in Orkney.

Letters and Lauders (Berwickshire with Teets Tate's and Dowell-like Dows/Dove's) have a griffin connectable to the red one of German Wagners, and Letters share the GOOSE on a ROCK with Rutherfords, first found in ROXburghshire with Goose's/GOOGE's. There's Gog again, I reckon. The Goz/GOS surname (Bavaria with Rothes'/Rothchilds) smacks of "PriGOZHin," and while "Hugh" could have been from "Gog/Gug," note Hugh Lupus, son of Richard Goz. Goz's/Gos' share the triple stars of Mole's, kin of Goose's/Googe's boar. Eschyna de Molle was of Renfrewshire with Peter Pollock of Rothes in Moray. I was told that her daughter married Peter's brother, Robert. Hugh Lupus was of Varangi-like AVRANCHes.

Roxolani, suspect with Gog's ally, Rosh, took the trefoil for a symbol, and Gosers/Gossens/Kossens use the trefoil. Khazars, whose king, Joseph, claimed to be from Gog's ally, Togarmah, are suspect Cohens/Kagans who share the sun with Hesse's while Gosers/Gossens/Kossens were first found in Hesse. Tocharians lived in proto-Russia east of Khazars. Cohens/Kagans happen to share the three stars of Goz's/Gos' if the latter's Shield is fully blue instead of half blue.

Wagners could possibly have earlier been the Gagners, listed with Gagne's/Gaine's (share the Payen/Pagan Coat). Gagners/Gagne's have a "COGo" motto term, and Cohen-like Cogens/Gogans (share leaves with Coggs) were first found in Wales with the Goffs/Gough's sharing the Googe boar. Cogens/Gogans share the black dog in Crest with Spinks, the latter first found in Northamptonshire with Coggs. Rather than Wagners developing directly from "Gagner," Wagners may have been something else, for example, Wagers, who then married Gagners so as to modify to "Wagner" in their honor.

There's even a Wagon-like Gagon surname listed with Gagnons, first found in Burgundy with Gagner's/Gagne's/Gaine's. Gagons/Gagnons have a dove, the symbol of Leafs/Leave's. Irish Gaines'/Gainors were first found in Longford with Gaine-like Quinns/Guinns while Quince's were first found in Northamptonshire with Spinks and Coggs. Spinks share mascles (different colors) with Quince's. The other Quinns use the snake with Snake's/Snooks share the Spink eagle.

German Wagners share a blue pale bar with English Tate's and German Wagners, and Rutherford liners this takes us back to Ruth Wagner (Ruths are Rothers too) and her raven symbol (also of Rothes'/Rothchilds) beside her husband's grave. Grave's/Greafs were first found in Gloucestershire with Letts/Late's. Lauders share the Rodden/Rodham tree stump.

Lauders have an "umbra" motto term, and so let's repeat from above that Monmouths were first found in Herefordshire with "Umbers/Humbers sharing triple fesses of Maids/Mauds, Medleys, Methleys, but these triple fesses are also of the Finns/Feins suspect in the Fionn ancestry of Maidens/Maddens." Umbers/Humbers have a white griffin head to go with the white Lauder griffin.

Seleucus-like Sellicks were first found in Herefordshire too, who share the Wigton stars, and then DOUGLas-related Selkirks (Roxburghshire) can apply to Lauders because the latter show a crowned red heart on their griffin, the Douglas symbol. Aside from their heart, Selkirks are in the colors and format of Levins, the latter first found in Westmorland with a Mr. Laudre of Lauder-branch Letters. Landrys are said to be of LAVANders.

Almost missed it: the Wigton/Wiggenton star is also in the center of the Mathis and Chives moline. Chives' are suspect from Caiaphas, high priest of Israel during the Crucifixion, son-in-law of chief-priest Annas, and the Coat of Annas' is almost the Wiggin Coat.

While the Douglas heart is suspect with the Hardys said to be Douglas ancestry, Hardys were first found in Lanarkshire with Wagner- and Wagon-beloved Swans who once showed gauntlets, and this can get us to the maiden in the Arms of Gaunt. Castle DOUGLas is near Galloway, where Medals/DOUGALs were first found. Castle Douglas is in Dumfries, where Patiens'/Patents/PUTINs were first found who are in the motto of Dowell-like Dows/Dove's. Dowells were a Medal/Dougal branch. The Rums were first found in Dumfries too, and they are suspect in the "alaRUM" motto term of Lauders. The latter, suspect with LOTHARingia, can be traced well to French Landrys, first found in Lotharingia (Lorraine), who in turn share the FOOTless Meat/Mead martlets.

Why should the medallion point to Maidens/Maddens if not for a pointer to general Mattis? Lings and Stair-connectable Starlings/StarLINCKs were first found in Suffolk with Meadows, and we can be sure that Mark Meadows was a spy on the Trump administration on behalf of general Mattis. My question is whether a Mattis-related group of military globalists is the invisible operator behind the Wagner Group. The medallion could point very hard to the Wagner Group with I can show Wigtons as a Wagner branch. Wigners are listed with English Wagners (Yorkshire with Stair-connectable Wigtons).

I've only just realized that English Martins share the Nest/Ness Coat. These Martins were first found in Pembrokeshire, home of Strongbow Clare, and English Clare's were first found in Suffolk with Pellican-loving Meadows. Pelicans come with nests.

Spanish Martins share the eight-pointed stars of Ducs/LeDucs while Maidens/Madens have a duck.

With a piece of the medallion's chain left upon it, it could be God's pointer to John Kerry because Chains were first found in County Kerry. John Kerry was Obama's chief of foreign affairs, and he's for war-money corruption. Kerrys were first found in MontGOMERyshire, and Ezekiel's Gomer is included in the Gog army sweeping over Israel. Montgomerys share the fleur-de-lys of Wagners, and the latter place them upon their pale bar suspect with the Roxburgh pale bar.

Roxburghs were from Ukraine, land of Lviv to which I trace the FIVE's/Fifys, and the four links of the chain are attached to a fifth link on the medallion itself, for a total of FIVE. The Chains essentially share the SinCLAIR Coat while Henry Sinclair of Roslin ruled Orkney, where LINKletters were first found. Doesn't this heraldic set appear Arranged by God? Roslins share buckles with Ling-related Starlings/Starlincks, both first found in Suffolk with Buckle's and CLARE's.

Plus, Roslin-like Russells share the Russi/Rossi lion, both red like the Five/Fify and Fife lions, and Rus are from Ukraine. Rosseau's share a giant and blue lion with Galloways, and the latter's "higher" motto can be code for the High's/Heye's (Height branch) who are unbelievable because they share the Chain Coat while being first found in Buckle-like Buckinghamshire, where Cheneys were said to be first found for over a decade (Buckinghamshire has been obliterated from the Cheney page).

I've seen the maiden in the Arms of Gaunt called a "virgin," which makes sense where Virgins, sharing the giant Russell / Russi lion, were first found in Kent with Gaunts. The Ghent-branch Wants have a Coat like the one of BalFOURs ("FORward"), first found in Five-related Fife.

Chaine's (not "Chain") have a giant wing in Trump colors and format, and in the colors of the Geneva/Genova wing. The neck chain has FOUR links, and Fore's are listed with Forez's while Fauch's were first found in Forez while Trump-connectable Fauci's were first found in Genova. The Fauch's love the Thistle's, first found in the Channel Islands with the Majors in the Cheney motto term, "major."

Cheney elements could have been GENeva elements, which is why I've just found the Geneys/Jennys (Suffolk) sharing the Coat of Belgian Gone's/GUENEts. Gaunt, also called Ghent, is in Belgium, and Geneys/Jennys have a falcon perched atop a gauntlet to confirm that Geneys/Jennys were Gaunt elements.

John of Gaunt (he had the red ROSE symbol of Lancaster) founded the house of Candale / Kendel, and Candle's/Kentwells share the annulet of Ladys/Laudymans who might be in the "laedes" motto term of Rosseau's. The other French Rosseau's share the Neret Coat that is incorporated by LaVAUX's, and the latter were in the last update with a Lavaux location at lake Geneva. The Daorsi-related Ardiaei Illyrians on the NERETva river had a king GENTius suspect with naming Genova elements because Doria's were first found in Genova, near the rulers of Massa-Carrara who shared the checkered Shield of Massi's/Mattis' who in turn share the Doria eagle.

Lavaux's share the star of Kiev-connectable Shoe's and Poindexters, the latter first found in the Channel Islands and having a split Shield that is the Ukraine flag. The medallion pointed to Groce's/Greggs having the Ukraine flag exactly though in colors reversed. The medallion pointed to Medal-related Bauds, first found in Stirlingshire with the Nemo's in the Poindexter motto. It could be that Poindexters, in this context, are to jibe with the Cheney motto's Majors (Channel islands). Majors are said to have married Corbeils, and Corbeils

Majors/Magors may have named Magor, near Chepstow, both in Monmouthshire. Majors/Magors could have been from Ukraine's Magyars, the proto-Hungarians who furnished Drummonds and the Drumpf ancestry of Donald Trump. The Corbeils are interesting for sharing a red griffin with Wagners, and the Wagner Group is fighting, supposedly, in Ukraine. Wagners share the greyhound (different color) with Wagners. Greys, with the Russell / Russi lion in colors reversed, look like kin of JOPlins (from Japodes?) who in turn share the LaVaux stars.

CorBEILs take us to the Beils. One Beil/Bail surname (Burgundy with Rosseau's) share three red roses in Chief with English Majors while the other French Beils/Bails (share Major roses in both colors) were first found in Provence with French Majors. The latter Beils/Bails share the Belly and Falcon chevron. As a fact, Bellys were a branch of Baileys and Baliols, both first found in Northumberland with Greys and Joplins. Both the latter share the Ross lion. The first Beils have a lion in the colors of the Russell / Rossi lion, and these are in the colors of the lion heads of French Majors. So, yes, Majors look like Rus-allied Magyars.

I had read that Magyars had been FINNo-Ugrics, and Feins/Finns were first found in Burgundy with Beils/Bails (and Mathis') too, and with Gagners and Gagons. It helps to identify that latter from Gog of Magog.

Hungarians had a king Bela, so this explains the Beils. Bela was brother to Hungarian king Andrew, father in turn to George, father of the Drummonds. George married a woman (suspect by me with Gate-like Agatha, mother of queen Margaret of Scotland) in Podebrady, and the Arms of Podebrady has the triple Fein/Finn fesses over its "gold gate." Golds/Goulds share the Gates lion.

As a tribe from Gentius looks it named Ghent because it's at the end of the Lys river through ARTois, let's add that while the Arms of Ghent has a maiden, Mattens/Martins share the Geneva/Genova lion. there. Maidens/Maddens love the Falcons, and while French Falcons were at the ROUSSILLON theater, English Falcons were first found in Cumberland with VAUX's. DeVaux's have a giant pelican for connection to Meats/Meads and Meadows (Suffolk with Candle's/Kentwells) suspect from lake Scodra i.e. near Lissus. The lower-left of this map shows the PARTHENi on the southern banks of the Mathis, and Partons were first found in Cumberland too. CANDels/Candida's share the Doria / Tromp eagle, and the Mathis river shown at the map has a source at the CANDavii mountains in the land of the proto-Pendragon PENEStae.

Otter-connectable UTHER Pendragon was made the very father of the Arthur bloodline that was married to Doria's and Doors, and Pendragons have the LYS while Lissus is at the mouth of the river upon which the Penestae lived. Pendragon mated with the wife of GorLOIS, suspect partly from Luis of Cavii-like Ceva. The Gore's in "Gorlois" share the crosslets of Windsors who descended from Others/Otters (Goser/Gossen colors and format) who in turn happen to have a motto, "WATCH." Gorlois was a ruler of Cornwall, where Pendragons were first found along with Wagner-connectable Wassa's/Wace's and Wage's/WATCH's, See that? It explains why both Pendragons and Wage's/Watch's have black items on a white-on-black chevron.

Wage's/Watch's use "wedges" while Wedge's/Waggs (GAUNTlet) were first found in Somerset with Tresure's/Trashers. The latter were between Caens and the first-known Tracys/Trasse's (Devon with Phones'/Fauns and Fenns/Venns) who in turn have the Maiden/Madden Coat exactly. Tracys tell of their location near Caen, in the Bessin, and while Caens share the fretty Shield of Cavii-like Cave's, this other map shows Bassania on the Mathis river. Bessins were first found in Cheshire with Maids/Mauds and gauntlet-using Maceys/Mace's (kin of Monmouthshire's Phone's/Fiens). Penns are in the format of Fenns/Venns while the latter share the scallops of Plate's while Penns use plates. This paragraph has Wagner-like surnames, Mathis elements, and Maidens/Maddens suspect as a pointer to mad-dog Mattis. Cave's, sharing the black greyhound with Wagners, were first found in Lancashire with English Plate's while German Plate's share the swan with Wagners.

German Matts/Mathews, with a Coat feasibly of the Pendragons, are also MATTNers, interesting where the ancient Mitanni had a capital, WASHukanni. Pendragons were first found in the same place as proto-Washington Wassa's/Wace's (use a canton), and Washingtons have the Canton/CANDen Coat in colors reversed. It appears that Cantons were from the Candavii mountains. Cantons/Candens share the star of Angus' and Annas'/ARNISS' (and Wiggens), and there was an Arnissa location (shown on this map) upon the Genova-like Genusus river with sources at the Candavii mountains! It appears that Washington was named after the Mitanni capital. The Masons of Washington look Hebrew.

Mitanni lived on the Hebrew river, the Habur tributary of the Euphrates, and may therefore have been an important part of the Aphrodite / Ares / Kabeiri cult. The Aras river passed through the land of Gog. Mitanni were at least beside ancient Aram, interesting where Mittens/Muttons (Yorkshire with Wagers and Wagners) have a ram's head. Mittens/Muttons share a double-headed eagle (different colors) with Jeepma's, the latter first found in Oldenburg with Mattons/Martins who are in turn in the colors of the Mitten/Mutton eagle.

Hyksos were Hebrew too, from Asians at the Armenia theater of Gog. As Cremers use a ram's head too, let's repeat that, as per the ice-cream, Ice's (Mecklenburg with WAGRians) share an Icke variation with Hicks' (Yorkshire with Wagers and Wagners), first found in Yorkshire with the Pale's who have a bend in the colors of the Wagner PALE bar.

As these German Wagners have their greyhound facing the left side of the Shield, while anything facing the left side of a Shield belonged originally to Masci / Massena / Rasmussen liners, the fleur-de-lys on the Wagner pale bar look like the Masci fleur. Masseys/Maceys have FLEUR in half the colors of the Hicks fleur-de-lys while I see Hyksos fundamental with proto-Masseys out of Mus at Lake Van, and with Meshech at the neighboring Moschi mountains. Masseys share the fleur of Palms (Yorkshire) who in turn almost have the FLEUR Chief. Mosca's were first found near FLOREnce while Flore's and Flora's (and Hick-branch Hooks) share the Masci / Wagner fleur. Flore's share the fleur of Hicks and Annas-branch Ainsleys.

As Wagners and Wagons look connectable to Wage's and Wassa's/Wace's, it suddenly seems that Wagners were from Wassukanni. Wagons were first found in Dumbartonshire with Hebrew-line Eure's suspect in the "heure" motto term of Hicks.

I find it feasible that "Magyar" developed from MAGOGar where the second 'g' modified to a 'y." Magyars did live in Magog. PENES'/Pennys (lynx in a crown) have a passant greyhound split in black and red to match the red greyhound of Majors/Magors and the red passant griffin of their Corbeil kin. German WAGNers use both a red griffin and a black greyHOUND, and Hounds were first found in Cambridgeshire with Annas'/Arniss' and the Wagon-like WIGGENs who almost have the latter's Coat.

The Penestae had a capital, USCANa, which looks like it may have been related to the Oscan people group of Italy, affiliated with the Ausones. The latter looks perfect for a myth writer to invent, Aeson, father of Jason of the Argo ship. Jason married Medea, a witch, perfect for a trace to the witches of king Arthur's AVALON through the VELINO river in Sabina, home of Oscans. I showed how Medea likely represented a tribe from Medan -- who could have named the Hebrew-suspect Mitanni -- and it just so happens (I'm floored) that the Aeson/Esson surname shares the two lions of Abram-like Bramtons!!! WOW.

Jason was related to Amazons from Hephaestus, husband of APHRODite, and the Mitanni were at the EUPHRATes river. Avalon-like Avlona (Aulon) was in Hebrew-like Epirus, who named the Abruzzi with a capital at APRUTium. The Marsi lived in Abruzzo. My mother has a book on her home village of Picenze, seven miles from L'Aquila, telling that it was founded by nobles of Naples, and the latter is in Campania along with the first-known Aquila's. "The Osci...were an Italic people of Campania and Latium..." The Marsi has a snake goddess.

Aphrodite was always committing adultery on Hephaestus with Ares, who morphed into Mars. The Marsi lived off of Sabina and could therefore have been Oscans. French Mars, in MARONE colors and format, share the scallops of Penn-beloved Plate's, and Plate's were first found in Lancashire with the Parrs whose double fesses are in colors reversed with MORINis'. I trace Parrs to Pharnaces of the Pontus, ancient land of Amazons, neighbors of Gog. Marone's share the Googe/Goose boar. The Deering write-up has the Morinis' descending from OSbert, a possible Oscan line. Osberts use the tiger, and I trace Tigers (Suffolk with Candys and Candle's/Kentwells) to Tigranes VI, king of Armenia in the land of Gog. The tiger-using Medleys can be from Mitanni elements, and Tigers were first found in Suffolk with Meat-branch Meadows while Meats/Meads are suspect from Mitanni-like Meteon.

Tigranes was the husband of OPgalli, and Osci are also called, Opici, Opsci, OBSci, Opicans. The Hobs' (not "Hob") share the eagle of Candels/Candida's/Candi's, first found in Naples! Plus, WOW, tiger-using Hobs/Habs (Berwickshire with Arthurs) are suspect in the "OBStantia" motto term of Arthurs! As per "obSTANTia," Stands/Stains were first found in Middlesex, where Apps/Abbs/Epps were once said to be first found along with Fiers!!!! Fier county in Albania is on the APSus river, and Uscana was just a Gog's jog from the Apsus. Apps-branch Abbys were first found in Angus with Aesons/Essons.

Wikipedia's article on the Osci: "The town of Cales was the capital of the Ausones." The Calles' show nothing but trumpets. Kyle's, who share an anchor in Crest with Irish CALE's, use CANDLEsticks, and Candle's/Kentwells were first found in Suffolk with Candys. Italian Cale's, in Candy colors, have a giant greyhound that would be red in colors reversed, and moreover the Crest of Italian Cale's is a black eagle so as to possibly be the Candel/Candida eagle.

Chalice's/Challes' share double-white fesses with Morinis' but in both colors of the OS/Oz Coat. The latter are in the colors and format of Penn-like Pansys/Panthers, first found in Westphalia with Velino- / Avlona-line Velins and Velens (Alan kin). Penns are also Pansy-like Pence's while Pense's (Devon with Pine's and Esson-like Esse's/Ash's) are also Panico-connectable PINCons sharing the Aquila eagle.

Panthers (share "spur rowells" with Pans/Payens), first found in Angus with Aesons/Essons, probably share the PENdragon and Helm helmet. The latter are in Trump colors and format while Trumps were first found in Mecklenburg with Wagrians, but also in neighboring Pomerania that uses the red griffin for it's Arms, i.e. the Wagner symbol. Tromps share the Doria / CANDEL/Candida/Candi eagle, and the Penestae lived at the Candavii mountains.

Artois was home to count Eustace of Boulogne, father of Godfrey de Bouillon, and Godfreys were Meat/Mead kin. The High-branch Heights substitute the Chain cross for the one of Eustace's (and Vise's). The medallion's chain is pointing to Maiden/Madden elements suspect as a pointer to mad-dog Mattis. Dick Cheney is a mad war hawk.

Eustace-branch Staggs/Stage's share the blue stag head with Hanna's first found in Galloway with Medals/Dougals. Anne's/Hanne's were first found in Yorkshire multiple Wagner lines, and with Height-like Hate's/Hague's. Varangians of Kiev were founded by an army from Rurik, and Rorys, sharing the Galloway Coat, were first found in Tyrone with Hagans in Hate/Hague colors. The latter share the saltire of Odin-branch Oddie's/Hoddys (both first found in Yorkshire), a branch of Hood-liner Hodleys (pelican!!!) whose quadrants are colors reversed from the same of Medals/Dougals and Bauds.

The medallion was on my HOOD, you see, and Hodleys with Oddeys/Hode's/Odo's have the pelican to reinforce the trace to Mead- / Meadow-like Maidens/Maddens. I'm floored. Hodleys with Oddeys/Hode's/Odo's both share a "patria" motto term while Patria's/Peartree's share the Trump stag head. Hodleys with Oddeys/Hode's/Odo's share the dove in Crest while Dows/Dove's may have been named after Medal-branch Dowells/Douls.

German Matts/Matthews, the ones with FLEUR-de-Lys so as to trace to Lissus near the mouth of the Mathis river, can be connected to Quintus Caepio and his granddaughter, Junia CAEPIONis. This works where Matts/Matthews share the fleur-de-lys of Jeune's, first found in Cambridgeshire with CAPONE's. It's also the fleur of Pepins while Pepin of Landen married Miss Metz.

Quints share vair fur with French Fleurs/Florida's, though Quints put the vair in their Chief in the colors of the checks in the Chief of Dutch Fleurs. French Fleurs/Florida's have: "One branch of the family established a seigniory in Fleurent, Champagne, for De Braux," and the first consideration here is that Bra is near Chivasso of the Chives' i.e. from the Cavii at Lissus. The interesting thing now about the Braux entity is that the Spinks, suspect in the sphinx of Brock-branch Brox's/Brocuffs, were first found in Northamptonshire with Brays/Brae's. The Braux/Breau surname shares the Chief of French Alans, and Helens were first found near St. Brieux in Brittany. English Alans were first found in Shropshire with the Breakers/Brechs in the "flax breaker" of Brays/Brae's.

Plus, the Braux entity was connected in the quote above with Champagne while Scottish Champagne's share the vaired Shield of BRACEbridge's, suggesting Braux's were a Brace/Bras branch. French Sauvage's were first found in Champagne while SAVIGliano is smack beside Bra, and the Pelosi's/Pilati's, first found in Savigliano, use the column while Columns were a branch of Callams while Alan-like Halans are listed with Hallams. The latter, first found in Yorkshire with Bruce's, share the giant Bruce lion.

Knowing the Brush's were a Bruce branch, the Braush's/Brosh's were just loaded to find the split Shield of Groce's/Greggs, and while the latter can be gleaned, thanks to the Lane's/Lawns, as a Carrick branch, Marjory Carrick married Mr. Bruce of Annandale. Italian Lane's/Lano's were first found in Bruce-line Brescia with Italian Martins, and while the latter share the goat of Kids, Kidds were first found in Suffolk with Brush's/Brusche's/Brosche's. The latter share an armored arm holding a sword with the Brace/Bras Crest. It now appears that Bra was named after a Bruce branch.

Thierry Breton WHO?

I got wind this week that Bill Gates called the omicron variant of COVID a better defence than the COVID vaccines because omicron is a weak virus (can't hurt people) that stimulates the immune system. As I absolutely don't expect Bill Gates to make such a claim in violation of the will of vaccine providers, I'm thinking he made the claim because he knows that the vaccines are producing omicron, but he doesn't want the world to know it. Perhaps the next vaccine scam will increase the potency of the virus manufactured in-body by the "vaccines." Perhaps phase one of the vaccine scam, 2021-22, was a trial balloon with a weak virus so as not to get into too much unpredictable trouble, and yet why couldn't the producers have produced a small percentage of stronger, or even lethal, vaccine-induced viruses as part of the experiment?

In the video below, you can see that phase two can arrive as soon as this fall to fight arcturus:

Was arcturus produced by the vaccines dished out in 2021-22? I feel that the stepping stone to the mark of the beast is in the 10th minute of the video above, where WHO wants to mandate vaccination against the will of the people now mostly out-of-favor with, not just the mandates, but the vaccines themselves. It appears that the False Prophet will need to force people to receive a vaccine pass for store/workplace entry. Trump could easily become such a man.

Still in the 10th minute, WHO admits that what it is up to for 2023 is the "first building block" toward "certification" i.e. read as "enforcement."

In the 11th minute, a WHO representative, Thierry Breton, has a statement. He's now the EU's Commissioner for Internal Market, and as such he's part of fascist globalism without doubt. The Bretons/Brittanys, sharing the Thierry, Bright and Bride stars, are possibly a branch of British's/Brodocks, and while Trump was the BRITISH bulldog in the sleeping Beauty dream, Thierry's Wikipedia article tells that he was "vice-chairman and CEO of Groupe BULL (1996–1997),..."

This dream was almost to-the-day 50 years before the Apophis asteroid is due, and that asteroid was pointed to by the flaming "mountain" of MacKenzie's, wherefore note that English Mountains are in Breton colors and format while French Mountains have bulls in the colors of the Bull/Bule bull heads. What do we make of this? Will Trump join Thierry Breton's vaccine cause, in his second term as president?

One thing I don't mention is the "caBOSSED" stag head of MacKenzie's, and here we get the giant bull of Boss', first found in Cornwall with giant-bull Cole's/Colds while COLchester is in Essex, where English Mountains were first found...along with Bois'/Boys in the colors and format of the Boss/BoyVILLE/BOISville bull! Ville's/Font-de-Ville's, in Boss/Boyville/Boisville colors and format, were first found in Languedoc with French Mountains.

The Bois write-up: "De Bois-Herbert who were barons of HALBERTon, Devon were listed there in 1050." Then the "tutisSIMa" motto term of Bretons/Brittanys looks like it's for the Sims/Simms' because they use "either "halbert" or "halpert" AXES as obvious code for axe-using Halberts/Halperts (Perthshire with Dogs/Doags) who in turn share a brown wolf in Crest with Bretons/Brittanys. Halperts/Halberts are in Dog/Doag colors and format, and a giant dog is used by the Fortuna's in the "fortuna" motto term of Sims/Simms (East Lothian with Fortune's and Seatons). Rollo's (Perthshire) have a "fortune" motto term. Seaton is at the mouth of an AXE river. And Dogs/Doags share the cinquefoil of Boss-like Bus'.

HALBURTons (East Lothian with Halbert-beloved Sims/Simms') look like God's pointer to George Bush because English Bush's (Yorkshire with Walkers, Wagers, Wagners) share the black boar with Halburtons (and Rollo's), and because the "Majores" motto term of Halburtons is like the "major" of Cheneys ("bull's scalp") while Dick Cheney was a CEO of a corruption-suspect Haliburton company. Cheneys are in the colors and format of Scottish Bois'/Boyes'/Bosts. The latter have: "The De Bois-Herbert family were barons of Halberton, Devon c. 1050."

To connect with Beautys/Bowds, first found in Dorset, we have this from the write-up of English Bois'/Boyes': "De Bois-Herbert who were barons of Halberton, Devon were listed there in 1050. Apparently they flourished in Dorset, but the Devon record was a branch of the family at that time." We now have Sleeping Beauty pointing to the Bush-Cheney war in Iraq, which can be deemed the beginning of the roll-out to Armageddon.

To prove that Halburtons were a Halbert branch, Cheneys were once said to be first found in Buckinghamshire with Simms-like Simsons who in turn have an "Alis" motto term while the Alis motto is reversed from the two-word motto of Keiths, and the latter were first found in Haddington, where Halburtons were first found. Buckinghamshire is where Bower-like BOYers/Bowyers were first found who share a "passe" motto term with Rollo's while Passe's/Pascals were first found in Essex...along with Bois'/Boys in the colors and format of the Boss/Boyville/BOISville bull.

And Essex is where BUDE's/Bauds were first found who look like a branch of the Bowd variation of Beautys. I'll show again below how Sleeping Beauty points to the Apophis asteroid along with MacKenzie's and BUD Light beer.

I'm guessing that Halburtons have the Over/Offer bend because English Alberts (Kent with Snake's) have a sledge OVER the shoulder. Halburtons share the lozenges of Snake-like Seneca's/SenesCHALs. English Seneschals were first found in Cornwall with Bois-connectable Boss'/Boyville's.

Where was my head all of this time while ignoring the cabossed stag head of MacKenzie's? The super thing about the Boss' is that they are listed with Boyville's/Boville's suggesting a branch of giant-bull Boys/Boets/Bovino's/BOEDDU's, which connects to bull-using BEAUTYs/Bowds and thus Sleeping Beauty. Beautys/Bowds were first found in Dorset with the Stour river while Sturs/STYRE's look connectable to the Bach/Back "steer."

The beauty here is that while Sleeping Beauty was fulfilled by Miss Hicks, I trace the German Bachs/Backs to the HYKSos king, APACHnas. It looks like I'm correct with that trace. It's taken me years to realize that Beautys were a Boy / Bois / Boet branch.

Bachs/Backs once showed a calf, which tipped me off on their trace to Apachnas. While Vile's/Veals show CALVes, note the Boss/BoyVILLE's/Boisville's and BoyVILE's/BosVILE's/Boville's/BOWELLE's, first found in Yorkshire with Bush's (share Calver fleur) and CALVarys, tending to explain why the Bush Coat is much like the one of BOWLES'. Boss'/Boyville's/Boisville's are in Calf colors. Bowles' share the Varn scallops for a possible trace to the Varni and Wagrians.

We may even add that the Hyksos-like Axe river starts in Somerset (beside Beautys first found in Dorset) with a second Somerset Axe river while English Backs and Dog-connectable Ducks were first found in Somerset to boot. Welsh Bachs share the vaired fesse of Saffers (Devon with one Axe river), a branch of Severs/Savers (Somerset).

I discovered that Hyksos (capital at Avaris) were in mythical Manto, granddaughter of Avaris-like Everes, the "shepherd seer." Evers/IVERs are even listed with Eure's/Ure's suspect with the "heure" of Hicks' and the "uro" of MacKenzie's. Iversens/Ivers' probably have the Eber boar round-about, and Gows/McGoo's of Iver-like INVERness-shire have the Iversen/Ivers fleur-de-lys and share a gold boar head with Evers/Eure's/Ivers. Inverness-shire is beside Banffshire, and the latter is where TROOPs/TRUPE's (Trump branch?) were first found while Miss Hicks in real life was the "TROPHy girl" at a cook-out championship in which Spuds MacKenzie appeared for the celebration. Inverness-shire is beside Ross-shire, where MacKenzie's were first found.

Spuds MacKenzie is the mascot for Bud Light beer, the atrocious beer company advocating Sodomites. Buds/Bude's were first found in Cornwall with Boss'/Boyville's/Bovile's while MacKenzie's have a cabossed stag head.

The Troops/Trupe's are said to have come to an end when in marriage to "Keith, Earl Marischall (Marshall)." It can explain why Poppins/Pophams show as Keith kin!!! Beauty. As per "MarisCHAL, perhaps they were partly from Calls/Calles', the ones with trumpets, wherefore Trupe's may have been a play off of "Trump." The Keith-branch Kettle's were first found in Perthshire with Drummonds whom I view as a Trump branch. Maris' (Kent with British's/Brodicks), in the colors of Mars, share the saltire of Tessin-river Tease's/Tess' so as to make Maris' look like a line of the Marici, co-founders of Pavia on the Tessin river. The earls of Mar were at KilDRUMMy.

"MarisCHAL" caused me to find the Childs/Chills listing "Challs," and they, in Call/Calles colors, were first found in Hertfordshire with Chalice's/Challes' and VINCE's. "Vincit" is a motto term of Courcy's in turn having the triple Child/Chill/Chall eagles in colors reversed. It appears that Calls/Calles' were a line from king Childeric, the Merovingian who I trace to Maruvium of Abruzzo's Marsi! Bingo. It can explain why Childs/Chills/Challs share the white and spread eagle with Aquila's (Trump colors and format).

I don't know when the Pepins first entered the Merovingian ruling class, but I do think that a Pepin branch named Pavia as "Papia." German Pape's/Papenburgs were first found in Hamburg with German Drummonds while Babenbergs were from Poppo I. Scottish Pape's/Pope's/Popps (Elginshire, near first-known Troops/Trupe's) were once said to be first found in CAITHness, named by the Keith Catti who married Troops/Trupe's.

When Miss Hicks moved from my area of Texas to the Dallas area, she moved into a home previously owned by a Childs surname. The latter are colors reversed from the Hake's (Norfolk with Patricks) who in turn share fish with Clubs/CLOBBES' (Child colors and format), the latter suspect from "Clovis," Childeric's son and heir. It makes me think that Hyksos were ancestral to Merovingians.

Manto was sister to mythical Daphne. The Everes=Avaris discovery was well after I traced "Daphne" to "Devon." While a myth writer put Daphne into the Ladon river, that's near the LaceDAEMONians whom I trace to the Dumnonii of Somerset and Devon. Ladons/Ladds were first found in Somerset with Burleys/Bourleys (share green Shield with Bauers and Bowers), and I trace the latter to Boura (near Ladon river), Greeks of which are known to have founded Sever-like SIBARis. Saffers are in Silver/SILBER colors and format. Silvers/Silbers were first found in Lincolnshire with a Boston location of BOStons/BOWStons, and the latter are in the colors of Bower-connectable Burleys/Bourleys. Bostons/Bowstons share the Coat of Home's/Hume's who in turn were first found in Berwickshire with Boys/Bie's.

Saffers have uniCORNs, and we saw Boss' in CORNwall. Boura is near CORINth, and while Apollo mated with Coronis, Apollo was in love with Daphne in the Ladon river. Daphne elements were probably a part of the "Apollo oracle" at Delphi. The Apollo Oracle was in CLARus too, and Claro's (Ferrara, near first-known Boys/Boets/Bovins) almost share the upright bull of BOSo's/Busio's/Bosone's. The latter were first found in Lombardy, where Mantua is located. I had read that mythical Manto was the namer of Mantua, and Manto was a Hyksos element while I trace Hyksos to bull-using Bachs/Backs.

Boso's/Busio's use a "card" while Cards have a "letter" with stamp in Crest while Stamps have a black-shield version of the Rush/Rish Coat, excellent because the latter share triple and blue, fessewise annulets with Crauns/Crane's (Suffolk with Rush's/Rish's), and then the Bulls/Bule's (Somerset with Axe river) have triple and fessewise annulets in colors reversed from the same of CRAUNs/Crane's. Plus, Rush-branch Rosco's/Risco's were not only first found in CORNwall with Boss', but have the cinquefoil of Busio-like Bus' in colors reversed! That's a new link of Boso's to Bus', traceable to the Buzau river of the ROXolani. Letters have a goose on a ROCK.

In the dream, Sleeping Beauty was HOVERing OVER the SEATs of a CAR ton her BACK. This car doubled as an auto as code for black-bullhead Auto's/Otto's, suspect with Ottone Visconti of Lombardy, which gives us the signal to link the black Beauty bull to Auto's/Otto's. Beautys were first found beside the Fowlers while Henry the Fowler was father to emperor Otto I.

Seats/CEDES' are suspect with the "cede" variation of Steers, tending to show again that steer-using Bachs/Backs were from the Apachnas HYKSos. It shows again that Beautys connect with the Boeddu variation of Boys/Boets who share the giant Bach/Back bull. I've said these things before, but I want to move to new territory with the Waleran-branch Waldrons.

She was hovering LEVEL on her back while Levels/Leavells (Somerset with Bulls/Bule's) were of Waleran de Leavell. Walerans and Waldrons both show triple bull heads in the colors of the triple Beauty bulls. Waldrons, whom I almost never mention, were first found at PEVENsey, and Pevens/Bevens ("Semper") happen to share the Bull/Bule annulets. Waldrons have a "Walarinus de Cartone" while Carts are said to be from Castle Cary, home of the Somerset Levels/Leavells. We can get the hint here that Beauty's car refers to Carys and Carts of Castle Cary.

The Cartone's (Cheshire with Fothes-branch Foots) are listed with Cardine's ("FIDE" motto term), which recalls that Cards are in the Coat of bull-using Boso's/Busio's. KinCARDINEshire is where Peartree's/Patria's and FIDo's/Fothes' were first found, a branch of Pierro's/Pero's/Petri's, the latter first found in Pavia, a city founded by Laevi Gauls so as to trace them to "Leavell." The Cartone/Cardine Crest shares a black wolf head with the Quade's from Quadratilla Bassus, wife of Lupus Laevillus.

It appears that PEVensey of the Waldrons was named by Pavia liners. English Pavia's were once said to be first found in Somerset, but now in Warwickshire with Pettys. Italian Pavia's look connectable to the PEVer Coat.

Pevens are listed with Bevans so as to suggest that Babon, son on Mummolin, was a Pavia liner where Babons, sharing the Pavia fesse, are listed with Bavents. Mummolin was the Mayor of the palace ahead of the Pepins who took that title, and so Mummolin can be descended from the Apepi/Apophis line of Hyksos.

IN FACT, the Peven/Bevan bird (looks like a dove) is in the colors and format of the French Pepins (once showed a gull or dove), and the full Coat of French Pepins is in the colors and format of Poitvins while the latter substitute the Pepin raven with a jay while Jays were first found in Herefordshire with Pevens/Bevans!!!

Poitvins were first found in Poitou with Chatans who have the Jay bend-with-roses on a blue Shield. Clan Chattan has a "bot" motto term that can thus be code for the Bot variation of Bute's/Butts/BOETs (almost the Pierro/Pero Coat), suspect from the Sadducee family of Salome Boethus. Chattans/Cato's (not "Chatan") were first found in ROXburghshire, and I suppose that the Poitvin jay is on a the Roque/Rock rock for that reason. As Bots/Bauds were first found in Auvergne, they look like a branch of Bute's/Butts/Boets/Bots because Chatans share the Auvergne tower. There's a good chance that the fish of Bute's/Butts/Boets/Bots is a salmon as code for Salome Boethus.

The Poitvin Coat looks related to the French Galli Coat while Waldrons show a GALERami variation for the surname of "Iohannes filius Waleranni." It may indicate that Walerans were originally Galli / Gale / Galley liners, and here we can add that Gale's and Galleys were first found in Yorkshire with Pavia-related Fetts/Fate's and Pavers.

As Poppins'/Pophams can be gleaned as kin of Mens', the French Pepin Chief is probably in the colors and format of the Keith (and Caddy) Chief for a related reason.

The Pepin motto has a couple of terms that seem undecipherable as per what surnames they could be code for, and so in cases like this, I look at the translated motto. The Pepin motto is translated, "As the mind of each, so is the man." The "Mens" motto term in the non-English motto is not translated as "man," and so we can see the trick where both motto versions point to Man liners. ?Mens" is translated "mind," and while Minds are Munds too, Munds/Muntz's show a man's head in Crest and peacocks in the Shield. The Mens-branch Manners'/Maness' have a peacock.

Plus, German Mans/Manners share the Bee quadrants while Minds/Munds have bees. The Bee's almost have the Pepin bend-with-fleur. The Bee's share the SALE's bend-with-fleur, and while Pepins were Merovingian Franks, who were descended from Salian Franks, SALEmans/SALIANs (share Bush eagles) have a bend-with-items in colors reversed from the Pepin bend-with-fleur. Salian Franks were on the Rhine, and German Bush's were first found in Rhineland and with Salome's, making the Salian Franks appear descended from Salome Boethus, which recalls the Boys/Boets sharing the Bach/Back bull. The Pepin fleur are colors reversed from the same of English Bush's. The Bach/Backs bull is called a "steer," and Styria is where Mans/Manners were first found. Steers were first found in Surrey with Salemans/Salians and Salmons!

As Salome Boethus was from a Sadducee family, by what coincidence are Saddocks (Sussex with SALMON-using Hams) in Calvary colors and format? Repeat from above:

Bachs/Backs once showed a calf, which tipped me off on their trace to Apachnas. While Vile's/Veals show CALVes, note the Boss/BoyVILLE's/Boisville's and BoyVILE's/BosVILE's/Boville's/BOWELLE's, first found in Yorkshire with Bush's (share Calver fleur) and CALVarys, tending to explain why the Bush Coat is much like the one of BOWLES'. Boss'/Boyville's/Boisville's are in Calf colors. Bowles' share the Varn scallops for a possible trace to the Varni and Wagrians.

My Cabossed Blind Spot

As Pepins are Pepys too, suspect from the namers of Pavia as "Papia," it appears they were descended from the Hyksos king, Apophis/Apepi. With Boss/Boyville liners in this discussion coming from the CaBOSSed stag head of Apophis-pointing MacKenzie's, let's read it as "CABossed," which looks like code partly for Cabe's/Cabes' because they happen to use "SALMON". Cabe's are in the colors of Cabels/Cable's ("ImPAVIde"), first found in Somerset with English Backs and Saffer-branch Severs. "ImpaVIDE" can be for the Vido variation of Saffer-beloved Vita's because Saffers share "aut" twice in their motto with Cabe's. Auto's/Otto's have a giant bull head.

A cabossed item is an heraldic animal with its head cut off from the neck, and Dutch Neckers/Necks happen to use a cabossed stag head. indication that whatever surname(s) "cabossed" is code for, it was married to Neckers/Necks. The feature is alternatively, "caBOCHed," and this looks connectable to Bush's where they share the white goat with Bochs'/BAUCH's. One can now explain the BAUX variation of French Bauds/Bauts because they have a giant and upright ram in the colors of the giant and upright goat of Boch's/Bauch's. As Joseph Caiaphas was a Sadducee, note that Chappes'/Cheaps were first found in Stirlingshire with Scottish Boet-like Bauds. French Bauds and German Butts/Bute's/BOETs both come up as "Bot."

As Bock-like Buchs are listed with German Bucks (Boss/BoyVILLE colors and format), the cabossed feature may have originated with a buck's head. English Bucks (Norfolk with Heads/Heeds) use antlers, and Neckers/Necks emphasize the antler. English Bucks share the antler of Conte's/Comitissa's and Cone's while I trace ConteVILLE's to Ville's/Font-de-Ville's (Languedoc with Conte's/Comites) sharing the giant German Buck lion.

The "OpTIMa" motto term of Salmons can be for Time's/Timms (Kent with Cone's) sharing the white goat head in Crest with Bush's.

AHH, the CABoched symbol can go to Cabots not only because they have the salmon-suspect fish of Bute's/Butts/Boets/BOTs in colors reversed, but because CaBOTs look like a Cabe-Bot merger! Yes, for Cabe's share the salmon of Hams, both in the colors of the dolphins of Hammers (Sussex with Hams and Saddocks). Dolphins/Dolfins were once said to be first found in Surrey with Salemans/Salians and Salmon. Sussex is also where the Keeps and Coopers were first found while Baud-connectable Bochs/Bauch's have the Coat of Kupe-branch Kepke/Kopke minus the border.

It's probably important, in this part of the heraldic sets, that Surreys are Shark-like Sarks too, for the Cabot-like Capots are listed with Capote's/CHAPPUS' whose roses are in the colors of the Cabot fish, and moreover the Capot/Chappus roses are red like the Butt/Butt/Boet/Bot roses. Surrey is near the first-known Capes/Capets of London. The latter share the scallops of Abbe's and Larins (Provence with French Cabots) while Cabe's are also McAbbe's.

The shark in the Sleeping Beauty dream was in a kidney-shaped POOL while Kidneys/Gedneys likely have the Ged / Geddes "pike" fish, and Geddes' (Nairnshire with Rose's) happen to have a motto, "CAPTa majora," perfect because Majors, sharing the Capot/Chappus Chief, were first found in the Channel Islands with Cabots! The shark in this picture appears descended from Joseph Caiaphas. Spanish Capets/Cepedas' use a giant crown. Pools share the fleured Shield of Auvergne's while Bauds/Baux's of Auvergne look like Boch/Bauch branch.

The Columns, with a cabossed stag head in the colors of the same of Neckers/Necks, have a saltire in the colors of the saltire-by-fish of Kidneys/Gedneys. Columns were first found in Argyllshire with Keep-connectable MacDonalds, and with KAPPE's/Cappens/Alpins, and the latter are made the kin of MacKenzie's/Kenneths by writers who say that king Kenneth was a son of king MacAlpin. Kappe's/Cappens/Alpins share the crown with Neckers/Necks, tending to verify that Columns have the Necker/Neck stag head, and moreover Kappe's/Cappens/Alpins have a thistle while Thistle's can be connected to Cabots / Capots.

In heraldry, the cabossed/caboched feature is related to the couped feature, the latter being defined as a head cut with a clean/straight line from the neck. The third related feature is "erased," where the head is separated raggedly from the neck, interesting where Ragusa-suspect Raggs' share the German Bush and Crab fleur. Crabs point to the Apophis asteroid because it arrives in the constellation of Cancer the crab.

As "erased" is suspect with the Eras variation of Pepin-connectable Rasmussens, we note that Keips have a giant horse in colors reversed from the giant Eras/Rasmussen and Schwab unicorn. I'm lumping the Schwabs in this because they were first found in Franconia with Boch's/Bauch's, and so we can imagine God sending the 2nd-Trumpet asteroid to strike Schwab's tyrannical bid to control His world.

All three methods of couping or cropping a head from the neck apparently involves Kepke/Kopke liners. A so-called "face," used by Coupers/Coppers, is a cabossed feature without a neck. Blesse's/Blissets, suspect in the Boch/Bauch motto, happen to share the moline of Segni's/Segurana's (Genova with Fauci's) in the motto of Face's. The latter were a branch of Thistle-loving Fauch's, and while Fauch's are in the colors and format of French Cabots, English Cabots were first found in the Channel Islands with Thistle's/Thissels.

As Cabe's are listed with McCabe's while Andrew McCabe was an integral part of the FBI shark that began to swallow Trump, I'll repeat that a Fieschi family in Genova is suspect as a Face branch. It's repeated because McCabe and company used the FISC court to begin swallowing Trump. It's amazing that while McCabe's were first found on Arran with a Brodick location, Trump was the BRITISH bulldog swallowed by the shark, and British's are listed with Brodicks. Fauci and company then swallowed Trump even deeper by destroying Trump's vibrant economy.

As I've said, HAMILTON Kilpatrick, whose church I attended, is in an online photo with Spuds MacKenzie. He's the husband of Sleeping Beauty. And then: "Brodick Castle [Arran] is a former residence of the Dukes of Hamilton." I bought a 3-dimensional, fiberglass bulldog in Hamilton, Ontario, just months before first seeing Sleeping Beauty (1994) as Mrs. Kilpatrick. It appears God-arranged that Hamiltons share the DOG/Doag/DOCK cinquefoil, but it can be added that it's the BUS cinquefoil too while BOSS'/Boyville's/Boisville's were first found in Cornwall, location of "Braddock of Broadoak" found in the British/Brodick/BroDOCK/BradDOCK write-up!! The Boss' came up, suddenly in this update, off of the cabossed stag head of MacKenzie's! I rarely do the cabossed feature.

CURSED google tells people, as you can see at the URL box of the Spuds-MacKenzie photo, that my website is "Not secure," as if I'm sending out viruses to people. CURSED GOOGLE knows this is untrue, but wants people to be afraid of my website. CURSED GOOGLE will pay the price for slandering people in this way, and costing many a lot of money to boot, in efforts to censor people on behalf of the anti-Christ globalists. GUARANTEED, the people responsible for this will pay a severe price, wishing they had never been born.

I wish I knew that the items on either side a gold, cabossed stag head of British's/Brodicks, were chaplets, for the Hicks' have a "chaplet" around the NECK of a gold "buck" head.

Ways to help clinch the British/Brodick items as chaplets are: 1) they are on a chevron in the colors of the Lorraine lions while Chaplets were first found in Lorraine; 2) Lorraine's were first found in Northumberland with Horse's in the British/Brodick Crest; 3) British's/Brodicks, with lion heads in the colors of the Mason/MACON/Massin lion (on gold Shield, same as Lorraine lions), were first found in Kent with Masons/Macons/Massins. Macon is a location not far from Lorraine. It's between Lyon and Lorraine while Lyons, first found in Perthshire with Dogs/Doags/Docks, share the green lion with Lorraine's.

The Lorraine lion is shared by Astys while Asti is beside Bra while Braswells have the Dexter Coat in colors reversed while Irish Kilpatricks have the "dexter paw" of their lion on the "head" of a dragon. Bruno's tell of their branch in Asti, and Irish Kilpatricks share the Brown/Brun fleur-de-lys, and while Browns/Bruns share the brown lion with Ramps/Rumps (Cumberland with Browns/Bruns), the latter look like a branch of Rums, first found in Dumfries with Scottish Kilpatricks.

Astys were first found in Lanarkshire with the Swans/SIONs in the Chaplet Coat. Lanarks happen to share the Hamilton / Dog/Doag/Dock cinquefoil. The Fox's/Shinnocks in the British/Brodick Coat have a motto, "SIONnach ABOO" while "a boo" is a motto phrase of Irish Kilpatricks. It could be code for the Bue/Bo variation of Boss- and Beauty-connectable Boys/Boets/Bovins/Beoddu's. That all appears God-arranged to me, to fit Hamilton Kilpatrick, Sleeping Beauty, and both British bulldogs.

However, one can argue that the British/Brodick item is a wreath because "wreaths" are used by English Burghs sharing a green chevron with British's/Brodicks. Wreaths' were first found in Inverness-shire with the Gows/McGoo's who are in turn in the colors of the British/Brodick items in question. And Rothes/Wrath's were first found in Kent with British's/Brodicks. While the motto of English Bucks shares the full Wreath motto, Wreath's share the lion of German Bucks/Buchs and Fox's/Shinnocks (SIONnach).

By the way, the "CEART LAIDIR a boo" motto of Irish Kilpatricks goes to Carts (Somerset with English Backs) because Cards have a "letter" while Letters/Laters can be in the motto. Carts were at Cary Castle with Leavells while Jewish Levi's share the lion in the Crest of Irish Kilpatricks. Cards use a giant lion in blue, the colors of the British/Brodick lion head. The Rums/Rims suspect in the Latter/Later motto were at Annandale (Dumfries with the Nith river of Scottish Kilpatricks), and this makes the Cart saltire suspect as the Annandale saltire. The "alaRUM tuaRUS" motto phrase of Letters/Laters recalls that the RUSH Coat is a red-Shield version of the Stamp Coat, and there is a stamp on the Card letter.

"Tuarus" can be for the Tarres'/Tarrs, first found in Somerset with Carts, and having a Coat similar to the Leavell Coat. Tarres'/Terras' were first found in Moray, and while Masons/Macons/Massins -- first found in Kent with British's/Brodicks, Roet-branch Rothes'/Wraths, and also with Tarras-connectable Scotts -- not only share the mermaid in the Moray Crest, but have lions in the colors of the British/Brodick lion heads. The gold stag in the Tarras/Terras Crest suddenly looks like the stag head in the British/Brodick Coat. The Kent Scotts use the wheel of Roets, and Scottish Scotts (share Tarras/Terras Coat) were first found in Roxburghshire with Scottish Leavells while English Leavells were first found in Somerset with Roets. The latter, or a branch thereof, named Rothes in Moray. The Roet-beloved Books can be of a Boch/Bauch variation such as "Bokke."

Keeps share the Arms of Baden while the Neckar river runs through Baden. German Neckers look by their variations like a Knight branch while Knights were first found in Suffolk with Kidds sharing the Kepke/Kopke goat. Mr. Kepke pointed to Shoe's who have a knight holding an axe, and axes are the symbol of choice of Badens/Battins (Somerset with Axe river). Shoe's share the lone star of Poindexters, first found in Jersey with English Cabots.

The Sharks share the Crane crane while Crauns/Crane's have a crown around the NECK (of a deer or hind). The cabossed Necker/Neck stag has a crown around one of its antlers, and German Neckers are also Nichters while English Knights/Nights were first found in Suffolk with Crauns/Crane's, and with the Kidds sharing the giant goat of Boch's/Bauch's. Scottish Nights are suspect from the nearby Nith river, home of ancient Geds = proto-Geddes' who took us to Cabots / Capots.

The motto of French Cabots looks like it has the Cuss variation of Kiss', the latter first found in Leicestershire with the Bless' (not "Blesse") suspect in the "Noblesse" motto term of Bochs/Bauch's. The CUSH variation of Kiss' goes with the "cushions" of Scottish Kilpatricks, and while Hicks are said to have had a branch at St. Ewe, Ewe's are listed with CUISH's sharing the giant eagle of cushion-like Cussons. Cousins were first found in Norfolk with Patricks.

When first finding these links, not long ago, I was floored because it explained why I was going to kiss Miss Hicks awake, which is why I came to call her, Sleeping Beauty, years before finding this Kiss/Cush link to Kilpatricks via Ewe's. I had failed to read deep into the Hicks write-up, until recently, to find their St-Ewe branch. St. Ewe is even in Cornwall with Braddock of Broadoak, and with the first-known Broads.

You really need to ask how both Kilpatricks and Hicks can work into this when the dream, with she and a British bulldog, was 15 years before I first saw her. Here's a new addition to the heraldic links from the British/Brodick write-up: "One source notes that Braddock of Broadoak is a parish, in the union of LisKEARD, hundred of West, E. division of Cornwall and some of the family originated there." It looks connectable to the "Ceard" motto term of Kilpatricks. "LISkeard" can therefore be of the Scottish Lise's/Lease's, first found in Dumfries.

Hicks' are said to have had a branch in Low Leighton while Leightons/LEYtons were first found beside the Leigh's/LEGHs/LEYS' who are in turn in Lise/LEASe colors. While LEANing over to kiss her awake, my hand touched her LEG, and she awoke then. Leans/McLains have a "mine" motto term like the "tentaMINE" of Leggs, the latter first found in Dumfries with Lise's/Lease's, and almost having the Trump Coat. The difference between the Trump and Legg Coats is that Leggs have their stag head cabossed.

The staggering thing is, I may have mentioned the Leans maybe once, maybe never, as per leaning over, and the Mine's in the Lean/McLain/McLANE motto happen to have a dancetty fesse within which are the six pale bars of English Lise's/Liss'!!! STUNNING. Irish Lane's have the Hicks fleur in colors reversed.

Plus, the Lizarts/Sarde's, with almost the Lise/Liss Coat, were first found in Provence with the Larins who share the double chevrons of Lise's/Lease's. Yet Provence is also where French Cabots were first found who happen to be the ones with a "ConCUSSus" motto term suspect with the Cuss variation of Kiss'/Cush's! Lizarts/Sarde's were first found in Draguignan while Lise's/Liss' were first found in Hampshire with Drake's.

Guerin of Provence can be to the Guerins who have a form of the Irish Terry/Therry Coat, which recalls that this section started with Thierry BRETon. Then, the English Terrys, first found in Kent with Breton-connectable BRITish's/Brodicks, almost have the Coat of BIRDs/BURDs, first found in Cheshire with Bride-branch BRIGHTs (Pierced stars). The latter two have the stars of Thierrys, in the colors of the pierced hexagram stars of Guerins.

The Guerins share the triple-pierced stars of Payens/Pagans, and the latter call them "spur rowells," which is what Panthers use (same phrase, different design), first found in Angus with Scottish Bride's. And, McBride's were first found in Arran with the Brodick location of the dukes of Hamilton.

There's also a Thierry-like Thier/Their surname (Tarras/Tarr colors) sharing the giant lion of Leghs, in case Thierry Breton is part of my touch-leg scene with Sleeping Beauty. As soon as I touched her, she and I went up in rapture to the sky, and so, maybe, as things might turn out, Mr. Breton will be a major instigator of the vaccine pass = mark of the beast, and God is signalling, in the touch-leg scene, our victory over him with the Resurrection-Rapture. For the time being, keep this theory on a back burner, and I'll watch out for further news regarding Breton.

Reminder: Bretons/Brittanys are in Mountain colors and format so that the Apophis asteroid can be entered into a Breton picture. Leghs happen to share, not only the lion of BRITs/BRETs (Somerset), but the Scottish MOUNT/Mound lion...which recalls the Mounds/Minds, for they are Mounds too. Minds/Munds, who are incredible for being fully in BERT and BURT colors and format, came up with the translated PEPIn motto! Apepi was a HYKSos king, and the leg belonged to Miss Hicks. The Munds/Munts (Kent with British's/Brodicks) share red drops with Irish Kilpatricks.

This paragraph involves a new way to see things that again speaks to God as the author of the dream. Scottish Kilpatricks were first found in Dumfries with the Leggs who share cabossed stag head on a blue Shield with MOUNTains, and Leigh's/Leghs/Leys share the giant Mount/Mound lion, suggesting that Leggs were a Leigh/Legh/Ley branch from a family at the Legro river of Leicestershire, for Leightons/Leytons share the quadrants of Soars (Dorset with Beautys!) while the Legro is also the Soar. The Kiss'/Cush's were first found in Leicestershire, and I touched her keg while going in for the wake-up kiss! Leicesters (Cheshire with Leigh's/Leghs/Leys and Masseys / Maceys) even share the Irish Kilpatrick and Masci fleur-de-lys.

The Mounds come up as Mons' while Mons (originally "Montes") in Hainaut was a part of Brabant while Dutch OSE'/Oz's (bull heads) are said to be from Brabant. Mons is in WALLONia while Walerans (part of the hovering scene) share triple bull heads (almost the Beauty Coat) with Ose's/Oz's (not the same colors). English OSE's/Hose's use human LEGS and were first found in Leicestershire! Incredibly, Wallons/Vallons/VALONTs share the Leighton/Ley and Soar quadrants!!! VALIANTs have the shark! Brabants were first found in Kent with Munds/Munts, Mynetts, Louvains and British's/Brodicks, and the latter have lion heads in the colors of the giant Louvain lion while Louvain is in Belgium with Brabant. This lion is in the colors of the Soar and Legro/Gros lion.

She and I started RISING into the air as soon as she awoke, and while Risings were first found in Norfolk with Rise's/RIE's, lookie at the Wallon write-up: "'Peter de Valognes or Vallonis received from the Conqueror fifty-seven lordships in the counties of Essex [location of Low Leighton of Hicks'], Norfolk, Suffolk...He was Viscount of Essex in 1087; and with his wife Albreda, the daughter of Hubert de RIE...'"! That's new to me and incredible.

The Rheims'/Ramis', first found in Essex with Rams, share the checkered Shield of Flamingo's/Flamings and French Louvier's while La Louviere is beside Mons. English Louvier's are listed with Louvains. Flemings, part of the basis of the Templars, lived in Hainaut, Brabant and Wallonia. The Rheims/Ramis Coat is also the Arms of Meulan while Waleran de Leavell married Miss Beaumont of Meulan. The Beaumonts (Dorset with Beautys, beside Mandeville's) of Meulan ruled Leicester simultaneous with Meulan.

The MANDeville's, sharing the Wallon/Vallon Coat, both with the Leighton quadrants, have: "Geoffrey de Mandeville (d. 1144,) was created the 1st Earl of Essex,..." English Vere's were first found in Essex too, and while I can't recall which Vere branch was connected to Mandeville's, Were's/Wears are said to have been close to Giffords (Board kin?) who in turn share the full Walloon/Vallon motto.

Vere's were rulers of Oxfordshire for a long time, where LOVE's/Luffs were first found, and as Waleran de Leavell takes us to Leavells/Levels/LOVElls, Lovicks can be expected with the bull heads of Walerans, and the saltire of Hunts/Hunters (Shropshire with Luffkins), though it's the saltire also of Irish Kilpatricks/PATCHie's suspect with the Cards (Shropshire) in their motto. It's important here that Patch's use HUNTING horns to prove that Hunters/Hunts and Lovicks are sharing the Kilpatrick saltire closely. In the dream, God said, "'s you she LOVES, go wake her."

Sleeping Beauty looks like God's way to track wayward, pagan Levites through Leavells and the counts of Hainaut, for if you scroll down Wikipedia's County of Hainaut page, you see roughly the Coat of French Levi's, first found in Ile-de-France with Caiaphas-like Chappes', and with the Lys'/Lisse's expected from Lissus of the Cavii to the Lys river flowing through Hainaut.

Hugh de Payens married Elizabeth Chappes, and English Payne's share the full Wallon/Vallon motto too. While Scottish Chappes have "ears of wheat" while Sadducee-like Saddocks have "ears of RYE", and the Wallon-related Rise's/Rie's we saw above are also Rye's. So, Sleeping Beauty is pointing to this Belgian situation which I have mainly missed until now.

Louvain was also Leuven, and Italian Leuvens/Livelys/LEIVELLi's have the Arms of Hainaut County in red-on-white. Livelys/Hivelys/Hellys (almost the Payne bend-by-lozenges) are Apophis-interesting where Hells were first found in Kent with Louvains while sharing the Crab Coat. The Lively/Hively lozenges are in the colors of the near-lozenges of Scottish HAINs and Bullys, both first found in Dumfries with MacKenzie-connectable Leggs. Roger de Bully is in the write-up of Jumps (Trump stag head) who in turn almost have the Legg stag head.

The Cards, linkable to the "Ceart" motto term of Irish Kilpatricks, were first found in Shropshire with Minds/Munds, and also with the Hunts/Hunters (share both Kilpatrick saltires), linkable to the Bert and Burt hunting horns in the colors of the same of Patch's, the latter first found in Devon with Burts, Were's/Wears and Wearing. The latter have the hunting horns of Breakers/Brecks (Shropshire with Hunters/Hunts) while Brays/Brae's, with a "flax breaker", share triple eagle legs (different colors) in Chief with Mandys/Mondays. My head is spinning with all of these links.

Wearings not only share the bend-with-checks of Apophis-like Pope's/Popps/Pape's, but they have: "The patriarch of the family was Miles Sire de Guerin,..." Guerins are the Jerusalem-Templar family with the Payen/Pagan Coat built-in. Guerra's (dragon) can be gleaned as kin of Pings/Pongs/Pagans. Wearings, Were's/Wears and Ware's (share dragon with Wearings) were all first found beside English Payne's, and PENdragons share the open helmet of Mind-connectable Mynetts/Minute's, first found in Kent with helmet-using Dragons/Drainers. Drains/Drowns use an orange lion while Orange's show nothing but a hunting horn in colors reversed from the Wearing horn. Mandeville's are in the write-up of giant-dragon Tile's/Tillys (Dorset, beside Mandeville's).

Blacks, first found in Lincolnshire with leg-liner Leaks, share the orange Drain/Drown lion...which suddenly recalls the mouse I talked about several times, caught in a mouse trap with both its back legs, afterwhich it used its front legs to drag the trap a few feet away to a spot where it drowned near the sump PUMP. I found it drowned at that spot. At the time, I looked up Pumps to find them listed with Pope's/Popps/Pape's!!!!

Orange's were first found in Buckinghamshire with Simsons, recalling Mandy Sim(p)son. Part of the Simson lion is in the Arms of Hainaut, and Mandys are listed with Mound-like Mondays! The same lion is used by Hainauts/HainFREYs while Freys were first found in Wiltshire with Mandeville's!!! Plus, while Ose's/Oz's were in Brabant, they are in Frey colors and format, and these Freys have a Freeze branch (Essex with leg liners) with a Pharisee-like Phreeze variation.

We saw MANDeville's sharing the LEIGHton quadrants, and then Mondays/Mandys happen to have eagle LEGs colors reversed from the giant eagle leg of both HOOTers and HOOVERs. I've now got to repeat that Sleeping Beauty was at first in front of the HOOD of her car while Hoods are also HOOTs. Then, after I approached the car, she was HOVERing over the SEATs, and Seats/Cedes' are the ones suspect in the "cede" motto term of Bach-beloved STEERS. It just so happens that the vertically-split Steer Shield is shared by Mondays/Mandys. I shouldn't have to tell you how amazing these links are, because the creators of heraldry knew nothing about my life or this dream.

Seats/CEDES', likely related to Laevillus of CETIS, were first found in Lancashire with Lovicks and Lovers/Livers, suggesting that Liverpool (Lancashire) was named by Lovick liners. Lovers/Livers have a rooster on a trumpet while Trumps almost have the Legg Coat. Trumpet-using Calles' were first found in Wiltshire with the Mandeville's sharing the Leighton quadrants.

I met MANDY Sim(p)son in Texas four years after I had last seen Miss Hicks at church on the LEAKEY road. Leaks/Leakeys use the leg. Mandy happened to be going to that church when I met her (though it had moved to a new location by then). Mandy and I always sat in the same side-by-side seats at church, with she directly behind an old man (75 years old) whom I had never seen before; he turned out to be Hamilton Kilpatrick. Mrs. Kilpatrick was not attending this church at the time.

Later, Mrs. Kilpatrick told me she was attending a church in Crystal City, and Crystals are interesting first for sharing a "Mens" motto term with Pepins and Poppins/Pophams (share Mens Chief-Shield combo). Moreover, Crystals have a CALVary symbol, recalling the CALF that the steer-using Bachs/Backs once showed. Crystals share the cross type (both red) of English Terrys (Kent with Bird-like BRITish's/Brodicks) almost having a Bird/Burd Coat. The other English Birds/Burds share the Hicks fleur-de-lys.

The Minds are in the translated "Mens" motto term of Pepins, Crystals and Poppins/Pophams. The latter translate: "The original mind HATH reMAINed". Hats were Beauty kin round-about with Haydens (Norfolk with Burts), and Mains (Devon with Berts and Hicks-branch HOOKs) are essentially in Mind/Mund / Bert colors and format. Mayners (at HOKne) have a "Manus" motto term and share a brown stag with Poppins/Pophams. The "ProJEKI" motto term of Mains can be for the Jeke branch of Joke's/Yoke's (Kent with Man-related Dragons) while HOCHs/Yoke's share the swan with CHRISTmans.

Jeke's/Jacks (Yorkshire with Hicks) and Joke's/Yoke's share triple scallops on a fesse (different colors) with the Fenns/Venns, first found in Devon with Hooks, Phones'/Fauns (and Darts), and thus the PHEONs of Mains (dart in Crest) can apply to Phones'. Pepins and Pipe's are in the colors and format of pheon-using Stops/Stubbs the latter first found Staffordshire with Pipe's and Hicksons, beside the first-known Pepin- / Poppin-beloved Minds.

DeMaine's have the Hicks fleur-de-lys, but especially the giant one of German RENCH's. I met Miss Hicks at the House of Praise at the RANCH road (also called the "Leakey road") to Leakey. By the time I was with Mandy, it had moved to Barksdale, and the Barksdale's happen to share the five bunched arrows of Rothschilds in the same colors. The Rothschilds hold the arrows with an arm, and Armys/Ermine's were first found in Lincolnshire with Leaks/Leakeys. Barksdale's are in the colors and format of Marone's who in turn share the GOOGe boar.

As Wake's almost have the Mule/Mules Coat, note that Barksdale's trace to a Birkdale in "North Meols, union of Ormskirk." Meols'/Mails (Cheshire with Bessins) share the lion heads of Minds/Munds, and this works because Minds/Munds share the bee with Bessins who in turn have a version of the Meols/Mail Coat. Mondays/Mandys (beside Cheshire) were first found in Derbyshire with Knee-branch Needhams.

Plus, Barksdale's share the full motto of Hicks-beloved Bucks, the latter first found in Norfolk with BARKs and Dunhams. BARACK Obama is the son of Miss Dunham. Dunhams/Downhams can be a branch of Downs/Douns, first found in Sussex with the Vise's and Acorns both sharing the stag head of Knee's, the latter first found in County Down. As I touched the leg of Sleeping Beauty at the knee when waking her, could that be indication of an asteroid pointed at Obama's secret, evil workings? I hope so.

At first, years and even months ago, I had almost nothing to say about the British/Brodick surname as might connect to the British bulldog. And now look.

I've told several times of the day when TERRY MacAdorey showed up at my place in Gormley with his two sets of boxing gloves, and we did a little boxing in the garage. I remembered this while on the Terrys above. It just so happens that Box's/Boxers, perhaps of the caBOCHed feature, are in Thierry colors and format. The cabossed-connectable Cabots, first found in Jersey with FIST-using Poindexters, have fish that, in colors reversed, can be the gold Dorey fish. Keep your eye on that fist.

DOREYs were first found in Breton-like Brittany while Bretons are listed with Brittanys. Doreys are not only in Box/Boxer and Thierry format, but colors reversed from them. Therefore, why might that boxing-glove event now point to Thierry Breton?

Doreys have three lion heads in the colors of the three leopard faces of Scottish Doors, and while the latter were kin of Restons, the latter share the Thierry leopard face. Terry's mother was a literal witch, and his sister hung herself to death, followed by Terry himself while in his early 20s. Witch's use "wedges" while Wedge's use the gauntlet GLOVE. MacAdorey brought over his gloves. Glove's have the crossBOW while Bows share the motto of Roets, the latter first found in Somerset with Roets and Tarrs/Tarras'. Glove's are in Fish colors and format while Doreys have a fish.

The amazing thing is, the Wedge glove is closed (fist-shaped), and Close's almost have the Thierry Coat!!! Close's are linkable to CLOTs/DuClos'. Thierry Breton is pushing forced COVID vaccines known to created blood clots. Close's could have been a Klaus/Claus branch as a pointer to Klaus Schwab.

The Bretons/Brittanys are in Mountain colors and format while Mounts/Mons' share the giant Thier/Their lion. The Arms of Mons is just a single pale bar in the colors of German Clots/Klutz's showing nothing but a pale-bar-by-tree-trunk, and Trunks were first found in Franconia with Schwabs/Swabs! I find the cascading of this heraldic set amazing.

Franconia is also where Box-like Bochs/Bauchs were first found who essentially share the Kepke Coat, and Mr. Kepke pointed to poison vaccines when he visited me in Gormley. The NOBs suspect in the Boch/Bauch motto ("Noblesse") are in Box/Boxer format. Near to when MacAdorey was over (I was probably in grade 11 at the time), I got a job at KNOB Hill Farms (17/18 years of age), and Kepke came to work there too. It's where Darlene Ray/Wray worked who pointed to poison vaccines. After dating Darlene there, I dated Allison Bauer (Jewish), and Bauers share a green Shield with Bourleys, Bowers and Nobs. Knobs (Bavaria with Rothes'/Rothchilds) look like they share the Rothes'/Rothchild arrow while Mayer Bauer became the first Rothschild.

Trunks have a giant bull head in Schwab/Swab colors and format, and it's a white bull head, same as Somerset's Bulls/Bule's who in turn have them in both colors of the bulls of French Mountains. Bole's and wing-using Bowles' (essentially in Witch colors and format) were first found in Lincolnshire with Fish, and with the Cross' in the Glove crossbow. Glove's were first found in Perthshire with Vince-connectable Winks/Wings, and the Wedge's (Somerset with Bulls/Bule's), sharing the Vince motto, are in Vince colors and format while "Vincit" is a motto term of SCHWab-like Shaws/Sheaves'.

BOLINGbroke's, first found in Lincolnshire with Bole's and Bowles', have a Coat looking much like the Thierry Coat, and while Dols share the BolingBROKE fesse, French Alans (Languedoc with Mountains) share the Thierry stars and the saltire of Windsors, the latter first found in Berkshire with Shaws/Sheaves'. BROKE's share a Stewart motto.

The Bolingbroke castle was built by Saxons, who included Mercians, and the flag of Mercia is the saltire alone of French Mountains. Lucy of Bolingbroke was a Mercians. Mercys have the cinquefoils of Bowles-like Bowels/BOSvile's (Yorkshire with Bush's) in colors reversed, explaining why the Coat of Bowles' looks related to the English Bush Coat.

Bowels/Bosvile's have a "Vraye" motto term, super because Wrays have a "vray" motto term and the Gormley/Grimes martlets. Terry MacAdorey and I lived in Gormley when we put on those boxing gloves. Wrays use the OSTrich, suspect in-part with the wing-using Osts/Hosts (Somerset with Bulls/Bule's) who share the Bull/Bule bull head. Ose's/Oz's have white bull heads too.

The ostRICH is likely part-code for Rich's/Richess' (BOTTONy crosses) too, first found in Hampshire with their Button/Biden kin, and this is beside the first-known Osts/Hosts. Rich's/Richess' have a location in Lorraine because they are from Richeza of Lorraine, and Lorraine is where Clots/DuClos were first found.


Wow, late this week, the video below was found showing that a study in Denmark caught the vaccine companies deliberately distributing faked vaccines called "placebos." This proves that even the vaccine companies were unconcerned with whether people were protected from the virus.

The batches represented by the blue dots are all the major killers. While watching the COVID plandemic roll along, it became very predictable that the vaccine companies were told to test a small number of deadly-potential batches. I would ignore the lines in the graph. The dots are what matter. Where you see a blue dot next to "2000," it's directly above roughly the 10,000 point on the graph's bottom line. It means that this one batch had provided adverse events to the tune of 2,000 per 10,000 vaccinations, a whopping 1 out of 5 people, per one vaccination. The other chart shows these numbers exactly as 2,160 events per 11,700 doses.

The other charts shows, on the top yellow line, 18 adverse events per over 95,000 doses. The number is so low, per dose, that one could expect some illness reported not related to the injection. Or, some of the 18 people may have been having adverse events from a prior COVID vaccination that was not part of a fake-vaccine batch.

If you read enough of the comments in the video below, you might get the impression that the canadian government lit the Quebec forest fires as a cover for spraying chemicals into the air so that when bodily damage is done by inhalation, it can be blamed on the smoke.

This video is the only one I've seen with an update on the Virgin-Island court case against the Chase Bank for hiding and abetting Epstein's money laundering:

One comment says: "I just read the weather warning here in Ontario Canada and they say that the smoke particles form into Benzene and formaldehyde chemicals from the UV rays so you are correct about the burning rubber smell. Try to stay indoors for the time being." I don't think so. This sounds more like a false claim from "they" to blame chemical smells on the forest fires.

Another comment: "We are in Central Texas and the skies have been blanketed with chemtrails day and night. We have been covered up by this same haze so much so that we didn’t see the sun for almost 2 weeks. We’ve had 3 chickens and 2 piglets die for no known reason. My garden is struggling. Please join us in praying..."

Too many canadians choose to be stupid for fear of being discomforted with harsh realities they would rather not dwell on. Nobody is making a stink about the fact that the fires were lit by the government. It was obvious. People prefer to live calm and secure, and therefore don't want to admit that their own government is a big-business parasite not at all concerned for the people. The satellite images shared in my last update, of the ignition of some 20 Quebec fires all within in a few hours, 50 miles or more apart, were proven by a major media to be authentic. The WEF is suspect behind this smoke job. The WEF hates humanity. Things are shaping up to become the hour of the anti-Christ, and canadians want to hear nothing about this. They prefer to believe the lie and go forward in comfort and a feeling of security.

I heard this week from a reliable source, Peter Stock, that home-schooling has doubled since the COVID scam. This is a HUGE development that nobody of the fascist world wants to talk about. We could give God much credit to this development. The faggotry moving into school systems has surely played a large part in convincing parents to make the "sacrifices" necessary to teach their own children.

Fauci the spin-master sociopath is still going down:

Somebody put it best: "Canadians are free range humans on a tax farm." Correct. But this is the EU way too. Parts of canada had become trained in becoming a tail-wagging EU doggie. Even prime minister Stephen Harper worshiped EU bosses. canada at the government and educational levels is a stink bug, a demonic infection that passes person-to-person to make them unwilling to put on a happy face anymore. Their friendliness flew away from them because they became stupidoid robotoids; it's the best way I can put it. An EU puppy becomes trained as a robotoid. canadians were flattered by the EU as the friendliest people because they were accepting the multi-cultural experiment like good, tail-wagging lab dogs. They accepted everyone whether they tote sodomy, adultery or any kind of strange beliefs, and most betrayed their Christian heritage while it was slipping away rather than shoring it back up again. That's why they became infected.

There needs to be a new word meaning a dictator who dictates on behalf of God rather than one seeking to eradicate God in order to become the supreme authority. Jesus is the first kind of dictator, though I use that word cautiously. God is concerned about the condition of people, their thinking, their beliefs, their behavior. He's taking punches to the face repeatedly for the ultimate victory in training up a people good for one another from amongst the weeds. Jesus told the Apostles that they were clean because they were listening to His words. If you want your demonic infections to flee away, become familiar with the Bible to let it change your attitude, and play Christian music that respects God. I don't think evil spirits can tolerate such music. There is education in lyrics, but of course not all education is good.

Although the Old Testament is filled with wayward Israeli attitudes and lifestyles, there is correction throughout. There is the right-versus-the-wrong to be learned. It changes people and makes them truly a benefit for the rest of the community. This is what "clean" and "sanity" mean.

God's chief concern is not the private desires of the individual, and often He does not share those desires. God's chief concern is for people to operate together as a clean society. Desires of the individual go counter that program when the "need" for extra money, to fulfill some agenda, pits people against people. canada has become a thieving tax collector for the agenda of the EU harlot. How can that be conducive to a society operating in fairness? How can people put on happy faces when they vote in a thieving government that perpetuates sinful lifestyles? This leads to demonic infection when God abandons them to demonic infiltration into their minds.

The Dictator has demanded, "love your neighbors as yourself."" That doesn't have "individual rights" as the chief concern. With God, the right of a fair community trumps individual aspirations. Whatever my goal, let it not violate Fair Community. Let it not abuse other people. There is nothing difficult to grasp here. Let the seller sell at fair prices; let the government serve the community not merely in lip-service alone. Politicians must fulfill their good promises, not devise political plots that brings money into their own pockets. Employers must not maximize profits. Social-media people must not continue to beg for more money once they have enough, for it is disgusting in the sight of God to say to self, wow, I can ask my viewers for money and receive it to the tune of a half-million dollars per year if I get good enough.

If God has tackled you and pinned you to the ground, be very happy. If God has put painful obstacles in your path to deflect you into another direction, consider yourself blessed, because woe is to the person that God allows to sin continually only to receive a horrible end. If God thinks you worthy enough to punish in your tracks, then a son/daughter of God you must be, and this comes with eternal life in the end no matter what desperation you may experience on this side of history. God knows we need times of refreshment amid the battles, the trials.

I cannot understand where Heaven is. I cannot grasp how Heaven can be a second dimension operating simultaneous with, and in, the created universe. The best I can do is to view spirits incapable of absorbing or reflecting light so that they are invisible. But then, is all of Heaven invisible too? If there are things in Heaven, are they invisible, made of non-atomic materials? This is too hard for me to grasp. Yet we see that a Creator does exist, and so we conclude that He has tremendous powers far beyond our comprehension. Perhaps Heaven has no things, no buildings, no furniture, no homes, aside from the physical universe we live in. That is, perhaps Heaven is made of nothing more than spirits living in the created universe, mainly here on earth. Aside from that, Heaven is a moral system under the rule of God; the angels either operate willingly under His rules, or they rebel against them.

I had the sense that Florida and Texas were bussing illegal migrants to the northern United States because they knew the plan was for American authorities to send them further north into Canada. The story below tends to reveal such a plot:

canada has a ruinous, liberal supreme court that ruins, what else, the country.


Here's all four Gospels wrapped into one story.

For Some Prophetic Proof for Jesus as the Predicted Son of God.
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