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June 13 - 19, 2023

Sleeping Beauty's Leg Is Code for the WEF
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It was nice while it lasted. Hall of Names is no longer showing the descriptions of the Coats of Arms presented at House of Names, but I have many of them recorded in my past updates from which to find some.

For those of you who know from recent writings that Donald Trump links to Spuds MacKenzie, note the final words in this Bud Light commercial, "Call me." Calls/Calles' use trumpets.

I've never tried to tackle ways in which God may have pointed to Trump via the Donald surname. I've found things worth writing, First of all, the Donald motto is, "PER mare PER terras," and Peartree's/Patria's, first found in Kincardineshire with FIDO's/Fothes'/FITTs, share the Trump stag head. Peartree's/Patria's use a "FIDE" motto term, and they share FITCHees of a different color with Donalds and several of their kin.

To follow better, load Donalds now to load and view other surnames on another Internet tab.

Fitch's/FITTS share the PEARY/Perryman Coat, almost, and moreover Fitch's/Fitts were first found in Essex with MontFITCHets/Muschats and Waters, and the latter two share the Epstein Coat while Trump appears as a bulldog in my 1979 dream that I claim was on Jeffrey Epstein's island. I've shown how this dream can apply to the Apophis asteroid of 2029, which is what the bull terrier, Spuds MacKenzie, points to.

Fido's/Fothes'/Fitts share hands from a cloud with Fitt-related Pearys/Perrymans.

The Donald ship, called a "galley" probably due to Donalds being first found in Galloway. Galway, where MacKenzie-branch Kennys were first found, is related to "Galloway," though I don't recall the details. Not many heraldic ships show the oars, but Donalds do while Orrs/Ore's, sharing the red fitchee with Donalds, were first found in Renfrewshire while Renfrews use a giant ship too (no oars). MacKenzie's have an "uro" motto term while Ure's are listed with Orreys.

What are the chances that Orrs/Ore's and Fido's/Fothes'/Fitts share the "cornuCOPia"? Kepke's are also KOPke's, a Kupe/Koop branch, and Keeps were first found in Sussex with Coopers/Coppers and Tromp-beloved Acorns. The latter have a stag head colors reversed from the Fido/Fothes'/Fitt stag head.

The Renfrew ship is shared by Bauds, first found in Stirlingshire with the Guiscards who in turn have the triple piles of Orrs/Ore's in colors reversed. Guiscards are also WISharts while Pero's share the Weis/Wise hexagrams while Kepke's were Weiss kin while Vise's (Sussex with Acorns) share the stag head of Tromp-beloved Acorns. Renfrews were likely a branch of Wrens / Wrench's sharing the crosslets of English Trips and Hamburgs (Oxfordshire with Peare's).

I explained again why the belly-PRESS with Peare pointed to tummy-like TUME's/Tombs in the last update, and here we can go to the "HonesTUM" motto term of Hamburgs. I was looking intently at the Hamburg Coat sensing that it should point to the belly-PRESS due the PRESleys sharing the Hamburg tower, and only then did I spot that motto term.

It just so happens that Orrs/Ore's share an "omnia" motto term with Dons, a good way to start making a Don-Donald link. And I've shown how Downs/Douns (Sussex with "galley"-using Keeps and Tromp-beloved Acorns), with a giant stag in the colors of the Trump / Peartree stag head, is linkable to Dutch Tromps. There's another way to get fast to Trumps from the Donalds, but at the time that heraldry was created, only God knew of Donald Trump.

Don's were first found in Cheshire with Foots/Foods, a Fido/Fothes'/Fitt branch, and with the Bellows in the "bellows" of Ships/Shiptons, the latter first found in Oxfordshire with Peare's. Donalds use "Per."

Miss Peare (my teen date before she went over to Kepke) gave us the belly-press event when she was freshly the girlfriend of Mr. Keep-like Kepke, and Bellow-like Bellys were first found in Moray with the Terras' in the Donald motto. These Terras' use a motto, "Amore," and Amore's with their Damory/Amori branch were not only first found in Oxfordshire too, but can be gleaned as Drummond kin while Donald Trump is said to descend from Drumpfs. There we have another instance of Donalds leading us lickety-split to Trumps.

If Apophis is the asteroid in the 2nd Trumpet of Revelation, then it will destroy ships, as the text says, because it lands in the sea. Sea's share the triple-wavy fesses of German Drummonds, and you have seen ships in this discussion. The asteroid will create billows and waves, and Ship-beloved Bellows are also Billows.

Dons were first found in Cheshire with the Mare's in the Donald motto, and Mare's show a giant ship with oars too. Scottish Mare's are listed with Mars while earls of Mar in Scotland had headquarters at KilDRUMMY. I think this paragraph rates as yet another slick way to get from MacDonalds to a Trump branch.

Bellows/Billows have a "pour" motto term suspect with the Purys, first found in Oxfordshire with Bellow-loving Ships and Peare's. Purys almost have the Coat of Omans/ORminds suspect in the "omnia" motto terms of ORRs/Orrs and Dons. Pearys/Perrymans (share gold leopard faces with Peare's) tell of the PURYmans as Perryman ancestors, out of CORNwall, perhaps the reason somehow for the cornucopia.

Peartree's share "sed" with Sedans, and I trace Sedans to Sedbergh, where Dents were first found in the colors and format of German Terras'. The latter were first found in Bavaria with Rothes'/Rothchilds and proto-Rothschild Bauers while English Rothes' are in Dent colors and format too. Not only did Pollocks of Renfrewshire build Rothes castle in Moray, but Dents share two motto terms in this Arms of Rothschild. One of those motto terms, "Industria," is used also by Fido's/Fothes'/Fitts, kin of Peartree's sharing the Trump stag head.

Back to the Coopers/Coppers who cropped up with the cornucopia. share three leopard faces on a blue Chief with RITE's/Wrights (Sussex with Coopers/Coppers), and this probably goes with the fact that Kepke and I met Miss Peare when she worked for REITmans. It fits the Donald shoe because Rite's/Wrights have the double fesses of Dons in colors reversed, and while Scottish Rite's/Wrights share the checkered Stewart fesse, Alan-connectable Dols (Trump colors) were first found in Mecklenburg with Trumps. Dutch Reitmans are also Rittmans. Rita's were first found in Rome with the PIERleoni Jews.

Dols have one of the triple-wavy fesses of German Drummonds, the latter first found in Hamburg (near Mecklenburg) with the Nissans who in turn share the double Rite/Wright fesses. Trips/Treffs, first found in HAMburg too, show shoes while both I and Kepke sold shoes when me met Miss Peare. I'm repeating that because I've just realized that Nissans have the bend of Keeps (Sussex with Hams and Hammers) in colors reversed.

Donalds are also Ronalds while Ronnys have the wavy-Dol fesse on a red Shield, tending to explain why Scottish Stewarts have the Donald ship with oars showing.

The other Scottish Stewarts share the pelican with Pullys who in turn have a version of the Peartree Coat. Pullys, with the Culp-variation of COPE's in their motto, have been resolved from Vespasia Polla of RIETi, how perfect with Reitman's CLOThing. Clots are in NISS colors and format, and "leoNIS" is a Stuart motto term that can be partly for Pierleoni. Spanish Leons share the lion of English Stewarts, and Alan Huns had settled Spain.

The Stewarts with the pelican on a NEST share the motto of Brocks (Essex with Peary-connectable Fitch's/Fitts) who in turn share the Chief-Shield colors of Peartree's. Nests are listed with Ness' having a Nissan-like Nessan variation. The Pellicans share the PRESley/Priestly / Hamburg tower. Press'/Prests share the Chief of Neils, a branch of Nulls suspect in the Pully motto. Neils and Nulls share the Stewart / Leon lion, and Nulls throw in a brown stag, the color of the Stewart stag and the Nissan stag head. Neils are also Neals while English Neals were first found in Wiltshire with trumpet-using Calls/Calles'.

It's obvious that God set me up with Kepke and Peare to point to Donald Trump, and yet this is going further to a pointer to the Apophis asteroid. As that pointer involved Mrs. Kilpatrick, who fulfilled the woman of the 1979 Sleeping Beauty dream, I can repeat here that I touched her LEG at her KNEE in that dream to WAKE her up, and Wake's look like Orr/Ore kin on two counts. Kilpatricks were first found in Dumfries with Wake-connectable Walks/Wachs, and with the Leggs who almost have the Trump Coat. That's one reason I touched her leg.

The Knee bend is also the one of German HAMburgs, and Knee's, first found in County DOWN, share the stag head of Orr-connectable Vise's and Tromp-beloved Acorns, both first found in Sussex with DOWNs and HAMs. Don-like Downs/Douns are the ones with a giant stag in the colors of the Legg / Trump stag head. That's another reason I TOUCHed her leg, and it seems that God even arranged for the Touch's/Tuffs to be a branch of Tufts/Tuffs' (both in Cheshire with Dons) because Tufts/Tuffs share the "phoenix" of Knee's.

The Orr/Ore motto has two term almost the "bon" of Hicks, and Mrs. Kilpatrick was born Miss Hicks. It's important because king Apophis was a HYKSos. Hake's, who once came up as "Hykes," were first found in Norfolk with Patricks, and with trophy-like Drops/Trope's in the gold drops of HAMburgs, and Hams share fish with Hake's and Hackets (KilKENNY). Heraldic gold drops are called, "guttee d'or," and all-colored drops are called, "guttee," it appears that Drops/Trope's / Troops had married a Goat branch at some point. Gutte's (giant rose likely for Varangians / Roxolani) were first found in Hampshire

Miss Hicks was the "trophy girl" when her team won a barbecue contest where Spuds MacKenzie showed up for the celebration. See Spuds here in a photo with her husband and sons:
here or here.

Hykes'/Hacks were first found in Devon with the Presley-beloved Hooks who have the Hicks Coat on a blue Shield. Presleys (share Hamburg tower) were first found in Yorkshire with Hicks. Haeks/Hecks/Hachs have a unicorn in the colors and format of the giant Kepke/Kopke goat, both with heads in profile position like the same-colored giant stag head of Trumps, and then goat heads are used by Heckens/Hacks (Dutch) in colors reversed from the Weishaupt goat head. Plus, Moline's, first found in Devon with Hykes'/Hacks and Wise's have goat heads in the same colors as the demi-goat of Weiss', first found in Saxony with Kepke's/Kopke's.

The interesting thing here is that Virginia Giuffre has publicly claimed that Jeffrey Epstein forced her to sleep with such characters as Alan Dershowitz while the Giuffre's share the giant unicorn of Haeks/Hecks/Hachs.

Giuffre's are in Gopher/Gofer / Goff/Gough / Googe/Gouch colors, and while the latter were first found in ROXburghshire to go with the Gutte rose, Gophers (Oxfordshire with Peare's) have red drops called, "guttee-de-sang" Sangs/Singers (Bavaria with Weis'/Wise's) share the Pero / Weis/Wise hexagrams while English Singers (Devon with Wise's) share the Good/Gut sheaves.

As Gophers/Gofers were first found in Oxfordshire where Vere's ruled centuries, it appears that the Gopher/Gofer saltire is the one of Morvans (share Vere boar), a surname new to me in the last update while on the Moravian / Taborite church movements. I showed why the split Morvan Shield takes us to Kiev's Varangians, where Roxolani lived, and so let's repeat that Scottish Weirs/Vere's were first found in Roxburghshire with Gog-like Googe's/Gouch's.

Roxburghs have a horse head in the colors of the Giuffre unicorn, the Aude swords, and the tower of Narbonne's/Nordi's, the latter first found in Naples with Giuffre's. Roxburghs have an "audax" motto term to show that they are from the Roque's/Rocks who named Roquefeuil in Aude province, and here we can add that English Rocks share the trefoil of Hackets so that the latter's fish-in-pale looks related to the pale bar of Roxburghs. Rock-related Rods were first found in Devon with Hykes/Hacks.

Aude is also where Narbonne's/NORDi's were while German Sangs/Singers were first found in NoerdLINGEN. I'd be predisposed to seeing the latter location named after a northern region except that German Lingens have a lion in the colors of the NarBONNE/Nordi, North, and BONE lions. Norths were first found in Suffolk with Bone's and Keeps while Bunns/Bone's were first found in Oxfordshire while Bunnys share the Weiss goat heads. In Suffolk were the first-known Kidds with the Kepke/Kopke goat, and Suffolk is where Lings (fish heads in Hacket fish colors) and StarLINGs/Starlincks were first found.

To show that English Lingens have the Keep fesse, Lingens were first found in Herefordshire with Wefers while Keeps use a "weavers shuttle." Wefers even share the eagle of Aquila's, in Giuffre and Narbonne/Nordi colors, and all three were first found in Campania. English Lingens happen to share the eight bars of Gaunts, first found in Kent with Virgins/VIRGINIA's, and I've read that the Arms of Gaunt at times used a "virgin." Therefore, why might we now be to a pointer to Virginia Giuffre? Virgins/Virginia's share the Brock/Broke lion while Lingens are also Lyngbroke's.

As she accused Alan Dershowitz openly of forcing her to sleep with him while she was working for, or in slavery to, Epstein, the heraldry gets interesting where the Giuffre Chief has one star in the colors of the three stars of DERshowitz-like Dere's/Res', a branch of Dero's/ROS' (apparently) who have a giant eagle in the colors of the Tromp eagle. The Dere/Res Chief is also the Chief of French Alans.

Behold. It just so happens that Dere's/Res' use lances while English Lance's have the fesse of Lance-like Alans in colors reversed. ALAN Dershowitz. French Lance's even have a giant ROSE. Then, Daro's/Darrows were first found in Stirlingshire with the Nimo's/Nemmoke's having a "show" motto term, so amazing as per "DerSHOWitz." Is God verifying that Giuffre is telling the truth with her accusation. She claims the same for prince Andrew as she does for Dershowitz.

English Lance's were first found in Norfolk with the Fitz-Alans of Arundel (according to Alan write-up), who had a castle, at Mileham. I had found that the Crest of Lille's shares the "swallow" with Swallows and Arundels, and this plays well to "Alain de Lille" in the Alan write-up. Trump the bulldog was half SWALLOWed by the shark, with its back half not in the mouth, and the front half in the mouth so as to be in the Troat-like throat. And Trots/Troats list Trudeau-like Trude's sharing the six pale bars of Lance-like Langfords/LANKfords (Lance colors)! Trump knew Jeffrey Epstein well. If that's not enough, Swallow-branch Sallows (Shropshire with Alans) share the six pale bars of Longfords.

Fitz-Alans of Arundel had married Alice of Sallow-line Saluzzo, and Saluzzo's share the Coat of Daro-like Dure's, first found in Perthshire with WINKs and Justins. Wedge's share the VINCE motto.

Daro's/Darrows even have the Baud ship (on waves of water / sea) along with a "Be" motto term while Bee's and Ships/Shiptons were first found in Oxfordshire with Lille's. The full motto is, "Be watchful," and while Watch's use "wedges," Wedge's have a GAUNTlet in Crest while Gaunt is on the Lys river that passes by Lille in Artois. With Langfords in mind, let's repeat from above: "English LINGens happen to share the eight bars of Gaunts, first found in Kent with Virgins/VIRGINIA's, and I've read that the Arms of Gaunt at times used a "virgin." There we have what looks like another proof that Virginia's accusation against Dershowitz is TRUE. The Tree's in the Daro/Darrow Coat are also True's.

Daro's/Darrows share waves with water with Irish Neils/Neals while English Neals, first found in Wiltshire with Webbs, use an "extenDERE" motto term. Heraldic wave is suspect (by me) with Weavers / Webbers and now Webbs too.

There's a savage in the Daro/Darrow Crest. Alan-line Langhe is at/beside Savage-like Savigliano, and German Langs share the pelican with Stewarts while Pellicans were first found in Maine with French Lance's. Pellicans share the tower of Sire's/Sirets (linkable to Justins), first found in Burgundy with Pilate's while Pelosi's/Pilati's were first found in Savigliano. Pilate-branch Pellets, who are symbolized by heraldic pellets = BLACK ROUNDELs, were first found in Sussex with the Arun location of ARUNDELs. Blacks were first found in Lincolnshire with Swallows and Savage-branch Eagle's/Hegels.

The amazing thing now is that while Ships/Shiptons love the Bellows (Cheshire with the Savage's), they are said to be from Calles-like Pas-de-Calais, in Artois. The Tree's/True's, in the Swallow and Sallow Coats too, were first found in Wiltshire with the trumpet-using Calles'! And English Belows use a Calles-like "chalice" This explains why German Belows, first found in Pomerania with Trumps, share the Coat of Dero's/Ros', a giant eagle in the colors of the giant Tromp eagle.

The Daro-beloved Savage's almost have the Eagle/Hegel Coat, and Hagels (Somerset with Daro-connectable Wedge's) share the lone pile of Wings/Winks, first found in Perthshire with Cluns and Dure's, both sharing the same Coat that's linkable by way of Saluzzo's to Swallows.

The Below chalice is pouring water...which could be part code for the Purys (Oxfordshire with Ships/Shiptons) not only because they are in Wedge and Swallow colors and format, but because Bellows have a "pury" motto term.

Plus, Purys share the stars of Wedge-branch Watch's/Wage's, first found in Cornwall with Wassa's/Wace's, and thus we could be on the Wake / Walk bloodline here to which Sleeping Beauty pointed. Walks/Wachs were first found in Dumfries with Kilpatricks and Trump-connectable Leggs, and I woke Mrs. Kilpatrick when I touched her leg. Wake's can be gleaned as kin of Orrs/Ore's having an "omnia" motto term while Omans/Ormunds almost have the Pury Coat.

Wake's almost have the Mule Coat while a mule head is with Italian Capote's/Capone's while Italian Capone's/Capua's were first found in Naples with Giuffre's. Daro-like Dare's share the lion of English Stewarts, first found in Devon with Mule's. wake's, Mule's and Orrs/Ore's use roundels while Roundels are listed with Arundel-like Rundels sharing the English Alan Coat essentially.

Swallows were first found in Lincolnshire with the Eagle's who in turn have the Coat of Daro-beloved Savage's in colors reversed. Eagle's are in the colors and format of Swallow-loving Arundels.

I've shown how Rinds and English Mallets trace to St. Malo near Dol, and so let's add that English Mallets have the "deer" while Deers are also Dere's while Italian Dere's/Res' are the ones with lances and the Chief of French Alans. The latter were first found in Languedoc with Cottons/Cotta's who share a fretty Shield (different colors) with Trump-connectable German Belows. Cotes'/Coats share the Trot/Troat/Trude and Langford pale bars.

The position of the Deer stag is called "courant," suspect with Corrins/Corrents, first found in Waterford, and the Arms of County Waterford use either the Legg or Trump stag heads interchangeably. Waterfords ("water lilies" can be for Alain of Lille) are listed with Waterville's while Waters/Waterville's and Musk-connectable Muschats share the Epstein Coat.

This explains why, after I DOVE into the swimming POOL to save Trump halfway into the shark's mouth, I was instantly in another scene, WAIST-deep in blue WATERs i.e. at Epstein's island. Waistells use the BLUE DOVE as well as sharing the sheaves of the Courage-loving Comyns, and Courage's were first found in Essex with Waters/Waterville's and Muschats. George's, first found in Dorset with POOLs, have blue doves too, and they were from George of Hungary, father of the first Drummond, the line to Drumpfs > Trumps, is that cool or what?

The so-called "fountains" of Waterfords/Waterville's are made with the triple Drummond fesses in colors reversed, and Fountains were first found in Norfolk with Comyns, and with the Platters who in turn look related to the Ocean/Cain Coat. The blue color of the waters indicated an ocean, and Oceans/CAINs can link to Keons/McCains who are in turn connectable to Neils/O'Nails, the latter first found in Tyrone with Sharks. The Shark TREFoil takes us to Trips/Treffs, first found in HAMburg with Trump-colored Drummonds. Kains/Cains show the HAM Coat exactly, but compare also to McCabe's, for Andrew McCabe of Obama's FBI was part of swallowing Trump.

Someone told me last night that, according to Elon Musk, canada has been funding CNN, a chief anti-Trump media. If this claim is true to a large degree, then one could view trudeau as part of the shark that swallows Trump because Trouts are also Trudeau-like Trude's. It's interesting that Trudeau's are in Spicer colors and format, for Sean Spicer was Trump's first press secretary.

CNN's new CEO this year is already getting fired. As he's from Switzerland with the Davos location of Klaus Schwab, and as trudeau is an avid Schwabite, I'm wondering whether trudeau fronted this CEO, Chris Licht, to CNN.

Some Licht heraldry gets Trump-interesting. Lichts almost have the Kyle "candesticks" while Kyle's were first found in Ayrshire with an AYR location and the first-known Ayers, a branch of Eyers/AIRs having a Trump-connectable LEG. The first Ayers have a motto, "LIGHTer than air." It appears that Lights/Lite's, with swans, were a Licht branch, and Lights/Lite's were even first found in Somerset with the Sticks in the Kyle candlesticks. Then, Italian Candels/Candida's, first found in Naples with Giuffre's, share the Tromp eagle.

The Light/Lite swans were mentioned because Swans/Sions named Switzerland's Sion, beside AYER. Furthermore, I trace swans with good reason to lake Sevan, which was also called, LYCHnis, and Licks/Locks (same place as Swans/Sions) use swans. Then, because Licks/Lucks have a pelican, I trace Hebrew suspects from lake Lychnis to lake Lychnidus, beside Pellican-like PELAGonia (lower-left of map), and as Pelagonia was beside LYNCestes, we can take this picture to LANCE's, first found in Maine with Pellicans.

Alans are from Aulon at the CERAUNii mountains of Hebrew-suspect Epirus, and mythical PHLEGyas was the father of CORONis. It appears that Peleg-branch Hebrews were at both Lychnis and Lychnidus, not far from Aulon (shown on map to south-west of Lychnidus). The map shows the PENEStae peoples down the Drilon river from Lychnidus, explaining why Penes'/Pennys use the LYNX. The lynx is used also by Lynch's who share the Coat of Bothwells, first found in Lanarkshire with Swans/Sions, Licks/Locks, and pelican-using Biggars. The latter are suspect with "Jewish" Khazars.

The Lings, and therefore the Starlings/Starlincks, can be shown by way of Fellers/Fell/TRAGERs to be a Lynch branch. Lings and Starlings were both first found in Suffolk with Ceraunii-line Crauns/CRANE's, and with Candle's/Kentwells (not "Candel"). Sharks not only have the Rockefeller-line trefoil, but a CRANE.

German Tragers (probably in the Rook write-up) can be gleaned as kin of Rocco's, which spells, Rockefeller, and Rocco's were first found in Naples with Giuffre's. Zowie, the latter share the German TROY unicorn while Tragers are also Trojens. German Troys, in the colors and format of Trumps, were first found in MECKLEnburg with Trumps and Dols! Smackaroo. Meckle's (Monmouthshire with Pellican-connectable Howells) use pelicans.

Mecklenburg is the location of the Varni of ROStock, and Varns share the Rocco / Goat bend. Varni lived on the Warnow river with WAGRians while Wagers and Walkers (share Candle/Kentwell annulets) were first found in Yorkshire with Candels/Cundells.

English Tragers (Cornwall with Daro-beloved Watch's) happen to be in Swallow (and Wedge) colors and format. It appears to be saying that Rockefellers swallowed Trump.

As Roxolani were at the Kiev theater, it should be added that German Tragers/Trojens essentially have the Keep Coat. Plus, the Rocco's, with a black-bend version of the Trager/Trojen Coat, essentially have the Coat of Kepke-beloved Goats/Gothams. The latter were first found in Nottinghamshire with Ainsleys who in turn, amazingly, share the cross of English Candels who in turn have EARs of wheat. When Ainsley EARhardt fulfills the role of Sleeping Beauty, she points to Alan Dershowitz and others at Fox news suspect as being privy to, or involved with, Epstein's secrets.

Earhardts/AIRharts can be traced to the "Lighter than AIR" motto of Eyer-branch Ayers above. Dershowitz supports Trump. I suggest that the deep state knows Trump's links to Epstein but will not call him out on them publicly because Trump knows some secrets himself that he could spill in reaction.

Going back to the leg of Sleeping Beauty on Epstein's island, it fits well with the giant leg of Prophets/ProFETTs, first found beside Peartree's and their Fido/Fothes/FETTE kin. Feets share a Pavia Coat while Pierro's/Pero's/Petri's were first found in Pavia, assuring that the latter were a Peartree/Patria branch. I'm always inclined to wondering whether the Peartree-Prophet link is suggesting that Trump will be the False Prophet as the next American president. His term would end in January, 2029, less than three months before Apophis flies by.

Peter McCullough's Surname

After writing most of the above, I went to town, and when coming back home, getting to the news, the video below was loaded suggesting that the well-loved Dr. Peter McCullough is making money on a product claiming to ease / cure vaccine shedding. The first thing coming to mind if I chose to do an heraldic investigation starting with his surname is how it looks like the trumpet-using Calles surname. And when the McCullough's were loaded, wow, they were first found in Wigton with the Hanna's having the Trump stag head in colors reversed. Trump reportedly made lots of money pushing the vaccines.

Compare "Galloway" with "Cullough," which can indicate that Galloway (and Galveston elements), was named by a Calles branch. In fact, the German Galles'/Gallus' (Pomerania with Trumps) happen to share the rooster of Hanna-like Hanns, a branch of Hahns who are in turn not only in Trump colors and format, but first found in Mecklenburg with Trumps!!! Trump hired Stephen Hahn to be his FDA chief, i.e. his drug pusher, and he too was compromised by a foot into the door of at least one vaccine company.

The amazing thing is, the Hann and Galles rooster, in the colors of the giant Tromp eagle, is the one also of Kopple's, first found in Nuremberg with Keips/Keipers. This heraldic set is useful for verifying my trace of Kopple's to Koplik on the CLAUSula river, for Clauds/CLAUSELs share the triple Tromp acorns. Plus, Claus' list Klaus', an apparent pointer to the vaccine goon, Klaus Schwab.

McCullough's share a version of the dart-using Cudd and Cuthbert Crest, and Cuthberts were first found in Galloway with Wigton. The fretty Shield of McCullough's is colors reversed from the same of French Cottons/Cotta's, indicating that Cuthberts and Cudds were likely from Cottons/Cotta's.

I now recall a COTTON-SWAB that I've talked much about as per the Swab variation of Schwabs. It had to do with a cotton swab that Mr. MELLANson put into his ear. I had noted that while Mellansons and their Millen/Milan branch were traceable to Milan, and as that's the Lombardy capital, we take it to the Lombard line of Otters/Others, first found in Huntingdonshire with English Cottons. Mellanson's wife was Susan, and Susa was the Cottian capital. The Mellent variation of Millens/Milans got suspect with MELINDa Gates, wife of Bill Gates.

Aurelia Cotta was the mother of Julius Caesar, and so I'll go first to Teague's/Teegers/CAIGE's because they were first found in Galway, and because they share the crosses of English Julians, the latter first found in Cambridgeshire with Cage's who in turn have a Coat looking connectable to Gates'. Bill Gates was involved with Jeffrey Epstein in some unknown but likely nefarious endeavor(s). English Julians share their crosses with Galles-like Gullys/Gollys, and then French Galles'/Galli's have another giant rooster while sharing the Chief of French Julians.

I've told several times that Kepke and his brother played hockey GOALIEs while Gullys/GOLLYs can be linked to German Julians because the latter have the six pale bars of Gulls (share "sine" motto term with Gullys/Gollys). The point in repeating this is that German Julians, first found in Saxony with Kepke's/Kopke's, have the six pale bars of Jeffreys in colors reversed.

These Jeffreys were once said to be first found in Pavia- and Pepin-connectable Peebles-shire, but are now said to be first found in Aberdeenshire with Mellansons and Millens/Milans while German Julians share the crescents of Milan-traceable Others/Otters, first found in Huntingdonshire with Cottons. Cotes'/Coats', with six pale bars of their own, were first found in Staffordshire with Pepin-branch Pipe's.

Trump had hired Dan Coats to be in charge of his Intelligence apparatus, but as Coats was not fond of Trump at all, it was not Trump's intelligence apparatus after all. Cotes'/Coats share the six pale bars of Trots/TROATS, and so when the Trump bull dog had its head down the THROAT of the shark in the dream on Epstein's island, it looks like God is telling us that Dan Coats was responsible for all of Trump's woes in his first term.

However, I was on the beach upon Epstein's island, and the Beach Shield is also the one of Clappers while James Clapper held the position (under Obama) that Dan Coats had held, immediately prior to Coats. Clappers were even first found in Surrey with Trots/Troats. Thus, the shark looks like U.S. Intelligence, the lowest of the low. Jeffrey Epstein was himself an Intelligence stooge.

The write-up for Welsh Jeffreys thinks that the surname was a form of "Gaufridus," which looks like a Variation of Giuffre's/Goffredo's.

Galles'/Galli's, sharing the gold rooster of French Gays (Savoy with Masseys/Mass', are from Gala/Gaia, father of king Massena, and while Massena's have a version of the Masci Coat, Galles'/Galli's look like they have the Maschi Shield with the Macey stars.

Here's the McCullough video where, in the 6th minute, there is a claim that McCullough is a member of a medical board of the WellNess Company selling a drug claiming to fend off spike proteins from mRNA vaccines. I don't promote the idea that there's no such thing as viruses because I don't know enough to form a solid opinion. I argue that, just because viruses cannot be isolated (taken out alone from a body cell) to see what they look like doesn't necessarily mean they don't exist. Even if there are no viruses, why couldn't RNA products from a synthetic drug come out from the lungs and/or body fluids?

Here a video on the possibility that virus' do not exist, but could be a man-made excuse to apply vaccines to the world. Even if some virus' are natural materials, it's still possible that modern science has introduced synthetic viruses into us, and that they are now doing so under the pretence of giving us life-saving mRNA products in vaccines. They fully admit that these vaccines produce the virus in us.

Satanic Cretans

Mythology tends to make it clear that the Zeus cult was from the human-sacrifice cult of the Moloch bull in Tyre, and migrated into Crete as the Curetes and Minoans. The latter can be gleaned with the Minyae who were on board the Argo ship when it stopped at Lemnos, the Amazonian island of Hephaestus/HePHAISTOS who had some Cretan elements such as the Cretan city of Phaistos. Read his name as "HephAEStus, and one understands why the myth writer made AESon the father of Jason of the Argo ship. And to this we add that Argos had a white cow, Io, as a goddess while Zeus was the white bull "Taurus" from Tyrus into Crete.

One writer decided to place Zeus' birth in Crete from the cannibal cult of Cronus. This infant Zeus was coupled with a honey goddess, AMALthea, what looks like code for the Amalekites, from Amalek, son of Timna and Eliphas of Edom. It speaks to an Edomite merger with the human-sacrifice cults of Tyre, which included a Hercules cult that I see as play on the Biblical Samson. The latter married an unnamed woman of TIMNAh (Israel).

The god of Argos, Inachus, married Melia, the honey goddess of Boeotia, and so we can glean that the Amalekites could have been of the Melia cult too. Cadmus the Tyrian was in a myth following a bull to Boeotia, where he settled after killing the dragon of Ares. In another myth, this dragon popped up in Colchis to protect the golden fleece, and the Argo ship stopped into Lemnos en route to retrieve the golden fleece from Colchis. That's how myth writers worked. Follow the symbols, and know what they mean.

Mythical Aedon was made a queen of Thebes in Boeotia, and while her father was made PANdareus, a Pan cult was in Panias of Phoenicia, where one may trace the Cadmus cult too. Pandareus was a ruler in EPHESus, and that looks like "Hephaestus/Phaistos" because Ephesus was an Amazonian city. Pandareus' father was Merops of Kos, and while some writers derive "MerOPS" in "opis" meaning "bee," the bee cult can be gleaned as part of the honey cult, for example the ESSene bee cult of Ephesus, which looks like "Esau." Pan was made a goat, which can be traced to Esau, grandfather of Amalek, or to the nation of Seir to which Esau's daughter-in-law (Timna) belonged.

I owe the knowledge of the essene bee cult to Miss Florida, who also tipped me off on the Boofima goat cult.

Keep in mind that Essenes of Israel's north, near Tyre, had an axe symbol, for I saw some mythology that has "Aix" terms related to HephAEStus. Crete had a mythical Britomartis having a double-axe head for her symbol. It seems that, sine "axe" is an English term, BritoMartis and Hephaestus were of proto-English cults on Crete, and so BritoMartis becomes suspect with proto-British speakers through Crete. "Martis" could have been from the same as mythical Mars whom I think named mythical Marsyas the goat.

Embroiled in all of this mythology, which acts as a true tracking system of people groups in spite of the myths being make-believe, is the tracking of the line of Medan, son of the Biblical Abraham with his second wife, to "Medon," son of king Kodros of Athens. The latter's other son was made the founder of Ephesus. And from Athenian elements came Ariadne, wife of Dionysus of Lemnos, friend in turn of the goat-depicted Satyrs, friends in turn of Dionysus' Maenads (all women = Amazons) that I trace to the Maeander river having sources in the Phrygian theater of Marsyas. Dionysus was made a son of the Zeus Taurus, we get it, explaining why the Bacchus cult of Dionysus was a bull. Dionysus had a leopard-skin symbol that translated to the leopard symbol of Boofima. Baphomet, the goat-head cult of the Templars, may have been formed by Hugh de Payens himself (see him in my last update).

As I trace "Kodros" and "Keturah" (Medan's mother) to "Kotor," it seems that neighboring Meteon was the line of mythical Medon. Later in this update, there's a map showing Meteon. Meats/Meads were once said to be first found in Somerset, beside Cutters.

I found it interesting that German Martins/MARTIS' have a lion in colors reversed from the one of Brits/Brets, the latter first found in Somerset with two Axe rivers that I trace to the Axius river of Poeni-like Paeoni. "Poeni" was the Greek for "Phoenician." And the Pan cult was at Phoenix-like Panias in Phoenicia. So, it seems that the axe symbol of Britomartis, which I would peg with the Assi people who named Asia, can be tracked to Paeonians, and thus to Payens/Pagans/Paions, first found in Daphne-like Dauphine. Daphne was an ancient location (modern Dafna) a couple of miles from Panias, and Payens/Pagans come up as Pans.

It's then amazing that Brits/Brets share the red lion with Spanish Brito's, amazing because the Brito lions are within lozenges in the colors of the lozenges of PAYNE's, first found in Somerset with Brits/Brets!!! Incredible. Plus, Crete's/Creights have the triple bends of Pings/Pagans in colors reversed while Creightons share the Brito lion! It appears that we have found Curete liners from Crete.

One writer placed mythical Daphne in the Lotan-connectable Ladon river not far from Arcadia, birthplace of Pan's father, Hermes, owner of the golden fleece (a ram's skin). Another myth write made Apollo (son of Zeus) rip the skin / fleece off of Marsyas. The Ladon/Ladd surname was first found in Somerset with two Axe rivers, though one flows mainly in Daphne-like Devon, home of the ancient DUMNonii who were also in Somerset. I trace "Dumnonii" to the LaceDAEMONians of Sparta, smack beside Arcadia and the Ladon river.

The "Sparti" army that grew out of the dragon that Cadmus killed at Thebes can be gleaned with the LACEdaemonian line to Dumnonii because MacDonalds were early called by a Dumnonii-like term, and Donald-branch Donells were first found in Inverness-shire with Wreath's/CREIGHTs. The peoples of Sparta-like Sybaris founded Lace-like Laus, and SARACena is on the Sybaris river. Shark-like Saraca's were in Ragusa, otherwise called, Laus(a), and then Donell-like Donleys, with nearly the Coat of Shark-related Neils/o"Nails, are said to have had a branch in Tyrone, where Sharks were first found.

The Shark trefoils belong to Rods and Rocks while Donells use a rock akin to the Rook Crest. Plus, La(s)s of Sparta is on the Mani peninsula, tending to reveal why MANders have a "laus" motto term, yet Manders have a Coat like the one of Rod-connectable Rhodes', the latter first found in Yorkshire with English Lace's/Lacys.

In one myth, Apollo wanted to rape Daphne in the Ladon river (rape is an heraldic code). Apollo was made the mate of Coronis, and the Ceraunii mountains are near Apollonia where Epirus meets the Illyrians. Myth made CADmus and HARMONia, depicted as two snakes, the founders of Illyrians, and two snakes had been the symbol of the Hermes caduceus, code for the Cadusii ARMENians. One myth writer had Hermes granting his caduceus to TIRESias, father of Daphne. Follow the symbols.

With German Martins/Martis' looking like they work into Brit elements, we can add that Italian Martins (share Pane/Panico Chief) share the Kepke/Kopke goat. Creightons share a goat-like "God" motto term with Sinclairs and Mens'/Mame's, both first found in MidLOTHIAN with Creightons. Lotan was the brother of Timna of Edom. The giant lion of Creighton is blue, and can be the giant blue lion of Masons/Massins because the latter were first found in Kent with Timna-like Time's/Timms (goat heat), and with God-like Goods who happen to have lions in colors reversed from the Brito lions, and so we can say that the Good lions are in the colors of the Payne lions not coincidentally.

German Goods/Guts share the Coat of Sticks, first found in Somerset with Payne's, and the latter's Page branch was first found in Devon with the Axe river, and with the Singers likewise sharing the Good/Gut Coat. German Sangs/Singers share the Payen/Pagan hexagrams. The Axe river of Devon ends at Seaton, and Seatons/Sittens were first found in Lothian too. I trace Sittens to Sithonia, on-shore from Crete and near the mouth of the Axius river!

The mouth of the Axius is near Iolcus in Thessaly, home of mythical AESon, the one I connect to the "Aix" terms that were related to Hephaestus. Assi's use an axe head in their "fasces" symbol. The Eatons once showed their patee crosses in such a shape as to look like a double-axe head, and Patti is a location in Messina along with Eaton-like Etna. This area is where mythical Vulcan was placed who they say was the Roman Hephaestus.

The Creights were first found in Midlothian, smack at EDINburgh, and Eaton-like Edins ("sit" motto term linkable to Sittens) with an Edom-like Edon variation, sharing the Good chevron, have a red-Shield version of the Good/Gut sheaves. It seems that Edomites can be traced to Edinburgh, the Scottish capital.

Edins were first found in Suffolk with the Kidds sharing the upright Martin / Kepke goat. Edins are said to have had a branch in West Yorkshire, where sheaves-using Keppochs named their Kippax location, and Leed-like Leiths were first found in Edinburgh while sharing the Seaton/Sitten CRESCENTs. Cressents are listed with the Creights above! West Yorkshire is the location of DENTdale in SEDbergh, and Edins have a "sed pruDENTia" motto phrase so as to be connectable to Seaton-branch Sedans/Siddens, suspect with the SIDNeys of Kent. Sidneys have a pheon, symbol for Paeonians.

I've said a hundred times that Kepke really liked to play ping-pong with me in his baseMENT, and while Ments/Mants (Yorkshire with Pings/Pongs/Pagans) share the triple bends of Cressents/Creights, they are colors reversed from the triple bends of Pings/Pongs/Pagans. And now I know why we played ping-pong, because Kepke's were of the goat cult of the Payens-line Templars.

The Ments/Mants are perfect here because mythical MANTo was made the sister of Daphne, both daughters of Tiresias, and the latter was the son of the "shepherd seer," EVERES, code for the "shepherd kings," the Hyksos of AVARIS. It seems that this Hyksos line arranged the English Shepherd surname for themselves, possibly derived from Keppock-related Sheffields, for the hand holding the black fitchee in the Shepherd Crest is the symbol of the MacDonalds of Keppoch. The Chief of Kep-like Shepherds has three Hyksos-like AXES! Surprise.

The Shepherd Coat is in the colors and format of Ladd-like Ladys and Anchors/ANNACKers, and as the Ladon dragon was made the alternative father of Daphne, her cult looks Hyksos, important here with the Brito liners to axe-depicted BritoMartis because Brittany have a version of the Mountain Coat while Mountains point to the Apophis asteroid, named after Apophis the Hyksos king. Some think the Hyksos had named part of the Hayasa-AZZI of Armenia, making sense in this heraldic picture.

Why do you think that Armenia is alternatively called, HAYAStan?

The write-up of English Shepherds traces to a Thwait-like entity while Thwaits list Twitts while Tweedale's/Tweets were first found in Peebles with Scottish Shepherds. The latter share the sheep with Shaffers while the latter are in Kepke colors and format.

Shepherds and Sheffields may have derived from CAFFERys because they share the Sheffer Coat (not "Shaffer"), which is in the colors of the Coffee/COFFER fesse, and the latter's cups can be of Cups/Cope's and cup-using, Kepke-branch Koops/Kupe's. Coffare's/Coffers (CRESCENTS in Coffee/Coffers colors) were first found in Somerset with the Axe river of the MENDip hills, that being a term like the Ments/Mants sharing the CRESSENT/Creight Coat. But we're not done.

The Crest of Coffee's/Coffers has the Arms of Taranto (in different colors) which the latter calls, "Taras," son of Poseidon. Poseidon was related to the Cadmus TYRians, and Taranto, which myth writers linked to Satyr-like Satyrion, was founded by Spartans. Somerset is where Tarrs/TARAS' and Tarant-connectable Courcys were first found too, and while Somerset and Devon was home to the DUMNONii, the LaceDAEMONians were Spartans. Sparta was beside the Pan Satyr of Arcadia, and Pan-branch Payne's, from Payne Roet, were in Somerset too.

Goat-head Mortins, with a name like goat-using Martins, were first found at the area of the MENDip hills while Scottish Mortins, first found beside the MANDs, are in Morton and Walsh colors and format. Scottish Mortins use buckles while Buckle's were first found in Suffolk with goat-using Kidds and STARlings. Stars/Stairrs were first found in Wiltshire with goat-using Mortins while Stairs/Stayers were first found in Kent with Goods. These PHEON-using Walsh's have a "MORTuus" motto term while Tous' share the eight-pointed star of Spanish Martins.

Murtons/Myrtons/MerTONE's almost have the Ment/Mant Coat. TOWNs/Tune's were first found in Suffolk with Kidds, Plains/Platters, and an Eye location connectable to the eye of Stars. The other Platters almost have the Murton/Myrton Coat. The latter Platters were first found in neighboring Norfolk with English Cullough's, and with Dade's/Deeds who in turn share the Coat of Culloch-like Clocks/Cloaks while Cullough's are also Cullochs, and were first found in Myretoun (Wigtonshire). "Deed" is a motto term of Star-connectable Scottish Flemings while Stars were first found in Wiltshire with Tree's in the English Cullough Crest. Wiltshire is where Cullough-like Calles' were first found.

English Cullough's happen to share a dog head on blue with Clough's while Cullough's use it in both colors of the German Fleming wolf. Scottish Flemings were first found in Lanarkshire with Clough-beloved Sine's.

And this brings me to Kim Walsh when she slammed my car door on Kepke, leaving him SITTING on the CURB. The CURBys share the crescents of Coffare's/Coffers and their Heffer branch, which brings us back to the Heffer-like Sheffers sharing the Caffery Coat.

Soon after Kepke left Miss Peare for Miss Walsh, the latter had gotten into my PasSENGER SEAT when slamming the door at La PALOMA. I can NOW see where this is going, to sitting-like Seatons/Sittens at the Axe river of Somerset-Devon, for while Sengers are listed with German, Payen-connectable Singers, English Singers were first found in Devon with a Mertone location, and with Pagan-branch Page's having a dove in the colors of the Italian Paloma dove! English Singers even share the courant horse of Freys, the latter first found in Wiltshire with Pero-beloved Stars.

Doves are used by Waistells whose horse is said to be on a "gallop," and the Gallops use a motto phrase, "BE WYSE," and Doors use bees while Bee's were first found in Oxfordshire with Peare's and Webber-connectable Lille's, and Webbs have the BOTTER/Buddy/Bodin eagle in colors reversed for a good pointer to Salome Boethus. Spanish Paloma's are suspect with a Pot, and Pots with Potters were first found in Hampshire with Botters/Buddys/Bodins. Kim Walsh had SLAMmed the DOOR, and Kims (share white cinquefoils with Potters) were first found on BUTE. German Bute's are also BOETs. Slam-like Salems have the DORia eagle in colors reversed. The door-slam event is pointing to the Sadducee-Herod, Salome Boethus. Doris was one of the wives of king Herod I. Doris use a WAVY bend.

Salems look related to the bends of Kepke-connectable Webbers and Sale's, and it should be added that Salome's were first found in Rhineland with German Bush's/Bushers while Salems share the eagle of English Bush's (Yorkshire with Paloma-like Palms). English Bushers were first found in DORset.

Miss Peare, whom I had met at La Paloma a couple of years earlier, had pointed to Waistells in conjunction with pointing to Goods/Guts. Spanish Paloma's share the pale bar of Pero's/Perino's whose "flaming stars" takes us to Stars/Stairrs, and then the Pero's/Perino's share the Senger/Singer / Weis/Wise hexagrams while English Wise's were first found in Devon with English Singers.

Therefore, as the passenger seat and door here has proven to point to Sengers/Singers, my similar treatment looks correct, of two updates ago, of the passenger door in the Sleeping Beauty dream.


There's some good reasons as to why the HAYASa-Azzi had a tribe leading to the Hay and Hayes surnames. Hayasa-Azzi were at or near Rize, explaining why the Hay Crest has a bird in a position often said to be "rising." The Rise's are also Rye's, and were once said to be first found in Sussex with Sadducee-like Saddocks/Sedgewicks who in turn have "ears of rye". Rise's/Rye's are now said to be first found in Norfolk with Risings/Risons.

There was a Saddock-like Soducena location right where Hayasa-Azzi lived, to the west of lake Lychnis (now Sevan) of Gog. Soducena is at JEREVan, which I think changed the name of Israel's Salem to JERusalem and also named GAREB, a hill at the Jerusalem area. I think Sadducees, who ruled at Jerusalem, were from this Soducena entity, yet there was also a Sittaceni people group in Caucasia looking a lot like the Sittens who named Sion of Switzerland as Sitten, and Jerusalem had a Zion hill where non-Israelites had lived for centuries after Moses. Lake Sevan is to Swans/Sions.

The Hays use eSCUTcheons while Schutz's were first found in Rhineland with Salome's who I think are from Salome Boethus, from the Sadducees, how perfect. And it just so happens that Swans/Sions have the GLOVES of "falconers" while English Falcons show a brown falcon, the color of the rising falcon of Hays, the latter first found in Perthshire with Glove's. Schutz's have a greyhound that looks a bit like a regular dog, and more black greyhounds are with the Scoots/Scougals, first found in East Lothian with Seatons/Sittens.

Assi's use a "fasces," and Fessys/Face's were first found in Northampton with the Spinks sharing the Clough mascles.

The Haeks (giant unicorn) suspect in the Scoot/Scougal motto were probably a line of Hyksos, for they were makers of chariots and probably had the horse symbol that myth writers applied to the Armenian cult of Ares, from the Aras river at the Hayasa-Azzi theater. Ares' Armenian daughter married CadMUS, founders of Illyrians i.e. their human worshippers/carriers became Illyrians.

Why do you think that Armenia is alternatively called, HAYAStan?

MUS was conquered by Cimmerians whom were thought to have been the Biblical Gomer. These Cimmerians came from proto-Ukraine beside the Royal Scythians, and they conquered Rusa, making him suspect with the Rosh that I claim were depicted by Hros-like Ares, father of Eros. The Hays happen to have a "juGUM" motto term while the Gomer surname lists Gums.

Although the white dog of Glove-like Cloughs (Swan/Sion colors) was described as a greyhound when I was able to get to the website that described houseofnames Coats, it's showing as the same species of dog as per the Swan/Sion/SINE Crest, explain the "Sine" motto term of Clough's. Sitten-like Sedans/Siddens use "sino."

The Hay motto term can be code for Juggs/Jude's who show the raGULLY pattern, and Gullys happen to have a "sine" motto term. I see "ragully" as part code for Ragusa-like Raggs', and I trace Saraca's of Ragusa to Sharks whose Coat is in the format of Clough's who in turn have "Sine MACULa" motto while phoenix-using Mackle's/Magills have a "Sine FINE" motto while Phoenix-like Phone's/Fiens/Fane's/VANs (probably from Lake Van, location of Mus in "Cadmus") use gauntlet gloves that Swans/Sions once showed.

Phone's/Fiens were first found in Monmouthshire with Mackle-like Meckle's, and then Mascals (Sussex with Saddocks) have the Saddock eSCUTcheon in colors reversed. The Saddock Coat is almost the one of Calvarys, and while the latter substitute the Saddock martlets with owls, Monmouthshire is where Howells (share Pellican tower) were first found. Meckle's have pelicans. The "calvary" symbol is used by Moses'/Moesens, and the latter's dove can be for "city of doves," Cuppae, in Moesia.

Juggs/Jude's have a cockaTRICE while Hebrons, first found in Northumberland with Phoenix's/Fenwicks, have a "tryst" motto term. The Tristans, a Trice/Tryst branch, show red roundels called, "torteau," and a TOREATae people group were from lake AZov along with the Sittaceni. Azov borders CRIMea, and GRIMaldi's share the Shield of Cocks (Somerset, beside Tristans) in "cockatrice." Grimaldi's are still in MONACo, and Monks (cockatrice) were first found in Devon with red-roundel Tristans.

Monks are also Moyne's, and Moons were once said to be first found in Devon with them, along with DARDs/Darts and RODs (share Shark trefoils). Moses'/MOESens/MOYS could apply here, though I have good reason for tracing Moons to king Monunius of DARDania at the Moschius river of Moesia. BabCOCKs, sharing the Cock rooster, have the Moses/Moesen pale bar in colors reversed, and while Babcocks were first found in Worcestershire with Rod-related Rocks, the latter share the trefoils of Toreatae-like Treetons/Turtons.

I suggest that the Monunius-line Dardanians named Monaco and got married to the Moses/Moesen line so that the latter developed a Moy variation. Moons have a Coat like Italian Pavia's while English Pavia's share the Mackle/Magill martlets while Pavia-related Feets are three times in the GRIME/Grimm Coat. Gormleys/Grimes' have the Mackle/Magill Coat in colors reversed.

Moons are now said to be first found in Dorset with the Beaks in the beakless eagles of Holdins, and the latter share the Hay eSCUTcheon. Holdens were first found in Lancashire with SCUTE's (share crane with Sharks) while Shute's/Schute's were first found in Wiltshire (beside Beaks) with English Neals, kin in turn of "sine" using Yarborough's. Beakless eagles are called, "allerions," explaining why Allers, first found in Westphalia with Nagle's/Neils, have the same escutcheon. Nagle-line Oneglia is near Monaco, and Sharks were first found in Tyrone with Irish Neils/O'Nails/Neals.

Nagle's/Nails share the saltire of Greats, likely from Gratian, father-in-law of Justine of Picenum, for as her husband (and his son) was Valentinian I, Valence's, with the Coat of Ducks (Westphalia) in colors reversed, can be gleaned as a branch of Velins and Valens, both first found in Westphalia too. Velens share the martlets of Gormleys/Grimes'.

Oneglia is where DORia's married ARDuinici, and the latter were from the Ardiaei Illyrians living in the midst of DAORsi, yet as both were at Rhizon, we can trace Ardiaei back to Ardahan at the Moschi area of the Hayasa-Azzi. This can explain why Hayes' (not "Hay") were first found in Herefordshire with English Doors. Scottish Doors (Fife, near Hays) share the leopard faces of Rison-branch Restons, and Rize is near Ardahan. Doria's were first found in Genova with fasces-like Fauci's, and while Fauchys have a grasshopper, Grasse is a location near Monaco / Oneglia. It's Justine-connectable Assi's who have a fasces.

Hayes' have triple leopard faces too, gold like the three of Peare's and Parsons, the latter first found in Norfolk with Risons and Rye's/Rise's. Rice-branch Reesors (Lincolnshire with Restons) share blue vair with Meckle's. Peare's were first found in Oxfordshire with the CHECKs/Chicks sharing the Hayes crescent, and while the vaired cross of Reesors is shared by English Ferrands, Italian Ferrands share the CHECKer Coat.

English Ferrands (Poppin/Popham format) share the Chief-Shield colors of Hyksos-suspect Poppins/Pophams, and the latter almost have the stag heads of Ferrand-like Friends (Monk colors and format). Pope's/Popps/Pape's share the checks of Cliffords (share Drake wyvern) in the Ferrand write-up. Poppins/Pophams were first found in Hampshire with Checkers and Drake's, and Cliffords were first found in Herefordshire with Hayes'/Hays' and Wefers. Pope's/Popps/Pape's share the checkered bend of Wearings/Warings, the latter first found in Devon with Hays-like Hesse's/ASH's and Hesse-connectable Hessels/Hazels. The latter were kin of Wefer-like Weavers. Wefers share the eagle of Aquila's in the Drake motto.

English Ferrands not only use an axe, but a "Justus" motto term while Justine's are also Justus'. Justine of Picenum was a daughter of Justus. English Ferrands were first found in Yorkshire with the Farrs and Hicks', and the latter two share the same fleur-de-lys with Annas-line Ainsleys. Pharisee-like Phares'/Fare's (Vere / Farr colors) love the Annas-connectable Anchors/ANNACKers, tending to explain why Nicholas de Vere von Drakenberg traced his line to ancient Anunaki. Pharisee-like Freeze's/Phreeze's/Freys were first found in Essex with Aquila-connectable Este's while Aquila's share the Coat of Essex's, the latter first found in Middlesex with Fier's/Fears, and with the Felthams sharing the Hayes leopard faces.

English Ferrands (share Palm vair) were first found in Yorkshire with the Palms in the Feltham motto. And here we can add that French Fare's/Vairs (Burgundy with Ferrat-branch Vairs/Fers') essentially share the Rye/Rise Coat except that the latter use Armenia-like ermine. Ermine's/Armine's (Lincolnshire with Aquila-connectable Eagle's, Kills/Keele's and Cheile's) look like kin of Annans, from the Ananes Gauls at Picenum-like Piacenza. The village of Picenze is a few miles from L'Aquila, and the Motts suspect in the motto of L'Aquila were first found in Essex with Aquila-connectable Este's.

Felthams (GAUNTlet) have a Chief in the colors and format of the Chief of Ghents (Hampshire again) whose eagles are colors reversed from the Doria eagle probably because Ghents (beside Moons of Wiltshire) were from "Gentius," the Ardiaei king who married the daughter of Dardanian king, Monunius II. Monans may have a rising bird, and may therefore have the Flecks in their motto, first found in Norfolk with Risings/Risons.

I can show here that McCullough's were L'Aquila liners too, starting with the English Cauleys (Norfolk with English Cullough's/Culleys) who share the Keele/Kill quadrants, tending to explain why Keele's/Kills have the Mott crescent in colors reversed. The Coat and Crest of English Cullough's (Norfolk with BURTs and Rise's/Rye's) can be connected in multiple ways to Burtons so as to suggest that DumBARTON was a BURTon line. Bartons (boar heads) were first found in Cheshire with Birds/BURDs, and the latter share the giant FELT flory. Bartons (Beard/Beart colors) are said to have named Bearton at Hitchin, and while Keele's/Kills and Cauleys have the quadrants of Hykes'/Hacks (Devon with Burt-branch Berts) in colors reversed, Hitchens have a CASTLE with towers in the colors of the Higgin/Hicken and Hickenson/Hitchenson towers. Cassels were Kennedy kin.

Scottish Cauleys were first found in DUMbartonshire (Edomite Hebrews?) with Eure's/URE's, and I trace the Abreu's/Abruzzo's to Eburovices of Evreux in Eure. Dumbarton is near the Kill-like Kyle's of Ayrshire, and that's where Ure's/Orreys, Barrs, and Scottish Kennedys were first found, near the Glass' of Bute. Kyle's share the Glass and Gleason star while the bend-with-stars of Gleasons (Tipperary with Irish Kennedys) is in colors reversed with the English Cauleys (Hyksos-suspect axe) who in turn have an "honESTE" motto term while Aquila's share the giant Este and Barr eagle.

The bend of English Cauleys is in the colors of the bend of Cheile's who in turn have a leg, as do Ayers of Ayrshire, for connection to Calles-beloved Trumps, and Leggs were first found in DUMfries with Kilpatrick castle. The leg-using Prime's are suspect in the motto of Lakeys/Lackeys, first found in Dumbarton. Leaks/Leakeys (share Hicks fleur) have another leg. Miss Hicks got a knee symbol on the Ranch road (Camp Wood, Texas) that locals call the Leakey road. I suggest that Lakeys/Lackeys, because they share the brown wolf head with Teague's/Teegers who in turn share the Gully crosslets, share the Gully chevron, and so note how "Gully" is like "Cauley."

DUMbartonshire is the location of the Kilpatrick mountains which I didn't know about until now. While Trump the bullDOG was in the dream with Mrs. Kilpatrick's leg, and while Bullys apply to the dream who were first found in Dumfries, her husband is Hamilton Kilpatrick while Hamiltons share the cinquefoil of Dogs/Doags (Perthshire with Drummonds, Rollo's and Oliphants) and Millets. Milton, having named Milton at the Kilpatrick mountains, almost have the Stone Coat that itself has a dog, and both Coats look related to the Gates' whom I trace to Podebrady with Trumps and Drummonds. Oliphants and Hicks' share a "Tout" motto term with black-boar Rollo's.

While Oliphants and elephants are suspect with Eliphas, Esau's son, Levens (Shropshire with English Boyds) use elephant heads while Dumbartonshire is at a Leven river (likely named the Levenax variation of Lennox's). Levins (not "Leven") share the martlets of Sadducee-like, Rize-connectable Saddocks (Sussex with black-boat Readings/Ridings) who in turn share the Bowling Coat while Bowling is a location at the Kilpatrick mountains. Bowles' have the Edomite black boar. BOLINGbroke's were first found in Lincolnshire with Bowles', Bole's (black boar), Keele's/Kills and Cheile's. Lucy of Bolingbroke married Mr. Taillebois while Talbots (share Irish Cauley lion) were first found in Shropshire with Levens.

Miltons are said to descend from Camville's while the Cam river is in Cambridgeshire, where Cage's were first found who have a reflection of the Milton Coat. Miltons were first found on Oxfordshire with the Gullys sharing the crosslets of Teague's/CAIGE's. Yet these Camville's are called Campville's too while the Kilpatrick mountains are at CAMPsie Fells i.e. near Milton. It could indicate that Camps descended from a family on the Cam river.

English Camps were even first found in Warwickshire with the Ardens sharing the cinquefoils of Stone's who almost have the Milton Coat. "Ardens" is a motto term of BULrush-using Petts/Perts (share Bully lozenges) while Pettys were first found in Warwickshire too. The Arden cinquefoils are with McBride's whom are linkable to Hamiltons of Arran (near Dumbartonshire), where McCabe's were first found who share the "salmon" of Hams (Hamil colors). Cauleys/Auleys were at Dumbarton's ARDENcaple. Ardens are in the colors and format of English Jacks (Yorkshire with Hicks) while Scottish Jacks were first found in Renfrewshire with Hamiltons.

I almost missed it: the EURE's/Ure's were first found in Dumbartonshire while Hicks have a "heure" motto term while Miss Hicks married Hamilton Kilpatrick!!! I didn't know of the Kilpatrick mountains of Dumbartonshire until today. There's a Balloch location there while Ballochs/Bullocks use bull heads.

Meltons (share patonce cross with Chase's) were first found in Norfolk with Case's, with Patricks of La Lande, and with the Bus' sharing the Hamilton cinquefoil. While English Patents/Pattens were first found in Essex with Chase-branch Chance's/Chaunceurs, Scottish Patents/Patients were first found in Dumfries. The Meltons share the patonce cross (different colors) with Chance's/Chaunceur's, first found in Essex with CAMulodunum (Camville's of the Milton line come to mind), and then Pepins, from Pepin of Land-connectable Landen, share the CAMEL head with Kilpatrick-branch Pattersons/Cassane's while English Cassane's were first found in Hampshire with Chase's.

While the saltire and crossed swords of Lennox's/Levenax's (ruled in Dumbartonshire) can be gleaned with Tease's/Tacks and Tax's from the Ticino/Tessin river, that's where Pierro's/PERO's were first found while "PERIculum" (read also as "periCULum" and/or "periCULUM") is an motto term of Scottish CAULeys. It makes Levens suspect from Laevi GAULs. The Lennox's/Levenax's have an "I'll" motto term, and I'le's are listed with Alleys/Aleigh's.

Scottish (and Irish) Cauleys are AULEYs too, and so lets go back to my proposed idea that Keele's/Kills (same place as Eagle's/Hegels) were an Aquila branch, for the Abruzzo/Abreu Coat is much like the one of Kellys except that the latter use the lion of I'le's/Alleys/ALEIGH's, and the latter are in Legg colors and format. Alleys/Aleigh's were first found in Worcestershire with the Patty's sharing the Eagle/Hegel lion, and with Hull-connectable Hills almost having the Higgins/Hicken fesse-with-towers.

I see Trumps from Drummonds, and have suggested that Drummonds trace to the THERModon river (now the Terme) in the PONTus, about 200 miles from Rize toward the Hatti and GALLi. It's important here that this river is in the land of the Hatti because Trumps show nothing but a stag HEAD, and Heads/Heeds were a branch of HATs/Hades'. Ponts/Ponds and Ponters/Ponders both use the Edomite black boar. The Ali's/Aliotto's are said to have been at a Terme location in the north-eastern tip (Messina) of Sicily along with Patti, and the patee cross of Staggs/Stage's to which I trace the Trump stag head can apply.

The Staggs/Stage's share a blue stag head in profile with Hanna's while the latter's are colors reversed from the Trump stag head in profile. Hanna's were first found in Galloway with Calles-like Cullough's. The other Cullough's were first found in Norfolk with Heads/Heeds (and DOWNhams/Dunhams) who in turn almost have the Coat of English Este's while Italian Este's share the Aquila Coat. Heads/Heeds were a branch of Haddens and Haldans, both of whom use the motto, "Suffer," and then Saffers, sharing triple unicorn heads (different colors) with Heads/Heeds, were first found in Devon with Staggs/Stage's.

At this point, we should ask why the birds (falcons or hawks) of French Saffers are in the RISING position, for Rize was in the political theater of the Hatti. The Hatti were at what would become Galatia, where the Bassus' came forth who I say became the family of Domna Bassianus, wife of emperor SEVERus. Is that Saffer enough for you? English Falcons share the Stagg/Stage chevron. I trace king Apophis to the naming of Paphlagonians, beside Galatia, and Poppins/Pophams were at BASINGstoke, a Bassianus-like term. The (grand)father or (grand)father-in-law of the Galatian Bassus' was ArtemiDORos, suspect from the Doria's who share the Basing eagle.

The "liBERA" motto term of Saffers is almost the "Libertas" of Godfreys, and can be for Beers or Berrys ("Nihil sine"), both first found in Devon with Saffers and Beer-like Berts. Birds are Bouillon-connectable, and, by the way, Payens-branch Pane's/Panico's have a "bird" in their "green tree." English Berts above have hunting HORNs to go with the Saffer "heron." Italian Bera's, first found in Ferrara with Kepke-connectable Berta's, share the giant tower of Pellicans in the Godfrey Coat. The Kepke goat connects to the Baphomet cult of the Templars who were hired by the family of Eustace II. Barrets and Berrys use bars as code for Este-related Barrs.

Godfreys almost have the MEAT/Mead Coat while Meteon was a location on the east side of lake Scodra. Bar is a location on the west side of this lake, about 15 miles south of Butua, and Bute's/Butts were Este kin too, meaning that Barrs should be traced to this Bar location.

It's necessary to add that English Este's, first found in Essex with Apophis-pointing Mountains and Chaunceurs, were Pepin/Pepy kin suspect from Hyksos king Apophis/Apepi. English Gumms, first found near Essex, share the Chief-Shield colors of Poppins/Pophams (share stag head of Hatti-line Keiths). Poppins/Pophams were first found at Basingstoke while Basings (Hampshire, beside Tromp-connectable Vise's / Acorns / Downs) share the Tromp eagle six times.

Having gleaned a Trump-Stagg connection, it's related to Sleeping Beauty's knee and leg that Staggs/Stage's share a cross between antlers with Stacys and their EUSTACE branch, but also with Tromp-connectable Vise's/Vice's, the latter first found in Sussex with Tromp beloved Acorns, and with Trump-connectable DOWNs/Douns. Vise's/Vice's and Acorns share the stag head of Knee's, first found in County DOWN, but this goes to the shark's TEETH that encircled the bulldog's BELLY because EUSTACE II was father to de-Bouillon while "bello" is a Bouillon motto term. I have therefore got to identify the Stage/Stagg chevron as the one of Belly's, therefore.

Heads/Heeds suspect in the Trump stag head were a branch of Beauty-related Haydens and Toot-connectable Tuits/Tute's. The shark's teeth clamped down on Trump's belly goes to this picture, for Tooth's ("PerSEVERantia") have the griffin in two colors, in both colors of the split-colored griffin HEAD of English Berrys whose "Nihil" motto term ought to be for the Nihill variation of Neils/O'Nails/Neals, first found in Tyrone with Sharks. Trumps were first found in Pomerania with the House of Griffin. And English Neals were first found in Wiltshire with Trump-related Calles', and beside the Saffer-branch SEVERs.

Tooths have a "palman" motto term while swan-using Palmans/Pelhams have an "amore patria" motto phrase while Patri's/PEARtree's share the Trump stag head, how that be just a coincidence? Amore's were first found in Oxfordshire with Peare's. Palmans/Pelhams were first found in Hertfordshire with the Press' in the belly-press event of Miss Peare, and the shark was pressing on Trump's belly (and back) with its teeth. Shark-related Neils/O'Nails share the Press Chief (ESToiles).

PRESleys were first found in West Yorkshire with Dents. As Presleys share the Pellican tower, Pelhams may have been a Pellican branch, especially as pelican-using Pullys/PULLINGs (Yorkshire with Toots) share the Patria/Peartree scallops. Peare's belly-press was related to her waist-PULLING event I've talked about a hundred times.

Bumps, sharing both Tooth griffins, were first found in Gloucestershire with Leto-like Letts who in turn share the Peare stars. Tooths were related to Letters whose Lauder branch was first found in Berwickshire with the Hume's/Home's who in turn love the True variation of Tree's (Wiltshire with Pero-beloved Stars) who could have named Peartree's.

Tooths share the giant griffin of Ali's/Aliotto's, and the "Ne" motto term of Griffins and Phone's/Fane's/Vans can be for the Nee variation of Knee's while Phoenix's/Fenwicks (Northumberland with Belly-branch Baileys and Baliols) share the phoenix with Knee's and Tuffs'/Tufts. That's why the dream had me TOUCHing her knee/leg, for Touch's (Cheshire with Tuffs'/Tufts, Bello's/Bellows, and Toot-branch Tattons) are also Tuffs, and they have the Coat of Hume's/Home's in colors reversed.

Hume's/Home's were first found in Berwickshire with teeth-like Teets/Tate's, and lake Tatta was near the THERModon river that could have named Ali term of Ali's/Aliotta's. Leto's/Alitto's (Ferrara with same-colored Bera's) share the crane (different colors) with Sharks.

Hume's/Home's were first found in Berwickshire with Arthurs and ARTEMs/Aitons, a line suspect from ARTEMidoros because Arduinici married Doria's. Hume's/Home's love the True's, first found in Wiltshire with Trump-beloved Calles' while Galles'/Galli's use a rooster that's often code for Galatia-like lines.

Ahh, the Leto crane (in the colors and format of the Ali/Aliotto griffin) is said to be "drinking," possibly from (and what looks like) a pond as code for the Ponts/Ponds / Ponters/Ponters suspect from the Pontus, where the Thermodon flows! Beauty.

It's then pretty incredible that both English Tate's share the raven with Rice's (and Rothes'/Rothchilds), and one Tate Coat even shares the Belly and Jump roses while Jumps share the Trump stag head while the bulldog jumped into the pool with the shark. I've said a million times that Wikipedia's article on Shark-line Saraka's has them in Kotor before going to Ragusa, and Kotor is smack beside RHIZON and Este-connectable Butua/BUDva. Sleeping Beauty pointed to Bud Light, and Alitto-like Lights/Lite's use the swan, from lake Sevan. Lights/Lite's even look connectable to Tooths.

Jumps may have been a branch of Gumps/Gumms/GOMERS, what are the chances? The Cimmerians, suspect from Gomerians, who invaded Rusa at Lake Van, had a military base at Sinope at the time, in the land of the Hatti. Rusa is suspect with Rosh, and the Tate's with the roses even share the ROXburgh pale bar. If you don't know, you can read of Rosh, Gomer, Gog and Moschi-like Meshech in the end-time prophecy of Ezekiel 38 and 39.

The question is, why did Sleeping Beauty and I RISE into the sky as soon as I touched her knee/leg that itself represents Trump? Is the sky here a symbol of Gog? And if that scene was a representation of the rapture, what does Trump have to do with it? Rize is near Gogarene/Gugar at lake Sevan.

I have a theory, a good one that looks like God's fact for the Sleeping Beauty dream. The Hicks' are said to have had a branch at Low Leighton while Leightons/Leytons were first found in Shropshire with English Frane's who not only share the Coat of neighboring LEGHs/Leys, but add a black border to the Coat so that it's the KLAUS Coat!!! BEAUTIFUL.

Plus, Leightons/Leytons use a WYvern dragon while WEFers (Way/Weigh colors and format) are also WYfords! Wefers share the eagle of Italian Este's while English Este's were first found in Essex with Low Leighton. Plus-plus, while Drake's have a wyvern with 666 suspect in its tail, Wefers share the eagle of Aquila's in the "Aquila" motto term of Drake's.

Therefore, the leg of Sleeping Beauty points to Schwab's WEF! That makes perfect sense where Trump did WEF's bidding by enforcing the vaccines like a tyrant would.

While L'Aquila is now the Abruzzo capital, it was once what is now, TERAMo, which is like a Drummond variation. The Biblical Hebrew, Joktan, had a son, HADORAM, who lived at/near Sephar, and ADRAMmolech was a Sepharvite god. POINTs share two fingers pointing with Boyds (Ayrshire) who in turn share the checkered fesse of Scottish Cauleys/Auleys (near Ayrshire).

I trace the JOKe's/Yoke's and their Jack branch to "Ajax," the god of the Kennedy-line Kennati...suggesting that Joktanites may have named Ajax. Joktan's brother, Peleg, is suspect to Pellicans sharing the Abreu/Abruzzo tower. They were both sons of Eber while the Eber surname has a giant black boar. The Jacks are in Arden colors and format while Scottish Cauleys/Auleys were at Dumbarton's ARDENcaple. Joke's/Yoke's share the scallops of black-boar Bowles'.

Between Rize and lake Sevan were the Moschi mountains to which I trace the naming of Moses by a Hyksos ruler in Egypt. This dark map have the PICENsii Illyrians showing a Moschius tributary of the Margus (both in Moesia), and Picensii are marked on the east side of the Margus. I've told many times why I think the Assi surname was related to Justine's from Justine of PICENum, and Justine's were first found in Perthshire with Hays. The Hayasa-AZZI.

The Sittaceni can be suspect with the naming of SCYTHians, and Skits/Skeets' share the Coat of SHEETs/Skate's (Norfolk with Risings / Rise's) while Assi's were first found in SHETland. Skits/Skeets were first found in Ayrshire with the Nons in the Monan motto, and with the Sheds sharing the Chief-Shield colors of Cutters (DORset) suspect from Kotor, beside Rhizon.

The Hermits/Armets ("ARDui") in the Shed Crest "hermit" share the Justine border, and were first found in Yorkshire with Monan-connectable Gowers/Gore's and Skeets-branch Scheds/Sheds. Hermits/Armets show nothing but triple helmets in the colors and style of the giant one of Helms, and the latter are in the colors and format of Kepke's/Kopke's who likewise share the Hermit/Armet border.

The Dobys ("Non") with the Hermit / Helm helmet in colors reversed were first found in Renfrewshire while Renfrews share the ship of Scottish Balds which are in the colors and format of the Helm helmet. Scottish Balds share the Chief-Shield colors of Scottish Sheds. As the latter are also shedding-like Sheddens, and as baldness comes with CHEMotherapy for cancer, note that Kims of BUTE share the cinquefoils of McKinneys/KEMs, the latter first found in Peebles with same-colored Balds. That's a new one. Vaccine shedding thus becomes suspect as causing cancers. Cancer-like Chance's/Chaunceurs share the patonce cross of Chase's while Case's are linkable to Scottish Caseys, the latter first found beside Peebles.

Cams were first found in Gloucestershire, where KEMMis'/KENYs/Camoys were once said to be first found while Kenny-branch KENNeths/MacKenzie's point to the Apophis asteroid (visible in the Cancer-the-crab constellation when it arrives) along with Chance's/Chaunceurs and Crabs. The latter, in the Bridge crabs, were first found in CAMbridgeshire with the Cam river, and Bridge's (beside Cutters) may be sharing the white griffin heads of Cutter-connectable Sheds/Sheddens.

The Cams and Liss'/Lise's (Hampshire with Chase's) share the six pale bars inside the Min/Mean fesse, and "MINima" is a Doby motto term. Mine's/Means are in the "GAUDet tentaMINE" motto phrase of Trump-connectable Leggs, and Gaudets can link to the Baud-connectable goat of Kepke's/Kopke's sharing the border of Shed-beloved Hermit/Armets. The Hermit/Armet / Helm helmets are CLOSEd while the MINute's have "open helmets", and Close's are suspect with Closeburn, in Dumfries where Leggs were first found. The Close Coat looks related to Bridge-branch Brights and Bride's.

German Balds (Baden with Veringers, Keep / Kepke kin) look related to both the Skit/Skeets and Sheet/Skate Coats. Scottish Bauds, sharing the Bald ship, were first found in Stirlingshire with Chappes'/CHEAPs and Nimo's, and so the latter are suspect in the "miNIMA" motto term of Dobys. Bauds and Balds were from the Bautica/Baltea river of the Arduinici.

Spider Chase Fear-Factor from WEFers

On Saturday of this week, I added the following an insert into the 4th update of May to go with the new-to-me-then Wefers:

Insert June 17 -- English Webbers have a Weaver-like wave in their fessewise bars, and new-to-me-today Waffers/Wayfords, first found in Herefordshire with Wefers/Wyfords, have a wavy fesse in the white color of the wavy fesses of Ways/Weigh's. The latter are now said to be first found in Dorset, beside the Webbs. The latter were first found in Wiltshire with Stars/STERs so that WebSTERs (Derbyshire, beside Weavers) may apply to them who in turn share a dragon breathing fire with Weaville's/Wyfields. Ways/Weigh's were once said to be first found in Devon with a Seaton location, and Seatons have a dragon breathing fire too. Weavers were first found in Cheshire with Breaths/Breads/Bradds (almost have the Webster lion) once said to be first found in Midlothian, beside Seatons.

The amazing thing now is that while the Graffs will be treated below in a pointer to poison vaccines that included Weavers, they (Graffs) were first found in Switzerland with a Sitten/Sion location to which I trace the Sitten variation of Seatons. It's amazing because Graffs and Calls/Calles' have a the same demi-lion in half the colors of the Webster demi-lion, and the Call/Calles lion holds a TRUMPet. It proves that God set me up with the spider-chase at the Graff residence even more than the previous proofs. The Breath/Bread/Bradd and Webster lions are in the colors of the Swan/SION lion, you see.

Plus, I trace the SETANtii Brigantians to king Sitric CAECH of Dublin and Northumberland, and Cake's are also CakeBREADs. Sitric was the grandfather of king MACCus, and Breath's/Breads are now said to be first found in Cheshire with Brigantian-line Brights who share the triple Macey/MACE and German Webber/Weaver stars. I think this is incredible. As Mr. Kepke chased me with a spider on its web, let's add that Breath's/Breads are in Kepke/Kopke and Trump colors and format.

Maccus, who ruled the Isle of Man with his father, traces to Mackays who share a "manu" motto term with trumpet-using Calls/Calles'.

Wikipedia says, "The Setantii (sometimes read as Segantii)..." It can explain why Segans/Sagans use flames, and why Seagars/Sugars were first found in Devon with Seaton.

One day while seeking a surname to which "SITRic" might have formed, the Sitters/SIDEwells were discovered, and they were first found in Northumberland with Sitric's various turfs. The Side's/Sudys were a branch of Sutys who in turn share a "hazard" motto term with Seatons/Sittens. Plus, while the Setantii were in Lancashire, that's where new-to-me-now Siddle's/SEEDells, like the Sidewell variation above, were first found along with Seeds/Cedes', Settle's and SHUTTLEworths/ShettleWORTHs.

SIDNeys use the PHEON while SITHONia was not far from the Axius river of the PAEONI. Sidneys were first found in Kent with Sitter-like Stairs having the stars of Tiens'/Thames in colors reversed while the latter share the Feet/FATE martlets while "fata" is a Sidney motto term. Sithonia was part of CHALCidice while Chaucers (TORToise) and Chalkers were both first found in Kent with Sidneys. Chalkers and their Choke branch almost have the Call/CALLES Coat, suggesting that Calles liners were Chalcidice liners. Belows use a "chalice."

This is totally amazing because Mr. Kepke pointed to poison vaccines (with GRAPHENE) along with Graffs/GRAFFENs because Keeps share a "weaver's SHUTTLE" with Shuttleworths/ShettleWORTHs. To this, Sitric married Edith of PolWORTH while Worths look like kin of Maxwells, the mother trunk of POLLocks. And Saids/Saddle's were first found in Wiltshire with Webbs. So, you see, God arranged for Kepke to chase me with a two-foot web to coordinate with heraldry.

And Wefers were found recently by winging it and seeking a potential pointer to Schwab's communist-pig WEF organization. This organization views humans as trash, and so does God. The latter will use the anti-Christ for His purposes even as the anti-Christ seeks to establish his own glorious kingdom. Trash will lead trash into the ditch when God makes the people blind with The Lie.

Just make sure you're not part of the trash, by entrusting yourself to Jesus. Make a pact with Him, and stay that straight line, not deviating. Your pact with Him is the New Covenant in his sacrifice, the thing that made him the eternal Blessed One, ruler over all. It's inevitable, so get onto the right team. Cheer for Jesus, your coach when the game looks lost. Jesus is the one who plays ten-level chess with our enemies. No sooner do they start cheering for the Blasphemer, and it all comes crumbling down for him.

Wefer-branch Waffers/Wayfords use heraldic plates while Platters were first found in Norfolk with the TOWNsends who essentially have the Plate Coat. Then, Platter-branch Plains/Platters were first found in Suffolk with Towns/TUNE's whole Tonys are Tone's too while the only difference between the Townsend and Plate Coats is that the latter add the Anton/Anthony leopard face. Plus, Kepke's SPIDER can suggest SPITZERs (Styria with Austrian Anthonys!) using a 'tunnel" while Tunnels are listed with Tunno's. It just so happens that Italian Tonys/Anthonys have waves on water while the heraldic wave is suspect with Wefer-like Weavers! The problem is, I don't know the significance of Tonys/Anthonys in this heraldic set. I see no way to get to Fauci's with the symbols in this paragraph.

OH WAIT!!! I almost missed it, but when checking the spelling in the paragraph above (a minute after writing it, I saw that "leopard" was "leopard," and as I was fixing it at the phrase "leopard FACE," I remembered that Face's were a Fauci branch!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Anthony Fauci just got nabbed by the spider chase!!!!! Fauci's were even first found in Genova with the Segni's/Segurana's in the Face motto, and they happen to share the Wefer eagle!!! The Face Coat is shared by Dutch GRAVE's, and Graffs/Graffens are also Gravs!!!!

You cannot believe that this heraldic connection to the spider chase is from God, can you? But I do, and then sometimes I don't because it seems too fantastic even for me, the secretary of God, Heraldry Department. There's nobody else working in this office but me. I have nobody to bounce ideas off of. There's no psychiatrist appointed to me by the Boss.

Wefers were probably even related to Fauci's. The Face cross is in the colors of the FOUR crosses of Chase's, and the latter were first found in Hampshire with Sturs/STYRE's, and we just saw the Anthonys and Spitzers of Styria. "Four" is highlighted above because Fauch's (not "Fauci") were first found in Forez while Forez's are also Fore's (Tooth-like "Tout" motto term, shared with Hicks').

BEHOLD: I was struggling for just a minute to figure out how the Travers in the Forez/Fore motto could apply to topic, and then remembered Trevors/Trefors, first found in Herefordshire with Wefers/Wyfords and Waffers/Wayfords!!!!! I've been at this for years and still can't exhaust the pointers, and these you are now reading are some of the best.

Trevors/Trefors, who can trace to Kiev with Trips/Treffs, have a cockaTRICE while Trice-branch Trysts are in the "Keep tryst" motto of Hebrons while Kiev-liner Keeps share the "weaver's shuttle" with the Shuttleworths, the latter first found in Lancashire with Plate-connectable Waffers/Wayfords. Trips/Treffs were first found in Hamburg with Nissans.

Lancashire is also where Cupple's (Keep colors) were first found while Keips were first found in Nuremberg with Kopple's. This is a new link in the making for the spider chase at the Graff residence, for Cupple's share the eagle of Grave's/Greafs while Graffs/Graffens are also Gravs. Cobble's/Cuppleditch's are in the colors and format of Keppoch-related Sheffields.

I've told how my mugging in Galveston pointed to poison vaccines and the gamut of the COVID scheme. After the mugger made me think he had a gun while I was sleeping in the back of the Nissan truck, I was pretty terrified, waking up in a daze. I started to put on my pants, and while doing so, I saw headlights came toward us (it was about 1 am), how lucky. I took the opportunity to remove the VICE-grip pliers off the latch, and raised the hatch, and got out of the truck as the car passed by, The mugger did nothing while he was in the headlights.

I then got onto the bumper with one foot, and reached into the back of the truck, keeping one eye on the mugger. I saw him put one hand to his back pocket, and thinking he was getting his gun, he came out with a pack of cigarettes instead, and offered me one, toying with me. I then continued to reach into the Nissan to get my keys from inside my RUNNING SHOES. That's why I looked up the Runnings/Ronnys years ago. The Trips/Treffs, first found in the same place with Nissans, show nothing buy SHOES. And the point is: Runnings/Ronnys show nothing but a WAVY fesse in the colors of the wavy fesse of Waffers/Wayfords!!! The latter are new to me this very week, how possibly could I have linked the mugging to the WEF without them? I'm impressed.

God is watching you, WEFers, he's spying on you 24/7/365. You have no idea how painful it's going to be for your when He sends his reward for you.

[Insert late in the week -- If you can imagine, I GRABBed the keys from the shoes because I had to do it fast while keeping an eye in this Negro. The Negro surname has FIVE "ears of wheat, related to "sheaves of wheat," and Italian Sheaves'/Chiava's use FIVE in the format of, and colors reversed from the Negro ears ("chiava" means "key"). Grabbs/Krabbe's, first found in Hamburg with shoe-using Trips, are in Running/Ronny and Waffer colors, and when we trace Trips to Trypillians of Ukraine, we can suggest that my Galveston mugging is a hint that James LeDuc of the Galveston national lab was somehow related to bio-weapons labs in Ukraine.

Negro's were first found in Ferrara while the Ferrara's have a giant lion in the colors of the same of Graffs whose Grav variation is like "Grabb."

I told of the time when Mr. Kepke, two or three years after the spider chase, slept alone in my basement with MARIA NIGRO of BUTTONville. Buttons list Bidens while the Biden family is steeped in Ukraine corruption. Maria of Kiev must be God's pointer with Maria Nigro, and we can add that Italian Maria's were first found in Genova with Fauci's while Nigro's are listed with Negro's.

As Roxolani lived where Trypillians did, I'm going to guess that the FOUR bends of Italian Maria's are those of Rocco's (Naples), a good way to trace Maria's to Maria of Kiev, the line to Keeps. The FORE's are listed with Forez's, and while Fauch's were first found in Forez, Forez's/Fore's love the Travers while Trevors are TREFors too, like the Treff variation of German Trips. End insert]

AHH, I've just loaded Muggs to see that they share the black cockatrice with Trevors/Trefors! The latter's has a knot, or something similar, in the tail.

It's likely that Runnings/Ronnys were a branch of Ronalds listed with Donalds. While Trump's were first found in Mecklenburg with same-colored Dols, the latter has the wavy Running/Ronny fesse on a blue. Dols add a whale while Whale's/WHELE's have a version of the Keep bend while Keeps share a "galley" with the Donalds/Ronalds who had a Keppoch branch.

Alans of Dol are suspect with English and Scottish Langs who, aside from their acorns, can be in Waffer colors and format. These Langs share the cinquefoil of Flowers (Devon with Stewarts) while Italian Tonys/Anthonys use a "flower." German Langs share the giant, white pelican on nest with German Wells, and with Scottish Stewarts (descended from Alans of Dol).

Whele-like English Wells share the Trevor/Trefor lion, and while Wells are said to descent from Ghents, Dutch Ghents/Gaunts share the wavy Dol fesse. Watch out now for an electrifying connection to Waffers almost having the Ghent/Gaunt Coat. English Ghents were first found in Hampshire with Basings who in turn have the Ghent eagle's in colors reversed, yet the Basing/Basingstoke eagles were suspect above with the Doria and Tromp eagle, and here we can add that Trevors/Trefors, Wefers, Waffers and DOORs were all first found in Herefordshire. It was the Pepin-connectable Poppins who were at BasingSTOKE, and Stoke's share a two-tailed lion (different colors) with Wells. I was at the door of Sleeping Beauty's car when I touched her leg, and Scottish Doors use leopard FACES.

German Wells have a giant pelican in the colors and format of Schwabs, and the latter's unicorn could be in the Cnut/KNOT Crest. KLAUS Schwab runs his WEF organization in Davos, in the GRAUBUNden canton of Switzerland, and Belgian Grau's/Graubens/GRAWS (Graff/Graffen/GRAV colors!) happen to show nothing but three CLAWS in the colors of the three crescents of Cnuts/Knots. It just so happens that Klaus-like Claws/Clasons have a giant lion in the colors and format of the Schwab unicorn, and it's the Stoke lion to boot.

Let me tell you the amazing thing here. Claws/Clasons look like a branch of German Clasons that I normally call Klassens/Class', and they use "Lady Fortune" while Ladys are in Anchor colors and format. The amazing thing is that Graffs/Graffens/Gravs show almost no symbols, just a lion holding an ANCHOR!!!! The Graff/Graffen/Grav lion is even the one of Clau's/Clausels/Claudels/CLOTs (!!), the latter first found in Languedoc with French Grave's!!! I am amazed. It all looks like a design of God...from when my parents moved from Kepke's area to almost directly across the street from the Graffs. Kepke visited me there a couple of times, and one was when there was the spider-chase event.

Let me put this another way. There was little I could do with the Graff Coat to connect it to other surnames in order to help prove that the spider-chase event was from God. All along for well over a year now, I've been hacking away at the potential clues, but not until coming to Grau's today did this break wide open for us. The Grau's gave of the Claws' and Clau's, and it's all connectable to KOPlik, very connectable to Kepke/KOPke's because Kopple's were first found in the same place with Keips.

And Keeps were first found in Sussex with Coopers/Coppers who have a saltire colors reversed from the saltire-by-swords of German Klees'. Kepke's can be expected to bump into ROXolani, and English Rocks share the Klees trefoils while French Rocks/Roque's were first found in Languedoc with Clau's/Clausels/Claudels/Clots. Clauds/Clausels share half the Tromp Coat, it must be kept in mind while on this poison-vaccine topic. Keeps were Donald kin, I reckon from the clues.

While English Kidds share the Kepke/Kopke goat, Scottish Kidds have a "DONec" motto term and moreover share an "orbem" motto term with English Klees'/Clays. The Graffs and I both lived on DONer street, and while CLOTs/DuClos' are in Niss colors and format, Nissans have the double fesses of Dons in colors reversed. The Don Coat is much like the one of French Grave's (Languedoc with Clau's).

"Donec" belongs to Kidds, first found in DUNdee while Dundee's have a "DONum" motto term. Donec-like Donkeys/DOWNkins were first found in Northumberland with Keep-loving Hebrons while Keeps (share ship with Donkeys/Downkins) were first found in Sussex with Trump-connectable DOWNs/Douns. Downhams/Dunhams were first found in Norfolk with Diss, once called, Disc, to go with the "disce" motto term of Donkeys/Downkins. It just so happens that while the spider-chase was proven to be God's event partly through Webbers, the latter have a "disc" in Crest. Diss' even share the eagle of Grave's/Greafs, in colors reversed from the Donald and Donnell eagle. The Webb eagles are in Diss-eagle colors too.

Donells were first found in InverNESS, named after the Ness river. Keeps were first found in Sussex with Hammers who in turn share the dolphin of Irish Donells. Donkey-branch Duncans were first found near Dundee, and near the first-known Scottish Ness'. Fells, first found in Dundee, have the eight-pointed Belly and LeDuc stars in colors reversed.

Ships love Bellows/Bello's (Cheshire with Dons and Donald-beloved Mare's) who in turn share the Donkey/Downkey Chief. Dawns (Cornwall with Hebron-beloved Trysts/Trice's), sharing the roses of Trump-connectable Jumps and Bellys, are said to be of Dannys while Dannys/Dance's were first found in Wiltshire with Trump-loving Calles', and then Galles'/Galli's were first found in Dauphine with Galleys while Keeps use a "galley" ship.

Donleys use hands while Hands/Hanns were first found in Cheshire with Dons. German Hanns were a Hahn branch while I've shown how Hahns connect with Trump on his vaccine rollout. DONLeys may have been a branch of Donald-branch Donells, and the latter two almost have the Tromp eagle.

The Parrs (Lancashire, beside Dons) have the double Nissan fesses because they and their FurNESS kin trace to king "PHARNaces," husband of Nysa of the Pontus. As I've said, the original owner of my Nissan was Doner Nissan, a car dealership owned by KENT Doner, and this looks like a possible signal for me to trace queen-Nysa elements to the Kennati of Cetis. Parrs and Furness' share the black border with Doris' (and Klaus'/Claus'), possibly from Doris, wife of Herod I. Agrippa-like Grabbs/Krabbe's have a Coat like that of Doris'.

New-to-me-now Grau's/Graubens/Graws reminds of Agrippa-suspect Grape's/Gripps/Grabbers/Cravers and griffin-using Gravens/Cravens. The latter are in Butt/Bute/BOET colors and format, and Salome BOETHus was a daughter of king Herod II, full brother of Herod Agrippa I! Dutch Grave's share the Face Coat, and while Grau's were linking above to Herods, let's add that the Herod/Harald Coat is in Fore/Forez colors and format while Fauch's were first found in Forez, near mont Pilat suspect with the family of PONTius Pilate. French Pilotte's/Pilate's were first found in Burgundy with French Grau's/Graus'/Gros' (GREYhound), and English Pilotte's were first found in Lincolnshire with Klees'/Clays. German Klees' have a saltire-by-swords in the colors of the saltire of Loges' (Burgundy). English Lodge's/Loge's share the giant Claws/Clason lion!

Loges-branch Locks/Desloges' share the cinquefoils of Gows/McGoo's, first found in Inverness-shire with Donald-branch Donells (raven on a rock traces to Rooks and Rocks).

Wow, I just fell on the Grau-Grey similarity, not intended when starting the paragraph above, and it just so happens that while Grau's/Graubens/Graws show claws, the Claws/Clason lion is the giant one of Greys/Grays too! Perfect.

Gravens/Cravens and Butts/Boets are in the colors and format of Ely's, the latter first found in Cambridgeshire with the Hounds in "greyhound," and with PONTers/Ponders who have the black boar of Edom while royal Herods were Edomites.

I trace Boets to Boeotians along with Shake's, and the latter are in the colors and format of Forez-connectable Fosters/Forrests. Shake's could have used moles alone, but as they have mole hills, I glean they were related to Hills, and it just so happens that "hills" are used by spider-like Spitzers. The latter's giant unicorn is in half the colors of the giant Schwab unicorn (Claws/Clason colors and format).

Wikipedia: "[Salome Boethus] was granddaughter of Herod the Great, and stepdaughter of Herod Antipas. She is known from the New Testament, where she is not named, and from an account by Flavius Josephus. In the New Testament, the stepdaughter of Herod Antipas demands and receives the head of John the Baptist." Herod Antipas was banished by Augustus Caesar to Vienne-Isere, and Vienne's happen to have the giant Grave/Greaf eagle!!! Bingo.

The Well pelican comes with a nest, and Nests are listed with Ness/Nessans, likely a Nissan branch. Niss' happen to be in the colors and format of CLOTs/DuCLOS'/DuCLAUX's/DuCLAUDs, a probable pointer to blood clots from vaccines because the surname is like the Klaus'/Claus' / Claud/CLAUSEL surnames. The latter share half the Tromp Coat, and there is a KOPLik location on the CLAUSULa river while Kopple's were first found in Nuremberg with the Keips. Round-and-round we go. The new-to-me-now Clau's/Clausels/Claudels are also Clots/Clos'.

The Clot/DuClos hexagram is colors reversed from the same of Davos-like Daves' listed with Daversi-like Davers, indicating that while Davos' are not listed with this surname, it may have been a part of it. "Daversi" is an alternative name for the DAORsi, which I always trace to Doors, first found in Herefordshire with WEFers!!! Lookie there. And while the Jays were first found in Herefordshire too, there's a "jay" in the Daves/Daver Crest!!! BANGO. Daorsi are on this map smack beside Rhizon, and near the Clausula to the east side of lake Scodra where you see "Meteon."

google hides articles when asking for "Clausula river," as if someone asked google to hide them, and won't even bring up my articles having the phrase, but ask google for "koplik cupionich" to find its general location. The dog's ear of Barrels is emphasized with a different color, and to help prove that heraldic ears are code for Eyers/Ayers/Airs, they were first found in Derbyshire with HERE's/Heyers while Barrels were first found in HEREfordshire.

As soon as I touched the LEG of Sleeping Beauty, we were RISING into the AIR. The Eyers/Airs use a leg! This speaks to Airharts and the "air" motto term of Scottish Ayers, first found in Ayrshire with Barrs! Bar, not far from Rhizon, is smack where you see the sleep-like SELEPitanoi, important because she was sleeping when I woke her. I woke her while standing at her car DOOR.

New: Herefords have the Wefer Coat on a red Shield. Herefords are in the colors and format of the neighboring Lilys (Worcestershire) expected in the Webber motto. That works. These Webbers were first found in Somerset with the Courcys in turn having the Hereford Coat in colors reversed. The three Hereford eagles are in the colors and format of the three plates of Waffers (Herefordshire).

I had a dream a few years ago with a barrel-shaped part missing from a DOOR HANDLE of a Jeep I bought (in real life) from a man who was from Benevento, where Este-connectable Aquila's were first found. L'Aquila is the capital of Abri-like Abruzzo, and one can see the Abri people group on the map on the south side of Bar. The Sheaves'/Chiava's were first found in L'Aquila while heraldic sheaves became "garbs" too from the Grab-like Garb surname. The Grabaeoi people group beside Meteon could have developed into the Grav variation of Graffs. Grabbs were first found in Hamburg with Drummonds.

The door-handle dream is probably not fully deciphered yet, but I know that Jeepma's with both Belly-like Below surnames can be linked to Trump-beloved Calles', DORia's, and Tromps. Handle's / Handels share the Coat of Morays, almost the LeDuc Coat, and Morays share a "pret" motto term with Meats/Meads. Bellys of Moray have the eight-pointed LeDuc star.

Clots/DuClos' are in Niss colors and format, suspect from queen Nysa of the Pontus. The beauty here is that Niss' (Rhineland with Salome's) share the Quint chevron and the Jeune fleur-de-lys, almost the June fleur, and Junia Caepionis, granddaughter of Quintus Caepio, thus traces very well to Cupionich, the alternative name of Koplik on the Clausula. It tends to assure that Clots/DuClos' and Clau's/Clots were related to some family on, or named after, the Clausula river. Jeune's and Capone's were first found in Cambridgeshire with the Chapmans who in turn love the Ponders/PONTers, suspect with Nysa of the Pontus, mother of queen Nysa of CAPPAdocia.

Koplik is near Butua, and we just saw Salome's first found in Rhineland with Niss', suggesting that the line of Salome Boethus got married to the line of Nysa of the Pontus. It just so happens that while English Bush's use black boars (i.e. linkable to Herods), German Bush's were first found in Rhineland too.

Koplik is near to Butua (now BUDva) and Rhizon, and so here's another new thing: Cobble-like Gobels/Gobble's/GOODbolts have the BUD/Bude bows as a saltire. While Gobels/Gobble's/Goodbolts were first found in Essex with CAMULodunum, Italian Gobels/Gobbe's are interesting for their giant camel, and for being first found in MANTova while mythical Manto can be traced to the Hyksos while Pepins/Pepys (kin of Essex's Este's) have a camel head.

More: Shark-like Saraca's were at Kotor, beside Butua, which can explain why this Arms of Saraca shares a fish on a fesse with Butts/Bute's/Boets. The Saraca fish is in the colors of the triple fish of German Gobels. I was staring at the two stars in the Chief of French Gobels, wondering without success where I had just seen the same two in someone's Chief. I then decided to see where Butts/Bute's/Boets were first found when I remembered that Italian Bue's/Boys/BOETs/Boeddu's have the same two stars in their Chief! It tends to assure that Butts/Bute's and same-colored Buds/Bude's were from Butua/Budva. This is the Button/Biden bloodline headed for a crash with the Revelation asteroid.

The two Gobel / Boy/Boet stars are also in the Chief of lance-using, Italian Rese's/Dere's, which can explain why French Lance's share the Butt/Bute/Boet rose. Lance-like LANGHE is at/near SAVIGliano, in Piedmont with the first-known Masci's who share the wing of these same Gobels who in turn likely have with the Shield of Maceys/Mace's (Cheshire with Savage's). These Gobels were first found in Champagne with Sauvage's. Scottish and English LANGs use letters while Letters were first found in Westmorland with the Trouts who essentially have the German Gobel Coat. Trots/Trude's have the Langford Coat but see Langleys and Landens/Landers too.

As the spider chase took place on a Doner street (Gormley, Ontario), I was wondering how Doners could apply to the discussion. Doners share the upright, white wolf with Italian Romans, first found in Campania with Aquila's, and in fact the Roman wolf is half in the colors and format of Kepke's/Kopke's and Aquila's, and Wefers share the Aquila eagle. Kepke's father is Ukrainian, and the split Shield of Italian Romans is the Ukrainian flag in colors reversed. There is a Ukrainian Roman surname (ROSEs) with Chief-Shield colors in reversed from Doners, which all works purdy good.

Plus, the Graffs lived at the corner of Doner and Union street, and while Unions share the mill rind with Miles', the latter have the Chief-Shield colors of Ukrainian Romans.


EVERYBODY needs to listen to Peter McCullough to save people from the future pandemic that is likely being engineered upon us:

At midnight Monday-Tuesday (June 12) early this week, it began to rain, and it unexpectedly rained for more than 12 hours straight. The winds were from the west and southwest, perfect for sending this massive rain system into the Quebec fires that were lit by the Canadian government some ten days earlier. By noon Monday, this storm crossed the Ontario-Quebec border. On about June 4, the smoke from the fires flew right over my house, as my tenant told me he smelled smoke.

As raindrops are formed by materials in the air, I assume the smoke particles accumulated rain droplets and formed this massive rain cloud, for until the smoke came over my place, the forecast for early this week was only 30-percent chance of rain. This rain is good for crops, not what the government goons want at this time.

If I had a house burned down in the Quebec fires, and if I had the money to spare, I would sue the government because there is evidence that the west-Quebec fires, 15-plus of them, were all lit on the same day many miles apart. The insurance companies should bring the government to court for this criminal act.

At the one-minute point of the following video, you can see the smoke over my house last week in what they call CENTRAL Ontario (I call it the north because there almost no people north of my area). There are options for us to chose from on the possible purposes of this arson, but the arsonists did chose a day in near-summer with winds blowing from the north-east. Was that part of what they wanted, southbound smoke to make headlines in population centers?

One of the purposes has become obvious where trudeau came out to publicly say, like an idiot-box for Klaus Schwab, that global-warming caused the fires. He wants fodder for his current plan to increase gasoline taxes to mega-levels...that will skyrocket prices of everything, but he doesn't care. I didn't watch past the second minute:

The same guy has a weather map over the weekend showing a large rain system coming from the central US. In the second minute, he shows the cloud entering Ontario and passing over my area into Quebec. Not to give all the credit for this rain to smoke particles, should we give God credit for sending in this southern system smack into the Quebec fires?

It took until Tuesday afternoon for this long cloud to start swamping the forest fires. The cloud center, not including the outer rim, at that time, spread from south and east of Quebec city all the way to beyond the Quebec-Ontario border where it's a straight-north line, perfectly blanketing the gamut of forest fires that were lit on the same day. The width of the center-green part alone, indicating heavy downpouring, is from Quebec city to Montreal. Yet the canadian national media is instead giving credit on Monday to the firefighters for gaining ground on the fires, as though the media are hush about this rain because they are in conscious cahoots with the government arsonists...i.e. who are upset about this cloud coming to put out their scandalous fires. This hushed behavior is further evidence of government-initiated arson, for the government-paid media are following trudeau's cue NOT to blame it on arson.

Below is a national media with a short video that was out on Monday, when the cloud was known to be headed for the fires, and yet there is not one word about this massive storm in the video. Instead, the lady says, "with the bit of rain we will get in the next few days," and she's not encouraged at all, for she wears a sad face throughout. A BIT of rain??? I got about two to three inches in 24 hours from this cloud, ending at midnight Monday night. It did not stop raining at all for the first 18 hours. The ground will be soaked all around these fires.

At 5 am Wednesday, there was a very long cloud centered directly over the northern-most two fires. At the same hour on Wednesday morning, there are two massive, adjacent rain systems stretching from British Columbia to Saskatchewan i.e. over most of Alberta, where the other fires rage. On Wednesday night at 11 pm, virtually the entire province of Alberta, from southern to northern border, was covered in rain. Meanwhile, at the same time, there's another system in Ontario moving into Quebec as though Someone's on a mission. The forecast in both Alberta and Quebec from Friday to Sunday/Monday is rain over much of the forest-fire regions. On Sunday, most of Alberta was swamped in rain.

Yet, at noon Wednesday, the Montreal Gazette had a headline: "Progress made in fighting Quebec forest fires, but rain has been scarce". Scarce where? Pick-and-choose where? Headline at the Toronto Star on Wednesday: "Not enough rain to douse northern Quebec wildfires, temperatures expected to rise." CTV on Wednesday: "Rainfall inadequate to douse northern Quebec wildfires, temperatures expected to rise." I smell a rat. I think the arsonists will set the forests to blazing again once the rains pass, and that this is the reason the media have been told to keep hush on all the rain passing through.

The British media, the Guardian, had a different headline, and this article is dated two days earlier at 4 pm Monday, British time (even earlier in Quebec): "Quebec fires weakened by rain as blazes in western Canada force many to flee." Why didn't canadian media put it like that? The Guardian even tells of COOLER weather, but CTV was told to report warmer weather coming.

So, the British press told the truth as early as early Monday, and then, two days later, canadian media are saying virtually no rain when in fact, as per my keeping track of a weather map at, there have been systems moving fairly steady across the fires since Monday.

The CTV article has: "Less than one millimetre of rain fell Tuesday around the town,..." It's a falsifying trick. They just picked a town and day that got little rain, and made it appear as though the gamut of fires got almost no rain. Part of the trick is: no mention of the rain on Monday or Wednesday.

EU firefighters are coming to Quebec to make these fires an international "show," and that's all this is, an intentional man-made performance that destroys. The perpetrators may continue to light more forests to hype the show.

Listen to the trash in this short video, where the man speaking shows the cloud that was directly over my home as he talks about isolated / sporadic rain moving into Quebec. As I said, this very cloud produced almost 24 hours of straight rain, and while it was not a heavy downpour throughout, it gave my place two-to-three inches. I had two inches in a container that was not in the rain for that whole day. Over two inches in one day is not a piddly / sporadic system. Newcasters these days do not speak what they want to speak, but speak from a script created by the political arms of news station. News has become a political ploy.

It's of course possible that the people who reported the starting of the fires in one night have been contacted by the canadian government, and you can be sure that the perpetrators are working hard to convince or force social media sites not to give fuel to that story. No reputable weather organization is going to fake the starting of almost 20 fires very remotely all in one night, for that could get someone in big trouble because it looks like government-conducted arson.

If on a satellite map you zoomed in on the land from Manitoba to Quebec, you would see endless lakes, a human paradise if it were not so cold much of the year. It's all remote land, perfect for tribulation survival if you had all your foods stored, not needing any garden foods. You could still grow some foods, anyway, spinach, cabbage, cauliflower, cucumbers, kale, Brussel sprouts, and much more.

In the Jaxen Report of this week, there is what I think is a new revelation, that Deborah Birx was the military plant into Trump's COVID response team, and to make matters worse, Trump made the war-hawk, Mike Pence, the overseer and manager of this response. In other words, when Birx contributed in convincing Trump to "lock down," it appears to have been a military plot for some reason, and one theory has been is to keep people from noticing the change of cell-phone towers to revamp them up to 5G or even 6G capability.

In the 18th minute, there is a claim that Birx was in charge of vaccine logistics from state-to-state, and for me, there is no doubt that she was hopping and dancing to the military. The video has Birx telling that a military-Intelligence officer whom general Flynn liked and promoted, Matt Pottinger, got Birx the spot on Trump's COVID / vaccine team. Pottinger acted as a hardliner, lockdown goon. Apparently, Pottinger was using Birx to fulfill his plots, and his plots may have been called-for from higher-ups in military Intelligence. Makes sense. It appears that the military wanted to take Trump by his horns, and steer him...meaning that the military wanted Trump to be its stooge. Trump obliged.

Indication came forth after Trump "lost" the election that general Flynn was a fake conservative, one motive of which could be that he was spying on the Trump team as a mole. Deborah Birx always wore a scarf when she appeared with Trump and Fauci on the nightly updates, and the Scarf wolf heads are in the colors of the Flynn wolf. Did God arrange this match to show that Flynn was behind Pottinger's creep (infiltration) to install Birx on Trump's team?

The Scarf Coat is shared by Bathers, and the latter were first found beside Flintshire which named the Flints with a Flynn-like Flan variation. And Flints are in the colors of the Pottinger pelicans. It just so happens that the Flint/Flan motto is shared by Clough's who not only have a dog's head in the colors of the Scarf / Flynn wolf, but were first found in Denbighshire with Bathers. Plus, Clough's are in Pottinger format. Clough's share the mascles of Spinks, and I always link the Spink eagle to the same of Snake's/Snooks suspect in the snake of the Flynn Crest.

The Clough's were part of this update earlier with the Mackle's suspect in their motto, and Mackle's are in Wolf colors and format. Wolfs were first found in Cheshire (beside Flintshire) with Wolfleys who not only have the Flynn wolf in colors reversed, but use "FLANches' suspect in part as code for the Flan variation of Flints.

There's more heraldic connections because Deborah-like Debbie's share the brown dog with both Lots and Lothians, and Lothians were first found in Perthshire with Clough-like Glove's...but also with Dogs/Doags in case Clough's call their dog a "dog." Lothians happen to share the gold-striped, black hunting horn with This Arms of Traby, and it's the Polish Trabys/Sadowski's who use a Q-shaped "scarf". The reason Flynns share the Scarf wolf is that I've seen it in the Arms of Piacenza in colors reversed, and Piacenza is on the Trebia river while Trebys share three besants in Chief with Flynns. Remember, we got to Flynn-important Lothians with the Debbie Crest. Coincidence?

Plus, Lots were first found in Kent with Snake's/Snooks, but then we find that while Flynns are also Lynns, English Lynns share the gyronny of Fortune's, the latter first found in East Lothian with the Seatons/Sittens connectable to the "Sine" motto term of Clough's and Flints/Flans. English Lynns share the annulets of Ladys/Laudymans, first found in Northamptonshire with Spinks sharing the Clough lozenges.

The Clough-like McCullough's were proving to be a branch of Trump-related Calles', the latter first found in Wiltshire with the Tree's in a Cullough Crest, but also with Stars/Stairrs who are mainly in Flint/Flan colors and format. Clough-like Clocks/Cloke's share the Coat of Dade's/Deeds, and "deed" is a motto term of Scottish Flemings while German Flemings share the wolf on blue with Flem-like Flynns who in turn share besants with Flame's (share Treby besants in both colors). Dade's/Deeds were first found in Norfolk with TUITs and Antrims/Antringhams while Flynns were first found in TUITre, now called, Antrim.

Here's more evidence that the American medical establishment, using a snake as its symbol, is a gangster organization:

This is the decade of exposure. While the world goes sinful, there is also the exposure to weaken its ability to sic the population against Christians, for the fewer people there are who trust these educators, the less persecution the in-the-know will reap from them. There is no doubt about it at all, that the media and the globalists in concert, including Fox and some of the Republican establishment, were preparing to detain / jail anti-vaxxers as early as 2022.

They thought they were going to get away with it; they thought they had enough control over a sufficient percentage of the people, until the people on their side started to spread the word privately that the conspiracy proponents were correct: the vaccines were causing long-term, destabilizing, and even horrible, bodily conditions for their friends and family. Here is a snippet of the conspiracy in action in canada to win the population, same conspiracy as everywhere else. Pause and read the script at 2:20:

The plan was to vaccinate every six months until everyone's immune system was severely ruined, causing deaths and illnesses for a hundred different reasons that would be hard to claim blame on the vaccines. That goal is still a quest once the goons get all their still-willing ducks in a row.

By 9 pm Tuesday night, the cloud became reduced in size but had reached the two most-northerly fires that I mentioned above. One would expect the media to be taking about the effects of this rain, yet I think the media bosses know not to talk much about the Quebec fires. The beginning of this video shows the cloud over the fires at 2pm Tuesday, and there's another cloud hanging over lake Michigan simultaneously that looks to be going straight to the fires too. By mid-afternoon Wednesday, the latter was centered over Ottawa and headed due north from it smack into the fires set by trudeau's gansters-in-crime.

Here's Tucker's third Twitter episode, saying things he could not say while at Fox, especially criticizing Paul Ryan and other war hawks:

Tucker's problem is that, if he's after as much money as he can make with his new freedom to tell what he feels, he's going to hug Trump so as not to offend many. But if Tucker offends Trumpism where Trump deserves it, I would be amazed, and I think God will be too.

Tucker's not telling much of anything new, just what's new for him to tell. If he's trying to praise Trump for not being a war hawk, he needs to offend Trump for hiring war hawks to run the top levels of his administration. Otherwise, I can't praise Tucker for being Mr. Truth. Trump might have become anti-war just because he saw opportunity to win his first election by doing so. Here's David Knight's response to Tucker's #3:

In Tucker's 4th episode, he once again seems to be sliming Fox news, and this is newsworthy in itself, especially as Tucker may know things about Fox that can drag its rating even lower:

As Ticker-Timebomb Carlson started the show with Fox news, it makes the rest of the show, whether he intended it or not, look like a mockery of Fox, insinuating that Fox is accepting of Biden as a dictator due to the willful lack of criticizing him as such. However, Tucker misses the mark by debating whether or not Biden is a dictator, because the dictatorship comes from those who are invisibly behind him, who tell him what to say.

Below, by late week, the CBC confirms that the satellite image is genuine where all the fires started on the same night, some saying within a few hours of one another, BUT, the CBC tries haplessly to explain this event as a natural one, and the dingbat attempting the explanation even lies, saying, "this happens all the time." For canadians who are stupid enough to believe her lightning story, these are the enemies of all that is good, people willing to see the forests set ablaze so long as the liberal party is protected. The irony is that the liberals have traditionally been tree-huggers:

The dingbat tries to convince canadians that the fires were set ablaze deliberately to burn certain areas out to prevent certain other fires from spreading as far as they otherwise might. I agree that this is a tactic used at times, but the 20-odd fires that went ablaze at the same time were hundreds of miles apart in some cases, and it's just not logical that they were all deliberately set on the same night for preventative measures. The video above proves that CBC is complicit with trudeau and his globalist gangsters. I hope you learned a little, by watching, on how the CBC bald-faced lies to the people with faces expressing faked concern.

The satellite image showed no fires in the area of the 20-odd prior to the 20-odd being set. Therefore, it cannot be argued that the government set the 20-odd to fight neighboring fires ablaze by lightning at an earlier time.

Shame on big conservative media for not reporting with great concern on the obvious, sinister nature of these 20-odd (someone counted 19). Political power is solidly in the hands of liberals, watch out.

I don't watch this guy to know much of his content, but I think you could like this particular show (I enjoyed it):

Here's Jane Ruby with an extraordinary claim from two non-connected scientists claim a new finding: the SV40 DNA strand is in some Pfizer vaccines but no other vaccines. The SV40 is a known cancer-causing agent. The scientists claim starts at 4 minutes, but he does not speak with straight-forward language as Jane does. He calls the SV40 a "promoter" which, by the sounds of it in a short google query, initiates cell replication that can be the very definition of cancer when the cells are unwanted. It is a crime to send promoters into peoples' bodies without their knowledge / consent.

After saying that Pfizer "hid" this promoter from the European Medicines Agency. He also says that it "turns on gene expression", meaning that the gene does something, like when one programs a thing, and for all we know, they are making cells do what we wouldn't want them to do, or they are making them do what God made them to do but at the wrong time when not needed so as to be detrimental in some way(s). If any genetic invention can be used for good, it can also be used for evil, and so google will bring up articles telling how wonderful promoter and gene-expression science is.

When he says that the promoter can be "an amplifiable event", I take it he means cancer. I wish he would use street language. Here's a little something for our understanding:

The polyomavirus simian virus 40 (SV40) is a known oncogenic DNA virus which induces primary brain and bone cancers, malignant mesothelioma, and lymphomas in laboratory animals. Persuasive evidence now indicates that SV40 is causing infections in humans today and represents an emerging pathogen. A meta-analysis of molecular, pathological, and clinical data from 1,793 cancer patients indicates that there is a significant excess risk of SV40 associated with human primary brain cancers, primary bone cancers, malignant mesothelioma, and non-Hodgkin's lymphoma. Experimental data strongly suggest that SV40 may be functionally important in the development of some of those human malignancies. Therefore, the major types of tumors induced by SV40 in laboratory animals are the same as those human malignancies found to contain SV40 markers. The Institute of Medicine recently concluded that “the biological evidence is of moderate strength that SV40 exposure could lead to cancer in humans under natural conditions.”...

...The discovery of the polyomavirus SV40, as well as its introduction as a pathogen into the human population, was tied to the development and worldwide distribution of early forms of the polio vaccine (13, 95, 111, 123). Inactivated (Salk) and early live attenuated (Sabin) forms of polio vaccines were INADVERTENTLY [caps mine] contaminated with SV40 (95, 97, 111). In addition, different adenovirus vaccines distributed to some U.S. military personnel from 1961 to 1965 also contained SV40 (64). The viral contamination occurred because these early vaccines were prepared in primary cultures of kidney cells derived from rhesus monkeys, which are often naturally infected with SV40 (13, 95, 111). Infectious SV40 survived the vaccine inactivation treatments, and conservative estimates indicate that up to 30 million people (children and adults) in the United States may have been exposed to live SV40 from 1955 through 1963 when administered potentially contaminated polio vaccines (95, 111). Millions of people worldwide were also potentially exposed to SV40 because contaminated polio vaccines were distributed and used in many countries (85, 123). These data led the Institute of Medicine to conclude that “the biological evidence is of moderate strength that SV40 exposure from the polio vaccine is related to SV40 infection in humans”,and%20represents%20an%20emerging%20pathogen.

Was it really inadvertent? Or was there a plan to introduce cancers to the world by the population-control killers who would then buy up stock in cancer-prevention / cancer-cure technologies?

Here's apparent proof that cell phones are taking infra-red photos of people every few seconds, meaning it can take pictures in dark rooms too. Why would the goons wish to equip phones with this spy capability?

trudeau is the canadian-Obama daredevil wearing a "for-the-people" democracy mask. Even the liberal government in canada is setting up police-fabricated false-flag events to push its agendas diabolically, criminally:

It was so nice for the trudeau government to demand that social-media news for canadians should stress more canadian news, bang-on time with all kinds of news exposing trudeau's corruption. Way to go, trudeau, way a go to get yourself condemned in the minds of the majority of the country. It makes us happier than we were when you made a vaccine-pusher fool of yourself. Keep on the same track, destroy your own party sucking up to Schwab.

Here's the FBI criminality coming to bear yet again:

Chuck Grassley comes off as a hypocrite or stooge of the Biden crime family when he admits he's read the entire, unredacted memo that proves Biden's accepting a $5M bribe. As this Justice-department memo is unclassified, he or anyone else has the right unilaterally to disclose its contents to the public. Yet he begs for the Justice department to do so??? What kind of a game is he involved with? A make-it-look-good-to-Republican-voter game? Or, maybe he was made to promise not to publicize the memo if allowed to read it.


Here's all four Gospels wrapped into one story.

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