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August 8 - 14, 2023

Geovanna Martinelli's Death Proves That God Gave the Galveston Omen
Santiago, Do You Own an Electron Microscope?

It was nice while it lasted. Hall of Names is no longer showing the descriptions of the Coats of Arms presented at House of Names, but I have many of them recorded in my memory, and in past updates from which to find some.

This week brings good evidence that God provided an event in my teen years that pointed to graphene-oxide in vaccines. I claimed that God caused my friend, Mr. Kepke, to chase me with a spider dangling on its web strand, in front of Karen Graff at her place. Graffs have a graphene-like Graffin variation. In the video below, we find that Dr. Martinelli, while working for La Quinta Columna with graphene-oxide, was murdered in Mexico. La Quinta Columna was the first to investigate / report graphene-oxide in three different COVID vaccines, though almost nobody takes them seriously, probably because they stress that this chemical in humans is being used in conjunction with 5G radiation to affect / track humans in ways they don't realize. This claim is mocked by many.

(To follow better, load Martinelli's now to load and view other surnames on another Internet tab.)

Fortunately, I loaded the Martinelli's when seeing the title of the video, and then there were a few seconds of sacredness, is the best way I can put it, because this surname shares the upright goat of Kepke's/Kopke's. Just let that sink in. What are the chances by mere coincidence? Here's the video:

The Cremers were a major topic in my last update (link at top corner of this page), who pointed to Toni Fauci, the American manager of the vaccine program. I just so happens that the Martinelli Chief incorporates the Cremer and Faux/Fage/Chollens Chief. Plus, between the two Martinelli goats is, I reckon, a wool pack or sack, I don't know what it's officially called. I assume it's a pack because English Packs were first found in Sussex with Kepke-like Keeps, and it was Keeps who convinced me, in the beginning, that the spider-dangling event was from God, for Keeps use a "weaver's shuttle" while German Weavers are also Webbers, first found in Saxony with Kepke's/Kopke's.

Keeps are in the Hebron motto, and while the Biblical Anaki were at Hebron, the Hebron surname has a "Keep" motto term while Anchors list ANNACKers. The Amorites, who were in Hebron and Babylon, had a Mari capital on the Euphrates that may have developed into a people group that evolved eventually into the Martin surname.

English Packs share the anchor of Paisleys, a branch of Pace's/Pasi's/Pascels, the latter first found in Bologna with the Pane's/Panico's who in turn share the Martinelli Chief fully! Incredible. This heraldry is undeniably arranged by God to fit the spider-chase event. To no surprise, French Packs have a red bull to go with the red bull head in the Anchor Crest.

[The day after writing here, I googled "goat wool" which showed the popular ANGORa goat wool!!! Angers, in Pack colors and format, almost have the Anchor Coat!!! Angers share the Fauci lozenges!!! Angers share the "escarBUNCLE" with Hangers/Angers, and the latter use a giant graphene-like griffin!!! Graffs/Graffins use the ANCHOR. Hanks almost have the Packen/Pagan Coat!!! Buncle's show only buckles while Buckle's were first found in Suffolk with the Kidds sharing the two Martinelli goats I'd be very disappointed if Martinelli's don't have a wool pack.

Also, Euphrates-like Frate's/Frates' were first found in Bologna too, even with the Guido's who share their lion. The Frates' are new to me right here at the writing of "Euphrates above, and it just so happens that the Guido Shield (minus the lion) is used in colors reversed by the Pasi-connectable Spree's who happen to have a "simple" motto term while Simple's share the whole Hebron motto! Zikers. I show how Spree's link to Pasi's shortly below. End insert]

Faux's/Fage's are listed with Chollens/CHAULnes, first found in Perigord with Saunier's/SAULNier's who in turn nearly have the Paisley Chief. That's no small point. Passe's/Pascals have a black lion and were first found in Essex, where Quints were once said to be first found who have a black lion paw. We thus have a developing Pack-line pointer to La Quinta Columna. Essex is near Dice, and Quinta's use dice.

Both Paw surnames have peacocks, and Peacocks were first found in Essex too. German Paws list PAUERs while Irish Powers share the Chief-Shield colors of black-lion Palins/PAWleys (Dorset). When Quints were said to be first found in Essex, the write-up said Essex and Dorset. Peacocks love Fears in the motto, and Fears were first found in Middlesex with Essex's.

I almost missed it: half the giant eagle of Graff-connectable Grave's/Greafs/Griefs (could be a pointer to Martinelli's death) is in the colors of the Dice/Diss/DEISE eagle!!! Deise is a location at Waterfords, and while Waterfords are listed with Waterville's, waters/Waterville's were first found in Essex too. And this Arms of County Waterford, with a "Deise" motto term, has the trump stag head.

Plus, wow, Waterfords/Waterville's were first found in Northamptonshire with Quint-branch Quincys!!! Look at what I almost missed. Waterfords/Waterville's use "fountains" while Fountains were first found in Norfolk with Dice's/Diss'/Deise's (the Dice location is now Diss).

Here's more of what I almost missed: English Webbers use a "disc" in Crest while Dice/Diss' tell that Diss was once, Disce! Zowie. Kepke's spiderweb chase is all over that, especially with Chase-branch Case's being first in Norfolk too while the Waterford/Waterville fountains are used also by Cass'/Cash'!

This now gets even more amazing. Waterfords/Waterville's use the "water lily" while Lilys are in Luce and ORNE/Horn colors and format. Luce's, from PASSY in Orne, ruled Dice while Orne's/Horns were first found in Northumberland with Tunnels. Lilys were first found in Worcestershire with Hopper-connectable Hills, and while Fauchys have the "grasshopper," spider-like Spitzers use three "hills," in one of which is a "tunnel"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! CAN YOU BELIEVE THIS? For the first time ever, Spitzers are making sense of the spiderweb-chase.

I can see a pointer to the Clintons here because Lille's were first found in Oxfordshire with Clintons while Lilys were first found in Worcestershire with Hills, Hillarys and the Clent Hills. Clents are Clints too, and Hillarys share the six fitchees of Clintons while the Clinton Chief is in the colors and near-format of the Pack Chief, Tunnels, first found in Northumberland with Rodhams/Roddens, share the Roten (and Reitman) hexagram.

It's very possible that Clintons use either "spur rowells," or "mullets," but either way, Payens/Pagans, who incorporate the Mullet Coat, use "spur rowells." Mullets were first found in Auvergne with FAGots/Fageys who in turn share the Quint / Clot chevron on the Chief-Shield colors of Faux's/Fage's/Chollens' (share Fugger fleur-de-lys). See anything damned, like a crime syndicate, here? The Quint chevron on the Fagot/Fagey Coat is expected where de Quincy built the Faucet castle.

It just so happens that Italian Capote's, with a Caepionis-like Capone variation, uses a Mullet-like mule head, and there is a Mule surname sharing the double fesses of English Martins! I trace Quints to Quintus Caepio, ancestor of Caepionis'. Mule's were even first found in Devon with Mullet-like Multons/Molsons. The latter use fretty while Ferte-Mace is at the Orne-river theater while Orne's are listed with Horns while Mullets use the hunting horn. Quinta's use dice while Luce's of Dice were at a Passy location at Orne. Just chew on that for a minute. When ready, proceed.

Multons/Molsons share fretty within a chevron (different colors) with the Simple's (Renfrewshire with Spears, Ore's/Orrs and Paisleys) in the motto of Spree's (Cornwall with Trysts and Tristans, beside Devon) who in turn share the crescent of Spears who in turn share crossed spears (different color) with Pasi's/Pascels. It looks like we have linked Quinta's to Pack liners, so important in case Martinelli's use a pack. Polish Packs even share the fleur-de-lys of Masseys/Maceys, from Ferte-Mace. Keep chewing the cud another minute, let it sink in.

Simple's, with more hunting horns, use a motto, "KEEP Tryst"! It's perfect because Keeps were first found in Sussex with Packs suspect as kin of Martinelli's sharing the Kepke goat. We can milk this a little more.

Ore's were added above because they almost have the Multon/Molson Chief. Ore's were first found in Renfrewshire with Eschyna de Molle, and while Mullets are also Mollets while Multons are also Moltons, Jacques de Molay was a Templar grandmaster. Wikipedia' article for Jacques de Molay has (or had) him drawn with a black moline cross on his breast, and Moline's, first found in Devon with Mule's, Moltons and Wise's, have goat heads in the colors of demi-goat of Weiss', the latter first found in Saxony with Kepke's. The milk, it's a-gushing. Weis'/Wise's share the Mullet/Mollet and Payen/Pagan hexagram.

The same fleur-de-lys (in Lily colors) used by Polish Packs is used by Lys'/Lise's (Ile-de-France with Payen-branch LePage's), and it's also in the Arms of Lille near the Lys river of Artois. There's another Lys river, tributary of the BAUTica, and then French Bauts/Bauds, first found in Auvergne with Mullets, almost have the Kepke Coat.

OH WOW!!! German Bauts/Bauds/BAULTs (the Bautica is also the BALTea) not only share "bello" with the Bouillon motto, but the full Baut/Baud motto is, "PAX IN bello"!!!!!!! Scottish Packens are listed with Scottish Pagans. Ping. Irish Packins -- linkable to Faucets -- even share a solid-white chevron on a red Shield with German Bauts/Bauds.

The red roundels in the Mule and Ore/Orr Chiefs are in the Arms of Boulogne (Artois) while Bologna is where Pasi's/Pascels were first found along with Payen-related Pane's/Panico's (share Martinelli Chief). Godfrey de Bouillon was the son of Eustace II, count of Boulogne, and Bouillons were first found in Auvergne with Mullets who in turn almost have the Payen Coat. Hugh de Payens was the first Templar grandmaster, in Jerusalem, when BALDwin, the other son of Eustace II, became the king of Jerusalem. This was not a God-blessed agenda. Baldwins were first found in Shropshire with the Hunters who share their saltire, explaining the hunting horns we've been seeing. The Templars had goat-headed Baphomet as their god, and the Kepke goat applies as we just saw.

As the Faux's/Fage's/Chollens almost have the Cremer Coat while the other Cramers use a ram's head, note that French Bauds/BAUX's, first found in Auvergne with Fagots/Fageys, have an upright ram in both colors of the upright Martinelli goat.

Fage-like Page's (Devon with Pagan-beloved Spurrs) share the dove with Faux's/Fage's, and per-chance Page's were a Pack branch. In fact, Pagers are listed with Packers who share white roses with the Paisley / Saunier Chiefs. Pagers/Packers share the lozenges of Payne's while Payens/Pagans were first found in Dauphine with French Page's. In this picture, all Fauci branches may have developed from Hugh de Payens.

Beauty: the Page doves are in the colors of the Nest/Nessi/Nas doves while Ness'/Nests share the Coat of English Martins! Nests/Nessi's/Nas', in Luce colors and format, were first found in Sussex with Packs...and with Deans/Dene's to go with the "denique" motto term of Mardins! Excellent evidence for Packs being in the Martin/Martinelli Coat. I've just checked for a Mardin surname (Lancashire with "pigeon"-using Crapps) to find doves (or pigeons), how bout that. Mardins are listed with Marsdens.

In my 1st update of May, 2020, where I have "wolf packs" in quotation marks for Wolfleys/Wooley, I include the discovery that Scottish Packens are listed with Pagans/Pings/Pongs, and they happen to share the red and four pointed label of Martinelli's! We needed that. The quotation marks means I took the phrase from an official description for Wolfleys/Wooleys.

For what it might be worth, Montgomerys, first found in Renfrewshire with Paisleys, have the same anchor. The Simple's expected in the Birch motto were first found in Renfrewshire too, and Montgomerys share the Coat of BIRCH's who have a Berk-like Berch variation...possibly a pointer to Deborah Birx because English Pasleys and PACKers/Peckers/Pickers were first found in BERKshire while Debbie's were first found in Hampshire with English Burghs while Berks are listed with Irish Burghs. The Debbie cinquefoil is in colors reversed with Hamiltons, first found in Renfrewshire.

For what it's worth, Barkers/Berkers share the Birch/Berch fleur-de-lys, and Barksdale's/BIRKdale's (share "Fide" with Barkers/Berkers) were first found in Lancashire with Birch's/Berch's.

The reason that Italian Pasi's can be linked to Paisleys is that Pasi's share crossed spears on blue with Spree-branch Speers, the latter first found in Renfrewshire with Paisleys and Simple's. The Spree's use a "simple" motto term but also "Sage," and then German Sage's are also Saegars/Segers while Fauci's can be linked to Seagar-branch Segni's/SEGURana's. That a very neat little PACKage, making it very important to prove that Martinelli's use wool packs.

Packins, sharing "fidelis" with English Weavers, are curiously listed with such surnames as Feighans, and then Faughns/Faugheys share "compony" with Fauci-connectable Faucets. Coincidence, or did God arrange that? If so, could He be saying that the Fauci circle killed Ms. Martinelli? At this point, it's justified to add that Paisleys share the "thistle" with Fauch's.

If the woman in the Montgomery Crest that holds the Pack and Paisley anchor is also holding a SARACen head with her other hand, let's add that Packins/Feighans were first found in TYRONE with SHARKs, Quinnys/Guinneys, and NEILs, wherefore note "MartiNELLI." The Nelli's/Nellys share the red roundel with Ore's/Orrs, the latter first found in Renfrewshire with Montgomerys.

Tyrone's share the Coat of Dexters, and the latter were first found in Lancashire with Birch's/Berch's (share Montgomery Coat), and with the Parrs who share a woman in blue with the Montgomery Crest. Parrs almost have the Tyrone / Dexter Coat.

The tree on green ground/grass/lawn of French Packs is almost identical (aside from trunk color) with that of Spanish Martins/Martinez's, tending to verify that Martinelli's do have wool packs. As I trace Pasi's to VesPASIa Polla, wife of Flavius Sabinus, I suggest that the red bull in front of the Martin/Martinez tree is related closely to the same of Sabine's.

I was on my way to Mexico when I was mugged in Galveston as a pointer to James LeDuc. Why might Martins/Martinez's share the eight-pointed star of Ducs/LeDucs? Did the circle of James LeDuc kill Ms. Martinelli (in Mexico)? That's a wild shot, but Galveston is near the Mexico border.

The "Gott" motto term of Weavers/Webbers can be gleaned as code for the Goat bloodline in the Kepke/Kopke goat. Yet Weavers/Webbers have a "Gott segne" motto phrase while Segne's/Segurana's were first found in Genova with Fauci's. Gotts share the crossed swords of Borders/BOARDers, first found in Somerset with English Webbers, and, believe it or not, Boards were first found in Sussex with Keeps and Packs! Segne's/Segurana's even share the Italian Este eagle while "esto" is a motto term of English Weavers.

But there's more to show that God created Kepke's spider-dangling event because English Packs share the anchor (different color) with Graffs/Graffins while Anchors have a different-colored version of the Anger Coat who in turn are not only in English Pack colors and format, but share the Fauci lozenges!!!! They are also the Nagle lozenges, and while German Nagle's are listed with Neils, look again at "MartiNELLI." English Neals/Nields were first found in Wiltshire with Webbs! Plus, Wiltshire is where TRUMPet-using Calles' were first found while Fauci's share the vertically-split Shield colors of Dutch Tromps.

Night after night on TV, Trump, Fauci and Birx convinced half of America that emergency measures were needed. It was to script, and some say they wanted strict lockdowns -- people remaining in their homes -- in order to modify 4G phone towers to 5G without too many people seeing it done. Trump has always been in favor, even excited about, 5G waves.

[Insert Sunday, sorry. I've checked the Joanne/Joan Coat for any possible pointer by God to Giovanna Martinelli's first name, and so as Quinta's were first found in Sicily, see the Joanne/Joan write-up: "Joan, Joanna, Jone or Jane (1165-1199), was 'Queen of Sicily and Countess of Toulouse, the third daughter and seventh child of Henry II, king of England, and his wife, Eleanor of Aquitaine. Born at Angers in October 1165,...'" As Joanne's/Joans share the Lyon lion, TULLia of Lyon (married Cleremont-FERRAND) comes to mind because she's to the Tulls/Tolle's sharing the lion of Toulouse-like Tools. Tulls/Tullia's use the butterfly while Flys were first found in Hampshire with Hangers/Angers, and with the Checkers sharing the checkers Shield of Tulls/Tolle's, Italian FERRANDs, and Ferrats/Fers.

Lyons were first found in Perthshire Side-branch Sutys and Lothians, and while the Side lion is that of Knaps, Knapdale is where Jonas'/Jonathans (Knap colors) were first found whose rooster heads are in the colors of the giant Hann/HAHN rooster. Sutys can have the lion of Faucets (East LOTHIAN with Seatons/Sittens) because Sutys and Seatons/Sittens share a "hazard" motto term. The Nothings in the Suty motto share the fire-breathing dragon of Seatons/Sittens, and were first found in Huntingdonshire with English Cottons who love anchor-like Hanks. French Jeans/Geans, first found in Languedoc with French Cottons/Cotta's, share the bell of LABELs/La Bells in the Martinelli and Joanne/Joan label!!! Gennes'/Jennes' were first found in Anjou! It looks like the line of Joanna of Sicily.

The Hank Coat looks linkable to the Ping/Pagan Coat that itself, along with the Pane/Panico Chief, is very linkable to the Martinelli Chief. The Hank Coat also looks linkable to the Guerra's while the Pagan/Payen Coat is in the Guerin Coat. The Kilpatricks, suspect with the green Seaton/Sitten dragon, share some of the Martinelli Chief. Bells were first found in Dumfries with Bells.

Messina of Sicily is where Quinta's were first found, and English Jeans/Jane's were first found in Worcestershire with the Pattys/Pati's that I trace to Messina's Patti location. A blue lion is in the Coat of English Jeans/Jane's. Emailer-Patterson, a Martin on one side, told me of her dream having a blue lion with a Caepio-like name that she saw with it. QUINTus Caepio comes to mind. It just so happens that French and Spanish Jeans share the lion of Graffs/Graffins while the latter holds an Anger-connectable anchor. Hanks share an ermined-white Chief with capes' while the latter happen to have the three Jean/Jane scallops in colors reversed! Emailer-Patterson's dream is compelling us to believe that Caiaphas-like Capes' were from Quintus Caepio.

Joanna became queen of Sicily when she married William of the Guiscard bloodline there. She later married a ruler of Toulouse, where William of Gellone was count whom some say was the son of Guerin of Provence. Larins, first found in Provence, share the Capes scallops. Gellone is near Narbonne while Narbonne's can be gleaned as kin of Norths while Nothings in the Suty motto are listed with Northens.

The amazing thing is that Joanna's father, himself son of Plantagenet-Fulk of Anjou (his was a royal-Templar family), descended on his mother's side from Malcolm III, and Malcoms list Columns for a pointer to La Quinta Columna!!! " "Geovanna" took us here. While the first Templar grandmaster, Hugh de Payens, married Elizabeth CHAPPES, Capes' were even first found in London with label-using Plants/Plantagenets, and while French Plants use "cabbages", Cabbage's were first found in Northamptonshire with Quince's/Quincys. End insert]

See my last update for how Tromps link to three surnames (Vise's, Acorns and Downs), first found in Sussex with Keeps and Packs. Vise's and Acorns share the Knee stag head while I told (last update) of an event where I was kneeled on one knee praying for "Farrah Fawcett" as her surname pointed to Fauci. Prays were first found in County Down with Knee's, and so my kneeling looks like a pointer to Neals/Neilds/Neels, especially as they use a Faucet-like "factis" motto term. Farrah Fawcett was married common-law to Ryan O'Neal, can we believe it?

Ryan O'Neal can point graphene-oxide where Ryans use a red Graffin-like griffin. The red griffin of the House of Griffin is in the Arms of Pomerania while both Trumps and Fauci-connectable Sage's/Saegars were first found in Pomerania. Ryans are in Quinta colors and format, and I aim to show how Luce's, first found in Norfolk with Ryan-colored Rye's/Rise's, connect with Quinta's.

Knee's/Nee's can be expected in the "Ne" motto term of Graffin-like Griffins. Therefore, when I was on one knee praying for Farrah Faucet, it can be a pointer to graphene-oxide, wherefore it might just make people go crazy and scream when it gets into the brain. Miss Fawcett died of cancer, and I've shown how the constellation of Cancer is pointed to by the Chaunceur variation of Chance's (Essex with Patents/Pattens) who in turn share the patonce cross of Chase's who in turn share the griffin of patonce-like Patents/Pattens.

Can graphene-oxide in cells cause cancer? Yes, for the goons want to use graphene in the body for its magnetic properties, and once cells are disturbed magnetically, they can mutate genetically. Kepke CHASEd me with the spider dangled on its web, and graphene-oxide is online taking roughly the shape of a black spider once electromagnetic WAVES are passed through it. I identify heraldic waves as code for Weavers because English Webbers use wavy bars. Keeps love the Weavers.

Fawcetts/Faucets had a castle built by Saer de Quincy, and I showed how Quincys (same place as Face's, important) were a Quint branch, yet compare also with "Quinn," for I was kneeling on a knee at the apartment of DENNIS Quinn, and Farrah Fawcett was played there by Sharon Quinn. The Quints are especially important now because of La QUINTa Columna. It tends to reveal why it was Ms. Quinn who was screaming like one out of their mind.

It just so happens that many myth writers gave the lunatic symbol to Dionysus' Maenads while Dennis' are said to derive in "Dionysus." I can trace Manders (Devon with Segni-branch Seagars) to the Maenad-like Maeander river (Caria), and then Segni-like Segens/Sagans use a salaMANDER. SEAGARs were first found in Devon with Pine's while Maenads had a pine-cone symbol. French Pine's were first found in Limousin with SEGURs. Maschi's, using pine cones, are in the Chance/Chaunceur Chief.

French Pine's look like kin of Lords/LAUDs in the motto of Glasgows, and Paisley, I think, is in Glasgow. Ladys/LAUDymans (Northamptonshire with Quincys and Face's) are in "Lady Fortune" of Glass-like Klassens/Class, and Fortune's, who in the motto of Rollo's (Perthshire with Keith-branch Kettle's) along with "passe," were first found in East Lothian with Fawcetts/Faucets and Keiths. The latter were related to Frasers and McKinneys both of whom share the cinquefoils of French Pine's.

The Quinta's happen to show three dice each with a 6, and this apparent 666 now tends to verify the claim, by Quinta Columna and others, that graphene-oxide is for tracking people in coordination with a mark-of-the-beast system. I can imagine that God used someone at Quinta Columna to discover graphene in COVID vaccines. I've got a huge surprise with the dice once I can get to Luce's, but there's so much else needing to be said too. In short, Luce's were rulers of Dice while Quinta's use dice. But there's more to it. Luce's are in Quinta and Orne/Horn colors and format, but there's more to it that brings ice-creams of the last update to bear.

Recalling how Packs are a Pasi / Paisley branch, just look at the Luce write-up: "Luce is in ORNE in the bailiwick of le PASSEis, near Domfront, Normandy..."In 1165, Richard de Lucy's barony in Passy..." Passys are listed with Italian Pasi's/Pascels, and Passe's/Pascals were first found in Essex, where Quints were once said to be first found. We saw the Pasi-branch Packs with the Martinelli surname while Geovanna Martinelli was working for Quinta Columna when she was murdered. Essex is also where Rams were first found while German Cremers use a giant ram head. The ice-CREAM lady pointed to Cremers.

I realized last night, when first loading Martinelli's, when this heraldic investigation was at stage one (checking for "coincidences"), that Quinta's are in Luce colors and format probably because Luce's are said to have been lords of a Dice location. Instead of three dice, Luce's use three pike fish, and this is a mind-blower because English Pike's share the trefoils of Ice's, first found in Mecklenburg with Hahns and Trumps!!! The ICE-cream at our service. It's like Martinelli's death gets us immediately to the culprits that she was seeking to expose.

Luce-like Lucks/Luke's share the English Hanson mascles, and it was Miss Hanson who handed me the ice-cream (see last update). We can now connect that event to the three Quinta dice, or the 666, thanks to Lucks/Luke's. It's suggesting that the 666 will be a vaccine pass into work buildings and stores. It's completely logical, and we can postulate that while the goons had intended to enforce the door pass by about 2022, God thwarted them to give us a chance to prepare for it in the near future. That's how I'm seeing this.

As I asked Hanson on a date as she handed me the cone, lets add that Date's/Dade's/DEEDS were first found in Norfolk with Dice! "Deed" is in the motto of Scottish Flemings, first found in Lanarkshire with Locks/LICKs!!! Lookie there, what luck, for Lucks/Luke's come up as "Lick" too, and one licks an ice-cream. Can you see how that all connects well to Luce's of Dice?

[On Thursday of this week, I learned that Karen Kingston, the one who revealed the use by Pfizer of graphene on gold foil, has hired Ernest Luque to protect her from those seeking to kill her. She claims to be in Mexico now, where Martinelli was killed. It just so happens that Luque's/Luca' share the Graff/Graffin lion. That's amazing, and they are both giant and gold, the colors of the giant Kingston lion and the giant Lucca/Luccas cat. I'll have this story in the News section below.]

Date's/Dade's are in Dagger/Dacker colors and format probably because dagger-using Comyns were first found in Norfolk who share the triple-gold sheaves of Date's/Dade's, the point being that Bardys, sharing the Dagger/Dacker Coat exactly, were first found in Perigord with Fauci's and Cremer-connectable Faux's/Fage's/Chollens'. How can heraldry sing like this, off of the particulars of events / dreams in my life, unless it's Arranged? English Faux's share the lozenges of Lucks/Luke's and Hansons, what are the chances that this should be so while the date was with Katrina Hanson? The three Bardy scallops are shared by POISSONs. See anything looking like a warning?

This could be a pointer to BARDA (Biomedical Advanced Research and Development Authority) that could be a major part of a graphene-oxide tracking system.

Here's a headline of last January: "BARDA announces new partnerships to develop at-home diagnostic technologies for COVID-19, influenza, and future pandemic preparedness". The page where that is found, which I'll have in a section below, includes a headline for an article in March of 202O: "GRIP Molecular Announces BLUE KNIGHT™ Acceptance". The first line of that latter article: "A joint initiative was announced between GRIP Molecular, Johnson and Johnson Innovation (JLABS) and the Biomedical Advanced Research and Development Authority (BARDA) for the development of graphene-based electronic biosensor technology." I've not known about this until now. The Bardys are responsible for this find.

Compare "Graphene to "GRIP." Graphene-oxide is very magnetic to grip nano-particles. Leslie's, who share the green GRIFFIN head of Chase's, have a "GRIP fast" motto. Amazingly, the same griffin head is shared by Bards!!! That is incredible, especially as Bards (Lesk boar in colors reversed) were first found in the same place with Lesks. Leslie's descend from BARTHolomew. There is a Bartholomew surname (I am not familiar with it) sharing the Moline goat head, in the colors of the goat of Weiss', first found in the same place as Kepke's!!! Kepke's spider chase pointed to graphene-oxide!!!

The amazing thing is, Gripps/Grape's share the Goat Coat!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Kepke's spider chase is pointing to BARDA and GRIP.

Bartholomews use an "Ad" motto term while Aids/Ade's were first found in Berwickshire with Bartholomews.

Let's go back to the Packs who entered the discussion with Martinelli's, because they were a Pasley branch while Pasleys have the Coat of Poisson-like Poussins/Pussys in colors reversed. The latter have a cat in Crest, and there are three surnames I know of, first found in Norfolk with Luce's, who have the cat while Lucca's use a giant cat. I suggest that Pussy's developed from the cat in the Poussin bloodline, not vice-versa.

I've told of my own cat, Sassy, which pointed to cat-using Cattans and cat-using Catch's, both first found in Norfolk, because Sassys and Cattans share the "Saracen head". I received Sassy as a small kitten from a lady whose banister I was refinishing while BANESters were kin of Catch-connectable and Kitten-like Kitchens/Ketchins. This is being repeated because we just saw the Date's/Deeds off of the Scottish Flemings, and then English Banes' (looks like the Shaw dagger in Crest) not only share the Sassy crescent, but have a wolf head in the colors of the giant wolf of German Flemings. Bains/Beans of Clan Chattan use the cat too, and French Bane's were first found in Languedoc with the Cautes' in the Cattan motto.

Having said that, the last update played off of "KATRina" Hanson to stress the Kate's/KATTERbachs. Then, while the date with Hanson is what brought Flemings to topic, Irish Flemings happen to share the checks of English VAUX's (!) as well as the blue vair of Quints, both first found in the same place (!), in Cumberland with the Daggers/Dackers who were shortly-above part of the pointer to Fauchys and Faux's/Fage's! Quints were once said to be first found in Essex with the Muschats sharing the Coat of French Banes'.

The Sassy Saracen head is in the Crest of Manleys (Cheshire with Wolfs/Welfs/LUPUS'), which I've only-now discovered because Irish Flemings have: "'It is probable that Manely Fleming {in the parish of St. Veep, Cornwall} belonged originally to the ancient family of Flemings, since they bear one common name.'" "Lupus" is a motto term of the Cattans who likewise have a Saracen's head, tending to explain the Fleming / Banes wolf. Wolfs/Welfs/Lupus' were first found in Cheshire with Wolfleys/Wooleys who have wool packs!!!


I've now got to repeat the time when emailer Patterson conveyed her dream to me saying that there was a blue lion named "something like Cappeo." I wasn't yet familiar with the Caepio surname that I trace to QUINTus Caepio. The reason that I'm putting this paragraph here is that Irish Pattersons are also Cussane's while Cassane's share the Coat of French Banes'.

But the only reason I'm sharing her dream at all is that she was a Martin on one side (why did she tell me that, why do I remember?, and so it appears that her dream is a pointer to La Quinta Columna's Martinelli. Yes, because as soon as she told me of her dream, I brought to topic the "cupias" motto term of Yorks because they share a blue saltire with Coppers/Coopers while emailer Patterson had a horse named, Copperchief (a Palomino). It just so happens that the York saltire is in both colors of the Malcolm/COLUMN saltire!!! INCREDIBLE. The first I can find her dream mentioned is the 4th update of October, 2011.

I identified her blue lion with the one in this Arms of Macclesfield because there is a "copia" motto term there, and then this Arms of Macclesfield earls shows leopards while Leopards were kin of Face's who essentially share the Macclesfield Coat.

English Cope's were first found in Northamptonshire with Face's and Faucet-connectable Quincys, and the Cope-branch Copps were first found in neighboring Hampshire with Cassane's and Leslie- / PATent-connectable Chase's. That is, Leslie-related Case's, first found in Norfolk with Patterson-branch Patricks. Scottish Kilpatricks were first found in Dumfries with Scottish Patents/Patients and Bells. The latter should be mentioned because the Labels/La Bells, in the Martinelli label, is in the Chief that's otherwise the Kilpatrick Chief.

The Macclesfield Arms uses "NEC copia" while Yorks have "nec cupias," which looks like a gift of God for making the York-saltire connection to the Column saltire because the latter's has stag heads surrounding it that are in both colors of the giant NECK/Necker stag head!!! The Column stag heads are shared by Scottish Reeds (Aberdeenshire with Cups/COPE's) while English Reeds have a "PAX copia" motto that looks, in this picture, like a pointer to the Martinelli wool packs! Bing.

Cups are used by Irish PACKens, and we saw Scottish Packens/Pagans/PINGs/PONGs sharing the Martinelli label. The latter's full Chief is the Chief of PANE's/Panico's (Bologna with Pace's/Pasi's/Pascels), and Payens/Pagans are also Pans. This is amazing because I've told many times that Kepke and I played lots of PING-PONG in his basement, as teens, and Kepke's share the Martinelli goat. What could this mean in regards to Ms. Martinelli?

The baseMENT caused me to find the Ments/Mants (Yorkshire with Pings/Pongs) having the Ping/Pong bends in colors reversed. Scottish Ments/Mans, sharing white goats with Martinelli's and Kepke's, were first found in Aberdeenshire with Packen-beloved Cups/Cope's. Ments/Mans use pellets, and cup-using Pellets were first found in Sussex with Keeps. The amazing thing now is: Ments/Mans share "ardua" with Columns. Tinker about that for a spell. It seems to mean that Kepke's spider-chase event is a pointer to the graphene-oxide message disseminated by La Quinta Columna.

Pilotte-branch Pellets were likely a branch of Plate's, the latter sharing the Patterson/Cussane scallops. It works because Plains/Platters are in the colors and format of Plain-like Palins while the latter share the giant Patterson/Cussane lion. Palins are PAWleys too while the Quint lion paw is black, the colors of the giant Palin lion. Quints were once said to be first found in Essex and Dorset, and Palins/Pawleys were first found in Dorset.

Compare this international marine flag (taken from Wikipedia's article on Six) that represents the number, 6, to the Coat of the other English Platters, asking if God arranged the THREE wavy bends of Platters as a pointer to the 5G / 6G radio waves that La Quinta claims to electrify/excite graphene-oxide. Did they use three bends to represent 666?

Pattersons (share drops with Kilpatricks) and dagger-using KilPATRicks are both from the Apsus river's Antipatria location, and while Apsus-river liners of some sort are to the Apps/Epps', they have a fesse looking connectable to the Luck/Luke fesse. Antipatria was home to dagger-like Dexaroi, and it just so happens that German Decks/Daggers share the lone fleur-de-lys of Polish Packs. One Kilpatrick Chief is the Cremer and Faux/Fage Chief, yet the same Chief is incorporated by Pack-connectable Martinelli's.

I've shown how the cushions in the other Kilpatrick Chief take us to Hahns and even to Cassane-connectable Cass'. I can link Pattersons to Cassane's and Casano's, branches of Casino's, and casinos (not the surname) have dice. One could glean here that Pattersons/Cussane's point to La Quinta Columna thanks to the Quinta dice. While Dexters are also DECKsters, Kilpatricks use a "DEXTER paw"" on a black lion, and Quints have a black lion paw!!!

Plus, the "La fortune" motto phrase of ROLLo's can be gleaned with Laws because the latter have the bend-with-stars of Scottish Vaux's, first found in East Lothian with Fortune's, and English Vaux's were even first found in Cumberland with Daggers/Dackers and Quints. Let's Rollo the dice, folks, I get it, for I brought the "La" motto term of Rollo's to topic as per LA Quinta Columna! Quinta's show dice showing 666.

Fortune's can be of the English Forts sharing the castle of French Martins, and the "AuDAX" motto term of these Forts can be of Deck / Dacker liners.

Martinelli's were first found in Brescia, and the lion in the Arms of Brescia is the lion of Bruce's (YORKshire) who are suspect from the Breuci peoples at the meeting of the KUPa and Sava rivers. This same lion is the one in the Arms of Macclesfield having a "copia" motto term. Therefore, emailer-Pattersons blue, something-like-Cuppeo lion was also the Bruce lion. Bruce's were first found in YORKshire while "cupias"-using Yorks share the lone besant with Italian Lane's/Lano's, first found in Brescia with Martinelli's. Emailer Patterson is a Martin on one side.

Emailer-Patterson married Mr. Wilder while German Wilders/Wilts may have named Wiltshire, where Yorks were first found. Wilders/Wilts use the savage while Savage's (Cheshire with Macclesfield) are also Sava's. Breuci were on the Sava river at the mouth of the Kupa. Sava-like and Comyn-related Shaws share the dagger with Kilpatricks, and Comyns were the kin of Date's/Deeds who helped take us to Fauchys and Faux's/Fage's along with the Daggers/Dackers and Bards.

Bardys share the Dagger/Dacker Coat, and Bardy-like Bards (Lanarkshire with Scottish Roys) are also Beards while French Beards/Bearts (Brittany with French Roys) share the red bull with Daggers/Dackers and French PACKs. While "Forte" is a Dagger/Dacker motto term, English Forts share the castle of French Martins. Martins/Martinelli's are suspect with wool PACKs.

Bards share the green GRIFFIN head with Leslie's (Aberdeenshire with Cups/COPE's) while LESKs have the Bard boar in colors reversed. Lesce (at Emona on the map) upon the Sava river is smack at/beside the Breuci theater. The Lush and Lusk variations of Lesks might indicate a relationship with Lucks/Luke's. Lesks are said to have named Loches (Normandy), and while Loches' are listed with French Locks, Scottish Locks (Lanarkshire with Bards) share "Lick" with Lucks/Luke's.

Thanks to the blue lion of emailer-Patterson, it's to be assumed that Caepio's were a branch of a Kupa-river family. I trace the namers of the Kupa to Cuppae, "city of doves," and while her horse, Copperchief, was a Palomino, the Palomino's/Paloma's use a giant dove. Coincidence? If not, why would God arrange it? Faux's/Fage's have the dove too. Cuppae is in Moesia while Mose's/Moesens share a calvary symbol (different colors) with Irish Martins who in turn share the crescent of Martinelli-beloved Labels/La Bells, the latter first found in Gascony with French Martins.

It appears that God used emailer-Patterson's dream to point to the murder of Geovanna Martinelli. In English, her first name would be, Joanne, and Joanne's use a label too. Is there a clue as per the killer? For example, is he Mr. Cooper?

Coppers/Coopers, first found in Sussex with Kopke-branch Keeps, use leopard FACES, and Kepke's/Kopke's share the Martinelli goat. The Cooper/Cooper leopard heads are in a Chief in the colors and format of the Kilpatrick / Martinelli / Faux/Fage Chief.

Let's not forget the Lace-like Luce's were lords of Dice, so very important, for the last update told of my dream in which Dennis Quinn handed me an ice-cream cone while I was tying up my shoe LACES.

One Mathie/Matthew surname has the Bled Coat while Bled is beside LESCE, and the other Mathie's/Maghans have a "Fac et" motto phrase suggesting Faucets. Lesk-related Bards use a "fecit." Lesce-line Leslie's use buckles while Buckle's were first found in Suffolk with the Kidds sharing the two Martinelli goats. Suffolk is also where English Clare's were first found who have the Bled Coat in colors reversed. Lesks were first found in Berkshire with Punch's, and Sharon Quinn, a minute before she started to scream, punched Barry on his FACE, and I saw his lip BLEED (more details last update). This pointed (last update) to Walter Ian LIPkin of COVID madness.

I can't make heraldic connections sing like this, but God obviously has. Scottish Kilpatrick have "cushions" connectable with the Bibo rooster upon a "cushion," and Bibo's are said to have been kin of rooster-using Hahns. The Bibo rooster is red, as is the one of Hanns/Hahns, yet while the Bibo rooster is on a green cushion, the red rooster of Cremers is on a green mound. That's why I point the ice-cream to both Stephen Hahn and ECOhealth.

EcoHealth's president is still the corrupt Peter Daszak who said (in a discovered correspondence) that the COVID scheme was an opportunity for money-making once the media hyped the fear. His surname has a Dax-like look to it, and if any of the wool-using surnames mentioned in this update use SACKs instead of packs, note "DasZAK." In fact, the Jewish Sachs', sharing the Coat of German Sax's, show nothing but white roses, symbol of Pack-branch Paisleys. However, I don't have "wool sack" recorded for any surname in all my files.

Yet, the angel in the Sach Crest recalls that Angels have the Anger and Fauci lozenges in colors reversed while Angers are in the colors and format of the anchor-using Packs. We can even return to Charlie's Angels here because Charlie's were first found in Lancashire with the SAXons/Sextons.

Francis Collins and Tony Fauci funded the Wuhan lab through EcoHEALTH, and it floored me to find that Helts/Helds share the Hickson Coat while the Icke variation of Ice's is shared by the Hicks'. Especially as Ice's have an Ecco variation to go with ECOhealth, it tended to verify that Sleeping Beauty, fulfilled by Miss Hicks, is a pointer to Fauci and company. She happened to marry Mr. Kilpatrick, and we have seen that Kilpatricks share the Cremer / Faux/Fage Chief. Therefore, Miss Hicks verifies that the ice-cream is a pointer to Fauci even as Miss Hanson of the ice-cream place pointed to him.

It's notable that the Kilpatrick cushions are almost in the design of the wool pack of Wolfleys/Wooleys. As Hicks' are said to have been at St. Ewe while Ewe's/CUISTs share the giant, cushion-like Cusson and Constance eagle, it's amazing that I was going to kiss Sleeping Beauty awake, because Kiss'/CUSH's share the Coat of CUSTs in the "custodet" motto term of Cremers. That's not coincidence; it was Arranged centuries ago by Someone who knew my future dream. He intended to give me that dream to point to Fauci's murderous scheme. However, this week, the same pointers are pointing to the murder of Geovanna Martinelli.

I had decided to kiss her awake after God, in the dream, told me to WAKE her, and then St. Ewe is in Cornwall with WACE's/Wassa's, a branch of Washingtons who in turn share the double fesses of English Martins. That is therefore another pointer to Ms. MartiNELLI, especially as Nelli's share the red roundel of Wake's. It just so happens that Washingtons are in Mule colors and format while Mule's essentially have the WAKE Coat, tending to verify that Wace's were a Wake branch, and moreover Walks/Wachs, first found in Dumfries with Kilpatricks, have a reflection of the Wies/Wieser Coat.

There is even a German Wach surname, first found in Silesia with Helts/Helds and Wassa-like Wies'/Wiesers, a branch of Weis'/Wise's, and here we can add that English Wise's were first found in Devon with Mule's and Darlene's. The second ice-cream girl was Darlene Ray/Wray, and Darlene-branch Darlingtons were first found in Durham with Washingtons.

Less than a year after Miss Hanson handed me an ice-cream girl during which event I asker her for a date, I lined up at the snack bar of Knob Hill Farms to ask Darlene on a date, and I did that while she handed me an ice-cream cone. She agreed to the date. It was at that time, or during the few weeks that we dated, that I suggested to Mr. Kepke that he apply for a job at Knob Hill Farms, where I was working, and he got the job. It appears Arranged. We were 18 years old by the time I was with Darlene.

Kepke's first name is Lawrence, and Lawrence's were at a Redmaine location while Redmaine's show items that are identical in design to the Kilpatrick cushions. Redmaine is in Lancashire with the first-known Wrays, and where Washingtons and were once said to be first found. Reds/Reeds even share the DATE/Dade sheaves. Reds/Reeds, first found in Northumberland with the Hebrons who share "Keep tryst" with Simple's, happen to have a "PAX copia" motto phrase that can incorporate Kepke/KOPke liners while once again pointing to the Martinelli wool pack. Martinelli's share the Kepke/Kopke goat.

Darlene's share the fitchees in the Orr/Ore Chief, and they are there with a roundel in both colors of the Nelli and Wake roundels. Wake's use them in the Chief, as do Orrs/Ore's, and these roundels are also with Orrels, first found in Lancashire with RedMAINE. The gold drops of Darlene's (Devon with Maine's) are called, "OR," in French, revealing that gold drops are part-code for Ore liners.

While Reds/Reeds have a "pax copia" motto, Orrs/Ore's have a "cornuCOPIA," and we saw a "copia" motto term in the Arms of Macclesfield, that being a location in Cheshire, where Welsh Davids were first found who have a "Pax et copia" motto term. The Arms of Macclesfield were pointed out because of its blue lion suspect with the line of QUINTus Caepio. Then, Welsh Davids can be traced to king David I, son of king Malcolm III, and we saw the COLUMN variation of Malcolms! The latter even share the stag head of Scottish Reeds who in turn share the "book" with the Darlene Crest. It appears to be yet another pointer to La Quinta Columna.

A giant red stag is with KISSane's/CASHmans/GUISSane's, looking like a Kiss/Cush / Cass/Cash / Cust branch. The "female" in the Darlene Crest wears a "robe" while Robe's/Robbs were first found in Stirlingshire with GUIScards who in turn share the three Orr/Ore piles in colors reversed.

Robe's/Robbs are interesting for sharing the chevron of Robins who in turn use thistles while Thistle's/Thissels share pheons (different colors) with French Robins. The latter were first found in Brittany with the Mott location of Motts/Morte's who in turn share the crescents of Thissel-like Teasels/Tessels, the latter first found in Essex Motts/Morte's and Angers). Tiss'/Teese's were first found in Hampshire with Anger-branch Hangers/Angers, both sharing the "escarbuncle" with French Rays, a possible pointer to Darlene ray/Wray (not sure of the spelling). The Thistle/Thissel Crest is a near-copy of the Arms-of-Macclesfield lion.

If one loads "Tessel" instead of "Teasel," the Teasel/Tessel Coat comes up, though Tessels are said to have been first found in Bedfordshire with Lutons, and this can take us to Grave's/Greafs/Grieve's because they share the giant Luton eagle while Lute's/Lutts share the Graff/Graffin/Grav lion. The gold drops of Darlene's can be linked between Orrs/Ore's and Golds who in turn share the Graff/Graffin/Grav lion. Lute's/Lutts use lions in two colors schemes, both used for the lions of Chase's (Hampshire with Tiss'/Teese's) versus Chance's (Essex with Teasels/Tessels).

The Chase / Chance cross is in the colors of the cross of Macclesfields (Cheshire with Masseys and Mace's), and Chance's share the Maschi lion while Maschi's were first found in Rimini while Rimmons/Crimmons (lion in Maschi-lion colors) were first found in Skye and Lewis with the McLeods/LUTTs who in turn love the Fasts in their motto who in turn share the Lute/Lutt quadrants. "Rimini" can be gleaned in the motto of Hamons (Kent with Deaths), wherefore I trace him to Hamon de Masci of Cheshire. Hamons were first found in Kent with MASCLE-using Petts while Maschi's are also MASKALys. McLeods/Lutts love the Flags who in turn share the scallops of Meschins/MASCULine's.

The beauty here is that the Hamon motto term with a Rimini-like term is "DISCrimina"!!!! Disce was Dice, now Diss!!!! Can we believe it? The spider chase is thus pointing to Quinta Columna again!!!

Hamons even share the white antler with CONE's, first found in Kent with Hamons. Cone's were a branch of Conte's (antlers), the latter first found in Durham with Darlingtons!!! Darlene handed me an ice-cream CONE! My Mother's a Masci, and Maschi's use "pine CONES"!!! English Pine's have pineapples while Apple's and Applebys share the Fleetwood martlets while Fleets almost have the Coat of McLeod-beloved Flags. Fleetwoods (Lancashire with McLeod-beloved Holds/Holts) share the white wolf with Gore's, the latter first found in Kent.

As Hamons have a different-colors version of the English Capone Coat, the Capone Chief can have the Rimmon Chief, and so note that Capone's have a demi-lion, same as Graff/Graffins (in another color). Italian Capone's/Capua's were first found in Campania with the Aquila's sharing the Italian Este Coat while English Este's were first found in Essex with the Teasels/Tessels having the giant Aquila / Este eagle in colors reversed.

AND WOW, just fell upon this from the McLeod/Lutt write-up: "The surname Rimmon was first found in on the Isle of Skye, where they were hereditary Pipers to the MacLeods of Dunvegan." I've known that for years, but the reason for repeating it is that, as I've said many times, Simon Graff, Karen's father, would always be smoking a pipe when coming over to talk with my father! Pipe's can be gleaned as kin of Webbers, and the Letts/Late's, first found in Gloucestershire with Grave's/Greafs/Grieve's, use "organ pipes". Letts/Late's share the stars of Peare's who can be in the "PERmitte" motto term of Rimmons/Crimmons.

The potential key here is that the Grave/Greaf/Grieve eagle is split into two color schemes, one of which is the Dice/Diss eagle while Quinta's use dice. Motts, with a murder-like Morte variation, sharing the Death crescents, were first found in Essex, where Quints were once said to be first found, and death in a grave with grieving this week befits the family of Ms. Martinelli. Mr. Kepke had the spider-chase event at the Graff residence. The latter house is on Union street in Gormley, and while Darlene Ray/Wray lived in Unionville when we dated, Wrays share the Gormley martlets.

Welsh Davids can be traced to king David via the resemblance of the Aids/Ade Coat to Davids while Ada of Warenne married David's son. Warings/WEARings, first found in Devon with Darlene's and WEARs/Were's, share the Warren checks while Darlingtons were first found in Durham at the WEAR river, and moreover Darlingtons, with perhaps the leopards of the Earls of Macclesfield, share the red crosslet of Wears/Were's in one color. Darlingtons share a gold leopard face in Crest with Aids/Ade's.

On Wednesday night, I saw the video below on the secret support of Fox news for faggotry and pedophilia. To set up what I'm about to say, I need to repeat that the second fulfillment of Sleeping Beauty is by Ainsley Earhardt of Fox News, and the best I could do with the reason for this is that Fox News was involved somehow with Jeffrey Epstein's pedophilia, because I claim that Sleeping Beauty was on Epstein's island.

Mrs. Kilpatrick, when she moved from my area of Texas, moved to Forney, and so see Fox's support for the Ali Forney Center just after the first-minute mark of the video:

The Columns

The ice-cream will be pointing to Quinta COLUMNa, and here we can add that while Malcolms/Columns use an "ARDua petit" motto phrase, French Petits share the Graph/Graffin lion. But so do hundreds of others. The trick is to find a close relationship between Graffs and Petits, and this is where the lozenges of Petts (Kent with Petits) come in, for they are in the colors of the similar lozenges of Graff-beloved Anchors.

Anchors were Pack kin, and Martinelli's are still suspect with a wool pack. The Golds, sharing the Petit / Graff lion, were first found in Suffolk with the Kidds sharing the Martinelli goat. The same lion is with Bone's (Sussex with Packs), and while Orrs/Ore's use two Bone-like motto terms, they are in the gold drops called "or," meaning "gold."

Petits were even first found in Burgundy with French Locks while I aim to go to the Lucks/LICKs thanks to the Luce's. One licks an ice-cream CONE, and while Scottish Locks also come up as "Lick," Cone's were first found in Kent with English Petits! Lookie there at this power-packed paragraph.

Malcolms/Columns were first found in Argyllshire with MacArthurs. Arthurs are in Dice colors and format, and MacArthurs happen to share the giant moline cross of Segars, and colors reversed from the giant moline of Segni's/Segurana's!!! MacArthurs even share the three Coron/Corona crowns! The same crown is in use by both Corona surnames, and even by French Martels, first found in Gascony with French Martins! Plus, the Laurels in the MacArthurs Crest share the Coat of French Petits!

It's clicking beyond my wildest expectations...though I'm cut to the heart that Ms. Martinelli had to suffer a murderous fate to bring this heraldry to light. God apparently arranged the heraldry around her MURDer, and it just so happens that the myth writer chose MORDred to murder king Arthur, code likely for the Morte variation of Motts (Essex) who share the crescents of GRIFFIN-using Deaths (Kent with Petits).

English Petits were first found in Kent with Petts ("ARDens" motto term links to Column motto) who in turn share the Quincy mascles!!! La Quinta Columna is responsible for taking us here via the Column-MacArthur relationship. The Pett and Quincy mascles (hollow lozenges) are in the colors of the similar lozenges of Anchors, and the Graff/Graffin lion (same as Petit lion) holds an anchor.

Pitts, sharing the stork in Crest with Petts, share "ardua" with the "ardua petit" of Columns. Pitts tell that they were ancestors of "Lord Camelford," and Campbells/Cammells, sharing "Ne" with Griffins, were not only first found in Argyllshire with MacArthurs and Columns, but we read (in the Campbell write-up): "Researchers suggest a joint progenitor of both the Campbells and the MacArthurs."

It just so happens that Quints were once said to be first found in Essex with CAMULodunum, now Colchester, and the Arms of Colchester use nails while Irish Neils/O'Nails share the red estoiles with the Colchester surname. It really is amazing that Colchesters share the Quint chevron. La Quinta Columna. And German Nagle's/Nails happen to share the Column saltire!!! I didn't expect that, caught me by surprise.

This saltire of Columns is in the colors of the KIDNEY/Gedney saltire-by-fish, and they say that Remdesivir, a military-produced "drug" which Trump's Warp Speed made available, killed people by attacking their kidneys.

In my 1979 dream, a few weeks before the scream event with Sharon Quinn, Trump was a bulldog in a kidney-shaped swimming pool having a shark that swallowed his head and shoulders. Swallow-branch Sallows were first found in Shropshire with Pfizer-connectable Pistors/Pistols, and "pistols" are used by HOPkins while Fauchys use the "grassHOPPER" while Hoppers were first found in Wiltshire with trumpet-using Calles'. Pistors/Pistols share the Quint chevron while Hopkins are in CAPONE colors and near format, suggesting the line of Quintus Caepio, father of Miss CAEPIONis.

Swallows were first found in Lincolnshire with Grasse's in "grasshopper," and so we might imagine that Fauci is the shark swallowing Trump by arranging Trump to be the face of his vaccine program. Johns Hopkins University was front-and-center in the COVID scheme.

Trumps almost have the Legg Coat while a giant human leg is used by Prime's (Lincolnshire with Swallows) suspect in the "primos" motto term of Hopkins. Sallow-like Slows are in Patty/Pati colors and format while Primo's, with a patee cross, were first found in Burgundy with their Lock/Loches kin. The latter are linkable to Luce-linkable Luck's/Luke's. As I trace Pattys to Patti in Messina, roughly where Quinta's were first found, by what coincidence were Column-beloved Petits first found in Burgundy too? Again, Luce's were rulers of Dice while Quinta's use dice.

I just went to another tab to load English Petits (because I can't remember the colors of their lion), and on that tab was the Hardis surname from the last update. The Hardis Chief is not only the Quint Chief, but in the Hardis Chief is the lion of French Petits surrounded by the Masci / Cremer fleur-de-lys.

As Hardis' (Yorkshire with Palms) share the Palm Chief too, the Massey fleur-de-lys shared by Palms suggest that Hardis use the Masci fleur closely (i.e. may not have come off from a marriage with Masci's, but a marriage with Masci kin who took on those same fleur). This makes the Hardes lion look like an upright version of the Maschi lion, and it gives me pause because it's giving me the sense that Graffs/Graffins use the same lion because Masci's and Graffs were related.

Indeed, I trace Masseys to the HEROD Agrippa, suspect to the Griffin / Graff/Graffen surname, and HARDis-like Herods/Haralds were first found in Argyllshire with Columns et-al! Look at the timing of falling upon the Hardis surname. Julia MAESA Bassianus was the daughter of the nephew of Julius Agrippa in the second century AD, very connectable to Herod Agrippa.

I trace Berenice Agrippa to the Bernice surname (Cumberland with Quints!) which happens to share "perSEVERantia" with the Fally/Fellow motto. Emperor Severus married the sister of Julia Maesa Bassianus, and Fillys/FitzRoys are the ones sharing the Quint vair while Vairs/Fers' were first found in Burgundy with the Petits sharing the Graff/Graffin lion. French Roys were first found in Brittany with Ferrats/Fers having a blue-version Vair/Fers Coat. French virus-like Vires'/Vairs with a variation almost have the Feller Coat. French Vires'/Vairs add the same fish in this Arms of Saraca (taken from Wikipedia's Saraka article), and that fish is on a fesse in the colors of the Bernice (and Weaver) fesse).

Vires'/Vairs are listed with Verona's while Verone's are listed with Varenne's while Ada of Varenne/Warenne married Mr. Huntingdon. Fallys/Fellows were first found in Huntingdonshire. As I trace Ada of Warenne to AIDS'/Ade's, it's important that while one Ward surname shares the Shield of Warrens (Sussex with Webber-loving Keeps), the other Wards show nothing but the Corona / Coron crowns. The coronavirus vaccine has been proven to give people AIDS, and moreover the vaccine itself gives people the coronavirus.

English Vairs/Vere's have a "nihil" motto term suspect with the Nihill variation of Irish Neils/O'Nails, first found in Tyrone with Saraca-like Sharks and Henrys. French Henrys (Brittany with Ferrats/Fers') are from Henry of Rodez, husband of Miss Roquefeuil, the proto RockeFELLERs. Ferrers' share horseshoes, for a pointer to Wuhan's horseshoe bats, with Farrah's/Farrars. FARRAH Fawcett thus points to Jeremy Farrar, big cheese at the WHO which itself pushed Fauci's vaccine program globally.

Farrar was with Welcome TRUST when joining WHO, and Webber-loving Keeps are in the "Keep TRYST" motto of Hebrons. "Trustie to the end" is a motto of Leiths who have the lozenges of Graff-beloved Anchors in colors reversed, excellent because Leith-like Letts were first found in Gloucestershire with Grave's/Greafs while Graffs/Graffins are also Gravs.

French Collins are super because they share the triple fesses of English Pasleys while it's Scottish Pasleys who share the Pack anchors. The Packs (Sussex with Keeps) are still suspect in what looks like a wool pack in the Coat of Kepke-connectable Martinelli's. In fact, I've just seen that Wolls (Hebrons colors and format!) were first found in Sussex with Packs and Hebron-beloved Keeps! Wools are showing wool packs/sacks.

Woolworths (Woll colors) were first found in Surrey with the father of Ada of Warenne, and Woolworths have a bend in the colors of the Aids/Ade bend. While Varone's list Varenne, French Collins were first found in Ile-de-France with Verona's/Vires'/Vairs, and with the Levi's having an "Aide" and "second" motto term. Seconds/SEGURs can be shown as a Segni/Segurana branch via Genova's/Geneva's.

As Wolfleys are Wooleys too, and as they have wool packs, it's pretty clear that Woolworths share the Wolfin/Walwyn bend for a related reason. It just so happens that while we arrived to wool packs with Italian Martins/Martinelli's, English Martins were first found in PemBROKEshire with Wolfins/Walwyns. Broke's/Brocks and Brooks were first found in Essex with Column-connectable Colchester, and Ms. Martinelli worked for Quinta Columna graphene department.

The Quinn-like Wins/Gwinns and Gwinns (BRECKnock), suspect in "WalWYN," were first found in Wales with Wolfins/Walwyns. It's amazing that Wins/Gwinns share the Grave/Greaf eagle! Quinns/GUINNs are half in the colors of Wins/Gwinns. I met Dennis Quinn in Gormley at our age 13, the year I met Karen Graff, age 13, of Gormley.

[Insert -- In old English, the "long s" looked like an 'f', and so, maybe, "Pfizer" developed from "Pfiefer." The latter use a giant anchor, the Graff/Graffen symbol, and just as I was asking how I might link the two surnames, the Grave's/Greafs came to mind because half their eagle giant eagle is in the colors of the Pfiefer anchor. Those are the colors of the Win/Gwynn eagle.

I kid you not, I've just come in for a break from spreading gravel on the driveway. When I quit writing for the morning at the mention of Pfizer-like Pfisters in the next section, I called the truck driver because we had scheduled a load of gravel for early this week, and he was able to make it right away today. That's why I was spreading gravel, the point being that Grave's/Greafs can be of the Grave variation of Gravels!!!

I kid you not, I left off writing today at this: "From here we go to German Pfisters/Pisters because English Pistors/Pestors share the Quint / Colchester chevron..." That's why the Pfiefers were loaded earlier in the day, but I didn't realize until after coming in from gravel work, and taking another look at the Pfieifer Coat that Pfiefers might be using the Graff/Graffin anchor in Grave/Greaf colors. If this is all correct, then God arranged Karen Graff to point to Pfizer, a company whose paperwork admits the company's use of graphene-oxide foils! See "Karen Kingston" and "graphene-oxide," though google gives "fact-checkers" denying her claims, spreading confusion, and deflecting.

I kid you not that I had a truck of gravel delivered a few weeks ago, and then ordered another one two weeks ago, but the guy's truck broke down so that I had to call someone else. The trucker who came today was RAY QUINson. It appears Arranged. English Rays were first found in Cumberland with Quints! And French Rays share the escarbuncle with Anchor-branch Angers (share Fauci lozenges) while Martinelli-linkable Packs were Anchor kin. Anchors look related to the Quince Coat. Buncle's have BUCKles while a "roeBUCK" is used by Rayborns. English Gravels were first found in BUCKinghamshire. End Insert]

The reason I wanted to check the lion color of English Petits is that I remembered it as red (it is), and I was wanting to see if it can be the red lion in the Colchester Crest. Colchester (near Kent) is at the Colne river, and so MalCOLMs/Columns (and Callams) may have been from that river. As Capone's have a red lion too, lets repeat that I trace them to QUINTus Caepio(nis). In this way also, Columns with English Petits are pointing to La Quinta Columna.

English Petits were even first found in Kent with the Hamons in turn suspect with the Rimmons/Crimmons in their motto, and the latter have the red Petit lion too. Rimmons/Crimmons were pipers for McLeods/Lutts while Petit-like Pettys share the Lute/Lutt quadrants while Lute's/Lutts share the lion of both French Petits and Masons/Massins (Kent). Hamons use so-called "pean" while Peans are listed with Payens/Pagans who in turn share the hexagram of Irish Pettys.

For what it could be worth as a possible pointer to the circle of John Kerry, the Irish Petty Crest shares bees and a hive with Kerrys, the latter first found in Montgomeryshire. Montgomerys share the anchor of Packs, and the latter were first found in Sussex with the Mascals sharing the elephant with English Pettys. Petts use mascles. Mascals share the fleur-de-lys of Arrows/Arras' (Staffordshire with Pipe's) to go with the arrow of Scottish Pettys. The Mascal fleur are also those of Heinz's, and John Kerry married Mrs. Heinz! Her son was doing business with the family of the gangster, Whitey Bulger, and so, maybe, that circle may have killed Martinelli.

Archers have arrows too, and Devon Archer worked for Rosemount Seneca. "Billy Bulger, meanwhile, had also worked closely with US Sen. John Kerry (D-Mass.), whose stepson, Christopher Heinz, co-founded the Washington-based Rosemont Seneca investment fund..." (New York Post). Petts use "BULrushes while sharing the mascles of Bulger-like Bullys. Between the two McLeods/Lutt flags is a white bull head, the color of the giant Bulger bull head. Flags were first found in Norfolk with the Bags almost having the Bulger Chief, and so let's remind that McLeods/Lutts share the castle of French Martins.

Devon Archer worked with Hunter Biden with BURISma corruption, and McLeod-beloved Holds/Holts were first found in Bury while Burys are also BURIS'. Miss Martinelli was buried recently. Burisma is in Ukraine with bio-weapons labs run by the United States.

Tony Fauci's boss was Francis COLLINs, which is why I always show the Chollens variation of Faux's/Fage's. The Colne river looks like it could have been named by the Collin bloodline, and so we might add that English Collins' use a gold GRIFFIN, for French Petits share the Graff/Graffin lion. Many surnames use this lion, yet my suspicions are that Petits and Graffs were closely related even because Columns love Petits.

I trace Quintus Caepio's Caepionis line confidently to Capone's, and they share the red lion in Crest with Colchesters, tending to assure that Colchesters and Quints share the same chevron because both descended from Quintus Caepio.

From the write-up of English Petits: "Some of the family were found in the parish of Filley in Cornwall." Loading Filleys (list FitzROYs), they were not only first found in Essex with Colchester, but they share the Quint vair as a fesse. Fillys use patee crosses, and I trace Pattys/Pati's to Patti in Messina. It just so happens that Quinta's were first found in Messina!!! The Messina's themselves share patee crosses on red with Fillys/FitzROYs. Scottish Roys share the Fall/Fallis lion.

EXPLOSIVE>>>>I can now go to Fallys/Fellows, first found in Huntingdonshire with the Gains whom I use as a pointer to "gain-of-function," the procurement of bio-weapons which Francis Collins and Tony Fauci funded for the Wuhan lab. I was wondering whether I could show that the Fally/Fellow lion heads are the same-colored Graff/Griffin lion when I remembered the last time I saw Karen Graff. She was 13 years old when I first met her across the street from my home, and she moved away at 14, the year of the spider chase. I never saw her again until my mid 20s on a freak chance because my buddy, Joe Oullette' had to go visit his brother for a minute. Oullette's are said to be first found in Fallis-like Falaise!!!!!

In other words, God must have set me up with Joe Oullette, and in the meantime Karen Graff was dating his brother, which I didn't know until Joe knocked on his brother's DOOR, and when it opened, there was Karen Graff looking at me from the couch. I saw her SHOEs (see Shoe's and Shugs last update) at the front door. We never went into the place. We left after a minute of being at the DOOR. Irish Doors (and Dorals) share the Graff/Graffin lion!!!!

Scottish Doors share white leopard faces with Brains, and the "Enghien" motto of Brains looks like code for the Engain variation of Gains/Giens above. The latter have a good reflection of the Filly/FitzRoy Coat.

Doria's share the Tromp and Mark eagle while German Marks, a potential pointer to mark of the beast, have a good reflection of the Tromp Coat. The Mark eagle holds the double-tipped spear of Shakespears who in turn share the bend of Agrippa-like Gripps/Grape's, and Shakespears were first found in Cumberland with Bernice's. The Shakespears are in Sarah/Sayer colors and near-format while the latter were first found in Essex with English Marks.

Plus wow. I've thought that German Angels use a lamb, but on closer inspection, the horns are curled backward on the head, meaning it's a ram!!!! Cremer-beloved Rams were first found in Essex too. Those exclamation marks are because Angels come up as Dangels, and Kepke DANGLEd the spider on its web!

English Angels are important not only because they share the white and winged horse with Quinns/GUINN, but because they have the Fauci lozenge!!!! God must have arranged Charlie to be with Sharon Quinn on that evening when she screamed, which was the evening of my morning vision of a woman I thought looked like Farrah Fawcett (explained in more detail last update).

As was said, part of the evidence that Sharon Quinn was playing the role of Farrah Fawcett is that she (Sharon) was dating Charlie during her screaming event, and Farrah Fawcett was the star of the "Charlie's ANGELS" television series. That's what makes the Angel surname pertinent as an additional pointer to Tony Fauci.

Charlie was a bank-loan officer/employee at the time, and Banks happen to share the fleur-de-lys of English Webbers. With this and other connectors, all of the last update's pointers, from the Quinns, to poison vaccines are now connecting with La Quinta Columna, a logical expectation. The spider-on-web chase is linking to Quinta Columna.

It appears that we could be in for a frightening time as graphene is put into our foods even. Yet I think what God is telling us is that He's going to thwart this graphene plot to some degree. Yet I think He's also telling us to prepare to endure the tribulation period. If you want to eat when it arrives, store foods now, etc.

Quinta's were first found in Messina, and as Saracens named the neighboring province of Syracuse, it's likely that Saracens were in Messina too. Messina's have a Coat much like the one of Masci's who in turn share the Cremer fleur-de-lys.

At 16 years of age, Dennis Quinn, at whose apartment the kneeling event took place (in our early 20s), loaned me his parents' Valiant car to take Katrina Hanson on my first date with her. Valiants use the shark, and while Sharks were first found in Tyrone with Irish Neils/O'Nails/Neals, they are from "SARACen," is this not wild? Yes, but there's more because I asked Hanson for the first date as she handed me an ice-cream, which pointed to the Cremers who then pointed to Faux's/Fage's/Chollens', first found in Perigord with Fauchys.

I've shown why I trace "PERIgord" to ImPERIa (Liguria with Fauci's), which was also named, Oneglia, by the Nagle bloodline, and it's Nagle's who share the Fauci lozenges. Nagle's have dangle-like Mr. D'Angulo in their write-up, explaining while Dangels/Angels have the three Nagle lozenges in colors reversed. We now have Charlie's Angels as proof that Nagle's were Fauci kin.

Farrah Fawcett i.e. Sharon Quinn collapsed at the outer side of the DOOR of Dennis' apartment, and began to scream there, which is why I got down on one knee to pray for her. The last update had the Doors in play, from the Daorsi Illyrians living in the same areas as the Ardiaei Illyrians, and so I've got to repeat that Doria's, first found in Genova with Fauci's, married Arduinici in Oneglia. But that's not all, because while Fauci's share the Tromp Shield, and while Donald Trump engaged with Tony Fauci to foist vaccines on the American people, Doria's share the giant Tromp eagle.

If that's not enough, KLAUS Schwab announced that his "Great Reset" would be launched on the particulars of the COVID scheme. The Clauds/CLAUSels happen to share the Tromp acorns, and while "Great Reset" can point to Greats sharing the Nagle/Neil/Nail saltire, it can also point to Rison-branch RESTons who share the three LEOPARD FACES of Scottish Doors. Face's/Fessys, first found in Northamptonshire with QUINCY's (!) of FAUCet castle, have a "signo" motto term to reveal that they were a Fauci branch, for the latter were first found in the same place with Segni's/Segurana's.

Ardiaei and Daorsi are on this map at Rison-like Rhizon. To the south of Rhizon one sees a lake, and then there happens to be a CLAUSULa river (not shown) that flows into it. Clauds list CLAUSELs, you see.

But there is more because KOPLik is on the Clausula river while Kopke-like KOPPLE's, sharing the giant Hann/HAHN rooster, were first found in Nuremberg with Keep-like Keips. And Trump had Stephen HAHN, a vaccine goon, as the director of the Food and Drug Administration during the Warp-Speed program. The other Hahns have another giant rooster, this time in the colors and format of Trumps, both surnames first found in Mecklenburg.

It just so happens that Koplik is also called, CUPIONICH," and then I trace Quints to Quintus Caepio, whose daughter was Servilia CAEPIONIS.


As Apps'/Epps' have five black lozenges for a fesse, in the colors of the five black mascles that Lucks/Luke's use for a fesse, it's notable that the other part of the Apps/Epps Shield is in Dice and Luce colors and format.

Apps/Epps' were once said to be first found in Middlesex with their Fier kin, and that's near Epping, itself near Wanstead. Wansteads are also Quinn- / Quince-connectable WINNers/Weiners. The Childs, who are said to have been at Wanstead, were first found in Hertfordshire with the Scale's sharing the Apps/Epps scallops. Wanstead was once in Essex, and the Wanstead-like Wayne's, first found in Essex, share the pelican in Crest with Lucks/Luke's. Essex is also where Waters and Muschats were first found sharing the EPPstein Coat.

Abbs/Epps' (now Huntingdonshire) almost have the Abby/Abbe Coat, and from here I'm propelled to the McAbbe's/McCabe's because they have a "salmon" in the colors of the Fiser/VISSer fish. I don't know what the latter call their fish, but "salmon"-using Hams, first found in Sussex with Tromp-connectable VISE's, share the McAbbe/McCabe salmon in both colors. This looks like a pointer to Trump's lunatic Warp-Speed program which included vaccines by Fiser-like Pfizer.

From here we go to German Pfisters/Pisters because English Pistors/Pestors share the Quint / Colchester chevron while adding red stags heads, the colors of the Column stag heads.

As it was the Luke's who took us to Abbe's, note that Andrew McCabe was the deputy FBI Chief under Obama, for Karen Kingston, a former Pfizer employee, claims this week that Ernest Luque, a former FBI agent, is warning her that the government is trying to kill her, and she thinks that Robert Malone is behind it while Malone's, in McAbbe/McCabe colors, shares the Comey lion while James Comey was the FBI director when McCabe was the deputy director.

Karen Kingston on a Hit List

Here's the article that has BARDA and graphene:

Here's Karen Kingston claiming that she's been attacked with poisons, and she even says that she hired a certain Ernest LUQUE for her security. She talks much in this video against Robert Malone, and frames him as a mole in the anti-vaccine movement. I don't have a comment. I'm not sure he's a mole; perhaps he's withholding information and accusations to protect himself from the military establishment. In this video, she says she's in Mexico. Karen Kingston is a former Pfizer employee:

She says: "I have been poisoned numerous times since the incident in FL via aerosoL, food beverages..." What if Luque is secretly her enemy? Why would she hire someone who worked for Obama's FBI to protect her? Did he give her a great deal money-wise because he wants to be her enemy secretly? She gives Luque's email address as

At 32 seconds in the video below, in section 3.4. of a Pfizer document, it says that "purified protein at .05 gm/ml were applied to gold Quantifoil R1.2/i.3 300 mesh grids freshly overlaid with graphene-oxide". Why would Pfizer do this if not to see how the two substances behave?

In the title of the document above, the protein is called, "SARS-CoV-2 Spike Glycoprotein."

Dr. Robert Malone invented at least part of the mRNA delivery system. Malone's share an "ad" motto term with Bartholomews. The latter were above in a mention of BARDA and GRIP, companies that are apparently experimenting with graphene delivery systems. Ada of Warenne married Henry, earl of Huntingdon, and while English Cottons were first found in Huntingdonshire, it recalls my story, mentioned many times, of Steve MELLANson's cotton swab. This is a possible pointer to Dr. Robert Malone.

Let me repeat from above when GRIP and BARDA were together to topic. Assuming that Karen Kingston was in Mexico with Ms. Martinelli when she was killed, keep in mind that Martinelli's share the Kepke goat. Proceed:

Compare "Graphene to "GRIP." Graphene-oxide is very magnetic to grip nano-particles. Leslie's, who share the green GRIFFIN head of Chase's, have a "GRIP fast" motto. Amazingly, the same griffin head is shared by Bards!!! That is incredible, especially as Bards (Lesk boar in colors reversed) were first found in the same place with Lesks. Leslie's descend from BARTHolomew. There is a Bartholomew surname (I am not familiar with it) sharing the Moline goat head, in the colors of the goat of Weiss', first found in the same place as Kepke's!!! Kepke's spider chase pointed to graphene-oxide!!!

The amazing thing is, Gripps/Grape's share the Goat Coat!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Bartholomews use an "Ad" motto term while Aids/Ade's were first found in Berwickshire with Bartholomews.

Bards were first found in Berkshire with Punch's, and the last update told that Sharon Quinn, acting as Farrah Fawcett, PUNCHed Barry on the lip a few seconds after she said to me, "don't be a FOOL." The Fole/Folly surname might thus be a pointer to Pfizer's gold foil overlaid with graphene-oxide. Golds share the Luque/Luca and Graff/Graffin lion, and Gripps/Grape's, with a Grav-like Craver variation, may have been a Griffin branch.

By what coincidence does the giant Luque/Luca lion hold an object, same as the lion of Sforza's, first found in Rome with Luciano's sharing the Luce fish? The Sforza lion holds a "quince" while Quince's/Quincys were first found in Northamptonshire with Fole's/Follys who share the purple lion with Spanish Luz's/Lucio's and Irish lace's. Luque's/Lucca's are Spanish too. Perhaps ERNEST Luque is in Mexico. One Ernest surname has a rock in the colors of the Rock/Roque rock, and the Roach's, with fish in Luce- / Luciano-fish colors, have another rock.

Karen Kingston claims that Robert Malone has sent the CIA against her to kill her. This claim will keep this story from getting legs wherein she claims she's on a hit list. Not many will want to share her story on that claim alone.

Maybe she knows about Malone from circumstances surrounding Martinelli's death. She claims that there have been attempts to poison her, and Poissons happen to share the three scallops of Bardys (Perigord with Fauchys and Fage's). They are also the three scallops of Daggers/Dackers while German Golds look (by their Coat) like Deck/Dagger kin. I can make the case that Perigord was named partly by Gords/Gordans, first found in Berwickshire with Bartholomews, and sharing the gold boar with Bards.

Gordano is in Somerset with the Roets sharing the Gord/Gordan boar heads, and then German Roets share the sleeping crescent of Karens/Kerns. Karen Kingston. Karen Graff. Karen's/Kerns were first found in Silesia with Wies'/Wiesers who almost have the Crest of Weis'/Wise's, and the latter even share the two hexagrams of Karens/Kerns while Weiss' have the Bartholomew goat!!! Just look at all that.

[Shortly after writing here, it was announced that Biden's DoJ is staring an investigation / probe on the Biden scandals (in order to obstruct justice], and it turns out that the Special Council will be David Weiss. There's a likelihood that Obama, Trump and Biden were funding Ukraine's bio-weapons labs, and perhaps Biden's even been selling American secrets to the Chinese. Was Fauci-and-company illegally selling bio-weapons secrets to the Chinese?]

At the top-right of this light map, you can see a Kern-like CARNi people group beside Emona, and the latter is beside Lesk and Bled. Bleds share a Mathie Coat while the other Mathie's have a Quincy-connectable "Fac et" motto phrase while "fecit" is used by Lesk-related Bards. The Carny surname was first found in Mayo with Irish Kerns, and the latter share the chevron of Stars/Stairrs suspect in the "FLAMING stars" of Pero's/Perino's. These stars are the two Karen / Weis/Wise hexagrams. Flemings are the ones who love the Deeds/Date's who were connected above to Bardys.

Deeds/Date's are also Dade's while Daddys/Douds share the saltire of Pollocks, first found in Renfrewshire with Speers (share Roet boar heads), Paisleys, Glasgow, and Montgomerys. Carnys share the pheons of Lords/Lauds in the motto of Glasgows, and Paisley is at Glasgow while the Paisley-branch Packs share the Montgomery anchor. Kerrys, first found in Montgomeryshire, have an hourglass-like Shield in half the colors of the same of Golds, first found in Suffolk with Lords/Lauds and Knights.

Hmm, while Kidds (share Kepke / Martinelli goat) were first found in Suffolk too, note how "Knight" might have formed from Kidd-like Kite's / Kitts. Knighton is in Worcestershire with the Clent Hills while Clents/Clints share the Deed/Date Coat. Kite's were first found in Norfolk with at least three cat-using surnames (Keats included) that ought to be of the Lucca cat due to Luce's of Norfolk. Croms, sharing the black cat with Keats, were once said to be first found in Berkshire with Bards and Lesks.

Croms are now said to be first found in Herefordshire with same-colored Orne's/Horns, and same-colored hunting horns are with German Golds. The latter have a reflection of the Deck/Dagger Coat while Bardys share the Dagger/Dacker Coat. I can trace daggers to Dexaroi on the Apsus river through Fier county (Albania), and Fiers/Fears were first found in Middlesex with Kitts. Luce's were in Passy of Orne, and Passe's/Pascals were first found in Essex with Fear-loving Peacocks, Fier-loving Rams, and with the Faux's sharing the Luck/Luke mascles. The Apsus-like Apps'/Epps'/Abbs', once said to be first found in Middlesex too, look related to the fesse-by-mascles of Lucks/Luke's/Looks.

Sire's/Sirets (Burgundy with Loches'/Locks/Loke's) have "a green snake LOOKing at himSELF in the MIRROR." Selfs/Shelfs share the Coat of anchor-using English House's (Oxfordshire, beside Berkshire), tending to prove that Anchors and Angers were from Angers at Anjou, for Fulk I of Anjou married Miss Loches' while Loches' share the Coat of Gettes', first found in Anjou with mirror-like Mire's/Mireux's. Why do Sire's/Sirets use "HIMself" instead of "itself"? Hims/Home's/Hume,s in Self/Shelf colors, were first found in Berwickshire with Lucks/Luke's/Looks. Heraldic mottoes are routinely packed with surname ancestry.

The snake of Shelf-like Schells/Shells is in the design of the Quinn snake while the other Quinns are in Self/Shelf colors. Schells/Shells are in the colors and format of the Apps'/Epps' who in turn share the Scale scallops. English Shields/Shiels were first found in Berwickshire with Hims/Home's, and share the motto of Shaws/Sheaves', the latter first found in Berkshire with Leslie-related Bards, and with Windsors who in turn descend from Others/Otters, first found in Huntingdonshire with Apps'/Epps'/Abbs'. Eppsteins share the Coat of Waters (Essex with Fier-connectable Peacocks) suspect in the water under the House anchor. Above the House anchor is a cloud while "Hold fast" is the motto of McLeods/Clouds/Lutts while Leslie's use "Grip fast."

I trace Nights/Nets/Naughts and Nitts/Naughts to the namers of the Nith river, home of both the Kilpatricks and the proto-Geddes Geds, and both Geddes' and Geds share pike fish with Luce's. Isn't that amazing? The heraldry seems to be verifying Karen Kingston's claims all-around. The Gettes' (Anjou with Angers liners) happen to share the saltire of Lock-branch Loge's (Burgundy with Locks/DesLoges'/Loke's and Look-loving Sire's), and then English Loge's/Lodge's were first found in Suffolk with Knights/Nights.

Let's Go to Ceva

The staggering thing now, which I've missed until now, is that Locks/Desloges' share the three cinquefoils of Gows/McGoo's while "GO" is the short form of "graphene-oxide"!!!

The Gow/McGoo Chief is even in the colors of the Grave's/Greafs, first found in Gloucestershire with the Letts/Late's using "organ pipes" while Webber-connectable Pipe's were first found in Staffordshire with the June's possibly in the "Juncta" motto term of Gows/McGoo's. Letts/Late's are justified here because their Coat is much the one of Armys/Ermine's (in colors reversed) suspect in the "Juncta arma" motto phrase of Gows/McGoo's/GOWANs. Armys/Ermine's almost have the COWAN Coat, both sharing the Chief-saltire combination of Annandale's, first found in Dumfries with the Nith river.

The Graff/Graffin anchor can be linked to Gow/McGoo kin of Anjou-line Loches'/Locks. That works. It's another pointer of the spider chase at the Graff residence to graphene-oxide. Plus, the man of the family, SIMON Graff, can link to the Gow/McGoo lion because it's shared by Italian Simons. He's the one who always smoked his PIPE when visiting my father! Smoke's are listed with Roach-connectable Rauch's.

I'm now amazed further because the Chief-Shield colors of Gows/McGoo's is shared by Simon-like Simsons. This is all coming moments after saying to the Lord that I could see no way to link Gows/McGoo's to the Graffs. I didn't realize right-away how Letts/Late's could facilitate the pointers.

Simsons use an "Alis" motto term while Alis'/Alice's must be from Alice, daughter of Luis of Ceva. French Louis' were first found in Lorraine with French Simons, and the latter happen to share the giant lion of Welsh Louis'. The Welsh Thomas' borrowing the Saluzzo Shield add GRIFFINs. Thomas of Saluzzo was Luis' husband. "Ceva" has become suspect lately with the Keep line of Kiev; ask the Cheves', or the sheaves of Keppochs, if they known anything about the Kepke's.

The full Simson motto, "Alis NUTRior," can also have the Nutter variation of Knutts/Nottings, first found in Gloucestershire with Pipe-loving Letts/Late's and Grave's/Greafs. Simon Graff loved the pipe. The Nottinghams were first found with Thomas de Notingeham, and this can be from Thomas of Saluzzo. There's also "Hugh de Notingham, Buckinghamshire," in the Nottingham write-up, and Simsons were first found in Buckinghamshire.

Having said that about the Graffs who point to graphene-oxide, let's add that one of the Simson Coats shares the giant lion of vaccine-pointing Faucets, first found in East Lothian with the Keiths whose motto in turn is the Alis/Alice motto in colors reversed. Faucets were four miles from Musselburgh while Mussel's/MUSCELs share plates with Pens/Pence's (Buckinghamshire with Simsons) while a pen is in the Crest of Simms' (East Lothian) while Keiths come up as "Mascal." Nottinghams share the annuLET of Benjamins, the latter first found in Norfolk with Keats.

There's also the Walsers, with a goat in Weiss-goat colors, who can fit into this heraldic set because there's evidence that Simon liners were of the Sions/Sine's (Lanarkshire, near Paisley) who named Sion in Switzerland, which is in the Wallis canton where WALSers trace. Graffs/Graffins were first found in Switzerland. Scottish Walsh's share the Nottingham annulet, and Walsers use either a "halpert/halbert" axe, symbol also of Simms'. Halperts/Halberts were first found in Perthshire with Keith-branch Kettle's. Simms were first found in the same place as Keiths and Seatons/Sittens who named Sion as Sitten. Then, the Walser-beloved Goats/Gothams, first found in Nottinghamshire, share the GRIPP Coat!!! We got here by following the Simsons and Simon Graff with inclusion of McGoo's, and so the spiderweb chase is pointing to GRIP Molecular's graphene department.

Ceva-like Cheves'/Cheevers, first found in Devon with the Moline's who share the Weiss / Walser goat, have goats of their own. And Cheves-like Sheaves'/Shaws share "Vincit" with the Alis/Alice motto. The Pattys/Pati's, suspect in the Sheaves/Shaw motto, share the Louis / Simon lion. Again, Italian Simons share the McGoo lion?

Simsons, sharing a giant black lion with Cressys, use crescents while Cressents (Burgundy with Cressys) have the triple bends of PACKens/Pagans in colors reversed. Packs, still suspect in the Martinelli Coat, were first found in Sussex with Mascals. Pack-branch Pasleys were first found beside Buckinghamshire. Pasley-connectable Poussins were first found in Oxfordshire with an elephant, the Mascal symbol, in the Arms of Oxford. The red ox in the Arms of Oxford can be in the Crest of Pack- and Paisley-beloved Anchors.

One can realize a Cressent link to graphene-pointing McGoo's where the latter were first found in Inverness-shire with Scottish Grands while French Grands (Burgundy with Cressents) share the Cressent Coat. The beauty here is the "Stand Fast" motto of Scottish Grands, like the "GRIP fast" of Leslie's. I trace Fasts to del Vasto's of Saluzzo! The McLeods/Lutts with "Hold fast" were first found on Skye and LEWIS while Lewis' were first found in Glamorganshire with Luis-like Louis' (share French Simon lion).

Simsons share the giant lion of SITlers/Schitners, first found in Silesia with Wies'/Wiesers, and so let's repeat that Weiss' were first found in Saxony with the Martinelli-connectable Kepke's, for Mr. Kepke did the spiderweb chase at the Graff residence. As we got to Weiss' from the Walser goat, it makes me think that Graffs were at Wallis canton. Wallis'/Wallace's share the giant lion of Lodge's/LOGE's, first found in Suffolk with the Kidds sharing the Kepke goat. Cressents were first found in Burgundy with the Loge-branch Locks/Loches' sharing the cinquefoils of McGOO's. Scottish Locks/Licks (swan) were first found in Lanarkshire with Sions/Sine's.

The McGoo-like McGee's/Gee's (boar heads) might be a pointer to 5G, but I'd entertain that only if Five's/Fifys can link to McGee's. So far, I can't see a connection, but it's interesting if Pfiefers (giant anchors in McGoo colors) were a Pfizer branch. .

Luis of Ceva was wife of Mr. Saluzzo, a city ruled by the MontFERRAT line to Del Vasto's, suspect with the Fasts in the "Grip fast" motto of Leslie's. Ferrats/Fers share the checkered Shield of Nitts/Naughts. Knightons/Nitons almost have the Coat of Ceva-connectable Cavetts/Cheve's, both like the Coat of French Grave's. All three Coats are similar to the bars in the Spike Coat, and while the graphene topic includes spike proTEINs, it's interesting that Teins (Oxfordshire with Peare's) share the stars of Letts/Late's and Peare's. The latter's branches can jibe with "PROtein." I had noted that "Pro" is a Wallis/Wallace motto term.

I almost missed it. The Nutter/Notting Crest shares a gold pheon with Thistle's while there's a thistle in the McGoo Crest. Thistle's (Leslie colors and format) were first found in the Channel Islands with the Poindexters who share the fist of Fists/FAUSTs, del-Vasto suspects. Poindexters share the lone Shoe star while Shoe's have a KNIGHT.

Fiser-connectable McCabe's were first found on Arran with Blue's, and while Kingstons share the giant Scottish Night/Naught lion, English Knights are also Nights. Blue Knight is GRIP's new partner. Here's the Blue Knight article in case it disappears from the webpage above. It sounds like the graphene works to identify pathogens / viruses in conjuntion with the energy of a cell phone, but maybe not. The purprose of the graphene is not stated:

GRIP is developing a novel graphene-based electronic biosensor technology that aims to provide rapid, simultaneous, lab-grade accuracy detection of an array of infectious diseases, anytime, anywhere, by any user. Using GRIP’s disposable cartridge and a standard cell phone, the device will provide results in minutes using easy to gather samples, e.g. nasal or saliva...When the cartridge is brought into proximity with a standard cell phone, the results are automatically displayed and can be securely transmitted to a clinician to make treatment decisions virtually. New pathogens are expected to be readily added to the panel of diseases the single-use cartridge can detect to address new disease threats.

It could be that there is no phone connection made to the outside from the phone, but rather the phone has a built-in-program to display results, and the phone's electromagnetic waves is what powers the graphene in the cartridge. Just guessing. I'm assuming the graphene is in the cartridge, where else? Perhaps the plan is to have graphene in the body (too), otherwise the nasal / saliva swab test won't work.

If I've been correct in pegging Griffins from AGRIPPa's, then Graffs/Graffins can be too, and thus Karen Graff can point to graphene specifically as used by GRIP. What else is GRIP plotting as it brags to be on a progressive / futuristic cutting edge?

I'd like to go back to the spike protein, showing how Spike's/Specks can point to James LeDuc of the Galveston National Lab. It starts from the Joyce's/Joys sharing the giant and double-headed eagle of Spike's. The "honoraBILIS VITA" motto phrase of Joyce's/Joys gives clue to the Vita-loving Saffers, first found in Devon with Bill-branch English Billets. Tending to prove that we are on the right track so far, Joy-like Goys fill their Shield with billets. Devon is excellent because it's where Spike's/Specks are said to have named a location, and moreover Devon is where Speccots were first found. Speccots look like a Speck branch.

Superimposed on the Goy billets, there are three stars in the white colors of the three Goz/Gos stars, and this goes well with the Goys variation of Goys. On one half of the Goz/Gos Shield, the stars are in the colors of the three French Billet/Billiard stars, and they are also in the colors of the three stars of Morays while Bellys/Billis' were first found in Moray who share the eight-pointed Duc/LeDuc star. If the latter had five-pointed stars, they would have the Moray Coat exactly. "Mors" is a motto term of Joyce's/Joys.

Next, we are going to Bar-le-DUC from the brown wolf in the Joyce/Joy Crest, for brown is code for Brunswick elements, and the Bars who named Bar-le-Duc in Lorraine were also Welfs in Brunswick. Welfs were descended from Este's, and that's why Scottish Bars share the giant Italian Este eagle. The Welfs/Wolfs/Lupus' were first found in Cheshire with earl, Hugh Lupus, and he did use a wolf head for his symbol. He was the son of Richard GOZ. Bingo.

Googe's/GOOSE's share the boars of Gochs while Gethins, said to descend from Gochs, essentially share the Welsh Louis Coat. Bar-le-Duc is in Lorraine while Speccots have a bend-with-frets in the colors of the bend-with-eagles of Lorraine's. French Louis' were first found in Lorraine while Welsh Louis' were first found in Glamorganshire with Joyce's/Joys.

LUIS of Ceva was on the Cevetta river, and so I trace her line to Cavetts/Cheve's, first found in Picardy with GOYers/Guyers/Gayers, and with the home of Belly-branches Baileys and Baliols (Northumberland with Lorraine's). Cheevers'/Cheves' were first found in Devon with Goy-beloved Billets.

The Bellows (Cheshire with Hugh Lupus) who share the English Billet Coat are in the "bellows" symbol of Ships/Shiptons, first found in Oxfordshire with the Teins suspect in "spike proTEIN. Yet Teins are also Tiens' in the "Tiens FERME" motto of Squirrels/Square's. Fermo was home to Azzo, the founder of Este, the line to Welfs. Only after writing that were Dutch Goyers loaded to find three lozenges in the colors of the similar mascles of Teins/Tiens'.

Miss Peare had a belly-press symbol that I've mentioned a million times, and Peare's were Tein/Tiens kin. PROtein. Teins/Tiens' share the martlets of Pavia's, and Pierro's/PERo's were first found in Pavia. Pierre's almost have the Bruno Coat, and the Bruno Coat is in the Coat of Luis-like German Luz's/Lotz's. The latter must have been a branch of Lots because the latter have the double-headed eagle of German Belows, first found in Pomerania with Luz's/Lotz's.

Luis of Ceva is in the name of mythical Gorlois along with Gore's (Kent with Lots) who in turn share the white wolf in Crest with Goyer-like Gowers and Fleetwoods. Fleets almost have the Coat of Flags/Flecks who were in turn kin of palmers who in turn look like kin of Cowards who in turn have two of the one fesse of Goyers/Guyers/Gayers. The latter share the three lozenges in the Arms of Thomas Randolph, first earl of Moray, and while he was the son or grandson of Marjory Carrick, Goyers/Guyers/Gayers share the Carrick fesse.

Scottish Randolphs, first found in Moray with LeDuc-connectable Bellys, have both the bat and the horseshoe for a pointer to the horseshoe bats in the Wuhan lab. There are some, scanty however, articles telling that James LeDuc took part in the Wuhan lab. Why is God apparently pointing to James LeDuc again while nobody in anti-vaccine land makes mention of him? There has got to be some dirt under his fingernails. Another bat is with the Bugs who share the Carrick / Goyer/Guyer/Gayers fesse.

Again, the LeDuc Coat is essentially the Moray Coat. It appears that God provided the bat and horseshoe combination at Moray for a pointer to James LeDuc.

[Insert August 15 -- Karen Kingston says her mother is Ms. Kuchler while German Kuchs have a horseshoe (Kuchler colors) with a patee cross within it. Italian Patti's were first found in Messina with Quinta's and a Patti location. Kuchlers almost have the German Young/June Coat while June's / Jeune's were likely from Quintus Caepio, which explains why Quints were once said to be first found in Essex with English Youngs/Yonge's. German Kuchs share the Sleep Coat, and English Rothes' were once said to be first found in Shropshire with Sleeps, but are now both said to be first found in Kent.

Shropshire is where Needle's (think syringe) were said to be first found while Irish Pettys have a "needle." This can explain why Saluzzo's and Italian Patti's both share a blank, blue Shield. Pettys recall the Petits in the Column motto!!! La Quint Columna!

Swedish Petersons share the hexagram of Irish Patty-like Pettys (and Karens), and I trace Scottish Petersons, sharing the four lions at the corners of Pattys/Pati's, to Peter Pollock of Moray. Those four lions are in the colors of the lion heads of English Rothes'. It appears that Peter Pollock may have been named by Quinta-related Petro's who named Patti. Is Karen Kingston in the wake scene of Sleeping Beauty?

Petits share the Swedish Peterson and Graff/Graffin lion while the latter were first found in Switzerland with Sion while Petersons ("SINE" motto term) have a swan for the line of Sions/SINE's/Swans (Lanarkshire, beside Pollocks of Renfrewshire). Scottish Petersons have a Coat like that of Slows while Saluzzo-line Sallows were first found in Shrophsire, and then the English Peters, sharing the swan with Scottish Petersons, were first found in Lincolnshire with Swallows. Kings, sharing the Kingston lion, were first found in Devon with the other English Peters who share gold mascles, in the colors of the King crosslets, with Petts (Kent with Petits). The King crosses are in half the colors of the Patty/Pati / Peterson / Slow cross (Hall / Hull colors too), and while Kingston of Yorkshire is on the Hull river, English Halls (probably talbot dogs), essentially sharing the Hull Coat, were first found in Lincolnshire too, with Tailbois'. End insert]

Wikipedia's article on Thomas Randolph has his three lozenges at the top, but has added an additional Arms with what look like three cushions, or possibly wool packs.

Marjory Carrick had married a second time to the royal Bruce's of Annandale, and the Annandale Chief-saltire combination, as used by Bruce's, is in colors reversed with the Letts/Late's, first found in Gloucestershire with the Mors' in the Joyce/Joy motto, and moreover the Letts/Late's share the Tein/Tiens / Peare stars.

One can make the case that Cussons (Burgundy) have the giant, red Spike/Speck eagle although they are not on the same background color. Speccots (Devon with Spice's) use frets while Ferte's share the giant Cusson eagle. Both surnames give it blue legs possibly suggesting the Blue surname (English Gay colors) which has rooster heads in colors reversed from the giant rooster of Gays. The latter were first found in Savoy with French Masseys likely from Ferte-Mace. English Gays, because they have a Coat like the one of Rimmons, probably have the Maschi lion in Crest. Luis of Ceva was in Piedmont with the first-known Masci's.

Cussons share the giant eagle of English Constance's/Custers (no blue legs) while French Constance's have a pine tree to go with the Spike/Speck porcuPINE and the Maschi pine cones. The "APPEtitus" motto term of Constance's/Custers may be for a branch of the Appin variation of Alpins because the latter share the "fur" tree with Alis'/Alice's. The Appins/Alpins even share the blue thistle in Crest with McGoo's. While Perrins have fur cones, Peare's were kin of Appets/Abbots who might be in "APPETitus."

The Titus' suspect in that motto term have gyronny half in the colors of the same of Scottish PicARDs (Moray with Bellys) while French Picards were first found in Picardy with Cavetts/Cheve's, and with the Bailleul-En-Vimeu location of Belly-branch Bailys (and Vims/Bene's/Bains), first found in Northumberland with Perrins and Bailey-branch Baliols. As Bene's/Bains, in the "bene" motto term of Baileys, were a sept of Mackays, and because McGee's/Gee's have two swords forming a chevron, like the two daggers in a chevron of Mackays, it could be that the faces of Irish McGee's are in the colors and format of the Baliol swords for a related reason. This can be a pointer to 5G because Five's/Fifys (Aberdeenshire with Bene's/Bains) share the Bene/Bain lion.

The McGee-like McGoo's were first found in Inverness-shire with the Wreaths in the Mackay wreaths. I had read that the Geds, first found in Fife, gave their swords to the Mackays. Fife's share the Five/Fify lion. Geds even share pike fish with Luce's of Dice. The highly suspect in the "Durat" motto of Geds share the Saluzzo Coat.

Dure's were first found in Perthshire with the Colts/Celts sharing the red stag head with Pistors (Five / Fife colors) who in turn share the chevron of Quints. "Quint" means "five." Pistors were first found in Shropshire with a Rodden river, and Colters are also Alters suspect in the motto of RODDENs/Rodhams (Northumberland with Bailys). Rotens and Jewish Reitmans share the hexagram of Pfizer-like Pfisters who in turn have a Pistor-like Pister variation. Pfister-like Fists/Fausts are suspect with BonaFACE del Vasto. The three leopard faces of Irish Magee's are in the colors and format of Dutch Reitmans. The latter use an anchor, though not in the colors of the Pfiefer anchor.

Anchors were a branch of Hangers/Angers, first found in Hampshire with Geddys/Gideons whose lion in turn is in the colors of the Five / Fife lion. Mackay-like Margys/Mackeys have ravens "HANGing" from an arrow, and the raven is used also by Mea's having a Magee-like Meigh variation; both have the same boar heads to boot. A raven is in the Arms of Isle of Man, home of king Maccus, the line to Mackays ("MANu" motto term). Scottish Mans (Irish McGee colors) were first found in Aberdeenshire with Five's/Fifys and Gripp-connectable Leslie's, earls of Wreath-like Rothes.

Gideons reminds of the GET'N GO corner store I've mentioned millions of times in connection with the knee of Sleeping Beauty, in the dream with shark. She was played by Mrs. Kilpatrick, and McGee's/Gee's were first found in Dumfries with Kilpatricks. The latter had a castle on the Knee- / Needham-connectable Nith river, and Nitts/Naughts (Dumfries) even have lion heads in the colors of the giant Gethin/Gettins lion. The write-up of Scottish McGee's/Gee's traces to MacGETHE's, and Gethins/Gettins' (share Louis lion) are in the colors of the Irish McGee leopard faces. The latter were first found in Tyrone with Neils/O'Nails and Sharks while German Nagle's/Neils/Nails have a saltire in the colors of the saltire-by-fish of Kidneys/GEDneys. They are blue saltires, same as the Gettes' saltire.

The "forTUNAE" motto term of Nitts/Naughts can be partly for the Tune's/Towns because they were first found in Suffolk with Knights/Nights suspect with the namers of the Nith. There is a Geddes-family article online telling that Geds were on the Nith river (400 AD) prior to giving their swords to Mackays. The Tunnels/Tuna's, in the tunnel of spider-like Spitzers, share the Roten / Pfister hexagram, perfect because Tunnels/Tuna's were first found in Northumberland with Roddens/Rodhams and Phoenix's/Fenwicks. Knee's share the Coat of Needhams, both with a "phoenix" in Crest, and Needhams were first found in Derbyshire with Cnuts/Note's/Nutts while Nitts/Naughts are Nutts too.

It appears that Nitts and their branches can become part of the spider-chase pointers. In fact, Chase's were first found in Hampshire with the Checkers who have their Coat in the Nitt/Naught Coat. It reminds that Case's were a branch of GRIP-pointing Leslie's.

Mrs. Kilpatrick was born, Miss. Hicks, and Hicks' are said to have been at St. Ewe, and so we're back to the Constance/Custer eagle shared by Ewe's/CUISTs (Cornwall, beside Speck-branch Speccots), both suspect with the Spike's/Specks. Custs share the Kiss/CUSH Coat. Kiss'/Cush's were first found in Leicestershire with the Scottish Champagne's sharing the vair fur of Bardy-like Vardys who in turn share the moline of Ferte-like Fiers/Fears. Tune-like Tonys/Tone's (Toeni's) of Leicester are therefore suspect in the motto of Constance's/Custers. Toeni's (in write-up of Staffords) took on the name a Stafford, and the latter share the Quint chevron. Eagle legs are used by Hicksons, first found in Staffordshire.

Tonys use the maunch while Fear-branch Vere's/Vairs (share Massey quadrants) were from Manche along with Masseys. Toeni's descended along with Meschins from Malahule of More. Fears are in the motto of Peacocks, first found in Essex, where Quints were once said to be first found; they are now said to be first found in Cumberland with the first-known Vardys. Cussons were first found in Burgundy with FERRAT-branch Vairs/Fers', and with McGoo-connectable Cressents who in turn share the Neret Coat while the VARDaei were on the NERETva river. Nerets were first found in Brittany with Ferrats/Fers.

If Vardys were a branch of Bardys, this heraldic set can be a pointer to spike proteins because Bardys were first found in PERIgord with Fauchys while I trace the namers of Perigord to Imperia, where Arduinici married Doria's (Genova with Fauci's). Arduinici's were from the Ardiaei, also called, Vardaei. Bardys incorporate the Coat of Daggers/Dackers, first found in Cumberland with Vardys.

As "quint" and "quince" mean "five," let's remind that Quinta's use dice showing 666 toward the viewer, as well as five's visible on the tops of the dice. Also, three fours can be seen on the side of the dice, and while Fore's are listed with Forez's, Fauch's were first found in Forez. Fauch's share the thistle in Crest with McGoo's!!! Thistle's are in the colors and format of "Grip"-using Leslie's. Irish McGEE's are apparently a pointer to 5G now because they use leopard FACES while Face's, first found in Northamptonshire with Quince's, were a Fauci branch! Bingo, an heraldic pointer to 5G also points to Fauci.

La Quinta Columna claims graphene-oxide in vaccines. This material can become part of a vaccine pass into buildings. GRIP wants to use graphene to test people for in-body viruses, and so it can likely also test for in-body vaccine levels. At first, the goons might say that nobody is permitted into a store unless they pass the GRIP test for no in-body viruses, and then they can scale it up to no admittance unless vaccine material is detectable in the body. This can explain why they were putting graphene into vaccines...perhaps even to test whether people passing into stores were registering on secret scanning machines at the doors. I suppose they were planning to deny anyone entry into a building unless they had graphene in the body.

Luce's were from Orne while Orne's/Horns (Luce colors and format) were first found in Herefordshire with Doria-like Doors having a Scottish branch with the Irish McGee Coat on a black Shield. Herefordshire is also where Brace'/Bras' were first found, and while Fauchys have the grasshopper, English Grasse's were first found in Lincolnshire with the BRACEbridge's who in turn share the vair fur of Vardys, and the latter were of the Ardiaei Illyrians who married Doria's, first found in Genova with Fauci's and Fieschi (the latter are online). Fisks share the Vair/Fers Shield.

I think I can now decipher why it was the leg of Miss Hicks that was central at the Get'n GO and in the Sleeping-Beauty wake scene. It concerns LIG, short for "laser-induced graphene," perfect where science uses "GO" as short for graphene-oxide. I'll have a short article on LIG below. The Ligh/Legh/LEIGH surname shares the Five / Fife lion, and Hicks' are said to have been at Low LEIGhton (Essex with early Quints) while Leightons/Leytons were first found beside Lighs/Leghs/Leigh's/Leys. Again, Knee's are linkable to trumps, and Leggs almost have the Trump Coat.

On the left side of every UPC on every produce you buy, the 6 is denoted with two identical bars just like the two in the Ligh/Legh Crest upon the sleeve of the right arm. This arm comes with a hand holding a BROKEn spear while Brocks/Brocks were first found in Essex with Low Leighton. Leightons/Leytons use the dragon.

Plus, we can get to the Quince's from the "Force" motto term of Lighs/Leghs because they have leopards in the colors of the Sforza lion that itself holds a quince. Force's were first found in DORdogne, near Perigord that I in turn trace to Imperia, where DORia's lived with Arduinici. The giant Sforza lion is shared by Irish Doors and Dorals. Doria's share the eagle of Knee-connectable Tromps. See a pattern here? Leopards had married Fauci-branch Face's (same place as Quince's), from Fieschi of Genova, where Doria's were first found.

Irish Doors, by the way, were first found in Galway with Lynch's and Teague's/Teegers while Tigers were first found in Suffolk with Lings and StarLINGs/Starlincks. Elon Musk owns the Starlink satellite company and also wants brain-chip implants under the skull. Musks/Muscats were first found in Cambridgeshire with Cage's while Teague's/Teegers are also Caige's. Cage's and English Doors both look like kin of Gates' who in turn share the Door / Doral / Sforza lion. Bill Gates has become an evil lunatic for all his too-fast-too-much money.

German Teegers share the giant Stelli star, eight-pointed like the Batti/Botto stars, and Battistelli's share the chevron-with-stars of Five's/Fifys.

Hick's use a "chaplet" while Chaplets have FIVE black swans, and I've just found a "Black Swan Graphene" company in Canada while seeking information on Martinelli. At it's home page: "Our strategic shareholders include MASON Graphite Inc. at 39%, Thomas Swan & Co. Ltd. at 15%, and Nationwide Engineering at 5%. Black SWAN Graphene Inc. is currently valued at $59 million with incredible potential for growth". Masons/Massins have a "Dum spiro spero" motto so as to have Spire's/Speers in their ancestry (at the time of adopting the motto), jibing with the broken spear of Lighs/Leghs (Cheshire with Masseys/Maceys and Maceys/Mace's). Maceys/Mace's use the gauntlet, once shown for the Swan/Sion/Sine Coat.

Mugged at Werp Speed

At the mention many times of the omen fulfilled by my being mugged in Galveston, as a pointer to James LeDuc, I failed to mention the "omnia" motto term of Nitts/Naughts. That motto term has long been suspect with Omens, and it just so happens that they were first found in Sussex with Tune's/Towns who were suggested above for being in the same motto of Nitts/Naughts! This is an important addition to the mugging event.

This omen took place a couple of hours before arriving to the Baytown home of Mrs. Kilpatrick (Sleeping Beauty) whom I had not yet met. It was dark by then, and I proceeded to drive into Galveston to sleep the night in my Nissan pick-up. I was on my way to Mexico, but changed my mind after getting mugged for fear of what could happen in Mexico, a country I had not been to before. My licence plate gave me away as a foreigner.

In colors reversed, Nith-like Nissans share the double fesses of Dons (Cheshire with Gethins/Gettins') having an "omnia" motto term. I've told that several times before. Trump-connectable Downs/Douns can play here because Knee's were first found in County Down. Nissans were first found in Hamburg with shoe-using Trips while Shoe's use a "knight issuing from the knees," two Nith-river liners, apparently. Dons have two of the three fesses of German Drummonds, first found in Hamburg with Nissans.

Ness'/Nice's/Nessans share the Coat of English Martins, and Ms. Martinelli died in Mexico, making my mugging look like a pointer to her murder. Ness'/Nice's/Nessans were first found in Fife with Geds of the Nith river, and with Seaton-branch Side's (love Tigers of Suffolk). Seatons were first found in East Lothian with Fortune's, which can explain the "fortunae" motto term of Nitts/Naughts. Nice is a location near Imperia, itself a pointer to the Trump-Fauci relationship.

Repeat from above:

Beauty: the Page doves are in the colors of the Nest/Nessi/Nas doves while Ness'/Nests share the Coat of English Martins! Nests/Nessi's/Nas', in Luce colors and format, were first found in Sussex with Packs...and with Deans/Dene's to go with the "denique" motto term of Mardins! Excellent evidence for Packs being in the Martin/Martinelli Coat. I've just checked for a Mardin surname (Lancashire with "pigeon"-using Crapps) to find doves (or pigeons), how bout that. Mardins are listed with Marsdens.

The latter surname has a "victor" motto term while I've claimed that my coffee in Victoria, the day of my mugging, was an act of God for various pointers, and here I want to say not much more than: Coffee's/Coffers have a "victoria" motto term. I'm trying to show again that my mugging looks like a pointer to Martinelli's murder. I've yet to find a breakthrough for the Victor/Victory surname.

Mugg-branch Madge's share the Hicks fleur-de-lys, and, as I bought a newspaper with the coffee in Victoria, we can add that News'/Nuces' share the "chaplet" with Hicks'.

The "denique" motto term of Mardins/Marsdens caused me to load Denisons, a surname I rarely load, and whaddaya know: they share a unicorn head (different colors) in a corner with Mardins/Marsdens. BEST OF ALL: the Denison Crest shows a cloud and sun, and the omen I speak of was just a tiny cloud, not much bigger than the sun, fully covering the sun on an otherwise all-blue Texas sky. This is new territory for me, but I would not have found it had I not been following Martinelli-branch English Martins to Ness'/Nessans. This new territory appears Arranged and waiting for me to find it upon her death.

English DenNISONs have "Richard DioNYS of Yorkshire," making Dennisons look like a Dennis merger with Niss / Nissan liners. Dennisons were first found in Lancashire with Dennis', Mardins/Marsdens, and Crapps. The latter may have been a Gripp/Grape/Grabber branch, and so we may once again have a pointer to GRIP MOLEcular's graphene department, which recalls the mole hill over my septic tank a few days after the "stool pigeon" arrived to it. Crapps worked into that event, not only for crap in the septic tank, but because they use pigeons. Trump-connectable Shute's/SCHUTE's/SHITTs (likely a branch of Sewers/Shuters) had also worked into that event. Scute's/Scutts were first found in Lancashire (beside Yorkshire) with Crapps.

The Dennisons (Yorkshire) have an "ADversa" motto term while Aids'/Ade's are in Mardin/Marsden colors and format. It evokes "adverse reactions. I need to add here my story told a few times of when I drank TURPENtine on the STAIRs. My mother told me I did that as an infant. Turpens (Dorset and Yorkshire) are in Mardin/Marsden / Aids/Ade colors and format, and this story is about POISON. Karen Kingston has been poisoned, and as she worked for Pfizer, she rates as a stool pigeon.

Aids'/Ade's were first found in Northumberland with English Lease's who show a cloud over a sun, essentially the omen for the mugging event. And Scottish Lease's/Lise's, first found in Dumfries with the Nith river, have two of the Quint chevrons. The Nissan took us to the Nith.

The turpentine was on the stairs, and while Stars/Stairrs were first found in Wiltshire with Shute's/Shitts, Stairs share the English Capone Coat while Italian Capone's/Capua's (Naples) have a giant lion head in the colors of the lion heads of Turpens. The turpentine thus looks like a pointer to the line of Quintus Caepio, and thus a pointer to La Quinta Columna. Niss' (Clot colors and format) even share the Quint chevron and probably the June / Jeune fleur-de-lys. Turpens share a Graff-like white griffin in Crest with pigeon-using English Pigeons, while pigeon-using Crapps may have been a Graff / Grape/Gripp branch.

The turpentine looks like a pointer to poison graphene-oxide seeking to poison children with child vaccinations in the name of population control and money making for the medical establishments.

"TurpenTINE" can bring us the Tine's, first found in Shropshire with Dol's Alans and Plows, and then English Dole's (Cambridgeshire with Capone's and Crabs) share the fleur-de-lys of Crapp-like Crabs and Plows. Krebbs' were first found in Pomerania with the House of Griffin, and German Crabbs/Krabbes' were first found in Hamburg with Nissans. The Turpen bend is in the colors of the two Crabbs/Krabbes' bends.

Back to Dennisons with the sun-cloud combination. The Dennison write-up has: "Some [Dennisons] were found at the chapelry of SPEETon in the East Riding of Yorkshire." This brought "warp SPEED" to mind, and loading Speets/Spate's (Yorkshire with Dennisons), they were found with a dove/pigeon in Crest, but also they are in the colors of pigeon-using Crapps and pigeon-using Pigeons.

Out of the Dennison cloud there appears to be a cuffed sleeve with hand pointing to the sun, and a hand pointing to the sun is a symbol of Bradys and Babe's (Suffolk with Spede's/Speeds), two surnames descended from Gates and Drummond elements out of Podebrady. Crabbs/Krabbes' were first found in Hamburg with German Drummonds.

English Spede's/Speeds use what look like swallows, and maybe a dove in Crest, but the swallows make sense because Dol-connectable and swallow-using Arundels were named from an Arun location while Jewish Arens/Aarons have hands (no arms or sleeves) coming from clouds. We are on it.

The Cuffs and Coughs use sleeved arms as well as the bend of German Spede's. The latter's Coat is exactly the English Hoff Coat. Irish Cuffs are also Coffee-like Cuffeys, how absolutely amazing as per the coffee and NEWSpaper in Victoria on the day of the mugging (the day after the omen). There are two white bends on the sleeve of English Cuffs, the colors of the two bends of Crabbs'/Krabbes', and then Crabs were first found in Cambridgeshire with News'/Nuce's.

As the Speet dove is blue, it looks like a blue jay, but I stand corrected: the Davers do not use a jay (as I've been saying for years), but rather it's the same blue dove/pigeon as Speets. The jay design at houseofnames is different, as one can see with Poitvins. The blue dove is also with French Brocs.

There's no Warp surname coming up, but Werps have a giant arrow / spear head that's used for the tip of the spears of Pasi's/Pascels, and then English Brocks were first found in Essex with Passe's/Pascals. In this picture, especially with the pheon arrow heads of Speets/Spade's, warp-speed poison is linkable to the Martinelli wool packs. English Poussins have the Coat of neighboring Pasleys in colors reversed while Pasleys were a Pack branch.

I thought I was finished the section above at about dinner time Saturday. But at 10pm, I started to watch, again, La Quinta Columna's video on Martinelli's death. Upon cracking open a new jar of roasted almonds, I heard the lady say, at 6:34: "the sun cannot be covered with a finger". That struck me because the cloud that covered the sun in Texas was longer laterally than it was vertically, like a finger. And then I remembered this speaker's surname, Rauber, and loading it to check for any link of its symbols to the Galveston mugging, it was found listed with Smoke's/Rauch's!!!! This is the very surname I claimed that God pointed me too on the day of the mugging, when the Nissan developed black smoke out the tailpipe.

That night, I stayed the night in a motel in Crystal City, and there were constant and loud noises (no buzzing) behind the loose wallpaper that could only have been cockroaches. Many years later, I loaded the Roach's for that reason to became familiar with them, and at about that time I also checked for a Smoke surname as per the smoke out the tailpipe. That's when I found Smoke's (Bavaria with German Rothes'/Rothchilds) listed with Roach-like Rauch's, and sharing the sinister-rising bend of Jewish Rothchilds (not "RothSchild").

Apparently, God gave the cloud-over-sun omen foreseeing Ms. Raubers finger-over-sun comment, so that when you and I heard the comment in this video, we might know that God gave the omen in Texas. There is not one Rauber-like variation in the visible list of variations, yet houseofnames put the Raubers in its data bank with this Smoke/Rauch/Rauker surname...otherwise the page would not load. What are the chances? If you load "Raubber," the Rauch's will not load. You need to load "Rauber." Her name shows at 5:46. The mugger was a ROBBER.

The COCKroach's were in CRYSTAL City, near the Mexican border. Crystals first of all have the Mens' in their motto who are in the motto of PIPE-branch Pepins. Black smoke out the tailPIPE continued Sunday morning when leaving that location, but vanished soon after. I remember that it was a Sunday. Had God not provided that temporary engine trouble, the mugger would have taken off with the truck and the contents, including my wallet, but the truck would not start for him, though it did for me (third turning of the spare key) after he fled with the keys (after midnight).

Crystals share the thistle (different colors) with Fauch's, and the "calvary" symbol of Crystals is in Fauch-thistle colors. Fauci's were first found in Genova with Fisk-like Fieschi and the latter's Grimaldi partners (they ran the city together, see Fieschi at Wikipedia). The Fisks happen to share the Coat of Argentina's, and Grimaldi's share the COCK Shield. COCKroaches. I checked Argentina's because Ms. Rauber is from that country, the country where my mother's brother, Mr. Grimaldi, migrated.

However, curiously, Argentina's are listed with Armeni's/Armano's, perhaps a branch of Armens/Armenius' because they were first found in Bavaria with Rothschild liners, and because they share the rose of Jewish Rothchilds. Armys/Ermine's/Armine's almost have the Coat of Annandale's while the latter's Crest shares the gold griffin in the Armen/Armenius Crest. It works because Annandale's have a "SpeRABO" motto while Rabbs (giant raven) share the Rothes/Rothchild Coat! It therefore seems as though God arranged for the Argentina surname to be listed unexpectedly with Armen liners. I didn't know until after the last sentence was written that Rabbs show a Rauber-like Raaber variation!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! INCREDIBLE.

Rauker-like Rockers are listed with English Rocks, and Roach's show a rock as well as the Rook raven. Rookbys were first found in Yorkshire with Crystals.

I'm going to propose that the Armen/Armenius Coat has the Marble griffin because my miracle-marble shot, which I mention often, was directly across the street from Skye Court (Toronto) while McLeods/CLOUDs were on Skye with the Rimmons/Crimmons, PIPERs of the McLeods. RIMMONs/Crimmons are suspect with the lion of Maschi's because the latter were first found in RIMINi, and so the Chief of Armys/Ermine's/Armine's (Lincolnshire with Muscels) must be the Maschi Chief on the Annandale Coat...which can explain why Kilpatricks (Dumfries with Annandale) share the Masci fleur-de-lys.

The amazing thing now is that Martinelli's, incorporating the Masci / Kilpatrick Chief, were first found in Brescia, and I trace the lion in the Arms of Brescia to the same-colored one of English Bruce's while Scottish Bruces lived in Annandale!!! I trace Bruce's to "Abruzzo," the province of my mother's home until her 20s. The Rome's/Rims/Rums, from Annandale, have both a "pungit and "placit" motto term, and while Pungs/Pings/Pongs/Pagans (Yorkshire with Bruce's) share the red label of Martinelli's, Place's are from Placentia, otherwise known as Piacenza, almost "Picenze," the latter being the village where my mother lived until her 20s.

My mother is a Masci on her mother's side. In fact, once or twice in my life, a Miss Masci visited by mother from Argentina with Mr. Grimaldi from Argentina. I've met them both. Miss Masci from Argentina is the sister of the Miss Masci in whose house I spent the summer, in Italy, with my mother, at age 10 and into 11. The miracle-marble shot was at that very age, in warm weather, and so it could have been soon after I returned from Italy.

We kids called our marbles, alleys, and it just so happens that Alleys were first found in Worcestershire with Rocks/Rockers and Rooks! I therefore assume that the miracle-marble shot, which was secured by a literal prayer to God, is something good for us in regards to Martinelli's death. It appears that God is trying to convey to us His victory over the graphene monster that has been set loose on the world.

The miracle marble shot (game of potsies) was on a lawn, and Lawns are also Lane's while Italian Lane's were first found in Brescia with Martinelli's! Both Lawn/Lane surnames share the Robert lion, and the royal Bruce's out of Annandale started with king ROBERT Bruce I. The latter was descended from Marjory Carrick, and Carricks share "Garde" with English Lawns/Lane's to assure that their lion is of the Robert Bruce's.

The Roberts (Burgundy) with the Lawn/Lane lion share the Quint Chief!!!!! Can we believe it? Roberts even look like "Rauber." Ms. Rauber is a Christian, by the way.

Just saw that the speaker immediately after Ms. Rauber is Ms. RUCK! Raubers are listed with Raukers!!! Rucks/Ruckers (Rasmussen and Smoke/Rauck/Rauker colors!!!), first found in Hesse with Pipe- and Rothchild-connectable Rasmussens, share the Wies/Wieser Crest, and that's a branch of Weis'/Wise's (Bavaria again). English Wise's were first found in Devon with Rock-related Rods. Robbers share the Hesse sun, and my omen concerning the robbery attempt a few hours later, involved a sun behind the finger-cloud of God.

I had looked up Cosmo's because the only person whose name I remember on Skye Cort was Cosmo. I had nothing to say about Cosmo's...until Italian Delgado's were loaded to see that they have the same symbol (a lily, I think, in different colors) as Cosmo's. Mr. Delgado is in the video immediately after Ms. Ruck. He's the director of La Quinta Columna.

Italian Delgado's were first found in Messina, and so I checked above to see what other surname was first found in Messina, which I had forgotten? It turned out to be the Quinta surname!!!!!!!

Messina's with Masci's and RasMUSSENs all have a bend rising in the rare heraldic direction, toward the left side of the Shield (viewer's right). Smoke's/Rauch's/Raubers and Jewish Rothchilds do too. The Rothchild horse, in the colors of the Rasmussen unicorn, faces left, as does the top griffin of Armens/Armenius', that being the Marble griffin. Marble's were first found in Cheshire with horse-using Masseys.

There was a mythical Mucius, who represented the Roman MUCIANus', who had a right-hand symbol (for which the 666 may be in honor), but when he burned his right hand off, we gather that he then had a left-hand symbol that entered heraldry with Mucianus descendants. I would therefore trace Mucianus' to the Maezaei Illyrians. The Rasmussen-branch English Assmans share the Massey fleur-de-lys, and perhaps the Carrick dog.

As Ras' are listed with Scottish Rose's while English Assmans have a Coat like the Lorraine Coat, Rasmussens must have been Varangian-Rus liners merged with Masseys.

OHHHH ZIKERS. I've never let Assman variations sink in, probably because I rarely load them. They show Osmans and OSMUNDs while OMENs show OSMUNDerlys!!!

The Marble write-up suggests that Agatha Christie knew some heraldry, for we find this in the Marble write-up: "Interestingly, one of the theories of the origin of Agatha Christie's fictional character Miss Marple was that it was taken the name from a family named Marple, who lived at Marple Hall near her sister Madge's home at Abney Hall." Madge's were first found in Surrey with Muggs/Mudge's, and the mugger can point to this family, which, if correct, then the miracle-marble shot does apply to the mugger and therefore to "La Quinta Columna."

The write-up tells that the manor of Marple was owned by Robert of STOCKport, and Stocks are listed with Stokes' while the second speaker in the Martinelli video is the fiery Dr. Wilfredo Stokes. If you think that's something, note too that Stocks/Stokes' were first found in Pembrokeshire with English Martins. Stocks/Stokes' have a "FORTis" motto term while English Forts share the castle of French Martins. If the Stock/Stokes Crest has a dove, note that Dove's (Stock/Stokes' colors) share the dancetty-fesse of Osmunds. It's like this video has eyes to see my mugging-related experiences.

I bought the newspaper in Victoria because I wanted not to go to Mexico anymore, and decided to see if I could afford raw land in southern Texas. I bought a place there seven months later, directly on the NUECES river, with a pecan-tree forest at the edge of the river. The News' are also Nuces'. /Nueces" word means "nuts" in Spanish...which makes me now realize why I popped open a brand new jar of almond nuts while watching Ms. Rauber. I paused the video, went to get the nuts, then re-started the video.

While on my Texas property in roughly 2005, Santiago, a reader of the post-trib book (updates were not yet started at the time), called me from Spain. He lives there. He might still be reading because, whenever I check the tracker every few-to-many months, someone from Spain (usually one person, sometimes two) is loading the updates. Santiago, if you are reading, wow, this is some of the best heraldry I've ever stumbled into. Maybe you should contact La Quinta Columna (it's in Spain). Do you own an electron microscope?

Why might Santiago's use FIVE scallops? They are also the three scallops of Sodans/Sowdens, and then Irish Pattersons/Cassane's, from Sodhans, have these scallops in colors reversed. It was emailer-Patterson who is a Martin on one side, who had the dream of a blue lion named "something like Cappeo" (she saw the spelling of the lion's name but wasn't sure of the spelling after she awoke). It looks like the line of Quintus Caepio, perhaps to Brescia because the Arms of Brescia has a blue lion, and because Martinelli's were first found in Brescia.

Repeat from an insert above while on the SUN-using Joanne's/Joans: "A blue lion is in the Coat of English Jeans/Jane's. Emailer-Patterson, a Martin on one side, told me of her dream having a blue lion with a Caepio-like name that she saw with it. QUINTus Caepio comes to mind." Can't the Joanne/Joan sun be the sun in the omen?

Santiago's also use staves (staffs) while Staffs/Staffords share the Quint chevron. Amazing, for it tends to explain why there are five scallops. I trace "scallop" to mythical Scylla in Messina, code for Sicilians. Quinta's were first found in Messina! Beauty. It appears that God inspired Santiago to call me in Texas. My delving into heraldry and mythology (totally unexpected) began at roughly that time, seeking the roots of the dragon bloodlines of Biblical prophecy.

More staves are with Grimaldi-connectable Pilgrims. Grimaldi's of Monaco have a purple throne. Why that color? Purple-lion Fole's/Follys were first found in Northamptonshire with Quince's, and beside the Hawks of Hampshire who use purple "pilgrim's staves". Hake's/Hake's (share fish in Luce- and Roach-fish colors) were first found in Norfolk with Pilgrims and Luce's of Dice! Quinta's use dice!!! Santiago from Spain is definitely pointing to La Quinta Columna and/or Martinelli!

The Strike's in the Hawk motto even share the Five / Fife / Ligh lion, and the Five-branch Vivians even share the purple lion with Luce-like Lace's. I'm impressed, but it's after 1 am, time to say, good night.

Ernest Luque's linkedin page does not say he once worked with the FBI, but that he's now working for the FBI:

Ernest Luque is a former Military and Law Enforcement agent. He has worked with the Department of Defense (DOD), Homeland Security Federal Air Marshalls department (FAM) and the Department of the Navy (Camp Pendleton) throughout his career (1987-Present).

He is currently contracted with the Department of Justice California (DOJCA) and the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) for background screening.

Something does not sit right where Ms. Kingston hired this man to protect her. Did he worm his way into her affairs?

google is not bringing anything up on Geovanna Martinelli aside from claims of her death by Quinta Columna. This wouldn't be a trick, would it?

The following abstract, after telling that graphene-oxide is a good absorber of proteins, adds: "Our findings indicate the importance of evaluating the potential protein adsorption before making use of GO/rGO in drug delivery [into human bodies], because the changed physicochemical properties after protein adsorption will have significant impacts on safety and effectiveness of these delivery systems. On the other hand, this interaction can also be used for the separation, purification, or delivery of certain proteins." It's exactly the thing not to inject into human bodies.

The abstract below is for graphene to be carried by the person, the future extension of which is plugging it under the skin or under the scalp:

Laser-induced graphene (LIG) has gained considerable attention recently due to its unique properties and potential applications. In this study, we investigated using LIG in polyimide (PI) as a material for antenna applications...Finally, a patch antenna from LIG with 2.45 GHz microwaves was simulated, produced and tested. These findings suggest that LIG--PI composites have great potential for use in high-frequency electronic devices and can provide a new avenue for the development of flexible and wearable electronics.


Below is evidence, perhaps irrefutable, that Britain is gearing up to enforce mandatory vaccines, an expectation if the mark of the beast is a vaccine door pass. The reason that Australia and Israel were the most-diabolical in their vaccine program is that they are in bed with British anti-Christs. The Democrat party in the United States has for many decades been an arm of the anti-American British. The British are preparing to become the new globular-shaped lunatics under king Charles, with a heavy-handed, population-control card up the sleeve, to be played just as soon as it can remedy / heal its globular-shaped media empire, which took a beating under the vaccine pilot-program to date. It wouldn't be wise for the king to decree anything mandatory, when unwanted by the majority, with a media in poverty due to viewership abandonment.

We are very lucky that the media has taken a beating. It's evident because media gargoyles have started to admit that the conspiracy theorists were right all along, not because the gargoyles love the truth, but because they are loosing money with every passing month in which they hold to the false line of the globalur lunatics. I congratulate all the little media, armies of little ants, who made the big media dragons capitulate to a fair degree. Well done, little ones, well done. Thousands of little pricks have deflated their balloons, and the climate has indeed changed against them. There are so many mouths speaking against them simultaneously that a mean wind blows, scattering them; they can't work in conjunction as well as they used to because their new policy has become: every man for himself.

In modern times in which the "illuminated" ones wish to topple nations without a bullet fired, a king without a media empire is a king without an army. It took them decades to come to control the media, and in two years alone they wrecked their media empire by demanding its bosses to be utter fools in the sight of all their viewers. The most gratifying of all things, in this regard, is that the anchors didn't realize they were looking like murderous fools as they continually worshiped the vaccine syringe. It's going to be hard for the king to regain their trust.

We eagerly await the media to push a climate-change scheme on behalf of the globular lunatics so that they can nose-dive even more, together, than they have to this point. Get ready, ants, sharpen your fangs and oil your tongues. The problem is that, if the ants defeat the media gargoyles yet again, the British dragons will revisit their policy of trying to take the nations without bullets. This dream is their burst balloon. Had they been truly illuminated, they would have realized from the start that such a program is merely a vulnerable balloon. They congratulated themselves for "owning" the media by lavishing them with money, but when it was time for the war to begin, the weaponry of the media turned out to be merely the lie. That's like a cardboard spear. Illuminated ones they are not.

They frame their political opposition as fringe when in reality they are the freak show as they try to pass off climate change. If this is all they have as their next weapon of choice, we should laugh them down. At least one can throw a cardboard spear, but climate change cannot even be grasped in order to make it fly. It's more like a piece of dung dropped out of their arses, and this is what they are now asking the media bosses to embrace. Have fun, stupids.

The more we laugh, the more they want to shoot us, be assured. The reason they don't want to use guns is that it will rebound with bullets against them, but if their choice is use of guns against anti-globalists versus watching decades of patient infiltration into many government institutions go backward, into the clutches of the ants... The only good news is: if they use guns, it's because they are desperate, and they can lose to boot.

More good news is that, whenever they make a for-the-people declaration from a political pulpit now, more than half the world thinks they are up to no-good. Half the world against them is their major defeat, unless you think a lame duck at the charge of a global government is anything but a shooting gallery. If even more than half of Germans and Brits oppose them today, then far more than half the world opposes them. Who is the cockadoodle-doo who'll flash tyrannical, world-encompassing powers over non-Western nations? That's called a dead man walking. Ask the anti-Christ.

At this point in time, the globalists seem to be using WHO as their Trojan horse to upset and overturn the city of ants. WHO wants to force global submission to a global ticket program, but this is not the kind of ticket that we buy like when we choose to go see something entertaining. This is a ticket shoved down our throats, and unless we say, "mm, tastes good," there will be a bash to the backside of the head too. WHO is desirous of testing the tyrannical water. John Campbell explains this week:

Yawn. WHO wants a clean-cut tracking system, but only in its dreams. You can clearly see in the video that WHO's boss is just an EU stooge, but if even half of all Europeans want to slice the EU snake in half, hows the WHO's "certification" system going to be happily received globally? Surely, the EU dragons know it's not going to be accepted, and so they must be ready to tackle the rebels in some way we do not yet know.

The way in which dragons secure their stooges is to make them "leaders." The stooges don't realize they are being followers when the dragons make them "leaders." The dragons stroke their egos only insofar as they do the bidding of the dragons, and so these stooges must be too stupidified (ask trudeau about that) to admit to self that they are being used as followers. What kind of attack will they provide against us? Like I said, a paper spear. The dragons will opt to begin killing rebels when the paper weapons crumble, but this should prove to be the fast and painful demise of the dragons.

We can now realize that the COVID scheme always had the goal of tracking people across borders so that the dragons can find their enemies even when they flee a country. The war is being waged by such a vast minority of people that they MUST be able to track the generals in the ant camp if they want any hope of winning the war. Plus, if they can kill / maim an enemy by activating their in-body graphene with their own cell phones, bonanza.

Senator Ron Johnson is now saying that the pandemic was a plandemic as part of a long-range plot to control the masses, but he stops way short of Ms. Kingston's claims that there's a deadly side to the plot:

There is a pan-European "European People's Party" disguised by its name as a for-the-people party but pro-EU. The leader of this party has a Weber surname:

If you would like some details on an in-process court case against the FDA against its seeking to control doctors during the "pandemic". This case forced the FDA to admit that it has no authority to command doctors to do, or not to do, anything. We'll need to remember that in the next pandemic. In the meantime, the FDA is responsible for many deaths and irreversible illnesses by its part in blocking doctors from providing Ivermectin and other wrongly-tarnished drugs: Here's a Christian video that maybe you can relate to, with a person having grave doubts in the authenticity of the New-Testament writers:


Here's all four Gospels wrapped into one story.

For Some Prophetic Proof for Jesus as the Predicted Son of God.
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Pre-Tribulation Preparation for a Post-Tribulation Rapture