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July 4 - July 10, 2023

Ben Hoo of Wuhan
God's Fingers in the Election-Fraud Fight
Songline Miracle with Brian Haney

It was nice while it lasted. Hall of Names is no longer showing the descriptions of the Coats of Arms presented at House of Names, but I have many of them recorded in my past updates from which to find some.

I think I have discovered that the devil's river in Revelation 12 can be enlarged upon through heraldic connections. The text is basic: the devil unleashed a river flood to keep the Church from fleeing into the wilderness at 666 time, but God helped the Church by opening the MOUTH of the ground and SWALLOWing the river. None of this pertains to a literal, specific river, though, judging by how things are going, the anti-Christs appear to be gearing up to cause much more rainfall by seeding the air with particles. Too much rain is harmful to crops and wilderness living in general.

This summer, with the Quebec forest fires at my back, we are having a wet summer. The smoke particles predict more rainfall because rain droplets form around air-bourn particles.

(To follow better, load Swallows now to load and view other surnames on another Internet tab.)

Okay, so. As Swallows can be shown to be kin of the Dol Alans, I was looking for a clue that mouth-like Motts could apply to Revelation 12. There happen to be at least two Mott(e) locations near Dol. For one of them, see the French Henry write-up, and for a second, see the Mott write-up. The idea I'm proposing is that God either used language in Revelation 12 to reflect the relationship between the Dol Alans and Motts, or else arranged the Motts to marry the Dol Alans to reflect the Revelation-12 flood scenario.

I suppose the first thing needed is to show while Swallow-like Sallows were first found in Shropshire with the Dol Alans. It's because the Dol FitzAlans married Alice of Saluzzo, explaining why Arundels share the "swallows" of Swallows, for these FitzAlans were rulers of Arundel.

As I was pondering these things, the Sallow-like Slows came to mind, and, loading them, they share the Mott crescent!!! BINGO-BANGO. This was enough to get me to write what you've just read.

The Slows are much in Peterson colors and format, and Scottish Petersons share the lion of RAINs/Raines' while Motte-Henry of French Henrys is near Rennes. Did you catch that? I'm doing a river-flood scenario, and mouth-like Motts were beside/in Rennes, perfect if Rennes was named by a RAIN branch. We don't expect the anti-Christ to spew a river flood from his mouth.

These Petersons have a "nihil" motto term while Neils/Nihills were first found in Tyrone with Irish Henrys. Enrico's share the fretty of Mott-like Modens/Modeys, and Motts are also Mottins. Modens/Modeys were first found in Berkshire with Windsors and their castle, and Windsors share the saltire of French Alans.

Scottish Petersons can be traced to Peter Pollock of Rennes-like Renfrewshire, builder of ROTHES castle, whose father, Fulbert, was a "vassal" of the Dol Alans according to Wikipedia's Clan Pollock article. It explains why English Rothes' were once said to be first found in Shropshire, though now they are said to be first found in Kent with Arundel-like Rundels/Roundels who in turn almost have the English Alan Coat.

I've found a new surname, the Swale-like Savells (West Yorkshire with Dents), and they are in Rothes', Sale/SALLY and Dents colors and format. This recalls that Dents were first found in Sedbergh, suspect from the Sedans who are in turn suspect as a branch of Sidneys (KENT).

The Savell write-up has them in Stainland of West Yorkshire while Stains, probably a Stevenson/Steinson branch of the Stein kind, were once said to be first found in Yorkshire. Stains share the double fesses of the Flags in the McLeod/CLOUD Crest, and Stains use the cloud. It gets even better because McLeods/Clouds and Savells share a "fast" motto term that I can link to Saluzzo.

I had shown why Saluzzo could have been named after the Seleucids that I see at Sulcis of Sardinia. In Daniel prophecy, Seleucids are tied to the end-time anti-Christ. Swallow-like Savells, making them suspect from Alice of Saluzzo, tell that their Savile variation "probably had its rise at Silkston," of Yorkshire. SILKSton looks like "Seleucus."

Silks are listed with SHEEDys while Sheets/Skate's were first found in Norfolk with Steins. Sheets/Skate's share the potent cross of English Scheds/SHEADS (Yorkshire with Silkston). As the SILK/Sheedy Chief shares two gold items with the SELLICK Chief, note how "Sellick" is like "Seleucus." The Silks can thus look like they derived from a Sellick marriage to Sched/Shead liners. I think this is amazing because Revelation's flood-SWALLOW event took me to the new-to-me-now Savells. Revelation 12 has the morphing of the first-century dragon of Rome into the end-time anti-Christ of Revelation 13.

"Swale" is like "Sale / Sallow," explaining why Swale's share the Dol fesse. A swale is named after the swelling of a valley when it fills with water i.e. from a rain's flooding of the valley. And Swale's named West Yorkshire with the first-known Savells. By now, you could be getting the impression that the Revelation-12 flood was connected by God to the Alans of Dol. Why them?

Most translations say that the "earth" opened its mouth to swallow the river. But the Greek term used is likely the word for "land," and therefore can be translated as "ground." It just so happens that English Grounds/Grundys and their Rothes-like Rhodes kin were first found in Yorkshire. Grounds/Grundys are fully in the format of Scottish Petersons, and Swale's were at Grenton while Grentons are listed with GRENDons.

You are going to be impressed with the new-to-me-now Savells, for they have owls and a "fast" motto term. I'll start with Owls/Howls because Howells were first found in MonMOUTHshire while Monmouths almost have the Coat of mouth-like Mauds/Maids. The latter were first found in Cheshire with Sale's/Sallys. The latter are from Saluzzo, explaining why Savells are in Sale/Sally colors and format. This paragraph tends to clinch my claim that Fasts were from the del-VASTo rulers of Saluzzo. The del-Vasto's were a branch of Montferrats, and the latter had one RAINier/RENier of Montferrat.

The Savell owls are shared by Calvarys (West Yorkshire with Savells), and the Calvarys share the Coat of Saddocks, first found in Sussex with Arundels.

The Fasts were first found in Norfolk with the Flags in the Crest of McLeods/CLOUDs, and while Arundel was named after Arun, Jewish Aarons/Arens use clouds. McLeods/Clouds have a motto, "Hold fast," and Savells use "Be fast." Bee's share the Sale/Sally bend-with-fleur.

Grentons/Grendons were first found in Warwickshire, where Pettys were first found sharing the Fast quadrants, and where the Tree's in the Swallow and Sallow tree were once said to be first found. Tree's are now said to be first found in WILTshire, and German Wild/WILDs, I kid you not, have a SAVAGE holding a tree. The river flood comes to keep the Church from fleeing into the WILD, where often there are trees. Dutch Wilts/Wildt's share the hexagrams of Swedish Petersons.

Savage's have the Coat of Eagle's/Hegels, first found in Lincolnshire with Swallows. The Eagle's/Hegels are in the colors and format of the six Arundel swallows. Plus, I have it recorded many times that Ground-related Rhodes' (gold roundels) were once said to be first found in Lincolnshire. The Wilt/Wild tree has roots, as does the tree of Roet-branch Roots (Kent with Rundels/Roundels), and Roets, with the Chief-Shield colors of Saluzzo's, were of the namers of the Rothes' location of Peter Pollock. It's in Moray, and one Moray/Murray Coat no longer shown by houseofnames has a "time" motto term while Time's/Timms were first found in Kent with Timms/Time's, and I've just learned that Timothys happen to have a giant rooted tree. Roets don't show roots in their tree, suggesting that Roets predated Roots.

Roet-related Gords and Books were both first found in Berwickshire with the Hume's/Home's having the True variation of Tree's in their write-up. Some of us will have our tribulation home in the trees.

The hexagrams of Dutch Wilts/Wildt's are shared by Pero's/Perino's, and I trace the latter's "flaming stars" to Stars/Stairrs, first found in WILTshire with Tree's/True's. Stars/Stairrs have a chevron in the colors of the Home's/Hume's, yet it's also the chevron of Floods. Stairs/Stayers were first found in Kent with Roots. The latter share the Coat of Bagleys, first found in Shropshire with Sallows. Stars/Stairrs share the lozenges of Settle's, and people fleeing into the wilds are settlers.

By seeing the Coats, one can glean that Flood-like Floats were kin of Flatts/Fletts, Fleets, Palmers, and Flecks/Flags. Fleets share the club with Woods, and then there's a Fleetwood surname. Woods have a savage holding the club, and then Savage's were kin of Eagle's, not only first found in Lincolnshire with Fleets and Swallows, but in Arundel colors and format. Fleetwoods, who share the white wolf with Floods, were first found at a Wyre location, and then Irish Wyre's/Weirs almost have the Bag Coat.

Lincolnshire is also where Anthonys were first found while Toeni's were in Leicestershire, where Woods were first found. DenBIGHshire can indicate Biggs who share the red leopard face with Anthonys, especially as Denbighshire is beside Flintshire while Flints/FLANs are suspect in the "flanches" feature of heraldry used by Anthonys and Flood-connectable Wolfleys (Cheshire, beside Flintshire). The reason why I'm here is that Flints/Flans looks connectable to Floods. Flints/Flans were first found in Suffolk with the Wolvers in turn sharing triple-white wolf heads with Bathers and Floods, and while the Bather wolf head (in both colors) belonged to Hugh Lupus, he was the uncle of Ranulph le Meschin, explaining why Wolvers are in Meschin colors and format. Meschins share the scallops of Fleets and Flecks/Flags.

To no surprise, the Wolfley wolves are colors reversed from the wolf heads of the nearby Bathers. Though not in the same color or design, Flints/Flans share the estoile in Crest with MOTTs, and then the Mackle's suspect in the Flint/Flan motto ("Sine macula") have a "Sine fine" motto while Meckle's were first found in MonMOUTHshire with Phone's/FIENs/Fane's and Howells. Owls/Howls were first found in Suffolk with Flints/Flans. And Sine's/Sions were first found in Lanarkshire with BIGGars, and while the Arms of Shetland have a "byggar" motto term, Flatts/Fletts were first found in the Orkneys = SHETland theater. Sheets/Skate's were first found in Norfolk with Fleet-related Flecks/Flags, and with the Haydens with a version of the Sched/Shead Coat.

I've told about Miss Hicks (Mrs. Kilpatrick) PRAYing for me in church one day, and after church, my back tire had a FLAT. I traced that event to Flatts/Fletts for at least two reasons. The point in repeating it here is that English Prays/Preters, first found in Lincolnshire with Fleets, share the triple Wolver wolf heads. English WALLs have a white wolf head and share the fleur-de-lys of Irish Kilpatricks while Scottish Kilpatricks were first found in Dumfries with the Rums/Rims who in turn share the new-to-me-now WALLford/WOLFER Coat.

Wallfords/Wolfers are said to have been in Gloucestershire early, and that's where Letts/Late's were first found whose "ORGAN pipes" I trace to "ORKNey." The Wallfords/Wolfers are very welcome because the Chief-saltire combo of Letts/Late's are colors reversed from the same of Annandale's as Bruce's used it, and Rums/Rims were in Annandale. The latter traces to Ananes Gauls at Placentia, and I've seen the Arms of Placentia with a blue-on-white wolf, the colors of the Wolfley wolf. Therefore, it doesn't seem mistaken for houseofnames to list Wolver-like Wolfers with an apparent Wall liner.

As the Wolfers/Wallfords have a "TIEPSum" motto term, it can be taken to Tipps/Tippins (Lancashire with Whalleys and Fleetwoods) having a bull head in the colors of the WALeran bull heads. As Wolfers/Wallfords share the full PENdragon motto, it begins to explain why there's a feathered pen in the Wolfer/Wallford Crest. Fleetwoods (white wolf) were first found at Wyre while the sleeved arm in the Wyre Crest is also in the Crest of TIPPers (Cornwall with Pendragons). Cornwall was home to mythical GORlois, part-code for the Gore's who share the white wolf in Crest with GOWers/Gore's ("FLECtes") and Fleck-connectable Fleetwoods. Gows/McGoo's share the fleur-de-lys of Wolfleys, and were first found in Inverness-shire with the Wreath's who in turn have a Coat similar to Wolfers/Wallfords. Wraths/Rothes' were first found in Kent with Gore's.

Carlisle is near Annandale, and Carlisle's have a feathered "pen". German Walls have all-black feathers in Crest.

Walford was the name of locations in the Somerset theater, the stomping grounds of Buttons/Bidens/BUDINs who share the Wolfer/Wallford fesse, and then Dol-beloved Whale's share the bend of Keeps who trace to the Kiev theater, home of BUDINi and the Alan-suspect Geloni. Keeps were first found in Sussex with the Arun location of the FitzAlans of Arundel.

New realization: Stars/Stairrs (Wiltshire near the source of the Stour river) are also Steer-like Sterrs, and while German Backs/Backs use the "steer", Welsh Bachs/Baghs were first found in Denbighshire with the Bathers having a blue-Shield copy of the Flood Coat. Bathers have a "vivas" motto term against the "Vive" of Stars/Stairrs. Denbighshire is beside Flintshire, and Flints/Flans are in Flood colors and format. Bather-like Baths (named Bath beside Wiltshire) have most of the Rhodes Coat in colors reversed.

There is a Vive/Vivash/Fiveash surname, which I've rarely brought up, first found in Wiltshire with "Vive"-using Stars/Stairrs. Vive's share the rooted tree with WILTs/Wilds/Wilders! We are going to become God's rising stars after our wilderness tribulation. "Vive" means "live." Vive's are in the colors and format of half the Coat of Craigie's who in turn have a "vivo" motto term.

I'm guessing that Craigie's (Carrick branch) share the Bristol crescent because Bristol (six miles from Bath) is near Wiltshire. Plus, wow, the neighboring Bugs share the Carrick chevron while Bachs/Baghs share the Carrick dog, and the Bagh-like Bug river runs through LVIV!!!! Therefore, Vive's were the namers, or a branch thereof, of Lviv in Ukraine.

The super thing about coming to Bristols, which came to topic via the Vive's/Fifeash's in the first place, is that they not only share the blue-spread eagle with Teasels/Tessels, but almost have the bend-with-crescents of Teasels/Tessels while the latter, first found in Essex with mouth-like Motts, share the Mott crescent!!!! The ground opened its mouth and swallowed satan's river. Essex is even where Roundel-like Rounds were first found.

Teasels recalls the "flecTES" motto term of Gows/Gowers sharing the Fleetwood Crest, and the Fleetwood martlets are those of Mountains, a prime pointer to the Apophis asteroid, and first found in Essex too. If this asteroid is the asteroid of the 2nd Trumpet of Revelation, it can arrive just as the satan's river is yet persecuting the Church. A "tes" motto term can be for Tease's/Tess', Tease's/Thys' or Tiss'/Teese's. Tease's/Tess' use leaves while Leave's/Leve's were first found in Norfolk with Flecks/Flags. "Flectes."

The Fleetwood Coat looks related to the one of WakeFIELDs (Yorkshire with Gowers/Gore's), and Fields/FELDs are in the format of, and colors reversed from, Flatts/Fletts. FELThams share the double fesses, in colors reversed, of Fleets and Flecks/Flags. Felthams were first found in Middlesex with connectable Stands/Stains, and with Fiers while Fleetwoods were at Fier-branch Wyre. Then, the Fylde's (ROUNDELs), first found in Lancashire with Fleetwoods, are in the format of, and colors reversed from, Floods...a good way to decipher that Floats-et-al were a Flood branch.

Obama's Singletary ancestry was first found in Fylde of Lancashire, and Singletarys were kin of Muschats, first found in Essex with MOTTs, and with the WATERs who share the Muschat Coat. The flood's water will be swallowed by a God-provided MOUTH. Jonathan-Singletary changed his surname to "Dunham," and Obama descended also from Mr. Wolflin. I've read that this very Wolflin family changed their name to "Wolfley," and Wolfleys were first found in Cheshire (beside Lancashire) with DUNHAM Masci (location). Dunhams share the Coat of Masci-connectable English Randolphs (Yorkshire, beside Lancashire), said to be from Ranulph le Meschins, and Wolvers are in Meschin colors and format. Meschins were first found in Shropshire with Alans and Sallows.

The triple eagles of Teasels/Tessels are colors reversed from the same of WEFers, and the latter were first found in Herefordshire with MonMOUTHs. Across the Bristol channel is Monmouth, and then Herefordshire is to Monmouth's near-north.

The Alans of Arundel married Alice of Saluzzo, daughter to Lois of Kiev-like Ceva and a Cevetta river, and Cavetts are listed with Cheve's/Chevers while English Cheevers/Cheves' (colors of French Saffers) were first found in Devon with English Saffers who are in turn in the colors and format of English Silvers, making the Chilver variation of Cheevers/Cheves' suggest that Silvers had been a line from Lois of Ceva. Cheevers/Cheves' share the white and upright goat with Kiev-liner Kepke's/Kopke's...meaning the Kiev must have been named by Cavii Illyrians through Ceva. Keeps were first found in Sussex with Arundel, and CHEVRon-like Hebrons love the Keeps and the Trysts (Cornwall with GorLOIS' and Tristans).

Saffins (Somerset with Severs) share the crescent of German Silvers, and from here one may surmise that heraldic silver, which I like to call "white," is code for the line of Luis of Ceva.

Lois have a silver ostRICH in the colors and format of German Silvers. Rich's/Richess' were in Lorraine, where Louis'/Loys were first found. Rich's/Richess' are from Richeza of Lorraine, mother-in-law of Maria of Kiev, and Richmond in Yorkshire was ruled by Alans of Brittany at/about the time of Lois of Ceva. Maria was the sister on king YARoslav of Kiev, the line to Yarborough's who share an "est" motto term with Cheevers/Cheves'. The latter are in Rush/RISH colors, and so RICHeza may have been named herself from a Varangian-RUS family. Ricks, Riggs and Risco's share the Rush/Rich fesse, and Risco's were first found in Cornwall with mythical GorLOIS.

The Sever-related Vita's in the Saffer motto were first found in TARVISium while Chives' were first found in Tarves, though they were previously said to be first found in Devon i.e. with Cheevers/Cheves' and Saffers. Also, Devon is where Hykes'/Hacks were first found having the Chives quadrants in colors reversed.

Back to Louis'/Loys who almost have the Coat of Rothes- / Rhodes-connectable Roots (Kent with Rothes' and Rundels). In fact, Rhodes-connectable Rudes', first found in Shropshire with Alans, were probably from Rudesheim, at Assmannshausen, and Assmanns/RASmussens (Rush/Rich colors) were first found in Hesse with Silvers. Rudes' are listed with Rudge's while their Ridge branch was first found in Devon with Cheevers/Cheves', thus given support for the Louis/Loy connection to Lois of Ceva.

Rhodes' mainly have the Coat of Baths (Somerset with Roets) in colors reversed while Baths are in the bat of Scottish Randolphs, first found in Moray with Rothes. Bats were first found in Shropshire with Rudes', where Rothes' were once said to be first found. Batons were first found in Cornwall with Risco's/Rosco's. Although the latter do not come up as "resco," I assume the Resco surname applies to them.

It just so happens that Maxwells, who share the Bat and Patrick saltire, have a motto, "ReviRESCO" that can be read also as "REVIResco" as possible code for Rivers / Revere's. And while Patricks are said to be from La Lande, the land swallowed the river. Reveres' were first found in Devon, beside the Risco's/Resco's. English Lands were first found in Kent with Masons/Massins sharing the Reveres Coat.

AND WOW, there is even a Laland/Leyland/Leeland surname (Lancashire with Fleetwoods) to go with La Lande, and it happens to share the MOTT crescent!!! The land opened it MOUTH to swallow the river!!! The Laland/Leyland fesse-with-items is almost the one of Teasels/Tessels, and the latter have the Este eagles in colors reversed, and we saw the "est" motto term above connecting with Kiev / Ceva liners.

The Rounds, first found in Essex with Motts, Teasels/Tessels and Este's, have a CHEVRon-with-annulets akin to the looks of the Teasel/Tessel and Laland/Leyland fesse-with-items. While it seemed shortly above that Luis-of-Ceva liners were at Hesse with Silvers, Rounds love the Esse's in their motto, first found in Devon with CHEEVERs, and with Hazels who in turn share a Hessel variation with Hesse's. Hazeltons were once said to be first found in Shropshire with Needle's sharing the Hesse Coat, but are now said to be first found in Sussex with Arundels.

Esse's (cockaTRICE) speak of D'Esse COURT, a person, and Courts/Coverts were first found in Sussex with Arundels. The latter were from Shropshire, which has a Sleap location while Rounds use a "sleeping lion." For more than a decade until this year, Sleeps were said to be first found in Shropshire, but are now said to be first found in Kent i.e. with Rundels/Roundels.

The New-and-Improved Sleeps Come to Life

In my SLEEPing-bag dream, David Morley, on his motor BIKE, rode a round circle around the sleeping bag. Rounds, part of King Arthur's round table, have a Coat like the one of Pendragons (Cornwall with GORlois and TRICE's/Trysts) who were in turn kin of Dragons/Drainers, and, wow, the latter were first found in Kent with Sleeps. Not until this week could I say this. It's as though God framed the dream anticipating the first-found change of Sleeps from Shropshire to Kent in 2023.

This changes everything, and makes more sense of the dream. As per GORlois, whose wife mythical UTHER Pendragon mated with, Gore's were first found in Kent with Sleeps, and while Gore's share the crosslets of Windsors, the latter were descended from Otters/OTHERs while Utters (ROXburghshire) are also Otterburns using an otter. I had suggested that the motor BIKE could be code for Bicks/Bikers, though I didn't see an especially good reason so far as I can recall, but NOW: they were first found in Berkshire with Windsor castle (!!) and Kents!!! It's the British royals being pointed to, as well as the Round-Table Illuminati of Cecil Rhodes / Rothschild bankers, for Morley came riding down a ROAD, then circled the bag, then rode away down the same road. Prime-minister Arthur Balfour was part of that fledgling globalist group, and Balfours (linkable to Roet-related Beauforts) have an otter head.

Plus, the Davids and Morleys together had already pointed to the AIDS/Ade's whom I always trace to Ada of Warenne, wife of Henry of Huntingdon, perfect because Otters/Others were first found in Huntingdonshire! I can now add that Sleeps have two fesses in the colors of the Hunting(don) fesse while Hunts/Hunters were first found in Shropshire with Sleap! I don't know whether the vaccine made for AIDS involved bats, but just in case, let's add that Bats and Baud-connectable Baldwins (both first found in Shropshire) share the Hunt/Hunter saltire.

The sleeping bag dream can now point to the Biden family because the Hunting(don)s have the Button/Biden fesse in colors reversed while both surnames use the "horn." Buttons are said to have been in Bath while Baths share the cross of Scottish Randolphs who in turn have both the bat (as code for Baths) and horseshoes for a pointer to horseshoe bats. That's what Wuhan was using to form SARS bio-weapons! And my heraldic work points heavily to bio-weapons labs in Ukraine, where the Biden family as a den of fellow snakes and scorpions. The family has fellow thieves in China too.

I showed how Luis of Ceva connected to Ukraine's capital of Kiev, and she's suspect in the fabulous invention of "GorLOIS." The horseSHOEs point us to shoe-using German Trips, from Trypillians of Ukraine, and then English Trips (share Gore crosslets) were first found in Kent with Gore's. Is that not amazing?

Yes, it's amazing because Gore's almost have the Coat of GAINS who were not only first found in Huntingdonshire, but point to so-called "GAIN of FUNCtion," the fancy phrase for bio-weapon development. The Jewish Funks / Finks almost have the Bag Shield (!), and both have a Shield filled with lozenges, as do Scottish Lombards and Schole's/SCAYLE's. The Otters/Others are said to have been lords of Lombardy. Scayle's can be in the "scaling ladders" of English Trips, and I've shown how heraldic ladders can be from Lotharingia, which is Lorraine, and Lorraine's (share Arms of Baden) descended from Maria of Kiev to the Veringers of Biden-like Baden, where German Funks were first found. Badens/Battens were first found in Somerset (beside Buttons/Bidens) with Buttons of Bath, and Bidens are also Budins, from the Budini of Ukraine.

David Morley came riding down the road while Roads essentially have the giant eagle that is the Arms of the Polish Piasts who included Casimir, son of Richeza of Lotharingia, and husband of Maria of Kiev. That's why the Lorraine's use the Piast eagle, yet I've shared the evidence as to why it's also the Child eagle, and Childs were first found in Hertfordshire with SCALE's.

Italian Maria's were first found in Genova with Fauci's, and the giant Fauci lozenge is in the colors of the BAGley and Root lozenges, perfect for the sleeping BAG dream because Bagleys were first found in Shropshire with Sleap while Sleeps were first found in Kent with Road-connectable Roots! But there's more because LOUIS/Loys, first found in Lorraine, have the Bagley / Root Coat in half its colors.

I must now repeat that the sleeping bag was in the Woods because Woods share the tree with roots showing with Roots. I saw the bag only once, when I PICKed it up. I did nothing with it but pick it up...because Picks/Pix's share the fitchees of Scottish Woods. The latter share the tree on a green mound with Roets. It's as though God wanted me to go to Woods because they link to Roots, but also because the "Defend" motto of Scottish Woods can get us to Fenders/Venders (otter head), a Windsor branch first found in Huntingdonshire with Otters/Others.

SLEEPing Beauty in my 1979 dream was first seen walking around the FENDER of a car, and this tends to convince me that Sleeps are sharing the Huntingdon fesse for a related reason (this crystallizing link is new to me this week). She stopped at the hood, and was wearing a BATHing suit (nothing sexually exciting about the scene). Hoods were at Rattery of Devon, and Ratterys share the Wood / Pick/Pix fitchees so that Sleeping Beauty connects to the sleeping bag.

I picked up the bag before Morley rode a circle around it, and Rounds share the BalFOUR chevron, colors reversed from the FORney chevron, and Sleeping Beauty was fulfilled by Miss Hicks who attended my church. When she moved from that area of Texas, she lived in Forney. Fauch's were first found in Forez while Fore's/Forez' are also Forests. The sleeping bag was in a forest.

Hicks are said to have been in Essex, where sleeping-lion Rounds were first found who have a "viDERi" motto term possibly for the Dere's/Res sharing the Chief of Italian Lombards and French Alans (Languedoc with Forneys). The French Alans share the Windsor saltire. Dere's/Res use lances while Alan-connectable Lance's (Rundel/ROUNDel fesse in colors reversed) share the Gore and Hick fesse! Hicks are in Gore colors and format while Gore's were Windsor kin, and this makes the Hicks "buck" head suspect with the gold stag head of Bicks/Bikers who happen to share the stag heads of DEERings, first found in Kent with same-colored Gore's...and Sleeps!!!

Plus, the Bick/Biker and Deering stag head is shared by Poppins/Pophams, first found in Hamburg-like Hampshire while Hamburgs share the Gore / Trip / Windsor / Gaine crosslets. German Trips were first found in Hamburg with Drummonds who in turn have three wavy fesses colors reversed from the two of Hones' (Hampshire) suspect in the "Honestum" motto term of Hamburgs. Hamburgs use gold drops while Golds almost have the German HAMer Coat. The latter's "ad" motto term can help prove that it's routinely code for Ada of Warenne because Warrens were first found in Suffolk with Golds.

As Hamburgs use drops, I think it's warranted to go to the Fountains because they were first found in Norfolk with the Drops/Trope's having a Trump-like Trupe variation, and Trumps were likely from Drummonds. Drops/Trope's/Trupe's share a Shield of black drops with Utters/Otterburns, who are from Lombardy, and here we go to Orrs/Ore's, first found in RENfrewshire with Lombards, because the gold HAMburg drops are called, "or." HAMiltons were first found in Renfrewshire too, and English Hamers share the lion of Wren-branch Raines'. The WRENs and WRENch's/Rench's share the Hamburg / Gore / Trip / Gaine crosslets, and the Wrench's have a Coat like the one of Bicks/Bickers. Plus, Rench-like Ranco is in Lombardy. The Rance river is near Rennes.

Kent-like Kenneths/MacKENZie's have an "uro" motto term for Ure's/Orreys (Ayrshire with KENNEDys) who look related to the Coat of Virgins (KENT) and Aurs/Aures'. Queen KENZA lived in Aures (Numidia). Aurs/Aures' share the lion head of Bare's/Barrs (Ayrshire).

Heraldic fountains, roundels having within them with the German Drummond Coat in colors reversed, are used by Kiss'/Cush's and Cash's/Cass, the latter first found in Cambridgeshire with Wrench's/Rench's. Kissane's are listed with Cashmans. Keep those Cass liners on the brain, for Drops/Trope's were first found in Norfolk with Case's.

Wrench's/Rench's were first found in Cambridgeshire with Elys of Ely, and Drops/Trope's have: "Drope is a hamlet in the valley of the River Ely in Vale of Glamorgan, southeast Wales." Glamorgan was once, Morgannwg, and mythical Morgan was a daughter of GorLOIS, explaining why Welsh Louis' and Lewis' were first found in Glamorganshire too. Lewis' share red drops with Pattersons/Cassane's. The Arms of Glamorgan have the triple chevrons of Rance's, in colors reversed from the same of Muschats and English Cassane's/Cassandra's, and then Musks/Muscats (Cambridgeshire) are in Ely colors and format.

The Deerings we saw are said to descend from Morinis' while Morinis' were first found in Modena with Casano's/Cassandra's and Morano's. MORinis' share the fleur-de-lys of Moray-connectable Time's/Timms, first found in Kent with the Sleeps sharing double-white fesses with Morinis'! It's another potential Sleep kin thanks to Sleeps being first found in Kent. It's the fleur also of Muriels, suspect from Muriel Pollock of Rothes, on the border of Moray and Banffshire. Muriels were first found in Lancashire with the Parrs having the double Morinis fesses in colors reversed!!!

Parrys, with one of the Parr fesses, have the three Louis/Loy lozenges! Ely-like Eloys/Elleys have a Loy variation, and they are suspect with the leopard faces of Biker-like Beakers (very connectable to Drummonds). The Bikers are the ones sharing the Deering stag heads. Bikers even have a red-bend Coat version of the Casino-connectable, Changer-loving Stanleys, first found in Cambridgeshire with Elys.

Troops/Trupe's were first found in Banffshire, near the first-known Scottish Drummonds who essentially share the Coat of Sturs, first found in Hamburg-like Hampshire, Cassane's, Casino's, Change's/Changers, and Chance-branch Chase's/Chace's. Irish Cassane's are listed with Pattersons (share gold drops with Hamburgs) while Scottish Pattersons were first found in Ross-shire with Kenneths/MacKenzie's. Hamburgs share the tower of Pellicans in the Patterson pelicans. As Drummonds descended from the Varangian RUS of Kiev, I connect them to Ross' who have the Coat of Marys (Norfolk with Drops/Trope's/Trupe's), highly suspect from Maria of Kiev. Drops/Trope's/Trupe's share the Scottish Mar lion while earls of Mar were at KilDRUMMy, and moreover Pattersons/Cassane's share the scallops of French Mars.

Morley circled the bag. Circle's are listed with German Church's while Lorraine, my date at age 24, whom God used for many pointers, lived on Church street about a quarter mile from the corner of Church and Harding, where David Morley's house was (maybe two houses, three at most, from Church). I was in his home several times. Church's look like kin of English Bush's while German Bush's were first found in Rhineland with German Funks/Finks. There is a whack of Nazi's in Ukraine.

The sleeping bag can point to George Bush because it was in the woods, also called a bush. Bussys (share Bush fesse), pointed to by Lorraine's bus stop, were first found in Leicestershire with Woods. Bussys essentially share the Coat of Bicker-like Beaks/Beakers, and the latter were first found in Dorset with English Bushers, beside the Church's. David Morley was a biker who did a circle around the bag. Bush's named Busca (means "woods"), beside Saluzzo.

The Shark Swallow

Recall the Swallow-like Savells (same place as Dents), in Dent colors and format, because Bristols are said to be from "Hamon aux Dents." This Dent picture inevitably takes us to the sharks TEETH in my 1979 dream featured again in the last update, because that shark with nasty teeth swallowed Trump! Is God telling us that Trump is part of the anti-Christ? Is he the master of intrigue? I'm not willing to make that claim, at least not now. Hamon aux Dent's son was the sheriff of Kent, and that's where Swallow-connectable Rundels/Roundels were first found.

Trump-connectable TEETer/Deeters (Pomerania with Trumps) have the quadrants of Arundel-connectable Aarons/Arens. An Arun location in Sussex, where Tromp-beloved Acorns and Trump-connectable Downs/Douns were first found, named Arundels. As Trump was a bullDOG swallowed by the shark with nasty TEETH, it's conspicuous that TEETers/Deeters have a dog in Trump colors and format!

I kid you not, that while I was writing "TEETH" above, the video below was playing, and on the very second that I finished writing "TEETH," the lady said "swallow," at the 10:25. The video is on Fauci's guilt for funding the Wuhan lab:

Note how "Deeter" is like Fort "Detrick," a military lab that does gain-of-function bio-weapons. When the Americans were accusing China of releasing COVID, China accused that the virus was developed at Fort Detrick. Detricks/Dethicks share the water bouget with Bugs, and the bio-weapons labs create "bugs."

The amazing thing is the Deathick variation because Deaths share the MOTT crescent!!! The bulldog was only half swallowed, and as such it was still in the shark's MOUTH. It's back end was outside the mouth. The teeth were ringed around the BELLY and BACK of the dog, and Bellys (Moray) share the eight-pointed star of Ducs/LeDucs (almost the Moray Coat), suspect as a pointer to James LeDuc, whom nobody is talking about even though was part of the Wuhan lab's development. Yes, a US-China deal in bio-weapons, and nobody's talking about that relationship. I wonder why.

In the 1979 dream, the British bulldog came walking past my Trump-connectable LEG at KNEE height, while I stood on the patio deck of a swimming pool. The dog kept on walking along toward the pool, doing a part-jump, part-fall, into the pool with nasty shark. Jumps, first found in West Yorkshire with Dents and Swallow-like Savells and Swale's, not only share the Belly roses but the Trump stag head, in the colors of the Legg stag head and the Down/Doun stag.

Now look at the Swallow write-up: "The surname Swallow was first found in Lincolnshire where they were anciently Lords of the manor of Swallow, originally SAULUN, shown in the Domesday Book survey of 1086 as being held by Alfred of Lincoln, from Count ALAN, from the Bishop of Bayeux and the Archbishop of York." The Saunier's with a SAULNier variation came to mind here, and they share the roses of Bellys and Jumps!!! The Saulnier variation can be gleaned with the Chaulnes variation of Faux's/Fage's/Chollens', first found in Perigord with Saunier's/Saulnier's and Fauchys!!! Is that not incredible?

Fauchys have a "grassHOPPER" while Hoppers were first found in Wiltshire with trumpet-using, Chaulnes-like Calles'. English Grasse's were first found in Lincolnshire with Swallows! I've suggested many times that the Solney variation of Sole's can be a Saulnier branch, and Sole's were first found in Derbyshire, where Hope's'/HOPERs were once said to be first found because they named a Hope location there.

Tromp-beloved Acorns share the stag head of Knee's/NEE's, first found in COUNTY DOWN, and "Ne" is a motto term of Griffins, and the House of Griffin in Pomerania has the red griffin in the Arms of Pomerania, which is in the Tooth Crest!!! Pomerania is where TEETers/Deeters and Trumps were first found, though Trumps were also first found in neighboring Mecklenburg with same-colored Dols.

Bellys were first found in Moray with Peter Pollock's Rothes castle, and Dents together with Savells are in Rothes colors and format. Peter Pollock, associated with the Dol Alans, lived in Renfrewshire, where Dance-connectable Scottish Denisons were first found who share the Dent / Savell bend. Recall how Wiltshire played well to the flood-swallow of Revelation 12, for Dannys/Dance's/DAUNTseys were first found in Wiltshire with trumpet-using Calles'. The Yorkshire Dance's share the Alan, Denison/Dennis, and Rundel/Roundel fesse.

Peter Pollock's brother, Robert, married Isobel, daughter of ESCHYNa DeMolle-Croc (she married Robert Croc, the namer of Crookston), and this was the line of Crooks who named Crookston in Renfrewshire, where ESKINs/Erskins (Denison colors and near-format) were first found along with the Denisons sharing the black eSCUTcheon with Crooks. The escutcheon-using Scute's were first found in Lancashire with English Dennis'/Denys'. The same Eschyna married also Mr. Alan of Dol.

The father of these Pollock brothers probably resided for a while in Shropshire, where there is a Rodden river, which can explain why Crooks are in Rodden/Rodham colors and format. Hillary Rodham Clinton, the crook, might just be the best fulfillment of the dream's shark.

As the Renfrew surname has a giant ship while Ships love the Bellows/Bello's, the Bellys of Moray likely were a Bellow / Below / Belli branch. Italian Belli's have the six Sallow pale bars in colors reversed, suggesting strongly that the heraldry clicking above with the Revelation-12 flood is connectable to the shark-swallow scene where the teeth were around the belly. But why? The Innis', with the Moray Coat in colors reversed, share the brown stag head of Baileys, first found in Northumberland with Roddens/Rodhams, a great way to prove the Belli-Sallow relationship because Sallows were first found in Shropshire with the Rodden river.

The shark dream had Miss Hicks, whom I trace to the Hyksos that could have derived a "hex = six" symbol that could have evolved into the 666 of witchcraft. The Revelation-12 swallowing of the river is all about our living apart from the 666, and I've become convinced that the mark will be a vaccine door pass while Trump still has not shown regret for foisting vaccines on the people. If he's the next president, what will he do in the next pandemic? Trump could be a closet satanist.

The father of the Pollock brothers was FULbert, and German Belli's share the "beacon" with FULLers. French Bacons share the cinquefoils of Bellows/Bello's.

I'd like to repeat here for anyone not knowing, that the Innis' come up as "One" while Handels have a Wuhan- / One-like "ohne" motto term. It just so happens that Handels share the Moray Coat, which is not only in colors reversed with Innis'/One's (share "Be" with Savell motto), but the Moray Coat is nearly the one of Ducs/LeDucs while James LeDuc of the Galveston National Lab was in the Wuhan lab, and we'd like to know what he was doing with the Chinese in that #4 lab? I'll bet he was upgrading it to a #4 lab so that it could rate for doing bio-weapon research. Nobody's talking about LeDuc, but I have the sense that God's going to bring his name to the news eventually.

The One's are suspect from the Una river near the corona-like Ceraunii Illyrians. The Crauns/Crane's were first found in Suffolk with the Savell-beloved Owls/Howls.

Italian Belli's were first found in Verona while Verona's share the Lynch Coat, almost the Coat of Rockefeller-line Fellers, a branch of FALLS'/Fallis. To this we need to add that while the bulldog fell into the pool, Fells happen to have the eight-pointed Duc/LeDuc stars in colors reversed. Loretta Lynch was Obama's attorney general during the period in which Hillary Clinton was persecuting Trump during the election season of 2016. Lynch's were first found in Galveston-like Galway.

I'm now starting to think that Galveston was named by the Gaveston family because Gavestons are listed with Geevers/Jeevers (share German Bush Coat) while Jeeve's/Geeves' almost have the Coats of Denets ("proviDENTiam") and Donuts/Danets (Norfolk with Drops/Trope's). Denets and Donuts/Danets both use a Shield filled with DROPs, while Trope's having a Trump-like Trupe variation were first found in Banffshire, beside the Elginshire location of the Innis'/One's. There you see a Dent connection to the Gavestons, and Denets even share a white boar in Crest with Belli-beloved Beacons/Bacons. Denets use it as a boar head, and it's the boar head also of Rands/RANCE's (Norfolk with Drops/Trope's) who can be traced excellently to the Rance river near Mott and Rennes.

[Insert -- In the evening after the early-morning Galveston mugging, I arrived to CRYSTal City. A few hours after writing the above, I saw a CHRISTYS surname in the news, and, checking them, they happen to share the Jeeve/Geeve saltire. The Christys motto reveals that the saltire belongs to Kilpatrick-related Maxwells. Christine's were on the Isle of Man (share raven with Roach's) with king Maccus, the proto-Maxwell. My night in Crystal City pointed to Roach's.

Here's the Arms of Maxwell-Ros sharing the Rose water bouget, and then roses are used by Christs (not "Christys"). The "Viresco" motto term of Christys' can be for the virus-like Vires variation of Verona's. End insert]

Dutch Geevers/Jeevers/Jephers use BEE hives, and "Be fast" is a motto of Dent-connectable Savells. Repeat from above: "The Savell owls are shared by Calvarys (West Yorkshire with Savells), and the Calvarys share the Coat of Saddocks, first found in Sussex with Arundels." Calvarys are also CALVAReys, and while they were first found in Morley, English Morleys were first found in Derbyshire with Calvers. The latter's Moor head goes with Morlands sharing nearly the Morley Coat. Morleys had pointed to AIDS and poison vaccines in my God-ordained, sleeping-bag dream, and the AIDS pandemic, which some say was a plandemic, involved HIV, and we just saw the bee HIVES of Savell-connectable Jeevers/Gevers while Savells were first found in West Yorkshire with Scottish Morleys/Mauls and Jeeve-connectable Dents. Again, Swallow-like Savells share the owls of Calvarys, first found in the Morley part of West Yorkshire.

The Calvers share the fleur-de-lys of Banks, first found in Yorkshire too, and while there was a mall in the sleeping bag dream to verify that the dream pointed to Morleys/MAULs, the Bee-connectable Malls/MarlyBONE's have the MalBANCs in their write-up while Malbanks, incredibly, share the ermined bend of Roddens/Rodhams, both first found in Northumberland. English Bone's were first found in Sussex with Arundels while their Bunn/Bone branch were first found in Oxfordshire with Bee's.

Plus, Roddens/Rodhams are in Aids/Ade colors and format, so incredible. The Morleys of that dream were pointed to because an old friend of mine, David Morley, circled the sleeping bag as a pointer to the Rhodian Illuminati's Round Table, and I showed why the Davids (Cheshire with Malls/Marlybone's) have a Coat similar to that of Aids/Ade's, because king David I (Scotland) was the father-in-law of ADa of Varenne. Varenne's are listed with Verone's while Sallow-connectable Belli's were first found in Verona. The Dol Alans were made the second-in-command over Scotland by David I.

I've said many times that, after being mugged in Galveston as a pointer to James LeDuc, I slept the next night in a motel room in Crystal City, and that night pointed to Rockefellers (and Rothschilds), who own much of the medical establishment, you see. Crystals (Yorkshire) use the "calvary" symbol, in colors reversed from the same of Moses'/MOESENs, the latter first found in Shropshire with Sallows who in turn have the six pale bars of Verona's Belli's in colors reversed. The Moray Bellys/Belli's, with a "belli" motto term, are the ones with the LeDuc star.

The Belly motto is shared by CARPENters who in turn share the six Sallow pale bars. The Carps/Carpens, sharing the Verona fish while Verona's almost have the Feller / Fallis Coat, are in the colors and format of Trump's (Pomerania with Carps/Carpens and TEETers/Deeters). The Carpae people group were, if I recall correctly, MOESIANs. They were also called, Arpi, suspect in naming king Arpad of the first Hungarians at the CARPathian mountains. Hungarians produced Drummonds and therefore likely the Drumpf line to Donald Trump.

I've talked much about my COFFEE in VICTORIA on my drive between Galveston and Crystal City, and while "Victoria" is a Coffee/Coffer motto term, I've just found the "victor" motto term of Mastens/MARSdens (share unicorn head of Masts/Masters), and so let me tell why they were looked up. But first: Masts/Masters look related to the Coat of Archers / Larchers, and the latter were first found in Derbyshire with Calvers while Crystals and Moses'/Moesens use the calvary symbol.

Moses'/Moesens (same place as vaccine-like Vychans/Vaughns) have this: "The name was also extended to Mostyn, and became attached to Vychan, Lord of Mostyn." Mostyn-like Mastons (not "Masten") are listed with MARSdens/Marsons in the same way that Mastens are also Marsdens. And the latter have doves in Aids/Ade / Rodden/Rodham colors and format, and there's a dove in the Moses/Moesen Crest. Aids/Ade's were first found in Berwickshire with Dove's/Dows.

It appears that Master liners married Mars / Marsh liners to form the Masten and Maston variations, from which the Mustans/Mussens may have formed too. English March's have a Coat much like the one of Slow-connectable Petersons. And March's share the crescents of Nimo's/NewMARCH's/NewMarsh's/Nemmoke's.

I bought a newspaper and coffee in Victoria (nothing else), and March's were first found in Cambridgeshire with News'/NUCES' (share "chaplet" with Hicks'). An ad in the newspaper led me to see a property for sale in Crystal City. Seven months later, I bought a riverfront property (in south Texas with Crystal City) on the NUECES river. March's were first found in Cambridgeshire with the HOUNDs sharing the Dent lozenges, and then German Huns/Hundts share the greyHOUND (different color) with Mastons/Marsdens while Mastens/Marsdens ("Mars" motto term) were first found in Lancashire with Riggs) while Riggs, suspect in the Morley/Maul motto, share the dogs of Huns/Hungate's (Yorkshire with Morleys/Mauls, Mars, and Masters/Mosters).

While Moses'/Moesens were of Vychan elements, Mastons/Marsdens almost have the Vychan/Vaughn Coat, and it's even the Coat of Hicks' (Yorkshire with Mars, MASTs/Masters/Mosters and Crystals) in different colors. As it turned out, Miss Hicks, who was pegged to be Sleeping Beauty in the 1979 dream with shark swallowing Trump, was attending a church in Crystal City soon before she and I attended the same church in Barksdale. So far as I could gather, she left the church in Crystal City to attend in Barksdale, and I met the pastor of that church about the very same time she started to attend there, though I did not know she was attending there.

And here's how I met the pastor. The LEG of my cast-iron wood stove was broken off, and so I took the STOVE to a welder friend, and while there his pastor dropped in. So I attended their church, and to my surprise, I saw Miss Hicks and her husband attending there.

The Leggs almost have the Trump Coat, and the Stove's/Stevensons (Northumberland with Roddens/Rodhams) are a branch of the other English Stevensons (Northumberland) who almost have the Aids/Ade and Rodden/Rodham Coats. The Welders (share globe with Belli-loving Carpenters) share a woman in blue dress with Montgomerys (Renfrewshire with the Crooks, etc) while Kerrys, with a bee hive for a pointer to AIDS-related HIV, were first found in Montgomeryshire.

Okay, so she left the Crystal City church for one in Barksdale, and while Barksdale's share the five bunched arrows of Rothschilds in the same colors. This means I've got to repeat (I get tired of this) that, on the drive from Victoria to Crystal City, eight years before attending the Barksdale church, my truck developed black smoke out the tailPIPE. There were cockroaches in my motel room in Crystal City, and the black smoke persisted that Sunday morning too. What are the chances that I would arrive on Saturday night so as to be in town Sunday morning when Miss Hicks may have been attending there?

Some two decades later, I was deep into heraldic connections, and so I looked up the Smoke's as per that black smoke, and found them listed with Roach-like Rauch's sharing the bend of Jewish Rothschilds (not "Rothschild), yet it's the bend also of Rothschilds/RODDENsteins and Roddens/Rodhams. Roach's use the rock of Rockefeller liners, and add the raven, a symbol of Rothes'/Rothchilds. This is why it's now important that the Arms of Rothschild share the Barksdale arrows. In the last update, while on the Barksdale's, I added: "The Rothschilds hold the arrows with an arm, and Armys/Ermine's were first found in Lincolnshire with [leg-using] Leaks/Leakeys." I had told that I first saw Miss Hicks in a church on the Leakey road just months after being in Crystal City. It appears that God broke the leg off of the wood stove in order to get me to her church in Barksdale, and she has a leg symbol in the 1979 dream.

So, Crystal City has pointed us to the Moses'/Moesens, and Masters/Mosters were at a Truswell location (Nottinghamshire) while Truswells tell of a "MARSTON Trussell" location in Daventry of Northamptonshire. There's the Mastons/Marstons. Daventrys (Northampton) are excellent here because they are DENTys/Dantye's too while Dents (Yorkshire with Masters/Mosters) share two motto terms with the Arms of Rothschild. Truswells have the fretty Shield of Cotta's/Cottons/COTYS' in colors reversed for a trace to the Cotesii peoples on the Buzau river, home also to Roxolani.

Santa Klaus

Back to the Hicks chaplet, because Chaplets use swans in the colors of the swan once shown for French Josephs, and the latter now show a giant martlet in the colors of the martlets of Christmas'. I first saw Miss Hicks on a SUNNY Christmas day on the Leakey road, and both Christman surnames (Kepke/Kopke colors and format), one first found in Hampshire with English Josephs (and Cheppe's), use a giant swan as well as the same star of Saunier's/Saulnier's. The latter's Chalnes branch is listed with Faux's/Fage's/CHOLLENS' while English Collins share the Christmas martlets. See anything suspicious here? Francis Collins was Fauci's boss when Fauci was funding the Wuhan lab.

In fact, Kepke's/Kopke's use a giant goat while Bunnys share the black goat with Kepke-related Weiss' while Pero's/Perino's share the Weis/Wise hexagrams, and then the Rabbits are in Bunny colors and format while Christmas' use rabbits in a red-Shield version of the rabbit-using Coney / Conn Coat. Conns were first found in Aberdeenshire with Cups/Cope's. Wies'/Wiesers were first found in Silesia with the Helds/Helts sharing the Coat of Hicksons, and the latter were first found in Staffordshire with Noels.

With that Christmas-day event (at her church) in 1994, God must be pointing to Santa CLAUS as a pointer to Klaus Schwab! I think I get it. Klaus'/Claus' even share the black border with Sole's/Solneys. It gets interesting, but not of a hard link, where CHRISTine's/Christians use a white unicorn head, the color of the Schwab/Swab unicorn. It was a SUNNY Christmas day, and Noels, I kid you not, have a "suum" motto term likely for the Soams/SOMES'/SONEs!

As Noels share a red fretty Shield with Truswells, let's repeat from above: "So, Crystal City has pointed us to the Moses'/Moesens, and Masters/Mosters were at a Truswell location (Nottinghamshire)..." The Bunnys were first found in Nottinghamshire.

I do get it now because Swans/Sions, sharing the CHRISTman swan, come up as "Some"!!!!! I'm floored. I met her at her church, House of Praise, on the Leakey road, officially called ranch road, and while German Rench's share the lone Leakey fleur-de-lys, which is also the Hicks fleur-de-lys, these Wrench's were first found in SWABia!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Can we believe it? It's Klaus SCWHAB coming down the chimney pipe to steel our furniture while we sleep, and to then sell it at the pawn shop for to build his new world order.

Plus wow, hold on to your stockings. English Rench's/WRENch's share the Wren crosslets while Wrens have purple lion heads to go with the purple lion of Portuguese SANTA's!!!!!!!

The rare colors of Portuguese Santa's are used by Polish Sobieski's/Sobeks, both in the same format to boot. It recalls my hard trace of Dober on the KLAUSula river to the Polish Mieszko's out of GOPLo. KOPLik is a couple of miles from Dober, and Kopple's were first found in Nuremberg with Keips while we saw Kepke's/Kopke's with a version of the Christman Coat.

Spanish Santa's/Santis' have the Coat of Trump-connectable German Drummonds in colors reversed. Italian Santa's (possible the Leslie lion) were first found in LUCania while purple lions are used by Spanish Luz's/LUCeo's and Irish Lacys/Lace's, which merits a mention of the Sobieski/Sobek buckle, for Leslie's have buckles. Leslie's (married Pollocks) use a motto, "Grip FAST," for a trace to DelVasto's of Saluzzo. Leslie's were first found in Aberdeenshire with Christmas-connectable Conns.

Why are Crystal-like Christmans in Trump colors and format? Why do Crystals share the thistle (different colors) with Fauch's? Why do Fauci's share the split Shield of Tromps? Why is the Tromp eagle in the colors of the Hickson eagle LEGs? I remember that it was a beautiful, SUNNY Christmas day, my first ever going without a coat outdoors. Why do Sunnys/Sonnings share the sun (different colors) with Sole's/Solana's while English Sole's are also Saulnier-like Solneys?

The Christmans are essentially in the colors and format of Kepke's/KOPke's while Christine's/Christians use CUPs, the symbol also of Kepke-branch Kupe's/Koops, and Mr. Kepke almost married Christine Peare (she had a belly symbol) while Perins, sharing the Belly chevron, were first found in Lorraine with Chaplets. Bellys share the Saunier/Saulnier rose, and the latter's chevron is colors reversed from the Belly chevron. One can take this to the Beils sharing the Belly chevron, and then the other French Beils share the fesse of Beefs/Boeufs, first found in Perigord with Saunier's/Saulnier's and Faux's/Fage's/Chaulnes'.

Repeat: "It was a SUNNY Christmas day, and Noels, I kid you not, have a "suum" motto term likely for the Soams/SOMES'/SONEs!" The latter use mallets, and were first found in Suffolk with English Mallets and the Kepke-connectable Kidds. Mallets share the Rind scallops while Rinds were a branch of Rants/Rynds/RANCE's from the Rance river of Mallet-line St. Malo, and I first saw Miss Hicks on Christmas day on the RANCH road! Ya see.

Rants/Rance's were first found in Norfolk with Hake's, Steins and Pilgrims, and Spanish SANTiago's share STAVES with Pilgrims whom the Hake-like Hawks call "pilgrim's staves". The Hawks use them in purple to go with the purple Santa lion. Stave's are listed with Stein-branch Stevensons.

Hawks were first found in Hampshire with Christmans to kick off a Christmas theme for to go with Santiago's and Santa's. Hawks have a motto, "Strike," and Strike's share the giant Rant/Rance lion. Christmas' were first found in Essex with the Low Leighton of Hicks', and Leightons/Leytons were a branch of LEGHs/Leys sharing the giant Strike / Rant/Rance lion. I first saw Miss Hicks on Christmas day on the Rance-like Ranch road that locals call the Leakey road, and Leakeys use a LEG.

Leakey-like Lakeys, connectable to leg-using Prime's, were first found in Dumbartonshire with Hicks-connectable Eure's/Evers (almost have the Rant/Rance Crest) who in turn have the Leighton/Leyton quadrants in colors reversed. Dumbartonshire is where Wagons were first found who share the Christman swan.

If I assume that meeting Miss Hicks on Christmas was God's gift to the Church worldwide, then let's go to the DeSANTis', whose eagle is in the colors of the Hickson eagle legs, and moreover it's the Tromp eagle. Ron DeSantis, though deceived and/or railroaded in the beginning of the COVID scam, decided to be the front-runner governor opposed to COVID and vaccine mandates. Perhaps God is saying that He provided this one man to begin exposing the fakery of the scam. But Trump hated DeSantis for this and more. English Saints were first found in Yorkshire with Hicks'.

In the 1979 dream, I was told by God to wake Miss Hicks, and thinking to KISS her awake, I touched her leg instead, which woke her and popped her into my arms instantly. We rose together in rapture into the air, HOLDing one another toward the sky, and Skye is where McLeods/Clouds were first found who have a "HOLD fast" motto. The SANTiago quadrants are colors reversed from the ones of Aarons/Arens who in turn use two hands from clouds, grasping one another.

The point is, Kiss'/Cush's use "fountains" that comprise the triple fesses of Spanish Santa's/Santis' (not "Desantis"), and the Fountains (Norfolk with Flags), along with their HUG kin, almost have the six bars of DeSantis'!!! Incredible. She and I were hugging, grasping one another, into the sky. Hugs were first found in Languedoc with "flag"-using FONT-de-Ville's and Fontes'/Fonds. The top half of the DeSantis Coat has the eagle of Italian Fontana's (Bologna with Fantis' and Pane's/PANICo's), and Fantes' share the Chief of Payens/Pagans, both sharing the label in Chief with English PINGs/Pongs/Pagans, the latter first found in Yorkshire with Saints and PINCs.

I had read that Hugh de Payens (first Templar grand master), upon returning from the Jerusalem Temple after many years spent there, went to visit the Sinclairs of Roslin, and Sinclairs come up as "Saint." It explains why English Saints are in the colors and format of English Pagans (Yorkshire with Scottish Pings/Pongs/Pagans).

While Miss Hicks married Mr. Kilpatrick, English Pagans share the dagger and fleur-de-lys of KilPATRIcks. The dagger is code for the Dexaroi Illyrians at AntiPATRIA, not far from the Paioni from which Pagans/Paions descend. Scottish Shaws (Perthshire, beside Cups/Cope's), in the colors and format of the English Pagans (Yorkshire with Keppochs), have the dagger too, plus cups, and English Pagans share the border of Kepke-branch Kupe's'/Koops.

The Dexaroi were on the Apsus river flowing down-river into FIER country, which has the Kuman location of proto-Comyns (Norfolk with Patricks and Stain-branch Steins), kin of Shaws and sharing their dagger. While Stains were once said to be first found in Yorkshire with Kilpatrick-connectable Pagans, Stains are now said to be first found in Middlesex with FIERs and Apsus-like Apps'. Stains essentially share the Crest of Scottish Coopers. Although German Steins share the white goat with Kepke's/Kopke's, the Stein goat is in the colors of the unicorn of Fier-like Fire's/Firs/Feurers, first found in Austria with Steins.

I can trace this picture to the Nile Delta, home of the Hyksos. The Swabs/Schwabs, sharing the upper half of the Fire/Fir/Feurer Coat, were probably named by some ruling family of Swabia, known to be named by the Suebi Nordics who lived beside SEMNones, which is why I trace the two to the Sabines and their SAMNite associates. The last update told that proto-Pendragons, the Penestae Illyrians at Uscana, near the Apsus river, trace to Oscans of Italy living between the Sabines and Samnites. English Daggers even share the red bull of Sabine's (Norfolk with Patricks) whose Chief in turn is in the colors and format of the Patrick Chief, and almost the SELLICK Chief to boot.

One can trace the Sabines and SAMNites together to the same location in the Nile Delta that went by two names, Sebennytos and SAMANNud.

All prophecy buffs, follow this. I've told a million times that, in the 1979 dream with Sleeping Beauty, I saw myself walking toward Miss Hicks' car without my shirt on, only my jeans on. It just so happens that Hake's, who once came up as "Hykes," were first found in Norfolk with Patricks and Sabine's, and it's important that Hake's are in the colors and format of Shirts/SHARDs, for Sellick-like Sulcis is on SARDinia while Sabine's, who share the scallops of English JEANS (kapow!), have the Sellick Chief in half their colors. Is that not amazing, coming out of the dusty closet while tracing Sabines to the ancient land of Hyksos? I didn't see it coming at first.

I've said it a million times, that after I saw myself without a shirt, I appeared at the DOOR of her car looking at her inside the car. Doors were first found in Herefordshire with Sellicks and WEFers. The latter came to topic recently because Klaus Schwab runs the WEF, and we just saw Schwabs tracing to Sabina elements in Germany.

Spanish and French Jeans share the lion of Irish Doors. Spanish Jeans share the quadrants of Eure's/EVERs while Hicks have an "heure" motto term, and then mythical EVERes was code for Avaris, the Hyksos capital in the NILE delta. I've said online a million times, though google hides 999,999 of them, that Rhizon is beside Kotor, home of the Shark-line Saraca's, explaining why the dream started with a shark to ruin Trump (it could have been something else, but God chose the Saraca's). Sharks were first found in Tyrone with Nile-like Neils. Like that? I rarely mention that. Feel lucky if you are reading here. That's why God pointed Miss Hicks to Rhizon: the Hyksos were there.

Hyksos became suspect by others as the Hayasa-Azzi near Rize on the Black sea, or more exactly at ARDahan and the Moschi mountains, my mother's ancestry, explaining why both she and I were rising into the sky. I trace Ardahan to Arda in Thrace, and the Arda river ends on the Hebros at ORESTia (Hadrianopolis). I suppose one can say that when Miss Hicks was sleeping, she was resting.

I've said it before that Scottish Doors share the triple leopard faces of RESTons, a branch of Risings/Risons (Norfolk with Sabine's), important because Miss Hicks ended up RISING into the sky after she was SLEEPing, and the SELEPitanoi Illyrians were in/near Rhizon. The point is: Klaus Schwab calls his new world order, the "Great RESET," and Restons are suspect with the so-called "rest" of Arda-like Arthurs who, in Clapton (Somerset with Sabine-line Saffins), married the Hicks. Therefore, in this context, Sleeping Beauty is pointing to Klaus Schwab's apparent descent from the Hyksos, the people suspect in loving "666."

I've got another kapow. The Neils above are also O'Nails, and German Neils/Nails/Nagle's share the Great saltire!!!! GREAT Reset!!!! This saltire is in the colors of the saltire-by-fish of Kidneys/Gedneys, and the shark was in a kidney-shaped swimming pool.

Irish Niels are also Neals, and English Neals were kin of Yarborough's, from Yaroslav, king of Kiev. The TRYPILLions of the Kiev area may long have had the TRIPLE symbol of heraldry, and therefore may explain 666. Above the '6' on your keyboards is a Hebron-like chevron while Hebrons (Northumberland with Greats and Stain-branch Stevensons/Steinsons) love the Kiev-line Keeps. Hebron was home to Abraham, husband of both Sarah and KETURah. "Sarah" is suspect from the tribe that came to name Saraca's because they were at KOTOR, a term I can trace well to "Keturah" herself.

There was even a KODRum location near Antipatria, both on the Apsus river, and while Apps' were first found in Middlesex with Stains, note that Stains had married Yarborough's of Yorkshire, where Hicks were first found. If Stains perchance use a chaplet, that's the Hicks symbol that's around the neck of a "buck" head. English Bucks were first found in Norfolk with Stain-branch Steins.

Ben Hoo

I've mentioned a few times that the Saraca-line Sarasins, who share the moline of Vallans while Valiants (Yorkshire with Hyksos) use a shark, may indicate that the shark in the dream is a pointer to so-called SARS COVID. Cove's/COVITs (Suffolk, beside Norfolk) essentially share the Coat of Rise's (Norfolk with Risings/Risons).

The video below is on this fellow: "Ben Hoo, a doctor at Wuhan working on gain of function of Sars viruses." The claim now that Ben Hoo was the first person infected with COVID-19 as a result of his work. I'm not going to suggest that it was an accidental infection. I'm going to insist that the Americans released this disease as a planned scheme:

There is a Hoo surname coming up at houseofnames. What I needed before deciding to write this section, before going forward with an heraldic investigation, is a Hoo-surname link to China in some way. I've told reasons as to why the Shins/Chine's/Chings point to China. The Sedans have a "sino" motto term, which means "China" in China. But I could not see how the Hoo's link to anything Chinese, though Hoo's are also Whoo's, looking like a pointer to WHO (World Health Org), an integral part of the vaccine conspiracy.

I then loaded the Hows because but could see no way to link them to China. Thirdly, the Hoe's were loaded, but no luck. But then again, I remembered that the Fox's/SHINnocks and ShinNOCks/Shine's almost have the Hoe Coat exactly!!!! WOW, what are the chances? And Nocks/Noke's share the How fesse.

It can be added that while Hows are in the colors and format of Kennedy-related Carricks, Irish Kennedys were first found in Tipperary with Hoe's. Hough's/Hoffs, first found in Cheshire with the Hoe- and Shinnock-beloved Hands/Hanns, share the black wolf head with Hows. Sleeping Beauty was hovering over the seats of her car, and Hovers are also Hoff-like Hoffers. Plus, Cheshire is where Newtons were first found who use "SHIN bones." Plus, Cheshire is where Bens/Bends (lots of roundels) were first found. Ben Hoo.

Ahh, new-to-me Hoffingtons, in Risings/Rison colors (!!!) share the Rise bend because "The surname Hoffington was first found in Essex at Ovington, a parish, in the union of RISbridge, hundred of Hinckford"!!! INCREDIBLE. It's taken me years to find this, and it arrives with a delving into Ben Hoo. He wasn't in the news years ago.

There is a new-to-me-now Hickford/Hugford surname, first found in Shropshire with Leightons and Hope's/Hopers, excellent because Hicks were at Low Leighton, in Essex with Hickford-like Hinckford. Hope's/Hopers were once said to be first found in Derbyshire with the Parkers who share the Hoffington Coat exactly!

The HUGford variation of Hickfords is excellent because Miss Hicks and I were hugging while rising, and Risings/Risons with Rise's were first found in Norfolk with Hug-related Fountains. Plus, I had only my jeans on, and French Jeans were first found in Languedoc with Hugs.

The Hugs are listed with Hoo-like HUGUES' who share the Chief of French Alans, the latter first found in Languedoc with Hugs/Hugues' (and Font-de-Ville's)!!! Look at what a super favor the Hickfords have just granted, for I've told that Hicks fesse is colors reversed from the fesse of English Alans while the translated Hicks motto uses an "All in" phrase that spells "Allin." Allins are listed with English Alans, first found in Shropshire with new-to-me-today Hickfords/Hugfords!!!! Wow. Thank you Ben Hoo.

While Houstons/HUGHStons share the checks of Parks, the latter share the checkered fesse of Alan-line Stewarts. Houstons are super with their CUISTon variation because Hicks' were at St. Ewe while Ewe's/Cuists look like a branch of the Cush variation of Fountain-loving Kiss'. "Ewe" is like "Hugh" while Hugs/Hugues' were Fountain kin! The latter were first found in Leicestershire with Park-like Perkins/Parkings. As I trace Perkins to Perga at the Caria theater, note that while Sleeping Beauty hovered in a car, English Cars (Lancashire with Perkens/Parkinsons) almost have the chevron-with-stars of Perkens/Parkinsons.

Bens/Bends (beside Shropshire) share "hurts" (blue roundels) with Arthurs while Hurts/Horts can be traced to Hortons who in turn share the giant stag head of Hoffington-connectable Parkers. Hurts/Horts were first found in Oxfordshire with the Hincks suspect at Hinckford, where Hoffingtons were first found.

Suddenly, one can ask whether such surnames as Hinks, Hinkleys (Leicestershire with Perkins), Inch's and Ince's, and even Innis'/Ins'/One's, were all descended from Hyksos-liner Hicks'. Hinkley-like Ingle's use an ICicle while Ice's/Ecco's share an Icke variation with Hicks'. What could the "In" motto term of Houstons/Hughstons be code for?

Hortons were first found in Morley of Yorkshire while Parkers, who lived in Derbyshire with the first-known English Morleys, share the Horton stag head. Where have we heard this before? Above, like so: "Calvarys are also CALVAReys, and while they were first found in Morley, English Morleys were first found in Derbyshire with Calvers. The latter's Moor head goes with Morlands sharing nearly the Morley Coat." Both Calvarys and Hortons were first found in the Bradford part of Morley, and Bradfords (share black wolf head with Hows and Hough's/HOFFs) use a "Fier" motto term while Rams, first found in Essex with Hinckford of the first-known HOFFingtons, have a "fieri" motto term. The Fiers are also Fears while the Peacocks (Essex) in the Bradford Crest have a "fear not" motto phrase as part-code for Derbyshire's Cnuts/Note's/Notts.

Houstons/Hughstons may have named the Hosts/Husts/Osts who were first found in Somerset with Shins/Chine/Chings and Bulls/Bule's (share Host/Ost bull head). Hosts/Husts/Osts, suspect in the "Hostis" motto term of Shirts/Shards (Cheshire with Hugh Lupus), have a bull head in the colors of the wolf head of Hugh Lupus.

There's a good reason (Guiscards of SARDinia) that Shirts/Shards are in the colors and format of Tancreds, who in turn share the scallops of English Jeans, and then French Jeans are in the colors and format of Hosts/Osts. I was with Jeans only, no shirt, on the beach with Sleeping Beauty, in a dream that pointed to poison vaccines in multiple ways. French Jeans happen to share the lion of Hugs/Hugues', first found in Languedoc with French Jeans, which begs the question on how his heraldic set might point to Mr. Hoo specifically.

Wolf-head Houghs/Hoffs (Cheshire with Hugh Lupus and Bens/Bends) share the bend of Patents/Padyns, and Houstons are said to have been Paduinans initially.

Beautys/Bowds, suspect as a branch of bull-using Boys/Boets/Boeddu's, have bulls of their own, and were first found in Dorset, beside Hosts/Osts who are in turn with a Coat reflective of the DORset Coat. When I saw myself without a shirt on, I was walking to the DOOR of her car. While English Boys/Bie's share bees (Host-bull colors) with English Doors, Bee's/Bie's, first found in Oxfordshire with Shirt-connectable Harcourts, share the quadrants of Spanish Jeans. Harcourts put out the Beaumonts (Dorset) sharing the Jean / Hug/Hugues lion.

Repeat from the hurts of BENs/Bends: "Hurts/Horts were first found in Oxfordshire with the Hincks suspect at Hinckford, where Hoffingtons were first found." Hurts/Horts, in Michaelson and Michael colors and format, were first found in Oxfordshire with Hincks and Michael-connectable Yellows. It appears that there can be a subtle pointer here to Ben Hoo.

The Hincks apparently have this correct: "One of the earliest records of the family was Roger Hanke..." It's apparently correct because Hincks were first found in Abington while Abingtons look like they have a Coat version of the Otter/Others, first found in Huntingdonshire with the Cottons in turn using "hanks of cotton". Hugs/Hugues' were first found in Languedoc with Cottons/Cotta's. Abington is in Hormer which, if not the same Hormer of the Bagleys, is close by. The Hormer of Bagleys is in Berkshire, where SUSANs were first found whom I've been tracing to Susa of the royal COTTIANs (now checks out), and an Abington location in the Abington write-up tells that it was formerly called, SEWSHAM back in pre-Norman times. It's looking like the Susa Cottians were in Berkshire with Other-related Windsor castle. Abingtons even tell of a "Cottonian library" in regards to an Abington location of Berkshire. Windsors share the HORTon stag head.

I'll bet ABINGtons were, as with Bings/Bengs, from the Benjamites of Israel's RIMMON, whom I trace to the RIMNa river, smack beside the Buzau river (WALLACHia) of the COTESii!!! That works. Benjamins were even first found in Norfolk with the Dice's/Diss sharing the Abington eagles. The Yellows we saw above are suspect from the IALOmita river, smack beside the Buzau. Between these rivers were the ROXolani, and Benjamin-related WALCHs/Walsh's were first found in ROXburghshire.

Moments after writing the paragraph above, I saw from the Abington write-up an Abington parish in SpelHOE of Northamptonshire. And Spells use DICE! It tends to prove that Abingtons are using the Dice eagles for a related reason. The only other surname I know of with dice, showing 666, are QUINTana's, and Quint-branch Quince's were first found in Northamptonshire too. "Quint" means "five," explaining why Quintana's show three fives with there three sixes, and then the Spells show two dice only, one with a six and the other a five.

Plus, Spells were first found in Hough/Hoff-like Offenburgh while Offens/Owens (Wales with Hugh's) share the Hugh Coat, explaining the SpelHOE area of Abington. It tends to prove that Hough's/Hoffs were a Hoe branch. German Offens are listed with Hoffners, first found in Brunswick, where German Rothschilds/Roddensteins were said to be first found until recently. The latter share a bendwise arrow with Offens/Hoffners. Rothschilds/Roddensteins are now said to be first found in SPEYer, perfect because Rothes in Scotland is on the Spey river. Speyers/Speers/Spire's share the Roet boar head, and Roet-beloved Books use the hourglass.

The Houston hourglass takes us to Glass', first found in Bute with Kims/Shimmie's. We then go to the "Kymmer" motto term of Hugh's, perhaps a branch of Hoo's. Shins/Chine's/Chings share the Coat of Kemmis/Kenys', and while Kims are also Shimmie's, Kinners are said to be from "Symon, son of Michael," which seems to check out where they are in the colors of Scottish Michaelsons, first found in Angus, near the first-known Kinners of Fife. Scottish Michaelsons are in the format of, and colors reversed from, Hows (share black wolf head with Hough's/Hoffs).

Scottish Michaelsons are in Michael/Mitchell colors and format, and then Micks/Mikulas' have triple fesses that, in colors reversed, are red, the colors of the triple fesses of Shins/Chine's/Chings and Kemmis'/Kennys'. The latter's KeyMICH variation prompts a check for a Mich surname, and it happens to be listed with the Mitch's/Muschats/Montfitchets having triple chevrons in the colors of the triple Mick/Mikulas fesses. The latter even have quadrants in Kim/Shimmie and McKinney colors and format.

Italian Simons are super here because they share the lion of Shinnocks/Shiners and Fox's/ShinNOCKs. Thus, we are making a potential Kinner link to China-pointing Shins/Chine's/Chings. Nock-connectable Knocks/Knox's were first found in Renfrewshire with Houstons/Hughstons. Nocks were first found in Buckinghamshire with Shimmie- / Simon-like SIMsons.

German Shiners were first found in Switzerland with Sion/Sitten in the Wallis canton that named Walsers. The latter share the "halpert (or "halbert," I forget which) AXE with Simms, the latter first found in East Lothian with Seatons/SITTENs. Seaton is at the mouth of an Axe river in Devon, where Kenns/Kenns'. Lothians were first found in Perthshire with Halperts/Halberts (axes) who in turn share the brown wolf with Irish Gards while English Gards were first found in Kent with Alberts.

The KEYmich variations of Kinners takes us to Keys (Yorkshire with Kays) sharing, with Kays (Kinn colors and near-format), a key in the mouth/beak of a white griffin head. These Kays use a "kynn" motto term to assure their relationship to Kinners.

Kays essentially share the Coat of neighboring RatCLIFFs while Cliffs/Cleave's look like a branch of key-using Clavers/Cleavers. It starts to show some gun powder where Cliffs/Cleave's share triple black wolf heads with Hows, and both surnames have the black wolf head also in their Crest, and then the black wolf is in the Crest of Saracens/Sarasins, the latter first found in Cumberland with Collins-connectable Ramps/Rumps. Sarah's/Sayers have a bend colors reversed from the Kinner bend.

I have found another kapow! I fell upon it. I didn't plan on coming to Cliffs/Cleave's to do this kapow. I had asked myself early in this discussion, whose stars the Hoo's/Whoo's might be using, but couldn't think of anyone, and here the Howe-connectable Cliffs/Cleave's share a fesse-with stars in the colors of the fesse-with-stars of Hoo's/Whoo's!!! We got here from the HUGH motto term, "Kymmer."

The Saracens/Sarasins (the shark line) now give us a kapow because their three crescents are colors reversed from the three of Kinner-related Michaelsons!!!! The Hows (Berkshire with Kennedy-like Kents) are in the colors and format of the Leeders suspect in the "Kymmer-yn lydeirNON" motto of Hugh's. Leeders share the scallops of Varns (Ayrshire with Nons and Kennedys) who are in turn in Sarah/Sayer colors and format.

"CHE sara sara" is the motto of Russells who in turn share the giant Shinnock/Shiner and Fox/Shinnock lion. And while Kippax location of Keppochs is at Leeds (Yorkshire with Kays), "kepe" is a motto term of the "kynn"-using KAYs.

Keeps are from the Varn-like Varangians, and "Varangi" is like the title of Hugh Lupus D'AVRANCHes (he's probably in the Cliff/Cleave wolf heads). German Shiners are also Scheins and similar variations while Skins/Scans/Skene's share the wolf heads of Wolfs/Welfs/Lupus', first found in Cheshire with HUGH Lupus and Hands/Hanns (Cup/Cope colors and format). As Schims/Schiens (Aberdeenshire with Cups/Cope's and Skins/Scans) share the GOOGE boar, their Skin/Scan branch can be a pointer to scanning machines for a 666 in the skin. Shinnocks use right hands.

Aha! Leeders were first found in Durham with the Sitten-branch Sedans/Siddens, and it's the latter who have a "sino" motto term that means "China"!!! The Biden family formed a company, SINOhawk, in dealing corruptly with the Chinese.

Ignoring the Leeder pellets, they are in the colors and format of Kinner-related Michaelsons and Michaels. Ignoring the scallops within the Leeder pellets, Leeders are in How colors and format. The white Kay / Key griffin head can now be suggested as the Letter / Lauder griffin, for Lauder is near the first-known Simms. Ladds/Ladons have the Leeder scallops in colors reversed.

AHH WOW, perchance the white bird in the Crest of Irish Collins is now a swan, but the white "goose" of Letters!!! Geese-like Guise's/Guys' probably have a white goose in Crest because they were first found in Gloucestershire with LETTs/Late's. Goose's are listed with Googe's, first found in Berwickshire with the Rutherfords sharing a goose on a rock with Letters. Francis Collins was the one who funded the Wuhan lab! Rutherfords even share black martlets with English Collins!!! The "fato" motto term of Rutherfords is like the "fata" of Sidden-like Sidneys, and the Sidden motto points to China!

I'll leave it up to you to decide how much these heraldic sets link to Hoo's and therefore point to Ben Hoo. Bens/Bends (Cheshire with early Cliffs/Cleave's) share the besants of Hope's in the Kinner motto, and Hope's were first found in Shropshire with Cliffs/Cleave's, yet they were once said to be first found in Derbyshire with one of the English Francis'.

The phrase, "sing like a canary," means to be a stool pigeon on a criminal. The gold bird in the English Kay Crest can be the gold, canary-suspect bird of canary-like Kinners. Sings (Devon) share the sheaves of Sticks, and with Stiche's (Cheshire) whom are in turn in the write-up of Cliffs/Cleave's as being married to them.

I'll repeat here that Sticks are from the Astikas' of Vilnius who married Traby, and then Trabys/Sadowski's use a "scarf" while Scarfs share the wolf head of Hugh Lupus D'Avranches (earl in Cheshire) and Bathers (Denbighshire, beside Cheshire). The Traby/Sadowski scarf is in the shape of a 'Q' for the Quade's who share the triple Cliff/Cleave wolf heads, and this scarf has a knot while Cnuts/Knots were first found in Derbyshire with Francis'.

If the Kinners had their gold bend on a red Shield, it would become a big kapow because it would be in the colors of the Collins bend who in turn have the same martlets as Houstons/HUGHStons. But, alas, the Kinner bend is on black, but this may be in honor of Michaelsons and Michaels (Kinner colors).

But look. The Kimmers almost have the Deck/Dagger Coat (both from Germany) while English Daggers were first found in Cumberland with Saracens/Sarasins, Ramps/Rumps and Browns who both use the brown lion, and the two lions combattant of Ramps/Rumps are those of Irish Collins. Is this a kapow? Is this a pointer to Francis Collins?

My coffee in Victoria pointed to Wuhan via James LeDuc The Crest of Victoria-loving Coffee's/Coffers is a different-colors version of the Arms of TARANTo, and it just so happens that one of the English Francis' (Oxfordshire) share the TARANT Coat. Coffers/Coffare's were first found in Somerset with Courcys sharing the triple Tarant and Francis eagles, but also with the Taras'/Tarrs while the rider on the Taranto dolphin is called, "Taras." Somerset is beside Devon, and the latter is where Francis-like French's were first found who share the green Coffee/Coffer dolphin.

The write-up of the Oxfordshire Francis': "The surname Francis was first found in Oxfordshire, where the earliest record is HUGO Francus, or Franceis in 1135, at Oseney." Hugo's, right down the Hoo alley, were first found in Basel of Switzerland, and Switzerland is where Goods/Guts were first found who share the Stick / Stiche Coat (all in Hoo/Whoo colors). The Stick-line Astikas' of VILNius can be traced to Brittany's Vilaine province, and Vilains almost have the Coat of English Levins suspect in the "live in" motto phrase of Kinners.

Derbyshire is also where Kinds were first found who are likely in the "KYND kinn" motto phrase of Key-branch Scottish Kays. Kinners are also KEYmich's. Mackays, though not strictly a Kay branch but linkable to them by marriage, have an Irish branch sharing the triple wolf heads of Stiche-related Cliffs/Cleave's (Shropshire with Meschins), and Clavers/Cleavers are in Meschin colors and format. Ranulf le Meschin became the earl of Cheshire because he was the nephew of Hugh Lupus D'Avranches. Both descended from Richard GOZ, a potential Goose/Googe branch. Brittany is where Ducs/LeDucs were first found who are linkable to half of the Goz/Gos Coat.

Mackays were a Macey / Masseys branch. Dutch Mackays/Macks/Machlens (Massey/Macey quadrants in colors reversed) have just given me a good link of their red horse to the red horse of Keips/Keipers, and then the Scottish Kays use a "kepe" motto term. Bingo. The winged horse of Masseys/Maceys is partly red, and the Keip/Keiper horse is colors reversed from the RasMUSSEN unicorn which itself is in a gold crown, the symbol also of Mackays/Macks/Machlens.

Masci's, sharing a sinister-rising bend with Rasmussens, use WINGs, and were first found in Piedmont with the Pelosi's/Pilati's having a column in colors reversed from the Kind column. The Crest of German Rasmussens has a red wing attached to its unicorn. English ASH's (Devon with Coffee-connectable French's) share the double chevrons of Kinns in the "Kynd kynn" motto phrase of Kays. Rasmussens are also Assmans while English Assmans/ASHmans share the Massey/Macey fleur-de-lys.

Assmans/Ashmans are said to have been at GORLESton, suggesting that the Assman/Ashman Coat is related to Lorraine's who share the Gorsuch bend-with-eagles. The Lorraine's use the Child eagles, and the Child Coat is a colors-reversed version of the Tarant and Francis Coat, and the ten pale bars of Tars'/Tarrs are in the colors of the eight pale bars of Scottish Macks. German Ash's (Swabia) happen to share a "DUCE" motto term with the Schims/Schiens while Schiens/Shiners can be deemed a pointer to China! Following the red horse of Dutch Mackays/Macks/Machlens has brought us here, and German Ash's have the Mick/Mitch/Muschat/Montfichet Coat in colors reversed.

Waiting on Mike Lindell to Deliver

Mention above of the similarity between Tarrs and Macks caused me to suggest a pointer the "tarmac" event at the Phoenix airport between Bill Clinton and Loretta Lynch, Obama's attorney general at the time. The suspicion is that the two met because Clinton wanted to ask Lynch not to prosecute, or delve into, his wife's private-server crimes.

That pointer involved Steve Tarr, a fellow player in organized hockey with me at age 12. I've heraldically investigated the last-minute, winning goal I got off of Tarr's slap shot, which allowed us to go to the championship match, which we won. Last I talked about this, it pointed very well to election fraud at Maricopa county in Arizona, and the city of Phoenix happens to be in that county. However, when I proposed the tarmac event with Clinton, it was before finding that the winning goal pointed to Phoenix election fraud.

The reason I'm writing this aside is that, when loading Scottish Macks above, I had also loaded Mackle's because Mackays/Macks are also Machlens. I didn't have anything to say about the Mackle's but did spot their PHOENIX in Crest!!! Zikers, and Mackle's have a Sino-like "Sine" motto term. "Sine MACULa" is the motto of Glue's/Glough's (Denbighshire with same-colored Bathers).

I've seen the official description of the Tuft Crest, a "phoenix." It's the eagle design of houseofnames but with flames at the tail. The Crest of Knee's and Mackle's have the identical phoenix used by Tufts. As I've said a million times, Tarr's slap shot deflected off the goalie, over his head, and came to rest on the goal line, with the goalie sprawled on the ice, and as I nothing more to do but to knock the puck over the goal line, my knees gave out in the excitement, and so, falling onto the ice upon my shin pads, I slid on my KNEES to score the goal. That's one way in which the event pointed to Phoenix, yet it pointed to China too because of scoring while on my SHIN pads.

In fact, as China was the main instigator in election fraud for that 2020 election, that's how the Shins/Chine's/Chings came to be viewed by me as a pointer to China. There was more to it, but I don't want to go over it all again at this time.

In my 2nd update of July, 2020, months before the 2020 election, I had said: "Not many months ago, I realized that the Phoenix-airport's TARmac was pointed to by Tarrs and Macks together, so hilarious. Tarrs have ten of the eight Mack pale bars, you see, and Phoenix's/Fenwicks share the phoenix in Crest with Knee's." I was talking about Steve Tarr and my winning goal at the time, but as this was before the election, the original pointer to Phoenix election fraud was yet a year or more into the future. In other words, the Tarr-Mack pointer to the Phoenix tarmac seems to be additional evidence that the winning goal of Tarr's slap shot is indeed a pointer to Phoenix election fraud.

Last I heard, Kari Lake is on her way to the supreme court fighting against Phoenix election fraud. Last I heard, Mike Lindell is paying at least some of her legal bills, and he was pointed to by both the puck on the goal LINE, and when the team PILED on top of me to celebrate this last-minute win. French Pile's are also Pilots while Pillows are listed with Pilotte's. Mike Lindell owns "My Pillow," and Scottish Linds are also LINE's.

As I've said, I was skating so fast (to catch up with Tarr on a two-on-one breakaway) that I slid past the goal post and crashed into the BOARDs. As soon as I got up to celebrate this winning goal, my team mated piled onto me. The Board surname was not only first found in Sussex with Pillow-branch Pellets (share same Coat), but the Board Coat is a good reflection of the SHUTer Coat while Shots are listed with Shute's. This heraldry appears arranged by God to fit the winning goal, or vice-versa. Goal-like Gollys have a "sine" motto term.

Lindells use a log, I gather, and French Loge's were first found in Burgundy with Pilate's/Pilotte's, but also with Poulos,' the surname of the founder and owner of Dominion Voting, the very company that cheated with China in the Phoenix election. Dominion Voting sued Mike Lindell, if I recall correctly. Poulos' use log-like "sticks" in saltire in colors reversed from the Loge saltire. Nobody, but one, I saw who reported on Dominion Voting revealed that Poulos founded Dominion Voting in Toronto's Chinatown (it was/is at 215 Spadina Rd).

Poulos' were first found in Burgundy with French Vairs while so-called "vair" fur fills the Shield of Shins/Chine's/Chings. Keep that in mind as I proceed.

An election-fraud fighter, Douglas Frank, was part of the Lindell effort, and so note that Scottish Franks have a saltire in the colors of the Newton saltire-by-shin-bones. I POKEd the puck into the NET while on my shin bones, and while English Franks share the Pollock/POKE saltire, the "nati" motto term of Scottish and English Franks might just be for the Nate's/NETbys. The latter share the Traver/Travis Coat whom I trace to TARvisium/Treviso, and the puck was resting on the goal line from TARR's slap shot.

[Insert -- Patrick BRYNE was part of the Lindell team if only loosely, and he was working also with Sidney Powell in efforts to convince Trump to fight election fraud using something akin martial law, but Trump refused to use such powers on behalf of his voters. The point here is that English Pucks share the hands of BRYNE's, and the "vici" motto term of Bryne's can be for the Tromp-connectable Vice's/Vise's while VISconti's are suspect with Ottone's who almost have the German Puck Coat. This is extra proof that the puck on the goal line is a pointer to the election-fraud situation that stole Trump's win overnight after election night. Another hand is used by Irish Bruens/Breens/Braoins. End insert]

More new: Travers/Travis' use the tiger while Teague's/Teegers (I trace them to queen OpGALLi and king TIGRanes) share the crosslets of goal-like Gollys/Gullys, and the latter were not only first found in Oxfordshire with LINE's, but they share the same chevron! The puck was on the golly line! Spanish Golls/Goels even share the double bends of Harcourts, first found in Oxfordshire! I love it when the heraldry looks Arranged to fit the event. PLUS WOW, the Scottish and English Hairs have the same Coat but on a different-colored Shield, and while Scottish Hairs (look like Dunham kin) were first found in Ayrshire with Scottish Line's/LINDs, English Hairs share the double HARcourt fesses!!!! I don't remember doing this heraldic set before.

China ripped Trump off of the election win, and the SLAP SHOT can point to Trump, first where Slape's/Sleeps show nothing but two fesses in the colors of the nothing-shown but three fessewise swords of Shots, and the latter were first found in Wiltshire (beside Tarrs and Beautys) with the nothing-shown but three trumpets fessewise. It just so happens that while I slid in to score on my shin pads, Shins/Chine's/Chings (Somerset with Tarrs) have three red fesses, what the three trumpets and swords above would be in colors reversed. fesses SLEEPing Beauty can thus be a pointer to Trump even as her leg and knee have been resolved as code for the Trump kin of Leggs and Knee's.

When Juliana Arthur married Mr. Hicks of Clapton (Somerset, beside Wiltshire), the two surnames were able to share the "clarion," thought by some to be a trumpet.

I've just noticed that houseofnames changed the first-found location of Sleeps to Kent, no longer in Shropshire. I don't know how/whether houseofnames determined that the first found Sleep liner of Kent predated the Sleap location in Shropshire, yet look at where else the Sleeps were, in the same place as Beautys: "The Sleep surname is thought to be a habitational name taken from any of the several places so named, such as Slape in Dorset or Sleap in Shropshire"

The Kents are amazing here because they share the Chief/Shield combination of Kotor-like Cutters (Dorset!), and Sleeping Beauty pointed to Rhizon smack beside Kotor in the land, at least roughly, of the SELEPitanoi Illyrians. Directly across the Adriatic sea from the Selepitanoi is Tarr-connectable Taranto.

In the fictional Sleeping Beauty, she's BAREfoot in the forest, and Bare's are listed with Bars while there is a modern Bar location where Selepitanoi are usually stamped on maps. Bar is directly beside lake SCODra, and English Scotts (Roet wheel) were first found in Kent! Roets share the Gord/GORDAN boar head because Roets were first found in Somerset with Gordano, and the latter is a mere spit in the wind from Clapton.

Hockeys/Hockleys, sharing the fesse-with-crescents of Hazels (Devon with Hick-branch Hooks), look like kin of both Scott surnames, and I'm expecting Hyksos in the Scodra / Rhizon theater. Hockeys/Hockleys share the crescents of Scottish Scotts and the Macks/MAKE's who almost have the ten pale bars of Tarrs. "I MAKE SURE" is the motto of Scottish Kilpatricks while Irish Kilpatricks/Sheera's can be of the Sure-like Sheers/Shore's, and Sure's may have been a Surrey branch because Sheers/Shore's were first found in Surrey, which is where Clapps/Claptons were first found who share the lion of Poulos-like Pools (Dorset).

Sleeping Beauty was on a beach in my 1979 dream, and Beach's/Bechs, feasibly a branch of Beaks/Beakers (Dorset and Kent), share the Clapp/Clapper Shield. This recalls that while Saraca's lived in Kotor, English Becks (Berkshire and DORSET), who share the pelican with Arthurs, share the giant Sarasin moline. The Saracens/Saracens share the triple crescents of Tunbridge's, first found in Kent!

PLUS, while Beach's have a Shield filled with red vair fur, BECKers have the same in blue, and blue vair fur happens to fill the Shield of Shins/Chine's/Chings (Somerset with Clapton)! As German Beckers share the Moray stars, Dutch Bakers/Beckers may be sharing the Belly chevron for a related reason. James Baker of Obama's FBI comes to mind here because German Beckers share the Steele fesse-with-check as an apparent pointer to Christopher Steele of British Intelligence.

The Biss' suspect in the "Bis" motto term of Beckers were first found in Surrey (beside Kent) with Beach-related Clappers and James'. As Surreys have a Sark variation, the shark that swallowed Trump got suspect as including James Clapper, Obama's Intelligence Chief who was specially prepared to allow election theft by China, we can be sure.

I don't know whether Sleeping Beauty had a slipper symbol as did Cinderella, but it should be said that Sleeps have a Slipper variation which may have formed the heraldic feature of "slip / slipped" referring to the stem of a plant. There is a Stem surname listed with English Steins (it can suggest a Stein marriage to a Slipper line). Stamfords/STAINfords were a branch of Stanfords, and the latter share the white and passant goat with German Steins. Stanfords (share Bare/Bar Crest) tell of a Stanford location in Kent i.e. the place where houseofnames has the first Sleep liner as John le SLEPERE.

As Rhizon and Kotor were near DARDania, I had noted that the Sleeps share the ermined fesse on Darts/DARDs in both colors. Then, the Brock Crest has its lion holding a dart, and Brocks share the Chief-Shield colors of Cutters, as do Scottish Sheds/Sheddens, first found in Ayrshire with Bare's/Bar(r)s. Trump's attorney general, Bill Barr, contributed to the theft of the 2020 election on Biden's behalf.

Behold a wonder. Stamfords and Stanfords were both first found in Staffordshire, where Yardleys were first found who share a Coat of Pettys (Warwickshire with Ardens), and then "Ardens" is the motto of Petts who were in turn first found in Kent with Slippers. Irish Pettys (Warwickshire) use a "needle" while Needle's were first found in Shropshire with Sleap. Needle's share the FETTer Coat, and slippers go on FEET. But that's not the wonder yet.

I think there is something to the fact that the Pett mascle is at the HANDLE of a shovel in the SPADE Coat, for Dominion Voting had it's first headquarters at SPADina road. The vertically-split Spade Shield is shared by Vandels expected in the "wandel" motto term of Handle-branch Handels. Then, Denvers share three martlets on a bend (different colors) with Yardleys and Pettys while Denver is the American headquarters of Dominion Voting. Behold that wonder!!! But we're not done.

Denvers share the green FOOTless martlet with English Gards (like "YARDley"), first found in Kent with Slippers. In colors reversed, the Yardley / Petty martlet is green. Denvers have a "loyALTE" motto term while Alte's show only a pale bar that is almost the Biss Coat while the Biss Crest has the double-snake symbol of Needle-like Nettle's!!! Zikers, and Snake's/Snooks were first found in Kent with Slippers while Sleap is in Shropshire with the first-known Meschins who share the Biss scallops. Masons/Massins were first found in Kent while Massino-Visconti is a location (Piedmont with Pero's/Perino's and Masci's) related to Bisone.

Massino-Visconti is beside Lesa, and the latter's line may have named the footLESS martlet of Denvers. Bisels/Bichels (look like Bush kin from Piedmont's Busca) have the Biss scallop in colors reversed while Bickle's/BichLEIGH's share the Foot / Fette chevron while Bicks were first found in Berkshire with LESS'/Losh's and Becks. That works.

AND LOOKIE: Less'/Losh's are said to be from Loches (Normandy) while French Locks/Loches'/DesLOGEs' were first found in Burgundy with Loge-connectable Poulos'! Can we believe it? Mr. Poulos founded Dominion Voting. Lesa is in Piedmont with the first-known Domino's! Eric Coomer was/is a Dominion-Voting executive, and Coomers have a "dominabitur" motto term.

English Loge's/Lodge's were first found in Suffolk with Leslie-beloved Buckle's. Ranco is very near Lesa while Rants/RANCE's have the giant lion that Wikipedia shows for Ranulph le Meschin. It's the giant Legh/Ley lion too. The Rance river is at Dinan and St. Malo while Malo's/Mallets use buckles while English Mallets were first found in Suffolk with Buckle's.

Denvers use a dragon while Dragons/Drainers were first found in Kent with Hamons while Hamon de Masci of Cheshire was likely directly related to the first Meschins. Hamon lived in Dunham Masci while Dunhams were first found in Norfolk with Denvers (Denham branch?).

Dunhams are suspect with the Downs/Douns, first found in Sussex with the MACKesys/Margesons whose motto looks related to the Denver motto. Denhams have a Coat much like the one of Meckle's/Machens/Makins while Machets were first found in Surrey with Biss'. Instead of the Meckle/Makin pelican heads, Denhams have stork heads in the same colors, and the Petts who took us to the Spade shovel use the stork too (as do Pitts). This Mackesy Coat has a green snake, the original color of the Visconti snake, and the color of the Biss snakes.

AND Dunhams are also Domine's, as though God may have wanted to pin Obama to the Dominion wall.

Meschins were from the Bisone-like Bessin, and I can guarantee that Biss' are from Bisone (the Visconti snake in its Arms), a location in the Ticino canton, and the Ticino river there flows through Pavia (where Pierro's/Pero's were first found) while English Pavia's share a Feet Coat! Bessins were first found in Cheshire with Fette-branch Foots.

Mike Lindell, an ardent Trump supporter, recently started a new My Pillow product line called, "My Slipper," can we believe it? Don't pillows have sleep in common? As I've said, Steve Tarr's SLAP SHOT is suspect partly with the Slape variation of Sleeps/Slippers, and this surname named Sleap in SALOP. The MY's/Meigh's even share the MACCLESfield cross while PHOENix-using Mackle's share the Feet/Fate martlets. Don't My Slippers go on feet?

The My's/Meigh's are incredible here because I was talking about my two goals years before the election steal of 2020, and therefore years before My Pillow became connected to the winning goal. In our next game, the championship match, Steve Tarr passed it to me from the corner of the boards, and I then backhanded the puck over the KNEE pad of Jim McGee (my friend at the time), the goalie. It was the first goal in the game, and so there were back-to-back games with goals from Tarr. The point is, Scottish McGee's share the My/MEIGH and Meck/Meek boar head.

Mecks/Meeks even use a "Jungor" motto term while Jungs/Youngs have a giant stag in the colors of the Legg and Trump stag head. McGee kicked out his leg and knee pad to block my shot, but the puck went over the leg. Election fraud violated Trump's election win. The My/Meigh raven is shared by MARGys/Mackeys, and while My's/Meigh's are also Mee's, "me" is a motto term of Mackeys/MARGesons. Rupert Murdoch, top Fox boss, facilitated election fraud against Trump, and Murdochs (Ayrshire with Margys/Mackeys) share ravens "hanging" on an arrow with Margys/Mackeys.

It now gets important that Trump's attorney general, Bill Barr, did NOTHING to stop the election steal, but rather facilitated it. Barrs (Ayrshire with Murdochs) share the Murdoch Crest, and the Arms of Bar-le-DUC uses the pansy because Pansys/Pantzers were first found in Westphalia with Ducks/Duckers/Dockers.

Dickers not only share ravens with Murdochs, but were first found in Sussex with Mackesys/Margesons. The Dickerson/Dickenson Crest may therefore have the Dock lion. The Mackesy/Margeson motto almost has the "loyalte" motto term of Denvers, amazing because Denver is the American headquarters for Dominion Voting!!!

As Dickersons/Dickensons were first found at Wrightington (in Leyland) while Wrights (Sussex with Mackesys/Margesons) share the Hover/Hoffer Crest, I suggest that Dickers / Dickersons were a Ducker branch. As Wrightington of LEYland is in Lancashire with the fist-known Parrs, we first note that the double Parr fesses are those also of leopard-face Wrights, and they are in the colors of the FIVE fesses of Ducks/Duckers/Dockers. Why five? Do Duke's/Dooks share the FIVEash wreaths?

"'Duke was the name of an old influential Sussex family...From the Dukes of Power HAYES and OTTERton, Devon, sprang the Dukes of Wiltshire.'" It can explain why the Dickers share the Otter/Other crescent, and why Dickers have it at the tip of their chevron, where English Hayes' place their crescent. Irish Hayes' look related to this Mackesy Coat, suspect with the Visconti snake even as the Lombardish Otters/Others can be traced to Ottone Visconti (Lombardy). The eagles in that Mackesy Coat are in the colors of the SNAKE/Snook eagle, and the Mackesy eagles have no legs or feet.

While English Pucks were first found in Sussex with Mackesys/Margesons, VISE's/Vice's and Packs, the Coat of German Pucks looks related to Ottone's and Duke's/Dooks. And Hays (not "Hayes"), sharing the escutcheon of Allers (Westphalia), were first found in Perthshire with Dogs/Doags/Docks.

Compare the swords of Scottish McGee's with the daggers of Mackays, then see the Lice's/LEES', suspect in the motto of Irish Mackays, because they have the triple leopard faces of Irish McGee's in colors reversed. Jim McGee kicked out his LEG to stop my shot, and Leghs/Leys are also LEE's. Lice's/Lees share the leopard face of Hovers/Hoffers while the puck scored OVER McGee's leg. Overs/Offers were first found in Cheshire with Leghs/Lee's. Hovers/Hoffers were first found in Westphalia with Ducks/Dockers while Mackay-beloved Scottish Daggers were first found in Cumberland with English Dockers. German Decks/Daggers were first found in Prussia with Hatters/Hettericks while Hats/Hades' likely use wreaths.

The Ainsleys (Nottinghamshire with My's/Meigh's) use a "my country" motto phrase while the lone pile of Countrys (Kent with Sleeps/Slippers) is in the colors of the three piles of English Pile's, first found in Northumberland with the Horse's in the Mackay/Mack Coat. The team piled on top of me for a pointer to My Pillow.

Macks/Make's almost have the TEN Tarr pale bars, and Tyne's/THENs have TEN fessewise bars while Bar is a location in the land of the SELEPitanoi. Tyne's/Thens were first found in Shropshire with a Sleap location, and the Tyne's/Thens (Shropshire with Leightons/Leytons) even share the giant lion of Leigh's/LEGHs/Leys. There's a Tyne river near the first-known English Pile's.

My first-ever goal in organized hockey was when I FLIPPED the puck over the head of the same goalie upon which I scored the shin-pad goal later in the same year. I've told this before because Dominion machines electronically "flip" votes illegally from one candidate to another. The Filips/Phillips share the giant lion of French Pile's/Pilots. It's interesting that Meeks use a duck to go with the "Ducit" motto term of Filips/Phillips. The latter were first found in Kent with Slippers, and with Vallans/Valence's who in turn have the German Duck/Docker Coat in colors reversed. Docks were first found in Staffordshire (beside Shropshire) with Duce's'/Duceys.

My second goal that year was a DEKE on the same goalie, and in the same game, as the flip-over-head goal. Deke's list Dockers and have the Coat of Baths (Somerset with Duce-branch Ducks) in colors reversed. Deke's/Dockers have most of the Rhodes Coat while Rhodes' have a "MEum" motto term while My's/Meigh's/Mee's/Mea's share the Bath cross. Deke's/Dockers are in Mallard/Milward format while Meeks show a mallard duck.

Sidney POWELL, a lawyer, got sued by Dominion Voting too for speaking out against election fraud, and Sidneys, with a giant, Phoenix-like pheon, have a "fata" motto term while Feets are also Fate's. The "fynw" motto term of Powells is probably code for the Fenns/Venns because both surnames share the green griffin, and so it's pretty amazing that Phoenix's are listed with FENwicks. Yet Sidney Powell has disappeared (from the news, anyway) from the fight against election fraud. The same green griffin head as used by Fenns/Venns is with Leslie's, first found in Aberdeenshire with the Cups/Cope's in the cups of Pilote's/Pillows and Pellets.

Sidneys were first found in Kent with the Slepere variation of Sleeps. Slippers go on feet, and Powells share the Pile/Pilot and Filip/Phillips lion. The blue pheon of Sidneys is feasibly from the white-on-blue pheons of Pilate's/Pilotte's, and it's English Pilotte's who list Pillows. The latter were first found in Lincolnshire, where Rhodes' were once said to be first found. I can link Rhodes' via their "meum" motto term to Meme's/Mens' because the latter share the Chief-Shield colors of Hatricks while Hatricks share the Rhodes / Deke/Docking lion. Hatricks were first found in Selkirk while SelKIRKs use the salaMANDER while Manders (Devon with Fenns/Venns) have a saltire-with-besants in the colors of the Rhodes cross-with-besants. Two "mum" motto terms are buried in the Kirk motto.

Phoenix is in ARIZONa, and Risings/RISONs were first found in Norfolk with Deke's/Dockings. Fenns/Venns were first found in Devon with Tuckers whose Coat looks related both to the Ducks/Dockers and the Sea's, the latter first found in Kent with Sidneys. Devon is where Sidden-branch Seatons/Sittens named Seaton at the mouth of the Axe river, and Deke's/Dockings use the axe. Plus, Sea-branch Seamans were first found in Suffolk with Deke-branch Deacons (axe). What can we make of these things?

Hat Trick

I'll repeat here that, at age 16, I was inadvertently playing organized hockey for the last time. One night, while MARY Nigro was attending, I had a hat-trick night, and I noted that Marys share the Hatrick/Ettrick lion. Yet it's also the Edrich/Edrick lion, and "Edrych" is a motto term of Powells. The Edrick Coat and Crest are exactly the ones of Virgins, the latter first found in Kent with Sidneys. Pointer to Sidney Powell? Marys were first found in Norfolk with Deke's/Dockings, and one of the three goals was by a deke (a fool-ya goal). Hat-branch Haydens were first found in Norfolk with Deke's/Dockings.

One of the Hayden Coats ("foy" motto term) almost includes the Duck/Docker Coat, and the other Haydens put pellets on their dog for connection to Pilotte's/Pillows. Pellets are the only symbol shown for English Foys, first found in Suffolk with Deke-branch Deacons, and while these Foys share the English Lace Coat, Luce's were lords of Deke-like Dice in Norfolk, where Deke's/Dockings were first found. Dice's list Deise's while Deise is a location at Waterford while the Arms of County Waterford ("Deise" motto term) have the Trump stag head, though the same Arms also uses the Legg stag head. Therefore, even my deke on hat-trick night points to Trump's election-fraud woes...which God may have handed him as only a part of his reward for his vaccine crimes.

And wow, more pellets are with French Foys/Foix's while Fox's/SHINnocks share the giant Hatrick / Ettrick lion!!! Deacons and Deke's/Dockings use four of those lions, and both surnames share the cross of the dog-using Haydens. Dogs/Doags are also Docks! Douglas' share the stars of the French Foys/Foix's above, and Douglas' share the salaMANDER with their Selkirk kin.

Intriguingly, Rhodes' and Manders look related to the Coat of Ainsleys while Ainsley Earhardt, working at FOX News, has one child, Hayden. Ainsleys (Nottinghamshire with My's/Meigh's) use a "my" motto term while My's/Meigh's share the cross of Haydens (the latter's cross is split in two colors). Everytime I get a good pointer to Ainsley Earhardt, I'm left in a fog as to the possible meaning.

And wow, though I can't recall the plover-like surname I had found to go with the "plover" in the Mander Crest, it could be code for a Pillow-like surname off of the Plows, the latter first found in Shropshire with Sleap! My Pillow owns My Slippers.

The third goal was a deflection through my LEGs from a SLAP SHOT (coming along the ice from the blue line). It thus seemed that the hat-trick night was a pointer partly to Trump's election woes. At one point, Trump had Sidney Powell on his election-fraud, lawsuit team. The slap shot can be a pointer to the Slape variation of Sleeps/Slippers, and Mike Lindell (along with myself) was advocating something akin to martial law by Trump to keep the leftists from stealing the election. Trump opted not to use martial law though he had every right, and truth was on his side. Trump failed his voters in that way too.

It seems that God named Miss Earhardt's daughter for heraldic reasons because one Hayden write-up has: "...Sir Thomas de Heydon (circa 1185-1250) was on record as a judge, who was given the office of 'Justice of Eyre,'..." The LEG-using Eyre's/Airs are expected in naming Earhardts/Airharts. It could seem like God's pointer to law suits in courts of justice.

The Eyre-branch Ayers were first found in Ayrshire with the Logans who in turn share the triple "nails" of Proctors, and while her daughter is Hayden PROCtor, the three Logan nails are piercing a HEARTs. Jewish Hearts/Harts look related by their Coat to Earhardts/Airharts. PROCKs/Brocuffs share the sphinx with Hips', and the latter not only have a Coat much like the Phoenix/Fenwick Coat, but Hips' were first found in Norfolk with both Hayden surnames and even their Head/Heed branch.

Yet Fox and Friends is so inapt for trudging out the deep-state swamp, why should this heraldic set, touching upon Haydens, have anything to do about the fight against election fraud?

The EDRick- / ETTRick-like Edders were first found in Silesia with Procks/Brocuffs and Schlesingers while the latter share the Hatter/Hetterick fesse-with-roses. Hats/Hades' were first found in Dorset, beside the first-known Edricks of Wiltshire, and the latter is where trumpet-using Calles' were first found while Leggs almost have the Trump Coat.

Brocuff-branch Brocks share the dart with Tricks/Triggs and Drigs to which the hat TRICK might point, especially as canton-using Darts/Dards (Devon) have one of the double-Sleep ermined fesses, in the colors of the double fesses of Washington-related Cantons/Gantons (Yorkshire with Tricks/Triggs). Hatricks share the Brock lion apparently, and Bricks look like Kent kin. Brocuffs and Brocks both share the Chief-Shield colors of Cutters, the latter first found in Dorset with Hats/Hades'.

The Hats/Hades' have wreaths while Wreths/Wraths (lion heads in Hayden-lion colors) are listed with Rothes' once said to be first found in Shropshire with Sleeps/Slippers, but now said to be first found in Kent with Sleeps/Slippers. Incredibly, Wreaths/Craiths (share Washington and Schim Chief) share the Hatrick, Edrick and Deke/Docking lion!!!

Although Drigs show darts, Tricks/Triggs show spears while Speers/SPEYers probably named the Spey river, location of Rothes. Rothes is on the border of Banffshire, and the latter is where Troops/Trupe's were first found while Drops/Trope's/Trupe's (Brock lion in colors reversed) were first found in Norfolk with Deke's/Dockings and Haydens. Spears are also with English Dockers while German Ducks/Dockers almost have the 12 Hayden bars. The Sempers in the motto of English Dockers share the Ducy/Ducey/Doocy, and the Bridge's in the Docker Crest were first found in Somerset with Doocy-branch Ducks/ the treble-clef event can even point to Fox and Friends, which often has John Ratcliffe on the show.

The third goal went as planned (not happen-chance), a re-direction of slap SHOT off my STICK, then between my LEGs and into the net, with my back to the goalie some three feet from me. Sticks (Somerset, beside Shots/Shute's) share the sheaves of SINGERs (Devon with Wise's) who may have named Hatter-connectable SchleSINGERs because German Singers share the Weis/Wise and PANS/Pagan hexagrams. It's really amazing that English Wise's, with yet another red lion, have the ArchDEACON Coat in colors reversed. PANSY's/Pantzers were kin round-about with Ducks/Dockers.

Schlesingers were first found in Silesia with SCHITT(ner)s/Sitlers, and Shots/Shute/SHITTs were not only first found in Wiltshire with Trump-line Calles' and Edricks, but are in the colors and format of the Calles'. Therefore, the re-directed puck through my legs is a pointer to Trump, especially as Trump-connectable Leggs were first found in Dumfries with the Nith river of the neighboring NETs/Nights.

VivASH's/Fiveash's were first found in Wiltshire too while AshLEYs (Cheshire with Leghs/LEYs, Maceys, Masseys and Cliffs) look like an Ash-line marriage to Leghs/Leys. As Vivash's are in Macey colors and format, it's likely the Vivash's share the "wreath" of Irish Mackays. The other Irish Mackays share the triple wolf heads of Cliffs. Dutch Mackays share the quadrants of Masseys/Maceys.

The Crest of Irish Mackays is essentially the one of ETTERs/Atters/TIRE's/Tires'. The latter's eagles are in Tarr/Tarras colors, though the hat-trick goal did not involve Steve Tarr of four years earlier. Yet it's worth a mention here that English Tirres' are listed with Tarrs! Surprise. Spanish Tirres'/Torres' have FIVE towers in Tarr/Tirres colors while the Tarr pale bars could connect to the Arms of Aragon of Spain. English Thors/Tours (towers) were first found in Devon with Ash's so that the FIVEash's may be related to the five Tirres/Torres towers, especially as Five's/Fifys and Fife's share the giant Legh/Ley lion, both red like the lions of Etter-like Hatricks/ETTRicks and EDRicks (Wiltshire with Vivash's/Fiveash's).

Plus, it's amazing that SCHITners/Sitlers were first found in East Prussia and Silesia while East Prussia is where Hatters/Hettericks were first found. It now gets better than amazing because the slap shot for the hat-trick goal came along the ice while Ice's/Ecco's, first found in Mecklenburg with Trumps, share the Schitner/Sitler trefoil!!! The SLAP shot can be a pointer to Sleap in SALOP.

The Deacons sharing the Deke/Docking Coat have an "uTRUMque" motto term. Is that for Trumps?

PLUS, what timing. I've just found the new-to-me Belgian Schits/Schoots/Schute's sharing the Coat of Pile's/Pilots, Filips/Phillips', and half of the Powell Coat (split-colored lion).

The "GAUDet" motto term of Leggs (Trump and Kepke colors and format) is expected with the goats of Kepke's and Weiss', and then Wies' were first found in Silesia with Stick-connectable Schlesingers. Goods/Guts share the Stick sheaves. English Pucks (Sussex with Keeps and Bone's) are in the colors of the Gaudet-beloved Horns/Orne's (Herefordshire with Weaver-branch Wefers sharing the Basford eagle), and Horn-branch Herons were first found in Northumberland with the Keep-loving Hebrons/Hepburns. Keeps use a "weaver's shuttle". Goats were first found in Nottinghamshire with the goat-using Bunnys, and the latter were first found in Basford with Ainsleys. Bunns/Bone's were first found in Oxfordshire with goalie-like Gollys/Gullys, a branch of Julians, and Mr. Kepke was a hockey goalie along with his brother. German Julians (Gull pale bars) were first found in Saxony with Kepke's and Weiss'.

Having said that, let's add that Gollys/Gullys and Gulls use a sino-like "sine" motto term while the Bunns/Bone's can take us back to the on-my-shin-bones winning goal. Gulls were first found in Kent with Sidneys, and Sidney Powell accused China in concert with My-Pillow Lindell of stealing the election. Pillow-branch Pellets were first found in Sussex with Bone's, Coopers and Keeps, and Pillows with Pellets share cups with Kepke/KOPke-branch Kupe's/Koops. The latter were first found in East Prussia with Hatters/Hettericks and SIDney-connectable SCHITners/Sitlers.

I went SKIDDing on my shin bones to get the goal, and, I kid you not, Dutch Coopers/KUPFers show only a saltire in the colors of the saltire-by-shin-bones of Newtons! Scottish Coopers may have a wreath. The other French Foys share the vertically-split Shield of giant-goat Kopff's/Kopfers (Bavaria with Weis'/Wise's). It's the passant goat of German Steins (different background color), and then Steins were a branch of Stains/STANDs (may have a wreath) while the chorus goes like so: "...down on my knees I learned to STAND".

It's Saturday as I write here, and as I often do on this day of the week, I put on some music. The first song of the day started as I was writing the paragraph above. While turning on the music, I was wondering whether God would do a songline miracle today, and so I thought I would tell that the first song playing is, "I Can't Even WALK" (Brian HANEY). And just as I was writing on Kupfer-like Kopffs/Kopfers, the song sang, "DOWN On MY KNEES," exactly on topic with the shin-bone slide that had me excited with the Coopers/Kupfers. Scottish Haneys/Hanna's happen to be the ones with the Trump stag head in colors reversed, lookie at that.

It's interesting that German Hennings, first found in East Prussia with Hatters/Hettericks, were first found in East Prussia with them. As Powells have the Edrichs/Edricks in their motto, it's also interesting that Scottish Hains, first found in Dumfries with Bullys, share the mascles of Bullys and "BULrushes"-using Petts, the latter first found in KENT with Sidneys. The Cants/KANTs (Pomerania with Trumps) can be in the "voCANT" motto term of Sidneys while the songline miracle involves, "I CAN'T EVEN Walk." The Petts were first found in Kent with English Petits while French Petits (Burgundy with Poulos') share the giant EVEN/Avon lion.

I think "VOCant" is part code for Vocks because Voss' (fox, I assume), first found in Pomerania with Cants/Kants, are in Vock colors and format. Italian Vigils (not "Virgil") are Vock-interesting for almost having the Belgian Fleck Coat while English Flecks were first found in Norfolk with Fulks/VOLKs who in turn share the vertically-split Shield of Italian Vigils. Vocks are listed with Virgin-like Virgils/Virchells, but this page also shows a Vechten variation shared by Victoria's.

English Petits share the giant lion of Virgins, both first found in Kent with "vocant"-using Sidneys, and with Kant-like Gaunts. Virgins happen to be the ones sharing both the Coat and Crest of Powell-beloved Edricks!!! ZOWIE, lookie there, a good pointer to Sidney Powell. I've read that a "virgin" is used for the Arms of Cant- / Kent-like Gaunt/Ghent. English Hennings even share the double-wavy fesses of Hone's, the latter first found in Hampshire with Ghents, and then the Dutch Ghents/Gaunts have this wavy fesse in colors reversed, as do Dols, the latter first found in Pomerania with German Hennings and Voss'! Plus, the Vocks are also Vechtens while that wavy fesse of Hone's and Hennings is shared by Fix's/Fechs/Vicka's. Vice's/Vise's were first found beside Hampshire.

English Hennings look like kin of Sea's (Kent) and Seamans (Suffolk with Rush's in the Pett bulrushes), which picture is linkable via Drummonds to Trumps. Scottish Drummonds share the triple-wavy fesses of English Bassets while bassets used a PORCupine at one time, as Sidneys now show. That's why I see the Bassets in the Crest and PORCH's (share "Pro" with Bassets).

"I Can't Even WALK." Walks were first found in Dumfries with Leggs, Kilpatricks and HAINs while, as per BRIAN Haney, Irish Brians not only share a "laidir" motto term with Kilpatricks, but the "UACHtar" motto term of the same Brians looks like code for the Wach variation of Walks! Then, look at "uachTAR"!!! That's incredible. The down-on-my-knees goal from Tarr's slap shot was a miracle goal, but where's the election-fraud miracle we've all been waiting for?

Irish Brians look like they share the lion of ARMys/Ermine's (Lincolnshire with English Hannitys) because the Brians have an arm in Crest. Irish Haneys have a lion in the same colors. Armys/Ermine's happen to have the Chief-saltire variation of Dumfries' Annandale's, and Haneys are also Hanna's. Annandale was named by Ananes Gauls living between the TARo (!) and Trebia rivers at PLACEntia, assuring that "Uachtar" is code for Walks/Wachs and a family from the Taro river. It also explains why the Place/Plaise Coat (share Army/Ermine and Brian lion) is almost the Irish Haney Coat!!! ZOWZERS.

This trace of Brians to the Trebia river can explain why English Brians share the black, gold-striped hunting horn with the Arms of Traby. English Brians were even first found in Denbighshire with the Bathers sharing the Scarf Coat!!! Bingo, for the Polish Trabys/Sadowski's use a "scarf".

Irish Haneys share an armored arm holding a sword with the same Irish Brians, though the Haney sword could be a dagger, the Kilpatrick symbol too. Plus, Place's/Plaise's (armored arm) and English Hennings were not only first found in Norfolk with Deke's/Dockings, but the Crests of Deke's/Dockings and Place's/Plaise's both show an arm holding an axe. At least some of these axes can be called, battle-axes, and Battle's, sharing the bare arm with Deke's/Dockings, were first found in Berwickshire, where Armors were once said to be first found. The Deke and Deacon crosses now become suspect with the same-colored Army/Ermine saltire. French Brians were first found in Brittany with many ermines, and with the province of Cotes-d'Armor. Is all of this not of a songline miracle today?

The ermine mammal in the Arms of St. Malo, a location at the border area of Cotes-D'Armor, wears a scarf!!! Zinger. Brain Haney wow. I always connect the Coat of Scherfs/Schere's to WALKers!!! "I Can't Even Walk."

I've seen a blue-on-white wolf used in the Arms of Placentia, and this established the trace of the Flynn wolf to Traby-related Scarfs, partially because Flynns share triple besants in Chief with the Chief of Trebys. Bathers were first found beside Flintshire while Flints are also Flynn-like Flans. The point is that the Flynn wolf is colors reversed from the one of Filip-like Welsh Phelps', and Filips/Phillips even share the lion of the English Phelps'. Sidney Powell, who correctly accused Dominion Voting of flipping votes with foreign nations in criminal conspiracy, was the lawyer of general Flynn during the 2020 election stolen from Trump. Welsh Phelps' share the fitchees of Darlene's, first found in Devon with Trebys and Treble's.

I'll now go to Linda Henning, a girl who was in my 6th grade class living on the same street as I, at Senator Reesors drive in Markham. We got to be friends for a short while, and I've mentioned her before. The point here is that Hennings are listed with the Dumfries Hains while Linda's are listed with Lindells. Waddaya think? This songline miracle happened while I was talking on the slide-in goal which I claim is a pointer to Lindell's election-fraud fight. English Hennings (look like kin of Sea's and Seamans) share the double-wavy fesses of Hone's, in the colors of the One's/Innis' of Moray, and Armors share the Moray stars.

Why do Reesors', first found in Lincolnshire with Army/Ermine's and Hannitys, share the Irish Hannity lion, in the colors of the Army/Ermine lion? Linda Henning (she's Danish) and I lived on Senator Reesors drive in MARKham. The Reesors lion is also the one of English MARKs who in turn share the Ainsley fleur-de-lys. Why were Markhams first found in Nottinghamshire with Ainsleys, where Annas' were once said to be first found? While German Marks almost have the Tromp Coat, Haneys/Hanna's, with almost the Trump stag head, were first found in Wigton while Wigons, almost having the Annas Coat, were first found in Cambridgeshire with the Arness line of Annas'.

English Hannitys, I've just realized, have the leopard faces of Restons (Lincolnshire with Hannitys) in colors reversed, and Restons were a branch of Arizona-like Risons. Reesors even have a Reason variation, and while Risons were first found in Norfolk with Rise's, the other Reesors/Rees'/Ryse's share the Rice Coat!!! Reesors/Rees'/Rhys' almost have the Dicker Coat while Dice's/Diss' named Diss in Norfolk. Zikers, this squares with Linda Henning for a pointer to Mike Lindell's payments to Arizona's Kari Lake in her election-fraud court battles. Linda Henning was also in my grade-seven class, the year of the shin-bones goal.

Of the two deke goals I've talked about, the first was my second goal of organized hockey, in the same game as the FLIP-over-head goal that can point to vote-flipping by Dominion Voting.

The Haney songline was, "down on my knees." Downs, with a stag in the colors of the Trump stag head, were first found in Sussex with Coopers/Coppers and Tromp-beloved Acorns. The latter share the stag head of Knee's, first found in County Down. Lookie at all that. Isn't that a songline miracle? The timing.

Irish Haneys are listed with Hannitys, and last I heard, Ainsley Earhardt was dating Sean Hannity of Fox. Haneys/Hanna's were first found in Wigton with Mackle's/Magills ("SINE FINE") who share the martlets of Feets/Fate's suspect in the "fata" motto term of Sidneys, first find in Kent with FIENs/Finis'. Finish what you started, Sidney.

I'll re-tell of the second goal of the hat-trick game; those two goals are the only things I remember of that game. Again, the second goal was a deke, and Deke/s/Dockings share the Edrick / Hatrick/Ettrick lion while Edricks are probably in the Powell motto.

As I was skating in fast, I was afraid of crashing into the boards after the goal, and I think this is why I remember it. Though the motions of the deke itself are not clear in my memory, the hard effort put into curving my SKATE path is what I remember clearly. I succeeded in curving sharp enough to only SKIM the boards (lightly touching them) with my left side (no teenager wants to crash and fall to the ice after a pretty goal).

I'm therefore sure that God wants to point to the Boards again, same as my crash into the boards in the shin-bones goal. The Boards (Sussex with Pillow-branch Pellets and Bone's) look like kin of Sword-connectable Sewers/SHUTErs, you see, and sword-using Shots/Shitts are also Shute's. The SKATE's/Sheets were even first found in Norfolk with Deke's/Dockings, though when I first told about this hat trick, Deke's/Dockings were said to be first found in Rutland. Rutlands have a "orle" border, and Borders/BOARDers (Somerset with Ducks/Dacks) share the Duck/DACK star and the crossed swords, in Sword-sword and Shot-sword colors, of German Tax's/DACKs. Sewers/Shuters and Boards use the same eSCUTcheon.

The Sword wings are said to be "exPANDed", and the wing design is similar to the ones of Hats/Hades'. PANTzers were linked to Ducks/daggers above.

The full sword motto is "Paratus," a motto term also of the Deacons. Irish Pratts, with PELLETs, were first found in Norfolk with Deke's/Dockings. Pellet-like Plains/PLATTers were first found in Suffolk with Deacons, and Platters/Playters were not only first found in Norfolk with Deke's/Dockings, but are said to have been at SOTTERley while Sewers are also Sutters. Pellets alone are shown for French Fortune's. The Suffolk Platters are also Plains because they are in the colors and format of Palins, the latter first found in Dorset with Hayden-branch Hats/Hades'.

Sewers/Shuters essentially share the Rhodes Crest, both having a SEATed leopard while Seatons/Sittens were first found in East Lothian with Fortune's and Scoots/Scougals, perfect for the "Fortune" motto term of Shots/Shute's/Shitts. Mathie's/Maghans share the gyronny pattern (different colors) with Scottish Fortune's, and Mate's/Matheys share the Mander Coat. Scottish Matheys/Mathers/Maiders (Kincardineshire with Trump-connectable Peartree's/Patria's) share the double Manner/Maness fesses.

Mathie's/Maghans use the SCIMitar and a "Fac et" motto phrase suspect with East Lothian's Faucets (share the Schitner/Sitler and SIMson lion). East Lothian is also where Schim-like Simms were first found who share "Fortuna" with Schims/Schiens who in turn add "duce," recalling the "ducit" of Filips/Phillips (almost the lions above). Seaton is a location at the mouth of the Axe river into Devon, where Rhodes-connectable Manders were first found. Deke's/Dockings with Deacons, both having the basis of the Rhodes Coat, share the axe with Simms'.

The Simms' call it a "Halpert/Halbert" axe because Halberts/Halperts use the axe too, and they were first found in Perthshire with Dogs/Doags/DOCKs. Fortuna's/Fortune's have a giant dog in Dog/Doag/Dock colors.

Steve Doocy works on Fox and Friends daily with Ainsley Earhardt, and while Doocys are listed with Duce's, "Duce" is a motto term of Schims/Schiens while Ainsleys have a ScimiTAR. It's amazing already, but gets astounding because Tarrs were first found in Somerset with the Ducks having lion heads in the colors of the Duce/Doocy lions. The only problem is, I don't know how to interpret this heraldry to discover what it means, or if it has anything to do with election fraud, yet Mike Ducey was the governor of Arizona during the election-fraud steal of 2020...which Sidney Powell was passionately fighting against.

English Docks/Doxeys, first found in Staffordshire with Duce's/Doocys are Arrows/Arras', share a so-called "compony" bend with arrow-using Faucets, and also with Faughns/Faghneys while Fauns (Devon with Fenns/Venns in the Powell motto) are also Phones' while Sidneys have a giant PHEON. There is also the possibility that Powells were from Howells, as the Powell write-up suggests, and Howells were first found in Monmouthshire with Phone's/Fane's/Vans.

Welsh PHELPs, like the Phillips variation of Filips, have a wolf colors reversed from the Flynn wolf, and Sidney Powell was the lawyer of general Flynn at the time the election was stolen from Trump. Both Phelps' surnames were first found in Monmouthshire, and while Monmouths almost have the Coat of Mauds/Maids/MOLDs (both share the Stewart lion), Mold is the capital of Flintshire. Plus, while Mold is on an Alyn river, Alyns/Quillans, first found in Antrim with Flynns, share a white wolf with Flynns. Antrim county in Michigan had been one of the first counties to prove election fraud. The Dragons/Drainers expected in the Alyn/Quillan Crest (Phelps color) were first found in Kent with Filips/Phillips.

East Lothian is where Faucet-connectable Vaux's/FANNs were first found while Karen Fann, the president of the Republican led Senate of Arizona, turned traitor at the end of the massive election-fraud audit, and handed the 2020 election steal on a silver platter to the Democrats.

The Mackle/Magill motto is "Sine FINE" while Phoenix-branch Phone's/FIENs (Monmouthshire with Meckle's/Makins) are in the colors and format of Fiens/Finis', the latter first found in Kent with the Slepere variation of Sleeps. PHEON-using Sidneys, having a "fata" motto term, were first found in Kent, which needs repeating here. Note "SlePERE," for Pierro's/Pero's were first found in Pavia while English Pavia's share the Feet/Fate Coat, both sharing the Mackle/Magill martlets. The Fothes'/FETTE's were first found in Kincardineshire with the PEARtree's sharing the Trump stag heads.

PearTREE's share the scallops of Pullys/Pullings who in turn share the pelican with Meckle's/Machens/Makins. Pullys/Pulling were first found in Yorkshire with Pale's/Palys in the pale bars of Macks/Make's and Tarrs, and with the Beckers sharing the blue vair fur with Meckle's/Machens/Makins.

We might even add that while Trumps were first found in MECKLEnburg, the Trump stag head is in colors reversed with Hanna's/Haneys, first found in Galloway with Meckle's/Makins. Micks/Mikulas' have three fesses in the colors of the three fessewise trumpets of Calles' (Wiltshire with Tree's). Madge's/MACHets (share Ainsley fleur-de-lys) and MUGGs/Mudge's were first found in Surrey with Michaels. MICHAEL Lindell claims he was mugged at an elevator on the night he was to present his p-cap (packet capture) evidence against election fraud, at his "symposium."

He's never presented it to this day, but it was exactly the material that the TIP-IN goal pointed to because Tipps'/Tippins share the Ratcliff bull head. It was a pointer to John Ratcliffe, head of US Intelligence during the election steel, and the c-pac material was from U.S. Intelligence.

As I was sliding along on my shin bones, I poked the puck into the net with the tip of the stick's blade, pool-cue style (but with one hand on the stick). I therefore reasoned that Tipps/Tippins (Lancashire with RatCLIFFs) apply, especially as Cliffs married the Stiche's (share Stick Coat), first found in Cheshire with the Newtons using "shin bones." Sticks were first found in Sussex with Shins/Chine's/Chings. I've just found Mackle/Magill-like Maggle's/Maghills, first found in Lancashire!

I've been waiting to come across the Win eagle as per this winning goal [just as I was writing this sentence to this point, the Brian Haney song was put back on after shutting it off earlier, and he again sang, "down on my knees," while writing this sentence to this point], and the Win eagle is in colors reversed with Seftons/Septons, the latter first found in Lancashire with Saxons/Septons. Wins were first found at/beside Snowdon, and while Snowdons share the scallops of Sabine's, Sabina's were once listed with Sever-connectable Saffins, but are now listed with French Savards while English Savards are listed with Salfords!!! WOW!

The Savards/Salfords were first found in Bedfordshire with Lutons who in turn have the Win eagle, but that's not the wow part. It's very welcome but it tends to clinch the Wins / winning goal with Ratcliffs. The wow part comes from the Ratcliff write-up: "The surname Ratcliff was first found in Lancashire, at Radcliffe, a parish, in the union of BURY, hundred of SALFORD..." Isn't that sumthin?

The winning goal led to our winning the championship easily, and one of the English Champions/Campions were not only first found in Bedfordshire with Lutons, but have an eagle in the colors of half the giant Grave/Greaf eagle. The other half is the Luton eagle too. Grave's/Greafs were first found in Gloucestershire with Luton-like Letts/Late's.

Seftons/Septons were looked up because Maggle's/Maghills were first found in Sefton. I'm starting to believe that Lindell was in fact mugged, whereas I previously thought he could be making it up as his excuse for not delivering the c-pac evidence he had long-before promised to.

Winners/Weiners/Wansteads can take us to Wanstead, not far from the first-found Salfords/Savards. Wanstead is where Childs lived who are in the Coat of Gorsuch-related Lorraine's, and Gorsuch's were first found in Lancashire with Ratcliffs. As I've said many times, when Miss Hicks moved from my part of Texas to Forney, she purchased a home, ten miles or less from John Ratcliffe's home, previously owned by a Childs family. WANstead was in historical Essex, and Essex is where WEINs/Wayne's were first found who share the Phone/Fane/Van gauntlets.

Ratcliffs share the double bends of Livers/Levers (Lancashire with Liverpool) who in turn have a rooster STANDing on a trumpet. The colors of the Liver/Lever rooster are in the rooster head of Heaths, and John Ratcliff, who still lives in Heath last I checked, was the mayor of Heath. Haydens were a Heed branch. Possibly, I got a Heath trick that night. I was dating Katrina Hanson at the time, and the last time I saw her I was at the entry point into the parking lot of Ratcliff's Lumber (Gormley).

It's pretty amazing that while Ainsleys share the scimitar with Hayden-branch Haddens, the latter have a motto, "SUFFER." How Saffer is that?

English Saffers were first found in Devon with Burys, and with Singers sharing the Stick / Stiche garbs, and then German Singers share the quadrants of Campanio's while Seftons use compony. We saw same-colored compony with English Docks/Doxeys, and then compony in half the colors of the Sefton compony is with Faughns while Fauns/Phones' were first found in Devon too. There's a lot here to chew over, but it sure looks Arranged. Burys even share the Montgomery fleur-de-lys. See Dennis Montgomery, an integral part of the c-pac data.

I've talked many times about the treble-CLEF tie I wore one day only to church, when Miss Hicks came over to take me by the hands to pray. The Cleffs are listed with Cliffs, and they can be linked very hard to Trabys while Treble's were first found in Devon with Trebys and Saffers. I remembered that the day I wore that tie, I wore my new Docker leather shoes, and so this allows me to go to the Lett-connectable Leathers/Letters (same general area as first-known Dockers) because Letts/Late's share the Heath stars, and so the treble-clef event points to John Ratcliffe, especially as the Hicks household may have been up for sale at that time (i.e. she was destined to be near Ratcliffe soon). Dutch Tie's/Thigh's may even have the giant fox of German Fox's (Franconia with Schwabs).

Leathers/Letters were, for years, first found in Berwickshire with their Lauder branch, and with True-loving Hume's/Home's, but are now said to be first found in Westmorland with TREBecks/TROUTs/Troutbacks/TRUEbecks having three fish in the colors of the three wolf heads of Traby-beloved Scarfs. I would suggest that there was a Trypillian-of-Ukraine merger with a family on the TROTus tributary of the Siret. The Trots/Trude's even share the six pale bars of Coats/Cotes', from the Cotesii on the Buzau tributary of the Siret, and, I kid you not, John Ratcliffe was appointed by Trump to take the job of Dan Coats!!! Lookie there.

The "alaRUM" motto term of Leathers/Letters out to be partly for Rums/Rims, said to be in Annandale, and the latter was named by Ananes Gauls at the Trebia river. It's perfect for tracing Trebecks/Trouts to the Trebia river. Rums/Rims share the Button/Biden/Budin fesse for a trace to Ukraine's Budini, suspect in naming the Bodencus river, now called the Po into which the Trebia flows. The Wallfords/Wolfers sharing the Rum/Rim Coat were early in Gloucestershire, where Leather-connectable Letts/Late's were first found.

The Langfords, sharing the six pale bars of Trots/Trude's and Coats'/Cotes', are said to have named "Langford BUDville in Somerset," and BACKs were first found in Somerset who may have named the TroutBACKs/TrueBACKs because True's were first found in neighboring Wiltshire. Wiltshire is beside Bath while Scarf-connectable Bathers were first found in Denbighshire with Bachs/Baghs. It appears that there was a True marriage to Back liners who then married Trot liners.

German Backs/Backs share the bull of Boys/Boets while English Boys, essentially in Trebeck/Trout / Scarf colors and format, were first found in Berwickshire with True-loving Hume's/Home's. German Bachs/Backs call their bull a "steer" while Steers were first found in Surrey with Clappers. It would be super if the Trebeck/Trout fish were once called pikes, because Clappers have a "pike" in Crest.

The only stag I can think of that's in the colors of, or colors reversed from, the TRUDeau stag, is the one of BECKers, a Beach/Bech branch, and we just saw Trebecks/TroutBECKs with Trots/TRUDE's. The job of Dan Coats was previously held by James Clapper, and the Clappers happen to share the Beach/Bech Shield, and so let's ask how I came to these three men who held the directorship of National Intelligence consecutively. I got here from my Dockers leather shoes (Leathers took us to Trebecks). They must have been spy shoes.

Amazingly, German Ducks/Dockers were first found in Westphalia with German Becks/Bechs. English Dockers were first found in Cumberland, beside the Trebecks and Leathers of Westmorland. The Shoe's use a tree and a knight, and Tree's, with a knight of their own, are listed with True's. There's a trudeau spy hiding behind the Shoe tree talking on a shoe-shaped walkie-talkie. Westmorland is where Levins were first found while Levi's were first found in Ile-de-France of Trudeau's.

The Shoe tree is on a "wall," and German Walls have a Coat looking connectable to the one of Biss' (Surrey with Clappers), suspect in the "Bis" motto term of Beckers. English Walls, sharing the white wolf head with Scarfs, were first in Gloucestershire with Leather-connectable Letts/Late's.

I wore the Dockers shoes on the day the pastor asked people to go pray for someone, and Miss Hicks came over to take me by the hands to PRAY. Irish Prays, I kid you not, share the six pale bars of Trots/Trude's and Coats'/Cotes', and English Prays/Preters even share triple-white wolf heads with Scarfs. The Shoe's are said to have "a knight issuing from the knees", and Knees, sharing a black stag head with the Beckers above, were first found in County Down with Irish Prays. Believe it or not.

Downs share a white stag with German Becks, and the Down stag has the star upon it of English Becks. If I'm correct in tracing Backs/Bachs to the HYKSos king, Apachnas, not the apparent 666 in the strings of this Arms of Traby, for "HEX = six" so that Hyksos liners may have adopted the '6' as their special number.

Last the Letts/Late's were mentioned (in this update) was with Lutons and Champions/CAMPions, and then Lothians share the black, gold-striped hunting horn in the Traby Arms. Camps are Comps too while Compo's/Campeau's share the cross of Sinclairs (Roslin in MidLOTHIAN) who in turn use a "thy" motto term while Thy's are listed with Tie's/Thigh's. Compo's/Campeau's use a label while Labels are listed with La Bells while Bells are used by Campanio's. Emily CamPAGNo is an up-coming Fox-news host, and Pings/Pongs/PUNGs/PAGANs, with another red label and expected in the "Pungit" motto term of Rums/Rims, were first found in Yorkshire, where Camps/Comps and Campbells were once said to be first found.

Letts were first found in Gloucestershire with the Grave's/Greafs sharing the Win eagle. Upon introducing Wins above, it was for connection to John Ratcliffe in the winning goal.

Salfords share black wolves with Stiche-related Cliffs, and both surnames are fully in the same colors and format. It speaks to a Rat- / Rattery-line merger with Cliff liners. Saffers were a branch of Severs, first found in Somerset with Sticks and BURleys.

Lindells use what I'm guessing is a log, and French Loge's were first found in Burgundy with Pillow-branch Pilotte's/Pilate's, Save's, and and French Saffers. English Loge's are listed with Lodge's while I've seen the description of ISLIPs/Haslips as a "lodged" stag. Mackle- and Mack-connectable Maxwells/Makeswells use it too, both under a holly tree or bush. Islips/Haslips show the "cabbage leaves" of their Hazel branch, though Islips call them "hazel SLIPs." The Cabbage Chief shares the lion in the English Baker Chief, and Dutch Bakers/BECKERs's happen to show the stemmed leaves (= slips) of Lindells/Lindens! English Bakers even share the Maxwell/MAKESwell saltire.

After tipping in the puck sitting on the goal line, I slid (and slipped) past the goal post to bang into the BOARDs with by BACK, and so perhaps the Backers, first found in Norfolk with Bakers, can apply here to reinforce a pointer to Bakers. English Backs were first found in Somerset with Tarrs. While the latter look like Mack/Make kin, Mackesys/Margesons, sharing the English Baker lion, were first found in Sussex with Boards and Bone's. The latter can be in the "bonne" motto term of Tyne's/Thens.

The Lite's suspect in the "LoyaLITE" motto term of Mackesys/Margesons were even first found in Somerset with Backs, and a super thing here is in a repeat from above: "The Mackesy/Margeson motto almost has the "loyalte" motto term of Denvers, amazing because Denver is the American headquarters for Dominion Voting!!!" That's why I had to crash into the boards with by back just-before the pile-on-me event, and why Bakers had to be a part of the pointers, for Denvers were first found in Norfolk with Bakers and Backers!!! STUNNING. I've never been on this heraldic territory before as concerns the winning goal.

As Mackesys/Margesons share the Baker lion, I can add to this picture where German Loys, suspect in "Loyalite," can have the leopard face of Beaks/Beakers (Dorset and KENT), and the Irish McGee's have the Loy leopard faces in half their colors. Then, when we go to French Loys/Louis', we can take it to Lois' because they share the white ostrich with Beaks/BEAKERs. The Loy leopard faces are shared by Feltmans who in turn are in the colors and format of BATHursts, the latter first found in Sussex with Mackesys/Margesons, and we can add that Bathers were first found in Denbighshire with BACHs/Baghs. Plus, Baths (Somerset with Backs) share the My/Meigh cross.

Then, mythical GorLOIS is part-code for Gore's, first found in Kent with Slippers and Roots. The French Loys/Louis' share the triple-blue lozenges of Roots, and the latter have the Coat exactly of Bagleys, first found in Shropshire with Sleap. And Bags were first found in Norfolk with Bakers and Backers while Backs were first found in Somerset with Root-branch Roets! Therefore, Bags and Bagleys look like a Baker / Backer branch...which can explain why Meckle's/Makins share the blue-vaired for of Beckers, and yet the Meckle's/Makins have the blue-vaired fesse of Welsh Bachs/Baghs too! Beauty, and it's the SHIN/Chine/Ching vair too.

Plus, I've only just realized, thanks to Sleeps/Slippers now said to be first found in Kent instead of Shropshire: the Minute's were first found in Kent with their Dragon/Drainer kin. There is a dragon in the Crest of Denvers who have a "LOYalte" motto term, and while this is a pointer to Dominion Voting, I've now got to repeat something to show why Minute's apply.

I was on the bench looking up at the TIME clock to see how much time was left in the game. I was concerned because the winner of this game would go to the championship match. Time's/Timms were first found in Kent with Minute's. I saw that there were two minutes and some seconds left (I remember this clearly). I was on the bench, not on the ice. By the time I scored on my shin pads, it must have been a last-MINUTE goal. I don't remember anything else in that game but the time-clock and the events around the goal itself.

Clocks, in case they can apply somehow, share the Coat of Date's/Dade's/Deeds (Norfolk with same-colored Dunhams). Denhams have a "dat" motto term, and so the Clocks have helped to prove that Denhams were a Dunham branch. Denhams are the ones sharing the stork with the Petts who in turn gave us the wunderbar pointer to Dominion Voting. While we don't know for sure whether Mr. Obama was Obama's father, we do know that Obama's mother was Miss Dunham, and we can probably agree that Obama played a role in election fraud in 2020.

One can even say that I slipped the puck over the goal line at the last minute to give China the election victory. I was hoping that this goal would indicate a development on behalf of the good guys, but maybe I represented China and Dominion Voting because I slid to the net on my SHIN bones.

Domino's were first found in Piedmont with Pillow-like Pelosi's with a Pilate-like Pilati variation. Pelosi's/Pilati's share the "column" (different color) with MALTa's who in turn share the giant lion of Loge's/Lodge's, and the latter were first found in Suffolk with MALLETs, and with the CANDys/GANDys in Sleep and CANTon/GANTon colors. The latter share the double Sleep fesses.

Malta's share the column of German Franks, a potential pointer to Douglas Frank. Italian Franca's/Franks were even first found in Piedmont. While on the Frank surnames above, we arrived to Netbys, and here it can be added that Nets/Nights can be a branch of Knights/Nights (pale bars in the colors of the palewise Frank column), first found in Suffolk with same-colored Candys.

Candys share the saltire of Windsors, first found in Berkshire with Kents and Saraca-connectable Becks. Candle's/Cantwells/KENTwells were first found in Suffolk too while the Slipper variation of Sleeps is now traceable to Kent, where Column-beloved Petits were first found along with Pitt-branch Petts, and Pitts share the checks of Nitts/Naughts while Nets/Nights are likewise Naughts. It is amazing now that Castle DOUGLAS is off the Nith river (Dumfries with Nets/Nights)!!! DOUGLAS FRANK!!! He has a unique set of evidence for election fraud countrywide. What I don't understand is why he's not to court with that evidence.

While Candle's/Kentwells share the Lady/Laudyman annulets, the latter were first found in Northamptonshire with Hazel-beloved Cabbage's. Hockeys, by the way, share the Hazel fesse-with-crescents. Hockey of course involves sticks, and Sticks were first found in Somerset with Tarant-traceable Taras'/Tarrs. Kyle's (Ayrshire with Bare's/Bars) use "candlesticks" and share the Glass stars while "LADY Fortune" is of the CLASS'/Klassens is suspect from the Clausula river at lake Scodra i.e. home of Selepitanoi and Bar. I don't know whether Dominion Voting on Spadina avenue in Taranto-like Toronto is in Cabbagetown, but if not, it's very close. I worked with Kepke at a used furniture store in Cabbagetown.


Big News, and the liberal media are trying to hide the real reasons: "Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte has announced his resignation and that of his Cabinet, citing irreconcilable differences within his four-party coalition about how to rein in migration" (ABC News). That can't be the real reason even if Rutte publicly says it is. The real reason has got to be a wholesale falling-out with the gamut of WEFism. The WEF has pushed and pushed Rutte to destroy his own nation until he's become infamous around the world, and around every dinner and coffee table he attends. Imagine how loony a man needs to be to push for increased immigration while simultaneously eliminating without mercy a good chunk of the nation's farms.

Rutte's walking out will give the farmers a better chance at survival, no small piece of news.

It is so delightful to feel Schwab's pain as Rutte falters this Friday. The more the WEF king opens his mouth to speak, the more toward national heritage the EU nations go. It's like when a lunatic slaps his own face repeatedly, believing he's a monumental success by doing so. Schwab has such a grand impression of himself, thinking that by merely opening his mouth to speak his annoying eloquence, the whole world should get busy building his new world order. Who is the provocative moron who would openly defy national heritage in hopes of eradicating national borders?

trudeau alone is stupid enough to tolerate being hated, to continue going to his political death for WEF, like a glory-enchanted moth to the hot-point of a flame. Immigration is being pushed by WEF to increase political support for leftism, but even that is starting to fail as the immigrants themselves are realizing they're being used as tools for building a fascist system.

Let us keep on enlightening, keep on revealing that it's workers versus thieving dictators. Almost everybody has a job, almost no one wants to be robbed of hard-earned money. It's the sin-obsessed leftists who tolerate higher taxes and prices if it means winning society for their "ideals." Immigrants are not generally the sin-obsessed dogs supporting trudeau, but if the only education immigrants have is from canadian state media, instead of from us one way or another, immigrants will, by and large, give trudeau the votes he expects from them. State media wants to convince immigrants that the typical Westerner hates them. It's a ploy to keep them separated, otherwise they might talk, and the immigrants will learn what's really happening: expensive and thankless, cold-hearted fascism.

Censoring the good guys now is becoming dangerous thanks much to trudeau's ironic fate when he tried to stomp on some good guys. Macron has threatened this week to turn off the country's social media as his desperate reaction to a hostile population. He may be seeking to ignite a civil war so that he can do the martial-law thing, and I imagine that Schwab is egging him into that direction in case it can become a successful way forward for other WEFer nations.

We are arriving to crunch time; wisdom is needed on how to proceed. Urging/forcing a WEFer puppet to commit the fatal mistake of unjustly calling for martial law may not be a bad idea. Some pain for us while under martial law can net the ultimate victory as the weeds in hiding wither away for lack of friendships. As Julius Caesar discovered painfully, someone stands with knife behind the back because he wants to be the dictator too. Dictators imagine achieving glory. The problem is, it's only in his imagination. There is no glory in wanting to rule alone by the power of money rather than the power of friendships. By the time Jesus returns, He will have won over many fellow rulers who will rule for not one penny in return, but for the sake of establishing a glimmering righteousness upon the earth. Glimmer together with peace is very nice.

Dr. John Campbell has yet to be censored by youtube even though he's leaning anti-vaccine routinely these days. Below, he talks about the Denmark study that has some super revelations of criminal plots by vaccine companies. This study has revealed that the earliest vaccine batches were the most lethal, suggesting that the vaccine companies got too afraid to continue maiming at a high rate, wherefore they turned down the poison levels for subsequent batches...though some say the less-lethal batches may become lethal or near-lethal at later times by design:

The blue dots represent about 1 adverse event per six doses, and yet this is amongst only the reported cases. Some doctors didn't report even the deaths, we may assume, because these doctors were wholly on-board the killing-machine agenda. For Denmark, anyway, the blue batches had much more than 1 adverse event per six doses, if unreported illnesses / complications / side-effects are included. Just think of how unlikely that is unless it was deliberate.

If all dots were on a straight line stemming from the zero-point corner of the graph, the ratio -- number of adverse events per dose -- would be equal. The straight lines shown on the graph indicate that most batches were roughly of equal ratio.

Ask: why didn't other countries discover and reveal this same crime by scrutinizing the batches in this same way? Because, the nations are wholesale wicked. There are two things going on with this chart: 1) poisonous vaccines; 2) government cover-up. What can't a judge understand about this? A foolish judge would call this involuntary manslaughter. A wise judge would call it mass-murder.

In the 8th minute, the woman says that, in the beginning, the vaccines needed to be kept at -70 degrees below zero, but as time went on, this requirement dissipated. My theory is that it dissipated because the vaccine companies ceased to release vaccines with graphene-oxide, the ones represented by the blue dots. It makes a lot of sense that way. In other words, the vaccine companies and the American military were hoping to maim many more people with the blue batches until someone discovered graphene-oxide in the vaccines. Karen Kingdom was able to find Pfizer documents admitting that graphene-oxide was a part of the mix.

Or, we could say that the earliest batches in the deep-freeze were trigger-ready / activated graphene-oxide, but that as the deep freeze was removed, the potency of the graphene decreased.

This woman is afraid for her life, afraid of telling how she truly feels while she's on Dr. Campbell's show. If she were with you in private, she would tell you that Pfizer murdered people deliberately. The condemning factor is in her telling us that the lethal batches were the earliest, for the very time when those blue-dotted adverse events were being reported to the authorities, when the vaccines were fresh out of the gate, is when the authorities promised the public the ABSOLUTE safe-ness of the vaccines. What more evidence does a judge need to decide that government leaders are guilty of crimes against humanity?

I would suggest that the globalist plot was to kill the medical people by forced vaccinations to them, afterwhich other people would die for lack of appropriate medical assistance. When God is happy, the whole world is happy, but when a global powerhouse wants to go it alone, it brings God to wrath, and when the global power kills many to stamp out opposition, the Wrath falls upon them be it ever so severe.

In the 18th minute, the woman verifies that most of the blue-dot batches were injected into people before April of 2021, representing about the first two or three months of significant volumes of vaccinations. They were trying to kill a lot of people from the get-go, undeniable. The woman says that "we didn't publish" the dates of the blue-dot batches, even though this is a highly-important part of the data. She and her team were afraid to publish it because it's so damning. And the fact that later batches were far-more subdued shows that the killers were afraid of getting caught more red-handed after they initially got caught.

If the vaccine companies argue that, upon the took-us-by-surprise discovery of terrible numbers of adverse reactions, they did the humane thing by altering their vaccine products so as to decrease the adverse events, then they need to explain how they altered the vaccines, and how it affected performance (up or down) for quelling a SARS virus. They need to explain these things because the people don't believe that the adverse events took the vaccine companies by surprise. The companies need to explain how they reduced the lethality-potential of the vaccines, and therefore they can also explain why the initial vaccines were so poisonous. But in leaving the public in the dark as per such a horrific performance, that's why the actors responsible deserve capital punishment by lethal injection.

Thank you Dr. Campbell for that show.

Here's passionate Del Bigtree serving evidence that God sent him to fight the drive-by-vaccine shooters; you decide:

A major Republican court win on censorship:

If the Biden government appeals the decision above, then it should go to the U.S. supreme court, which is expected to decide against the Bidenites.

Here's a video claiming election fraud in canadian cities, including Toronto, which was taken by Olivia Chow, a Chinese candidate. Doesn't that look like China interfering in Toronto's election?

Wikipedia's Chow article: "Olivia Chow is a Canadian politician who is the mayor-elect of Toronto. Chow served as the New Democratic Party (NDP) member of Parliament (MP) for Trinity—SPADINA from 2006 to 2014 and as city councillor in Metro Toronto from 1992 to the 1998 amalgamation and in Toronto from 1998 to 2005." Dominion Voting has/had a head office at 215 Spadina rd. in Chinatown, part of Trinity-Spadina electoral district. It's home also to CBC News, canada's state media, a liberal activist badly in need of correction. The CBC is a human snake as literally as it can be.

Artur Pawlowski is not going to be bought by Alberta's political machine:

Apparently, the chief of Capital Police (Washington) is/was one of the good guys, but not good enough to publicly make the statement that needs to be made:

Tucker comes off as a dope by saying he didn't believe in false-flag events, like he's not a cutting-edge newsman at all. Or, he's just lying for fear of being lumped into the conspiracy-theory nutbin. This is a thing I hold against this man. This is what reduces him to boy level. On the other hand, boys don't stink this bad. Which is it, Carlson, are you a thinker or a stinker? When are you going to come clean?


Here's all four Gospels wrapped into one story.

For Some Prophetic Proof for Jesus as the Predicted Son of God.
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