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December 27 - 31, 2022

Blake Masters Can Begin to Explain the Sleeping Bag
My Storing Jars For Christmas Are By Chance; Beware Apophis
Five Supreme-Court Judges Hanging On the Line
Indisputable Proof that the Sun is 18 Million Miles Away, or Less

If you're waiting for Jesus to return, see Post-Tribulation Rapture

It was nice while it lasted. Hall of Names is no longer showing the descriptions of the Coats of Arms presented at House of Names, but I have many of them recorded in my past updates from which to borrow.

To follow better, load Masters now to load and view other surnames on another Internet tab.

Masters share a motto term of Book-loving Roets, making the Master griffin head look like the one of Box's (Wiltshire, beside Roets). Masters were once said to be first found in Kent with Roots. Roets share the Gord/Gordan boar heads which are in the colors and format of the three griffin heads of both Box's and Books (Berwickshire, same as Gords/Gordans and BRNovich-like Bernicians).

Having said that, I described a dream, two updates ago, about a box I was told to fetch relating to election fraud in Arizona, but until now I've neglected to mention Blake MASTERS, a pro-Trump, anti-abortion Republican who first thankfully beat out the standing attorney general of Arizona (Mark Brnovich) this past election, but then lost by a small-enough margin, to the Democrat, that it may have been by election fraud. Thus, the box in the dream can be pointing to Blake Masters, yet another potential pointer, of the dream, to Arizona.

I've never been big on seeing general dreams from God, and I hesitate when Christians say they've had a dream from God, just to let you know, I'm probably a lot like you in this regard. But these dreams I've emphasized have shown a lot of proof for being set-ups by God to jibe with surnames, and every scene in a dream can point to more than one thing, depending on how I approach the heraldic set as it's flowing out while written. I've come to believe that, probably, God is setting up these dreams on behalf of my post-trib message of needed food preparation, and our collective battle that comes with it. I hope I'm not wrong.

Masters are said to have held Truswell while Truswells are said to have married a "Viscountess of Troyes," tending to explain why Irish Troyes' have griffins in Masters griffin colors, thus making the giant, white unicorn of German Troyes' look like the white unicorn head in the Masters Crest. Hamon de Masci/Massey is likely of the Hamons (Kent, same as where Masters were once said to be first found) because their "discRIMINa" motto term suggests Maschi's of Rimini, and Troy-like Scottish Treys/Trellys (Masters colors) use "Discrimine."

BLAKE Masters can now be pointed to by his first name too because Irish Blake's show Caddell/Caddle variations while sharing a giant "FRET" (different colors) with Cattle's/Cattels, and it just so happens that CATTOLica is beside Rimini. Beside Cattolica is Fano, the line to Griffin-related Phone's/Fane's/Vans (share gauntlets with Maceys from FERTE-Mace) who are central in the Joe's-van dream, a pointer to Arizona election fraud.

I'm going to Mamie in this section, and so let's do this paragraph too. Trelly is in Manche, and Masseys were from Manche, suggesting that Masters were named at least partly after Masseys. Peoples of the Isle of Man, called Manche-like Manx, were to the Macey-like Mackays ("Manu") whose Coat is a lot like that of Treys/Trellys. The Mansells and Manfields use a Manche-like maunch for obvious reason, and Mamie pointed to Mamesfelde of the Mansfields, in Hamon colors and format. John De Burgo (father of Conteville's) was ancestral to Meschins, and he is to Irish BERKs/Burghs (Blake/Caddell colors) while BERKshire's share the Blake/Caddell fret. These Blake's have this: "Richard Caddle was sheriff of Connaught in 1306 A.D. and was a tenant of Falway under Richard de BURGO (Burke), the Red Earl of Ulster."

The Arms of Richard de Burgh is the Irish Berk/Burgh cross. His daughter was wife to king Bruce I of Scotland, explaining why Scottish Bruce's have the Berk/Burgh Coat as a saltire. Scottish Bruce's were from Annandale, named by the Ananes Gauls at Placentia, itself near BREScia/Brixia, a place related to "Bruce" and its many variations. Brescia is at lake Garda, and "Garde" is used by Carricks because Marjory Carrick married a Bruce and became the mother of king Bruce above. This king was a Templar haven in Scotland.

The "cat" in the Crest of Berks/Burghs looks very much related to the proto-Cattels, especially as Cattle's/Cattels were first found in Norfolk with cat-using Catch's/Catchers. The Cattle/Cattel write-up has: "the Hundredorum Rolls of 1273 list Cattle BAGGE in Cambridgeshire." I'm not yet satisfied (as in nailing it) as per why the sleeping bag, which continually reappears in my writings, should suggest the Bag/Bagge surname. Mamie and I in her sleeping bag pointed to the Tease/Tyes surname.

Another maunch (sleeve) is used by TICKhills while Ticks (griffin heads), once said to be first found in Kent with Masters (griffin heads) and Hamons, are now said to be first found in Yorkshire with Tickhills, Masters, Rhodes', Elias-branch Elis', and with the Skiptons married by Meschins. The Tick Coat looks like a version of the Teague Coat, and so the TEIGn variation of Treys/Trellys seems to apply to "Teague," but can apply also to the Tigh variation of Tease's/Tyes' (Nottinghamshire, near Tickhill) to whom Mamie pointed when she pointed to Mamesfelde (Nottinghamshire).

I've always had only a vague connection, to offer readers, between Tease's/Tyes' and Manfields (names of Mamesfelde), but I now have the following in the write-up of Rookbys: "The surname Rookby was first found in Yorkshire at Rokeby, a parish, in the union of TEESdale,...'The owner of Rokeby having become proprietor of Mortham, in the parish, by marriage with the heiress of the MANFIELDs...'" If only I can remember that when I need it again.

What could God be representing with a sleeping bag? Something that sleeps long that is of God for a wake-up call to some sudden victory? In my sleeping bag dream, the pointer was very conspicuous to the Clinton / Rhodian crime ring, and specifically to Marc Elias of Perkins Coie. It came out this week that Katie Hobbs, the cheat who has thus fat defeated Kari Lake, sued Lake's team for a half-million dollars for bringing a frivolous law suit against Arizona's election house, and although I don't know the details yet, some or all of that money was for Marc Elias. He's been heavily involved in Arizona corruption, begging whether that state is a Clintonite / Rhodian stronghold. Mamie pointed to Kari Lake the day after she and I were in her sleeping bag.

AHH, I think I have it. I've just remembered that Bags/Bagge's share the Shield of Italian Fabians while the Rhodians, named from Cecil Rhodes, were Fabian communists! I cannot re-explain the sleeping bag dream here, but it did point exactly to Cecil Rhodes, when a biker circled the sleeping bag. Perhaps that bag represents God's people.

I almost missed it. English Fabians share the triple fleur-de-lys of Perkins for a pointer to Perkins Coie!!! I did this heraldic set at least once before (recently), but it's not engrained in my head yet. The sleeping bag is thus a part-pointer to Mark Elias, we can be sure of it. If it suggests that Mark Elias is a Fabian / Rhodian, let's add that while he's the adventurous / zealous demonoid protecting Clinton political interests, Bill Clinton is a "Rhodian Scholar" (= a globalist gangster with a respectable name).

Ahh, Coie-like Coys were first found in Cambridgeshire with Cattle Bagge, and the Coy Crest happens to have a snake while Snake's/Snooks (Kent) share the fleur-de-lys of Fabians and Perkins! The sleeping bag is either a representation of the Perkins Coie crime ring, or of God's answer to that crime ring in due time, or perhaps a symbol of the Church persecuted by that demonoid crime ring.

Mamie pointed to Babon, father of Grimo, and Bags/Bagge's (Norfolk with PilGRIMs) with Italian Fabians share the GRIMaldi Shield.

English Fabians are excellent in this discussion for essentially using the Coat of Courage's who are in the motto of Comyns/Comine's, for John de Burgo ruled Comines and CONTEville. Hamons likely share the CONTE/Comitissa and CONE antler, beautiful because I aim to go soon to the CONEys in this update. We flowed here by following the first name of Blake Masters.

Courage's can be gleaned with Corrys/Currys and Corrins, both first found in Waterford, for Corrins share the black escutcheons of Cecils for an additional pointer to Cecil Rhodes.

English Fabians, first found in Hampshire with Catcher-connectable Fly's, use flags while Flys were at a Flagi location while Flags were first found in Norfolk with Bags/Bagge's and Catch's/Catchers (Kate/KatterBACH colors). I can't remember all of these things, so take them for whatever they are worth to you as I flow along. If all they do is offer you proof that God exists, and is behind this strange work, that alone has value. Keep the Faith with as much quality as you can muster. It's not enough to simply believe and offer Jesus lip-service. Let the Word of God enter to change your soul, your inner qualities, your world-views, your morality.

I've explained why Kate's/Katterbachs are from "Kotor," near the SELEPitanoi, the line to Sleeps. KatterBACHs thus seem applicable because Welsh Bachs are also BAGHs, and this suggests a Bag-Catcher marriage at some point(s). Mosca's/Muscas', related to the Fly's, look like they have the leopard of Blake's/Caddells which in turn looks like the leopard of Rhodes'. The Mosca leopard is called a mountain cat (or cat-a-mountain) in the Chives Crest. Could the Kate's be a pointer to Katie Hobbs' ties to Marc Elias? Looks like.

Meschins have the Kitchen-related Banisters in their write-up, and Kitchen variations suggest a branch of Catch's/Catchers. This recalls my cat, Sassy, which I received as a Kitchen-like kitten from a lady whose banister I was refinishing. As Sassy grew up to SUCK her tail habitually as an adult, she pointed very hard to Suchs, the latter first found in Lancashire, not only with Kitchens and banisters, but with GorSUCH's. Keep this in mind as I go to Amy Coney Barrett, for she serves on the same court as Neil Gorsuch.

Behold. Sassy pointed to Tailor-branch Tillers because the Tilurius river is also the CETINa while cat-using CETINs/Cattans share the "Saracen head" with Sassys/SAUCers (like "Such"). The beauty now is that the Tails/Tailors above not only share the single pale bar of Blake's/Caddells (!), but the leopard in the Blake/Caddell Crest!!!!!! INCREDIBLE. I think Blake Masters needs to appeal his election loss to the supreme court of the United States. I think he should join Kari Lake in that adventure.

Two updates ago, I showed how Mamie and I in a tent can point to Kari Lake's election-fraud fight (= court battle against Katie Hobbs) in Arizona, still-ongoing this week. Therefore, I've gone to fetch for you this statement from the 4th update in October, 2017: "I now remember that my first teenage kiss from a girl (I didn't kiss her back) was stolen from me in a tent by Christine Masters (age 13), and while I slept in a tent with Mamie, who represented Isle-of-Man liners, the Christine's were first found in the Isle of Man."

Although Christine's (Masters colors and near-format) are no longer said to be first found on Man, they share the white unicorn head in Crest with Masters. The latter emphasize the MANE by making it a different color. Both unicorn heads are emphasized in gold, and Horns/Orne's named the Orne river, location of Ferte-MACE, where I trace king Maccus of the Isle of Man.

Christine Masters lived in Unionville, as did Christine Peare when I knew her, and while the latter Christine pointed with her hips to Arizona election fraud, her hip event was in my sleeping-bag dream while the tent event with Mamie was in her sleeping bag. Peare's hips event was definitely also a waist event for a pointer to Waistells, who can be traced to "Vestalis," son of king Cottius of the Cottians, the line to Cotes'/Cotta's/Cottons who in turn have the fretty Shield of Truswells in colors reversed. It's a small world, for Masters held Truswell. AND WOW, just go ahead and compare Truswells to Suchs!!! Truswells were first found in Warwickshire, where Tree's/Trews/Trues' were once said to be first found.

Prior to starting on Blake Masters on Monday evening, I wanted to go right-away, at the top of this update, to my touch-BRA event at age nine, for another interesting heraldic set, and so let me first quote from the Truswell write-up: "The surname Truswell was first found in Warwickshire where they held a family seat at BILLESLEY. 'Milo de BRAI, father of Hugh Trussel, married c. 1070, Litheuil, Viscountess of Troyes;...'" It appears that Brays/Brae's were married to Truswells, and that Troyes' were a True branch along with Truswells.

THE BILLESLEY/BILLINGS can be of the Bills whose Chief appears to use a billet so that they can be of the neighboring Billets who share the BALLOT Coat, and there we are to fraudulent ballots that stole the election from Masters. The Bills use pelicans while Pellicans were first found in Maine with French Billets/Billiards. Billesleys/Billings are in the colors and format of Baths (Somerset with Roet-connectable Bills), and Baths have most of the Coat of Roet-like Rhodes in colors reversed. The Roet-beloved Books are like the Box's (Wiltshire, beside Somerset and near Bath) who share the Masters griffin head, as do the Caplans that have a Coat in Roet colors and format minus the Roet tree.

For those who have kept track of my TIP-IN winning goal that I claim to be on election fraud, let's start with repeating that one Hayden Coat shares the Bath cross while the other Haydens share the bull of Beautys, the latter first found in Dorset with Hats/Hades'. That's repeated because Billesleys/Billings married the Hayden-like Heytons/Heightons/Hightons having a black boar head to go with the black Beauty and Hayden bull. The Heyton/Heighton bull head is exactly the Tipps/TIPPIN and Ratcliff bull head, and the latter two were first found in Lancashire with Billesleys/Billings.

Though not in the same colors, English Bellews share a fretty Shield with Truswells (of Billesley), and the Bellews share the fretty of Twitts/Thwaits, first found in Norfolk with their Tute/Tuit branch, and then Bellews have the Touts/Tute's in their motto, as do the Hicks (Yorkshire with Bellews, Hate's/Haights/Hague's and Heyton-connectable Rhodes'). Bellews share a similar Crest with Billesleys, and the Twitt/Thwait cross belongs also to High's while the latter have a version of the Height/Hite Coat, suggesting branches of Heytons/Heightons/Hightons. That all works with Haydens and Hats/Hades'. Heights/Hite's were first found in Derbyshire with the Sola's in the Hate/Haight/Hague motto.

It made a feasible a Ratcliff connection to Haydens and therefore to Sleeping Beauty as fulfilled by Ainsley Earhardt, mother of Hayden. The Billesley/Billing fitchees are shared by Burts, first found in Norfolk with both Hayden surnames. And to top it off, Billesleys/Billings were first found in Wigan while Wigans almost have the Coat of Ainsley-branch Annas' (Cambridgeshire with Wigans).

German Troys (look like Trump kin) almost have the Coat of Italian Demonte's (Piedmont with Cuneo), and Demonte is a location on Cuneo with Bra (see map). French Demonte's have two Maschi lions in pale, and were first found in Burgundy with the Vairs/Fers' (share Hohen Coat), who have a red-version Coat of FERRATs/Fers, which is explicable where you see MontFERRAT at Bra. Ferrats/Fers share the German CON/Cohen Coat while Coneys share the Scottish Con/Conn Coat. As the map shows Asti to the opposite side of Montferrat from Bra, and as Bruno's tell of their branch in Asti, it seems a given that French Demonte's use a blue-Shield version of the Brunswick Coat.

German Troys, Trumps and Dols, all in the same colors, were first found in Mecklenburg, and DOLfins, in Dol colors, share the dolphin (different colors) with the Arms of Cuneo. The Alans of Dol became Stewarts who share the Con/Cohen / Ferrat/Fer / Massi/Mattis checks.

BRAE's are significant here because I was on a laundry deck at the home of my friend, Jerry Peterson, reaching out in fun to TOUCH a BRA dangling from the laundry line that belonged to the tenant in the basement. It's going to take some time for me to get around to pointing this event to Amy Coney Barrett, a so-called conservative on the supreme court of the United States, though I think she has shown traitorous colors thus far on that court. I just want to put this up front because Kari Lake has promised to appeal her court loss last week to that supreme court, and while this court rejected to see election-fraud cases after Arizona robbed Trump by election fraud, one of the spoilers was, if I recall correctly, Amy Coney Barrett.

However, as Kari Lake is an up-coming woman, Coney Barrett might decide that it's time to take on an election-fraud case. And so let me go back to the laundry deck, because, as I've said a million times, there was a rabbit cage under that deck, with at least one white rabbit in it that I personally fed. The event, when it first came to mind some years ago, did so with a Bra location I knew of at the time, in Coney-like Cuneo. Let me tell you the reasons that Coneys, using white rabbits, ought to be from Cuneo.

Meschin-like Masci's were first found in Piedmont with Cuneo, but also with the capital of the Cottians we saw above with king Cottius. It's also where Peare-like Pero's were first found while Christine Peare pointed to these Cottians in pointing to Blake Masters above. Meschins are in Coney colors and format, and the Meschins share the scallops of the FLAGs while Bra-like Brays/Brae's use a "FLAX Breaker." By now we may wonder whether BARRetts were a branch of the namers of Bra. Ranulph le Meschin ruled Cheshire, where Foots/Foods (share Fly chevron) were first found who can be gleaned on two counts as Flag kin.

Breakers, first found in Shropshire with Meschins, use hunting HORNs. Coneys were strong in Lincolnshire, where Meschin-branch Mussels/Muscels were first found along with Lucy, wife of Ranulph le Meschin, son of Break-like De Briquessart who ruled in the Bessin along the ORNE river. The Orne may have named ORMSkirk, where Suchs were first found who no doubt named Gorsuch's. Scottish Orms' are listed with ORRINs/Orenns (almost have the Bag/Bagge Shield), and while I aim to go to the Hatch's soon in pointing to Coney Barrett, note Orrin Hatch, Republican chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee (until 2019) in charge of judicial nominations that get judges to the supreme court. It may apply to Orms'/Orrins that they were first found in Aberdeenshire with the Coney-branch Conns (share same Coat).

OH WOOOWWWIE! Orrin Hatch was replaced by CHUCK GRASSley as chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee. I've know for a couple of years that Chucks are listed with Suchs! What are the chances? PLUS, the Grasley (not "Grassley") Coat is a Shield filled with vair fur in the colors of the Shield filled with lozenges of Bags/Bagge's and Grimaldi's! Grimaldi's of Monaco are near Grasse, and Grimaldi's of Genova were allied to Fisc-like Fieschi. The Grasley Shield is shared by Beach's and Clappers, for what that's worth, and very connectable to Fiscs/Fisks (Norfolk with Bags/Bagge's and Pilgrims), the pointer, we may assume, to the secretive, authoritarian FISA court (FISC) that Grassley (anti-deep-state) wants to bust, and which the supreme court should cancel.

As the Muscas-connectable Flys are said to have been at Flagi, I can even repeat that I caught a magnificent FLY ball (age 16) off the bat of Dave Barret(t) (it was organized baseball). Every once in a while, we all perform an amazing thing in sports; I'm not amazing, but that CATCH was amazing, which is why I remember it vividly. The Catch/CATCHER surname was first found in Norfolk with Flags, and the Drake's (Hampshire with Fly's) use a "muscas" motto term that they translate as "fly" where they (the Drake's) have two terms translated as "fly CATCHER," what are the chances? In other words, Fly's were related to Catch's/Catchers, and Dave Barrett's surname is apparently pointing to Coney Barrett in this picture.

Okay, back to the rabbit cage, which belonged to the parents of JERRY Peterson (Polish Jew), for which reason I pointed the event to Peter Peterson (possibly Jewish), a former, long-standing chairman of the global-goon organization, Council on Foreign Relations. This chairman of the goon squad had married Mrs. COONEY (co-founder of Sesame Street). The mystery was on with this find.

When not finding a Jerry surname, I thought that God was pointing Jerry to the Jarry variation of Irish Hare's, for a hare is a rabbit, and moreover Jarrys/Hare's share the giant lion of Touch's/Tuffs...who have pointed to Arizona election fraud along with their Tufts/Tuffs branch. I reached out to TOUCH the bra, you see, and was only able to touch it by stretching out the index finger. I touched it, I won. Tufts/Tuffs' share the phoenix in Crest with Phoenix's/Fenwicks, and Phoenix (Maricopa county) is the Arizona capital. Thus, the touch-bra event can point in this way to Arizona fraud via the JARRys/Hare's. But what might the Council on Foreign Relations have to do with Arizona? Beats me.

I'm re-telling the touch-bra event because of the following from the last update:

I've been saying for a year or more that French Jarrets share the Garden/Jarden Coat likely because they are branches, and here during Kari Lake's trial this midweek there was a Scott Jarrett who perjured himself concerning fraudulent, 19-inch ballets. Moreover: "Scott Jarrett, the Maricopa County Elections Director, admitted the printer settings were switched on Election Day to alter the ballot size." He didn't tell anyone until the trial forced it out of him [the next day]. It therefore can appear that Mamie's garden event points to this Jarrett character.

For new readers, Mamie and I in a lake pointed to Kari Lake, and Mamie's garden event was later that day, the day after her tent event mentioned above. AND THE POINT IS: Jarrets are also Jarry-like Jarre's/Jarrys!!! BINGO BANGO, I win.

[Mamie pointed to Jarre's, and so did Jerry's white rabbits, keep that in mind because there's another bra straight ahead, and it's Mamie's bra, though I've got some things to say before getting there. Suffice to repeat here that her bra event was inside the HATCH of a pick-up truck! I've always used "hatch" to describe the event, and I'll show you why it's justified to go to the Hatch's with it.]

I'm not sure what I've won, but there's got to be something to all of this. Yes, Jarrets show a Jarry variation but do not come up when entering "Jarry." Mamie at her garden had a thigh symbol while Thigh's/Thy's use a red fox, the colors of the fox head in the Jarry/Hare Crest, and Kari Lake quit Fox news Arizona to run for governor there. Plus, Governs, I see only now, share the CHANCE and Jarrat lion, and zowie, Governors were first found in Dol with French Jarrets!!!! INCREDIBLE! The Jarre's from Mamie are now pointing to Kari Lake's governorship!

PLUS, I kid you not, that yesterday, Christmas day, I filled three of the four JARS I got for Christmas from my tenant. WOW, this is wild. Before this came to mind, I was going to go to the Christmas surname, which shares white rabbits with Coneys, and even looks related to Coneys. The Christmas martlets are colors reversed from the same of Fly's (Hampshire with Chance-branch Chase's/Chace's). I've got to repeat that my tenant has a surname that is a variation of the French Chance's, and while they have a version of the Chief of English Chance's (this is crazy), the latter put the lion of Jarrets (not "Jarret") into their Chief!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This just sprung on me as I write, naturally coming to mind as "Jarre" was to topic above!!! This is incredible. I opened the gift on Christmas eve. I kid you not.

Here's why I was going to go to the Christmas surname, as per a quote in the last update:

I think it's interesting that the judge [who decided against Kari Lake] waited for Christmas eve to let out his decision because I first saw Miss Hicks at church, on a Sunday, on Christmas day (1994), at a church on the Leakey road...The Leaks/Leakeys use a bent, human leg, as do the Prime's suspect in the "praemium" motto term of Lakeys (not "Leakey"), and the latter use "holly" probably because Hollys have a reflection of the Lake Coat! I'm impressed with this because, although I can't see why-so, it seems that God arranged for me to first see Sleeping Beauty on the Leakey road for to point to this court case which Ms. Lake just lost. Just to verify that I'm telling the truth, here's from the 2nd update in August, 2019: "I ended up purchasing [land] from a post-tribulationist Christian who attended the same church as Miss Hicks, which is why I first saw her on a beautiful, sunny Christmas day (tee-shirt weather In Texas)..."

Again, the Christine-like Christmas surname shares three white rabbits with Coneys. And the Mens/MAME's (almost the Leak/Leakey Coat) to which Mamie pointed are in the "Mens" motto term of Crystals. The Christs look like Hips kin.

HAHAHA, I can't believe it. I got up after writing the paragraph above to make a chick-pea salad, and while doing so I thought I should check the box to see the brand name of the four jars: MASTER Chef!!!! No guff at all. Here's the four Master Chef jars in a photo. The tenant saw me grow a large GARDEN this year, afterwhich I stored foods in Mason jars, and so he got me this gift of jars. ,p. [Insert December 28 -- One of the jars has had bran FLAKEs since Christmas day, and Flake's (share wing of German Fulks) were kin of Fulks, and therefore likely of the Flags/Flacks (Norfolk with Fulke's) seen above with the fly ball, and with the flax breaker of Brae's. I swear to you, although I've known that the Republican congressman, Jeff Flake, is a RINO (now Biden's ambassador to Turkey), I didn't know until looking him up just now that he's been "in the United States Senate from 2013 to 2019, representing ARIZONA"!!! In what Arizona crime circle is Jeff Flake?

The FOODs/Foots, sharing the chevron of Fly's of Flagi, use a flag! I kid you not, I have BRAN flakes in one of the jars, and Brans/Brains with Brantons/Bramtons were both first found in Norfolk with Flags/Flacks. I kid you not that Brantons/Bramtons share the Coat of Duce'/s/Duceys while Mr. Ducey is the current governor of Arizona until Katie Hobbs replaces him. I kid you not, it's the position that Kari Lake is gunning for.

I kid you not, that I ran out of earl Grey tea on Christmas Eve, and opened a new box of Red Rose tea (216 bags) that day or the next, but as these bags were not individually wrapped, I put them into the largest of the four jars, and also filled the smallest of the four jars. The Tea's are listed with Tease's/Tyes'!!! I kid you not.

In yet another jar I put a full bag of cane sugar, which is brown sugar, and Browns/Brune's were a branch of Bruno's who named Brunswick. Brunswicks, very welcome in this heraldic flow, have the Duce/Ducey / Branton/Bramton Coat in colors reversed. The Lawns/Lane's almost have the double Brunswick lions, and Jeff Flake's middle name is, Lane, in case Lawns/Lane's somehow point to him.

Ahh, I kid you not, this Jeff Flake must be a monster, for I've just looked at the box of the Red Rose tea to see that its got ORANGE Pekoe flavor. The giant HUNTING horn of Orange's (like "Orrin") is colors reversed from the hunting horns of Breakers/Brechs in the "flax breaker" of Brae's! Breakers/Brechs were first found in Shropshire with Hunters/Hunts for a possible pointer to Hunter Biden, for Flake is now into foreign affairs, the game played by Hunter Biden.

When Steve Scalise was shot in the HIP at second base, Jeff Flake was the first man to go see him (after the shooting stopped) lying on the field...possibly because Flake was privy to the shooting.

I almost missed it. The bran flakes are called, RAISIN Bran, and Risons (Norfolk with Brans/Brains and Brantons/BRAMtons) have pointed with the Selepitanoi > Sleep line to "ARIZONa!!!!! Rhizon was a location beside Kotor that we saw above with Kate's/Katterbachs, and while Kotor was named by the line of Biblical Keturah, Abraham's second wife, that's why I see Bramtons from "Abram."

There is a Raison surname, and though listed with RAINfords, they share the raven with Rice's (format of Rains/Raines'), easily figured as a Rising/Rison branch. Rice-branch Reesors are also Reasons. German Rice's even share a fairly-rare, curved-and-solid chevron (different colors) with Flake's, amazing.

It gets more incredible because RAINs/Raines' have lions in the colors of the Flake lion heads, as if God arranged Raison Bran flakes to point to Jeff Flake. He's in trouble with God's target on his back. What's he doing in Turkey? I'm seeing grapes of wrath, and therefore raisons of wrath, especially as English Rothes'/Wraths can be linked very well to Rains'/Raines' while German Rothes/Rothchilds share the raven with Raisons/Rainfords.

Raisons/Rainhams essentially share a CONan Coat, and the Conans share the Coat of THY-loving and Conte-related Sinclairs. Conte's were Cone kin. Tea's are listed with Tyes'. Conans were first found in KinCARDINEshire, beside Conns who share the Coney Coat. Cardine's, in Lake colors and near-format, have the Amore's in their motto while Amore's were first found in Oxfordshire with Lake's, and with the Peare's/Pears while Peartree's/Patria's were first found in Kincardineshire.

The Conns above were first found in Aberdeenshire with the Schims having the Duce variation of Duceys in their motto, and Kari Lake is seeking to replace Doug Ducey as governor, believe it or not. It appears that even the Raisons have flowed us to Kari Lake. Keep on flowin. For new readers, my emBRACE with Mamie in the lake is what pointed to Kari lake to begin with, and Bra-like Brace's/Bras' have a Coat like that of Lake's and Cardine's. Bracebridge's share a motto term with the side-by-side Sinclairs and Mens'/Mame's.

The Raison/Rainford Coat is that also of Chains who in turn have variations like those of Schims/Schiens (Aberdeenshire) who in turn love the Duce variation of Duceys. Can this predict that Doug Ducey is in cahoots with Jeff Flake, two Republican RINOs? End insert]

Enter Apophis

Good morning Tuesday. Overnight, I realized more, and then recalled that the Chanceur variation of English Chance's pointed to the Apophis asteroid of 2029, the one I think could very well be the fulfillment of Revelation's 2nd Trumpet.

Jesus told us to store our oil in JARS, to survive the "NIGHT," and the sub-title (on the package) of these four jars is, "food storage containers." The night is needed to be endured by the "ten virgins," and here it can be added that while Gaunts were first found in Kent with Virgins, the Arms of Gaunt uses a "virgin" with a lion that is also the giant lion of English Jarrets! The latter were first found in Shropshire with Sleeps!!!

In the parable, Jesus says the TEN virgins will fall asleep, and the ten-like Thens are listed with Tyne's, first found in Shropshire and using TEN BARS! This election-fraud discussion is now tilting to end-times preparation. Election fraud is required by the devil to secure tyranny to the point of installing the mark of the beast. It can't be done without election fraud that installs the devil's sons to political power.

[Insert -- I intended to go to Barrett-branch Barrys while writing here, and then found that the Crest of German Barrys/Barris' is, I kid you not, the Crest exactly of German Wise's/Weis!!! There are five WISE virgins amongst the ten who fill their jars. The other five do not, and are caught unprepared in the middle of the night at wake-up time. End insert]

I highlighted "night" above because Chance's can be linked to Knights/Nights: "...when Robert de Chanceaux acquired Upton in right of his wife Margaret, the widow of Robert BELLEW. They continued there for three descents, and their heiress married Richard Knightley." Not only do Knightlys look like a Knight/Night branch from their sharing near-similar pale bars, but Bellews were probably a branch of Bellows/BALLOTs!! Therefore, it appears certain that God gave me these four jars, and arranged this particular tenant in the first place to do so, to point both to Scott Jarrett's election fraud, and to your need to store foods.

Mr. Jarret probably knows that the election was stolen from Blake Masters, and we saw Masters holding Truswell while Truswells brought us to Billesleys/Billings of the Billet and BALLOT bloodline. Tribulation preparation has been my online message since about 1999, and it's not a common message in Christendom thanks to pre-tribulationists, and to pastors who don't want to lose income while you store years-worth of foods and other needs, or move away from his area.

The first thing that came to mind overnight, before the Chance pointer to Apophis did, was Mamie's bra event. It caused me to realize why God gave her a bra event for linkage to the touch-bra event some 14 years earlier. But before explaining that, let's repeat from the last update because Pipe's share the Pepin/PEPY Coat while ancient king Apophis of the Hyksos was also Apepi (I did not have Apophis in mind when writing the below):

French Chance's are said to have married Knightlys (Staffordshire with Pipe's) who almost have the Coats of LANGfords and Knights (Suffolk with Owls/Howls and THURstons). French Chance's were first found in Thurston-connectable TOURaine, in Savoy with Galli-branch Gays. The Shoe's have a knight and share the tree with French Chance's, tending to suggest the Chance-Knightly marriage.

The Owls and Thurstons had pointed to Arizona election fraud, but the point here is wild, because LANGfords above share the six pale bars of Knightlys, which are in different colors with Langleys, and the Langleys use the six PALE BARs of Landens/Landers while Pepins (share camel head with Pipe's and Pale's) descend from Pepin of Landen. This is wild because Langhe is smack at Bra!!! How can this be coincidental? The only thing missing are milk jars. But Mamie not. I'll show below why this Bra location points again to Amy Coney Barrett (it got shoved further down than I planned for, sorry).

I trace the names of Langhe, and multiple Lang surnames, to Alans / Alengs of Dol and Shropshire. From here we return to the Jarre-branch Jarrets, first found in Shropshire, because their lion is in the colors of the lion heads of Nitts/Naughts, first found in Dumfries with the NITH river, and with the Leggs who look connectable to the MacKenzie's who in turn were a major pointer to the Apophis asteroid. Scottish Nights/Nets are also McNaughts.

The original Sleeping Beauty, who did point to Sleeps, and was involved with me in a literal rapture, in my 1979 dream, was Mrs. Kilpatrick. It just so happens that Kilpatrick castle is/was on the Nith river, what are the chances? Both Kilpatricks and Chance's trace to king Cassander of Macedonia, and from him to the king Herods of Israel who put forth many wealthy families to the modern day.

Mrs. Kilpatrick and her husband are in two Baytown Sun photos online, where they won a barbecue contest, and Mr. Kilpatrick, in his photo, stands with Spuds MacKenzie, a bull dog mascot to go with the bulldog at the start of my 1979 dream, which was at the end of March or beginning of April, 50 years before April 13, 2029, the date of the arrival to earth of the Apophis asteroid.

The amazing thing is, I had planned, last night, to revisit my proof, in this update, that the solar system is five times smaller, at least, than the size we are told it is, which makes the asteroid come five times closer to earth than the 20,000 miles predicted by astronomers. It also makes the asteroid five times slower than they calculate, for velocity is a function of distance per unit time (if it travels five times less distance per unit time, it's five times slower). These two things makes it far-more possible that the asteroid will be pulled in by earth's gravity. Be warned, and share this message in case the rock hits.

Plus, the end of the last update showed more proof of a smaller solar system using Jupiter and Saturn, in case you are interested. I aim to re-explain my easy-to-verify proof, later in this update, that NASA's eclipse data demands a distance between sun and earth of 18 million miles or less.

The second fulfillment of Sleeping Beauty is AINSLEY Earhardt of FOX news, though I don't yet know why her. She's to topic because I've just noted Mr. Oftun in the write-up of Towns/TUNE's whom were looked up as per the "forTUNae" motto term of Nitts/Naughts. I kid you not, I have 24 cans of TUNA (bought a couple of weeks ago) sitting on my kitchen table, and I was planning on placing them where I had stored some 50 cans two years ago, so that I can start to eat from the 50 cans before they get too old. I go through one can or more per week.

Okay, so the Ainsleys use both an Oftun-like "often" motto term, and an "always" motto term. They use "king always," and Kings with Kingstons may have the Night/MacNaught lion. Nitts/Naughts have a "COMMITto" motto term while Comites-branch Conte's/COUNTERs/Comitissa's look like a branch of the Countrys in the "country often" motto phrase of Ainsleys, is that cool or what? Mrs. Kilpatrick is Miss Hicks, and Hyksos-like Hicks' share the fleur-de-lys of Ainsleys. Apophis was a Hyksos king. Can we see why God used Miss Hicks with Spuds MacKenzie? As Ainsleys are from Annas, the high priest of Israel who helped sentence Jesus to death, I suppose God wants to expose that the Sadducees were from the Hyksos Hebrews (non-Israelites).

The Always' are excellent here because they share the Oullette and Aulnay/Oullnay lion, two surnames expected to be branches of Owls/Howls, the latter first found in Suffolk with Oftun-related Towns/Tune's, you see, but also with the Rabbits who are in Town/Tune colors and format. It's simply amazing that Bunnys, in Rabbit colors and format too, were first found in Basford with Ainsleys!!! Plus, Hicks', sharing the fesse of rabbit-using Christmas', have a "bon" motto term while Bunns are also Bone's. The Always and Aulnay/Oullnay lions are even colors reversed from the Jarret lion. If I recall correctly, Christmas' use coney rabbits. Most-everything in this paragraph points to Arizona election fraud, but why is Ainsley Earhardt in it?

Tenants look like a branch of Scottish Towns (both first found in West Lothian) who in turn have a version of the Town/Tune Coat. God used my tenant to point to Chance's and the Jarrets/Jarre's. Jarrys/Jarre's use a fox head. The Scottish Town crosslets are in the colors of the near-same of Lake's, and Mens'/Mame's were a branch of Manners/Maness' who share the peacock in Crest with HARcourts (Oxfordshire with Lake's and Purys), and the Manner/Maness motto suggests Purys who in turn not only have a near-copy of the OMEN/Oman Coat, but the latter, with a good reflection of the English Town/Tune Coat, were first found in Suffolk with them. Lorraine's babe symbol pointed to Babe's (Suffolk).

HARcourts can be shown to be a branch of Hare's, and Jarrys are listed with Irish Hare's. It's begging for a connection between Harcourts and Lake's, especially as Mame liners are involved in this heraldic set.

Lorraine's babe symbol pointed also to Finchems, and the latter share the Coat of BUSSys while Lorraine had a bus-stop symbol. For some reason, Bussys come up as "Burey," which is shown in the list for Pury variations, and both surnames share the same fesse, even the fesse of English Bush's and Finch's; the latter are in turn in Pury/Burey and Bush colors and format.

I remember touching the bra hanging on the Lander-like laundry line with my right hand stretched out and POINTing to it with the index finger. The right hand is a dexter hand, where the mark of the beast will be applied, and POINDexters, using a fist, have an "esquire's" helmet in Crest while Esquers/EskiBELLE's use the white rabbit too. With Mrs. Kilpatrick having worked into Christmas' because I first saw her on Christmas day, it seems we can take this paragraph to Belle's, first found in Dumfries with Kilpatricks, while Bellamys, sharing the Belle' fesse, were first found in Shropshire with English Jarrets. The Hucks, once said to be first found in Yorkshire with Hicks', use owls as well as the double Dexter chevrons.

The Poindexters were reported as important to the touch-bra event because judge Scalia was murdered on the ranch of John B. Poindexter. It could very well be that God arranged three conservative judges on the court to replace him, to pay back the Democrats for murdering Scalia. The first to relace him was Gorsuch, and the third was Coney Barrett.

I had suggested that the three or four stairs = SCALA that I climbed to get onto the laundry deck was a pointer to Scalia. English Trips, sharing the GORE crosslets, use a "SCALing ladder", and the only Scalia/Scalise symbol is a ladder, and so this heraldic picture appears arranged to point to GORsuch along with Lorraine pointing to the laundry line, for Lorraine and I met at my laundromat for our first date.

Plus, I've said a few times that the owner of the bra came out to SCOLD me. I always use "scold" because that's the perfect word for what she did. What are the chances that, as I touched this bra over a few seconds of time, maybe only five seconds throughout, she happened to be looking out at me through the typical, TINY basement window? I now say that God set her up to be looking out that window at that moment. Here's from the 1st update in May, 2017:

I had noted that the Marlborough Coat was like the Peterson Coat, and this was on my mind early this morning, because I had a childhood friend, Jerry Peterson. As I started to think about him, and the things we did, I recalled the attractive blonde tenant that his parents had for the basement. I cannot recall what she looked like, but I found her so attractive that I went to the backyard, climbed the steps to the platform where clothes are hung on the LAUNDRY line, and reached over to touch her ultra-white clean bra with my fingertip. You can't say I was a pervert because I was too young for that. Jerry was there and we were having fun. A few seconds later, she came out and scolded me (but it was worth it). I was maybe eight or nine years old

I feel pretty good about the idea that, while no Scold surname comes up, Scole's are listed with Scayle's. It looks like God was pointing to Coney Barrett by pointing also to Scalia. Here's Coney Barrett saying that Scalia was her "mentor",vid:HiAC4EXPR0c

The Scole's/Scayle's share the lozengy Shield of Orrins/ORMS', and while Gorsuch-related Such's were first found at ORMSkirk, let's repeat from above: "Orrin Hatch was replaced by CHUCK GRASSley as chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee. I've know for a couple of years that Chucks are listed with Suchs!" Is that not amazing?

I aim to show you below why Hatch's go with Barrys and Barretts, and so let's add here that while Scole's/Scayle's were first found in BARwick, Barwicks and Berwicks share the muzzled bear head with Amy's. The Barwick motto is shared by Sarah's/Sayers, first found in Essex with Patents/Pattens who in turn share the lozengy Shield of Scole's/Scayle's, and it's even half in the colors of the lozengy Shield of Scottish Lombards, first found in Renfrewshire with Barwicks. How about that.

Plus, houseofnames uses a large assortment of designs for stags, and has them facing in different directions, and even has the positioning of their legs differently, but the gold stag head in the Barwick Crest is exactly the gold one in the Cage Crest, and there was a rabbit cage under the stairs, and under my feet as I stood on the laundry deck.

I have found a way to track Amy's to Bra. You decide whether this is my work by heraldic coincidences versus' God's work by arranging the heraldry. Amy's use a single pile in colors reversed from the same of English Hagels while German Hagels use an eagle likely code for Eagle's/Hegels. The latter have the SAVAGE Coat in colors reversed while SAVIGliano, smack beside Bra, is where Pelosi's/PILATI's were first found while Pilotte's/Pillows (Lincolnshire with Eagle's/Hegels) were likely a branch of PILE's/Pilots. Is that cool or what? I didn't make the heraldry. I didn't give Amy her first name. The My Pillow guy seems to be in this paragraph because he was pointed to by Pile's in the last update.

Lookie at the Eagle/Hegel write-up: "In Scotland, the family claim descent from the 'Norman family of L'Aigle. Matilda de Aquila, 1129, {was} widow of Robert MowBRAY, Earl of Northumberland.'" It's the Bra-like Brays/Brae's, can we believe it?

I don't remember whether I fed the rabbit carrot or lettuce or both, but the Lettuce surname (Essex with SAMs) seems applicable because Letters (BERWICKshire) share the giant griffin of Ali's/Aliotto's, in the colors of the giant crane of Leto's/Alitto's, and judge SAM Alito now sits on the U.S. supreme court with Coney Barrett.

[Insert -- BRASwells have the Dexter Coat in colors reversed. I've been telling for over a year that Wikipedia's article on Donna Brazile (Democrat demoness) reveals her descent from Braswells, and the point here is that election fraud just stole the election in Brazil from the anti-deep-state ruler, giving it to a Schwabite tyrant very akin to American Democrats in Arizona. It could seem that God is linking Donna Brazile to election fraud with this insert, though there's more that might be gleaned, for she was appointed to head the Democrat National Convention when Debbie Wasserman was forced to step down in the throes of the murder of Seth RICH just four months after the murder of Scalia.

The Rich's/Richess' were from Richeza of Lorraine, otherwise called, LOTHARingia, and I've shown how heraldic LADDERs are code for Lotheringia liners to Letters and their Lauder branch! Lauders share the Crest and motto of Larrys/Lawrie's, and we just crossed the Letters shortly above in a discussion involving Alito and Scalia. Scale's were first found in Hertfordshire with the Childs sharing the Lorraine / Gorsuch eagle.

Hertfordshire is where Finch's were first found who have one fesse in the colors of the three of Finchems and Feins/Finns, and the same three fesses are used also by Umbers/Humbers suspect in the "SUB umbra" motto phrase of Letters. My bumping into Lorraine, a couple of weeks after her pant-stain event, at the FINCH SUBway station had pointed to Mark Finchem! I'm impressed. Ahh, Umbers/Humbers were first found in Herefordshire with Skulls (Scale colors)!

Skulls are even in Lake format and half their colors while Lake's were first found in Oxfordshire with Bunny-like Bunns/Bone's who are likewise in the format of Skulls and Lake's! It's looking like a pointer to Skull and Bones. We got here through the heraldic ladder, but lets add that while Bra is at Langhe, letters are used by English and Scottish Langs.

Mamie had a bra event, and a bra is short for "BRASSier." BRASS/Braz's/Brace's pointed to Kari Lake. The BREASal variation of Brazile's can be a branch of the Breas variation of Brays/Brae's. Breeze's (Bruce branch) use SCALES of justice! Breeze's share both stars of Tea's/Tease's/Thys', first found in Cambridgeshire with Basford.

Back to Bunnys, first found in Basford. Basfords/BASfords have a Coat looking related to the LEETs/Leeth's who were in turn first found in Cambridgeshire with the News'/Nuces' who are in turn looking (by their Coat) like kin of Bash's, the latter first found in Hertfordshire with Nuse's/Newes' and Scale's. A "pair of SCALES" are used by Cass'/Casts, first found in Cambridgeshire with News'/Nuces', is that cool or what? I was over a bunny cage, and Cage's, sharing the Breeze and LETT/Late saltire (!), were first found in Cambridgeshire too.

Lookie: Late's are suspect in the Lauder / Larry motto, 'RepulluLAT," and Scalia's are suspect as Lauder kin. As "organ pipes" are in the Lett/Late Crest, suddenly the lion in the Breeze Chief looks like the lion of Duce's/Duceys -- colors reversed from the BRAZile lion! -- for yet another pointer to Kari Lake's election bid (to replace Ducey). Duce's/Duceys were first found in Staffordshire with Pipe's and their Stop kin, and Lorraine of the ladder line points to Stops from her BUS stop (I'll soon show how) while the Bus cinquefoil is shared by Dogs/Doags. DOUG Ducey. Yes, for DOUGlas' were first found in Moray with Breeze's!!! Zikers, lookie there.

Wow, Dogs/Doags were first found in Perthshire with Justins (in the Breeze motto!) sharing the scales of justice with Breeze's!!! I am beside myself because it's obvious now that the bra event was Intended as a pointer to Brae-connectable Breeze's, a pointer to judges with a scales-of-justice symbol.

The Scottish Bruce's have a blue lion in Crest a little on the purple side, and Portuguese Silva's use a purple lion. LUIZ Lula de Silva of Brazil is the new, illegitimate leader of Brazil, and Spanish Lus'/LUZ'd/Lucio's use purple lions too. Irish Lacys and Skiptons (Yorkshire with English Lacys and Bruce's) have more purple lions, and Silvers have the Breeze lion in colors reversed. Or, Silvers (share blue vair with Roberts) have the Robert and Brazile lion while the royal Bruce's were Roberts by first name. It recalls Robert MowBRAY in the Eagle/Hegel write-up. Didn't the bra point to election fraud?

German Luz's show three Coats, one being the Bruno Coat while Brunswicks have the Robert / Brazile lion too. Welsh Roberts were first found in Denbighshire with the Bachs/Baghs who in turn share the blue-vaired fesse of Silvers. English Backs were first found in Somerset with Savers (share Vita annulet), a branch of Saffers ("vita") who in turn are in Silver colors and format. Saffers share "vita" with Ballots, can be believe it? The heraldic set in this paragraph and the one above it appears Arranged by God to point with Brazile liners to the fraudulent Brazilian election.

Saffers (Devon, beside Lowry-like Lowers) even use a "gloriosa" motto term while Glorys are listed with Irish Lowrys ("semper") who share the Scottish Lowry/Larry/Lawrie Coat. Larrys play very importantly because, not far below, I get to Dave Barrett. I've told that Dave Barrett had only one girlfriend that I knew of, Laura, which can go with the laurel symbol of both Lowry surnames as well as Lorraine's. Why should Lorraine point to Coney Barrett? Ask the Gorsuch's. I've just seen the savage's in the Glory/Lowry write-up, and that takes use to SAVIGliano, beside Bra.

Breeze's even share the stars of Ducey-branch Ducks, first found in Somerset with Carys/KARY's (share Lake bend) who in turn share the roses of Lowry-like Lowers/LOUERs (Lowry colors) who are in turn in Irish Judge colors and format. German Lowers were first found in Bohemia with Louer-like LAURs/Lauers (!) who in turn share grapes with German Plate's who in turn share the Crest of Carys/Karys. It just looks like Larry Barrett and Laura point both to Coney Barrett and Kary Lake.

As I said, a couple of years after dating Lorraine, I moved from a place a few houses down from her apartment, and carried a 32-foot extension ladder on my shoulder past her apartment to my new address at Hunt street. It can make the Hunter-Biden circle suspect with the killing of Scalia.

I must now repeat that Joel visited me in his white Volkswagen car four days after purchasing it, and while we were out for a drive, I was telling him about a white-rabbit theme I was working on. At that very time, he said to me, "Do you know what kind of car this is. It's a Rabbit." And it was a white Volkswagen rabbit. I kid you not, I have it recorded, that while we were on that drive, he told me he was going to Europe the following week with a Brazilian sports writer to cover volleyball championships! Rabbits are in Bray/Brae colors and format.

Volleys/Velis' (black eagles) have a "domine" motto term for an apt pointer to Dominion-Voting cheating machines, and Obama-connectable Domine's/Dunhams were first found in Norfolk with the VOLks/Fulke's. If this appears to be pointing to JEFF Flake again, note that Donna Brazile's middle name is "Lease" while English Lease's (Northumberland with Volleys/Velis') share a sun-with-cloud with Scottish Jeffreys who in turn have the Coat of German, Joel-like Julians in colors reversed while English Julians share the cross of Volleys/Velis'.

Not done. Julius Caesar was the son of Aurelia Cotta, tending to explain why Cotta's/Cotys'/Cottons were first found in Languedoc with French Julians. Then, Coats'/Cotes' share the six pale bars of Trots/TRUDE's, though not in the same colors as the six pale bars of German Julians. Joels/Jewells, first found in Devon with Spice's and Flowers, use "GILLYflowers", and Jeckyls/Giggle's, with nearly the Coat of TRUDeau's (Spice colors and format) in colors reversed, have this: "'...still found as a surname in Devonshire as Jewell, and elsewhere as Jekyll and Joel.'" Jeckyls/Giggle's are in Volley/Velis colors. The Giggle-like Giggs/Geggs/Gangs are in the colors and format of Rinds (Perthshire with Justins) who in turn use "gillie flowers," the Joel/Jewell symbol essentially. Was God pointing to justin trudeau with Joel's white rabbit and/or his Brazilian friend? If so, why?

Anthony BLINKen is Biden's foreign secretary at this time, which places Jeff Flake directly under Blinken's authority. The first I can find this Joel-with-Brazilian story is in the 5th update of September, 2017: "When Joel drove past the highway that goes to Shakle street, we had to turn around. As he pulled over, he put / left his BLINKER on while looking at a map. I noticed the speed of the blinker was exactly in-step with the steps taken by a sea gull in the PARKING lot [Parkings listed with Perkins). And I pointed this out to him. I didn't realize until considering this now, that the Gull surname shares the Julians bars, and Gullys share the Julian cross and a "sine" motto term with Gulls."

I didn't realize until later that the blinkers could point to Anthony Blinken's anti-Trump's political charades in Ukraine. The same update also had this when Joel had gotten to Italy: "[Joel and the Brazilian] arrived on the day of a funeral of the wife of August [Augusto], in whose home [August's] I lived for the two months when my mother and I were in town [Picenze] at my age 10." Augusts share the black eagle leg with Brays/Brae's, I kid you not, which tends to nail God's pointer to Donna Brazile. They flew to the airport in Rome, and Rome's/Rums (ANNANdale of the Annas bloodline] share the August and Butt/BOET fesse. Annas, the chief priest, was likely from the house of BOETHus. End insert]

The white rabbit at the touch-bra event belonged to JERRY Peterson, who pointed to Jarrys/Hare's/Jarre's having a fox head in Crest, as do the Bello's/Bellows/Ballots (Cheshire, beside Shropshire) we met as Bellews in the write-up of Chance's...who were just used for the jar gift. As this gift is pointing to food storage in preparation for the mark of the beast, which will likely be implemented with a new form of currency, note that Chance's were a branch of Change's/CHANGERs in the motto of Stanleys who had pointed to Morgan Stanley bankers = money changers.

I'll show how Stanleys are part of the pointer to Apophis, but let's add that Banks were at WinSTANLEY, and that Winstanleys have two of the three fesses of Change's/Changers, the latter first found in Hampshire with Chance-branch Chase's who can point Chase-Manhattan bankers. Banks have a black-Shield version of the English Crozier Coat (Hook fleur-de-lys?), making the Crozier stag head look like the Stanley / MacKenzie stag head.

It was Miss Hicks who brought a Stanley character to my topics that pointed to the role that Morgan Stanley (had many offices in one Trade Tower) played in downing the Trade Towers. It just so happens that English Bellews/Belows, sharing a "Tout" motto term with Hicks', were first found in Yorkshire with Hicks', suggesting that Belle's have a blue-Shield version of the Hicks Coat, as even do the Hooks, the latter first found in Devon with Ballot-branch Billets. Hooks were at BEAMinster while Beams are said to be a Bellamy branch.

We Need a Supreme Court Barracuda To Catch Big Fish

Let's go back to Mamie. I was living in the apartment of Paul Oullette studying the book of Revelation and the Daniel prophecies. About the time that an idea, concerning the sequence of Revelation's 21 plagues, struck me like out of thin air, BARRY called to ask if I'd join the drinking gang at a campsite. I turned him down because it was becoming time for me to part with these friends, having been a Christian then for about a year. But when he said that Mamie was going to be there, he hooked me, and I went camping.

When I arrived, I asked some guys where Barry was, and one guy opened the back hatch of a pick-up truck to expose Mamie and BARRY alone in the truck, and for a split second I thought Mamie was BARE-breasted, for she (in semi-darkness way at the back) was quickly putting on a piece of clothing over her head while Barry was half-lying down (maybe getting up) beside her. But I turned my head away, out of respect, or disappointment, or both, and did not verify that she was bare-breasted. I've suggested that she was in her BRA.

This idea now works because French Barrys are listed with Barretts!!!!! I kid you not. And so as that evening at the camp site was the night she sat on my legs, and also when we slept in her tent, to be followed the next day by distinct pointers to Kari Lake, I've got to repeat that the touch-bra event points to Amy Coney Barrett in combination to pointing to Scott Jarrett who cheated Kari Lake of her election win. I've told that Scottish Barrys use a "LEGi" motto term, but I may not yet have told that Irish Barrys were first found in Munster with Bricks who in turn have the lozenges of Brests/Brix's in colors reversed! Beauty.

Plus, the Arms of Cuneo uses six fessewise bars looking connectable to a couple of Barry Coats. The same Arms also has a dolphin in the colors of the Tipper dolphins, and here it's interesting that the arm-in-SLEEVE in the Tipper Crest holds an anchor, for Anchors/Annackers look like the Anke variation of Cotton-beloved Hanks. That is, English Cottons, in the format of, and colors reversed from, Tippers, use "hanks of cotton," and the point is that Amys are said to have been related to Cottons. We saw the Cottians of Piedmont near Cuneo.

The Sales' are suspect from Cuneo's Saluzzo, and the English Cuffs, with almost the cuffed SLEEVE of Tippers, have the Sales Coat but with the dancetty feature no doubt for the Dance's/Donnas' (Piedmont), from king Donnus of the Cottians. The heraldic sleeve (maunch) is in giant form with CONYers, first found in Durham with Cone-branch Conte's/ComiTISSa's. TICKhills have another giant maunch sleeve, the symbol also of Manfields, which recalls Mamie's tease symbol. Tiss'/Teese's (same place as Mamesfelde/Manfield) look like Toys'/Teys kin because Toys'/Teys share the chevron of Tudys (Hampshire with Tiss'/Teese's), and neither Tudys nor Tiss'/Teese's have anything else but their chevrons. The same is true of Betters/Beeters/Batters, first found in Berkshire with Susa-line Susans. Susa was the Cottian capital, also called, Cottii.

As arm-in-sleeve Tippers share the TOYS chevron, note the Cotton write-up: "the Cotton spelling is listed in the Domesday Book as resident of the TOSEland hundred, in the land of the Bishop of LINCOLN. They were traditional Lords of the manor of CONNington." It could appear that God arranged the Arms of Cuneo to point to Amy Coney, and moreover English Barretts were first found in Lincolnshire with Lincolns. Conningtons are also CONYtons, and they may be using piles because French Pile's/Pilots share the giant Lincoln lion. English Pile's were first found in Northumberland with the Horse's, and a giant horse is the symbol of French Barretts (Normandy, same as French Pile's/Pilots).

There's another sleeved arm, this time with a FIST, in the Crest of Punch's, and they almost have the Coat of English Berrys while English Beers share the black bear with Amys. I trace the fist-using Fists/Fausts to the Del VASTo's of Saluzzo, and this heraldic section is tending to prove that it's a correct trace.

The hatch at our service: Amy-connectable Beers (Devon with Berrys and Hykes'/Hacks) are said to have named Beer-Hacket, and Hackets are listed with HATCHets. As Beers almost have the Rook Crest, the Hackets/Hatchets probably have the Rock trefoils. Didn't we see Amy's leading us to Bra? Yes, we did with Savage's and Eagle/s/Hegels. I have the following recorded in the 1st update of April, 2021: "Rooks ("CORNices") use the raven and share rooks with Rocks. And the Cornwall Crest is recorded (2nd update of December, 2013) as: 'a Cornish chough HATCHing in the face of a ROCK proper.'"

We can clearly see that official descriptions of Coats of Arms are often code for related surnames / families. I've communicated this codework's specifics to the world in abundance, but google criminally hides 98-percent of my work. What punishment should go to those who hide God's work?

But there's more: Barrys/Barretts share a "bien" motto term with the Carricks (share black dog with Barrys/Barrett Crest) using "GARDE bien." Mamie and I at her front GARDen, on her lawn, pointed to Trump, as did Mamie sitting on my legs the night before, and Scott Jarrett may have been responsible for (or in charge of) stealing Arizona from Trump in 2020. English Lawns/LANE's use another "Garde" motto term, and Italian Lane's were first found at Brest-line Brescia/Brixia at the southwest side of lake Garda.

[Insert -- I almost missed it. "Bien" is a motto term also of Carrick-branch Carrots/Carews (Cornwall with Amys), and I either fed Jerry's rabbit carrot and/or lettuce. Plus, "Garde ta bien AIMEE" (!) is the motto of Maise's/Maze's while Carricks use "Garde bien." Doesn't it seem as though God arranged this heraldry to point to Amy Barrett? English Mays'/Mai's (Mayo/Mayos colors) were even first found in Lincolnshire with Barretts! Zowie.

French Biens use axes while Maise's/Maze's were first found in Somerset with two Axe rivers. Amys have the lone pile of Hagels (Somerset with Maise's/Maze's) in colors reversed while Hagels can be linked to the Eagle's/Hegels in the Maize/Maze Coat. Maise's/Maze's (same eagle style as per German Hagel Crest) even look related to Irish Lawns/Lane's. End Insert]

As the guy opened the HATCH of the pick-up to show Mamie's bra-event, let's repeat from above because Hatch's share the Brunswick Coat:

French Demonte's have two Maschi lions in pale, and were first found in Burgundy with the Vairs/Fers' (share Hohen Coat), who have a red-version Coat of FERRATs/Fers, which is explicable where you see MontFERRAT at Bra. Ferrats/Fers share the German CON/Cohen Coat while Coneys share the Scottish Con/Conn Coat. As the map shows Asti to the opposite side of Montferrat from Bra, and as Bruno's tell of their branch in Asti, it seems a given that French Demonte's use a blue-Shield version of the Brunswick Coat.

I probably should go back to the Lane middle name of Jeff Flake because Brazile's almost share the lion of Lane's/Lawns (Bruce colors) that was resolved as the Robert lion too, and here we can point out that while Mamie had a breast symbol, Marjory Carrick married the Brest-line Bruce's to become the mother of king ROBERT Bruce I. Recall how it was discovered above that the Bruce saltire is the Berk/Burgh cross, for that topic involved a Bruce marital link to the Burgo's of Ulster, and here we can point out that Brazile's were first found in Ulster. Thus, Mamie with the bra and breast symbol can point with both to the Braswell > Brazile line, and to the Carrick-Bruce line.

Welsh Roberts, with a Lane-like "ymLAEN" motto term, can be gleaned with the lion of English Jarrets because Jarre-related Gardens are in the "Garde" motto term of English Lane's/Lawns. Brest is near Launay, both in Brittany with the first-known French Jarrets/Jarre's. Whatever else might be in play, it's looking like another Mamie pointer to Scott Jarrett.

Mamie had large breasts (not just a little large) because God wanted her to have a breast symbol, partly for pointing to MAMESfelde (now Mansfield) of the MANfields, about 15 miles from first-known Ainsleys and Bunnys at Basford. Basfords share the BARR eagle, and her bare-breasted / bra event (one can entertain both) with Barry can point to Bare's/Barrs, first found in Ayrshire with Carricks i.e. fabulous because the latter share a motto term of Barrys/Barretts! I rest my case. Well Mamie not yet.

[Insert -- This section was written at least two days before Thursday night, when I found the following short clip of a supreme-court argument with Amy Coney Barrett speaking. The issue involves election rules. I haven't much of a clue what she or the lawyer are arguing about, but the term, "GERRYmandering," is at issue, and while Jarrys/Hare's come up as Garrys, there is also a Gerry/Warry surname that share a "bien" motto term with Barrys/Barretts. Doesn't this video clip look like a set-up by God to verify that I am on the right track with this update's pointers to Coney Barrett, especially from Jerry Peterson's laundry line?

Yes, it appears that Jerry's white rabbit(s) point to Coney Barrett, and the case can be made even better if I can prove that Gerrys/Warrys (Norfolk with Bray-connectable Flags) share the MowBRAY lion. We saw Mowbrays above in the write-up of Eagle's/Hegels in the paragraphs where we took the Amy surname to Hagels and then to Eagle's/Hegels. It all went to Bra. Amys have the Hagel Coat in colors reversed, but add bears likely for the neighboring bear-using Beers (Devon with Berrys, between Amys and Hagels).

French Biens have a horizontally-split Shield colors reversed from the same of Phoenix's, first found in Northumberland with Mowbrays. Both Gerrys/Warrys and Mowbrays have the same, giant lion, with the only difference between the two Coats being that Gerrys/Warrys add a background of white fitchees, the symbol also of Lake's. What think ye of this?

The Gerry/Warry fitchees are in both colors of the same of Burts (Norfolk) who in turn have the Coat of Bray-beloved Breakers in different colors! Poof, that's purdy-good proof. Plus, Burt-like Burtons were first found in Shropshire with Breakers. I didn't remember that the Breaker hunting horns are those also of WARings/Wearings until getting to them below! Gerrys/WARRE's must have been a Waring/Wearing branch

The Mowbray lion is suspect as the Montfort lion because Monforte is very near Bra. Monforte looks like a variation of the Monferrat version of "Montferrat, and that area too is at Bra. The Montfort lion is used by Marano's, for a related reason, and Marano's were first found in Modena with Morinis' while Gerrys/Warrys have: "Werri de Marinis was listed in Yorkshire in 1166 ".

I didn't see the following from the Jarry/Hare/Garry write-up until now: "Over in Devon, England, 'The ' Domesday ' manor of KARI [!], in the parish of St. Giles-in-the-Heath, was the first recorded seat of the Gary family..." It looks like a pointer to Kari Lake in combination to Coney Barrett. Lake's and HARE-branch Harcourts were first found in Oxfordshire, where Vere's ruled for centuries, and as Vere's were a branch of Fears in the Jarry/HARE/Garry motto, it seems that Gerrys/Warrys were a Vere branch too of the Ware king.

AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH, I had been wondering how Manders could work into this as per "gerrymandering," and I've known for years that Manders share the saltire-with-five-besants with Mate's/Matheys, and "mait" is a motto term of Jarrys/Hare's/Garrys!!! That is a beautiful piece of work. Manders were first found in Devon with Berts/Births sharing the Coat of Burts above. Devon is also where Ware's, Wears/Were's and Wearings/Warings were first found.

Wears/Were's share the motto of Bruce's, and while the first Bruce king was the son of Marjory Carrick, Carricks share "bien" with Gerrys/Warre's. Irish Gerrys/Geary even share the Bruce lion. Keep in mind that Bruce's were Brest cousins. Wearings/Warings share the Warren checks, and as Ada of Warenne married Mr. Huntingdon, it should explain the Wearing/Waring hunting horns. She married Bruce of Annandale, and the Annandale saltire is shared by Manders and Mate's/Matheys. Gerrymandering at our service, I'm so amazed by this insert. Here's the video with Coney Barrett speaking:

As Bruce's have the saltire of Brae-connectable Breeze's in colors reversed, let's repeat: "Breeze's even share the stars of Ducey-branch Ducks, first found in Somerset with Carys/KARY's (share Lake bend) who in turn share the roses of Lowers/LOUERs who are in turn in Judge colors and format. German Lowers were first found in Bohemia with Louer-like Laurs/Lauers." The latter come up as "laus," a surname that's a motto term of Manders. In fact, Manders share "Laus Deo" with ArBUTHnotts who in turn have the Moray Coat plus while Breeze's were first found in Moray.

Arbuthnotts were at least associated with Oliphants of BOTHwell, and Boths/Booths will be to election-fraud topic with Kim Thom(p)son (not sure of the spelling) while Thomsons (not "Thompson") share the Arbuthnott stars. Kim Thom(p)son in a phone BOOTH is already in this update later on to show how she points to judge Thompson, the one who just robbed Kari Lake of her election win, though this has put Lake on the path to the supreme court. I'll feel terrible if her path there is fatally shot down. PULLINGs/Pulits pointed to Arizona election fraud, and Bothwells use, to the best of my recollection, "A boy pulling down a pine tree."

Thomsons share the stag head of Malcolms/Columns. The Oliphant write-up: "Under later rulers, the Oliphant lands were significantly extended as King Malcolm granted the family Bothwell in Lanarkshire and King William I granted them Arbuthnott in Mearns." The Oliphant Crest is the NOT/Cnut Crest, tending to reveal the reason for "ArbothNOTT."

Thompsons (not "Thomson") almost share the motto of Irish SETHs/Shaws, first found in Perthshire with Oliphants. Cool. Seth Rich gave documents to WikiLEAKs which tended to reveal John Podesta's links to Scalia's murder. I pointed to the bra as a pointer to John B. Poindexter, I assume, and while Poindexters share the fist of Fausts, they are highly suspect from the Vasto's of Saluzzo, home of Thomas of Saluzzo, the line to the Welsh Thomas' having a version of the Thomas Coat, both using the Chief-Shield colors of Saluzzo's. The latter Coat is exactly the Coat of Dure's and Cluns, both first found in Perthshire again.

Alice, the daughter of Thomas of Saluzzo, married the Alans of Clun (Shropshire), explaining why Cluns share the Saluzzo Coat. The Alice's use the "muzzled bear," shared by Amy's. Welsh Thomas' were first found in Breconshire with Clements, and the latter come up as "Clermonts" because they share a Chief of French Clairs/Clere's, and so we just repeat that Irish Clairs share the Scale Chief because Clarence's (share laurel with Larrys/Lawrie's and Lorraine's) are listed with Clarens who in turn have two of the triple Clare chevrons. The Clermonts/Clements have the Newmarch's in their write-up who are listed with Nemo's in the Poindexter motto.

The Bellews/Belows have a "chalice" while Chalice's (Hertfordshire with Scale's) were at Scale-like Eschailles in Calais. The Bellows/BALLOTs were at a Chalice-connectable Callouville. The Bellows/Ballots could be sharing the Leak Shield because "bellows" are used by Ships, first found in Oxfordshire with Skull-connectable Bunns/Bone's), and with Lake's while Shipmans/Chipmans (Herefordshire with Skulls and Judge-connectable Juggs/Judds) are largely in the format of Lake's. It seems feasible here that the Bellew/Below chalice may have been a jug at one time. Shipmans/Chipmans look (by their Coat) related to Skulls, as well as to one FOIX/Foy Coat, tending to explain the fox head in the Bellow/Ballot Crest.

This is an amazing pointer to CLARENCE Thomas, one of the five conservative judges with Amy Coney Barrett. Can we already see why Kim Thomson was used for the phone-booth event? I've said it before several times, that I saw Kim Thomson enter a phone booth either smack-on where Lorraine got her FEET symbol, or very near. This is why it's so important that Clarence's/Clarens show a FEETer variation, but also share laurel with Lorraine's, this is just incredible, but it's all true, I'm not making these stories up.

From the 1st update of July, 2019: "The last time I saw KIM Thomson (high-school girlfriend) was at a phone BOOTH almost smack on Yonge street where God gave Lorraine her babe and feet symbols." Babe's are now said to have been first found in Suffolk with foot-using Blonds and Lords/Lauds. The Latter's Coat is clearly related to French Pine's, first found in Limousin with the Clarence-connectable Clairs. French Pine's share the Kim / Thomas cinquefoils, and Bothwells use a pine tree, just gaze at all of these "coincidences."

The Panters to which Lorraine pointed have a fesse-with-three-helmets in the colors of the Pine fesse-with-three-cinquefoils, and in Pinder/Pender colors. While SPURRs were first found in Devon with SUPReme-like Supers, "spur rowells" are in the Panter Chief. The trick, however, in making good the implication of this paragraph, is to find a Court surname that links to Panters. The Pinder/Pender crowns are in the colors of the Curtis/COURTis crowns, and crowns alone are showing for Scottish Grands suspect in the "GRANDescunt" motto term of Courts/Coverts/GOVERTs. GOWERs were first found in Inverness-shire with Scottish Grands while Gower-related Loches'/DeLoges' were first found in Burgundy with French Grands who in turn use a Rosseau Coat, is that not wild?

Yes, it's wild due to the story of my boss: after working six days as a sub-contractor on a boat house at lake Rosseau, he quit the job due to what looked to me like an act of God. I went home the next day, which was two days before asking Lorraine out on our first date. We had not yet met, and lake Rosseau was a three hour drive from her place and mine (in Richmond Hill). Decades later, I bought a DORAL boat, and went out with it mainly on lake Rosseau because I live a reasonable distance from there, and because it has the best-looking shorelines of all the lakes around.

From that story, I had learned that one Rosseau Coat (not the one above) looks very related to Dorals, especially as Irish Doors share the Doral Coat while Rosso-branch Russells were first found in DORset, near the first-known English Doors. Scottish Doors, with three leopard faces in the colors and format of the three lion heads of Penders/Pinders, were first found in Fife, beside the first-known Penders/Pinders. King Pinnes was of the Ardiaei Illyrian who lived on the NERETva river with Door-line Daorsi, and the Rosseau's who share the Grand Coat also share the NERET Coat. That explains things, especially as French Pine's (Pender/Pinder colors) look related to Panters/Panders.

My run-aBOUT Doral BOAT (outboard motor). The Bouts show nothing but a bendwise ARROW in the colors of the Lorraine bend. The Arrows/Arras' named Arras, the capital of Artois, that being from the Ardiaei Illyrians and having the family of Godfrey de Bouillon, very related to French Bauds. The Bouts thus look related to Bauds. The Butt-like Boats/Bude's have a giant lion head colors reversed from the Lorraine lion. Isn't Lorraine's butt about her pant stain? Did God arrange for me to start building a boat house on Rosseau just to point to her pant stain? How important is that stain?

The Doral and Rosseau lions are both with red crowns, and while the Pinder/Pender lions have crowns too, the latter surname was first found in Nottinghamshire with Goats/Gothams while both Russells and Dorals have the goat in Crest. Therefore, in view of the Panter-like look of Penders, my Doral boat is pointing for some reason to her pant stain, especially as she was a Russellite (= a Jehovah's Witness).

The stain pointed hard to Duck liners and therefore to Doug Ducey, and as Kari LAKE is trying to replace Ducey, it can explain LAKE Rosseau. But it would help the discussion if Rosseau liners were related to Lake's. For one thing, ROSES are used by Lakeys, and while leg-using Prime's suspect in the Lakey motto were first found in Lincolnshire with leg-using Leaks, the Primo's (not "Prime") were first found in Burgundy with the Rosseau's and their Grand kin. The green Primo roses are in both colors, and format, of the three cinquefoils of Loches' (Burgundy) and Gows/Gowers/GOO's (same place as Scottish Grands), and the latter had pointed to a Get'n GO corner store on the LEAKEY road.

Having said all of that, the Grands came to us from the motto of COURT/GOVERts i.e. like "Gower." Therefore, my lake-Rosseau adventures can be pointing to Kari Lake's court case as she tries to replace Doug Ducey. The Ardiaei line to Arthurs are super here because they use an "obSTANTia" motto term partly for Stants/STAINs, and partly for, I think, the ob-like HOBs (Berwickshire with Arthurs). Kari Lake is in court against Katie HOBBS! Bingo. That's why the Rosseau discussion had to point hard to the Ardiaei and Daorsi! But if Lake's law suit becomes a bust, I will feel sick-stupid for saying these things. I gambling here.

Why would God point to the supreme court in these many potential ways, through this crazy method that makes me look crazy? I'm waiting for some compensation, and all I ask is that He makes readers believe that I'm not crazy, or makes them believe that He has fixed heraldry for making pointers through me. And one more thing: I want to see some of the best products of His work, and some of His best tools too. He knows I'm not asking much, though I've asked already a hundred times, and I'm still in the dark for the most part because, I think, the best fruits have yet to bloom into clear view.

To prove that Hobs are in the "OBstantia" motto term of Arthurs, the Hobbs'/Hobs' (not "Hob") share the spread eagle of DORia's, and the latter married the Arduinici of Oneglia, and thus we clearly see that Ardiaei and Daorsi had merged in Liguria. Doria's were first found in Genova with police-like Polis'/Polacci's/Pauli's, and then Poulos' were first found in Burgundy with Rosseau's and Finchem-branch Feins/Finns. Mark Finchem was a police officer, and he was running to replace Katie Hobbs as the Arizona secretary of state. How neat-and-tidy can the heraldry get. Did you ever sit down to ponder how God could know details of the distant future? Did you ever come to realize how spectacular His mind must be?

The Arduinici lived on the BAUTica river that was related to the Bauts. My Doral run-about points to that line. I'm impressed.

Kims share the cinquefoils of Welsh Thomas'. Kims were first found on Bute, and I've read that BOTHwells were named after Bute. Buteshire is where Glass' were first found, and the phone booth was made of glass. Lorraine pointed to Butts/Bute's, and to the best of my ability to remember, that phone booth was not more than 30 feet from where Lorraine got her babe and feet symbol from MICHAEL Oullette. I showed many times how Babe's and Babwells were from Podebrady in Bohemia, and German Michaels were first found in Bohemia, as were both Frank surnames, and I've told that my boss was sub-contracting with Frank in building the boat house.

Judge Thomas was on the top court when Scalia was there, and if I recall correctly, it was Joe Biden who was the chair in a Senate committee that tried to railroad Thomas' nomination to the supreme court. The major evidence against Thomas had to do with a HAIR, and it just so happens that Scottish Hairs/Hare's were first found in Ayrshire with Thomsons'. GLASgow is these first-known Thomsons, and the Lords/Lauds in the Glasgow motto look like Thomas kin (by their Coat). The Bothwells were first found in Lanarkshire, beside Glasgow.

The Glasgow motto includes "Lord, let," and Lets/Late's connect to Letters who in turn have a griffin in the colors of the Thomas griffin, and Griffins share "Ne vile" with Phone's/Fane's/Vans (Wales, same as Thomas'). We may even add that Brays/Brae's were first found in NorthAMPTONshire with Ladys/LAUDymans while Amptons/HAMPTONs share the Lord/Laud cinquefoils (colors reversed from the Thomas cinquefoils) and the Lady/Laudyman besants. IN FACT, the Lady/Laudyman Chief is the Chief also of Clarence-connectable Clermonts/Clements and French Clairs!!! ZING-ZING-ZINGER.

Almost missed this: Breconshire is also BRECKnock, and Brecks are listed with the Breakers in the "flax breaker" of Brays/Brae's!!!!! Buckets of fun.

Amazingly, I remember that, ten years ago or more, a Mr. HAMPTON informed me that "Laus Deo" is written at the top of the Washington Monument. I didn't yet know at that time that "Laus Deo" is the full ArBOTHnott motto, but was telling readers that Manders use "Laus Deo." We are back to gerrymandering.

SUDDENLY, I've realized why God used the BUMPer of Joe's van in my Joe's-van dream. Bumps (Gloucestershire with OulLETTE-connectable Letts/LATE's) not only have the giant Letter griffin, which is not only in the colors of the griffin of Van-connectable Thomas, but the split Thomas Shield is also the split Bump Shield!!! I'm so happy to finally understand the bumper.

Behold. Joe asked me to get him a "CONTAINer," and Joe Oullette filled it with SNOW on his bumper. CONTANs use another pine tree, and we just saw French Pine's connectable to Late-like Ladys/Laudymans, and more in particular connectable to the Lords/Lauds in the motto of Glasgows along with Lets/Late's. It just so happens that French Pine's and Lords/Lauds are mainly in the format of, and colors reversed from, Snows! Let it snow, let it snow.

Snows share a nebuly fesse (different colors) with ThomPsons...and later I realize that the two nebuly Clermonts/Clement fesses are in the colors of the one Thompson fesse for an excellent pointer to Clarence Thomas.

"The term gerrymandering is named after American politician Elbridge Gerry, Vice President of the United States at the time of his death, who, as governor of Massachusetts in 1812, signed a bill that created a partisan district in the Boston area that was compared to the shape of a mythological salamander."

Google just pestered me again for about the fourth time in days asking me to prove I'm not a robot. Maybe this is google's new impish thing for people who have morals. God will knock google's snot down its throat for cheating His people. Every action has a reaction. Every guilty non-Christian will be choked, and every non-Christian is guilty. Power-grubbing control-freaks, and their willing servants, will not have life after death. End insert]

At this time when Lake's court case has reached the Arizona supreme court, could we expect communications between it and the court that Coney Barrett sits on? Could the latter say something to compel the Arizona supreme court to assure that the case makes it all the way up?

With so many exclamation marks in this update thus far, I'm scared that Amy Coney Barrett will have nothing to do with Lake's election-fraud case, nor any election-fraud case. I'll cringe if all of this turns out to be "fake news." But I'll go on anyway, because I met Mamie (a few weeks before the campsite events) on my last night with Lorraine, and the Lorraine surname shares the full GORSUCH Coat while adding the Asty lions while Asti is smack beside Bra. Trump put both Coney Barrett and Neil Gorsuch onto the supreme court of the United States.

I'll show soon how Lorraine pointed to the touch-bra event, and so let's add here that the Touch/Tuff lion is green, as is the Lorraine / Asty lion. The Touch/Tuff lion is shared by Lyons, who were at GlenLYON, where Mens'/MAME's are said to have been. The Lyons are also Lune's while Lone's are listed with Lawns/Lane's who in turn love the Roys in their motto. It's astounding that I met Lorraine at her BUS stop -- which is the event indirectly pointing to the touch-bra event -- at the corner of LORNE and Yonge streets. Lorraine-like Lorne's happen to be in the write-up of Lanarks/LURNacks (share Bus cinquefoil), and both Roys and Astys were first found in Lanarkshire. When heraldry sings like this, it seems to be put together by Intelligent Design.

[New -- MacInTOCHs/MacInTOSH's share the Scottish Comie/Comey Coat exactly, both using a "Touch" motto term, and while Touch's are also Tuffs, MacIntosh's are "said to descend from Seach MacDUFF,..." Then, Duffys and Irish Comeys together have the Asty lion in colors reversed, and so this is a part of the TOUCH-bra event, especially as Touch's/Tuffs share the green lion with Astys...making Comeys suspect with Coneys. Yet this heraldic set goes to the balcony event with Lorraine because Balcons (near Duffs) are also BalCOME's.

MacIntosh's came up as Tossers while I was looking for a branch of Dosens/Deusters who almost have the Langley Coat, and Lorraine was the one who pointed to Landens/Landers sharing the Langley Coat. End insert]

The Bar(r)s named BAR-le-Duc in Lorraine. This Bar region is where laundry-like Landrys were first found so as to get us back to the bra on the laundry line i.e. pointer to Coney Barrett. It's simply incredible that the Arms of Bar-le-Duc use pansies while I've seen with my own eyes that the Coney Crest has a coney rabbit holding a "pansy". Irish, LAUNdry-like Lawns/Lane's share the Lorraine bend.

Plus, I didn't find Landrys until very recently, probably more than two years after repeating many times that Lorraine had a feet / foot symbol, only to find that Landrys are in Foot/FOOD colors and format! There's that food theme again that goes with jars. The Fothes'/Fette's branch use a cornucopia i.e. a symbol usually filled with food. Fothes'/Fette's (share Peare stars), first found beside ProFETTS, and very linkable to Peare's and Peartree's, were first found in Kincardineshire with Peartree's/Patria's, from Pavia's Pierro's/Pero's/Petri's, and Pavia is where Lorraine's feet symbol pointed, for Feets/Fate's share a Pavia Coat. Sing-sing.

I've been telling readers for years that I sleep every night in winter with two Mason jars of heated water because I don't heat my bedroom. It started about five years ago as an easy fix for cold feet with one jar, but then progressed to a second for my chest area. One jar is always at my FEET. But note that this looks like a plan of God to emphasize SLEEP. I can't tell you how good it feels to hold a heated jar in a very cold bed.

The Landrys of Lorraine share the Christmas martlets while English Landrys/Laundrys have a giant tree in the colors of the Chance trees while it was the Chance bloodline who gave me the Christmas gift. I showed how Coneys were Masci kin, and here one can show that while Christmas' likely have coney rabbits, Maschi's share the Chief of English Chance's. I've just checked for a Gift surname, listed with the Giffords sharing the Payne motto that includes Food-like "foedari." Foods/Foots use "cyFOETH." Payne's were likely of Payens who in turn use "spur rowells," the same phrase used to describe the Chief of PANTers, no guff.

For new readers, I must repeat again: Lorraine my date was throwing a dinner for friends, and so as I was invited to a party where Barry and the Oullette brothers (Paul and Mike) were that night, I went because Lorraine didn't invite me to her dinner. Mamie took me by the hands for a slow dance, and I remember nothing else later that night but leaving early to go see Lorraine (about 11 pm). But when I got there, her friend was on the balcony, telling me that Lorraine was out on a walk with her husband. When they returned, climbing the stairs to the balcony, I saw a long grass streak where her lower butt met the back of her thigh, on her Panter-like pants, and I POINTED at it accusatively (with the same hand that I pointed to the bra) because she had been on the grass with this married man while rubbing her pants on a freshly-MOWed LAWN (can't get a stain like that if not mown). MOWbrays named MontBRAI!!! Can we believe it? "Bra" is like "Bar."

Bra-connectable Astys share the Lorraine lion. Why is God, if I'm not reading all of this wrong, wanting so bad to point to Bra elements? What was in that place? His enemies? A nest of end-time snakes in the grass?

Irish Mowers/Moors, with the Asty Coat in colors reversed, were first found in Munster with Bricks who in turn have the Brix/BREST lozenges in colors reversed!!! Asti is beside Bra, and bras are made for breasts! Now I see why He got her a grass stain.

Mowers/Moors share the stars of Cudds while the Arms of Bar-le-Duc likely use a barraCUDa, possibly code for Barr-related Cudds too. Cudds were first found in Northumberland with Lorraine's who in turn share the Mower/Moor lion!!! Is that funny or what? It's CRAZY. I asked Lorraine out for our first date on my 24th BIRTHday, and Berts/BIRTHs were first found in Devon with the Darts in the Cudd and CuthBERT Crest! It is, it is crazy. Cuthberts were first found in KirkCUDbrightshire, beside Larrys/Lawrie's of Dumfries sharing laurel with Lorraine's.

This Insert Turned Out to Be Long

[Insert -- A few hours after writing above, I saw a Pantin surname in a video, and it turns out that while Payens are Pagans too, "PUGNan" is a motto term of Pantins/Pointons. Beauty. The Paion variation of Payens/Pagans suggests the Paioni peoples to which I trace the pheon, and there is a pheon in the Crest of Pantins/Pointons (Lincolnshire with Cutts/Cute's). Cudds have another pheon. Maine's (Devon with Darts and pheon-using Page's) use both the dart and pheons. Points/Pointers use a hand pointing, the Babe and Brady symbol, and Babe's can be traced excellently to Podebrady of Bohemia while Laurs/Lauers were first found in Bohemia.

Here's some beauty. The Pantin/Pointon eagle is in the colors of the giant eagle legs of Hicksons, the latter first found in Staffordshire with the pheon-using STUBBs/Stops pointed to by Lorraine's BUS STOP. STOBi was a major city of the Paioni along with ASTIbus, and Asti is beside Bra. Pantins/Pointons (new to me now) were first found in Lincolnshire with a "stronghold" of Pansy-loving Coneys.

The Stubbs/Stops were kin of Pipe's while "organ pipes" are in the Crest of the Lets/Late's who in turn have in their Chief the same stars that Pantins/Pointons have in their Chief! You'll see similar things with the bus stop shortly below, written earlier today than this insert. The same stars are with Foot-branch Fothes'/Fette's, linkable to Lorraine's feet.

Pantins/Pointons were at Barkwith, and Barks use "larks" while Larks (Norfolk with Brae-connectable Flags) are LAURks too who in turn look by their Coat like Fly-of-Flagi kin. You see, God did arrange her pant stain, especially as Stains/Stans share the double Flag/Flack fesses? This paragraph tends to verify that Barkwiths were a Bark line. Ahh, more: Larks/Laurks share the cloud in Crest with Fothes'/Fette's who are in turn in Lark/Laurk colors and near-format! I don't do much on Larks/Laurks, but the Barkwiths I didn't know until now, thanks to the Pantins I didn't know until now, took us to Larks/Laurks. Sing-sing.

Barkwiths (Lincolnshire with Pantins/Pointons) have an "Esto" motto term while English Este's were first found in Essex with Sempers while Essex's share the eagle of Italian Este's and Scottish Barrs. Pointon is in SEMPERingham while Sempers have the BRUNswick Coat in colors reversed while Bruno's are said to have had a branch at Asti, the place beside Bra. Sempers are listed with St. Pierre's.

New: there is a SamPEYRE location in Cuneo, and while Cuneo's Demonte's probably share the Brunswick Coat, it explains why Peyre's/Pierre's almost have the Bruno Coat, and probably throwing in the Demonte / Rimmon lion. This is a good place for this insert because Barrs of Brunswick are shortly below with Mamie's bra event.

OHHH WOOOWWWIE: Peyre's/Pierre's share a "pour" motto term with the Barrys/Barrets (!!!!), and with the Mame-branch Manners/Maness"!!!!! Plus, while Lawns/Lane's use "roy," Peyre's/Pierre's have "roi." How perfect is this for Mamie at her garden? The "Pour Y" motto phrase of Manners/Maness suggests Purys (almost the OMAN/OMEN Coat) with a Barry-like Burey Variation, and this surname was first found in Oxfordshire with the HarCOURTs (share Manner/Maness Crest) and Lake's. Leaks/Leeks almost have the Mens/Mame Coat, can we believe it? Let's continue to see where this flows out.

town As Harcourts can be gleaned with a Hair/HARE Coat (share the two Harcourt fesses), and while hares are rabbits that can point to Coney Barrett, perhaps this heraldic set points to the court cases of Kari Lake, because Harcourts may have been a Hair-Court merger. Scottish Hairs/Hairs are in Court/Covert, Curtis/Courtis, and Coeur/Le Court colors. The latter are in Lake format.

In fact, just found: McCourts/Cords were first found in Ayrshire with Scottish Hairs/Hare's, who happen to share the double fesses of Manners/Manness'!!! Zinger, I've told many times of Mr. Maness, the one whom Miss COVERT claimed to be her husband (when she emailed me), and Coverts/Cofferts were first found in Sussex with Courts/Coverts. How can that couple apply to Lake's court adventures?

It just so happens that Coeurs/Le Courts have a Coat like the one of Peyre's/Pierre's while Coverts/Cofferts share the gold leopard face with Peare's (Oxfordshire again), and as Peare's were from Pierro's/Pero's of Pavia, it explains why the Pavia martlets are in the Covert/Coffert Coat. We didn't go off-topic at all while following the "pour" motto terms of Peyre's/Pierre's and Manners/Manness', and yet I'm dumbfounded as to why Covert and Maness should be a part of this set. This is one juicy insert.

AWWWWE TOO MUCH. I heard Mike Lindell tell Steve Bannon that he's paying Kari Lake's legal fees, and the Curtis'/Courtis are said to have a plowshare (or ploughshare) over the shoulder of a farmer, amazing because the Plows/Plough's, with a good reflection of the Curtis/Courtis Coat, are like Pillows!!!! Mike Lindell owns "My Pillow"!!!! He's also selling My Slippers while Sleeps/Slippers were first found in Shropshire! While Coeurs/Le Courts were first found in Brittany with the Dol Alans, Plows (share Dole fleur-de-lys) were first found in Shropshire with the Dol Alans. Can we believe this paragraph?

Curtis'/Courtis' and Plows (Italian Dance colors) use dancettes while English Dance's (Alan fesse) share the lion head of Farmers and Muscats/Musks. While Sampeyre is not far from Demonte (both in Cuneo), where roughly the first-known Italian Dance's and Domino's/DAMONDs were first found, we can add that Domine's/Dunhams (dancette, right colors) share the Scottish Hair/Hare Coat but without the fesses. Thus, DEMONTE's can be a pointer to Dominion Voting machines, and Obama can be suspect in actively and covertly supporting that fraud. English Dance's share the Butt/Bute Crest.

The Sempers/St. Pierre's are absolutely beautiful here because they share the Duce/Ducey Coat while Kari Lake was running to replace Doug Ducey as the Arizona governor! Lorraine's white pants speak (why white?). Now we know why Bar-le-DUC worked into this heraldic set, but it would not have worked in apart from Lorraine's pant stain pointing to Coney-beloved Pansys/Panters.

As Barks and Larks were first found in Norfolk with Obama's Dunham line, we might ask if my pointing to her pants was a pointer to something rotten with Bark-like Barrack Obama. The event was on her balcony, which pointed to Balcons/BalCOME's (and Comeys) and Botters/Buttini's, and from there we can take it to Butts/Bute's sharing the chevron of Barksdale's. The latter share a motto term with Comeys who in turn have the Lorraine / Asty lion in colors reversed, and the Barksdale motto in full is used by Bucks (Norfolk). Obama descended from Jonathan Singletary-Dunham, and Singletarys were first found in Lancashire with Barksdale's.

Botters look like they may have named the Botreaux castle of Amy's.

The grass stain was on her butt and ass while the Ass surname was first found in SHETland while the Obama dream opened with a black SHEET covering all his billiard tables. Sheets/Skate's were first found in Norfolk too.

I, a Masci liner, TOUCHed the bra not only to assure linkage to Jarrys/Jarre's and therefore to Scott Jarret the criminal cheat, but to link to the Touch-branch Tufts/Tuffs (Cheshire with Ranulph le Meschin) with a phoenix in Crest. Another phoenix in Crest is with Knee-branch Needhams, first found in Derbyshire with NOTs/Cnuts, and Clan Chattan uses a "Touch not" motto phrase. Thus, the touch-bra event does point to Phoenix, Arizona, where I assume Scott Jarret conducts most of his Maricopa elections business.

We saw Masci-connectable Meschins in Coney colors and format. The lion of Ranulph le Meschin is with Rands/Rhynds, a branch of Rinds who in turn use "gillie flowers" while Gillie's use the motto of Clan Chattan, which is, "Touch not the cat BOT a glove." As Lucca's use a cat while Botters/Buttini's, first found in Lucca (beside Mosca's/Muscas'), share the Chattan and Chatan bend, it speaks for itself, especially as English Botters/Bodins were first found in Hampshire with Pots, Potters, Porters and Ports while Rinds above have their gillie flowers in a "pot." Bots are listed with German Butts/Bute's/Boets, and while Pots can be shown to be Port kin, Ports share the estoiles of English Butts/Bute's.

Plus, Nots/Cnuts look like Masters kin for another potential pointer to Blake Masters. Before going on with this set, know that Blake's/Caddells trace to Cattolica, between the first-known Maschi's and Fano of the Phoenix-branch Phone's. The latter share "NE vile" with the Griffin motto, and Knee's (share Needham Coat) are also Nee's. A cross between "NEED(ham)" and "Cnut" is the Kneed variation of Needs/Name's/Neme's, and they share griffin heads (different colors) with Masters.

Kneeds/Needs/Name's/Neme's were first found in Lincolnshire with Name's/Needs having the lion head in the colors of the full lion of Masons/Massins, first found in Kent, where Masters were once said to be first found. Blake's/Caddells and Cattels use giant frets that have mascles at the center, and Lincolnshire is where Mussels/MUSCELs were first found. Name's/Neme's almost have the Coat of Lute's/Lutts, definitely a branch of McLeods/Lutts (flags), and the latter were first found on Sky with Crimmons/RIMMONs (probably the Maschi and Lute/Lutt lion) while Maschi's were first found in Rimini.

McLeods/Lutts love the Fasts (Norfolk with Flags), suspect from del Vasto's of Saluzzo (in Cuneo with Bra, see map). However, del Vasto's were a branch of fret-like MontFERRATs, and Montferrat is smack at/beside Bra and Asti. Ferrats/Fers even share the German CON/Cohen/Kohns Coat while we saw Con-branch Coneys linking to Bra. So, you see, by following Masci liners, we got back to the Bra area.

Here's a headline a few weeks before the election that saw Mark Finchem lose: "BREAKING: Retired POLICE Officer Mark Finchem is creaming disgraced former failed Maricopa County Recorder ADRIAN Fontes for Arizona Secretary of State" Adrians have a nebuly-version of the Finchem Coat. Finchem lost by fraud, didn't he? Police-like Policks almost have the cross of Arizona-like Risons. Pollis'/Polleys (Cornwall with Butt-colored Bude's) use what should be a deer because Italian Polis'/Polacci's (Butt/Bute colors and format) share the Dere/Res Chief. Poulos' were first found in Burgundy with Finns/Feins sharing the Finchem Coat. The father of the Policks/Pollocks was a vassal of the Dol Alans, tending to explain why the French Alans share the Chief of Polis'/Polacci's. Pollis'/Polleys (share GORE crosslets) look like a cross between Lorraine's / GORsuch's and Fasts (Norfolk with Risons).

While writing the paragraph above, a song was singing, "On Christ the Solid Rock I STAND," and at that very time I was thinking about Lorraine's BUTT stain for obvious reason. Stands are listed with Stains! That stain was center stage when on the Polis surname up in the lake-Rosseau discussion.

The song ("In Christ Alone") is sung by "Sounds Like REIGN," and Rain-branch Wrens share the Rench/WRENch and Pollis/Polley crosslets, how about that, as if God is verifying through the timing of this song that Lorraine's pant stain applies to Butts. But it tends to verify that He set me up writing on Mark Finchem above. I have got to assume that God has the election-fraud situation in His eye, i.e. let's not worry about the final outcome even though Finchem lost this election. There's always 2024 if court cases go nowhere at this time. I asked Lorraine for our first date on my 24th birthday. Pointer to 2024? I hope not.

The Polis'/Polacci's/PAULI's have variations like Pilotte's/PILLOWS, and it just so happens that Pile's/Pilots, who pointed to Mike Lindell, essentially share the Coat of Dutch Polles' and Palins/PAULeys. It's also the lion of Oullette's and their Aulnay branch. I'll leave it up to you to ponder whether the songline miracle above includes a pointer to Lindell's future work against fraud, for it took place during the writing on Polis'.

Lindell owns My Slippers, and Slippers/Sleeps (Shropshire with Alans) trace exactly to the SELEPitanoi at least near the RHIZON area of the Polick-connectable Risons. The Ardiaei and Daorsi are stamped at Rhizon on this map, and the lake-Rosseau discussion was all over the Ardiaei and Daorsi (also on the NERETva river) in a pointer to Katie Hobbs, and Mark Finchem too. Hobbs share the Doria eagle. The Rosseau discussion took us to Loches'/DeLoges', first found in Burgundy with NERET-related Rosseau's, LOGE's and Poulos', and Linds/Lindells show a LOG, can we believe it?

Lindell's fight is against Mr. Poulos, founder of Dominion Voting, which has sued Lindell. I don't know when that court case is scheduled, but last I heard, Lindell wants to go to court against Poulos. Bring it on, because Dominion Voting is all hot gas without substance, and will vaporize before a good court if the only argument from the plaintiff is tamper-prone machines. Dominion Voting can't defend itself by saying its money-making program is more important than assuring clean-cut elections. End Insert]

The Supreme Court Has a Pink Problem

This is yet another insert added on Friday to the insert above.

The Amy-related Cottons may have been the English Cottons using "hanks of cotton," interesting where Hanks almost have the Neret / Rosseau Coat, and just as interesting where Hanks share the six bendy bars, in colors reversed, with PINK-branch Pings/Pongs/Pagans.

My boss quit building the house boat when Frank made him raise a steel beam on top of bags of PINK insulation inside of the bucket of a backHOE. The beam slid off, slid down the boom toward him in the seat, but stopped just in time because one end hit a scaffold. Otherwise, he said to me, he would have been killed. Hoe's share the giant Beam lion, and English Buckets (share Brecon Coat) were first found in Lincolnshire with Barrets and Hanks. That's conspicuous because Hanks are beloved by Amy-related Cottons, as if God set up the heraldry and the bucket-event to fit Amy Barrett. Hoe's and Beams share the giant Russell and Rosso lion too.

Cottons can be a branch of Coats/Cotes', and I was PRAYing, literally on my knees at my bed, when my boss got back (about 9 am), to tell me what I just told you. It was Saturday, and I told the crew I don't work on the Sabbath. I was thanking God for the with-all to tell them that thing. Irish Prays (County Down with Knee's) share the six pale bars of Coats/Cotes'.

The next morning, while at work with Frank, he turned into the devil, and started hurling obscenities at me, saying, "I know what you're thinking, that the accident yesterday was because we worked on the Sabbath...blah &^&@$^% blah *(^$&@!." I kid you not, he looked like he wanted to kill me. So I hitch-hiked home. But God smiled on me that day. On the way home in someone's car, we came to within three miles of where I now live.

Italian Franks were first found in Piedmont with Bra, and with Chivasso (Bautica river) of the Chives', and the latter were once said to be first found in Devon with the Hykes'/HIKE's to which my hitch-HIKE home can point. Jewish Franks use grapes (of wrath LOL) but also what looks like a jug for a potential code for the Juge variation of both Judge surnames. This works because Irish Juge's/Judge's almost have the Travis/Travers Coat while Chives' are now said to be first found in Tarves. That's amazing already, but this even more: German Franks share the column with Pelosi's/Pilati's, the latter first found in Savigliano, smack beside Bra.

Thus, the Sabbath miracle, and especially devil-Frank, is pointing to Amy Coney Barrett thanks to Meschin-related Coneys, for Travis'/Travers (share Meschin scallops) are said to be Meschin kin. Plus, the Biss' are now expected in the "noBIS" motto term of Scottish Franks who in turn share the Blade/BLATE saltire while German Blate's/PLATE's share grapes with Jewish Franks. Meschins are in the colors of, and near-format, of plate-using Mussels/Muscels, the latter first found in Lincolnshire with Buckets, English Barretts, and Cotton-beloved Hanks.

The fesse of both the Italian Franks/Franca's and Spanish Franca's is shared by Peace's. Apart from the latter's fesse, the Peace Coat is essentially the Pansy Coat, explaining the ducks in the LinkLETTER Coat, for Linkletters were first found in the Orkneys with Peace's. The Letts/Late's use "ORGan pipes" suspect with "ORKNey." It's just amazing that the Linkletter motto, "Skoal," looks like code for Scole's/SCAYLE's.

There are reasons that the Italian Franks/Franca's share the fesse also of Pane's/Payne's. The latter's spear and motto can trace to Rothes of the Pollocks who in turn share the saltire of English Franks. The Pane/Payne lion is in the colors of the Marano lion, and Marano is on the PANero river. The Marano lion is definitely the Montfort lion, and the latter's two tails upon its lion is the Arms of Bohemia. Two German Franks surname were first found in Bohemia. This place was named by the Boii who were not only in Bologna with Pane's/Panico's, but neighboring Modena.

The Mori's in the Pane/Payne motto are listed with Morinis', first found in Modena with Marano, and sharing the Ping/Pong/Pagan fleur. While Monforte is at Bra, the double Morinis fesses are in the colors of the double Braswell chevrons. Braswells named Brazile's, and it just so happens that Dons (Cheshire with Masseys), with a "dona" motto term, share the double Mori/Morinis fesses. DONNA Brazile. Why are we back to her? Masci's and Bra were in Piedmont with the first-known Dance's/DONNA's, Cottians who named Amy-related Cottons.

Lookie: Letts/Late's were first found in Gloucestershire, and the Coney write-up has "'...Robert COIGnee occurs in Gloucester 1230.'" Coggs, partially in Coney colors, were first found in Northamptonshire with Brays/Brae's, and with the Spinks who share the black dog in Crest with Welsh Cogans ("CONstans"). Cogans may have named the Cons/Cohens. Jewish Cohens come up as "Kagan," and "After Barack Obama won the presidency in 2008, he appointed [Elena] Kagan to be the first female solicitor general, and in 2009, the Senate confirmed her nomination." In 2010, she was on the supreme court, part of the Jewish side when there were four Jews upon it making life morally miserable for Americans.

Those Jews always vote immorally, when Biblical values are at stake, because they are not judges but political activists. The curiosity is: why did we get to Kagan via the Coney write-up? Perhaps God is just being expedient while emphasizing the Coneys, which itself wants to point to the bra. That touch-bra event came to mind, for the first time, a few years ago on the day I had read up on John Podesta's likely knowledge of, or role in, Scalia's murder. The next morning I discovered the photo of Poindexter and his Hubertus cult. As it turned out, the Poindexter list of variations has a Podesta-like variation.

Podesta (managed Hillary's 2016 campaign) is said to be a pedophile, and there is an Alex Podesta character online in a white-rabbit suit, which I knew nothing about when the Coney surname came to mind that night along with the Bra location. I'll show below how we can get to PoinDEXTER's Hubertus cult through the Coney write-up. Dexters have the BRASwell Coat in colors reversed, and by some piece of comedy or not from God, Braswells use a "GIRDLE" in Crest to go with a bra.

It's then amazing that GIRTLE's list CURTlers, in Curtis/COURTis / Court/Covert / Coeur/Le Court colors while Cords/McCourts (Ayrshire with Quarters) can be gleaned as kin of Nations/Nathans who in turn look like Coney kin. Girtle's/Curtlers essentially share the Bright Coat (no chevron), almost the Bride Coat except that Bride's almost have the Payen/Pagan Coat due to their mutual chevron. Brights were first found in Cheshire with Huberts, and Pane's/Panico's (share Masci fleur) are also Panetta's in case Obama's Leon Panetta is being pointed to.

There's a little more to be said, due to the swan in the Blate/Plate Crest, for Swans/Sions link to Seatons/Sittens because Sion is also called, Sitten. The reason this picture applies is because my boss was in the SEAT when the beam almost came upon him, when it slid off the BAGS of PINK insulation. PINC/Pinks were first found in Yorkshire with Frank-connectable Blade's and the Hank-connectable Pings/Pongs/Pagans who in turn share the four-pointed "label" in Chief with the Chief of PANICO's of the SETTA valley, you see. It works, especially as Bags were first found in Norfolk with Gangs/Geggs while the latter have the cinquefoils of French Buckets, both in colors reversed from the Bag cinquefoils.

The unstable bags of pink made the beam slide off the bucket when my boss made the bucket rise high to reach above the COLUMNs. He was Steve ANTONacci, and Antons share the red leopard face with the other German Franks. Did you catch that? One German Frank Coat has a large COLUMN, and the other has the Anton leopard faces. With Frank's backhoe, my boss tried to position a beam horizontally across the steel columns that we had tied together with trusses earlier that first week. My boss said that the backhoe couldn't reach high enough to get the beam on the tops of the columns, so Frank put (cushiony) bags of insulation into the bucket to get a little more height. IDIOT. Is this saying something about the supreme court's evil four or five? My boss came to the cottage beside himself, and took off home right away, didn't stay even two minutes. I told him I'd stay to work.

I didn't know until writing the above that Truss'/TrussBUTTs, first found in Yorkshire with Pings/Pongs/Pagans (red label), have a red, five-pointed label in their Chief in both colors of the four-pointed label of Panico's. Repeat from early in this update: "The surname Truswell was first found in Warwickshire where they held a family seat at Billesley. 'Milo de BRAI, father of Hugh Trussel, married c. 1070, Litheuil, Viscountess of Troyes;...'" Watch out for that bra, Amy, it's chasing you. (Truss'/Trussbutts share the Primo patee.)

The Truss/Trussbutt write-up is excellent because French Panico's are Payne-like Pane's too: "Le Sire de Troussebot or Pagan (Payne) Troussbot's chief domain was at Nuebourg in Normandy and he was at the Battle of Hastings. His son, Geoffrey FitzPayne, held the estates in Yorkshire." There you have evidence that God set up the PINK insulation at the trusses to fit the heraldry.

I knew Frank's two workers from my youth in Markham. One was Mike Oddie and the other Vince Pierce. They both drank beer at night, but I didn't join them. Mike Oddie had PUNCHed me in the face very hard at age 12. That maybe was because Punch's were a Pung / Pink / Panico branch, but also because I deserved it for abandoning my God in those years. I was hanging around the bad guys. Jim McGee was the goalie whom I scored in the championship hockey match (age 12) that I talked about in the last update.

Pings/Pongs/Pagans nearly have the bendy of both Guerra Coats, and Markhams almost have the Guerin Coat though Guerins add the Payen/Pagan Coat. That's to say that I was walking along the MARKHAM road one day with Jim McGee, probably coming out of the billiard hall, and Mike Oddie came out of nowhere and smashed me in the face, saying. "you did it, you did it, didn't you," or something like that. I had no idea what he was talking about, and figured he was just being a dangerous BULLY. Irish McGee's show only leopard FACE's, and Scottish McGee's (Dumfries with Bullys) share the boar head of Juggs/Judds, you see, an apparent branch of Judge's/Juge's! Bingo, I get it now, and I can even show an instance of where that punch was recorded. I took one for the team that day. Panico's were at the Setta valley in Bully-like Bologna.

From the 4th update in January, 2017: "It recalls when Vince Pierce punched Mr. Kepke in the face. Roughly five years later, he shows up on my job site (out of the blue, unexpected) with Mike Oddie, who had punched me in the face when I was about 12 and being disobedient to God's calling. They both came with their boss, Frank..." I didn't understand that thing until it just pointed today to the supreme court of the United States. Kepke's/Kopke's share the border of English Pagans, and the bend of Spanish Pagans is colors reversed from the Keep bend. Keppochs were first found in Yorkshire with English Pagans and Scottish Pings/Pongs/Pagans.

One of the bad guys on the court was Ruth Bader Ginsburg. She was a pusher of liberal ideals, including faggotry, which has a pink symbol does it not? If I recall correctly, there are videos of she telling that she supported pedophilia, which is often given the white rabbit as a symbol. The Ginsburgs use what look like vases in Face/Fessy/VASE colors. I was punched in the face. Ginsburg was replaced by Coney Barrett.

Repeat from above while making compelling traces of the arm-in-sleeve symbol to Saluzzo's, Coneys and Amys: "There's another sleeved arm, this time with a FIST, in the Crest of Punch's, and they almost have the Coat of English Berrys while English Beers share the black bear with Amys. I trace the fist-using Fists/Fausts to the Del VASTo's of Saluzzo, and this heraldic section is tending to prove that it's a correct trace." Punch's have a Point-like Poynts variation.

Virginia Giuffre exposed some big names on the island of the pedophile, Jeffrey Epstein, and here I've just found that French Baders (probably from Draguignan with Lizarts/Sarde's) share a lone star (same colors) in the corner of the Shield with Giuffre's who are in turn in Kepke/KOPke colors and format! Ruth BADER Ginsburg! Larrys/Lawrie's love the Cups/COPe's. Keeps with Lorraine's (share Arms of Baden bend) were related to Veringers of Baden, and the related Zahringens of Baden founded Bern with a bear, the Amy symbol. Berns share the bend of Spanish Pagans, and Italian Pagans were first found in Naples with Giuffre's! Pagans are all over pedophilia.

Again, Kepke's/Kopke's share the border of English Pagans, but it's also the border of Hare-connectable Hermits who in turn share the white-on-blue helmets of PANTers who in turn share "spur rowells" with Payens/Pagans. Hermit-branch Herzogs are split horizontally in colors reversed from the same of Poindexters who in turn have a white helmet in Crest. The Hermit helmet is in giant form with German Helms while English Helms (pheons, a Pagan-line symbol) are in Hubert colors and format, a super pointer to Poindexter's Hubertus cult.

Having said that, Keeps were Lorraine kin, and Lorraine gave us the stained pants. That can't point to a good thing, but more like immorality. Coneys love the Pansys/Pantzers. ??? Is Coney Barrett a rotten thing? Did I write all this just to become depressed?

But wait. I pointed to her pants, and so maybe I'm the good guy, the exposer, the one exposing Scalia's death by the finger of God. Might Amy know something about his murder now that she's been told by others on the court? Will these judges get their revenge now by more than merely resisting the liberal agenda of the court's rot? Scalia's corpse was brought quickly to El-Paso, and Rothes-connectable, Speer-related Pasi's/Pascels were first found in Bologna with Pane's/Panico's. Is panic setting on the top court? I hope so.

Mr. Kepke (sold shoes when I did too) pointed to the shoe boutique, in the Ukraine capital, of Michael ZLOCHevsky, the owner of the corrupt Burisma gas company that the Bidens are using to launder money. SLOCKs (Shropshire with Keppochs), sharing the Shoe (and Poindexter) star, share the Coat exactly of German Baders. German Trips use shoes while English Trips use the scaling LADDER for connection to Lorraine's LOTHERingia (home of Richeza, mother in-law of Maria of Kiev), and thus to Kiev-liner Lorraine's. Trips are from Trypillians who lived south of Kiev with the Budini who named the Buttons/Budins/BIDENs. Is that too neat or what? The rotten side of the supreme court is pointing to the rotten, 800-pound, Jewish donkey of Ukraine.

The Slocks are even listed with Slacks, and slacks are Lorraine's pants! I didn't realize that bit until now. The Slock/Slack Coat is even a different-colors version of the Botter/Butini Coat while the latter is a version of the Balcon Coat, and I pointed to her pants on her balcony. The Balcon Crest even shares the dove with Pansys/Pantzers. The Spire's/Speers are in the Balcon motto.

Wow, I can now trace Slocks/Slacks to king "Seleucus" (father on king Antiochus) because I am sure that his line name Sulcis and neighboring Sant'Antioco, both in SARDinia. The Lizarts/SARDE's were first found in Draguignan (Provence), and while French Baders (Shoe / Poindexter star in colors reversed) were first found in Provence, their dragon suggests Draguignan elements in particular. The thing is, it's German Baders sharing the Slock/Slack Coat. The prophet Daniel has the anti-Christ stemming from the Seleucid kings in some way we don't yet know.

Shirts/SHARDS were HARcourt kin and thus of the Hare's (Ayrshire with "hermit"-using Sheds/Sheddens) who were branches of Hermits and Herzogs we saw shortly above. Slock-like Sellicks were first found in Herefordshire with Skulls (Slick/Sleigh/SLEDGE colors), and with the Jays (share Skull bend) who look related to Balcons. The latter share the motto of Masons/Massins, first found in Kent with the "sledge"-using Alberts who are in turn in the colors and format of German Baders. The Albert sledge is held by a savage, and Savage's were first found in Cheshire with Shirts/Shards. SAVIGliano is beside Bras-like Bra, and Bras/Brace's were first found in Herefordshire with Sellicks.

Antioch-like ANTicks/AntiKNAPs may have been named by a the Antrim/Antingham family upon the Ant river which shares the bend of Bras'/Brace's. The Napps identifiable with Antick-variation suffixes can be traced well to the Naparis river, land of the Roxolani and neighboring COTESii.

The Pings/Pongs/Pagans point to Ping Pong Comet pedophilia because that pizzeria is owned by James AleFANTIS while Fantis' (Bologna with Pane's/Panico's) -- using boy heads as likely code for the Boii but useful in pointing to pedophilia -- share the Pane/Panico Chief in full, both sharing the label of Pings/Pongs/Pagans. This heraldry appears set-up by God.

I see Comets (in Comyn/Comine colors and format) as part of the Conte's/Comite's / Conte's/Comitissa's, a branch of Coney-like Cone's, and Comets with Comyns/Comine's (dagger) are in the colors and format of English Pagans (dagger). The Pane/Panico Chief shares the Irish Kilpatrick Chief while Scottish Kilpatricks have another dagger, as do Comyn-related SETHs/Shaws. If I recall correctly, the DNC emails from Seth Rich had the Podesta data that I was looking at, the data with "wet works" and "bedwetters," on the night the Coney rabbits first came to mind with Bra.

It can't be a coincidence that while Comet Ping Pong is a pizza place, the Pisa Coat is in colors reversed in the Coat of Reines' who moreover add a "comet". Why would God choose the Reines' for this? The Setta valley of the Panico's is a tributary / watershed for the RENO river, and Reno's/Reins share the Pinc/Pink lozenges. A songline miracle above while on Gorsuch was sung by, "Sounds Like REIGN." English Pagans share the border of Justins who in turn use scales of justice to keep us pointing to Scalia's murder, which put Gorsuch into Scalia's seat.

"Sounds LIKE Reign" is interesting where Like's/Leaks share the gold fleur in Chief with Pane's/Panico's, and moreover the "green tree" of Pane's/Panico's has a "bird" upon it while Birds/Burds share the Like/Leak fleur.

The Gins'/Gwyns are in Coney colors and near-format, and first found in Breconshire, suggesting that Ginsburgs could be using buckets because English Buckets (Lincolnshire with Barretts) share the Brecon Coat. Then again, Face's/Fessys/Vase's were first found in Northamptonshire with the Brays/Brae's having the Brecon-connectable flax breaker. Thus, Ginsburgs may have called their symbol both a vase and a bucket. The punch to my face may have been a symbol of the Jewish side of the supreme court that's long been smashing the United States to its face. I pointed to the bra, and Poindexters use a fist.

Thus, the bra may be code, not for Coney Barrett, but for the Jewish side of the her court seeking to frustrate the Scalia side, and perhaps the Jewish side knows that Scalia was murdered (by Poindexter's Hubertus cult) due to his frustrating the leftist policies. However, if I say that Coney Barrett is represented by the white rabbit beneath my feet, how can that work with pedophilia? Is she like God's ace up His sleeve to trump pedophiles.

Repeat: "Hoe's share the giant Beam lion, and English Buckets (share Brecon Coat) were first found in Lincolnshire with Barrets and Hanks." It's now interesting that Beam-like Beans come up when we enter the Vim surname in the "Vim" motto term of Gins'/Gwins. Vims/Beans share the Clan Chattan motto.

As Gins'/Gwins were first found in Brecon, let's repeat from above yet again: "Welsh Thomas' were first found in Breconshire with Clements, and the latter come up as "Clermonts" because they share a Chief of French Clairs/Clere's, and so we just repeat that Irish Clairs share the SCALE Chief because Clarence's (share laurel with Larrys/Lawrie's and Lorraine's) are listed with Clarens who in turn have two of the triple Clare chevrons. The Clermonts/Clements have the Newmarch's in their write-up who are listed with Nemo's in the POINDEXTER motto."

John B. Poindexter admitted that he personally invited Scalia to go hunting on his remote ranch the weekend he was murdered in February 2016, soon before the election that Hillary was supposed to win. Trump won, and put three new judges on that court, which looks to me like an act of our God in restraining the devil a little while longer, and in the meantime exposing his workers of iniquity. This beast has been both weakened and infuriated globally, and I think God needs to turn their fury into fear of prosecution in order to alleviate our ultimate persecution.

The arm-with-sword in the Gins/Gwin Crest faces the sinister side of the Shield (viewer's right), which is a Masci-line symbol tending to verify that Gins'/Gwins were Meschin and Coney kin. Coneys were in Lincolnshire with le Meschin's wife, and HUBERTs were first found in Cheshire with Meschin / Masci liners. Poindexter had at least 30 members of the International Order of Saint Hubertus hunting with Scalia that fateful week-end. The Coney write-up includes: "'Sire HUBERT and Sire William de Coni held lands from Philip Augustus c. 1204." Is God pointing to Poindexter's cult even with the Coney surname?

I've connected McGee's many times in the past with Juggs/Judds, but now we had corroboration above that Frank was pointing to Coney Barrett. The McGee boar head is also with the Mea's/Mee's who share the FACE/Fessy cross, and the latter were first found in Northamptonshire with Brays/Brae's. Juggs/Judds tell of their branch in Leeds, where Kepke-like Keppochs were first found who are in Jugg/Judd format and colors reversed from them. That is cool because Kepke was a goalie in organized hockey at age 12, when McGee was a goalie in the same year in the same league. I was punched in the face across the intersection from the hockey arena (was on the corner of Markham road and highway 7 at that time).

I can now understand why I (age 11/12) first saw Kepke walking alongside the Fisher residence, home of Greg Fisher, at whose house I and McGee (met him at age 11/12) spent lots of time that very year. Kepke was punched by Vince Pierce, and Pierce's (Somerset with Pane's/Payne's) almost have the Fish Coat. The mythical fish peoples on the Neretva river connect to Ukraine's Neuri, and while Kepke's dog, Blacky, points to the Neretva with the Blacky surname, Kepke's father is Ukrainian. I'll come back to this shortly.

Juggs/Judds even use a cockaTRICE while Keeps are in the "Keep tryst" motto of Hebrons while Trice's are listed with Trysts. I'm seeing brassieres with milk jugs, especially as Kepke loved skim milk, but should I be joking around when the bra of a mad women is chasing Amy around all over the place? Why did she SCOLD me for merely touching her bra? A pointer to Scalia's killers, right?

She was a tenant in the Peterson home, and Swedish Petersons have three hexagrams in the colors of the three PIERCED hexagrams of Payens/Pagans. These Petersons share the Pierre lion for obvious reason, and two Peter surnames along with Pierre's share the bend of Scole-like Scrolls who in turn share the five white feathers in the Crest of Scale's (Hertfordshire with Vince's). Scole's are also Scayle's. There's an argument to be made that Dorals share the lion of Swedish Petersons because the white goat in the Doral Crest is the color of the Kepke/Kopke goat.

Scottish Petersons, sharing the swan with a Peters surname, look clearly descended from something at Sion/Sitten. Scottish Petersons, likely from Peter Pollock of Rothes, have lion heads in the colors of the Rothes lion heads, and thus Petersons were related round-about to Reines-like Raines', from Rennes near Montfort. Rothes is in Moray with the first-known Ruths/Rothers/Randolphs, and the other Scottish Randolphs (bat) share the Bath cross while Baths (probably share the Pane/Payne lion) were first found in Somerset with Pane's/Payne's and BADENs/Battins. RUTH BADer Ginsburg. The Bath cross is also the Face/Fessy/VASE and Mea/Mee cross.

Mea's/Mee's (share JUGG boar head) are traceable to the Meu river because it's near JUGon, and it just so happens that this river flows by Montfort while Monforte is beside Bra while Montforts share the giant MowBray lion.

The mad bra is always in the shadow of Amy Coney. Petersons were first found in Aberdeenshire with Coney-branch Cons, and with the Turins who are most-definitely from Turin, beside Montferrat and Bra. The Turin bend-with-items is colors reversed from the Pagan bend-with-items. Turin is beside Chivasso of the Chives', the latter first found in Aberdeenshire's Tarves, and Travis/Travers almost have the Irish Judge/Jude Coat. You see, even the Peterson residence got us to the supreme court, but also to Pagans.

Montfort is beside Rennes, the line to Raines', Wrens and Wrench's/Rench's, and, I kid you not, as I've said many times, it was my job all-week long to climb off the trusses to dive into the water whenever a man dropped a WRENCH into lake Rosseau. I did it at least a half-dozen times, it felt so good in the heat of the day. The Raines' have a motto term as code for Judicael of Rennes, and his name sounds like a judge term. I now see why I had to dive to get the wrenches, to point to the top court. Plus, I now remember: Dive's were first found in Cambridgeshire with Wrench's/Rench's. I expect that Judge-connectable Juggs were also Judds from "Judicael," and thus the Judge's seem to be from him too.

The Dives river is near Caen, and Caens share the Cave Shield. Hoe's (look like Cavan/Kavanaugh kin) and Beams, with the giant MowBRAY lion in colors reversed, share the lion of Cavans/Kavanaugh's, and judge Kavanaugh is the other supreme-court judge appointed by Trump, who's been looking like a partial traitor to the good guys. Word was that he was the main obstacle to seeing Trump's election fraud cases, but I'm foggy on all of that.

Hold on to your brassieres. Cavans/Kavanaugh's are said to be from "DERMOT MacMurrough" while Murrough's/Morough's share the Mowbray lion. Morinis' are in the DEERing write-up. DERmots/DerMOTTs, sharing the Wren and Wrench crosslets, no guff at all, have blue boar heads to match the blue boar in the Hoe Crest!!!! That's heraldically expected because the Kavanaugh Coat is similar to the Hoe Coat, but the amazing thing is that Hoe's came to topic with the backhoe. As Motts are said to be from Cotes du Nord, location of Jugon (near Mott / Motte), Dermots look like a Deering-line merger with Motts. Motte-Henry (Henry write-up) is near Montfort, and Montforts (share giant Mowbray lion) had been kin of Marano's (Modena with Morinis')

The Wren / Wrench / Dermot crosslets are shared by Gore's (same place as Trips and DERmot-like Deerings), and by the Trips having "SCALING ladders" for a pointer to supreme-court judge Scalia. The Dive's share the Scale scallops. GORsuch replaced Scalia.

Plus, Dermots are in Charlie colors and format while Charlie's named CHORley. Gore's are also CORE's (Kent with Trips and Deerings), and then German Trips once showed boots to go with the "bottles" of Charlie's. The latter's Crest along with the Bottle write-up suggest Bottle kinship with Bolts and Boltons. As Scottish Bride's share the Bottle and Bolt Crest, we can take this to French Bride's (Macey kin), first found in Savoy with Masseys/Masse's who once showed the Trip boots exactly. German Trips now show shoes while Shoe's share the tree with Masseys/Masse's.

Hoe's share the Crest of Irish Barons (Waterford with the Trump stag head), and the Irish Barons share a "fortuna" motto term with Amy-related Cottons. McGee's were first found in Dumfries with the Nitts/Naughts who use "fortunae." I can and will show below how Cottons relate to Botter-related Chatans. I'm referring to Italian Botters, first found in Lucca with the beginnings of the house of Canossa which uses the Fortuna dog. Canossa-like Cans/Caens share a fretty Shield (different color) with French Cottons.

The Daorsi can be traced very well with NERETva to the mythical NEREIDs who had mythical Doris as mother, and it just so happens that Doris' share the wavy bend of Jewish Pollocks. The only difference between the two Coat is that Doris' add the black border, and it might just be the black border of CLAUS'/Klaus' because, although not shown on the map above, the Clausula river is on the east side of lake Scodra, opposite the Selepitanoi.

Permit me to go off topic for a couple of paragraphs, for the father of the Nereids were NEReus, suspect with the line from the Neuri, they being from Nahor, brother of Abraham. The latter was father of Medan with KETARah (his second wife in Genesis), the line to mythical Medon, son of KODRos of Athens who had a fish symbol, the very symbol of the Nereids. We then take whatever in the real world named Kodros to Kotor, a location beside Rhizon and BUTua, and thus the Medon-like Meteon location (on the map above) seen where roughly the Clausula flows, was named by a sub-tribe named after a tribe named after Medan, son of Abraham.

There was a male, a mythical Dorus (not "Doris"), brother of Alan-suspect Aeolus, son of Hellen and husband of Neret(va)-like Enarete. Neuri (worshiped wolves) are suspect with wolf-using Norrys, and then Norths share a dragon head (different color) with a crown round its neck with Blackys who in turn share the vaired chevron of Nero's/NERETTi's. The latter were first found in Lucca with Botters/Buttini's, from the Budini of Ukraine. Neuri were on the Bug river of Ukraine, and Bugs were first found in DORset with Rosso-branch Russells. Rush's share the Norry fesse. The Budini become suspect at the naming of Budva = ancient Butua beside Kotor.

It then goes to Lorraine's butt, especially as a fish is used by Butts/Bute's/Boets (look like Keppoch kin). Lorraine's (Keep kin) are from Maria of Kiev, and Budini were at the Kiev theater. Keeps were first found in Sussex with Norths (kin of NARbonne's/Nordi's), and Blackys were first found in Yorkshire with KEPPOCHs. The Neretva was also the NARO. My teenage buddy, Mr. KEPKe, owned a black dog, Blacky. God delights to work with perfection, which often requires the long and patient road. Hang in there with Him.

Lorraine pointed to Bar-le-Duc, and the Selepitanoi were at modern Bar, and I'll bet this goes to fish-head Barrys/Barris, but why not also to Barrys/Barretts? If Lorraine's butt points to the crap bag, Doug Ducey, who has protected Arizona fraud, even though he's a full-blown adult (shame, great shame), then Coney Barrett and crew need to snag his butt with a hook, and flush the whole of him down the sewer pipe.

I've explained how Blake's and Blaze's connect to Bleds/Bles', and so the Blacky Coat must be the Bled Coat but with the Nero/Neretti chevron thrown in. French Blays may even have the Doris bend.

Joe Oullette in Joe's-van dream was in another dream with a river flood. In the middle of that dream, there was a pair of blue channel pliers = WRENCH's, when I asked Joe to fix a car on a hoist in a mechanic's shop. He didn't want to repair it. That scene seemed out-of-place with the rest of the dream, which is still open for further deciphering when and if it ever applies to something in the news. It was suspect with the river spewed by satan in Revelation 12:15-16, when the text hints that the Elect should store foods for 1260 days.

The Pollis/Polley crosslets are bendwise, as are the same crosslets of Rench's/Wrench's, and the Joe's-van dream pointed hard to Pulleys/Pullings/Pulits. I'm not familiar with either Pollis'/Polleys or Polis' (Genova), but they were both found "accidentally" above while trying to re-find the police-like variation of Pollocks. German Rench's happen to share the lone fleur-de-lys of Lake-connectable Leaks, are we not impressed? The German Rench Coat is that also of DeMaine's, first found in Maine with Josephs, and with Pulley-beloved Pellicans who in turn share the Howell tower. Howells were first found in Monmouthshire with Phone's/Fane's/VANs while Oullette's were Monmouth kin round-about.

Making a Musk Case with Canned Tuna

Repeat: "...I've just noted Mr. Oftun in the write-up of Towns/TUNE's whom were looked up as per the "forTUNae" motto term of Nitts/Naughts. I kid you not, I have 24 cans of TUNA (bought a couple of weeks ago) sitting on my kitchen table,..." The following is a take from that section which had included my tenant of the Chance bloodline, and its merger with a Nitt branch(es). I'll add that Masci's share the fleur-de-lys Kilpatricks whose castle was on the Nith river of the Nitts/Naughts.

The Mowbray Crest is the Mosca/MUSCAS leopard, and we saw the Fly's and Muscas' in the motto of Drake's, first found in Hampshire with Fly's of FLAGi, explaining why Brays/Brae's (eagle LEGs) have a FLAX breaker. In other words, Mowbrays look like a Mow/Mole merger with Brays/Brae's. Mowbray is said to have been "MOLbraium" too, and Mows/Mole's ("FOENus") use a "PHOENix" in Crest.

To prove that Mowbrays were Mows/Mole's, Mowbrays were first found in Northumberland with Phoenix's/Fenwicks and Tune-like Tunnels/TUNA's. Moles make tunnels, but if God formed this heraldic coincidence, is he pointing to MUSK's tunnel-BORING company, and, if so, why? How is it that we are all over the Musk bloodline here? Why should my case of tuna point to Musk's tunnels?

Watch what happens when we play off of Musk's tunnel-boring machines. Bore's use pots, and Rinds have a "flower pot" while Italian Tonys use a "flower." Rind-branch Rants/Rynds/Rance's, from Ranulph le Meschin, named the Rance river at St. MALO, and Tonys descended from MALahule. Rants/Rynds/Rance's have the Coat of Musk-branch Muschats/Montfitchets in colors reversed, and Gernons, the surname of le Meschin's son, were at Montfitchet. And that's just for starters.

My CASE of tuna can take us to Case's who can absolutely be proven to be a branch of Chase's who in turn share the patonce cross of Chance's. Behold: the two Chance Chiefs are in the format of, and colors reversed from, the Chief of the Mori's/Morinis' expected in the "MALo MORi quam FOEDari" motto of Pane's/Payne's. There you can glean the FOODs/Foots, kin of the Meschin-Gernons who themselves descended from MALahule of MORE (Rollo's uncle), as did the Tonys/Tone's (Tunnel/Tuna colors). Malls (Cheshire with le Meschin) share the Massey quadrants, and one Chance Chief has the Maschi lion. We are on it, all thanks to that case of tuna.

The case was on my KITCHEN table, and Taibbe-like Table's/Tapleys (Muscat/Musk format) were in Cheshire too. Kitchens can be gleaned as kin of Banisters who are in turn in the Meschin write-up. Shalls essentially have the Table/Tapley Coat, and Shells share the Massey fleur-de-lys. Shelleys are in Meschin format and near-colors.

Nitts/Naughts had been to topic due to the Chance-Knightly relationship, and so watch how we find the Knight Coat, keeping in mind that Knightlys have the LANGford Coat.

To find it, we note that there was two DOZEN cans of tuna, which recalls the Dosens/Deusters, who almost have the six pale bars of Landens/Landers and LANGleys. We can even add that Dusters (not "Deuster") share armored ARMs with Brace's/BRAS' while Bra is at Langhe. TOWns/Tone's are in the colors and format of Doe's/DOWs, which can possibly explain the DOEsen/DOEsinck variations of Dosens/Deusters, thus revealing them as Town liners.

Might Tews have been Town liners too since they share triple pale bars with Dosens? Yes, amazingly, yes. And ARMstrongs, like Tews/Tewells, show nothing but triple pale bars! Are Tews justified in this discussion? Surprise: there were TWO dozen cans, and it therefore appears we need to be going to the TEWs/Tewells because they happen share the three pale bars of Knights/NIGHTs (Suffolk with Towns/Tune's)!!! Is that cool or what?

The Tewell-like Tullia's/Tulls have the BUTTerFLY. Lorraine pointed to Landens/Landers and Langleys, and Tullia of Lyon is of the Lyons (Perthshire with Comeys/Come's and BUTTERs) sharing the green lion with Lorraine's. Lorraine's BUTT stain was on her Comey-pointing balcony. I kid you not, Butters have a strongarm in Crest, as do Armstrongs (different color). Butters were first found in FIFE and Perthshire, and Balcons/BalCOME's/BalCOMBs were first found in Fife!!! Tew much.

COMers/COOMERs/COMBers point to Dominion Voting from their "dominaBITUR" motto term, because Eric Coomer was/is and executive of that company, but luckily I've known for years that BITARs are listed with Butters! Is Lorraine's pant stain now pointing to Dominion election fraud in particular? Making sense. She pointed to Mark Finchem a couple of weeks after her pant stain, and he was likely robbed of the election by Dominion machines.

Comers/Coomers use a dancetty-fesse in dance-fesse colors, and then Italian Dance's/Donna's were first found in Piedmont with the Domino's suspect in the Comer/Coomer motto. Now we know why the pant stain was on her balcony, to get us to include Butters/Bitars along with their Comer/Coomer kin, thus assuring that God set this heraldic set up.

The translated Comer/Coomer motto uses "rule," and while English Rule/Roulle's share the red heart with both Comeys/Come's (Perthshire with Rollo's) and Butters/Bitars, German Rule's/Rools (Rollo colors) have either a white rabbit or hare, very-possible a Comey-like coney rabbit. Rabbits were first found in Suffolk with Towns/Tone's. As "wise" is part of the translated Comer/Coomer motto, it's notable that Wise's/Weis' look related to the Rule/Rool Coat. Wise's/Weis' look related to the Coat of Pero's/Perino's (share Dance/Donna pale bar), first found in Piedmont with Domino's and Dance's/Donna's Coat.

It's simply amazing how this has rolled along, because the Wise/Weis Crest is a different-colored version of the Tew/Tewell Crest! I had been wondering why the cans of tuna should point to food storage, and here we can say: the WISE virgins!

Plus, the Tews/Tewell Crest even shares double-blue wings with the Chance Crest!!! ASTOUNDING. But if God is using my TWO dozen cans of tuna with Knightly-related Chance's, is He trying to inform you to start storing foods for the NIGHT? In case you've forgotten in all the excitement, Tews/Tewells share the triple pale bars of Knights/Nights (Suffolk with Rabbits in Town/Tone colors and format). Should we raise rabbits for meat? I don't like killing rabbits.

Tewells, by the way, come up as Towells, and Tows are listed with Touch's/Tuffs, part of the touch-bra event above the rabbit cage. There was likely a towell hanging on the laundry line with the bra. Lots and lots of towells for trib endurance, and sewing thread, because they can act as blankets or clothing.

I'm planning to re-decipher my flood dream, in the next update, which I now think gives us God's picture of the tribulation endurance of His people in cities, and that dream ended with my stooping down to a TOOL BOX. The Tullia-branch Tulls/Tolle's share the Tool lion, and it's alone in the Tull/Tolle Chief, thus making it a different-colors version of the Maschi and Chance Chief. As Box's (share Master griffin head) were first found beside Pane's/Payens, perhaps this reveals that the latter have the Tool / Tull/Tolle lion.

Just so I don't forget for the task at hand for the next update, let's add here that while the Eustace's were first found in Kildare with Tools, the Eustace's have the cross of Vise's, and in both cases that cross is between antlers...even as Hamons, from Hamon de Masci, put a cross between antlers. The point is the "Vis" motto term of Floods. The flood dream is now expected to be the river that satan gushes out to ruin the tribulation for Christians. I hope I'm not wrong on that idea.

Plus, the Floods have "Vis uNITa," which leaves me wondering how to prove that Nitt / Night liners were Flood kin. Tews/Tewells look like Tullia liners, and, incredibly, Floods have a Tully variation. I'm sure I didn't miss that when I mentioned (a year or more ago) the TOOl box at the end of the flood dream. There seems to be every indication that the flood dream needs to consider the points above from the Tews/Tewells.

Irish Leslie's have a part-blue wing to go with the blue Tew/Tewell wings. The Tews came from the two-dozen CASES, and Scottish Leslie's ("fast"), kin of Case's, share the green griffin head of Chase's (Hampshire with Tea's/Tease's), but also the green griffin head of patonce-like Patents/Pattens. Are you not impressed? I'll bet you thought I was off my rocker to suggest that two dozen cases should take us to the Tew surname. I don't blame ya. If I'm writing anything down and not deleting it, there's a reason or two.

Tews share the Tea/Tease stars. I put tea into the jars that my tenant gave me.

Patents/Patients (not Patents/Pattens above) were first found in Dumfries with the NITH river, a good reason to identify the patonce cross with Patents/Patients because Chance's were Knightly kin, yet Patents/Pattens were even first found in Essex with Chance's. The CASE of two dozen tuna is at our service here. It was an open case, cans still in the original box, though the original box may have had more than two dozens, I wouldn't know. The stockboys put them on the shelf with 24 cans per carton, and I took the whole thing.

As I decided to write "carton" for the case for the first time, I checked the Carton/Cartain surname, noting that Carters are in the format of, and colors reversed from, Floods. I'm impressed. Look at the timing, just a few paragraphs after introducing the Floods and their "Vis" motto term. Recalling that Comeys worked into the Tews/Tewells, it's interesting that Cartons/CARTAINs share the Comey lion while Tews/Tewells were first found in Cardigan. (For the record, Curtains share the Wren Chief.)

Cartons were first found in County Down with Prays and Knee's, and praying on our knees in the trib is probably going to happen lots. The Knee's and Nith-like NEEDhams share the Vise stag head! Bingo. It appears that God wanted me to the Cartons at this time. Knee's and Needhams use another phoenix.

And speaking of Needhams, this gets wild. The Needs/Neme's/Name's (not the Name's/Neme's below) share the green griffin head in Crest with Scottish Leslie's. Irish Leslie's are suddenly suspect with the Lute/Lute (share Fast quadrants) and Name/Neme lion, which is also the Crimmon/RIMMON lion likely because Leslie's share a "fast" motto term with McLeods/LUTTS (on Skye with Crimmons/Rimmons). Fasts were first found in Norfolk with Leslie-related Case's. But there's more, because the same green griffin head is with Fens'/Fanns/Venns, suspect with the Fenwick variation of Phoenix's, and Fano of the Phone's/Fane's/Vans is beside RIMINi. NEEDhams use the phoenix. The only think missing is some mayo for the tuna.

But wait. Mayo's share the same gold crown that hold the Need/Name/Neme griffin head! I didn't know that until after writing on the mayo above, hahaha. The Mayo's tell that a manor of Bray passed to Mr. Mayow.

Knight-connectable Tews/Tewells claim descent from: "John Tew married Dafydd Llywellyn Lloyd of Castle Howel,..." and Howel-like Owls/Howls were first found in Suffolk with Knights/Nights, Davos-like DAVES'/Davers (Mayo colors and format), and Flood-connectable Wolvers (Meschin kin). It's again pointing to Phoenix fraud via Owls. In order for tribulation endurance in liberal cities to be tolerable or safe, God needs to cripple election fraud, don't you think?

The Tew quote above has the Welsh Davids (Cheshire) and Lloyds (like "Floyd"), and the latter shares the motto of David-branch DAViS', the latter first found in Flintshire (beside le Meschin's Cheshire) while Flints are in Flood/FLOYDs colors and format. Might the flood dream's flooding river be a pointer to Klaus Schwab at his Davos cult? Very good theory. The Bathers, with the Flood/Floyd Coat on a blue Shield, were first found beside Flintshire.

Joe's-van dream pointed with Owls/Howls to Phoenix election fraud with a box on his van's BUMPer, and while Box's share the Masters griffin head, Bumps not only have a Coat version of Tunnels/Tuna's (same place as Phoenix's), but Bumps use a griffin partly in red, the color of the Chance griffin head. Tunnels/Tuna's and Bumps have vertically-split Shields in the colors of the horizontally-split Phoenix/Fenwick Shield. The Box had pointed to Blake Masters, who would have been Arizona's attorney general at this time if not for election fraud. Think of the cheat-dirt he could have exposed and prosecuted had he won. That's what we need, and we're knocking on the door for it. We need a battering ram.

I say "we" instead of "Americans" because this is about protecting God's people. Non-Christian Americans can bask in this victory when God gives it. I assume He's going to give it.

I'm now taking Leslie's to Lesce, beside Bled (Sava river). In colors reversed, Bleds/Bleys have the Coat of English Clare's, first found in Suffolk with Towns/Tune's, Owls/Howls and Knights/Nights. The Bley variation of Bleds may have named Blay in the write-up of Black-connectable Blaze's (share Black saltire). I'm here because of BLAKE Masters, because Blays/Bleys (not the Bleds) have a giant griffin in Masters griffin-head colors. is that cool or what?

Blays/Bleys were first found in Devon with Fens'/Venns, the Phoenix line. Blay is said to be near a MOLay location for potential linkage to Mowbray / Mow/Mole liners. Mowbrays were kin round-about of Phoenix's. This paragraph and the one above it seem to be a good pointer to Blake Masters, especially as Blake's/Caddells trace to Cattolica, between Fano and Rimini. Is that cool or what?

I can now return to the Mayo's, whom I didn't plan on having in this discussion. I was going to say that, as they share the five-pointed gold crown with MacArthurs, and as Mayo's are in the colors and format of Arthurs who use five keys on their organ rest, my bet is that the brown bird in the Mayo Crest is the HOB "hawk" because the "OBstantia" motto term of Arthurs has got to be for Hobs. It's a pointer to Katie Hobbs, apparently. The mayo on the tuna took us here, and Tuna's were first found in Northumberland with Phoenix's.

Wow, only after writing the Blake-Masters paragraph above was this found in the Phoenix write-up: "Over in BLAGdon, another branch of the [Fenwick] family was found and held estates for some time. 'This place, which lies on the south side of the BLYTH, was formerly called BLAKEdene [!!!], and was part of the ancient barony of Morpeth: the family of Fenwick flourished on the spot for three centuries, the 15th, 16th, and 17th.'" How can that be coincidental, especially as Blays/Bleys are said to derive from "blyth."

Repeat from above: "Plus, the Arms of Cuneo uses six fessewise bars looking connectable to a couple of Barry Coats. The BARentons came to mind with Tunnels above, and they use pale BARs in Crest (in the right colors) but also share the triple chevrons (in the right colors) with Muschats (Essex with Maschi-connectable Chance's), and as Baringtons are also Borings while Elon Musk owns the "Boring Company" (bores tunnels) by what coincidence were Borings/Barentons first found in Cambridgeshire with Muscats/Musks?

Did God get us, with the box of tuna, to Elon Musk's exposure of election fraud? I'm still waiting for that exposure, but Musk has been conspicuously slack in this department, though perhaps it's the fault of the liberals he's chosen to find and release the exposures. NOW and YESTERDAY has been the time to expose election fraud as the Lake case has been in the courts, and yet there's crickets with the Twitter Files on this very crux of defeating censorship. Election fraud is the launch pad to censorship for the purpose of tyranny.

The Barens share triple-red chevrons with Borings/Barentons, though in both colors of the triple-red chevrons of English Clare's. As Barens were first found in Westphalia with Lorraine elements, it's notable that Barens share the Lorraine bend. It's identifying Borings/Barentons as Bar-le-Duc liners. I once read that Bars of Bar-le-Duc were "Baars" of Brunswick (google won't let me find it now), and Barens list the Baars, how about that.

Decades after the events with Mamie and Lorraine, after realizing that God set up events in my life to be interpreted by heraldic links, I found that the pant-like Pantzers/PANSYs were first found in Westphalia with DUCKs/Duckers, but it would be some years yet before learning that the Arms of Bar-le-DUC uses the pansy (as well as fish that are probably barracuda). The Pansys are justified in this heraldic set because Lorraine had the grass stain on her pants. You can clearly see that God set up the event to jibe with heraldry that links back to Bar-le-Duc in Lorraine. German Barrys/Barris', the ones pointing above to the wise virgins, have fish heads that could have been a take from the Barr-line barracuda.

But there's more, for Este-related Barrs were in Brunswick while the Brunswick Coat is also the Hatch/Hacch Coat. Some three weeks after Lorraine's pant-stain event, I was asking where Barry was, and someone opened the HATCH to expose Barry and Mamie in the truck.

The two lions in PALE of Brunswicks and Hatch's/Hacch's are in the colors of the three lions in pale of English Lawns/Lane's, the latter first found in Staffordshire with Stops and the Pale-related Pipe's (Stop colors and format) to which Lorraine pointed when I met her at her bus STOP to request our first date. She agreed to meet me that evening at my laundromat, I kid you not. How many of your first dates started at your laundromat?

Clare's had married Meschins at TUNbridge (Kent, where Masters were once said to be first found), tending to explain why Clare's were first found in Suffolk with Towns/Tune's. Again, Blays/Blys share the Master griffin, and Clare's have the Bley Coat in colors reversed. We can clearly see a Boring-line link to Tunnel/Tuna-like Tune's. Plus, with the theory that God used the CANs of tuna to get us here, note that Cans/Caens ("PeriMUS") share five, white feathers in Crest with the Irish Clare's, first found in Suffolk!!!! That is astounding, trust me, for heraldry in combination with the props of events cannot sing this well so often by pure coincidences.

Suffolk is where Arthur-related Davers (probably share the Clare chevron) were first found who almost have the Tunnel/Tuna hexagrams. I trace Davers to the Daversi, another name for the Ardiaei-related Daorsi. The Jays in the Daver Crest were first found in Herefordshire with Doors. Davers are in Daber/Dober colors, and the Dober location on the Clausula river was within reach of the Daorsi. THIS IS BEAUTIFUL because Claus' are also KLAUS' while frog-face and frog-throated Klaus Schwab operates at Davos while Davers are the ones coming up as "Daves."

It's tending to verify that God set up the Daves' to point to Schwab's schemes against Christians. He's wanting a global tyranny and cashless system.

Matt Taibbe with Musk's Tunnels?

I've said that when I climbed the TV antenna of Diane MUSCHATov (Ukrainian) to knock on her WINDOW, there were reasons for her pointer to Muscats/Musks, and to the Starlink antennas of Elon Musk in Ukraine. But here I can repeat that Daber-like Tabers have a reflection of the Window and Fien/Finnis Coats, making me suspect that Taber along with Table elements point to Taibbe's work with the Twitter Files.

The Fiens are in the WINDsor motto, and mythical UTHER Pendragon was partly code for the proto-Windsor Others/Otters and Utters/Otterburns. It works because Windsors share the Gore crosslets while Pendragon mated with GORlois' wife to birth king Arthur. Arthurian myths were just stinking codes for surnames, nothing more, and the writers were therefore deceptive pieces of Illuminati trash for going to their deaths with this secret.

For what it's worth, Utters/Otterburns have a version of the Chance Chiefs, and English Chance's were first found in Essex with Tabers and Doby-like Tobys (almost the Scottish Lombard Shield). Dobys were first found in Renfrewshire with Dober-connectable Pollocks, Otter-connectable Lombards, and with Knocks/Knox's. I knocked on Muschatov's window, and Windows have a Coat much like the Taber Coat. Utters/Otterburns share the black drops of Drops/Trope's who in turn share the Chief of Tulls/Tolle's having the Tool lion. This gets us back, I think, to the chance-connectable Tews/Tewells, but let's add that the Flys in the Tull/Tullia butterfly were first found in Hampshire with Arthur-related Atrebates, and with the Chance-branch Chase's/Chace's and Tolle-connectable Checkers.

The Nocks/Noke's, sharing the red leopard face with antenna-like Antons, have those five-pointed, gold crowns again. The Italian Tonys/Antonacci's have the horizontally-split Shield in the Arms of Cuneo that itself has blue-on-white dolphins, in the colors of the dolphins of Taibbe-like Tippers/Tippits (shown earlier linked to Cuneo elements), and the Tonys/Antonacci's put a flower on Musk-connectable water in the colors of the white-on-blue Dolphin dolphins. German Fish's/Fishers have a fish on water that can therefore be a TUNa fish as code for the Tony/Tone line that includes the Tunnels/Tuna's (beside Dolphins). Towns/Tune's (Suffolk with Tigers in the English Fish Crest) are in the format of, and colors reversed from, English Fish (Flower colors).

The beauty of the German Fish's/Fishers is that they should have the lion of Nights/MacNaughts ("DURum")lion because the Nith-river Nitts/Naughts (Dumfries with Rums) look like their branch, and because the Geds ("DURat"), with fish in the colors of the Fish/Fisher fish, were on the Nith river as early as 400 BC.

Having said that, let's add that Nights/McNaughts come up as Nets, for Jesus told the disciples to put out their nets, and they got a huge catch of fish, which is perhaps the sort of miracle we can expect in the tribulation night. Get yourselves a couple of paddle boats, nets and fishing rods, and be near lots of lakes. No shooting needed. Invite a seasoned fisherman to join your trib retreats.

I've talked much about Paul Smith, an avid fisherman, and I've told that he showed me his TV antenna fallen down in a storm upon his backyard fence. That was in the city of Vaughn, and Vaughns happen to share the Coat of English Fish's. English Smiths (DURham, like the "durum" motto code of Nights/Nets), in Vaughn colors and format, use the fish. What can you glean from this heraldic set? English Smiths share the fleur-de-lys of Walks/Wachs, first found in Dumfries with the Nith.

To prove that the cans of tuna were needed in connecting to Musk's Boring Company, the Can/Caen fretty is that also of Caves! Perhaps Musk wants to bore larger through established caves for some reasons. The Lice's/Lees' suspect in the Can/Caen motto are in Town/Tune colors and format. The Cavii Illyrians lived at Lice-like Lissus, can you dig it? Why do we suppose that Scottish Lise's/Lease's share the Clare / Claren chevrons? Did Lissus elements name Lesce? Looks like.

Lissus is beside the mouth of the Mat river, and English Mathys/Matthews share the Bled/Bles Coat. The Mathy/Matthew Crest even shares the double-blue wings in the Crest of Can-like Chance's, which could indicate that Chance's developed from a Chace-Caen merger, for Cans/Caens were first found in Dorset, beside Chase's, Checkers, and LISE's/LISS' of Hampshire. The Mat river was anciently the Mathis, explaining why Mathis' share the Chives moline. Massi's/Mattis' (share Checker Shield) were almost-certainly kin of Tulls/Tolle's.

Cans/Caens were clearly kin of Peare's, first found in Oxfordshire with Lake's. The latter's fitchees are in the colors of the crosslets of Scottish Towns who in turn share the chevron of English Towns/Tune's in turn in Lice/Lees/LEAS colors and format. This is amazing, apparently another set-up by God, for while English Lease's were first found in Northumberland with Phoenix's and Tunnels/Tuna's, Scottish Liss'/Lease's have the double chevrons, in the colors of the triple Clare chevrons, of Clarens/LARINs/FEETers (looks like Lorraine's feet that pointed to Pavia). From "Lease" we can go to Leaks/Leeks, Lakeys and Lake's! Lookie there what we've arrived to. What Kari Lake got to do with mayo on tuna? Mayo's connected us with Katie Hobbs.

The case of tuna was on my kitchen table, and Table's/Tapleys share the "hurt" with Irish Arthurs. Kitchens use "water bougets," and Waters share the Coat of Muschats (Essex with Waters). Muscats/Musks are in the format of Table's/Tableys...which may predict that Musk has directed MATT Taibbe to fetch some election-fraud disclosures. Is this why we just crossed Matt liners? Is the tuna also pointing to Matt Taibbe?

Ahh, only after asking that question did I see the same gold, five-pointed crown of Mayo's and MacArthurs in the Crest of Scottish Mathie's/Maghans/Manns! Why would God use tuna to get us to Taibbe? It's making sense only through Musk's tunnel company. Repeat: "To prove that the cans of tuna were needed in connecting to Musk's Boring Company, the Can/Caen fretty is that also of Caves!" The Caen Chief shares the five, white feathers in the Scale Chief, and the table's/Tableys almost have the Coat of Shalls/SCHALLs (!), explaining why both surnames share the red fesse with Cans/Caens. The cans of tuna at our service.

The Table/Tabley write-up: "...Katherine de Tabley (1310-1390) who with her sisters(?) sold the estate in small parcels to the Masseys, Egertons and Breretons." The Eggertons were first found in Cheshire, where Ice-related Eggs/Edge's were once said to be first found, and in the flood dream, I'm going to emphasize the ice on the ROAD. The Round Table, a symbol of mythical king Arthur, is said to have belonged to Cecil RHODES. I'm going to suggest that the ice on the road is a pointer to a faction of U.S. Homeland Security, our current enemy, ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement).

Back to the Cavii between Lissus and the Mat river. English Lease's share the Chief-Shield colors of Parrots (Wales with Strongbow Clare) who in turn use pears for linkage to Peare's, and the latter are on the fesse of Lees-connectable Cans/Caens. The Parrot Chief-Shield colors are with Cave-like Capes' who in turn share the scallops of Scale's who in turn share the five feathers in Crest of Clare's and Cans/Caens. Plus, the same scallops are with French Larins while Clarens/Larins/Feeters (share laurel with Lorraine's) use a ship while Ships, who love the Bellows/BALLOTs, were first found in Oxfordshire with Lake's and Peare's, and Lake's are linkable to Lease-like Leaks. The Lake fitchees can be code for Fitch's/Fitts but also for Boring-related Montfitchets/MUSCHATs (Essex with Fitch's/Fitts), and thus we are back to the Muscats/Musks.

Is Matt Taibbe going to help Ms. Lake's election-fraud problems, or is he a biased piece of trash who'll overlook election fraud while pretending to be a truth warrior? What's Musk's position on this matter? All the praise Musk is receiving to date for disclosures will sour if he does nothing on election fraud. Chances are, Musk has been threatened, warned not to go against Dominion Voting.

The Cavii were on the Drin river with the Penestae, the line to Pendragons, and I did a section at the top of the 2nd update of this month on Taibbe links to pendragon elements. Mythical Pendragon was even the father of king Arthur, and we have seen Arthur elements here connecting with Taibbe-like Table/s/Tableys, kin of Arthurs.

The Capes / Larin / Scale scallops belong also to Jardins, first found in Angus with Gardens/Jardens. They are the scallops of Tailbois', from le Meschin's wife, and even the scallop of Italian Pavia's. Lorraine's feet symbol was on YONGE street, when she was BARE-footed on the PAVEment, and while Yonge's share the triple piles of Scottish LEAVells (Roxburghshire with Yonge's), Laevi Gauls were at PAVia while Feets share the Coat of English Pavia's (Warwickshire with Pettys).

English Pavia's were once said to be first found in Somerset with Caen-related Cave's, which can explain why the Peare leopard faces upon the Caen fesse are in the colors and format of the Pavia fesse-with-FOOTless-martlets. They are the martlets also of Cave-like Coverts who in turn share the gold leopard face with Caens and Peare's. New: Caverts ("FATTI masghii" phrase) are in Foot/FOOD colors and share the type of flag in the Foot/Food Crest, and Feets are also FATE's! Caens of tuna at our food service. It appears that Coverts were Cave liners from Caverts, or perhaps vice-versa.

It seems that God was pointing to Elon Musk's Boring Company with the cans of tuna. Should trib survivors store foods in caves? Makes sense. Cans/Caens were first found in Dorset with cave-like Chaffs and Chaffens/ChaFINCh's, and Chives' use a "vi" motto term to go with the "vie" of Borings/Barentons. The latter's "Ung" motto term can include the Jungs/Youngs/June's expected in the "JUNGuntur" motto term of Jarre-branch Gardens/Jardens!!! Beauty. Can you dig it? English June's/Jungs were once said to be first found in Cambridgeshire with Jeune's, Borings/Barentons and Muscats/Musks. Having a trib retreat a several-hundred feet from a cool cave with a small entry into a big tunnel is a great idea. Can you hide a solar-powered battery nearby to power 12-volt light bulbs inside?

Lorraine's grass stain was seen on her BALCONy, and Balcons/Balcombs (beside Gardens/Jardens) almost use the Coat of butt-like Botters/Butini's (to go with her butt stain). English Botters/Budins were first found in Hampshire with Buttons/Bidens who in turn share the fesse of BUTTs/Bute's/Boets who in turn almost have the Coat of Jarden-like Jordans (Brittany with Jarrets/Jarre's). English Jordans have a "PERcussa" motto term to go with the "PERimus" of Cans/Caens, while Pierro's/Pero's have a good reflection of both the French Jordan and Butt/Bute/Boet Coats.

"PerCUSSa" can be part-code for Kiss'/Cuss'/Cush's essentially sharing the Coat of case-like Cass'/Cash', and the latter were first found in Cambridgeshire with the Boring-Musk topic shortly above that were from the CASE of tuna CANs. The Cass/Cash Crest has a "pair of SCALE's", and Scale's share the CAN/Caen Crest. Pairs/Paws/Pauerbush's use the peacock while Peacocks were first found in Essex with Boring-related Muschats/Montfitchets. Tuna fish in your caves near a lake sounds perfect.

Balcons/Balcombs were at Crail, and Crails (Cambridgeshire with Cass'/Cashs') are listed with Crabs, a pointer to the Apophis asteroid because it's returning in the constellation of Cancer the crab. And this is how the Cancer-like Chanceur variation of Chance's can point to this asteroid. I've shown how Chance's were kin of Case's, Casino's, and of the Change's/Changers who are in the motto of Stain-connectable Stanleys (Cambridgeshire with Crabs/Crails) who happen to share the stag head of MacKenzie's. The latter love the Mountains, first found in Essex with Chance's/Chanceurs.

The MacKenzie mountain is shaped as a typical rock used by houseofnames probably due to MacKenzie kinship with ROCKs, for MacKenzie's were first found in ROSS-shire. The Ure's, sharing a "Sans" motto term with Stanleys, are expected in the MacKenzie motto term "uro," for Ure's share the giant lion of Russells and Rosso's, and in colors reversed from the Ross lion. English Jordans have a rock in Crest. Rock-related Rods share the trefoils of Hurons/Hure's (share Jordan fesse) while Ure's are also Hurry's (Aures/Aur branch). Ure's/Hurrys were at Fulton while Fultons were first found in ROXburghshire. The Fultons share the Coat of Masons/Massins who were in turn from Numidia, home of queen KENZa of Aures. Masons/Massins were first found in Kent with the Virgins who have a Coat and Crest like that of Ure's/Hurrys and Aures'/Aurs. Messeys share the saltire of French Mountains.

While still working on the paragraph above, a song started over my speakers, "Wayfaring Stranger," having a chorus with "Jordan."

I'll repeat that MacKenzie's are said to use "mountain" in flames while the 2nd Trumpet is said to be "AS a mountain" aBLAZE. This tends to reveal that God arranged the MacKenzie's to have an "AS ASTRa" motto phrase for pointing to this Apophis ASTERoid. The BLAZE's, I kid you not, have a version of the Kilpatrick Coat, but with the Mountain martlets in their Chief instead. The Kilpatrick couple was used with Spuds MacKenzie, the mascot for BUD Light beer. Bud/Bude's were first found beside the Beers and Berrys, the latter two both first found in Devon. Is this paragraph not an amazing set of heraldry?

I kid you not, that after writing the paragraph above, I as staring at it wondering whether to add into the discussion that Tongue's/Tongs (Yorkshire with Blaze's!), with almost the Mountain Coat, and just at that very second, a song over my speakers sang, "let every tongue worship him." The song, "Hine Go'alienu Chai," is by Ted Pierce. Pierce's (Somerset with Percivals) were a branch of Percivals who share the black and muzzled bear with the Steadys in the Tongue/Tong motto, and then Beers use the black bear too.

Steadys/Steeds were first found in Yorkshire with Tongue's/Tongs and Blaze's. The Tongue/Tong Crest shares a rock with Mountains, though the Mountain rock is called a "mountain," and now we know why. Will the asteroid come with tongues of flames in the air? Rock-branch Rooks share the Blaze garb.

The Steed variation of Steadys can signal the second horse of Revelation because it transpires immediately before the 2nd Trumpet = the blazing asteroid.

I now take us back to Kim Thom(p)son because Peter Thompson was the judge who just robber Kari Lake of her win. Ms. Lake was pointed to by Mamie's GARDEN, and from time to time I mention Kim Thompson's high-school boyfriend, Rod GARDNer. After they stopped dating, I dated this same Kim, then saw her again a few times a few years later.

Recall the Clarence's listed with FEETers, a great pointer to Clarence Thomas. A couple of weeks or so after Kim and I stopped seeing each other for the second round, there was a phone-booth event smack-near where Lorraine had gotten her feet / foot symbol; here's from the 2nd update in April, 2017: "Booths were first found in the same place, and even share the boar heads of Bush's (same place), and the last time I saw Kim Thompson was at a phone BOOTH." The same boar heads are used by Gardens/Jardens and Jarrets/Jarre's, what are the chances?

Thompsons were first found in Shotten, and Shottens were first found in Northumberland with Phoenix's and Lorraine's. It appears that we are on-topic following the Thompsons. Lorraine pointed to Mark Finchem the former POLICE officer, and "policy" is a Thomson motto term. Her pointer to Finchem included the Babe-related Beaks who share the ostrich in Crest with the English Bests/Beasts expected in the "best policy" phrase of Thomsons (share star of French Bests). Finchem was pointed to at Lorraine's bus station at Finch avenue (Toronto), and Bus' can be expected in the "legiBUS" motto term of English Bests/Beasts. The latter give two reasons for their kinship with one Godfrey Coat while the other Godfreys are suspect with the Finch griffin.

Mark Finchem was pointed to when I BUMPed into Lorraine at the bus station while I was with Joe Oullette, very important because he was in the dream with snow-on-BUMPer. I showed above how Bumps were related to Welsh Thomas', a Thomson branch. It's all fitting together like a grand puzzle. "Bumping" into someone is used when the MEETing is unexpected. It was not only unexpected, but wildly unexpected. It just so happens that Meads/MEETs were kin of Godfreys while Bests/Beasts, in Godfrey and Mead/Meet colors and format, share "Libertas" with Godfreys. Is that not fantastic?

I've never done the Meets before with the bump-meeting with Lorraine. Meads/Meets (Meads married Arthurs of Somerset's Clapton) were once said to be first found in Somerset with Bests/Beasts, and it just so happens that Bessins/Beasts are in the format of, and colors reversed from, Lake's! Stinger, it never ends! We can add that the Lake fitchees are half in the colors of the Best/Beast fitchees, assuring the Lake-Bessin link round about. Mark Finchem is in close cahoots with Kari Lake, making it appear that "best policy" was arranged by God to point to Finchem the police officer.

Lorraine's bus/subway station is at Finch and Yonge streets, and Yonge's happen to share "Toujours" with Meads/Meets. The latter (share the Arthur Crest in different colors) were once said to be first found in Somerset with Friends (share ermined Arthur chevron), and with Ducey-branch Ducks, and then Duceys are also Doocys while Steven Doocy works Fox and Friends with Brian KilMEADe and Ainsley. Meads/Meets have Howell-connectable pelicans. Mead-branch Meadows (Suffolk with Babe's) are in Friend colors and format, and compare Irish Arthurs with the Phone-branch Wayne's (Essex with Yonge's) who in turn have an "omniBUS" motto term. Clickety-click.

Wayne's (Essex with PASSE's/Pascals) have a "TemPUS" motto term that could be part-code for the same as the BumPUS/Bumpusse variations of Bumbs/BumPASSE's (Gloucestershire, beside Clapton of the Wayne-connectable Meads/Meets). The Pussys/Poissin and Pasleys appear to have merged with proto-Bumps, and they may have been BaumGARDNERs / Baumgartners to go with Kim's high-school boyfriend, Rod Gardner. Baumgartners use a "fence" while Fens'/Venns (Devon with Rods) are easily linked to Wayne / Phone branches.

New: English Berrys (Devon with Wise's) almost have the triple fesses of Pussys and Pasley probably because the Berry Crest has the split-colored Bump griffin in colors reversed. English Berrys share the Wise/Weis Crest. German Berrys/Barris' have a "Deo" motto term while Dee's share "labor" with the "Labore" motto term of English Berrys (Devon with Beers). The latter have three fesses in the colors of the Hick fesse, and Dee's use "Hic labor," predicting that the Hicks' were on the Dee river of Yorkshire. Miss Hicks is Mrs. Kilpatrick at the Spuds MacKenzie event, and that dog is the mascot for Bud Light BEER.

The interesting thing about the paragraph above, if you would like to fish out any news-pertinent pointers, is that Dee's share the Dean/Diane lion while Diane Oullette, Joe's wife, was in the Joe's-van dream briefly, at the very start. That dream had the bumper, and we just laid out some potential Bump kin that can touch upon Amy's and Barrys/Barretts. English Wise's have the COTYS/Archdeacon Coat in colors reversed, and you will see Rod Gardner with my winter COAT below that takes us to the Cotton kin of Amys.

English Gardners (have Coat reflecting Mead/Meet Coat) share the griffin (different colors) with Bumps. The Gardner griffin heads are in the colors of the Marble griffin, and the latter's Shield is covered in the same fitchees shown with Lake's (Oxfordshire with Gardners and Pussys/Poussins). We saw Lake's looking like kin of Bessins/Beasts, first found in Cheshire with Marble's. What could Marble's have to do with election fraud?

Wayne's circle us back to the Childs in the Lorraine Coat, for I last saw Lorraine carrying her infant Child. Wayne/Weiner variations suggest the Wansteads/Winners/Weiners, and Childs are said to have been a Wanstead. Why would God want to point us to Wayne's if not for their Phone / Phoenix branches? Are we going to be Winners in Phoenix? Is this going to be a mini-show of what happens to cheats when God gets to them with His overflowing poof-proof, just as they are celebrating yet another cheatin victory? The cheaters don't realize that their string of court wins is really a long fuse to kapow.

Just to verify, here's from the 5th update in February, 2019: "Between Jackie and Miss Hanson was Kim Thomson for a matter of days...Kim had just ended her relationship with Rod Gardner...the Gardner brothers were living directly across from the Gormley junk YARD, Yards ('non') can be a Gard branch,..." Junks have a blue-Shield version of Howells. PHONE's/Fane's/Vans (Monmouthshire, same as (H)Owl-like Howells) were in the dream with Joe OULlette that pointed to Arizona election fraud, and especially to fraud in Maricopa county, location of Phoenix.

Danny De FILIPpis worked at that scrap yard, the brother of DOMINic De Filippis, a good pointer to Dominion Voting. Dominic was a high-school friend of mine, though he did not hang around with the Gardner brothers as I did. I worked a summer at the De Filippis farm, morning to night, and slept many nights in the same room as Dominic and Danny. The following year (grade 10) was when Rod and Kim dated. Dannys are listed with a Dance surname, and English Dance's (English Farmer colors and format) share the lion head of Irish Farmers.

I might ask here why Shots/Shoots/SHUTE's were first found in Wiltshire with Dannys/Dance's while Thompsons (COUNTERchanged colors) were at Shotten (Durham, with Conte's/Counters)? PLUS WOW, the ThomPsons share the nebuly fesse of Clermonts/Clements!!! That's got to be pointing to judge Peter Thompson. Brecons were first found in Angus with Sewers/SHUTERs.

Phoenix's have a Fenwick variation to go with Phone's/Fane's, you see, now making us realize why Rod Gardner's high-school date was at a phone booth. This booth was on Yonge street while Yonge's/Youngs use a "jeune" motto term while German June's/Youngs are also Junk-like Jungs. Gardens/Jardens use "JUNGuntur," and the Gunters expected in that motto term happen to share gauntlets with Phone's/Fane's/Vans, a clear set-up by God (because I can't believe it could be a coincidence).

I didn't know, until writing the paragraph above in full, that Gunters were first found in Breconshire with Clarence-connectable Clermonts'/Clements and Thomas'!!!! It's near the first-known Phone's. Plus, a David Clement is an election-fraud fighter in the camp of Mike Lindell and others.

Repeat from above: "Almost missed this: Breconshire is also BRECKnock, and Brecks are listed with the Breakers in the "flax breaker" of Brays/Brae's!!!!! Buckets of fun." Brecons (share Bucket coat) were first found in Angus with Gardens/Jardens (share Booth boar head), and with Panters to which Lorraine pointed.

German Gunters share the stars of Thomsons, and while I cannot recall which came first, having Kim Thomson stay the night with me at DeMaine crescent (a few weeks before the phone-booth event), or working for Gunter, my foreman at a picture-frame mill, I can tell you that Kim was the last girl I was with at DeMaine, and the job at the mill was near the end of my stay at Demaine. DeMaine's share the fleur-de-lys of Dutch Gunters. Farm-like Frame's (Lady colors and format) look like a branch of Friend-connectable Frane's/Frene's (Shropshire with Brecks/Breakers).

I'll leave it up to you to figure why Frane's/Frene's might be sharing the Klaus Coat. Is Klaus Schwab warming up to Rupert Murdoch? Why was Fox unwilling to talk about George Soros when Newt Gingrich brought him up?

Jeune-loving Yonge's show nothing but roses while Scottish Rose's have a "CONSTANT" motto term. English Jeune's, in the colors and format of nearby Owls/Howls, share the fleur-de-lys of English Constantine's while French Constantine's/CONSTANTs are the Contan line pointed to by Oullette's container-box in the dream with Mr. Owl Eyes i.e. that pointed to Arizona election fraud. As French Constantine's/Constants are said to have been in Touraine, they look like kin of French Chance's, explaining why both surnames have trees. And the Tree's (Wiltshire with Masters-connectable Box's) are listed with True's in the "Constant and true" motto of Scottish Rose's (three "water bougets" on Owl/Howl colors and format). Blake Masters probably won the election to become the Arizona attorney general.

The phone-booth event was near my 23rd birthday, or about one year before I met Lorraine. About four years before the phone booth event, I drove Miss Peare and Louise Phillips to my parents' place, when I dropped in on Rod Gardner on the way to get back the COAT he asked me to lend him. He was in a motel room in Sharon at the time, and Sharrons share the Coat of PENDERgrass' to which Lorraine's PANT / GRASS stain pointed. As Lorraine pointed to Mr. Finchem while Finch's are listed with Vince's, it seems Arranged that Pendergrass' and Sharrons use a "Vincit" motto term. Panter-like Penders have lion heads in the colors of the lions of English Grasse's (not "Grass"). English Grass' almost have the English Mark Coat. MARK Finchem.

Louise Phillips was with me in the drive through Sharon. Pendergrass' and Sharrons share the brown antelope in Crest with Brecks/Breakers while Louise-like Louis', first found in Lorraine, share the Brick lozenges. Phillips' are also FILIPs for a pointer to vote flipping by Dominion machines. This is likely how Mark Finchem lost his election last month.

The point in going to my coat was as per Coats/Cotes' sharing the six pale bars of Langfords, of the line of Langhe at Bra. The Thomsons share the stag head of Celts/Colts and COUTES', you see, and the Cootes share the DUCK with German Thomas' (might have the Berry bars), and thus we are back to Ducks and Bar-le-Duc elements that Lorraine pointed to on her BALCONy. Balcons/BalCOME's are linkable to Comie variations. The Celts/Colts were added to this picture because they were first found in Perthshire with the Comie's while Thomsons show a M'Commie variation. Thus, we can see why God set Kim Thomson up in a phone booth where Lorraine got her babe / feet symbol.

Babe's (Brady kin) were Drummond-related Bohemians. Celts/Colts (Perthshire with Drummonds) and Coutes' both share the pheon of Teesdale's, and while the Tees river is in Yorkshire with the first known Blade's, that's got to be why the hand in the Teesdale Crest holds the blade of the sword. There's another hand holding a sword blade with the Napps suspect in the endings of AnTICK/EnTICKnapp (giant Parrot) variations, and Ticks with Tickhills were first found in Yorkshire with Teesdale. Tea's are also Tighs. These are Ticino-river liners, and the Parrot-connectable Pierro's/Pero's/Petri's of the Ticino river are to Peerless'/NAPiers.

Blade's share the saltire of Scottish Franks. German Franks, first found in Bohemia, use a column while Malcolms/Columns share the Thomson/M'Comie / Celt/Colt / Coutes stag too. Scottish Drummonds, with a mother from Bohemia's Podebrady, have triple fesses in the colors of the six fesses of German Thomas'. Rookbys were at Teesdale, and Rooks share the raven with the other Welsh Thomas'.

I think I made the case that Kim Thomson's old boyfriend asked to borrow my COAT for heraldic pointers. French Coutes'/Cautes' are with Cotta's/Cottons while "Cautes" is a motto term of cat-using Cetins/Cattans while cat-using Comie's were from Clan Chattan. Chattans and Chatans were kin of Botters/Butini's, kin of Balcons/BalCOME's. See? The latter even share the bend-with-roses of Chatans.

And speaking of Cottons, the Amy's: "Mr. Amy, Sheriff of the county in 1714, inherited Botreaux Castle from his uncle Sir John Cotton, and was the father of Cotton Amy,..." Didn't Kim Thomson point to the conservatives on the supreme court?

Beauty quote above because the BOTReaux castle of Amy's was obtained from John Cotton, and thus the Amys look related to the Botter variation of Butini's. It can pit Amy Coney Barrett pretty hard to Lorraine's balcony event.

Coutes' appear to have a brown falcon rising, and then there's a brown falcon in the Crest of English Cottons.

German Langs use the pelican while Pellicans share the Howell tower. English Langs (Northumberland with Phoenix's/Fenwicks) have letters ("ABCDEF") while Letters are connectable to Letts/Late's suspect in "OulLETTE. Oullette's have a Coat like that of Monmouths. Letters share the giant griffin of Ali'/Aliotta's, in the colors of the giant crane of Leto's/Lette's/ALITTo's. Judge Sam Alito is a conservative on the U.S. supreme court who's eager to take an election-fraud case.

I've just realized that the Langs likely use "alphaBET" to describe their letters because the Lang cinquefoils are colors reversed from the same of Bets. Ahh, the bet bend-with-cinquefoils is colors reversed from the one cinquefoil on the bend of Amy-like Amis' (Northumberland with Langs and PHOENIX's) while the Fame's suspect in the "Fama" motto term of Amis'/Amies' are listed with PHONE's/Fane's! Both the Amis and Bet bends are COTISed for a connection to Langford-connectable Coats/Cotes'. We just saw my coat pointing to Amys Cotton kin.

French Cottons/Coutes'/Cautes' (Languedoc with Constantine's/Contans) are listed with Cotys'/Cotta's, from the Cottians of Piedmont, where Langhe is located, beside the Bra location that pointed to Amy Coney Barrett! This is jarring stuff. I'm all bottled up. I can barely container myself. Pantora's Box is opening.

Coutes' were first found in Aberdeenshire with Schims/Schiens who in turn share a "fortuna" motto term with English Cottons (Schim/Schien colors). Schims/Schiens share the boar of Googe's/GOUCH's while Couch's (bear) almost have the Coats/Cotes pale bars.

Cotis' are listed with Curtis/COURTis', in Court/Covert colors. Isn't that conspicuous along with the cotised bendlets of Amis/Amies'? Did God use the Bars with Lorraine the babe because she pointed to Mark Finchem with her babe symbol, and now also to other election-fraud entities? Is God insinuating the judicial bar i.e. barristers?

It was here when I first thought to check for a Lawyer surname, listed with LaYARds and sharing the double-ermined fesses of Sleeps. I don't see a connection between a legal team and the sleeping of the ten virgins, even though the Wise's are in the Crest of German Barrys (Lawyer / Sleep colors) who have a barrister-like Barris variation. Maybe it can mean that Coney Barrett and the rest of her bench have been asleep at the wheel on election fraud, allowing the country to go to rot, shame on them, great shame. They are allowing crime-ridden gangsters in government to have their sway.

Layard-like Lairds are in Yard format and nearly in full colors too, and Lairds add boar heads in the colors of the same of Gardens/JARDens and Jarrets, tending to verify that Lawyers/LaYARDs were a Yard branch, and that Yards may have been Gard liners. It also tends to point to Scott Jarret again. As this paragraph could reveal Lawyers were a Law-Yard merger, Laws/Lawers were just loaded to see them in the near-colors and format of Irish LAWns/Lane's, amazing because a yard has a lawn.

"Be Ready," the admonition of Jesus in the parable of the ten virgins, is a motto term of English Lawers/Lawrence's of LONSdale (Lancashire with Keep- / Lorraine-connectable Gorsuch's). Lawers/Lawrence's were at Redmaine while Redmaine's share cushions with Bibo's while Bibo's share the red rooster with Laws/Lawers (Lawer/Lawrence colors). Cushions are used by Kilpatricks, first found in Dumfries with Lowreys/Laureys/Larrys. The Geds were on the Nith river with Kilpatrick castle, and the three Ged pike fish are in the colors of the three turbot fish of Turbots/TurBUTTs while the Lawer/Lawrence fish tail is said to be of a turbot. BUTTs/Bute's/BOETs are probably from SALOME BOETHus (a Sadducee wife of a king Herod).

Ahh, Laws/Lawers, first found in Northumberland with Lorraine's and Phoenix's/Fenwicks, even share the bend-with-stars of Salome's, the latter first found in Rhineland with Lawyers/Layards. The Phoenix's were pointed to by KIM Thompsons at a PHONE BOOTH, and Booths/Boths look like "Boethus." Kims (Turbutt colors and format) were first found on Bute! Booths/Boths share the black boar head of English Bush's/Buschs (Yorkshire with Booths/Boths), and German Bush's/Buschs were first found in Rhineland with Salome's! Salemans (Salmon colors) share the eagle of English Bush's/Buschs, and Busca is beside Saluzzo while Thompsons can be gleaned with Welsh Thomas' (share Saluzzo Chief-Shield) very likely from Thomas of Saluzzo.

Election-Fraud News

In the last update, I re-told the story of my tip-in winning goal that I claimed to point to Chinese interference into the 2020 election, and that the goal pointed to some election-fraud victory by Mike Lindell yet to be realized. As Lindells so-called packet captures suggested to me that John Ratcliffe was behind them, I had suggested that the TIP-IN goal pointed to Mr. Ratcliffe because Tipps/TIPPINs (Lancashire with Ratcliffs) share the Ratcliff bull head. I'm repeating it because Ratcliffe's China-interference paper is shown near the start of this video:

The video above has an interesting case going to the U.S. supreme court as though the court really wants to judge this case, and clearing the way like rolling out a red carpet. Or, maybe I'm dreaming. The case touches upon election irresponsibility by congressmen. It's a good sign; it could be revolutionary, like a miracle.

In the 23rd minute above, Mr. Brunson says that, in one case involving Trump before the top court, the three justices appointed by Trump voted against Trump. That includes Gorsuch and Barrett.

Brunson is a Christian bringing the case, and so it's interesting that Brunsons were first found in Cupar. Coopers/Coppers share the gold leopard head with Coverts/Cofferts, first found in Sussex with COURTs/Coverts (Cooper/Copper colors). Coincidence?

Plus, Dutch Coopers have a saltire in the colors of the saltire of Newtons, and the latter happen to be the ones using "SHIN BONES". The pointer to China with the winning goal is because I fell to my knee pads = shin bones, and slid past the goal to tip-in the puck (as it rested on the goal line). Shin/Chine's/Chings look like a pointer to China.

But there's more now because while Bone's/Bohuns were first found in Sussex with English Coopers/Coppers, it's evidence that Dutch Coopers do use the Newton saltire. Plus, amazingly, while Bunns/Bone's have a version of the Bone/Bohun Coat, the Bunns/Bone's share the spread Brunson eagles. Shins/Chine's/Chings were first found Somerset, beside Sturminster Newton (Dorset). The Sturs (Hampshire, beside Dorset) share triple-red fesses with Shins/Chine's/Chings.

By some coincidence or not, Bunns/Bone's share the BRUNo bend, and "Bunn" is like "Brun." Perhaps Bunns were named when there had been a Bone-Bruno marriage, and the point is, BRUNson tends to prove it because Brunsons share the Bunn/Bone eagles.

More: French Bruns have the York saltire in colors reversed, and while Yorks use a "CUPias" motto term while sharing a blue saltire with Coopers/Coppers, Yorks add to their saltire one gold item while Bruns add to the base of their saltire one gold item. That's all either Coat uses, thus making them appear related. The York Crest is even a BROWN lion head to go with the brown lion in the Crest of Browns/Bruns! That is amazing. Browns/Bruns were first found near Yorkshire, and Yorks were first found in Wiltshire, beside Sturminster Newton.

Another amazing thing is that Irish Shins (Brunswick colors) show nothing but a gold bend, ditto for Bruno's. Thus, the Newton shin bones do seem to apply to Burn liners. We can then take this to the Irish Shiners/Shinnocks who have a near-copy of the Fox/Shinnock Coat, and Sine's/Sions can be traced to Sion, also called, Sitten, in Switzerland. Not only were German Shine's/Shiners/Scheins first found in Switzerland, but Brunsons were first found in East Lothian with Seatons/SITTENs whose crescents are in the colors and format of the Brunson eagles.

I usually link the Bone/Bohun lion to the one of Beaumonts (Dorset again where Shins/Chine's can link my marriage), and SIMON de Montfort is suspect with the giant lion of Italian Simons because it's colors reversed from the giant Montfort lion. And while the Simon lion is also the giant one of Shiners/Shinnocks and Fox's/Shinnocks, there is a Jewish Simon Coat having a red fox to go with the red lion of Italian Simons.

It's becoming clear that Shin liners were Simms / Simon liners, especially as Simms' were first found in East Lothian with Seatons/Sittens. One Simson Coat shares the lion of Fox-like Faucets (East Lothian with Brunsons) which should explain the "Fax" motto term of Brunsons. French Simons have a "plaiSIR" motto term while Plaise's/Place's (Seaton/Sitten colors) look like they can have the Brunswick lion. Seaton is a location at the mouth of the Axe river, and there is an axe in the Plaise/Place Crest. Sire's were first found in Burgundy with the Messeys/Messier's having the Cooper/Copper saltire in colors reversed.

The Plaise/Place write-up takes us to a Hugh de Playz, who married "PHILIPPA, one of the co-heiresses of Richard de Montfichet, brought him a great estate in Essex, where the manor of Play; in BEACONtree hundred, and the hamlet of Plaistow, near Stratford, are named from him." There's a beacon in the Brunson Crest, suggesting that Brunsons were Brunswick liners. Este-related Barrs of Brunswick ended up in Bar-le-DUC of Lorraine, and it just so happens that Lorraine is where French Simons were first found who have a motto, "C'EST MON PLAISir." We saw Plaistow of Staffordshire above, and Staffordshire is where DUCE's/Duceys were first found who not only have the Brunswick Coat in colors reversed, but share half the Plaise/Place lion.

There was at least one Philippa of MONS (queen of England) in Hainaut to go with the above-mentioned Philippa Montfitchet = Mrs. Playz. Gernons, from Montfitchet, share the Brunswick Coat. Most of this is new to me, and I probably won't be able to remember it. The Mons/Mount lion is in the colors of the Duce/Ducey lions.

Mons is the Hainaut capital, and it just so happens that the Philip surname, with a "DUCit" motto term, shares the Hainaut-surname lion while king Philip III of France was the great-grandfather of Philippa of Hainaut above. Philippa's mother was of Valois, and while Valois' are listed with Valais', Sion/Sitten is in Valais canton. It explains the swan of French Phillips, because Sions are listed with swan-using Swans. So now I know where two Phillip surnames descend from. The French Phillip Coat is almost the one of Valois'/Valais.

King Louis IX was the father of Philip III, tending to explain why French Louis' were first found in Lorraine with French Simons and Bar-le-Duc. These kings were CAPETian (from HUGH Capet), and this can explain why English Capets/Capes' share the scallops of French Larins, first found in Provence, for king Louis' wife was from Provence. Going back in Louis' male line we come to Philip II, husband of Isabelle of Hainaut. The Counts of Hainaut used the triple chevrons of French Levi's, first found in Ile-de-France with CHAPPES', thus tending to identify Capets/Capes' with the line of the Levite, Joseph Caiaphas, killer of Jesus. His descendants, sitting long on the French throne, led to Doug Ducey, the Arizona governor until now. That explains things.

Isabelle's Hainaut ancestry is in Baldwins counts of Hainaut, and they could have been related somehow to Baldwin I, king of Templar Jerusalem; his family ruled in Lorraine. I have read that Hugh de Payens, first Templar grandmaster, married Elizabeth Chappes. Even Baldwin I, count of Hainaut, was a Capetian, the grandson of king Robert II. Anne of Kiev, sister-in-law of Maria of Kiev, entered the fray of this Hainaut bloodline, and Maria of Kiev was the line to the Lorraine surname.

Back to the Brunson case. Although I'm not crazy about listening to a cowboy boot, listen to the details of Brunson's case from this boot, because it involves Arizona and the five other states that committed election-fraud suicide in 2020...and now Arizona and other states did the more of it in 2022. But also note how John Ratcliffe is in the grounds for this law suit. Also keep in mind that Mike Lindell, part of my shin-pad goal, paid for Kari Lake's court case still underway. It's making me hopeful:

What I don't understand is how the supreme court could accept this case, apart from it's climbing first up to a lower court, as an emergency matter. Where's the emergency? Is this story some sort of scam, a Q-hopium-type scam from some fake Christians? Is Brunson a fraud? Why is the boot portraying himself as a Christian while he has some guy smoking a cigarette, in his camera view, who looks like he lives at a poker table? It seems a little far-fetched that the U.S. supreme court would be practically begging for this case that intends to vilify / criminalize hundreds of congresspeople.

But, my problem is, I have been led to believe that God is going to do something on election fraud, and so I'll hold off on pegging this as a staged story. Besides, the Brunson-set heraldry above seemed very compelling. I'm open to the possibility that God is using heraldry to point to these election-fraud cases, but might they all be staged to produce hope, then dash hopes, over and over until we are demoralized? We shall see.

Brunsons even use a "gloriae" motto term while Lowrys/Glorys share the giant cup of Letter-relater Lowrys/Lawrie's, and thus Joe Oullette can connect to this who pointed to Arizona fraud. Lowrys/Glorys (share Green motto) have a "viriDIS" motto term while Diss'/Dice's have the three Brunson eagles in colors reversed. We could now say that Brunson's court case is a crap shoot.

If the "Fax" motto term of Brunsons is for Facks/FAKE's, hmm. Facks/Fake's (Shakerley colors) are listed with variations suggesting a branch of Shakerleys who in turn have MOLE hills, hmm. Facks/Fake's show nothing but triple fesses, ditto (in a different color) with beacon-using Fullers. It's Brunsons who have a beacon in Crest. I showed how Brunsons can be using eagles specifically in the colors and format of Swan-connectable Seatons/Sittens (same place as FAUcets), and a swan is in the Fack/Fake Crest.

The tip-in goal that pointed to Lindell was resolved also as a poke for the Poke variation of Pollocks. I knocked it in too, for Knocks/Knox's were first found in Renfrewshire with Scottish Pollocks. Brunsons are in the colors and format of the triple leopard faces of Nocks/Noke's, both in Knock/Knox colors. The Tipps/Tippins are suspect with the "teipsum" motto term of various surnames, and I've just found another one with Wolfers (share Rome/Rum Coat) as I worked on a paragraph below. Knocks/Knox's share the Crest of wolf-using Bathers, and the latter's wolf heads are in Flynn-wolf colors. Some say general Flynn is a fake truther working instead for Intelligence. I don't know whether Flynn is still on Lindell's team.

LIN Wood was involved in the Lindell / Flynn circle. The Knock/Knox motto is suspect with the Mowe variation of Pollock-connectable Mole's. Mike Lindell was pointed to by the goal LINE upon which the puck sat as I poked it in, but also when the team PILED on top of me. Polworths use PILES. As I see Fullers from the Saxon father of Pollocks, a Wool-like term in Fuller write-up suggests that they were of Polworth-like Woolworths/Walworths (Pollock bend?). As Sitric CAECH married Edith of Polsworth, it can explain the loaf of bread in the Woolworth/Walworth Crest, for CAKE's are CakeBREADs too. Edith was a Mercian Saxons, and Polworths share the triple piles of Guiscards who in turn have a "Mercy" motto term. It appears that Pollocks were from Edith's bloodline.

Breads/Bradds (Cheshire with Polesdons and Wolfleys/WOOLys) were once said to be first found in Midlothian with Letter-connectable Leiths sharing the Seaton/Sitten and BELLamy crescents. While Bellamys share the Bell fesse, Italian Belli's can be gleaned with Fullers because German Belli's share the beacon with Fullers. As Brunsons have the beacon too, it's notable that the Baynard variation of Bernards is in the Woolworth/Walworth write-up. The Batta variation of Wolver/WOOLferston-connectable Bathers (Wolfley/Wooley wolf in colors reversed) appears to be in the Beynard/Bernard motto, and here we can add that Batta's/Bathers were first found beside the Cowes-beloved Pennants while Cowes' share the three piles to a point with Polworths.

The "FLOREbit" motto term of Irish Baynards/Bernards, along with the "floreat" of Browns/Bruns (Cumberland with Burns, Bernice's and Baynards/Bernards) takes us to Florence, where Bruno's were first found. The Bernard Pass is near Sion, and also near the Arve river to which I trace Bellamy elements such as Harveys. "Virtus" is shared between Brunson-connectable Glorys and Irish Baynards/Bernards.

It is more dangerous to cower from doing the right thing for an entire country than to do the right thing before God in a dangerous environment, for it is not so much the gangsters that we must fear, who might not be able to get us, but we must fear God whom we cannot escape from.

By midweek, Kari Lake's lawyers appealed their case, including an appeal to gain back the eight charges that judge Thompson threw out. Lake's lawyers have put the supreme court of Arizona on notice concerning the appeal, asking the court to sift through the material for expediting this case. I can't remember an election-fraud case making it to that state's supreme court. I think all such cases were rudely axed by the first court they arrived to.

The video below is by a lawyer commenting on the judge's decision who shot down Kari Lake in cold blood. I disagree with this lawyer where he says Lake had slim evidence, though he may be speaking relatively, as in not much as compared to what could have been obtained had she had access to election correspondence.

I also disagree strongly with the high bar of the judge where he claims that Lake's responsibility was to show "misconduct" of the election officials whom he grants angel status until lake proves them rotten. IT IS NOT NECESSARY for Lake to show any misconduct at all. An election can be taken from a winner based on an honest mistake, and courts have reversed elections based on such mistakes. Many elections have been counted mistakenly, and a recount can correct them for to give the official losers the win even without finding misconduct.

But this demonoid judge gave Lake a higher bar than was justified...which Lake easily jumped, yet he still denied her the temporary win. If he were a fair judge, He could have given her the right to investigate the ballots further, because the totality of her evidence easily showed the DISTINCT POSSIBILITY of criminal misconduct. If the judge truly wanted to see evidence of misconduct, he would have opened the door for her to obtain it prior to trial, in case it existed, but he instead slammed the door in her face (allowed her to check merely 100 ballots), and additionally robbed her of eight counts out of ten pretending he didn't have the time to deal with them.

I suggest you not listen deep into the video above because the judge is writing craft. This is a youtube video which can explain why the lawyer doing the review of the decision is on the fence, as in worried that youtube might give him a serious strike against his channel. The 19-inch ballots were sufficient enough to prove a distinct probability of fraud because there were no 19-inch ballots the day before the election. Nobody who tested the ballot-counting machines (tabulators) the day before reported that a machine was rejecting 19-inch ballots, and so as the 19-inch ballots (one inch too short) showed up on the day of the election, is that not viable proof of fraud since the machines rejected these ballots?

YES, IT IS PROOF OF PROBABLE FRAUD. But the judge was only too happy to trust the election house with the hand counting of these rejected ballots, and there may have been other types of ballots rejected by the machines likewise needing a human to count them. But as the Lake side showed that the election house failed the law by not having a complete chain-of-custody record of ballots, isn't that enough for a judge to rule that potential fraud may have been in play? Of course. For as the ballots rejected by the machines were handled by humans employed by an election house biased toward Hobbs, it can be expected that the election house would not report where the ballots were taken to be counted, or who was in charge of that criminal effort.

A chain-of-custody record is to hold somebody accountable for fraud in case it takes place. If the record is absent, a judge has the responsibility to assume a crime, otherwise if all election houses can claim a mere oops for not reporting a chain-of-custody record, then they will be prone to conducting fraud.

Sub-bottom line: the election house tried to make it appear like an honest mistake to print the 19-inch ballots, but the judge has the responsibility to overturn an election even on honest mistakes if the mistakes rob someone of a sufficient number of votes.

The Lake side should not have claimed that it could prove "intentional" fraud because it wasn't necessary to go that far...unless the judge demanded it of the Lake side, prior to the official hearings, as a prerequisite for his even considering a trial.

Bottom line: there were many other issues where Lake was robbed of votes, MANY, including the breakdown of many election machines on voting day. But, do not fear, for as you can see, even with Biden in the White House, the deep state has taken many punches to its face whereas Trump did nothing of the sort while he held the White House. God can violate the deep state all on His lonesome, no Trump fraud needed, and we have another two years yet of Biden, the biggest punching-bag president ever, our consolation prize for the time being.

The legal firm for Katie Hobbs was the infamous Marc Elias, at least mainly.

If we are in the very last years, what profit will there be to be dismayed and hung-up on the deterioration of America or any other country? As long as we have our physical needs, and if we live, we can take refuge in God until the Fury has passed. Prophecy has informed us that the world must crumble, and so don't be disheartened, as was Lot's wife, as you see the crumbling before your eyes. Be wise and prepare the future needs of your bodies in case the crumbling makes it difficult to secure them at a later time. Store your oil and foods in jars, and keep your Light on.

NASA's True Solar Distance

Anyone can find the real distance to the sun using the formula below that I've used for one lunar eclipse of June 15, 2011. When you click on the June-15 link, you come to a NASA page that has the same set-up for all other lunar eclipses found at NASA's Lunar Eclipse Page. All you do it take the date from any eclipse and plug it into this formula:

June 15, 2011

1) umbra radius given: .7256 degree; diameter = 1.4512 degree
2) moon radius given: 15'57.2" converts to .531776 degree diameter
3) sun radius given: 15'44.7" converts to .524832 diameter
4) umbra diameter in moons: 1.4512 / .531776 = 2.7289 moons
5) umbra diameter: 2.7289 x 2,159.1 = 5,892 miles
6) lunar-eclipse-line spread = 3,960 - (5,892/2) = 1,014 miles
7) 1,014 / 232,648 = .004358516 mile; [360 / .531776 x 2159.26 / 2pi = 232,648]
8) 1079.63 / 235,726 = .0045800 mile; [360 / .524832 x 2159.26 / 2pi = 235,726]
9) .0045800 - .004358516 = .000221505 mile catch-up, per mile toward the sun
10) 3960 / .000221505 = 17.8777 million miles to the sun

That's it, a 10-line formula, the way for anyone with a pocket calculator to figure distance to the sun without error. I've gone over and over this formula with several eclipses, and they all get similar distances, though showing that NASA's numbers cannot be perfect. I'm going to explain to you line-by-line how the formula works:

Lines 1 to 3

1) umbra radius given: .7256 degree; diameter = 1.4512 degree
2) moon radius given: 15'57.2" converts to .531776 degree diameter
3) sun radius given: 15'44.7" converts to .524832 diameter

This is self-explanatory. For Line 1, you take NASA's number at "U. Radius," which is already in degrees, then multiply it by 2 to find the umbra diameter.

For Line 2, you take NASA's arc-minute figures for "S.D." (Semi-Diameter) under its moon set of dats, then go here to convert arc minutes to degrees.

For Line 3, take NASA's figures for "S.D" under its sun list of data. You now have the three "apparent diameters" of all three things needed, defined as their sizes as the eye / telescope sees them in the sky.

If you don't understand the mechanics of apparent diameter (often called "angular diameter"), its simple. It's a fraction of an imaginary circle around the earth, and therefore it's a fraction of 360 degrees. For example, where the moon's apparent diameter is .531776 degree, it means that, when the moon is that size in the sky, there are 677 such lunar diameters, side-by-side, in a full circle around the earth. This circle is essentially a lunar orbit. The math for obtaining the 677 is: 360 / .531776. You don't need this information to find the solar diameter. I'm just showing how the apparent diameter is to be understood.

Next, we want to find the umbra diameter in miles, but NASA doesn't give it straight-forward, and I think this is deliberate because NASA knows that this piece of data can prove it a liar in its claim that the sun is 93-million miles from earth. Here's how to figure the umbra diameter, as long as they are correct with their lunar diameter of 2,159.1 miles

4) umbra diameter in moons: 1.4512 / .531776 = 2.7289 moons
5) umbra diameter: 2.7289 x 2,159.1 = 5,892 miles

The 1.4512 figure is taken from Line 1. Lines 4 and 5 need no further explanation, but line 6 needs a clear explanation, and for this you would do well to make a quick drawing. You take the miles on line 5, and put it in line 6 like so:

6) lunar-eclipse-line spread = 3,960 - (5,892/2) = 1,014 miles

The earth's radius, they claim, is 3,960 miles. The reason I'm using the earth radius rather than diameter is that we need the angle of just one of two lines on a drawing. One of these two lines goes from the left edge of the sun to the left edge of the earth, and the other goes from the right edge of the sun to the right edge of the earth. These two lines create the umbra (shadow) when they pass past the earth to its dark side. If you can draw this on paper, it's half of all you need to find the solar distance. I don't own a draw package, sorry, you'll need to draw it yourself.

The two lines can be called umbra lines, or lunar-eclipse lines. The trick is to find the angle of either line (both lines are at the same angle). In order to have an angle figure, we need a zero-degree line. Therefore, draw a line from the core of the earth to the core of the sun, and call it zero degree. This line goes through the tip of the umbra, but we don't need to go that far back of the earth. We need to go back only as far as where the moon enters the umbra. Make your drawing small enough to have the umbra line go as far back as where you feel comfortable placing the lunar path through the umbra. The drawing doesn't need to be to scale at all.

Wherever you place the lunar path through the umbra, that's where the umbra is 5,892 miles wide, the figure obtained on Line 5. We don't use 5,892 in the math for Line 6, but rather we use half that distance, the umbra radius, which is 5,892/2. Okay, that's easy to figure, I'm sure you can follow this.

Next, draw a new zero degree line that is parallel to the first zero-degree line. The second zero-degree line starts where the moon kisses / enters the umbra. Have it be parallel with the first zero-degree line, and let this second zero-degree line go halfway through the earth circle. This line is the one side of a right-angle triangle. The umbra line is the second line of the triangle, and so all we now need is the short, third line to finish the triangle. The third line goes, at 90 degrees, from the top of the second zero-degree line to the umbra line at the left edge of the earth circle.

Here's Line 6 again, shows the distance of the short line of the triangle. Line 6 shows a quick way to find that distance using the radius of the earth, 3,960 miles:

6) lunar-eclipse-line spread = 3,960 - (5,892/2) = 1,014 miles
You should be able to grasp why the numbers on Line 6 are used. It would help you become confident in this formula if you understand what the math on Line 6 means. We only want to know the length of the third line in the triangle. By "lunar-eclipse-line spread," I'm pointing out how far the umbra line goes leftward, toward the edge of the earth, as it rises from the edge of the umbra to the edge of the earth. I'm sure you can grasp this. Don't continue until you understand it. But drawing your own drawing, you will come to understand the situation far better than if I drew it for you.

You can use a right-angle-triangle calculator to find the angle of the umbra line, but not until you can find the distance to the moon's core from the earth's core. Your second zero-degree line is exactly the distance to the moon, when the moon kisses the umbra, and so you absolutely need the length of this second zero-degree line in miles. Line 7 finds the distance to the moon in miles using the distance (1,014) of the short line in the triangle:

7) 1,014 / 232,648 = .004358516 mile; [360 / .531776 x 2159.26 / 2pi = 232,648]

Line 7 is not one operation from left to right, but two operations. The second operation is in square brackets. The second operation is a formula for finding the exact lunar distance (232,648 miles) from use of the apparent lunar diameter (.531776 degree) given by NASA, the figure seen on Line 2.

NASA didn't want to give this lunar distance because it knows that people can use it to find the true solar distance. NASA is banking on the general population not being able to find the lunar distance during eclipses, but I found a way, and proved it to be accurate. That method is found in the square brackets on line 7. I was so happy to develop that method, it wasn't very hard at all to do.

The first part of the method, 360 / .531776, finds the number of moons (= lunar diameters) in an imaginary circle around the earth, when the moon appears to our eye at .531776 degree. Once we have that number of moons, we simply multiply it by the lunar diameter in miles, 2,159.26 (or use whatever figure you feel is best). When we get this far in the operation, 360 / .531776 x 2159.26 gives us the distance of a perfect circle around the earth (the earth's core is the center of the circle). We don't ultimately want that circular distance, but use it to instead find the distance to the moon, which is half way across that imaginary circle, meaning we want the radius of the circle. I'm sure you learned in school that the diameter of a circle is found as: circumference / pi.

Therefore, the diameter of the imaginary circle is found with, 360 / .531776 x 2159.26 / pi, but as the radius is half that, that's why Line 7 is: 360 / .531776 x 2159.26 / 2pi. If at first that math operation looked like a monster you could not swallow, perhaps now you can see it's simplicity and reliability. I use 3.14159 for pi, not merely 3.14.

Okay, we are now almost ready for the big times, Line 9 and Line 10. But we first need to explain the first operation on Line 7, which finds the angle of the umbra line in what I call miles of spread. The umbra line starts at zero miles of spread where the moon kisses the umbra. The spread-distance refers to the lateral distance perpendicular to the zero-degree line. That is, it's the distance the umbra line spread laterally after the same line has gone toward the earth (and sun) a distance of one mile as measured along the zero-degree line. You need to grasp that. Line 7 finds that this spread-distance is .004358516 mile, per one mile toward the sun.

That's called an angle. One can describe an angle in degrees, or one can describe it as lateral distance of a line versus forward distance. I didn't realize in the beginning that, with .004358516 mile, I was finding the angle of the umbra line in so-called "radians." I was beside myself to discover that this was so, because it verified that my method was accurate for finding the angle of the umbra line.

The triangle calculator above can be set to find angles in degrees or radians. To do it radians, click the arrow beside "degree". The zero-degree line in that calculator is line 'b'. The short line is line 'a'. That leaves line 'c' as the umbra line.

The angle of the umbra line, in this case, is .004358516 radians. A right-angle-triangle calculator will verify this. I didn't know that finding the lateral distance (in any unit) per one unit forward is exactly the definition of a radian. It's wunderbar because it can reduce the workload enormously for making solar-distance calculations: just use the triangle calculator. But what I show for Line 7 and Line 8 is the manual way to find radians, and you would do well to keep in mind the lateral-versus-forward definition for it, because it helps you to understand that this is a reliable way to find solar distance.

Below is Line 7 again. Its first operation starts with 1,014 miles, which was obtained on Line 6, and this figure is the full umbra-line spread from moon to earth. To find the umbra-line spread per mile toward the earth, just divide 1,014 by the lunar distance; the latter is found in the square brackets on this same line 7:

7) 1,014 / 232,648 = .004358516 mile; [360 / .531776 x 2159.26 / 2pi = 232,648]

Okay, you can now understand the monster on Line 7, it's just a tame old hen about to lay a golden egg.

What you will witness on Line 8 is genius on my part, but easy as pie to a trained astronomer, and because it's such a simple thing for the astronomer, he's guilty of withholding the true solar distance from the world. This eclipse method of finding solar distance is not shown anywhere online, so far as I've seen, because it doesn't get 93-million miles. This method is forbidden. I don't know how the astronomy establishment does it, but it cancels anyone trying to use this method. My guess is that it has spread a rumor to all astronomers that this method is unreliable, and I think I know what excuse it uses.

Line 8 starts with the lunar radius in miles, but you can use whatever else you would like besides my 1,079.63 miles. I divide that radius by the lunar distance found in the square brackets, and the genius is in the square brackets:

8) 1079.63 / 235,726 = .0045800 mile; [360 / .524832 x 2159.26 / 2pi = 235,726]

The genius is in .524832. And it's not my figure. It was NASA's figure shown on Line 3: "sun radius given: 15'44.7" converts to .524832 diameter". This figure is needed to draw a second line to the edge of the sun. The reason that we need the second line to the edge of the sun is to figure out how far into space it will travel until it meets the umbra line. Where the two lines meet, bingo, that's the true solar distance. Any astronomer worth the crap in his ears knows that this method is reliable, and yet we never see it when we study the methods of finding solar distance.

It took until Line 7 to find the angle of the umbra line, and now, in Line 8 alone, we find the angle of the second line to the sun, which I loosely call a solar-eclipse line, because when you draw it on your drawing, it is essentially the line creating the lunar umbra.

Okay, are you ready to make history? Are you ready to find the true solar distance before astronomy confesses to it? Then draw the lunar-umbra line on the drawing upon which you already have the earth-umbra line. Don't put a moon circle between the earth and the sun yet. Draw the moon-umbra line starting at the core of the earth, making it go to the left edge of the sun. You never knew finding the solar distance could be this easy. On your drawing, both umbra lines meet at the left edge of that beautiful sun, praise God for this symbol of His brilliance.

We need to find the angle of the moon-umbra line, or we cannot know how far into space it will meet the earth-umbra (or lunar-eclipse) line. The only way to find its angle is to find how far into space the moon is. How far is it? How far should we place it? The angle of the moon-umbra line changes with differing lunar distances. We can't just stick a moon on the page and pick-and-choose any distance at all.

We want to find the angle of the moon-umbra line in comparison with the first zero-degree line that runs from the earth's core to the sun's core, and so your moon here needs to be placed with this zero-degree line going through its core too. Can you now see how far into space the moon needs to be? Think about for a few minutes, even for an hour if that's how long it takes. Where on the page will you place the moon?

Here's the genius that comes simpleton to the astronomer: the moon needs to be positioned where its left edge touches the moon-umbra line. Duh. Yet it took me years to figure this out. It came as genius when it finally dawned, because I was depressed for not being able to find an apt solar eclipse to be used in conjunction with a lunar eclipse. I hadn't realized in all that time that I could just make my own solar eclipse on this drawing. Yes, it's true.

Okay, so make sure your moon has the zero-degree line going through its core while the sun line that becomes the moon-umbra line cuts across the left edge of the moon. Your drawing is now perfect for finding the true solar distance providing you can now find the true lunar distance. Can you? Yes, you can. Try to figure out, on your own if you like a good challenge, what clue is being provided by the drawing to find the lunar distance. When you give up, the answer is on Line 8, which uses the size of the sun as found on Line 3. Here it is again:

8) 1079.63 / 235,726 = .0045800 mile; [360 / .524832 x 2159.26 / 2pi = 235,726]

Why am I using the size of the sun (.524832 degree) in the square brackets to find the lunar distance of 235,726 miles? That makes no sense...unless the sun in the sky is exactly the same size as the moon. And that's exactly the case on your drawing. A person standing at the core of the earth would see a moon exactly the size of the sun if the sun line cuts across the edge of the moon. Both bodies would appear to be exactly the same size. Therefore, I've "fooled" you.

How have I fooled you? I fooled you by telling you that .524832 degree in the square brackets on Line 8 is the size of the sun during the eclipse of June 15, 2011. I could say that I'm not literally using the size of the sun for that math, but am instead using the size of the moon...because the moon and sun need to be the same size to do the calculation. Therefore, the size of the sun during the eclipse coughs up the lunar distance on your drawing because knowing the size of this moon coughs up the lunar distance...that you see discovered in the square brackets.

There does not need to be a real moon between the earth and sun during the eclipse in order to justify using this imaginary moon that is the same size as the sun. It is a fact that a solar line (during the eclipse) from the edge of the sun to the core of the earth will touch the edge of the moon, if it were 235,726 miles from the earth core, whether the moon is there or not. The moon doesn't need to be there. If it were there, it would look like your drawing: a line touching both the edge of the sun and the edge of the moon.

We can use any object of the same size between the earth and sun to find the angle of this sun line, providing we know how wide the object is, and how far it is from our eye. When two objects are the same size with one behind the other, the zero-degree line goes core-to-core, and the other line goes edge-to-edge. One can find the angle of the edge-to-edge line in this way.

We are simply using the moon as an object pitted between the earth and sun because we know how wide the moon is, and moreover the moon is so large and distant that it makes for a reliable calculation. And that's why line 8 starts with the lunar radius in making the calculation for finding the angle of this solar line. I use the moon's radius because the zero-degree line cuts through the core of the moon, and so the distance between the moon's core and the sun line at the edge of the moon is one lunar radius.

To put it another way, the total distance of line spread of the sun / lunar-umbra line, starting at the core of the earth until it reaches the moon, is one lunar diameter. To find the lateral spread distance of this line, per one mile toward the moon or sun, we divide the lunar radius by the lunar distance, which is why line 8 has: 1079.63 / 235,726 = .0045800 mile of lateral spread per one mile toward the sun.

To put this another way, the angle of the line is .004580 radians, and when we convert that to degrees at this page, we find it's .26241467 degree. As that angle is a line spread of one lunar radius, we can check its correctness by doubling it to .524829, which is the number we find in the square brackets (Line 8) for the moon's diameter. That's how you can know that my math method is unassailable.

When you double the angle in Line 7, it's not expected to get the lunar diameter in the square brackets of line 7, just so you know, because the angle on line 7 has not to do with the moon.

Okay, so now that you have what's needed to understand and grasp lines 7 and 8, we are ready for the big times. Line 9 is grade-two subtraction, homeschool level (grade four for public school), can you handle it:

9).0045800 - .004358516 = .000221505 mile catch-up, per mile toward the sun

What's done on Line 9, do you think? To find how far into space the earth-umbra line on Line 7 will travel until it meets the lunar-umbra line of Line 8, we need to know how much further laterally the lunar-umbra line will spread as compared to the earth-umbra line. The lunar-umbra line is always steeper than the other umbra line, for all lunar eclipses. To make the calculation user-friendly, I've put the difference in line spread per mile, because it makes it easy to find the solar distance on Line 10.

The math on Line 9 is the lateral spread found on Line 8 minus the lateral spread found on Line 7, and the difference is .000221505 mile. That is, the moon-umbra line spreads laterally (leftward) .000221505 mile more than the earth umbra line spreads laterally, for every mile the two lines move forward (along the zero degree lines) toward the sun. Can you dig it? This is the brainstorm that occurred to me some 20 years ago, yet it took me until the past year to realize I could make my own lunar-umbra line to get the EXACT distance to the sun, providing NASA data is all correct.

The brainstorm was that I didn't need the angle of the two lines in degrees, only to fidget with geometric computations I didn't understand. All I needed was: how far left in good-ole miles the moon-umbra line would spread in comparison to the earth-umbra line. For a building contractor whose only math involves a measuring tape and a steel square, this was what the doctor ordered. I knew I had the method nailed down, and when I nail something down, it don't waver (unless I use Home-Depot nails).

The distance of .000221505 mile looks like a brain twister, but it's just under 1.2 feet. It fits on my measuring tape. Nothing to be a-scared of. The figure on Line 9, .0045800, is equal to 24.1824 feet. The figure on Line 7, .004358516, is equal to 23.013 feet. So, when the one line spreads latterly 24.182 feet while the earth-umbra line spreads in the same direction by 23.013 feet, the first line catches up to it by 1.1694 feet. Nothing to be a-scared of, pops, hang in there.

The two lines don't start at the same place. One starts at the core of the earth, and the other starts at the edge of the earth, a distance of 3,960 miles, a number that you find on Line 10. So, as part of my brainstorm: if the one line catches up to the other by 1.2 feet per mile toward the sun, then the two lines will meet the same number of miles from the earth as there are increments of 1.1694 feet in 3,960 miles (20,908,800 feet). The math is as easy as what you see on Line 10:

10) 3960 / .000221505 = 17.8777 million miles to the sun

Or we can do: 20,908,800 feet / 1.1694 feet = 17.88 million miles to the sun. Close enough comparison.

Here's my solar-distance findings using several lunar eclipses on NASA pages, details of which are on my 5th update in December, 2021:

Below is what we have so far, listed with the smallest suns first so that the solar distances should get gradually smaller from the top down. To boot, two adjacent solar distances should be within .3 million miles of one another, which is not what we generally see, meaning that something is wrong in the calculations [i.e. NASA's figures seem imperfect]:

18.962 million; .52450: June 25, 1964
16.015 million; .524554: July 16, 2000
17.8777 million; .524832: June 15, 2011
17.188 million; .526277: May 26, 2021
17.63 million; .52661: August 17, 1989
18.207 million; .53144: April 15 2014
18.821 million; .5331: April 4, 2015
18.892 million; .5393: November 18, 1994
17.483 million; .544776: July 26, 1953

Why are NASA's eclipses coming to us with faulty data? Why isn't the data consistent with the claimed solar sizes?

All of those solar sizes listed give for an easy way to fulfill Line 8. Here's Line 8 again for the eclipse of 2011:

8) 1079.63 / 235,726 = .0045800 mile; [360 / .524832 x 2159.26 / 2pi = 235,726]

All one needs to do is replace the sun size in italics on Line 8 with the sun size of any other eclipse, then change the lunar distance accordingly. How easy I've made it for you, high-school drop-out, to get the angle of the moon-umbra line. After that, you need only find the angle of the earth-umbra line. I've given you all the tools. Share this with your favorite astronomer, and see if he can plug a hole into it. If he can't, ask why he's scratching his chin to the jawbone.

If we divide their 93-million figure by my 18-million, we get a difference of 5.17 times. It means that the establishment-stated distance between the sun and any planet, or the planet-to-planet distances, are about five times less in reality. It makes the orbital distances of all planets five times less, and thus it makes the orbital velocities of planets five times slower. It makes the size of all planets five times smaller because they reckon their sizes by the distance they falsely think the planets are from the sun / earth. It makes the lunar orbits of all moons fives times smaller and five times slower. It wrecks their planetary-mass figures. It makes wasteful fools of them all, wasting their time on math that is faulty from the start.

The Apophis asteroid circles the sun in roughly the same orbit as the earth, by which I mean to say that it travels five times less, per orbital period, than they think. If it travels five time less per unit time, that five times less velocity, and yet the earth's size and gravity force remains the same. What could it mean that Apophis will cross near the earth, in April of 2029, with five times less speed?

A planet can gobble up an asteroid that isn't on track to collide with it, by attracting it gravitationally. The slower it travels, the longer the planet's gravitational force can act upon it, and the more it can bring it toward itself. The slower the asteroid, the easier to alter its course. The fools are telling us that this asteroid is crossing past the earth at less than 20,000 miles away, in 2029. But that number is calculated where the asteroid is flying through a solar system that is at least five times smaller than they think, meaning that their 20,000 miles will be less than 5,000 miles.

Just think of it, folks, five times slower and five times closer, which can explain why this asteroid will take the world by surprise if it lands. And the timing, as this world is going Sodomly wicked, makes me think that this is the asteroid of Revelation 8. It's making sense. And so perhaps God caused me to discover the true size of the solar system, not because He wants to entertain me or you, or give me a big ego, but to alert His people that Apophis is landing in a sea.

I don't know, but maybe God also wants us to know: don't buy ocean front for your trib retreat. It's a good bet that this rock is landing in the Atlantic ocean, not to come against Texas, but the wicked east coast on both sides of Washington DC. It just makes a lot of sense, watch it Martha's Vineyard, watch it Manhattan, watch it all of you liberal states.

If Apophis orbits in the same direction as the earth, then it'll take much, much longer for it to pass the earth than if were coming from the opposite direction toward earth. The more time the asteroid is in the vicinity of earth, the more it gets pulled toward it. When we reduce Apophis' velocity by five times than what astronomers think it is, it's yet traveling at about 13,000 miles per hour (but the earth's velocity likewise needs to be reduced by about five times). However, if it's going to land while the earth itself is moving in roughly the same direction, then the crash force will be drastically reduced, for the earth is said to orbit at 67,100 mph versus 68,400 mph for Apophis. Those two velocities (1,300 mph apart) suggests that Apophis will hit with a speed of about five times less than 1,300 mph, or just 260 mph.

That is, if we reduce the speed of both the earth and asteroid by five times, the speed difference will be about 260 mph, which is very fast for a heavy rock. Approaching the second minute of this video, we see Apophis approaching earth in the same direction of travel as the earth, yet the video gives the impression that Apophis is moving much faster than earth. Just look at the fat chance that Apophis should come near the earth at all when comparing their orbital directions. It could appear Arranged by God. This asteroid had not been known prior to about 19 years ago, either telling how rare it is for it to draw near the earth, or telling that it came out of "nowhere" to begin orbiting near earth at about the time that the anti-Christs were preparing their global takeover.

The video suggests that the asteroid will cross the southern Atlantic ocean, but this does not consider where it would land if it will be attracted in, for earth attraction will change the rock's path significantly prior to landing. As it comes down, it will be moving from Europe or Africa toward the Americas. It could therefore land near Washington.

By the sounds of it, because it's visible in the night sky from the Atlantic ocean, I'm concluding that its hitting against the earth spin. That it, it's going to hit oceans waters that are themselves moving at 1,000 mph toward the rock. Still, the water will be a cushion to the impact, and moreso as the angle is more parallel with the water than perpendicular to it. If it comes at a low-enough angle, it could perhaps skip on the water (I'm seeing a lot of water spray into the air), lessening the blow to the crust but transferring much power to the waters.

The video claims that Apophis, if it would hit earth would do so with 1,000 megatons of TNT force, but I would reduce that by much more than five times because, if it travels five times slower than they think, and is five times smaller than they think, that looks more like 25 times less force, for force = mass x velocity. Therefore, I would suggest 40 megatons of TNT. The speaker says that 1,000 megatons is like "tens or hundreds of nuclear bombs," and so 40 megatons looks like it's going to assure perhaps as little as the power of 10 bombs, It's going to create tidal waves like nobody has ever seen.

They say it's 1,100 feet wide, and so I would reduce that to about 200 feet.

Did you see how the video had the asteroid bending around the earth due to gravity? Just think of how dangerous that is when it's five times closer to earth. Just because it's five times smaller doesn't mean it will be pulled with less force because gravity attracts all objects of any size with equal force. If their 20,000 miles are from the core of the earth, then my 4,000 predicts a hit to the surface even without gravity pulling it in, because it's 4,000 miles from surface to core.

Repeat: "if we reduce the speed of both the earth and asteroid by five times, the speed difference will be about 260 mph." The atmosphere will slow it a little too. At that slow speed, it will take 1,000 hours for it to do it's approach from 260,000 miles out, which is roughly the lunar orbit. But when you watch videos, this rock is often shown zinging by the earth and moon without much moon motion shown. If my velocity figure is correct, there will be 40 days between the lunar orbit and it's arrival past or onto the earth. It's going to alleviate our tribulation in the final 3.5 years greatly, I propose. The destruction it leaves behind, and the human shock, will give the world's rulers something to think about and do besides pestering us.

Musks's SpaceX is on a mission to re-direct asteroids with nuclear bombs, Oh what fun to play God.

Here's another video showing the same bend-effect. Ask whether the scientists were lying to the world when they decreased the chances of a hit from 1 in 30 in order to not frighten the masses. How much greater are the chances if the rock is five times closer.


Take a look at how horrible canadians are when living a lie; so many of them live a lie, upholding many lies at once like happily-brainwashed fools:

If you're interested in a Twitter Files dump on December 24, you can see most of it below, and you can mute and pause if you want to read at your own pace. In this dump, the CIA, this time, gets wound up with Twitter censorship and propaganda;

We are being poisoned deliberately by metals in our foods, affected our brains, and I don't know what Americans can do about it because food companies are allowed by government-based food czars (= the FDA, known criminal organization) not to put their slow-killing poisons on the food labels; the second half of this video says as much. The fact that the FDA wants to hide what small, metallic particles the country has in foods tells me all I need to know now that we have entered the population-reduction period. Canada buys lots of American canned / packaged foods.

Here's NASA fakery presented either by a dopey flat-earther, or one of many fake Christians seeking to lump anti-NASA people in with flat-earthers:

Flat earth is so easily discredited that the rash of flat-earth videos seems like a NASA / evolutionist operation to make people think that all anti-NASA people AND Christians are as stupid as flat-earthers. Anyone can phone a person on the opposite side of the earth to verify that the sun is at high noon there when it's midnight where the call is made. And one can call someone a quarter way around the world to verify that it's noonish there when the sun is on the horizon where the call is made. What are we to say, that the earth has people on both sides of the flat, or that the earth is a box?

Here's diabolical: "Experts have warned that artificial sweeteners are now causing people to drop dead ‘suddenly and unexpectedly" That looks like a deflection from vaccine killings, blaming it on an innocent product. The artificial-sweetener companies should sue. All of a sudden, these sweeteners are causing heart failures, say the paid "experts"? C'mon.

In an article this week in The Hill, on Rupert Murdoch's disdain for Trump: "In July, the former president slammed Fox’s flagship morning program 'Fox & Friends,' saying it had 'gone to the dark side' after its hosts talked about a poll showing voters favoring DeSantis over Trump." Just so you know.

Dr. John Campbell says this week that COVID is absent in Africa, generally speaking, and I think it's because a virus has been put into vaccines, or produced by vaccines in the body, especially true if the new COVID wave in China is a real one. The plot was to fake a pandemic until a real pandemic would begin through vaccinated people, but due to vaccines by Bill Gates maiming and killing many Africans, Africa probably didn't subscribe to COVID vaccines. Don't quote me on that, but that's a good theory.

Also, a new pandemic via vaccine poisoning would allow governments to claim that the deaths-by-vaccines are really due to COVID. Expect that picture to materialize wherever there is a vaccine goon near you. Trump has yet to betray his vaccine friends on behalf of his voters, exposing him as a cruel master. He's a walking red flag.

Look at how the canadian government stuff tax money into pockets without shame:

My guess is that trudeau made such a stink for high-level liberal circles that some factions of the liberal government decided to do a publicized convoy review to make a good show of things on their own behalf, and against trudeau's emergency-powers act. I'm not buying that PR stunt, but at least it might keep the pimple off of our backs for this coming China and the Schwabites appear glaringly determined to spearhead another global lockdown at this very time. Just watch how they go about it, for it exposes a lot about these absolute bimbos. Even if they succeed this winter, the people will only learn further that tyrants over them need to be voted out. That can't be a good thing for the goons. For every action there is a reaction, and the thing the powers fear most is a reaction. They want the people docile without complaints, and canadians are the best in the world hands-down for the number of braggers bragging that they don't complain about anything. It's this type of ignorant person who is the dangerous one.

I'm not trying to be chauvinist here, but many feminist-leaning women are at the charge of this ignorance, and they cause their husbands to succumb in being absolute wimps of the liberal state. I remember only one man approaching me asking me to put on a mask, the other dozen or so were women. The feminists will be the COVID police for the communist state. They will snitch on their neighbors. These are the sickos, the dangerous snakes with mental viruses installed from liberal-media programming over decades, and that's why trudeau called himself, proudly, a "feminist." He wants a feminist army to abuse the normal, outspoken, thinking people. He wants men everywhere to become like the feminists.

He wanted the truckers to succumb, and then we all learned that some Canadian men still have backbones. We will not find them in the courts where chicken-hearted male judges feel compelled to satisfy the wants of feminists. I have a grudge against this feminist system that is modern canada, and so should all good women. It wants to mindlessly destroy the family, to disfavor having children, to take power and wealth, by force of government, from men in an all-out war that leaves society behind like a smoking heap of rubble.

I'm all for taking protective measures against a true pandemic, but even though the feminists know by now that there was no pandemic, they have remained on-the-ready all year long, all summer long, for this winter's new lockdown measures. They can't wait to participate in it all over again, and they have their wide masks tightly and perfectly fit while clicking their heels. They've never seen a more-exciting time as this. But we normal people who understand that this is an abuse of the people, we can't be afraid to speak out in their presence: "who made you the vaccine police? "You are feeding into the murder of people by vaccination." Those are the sorts of things we should loudly say in front of other people in a store.

Here's a great example of a self-appointed, feminist police that is half out of her mind:

Below is an example of a fake Christian, masquerading as a prophet of God, and dishing out prophecies he knows will not come to pass, in an effort to give viewers the impression the people like me, who emphasize Revelation 12, are false / dubious in our interpretation of end-time prophecy. Almost everyone ignores this goofball, but there will be similar others who do a better job than he:

Here's the owner of Gab, showing where he stands:

I'm bored with politics. I'm not wasting my time, energy, and focus on a rigged Talmudic system with a bunch of blackmailed degenerates who "represent us." The country is going to balkanize and the Judeo-American empire will fall. It's not a matter of if, but when. I'm becoming a very patient man.

My focus for 2023 and beyond is going to be on being prepared for what comes next. Building the Parallel Economy is the most important thing I can be doing.

I agree with all of that. I don't know whether there's time to build a significant parallel economy, but I'm for it. By that phrase, he means people opposing vaccines and hoping to evade fascist business models should buy and sell all their needs from each other, and put distance from all businesses merging toward the cashless and vaccine-controlled system. The problem is, Mr. Torba doesn't see Trump as part of the problem. If Trump is not controlled opposition hoping to steer conservatives into Hell by obtaining their trust, then how did he manage to look so much like controlled opposition?

Here's where I'm nervous on Torba's world view:

My content theme for 2023 is going to be producing, promoting, and elevating people and businesses who are focused on providing resources and information for: Homesteading, Homeschooling, and Homemaking. I'm working towards building a parallel and largely digital Christian nation that operates inside of the Talmudic [i.e. globalist] one until it inevitably falls and we can fill the power vacuum.

It's hard to say based on these words alone whether Torba's a Kingdom Now adherent. Kingdom Now sects teach that Jesus will overpower evil through His Church before He comes back. That's not Biblical. That's the sort of "Christian nationalism" I shun, where Christians become activist far more than I think God is calling us to be. He's not asking us to build nations, but to be a moral force in nations that were given to the devil. Christians can't marry gentiles for the sake of overcoming the tyrant today, because the gentiles on our side today will be tomorrow's tyrant over us. They and we can call out the evil in unison, but we can't get married. Keep distance.

God will use the gentiles for our benefit, but let them sit at their table while we sit at our own. They are welcome to become like us, but we must not become more like them. We were Called away from them, away from the old man, to a new conditioning. We need to engage true progress; everything else will degress to a burning heap before the faces of those who call themselves progressives. Our progress is internal, Trump's progress is external, and everything a king touches in the final years will turn to a burning heap. That's what prophecy says, not a rebuilding of the human domain by Christian power, but a bloody mess and a great destruction. God will allow the gentiles to be treated as trash, all respect for humanity abandoned. But for those of us who condition our minds to be Godly, who reject evil impulses, we are the heap of gold in progress, and through the Grace by which the Father treats anyone remaining in Jesus, we will be treated with some dignity. You will be more than happy if you can merely escape the coming mess. That's the task at hand, not the mirage of overtaking the devil's sons and building a theocracy on his ruins. Just overcome the devil for now, and let Jesus build on his ruins at the Appointed Time.

If you haven't yet heard the evidence proving that dinosaurs are not millions of years old:

Below is a Creationist video talking about "dark matter" that I say can be easily interpreted as stellar electrons filling the universe, yet nobody on the panel is clued into this possibility probably because they are taught that all electrons emit light. Dark matter does not reflect light, hence it's name, nor can it be felt as a frictional force.

As I discovered in Kansas about 1993, while driving to the grand canyon with lots of time on my hands: all electrons are repelled by gravity so as to consist of no weight. How hard is it to push an object having zero weight? If a piano weighs nothing, it would slide easily by a push of your hand. Gravitational pull creates frictional force. But if electrons have zero weight, you can't feel them when running through them and moving them aside by your body. Electrons not held down by gravity offer no resistance to a bird's wing flap in a vacuum, but a vacuum is indeed filled with electrons.

All light emits from electrons, but electrons do not emit nor reflect light. Electrons do not emit light, but rather light forms from the motion of electrons, almost always from moving electrons captured upon atoms. When light hits an electron in space, the electron becomes the light; that is, the electron becomes one domino in the light wave. Free electrons in space are the light-wave medium. The wave medium's particles do not reflect light, but rather they define the light emitted from atoms. Thus, cosmic electrons rate as a dark matter, and they are pure energy. They inter-repel and thus move things around as they move about. Stars push stars apart by shooting electrons at one another, and thus a stellar system (galaxy) expands in volume. Here's the video:

Do not make a food-prep video like the one below unless you want the government to put you down on its food-hoarding list. If ever there is a mass emergency, people are going to come steal your food who didn't prepare their own, but in trib prep, there will not be a wide emergency. To reduce the number of Christians needing food in the trib, let's all pull our own weight a little early, not all at once later, and then save extra for the poor, the deceived, and the unwise brethren. :

Here's another good video in case someone wants to force you to vaccinate, and you need a court case, or to threaten one. This video is good in the sense that the speaker is not fully opposed to vaccines even though he admits the unacceptable dangers. In other words, the people who want to force-vaccinate you can't ridicule / ignore him as a lob-sided, biased reporter.

Here's in praise of the new John Campbell who has done more for our side than 100 smaller others:

The video below has fantasy music to describe a physics fantasy: the creation of matter from colliding particles. Anybody with a normal brain knows that matter cannot be created merely from a harsh collision, but evolutionists were so hard-up to explain the creation of matter in the early universe that they ventured into fantasyland.

One cannot undress a proton from its captured electrons. There is no such thing as a healthy proton that isn't covered in electrons. There is no such thing as a naked proton because free electrons are everywhere, and protons naturally load with them.

Therefore, when the fools think they are causing protons to collide, they are really atoms colliding, or, at best, positively-charged atoms as some of their electrons are knocked off by the man-made jolt that gives each proton the velocity for the collision. Not all the electrons are knocked off by such a jolt, and when the two atoms collide, more electrons are expected to be bounced away, which are indeed matter and energy, not created, but rather it was there all along upon the proton. They trick you into thinking the protons were naked to begin with, and when light is formed by the collision, they say, aha, matter has formed. How purposefully stupid.

Light will surely be formed by the collision because the captured electrons will be set into wild motion. Moving electrons captured by protons is the definition of light formation, but that light creates no matter, of course, except in the mind of an evolutionist fantasizer. Here's the short video:

The start of this video tells that "cosmic rays" enter the atmosphere, but the fool refuses to define them as the effect solar-wind electrons. It is taboo to inform the world that the air is full of solar electrons. Fools always make science videos keeping to the teachings of the fools for fear that they will look like fools. Just chomp on that a minute. I suggest you cancel watching the video above as soon as you get to "Illusion of Reality," if you don't know enough to ridicule what's being said. If you don't know much about atomic physics, you will be inclined to believe these fools, because their trick is to sound authoritive. They stroke each other, uphold each other, pile on one another with lofty flatteries, everyone of them misinterpreting the facts on behalf of devilish agendas. My point in offering the video is to show the insanity to which modern science is leading the fools. This video is from the devil:

He then mentions "radioactivity," flying out of atoms, refusing to call them energetic electrons. The establishment has been conditioned to call energy anything but the free electrons that fill all of space. I'll be the fool today that I might be seen as the normal thinker tomorrow. At 20 minutes in the video, the speaker admits that the vacuum has energy, but he is too stupid to realize that they electrons in the vacuum define all forms of energy he calls by other names. Instead, the speaker goes to the insane belief that the vacuum can create energy by some bizarre means. He's an idiot entertaining nonsense to show himself superior in intellect. The devil.

Einstein's "famous" E = mc2 assumes that energy is velocity. That's because he was stupid. He was willing to believe that atomic particles can forever collide without losing total velocity, but only a stupid scientists teach such a non-reality. Energy is not to be defined as mass x the speed of light. That is STUPID. Atomic energy is the repulsion force of free electrons. If they are captured on protons, they pose no energy, but when they are released from protons, they spread out forcefully. The piston in your engine moves because free electrons are released in the combustion process. They fill the cylinder's space and push the piston. You don't need to go insane to understand this.

None of the pictures in the video is of reality, but is all animation. That's the magician, with weird music thrown in, fooling you with enchantment. It is necessary to make you stupid in order to get you to agree with their nonsense. At about 38 minutes, the speaker, the fool, tells that electron accelerators get electron bullets to travel at 99-percent the speed of light. How do you think the fools persuade one another that such a feat is actually accomplished? Probably by confusing light waves with electron bullets.

When they come to the quarks at 39 minutes, what they define as the building blocks of protons, they were probably discovering pieces of broken protons, not the smaller-than-proton fundamental particles that protons are made. In these accelerators, they found particles of so many different masses that they thought they were discovering many new particles, and they gave these broken pieces of protons names, STUPIDS. And they called the many new particles collectively a zoo, IDIOTs. The accelerator proved only that they were wrong in the first place when claiming that protons are indivisible.

When a proton is crippled or destroyed, it gives up some or all of its captured electrons, and that's energy release. That's how I think stars, and planetary interiors, form heat, by the crippling of protons deep under much weight. The heat in the depths is the gravity source. Heat is the accumulation of free electrons, and they out a negative force, gravity.

After 40 minutes, he says that the rules / laws in the atomic world are not normal, not constrained to the laws of physics we know of, but this doctrine was needed by fools to allow fools to meander any-which they wished, and they decided like drunken sailors to go to their deaths at sea, but of course.

Not once in the video did he tell that electrons repel one another, nor did he mention solar-wind electrons in any way. These are taboo. They are not supposed to come to our minds. Instead, the fools feed us trash. I feel dirty after watching that. There was no sustenance when it ended. I feel raped, not fed. I feel empty, not charged. It was dark and idiotic all at once with a heavy dose of mere innuendo.

Here's the tech beast I most want God to inflict with wounds and pains:

Last winter, the globo-goons waited until after Christmas to strike. Might they do the same now?

It's not hoarding if we do it slowly over years of time. The devil will say you're hoarding, but if you buy extra when there's no shortages, you're just greasing the wheels of the economy.

We can now see why globalists are seeking to create food shortages -- or maybe they are just sending out fake news reports of shortages to convince us that there are food shortages -- so that a law can be justified preventing people from buying more than they need at any given time. My advice: store up using cash purchases before the government can track your electronic purchases and then send you a letter or a fine for buying to much. That's where the satanic governments are going, electronic tracking of purchases.


Here's all four Gospels wrapped into one story.

For Some Prophetic Proof for Jesus as the Predicted Son of God.
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Pre-Tribulation Preparation for a Post-Tribulation Rapture