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June 20 - 26, 2023

The Sharks From Abraham's Many Nations
The Robin Drowned
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It was nice while it lasted. Hall of Names is no longer showing the descriptions of the Coats of Arms presented at House of Names, but I have many of them recorded in my past updates from which to find some.

I've got to repeat my ice-cream stories because I've found some new heraldry that seems to be part of them, and now there's a pointer to Trump too, who, to this day, claims that the vaccines he personally was responsible for (a lie) were the greatest things for humanity.

The story starts at my age 16, about two years after the spider-chase of the last update that pointed to graphene-oxide in vaccines. I was floored by the beauty of Katrina HANson at Sam's restaurant, and so I lined up to purchase an ice-cream cone from her, asking if she'd go out with me as she handed it to me. Dennis Quinn loaned me his parent's RED Valiant car for my first date with her, and I now see how Reds/Reeds can work into it, but I'll tell you about that as I get to it. The point here is that Valiants have the only heraldic shark I know of, and Trump was swallowed by a deep-state shark (see last update for that).

(To follow better, load Sarasins now to load and view other surnames on another Internet tab.)

The Shark-like Saracen/Sarasin surname applies here because Valiant-like Vallans/Valletti's apply here in that they share the moline cross of French Sarasins. It's now important for verifying that God was in my ice-cream event that Valletti is a city on Malta while an ice-cream is related to a malt. Italians call an ice-cream a "gelato," and Gela, on southern Sicily facing Malta, is smack in the land of Saracens. "Valletti" easily converts to "Galletti" for some speakers But there's more.

But first, a little history. The Kabeiri cult of the Amazons, likely named after the Hebrew river, the (K)Habur tributary of the Euphrates, was Iasion. This explains why the myth writer chose "Aeson" as the father of Jason/Iason of the Argo ship, when he visited the island of Lemnos to mate with it's feminist, Amazon women. Mythical Hephaestus of Lemnos was the boss of the Kabeiri cult, with the Galli as its priests. His wife, Aphrodite, was obviously named after the Euphrates. Myth writers invented sound-alike names of real entities for their myth characters.

And so Jason leaves Lemnos with the ship and goes to Colchis, where he meets the witch, princess Medea, from Medan, a son of Keturah and Abraham. It's doubtful the myth writer knew of this origin for the entity he named, Medea, but I know it. And so can you. The myth writer must have been playing off the Medes. After taking Medea away from Colchis, Jason took her to Corona-like Corinth, where she became his queen, and then there was Iasion-like Ixion, a mythical character who had CORONIS as his sister, both children of Peleg-like Phlegyas. Peleg was a son of the Biblical Eber, the father of Hebrews, and Abraham was descended from Eber. In fact, Keturah and Abraham had Jokshan as another son while Peleg's brother was Joktan.

So, I can spot that when the myth writer invented "Ixion," he was playing off of the founder of the Kabeiri cult, not descended from Israelites, but from Peleg and an infusion of at least one tribe from Keturah and Abraham.

When Jason and Medea became divorced, she left Corinth and flew her dragon-pulled chariot to Athens. Why 12 dragons? Code for the seven-headed Lotan dragon, or the 100-headed Ladon dragon? The last mythical king of Athens was invented as Keturah-like Kodros, father of Medon, almost "Medan," the latter being the real man who's tribe named mythical Medea. Kodros had a fish and a boar symbol, and the Eber surname has a black boar, symbol of Edom according to the book of Enoch. Lotan was a real person in Edom.

According to Herodotus, Amazons originated at the Thermodon river, beside, or perhaps even part of, the Hatti. A myth writer invented "Attys/Attis" to depict the Hatti, and his wife, Cybele, was the goddess of the Kabeiri / Galli cult. And this explains why another myth writer invented "Aeetes," father of Medea of Colchis. It means that the Hatti were in Colchis, and that Medea was a Hatti liner, possibly Amazonian too.

The myth, Argonautica, takes the Argo ship a long ways up the Danube river starting at the Black sea. Jason is escaping Aeetes with Medea on his ship. The myth has the ship going to Croatia. Medea's brother, Apsorus, is the name of a Croatian location near Pola/Pula, the proto-Pollocks. Apsorus was chasing Jason (by ship) because he had stolen Medea and the golden fleece too. Thus, it seems it was luckily correct when, over a decade ago, I traced the mythical Greek crow to Croatians. That crow is known to be Coronis, sister of Ixion. The two were of a Lapith peoples who named Lapithus on Cyprus, and Cyprus is where a Greek writer decided to place the birth of Aphrodite.

It just so happens that Ragusa (now Dubrovnik) is in Croatia. Wikipedia's article on Saraka tells that they lived in Kodros-like Kotor prior to moving to Ragusa, and the Arms of Saraca uses a fish, symbol of Kodros of Athens. DUBROVnik looks like DOBER, a location on the Clausula river near Kotor. DOBRAWa was wife to Mieszko I, and GALLus Anonymous had this Mieszko descended from a ruler of a mythical mouse tower in Koplik-like Goplo (Poland). Koplik is a couple of miles from Dober. Kopple's share the Gallus rooster, we get it. Gallus' are listed with Galletti's, like Saracen-connectable "Valletti."

Medon-like Meteon was a location between Kotor and the Clausula river. And Meats/Meads use a Peleg-like pelican for the Pellican surname. What don't we understand about this? Heraldry creators, the Norman and Flemish rulers, secretly had their pagan roots on the brain while pretending to be vaticanized Christians. Godfrey de Bouillon was one of their leaders, and Godfreys almost have the Meat/Mead Coat.

Poles could have been named by Apollo, who mated with Coronis to produce the god of medicine, Asclepius. Mieske's/Mesechs, who look Amazonian, have a giant bull head in the colors of the giant bull of COLE's, and the COLapis river is in crow-line Croatia. "Apis" was a mythical bull cult, and so spot "ColAPIS," then consider whether the COLapis was a Colchian element. The Cole's are also COLDs because they were of KOLODziej, the mythical ruler of the Goplo mouse tower from whom Mieszko descended. Cole's/Colds were first found in CORNwall, named by the Cornovii Celts, a branch of Croatia's Ceraunii (who may have named Croatia itself).

COLchester was CAMULodunum, and Crows with their Crawl branch use the CAMEL head. I plan on adding to this topic in the next update because I think I can trace the Keturah line to Ghent/Gaunt. Note that Gaunt-like Wants, first found in Norfolk with Abram-like Bramtons, share the Ghent eagles.

Less than a year after the ice-cream event with Katrina Hanson, I lined up to get an ice-cream because I thought Darlene Ray/Wray (not sure of the spelling) was cute, and as she handed me the ice-cream cone, I asked if she'd go out with me, and we dated some weeks.

We now have two young ladies, Hahn-like Katrina Hanson, and Darlene Ray/Wray. Hahns, in Trump colors and format, were first found in Mecklenburg with Trumps and Ice's, and Trump hired Stephen Hahn to be his national drug chief who oversaw Trump's vaccine roll-out. Wrays share the Chief-Shield colors of Valiants, and in the Wray Chief are the Gormley martlets, important because the ice-cream event, and the spider chase, was in Gormley, Ontario. Gormleys are also Grimes' while Fauci's were first found in Genova with GRIMaldi's. Fauci-connectable Bodins use the CATHERINE wheel to go with "Katrina"; more on this later.

Darlene's share the gold drops filling the Shield with English Cnut's while Danish Cnuts use "pot hangers" while Hangers share the "escarbuncle" with French Rays. That looks like a set-up by God to prove that the ice-cream event with Darlene was His event for making pointers to people through heraldic deciphering, and here we can add that Trump chose a deep-state shark in Christopher Wray to run the FBI.

To go with the pot hangers, Rinds have a "flower pot" filled with "GILLie flowers," and it should amaze you that Rinds share the scallops of English Malta-like Mallets while French Mallets/Malo's almost have the Coat of Buncle's in "escarbuncle." Malo's trace to St. Brittany with the first-known French Sarasins. Buncle's are also in the format of, and colors reversed from, the Saracen surname, and Buncle-like Bunnys share the bend of Shakespeare's (Cumberland with Saracens), Saracen-like Sarah's/Sayers, and Gela-like Gells/Jells. Are we impressed?

The Gell/Jell Coat is even a not-bad reflection (especially colors) of the Saracen Crest and Shield, and the GRAYhound in the Gell/Jell Crest takes us to Grays sharing the giant Malta lion. Malta faces north Africa, where I trace the mythical GRAEae hags and a Boofima goat cult that led to the Roets, as well as to the Kepke/Kopke goat.

The last update found a super way to point Mr. Kepke's spider-chase and graphene-poison vaccines to Klaus Schwab via the Gray-like Grau's. I had read that Roets were descended from either Croys and Groys, both listed with Grays, and Boton-like Bodins, first found in Perigord with Fauchys, Faux's/Fage's/Chollens', and Bardys, use the Catherine wheel of Catherine Roet. Bardys share the Coat of Daggers, first found in Cumberland with Saracens.

Grays were first found in Northumberland with Horse's and STAVE's/Stevensons while the grocery store (Knob Hill Farms) under discussion was owned at the time by Steve STAVros, a race-horse man. I got Mr. Kepke a job at this grocery store, and Maria Nigro of BUTTONville, who was in the last update with Kepke, got me a job at that place. Buttons/Bottons/Bidens can be a branch of Botons (Saracen Coat in colors reversed), making the Biden family part of the shark that swallows Trump. Joe Biden has an ice-cream symbol.

The Wray write-up: "The surname Wray was first found in Lancashire where Wray is a small village, part of the civil parish of Wray-with-BOTTON." Plus, the Wray Chief is the one of Redfields/Redfinns, and the latter were first found in Lancashire with Wray-with-Botton, and with Lawrence's of REDmaine. Kepke's first name is, Lawrence, and Robert Redfield was the director of the CDC during the faked pandemic. The CDC (American government) was gangster-protecting overseer / manager of the pandemic.

To go with the gillie flowers of Rinds, Darlene's were first found in Devon with Potter-related Flowers, but also with Joels/Jewells using "gillyflowers." English Rays are said to have been at Gill while the manager of the grocery store that Darlene and I worked at (during the ice-cream event) was, Gill. Rays are in the colors of Gela-like Gills, the latter first found in Yorkshire with Valiants, Gells/Jells, and Hansons. The same colors are used by Gilligans who in turn share the Quinn Coat. Dennis Quinn loaned me the Valiant for the date with Miss Hanson.

Botons are in the colors and format of Buncle's, and while the latter have Bone-like variations, "bonum" is a Boton motto term. Italian Bons/Bona's were first found in Milan, the Lombardy capital, and here we can add that the ice-cream pointed to Lombardy's Crema and Cremona. The latter is where RAYmundo's were first found, and Raymundo (Hispanic) was a fellow stockboy with me at Knob Hill Farms.

French Raymonds happen to have a not-bad reflection of the CREMEr and Faux/Fage/Chollens Coats, which is why the ice-CREAMs point to Fauci branches. While the latter with Faux's/Fage's/Chollens' were first found in Perigord with Bodins, the latter have a Chief in the colors and format of the Cremer / Faux/Fage/CHOLLENS Chief, and yet the Bodins have three stars in their Chief in the colors of the two stars in the Chief of French Raymonds. The latter, in the colors and format of the triple Fauch thistles, were first found in Languedoc with NarBONNE's. You can see Intelligent Design in all of this so that the ice-creams point to Tony Fauci, but also to Francis COLLINS his boss during the "pandemic."

I trace Roets to Boofima's human-sacrifice cult, of the African ImPERI peoples, at PeriGORD, for more reason that Gords/GORDANs sharing the Roet boar heads, or for the Gordano Somerset, where Roets and Payne's were first found. Catherine Roet was the daughter of Payne Roet, and Payens/Pagans use "spur rowells" while Spurrs were first found in neighboring Devon with their Super branch in the "SUPERnitent" motto term of Bodins, indicating that the Bodein stars are in the colors of the Payen/Pagans spur rowells (stars) for a related reason. The Bodein Chief is even in the colors and format of the Roet Chief.

Gords/Gordans were first found in Berwickshire with the Books in the Roet Crest, and with the Home's/Hume's having a "True" motto term. The Tree's/True's in the Roet tree were once said to be first found in Warwickshire with Botons, but are now said to be first found in Wiltshire (beside Somerset) with TRUMPet-using CALLES'. This now involves the first reason that I decided to go over the ice-cream events because Bodins have a "CELEStes" motto term.

Before going the Celes / Celles surnames, I'll add that Devon is also where Hoods/Hoots, Celes'/Sillys, and Streets/Straights were first found. Hoods/Hoots share the Boton crescents, and Streets/Straights have the Bodein Catherine wheel in their Crest. The Buttons (beside Wiltshire) of the Botton/Biden bloodline were at Bath and Wells in Somerset. Nearby Bristol likely named the Bristols sharing the Boton crescents. The Celes/Silly Coat is a not-bad reflection of the Calles Coat, and the Celes/Silly Coat is also the Epstein Coat. Reminder: Botons have the Saracen Coat in colors reversed.

When we go to the Celles'/Cellini's, we find the same saltire as used by English REDs/Reads while Scottish Reeds share the "book" with Roets, and so I'm thinking that the red Valiant car was red for this heraldic set. Valiants are the ones with the shark while the Saracen people group were at Gela, and it just so happens that Celles-like Gelles' share the Celles/Cellini saltire, and yet the Gelles Coat is fully in the colors and format of the Red/Reed Coat.

This is new turf, and so I think that it was necessary, to help complete the ice-cream pointers, to get to the Celes' expected in the Bodein motto. I am not at all familiar with Bodins, though I've mentioned them a few times. The Gelles saltire is formed by batons, and it just so happens that French Batons/Bastons almost have the Capote Coat while Capote's share the Chief/Shield colors of Sharks. I'll come back to Capote's.

The feigned pandemic involved horseshoe bats, and the Bats share the black bat with English Batons/Bastons, but also with the Scottish Randolphs who not only share the Bath cross, but throw in horseshoes. The Bath location in Somerset is smack near the first-known Calles', and Buttons were at that Bath location. Baths are suspect with the Payne lion. We therefore have a pointer to Trump and Biden together with Obama, for Obama's mother (Miss Dunham) was descended directly from Payne's, and also from Randolphs of earlier times. English Randolphs (Yorkshire with Valiants) share the Dunham/Downham Coat, and the only difference, essentially, between Dunham/Downhams and the Valiant Coat is that the latter apply a shark.

English Randolphs and Dunhams/Downhams share a dancette border, and Dansette's (almost have the Bode/BODEN/Boedde Coat) happen to share the roses of Bellys (Moray with bat-using Randolphs) and Jumps. The last update talked about the shark in the pool (my 1979 Sleeping Beauty dream) having Trump half-swallowed head first with the shark's teeth clamped onto his BELLY and BACK, and Jumps share the Trump stag head while the bulldog which represented Trump had JUMPed into the pool with the shark. German Backs/Bachs happen to share the giant bull of Italian Boys/Boets/BOEDDU's, and Bode's/Bodens/Boedde's look like their branch, especially as the latter have a fesse colors reversed from the fesse of Beefs/BOEUFs/Tournebeoufs/TourneBULLe's, first found in Perigord with Bodins and therefore suspect with "BOOFima."

English Batons/Bastons were first found in Cornwall with Bude's/Buds of Bude, and Bats share the saltire of Supers suspect in the motto of Bodins. Inclusion of Bodins like this is a compelling pointer to the horseshoe-bat experiments in Ukraine. Bude's/Buds use the bow while Roets share the Bow/Bough motto while Boughys/BOFFeys almost have their "Quaerere" motto term. Boughys/Boffeys share the stag head of Tromp-beloved Acorns, and to this we can add that while the Leggs almost have the trump stag head, the Tromp eagle is in the colors of the eagle LEGs of Hicksons, first found in Staffordshire with Boughys/Boffeys. Roet-beloved Books are also Boggs. Hicks use an "HEURE" motto term translated as "time," and Glass' in the Book/Bogg "HOURglass" were first found in BUTEshire.

Ahh, the Angels in the Boughy/Boffey Crest have lozenges in the colors of the Fauci lozenge! These English Angels even have a "super" motto term that's also in the Bodein motto. If I recall correctly, these Angels is a "bastion" instead of a "baton." The "STARE super" motto phrase of these Angels goes to Stairs/Stayers because they share the Coat of English Capone's while Italian Capote's/Capone's have a giant MULE head, and Mule's were first found in Devon with Supers and Staggs/Stage's.

Angels share a motto term of Shake's (Lancashire with Angels) who in turn have MOLE hills. Mole's share the "phoenix" with Needhams and Knee's both of which share the Boughy/Boffey stag heads. Phoenix's/Fenwicks were first found in Northumberland with Keep-loving Hebrons (horse), and with Horse's in the Angel Crest. The Angel bastion is in the colors and bendwise direction of the Keep bend, making the Angel lozenges look related to Keep-beloved Weavers. Angels were first found in Lancashire with the Shuttleworths/SHETTLEworths (and Settle's) who share the "weaver's shuttle" with the Keep Crest, and Settle's share the lozenges of Stars (Wiltshire with Webbs) who in turn have a Stair-like Stairr variation.

The red demi-eagle in the Webb Crest is the upper half of the red Mole / Knee phoenix, and here we can add that Needhams (share Knee Coat and gold Phoenix phoenix) were first found in Derbyshire with a Hope location of Hope's/Hopers while Hoppers, expected in the Fauchy "grasshopper", were first found in Wiltshire with Webbs.

In case English Boys (Berwickshire) apply, they are in Moray and Duc/LeDuc colors and format. The latter share the eight-pointed Belly star. Boffs/Boeffs happen to share the Belly / Jump star too, as well as sharing a red heart with Rule's with a Rowell-like Roule variation. The English Turnbulls have a "Rule" character to which Turnbulls are traced, and English Rolls, in Turnbull colors, share the besants of Rowells. It's Payens/Pagans, suspect in the stars of the Bodein Chief, who have "spur rowells."

Ahh, German Pohls use a black bull head (probably the Mieske bull head) but call it a "BUFFalo" while Boffs/Boeffs are also Buffs. It tends to nail Boffs/Boeffs with Beefs/Boeufs/Turnbulle's. The bufFALO can then be part-code for Falo's/Fellows (French Pole lion?), a Feller branch by the looks of their mutual colors. And Fellers have a Coat like the Falls/Fallis' who in turn share the English Pole/Pool.

We're headed to Rollo's here, and so while king Rollo is connectable to Valois'/Valais', it should be added that the latter look like kin of French Batons/Bastons. While Rollo ruled in the vaccine-like Vexin, Vychans/Vaughns were first found in Shropshire with Bats and the BALDwins who share the bat saltire, making Bats look like a branch of Bald-branch Scottish Bauds.

Scottish Turnbulls are excellent now because they share three black bulls with Beautys/BOWDs, suggesting the latter were a Bode/Boedde branch, tending to verify that Bode's were in fact related to Beefs/Boeufs/Tournebulle's. English Turnbulls (Roxburghshire with Scottish Leavells) almost have the triple-black bull heads of Walerans, suggesting a line from Waleran de Leavell. Bodins show a Beauty-like Beaudins variation.

Walerans were first found in Devon with Kings, and with SAVEr-branch Saffers while Savers/Severs were first found in Somerset with Roll-connectable Roets, Savens/Saffins and English Leavells. Roets have the Rollo boar heads in colors reversed. "I SAVEd the KING" is the motto of English Turnbulls who share the King / Kingston lion, and while English Saffers have a "Vita" motto term, "Avito" is a motto term of Waleran-like Wheelers/Whalers. French Saffers were first found in Burgundy with Save's, and while English Saffers are in the colors and format of English Silvers, German Silvers share the crescent of Savens/Saffins.

Belly-like Bello's have another "Vita" motto term, and Bello's share the Coat of English Billets, first found in Devon with Saffers. The "bello" motto term of Bouillons applies here, and they were first found in Auvergne with the Bauds/Bauts having a giant ram in Kepke-goat colors and format, indicating and Bauds/Bauts were from the Budini of Kiev. German Cremers happen to have a giant ram's head. Bodins show Bauden-like variations.

I showed how Bodins of Perigord link to Cremers via Faux's/Fage's/Chollens', and here we can add that Fagots/Fage's were first found in Auvergne too who have the Chief-Shield colors of Faux's/Fage's/Chollens' and Cremers. Rams were first found in Essex with English Faux's, but also with Leavell-connectable Yonge's/Youngs who in turn share the French Capote roses. These Capote's, with a Caiaphas-like Chappus variation, not only have the Chief-Shield colors above in reverse, but were first found in Forez with Fauch's.

The Yonge / Capote/Chappus roses are expected as code for the Roxolani of Kiev who named Roxburgh, where Scottish Yonge's/Youngs were once said to be first found with the Scottish Leavells whose triple piles they share.

English Yonge's/Youngs have a "jeune" motto term tending to verify that Fage liners had married the line of Quintus Caepio, grandfather of Junia Caepionis. French Jeune's were even first found in Auvergne with Cremer-connectable Bauds/Bauts. The giant stag of German Youngs/June's is in the colors of the Trump stag head.

Quints, sharing the Fagot/Fage chevron, were once said to be first found in Essex with Yonge's/Youngs who in turn share the demi-red lion in Crest with English Capone's. There's a half-red lion in the Crest of Whale's/Whele's, first found in Berwickshire with Roet-related Book and Gords, suggesting that the Catherine wheel of Bodins is code for Wheel / Whale/Whele liners. Wheelers/Whalers share the Lorraine lion, and Whale's/Whele's share the bend of Keeps and Lorraine's, two surnames from Maria of Kiev, smack in the area of Bodein-like Budini. One thinks that the Catherine wheel is play on "Roet" because a wheel is a "rota," and yet here we see that a Wheel surname developed from some other variation probably when marrying the Roet bloodline and adopting its wheel.

Lorraine had pointed to Pagan-connectable Pansys/Pantzers who share the dove (different colors) with Faux's/Fage's/Chollens, and while Dove's (Berwickshire with Roet-related Gords) are in Wheel/Whele colors and format, German Wells/Wellers were first found in Westphalia with Pansys/Pantzers. Panthers share "spur rowells" with Payens/Pagans and have a fesse in the colors of the Beef/Boeuf fesse.

Italian Capote's are Capone's too, and their giant mule head can be traced to Mule's (Devon again) while Mole's (Roxburghshire) could have the boar in the Wheel Crest. The latter's is a blue boar head shared by Rollo's, and Payne Roet, also called, "Roelt," was a Rollo / Roll liner. At his article we read, "The children of [Payne's] daughter Katherine...were given the surname BEAUFort".

I'm not familiar with Rolts, but as they happen to show a Rowald variation, it proves that Payne Roet is to the Payens with spur rowells. It means that the Cremers and Faux's/Fage's share the Pane/Panico Chief due to marital linkage round-about. The Panico-related Pings/Pagans share blue fleur at the border with Rollo-like Errols/Arrolls (Perthshire with Rollo's). The Panthers who likewise have "spur rowells" (different design showing) share the Beef/Boeuf fesse.

Rolts/Rowalds essentially share the Marley Coat, both sharing dolphins with the Arms of Dauphine, and Payens/Pagans were first found in Dauphine. DOLfins/Dolphins have dolphins in the colors of whale-using Dols, and while French Role's/Roulets were first found in Brittany, Marleys, in the colors of English Rolls/Role's (Yorkshire with Pings/Pagans) are said to have been at Morlaix in Brittany.

News this week is on three Chinese lab worker in the Wuhan Institute of Virology. I'm not hearing how sick they were, but word has been that they flu-like illnesses predated the initial announcement of COVID, yet Fauci and his cold-hearted buddies tried to hide these illnesses to keep the world from thinking that the virus entered humans from Wuhan. It's known that Fauci assigned millions of dollars through Ecohealth to fund bio-weapons technology, illegal in the United States at the time, in Wuhan.

I'll repeat why it is that the ICE-cream pointed to ECOhealth, first because Ice's have an Ecco variation, and secondly because Ice's/Ecco's were first found in Mecklenburg with Trumps and Hanson-like Hahns. English Hansons share the mascle of English Faux's, and while the latter were first found in Essex with Rams, a giant ram's head is with German Cremers.

But's there's more where Ice's/Ecco's share an Icke variation with Hicks. One day, I ventured to seek a Helt surname as per "EcoHEALTH, and found the Helts/Helds sharing the HICKson Coat exactly...showing nothing but eagle legs in the colors of the Tromp and Scottish Lombard eagles. They are both black, spread eagles, same as the Ice/Ecco eagle.

It's important that while the original Visconti snake was green, that's the color of the snake of German Hansons. Visconti's ruled in Lombardy, you see, location of Cremer-like Crema and Cremona. You can see God's fingerprints here on the use of Katrina Hanson for an ice-cream event.

Repeat: "Wrays share the Chief-Shield colors of Valiants, and in the Wray Chief are the Gormley martlets, important because the ice-cream event, and the spider chase, was in Gormley, Ontario. Gormleys are also Grimes' while Fauci's were first found in Genova with GRIMaldi's." Grimaldi's share a lozengy Shield (of different colors) with German Lombards, and Fauci's use a giant lozenge on the Tromp Shield. This lozengy Shield is in half the colors of the same of English Patents/Pattens (Essex with Rams) while the Patiens variation of Scottish Patents is in the motto of Faux/Fage-beloved Dove's.

Scottish Lombards share the lozengy Shield of German Hansons, and French Hansons not only almost have the Coat of Fagots/Fage's (Perigord with Fauchys and Faux's/Fage's/Chollens'), but almost have the Cremer Chief...but probably with the June / Jeune fleur-de-lys because the chevron of French Lombards and Fagots/Fage's is that of Quints. Saer de Quint-like Quincy built the castle of FAUCets, according to the Faucet write-up, and the lion of German Hansons is that of Sforza's which in turns holds a "quince." Miss Hanson's surname has pointed to multiple Fauci branches.

The seven lozenges and Quince's/Quincys is almost the Coat of Rouens (Dol). King Rollo ruled at Rouen, a city in the vaccine-like Vexin.

Faucets were first found in East Lothian with the Fortune's suspect in the Bodein motto. "Lady Fortune" is in the Coat of Klassens/Class' while Glass' were first found in Bute. The Chief of English Bute's/Butts is in the colors and format of the Bodein Chief. The "compony" checks of Faucets and Faughns are half in the colors of the GIRONE checks while Fortune's use the GYRONNy pattern. Faughn-like Vaughns list vaccine-like Vychans. See "CLAUSula" river in the last update, where I trace Glass' and Bodein-connectable Capone's. The Clausula is near Budva.

While Weaver-like WEFers are now pointing to KLAUS Schwab's WEF organization, the Wuhan lab is the Wuhan Institute of Virology, or WIV. The "Esto" motto term of English Weavers/WEIVers can get us to Este-related Bute's/Butts while Italian Este's share the Wefer eagle.

Bodins share the stars of German Weavers/Webbers, first found in Saxony with goat-using Kepke's/Kopke in turn in the colors and format of the Baud ram. The "GOTT SEGNE" motto phrase of German Weavers/Webbers must be applicable to the Kepke/Kopke goat, and the Segni's/Segurana's (share Wefers / Este eagle) are in the motto of Face's, a branch of Fauci's, the latter first found in Genova with Segni's/Segurana's. German Sage's/Sagers share the RAINbow with Hope's/Hopers while Fauchys use a "grassHOPPER." Hoppers/Happers were first found in Wiltshire with Webbs. Rains were first found in Sussex with Rams, and the two look like branches. Sussex is where Keeps were first found.


There are two surnames that I can point to Wuhan. The Wuhan-like "ohne" motto term of HANDels can be gleaned as code for the One variation of Moray-related Innis'. The Hands/HANNs can be linked to German Hanns and Hahns. Handels' and Morays have the same Coat, almost the Duc/LeDuc Coat, and DOUGlas' of Moray share the Moray stars in their Chief with Stove's/STEPHENsons. The Stephen falcon design is in the Crest of Ducy-branch English Ducks, first found in Somerset with China-like Shins/Chine's/Chings. The Chief of English Ducks has the stars in the flag of China.

Sutherlands tell that they have the Moray stars in gold-on-red, and that's the colors of the Duck stars, but also of the Prets in the "Tout pret" motto of Morays. Touts are in the Hicks/ICKE motto too while Hicksons were first found in Staffordshire with Prets. Irish Murrays share the Moray Coat and have an "Imperio" motto while Imperia was the home of Doria's sharing the Tromp eagle, important because Doria's were first found in Genova with Fauci's who in turn share the lozenge of Nagle's (share Beef/Boeuf fesse) who named Imperia as Oneglia. And these are good reasons to trace the Imperi peoples of Boofima to the naming of both Imperia and Perigord.

For establishing the link of English Ducks to Morays, we can also appeal to the English Falcons in the Duck Crest, for they share the chevron of Moray's Bellys who in turn have the Duc/LeDuc star. French Falcons/FalCONTE's, in Moray / Duc/LeDuc colors and format, share the crescent of French CONTE's/Comites' who in turn share the Coat of Valois'/Valais' while Rollo married Pappa of Valois.

English Conte's/Comitissa's share the antlers of Cone's, and Miss Hanson sold me an ice-cream cone. The English Bucks in the "buck" head of Hicks/ICKE's share the Conte / Cone antler too. And while Miss Hicks married Mr. Kilpatrick, Cremers share a Kilpatrick Chief. You can ask whether these heraldic links were arranged by God to go with the Ice-cream, or whether they are only coincidental.

The "vis" motto term of English Falcons is shared by Rams, and both seem to have the Fiers in their mottoes too. If not for the chevron of Rams, they would be in Moray / Falcon colors and format. This could be a pointer to Tromps via the Vise's/Vice's and Acorns, and/or it could be a pointer to VisCONTI's because Miss Hanson points us to them via German Hansons. Italian Conte's even share the giant lion of Sforza-connectable Faucets while Sforza's adopted the green Visconti snake due to marriage with Visconti's.

Faucets (East Lothian with Vaux's/Vallibus') can be gleaned as Faughn kin while Vaughns have a vaccine-like Vychan variation. Faughns share so-called "COMPony" with Faucets, and were first found in Longford with Quinns. It could be code for Compo's because they share the engrailed saltire of Sinclairs, who lived at Roslin near the Faucet castle. But Campons/Champs may have been of Compo's / Comps/Camps because they share the Chief-Shield colors of Cremers and Fage's/Faux's. The Chief-Shield colors of French Capote's (same place as Fauch's) is in colors reversed.

Compo's use an heraldic label expected as code for Labels/La Bells, which can explain the bells of Campanio's. Italian Capote's/Capone's were first found in Campania. It's then interesting that while the shark-using Valiants share the Chief-Shield colors of French Capote's, Sharks were first found in Tyrone with the BOOT-using Hagans having the Campanio quadrants in colors reversed. Hagans even share the lion of German Hansons as well as a hand for Hands/HANNs, and I worked for a BP gas station owned by a mechanic, Tony Campania, until 15 or 16 years old. I was 16 at the ice-cream event with Hanson directly across the road from this gas station.

I've mentioned Tony Campania several times before but always wondered how he can relate to the ice-cream event. I see a possible (new) theory where "BP" stands for British PETROleum while Petro's have a Coat like that of REDs/Reads but even like the one of Vallans and Sarasins. It was a RED Valiant for the first date. Plus, while Campanio's use bells, Bell-branch Bellamys were first found in Shropshire with Faughn-like Vaughns...and it was only while writing "Vaughn" that I remembered Tony muffler shop in the city of Vaughn!!! Yes, at my age of 15/16, he moved to the muffler shop.

Plus, French Gas' share the Bodein Chief, and were first found in Dauphine with Payens/Pagans. I had argued above, using Supers and Spurrs, that the Bodein stars are the Payen/Pagan stars. Dauphine is where French Page's/Lepage's were first found while English Page's, first found in Devon with Supers and Spurrs (and Bello-branch Billets), share the dove (different colors) with Faux's/Fage's who in turn were first found in Perigord with Bodins. Therefore, to decipher Tony Campania for whom I pumped GAS, we needed the Bodins in the heraldic sets.

Tony was likely born Antonio, and Italian Antonio's almost have the Bodein Chief. In fact. the Antonio's have the Boy/Boet/Boeddu Chief!!! That's new. Italian Antonio's use a "flower" while Flowers were first found in Devon too.

A Wells-family page had claimed that Wells were a branch of the Vallibus' whom houseofnames lists with Vaux's, and then English Vaux's/Vallibus' were first found in Cumberland with English Falcons (and Saracens). French Falcons/Falconte's share the VALois crescent. I'm not decided on whether the Baux variation of French Bauds/Bauts is a Vaux branch.

Italian Conti's have the giant lion of Sams too, first found in Essex with Cremer-beloved Rams and English Faux's. You can ask whether God arranged Rams to have a "vis fieri, FACias" motto phrase as a pointer to Fauci liners. Face's/Fessys were first found in Northamptonshire with the Quincys who built the castle of Fagot-like Faucets, and Fagots/Fage's hare the chevron of Quincy-like Quints. The ice-cream took us to Lombardy, home of VISconti's, and thus to Cremer-beloved Rams, and Fagots/Fage's were first found in Auvergne with ram-using Bauds and Jeune's.

As one licks an ice-cream cone, it's purdy amazing that Licks/Licks/Luke's share the mascles of English Hansons and English Faux's.

[Insert -- Repeat from above: "French Batons/Bastons almost have the Capote Coat while Capote's share the Chief/Shield colors of Sharks. I'll come back to Capote's." On Friday of this week, a video came out (see news section later) showing a headline claiming that COVID vaccines are equipped with "graphene nanoBOTS." One Bots surname is listed with Kepke-connectable French Bauds, and the other Bots' are listed with Biden-branch Bute's/Butts/Boets sharing the Chief of French BATons/Bastons. Mr. Kepke's spider chase pointed to graphene-oxide in vaccines. Baston-like Baustons/Bostons share the lion of Tysons/Tessons while the Pierro's/Pero's, who almost have the Bute/Butt/Bots Coat, were first found on the Tesson river.

Butua is near Kotor while Cutters share the Chief-Shield colors of French Batons/Bastons. There's also a Buton/Bouton/Button surname looking very related to Buttons/Bidens/Bodins. Butons/Boutons/Buttons share the Coat of English Lance's while French Lance's have a giant rose in the colors of the Baton/Baston / Bute/Butt/Bots roses. Bouts have a bendwise arrow in the colors of the Keep bend. As these all look like Budini-of-Ukraine lines, it's all begging whether graphene-oxide in vaccines is from Ukraine labs.

Graphene-oxide is said to work in conjunction with 5G radio WAVES, and heraldic waves belong to Weavers / Webbers pointed to by Kepke's spider chase. Wefers and Waffers are also Vey-like Weyfords and Wayfers.

5G can be pointed to by Five's/Fifys, Fife's and VIVians/Veys, whom I trace all to Lviv in Ukraine. The Nans in "nanobots" are listed with Nons/Nevins, and use a "VIVis" motto term. The article claims that these nanobots can be transferred to the unvaccinated, and as this is called, "shedding," we can add that Sheds/Sheddens, first found in Ayrshire with same-colors Nans/Nons/Nevins, share the Chief-Shield colors of French Batons/Bastons.

5G can be pointed to by Gee's/McGee's because Irish McGee's show nothing but leopard FACES in the colors and format of Bottle's/BOOTle's. Gee's/McGee's are said to have been at Cheshire's GODley Hall, and Godleys, possibly connectable to the Kepke goat, happen to have a Coat somewhat like the SHARK Coat. The write-up tells of a Godley region in Surrey, and Surreys list a SARK variation. Godleys use black uniCORNs instead of the black Shark crane while Crane's (black crane) are likely from the corona-like Ceraunii, the line to Cornwalls.

The triple unicorn heads of Godleys are in the colors of the triple horse heads of Helens (Brittany with Shark-like Sarasins), and while Helens are said to be from Mr. Helion, Helions/Helms were first found in Surrey with Godley. While Helens are said to have obtained Ashton in Devon, Godleys were first found in Ashton-under-Lyne of Cheshire. Devon is where Rods were first found who share the trefoils of Godleys and Sharks. Surrey is where Dolphins/Dolfins were once said to be first found, and while they are now said to be first found in Cumberland with SARACens, SARGeants use triple dolphins in the colors of the triple unicorn heads of Godleys, and the triple ravens of Code's. Sarah's/Sayers and Shakespeare's (Cumberland) both share the bend of Goats/Gothams.

This week, I started to glean, starting from the Maiden/Madden surname, that the Saraca's could have been in Ghent because the Arms of Ghent sometimes comes with a "maiden." The Sargeants have the Kendel Coat roughly, and Kendels were from John of Ghent, husband of Catherine Roet, at Candale, an Aquitanian location on/off the Garonne river. Gaunts were first found in Kendel-like Kent with the Godfreys in turn having a near-copy of the Meat/Mead Coat, and I showed how the latter were from Medan, son of Keturah. End insert]

Mark of the Beast

The mark of the beast will be applied to the hand of FOREhead, and Fauci's were first found in Forez while Forez's are also Fore's. The forehead is the crown of the head while Corona's and Corons/Corona's use the crown. Can these two things begin to indicate that the mark of the beast will be a door pass to get into stores and other workplaces, where the door pass is proof of vaccination? No door pass, no buying in the marketplace. Would the vaccine goons do that to their own family and friends? In their absolute greed, they were headed that way already.

French Marks share the checkered fesse of Scottish Rights, and the mark goes on the right hand, says Revelation 13. Scottish Rights have a uniCORN traceable to the Corona-like Ceraunii Illyrians. Hands/Hanns were first found in Cheshire with Corons/Corona's, Beasts/Bessins and Masseys / Maceys while Maezaei Illyrians lived on the UNA river (suspect in UNIcorn) beside the Ceraunii. "UNS" is a motto term of Weavers/Webbers who pointed to Fauci not far above.

English Marks and Biggs, sharing the same border, were first found Essex with PASS'/Pascals. Though not in the same colors, Biggs share the leopard FACE with English Wrights, and the latter's leopard faces are shared by Scottish DOORs. Door pass. Face's were a Fauci branch. The Biggs leopard face is the red one of English Anthonys. Anthony Fauci, I presume.

German Dorrs use hands while English Doors/Dorrs share bees with Boys who in turn were first found in Berwickshire with Scottish Rights.

The border of Biggs and Marks shares the fleur-de-lys of Ainsleys who have two "FOR my" motto phrases. My's/Mea's share the Face cross. Plus, Ainsleys were first found in Nottinghamshire with My's/Mea's and the Goats in the Anthony goat HEAD. More goat heads are with Bunnys, first found in Basford with AINSleys. The Anns/Hanne's share the stag heads of Bigg-like Bicks/Bickers. Hannitys (Lincolnshire with leopard-face Anthonys) have another leopard face. And while Hanna's have the Trump stag head in colors reversed, German Marks have much of the Tromp Coat. Hannity's translate their motto "Always FIRM," and Ainsleys use a motto, "For my country often, for my king ALWAYS."

Ainsley Earhardt and Sean Hannity have been dating according to reports. Are they an example of Christians who will blindly / foolishly receive the mark of the beast?

Ainsleys daughter is Hayden Proctor, and Haydens were first found in Norfolk with HEADs/Heeds. The mark goes into the foreHEAD for some, and Forez's/FORE's have a "Tout" motto term while Touts share a Tute variation with the Tuits sharing the Hayden quadrants. The other Haydens (Norfolk again) have a "Ferme en" motto phrase to go with the "firme" of Hannitys. Fermans and Firmins share the gold anchor while Anchors/ANNACKers can be an ANNAS branch, and, besides, Anchors/Annackers Almost have the Anger Coat while Angers share the Fauci lozenge. These Angers were first found in Essex with the Marks, Pass', Biggs, and Brocks suspect in the name of Broxtow, where Ainsleys were first found.

I just went to make a coffee, and while that was happening, I stepped out the front door to find a dead robin floating on two inches of water in a five-gallon bucket. It wasn't deep enough for it to drown unless it wasn't able to sit in it all night with it's head out of the water. I know off-hand that two Robin surnames share the thistle (different colors) with Fauch's, first found in Forez. Look at the timing of the robin find, minutes after writing the paragraph above with Fauch's of Forez. Is somebody going to drown Tony Fauci in a bucket? I hope so.

Plus, while the second ice-cream girl was Darlene Ray/Wray, Darlene's, looking like kin of English Cnuts/Note's, have a woman wearing a "robe" while Robe's/Robbs (Stirlingshire with Bauds) share the chevron of Scottish Robins (Cnut/Note colors and format). Danish Cnuts have "pot hangers" while Hangers/Angers share the "escarbuncle" with the Angers above, and with French Rays. If this is making the robin link to the ice-cream theme, a pointer to poison vaccines, then, yes, the robin can be a pointer to Fauci and company. Voices continue to be raised against what they have done.

Darlingtons, first found in Durham with Wrens, have the RENCH/WRENch and Wren crosslets in colors reversed, and English Rings come up as "RANG." The Wren crosslets are shared by Windsors and Gains/Engaine's, the latter first found in Huntingdonshire with Otters/Others (proto-Windsors) who in turn almost have the Ring/Cranne Coat. The DeeRINGs are interesting here. Otters/Others are said to be from lords of Lombards, and while Darlene was an ice-cream girl, Crema and Cremona are in Lombardy.

The Anchor lozenges are colors reversed from the same of Irish HANDs/Lavins/Glavins. The Anchor-loving Majors were first found in the Channel islands with Fauch-beloved Thistle's/Thissels. That's pretty compelling, for along with the Anchor > Anger link to the Fauci lozenge, we have a Hand surname involved.

[I didn't know here how robin-important the Rings below would be until putting the robin onto an ant mound. Details later.]

The Lavin variation may be of the Lavenders, or the Lavanders found in the write-up of French Landrys. Lavenders use finger rings while Irish Rings/CRANNs are in the colors and format of the Lorraine bend-with eagles. Levens share the elephant with Grounds/Crannys, and the latter add a crane. I threw the dead robin onto the ground. Rings/Cranns were first found in LEITrim while Leith's share the Hand/Lavin/Glavin lozenges. Leiths even have the crescents of Others/Otters in colors reversed while Rings/Cranns almost have the Other/Otter Coat.

Scottish Crauns/Crane's/Crains use a crown for the Ceraunii Illyrians, and English Crane's/Crains share the black crane with Sharks while the Crane/Crain crane stands on a RAGully staff suspect in-part with Raggs', suspect from RAGUSa, home of Shark-line Saraca's. This part of the unfolding can be a pointer to a door-pass "mark" in the HAND to prove vaccination against coronavirus.

Irish Cremers happen to have been CRAINors / Creanors too. Plus, English Rings/Ringsteads are in Pendragon colors and format who were in turn related to Dragons/DRAINers while Drowns are listed with Drains!!! The robin drowned. I've shown how mythical Uther Pendragon is of the Others/Otters who almost have the Ring/Cranne Coat. Others/Otters are connectable to Aids/Ade's in the motto of Leven-like Levi's/Levine's. Jewish Levi's/Levine's share the lions of Pass'/Pascals for a possible revelation that the door pass comes from pagan Jews.

Somebody tried to convince his readers that "Ragusa" means "deer," but I didn't buy it. Malta-like Melita is near Ragusa, and Malta has a Valletti location to go with the Valletti variation of Sarasin-connectable Vallans. English Dole's share the Raggs fleur-de-lys. French Malo's are also Mallets, and St. Malo (near Dol) is in Brittany with the first known Sarasins and French Levine's; the latter share the grape vine with German Dole's while Irish Dole's (share a Buck motto term) have a CROWN around the neck of a stag (probably a buck) head. Raggs share the fleur-de-lys of Plows, the latter first found in Shropshire with Levens (Alan colors) and Alans of Dol. The latter became the Stewarts, and English Stewarts use the ragully pattern.

English Mallets, first found in Suffolk with Crauns/Crane's/Crains, makes the latter's Crest (no antlers) look like a deer...because the Mallet Crest is a "deer" without antlers, and with a crown around its neck, same as the Craun/Crane/Crain Crest. Thus, the shark in the Sleeping Beauty dream looks like it represents the vaccine goons.

Darlingtons/DERlingtons can be linked to Deerings where the latter were first found in Kent with the Masons/Massins sharing a three-word phrase in the Darlington motto. Ahh, bingo: the LavenDERs, first found in Bedfordshire with Deers/DERE's, share a six-sectioned Shield (different color) with LavenDERs. As Lavenders use rings, note "DeeRING"! It makes Landrys, Laundrys and LANDs/Landens/Landers look like they descended from a Deer-Ring merger.

English Lands were even first found in Kent with Deerings, but also with the Lance's in the lances of Italian DERE's/Res'! Langton is a location in Kent with Deerings, but also with the Minute's/Mynetts who use an "OPEN helmet"" as part-code for PENdragons; the latter have an open helmet too. Pendragons are from the Deering-like Drin river. It's poifect like a dead New-York robin.

Landons/LANGtons can play to "DarLINGton" because Lings named Lyng in Norfolk, where Patricks of La Lande were first found. The Ling write-up says that an old Lyng location in Somerset was also "Lege," and Leggs were first found in Dumfries with Kilpatricks (share Patrick saltire). This is a new trace of Leggs to Ling / Lynch elements. Kilpatricks share drops with Darlingtons. Somerset is where Percivals were first found sharing the bear head of Landons/Langtons and a "cruce" motto term with Darlingtons.

Lookie: I trace Lynch's and lynx-using PENES'/Pennys -- Northamptonshire with Fauci-branch Face's -- to the area of Lyncestis near lake Lychnidus whose waters form the DRIN river of the PENEStae, the line to DRAINers/Dragons...and therefore suspect to Drowns/DRAINs! The Savona Ligurians, suspect with naming Lege/Lyng, can be traced to lake Sevan, which was also called, "Lychnis," i.e. like "Lychnidus." We have the Drowns and Fauci's in the same paragraph here, not forgetting that Robins share the thistle with Fauch's.

Sevan-like Savens/Saffins and Severs were even first found in Somerset with Lege/Lyng, suggesting that Ligurians may have been named after Lychnidus elements. Severs/Savers tell of a SEPHARE of Suffolk, and Lings tell of an early Mr. Ling of Suffolk, where Crauns/Crane's were first found who come from the SAVa/Save river. Sharks use a crane, and while I showed how Saraca's can be from Peleg, his brother Joktan had sons who, in the book of Genesis, lived in and beside SEPHAR. The Vita's in the Saffer motto can be gleaned as a branch of White's because one English White Coat is a reflection of English Silvers who in turn are in Saffer colors and format.

Pattersons and Kilpatricks were from Antipatria a little west of the Penestae, and Scottish Pattersons (ROSS-shire) use pelicans likely because Pelagonia was between Lychnidus and LYNCestis. Pellicans were even first found in Maine with French LANCE's (giant ROSE).

Amazingly, I threw the robin down on the grass above the septic tank, and Mr. Patterson was hired to help design and build my septic system. I didn't have this in mind when entering Pattersons above. Mr. Patterson showed me his LEG infection (on his shin) that he said was incurable. I know he died, but I didn't know he died shortly after his leg was amputated. A local trucker told me about the amputation this very week; he was at my place dumping a load of GRAVEL for the driveway! I'm seeing Grave/Greaf / Graff/Grav liners. Not only were Grave's/Greafs first found in the Somerset area, but Dutch Gravels share the Face Coat!!!!

Mr. Patterson pressed the SAND in the septic bed, and Sands (ragully) with Sandys share the Darlene fitchees. He had delivered the special gravel for beneath the pipes of the septic bed, and Pipe's share the Pepin Coat while Pepin of Landen can be traced well to Langford-related Landens/Landers, first found in Switzerland with Graffs/Graffens/Gravs. Langfords were first found in Bedfordshire with Lavenders while Lavanders are in the French Landry write-up.

I've told that Mr. Gouch inspected the septic system, and Gog-like Googe's/Gouch's share the boar head of Schims/Schiens who share the Drown/Drain Chief! Lake Sevan was once named after Gog / Gogarene, near Alania. I didn't realize until after writing the last sentence that Schims/Schiens are listed with Sand-like Shands! It can explain why the Coat of Sands / Sandys looks related to the one of Maxtons, the latter first found on Roxburghshire with Googe's and Mole's.

Drain-like Deerings are said to descend from Mr. Morinis while Marone's share the Schim/Schien boar head. Mole's share the Schim/Schien boar, and it just so happens that Mole's share the Chief of DERRINs/Dorans, first found in LEIX. The Drin river looks applicable here.

AHH, Derrins/Darrens/Dorans share the split-colored boar of ROBIN-using Sullivans!!!! German Dare's/Derrs/Dehrens look like kin of Cutters, suspect from Kotor, home of Saracens. The Doran-like Daorsi were at/near Kotor. The triple sheaves of Dare's/Derrs/Dehrens (share Weaver sheaves) are those also of Comyns, from Kuman in Fier county down the Apsus river from Antipatria. The Comyns (share dagger with Kilpatricks) share the Avis/Avison Coat while Scottish Kennedys have an "Avise" motto term while Irish Kennedys were first found in Tipperary with Sullivans. Daorsi-connectable Doors/Dorrs were first found in Herefordshire with Weaver-branch WEFers. Tippers can be expected in the motto of Pendragons (share helmet with Tipperary Kennedys) motto.

Sandys (essentially have the Sand Coat) were first found in Worcestershire with Chips, which recalls the friendly CHIPmunk which, after braving a trip to my shoulder (only for a spit-second), was found a day or two later drowned in a five-gallon bucket of WATER in my house. Sands and Sandys share the Alan fesse (Keep colors), and Chips have Alan de Cheppe while Cheppe's/Keppe's were first found in Hampshire with the Cassane's (share WATER Coat) connectable to Irish Pattersons/Cassane's. Hampshire is also where Chase's were first found, and Kepke chased me with the graphene spider at the Graff residence!

The Cheppe-like Cheaps/Chappes' were first found in Stirlingshire with Darlene-beloved Robe's/Robbs, poifect because Darlene's share the Sandy fitchee. Sandys are fully in Fauch colors. Sandfords were first found in Shropshire with Alans and elephant-head Levens. Irish Sanders ("Nil") have elephant heads too. Sands were once said to be first found in Lancashire with the Plate's in the Chief of Irish Sanders.

The chipMUNK is now fantastic because English Munks/Monks (beside Cocks and Trice's/Trysts) give away, with their COCKatrice, their being from Grimaldi's of MONACo, and then of course we note that Fauci's were first found in Genova with the Grimaldi's who share the Cock Shield. The Grimaldi and Cock Shields are filled with lozengy in the colors of the similar checks that fill the Fisc and German Munich/Munch Shields, and the latter are fantastic because I was wondering whether Parrs could play into this heraldic set BEFORE seeing German Munichs/Munch's. The latter share the double fesses of Parrs, and the reason I had Parrs on the brain is that they mention the "head" and "shoulders" of the woman in their Crest. The chipmunk had climbed onto my shoulder shortly before it drowned.

I can understand why Munichs/Munch's have the Parrs, as per the "par" motto term of Rollo's, for a Mr. Grimaldus married Rollo's daughter, Crispina. And that's why Munichs/Munch's share the Coat of Fieschi-like Fiscs, for Grimaldi's formed a political pact with Fieschi of Genova. The Ukrainian owner of Burisma Holdings lives in Monaco, which could have something to do with Ukrainian Munichs. "GRIMaldi" may have been from Ukraine's "CRIMea." I don't know how Danes came to be called "Rus" along with Varangians of Kiev, but expect a marriage between them.

Rollo was a Dane, and the Tryst-loving Hebron/Hepburns (Northumberland with Grimms/Grime's) share the red rose with Danish Munks. The latter show only three red roses in the position of the three red thistles of Fauch's, and so we then go again to the three red roses in the Major Chief, now in both colors of the Fauch thistles. Majors and Thistle's were first found off the coast from Rouen, Rollo's capital.

The three Major roses are those of both English Youngs and French Clairs, which makes sense where Crispins of BEC, from the son of Grimaldus and Crispina, had been direct Clare's. As Youngs and Clairs share the same Coat, it can explain why German Youngs/Jungs/June's have a giant and upright stag in white, as do German Becks. It can explain why Beach's/Bechs, a branch of Beckers, have a Shield of vair fur in the colors of the similar lozengy of Grimaldi's. German Grimms ought to be sharing the quadrants of Seconds/SEGURs because the latter were first found in Limousin with the other French Clairs. The Grimm sun can be for Clair-branch Sinclairs/Suns. The Pavia Coat three times in the Grime/Grimm Coat can reveal that Levi's, with a "second" motto term, were from Laevi of Pavia.

Oh wow. I had spotted a Grave location in Brittany, found in the write-up of French Clairs, and here we can add that while Valiants have a shark, Sarasins, first found in Brittany, share the moline cross of English Becks. The wow part is where I looked up French Grave's upon seeing the Grave location, but had nothing to say about them until some minutes later I recalled the Grimbalds. It was amazing to see that the latter share the six bars of French Grave's in colors reversed!! The Graffs were across the street from my mother, in Grime-connectable Gormley, and she has a Grimaldi maiden name!

My mother (green eyes) might be a Ukrainian Italian. Her grandson married a Moldavian, and her Moldavian father keeps telling me that some Moldavian words are from when Italians conquered Romania. Ukrainian Romans have red roses for the Rus, and Italian Romans put a giant and white wolf upon the Ukrainian flag in reverse colors. The bottom half (the colors) of Roman wolf is reflective of the Young/Jung/June stag, and English June's were first found in Staffordshire with Grimbalds! The raguly staff is probably part-code for Staffs/Staffords, and PilGRIMs use "staves."

Ahh, June's were once said to be first found in Cambridgeshire with Jeune's in the Young/Yonge motto, and that's where Proctors were first found whose three nails are almost the three staves of Pilgrims. Logans, first found in Ayrshire with Scottish Kennedys, have the three Proctor nails while Irish Kennedys share the SCIMitar in Crest with Pilgrims.

The Neils/O'Nails were first found in Tyrone with Sharks and Hagans, and the latter's blue fish is highly suspect with the saltire-by-blue-fish of Kidneys/Gedneys because the shark in my 1979 dream was in a typical kidney-shaped, residential pool. The Geds use fish in the colors of the Arms-of-Saraca fish, as do Neils/O'Nails.

The beauty here is that, prior to coming to the Proctor nails, the Angels were loaded as "Angela" because that's my mother's name. I was able to see faintly how Angels might be from Ukrainian elements through L'Aquila. The point here is, Angela's not only share the Hagan quadrants, but have a saltire made by part-blue keys so that it's in the colors of the Kidney/Gedney and German Nail/Neil/Nagle saltire!!! I'm impressed. Geds are wrongly said to have been first found in Fife (near Scottish Kids of Dundee), and I trace Fife's to Ukraine's Lviv. Geds were on the Nith river around 400 AD.

Geds and Geddes' use "pike" fish suspect with Picenum elements that I think named Picenze, the village where my mother was born and raised, a few miles from L'Aquila. As Geds are in the colors of English Kidney-like Kidds, we can trace Geds to Kiev elements where Kidds have the Kepke/Kopke goat. The PECHENegs of Ukraine must be the people group who named Picenze. My mother's mother was born miss Masci while a Geddes page tells that Geds took up swords with Mackays, a branch of Maceys/Mace's. The latter use a gauntlet, which is a glove, and Glove's were first found in Perthshire with Justine's (linkable to Kepke's/Kopke's), from Justine of Picenum.

I was in Pescara as many as three times when on a summer trip to Picenze as a boy with my mother. On some Sundays, we'd go to the ocean beach in Pescara, which, if it wasn't part of Picenum, it's close. The Pesci's/Pescara's have a giant fish in the colors of the Saraca / Ged fish. Pescara faces out to sea at Ragusa of the Saraca's. Inland from Ragusa is SARAjevo.

The Alan Huns came from SAURomatians/SARmatians, and Raggs' were first found in Leicestershire with the SOAR river. Sarmatians (from proto-Ukraine), whose ancestors may have named Sarah, Abraham's first wife, thus look like a mother trunk of Saracens. Soars share the quadrants of LEIGHtons/LEYtons (Shropshire) while the neighboring Leigh's/LEGHs/Leys thus look like they are from the Legro river, the alternative name of the Soar. As Leicesters (Cheshire with Leigh's/LIGHs/Leys) use the SWAN, I suppose that Leicester was named by LIGurians at SAVONA, right-near the Fauci's and Fieschi of Genova. German Dole's share the checkered Shield of Fieschi-like Fiscs.

The "UN" motto term of Rush's (Suffolk with Crauns/Crane's) suggests a family from the Una river again because Rush's share triple-blue annulets fessewise with Crauns/Crane's. Varangian Rus were in the land of Sarmatians as they spread Europe-ward from Caucasia.

Levi's have a "second" motto term while Seconds are listed with Fauci-connectable Segurs (share Genova/Geneva lion). French Landrys were first found in Lorraine with the Perins whose beakless eagle is in the colors of the eagle of Fauci-connectable Segni's/SEGURana's. Perino's share a Pero variation with the Pierro's, the latter first found in a city founded by Laevi Gauls. Lorraine's use the beakless eagle too, which in heraldry is called an "allerion." Allers share the red escutcheon with allerion-using Holdins, and with the Gotts in the Weaver/Webber motto phrase, "Gott segne."

I've said a million times that Lorraine, my date in my youth, lived on Church street, but I've had never read the whole Lorraine write-up until now, learning that they held KIRK Hall in Northumberland. German Church's are also KIRCHners, and Kirks share the green-on-gold thistle of English Robins. Kirks have a Coat reflection of the Majors, the latter first found in the Channel Islands with Thistle's/Thissels, and the Major Crest shares a greyhound head with gold collar with English Church's.

Thistle-like Tissels/Twizels (probably the Pendragon chevron) were first found in Northumberland with Kirk Hall, and they use the otter while Otters/Others almost have the Ring/Crann Coat while English Rings/Ringsteads share the Tissel/Twizel chevron. Majors share the roses of Pierro's/Pero's, the latter first found on the Tessin river to which I trace Tease's/Tess' and TISS'/Teese's. Tysons/Tessons were first found in Northumberland too, tending to identify Thistle's and Tissels as Tessin-river families. Fauci's therefore look like they bumped into Tessin-river elements.

The robin drowned. The Drown/Drain surname shares the Chief of Schims/Schiens, first found in Aberdeenshire with Skins/Scans/Skene's, a possible pointer to 666 scanning machines that might be set up to prove vaccination before entering a store/workplace. The Drown/Drain Chief is also the Washington Chief, and Washingtons were first found in Durham with Darlingtons and Comites-branch Conte's/ComiTISSA's. Schims/Schiens not only have a "comites" motto term, but a "duce comites" phrase for a possible pointer to James LeDuc. Note how ComiTISSa's can be of the Fauch-beloved Thistle's/Thissels and/or Tissels/Twizels. The Darlingtons were a Darlene branch while Darlene was an ice-cream girl while the other ice-cream girl pointed hard to Fauci branches.

The amazing thing now is that I recall Twizell castle (Northumberland) of English Blake's while I also know off-hand that Blacks (Lincolnshire with Buckets!!!) share the orange demi-lion in Crest of DROWNs!!!! The robin drowned. Thistle's/Thissels even share pheons (different colors) with French Robins!

Kirks have a Coat somewhat like the one of English Majors (giant anchor), the latter first found in the Channel Islands with Thistle's/Thissels. English Majors share the Chief of French Capote's/Chappus', first found in Forez with thistle-using Fauch's!!! It would be too nice if someone merely drowned Tony Fauci in a bucket.

English Majors share the red greyhound in Crest with Surreys/Sarks, and while Surrey is where Dolphins/Dolfins were once said to be first found, Tissels/Twizels have a dolphin in Crest. The Tissel/Twizel otters can connect to Ada of Warenne, whose father was earl of Surrey. She married the earl of Huntingdon while Otters/Others were first found in Huntingdonshire. The Tissel/Twizel dolphin is the white one in the Caesar Crest, and the Caesars, first found in Surrey, share three red roses in Chief with English Majors. Caesars were at CROYdon (Surrey) while Greys (in the greyhound) are also Croys.

Dolphins/DOLfins are now said to be first found in Cumberland with the Bernice's who share the fesse in the Arms of Saraka. Bernice's share the black HUNTING HORN with the Dutch Posts possibly in the "post" motto term of English Robins, and the latter were first found in Middlesex with Horns. The latter share the Coat of Herons, and the latter were first found in Northumberland with Greys/Croys. The Bernice hunting horn suggests that Saraca's were a Surrey/Sark branch after all.

Horns and Herons, both in the colors and format of French Robins (Brittany with Sarasins and Dolfin-connectable Dol) even have a "Nil" motto term while Irish Neils were first found in Tyrone with Sharks. Saraca's were in Kotor while Cutters share the Chief-Shield colors of Dutch Posts.

Bernice's share "perSEVERantia" with Falo's/Fellows, first found in Huntingdonshire with Ada of Warrene. Fellers/Felltragers were kin of Rook-connectable German Tragers (compare with Rocco's), and then English Tragers share triple-black ravens with Varenne's while Ada of Warenne was also "of Varenne." Verona's with a virus-like Vires variation, as well as BOTHwells, nearly have the Feller Coat, and Verona's/Vires' may be adding the Arms-of-Saraca fish. I see the Saraca fish with BOETs and the house of BOETHus. This is pointing to Rockefeller medicine / vaccinations.

I threw the robin and water onto the grass, and Fauchys have a grasshopper. English Grasse's share the lion of English Posts and the neighboring Pools. English Posts were first found in Hampshire with Tiss'/Teese's.

The Tissel/Twizell otter is used by BalFOURs having a "FORward" motto suspect with the Fore variation of Forez's. The Travers in the Forez/Fore motto are in Tissel/Twizel colors and format. Trevors/Trefors were first found in Herefordshire with Wefers, Waffers and English DOORs. Irish Doors share the giant lion of Forez-like Sforza's, and the Quince bloodline held by the Sforza lion built the castle of Faucets a few miles from Musselburgh. Mussels/Muscels were a Meschin branch while Travers (share Meschin scallops) are said to have married Meschins.

The reason the Tissel/Twizell chevron is suspect with the Pendragon chevron is because myth writers gave mythical Pendragon an Uther first name with Utters/Otterburns have the otter too. In fact, they have the Tissel/Twizell Coat in colors reversed. PenDRAGONs were from the Penestae peoples on the DRIN river while DRAINers/Dragons are in Pendragon colors while Drowns are Drains too. Blake's of Twizell castle use a dragon head.

These Blake's of Twizell were at nearby TILLmouth too, tending to explain why Tillers share pellets with them, and then the Blake pale bar is the one also of Tails/Tailers (share leopard with Blake's). Tile's/Tilleys share the dragon with Blake's. Tillers were first found in GlaMORGANshire (previously Morgannwg) with Welsh Louis and Lewis (share the Blake dragon head), and then French Louis'/Loys were first found in Lorraine. The Lorraine lions are those of Morgans in colors reversed. Thus, I didn't know until now that Lorraine's were connectable to Blake's of Twizell via the Kirk Hall location of Lorraine's.

Louis liners are suspect with mythical GorLOIS, whom myth writers made the father of Morgan le Fay, and even had him connected to Uther Pendragon. Gorlois is part-code for Gore's who almost have the Coat of GAINs, first found in Huntingdonshire with Otters/Others, and thus this is a pointer to Fauci's so-called gain-of-function experiments. The Gains are also Engaine's while the write-up of the Travers (in the Forez/Fore motto) tells that their estates went by marriage to "Ralph de Engayne." Irish Gains/Gainers (Longford with Quinns and Faughns) have a vertically-split Shield in the colors of the vertically-split Ground/Cranny Chief.

In myth, Pendragon mated with Gorlois' wife, IGRAINE, and Grains/Grayne's were first found in Yorkshire with Rhodes' who in turn have a Coat like the one of Grounds/Grundys (Yorkshire). This looks connectable to crane-using Grounds/Crannys, and thus we seem to be back to the Coron/Corona bloodline. Grounds/Grundys share the Blake / Feet/Fate and Tiens/Thames martlets while the latter were first found in Oxfordshire with Amore's suspect in the "Amor" motto term of Grounds/Crannys.

I threw the water and dead robin onto the GROUND from my deck. Decks/Daggers share the red squirrel of Square's/Squirrels who in turn share a "ferme" motto term with Head-branch Haydens. The full motto is "TIENS ferme."

The Arms of Glamorgan have the Water Coat in colors reversed. The robin drowned in the water that I was using to water my garden seedlings. Gardens/JARDens share the giant boar head of JARRETs, the latter first found in Brittany with the French Robins. This boar head is in the colors of the boat of SULLivans who in turn use a "robin". Celes'/Sillys/Sullys share the Water Coat!!!

It was Mamie who pointed to Gardens very near the day she was with me at a baseball diamond with Cindy Richardson, which was an event pointing to pizzagate in Washington (Blacks and Drowns/Drains share the Washington Chief). I'm re-telling this because Richardsons are said to descend from Belwoods of Malpas while both Belwoods and Malpas' almost have the Coat of French Robins. Cindys share the double pale bars of Seeds/Cedes' while the bucket of water was for the seedlings sitting in vase-like containers on my front deck. Vase's are listed with Fauci-branch Face's!!! Incredible.

Malpas' were at Broxton of Great Boughton while Boughtons are also the Botons treated earlier in this update with Buttons/Bottons and Bodins / Bodins. The Celes'/Sillys had come off of the "Celestes" motto term of Bodins.

The Otter/Other crescent is in the middle of the Fife Chief, and it's gold like the gold crescent in the middle of the Utter/Otterburn Chief. The Fife's were a branch of FIVE's/Fifys while Balfours were first found in Fife while Fauci drowned in a FIVE-gallon bucket!!! The neighboring Brecons (Angus with Gardens/Jardens and Jardins) share the English Bucket Coat!!!

The Fife's even look related to the English Ducks for a pointer to James LeDuc of the Galveston lab. I trace Five's and their Vivian/Vey branch to Ukraine's Lviv on the Bug river, and bat-using Bugs use "water bougets" that are partly code for Bucket liners!!! That works, don't fix it. Veys/Vivians were first found in Cornwall with Pendragons and Bude while Dutch Veys use the boot.

The Arms of Lviv use a "Semper fidelis" motto, the motto also of Jarrats (not "Jarret"). And Sempers happen to share the Coat of Ducys, both using lions in the colors of the Duck lion heads and the Fife / Five/Fify lions. Someone needs to investigate possible ties between James LeDuc and Ukraine's bio-weapons labs. Sempers (Pierro/Pero colors) are Pere's too while "oPERA" is a Fife motto term.

The Fix's/Ficks, by the way, share the wavy fesse of BelFORE's/Belfords, first found in Northumberland with Thistle-like Tissels/Twizels who share the Balfour otter (same colors, that is). The wavy fesse of Fix's/Ficks is that also of Dutch Gaunts/Ghents while gauntlets are used by the Gunters suspect in the Garden/Jarden motto.

The Corons/Corona's were at Adlington of Cheshire while Adlingtons (Tissel/Twizel colors and format) were at PENwortham to explain why they share the Pendragon / Tissel/Twizel chevron. As Uther Pendragon is a clue of the Pendragon relationship with Others/Otters (Huntingdonshire), it stands to reason that ADlingtons were at least partly from Ada of Warenne, wife of Henry, earl of Huntingdon. her line to Aids/Ade's pointed to the faked AIDS pandemic that Fauci had supported and perhaps fueled. Adlingtons tell that an Adlington of Cheshire was an "ancestral home to the Leghs", and as Trump fueled the COVID vaccines, I'll bet that Leghs named the Trump-connectable Leggs.

Leghs have a giant lion in the colors of the Duck/DUX lion HEADs, and it's probably correct to point out that Adlingtons and Fauch-connectable Tissels/Twizels are in Head/Heed colors and format. The Adlington write-up possibly implies a relationship with DUXburys, and the Duxbury Coat might just have a red cross superimposed on the Face Coat. Duxburys were in LEYland while Leghs are also Leys. The latter were first found beside the Leightons/Leytons who were in turn beside the first-known Ducys.

Duxburys were at Chorley of Leyland while Chorleys use "bottles" while Bottle's/Bootle's (Lancashire with Chorley) show only Corona-connectable crowns.

No Proper Burial

Immediately after writing the above. I spent the afternoon tending to the garden. When I was back to the house, I saw the robin lying on the ground, and noticed it was small, a YOUNG robin. English Youngs are in Fauch colors and format, as well as in the colors of the three piles of Buckets. The Youngs show only three roses, and they happen to be in the colors of the roses of English Majors, first found in the Channel Islands with the Thistle's/Thissels. The Fauch Coat shows only three thistles (a fourth in the Crest).

There was an ant mound more than a foot across on the ground a couple of feet from where the robin had landed, still above the septic tank, and so I laid the robin on the ant mound because Tony Fauci deserves to be eaten by hungry ants.

[Insert -- The day after writing the above, I added this insert. Near the end of it, I looked up Robins again to see it I missed something, and there I saw that Scottish Robins first found in Peebles-shire with Mounds and Mounts! The ant mound. Both Mounds and Mounts have a green mound, the color of the Cremer mound. Mounts use a ragully staff in green, the colors of the Crain/Crane ragully staff. Cremers are said to be of Crainors.

Actually, thinking this ant mound through could suggest that Fauci is going down due to the many, small social-media outlets, all constituting an army of ants eating away constantly against globalism in general. The goons have little choice but to shut them all down only to become the stinkiest pieces of trashes in the eyes of all the world. They hid their tyrannical natures for decades, but people like Fauci blew their angelic cover, and things are going bad for them so that they might not dare try to shut them all down any longer. We'll see. Do you think God arranged that ant mound?

Tweets were first found in Peebles-shire too, and Elon Musk now owns Twitter tweets who promises not to allow the goons shut speech down for mere political antagonisms. The Peebles/PEOPLES surname has parrots, and the people have a million small media outlets all parroting the anti-globalist news from one another.

The ANTicks have a giant parrot, and I took them from the motto of Shake's with mole hills! I lie not: a few days after the stool pigeon arrived to the septic tank, I saw the first-ever mole hill above the septic tank (I brought the stool pigeon to topic later, after this insert). I viewed it as a government-spy mole into the Trump administration. I told readers that, previously, there were mole tunnels under my front deck and in the GRAVEL between it and the septic tank. There are three Gravel surnames, one bring listed with Dutch Grave's who share the FACE Coat!!! This looks like a pointer to graphene-oxide.

Mole's (Roxburghshire with Googe's/Gouch's) share the boar of Googe's/Gouch's while Mr. Gouch inspected the septic tank. Mole's share the giant boar head of Schims/Schiens/Shands ("Duce") who share the Drown/Drain Chief.

English Buckets/Buchards use holly in Crest while Irish Hollys show many Collins-like surnames. And English Hollys share the bend of ANTrims/ANTringhams (Norfolk with Hollys) said to be named after the Ant river. AntRINGhams are in the colors of Rings/Ringsteads, first found in Norfolk! Surprise. Norfolk is where FLAGs/Flecks were first found having the Ring/Ringstead scallop in colors reversed, and then Flys of Flagi have the martlets of Irish Collins in colors reversed.

English Collins have Ernise de Coulonces married to a daughter of William I of Warenne, earl of Surrey, and as that's the grandfather of Ada, it explains why Irish Rings almost have the Otter/Other Coat, for the latter were first found in Huntingdonshire with Ada's husband (Henry of Scotland). Plus, believe it or not, Anticks were first found in Surrey! It thus appears that Anticks were of the family naming the Ant river!!! I'm beside myself.

Antringhams and Rings were first found in Norfolk with the Parsons sharing the triple Peare leopard faces. The Peare's were kin of Tiens' in the motto of Squirrels sharing the squirrel of Decks. Tiens' and Peare's were first found in Oxfordshire with the pear-using Abbots, and Parrots use pears too, in the same colors. While Ada of Warenne was of the Warrens who share the checkered Coat of Wards, Wardens have the pear too, tending to link the Parrot-line Anticks to the Warenne's of Surrey.

Francis Collins was Fauci's boss until he quit in the heat of the lockdown scandals. One Francis surname nearly has the WEFer Coat in colors reversed, and the other, with nearly the HEREFORD Coat in colors reversed, was first found in Oxfordshire with the Lake's who in turn were related to the Brace's/Bras'. The latter were first found in Herefordshire with Wefers and Waffers; the latter share the Huntingdon fesse. Both Lake's and Brace's/Bras' share the bend of Antrims/Antringhams. Pelosi's/Pilati's, first found beside Bras-like Bra, have the Collin-like "column," and La Quinta Columna broke the story of graphene-oxide in vaccines.

Wefers and Waffers have variations like the Wye's (probably the Holder griffin) who share the gold and upright griffin with the Crest of English Collins'. Wye's are excellent here because their griffins are in the colors of the Graff/Graffen/GRAV lion while Wye's were first found in Gloucestershire with Grave's/Greafs! Does the dead robin relate to the Grave bloodline so as to point to graphene-oxide?

The three Francis eagles are shared by Tessels/Teasels who in turn share the crescent of DEATHs and MORTs/Motts (Essex with Tessels/Teasels)! "Mort" means "dead." Deaths share a gold griffin with Collins! Zikers, what have we dug up here? It stinks bad.

The robin was tossed to the ground above the septic TANK, and the ant mound was there while Tanks/Tancreds are in the colors and format of the Oxfordshire Francis' with red eagles. They are the three eagles also of Courcys, first found in Somerset with Wefer-branch Webbers (share fleur-de-lys of neighboring Flys of Flagi). Tancred was the father of king Guiscard, and Guiscards/WISharts share three red piles with Buckets/Buchards.

Tanks/Tancreds were first found in Yorkshire with the Pullys/Pullens who share their scallops, and Pullys happen to have the martlets of English Collins!!! The pail-like Pale's/Palys were first found in Yorkshire too. The robin died in a pail. Here's a portrait of the royal Guiscard brothers with a PULLey at their feet.

Pullys/Pullens likely named Pully in Switzerland's LAUSanne region, and Laus(a) was an alternative name of Croatian Ragusa. It just so happens that while Saraca's of Kotor are very linkable to Meteon, Meats/Meads have the Pully martlets. Pullys/Pullens and Meats/Meads share the pelican with DeVAUDs/DeVAUX's while Pully is in Vaud canton. You can't argue with the facts. The peoples of Sephar-like Sybaris (Italy) named nearby Laus, and Saracena is a location on the Sybaris river while the Pellicans have got to be from Peleg, brother of Joktan. The latter's sons were in and beside Sephar.

Pully is "at the foot of the vineyards of LaVAUX on the road to VEVey..." LaVaux's, who include the Neret Coat with their own, were first found in Brittany with Nerets, Sarasins and Roys. Ragusa is near the NERETva river of the Daorsi and Ardiaei. The only difference between the Neret and LaVaux Coat is that the latter add three stars, making LaVaux's appear related to Roys. They both have three stars on a bend, as do Scottish Vaux's/Vallibus' in different colors. This Brittany location is a good argument for trace LaVaux elements to Vychans/Vaughns, first found in Shropshire with the Dol Alans and Bellamys (Belmont colors). I trace Bellamy elements to the Arve river at Geneva.

Moreover, English Vaux's/Vallibus' share the Arms of Meulan, and the Beaumonts of Meulan are also Belmonts while Belmont-sur-Lausanne is smack beside Pully and Lavaux. The Beaumonts of Meulan married Waleran de Leavell. I now recall that I traced elements from Lupus Laevillus to the north shore of lake Geneva i.e. where Pully and Vevey are located.

Repeat from above: "A Wells-family page had claimed that Wells were a branch of the Vallibus' whom houseofnames lists with Vaux's, and then English Vaux's/Vallibus' were first found in Cumberland with English Falcons (and Saracens)." The Saracen wolf could possibly have originated in another family as code for Lupus Laevillus. It's a black wolf, the color of the wolf heads of Quade's, from Quadratilla Bassus, wife of Lupus Laevillus. End insert]

Back to the Fore's/Forez's with a "TOUT travers" motto. The Tout-branch Tuits/Tute's (Norfolk with Rye's/Rise's) have the quadrants of Swedish WALLENs/Walls in colors reversed, and Welsh Wallens (share Rye/Rise Coat) could have the duck-using Dreys/Drays (Burgundy with Saffers and Save's) in their motto who in turn are in French Saffer colors and format. English Saffers (uniCORNs) use a "Vita" motto term while Vita's (share Sever annulet) were first found in TARVISium while Travers are listed with TRAVIS' while TARVIS' have the vertically-split Fauci and Tromp Shield in colors reversed.

The Travers in the FORE/Forez motto share the boar head of Rochelle's/RockWALLs, and the latter are in BalFOUR colors and format. Rochelle WALENsky replaced Robert Redfield as director of the CDC, and Redfields/RedFERNs named "Redfern near ROCHdale". Ferns have the Duck lion head, but also a lion head in the colors of the Robert and Proper/ROBIN/Robert lion, which I think is amazing as per ROBERT Redfield. Rockwell End is said to be a location in Somerset, where Ducks were first found as well as Severs.

Propers/Robins/Roberts are said to have been at Malpas, and the Malpas' have a version of the French Robin Coat. Malpas' and Robins share pheons with Thistle's/Thissels, and the other two Robin surnames have thistles. The ostrich head of Propers/Robins/Roberts (Cheshire with Corons/Corona's and Bello's) has a crown around its neck as indication of Ceraunii liners. English Corons/Corona's are in the colors and format of Savarys/Savards (Poitou with Batons/Bastons) while English Saffers are likewise Savards.

English Saffers are in the colors and format of English Silvers/Silversteins while German Silvers share the crescent of Saffins, the latter first found in Somerset with Severs and English BACKs. The Saffins share the stars of Italian Boys/Boets/Boeddu's who in turn have a giant bull in the colors of the giant "steer" bull of German Bachs/Backs. Not only do English Silvers share the lion of Propers/Robins/Roberts and French Roberts, but Welsh Roberts were first found in Denbighshire with the Bachs/Baghs sharing the blue-vaired fesse of English Saffers and Silvers.

And by the way, Italian Corons/Corona's (share crown of Cheshire Corons/Corona's) were first found in Tarvisium with the Vita's (share Sever annulet) in the Saffer and Bello motto. Saffers, with uniCORN heads, were first found beside Cornwall, named by the Cornovii Celts who were also in Cheshire.

Tarvisium elements are suspect in the Forez/Fore motto, and while Forez is beside mont Pilat, Pilate's (Burgundy with French Saffers and French Roberts) almost have the French Robin Coat. The robin drowned in the bucket, and English Buckets, first found in Lincolnshire with Pilotte's, have three piles in the colors of the three thistles of Fauch's (Forez).

Drowns/Drains have an orange lion while Orange's have a giant hunting horn in Fauch colors, though this is hardly a strong Fauch-Orange link without some other considerations. New-to-me-now Fachs/Vachers/Vachons (Dol, in Brittany) have FOUR fesses in the colors of the Hunting/Huntingdon fesse. German Bugs share the Varenne Coat while Ada of Varenne married Henry, earl of Huntingdon. English Bugs, in German Bug colors, have the water bougets that are code for the Bucket bloodline.

Bugs (BAT) share the Carrick fesse while Carricks add the black dog in the Crest of Bouchier's who in turn use water bougets as well as sharing the Vaux/Vallibus checks. Bouchiere's (not "Bouchier") might just have the saltire of Hunts/Hunters and Bats, both first found in Shropshire with Vaux- and Vachon-like Vychans/Vaughns. Vallibus-connectable Wells (Lincolnshire with Drown-related Blacks) share the lion of Faucets, the latter first found in the same place with Scottish Vaux's/ValliBUS'. FortiBUS' (Devon with Billets sharing the BUS cinquefoil) share the Drown/Drain stars. Gold billets (metal bars) fill the Shield of Nassau's (share giant Gold/Gould lion) who merged with Orange's to form Orange-Nassau.

This is the place to tell that Golds/Goulds look like kin of German Hammers while English Hammers are in the colors of the Hams (Sussex with Hammers and Vychan-like Vise's/Vice's) while Pfizer-like Vissers/Fisers have fish (don't know the species) in the colors of the Ham "salmon."

Vychans/Vaughns were first found in Shropshire with the Dol Alans, and with Hunts/Hunters. Vychans/Vaughns almost have the Fish Coat except that the latter add a wavy chevron, code for Weaver liners, and Wefers were first found in the same place with Waffers who in turn are in Hunting/Huntingdon colors and format. Waffers use plates in place of the Hunting horns of Huntings/Huntingdons. I almost missed it: Fish and Buckets/Buchards were first found in Lincolnshire with the Blacks sharing the Drown/Drain Chief, and both have the same demi-orange lion in Crest!

Pilate-like Plate's (Lancashire with Savards/Salfords) are not only in Ram colors and format, but have the Traver scallops in half their colors. As Ram-connectable Cremers come with the ice-cream cone for the line of Visconti's, we tell of the "vis" motto term of Rams, and moreover the Ice's/Ecco's can be gleaned by their Coats as an Egg branch while German Eggs/Eggers use a plate (white roundel) in Pilate colors. Though in different colors, Eggertons (Cheshire, beside Plate's) share pheons with Pilate's. The Armys suspect in the Eggerton motto were first found in Lincolnshire with Pilotte's, and the latter share the Coat of Pellets, first found in Sussex with VISE's. Raymundo were first found in Cremona, and Raymundo- / Cremona-like RAMona's use the tower while giant-tower Towers were first found in Lancashire with Plate's while giant-tower Tours were first found in Languedoc with French Raymonds. Any questions, class? Things are a-clickin.

French Raymonds share the Chief of French Constance's/Constants in the "Constant" motto term of Scottish Rose's. The latter share the water bouget (different colors) with Bouchier's while Bouchiere's (not "Bouchier") share the eagle of English Constance's. Scottish Rose's are said to have named Ros near Caen, which can explain why water-bouget Bugs were first found in Dorset with Caens who share the Peare leopard FACES. It was a YOUNG robin dead in the water of bouget-connectable bucket, and English Youngs (Essex with Bouchier's) share the Coat of German Rose's who are in turn in FAUCH colors and format.

Fauci's were first found in Genova with Doria's who in turn married Arduinici of the BAUTica river. Arduinici were in more-particular at Ivrea on that river, and then there was a Rozala of Ivrea (Italian royal family) and Lombardy who could have been a Rose liners. Ivrea-like Yvery was home to the family of Waleran de Leavell, and Scottish Youngs share the triple piles of Scottish Leavells.

German Rose's were first found in Silesia with Schlesingers, share red roses with them, but Schlesingers (Silesians proper) add leopard FACES, gold like the ones of Caens. The latter were first found in Dorset with Head-branch Hats/Hades' while Hatters/Hedericks share the fesse-with-roses of Schlesingers. It's a small heraldic world. Rossi's and Russells (Dorset with Bugs and Caens) share the lion of Hatricks and Edricks who were probably a branch of Hatters/Hattericks. Ross' have the same lion in colors reversed.

Raymundo at Knob Hill Farms would get a ride to work with Mike Denardo, and Denardo's/Narbonne's/NORDi's share the Tour tower while French NarBONNE's were first found in Languedoc with Tours. NORTH's share the Denardo/Narbonne lion, and were first found in Sussex with Pellets and BONE's. Italian Bona's (Odin / Otone lion) were first found in Milan with Visconti's. Bone-branch Bunns were first found in Oxfordshire with HURTs/Horts in the "hurts" (blue roundels) of Eggs/Eggers. A Narbonne location is in Aude province with Roquefeuil, and with the first-known Rocks/Roque's while English Rocks were first found in Worcestershire with Eggs/Edge's.

Aude's/Ode's, linkable to Ottone Visconti, were first found in Savoy with Sforza-like Forez's/Fore's (share HEROD fesse) while English Forts (rock in Crest) and Roxburghs have an "Audax" motto term. As English Forts were first found in Lancashire, their fort likely has the Tower tower. Force's (Dordogne, near Fauchys and Faux's/Fage's of Perigord) have leopards in Sforza-lion colors. Fortibus'/FOURtibus' (Devon with tower-using Tours/Thors) have an Odo character, and Odo's/Hode's were first found in Sussex with leopard-face Leopards (in French Fort colors and format). German Forts share the giant Sforza lion. The Odo-beloved Pellicans have a giant tower in colors reversed from the three Tour/Thor towers which are in turn in the colors and format of the three Fortibus stars (neither Coat shows anything else).

The interesting thing is that the Fortibus stars are in the Drown/Drain Chief. The latter have an orange lion while Orange's merged with Nassau's who in turn share the giant Sforza / Fort lion.

The Haeks/Hacke's suspect in the "haec" motto term of Propers/Robins/Roberts have a giant unicorn. Saffers, first found in Devon with Hykes'/Hacks and HOOKs, share the blue vair of French Roberts, the ones sharing the Proper/Robin/Robert lion. Hooks, with a blue-Shield Coat version of the Hicks' (share "Tout" with Forez's/Fore's), can be part of the "Hoc signo" motto phrase of Fauch-branch Face's. The Travers in the Forez/Fore motto share the Hykes/Hack scallops. What is going on here, and what could it mean?

Miss Hicks, Sleeping Beauty, moved to FORney (Texas), and Forneys have the BalFOUR chevron in colors reversed while Balfours were first found in Fife while Fife's share the lion of FIVE's/Fifys. Forney is in Kaufman county, and "Rockwall County was formed in 1873 from portions of Kaufman County." Rockwalls, in Balfour colors and format, are listed with Rochelle's, and Rochelle Walensky took over from Robert Redfield. The Texas surname shares a Vaux Coat.

While Savarys are listed with both Savards and Saffers, English Savards are listed with Salfords, once said to be first found in Bury of Lancashire with Ratcliffs and Holts/Holds, which reminds of the HELTs/Helds sharing the HICKson Coat who came up as per "EcoHEALTH." Ecco's and Hicks are both Icke's too. Forney is some ten miles from the home of John Ratcliffe, former director of National Intelligence. I keep wondering why Sleeping Beauty could apply to him. Is he the stool pigeon?

Salfords have black wolves with gold collars, like the black wolf heads with gold collars of Quade's, and the latter were from Quadratilla Bassus, wife of Lupus Laevillus, the line to Waleran de Leavell. Leavells are also Levels (Somerset with BACKs), and Sleeping Beauty was hovering level in the air on her BACK. The three Quade wolf heads are with the Ratcliff-connectable Cliffs. The latter's "glorior" motto term is like the "gloriosa" of Bach-connectable Saffers.

Due to the Beautys sharing nearly the WALeran Coat who in turn nearly have the black Ratcliff and Tipps'/Tippin bull head, note that the Balfour otter HEAD, and the Rochelle/Rockwall boar HEAD (it's the Travers boar head too), are at the TIP of the chevron. Balfours and Rochelle's/Rockwalls are almost identical in their Coats, and minus their one head each at the chevron, they have the Forney Coat in colors reversed. Whalleys, in Waleran colors and format, were first found in Lancashire with Ratcliffs and Tipps'/Tippins. Whalleys share the mascle of Hansons and Faux's, and Miss Hanson was an ice-cream girl.

Heads/Heeds are almost Heaths, and John Ratcliffe lives in Heath county. Heaters (Devon with Saffers) use bull heads in the colors of the Bach/Back steer. Heads/Heeds share unicorn heads (different colors) with Saffers, and Hats/Hades' were first found in Dorset with Beautys.

Is Sleeping Beauty somehow pointing to Rochelle WALENsky? Sleeping Beauty had a rising symbol for Risings/Risons, first found in Norfolk with Heads/Heads and Rie's/Rise's, and the latter share the Welsh WALLEN Coat! Sleeping Beauty was rising into the SKY, perhaps a pointer to "WalenSKY." Skye is where McLeods/Clouds were first found whom I've seen using a black bull head.

Again, French Saffers are in the colors and format of the five DUCKs of Dreys/Drays suspect in the "Drwy" motto term of Welsh Wallens. I've talked about Karen WHALEN many times, my date at age 20. I've said that she lived at the corner of Senator REESORS drive and HENRY Corson Place in Markham. I've told that Corsons/Carsons have the Whalen lozenges in colors reversed, but it's the French Henrys and Reesors/Reasons now catching my attention. French Henrys share the martlets of Redfields/Redferns, and Reesors/Reasons are a branch of Rice's while Rie's/Rise's share the WALLEN Coat!!! Suddenly, Karen Whelan is pointing to the CDC's Robert Redfield, replaced by Rochelle WALENsky! I'm seeing Sleeping Beauty rising into the WalenSKY.

KAREN Whelan lived on Henry Corson Place with Mr. Kepke, the one who pointed to graphene-poisoned vaccines with KAREN Graff of Gormley. I first saw Karen Graff while my parents lived at Senator Reesors drive. My father was building a new house in Gormley at that time, my age 12/13, and Gormleys share the Redfield/Redfern martlets too. I first saw Karen Graff on her street, the street upon which my father was building the new house. We moved there while I was still 13, and seven years later I happened to date Karen Whelan back on Senators Reesors, whom I had never seen before age 20.

I always link Crane-like Karens/Kerns to German Roets, and can now add that Scottish Roets were a branch of Roots who share the rooted tree with the Redfield/RedFERN Crest. Reeds share the book with Scottish Roets, the latter first found in Somerset with the Ducks sharing the Fern lion head.

Whalens were first found in Waterford while the Arms of County Waterford has the Trump stag head, and Roch's/Roach's look like kin of Trump-connectable Calles' (beside Somerset). Dutch Walls use what looks like a rock, and Rock-related Rods were first found in Devon with Walerans.

I've shown how Calls/Calles' can be a Chalice/Challes branch while a "chalice" is used by English Belows (share "Tout" with Forez's/Fore's) while German Belows (Pomerania with Trumps) have a two-headed version of the giant Tromp eagle. English Belows even have a "haut" motto term to go with the "aut" of Saffers. Vita-loving Bello's/Bellows were at CALLouville, and the "puro" motto term of Bellows can explain why the Below chalice is POURing water.

I don't know what the Wirrals call their chalice-like items, but as Wirral is a location in Cheshire, where Propers/Robins/Roberts were, they are likely chalices because that's the Below symbol. And Wirrals came to topic when three pigeons WHIRLEd around a maple tree beside my septic system just days after I saw my first-ever pigeon walking on top of the septic tank. I called it a stool pigeon because there's stool in the SEPTic tank, and now I've tossed a dead robin onto the ground above the septic tank. Hmmm.

Ahhhh, BINGO! Scottish Drummonds use the motto, "GANG WARILy," and Gangs/Geggs share the cinquefoils of French Buckets!!!!! The dead robin was tossed to the septic tank from a bucket of water!!!! The stool pigeon must therefore be someone snitching on Tony Fauci. Christopher WRAY recently admitted to a Congress committee that the FBI believed COVID to originate from the Wuhan lab, something Fauci wanted dearly to hide. And last I heard from Robert Redfield, he was coming clean from the Fauci goons. Redfields/Redferns share the Wray martlets!

Darlene Ray/WRAY can point to Fauci because Darlene-branch Darlingtons have leopard FACES. Darlene's are the ones with a "robe" in Crest worn by a "female figure" holding a "book"!!! RED-branch Reeds (Darlene fitchee in colors revered) use the book too, and while the same Reeds share the eagle of PASS', Robin-related MalPAS' could have been named from Pass'. Rollo's, with the boar head of book-using Roets in colors reversed, have a "passe" motto term. Rollo's share the black boar with robin-using Sullivans, and Sullys share the Water Coat.

Scottish PASleys (Renfrewshire with Orrs/Ore's) share the anchor of Packs suspect in the "Pax COPIA" motto of Reds/Reeds. Orrs/Ore's have a "CORNuCOPIA," and moreover they share the Darlene fitchee while Darlene's and Darlingtons use gold drops called, "guttee d'OR." The other ice-cream girl pointed to Lombards, first found in Renfrewshire with Orrs/Ore's. Scottish Reeds were first found in Aberdeenshire with Cups/COPE's, and beside the Fothes'/Fette's/FITTs having another cornucopia. The Fitts/Fitch's/Fitchets (leopard faces) were first found in Essex with Pass', MontFITCHets/Muschats and Waters. The latter two share the same Coat, the Sully and Epstein Coat too.

Fitts/Fitch's/Fitchets, first found in Essex with Faux's, are in Forez/Fore colors, tending to assure that Faux's were a Fauch branch. It's therefore not a surprise that Fitts/Fitch's/Fitchets have LEOPARD faces, but we can add here that English Leopards share the three Darlingtons leopard faces. English Leopards are even in the colors and format of English Cnuts/Note's who share a gold-dropped Shield with Darlene's / Darlingtons. Poifect.

Darlingtons were first found in Durham with the Conte's sharing the Buck antlers. Hicks use a "chaplet" around the neck of their buck's head. Saffers can be traced excellently to SEPTimius SEVERus. Septons/Saxons (Lancashire with Wrays) have "chaplets" while Chaplets have five swans in the format of French Saffers.

Rochelle's/Rockwalls are said to have named Rockwall End in the Taunton-Deane area of Somerset, and Tauntons happen to share the Anchor lozenges while Anchors almost have the Anger Coat while Angers share the Fauci lozenge. The Angers share the escarbuncle with French Rays, and with Hangers/Angers in the Cnut "pot hangers," and English Cnuts/Note's share the Shield of Darlene's, the latter first found in Devon with Segni-branch Seagars while Segni's/Segurana's were first found in Genova with Fauci's. This must be why leopard-face Darlingtons are in Cnut/Note colors and format, but it must also be why God chose Darlene Ray/Wray for me as a teen girlfriend (we dated a few weeks after the ice-cream event).

The esCARbuncle might be part-code for Cars/Currs who in turn have a "serio" motto term while Crema in Lombardy is on a Serio river. Raymundo's were first found in nearby Cremona. Sierre is beside Sion in WALLIS canton. While Sions/Swans use swans, the "Hoc signo" motto phrase of Face's can be partly for giant-swan Hochs (Switzerland with Sion), but also for Hicks-branch Hooks with almost the English Wall/WALLES Coat. The Hoch Coat is also the one of Totts, and the "Tout en" motto phrase of Hicks can indicate that Tauntons evolved from Tottens (why FOUR fesses?) who in turn have a motto, "Ad astra SEQUOR," possibly for Seagar liners.

The Totten Coat, minus its dancette feature, is the Fach/Vacher/Vachon Coat. The latter were mentioned above with Huntingdons, and this recalls ADa of Huntingdonshire.

The "Ad" motto term can brings us back to ADlington of the Corons/Corona's, and here we must repeat that Cremers are said to have been Cranors / Crainors so that even Lombardy's Cremona and Crema may have been from the Ceraunii Illyrians. The Ade's/Aids have variations like the Atha's who in turn share the checkered Shields of Fauci-connectable Fiscs (Fauci's were in Genova with Fieschi) and Cremona's Raymundo's. Reminder: French Raymonds have a reflection of the Cremer and Faux/Fage/Chollens Coat while English Raymonds were first found in Essex with English Faux's. English Raymonds have a Chief in the colors and format of the Wray Chief. While German Hansons have three items traceable to Lombardy, English Faux's not only share the Hanson mascle, but these Hansons share the white lion with the Atha Crest.

Scottish Lombards were first found in RenFREWshire with Darlene-related Orrs/Ore's, and then Frey-like Frews share the Coat of Cars/Currs. The latter were first found in Lancashire with Frew-like Wrays while Freys / Freeze's are in the colors and format of English Rays while French Rays have the giant esCARbuncle.

The Darlene robe jibes with the "Robur" motto term of RAYborns, yet no human creator of heraldic symbols knew of Darlene Ray. Rayborns have a "brook" while Brooks were first found in Essex with dart-using Brocks and Faux's. Darts (Devon with Darlene's and BURYs) share the ermined canton with Rayborns, and the latter share the brown stag (but call it a "roebuck") with Robe's/Robbs. The Faux's are in this heraldic set because they are connectable to Hansons who in turn almost have the Chief of Burrs suspect in "RoBUR." We can now see Katrina Hanson and Darlene Ray/Wray working in tandem with pointers to Fauci liners.

The Burr- and Hanson-Chief lions are those of Ram-connectable Rains (Essex with Faux's and Rams) while German Cremers have a giant ram's head. But these lions are in the colors of the top half of the Welsh Robert lion, indicating that "Robur" can also be code for Rayborn ancestry in Roberts. It's like we are again pointing to Robert Redfield. The lion in the Hanson Crest holding the Whalley mascle is even the lion in the Crest of Welsh Roberts. The Each's suspect in the motto of Welsh Roberts are listed with Augers/Eagers/Etcher's, suspect with Ice-branch Eggs/Edge's.

Although RAYfields (crown around a neck) are listed with non-Ray terms such as "Raffle," they may have descended from Rays to begin with. Rayfields/Raffle's share the double-headed eagle of Speccot-branch SPIKE's/Speke's (Lancashire with Wrays) while "SPECTemur" is an Auger/Eager/Etches motto term. Speccots were first found in Devon with Darlene's, Moline's of DARTington, and with SPICE's, but no human who formed heraldic connections / symbols knew of Darlene Ray/Wray.

Darlene lived in UNIONville when we dated, and Unions share the mill rind with Miles' (Lincolnshire with Burrs) who in turn have the Chief-Shield colors of Rayfields/Raffle's. Mile's/Mills (not "Miles") are connectable to the Moline goat because the Mile Coat looks connectable to Kepke-branch Kupe's/Koops. The Graff residence where Kepke did the spider chase was at the corner of Doner and Union streets (Gormley), and Graffs share the demi-lion in Crest with Augers/Eagers/Etches'! Doners have the Chief-Shield colors of Miles' and Rayfields/Raffle's in colors reversed.

The Burys (Devon with Hooks) who I assume named Bury, where Ratcliffs were first found, can be sharing the Hook fleur because Hansons were first found in Yorkshire with Hicks'. Sleeping Beauty and I were HOLDing each other when we were rising into the sky, and Holds/Holts are in the motto of McLeods of Skye. This rising event is now pointing to the CDC (Center for Disease Control) via WalenSKY and Redfield. Holds/Holts, with a "huMILES" motto term, were first found in the same Bury location. The Hume's/Home's are in the colors of BURleys (Somerset, beside Burys). Both Bury surnames are also Burisma-like Buris' for a potential pointer to Biden corruption in Ukraine. The Biden administration chose Walensky to lead the CDC.

Raffle-like Riffle's (giant goat) look like Kepke/Kopke kin while Speccots share the Keep / Lorraine bend. I had reason to trace "Kepke" to king "Syphax," and that's partly why I had connected Mr. Kepke (years prior to knowing the Kepke/Kopke surname) to Spike's and Spice's. Wallis-branch Walsh's have Spice's in their motto. WALSers share the Moline goat.

Katrina Hanson is Danish, and Danish Hansons share the Coat of Fuggers, both sharing the vertically-split Fauci Shield. Danish Cnuts/Canute's can be linked to CUNNinghams (Ayrshire with Raymonds) because they have a "shakeFORK", and a "fork" motto term, while Danish king Cnut was father to Danish king, Forkbeard. The Chanuts having the Cnut/Note chevron inverted were first found in Burgundy with French Roberts and Pilate's while the latter share the Notting pheons. English Pilotte's were first found in Lincolnshire with the Burrs/Burs suspect in "Robur."

This week, Walensky was replaced by Ms. Cohen, a Jew, apparently. Cohen-branch Cohns (Catherine wheel, links to Rothschilds) use the crane with ROCK in foot, I assume, and thus we are on a Corona- / Shark-related line from the Ceraunii Illyrians. Mythical Coronis was mother to Asclepios, symbol of the American Medical Association.

As the Cohns above have a lone sun in Chief with French Chance's, it seemed that Cohns were a Chance branch, which caused me to seek the Cahns', and Jewish Cahns' are listed with Cohens/Kagans sharing the Cohn sun. John Kerry of Ukraine corruption was born Mr. Cohn, a Jew, and you can bet that John Kerry, Biden's climate-change chief, is pulling strings, maybe even convincing Biden to sign on Miss Cohen at the CDC. Chance liners are Apophis-asteroid material, the fury of God.

German Cahns' happen to share the border of Kepke's/Kopke's, Kupe's/Koops, and Spanish Urbans. It's a gold border, same as the Riffle's sharing the upright and giant Kepke/Kopke goat, and Riffle's were first found in Savoy with French Chance's. English Chance's have the Chase lion in colors reversed, as well as the Chase patonce, and Kepke chased me with the graphene spider.

Spanish Urbans are important here because Italian Urbans share the Massena hexagrams while Maezaei lived beside the Ceraunii, and the latter were on the URBANus river. Both Urban surnames share the stars of Weis'/Wise's and Wies'/Wiesers while goat-using Weiss' (Moline and Weishaupt kin) were first found in Saxony with Kepke's/Kopke's. The Kupa river has a mouth up-river on the Sava from the mouth of the Urbanus. Weis'/Wise's were first found in Bavaria with Burley-connectable Bowers/Bauers, Rothchilds/Rothes', and the Bavarian Illuminati founded by Adam Weishaupt.

Trump as the Drowned Robin

When the stool pigeon had walked over the septic tank, it was noted that one Pigeon Coat shares the Belly chevron. As Bellys and Jumps can be linked to Trump's demise by the vaccine shark, it was also noted that Shitts/Shute's/Scute's are kin of Trump-beloved Calls/Calles'. The Shitts were looked up for obvious reason, and the SCHITners were included because they share the trefoil of Ice's/Ecco's. The stool pigeon of God may therefore snitch also on Trump as well as his partner-in-crime, Tony Fauci.

A long time passed, after finding the Shitts, before Crapps/Crappers/CROWpers were found using "pigeons" (not called doves). God seems to have a sense of humor with that stool pigeon. Crapps/Crappers have a Chief in the colors and format of the Hanson Chief, and the footless martlet in the Crapp/Crapper Crest is even given legs and feet while Leggs almost have the Trump Coat. It's a white pigeon with gold legs and feet while English Pigeons (Norfolk with CROWs), with the Crapp/Crapper pigeons, have a white griffin in Crest given gold hands (or front feet). The Crapp/Crapper griffin design is used fully in gold by English Collins', and Francis Collins was Fauci's boss. The Griffin surname (Pomerania with Trumps) is like the Graffen variation of Graffs.

English Griffins share the LEGH Coat, and Leghs were first found in Cheshire with Foots, and with the Marble's sharing an Irish Griffin Coat (giant griffin). Though not in the same colors, the Legh Crest shares a DEMI-lion with the Graff/Graffen Crest, and then Demys/DuMais' (Normandy with French Pigeons) share the French Pigeon chevron. The stool pigeon thus looks related to graphene-oxide in vaccines.

Like a blockhead who hearkened to the futurist goons he pretended to oppose, Trump had come out in favor of 5G waves without one qualm. It's exactly the qualm-less attitude he has for globalizing COVID vaccines.

There was no Stool surname coming up, but I settled on the Stolls/Stowells because they have a dove or pigeon in Crest. Stows/Stowells were first found at the Somerset-Gloucestershire border, and Gloucestershire with where Grave's/Greafs were first found while Graffs/Graffens have a Grav variation.

We can ask why the cross-by-lozenges of Stows/Stowells is shared by Bat-line Baths (Somerset) and Face's. Did God intend to point the stool pigeon to Fauci's bat-induced gain-of-function crimes? Dutch Gravels share the Face Coat.

The "paROLE" motto term of Stolls/Stowells (Somerset with BULLs) looks connectable to the "par" motto term of Rollo's, and this recalls that English Role's/Rolls are connectable to Turnbulls and therefore to Beefs/Boeufs/Tournebulle's, the latter first found in Perigord with Fauchys and Faux's/Fage's. The Rollo motto, "La Fortune PASSE par TOUT," can link to the "VirTUTE duce COMITES FORTUNA" motto of Drown-connectable Schims/Schiens (share connectable boar heads with Rollo's). "TOUT travers" is the Forez/Fore motto while the Traver boar head is black in colors reversed, the color of the Rollo Crest boar.

The Conte's/Comites' in the Schim/Schien motto share the Valois/VALOUR Coat while Rollo married Poppa of Valois, and then "valor" is a motto term in the translated motto of Schims/Schiens. You can often find code for kin in translated mottoes. Valois'/Valours almost share the Chief of English Majors, and while the latter were first found in the same place as Thissels, it suggests that English Conte's/ComiTISSa's were related by marriage to Thissels. Conte's/Comitissa's were first found in Durham with Raines-branch Wrens while Reines' use a "COMET," we get it. It just so happens that German Stolls were first found in Switzerland with Graffs/Graffens and Tease's/Tess'.

It can be added that while the Passe's/Pascals in the Rollo motto were likely from Pasi's/Pascels (Bologna with Pane's/Panico's), they trace excellently to Paisleys who share the ANCHOR of English Packs while Packers/Pickers/Peckers share the cross-by-lozenges of Stolls/Stowells. These lozenges belong also to Pane-connectable Payne's/Paine's (Somerset with dove-using Stolls/Stowells), a branch of dove-using Page's.

It appears that God arranged Stoll/Stowell codes as a pointer to Fauci-connectable Tromps, for while Tromps love the Vise-related Acorns, "vis" is a motto term of Stolls/Stowells. The latter are said to have been at Wiltshire with Trump-loving and Shitt-related Calles'. See anything suspicious such as a dead robin over a stool tank? I do. While Jeffrey Epstein worked as a teacher at a DALTON high school, Altons/Daltons use ROBIN Hood!!! The robin drowned in water while Waters/Waterville's, likely a branch of Trump-connectable Waterfords/Waterville's, share the Epstein Coat. The Hoods use the Fauci-connectable anchor.

The Altons/Daltons are excellent because Scottish Alda's were first found in Ayrshire with Barrs while trump hired the compromised / useless Bill Barr to run his swamp clean-up operation (a dud). Bill's father was the principle of the Dalton school when Epstein was hired there. Not only do Italian Alda's (vertically-split Shield of Haltons) almost have the Altons/Dalton Coat, as if God has been making arrangements to disclose something, but they both share the fesse of Waffers, a branch of Wefers who in turn share the Barr eagle! It's suggesting that Bill Barr is in cahoots with the WEF of Klaus Schwab.

The Robin Hood of Altons wears a hat, perhaps indicating that Halton-like Hattons apply. Hattons were first found in Cheshire with Weavers whose sheaves they share. Haltons have a Coat like that of gates' while Bill gates had a close relationship with Jeffrey Epstein. Bill Barr and Trump together helped to kill or release Jeffrey Epstein in his jail cell.

German Stolls share the hexagrams of German Suters while Scottish Suters/SHUTErs/Sewers can be a branch of Shute's/Schute's who come up as Shitts. We are back to a pointer to Trump, and to this we should add that Shitts/Schute-related Calles' share the trumpet with Livers/Levers, the latter first found in Lancashire with Crapps/Crappers, crane-using Scute's (not "Schute"), Keep-connectable Shuttleworths/Shettleworths, and the Suttle's/Settle's who share the lozenges of Stars/Stairrs, the latter first found in Wiltshire with Shitts/Schute's and Calles.

Schitners are listed with Settle-like Sitlers, first found in Silesia with Weis'/Wiesers while English Wise's were first found in Devon with the Pike's sharing the Schitner/Sitler / Ice/Ecco trefoils.

Through the Sewer-connectable Sewards and Swords/SWARTs (probably have the Shitt/Shute swords closely), I had pointed the stool pigeon to George SCHWARTZ, now known as the infamous George Soros. The Sors'/Soars were first found in Dorset with dove-using George's, and dove-using Stolls/Stowells were right-next door. The Sors/Soar and Legro lion is in the colors of Sewards lion, and the stool pigeon, upon leaving the septic tank, flew across the street to the property of a Schwartz-like family. The Soar river in Leicestershire is also the LEGro, and heraldic legs come from that name, tending to explain why Sors'/Soars share the LEIGHton/Leyton quadrants.

Leggs were first found in Dumfries with Corsons/Carsons who in turn share the Hind lozenges, and there is what I assume to be the hind quarters of a stag / hind in the Seward Crest. Sewer-like Shaws use a "hind" head, and Sawers/Sawyers are linkable to Sewers/Suters via the Boards. Reminder: German Stolls share the hexagrams of German Suters/Sauts, interesting where French Sauts/SCHAUTs (Burgundy with Legro's) share the Graff and Auger/Eager demi-lion. Siward of Northumberland can take us to Greys (Northumberland) who are in the greyhound of Legro's/Gros'/Grau's.

The last update had an important section on Grau's, which included: "Wow, I just fell on the Grau-Grey similarity, not intended when starting the paragraph above, and it just so happens that while Grau's/Graubens/Graws show claws, the Claws/Clason lion is the giant one of Greys/Grays too!" "Graw" is like "Grav," and so note that the Graff/Grav lion is colors reversed from the Legro/Grau lion. Is this telling that George Soros wants graphene-oxide in our bodies? The Legro/Grau lion and greyhound both hold laurel, and laurels share the giant Graff/Grav / Auger/Eagers / Saut/Schaut lion.

The Saut/Schaut Coat and Crest are identical to the same of Augers/Eagers, and Sauts/Schauts have a "fata" motto term while Feets/Fate's were first found in Yorkshire with Augers/Eagers and Hicks'. "Fata" is a motto term also of Sidneys, first found in Kent with Schaut-like SCOTTs. Sleeping Beauty's sleep and rising symbol pointed to Rhizon and the Selepitanoi (at Bar) at and around lake SCODra. Egg-branch Ice's/Ecco's share an "Icke" variation with the Hicks' who are in turn said to be from Hikke de SAUTby, thus tracing Hicks' / Hyksos to something at lake Scodra. The Scottish Terras', kin of Scottish Scotts, were first found in Moray with Rothes castle while Morays share a "Tout" motto term with Hicks'. German Terras'/Terrace's (Rothes colors and format) use ROOKs while Scottish Scotts were first found in ROXburghshire.

Selepitanoi were at Bar while Barrs share the Wefer eagle while Sleeps share the Waffer fesse, and Wefers (same place as Daorsi-line Doors) are in Moray / LeDuc colors and format while Duce's (Staffordshire with Hicksons), a branch of Moray-connectable Ducks, have the Coat of Abram-like Bramtons (Norfolk with fish-using Hake's, suspect with the Saraca-line fish). In colors reversed, the Ducy / Brampton lion gets us to the Prets in the Moray motto.

Ecco's were pointed to by "EcoHEALTH" while Helts (Silesia with Ice-connectable Schitners/Sitlers) share the Hickson Coat, both showing only eagle LEGS in saltire, in colors reversed from the Schutz saltire. God had me touch Miss Hicks' LEG at her wake scene. Hicksons were first found in Staffordshire with Sauts/Salts, and Hicks' are said to have had a branch at Low LEIGHTON of Essex. Sewards were first found in Essex.

The Schutz Coat and Crest looks related to the Coat of English Gravels, which recalls the mole tunnels under the gravel before one mole hill appeared over the septic tank. Just one mole hill, and then I didn't see evidence of a mole again in that area. English Gravels speak of "Grevilles in Gloucester, a branch which emerged about 1250," and this looks like the Grave's/Greve's/Greafs, first found in Gloucestershire.

There is a "tunnel" in a "hill" in the Coat of spider-like Spitzers. The spider chase pointed to graphene-oxide. English Bruns were first found in SPITalfields of Middlesex, and Middlesex is where English Robins (Brun colors) were first found. The English Posts, possibly in the "post" motto term of English and Scottish Robins, were first found in Hampshire with Chase's. The latter's griffin head has a key in its mouth, as does the ostrich head of Propers/Robins/Roberts. The latter were at Robin-connectable MALpas while Malls were first found in Cheshire with Malpas and Bartons. Malls almost have the Coat of Eure's, the latter first found in DumBARTONshire with Spittals. "'The manor {of Barton} was anciently held under the barony of Malpas by the family of Barton,..."

English Bartons can be linked to Bush-like Bucks, and to English Bush's/Buschs via the Booths in the Barton write-up, which can explain why German Bartons were first found in Rhineland with German Bush's/Buschs. Rhineland is also where SCHUTz's were first found, as well as the Salome's while Salemans were first found in Surrey. English Bush's/Buschs and Booths were first found in Yorkshire with Mauls, and with the Buck-loving, SAUT-connectable Hicks with an Eure-like motto term.

Irish Collins share the BROWN lions combattant with Ramps, the latter first found in Cumberland with brown-lion Browns/BRUNs, and with Burns, Bernice's/Burnes', and Saracens. Sarah's/Sayers share the motto of Berwick-branch Barwicks while Bernicians named Berwick (Tweed river with fish-using Tweets). The Bernice's/Burnes' share the fesse in this Arms of Saraka. Instead of the Saraca fish, Bernice's/Burnes' use the water bouget. Scottish Browns/Bruns share the VYCHAN/Vaughn and Fish Coat. Salemans were first found in Surrey, and Surreys are also Sarks. Salome's are suspect with Salome BOEThus, and Butts/Bute's/BOETs share the fish on a fesse (different colors) with the Arms of Saraca. Boethus-like Booths share the black boar with English Bush's while German Bush's were first found in Rhineland with Salome's. The black boar is an Edomite symbol, and Salome Boethus was a Herod = Edomite.

What can I conclude but that God is right-now drowning Tony Fauci, or will do so soon? In other words, as you've seen Fauci going down in the news, I think God is telling us with the dead robin that He personally is putting him down on behalf of the Christians his goons are seeking to persecute.


Here's Rochelle Walensky playing down the number of vaccine illnesses as if there's nothing to talk about, which is exactly Trump's attitude, or that of any other sociopathic killer: Dr. John Campbell has come a long way, but even this heart-felt message won't soften the hearts of those at youtube who would like to cancel his show:

Here is a quasi-wonderful member of the Canadian parliament, though he has one serious flaw that makes his shout-out almost useless for converting pro-vaccine advocates, or for protecting people who abhor COVID vaccinations: he never says that people have a right to reject vaccines due to the many dangers of taking them, but instead stands up for "freedom" to choose. This latter argument is insufficient for those who have been deceived into thinking that COVID was sufficiently deadly as to make the "freedom" argument weak:

The problem with the speaker in the video above is that he implicitly proposes an accident at the Wuhan lab, ignoring the prediction of Fauci in 2017 that there would arrive a pandemic before Trump's four years were transpired. This latter scenario implies an American-made scheme to deliberately unleash the pandemic. The current move of the goons is to admit wrong in doing gain-of-function work in Wuhan while blaming the Chinese for unleashing the pandemic.

While many are praising John Durham's performance in Congress this week, Matt Gaetz wasn't satisfied with his effort to discover the root of the FBI's Russia-collusion crimes:

It is correct to say that the Biden administration hit an iceberg in its first year, and is sinking to this day with all kinds of fat cats on board. Here's more exposure of Biden corruption, from Congress:

The following has been a long-time in coming, the move to impeach Joe Biden for his "immigration" crimes:

This is an interesting, and what looks like a diabolical, story on the Titanic:

Tucker's 6th episode is worthy because he again says things that Fox wouldn't appreciate from him:

Anytime you want to get depressed due to the condition of the United States, just watch Stew Peters. The problem lies rudimentally with the voters. Be they deceived or otherwise, the problem lies with the voters who continue to vote in the enemies of the people. Anyone who says that the United States is great is disregarding the true meaning of "country," defined as "the people." If the people fail to vote in the good guys, how can this be a great nation? Half or more of Trump voters are reprobates or delinquents. After seeing that Trump acted the brazen hypocrite by hiring the peoples' enemies to run the country, Trump supporters are so wasteful and delinquent that they cannot agree to vote in a better man for 2024. It's as though they want to get hit over the head by another Trump betrayal, all over again, for merely the euphoria of winning another election competition. Certainly, Trump wants that euphoria, but the problem is that a large number of his voters want to share it as to be compromised by it:

Here's an article claiming infectious graphene nanobots:

If ever you want to boycott the shampoo companies:


Here's all four Gospels wrapped into one story.

For Some Prophetic Proof for Jesus as the Predicted Son of God.
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