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September 27 - October 3, 2022

Giorgia Meloni is in Mellanson's Ear-Swab Miracle
My Jeep Points to Kiev as the Pipeline Burster
Burisma Gas Suspect at Nord Stream Explosion

If you're waiting for Jesus to return, see Post-Tribulation Rapture

It was nice while it lasted. Hall of Names is no longer showing the descriptions of the Coats of Arms presented at House of Names, but I have many of them recorded in my past updates from which to borrow.

After riding a shopping cart like one rides a skateboard down a paved road, I saw a road ahead intersecting with the road I was on. Why the ROADs? That was the first scene in the dream. The second scene had me on a road with my Jeep parked at the curb, complaining to the previous owner of the Jeep that the DOOR HANDLE was missing a "barrel" shaped part. I had found that the Barrels were first found in the same place as English Doors, but I had never ventured to follow the Barrel surname as I've just done now. I did previously go to the Barrs, and showed how the dream is a pointer to Bill Barr's corruption as Trump's attorney general.

(Load Barrels now to have access, on another tab, to other Coats of Arms.)

I showed how the first scene pointed with Shop variations to the Walker-related Schere's/Scherfs, and thus to president George Scherff-Bush who appointed Bill Barr to be his attorney general back around 1990. I had discovered long ago that was riding the shopping cart because Ridings/READings share the Bush boar, but I'm now entering the READys too because they are in Duc/LeDuc and Handel colors and format. I'm going to show that the door-handle scene points to poison vaccines, and that James LeDuc of the Galveston national lab is expected in that corruption with the Wuhan lab, a topic also of my last update.

I had proposed that the "ohne" motto term of Handels is a pointer to "Wuhan." I had then found the One variation of Moray's Innis' who share the Handel and Moray Coats in colors reversed. And the Duc/LeDuc Coat is not only a near-copy of the Handel and Moray Coats, but they share the eight-pointed star of Bellys, first found in Moray. So, the door handle is pointing very well to the partnership known between JAMES LeDuc and Wuhan. The James' are even in Handel / LeDuc / Ready colors and format, but we will find more surnames in those colors and format as we follow a clue in the Barrel Chief.

To set this up, I think it's necessary to include the Readys, from my riding the shopping cart, because they share the scimitar in Crest with Ainsleys, and Ainsley Earhardt, when she's posing as Sleeping Beauty (see last update for that), is a pointer to poison vaccines. The scimitar is suspect partly with Schims/Schiens, first found in Aberdeenshire with Ready-like Reads, explaining the Ready scimitar.

The Barrel Coat shows almost nothing at all but a chief upon which there is a white dog head having a RED EAR emphasized. Reds are listed with Reeds. I then assume that God had the barrel-shaped part with the door handle because He wants us to go to ear-like Eyers/Ayers and Earhardts.

It works even better where Scottish Ayers were first found in Ayrshire with Barrs, as if to confirm that the Barrel ear is code for Ayer liners. The Eyers/Ayers were even first found in Derbyshire with HERE's/Heyers, and they share blue wings with German Here's, and it just so happens that Barrels and English Doors were first found in HEREfordshire. Not only that, but Herefords share the Road eagle. If that's not enough, Eyers are also Eyes' while "aye" is a motto term of Readys, as if God set up this heraldry to connect Readys to Ainsleys for the purpose of bringing Ainsley Earhardt to topic.

I will even claim that my riding the grocery cart was the start of the pointer to Miss Earhardt, for we got to Readys with the Ridings/Readings. I'll now repeat that I was at a grocery store one day, in real life, with my mask off. I was standing with a grocery cart loaded with groceries waiting for the severe downpour in rain to stop. A man came up to me and started to pester me for having my mask off, and so we see that this event is COVID related. As soon as the RAIN stopped, I went out the door, and arriving to a spot in the parking lot with an inch or more of water, I pushed the cart hard and JUMPed onto the back frame, RIDING THE CART through the puddle, I kid you not, to keep my shoes dry. Jumps not only share the Trump stag head, but the Belly roses, and Rains/Raines' look like they love the Trump-connectable Leggs/Legges' in their motto.

Trump, self-appointed "father of vaccines," as he called himself. Fathers/Feathers were obvious kin of Lights/Lite's in the "Lighter than air" motto term of Scottish Ayers. Airs are listed with ear-like Eyers/Ayers, all-the-more reason to see them related to Airharts. Eyers/Ayers have a leg in Crest. Fathers/Feathers even share the Derby Crest while Eyers/Ayers were first found in Derbyshire. Derbys share the Ayer / Eyer chevron.

Lights/Lite's have swans, and Readys use swans in the colors of the Sion/SINE/Swan swan while "sino" is a term denoting China. Wuhan is in China, and Readys are in the colors and format of the Handels with the "ohne" motto term. Sions/Sine's/Swans were first found in Lanarkshire with Hardys, explaining the heart of Sions/Sine's/Swans. EarHARDTs/AirHarts look like they apply, especially as Hardys share the black boar with Ridings/Readings. The Douglas', sharing the Moray stars and first found in Moray, have a heart too, and are said to be descended from Hardys. One's/Innis' and Handels were both Moray kin. The Dallas', first found in Moray, share the Biggar Coat, and Biggar is a location in Lanarkshire.

Sion in Switzerland is right beside Ayer and Ayrshire (near Lanarkshire) was named after Ayr.

The Douglas' now work well with the time, in real life, where I was coming to my Jeep with a grocery cart loaded with groceries, when I spotted a Russian MEDALlion on my hood. When I got home, I checked for a medal surname to find it listed with DOUGALs, a near copy of "DOUGLas." Medals/Dougals turned out to be kin of Bauds and Hood-line Hodleys, the bauds first found in Stirlingshire with Chappes'/CHEAPs, like the Chep variation of JEEPma's. And lo, the Chappes'/Cheaps use "EARs of wheat". So, it appears that even that latter event is God pointing to Miss Earhardt.

The Douglas motto is related to that of James', for what looks like a pointer to James LeDuc. The "Arriere" motto term of Douglas' looks like part-code for an Air liner, probably the Airys/Eerie's because they share the six pale bars of Italian Belli's in the Belly motto, "Per acuta belli." And so as Bellys share the LeDuc star, it appears that God did point us to Douglas' to get to James LeDuc. Indeed, the Medals/Dougals share the James lion. So, yes, the Russian medallion seems to point to the Galveston National Lab, but why a Russian medallion? That is a mystery I'd like to crack.

Okay, now that the Barrels got us to Here's, we add that German Here's share the border of HERmits, and there is a "hermit" in the Crest of Sheds/Sheddens, the latter first found in Ayrshire with Hare's, Ayers and Barrel-like Barrs. It looks like poetry, but the Purpose seems to be a pointer to vaccine SHEDDING, a warning from God that people will weaken the immune systems of their loved ones, whom they are closest to, after getting boosters.

To help verify that we were to go to Hermits, not only did the vaccine goons try to turn the world into stay-at-home hermits, but Hermits share the helmet of German Helms while English Helms were first found in Surrey with English Hare's/Hairs and James'. Hermits are in the colors and format of James', Handels, Readys, and Scottish Doors. The latter share the leopard faces of Wrights, and the previous owned of my Jeep owned a steel shop (welding, etc.) i.e. he was a METAL WRIGHT.

The Here's came up thanks to Barrels of HEREfordshire using a red EAR on a DOG head, and Dogs/Doags, looking like Dougal / Douglas branch, were first found in Perthshire with the Justine's who share the Here and Hermit border. Perthshire is where Wings/Winks were first found, and wings are shared between Here's and Here's/Heyers and HERzogs. The medallion event at the GROCery store had caused be to find Groce's/Greggs, a branch of dog-using Carricks (Ayrshire again), and later I learned that the split Groce/Gregg Shield is that also of Herzogs. The latter are not only HARTzogs too, but were first found in Bavaria with Earhardts/Airharts, and beside the Groce's/Greggs of BADEN. The Ainsley-connectable Readys use an "aye" motto term, and an eye is used by Badens/Battins (Somerset, same as Lights/Lite's suspect in Ayer motto).

Amazingly, Airys/Eerie's have a "Je le" motto phrase while Jells share the bend-with-stars of Herzogs. "Je" could be code for Jays because they were first found in Herefordshire too, but then McGee's are also Jee's, and they are super here because they share the boar head of Tenants. I was a tenant for the previous owner of the Jeep. Ahh, Jells were first found partly in Derbyshire with Here's/Heyers and Eyers/Ayers/Airs, beauty! "Je" is a motto term of McKinneys while Mr. McKinney was the husband of Ainsley Earhardt. The McKinney cinquefoils are in colors reversed from the same of Lords, in case my landLORD applies here. He's in the right paragraph.

Another amazing thing is: McKinneys share a "prest" motto term with Barrel-like Barlo's. There is a claim in the McKinney write-up that they were Simons, but I'm not sure I agree, though it seems clear that they could have merged with Simons of Anjou. The previous and originally owner of the Jeep was of Italian Simons.

Jells were partly found in Yorkshire with Gragg-like Craggs (share black dog of Carricks). Carricks (same place as Craigie's and Jellys) are said to descend from Craigs, the latter first found in Aberdeenshire with Reeds who in turn share the "book" with Road-line Roets (Somerset). Jellys share the Ayer / Eyer chevron. Craigie's are said to have been in West Lothian, where Tenants were first found. Perhaps the previous owner of the Jeep, with a Desimone surname, was part of the dream especially for a pointer to tenants. But why? The rest of the dream could have taken place without him, and so why was he a part of it?

It was less than an hour ago when wild TURKey walked past my garden, and the Vela's in the Tenant motto have "torches" while Scottish Turks/Torks (rock in flames) have a "Pace VEL BELLO" motto. Italian Bello's/Belli's are the ones sharing the Airy/Eerie Coat, and the latter's motto may have been for the Jee/Gee kin of Tenants, especially as Jee's/Gee's were first found in Dumfries with Turks/Torks, how about that. The ram in the Turk/Tork Crest tells me that they were related to ram-using Bauds, first found in Auvergne with the Bouillons who likewise have a "bello" motto term. Thus, we are back to LeDuc kin, and after the turkey (about four of them) went out of sight, I closed the gate that had previously pointed to Bill Gates i.e. the vaccine fiend.

I remember that the Vela description mentions their torches at the "corners", and Corners/Garners are said to possibly be from GARDNers. The turkey just walked past my garden, I kid you not. I'm intrigued, but I can't at first glance see why I had to click to Tenants, Turks or McGee's had not the turkey come by to point to Bill Gates. How do they point to Wuhan or the Galveston lab? I often repeat that English Doors (same place as Barrels) look like bee-using Gates kin.

The Pace's/Pasi's have a Pascel variation while Pass'/Pascals were first found in Essex with the Rams in the Turk/Tork Crest, and with the Rains who look like a Ram branch. Rains use a "leges" motto term while Leggs/Legges' were first found in Dumfries with Turks/Torks too, and that looks like a pointer to Trump's facilitation of vaccinations. The "terrae" motto term of Rains goes well with the Terra's/Terras'/Terrace's because they have rooks to go with the Turk/Tork rock, and Rooks were first found in Oxfordshire with Door-beloved Bee's. So, that looks like a pointer to Rockefeller involvement in global vaccinations. The Bee bend-with-fleur is in the colors and format of the Terra/Terrace bend-with-rooks, all looking like it has Intelligent Design behind it. We didn't need the wild turkey to get here because we got to Turks/Torks by the Vela's in the Tenant motto.

Rooks have a write-up indicating that they were related to the FellTRAGER variation of Fellers (Jewish surname), and as Rocco's/ROCCHETTi's almost have the German Trager Coat, Rooks must have been a Rocco branch, for Rockets even have a giant rook. Rocco's essentially have the GRAPE/Gripp bend, a good reason to point the Grape's to graphene-oxide, where Mr. KEPke pointed with Graffs and Keeps. The latter, along with Kepplers/Kepels, essentially have the German Trager Coat, can we believe it? Jeepma's are also CHEPs. English Tragers share the raven with Rooks.

It can be added that the three eight-pointed LeDuc stars are in colors reversed with the Feller-like Fells. That too looks Arranged. It's the same-old pointers to the same-old wickedness in money-hoarding places, but in many different ways. Fellers (LING colors and format) almost have the Verona and Lynch/LINCH Coats while Turk-beloved Belli's/Bello's were first found in Verona, and Lynch's were first found in Galveston-like Galway. Lyng is a location in Norfolk, where Lucys from PASSy were first found, and German Lings share crossed spears (different colors) with Scottish Line's/Linds, and with Pace's/Pasi's/Pascels suspect in the Turk motto. It appears that God set up the wild turkey this evening just in time before dark.

The vertically-split Shield of German Lings is shared by the English Doors! Unexpected, but well taken. Gates' have that split Shield in colors reversed, and the German Ling lion is in the colors of the Gates lions. The Ling lion is a demi-lion in the colors of the Graff/Graffen demi-lion, yet it's also in the Gates Crest. The door-handle dream speaks. God is going to pulverize and destroy these vaccine killers. English Lings even have fish heads in the colors of the "pike" fish of Geds, they being a branch of Gates' like Geddes' who in turn use pike heads. That's incredible, and there are more fish heads with German, Barrel-like Barrys. Irish Barrys were first found in Cork with Galways.

I've just loaded barrel-like Barlo's to find that they named Barlow Hale, which recalls that the basic Coat of Hale's is much like that of Doors, Gates'. Market Drayton is in Hales while the Drayton Coat is much like the Gates Coat. ..and Lings.

From the time that I saw the turkey until now, my TENANT (Chance bloodline) has been doing his LAUNDRY (using my machines on my floor). French Landrys were first found in the Barrois / Bar region of Lorraine, and the French Louis'/Loys, first found in Lorraine with French SIMONs, share the three lozenges of Fells while Welsh Louis' (share French Simon Coat) were first found in GlaMORGANshire (old Morgannwg) with Lewis' who in turn share the green dragon head with Door-beloved Bee's. German Loys even share the LANDry chevron. Morgans have the Lorraine lion in colors reversed. The previous owner of the Jeep, my old LANDlord, was Joseph Desimone, and while his surname is listed with Italian Simons, French Joseph's share the Landry martlets. German Lands are listed with Landry-like Landers! That's amazing.

Plus, though it's confusing me as to what it might point to, the Lords look like kin of Rimmons/Crimmons, first found on Skye and LEWIS. The Rimmon/Crimmon Crest shares a red lion with Desimone's.

As it seemed certain that God put a barrel-shaped part in the Jeep's door handle in order to point to Ainsley Earhardt (mother of Hayden), it's first of all notable that she works weekdays for FOX between two man, Mr. KilMEADE and Mr. Doocy. The Jeep's previous owner was Mr. DeSIMONE, and that surname is in the colors of the FOX of Jewish Simons. Doocys are listed with LeDuc-connectable Duce's, and Meads share the Landry martlet upon a chevron colors reversed from the Landry / Loy chevron. We then go to the Barrel-like Barlo's because they have a "foi" motto term while Haydens use "foy." The Foi's/Foys are listed with FOIX's, you see, and they were first found in Auvergne with fox-using Fez's/FAYs, perfect with the Morgans above due to mythical Morgan le Fay.

Irish Foys/Feys share eel in Crest with Ships/Shiptons who in turn have "bellows" on their Shield. The Bellows come up as Bello's, and we saw "bello" in the Turk/Tork motto, but Bouillons, first found in Auvergne too, have another "bello" motto term. This is Eerie. The Bellows are excellent here, not just because they have a "fox" head in Crest, but because Foi's/Foys/Foix's share the Moray, Handel and BAILEY stars while Baileys (share One/Innis boar head) were kin of One's/Innis' and a branch of Bellys, both first found in Moray. The "ohne" motto term of Handels (share Moray Coat) has got to be for One variation of Innis'. This is very impressive because the theory that Barrels point to Miss Earhardt seems to be proven by following the Barlo motto. There is a Foix province beside Roquefeuil.

The "foi PREST" motto phrase of Barlo's even recalls my belly-press with Miss Peare, for Prests are listed with Press'. Peare's were first found in Oxfordshire with the Bellow-loving Ships/Shiptons.

I continue to be perplexed with the precise Reason for the pointer to Ainsley or Fox and Friends in general. Something's got to give. Is she going to get extremely sick from Fox's vaccine mandate? What does a defective door handle mean for anything at Fox?

Speaking of ears, Steve Melanson once challenged Joe Oullette and I to heal the blood in his ear by praying him well. So, as brand-new Christians, we laid hands on him and prayed (this was just a couple of months roughly after the Sleeping Beauty dream featuring EARhardt), and when Mellanson put the cotton SWAB into his ear, telling us, "now watch me bring out some blood." When the swab came out, he went, "hmm." No blood. He was that surprised. It seemed that he had always got blood when testing it repeatedly.

The theory was that the cotton swab would be a pointer to Klaus SCHWAB. And this week, prime-minister-elect MELONi has come out like a tiger against Schwabism in her country while the whole world listens to her, and smiles with her, and joins her wagon. She's got the Italian right starting an EU-exit movement. So, did God set up the healing of blood in MELANson's ear to indicate that anti-globalists will rid Europe of the blood and death that globalists have planned for decades?

Melanson is French, and no sooner did Ms. Meloni win the election, early this week, that French elements started to scream to take down the EU stooges in their country. If France stooges fall, it will be one biggie coming after the "insurgency" in Hungary, Sweden and Italy in that order. The more the stooges push hardships for France and Germany this winter, the more likely the stooges will be destroyed by "insurgents," it doesn't matter to me how they're destroyed (they do not deserve to live amongst us). They think they are invincible, but I say that God has their troubles lined up like rumbling train cars with full loads. They have declared war, and will attack with lethality.

The things they accused the Chinese and other dictators of, they will be willing to openly display as a last resort. They have shown their true colors, but may be planning to stop showing them any longer because it has destroyed their political platforms. They worked decades to build their political platforms with angelic appearances so that they might be well-received by the people, and now in one year alone Schwab has ruined the house, what a reckless fool. We have no better ally than Schwab himself. When he opens his mouth, he grants us the victory. trudeau is the same sort of joke, and who can fathom the full folly in "Biden"? BUT, these are also committed villains, beware their lashing out, for they desire to lash us painfully. They have shown their colors.

Okay, suppose that Mellanson's ear is a pointer to Meloni's victory over Schwabism in her country, by an act of God, by the prayers of the saints. Why the ear? How possibly could this involve Earhardt? Am I nuts for even proposing this? She's no politician. But Fox and Friends has the potential to swing "far-right," to be defined now as the camp of fighters against NWO politics.

I gotta say, I do not see Fox and Friends as a tiger, more like Murdoch's lap dog, sorry. It's a morning show, after all, and morning shows are typified as soft on the brain, I suppose. I don't see a spit of fire from their lips, nothing resembling Meloni's wrath. I see Miss Earhardt as a pussy cat, sorry. I don't think she risks saying, "globalist." I think it's off-limits for her. But surprise me. Tell it like it is, and walk all over Murdoch if he doesn't like it. "Shut-up Murdoch, and let us do the news in a way that saves the country from the new world chaos. We don't want to be your softy-toffee anymore. We've got to rile up the moms every morning Monday to Friday, we've got to make tough men of men again." I would like to see the replacement of Steve Doocy with a persuasive someone for the anti-global cause.

Purchase Power

Good morning Tuesday. I almost lost hope. I could not find another pointer to Giorgia Meloni of the Brother-of-Italy party, using the Brother surname, for example. Then I found a Giorgi/Zorzo surname I don't remember finding before. It was first found in Milan, where Melansons can be traced with Milans/Millans (Aberdeenshire, same as Melansons) and French Mellans/MELONs. The latter, sharing a gold, blank Chief with Rods to go with the Mellanson "rods," were first found in Ile-de-France with the Chappes' who share a tall, solid chevron with Ottone's, the latter suspect with Ottone Visconti of Milan. This is beautiful.

Plus, just a couple of minutes ago I was looking at the PurCHASE surname checking to see how it might link to Chase's, but could not find anything. It was a hunt I started last night. The very next surname loaded was the Giorgi's, as I returned to last night's discussion. While writing the paragraph above, it came to mind that the English George's and Purchase's share besants on a fesse in the same colors, what a whammy of a coincidence. Still while writing the paragraph above, I realized that Melans use besants too. So, it appears that God wants the Purchase's in this set of heraldry.

I have always wondered whose lion is inside the George besants, and as they are black, they could be the black lion of Purchase's, which is the giant lion of Palins, first found in Dorset with George's. Milans/Millans are said to possibly sharing the BUCHANan lion, and so I traced them along with Buchans (Aberdeenshire) and PALINs to "BUXENtum" at the PALINurus area of southern Italy.

Plus, the lion heads in the George besants are in both colors of the giant Milan/Millen lion. I can propose a connection of that lion to the Faucet lion via Saer de Quincy in the Faucet write-up, for while the Visconti snake was shared by Sforza's, the latter's lion holds a "quince." Quince's/Quincy's were first found beside the first-known Chase's of Hampshire, smack beside Dorset. Dorset is the location of Poole, and the Pools of that place share the lion of Rita's (Rome, same as Sforza's) because Vespasia Polla lived in Rieti. I was watching a video of Meloni last night where there was a clip said to be in Rieti. Rita's almost have the Sforza lion.

I had assumed that Sforza's were in Force colors because they are branches, but, suddenly, look at how the Zorza variation of Giorgi's looks like "Sforza." That is one super find. Dorset's George's were from George of Hungary, father of the first Scottish Drummond, and Italy just followed Hungary's path by open rebellion against Schwabism. Wow.

The first Drummond came to Scotland with the Hungarian, BARTHolomew Leslie, tending to explain why Leslie's share the green griffin of Bards, but then Bardys -- first found in Perigord with Faucet-like Fauchys and Faux's/Fage's/Chollens' -- share the three scallops of Belgian George's. Beauty. Leslie's can be shown to have been kin of Chase-like Case's. I trace Leslie's to Lesce, smack beside Bled. Mellanson's ear was BLEEDing until we prayed over it. The COTTON swab then came out his ear clean. Irish Prays share the six pale bars of Coats/Cotes'. Cottons are suspect from the Cotesii! Isn't that a beauty? It tends to prove still further that God set up the ear-swab event.

For the last update, my files were searched to find which surname has the motto, "Semper paratus," and I came to the Cliffords. It is now incredible that while Purchase's use that very motto, Cliffords share the checkered Shield of Giorgi's! It clinched Giorgi's/Zorzo's with English George's (version of Purchase Coat). Cliffords happen to share the red wyvern of Drake's, the latter first found in Hampshire with Chase's, making the Purchase surname look like a Pur-line merger with Chace's, perhaps the Purle's or Purys of Oxfordshire.

Sempers happen to share the Coat of Duce's/Doocys for a possible pointer to Fox and Friends. The Semper / Duce/Doocy lions in pale are fessewise in the colors of the triple fesses of Bassets (Staffordshire, same as Duce's/Doocys). Bassets not only share the Scottish Drummond Coat, but while it was Joe Oullette and I prayed who prayed for Mellanson's ear, Oullette's are said to be from Ouilly-le-BASSET in Falaise. Fallis'/Falls' almost have the Feller Coat, and then Miss Roquefeuil married Hugh of RODez. Then, while Rocks share the green trefoil of Melon-related Rods, Mellansons use "a bundle of rods", and it just so happens that Bundle's share the gold griffin head with Brothers who were in turn first found in Oxfordshire with Bundle-like Bunns! Ms. Meloni is the leader of the Brothers of Italy! Beauty.

Chase's were part of the spider-chase pointer to graphene-oxide, and so keep in mind that Mellanson's ear swab can point to that vaccine theme too. The Milans/Millens are Mellents too, like MELINDa Gates (wife of Bill gates). His COTTON swab can point to Cottons, first found in Huntingdonshire with Ottone-branch Others/Otters. Yes, the latter are said to be from Lombards, and Milan is the Lombardy capital.

[Insert -- I wrote many paragraphs below before loading the George's to take a close look at all three surnames, and that's when spotting that the black dog of English George's has a gold ear i.e. in a different color than the dog! Beauty, for it makes Mellanson's ear swab look pointable to Giorgi Meloni, and to Miss Earhardt where Barrels use a dog with different-color ear. One can make out a dancette at the collar of the dog that is colors reversed from the dancette of black-dog Carricks. The bend-with-martlets of black-dog Craggs is in the colors and format of the bend-with-buckles of Leslie's (Hungary, same as George of Drummond), and in the colors of the fesse-with-besants of English George's and Purchase's.

I've only just noticed that what I had previously viewed as leaves are footLESS martlets in the Cragg Coat, sorry about that. They are in the colors of the martlets of rock-using Tongue's/Tongs (Yorkshire, same as Craggs) who in turn nearly have the Coat of English Mountains (share Cragg bend), first found in Essex with Chase-branch Chance's. The Kenneth/MacKenzie rock is called a "mountain." End insert]

Ada of WARENNE married Henry, earl of Huntingdon, son of king David, builder of Haly ROD house, highly suspect, by me, with the Mellanson-beloved Rods. WARRENs share the Giorgi Shield, excellent because I explained how king David's grandmother, Agatha, is suspect, by me, as an Agatha of Podebrady, the wife of George of Hungary under discussion. Plus, Varenne's are listed with Verone's (share Rook raven) while Verona's (the Feller Coat plus) were first found in Ile-de-France with Mellans/Melons. I'm now convinced that George-of-Drummond lines were in Milan elements.

Irish Mellans/Melons use a "basket" in Crest while Baskets (Wight and Dorset with George's) are in Feller colors and format. The Basket Crest is the demi-lion in the Crests of both Gates' and Graffs/Graffens, believe it or not. It's the Sforza lion too, as well as the one in the Crest of German George's. Graffs/Graffens have their lion holding an ANCHor, and Cottons use "HANKs of cotton" while Hanks are also Anke's. The Crest of Irish Mellans/Melons looks a little like an elephant at first glance, but it's called a GREYhound head, in the white color of the Hungar greyhound (Grey colors and format). Czech Hungars share the GREY lion, and Podebrady is in Czechoslovakia.

Podebrady is in Bohemia, and the German Michaels sharing the Chase lion were first found in Bohemia. These Michaels share a blue fesse with Purchase's and George's. It can be added that, as George Soros is Hungarian, note that while Soars were first found in Dorset with George's, the SORS variation of Soars looks like the Zorzo variation of Giorgi's. It looks like God arranged a pointer to George Soros with Giorgia Meloni. Hungary has openly rebelled against Soros.

Good reasons for the Purchase's being a Purle merger with Chase's begins with the Purle listing with Peare's/Perle's. Miss Peare got a waist symbol in a mall, a place of making purchases. Malls have the MalBANCs, and big bankers will be suspect at the charge of the 666 purchasing system. Her waist pointed to the Waistells who not only share the blue dove with English George's, but are from the royal Cottians. French Cottons/Cotta's can apply. Cutts/Cute's share a white greyhound head in Crest with Baskets, and Cutters were first found in Dorset with George's. The Cutter dragon heads can be for the Dragons/Drainers, first found in Kent with Purchase's. Peare's were likely a branch of Pierro's/Pero's, and while Sempers in the Purchase motto are also St. Peere's/Pere's and St. Pierre's, the English Peer/Pere Coat is virtually the Basket Coat. I am head-shaking impressed this Tuesday morning with this heraldry.

Lookie. The demi-lion of Gates' / Graffs / Baskets is shared by Hefners while Heffers (share Coffer crescents) share the Chase lion. Cliffords share the Purchase motto, and Cliffords share the checkered Shield of Giorgi's/Zorzo's and Warrens; the latter share the checks of Wearings (red dragon, same as German George's), the latter first found in Devon with the Were's and Ware's; the latter share the Chase's lion. Ware's have a dragon head, and Drake's with a red dragon were first found in Hampshire with Chase's. Case's were kin of Leslie's who are in turn in the colors and format of the Hefner lion heads upon a bend. Wears have the Mellan/Melon / Peer/Pere bend in colors reversed.

I've got to add in passing: as per Hugh Hefner, Bunnys were first found in the same place as Ainsleys. Bunns/Bone's share the Hefner lion.

I've just returned from the bathroom. On the way, I saw turkeys, about ten of them, outside my front door over the septic tank. To their back is the garden gate. They therefore came walking between the house and the garden gate, whereas last night they had come across the far end of the garden. I didn't go into the garden last night while they watched me, so as not to tip them off that there's a way into the garden at the house. But perhaps they spotted me in the garden after I thought they had passed, which might explain why they came by the gate this morning. The gate was closed this morning. Is this another pointer to Bill Gates.

The Brothers of Italy are the Fratelli d'Italia. The best I can do for a Fratelli-like surname is the Frate's/Fratini's and Fraters. This gets amazing where Frater-like Frazers, sharing the McKinney Coat, were first found in Tweedale with McKinneys. Miss Earhardt first married Mr. McKinney, and later married Mr. Proctor. The Prests in the Fraser / McKinney motto share the Chief of Neils/O'Nails while proctors use nails. That's just for starters.

Not only do Proctors share the martlet of Fraters, but Fraters were first found in Yorkshire with the WEDDINGs (Yorkshire, same as Fraters) who in turn share the Proctor martlet in their own Crest. The Weeds/WEETINs, with a martlet of their own in Crest, not only have two of the one Wedding fesse, but they are the two Frater fesses. The Sleeping Beauty dream gave me the impression that Sleeping Beauty would become my bride, and maybe this is why, a pointer to Meloni's election win by the hand of God. The two Frater / Weetin fesses are colors reversed from the two Sleep fesses.

Plus, Weddings were at Waddington while Waddings (Yorkshire) share the fleur-de-lys of Hellands while Broads, like the Broder variation of Brothers, are said to be first found in Helland. That's amazing. Broads share fessewise lozenges with Brothers/Broders, and the lozenges of Brothers/Broders are now illegal because they have gold in contact with silver, as do Tweedale's who share the gold Brother/Brode fesse. Frater-like Frasers/Fressells were first found in Tweedale.

Tweedale is in Peebles-shire, and the latter is where Mounts/MONS' were first found while "mon" is a motto term of French Simpsons, making the giant, red Mount/Mons lion look linkable to the giant, red lion of Italian Simons/DeSimone's. The latter's Coat is a near-copy of the Frate/Fratini Coat, how about that. The door-handle scene might just apply to Ms. Meloni too. Plus, English Mounts (Peebles-shire again) have the Mount/Mons lion in both colors of the Frate/Fratini lion! The Crest of English Mounts (wolf or fox, I'm not sure) can therefore be the red fox of Jewish Simons. Zinger, this Fratelli-of-Italia section comes in the same update as the door-handle review. I've got the Mount Crest recorded: "'Upon a mount vert a FOX salient supported by a ragged staff erect, black'." The ragged staff is often called an "raGULLY staff," and while Gully were a branch of English Gulls (share gold, blank Chief with Mellans/Melons!) without doubt (both were Julian branches), I'm sure that Seguins use a seaGULL. Joe DeSimone and I lived in Seguin, what a hoot.

Plus, wow, the six pale bars of English Gulls are in reversed from the same of Scottish Jeffreys, once said to be first found in Peebles-shire! Here's from my 3rd update in April, 2016: "The little cloud over the sun [the Galveston omen] in Texas is suspect with the Crest of Scottish Jeffreys (Peebles-shire)..." There we have it, that my landlord in Seguin is pointing to Frate's/Fratini's. It's interesting that while Welsh Jeffreys share the Purchase lion, the latter were first found in Kent with English Gulls.

Amazingly, while Joe was married to a Filipino, English Phillips (Kent) share the giant Jeffrey / Purchase lion too. The Phillip motto, "DUCit AMOR patraie," gets us to Amore's and Damorys (kin of Annesleys) who look related to MARLINs who in turn look related to Fraters and Weetins. Plus, while it was the Barrel dog ear that pointed to Ainsley Earhardt, Amore's, in the Annesley motto, share a white dog head with Barrels. A Hayden Crest has a white dog. It's like verification, especially as I phoned Joe DeSimone from MARLIN court, when I talked to him for the first time in response to his ad. I called to rent his apartment. I got it. When I arrived a little late for the first time to move in, he and his wife were SLEEPing already ("sleeping like a rock" just sang over my speakers from "Jesus Take the Wheel"). Sleeps have the Frater / Weetin fesses in colors reversed!

Oh wow, another red lion is with Broder-like Bruders with a Broder variation, whom I've just checked as per the "Pruder" motto term of English Mounts! Plus, "mountain" was a term in a song I was hearing just before launching on the Mounts. I was wondering whether I should go forward with it, and so I did go forward, and we are. Brothers / Bruders may have been from the Prude variation of Frat-like Prats or Prays/Preters.

[Insert -- When I was writing on the Ferrands below, the same song played that had "mountain" above. When it played above, I didn't take note which song it was from, but I happen to have it on a playlist twice, six songs apart, which is why it played again below. When checking the name of the song, it turned out to be "How Beautiful" by Barry SEGAL, I kid you not! God is making me laugh. I'm sure that Seguins use a SEAGULL as play on "SEGuin," for the bird looks like a seagull.

Plus, he owned part of a pond on his property, and directly over this pond is a golf course. The German and Dutch Gulls are GOLFins too!!!!!!! WOWIE! It's called Seguin VALLEY Golf Course, and English Valleys/Velis' (possibly the Giuliani eagle) even share the black Gully / Julian cross! God is making me laugh. End insert]

Frasers/Fressells and McKinneys were kin of Keiths of HADDINGton, and that place was named by Hayden liners, which the Earhardt-Proctor marriage points to. French Frane's/FRASneys almost have the Annesley Coat. Haydens share the bull of Beautys while Beautys were first found in Dorset with Hayden-branch Hades'/Hats. Haydens were first found in Norfolk with Heads who almost have the Coat of Helland-like English Hellens. German Hellens share the blue wing in Crest with Here-branch Herzogs/Hartzogs, the latter first found in Bavaria with Hellens and Earhardts/Airharts. English Hellens were first found at "HILLION, near Saint-Brieux," which can explain why Hallands (Yorkshire, same as Bruce's) share the Bruce lion.

The greater point is that English Helms are said to have been at Hillion, and that "the family established its seat at Ashton and Credy-Helion." Helions are listed with English Helms while German Helms share the helmet of Hermits who in turn share the Here border. So, the Fraser-like Fraters, and Broads of Helland, took us to Earhardt branches...but don't ask me why.

We might even take the Frate's to the freight trucks that got Italy excited with their own trucker convoy, and it may have been that very movement that propelled Meloni over the top. That's cool, because I claim that God got the convoy way bigger than trudeau expected it to be. We could say that there was a train of trucks moving across the trans-Canada highway because Trains share the giant Frane lion. If the Frane's were a Friend branch, note that Frane's share the Mount/Mon lion, which we saw to be the Frate lion too. And it was a Mount Crest that has a FOX! Fox and Friends. But why? Fox and friends didn't start the trucker convoy. It didn't do much for the American convoys either.

Ferrens with a Friend-like Ferrand variation, who have a Coat like that of Frame's and Friend-connectable Poppins/Pophams, were first found in Yorkshire with Fraters. Frane's share the black border with Montacute's, the latter first found in Somerset with Friends. I put the Barry-Segal insert above after writing the last sentence. When I came back to continue here, I realized that the Montacute lozenges are colors reversed from some lozenges I had just seen, and with a little more concentration I remembered that they were with the Jewish Segals!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! God is making me laugh.

He's up to something, folks, He's the Invisible Power with a Club, coming soon to deliver Israel from the bloody claws of the Rothchilians. It's going to be a day never to be forgotten.

Recall the Cliffords sharing the Purchase motto and the Giorgi Shield, for that is almost the Shield of Italian Ferrands (FIRENZe) while Ferrens/Ferrands have this: "The surname Ferrand was first found in Yorkshire where they were granted lands by William the Conqueror and appointed to the Wardenship of Skipton Castle, for the Cliffords, the chief tenants..."

Ahh, I get it: the vertically-split Shield of Segals is shared by Fulke's while Italian Fulks were first found in Firenze with Ferrands, and both use the same checkered Shield. How beautiful. As Fulks were counts of Anjou while McKinneys are said to descend from Fraser liners ("Frezells") in Anjou, let me repeat: "There is a claim in the McKinney write-up that they were Simons, but I'm not sure I agree, though it seems clear that they could have merged with Simons of Anjou."

The Seguin Valley golf course got us to Griffin-beloved Valleys/Velis' who share the eagle of Fox-like Italian Fulks. I would suggest that Friends are Firenze elements, and so note that Friends almost have the Anne/Hanne stag heads, for Ainsley works for Fox and Friends.

Mr. DeSimone's wife was working for Tim Hortons (in Seguin) when I was living in her home, and Hortons, who were in the Morley part of Yorkshire, share the white stag head with Friends. This is working because it's got us to the stag-using Horts/Hurts who were not only first found in Oxfordshire with Brothers/Broders, but have their colors and format too. It could be confirming that the door-handle scene of DeSimone's Jeep points to Brothers of Italy. The Horts/Hurts have a gold-version Potter Coat, and the three Potter cinquefoils are in the white of the three Fraser / McKinney / Kim cinquefoils. Kims were first found in Bute while Potters were first found in Hampshire with Brother-like Botters, hmm.

Brothers/Broders (black greyhound in Crest) use gold-on-black griffin heads, the colors of the giant Griffin griffin. These Irish Griffins (black dog head in Crest) are in Horton and French Simon colors and format. The other Irish Griffins are the ones with a "velis" motto term that can connect to Seguin Valley golf. English Griffins share the giant Frane / Mount/MONS lion. French Simons use a "mon" motto term, and Monmouthshire is where Phone's/Fane's/Vans were first found who share "Ne velis" with Griffins. Phone's/Fane's/Vans/Fiens are a branch of Fiens/Finis' (Kent, same as George-related Purchase's) who in turn share the Graff/Graffen and Sforza lion, and, for the first time ever, Sforza's are suspect with the Zorza variation of Giorgi's.

I've only-now noticed the Givrin variation of Giorgi's/Zorza's, which can explain the Givern variation, and the "Giving" motto term, of Biggars, because they were first found in Lanarkshire, beside the Frasers / McKinneys of Peebles-shire. Lanarkshire is even where the Earhardt-suspect Hardys were first found, near the first-known Ayers and Hare's/Hairs. I have no way to link the Biggs fleur to the same-colored ones of Ainsleys aside from the "FORgiving" motto term of Biggars, because "for" is twice in the Ainsley motto. Lanarks show a heart and share white cinquefoils with Frasers / McKinneys. Biggars were Flemish, from Belgium, and so the Biggar bend can be the one of Belgium George's in colors reversed. This apparent George-Bigger link is interesting.

Biggars are said to derive from Flemings (Lanarkshire) who in turn have a "shaw" motto term, and Shaws were first found in Perthshire with the Drummonds descended from George. I say George married the grandmother of king David I, and the latter is in the Biggar write-up granting Boghall of the Bigger line to Baldwin Fleming. Bogs are listed with Books, first found in Berwickshire with George-beloved Dove's. The latter love the Patiens'/Padyns (Dumfries, beside Lanarkshire) Paduinan surname in the Houston write-up: "'The ancient family of Houston originally bore the name of Paduinan, from a place of that name in Lanarkshire. In the reign of Malcolm IV Baldwin de BIGRE gave the lands of Kilpeter to Hugh de Paduinan...'" Bogs/Books share the stag head of Malcolms, and David I was a son of king Malcolm III.

Bogs/Books share the hourGLASS with Houstons (Renfrewshire, same as GLASgow, beside Lanarkshire), and Flemings share a "let" motto term with Glasgows. Houstons share the Plock (and Mead) martlets, and were first found in the same place as Pollocks. Bogs/Books are loved by Roets who were a branch of the Rothes home of Pollocks, and while Rothes is in Moray, the door handle pointed to Morays, and a LeDuc line(s) there. James LeDuc is a medical- and/or war-lab chief in Galveston, beside Houston.

Glasgows use, "Lord, let...", and we saw landlord Joe DeSimone pointed to by Lords with the Fraser / McKinney / Kim cinquefoils in colors reversed. Kims were first found in Buteshire (beside Malcolms) with Glass' who in turn share the Biggar stars. The Malcolm / Bog/Book stag is shared by Celts/Colts (PERTHshire, same as Ayer-related Shaws) who in turn have the Pilate pheon in colors reversed, though Lords, and Nottings, have it in Pilate colors. Colt-like Colters (Catherine-Roet wheel) were first found in Lanarkshire.

Cole's/Colds, Kyle's and Colters are suspect from the Polish entity represented by mythical KOLODziej the Wheelwright, which should explain why Nottings share a six-sectioned Shield (different color) with Wheelwrights (Catherine-Roet wheels), which tends to prove that Nottings are from king Cnut/Canute, grandson of Mieszko I of Poland, a descendant from the Wheelwright. I trace Kolodziej the Wheelwright of the GOPLo tower to KOPLik on the Glass-line Clausula river, and so note that "Lady Fortune" in the Klassen/Class Coat is likely part-code for the Ladys/LAUDymans, for Lords come up as Lauds. Claus' essentially share the Frane Coat, and French Frane's/FrasNAYs were first found in Burgundy with same-colored Pilate's, and with Feins/Finns who almost have the Nay/Nie Coat.

I might add that Houstons share the checks of French Marks, while English Marks (Essex, same as Biggs, MAPLE's and Finn-branch Finchems) share the Biggs fleur-de-lys border. MARKhams were at MAPLEbeck, and I drove through Markham, Texas, on the morning of my Galveston mugging. About an hour after driving through Markham, on the outskirts of Houston, I bought newspaper and coffee that I now point to the newslady, Ainsley Earhardt, and so let's add that Maplebeck is in Nottinghamshire i.e. near the first-known Ainsleys of BASford. Bash's, who look like News/Nuces kin, were first found in Hertfordshire with Nuse's/Newes (and with Finn-branch Finch's), and Basfords/Bashfords (Nottinghamshire) share the eagle of Aquila's, the latter first found in Benevento, where Joe DeSimone is from. Make of this what you will, I have no idea what it means.

The newspaper and coffee were bought in Victoria, and it's the "victoria" motto term of Coffee's/Coffers that convinces me of a set-up from God. Coffee's/Coffers share the fesse of the other McKinneys, and Ainsley met Mr. McKinney about the time she worked for a news station in Texas in San ANTONio. English Anton(y)s, first found in Lincolnshire with the Parchments (listed with Parkmans) in the News/Nuces Crest, share the red leopard face with Biggs whose fleur were somewhat linkable to the same of Ainsleys, and even more linkable if Marks named Markhams. The Parkers, with the Anton(y) "flaunches" in colors reversed, share the giant Horton stag head.

The way I discovered the Markham location was, not by driving through it, but many years later when seeking the address of Miss Covert. Coverts are Coffer-like Cofferts too, and she claimed to be married to a man whose address I found in Markham, Texas. Parkers were first found in Somerset with Coffers/Coffare's (in the colors of the Coffee/Coffer cups), and while Hortons came to topic with Mrs. DeSimone working at Tim Horton's coffee shop, Horts/Hurts look like kin of Brothers/Broders for a possible pointer to Giorgia Meloni. The Parkers even have the Merces' in their motto who share the Coffer/Coffare's / Heffer crescents, that's how important it is that Mrs. DeSimone worked for Tim Hortons, otherwise I wouldn't have had need to focus on Parkers. In fact, Mr. DeSimone insisted on opening the door between his home and my rented apartment to make me have coffee with him every morning. I think he was a lonely retiree.

There is a Mercy surname listed with Maiseys that has the Potter Coat in colors reversed, and, as was said, the Horts/Hurts have the Potter Coat in gold symbols instead of white. It tends to assure that the Parker motto is for Mercys or Merces'.

I'm now going to affirm that the DeSimone's were Intended to point to McKinneys, for they share the Kim/M'SHIMMIE Coat, evoking SIMON Fraser at the root of McKinneys. In return for renovating the bathroom at the DeSimone residence, I was paid by his Jeep plus $1,000. The bill came out to $4,500 labor, but they asked me to lower it to $4,000, plus remove their CHIMney pipe from their roof (I agreed). See that? The McKinneys are even McKIMMIE's, not to mention MacCAMMIE's for a potential link to Kemmis'/Kenys'/Camois' who share the Coat of Shins/Chine's/Chings (Somerset, same as Parkers and Coffers/Coffare's). I never saw them again after that renovation job (I wasn't living there at the time). The wife was a devout Mormon.

Chimneys show only a chevron for the Shield, as do Flemings if the latter's tressure border is ignored. I suspect that the Fleming chevron is the Arms of Carrick. The Tresure's/Trashers (once said to be first found in Somerset, same as Borders), sharing the off-red color of the Fleming tressure border, were resolved as part of the third scene in the door-handle dream, when I was holding a barrel-like container that was resolved as a trash can due to Trasher-like Tracys/Trasse's (Devon, beside Somerset) having named at least two locations near Caen. Caens are Cans too. It just so happens that Kemmis'/Kenys and Shins/Chine's share the blue-vair fur of Irish Flemings.

That chimney pipe has not been one of my re-occurring heraldic discussions. Pipe's are beloved of LETs/Late's ("organ pipes"), and "let" is a Fleming motto term, is that not incredible? Lets/Late's were first found in Gloucestershire, where CAMs were first found who share the Annesley pale bars, and where Kemmis'/Kenys'/CAMois' were once said to be first found! Bingo. We even have Ainsley Earhardt sticking to topic.

[Insert Wednesday -- During the writing of the above on Tuesday, word came out that VICTORIA NUland, an Obamaite she-monster with Ukraine cancer on the brain, had warned early this year that a certain gas PIPEline would be sabotaged (by the West) if Russia invades Ukraine. That sabotage happened yesterday. The interesting thing is that, aside from this chimney pipe under discussion, I saw the Chimneys using the Bolton chevron, and the Bolton chevron-with-lions is in the colors and format of the NEWland chevron-with-besants. As I had purchased a NEWspaper in Victoria, I had wondered whether it could be a pointer to Victoria Nuland. The other question may be whether John Bolton, the avid anti-Russian war hawk, is part of the decision to blow the pipeline.

Ahh, the blown pipeline is in the BALTic sea, and, I kid you not, Balts are listed with English Bolts, first found in Lancashire with Boltens!!! Lookie at that.

Perhaps some American naval / submarine outfit near Victoria (near the Gulf coast) is behind the bombing of the pipe. After writing that, I checked to find a naval base at Ingleside, just two counties away from Victoria. Plus, amazingly, "Ingleside is a city in NUECES and San PATRICio Counties..." (Wikipedia). Not only is the News surname also the NUCES', but as I've said a million times, I purchased the newspaper to seek, for the first time, Texas properties for sale, and seven months later purchased a property directly on the NUECES river, about ten minutes from the ranch (it had animals for sale) of the KilPATRICKs likewise on the Nueces!!! STUNNING!!! The newspaper purchase looks like a pointer to the Naval Station Ingleside. The Ranch-like Rench's were first found in Cambridgeshire with News'/Nuces'.

As I've said many times, I bought the Texas property of Miss Friend, who became Mrs. Teague, and it just so happens that Teague's, first found in Galves-like Galway, share the brown wolf head, with red tongue, in Crest with Newlands.

WOW!!! I've got the Scottish Ingles'/Ingal Crest recorded as "CURVy sword blade" (3rd update in January, 2011), and as there's no Curve/Curvy surname coming up, it must be for the Curby variation of Kirbys because they share the Coffer/Coffare crescents!!! Unbelievable. Curbys/Kirbys were first found in Lancashire with Balts/Bolts and Boltons. The Ingles'/Ingals (sword) are said to have been first in "either Somerset or HUNTINGDONshire," and Somerset is where Coffers/Coffare's were first found, along with Castle Cary, and while Irish Carys have the Keerie's, Curbys/Kirbys are also KERwicks. Huntingdonshire is where Chimney-like Kemmis'/Kenys/Camois' were first found, and their line may have named the Cam river in Cambridgeshire, where News'/Nuces' were first found.

As the Ingles/Ingal Chief is shared by Bakers/Backers, it's notable that the five items on the Baker/Backer saltire are in the colors of the five items on the same-colored cross of News-connectable, Navy-branch Neve's/Nevays. Doesn't that make you scratch your head? Ingles'/Ingals use a cloud, and McLeods/Clouds love the Flags/Flecks who in turn share the Baker/Bacher scallops. God used a tiny cloud over the sun to indicate my Galveston mugging later that night at about 1 am. As soon as I woke from my motel room, I head out to Victoria. In case you missed it when said above, Coffee's/Coffers have a "victoria" motto term. I'm still waiting to discover the bombshell reason for the use of Dutch Victoria's, but I've already told that Irish Victoria's/Victors are listed with Neve-like Nebo's. A nebula is a cloud.

The News'/Nuces share the "chaplet" with the Hicks, and Mrs. Kilpatrick was born, Miss Hicks. She was the original Sleeping Beauty!!! So, maybe God chose Ainsley to be the second fulfillment because the Marine and Marines' share the Ainsley cross. Perhaps God arranged my trip through Galveston to point also to this pipe bombing, which looks like a decision that will usher the world into chaos. As the Inglefield naval station was open in 1988, note the closing of the Galveston base: "Naval Station Lake Galveston, is a former United States Navy Naval Station. It was planned for operation in the 1980s...It was recommended for closure under the 1988 Base Realignment and Closure Commission..." (Wikipedia). Wow.

I trace the Coffee's/Coffers by their Crest to the Motels of Taranto, and Motels happen to share the winged, white horse with the Navy Crest. The Motel-like Motts are said to be from Cotes-du-NORD, and it is the NORD Stream pipe that was blown up. The Navy Shield shares a white horse with rider with the CAFFERys, the latter being in Coffee/COFFER colors! I'm convinced already: the newspaper and coffee PURCHASE is pointing to the Nord Stream act of war. Plus, the Navys, with a Neve variation like the Newe of News'/Nuces', were first found in Angus with Neve's/Nevays who in turn have a cross with five fleur-de-lys within it, same as the Ainsley cross (in different colors)! The Noms in the NEWland motto are listed with NEVins/NEWings, is that not a super set of heraldry?But what could Fox and Friends have to do with this bombing?

Plus, the newspaper-like item in the News/Nuces Crest is called a "parchment," and Parchments/Parkmans share the Newland chevron. Parchments/Parkmans share the scallops of Sodans/Sowdens, first found in Devon with Newlands. If that's not enough, the Armys/Ermine's, who can be in the "armes" motto term of Newlands, were first found in Lincolnshire with Parchments/Parkmans. This makes it possible for the Army/Ermine lion to be the Bolton lion (because Boltons look like Newland kin). In fact, we saw Boltons first found in Lancashire with Curbys suspect in the Ingles Crest, and Curbys share the crescents of Irish Heffers and Coffers/Coffare's while English Heffers (Somerset with Coffers/Coffare's) share the Army/Ermine lion too. The Brittany province of Cotes-du-Nord is now Cotes-d'ARMor, possibly of the Armys/Ermine's. Heraldic ermines are a specialty in Brittany. The Jardins share the Army/Ermine Chief-Shield combo, and were first found in Angus with Navys / Neve's, and with Gardens/Jardens who in turn share the Coat of Brittany's Jarrets.

The PurCHASE's were first found in Kent with Marines' while Chase's were first found in Hampshire with Marine's. Purchase's, sharing part of the George Coat, are interesting in that this pipeline was blown immediately after Giorgi Meloni and Silvio Berlusconi took power from Italy's globalists. If I recall correctly, Berlusconi had made a gasline pact with Russia when he was the Italian prime minister. There are online pictures of Berlusconi's lawn shaped with the Visconti snake, and Giorgi's were first found in Meloni-like Milan with Ottone Visconti. The Visconti snake has a Moor child in its mouth, and while Annesleys have a Moor head in Crest, they were first found in Oxfordshire with the Cheeks/Checks who share the fitchee-formee of Newlands.

The military controls vaccination programs, and my mugging in Galveston the same day as the newspaper-coffee purchase pointed to that vaccine program. See what Americans are up against? A military betrayal. The Fizer-connectable Fish's, first found in Lincolnshire with Armys/Ermine's, essentially have the Coat of vaccine-like Vychans/Vaughns, and my buddy with a red Jeep three decades before I got DeSimone's red Jeep, was Paul Smith of Vaughn (Ontario). English Smiths use a "fish" in Crest, and are themselves in Fish / Vychan/Vaughn colors and format. Plus, Pfizer-like Fisers/Vissers have three fish in the colors of the McCabe "salmon" while the McCabe fesse is also the Coffee/Coffer fesse. Paul Smith and I were always in coffee shops discussing Biblical topics mainly. But his greater love was fishing. He went fishing alone all the time.

The Fish Crest is a tiger head, and Teague's are also Teegers. I bought the Nueces-riverfront property of Mrs. Teague, and Neve's/Nevays share the Fish / Vychan/Vaughn fleur-de-lys. Vychans/Vaughns were first found in Shropshire with the English Jarrets (and Alans) who were a branch of Gardens/Jardens, the latter first found in Angus with Neve's/Nevays and Navys/Neve's. Those Jarrets share the lion of Rains in Vychan/Vaughn colors and format. Rains liners named Rennes, near the Dol Alans of Brittany. Rennes-le-Chateau is near Roquefeuil. End insert]

Germany Insert Thursday

It occurred to me that NATO and one or more insiders in Germany may have blown up the pipeline by inserting a mechanized robot(s) into it, to carry explosives to a certain spot out at sea. After all, the pipe is filled with gaseous gas only, and physical objects can move easily through it. I therefore checked for a Germany surname, finding Italian Germanys/Germans to use the Handel Coat exactly. The chimney pipe above was part of my doing work for Mr. DeSimone in return for his Jeep, and the door-handle scene was with him and the Jeep. Plus, while Gazprom owns 51-percent of the Nord Stream pipeline, Germany's Wintershell Dea owns 15.5-percent while English Dea's/Days have the Handel Coat in the colors of English Doors. The door handle was missing a barrel-shaped part.

German Germanys/Germans were first found in Hamburg Gas', and with Sea-related Drummonds...and so the triple-wavy pale bars of English Germans/Jarmans makes them look like Drummond kin. Those six pale bars are colors reversed from same of Italian Belli's, and then Scottish Bellys were first found in Moray while Handels share the Moray Coat, verifying that Germanys do use the Moray Coat. In this picture, I'm asking why the barrel-shaped part in a door handle should point to a gas-line act of war. Germany has a motive for ruining the pipe because it was done on the day a new pipe from Denmark was announced ready to pump into Germany.

German-like GORmans (Moray colors) use a "bello" motto term. If the "ulTIMi" motto term of Gorhams is for Timms/Time's (in the "Deum Time" motto of a Moray Coat no longer shown by houseofnames), then note that Timms/Time's were first found in Kent with Gore's. Gormans share the lion of Norths, a possible pointer to Nord Stream. Norths were first found in Sussex (beside Kent) with the Prime's expected in the "Primi" motto term of Gormans.

The Morays who once showed a "Deum Time" motto had shown the fetterlock, the GORham symbol too. Locks share the swan with the Readys in the Gorham motto. Wow, the Gorham fetterlocks (Gore colors) are fessewise in the colors of the fesse-with-items of NORDen (Kent)!! Lookie there, we have a pointer to the Nord Stream with German-like Gorman liners. Plus, Swans/Sions share the North / Gorman lion!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Incredible.

The six pale bars of Germans/Jarmans were those of Longfords, almost those of Langfords and Langleys too, and the CIA is headquartered in Langley, Virginia. Virginia's, sharing the DeSimone Coat, were first found in Kent with Sea's in turn sharing the triple-wavy Drummond fesses. The DeSimone lion is likely that of Montforts (I'll tell you why soon), and Monforte is a location at LANGhe, how-bout that.

This is excellent as per the door-handle dream because, while German Drummonds were first found in Hamburg with Trips/Treffs, whose shoes point to Kiev, Kent is also where English Trips were first found who share the scaling ladder with Maurice-branch Morris', from Maurice Drummond. Maurice's and Morris' were first found in Herefordshire with Barrels and English Doors, and the trash can was a drum barrel too so as to include Drummonds. The Montfort lion is Bohemian like the Drummond matriarch, and she's suspect as Agatha, the root of Gates' whose Coat looks related to the one of English Doors.

I then looked up the Boms because Dutch Boms use bombs. I needed a Bom branch to link to Germans / Germanys somehow, to make this theory pan out. German Boms/Bohms/Bohems, first found in BOHEMia, where I trace Drummonds, are looking good here where Germans/Jarmans look like Drummond kin. Plus, Drummonds were first found in Perthshire with Lyons while Jarman-like Jarrys share the Lyon Coat. I've long known that English Bone's are also Bohum, but what I didn't know until now is the Baner/Bonner/Bonar surname. I found them because I believe that Banners are Bohemians where they share the fleur-de-lys of Jewish BAUMgartens, and then Gardens were also Jarman-like Jardens, Jardins and Jarre's/Jarrets. Plus, Banners share a giant fleur-de-lys (different colors) with French Germans.

I claim that the Scottish flag, called, Andrew's Cross, was is named secretly from king Andrew I, father of George of Hungary under discussion, and therefore the grandfather of the first Scottish Drummond. It just so happens that Andrew's Cross is in colors reversed, not only with the Malcolms/COLUMNs, but with English Baners/Boners (Yorkshire, same as Mars). The first Drummond married the sister of Malcolm III, and Columns are in the column of German Franks, first found in Bohemia. George married Ms. PodeBRADY, explaining why German Baners share the Cake/CakeBREAD fleur-de-lys.

Having said that, wow, the English Baners/Bonners blew my mind on two counts, like two exploded pipelines, because they were not only first found in Herefordshire with Barrels, but share their white dog head!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It's the white dog head of Drummond-connectable Amore's, first found in Oxfordshire with Bonner-like Bonns/Bunns/Bone's! Amore's are in the Annesley motto, and Ainsleys were first found in Basford with Bunnys. The red ear of the Barrel dog head pointed to Earhardts. Bonns/Bunns/Bone's were first found in the same place as the Checks/Chicks who in turn share the three crescents of Baintons/Bantings, and the latter use a black goat, the color of the Bunny goat head. Bonney's/Bonnets look like kin of the Hungarian Leslie's.

Bunnys were first found in Nottinghamshire, named by king Cnut's family, and lo: the Nord-like NORTHens/Nothings are in Cnut/Canute/Note colors and format! First the Bom-connectable Baners/Bonners point to Barrels, and now we have what looks like a Bom-line pointer to Nord Stream.

OOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH WWWWWWWWWWWWOOOOOOOOWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWIE. BONE's/Bohums were first found in Sussex with Norths, and while they have lions in the same colors, the North lion is the passant one of Denardo's/NORDi's who come up as "NarBONNE," and that points to the NORD Stream pipe!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOOKIE THERE, behold, lo and behold.

The Amore-branch Damorys/Amori's almost have the German/Jarmans Coat, you see. This is wild. The door handle with barrel-shaped part missing is pointing to the sabotaged pipeline, and to Germany as the culprit. Isn't a pipe cylinder-shaped like a barrel? Might the bomb have knocked off an entire piece of barrel-shaped pipe? Might the pipe be missing a barrel-shaped part? Barrs and Pipe-branch Pepins were together Este kin.

One would think that, if God is pointing to the Russia-German pipeline with Mr. DeSimone's Jeep and/or bathroom and/or chimney pipe, the Russi Coat would make an appropriate link. It happens to have the giant DeSimone lion. Plus, I bought his Jeep (4 x 4) because I needed a plow vehicle for my long driveway, and the so-called "blade" in the Teem Coat is otherwise called a plow. The Teems can be in the "hostem" motto term of DeSimone's, and Blade's (Yorkshire, same as Dance's) happen to share the saltire of Denmarks'/Dence's! The pipeline explosions are said to be off the Denmark coast. A gas pipe from Denmark to Germany is said to be open as of this week.

Oh wow, I've said it a couple of times before, that I took Joe and his wife on my DORAL boat on lake Rosseau, and Rosseau-like Russells, sharing the giant Russi / DeSimone lion, were first found in DORset while Dorals share the Irish Door Coat!! The Jeep's door handle!!! It's incredible because the Rosseau lion is colors reversed from, and shares a red crown with, the Doral lion. Another giant lion with red crown is with Auden-like Autens/ORTONs, and while Mrs. DeSimone worked at Tim HORTON's at the time, Jeepma's were first found in Oldenburg while Oldens are Audens too. The giant Odin/Hoddy and Otone/Olton lion is colors reversed from the Russi / DeSimone lion, and Odins/HODDYs (linkable to Russian medallion on the Jeep's HOOD) were first found in Yorkshire with Hortons.

Nearby were the ladder-like Lauders (Odin/Hoddy colors and format), first found in Berwickshire with the Home's/Hume's who in turn share the giant Auten/Orton lion (minus the red crown). Lauders and their Lang-connectable Letter branch share the griffin of Scottish Alda's/Aude's, and of course I was on a ladder when taking DeSimone's chimney pipe down. Roofs/Rove's have one of the two lions of Mars of KilDRUMMy. These Mars come up as "Maa," which might explain "JeepMA." Letters have a double-tressure border for connection to Trashers/Tresure's, and therefore the Letters look like they love the Rums/RIMs in their "alaRUM tuaRUS" motto phrase. That's because the trash can fell on its rim (I'll explain this below with the dream's pointer to double-tressure Flemings). As soon as I took down the chimney pipe, the deal was concluded i.e. I became the owner of his Jeep. God provided a Russian medallion on that Jeep. Drops/Trope's, first found in Norfolk with Rooks/Rove's, share the Mar/Maa lion, and it's white like the white lion head with DROPS in the Crest of Irish Morris'/Maurice's!

As chimney pipe sections (about three-feet long) are barrel shaped, I should add that while the trash can caught flames at the rim, I'm sure I dropped the chimney-pipe sections from the roof to the lawn, for Joe had a back problem and could not climb ladders. I'm sure I dropped the pipes, which can now explain why I dropped the trash can from about ladder height! Zikers. The trash can / drum barrel was also a chimney pipe??? Chimneys do share the Fleming chevron, and Lauders have the double-tressure too.

Mrs. DeSimone owed a device that played music without lyrics. A person sings into a mic (along with the music), and this device would score the singing performance. She and I took turns doing this one day, maybe even a second day. I wasn't going to mention this along with the red blood drops, called, "sang," on the lion head of Irish Morris'. Nor was I convinced yet to mention this when seeing the Russia-connectable bear of Sangs/Singers...but then I saw that the latter were first found in NOERDlingen. The Nord Stream!

Red / sang drops are on the stag of Trashers/Tresure's. This stag is between pine trees, and French Pine's happen to have the cinquefoils of Chimney-connectable Kims! French Pine's were first found in Limousin with Clairs while English Clare's/Clairs were first found in Suffolk with Trashers/Tresure's. Irish Clairs (Suffolk), who share the fesse of French Pine's, even share the five, white feathers in the Caen/CAN Crest!!!! TRASH-CAN Bingo. English Pine's were first found in Devon with Tracys/Trasse's! Bingo-bango. Irish Clairs share the Sans/SANGuez eagle, bingo-bango-bongo!!! Desperado is sung by the Eagles.

The French Pine Coat is like the RIMMon Coat, and Rimmons are also Crimea-like Crimmons. Russia annexed the Crimea a few years ago, and this week it's annexing eastern Ukraine. Lookie: "The surname Rimmon was first found in on the Isle of Skye, where they were hereditary Pipers [!] to the MacLeods of Dunvegan..."

Behold. The song device was a KARAOKE machine, and the Jeep is a GRAND CHEROKEE. The Morris' with the sang-drops share the CARRICK dancette!!! Scottish Grands were first found in Inverness-shire with Jeep-like Gibbs. These Gibbs, in the colors and format Kittens/Keatons (Keat-cat colors), even share the spotted cat in Crest with Scottish Mars. The only song I can remember singing was, "Desperado." Despers could have been a branch of Espaine's/Lespagneau's / Aspens (dancette), and the latter have the Coat of Auten-like Alda's/Audi's! Espaine's share the quadrants of Jeep-like Jebbs/Gebbe's, and Scottish Gibbs share "Tenax" with Alda-connectable Ferrands (Yorkshire, same as Dance's and Mars). How-bout that.

Desperado is sung by the Eagle's, and a giant eagle is used by Jeepma's. The Eagle's/Hegels share the lion of French Simons, and while the Eagle/Hegel Coat is a colors-reversed version of the Savage/Sava Coat, I trace Jeepma variations to the Japodes on the Sava river. The Japodes lived at/near Lesce (on the Sava), where I trace Leslie's who share the FENS/Venn Crest, and "fences" is a term in Desperado lyrics. There could be more to this new material than I can see at the moment.

Another surname having red drops is the Pattersons/Cassane's (share the scallops of French Mars) who share the camel head (different color) with the Pipe Crest. Unbelievable, while Scottish Pattersons (ROSS-shire) have pelicans in Shield and Crest, the Pellican Coat is also that of DESPERs/Lesperance's/LesPERATs! I sang, Desperado. And Perrats with Camel-like Gamals/Gamble's share the Chief-Shield colors of Roofs/Rove's. The Pellican Coat is shared with Scottish Nortons/NAUGHTONs, and the latter's "hope" motto term recalls that Hope's (Cnut/Note colors and format) were once said to be first found in Derbyshire with a Hope location, and with Cnut's having Naught-like Note/Nott variations; the latter are in Northen/NOTHING colors and format. This paragraph looks like another pointer to the Nord Stream pipe.

I have said several times that I drove Miss Naughten, in my taxi, to her home on the Gamble side road. "I remember that Miss Naughten lived on the Gamble sideroad in Richmond Hill. Gamble's share the giant fleur of Rench's, and the latter are a pointer to Ranch road, also called the Leakey road by locals, where God gave an event between myself and Miss Hicks about an hour after the memorial ended. The Gamble / Rench fleur is that also of Leakeys and Hicks." (2nd update April, 2019). Leak-like English Lease's share the Chief-Shield colors of Gamble's. Scottish Lease's/Liss' were first found in Dumfries with Patterson-branch Kilpatricks. The latter's castle was on the Nith river, expected with the NAUGHTs/Nitts, first found in Dumfries (near first-known Scottish Towns).

The "forTUNAE" motto term of Naughts/Nitts can be for Towns/Tune's, first found in Suffolk with Nith-river Nights. The latter's Crest looks related to the "phoenix" in the Crest of Phoenix's/Fenwicks, first found in Northumberland with Tuna's/Tunnels. Can the gas pipe be a tunnel for the bomb-carrying robot? Moles live in tunnels, and Mole-related Schims have two motto terms like the "fortunae committo" phrase of Naughts/Nitts. Plus, Mole's use a "phoenix". On the day that I'm writing this part of this section, I found a large, dead mole, the largest I've ever seen here, in a mouse trap out in the garden. This trap was set beside a tunnel opening where the potato plant was i.e. where the mole had been to eat the potatoes (I had only one potato plant in the ground).

As Readys (Moray / Handel / German colors and format) use another scimitar, and as Mole's share the Moray Coat plus a boar head, let's repeat from above: "The Morays who once showed a "Deum Time" motto had shown the fetterlock, the GORham symbol too. Locks share the swan with the Readys in the Gorham motto. Wow, the Gorham fetterlocks (Gore colors) are fessewise in the colors of the fesse-with-items of NORDen (Kent)!! Lookie there, we have a pointer to the Nord Stream with German-like Gorman liners. Plus, Swans/Sions share the North / Gorman lion!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Incredible." Readys were first found in Angus with Gardens, so amazing. Googe-like Gog (Gogarene) was at lake Swan-like SeVAN, named after Lake Van, home of king Rusa. Swans/Sions once showed gauntlet gloves, same as Fane's/VANs.

I threw the dead mole over the electric FENCE (into the woods) without thought (until now) of the FENS/Venns surname (share Patterson scallops) that I've long thought to be a Phoenix/Fenwick branch. Plus, wow, while Boms use "bombs," BAUMgartners/BaumGARDENs use a "fence"!!!! I'm not making this up. After showing my tenant (on his balcony at the time) this large mole (it was on my cement trowel), I through it over the fence. Fens'/Venns share the scallops of Mars (Marone colors and format), and Marone's share the Mole / Schim boar head!!! I had a trowel out there to squash beetles on the BEAN leaves, and this was handy for picking up the mole. Might Beans/Bains have been a Baum branch?

Trowels (show only trefoils) were first found in Nottinghamshire with scimitar-using Ainsleys, and the Country's in the Ainsley motto look like they were a branch of the Counter variation of Comitissa's expected in the "forTUNA comite" motto phrase of Schims. Or put it this way, that English Conte's/Counters/Comitissa's can be a branch of French Conte's/Comite's.

"FortuNAE" can be code also for Nays/Nie, first found in Essex with CAMULodunum, now Colchester. The Chimneys may relate to this paragraph if they were a branch of Kemmis'/Camois', first found near Colchester. Chimneys share a red chevron with Colchesters. The latter were once said to be first found in Somerset with Kemmis-branch Shins/Chine's, and with Pipe-connectable Webbers. Weavers love the Este's (Essex) along with Pepins (CAMEL). Colchesters share the chevron of Staffords and Quints; the latter, sharing the vair of Kemmis'/Camois', were once said to be first found in Essex. Pipe's (CAMEL) were first found in Staffordshire, and Staffords are said to be related to Tonys/Tones, they being like the Tuna's/Tunnels of Towns/Tune's.

The Dance lion head, shared by Virginia's, can even be the DeSimone lion where the Dance Chief now showing was once showing for English Este's. Italian Este's share the Barr Coat while Barrs (Ayrshire, same as Scottish Alda's/Aulds) share the Dance lion head. The Dance Coat looks related to the boat-like Butt/Boet Coat while the Dance Crest is the Butt/Bute horse head. French Simons were first found at the Bar-le-Duc area, and the Mons' suspect in the motto of French Simons have a lion in the colors of the other Dance lion head. Plus, amazingly, the Boats were first found in Essex with English Este's!!! The Pipe-branch Pepins were obvious Este kin!!! The Doral BOAT!

English Bays were first found in Camulodunum, a pointer to Pipe's. I bought the Doral boat from GEORGIan BAY MARINE, and Georgi's were first found in Milan with the Italian Maurels/MAURINo's who are nearly in Bute/Butt colors and format. Milan-line Mellansons share the Dorset crescent, and the Mellanson-beloved Rods share the gold trefoil with English Simons (Devon, same as Rods). Rod-related Rocks were first found in Worcestershire with Denmarks/Dence's, and Dorsets (George's were first found in Dorset) were first found in Wiltshire with Dannys/Dance's. The latter share the green dragon head with neighboring Trashers/Tresure's. English Dance's were first found in Yorkshire with CHIMneys, and then Kims were first found in BUTE, thus looking related to the Dance Crest because it's the Bute/Butt Crest too (same horse-head design)!!! LOOKIE THERE. Pipe-branch Pepins use an "est" motto term and share the Este horse heads.

DeSimone's have the Montfort lion in colors reversed aside from the two tails of Montforts, who in turn use the Arms-of-Bohemia lion (two tails). DeSimone's thus look like they were from Simon de Montfort, who had married the Bohum-like Beaumonts of Mellent. The Milans/Millens are also Mellents. Beaumonts (Dorset, same as Bohemian-line George's) share the lion of Nord-Stream-pointing Bone's/Bohuns. Pipe's have a camel head while German Camels were first found in Bohemia. The vertically-split Shield of German Camels is colors reversed from the same of Gas-like Goz'/Gos', and English Gos'/Jose's were first found in Staffordshire with Pipe's. But if God wanted to point to the gas pipe, why didn't he arrange a Gas variation for the Gos'? Ahh, the Goose's/Googe's (share boar heads of Mar-branch Marone's) are excellent here because one or two Gas surnames look like they use the goose!!! WOWWIE!

Italian Marone's are also MarinCOLa's while Colchester was once, CAMULodunum (in Essex, same as Germans/Jarmans). Spanish Marins are excellent for having the Coat of Bohemian-liner German Drummonds in colors reversed. French Marins probably have a sea because Sea's were Drummond kin. We might even argue, since Mole's were Goose/Googe kin, that the robot going through the gas pipe to bring explosives is viewed by its makers as a mole. It would have been far safer to use a mole-robot to blow the pipe up than to risk being caught by Russians at sea with deep-divers.

The Mole surname shares the Schim boar head, and a SCIMitar is used by Haddens, whom I looked up as per the Haddenham location of the first-known Wrench's/Rench's (share Wren crosslets). The Schim Chief is shared by Wreaths while wreathes, I think, are used by Hadden-branch Hades'/Hats. The Wreath's were first found in Inverness-shire with Gore-connectable Gows/McGoo's.

But even if they did use deep-divers, you might know the story I've told several times of my DIVING into lake Rosseau to fetch the ratchet WRENCHes that the workers dropped into the lake while building a boat house there. Wrench's/Rench's share the Gore crosslets while Gore's were first found in Kent with the NORDens (and Sea's) who almost have the same crosslets. Swedish Nord/Nordens use the sea, by the looks of it.

OOOOOHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH WOW. There is a "canoe" on the Nord/Norden water/sea, and Cano's can now point to the trash CAN because that item developed with Tracys/Trasse's who have two Tracy locations near Caen. The Tracy/Trasse Coat is virtually identical with the Crest of English Nordens!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! UNBELIEVABLE. My dropping of the trash can must point to this pipeline explosion. As English Nordens use beavers, it could implicate canada's despicable globo-tools, enemies of the people they claim to serve, two-bit gangsters who spy on the country to serve European / anti-Christ globalism, faceless goons who don't know how to blush.

The fesse-with-fitchees of Nordens is colors reversed from the same of Darlene's, and the latter's Crest has a woman in a "robe," perhaps indication a robot that bright bomb material into the pipe. Darlene's can be gleaned as kin of Cnuts/NOTE's/NOTTs. Darlingtons (almost the Darlene Coat), first found in Durham with Comitissa's suspect in the motto of NAUGHTs/Nitts, have the Gore crosslets in colors reversed as well as the full motto of Masons/Massins, the latter first found in Kent with Nordens, Gore's and Comitissa-branch Cone's. Irish Nortons/NAUGHTons/NACHtons/NOCHtons look somewhat related to Jebbs/Gebbe's. Gibbs ("TeNAX") were first found in Inverness-shire with Gows/McGoo's while Gore's share the white wolf with Gowers/Gore's. Darlingtons share three leopard faces (different colors) with the Kittens/Keatons suspect as part of the cat in the Norden Crest. Three leopard faces are with NOCHs/Noke's while Knocks/Knox's share the Irish Norton/Nachton/Nochton Crest.

If we compare the Norden Crest with the Crest of Varns / Grahams, note that while the latter share the Joke/Yoke scallops, the latter are a branch of English Jacks who in turn are in the colors and format of the Norden fesse-with-fitchees. The Varn / Graham Crest is a "falcon KILLING a stork", and Killins share the Plunkett Coat, similar to the Holly Coat while Scottish Jacks use holly.

Here's from my 3rd update in December, 2019, where the trash can was under discussion: "Oh wow, I just went to seek my files to find whether the Tracy bird is killing a duck or stork, and found this: 'Cecily de RUMilly, Lady Skipton by another name, was a busy gal. She first married the Tracy lords of Barnstaple.'" The RIM of the trash can caught flames, and Rims are listed with Rums. As the Tracy/Trasse Coat is identical with that of Maidens, I then added: "'The Maidens are listed with Maddens having a "falcon volant SEIZing a silver mallard,"... ". It looks like part-code for Sea's/Sees'. The latter share the blue fish with Kidneys/Gedneys/GIBneys, in case the Gibbs came forth from Gibneys.

Maiden-like Maids/Mauds look, by Coat comparisons, like a branch of Medleys and METHleys, the latter first found in Yorkshire with Meaths/METHANs and Norden-beloved Beavers. The Nord Stream leaked METHANE gas. It's called "natural" gas, and French Naturals share the Beaver fesse. Beavers share the lion of Maid-like Maitlands (double-TRESSURE border). German Beavers even share the diagonal split of Sea-branch Seamans (share sea horse with Maurice-like Meriks). The Maid/Maud lion head even has the Norden fitchee, can we believe it? The Maids/Mauds and Virgins/Virginia's even share the same lion and lion head in Shield-and-Crest respectively, and Virgins/Virginia's were first found in Kent with Nordens and Nortons. The bars "gemel" of Maids/Mauds can link to the camel of the neighboring Pipe's.

The gold Maud fitchee upon a red lion head is akin to the gold fitchee held by the red lion in the Blinken Crest. Antony Blinken is Biden's secretary of state i.e. in charge of Ukraine. Whom does Blinken take orders from? Certainly not Biden. Probably the Council on Foreign Relations. Are there any other clues in the Blinken Coat, a crown superimposed upon a cross, that God may be using? A gold fitchee is held by a lion paw by Quints, first found in Cumberland with Blinkens. Halpers have a lion holding another gold fitchee.

Beaumonts descended from Humphrey de Vieilles, a Harcourt (Dane), and I see Shirts/Shards of Harborough as Harcourts (share Shirt Crest). Shirts/Shards use a "HOSTis" motto term to go with the "armaTUS HOSTem" phrase of DeSimone's, and "HosTIS" must be for the Tiss'/Teese's because they share the Shirt/Shard chevron. I just so happens that the Tiss/Teese Coat is also the Chimney Coat. Tous'/Tosini's, who share the eight-pointed star with Bute-connectable Maurels/Maurino's, have a "shirt" with "buttons" while Buttons/Bidens share the Bute/Boet fesse. Tous'/Tosini's are Toeni-like Tonso's too, and the Toeni's (see Tonys) of Les ANDELys were in Leicester, where Simon de Montfort ruled. The Chimney Crest has an ANTELope in the brown colors of the Bolton Crest, and while Boltons (almost the Chimney / Tiss/Teese Coat) were a Bolt/BALT branch, the Nord Stream pipeline is beside the Danes in the BALTic sea. Mr. DeSimone asked me to take his chimney PIPE off his roof because he was through chopping wood in his 70s. He had a bad thigh / hip / leg problem.

Mr. Desimone had run a steel / welder's shop, and the bulk of raw materials in that business is steel rods and tubes/pipes.

After the door-handle scene, the trash can caught fire, and I yelled, "fire." The English Balls, first found in Cheshire with Bellows/Ballots and Shirts/Shards, use a "fireball" that is essentially a bomb. Bellows/Ballots share the Bus cinquefoil while "UnguiBUS" is a DeSimone motto term. The barrel-shaped trash can pointed to Bill Barr's Bushite circle, and the Bar area of France is where French Simons were first found to which Lorraine the babe, a Russellite, pointed, whom I met at her BUS STOP. I've told that I was building a house boat on lake Rosseau (decades before buying the Doral boat) up until a couple of days before meeting Lorraine at her bus stop. She pointed to Pepin of Landen in multiple ways, one being where Pipe's, in STOP/Stubb colors and format, were first found in Staffordshire with Stops/Stubbs (and Bar-related Duce's/Doocys, and Drummond-connectable Bassets).

In the last year that I saw Joe DeSimone, he was keeping chickens, which brought a bear around, and he told me that a bear chased him into the house. Bear = Russia.

I've been telling for years that houseofnames once showed a Moray/Murray surname with a "Deum TIME" motto, and so here's a new find, the Arms of James Murray (bishop of Maitland) showing that motto along with a stag head. This Arms substitutes the Moray pentagrams with hexagrams, in the colors of the Jeepma hexagram. The Time's are listed with Timms, and Mrs. DeSimone worked at TIM Horton's coffee while Hortons use a stag head too. Hortons were first found in Yorkshire with Pincs/Pinks, which might explain why the stag head of James Murray is pink. It wears a crown round its neck, as does the gold deer / hind in the Craun/Crane Crest, which jibes with the giant crane of Deum-like Dume's/Dome's (gold stag in Crest). Pipe's have a crown around the neck of their camel head.

The item that looks like a hat in the Arms of James Murray is probably a hat for the Hat surname because it uses what can be wreaths. The Wrath's are listed with Rothes', and Rothes is in Moray. Wreath's were first found in Inverness-shire with Grands and Gibbs, two surnames suspect with my Jeep.

While "bain" is a bathtub in French, I removed DeSimone's SHOWER and installed a bathtub instead. Baintons were first found in Northumberland with Siward of Northumberland, and Showers are listed with Sewards (Essex, same as Germans). Baintons have a "passa" motto term while Pasi's/Pascels were a branch of Pasleys who in turn share the Pack anchor. Pasi's/Pascels share crossed spears (different colors) with Line's. PipeLINE. It just so happens that Packs, first found in Sussex with Bone's/Bohuns and Norths, can get us to Polish Packs sharing the Coat of German Germanys. English Germans were first found in Essex with Pascel-like Pascals/Passe's, and the man design in the Crest of Pascals is shared by German Germanys/Germans. Baintons/Bantings (could be Keppoch kin) and Passa's are coming up big. Passa's (share a bull of different colors with French Packs) share the bull, called a "steer," of Pack-like Bachs/Backs.

Passa's use a pellet (black roundel) while Pellets (Sussex, same as Norths) share the English Pilotte Coat (Northen and Cnut colors and format) while French Pilotte's/Pilate's share the Notting pheon. Passa's look like kin of Mellans/Melons while Milan-connectable Others/Otters were first found in Huntingdonshire with the Northens who in turn come up as Notting-like "Nothing." The latter are in Cnut/Note colors and format, and God showed me, via Steve Mellanson, that Mellansons share the Cnut/Note crescents, which are gold, same as the Other/Otter crescents. Passa's are said to have named: "Passerini is a comune in the Province of Lodi in the Italian region Lombardy about 50 kilometres (31 miles) southeast of Milan." English Pascals share the stag head of Pilate-related Colts/Cults, and the latter were first found in Perthshire with the Sutys who have "Nothing" in their motto, and with the Rollo's with a "passe" motto term.

DeSimone's were first found in Trapani, and Italian PAStors were first found in Sicily with Trapani. French Pastors almost have the Dutch Bush/Bos/Bosch Coat, both using the Mons/Mound lion suspect in the "C'EST mon" motto phrase of French Simons. DeSimone's use "UnguiBUS." When English Bush's used their red fesse, they were in BUStard colors and format, and the latter surname shares the "bustard" with TRAPPs/Trappers.

Narbonne is in Aude province, and Aude's were first found in Savoy with French Germans. Narbonne's/Denardo's/Nordi's were first found in Languedoc with French Baner-line Bane's/Banes'. Bains/Beans were first found in Aberdeenshire with Scottish Banners. The Sempers (Essex, same as English Germans) in the Baner/Bonner motto were first found in Staffordshire with Pipe's, though I'd like to see a stronger Pipe involvement with this set of heraldry.

Pipe's were a branch of Este-loving Pepins while English Este's were first found in Essex with Germans while Italian Este's share the Coat of Barrel-connectable Barrs, and Bar-le-DUC was related without doubt to German Ducks while the Baner-beloved Sempers (Essex) share the Coat of Duce's/Doocys, the latter first found in Staffordshire with Pipe's, Bassets, and Pipe-related Stops/Stubbs. The latter can be gleaned as kin of Stirlings/STURlings, and Sturs share the triple fesses of Scottish Drummonds who in turn share the Coat of Bassets. Stirlingshire is where the Nimo's were first found suspect in the "Animo" motto term of Norths, the latter being instrumental with Bone's/Bohuns in pointing to the Nord Stream pipe. The Nordens (Kent, same as Nortons) even share a white tower with Narbonne's/Denardo's/Nordi's. French Narbonne's share the Maurice Coat i.e. from Maurice Drummond the Bohemian.

Narbonne's/Denardo's/Nordi's were first found in Naples, at Campania, near to where Joe DeSimone is from. DeSimone's are said to be particularly from Sicily and Campania. Playing to shortly below, let me repeat that Mike Denardo, my fellow stockboy, brought his DRUMs to my teenage party. End Germany insert.

Ukraine Via Miss Muschatov's Window

On Sunday morning, the first heraldic thought coming to mind was checking for a Burst surname as per a bursting pipe. It seemed like a corny idea, but then the Norton and KNOCK/Knox bird design appeared with English Bursts, first found in Burstall of Suffolk, which was once BURGEStala. Suffolk is where Clare's were first found who share the Coat of a Dutch Berger/Burger Coat no longer showing at houseofnames. I saw it many times and had it recorded. The thing is, the Clare / Berger/Burger Coat shares triple-red chevrons with MUSCHATs, and the Knocks/Knox's had come to topic when I climbed up the TV antenna of the MUSCHATov residence to knock on the window of my girlfriend, DIANE Muschatov. Her Ukrainian parents had a Ukrainian accent. It can be shown to be an event set up by God where Knock-like Nochs share the red leopard head with ANTENna-like Antons/Anthonys. I faintly recall that Rick Legge was with me that night, for what it might be worth.

[Insert -- Biden's boss of Ukraine, who tells what Biden a little of what's going on in Ukraine, is Tony Blinken, and while Blinkens were at Kirkland, the Kirklands (Cumberland, same as Blinkens and Falcons) have the bird design, in the same brown color, as the Knock/Knox and Norton Crest. I'll bet Blinken knows who done the Nord Stream job. I'll add to this later. End insert]

Dutch and German Bergers/Burgers are now showing three engrailed fesses in the colors of the three Clare chevrons, and three red fesses are used by Muscats/Musks (not "Muschat"). French Bergers were first found in Burgundy with the Vairs (and with triple-fesse Feins/Finns) sharing the English Burges checks.

I showed how the Diane's/Deans/Dene's share the motto of Irish Dene's who in turn use a crocodile for a pointer to the crocodile-leather shoes of Michael Zlochevsky, Ukrainian owner of Burisma Holdings, the company in a corrupt bed with the Biden family. You can find his shoe boutique online at Kiev, the Ukraine capital. So, my knocking on her bedroom window can now point to the Nord Stream story where Knocks/Knox's share the Norton falcon.

As I said, after climbing her antenna (early 20's), because her parents didn't want me to see her anymore, I protested by walking on top of the privacy fence. So, let's repeat from above: "I threw the dead mole over the electric FENCE (into the woods) without thought (until now) of the FENS/Venns surname (share Patterson scallops) that I've long thought to be a Phoenix/Fenwick branch. Plus, wow, while Boms use "bombs," BAUMgartners/BaumGARDENs use a "fence"!!!!"

While Bursts were at Burgestall, English Burges' were first found in Sussex with Norton-like Norths. These Burges, first found beside Buttons/Bidens/BOTTONs, use the bottony cross. The red-checkered Shield of English Burges' is shared by Gas' while German Gas use the goose while Goose's/Googe's were Mole kin, both first found in ROXburghshire, so perfect because that place was named by the Roxolani who lived on the Dnieper river through Kiev!!! Immediately before the italicized quote above, I had said: "Readys [swans and SCIMitar] were first found in Angus with Gardens, so amazing. Googe-like Gog (Gogarene) was at lake Swan-like SeVAN, named after Lake Van, home of king Rusa. Swans/Sions once showed gauntlet gloves, same as Fane's/VANs." Rusa was conquered by Cimmerians from proto-Ukraine, and Rusa is suspect as the ancestry of Roxolani = Rus-Alans! Varangian Rus ventured from the Baltic sea to conquer Kiev over 1,500 years after the Cimmerians conquered Rusa.

German Gas' were first found in Hamburg with SHOE-using Trips/Treffs, and Mr. Kepke (another pure blond like Muschatov), whose father is Ukrainian, likewise pointed to the shoe boutique of Zlochevsky because he and I both sold shoes at 18 years of age, immediately after Mike Denardo took Allison Bauer from me!!! We saw the Denardo's/NARBONNE's/NORDI's using the North lion, but it's also the Swan/Sion lion! Narbonne is in Aude province with the Roxolani line of RoqueFEUIL (looks like "fuel")!!! The Trowels who were pointed to, because I put the mole on a trowel, show nothing but treFOILs, the RoqueFEUIL > Rockefeller symbol without a doubt, but as per "TREFoil," it must be code also for the Treff variation of Trips, for Trypillians were at Trypillia, which someone said is south of Kiev! Is that not astounding? A year or two after Kepke stopped selling shoes, he went into plumbing with his brother, and that entails PIPES!

ZLOCHevsky is suspect in a pointer from Slocks/Slacks because they share a blue star with Shoe's/Schuchs. Shoe's use "a knight issuing from the KNEES", and this can be a pointer to the Knesset's support of Zlochevsky. The Kness'/Ness', with the Slock/Slack star in colors reversed, and sharing the crescent of French Falcons (!), share the rising falcon (different color) of Knocks/Knox's; the latter were a pointer to Ukraine!!! Kness'/Ness' are in the colors and format of French Falcons. The hexagram on the flag of Israel is in the colors of the Slock / Innis star, and the other Innis' (Moray) have the same hexagram too boot. The double fesses on the Israeli flag are those of Parrs, kin of FurNESS' and Ness'/Nice's/Nessans! Lookie there, folks.

TruNews makes the point that Israel was founded by Khazarian "Jews," and Khazars had controlled eastern Ukraine, which may be why Israel wants to control it again today. Thus, Armageddon, which ends in Israel, may start from the Russians now annexing eastern Ukraine. Slocks have a bend-with-stars almost that of Jewish Rothchilds (not "Rothschild). Khazars had Jewish "kagan" priest-kings while Jewish Kagans/Cohens share the Kness/Ness / Moray star. "Cohen" is Hebrew of "priest." As Innis'/ONE's are suspect in the motto of the Handels sharing the Moray Coat, it's a good reason to point the door-handle dream to things in Ukraine. When the Varangian Rus took over Khazaria, Khazarian Jews fled to Hungary and Germany. I'll bet their Tocharian peoples became the Nazis. Khazars were from Togarmah, and Khazars of the Kabar kind co-founded Hungary as the Magog-suspect Magyars.

Irish Burges'/BURYs even share a camel head (different design) with the Pipe Crest. English and Irish Burys are also Burisma-like Buris'! Perfect. Irish Burges'/Burys share the bezantee Shield of Suchs/Zouch's, the latter first found in Lancashire with Lawrence's. The latter is not only Kepke's first name, but it uses a " Be ready" motto too! Zinger.

Readys had come to topic above as per being in the Gorham motto, and this is perfect too because, as I've said a few times, I sold floor and wall TILES on Gorham drive. While on the Gorhams earlier, I had wondered how the Tile surname might apply to topic, but I could see no way. BUT NOW, German Tile's are also Tillers, and BURSts even share the arrow of Tile's/Tillers and Rothschilds/Roddensteins, showing the importance of going to Bursts of Burgestala. My cat, Sassy, because she regularly SUCKed her TAIL as an adult cat, had pointed to the SUCHs/Zouch's above, especially as Sassys list Such-like Saucers. She had pointed to English Tillers/Tellier's because they share the TAIL/Tailer lion, and because the Tilurius river is also the CETINa while cat-using Cetins/Cattans share the "Saracen head" with Sassys/Saucers! And here I find myself on the bezantee Shield (rare in my finds) of Burges'/Burys.

Irish Burghs/Berks (not "Burges"0 use a cat in Crest, and BERKshire is where WINDSOR castle is located, and where rock-using Beetle's were first found who share the lozengy (almost the Grimaldi lozengy) of Irish Berges'/Burys. Mr. Zlochevsky has a home in Monaco, home of the royal Grimaldi's. This lozengy is almost that of Scottish Lombards, first found in Renfrewshire with Knocks/Knox's, and I knocked on the WINDow of DIANE Muschatov while the Other/Otter Lombards were proto-WINDsors. Diane's/Deans share the motto of crocodile Dene's, the latter first found in Galway with Irish Burghs/Berks/BIRKES' (Irish Bursts of Burstall are also shown as BIRKEStalle's). Crocodile Dene's have a "Forti" motto term while Beetle's use a "fort" on their rock.

English Bergers share the black lion paw with Beetle's share the Coat of BEDwells, first found in Bedfordshire with the Lutons sharing the Win eagle. (Diane was in bed / sleeping, and she answered the knock, but not very happily. I was hoping that she was Sleeping Beauty). Window-connectable Fiens/Finis' use "Fortem." Bedfords use a Fort-connectable "forTUNA" motto term while Tune's/Towns were first found in Suffolk with Bursts of Burgestall. Fortune's were first found in Lothian with the Seatons/Sittens who in turn share the crescents of Tillers/Telliers. Tuna's are listed with the Tunnels who nearly have the Plumer/Plumb Coat. Forts use an "AUDax" motto term for lines into / out of Aude province. English Plumers/Plumbers, first found in Durham with Sitten-branch Sedans/Siddens (share black border with Bedfords and Parrs), use "AUDacter," a motto term also of Pollocks, first found in Renfrewshire with Knocks/Knox's who in turn link to the Parr / Welder Crest.

The Tiller/Tellier fesse must be in the wing of Tellers/Tallers. Note "BursTALL." The Talls were first found in Thuringia with the father of queen Basina, wife of CHILDeric, and so let's add that Childs share the eagle of Kepke-connectable Lorraine's. Plus, while I climbed Muschatov's antenna on WELDRick road (Richmond Hill), Welders were first found in Thuringia, even sharing the Tall hexagrams. Childs (Hertfordshire, same as Fien- and Finn-connectable Finch's/VINce's) were first found in Wanstead while Wansteads/Weiners/WINNers almost have the German PLUMER/Plumb Coat. Kepke went into plumbing sales.

Let's continue. WANE's/Wayne's share the FIEN/Fane/VAN gauntlets, and as BAUMgartners have the fence suspect with Fens'/Venne's, note the "baum/boim" suffixes on variations of German Plumers/Plumbs. Meanwhile, English Plumers/Plumbers not only share the Shoe and German Burger star, but three lion heads in the colors of the three lions of Fane-branch Fiens/Finis' (Kent, same as Gore's and their Trip kin). The WINDOWs have three lion paws in the same colors and format as those three lions, and I KNOCKED on Muschatov's WINdow. Tillers/Telliers were first found near the first-known WINs, and we just saw the Wansteads are Winners. Tillers/Telliers were first found in Glamorganshire with Welsh Louis' while French Louis' were first found in Lorraine.

I sold tiles (I owned the company for a short while) on Gorham drive. Gorham-like GorSUCH's, sharing the bend-with-eagles of Lorraine's, were first found in Lancashire with Suchs/Zouch's, and Kepke-line Keeps share the Lorraine bend because they were both from Maria of Kiev, wife of Casimir, son of RICHEZa of Lorraine. The Richs'/Richess' (Hampshire, same as Buttons/Bottons/Bidens), said to be from Lorraine, share the BOTTONY cross with English Burges'. Buttons/Bidens are also Budens, and were first found in Hampshire with Botters/Bodins while Budini lived south of Kiev. You can't argue with the facts.

BURISma energy (sells gas) is in cahoots with the Biden family, but also with the Heinz-KETCHup family of John Kerry. As I said, I received Sassy as a KITTEN from a lady whose banister (stair railing) I was re-finishing. Banisters share the water bouget of kitten-like KITCHENs/KETCHins because both were first found in Lancashire too. Mr. Kepke loved KETCHup, plastering it on his sandwiches. The Bugs who use more water BOUGets are from Ukraine's Bug liver, land of the Nord-like Neuri. Herodotus said that Neuri became wolves annually, and there is a wolf head in the Norry Crest while Norrys (Aberdeenshire, same as Ready-like Reads) share the Rush/Rish, Rosco/Risco, Rick and Rigg fesse.

One thing I don't remember doing is going to the Letters and LAUDERs because Sassy was given to me out of a car LITTER that the LADY had with her own cat. Lauders are suspect with "Lotheringia," another name for Lorraine i.e. home of Richeza. Plus, English Trips use the LADDER. It just so happens that Letters, with a Leather variation to go with Zlochevsky's crocodile-leather, share the GOOSE on a ROCK of Rutherfords (ROXburghshire) so that we are thus getting a GAS-line pointer to Rockefeller globo-goons, for German Gas' (same place as Trips/Treffs) use the goose.

Muschatov's lived on WELDrick road, and the Welder Crest looks like a woman in a blue dress, same the Parr Crest is said to be the "head and SHOULDers" of a "woman." I knocked on Muschatov's window, and SHOULDhams share the gold, rising bird (different Shield color) of Knocks/Knox's. The Knocks/Knox's (same place as Orrs/Ore's) have a "proficiOR" motto term to go with the "ORate" of Shouldhams. Therefore, the border of Knocks/Knox's must be an "orle" border, symbol of Rutherfords and RUTlands. Orrels/Orells (Lancashire again) even share the red roundel with Orrs/Ore's and Orleans'. Note "oRATE," for Kepke had a per rat in his basement when we were teens i.e. when we sold shoes. Rats/Rate's were first found in NAIRnshire, suspect with the Neuri-like Nairi of Lake Van. Keeps are in the Hebron motto, and Nahor was brother to Abraham of Hebron.

The Welder woman holds a globe, the symbol also of Belli-loving Carpenters, and we saw the Italian Belli's with the Germanys/Germans. The Orrs/Ore's use a "CORNucopia," and Cornwalls were from the CERAUNII Illyrians on the URBANus river while Welders share the German Urban hexagrams. Ceraunii liners such as Crauns/Crane's (Suffolk, same as Bursts of Burgestala) may have named "Ukraine." Bursts named BursTALL, and Welders were clearly related to Talls. If not mistaken, undersea gas pipes are welded together. Joe DeSimone was a welder.

After Muschatov and I broke up, she told me she almost CHOKEd on a chicken bone. I don't know why she told me that. Guilty conscience? It evokes Joe DeSimone's chickens sought after by a man-chasing bear. He had his chicken coops backed up on his welder's shop, and Miss Muschatov lived on Welder-like Weldrick! That works, making the chicken-bone event look like it applies to the Russian bear. In the Philippines, he and his wife bought into an egg-making farm.

Choke's/Chocks share the triple-wavy fesses of Chalks/Chalkers, the latter first found in Kent with Petts/Perts (kin of FLAME-using Bullys) having a stork in the bulRUSHes, which can explain why the white Choke/Choch bird has a longer beak than the white swan of Chalks i.e. the Choke's use a stork. It explains why the three fesses are in the colors of the fesse of Rush's, the latter first found in Suffolk with CHICkens and the Flaming-related Trashers/Tresure's. We have another story to investigate. CHICHesters, who look related to Irish Flemings, even share the Choke stork. Chichesters share "foi" with the Barlo's that look connectable to Barrels in the dream with Mr. DeSimone's Jeep. Barlo's were first found in Manchester with Chick-like Shicks/Shake's (Barlo colors) who in turn share the Chicken chevron, no guff at all.

Cheeks/Checks/CHICKs, a pointer recently to the Chechen leader (Kadyrov) fighting for Putin against NATO in Ukraine, were first found in Oxfordshire with Bunns/BONE's (can we believe it?), and with Love's/Luffs who in turn have the Chock / Chalk fesses in colors reversed (no, you can't). Two of the Luff/Love fesses are with Muscats/Musks (believe it) because both surnames were once said to be first found in Suffolk...with Chickens. Choking wasn't fun, ask Diane (I was cooking chicken thighs while writing here). The Cheek/Check Coat is essentially the one of Italian Diano's who in turn share the crescents of Diane's/Deans (same place as English Bone's). DIANE Muschatov at our service. God made Miss Muschatov almost choke on a chicken bone, it's almost too clear to deny now. And English Bone's play to Norths / Narbonne's/Nordi's and therefore the Nord Stream. French Narbonne's (Languedoc, same as Narbonne) even share the giant Diane/Dean lion!

AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH BEAUTY, this is new right here: French Narbonne's are also NarBONETs while English Bonneys/Bonets share the English Bury/BURIS Coat!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It's a pointer to Burisma gas!!! The skunks who run that company must have sabotaged the Nord Stream pipe line. How much sense does this make? The Bidens are behind the pipeline burst (we can sense it now) along with receiving illegal kickbacks from Burisma Holdings. Biden even promised to destroy Nord Stream, what an animal this nutbar is. French Bonets/Bone's were first found in Languedoc with Narbonne's and French Falcons, while English Falcons share the chevron of French Bonets/Bone's. I'm sure that Knocks/Knox's use the falcon because English Falcons show the same design.

North's and Narbonne's share the lion of GORmans, first found in County Clare with Irish Nortons. The Amore's and Damorys of Oxfordshire also relate to the triple fesses of Choke's and Chalks. The Amore's share the white dog head with the Barrels who were part of the trash-can scene. While Chalks and Saucer-like Chaucers were first found in Kent with Gore's, the Chicken-connectable Shicks/Shake's, with "MOLE hills", and first found in Lancashire with the GORsuch's and Suchs/Zouch's who were part of the KITCHEN-Banister relationship with Sassy my kitten. Sassys are also Saucers. Kitchens and BANESters use the "WATER bouget", and Waters (Essex, same as Muschats) share the Muschat Coat. French Banes' share the Muschat Coat too, begging whether Kitchens/KICHENs/Ketchins were a branch of Chickens via mutual connection to Shicks. English Banes'/Baines' have a giant wolf head in the colors of the German Flaming/Fleming wolf, an while Sassy pointed to Cetins/Cattans, Clan Chattan included the Beans/BAINs.

The Gas' have checks in two color schemes, one of the Berges' (Sussex, same as Norths and Bone's), and the other of the neighboring Checkers, first found in Hampshire with Pipe-connectable Poppins (Pepin kin). The chicken bone looks like it points to that situation, and Berges' came to topic with the idea of a pipeline BURST. Someone popped the pipe. Poppo I was the founder of Babenbergs, and the Babenberg Coat is also the Muschat and Epstein Coat. Epsteins were pointed to by the Nuse's and Neckers as per the neck noose he was reportedly hung on, and Miss Muschatov choked on a bone at her neck.

On the same day that I bought a newspaper in Victoria as a pointer to Nuse's/Newes', a mugger in Galveston had both his hands on my neck, trying to strangle me to get the keys to my Nissan. Nissans were first found in Hamburg with Germans/Germanys who share the man design of Pascals, and the latter surname shares the Dutch Neck/Necker stag head.

The mugger took one hand off my neck, then took a fake weapon from his pocket, and pretended to swing a knife toward by belly. English Germans look like Belli / Bailey kin because Italian Germans/Germanys share the Moray Coat, which includes the stars of Belly-related Bailys (kin of One's suspect in the Handel motto). Bellys share the Duc/LeDuc star while Ducs/LeDucs essentially have the Moray / Germany / Handel Coat. James LeDuc of Galveston is suspect as a COVID criminal / accomplice. Muschatov's antenna can be a pointer to cell-PHONE towers that transmit 5G radiation working in conjunction with graphene in vaccines. Her window pointed to Fiens/Finis', a branch of Phone's/Fiens/Fane's/Vans. Lake Van and Sevan were near the Moschi mountains. The fake weapon was the plastic body of a remote-control unit.

Without going into the whole lot of heraldry where I claimed that my Galveston mugging pointed to Donna Brazile, I'd just like to record that the only heraldic lion I've known of with all four feet down is the Brazile lion. But I've just seen another one, and it's gold too, in the Strange Crest. I looked Strange's up as per "strangle."

So, why do you think God allowed the mugger, a Black like Ms. Brazile the baby-killer, liberal guard, to take me by the neck? How does this point to Ukraine with Miss Muschatov? Recall my theory, that the Ceraunii Illyrians, who are in the heraldic crown, may have named Ukraine with a line such as crown-around-neck Crauns/Crane's. Well, the Neck/Necker stag has a crown on one of its red antlers. Who else had a red antler? I've told readers a hundred times: the Casimirs, from Casimir of Poland, husband of Maria of Kiev. The Casimir antler forms a bend in the colors of the Keep and Lorraine bends because both surnames were from Casimir and Maria.

The Lorraine's use the white-on-red Piast eagle (see google), and Casimir was a Piast. An eagle in red was used by Zahringers, and the latter also used a blue antler to go with the red antler of their Varangian-like Veringer kin, both of them from Baden, explaining why the Arms of Baden is the Casimir / Lorraine / Keep bend. Zahringers founded Berne with a bear symbol, symbol also of Varangian-based Russia. The Bern bend, with bear, is colors reversed from the Arms of Baden bend. It just so happens that the Neckar river is in Baden, how-bout that.

I took a near-strangle for the team of Jesus, folks, and I'll tell readers again, that after he had been on my neck for about a minute, I said, "In the name of Jesus, get off" (they were my exact words), and with a too-easy push of this half-drunken goon, I was suddenly on the street standing upright with him, instead of half-lying on the passenger seat with him on my neck. I suppose he respected Jesus a little to fear Him a little, and he let up a little. I've got to assume that my strangle event, and Muschatov's choke event, are both pointers to this war in Ukraine, but why would God point to this if it doesn't have to do with the brink of end-time prophecy? And why would the mugging in Galveston point to poison vaccines unless they will be the basis of the 666 store-entry pass.

The Zehrs, suspect from Zahringers, use "hatchets", and Hatchets/Hackets were probably a branch of Hatch's/Haach's. Here's from Wikipedia's Donna Brazile article: "In July 2017, Hachette Books announced that it had acquired the rights to Brazile's forthcoming book, Hacks: The Inside Story of the Break-ins and Breakdowns That Put Donald Trump in the White House, published on November 7, 2017." Brazile wanted Biden to run against Trump in 2016, suggesting that she may be involved in Ukraine corruption with a slew of other Democrats.

There was also this recently: "JUNE 15, 2022...Today, President Biden announced his intent to appoint the following individuals to serve in key roles:...Donna Brazile, Member, J. William Fulbright Foreign Scholarship Board".

A few hours after writing above, I found and reported this earlier in this section: "Insert -- Biden's boss of Ukraine, who tells what Biden a little of what's going on in Ukraine, is Tony Blinken, and while Blinkens were at Kirkland, the Kirklands (Cumberland, same as Blinkens and Falcons) have the bird design, in the same brown color, as the Knock/Knox and Norton Crest. I'll bet Blinken knows who done the Nord Stream job. I'll add to this later. End insert"

One day, Joel and I were driving to a certain place, and he pulled over to check the map. He pulled over on the SHOULDER of the road in front of an abandoned parking lot, and there in this lot I saw a seaGULL walking away from me with its steps perfectly attuned to the BLINKers that Joel had put on while PARKed on the shoulder. As Joels/Jewells look like Julian liners while Gulls have the German Julian pale bars. Plus, the Crest of German Julians is the Fulk wing, and while Fulke's are also Volks, Joel was driving a Volkswagen Rabbit at the time. Fulke's/Volks were first found in Norfolk with Shouldhams. Shouldhams and Knocks/Knox's both look like kin of Orrs/Ore's, and the gull-blinker event took place in Parry Sound, birthplace of Bobby Orr.

I figured it was a Set-up by God, or a pointer to Rudy Giuliani, Trump's lawyer who was opposed at the time by Tony Blinken during an impeachment push against Trump by a slew of Ukrainian diplomats. But now, Joel's being PARKed on the shoulder of the road can point to SHOULDhams with the rising falcon of Knocks/Knox's, and the latter share the Crest (suspect as a falcon) of Blinken-connectable Kirklands. Parks were first found in Cumberland with Blinkens and Fulk-like Falcons!! I get it, because the knock-on-window event points to Ukraine. It may not be a pointer to Giuliani so much as to Blinken, and Gulls were first found in Kent with the English Nortons and Nordens, believe it or not. It's the Irish Nortons who have the Blinken Crest, and these Nortons have quadrants in the colors of the split Shield of Fulke's/Volks.

Knocks/Knox's were first found in Renfrewshire with Pollocks while Polesdons almost have the Kirkland Coat. The latter's is almost the Wigton Coat while Hanna's, with the Trump stag head in colors reversed, were first found in Wigton. I have a faint recollection that Rick LEGGE was with me the night I climbed her antenna, and Legge's almost have the Trump Coat. Knocks/Knox's share the Falcon falcon, and these Falcons use a "VIS" motto term while I've shown how Vise's/Vice's link to Dutch Tromps. I showed above why Falcons were French Bonet/Bone kin, and here we add that Vise's/Vice's were first found in Sussex with English Bone's. Italian Bonets are listed with the Bona's in the motto of Knock-related Orrs/Ore's, and the triple Orr/Ore piles are those of Guiscards/WISharts whom I can trace, via both Chappes surnames, to VISconti's of Milan, where Bonets/Bona's were first found.

Joel's mother is Miss Burger, and while he was driving a white Rabbit that he had purchased four days earlier, Rabbits were first found in Suffolk with Bursts of Burgestall. I kid you not, these English Bursts share the falcon design of Blinkens, and then the English Berges' (bottony crosses can be a pointer to Biden's Ukraine corruption) almost have the Blinken Crest!!! TOO MUCH.

Plus, Irish Berges' were first found in Wexford with Bulgers while a nephew of Whitey Bulger (gangster) was involved with John Kerry's family-in-law, and with Hunter Biden, in Ukraine corruption. I checked the Bulgers when asking self, who uses a version of the Chief of English Berges', and Bulgers came to mind! It was a whammy to find that Irish Berges' were first found in the same place as Bulgers. Bulgers look like a Berger branch in this picture.

As Burys/BURIS' are a pointer to Zlochevsky of Burisma gas, the Bury variation of Irish Burges' is bang-on cue here. As Zlochevsky lives in Monaco, land of Grimaldi's, note that Grimaldi's share the lozengy Shield of Bags -- almost the lozengy of the Irish Berges'/Burys -- and that Bags (Norfolk, same as Fiscs) have a Chief in the colors and format of the Bulger and English Berges Chief.

Zlochevsky's crocodile shoes are pointed to by Diane-branch Dene's, and while the knock-on-window concerns Diane, let's add that Diane's/Dene's were first found in this Sussex with English Berges' who share the checkered Shield of FISCs, which is almost the Grimaldi / Bag Shield. Fiscs are suspect from the Fieschi partners of Genova's Grimaldi's (see google for that). Irish Bergens even share the giant Diane/Dene lion, which is the one also of Dile's in "crocoDILE."

Back to Before the Germany Insert

I was about ladder height when dropping the trash can upside-down upon its open rim (no lid) upon a circular MOUND of sand (Scottish Mounds are with Mounts/Mons'), and the rim caught FLAMES as code for Flemings. The latter share the chevron of English Mounds/Munds/Minds. I jumped down to the flames yelling, "fire," and started to put out the flames with the sand, but the dream ended there so far as I can recall.

As there was a barrel-shaped part missing from the door handle, I resolved that this barrel-like container (BUCKET shaped) was also a barrel DRUM as a pointer to the Drummonds, for they use a "Gang" motto term while Gangs/Geggs share the cinquefoils of French Buckets.

After finishing the bathroom renovation, I went home some 90 minutes away. But they called to have me come back to get them hot water at the tub. I didn't know that the FAUCET needed some internal adjusting to provide hot water. I went back to adjust it, and Faucets use "COMPONY" on their bend while Mr. DeSimone was from Benevento in CAMPANia. There is a Campanio surname, and, lo, it uses bells in the colors of the bell-pattern "vair" of Chimney-like Kemmis'/CAMois' and Shins/Chine's, no guff at all.

It's even possible that CamPANio's were a Cam merger with the Pane variation of Panico's/Panetta's, the latter first found in Bologna, near the first-found Campanio's of Padua. Padua is where Este is found, and Benevento is where Aquila's were first found who share the Italian Este Coat. Bologna is where Frate's/Fratini's were first found who share the DeSimone Coat. Clickety-click, but I didn't make the heraldry. Pane's/Panico's use a "label" while Labels are listed with La Bells, no guff at all.

The trash can fell on its rim, and Rims/Rums/Rome's, first found in Dumfries with Bells, have a "PUNGit" motto term while Pungs/Pings/Pongs/Pagans (Yorkshire, same as Panico-like Pincs/Pinks) share the Pane/Panico label. God gave that dream, didn't He? He arranged my phone call to move into DeSimone's apartment, didn't He? I had no idea. God can make us do things, and we don't know it. That's a powerful message to the stupids, but also for the agnostics and back-sliders. Take the time to talk to God with tenderness, you will not be disappointed. He is very good to those who are good toward Him, like One just waiting for us at the door.


Good morning Wednesday, wow. The first thing done this morning on the heraldic front was to look at the English Mounts because they are showing on one of my browsers. And being reminded of their "RAGGED" staff, supported by a red fox, a Raggit surname was checked for, getting the Rackets/Ricketts/Reckitts with a "veRUM" motto term. The Rums are listed with Rims, and the open rim of the trash can caught flames on a mound! I don't think I've ever found this obvious reason before for the use of the mound in the dream. It clearly goes with the red fox of Jewish Simons.

The Mounts use a "mound," and the trash can fell on the mound of sand, for I pushed the sand onto the flames with my hands when jumping onto the mound. I think it's a neat-little package where Sands use a ragully fesse. Bingo, we are on it. There is a racket afoot burning Trump, as he deserves. Sands are in Racket/Ricket colors and near-format, wunderbar.

Why was it necessary for the trash can to fall / drop from a height? Was the Trope/Trupe branch of Drops a Tromp / Trump branch? It suddenly looks like it, because Jumps share the Trump stag head. If the trash can was not at a height, there would have been no need for me to jump DOWN, but God made me jump down, and Downs/Douns, first found in Sussex with Tromp-beloved Acorns, have a stag in Trump stag colors.

Rackets/Ricketts share the scimitar with Ainsleys as well as the two, chevron-forming swords of McGee's; the latter were first found in Dumfries with Rums/Rims. That works. Ainsleys love the My's in their motto who share the McGee boar heads. It does work. The My raven is in the Arms of Man while Maccus of Man is the line to Mackays ("manu"). The "Quid" motto term of Rackets/Ricketts suggests that their swords are the two, chevron-forming "daggers" of Mackays because Irish Mackays share the triple Quid/Quade/Wade wolf heads. Dagger-using Kilpatricks had a castle on the Nith river.

Earhardt-connectable Airys/Eerie's and McKinneys have a "Je" motto phrase that can be for the Jee variation of McGee's. The latter have Mr. McGETH in their write-up while there is an article or two online telling that GEDs were on Dumfries' Nith river. The article also states that: "One small group [of Geds]...offering their swords and services to the Clan Mackay.". Thanks to the Sleeping Beauty dream that opened with a shark in a swimming POOL, I can trace the Ged fish to this Arms of Saraca, and while Saraca's lived at RAGUSa, it's suspect with the Raggs' and therefore with "RUGully." The Raggit surname has a ragged staff otherwise called, ragully. Pools were first found in Dorset with Rain-related NEWmans, all three having white lions. The Nuse's/NEWES almost have the German Necker Coat, and I trace raven-depicted vikings to Stuttgart on the Neckar river. Stouts/Stows were first found in Cambridgeshire with News'/Nuces'.

The Rain-branch Randle's (share NUMan/Newman lions) have a blue wolf on a ragully object, and the Randle motto happens to have, "numeRUM." The blue wolf is/was a symbol of Placentia (I saw it myself), and "PLACit" is a Rum/Rim motto term. Saraca-like Sharks were first found in Tyrone with Neils/O'Nails, explaining the "Nil" motto term of Randle's. Rains use "leges" while Leggs/Legges' were first found in Dumfries.

Why would God present the door-handle dream with a pointer to Mounds that then clicks us to what we've just read? The shark in the dream, I've resolved, is the swallowing up of Trump by the deep state that he served in violation of his voters, and Leggs/Legges' thus look like they have the Trump Coat. Yet the door-handle dream pointed to Ainsley Earhardt even aside from what we've just read by going to the Rickets. The emphasis of the last scene in the dream is a fire caused at the rim of the trash can.

Previously, I identified this barrel-shaped trash can as Trump's choosing of Bill Barr, who allowed antifa fires to go unchecked, and to allow corrupt DoJ officials to go unchecked until society became rife with lawlessness. This situation, to this day, is on Trump's shoulders, and he can't but fall under this burden just as soon as a new 2024 candidate steps forward who looks promising. DeSANTis may therefore be in the SAND that I used to smother the flames. That's a new idea right here, but the dream didn't show whether the sand smothered the flames. The trash can was also a drum barrel as a pointer to Drummonds, and, I kid you not, Santis'/Santa's have the German Drummond Coat in colors reversed.

I YELLed and smothered the flames, and Yells were first found in raven-depicted Shetland, where I trace Drummonds. Smothers' (not "Smother") share the Coat of Irish Henrys, first found in Tyrone with Sharks, and French Henrys were at Mott at the Meu river of the My's. Motts are said to have been in Cotes-du-Nord, and while the Meu river is in that neighborhood, that province includes a JUGon location, tending to explain why My's share the Judd/JUDD boar heads. The Jugg/Judd fesse is even done in ragully! Plus, the Juggs/Judds are in the colors and near format of Sandins while Sands have another ragully fesse.

Plus, Juggs/Judds were first found in Herefordshire with Doors and Barrels while Scottish Doors nearly have the Coat of Irish McGee's. A rain barrel comes to mind here. The Rain motto probably has JUDicael of Rennes, and Rennes is at the Meu river too.

Rains are in English SMITH colors and format, and Smothers' are listed with Smithers. Smiths use the "heron" as do Orne's/Horns while the Orne river flows past trash-can Caen. Rands/Rance's named the Rance river near Rennes, and we just saw Randle's/Randalls sharing the Rain and Newman/Numan lions. Newmans/Numans were first found in Dorset with CUTTERs, and Saraca's of Ragusa had previously been at KOTOR.

Scottish Smiths (another heron) use an "anvil" while Anville's/Hanville's/Hanville's were first found in Kent with the Purchase's sharing the Anvil/Hanville/Handville lion.

The Smith "fish" was shown above linkable via the Fish's to Neve's/Nevays. I neglected to add that English Neve's/Neaves' share the white fish with the Sola's/Sole's in the Neve/Nevay motto. The Sola's/Sole's are in the Hague motto, and this could have the trash can, because it was at a HEIGHT, pointing to The Hague, because Hague's are also Haights/Hate's (suspect with the Hades'/Hats of Dorset). The Heights (not "Haight") were first found in Derbyshire with Sola's/Sole's! The Height/Hite fleur-de-lys is colors reversed from the Neve/Nevay and Fish fleur! Javier Solana comes to mind with the Sol variation of Solana's. I wonder what he's up to for EU globalism these days.

The Hague is in Holland, and the Flemings in the flames of the trash can were partly in Holland. So, maybe now I can say that I was at a height, though I didn't see what I was standing on, as a pointer to The Hague. Hague's/Haights even share the crescent of Noms/Nevins/Newins in the Newland motto.

The Height/Hite cross is the one between the antlers of the Vise/Vice stag head, and this is the stag head also of Trump-connectable Acorns (Sussex, same as Vise's/Vie's and Downs/Douns). I had jumped from a height as a pointer to Trump! This is more incredible because Knee's/Knees', sharing the Acorn / Vise/Vice stag head, were first found in County Down, and the Non variation of Noms/Nevins are in the motto of Knees'-like Kness' who share the Nom/Nom/Nevin and the Hague/Haight crescent! It appears to be pointing to the Knesset's control over the Hague via Rothchilian tentacles in Europe.

The "noVIS" motto term of Hite-like Hyde's looks perfect for the Vise variation. Spanish Nova's are even in the colors and format of Portuguese Mota's, who are probably both in Coffee/Coffer colors due to the latter's link to Motels, first found in Calabria with Italian Mota's. The Neve's entered the discussion with the pointer of my coffee and newspaper to Victoria Newland, and that investigation pointed immediately to the INGLEside naval base, and here we can add that Ingles-like English's/Inglis' share the Hague/Haight stars, and were first found in Herefordshire with Doors and Barrels. The Handels share the Moray Coat, and English's/Inglis' share the Chief of Moray's Douglas'. Medals/Dougals share the English/Ingles lion! Beauty. It allows for the Russian medallion to point to the Russian pipeline that was bombed this week. Did they use a barrel bomb?

The Ingles'/Ingals have the double SANDers chevrons in colors reversed, and the same German sanders share the McLeod/CLOUD bull head while Ingles'/Ingals have a cloud in Crest. It looks as though the flames on the sand mound are pointing to the pipeline explosion accomplished by the help of the Ingleside naval base. Out to sea from this naval base is where the BP pipeline burst took place a decade or more ago.

Bad News On Giorgi Meloni

AnOmaly has a video out this week (Wednesday) where at the 3rd minute, Giorgia Meloni is shown saying that she's fine with the digital green certificate, which is an EU-wide vaccine passport. The same video shows a Wikipedia article telling that she has been a member, for over a year and a half, of the Aspin Institute, a globalist org funded by Rockefellers and the Gates Foundation. Oh no, is she controlled opposition?

When the goons think their party will lose an election, they send in one of their own to act like the opposition, and they facilitate their own to win the election so that this person will at least not do damage to the goons while in office, whereas a genuine opponent could do damage. Trump, who has been a liberal all his life, would make an excellent example of a controlled opponent, and maybe he is. Maybe he only pretended to be opposed to climate change and NATO because it helped to get him elected.

The digital green pass could become the mark of the beast as it evolves. In the video, she tells that her party was the first to support it, and she's pushing it for the rest of Europe as soon as possible (this was probably in mid-2021). That sounds just like the enemy. Perhaps she's intended as the Trump-fever of Europe to mislead her voters.

Perhaps God is not pointing to Meloni because she's a good guy after all. Perhaps He's pointing to her because she's a fake. By what coincidence do Aspens have a Coat version of the Bono's, first found in Milan with Giorgi's/Zorza's? The Bono Coat shares the Otone/Olton and Odin lion for a good trace to Ottone Visconti of Milan. I've said many times that the Bono Coat is a good reflection of the Gates Coat, and we can add that the Gates lion is that also of Zorza-like Sforza's, and English Bone's and Bunns/Bonns. Rockefellers include the Rods, and MELLANsons use "rods."

Giorgia is online these days holding a sign, "GRAZIE Italia." Grazi's were first found in Umbria with Ottone's. Grazi's can actually be using the Annesley bend because GRAZi's share the pomegranate with French Crispins (share GRASSE / Bone bend) while English Crispins were first found in Oxfordshire with Annesleys.

Compare this marine flag for 6 with the Gallia's, first found in Milan. Gallia's (three of the English Bone fesse) trace well to Gallia, mother of Tullia of Lyon, wife of Decimus Rusticus in Auvergne. Lyon is near Vienne, home to the Biblical HeROD Archelaus. Herods/Haralds, in Jebb colors, share the "lure" with Jebbs/Gebbs (Jeepma/Jepp branch?) who in turn share the quadrants of Espaines' while Aspens have Espaines-like variations. The Gebb-like Gibbs' share two motto terms of English Ferrands, and Decimus Rusticus ruled in Clermont-Ferrand.

Herods/Haralds use a "HAWKS lure," and AxelRODs/HAUKESwells (Suffolk, same as Jebbs/Gebbs) have the Gibbs Coat in other colors; both share the axe with ROD-using Mellansons, a Melon branch expected with Meloni's. I'm not sure what type of lure Jebbs/Gebbs use, perhaps a falcon's lure because they are in Fulke / Fleck colors. Italian Fulks were Ferrand kin because both were first found in Ferrand-line Firenze...with Alda's too. The latter essentially have the Aspen Coat, and Scottish Alda's (version of English Ferrand Coat) were first found near the first-known Herods/Haralds. The MalaSPINa's of Massa (Tuscany, same as Firenze) look like they were an Aspin branch. German Fulks likely share the Flake wing, and Tullia's use "butterflies" while Flys were at Fulk-connectable Flagi.

Beauty: the Malaspina's of Massa look bang-on correct for the Aspens because Spine's (Warwickshire, same as Spoons) share the Hood crescents while the Auda variation of Alda's looks like a Hood variation where the Altens/Daltons, with a version of the Alda/Auda and Aspen Coats, have Robin Hood in their Crest. The split Alda/Auda and Aspen colors are in the Otone/Olton quadrants, and, moreover, the Aude's/Ode's/Oddeys were first found in Savoy with Masseys/MASSE's! The latter use a "tree withOUT leaves", and Tree's/True's were once said to be first found in Warwickshire with Spine's. It appears that Aude province at Roquefeuil was named by an Alda branch, explaining why Alda's and Altens/Daltons share the Rush/Rish, Rosco/Risco, Rick and Rigg fesse.

The Russian medallion left by someone on my Jeep's hood can play to this because Jeepma's were first found in Oldenburg while Oldens are Audens/Aldons too. Here's from the 4th update in October, 2017: "As often happens, I'll leave off at a certain paragraph, and when I come back, something has happened that relates. In this case, I got off the computer in the paragraph above to go to town. My last stop was groceries. When I got back to the Jeep, there on the HOOD was a silver and gold medallion with part of the chain to a necklace still upon it. It reads, 'Saint Petersburg Russia' on one side, and the same in Russian on the opposite side. How many times have you found medallions on your hood after leaving off talking about Robin Hood and the Hoods?"

The "Vivit" motto term of Robins can be for Lviv elements. Scottish Robins were first found in Peebles-shire with Kim-branch, Chimney-like McKinneys/Kimmie's, and the latter share a brown stag head in Crest with Boltons (almost the Chimney Coat).

As Dominion Voting has an American headquarters in Denver, Colorado, perhaps Aspen Colorado has some glob-corruption too. Assuming that God is using Aspens as a pointer to Giorgia Meloni, it's interesting that Maria Zack still claims that the Italian military was in with Dominion-machine hacking for 2020 election fraud. Denvers use a "loyALTE" motto term, you see.

Back to Gallia's, first found in Milan with Giorgi's, keeping in mind that Ms. Meloni is pointed to here. Galla's, first found in Firenze for connection to Gallia, mother of Tullia of Lyon, share the Leonardo Coat, and Maria Zack claims that a military contractor in Italy, by the name of Leonardo AEROspace, was central with Dominion-machine hacking. Aero-like Airys/Eerie's have the six pale bars of Eltons (Cheshire, same as Milan-connectable Otone's/Oltons) in colors reversed, and the "armis" motto term of Eltons looks like code for the Amis/Armes' because they have a bend-with-items in the colors of the Elton bend-with-stars. The latter's bend-with-stars are almost the Jell bend-with-stars while "Je le" is a motto phrase of Airys/Eerie's. The latter are suspect with such lines as Earhardts/Airharts, first found in Bavaria with the Herzogs/Hartzogs who in turn share the bend-with-stars of Jells. How about all of that? Brothers even share a black greyhound in Crest with Jells.

Repeat as per the Otone's: "Giorgia is online these days holding a sign, "GRAZIE Italia." Grazi's were first found in Umbria with Ottone's." She's supposedly thanking the Italians for the election win, but this sign may be a secret message to the Visconti-descended deep state in Italy that may have given her the victory via election fraud. Berlusconi descends from Visconti's / Sforza's because he has their snake on his lawn, and Earhardts/Airharts have two snakes.

I showed why Grazi's can be using the Annesley bend, and Annesleys share the Moor with the Visconti / Sforza snake. The Visconti Coat at houseofnames doesn't show the snake with the Moor child, but with a white child, and the snake is in blue, not the original green. The Visconti snake, called a biscione, is in the Arms of Bissone (two snakes), tending to explain why Biss have two, intertwined, green snakes to go with the intertwined Earhardt/Airhart snakes. The Biss Coat is almost the Coat of Alda-like Alte's suspect in the "loyALTE" motto term of Denvers. The Biss' (and Nettle's) describe their snakes as "respecting each OTHER," and Others/Otters (HUNTINGDONshire) are from lords of Lombardy, and the Giorgi's, first found in the Lombardy capital, share the checks of Warrens, the latter from Ada of Warenne who married Mr. Huntingdon.

This looks like a pointer to Dominion's office in Denver, especially as Colorado-like Collords/Collars use Moor heads while a giant heart pierced likely with Rothschild with arrows is with Colors. Nathans/Nations (same place as Ainsleys) share an arrow-pierced red heart, and they add compasses while the Rothschild-related Pettys use a compass "needle", and so Needle's look like a Nettle branch. Nathans/Nations share the fesse of Prude's/Pratts, first found in Auvergne with Mellans/MELONs, and Biss' have a "PRUDence" motto term. Prude's/Pratts almost have the trefoil of Mellanson-beloved Rods (Devon, same as Hoods) in both colors, and do have the Rock trefoil in both colors. Rocks were first found in Worcestershire with the Dence's suspect in "pruDENCE," and English Dance's were first found in Yorkshire with the Natt-like Nettle's sharing the respecting-each-other snakes of Biss', and with the Blade's in Dence colors and format. Dannys/Dance's were first found near Bristol while Bristols share the Spine / Hood crescents too.

This gets amazing where Pettys (share quadrants in this Arms of Rothschild were first found in Warwickshire with the Spine's who proved to be an Aspen branch! Aspen is in Colorado too, and Spine's took us to Hoods and thus to Ault-like Alda's/Auda's. That's amazing.

Back to Gallia's, and Tullia of Lyon beside Vienne, home of one of the royal Herods. Vienne's share the Coat of Strongs while ArmSTRONGs have a pale-bar version of the 6-flag. Then, the Armstrong Coat is a colors-reversed Coat copy of Ferrand-like Frane's (Burgundy, included Lyon at times), which makes the Frane Coat a pale-bar version of the Gallia bendy. The Strongs and Vienne's use a giant eagle in the colors of the eagle LEGs of the BUNdle's/Bunds in the Mellanson "bundle of rods." Bunns were first found in Oxfordshire with Brothers who might be borrowing from the Bundle/Bund Coat. That's a neat-little package because Gallia's were first found in Milan with Giorgi's and Maurels/Mauro's while Giorgi's were traced to George, father of MAURice Drummond. Maurice's happen to share the Galla lion. French Frane's and Gallia's almost have the German Drummond Coat, and English Frane's have the Maurice / Morris / Galla lion in colors reversed.

We just saw the eagle legs of Bundle's in the colors of the Strong eagle. Strongs use a "TENTanda" motto term while Leggs have "TENTamine. The Mine's/Menne's in "tentaMINE" were first found in Bedfordshire with Bundle's, isn't that something? We just pointed to Trump via the Leggs. Mamie pointed to Trump via my legs, and she pointed also to Mens/Mame's i.e. like the Menne variation of Mine's. At the same campsite in which she sat on my legs, within an hour or two from doing so, we went to sleep in a tent (with others) to prove that she points to "tentamine." The Mine/Menne dancetty-fesse contains the Annesley pale bars.

Oxfordshire is where both Bunns and Annesleys were first found, a perfect match with Ainsleys and Bunnys. Annesleys almost have the Frane Coat, and Ainsleys were first found in Basford with Bunn-like Bunnys. Annesleys almost have the six pale bars in the Arms of Richard Amerike, his surname looking Maurice-ish i.e. suspect with Drummonds. Annesleys love the Drummond-connectable, Amerike-like Amore's while Italian Amori's were first found in Sardinia with Bundys/Bondys/Blondi's. English Bundys have a fesse in the colors of the fessewise bars of Blonds (Suffolk, same as Jebbs/Gebbs). "Bon" is a motto term of the Hicks', and Miss Hicks was the original Sleeping Beauty. English Frane's were first found in Shropshire with the Middle's in the Mellanson "axe in the middle."

Frane-like Frame's share the Italian Galla Coat. Both Galla's (Tuscany, same as FIRENZE) and Gallia's have variations that look Galatian, making the surnames suspect from queen OpGALLi, Galatian wife of TIGRanes VI, whom I trace to Teague's/TEEGERs ("OPtem" motto term). Mrs. Teague, whom you will see in my life below, was born, Miss Friend i.e. like "Ferrand".

If Meloni is a globalist in sheep's clothing, she's got to at least pretend to serve anti-globalism. If she can't, her supporters will see through her now that what the video above shows is known. The deep state media will always work to elect the best-for-them opposition if they can't get their party to win, and these days, the more the media pretends to hate the opposition it prefers, the better the chances he/she will be elected. Here she is, the tigress ejecting darts from her lips at the face of globo-France:

By week's end, I seriously think that the NATO spine is producing fixed news to facilitate a highly-destructive staged / false-flag event to be blamed on Russia, a win-win, it thinks. But NATO has no idea what the reactions will look like. It seems that the West is freezing its COVID scheme this winter because even the monkeypox scare fell on deaf ears, though there is still time to produce something. Yet it appears that all Western-globo eggs are in the Pandora's box of Ukraine at this time, and the plot could be a calculated population-control program, not only to kill many, but to control the rest with a concerted call for emergency-powers acts. The Ukraine setting is appropriate for a NATO attempt at an electromagnetic-pulse attack to be blamed on Russia, hopefully just a small one to begin with. It is obvious that globalists are in a rush to get the world-"order" accomplished...probably before the oldest Rothschilds and Rockefellers die without seeing it with their own eyes.

By week's end, no pictures of the pipe destruction. Europe has no shortage of submarine vehicles that could swoop down 300 feet in minutes to get photos. Why are they not in the news? Is this a faked event? If so, then Russia is part of the fakery, for Russia has been to the explosion sites by now, right? Right? Hello? Where are the pictures? We have been told that the an explosion, or all of them combined, required the equivalent of 1,200 pounds of TNT. How would they know unless they saw the damage? WHERE'S THE PICTURES? They wouldn't need 1,200 pounds if they used a more-explosive material, than TNT, at a lighter weight.

A news show said that the gas leak is expected until Sunday. Doesn't anyone want a photo of the gas coming out of the pipe??? No? Why not? Are we going to get a picture of a broken pipe with no gas coming out? How easy is that to fake? As of late October 1, NO PICTURES. In the video below, we learn that the general public is not allowed to visit the big-bubbly surface, can't get within miles because the authorities took an excuse that someone might sabotage evidence. Achem, how can anyone with a boat on the surface sabotage evidence 300 feet below water level? It's an excuse, perhaps because NATO doesn't want anyone discovering that there's nothing happening at the surface:

Did you hear that clown in the video? The climate-change news clowns are citing this event as a significant cause of greenhouse gas. The pipe is probably about two feet in diameter, and some 750 miles long. It's gas volume is wee-wee-wee-wee as compared to the open atmosphere. Anyone who thinks that this wee-wee-wee-wee gas pipe, even if it's at 50 atmospheres of pressure, is going to fill the skies to contribute to a greenhouse effect is a non-thinking clown, as are all people who adhere to climate-change in the first place. It's a globalist heist. They sit around trying to figure out ways to pilfer workers and national treasuries on massive scales. Globalists are gangsters.

The clown says that this gas leak is roughly equivalent to what 30-million cars emit in one year, which only goes to show how wee-wee-wee-wee car emissions are as compared to the atmosphere. The clown speaks as though the emissions of 30-million cars is significant, using a typical, freak-out tone practiced in news rooms all around the world. Meanwhile, ocean levels have not risen at all since Al Gore promised that cities would soon be under ocean water, meaning that there is ZERO global warming. No rise in sea level means no polar-ice melt. The greenhouse-effect from fuel products is a calculated, deliberately-advertised fantasy, a gigantic crime.

Below is a video talking about Nanaimo as a smart-city project. But before offering the link to the video, let me repeat from the 1st update earlier this past February, where trudeau disappeared for a week when the trucker convoy was headed to Ottawa:

As justin trudeau is a main part of my last update as per the trucker SPEAR to his "head" (Ottawa), I decided to load Justins/Justice's to see whether God may have arranged pointers to him from starting there. The first thing I did was load Caus'/Caustons as per the "causa" motto term of Justins, and I spotted that Caus' are in Toft/Tuffs' colors and format, which interested me because a leader of the Freedom Convoy said last week that someone thinks trudeau has escaped to TOFINo. I therefore loaded Toffens/Toftons because it's more like "Tofino" than the Tofts/Tuffs', and the Toffen/Tofton Coat has a giant, spread eagle in the colors of the same of Balance's while Justins use "...a pair of balances." What do we make of this? Did God use heraldry to snitch on trudeau's hiding out in Tofino? If he's not been there, then that's a wild coincidence.

But there's more. I stayed in Nanaimo for a winter once, and that's near Tofino. When we split "Nanaimo" into the Nan and Naim surnames, it's interesting that Nans, who come up also as Naim-like Nams, are listed with the Nons in the Justin motto. It's another head-scratcher. The last update resolved that my prayer for God to put a spear into trudeau's head (not literally) was resolved as the convoy, a long spear, to Ottawa, the head of Canada. And here we can add that Nams/Nons have a "SPERanDUM" motto term that's likely part-code for Spears/Speers. In fact, "DUM SPIRO SPERA" is a motto term of Masons/Massins who have a giant lion in the colors of the lion heads of Naims/Name's. NanNAIMO!

Plus, flip me out some more: English Name's/Neems (Lincolnshire, same as Naims/Name's) come up as "Need," and Needhams share the Coat of Knee's, both sharing the phoenix in Crest with Tofts/Tuffs'! What a cosmic coincidence if that's a coincidence too. Just look at the Needham motto: "NUNc aut NUNquam."

The "ViVIS" motto term Nams/Nons can be for the Vise's/Vice's and Acorns both sharing the Needham / Knee stag head! Incredible.

Now, this week, I'm finding that Nanaimo is being used by Schwabite beasts to prepare their Godless techno-future. trudeau is one of those anti-Christ beasts. When I stayed in Nanaimo, it was with a Mr. Bell, and so it's interesting that while the video below is partly on 5G phone technology, Alexander Bell invented the phone. Bells were first found in Dumfries with Gee's, a potential pointer to 5G.

This video tells that taxes have gone up in the city, thus increasing crime. Everywhere these globalists touch things, up goes the crime and the sin, and then they blame it on old-fashioned Christians, claiming that the solution is to go progressive toward high-tech. These lunatics can't see, they are blind. As the video is long, you might want to start it at 10 minutes:

At about 20 minutes of the video, the lady says that 5G, at a staggering 3500 megahertz, will be distributed by Rogers. It just so happens that English Rogers, linkable to Knee's / Needhams with French Rogers, share the Trudeau Coat in different colors. Nanaimo is on VANcouver Island, and Vans are listed with Phone's. The capital of this island is Victoria. I bought a newspaper and coffee in Victoria, Texas, and Coffee's, with a "victoria" motto term, are also Coffers, like "VanCOUVER." Covers are also COVID-like Covits, and they say that 5G goes together with graphene in vaccines.

You've gotta sit up for this: trudeau was at TOFINO, and Tofton-like Tufts/Tofts/Tuffs' share the "phoenix" with Phoenix's/Fenwicks, a branch of PHONE's. It apparently means that God is snitching on trudeau, telling us he's trying to harm us with 5G and vaccine poisons together unto the mark of the beast. Recall the Neck-like Knees' and Kness'/Ness', for Knee's share the red phoenix with Tufts/Tuffs. The latter were, until recently, said to be first found in Cheshire, but I now see they are said to be first found in Northumberland with Phoenix's/Fenwicks. The latter almost have the Hips Coat while the latter were first found in Norfolk with a slew of Toft and Toft-like locations. Phoenix's/Fenwicks and Hips' share the martlets of Cheshire's Birds/Burds.

Some provide evidence that the coronavirus-19 started in Wuhan because it was the first city to arm with 5G radiation.

When I was in Nanaimo, a child (boy) went missing. What do you think of?

Don't miss the comparison of a donut-shaped object at about 45:20-30 to prove that Nanaimo is a globo-project, which is not likely going to work because nobody wants it but the daftest anti-Christs. The proof that nobody wants it is where trudeau and his fellow trolls are trying to hide this project from the people. The longer they hide it, the greater the rebellion and suspicions.

The lady in the video talks about "donut economics" for smart cities, and so Donuts and their Denet branch were loaded. They were both in Sussex, where Courts/Coverts and Coverts/COFFERts were first found. Donuts and Denets use white drops, which I think are heraldically called, "l'eau" or "d'eau" = water. Donets and Denets can be shown to be Hound-related Dents. The Donut GREYhound is very useful for identifying that white drops -- eau -- are code for Eu, for the Talbots, descended from D'eu, have the Grey Coat in colors reversed. "The surname Talbot was first found in Shropshire, Staffordshire and Yorkshire...In Normandy, their place of origin, the name was originally listed as D'Eu, a baronial name." Now you know the truth on white drops.

Toffens/Toftons have this: "The name was originally De TOKEton and the first of the name is recorded as Elphgege de Toketon about the year 1160...The family moved from Sussex to Kent [where Toke's were once said to be first found] and acquired lands in RAINham which was known as Tuftons." The Rains/Raines' use lions in the colors of the sea lion of the Toffen/Tofton Crest. Kent is where Ailes' were first found to nearly match the "Ales" motto term of Toffens/Toftons. The Ales' (Sicily) share the green tree with Barlo's who named BARlow in what may once have been Cheshire, where Tufts/Tuffs and Touch's/Tuffs were first found. Barrs share a white eagle with Barlo's and Toffens/Toftons, and the "prest" motto term of Barlo's may therefore go with the "proPRIIS" of Toffens/Toftons.

The Barlo's have the eagle with two heads, as do Scottish Dunns in the colors of the Toffen/Tofton eagle, and these Dunns have a Coat like that of Kirklands (BLINKens who were at Kirkland), in Cumberland with the Kirks and Kirkland-beloved Falcons. The other Scottish Dunns have their eagle in the colors of the falcon of Orr-elated Shouldham, which is the Knock/Knox falcon, and the latter were first found on Rain-line Renfrewshire with the Orrs/Ore's. We are back to the gull walking in tune with the BLINKers in Parry Sound, birthplace of Bobby Orr. The Orrs/Ore's have a "BONis OMNIA Bona" motto to go with the "Omnia" of Cheshire's Dunn-like Dons, and we saw how several Bone liners point to Nord Stream. Dons have the double fesses of NISSans and Parry-branch Parrs in colors reversed while "BoNIS" can be for Nissan / Ness/Nice/Nessan liners. Parrs (Lancashire, same FURNess', Barrow and Barlo's) -- from king PHARNaces, husband of NYSA -- use a woman with head and "SHOULDers," you see, and the gull-blinker event was on a shoulder of a highway in PARRY Sound.

The Niss' suspect in the Orr/Ore motto are in Clot colors and format. Blood clots by vaccines. I trace Leslie's to Lesce on the Sava, beside Blood-like Bled, and Bloods/Bluds use stags, the symbol of Hungarian roots in Bleda the Hun. Bleda was the brother of Tile-like Attila/Atilla. The Bursts had worked into the Nord-Stream pointers, and they share the Don / Tile/Tiller arrow. I had a tile store at Gorham and Leslie, at which time I and my father tiled the floor and stairs of DONer NISSAN. The owner of that company, KENT Doner, was the original owner of my Nissan truck. Sea's and Trips were first found in KENT with Toffen-connectable Toke's, and Nissans were first found in Hamburg with Ukraine-based Trips/Treffs and Hungarian Drummonds. Leslie's (Hungarians) linkable to Sea-related Drummonds, are in Bury/BURIS colors and format. Burst-like Burs'/Burrs (said to have included Bowers of Dorset) share the Rain/Raines lion (also the one of Dorset's Newmans) suspect with the SEA lion of Toffens/Toftons. Somebody in Blinken's orbit burst the sea pipe, and BURISma is the chief suspect now.

The Five's/Fifys, looked up as per 5G, have the Shoe star in colors reversed, and Shoe's love the Knees', suspect as a branch of Kness'/Ness'.

This video below looks promising, yet we keep getting mixed messages on Vaccine components depending on who's reportedly doing the vaccine studies. This lady, claiming to be part of a worldwide effort, says that all their vaccine samples have graphene-oxide, but in differing amounts vial-to-vial:

TruNews is a level-headed news media. Here's on the gas-pipeline destruction by Westerners seeking to make life miserable for Europeans. It looks like the Schwabites behind this:

Prophecy says that when it begins, it will come fast. We have seen a very-fast shift in world conditions since 2020. satanism has taken hold in lawlessness FAST. It looks like the end is about to begin. I'd be surprised if this is not the end. Let's hope that the U.S. and Russia are not acting as partners while pretending to be enemies. We await to see what the mystery-harlot is as she rides mystery-beast's back in a temporary partnership.

Russia coming out to threaten nuclear strikes against the West is such lunacy that it appears orchestrated to create a heightened war-state officially to stop mankind in its tracks, to change relief into fear. Certainly, the Russian people don't want to hear the Russian president willing to start such a war that is sure to rain nuclear bombs inside Russia. Hello? How can Putin be that stupid, unless he's bluffing? But if he's bluffing, isn't the U.S. bluffing along? Are the countries working together, for now? Is there a deal in place that has, as one main purpose, to financially squeeze common Europeans? We can understand Russia nodding with such a plan. This war's developments do not seem natural, but concocted as a winter plot to advance Schwabism.

Biden is promising to make fuel short in the United States in order to grant American fuel to Europe. By the time this winter is out, if the West suffers badly, Schwabism will be as good as dead politically. The next election in the United States can't come soon enough. The more that Biden hints of sending gas to Europe, the fewer seats the Democrats will win in congress. The question then is, how will a Republican congress steer this gas crisis, and how will it deal with Russia's spine in Ukraine?

Any day now, the next escalation can materialize. I'll bet you have no extra food in the house? Have you got extra money for expensive fuels? Why does TruNews not mention these things as the two men talk about severe circumstances on the horizon? Why don't they add into their predictions how God's input might curb what men begin?

For reasons, I think Rick Wiles is conditioning his viewers to just accept the pain, and to trust in Jesus because he doesn't want their money to go to their extra foods lest TruNews money-intake goes down. I hope I'm wrong.

The pipeline that was sabotaged goes from Russia to Germany. Russia had shut it down in a dispute with Germany. There's no reason for Russia to blow the pipe to justify starting a war with the West because the war was already on by the time the pipe was blown. The last thing Russia needed was to sacrifice an expensive pipe in order to get NATO to go to war against itself, for the war was already on.

It seems that it was bombed by Schwabite elements. The thing to watch is how the German government reacts toward NATO and the United States, whether the German government seems complacent or even happy with the explosions. The month after Victoria Nuland announced that Nord Stream would be sabotaged unless Russia behaves concerning Ukraine, there was this headline as soon as Russian military reportedly entered Ukraine: "Germany freezes Nord Stream 2 gas project as Ukraine crisis deepens". It doesn't seem like reality that Nuland would disclose publicly the plot of the West to blow up the pipe. As we can see this week, the West refuses to take credit for the bombing. Is this a faked bombing? Who has proven that the pipe has been blown up? You can't prove one way or the other, and you cannot trust the Western media if it offers proof.

The picture of the gas making the ocean surface look bubbly-white looks faked to me. Why should gas turn the ocean surface white, as seen from the air? Shouldn't gas simply slip out of the water into the air?

I think we can see why God has been exposing the grave sin in the West so that when horrible things take place in the West, Christians will understand that God is not being heartless to allow the horrors, but rather we will recognize the people by-and-large deserve it. This is why it's important for Christians to send one another the message to store needs for when and if the bad times arrive. God wants you ready for the 666.

It appears orchestrated that, a couple of days after Putin threatens a nuclear war against Britain, the West blows up the pipe line to make it appear that it's snubbing the nuclear threat without a thought, without a fear. The desired result here is to make the world freak, to make gas prices go up to fund globalists even more, and to strangle the common people who are refusing booster shots as a bloc at this time, siding even with freedom-fighter political parties. Without political power, globalists have only their war machine that operates largely independent of presidents and congressional leaders. These goons can endanger our lives (without bullets) whether national leaders agree with the plans or not.

But, if the people are wise to their schemes, the goons will lose political power, which is not a small loss. It is possible for the right national leaders to change nasty military establishments, to put chains to their plots to begin with, to minimize the shadow government (what Trump didn't even try to do). That's where I see things going. We are seeing the goons take a temper tantrum because the people are not siding with them, but even if the people are on their side, population reduction and making money on illnesses is their goal, and so far as we can make out, there's no program in place to keep leftists from getting boosters.

The good news for leftists is that even CNN-worshiping leftists have heard about vaccine dangers in just the passed few months. It was a confidence builder for the goons so long as leftists were on their side, as was the case at the start of the "pandemic," but if the goons bring a harsh winter on the poorest Europeans, how can things be rosy for their plots anywhere when leftists are largely on the poor side? Long-time immigrants are already regretting their voting for liberals. Things are so bad that even Biden claimed an end to the pandemic against the wishes of others who seek to control him, suggesting a schism in his highest levels between those who wish to go full speed ahead, and those who want to slow or alter course. The full-speed-ahead side will need to QUIETLY vaccinate the children because their advertisements aimed at parents are backfiring, but what will be to the goons if they vaccinate children without parental consent? It will be the end of their power over the people. We should celebrate the situation when trudeau opens his caustic mouth to claim that he operates on democracy, because as long as the goons seek to fool people in that way, they hamper their own programs by needing to at least give appearances of loyalty and righteousness toward their waning leftist supporters.

I don't see any remedy for the goons going forward; they look cooked for the near future until they can convince the people of a new pandemic by unleashing a real one. But when they do that, more people will acknowledge that the goons are guilty for unleashing it. There has got to me a schism right now between Schwabites and corporations wanting a new pandemic this winter, and politicians saying, not yet, this is a bad time for it. Pro-Trumpers should not pat themselves on the back, saying, "we won," because it's God whom has caused the goons to wane at this time. We shouldn't want it any other way because cheerily depending on Trump is dancing on treachery.

Want to get depressed?

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