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July 18 - July 24, 2023

I Think God Has Exposed National Intelligence, EmbarrASSing It
What Surnames Are Behind the Israel Flag?
Lorraine's Ash Symbol Upon Her Balgonie

It was nice while it lasted. Hall of Names is no longer showing the descriptions of the Coats of Arms presented at House of Names, but I have many of them recorded in my past updates from which to find some.

This video should be up-front, which looks authentic in proving that the American government is causing people to breath magnetic particles as it sprays them from airplanes over population centers:

Somebody has got to sue the government to stop this precipitation of particles that people obviously breath in. This is an attack on the health of the masses. This is criminal. This needs immediate attention. Somebody with money, do something, sue the government for endangering lives. This could even be a program intended to co-ordinate with graphene-oxide, for that is a highly magnetic material that vaccine companies are illegally and tyrannically injecting into some people.

The last update did a major heraldic investigation on the inclusion of the Jesse/Jessant surname into my sleeping bag dream. This is pointing to Jesse David's hospitalization after sudden seizures about three months after receiving a COVID vaccine in canada. He's on anti-seizure medication even now, and is not back to normal strength after about a year.

His middle name, David, is the name of the bike rider in the sleeping bag dream, who pointed to the AIDS / HIV illness that some are now suggesting was a COVID-like scam to sell vaccines and increase medical profits by other means. The COVID vaccines have been proven to weaken the immune system, and that is exactly defined as AIDS. The Aids/Ade Crest has a "jessant" leopard face, and Jesse's/Jessants have a bend in their Crest arm in the colors of the Aids/Ade and David bend. Morleys have jessant leopard faces too, and the rider on the bike is David Morley.

(To follow better, load Aids' now to load and view other surnames on another Internet tab.)

Let me show you how certain heraldry gets us to the Welsh Davids, kin of Aids/Ade's, when we begin with the following quote from the last update. This quote involves a Lesce location smack beside BLED, and this pointed to the brain BLEED that Jesse was diagnosed with after his seizures. It's important that this quote involves Hunt/HUNTER liners because what I'm about to show is a pointer to John Kerry, whose son-in-law was involved in Ukraine corruption with HUNTER Biden. Note how the quote involves Kiev liners, for Kiev is the Ukraine capital, and moreover I've had reason to suspect that ongoing / present vaccine tyranny involves Ukraine's bio-weapons labs. I've shown how Mr. Kepke pointed to vaccines poisoned with graphene-oxide. Here's the quote:

June's share the fleur-de-lys of Lois-like Loss'/Loose's, and Lesks are also Losh's/Lush's. Lesce is near the Kupa river that could have been named by a Caepio branch, and Kupe-branch Kepke's/Kopke's share the goat of Kidds, the latter first found in Suffolk with Loss'/Loose's. As Kepke's were Kiev liners, there's a question here as to whether Luis of CEVa was named by the Lesce > Lush bloodline. Loss'/Loose's (Hinton/Hanton and Hunton colors), with the Hinton/Hanton fleur-de-lys, share the saltires of Hunts/HUNTERs, first found in Shropshire (beside Hands/Hants) with the Alans who married Luis's daughter. Shropshire is also where Bagleys [connectable to Bags in the sleeping bag] were first found who share the blue Louis/Loy lozenge. The triple Louis/Loy lozenges are in colors reversed with Hinton-like Hinds (Hine chevron in colors reversed), and Scottish Shaws, connectable to Ceva-like Chives'/Shewas', have a "hind" head.

This gets incredible, but first, let me a few things throughout this paragraph. While the sleeping bag was in the woods, Woods share the Bagley Coat while Bagleys were first found in Shropshire, where Sleeps were said to be first found until this year. Sleeps are now said to be first found in Kent with Woods, and while Bagleys named Bagley WOOD in Berkshire, Berkshire is where Sheaves/Shaws were first found while Bled and Lesce are on the Sava river while Sava's/Savage's were first found in Cheshire with the Aids-related Davids, and both have black-on-white lions. Davids share the passant lion of Jewish Levi's while "Aide" is a motto term of French Levi's.

Berkshire is also where Clovis/Clovells were first found whose "All is" motto phrase can be for Alice of Saluzzo, daughter of Luis of Ceva, for Clovis'/Clovells/CLONvyle share the white ostrich with Lois' while CLONE's/Cluns, first found in Perthshire with Clovis-like Glove's, share the Saluzzo Coat. Glove-like Clough's/Glue's/Clufs were first found in Denbighshire with Bachs/BAGHs. Bagleys were first found in Shropshire with Saluzzo-branch and Sleep-like Sallows, a branch of Arundel-beloved Swallows. The FitzAlans of Shropshire's Clun location married Alice of Saluzzo. The Alans became Stewarts while English Stewarts share the Brock motto while Brock-branch Brocuffs/Procks can be linked to nail-using PROCtors.

Okay, let's get to the quote where we saw the Hunts/Hunters. They share the split Shield of French Foys, first found in Ile-de-France with French Levi's, and as the latter love the Aids'/ADE's, this heraldic set takes us to ADa of Warenne because she married Mr. Huntingdon, son of king David I of Scotland. Are you with me? The Hunts/Hunters have a saltire in two colors schemes, as do Loss'/Loose's (by a different method), and the quote tells that Loss'/Loose's are in Hinton/Hanton and Hunton colors. I then found that: "The triple Louis/Loy lozenges are in colors reversed with Hinton-like Hinds (Hine chevron in colors reversed)..." I didn't yet think of Mr. HIENZ, while writing on the Hinds and Hine's, who is John Kerry's son-in-law, the one in business with Hunter Biden. Let me tell you how Mr. Heinz came to mind.

But first, to really hammer Hunt liners to the sleeping bag dream, let me quote again from the last update, where Huntons were new to me from the Clinton write-up. And before showing this next quote, note first that Hine's were first found in Oxfordshire with Clintons and Peare's while Trump-connectable PEARtree's/Patria's have some of the Hine Crest, including a sun suspect with the Sun variation of SinCLAIRs/SAINTs. To this we add that Aids-connectable Jesse's/JesSANTs were first found in Yorkshire with English Saints. Plus, French CLAIRs were first found in Limousin with the Seconds/Segurs in the "second" motto term of French Levi's. Plus, English Clare's have the BLED Coat in colors reversed. Doesn't this heraldry appear devised by God to connect Jesse David's brain bleed to certain bad guys insinuated within the props / clues of the sleeping bag dream?

Miss Peare, who almost married Mr. Kepke, was in the sleeping bag dream. Peare's and Peartree's were a branch of Pierro's/Pero's/Petri's, first found in Pavia, a city co-founded by Levi-line Laevi Gauls, and so this picture stays us on the kin of Aids'/Ade's, especially as the latter have leopard faces colors reversed from the same of Perrins while Pero's are also Perino's. Here's the second quote from the last update:

Though Clintons were first found in Oxfordshire too, they tell of a branch in Hunton, in Kent with the first-known Gore's, Trips, Sleeps and Roots. The waist-pulling scene with Peare came after multiple pointers to Hillary Clinton in the same [sleeping bag] dream. Al Gore the globalist pig was vice-president to porker Bill Clinton now very ripe for the slaughter.

Huntons look related to both Riggs (Lancashire with Gorsuch's) suspect in the Morley/Maul motto, and to Hollys and Hulls, the latter first found in Yorkshire with Morleys/Mauls.

That quote shows how Huntons were insinuated in the sleeping bag dream, and the Riggs have a Coat much like the one of Huns/HunGATE's, a branch of Huns/Hundts sharing the greyHOUND (different colors) with Heinz-like Hine's. Hounds have the triple-white Hind lozenges on a black Shield, the color of the Hinton/Hanton and Hunton Shields.

While on these Hun surnames in the last update, I neglected to add that BLEDa was the brother of Attila the Hun. Bled is close to the Hungarian theater where Attila operated a headquarters for a time, and Hungars share the Hun/Hundt greyhound.

The horizontally-split Hinton/Hanton Shield is in colors reversed from the same of Gates-branch Yates' (Gloucestershire with Holders), and while Obama chose both Eric Holder and SALLY Yates to lead his Department of Justice, Sallys/Sale's happen to share the fleur-de-lys in the top half of the Hinton/Hanton Shield.

Yates' share the portcullis gate with the Snape's/Snipe's, the latter first found in Oxfordshire with Clintons and sharing their Chief-Shield colors, which are in reverse with Peartree's. The latter share the Trump stag head, in the colors of the Young/JUNE stag, and then English June's, once said to be first found in Cambridgeshire with Jeune's (in the Yonge/Young motto) and Hounds, share the fleur-de-lys in the lower half of the Hinton/Hanton Shield.

Here's how Mr. Heinz came to mind, but first, let me show this online quote:

Earlier this week, Wikipedia removed the entry on Hunter Biden's investment firm Rosemont Seneca Partners. This comes as Hunter Biden's investment firm has been at the centre of various inquiries about his offshore business operations. As per a report by New York Post, a Wikipedia editor named Alex stated that this organisation is only discussed in connection with its famous founders, Hunter Biden and Christopher Heinz adding that "keeping it around" risked the page becoming a magnet for Hunter Biden conspiracy theories.

Christopher Heinz is John Kerry son-in-law, and Mr. Kerry came to mind while I was asking why the Hine's share the Pack and Paisley anchors, at which time I remembered that it's the anchor also of Montgomerys, first found in Renfrewshire with Paisleys. The Kerry surname, with a bee HIVE that I point to HIV and AIDS, was first found in Montgomeryshire, you see. And thus the Hine's point to Mr. Heinz and John Kerry (married Miss Heinz). Paisleys, by the way, share the roses of Italian Mota's/Mottino's and Jumps; the latter share the Trump / Peartree stag head, and Motts/Mottins were first found in Essex with English Yonge's/Youngs while Scottish Yonge's/Youngs share the triple piles of Scottish LEAVells.

Peare's were first found in Oxfordshire with pear-using Abbots, and then the Perrys have a "hind" in Crest with a pear in its mouth. Parrys have the Hind Coat in colors reversed, and while Parrys have one of the two Parr fesses, the Parr Crest has a woman in blue while the woman in blue in the Montgomery Crest holds the Paisley and PACK anchor. And the Aids-related Davids have a "PAX" motto term. How abbot that.

The Aids'/Ade's were of Ada of Warenne, and Wardens have the pear too while Wards share the Warren Shield.

The Davids under discussion were first found in Cheshire with the Malls/Marlybone's who were in the mall of the sleeping bag dream. The Malbancs in the Mall/Marlybone write-up are excellent because Malbanks (Northumberland with Rodhams) share the ermined bend of Rodhams, and while the latter's Coat is fully in the colors and format of the Aids/Ade Coat, it points hard to Hillary Rodham Clinton. The Malbancs look like they derived in a Mall-Bank merger (marriage), and Banks happen to share the Heinz fleur-de-lys.

Banks were first found in Bank Newton, and Newtons (Cheshire with Malls/MarlyBONE's) use "shin BONES" while I claim that Shins/Chine's/Chings are a pointer to Hunter Biden's China corruption which involved the Biden-owned company, SINOhawk. "Bona" is a motto term of Archers while Hunter Biden ran Rosemont Seneca with Devon Archer. And while the Bulger Chief is a trefoil-version of the Bag Chief (cinquefoils instead of trefoils), Fox news, for example, reported: "James 'Whitey' Bulger's nephew, Jim Bulger, was a business associate of Hunter Biden..." This involved Chinese scams and Hunter's Rosemont Seneca.

John Kerry ran Obama's State Department (foreign affairs, included Ukraine corruption) after Hillary Clinton ran it for four years.

So you see, the sleeping bag insinuates even the Bulger ties to Biden-family corruption. And Bulgers even share a "nobis" motto term with the Scottish Franks (Nob colors) whose saltire is in the colors of the saltire-by-shin-bones of Newtons. The Shins can be a branch of the Sine's/Swans in the "sine" motto term of Seneca's.

The Seneca Coat almost has the mascles of Spinks (Northamptonshire with FACE's and Wards) while Spinks share the eagle of Seneca-like Snake's/Snooks, the latter first found in Kent with the Fiens suspect in the "Sine fine" motto of the Mackle's (PHOENix in Crest) in turn suspect in the "sine macula" motto phrase of Seneca's. It works because Meckle's (not "Mackle") were first found in Monmouthshire with PHONE's/FIENs/Fane's. Aids' have leopard FACES, and FAUCI's have a giant lozenge in the colors of similar the Seneca mascles. While Fauci's can be linked to Irish Nagle's, the latter are in Hine colors and format. It begs whether Biden-of-Ukraine corruption has a handle on the Ukraine bio-weapons labs, or what part the Bidens played with the Wuhan scheme.

Fauci's were first found in Genova with Bag-related Grimaldi's, and while the latter are suspect (by me) from Ukraine's CRIMea, the video channel, Redacted, had a show early this week talking about a new virus, the Crimea-Congo fever, with a kill rate of about 25-50-percent. Apparently, the Brits are trying to foist this new pandemic and lockdown on the world such that anti-vaxxers have no recourse but to grudgingly abide by it due to the high kill rate. But God gets the last say on what flies or doesn't.

The Grimaldi-associated Fieschi of Genova are to the Fiscs, first found in Norfolk with Bags and PilGRIMs (and Nobs), and while Pilgrims use "staves, so-called "pilgrim's staves" are used by Hawks! SinoHAWK!

The Mackle's even share the martlets of Pavia's and GRIME's/Grimms, the latter first found in Northumberland with Stave's/Steinsons/Stevensons. The latter were a branch of Steins (Norfolk with PilGRIMs) who have the Aids/Ade Coat in other colors, with the Steins sharing the gold leopard face with the jessant one in the Aids/Aid/Atty Crest. Atha's/Athys share the Fisc Shield. The "Duci" motto term of Atha's/Athys is suspect with James LeDuc's involvement in the Wuhan lab. German Steins share the goat of Ceva-connectable Cheevers/Cheves', probably Kiev liners because Kepke's/Kopke's have a white goat too.

The Bulgers have a "fecit" motto, recalling the last update's find that Mathie's/Maghans/Manns share the Bled Coat. It was said: "Wow. Mathie's/Maghans/Manns have a "Fac et" motto phrase to go with the "fecit" of Leslie-related Bards, and the Bards were above in the Josh-Turner discussion that pointed hard to brain bleed!!!" That is, Leslie's were from Lesce, beside Bled, and Lesks/Losh's have the Bard boar in colors reversed. Faucets (same place as Vaux's) were a Fauci branch round-about.

Hawks were first found in Hampshire with PERRys in turn sharing "conFIDO" with Boyds while PEARtree's use "fide" likely for the Fido variation of Fothes'/Fette's/Fitts (Kincardineshire with Peartree's). Boyds are suspect from the Budini at Kiev to whom the Buttons/Bidens/BUDINs trace.

The English Franks ("Nobis"), with almost the same Coat as Scottish Franks, have what I think is a falcon in Crest, and then the Peartree and Hine Crests apparently have the same brown falcon (as Franks), both pointing with their beaks to the sun while BRADYs have a finger pointing to the sun while Boyds (and Points) have fingers pointing, the point being that PodeBRADY is in Bohemia while both German Frank surnames were first found in Bohemia. Bradys were first found in Galway, which was named by Galloways (or vice-versa) while Seneca-beloved Mackle's were first found in Galloway with Trump-connectable Hanna's. Trump chose Tony Fauci and Stephen Hahn to facilitate his COVID scheme, and Hahns (Trump colors and format) were first found in Mackle-like Mecklenburg with Trumps. This paragraph has the Peartree's sharing the Trump stag, and the Perrys might be a pointer to Rick Perry, Trump's choice for his Energy director.

I've told of how there may be a pointer to John Ratcliffe in the election fraud fight still ongoing in Arizona. The latest news, found this week, on Kari Lake's court proceedings, is that she's asking to get her case out of the lower court and into the supreme court of Arizona, to expedite things, for the opposition, including the lower court, is dragging its feet.

Mike Lindell Need to Deliver

John Ratcliffe can be in pointers to Arizona fraud because Mike Lindell has been paying some of Miss Lake's court costs to fight for her election win when robbed by the Maricopa gangsters. John Ratcliffe was Trump's Director of National Intelligence when Lindell obtained the capture packets that only the Intelligence community could provide showing what computers had illegally entered the Dominion election machines to flip votes from Trump to Biden. Yet Lindell has not kept his promise to enlighten us further on that matter, perhaps due to threats.

The claim is that Dennis MONTGOMERY provided the so-called "PACKet captures" to Lindell. We crossed the Montgomery surname above when on the PACKs because they share the same anchor. Coincidence? See "packet capture" along with a pointer to John Ratcliffe, via my peewee-hockey miracle goal, two updates ago, if interested.

I had shown a subtle pointer to John Ratcliffe in the hovering scene of the Sleeping Beauty dream, which is when I touched her leg, and his middle name happens to be, Lee, while Lee's are listed with LEGHs. Plus, when at his Wikipedia article yesterday, I saw that his deputy at National Intelligence was Neil Wiley, and so I loaded the Wileys, to see that they were first found in Dumfries with Trump-connectable Leggs and Kilpatricks.

Sleeping Beauty was fulfilled by Mrs. Kilpatrick, and when she moved from my area of Texas to the east of Dallas, her home, owned previously by a Childs surname, is some ten miles from the home of John Ratcliffe. I'm repeating this because the Wiley Coat is nearly the one of Vince's/FINCH's, and both use black Crests to boot, the color of the "HEATHcock" of Mounds/Munds/Minds. Vince's/Finch's were first found in Hertfordshire with Childs. John Ratcliffe was the mayor of Heath. Scottish Mounds/Mounts and English Mounts share the Legh/Lee lion.

There are some glaring things I'll now get into where, as I've said many times, I saw a certain Lorraine by freak chance (seemed miraculous) at the FINCH subway station about a week after we split up, and the reason we split up for the last time was a long grass streak on her pants at her lower butt and extending into her rear thigh/LEG. Then, I saw her one last time about two years later as she walked right by me in a restaurant in THORNHILL (city of Vaughn), and she was carrying a CHILD...probably because God set that event up in that the Lorraine surname shares the Child eagle. It just so happens that the Wileys were first found in THORNHILL of Dumfries.

Therefore, I'm starting to get the idea that God is pointing, through my affairs with Lorraine, to John Ratcliffe and/or Neil Wiley as concerns Arizona election fraud, especially as Mark FINCHem of Arizona (one of the good guys) lost his election in 2022 due to fraud.

I need to repeat here that Lorraine got a babe and feet / foot symbol at the same moment via Michael Oullette. The Babe surname was once said to be first found in Dorset with their Beak kin, and Beaks share the triple Finchem and FINN/FEIN fesses, in the colors of the Vince/Finch fesse, and then Phone's/Fane's/Vans are also FIENs.

NEW WOW: Loys/Louis' were first found in Lorraine, and German Loys show a Ley variation while Lee's/Leghs are likewise Leys! This is a WOW because Loys/Leys share the Babe and Beak leopard face!!!! INCREDIBLE.

I was going to add that Beak-like Beachs'/Bechs were first found in Herefordshire with Wiley-connectable Vince's/Finch's and Childs, and the hovering scene of Sleeping Beauty was on a beach while the Beach/Bech Shield is shared by Clappers while the Director of National Intelligence under Obama was James Clapper.

As an aside, the fourth Oullette brother was David. Joe had to go see David one day while I was with Joe, and when David opened the door to his apartment, there I could see Karen Graff sitting on a chair. She was the pointer with Mr. Kepke to graphene-oxide in vaccines, and so note the name, David. It was the last time I saw Karen, and I hadn't seen her for some seven years prior to that. Aside from seeing her on the chair, I also saw her shoes inside the door, and shoes are used by Trips/Treffs, from the Trypillians of Kiev to whom Kepke pointed, for he was a shoe salesman.

Decades after last seeing Lorraine, I had a dream featuring Joe Oullette, brother of Michael Oullette above. The van that Joe had in this dream pointed very hard to Phoenix election fraud for several reasons, one being that the Fane/VAN surname lists the PHONE's while Phoenix's are also FENwicks. Phoenix is the major voting block in Maricopa county, and while I TOUCHed the leg of Sleeping Beauty at the knee, Knee's and Touch'-branch Tufts/Tuffs' both use a "phoenix."

Touch's/Tuffs were first found in Cheshire with Tufts/Tuffs' and Leghs/Lee's/Leys, and while Lorraine pointed to Bush/Busch liners in various ways, Bosco's use "tufts of grass" on their "pillars" while Lorraine got a grass stain on her pants. Plus, Pillars/Pilots were probably a branch of Pillers/Pilotte's/PILLOWS, and Mike Lindell owns both My Pillow and My Slippers while Slippers are listed with Sleeps.

This is amazing only partly because the Sleeps essentially share the Thornhill Coat if we ignore the Thornhill Chief. Wileys took us to Thornhills, and I moved to Thornhill, into the apartment of Paul Oullette (!), about the same week as I last saw Lorraine at the Finch subways station. Just before moving, Joe Oullette asked me to come visit a friend in Toronto, and we decided to take the subway. When I was getting off the bus at this subway station, there was Lorraine the first in line to get on this bus, and I walked right past her as we looked at each other (without saying a word). Paul Oullette was Joe's other brother.

I'm noting that she and I broke up about 42 years ago to the day as I write here on the 19th of July. She had gotten her babe and feet / foot symbol about three weeks earlier from Joe's brother, Michael, and while German Michael's were first found in Bohemia, that's the location of Podebrady to which the Babe's, Beaks, and Babels/Babwells trace very well; the latter two can be connected to two symbols in the Arms of Podebrady.

Her feet symbol on the PAVEment of Leavell-connectable Yonge street connected hard to Feets/Fate's, and yet I now see the "Fides" motto of Thornhills, which can be code for the Fido's/Fothes'/Fette's/Fitts, first found in Kincardineshire with Trump-connectable Peartree's/Patria's who were in turn a branch of Pierro's/Pero's/Petri's, first found in Pavia while Feets/Fate's share the English Pavia Coat. I'm therefore asking whether the inclusion of Thornhills into this heraldic set is a pointer to the Wileys, first found in Thornhill.

When I lived at the Oullette apartment in Thornhill, is was directly on Yonge street, on the west side, which is the border between Thornhill and Markham townships. When I last saw Lorraine, it too was directly on Yonge street, the west side, very near the Oullette apartment. I was with Paul Smith at the time. Near to the time that I had to move out of the Oullette apartment, Mike Oullette was over, and I remember him being in a cast at his LEG at the time. Leghs are also Lee's/Leys. John Lee Ratcliffe.

John Ratcliffe lives in Heath, and Heath's are almost in Owl/Howl colors and format, important where OULlette's were resolved as an Owl-Lett merger. The Heaths ("EsPERE") happen to share the stars of Letts/Late's!!! ZOWIE! And Owls/Howls were first found in Suffolk with Babe's and their foot-using Blond kin! Lorraine was a sun-bright blond. While Oullette's love Gemels, Gamels share the Heath / Lett stars, yet they are also the stars of Tiens'/Thames and PEARE's, both first found in Oxfordshire with Lake's.

Both the Heath rooster and the Oullette MOORcock are COMBed red, and while Eric Coomer directed much of Dominion Voting's election fraud, Coomers ("DOMINAbitur") are listed with Combers. Irish Comeys/Combs share the Irish Moor lion, colors reversed from the Lorraine lion. Lorraine's BUTT stain was seen on her balcony while Balcons are listed with BalCOMBs whose Coat looks related to Italian Botters. Scottish Comeys/Combs ("bot") were part of Clan Chattan while Italian Botters were of the Chattans/Cato's ("OmniBUS"). Lorraine had a bus symbol. French Chatans/Chastains (share French Tour tower) share the bend-with-roses of Balcons/Balcolms. English Botters/Bodins were first found in Hampshire with Butt-branch Buttons/Bidens/Budins. Now you know partly why she had a butt stain.

While French Louis' were first found in Lorraine, Welsh Louis and Lewis' were first found in Glamorganshire, which was previously Morgannwg. The Comey/Comb lion is the Morgan lion too, and these Comeys/Combs add the red drops of Lewis' to their lions.

Bus', and the Drops/Trope's in the Irish Comey/Comb Coat, were first found in Norfolk with DOMINE's/Dunhams, and with Luce's while Italian Botters were first found at Lucca while Lucca's use a giant cat, the Clan-Chattan symbol. It's therefore possible that Combers/Coomers ("DOMINAbitur") have a cat head rather than a leopard head. MASSINo-Visconti in Novara is in Piedmont, and giant-tower DOMINo's, suspect in the Comber/Coomer motto, were first found in Piedmont too, with Italian Dance's while English Dance's share the Comber/Coomer fesse. Masons/MASSINs (Kent with Snake's/Snooks and Conte-related Cone's) share the Balcon/Balcolm motto, and while VisCONTI's had a green snake originally, there's a green snake in the Irish Comey/Comb Crest.

Lorraine's pant stain pointed to Pansy/Pantzers, first found in Westphalia with the Nails/NEILs/Nagle's who share the saltire of Norwegian ERIKs, which can all be a pointer to NEIL Wiley because ERIC Coomer was a Dominion Voting executive. Perhaps, if indeed God is pointing to Neil Wiley (career spy), it's because Neil knows something(s) key about the election corruption of Dominion Voting. English Neals/Neilds have an "extenDERE" motto term while Dere's/Res' use lances while French Lance's share the Coat of German Eriks! DEERings (Kent with Comey-beloved and Spink-connectable Snake's) are said to descend from Morinis' while Morinis' share the fleur-de-lys of Norwegian Eriks!

Neils/Nealds were first found in Wiltshire with Dannys/Dance's, and we saw shortly above how Combers/Coomers (dancetty-fesse) can link to Dance's. The Stour river begins near Wiltshire, and the Asters/STURs can be suspect in the "astris" motto term of Combers/Coomers. If the latter do use a leopard head, it's notable that English Leopards were first found in Sussex with Dane's/Danes'.

One can show how Spinks can connect to Wileys. First, the Sans' in the motto of Wiley-like Willows/Willoughbys share the Spink and Snake/Snook eagle! "sans" is a motto term also of Staple's, first found in Kent with Snake's/Snooks. A Spink-like "SPHINX" is used by Brocuffs/PROCKs while only NAILs show for PROCtors. The Loge-like Logans have the three Proctors nails!!!!! WOW! French Loge's can be connected to Poulos' while Mr. Poulos probably hired Eric Coomer because Poulos is the big cheese of Dominion Voting. Coincidences? The sphinx-using Hips' almost have the Phoenix/Fenwick Coat, and while Phones' are listed with Fauns (Devon with Fenns/Venns), Faughns were a branch of faucets who in turn have Saer de Quincy in their write-up while Quince's/Quincy's were first found in Northamptonshire with Spinks. Faucet-like "facTIS" is a motto term of English Neals/Neilds (Wiltshire, beside TISS'/Teese's).

Faucets were first found in East Lothian with Catti-like Keiths, and with the Seatons/Sittens from Sion/Sitten. Then, while there's a Seaton location in Devon, the Sine variation of Sions (share Neal/Neald lion) is in the motto of Neal-related Yarborough's. The latter were first found in Lincolnshire with Willows. Phones'/Fauns share the eagle of Este's in the "est sine" motto phrase of Yarborough's.

The triple Phones/Faun eagles are shared by Essex's, the latter first first found in Middlesex with Seaton-like Stains who are said to have married Yarborough's. The latter are named from king Yaroslav of Kiev (land of BUDINi), and his sister, Maria, was the daughter-in-law of Richeza of Lorraine, tending to explain Lorraine's grass stain on the BUTT of her pants. Richeza is to the Rich's/Richess' who use bottony crosses for Bottons/Buttons/Bidens/Budins (Hampshire with Rich's/Richess'), proof-positive that God arranged Lorraine's pant stain.

While Wileys were first found in Thornhill, Botons/Boydens/Bodens were first found in Somerset with Thorns who in turn share the Botton/Button/Biden and Butts/Bute/Boet fesse.

Morinis' were first found in MODENa with Moor-head Morano's and Marano's (share Lodge/LOGE lion), and Modens/Modeys (probably from Modane) have the fretty Shield of Willows in colors reversed. I've got it recorded that the Willow Crest is "Saracen's head", and while Saracens/Sarasins have a black wolf in Crest to match the black wolf head in the Crest of English Neals/Neilds, Saracens were a branch of Sharks, first found in Tyrone with Neils/O'Nails'/Neals. Modens/Modeys were first found in Berkshire with Catters/Cathers, in turn in the colors and format of the Glove's in the Clan Chattan / Comey/Comb motto.

Gloughs/Glue's/Clufs, who share "Sine macula" with Spink- and Snake-connectable Seneca's, happen to share the Spink mascles. The SENESchal variation of Seneca's goes with the "Sans" motto term of Willows. Glove-like Clovis'/Clovells (Berkshire with Catters/Cathers) use more nails. The Clovis/Clovell motto phrase, "All is in," might be code for Scottish Allisons (white-on-black dogs) having a "Truth preVAILs" motto while Vails are listed with Will-connectable Velis'. Truths/Trots share the six pale bars of Coats'/Cotes'. Vele's/Veils have the Sarasin and Beck moline in colors reversed and Becks were first found in Berkshire with Glove-connectable Catters/Cathers.

[Insert Friday -- Patrick Bryne was a guest of Alex Jones this week, talking about yet another indictment coming against Trump on some facet of his January-6 conduct. I therefore loaded Bryne's and added the following to two updates ago:

[Insert -- Patrick BRYNE was part of the Lindell team if only loosely, and he was working also with Sidney Powell in efforts to convince Trump to fight election fraud using something akin martial law, but Trump refused to use such powers on behalf of his voters. The point here is that English Pucks share the hands of BRYNE's, and the "vici" motto term of Bryne's can be for the Tromp-connectable Vice's/Vise's while VISconti's are suspect with Ottone's who almost have the German Puck Coat. This is extra proof that the puck on the goal line is a pointer to the election-fraud situation that stole Trump's win overnight after election night. Another hand is used by Irish Bruens/Breens/Braoins. End insert]

Byrons, with almost the Italian Baron Coat, share the mermaid with mirror with Bryne's. Italian Barons were first found in Florence with Bruno's, a branch of Browns/Brons, the latter first found in Cumberland with Burns, Bernice's and Quints. Browns/Brons ("FLOReat") share the fleur-de-lys of Flore's and Flora's while Dutch Fleurs share the Quint Chief. As hunting HORNs are used by Burns, Bernice's and Fleurs while Hunts/Hunters were first found in Shropshire with the Vaughns sharing the Scottish Brown Coat, it appears that Joe Biden was helping the Chinese to hack the U.S. election using Hunter Biden as the middleman.

Bidens use "horns" in Crest, and Horns/Orne's look like a branch of ORIONs/Irons while Patrick Byrne, on Alex Jones this week, mentioned the hacking into SolarWinds ORION. We read: "According to a Reuters report, suspected nation-state hackers based in China exploited SolarWinds during the same period of time the Sunburst attack occurred. The suspected China-based threat actors targeted the National Finance Center, which is a payroll agency within the U.S. Department of Agriculture."

There is a Solar surname from which we can read: "Thurston de Solariis settled in Hereford,..." Thurstons (share heron with Orne's/Horns!) show nothing but hunting horns. Believe it or not, Orion-like Ronns share the wavy fesse of Waffers, first found in Herefordshire with Solars and WEFers! Solars share the six pale bars of Lise's/LISS', first found in Hampshire with Bidens. The same six pale bars are with Babels/Babwells who were once said to be first found in Middlesex with Orne's/Horns!!! Orne's/Horns share the heron with Scottish Smiths who in turn have a "fideLIS" motto term.

The Newmans/Numans (share Raines lions) in the English Smith motto were first found in Dorset with Wefer / Waffer-branch Ways, and the Benjamins suspect in the English Smith motto, Benigno numine," were first found in Norfolk with Orions/Irons. The Walsh's almost having the Benjamin Coat likewise have a "numine" motto term, and then the Bengs/Bings share the Newman/Numan lion.

Wefers are also Wayfords while Ways use white fish in Wefer/Wayford colors. Sole's use white fish, and Smiths put a white "fish" into the mouth of their heron while Fish essentially have the Vaughn Coat! Paul Smith lived in Vaughn when he owned a red Jeep. English Smiths (same heron-and-fish) are in Vaughn colors and format, as are Raines' while Orions/Irons named AiRAINES (near ABBEville), and probably Arran too.

McCabe's/McABBE's of Arran use white fish they call "salmon," and Salmons were first found in Cumberland with hunting-horn Burns and Bernice's, but Salmons and Salemans were also first found in Surrey with the Fiddle's in the "FIDELis" of Smiths. Orion-like Rona's were first found in Durham with English Smiths. McCabe's/McAbbe's share a wavy-white fesse with Orion-like Ronns and Waffers.

Vaughns share a Brown Coat while Orne's/Horns were first found in Middlesex (and Hertfordshire) with English Bruns (possibly the Orion/Iron cross in colors reversed).

Paul Smith was sitting with me in Vaughn the last time I saw Lorraine, when she was carrying her infant child, and Childs were first found in Hertfordshire with the first-known Orne's/Horns! Lorraine's were from Kiev, home of the Biden-line Budini!

Sole's have, "...their main estates were at Newton Solney," and the Newton Coat looks connectable to the Coat of WINDs because the latter share the Coat of Winklers, first found in Cheshire (beside Sole's) with Newtons. The latter use "SHIN bones" while Shins/Chine's/Chings have shaped up to be a pointer to China's election-fraud corruption. This heraldry appears Arranged for pointing to secret activities of the Biden family involving SolarWINDs Orion. It's interesting that Thurstons share the motto of Scherf-like Sheriffs. Thurstons made it into this update before this insert was conceived.

My experience has been that, often, if it seems that God is pointing to anything, it's to expose the evil rather than to fix it right away. I think God needs to expose the evil before judging it perfectly, and to judge it perfectly, He must provide the open ground that allows the evil to spread confidently, to see (and show us) how far it would go if permitted to do so. However, evil is not best described as an "it," but a "he" and a "she." People such as salesmen who deceive in taking advantage of others with an angelic mask take pride in being extra-smart money makers. They don't view it as evil but as "business." Their bosses like deceptive salesmen best. Product advertising is the science of lure and deception. End insert]

Lorraine's Butt

With the Glove's in the Comb motto, let's go to Glove-like Clough's/Glue's/Clufs (Crail/Crab colors) again because they have this: "'...{CRABley} Clough is a West Riding hamlet.'" Balcons/Balcolms were at Crail while Crails are listed with CRABs. Thus, the balcony can be a pointer to James Comey, a Bushite in the FBI.

Next, let me show how we can find our way to Lucca liners, for Balcon-related Botters/Botini's were first found in Lucca. We first find that LUCars/Lugars were first found in Somerset with LUKars and crab-using Bridge's, and the latter happen to be in Lukar colors and format! It's perfect for the Crabley location of Clough's/Clufs.

Lucars/Lugars, with blue lion heads to match the blue lion on the Clough/Cluf Crest, share the Clough/Cluf mascle while "Lux" is a motto term of Burtons in turn sharing a dog head on blue with Clough's/Clufs. Burtons and Plows were first found in Shropshire with Alans of Dol while English Dole's share the fleur-de-lys of Crabs/Crails (Cambridgeshire with Dole's) and Plows. Dols (not "Dole") have a wavy fesse colors reversed from the same of Lucars/Lugars.

Reminder: this discussion started with Balcons of Crail from Lorraine's grass-stain-on-balcony event. It's therefore amazing that Plow like Pillows are listed with Pillers while Pillars share the giant Stapleton lion while Clough's/Clufs have a Stapleton location. It's amazing because there are "tufts of GRASS" on the Bosco "pillars"!

Next, Burtons are expected in the ASHburtons, who look like part of Lorraine's stain-on-ass symbol (don't laugh yet). Ashburtons were looked up because the Stapleton write-up has bishop Stapledon of Ashburton, in Devon with ASH's/Aschs and BarnSTAPLE. And Stapletons were looked up because Cloughs/Clufs have this: "Exploring this last entry for Yorkshire, 'the Cloughs belonged to an old gentle family of Thorp Stapleton, a member of which was a justice of the peace in the reign of James I. {Crabley} Clough is a West Riding hamlet.'"

Ashburtons even share the black greyhound with LUCKs/Luke's who in turn share mascles of different colors with Clough's/Clufs, the Lucks/Luke's having the mascle of English Faux's, first found in Essex with English Este's whom I will shortly link to Lorraine's ass and butt together. This gets amazing because Lucks/Luke's have greyhound heads in the colors of the same of Church's (Somerset with Lucars/Lugars and Lukars)! As I've said a million times, Lorraine lived on Church street when she had her grass-stain event. Lucars/Lugars and Lukars are new to me today, surprise.

MORE SURPRISE. The LUYker variation of Lucars/Lugars is EXCELLENT because LOYs/Louis', first found in Lorraine, have nothing but three lozenges in colors reversed from the similar mascles (hollow lozenges) of Lucars/Lugars!!! Welsh Louis' were first found in Glamorganshire the same place as Lewis' and Lews, and Lucars/Lugars are also LEWkers. Glamorganshire is where Tillers were first found sharing the Tail/Tailor lion, in the colors of the Lew lion, and Tillers were kin of cat-using Cetins/Cattans. The latter were first found in Norfolk with cat-using Catch's, cat-using Keats, and Luce's/Lucys.

Lou's/Lous' (Belgium, beside Lois') have a Coat like that of Cavetts expected from the Cevetta river at Ceva, home of Luis. Lois' share the white ostRICH with Beaks who in turn share the leopard face of German Loys and Babe's. r

So, balcony-connectable Clough's took us to a Lukar line and to Lucks/Lucks, suggesting that Botters of Lucca were in Crail with Balcons/Balcombs (the latter love the Bosco-related Rose's).

It can be added, for what it is worth, that Ashburtons almost have the Ford/FOOR Coat while the latter may have been of the Forts or Fortibus'/FOURtibus' (Devon). Fortibus' show only stars in the colors of the Botter star. The Fortibus stars are in colors reversed with Stable's/Staplers and ASHborns (Derbyshire, beside Ashtons and Ashleys).

Lure-like Lukars have a lure with a cuffed sleeve split in the colors of the English Fort quadrants. Lure's share the motto of Each's/Augers who in turn share the German Fort Coat, both using the giant lion of Sforza's, the latter first found in Rome with LUCiano's sharing the fish of Luce's/Lucys!

Instead of the Ford owl, Ashburtons use either a donkey or mule. The mule can make sense because Mule's were first found in Devon with Stapleton of the Ashburtons, as well as with BURT-branch Berts (Burtons are Bertons too). A mule is an ass, besides. Italian Capote's, first found in Florence with Lucca of the Botters, have a giant mule head. The Ford owl can take one to Owls/Howls, first found in Suffolk with Saluzzo-connectable Loss'/Loose's, and Luis of Ceva was wife to Thomas of Saluzzo. Howells look like kin of Devon's Thors/Tours.

If Ashburtons use a donkey rather than a mule, that's the CHAMBERlain symbol, and Chambre is on the Arc river with Modane while Albino's were first found in Modena, relevant apparently because Albins/Aubins were first found in Devon's BarnSTAPLE, near the Stapleton of Ashburtons. The latter share the motto of Nickle's who in turn have: "The surname Nickle was first found in Cheshire, where Nicholas D'Albini, who was of the junior line of the Dukes of D'Albini in Normandy, settled in 1054,..." Nickle's were first found in Cheshire with AStons, with the ASHleys/Astleys sharing the giant lion of Stapletons, and with the Stapleford-connectable Dons.

Donkeys (Northumberland with Barnstaple-connectable Stevensons and GREYs) and Duncans (near Crail) share the Bus cinquefoil, and both Donkeys and Duncans have a "Disce" motto term while LUCE's/Lucys (Norfolk with Bus') were lords of Diss! Diss'/Dice's (Norfolk with Bus') tell that modern Diss (Norfolk) was once, "Disce or Dice." There you have reason to trace Botters of Lucca to Luce's of Norfolk.

The Arcs and Modane-like Modens/Modeys were both first found in Berkshire, where cat-using Croms were once said to be first found, as well as Catters/CATHERs in Glove colors and format. Glove's have a crossBOW while Bows share the motto of Roets (Somerset with Lukars and Lucars) from CATHERine Roet. Plus, Glove's share the crescent of Motts (ESToile) with a Moden-like Mottin variation. Motts/Mottins (Essex with Este's) lived in Mott locations near Dol.

Ahh, the white-on-black border of Ashburtons (and Fords/Foors) is shared with Hounds in turn in the Luck/Luck greyHOUND, and Hounds were first found in Cambridgeshire with Crails/Crabs. This recalls that while Clough's/Clufs show a dog head, their official description said they have a greyhound head. Dogs/Doags, sharing the Bus cinquefoil too, were first found in Perthshire with Clough-like Glove's in the Clan-Chattan motto. Lucca's use the giant cat.

Chattans/Cato's share an "omnibus" motto term with the English Ash's/Asch's who in turn share the double fesses of Clovis'/Clovells. King Clovis was the son of CHILDeric, and Childs were pointed to by Lorraine in THORNhill. Her ass symbol is now looking good as a pointer to Ash's and Ashburtons together.

Lorraine pointed to Vince's/Finch's sharing the triple Wiley griffins. Wileys were first found in Dumfries with Closeburn, and that entity can be connected to Close's/CLOVSE's (share green lion with Lorraine's). The Wiley Crest is the black dog in the Spink Crest, and "SPINIS" is an English Thorn motto term while Thornhill is where Wileys were first found. As Lorraine's balcony involves the Cloughs/Clufs, do you remember that the latter share the Spink mascles? Spink-like Spine's happen to have triple crescents in colors reversed from the same of Saracens/Sarasins.

Thorns were first found in Somerset with Stable's/Staplers, close enough to Stapleton to be sharing the Stapleton lion. Thorn-like Torns/Turins (Asher/Asser/Ascher colors) share the Lorraine bend. Ashers/Assers/Aschers share the fesse of Weaver's and Hazels, and while Hazels were once said to be first found in Cheshire with Weavers and Clovis-line Clubs/Clobbes' (Child colors and format), they are now said to be first found in Devon with Ass'/Ash's sharing the double chevrons of Clovis'/Clovells. Weavers are in the "Weaver's shuttle" of Lorraine-related Keeps (both descended from Maria of Kiev along with Stain-related Yarborough's). Keeps are in the "Keep TRYST" motto of Hebrons (Northumberland with Lorraine's), who are in Child colors and format, and the Trysts/Trice's are in the cockaTRICE of Ash's/Aschs (Devon with TRISTans).

The Ass'/HOSEasons share a "fasces" with Sorrys, and Sorrys share a "simplex" motto term with the Perkins/Parkings, the latter first found in Leicestershire with ASHbys, with the SOAR (Legro) river, and with the leg-using HOSE's. Soars/Sors' (share Legro lion) were first found in Dorset with Ashers/Assers/Aschers. Ashbys have the Fears, first found in Middlesex with Stains (!), in their motto. The Bee's suspect in the Ashby motto have the Soar/Sors quadrants in colors reversed, and were first found in Oxfordshire with ruling Vere's, a branch of Fears.

German Ash's/Asch's were first found in the Baden part of Swabia, and that's where Veringers were first found who shared the red antler with Casimirs. The latter have the antler as a bend in the colors of the bend that is fully the Arms of Baden, which is also the Lorraine and Keep bend because Casimir of Poland married Maria of Kiev, of the Veringer-like Varangians. Badens/Battins were first found in Somerset with bull-head OSTs/Hosts, and more white bull heads are with Hose-like Os'/Oz's.

The conclusion is that God swears (kidding), because He obviously gave Lorraine an ass symbol as well as a butt symbol for Budini liners from Kiev. The Stains tell of their marriage with Yarborough's, what are the chances if God had not given her that grass stain on her butt? I pointed to that stain accusingly with my finger, and Boyds (Ayrshire with Varns) have fingers pointing.

Varangi-like English Werners/Warners share the Lorraine / Keep / Torn/Turin bend, and German Werners/Warners share the vertically-split Shield of German Grams (Swabia with Ash's/Aschs) while Scottish Grams/Grahams were obvious kin of Varns. That vertically-split Shield is in colors reversed with Yarborough's.

Verners (share Twitt/Thwait fretty) look like Bush/Busch kin, and have two motto terms suggesting branches of Peartree's/Patria's. As Verners were first found in Midlothian with Varn-related Grams/Grahams and Sinclairs of Roslin, note that the Twitts/Thwaits share the Sinclair cross. There's good evidence that Walker-related Bush's (Yorkshire with Walkers and Wagrian-like Wagers) were from the Buzau river (near Ukraine) of the Roxolani Alans at Walker-like Wallachia, and Wagers share the heart on blue with German Grams. The Roxolani could have named Rostock on the Warnow river of the Verner-like Varni, and Wagrians were on the Warnow river. I trace Roxolani to Roquefeuil who named Fellers, a branch of Falls'/Fallis', first found in Midlothian with Verners. Roquefeuil liners use TREFoils, the Verner symbol too.

Twitts/Thwaits were first found in Norfolk with their Tute/Tuit branch, and with BUS', and with Walch-related Benjamins from the Rimna river near the Buzau (could have been on the Buzau too). George Bush Jr. married Laura Walsh. Tute's/Toots (Yorkshire with Cantons/Gantons) show only a CRESCENT in a canton, and the triple bends of CRESSENTs are shared by Twiggs/TWITch's who in turn show the same helmet as the "ESQUIRE's" helmet of Poindexters. The Poindexter fist is the one also of Fausts, suspect from the del Vasto's of Busca who had descended from fretty-like MontFERRAT. Verners use fretty in their boar heads, and Vere's with Weirs (ROXburghshire with Walch's/Walsh's) both use boars.

There are many "squire's" helmets in heraldry. The Tute/Toot canton may be called a "square", as they at times are, because Square's are also SQUIRE's, and they love the Peare-related Tiens' in their motto while Peare branches are expected in the Verner motto. The Square motto is "Tiens ferme," suspect with AZZO of Fermo, founder of Este, and Lorraine's ass symbol applies here because the Este eagle is shared by Essex's, first found in Middlesex with the STAINs. Azzo's/Assoni's, first found in Fermo, have the split colors of Poindexters in colors reversed.

English Este's were first found in Essex, suggesting that the line of Azzo of Este was in a rulership position in Essex. Este's put out the Bars/Baars of Brunswick who were also the Bars of Bar-le-Duc in Lorraine.

Oullette's, from Fallis-like Falaise, share the lion of their Aulnay/Oulney branch, and it's the lion also of Cressent-like Cressys (Burgundy with Cressents and Aulnays/Oulneys). English Cressys, sharing the same lion, were first found in Norfolk with the Tute's/Tuits and Twitts/Thwaits.

Lorraine's stain pointed hard via Pansys/Pantzers to Bar-le-Duc, and Scottish Bars were first found in Ayrshire with Varns while "duce" is a motto term of German Ash's/Aschs. Lorraine has pointed with her BUS stop symbol to Paionians on the AXius river, especially to Paionians at Stobi, for Stops are also Stubbs, and they were first found in Staffordshire with Duce's/Duceys. English Ash's/Aschs were first found in Devon with an Axe river, as well as Vere-branch Were's, Ware's and Warings. The Ass/Hoseason fasces uses an axe head. Pansys/Pantzers ought to have been from Paionians because Panters share "spur rowells" (different design) with Payens/PAIONs, and the latter's Ping/Pong/Pagan branch have the triple Twigg/Twitch / Cressent bends, as do Nerets, the latter suspect with the Nerthus goddess of the Varni.

Grams/Grahams use the duck, and Lorraine was a Russellite (JW) while Russell-like Roslin is in Midlothian, where Grams/Grahams and VERNers were first found. I first saw her when I was walking to the home of VERNE Archibald some six houses from her place, both on Church street. Church's, first found in Somerset with Ducks, are in English Bush and Verner colors and format. As she got her butt stain while on a WALK with a married man, I assume they had gotten behind some BUSHes to lie on some freshly-mowed grass. Rose-related Bosco's use "tufts of grass," and Tufts/Tuffs' share the Were crosslets. Rose-loving Capote's/Chapus' were first found in Forez with Verne's while Italian Capote's/Capone's use a giant mule head (Capes colors) while Mule's were first found in Devon with Ash's/Aschs and Were's. It's interesting that a mule is an ass, for God would be highly interested in the Caiaphas-like Chapus bloodline. Forez's have a "Tout" motto term.

Wikipedia's article on Nerthus tells that she had a wagon symbol...that could have named Wagrians / Wagers. As the article tells that the "slaves" who ceremonially wash Nerthus' wagon are drowned, it appears to be a human-sacrifice cult akin to the Bohemian Grove that uses an OWL god called Moloch to which victims are taken in a wagon.

German Bucks could be using the Dutch Bush/Bos/Bosch lion. Irish Comeys share a motto term of English Bucks (Norfolk with Bus') who in turn are in Yates colors and format, important because Sally Yates was James' Comey's boss for a short while in Obama's last years. Yates' share the portcullis gate with Porters/Pawters (Potter colors), the latter first found in Hampshire with Potters while Chatans/Chastains were first found in Poitou where the major city is POITIERs. Butt-branch Bidens and Ports were first found in Hampshire too, and English Butts/Bute's even share the estoiles of Ports.

But there's more, for English Porters were first found in Hampshire with TISS'/TEESE's, and then there's a Bissone location in the Ticino canton that itself named the TESSin river which flows to Pavia. Pierro's/Pero's share the roses of English Yonge's while Scottish Yonge's have the three piles of Scottish Leavells. The Piatra's listed with Pavia's Pierro's/Pero's are said to have been in Bissone. Biss', sharing, in green, the double-VisCONTI snakes (called bisciones) in the Arms of Bissone. Biss' happen to be in the colors and format of Cone's who in turn share the antlers of English Bucks and CONTE's/ComiTISSa's, wherefore the Come variation of Comeys/Combs looks to apply to Visconti's. As Laevi Gauls of Novara were also on the Tessin river, "ComiTISSa" looks like it applies.

The Biss snakes are "respecting EACH OTHER" partly because Others/Otters are said to be from Lombardy, home of Ottone Visconti. It makes the Each/Auger Coat seem like that of Visconti-related Sforza's.

More on the Ratcliff-Wiley Investigation

I've been asking why the Sleeps, first found in Kent with Conte-branch Cone's, might have a Coat much like the one of Thornhills (Yorkshire with Hicks). Miss Hicks played Sleeping Beauty, and she has a wake symbol in that dream while Thornhills have the Wakefields. Thornhills were first found in Yorkshire with Hicks and Tute's/TOOTs/Touts, and Hicks have a "Tout" motto term, wherefore see the Thornhill write-up: "This place [Thornhill], called in Domesday Book Feslei, was at an early period the property of a family to whom it gave name; it afterwards passed to the TOOThills, and from them, by marriage, to the ancient family of Thornhill, of whom mention occurs in 1577 as holding lands of Queen Elizabeth in Fekisby, as of her demesne of WAKEFIELD."

The "VINCo" motto term of Wakefields can take us to Wileys, first found in Thornhill. Wileys were first found in Dumfries with the surname of Miss Hicks' husband, and with Walks/Wachs. If there's anything to these latest connections, as a message from God, I can't see what it might be.

Beauty-connectable Astons can be linked to Sleeping Beauty via the Newmans/Numans, the latter first found in Dorset with Beautys and Ashers/Assers. Ashborns have one fesse in the colors of the Sleep fesses, and in the colors of the gemel fesses of Thornhills, and then the "Will" motto term of Ashborns can suggest a Wiley-Thornhill merger. Ashborns have the Canton/Ganton Chief, and therefore the Washington Chief in colors reversed, and proto-Washington Wassa's, first found in Cornwall with Hicks' of St. Ewe, are also Wake-like Wace's using a canton square, but also having the double gemel fesses of Thornhills in colors reversed. Is this a pointer to some slime in Washington? Isn't the latter the city of leading anti-Christs?

Ashfields have a different-colors version of the Hicks Coat, and Sleeps were once said to be first found in Shropshire with BURTONs, and with the Vaughns almost having the Ashfield Coat. Again, I last saw Lorraine in the township of Thornhill itself in the city of Vaughn. Vaughns share the Coat of Scottish Browns while English Browns/BRONs almost have the Hook Coat. Fauns were first found in Devon with AshBURTONs, with BRONsons/Brancombs, with Hooks having a blue-Shield version of the Hicks Coat, and with Ash's/Aschs and Thors/Tours. The latter's double chevrons are shared by Ashfords, first found in neighboring Cornwall.

Comets share the tower of Tour-branch Towers, and French Conte's/Comites' were first found in Languedoc with Tours. We can even add that English Thors/Tours were first found in Devon with Darlene's while the latter's Darlington branch, first found in Durham with Conte's/Comitissa's, have the whole BalCON/Balcolm/BalCOME motto (plus "Cruce").

The Thornhills are so excellent here because they are said to descend from John de TORNhull while English Thors/Tours have the Howell tower in colors reversed!!! But that's not all, because Mrs. Kilpatrick pointed to THURstan and Lovey Howell, and Thurstons were first found in Suffolk with Owls/Howls (suggests that Thurstans were a Thor/Tour branch). Thurstons have hunting horns colors reversed from, and in the format of, Owls/Howls.

When Mrs. Kilpatrick pointed to Lovey Howell, it got me to James Baker, the chief FBI lawyer that was under the authority of James Comey (FBI director). That pointer was due to Thurstan Howell played by James Backus. The falcon in the Backus/BakeHOUSE Crest is telling because English Falcons share the chevron of Dutch Bakers/Beckers, and the latter's leaf is shared by Lindells (and Hazels)!!! In different colors, that leaf design is used by French HOUSE's to explain "Bakehouse." I have it recorded many times (e.g. 1st update September, 2012) that French House's use "cabbage leaves," and as the Cabbage Chief shares the lion in the Chief of English Bakers (Norfolk with Leafs/Leave's/Leve's), it seems certain that Backus'/Bakehouse's were a Baker branch.

The Lindell leaves come with what I expect to be a log, and English Loge's/Lodge's (Suffolk with Thurstons) are in the "lodged" stag of Hazel-branch Islips/Haslips. The latter's stag is under a "holly tree" while Maxwells, sharing the saltire of English Bakers, have their lodged stag under a "holly BUSH." Robert Maxwell, father of Guislaine Maxwell, was a spy for global gansters in government.

Ahh, James Backus was the voice of the cartoon character, Mr. Magoo, and McGoos/Gows share the cinquefoils of Loches'/DesLOGES', first found in Burgundy with French Loge's!!! To be sure, Burgundy was where French Grands were first found while English Grands were first found in Inverness-shire with McGoo's/Gows. The saltire of French Loge's is colors reversed from the saltire-by-sticks of Poulos', and the latter were not only first found in Burgundy too, but Mr. Poulos is the founder of Dominion Voting!

Robert Maxwell was a spy for the British along with Christopher Steele who was in turn hired by James Comey to spy on Trumpers, and in the meantime Hillary Clinton paid Steele to create the "dirty dossier." German Beckers happen to share the bend-with-checks of English Steels, and Dutch Bakers are Beckers too.

French Falcons/FalCONTE's were first found in Languedoc with Conte's/Comites'. The Baker saltire is in the colors of the Sinclair and CONan cross while the "Commit" motto term of Sinclairs is for Comites / Conteville liners.

English Beckers/Bechers ("BIS") share the Shield of Beach's/Bechs in blue while the beach in the Sleeping Beauty dream was the beach of Jeffrey Epstein, partner in crime with the Maxwell family above. The BISS' (expected in the Becker/Becher motto) were first found in Surrey with Clappers who share the Beach/Bech Shield. There are spies all over the place here. Beckers/Bechers and Beach's/Bechs share vair fur while French Vairs (almost the Beach/Bech Shield) were first found in Burgundy with French Loge's, the latter having been kin, by the looks of their Coats and common location, of Poulos'.

English House's (Scottish Frank colors) share the green Shield with Poulos-like Pollocks/Poke's, and with the Nobs (Norfolk with Bakers) in the "NoBIS" motto term of English Franks (share Pollock saltire). Jewish Pollocks share the German Baker Coat, and while Pollocks built Rothes castle in Moray, the Bellys of Moray share the chevron of Dutch Bakers/Beckers. German Beckers share the Moray / Bailey stars, and while one French Beil/Baile surname was first found in Burgundy with Poulos', the other French Beils/Baile's share the Belly / Baker chevron.

Moreover, Poulos' use log-like "sticks" while Sticks were first found in Somerset with the Pollets in the motto of the neighboring Pools/Pole's. Pollets share the swords of Bailey-branch Baliols, both first found in Northumberland with Sword-line Siward of Northumberland. Sewards were first found in Essex with English Vairs/Vere's, and with the Yonge's/Youngs sharing the triple Beil roses. Weirs/Vere's share the fesse of Beils and even put the Moray stars upon it. The Rose clan was first found near Moray.

The Backus'/Bakehouse's ("CONfido") even share the green snake in Crest with Irish Comeys/Combs/Come's. The Backus saltire is shared by Odin-branch Oddie's, traceable to Ottone Visconti. "OMNIbus" is a Chattan/Cato motto term while "OMNia" is a motto term of Orrs/Ore's who in turn have the triple piles of Visconti-connectable Guiscards/Wisharts in colors reversed. Orrs/Orrs share the cornucopia with FIDO's in "Confido." OMANs are also ORmandys (Suffolk).

I have it recorded many times that Love's/Luffs, who come up as "Lovie," were first found in Suffolk, where Muscats/MUSKs (share Love/Luff lion head and fesses) were once said to be first found too, and that's where Thurstans and Owls/Howls were first found. Wikipedia's article on James Baker says that he "later served as deputy general counsel at Twitter, Inc. before being fired by Elon Musk in December 2022". By that time, the 2020 election was stolen with much help from Twitter in suppressing "conspiracy theories." Love's/Luffs even share the lion head of Barrs while Bill Barr became the deep-state boss of the FBI.

This reminds that Tower-line Lovicks/Lofwicks likely have the Ratcliff bull head, yet it's also interesting that Lovicks/Lofwicks have the Chief-saltire combination of English Bakers in colors reversed. Luffkins were first found in Shropshire with Elon-branch Alans, and Elons happen to share the double fesses of Flags/Flecks who in turn share the scallops of Bakers (Norfolk with Flags/Flecks and Twitts/Thwaits).

"Confido, the Backus/Bakehouse motto term, is the full motto of Butt-connectable Boyds, first found in Shropshire with LUFkins and Thurstan-connectable Hunters/Hunts who in turn share the Baker and Lovick/Lofwick saltire. It is highly likely that the FBI inquired with James Baker on how Hunter Biden could avoid arrest on some legal footing.

English Thorns, first found in Somerset with Cocks, can be gleaned with the Oullette and Aulnay/Oulney lion because Oullette's use a "moorCOCK." Note that the Oullette moorcock is black and in Crest, the color of the Wiley Crest. Cockers/Cockets almost have the Willies/MacWilliam Coat. One can suggest that an Oullette liner named the Owls/Howls, not the other way around, because Oullette's show variations such as Ouilly/WILLE/Willets.

Repeat: "The Wiley Crest is the black dog in the Spink Crest, and "SPINIS" is an English Thorn motto term." The Spine's have triple crescents in the colors and format of the triple Thurston hunting horns. The Williams have a dog in Crest too, and William the Conqueror was the son of the daughter of "the tanner" of Falaise while Oullette's named Ouilly-le-BASSET in Falaise. English Tanners not only share a gold dog in Crest with Williams, but use Moor heads to go with the Oullette moorcock, and then German Tans/Tanners use "pine CONES" while Bassets had used the porcuPINE (explains why the triple Bassett fesses are in the PORCH Crest).

Porch's were first found in Norfolk with the Bus' whose giant cinquefoil they share, and as "omniBUS" is a Chattan/Cato motto term, it suggests a trace to PORCius Cato whose family got related to the line of QUINTus Caepio. Quint-branch Quince's, in the "quince" of Visconti-related Sforza's, were first found in Northamptonshire with Spinks who in turn share the eagle of the Snake's/Snooks in the green snake of Comeys/Combs. The Quinns are welcome here because they share the giant Gilligan horse, and James Backus played Thurston Howell on Gilligan's Island.

Thors/Tours were first found in Devon with Howell-connectable Thors/Tours, and with the Esse's/ASH's in the English Thorn motto, and Lorraine had the grass stain on her ASS, like the "As" motto term of Scottish Wills and Bracebridge's, the latter first found in Lincolnshire with the English Grasse's. I aim to include Bracebridge's as a central part of the discussion.

Williams were first found partly in Monmouthshire with Howells, and Monmouths share the bars-gemel of Oullette's. Monmouths share a red lion with LEGHs/Lee's/Leys, which can explain the oddity of the one leg of Monmouths hidden behind the other leg.

Over the years, I've not found many surnames sharing the double-Sleep fesses aside from the Cantons/Gantons, and the latter were first found in Yorkshire with Thornhills (keeping in mind that Wileys were first found in Thornhill). The latter have the Sleep Coat but with so-called "bars-gemel" (= twin bars), and not only do OULlette's happen to share the bars-gemel of Monmouths while Owls/Howls connect to Howells, but the latter were first found in Monmouth with the Phone's/Fane's/VANs. Joe Oullette had a black van in the dream which he did not own in real life. Why black?

Falaise-suspect Falls'/Fallis' were first found in Midlothian with the Sinclairs who have a "thy" motto term, and Lorraine's ass stain was a long streak into the rear of her THIGH. English Grasse's share the Falls/Fallis lion, and the Grasse bend is that also of the Botters to whom her butt points. Thy's are listed with Thigh's/Tie's, and English Tie's, with a Coat reflecting that of Twins, were first found in Yorkshire with Thornhills. Twins (Hampshire with Thys-branch Tiss'/Teese's) are suspect with bars-gemel because "gemel" means "twin," and Gemels, in the colors and format of Tiss-connectable Shirts/Shards, share the Tiss/Teese chevron. The Chains in the Gemel chain share the Sinclair cross.

Back to John of TornHULL, for Thornhills were first found in Yorkshire with Hulls who are in turn in the format of, and colors reversed from, the Vince's/Finch's sharing nearly the Wiley Coat. It's Wileys who were first found in Thornhill. And the Wiley Crest shares a dog with Hulls and their Hall branch. The latter, in the format of, and colors reversed from, Wileys, were first found in Lincolnshire with the BRACEbridge's who have a motto, "Be as God wills," almost the "As God wills" motto of Wiley-like Scottish Wills. Though not in the same colors, Scottish Wills share the passant griffin with Wileys.

Plus, the Suns/Sinclairs and the Mens/MAME's share "God" in their motto with the two mottoes above, and this necessitates my repeating more things which I hate to repeat due to repeating them too many times over the years. In a God-arranged act, I met MAMie about an hour before I arrived at Lorraine's; the latter came home with a married man and a grass streak on the butt of her pants. I pointed accusingly, and she asked me to leave. It was our last day dating about 42 years ago today.

Mamie had gotten a thigh symbol on the same day she and I were emBRACing in a LAKE, an event that pointed to Kari Lake's election-fraud fight. Mamie had gotten a TEASE symbol the night before as a pointer to Tease's/Thys', which is why I assume that God gave her the thigh symbol. Thigh's/Thy's have what I expect is the giant fox of Jewish Fox's, kin of Shine-connectable Fox's/Shinnocks. These terms point to Chinese involvement in election fraud. And KARi Lake was working for Fox news in Phoenix before running as the governor of Arizona.

Kari-like CARS almost have the Tiss/Teese Coat, and Carys (beside Brace's), with the Lake and Brace bend in colors reversed, were first found in Somerset with China-pointing Shins/Chine's/Chings. Mamie and I were embraced in a lake on the day we became a couple, some three or fours weeks after the Finch-subway event with Lorraine, while I was still living at the apartment of Paul Oullette. And we already met the Wiley-connectable BRACEbridge's above.

We had also met the Kerrys of Montgomeryshire, and packet captures were from an invention designed by Dennis Montgomery. It just so happens that while Kerrys use bees with their hive, Bee's/Beas', first found in Oxfordshire with Lake's, can be in the "Be as" motto phase of Bracebridge's. Plus, the Bee bend-with-fleur is in the colors of the Cary bend-with-roses.

As Brace's were first found in Herefordshire with Monmouths, let's repeat from above: "Monmouths share a red lion with LEGHs/Lee's/Leys, which can explain the oddity of the one leg of Monmouths hidden behind the other leg." Almost always, an heraldic animal called "passant" has three feet on the ground, and one raised in the air, but Monmouths and Brazile's have lions with their in-air feet are unusually on the ground, and the Brazile lion is in the colors of the Will griffin that itself has all four feet on the ground. This is all amazing as a pointer to Neil Wiley, deputy of John LEE Ratcliff, for Wikipedia's article on Donna LEASE Brazile (murderous leftist trash) says that she descended from BRASwells, and Brace's are also Bras'!!!

Brazile's were first found in ARMagh, which can explain why a lion in Brazile-lion colors is used by Armys/Ermine's, first found in Lincolnshire with Bracebridge's! Plus, Armors were once said to be first found in Berwickshire, where bee-using Boys/Bie's were first found while Bracebridge-beloved Bee's are likewise Bie's.

English Leash's share the sun with the Scottish Wills who share a gold griffin with all four feet on the ground with Tour-branch Towers! That exclamation mark is because English Towers were at Lofwick, and for that reason we read that some Towers adopted the Lofwick surname, which was not only first found in Lancashire with Ratcliffs, but both share the black-on-white bull head! The Will-connectable Velis'/Veils have two red fitchee crosses in the style of the red fitchee of Luffs/Love's while Lofwicks are also Lovicks.

The black Beauty bull is suspect with Astons because Beautys were first found in Dorset with Newmans/Numans suspect in the "Numine" motto term of Astons, and the latter have a black bull head. The similar Ashtons were first found in Lancashire (beside Astons) with Ratcliffs. Ashtons have a "resoLUTio" motto term while Lutts are listed with McLeods, who had a black bull head historically.

Both Will surnames use griffins, and Griffin-beloved Velis'/Veils look like a Will branch because Scottish Wills come up as "Velis" too, and, zowie, how perfect, for English Velis'/Vails have a "domine" motto term for a pointer to Dominion Voting, the massive election fraudsters who've conducted a massive cover-up campaign that appears planned from long before they got caught, knowing they'd get caught eventually.

The Griffin surname shares a "Ne velis" motto phrase with Phone's/Fane's/Vans, and Knee's are also Nee's while Velis'/Vails were first found in Northumberland with the Phoenix's/Fenwicks sharing the phoenix with Knee's. As Knee's share the stag head of Tromp-beloved Acorns, it makes the Velis/Veil eagles look like the Tromp eagle because Trumps were first found in Pomerania with the House of Griffin.

Scottish Lease's, first found in Dumfries with Wileys (!), are listed with Lise's while French Lise's are also Leys-like Lys'!!! It looks like yet another pointer to Ratcliffe and Wiley, but why?

Repeat from above:

Over the years, I've not found many surnames sharing the double-Sleep fesses aside from the Cantons/Gantons, and the latter were first found in Yorkshire with Thornhills (keeping in mind that Wileys were first found in Thornhill). However, the Cantons probably have two-and-two bars rather than two fesses officially. Thornhills have the Sleep Coat but with so-called "bars-gemel" (= twin bars), and not only do OULlette's happen to share the bars-gemel of Monmouths while Owls/Howls connect to Howells, but the latter were first found in Monmouth with the Phone's/Fane's/VANs. Joe Oullette had a black van in the dream which he did not own in real life. Why black?

The Phone-branch Fiens/Finis' were first found in Kent with Sleeps/Slippers, and Blacks (Lincolnshire with election-fraud pointing Bracebridge's) share the Washington Chief while proto-Washington Wassa's have bars-gemel and a CANTON square while Cantons/Gantons have the Washington Coat in colors reversed. The Wiley-like Wiles' share the double fesses of Washingtons. Wiles' use five, bunched arrows, the Cameron/Camera symbol too, and while the triple Cameron/Camera fesses are in colors reversed with Bassets, Oullette's were first found in OUILLY-le-Bassett while Bassets were first found in Staffordshire with Arrows/Arras'.

Mamie, the night before we were embracing in the lake, and the night before she got a thigh symbol on her leg, sat on my lap around the campfire. Laps/Labbs' (Podebrady liners) were first found in Wiltshire with the Hoppers sharing the William gyronny, and with the trumpet-using Calles'.

When she sat on my lap, she sat on my Trump-connectable knees and on my Trump-connectable legs. Dutch Tromps use acorns while Acorns were first found in Sussex with Wiles', and with Downs who have a stag in Trump and Legg stag-head colors. Knee's, sharing the Acorn stag head, were first found in County DOWN with the Coats'/Cotes', and Dan Coats was Trump's first pick for Director of National Intelligence to replace James Clapper. Upon firing Coats, Trump nominated John Ratcliffe for the same job.

Though not in the same two colors, Calles-like Culles'/Cola's, first found at Legg-like Lecce, share the white rose with Willies'/MacWilliams/CULLIE's. The giant Culles/Cola rose is in the colors of the giant Trump stag head.

Willies'/MacWilliams/Cullie's have a Coat like the one of Cockers/Cockets, the latter first found in Norfolk with the Brains (look like Babcock kin) sharing the LEOPARD FACES of Colles'/Coals, and English Leopards (leopard faces) were first found in Sussex with Willies'/MacWilliams/Cullie's. Colles'/Coals were first found in both Somerset with Cocks, and in Wiltshire with Calles' and Hoppers. The latter are in the "grasshopper" of Face-branch Fauchys. The Somerset Colles' were in WinCANTON.

The Wiltshire Colles' were at Malmesbury, and Mamie-like Malmes/MallMAINs are interesting for almost having the Lake bend. Mames'/Mens', a Manner branch, have an "Vil God" motto phrase to go with the "God will" motto phrase of BRACEbridge's and Wills. Mamie and I embraced in the lake.

And wow, Mainers share the double Sleep fesses! About an hour after Mamie sat on my lap, we slept in the same SLEEPing bag, but it was all a TEASE by God's design when she wouldn't even let me hug her. Tease's/Thys' were first found in Nottinghamshire with the MAMESfelde location of MANSfields. Mainers/MEINs (possibly the Tromp Shield on the one half) were first found in Pomerania with Trumps. We slept in the sleeping bag in a tent, and "tentaMINE" is the motto term of Leggs (almost the Trump Coat), first found in Dumfries with Wileys. Within their fesse, Mine's/Menne's have the six pale bars of Liss'/Lise's, first found in Hampshire with Tiss'/Teese's. The Eagle's/Hegels in the giant Mainer/Mein eagle were first found in Lincolnshire with Bracebridge's.

Pay Heed to the Russian Medallion

In the midst of my Russian medallion in the last update, I've added this:

Insert July 21 -- In the next update, I looked up the Azzo's to find them with the split Poindexter and Groce/Gregg Shield in colors reversed. But the amazing part is that Azzo's have the double-headed eagle of Jeepma's!!! The medallion was on the hood at a GROCEry store, which is how I first found the Groce's/Greggs. Azzo's were first found in Fermo with Azzo of Este. Poindexters have an "eSQUIRE's" helmet while Squire's/Squirrels have a "FERME" motto term. The Azzo's were looked up while I was on Lorraine's ASS symbol, though she also had a butt symbol that can cover the Bauds. Lorraine's trace to Veringers living in Baden, where Groce's/Greggs were first found. I'll enlarge on this in the next update. End insert

English Butts/Bute's (ESToiles) have the black horsehead exactly that was once showing in the Crest of English Este's. The latter were first found in Essex with the Motts who in turn share the Craig crescent. The Groce's/Greggs can be shown in various ways to be a branch of Carricks / Craigs / Craigie's. Carricks descended from a Gilbert character, explaining why Gilberts use a chevron that is the Arms of Carrick. The Gilbert Coat is even a version of the CAR Coat.

The reason I'm going to Gilberts is that they share the red squirrel with Squire's/Squirrels. The "HEDDwych" motto term of Gilberts ought to be for the Hedd variation of Heads/Heeds, for they almost have the Coat of English Este's. John Ratcliff was the mayor of Heed-like Heath, and while he was subtlety in the hovering scene of Sleeping Beauty, as she hovered in her car, Cars were first found in Lancashire with Ratcliffs. Hover-like Hoovers share the HOOTer Coat, and it just so happens that Car-connectable GilBERTs were first found in Devon with Hoods/Hoots and ASH's/Aschs (and Berts).

Lorraine's ASS stain took us to Barrs who share the Italian Este Coat, and Barrs were first found in Ayrshire with Carricks and Craigie's. She got her grass stain on a LAWN, and English Lawns (share "Garde" with Carricks) not only share the split Groce/Gregg Shield, but Irish Lawns share the Lorraine bend. The Irish Lawn bend-with-lion is in the colors of the Turin bend-with-boar-HEADs, and Turins were first found in Aberdeenshire with Craigs, and with the Skins/Scans who share the wolf heads of Welfs/Wolfs. The house of Este put out the house of Welf.

The English Grasse's even share the lion of the Scottish Roys in the motto of English Lawns, amazing because Roys were first found in LANarkshire while Lanarks/LURNacks have the Lorraine-like Lorne's in their write-up. I'm not kidding, I've said it many times before, that when I dated Lorraine, she lived about two properties north of the corner of LORNE and Church. Her bus stop, where I first met her, was one block over at Lorne and Yonge (Richmond Hill), and Lanarks even share the Bus cinquefoil. The Roy / Grasse lion is also the own of MEDAL/Dougals, the ones who took us to Butt-connectable Bauds.

If you have weak Faith, this work is good for you because it continually proves that God set up events in my life to jibe with heraldic connections, and the heraldry always seems to touch upon, one way or another, the bloodlines of those who killed Jesus, meaning that God is showing proof that no other religion is the true religion. Jesus is IT.

The English GREGorys almost have a colors reversed Coat version of Scottish Hairs, first found in Ayrshire with Carricks. The latter were from Charax Proculus, son of Lupus LAEVillus (lived shortly after the Levite high priest, Joseph Caiaphas), and French Levi's, first found in Ile-de-France with Caiaphas-line Chappes', almost have the Coat of English Greggs (Carrick colors), first found in Yorkshire with the Craggs sharing the Carrick dog. Yorkshire is also where CARACalla became the Roman emperor.

The English Gregg Coat is even connectable to the ones of Fothes'/Fette's and Foots/FOOD (all three in Leavell colors) while the medallion was found at FOOD Basics. Lorraine had a BARE feet / foot symbol on the PAVEment of Yonge street, and Feets/Fate's, by their relationship with Pavia's, can take us to Laevi Gauls, and to the Petri's/Pero's, both of Pavia. Fothes'/Fette's (Kincardineshire with Peartree's/Patria's) share the stars of Tiens' in the "Tiens ferme" motto of Squire's/Squirrels.

The medallion took us to Bauds of Stirlingshire, where Scottish Chappes'/CHEAPs were first found who were apparently responsible for the Chep variation of JEEPma's. Again, the latter share the double-headed eagle of Azzo's while the split Azzo Shield is also the split Groce/Gregg Shield.

Fermo was at the southern end of, or at least off of, PICENum, which was apparently related to the province of ASColi PICENO, where Fermo is located. The Pickens/Pike's were first found in Ayrshire with Carricks too. Ash's/ASCH's were first found in Devon with English Pike's. Marjory Carrick married the Robert-Bruce's of Annandale while Bruce's share the saltire of Ashers/Assers/Aschers. Both Lawn surnames share a Robert lion.

Why a Red Jeep?

In an insert above having Paul Smith and Orion liners, I jotted down that Paul owned a red Jeep for most of the years that he and I got together regularly. I've told that, after he wrecked his Jeep, he bought my Nissan pick-up truck, the point here being that Nissans have double fesses in the colors of the same in the flag of Israel. Between the two fesses in the Israeli flag is a hexagram colors reversed from the one of JEEPma's, and the Nissans happen to have gold hexagrams on their fesses in half the colors of the Jeepma hexagram.

It's important to this discussion that Hagars share the Jeepma hexagram while Hagar was the concubine of Abraham when he lived in Hebron with Amorites. After the war waged on the tribe of Benjamin due to their raping a woman to death, the remaining 600 Benjamites married 400 women from JABESH, and Jeepma variations are like "Jabesh" and "Japodes." The border of the Benjamin province was only a few miles north of Jerusalem, and the latter is where JEBUSites lived. It appears that Benjamites had some relationship with Jebusites to explain why they married women of Jabesh.

Jabesh was on the east side of the Jordan river with Amorites under Zion-like king Sihon, and Jebusites lived at Zion in southern Jerusalem, directly beside the KIDRon valley that could have been named by a tribe that also named Keturah, Abraham's second wife. The Kidron valley faces Hebron, and while the Hebron/Hepburn surname has a "Keep" motto term, Kepke's/Kopke's share the goat of Kidron-like Kidds. And KIDRon-like Kidders were first found in Sussex with Keeps.

I've shown how Keturah traces to mythical Medea of Colchis, wife of Jason of the Argo ship. Jason's father was Aeson. What I've never shown is that Aesons/ASSons share the lion of Abram-like Bramtons, and there may even be a cat in the Aeson Crest. It's possible that the Cat bloodline came from "KETURah," or from whatever people group named her. Mythical Medea (a witch) worshiped HeCATE (a witch).

Kate's/KATTERbachs/KatzenSTAINs (Mecklenburg) share the hexagram of Hagars. Pretty amazing, especially as per Lorraine's ASS STAIN. And Kate's/Katterbachs almost have the Duc/LeDuc Coat while Bramtoms share the Duce/Ducey Coat. Even more amazing, for Lorraine's pant stain pointed to the Pansy-connectable Ducks of pansy-using Bar-le-Duc. Mecklenburg is where Dols were first found while Ducs/LeDucs were first found in Brittany with Dol. Azzo's are also Asson-like Assoni's, and Barrs share the Italian Este Coat.

Hagars have a "ModESTE" motto term, perhaps part-code for Modes'/MODENs, first found in Berkshire with Catters/Cathars. Mythical Oeneus was father to Methoni, code for the city of Methoni/MODON. The sources of the CETINa river is near the Oeneus river, also called the Una, and One's/Innis' were a branch of Innis' having the Kate/Katterbach/Katzenstain Coat in colors reversed. That's amazing.

Sarah-like Saraca's were in KOTOR, beside BUTua. Lorraine's BUTT stain speaks. Saraca's moved to Ragusa, near the Cetina river, and cat-using Cetins are listed with Cattans (share "SARACen" head with Sassys), like the Katzenstain variation of Kate's. Botters were Chattan / Chatan kin. Bramtons were first found in Norfolk with cat-using Catch's/Catchers, cat-using Keats, and cat-using Cetins/Cattans. Keiths were from the Catti. Catters/Cathers were first found in Berkshire with Lesks who in turn have the Aeson/Asson boar in colors reversed. Berkshire is also where Susans were first found while royal Cottians were at Susa while Cetins/Cattans have the Cautes variation of Cotta's/Cottons in their motto. The latter share a Shied of fretty (different colors) with Modeys/Modens.

My cat, Sassy, had pointed to Cetins/Cattans without a doubt by God's set-up in my life. But I've never before gone, from the Sassy besants, to the English Besants (Massey / Vere / BEE Shield) who might just be using a cat. Bessins and their Bistone branch use BEES. German Besants/Bessens use a crown for the Ceraunii Illyrians beside the Maezaei, and as Ceraunii were on the Urbanus, it's notable that German Urbans have a Coat much in the colors and format of the Sassy bend-with-besants. The totality of the Sassy Coat is in the format of the Massena's/Messina's, and while the latter share the Urban bend-with-hexagrams, Sassys add Saracen heads while Saracens lived at least beside Messina. Spanish Urbans (share Kepke / Kupe border) even share the Sassy crescent!

English Besants were first found in Middlesex with Stains, and while Meschins were out of the Bessin, they share the scallops of Flags/Flecks (Norfolk with Cetins/Cattans and Stain-like Steins) who in turn share the double fesses of Stains. Sassys named Sassy in Avranches, and the first Meschin earl of Cheshire was a nephew of Hugh D'Avranches. The Banisters, kin of Kitten-like and Catch-connectable Kitchens/Ketchins, are in the Meschin write-up, and Sassy was given to me by a lady whose banister I stripped to bare wood, and refinished... meaning I re-STAINed it! Beauty. The Stains would probably not have been in this discussion had the Kate's/KatzenSTAINs not been included.

God wants to point to the line of Abraham and Keturah, through dragon elements out of Colchis (home of Medea), and Colchians had settled Croatia, location of Ragusa, and of the Cetina and Oeneus rivers, but also the Kepke-connectable Kupa. When I went to Texas to buy property, I had to leave sassy behind with a new owner. But as soon as we moved into our new property, we got a puppy, and the kids named her, KATY (or Katie). I loved her, but had to give her away when returning to Texas later, and, while with the new owner, she got run over to death by a car while chasing a cat.

I told once or twice that, when working at the home of the lady that gave Sassy to me as a kitten, the man of the house showed me his sump pump, though I can't remember why. The Pumps/Pape's/Popps were, until recently, said to be first found in CAITHness, named by the Keith Catti. Previous to that, Pumps/Pape's/Popps were said to be first found in Perthshire with Keith-branch Kettle's. They are now said to have been first found in Moray's Elgin region.

Why do we suppose that Cates', with the Bramton Coat in other colors, share the Jewish Levi Coat? Cates' were first found in ASHby. Ashby's (Leicestershire with Keatons) share the motto of Peacocks, the latter first found in Essex with English Este's. Essex's share the Este eagle and were first found in Middlesex with Stains. So, Cates' took us first to Essex, and Essex's to Stains so that Cates' look like a branch of Katzenstains. Jewish Katz's/Katch's have a giant cat in the colors and format of Trumps (Mecklenburg with same-colored Kate's/Katzenstains).

Jewish Levi suddenly look closely related to the Cates and Keats Coat, but see also Tiller-branch Tailers, for the Cetina river was also the Tilurius. Cetins/Cattans are split horizontally in half in the colors of the vertically split, Cates-like Gates'.

Cetins/Cattans have a "meTUIT" motto term that could be part-code for the Meats/Meads whom I trace to Meteon, near Kotor. Keturah's son, Medan, looks applicable with Meteon. I trace Medan to mythical Medea, daughter of Aeetes. The latter was the myth writer's play on mythical Attis, code for the Hatti on the Halys river. At the top of the Halys river is lake Tatta, where Tute's / Tuits and their Tatton branch trace. So, the Cetin/Cattan motto traces to the theater of the Hatti, and Tuits were even first found in Norfolk with Cetins/Cattans, Bramtons, and Hatti-like Heads/Heeds and Haydens. Haytons/Hightons share the black bull in Crest with Haydens.

Back to the Kidron-like Kidders, first found in Sussex with Keeps. I've told of the time that Kim Walsh, to whom Mr. Kepke was engaged, slammed the door of my car (Firebird) while getting into it, and leaving Kepke outside. They were having a spat. Kepke then sat on the curb of the parking lot, which caused me to enter the Curby surname into my discussions. I've just seen that Kidders share the Curby crescents, and this is highly important to the discussion at hand because Scottish Walsh's/Walchs almost have the Benjamin Coat.

Curbys are listed with Kirkbys while German Kirks with Kirchners are in the colors and format of Kepke's/Kopke's and Hagars. Plus, the Benjamites who married women of Jabesh are said to have been in RIMMON, and then there is a Rimna river (south side of Focsani) that, if not a tributary of the AGARus, flows into a tributary of the Agarus, that being a river looking like "Hagar." It just so happens that while Hagars share the Jeepma hexagram, Jeepma's are also Keep-like Cheps. It appears that God set up the door-slam event because Kepke's were descended from the Jabesh wives of Benjamites. Yes, because Walsh's/Walchs are obviously from Wallachia, obvious because Wallachia is smack at the Rimna-river theater.

Both Walsh's and Benjamins share the annulet of SCHOLE's/Scayle's while Hebron had an ESCHOL valley. This reminds of my rush-up-stairs event with Kepke's earlier lady, immediately before he was with Miss Walsh. The rush-up-stairs event pointed to Scayle-like Scalia's, and it took place at a La Paloma bar, exactly where the door-slam event would take place a couple of years later.

Scalia's show only a ladder (I don't know the official description), and English Trips use a "SCALing ladder". Kepke was a shoe salesman when the RUSH-up-scala event took place, and while German Trips, first found in Hamburg with Nissans, use shoes, we trace Trips back to Trypillia near Kepke- / Keep-line Kiev, where the Rush-like Varangian RUS would come to roost, beside Hebrew-led Khazaria. And Rush's were first found in Suffolk with Kepke-connectable Kidds now suspect from the tribe that named the Kidron valley, or vice versa.

The Jabesh area had another Amorite king, Og of the Rephaites, and then there was a Rephaite valley off the south-west of Jerusalem. The Kidron valley is southwest Jerusalem, and so it appears that Rephaites lived between Kidron and Hebron. One article has the Rephaites "driven from their original seats east of the Jordan by CHEDORlaomer (Ge 14:5)," and the Kidron is "KEDRon" in the Septuagint. The same article: "The valley of Rephaim is first mentioned in the description given by Joshua of the northern border of Judah. The passage is important: 'The border went up by the valley of the son of Hinnom unto the south side of the Jebusite: the same is Jerusalem;..."

The rush-up-stairs event was with CHRISTINE Peare, and while Spanish Paloma's have two of the Pero/Perino pale bars, in colors reversed from the pale-bar-by-ladder of Scalia's, Italian Paloma's use the dove, which compels me to go to the "city of doves" in Moesia, the city of CUPPae, not just because Kepke's/Kopke's were a branch of cup-using Kupe's/Kopps, and not just because Christine's use cups, and not just because Kidders and Keeps were first found in Sussex with Coopers/Coppers, but because the Japodes were on the Kupa river. The latter is near Austria, where Kirks were first found.

Perino-like Perrins were first found in Northumberland with Keep-loving Hebrons whose horse head is in the colors of the Fur/Fire unicorn, and while the latter were first found in Austria too, "FUR cones" are used by Perrins. It can explain why Keips have a Coat similar to the one of Furs/FIRE's, or why the Keip horse is colors reversed from the Rush horses, or why Miss Walsh got into my FIREbird when she slammed the door to produce the Kepke-on-curb event.

The Hebrons use the ROSE for obvious reason, but also have the Sauer / Russell / Rossi lion. As it's also the lion of Fox's/Shinnocks, it's a wonder on whether FOCSani, near the Rimna river, is the line to Fox's / Foix's / Voss' / Fauci's / etc. Rimna-like Rims/Rums have a passant lion in the colors of the rampant lions of Sauers / Russells / Rossi's / Fox's/Shinnocks / Simons.

Sauers (Austria with Furs/Fire's and Kirks) are said to be from the Sava river, and the Kupa of the Japodes is a Sava tributary. The neighboring Una river is another Sava tributary, and it must have named mythical Juna, wife of Jupiter, for she's the Etruscan counterpart of Ina (chief Etruscan goddess). Plus, there was a Romula location between the Kupa and Una rivers while the Romans made mythical Romulus their founder.

To underscore the Rimna-Roman connection, there has got to be a basic reason that the Roman invasion of TRANSylvania (recalls the "TRANSfixus" of Walsh's/Walchs) had it renamed as, Romania. I suggest that the Romans knew their ancestry at the Rimna river, for it's in Romania with the Agarus river to boot. The Olt river of Romania, the ancient ALUTus, can take us to McLeods/Lutts, first found in Skye and Lewis with RIMMONs/Crimmons. The latter are said to have been pipers for McLeods. The Olt has sources near the sources of the Mures/Maros river.

Rims/Rums are also Rome's, and "Rome" is listed as a variation of Rone's who came up earlier in Orion-like names. Orion had a urine symbol along with Uranus, grandfather of Zeus whom the Romans called, Jupiter. I don't like telling that Zeus was also Zion-like "Dion" to the Greeks who called Jerusalem, HEIRosolyma, and then HERa was Zeus' official wife, mother of Hebe. It makes the weak in faith think that the god of Israel, because he chose Zion as His center, was an offshoot of the Jebusite gods, or an offshoot of the Zeus / Moloch cult. Moloch was a child-sacrifice cult in Jerusalem's Kidron valley.

However, no matter what city the God of Israel chose for Himself, it had pagan gods of some sort from time to time, and so we shouldn't think so hastily that the God of Israel, the only mono-Creator God who makes sense of existence, was just another pagan invention. The choice of Zion by the true God could have been to begin a show-down with satan's chief cult, a mortal conflict that culminates at Armageddon with the righteous restoration of Zion under King Jesus, from the line of Abraham and Sarah rather than the line of Abraham and Keturah.

It's as though God plucked Abraham from the dragon bloodline of pagan Hebrews in Babylon to begin the showdown, then gave him another wife, prior to his marrying Keturah, from which the 12 tribes of Israel would be born to begin the struggle.

The shroud of Turin proves that Jesus was resurrected from the grave because the image of Jesus on the cloth is not man-made. The image of Jesus was etched upon that cloth by the power of God entering, and deflecting from, the body of Jesus. Jesus descends from king David, first Israeli conqueror of the Jebusites in Zion. Zeus the adulterer was the counterfeit / satanic God of the sky.

We can tell that Abraham was born from a human-sacrifice cult because he took his son Isaac (without much hesitation, apparently) to sacrifice him to death. Therefore, God chose Abraham's bloodline to produce His own Child sacrifice to defeat the disgusting human-sacrifice cults of satan. God is mocking satan, and the pain is coming to the demons. Shriek together, demons, into each others' ears, eat what you deserve from the dark dungeons into which you will be abandoned.

There is now the coincidence of the Una-like One surname, suspect in the "ohne" motto term of Handels because the latter share the Moray Coat while One's/Innis' (Moray / Handel Coat in colors reversed) were first found in Moray. If that's not enough, English Innis' have the Hagar hexagram in colors reversed, meaning also that the Innis hexagram is on the Israeli flag. It could give the impression that the bloodlines behind the Israeli flag descend from dragon-line things related to the real-world entities represented by the chief Roman gods, Jupiter and Juna. Jeune-loving Yonge's/Youngs use roses too, and Mr. Kepke lived directly beside a Young residence.

English Innis' were first found in SaltASH of Cornwall, and while one TRISTan surname was first found in Cornwall with Trysts, and while Hebrons use a "Keep tryst" motto, "Be TRAIST" is the One/Innis motto. The One/Innis Crest shares the brown boar head of Baileys (Moray stars), first found in Northumberland with Hebrons and Phoenix's/Fenwicks. The other English Tristans were first found in Devon with Phoenix-connectable Phones'/Fauns and Fenns/Venns.

Rum-like Rumillys might be sharing the Yonge/Young piles, or that the three piles of Yonge's/Yonge's are shared by Scottish Leavells, first found in ROXburghshire with the Benjamin-related Walsh's/Walchs. Rims/Rums/Rome's were first found in Dumfries with giant-cup Larrys/LAURie's, and Kepke-connectable Lorraine's share laurel with LARRYs/Laurie's. Mr. Kepke was Lawrence by first name, which is often shortened to, "Larry." It's an Og-sized cupincidence.

KIRCHners (giant CHURCH in Kepke/Kopke colors and format) were first found in Silesia with Handels. This get super-duper. Kepke-connectable Kirkby/Curbys share the crescents of Irish Heffers, and of Coffers/Coffare's while English Heffers were first found in Somerset with English Heffers, but also with the new-to-me Lukars in turn having the Hebron horse head in the colors of the Keip horse. Somerset is also where the CHURCH's were first found while Lorraine lived on Church street while Lorraine's share the Keep bend because both descend from Maria of Kiev! SUPER-DUPER.

Plus, I've only just noticed the following from the Lorraine write-up: "The surname Lorraine was first found in Northumberland, where they held a family seat as Lords of the Manor of KIRK Hall." It's a super-duper curbincidence.

Church's are in BUSH colors and format while the BUZua tributary of the Agarus (now the Siret) is in Wallachia too, and near the Rimna. George Bush Jr. married Laura Walsh, and "Lauro" is a motto term of laurel-using Lorraine's, the latter first found in Northumberland with Hebrons.

Somerset is also where Lucars/Lugars were first found who share the wavy fesse of Fix's suspect in the "TransFIXus" motto term of Irish Walsh's/Walchs. Miss Walsh caused the Kepke-on-curb event. Lucars/Lugars are super here, yet I haven't known them prior to this week. They were first found in Somerset with the TRANS'/Trents (ROSES) in "TRANSfixus"!!! The triple Lukar horse heads are in the colors of the triple eagles of Terents/Tarants and Courcys, and while the Arms of Taranto, featuring mythical Taras, are almost the Coffee/COFFER Crest, Curby/Kirkby-connectable Coffers/Coffare's were first found in Somerset too, along with Courcys and Tarrs/TARAS'.

The Trans/Trent Crest has a gold eagle with laurel in its beak, and the gold eagle in the Phoenix/Fenwick Crest has flames at the tail so as to be a phoenix. Mythical Phoenix was related to mythical Poseidon, father of Taras and brother of Zeus. Phoenix's/Fenwicks were first found in Northumberland with Laurel-using Lorraine's.

It should be added that while a female sphinx in Wikipedia's Phanagoria article caused me to find a neighboring Kepoi location, Lucars/Lugars share the Spink mascles while sphinx-using Brocuffs/Procks were first found in Silesia too.

I found Kepoi only because that sphinx's face reminded me of Miss Peare's face, and so I started digging to find Kepoi. Miss Peare got a hips symbol at the end of the sleeping bag dream while Hips'/Hipkins, like the HEPburn variation of Hebrons, have another sphinx. Hips'/Hipkins almost have the Coat of Phoenix's/Fenwicks, the latter first found in Northumberland with Hebrons/Hepburns. Plus, the Bags (Norfolk with BUS' and Abram-like Bramtons) in the sleeping bag dream share the Grimaldi Shield while Grimaldi's are suspect from "Crimea," which is off the Kepoi coast.

When Mr. Kepke was in my house while Dino Grimaldi was there, my cousin, Kepke said to me, "he looks like a goof." I take this now as God's breathing words out his mouth because Goffs/Gough's share the boars of Gog-like Googe's. That is, Kepke and/or Grimaldi's were a part of the nation of Gog, and Googe's were even first found in ROXburghshire while Roxolani of Kiev and the Buzau river were likely from "Rosh." My mother is a Grimaldi in her maiden name, and her mother was born Miss Masci while Meshech were a chief Gogi tribe. King Og's line may have named Gog.

Masci's were first found in Piedmont with Pero's/Perino's who in turn share the Nissan hexagram. The Nissans had played to Paul Smith's red Jeep, and Nissans are the ones with the fesses on the flag of Israel. Paul bought my Nissan in 1999 (the year he lost his Jeep), and I bought a red Jeep in about 2015. Why red? Is it because Reds/Reeds were first found in Northumberland with Hebrons? Is it because Reds/Reeds have a "copia" motto term while Scottish Reeds were first found in Aberdeenshire with the Cups/Cope's connectable to Kepke's/Kopke's?

We can even use Paul Smith's first name because he developed into a licensed carpenter when owning the Jeep, and CARPenters share the Paul crosslets. Smiths share the white fish with Carps/Carpens (probably Trump kin), and the latter have a giant fish in Hagar / Kepke/Kopke colors and format. Carps/Carpens look like Dol kin while there's at least one Doly location not very far from the Agarus. Dole's share the fleur of Carp-like Crabs. Krebbs'/Crebs'/KREWs, looking like Casimir / Keep kin by their similar Coats, were first found in Pomerania with Carps/Carpens (Crews/Creuse colors and format) and Dols.

Mythical Oeneus was king of Calydon at the region of Astakos, like "Astikas." I can trace Alans of Dol to the Traby-Astikas marriage, and then while the Arms of Traby (Poland) is shared by BRZEZinski's, Doly of Poland is beside Brzesko. Breeze's (Bruce branch), who might apply, were first found in Moray, and then the Breuci were at the mouth of the Kupa river. Bruce-branch Brush's were first found in Sussex with Keeps.

The mother of the Romans was Creusa, now looking like the line to Crabs. She was made the daughter of Abraham-connectable king Priam (won't show details here for that link), and wife of Oeneus-like Aeneas. Crews/Creuse's share the lion of Italian Crose's while Cruce-loving English Cross'/Crose's (Lincolnshire with le Meschin's wife) share the quadrants of Masseys from the Maezaei at the Oeneus river. The four words in the Cross/Crose motto includes two of the Balcon/Balcomb motto, and the latter (share full Mason/Massin motto) were first found in Crab-connectable Crail.

Cross'/Crose's were first found in Lincolnshire with the Eagle's/Hegels from the ACHELous river of Calydon. Hagels share the lone pile of Masci-beloved Wings/Wings, they were from Vinkovci, home of Valentinian I, and then Valentins were first found in Vicenza with Italian Crose's.

Wallachia is at the CARPathian mountains, where we can expect the Amorites of Jerusalem and Hebron, and the Carpenter motto is shared by the Bailey-branch Bellys, first found in Moray. Amorites are suspect in naming mount Moriah in Jerusalem, and so why not also Moray? On the opposite side of the Carpathians from the Agarus is the Mures/Maros river of the Menumorut Khazars.

Pauls were first found in Yorkshire with the Pullys/Pullings whose "culpa" motto term must be for the Culp variation of Cups/Cope's. His RED Jeep pointed to the Reed-related Cups'/Cope's, right? Yes, and Jeepma's/Jappa's/Cheps can be traced well to the Japodes at the Kupa river, you see. That's why God arranged a red Jeep for Paul. While Cups/Cope's are also COLPs, the Kupa is the COLAPis river on this map showing Romula between it and the Una river marked, "Oeneus." The Roman empire used a black, two-headed eagle, symbol of Jeepma's.

So, yes, it does appear that the hexagram on the Israeli flag is chiefly from the Amorite-connectable One surname. I don't know whether Jebusites were of Jerusalem's Amorites, but that seems very likely, at least my marriage if not by common stock. Again, the Benjamins and Walsh's/Walchs share the annulet of Eschol-like Schole's/Scayle's, but we can now add that the latter surnames shares the Shield of Patents/Pattens who in turn share the full Pully/Pulling motto, and the Benjamite merger with Jabesh takes us to the Japodes on the Colapis, and so why not expect some elements from the Anaki giants of Hebron at that river?

For the Anaki, we go to Anchors/ANNACKer because the Packs suspect in the "Pax copia" motto of Reds/Reeds show nothing but anchors. Packs were first found in Sussex (beside Copps) with Keeps and Coopers/Coppers while Copps (Hampshire with Buttons/Bidens/Budins) were an obvious Cup/Cope/Colp branch because they have essentially the same Coat, ROSES included. Sussex is also where Kidron-like Kidders were first found, as well as COFFERts and Courts/Coverts, relevant because Coffers/Coffare's share the Kidder crescents.

Annacker-like Annas' have a Coat like the one of anchor-loving Majors/Magors, and like the one also of Kirks while Curbys/KIRKbys share the Kidder / Coffer crescents too, but they are also the crescents of Irish Heffers. Kirks were first found in Cumberland, near the Kirk Hall location of Lorraine's.

The English Heffers look important now because they were first found in Somerset with Duce-branch Ducks while Abram-like Bramtons share the Duce Coat. Their Shield has nothing but two lions in PALE in colors reversed from the nothing-shown but three lions in pale of the Somerset Heffers. Pale's/Palys were first found in Yorkshire with Pauls and Pullys/Pullings. The Pero-branch Peartree's share the scallops of Pullys/Pullings and Romneys, and Pauls, first found in Yorkshire with the Jumps sharing the Peartree stag heads, have a "Pro" motto term.

"Duce" is a motto term of Schims/Schiens, from Schimatari at Tanagra (Boeotia), home of mythical Orion's father. Tanagra-like Tankerville's were a branch of Tancreds (Yorkshire with Pullys/Pullings) who in turn share the Pully/Pulling scallops. Schims/Schiens (Aberdeenshire with Cups/Cope's) share the Goff/Gough / Googe/Gogh boar. The "juvat" motto term of Googe's/Goghs brings mythical Jove to mind, who was later Jupiter, and there is a Jove surname, listed with Jeep-like Jeeves', first found in Somerset too.

There needs to be a reason as to why Romans pegged Zeus as Jove. This Orion cult was likely a carry from "Uranus," father of CRONus, likely the namer of the Ceraunii Illyrians to the immediate west of the Una river. The Zeus cult at DODONa was near the Ceraunii mountains. This takes me to the Dons of DUDDON, not only because the original owner of my Nissan truck was Kent Doner, but because Dons have the double Nissan fesses in colors reversed. Dons even share a brown stag head with Nissans! Duddon is in Cheshire with the first-known English Masseys, from the Maezaei Illyrians on the Una river.

I've just read that Duddon hall was possessed by both Done's and Bruens who in turn evolved into "Bruen-Stapleford." Staplefords have the double Don fesses in colors reversed, meaning that Staplefords have the double Nissan fesses. Staple's, with almost the BONNET/Bonia Coat, were first found in KENT with GOODs and Romneys; the latter in turn share the Bone / Bunn bend. KENT Doner (owner of Doner Datsun and later of Doner Nissan) was the original owner of my Nissan. Bens/Bends (Cheshire with Dons) are also Bonnet-like Bents, and while "omnia" is translated "good," English Goods look like BENNET kin. Bennets share the "scaling ladder" with Trips (Kent).

Dons share an "omnia" motto with Bona-loving Orrs/Ore's ("BoNIS") who in turn have a cornuCOPia, symbol of the Zeus child-sacrifice cult on Crete that was no doubt the Moloch bull cult. In fact, the cornucopia on Crete was a goat horn owned by AMALthea, suspect as code for the line of AMALek, grandson of Esau whom God hated. Instead of going through Esau and the Amalekites to Jesus, God chose Esau's twin brother, Jacob, and then renamed him, Israel.

Pale's/Palys use the camel head while Camulodunum is now COLchester, traceable to the Colapis river of Pullys/Pullings. The Nulls expected in the Pully/Pulling motto were a Neil branch while Neils/O'NAILs share the estoiles of Colchesters while the Arms of Colchester has nails.

The Paul Crest is almost the Coomer/COMBer Crest while Pullys/Pullings have a version of the Romney/Rumney/Romenel Coat, more good evidence of a Pully link to proto-Romans at the Colapis.

The Romney Coat is in the colors and format of the Balcon/BalCOMB Coat. The latter surname was first found at Crail while Crails/Crabs were first found in Cambridgeshire (near Colchester) with the RUMillys/ROMillys (share Moray / Bailey stars) who may be using NINE piles because Nine's are listed with the Nons/Nevins sharing the Rumilly/Romilly crescent. The Nine's/Nons/Nevins were kin of Kness'/Ness, a pointer to the Knesset, the Israeli parliament.

PLUS WOW, the Ness variation of Kness' gets us to Ness'/NESSANs/NISE's (Fife with Crail!) and therefore to the Nissans suspect with the double fesses on the Israeli flag! You just saw Rome liners suspect from the Rimna river, and from the Benjamins of Rimmon. They pointed to the modern Israeli government, or even to the founders of modern Israel who call themselves, ZIONists. Why that? Note that Nissans share a left-rising bend on red with Rose/RAS-loving Jewish Rothchilds (not ("Rothschild"), and with Masci's, Massena's and RASmussens.

Nissans share a brown stag with the Nulls in the "Nulla" motto term of Pullys/Pullings. A giant brown stag is with Venus', first found in Kent with Romneys/Rumneys, and the Romans made Venus a carry from the Hebrew line of Aphrodite.

The Culps/Cups/Cope's in the Pully/Pulling motto take us to Cope's/Coaps and Copps, both of whom share the Masci fleur-de-lys, and Maschi's (not "Masci") were first found in RIMINi. Masci's were first found in Piedmont with the Pero's/Perino's suspect in the "PERsevere" motto of Rumillys/Romillys.

The Meschins married the Rumilly-Skiptons in Yorkshire's Craven, and while Pullys/Pullings were first found in Yorkshire too, Cravens trace to Croatia, location of the Colapis/Kupa river. Benjamin-like Banks named Bank Newton in Craven, and then Bangs/Bengs were first found in Kent with Romneys/Rumneys/Romenils. Newtons (Cheshire with Masseys, Bens, and the Skipton-related Meschins) use "SHIN BONES, and while English Bone's (Sussex with Coopers/Coppers) and Bunns share the Pully/Pulling and Romney/Rumney bend, Fox's/SHINnocks may have been of the namers of Focsani at the Rimna-river theater.

Cravens almost have the Rick Coat, and so I trace Cravens in particular to Croatia's Rijeka/Rika, and we need to add that RICK Young was Kepke's neighbor of exactly his age. The Youngs and their June / Jeune branches are from the neighboring Una river, and the Jeune's in a Yonge/Young motto were even first found in Cambridgeshire with Rumillys.

The Don-related Bruens can be shown, partly by their Braoin variation, to have been a Brain branch, for Brains were first found in Norfolk with the Comyns suspect in the "Comnac" motto term of Bruens/Braoins. Then, Comyns Coat is almost the one of DATE's/Dade's/DEEDs (Norfolk) while DATsons were first found in North Yorkshire with Deightons/DATons. My Nissan was sold from the Datsun dealership of Kent DONer, which looks arranged because Italian ROMANS/Romania's, sharing the white and upright wolf with Doners, almost have the German Fleming Coat while Scottish Flemings have a "DEED SHAW" motto phrase. Shaws (CUPS in Comyn colors and format) have the Comyns (share dagger with Shaws) in their write-up.

The medallion on my Jeep pointed to Groce's/Greggs sharing the split Shield of Italian Romans/Romania's! It's more evidence that Jeepma's were from Roman elements. Scottish Romans were first found in Peebles with Tweets while Twitts were first found in Norfolk with McLeod-beloved Fasts (share Lutt/Lute quadrants) and Flags/Flecks. The McLeod/Lutt motto is "HOLD fast," which tends to verify that this clan was of the namers of the OLT river in Romania. McLeods/Lutts were close to RIMMONs/Crimmons.

Lut-like Lots/Lote's (Kent with Romneys), sharing the giant, black and double-headed eagle with Jeepma's, share the brown dog with Lothians, the latter first found in Perthshire with Shaws and Dogs/Docks. See also the brown dog of Goggle's/Gogels, in the colors and format of Venus' (Kent with Lots/Lote's).

DONkeys have Norfolk's Diss line in their motto, and Donkey-branch Duncans share the Date/Dade/Deed chevron. Donkeys and Duncans look related to Dogs/Docks. In case you flew over it, the paragraph above suggests that Jeepma's linked with Romanian elements from the Lut river, and we may add that English Docks were first found in Staffordshire with the Bramton-connectable Duce's.

The Death Symbol

The Achelous river at Calydon was home to the mythical Sirens, all women who had a music theme, same as the all-women mythical Muses at the Mysian city of Parion/PARIUM (Troy theater), an ancient city that that I say named mythical, Abraham-connectable Priam, king of Troy. There were eventually nine Muses, and I'll show you how this goes to the nine witches of Avalon i.e. the myth writer who decided on nine witches was possibly playing off the nine Muses for the reason that he knew Mysians to be on Avalon.

The Agarus river is now the Siret, possibly named by Edomites of Seir, but in any case there is a Siron variation to the Sire/Siret surname having a Coat and motto looking related to Justine's, the line of Justine of PICenum, interesting as per the Caledonian tribe of PICts. The latter lived in Perthshire, where Justine's were first found. I always link Justine's to Esau-like Ass', and Timna of Seir had married a son of Esau who together birthed Amalek who sons could have named, Moloch, for the God of Israel especially hated the Amalekites.

The Astikas' who can be traced to Astakos (off the Achelous river of Sirens), when they married Traby, were in VILNius, which I trace to the province of Vilaine in Brittany. The Muse-like Musics/Musys, who look like they were developed as play on the mythical Muses, were not only first found in Brittany with Vilaine, but they use a giant eagle while Eagle's/Hegels were from the Achelous river along with the Wing-related Hagels.

Wings/WINKs (Perthshire with Justine) were related to Justine's, as was shown above because she married VALENTinian I of VINKovci. The Valence-connectable Velins share the martlets of French Alans, and so compare the variations of Velins / Velins / Valance's to "Avlona," for the latter city was also Aulon, where I trace Alans of Dol. Finally, compare "Avlona" to mythical Avalon, which I identify as the island of Bute that the Dol-line Stewarts seized when they ascended the Scottish throne.

The trick now is to find a way to link the Musics/Musys to Vilaine, for Dol is in that province. If we can make the link, then we have a basis for tracing the mythical Muses to Avalon, for while Apollo was the leader of the Muses, Apollonia is beside Avlona. They are beside the Ceraunii mountains while the Ceraunii Illyrians lived between the Urbanus and OENEUS rivers, and mythical Oeneus was a king of Calydon.

Lucky for you, I've memorized a few Coats over the past 20 years of delving full-time into heraldry. I know without looking that the Music/Muse eagle is shared by English Ghents, and I also know without looking that Dutch Ghents/Gaunts share the wavy fesse of Dols. To top it off, the Chief-Shield colors of Vilains are shared by English Ghents. Vilains are said to have set up a Templar shop.

But there is much more, because Brittany's Rance river straddles the Vilaine border, and even connects to the Vilaine river. While the chief witch of Avalon was made Morgan le Fay, Fays (Justine sword?) use an "EspeRANCE" motto. See thou now? The Rance flows to St Malo, and the ermine mammal in the Arms of St. Malo wears a scarf, and then I've seen the official description of the Traby/Sadowski surname, a "scarf". There you have the evidence that Astikas' of Vilnius named Vilaine province, or vice-versa.

There's more because Fays have a spear in Crest to go with "eSPERance," and the Fay boar head is the one of Speers/SPEYers while Peter Pollock built ROTHES castle on the SPEY river. Speers/Speyers were first found in RENfrewshire with Pollocks while RENNES is in Vilaine province. Wikipedia's article on Clan Pollock verifies that Peter's father, Fulbert, was a vassal of the Dol Alans. I trace Spears to Pasi's/Pascels (look like kin of Italian Alberts) who in turn share the spear of German Starks while Danish Starks have two of the three hexagrams of Rads, the latter suspect with the Astikas-related Radziwills.

I took the Starks from the Straker variation of Strike's sharing the giant Rance lion. As German Starks were first found in Westphalia with Nagle's/Neils/Nails, it's notable that the latter's saltire is colors reversed from the saltire-by-spears of Pasi's/Pascels and the saltire-by-chains of Alberts (both first found in Bologna).

"Strike" is a Hawk motto, and while Hawks have "pilgrim's staves," Stave's/Steinson were a branch of the Stevensons who are in Valentin colors and format. I met Lorraine on my last day living at the apartment of Albert OoSTEYN, and Steins, first found in Norfolk with Pilgrims, can be linked to Stains where the latter share the Stave/Steinson Crest. If the Stain Crest has a "wreath" rather than a "garland," it's notable that Wreath's have a Grate motto term while Valentinian was the son of GRATian. German Stevens share the Garland Coat.

In fact, the Greats/GREEPs, first found in Northumberland with Stave's/Steinsons, Stevenson, and Lorraine's, share the Nagle/Neil/Nail saltire!!! Stains had married Neil-related Yarborough's (another "sine" motto term). Greep-like Crepins/CRISPINs, sharing the "pomegranate" with Grass-like Grazi's (!), were first found in Lorraine. Mr. Grimaldus married Crispina, daughter of king Rollo, and Grimaldi's share the Shield of Bags, first found in Norfolk with PilGRIMs. The Grime's/Grimms even share the Feet/fate / Mackle martlets.

Crepins/Crispins were first found at Tull-like Toul, and so far as I can recall, I first saw Lorraine out the restaurant window while replacing the toilet in that place. Tollets are listed with Toul-like Tulls. Toule's/Tools share the lion in the Tull/Tollet Chief! Possibly, I first saw her before replacing the toilet, but I do in fact remember clearly that, as I walked out of the bathroom to sit and eat at a table, while working in the bathroom, Lorraine's back was to me as she stood out the WINDOW at her bus stop.

I was living at Albert OOSTEYN's at the time that I saw her out the window two or three times, and Scottish Austins, an obvious branch of English Austins/OSTIENs (Quint kin), share the blue lion paw with Windows! Austins/Ostiens share the chevron of Stave-like Staffs/Staffords (Tollets first found in Staffordshire). The OSTs/Hosts could be sharing the English Stark bull head, important where it's Stave-loving Hawks (beside Osts/Hosts) who have the Strike's/Strakers (Lancashire with WINDs) in their motto. Hawk-beloved Pilgrims were first found in Norfolk with BUS' and Purple's. The pilgrim staves of Hawks are purple.

Winds are listed with Windells, and Strike's can be construed in Vandel/WENDEL colors and format. The latter are expected in the motto of Moray-connectable Handels, and the Stave's/Steinsons share the Chief of Douglas' who were in turn first found in Moray while having the Moray stars in their Chief. Dogs/Doags/Docks share the Bus cinquefoil. Mackle's were first found in Galloway with Douglas-like DOUGALs/Medals.

Windows can be linked to Fiens/FINIS', and "Sine FINE" is a Mackle motto term. The Great Seal of the United States has an "unFINISHed pyramid," and Tulls/Tollets have a pyramid! I was RENOvating the bathroom, and the Reno river is in Bologna, where Italian Alberts were first found! There's a lot of new material here taking me by surprise. Albert had MS at the time, and he succumbed to it at age 44/45 some 20 years later. I was one of the four men who put his casket over his grave.

With Lorraine pointing to Bush liners in several ways, I'm now noting that while she had a babe symbol with her foot symbol, Prescots share the Babe leopard face. The Bush presidents, born from the Nazi Scherffs, were "adopted" by the Nazi-supporter, Prescott Bush (banker), and Winds/Windells were first found in Prescot. Lorraine's were from Kiev, land of the blond Budini, and Boyds, linkable by their motto to Fette-branch Fido's, share two fingers pointing with Babe's. Babels/Babwells were once said to be first found in Middlesex, where Stains are now said to be first found since about last year.

Babe's, connectable to Bussys (look like Beak / Finchem / Fein/Finn kin), were once said to be first found in Dorset with Bushers and Beaks, and Lorraine's have beakless eagles that are otherwise the eagles of Childs, the latter first found in Hertfordshire with Vinkovci-liner and Finchem-connectable Vince's/Finch's. Lorraine took her bus to the Finch subway station on each work day, and "work" is a motto term of Sinclairs/SUNs in the Babe sun. Crepins/Crispins, first found in Lorraine with beakless-eagle Perins, were directly Clare's while Sinclairs had been Claro's. English Clare's were first found in Suffolk with Babe's and their Blond kin who in turn use a "foot" on their sun. Perrins (not "Perin") were first found in Northumberland with Lorraine's.

Rennes on the Vilaine river is important here where Raine's-branch Wrens share the purple lion with English Vivians/VEYs (Cornwall with Morgan le Fay) while Dutch Veys use a boot apparently as code for Bute = Avalon. Mythical GORlois, central to Avalon, was part code for Gore's sharing the crosslets of Wing-connectable Windsors, the latter first found in Berkshire with boot-using Boots. Winds were a WINKler branch. While the Wind and Winkler crosses are colors reversed from the same of English House's, the latter were first found beside Berkshire.

I've maintained for some 15 years, without change of mind, that mythical Avalon was the island of ROTHESay. It's making sense when we see how the line of Avlona, to the Alans, was connected to the builder of Rothes castle.

Plus, Fulbert "the tanner" lived about one generation off from Fulbert of the Pollocks, and Tanners share the Chief-Shield combination of Vilains. The Tanaro river is near Saluzzo while the Dol Alans would marry Alice of Saluzzo a couple of centuries after "the tanner." Saluzzo-related Dure's and Cluns were both first found in Perthshire with Justine's.

I trace Saluzzo's to Sales', first found in Cheshire with the Mere's, and the Vileyn family set up the Templar order in a Mere location. And we also read: "Hugo de Villana, in 1086, held land at Taunton in Somerset of the Bishop of Winchester." This Vilnius-line family in Somerset is remarkable on multiple fronts. Somerset is not only where Wing-related Hagels were first found, and not only where Astikas-line Sticks were first found, but where Rothes-related Roets were first found who share the Fay / Speer boar head.

The Spree's sharing the Speer crescent were first found in Cornwall with mythical GorLOIS, father of Morgan le Fay, and his name is suspect with LUIS, mother of Alice of Saluzzo. Cornwall is the location of Bude, and Bude's are in Bute/Butt colors while Rothesay was renamed, Bute. The upper Spree river (Lusatia) is near GORLitz so that "Gorlois" might even have been play on that place. Lois' (Artois) are in Kepke/Kopke colors and format while Gorlitz is in Saxony. Kepke's/Kopke's were not only first found in Saxony, but they share the border of Wink-related Justine's.

Kupe's/Koops (share the Kepke/Kopke border too) have a Coat like the Mile's who were not only first found in Hampshire with the Vilaine- / Music-connectable Ghents, but Nicholas de Vere von Drakenberg traced his Vere-family witchcraft to mythical Melusine of Avalon, and he invented her son as Milo i.e. looks like code for Mile's. Hampshire was home to the Atrebates who named Atrecht, the Artois capitol. I ventured to trace mythical Melusine from her home in LUSIGnan to Luzica, the local name of Lusatia i.e. location of the Spree.

German Dragons, sharing the red wyvern dragon with Drake's (Hampshire with Mile's and Mills), are in Rance colors and format, and moreover were first found in Silesia, beside Lusatia. German Sage's, expected in the "sage" motto term of Spree's, use the RAINBOW, code possibly for both Rennes liners and Roet-related Bows/Bough's.

The reason that De-Vere made Milo of Melusine the count of Anjou is that mirror-like Mire's/Mireux's were first found in Anjou, explaining why the heraldic mermaid often holds a mirror. Although mythical Melusine started off with a dragon/snake tail, she ended up with a fish tail so that the mirror of the heraldic mermaid is discovered as part of the Melusine entity of the Vere's. Mire-like Meyers can morph to are also Mere's, and we saw Vilains at Mere. The Sire's/Sirets/Sirons not only have a green snake looking at itself in the mirror, but they look connectable to the Arms of VILNius which itself shares the scales of justice with Justine's.

Snake's/Snooks share the fleur-de-lys of Perkins who in turn have a "Simplex" motto term while the Simple's in the Spree motto were first found in Renfrewshire with Roet-related Speers.

Roets have a "VERum" motto term, and while Nicholas de Vere traced his witchy bloodline to Transylvania, that's where the Rimna river is located that goes to the Rums/RUMs i.e. apparently in "Verum." The Rimna is near the Buzau while Bush's share the Music/Musy eagle.

Keeps were first found in Sussex with Felix's while Felice is the "patron saint" (likely code for an important-to-the-Vatican family) of Picenze, a location suspect from Justine of Picenum. Felix's use the mill rind. The Miles' (not "Mile"), first found in Lincolnshire with Wink-connectable Eagle's/Hegels, share the mill RIND with Mills (Hampshire with Mile's), and Rance's have a Rynd variation because the Rance flows to St. Malo while Malo's are listed with French Mallets while English Mallets (Suffolk with Kepke-connectable Kidds) share the Rind scallops. Rinds were first found in Perthshire with Kepke-connectable Justine's. The Mill Crest could have the Rance/Rynd lion.

Rinds and Mallets share gold scallops with Vilaine-like Vilers', and the latter were just found because Snake-like Sanks were looked up to find them receiving property from PAIN de Vilers. Sire's/Sirets/Sirons use "panels" on their tower, and Panels are listed with PAYEN-branch Pings/Pongs/Pagans. While Sanks are in AINSley colors and format, the Sinks with a near-copy of the Sank Coat were first found in Cambridgeshire with ANNAS'.

The first-known Sink liner was Mr. SINOker, possibly a pointer to China / Sinohawk, and possibly a branch of Snooks/Snake's / Seneca's/Senegals, for the latter have a "sine" motto term. Seneca's/Senegals are said to descend from Mr. Dent while Dents are in Sink colors and format. Dents were first found in Yorkshire's SEDbergh while Sedans, once said to be first found in Yorkshire, have a "SINO SED" motto phrase.

The Mackle's suspect in the "sine macula" motto phrase of Seneca's/Senegals, with a "Sine fine" motto of their own, share the Feet martlets while Lorraine had a feet symbol. It recalls that, the first time I saw her was when I was in a restaurant (large street-side window) inside her bus STOP, where I had removed and replaced the bathroom SINK and TOILET. Tulls/TOLLETs were first found in Stave-like Staffordshire with Stops/Stubbs, and then Tulls/Tullia's use the BUTTERfly while Fly's were first found in Hampshire with BOTTERs/Bodens, Buttons/Bidens/Bodins, and the Hawks who can point to Sinohawk in this heraldic set. Tullia of Lyon can apply because Lyons share the green lion with Lorraine's.

However, Tulls/Tollets, as the Tulets, are said to have been first found in Northumberland too, where Lorraine's were first found. Tulls/Tollets have a "pruDENTia" motto term.

Hmm, the Sire's/Sirons with the snake are expected from the mythical Sirens who had a singing symbol, and Sanks are like Sangs/Singers. Did God arrange for this heraldic set? Sangs/Singers share the hexagrams of Urbans and Massena's (and Payens/Pagans) while Maezaei lived between the URBANus and Oeneus rivers. Masons/Massins were first found in Kent with Snake's/Snooks. Massena's are also Messina's while Messina in Sicily is known to have been named after Messenia in Greece, and the latter region has the location of Methoni, and, as I've said before, mythical Oeneus was given a daughter, Methoni.

I've just found Urban-like Orbans listed with Albins/Aubins/AllBONE's/AliBONE's (see MarlyBONE's below), and the latter were first found in Barnstaple while Barnstaple's (Devon) are in the colors and format of Valentins i.e. suspect with Justine's husband. The current Hungarian prime minister has an Orban surname, and Valentinian I was born in Vinkovci over near the Hungarian border. AND WOW, their Albini branch (share Barnstaple trefoils) were first found on Modena while Methoni was also, Modon!!! So, yes, Urban(us) liners apparently got together with Albini liners. Albanys even share the Mason/Massin Coat.

Oh wow, the My's in the motto of Ainsleys (Nottinghamshire with My's) share the fitchee-formee of Orbans/Albins/Aubins. It then gets incredible because the English Singers, with a horse in Orban/Albin/Aubin colors, not only share the sheaves of neighboring, Astikas-line Sticks, but were first found in Devon with Orbans/Albins/Aubins!!! You just saw how Albini's trace to mythical Oeneus at the theater of the singing Sirens!

The Mea variation of My's is in the TAFF motto while TAPHians at the Achelous river were pirates. The Sirens would lure sea-farers with their singing to kill them, meaning that Sirens were code for pirates. God had given me a treble-clef event with Miss Hicks, and here it needs to be asserted that Hicks share the Ainsley fleur-de-lys probably more closely than I can yet prove. The treble clef is a music theme, and Miss Hicks has studio recordings of her singing, making the Sirens suspect from the Hyksos.

Cleffs are listed with Cliffs who married Stiche's (share Stick Coat). Cleffs/Cliffs share the triple wolf heads of Quade's suspect in the Q-shaped "scarf" of Trabys/Sadowski's. The Hicks Coat is with a blue Shield with the Hooks, first found in Devon with English Singers.

Taphians can be gleaned from mythical Daphne in the Ladon river, earlier from a Daphne location beside Payne-like Panias (Phoenicia), and Payne's were first found in Somerset with Ladons/Ladds and Sticks while Devon, where Stick-connectable Singers were first found, was, in my opinion, named by Daphne liners imbedded with the Spartan LaceDAEMONians. Devon and Somerset had the ancient DUMNONi, and the Ladon river is near Sparta. Devon is where bear-using Bears/Beers were first found while German Sangs/Singers use the bear.

French Bears/Beards, first found in Brittany with the Rance river, and in Rance colors and format. The Dol Alans at the Rance-river area became the Stewarts, and English Stewarts were first found in Devon too. Bears/Beards can be gleaned from the Vilaine river because its at Venus-like Vannes while the bear of German Bears is in Venus colors and format. The Vanes' are listed with Phone's/Fiens/Fane's who share the bull (different color) with Bears/Beards, and Phones'/Vauns and Fens'/Venns were first found in Devon with English Bears/Beers.

Fens'/Venns almost have the Mallet / Rind scallops. Bards/Beards share the boar of TURINs while Rinds have a "DiuTURNitate" motto term. Turin liners can explain the Bear/Beard bull. There is a Diot surname, possibly applying to that same motto term, having stripe-less tigers, and Tigers were first found in Suffolk with Mallets. Bards/Beards share the Leslie Crest while Rinds are in Leslie colors and format.

I suggest that Albin/Aubins were not true Urbanus liners, but rather bumped into an Urbanus liner my marriage who retained an Urban-like variation. Urbans were first found in Austria with the Metz's using a giant ORB.

Spanish Urbans (share Justine / Kepke border) share the triple Macey stars, and while Masseys list a Macey variation, this traces well to the Urbanus river. Masseys have a WINGed horse partly red, the color of the Malory horse head, but see also Dutch Mackays.

Sanks almost have the Marly Coat while the latter were first found in Cheshire with Malo-like Malls/MARLYbone's. The latter have the Benjamite-connectable MalBANCs, and Benjamites were at the Rimna river. Snake's/Snooks were first found in Kent with Bank-like Bangs/Bengs/Bings/Bongs.

Bude's use bows while Bows/Bough's share the Roet motto, both using a motto term that is almost the "quarere" of Boughie's. The latter share the stag head of Tristans, first found in Cornwall with Gorlois. There was a mythical Tristan in Arthurian myth, and Gorlois' wife was even the mother of king Arthur. I can tell you why one myth writer had king Arthur dying on Avalon, island of his half sister, Morgan le Fay.

The myth writer (Thomas MALORY) revealed to us some of his bloodline secrets with the title of his myth, "Le MORTE d'Arthur." He amusedly used that title because Deaths/Darths share the Mott/MORTE crescent. The latter tell of their location in the Brittany province of Cotes-du-Nord, which is now Cotes-d'Armor, and the Rance river in that very province. Why might Armors share the Moray stars? The Oeneus-suspect One's/Innis' were Moray kin.

Malorys not only share the Rance lion, but as the Rance flows to St. MALo, it tends to reveal that Malorys (Mall/Marlybone colors) were a branch of Malo's / Mallets. Thomas Malory knew where his bloodline traced, connecting with the Rance-related Fays to Avalon's Muses. The Roet boar head is in colors reversed with Rollo's (Perthshire again), and MALahule of MORE was king Rollo's uncle. French Mere's are listed with More's, and they are suspect as a branch of Morays. Rothes castle of the Roet (and Rothschild) bloodline is in Moray.

Rollo's share the black boar, ancient symbol of Edom, with the Busch's/Buschs, likely from Busca, beside Saluzzo, and this tends to explain why Bush's share the eagle of Musics/Musys. The latter were shown to connect with Vilaine elements.

Deaths/Darths were first found in Kent with Venus', and mythical Venus, mother of mythical Oeneus-like Aeneas, can be traced to Lake VAN, location of Mus. The Vilaine river flows into the VANNES region. Here's a new thing for me: "The Vilaine...flows out into the Atlantic Ocean at PENEStin..." The Penes'/Pennys trace with Pendragons to the Penestae peoples on the DRIN river, and Pendragon was made the father of king Arthur!!! Beauty. Evidence that Pendragons are from the Drin is where Dragons are also DRAINers , and they were even first found in Kent with Deaths/Darths (Dragon/Drainer and Pendragon colors). The Pendragon helmet is open, and the Mynetts (Kent), with helmets in colors reversed from the ones of Dragons/Drainers, are said to use "oPEN helmets", we get it.

The Penes'/Pennys, first found in Northamptonshire with Lucar-connectable Spinks, share the black greyhound with Sire-connectable LOOKs/Luke's/Lucks. Lukars and Lucars/Lugars were first found in Somerset with HUGO de Villana in the Vilaine write-up, and Hugo's have the Melusine mermaid with both the mirror and the anchor. Anchors were an Anger branch while Nicholas de Vere has Melusine's son as the count of Anjou about 800 AD, shortly before Fulk I, count of Anjou and husband of Miss Loches. Loches'/Desloges' were first found in Burgundy with Lugar-like Loge's, Sire's/Sirets/Sirons, Vere-branch Vairs, and snake-using Save's. Savers were first found in Somerset too.

Save's are in the colors and format of Balcons/Balcombs, first found in Fife with the Sibal(d)s who can be traced to CIBALae, the alternative named of Vinkovci.

[Insert -- ZOWIE, Sibals were first found at balcony-like Balgonie (Fife)! That must have been named by Balcons! Lorraine's pant stain upon her balcony can thus point to Valentinian, son of emperor GRATian, the line to Greats (share blue border of Justine's), first found in Northumberland with Lorraine's!!! We can't limit God on the number of pointers per one event.

Her pant stain pointed to Pansys and Ducks/Ducker (both in Westphalia), and here it can be added that Valence's/Vallants have the five Duck/Ducker fesses in colors reversed. But, can you grasp it: God had to arrange a date who lived in a building with a balcony in order to get us to Sibals of Balgonie. I'm impressed.

And He had to get me to work in a restaurant that has a front window looking out to her bus stop, for that's where I saw her a couple of times, from inside the restaurant, before asking her for the date. I was renovating the restaurant's washroom, and as the owner was Jimmie, a Greek, I've just loaded Greeks to find them much in the colors and format of Butts/Bute's!!! The latter (use ESToiles) were Este kin, and Greeks happen to have an "esto" motto term!!! WOOOOOWWWIE! Greeks are listed with Greers, yet their canton reveals them to be a Gregor branch.

Gratian, father of Valentinian, can also trace to the Grate's/Wreaths/Craiths because they share the Chief of Schims/Schiens who in turn have a "duce" motto term while Ducks/Duckers were kin of Velins and Velens/Valence's (share Valence/Vallant martlets). Schims/Schiens share the boar of Mole's/MOWS, and "mo" is a Gregor motto term.

When asking her for the first time if she'd like to get together, we agreed to meet that evening at my LAUNDRomat, and "VigiLANTER" happens to be a motto term of English Gregorys, and English Lanters are listed with LANDERs while French Landrys were first found in Lorraine. And zowie, French Lanters share the Este eagle.

The laundromat pointed hard to Landens/Landers who share the six pale bars of Langleys, and so I think my pointing accusingly, with my finger, at Lorraine's ass stain is representative of God's embarrASSing the CIA lately, for it has headquarters in Langley. That's "emBARRassing," as in bare assed, and she did point to Bare's/Barrs. The CIA has become the butt-end of jokes, or the epitome of the most disgusting human rats seeking total power on this planet. The CIA wants military money offshore because it takes much of it for its fellow gangsters, and they LAUNDER that money. They get it printed by fellow gangsters in political power, and then they dish it out between themselves.

Valentins use squirrels while Squirrels have the "ferme" motto term suspect with AZZO, founder of Este but living in Fermo at the southern end of Picenum. Gregor-connectable Roots were Pick/Pix kin, and then Pickens/Picks (Ayrshire with Craigie's) have a Coat like the one of Reds/Reads, the latter first found in Northumberland with Greats and Lorraine's.

I didn't mean to get sidetracked like this, but there's more: Laundrys/Landrys give us Lavandaria's while LAVENders apply because my laundromat at the time was at the corner of LEVENdale and Yonge street. As it turns out, Lavenders were first found in Bedfordshire with Lanters/Landers. Laundrys/Landrys share the rooted tree with Roots (Kent with Valence's/Vallants), Woods (Leicestershire with Gregorys), Greeks/Greers and Gregors. The latter were first found at Argyll and BUTE!!! Beauty, it verifies that Greeks/Greers are in Bute colors and near-format for a related reason.

Ohhhhh: Gregs not only have two of the Landry (and Foot) fesse, but were first found in Fife with Balcons/Balcolms and Balgonie! The last time I checked Gregs, they were first found in Yorkshire with Craggs (share Carrick dog), but the new Fife location is excellent here. Foots share the Greg trefoil, and the Flags in the Foot Crest share the double fesses of Stains! Lorraine had a BARE foot symbol, and Este-related Bare's/Barrs were first found in Ayrshire with Greg-branch Carricks (Greg colors) and Craigie's!

Incredibly, Greco's nearly have the Roman/Romania Coat, and so look below at this timing, for I was finished this insert before trying for a Greco surname. The horizontally-split Greco and Roman/Romania Shield is shared by German Greggs/Groce's, believe it or not. Jimmie the Greek.

Greco's share the giant wolf of German Flemings while Scottish Flemings were first found in Lanarkshire. Flemings not only have the Deed variation of DATE's, but Lanarks/Lurnacks have the Lorne's in their write-up while I asked Lorraine on our first date at the corner of Yonge of Lorne, right in front of Jimmie's restaurant. Greco's trace to "Alberto dei Greci," and I was living at the apartment of Albert OoSTEYN on that day of the first date. English Alberts (Kent with Valence's) are nearly in the colors and format of Greco's. Alberto is said to have moved to Balgonie-like Bologna, where Italian Alberts were first found. End insert]

The Hugo Shield is split horizontally with the same of Italian Romans/Romania's while Vere traced his Melusine line to Transylvania, now Romania. A family on the Rimna river there developed, I think, into the Rims/Rums/Rome's. The Rimna is at Wallachia, home of count DRACula, and Scottish Walsh's/Walchs were first found in Roxburghshire with Weirs/Vere's.

The beauty here is that Lukars and Lucars/Lugars are new to me this week while Lucars/Lugars have the wavy Dol fesse in colors reversed. Dol is in Vilaine. Lukars share the red horse head with Malorys, and Keips are the ones with the giant red horse. Keeps were first found in Sussex with mascle-like Mascals, and Mussels/Muscels were first found in Lincolnshire with Achelous-liner Eagle's/Hegels, and these Massey / Masci liners were from/to the Maezaei on the Oeneus river while mythical Oeneus was at the Achelous theater.

The reason that Mascals and Muscels were entered above is that Malory-like Mailors (Cornwall with Morgan-le-Fay) have the mascles of Glough's/Glue's/Clufs and Lucars/Lugars in half their colors, and all three surnames share the blue lion. Glough-like Glove's were first found in Perthshire with Justine's. To top things off, Mailors share the mascles of Snake-branch Seneca's while Sire's/Sirets/Sirons have a snake with mirror. Mailor-like Mails were first found in Cheshire with Masseys and Mere's/Meyers.

Here's from my 1st update in July, 2020, with focus on "looking": "Sire's/Sirons have a green snake 'LOOKing at itself in the mirror,' and this connects with the Sire/Siron ANCHOR because Anchors have a version of an Anger Coat while mirrors are code for Mire's/Mireux's of Anjou/Angers. Sire's/Sirons were even first found in Burgundy with mirror-using Primo's (patee cross) who in turn look like kin of Look-like Loches' (Burgundy), from Miss Loches', wife of Fulk I of Anjou. The Looks are listed with Licks/Lucks,..." That's the Luke's/Lucks, in-code with the snake and mirror of Achelous-river liners.

The mythical Sirens had a death symbol. Anyone listening to their songs would be lured toward them, to their being murdered (by the Sirens). Deaths/Darths were first found in Kent with Picenum-connectable Picks/Pix's and Roet-branch Roots. The English Woods sharing the rooted tree with Picks/Pix's and Roots have a Scottish branch (share Roet tree) not only sharing the Pick/Pix fitchees, but there is a savage in the Wood Crest while Savage's have the Coat of Eagle's/Hegels in colors reversed! I always link Justine's to Sire's/Sirets/SIRONs who in turn look related to the Arms of Vilnius, home of the Astikas while Astakos is at the Achelous theater of proto-Eagle's/Hegels and the mythical SIRENs.

Of course, not all heraldic links I make can be said to be God-arranged, but as some seem to be, I press on seeking those links for whatever pointers He might have, with whatever causes they may come with. I've come to know so much heraldry that I can make some fast links from one term to another that should not necessarily be considered God's doing just because they are fast / neat, but there are times when the links from just one event or one person (especially Lorraine) cascade before me so naturally, it seems, that it's hard to deny God's finger behind them.


Although the technicalities in the following video may be over your head, the bottom line is not:

On the topic of who really is Elon Musk, the following points can be considered:

Here's an interesting archaeological find, thought to be a Biblical altar in the days of Joshua:

After the 20th minute below, you can see a scientific admission that humans have been devolving rather than evolving, as could be expected, and it's a thing Creationists have known for a long time just by using common sense:

Creationists are not merely winning, but won long ago. Evolution is as dead as an illusion in someone's imagination. Life was Created by a PROGRAMMER, duh. Cells are programmed factories but susceptible to degradation generation after generation, not upward evolution, duh.

After a Pfizer complex was hit by a tornado, it's possible that someone(s) could have gotten a hold of some wind-strewn vials of vaccine material, who can arrange to have it exposed as containing poison(s):

Here's Dr. John Campbell insinuating, early in the video, that youtube would rather see young people murdered painfully by vaccines than to see the dissemination of this video:

Here's more indisputable evidence that Pfizer had graphene-oxide in some of its vaccine vials:

In the 9th minute above, it appears that Moderna was combining stainless steel with graphene-oxide, making sense because the latter is highly magnetic, and steel is a choice magnetic material. Stainless steel is choice if the goons want it to remain long in the body without corrosion. It appears the goons were targeting Japan with this material. As Mr. Kepke and a spider was used to point to graphene-oxide in Vaccines, while Kepke's were a Keep branch, note the Chep variation of Japan-like Jappa's.

The video mentions Robert Langer, founder of Moderna. I therefore looked up Langers/Langs to find that the Dutch branch shows nothing but six-pointed stars in the colors of the one of Cheps/Jappa's. The Ducs/LeDucs have eight-pointed stars in the same colors, making it appear arranged by God that heraldry should pointers to Langer and James LeDuc too. Ducs/LeDucs were first found in Brittany with the the Lang-line Alans / Alengs who became the Stewarts, and the latter share the pelican-on-nest with German Langers/Langs.

The Dol Alans became the Stewarts, and while Dol is very near St. Malo on the Rance river to which Rinds (share scallops of Malo-branch Mallets) can be traced with Rance's/Rynds, Rinds use a "flower pot" while Flowers (Devon with English Stewarts) share the cinquefoil of Potters while the latter almost have the Coat of English / Scottish Langs. Dol is near Montfort while Monforte is near Langhe of Italy.

English and Scottish Langs use letters while Letter-branch Lauders were first found in Berwickshire with Nest-beloved Dove's, and with Alan-branch Elons. Dove's are in the colors and near-format of English / Scottish Langs, and Dovers (Kent with Dragons) have the Flower Coat in colors reversed. Dragons are in Dove and Potter colors and format. Elon Musk wants brainchips, something that is probably to work in conjunction with graphene-oxide in the brain. The latter material is activated by radio waves from things such as Starlink satellites and ground towers. Letters use a goose while Goose's are listed with Gog-like Googe's. I still hold out that Ezekiel's Gog will be the 666 dragon of perdition.

StarLINGs/Starlincks were first found in Suffolk with LINGs and Kepke-related Kidds. Langs can be gleaned as a Link branch from LinkLETTERs (duck) showing a Coat like the Stewart Coat.

The MOTORbike of David Morley got suspect with MODERna vaccines. Morley appeared in the sleeping bag dream with multiple pointers to Hillary Rodham Clinton, and Roddens/Rodhams (Aids/Ade colors and format), who named the Rodden river in Shropshire (home of Dol Alans), share the Dover cinquefoil. We saw Dove's linkable to Langs, and it just so happens that Letter-loving English Langs were first found in Northumberland with Roddens/Rodhams who in turn share the brown tree stump with Letter-Branch Lauders (same place as Dove's and Elons).

The sleeping bag dream has recently been including Bleds, from Bled, beside Leslie-line Lesce. The Leslie Coat is essentially the Starling/Starlinck Coat. Why might that be?

In the 12th minute of the video above, we see the "New ModRNA Ferritin Nanoparticle Universal Flu Injection." Do not receive this. The time is coming fast for God to murder the deceptive, destructive globalists with great pleasure; your job, to avoid a similar fate, is to be on His side starting yesterday. Don't worry, just honor Him in this final showdown.

I think you will like this short video:

Encore. What ever happened to all of those scare-mongers showing the melting ice caps? David Suzuki, where art thou, FRAUD. Ooops, they didn't think people would start advertising that sea levels are NOT rising in accordance to their scare tactics. The whole world was supposed to believe that coastal-city streets would soon be under three feet of water.

In the third minute below, a new email from Fauci to his accomplices during his cover-up days has him admitting that Wuhan does gain-of-function:

Del Bigtree accuses Fauci rightfully above in intentionally / negligently not informing the world that the COVID virus may have been a bio-weapon product. No matter what COVID was in reality, Fauci looks criminal in this particular issue, even if COVID was nothing more than a common cold. That is, with Fauci advancing a dangerous COVID virus to justify lockdowns and forced vaccinations, his emails are now portraying him as one causing that "pandemic," indirectly or directly we have yet to discover. I think the U.S. military did it deliberately, and that Fauci nodded.

The following concerns the same-type vaccine-kill strategy that was recently reported from Denmark, no surprise:

In the above, the claim is that twice the number of poisonous vials were delivered into Republican-leaning states as into Democrat-leaning states, but this alone doesn't tell what percentage of Republicans-versus-Democrats were harmed in Republican-leaning states...because it's possible that Democrats, even in those states, were twice as desirous to receive vaccination due to anti-vaxxers being predominantly Republican and spreading the word to one another to avoid vaccines. On the other hand, Democrats who watch only the leftist news channels were coaxed by them into ridiculing anti-vaxxers.

One can thus lump the election-fraud crimes in with vaccine-killer crimes because the goal is similar: to minimize the Republican voter, or at least to make them too sick to line up at a voting center. This is diabolical tyranny from the anti-Christs who have no fear of eternal punishment.


Here's all four Gospels wrapped into one story.

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