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January 10 - 16, 2023

I've Always Wondered, Why the Tease Surname?
Are We Being Played with Endless Orchestrated Events?
From a Company Paid to Produce Them?

If you're waiting for Jesus to return, see Post-Tribulation Rapture

It was nice while it lasted. Hall of Names is no longer showing the descriptions of the Coats of Arms presented at House of Names, but I have many of them recorded in my past updates from which to borrow.

Update on Kari Lake's trial bounces, now confirmed with a court conference for February 1.

I've heard from a couple of videos that the Brunson case to the U.S. supreme court was rejected by the court. It's not much of a surprise because the court doesn't want to go against Congress, no doubt, since it's backed by literal, killer gangsters. With a spineless Republican judge or two on the top court, the country is like Mexico.

It's of obvious importance to trust God doing the right things against evil. It's shameful to cower (unless there is certain and great harm from a certain reaction) when it's in your power to act against evil. The supreme court could have sent a shock wave two years ago against election fraud, and now look what it's been responsible for, by doing nothing. The pain goes on.

The following election-fraud case, if I heard correctly near the start, is going before the U.S. supreme court, on January 20, to see whether it will be an accepted case:

I've watched the entire video above, very exciting with two people serving as their own lawyers, and saying what needs to be said in court that some lawyers would not say, at least not with the right tone or zeal for stressing and exposing criminality. Don't under-estimate the failure of the Brunson case because there comes a point where, after the top court rejects case after case, the ones rejecting will look badly lob-sided / political, and the other-side judges can start to get the upper moral hand for to allow some cases to make it through by applying pressure on the goon side.

For those who know my recent work in pointing Mamie to Kari Lake's election lawsuit, I'd like to add here that while Mamie pointed to Tease's/Tyes' too, the Hoopes' (Wiltshire with Hoppers, beside Tiss'/Teese's) look like Tease/Tyes kin. The woman in the video above is Leah Hoopes. I wasn't going to mention any of this heraldry except that her court-related partner in the video is Gregory Stenstrom, and so it's interesting that Stenstroms were first found in Switzerland with German Tease's/Tess', as if perhaps God is pointing to both of these people with Mamie and her tease symbol, which came the night before she pointed to Kari Lake.

To follow better, load Hopes' now to load and view other surnames on another Internet tab.

It's just amazing that StenSTROMs share the Shirt Coat exactly, both sharing the TISS/Teese chevron, and "HosTIS" is a Shirt motto term. Plus, while Mamie pointed to Trump on the night she got her tease symbol, and the next day as well, three fessewise trumpets are used by Calls/Calles', first found in Wiltshire with Hoopes' and Tiss/Teese's'. The Calls/Calles' show nothing but the three trumpets, and STROMs/Storms, first found in Mecklenburg with Trumps, show nothing but three fesses colors reversed from the three Call/Calles trumpets. I think that's a pretty-amazing set of heraldry.

The Shirts came to topic in my Sleeping Beauty dream, and so let's add that Sleeps, showing nothing but two fesses in the colors of the three Call/Calles trumpets, were first found in Shropshire with Hope's/Hopes'/Hopers (not "Hoopes"). Plus, the Shirts came to topic because I started to walk toward Sleeping Beauty, without a shirt on, when she was at the hood of a car, and German Hoods come up as "Hoopes." Sleeping Beauty was fulfilled in that dream by Charlotte Hicks, and Trump's Communication director (at the White House), and maybe more, was Charlotte Hope Hicks, in case she applies to this set of heraldry.

The Shard variation of Shirts is suspect with SARDinians, and Sardinia is where Italian Amori's were first found who have the Hoopes and Tiss/Tease stars in colors reversed. The Shirts/Shards have the HARborough's in their write-up, and Shirts/Shards share the peacock in Crest with HARcourts, the latter first found in Oxfordshire with English Amore's and Damorys/Amori's, but also with English Poussins who show nothing but the Coat of Stroms/Storms in colors reversed, meaning also that the three fesses of Poussins are in the colors of the three Call/Calles trumpets. The three fesses of Poussins are shared by LOVE's/Luffs, first found in Oxfordshire with Poussins, AMORE's and Damorys/Amori's; the latter two have wavy fessewise bars in the colors of the Call/Calles trumpets and the triple fesses of Stroms/Storms.

Stenstroms are listed with Swedish Stens, perhaps a Stein / Stevenson line that married Stroms/Storms. English Stens (likely Ratcliffe kin) are listed with Stains/Stands (share Stevenson/STENson/STEINson Crest) whose Coat looks related to the trumpet-using Levers/Livers/LOVErs (Lancashire with LIVERpool and Ratcliffe's), suggest that Love/Luff liners were a branch of the namers of Liverpool. To the best of my ability to recall the official description of the Lever/Liver/Lover Crest: "A ROOSter STANDing on a trumpet," explaining further the Lever/Liver/Lover relationship to Stens/Stains/Stands. ROSTock is in Mecklenburg. I leave you with this mystery, whatever it could mean in applying to election-fraud fight by Leah Hoopes and Gregory Stenstrom.

Later in the week, I found a story of Ryan Heath taking judge Thompson of Arizona to court. Thompson was the one who railroaded Kari Lake not many weeks ago in unjust manner. Note Heath's company name: "Heath, the founder of Phoenix-based 'anti-woke' nonprofit called The GAVEL Project, filed a Petition for Writ of Mandamus, demanding an order to remove Hobbs from office and vacate Thompson’s December 24, 2022 ruling, 'confirming the election of Katie Hobbs as Arizona Governor-Elect...'"

This is bringing to mind my TIP-IN winning goal that pointed to John Ratcliffe where Ratcliffs (Lancashire with Tipps'/TIPPINS) share the bull head of Tipps'/Tippins. I showed many times why that goal pointed to election fraud by China's hand via Dominion Voting. It just so happens that while John Ratcliffe was the mayor of Heath, and while he still lives in Heath, here we have Ryan Heat of The Gavel Project while English Gavels have the Tipps/Tippin Chief in colors reversed. I thought that was interesting.

I had argued that the Ratcliff / Tippin bull head is that also of Beauty's and Walerans in connection with Sleeping Beauty, and I caught glimpse that GOUEL de LEAVELL, father of Waleran of Leavell, the line to Walerans (Devon with Gouel-like Joels/Jewells), was in the HOVERing scene of Sleeping Beauty. This Sleeping Beauty is Miss Hicks, and after I moved from Texas, she moved also in the same year. She ended up ten miles or less from the home of John Ratcliffe in Heath. The Heaths/Heths share the gold rooster with Levers/Livers/Lovers, and the latter's stands on a trumpet.

The reason we can go to Sleeping Beauty is on two counts more, where Dutch Gavels/Gavi's use a giant gull half in the colors of the giant gull of German Gulls/Golfins/GollenHOFERs, and Hovers are also Hofers. She was hovering LEVEL on her back, and levels are listed with Leavells, you see. And when we load Spanish Gulls, they're listed with Gouel-like Guells/Guele's who almost have the Sleep Coat!

Gulls/Guells share the Coat of Harcourts, first found in Oxfordshire with Julian-branch Gullys/Gollys, a branch of Julian-branch English Gulls. French Julians share the Chief of Italian Gavi's, first found in Genova with the Fieschi whom I trace to Fessys/FACE's expected in the leopard faces of Hovers/Hoffers.

I scored the winning, Gouel-like goal in the last seconds of the semi-championship match, and it took us to the championship, which we won.

It's at times like this when the heraldry is interesting, but somehow doesn't go far enough to convince me that God is making pointers through it. It's possible that the pointers will get better as an election-fraud case makes it to the top court.

OH WOW. After saying that, I realized I should probably load Thompsons (since judge Peter Thompson is being sued), and what did I find? I found the "TEIPSum" motto term that caused me to find the TIPPS'/Tippins in the first place from the Pendragon motto! Both mottoes are identical, "Nosce tiepsum." Tipps' will not come up as "Tipp." Tippers, first found in Cornwall with Pendragons, share the white anchor in Crest with Hoods/Hoots, and Sleeping Beauty pointed to Hoods/Hoots.

OH WOW, the Dolfins/Dolphins in the dolphins of the Tipper Coat were once said to be first found in Surrey, where English Gavels are said to be first found who are the ones with the Tipps/Tippin Chief in colors reversed! This gives me cause to follow Ryan Heath's action against Thompson, expecting some big win, though if it doesn't happen, I'll feel silly.

The Hodds/Hoots, who pointed to Miss Hicks via Hooters, Hover-like Hoovers, and Hicksons, use a "Cornish CHOUGH," while Cuffs, sharing the Coat of Hofer-like Coughs/Cuffs/Cuffeys, have a good reflection of the sleeved arm in the Tipper Crest. English Heffers were first found in Somerset with Coffers/Coffare's while the latter share the crescents of Irish Heffers.

Plus, almost forgot: I showed why KARI Lake should be pointed to by English Carys/Karys (Cuff / Cough colors and format), and they named Castle Cary of the Leavells/Levels!!! ZIKERs. Carys/Karys, Leavells/Levels, and Castle Cary were all first found in Somerset with the first-known Coffers/Coffare's.

Mamie pointed to Kari Lake when she and I were wading in a lake, and later that day she pointed to Lake's Fox-news job with the fox of the Thigh's/Thy's when she, Mamie, got her thigh symbol at her garden. Gardens/Jardens and Jardins were both first found in Angus, and, I think the following is new, as I don't remember telling about it: Jardins share the saltire of Garden-like Geralds/Garalds and Carrot-like Carts of Castle Cary, and this was realized after reading from the Carew/Carrot write-up: "The [Carew] family are descended from 'GERALD, son of Walter de Windsor,...'" The Jaspers (Cornwall with Carews/Carrots) suspect in the Carew/Carrot motto have a Chief in the colors and format of the Jardin Chief.

Carys/Karys (Care/Carre colors and format) have: "Some instances of this name come from Welsh and Cornish origins and are variations of the name Carew." Carys/Kary's share the roses of English Lowers (Cornwall with Carews/Carrots). Lower-like Lovers are the ones with rooster on a trumpet, and Miss Lake not only supports Trump, but might become his vice-presidential pick (I hope much she turns it down). Heaths ("EsPERE") share the stars of Peare's, the latter first found in Oxfordshire with Lake's and IVERYs (Lake format), and then while Pere's have the bend of Iverys in colors reversed, YVERY is where Leavells/Levels had lived. Leavells/Levels are also Lovells. Lovers (Lancashire with Cars/Currs and Ratcliffs) have a rooster STANDing on a trumpet, and while Tree's/True's were first found in Wiltshire with trumpet-using Calls/Calles', Tree's/True's were once said to be first found in Warwickshire with Pere's (and Pettys). STANDish's, sharing the Tease/Tess and Cart saltire, were first found in Gloucestershire with the Letts/Late's who share the Heath/Heth and Peare stars. Tease's were from the Ticino/Tessin river, where Pierro's/PERO's/Petri's were first found. Carts use the tree.

The ship in the Crest of Carews/Carrots (share lion of French Quarre's/Carre's) can be for Ships/Shiptons, first found in Oxfordshire with English Quarre's (probably the Cohen sun) and Lake's, and using "bellows" while Bellows list BALLOTs. The latter have a FOX head in Crest, and a Chief in the colors and format of the Jasper and Jardin Chiefs. There is a whack here of new material pointing to Kari Lake, apparently, from Mamie's garden-and-thigh event.

The goal immediately after my winning goal was the first goal in the championship game, which I scored on Jim McGee. I've always wondered how that game could relate to election fraud going forward to the big win, and so here I can add that Irish McGee's share the leopard faces of Care's/Carre's, a possible clue that the championship match, which we won 6-2, is a pointer to Cary Lake's win at the supreme court, where 8 judges give their vote, 6-2, I'm just guessing. Perhaps one of the nine judges may not be able to vote when that case arrives.

The Tease's/Tess', whom Mamie pointed to along with Tease's/Tye's, have the Jardin / Gerald / Cart saltire in colors reversed, and Jardins share the Tease/Tye stars. The latter have other stars in Thigh/Thy/Tye/Tie colors. Carts could have used a palm branch, as do Palms (Yorkshire with English Tie's), but chose to use a palm tree probably because Tree's/True's, in the Home/Hume motto, share the knight with plumed helmet with English Lannoys while French Lannoys have the TYson/TESSon Coat in colors reversed, both showing nothing but lions colors reversed from the Home/Hume lion. Heimers/HAIMs share the fox (both colors) of Thigh's/Thy's/Tye's (Holland with Hamels/Hamme's), and then Hame's/Hams (Sussex with Hammers) are in Tyson/Tesson colors and format. The Lannoy / Tyson/Tesson lion just happens to be that of Lannoy-like Lyons, who named Glenlyon, and it just so happens that Mens'/MAME's, whom Mamie pointed to, are said to have had a branch at Glenlyon. That is some excellent verification that God did give Mamie both a thigh and tease symbol in less than 24 hours.

In passing, it's interesting that Kepke's/Kopke's share the giant and upright white goat with Dutch Hamels while Keeps were first found in Sussex with Hame's/Hams and Hammers, both in the colors of the Hamel goat. Goats were first found in Nottinghamshire. Goats are used by Bunnys, the latter first found in Basford of Nottinghamshire with Ainsleys. Basfords thus look like GAUDET/GODet kin, and Mamie did point to the Leggs an hour or so before she got her tease symbol in a TENT, because Leggs (almost the Trump Coat) use a "Gaudet TENTaMINE" motto phrase while Mine's/Means are listed with Mame-connectable Menne's.

Bash's share the martlets of Henrys who are in turn said to be from Motte-Henry at the Meu river, near Ram-connectable Rennes. The Basfords/BASHfords are interesting where their spread eagle is in colors reversed with the Teasel/Tessel surname. This may be God's pointer to Elon Musk because Bash-related News'/Nuces' were first found in Cambridgeshire with Annas' and Musks/MOUSquette's, the possible namers of Mousehole (= Port Enys) of the Tease's/Tye's. Morts/Motts, said to have been on or near the Meu river and JUGon, share the crescent of Teasels/Tessels (Essex with Morts/Motts). Juggs/Judds look like McGee / Mee/My kin.

The Twitter Files are dwindling, and Elon Musk has yet to release evidence of election-fraud censorship at the old Twitter. Why might Musk be holding back on that item? Is there a tease program being orchestrated with election-fraud, win after win for the cheats, such irony?

Basfords/Bashfords share the eagles of Essex's, and Rams, in Essex format and colors reversed from them, were first found in Essex. The Fiers in the Ram motto were first found in Middlesex with Essex's. Bash's, Childs (almost the Essex Coat) and Nuce's/Newes' were first found nearby in Hertfordshire. The ESToiles of Este-related Bute's/Butts are shared by new-to-me-here Bassys, and while English Este's were first found in Essex, the Basfords/Bashfords and Essex's use the eagle of Italian Este's. Bassys even share the black horse in Crest with English Este's and Bute's/Butts.

As Fessys/Face's/VASE's are from Fieschi of Genova, note the "viVAS" motto term of Bassys. Segni's/Segurana's (Genova), in the Fessy/Face motto, share the Este / Bashford / Bassy eagle. The Bassy motto is even like the one of Craigie's (Ayrshire with Carricks), a branch of Carricks and Carews/Carrots. Vas' are listed with Vise's/Vice's, and it was this surname that pointed to the distinct possibility that Kari Lake will be the next vice-president.

At the very end of my sleeping-bag dream, Miss Peare (my old friend) was on a STAGE that pointed to Stage's/Staggs, a branch of Stacys and Eustace's ("PERsequeris"), and the latter happen to have the Vas/Vise/Vice cross, both surnames putting it between antlers. I've shown with heraldry that Peare's stage refers to staged elections, in Arizona in particular, where Kari Lake is trying to become the governor. Miss Peare also gave us tease symbols, very related to Mamie's tease symbol, and one of those tease symbols was at the stage scene in the sleeping-bag dream while Mamie teased me in a sleeping bag.

The stage was a wooden deck, and thus Decks/Daggers look like a branch of the Teck variation of Swiss Tease's. Decks/Daggers share the red squirrel of Squirrels/Square's who in turn have the Peare-related Tiens' in their motto. The "Tiens ferme" motto of Squirrels/Square's has been proposed for Azzo of FERMO, the founder of the House of Este. Tiens' (Oxfordshire again) have the Bash martlets in colors reversed, and the Tiens martlets are those of Pavia's while Butt-related Pierro's/Pero's were first found in Pavia, on the Ticino/Tessin river.

The stage/deck scene, a tease scene, thus appears arranged by God. I was pulling Peare by her hips toward me, and it felt so good, but as soon as I started pulling, the dream ended, a tease. Hips' share the martlets of Phoenix's/Fenwicks (Northumberland with Tysons/Tessons), and while both surnames even have similar Coats with Decks/Daggers, Kari Lake's trying to defeat election fraud in Phoenix, Arizona.

Here's something new as per what I've said a million times, that Mamie got her tease symbol in a sleeping BAG with me: Bag-connectable Bagleys (Shropshire with Sleeps) share the triple lozenges of English ANGELs while Tysons/Tessons have: "...Tesson, one of the most powerful families in Normandy seated at ANGOULeme." That looks like verification that her tease symbol should go to Tysons/Tessons. These lozenges are in giant form with Trump-connectable and Face-like Fauci's (Genova), which reminds that Fauchys have a "grassHOPPER" for linkage to Hoppers / Hope's/Hopers and Hoopes'.

The "end" motto term of Home's/Hume's can be for Enders, first found in Cornwall with Enys'. The latter's Chief/Shield colors are reversed from the same of Mens'/Mame's. Tease's/Tess' are interesting for first being found in Switzerland with Heimers/Haims, and with Davos. That looks like more verification that Mamie's tease symbol should point to the Tysons/Tesson bloodline.

Davos, where Klaus Schwab holds his globalist-rat forums, could have been named by the Davids / Davis', both of whom look related to the "mouse" of Misl's. Tease's/Tye's have this: "However, one of the first records of the name was found much further to the south at MOUSEhole in Cornwall. 'This place, which is also called Port Enys,...'"

Enys', first found in Cornwall, can be gleaned with the Annas', making sense because the latter were once said to be first found in Nottinghamshire with their AINSley branch, and with the Tease's/Tye's, and with MAMESfelde of the Manfields. Tysons/Tessons were first found in Northumberland with Mens-branch Manners/Maness'. Manfields share the Coat of Mansells who in turn use a "me" motto term. Ainsley's even have a "my" motto term for the MEE's/Mea's/My's (Nottinghamshire) who are in turn in the "mea" motto term of the Face-connectable Taffs.

Taffs seem important to verify pointers because while Steve Tarr assisted on both my goals under discussion, Tarrs (probably Donald/Ronald kin) can be from the Taro river into which the Ceno flows, and Caens (leopard FACES), whom I can trace to the Ceno, have the Taff fretty in colors reversed. Tarrs were first found in Somerset, beside the first-known Caens of Dorset. The Segni's/Segurana's expected in the Taff / Fessy/Face motto have the Teasel/Tessel eagle in colors reversed, and Fessys/Face's were first found in Northamptonshire with an early branch of Caen-related Cave's.

As McGEE's use leopard faces, it makes one wonder whether they were from the Meigh variation of Mee's/Mea's/My's. Both share the white boar head with Enys'. Ainsley Earhardt was the second fulfillment of Sleeping Beauty, though I don't know why. I trace Mea's to the Meu river near the Rance river, and while Rance's are listed with Rants (share white boar head with McGee's and Mee's/My's), it should explain the "HonoRANTes me" motto phrase of Mansells. Rants are in the motto of their Rind branch, first found in Perthshire with the Glenlyon of Mens'/Mame's. Rance's/Rants are essentially in Thigh/Tye colors and format. Rantes' (Rance/Rant colors) are perhaps correctly listed with Donalds/Ronalds.

The Rams in the Bagley Crest, and the Rant-connectable Rains/Raines' (bloodline named Rennes near/at the Meu river, and near the Rance river) were first found in Essex with the Morts/Motts and Teasels/Tessels (share Mort/Mott/MOTTIN crescent). MOTleys were first found in Shropshire with Bagleys. Bagleys were also in Berkshire, where MODENs/Modeys and Arks/Arch's were first found likely from Modane upon the Arc river.

I can now bring things back to the hovering scene, where Hovers/Hoffers share the white leopard face with Irish McGee's. Scottish McGee's share the boar head of Mea's/My's/Meigh's whom I can link to the Fessy/FACE cross. The same boar head is used by Judds/Juggs while JUDGE's are also Juge's (Irish McGee colors and near-format). Irish McGee's (faces) were first found in County Antrim while Antrims/Antinghams share the Lake bend. While the Lake Coat is much like the Huffer Coat, the Antrim/Antingham Coat is the Huff Coat in colors reversed. Huffers share the cinquefoil of Hurts/Horts, the latter first found in Oxfordshire with Lake's.

Will Kari Lake win a big court case, and did my goal on Jim McGee point to it, the year I first won a hockey championship, in my first year of organized hockey, at age 12?

Here's a video this week with Andrew Huff telling that globalists have been burning down food-supply plants mainly across the United States, indicating that globalists wish to starve people to some degree, what a bunch of rats needing a rat trap:

Mr. Huff says in the video that a Mr. HOFFman has keys to incriminating data against the attackers. Hoffmans are listed with Jewish Hoffers who have the Tease/Tyes fesse-with-stars in colors reversed. Although this is off-topic from election fraud, Mamie did point to Tease's/Tyes' with her thigh symbol.

Here's Kari Lake on a swanky Huckabee show this week:

I'd like to say that, with my firm belief that the Apophis asteroid is going to land in the sea in April of 2029, it may be to our great benefit if Kari Lake becomes the president then, after being Trump's vice-president from January 2025 to January 2029.

Rothschild Heraldry

German Rothschilds/Roddensteins have the eight-pointed star of Dutch Steins in colors reversed. In the following video (could be click-bait), or see the same in this article, I see no evidence that Marianne Rothschild, who married Fred Schwab in the United States, is related to Klaus Schwab. It says, at the top of the article, that Marianne (WW2 / Nazi survivor) was the daughter of Louis Rothschild, banker near Frankfurt, birthplace in the 1700's of the first Rothschild, Mayer, of the (in)famous banking empire. The reason I'm pointing this video out is for the claim in which Louis Rothschild is said NOT to be descended from Mayer's bloodline. If true, it seems that Mayer, born a Bauer, was descended from the ancestry of Louis Rothschild because Mayer changed his surname to "Rothschild."

The Jewish Rothchild (not "RothSchild") Coat even has an upright horse in the colors of the giant and upright unicorn of the Schwab surname (first found in Franconia, which probably named Frankfurt), and they say that Rothschilds of the banking / industrial empire are forced to marry Rothschilds by other names.

The following video proves without doubt that Klaus Schwab was in New York with Jews on 9-11:

Mayer Rothschild was 32 years old in 1776, when Adam WEIShaupt founded the Bavarian Illuminati. The Weis'/Wise's use a Coat that is essentially half of the Jewish Rothchild Coat, but see also the Rasmussens/ASSMAN Coat, which shares the Schwab Coat. Assmans obviously named Germany's Assmannshausen at RUDESheim. The previous NATO Chief was Fogh Rasmussen.

Although you can find claims like the following, Wikipedia deceptively gives Amschel MOSES Rothschild as Maier's father. "Mayer Rothschild’s original name was Mayer Amschel Bauer but changed it to the previous family name of Rothschild..." It seems that Amschel MOSES Rothschild was a Bauer. The Moses/Moy surname claims that Mostyns were their branch.

RasMUSSENs have a bend rising toward the sinister side of the Shield (viewer's right), ditto with Jewish Rothchilds. The Mussens are listed with the Mustang-like Mustans, much like "Mostyn," and some of you may know my story of Allison BAUER, my girlfriend of about two months when we worked at KNOB Hill farms. I've told the story a million times because God obviously set an event up there, where Mr. Kepke and I sat on the hood of my Mustang, in the parking lot of KNOB Hills FARMs, where he spotted Allison Bauer getting into a car, at the moment she was leaving me for the owner of that car. It's the only event I can remember between Kepke and I at that workplace, even though we had been friends since age 12.

Knobs were first found in Bavaria with Weis'/Wise's and Rothes'/Rothchilds, and German Rothschilds/RODDENsteins have a red-Shield version of the Weis/Wise Coat, as well as almost sharing the Knob arrow. The Knob arrow is bendwise in the colors of the bend of RODDENs/Rodhams, first found in Northumberland with the swords in the Mussen/Mustan Coat, and with the Hebrons who not only have a horse head in the colors of the Rothchild horse, but have a "Keep" motto term for the Kepke and Keppoch bloodline. Steve Stavro, owner of Knob Hill Farms, was into race horses.

As I've said almost a million times, immediately after Kepke rode the white horse of Miss Peare, his next girlfriend after the Knob Hill Farms event above, I ride the horse too, and it just so happens that Pero's almost have the Weis/Wise Coat. What is God trying to say? Why is he pointing me to Rothschilds?

As per Knob Hill FARMs, one can glean that Farmers and Dance's were kin of Keppochs, first found in Yorkshire with same-colored Mussens/Mustans, Rhodes', and English Dance's. Italian Dance's/Donna's, with four of the Pero pale bars, were first found in Piedmont with Pero's. Keppoch were kin of Sheffields (share Keppoch garbs), who are in Mussen/Mustan colors and format. Sheffields were first found in RUTland, and Rutlands share the "orle" border with RUTHERfords while Rothers/Ruths/Randolphs were first found in Moray.

RASmussens are expected from Varangian RUS of Kiev, where "Kepke" traces. Jewish Rothchilds use ROSES, and Ras' are listed with Scottish Rose's, from a Rose clan in and around Moray. The eastern Moray border is on the SPEY river, location of ROTHES, and Spears/SPEYers happen to use the boar heads of Roets who in turn share the motto of Bows/Bough's (Durham, beside Yorkshire) who in turn share five, bunched arrows with the Arms of Rothschild. Masons/Massins share the mermaid of Morays, and the Spire's/Spears/Speyers are in the Mason/Massin motto. The Roet / Spear boar heads are gold, as is the boar head in the Sheffield Crest. The Sheffield boar head is ERASed at the neck, a heraldic code suspect with the Eras variation of Rasmussens.

Why would God point Kepke and I to Varangian Rus of Kiev, the line to Rothes' and Rothschilds, unless this had to do with Armageddon's anti-Christ kingdom, or else His Wrath on Rothschilian Israel. Why is the Wrath surname listed with English Rothes' (Kent with Masons/Massins)? English Rothes' were once said to be first found in Shropshire, where Rhodes-branch Rudes' and Moses'/Moys were first found, tending to prove that Mayer Bauer's father, with a middle Moses surname, was from this Moses bloodline. While Schwabs are Swabs too, Swabia is where Mosers were first found.

As I said, when I was on Peare's horse, I rode it to a BANK (drop-off) in the field, and then TURNed the horse around and went back to Miss Peare and Kepke. Roddens/Rodhams (Northumberland with Malbanks and Horse's) can be gleaned as MalBANK / Rothschild/Roddenstein kin. It's pointing to Rothschild bankers, tending to point to the 666 system because we can expect international bankers to be the main thrust of that system, especially as Rothschilds hold vaccine patents. Although I give allowance for the 666 system to be a non-payment program, it may be both a vaccine door pass into businesses, and a payment system.

I always say I TURNed the horse around, but I only now recall that two helmets in the Arms of Rothschilds are said to be "turned," likely code for elements in Piedmont's Turin. German Helms (Kepke/Kopke colors and format) use a giant helmet, and English Helms (Surrey with Rutlands) are in the colors and format of English Rothes'. Turn-like Scottish Turins (Aberdeenshire with Leslie's) share the gold boar head with Roets / Spears/Speyers, and while Pollocks built the castle at Rothes, Scottish Pollock, BOURleys, Bauers and Bowers (five, bunched arrows) all have green Shields while Mayer Bauer called his house in Frankfurt, "Green Shield." Jewish Pollocks are thus suspect with the Rothchild / Rodden/Rodham bend. Pollocks of Rothes married Watsons (Rutland) who in turn married Leslie's (Banker colors and format), wherefore the latter became earls of Rothes.

Revelation 16 says that the creators of Armageddon are likened to frogs, and while the French have a frog symbol, president Macron of France has history in Rothschild banking. This week, Macron has committed to sending large weaponry, tanks, to Ukraine i.e. to Kiev to fight the Russians. It's probably nothing, but I'll say it anyway: the Tanks/Tancreds, first found in Yorkshire with Sheffield-related Keppochs, are in Sheffield / Mussen/Mustan colors. The Chips/Chippers, first found in Worcestershire with Hills, have: "William Chepe was listed at Sheffield in 1369."

Isaiah 10 tells that the anti-Christ will go south through Israel en route to Jerusalem, and when he gets to NOB, about two miles north of walled Jerusalem, he shakes his fist at that city. Nobs, with another green Shield in both colors of Bourleys, evokes KNOB HILL Farms. The WHITE horse of Revelation is suspect with the Rus, either Russians or Rothschilds.

Chips/Chippers share the gold escutcheon (small shield) with Scute's/Scutts who have a Ukraine-like crane (with ROSE), and while Crane's are also Crone's, Macrons are listed with Crons (Craun/Crane colors). The Scute/Scutt Chief has both two of the Chip/Chipper escutcheons, and between the two Scute/Scutt escutcheons is a gold tower, the color of the PUTIN/PATENT tower. The Macron/Cron Shield is half the Shield of English Patents/Pattens, and Pattons were first found in Shropshire with Rothes elements.

Scute's/Scutts thus look like a branch of English Scotts because the latter use the Catherine wheel of Catherine Roet. The Scottish Scotts, sharing the Patton crescents, thus look like Leslie kin. The Scottish Scotts not only share the star of Bauers and Spanish Urbans, but the latter almost have the Scott crescent, and the Scottish Scott crescent looks related to the same-colored Kepke/Kopke goat because both Kepke's/Kopke's and Spanish Urbans have the same border. Kepke liners were large in the Ukraine capital, since they named the city.

Spanish Urbans share the star also of Weis-branch Wies'/Wiesers. German Urbans (share Weis/Wise hexagrams) are in the colors and format of Scottish Scotts, and the URBANus river was home to the Ceraunii Illyrians, the proto Crons / Crans / Crauns / Crone's, and possible namers of Ukraine. Or, Ukraine may have been named by a branch of the namers of Ceraunii. The Rose's / Rothes' were likely from the ROXolani of Kiev, and Scottish Scotts were first found in ROXburghshire with Rutherfords. The heraldic crane often comes with a ROCK in the foot, as it does for Burkharts, first found in Swabia. This is a giant crane in Kepke/Kopke colors, and it causes me to repeat that Mr. Kepke had a close friend, when I knew them both, whom Kepke called, "Burk" (I think it was his surname). Irish Burks/Burghs use a "roy" motto term while Scottish Roys look like a branch of German Rolls (both potential Royal branches), first found in Swabia with Burkharts (Roy / Roll colors).

As Wiles' share (in different colors) the Rothschild arrows and the double fesses of COPlans), Wiles' may have named Wies', Weis' and/or goat-using Weiss' (Saxony, same as goat-using Kepke's/Kopke's.). The Weiss Crest is probably the Weishaupt antelope, though they are showing in different designs. The Weiss goat is in the Chief of Moline's, first found in Devon with English Wise's.

I've spent most of the week trying to find the true distances between planets, and will have that ready for anyone interested maybe by the next update.


For tribulation purposes, we could really use gas stoves and small gas heaters, even if we can only go a few months into the 666 system with whatever we may have in our tanks at the time. Even a small amount of gas and a kitchen stove is an excellent way to salvage lives in case of a weeks-long electrical failure, and there is suspicion now that Schwabites (WEF) want to cut electricity on people as part of their demolition plots, and of course they want to blame others for the failure of electrical grids.

Where you may have heard recently that Bidenites are calling to make gas stoves illegal (what? is he nuts?) on a false premise, the article below suggests it could be a Schwabite plot: "So, where did this whole “ban gas stoves” thing start, anyway? Well, one very astute conservative put the pieces together and discovered that it basically started at WEF… where else, right? Turns out, the company that wrote the article that got every one so heated up is a close partner with WEF. The name of the company is RMI and they’re located in Boulder, Colorado… of course." The more we all stick it to the WEF with the bad press it deserves, the less they will get away with all they wish to get away with.

Whatever lives the Schwabites harm en-masse, they harm the lives also of their liberal supporters until they make even them their enemies, which is why the goons can't afford to get caught demolishing our lives. That's why they want censorship, because we report their evil. There are several high-profile politicians speaking out against them, such as DeSantis:

Both Bill Gates and Klaus Schwab like to be bogeymen. They like to scare us. These men are going to die one day, just think of it. Soon. We win. Bill Gates is repeatedly trying to scare people into thinking that the meat supply is being vaccinated to get us to stop eating meat, and frankly I don't know how much of it is a bluff. But I have gleaned that he's having fun making us fear eating meat. How can an "elitist" be such an impish, overbearing pig? Does too much money make people hazardous?

Want to see lawlessness in elite circles?:

Below is a Pfizer man, stung reportedly by Project Veritas, admitting that Pfizer is testing thousands of blood samples for troponin. This is a bodily chemical that results after a heart attack, meaning that Pfizer has taken the blood samples of people who have recently had heart attacks, and whom have also been vaccinated recently, we must assume, or what good is the testing done by Pfizer?

"Very high levels of troponin are a sign that a heart attack has occurred. Most patients who have had a heart attack have increased troponin levels within 6 hours. After 12 hours, almost everyone who has had a heart attack will have raised levels. Troponin levels may remain high for 1 to 2 weeks after a heart attack." here's the short video.

A comment at the video above: "I'm not seeing this update on the Veritas website or on YouTube. When did this air?" If it's "old," it can't be more than a year, my guess, in which case we did not hear back from Pfizer.

If Pfizer wants to play-on with its scheme, it will pretend that the testing showed no signs that the vaccines are the causes of heart attacks. Perhaps this is why the tests are being done, as in staged testing, to provide good PR for the company.

Within the last week, Fauci was on CBS news addressing the heart attacks gone hyper throughout the youthful world, and he made the claim that COVID is by far more responsible for this problem than the vaccines, and moreover he framed it as though the vaccines only very-rarely, and mildly / temporarily too, cause heart conditions. Thus, he's signalling to the entire liberal-wretched world to blame COVID for the heart attacks, and thus blaming the unvaccinated. This is the sort of slime this man is, not at all content yet on the number of atrocious bodily malfunctions. There's more going on beside heart problems, and he wants more vaccinations forever more. Forever Hell goes to people who would forever kill people. Some people love to kill people, we saw doctors doing it worldwide, and some still do it under the radar now.

Paul Gosar has a high profile on Gab. What is someone being who blurts out the following while leaving out the vaccine pushers who have killed more than the other drug pushers, and leaving out the chief vaccine pusher, Trump: "Former President Trump is right - Drug smugglers, sex traffickers and drug dealers must receive the death penalty. The Mexican cartels running our border are foreign terrorist organizations actively killing Americans." Vaccine pushers are ACTIVELY, PRESENTLY, killing Americans and other nationalities too, meaning that Trump deserves the death penalty too.

And so do I for not killing people, but because I rejected God and therefore lived as though He was dead, and because I gave Him a living-death sensation for rejecting Him. When people kill without conscience by vaccines, it's not because they respect God.

I suggest you start the video below at 13 minutes to see a story from an Australian, Dr. Phillip Altman, claiming that the American military -- the shadow government -- was the lead instigator, the planner of the vaccine scheme, even globally, and then pay special attention to 17:50, where it says that the FDA's (drug administration) website claims that the military was in charge (though we are not shown the quote from the FDA website):

"Dr. Altman is a well known Australian authority on clinical trials and regulatory affairs with more than 40 years experience working with the TGA. More recently Dr Altman has presented to the 'Cross Party COVID Inquiry' held in Brisbane and NZ in relation to the COVID vaccines."

When a pro-vax media personality dies or gets almost fatally sick these days, I feel nothing. These are the people responsible for millions of deaths, many of them not yet taking place. These people deserve to die for contributing to mass-murder, and then mocking or even threatening people like you and me for pointing out their errors. These are the people who would jail us or worse when in fact they are the guilty ones. So, sit back and watch these people fall one by one to alleviate our persecution. I don't care about them. They have removed from my heart any compassion I would otherwise have had for their illnesses.

I would not feel this way had we not been so deep into the massive evidence against vaccines. The deniers and the finger-pointers pointing at the wrong people (me) have made me feel it's better if they die to alleviate the good guys all over the world, and the more their own kind deny that it's the vaccines which are killing them, the more they kill each other off because, instead of warning each other, they like fools march together toward destruction. That's how things have shaped up. Then, in the end, they will need to admit that they were wrong on top of killing each other off.

I'm generalizing, but this is the trend now because the pro-vaccinites and mask goons were such because most of them did not, and still do not, have character enough to admit they were wrong. Stay away from this type of person, or you become like them. But as for you and your house, do not receive the risky vaccines. Some of them shut down the immune system to produce something akin to a virus, and then leave you with a less-efficient immune system for when you do catch a virus, and you will be more likely to catch a virus because this is the plan: to perpetuate viral infections to perpetuate the justification for quasi-forced "vaccines." There are many different types of "vaccines" that harm and kill in many different ways, that's the obvious plan to keep from getting caught: do harm in many different ways. Here's yet another man down suddenly in what's seen all over the world since the vaccine roll-out:

One day you are fine, one minute you are fine, and then you fall with an attack to the nerves and/or heart and/or brain. And nobody will get justice for you from those who pushed the vaccines, not even your own family members if they have been stooges of the liberized, mask-goon world, because even your own family members have proudly signed up to be vaccine-pushing killers, all being conditioned to hate anti-vaxxers. One by one these stone-hearts are killing each other off.

There are many professionals the world over spreading photos of deteriorated / malfunctioning blood cells of vaccinated people, when will the robotic, communist-pig, stone-heart ignoramuses listen and get wise? I sent all sorts of videos more disturbing / concerning, than the one below, to my sons, imploring them not to vaccinate, and three of them wanted nothing to do with the videos. One wrote to say, stop sending me those videos. And he took a vaccine during the very period in which I was sending him the material. A few weeks later, he had a sudden seizure and was put under a controlled coma in a hospital for days...from which he may never fully recover. If I call the mask goons, stone-hearts, I'm being kind; they almost fully destroyed my son's brain. The leader of my country is directly responsible for this, and for producing millions of ear-stopped ignoramuses who cause the very same sorts of things to their own family members and circle of friends. They egged each other on, toward destruction, and they contributed to the destruction. The only good news is that their numbers are dwindling now.

It's probably futile to guess where "COVID" started, because it could have, and was probably, planted in many places at generally the same time to hasten the "pandemic." But even where it wasn't planted, they devised a means to pretend that every flu-like symptom was potentially-deadly COVID, and then the naive all over the world did the bidding of the schemers by spreading the fear. They can try it all over again this winter, but the schemers will need to fake that a majority of the population is wanting the "vaccines," because nobody wants them by now.

This past week, many in Canada saw this weird vaccine event on a canadian news station:

Fall after fall, death after death, the deniers keep on denying, it's an unbelievable movement of incredible ignorance. These people are determined to be proven to be the correct ones in order that people like you and me are seen as the problem, such is their lust to punish us. We never hear of illnesses like this from the unvaxxed. There has been no viral set of videos going around, that I know of, telling that unvaccinated people are falling all over the place on a camera. The ones we hear about, and see on video, falling, are a small fraction of those who are falling.

There's only one thing the global deep state can do, silence us, because our voices along with the growing illnesses is ruining the globalist agenda. But before they silence us, it's our job to expose their insanity, which is an condition of their wicked hearts. Their wickedness is making them think and act insanely, like you and I would not think and act. Stay normal, stay unvaxxed, don't join the VACCINE CULT. From now on, when you spar with one of them, say, "you vaccine cultist."

Some more from Twitter Files, vaccine-related, from a quasi-liberal media:

The following has an interesting story with the attorney generals of Missouri taking Biden and other to court for stifling speech:

Here's the electric-car headaches that Schwabites want us to succumb to ASAP:

Here's graphene-oxide looking like spiders, but only when it's subjected to "electric fields," and I assume that radio / telephone waves can activate this material too since they're electric waves. They are in wonderment because the spider-effect develops "from a distance," meaning no wires i.e. electro-magnetic waves. It means they can put this in human bodies and cause it to solidify / clump in bodies with a phone call.

I've kept a list of news stories for you to peruse, which you can save in case you need it to fight a vaccine enforcement:
[[ Pfizer kills babies three videos:


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