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January 1 - 9, 2023

My New Shampoo Dream

If you're waiting for Jesus to return, see Post-Tribulation Rapture

It was nice while it lasted. Hall of Names is no longer showing the descriptions of the Coats of Arms presented at House of Names, but I have many of them recorded in my past updates from which to borrow.

Not long ago, I experienced a deep / thick sense of brokenness. I don't remember the reason, but it wasn't to do with some worldly thing. It was a brokenness akin to how I think Jesus' heart feels toward the human race. I wanted to write about it not knowing exactly how to describe it, and I still can't describe it, but it really gave me a good glimpse, I think, of Jesus' heart.

I think God "loved the world so much," not because the world was wonderful toward Him, but on account of what man could become, WILLING to become sons of God, willing to appreciate God's honest ways. It is for these whom He sent His own Son to become mortalized, to be the bridge between God and anyone who would side with Jesus. It's the start of something that is partly a taking out the trash. Get rid of the trash, then start a new thing on earth.

Regrettably, there are people who prefer to know truths, who would look with disdain on the dishonesty of professionals, and yet these truthers care not to know God. I lump them into the "good guys," a phrase I use often, who are helpful in alleviating the powers of the anti-Christs, but by "good guys" I don't mean that all are Christians. Some of the good guys might call themselves "Christian" because they like Christian morals, yet they care not to call out to God, to know Him, to apologize to Him for their sinfulness, to be broken on account of their rebellion toward Him.

Those of you who have become broken before Him, you know what I'm talking about when I say a "new thing." You became a new thing, when you saw for the first time. Keep on the same track as when you started. Go further along that road. Think about what you can do between you and God to make him happier about you in whatever situation you find yourself. Bless His heart with the ways of our heart, and your decisions, because that's the best thanks we can offer Him.

The attorney general of the Virgin Islands wanted to be in court against monster, JPMorgan Chase bank, for wink-wink support (or more) to Jeffrey Epstein...and then this attorney general was fired very-presumably to protect the Epstein ring. What could stink of Hell more than this?

On December 27th, a bombshell lawsuit was filed in Manhattan federal court against JPMorgan Chase, in which a federal prosecutor alleged that the country’s largest bank “knowingly, negligently, and unlawfully provided and pulled the levers through which recruiters and victims were paid and was indispensable to the operation and concealment of the Epstein trafficking enterprise.”

Notably, President Joe Biden arrived in the U.S. Virgin Islands (USVI), where the lawsuit originated through its attorney general’s office, that very same day for a pre-planned vacation. Just 3 days later, on New Year’s Eve, the USVI attorney general was swiftly dismissed by Democrat politician Albert Bryan, the governor of the Virgin Islands.

JP Morgan was part of Morgan Stanley while Stanleys have the Changers (Hampshire with Chase's and Cassane's) in their motto who essentially have the triple fesses of Chase-line Casino's while Epsteins share the triple chevrons of Cassane's and Muschats, the latter first found in Essex with Change-like Chance's who in turn share the patonce cross of Chase's. On top of that, Muschat-like Muscats/Musks (triple chevrons) have lion heads in the colors of the giant Virgin lion.

To follow better, load Stanleys now to load and view other surnames on another Internet tab.

The Stanley surname, sharing the Knee bend, first came to topic when a certain Stanley sat beside Mrs. Kilpatrick when our church put on a 9-11 memorial on September 11, 2002. She got a knee symbol that night that linked to her knee symbol on a Sleeping Beauty dream that I claim was set on Jeffrey Epstein's island, giving reason to believe that Epstein's handlers were the ones who set up 9-11.

Just after Stanley got up from his seat beside Mrs Kilpatrick, taking the U.S. FLAG with him to the stage, I went over to her and asked, "Is that your buddy?" Biden-connectable Buddys/Botters were first found in Hampshire with Bidens/Budins and Chase's, Casino's and Cassane's (share Epstein Coat), and KilPATRicks (share drops with Patterson/Cassane's) were from the same historical source as Pattersons/Cassane's, from Antipatria upon the APSus river (flows down to Fier country), a peoples of which named the Apps/EPPs surname, first found in Middlesex with Fiers, and with Stanley-like Stan/Stains who in turn share the double fesses of FLAGs. Stanley was holding the flag even as he sat beside Mrs. Kilpatrick.

We're not done with the apparent connections. Flags, sharing white scallops with Pattersons/Cassane's, were first found in Norfolk with the Comyns/Comings (share dagger with Kilpatricks) and Haydens (share Beauty bull), and then Hayden-branch Hats/Hades', first found in Dorset with Beautys and Russells, share the wreath with Stans/Stains and dagger-using Mackays. Russells (beside Cassane's), sharing the Flag scallops, almost have the Patterson/Cassane Chief. Comyns/Comine's were from "Kuman" in Fier county on/near the Apsus river, and I claim that Antipatria was named by king Antipater, father of king Cassander, explaining the Cassandra variation of Cassane's.

I'm not sure what the Stans/Stains call their wreath, but as they were once said to be first found in Yorkshire with Hicks', we can add that the latter call their wreath a "chaplet" while Chaplets were first found in Lorraine while Lorraine, my old RUSSELLIte date, had a pant-stain symbol that pointed to Barrs of Lorraine's Barois, and it just so happens that the father of Bill Barr was the principle of a Dalton school when a young Jeffrey Epstein was hired there as a teacher. Barrs share the Italian Este Coat while English Hesse-like Este's were first found in Essex with Epstein-connectable Waters and Chance's. Epsteins were first found in Hesse, and the Hesse/Huss' sun is shared by French Chance's, bringing us back to the Chase bloodline.

The attorney general of the Virgin Islands was accusing JPMorgan Chase of crime with Epstein (see video in news section), and the governor proved it was true by removing the attorney general. Lorraine's are most-excellent here because they and Asty shave the Morgan lion in colors reversed while Astys were first found in Lorraine-connectable Lanarkshire with Caseys. We'll come to Caseys again, but let's add that while Trump was a bulldog, in the Sleeping Beauty dream, swallowed by a shark, the Sharks were from Saracena, beside Morano (Moor heads), and Morano's share the Moor head with Irish Moors who in turn share the giant Morgan lion. JPMorgan.

Bill Barr visited the jail where Epstein was reportedly killed, and many people including myself believe Bill Barr was involved with overseeing that crime and its cover-up, as was Trump, suggesting that Trump chose Bill Barr for his federal attorney general for some relationship they might have had in the past, for Trump was associated with Epstein and didn't say a word of celebration at anytime when Ghislaine MAXWELL was arrested. Trump probably knows what insiders did 9-11. The "make" motto term of Kilpatricks is code for Mackay-branch Maxwells show share the Kilpatrick saltire, and Kilpatricks share the dagger with Mackays, code for a line of DEXARoi peoples from Antipatria.

Mrs. Kilpatrick was born, Miss. Hicks. The Hicks chaplet is on a buck's head, and English Bucks were first found in Norfolk with Stan/Stain-connectable Flags/Flacks and Fulke's. German Fulks share the wings of Hesse's/Huss'/HESSELs while Hazels/Hessels were first found in Devon with Esse's/Ash's/Aschs and EXTERs/Exeters, and then Dagger- / Exter-like DEXTERs are in the "dexter paw" of Kilpatricks. German Ash's/Aschs happen to have the Water / Epstein / Cassane Coat in colors reversed, suggesting a Hesse-Epstein relationship that can be connected to both Chance surnames, for English Chance's were first found in Essex with Waters. Thus, you just saw a close Epstein relationship with Chase branches.

I was standing in blue water (probably ocean waters) when the Sleeping-Beauty section of the 1979 dream began, which is what suggested that I then walked onto Epstein's island, for Waters (Essex with Chance's and Muschats) share the Epstein and Muschat Coat while Muscats/Musks can be with the Virgin lion.

The first half of the dream had another setting, a shark in a swimming pool, and so as that setting ended as soon as I found myself in the ocean waters, I think it's interesting that Sharks were first found in Tyrone with Neils/Neals who are in turn in the Ocean/Kean write-up probably because Neils were Keon/McCAIN and Keen kin. Sharks were from Saracena, beside Morano, and while Morano's were first found in Modena with Morinis', the latter are in the write-up of Deerings while Dere's can be in the "extenDERE" motto term of English Neals.

Deerings were first found in Kent with Virgins in turn sharing the Neil/Neal/NIHILL lion, and "nihil" is a motto term of Dene's and Diane's, important because Igor Kolomoisky owns a shark tank, and he is/was on the board of Burisma Holdings with the Bidens, a Ukrainian company owned by Michael Zlochevsky who in turn sold/sells crocodile-leather shoes in Kiev (this is online to find). Irish Dene's use the crocodile, and thus the shark in the Sleeping Beauty dream becomes suspect with Ukraine corruption that attacked and swallowed Trump.

Dexters even share weight scales in Crest with Kiss-branch Cass' while Kiss' were first found in Leicestershire with Dexters while God prompted me, in the dream, to kiss Sleeping Beauty awake. She was clearly Mrs. Kilpatrick. Dexters share the double chevrons of Hucks who were once said to be first found in Yorkshire with Hicks, but I didn't force Miss Hicks to marry Mr. Kilpatrick.

While the Ant river flows in Norfolk, Mrs. Kilpatrick's AUNT married Mr. CASey (I attended their church), who in turn sold both my house and that of the Kilpatricks. Irish Caseys share the eagle head in the Hat/Hades Crest. Mr. Casey worked in REAL estate, and while Reals were probably a Royal branch, Scottish Caseys, first found in Lanarkshire with Scottish Roys, use crow heads while Crawl-branch Crows (Norfolk with Haydens) share the camel head with Pattersons/Cassane's.

Crawl's were first found in Oxfordshire with Islands/HOSTells, whom I had looked up as per Epstein's ISLAND. I was not wearing a shirt as I approached Mrs. Kilpatrick in the Sleeping Beauty dream, and "HOST" is a motto term of Shirts/SHARDs while Lizarts/SHARDs are probably in the lizard of Cassane-connectable KISSane's/CASHmans. Cass' are also Cash's. Haydens have 12 fessewise bars in the colors of the 16 fessewise bars of Islands/Hostells with a Huss-like Hustler variation. While Hesse'/Huss' share a Hessel variation of Zeal-like Hazels (share Zeal/Seal fesse), Hoods (Devon with Zeals, Hazels and Hesse-like Esse's), who were in the Sleeping Beauty dream, have a "ZeaLOUS" motto that can be partly for the Lous'/Lou's who happen to have 12 bendy bars in the colors of the 12 bars of Haydens.

It's interesting that English Jordans, with a "PerCUSSa" motto term to suggest the Cuss variation of Kiss's, share the motto of Irish Jordans who are in turn said to descend as Exeters. Then, Kissane's/Cashmans (Kerry and Cork with McCarthys) share a giant stag in the same colors with McCarthys, and, as I speak, Kevin McCarthy lost three vote sessions (last night) for to become the Speaker of the U.S. House, while Jim Jordan obtained 20 votes even though he voted all three times for Kevin McCarthy. I don't see how this picture ties into the topic at hand unless McCarthy is himself part of the Barr / Epstein ring. Jim Jordan is much on-side with the good guys, and I assume he's voting for McCarthy for fear that his loss will give the Speakership to a Democrat, or to a RINO worse than McCarthy.

Bill Barr's father may have had a say in hiring Jeffrey Epstein, and the Res', possibly in the "resurgo" motto of English Jordans, are listed with Deering-connectable Dere's who in turn use lances while Lance's (Norfolk yet again) almost have the English Dalton Coat (Robin HOOD in Crest) while it's Irish Daltons almost having the English Jordan Coat. As Daltons are also Altons, it can be gleaned that they use the Coat of Italian Alda's while Scottish Alda's were first found in Ayrshire with Barrs, how can that be a coincidence? I'm hesitant to point Jordans of this picture to Jim Jordan unless God is doing so to indicate that Jordan will greatly unravel Barr's deep state partners. If English Jordans call their Crest item a scroll, it can be added the Scrolls/Scope's share the Coat of Bruno's, first found in Florence with Italian Alda's.

Case's were first found in Norfolk with Chess'/Cheese's who in turn share a giant lion with the neighboring English Jordans (Suffolk). The Ches'/Cheshams happen to have a giant stag head in McCarthy-stag colors. What's going on here? English Jordans were first found in Suffolk with the Clare's sharing the triple chevrons of German CASSels, and zowie they both share triple-red chevrons with Epstein's, the latter first found in Hesse/Nassau while Nassau's share the giant Ches/Chesham and Jordan lion. What is going on here?

Hesse-Cassel was home to the Chatti Germanics that I trace to Chee's/Cheadle's/Cheatle's while Kettle's were a branch of Chatti-line Keiths. Kettle's share the English Chance lion (Chase/Chace lion in colors reversed) while the French Chance's share the Hesse sun. Many bankers today descend from Mayer Rothschild whose banker dealings were with a prince in Hesse-Cassel. The five arrows in the Arms of Rothschild are in the Barksdale Coat and Crest while Barks were once again first found in Norfolk. Barkers have a good reflection of the English Jordan Coat.

The shark was in a swimming POOL while Pools (Dorset with Beautys) almost have the Barker Coat, and so as I met Miss Hicks at her church in Barksdale, that part of my life appears to be pointing to the Rothschilds, or perhaps even Jim Jordan if ever he becomes anything fruitful against the deep state. It's not for lack of trying. Barkers and Jordans together look related to both Leslie surnames, and Leslie's were kin of Case's (Norfolk with Barks).

Barkers even have a cue-like "cui" motto term that can point to my taking a POOL shot with my poll CUE in my dream where Bark-like Barrack Obama owned a pool hall. Cue's share the garbs with Comyns/Comine's, both first found in Norfolk, and while the Cue Crest looks related to the giant lion in this Arms of Macclesfield, Chee's/Cheadle's/Cheatle's were first found in Macclesfield.

Barkers share the Holm motto while Holms, with almost the Gaunt Shield, share the Biden chapeau. The Arms of Gaunt has a "virgin" while Virgins (Kent with Gaunt) share the red lion head in Crest with Holms and Barrs. Looking very Epstein-connectable. Note how Oceans/Keans look connectable to Dutch Gaunts/Ghents.

The Obama dream had a black SHEET over all the pool tables, and later he was on a SKATEboard, and so let's add that Skate's/Sheets (kin of Chads and Scheds) were first found in Norfolk with Cue's and Cheadle-like Chads (thus making Chatti Germanics appear ancestral to Chee's/Cheadle's and Sheet / Skeet/Skit liners).

I'm really starting to wonder whether Jim Jordan will be used of God to cripple the deep state. I rifled the shot on Obama's table into the corner pocket for a sewer, which definitely pointed to Obama's Soetoro surname with Sewers/Shuters, first found in Angus with Jordan-like Gardens/Jardens and Jardins. The cue ball was a paper plane by which I sewered the ball, and Plains/Platters (Suffolk with Jordans) were a branch of Platters (Norfolk and Suffolk) who in turn almost have the Ocean/Kean Coat, begging whether Obama was an Epstein supporter.

I think it's amazing that Irish Dene's (crocodile) share the Coat of NASS/Nos' while Epsteins were first found in Hesse-Nassau while Nassau's are also Naso's. English Jordans share the giant Nassau/Naso lion, and McCarthys share the full motto of the Irish Dene's (share DILE lion) who had pointed to Ukraine corruption along with the Ukrainian, DIANE Muschatov (my old date), and the Irish Dene's under discussion have the full motto of English Deans/Dene's/DIANE's (share giant Dile and Die/Dee lion). The Dene "crocoDILE" may once have been the Kissane/Cashman lizard, for both are green and look much the same. I just find this amazing. The Die's/Dee's ("HIC" motto term) could be in the "DIfficile" motto term of Dene's and Diane's.

Kiss'/Cuss, with almost the Coat of CASS' are also Cush's while Kilpatricks use "cushions," can we believe it? I didn't force Miss Hicks to marry Mr. Kilpatrick, yet while Hicks' are said to have had a branch at St. Ewe, Ewe's/CUISTs share the Coat of cushion-like Cussons. It had wildly helped to clinch Sleeping Beauty as Mrs. Kilpatrick.

I was leaning over to KISS Sleeping Beauty awake, but I then saw my hand graze her knee, at which second she awoke, which is what gave her the knee symbol now pointing to Morgan Stanley bankers through Stanley her buddy. Sam BANKman-Fried, now in the news, is suspect as part of the Epstein ring.

Kiss'/Cush's and Cass' use "fountains" while English Fountains were first found in Norfolk with Hicks-beloved Bucks while German Bucks share the Virgin lion. English Bucks share the Barksdale motto while Mrs. Hicks, her aunt, Mr. Casey, and I attended a church in Barksdale.

Those of you who know of the Get'n Go event with Mrs. Kilpatrick, and how the knee scene in the dream connected to her there, or how I pointed that corner store to Gows/McGOO's, note the "PerCUSSa resurGO" motto of Jordans, for even the Sure's in the "make sure" motto phrase of Kilpatricks could be in "reSURgo." The Cuss' are listed with Kilpatrick-connectable Kiss'/Cush's, and the knee scene was also the kiss-Beauty scene (I never did kiss her).

The Get'n Go is on the Nueces Canyon road (Camp Wood, Texas), and I showed how News'/NUCES' (share "chaplet" with Hicks) pointed to Epstein's reported hanging in his jail cell along with German Neckers and noose-like Nuse's/Newes. The Get'n Go is at the road to LEAKEY, and Leaks/Leakeys (share Hicks fleur-de-lys) share the engrailed Knee Coat, both sharing the bend of Stanleys who in turn have the MacKenzie stag head, and I think I can glean that English Jordans were MacKenzie kin. The Banks were at WinSTANLEY.

The full Kilpatrick motto is, "I make sure," possibly also for the Eye location beside Diss, for Eyes'/Eyers were first found in Derbyshire with Sure's. Near the end of Tuesday's show (link below), Rick Wiles explains a theory in which someone at gone-rotten Disney corporation is seeking to establish part of Bankman-Fried's huge bail amount, and this gets interesting where Disneys share the Hicks / Leak fleur-de-lys. The Disneys (Diss/Dice colors) share the fesse-with-fleur of Birds/BURDs (share Chee/Cheadle fesse), and while the latter were first found in Cheshire with Chester and Chee's/Cheatle's, Chesters share the Disney fleur-de-lys. The Case's (Norfolk with Chess'/Cheese's, Diss, Diss'/Dice's, Cheadle-like Chads, and Bert-branch BURTs) probably have the Diss' in their motto, and while dice go with casinos, it was shown above how Casino's were of the Chase / Case bloodline.

I've just looked up Walts as per Walt Disney, to find them listed with WALLdecks, first found in Baden with the Neckar river, and with German Walls who in turn have the Coat of German Neckers in colors reversed! That is quite amazing. It appears that while Bankman-Fried is suspect with Epstein money laundering, Disneys are pointing to Epstein's faked hanging.

Walts/Weldecks use axes, and an exact Coat copy of Axel's/Haxels/Haukeswells. Dutch Walters use hooks, I gather, and Hooks/Hoke's, with essentially the English Wall Coat (probably Holder kin), have a blue-Shield version of the Hicks Coat. It seems like more evidence that Disney corp went down the pedophile sewer pipe hugging some Epstein slime. The earth will quake and shake on account of these happy demonoids.

I'm new to the Walts/Walldecks. Although there's no Weldrick surname coming up, they may have been a branch of the Weldeck variation of Walts/Walldecks. As I've shown many times why Diane Muschatov, of Weldrick rd., pointed to Dennis' with Dennis Quinn, it seems that God had prepared that to go with Walts/Weldecks because they have the English Dennis Coat in colors reversed. In other words, it appears that God use Miss Muschatov to point to the Disney corporation, I wonder why.

As Diane's are listed with Deans/Dene's, I'm wondering wether Disneys had been a branch of Dinny/Dennys/Deannie's (Stirlingshire). The latter could be using the Eyer-connectable "ears of rye" of Chappes'/Cheaps (Stirlingshire) who in turn share the Crest of English Joseph's (Hampshire with Muschat-connectable Chase's, Cassane's / Casino's) who in turn have a "wlad" motto term suspect with Walt liners.

Dinnys/Dennys look like Curry/Corry kin, and while the latter were first found in Waterford with Ceraunii-like Corrins, Ceraunii Illyrians were to the Crauns/Crane's (Suffolk with CLARE's) sharing the Dinny/Denny patee crosses. The Charo's/Claro's can be expected in the "charo" motto term of English Josephs. Currys/Corrys share the GosPATRICK saltire while Kilpatricks were first found in Dumfries with Scottish Corrys/Cawrie's (share green dragon in Crest with Kilpatricks). Waterfords, listed with Waterville's, share the Kiss/Cuss / Cass/Cast / Cust "fountain," and it just so happens that Muschat- / Epstein-related Waters are Waterville's too. So, yes, Miss Muschatov seems to be pointing to some Disney elements in Ukraine such as Bankman-Fried's money laundering through the current Ukraine president, and others we can assume.

Here's the TruNews video; Disney theory in the 2nd third: Trump is asking his base to keep Kevin McCarthy's nomination alive. A big, pro-Trump voice recent, Marjorie Taylor Green, a Christian activist, is stumping for McCarthy too. It seems she's wanting a spot in Trump's next government, wouldn't you say? What spot do we think she wants?

With Trump supporting McCarthy, his popularity is bound to go south even more. Those losing hope in him are doing so because of his sharing half his bed with RINOs even as he speaks out against them...this is the sort of fraudulent traitor Trump is. I never read one "tweet" from him where he's not propping up his own political stature. He speaks no national woes unless he can capitalize using them for his own popularity, and yet the time is here when he's beginning to lose popularity due to his constant striving to prop it up. He's addicted to popularity, and is beginning to suffer withdrawal symptoms.

Before 6 pm Wednesday, I saw that McCarthy lost two more vote sessions today, and so he refused to bow out all day long after losing three yesterday. After Jim Jordan told the House he wants to be on a House committee for discovering fraud, and won't take the Speaker job, the anti-McCarthy Republicans decided to vote as a lot for Bryon Donalds, in the 4th, 5th, and 6th vote sessions.

Donalds is apparently vocally opposed to election fraud.

I've not noticed the arm design in the KISSane/Cashman Crest until today, and then saw it again just now while loading Donalds/MacDonalds, who happen to share the eagle of KISS-connectable Ewe's/Cuists (share MacDonald ship) and Cussons, two important surnames pointed to by Sleeping Beauty when played by Miss Hicks. Almost missed it: SPEAKERs/Spice's share a giant red eagle with Ewe's/Cuists and Cussons. It may indicate something, or nothing, concerning Byron Donalds becoming the Speaker. It sure looks interesting. If nothing comes of Mr. Donalds, it just goes to show that interesting heraldic sets do not necessarily originate in God's arrangements.

Probably, the only reason McCarthy stuck it out to the 6th vote is that globalist goons known no shame at this time. They once did cower before shame, but no more. This is a new breed. The literal Nazis had solidly infiltrated the CIA and the U.S. military since before 9-11, or 9-11 would not have happened.

Kepke-Shower Dream

Good Morning Thursday. I remembered my dream as I woke this morning, something I have not done in a long time. I remember my dreams only if I'm waking with them. Although I said, in the last update, that I wanted to go back to the river-flood dream, time ran out for me this week. I was never big on dreams from God, and tending to take dreams of others lightly, but in the past decade or so, I had a rash of dreams that I can prove, to myself, to be from God, and this one is yet another. I have a special way to prove which dreams are from God, and almost every dream that I set out to test, with heraldry, shows proof of God's handiwork, it should be shocking to me, but I've become used to it.

In this new dream, I was a tenant in the home of Mr. and Mrs. Kepke (the parents of my childhood friend), and I abruptly had to leave permanently to go somewhere, and though I remember doing something where I went, I can't remember where I was or what I was doing. The only thing I remember was sneaking back into the Kepke home to take a shower before moving on.

Then the Kepke's were inside the bathroom while I was taking a shower, and Mr. Kepke starts to describe the way I am, my personality, but he left out the God part so I piped up and said so, and Mrs. Kepke then says something like, "what a shame on us" for not having the same Faith. I heard the word, "shame." She then asks for some shampoo, and I hand her some from the tub I was in, and that was most of it, I woke up then.

I knew Showers were listed with Sewards without checking, but I thought, while making coffee, that if this dream is from God, there needs to be a shampoo-like surname that makes sense of the Showers/Sewers. I didn't realize that "shampoo" was like ":shame" until writing it above.

The only reason I'm telling this dream is because I've already loaded the Shame-like Shamps, listed with French Champagne's, and I do have a story to tell that has got to be about the bloodline of Joseph Caiaphas, killer of Jesus who I often said has a surname like "Kepke." This dream tends to nail the Caiaphas blood line to the Kepke's, therefore. Let me explain from the Shower/Seward write-up, but first let me say that the Shamp/Champagne Crest shares the Moor head with French Chappes' while Hugh de PAYENs, said by others to have been at least associated with the counts of ChamPAGNE, is said to have married Elizabeth Chappes.

As Hugh became the FIRST leader of the Templars, the protectors of Crusader business at the Jerusalem temple, it stands to reason they were there looking for some treasure left behind by the Romans in 70 AD that Caiaphas' family knew of. And that information, the secret location of the gold, was passed down generation to generation until one Caiaphas-descended family was able to convince a pope to generate an army to go seize Jerusalem. And that's what happened shortly after the grandfather of Godfrey de Bouillon went to assist the Pierleoni Jews of Rome at the time they were bucking to become popes. Amazingly, as they were Christianized Jews, called Marranos, it just so happens that the Arms of Morano, and the Morano surname (Modena with Marano's) use Moor heads!!! I get it.

This is so amazing for a few reasons. First, Morano is on the Sybaris river with Saracena, and Saraca's of Kotor have been highly suspect (by me) with the Hebrew tribe that named Sarah, Abraham's wife, because Wikipedia's Saraka article has them first at Keturah-like Kotor, while Abraham married Keturah after Sarah died.

"Sybaris" is even like "Sephar," the name of a location (in Genesis) of the sons of Joktan, the son of Eber after whom Hebrews were named in the first place. Abraham descended from Eber. HADORam, son of Joktan, can be gleaned in naming ADRAMmolech, god of Sepharvites, and on top of this Spanish Jews are called Sephardics! It's perfect because "Marranos were Spanish and Portuguese Jews living in the Iberian Peninsula [Spain] who converted or were forced to convert to Christianity during the Middle Ages."

I think we can now know that Pierleoni of Rome were from the Sybaris river named by Sepharvites, especially as the Marrano surname (not "Marano"), which is new to me now, nearly has the Auvergne Coat while Bouillons were first found in Auvergne with Bauds!!! This is so cool, I'll tell you why in a moment. But first, let me say that, when the Crusaders first conquered Jerusalem in 1099, they made Godfrey de Bouillon its ruler, though he died abruptly that year so that they made his brother, BALDwin, the first Jerusalem king, showing evidence that the Pierleoni, in cahoots with Godfrey III, de Bouillon's grandfather, were behind this invasion. The pope supported the invasion and likely funded some of it.

It's amazing what a dream with only a shower and shampoo can reveal. As I've said, BALDwin can be traced to a family, likely of the Arduinici of Ivrea, on the BAUTica/BALTea river, which not only flows through Yvery-like Ivrea, but through Chivasso, the city of the Caiaphas-like Chives'. Jesus tended to confirm that the priests of Israel were Levites by blood because he said that they sit on Moses' seat. As the English Leavell surname is said to have been at Yvery, and because Kepke's girlfriend when I knew him was Miss Peare, from the Pierro's/Pero's of Pavia, home of Laevi Gauls, and for other reasons, I see Leavells from the literal Levi bloodline, though after it had been paganized.

As I've said, Kepke's next-door neighbor was the Young family while Scottish Youngs share the TRIPLE piles of Scottish Leavells, first found in ROXburghshire with Scottish Youngs. Roxburgh ("AUDax" motto term) was named by the Roquefeuils of AUDE province, but were from the Roxolani Rus from south of Kiev along with TRYPILLians, hence the reason for the triple piles, I reckon.

Kepke's father is Ukrainian, and Kiev is the Ukraine capital. I have shown that both Keeps and Lorraine's (share the same bend) descended from Maria of Kiev, and here we can point out that while Showers/Sewards are expected from Siward of Northumberland, Lorraine's were first found in Northumberland with were the Hebrons/Hepburns having a "Keep" motto term. Abraham lived in Hebron! My friend was RICK Young, Kepke's neighbor, and he was my age and that of Kepke, and it just so happens that Rich's/Richess', said to be from Riche in Lorraine, were from RICHEZa of Lorraine, mother of Casimir, husband of Maria of Kiev. Is that not wild that God so wanted us to know this that he arranged for Ricks's first name?

As I've said, Richs/Richess' were first found in Hampshire with Bidens/BUDIn and Botters/Bodins while Budini lived south of Kiev too. The Rich's/Richess' even have BOTONY crosses, crosses with button ends, and Bidens/Budins are listed with Buttons/Bottons. The latter use a so-called "chapeau" that looks like code for a Caiaphas bloodline. The chapeau is own by Capelli's while English Joseph's (Hampshire) were kin of Caplans and French Chaplains. Chaplets were first found in Lorraine. See anything suspicious?

Okay, now that we have crossed the Budini of Kiev, we can go back to French BAUTs, first found in Auvergne with Bouillons, and suspect in naming the Bautica river at Chivasso. It just so happens that French Bauts show nothing but an upright ram in the colors of the nothing-shown but an upright goat of Kepke's/Kopke's!!!!!! Is that not a spectacular bittie? Yes, and Scottish Bauds were first found in Stirlingshire with Scottish Chappes' having a Keep-like Cheap variation.

Mrs. Kepke asked for the SHAMpoo, and Shams/Champagne's share the Moor head with French Chappes'. As per "shamPOO," it just so happens that the Bautica is a tributary of the Po river. Moor-head Morano's and Marano's were firstly found in Modena, which was conquered by the Boii suspect in "BOUIllon." Godfrey de Bouillon's father was count of Boulogne, and the Boii had been in Bologna before conquering neighboring MODENa. This was before the Maccabees of Israel appeared in Israel's MODI'IN, just look at how that appears to be from a family in Modena that the Romans installed in Israel to fight the Seleucids there.

Jonathan Maccabee, in what looks like a betrayal to his four brothers who had defeated the Seleucids in Israel, formed a pact with the Seleucid king, Alexander Balas, and later we find Maccabees with Alexander names, suggesting the two lines were married. Out of the Maccabees came the Sadducees, and Caiaphas was one of them.

I trace Seleucids to Sulcis at the Sant'Antioco area of Sardinia, and Sardinia is where Avezzano's were first found who share the potent pattern on a bend with Shamps/Champagne's. I don't know of any other surnames having that symbol. The DamPIERRE's of Champagne married Margaret (if I recall correctly) of Avezzano-like Avesnes, in Artois with Boulogne.

At age 17/18, I suggested to Kepke that he apply for a job at Knob Hill Farms grocers, where I was working at the time. I cannot remember anything between he and I at that store but the day we were sitting on my MUSTANG in the parking lot of that store, when Kepke informed me that my girlfriend there was getting into the car of our fellow stockboy, Mike Denardo. It just so happens that Denardo's/NORDi's share the tower of Auvergne's and Spanish Marano's, and the lion of NORTHs, the latter first found in Sussex with BONE's and Keeps. Boulogne and Bologna were both alternatively called, Bononia, and the original point was that Narbonne is a location in Aude along with Roquefeuil i.e. named from the Roxolani of the Dnieper river at Kiev.

I now know why we were sitting on my Mustang, for Mustans have the triple swords of Siward-like Swords in colors reversed, and Swords have another Moor head!!! The Showers/Sewards are expected as a Swords branch! The Sword wings deserve a mention because the Wing-related Justine's share the Kepke/Kopke border.

As I've said, Kepke's black dog at the time he worked at Knob Hill was Blacky, and Blackys prove to be that Black liners are from the Naro/NERETva river, because Blackys share the vaired chevron of Nero's/Neretti's. But look at DeNARDo's and I think we can see why God used Mike Denardo for the Mustang event. That is, Narbonne looks like a Bononia-line merger with some family on the Neretva, and that river is where Ardiaei lived who named the Arduinici of Ivrea i.e. on the Bautica river seen above as related to Kepke's/Kopke's.

The Arduinici had a boy king, Pinnes, who may have been named by another Pinnes because English Pine's were first found in Devon, where the Darts/DARDs and Moons were once said to be first found whom were both from Monunius II, the DARDanian king whose daughter married an Ardiaei king. It just so happens that Poe's (Devon!), whom I looked up as per "shampoo," essentially share the Coat of French Pine's. English Pine's share the chevron of Showers/Sewards, and they are ermined as are the Darts/Dards.

The original Maccabees (about 200 BC) were fathered by Mr. HasMON, suspect from MONunius I of about 300 BC, for there is a HAS location to this day on the northern end of the Drin river, the river of Caiaphas-like Cavii Illyrians. Has is not far from Dardania. The Wise's, first found in Devon, where Moons (look like Pavia kin) were once said to be first found, use a mace that's likely code for the Maccabees. The Pere's (Warwickshire with Pavia's and Pettys) suspect in the "Sapere" motto term of Wise's have the bend of Yvery-like Iverys in colors reversed who were in turn first found in Oxfordshire with Peare's. Again, Pierro's/Pero's were first found in Pavia, a city founded by Laevi Gauls suspect to Leavells of Yvery. French Levi's were first found in Ile-de-France with French Chappes'.

Mr. Kepke left Miss Peare to get engaged to KIM Walsh. and I've shown how Walsh's/Walchs (ROXburghshire) were from Wallachia (beside Ukraine), where a Roxolani branch lived at the Buzau and Naparis rivers. The point here is that Kims, first found in Budini-like Buteshire with Glass' (share Black stars), share the cinquefoils of French Pine's. Glasgows love the Lords/Lauds in their motto who in turn are in the colors and format of French Pine's while having their cinquefoils in colors reversed. Kepke never married Kim Walsh, and so I assume God put them together temporarily for this pointer and others. God seems determined to point Kepke to Joseph Caiaphas.

I trace Glass' to the "CLAUSula" river near Butua/Budva, and the latter is smack beside Kotor seem earlier, the line from Abraham's second wife, home of the Saraca's who named Saracena on the Sybaris river with Morano. The Glass surname can be gleaned as a variation of Wallis/Wallace's (share Marano Coat) and goat-using Walsers (share Glass mermaid) as well as Wallis canton in Switzerland, location of Sion that named the Priory of Sion that Godfrey de Bouillon is said to have officiated. The Walser goat is in the colors of the goat heads of Moline's (Devon again).

Mr. Kepke left Miss Walsh to be with Miss Peare again, and her bloodline is to the Pero's/Perino's who almost use the Weis/Wise Coat, both sharing the hexagrams of Payens, though the latter pierce them, as do Mullets (Auvergne with Bouillons), a feature thus looking like code for Pero liners to Piers/Pierce's and Gouel de Percival of Leavell. The Weiss' happen to have the Kepke/Kopke Coat but with a black goat, a thing I didn't know until the second update of last month upon meeting a Ms. Weiss of the Twitter Files. English Wise's (triple chevrons in the colors of the Pier/Pierce chevron) were first found in Devon (beside Piers/Pierce's) with black-goat Moline's, what are the chances unless Weiss were a branch of Wise's ("SaPERE AUDE" motto).

There was a curiosity in the dream when I handed Mrs. Kepke a BAG of shampoo, the type one might get in a hotel, only bigger. I then looked at the bottle of shampoo sitting on the tub, as if maybe I should have given her that one, but, oh well, what's done is done, I thought, and then the dream ended. The Bottle's/Bootle's have: "Buittle is a parish, in the stewartry of KirkCUD-bright." The Cudds (Northumberland) and Cuthberts (Kirkcudbrightshire) both used darts.

I'm getting the impression that Bottle's/BOOTle's were Budini liners, and that this is a pointer to the crocodile-leather shoes and boots sold by Mykola Zlochevsky. German Trips (from Trypillians of Kiev) now showing shoes once showed boots. Therefore, this must be the reason that I saw the bottle of shampoo, and why God made a fuss in the dream over the bag versus the bottle.

At least one of the online articles mentions the boots too. Behold, I had checked for a Sneek/Sneak/Sneke surname, but no luck, because I was self-conscious about sneaking into the Kepke home, and even felt guilty while taking a shower, hoping I could get away with it without them knowing. I now think I know why I had to leave the tenancy abruptly, because I had to come back and sneak in, because:

The Zlocci shop features collections of flashy men's shoes made from crocodile and caiman skins arranged on two polished marble tables. A pair of low-cut crocodile boots goes for more than $3,700, while blue pony-hair SNEAKErs cost almost $800.

As per CAIman croc leather, what are the chances that Cays/Kays would use a "kepe" motto term! It appears that God arranged even that. The article adds: "Zlochevsky's event has featured such speakers as Prince Albert [GRIMALDI] II of Monaco..."

I don't remember where I went, even though there were plenty of scenes to where I went, prior to coming back and sneaking in. I was the sneaker! And I think I know why from my mother's bloodlines.

Another article: "The shop sells men and women shoes and accessories made of crocodile and ostrich leather." I didn't know about the ostrich leather until now, and it just so happens that the ostrich is used by Cock-like Cooks (horseSHOE!!!) and Coke's (horseshoe) while Cocks share the Bag Shield!!! WOW! The Bags even have the Cooksey cinquefoils in colors reversed! INCREDIBLE. Nobody's going to believe I had this dream; they're going to think I made it up to fit the heraldry.

The Bags share the Shield also of GRIMaldi's, and Grimo was the son of Babon, son in turn of MumMOLIN, suspect with Moline's. Mykola Zlochevsky happens to live in Monaco with royal Grimaldi's, and so I'm thinking that the end of the dream is a pointer to that situation. But why point there, and why point there now?

Why was this dream timed for this week? Does it have to do with Hunter Biden on the board of Zlochevsky's Burisma Holdings? BURIS/Burys (look like Masci kin) were first found in Devon, and my mother's two immediate grandparents were Mr. Grimaldi and his wife, Miss Masci. Hunters/Hunts (Shropshire with Baldwins) share the saltire of Scottish Walsh's and BALDWINs. The cockaTRICE in the Baldwin Crest is perfect because Trice's/Trysts are in the "Keep tryst" motto of Hebrons, and because the Cocks expected in that symbol share the Grimaldi Shield. Balds were even a branch of Scottish Bauds, and thus the bag of shampoo seems applicable to this picture because Kepke's can be shown to be a Baud branch while Keppochs look like Butt/Bute/BOET kin. SADDUCees were from the BOETHus family. Keeps were first found in Sussex with SADDOCks.

Cookseys tell of Cokesys from the "estates in Kidderminster," and then English Kidds share the upright goat of Kepke's/Kopke's. Kidderminsters (Worcestershire with Cookseys), who share the chapeau with Bidens, look like a branch of Hope's (Shropshire with Hunters/Hunts), once said to be first found in Derbyshire with Coke's. Kidderminsters (Kite / Kitt colors and format) have a KyterMISTER variation, and they happen to be in Mast/Master/MISTER colors.

Glasgow is beside the first-known Sions/Swans, and Irish Walsh's use the swan because they were related to Wallis canton. The Walsh swan is PIERCED with an ARROW, and while Arrows/Arras' are from Arras of Artois, Pierce's were a branch of Percivals while Gouel de Percival was a ruler at Leavell. The PIERs are listed with Pierce's, and Piers may have been from PIERleoni. I watched Vince Pierce punch Kepke in the FACE on the driveway of Kepke's neighbor, Rick Young, and Youngs were Leavell kin. Face's/Fessy were a branch of Grimaldi-associated Fieschi of Genoa, where Doria's were first found who married a branch of Arduinici seen above at Yvery-like Ivrea. This makes Doria's highly suspect from the Daorsi of the Neretva river.

Ahh, I was taking a shower in the Taibbe-like tub, and the Weiss surname is in the section (2nd update of last month) with Matt Taibbe of the Twitter Files. There is a Tub/Tubby surname I'm not familiar with sharing the fleur-de-lys of Arrows/Arras, and the latter's Coat is much like the Twitt Coat!!! Zikers, the tub appears to be pointing to Taibbe's Twitter Files. Taibbe's may have been from the Tiber river, home of the Pierleoni.

I can make the case that the Imperial Flavians of Rieti trace to Rita's (share giant POOL lion), first found in Rome with Sforza's expected in the "force" motto term of Tupps/Toppers. Force's use leopards, a Pierleoni symbol from Leo's, in the colors of the Sforza and Taber LIONs, another expected PierLEONi symbol. The Rieti-line Roets share the boars to Tupps/Toppers. The latter share the red scallop with Pullys/Pullens and Sabine's, both surnames from the marriage of Flavius Sabinus to Vespasia Polla of Rieti, parents of the 4th head of Revelation 17, Flavius Vespasian. The latter, or the latter's heir, adopted the historian, Flavius Josephus, a Jewish military general who betrayed Israel, giving up to Vespasian's army. Josephus claimed to be from the priestly line of Israel, and thus I suspect that he was related to Joseph Caiaphas.

Tubs/Tubbys were first found in Cornwall with Tippers/Tippits whose Coat looks related to Bottle-beloved Charlie/Chorleys and POE's / Pine's. I saw the BOTTLE of shamPOO as the last scene I can remember in this morning's dream. I had been using the bottle of shampoo in the shower, yet I handed Mrs. Kepke the bag of shampoo. Charleys/Charlette's (not "Charlie") of Chorley were at Lancashire's Chorley with Charlie's, and Lancashire is where Tipper-like Tipps'/Tippins were first found whose Crest looks related to the Crest of WEIShaupts who in turn share the black goat with Weiss! If I recall correctly, the first two Twitter-File dumps were from Taibbe and Weiss. The Tipps-related Ratcliffe's were at Lancashire's Bury while Burys list Burisma-like Buris'.

As Charleys/Charlette's share the Marano and Wallis/Wallace Coat, the blue fleur in the Charlie Crest looks like one of Morinis', first found in Modena with Marano's' and Morano's. French Charles'/Charlotte's/Charlemagne's share the Pavia martlets, and the CAPETians followed the line of Charlemagne on the French throne. I aim to get to the Capets/Capes' as per the Shower/Seward write-up. Charleys/Charlette's were first found in Leicestershire with French Champagne's, and the shampoo points to French Champagne's/Shamps.

Tipps'/Tippins, in Weishaupt colors and format, look like kin of Ghents (Hampshire with Bidens, etc.), and king GENTius had married the daughter of Monunius II mentioned above. Moons look related to Pavia's, and Pierro's/Pero's were first found at Pavia with Laevi Gauls. My guess is that the line of MONunius named Mons (Hainaut capital) near Ghent on the north side of Artois. Ghent is at the end of the Lys river there, yet another Lys river is a tributary of the Bautica/Baltea. Lys' were first found in Ile-de-France with Levi's and Chappes', and the counts/county of Hainaut used the triple Levi chevrons. HAINaut is suspect from the line of Annas/Ananus, father-in-law of Joseph Caiaphas.

The Twitter Files seem to be dwindling lately, and moreover I get the impression that Musk is controlling what comes out because, lately, the revelations tend to make Twitter managers / employees look good for a change, which was not the case in the beginning with Taibbe's revelations. It makes Musk appear to be censoring the freedom of information he claims to be championing. There's a couple of reasons / motives for keeping the bad stuff from us as concerns Twitter managers.

It didn't strike me until now why I mentioned GOD when Mr. Kepke (in the shampoo dream) was giving a short list of my personality. GODfrey de Bouillon, son of Goda, daughter of Godfrey III who went to assist the Pierleoni. I HANDed the shampoo to Mrs. Kepke, and Hands/Hans could be from Annas/Ananus, the high priest of Israel whose daughter was responsible for Caiaphas becoming the high priest after him.

"God" is a motto term of Sinclairs, and I read that Hugh de Payens, after spending many years in Jerusalem, went to the home of Scottish Sinclairs. Some say he married Catherine Sinclair. Some say she was Elizabeth Chappes by another name. Sinclairs share the Arrow / Twitt cross.

The shower dream seems to be pointing to the following part of the Shower/Seward write-up. Let's first tell that the bear, used by Percivals, was a symbol of Zahringens, kin of Varangian-line, Keep-related Veringers, and Varangians founded Moscow while Russia decided on a bear symbol. "Siward, Earl of Northumberland (d. 1055)...'According to legend [often code for ancestry] he was descended from a white BEAR and a lady. Fitting out a SHIP, he is said to have sailed to Orkney, where he overcame a dragon, went thence to Northumbria, and, in obedience to a supernatural command, to LONDON, where he entered the service of King Edward the Confessor.'"

Capets/Capes', with the Chief/Shield color combo of bear-using Percivals in colors reversed, were first found in LONDON who share the white sword with Seward-like Swords. Thus, the Showers/Sewards of London look to apply to Caiaphas-like Capes', and for this I'll give more evidence below.

But first, wow, the ship in the legend codework can be of Shipmans/Chipmans/Sheeps (beside Chippers/Chipmans) and Shippers/Shepherds, the latter sharing the hand-with-black-fitchee in the Arms of Keppoch MacDonalds, have a the Chief-Shield colors of Percivals, but with axes in Chipper/Chipman/Sheep colors. The latter's write-up is Kepke-line perfect with: "ALAN de Chepe was found in Devon in 1311 and later William Chepe was listed at Sheffield in 1369." I say that Alans were from the RoxoLANI of Kiev. Alans Sheffields almost have the Keppoch Coat so that the ship in the Shower write-up has brought us to Kepke-like Keppochs, can anyone believe this? I didn't know it until now. I knew the Shower write-up would get us to Capes' from the first moments of this morning, but I did not know it would get us to Kepke liners, so amazing.

The black Keppoch fitchee is used by Rus-suspect Roosts/Rusts (share Baldwin saltire), and by Baldwin-connectable Balders, and the latter share the Sinclair cross in Baldwin-saltire colors. This looks very much like the lines of the Baldwin kings of Templar Jerusalem. The Balder motto and the BatherSTAIN variation of Balders goes to Stains/Stands, who had married YARborough's (have the Sine variation of Sions) whom I've traced to king YARoslav of Kiev, brother of Maria of Kiev.

Swords use the Moor head for a trace to Morano, which can explain why Capets/Capes' share the giant Marano lion. It's the Wallis/Wallace lion too, and so we find a white sword in the Wallis/Wallace Crest too (the Shower-line sword, right?). The Chief-Shield colors of Capets/Capes' are shared by English Lease's, first found in Northumberland with Siward. The oak leaves on the Capet/Capes sword are shared by Libers suspect in the "PRO Libertate" motto of Wallis'/Wallace's, and we can spot Pero liners in that motto while Italian Pavia's share the Capet/Capes scallop. Godfreys use a "Libertas" motto term, we get it. Wallis'/Wallace's were first found in Ayrshire, named after Ayr, and Sion in Wallis canton is beside Ayer.

The Tate's/Teets suspect in the Wallis/Wallace motto almost have the Coat of Tweeds and therefore link to Twitts, a branch of Tuits/Tute's suspect with the Yorkshire Tute's/Toots who in turn share the Tatton crescent. It just so happens that the Tweed bull head is that of Taibbe-like Tipps'/Tippins. Tweeds were first found in Lanarkshire with Sions/Swans i.e. from/to Wallis canton, and with Scottish Roys. Tweeds and Tate's/Teets can be gleaned with the Annan(dale) Coat, a surname suspect from Ananus, Caiaphas' father-in-law. Scottish Shepherds, sharing the stars of French Roys, were first found in Pavia-connectable Peeble's with Tweets, no guff. It seems that the shower dream is intend on pointing to the Twitter Files because God is behind its exposures. I was naked in the shower.

I did see a shower CURTAIN between me and the Kepke's as they walked by the tub. Although I don't know why it might by so, the Curtain Chief is in the colors and format of the Shipper/Chipman/Sheep Chief. On second thought, Muscats/Musks were first found in Cambridgeshire with the Wren-branch Wrench's/Rench's, and Wrens share the Curtain Chief! The curtain and my nakedness thus look like another pointer to the Twitter Files exposure, especially as we just got off of Skip-like Ship liners while Skiptons share the purple lion with Wrens!

The spear in the Wren Crest might even indicate that Spears were Shapiro / Shepherd branch (Shapiro's have a sheep). If I recall correctly, Showers/Sewards use lions even though they look like cats, and they are in the colors of the giant lion of Masons/Massins who have a "spiro spero" motto phrase suspect with the Spire's/Spears/SPEYers (likely named the Speyer river at Rothes and Moray). Plus, Masons/Massins (share Glass / Moray mermaid) were first found in Kent with Rothes', and with Kiev-liner Trips and Gore's/CORE, both of whom share the CURtain / Wren / Wrench crosslets, making Curtains look like a branch of the Core variation of Gore's.

Ahh, recall that dragon that Siward of Northumberland overcame in Orkney, where a Henry Sinclair of Roslin came to rule. The Crutin variation of Curtains just recalled that the Creightons/Cretons, first found in Midlothian with Roslin, share the giant blue lion with Masons/Massins (Kent with God-like Goods). The Creighton/Creton Crest is a green dragon, and while Mr. Kepke walked by the shower curtain reciting my personality while I told him he forgot about my being with God, "God" is a motto term shared between Sinclairs and Creightons/Cretons! Thus, Siward was related to Henry Sinclair, we may gather. The Creighton/Creton dragon is the fire-breathing one of neighboring Seatons/Sittens, from Sion.

I have not remembered until now that while Kepke's use the giant goat, Goats/GOTHams can be a branch of Goths/GOTHELs, from Gothelo, father of Godfrey III, the one who engaged with the Pierleoni! The latter, named after pope Leo, are to Leo's, and Italian Leo's, looking like French Payne kin for connection to Hugh de Payens, share the Sion/Swan lion. English Payne's, first found in Somerset with the Sticks sharing the Coat of German Goods/Guts/Guths, share the broken spear with the Wren Crest. Wrens were first found in Durham with the Conte's/Comitissa's in the "Commit" motto term of Sinclairs.

English Goods share the lion of Capes' / Wallis' / Marano's take your pick.

Why a Sneaky Tenant?

I haven't tackled the Tenants until now. I was a tenant in the home of the Kepke's, and this fits to help convince the reader that the dream is pointing to Shippers/Shepherds, for they have a good enough reflection of the Tenant Coat to explain the ship mast with sail in Crest. I can't remember whether the Tenant Crest mentions "ship," but I do know it uses "mast and "sail." Masts/Masters/Misters, who came up above with a Kidderminster variation, were once said to be first found in Kent with Masons/Massins. Tenants were first found in West Lothian with Balders/BATHerstains and BATHgate. I was in a bathtub.

I did note the shampoo bottle at the front CORNER of the tub, and I've got it recorded (e.g. 1st update February, 2021) that Vela's in the Tenant motto have "torches at the corners". It just so happens that Scottish Turks/TORKs use a ram's head in Crest along with sharing a "bello" motto term with Bouillons, first found in Auvergne with ram-using Bauds who are in turn in Kepke/Kopke colors and format. That's why the shampoo was at the front corner.

As even Skippers/Skypps share the Turk/Tork chevron, how can it be coincidental that Skipton-like Ships/Shiptons use "bellows" while English Bello's, with a reflection of the Shipper/Chipman/Sheep Coat, are listed with Bellows? And Tout-beloved Bellews/Belows share the fretty of Tute-branch Twitts, yet another pointer to the Twitter Files, now with the Ship-connectable Tenants. That's why I was the tenant of the Kepke's (not in real life). Shippers/Chipmans/Sheeps ("virTUTE") are said to be earliest in Oxfordshire with Ships/Shiptons.

It now makes sense that German Turks are in Payen colors and format for a related reason. The Mullets sharing the triple-pierced hexagrams of Payens were first found in Auvergne too. And while Mullets throw in the Jagger hunting horn, it recalls "Goat's Head Soup" by Mic Jagger. Kepke's use the goat in place of the Baud ram, suspect with the Templar goat-head god, Baphomet.

The Pace's in the Turk/Tork motto are probably the Spear-related Pace's/Pasi's/Pascels, first found in Boulogne-like Bologna, and then Pass'/Pascals share the Templar lamb / sheep with Spear-like Shapiro's. The heraldic lamb almost always comes with a banner, and as Montforts owned the gonFANON banner while Fanano is near the Panero river of Marano while Marano's' share the Bohemian lion of Montforts, I see Bohemian-suspect Banners as naming the Panero river.

I will even say that, although I thought nothing of it, I was half outside the shower curtain (naked) when handing Mrs. Kepke the bag of shampoo, and only after that did I look back to see the shampoo bottle at the corner of the tub, because I was thinking, oh no, should I give her the bottle instead of the bag? My being with the curtain at that time might explain why Curtains share the Turk/Tork chevron.

I didn't think there would be an Alone surname, but it's listed with English Alans, first found in Shropshire with Bellamys, a branch of Bells who were in turn first found in Dumfries with Turks/Torks and Bullys (share flames with Turks/Torks). The only thing I can remember when Mr. Kepke first walked into the bathroom, when I instinctively knew he was on the other side of the curtain from me, was his telling me that I like to be ALONE, and taking it negatively, I responded with something like, "ya but I have God." This dream's discussion opened with the RoxoLANI Alans, the Rus-Alans of Kiev. Mr. Kepke is Ukrainian (no Ukrainian accent), though I don't know about his wife's nationality.

The Alans/Alone's share the oak leaf with Capets/Capes', and the latter's Chief-Shield colors are those of the Scot-English Bells (Dumfries with Lease's/Liss') and English Lease's (Northumberland with Siward). Siward of Northumberland, the one whose legend took us to Capets/Capes', had some association with Heslington Hall. The Yarburghs, of the Yarborough/YEARby family suspect from Yaroslav of Kiev, are said to have been at Heslington Hall. Years were first found in Stirlingshire with Bauds / Chappes'.

Irish Alone-like Lone's/Lawns share the bend of Keeps / Lorraine's, two families descended from Yaroslav's sister. Yaroslav's father was VLADimir, and Vlads (probably in the Joseph motto) share the Jeepma/CHEP hexagram while Years were first found in the same place with Cheaps. The line of Caiaphas was not only in Kiev, but apparently named it. I don't think anyone knows what named Kiev. English Lone's/Lawns have the horizontally-split Shield of Kiev-like Kevens/KEWins (linkable to both Maxwells and the Arms of Macclesfield presented above).

Heslingtons/Hazeltons share the Coat of Hazelwoods (Yorkshire with Heslington Hall), once said to be first found in Shropshire with the Alans/Alone's who share their green LEAVES. Alans/Alone's are said to have had a branch at Norfolk with Kiev-like and Kewin-connectable Cue's/Kews, and with the first-known, leaf-using Leave's/Leve's, can you dig it?

I can really dig it because Milehams almost have the CHAMPs/Camp Coat!!! The shampoo pointed to Shamps/CHAMPagne's! I don't remember what I was doing as Mr. Kepke walked by, but I'll bet I was shampooing my hair, for Scottish Hairs were first found in Ayrshire with Ayers and Wallis'/Wallace's. Repeat: "Wallis'/Wallace's were first found in Ayrshire, named after Ayr, and Sion in Wallis canton is beside Ayer."

The Italian word for hair is, "Capelli," and the Capelli surname shares the "chapeau" cap with Buttons/Bidens/Budins so as to tend to indicate that even the shampooing of my hair is pointing to the Caiaphas bloodline, which begs whether Champagne's (share Moor head with Chappes') were named after Chappes', tending to explain why Hugh de Payens was associated with Champagne elements.

I CAN'T BELIEVE THIS! It's 5:22 pm. I was planning on having a shower all day before 5 pm, I've just come back from the shower to look at where I left off, and it came to mind to check for a Champoo surname. What are the chances that there would be one? It shares the Chief of French Alans!!!!!! Champoo's/Shampou's look like they use the Cronkite crane with rock in its foot. This surname didn't come to mind until shortly after the Alone's found English Alans, perfect. All day long, I didn't bother checking for a Shampoo surname because I didn't think there would be one, and, lo, they are listed with Champoo's! Right after I shampooed my hair, here we are.

And while I was drying off with a towel behind the shower curtain, I was thinking about the personality cult of the anti-Christ, asking myself how the West could possibly start a personality cult around a single man, even one who withholds consumer products from them unless they honor this personality who claims to be GOD. As I was drawing the curtain after drying myself, I was seeing the logic in Mr. Kepke talking about my personality, while I was behind the shower curtain, if the anti-Christ will be a Ukrainian and a Massey liner. It could be pointing to a Russian anti-Christ out of Ukraine or even neighboring Poland as it enters the war on NATO's behalf. I feel sure that NATO is run by Rus-line Rothschilds who got into close cahoots with royal Stewarts of Britain. The mark of the beast comes most-expectedly from international bankers.

However, the thing that does not fit the comparison of my shower event and the dream's shower is that Kepke was portraying me as being alone, which the anti-Christ will not be. I'm convinced that the "alone" term was in the dream to support its pointer to Roxolani. I've often claimed that the U.S. military is in the hands of the royal Stewart bloodline, and even Stewart members removed from royalty, and they descended directly as Alans of Dol and Shropshire. Scottish Stewarts use the MacDonald ship. The surname of general Mattis shares the Stewart / Stuart checks.

I didn't know how to describe what Mr. Kepke did but with use of "PERSONality," and now I find that Persons/PIERsons have a version of the French Poussin and BathGATE Coats. Bathgate's were first found in West Lothian with Tenants. Poissons/Poussons (not "Poussin"), almost having the Bardy Coat, have pointed to poison vaccines by Bill Gates, Tony Fauci and Francis Collins (led the NIH), for Bardys were first found in Perigord with Fauchys and Faux's/Fage's/CHOLLENs. Bardy endings look related to Doe's, Dots/Dods (Doe colors and format) and/or Dows (Berwickshire with Persons/Piersons) and AIDs/Ade's. Dots/Dods had recently pointed to the DOD, the U.S. Department of Defence, the engineers of the vaccine scheme, safe to say.

Scottish Stuarts use a "LEONis" (read also as "leoNIS") motto term with their lion, and English Stewarts share the lion of Spanish Leons and German Leo's/PRYZewski's (Hamburg, same as Trips and NISSans), suggesting Pierleoni. Italian Leons share the red fesse with Alans, and French Leons have flames to go with the "flaming stars" of Pero's/Perino's. Perrins ("ImPAVIdun") use LEOpard faces and "fur cones" while a "fur" tree is with Appins/Alpins while Scottish Stewarts list "Stewarts of Appin." It makes the white Stewart unicorn, in the Arms of Scotland, look like the white Fur/Fire/Feuerer/FEWer unicorn. The "FUImus" motto of Bruce's (married Stewarts early) and English Were's/Wears (Devon with English Stewarts) probably applies.

I have said in the past that I expect the False Prophet and/or anti-Christ to be of my mother's Masci bloodline, the same that likely named Moscow, the city co-founded from Varangian Rus of Kiev, where Roxolani Rus-Alans lived. The Towells were a topic in the last update, listed with Tews/Tewells and having a Bauer- / Here-connectable version of the Weis/Wise Crest. Adam Weishaupt was the visible founder of the Bavarian Illuminati, which had a mission still with us in Schwabite globalism.

The reason I dry myself behind the curtain is that I don't heat my bathroom. I'm in there for five minutes only with a shower, and it's a fairly large bathroom so I want to save firewood because I've got to go further and further from the house to get it now. I have a deer-hoof towel hook outside the tub, and hang the towel on it. It's a real deer hoof bent permanently at the ankle. I'm now wondering why that item could be a part of things. I take the towel off the hoof hook, close the shower curtain again to keep the cold air out of the tub area warmed up by the hot water. There was no towel in the Kepke dream, however.

It just so happens that the DEER hoof works, suggesting that God set me to buying them at an antique store (I bought the whole set of four years ago). It works because Italian Dere's/Res' not only use an Alan-related lance, but share the Chiefs of French Alans and Champoo's/Shampoo's!!! Ya see, the dream was a pointer to Ros-Alans.

Spanish Dero's (share Jeepma/CHEP eagle) are listed with Ros', right down the Rus-Alan line, apparently, meaning that Dere's/Res' look like Roxolani too. English Lance's have the Alan fesse in colors reversed, and French Lance's have a big-fat ROSE. Daro's (Stirlingshire with Bauds and Chep-like Chappes'/Cheaps) share the SHIP of Scottish Bauds and their Bald branch, thus tending to prove that Jeepma's were a Chappes branch. Jeepma's/Cheps share the hexagram of Goths/Gothels, suspect with Gothelo, father of Godfrey III, military supporter of the Pierleoni. The deer hook just took us smack to the Templars whose Baphomet god is suspect in the goat of Baud-connectable Kepke's/Kopke's. This reveals why God set Kepke's son up with Miss Peare.

I had forgotten about the Baud and Bald ship while on Ship- / Chep-like liners. Balds are suspect with BALDwin, brother of de Bouillon, tending to prove that French Bauds (same place as Bouillons) were related to Bouillons. Balds were first found in Peebles with Tweets of Tweedale. Repeat: "Tenants were first found in West Lothian with Balders/BATHerstains and BATHgate."

Recalling how Wrens share the Curtain Chief, it's notable that RENfrews share the Daro / Baud / Bald ship. The Chief-Shield colors of Balds are those also of German Dare's/Dere's. English Dare's even look like kin of Kiev-possible Kevens/Cavans/Kavanaugh's, and while the latter are said to descend directly from DERMOT McMurrough, what are the chances that DERmots share the Curtain crosslets!!! ZIKERS, even the shower curtain was Ukrainian. Dermots, who look like kin of Bottle-loving Charlie's, were traced in the last update to Deerings, who mention the Morinis' as their ancestry. The deer hoof towel hook speaks.

German Hoffs are listed with Hovers, though I don't see how they can apply to the Kepke-shower dream. Miss Hicks pointed to Hovers when she was hovering as Sleeping Beauty, and Hicks can be gleaned as a Hook branch. Hookers are said to descend from Vowells (almost the Bald Chief), and the latter were first found in Devon with Hooks and Hoover-connectable Hoods/Hoots.

It's 8:30 pm Thursday, I haven't stopped at all today aside from a short jog and making food and coffee/tea. What a day, so much fun with this dream, and yet it appears to be about our persecution soon, and so take heed.

Recall how my shower today seemed to point to the personality cult of the anti-Christ just as I removed the towel from the deer hoof. Then see this from the 4th update of August, 2008, when a mouse was part of the dream and running down my leg so that I awoke and swatted it on my leg. Why my leg?

I almost never remember my dreams, but I had a clear and curious one just before the "mouse" awoke me. There was a bear walking around with people, and I was frightened of it. I saw it come to a little girl, but it only sniffed her hand and kept walking, toward me. It seemed friendly and relaxed at the time, but when it came to my hand, it bit down on my fingers a bit, but left me alone otherwise. As soon as it got in front of me, I saw two DEER, and the bear taking one by the neck and dragging it away, powerfully. A bear is the symbol of Russia, I noted when I awoke, and this thought came to me before I got online...


You're not going to believe this. I wrote the above before checking any news this morning (it's not 9 am yet). The first article I came to, via the Drudge Report, is entitled, "Russian Bear Goes for West's Jugular."

The mouse, I gathered, was a symbol of the Massey line that named Moscow, though I see the mouse rudimentally with the Polish Mieszko's. Showers/Sewards probably share the double Sweet/Sweit chevrons because Siward (a Dane) was related to Mieszko's daughter, Swietoslawa, wife of the Danish king, Forkbeard. They fathered king Cnut, and the Coat of Kidderminsters looks related to the Cnuts/Note's.

[Insert -- Kidderminsters essentially have the Hope Coat while Hope's were once said to be first found in Hope, in Derbyshire where Cnuts/Note's were first found. In April of 1979, about a month or less after I became a Christian, God told me to write a NOTE to Steve Mellanson, and while I can't go back to that story now, it later pointed to the Apophis asteroid exactly 50 years, to the day I believe, in the future. Mellansons (share Note/Cnut crescents) use "rods," while Rods (from Hugh of Rodez, husband of Miss ROQUEfeuil) were kin of both Rocks and Mellans (Ile-de-France with Chappes'). This asteroid is a rock while Rocks were first found in Worcestershire with Kidderminsters, you see, and the Hope Crest has a broken or cracked earth, you see, which I think warrants this insert.

The Hope earth is even cracked in the north Atlantic ocean while the asteroid is slated to fly over the Atlantic, which is why it can fall into the Atlantic, for Revelation 8 has an asteroid falling into the sea (see "Apophis" in my last update (link at top-left of this page) for an important read).

] The Hope earth has a rainBOW above it while Masters/Misters, suspect with at least one Kidderminster variations, share a Bow/Bough motto term. The asteroid of Revelation 8 (2nd Trumpet) will damage the ships, and Tenants use the MAST and sail while Masts are listed with Masters (Yorkshire with Meschins of Skipton). Sails/Sale's were first found in Cheshire with Masseys, beside the Hope's of Shropshire (same as Meschins). Skippers/Skipps (Essex with Waters and BROKE's/Brocks) share the Kidderminster / Hope besants, which can indicate that the asteroid will skip on the waters.

Masters/Misters were once said to be first found in Kent with TUCKs/TOOKs, with Seaman-branch Sea's, and with Hamons (use "pean" chevron). Tuckers/Tookers share the seahorse with the Seaman Crest, and both surnames use the same wavy bars. It just so happens that Seamans (Suffolk with Kidds) share the ermine of Kidderminster, which is an ermine colors reversed from "pean" ermine, tending to explain why Kidderminsters and Hope's are in Pean/Payen/Pagan colors and format. Hope's were first found in Shropshire, and pean is used in the flag of Shropshire. Hope's are also Hopers while Fauchy's use the "grassHOPPER."

It's important that Sea's were first found in Kent with Trips because German Trips were first found in Hamburg with the Drummonds who share the triple-wavy fesses of Sea's, and near the first-known, same-colored Trumps. They say that Donald Trump descended from Drummond-like Drumpf's. End insert]

At the time of the jugular article, Russia took two Georgian provinces to itself, and so the deer must have represented Georgians. What about the deer hook? What might that depict as per the anti-Christ? Why was the dream's mouse on my leg instead of my arm or neck or foot? Is it because Leggs almost have the Trump Coat? Isn't Trump a personality cult who would love the worship of all? And yet I have ruled him out as the anti-Christ. Trump showed that he would oppose Russia in Ukraine.

I, a Massey cousin, was a tenant of the Kepke's in today's dream, and Tenants share the boar head of JUGular-like Juggs/Judds, who have yet another cockatrice for indication of Ukraine elements. As the tenant, I was sneaking into the Kepke home, and so should this be a picture of some NATO operation sneaking into Ukraine? Is the deer hoof a symbol of Ukraine? The Ukraine-like crane of Champoo's/Shampoo's (share ALAN Chief) look interesting, because it has a rock in its foot, code for RoxoLANi liners from the Kiev theater. English Kidds, sharing the Kepke/Kopke goat, were first found in Suffolk with Crauns/CRANE's. Rocks were first found in Worcestershire with KIDDerminsters. Kidders/Kidmans (share CURBy/Kirkby crescents, for those who know the Kepke-on-CURB story) were first found in Sussex with Keeps. MacDonald-branch Donnels use the rock, and Irish Donnels have the Bald / Baud / Renfrew ship.

My sneaking in to the shower stall was, I think, a pointer to crocodile sneakers in Kiev, and sneakers are running shoes while Runnings/Ronnys, probably of the Ronalds/MacDONALDs, share the fesse of Juggs/Judds who are in turn in the format of, and colors reversed from, the Keppochs who named the Keppoch-branch MacDonalds. Plus, Juggs/Judds are in the colors and format of Rush's, from Varangian Rus of Kiev. Rush's were first found in Suffolk with the Kidds sharing the Kepke/Kopke goat. Are Keppochs pointing to Donald Trump?

Hoof-like Hoffs/Hovers were shown by Sleeping Beauty to be kin of Hoovers, and they show nothing but a giant eagle leg, the same one of Hooters, and then Hoods/Hoots, pointed to by Kepke and I on the hood of my Mustang (at Knob Hill), use a "Cornish CHOUGH" while Coughs / Cuffs could have been of the Hoffs. Wow, Coughs share the arm in blue sleeve with Kidders/Kidmans. Plus, zikers, Cough's are the ones with a "tamen" motto term while Kepoi is at CAUCasia's Taman peninsula! Coffare's/Coffers (Somerset with Cough-like Cocks) happen to share the Kidder/Kidman crescents, and Coffeys/Coffers use cups while Cups are also Cope's, a potential branch of Kopke's, and then Keeps with Kidders/Kidmans were first found in Sussex with Coppers/Coopers and Cofferts. The Cooper/Copper Chief is in the colors and format of the Champoo/Shampoo Chief.

The Bat Caucasians can be to the Batons/Bastons in the "baton" of the Cough Crest (it's where the sleeve is). Batons/Bastons (Cornwall with Cornish liners, named after Crane-liner Ceraunii Illyrians), share the black bats of Bats (Shropshire with Baldwins and Hunters) who in turn share the saltires of Baldwins, Hunters, Walsh's, and SOAPers/Supers (Devon with Cornish-chough Hoods/Hoots). I checked Soapers because I didn't use shampoo on my hair today, but rather used SOAP. I've just checked to see that its Jergens brand soap, and Danish Jergens'/Jorgansens show nothing but the three Moor heads of Chappes' (same design, same colors).

Elon Musk just made "The Beast," Jimmy Donaldson, a kid, the new Twitter CEO. Donaldsons are listed with MacDonalds (giant ship). Is this kid icon a devil? What's Donaldson going to do with the Twitter Files?

It's after 10 pm, I'm tired. Time to watch a video and chill out. All eyes on the Ukraine theater, is my conclusion, and prepare for the personality cult that will despise those who do not bend the knee to it.

Trump and Fauci in the Sleeping Bag

Dols (Trump colors) were first found in Mecklenburg with Trumps who in turn share the stag head of Fewer-like Fevers/Favre's/Fabvres'. Italian Fabers (Modena with Morinis') share the lone Dol fesse (in Morinis-fesse colors), and Italian Fabians share the Bag / Grimaldi Shield. The interesting thing is that while I PICKed up a sleeping-bag, in the WOODs, in the sleeping-bag dream that pointed to AIDS and to the Round-Table Illuminati (by Cecil Rhodes of the Roet bloodline) run by Fabian socialists, the Fevers/Fabres', aside from their Trump stag head, share the triple fitchees of Picks/Pix's (share Wood tree with Roet-connectable roots), two of which are with Scottish Woods. Trump is the "father of the vaccines" that are now providing AIDS to many. I did nothing with the sleeping bag but pick it up. I don't remember dropping it, and it did not appear in the dream afterward. AIDS allows one to catch flus and viruses easily, and that usually brings on FEVER!!!

Was Trump in the sleeping bag? Why a sleeping bag as opposed to another type of bag? Is it because Sleeps were first found in Shropshire with Bagleys (ram) and the Dol Alans? The Picks/Pix's (share tree with roots with Roots) were first found in Kent with the Roots who share the Coat of Bagleys. Ahh, new: the lozenges on the Bagley ram, as well as the lozenges (in Bag colors) in the Bagley and Root Shield, are in the colors of the split-colored and giant Fauci lozenge, and the Fauci Shield is even split vertically in the colors of the same of Dutch Tromps! I get it now. I now see why it was a sleeping bag, and so I have just got to remember all of this. Mamie in her sleeping bag pointed to Trump! Beware Trump, a traitor.

The Bagley and Ram lozenges can be linked to the near-same of Hinds (share Dol / Faber fesse) and Parrys because Hinds were first found in Essex with Rams while a Perry river (goes through Baggy Moor) flows through Hordley, where Bagleys were first found, and moreover there is a "hind" in the Perry Crest as there is in the Crest of Comyn-related Shaws. Comyns love the Courage's.

Bagley-beloved Rams are with the Cremers who likewise pointed to Fauci, but also the English Faux's who have a mascle version of the Fauci Coat. Rams were first found in Essex with Faux's and English Fabians, tending to prove that the Bagley ram does have the Fauci lozenge. English Fabians share the triple fleur-de-lys of COURage's and Perkins (Leicestershire with Woods) while the trump stag head is in the this Arms of County Waterford while Currys/CORRys, Cecil-connectable Corrins, and Whelans were first found in Waterford. The Fauci lozenges is half blue, the color of the Whelan lozenge.

The Perkins are extremely welcome here because they are also Parkings while the sleeping-bag dream had a parking lot into which I walked after picking up the sleeping bag in the Perkin-related woods. The Pews who share the Perkins/Parking Coat share the motto of Fiscs, the latter being from the Fieschi of Genova, partners of Grimaldi's who share the Bag and Fabian Shield, which is almost the Fisc and ATHa Shield. The Attys/Ade's/AIDs are expected in the "ad" motto term of Pews and Fiscs, and the Ade's/Aids are the ones pointed to by David Morley, an old friend of mine who appeared in this dream. Fiscs were first found in Norfolk with the Comyns/Comings (and Flags) who in turn have the Courage's in their motto who in turn share the triple fleur of Pews / Fabians (flags).

Here's how this works. The Morley and Morland leopard FACE with fleur-de-lys stuck into it is in the Ade/Aids Crest, and Face's/Fessys were Fieschi liners too, and have been resolved with FAUCi's, see? The latter first found in Genoa with Fieschi (see their Wikipedia article), and with the Segni's/Segurana's suspect in the Face/Fessy motto. I have been telling all of this but without the Fauci surname for years, for I didn't think there was a Fauci surname, but it was discovered only months ago, otherwise Tony Fauci would long ago have been in this dream with the Morley and Aid leopard faces.

David Morley appeared first in the dream riding his motorbike on a ROAD, and he then came down the bank off the road, and down to the sleeping bag, where he RODE AROUND it in a perfect circle, which I now see as a pointer to the RHODian ROUND Table. The communist-pig Fabian globalists whose end will be in the trash heap of Hell. The Round Crest is a "SLEEPING lion," you see, another reason for the sleeping bag versus another kind of bag.

The reason that Morley points to the AIDS disease is that Ade's/Aids have a version of the Welsh David Coat which itself shares the Perkin/Parking and Pew lion. This is what justifies the "ad" motto term of Pews, and allows us to then go to the same motto of Fiscs, and from there we go to Fauci's. It's brilliant on God's part. King David I of Scotland, who had set the Dol Alans up to become Stewarts, was the father of Henry, earl of Huntingdonshire, husband in turn of ADa of Warenne, explaining why the David and Ade/Aid Coats are similar. Bagleys and Sleeps were first found in Shropshire with the Dol Alans.

After Morley circled the bag, I walked up the bank (looks like code for International bankers of the Rhodian cult), onto the road, and as I crossed the road, Morley rode his bike behind my back and went down the road from the direction in which he arrived. Why not the other way? I then walked into a mall parking lot across the road, before entering the mall, and as Scottish Morley are also Mauls, it verified that David Morley was in this dream.

Repeat from a stacked paragraph above, very important:

I didn't know how to describe what Mr. Kepke did but with use of "PERSONality," and now I find that Persons/PIERsons have a version of the French Poussin and BathGATE Coats. Bathgate's were first found in West Lothian with Tenants. Poissons/Poussons (not "Poussin"), almost having the Bardy Coat, have pointed to poison vaccines by Bill Gates, Tony Fauci and Francis Collins (led the NIH), for Bardys were first found in Perigord with Fauchys and Faux's/Fage's/CHOLLENs. Bardy endings look related to Doe's, Dots/Dods (Doe colors and format) and/or Dows (Berwickshire with Persons/Piersons) and AIDs/Ade's. Dots/Dods had recently pointed to the DOD, the U.S. Department of Defence, the engineers of the vaccine scheme, safe to say.

Not only were Dots/Dods at Edge (Cheshire with Eggertons) while Eggs/Edge's (once said to be first found in Cheshire) had linked to Ice's/ECCO's, pointers with Cremers to Fauchys and Faux's/Gage's/Chollens, and therefore to the ECOhealth organization that Fauci funded to secure bioweapons technology in Wuhan, but a "copia" motto term is shared between Dots/Dods and the Welsh Davids under discussion.

The following bit on my relatives was cut out from above and placed down here so as not to spoil the flow on Trump and Fauci. First, repeat from above: "The Bagley and Ram lozenges can be linked to the near-same of Hinds (share Dol / Faber fesse) and Parrys because Hinds were first found in Essex with Rams while a Perry river (goes through Baggy Moor) flows through Hordley, where Bagleys were first found, and moreover there is a "hind" in the Perry Crest as there is in the Crest of Comyn-related Shaws."

I kid you not, I have relatives named Parry and his sister, FABRicia. I would visit them from time to time when my mother visited her brother (Mr. Grimaldi) because he lived on the same road, not many houses away, from them. That is amazing because Grimaldi's share the Fabian Coat. When my mother's brother died, I attended the funeral, and once outside, Fabricia and I saw each other, and the first thing out of her mouth, "You're a MAN." And she KISSed me (through the motions) on the cheeks (we hadn't seen each other since we were kids, and we were past 45). Mr. Grimaldi's mother was a Masci.

ZOWZERS. It just so happens that German Mans/Manners (Massey quadrants), sharing the Perry quadrants, share the savage with club with Woods, the latter first found in Leicestershire with KISS' and Fabian-connectable Perkins/Parkings!! Whammy, she and I had no idea God was arranging those words out of her mouth. The kiss was her idea, she went first and surprised me. Parry was there. I am so impressed. Savage's (Cheshire with Masseys) are Sava's too while Shaws share the Perry "hind." Comyns were first found in Norfolk with the Kiss-beloved Fountains.

More. Scottish Mans are in Eva/EVES colors and format, and Eva was Mr. Grimaldi's wife. EWE's/EWES/Cuish's/KEWish's and Cussons have got to be of the Cush variation of Kiss'!!! Things like this make my day. Cue's/KEWs (Norfolk with Comyns) even share the Comyn garbs.

More: Eve's/Eves are also Evers while Eure's/Evers/Ivers share the Perry / Man/Manner / Massey quadrants!!! Plus, Eure's/Evers/Ivers (Vere branch) are clearly kin of Malls (Cheshire again)! I even remember that I was living at the home of a Ms. Abreu at the time of this funeral, and that surname is to Evreaux of Eure province.

Mr. Grimaldi was born and raised in Abruzzo, and Abreu's are listed with Abruzzo's. Shaw-connectable Sheaves'/Chiava's were first found seven miles from the village in which he was raised, and while the Cavii Illyrians were at Lissus, English Liss'/Lise's were first found in Hampshire with Perrys (use the pear as likely code for Peare's). The Cams suspect in the "quam" motto term of CAMbridge's, and in the "NumQUAM" or Eure's/Evers, share the six pale bars of Liss'/Lise's Coat.

This arrival to Liss'/Lise's is amazing because I had considered while writing above an event at Eva's funeral, but had decided not to tell the story, until now. We were outside at the burial grounds when I saw a man, and said, "Do I know you?" And as soon as he started talking, I exclaimed, Dominic! And I gave him a hug, saying I hadn't seen him since we were 20. As I remember his surname, Speranza, I looked it up, but didn't have anything to say about it for the topic at hand, and so I wasn't going to tell of this event. But as Speranza's use strong arms, the Armstrong symbol, I now add that Armstrongs almost have the Liss/Lise's and Cam Coats. The "maneo" motto term of Armstrongs looks like a pointer to the Mans that Fabricia pointed to, and Scottish Mans are in Eva/Eves colors and format. We were at Eva's funeral that day.

It's more amazing when we get to the "InvicTUS" motto term of Armstrongs because Tous'/Tosini's use a "man" wearing a "shirt" with "buttons," and while Shirts (Cheshire again) are Shards too, Lizarts/SARDE's share the Armstrong Coat!!! Incredible. Buttons/Bidens were first found in Hampshire with Liss'/Lise's, and Scottish Lise's look like kin of CLAREns/Larins (share two of the three Clare chevrons) while French Larins were first found in Provence too. Plus, English Clare's share the Coat of Bleds in colors reversed, and Bleds use a "tous" motto term.

But there's more because I had suspected, recently, that the "sperno" motto term of Muscats/Musks is code for Speranza's, and Muscats/Musks were first found in Cambridgeshire with the Cams and the Cam river.

Plus, it's been a long time since I mentioned my grade-5 sweetheart, Andrea FABIAN, and she was a petit blond like Fabricia. On her 11th birthday, I got her a GAME board, and Game's are listed with Cams. I have told of the time when we were in a backyard, when I motioned to hug / kiss her, but I can't remember actually kissing so maybe I chickened out. It was almost similar as going through the formal motions of a hug and kiss with Fabricia. I think that's cool, and it's pointing to our enemies, the Fabian globalists.

As Andrea attended my 11th birthday PARTY, I recall that this took me to PERTuis in Provence, because French Andrea's were first found in Provence. This is amazing because PerTUIS is not much more than 50 miles from Draguignan, and Lizarts/Sarde's were first found in Draguignan while Drake's were first found in Hampshire with the Liss'/Lise's sharing the six pale bars of Lizarts/Sarde's. Dragons/Drainers (Kent with PERTs/Petts) are in Eva/Eves colors and format, is that not wild? The Larins (Provence) share the Scale scallops while Scale's share the five feathers in the Crest of Irish Clare's/Clairs, amazing because the latter are in the colors and format of Nagle's having a "nightinGALE due to their kinship with Gale's (share Nagle/Nail saltire)!!! Nagle's share the Fauci lozenge!!!!!!

Nagle liners named Oneglia, near Pertuis. I don't remember checking for a Pertuis surname until now, and it's listed with PettinGALE's!!! Can we believe this outcome? The Perts/Petts have a motto, "Ardens," and French Ardens were first found in Limousin with French Clairs!

Oneglia is now Imperia, and I trace the Imperi priests of the Boofima cult (shared goat symbol with Baphomet) to Perigord, where Fauchys (GRASShopper) and Faux's/Fage's/Chollens' were first found. It just so happens that Doria's, who married Ardens-like ARDUINici of Oneglia, were first found in Genova with Trump related Fauci's, and Doria's even share the Dutch Tromp eagle! Boofima was a human-sacrifice cult, which can explain Fauci's love of killing people with vaccines. If he doesn't love doing it, how do we explain his constant zeal in doing it more?

Why are these pointers to the vaccine killers coming from the funerals of my Grimaldi aunt and uncle? Grasse is near Monaco, tending to explain the Fauchy grasshopper, and yet more, Grass is near Draguignan. GRIShams/Gressams have another grasshopper while Gris' are also Griims.

Pertuis'/Pettingale's share the giant Bird/Burd, and BEAUTY: Birds/Burds may have been Pertuis-like Berts / Burts, for BIRTHs are listed with Berts! Our BIRTHdays at your service! When it rains, it pours. Watch out for the flying pitch on your head, Fauci. The volcanoes will spew on account of this mass-murder plot.

As I've said many times, Andrea lived on SHOReham (Toronto), and here we can repeat that Shore's/Sure's are in the motto of Andersons who share the red saltire with Andrea's. I'm sure that Shore's/Sure's use the stork, as do PERTs/PETTs!!! Like I said, I do not remember the Pertuis/Pettingale surname, but lookie there. Even Andrea's address just took us to Pertuis/Pettingale elements, apparently. When God does it, He does it good, and this little Andrea might yet be for the future purposes of God.

Mr. Grimaldi and my mother were raised in Picenze, and Piacenza sometimes uses a blue-on-white wolf in its Arms, the colors of the giant wolf of Danish Andersons.

Though not in the same colors, both the stork-using Pitts and the Partys share a checkered fesse, and while "ardua" is in the Pitt motto, "Ardens" is the Pert/Pett motto. This goes to the "ardua petit" motto phrase of Malcolms/Columns because Petits were first found in Kent with Perts/Petts. Andrea was a petit girl.


According to new documents, the vaccine scheme was spearheaded by the U.S. military:

For anyone not yet hearing much that, the more a person is vaccinated, the higher the risk of dying from a virus, because, very apparently, the vaccines knock out some defense mechanism(s) in the body:

Canada at the highest levels is going anti-Schwab thanks to Schwab's big mouth and sickly-looking face. I regret to say that I'm racist against the guy in the blue hat:

Kari Lake will get a day in the appeals court in the fourth week of January to discuss the trial. This looks like a lengthy process to knock the wind out of the election-fraud sails...until those who care today will care half as much or less. But this court case is not about Lake, it's about destroying a corruption machine in Arizona, and for that, anytime, this year, next year, three years from now, is the right time. The longer it goes on, the harder it will be against the souls who are hiding their criminality.

Sean Hannity has become militant on behalf of McCarthy. As I speak about Fox and Friends much, hoping that God is pointing there for some good thing, I should show you how it too seems to be thumping for McCarthy:

On the one hand, Fox is leaning heavily for DeSantis for 2024, and on the other it's going Trump-McCarthy on the House while it's the anti-McCarthy 20-plus who tend to have DeSantis' normal morality. There are a lot more than 20 of them, but they are too a-scared to vote their own will, afraid of vengeance from RINO's. That's why the Unites States is falling at the political level:no moral backbone, almost all slimy bloodsuckers feasting on tax cash, or hoping to get in on that game. The earth cracks, the rocks fall.

Matt Gaetz, the leader against McCarthy, made a fool of himself on Thursday by nominating Trump for Speaker. That's like fighting against the foothold of the devil by nominating his other foot. Pro-Trump Marjorie Green was sitting beside Gaetz at the time. By Thursday night, McCarthy lost his 11th vote session. But the 20-man elephant in the room was on the verge of evaporating away.

On Friday, after reports of some back-room deals, over a dozen of the 20 hold-outs voted for McCarthy, including Donalds. None of them told the public what deals had been made, and we don't know whether they were threatened into submission by a Soros-like alligator. Matt Gaetz refused to budge, and went back to nomination Jim Jordan. Gaetz should not have nominated Trump, as that made him look like a silly leader of this pack.

I say that these 15 who voted for McCarthy by evening time are not the peoples' representatives, for if they were, they would put forth their deal-making points to the public for a week or two to allow the people to debate the deal's points. Instead, a handful of these people decided what the deals should be, and some the points in the deal are down-right disgusting. These 15 look like instant-soup, fast-lane traitors who promised to get a new man only to let the gangsters walk away with it, by reverting to pussycat status, the thing the good guys hated about the RINO's all along. How can they live with themselves in the morning? Listen the Byron Donalds talk just like a fake when he says that he's doing the peoples' work, even though he admits that the deals have not yet been confirmed, which, besides, the people know nothing about, even though the people have not had they're say on these deals, even though 90-percent Republicans don't want McCarthy, and here he's already voted for McCarthy and contributed to almost giving him the Speakership BEFORE the deals have been signed. It just goes to show you, people who claim to be Christians can be very unChristian in politics, and very masonic instead. Congress is a masonic bastion, and this man is starting to look like a masonic cut-out:

Some of the pathetic deals is to make McCarthy promise to call a vote for certain investigations, with some of the 20 hold-outs involved in committees, but that's like a potential zero. Even if McCarthy calls for a vote, it can be voted down, and even if there is an investigation by a committee, it can be a nothing-burger as often happens in congress, and a few of the 20 involved on the committees won't turn the tables on faked investigations. The needed thing is to get a better man altogether than McCarthy who, when he goes for investigations, they are real investigations by people who despise, and seek to expose and punish, wrong-doing. A new man is needed who won't print money for overseas laundering and home pork.

Here's all of the deals that was known by the public on Friday night (January 6, ironically), and the public didn't get an opinion, and vaccinations / lockdowns were NO ISSUE:

Almost everyone in the comments sections in all videos on this issue is anti-McCarthy. McCarthy claimed he had the votes to win by 10 pm Friday night, but I've just read that the House went home instead, and it's 10:30 as I write, meaning that he probably didn't get the two or three votes he still needs. Now the hold-outs look really alone, like men standing naked in the shower with people walking outside on the other side of the curtain. What now? Here's Gaetz throwing in the towel voting "present," which is a reluctant yes vote:

Paul Gosar voted McCarthy, but looked and felt like a traitor when doing so. Everything the 20 growled earlier in the week now sounds like a hollow noise. I'm disappointed. It was only for deal-making, not as they truly represented themselves, as warriors out to get a better leader. No praise from me. McCarthy is gang-ho to fund the road to Armageddon. The 20 let that happen. There is nothing the 20 can do about it now because the votes will be there to fund the war against Russia.

I'm reading that Andy Biggs of Arizona is the last man standing behind the shower curtain, and he's not offering any shampoop yet. He should hold out another week until McCarthy and the rest of his team agree to investigate and correct election fraud. If McCarthy can't agree to that, he doesn't deserve the job. If McCarthy doesn't want to do election fraud, he's a man of Hell, a supporter of cheats and those who commit political gangsterism, those who would jail honest people on false charges.

Here's Gaetz arguing a little bitterly with McCarthy even after Gaetz gave him a vote:

Oh, wait, there is a 15th vote taking place as I write, though other news people have said the night's over. There are a lot of Republicans here who appear often on Fox, sounding like good guys in the past yet supporting McCarthy from the start, never wavering, because it's politically expedient for them to be welcome into the club. This is how the dragon of the U.S. congress swallows people who start well with the right morals. This building is where God does not reside. This building is the Big Whore House. McCarthy won the 15th voting session at 12:29 am, January 7, 216 to 212 with six "present" votes. The 200 McCarthy hold-outs had their opportunity 15 times to speak up against trillion-dollar spending, but did not. Etc., etc.

Just to comment on those who say that globalists want to replace workers with robots, or want to kill a large percentage of the world population, it should dawn on us that they are making a stink of themselves because corporate leaders realize in a second that without people with money in the bank, or without people alive at all, nobody's going to buy their products or services. What corporate leaders will be in favor of putting themselves out of business in this way? Duh. The more globalist corporates make a stink of themselves, the more other corporate leaders abandon them until it becomes the trend. Sorry, Schwabites, stink bombs.

When the Schwabites try to take cars from us, how will car and car-part companies, and mechanics, feel about it? Where will the Schwabites get their political support when corporate leaders abandon them? Duh.

In all fairness to Elon Musk, who publicly claims to support brain chips for medical purposes, here he is saying that he's opposed to what Christians oppose, societal control by big-brother computer programs:

"Big brother" is an understatement. I wish it were only big brother. Instead, it's the devil. Don't be fooled into laying down your good senses and defenses by "big brother." The control freaks are not our brother, and there is hope for the human race because Jesus will intervene once God exposes that evil cannot ever be allowed to rule the globe. By the time that Jesus arrives, the whole world's rulers will be ready to kiss his ring, and all the subjects of the rulers will tend to follow suit. He will be viewed as the Savior indeed, from those who deceived them with evil plots disguised as peace and security. There will be no escape to other planets, fool Musk.

For those who did not hear what general Flynn did when he copied the prayer of a cultist, and caused Christians in his audience to recite it, not telling them where the prayer was from, here is that dog, general Flynn, the worm who wormed his way into the Christian camp on the coat tails of the other fake, Trump (let this be a lesson to us not to be fooled by false Christian speakers):

Here's a video on the corruption in the Virgin Islands, even from JPMorgan Chase, in what looks like a crime ring:

LOOK AT THE DESPERATION OF THE WEST TRYING TO START NEW LOCKDOWNS THIS WINTER. What you see here are Western goons upset that China did it's part, approaching winter, to feign a COVID pandemic, and then, as China caved in December, the West is now upset because the West was about to use the Chinese pandemic to start one in the West. That's what it looks like to me, and it means they will try again next winter (or earlier) when they fail this winter. The good news now, few want a vaccine. The bad news; the goons will need to force vaccinate:

You may have heard that the mother of Ashli Babbitt was arrested late this week merely for holding a vigil for her murdered daughter. If this story sounds unreal, it is, yet Tucker Carlson covered had the story because he's too enshrined with a big-$$$-job to tell the truth, that Babbit was not murdered January 6, two years ago, because she staged her death with those around her as a warning signal of what happens to anti-establishment protesters. That's why they staged the mother's arrest this week, to make people think she Ashli really did die, and so Tucker is feeding this hoax. Tucker is crying the blues, Friday night, because the officer who murdered Babbitt for no justifiable reason, was never punished in any way. That's because, Tucker, stupid, he didn't shoot Babbitt.

Another hoax may be that there are 100s of political prisoners still in jail from the January-6 "insurrection." This was a staged scare-job, pure and simple, why can't we understand that any murders that day were likewise staged to give gravity to the story, so that people will fall for it. Get up, and go back to protest at the Capitol. It's your country, don't let the gangsters own it. Just don't go into the building, and don't go to fight for Trump, because he's your enemy.

Go fight for the morality of God, who will stand with you when you do. Trump is your crutch because he makes you lame. What don't you understand about this? Go to the Capitol and complain: stop printing money and then putting it on our tab. Stop the vaccine mass-murders. Arrest the Bidens, in Jesus name. We are here in Jesus' name. But, lo, where are the church leaders stirring up such protests? It would be good to see them, and now we have our own media.

When I went to anti-abortion protests, the media didn't cover them, but now, we have our own media that will. It's not true that nothing will be accomplished just because politicians won't heed, because when something is done right in Jesus, there will be fruit. He is The Power. What don't we understand about this? In an evil day, can we not show ourselves to be a united force for Biblical values? Instead of going to church, let's get together in a protest, and we can talk there. I'll bring the donuts. The pastor can do a little preaching there, on the streets. No more church buildings needed. We can have church at a protest site every weekend, rotating from place to place, and it doesn't need to be on a Sunday. Bring a barbecue, be happy.

Bongino deserves praise for going against Fox on Fox:

On Saturday, I heard that McCarthy will appoint Thomas Massie to head a new, Church committee, named after a surname. It tends to explain why Massie did not join the hold-outs when he was expected to, because he wanted this post. I'm hearing that this committee will seek to expose the FBI, CIA, etc., and so more might get done now than was done by Trump during Trump, during when Republicans had all of congress. It takes only people with sincerity, and they say that Massie is a stand-alone type man. Did I just say that? Did I just say that Massie stands ALONE, like a Masci stood in a shower being told that he likes to be alone? Hmmm.

Why do we think McCarthy put this Massie appointment out-front as soon as he won his effort? Public relations, proving he's a rat. He will go on like Trump, creating an image of himself that he's for the people, for the voters, but in secret rooms, he's going to rob the piggy to give to porky. He knows that every video he watched of the past week had almost everyone disgusted with him in the comments sections. Public relations now, tossing some dog bones out to the whiners, is his number two task. His number one task is to come together with his closest, most-trusted partners, in winky-wink secrecy.

Late Sunday night from GAB: "The Brazilians have managed to take over their Supreme Court, completely occupy their Congress, and chase Lula out of his residence in just one day. Many officers are now siding with the people, and refusing to protect the corrupt Lula Communists." They didn't even have guns, folks, just population-power, just numbers, and t-shirt, and Walmart running shoes. Why can't Americans do that to Biden? Because the DOJ scared all on a big January-6 ruse, and because there was no intent to invade the government buildings. If the will was there, it could have been done lickety-split.

I don't understand the mentality of the people breaking the glass in Brazile or doing other damage to property when the fault lies with the bad-apple rulers and judges, but I suppose it does send a fear-wave on the rulers in case they do the same next time. It looks like pent-up anger over the many weeks of protesting that bore no fruit until now:

This wave of protesters will work to prevent corrumption in the future, I think, but corruption will continue in the U.S. Capitol because there's no team leader of the people to organize a "We Ain't Taking It" protest at Washington to show we ain't taking the intimidation, and to get some people out of jail due to an FBI-staged "insurrection." It's now the responsibility of McCarthy to expose the House members who participated in the FBI-staged event, but he with Trump, his new buddy, do not care to expose them. Not even Trump. He has done nothing to help get his supporters out of jail, even though it's well-known that the entry into the Capitol building was prompted, facilitated, and advertised, by the rulers.

I was thinking: it's not necessary to go to a cashless system in order for the mark of the beast to take effect, especially if it's a door pass rather than a payment method. We all assumed, years ago, that the mark would be a payment method, but not necessarily so. The goons can block people from buying and operating businesses if consumers and business people do not vaccinate. This possibility should become an valid option, because we saw it in action; the goons were going for that very situation, until it was crippled one year ago, thanks probably to God for that.

James Wells, a former senior member of the UK Office for National Statistics, joined Nigel Farage on GB News this week to explain how official UK COVID mortality data reveals that over 1,000 people are dropping dead each week due to the experimental mRNA shots.

“These excess deaths have been going on since May, the average is at about 1,000 a week,” Wells told Farage.

That's a choice video story to have in case you need it for a law suit against a boss or politician who tries to force vaccinate you. If that happens, you go to the proper court, grab some forms, fill them out yourself, get a lawyer to sign it, and start a law suit. It costs very little to get that far.

You then gather all the news stories telling of the extreme dangers of the vaccines, and go to court with your news package, you don't even need a lawyer. You can just read your news package to the judge, and you will be justified for refusing the vaccine. You tell the judge that your enemy has no proof that the excess deaths are due to something other than vaccines, and if there's even a 50-percent chance that vaccines are responsible, that's your motive for refusing vaccines, because your enemy (the lawyer) will try to portray you as dangerous for threatening other people with a virus you may or may never get. You show that access deaths started exactly when the vaccine roll-outs began.

I've kept a list of news stories for you to peruse, which you can save in case you need it to fight a vaccine enforcement:
[[ Pfizer kills babies three videos:


Here's all four Gospels wrapped into one story.

For Some Prophetic Proof for Jesus as the Predicted Son of God.
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