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August 1 - 7, 2023

I Was a Fole For Jesus
And a Born Loser Too
Devon Archer in Heraldic Pointers

It was nice while it lasted. Hall of Names is no longer showing the descriptions of the Coats of Arms presented at House of Names, but I have many of them recorded in my memory, and in past updates from which to find some.

On or about Friday 13, 1979, a few weeks after I felt the Holy Spirit enter my being, I woke up and saw a snap vision lasting a fraction of a second, just the head of an attractive blond woman who seemed to have a head problem. There was nothing physically amiss with her head. At the moment, I thought nothing of this vision, didn't even think it was one from God. However, a few minutes later or less, I heard words "audibly" that went something like, "Write this down: you're going to have a fight/disagreement with Steve tonight," or, "you're going to have a fight/disagreement at Steve's place tonight." I then got out of bed and wrote it on some paper, and slipped it into my pocket.

That evening, I was at Steve's party, sitting at the dining-room table beside Sharon Quinn, an attractive blond. I sensed the Holy Spirit move in the room, and so I began to reveal to my regular friends in the room that I had become a believer in Jesus. And Sharon was distraught about this, speaking up first and saying that I was being a fool. But Barry then piped up and said to the effect, "just let him believe whatever he wants to." Sharon then got up from the table, waled over to Barry sitting on the living-room floor, and punched him in the face. I saw blood dripping from his lip. He didn't retaliate, he just sat there and took it.

Sharon then ran down the hall to her brother's apartment, and as she arrived to his door, she fell on the floor and started to scream uncontrollably. Dennis and I ran down to see her, and after I got down on one knee to pray, looking up and saying, Jesus," she stopped screaming.

After two or three people helped her onto a couch, she reached out a hand toward me and said, "I love you," which I thought was odd, but I'll show below how the Love surname can apply to this event to verify that God was creating it to jibe with heraldic links. She and I had never been in a relationship.

After she said that to me, I walked back to Steve's place, and when he met me as I was about to enter his door, he complained for my having left his party earlier with Barry, then returning to the party, and so I handed him the note in my pocket, telling him I wrote it in the morning as God told me to so. But he didn't believe me, and said that I had written it while away from his party. But he probably didn't believe that either, as it makes no sense for me to do something like that. And, besides, Sharon punched Barry after we had returned and were all sitting down (there was no way to write the note after that event). I therefore think God wanted to send Steve a message that he was real.

(To follow better, load Fawcetts now to load and view other surnames on another Internet tab.)

Decades later, while telling this story to readers, I told them that the woman in the snap vision looked like Farrah Fawcett, and eventually I told the story by incorporating the main characters and events with heraldry to show proof that God was making pointers to Tony Fauci, for Fawcetts are listed with Fauci-like Faucets. Plus, Saer de QUINCy is in the Faucet write-up as the builder of their castle, and this woman of the vision who looked like Farrah Fawcett was fulfilled that night by Sharon QUINN.

[Insert -- Days after writing here, it dawned on me, like out of the blue on Sunday, that Sharon said I was being a fool by the will of God for an heraldic reason, and so I loaded fool-like Fole's to see that they were first found in Northamptonshire with Quince's/Quincys. This, if nothing more, acts as more proof that God set up the event.

And wow, just realized more. Fole's show a giant purple lion, the symbol of Irish Lacys/LACE's, which recalls the dream I had not many years ago, when Sharon's brother, Dennis, handed me an ice-cream cone while I was tying my shoe LACES!!!! Incredible. I'll expand on this in a section below. End insert.]

I felt confident that God made me think the woman was Farrah Fawcett because he had arranged the pertinent heraldry to point to Tony Fauci. The Farrah's even have horseshoes so that we have a pointer specifically to Fauci's role at the Wuhan lab, for it's known that this lab was taking natural viruses from horseshoe bats, and making the viruses more lethal as bio-weapons.

To make us believe further that God wanted me to recognize the vision as Farrah Fawcett, Sharon Quinn's boyfriend, who was at the party, was Charlie/Charley, and then Farrah Fawcett played the lead role in the television series, Charlie's Angels. Farrah Fawcett died young with cancer, and Judy Mikovits with others claim that cancer was ratcheted up by Fauci's introduction of vaccines / viruses into the human body.

I'm not saying that God likes to watch Charlie's Angels, but you really need to straighten up and listen here because English Angels share the Fauci lozenge. PLUS, the same Angels share a winged, white horse with Quinns. PLUS, the "bastion" of the same Angels gets us to Bastons/Batons who share the black bat with Bats! It seems sinful to deny that God set up the vision and the note in my pocket which He told me to write.

The other half of the giant Fauci lozenge is the one of Angel-like Angers, and the latter were first found in Essex with English Faux's, yet it's also where Quinn-like Quints were once said to be first found. Essex is where RAMs were first found while Ramps, first found in Cumberland with Quints, share the brown lions combattant with Irish Collins'. Put that together with the Chollens variation of French Faux's/Fage's.

The reason I'm repeating this story for about the fifth time is that I heard of a Walter Ian LIPkin this week while listening to Judy Mikovits. Looking him up, he's in the news, for example, this Fox headline: "Columbia professor [Lipkin] who thanked Fauci for Wuhan lab messaging has links to Chinese Communist Party members" The sub-title is: "Columbia professor Walter Ian Lipkin thanked Fauci for casting doubt on the lab leak theory". That scenario is exactly what we could expect from the Farrah horseshoes, and as Sharon punched Barry on the LIP, it appears that God is pointing to Lipkin.

Judy showed her audience (on London Real this week) a photo having Hillary Clinton beside Tony Fauci, and Francis COLLINS beside Fauci. On the other side of Clinton was Lipkin. The Fauchys were first found in Perigord with Faux's/Fage's/CHOLLENS', as if God arranged a Fauchy-line merger with Chollens' to point to Francis Collins, his boss at the time of the plandemic. Fauchy's use a "GRASShopper", and PenderGRASS' share the Sharron Coat, tending to convince me that God used Sharon Quinn to fulfill the vision with Farrah Fawcett.

Quinns were first found in Longford with Faughns sharing "compony" with Fawcetts/Faucets, and then vaccine-like Vaughns can apply here. Pendergrass' can be gleaned with the Penders, first found partly in Lincolnshire with Grasse's who in turn have lions in the colors of the Pender lion heads. It's then interesting that Longfords were first found in Derbyshire with English Francis'.

The reason I got down on one knee to pray, I assume, is that Knee's were first found in County Down with Irish Prays who in turn share the six pale bars of Longford-branch Langfords. Trump-connectable Downs were first found in Sussex with the Tromp-connectable Acorns, and the latter share the Knee and Needham stag head. Needhams, sharing the Knee Coat, were first found in Derbyshire with Longfords and Francis'! That heraldry looks very Arranged by Someone who knew the future when the heraldry was created.

English Prays, sharing the winged horse (different color) with Quinns, were first found in Lincolnshire with Sharron-connectable Grasse's. The Grazi's share the pomegranate with French Crispins while English Crispins (Oxfordshire with Love's/Luffs) almost have the Punch / Barry / Love/Luff Coat. English Crispins share the eight bars of Porch's who in turn have the giant cinquefoil of Pockets. I put God's note in my pocket, and Note's/Cnuts, sharing the Mellanson crescents, were first found in Derbyshire. He told me to write the note for Steve Mellanson. Note's/Cnuts use drops, and I saw a blood drop from Barry's lip.

Lipps were first found in Aberdeenshire with Mellansons and Milans/Millens/MELLENTs. The Arms of Mellent/Meulan is the Coat of English Vaux's while Scottish Vaux's were first found in East Lothian with Faucets. As I gave the note to Mellanson at his DOOR, and because Sharon Quinn collapsed at the door of her brother's apartment, it's interesting that English Doors have a Coat like that of Gates' while Bill Gates is/was the husband of Mellent-like Melinda.

In the vision, there was something wrong with her head, and all I could see was her head. The Heads/Heeds were first found in Norfolk with Haydens while Haddens share a "Suffer" motto with Haldens. This heraldry looks arranged because Haddens, who share the Keith Chief-Shield colors, were first found in Northamptonshire with Quincys/Quince's while Keiths were first found in East Lothian with the Faucet castle built by Saer de Quincy. Moreover, the Haldans (share the Bat saltire) were once said to be first found in East Lothian.

While Keiths descended from a Catti tribe, Heads/Heeds were first found in Norfolk with three cat-using surnames, the Keats, Catch's and Cattans. Keiths are even said to be first found in HADDingtonshire, and Haddingtons share the cross of Haydens, yet's it's a red cross shared by Ainsleys who in turn share the scimitar in Crest with Haddens. As I've said, Ainsley Earhardt, mother of HAYDEN Proctor, was the second fulfillment of Sleeping Beauty who appeared in my vivid and long dream less than four weeks before the vision with Farrah Faucet. The Beautys/Bowds were first found in Dorset with Hades'/Hats who share the quadrants of cross-using Haydens, and the other Haydens (both in Norfolk) share the Beauty bull. Believe this or not.

My story with Farrah Fawcett was repeated in 2nd update of this past March, where I introduced Lipkin for the first time: "Below is Moseder on the condemnation of Tony Fauci this week. If you remember, note that, in the 24th minute, Jeremy FARRAR, Tony Fauci, Francis Collins and Ian LIPkin are all in the same sentence." Farrars just happen to be listed with Farrah's, meaning that my vision is a pointer also to Farrar. It can be added that Scottish Lipps share brown lions with Irish Collins'.

Scottish Lipps were first found in Aberdeenshire with the Schims/Schiens, Skins/Scans, and with the Chives' of Tarves who share the Lipp motto. The Schims can be suspect in the Ainsley / Hadden scimiTAR. The six black fitchees of TARves' are in the pattern of the six black fitchees of Hillarys and Clintons, making to punch to Barry's lip look like a pointer even to Hillary Clinton, especially as the vertically-split Tarves Shield is colors reversed from the same of the Fauci's and Tromps.

While Will Proctor was Hayden Proctor's father, Proctors use nails while Nagle's/Neils/Nails were first found in Westphalia with German Lipps. Is that amazing? Yes, it is, because Irish Nagle's share the Fauci lozenge. Plus, Irish Neils/O'Nails are also Neals while Farrah Faucet was roughly married to Ryan O'Neal.

The three Proctor nails are in the EarHARDT-connectable heart of Logans, and it just so happens that Lodge's/Loge's share the giant lion of German Lipps. I can now add that this lion can be the white one in the Crest of English Hairs/Hare's because the latter share the double fesses of Lipkins! Hare's and Ayers (both first found in Ayrshire with Logans), as well as Eyers/Airs and Here's/Heyers, can be connected to Earhardts/Airharts. As yet, I don't think I know the crux of why God seems to be lumping my 1979 dream and vision to the family of Ainsley Earhardt. But look at how long it's taken to realize that the punch on the lip was a pointer to Walter Lipkin.

It just so happens that the Punch Coat is a good reflection of the Lipkin Coat, and while Lipkins have eight fessewise BARs bars in half the colors of the six fessewise bars (called "barry") of Scottish Barrys, Sharon punched Barry on the lip. The Fiddle's/Fidelows (share Scottish Barry wolf head) highly suspect in the motto of Scottish Barrys were first found in Surrey with English Hairs/Hare's who in turn share the double Lipkin fesses.

Barry was blond, and I think it's because Blonds/Blunds, first found in Suffolk with Lodge's/Loge's, almost have the Scottish Barry Coat. We then ask how many other stags, which are lying down, are called "lodged" along with the Islip/Haslip stag, which happens to be the very same brown stag as Bloods/Bluds. Barry's lip showed blood drops.

As English Francis' were first found in Oxfordshire with IsLIPs/HasLIPs, it sure looks like the punch on the lip is a double pointer, one also to Francis Collins. The "holly tree" of Bloods/Bluds can take us to the Hollys/Cullins i.e. a possible Collins/Caulins. Side-by-side Bled and Lesce are locations at the Shaw-like Sava river while Lesks were first found in Berkshire with Punch-connectable Points and Shaws/Sheaves'. Whammo. God made Sharon punch Barry on the mouth to create these pointers, and so we can probably guess correctly that God is exposing these criminals.

Lesks share the boar of English Walters, and the latter were first found in Cambridgeshire with Ians/Ionne's. Walter Ian Lipkin?

We can also have a pointer to vaccines by Bill Gates where French Blonds show nothing but what look like gates similar to the Arch/Ark Coat. The latter were first found in Berkshire with the Points while it's the Poyntes variation of Punch's who were at Old Cleve. French Blonds were first found in Picardy with Cavetts/SCHAVo's/CHEVE's, and the last update showed how Cleves' could have been of Cheve's in the same way that Italian Blanks, for example, drop the 'l' to become Bianco's. Cleve's/Cliffs share black wolf heads in Shield and Crest with LIPtons! That's amazing. Barry got a punch to the lip while the Punch write-up took us to Lipton-connectable Cleve's.

Cavetts are also Chavo's (Cave colors), and the viruses were obtained in bat caves, you see. The "videt" motto term of Cave's can be for Vido's of TARVISium while TARVES is where Chives'/Shewas' were first found, suspect from the Shawia/Chaoui Numidians, and then Shaws/Sheaves' were first found in Berkshire with Punch-connectable Points, Arch's/Arks, and with the MODENs/Modeys who have a different-colored version of the Cave Coat. Modane is on the Arc river of Savoy, and Savoy is where Fore's/Forez's were first found who have a "travers" motto term while Travers have a Tarvis-like Travis variation.

The Vito annulet is colors reversed from the one of Pfizer-like Pfisters/Pisters, first found partly in Saxony with Kepke's/Kopke's. Pfisters/Pisters share the hexagram of Reitmans while Kepke met Miss Peare at Reitmans clothing. It seems conspicuous that while Rothschild-branch Rodhams are listed with Roddens, Rotens share the Pfister/Pister hexagram too.

I think one can make the case here that the punch to Barry's lip is a pointer to bat caves, for Mr. Lipkin is called the "virus hunter."

We can now move to Irish Barrys having a gemel version of the Scottish Barry Coat. Irish Barrys use three gemel-bar fesses in the colors of the three Love/Luff fesses, and this is why, I think, Sharon Quinn said, "I love you." Love's/Luffs were first found in Oxfordshire with the Amore's who essentially share the six bars of Scottish Barrys.

Love's/Luffs were once said to be first found in Suffolk with Lodge's/LOGE's, making Luffs suspect as a Lough branch. Liptons are also LUPtons while Loffers are also Loepelers. The latter are suspect from Leavells/Lovells not only because Scottish Leavells/Lovells share three black piles with Loughs, but because English Leavells/Lovells almost have the Amore / Blond Coat. Lipkins can then be entertained as a branch of Lufkins (Shropshire with Bats).

Lovicks/Lofwicks, first found in Lancashire with Cave's, have the Bat saltire in colors reversed. The Bats share the Maxwell saltire while the Maxwell Crest has a lodged stag under a "holly bush" to go with the same-colored lodged stag under a holly tree of IsLIPs. The latter were not only first found in Oxfordshire with Love's/Luffs, but also the Clintons who share six, black-on-white fitchees (different pattern) with Blondville's.

Blondville's were first found in Suffolk with Blonds/Blunds, and where Love's/Luffs and their MUSCAT/Musk kin were once said to be first found. I've told before that, about a year after the punch to the lip by Sharon Quinn (a sun-bright blond), I was in her home visiting her brother with my girlfriend, Diane MUSCHATov. Muschats/Montfitchets (look like Loffer kin) have three chevrons in the colors of the three fesses of Love's/Luffs, and Blondville's share the Chief of Quinn-like Quints! The latter were once said to be first found in Essex and Dorset, and Essex is where Muschats/Montfitchets were first found. Dorset is where Beautys were first found suspect with the bull of Leavell-related Walerans, yet Lovicks/Lofwicks have bull heads in the colors of the Waleran bull head.

Scottish Barrys have the Fidelows, I think, in their "fidelis" motto term, and Blonds/Blunds have a "foot" in Crest while Blundville's (not "Blondville") were first found in Cheshire with Foots who in turn share the chevron of Fido's/Fothes'/Fitts. Muschats/Montfitchets were first found in Essex with Fitts/Fitch's, tending to assure that Blondville's were closely related to Quints.

On Friday, the day after writing this section to this point, Punch-like Bunch's were loaded to find a white stork in Crest. I saw a white stork in a Crest yesterday, and re-found it with English Walters, first found in Cambridgeshire with Ians/Ionne's, the potential pointer to Walter Ian Lipkin.

I then loaded Punch's (white Crest), who almost have the Lipkin Coat, to read: "'The manor {of Linch in Sussex} is described in the Domesday Survey under the name of Lince...In the 16th century, the place was parcel of the estates of the dukes of Norfolk; it afterwards became the property of Viscount Montague, and eventually of the family of Poyntz.'" Dukes of Norfolk in the 16th century were of the Howard surname who became earls of Arundel in Sussex. Howards share the fitchees in the Arms of the Duke of Norfolk, but also the fitchees of Bird/-Burd-like Berts/Births and Burts (Norfolk). Birds/Burds share the fesse-with-fleur of Bunch's!

Montague's/Montacute's (Somerset with Brets/Brits) are excellent for sharing the lozenges of Punch-like Pincs/Pinch's/Pinks and Bunch's!! Beauty. These fleur are shared with Ainsleys (Nottinghamshire with Walters), first found in BROXtow, like the Broxton location of the first-known Birds/Burds, and Broxtons have a giant fitchee in the colors of the lone fitchee of Cetins/Cattans, first found in Norfolk with the Burts, the Howard earls, and the Haydens. The Cetins/Cattans have the Cautes variation of Cotta's/Cottons/COTTARds in their motto, and then Cottars were first found in Oxfordshire with the Lake's having a black-Shield version of the Howard Coat.

Punch's share an erect, sleeved arm (different color) with the Pinc/Pinch/Pink Crest, and the latter's border has formee-fitchees in the colors of the fitchees in the Arms of Bar-le-DUC while Ducks were first found in Somerset with Montague's/Montacute's. Pincs/Pinks were first found in Yorkshire with Pings/Pagans who in turn share the four-POINTed "label' of their PANE/Panico branch, and PANsys/Pantzers (same place as German Ducks) are in the Arms of Bar-le-Duc too. Panico's were at the Setta valley draining into the Reno river, tending to explain why Reno's share the Pinc/Pinch lozenges.

The beauty here is, I've read the Pane/Panico description with a "green tree" having a "bird" upon it, and Birds/Burds share the fesse-with-fleur of Bunch's.

The Bunch's are in the "bunch of cherries" of Froggits, first found in Derbyshire with Francis' (and Cherrys). Froggits use frogs, a symbol in Revelation 16 of the globocide mission that is Armageddon. The other English Francis' were first found in Oxfordshire with the Cottars who are in turn in the rare green-on-blue Froggit colors. Cutters/Gutters, like the MontaCUTE variation of Montague's (Somerset, beside Dorset), were first found in Dorset with the Stour river. Cutters/Gutters share the Chief-Shield color combination of Brocks/Broke's and Brocuffs/Procks.

The Bunch stork takes us to stork-using Store's/Sturys while English Sturs/STOWers (Hampshire, beside Dorset) show only three fesses in colors reversed from the show-only-two-fesses of Lipkins, and in colors reversed from the show-only-four-and-four-bars of Punch's. The Stolls/STOWells (Somerset with the start of the Stour river) happen to have the Bunch / Montacute lozenges in colors reversed, and while the Stoll/Stowell cross-by-lozenges is shared by Pickers/Peckers/PACKers, the latter were first found in Berkshire with Poyntes-like Points. Packs were first found in Sussex with the Linch location of Montague's and Poyntz's.

We just read that the Poyntz branch of Punch's were at a Linch location, in Sussex, and here we can add that the Boards, first found in Sussex, have a version of the Pink/Pinch Coat while Boarders (Somerset with Ducks) share the Duck star, tending to conform that these Ducks were a branch of the namers of Bar-le-Duc.

In February of 2017, I had a dream that I shared with readers many times. I was in Obama's billiard hall, and in that dream he was on a skateBOARD riding up and down a RAMP. Ramps are the ones sharing the double-brown lions comBATTANT with Irish Collins, and Battants/Badens were first found in Somerset with Boarders and Ducks. Browns (Cumberland with Ramps, Dackers and Dockers) were a Bruno branch that named Brunswick, home of the Barrs who named Bar-le-Duc. In this picture, these Duck elements have got to be pointing to James LeDuc's involvement with the COVID scheme supervised by Francis Collins.

In the Obama dream, I took a shot on a billiard table, but sewered. In this dream (first told in the first week of February, 2017), Obama had his typical dress SUIT on in two scenes including the skateboard scene, and Sewers, listed with Suits, have a good reflection of the Board Coat. Sewers/Suits happen to share a BORDER of eight fitchees in the colors of the eight border fitchees of Pincs/Pinch's, and these fitchees are gold, the color of the one fitchee of Quinn-like Quints, first found in Cumberland with Ramps. This is fantastic because Borders are also BOARDers, first found in Somerset with the Montague's who had owned the manor in LINCH!!!!!

I've said many times that I instinctively knew, in the dream, that Obama owned the billiard hall with an unspecified partner. I had only one repeated theory as to who that partner may have been, Loretta LYNCH, Obama's attorney general! Until now, I've not been familiar with this manor of Sussex, where Boards were first found.

Why does it seem that the punch to Barry's lip is connecting to the Obama dream. Let me tell you what looks like a correct theory. Its now got to repeated that the cue ball on Obama's billiard table was a flat page lying on the table. As I couldn't shoot it, I made it into a paper plane, and then rifled it toward a red ball sitting beside the corner pocket. But the plane missed all balls and went into the corner pocket for the sewer. The plane-like Plains are listed with Platters because Plain-like Palins married the Platters (in Palin/Pawley colors and format).

Palins/PAWleys were first found in Dorset, where Quints were once said to be first found whose black lion PAW is in the color of the giant Palin/Pawley lion, and it's this lion paw that holds the gold fitchee also showing in the Sewer/Suit Coat. It's proving again that God set up the Obama dream to jibe with heraldic connections.

The other English Platters (Norfolk with Dunhams and Skate-branch Sheets) were at SOTTERley, and Sewers/Suits are also SUTERs, you see. God was pointing to BARRY SOETORo with my sewer shot, the previous name of Obama when he was working for the CIA in Pakistan, likely fixing up Osama bin Laden as a CIA operative. And so when Sharon punched Barry on the lip, it can be pointing both to Walter Lipkin and Barry Soetoro. As Sharon represented COVID schemers under Fauci, I take it that the punch to Obama will come from back-stabbing COVID schemers. Obama is perhaps even now looking over his shoulder to see who this might be, for there are many people still aiming to uncover this crime.

The New Whiters

Obama's mother was Anne Dunham, and while Dunhams have the Scottish Hare/Hair Coat without the double fesses, English Hare's/Hairs (Ayers branch) share the double Lipkin fesses. Obama was a friend of the socialist activist, Bill Ayers of WEATHER Underground, and Weathers (Norfolk with Dunhams and Skate-branch Sheets) use a hare. Ayer-branch Eyers/Airs and Heyers were first found in Derbyshire with Wilters/Wilders, and Weathers are listed with Withers while Welders/Welters share the Weiser/Weis/Wise hexagrams. Wiltons share the owl in Crest (different color) with Whittens (look like Treby kin).

It's hard to say whether Wilt liners were Will liners, but the Whitten Chief is in the colors of the Willeson/Wilson Chief. Wildemans/Wilthams are partly in Welder colors, and if Welders/Welters have a woman in Crest, so to Whittems/Withams. The Welders/Welters are suspect with the Parr women in a blue dress because Welders/Welters were first found in Thuringia with Rollo-related Roets while Rollo's have a "par" motto term.

Welders/Welters share an earth in Crest with Hope's (Welder colors and near format) who named Hope in Derbyshire. The double fesses of Wilters/Wilders are colors reversed from the two of Scottish Hare's/Hairs (AYRshire with Skate's). Witters (share Chief-Shield colors of Plains/Platters) share the giant crescent of Chapmans, the latter first found in Cambridgeshire with Walters/WATTERS' while German Walters share the lion of Wildemans/Wilthams, the latter first found in Berkshire with the Lesks in turn sharing the Walter/Watters and Scottish Rose boar head. The same Rose's share the "WATER bouget" (different colors) with Whittens, and while Waters were first found in Essex with English Este's, Wildemans/Wilthams, with an "est" motto term, almost have the eagle of Italian Este's. Watt-branch Vatts/Watters (probably the Roet tree) share the tree with Wilts/Wilders, and the latter's show some of the roots, as does the Watt tree.

German Rose's were first found in Silesia with Wies'/Wiesers while Weis'/Weisers share the Welder/Welter and Payen/Pagan hexagrams while Roets descended from PAYNE Roet.

This discussion to this point caused the finding of a new-to-me Whiter/WHITTYer/WhitHAIR surname (share English Weaver motto) with a giant black bull in both colors of the Beauty/Bowd bulls. The Italian Boys/Boets with a Bowd-like Boeddu variation have a giant bull too while English Boys/Bie's use bees while Bee's/Bie's were first found in Oxfordshire with Whittys (share Weir/Vere stars) and the Vere earls of Oxford. The Arms of Oxford has a red bull they call an ox for obvious reason.

I've always wondered whether the Bowood variation of Beautys/Bowds indicated their merger with Woods. The latter share the tree and SAVAGE with German Wilders while Pelosi's/Pilati's, first found in SAVIGliano, have the giant Whiter/Whithair bull in colors reversed. German Wilts/Wilders were first found in BAVARia with Weisers/Weis'/Wise's, Weishaupts, and BEAVERs (who eat wood).

Bavaria is also where hare-using Haas'/Heslins were first found along with Bauers sharing blue wings with both Here surnames. Hass'/Heslins are in Hesse/Hessel colors, and then the Weaver-connectable Hazels (Devon with Esse's/Ash's and Wise's) are likewise Hessels. The Hesse/Hessel sun is shared by French Chance's while English Chance's (Essex with Waters) share the Wildeman/Wiltham / Walter lion.

English Beavers, sharing the fesse of English Weavers, and first found in Yorkshire with the Uns/Lunds expected in the Weaver/Webber motto, share the lion of Lunds/Lundons. London is beside Oxford, and so the Oxfords may be sharing the Uns/Lund/LUN lion. The latter share the lion of both Lone/Lawn/Lane surnames, and the English branch, first found in Staffordshire with the Arrows sharing English Webber fleur, can be using the three Weaver/Webber stars.

Plus, the lion at the base of the Uns/Lund Coat is shared by Plants/Plantagenets, first found in London.

It just so happens that Uns'/Lunds were first found in BEVERley! If that's not enough, the Beverleys (East Yorkshire with Beverley) have bull heads in colors reversed from the Beautys and Whiter/Whithair bull. Beverleys even have the Chief of Lovicks/Lofwicks in colors reversed while Love's/Luffs were first found in Oxfordshire where the Arms of Oxford has a beaver! Lovicks/Lofwicks were first found in Lancashire with bull-head RatCLIFFs who in turn have the Beverley-Crest bull head in colors reversed, and Luffkins were first found in Shropshire with Cliffs/Cleve's.

In the Sleeping Beauty dream, I was told that it's me she LOVES. Loffers/Loefels have the Leighton/Leyton quadrants in colors reversed, and the other German Loffers/Loefels have a Coat like the one of Hicksons while Hicks' were at Low Leighton. The latter is in Essex with the first-known Wiltons who share the chevron of Cars, the latter first found in Lancashire. Sleeping Beauty came with a car. And in the Uns/Lund write-up: "There is also a Lund in Lancashire in the parish of Kirkham, union of the Fylde..."

This Fylde location is where Obama's ancestry in Jonathan Singletary-Dunham was first found. The Singletarys, that is, who have three of the two Loffer/Loefel chevrons, were first found in Field-like Fylde, and then Fields/Felds have the Derby Coat in colors reversed while "Ayer-branch Eyers/Airs and Heyers were first found in Derbyshire with Wilters/Wilders." Knee-branch Needhams were first found in Derbyshire, and Knee's are in the Sleeping Beauty dream. Plus, the black antelope of the Singletary Crest is in the Muscat/Musk Crest while Muschats/Montfitchets were first found in Essex with Wiltons.

The Arms of Oxford includes an elephant that can, in this picture, be the elephant of Mascals (Sussex with Weaver-loving Keeps) because they share the fleur-de-lys of English Webbers. The latter were first found in Somerset with Bow-related Roets (both use a "VERum" motto term), a branch of Wood-related Roots, and with the Doocy-branch Ducks sharing the Pelosi/Pilati stars. Wiles', sharing five, bunched arrows with the Bow Crest, were first found in Sussex too, and have the double Sleep fesses in colors reversed. Arrows/Arras' share the English Webber fleur-de-lys.

I feel that this discovery of Whiters/Whittyers/WhitHAIRs is to be framed with Ainsley EARhardt for multiple reasons, including that I make her a fulfillment Sleeping Beauty. The Hope's above, first found in Shropshire, where Sleeps named Sleap, use a rainBOW with their earth, and Hope's were once said to be first found in Derbyshire with Earhardt-like Eyers/Ayers and Here's/Heyers. The latter two both have blue wings while Wings/Winks were kin of Justine's who in turn share the border of Goat-using Kepke's while Keeps have a "WEAVER's shuttle". The Whiters/WhitHAIRs happen to share the motto of English Weavers. Both Mr. Kepke and Sleeping Beauty point to poison vaccines.

Plus, German Weavers/Webbers, who share the star of Weiser-branch Wiesers/Wies' (more wings) and Weavers/Webbers, can take us to the goat of Weiss' (not "Wies") and Kepke's because both were first found in Saxony with Weavers/Webbers, and then the Goat-like "Gott" motto term of Weavers/Webbers (Welder colors and format) takes us to Goats/Gothams, first found in Nottinghamshire with Ainsleys, and sharing the bend of English Walters.

Bunns were first found in Oxfordshire with Whittys, and Bunnys, with black goat heads to go with the black Weiss goat, were first found in Basford with Ainsleys while Basfords share the eagle of Italian Este's while "esto" is a motto term of Whiters/Whithairs and English Weavers.

Here's the Uns/Lund write-up again: "The surname Uns was first found in Yorkshire at Lund, a village and civil parish in the East Riding of Yorkshire in the union of Beverley, BAINTON-Beacon division of the wapentake of Harthill." It just so happens that Baintons, sharing the triple crescents of Love/Luff-related Checks/Chicks, have a black goat in Crest, upright like the black Weiss goat. It can explain why Baintons are in the colors and format of Kepke-like Keppochs (Yorkshire).

Basfords are also Bashfords while Bash's happen to be in Uns/Lund colors and format! That latter part is new today. The amazing thing about Bash's is that they share red martlets with Birds/Burds (first found in BROXton) who in turn share the fleur-de-lys of Ainsleys (first found in BROXtow) as well as the Crest of Proctors while HAYDEN Proctor, the only child of Ainsley Earhardt, points from the Haydens who share the Beauty/Bowd and Whiter/Whithair bull to the Hades'/Hats, first found in Dorset with Beautys/Bowds.

In the 1979 dream, I first saw Sleeping Beauty at the fender of a car while Woods use a "DeFEND" motto term. It just so happens that Fenders were first found in Huntingdonshire with Whiters/Whithairs. The Whittys have a different-colors version of the Car Coat, and so it seems that, all of these years while deciphering the Sleeping Beauty dream prior to today, I was missing the Whiter/WhitHAIR bloodline. Weathers/Withers use the HARE.

While Uns'/Lunds were first found in Harthill, this location was granted by the king to William of Warenne, who I think was the father of Ada, wife of Henry, earl of Huntingdon. Whiters/Whithairs have an "uns" motto term, wherefore indeed, all these years I've been missing the Whiter bloodline for Sleeping Beauty. She was on a beach, and Beach's/Bechs were first found in HERTfordshire with Bech-like Bash's/Baesh's who are in turn in Uns/Lund colors and format!!! Lookie at that.

Uns/Lunds share the lions of Duce's/Doocys while Ainsley Earhardt hosts Fox and FRIENDs with Steve Doocy!!! The third host of that show is Brian KilMEADE while Meads were first found in Warwickshire with WHITTakers/WhitACRE's and Harthills/Hardells!!! Lookie at that. It makes the Uns/Lunds of Harthill look like kin of Hertfords/Hartfords almost having the Friend Coat, itself in the colors and format of Childs, the latter first found in Hertfordshire.

Beach-like Peach's/Peche's have crosslets in the colors of the English Beck cross, and those Becks share the Bacon/Beacon stars. BAINton-Beacon is in Harthill. Peks/Pecks were first found in Essex with the Muschats sharing the Coat of French Banes'.

Both Meads and Hicks' married Arthurs of Clapton (need to google proof of this, see "Juliana Arthur"), the latter location in Somerset with the first-known Friends. Hertfords/Hartfords and Arthurs are in the colors and format of Dice's of Disce (Norfolk) while a "disc" is in the Crest of Webbers along with the Arthur "HURT" (blue roundel), and these Webbers were first found in Somerset with Friends.

However, I don't know all of why God would want to point to Fox and Friends with Sleeping Beauty. Something's been missing all along with this repeated pointer. There has been no bombshell through Fox and Friends to speak of that I know of.

Hertfords/Hartfords almost have the stag heads of Bech-like Biks/BIKERs who were in turn in the sleeping bag dream with the Aids/Ade's i.e. line of Ada of Warenne, and we just saw her family being granted Harthill. David Morley, the rider on the BIKE of that dream, lived on HARDing Blvd. when I knew him, two or three homes in from the corner of Harding and Church. English Church's were first found in Somerset too, and Hardings were first found at Bristol smack beside Clapton!!! Beach's/Bechs share the vaired Shield of Clapps/Clappers, the latter first found in Surrey with Bristols!! The Bainton-BEACon area of Harthill might apply to Sleeping Beauty's beach.

The Beacon write-up: "'According to the genealogy of the great Suffolk family of Bacon, one GRIMbald, a relative of the Norman chieftain William de Warenne, came to England and settled near Holt. His great grandson is stated to have taken the name Bacon." Backs were first found in Somerset with the Cocks in turn sharing the Bag Shield, and Bags, first found in Norfolk with Bus' and PilGRIMs, share the GRIMaldi Shield. Grimaldi's are said by onliners to have married Crispina, daughter of king Rollo, and Crispins were descended from Clare's, the latter with found in Suffolk with Bacons/Beacons. I'm guessing that Grimbalds were Cavett/Cheve kin, from the Cevetta river at Ceva near the first-known Grimaldi's. Rollo's share the black Bush/Busch boar while Busca is beside Saluzzo, where Alice of Saluzzo was, daughter of Luis of Ceva.

Bacons/Beacons therefore look like Bag kin round-about at Bainton-Beacon (Yorkshire with Tute's/Touts), and this checks out where Baintons share the Tute/Tout crescent while Rollo's use a "passe par tout" motto phrase to go with the "passa" of Baintons. Passe's/Pascals were first found in Essex with the "Tout"-using Hicks of Low Leighton.

David Morley lived on Harding, and Hardings were first found in Bristol. "Hamon aux Dents" is in the Bristol write-up, tending to reveal why the Dents (Yorkshire with Harthill and Morleys/Mauls) have a motto term like one in the Arms of Bristol (snake in Crest).

The thing is, Circle's/Circhners use a church, and Morley rode a CIRCLE around the sleeping bag while the two EarHARDT snakes are said to be "encircling" a fleur-de-lys. Why should the sleeping bag dream link to Sleeping Beauty played by Ainsley Earhardt?

About three blocks north of Harding, on Church, is where Lorraine of the bus stop lived. "Bus" is buried in the Bristol motto twice, indicating that Bristols have someone's crescents on the fesse of English Bush's (Yorkshire), for the latter, ignoring the symbols in their fesse, are in Church colors and format. The Bush Coat was once shown with a red fesse, making the fleur-de-lys on their fesse match the same of the Bird/Burd fesse, in the colors of the fleur-de-lys of Ainsleys. Bushers were first found in Dorset with Beautys. These Bush's share the black boar with Scottish Hardys (Lanarkshire with LockHARTs and Locks).

Catherine Roet married Mr. Swynford while Swins (Yorkshire) with Bush's) probably share the triple boars of Bush's, and Swynfords have boar heads in the same colors while Swans/Sions (probably the Lanark heart as code for Hardys) were first found in Lanarkshire with black-boar Hardys. Lanarks share the Bus cinquefoil.

There's a "bus" motto term buried in the Coat of Arthur-connectable Wayne's (Essex with a Hicks branch), and the "time" term in both the translated Hicks and Wayne motto tends to explain why Wayne's share some Hicks colors. Wayne's use "Tempus" while "tempo," translated as "time," is in the motto of Baintons. Uns/Lunds were in the Bainton-Beacon part of Harthill, and while French Bacons share the Bus an Bellow cinquefoil, English Bacons are also Beacons. While German Belli's (connectable to Lone's/Lane's sharing Uns/Lund lion) have a "beacon," German Belows almost have the TEMPle Coat while English Belows (Yorkshire with Hicks) have another "Tout" motto term. Hick's translate one of their motto terms with "time."

I link Wings/Winks to Justine's because Justine of Picenum married Valentinian of CIBALae, also called VINKovci, and the SIBAL(d)s were kin of Lundys/Lundons (Fife with Sibald)s. Sibal(d)s share the moline of Segni's/Segurana's while "Gott SEGNE uns" is the motto of Whiter-connectable Weavers/Webbers. There is even an Irish Lundy surname sharing the Lunds/Uns Coat.

The Uns-like One's/Innis' have the Coat of Handels in colors reversed, and while Handels were first found in Silesia with Weaver-connectable Wies'/Wiesers, Weavers/Webbers almost have the Handel Coat. The latter share the stars of Whittys.

Wiltons and Cousins are the only surnames I can think of having a split-colored chevron without it being counterchanged. Cousins were first found in Norfolk with Weathers/Withers and Cockers/Cockets while the latter share the Wilter/Wilder Crest. Wiltons use the owl while Edom had a Kos cult thought to have been an owl, and then Kos' are listed with Cousin-like Kosinski's. I've got it recorded that Cockers/Cockets have a "man's head", probably part-code for Heads/Heeds, first found in Norfolk with Haydens and looking like Este / Helen kin.

From here, we go to the original fulfillment of Sleeping Beauty, Mrs. Kilpatrick, because Kilpatricks use Cousin-like "cushions" while Cussons share the giant Ewe/CUISton eagle. Hicks' (share Ainsley fleur-de-lys), first found in Yorkshire with Wilton-connectable Uns/Lunds, were at St. Ewe while Mrs. Kilpatrick was born Miss Hicks. Yet the Hicks are said also to have been in Low Essex where Cousin-connectable Wiltons were first found. Leightons/Leytons were first found in Shropshire with Sleap, and the neighboring Leghs/Leighs/Leys share the giant Lundy/Lundon lion. The latter's double-tressure border gets us to Treasure's/Trashers, once said to be first found in Somerset, where Webbers were first found.

The reason I call the woman of the dream Sleeping Beauty is that I was told to wake her up, and so I decided to wake her up with a kiss, Sleeping-Beauty style. Kiss' are also Cuist- / cushion-like Cush's. As it happened, she woke up before I kissed her, for as I was leaning over to kiss her, I saw my hand graze her knee, on her LEG, and thus this tends to explain the Leightons / Leghs above.

Wiltons share the fitchee of Scottish Kennedys but also of Cattans. The latter were first found in Norfolk with Cousins and Avis'/Avisons, though the latter were also said to be first in Essex with Low Leighton. Irish Kennedys were first found in Tipperary with LAFINs and Uns-branch Lundys while Scottish Kennedys have an "Avise LA FIN" motto while Avis'/Avisons were kin of Comyns (Norfolk with Sabine's). The latter share the dagger with Kilpatricks, first found in Dumfries with Leggs. The Tipperary-like Tipps'/Tippins (Lancashire with Ratcliffs) share the Ratcliff bull head now linkable to the one in the Beverley Crest. Uns'/Lunds were first found in Beverley.

Daggers/Dackers share the red bull with Sabine's while Saffins, first found in Somerset with Webbers and Severs/Savers, once came up as "Sabina." Saffins share the stars of Weavers/Webbers while Severs/Savers share the annulet of Vito's of TARVISium while Tarves' share the Wilton / Cattan fitchee too.

The "All in" phrase of the Hicks motto reveals that the Hicks fesse is that of Allins/Alans/ELLANs in colors reversed, for the latter were first found in Shropshire with Sleap and Leightons/Leytons. The Wiltons (Essex with Low Leighton) have: "Wilton, Wiltshire was originally called ELLANdune. 'This town, which derives its name from the river Wily,...'" Wilys are listed with MacWilliams (Mackay branch) who in turn have a Coat much like the Cockers/Cochets who in turn share the Wilter/Wilder Crest. Wiles' have the double Sleep fesses in colors reversed.

The Ellan-like Helens happen to nearly have the Coat of English Este's, first found in Essex with Wiltons while "esto" is a Weaver / Whiter/WhitHAIR motto term. Sleeps were once said to be first found in Shropshire with Alans, but are now said to be first found in Kent with the Rundels roughly sharing the Alan Coat. Alans and Rundels share green oak leaves with Hazelwoods (Yorkshire) and Hazeltons (once first found in Shropshire) while Hazels (Devon with Wise's), once said to be first found in Cheshire with Weavers, share the Weaver fesse. Hazels share the HOCKley crescents while Hicks-branch Hooks were first found in Devon with Hazels and Alan-line Stewarts.

BEHOLD. Wilys/MacWilliams' were first found on HARRis while Harris' use the PORCupine while Porch's were first found in Norfolk with hare-using Weathers/Withers, Cockers/Cockets, rooster-using Crows, Case's, and with the Steins sharing the Coat of Cokers (Case colors and format). Cokers were first found in Somerset with rooster-using Cocks, and then Scottish Caseys, with crow heads, were first found in Lanarkshire with Hardys (share black boar with Hares'/Hardes'/Hare's). The sleeping-beauty (i.e. the new thing coming alive) here is that Harris' are also Harres' while Hares'/Hardes'/Hare's and Hardis'/Hardestys (Yorkshire with Hicks') both share the EarHARDT fleur-de-lys!!! Plus, Hares'/Hardes'/Hare's share the Coat of Hick-branch Hooks while Hicks' share the Ainsley fleur-de-lys!

Behold all that from the Wily (or Wylye) river, smack beside the first-known Beautys/Bowds. It explains why the porcupine was once used by the Bassets (Staffordshire with Hicksons) who are in turn in the Porch Crest, and then Wily-like Ouilly-le-Bassett is where Oullette's/Willi's ("MoorCOCK" in Crest) were first found. I've insisted that OULlette's had been of the Owls/Howls, and then owl-using Wiltons (new to me today) were at the Wile river.

The Bowd-like Bows (Durham with English White's) share the Roet motto while Roets share the Spear/Speyer boar heads while a spear is through the boar head in the Hardis/Hardesty Crest. Harris'/Harres' use "hedgeHOGs" in their Shield while Hogs share the black boar head with the Hardis/Hardesty Crest. One can follow the rooted tree in the Hog Crest to Roots because Roets have the boar heads of Rollo's in colors reversed while Rollo's put a black boar in their Crest. Wilts/Wilders have a rooted tree, and share the green mound with Roets (Somerset with Gordano) who in turn share the boar heads of Gordans while Gordano is smack at Clapton and PORTIShead. Porch's come up as "Portis", and while Porci's share the Ainsley fleur-de-lys, Porcia's use black boars comBATTANT while Battants were first found in Somerset with Roets.

Quinn Hands Me an Ice-Cream

I need to repeat from an insert above:

[Insert -- Days after writing here, it dawned on me, like out of the blue on Sunday, that Sharon said I was being a fool by the will of God for an heraldic reason, and so I loaded fool-like Fole's to see that they were first found in Northamptonshire with Quince's/Quincys. This, if nothing more, acts as more proof that God set up the event.

And wow, just realized more. Fole's show a giant purple lion, the symbol of Irish Lacys/LACE's, which recalls the dream I had not many years ago, when Sharon's brother, Dennis, handed me an ice-cream cone while I was tying my shoe LACES!!!! Incredible. I'll expand on this in the next section. End insert.]

That insert was in the section where Sharon Quinn pointed to Tony Fauci. The ice-CREAM symbol of two ladies in my life pointed to Fauci liners where Cremers have a reflection of the Faux/Fage/Chollens Coat, and yet there was much more to it. The first girl who sold me the ice cream, Katrina HANSON, agreed to our first date as she handed it to me, and this same Dennis Quinn loaned me his parents' red Valiant for that date!!! The dream with him handing an ice-cream was decades later. English Hansons share the mascle of English Faux's, and Quince's/Quincys use more mascles.

Miss Hanson lived on Warden avenue, and English Wards are super here for being first found in Northamptonshire with Fole's/Follys. Irish Wards happen to have the three Coron/Corona crowns which Italian Corona's use in giant form. Therefore, it appears that God chose Warden avenue for the Hanson family as a pointer to coronavirus crimes. Is God promising the jail warden?

Why might Wardens show pears? Wards are also Vards while the Ardiaei were also, Vardaei, and then Pears along with pear-using Abotts are in Arthur colors and format. Abotts share the three pears of Parrots, the latter first found in Wales with the Quinn-like Gwinns who in turn may have a version of the Oseney Coat, relevant because Pears were first found in Oseney. Oseneys were first found in Worcestershire with the Squirrels/Square's having the Pear kin of Tiens' in their motto. It just so happens that Tiens'/Thames share the mascles of WINchesters, in colors reversed from the Quince/Quincy mascles, and Saer de Quincy ruled from Winchester! WOW! I didn't expect that, just fell upon it after re-loading Tiens' just now. Gwinns were first found in Wales with Wins/Gwinns.

Ahh, Hertfordshire is where Childs and Wardens were first found while Childs are said to have been in Wanstead. Wansteads are listed with WINNers/Weiners!!! Things is a'clickin. The Warden arrow takes us to the Artois capital. Wanstead (London) was once in Essex, and Wayne's, sharing the Arthur pelican and chevron, were first found in Essex. London is where Capes' were first found who share the Chief-Shield colors of Parrots.

[After writing here, I was at the Italian Pastors following an important pointer to Pfizer (for the top of the next update), and seeing that Pastors were first found in Syracuse, capital of the Sicilian Saracens, I loaded Wikipedia to see that the Arms of Syracuse has a gold-on-green eagle, symbol of Wins/Gwinns (Carnarvonshire), and, in fact, the Win Coat is used for the Arms of Carnarvonshire. This can explain why God used the Quinn-family car to point to the Valiant shark! End insert]

Essex is also where Sams/Sammes' were first found while Katrina-Hanson sold me the ice cream from Sam's Restaurant. Therefore, Sams/Sammes' probably share the giant Fawcett/Faucet lion for a related reason.

I've said many times that, about a year before dating Miss Hanson, I had pumped gas for TONY CAMPANia directly across the road from Sam's Restaurant (corner of Gormley sideroad and Woodbine avenue), and here we can add that Faughns (same place as Quinns) and Faucets share so-called "COMPONy." What might God be getting to here? The Sam/Sammes write-up proposes that this line named Saham TONEY (Norfolk). Tonys were first found in Leicestershire with the Hose's/Ose' whose may have been an Oseney branch.

NEW: Oseney-like Ossens share the Coat of German Lipps, and both were first found in Westphalia! I am not at all familiar with Oseneys, but lookie there at what they produced. I've mentioned the Peare's of Oseney a million times, but simply failed to explore Oseneys.

Italian Tonys use a "flower" while Flowers share the Potter cinquefoils while Potters share the Oseney fesse. Flowers have the Dover Coat in colors reversed while Dover is near Hastings while Tonys and Hastings shared roughly the same maunch for both being related to rulers in Leicester. Tonys are in the write-up of Staffs/Staffords who in turn share the Quint chevron. The Arrows in the Warden Crest were first found in Staffordshire. Is God promising a jail warden? For who? Tony Fauci? We wish.

Hasting-like Asti is near Monforte while the giant Ossen / Lipp lion is the one of Montforts. Dovers were first found in Kent with Dragons/Drainers in the colors and format of Potters, the latter first found in Hampshire with dragon-using Drake's. Dove's are in Potter colors and format.

The dream with Dennis Quinn was explained in the 1st update of September, 2020:

There were two main parts to this dream. First, I needed a place to stay the night, and made arrangements by PHONE with one or two people to do so...The last scene of the dream was my born-loser moment. I was tying up my SHOE in preparation for walking over to the TENANTS' place [to stay the night], and I was probably on one KNEE when tying the shoe, for one can see the Knee/NEE surname applying because it uses the phoenix of the Phone-like Phoenix's/FENwicks. The "Ne" motto term of Phone's/Fane's surely applies here.

While I was tying up my shoe to walk over to the house, an old friend, Dennis Quinn, was preparing an ice-cream for me, and he arrived to me with it after I had tied up only one shoe. Handing it to me, I had a born-loser moment because I realized I couldn't tie the other shoe holding this ice cream.

The Shoe surname is in there because it uses "a knight ISSuing from the KNEES." The Shoe knight holds an axe, as does the man in the Foltz/Volks/Fols Coat, and both surnames use a white wall.

ISSA is an island near the Shark-line Saraca's of Ragusa, and while this island is also called, Vis, it tends to explain why Vise's/Vice's share the Knee/Nee stag head, and thus the heraldic term, "issuing" (used by Shoe's and others), seems revealed as code for rulers who once possessed Issa/Vis who then descended to the Vise surname. The Shoe variation of Schug can be of the Scoots/Scougals, first found in East Lothian with Faucets. Not how "issuing" sounds like i-SHOEing, as if the term was invented by someone from the Shoe bloodline.

The Ardiaei, the ones who named Arduinici, had controlled Vis for some time. The Dutch Tromps use acorns while Acorns were not only first found in Sussex with Vise's, but both share the Knee/Nee stag head. The Arduinici had married Doria's likely because Ardiaei lived on the Neretva river with Ardiaei, and this is what links Trumps to Fauci's because Doria's, sharing the tromp eagle, were first found in Genova with Fauci's who in turn share the vertically-split Trump Shield.

As this dream with Dennis Quinn came while I was discussing Sharon's screaming event at the DOOR of Dennis' apartment, we can see the Doria's in that event. As I said, I got down on one knee to pray for Sharon, even as I was on one knee when tying the laces, and it's she who called me a fool for believing in Jesus while Fole's/Follys/Folliots share the Lace lion. The the Fole/Folly write-up: "Robert Foliot (d. 1186), was Bishop of Hereford," and then English Doors were first found in Herefordshire.

PLUS WOW, NEW: These Quinns had moved to my area (Gormley) from Bracebridge, and while Brace's were first found in Herefordshire with Doors, the latter use bees while Bracebridge's have a "Be as" motto term that can be for the Beas variation of BEE's/BEA's!!! She said to me, "don't BE A fool"!!!! I'm not making that phrase up now, for it's even in the 3rd update in January, 2018: "As I said, I was sitting at the kitchen table with Sharon when I decided to tell the gang about Jesus, and that I had recently become a Christian. Sharon promptly cut me off and said, 'don't be a fool.' And when Barry spoke up to the effect, 'let him BELIEVE what he wants,' she went over to him and punched him" (it was totally out of character for her). Note "beLIEVE," for Leave's/Leve's use bees!!!!

Brace's even share the Crest of Bistons, and almost the Bessin Crest, while both Bessins and Bistons use more bees, tending to verify that Brace's and Bracebridge's had Bee's in their ancestry.

MORE: Brace's are also Bras' while Brays'/Braes' were first found in Northamptonshire with Fole's/Follys!!! Plus, Bra is beside Monforte while Montforts share a two-tailed lion (different colors) with Fole's/Follys, and while the extra tail suggests kinship with tail liners, TailBOYS' were first found in Lincolnshire with Bracebridge's while Boys use more bees. Brays'/Braes' are said to have named Brai in Fallis-like Falaise. I trace "the tanner" of Falaise to the Tanaro river, location of Bra and Monforte.

Bra is near SAVIGliano, and while Savage's (Cheshire with Leghs/Leys) have the Coat of Eagle's/Hegels (Lincolnshire with Bracebridge's) in colors reversed, Bras'/Brae's have eagle legs. I almost missed it: Bracebridge's were first found in the same place as Meschin-branch Mussels/Muscels, and the Faucet castle is four miles from Musselburgh! Sharon Quinn pointed to the builder of the castle, and she probably grew up in Bracebridge. She was living in Gormley, at about age 19, 53 years ago, and I moved close enough to Bracebridge (2.5-hour drive from Gormley), 15 years ago, to do my shopping there. To prove Muscel connection to Musselburgh, it's in East Lothian with the first-known Keiths/Mascals.

Ranulph le Meschin, whose family married purple-lion Skiptons, married Lucy Taillebois of Lincolnshire, and his father was a ruler in the Bessin. Talbots were first found in Shropshire with Meschins, Legh-branch Leightons, and with the English Breakers/BRACKs in the "flax breaker" of Brays'/Braes', and then Tail-branch Tillers were first found in Glamorganshire with the Lewis' in turn sharing the green dragon head of Bee's/Beas'/Bea's. Flax-like Flags, first found in Norfolk with Fole-connectable Fulke's/Volks, share the Meschin scallops. German Bracks probably have a talbot dog on the Meschin / Mussel/Muscel fesse.

Irish Knee's were first found in County Down with Knee's/Nee's, and moreover Downs, with a full stag in the colors of the Trump stag head, were first found in Sussex with Vise's and Acorns. I don't think God arranged these pointers to Trumps because Donald Trump is innocent of the crimes engaged by Tony Fauci.

The 2020 update quoted from above continues with this: "The phone CALLS I made [were] just before Quinn appeared while I was kNEELing, and Calls (TRUMPets) were first found in Wiltshire with Neels." These are also the Neals, and then Irish Neils/Neals were first found in Tyrone with Sharks. And this can explain why Dennis loaned me the red Valiant, for Valiants are the only surname I know of with a shark, and they were first found in Yorkshire with English Lacys/Lace's and purple-lion Skiptons.

I've explained many times why God would want to point to Saraca's of KOTOR, a location where Ardiaei and Daorsi lived. Cutters were first found in DORset with Russells who in turn use a "sara" motto term, and the Russell motto is nearly the one of Fulke's/VOLKs while Fole-like Fols' are Volks too. Fulks birthed the Plantagenets who almost have the Coat of BRAMtons (Norfolk with Fulke's/Volks). ABRAM married both Sarah and KETURah. Doubtful that a child of Sarah named a tribe after her, I suggest that Sarah was named by a tribe that developed into Saraca's at Kotor and Ragusa.

Fulke's/Volks share the Massey/MACEy fleur-de-lys while Fols'/Volks almost have the Vandal Coat while the VANdel Crest looks like it has a MACE. Phone's/VANs share the gauntlet with mace-using Mace's/Maceys.

The Saraca's were probably from Saracens of Sicily, and that's beside Malta having a Valletti location. There is a French Sarasin surname sharing the moline cross of Valiant-like Vallans/VALLE's/VALLETTI's, and it just so happens that Faux-branch Scottish Vaux's, first found in East Lothian with Faucets, are also VALLIbus'. Plus, English Vaux's/Vallibus' were first found in Cumberland with Gwinn-like Quints and English Saracens/Sarasins. The latter have a black wolf to go with the black wolf head of Gwinns (Wales with Wins), and Quinns have a white wolf head. WINchesters (in Crest) share the Quint fitchee, and Sear de Quincy ruled from Winchester.

But there's more, for the dream with the shoe laces had tenants I was trying to contact while the Tenant surname (Saracen crescent?) has a "Plena" and "vela" motto term. There is a Vele/Veil/Vital surname sharing the Vallan/Valle moline, and it's almost the Coat of Foliot-like Felts. Fole's/Follys are also Foliots.

Sharon FELL at the door and began to scream, and perhaps this can point to Fole-like Fellows/Fellys, or to the LeDuc-connectable Fells. Fellers can be gleaned as a branch of Falls/Fallis', the latter first found in Midlothian smack near the castle of Faucets. I'm seeing Rockefellers making money on COVID vaccines (in how many ways?). Sharrons share the PenderGRASS Coat while Penders have a Coat like the one of Fellows/Fellys, and Penders have lion heads in the colors of the Fall/Fallis and Grasse lions. It appears arranged, and for all we know, God decided that she should be named, Sharon, just for these links at hand.

The Fellow/Felly Coat is similar to the one of Baskets, and there's a "basket" in the Crest of Irish Mellans, the latter first found in Tyrone with Sharks. The Basket Coat can be linked to Scottish Doors (i.e. Daorsi at Kotor) via the Coat of Restons suspect in the so-called "rests" of Arthurs. Restons were a branch of Risings/Risons from Rhizon, beside Kotor.

The "Plena" motto term of Tenants can be for the Plene variation of English Plants/Plantagenets, and then French Plants use "cabbages" while Cabbage's were first found in Northamptonshire with Fole's/Follys and Quincys/Quince's. The amazing thing here is that Geoffrey Plantagenet was a Fulk while Fulke's ("sera") share a Volk variation with Fole-like Fols'.

Tenants can lead us to purple, the Fole/Folly / Lace color. We start with the Vela's in the Tenant motto, noting the "TORCHes" in the Vela Coat. From there we go to Turks/TORKs (Dumfries with Bells) with a "PACE VEL bello" motto, and English Pace's use a purple Shield. These Pace's were first found in Cheshire with Bellows/BELLO's, and with the Meschins who married Skiptons who in turn share the purple lion with Lace's. Shiptons use "bellows." Now we know why the dream had me seeking to stay the night with tenants living in my mother's house. My mother is a Masci on one side, and Dunham Masci is a Cheshire location. Meschins were first found in Shropshire with Bell-branch Bellamys.

Plus, while German Turks were first found in Silesia with Handels and SITlers, Handels share the Moray Coat while Bellys were first found in Moray. Sitlers/Schitners are super because they share the Ice trefoil and the lion of Fawcetts/Faucets, the latter first found in East Lothian with SITTins who share the Bellamy crescents! The ice-cream points to Cremers, and German Cremers have a black-on-gold ram head that could be the gold ram head in the Turk/Tork Crest.

Barry was SITTINg on the LIVING-room FLOOR when Farrah Fawcett punched him, and Flore's share the BATH cross while Farrah's use bats. The Bats were first found in Shropshire with Sitten-connectable Bellamys. Flore's (and Flora's) even share the Cremer / Masci fleur-de-lys, and while Flore's were first found at Persano, Persons/Piersons almost have the Coat of BATHgate's, the latter said to be from Bathgate, five miles from LIVINGston. You should find it incredible that Bathgate is in West Lothian with the first-known Tenants! Persons/Piersons and Bathgate's (see French Poussins too) use suns while Sinclairs/Suns were at Roslin, near the Faucet castle.

Baths, first found in Somerset with Pierson-like Pierce's/Piers, share the cross of Scottish Randolphs (Moray) who in turn use bats and horseSHOES. Farrah's have horseshoes. Pierce's/Piers were first found in Somerset with Percivals and Leavells, and Gouel de Perceval was the ancestor of Leavells while Levins are Livings too.

I'd like to go back to the "born loser" theme I used, which I did not use with any heraldry in mind. Fole's/Follys share the purple lion with Spanish Luz's/Lucio's, and they happen to have a loser-like Lucero variation. That's amazing. There's even a Luser/Looser surname having stars in the colors of the Shoe star. German Luz's were first found in Pomerania with Trump's, though Trumps were also first found in neighboring Mecklenburg with the Ice's in the ice-cream. Here what I said a few years ago: "The last scene of the dream was my born-loser moment...While I was tying up my shoe to walk over to the house, an old friend, Dennis Quinn, was preparing an ice-cream for me,..." I was tying the laces, and Lace-like Luce's use pike fish while English Pike's happen to share the Ice trefoil!

Plus, as Dennis Quinn handed me the ice-cream, there's got to be a Quinn-line link to Ice's and/or Cremers, and here we can repeat that I traced Cremers to Creme and Cremona, two locations in Lombardy with the Visconti rulers of that area. The Visconti's passed their snake symbol to Sforza's!!! The latter not only have a lion holding a "quince," but Sear de Quincy built the Faucet castle to which Dennis' sister pointed! But there's more because Sforza's were first found in Rome with LUCiano's who have three fish in the colors of the Luce pike fish! Zinger. Sforza-like English Forts share the rock with Roach's who in turn have three fish in the same colors.

In the Luce write-up, "...Lucy, near Rouen." Rouens almost have the Quince/Quincy Coat. One Quinn Coat has a snake. Rouen is in the vaccine-like Vexin. While Rollo ruled at Rouen, Rollo's have a "passe" motto term while Luce's have: "Luce is in Orne in the bailiwick of le Passeis..." The FORTune's in the Rollo motto were first found in east Lothian with faucet castle, and thus Fortune's along with Forts look like Sforza branches.

Oh wow, the Rollo motto phrase, "LA fortune," must be partly for laws because they share the bend-with-stars of Vaux's/Vallibus', first found in East Lothian!!! Da ting is, Laws even share the red rooster with Cremers, and moreover the Cocks have the same rooster who in turn share the Grimaldi Shield while Mr. Grimaldus of Monaco married Rollo's daughter, Crispina. It reminds that I saw the Crispins not far back, hang on let me go find it...

It's "Jocelyn Crespin in Normandy in 1128", found in the Luser/Looser write-up. This reminds that there is a baron Massy character in Monaco now, related to prince Grimaldi there, who married Miss QUINTana, and Quintana's use three dice showing both three 6s, and three 5's for "quint." Luce's are said to have been Lords of Dice!

I had said "born loser" without thought of heraldic connections, and it's taken me until now to load Borns, first found in Saxony with Losers/LAYSers (not "Looser")!!! Can you believe it? Borns have a vertically-split Shield in the colors of a surname I was eying earlier today.

As Ottone's are also Otto's, there may be a way to trace Ottone Visconti to emperor Otto I, son of Henry FOWLer, in case Fole's/Follys are from him. Recall the Shoe's with the "knight ISSuing," for while Issa is also called, Vis, there's the VISconti's. I see the latter as a branch of Guiscards/Wisharts, first found in Stirlingshire with the Nimo's suspect in the Law motto. Just remembered: OTTINGers/Ottins have quadrants in the colors of the vertically-split Shield of German Borns!

Plus, I kid you not, that, a second before loading Ottingers, I saw a link to English Borns, and clicking that link, a white winged horse showed up in the Crest, the color of the winged Quinn horse!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hahaha. It's true. My sense that the dream provided a born-loser scene proves to be exactly what God intended for me to think. Quinn hands me an ice-cream cone while I'm tying my laces, and I'm stuck unable to tie them up. It's a just-my-LUCK event, and Lucks/Luke's might just have been a Luce / Loser / Looser branch. In fact, I've used the Lucks/Luke's/LICKs in the past for the ice-cream symbol of Miss Hanson because one licks an ice-cream cone!!! So, it was indeed also a just-my-luck event (this is the first time I've called it that)

I kid you not, and this is not new here: Lucks/Luke's/Licks share the mascle of English Hansons, and Dennis Quinn loaned me a car to take Katrina Hanson on our first date. I kid you not, I've said it before many times: German Hansons have three ways to trace to Ottone Visconti of Lombardy: 1) they share the English Lombard Coat; 2) they have a green snake, the original color of the Visconti snake; 3) they share the Sforza lion. Plus, Nordic Hansons can be gleaned as Fugger kin, and while Cremers pointed to Crema and nearby Cremona in Lombardy, Cremers almost have the Coat of Fugger-like Faux's/Fage's/Chollens'.

The English Lombards share a vaired Shield with English Gills, but Gills use it in the colors of the Arms of Lombardy, and also in the colors of Gilligans who in turn share the giant horse of Quinns. In colors reversed, the red crescent in the Gill Crest can be the white-on-red crescent of Quinns.

I've just realized that the fourth quarter of the German Hanson Coat has the castle of English Forts for yet another pointer to the Visconti-Sforza marriage. I've just realized that English Forts were first found in Lancashire with new-to-me Ansons/Hansons. French Lombards share the Quint chevron on nearly the Cremer Chief-Shield combination.

Dutch Loose's share the Leslie buckle, and Hanson-like Scottish Ansons share the Leslie and Fenn/Venn Crest, recalling that this born-loser dream had me on the phone while Phone's are listed with Fiens/Fane's/Vans. The Scottish Ansons are listed with Jansons, yet they look like a Hanson branch because the latter's Chief is in the colors and format of the Chief of Levins, first found in Westmorland with Ansons/Jansons. The latter happen to share the quadrants of English Forts!

Both Miss Hansons and Sharon Quinn pointed to Faucet liners, and Sharon punched Barry as he was SITTING on the LIVING-room floor while Livings are listed with Levins above, and while Sittens were first found in East Lothian with Faucets and Keiths. Livingstons, sharing the cinquefoils of Keith-branch Kettle's, share a green snake with German Hansons. And Livingstons were first found in Linlithgow (West Lothian) with Tenants! Livingstons have a savage while French Sauvage's were first found in Champagne with French Dennis'. Kettle's are much in the colors and format of Fellows/Fellys, and the latter's dancette can take one to the same-colored Danes/Dance/Donnas surname. Dannys/Dance's (beside Poole) even share the Falls/Fallis and Pool lion.

Plus, while I bought the ice-cream from Miss Hanson at Sam's Restaurant (I've said this many times before), Samsons share the gold patonce with Ansons/Jansons. Ahh, patonce-like Patents/Pattens, who share the green griffin head in the Anson/Janson Crest (!), were first found in Essex with Sams/Sammes'! Beauty. The Guiscards of Sicily had made a pact with the SARACen leader, SAMSAM, and my first date with Hanson was in a Valiant while Valiants have the SHARK!!! The Samson scallops are code for Sicilian elements.

OH WOW!!! The write-up of English Ansons/Hansons: "The surname Anson was first found in Lancashire. However, another branch of the family was found since early times at the township of SHUGborough in Staffordshire." As the Shoe's are also SCHUGs, it's now more than clinched that God gave the born-loser dream to coordinate with the Hanson ice-cream.

The Patents/Pattens share the Pulley motto in full, and you can see a pulley at the feet of the Sicilian Guiscard brothers (rulers of Sicily). It gets even more amazing that the Patents/Pattens have the lozengy Shield of German Hansons in half its colors.

Lusers/Loosers were first found in Cambridgeshire, and English Borns tell of a Bourn location in Cambridgeshire that was "BRUNE" prior to 1086. It just so happens that one of the three sections of the German Luz Coat has the Coat of Bruno's, first found in Florence with Italian Lombards. BRUNswick was paired with Luneburg, and the latter is where German Loose's/Loes'/Loseks were first found. English Borns happen to share a "Haec" motto term with SCOUGals/Scoots (same place as Faucet castle), and Shoe's/SCHUGs share the Luser/Looser star. It all looks arranged to go with "born loser."

German Langs were first found in Luneburg while Langfords were a branch of Longfords who named Longford, where Quinns were first found who share a blank, gold Chief with Ansons/Jansons, the latter first found near the first-known Quints. Longfords were first found in Derbyshire with the Knots/Cnuts in the "fret-knot" of English Lace's/Lacys. Minutes after God pointed to Sharon Quinn with my morning vision of Farrah Faucet, He told me to write a NOTE for Steve Mellanson because Mellansons share the crescents of Note's, listed with Knots/Cnuts. French Mellans have another blank, gold Chief. Irish Mellans were first found in Tyrone with Sharks.

There is a Shug surname sharing a Shook variation with Shoe's.

If God used KATRina Hanson, he must have arranged pointers for her first name. The Kate's/KATTERbachs are super, not only for being first found in Mecklenburg with same-colored Hahns and Trumps, and not only for being first found in Mecklenburg with Ice's, but for sharing the Chief-Shield colors of Valiants. Hahns use a giant rooster, and there is a Lever/Lover/Liver Crest having a rooster "STANDing" on a trumpet to boot. As Stands are listed with Stains, we note the Katzenstain variation of Kate's/Katterbachs.

Hahns use wings with their rooster, and Wings/Winks were first found in Perthshire with the Hagars sharing the Kate/Katterbach hexagrams. Katrina Hanson is therefore an obvious pointer to Abraham and Keturah's line to Shark-line Saraca's of Kotor, for Hagar was Abraham's concubine, and his son with her was Ishmael, thought to have become the Arabs who included Saracens.

The BRAINs sharing the Shug leopard face were first found in Norfolk with BRAMtons/BRANtons and Reston-branch Risings/RISONs. Can you dig it? Bramtons almost have the three lions in pale of Irish Brians. Can you figure out how we can get back in time to Abraham from here? The Restons share white leopard faces with Brains, yet the Restons use them in both white and gold, the two colors of the three lions in pale of Irish Brians.

English Brians were first found in Denbighshire with BACHs/Baghs, and so the KatterBACHs/KatterBECKs could apply here. English Becks share the moline of Sarasins (Brittany with French Brians) and Vallans while the Valiants have the shark and the Kate/Katterbach Shield. What's there to argue, the facts are being laid bare. English Becks were first found in BERKshire with fish-using Catters (Saraca's use the fish) while Irish Berks/Burghs have another cat.

I might add that the Beck pelican can take us to the tower of Shoe's/Schugs because it's the Pellican tower too. I trace Pellicans to Hebrew suspects at Pelagonia, near lake LYCHnidus, suspect to the pelican-using Lucks/Licks/LOOKs and Locks/Licks. Sire's/Sirets, with the same tower, has "a green snake LOOKing at himself in the mirror.". Lake Lychnidus is near an ancient KODRum location on the APSus river, where Apps' are from who have a version of the Luck/Luke/look fesse.

Brains are said to descend from "KETELL Brain" while Kettle's were first found in Perthshire with Hagars and Wings/Winks while Brooms/Brome's show blue wings, the colors of the Hahn wings, and Bramtons/Brantons are also BROMtons. Kettle's were a branch of the Keith Catti. See anything suspicious? Hahns were first found in the same place as Kate's/Katterbachs.

Brains have three leopard faces in pale in the colors of the three lions in pale of Irish Brians, and Keats (Norfolk with Brains) have three CATs in pale. There's a cat in the Lucca Coat, and Luce's were first found in Norfolk with Brains and Brantons. Botters/Botini's, first found in Lucca, may have been a branch of the namers of Butua/Budva, beside Kotor, for English Botters/Bodins were first found in Hampshire with Buttons/Bidens/Budins and English Burghs.

The Keat cats in pale look connectable to the Coat of German Walls (shows only a pale bar in the colors of the Keat cats) while Shoe's/Schugs have a wall.

Shugs share the hunting horn (different color) with Scougals/Scoots. English Dennis', albeit sharing the axe with Shoe's in different colors, were first found in Lancashire with the Ansons/Hansons who branched to Shugborough. The Scougal/Scoot hunting horn is the black one of Brune-like Burns and Bernice's/Burnes', both first found in Cumberland with Bruno-branch Browns/Brune's (and Vaux's), and while Browns/Bruns share the Cremer fleur-de-lys, Borns, sharing a "Haec" motto term with Scougals/Scoots, were at Brune. Brains/Brane's share the Shug leopard face. German Borns share the fesse of French Dennis'.

"Haec" is in the motto of Bulgers along with Faucet-like "fecit," perfect because Scoots were first found in the same place with Faucets. Bulgers share the trefoil of Brokens, and the latter, sharing gold trefoils with Hickensons, were first found in Sligo with Hickensons and Higgins/Hickens. It recalls the time when Miss Hicks said to me, "you CAN SCOOT over." Hicks had a branch in Essex, where Broke's/Brocks were first found. Bulgers have a bull head colors reversed from the bulls of Beautys (Dorset with CANs/Caens), and while the Bulger Chief is almost the Bag Chief, Bagleys were first found in Shropshire with Sleap and Hope's/HOPERs. It makes sense to me that both Sleeping Beauty and the sleeping bag can point to Biden crimes in Ukraine. Hickensons and Higgins share the tower of Hoppers (beside Dorset) while Fauchys use the grasshopper.

INCREDIBLY, French Brune's (Languedoc with Alans) share both the two stars and one crescent of Losers!!! Brune loser!!! Ansons/Hansons almost have the Coat of Italian Barone's, first found in Florence with Bruno's! You can't believe how this is unfolding.

Although not in the same colors or design, Bernice's/Burnes' (same place as Quints) share a winged horse with Quinns. "Brunswick" looks like "Bryneich," the alternative name of Bernicia. One Quinn Coat has a sword in the colors of the Sword swords while Swords have wings in Crest said to be "exPANDed," perhaps part-code for the line of Pansys/Pantzers (Quinn-horse colors) in the Arms of Bar-le-Duc, for the bar namers of that place were in Brunswick too. The Dove's in the Pansy/Pantzer Coat were first found in Berwickshire = Bernicia.

It's now possible that when Sharon was screaming at Dennis' door, it's a pointer to Yells, first found in Shetland, part of the Orkney-island group. That's being said because Orkney is where Peace's/Paise's (recalls Passeis of Luce's) were first found who have doves in the colors of the Pansy/Pantzer doves. The Pek river's Pincum location was related to Pane's/Panico's (incorporate Cremer Chief), first found in Bologna with Pace's/PASI's. Pagan-related Pincs look like kin of Sewers/Suters, the latter first found in Angus with Panters (share "spur rowells" with Payens/Pagans. Yells could have been of the Gells/Gills, first found in Yorkshire with the Quinn-connectable Gills above.

Letters were once said to be first found in Berwickshire with their Lauder branch, and LinkLETTERs were first found in ORKNey. "ORGAN pipes" are used by Letts. Letters are now said to be first found in Westmorland with Ansons/Jansons while Letts were first found in Gloucestershire with the Samsons sharing the gold patonce with Ansons/Jansons.

Just remembered: Johnson & Johnson COVID "vaccines" are made by Janssen. English Janssens share the Anson/Janson Shield but were first found in Northamptonshire, where Quince's/Quincys were first found!!! Amazing. German Janssens share the Coat of English Martins while French Martins share the quadrants of English Forts and Ansons/Jansons.

Italian Martins (share Cremer Chief) share the upright goat of Kepke's/Kopke's for a pointer to graphene-oxide in vaccines. The Dove's under discussion could have named themselves after Kopke-connectable Cuppae, "city of doves," because it's between the Dennis-connectable Danube river and the Pek river while Peace's/PAISE's use doves. Dennis' are also DANish's while English Danes' were first found in Sussex with PAISley-branch Packs and Keeps. The Peas variation of Peacocks (Essex with early Quints) is interesting because I've read that Peacocks were a sept of Pollocks, the latter first found in Renfrewshire with Paisley and Hanson-connectable English Lombards.

French Brune's share the tower of Towers, first found in Lancashire Ansons/Hansons and Dennis'. Ansons/Hansons share the crescent of Dennis-like Deans/Dene's. I was on a knee at my shoe when Dennis gave me the ice cream, and I showed how Knee's link to Vise's, Acorns and Downs, all three first found in Sussex with Deans/Dene's.

Dennis Quinn grew up in Bracebridge, and the crozier in the Bracebridge Crest brings us to Chalons-en-Champagne because it's Arms uses the Scottish Crozier Coat...that itself shares the Brown/Brun / Cremer / Loser fleur-de-lys. The Scottish Crozier Coat even shares the cross of English Brune's. The Bracebridge Shield shares the black vair with Scottish Champagne's, and then French Dennis' were first found in Champagne.

The potent feature in heraldry comes from the upper part of a crutch, and this goes to the Crutch/Crooch surname because Cross'/Crose's (Lincolnshire with Bracebridge's) use the potent cross. Champagne's share the potent pattern in a bend with Avezzano's, and the latter were first found in Sardinia with a Visconti branch using the rooster, the Cremer / Hann / Hahn symbol. Borns named Brune in Cambridgeshire, and English Walters, first found in Cambridgeshire, essentially have the Cross/Crose Crest.

AND AHHHH, these Walters share the boar head of Lesks who in turn share a Lush variation with the Lusers/Loosers, the latter first found in Cambridgeshire!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Dennis treated me like a Brune Luser! I know you can't believe this, you suspect I'm playing tricks with you.

It's probably important that Dennis HANDed me an ice cream because Hands are also Hanns while German Hanns, sharing the red rooster in Crest with Cremers, were a branch of Hahns who are in turn in Trump colors and format, and first found in Mecklenburg with Trumps and Dols (Trump / Hahn colors). Trump chose Stephen Hahn for the FDA director, and that's the government office needed to give the official wink for allowing COVID vaccines to be distributed illegally / criminally to the people.

The wavy Dol fesse is colors reversed with the Hone's while German Hanns list Honns/Hohns. The Alans of Dol share the fesse of French Dennis' while English Dennis'/Danish's can go with Katrina Hanson because she is Danish. French Alans share the Chief of Italian Lombards.

Repeat from above: "The Fellow/Felly Coat is similar to the one of Baskets, and there's a 'basket' in the Crest of Irish Mellans, the latter first found in Tyrone with Sharks. The Basket Coat can be linked to Scottish Doors (i.e. Daorsi at Kotor) via the Coat of Restons suspect in the so-called "rests" of Arthurs. Restons were a branch of Risings/Risons from Rhizon, beside Kotor." Baskets were first found in Wight and neighboring DORset, and Wight is where Cowes is located while Cowes' use "pennants" while mythical king Arthur was assigned PENdragon for a father.

Pennys/Penes', who share two, black, courant greyhounds with SCOUGals/Scoots and Schutz's, were first found in Northamptonshire with Fole's/Follys, and while it was Sharon who said to me, 'don't be a fool," Sharrons share the PENDERgrass Coat while Pendragons are also PENDRys. Pendragons were first found in Cornwall with the SHUGs sharing white leopard faces with Restons and Scottish Doors.

Then, Scougals/Scoots were first found in East Lothian with axe-using Simms'/SINCOE's (pen in Crest), and while I've traced SIMSons (Buckinghamshire with Pens) to Italy's Laus near, and related to, Saracena, the SIMcoe's happen to share the estoiles of Bute's/Butts while Kotor is beside Butua/Budva while Bude is a location in Cornwall. SimCOE's, first found in Cornwall too, can therefore be gleaned as a Simm-line merger with the Coe variation of Cowes' (Lancashire). The Cowes-beloved Pennants almost have a Simson Coat. The Simcoe's even share the Chief of Ports, first found in Hampshire and Dorset, both on the coast from Wight.

The SINcoe variation of Simms' ("fortuna") suggests a family from Sion because it was also named Sitten while Simms were first found in East Lothian with Sittens (and Fortune's). Simms/Sincoe's use the pen.

Simcoe's use the cannon, I assume, and Caens/Cans were first found in Dorset. Caens/Cans share the fretty Shield of Cave's, the latter first found in Lancashire with Cave-like Cowes'/Coe's. cave's even share the black greyhound with Scougals/Scoots and Pennys/Penes' while Simcoe's were first found in Cornwall with Shugs. If the shoe fits, tie it up, just don't take a Baskin Robins ice-cream at the same time.

This Simcoe cannon could have been called a "MORtar," for Morte's/Motts share the Death/Darth crescents, which is why the myth writer who located the death of king Arthur on Bute (Avalon) named the myth, "Le Morte d'Arthur." I've got it recorded: "The Bing-like Bins use a 'diliGENTia' motto term, as well as a Moor in Coat and a 'mortar' in Crest." Gentius was a king of the Ardiaei, and Simcoe's share the wavy fesse of Dutch Ghents/Gaunts while English Ghents were first found in Hampshire with Simcoe-connectable Ports.

Gentius married the daughter of king MONunius, and Moons were first found in Dorset with Caens/Cans and Baskets while Baskins have another "diligentia" motto term. Baskins share the vaired fesse of Bask-like Bachs/Baghs, first found in Denbighshire, beside Pennants of Flintshire.

Bin-like Bings were first found in Kent with Deaths/Darths and Alberts, and with Scoot-branch Scotts, from lake SCODra near Butua, Kotor and Rhizon. Alberts are mentionable because Simms/Sincoe's use the "halbert/halpert" axe, code for axe-using Halberts/Halperts (Shug colors and format). Sittens named Seaton at the mouth of Devon's Axe river.

While BARRY got punched when SITTINg on the floor, Berrys, first found in Devon with Seaton, use a "sine" motto term while Sions list Sine's. Flore-like Fellers/Felltragers can apply to Rods (Devon) because they were related to Rocks while Rocco's can be gleaned as kin of German Tragers, and the latter can be gleaned in the write-up of Rooks (Worcestershire with Rocks) who in turn share the raven with English Tragers. The latter were first found in Cornwall (beside Devon) with Shugs who in turn share the hunting horn of Dutch, floor-like Fleurs!!! I like it when things click like this. There's probably more to this than I can presently see.

The Rocco bend is in the colors of the same of Shakespears, the latter were at WROXhall of Warwickshire while Warwicks share the triple Falls/Fallis lions. Wroxhalls list Roxhills/Wraxalls/Rackshalls. Wrecks/Wracks show nothing but a border while Borders and Ricks/Rex's (once said to be first found in Somerset) were first found in the area of three Wraxall locations, all beside the Biden-connectable Rich's/Richess'. The latter were at Lorraine while German Tragers share the Lorraine bend, to be assumed.

Both the Trager and Rocco bends are with a the embattled feature while Battle's share the giant griffin of Chaffs, the latter first found in Dorset with one of the Wraxall locations. Chaffs share the Fell lozenges, and the Chaff griffin is probably in the Rick/Rex Crest. The Battants (Somerset again, beside Chaffs) list Badens while the Arms of Baden is the Rocco bend. Lorraine's (Alan colors) were from Maria of Kiev in the land of ROXolani Alans. ROQUEfeuils (Languedoc with Rocks/Roque's) became Rockefellers. Italian Maria's apparently have the Rocco Coat four times.

The Bin Moor head is that one also of Morano's while there is a Morano location on the Sybaris river along with the Saracena location mentioned above. Morano's were first found in Modena with Albino's while Alpins have a Coat (and "fur" tree) like the one of Alis' who are in turn in the Simson motto. The Albino Chief is colors reversed from the Scottish Simson Chief. Albins (Devon with Rods) were at Barnstaple while Barnstaple's share the trefoils, the Rockefeller-line symbol, of Albino's.

I see the "nutrior" motto term of Simsons as code for the Enotrians who lived in southern Italy and covering the Laus / Saracena area. The Saraca's of Kotor moved to Ragusa (see Wikipedia's Saraka article), which was also called, "Laus(a)," and Ragusa is not far from the Ardiaei of the Neretva river, itself near the OENeus river while Enotrians were also the OENotrians. The Oneum location at the mouth of the Tilurius could apply.

Devon Archer the Stool Pigeon

Devon Archer just became a high-powered stool pigeon against the Biden family this week. It appears that while Rupert Murdoch was happy to get rid of the Tucker headache, he's now got the Watters headache to deal with:

I can't see a pointer to the Hunters or Bidens from the near-identical Archer / Larcher Coats (identical), but the Barack-like Barks, first found in Norfolk with Dunhams and Larks, use Larcher-like "larks." Perhaps Devon Archer is a pointer against Barack Obama-Dunham, for he in-the-least allowed Biden corruption to transpire by making Joe Biden the head of a world region from which he could fish out some conflict-of-interest money. Did Obama get a piece of that?

Barksdale's/Birkdale's share the bunched arrows in the Arms of Rothschild in both colors, and as they share the motto of Bucks, first found in Norfolk with Barks, Barksdale's must have been a Bark branch. The Barksdale/Birkdale arrows are in blue, same as the Archer arrows.

It just so happens that while the Biden family specializes in laundering money, Larks and their Fly kin are in the colors and format of French Landrys while English Landrys list Laundrys. All three surnames have FOOTless martlets while sharing the Foot chevron, and the Landry martlets are colors reversed from the ones of Flys of Flagi.

The Clouds/Lutts in the Lark Crest use flags and a "Hold fast" motto while Fasts (Norfolk with Larks) share the Lutt/Lute quadrants. Fasts are from the del-Vasto rulers of Saluzzo, and while LUIS of Ceva was mother to Alice of Saluzzo, Clouds were first found on Sky and Lewis while Lewis' were first found in Glamorganshire with Welsh LOUIS'. French Louis' were first found in Lorraine with French Landrys, and finally the Lois' were first found in Artois with Arras while Archers and Larchers use arrows while Arrows are listed with Arras'. Arras was once, Atrecht, named after Atrebates of Hampshire, where Flys were first found. BARKers share the motto of Nickle's who in turn have a "pheon" ARROW head.

It just so happens that Arrows/Arras' share the Fly fleur-de-lys.

Actually, I've just realized that there could be a pointer to Hunters where Archers and Larchers almost have the Coat of Ingers/HENTERs! The latter were first found in Cornwall with mythical GorLOIS (he was in myth with Pendragon). Hunters were first found in Shropshire with the Alans who married Alice of Saluzzo.

Larks are also LAURks while Laureys were first found in Picardy with Cavetts/Cheve's, whom I see from the Cevetta river at Ceva. The Cavetts/Cheve's have four chevrons in the colors of the two of Hones' (Hampshire) suspect in the "honesta" motto term of Archers and Larchers. Cave's were first found in Lancashire with LAURence's.

There could be a pointer to Nancy Pelosi here who's suspect in Chinese corruption along with Devon Archer and Hunter Biden. The Lorraine's with a "Lauro" motto term share the Asty lion while Asti (near Saluzzo) is very near Savigliano, where Pelosi's/PELATi's were first found, and then PELLETs are used by both Larks and Flys. Pellets were first found in Sussex with ARUNdel, and while Jewish AARONs/Arens share a hand from a cloud with the Lark Crest, Alice of Saluzzo married FitzAlans of Arundel. Arundels (Sussex) are in the colors and format of Eagle's/Hegels (Lincolnshire with Pilotte's (share Pellet Coat) who in turn have the Coat of Savigliano-like Savage's in colors reversed.

The Laundry write-up has the Lavandaria's, and Lavenders use rings, wherefore it's interesting that while Pendragon-connectable English Rings were first found in Norfolk with Barks and Larks, Irish Rings/Cranns (connectable to the Archer crown) almost have the Coat of Others/Otters, first found in HUNTINGdonshire.

Mythical UTHER Pendragon was named partly for the Others/Otters / Utters/Otterburns, and Pendragons were kin of Dragons (Kent with Gore's) in the dragon-crown symbol of Archers / Larchers. Bidens were first found in Hampshire too, even with dragon-using Drake's who translate their "muscas" motto term as "fly." ARCHibalds ("UT") were first found in Roxburghshire with Utters/Otterburns, and while Pendragon was made the father of king Arthur with Gorlois' wife, Arthurs (Berwickshire, beside Roxburghshire) have an ARCHibure variation. Though in different colors, Archibalds share a bend-with-crescents with Others/Otters and Rings/Cranns. UTs, the first-listed son of Biblical Nahor (Abraham's brother), may have named the Utters (some Bible translations call him, "Uz," but the Hebrew term is "Uts").

The second-listed son of Nahor is Buz, and Bus' were first found in Norfolk with Abram-like Bramtons who happen to share the Coat of Duce's/Duceys (Staffordshire with Arrows/Arras'), a branch of Ducks (Somerset, beside Devon), and then while Devon Archer is the reason for this heraldic investigation, Devons use ducks.

As I've said many times, I was living at the home of Verne ARCHIBALD, about six houses down Church street from Lorraine. Less than a year later, I moved into the apartment of Albert Oosteyn. While there, I was walking to Archibald's place when I walked past Lorraine, and soon after I would ask her on our first date at her BUS stop. We met that night at my LAUNDRomat, and Landrys were first found in Lorraine. It looks like a pointer to Buz, especially as Neuri lived in Ukraine with the Varangians to which Lorraine's trace.

Some three or four months after seeing Lorraine, I moved back into Archibald's place, and while there a German man asked me to paint the outside of his three-story apartment building a couple of blocks down Church street from Archibalds. I had to buy a 32-foot extension ladder for that job, and when I soon-after got an apartment on HUNT street, I had to walk the ladder on my shoulder to Hunt street (I had no car at the time), and to get there, I walked right past where Lorraine had been living (she might still have been there, I wouldn't know). It just so-happens that the French province of Lorraine was also LOTHARingia, where I think heraldic ladders trace. And isn't it amazing that Hunts are listed with Hunters! It's a pointer to Hunter Biden, let me show you how.

Lorraine's were descended from Maria of Ceva-like Kiev, daughter-in-law of RICHEZa of Lotharingia. RICHESS'/Rich's, said to have named Riche in Lorraine, not only use bottony crosses as code for the Botton variation of Buttons/Bidens/Bodins, but both were first found in Hampshire with English Botters/Bodeins. The Ingers with a Hunter-like Henter variation can be from Inger the Varangian, is that not amazing too? Yes, for Hunter Biden was steeped in Ukraine corruption.

The Hender variation of Ingers/Henters were even at Botter-like BOTTReau, in Cornwall with Bute-colored Bude's who in turn have arrows in Archer-arrow colors. Bude's share the blue roundel with Arthurs. As Budini were at the Kiev theater, Ingers/Henters do look like they were at least related to Inger's line. Henders look like they are from king Anders I of Hungary because he was in exile in Kiev a couple of centuries after Inger's lifetime.

The Bude Coat looks related to Plows, first found in Shropshire with Hunters/Hunts. PLOWs (share Dole fleur) are in the plowshare of COURTis' while Courts/Coverts were first found in Sussex with Arundel and PILLOW-branch, Lark-beloved Pellets. Plows share the Dole fleur-de-lys, yet it's also the fleur of CRAILs/Crabs (Cambridgeshire with Dole's) while Botter-connectable Balcons were first found in Crail, in Fife, itself linkable to Lviv on the Bug river of the Neuri (suspect with the line of Nahor).

As Bude's, Plows and Courtis' use the same dancette, note that Dansette's have a Coat like the Plow Coat while English Dance's share the Alan fesse. Dunhams/Downhams have a dancette in the same colors, and Downs/Douns were first found in Sussex with the FitzAlans of Arundel. Courtis' have a "farmer" with plowshare, and Farmers share the lion heads of English Dance's. The latter's fesse is colors reversed from the same of Alan-like Lance's (Norfolk with Dunhams/Downhams), yet half of the Dance fesse is also the Biden fesse.

While French Alans share the Chief of Lance-loving DERE's/Res', Courtis' have: "'...William le Curteis, temp. Henry II., was a benefactor to West DEREham Abbey, Norfolk.'" Derehams (Norfolk with Alans of Mileham), new to me here, share the giant stag head of MacKenzie's. Dero's/Ros' have a giant eagle in the colors of the near-same of Courts/Coverts.

The description of Courtis' is in the 5th update of July, 2011: "A farmer holding over his shoulder a plowshare." And then see the description of English Alberts: "A savage with a sledge hammer over his shoulder." While living at Hunt, ALBERT Oosteyn asked me to move into his apartment because his MS disease was making it hard for him to get a job. And so he had to go work across the country at Whistler ski resort. He asked me to keep his apartment so that he could move back in after the winter.

I had the impression that the Whistle/Whistler surname should point to a whistle-blower, and maybe Devon Archer is he. Although Archer is better described as a stool pigeon than a whistle-blower, Whistle's share the lozenges of stool-like Stolls/Stowells, both surnames first found in Somerset with Baths. The Stolls/Stowells make a cross out of their lozenges in the colors of the Bath cross, and the Buttons in the Biden write-up are said to have been church officials in Bath.

Oh wow, when it occurred to me that Rings could have been named from the namers of Arun(del), I checked whether Rungs are listed with Rings, but instead got a Coat like the Biden Coat and even sharing two gold horns in Crest with Bidens. Rungs share the Coat of English Lance's, first found in Norfolk with Rings. The Rung Coat is almost the Ronn/Running Coat, and the latter is the Biden Coat in colors reversed! The Ronn/Running Coat shares the fesse of Coverts/Cofferts (Sussex with Courts/Coverts and Arundel).

As Courts/Coverts share the eagle of Tromps while Tromps add acorns, note that Acorns (Sussex) have stag heads in the colors of the black stag head in the Crest of COURTis-related Plows.

Good evening Tuesday. I have just realized how my stool pigeon is Devon Archer. You be the judge to see whether I'm stretching things, or whether it's a logical conclusion.

I've mentioned several times that the first-ever dove I saw at my place (where I now live) was walking on the ground above the septic tank. It zig-zagged a little over the tank, then flew off down the driveway and across the road. As that tank has stool, I wondered whether this bird was sent by God to act as a pointed to a stool pigeon, and that's how I found the two Stoll surnames.

Before long, I came across the Pickers/Peckers/Packers, the only surname I know of sharing the cross-by-lozenges, in the same colors, of Stolls/Stowers. It just so happens that Pickers/Peckers/Packers were first found in Berkshire with ARCH's/Arks, as if to half-convince me already that Devon Archer is the stool pigeon, yet there's more.

The Pigeon-like Pageons are listed with French Page's, first found in Dauphine with PAYENs/Pagans, suggesting that the two are branches. It is then incredible that English Payne's, first found in Somerset with Stolls/Stowells and Wissels/Whistle's/Whistlers, and beside English Page's, share the two Wissel/Whistle lions while Wissels/Whistle's are the ones sharing the Stoll/Stowell lozenges!!!!! There's more: Stolls'/Stowers share the dove with English Page's, first found in DEVON, and as we are investigating DEVON Archer, let's add that Devons use ducks while English Ducks were first found in Somerset too.

BUT THERE'S MORE: Archers and Larchers have arrows in the colors and format of the three "spur rowells" of Payens/Pagans, and Spurrs were first found in Devon too, as well as the Ash's/Asch's sharing the double Rowell chevrons. Though not in the same color. Archers and Larchers share the mural crown (sometimes called a coronal crown) with Scottish Pagans.

English Pagans are in Archer colors and format, and there is a short sword in the Crest of English Pagans usually called a dagger. English Daggers/Dackers were first found in Cumberland with Wessels/Waistells who not only have more doves, but look like "Wissel/Whistle." And Wessels/Waistells even share the sheaves' of Comyns who, along with their Scottish Shaw kin, are not only in the same colors and format as Archers and Pagans, but both use a dagger in Crest! Comyns, in Archers / LARCHer colors and format, were first found in Norfolk with Larks and lark-using Barks. English Shaws/Sheaves were even first found in Berkshire with Pickers/Peckers/Packers (probably a Page / Pagan branch) and Arch's/Arks.

Archibalds were first found in Roxburghshire with Googe's/Gouch's, and a Mr. Gouch was the one who inspected my septic tank. Doesn't that too look like a pointer to Mr. Archer? It's important because Googe's/Gouch's were first found in Roxburghshire with the Mole's who share their boar, and there was a mole hill formed over the septic tank a couple of days after the pigeon was over it. Previous to that one mole hill (the last one I saw from this mole), the mole was lifting the dirt under my front deck (about six feet from the septic tank), and Decks are listed with German Daggers.

I'm impressed with this pointer.

I trace Pagan to the Pecker-like Pek river in Moesia, not far from the Paioni who look like the Paion variation of Pagans/Payens. Italian Pagans were first found in Naples, near the PICENtini mountains, and the PICENSii Illyrians (center-right of map) lived on the Pek. The line of Justine of PICENum is to the Justine's sharing the border of Italian Pagans. A village of PICENZE, the place of my mother's birth, is just seven miles from L'Aquila, and while the Aquila's were first found near Naples too, Italian Sheaves'/Chiava's were first found in L'Aquila, wherefore let's repeat that Shaws/Sheaves' were first found in Berkshire with Stoll-related Peckers and Arch's.

Moreover, my mother's mother was Miss Masci while Masci's share the fleur-de-lys of Italian Pagans. My mother has a book on Picenze telling that it was founded by peoples of Naples. Archers have an "honESTa" motto term while Italian Este's share the Aquila Coat, and then while the province of UMBRia is beside L'Aquila, Archers have "Lords Archer of UMBERslade." When we read that as UmberSLADE, we load Slade's to find the black horsehead once showing in the Crest of English Este's, and then the three horse heads in the Este Shield are colors reversed from the same in the Slade Shield.

Slade's share an "audax" motto term with ROXburghs (horse head) while Slate's share the ROCK trefoil. Slate's (share Chapman motto) were first found in Derbyshire with the Sola's and Larchers, and the latter have a "Sola" motto term. Slate-like Salts/Sauts almost have the Pagan/Payen Coat. "Fortis et audax" is a motto of English Forts while Italian Forts share the black horse with Devons. Daggers/Dackers use "Forte."

The "FiDUS et auDAX" motto of Slade's is pretty good because it can be partly for a Duck branch while Devons have ducks in Slade colors. Dax's/Dacks share the crossed swords of Borders/BOARDers, and the latter, with the Duck star, were first found in Somerset with Ducks who in turn come up as "Dack." Then, Slade's were first found in Sussex with Boards, making it appear that this heraldic set is a pointer to DEVON Archer.

Ducks/Dacks have lion heads in the colors of the lions of dus-like Duce's, and the latter (with Docks) were first found in Staffordshire while Staffs/Staffords share the Slate chevron. Duce's are in the motto of Schims/Schiens sharing the Googe/Gouch / Mole boar. English Pigeons are in the colors and format of the Dents who have an "InDUSTRia" motto term that can be code for the Deuster variation of Duse's.

Duse's/Deusters almost have the Langley Coat while Langtons almost have the German Steven Coat, and spy moles are hired by the CIA with headquarters in Langley (beside Washington DC). Stevensons were first found in Northumberland with the Phoenix's in the Mole Crest, and one Stevenson Coat shares the Mole stars while Schims/Schiens share the Washington Chief, and Washingtons, who share the double fesses of Italian Pagans, were first found in Durham with Langleys. "Slade" looks like "Saluzzo," and Saluzzo is near Langhe.

English Falcons are super here not only because they were first found in Cumberland with Dockers and Daggers/Dackers, but because they are in the colors and format of French Pigeons! The Pigeon and Falcon chevron is shared by Tattle's/Toothills.

Stolls/Stowells were first found in Somerset with the Ducks/Dacks whose falcon is in the design of the Steven falcon, and the latter first found in Gloucestershire with the Yates who are in turn in Devon colors and format. Yates' were first found in the same place as Holders, and while Bark Obama first chose Eric Holder to lead his Justice system, he (Obama), at the end of his eight years, chose Sally Yates as his Justice chief, i.e. to protect his gangster-laden government, and so we must assume that Yates knew of Ukraine corruption for to protect it.

Yates' happen to share the "portcullis" gate with Porters, and the latter were first found in Hampshire with Archers! Scottish Porters were first found in Ayrshire with Barrs. The latter share the giant eagle of Italian Este's while English Este's almost have the Coat of Slade's with the "FiDUS" motto term. Does that look like a pointer of Someone who knew the future when heraldic symbolism was created? Reminder: Slade's came to topic with the Umberslade location of Archers.

Let's assume that Duse's are in the motto of Slade's, for Bill Barr was Trump's Justice chief who protected the deep state as well as Holder and Yates. The Arms of Bar-le-DUC (i.e. like "Duse") uses the pansy while Pansys/Pantzers (doves / pigeons) were first found in Westphalia with Ducks/Dockers and Holden/Holding-related Allers. How perfect, for Holdens were first found in Lancashire with Holds/Holts who in turn have two of the Holder fesses. Holds/Holts were first found in Bury while the Buris variation of both Bury surnames is like BURISma, the company that Hunter Biden was hired by (one million dollars annually) in order to to have Joe Biden and Obama protect its corruption!!!

This heraldry gets better because Trump first hired Jeff Sessions as his Justice chief, followed by Bill Barr. Sessions' were not only first found in Gloucestershire with Holders and Yates', but the Session's Shield is split horizontally, same as the Yates Shield in different colors, and both are split by a so-called "combattant" divider. Battants/Badens were first found in Somerset with Ducks/Dacks, and with the Bests/Beasts perhaps in the "best" motto term of Sessions'.

Dutch Bests/Beests, sharing four fesses in different colors with French Page's and Cavetts/Cheve's (Picardy with Laureys/Loreys), almost have the Coat of English Crispins (Oxfordshire with PORTcullis-gate Snipe's/Snape's) while French Crispins were first found in Lorraine with BAR-le-Duc. Heraldic bars, called "barry," are used by English Crispins, and they essentially have the Coat of Porch's/PORTis' (Norfolk with Bus') who share the giant cinquefoil of Bus' expected in the "legiBUS" motto term of English Bests/Beasts. Porch-like Porcia's share the upright and black boar with Laureys/Loreys. Lorraine's/Lorrens have BEAKless eagles. Porci's have the Lorraine bend in colors reversed.

Lorraine of the bus stop pointed to Babe's, kin of Beaks who share the white ostrich in Crest with Bests/Beasts. The Umbers/Humbers have the triple fesses of Beaks who in turn are in the beakless eagles ("ALLERions") of Aller-related Holdens while Allers were first found in Westphalia with Pansys/Pantzers and Ducks/Dockers. French Crispins share the pomegranate" with Grazi's, first found in UMBRia, which I trace to the naming of Northumberland, where Lorraine's were first found. Lorraine of the bus stop had the Grazi-like grass stain on her Pantzer-like pants which pointed to Bar-le-Duc.

Babe's were once said to be first found in Dorset with Beaks, and Babels/Babwells were once said to be first found in Middlesex, where Stains are now said to be first found. Babels/Babwells have a "gold GATE" to go with the Yates gates.

Babe's almost have the barry of their Blond/BLUND kin, both first found in Suffolk with Blondville's/Blundesons, and with the Clare's having three of the double chevrons of Scottish Lise's/Lease's, first found in Dumfries with Laureys/Lorreys/Larrys (share laurel with Lorraine's). See a pattern here? BLUNDville's, first found at BEESTon, almost have the Coat of Slate's (Derbyshire with Larchers) while Archer-connectable Slade's were first found in Sussex with Babels/Babwells, Lorraine-related Keeps, and BUNN-branch Bone's. Beeston is in BUNbury while Bunns were first found in Oxfordshire with Crispins almost having the Dutch Best/Beest Coat.

The Blundville write-up can suggest a Bloom branch, interesting where Jewish Blooms share the double fesses of Stains. Lorraine was a sun-bright blond. Bloom-like Balloons/Baalhams were first found in Suffolk with Blundville's, and Baliols with Baileys were first found in Northumberland with Lorraine's. Baloons (not "Balloon") share the giant lion of English Balls, first found in Cheshire with Beeston. Baloons, first found in Cornwall with Archer-connectable Ingers/Henters, share the giant lion of Palins (Dorset with Beaks and early Babe's) while Palin-related Plains/Platters were first found in Suffolk with Babe's, Blonds and Blundville's.

French Balls/Ballons were first found in Brittany with the Rynd-related Rance river while MILL rinds are used by Jewish Blooms. The latter are in the colors and format of Archers, the latter first found in Hampshire with Mills and Mile's. Mills and Mile's use the mill rind, as do some Mueller branches. Alans of Dol were near the Rance river, and English Alans are said to have had a branch at MILEham, and to have lived at Shropshire, where Hope's were first found in the "Hope for the best" motto of Sessions'. Shropshire is also where Blundville-related Meschins were first found who originated in the Bessin, the line to Bessins/Beestons. The Blundville write-up has an old quote suggesting that Oswestry was also called, "Blundevill." French Alans seem related to lance-using RES'/Dere's, perhaps in the "RESurgo" motto term of Lorraine's.

The pale BARs of Babels/Babwells are shared by English LISE's/Liss' (Hampshire with Archers), and so let's now go to LISA Page, the official FBI lawyer for Andrew McCabe, the deputy director of Obama's FBI under the director, James Comey. As Comeys/Come's/COMBs have lions colors reversed from the Lorraine lion, Lorraine's pant stain, which I saw on her BALCONy, can point to Comey because Balcons are also BalCOME's/BalCOMBs. The COMBattant feature of the Yates' and Sessions' can apply here because the FBI was directly under the authority of Sally Yates, whom Trump replaced with Jeff Sessions.

Yates' and Sessions were first found in Gloucestershire, beside the Battants/BADEN suspect in "comBATTANT." Lorraine's share the Arms of Baden.

Lorraine of the bus stop had pointed to Stops/Stubbs, first found in Staffordshire with the Beast-like Bassets in the Porch/Portis Crest. Stops/Stubbs were from the Stobi city of Paionians, who also had the city of AstiBUS, and Asty share the Lorraine lion. Asti is at the Langhe theater, and while Bruno's are said to have has a branch in Asti, German Langs were first found near Brunswick, where I know for a fact (google won't easily let me find the evidence anymore) that the Barrs of Bar-le-Duc had been. Pagans/Paions/Payens (same place as French Page's) were likely a branch of Pansys (share dove with English Page's).

Bests/Beasts share "Libertas" with Godfreys, and they are both in the same colors. Godfreys use pelican heads while Pellicans were first found in Maine with Billets/Billiards while French Bassets/Bessets/BESANcons show nothing but billets in Billet/Billiard colors. Bessins/Beasts probably apply. Maine's, who share Paioni-line pheons with English Page's and Stops/Stubbs, were first found in Devon with English Page's.

Devon Archer was in business with Hunter Biden and Jim Bulger, and so let's repeat from above:

"Haec" is in the motto of Bulgers along with Faucet-like "fecit," perfect because Scoots were first found in the same place with Faucets. Bulgers share the trefoil of BROKens, and the latter, sharing gold trefoils with Hickensons, were first found in Sligo with Hickensons and Higgins/Hickens. It recalls the time when Miss Hicks said to me, "you can scoot over." Hicks had a branch in Essex, where Broke's/BROCKs were first found.

Bulgers have a "nobis" motto term while Nobs, with almost the Coat of Burisma-like Irish Buris', were first found in Norfolk with the Bags almost sharing the Bulger Chief. The Bulger bull head is in the colors of the Pelosi bull while Pelosi's (Piedmont with Italian Franks) share the column (different color) with German Franks while English and Scottish Franks share "nobis" with Bulgers. The other German Franks have a Coat similar to the one of Columns and Callams. English Buris' were first found in Devon with French's, and DEVON Archer secretly represented president Biden at Burisma Holdings along with Hunter Biden.

English Franks share the saltire of Pollocks, the latter first found in Renfrewshire with the Speers in the spear of the Irish Buris Crest, which tends to reveal that Irish Buris' have a gold-cross version of the Nob Coat because the Buris cross is in the colors of the Pollock / Frank saltire. The Buris cross is moreover in the colors of the cross of Risings/Risons, first found in Norfolk with Nobs. English Buris' look like kin of Staple's (Kent with Rothes') who in turn share the motto of Peters, from Peter Pollock, builder of Rothes castle on the SPEY river. Speers are also SPEYers.

The "Sans" motto term of Staple's and Peters, and the "sanz" of ShakeSPEARs, is excellent because Sans' have a Snake-like Sanchez variation while Skake's/Snooks (Kent with Staple's) share the Sans/Sanchez eagle. It's excellent because SENESchals list Seneca's while Hunter Biden worked with Devon Archer at Rosemont Seneca. It's as though heraldry is my crystal ball snitching on these criminals. But, no, not a crystal ball, but God Himself.

The Droits suspect in the Shakespeare motto share the Staple fleur-de-lys.

Arms of Bar-le-Duc

I've never tackled the codework in the description of the Arms of Bar-le-DUC, but I can do it now with some confidence. Wikipedia gives this description: "parti, au premier d'azur semé de croisettes recroisetées au pied fiché d'or à deux BARS adossés d'argent BROCHant sur le tout, et au second du même à trois PENSEES tigées et feuillées au naturel."

The pansies are called "pensees," and Pense's/Pincons share the Bar eagle. The two fish in the Arms are called "bars," and they are BROCHant. They are in the colors of the Ged pikes, and while Geds had been proto-Geddes', the Gettes' were first found in Anjou with a Broc location, explaining why French Brocs were first found in Anjou. They share the fesse of Gennes', first found in Anjou too. The nice thing is that BolingBROKE's share the triple lions of Geddes-like Gates'. But I'm not done.

Lorraine of the bus stop pointed to the pansies in the Arms of Bar-le-Duc from her balcony, and Balcons/Balcolms were first found in Fife with Geds. Gettes-connectable Loge's were first found in Burgundy with the Save's who are in turn in Balcon/Balcolm colors and format. The Rats/Raiders suspect in the Ged motto were first found in Nairnshire with Geddes'.

The Gettes' share the Coat of French Loge's, which recalls that English Lodge's/Loge's came up with German Lipps, and with the "lodged" stag if HasLIPs (same stag as Bloods/Bluds). Lodge's/Loge's were first found in Suffolk with the Davers sharing the blue dove with French Brocs. The latter share the Moray stars while Morays essentially have the Duc/LeDuc Coat. The Moray Coat is shared with Handels, first found in Silesia with Brock-branch Brocuffs/Procks.

Brocuffs/Procks use the sphinx while Spinks share mascles (different colors) with Quince's and WINchesters. Sear de QUINcy, builder of the Faucet castle, was a ruler in Winchester, and the Winchester Crest has the gold Quint fitchee. The fitchees behind the Bar-le-Duc fish are gold too, and Quints were once said to be first found in Essex with English Brocks/Broke's.

I trace Quints to Quintus Caepio, grandfather of JUNia CAEPIONis, the line to Rose-related Youngs (Essex with Brocks/Broke's), June's and Jeune's (Cambridgeshire with CAPONE's). Jeune's are thought to descend from "Lord of Le MOTTE de GEENES in 1144," who are shown also as "Gennes," and we saw the Gennes' first found in Anjou with their Broc kin. Motts were first found in Essex with Brocks/Broke's. Anjou is where Mire's/Mireux's were first found who are in the mirror of Primo's (Burgundy with French Loge's), and Prime's were first found in Lincolnshire with Bolingbroke's.

Recall now that when Miss Quint-like Quinn punched Barry, he got some lip blood pointable to Bled, beside Lesce, for Lesks share the boar head of the Scottish Rose's, the latter first found in Nairnshire with Geddes'. German Rose's, sharing the Coat of English Youngs, were first found in Silesia with BROCuffs/Procks (share Chief-Shield colors of Brocks/Broke's). French Brocs share the fesse of Punch-branch Bunch's.

The Sire's/Sirets, suspect in the "desire" motto term of French Barrys/Barrets. The Gettes' and Loge's (Burgundy) have the Coat of Messeys/Messier's in colors reversed, and the latter's Coat is the flag of Mercia while LUCY of Bolingbroke was Mercian. Bolingbroke's were first found in Lincolnshire with English Messier's and fish-using Kidneys/GEDneys. Barry got a drop of blood, and Drops/Trope's were first found in Norfolk with the LUCYs whose "lucy" fish are otherwise pikes, the Ged and Geddes symbol. Norfolk is where Bags were first found who share the Broken/Brogen/BROCHain trefoil.

BroCHAINs suggest kinship with Chains because the latter share the cross of Bruggs, first found in Buckinghamshire, where Cheneys were said to be first found until recently, and where PENCE's/Pens were first found who are like the Pense's suspect in the "pensees" of the Arms of Bar-le-Duc.

Clappers, with another pike, were first found in Surrey with the Fiddle's/Fidelows in the motto of Scottish Barrys, and German Barrys can be gleaned with the Geddes fish heads. If correct, Barrys look like a branch of the namers of Bar-le-Duc.

German Barrys share "regi" with the motto of Scottish Barrys, and while the latter have "Fidelis," "Fidus" is used by German Barrys. The latter share the Weis/Wies Crest, almost the Crest of Wies', and the latter were first found in Silesia with Brock-branch Brocuffs/Procks. English Wise's were first found in Devon with Beers and Berrys. Scottish Barrys were first found in Angus with the Sewers/Suters/Suits who in turn share the fitchees in the Arms of Bar-le-Duc.

The Destroyer of His Country

trudeau has gotten a wrecking ball to the back of his head. When a wrecking ball hits a person on the back of the head, he doesn't see it coming, and doesn't know what hit him until he falls flat on his face. This is what trudeau's life has been since he called for martial law some 18 months ago like am immature elitist. Everywhere he goes, he's despised as he tries to act like it's not the reality. He thought he was going to become popular like Obama, but was too ignorant to see that Obama got a wrecking ball to his scalp too. Obama needs to hide in the shadows as he pulls strings in Biden policies, and trudeau is becoming a shadow of darkness himself as his reward for making canada a darker place for the human spirit.

trudeau arranged for the canadian Internet to dish out more canadian news than was previously the case so that he could be more in the news, but, doh, what super timing, just as he's looking like a bucking jack-ass. Doh, isn't that a wrecking ball to the front of his face? The latest news about him is rumor that his wife is divorcing him because he's been having an affair. Could this be true?

It seems that God may have arranged the heraldry to point to trudeau's affair, said to have started in 2020 with Melanie Joly. Let me show you how this heraldic set pans out. First, we note that Jolys share the rooster of French Gays, suspect from king Gaia of the Numidians because he was also "Gala" while French Galli's share a giant and gold rooster with Gays. While the Galli's share the Chief of French Julians, Joly-like Gollys share the crosslets of English Julians. French Julians were not only first found in Languedoc with Jolys, but with Cotta's/Cotys'/Cottons. The mother of Julius Caesar was Miss Cotta.

This is where things get amazing. The Coats'/Cotes' share the six pale bars of Trudeau-like Trude's/Trots, the latter first found in Surrey with English Gays. One could get the impression that Trudeau's descended from Julius Caesar, but this is not the amazing part. Trudeau's were first found in Ile-de-France with MELANs. Waddaya see? I see MELANie Joly!!!

Trudeau's are in Spice colors and format while Spice-like Syphax was a Numidian ruler who married the fiancee of king Massena, son of Gaia/Gala above.

Gays could have formed the Gag-like surnames because Gagne's are like the Gang variation of Geggs, first found in Norfolk with the Bags who have the Gang/Gegg cinquefoils in colors reversed. The thing is, Bags were first found in GAYwood while Gangs/Geggs share the Joly cinquefoils. No guff.

English Gagne's are listed with Gaine's, first found in Huntingdonshire with English Cottons. This, along with the Cotta's/Cotys'/Cottons, now takes me back to the cotton SWAB that Steve Mellanson put into his ear, which I have mentioned many times, which took place shortly after I was told by God to write a note concerning a disagreement at Mellanson's place.

The amazing thing is, trudeau is a stooge of Klaus Schwab, and Swabs are listed with Schwabs! It gets better because MELLANsons use "rods" while Rods share a blank and gold Chief with the Mellans, the ones first found in Ile-de-France with Trudeau's!!! ZINGER, I totally get it. God was pointing to Melanie Joly all of these years in order to assure the reader, and me, that He's pointing to trudeau, because he's on God's target for destruction. trudeau is Mr. Death.

I trace Trude's/Trots to the Trotus river of Romania. On my atlas, there is a BACau region on the north side of the Trotus river. Bags can trace to the namers of Bacau. The Trotus is a tributary of the Siret river which itself flows down toward the BULGARian theater, and Bulgers nearly have the Chief of Bags, the latter first found in Norfolk with BUS'. The Siret flows past the Buzau river of the ancient COTESii, and we just saw the Trude's/Trots sharing the Coats/Cotes pale bars. French Bacons share the Bus cinquefoil.

After flowing past its Buzau tributary, the Siret flows to Galli-like Galati. The two Galli surnames have Galati-like variations, yet Galati's/Gallia's were first found in Milan, where Mellansons and Mellans were from! The Siret was anciently the AGARus, and then Hagars were first found in Perthshire with Justins. Coincidence, or God's pointer? By what coincidence or not were Drummonds first found in Perthshire who have a "Gang" motto term? The Drummond fesses are in the colors of the Gagne/Gaine/GAYne fesse.

Gaywoods share the Howell Coat while Owls/Howls were first found in Suffolk, where Caesars were once said to be first found who use the dolphin. Caesars are now said to be first found in Surrey with Trude's/Trots and Gays (Bag Chief colors), and Surrey is where Dolphins/Dolfins were once said to be first found. Suffolk (beside Bags of Gaywood) is where Bag- and Bacau-like Bacons/Beacons were first found who share the Chief-Shield colors of Caesars, and Bacons/Beacons share the stars of Becks who in turn use the pelican while Pellicans share the Gaywood / Howell tower.

The Gaywood / Howell Coat (show only towers) is in colors reversed with English Tours (Devon with Rods and Trudeau-connectable Spice's (towers) ) while French Tours (giant tower) were first found in Languedoc with Jolys Julians and Cotta's/Cotys'/Cottons. The Lovicks/Lofwicks, who are in the write-up of Towers (giant tower) as their ancestors, have bull heads colors reversed from the Bulger bull head.

Back to the Gangs sharing the Joly cinquefoils. One of the two French Gagne's share's the pierced hexagrams of Payens/Pagans, and the latter first found in dolphin-using Dauphine with Galli's and Galleys. It recalls the Caesar dolphin. English Galleys (share Begger checks) and Gale's were first found in Yorkshire with English Beckers and Baggers/Baghots, and the latter share the eagles of Diss'/Dice's, first found in Norfolk with Bags and Bag-connectable Geggs/Gangs. Baggers/Baghots are in the colors and format of Biks/Bickers, the latter first found in Berkshire with Becks.

Until recently, Trots/Trude's were first found in Berkshire too. For example, in the 4th update of August, 2017, one can find: "Trotts were first found in Berkshire along with Susans (white lily), and royal Cottians were at Susa."

I trace Biggars, because their Dallas kin were first found in Moray, to Romania's Bihar at the Mures-river theater. German Beckers share the Moray stars and the Begger / Galley checks.

English Beckers are excellent for their stag head in colors reversed from the Trudeau stags. In asking how one can connect Beckers to Trudeau's with a second trace, the Biss' suspect in the "Bis" motto term of English Beckers were first found in Surrey with Trude's/Trots! It explains why Trots/Trude's were once said to be first found in Berkshire with Becks.

Biss' have two snakes "respecting each other" who look like Miss Joly and Mr. trudeau the gangster. Others/Otters, said to be from the MILAN theater, were first found in Huntingdonshire with Gagne's/Gaine's (share Windsor crosslets) while Jolys share the Gang cinquefoils. French Mellans were first found in the same place as Trudeau's. While Others/Otters were proto-Windsors, Windsors, first found in Berkshire with Becks and early Trots/Trude's, share the saltire of French Julians, first found in Languedoc with Jolys. They say that Trudeau left his wife for MELANie Joly!

Dutch Beckers/Bakers share the chevron of English Gays, and Gaywoods were first found in Norfolk with English Bakers who in turn share the Biss scallops. Biss' use snakes while Snake's/Snooks (Kent with Massena-like Massins and Gaine-connectable Gore's) share the eagle of GreGOIRE's, and trudeau's wife is SOPHia Gregoire. King Massena was engaged to SOPHonisba, but she married SYPHAX against her will, and SPICE's are in Trudeau colors and format! Lookie at that. Scottish Gregors share the rooted tree with Roots (Kent with Gore's).

I've just found the Beckets (Norfolk with Bags) with almost the Uns/Lund/Lun Coat. "Uns" is a motto term of German Weavers/Webbers while English Webbers share the fleur-de-lys of Flys of Flagi while Flags (Norfolk with Bakers) share the scallops of Bakers and Biss'. Beckets look linkable to Bramtons (Norfolk) who in turn share the Coat of Duce's/Doocys, the latter first found in Staffordshire with Bagets/Bacots and Bassets. Bagets/Bacots have a GOAT head while Weavers/Webbers have a "Gott" motto term.

Massino-Visconti is near Bissone, and the latter have the two Visconti snakes (bisciones) roughly in the form of the Biss Crest. Ottone Visconti ruled in Milan, where Gallia's/Galati's were first found, and Mellans are highly suspect as Trudeau kin.

Bissons share the checks of German Beckers and English Galleys. Bissone is where the Ticino river starts that flows to Pavia, founded by the Laevi GAULs, and Trudeau's were first found in Ile-de-France with Levi's.

Irish Murrays (share Moray Coat) have a motto, "Imperio," and Imperia was the city of Oneglia, of the Irish Nagle's who use a "nightinGALE" because Gale's share the Nagle/Nail/Neil saltire. Bellys were first found in Moray while German Belli's have a beacon for the Bacons/Beacons, and then the Italian Belli's almost have the pale bars of English Nights/Knights, suspect in the nightingale, first found in Suffolk with Bacons/Beacons.

Let's go back to the Siret river, for the Siret/Sire surname was first found in Burgundy with both Gang-like Gagne surnames, and while one Gagne Coat shares the Payens/Pagan hexagrams, the Sirets/Sire's use "panels" on their tower while Panels are listed with Scottish Pagans. The Siret/Sire tower is in the colors of the Gaywood tower. Panels/pagans look very connectable to the coat of hanks who are in turn in the "hanks of cotton" of English Cottons. From the Cotesii on the Siret, right?

Payens/Pagans call their hexagrams, "spur rowells," and there is a spur in the Coat of English Nights. Spurrs were first found in Devon with the Syphax-connectable Spice's, with a location of the Specks/Spike's (Lancashire with Towers), with the Space's/Speccots suspect in the "Spes" motto term of Bags, and with the Thors/Tours having the Siret/Sire tower in colors reversed. Devon is also where English Page's were first found while French Page's were first found in Dauphine with Payens/Pagans, and then the Lepage's, sharing the French Page Coat, were first found in Ile-de-France with Trot-connectable Trudeau's who are in turn in Spice colors and format.

To the north of the Trotus river is the Bistrita tributary of the Siret that flows to the city of Bacua (on the Siret), and then on the northern side of the Bistrita is Piatra-NEAMT, what looks to me like "Numidia." Gays are from a Numidian king, and we just saw the Bag-GayWOOD connection. BAGleys named Bagley Berkshire, where Bickers and Becks were first found. It's got Bacua elements all over it.


There's a false prophet who comes up at youtube too often, Troy Black. The sad thing is, he's got over 400K subscribers. Don't Christians know better than to trust someone who says, "God told me" for everyone of his hundreds of videos? Doesn't anyone bother to keep track of his false predictions? Lots of false prophets in the end times, which is why I often get nervous with my heraldry work. I never thought I'd be doing something like this, so strange indeed.

It is a terrible thing to teach Christians that whatever comes to mind is often the voice of the Holy Spirit. Some people need to feel important to the point that they mistaken their own thoughts for God's messages, but Troy Black is far worse, a nut who disfigures the face of God on social media. Guaranteed, he's out to make easy money using social media. I'm not afraid to say this. He's a deceiver. It doesn't matter how trained he's made himself in Scripture; what matters is that he's putting words in God's mouth to prosper himself. Here's someone who's taken Black to task:

One more video below teaches how not to be a prophet because demons can come into the thoughts to pretend to be God, if you give them that opportunity by striving to be a vocal prophet:

Here's what looks like a reliable history of Klaus Schwab who himself has tried to hide his Nazi backdrop. The speaker pits Henry Kissinger in with Schwab's rise to the World Economic Forum. He calls Schwab Kissinger's "protege":

At the very beginning in the video below, the reported daughter of Klaus Schwab is telling her listeners that the people will change their attitude fast if they are made to feel pain from them. Yes, that's what she is saying, no doubt about it, but she's couching it so that it can be interpreted in an innocent way. She says, "Things can shift very rapidly, when we put our minds to it, and when we feel the immediate emergency to our livelihoods." "We" and "our" refers to the populations that they intend to hand their "immediate emergency" when they put their minds to it (i.e. when they take the people to task). We can understand why she didn't say "they feel" and "their immediate emergency," because that's an obvious incrimination of herself.

Schwab is not a pure communist. That's an understatement. Closer to the truth, Schwab is part of a coordinated launching of a lethal war against global populations. We should view this as a war. We have yet to see what his side will do as pro-sovereignty people vote his stooges out of political office. This world views this fight as "patriots" versus globalists; the patriot word is being used outside of America now. But I think we need to go to a higher level than pro-sovereignty versus globalist government, to pro-Jesus versus anti-Christs. That's what this war should be to Christians.

God is allowing demons to take on an accelerated role, to drive anti-Christs into lunacy as their punishment. We are seeing it everywhere, and so be very content if Jesus merely spares you from demonic mind controls. Don't look to Jesus now for personal benefits when we should be glad just to get out of this mess alive. Get the Seal of God; hold fast to your Ticket to eternal life, the only "door pass" worth having.

We have a right to defend ourselves in a war, but we are not to attack them with guns no matter how much they deserve to be killed. I see this as Babylon drunk on the blood of the saints, though she will non-Christians too. Everything lunatic irony now developing between Biden, Trump and the FBI looks arranged to get Republicans to start a civil war, or, if they continue to wisely refuse, to give the Obama goons an excuse to claim that conservative / Christian militia are so dangerous that they need to be dealt with using justified, government-sanctioned prosecution / persecution. Be very happy to get out of this dim situation without too much harm. Obama is essentially a demon. Trump is essentially a demon. Do not touch, let neither influence your thinking.

The Obama administration deceived the country way back more than a decade ago with the Boston bombing, and Fox news willingly and knowingly contributed to the deception, even your favorite prime timers. Let that sink in.

The false-flag event in Boston was followed by a rash of similar stagings that have not yet come to an end. The deep state wants to know how many news bosses, politicians, police officers, and judges will play their stooges on behalf of passing these stagings off as reality for fear of being labeled nuts. Let that sink in, because that's why they also got away with the COVID staging. We are in deep trouble with so many cowardly, traitorous fools. And thank God that the COVID scam has not gone over too well, and that it has educated some of the fools to the point that they too are willing to be labeled nuts. Future false flags that disrupt peoples' normal lives on a grand scale may not go so well for the goons thanks largely to their COVID / vaccine blunders.

The following news on a vaccine victory for our side was unexpected, signalling perhaps that the UK government doesn't want to get any worse upon the wrong side of the people by pretending that Pfizer has no guilt:

This Redacted show could explain why the COVID monsters wanted to vaccinate children, because there's lots of money in children needing body parts. Vaccines can cause their body parts, such as hearts, to become endangered to the point that some parents might want the hearts replaced:

How do hospitals come to purchase body parts from murdered children? Don't the hospitals need to be wink-wink complicit with the murderers? Who are the middleman distributors between the killers and the hospitals? Aren't governments assuring that they will not buy organs from child killers? Vaccines are killing many, and governments sell their body parts.

Redacted's Clayton Morris surprised me when he showed he believes in dead alien bodies here on earth. This is a scam. We have yet to see what they have planned to do with it.

Judy Mikovits often talks leaving information out so that it's hard to get a clear picture of what she's talking about, or whether what she's saying is true. In the video below, she claims that Trump is protecting the people from bio-weapons when I see no evidence of that at all. This video tells that the so-called Chinese lab, "discovered" not many days ago in California, is right beside an American military outfit...meaning that the lab is not likely Chinese. Rather, the diabolicals in the American government are lying to the world about it being Chinese. When I first heard the news of this lab, it struck me as feasible that the Americans are wanting to blame China for the release of yet another virus, this time released in the United States from a "secret" Chinese lab:

Trump and Biden news amounts mainly into a distraction while the globalist agendas go forward under the radar. It's important to whack the legs of the COVID-Vaccine monster so that it can't get up again, and for this, social-media people need to shake off Trump fever and continue to expose the vaccine crimes. Fox isn't going to do it. There are many revelations being racked up against the vaccines at this time so that this should be prevalent in social-media news. But it's not. People are still dying in far greater numbers than normal. It's moronic to care more about a silly Trump indictment. Karen Kingston is still whacking the monster's legs:

Cancer is on the rise after vaccinations, and this guy suggests strongly not to go on a chemo-regimen:

The first segment of this week's Highwire warns that the CHASE bank is persecuting people who speak out against the plandemic. This is interesting where Mr. Kepke CHASEd me with a spider that pointed to graphene-oxide in vaccines, suspect as the chemical that can contribute to the mark-of-the-beast system, itself possibly a vaccine door pass of the near future:

In the 23rd minute of the video above, there's speak on heart transplants to fix people's hearts ruined by the vaccines. In this picture, we can see a potential motive behind the vaccines to increase murders of young people for to grab their organs as money-making products...which is about as demonic as things can get. When someone dies of a vaccine-induced injury, take their organs and sell them to others on the verge of dying from vaccine-induced injuries. SICKSICKSICK.

It may be not a wonder that doctors and surgeons gave thumbs-up to the plandemic, because they could foresee the opportunities. They would want vaccinations to continue so that $$$ opportunities increase. The American and Canadian governments want to sicken children so that they die early. That's part of the plan aside from killing pensioners swiftly.

However, there could be a backfire upon governments when the taxes they save from ending old-age pensions are matched by money going out for increasing disabilities. On the other hand, Western governments are now willing to print money to pay their extraordinary bills, at our expense from continual inflation.

The goons will soon ban the old-style light bulbs that are super little heaters to keep things like your plumbing pipes from freezing where they come through cold walls or floors. Do like me, go to the dollar store, and buy 10 or 20 of these bulbs before they are no longer available. I use one bulb per winter, and so I've got about 20 on hand. If you don't know where you are spending the tribulation period, figure that you might need a light-bulb heater, which can increase the temperature of a small space by 5 or 10 degrees F for very little wattage. It's extremely important that you keep pipes from freezing, and if all you have is a 750- / 1500-watt heater, that could be unusable in your situation while on solar-panel power.

This is my second year in a row gardening in containers because my soil has nematodes that debilitate roots. Container gardening is unstable, unpredictable. My advice is: don't bank on surviving on a garden alone in the tribulation period. Buy bulk foods now and store them for long term. The food sellers are fast taking away deals for buying bulk. We are entering a trap, and the goons plan to ambush us. Prepare as best you can. Buy before they stick mRNA products in some foods.

Make a large dehydrating outfit that can work on sun and electric power. Get others to visit with you a local farmer to buy in bulk, asking if you can pick your own, and offer him more money than he normally sells to distributors, but less than retail price. It's win-win for him because he doesn't need to pick, truck and/or sell that food.

But most of all, be sanctified in Jesus. I don't know what the sanctification process is, but it's got to entail being sealed with the "seal" of God. To be sanctified means to become God's possession because God wants us. Do everything in such a way as to keep God wanting you. He feels for our ultimate death, and desires to save us from it because he knows how precious is the gift of life. As long as we don't disappoint Him too much, he will save us who appreciate Jesus' "deal," the New Covenant in His Death. He was kind incarnate when He died that we might be raised from death.

As an example of His kindness, imagine if you knew Jesus was coming along the road, and you went out to see Him pass from a bird's eye view. He then looked at you while passing and said, "Zaccheaus, come down from that tree, I've got to stay at your place today." How would that make your day and week and month? Then, when He's at your place, in spite of your sins, He says, "Salvation has come to this house." You would never forget it. I don't know what passes for an acceptable faith in Jesus, but I do know there is an unacceptable faith. Jesus warned that worldliness in us can spoil faith. Are you excited about this world? I'm not. I'm completely sickened by it. Becoming a lover of this world is the opposite of "sanctified." The latter desires to cleanse you into good spiritual health; the world desires to defile you, to make you poor in spirit like those who cannot enjoy friendships with the people on the wide road to destruction.

Okay, so Zaccheaus hears about Jesus, and along with it he hears about His teachings, and he wants to go see Him. He's not turned off by the teachings, but is excited about the prospects in the promises of Jesus. Therefore, this excited Jesus, and made Him happy. Jesus showed him kindness instead of disappointment. It's all good. Let's do likewise. Let's stick up for Jesus as those who hate Him plan to slander us, and don't be over-shocked when you hear them slander us terribly. That's got to be coming soon.

It feels good to have assurance of salvation. It's a great relief for me. I don't relish feeling uncomfortable when not knowing whether I'll be taken in the Resurrection. But if a person doesn't give a hoot in this regard, that person is in danger, don't you think? If you are worried about your salvation, isn't that a good thing. Better yet, "blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness, for they will be filled," said Jesus.

"Blessed are the broken in spirit, for theirs is the kingdom of Heaven." It's as though God sees the downcast, and has a heart toward them. The Greek word used for "broken / poor" is "ptoxoi," meaning "beggar," and so blessed are you if you ask for salvation like one spiritually broke. But if our net worth, or our chasing after net worth, or our managing our net worth, or our prizing our net worth, causes us to forget God, how can that be exciting for Him? Be on the watch over your end-time attitude, therefore. "Blessed are you when they reproach you and persecute you and say all evil against you falsely for My sake. Rejoice and be glad, for much is your reward in Heaven..." (Matthew 5).

It's not true that Mitch McConnell had a brain malfunction this past week as he started his press conference. The topic, apparently, was on the cosmic-alien agenda of the Democrats and the military, a hoax. In the video below, one can see a woman half-rushing to send him a message, and as soon as she touches his hand AFTER he's started to talk, he stops talking and goes into disappointed deep-think as though what she said represented a warning to not say what he was intending to say. She may be pretending to have a fun time to disguise the heavy message. What looks like a blank, lost-his-mind stare on McConnell may be more of a hold-yer-horses / change-gear stare as he looks out at a person/people who were relaying that message to him (through the woman), seeing if there's a signal as per what he should or shouldn't say, and trying to decide whether to comply. He decides to say nothing more:

Great shame on canadian churches for allowing Muslims to lead the fight against trudeau's brainwashing of kindergarten schoolers:

The Pfizer representative below claims repeatedly that the vaccine kept people healthy and safe, yet he refuses to say that the vaccine in a person's body stopped transmission of a COVID virus to other people. I take this to mean that Pfizer had planned to publicly state that people were kept healthy because Pfizer knew that most of its vaccine vials had fake vaccines (placeboes) that could not harm anyone, but, on the flip side, Pfizer knew that the poison vaccines created the virus in people, intended by Pfizer to spread to other people to perpetuate the need for vaccines by keeping the plandemic going:

Pfizer has indeed been using graphene in its vaccine production. I've read that graphene-oxide in the human body causes thrombogenicity = blood clotting as well as cranking up the immune system's attacks on body organs, called "inflammation."


Here's all four Gospels wrapped into one story.

For Some Prophetic Proof for Jesus as the Predicted Son of God.
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