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July 25 - July 31, 2023

Francois of Cleves Looks Kiev-ish
Clemet-Change Scam is on the Rise, and Javier Solana Has Not Finished His Propaganda
Peare and I Rushed up the Stairs to Kisinov
The Belly-Press was the Guterres-Press.

It was nice while it lasted. Hall of Names is no longer showing the descriptions of the Coats of Arms presented at House of Names, but I have many of them recorded in my past updates from which to find some.

Two updates ago, it started to appear that the namers of Kiev were of the namers of Ceva in Italy, and related to the bloodline of Joseph Caiaphas, killer of Jesus. The Varns can be traced to VARANgians of Kiev, and so let's now go to my 3rd update in December, 2019:

Hang on another minute. I'm back, found this in my files: "The Maidens are listed with Maddens having a 'falcon volant seizing a silver mallard,' evoking the 'falcon KILLING a stork' of Varns/Warnochs." The Maiden/Madden Coat shows identical (colors included) with the Tracy Coat.

(To follow better, load Vere' now to load and view other surnames on another Internet tab.)

There are reasons for equating the Vere's/Vairs with Varns, and Vere's named Ver in Normandy near the Vire river. Tracys (Devon with Vere-branch Ware's, Warings and Wears) are said to be from "near Vire," and the Vires'/Verona's, first found in Ile-de-France with Caiaphas-like Chappes', show a Vair variation while French Vairs/Fers have a red-check version of the Fer/FERRAT Coat while rulers in Montferrat produced the Del Vasto's of Saluzzo while Luis of Ceva married Thomas of Saluzzo. Therefore, we have a fairly-tidy link of Varangian-line Varns to Luis of Ceva.

I'd like to repeat that Yarboroughs, from king Yaroslav of Kiev, share the split Shield of German Grams while Grahams/Grams share the Varn scallops and Crest. It explains why the Yarborough Crest is similar to the Graham/Gram and Varn Crest. Yarborough's are suspect with CHAPlets because Chaplets were first found in Lorraine while Lorraine's are from Maria of Kiev, sister of Yaroslav. Chaplets share the black swan head with the Stork-like Store's/Storys who in turn have a stork head in Crest to go with the Varn / Graham stork.

Store-like Sturs/Asters were first found in Manche with Ver, and beside Vire. The Sine's in the Yarborough motto are listed with Swans. English Sturs were first found in Hampshire with Drake's while Tracys are also Drake-like Trace's/TRASSE's while neighboring Trashers share the dragon (different color) with Drake's. The Trashers have the green dragon head of Lewis', first found in Glamorganshire with Luis-like Louis' while French Louis' were first found in Lorraine. Glamorganshire is also where Carne's were first found while Tracys tell that they named Tracy "near Vire in Carne."

Carne's use a giant pelican while Pellicans were first found in Maine with the Josephs who once showed a giant swan in both colors of the Chaplet/Chapley swans. English Sturs were first found in Hampshire with English Josephs. The Sine's/Swans were first found in Lorraine-connectable Lanarkshire with Scottish Flemings and Astys (share Lorraine lion), and Astys can be traced to Asti near MontFERRAT. Flemings use the double-TRESSURE border while Trashers are also Tresure's.

Varn-beloved Store's/Storys were first found in Northumberland with Lorraine's and Hebrons, and while Kiev-liner Keeps were from Maria of Kiev too, we can now revisit the "Keep TRYST" motto of Hebrons because Trysts were first found in Cornwall with one English TRISTan surname while the other English Tristans were first found in Devon with Ceva-like Cheevers/CHEVES", and with Tracys who named Tracy at the Vire theater. The Cornwall Tristans share the stag head of Acorns and Vise's/Vice's, both first found in Sussex with Keeps, and while Knee's/Nee's have the same stag head, "Ne" is a motto term of Varns and Grahams/Grams.

Having said that, we go to the Cheevers/CHEVES', sharing the white and upright goat of Kiev-line Kepke's/Kopke's. It occurred to me today that the Cleeve's/Cliffs and Cleavers/Clavers were named after Cheves' and/or the Cheve variation of Cavetts (the latter are expected from the Cevetta river at Ceva). Cavetts/Cheve's were first found in Picardy, and so let's go to the write-up of French Carne's/Charme's for Tracys were near Carne: "The members of the family also formed different branches and settled in other regions, especially in Limousin, in PICARDY, and in Normandy." Scottish Picards were first found in Moray while Vair-branch Vere's/Weirs share the Moray stars. The Carne's/Charme's even have a "Cleves" term in their write-up.

Claro's are also Charo's, and Bianco's are also Blanco's, and so why shouldn't Cheve's have become Cleve's? Checking google for a Cleves entity in Picardy, it took me to Francois II de Cleves, duke of Nevers and governor of Picardy. Francois is said to be from the house of La Marck, explaining why his arms shows a red-checkered fesse, symbol of Jewish Marks/Marx's. The checkered fesse, in the colors of the checkered Shield of Vires-connectable French Vairs/Fers', belongs also to the Boyds highly suspect from the Budini of Kiev. French Marks have a checkered fesse but with the Ferrat/Fer checks, and English Marks were first found in Suffolk with Kepke-connectable Kidds.

The Arms of Francois II de Cleves has an escarBUNCLE, the symbol of Angers and Hangers/Angers (and French Rays). Buncle's use buckle's while Buckle's were first found in Suffolk with Tracy-connectable Trashers who share the dragon with DRAKE's (Hampshire with Hangers/Angers).

Nicholas de Vere von DRAKenberg traces his family, suspect from count Dracula of Transylvania (beside Ukraine i.e. near Kiev), to something in Angers/Anjou, especially to the Mile's (see "Mile" last update), first found in Hampshire with Hangers/Angers, and connectable to Kepke-branch Kupe's/Koops. Miles is in the Wearing/WARIN write-up as their ancestor. German Warins/Wahrene's (Saxony with Kepke's/Kopke's) almost have the Coat of Italian Vigils, first found in Piedmont with Franca's/Franks who in turn are in the three colors of the elephant trunks in the Warin/Wahrene Crest. Trunks were first found in FRANConia with Schwabs/Swabs, and the latter essentially share the Coat of Warin-connectable Fire's (Fiers were Vere branch) while Fiers share the gold moline with French Warins (Burgundy with Vairs/Fers'. Fiers were first found in Middlesex with Stains who in turn share the double fesses of English Flecks while Belgian Flecks almost have the German Warin / Vigil Coat.

Buncle's were first found in Berwickshire with the True-beloved Home's/Hume's while True's have a Trees variation to go with the Tresher variation of Trashers. The latter were once said to be first found in Somerset, beside True's/Tree's (Wiltshire with Yarborough-related Neals).

The Ferns in the Trasher Crest share the lion head of Ducks (Somerset with Roets). I had read that Roets (giant tree) descended from Croys or Groys, and Francois' article has: "Francois II's sister CATHERINE de Cleves was married to the sovereign prince of PORCIEN, Antoine III de CROY a leading Protestant militant." It suggests Catherine Roet because her father was in the Picardy theater. Croys/Groys/Greys even share the lion of Tresher-like Dressers, first found in Thuringia with German Roets. Porcien-like Porch's were first found in Norfolk with Croy-like Crows, and with the drops in the red drops of both the Trasher Crest of the Lewis dragon head (shared by Trashers). The Dresser Coat is similar to the Fern Coat.

By the way, I wrongly called the Trasher ferns as pine trees once or twice in recent updates.

Francois' was a duke of Nevers while the Nevers'/Neve's have the Sola's (Derbyshire with Scottish Francis') in their motto who in turn share the chevron of English Francis' and Trashers. The latter can be traced to Bari of Apulia, and Scottish Barrys were first found in Angus with Nevers'/Neve's. Barrs share the Italian Este Coat which itself has an eagle colors reversed from the eagles of Scottish Francis'. Sola's and English Neve's use fish while Fish share the fleur-de-lys of Nevers/Neve's. The Fiscs share the checks in the Arms of Francois.

Francois' line can now go to the Scottish Francis', first found in Derbyshire with the Mallards/MILwards (i.e. like "Mile"), for Maddens/Maidens use the mallard duck while also having the Trace Coat exactly. English Ducks were first found in Somerset with early Trashers, and German Ducks/Duckers were first found in Westphalia with Francois' ancestry.

It's now important that German Ducks named Bar-le-Duc in Lorraine, in the Bar region of the first-known French Crispins while English Crispins (Oxfordshire with English Francis'!) share the eight bars of Porch's. The latter, first found in Norfolk with BUS, even share the giant Bus cinquefoil while Lorraine, who pointed exactly to Ducks/Duckers, had a bus stop symbol. Stops were first found in Staffordshire with Duck-branch Duce's/Duceys and Porch-connectable Bassets.

Tracys were first found in Devon with Francis-like French's who in turn share the green dolphin in Crest with Coffee's/Coffers. The latter almost have the Arms of Taranto (has mythical TARAS) while English Francis' share the Terent/Tarant Coat, which both include the triple eagles of Courcys, first found in Somerset with Ducks, Tarrs/TARAS', Trents, Coffers/Coffare's, and early Trashers. BARi is in Apulia with Taranto. English Francis' also share the Trasher and Fleming chevron.

The La Marck ancestry of Francois is named after a county of Mark in Westphalia, and Westphalia elements are what Lorraine, with a babe symbol, pointed to (she's in my last update). Babe's were first found in Suffolk with Trashers. Repeat: "...Tracys are also Drake-like Trace's/TRASSE's while neighboring Trashers [of Somerset] share the dragon (different color) with Drake's. The Trashers have the green dragon head of Lewis', first found in Glamorganshire with Luis-like Louis' while French Louis' were first found in Lorraine. Glamorganshire is also where Carne's were first found while Tracys tell that they named Tracy 'near Vire in Carne.'"

La Marcks are said to have become dukes of Bouillon in Belgium, the house to which Godfrey de Bouillon belonged whose family ruled Lower LORRAINE. The article reads: "Later collateral lines became dukes of Bouillon, a title which was later inherited by the House of La TOUR d'Auvergne, princes of Sedan, dukes of Nevers, counts of Rethel and so forth." Auvergne is where Bouillons and the connectable Bauds/Bauts (Budini-line suspects) were first found while Bauds almost have the Kepke/Kopke Coat.

French Tours share the Auvergne tower. It just so happens that English Tours/Thors, first found in Devon with Tracys, have the Howell Coat in colors reversed while Pellicans share the Howell tower. The Arms of Vire shares the Howell / Pellican tower while giant-pelican Carne's were taken from Carne in Vire. Giant-pelican Wells/Wellers were first found in Westphalia with the county of Mark. Moreover, Owls/Howls (Suffolk with Marks) are in the owls of CALVarys while Vires is in CALVados. Calvers share the Moor head with Bouillons.

The Arms of La Marck is almost the one of Scottish Stewarts who in turn have another pelican. Stewarts descended from Alans of Brittany, where Ferrats/Fers were first found. Alans (married Alice of Saluzzo, daughter of LUIS of Ceva) named Langhe (at/near Asti and Montferrat) while German Langs (LUNEburg) have another giant pelican. LUNE's/Lyons (Perthshire with Saluzzo-related Dure's and Cluns) share the green lion with Lorraine's and Astys, and the Lune/Lyon Coat is the one of TREES-connectable Home's/Hume's in colors reversed. English Langs were first found in Northumberland with Lorraine's.

After writing to this point, I went to the news and came to a video having Chuck Grassley. As it's been some time since loading Grassleys, they were loaded (must load "Grasley/Grasly") to see their Grelly variation. Crells/Crallys/Crawleys were loaded next with the Crail variation of Crabs coming to mind. I realized that Crells/Crallys/Crawleys were a branch of Crawls/Crowells who in turn share the camel head with Crows. I noted that while Crawls/Crowells were first found in Oxfordshire with one Francis surname, the other Francis' were first found in Derbyshire with Grasleys.

I then realized that Crells/Crallys/Crawleys were in Charlie colors and format, yet it took a minute more to realize that this can be a pointer to Chuck Grassley, because he was born Charles!

This heraldic set is apparently pointed to by Lorraine's pant stain seen by me upon her BALCONy, for Balcons/BalCOMBs were first found at Crail, and Chuck Grassley has worked hard to expose the FBI ever since corruption there by James COMEY. When we load Crowleys, we find the blue boar of Vere's who had been earls of Oxfords for centuries until the early 18th (Oxfordshire is where Crawls/Crowells were first found). Crowleys are therefore suspect with the crosslets of Were's/Wears, yet they happen to be the crosslets too of Tafts/TUFTs! Lorraine pointed to the Bus' and Bush's, and Bosco's are the ones with the "TUFTs of GRASS"!

Crells/Crallys/Crawleys are in Charlie colors and format while French Charles' share the FOOTless martlets of Feets/Fate's to whom Lorraine pointed. MARTLets are code for Charles MARTELs, founder of the Crally- / Crawl-like CAROLIngians. Martel was descended from Pepins, and Lorraine pointed hard in multiple way to Pepins and Pipe's, both of whom share the camel head in Crest with Crawls/Crowells and Crows (Norfolk with Bus'). Crows look like they descended from Carolingians.

Why might Crows be in Child colors and format? Why might Carls share the pomegranate with Crispins of Lorraine? Why might Carlsons have been first found in Suffolk with Crows, Crispin-related Clare's, and English Charles'. Cruels/DeCrows even have two of the three Clare chevrons.

Pepins were part of the Merovingian dynasty founded by CHILDeric, and Lorraine's share not only the Child eagle, but the one of English Charles', first found in Suffolk with the Babe's! She got her foot symbol at the moment that Mike Oullette said of her, "WHAT a babe." The Oullette's were at Ouilly-le-Bassett while Porch's were Basset kin. Porch's were first found in Norfolk with What-colored Wheats/Whate's. Whats/Whadcocks use whadcocks to go with the moorcock of Oullette's, and Cocks have a Shield similar to the one of Grasleys.

The Child Coat is even the Scottish Francis' Coat in colors reversed while Childs were first found in Hertfordshire with the Beach's/Bechs who in turn share the vaired Shield of Grasleys and Clappers! I'm sure that Chuck Grassley, as part of his congressional, investigative powers, was investigating James Clapper too when he was the chief of all American Intelligence while James Comey was the FBI director.

Here's a repeat from Wikipedia: "FRANCOIS II's sister CATHERINE de CLEVES was married to the sovereign prince of PORCIEN, Antoine III de CROY a leading Protestant militant." It's interesting that while Porch's (Norfolk with CLEEVErs) share the giant and ERMINEd Bus cinquefoil, a porch is similar to a balcony. Armys/Ermine's were first found in Lincolnshire with Grasse's and Eagle's/Hegels. Charlie's, listed with Chorleys, have a black eagle head in Crest. Charleys (not "Charlie"), first found at another Chorley location, share the giant lion of Greys/Croys/Groys and Lodge's/Loge's, the latter first found in Sussex with English Charles'.

Recalling the storks of Varns and Grahams/Grams, it should be added that storks are in the Crests also of Pitts and Crells/Crallys/Crawleys. The Pitts, first found at COOMB's Ditch, share a checked fesse (different color) with the Arms of Francois of Cleves. Crells/Crallys/Crawleys had a Crawley location in Northumberland, where Lorraine's, Greys/Croys/Groys, and stork-using Store's/Sturys were first found. Sturs were first found in Hampshire (beside Sussex) with Buttings/Bidens/Budins and Botters while Crells/Crallys/Crawleys were at BUTTINGhill (East Sussex). Bottings/Buttons were first found in Sussex. Balcons are traceable to Italian Botters. The Arms of Francois of Cleves shares the checkered fesse of Boyds while Pitts share the checkered fesse of Marks. Pitts were first found in Dorset (beside Hampshire) with the Stour river.

I've just looked up new-to-me Pitters, said to be first found in Galicia of Poland, which looks like it touches upon Doly of Poland, important because Alans of Dol went on to be the Stewarts sharing the checkered fesse of Pitts. Galicia covers into the Red-Rus / Lviv parts of Ukraine, and that's generally where I trace the Rush's in the "bulrushes" of Pitt-branch Petts (share stork in Crest with Pitts). The Rush annulets are connectable to the ones of Bulls/Bule's (Somerset, beside Pitts). And while Lorraine was a Russellite when we dated, Russells were first found in Dorset with Pitts.

Pithiviers, by the way, is near Flagy, which I expect is the Flagi location of Flys (Hampshire, beside Pitts). Pitters are in Porcia colors while Porch's and their Bus kin were first found in Norfolk with Flags.

Pitters share the giant and double-headed eagle of Jeepma's/CHEPs. Pithiviers is near the first-known French Chappes'. " twinned with Ashby-de-la-Zouch in Leicestershire," an Zouchs/SUCHs come up when entering "Chuck"!!! This is a pointer to Chuck Grassley because Lorraine had the grass stain while Ukraine-line Lorraine's share the bend-with-eagles of GorSUCH's, first found in Lancashire with Zouch's/Such's/Chucks! This eagle is the eagle in the Arms of Piast in Poland. Plus, I trace "Lviv" to Vivians/Feys, Fife's/Fifys and Fife's while Balcons were at Crail in Fife!

The Bug river of the Neuri is at the Lviv area, which tends to explain why Bugs were first found in Dorset with Pitts. Bugs use the bat while Bats were first found in Shropshire with the Dol Alans. Neuri worshiped the wolf while Norrys, with a wolf head, share the white fesse with Dols, the latter first found in Pomerania with the German Belows sharing the Pitter Coat. English Bellows/Bello's, expected in the "bello" motto term of Bouillons (Auvergne with French Bauds), are in the "bellows" of the Ships/Shiptons in the ship of Scottish Bauds.

The Grey/Croy/Groy Coat is in colors reversed with the Talbots (Shropshire with Dol Alans and Cleves'/Cliffs) who had ruled Eu, and Francois of Cleves was count of Eu. Cleevers/Clavers have a Coat like that of Talbot-connectable Meschins, and while Meschins ruled in Cheshire, that's where Cleves'/Cliffs/CLEFFs were first found. I say that God provided my TREBLE-CLEF tie (birthday gift) to wear just once during an event with Miss Hicks, and while Treble's were first found in Devon with Bellow-branch Billets, and with Trebys; the latter share the Pitt besants while Alan-connectable Traby is in Poland. English Belows (Yorkshire with Hicks) share "Tout" with Hicks, and Bellows/Bello's (share Bus cinquefoil) were first found in Cheshire. English Belows share the fretty of Tute-branch Thwaits/Twitts (Norfolk with Bus').

The Hucks were once said to be first found in Yorkshire with Hicks and Cleve- / Claver-like Calvarys, and as Cleves'/Cliffs were at HUXley, it explains why Cleves'/Cliffs and Huxleys (look like Hubert kin) both have black wolf heads in Crest. Clifftons are in the colors and format of Calvarys, and the latter share the owl with Hucks. "Cliff/Cleff" is like "Calf" while Calfs/CAUFs thus look like a branch of Cuffs / Coughs in turn in Hubert colors and format. Huffs (Cheshire with Huberts), sharing the Cuff / Cough bend, have another black wolf head in Crest, and Miss Hicks pointed to Hovers/Hoffers. Viels use calves in the colors and format of Hubert-branch Hubbards.

I didn't know until now that Italian Viels are listed with Vito's/Vio's/Bittini's who happen to share the annulet of Cherrys who in turn may have formed from "Cheever," interesting where the latter's Cheves variation can be a Cleves branch. Vito-like Vitals are listed with Vele's/Viels/Veils.

Next, Hovers/Hoffers share the Aids/Ade leopard face while ADa of Warenne (married HUNTINGdon) is to the Warrens (Suffolk with Owls/Howls) while the Clive variation of Cleves'/Cliffs were descended from Warin, explaining why Cliffords share the checkered Warren Shield, which are the checks of Warins/Wearings who in turn share the HUNTING horns of BREAKERs/Brecks (Shropshire with Cleves'/Cliffs and Moses'/Moesens). The Brays/Brae's, sharing black eagle legs with Hicksons, use a "flax BREAKER". The Aids were pointed to in the sleeping bag dream by David Morley, and Yorkshire's Morley is where Calvarys were first found. Moses'/Moesens use a "calvary" symbol, as do Crystals (Yorkshire with Varn-related Grahams/Grams).

We can now identify the fesse-with-trefoil of Cleves'/Cliffs as the same fesse-with-trefoil (Varn colors) of VERNers, especially as French Warins are also Varins (Koop/Kupe moline). Verners use a Crystal-like "Christo" motto term. Warins/Varins were at PRETville while Prays/Preters have the triple Cleves'/Cliff wolf heads in colors reversed. Miss Hicks took my hands to PRAY when I was wearing the treble-clef tie, and here we can add that Treble's were first found in Devon with Warins/Wearings and Ware's. The latter have the border of Mile's in colors reversed while Warins/Wearings have: "The patriarch of the family was Miles Sire de Guerin,..."

Sleeping Beauty, fulfilled by Miss Hicks, can work into this where Beautys were first found in Dorset with Pitts, and while the latter share the checkered Stewart fesse, Hicks have a motto they translate with "All in" while Alans/Allins (Shropshire, where Sleeps of Sleap were once said to be first found) have the Hicks fesse in colors reversed. The full English-version motto is, "All in GOOD TIME," and Goods were first found in Kent with Time's/Timms who in turn have three fleur-de-lys that are partly in the colors and format of the same of Hicks-branch Hooks (Devon with English Stewarts).

The Good-like Goats/Gothams in the Time/Timm Crest were first found in Nottinghamshire with same-colored Bugs, and with Bunnys (said to possibly have named BOUGnies in Belgium) using goat heads, and then Bunnys were first found in Basford with the Ainsleys who share the Hicks fleur-de-lys. Bunnys were first found in Basford's RushCLIFFE, and Cliffe's are the Cleve's/Cleffs who share the black wolf head with Norrys while Neuri were on a Bug river.

Norrys share the Running/Ronn(ey) fesse while Bunnys have: "'Bunny Park, the seat of Lord RANcliffe, to the east of the village [of Bunny]...'" RUSHcliffe looks connectable to Rush's because they were first found in Suffolk with the Rabbits who are in turn in Bunny colors and format. Hicks have a "bon" motto term while Bunny-like Bunns/Bonns were a Bone branch.

Frans Timmermans

There was a headline last week, "EU climate chief FRANS Timmermans quits to run in Dutch elections". Timmermans is now an official chief of EU climate-change scams, a fraud, a demon in a human body. He's trying to save Holland from Rutte's fall from grace. One wonders whether Rutte was purposed in quitting his post as Dutch prime minister, in the first place, to allow Timmermans to creep in to replace him.

As Frans Timmermans is roundly called the EU climate-change chief, I'm going to propose that God arranged the Frans' to share the split Morley/Maul Shield because the latter use a "Clementia" motto term while Clements are also climate-like Clemets/Climers. This gets us to David Morley in my sleeping bag dream who was riding his motor bike on a ROAD beside a MALL when he then came down a steep BANK to circle the bag. I'll bet that the Road surname was a Rutte branch. The Banks (Yorkshire with Morleys/Mauls) were first found in Craven with a Dee river, and Dee's share the lion of Frans-like Frene's/Frane's in colors reversed, believe it or not. Frene's/Frane's were first found near the Dee river of Cheshire.

The Rutts (Wales, beside Shropshire) were first found beside the Clements/Clemets, and prime minister Rutte has been battling the Dutch Farmers, seeking to put them out of business on a foolish, contrived, and diabolical climate-change excuse that's now blowing up into a full-fledged conspiracy. It's as if God arranged the heraldry to point to this tyrannical conspiracy because English Farmers share the stag heads of Scottish Reeds and Books. Reeds and Roets use the "book." Plus, the Farmer surname looks like a branch of Frame's sharing the Dee lion, in colors reversed from the Frene/Frane lion!

English Farmers even share the hunting horn with Breakers/Brecks, first found in Shropshire with Frene's/Frane's and Hunts/Hunters. Clements/Clemets were first found in Breck-like Breconshire / Brecknock. Farmers are in the colors and format of Keppochs (Yorkshire) while Kepke's use the white goat. It's notable that the Frans surname has a white goat in Crest to go with the white goat head in the Time/Timm Crest, for the latter surname is partly in the colors and format of Timmermans (not "Timmersman").

The Frenz variation of Frans' suggests a branch of Freins/Friends because they were first found in Somerset (beside French's) with the Severs sharing the Frans/Frenz annulet. Plus, Dutch Timmermans' were "first found in BETTINGerode near Brunswick, where Conrad Tymberman...", and Bettings were first found in Shropshire with Frene/Frane's. French's use the Dol-connectable DOLphin.

The three Time/Timm fleur are in the colors and format of the three leopard FACEs of Dutch Timmermans', and Face's/Fesse's share the cross of RUDES'/Rudge's and Ridge's (Devon with English Stewarts). Thus, the location of the first-known DUTCH Timmermans just took us to Rutte-like surnames, and Mark Rutte is the Dutch prime minister while two Mark surnames are linkable to Scottish Stewarts and Betting-like Boyds. Time's/Timms were first found in Kent with Roet-branch Roots, Rotte's/Rothes', and with Arundel-branch Rundels (share Alan Coat).

Triple-gold leopard faces, in the same format, are shared between Timmermans' and Tennis', a branch of Tiens'/THAMes', the latter two first found in Oxfordshire with Varangian-line Vere's, earls of Oxford. The Tennis Coat looks related to the one of Vere-branch Fiers/Fears. Tennis' share a jessant leopard face with Aids'/Ade's suspect from Ada of Warenne, and Warrens were a branch of Warins/Wearings/Warings. Warrens were first found in Suffolk with the Cliffton-beloved Owls/Howls, and "Tenez" is a Cliffton motto term. Cliffords share the Warren Shield.

The Aids were in the sleeping bag dream with David Morley on the ROAD, and he's now pointing to the climate-change czar through the Clements/Clemets/CLERMONTs in the Morley/Maul motto. The same motto has "RiGORE," suspect as a pointer to the climate-change lunatic or deceiver (take your pick), Al Gore. French Jore's/Gore's can be suspect in the "Jour" motto term of Dove-connectable WESTs, traceable to VESTalis, son of king Cottius, and to dove-using Waistells/WESSELs.

German Wessels/WASSels get amazing for sharing the split-Shield of Frans', now more suspect from Francois of Cleves' because Wests have a "Vie" motto term suspect in the past with the Vio variation of Vito's, and the latter happen to share the Frans annulets! We are on Cleves-connectable Cliffords while this find takes place. King Cottius was on the Riparia river (near Turin), which has a vie-like Viu tributary. "Vi" is a motto term of Chives', first found in Tarves (Aberdeenshire with Turins) to go with the Tarvisium location of the first-known Vio's/Vito's. CHIVASso is on the BAUTica river near Turin.

German Wessels share the horn with BUTTings/Buttons/BIDENs who in turn sharing the fesse of WASSa-branch Washingtons, while Vio's/Vito's are also BITTINi's. Buttings/Buttons/Bidens share the fesse of Butts/BOETS, suspect from SALOME Boethus of the Sadducees and Herods, and Salome's were first found in Rhineland with Frans'. Salemans / Salmons were both of Surrey, where Dolphins were once said to be first found. Salmons were first found also in Cumberland with Wessels/Waistells.

The split Frans / Wessel Shield is also the one of Morleys/Mauls who have the Clements (share a Clair Chief) in their motto, and while this surname comes up when we enter "Clermonts," French Clermonts share the key with Cleevers/Clavers. English Clermonts have dolphins while Dolphins were first found in Cumberland with Wessels/Waistells. English Morleys were first found in Derbyshire with Francis'.

The Clements also come up as "Clone" while Scottish Clone's/Cluns share the black wolf with Cleves'/Cliffs while Luis of Cleve-like Ceva was wife to Thomas of Saluzzo while Clone's/Cluns share the Saluzzo Coat.

French Clements were first found in Poitou. Clifftons share the cinquefoil of POTTERs while Colombier's/Columbs, sharing the Timmermans dove, have a Coat version of the Poitvins of POITIERs. Clifftons have a peacock while Peacocks have the Fears in their motto who share the gold moline with Colombier's/Columbs. Dove-connectable Spanish Paloma's (Pott colors) may have a "pot." Potts, with two of the fesses of Dove-loving Colombier's/Columbs, were first found in Hampshire with Potters.

The "just" motto term of Peacocks can be for Justine of Picenum, and Picenum liners are connectable to Picensii Illyrians at the "city of doves." Poitiers was named by Pictones while Pictons share gold drops with the Cnuts/Nots in the "Be just and fear not" motto of Peacocks.

Poitvins have a jay while Jays share the bend-with-roses of Jewish Rothchilds. English Rothes' (share Cliffton lion) were first found in Kent with the Petits in the motto of Columb-like Malcolms/Columns, and the Pettys share the quadrants of this Arms of Rothschild. Petits were first found in Kent with the Pitt-branch Petts and Time's/Timms.

Aha. CUPPae in Moesia is/was called, "city of doves." This works excellent with the Colombier location of French Warins/Varins because the latter share the moline (both colors) of KUPE's/KOOPS! Bingo. It means that Kepke's/Kopke's too had either been through Cuppae (near Pek river of the Picensii), or had married a family of that place. The PICtones named Poitiers / Poitou, and Poitvins of that place have a reflection of the Colombier/Columb Coat.

Ahh, Bottings/Buttons/Botons (Sussex with Arundel, Pellets and Downs) share the pellet with Timmins, and Roet-connectable Botons/Bourtons/BOUGHtons have a "Dei" motto term to go with the "De" of Arundels. Botons/Bourtens/Boughtons were in DOWNton of Shropshire. We can understand why the EU climate chief should be connecting with the surname of Joe Biden.

Not surprisingly, BETTINGs share the Brittany/BRETTING Coat but without the red centers that the Betting and Clinton stars have. It's not surprising because Alans were from Brittany. Plus, while Clun in Shropshire is where FitzAlans of Arundel lived, Arundel is in Sussex with Buttinghill (of Crells/Crallys/Crawleys) while Betting-like Buttings are listed with Bidens. It appears that heraldry connected to Frans Timmermans' is pointing to Joe Biden and the Clinton crime ring, for Bettings share the stars of Clintons in all three colors. One Francis surname was first found in Oxfordshire with Clintons.

Cline's, sharing the Clun Coat, work into this heraldic set because German Cline's/Kleins were first found in Rhineland with Rutte-like RODE's/Roads, and we just saw "BettingeRODE." The Rode's/Roads have the Lorraine eagle on its side, and Eric Timmersman attended the University of Lorraine. The Rutts use bells, and Timmermans' share the fesse of Bells and Bellamys, the latter first found in Shropshire. The Rutt bells are linkable to the Armors who in turn share the Brittany/Bretting motto, for Armors share the stars of Baileys and have a chevron-with-stars looking like Belly kin. Baileys were first found in Northumberland with the Roddens/Rodhams who named a river in Shropshire.

The Dol Alans were near the border of Cotes-d'Armor. Armors were once said to be first found in Berwickshire with the Dove's in the Timmermans Chief. That dove holds an item that is used in giant form by Dutch Reeds, and while the latter's page shows no variations, they were feasibly a Rutte branch. Scottish Reeds share the book with Rode-like Roets, and while Roets were at Rothes in Moray while the Moray stars are shared by Armors, Books were first found in Berwickshire with Alan-branch Elons. If Amore's list Armers because there Amore's had been Moray liners, let's add that Amore's were first found in Oxfordshire with Clintons.

' One way to show that Clintons have the Saluzzo Chief-Shield colors for a Saluzzo-related reason is where Clint-like Cline's/Kleins share the Clun and Saluzzo Coat. But there is now another way where the rare Clinton stars are those of Bettings, first found in Shropshire with the Alans who married Alice of Saluzzo. Look at how neatly and fast we got from Timmermans' to the Clintons. Timmermans wants to replace Rutte as the Dutch prime minister, and Rudes'/Rudge's (branch of Rhodes' / Ridge's) were first found in Shropshire too, along with the Rodden river while Roddens are listed with Rodhams (Northumberland with English Reeds).

The Frene/Frane lion is colors reversed from the one of Frame's, the latter first found in Devon with English Stewarts. There's a question here as to whether the Frene's/Frane's sharing essentially the Klaus Coat is a pointer to Klaus Schwab. While Brittany's heraldry is stacked with ermines, Armys/Ermine's have a lion in Chief in the colors of the three lions in the Chief of Frame's. ARMstrongs (Cumberland with Dolphins/DOLfins) share the Coat of French Frane's/Franez's/Franets in colors reversed.

ArmSTRONG's may have been of the Strongs, first found in Somerset with Freins/Friends. Let's go to the Betting write-up: "The surname Betting was first found in Shropshire, where 'Walter De Betton had a freehold estate at Betton-STRANGE,...'" Strange's, with perhaps the Army/Ermine lion in Crest, were first found in Derbyshire with Francis'. In fact, Armys/Ermine's were first found in Lincolnshire with the Clermonts who have two dolphins in the colors and format of the Strange Coat. Cotes-d'ARMOR is near Dolphin-connectable Dol.

Strongs have three pale bars in the colors of the three fesses of Toro's, and while the latter have bulls in the colors of the Back/Bach "steer" bull, English Backs (giant eagle) were first found in Somerset with Strongs (giant eagle) and Mountain-connectable Bulls/Bule's. English Mountains are in Betting colors and format, and while Mountains contributed to the pointer to the Apophis asteroid (returning to possibly strike to planet in 2029), they did so in conjunction with Crails/Crabs while it's Crallys who were at BUTTINGhill.

If Crallys (connectable to Bottle's/Bootle's via Charlie's) have herons in their Shield (they don't look like the Heron herons), or if they had used them in the past, they go with the Butting/Biden "horn" because Herons share the Horn/Orne Coat. Herons were first found in Northumberland with the Greys/Croys while Crows were a Crally / Crawl branch. Crails/Crabs look like Dole kin.

The Alan-related Hicks can be in the "Hic" motto term of Dee's while "De" is an Arundel motto term. Dee's share the Frame lion. The Frame liners we read of in Lanark and neighboring Glasgow suggest that Frame's are with a version of the Lady/LAUDyman Coat, for the Lords/Lauds in the "Lord, LET" motto phrase of Glasgows (probably the Roet tree-on-MOUND) can manage that link, and it just so happens that "Lady Fortune" is in the Coat of Klaus-like Kassens/Class'. The Fortune's were first found in East Lothian with the Keiths who are in turn in Frame and Lady colors and format. Lanark is beside the Scottish MOUNDs of Peebles-shire.

English Mounds were even first found in Shropshire, and Scottish Mounds are also Mounts while English Mountains are in the colors and format of Brittanys/Brettings and Bettings. French Mountains were first found in Languedoc with French Alans. Scottish Mounds/Mounts share the giant lion of the Shropshire Frene's/Frane's and Klaus'/Claus'.

Armys/Ermine's were first found in Lincolnshire with Saluzzo-branch Swallows and Eagle's/Hegels. The Swallows share the rooted tree of Pick-related Roots and Pick-related Woods, and while Woods use the savage, the Savage Coat is the Eagle/Hegel Coat in colors reversed. The Arundels have six swallows in the colors and format of the six Eagle/Hegel lions, and colors reversed and in the format of the six Clinton and Hillary fitchees. Hillarys were first found in Worcestershire with the Clent Hills while Clents/Clints share the sheaves of Blythe's (Berwickshire with early Armors) while Bill Clinton was born Mr. Blythe.

The Timmermans dove can be the one of Colombier's/Columbs because there's a Colombier location of Brittany in the write-up of French Warins/VARINs who are in Timmermans colors and share the red ROSE with them looking like code for VARANgian Rus of Kiev. The Colombier's/Columbs have a Coat like the nearby Poitvins who in turn use a "jay" in what looks like the Roque rock, and Roque's were first found in Languedoc with Roquefeuil, named by Roxolani, who had been on the Dnieper river through Kiev.

I can make the case that Stongbow Clare was named after the Strongs and Bows. He's in the write-up of Irish Clairs who tell of a Clere location in the Vexin. Rollo's capital, Rouen, is in the Vexin, and Rollo's have the boar heads of Roets who in turn share the Bow motto. Rollo's have the Parrs in their motto who have two of the Parry fesses, and Parrys (Wales with Strongbow Clare) share the Irish Clair fesse. Rollo's use a "tout" motto term while Irish Clairs have "VirTUTE," suggesting Touts/Tute's.

The ArmSTRONGs share the Coat of Lizarts/Sarde's, the latter first found in DRAGuignan, which can explain the dragon of Pembroke's/PENbroke's, for Strongbow Clare ruled out of Pembroke. One can glean the Pendragons with Penbroke's for multiple reasons, including the "ARDuis" motto term of Pembroke's/Penbroke's, for the myth writer revealed a Pendragon-Arthur relationship via GorLOIS. The latter was a ruler in Cornwall, where Tristans were first found who share the stag head of Bow-branch Boughys, the latter first found in Staffordshire with the Arrows/Arras' from/to Arras, capital of Artois, where LOIS' in "Gorlois" were first found. Botons are also BOUGHtons while sharing the Bristol crescents, which jibes with: "William Pembroke held a family seat in Bristol."

Bristol is near the first-known Strongs (Somerset with Roets). Repeat: "ARMstrongs share the Coat of French Frane's/Franez's/Franets in colors reversed. ArmSTRONG's may have been of the Strongs, first found in Somerset with Freins/Friends." Rouens share the mascles of Bullys and Petts, and while Bulls/Bule's were first found in Somerset too, Petts were first found in Kent with Clare's of Tunbridge Wells, and with Roet-branch Roots. The three Bristol / Boughton crescents are colors reversed from the same of Tunbridge's.

Roots were kin of Woods, first found in Leicestershire with TONbridge-like Tonys/Tone's, and then Towns/Tune's were first found in Sussex with Clare Castle. Tonys descended from Malahule, Rollo's uncle. The Louis lozenges are the ones of Roots in half the colors while Roots were first found in Kent with Snake's/Snooks sharing the eagle of Irish Clairs.

The Parrys share the triple lozenges of French LOUIS', and then there are Welsh Louis' and Lewis (dragon) too, both first found in southern Wales with Pembroke. Louis' and Lewis' were first found in Glamorganshire while the Coat of English Clare's/Clairs is incorporated in the Arms of Glamorgan.

French Louis' were first found in Lorraine with French Crispins while the Irish Clairs tell that they descended from Gilbert Crispin. English Crispins were first found in Oxfordshire with one of the two English Clements. Glamorganshire is beside BREConshire, and the latter is where the other Clements/CLERmonts' were first found who share a French Clair Chief. BRECKs/BREAKERs were first found in Shropshire with Vexin-like Vychans/Vaughns. The Brays having a "flax breaker" were first found in Northamptonshire with the Spinks sharing the eagles of Irish Clairs, and the Spink mascles are in half the colors of the mascles of Snake-like Seneca's. The latter share nine gold mascles with Rouens, and Rouen is in the Vexin.

The Armstrong-connectable Lizarts/Sarde's were first found in Provence with French Larins while Scottish Larins are listed with Clarens using two of the three chevrons of English Clare's/Clairs. The same two chevrons are with Scottish Lise's/FEETERs to explain the FEATHERs of Irish Clairs, and then English Lise's/Liss' almost have the Coat of Lizarts/Sarde's.

The Sinclair write-up has them at St-Clair-L'Eveque, and while Leveque's share the Templar lamb with Passe's/Pascals, "passe par tout" is a Rollo motto phrase. The lone Leveque star can thus be the giant one of French Clements. Leveque-like Levi's were first found in Ile-de-France with French Lise's/Lys', and Jewish Levi's/LEVINE's share the Passe/Pascal lion while French Levine's were first found in Brittany with Rouens.

I'm going to propose a pointer to "climate change" using the Clemet variation of Clements/Clermonts', and where Change's, first found in Hampshire with Chace's/Chase's, share triple-blue fesses with Toro's. Chace's/Chase's share the patonce cross of Change-like Chance's, and French Chances were first found in Turin-like Touraine. French Chance's use the sun while Suns are listed with Sinclairs.

Toro's use the bull for potential linkage to Turins, and the latter's bend-with-boars are in the colors of the bend-with-buckles of Case's. The latter use buckles while Buckle's were first found in Suffolk with Clare's and THURstons. Case's have a red-bend Coat version of Leslie's, first found in Aberdeenshire with Turins/Thurins. German Roets were first found in THURINgia, and Scottish Roets were first found in Somerset with Torons/Thorns.

The United Nations in the Belly-Press

[Insert Sunday -- Quote from below: "The Case's with the Leslie buckles on a red bend have a "DiSTANTia" motto term while Stans/Stains are also Stants/Stands, and while that same motto term has got to be code also for the Diss'/Dice's/DISH's (Norfolk with Case's), there's the StanDISH's now seemingly deciphered as a Stand-Dish merger." By the time that this was written below, I told that the Changer variation of Change's is in the STANley motto.

To recognize that Case's were a branch of Cass'/Cash's, the latter share the Coat of Kiss'/Cush's while Kissings/Gissings, first found in Norfolk with Case's, are in Leslie colors and format, and even in Kissinger colors. Kissings/Gissings were even first found in Diss. It can explain why Giss'/Guise's have a Guy variation while French Guys share buckles (different colors) with Leslie's and Case's.

Henry Kissinger just feels right in this Timmermans discussion.

Kiss'/Cush's were first found in Leicestershire while Leicesters share three motto terms of Scottish Pattersons while Irish Pattersons (share red drops with Leicesters) list a Cussane variation. Scottish Caseys use crow heads while Crows share the camel head in Crest with Pattersons/Cussane's. Crow-branch Crawls were first found in Oxfordshire with Peare's.

Leicesters share the Kissinger fleur-de-lys, and Kissingers almost have the Casano and PERo hexagram while "Pro" is a Leicester motto term. I rarely mention Kissingers, but it squares with the time I stole Mr. Kepke's date, Miss PEARE, and kissed her. Kepke's/Kopke's were first found in Saxony with Kissingers, which can be a suggestion from God that Henry Kissinger has been behind Ukraine corruption with the owner of Burisma Holdings, for Kepke's shoe-sales job pointed to him. Plus, the Moldavian capital, KISINov, is smack beside Ukraine, making Kissingers suspect from Jewish namers of that place.

The kiss with Peare is usually called the rush-up-stairs event which pointed to Scalia's, and so note the "pair of scales" in the Cass/Cash Crest. When Kepke left the table for a moment, I asked Miss Peare if she'd like to go outside, and when she motioned agreeably by starting to stand up, we rushed up the stairs so that Kepke might not see us, but while we were kissing, about 15 seconds in, Kepke barged out the front door blasted-upset. It could rightly be said the he CHASED after us up the stairs.

Here's a 1977 quote: "Kissinger will join the CHASE Manhattan Bank first as vice chairman of its international advisory committee..." We saw the Stanleys above with a "changer" motto term, and bankers are money changers. This heraldic situation must be a pointer to JP Morgan Chase bank, for there was also a Morgan Stanley bank en route to that one. JP Morgan Chase was the new name of Chase Manhattan.

Plus, while the rush-up-stairs was with Miss Peare, "JP Morgan" stands for "Junius PIERpont Morgan." I didn't know that there was a Pierpont surname (Sussex with Keeps), so far as I can recall, until now, and it happens to share the cinquefoils of Rosco'/Risco's who in turn share the fesse of RUSH's/Rish's!!! WOW! I was definitely correct to call it the rush-up-scala event, which I've been pointing to Rush's for years, and from them to the Varangian RUS of Kepke-related Kiev. Stairs (Peare stars in colors reversed) were first found in Kent with Kiev-traceable Trips who use a "SCALing ladder" as code for the ladder-using Scalia's. German Trips use shoes while both Kepke and I sold shoes during that event.

Plus, if Pierponts were a Pier-Pont merger, it just so happens that Ponts/Ponds were first found in Hampshire with Chase's and Change's! What could climate-change leaders and the Chase bank have in common? I don't have "Pierpont surname" or "Pierpont Coat" in all of my files. This surname was a missing link in the rush-up-to-kiss event, meaning that it's pointing to globalist banksters, and to Kissinger's RINO circle no doubt privy to the 9-11 agenda of perpetual war = perpetual tax heist.

The "ripone" motto term of Pierponts can be for Ripons who happen to share the motto of Gowers who in turn share the white wolf with Trip-related English Gore's, both first found in Kent with Stairs and Alberts. Kepke was ANGRy when he chased after us up the stairs, and Hangers/Angers, first found in Hampshire with Chase's, almost share the giant griffin of English Alberts. Albert Gore lost the presidential election of 2000 by a couple of hanging chads.

As I have the hunch that Pontius Pilate was named partially after PONTus elements, PierPONTs can have the French Pile/Pilot lion, especially as the Pie's in the Pierpont motto use a pile in the colors of the three piles of English Pile's, and, what do we find but the Peare leopard face in the English Pile Coat. The Pierpont lion can also be the Savage lion closely because both surnames share a "te" motto term, and here it can be added that Tee's are listed with Tease's while Tiss'/Teese's were first found in Hampshire with Ponts/Ponds while German Tease's/Tess' (Peerless/NaPIER saltire in colors reversed) were first found in Switzerland with Goods/Guts.

Miss Peare's first name is Christine, and Christine's share the English Pilotte and Pellet Coat, and moreover the Pelosi's/Pelati's/Pilati's were first found at Savage-like Savigliano. It appears that God stuffed the Pierpont surname with peartinent stuffing, as if God hates JP Morgan and Henry Kissinger especially.

Whatever the Peare's trace to in old times, my kiss with Miss Peare suggests that proto-Peare's were at the Kisinov theater, not far from the Napier-like Naparis river of the Roxolani. Today, the Naparis is the Yellow-like Ialomita, and Yellows were first found in Oxfordshire with Peare's and Tiens'/Thames'.

Piere's/Peers are in Star/Stairr colors while Pero's use "flaming stars." Pier's/Pierce's were first found beside Stars/Stairrs. Trips are suspect as a Treby branch while Trebys share the Flame besants. Wikipedia's article on TRYPillians (Ukraine, same area as Roxolani of the Dnieper river) says/said that Trypillians set their homes to flames out of some custom...because they were lunatics, apparently, in the name of some imaginary goddess.

With Kiss-branch Cass', we can take this to Scottish Caseys, first found in Lanarkshire with PRUDE's/Pride's while the PRUT (Ukraine border) is a major river between Kisinov and Ukraine. Prude's/Pride's use "lamprey" fish as pale bars while Pale's/Palys (Yorkshire with Pullys) use another camel head (as do Crow-branch Crawls of Oxfordshire). Pullys share red scallops with Spanish Fontana's while English Fountains were first found in Norfolk with Kissings/Gissings, and with the Flags/Flecks in the "flag" of Font-de-Ville's.

French Prude's/Prats share the fesse of Bugs (Dorset) expected from the Bug river, near the Prut. Bugs were once said to be first found in Nottinghamshire with Mea's in the Prude/Prat motto. Mea's are the My's in the "my country" motto phrase of Ainsleys (Nottinghamshire), and Countrys happen to share the lone pile of Pierpont-beloved Pie's! That exclamation mark is due to the County-like Counters for whom we can expect the creation of heraldic "counterCHANGEd" color. The Countrys happen to use counterchanged colors in their pile!

The Counters must have married Change's (Country colors), and so anyone descended from that marriage was permitted by law to use counterchanged colors. That's how I interpret things, though the heraldry masters had guarded these secrets so that heraldry "experts" today are a wasteland of disinformation. Change's were first found in Hampshire with Tiss'/Teese's while Counters show a ComiTISSa variation. Change's share the nebuly pattern (different color) with Clements/Clemets for a potential Clemet-change accusation against the Chase / Stanley Morgan banks and Henry Kissinger. Casino's/Case's almost have the Change Coat, but let's not forget that Ponts suspect in "Pierpont" were first found in Hampshire with Change's.

Although Pero's/Perino's, tracable to the TESSen river with Pier-like Pierro's/Pero, don't call their stars "comets," even though they are in the design of the Reines "comet," note that even the French Conte's are Comites' too. As French Conte's were first found in Languedoc with Ville's/Font-de-Ville's, I theorize that Conteville's (ruled COMINES) were a Conte-Ville merger. It can explain why Countrys were first found in Kent with the Cone's sharing the Conte/Comitissa/Counter ANTler. The Ant river is in Norfolk with the first-known Fountains and Comyns/COMINES'. The latter have the Good/Gut Coat on a blue Shield, and English Goods/Gude's were first found in Kent with Cone's.

I've got to stress that while my mother's Masci line was an obvious branch of Messina's, it explains why I kissed Miss Peare as a pointer to Kisinov. It's telling me that Sicilians of Messina were at Kisinov, even as Szekelys lived in neighboring Romania (I think they were on the Mures rivers with Khazars). Sicily was named by the Szekely-like Sicels who were mythicized as Scylla in Messina.

Messina's share the hexagrams of Pero's/Perino's (Piedmont with Masci's), and they are both in the colors of the eight-pointed stars in the Arms of Szkeley. These stars are almost the six-pointed stars (same colors) of Kissingers.

The patee crosses of Messina's is code for Patti in Messina. Pattys were first found in Worcestershire with the Squirrels who love the Peare-related Tiens'. There are many "PRO REGE" motto phrases (Cussane-connectable Pattersons of ROSS-shire use it) while Reggio is near Messina. Rhegin on the Mures river (Romania) is suspect by me in naming Ragnvald of More, Rollo's father and Malahule's brother. Malls were first found in Cheshire with Maids/Molds and Welfs. More is/was in NORway, a country perhaps named by the Neuri of the Bug river whom I trace to Norrys (wolf). The latter were first found in Aberdeenshire with Leslie's who were, like Szkeleys, Hungarians, and with the Skins/SCANE's (Welf wolf heads) who might just have been from the SICANi co-founders of Sicily. Yes, for it just so happens that "REGia" is a Skin/Scane motto term. Skin-branch Schims/Schiens use a "Duce" motto term while Maidens have a duck.

Scottish Deans were first found in Aberdeenshire too, and then English and Irish Dene's/Deans share the KISSane motto. I know that Irish Dene's/Deans use a "crocodile", but didn't realize until now that Kissane's have that same item. This crocodile pointed to the crocodile-leather shoes (Trips use shoes) sold in Kiev by Mr. Zlochevsky, owner of Ukraine's Burisma Energy. I'm so impressed here because Irish Dene's/Deans were first found in Galway with Moldova-connectable Maidens.

The Meschin scallops are code for Sicel liners, and the Scale's in the Crest of Kiss-branch Cass'/Cash's have the scallops of Tailbois', first found in Lincolnshire with Cass-branch Custs who in turn share "fountains" with Sicel-like Sichs/Sykes'. Scale's were first found in Hertfordshire with the Titus' suspect in the motto of CUSTers/Constance's. The Sickle's are Rush colors, and Szekelys probably lived in Red Rus (Red Ruthenia), named by the Varangians, which I think covered the Bug rivers and Lviv. Bugs were first found in Dorset with RUSSells.

Sickle's were first found in Ghent while the Arms of Ghent uses a virgin or a MAIDen interchangeably while Virgins (Kent with Gaunts), with the Russell lion, share the giant and red lion with Maids/MOLDs, and so the latter can be suspect with a family in MOLDova, for Kisinov is the Moldova capital. The virgin / maiden comes with a lion in the colors of the Patty lion. Red Rus includes Snake-like Sanok, and Snake's/Snooks were first found in Kent too. Miss Peare was connectable to Spinks who happen to share the Snake/Snook eagle.

Kiss'/Cush's, Custs, and Cass'/Cash's all have "fountains" that constitute the triple-wavy fesses of Spanish Marina's, first found in Castile with Fontana's. They are blue fesses, the color of the triple fesses of Casano-branch Casino's, first found in Hampshire with Change's and Chase's. We just got a good pointer to Clemet-change because Maria's and Marina's can be linked to Clements/Clemets, and then while the rush-up-stairs event was at the La Paloma bar, Spanish Paloma's, sharing the Peare PALE pale bar, share the dove of Timmermans' while Mr. Timmermans is the climate-change czar of the EU. Spanish Paloma's are suspect with a dove on a pot, and pots may be in use with Spanish Fontana's. French Pots happen to share the Casano and Cassan/Kassan fesse.

Plus, Kissings/Gissings were first found in Diss while Diss' are Dice's too while Casino's have dice. The Trump stag head is in the Arms of County Waterford, and while these Arms use a "Deise" motto term for neighboring Deise, Diss'/Dice's have a Deise variation. Donald Trump, a New Yorker, may have worked with the Chase bank, or even Morgan Stanley when it had offices in the Trade Towers. The Stanley stag head is half in the colors of the Trump stag head. As I've said a million times: a few weeks after the kiss event with Peare, after she left me for pirate Kepke, there was a belly-press event between she and I that pointed to Goods/GUTs, but I wouldn't be telling this had not the UN Chief, Antonio Guterres, been in the news this week pushing climate-change as a "terrifying era" now underway. The Guterres surname is listed with Spanish Guts sharing the white greyhound head with Cutts/Cute's who in turn happen to share the plates of Timmins! Gutters/Cutters might apply.

I had ended this insert after the paragraph above because I couldn't add anything from the belly-press to the Guterres / Gut / Cutt bloodline. But the next morning, "U.N" came to mind, and with it the Una river which I trace to One's/Innis (share Bailey Crest), first found in Moray with Bellys!!!

I can go further using the Press/Prest Chief because it shares the Neil/O'Nail/NEAL estoiles while English Neals/Nields, first found beside Gutters/Cutters (Dorset), share white greyhound heads with Guterres'/Guts and Cutts/Cute's (use plates).

Lorraine's pant stain took us to Ducks/Duckers and Pansys/Pantzers (Guterres/Gut colors), first found in Westphalia with Nagle's/Neils/Nails and Jude's/JuddenDUNCKs, and then ducks are used by Cutt-like Coots/Cootes'. The latter, first found in Lancashire with Cutt-beloved Plate's, have a "Vincit" motto term while Vince's/Finch's were first found in Hertfordshire with Press'/Prests.

Jude's/Juddenduncks, using a belly-like bell, must have been a branch of Irish Jude's/Judge's (share Fleck scallops) because they are in Dunck colors and format. Duncks are in the colors and near-format of duck-using Sheldons, and moreover while Duncks are in the colors and format of Travers, Trevers/Trefors were first found in Herefordshire with the Judds/Juggs sharing a red cockaTRICE with Press-like Presleys/Priestlys!!! Can you believe it? Trice's/Trysts, in the "Keep tyrst" motto of Hebrons (Northumberland with One-related Baileys), can be in the "BE traist" motto of Belly-connectable One's/Innis'. Bee's were first found in Oxfordshire with Peare's, and with COTTers having a Guterres-like Cotteres' variation. That's all new and amazing.

The belly-press between with Miss Peare and I is pointing to the anti-Christ spirit in the United Nations. It makes me think that the climate-change agenda is a move to tyrannize the world toward the mark of the beast. Beasts/Bessins (Cheshire with Bellows/Bello's) use bees to go with the "Be" motto term of One's/Innis'. Bee's were first found in Oxfordshire with the Ships using "bellows." As I've said a few times, the belly-press took place in my apartment on Lawrence avenue, which is only interesting because Lawrence is Kepke's first name, but it's now explosive because Lawrence's have a "BE ready" motto!!! UNbelievable but true.

The Guterres-press was intended all along to link to the One surname as a pointer to the UN. It needed me because my mother's Masci surname, which named Dunham Masci in Cheshire, is from the Maezaei on the Una/Oeneus river. You should be astounded to discover that Couts/Cootes' essentially have the CELT/Colts Coat while CALYDon was home to mythical king OENEUS, and moreover Caledonian Picts lived in or near Perthshire, where the Celts/Colts were first found.

The gut-press took place weeks after Peare left me for Kepke. She thought Kepke would love her more, and in the end she got stung hard twice. He first left her for Kim Walsh, got engaged to her, then got cold feet after wedding plans were made, then went back to Peare for a short time only. I don't know what meaning one can gather out of that situation, but there you have it.

She was working for REITmans clothing at the time, and Lawrence's look like Red/Reed kin while the latter look connectable to Keppochs with their sheaves, and to Kepke's/Kopke's and Kupe's/Koops with their "copia" motto term. Not only were Scottish Reeds first found in Aberdeenshire with the Cups/Cope's/COLPs from the Colapis/Kupa river near the Una, but Scottish Reeds have stag heads in the colors of the giant one of Couts/Coutes', the latter first found in Lancashire with Lawrence's/ of REDmaine. Couts/Coutes' even have the RISING falcon/eagle of Reds/Reeds while Rhizon was beside Kotor. Lawrie's/Larrys use a giant cup, and were first found in Dumfries with Bells.

Reds/Reeds (Northumberland with Hebrons and Baileys) share gold sheaves with Cout-like Goods/Guts. Abraham of Hebron married KETURah as his second wife, and while Coots are also Cooters, they use ducks while English Ducks, beside Gutters/Cutters, almost have the lions of Duce's who in turn share the Coat of Abram-like Bramtons. Bellys share the eight-pointed Duc/LeDuc star, and Ducs/LeDucs happen to be in the colors and format of Morays (share Bailey stars), and therefore have the Innis Coat in colors reversed. Are you dazzled? I didn't put this together. I'm just the writer.

Neals/Nields were Yarborough kin while Yarborough's are in the English Stain/Stane write-up in marriage with them, and then German Stane's/Stains share the bend of Cutts/Cute's, the latter first found in Lincolnshire with Yarborough's. As the latter were from the Kiev Varangians, we can take this to the Veringers of the Neckar river area, who used three red antlers, tending to explain the crown on the red antler of Dutch Neckers who in turn share the giant red stag of Couts/Coutes'. The crown is likely code for the Ceraunii living between the Una and Urbanus rivers, and those Illyrians are to the crane of Sharks, first found in Tyrone with Neils/O'Nails/Neals. Sharks are from Saraca's who lived in Cutter-like Kotor (see Wikipedia's Saraka article for that). Saraca's of Kotor are said to have moved to Ragusa near the Una river.

Princess Margaret Atheling was in Kiev, and when she returned to Britain, she married king Malcolm. Malcolms/Columbs share the Cout/Coutes stag head.

With the "Vincit" motto term of Coots, it reminded me of the time that Kepke was punched in the face (I was the only one watching it), on the driveway of Rick Young, by Vince PIERce. It was roughly the time he was dating Miss Peare, though it could possibly have been when he was with Miss Walsh, for Scottish Youngs were once said to be first found in Roxburghshire with Scottish Walsh's. After leaving Miss Walsh, he returned to Miss Peare. Scottish Youngs share the annulet of Scottish Walsh's who in turn have the Numans/Newmans in their motto, first found in Dorset with Guterres-like Gutters/Cutters. The Coots motto has taken us here via the punch to Kepke's face (on the mouth/lip).

Youngs and their June / Jeune branches are from the namers of the Una river, can we believe it? ANTONIO Gutterres is the UN chief, and while German Antonys (mallets) were first found in Saxony with Kepke's/Kopke's, Mallets were first found in Suffolk with the Kidds sharing the Kepke/Kopke goat. English Antonys have a goat head in Crest, and Goats/Gothams could possibly have been a Good/Gut branch. English Antonys even have a giant leopard FACE (Kepke got punched in the face) while leopards were first found in Suffolk with Keeps.

Punch's share the eight bars of Gowers/GORE's while their Gore kin were once said to be first found in Essex with English Youngs who share a wolf (different color) in Crest with Gowers/Gore's and Gore's. The Gowers and Gore's share the white wolf in Crest with Fleetwoods (Lancashire with Coots/Cootes') while Fleets and Fletts can be connected to Flecks (share double Stain fesses) suspect in the Gower/Gore motto. The punch line here is that English Youngs share the Coat of the Brittany Clairs while the other French Clairs, first found in Limousin, share the Clement/CLEMET Chief. The UN boss is pushing climate change.

Limousin was named by Lemovices, from Lemnos, and Lemons are in Keppoch colors and format. Plus, English Goods were first found in Kent with Gore's and Trips while German Trips were first found in Hamburg with Gutte's/Guters/Guders (giant Rose suspect from Varangians).

French Jore's/Gore's, suspect in the "TouJOURS jeune" motto of English Youngs, have more greyhound heads, this time in the color of the same of English Majors, first found in the Channel Islands with POINdexters who in turn use a fist, the symbol in the Punch Crest. Punch's have the POYNTz's in their write-up, and the latter are said to have been on Old CLEEVE of Somerset while Cleeve's/Cliffs share the black wolf with English Youngs. End insert]

Enter Javier Solana

The Change's are also the Changers in the motto of Stanleys (Leslie colors and format), first found in Cambridgeshire with the Elle's/Elys while Sinclairs are said to be from Saint-Clair-sur-Elle. The Stanley motto is, "Sans changer," and Seneca-connectable Sans'/Sanchez's (Spain with Toro's) share the eagle of Spinks, Snake's/Snooks and Irish Clairs. The Seneca's/SENESchals almost have the Rouen Coat, and the Spinks can even be in the "spinis" motto term of Torons/Thorns/Throne's. Elle's/Elys, kin of MUSKs/Muscats, share the fleur-de-lys of Throne-like Trone's, the latter first found in Castile (near first-known Toro's) with the Solana's in turn using a giant sun linkable now to the sun of Touraine's' Chance's...begging whether this heraldic set points to Javier Solana as being behind the climate-change scam. This scam began about the time Solana was the boss of the EU.

Welsh Javiers have a red roundel in the colors of the similar sun of Solana's. Although these Javiers are listed with Javins/Javens/Gevins, I think it's already acceptable to consider them as God's pointer to Javier Solana, yet there's more to connect them to topic.

These Javier's/Gavens share the red roundel of Irish Gavins (compare with Arms of Boulogne), and show three small saltires in the format of the same of Candys, the latter first found in Suffolk with Candle's/Kentwells, and with the Clare's from whom Strongbow Clare derived, and so Welsh Javier's might even have been related to Strongbow Clare's Welsh elements. Candle's/Kentwells share the annulets of Ladys/Laudymans (Northamptonshire) who are in turn in the colors and format of the Clair and Clement/Clermonts/CLEMET Chief.

Keep KENTwell on the brain, for the Clair and Clement/CLEMET roundel is in colors reversed from the Javier roundel, and while we saw this discussion taking us to Lizarts/SARDE's, Shirts/SHARDs have the Javier roundel. Shirts were HARborough kin, and therefore likely share the peacock of HARcourts (Oxfordshire with Clements) who in turn share the double fesses of English Hare's, amazing because there is a hare in the WEATHER Crest!!! Climate-change is a weather theme.

Plus, Rundels/Roundels, with essentially the Coat of Gore-related Alans, were first found in Kent with Alberts and Gore's. Albert Gore was/is a leading climate-change gangster.

The "verBIS" motto term of Irish Clairs ought to be for the Biss' (Surrey with English Hare's) sharing the scallops of Flags/Flecks because the latter share the double fesses of Clements/Clermonts/Clemets. Clare's of Tunbridge Wells married the Meschins sharing the Biss / Flag/Fleck scallop.

Kent is where Chace-like Chaucers and their Chalk branch were first found. Their Choke branch can be gleaned as kin of Amore's and Damorys/Amori's while Italian Amori's were first found in SARDinia. Choke's (share stork with Kent's Petts) were first found in Berkshire with SAWyers and with Sheaves'/SHAWs, and it just so happens that Sawyers/Sawers share the Spanish Javier checks!!! The red roundel of Welsh Javier's is a TORTeau officially while a "tortoise" is in the Chaucer Crest. The Chaucers can be connected to Change's, you see. The EU parasite is about to choke in a miserable death for sucking too much blood money using climate-change as the shameful excuse.

The Petts have a stork in bulRUSHes while Rush's too were first found in Suffolk with Buckle's and buckle-using Starlings/Starlincks. Sinclairs were a Rus people living in ROSlin, and while Roslin-like Russells were first found in Dorset with Pett-branch Pitts, Roslins use buckles. Pitts share the checks of neighboring Checkers. Keep those Starlincks on the brain a minute.

Chace-like Chacks/Checks/Chicks share the fitchee-formee of Love's/Luffs, and the latter were kin of MUSKs/Muscats. Chacks/Checks/Chicks and Love's/Luffs are both super here because they were first found in Oxfordshire with Clements, Amore's and Damorys/Amori's, whereas they (Chacks/Checks/Chicks and Love's/Luffs) were both previously said to be first found in Suffolk with Clare Castle. Plus, Checkers were first found in Hampshire with Change's, Chace's, and Cassane's (almost the English Clare Coat). Change's essentially have the Coat of Italian Casino's who in turn share the nebuly pattern of both the Welsh Clements/Clermonts and Oxfordshire Clements. And Spanish Casino's almost have the Coat of Portuguese Javier's/Xavier's.

As Elon Musk owns Starlink and SpaceX, and while he just changed Twitter's name to X, and because he had another company using "X," we can ask whether he's been on-board Solana's globalist quests because Spanish and Portuguese Javiers are also Xavier's. Just a thought. Alan-related Rundels/Roundels can be linked to Elons. I'm not suggesting that Musk uses "X" in honor of the Javier surname, but that God, maybe, is revealing Musk's partnership with the Solana circle via my coming to the Javier surname in this climate-change investigation.

Javier-connectable Sawyers/Sawers were once said to be first found in Norfolk with Bus' sharing the ermined cinquefoil of SAW-using Hamiltons. The latter were first found in Renfrewshire with Paisleys/Pasleys while English Pasleys were first found in Berkshire with Sawyers. Hamiltons, with a True-like "Through" motto term, apply their saw to a tree while Tree's/True's/Trows may be in the "trouveras" motto term of Sawyers/Sawers. Hume's/Home's, first found in Berwickshire with Elons, have a "True" motto term.

Cassane's share the triple chevrons of Musk-connectable Muschats, in the colors of the triple fesses of English PASleys and Love's/Luffs, and colors reversed from the triple fesse of Choke's. Muschats were first found in Essex with Sawer-like Sarah's/Sayers (suspect in Russell motto), and with Chicks/Chocks, and with PASSE's/Pascals (perhaps the Chace / Chance cross in colors reversed) who in turn share the Levi lion which itself wears a gold crown like the same-colored lion head of Italian Capone's, first found in Naples with Italian Candys/Candida's.

English Candys and Candle's/Kentwells were first found in Suffolk with Clare's while Candels share the cross of Irish BERKs/BURGhs while Dutch Bergs share the triple Clare chevrons, and there's the triple fesses in the same colors of Dutch / German Bergers, all in colors reversed from Berkshire's, first found in Wiltshire with Tree's/True's, Welsh Gavins and Neals/Neilds. Keeping in mind that Welsh Javiers are listed with Gavens, we can add that Welsh Gavins share the saltire of German Nagle's/NEILs/NAILs while Irish Nagle's are in the colors and format of Irish Clairs.

Neals/Neilds were kin of STAN-related Yarborough's while Stans were first found in Middlesex with Fiers who in turn almost have the Candel Coat. English Capone's were first found in Cambridgeshire with NAIL-using Proctors, with Elle's/Elys and their Muscat/Musk kin, and with the Changer-loving STANleys. Essex is where Patents/Pattens were first found who may be in-code with the "patonce" cross of Chace's/Chase's and English Chance's. Reminder: French Chance's are linkable to Solana's, and to Sinclairs at the Elle river.

Laevi Gauls were at Novara while Spanish Javiers were first found in Navarre.

Stanleys may have been of the Stan variation of Stains, the latter first found in Middlesex with the Essex's whose Coat in turn may be connected to the Chicks/Chocks because Essex is where Chase-branch Chance's were first found while Stanleys love the Changers. Stanleys are in Leslie colors and format while Leslie's essentially have the Starling/Starlinck Coat, the only difference between the two Coats being that the latter use SQUARE buckle's (as do Roslins). The Case's with the Leslie buckles on a red bend have a "DiSTANTia" motto term while Stans/Stains are also Stants/Stands, and while that same motto term has got to be code also for the Diss'/Dice's/DISH's (Norfolk with Case's), there's the StanDISH's now seemingly deciphered as a Stand-Dish merger.

For what it's worth, Standish's share the red saltire with Welsh Javier's/Gavens, and the latter have it in both colors of the saltire of Armys/Ermine's, first found in Lincolnshire with Javier's/Gavens. The ermined Shield of Jove's/Jeeve's/Geeve's can suggest their being a Javier/Gaven branch.

It just so happens that "Stand sure" is the motto of Scottish Andersens who share the Standish saltire. It just so happens that while king Anders I of Hungary was in exile in Kiev, protected there by king YARoslav of the Varangians, Danish and German Andersens share the vertically-split Shield of YARborough's, they being named from "Yaroslav" (of Kiev). Scottish Andersens are said to have been in BADENoch while Varangians named Veringers of Baden.

I always connect the line of king Anders (Andrew), who birthed the Drummonds, to the earls of Mar at KilDRUMMy, which can explain why Swedish Andersens/Anders' share the scallops of French Mars/Mere's/MORE's. Scottish Andrews/Anders' have a "fortuna" motto term to go with the "fortune" of Rollo's (Perthshire with Drummonds and Kettle's) who in turn share the blue boar head with Scottish Andersens. King Rollo ruled MORE. Fortune's (connectable to Rouen-like Rowans) were first found in East Lothian with Kettle-branch Keiths whose Catti kin named Caithness, where Andrews/Anders' were first found.

King Andrew was in exile in Kiev with princess Margaret Atheling, whose cup-bearer was Henry Sinclair of Roslin, and this gets us back to the Clare bloodline suspect in the Solana/Sole sun. English Sole's/Solneys were first found in Derbyshire with the Strange's sharing the Scottish Mar Coat. Sole's/Solneys/SOLA's are said to descend from elements in Varangian-suspect Avranches, and while Hugh Lupus D'Avranches used a white-on-blue wolf head, Danish Andersens use a wolf in those colors along with the Yarborough Shield. Rollo was Danish. The Hague's have a "Sola" motto term.

Hugh Lupus ruled in Cheshire, where Wolfleys and Wolfs/Welfs/Lupus' were first found. Wolfleys have a blue-on-white wolf, the other colors scheme of the Danish Andersen wolf. Wolfs/Welfs/Lupus' share the wolf head of Skins/Scans, suspect as a pointer to a 666 purchasing system requiring electronic skin scanning.

The wolf heads of Solana's/Sole's are colors reversed from the ones Skins/Scans and Wolfs/Welfs/Lupus'. The FIDElows share the red wolf head with Solana's/Sole's while "Fides" is a motto term of Wolfs/Welfs/Lupus'.

As it's feasible that the 666 system will be a vaccine door pass, let's now take the Sole's/Solneys to the Saulnye's/Saulnier's, first found in Perigord with Saulnier-like Chaulnes' who list Fage's and Faux's because Perigord is also where Fauchys were first found. Fauchys use a "grasshopper" while Hoppers were first found in Wiltshire with the Neals/Neilds sharing the vertically-split Yarborough and Danish Andersen Coat, and English Grasse's were first found in Lincolnshire with Welsh Javiers/Gavens.

Fauch's (not "Fauchy") were first found in Savoy with Change-connectable French Chance's, the ones with a sun. Fauci's, with the TROMP Shield, have a vertically-split Shield in half the colors of the same of Andersens and Neals/Neilds. The latter were first found in Wiltshire with TRUMPet-using Calls/Calles' who look linkable to Chaulnes'. The latter are also Chollens' as though God arranged a pointer to Tony Fauci's boss during the plandemic, Francis Collins. One Francis surname was first found in Derbyshire with Sole's/Solneys. Was Javier Solana a pioneer in the global-warming scam? Is he still pushing EU buttons in his 80s?

Mr. Timmermans of the EU climate goons is decidedly wanting to take over Holland before the pro-farmer people do. The white Timmermans dove is shared by Faux's/Fage's/Chollens' who in turn share the Time/Timm fleur-de-lys. They are also the Masci fleur-de-lys while English Chance's share the Maschi Chief. Timmins share plates with Mussels/Muscels. Time's/Timms were first found in Kent with Masons/Massins. Sun-like Sone's/Soams were first found in Suffolk with Meschin-related Clare's, which can explain why the other Chance's (Savoy with Masseys/Masse's) use the sun in place of the Maschi lion. Mass'/Maso's/Masons (Piedmont with Masci's) share the Timmermans roses. Dutch Timmermans' of BETTINGerode are said to have been at Haldensleben, where Mieszko I got his wife, Oda, and Bettings share the Macey/Mace stars.

Mussels/Muscels were first found in Lincolnshire with the Javiers/Gavins whose lone and central roundel is almost the giant Solana/Sole sun. Javier Solana was directly related to Madariaga's, who have red-gold roundels that could be related to the red-on-gold Javier/Gavin roundel, half in the colors of the Javier/Gavin roundel, and colors reversed from the Nobel / Clair / CLEMET roundels, creating the stuff for another apparent pointer to "climate-change."

As Keiths (same place as Nobels) of the Musselburgh area (beside Roslin's Suns/Sinclairs) come up as "Mascal,' it's clear that Mussels/Muscels named Musselburgh, just four miles from the castle of Fauci-branch Faucets (East Lothian with Keiths and Faux-branch Vaux's). English Faux's were first found in Essex with Chance's. Chance branch Chase's share the lion of NOBels (East Lothian) while Nobs, sharing the white patonce cross with Chance's and Chase's (share Leslie Crest), were first found in Norfolk with Case's (share Leslie buckles).

WOW. Norfolk is where Weathers were first found who share the three crescents of Fauci- / Faucet-connectable Fawns. I'll show you how they're connectable as I can get to it, but let's say here that Faucets were first found in East Lothian too.

Madar-like Mathers/Madors, with stars colors reversed from the Madariaga stars, happen to share the double fesses of Scottish Hare's while WEATHER's use a hare. Hare-branch Eyers and Here's/Heyers were first found in Derbyshire with Sole's/Solneys. Mathers/Madors were first found in Kincardineshire with the FIDO's/Fothes'/Fette's while FIDElows share red wolf heads with Solana's/Sole's. And bingo: English Hare's (almost the Coat of Scottish Hare's) were first found in Surrey with Fidelows.

The Scottish Hare Coat is almost the one of Obama-connectable Dunhams, the latter with found in Norfolk with Weathers. Obama was the buddy, and may still be, of Bill Ayers, founder of Weather Underground, an anti-America / leftist terrorist group that was never persecuted due to protection from leftist grabs on governments and prosecutors. Was "Weather Underground" some kind of play on the global-warming agenda that was in the fledgling stage at the time?

Javier Solana in 2015: "When it comes to climate change, the world has reached a point of no return. That may sound ominous, but it is precisely where we need to be: unable to continue retreading old ground, we must resolutely set our future path." Yup, it does sound ominous because you framed it that way with deception in your pen. Sea levels have not been rising, fool. Who do you think you're fooling? Time to meet your Maker soon, explain yourself to Him, if He even gives you an ear.

How many episodes of cow flatulence is needed to match the heat and CO2 released from one forest fire? Only the globalist madman wants to figure it out.

The topic went from Javier Solana to Andersons like so: "It just so happens that 'Stand SURE' is the motto of Scottish Andersens who share the Standish saltire." We then went to Saulnye's, Chaulnes', and Fauchys. It just so happens that Sure's, in the motto of Scottish Kilpatricks, were first found in Derbyshire with Sole's/Solneys while Irish Kilpatricks share the Faux/Fage/Chaulnes Chief. As Fauchys were a Faucet branch, I've got a story to repeat that I've told many times.

Miss ANDERSON from my Texas church had cancer, and so I started to visit her, and one day we went out to lunch after church. On the way home, we took a detour down the Leakey road until we spotted something on the road ahead, which turned out to be a sick fawn. No momma in site. So I took the fawn home to raise it myself, I was so excited. It couldn't walk well, and it would regularly try to suck milk from the fold of my bare leg, at the back of my knee, as I sat on a chair. Eventually it died while yet small. I found it dead in the grass one morning (beside the house) with ants crawling into its nose. Meaning anyone?

It's been so long since telling this story that I didn't yet know of an Ant river in Norfolk at the time, which I discovered in the write-up of Antrims/Antringhams. I looked Antrims up because Flynns were first found in Antrim. I can now report that Flynns have a wolf in the colors of the Danish ANDERSEN wolf! Zowie, it makes the event look like an arrangement of God, and I think I know why.

Fawns/Faughnes' look like a branch of Faughns/Faugheys (Longford) who in turn share heraldic compony with Faucets. Longfords were first found in Derbyshire with Sole's/Solneys, and while Solana's/Sole's share the red wolf head with Fidelows, "Fide" is a motto term of Nobels (East Lothian with Faucets and Faux's) who in turn are said to have been vassals of Vaux's.

Phones'/Fauns, in the colors of the Andersen wolf, share the eagle of Italian Este's who in turn put out the Welfs, making the Anderson wolf look like code for the house of Welf. Faunincidence?

I showed shortly above how Nobs (Scottish Frank colors) can apply to Nobels, and so let's move to English and Scottish Franks both using a "NOBis" motto term. The saltire of English Franks looks connectable to the Andrew/Anders saltire. These Franks also use "Nati" while Javier Solana had been a NATO chief (late 1990's). In Obama's first year, ANDERS Rasmussen became the NATO chief. NATO is the EU army paid for by the American money-printing press, and climate change is firstly a means to steal money from tax payers because printing government money is not constantly possible aside from permission from congress. Natts/Nathans, highly suspect with the first Rothschild bankster (father of Nathan Rothschild), have an escutcheon colors reversed from the one of Mascals, and that's the line that named Musselburgh near the Faucet castle. Nobels were likely kin of a Faucet branch.

Scottish Andersons share the saltire of German Franks, first found in Bohemia with Podebrady, home of George, son of king Andrew I of Hungary (no lie, but just as I wrote "Hungary," while writing it, a song over my speakers sang, "hunger." The song is "Wonderful Merciful Savior" by Selah). I claim that this George married Agatha of PodeBRADY, mother of the princess Margaret Atheling who was in exile in Kiev with as-yet prince Andrew. Bradys share a hand pointing at the sun with Podebrady-liner Babe's, and the latter were kin of sun-using Blonds, first found in Suffolk with Babe's and Clare Castle. The Blonds have bars akin to those of Clements/CLEMETs, and the suns above can therefore be a pointer to climate change with Javier Solana in the picture.

The Clement/Clemet fesses along with the bend of the other English Clements are similar bends of Italian Maria's (akin to Blond Coat) and Marina's while Spanish Marina's have the triple Drummond fesses in colors reversed. Maria's and Marina's are thus suspect with Maria of Kiev, sister of Yaroslav. Italian Andrea's share a red tower with Murena's (Castile with Marina's), and Spanish Marina's have small saltires colors reversed from the same of Welsh Javiers/Gavins. English Marins and Marines' have a cross in the colors of the French Andrea saltire.

While writing the last sentence, "fly away" was singing over the speakers, and Marins were first found in Hampshire with Flynn-like Flys. Marys were first found in Norfolk with Anders-like Antrims/Antringhams (Flynns were first found in Antrim). However, I'm not able to decide whether Flynns had been a Fly branch. Fly's are from the Flavian imperials of Rieti while Rita's share the giant lion of ILLs/Alleys, and the song above is, "I'LL fly away." "I'll" is a motto term of Lennox's/Levenax's sharing the Scottish Anderson cross.

New-to-me Marnys, sharing the giant Marano lion, could therefore have the Mar lion, especially as the Marny lion is the Ross lion while Ross' have the Mary Coat in colors reversed. The Ross clan is said to be descended from an Andrew, and king Andrew married a Varangian RUS. Marines' were first found in Kent with Sea's sharing the German Drummond Coat, and with the Deerings in turn said to descend from Morinis' (Modena with Marano's). I've just remembered that French Mereys/Merits almost have the bendy of Italian Andrea's (Normandy with French Mars/Mere's/More's).

Sea-branch Seamans were first found in Suffolk with Clare's. Seamans share the seahorse (different color) with Welsh Mericks (beside Maurice's and Morris') while the first Drummond, grandson of king Andrew, was Maurice. Welsh Morris' share the scaling ladder with English Trips (Kent with Sea's) while German Trips/TREFFs were first found in Hamburg with Drummonds, and Trevors/TREFors (cockaTRICE) were first found in Herefordshire with Maurice's and English Morris'.

Trevors/Trefors suggest TRYPillians in Herefordshire and Wales. Trevors named Trevor in Denbigh, where Bathers were first found whose wolf head was owned by Hugh Lupus D'AVRANCHes, a location suspect with "Varangi." The Bather wolf head is in the colors of the Danish Andersen wolf, and the Bather Coat is even the one of TRABy-beloved Scarfs. The giant Trevor/Trefor lion is half in the colors of the giant Treby lion, and while Trebys share the besants in Chief with Flynns, the latter essentially share the Anderson wolf.

Marys can give us another pointer to climate change because they were at STOW-Maries (Essex with Marnys), and here we can add that Drummond-related Stowers/Sturs were first found in Hampshire with Marins, Change's/Changers, and Cassane's. The main point is that Stows, first found in Cambridgeshire with Changer-loving Stanleys, have the triple bends of Change's/Changers and Casino's in colors reversed while Italian Casano's (one of the Casino fesses) were first found in Modena with Marano's, Morinis' and Morano's. Casino's even share the nebuly feature with Clements/Clemets and Maria's / Marina's. Clemet change, from the Rus pirates, the would-be rulers of the universe in grave violation of its Creator.

French Andrea's, sharing a red saltire with Scottish Andersons (share Army saltire), have their saltire in both colors of the three saltires of Welsh Javier's/Gavins, first found in Lincolnshire with Mussels/Muscels (and Armys). The Javier/Gavin roundel is colors reversed from the three of Nobels and Clements/Clemets. Not only is the Army Chief a red version of the Chance Chief, but it's in the colors of Leakeys, first found in Lincolnshire with Armys. The sick fawn was found on the Leakey road.

To help prove that Chance's have the Maschi Chief, I would claim that the Armys have the Maschi Chief too because Armys were first found in Lincolnshire with Meschin's wife, Lucy Taillebois, while Tailbois' have a version of the Army Coat. Lucy was styled, "of Bolingbroke," making the BolingBROKE lion look like the Maschi lion. Broke's/Brocks and Brooks were first found in Essex with Chance's, and with Wayne's sharing the gauntlets of Maceys/Mace's and Fiens/Fane's/Veynes'.

Bolingbroke's (Lincolnshire) share the Rimmon/Crimmon lion while Maschi's were first found in Rimini. It's near Fano of the Fiens/Fane's/Veynes' ("fano" motto term) while Fiens/Finis' share the triple lions of Bolingbroke's. And it just so happens that Fiens/Fane's come up as "Phone" while "Phones" gets the Fawn-like Fauns! The latter were first found in Devon with Fens'/Venns, and the latter share the scallops of Swedish Andersons! Amazing.

I found the fawn dead with ants going in and out of its nose. The Nassau's/Naso's share the Fien/Finis lion too, and behind their lion. Nassau's/Naso's, first found in Holland with Nose's/NESS'/Nests, add a Shield of billets while English Billets were first found in Devon with Phones'/Fauns and Fens'/Venns. What are the chances by pure coincidence that Fawns have a FauNESSE variation? It's as though God arranged for the sick fawn. But why ants in the nose? The Dove's in the English Nest Coat were first found in Berwickshire with Fawns. And French Billets/Billiards are in the colors and near-format of Italian Naso's.

The "mill stones" of Italian Naso's can get us to Stone's, said to be descended from WARIN of Stane, and German Stane's have the ANTrim/Antringham Coat in colors reversed! The latter were on the Ant river in Norfolk, and while Norfolk was home to the first-known Flecks/Flags who share the double fesses of English Stane's/Stains, Belgian Flecks almost have the Coat of German Warins. The motto of Stone's looks like it was related to Ukraine's Lviv, and Warins were probably Varangians of Ukraine. Stane's/Stains are also Stands in the motto of Scottish Andersons.

Varns share the scallops and Crest of Grahams/Grams while German Grams have the split Shield of Danish Andersons and Yarborough's in colors reversed. As Varns were first found in Ayrshire with Hare's, this is a good place to repeat that Norfolk is where Weathers were first found who share the three crescents of Fawns.

Grahams/Grans come up as "Grahn" while crane-using Grounds/Grans/Grane's have an "Amor" motto term and an elephant in the colors of the same in the Arms of Oxford. Amore's were first found in Oxfordshire with the Vere earls, and so the Grahams might have been Ceraunii liners, which compares with "Ukraine." That is, Ceraunii may have named Ukraine.

If Weathers can be a pointer to climate-change gangsters, we can go back to the so-called Leakey road upon which the fawn was picked up. The locals named it such because it lead to the town of Leakey, but officially it's the Ranch road, and while German Rench's share the lone Leakey fleur, English Rench's/WRENch's and Wrens (Rain branch) share the Gore crosslets.

Plus, Phone's/Fiens/Fane's were first found in Monmouthshire with the Phelps' who in turn have a giant wolf in the colors of the giant wolf of Danish Andersons. The Phelps' share the fitchees of Darlene's (Devon). Monmouthshire is where Howells were first found who have the Coat of Thors/Tours (Devon) in colors reversed, and then Italian Andrea's share the Thor/Tour tower.

I'd like to go back to Antonio Guterres, who's been ordered to push a climate-change emergency at this time in unison with others pushing the same to foist upon us a preconceived plot we have yet to uncover and reveal.

Andrea Fabian

Some may know my stories concerning Andrea Fabian (in my grade-5 class). The Fabian Society is a communist-globalist order that had beginnings surrounding Cecil RHODEs, which can explain why the fawn was found lying on the ROAD. It wasn't half dead, just lying there with head up, unable / unwilling / too tired to walk. Walks share "Industria" with the Arms of Rothschild. Italian Fabians share the Coat of Grimaldi's, first found in Genova with Fauci's.

Andrea lived on SHOREham crescent (Toronto), and Shore's/Sure's, in the "Stand sure" motto of Scottish Andersons (share red saltire with French Andrea's), were first found in Derbyshire with the Hope location of Hope's who in turn share the besants of Flynns, and the latter share the wolf of Danish Andersons while being first found in ANTRim, and ANDER-like term. Antrims/Antringhams were first found in Norfolk with PilGRIMs, and with the Bags sharing the Italian Fabian and Grimaldi Coat, and then Bagleys were first found in Shropshire with Hope's. Plus, English Fabians were first found in Hampshire with the Hawks who use "PILGRIM staves".

If the leg-using Prime's are in the Lakey motto term, "praemium," then Lakeys look like a branch of leg-using Leakeys (Lincolnshire with Prime's), the point being that Lakeys share holly with Sure's/Shore's. Miss Anderson was with me when we found the fawn on the Leakey road, and Lakeys were first found in Stirlingshire with Lennox's/Levenax's who in turn share the saltire of the Andersons using a "Stand sure" motto.

English Hollys share the dog of Halls, the latter first found in Lincolnshire with Lakeys and Prime's while Primo's share the mirror with the mermaid in the Irish Holly/Cullen Crest. The fawn continually kept trying to suck milk from the back of my LEG, and Leggs were first found in Dumfries with Walks sharing the Glass fleur-de-lys. The fawn couldn't walk well, and would often just collapse...probably due to not having momma's milk.

OH WOW!!! I've known of the Milks/MilkSOP for years, but last week I found the Milke's listed with MickleTHWAITS, and while Thwaits/Twitts were first found in Norfolk with Hollys and Fiscs, holly-using Sure's/Shore's were first found in MICKLEover!!! The Milke/Micklethwait checks are those of Grimaldi-connectable Fiscs (Norfolk again), and Italian Fabians share the Grimaldi Shield. The Sop-like SHOPs are listed with SHORElands. That's incredible, with the sick fawn now linking to Andrea's Shoreham drive.

The Shop/Shoreland/SHERland/SHIRland Chief shares the dancetty-fesse of Carricks who in turn share the dog of Sheer's/Shere's/Shire's. Meckle-like Mackle's use a "fine" motto term and a PHOENIx, suggesting the Phone's/Fiens, first found in the same place as Meckle's.

Andrea was at my 11th BIRTHday party, and Births/Berts share the Coat of Burts, the latter first found in Norfolk with the Weathers in Birth/Bert and Bert colors and format! Zinger. Weathers share the three Fawn crescents!!! The Birth/Bert / Burt fitchees are those of Phelps' who in turn have a wolf in the colors of the Danish Anderson wolf, itself half in the colors of the wolf of Flynns of Antrim County.

Phelps' were first found in Monmouthshire with Fawn-connectable Phone's/Fiens/Fane's and Mickle-like Meckle's, and here we can add that the other half of the Phelps Coat shares the fitchees of Darlene's, first found in Devon with Phones'/Fauns! The Robe's in the Darlene Crest were first found in Stirlingshire with Anderson-connectable Lennox's and Lakeys. The Nimo's/Nemmoke's, first found in Stirlingshire, share the saltire of French Andrea's.

The Comyns (Norfolk with Hollys) use a "Courage" motto while Courage's essentially share the English Fabian Coat, both sharing the Glass fleur-de-lys, and Glass' share the mermaid with Hollys/Cullens. English Fabians share the border of Glass', and of STANDish's sharing the saltire of Stand-beloved Scottish Andersons, and while it was resolved that StanDISH's were a merger with Dice's/Dish's, the latter were first found in Norfolk too.

Aside from the symbols beside the bend of English Hollys, their bend-with-roundels is in GLEASon colors and format. Beauty, for these Hollys were first found in Norfolk with the Ant river, and with the first-known Fountains and RINGs. Then, the Antrims/AntRINGhams of the Ant river share the bend of Gleasons who in turn apply the Glass stars upon their bend. Aside from the stars, the Gleasons share the Antrim/Antringham Coat exactly.

Although Gleasons were first found in Tipperary, far from Norfolk, Tipperary is where Irish Kennedys and LAFINs/La FONTs were first found who can connect to Fountains. Lafins are suspect in the "AVISE la fin" motto of Scottish Kennedys, and it just so happens that Avis'/Avisons, first found in Norfolk with Comyns, share the latter's Coat.

Norfolk is where Case's were first found while Scottish Kennedys share much of the Cassel Coat and even the Cassel motto. These Cassels share the Irish Casey chevron while the Crows in the Coat of Scottish Caseys were first found in Norfolk. German Cassels happen to share the English Clare Coat while Sinclairs/Suns can explain the giant sun of Hesse's, for Germany has a Hesse-Cassel region. Though not in the same colors, Solana's/Sole's have a giant sun too while English Cassels were first found in Lincolnshire with Javiers/Gavins.

Plus, Italian Naso's/Nasi's (Faun colors), who go with the ants into the fawn's nose, use "mill stones" while MILEhams were first found in Norfolk too while Mile's and Mills were first found in Hampshire with Fabians. The Lafins could have been of the Feins/Finns, Phone's/Fiens, and thus the Gleasons with the Antrim bend can get us to Phones'/Fauns and Fawns/Faunes'. The latter use crescents while Cressents were first found in Burgundy with Feins/Finns. I didn't realize until now that Feins/Finns share the border of English Fabians and Glass'! End wow, German Feins even have a not-bad reflection of the Gleason Coat. The German Feins even have a red wing with a fesse upon it to go with the white-on-red wings with fesses upon them of Jewish Glass'!

The fawn was found on the Ranch road while English Rench's are said to have been connected to Ely/Elle elements who in turn share the Fabian / Glass fleur too.

I gave Andrea a BOOK (on Tarzan and Jane) for her 11th birthday, and while Darlene's use a book in Crest, they also share the gold drops of Cnuts/NOTE's (Derbyshire with Hope) and Dreys'/Dry's!!! The latter is a new thing from the Drei/Dreas variations of Italian Andrea's. I'm noting that the bendy bars of Italian Andrea's are in the colors of the pale bars of Tarzan-like Tarrs/Taras'.

The gold drops above are in colors reversed with Players who were in turn first found in Middlesex with the Anderson-beloved Stands. The latter share the double fesses of the Flags in the Crest of English Fabians, and the latter were first found in Hampshire with Flys of Flagi.

About five minutes before coming to this point, I got me a fly swatter and swung it into the air to hopefully hit a loud and speedy fly swarming in circles around me for five or ten minutes straight, very annoying. To my surprise, it hit the swatter after only about ten seconds of swinging, and finding it on the floor, I gave it a couple of final bashes. Meaning anybody?

I laughed after coming to the Flys of Flagi because I imagined God sending that fly to get my attention, ordering it to fly around me, to annoy me, and it just makes my head wonder at how God can cause such a thing at will. How does He get into the fly's head to make it do what He wants done? Isn't He too big to fit in the fly's head? He laugh's at his enemies for playing God.

The circles it flew reminds that Rounds (Pendragon format and in colors reversed) look were part-code for the myth writer's Round Table of King Arthur, and then the Fabian Society had a "Round Table" group that might yet be active to this day. I get it. I see why the fly was sent to fly around me. And God's going to swat the annoying, smartass Fabians fatally. I definitely want to be a part of His swat team. This is the first fly I've swatted in years.

Ahh, as I've said for the past year or so (it took me until then to decipher the scene), David Morley in my sleeping BAG dream rode a perfectly-round circle around the bag after coming off the ROAD because it was a pointer to the Round Table of Cecil Rhodes. The Bags not only share the Italian Fabian Coat, but bags were first found in Norfolk with the Fly- and Fabian-related Flags. The Rhodes besants can be linked to the same of Clements/CLERMONTs'/CLEMETs because the Rhodes' share the Coat of Deacons (no besants), first found in Suffolk with Clare's.

There you have what looks like a clemet-change pointer to the stinking-rotting Rhodian Illuminati that doesn't know enough that its rotting away in a massive stink. The sick, dead fawn represents the Rhodian globalists, doesn't it?

Flys lived at Flagi while Flags/Flecks (Round colors) were first found in Norfolk with the Rings who are in turn in the format of, and colors reversed from, Rounds. Irish Rings are also Cranns while Rhodes' were a branch of Grounds/Grundys while Irish Grounds are also Crannys. The latter's Chief is in the split colors of Belgian Flecks. Does this fly? Does it buzz with a ring of correctness? This dead fly is busybody Obama. He's suspect by many all over Biden corruption, and its discoverers are creeping closer to Obama's guilty nose.

The Circle's/Circhners use a church while Church's are in the colors and format of English Bush's while the Church Crest is shared by Schutz's, first found in Rhineland with German Bush's. English Bush's share the eagle of Ghents (Hampshire with Flys) to go with the gauntlet (forms a FIST for del-Vasto's at Busca) in the Fly Crest. Then, while Flys (Hampshire, beside Bushers of Dorset) share the fleur of English Bush's, the lure in the Fly Crest can take us to flag-using Lure's, but also to Lore's/Laureys/Lorets because they have a giant black boar while English Bush's use the black boar. Lorraine's were Ceva-like Kiev liners, and Lore's/Laureys/Lorets were first found in Picardy with the Cavetts who I trace to Ceva, and moreover Luis of Ceva produced Alice of Saluzzo, beside Busca.

The above can help to explain why Lorraine of the BUS stop, who lived at Church and Lorne, pointed to Bush's in a few ways, and especially to the "grass' symbol of Bois', and new: Bus' were Porch kin (both of Norfolk with Flags and Fist-connectable Fasts) while another giant and black boar is with Porcia's, first found in Umbria with GRAZi's! When English Bush's use a red fesse instead of black, their fleur was in both colors of the Porci fleur. Porcius Cato can be to the Cato's/Chattans, and then Lorraine's pant stain was on her balcony while Balcons share the Chatan bend-with-roses!

It recalls: "Francois II's sister Catherine de CLEVES was married to the sovereign prince of PORCIen,..." Porch's were first found in Norfolk with CLEEVErs.

Chatans (share the Tours tower) were first found in Poitou, near tower-like Tours, the latter not far from a Flagy location (between Troyes and Orleans). The Arms of Poitou uses castles, the Cato/Chattan symbol. Flags were first found in Norfolk with cat-using Cattans, Catch's and Keats. Towers were first found in Lancashire with Laurey-like Laurence's/Lawrence's. Flys from Flagi were first found in Hampshire with Poitiers-like Potters. The Arms of Poitou has FIVE castle's while Five's/Fifys can explain why Balcons were first found in Fife, and as they were first found in Crail, we can add that Crails/Crabs share the fleur of German Bush's and Boschs.

I suppose this part of the discussion begs whether English Fabians use the chaplet, for Chaplets, first found in Lorraine, use five swans while Swans were first found in Lanarkshire with Lorne's and Astys (share Lorraine lion). Asti is near the first-known Pelosi's/Pelati's/Pilati's while pellets are used by Flys (Hampshire with Fabians). The Bois grass is atop "pillars," and while Pillars are also Pilots (Lore/Laurey colors and format), Pillers are listed with Pilotte's. Pillars/Pilots were first found in Normandy with French Fabians.

Andrea lived on Shoreham, and Shops/Shorelands/SHAWlands/Sherlands can be linked to Scherfs/Schere's. The Schore's have a "column" in both colors of the Bois pillars, and Pelosi's/Pelati's have columns too. And then there's the SCHAWS/Schorrs, first found in Baden with the line of Lorraine's (share Arms of Baden).

Andrea lived at the corner of Shoreham and Bamford crescents, and Bamfords share the Button/Biden Coat.

As I've said before: I bought Andrea Fabian a GAME BOARD along with the Tarzan book, and Game's are listed with Cams suspect in the "quam" motto term of Cambridge's, for the Cam river is at Cambridge. "Quam" happens to be a motto term also of Rounds (Essex, beside Cambridgeshire). The Boards might apply to the English Fabian border, for Borders/Boarders were first found in Somerset with Tarrs' and crab-using Bridge's while Crabs were first found in Cambridgeshire with Changer-loving Stanleys, and Changers were first found in Hampshire with Fabians.

The Note variation of Cnuts played to the Apophis asteroid; suffice to say here that God told me to write a note to Steve Mellanson on or about April 13, 1979, 50 years before the scheduled arrival of the Apophis asteroid. I don't know the date for sure aside from being after about April 1. The note was written on the morning of the evening that Mellanson threw a party at his place, and these sorts of parties occurred only on weekends (Friday or Saturday night). April 13, 1979, works because it was a Friday, and Apophis returns Friday, April 13, 2029. On the night of that party, Sharon Quinn pointed to the Faucets for more reason than Quinns being first found in Longford with Faucet-branch Faughns/Fauneys.

Mellansons share the Cnut/Note and HOCKey crescents, and French Mellans share the besants of Hope's. Mellansons use "rods" while Mellans share the blank, gold Chief with Rods. The latter were first found in Devon with HOOKs, and with Note-connectable Darlene's.

I almost forgot about Miss Anderson's cancer. She died not many months after the fawn died, and I would venture to guess that her cancer was from vaccinations, if God arranged this story in the first place, for it's pointing to Fauci. Whenever I point to the Apophis asteroid that I think can fulfill the 2nd Trumpet of Revelation, I usually include the cancer-like Chaunceur variation of Chance's, and this surname has come up in this update as per "climate change." The asteroid will cause some climate change, alright, but my point in this paragraph is that Apophis becomes visible to the human eye, on April 13, 2029, in the constellation of Cancer.

But there's more, because the 2nd Trumpet describes the asteroid "as a mountain" while Mountains were first found in Essex with Chance's/Chaunceurs. But there's more because the Revelation asteroid is said to be blazing while the MacKenzie's have both an asteroid-like "astra" motto term, and a mountain in flames (it's drawn as a rock but called a "mountain").

But there's more because MacKenzie's (Ross-shire with Scottish Pattersons) share the stag head of Stanleys, first found in Cambridgeshire with Crabs. The Cancer constellation was imagined as a crab, and Stanleys are the ones with the Changer variation of Chance-like Change's, the latter first found in Hampshire with Chance-branch Chase's/Chace's and Cassane's!!! Irish Pattersons are Cussane's too.

So, this climate-change investigation has come to include the Apophis asteroid, apparently, that's going to come streaking right down the throats of the wily globalists, to shut their mouths once and for all. But even then they will not repent nor relent, but will fight on seeking to rule the universe.

I once came across an article telling that king Vladimir "the great," father of Yaroslav of Kiev, had a red sun symbol, and that's the symbol of Solana's/Sole's. Sole's/Solneys share the black border with FURNACE's. It's going to be a hot event, for sure, when the asteroid strikes. Have your foods stored by then to last a few years. Don't depend on a garden alone, because garden plants are fickle, frail and unpredictable. Start storing foods now in dry form, because the large quantities needed won't easily allow for storage of wet foods (need much more space).

Sole's/Solneys were first found in Derbyshire with a Hope location, which can explain why Hope's were once said to be first found in Derbyshire. The Apophis asteroid, they say, will fly westward across the Atlantic ocean, and Hope's have a broken/cracked earth in their Crest, with the crack in the Atlantic ocean. The 2nd trumpet has an asteroid that strikes the sea. They say the path will be over Australia (tyrannical nation), north Africa and the United States. It appears to me that it won't reach the United States, and that it might land not far off-shore of Washington DC, sending a huge tidal wave over that city. Don't have your trib retreat on the eastern coast of North America unless it's high above sea level.

Sea Level is Rising

The video owner below has gotten and acted upon a brilliant idea that should have been acted upon 15 years ago. He just shows sea-level records from around the world, showing that sea level, though rising slightly sine the 1800s, has not risen at a faster rate, throughout the 20th century, nor at a faster rate into period (21st century) in which the global-warming deceivers tried to trick the world into believing that polar ice is melting at a frantic rate. The video owner shows three charts (you'll need to pause them) in this video alone that takes sea-level records up to nearly 2020:

The global-warming goons were responsible for showing these records. They are easily available to all scientists and non-scientists alike. Therefore, the Suzuki's of this blasted globalized society knowingly deceived the public, for they knew sea level was not rising, for they obviously checked to see if it was rising, in order to have recourse for reporting that it was, in order to shore up their claim. But when seeing that sea level was not rising more than it had been throughout the 20th century, they continued to preach the melting of the ice caps anyway. These people need to be ashamed to be in our presence, and we need to have the fortitude to blast them openly in front of their friends. Blast away, for the deceivers are accumulating and gathering, like birds of a feather, to deceive on many fronts. Let us all be like John the Baptist when he blasted the vipers. They are stealing our money and our foods on this lie.

The solar heat-input into the earth's atmosphere is always constant, more or less. It means that if I get a cool-side July, as I did this year, the heat I was spared goes elsewhere...meaning that the global-warmists can pick-and-choose the hot spots and propagate (= propaganda) their scheme in those areas. If the United States is cool in July but hot in August, they shut-up in July and propagandize instead in August. The globalists are now ready to call the situation a "hazard," and that's code for "solutions needed for emergency." Yet they want to take away air-conditioners because it increases the greenhouse effect, they say. In other words, they care nothing for the old woman's health in the summer heat when they pretend to.

One of the weather channels I use often has rain in the forecast when there is none because this Government of Canada weather channel hopes to keep people from vacationing or traveling about. At least, I can't think of any other reason why it would take this tack. It's a logical accusation because we have seen that globalist canada wants to ruin our lives, to keep us at home, to make us less sociable. This weather tactic was especially obvious last year and in 2021 too. The forecast this next week from July 29 to August 5 is unusually cool in my area, on top of the cool-side July, yet the globalists are calling this summer the hottest EVER. Propaganda.

Here's how any grade-5 boy can know that sea level has not risen throughout the 20th century, if any teacher cares to show him:

With sea level so stable at this time in history, I've got a mystery to tell. It's a fact that Noah's flood covered all the land globally because marine creatures are everywhere upon even high mountains. As there could not have been ice in the polar regions after the Flood, the build-up of ice to about 5,000 feet thick, as it is at present, means that sea level had to go steadily down throughout the period of ice-build up. As oceans produce clouds, and as the precipitation falling from clouds at the coldest polar regions stays perpetually frozen, sea level must go down globally.

But as they say that sea level has been going up to the tune of inches per century, how can this be explained? Actually, this claim has been ongoing since long before refined science, from when they could not know whether the sea was rising versus the land was sinking. Perhaps the land has been sinking, and, if so, the global-warming cabal would not admit it in our hearing.

Assuming that the sea has been rising since some time prior to 1900, how can it be explained? One way; there's been a steady increase in volcanoes at the sea floor. As material below the sea floor accumulates onto the sea floor, sea water is displaced and therefore forced to rise at the surface.

Another explanation is that the air has been getting warmer, melting more polar ice than it did in the past. However, as the upward trend in sea level has been ongoing since long before the world was profusely dependent on fuels, the reason for the rising sea level has nothing to do with burning fuels or "greenhouse effect," for that is a ridiculous claim to begin with. There is no greenhouse effect to speak of.

The volume of CO2 in the air is too small to create a greenhouse effect. The amount of CO2 in the air, far less than 1-percent of the air, cannot form something akin to a piece of plastic in the sky to keep the heat from escaping efficiently into outer space. You are being played by gangsters whom have long-ago infiltrated science departments. Anti-Christs long ago came to own science departments, because they wanted to own them, because they wanted to kill God by re-educating the new generations into evolutionary philosophy. Not happy with killing God, they want to become God, and the way they wish to become God is to have oodles of money by which they can punish the people if we do not obey them.

It's going to cost them a lot to punish rebels, but they have no idea yet what the cost to them will be: wholesale destruction of "their" planet.

As the sun burns, the predication is that is becomes smaller and "cooler," meaning that the sun isn't suspect in the increased temperatures over the past few hundred years in which sea level has been rising. But if there's been more volcanic activity, then the earth's internal heat has been rising, and that get's transferred into the sea and then into the air.

The rise in sea level has been so small per decade that man cannot likely discover the specific global-average temperatures year-to-year. The task is too difficult to achieve precision, and it's just a waste of money and effort, OBVIOUSLY (duh), if sea levels are not rising virtually at all. If sea levels are not rising much, duh, then neither is the temperature of the air rising much.

One cannot know the average global temperature by using thermometers only on the ground. If they have a computerized thermometer in every square mile of the globe, that's not enough to find the average temperature of the air for a full day or month or year. The temperature of the air ten or fifty feet above the ground is not the whole story for an atmosphere tens of miles high. Are the stupids going to fill the air with millions of thermometer-toting balloons just to find their nervana experience without meaning on a practical level? With who's money and who's permission?

f the polar regions are not melting o.


For anyone not yet knowing that the "shroud of Turin" has nothing on the cloth to produce the image of Jesus, no atomic material whatsoever, see here:

The image on the cloth was "etched" by some form of power at a distance akin to radiation. The energy entered the body from above it, then reflected off the body parts back outward onto the inner side of the cloth. The energy then entered the outer atoms of the cloth, and "etched" them, altering their color slightly from whitish to goldish. To alter the color of any object, electrons need to be permanently removed from or added to its atoms. Radiation can do this, for example long-term exposure of white paper to the sun yellows it. Sunlight is known to knock electrons into excitation, and if the light is strong enough, the electrons leave the atoms (don't return until the strong light stops shining on the atoms).

Therefore, the shroud is the very moment in which the dead Body became alive again. It's more phenomenal than any other meaningful thing, and nothing else can surpass the meaning of this act. It's the basis for life in this universe because God would not have created the universe without His pre-conceived plan to resurrect Jesus in the midst of history. In the final outcome, only people willing to submit to Jesus (or to God before the Crucifixion) will get to live on past bodily death. That is the Plan.

To His credit, Tucker Carlson says he's started to read the Bible earlier this year:

Dr. John Campbell becomes absent-minded in the video below, in his excitement, where he deals with a study done on mice which reports that mRNA vaccines injected directly into their bloodstream causes acute myocarditis whereas the vaccine injected into muscle tissue does not cause the myocarditis.

At 1:38 of the video, you can see the front page of an article on the study (all the names attributed to it look Chinese) disseminated by Infectious Diseases Society of America, yet the masses in America were not warned about implications for humans from this study. For context, the date showing on this paper is way back in August of 2021, meaning the study was still earlier, meaning that the CDC and the vaccine companies knew of this threat to humans two years ago or more.

Campbell believes that it is inevitable, given a sufficient number of injections (thousands), that the tip of a needle, when stuck into someone's arm, will be at a blood which case the vaccine can go directly into the blood stream. He also theorizes that such intravenous injections are what may have caused some of the vaccine injuries. BUT, doh, Dr. Campbell, if he believes they could be harmful intravenously, neglects to warn his audience properly...which is why I say he's been absent-minded, though it's even worse because he's halfway back to acting the "useful idiot" of the vaccine companies.

That is, he is perfectly fine now, it seems, to inject vaccines into muscle tissue, just don't get it into the bloodstream directly. WHAT? Doh, are you mad, doctor? After highlighting the many terrible injuries of vaccines, he's now honky with injections so long as the injection process is done safely???

If the nurse is standing beside you with the needle, and tells you that the contents could give you a heart attack if she accidentally gets into a vein, are you going to say, "no worries, squirt away"??? Duh, doh, no, you're not going to say that if you are a normally-educated person. If its dangerous to put it directly into the vein, you don't want it into your muscle either. Besides, COVID vaccines maim and kill by means aside from attacking heart tissue, meaning that they maim and kill regardless of the injection process done good or bad. Campbell, where in tarnation was your head? You warned your viewers to insist on the safe injection method of a secret brew that can kill.

The claimed study done on mice only goes to expose that some of the vials of COVID vaccines contain defacto poison. And Campbell just flies right over this way too high to see it. We'll need to wait for him to come down a bit. Somebody poke his balloon.

In the 3rd minute, Campbell introduces a heart specialist from Munich, whom he just loves. This heart specialist discusses the mouse study but injects a little poison himself when, at 4:27, we see that he's trying the blame a bad injection process for "vaccine induced side-effects." In other words, whereas the mouse study found a problem with immune-system attacks only on the heart, the specialist is upping to "side-effects" in general (i.e. attacks on other organs / tissues), or wants his readership to start getting that impression. And Campbell happily obliges.

In the 8th minute, Campbell introduces another study concerning blood clotting anywhere in the body, and this study is curiously blaming the injection process too, just as the study above does, making me wonder whether these studies are staged/bogus in efforts to blame vaccine injuries on the injection process, thus vindicating the contents of the vaccines.

Sooo, Campbell tells his audience, no worries, the vaccine kills you by blood clots only if injected straight into your veins, no worries if you get it shot into your arm muscle. Campbell, you look so utterly stupid, wake up. That's exactly what the vaccine companies were saying, that it's safe to put it into the arm. They were lying when they claimed that the vaccine material remains in the arm. It was found all throughout the body, and how do you suppose it got there?

Below, Dr. Campbell shows how a person can now get MS (multiple sclerosis] from the COVID vaccines when their spike proteins make contact with the protective shell of nerves. The spike proteins leave behind their parts upon the nerve shells so as to fool the immune system into attacking the protective shells as intruders. One can then surmise that the immune system will attack all sorts of cells if they have spike-protein parts upon them, and this may have been the deliberate means of making people sick and/or dead using spike proteins in COVID vaccines, or in foods where they are planning to slip in spike proteins:

Dr. Campbell shows above that the WHO itself had admitted that COVID vaccines can cause MS, a disease that causes partial paralysis and motor loss. He also says that he can't find the WHO article on google or other search engines, but did find it using DuckDuckGo. It's suggesting that google doesn't want the world to find this news. Google is therefore complicit with wrecking the bodies of millions upon millions of people in order to re-capture respectability for vaccines in time for this coming winter. It's not looking good for the goons. Someone in the comments section of the video says:

In April 2021, I had shots 1 and 2 of Pfizer. I am a 25-year MS patient. I was walking FINE prior to this. Within 1 HOUR of shot 2, I was not walking. I then did not walk for 15 months, had Covid 3 times, and shingles twice...

Multiply that situation by similar situations millions of times over. Someone else in the comments:

I'm a nurse practitioner and was essentially forced to take the jab due to the company I worked for requiring it. I reluctantly gave in and got vaccinated in May 2021. I was diagnosed with MS in June 2022. It was the worst decision I ever made. I have no doubt it gave me MS, but my neurologist and healthcare colleagues think I'm wrong...

Look at how much time it took for the spike proteins to give this person MS. An entire year went by, meaning it's true that people will become sick after such long time spans, after vaccination, that vaccine companies, and governments who essentially enforced them, think they are safe from blame.

I'm happy to report that, although my hip is still slightly numb from my bout of shingles (attacks nerves) late this past winter, and after feeling tired since then, I was swinging an axe today like I was young again. I didn't receive any vaccination, and so I had wondered whether the chicken meat I was eating, much more than I usually do, last winter, had some mRNA product in it that caused my immune system to allow the shingles disease to activate.

I've stopped buying meat aside from tuna and herring, and am eating the meat I dehydrated a couple of years ago. This meat tastes fine, no sign of spoilage. You could buy meat from a local farmer, then hydrate it yourself. Freezing the meat (in Mason jars) on the lowest heat setting has not spoiled it, no freezer burn at all after two years. Freezer burn needs humidity, but there is little in the jars. Not one jar out of some 35 (some have egg) popped its seal; the cold temperature increases the seal potential.

Enemies of humanity say things like this: "The mRNA vaccines work by teaching our cells how to make a harmless spike protein that triggers an immune response inside our bodies." Harmless? That's why people such as this are enemies of humanity, for they lie and do not hear the truth even when it goes into their ears. This same person / team continues: "Some people are concerned that the spike proteins generated by COVID-19 vaccines can cause harm to the body’s organs or tissues. However, there is no evidence that the vaccine-generated spike proteins cause harm." NO EVIDENCE? Though they heard the truth that millions are suffering attacks from their immune systems, they stop-up their ears and pretend they hear nothing. These goons will foment yet another vaccine season this winter so far as they can swing it. These goons would have you think that the real danger lies in the spike proteins of the virus.

A Christian video:

You will always find someone using the f-word in the comments of a Christian video because we are in evil times where humans are more pigs than angels, and I often wonder whether bots are programmed to stick vulgar comments onto Christian video-comment sections. We've got to learn to brush these things off as the tactics of idiot boxes, yet I realize they do degrade our minds slowly, which is the purpose, I suppose.

We saw Western governments arresting people for merely being unmasked or at a beach or kid's park, yet we don't see the big medical people of the world, who are sounding the vaccine alarm online, being arrested. Why not? If people alone at a park were such a major threat to safety, shouldn't the anti-vaccine activists online be arrested far-more swiftly and harshly for endangering the people? You ought to know why they are not being arrested, because pro-vaccine liars in government have decided, as a lot from the top down, to not risk giving them court appearances because it's a dangerous threat (to the liars).

Anti-vaxxers should be forcing their way into the courts even if only two out of five cases succeed, for then there would be exposures of corrupt judges to boot. The stable people will interpret correctly the faulty judgments from corrupt, fascist judges who tend to side with the hand (the government) that feeds them. A judge is not a judge who sides with the government as a rule.

In the Highwire video below, someone has gone to the necessary trouble to study the numbers of disabled persons (UK) after the vaccine roll-out in 2021 versus previous years. The numbers are from the UK government and can therefore be expected on the low side because the UK government is corruptly a part of the vaccine-scam crime. The chart in the 10th minute shows that "clearances" almost doubled in 2022 alone versus any year from 2016-19, meaning that the UK government is inadvertently confessing that COVID vaccines, and/or medical fall-out from them, have been responsible for a totality of disabilities AT LEAST roughly EQUAL TO ALL OTHER CAUSES (i.e. aside from vaccinations).

On the speaker's company's webpage: "Please note that the word 'clearance' is used to define a [disability] claim for which a [government] decision has been made, and does not indicate whether or not the claim was approved or rejected." In other words, a clearance is granted when a person is viewed by the government as bona-fide disabled / entitled to disability payments. The charts in the video (below) deal with such clearances.

You need to look at the chart (10th minute) to ponder why there were 1.46 times more disabilities in 2022 versus 2021, even though more people started to deny vaccines in 2022 as compared to 2021. It suggests drawn-out harm (i.e. not immediately debilitating) after vaccination, exactly what the killers would plan for to make it less apparent that vaccines are responsible. It suggests that debilitating harm comes after the first and second vaccine, a thing already known from other data, and this is why the killers pushed hard for continual vaccinations, even advocating a shot every six months to speed things up. Many people had their second or third injection in 2022. None of this speaks to deaths by vaccines:

In the 12th minute, there's a chart for disability clearances for blood-related disabilities, but I cannot grasp the Z-score column or the "deviation" that it represents, nor can I understand the right-hand column, sorry, in relation to the rest of the graph. Maybe you can make some sense of it, but the man who made these charts has explained them well-enough for me to understand. I suspect (but cannot confirm) that the deviation represents how much the government rejected disability applicants where it wasn't justified to reject them.

On his company's webpage, we find: "In this analysis we investigate trends in monthly PIP clearances of new claims for different causes. We compare the 2016 to 2019 trendline in PIP clearances with actual claims and compute the deviation from trend in absolute terms, relative terms (percentage deviation), and the deviation from trend Z-score (number of standard deviations from trend). To visualise the different computations, the user can perform the respective selection in the interactive chart below." Duh, I can't follow the meaning of this. He's talking to professional data analysts.

This is good in the first couple of minutes:

The time is inching closer when youtubers who were kicked off of youtube, cancelling their money payments to boot, can sue google for cancelling their shows for telling the truth. I would relish nothing more than to see the total demise of google's corporate trash, and to see it loose hundreds of billions of dollars to those it has persecuted unjustly.

Autopsies on hundreds of people dying shortly after vaccination discovered that most could be construed as killed by the vaccine. This video's studies do not include vaccine deaths over a long term due to weakened immune system, cancer, blood clots, etc.:

Spaniards have sent a stark message to the pro-vaccinites under the current prime minister, same as several other conservative parties which have taken control of national politics in other European countries, outright threatening the continued existence of the EU. Promising developments on the Spanish parliamentary election begins about midway through this video:


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