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August 15 - 21, 2023

What's to Kick About in a Grilled Cheese?
Chicken Plyers: A New Dream

It was nice while it lasted. Hall of Names is no longer showing the descriptions of the Coats of Arms presented at House of Names, but I have many of them recorded in my memory, and in past updates from which to find some.

(To follow better, load Kuchs now to load and view other surnames on another Internet tab.)

The day after the last update was uploaded to the Internet, the following insert was added to upon saying: "It appears that God provided the bat and horseshoe combination at Moray for a pointer to James LeDuc":

[Insert August 15 -- Karen Kingston says her mother is Ms. Kuchler while German Kuchs have a horseshoe (Kuchler colors) with a patee cross within it. Italian Patti's were first found in Messina with Quinta's and a Patti location. Kuchlers almost have the German Young/June Coat while June's / Jeune's were likely from Quintus Caepio, which explains why Quints were once said to be first found in Essex with English Youngs/Yonge's. German Kuchs share the Sleep Coat, and English Rothes' were once said to be first found in Shropshire with Sleeps, but are now both said to be first found in Kent.

Shropshire is where Needle's (think syringe) were said to be first found while Irish Pettys have a "needle." This can explain why Saluzzo's and Italian Patti's both share a blank, blue Shield. Pettys recall the Petits in the Column motto!!! La Quint Columna!

Swedish Petersons share the hexagram of Irish Patty-like Pettys (and Karens), and I trace Scottish Petersons, sharing the four lions at the corners of Pattys/Pati's, to Peter Pollock of Moray. Those four lions are in the colors of the lion heads of English Rothes'. It appears that Peter Pollock may have been named by Quinta-related Petro's who named Patti. Is Karen Kingston in the wake scene of Sleeping Beauty?

Petits share the Swedish Peterson and Graff/Graffin lion while the latter were first found in Switzerland with Sion while Petersons ("SINE" motto term) have a swan for the line of Sions/SINE's/Swans (Lanarkshire, beside Pollocks of Renfrewshire). Scottish Petersons have a Coat like that of Slows while Saluzzo-line Sallows were first found in Shropshire, and then the English Peters, sharing the swan with Scottish Petersons, were first found in Lincolnshire with Swallows. Kings, sharing the Kingston lion, were first found in Devon with the other English Peters who share gold mascles, in the colors of the King crosslets, with Petts (Kent with Petits). The King crosses are in half the colors of the Patty/Pati / Peterson / Slow cross (Hall / Hull colors too), and while Kingston of Yorkshire is on the Hull river, English Halls (probably talbot dogs), essentially sharing the Hull Coat, were first found in Lincolnshire too, with Tailbois'. End insert]

The idea that Karen Kingston might be in Sleeping Beauty's wake scene comes from her mother's Kuchler surname. I can't think of more than two surnames with the Sleep Coat (show only two fesses), aside from Kuchs, even though Sleeps are so important to me that I would tend to keep track of surnames sharing their Coat. I would keep track much better if any surnames sharing the Sleep Coat were meaningful enough to deserve emphasis / repetition. Kuchs might just rate now that I know Karen's mother's surname.

Kuchs remind of a recent dream I've shared a few times where I was KICKing at a RAVEN desirous of landing on a STOVE burner. Peters and German Rothes' both have the raven, and Stove's/Stevensons (Stein branch) share the Chief of Douglas', first found in Moray with Peter Pollock's castle at Rothes. While Stove's/Stevensons share the Stain Crest, Steins were first found in Norfolk with Drops/Trope's (German Stein colors) while Troops were first found in Banffshire opposite the Spey river from Rothes. Dutch Steins have the eight-pointed star colors reversed from the same of Rodham-branch Rothschilds/RoddenSTEINs; the latter were first found in Speyer while Rothes is in the Spey river separating Banffshire from Moray.

The other Stevensons, both first found in Northumberland with Roddens/Rodhams, share the latter's bend, and these other Stevensons look like kin of Barnstaple's, especially as Staple's share the motto of raven-using Peters, first found in Devon with Barnstaple...and with Stone's in case the latter were named after "Petro." Stains are also Stans while Stanleys have mention of their possible branch, STONElys. It just so happens that Stanleys, in Kichs / Leslie colors and format, were first found in Cambridgeshire with Kichs!!! That's at least part of the reason I was kicking at the raven.

The line of Peter Pollock married Leslie's, explaining why the latter became earls of Rothes, and Kicks/Kecks are in Leslie colors and format. Therefore, the dream with crow or raven at the stove burner was by Design.

The stove burner can be a pointer to Burns / Bernice's/Burnes' because both were first found in Cumberland with Bruno-branch Browns and Quints while English and German Peters share the bend of Bruno's, first found in Florence with Capote's/Capone's who in turn have a giant mule head in the colors of the giant goat of German Steins while Mule's were first found in Devon with raven-using Peters, and with the Cheevers/Cheves' sharing the upright, white goat with Kepke's/Kopke's, but in both colors of the Stein goat. Kepke's were important on the last update.

The Mule's are important because they almost have the Wake Coat.

By the way, nobody ever saw anyone use as much KETCHup on grilled-cheese sandwich as Kepke did (he had me doing it too), and now I think I know why, not just for linkage to Kich/Ketch liners, but because Cheese's share the giant lion of Graffs!!! Kepke pointed to graphene-oxide (last update) because he chased me with a spider at the residence of Karen Graff (she was present at the chase), and because Graffs have a graphene-like Graffin variation. Cheese's are said to be first found in Norfolk and Shropshire, and Norfolk with where Catch's/Ketchers were first found, very linkable to Kichs/Ketch's.

It's simply amazing that Cheese's could be a Chase variation. Kepke chased me with a spider dangling on a web, embarrassing me in front of Karen Graff (14 years old) my friend (he had not met her before). Now I know why I took notice, decades ago, at how Kepke lavished his every bite of a grilled-cheese sandwich with ketchup.

John Kerry married the Heinz-ketchup family, and Kerrys share the bee with the Leafs/Leave's (Norfolk with Cheese's and Case's) suspect in the Kich/Ketch Coat!!! Alans of Shropshire tell of their branch at Mileham (Norfolk with Leslie-related CASE's), and Milehams use GRIFFINs! Bingo, for the Mile's (Hampshire with CHASE's), having a border colors reversed from the Kepke/Kopke and Kupe/Koops border, share the moline cross of Kupe's/Koops while Moline's (Devon with Mule's) share the goat of Weiss', first found in Saxony with Kepke's/Kopke's.

The Mile-like Mule's are important because they almost have the Wake Coat. The Mile border is in the colors of the border of Ware's (Devon with Peters and Mule's) who in turn not only share the Chase lion, but the scallops of raven-using Peters (Devon). It's all connecting Mr. Kepke to the kick-raven event.

One of my most-meaningful heraldic sets came in the ballpark of the mention of Marble's in the last update, and here it can be added that the Marble griffin is in the colors of the Mileham griffin heads. The heraldic set pointed undeniably, from my being mugged on my way to Mexico, to Giovanna Martinelli's murder. Martinelli's share the Kepke/Kopke goat, and she was working for La Quinta COLUMNa when murdered, which is why I was excited when bumping into the Column-related Petits above. La Quinta Columna is deeply investigating graphene-oxide in vaccines.

As Mr. Kepke pointed to graphene-oxide, the very thing that Karen Kingston warns about that has her life threatened at this time, we need to add that Kepke's/Kopke's are in Young/June colors and format while Kuchlers are the ones with the German Young/June Coat in half its colors. Mr. Kepke's neighbor, in all the time that I knew him, was Rick Young. Ricks (Hampshire) were related to Keep-related Lorraine's, and Keeps point to the spider-on-web chase because they have a "weaver's shuttle" while German Weavers are also Webbers (Saxony with Kepke's/Kopke's).

June's / Jeune's were likely from Quintus Caepio, which explains why Quints were once said to be first found in Essex with English Youngs/Yonge's.

The Cheese lion is also the one of Swedish Petersons who in turn have the Karen hexagrams. We have KAREN Graff and KAREN Kingston while both Graffs/Graffins and Kingstons use giant, gold lions. And STOVers/Staufers, with the same hexagram, were first found in Switzerland with Graffs/Graffins. I see an 800-pound Grill in the room. Grills are said to have obtained, by marriage, an estate in POLKinHORNE while Scottish Pollocks (hunting HORN) are Polks too, and so the Grill bend could be the one of Jewish Pollocks whose saltire could be (for reasons) of the Rising/Rison cross. Rhizon is beside the Shark-line Saraca's of Kotor.

Kotor is near KOPLik on the Clausula river, and I've shown how Glass / Class liners trace to "Clausula." Kopple's, first found in Nuremberg with KEIPs, have a giant rooster in the colors of the Hann/Hahn rooster, and in the colors of the roster heads of Lands/Landens/Landers, the latter first found in Switzerland with Graffs/Graffins. French Landrys, in the colors of the Land/Landen/Lander rooster heads, were first found in Keep-related Lorraine. I trace Kopple's to "Goplo" in Poland.

Lands were looked up because the crow tried repeatedly to land on the stove burner, which is why I was kicking toward it (not violently) when it tried to land. There was nothing more to this dream. I was kicking at it with my foot while it was flying, and Landrys are not only in Foot / Fothes'/Fette colors and format, but have the Fly martlets in colors reversed while Flys share the fleur-de-lys of Keep-connectable Webbers. The latter even have the bend-with-fleur of Pepins in colors reversed while Lands/Landens/Landers are likely from Pepin of Landen (his wife was from Lorraine).

This dream appears first in the 4th update of November, 2021:

I had a dream this Wednesday morning...I was watching a crow land on my STOVE BURNER(s). When one was really hot, I was kicking this crow off the burner (to save it) with my foot, but it refused to fly off, intent on coming back to STAND on the burner, and that's when I awoke kicking a Mason jar in the bed. This time of year, I put two jars of hot water in bed with me because I don't heat the bedroom...

Burns (share black hunting horn with Bernice's) happen to share the chevron of Stove's/Stevensons (Northumberland, beside Burns and Bernice's), and the two surnames have fleur-de-lys in colors reversed from one another to boot.

Stands/Stains share the Stove/Stevenson Crest, and Lorraine, my date in my mid-20's, even had a stain symbol. She had pointed very hard to Pepin of Landen by other means. The double fesses of Stands'/Stains are shared by Flags/Flecks while Flys are said to have been at a Flagi location. Flags/Flecks were first found in Norfolk with Crows who in turn share the camel head in Crest with Pepins (and Pattersons/Cussane's).

Either Stans/Stains and Stove's/Stevensons probably use a garland because German Stevens share the Garland Coat, yet either one could have been called a chaplet because Chaplets, first found in Lorraine with same-colored Landrys, have five swans in the colors of the giant swan once shown for French Josephs. The latter now show the Landry martlet instead.

Swans are used by Readys in the Burn motto ("Be ready") while Reds/Reeds were first found in Northumberland with Stove's/Stevensons. I awoke kicking the Mason jar just as I was kicking the crow, and Jarre-branch Jardins and Gardens were first found in Angus with Readys. Jarre's were first found in Dol, and Jarre-branch English Jarrets (Shropshire with Dol's Alans) can therefore be using the Peterson / Rothes / Patty/Pati lion. Irish Jarrats/Garrets may be sharing the Weaver fesse because both surnames have a "fidelis" motto term. Jardins share the saltire of English Garrets.

The stove burner was hot, and Hotts (share eagle of Scottish Reeds) can play into this where they share the Jarrat/Garret fesse, and because Hotts were first found in D'Oust while an Oust river is near Dol and MOTTE-Henry (see Henry write-up). English Jardins were first found in Lincolnshire with Swallows. Sallows were first found in Shropshire with Jarrets while Slows share the cross of Petersons and Patty's/Pati's, and Slows even share the crescent of MOTTs (Essex with Peter-branch Sempers in the Jarrat/Garret motto). While Burns and Bernice's/Burnes' were first found in Cumberland with Saracens, Sarasins were first found in Brittany too. Sharks were first found in Tyrone with Irish Henrys, and French Henrys (Brittany) share the martlets of French Alans.

[Insert -- Slows share the cross of new-to-me-now English Bullers while the Says (bull head), first found in Shropshire, have a Mr. Say, tenant of Mr. Buller. A Theodoric de Say is said to have been "a cadet of the Barons of Clun," and Cluns/Clone's share the Saluzzo Coat, as well as sharing the black wolf with Cliff-connectable SALfords while Cliffs were at Mortone-Say in Shropshire (beside SALE's). I had read that the FitzAlans who married Alice of Saluzzo were living in Clun of Shropshire.

Sale's/Sales' share the fleur-de-lys of VYCHans/Vaughns (Shropshire) while this update later discovers the Alan-connectable, bull-using Vacca's, first found in Saluzzo. Saluzzo was likely named by the Salyes Ligures once on the DURANCE river that I trace to the TURANo river of Sabina, flowing parallel with the Salto to explain the Sallett variation of Sales'. The Sabina's are listed with French Savards while English Savards are listed with Salfords while old Salford of Lancashire is where RatCLIFFs were first found while Rat-like Rieti/Rheat is at the Salto river.

Vacca-like Bachs/Backs share a giant bull (different colors) with Vacca's, and while Bachs/Backs call theirs a "steer", Steers were first found in Surrey with SALEmans. Plus, while entering "Sabina" (at houseofnames) once loaded Saffins (it no longer loads them), obviously from the Safini of Sabina, they were first found in Somerset with English Backs who happen to share the eagles of English Bullers, now explaining why Bulls/Bule's were first found in Somerset too. Welsh Bachs/Baghs share the vaired fesse of Saffers, kin of Somerset's Savers/Severs.

Bullers share the motto of Drake's (Hampshire with Flys) who in turn translate their "muscas" motto term as "fly."

This insert belongs here because the Vacca bull is shared by French Packs. The Bachs/Bachs got suspect from their calf alone, which they once showed, from the HYKSos king, APACHnas, and so to better fulfill that trace, the Back-Pack relationship here is very welcome here. The Alan-connectable HICKS' are said to have had a branch in Low Leighton while Leightons (Shropshire with Says) share the Say quadrants. Low Leighton is in Essex, and Essex is where Sarah's/SAYers were first found. The Leigh's (Cheshire with Sales'/Salletts and Balas-like Balls) are also Lighs and thus suspect from the Salyes Ligures. Hicksons show only eagle legs. Hyksos liners are suspect to the end-time 666.

I've argued in the past that the Seleucids, the runners-up to the end-time anti-Christ, named Saluzzo's out of Sulcis in Sardinia, tending to identify Seleucids as Salyes ancestors. I emphasized Alexander Balas, a Seleucid king who merged with Maccabees, tracing his surname to BULLis in Epirus, near Aulon, where I trace Alans. Therefore, Bullis / Balas elements can be to the Bullers in the Say write-up.

Sulcis of SARDinia is at Sant'ANTIOCO to assure that Sulcis is named from king Seleucus, for his heir was ANTIOCHus. Shirts/SHARDs (Cheshire with Sales'/Sallets and Balls) share the red roundels of Bullis, and Rundels/Roundels were of the Alan-related Arundels who married Alice of Saluzzo. French Balls were first found in Brittany with Sarah-like Sarasins while the other Saracens/Sarasins share the black wolf in Crest with Cluns. More black wolves are with Cliff-connectable Savards/Salfords while Cliffs of Mortone-Say have black wolf heads. What don't we understand about all of this? German Bullers even share the star of Billiards and Bailys while Bullis' are listed with Bulliards. Billiards are also Billets while English Billets share the Coat of Bellows (Cheshire with Balls). Sallows look like Belli kin. It appears that the runners-up to the anti-Christ were in Shropshire with Alans and Meschins.

German Bullis'/Bullings use either a plow or blade, I can't recall which. Plows were first found in Shropshire with Slow-like Sallows, and Plow-like Pillows/Pilotte's were first found in Lincolnshire with Swallows. Plows (share Dole fleur) thus become suspect from Pontius Pilate. I'm half-sure that a "blade" is used by Teems that is the Bullis/Bulling plow in colors reversed (that's where I've become confused for lack of clear memory). English Bullers share the Slow cross, yet it's also the cross of Semper-connectable Petersons. End insert]

Sempers are important in this mix because they have the BRAMton Coat. Biblical ABRAM was married to both Saracen-like Sarah and Kotor-line Keturah. It seems that God always wants to reveal this thing, but I reason that Saracens were not descended from Sarah, but rather she was descended and named after proto-Saracens. Sarah's/Sayers were first found in Essex with Sempers. This is not certainly off-topic from graphene because Sarah's/Sayers share the Gripp/Grape/Grabber/Craver Coat. Gravers are listed with Grave's/Greafs. Dole's look like Crab kin.

Even the Sleeping Beauty dream pointed to the Kotor area so that God can point both to poison vaccines and the Keturah-Abraham line. The latter is suspect to the end-time dragon because Abraham's other wife produced the line to Salvation from the dragon. Couldn't we get the impression that, of the many nations that the Bible assigns Abraham's offspring, the principle end-time nations will revolve around Rothschilds and their "Jewish" partners? Probably, Abraham was destined to produce many nations -- and the end-time Babylon -- even before God assigned him to Sarah. Or, God assigned him to Sarah to use her Israeli seed -- Jesus -- to defeat the end-time, drunken, Babylonian murderer.

The way to trace the glass of Swiss-founded Stovers/Staufers to Glasgow is by it being beside the first-known Sions/Swans of Swiss elements. Sions/Swans were first found in Lanarkshire with Douglas-related Hardys, Douglas-related Lockharts, Locks, Biggars and Flemings. Douglas' share the Stove/Stevenson Chief, and Biggars with Douglas' were both Flemish along with Sion-connectable Seatons/Sittens. The DALLas'/Dellis' sharing the Biggar Coat were first found in Moray with Douglas', and Dale's/DALES' (Suffolk with Dells) have a giant swan. Dallas'/Dellis' share "Semper" with Jarrats/Garrets.

Ahh, German Dells share the raven with the English Peters, and both put the raven on the same-colored bend. Instead of using the three dell ravens, Peters use one and substitute the other two with cinquefoils in the colors of the same of Kettle's, first found in Perthshire with the Rinds sharing the scallops of the same Peters under discussion. Rinds trace to the Rance river near Dol.

Dallas'/Dellis' and Biggars share the Glass stars. Pollocks were at GLASgow and Martinelli-connectable Paisley (see last update for that link) while a glass appears to be in the Stover/Staufer Coat. Glass' were at Buteshire while Butua is beside Kotor and Rhizon. Glaze's/Glasmans, with a reflection of the Kotor-like Cutter/GUTTer Coat, share the pheons of Carnys and Pilate's/Pilotte's while the Carni peoples were at Leslie-line Lesce while Leslie's, first found in Aberdeenshire with Pilotte-beloved Cups/Cope's, married Pollocks of Rothes'.

Pilotte-branch Pellets (cups) were first found in Sussex with Coppers/Coopers and Keeps, and with the Saddocks possibly with a version of the Patty/Pati Coat for a related reason.

Scottish Polkins/Polkinhorne's (probably a version of NYE Coat) married Glynns ("NY") who married the Grylls. Ware-branch Weres'/Wears were first found in Devon with Kepke- / Chase-connectable Ware's and with Dews/Deweys (share gold dragon head with Ware's), and so Weres'/Wears are probably in the Glynn motto along with "dew ny". Glynns use WHALE SPEARs while Spears/SPEYers were first found in Renfrewshire with Pollocks and Orrs/ORE's, while Peter Pollock of Rothes was the son of Fulbert, a vassal of the Dol Alans, and Dols do use the whale. The Dol Coat even looks like a version of French Bernier's, looked up because Burners are listed with English Bernier's. French Bernier's have a fish in the colors of the same in the Arms of Saraca, and the latter's fish is on a blue-on-gold fesse, the colors of the Bernice/Burnes fesse. The Bernier fish is in the Coat of Neils/O'Nails, first found in Tyrone with Saraca-like Sharks. Neils have a variation suspect in the Peterson motto.

Rothes is at the SPEY river that separates Moray from Banffshire, and while the latter is where Troops were first found, Drops/Trope's are in the gold drops of Drys in the "Dry weres" motto of Glynns. Gold drops, "or," are part-code for Orrs/Ore's, and Golds share the Cheese / Graff/Graffin / Peterson lion! The grilled cheese with ketchup at our heraldic service.

Glynn-like Glennys were first found in Aberdeenshire with the Leslie's, earls of Rothes, and Glenns (not "Glenny") look linkable by their heart and location (beside Hardys) to Douglas' sharing the Stove/Stevenson Chief, and descended by heart-depicted Hardys.

Stoners were first found in Oxfordshire with Crow-branch Crawls, and Crowhursts, with a vaired-version of the Jewish Pollock Coat, were first found in Kent with Sleeps and Rothes'. Crows were first found in Norfolk with Kich/Ketch-connectable Leafs/Leave's, DROPs/Trope's, Catch's/Ketchers/Kechers and Cetins/Cattans while Kichs are also Ketch's. Kechs/Ketch's share the border of Parrs and Furnace's, both first found in Lancashire with Kitchens/Ketchins. Leafs/Leave's share the Catch/Ketcher chevron, and Kichs/Ketch's have a giant leaf.

Catch's/Ketchers/Kechers share the scallops of Peter-like Pattersons/Cussane's (DROPs), looking relevant because emailer-Patterson, in the last update, pointed to both the line of Quintus Caepio and to Giovanna Martinelli. She was reportedly murdered in Mexico earlier this month while working to expose graphene-oxide in vaccines. Karen Kingston says she's in exile in Mexico, as of this month, perhaps because she was there during the murder.

Cambridgeshire is where Kichs/Ketch's, Capone's and Jeune's were first found, the latter two suspect from Quintus Caepio's (father of Junia Caepionis) Caepionis descendants. Aside from Sleeps adding ermines to reflect the Rodden/Rodham / Stevenson Coat, Kuchs (i.e. no ermines) have the Sleep Coat. We just want to know whether Karen Kingston is in the scene where God told me to wake Sleeping Beauty. And if so, what could it mean?

This dream started with a shark, and while the Sharks were first found in Tyrone with Neils/NIHILLs, "Nihil" is a motto term of Scottish Petersons and Weres-branch Vere's/Vairs / Weirs/Vere's. Sharks are from the Saracens, and a "Saracen's head" is in the Coat of Cetins/Cattans (Norfolk with Crows) whom we crossed above with Ketch liners.

Although I've been convinced that the shark of the Sleeping-Beauty dream represented the deep state, I'm wondering whether it can also have a separate meaning, a symbol of Karen Kingston swallowing Trump. Not that I think she has swallowed him yet, but that her work on the exposure of graphene-oxide could undo his political future if for example it comes to light that there was an intentional plot to add graphene into his Warp-Speed program to kill / maim people in the first degree. I would entertain this theory more if I could link Kingstons to the Shark line, but, unfortunately, there's even less heraldic clues to Kingston kin than there are to Graff/Graffin kin. Kingstons show nothing but a giant lion.

Martinelli's were first found at Brescia, beside Val TROMPia, and English Martins have the Sleep / Kuch Coat in colors reversed. What maketh thee of this? Is the wake scene concerning graphene-oxide? The Kepke's sharing the Martinelli goat are in Trump colors and format. Might a Kepke/Kopke / Keppoch variation have shortened to "Kock / Kuch"? Kochs share the hexagram we've been seeing from Stovers et-al, shared even by Weis'/Wise's (Bavaria with Kochs).

I've said it many times that, in the Sleeping Beauty dream, God said, "What are you waiting for...GO wake her." "GO" is the scientific short-form for graphene-oxide. See the Get'n GO" in the last update, for I claimed, before the COVID scam arrived to the world, that Miss Hicks, who was the fulfillment of Sleeping Beauty, had gotten a knee symbol at the Get'n Go gas bar when I was there, and I claimed that this knee symbol linked to her knee in the dream, because when I ;leaned over to kiss her awake, my hand BRUSHed against her knee instead, and that's what woke her.

Brush's are a branch of Bruce's from the namers of Brescia/Brixia. Bruce's were first found in Yorkshire with Keppochs while Kepke's/Kopke's, suspect from the namers of the Kupa river of the Breuci Illyrians, are in the format of, and colors reversed from, English Bruce's. Brush's (share Weres'/Wear motto) were first found in Suffolk with Kepke-connectable Kidds, and moreover I not only brushed her knee with my hand, but touched it because Touch-branch Tufts/Tuffs' (Cheshire with Touch's/Tuffs) share the phoenix in Crest with Knee's. BUT NOW, it just so happens that Weres'/Wears share the Tuft/Tuffs crosslets.

I therefore should conclude that "go wake HER" relates to the Get'n Go, both pointers to graphene-oxide. Just hoping I'm not wrong. In fact, Her-branch English Here's/Eyers were first found in Derbyshire with Knee-branch Needhams.

The Shark-branch English Saracens/Sarasins were first found in Cumberland with Quints for a pointer to La Quinta Columna. French Sarasins were first found in Brittany with Dol, and with the nearby Rance river connectable to the Rands/Rance and Rinds; the latter share the Ware / Peter scallops, half in the colors of the Catch/Ketcher scallops.

The Dew dragon heads are in the colors of the lions of Kingston and Kings, the latter first found in Devon with Dews/Dewey (share Flower cinquefoil) and Flowers. The Dews/Deweys look related by their Coat to Potters, first found in Hampshire with the Kepke-connectable Mile's who share the border of Ware's (Devon), and the Mile griffin heads are in the colors of the giant Marble griffin that is itself in Kingston colors and format. In fitchees that cover the Marble Shield are half in the colors of the similar King crosslets.

The Potters in this picture, first found in Hampshire with Pots, recalls my miracle-marble shot of the last update in the game of POTsies! What did that miracle shot represent? I've said it many times that it was against the marble of Tony my 11 -year-old friend, and Italian Tonys' happen to use a "flower."

The Marble are suddenly amazing here in something I missed in the last update. They have this in their write-up: "...Earl of Chester granted the manorial rights to Robert of Stockport. This is most likely the earliest scion of the Marple family name. He sold the estate to Sir George VERNON, known as 'The King of the Peak' Chief..." Peaks have a PATEE cross in Marble colors, but my point at first is that Vernons essentially have the bend-with-sheaves of English Weavers, first found in Cheshire! That's the spiderweb-chase theme. Peaks even share the fleur-de-lys of English Webbers and Flys (Hampshire with Kepke-connectable Mile's and Ware-connectable Drake's with "fly" in their translated motto). In fact, at the bottom of the Drake page, see the translated motto with "fly CATCHer"!!!! (Most houseofnames pages have a translated motto near the end.)

The supper thing(s) is that Peaks were first found in Suffolk with the English Kidds sharing the Kepke / Martinelli goat, and then Vernon-like Verne's (Forez with Fauch's) have a Coat like the one of Scottish Kidds!!! It makes the Peak Crest look like the Crest of Kepke-connectable Wies'/Wiesers' but with someone's heart instead, possibly the heart of Douglas' because they share the Chief of Scottish Kidds. The Verne and Kidd Chief is even the Stove/Stevenson Chief.

Unbelievably, Peaks share the fleur-de-lys of Heinz's, first found in Saxony with Kepke's and Weiss', and Mr. Kepke is the ketchup lover! They didn't have no-name ketchup when he was a teen; Heinz was probably the only seller of that product.

The Vernon Crest even has a "GODDESS", and GODDES' have a giant wolf, I think (unless it's a fox), in the colors of the wolf heads of Fiddle's/Fidelows suspect in the "FIDELis" motto term of English Weavers. German Goods/Guts (Switzerland with Graffs/Graffins) share the Coat of Sticks, first found in Somerset with same-colored and Heinz-connectable English Webbers. This allows one to link John Kerry's wife, Miss Heinz, to Kidds and Martinelli's.

The goddess is suspect with a branch of Goat/Gotham liners, and the latter share the Coat of GRIPPs/Grape's who can now point the GRIP Molecular, which was in the last update as a worker with graphene. It appears to me that GRIP is pointed to in the "Grip" motto term of Leslie's (earls of Rothes = proto-Rothschilds).

The shark had Trump half-swallowed, with its teeth ringed around his belly, and a gut is a belly while we just saw Goods/Guts. Italian Belli's almost have the Coat of Swallow-branch Sallows (Shropshire), highly suspect as a branch of Sleeps who named Sleap in Shropshire/SALOP). Scottish Kidds (share Chief of Moray's Douglas') look like they have the Saluzzo Shield but with the addition of the Moray stars, making sense where Scottish Bellys/Belli's were first found in Moray.

Amelia Burke-Garcia Points to Graphene

Something seems off with Polly. She's been smoking cigarettes during her shows for several weeks running, and she sounds a little like, maybe, she's been drinking too. During this period in which she inhales / exhales into the mic, she does audio only, no showing of her face and room. Why won't she smoke before or after the show like she used to?

Her recent video below comes with an important message that many video people should spread, showing that people were being manipulated even 20 years ago to receive the flu vaccine:

Pause the video at about 4:40 and read. You will now see a CDC (U.S. government) scheme giving conspiratorial directives to health and government officials to spur vaccinations by inducing fear of the flu, and in so doing, the flu is naturally portrayed as more dangerous than it actually is. This was the ploy used in the COVID scheme too, but the scheme works only because people can be made too obstinate to take those seriously who sound the alarm. When people laugh at the "dumb" cry-wolf crowd, the mockers are going to get eaten by the wolves while proud for having higher intelligence than those who sound the alarm.

At 4:40, you will see that part of the strategy to sell vaccines is to have the media hype the fear of the flu, and the consensus, on our side of this conflict, is that obstinate ones are generally those who listen to the media in full trust, for it is those media deceivers who stupidify them. Our neighbors have been made absolutely stupid as they believe they are superior. What next for them? How harshly will they treat us soon who continue to warn against vaccines?

In this video, Polly stresses Amelia Burke-Garcia's work in pushing vaccinations. It just so happens that Italian Garcia's, sharing the Martinelli Chief, were first found in Lucca, and then the fact that Portuguese Garcia's have the Keats Coat in other colors tends to prove that Luce's of Dice were from Lucca. Remember, Quinta's use dice. Keats, Catch's and Cattans were not only all first found in Norfolk with Luce's and Dice, but all share the cat with Lucca's.

The giant bird of Spanish Garcia's (Navarre with Portuguese Garcia's) is in a position often said to be "rising," and Risings/Risons were first found in Norfolk too. Dice, now Diss, is at the border with Suffolk, and the latter is where English Kidds were first found who share the Martinelli goat. This can reveal that the tree of Italian Garcia's is the one of Scottish Kidds. English Garsons are also Garcons while "garcon" means "boy" in French.

The amazing thing now is Martinelli's share the Kepke goat while Kepke dangled that spider at the home of Karen Graff. It's amazing because Garcia-like German Gars list a Karen variation while sharing the giant Kingston lion. That's heavy. It seems as though God provided a pointer from Mrs. Garcia of the vaccine goons to Karen Kingston and Karen Graff.

Suffolk is not only where Martinelli-connectable Kidds were first found, but also the Knights/Nights while Scottish Nights/Naughts share the Gar/Karen lion. Nitts/Naughts were first found in Dumfries with Kilpatricks and Bells, and while the Garcia Chief has a Bell-related "label," it also incorporates the Irish Kilpatrick Chief. Knights/Nights almost have the Garland Coat.

Irish Gars have the demi-lion of Guerins (both in Chief) in colors reversed while Guerins incorporate much of the PAN/Payen/Pagan Coat while Italian Garcia's essentially have the PANE/Panico Coat.

I've just found Garcia-like Garsons/Garce's with a reflection of the Scottish Kidd Coat, a big deal because it tends to nail Garcia's pointer to Martinelli's. Pans/Payens/Pagans were first found in Dauphine with Garsons/Garce's! This is amazing because Payne/Payne Roet was related to the Roots sharing the rooted tree with Garcia's, and Roets share a "green tree" with Pane's/Panico's while Greens were first found in Kent with Roots and Stairs; the latter share the Coat of English Capone's suspect from QUINTus Caepio!!!!

It's amazing also because German Roets share the sleeping crescent with Karens/Kerns!!!! I've known that for years, but the surprise is in how this heraldic set is cascading with exactly the main pointers to graphene-oxide. And look at the timing of Polly's video, 15 days ago, just as Martinelli's were coming to topic about 10 days ago.

There's more because the Garcia and Pane/Panico Chief is shared by Fantis' (Bologna with Pane's/Panico's), both sharing the four-pointed label of PING/PONGs/Pagans (look like Guerra kin), which brings us to Comet Ping Pong pizza of pizzagate / pedophilia infamy. The Fantis' even show boys heads while I took that surname from James Alefantis, owner of Comet Ping Pong (Washington DC). Aside from doing vaccine-related videos lately, Polly's been doing pedophilia-related videos (this should make anyone sick and depressed).

Repeat: "English Garsons are also Garcons while "garcon" means "boy" in French." The duck of French Gars/Garsons/Garcons (Dauphine with Galli's and Galleys) can be a pointer to James LeDuc. Gars/Garsons/Garcons share the Chief of French Alans (and Galli's) who once showed ducks in place of the martlets they now show. English Garsons/Garsons were first found in Yorkshire with English Galleys and Kingstons who in turn share the Gar/Karen lion.

The Karen/Kern hexagrams are even in the colors of the Pan/Payen/Pagan / Guerin hexagrams / Pero/Perino, and while the latter have "flaming STARs" that look like the Reines "COMET", Irish Kerns share the fesse of Stars, first found in Wiltshire with Tree's/True's. The thing here is that Miss Peare is the one who caused me to find the Stairr variation of Stars, and we just saw how Stairs are relevant in a pointer to La Quinta Columna.

This gets more amazing yet because comet-using Reines' have the Coat of pizza-like Pisa's in colors reversed (I've known this), and Pisa is smack beside Lucca i.e. where Garcia's were first found!!!! Smashing. Again, Italian Garcia's share the Fantis and Martinelli Chief, and Portuguese Garcia's link to the Lucca cat.

Gars/Karens are also Garners (aCORN) which recalls the Corner variation of English Garners, and the "torches" of Vela's said to be "at the CORNERs". This jibes with the "PACE VEL BELLO" motto of Torch-like Turks/Torks, first found in Dumfries with Bells. Martinelli's / Pings/Pongs use the label, expected for Labels/La Bells, first found in Garcon-like Gascony with French MARTINs! I almost missed that; I wasn't planning on saying it in this paragraph, relevant because French Garsons/Garcons show a Gas variation while German Gas'/Gascons show either a duck or goose. English Gas' were first found in Yorkshire with English Garsons/Garcons, and Goz's/Gos' almost have the Coat of LeDuc-connectable Morays. When starting this paragraph, I was planning to say that German Turks, with a crescent in the colors of the Karen/Kern crescent, were first found in Silesia with Karens/Kerns.

Plus, Martinelli's can be of the Chief of Kilpatricks, first found in Dumfries with Bells, but then the Bello-connectable Bellys (Moray) share the Duc/LeDuc star. It was the duck of French Gars/Garsons/Garcons which can point to James LeDuc.

I've only-now realized that while Amelia Burke-Garcia was apparently born with the Burke surname, Burke's/Berks/Burghs use the cat. It doesn't look coincidental. The Loys in this surname's motto can take us to the Roots. This can be a pointer to Deborah Birx, who has admitted that she partook in scamming the masses toward receiving the do-nothing "vaccines." The masses paid with a recession for the vast money it cost to fulfill unofficial vaccine schemes and official vaccines programs.

While Mayo is where Irish Kerns were first found, Maio's share the giant tree (both colors) of French Packs while Martinelli's are still suspect with a wool pack. Maia's were first found in Navarre province with Spanish and Portuguese Garcia's while Italian Garcia's have the giant tree too. Mayo's share the triple crowns of Scottish Grands, first found in Inverness-shire with Gows/McGOO's, the possible pointer to GO = graphene-oxide. French Grands (Burgundy with McGoo-connectable Locks/Loches') have the triple Ping/Pong/Pagan bends in colors reversed.

It just dawned on me that Grands/Grants may have been a Gar branch, and finding Garands/Garants by that thought, they use a giant anchor in black, the colors of the Graff/Graffin anchor! Therefore, Mrs. Garcia led us to the Graff anchor, by the looks of it. Anchors were Anger kin while Garands were first found in Anjou at Angers.

The beauty now is that Garands/Garants share the Welk/Wilkenhoff Coat while Wilkins share the green wyvern dragon with Guerra's who in turn have the triple Ping/Pong/Pagan bends. Guerra's were even first found in Tuscany with Pisa and Lucca. English Wilks almost have the Garland Coat (see Scottish WALKers too), and even have a Chief looking linkable to the Anchor / Anger Chiefs. German Wilks share the five, red roses on a stem of Scherfs/Schere's (German Walker kin) who in turn have the split-Shield colors of Wilkins. The latter share the wyvern of Lewis', first found in Glamorganshire with Wilkins, Loy-connectable Louis', and Cattan-connectable Tillers (both of the Cetina/Tilurius river).

In the video, Mrs. Garcia is shown wearing a stylish Scarf, and Deborah Birx almost always wore a scarf when she appeared nightly on television with Fauci and Trump. The Scarfs can be linked to Scherfs.

Stay Away From Store-Bought / Vaccinated Chicken

I haven't been able to remember a dream in months, and usually remember one only if having it upon waking. However, I had a dream a little while before waking this (Thursday) morning. All I can remember of it, vividly, is someone eating a vice-grip plyer made of chicken. How strange, yet I think I can show how God gave this dream partly because my sleeping mind cannot manufacture heraldic pointers, in the fashion of this dream, to graphene-oxide. That is, this crazy dream was indeed Fashioned.

Chickens were first found in Suffolk with Kidds sharing the Kepke goat, and Vice's were first found in Sussex with Keeps, and finally Gripps share the Goat/Gotham Coat who are also Graff-like Grapps. I find this too neat and tidy to be coincidental. The CHICKEN VICE-GRIP at our service. Might it indicate graphene-oxide in chicken meat. As I said some months ago, I began to eat store-bought chicken about every three days over the span of about three weeks, and I then came down (beginning of February) with a terrible case of shingles, which they say comes on when the immune system is weak. This dream is suggesting that I was correct in that chicken theory.

Chickens even have the cockaTRICE while Trice's are listed with Trysts in the "Keep tryst" motto of Hebrons. Plus, "Shingles is a common viral infection of the nerves. It causes a painful rash or small blisters on an area of skin. Shingles is caused when the CHICKENpox virus is reactivated. It is more common in people with weakened immune systems..." That explains the chicken plyers. There is no way that my sleeping brain was putting this dream together to point heraldically to the chickenpox-related shingles disease. It must have been an intelligent being, and I'm favoring God over a demon.

I instinctively knew that the plyers were made of chicken. I saw nothing in the dream, that I can remember, but someone taking a bite out of the plyers. It was about a second long, yet look at the heraldic fruit from just that one scene.

The trick now is to figure out why someone was eating the plyers. Eatings are listed with Eatons. I think I have it: the Eaton Crest has a gold lion holding a black bow, like the gold Graff/Graffin lion holding a black anchor. That is, I think God is trying to tell us that Graffs were close kin of Eatons. But why inform us of this? I've said several times that the Eaton cross design was the one still shown for Dickens, and the Dicken Crest has a gold lion holding a black cross i.e. similar to the Eaton Crest.

Ahh, Edons were first found in Suffolk with Chickens, and moreover Edon share the black scallop with the Hykes'/Hacks who in turn almost have the Eating/Eaton Coat. It is now completely amazing that while one English Tristan surname was first found in Devon with Hykes'/Hacks, the other English Tristans (in neighboring Cornwall with Trysts) share the Vice stag head!!! Incredible. What are the chances of all that coming together with such a strange dream?

Dickens were first found in Staffordshire with the Stops/Stubbs in turn sharing the pheons of the Devon Tristans.

Edons are said to descend from the Torps of an Eden location in Durham. The Sedans/Siddens, likewise first found in Durham, and even with Eaton-beloved Bows, named Sedbergh, I think, where Dents were first found who are expected in the "Si SIT pruDENTia" motto of Edons. The Sedans/Siddens, first found in Durham , use a "SED sino" motto phrase while Sions/Sine's/Swans were of Sion (Switzerland), also named SITTen...wherefore Seatons/Sittens can be traced to Switzerland, where Graffs/Graffins were first found. Seatons/Sittens were first found beside EDINburgh (Scottish capital), and they named Seaton in Devon.

Plus, "omnia" is shared between the mottoes of Dons and Eatons (Cheshire with Dons), tending to identify the "dono" motto term of Sedans/Siddens with Dons. Might Dons have been named after "Edon" or vice-versa?

Sions/Sine's/Swans were first found in Lanarkshire with the Deed-loving Flemings, and with the Prude's/Pride's expected in the "prudentia" motto term of Edons. The Torps of Eden (subsequently the Edens) look like a branch of Troops/Trops / Drops/Trope's because the latter were first found in Norfolk with the Date's/Dade's/Deeds sharing the Edon sheaves. Drops/Trope's share Chief of Tolle's (and Irish Player-like Prays/Preys) which shows only the lion of Tools, and plyers are a tool. Players/Pleyers use drops.

Drops/Trope's are excellent because they came off of Eaton-connectable / Eaton-branch Edons. Drops/Trope's use black drops called "poix," meaning "tar." ChickenPOIX, so to speak! I get it. Plyer-like Players/Pleyers use drops, and I was eaton the plyers.

Players/Pleyers use a single pale bar, and as Pale's are also Palys, it can appear that Players had been a Paly branch. In fact, Pattersons/Cussane's, sharing red drops with Players, share the camel head in Crest with Pale's'/Palys. The latter were first found in Yorkshire with the Pullys/Pullings who trace to Vespasia Polla, the line also to Pollocks/POKE's! Chickenpoke. Pattersons are from Antipatria on the APSUS river, and the APPS' were once said to be first found in Middlesex with Players.

Pattersons/Cussane's trace by a method to English Cassane's who share the triple chevrons of Waters who could have named Water Eaton. Waters were first found in Essex with Pollock-related Peacocks who in turn love the Fear variation of Fiers, and while Fiers/Fears were first found in Middlesex with Players, they were from Fier county on the Apsus river.

Pattersons/Cussane's share gold drops, called "or," with Players. Ore's/Orrs, sharing an "omnia" motto term with Eatons, were first found in Renfrewshire with Pollocks/POKE's, and then the Patterson lion (covered in gold drops) is also the one of Paly-like Palins/PAWleys who in turn share the Chief-Shield colors of Irish Powers while English Powers are said to be from Pois of Picardy, which I think was also called, Poix. Peacocks are used by Paws/PAUERs.

It appears that eating the plyers was Intended to get us to Edons, who even share a chevron-with-scallops, in two colors, with James' who in turn have the triple lions of Chicken-like Chicks/CHOCKs (Essex with ESTE's). Chichesters/ChichESTs, sharing the stork with Choke's, share the checks of Irish Flemings.

I don't think it's coincidental that CHICKens share the chevron of Shake's/SHICKs while spear-using Shakespears share the bend of Gripps/Grapps while Leslie's, with a "Grip" motto term, were earls of Rothes on the Spey river suspect with the Speyer variation of Spears. On the opposite bank of the Spey is Banffshire, where the Troops/Trupe's were first found expected as a Drop/Trope branch. The vice-GRIP plyers were made out of chicken.

Drop-using Players were first found in Middlesex with the Stains who were once said to be first found in Yorkshire with the Stainton location that, according to the Edon write-up, had a branch of Edens. Just look at all that, looking like Intelligent Design.

Repeat: "Chickens even have the cockaTRICE while Trice's are listed with Trysts in the "Keep tryst" motto of Hebrons." The latter were first found in Kill-like Chillingham while Childs/Chills (Hebron colors and format) were first found in Hertfordshire with the Vince's suspect in the "Vincit" motto term of Eatons. Someone (it could have been me, I can't remember who it was) was eaton the chicken vice-grips. The Eating/Eaton quadrants are shared by Kills/Keele's said to have named CHILton. If that is already too amazing to stand as coincidence, I've just checked for a Chilton surname (Hebron / Child/Chill chevron in colors reversed), and it was first found in Northumberland with Chillingham!

I was using a shovel to dig the trench, and Shovels, first found in Hertfordshire with Childs/Chills, are in Shovel colors and format. Chiltons almost have the Coat of Cars/KERRs (share Child/Chill and Shovel chevron) who share a "sed" motto term with Sedans/Siddens. The "clavo" motto term of Irish Carrs/KERRANE's suggests the line of Clovis, son of king CHILDeric. The "serio" motto term of Cars/Kerrs can jibe with my trace of Creamers to Crema on the Serio river, and Cremers were part of the ice-cream pointer to poison vaccines. Perhaps God arranged the Chill variation of Childs to mesh with ice-cream. Should we stay away from ice-cream / dairy products too? Cremers share the red rooster with Cocks expected in the cockatrice of Kern-connectable Chicken.

The sun in the Car Crest can indicate the Suns/Sinclairs, who lived in Roslin, just six miles from EDINburgh. So, yes, it seems that God wants to link the Keep-loving Hebrons to the ice-cream pointer to VACCines (named after cows). Rollo's treaty with France was named after Sinclairs, and Rollo ruled in Rouen, in the vaccine-like Vexin.

"Vacca" means "cow," and so let's add a new find for me: the cow/bull-using Vacca's share the Chief of French Alans, and then English Alans, who married Alice of Saluzzo, were first found in Shropshire with vaccine-like Vychans/Vaughns, excellent because Vacca's were first found in Saluzzo! I trace the del-VASTo rulers of Saluzzo to the Fasts in the "Grip fast" motto of Leslie's!

I suggest that Vacca's were named to reflect the Pack surname, for while English Packs were first found in Sussex with the FitzAlans who married Alice of Saluzzo, and with the Keeps even, French Packs share the red bull with Vacca's! The latter have the Saluzzo Chief-Shield colors.

Why might the Edons share the triple sheaves of poison-like Poissons? Doesn't this dream point to poison vaccines? Poissons add a dolphin while Dolphins/DOLfins were once said to be first found in Surrey with the dolphin-using James' who in turn share the Edon chevron-with-scallops in two colors. The latter James' even share the triple Chick lions. Someone was edon the chicken plyers.

Dolphins/Dolfins are now said to be first found in Cumberland with Daggers/Dackers who in turn are in the colors and format of the Edon / Poisson scallops. German Decks/Daggers share the squirrel of Square's/Squirrels, the latter first found in Worcestershire with the Clent Hills while Clents/Clints share the triple sheaves of Edons and Poissons. Clintons, with almost have the Vacca Chief, were first found in Oxfordshire with Poisson-like Poussins. How might the Clinton crime ring be behind forced vaccinations?

Daggers/Dackers (Cumberland with the Vychan-connectable Browns) share the red bull with Vacca's. Daggers/Dackers have the Bardy Coat exactly while Scottish Bards share a Beard variation with Beards/Bearts who in turn share the Vacca Coat. Bardys were first found in Perigord with Fauchys and Faux's/Fage's/Chollens', and then English Faux's, sharing the mascle of English Hansons, were first found in Sussex with Packs and FitzAlans of Arundel. Katrina Hanson was the girl who gave us the ice-cream symbol.

We saw the HYKES'/Hacks almost having the Eating/Eaton quadrants, and here it's mentionable that Alan-connectable Hicks' share an Icke variation with Ice's. Therefore, especially as Ice's/Icke's share the trefoils of Pike's (Devon with Hykes'/Hacks), the eating of the chicken vice-grips is connecting to ice-cream pointers to Fauci's gangster circle.

I can now return to plyer-like Players/Pleyers because they have a BROKEn lance while Lance's have the fesse of Lance-like Alans in colors reversed. Lances are used by Dere's/Res' who happen to share the Vacca / Alan Chief. Broke's/Brocks were not only first found in Essex with Vaux's and Chicks, and not only share the full motto with Alan-line Stewarts, and not only share the lion of English Stewarts, but share the giant fleur-de-lys of French Maurels (Brittany) and Browns. The other Browns share the Vychan/Vaughn Coat.

The red bull of Daggers/Dackers is used also by Sabine's (Norfolk with Alans of Mileham) while Saffins, first found in Somerset with the Cocks expected in the Chicken cockatrice, once came up as "Sabina." Saffins were a branch of Saffers and Severs/Savers, and the latter were not only first found in Somerset too, but they share the annulet of Staintons while Stains were first found in Middlesex with Players, Fiers, and where Apps' were once said to be first found who are from the Apsus river through Fier county of Albania, home of the proto-Dagger Dexaroi. Fiers/Fears are expected in the mottoes of Rams and Peacocks (both first found in Essex) while German Cremers have a giant ram head.

As proof that this plyers dream is a pointer to my shingles disease, Shings/Shinnocks have a version of the Player/Pleyer Crest, and even share the Brock / Stewart lion, and even have the Coat of Irish Fox's who in turn add a "SIONnach" motto term that can take us to Seatons/Sittens, first found in East Lothian with FAUCETs while French Foix's/Foys were first found in Auvergne with Fage-connectable FAGOTs/Fageys, and with giant-Ram Bauds/BAUX's. Fagots/Fageys share the Chief-Shield colors of Cremers and Faux's/Fage's/Chollens'.

But there's more because the Shing-like Sings/SANGers (Devon with Shing-connectable Stewarts) can be of the Sangs/Sanguez's expected in the "sang" (blood) drops of Players/Pleyers! Red heraldic drops are called, "guttee de sang," and Gutte liners can be expected of the Goats/Gothams sharing the Gripp/Grapp Coat. The vice-GRIP plyers at our service, in a pointer even to Kepke's and Martinelli's, both almost sharing the Baud/Baux ram. Somebody was eating the chicken plyers, and Eatings/Eatons share "vincit" with Sings/Sangers.

We can add that while Clots can point to blood clots, they share the FAGOT/Faget and QUINT chevron while Saer de QUINCy built the FAUCET castle. Unbelievably, the Clots share the Edon scallops!!!!

Although I don't agree with the houseofnames derivation for English Capone's, the surname apparently means a young chicken: "The surname also has origins as a nickname, which refers to a young hen." This false derivation may be from the people who originally owned the data, who sold the rights to houseofnames, because Hens happen to have a Chief in the colors and format of Tricks/Triggs and Drigs, and the Hens even have the their lion in colors reversed from the one of Tricks/Triggs and Drigs. The thing is, Tricks/Triggs were once said to be first found in Cambridgeshire, where Capone's were first found, and Drigs were first found in Cumberland, where Quints were first found. The latter were once said to be first found in Essex with YOUNGs, tending to explain the codework, "young hen," for English Yonge's love the June-branch Jeune's in their motto, and Scottish Youngs share the red lion in Crest with Capone's.

Plus, Hens were first found in Sussex with Lorraine-related Keeps (descended from Caepio?) while Lorraine's (Northumberland with Scottish Youngs) share the Trick / Drig lion. By bet is that Hens were from "Annas," father-in-law of Joseph CAIAPhas, the two major killers of Jesus. Clots were first found in Lorraine. Scottish HENNings are listed with Hains, first found in Dumfries with CLOSEburn, which is connectable to the DuClos variation of Clots.

OHHH, by the way, Quintus Caepio the Elder, as a Roman general, found thousands of gold and silver bars in TOULouse!!! He stole them. A plyer is a TOOL. It is very likely that Julius Caesar's Roman empire was built on that gold, for he was having an affair with Servilia Caepionis, daughter of Quintus Caepio the younger. Caesar was probably after the treasure, and he apparently got it because he became a dictator. The next thought coming to mind is the vice-GRIP tool, because Agrippina was the matriarch of at least two heads of the Revelation dragon, Caligula and Nero. Quintus' line married the line of Porcius Cato.

I've just found Vaxons listed with FOXons/Foxtons in Clot format and near-colors. Foxtons are descended from "Simon de Foxtone," tending to explain why Jewish Simons have a fox. The Simms' were first found in East Lothian with Faucets, and Clots were first found in Lorraine with French Simons. Italian Simons share the giant Shing / Fox lion. SIMSons share the giant Faucet lion.

The question now becomes where Vacca's helped to name Tromp-connectable Vice's, first found in Sussex too. The Vise variation suggests the Visconti's who ruled the Cream theater, and Ice liners may have been from Issa, an island also called, Vis.

This new find of Vacca's is shaping up excellently for a pointer to Trump, proud and stupid "father of the vaccines." The giant Vacca bull is also with Beards/Bearts, first found in Brittany with Alans and with the French Maurels sharing the Tromp acorns while Acorns were not only first found in Sussex with Vice's/Vise's, but share their stag head. Then, Italian Maurels/Maurino's were first found in Milan, where Visconti's ruled.

I'm writing this Friday morning. Last night, I felt one needle-like sensation in my right hip, the hip that was attacked by shingles. They say that this sensation is from a nerve repairing itself after shingles has attacked it. The last sensation I had was over a month ago, at which time the hip was a little more numb than it is now. It is now back to about 95-percent normal. Shingles made the hip go very numb through to May and June.

Note how Hips'/Hipkins may have been of the HepBURN variation of Hebrons, for shingles has a terrible BURNing sensation on the skin. I had HIP BURN. Hips/Hipkins were first found in Norfolk with the Hake's who once came up as "Hykes", as Hacks (Devon with Hicks-branch Hooks) still do. The Hague's were first found in Yorkshire with Hicks'.

The SANG drops of Players/Pleyers play here because Hips' have a "sphinx" while I've shown how Spinks could link to Seneca's/SENESchals and Seneca-like Snake's/Snooks. The latter, first found in Kent with Sedan-branch Sidneys, share the Spink and Sans/SANGuez eagle.

The thing is, I now know why the sensation came to me last night at the end of the day, when carving out the second of two 4-inch deep trenches in the DRIVEway, in preparation for filling them with GRAVEL, in hopes of preventing GRASS roots from popping up on the driveway's gravel. For starters, Drive's/Drove's/Drave's share the Eating/Eaton, Kill/Keele and Hykes/Hack quadrants, and Kills/Keele's along with their Cheile branch were first found in Lincolnshire with Grasse's who in turn share the lions of Chicks (near first-known Chickens).

Secondly, Gravels could easily have been of the Grav variation of Graffs/Graffins. The latter love the Anchors whose red bull head is in the Crest of None's/Noons (Norfolk with Hips') expected in the "None" motto term of Sedans/Sittens. The Vacca's have a red bull, as do Claro's/Charo's whose branch ought to be in the "clarior" motto term of Players/Pleyers. Again, Sedans/Siddens have a "sino" motto term to indicate Sion of Switzerland while Graffs/Graffins were first found in Switzerland...with Burn-like Bern. Berns share the bear with German Sangs/Sangers. Burns and their Bernice/Burnes branch (both in Cumberland with red-bull Daggers and Vychan-connectable Browns) share black hunting horns with Vaxons/Foxtons.

The Eaton-like Eitons are said to have been in Yorkshire's Pocklington, and because Hicks' were first found in Yorkshire too who use the "chaplet," it's nice to see the new-to-me Pocklingtons sharing the martlets of Landrys, first found in Lorraine with same-colored Chaplets. The Banks were first found in Yorkshire too, and they are linkable to Flys having these martlets in colors reversed. In giant form, the Pocklington martlet is shared by French Josephs who once showed a giant swan in the same colors, and those are the colors of the Chaplet swans!

We now have new kin of Hicks' discovered in Pocklingtons, and the Hykes'/Hacks are joining the heraldic set via the Eiton-like Eatings/Eatons/Ettens whose Coat they nearly share. The Touts/TOOTs in the Hicks motto jibe with the Toothills essentially sharing the Eiton Coat.

My omen in Galveston pointed to Miss Hicks via the News'/Nuces' using another chaplet. Therefore, it's interesting that Omen-like "omnia" is an Eaton motto term. The Dons (Cheshire) with Eatons have another "omnia" motto term, and the double Don fesses are in colors reversed with Nissans while the omen took place while driving my Nissan. The Omens share black martlets with Pocklingtons.

While Pollocks are Poke's too, Plocks happen to share the POCKlington martlets. Bingo. English Pocks/Pochins, first found in Leicestershire with Puge-related Perkins/Parkings, are in Clot colors and format, fully appropriate with an Eaton pointer to vaccines poisoned by graphene-oxide, the thing most-highly suspect in causing blood clots! Pocks/Pochins even have horseshoes for a pointer to horseshoe bats. Pollocks of Rothes married Leslie's, explaining why the Arms of Rothschild share the fast quadrants. Bankers/Benchers are in Leslie colors and format.

Plocks were first found in Oxfordshire with Bankers/BUNKer/Benchers, and also the Clintons who share red-centered gold stars with Scottish Pocks/Pike's/Pickens!!! This gets very good because Pocks/Pike's/Pickens are in the colors and format of Reds/Reeds ("PAX copia"), first found in Northumberland with Rodhams and Keppoch-connectable Blythe's; the latter are in BUNCH colors and format. Then, Reds/Reeds share the sheaves of Clints/Clents, Edons and Poissons. Hillarys, sharing the six fitchees of Clintons, were first found in Worcestershire with the CLENT Hills, and Clents/Clints share the sheaves also of Blythe's while Bill Clinton's biological father was Mr. Blythe. The Eitons of Pocklington are thus pointing to the Clintons, but why? What stake do they have in graphene-imbedded vaccines?

PUGE's/Pews even have an "ad" motto term for a pointer to the AIDS/Ade line.

The 4th, 5th, and 6th Heads of the Revelation Dragon

Just found an excellent thing from the Pollington variation of Pocklingtons: the Pollings are listed with Pullys/Pullings (Yorkshire with Pocklingtons) who share the Pocklington Chief! I almost missed that. Pollocks and Pullys/Pullings are from Vespasia Polla of RIETi, which explains how the Reds/Reeds just worked into things. Pullys/Pullings share the bend of Eitons of Pocklington. The Pullys/Pullings have the Culp variation of Reed-related Cups/Cope's in their motto.

I don't have "Pocklington" in any other file; they are brand new this day. Vespasia Polla married Flavians, the line also to Flys of Flagi.

Houseofnames, in perhaps it's most irresponsible fashion, at times makes claims exactly like the following for the Pocklington surname: "The place-name as a whole means 'farm of a man called Pocela.'" It makes it sound as though "farm of Pocela" is found in some historical document as a fact for the surname's derivation, when in reality the inventor of this statement is inventing it as a pot-shot-in-the-dark to give appearances of authenticity.

We then go to the write-up for Pullys/Pullings, who had the same derivation as Pocklingtons, yet we read something off the wall: "Pulling is an ancient Anglo-Saxon name. It was a name given to a person who was a young buck; it is derived from the Old French word poulain, which meant colt. This nickname would have been given to a person given over to friskiness and possessed of a certain nervous energy in much the same way a young horse is." Houseofnames needs to be ashamed of itself for making repeated statements like this to lead customers to believe that it has a real handle on surname derivations. Pullys/Pullings share the Sabine scallop because Flavius Sabinus was the husband of Vespasia Polla.

The Pully/Pulling pelican facilitates the derivation of these surnames in Vespasia's surname because Flavius Josephus was named after this Flavius family when he was unofficially adopted by it. The Pellicans were not only first found in Maine with French Josephs, but Flys, said to descent from Flavius, were first found in Hampshire with English Josephs, making it clear that both Joseph surnames at houseofnames were descended somehow from Flavius Josephus of Israel.

The derivation of Flys in a Flagi location can be verified elsewhere online. The Fly martlets are colors reversed from the giant one of French Josephs, and the latter's is in the colors of the Pocklington/Pollington and Pully/Pulling/Polling martlet. Wikipedia's article on Rieti once showed the motto for the Arms of Rieti, and I recorded at that time its "pratus" motto term. I was then able to show that Pratts have a Coat like the Fly Coat to show yet again that mottoes are often code for kin.

Flavius Josephus, alive during the time of Pontius Pilate, claimed to descend from the Israeli priesthood. The Pratts share martlets within so-called pellets with Flys, and the Pratt martlets are in the colors of the same of Sadducee-like Saddocks/Sedgewicks. The latter were first found in Sussex with Pellets, you see, who share the Coat of English Pilotte's while French Pilotte's are listed with Pilate's.

Then, the Pilate-like English Platters/PLAYTERs (possible Player variation), first found in Norfolk with Pratts and Flags (and Player-beloved Drops), share the three Pocklington/Pollington bends. This is new material because I haven't known the latter surname until now. The swan design once shown for French Josephs is in the Crest of German Platters/Plate's. Leafs/Leave's, with a Levi-like Leve variation, were first found in Norfolk too, and French Levi's share the Fly chevron.

The Pockets/Pouchers have the giant cinquefoil of Bus' and Porch's in colors reversed, and the latter two were likewise first found in Norfolk. Wikipedia's article of PORCius Cato says/said that he had property in Sabina (location of Rieti), and so it appears that his line is to the Porch's. Porcia's share the black boar with Bus-like Bush's. It just so happens that Pockets/Pouchers were first found in Lincolnshire with English Pilotte's. It all makes Pockets look like a branch from Pocklingtons.

It could have been the case that the Flavians of Rieti were related to Pontius Pilate, which may somehow explain why the Flavians continued to invade Israel upon coming to sit on the Roman throne. The Flags/Flecks were a branch of Fulke's (Norfolk again), and the latter are said to descend from Fulk III NERRA in particular while Nero, the Roman emperor before Flavius Vespasian (Vespasia's Polla's son), is the one who began the assault on Israel.

The Fleets share the double fesses of Flags/Flecks and Palmers (Norfolk again, with Pratts) while Palms share the Fulke fleur-de-lys. The Fleet-like Flatts/Fletts and Floats have the Pratt and Palmer trefoil in colors reversed. Fleetwoods were first found in Lancashire with English Plate's. There's a Belgian Fleck surname (version of Fulke Shield) to go with Belgian Pratts who in turn share the saltire of Brush's, first found in Suffolk with a Platter branch.

Houseofnames on the Brush's: "The word 'brush' was the same in Middle English as it is today, and the name was probably first given to a man who made brushes." Nice try, but Brush's share the Bruce saltire and motto. Maybe try resisting off-the-wall derivations like that, and instead seek similar surnames having the same symbolism.

Pollocks were at Glasgow, in Renfrewshire with the first-known Hamiltons who share the Bus cinquefoil i.e. the Pocket/Poucher Coat in colors reversed. The Lords in the Glasgow motto share the pheons of Pilate's, and it just so happens that Lords were first found in Suffolk with Pilate-like Platters and Plains/Platters. The latter probably got the Plain variation from Palins because they are in Plain/Platter colors and format, but note too that both have Chiefs in the colors and format of Levi-like Levins who in turn share the Saddock martlet.

Saddocks were first found in Sussex with Pellets while Pelletiers share the fesse-with-besants of English George's. The latter were first found in Dorset with Palins/Pawleys who are in turn highly suspect in the paw of Quints who in turn share the Chief of Palms, first found in Yorkshire with Pocklingtons/Pollingtons, the ones sharing the triple bends of Platters.

Pelletier's, wrongly derived in a fur/pelt hunter or something similar, are said to have been in Houssaye, and the Houssaye's/House's show nothing but "cabbage LEAVES". PELLETiers are said to have been at Ile-de-France too, where French Levi's were first found who share the Fly chevron. French Prude's/PRATs are in Fly colors while English and Irish Pratts, Fly kin, use PELLETs.

Cabbage's ("ReBUS" motto term) were first found in Northamptonshire with Lauds/Laudymans who can be shown as a branch of the Laud variation of Pilate-connectable Lords. The latter were first found in Suffolk with Plains/Platters who in turn nearly have the Cabbage Chief. Fulks of Anjou and Jerusalem birthed Geoffrey Plantagenet, and while Plantagenets are listed with Plants (London, beside English House's and Howe's), French Plants use "cabbages". I don't know the derivation of Cabbage variations.

Cabbage's were first found beside Flys whose chevron they share, yet as it's the Levi chevron too, the Cabbage lion can be the one of Jewish Levi's in colors reversed. Note that Jewish Levi's have two lions in so-called "pale," for Pale's/Palys were first found in Yorkshire with Pullys/Pullings/Pollings and Pocklingtons/Pollingtons. The Cabbage-beloved Hollys were first found in Norfolk again, even with the Crows sharing the camel head with Pale's/Palys. The Crow-branch Crawls (camel head) were first found in Oxfordshire with English House's, perfect with the cabbage leaves of French House's.

The Cabbage Chief not only shares the lion in the Chief of English Bakers, but the latter were first found in Norfolk with Fly-related Flags/Flecks sharing the Baker scallops. They are also the scallops of Samsons, the latter first found in Gloucestershire with Lady-like Letts/Late's who are in the Glasgow motto phrase, "Lord, let." And while Pollocks were at the Glasgow theater, German Bakers share the Coat of Jewish Pollocks. Letts/Late's have the Belgian Pratt saltire in colors reversed while Irish Pratts were first found in Norfolk with Bakers. Dutch Bakers have a leaf design used for the Houssaye/House "cabbage leaf." German Huls' have the Houssaye/House leaf upside-down and in colors reversed.

English House's, first found in Oxfordshire with Pocklington-branch Plocks, have variations looking like a branch of Howe's (Berkshire, beside English House's) who in turn share the fesse of French Prude's/PRATs. We are all over the dragon line of Vespasia Polla of Rieti here. Scottish Prude's/Pride's (Lanarkshire, beside Glasgow) have "lampreys" in PALE while French Preys/Duprays were first found in Auvergne with Prude's/Prats, and with MOLLets/Mullets who share the Prey/Dupray hunting horn. The second Pollock (Robert) married the daughter of Eschyna de MOLLE.

Irish Preys/Prays share the Chief of Drops/Trope's, first found in Norfolk with the Bakers who have the same Chief in black. Troops/Trupe's were first found beside the Rothes location of Pollocks. Preys/DuPrays share the bend of Pollock-line Pullys/Pullings/Pollins.

Then, English Prays/PRETers, sharing black wolf heads with Howe's, were likely a branch of Prets in the "pret" motto term of Morays, and Rothes is at Moray, where Bellys were first found expected in the "bello" motto term of Godfreys, first found in Auvergne with Prude's/Prats and Preys/Duprays. Bellys share the chevron of Dutch Bakers.

We're not done because Howe's have a Coat like the one of Cliffs, the latter first found in Shropshire with Saye's. Howe do your say, HousSAYE? Cliffs are said to have been at Mortone-Say in Shropshire, and Fulbert "the Saxon," father of the Pollocks, likely lived here with the Dol Alans whom he served. The bull head of Saye's is probably the black one used alternatively by flag-using McLeods/Clouds expected in the cloud above the House/Howes anchor. The Anchor Crest has the same bull head design (different color) as the Saye Crest. "Robert de Say held Moreton Say in 1255...[he] was a tenant of Robert de BULLer's..."

The House/Howes anchor is on what I expect to be "water" because Waters (compare with English Pasleys) were first found in Essex with Sarah's/SAYers and Pollock-related Peacocks. The latter's "Be" motto term can be for Bee's because they have the Saye quadrants in colors reversed, and because Bee's were first found in Oxfordshire with House's/Howes', but also with the Poussins having the triple fesses of Pasleys (Berkshire with Howe's and PACKers) in colors reversed. Pollocks were at Paisley while Paisleys/Pasleys share the anchor of Packs (Sussex with Pratt-beloved Pellets).

I still contend that VesPASIa Polla was named after the line that named Paisley-branch Pace's/Pasi's/Pascels. Passe's/Pascals, sharing the lion of Jewish Levi's, were first found in Essex with Peacocks. As "passe" is a motto term of Roet-related Rollo's, and as Roets with Reeds trace to a Rieti family, the black Rollo boar can be of the Porcia's i.e. from Porcius Cato of Sabina. Cato's/Chattans and Chatans share the bend of Pullys/Pullings and Preys/DuPrays.

Chatans, sharing the Auvergne tower, share the bend of Preys/DuPrays, first found in Auvergne. Chatans were first found in Poitou with SABINA's/Savards while English Savards are listed with Salfords who are in turn in the colors and format of CLIFFs. The Savard/Salford boar heads would be the Porcia boars in colors reversed. Salford of Lancashire was where RatCLIFFs were first found, making RATcliffs look like a Rieti line, especially as Rieti is also called, Rheat. Cliffs were at Mortone-Say, and says share the Ratcliffe bull head.

As Prey-connectable Mollets/Mullets were first found in Auvergne too, note that the latter surname shares the Hexagrams of Payens/Pagans who are in turn in Sabina/Savard colors and format.

I don't know what ails prophecy experts because the bulk of them can't figure out who the seven heads of Revelation 12, 13 and 17 are. Prophecy experts know Daniel prophecy very well, concerning the anti-Christ's evolution from ancient Roman powers, and yet they seem too blind to see that the seven heads of Revelation are the ten-minus-three kings of Daniel 7, identified by Daniel as Roman kings who precede the 11th king, the end-time anti-Christ.

What ails these prophecy experts that they are too dull to see that the 11th king of Daniel is the 8th head of Revelation 17? They bind and blind themselves by insisting that the ten-minus-three kings are of the end times, not of ancient Rome. Why do they take such a position so dogmatically when Revelation 17 seeks to sway them otherwise? Why can't the ten-minus-three be of ancient Rome? Why don't the experts allow that as a possibility? It's possibly because the beast of Revelation 13 has ten crowns on ten horns while the near-same beast of Revelation 12 instead has seven crowns on his seven heads. One can be sure that the beast of chapter 13 is an end-time character, wherefore he seems to have ten kings allied with him.

However, I argue that the ten-minus-three kings, which are given by Daniel as 10 "horns" too, are the seven heads of the beast in chapter 12. I don't get bothered where Revelation has them as "heads" while Daniel has them as "horns." I don't confuse the ten-minus-three horns with the ten horns of chapter 13. And there's a reason to distinguish them, because chapter 17 has the 6th head ruling Rome when Revelation was written.

Do the right thing: view the beast of Revelation 12 as the first-century arrival of satan...from which he evolves, or comes again, as the end-time beast of chapter 13. See the chapter-12 beast as the one trying to swallow Jesus in the first century while in control of the Roman empire which had swallowed Israel. That's why it has seven crowns on its seven heads, because they pertain to ancient Rome. Revelation 17 says that the beast was, then was not in power, then comes again as the 8th head. What is there to misunderstand about this? Revelation 17 has a gap of unknown time between ancient Rome and end-time Rome. The beast was in power, and will come again in similar power after the gap of time.

We need to identify the seven Roman emperors from the clues given in chapter 17. It tells us that five are fallen from power, and that the 6th is in power. Who was in power when revelation was written? I don't know how prophecy writers have figured that Revelation was written in 90-95 AD, but it works because the 6th king, Domitian, was ruling at that time, up until 96 AD. It works because the text gives a further clue: the 7th rules for a "short" time, and indeed emperor Nerva, who followed Domitian, ruled only until 98 AD.

I'm not brilliant at all to have figured out who the 6th king was. But what ails the prophecy experts that they remain blind to this day? Should they be picking cotton instead of writing Bible books? Domitian was a grandson of Vespasia Polla.

Yes, they need to go do some brainless work like picking cotton, because they are not suitable for opening up the prophetic meanings that have been Intended by God for opening up. Surely, if they are experts in prophecy, they have heard that three Roman emperors in succession, all in 69 AD, were uprooted from their thrones to pave the way for Vespasian, son of Vespasia Polla and father of Domitian. These prophecy experts even claim that Daniel's three horns will be uprooted, removed from power, and so what ails them that they can't identify them as the three of 69 AD?

Do they have brains enough to work backward from Domitian the 6th? Yes, even a cotton picker can do this with his eyes closed. Titus, Domitian's brother, becomes the 5th head, and Vespasian, Titus' father, was the 4th head, and then, skipping the three uprooted ones, Nero becomes the 3rd head, Claudius the 2nd head. Gaius Caesar (Caligula) becomes the 1st head; his mother, Agrippina, was a granddaughter of emperor Augustus Caesar, and Agrippina's daughter, Agrippina the Younger, was emperor Nero's mother. The elder Agrippina was daughter to Marcus Vipsanius Agrippa, and his Wikipedia article tells that he met Augustus Caesar at Apollonia, smack beside Aulon (Epirus) of the proto-Alans of Brittany's Dol, and also beside Bullis.

It's possible to trace emperor Claudius to Clauds because they share the acorns of French Maurels/Morels, the latter first found in Brittany with the same-colored Nerets while Nero's are also Neretti's. Claud-like Glads share the Saluzzo Coat, and while I've shown how Saluzzo elements go to Sabina, Clauds are in Sabina/Savard colors and format.

The Sabina/Savard besants are indication of the Bassianus line, from Julius Bassianus, nephew of Julius AGRIPPa. Bassianus' daughter married emperor SEVERus, the line to Saffers and Severs/Savers (same place as Bullis-connectable Bulls). This is easy to figure because Saffers (Devon with Billets) share a "vita" motto term with Billet-branch Bellows while Bassianus' other daughter married Julius AVITus, and Vita's even share the Sever/Saver annulet.

The Moors in the Moor head of Bullers could be of the Morels / Morleys. Repeat from above: "Bullers share the motto of Drake's (Hampshire with Flys) who in turn translate their 'muscas' motto term as 'fly.'" Muscas' were first found in Pisa (near Italian Fulks), beside the first-known Nero's of Lucca, and Lucca's are highly suspect with a cat for the line of Porcius Cato. The Fulke's, said to be from Fulk Nerra, were first found in Norfolk with Lucca-branch Luce's/Lucys, and with the cat-using Catch's/Catchers in the "fly-catcher" phrase of the translated Drake motto.

The Italian Fulks almost have the Coat of Massi's/Mattis' while Mathis-related Chives' of TARVES look like they share the Muscas cat. Tarvisium is where Vita's were first found. The eagles of Fulks and Massi'/Mattis' are shared by Dutch Tromps who in turn share the Claud and Maurel/Morel acorns. English Morels share the bend of Keeps, the latter first found in Sussex with Acorns and Bone's. The Bono's in the English Morel motto were first found in Milan with Italian Maurels/Maurino's and Gallia's. Gay-branch Galli's share the Alan Chief, making Gays a possible line from Gaius Caesar. Muscas' are in the Drake motto with Aquila's who in turn share the Coat of Italian Este's expected in the "esto" motto term of English Morels.

I trace Bassianus' (2nd century AD) to Quadratilla Bassus (1st-2nd century AD), wife of Lupus LAEVILLus, and then Julia Livilla was a daughter of Agrippina the elder, sister of Gaius Caesar. This makes it possible that Julius Bassianus, known with an Agrippa ancestry, was descended from Agrippina. I assume that Bassianus' mother was the sister of Julius Agrippa. Bassianus' daughter, Julia Maesa, must have married a Mr. Maesa aside from Mr. Avitus, and as king Gaia of Numidia was from a Maesa-like people group, perhaps Gaius Caesar, brother of Julia Livilla above, was named after a line from king Gaia.

The Maezaei Illyrians lived beside the Ceraunii while Aulon was at the Ceraunii mountains. It's interesting that while Maurels/Maurino's look related to English Bute's/Butts, I claim that the island of Bute was the mythical Avalon, named in honor of the Alans of Aulon, also called Avlona. Alans were kin of Velins and Velens while Rieti is near the Velino river, and Mont Velino is off the Salto river not far south of Rieti.

God's Bank-Up Job

Dr. John Campbell continues to bang-up the vaccine companies on youtube, but I don't think he's passionate enough, likely because he's afraid that youtube will cancel him:

In the video above, there's a clip of Rand Paul (partially a COVID idiot himself) making an idiot out of Moderna's Mr. BANCel. My sleeping-bag dream had a MOTORbike rider coming down a BANK (hill), and the motorbike was suggested as a pointer to MODERna. So, yes, it works, yet that bank / hill also pointed to Hillary Rodham Clinton in at least three ways. Why her? What dibs might she have in Moderna? The dream suggested that AIDS was the vaccine product, and indeed AIDS is defined as the weakening / eradication of the immune system. A recent, peer-reviewed study by the Cleveland Clinic showed that people were increasingly susceptible to catching a virus with the increasing number of COVID "vaccines". One logical explanation is that the vaccines hack away at the immune system's defense capabilities.

The rider on the motorbike was David Morley, and Morley-branch Morlands share the fleur-de-lys of Banks, which David-related Aids/Ade's (same place as Rodhams and MalBANKs) place in their Crest.

The trick is to figure out how the Bancels, listed with Bans/Bants/Bauns, figure into the sleeping bag dream. They show only oak leaves in the colors of the Banes wolf head. As it turns out, Bancel-like Buncle's, in the colors and format of the Morley leopard FACES, were first found in Berwickshire with Aids/Ade's, Rodhams and MalBanks. Behind the Morley leopard faces are the three fleur-de-lys of vaccine-like Vychans/Vaughns, first found in Shropshire with Sleap of the Sleeps, which is beside the first-known Morleys of Derbyshire. The MORLand fleur is gold, the color of the French MAUREL fleur.

The Buncle-like look of Bancel's surname is amazing where Hangers/Angers and Angers both use a so-called "escarBUNCLE." Angers have a blue-lozenge Coat version of the Graff-beloved Anchors, you see (aside from one color, the Coats are identical). Intelligent Design is apparently revealing that Moderna vaccines have (or had) graphene.

The Anchor bull head is red like the Vacca and Pack bull, and Packs use the anchor in Anger colors and format (Coats are identical aside from the one symbol type). INTELLIGENT DESIGN. Stay away from Moderna vaccines. Buncle's are in Bank colors, and Banks share the fleur-de-lys of Flys, the latter first found in Hampshire with Hangers/Angers. Can flies laying eggs on bull crap give us AIDS if the bull was vaccinated, if the fly then walks on your food?

On Friday evening, a video was downloaded telling about "graphene QUANTum dots" for human bodies, and so I checked to see whether Quants were listed with Quints. Yes. Dots, first found in Cheshire with Davids, share "copia" with Davids. This is an excellent pointer to La Quinta Columna because Davids were from king David I, son of Malcolm III while Malcolms list Columns. David's son, Henry of Huntingdon, married ADa of Warenne, which I claim explains why the David Coat is similar to the Aids/Ade Coat.

The "copia CAUTus" motto phrase of Dots suggests the Cautes variation of French COTTONs/Cotta's because English Cottons, with Anchor- / Hanger-like "HANKs of cotton," were first found in Huntingdonshire with Ada of Warenne.

The "copia" motto term gets us to Cups/Cope's, first found in Aberdeenshire with Leslie's who not only have a "Grip" motto term, but share gold buckles with Buncle's. Bunks/Bungeys were first found in Suffolk with Buckle's. As Leslie's are in Banker/Bunker/Bencher colors and format, Buncels may have been a Bank / Bunker branch in what we might glean as a pointer to the international Rothschild bankers gearing up to foist upon us a skincode system of purchasing. Hicks', likely named after the Hyksos people group possibly adopting a six symbol, and sharing the fleur-de-lys of Bunch's, use the head of a "buck," as might the Hex's/Hecks. The Hicks "chaplet" is in use also by Saxons with a six-theme Sexton variation.

Buckle's were first found in both Suffolk and Sussex with early-line Warrens. Sussex is where Bone's were first found who can explain the Bone-like look of Buncle variations. Buckle-branch Buckleys were first found in Cheshire with Dots, Malls/MarlyBONE's, and Eatings/Eatons.

Suffolk is where Eaton-connectable Edons were first found, and here we can take it to the Bings with a Bank-like Bang variation because they have the Eating/Eaton quadrants in colors reversed. Plus, Bingleys, sharing the double fesses of Flags/Flecks, were first found in Yorkshire with Banks who in turn share the fleur-de-lys of the Flys of FLAGi. The Bingleys even share the pheon of Nickle, first found in Cheshire yet again. Yorkshire is where Morleys/MAULs were first found while Banks share the fleur-de-lys of Morley-branch Morlands. Therefore, the sleeping-bag dream is connecting to the vice-grip dream of this week through the Bank-connectable Bings/Bangs.

Bings/Bangs look related by their Coat to Keele's/Kills, first found in Lincolnshire with the Cotton-related Hanks, and I've just found the Hankers (not familiar with them) with a version of the Anchor Coat. The thing is, Hankers, first found in Oxfordshire with Clintons, essentially have a red-Chief version of the Clinton Chief. The red centers of the two Clinton stars (five points) can now be understood with the red centers of the two Hanker hexagrams.

The HanACRE variation of Hankers can reveal that Anchor liners had married the Dagger-branch Acre's, and one can take it from here to the acorn using Ackers, and then to Acorns, first found in Sussex with the VICE's who share their stag head! This new find comes smack-dab in the middle of connecting the sleeping bag dream to the VICE-grip dream. The same stag head is with Needhams, first found in Derbyshire with English Morleys. Needhams have a "phoenix" while Phoenix's/Fenwicks were first found in Northumberland with MalBanks and their Rodham kin.

HANacre's recalls the Hens, first found in Sussex with Acorns while Acre-like Ackers use acorns. I had linked Hens earlier to Drigs, first found in Cumberland with Acre's and Quints. Hens were taken from the Capone write-up, and Acre's share the June fleur while Junia Caepionis was the granddaughter of Quintus Caepio the younger.

Why does there seem to be a pointer to HILLARY Rodham Clinton in the midst of these pointers to poison vaccines? Hillarys, sharing the six fitchees of Clintons, were first found in Worcestershire with Hills and the CLENT Hills, and while Clents are Clints too, the bank off the side of the ROAD is also a hill. Clents/Clints share the three sheaves of Edons, who are also Eadons, and while EADNoth is said (Harding write-up) to have been the ancestor of Hardings, David Morley lived on Harding when I knew him, seemingly important because Hardings are in Leslie colors and format. Morley-connectable Marlys share the bend of Gripps suspect in the Leslie motto.

David Morley the motorbike rider rode onto the bank from a ROAD, and Aids/Ade's are in RODham colors and format while Rodhams (Northumberland with Malbanks) share the ermined bend of MalBANKs. Opposite the road from the bank was the parking lot of a mall, and English Malls/MARLYbone's (Cheshire with Davids and Dots) have the Malbancs in their write-up. OBVIOUS INTELLIGENT DESIGN to make the dream's particulars fit heraldic connections.

Malls/Marlybone's were first found in Cheshire with Marlys and Marble's, and while the latter share the giant griffin of Graffin-like Griffins, Morley-like Marlys (named Morlaix) share the bend of Graff-like Gripps/Grapps. Therefore, the sleeping bag dream even points to graphene-oxide in this way. As I said, I wouldn't have known that David Morley had a motorbike unless he had visited me with it, on the last occasion that I saw him, with his wife, CAROL, on the back, when I lived on MARLin court. Carols share the giant Kingston lion.

Northumberland is also where Hebrons were first found while I trace Anchors/Annackers to the Anaki of Hebron in ancient Israel. If correct, Anaki are to the Cotton-Hank family in HUNTingdonshire, making Cottons suspect with the Biblical Keturah, then noting how French Cottons are also Cottards while Cotters were first found in Oxfordshire with Hankers. Hunts/Hunters were first found in Shropshire with BAGleys, and with the Sleap location of Sleeps, begging how the sleeping bag on a hill or bank off of a road can point to Abraham and Keturah in Hebron. Bagley-related and Road-like Roots were first found in Kent with Sleeps and Bings/Bangs.

Sleeps are from the SELEPitanoi Illyrians at the Rhizon theater, smack beside Keturah-line Kotor. The Sleeps/Sleaps have the Coat of French Achers in colors reversed while English Ackers/Achers are in the colors and format of Salemans/Salians, first found in Surrey, home of the father of Ada of Warenne. Amazingly, while Hagar was Abraham's concubine, French Achers are also Achards, like the Hagard variation of Hagars who in turn share the hexagram of Kate's/KATTERbachs.

Warrens were first found in Sussex with Hams using a Saleman-like "salmon," and this fish is in the colors of the three fish of Pfizer-like Fisers with a Vise-like Visser variation while Vise's/VICE's were first found in Sussex with Hams! The vice-grips. Salmons even have "Salmons in CATERham, county Surrey".

Salmons were even first found in Cumberland and Surrey, and Cumberland is where Daggers and Acre's/Ackers were first found with Quints/QUANTs (share STAFFORD chevron). The latter point to quantum dots, something that might be engaged at GRIP Molecular. Quintus Caepio was grandfather to JUNia Caepionis, and June's (STAFFORDshire) share the fleur of Acre's/Ackers (Cumberland with Scottish Dyke's).

Acre's/Ackers have an Egger-like Eaker variation, and Dots are said to have been found at Edge while Eggs/Edge's were once said to be first found in Cheshire with Eggertons, excellent because Eggs/Edge's can be gleaned as a branch of ICE's/Ecco's/Icke's (perhaps we are to stay away from ice-cream because it's a cow product). Eggs/Edge's are now said to be first found in Worcestershire with the Square's/Squire's sharing the red squirrel with Decks/Daggers and Dice-like Dyke's, excellent because Quinta's use dice. The Dutch Dyke's with the squirrel also share the Bull/Bule annulets. This paragraph discovers that Diss'/Dice's were from the Dexaroi and AntiPATRia, tending to explain why they named Diss, in Norfolk with the first-known Patricks.

It's interesting that Augers/Eagers/ETCHes' share the lion of Anchor-loving Graffs/Graffins/Gravs while Diss'/Dice's share the Grave/Greaf eagle. Anchor-loving Packs can be a branch of Polish Packs in turn sharing the lone fleur-de-lys of the other Dutch Dyke's, and it's the fleur also of Decks/Daggers, shared even by Palms (three of them) while the latter share the Quint/Quant Chief. The Packs are suspect in the Coat of Italian Martins/Martinelli's while English Martins share the Coat of French Achers. Ms. Martinelli worked with graphene-oxide for La Quinta Columna.

Aside from the unicorn head, the dove-using Mardins/Marsdens are in the colors and format of Aids'/Ade's, and the latter were first found in Berwickshire with Dove's. The neighboring, dove-using Waistells were in the sleeping bag dream with Miss Peare's waist. Marlins share the Dot MARTLets while MARTELs were first found in Gascony with French Martins. Emailer-Patterson is a Martin on one side, and Pattersons/Cussane's share the Mars/Mere/More scallops. "Mars" is a Mardin/Marsden motto term, and this surname named Marsden in Yorkshire, where same-colored Scottish Mars were first found. Emailer-Patterson gave us the Caepio bloodline as a pointer now, I feel sure, to La Quinta Columna.

The red drops covering the Patterson/Cussane Shield are on the Mardin/Marsden unicorn head, and while red drops are "sang," English Singers/Sangers were first found in Devon with the Sodans/Sowdens who, because they have the Patterson/Cussane scallops in colors reversed, look related to the Sodhans in the Patterson/Cussane write-up. Moreover, German Sangs/Sangers share the Weis/Wise hexagrams while English Wise's were first found in Devon too.

The "SPECTemur" motto term of Augers/Eagers can be for the Speck-branch Speccots, and Specks list Spike's as a potential pointer to spike proTEIN. Peare-related Teins/Tiens' are in the "Tiens" motto term of Square's/Squire's. Miss Peare's waist pointed to the Waistell-beloved Gallops, first found in Dorset with the George's sharing the blue dove with Waistells, and moreover Gallops, with a "wyse" motto term, have a gold-bend version of the David Coat. The Waistell horse is said to be on a "gallop."

Waistell-like Vestalis was the son of king Cottius, and as such he is expected to/from the Cotta's/Cottons while English Cottons were first found in Huntingdonshire with the David / Aids/Ade bloodline. While Aids'/Ade's were first found in Berwickshire with Aytons/AITons, the Eaton-like Eytons/Eitons, with a blue-Shield version of the David Coat, were first found in Shropshire with Sleap, beside the first-known Eatons. Once again, the chicken vice-grips are connecting to the sleeping bag dream.

The Dots are also Dods while the DOD, the Department of Defence, is the organization that foisted the COVID vaccines in Trump's Warp Speed program...likely because the DOD invented the poisons (including Remdesivir) that were planned for the masses. Quantum DOTs.

The bank upon which Morley rode a circle also pointed to Rhodian globalists and thus likely to international bankers. Bankers/Benchers are even in the colors and format of Leslie's, Rothschild ancestors.


This Creationist scientist has his philosophy all figured out:

The video above belongs in the news section because the news of the day includes the victory of Creationsists over the rock-headed evolutionist goons. Never respect a God-killer, never betray God by respecting a God-hater. The evolutionist who is God's enemy should be made, by you, your enemy.

Be good to your enemy so that you don't become evil like your enemy. Rejoice when evolutionists are made to appear like fools, because if they were to win this fight, they be kill you if they could. And when they lose this fight, they will kill you to regain their status. The purpose of evolution has always been to wipe Christianity from the earth, and we are God's thorns in their faces. Therefore, be a biting thorn. It is unbearable for the enemy to see you rejoicing about the Victory you have over him. The sting of death is another thorn Prepared for them.

Let me thank the most passionate evolutionist for being such a fool as to facilitate belief in the existence of a Creator. I want to thank the evolutionist for demanding that God cannot enter his science, for by this foolishness he has given the Creationist the higher platform by far. By that foolishness he shows how closed his mind is to the obvious, and for this reason he shows himself unworthy to handle science. If one defines science as an endeavor to explain existence apart from a Creator, then he exposes that his scientific endeavors are unscientific. But the worthy scientist follows the science wherever it leads, not restricting it at the outset to a Creatorless universe. The one who does not entertain a Creator for his scientific endeavors shows himself as an abuser of science for the express purpose of making it "prove" a Creatorless universe. The definition of such a man is a trashy fool, and when his "science" gets into the minds of the masses, he begets societal trash.

The following video is 666-interesting. As you watch, ask: who decided that an hour should be broken up into 60 x 60 seconds, or that there should be 24 hours in a day?? Couldn't seconds have been made longer so that there would be fewer per minute, and fewer per hour, and couldn't minutes have been made longer to get fewer per hour, fewer per day?

"The Ancient Babylonians take credit for the hour being made up of 60 minutes. For reasons that remain unclear, they used a base 60 system of counting. They also divided the circle into 360 parts [60 x 6], which the Ancient Greeks built upon when they tried to divide the Earth into 360 lines of longitude and latitude",lines%20of%20longitude%20and%20latitude.

If there were 50 seconds to a minute and 50 minutes to an hour, the day would have 34.56 hours, making a mess of a clock. On the other hand, if the second were made 1.44 longer than it is now, the 50-50 system would get 20 hours per day exactly. The clock would then have 10 numbers instead of 12, no problem.

Fifty new seconds of 1.44 second each becomes 72 seconds (as we measure seconds), and so the new minute becomes 72 seconds long but counted only as 50. That's 72 x 50 = 3,600 of the present seconds per hour, same as 60 x 60 = 3,600 on our present clock. We want 50 of those new minutes on the clock instead of 60. As there are 1,440 minutes per day as we know minutes, we divide 1,440 by 72 to get 20 hours exactly per day on the 50-50 clock. Why did mankind choose a 60-60 clock?

They didn't get the 60-60 system from first inventing the length of a second, but rather the duration of a second turned out to whatever was dictated by the 60-60 clock. They chose 24 hours per day each of 60 minutes, and a second was invented too, at 1/60th of a minute.

When I heard that Oprah Winfrey bought hundreds of acres, this year, in Maui, the first thought coming to mind is that the in-the-know elite are preparing alternative homes off the American mainland because they know some form of destruction has been planned for it. But there could be other explanations.

Here's a suspicious thing concerning the Maui police:

After seeing a half-dozen videos, I'm convinced that this fire was set by the government. It looks like Schwabite goonery, same agenda as the setting of canadian forest fires with facilitation from the Liberal government. This week, forests in one of the most-prized regions of British Columbia, Kelowna, was burning, a heavily Conservative region. The destroyers are having fun, but God gives them their limits of harming, and in the end they won't be laughing but rather screeching. They want us to be afraid of them, but Jesus said not to fear.

If your entire house burns down, keep your soul, remain in Jesus. The suffering of a Christian has an end, their suffering won't. A Christian has Help in suffering, a Helper in a crisis. The anti-Christ bully, the gangster in high places, has a cold-metal sky. trudeau's brother got no Help when he was buried in an avalanche. trudeau should contemplate on that.

The video below shows what looks like a laser beam from a satellite or plane, striking the ground in Maui; you decide whether it's authentic footage or not:

Maybe now we know how one third of all trees and grass will get burnt up, as God permits evil people in power to punish the sinful masses. In the end, He destroys the destroyers. That's how the end-times are framed in prophecy.

No sirens during the in-coming fires. No sign of the in-coming fire. No water in the fire hydrants while the place was burning. Nobody allowed to flee. God will surely punish these terrorists. There's no way a fire from the outside, in a normal situation, could have overtaken many people in the Lahaina community so that they died there. Forest fires move slow, even in windy conditions. There was plenty of time to flee, if indeed this was from a forest fire. But it was not from a forest fire. What burned the place down, do you think? At who's command?

The first speaker in this video is Mike Cicchino. AP (pro-globalist trash) has a story on him: "Mike Cicchino thought hed drive to the hardware store for a generator. He turned off his street, and in an instant, his Lahaina neighborhood seemed to spiral into a war zone. 'When I turned that corner, I see pandemonium,' he said. 'I see people running and grabbing their babies and screaming and jumping in their cars.'" How can a fire move that fast, that people further up the street can't warn people further down the street? If the fire comes from above, from sky weaponry, that sudden crisis can be well-explained.

Hawaii used an excuse not to sound the coastal sirens, but doesn't Hawaii have helicopters to warn communities when fires are yet ten miles away??? Yes. Did Hawaii contribute to this mass-murder? Yes. See this:

Hawaii media was trying to convince the people that a downed power line (from the wind) in dry grass is what started the fires. But I'm having trouble understanding how an electrical wire produces enough heat in the wind to ignite grass. Power lines carry low amps at high voltage, and it's amps that cause heat. High volts cause easy sparks to any electrical conductor, but dry grass is not a super-conductor. Besides, the wind quickly disperses the heat from any one spark, and grass needs better than 300C degrees to ignite. "Ignition can occur at surface temperatures [of a hot object] as low as 300 C, if the vegetation is in contact with the surface for 10 minutes or longer. At surface temperatures of 400 C, ignition can occur in 3 minutes,..." I don't see how continuous sparks, even in a summer Hawaii wind, can get grass up to 50C.

Consistent with reports, the wind was constant on that day, not with intermittent breezes. A wind of only 30 miles per hour is 44 feet per second. If there are even four sparks per second, the wind will have blown the tiny heat of a spark 11 feet away from the grass by the time of the next spark. How can heat build up on the grass, next to the exposed wire end, in a situation like that? Their problem is, they appeal to the wind to invent this fire-causing scenario with a wind-downed power wire, yet the wind denies the possibility of a fire starting in the first place. With 40 sparks per second, heat from each spark would be more than one foot away by the time of the next spark.

How can a forest fire a few miles away get into a community without anyone driving in to warn the people whose driving by the community to make his own escape? If that happened, word of mouth would do the rest, neighbor-to-neighbor. If it was windy, smoke would be seen and smelled with the fire yet far off, but Cicchino makes it sound as though the fire was simply suddenly upon them.

The Highwire show says that some people died in their cars???? How can that happen? If you see a fire a quarter mile away, don't you drive or walk the other way? Yes, but we've seen pictures from the air where an entire community is surrounded by a circle of fire. I don't believe that such a thing can be a natural event. People that see houses burning their way don't get into their car and just wait to be cooked, unless the fire surrounds them in a circle. For some time, it'll be cooler in the car than in the open air as the houses burn nearer.

Below, at the 3rd minute, note the book that was written before Maui burned, about Maui burning. One can glean what the scheme was, in large part, from this book's bullet points. Some of the realities on the ground did not go as this book states it did, because the book was written before the fire to create the narrative for the people to swallow. Take note at how many congresspeople will simply ignore this event's unusual circumstances, not pointing the finger at the government.

It means that we are ripe for suffering persecution just as fast as they choose to bring it. It may mean that we should not hearken to flag-waving Christian nationalists who see an end to this strife by their own devices, without the return of Jesus to end it. Beware those who say, "we are winning," for prophecy paints the opposite picture. Instead, say, "we will win when Jesus returns."

So, what we see in the early part of the video is a book pretending to care about the greenhouse effect, yet the ones behind the fires are creating a lot of CO2 by burning forests to the ground. Why? Because they are lunatics possessed of demons who have no regard for human well-being.

Unfortunately, we as Christians are not permitted to shoot them in cold blood, but maybe others will finally get round to doing a few, send the others a strong message. How many homes have they burned down to date, and how many more will they burn in the next year alone?

What would you think if your house burned down, yet the government disallowed you to rebuild on the property, or even to sell it? That's what's going on in Maui, and it's illegal. The government is a racketeer. The government thinks it owns your property. A whack to the face of the government is called for:

You have no cash; all you have is the value of your burnt property, but you are not allowed to cash it in order to rent a home elsewhere. That's not the expectation from normal government operators. So, yes, this appears like a land grab, and the message going out is: you will own nothing. The excuse the Hawaiian government is using to disallow the selling of properties is to prevent "predatory behavior," exactly what the government is guilty of. The government is calling the would-be buyer of a Maui property a "predator."

The modern government wants to be daddy-knows-best with your property, and wants to ask the courts to change laws to allow it to act as daddy-knows-best with the properties of others. Why won't the government allow property owners sell to other Americans in good standing? How's that "predatory."

Or, if more than half the property owners have insurance, why won't the government simply allow them to rebuild? Or, if the owners have money enough to rebuild even without insurance money, why can't they rebuild on this land that was once a housing community? There should be no reason i.e. the government is making excuses, and is thus showing itself guilty of burning the place.

This story has made it to the Highwire, and the homeowners now get to have their say up against the government-say:

Before you're at the 10th minute above, it becomes obvious that the government wanted no people to escape to tell of the details of the murderous event.

Here's how slow a forest fire moves toward a city, with plenty of time to get away:

This guy says it all on Hawaiian-government guilt, but who told Hawaii to act in this way:

The American vaccine goons are gearing up to muck with your head, starting now:

Expect the American machine to inflate the true number of people getting vaccinated, and expect the media to fake long lines of people at vaccination centers, where the people in line are paid to be there to fool viewers into thinking that vaccination is popular.

Christian persecution in the planning by American Intelligence:

The diabolical, utterly-insane, Liberal government of canada wants parents everywhere to despise them. The Liberals are intent on owning children from the time they get into school. They apparently are prepared to ask judges to give them authority over parental will. The solution has, for a long time, been: get your kids out of public school. People, no matter what the age, are NEVER owned by the state, but parents legally have ownership of children. You have a right to be steaming hateful toward this Liberal policy.

New trouble for the Biden crime family:

Just think of how the United States has come to have the worst sort of humans as presidents ever since George Bush Sr.

Uh-oh, the pro-abortion whale lovers are going to war, but only maybe, against the ugly Schwabites, the male counterparts of ugly feminists:

If you got this far, maybe you can enjoy this Eric Metaxas' presentation on Creationism; I really liked this:

I loved the way Eric made the contrast between an evolutionist's world view (more than dim) and one where an unimaginable Creator cares for wee-wee us. We are so lucky, in other words, to have a God like this who even destroys our mortal enemies so that we can run the universe the Right Way. Amen?

When someone asks you why God allows suffering, say: because mankind is trash, what can't you understand about that? When the airplane is filled with atheists, and when it's about to crash, why should God come running to spare them the suffering they are enduring? Did God put them onto that plane? No, but the trash stepped foot into it all by themselves, alone without an Insurance Policy. But if there is even one person on the plane whom God loves, who cries out, "Lord please, don't let us crash," God comes RUNNING to please that treasure. Trash versus treasure, which do you want to be?

But even for Christian treasure, there is suffering, sometimes to the brink of unbearable, and to each one there is appointed one death because, for each one, it's surprise day. It's a scary day when we don't know which kind of surprise we will get. But when we face death, or any trouble, we should cry out to God, like the thief on the cross did. The wise choice is to soften the heart, not keep it hard against God. Be soft, be appreciative, be treasure. Be unthankful, be mean, be trash.


Here's all four Gospels wrapped into one story.

For Some Prophetic Proof for Jesus as the Predicted Son of God.
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