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October 4 - 10, 2022

Kadyrov of Chechnya in DeSimone's Chicken Coop
Stephane Bancel of Moderna is on the Bank with the Sleeping Bag

If you're waiting for Jesus to return, see Post-Tribulation Rapture

It was nice while it lasted. Hall of Names is no longer showing the descriptions of the Coats of Arms presented at House of Names, but I have many of them recorded in my past updates from which to borrow.

There were some very interesting parts to the last update, but I neglected to add a thing that came to mind Monday night. I'll set this up by quoting a piece from the last update (load Choke's now to have access, on another tab, to other Coats of Arms):

"After Muschatov [Ukrainian] and I broke up, she told me she almost CHOKEd on a chicken bone...It evokes Joe DeSimone's chickens sought after by a man-chasing bear [chased him into the house, he told me]. He had his chicken coops backed up on his welder's shop, and Miss Muschatov lived on Welder-like Weldrick! That works, making the chicken-bone event look like it applies to the Russian bear. In the Philippines, he and his wife bought into an egg-making farm.

Choke's/Chocks share the triple-wavy fesses of Chalks/Chalkers, the latter first found in Kent with Petts/Perts (kin of FLAME-using Bullys) having a stork in the bulRUSHes, which can explain why the white Choke/Choch bird has a longer beak than the white swan of Chalks i.e. the Choke's use a stork. It explains why the three fesses are in the colors of the fesse of Rush's, the latter first found in Suffolk with CHICkens and the Flaming-related Trashers/Tresure's. We have another story to investigate. CHICHesters, who look related to Irish Flemings, even share the Choke stork. Chichesters share "foi" with the Barlo's that look connectable to Barrels in the dream with Mr. DeSimone's Jeep. Barlo's were first found in Manchester with Chick-like Shicks/Shake's (Barlo colors) who in turn share the Chicken chevron, no guff at all.

There is a stork head in the Crest of Store's/Sturys, and Sturs have the three Choke fesses in half their colors. Baintons/Bantons share the triple Cheek/Check crescents while the Bainton-branch Bointons have a fesse in the colors of the Stur fesses. It indicates a round-about link of Choke's to Cheek/Checks/CHICKs, the latter being a pointer recently to the Chechen leader (Kadyrov) fighting for Putin against NATO in Ukraine. Cheek/Checks were first found in Oxfordshire with Bunns/BONE's (can we believe it?), and with Love's/Luffs who in turn have the Chock / Chalk fesses in colors reversed (no, you can't). Two of the Luff/Love fesses are with [Muschatov-like] Muscats/Musks (believe it) because both surnames were once said to be first found in Suffolk...with Chickens. I was cooking chicken thighs while writing here, and Thigh's use a fox, evoking the fox guarding the hen house. I haven't had chicken in about two weeks. Tease's/Tyes' (Hampshire, same as Sturs), first found in Nottinghamshire with Bunnys, even look like Bointon kin! Bunnys share the black goat with Baintons!!! Zikers.

The Cheek/Check Coat is essentially the one of Italian Diano's who in turn share the crescents of Diane's/Deans (same place as English Bone's). DIANE Muschatov at our service. God made Miss Muschatov almost choke on a chicken bone, it's almost too clear to deny now. And English Bone's play to Norths / Narbonne's/Nordi's and therefore the Nord Stream. French Narbonne's (Languedoc, same as Narbonne) even share the giant Diane/Dean lion!

AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH BEAUTY, this is new right here: French Narbonne's are also NarBONETs while English Bonneys/Bonets share the English Bury/BURIS Coat!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It's a pointer to Burisma gas!!! The skunks who run that company must have sabotaged the Nord Stream pipe line. How much sense does this make? The Bidens are behind the pipeline burst (we can sense it now) along with receiving illegal kickbacks from Burisma Holdings. Biden even promised to destroy Nord Stream, what an animal this nutbar is. French Bonets/Bone's were first found in Languedoc with Narbonne's and French Falcons, while English Falcons share the chevron of French Bonets/Bone's. I'm sure that Knocks/Knox's use the falcon because English Falcons show the same design.

The Knocks/Knox's are in the quote because I had climbed Muschatov's TV antenna to knock on her bedroom window. Here's from the last update to show that there seems to be Intelligent Design in this event / heraldry: "...the Knocks/Knox's had come to topic when I climbed up the TV antenna of the MUSCHATov residence to knock on the window of my girlfriend, DIANE Muschatov. Her Ukrainian parents had a Ukrainian accent. It can be shown to be an event set up by God where Knock-like Nochs share the red leopard head with ANTENna-like Antons/Anthonys." I didn't know until this week that Russia's U.S. ambassador is Anatoly Antonov.

The new thought last night, as I reflected on the CHICKEN bone, is that CHECHNya is related to CZECHoslovakia, and that the chicken bone there fore does point to Kadyrov, leader of Chechnya. I showed ample evidence in the last update that Bone's/Bohuns are from Bohemia, and that place takes up half of Czechoslovakia, the other half being Moravia, the name also of Scotland's Moray to which the dream with DeSimone's Jeep pointed. I therefore realized that MUSCHAtov's chicken bone is a symbol of a Moscow alliance with Kadyrov. When the Russians lost another key batter to the Ukraine this past weekend, Kadyrov called for tactical nuclear weapons (small nukes) from Putin, and, by all reports, they have been sent to the Ukraine front.

As Choke's and Chalks have the two Drummond Coats in different colors, it argues even harder now that God created the choke-on-chicken-bone event, for George of Hungary, the father of the first Scottish Drummond, had married a woman of Podebrady, in Bohemia. I've deciphered her to be an Agatha, the line to Gates' who share the Bone/Bohun and Bunn/Bone lion. The Bunns/Bone's were first found in Oxfordshire with the Moray-like Amore's and Damorys/Amori's, perfect because they almost have the Choke and Caulk Coats.

Cheeks come up as Chake's/Chacks too, making them suspect with Sitric CAECH because I trace Seatons/Sittens to him who share triple-red crescents with Cheeks, but in the colors for them of the Bointons. Sitric was grandfather to king Maccus, the Massey / Mace / Mackay / Maxwell line. The Chake-like Cake's/CakeBREADs are suspect as Caech liners in merger with PodeBRADy elements, and the Cake/Cakebread Coat is nearly that of German Banners, which can explain why Baintons/Bantons share the Cheek/Check/Chake crescents in both colors. Breads/Bradds (Cheshire, same as Bends/Bents) share the Chick/Chick lion. The Bainton/Banton write-up traces to a Badingtun Cambridgeshire, where Cake's/Cakebreads were first found. Seatons/SITTENs, whom I trace to Sithonia on CHALCidice, were first found in East Lothian with the Keith Catti!!! It's a Kadyrov-bingo, I shortly show you why.

The BADINGton location of Baintons begs whether Bohemians married the line of Maria of Kiev to Veringers of BADEN. I find it amazing here that while I've been proposing that Slocks might be a pointer to ZLOCHevsky, owner of Burisma above, the Bading/Badenius/Bade's Coat is a copy of the Slock Coat. I'll try to remember that. While Hunter Biden was on the Burisma board, the Baintons happen to share the Button/Biden fesse, and Buttons are said to have been in Bath and Wells of Somerset, where Badenius-like Baths and Badens/Battins were first found.

Chalk-branch Chaucers remind that I got my cat, Sassy, when working on a BANISter, which, according to the paragraph above, makes Banesters suspect as a Banner / Bainton branch because Sassys are also Chaucer-like Saucers. It begs whether Sassys were originally from Cass / Case / Casey liners, or whether any of the four were from Chalcidice elements, and so let's add that Cass'/Cash's were first found in Cambridgeshire. Sithones had been a tribe of Edones, and EDINburgh is near the first-known Seatons/Sittens.

I think we are now on a target of God with this Ukraine-Russia discussion, because an ancient historian said that Sithones and Edones were a fellow tribe with Megiddo-suspect Mygdones, and Armageddon is named after Megiddo. Dor in Israel is near Megiddo, and the Greek Dorians lived amongst or near Mygdonia. I've read that Dorians were fundamental to Mygdonia-like Macedonia. There is a BOIUS area at the south end of lake LYCHnidus, at the western side of Macedonia, on this map, which may have been named by proto-Bohemian Boii (the latter were at a SETTa valley). Chalcidice is on the map with neighboring Mygdonia upon the Axius river. There are two Axe rivers in Somerset, one entering Devon and having a mouth at Seaton. The main Axe river of Somerset is in the Bath area.

I can also add, what was missed in the last update, that CAT-using Pussys/Poussins, likewise first found in Oxfordshire, essentially have the Choke and Chalk Coat. The Coats are identical aside from Pussys/Poussins not showing the triple fesses in waves. I'll show how Catti liners are a pointer to KADyrov below.

French Poussins show nothing but suns while Suns/Sinclairs were first found at Roslin, beside the Keith Catti! The Poussin suns are shared by Hesse's, and the Keith Catti (in the Keith write-up) were from the Chatti Germanics of Hesse-Cassel. Hesse-Nassau is where Epsteins were first found who share the Muschat Coat! Nassau's even share the gates / Bone lion! We're playing bingety-bang-bang. Henry Sinclair was the cup-bearer of queen Margaret (Scotland), and so she gave him Roslin as his home. She was the daughter of Agatha, the same one I see as the wife of George above! Is that chicken BONE not a beautiful piece of work by God, since it took us to this paragraph? I've read that Maurice Drummond piloted the ship that brought Margaret and Henry Sinclair to Scotland.

Poussins appear to be in the motto of Biden-connectable English Bute's/Butts while German Butts/Bute's/Boets (share Button/Biden/Boden fesse) are suspect with the fish of Gates-like Geddes'. BUDINi lived at the Kiev theater.

When thinking about this Chechnya-Czech link, I figured that both terms are from "CAUCasia," which some think is from "Gog," very important for me because Ezekiel's Gog looks to me like the anti-Christ invasion of Israel, not as an invasion prior, and in addition, to the anti-Christ's invasion of Israel. Daniel tells that the anti-Christ begins as a small power, and Kadyrov is such a thing.

Chechnya is smack at the Gogarene theater, and the lake LYCHnis you see at the map at that link was once named after Gog, now called, Sevan, where I trace the heraldic swan, BEAUTIFUL because Caucasia-like Chalks, first found in Kent with CHAUCers, use a swan!!! LICKs/Locks and Lochs use the swan, and while it's on water, Waters (Essex same as Muschats) share the Muschat Coat! The Moschi mountains are beside lake Sevan.

Plus, another swan is with Irish Walsh's, which goes super as per my kissing Miss Walsh on her CHEEK. She was the girl of Mr. Kepke at the time, and he too is Ukrainian. He represents Kiev (Ukraine capital), and I kissed Miss Walsh when he and she were having a spat. She was so upset with him that she left him outside when getting into my car and slamming the door on him. I therefore figure that this spat represents Kadyrov's struggle against Kiev, for "Kepke" can be traced to Maria of Kiev with Keeps (see "Keep" last update for the proof).

As I said, Kepke and I were golf CADDies at age 13/14, and that looks like a pointer to "KADYrov," which reminds that the CHICKEN bone was compared, in the last update, to an event with Sassy my KITTEN that includes the "WATER bougets" of KITCHENs (Banester kin). Bougets trace with Bugs to the Bug river of Ukraine, home of the Neuri, suspect with the Nairi of Lake Van, home of Rosh-suspect king Rusa i.e. looks like the proto-Russians. Lake Van named nearby SeVAN. It just so happens that Sassys, who share the "Saracen head" with cat-using CETINs/Cattans, are also Chaucer-like Saucers.

I can even add what I've told a few times, that Sassy pointed to some chili SAUCE being made by Steve Papp, a Czech (!), in the KITCHEN of Joe Fix's restaurant. I was there at the time, and this Steve Papp ended up sharing a basement apartment with me. I kid you not that the only lion with a TAIL at its mouth that I know of is in the Papp/Papadopoli Coat, and Sassy sucked her tail as an adult cat. See the Tails/Tailers and Tillers in relation to the CETINa river in the last update for more on this.

The Burisma-like English Burys/Buris' were not only first found in Devon with Sassys/Saucers, but both have similar Coats. Irish Burys/Buris, in colors reversed, have the green cross in the Caddy/Kade Crest. The Caddys/Kade's are in the colors and format of Keiths i.e. from the Catti people. The latter named CAITHness, and, I kid you not, the Papp-like Pape's/Pope's were first found in Caithness! It's also where Andrews were first found, suspect from Andrew I of Hungary, father of George, father of Drummonds. Pape's/Pope's share the checks of Giorgi's, who were connected to English George's in the last update.

Giorgi's were first found in Milan with the Maurels/Maurino's who look like kin of the Bute's/Butts who in turn look like they love variations of the Pussy / Poussin surname in their motto, "Possunt quia posse VIDENtur." Italian Vido's are also Biden-like Bittini's. Vido's/Bittini's were first found in Tarvisium, and then Tarves is where Chives' were first found who use the cat-a-mountain as well as sharing the Cetin/Cattan fitchee. The six Tarves fitchees are the six black ones of Hillarys and Clintons, the latter first found in Oxfordshire with cat-using Pussys/Poussins who in turn share the Choke / Chaulk Coat.

In media reports, Britain is a chief antagonist of Russia. The new prime minister of Britain is Ms. Truss, which reminds of the "KEEP Tryst" motto of Hebrons/Hepburns. While Kepke and I played lots of ping-pong in his basement, the Truss'/TrusBUTTs (Bute/Butt colors) have a five-pointed label in the red color of the four-pointed labels of Pings/Pongs/Pagans and Pinc- / Payne-like Panico's/Pane's. Pincs and Pings/Pongs/Pagans were first found in Yorkshire with Truss'/Trusbutts (and Keppochs and Caddys/Kade's), and the latter are said to be from a "Sire de Troussebot or Pagan (Payne)..." Keeps use a "galley," and French Galleys and Galli's were first found in Dauphine with Pagans/Payens and Page's/LePage's.

Having said that, English Page's (Devon, same as Sassys/Saucers and a Seaton location) are now excellent because they not only share black pheons with Irish Walsh's, but have doves in the colors of the Paloma dove. I kissed Kim Walsh on the cheek at La Paloma (a bar). Thus, the Truss surname gets us a pointer to Kadyrov versus Kiev. October 4 headline: "British PM Liz Truss Vows To Usher In ‘The Great Reset’". Like king, like prime minister.

The Walsh's/Walchs are the namers of Wallachia, at the Rimna river of Benjamites, explaining why Scottish Walsh's/Walch's almost have the Benjamin Coat, the point being that the Rimna is/was, or almost is, a tributary of the Siret while the Sire's/Sirets use so-called "panels" on their tower. Panels are listed with Pings/Pongs/Pagans, and the Sire/Siret tower is in the colors of the giant one of Pellicans, the latter first found in Maine with French Poussins/Posse's/Poseys.

English Pasleys, of the Pasi's/Pascels (BONonia, same as Panico's/Pane's), have the Pussy/Poussin Coat in colors reversed, and it just so happens that these Pasleys were first found in Berkshire with Choke's! Berkshire is where cat-using Croms were once said to be first found. The Boii of Bononia named Bohemia! Panico's were at the Setta valley, and Seatons/Sittens were first found in East Lothian with Keith Catti. It's raining cats.

We can now point to Russia's foreign minister, Sergey LAVRov because LAVERs/LAUFers share the red dog head in Crest with Choke-connectable Amore's and Damorys/Amori's, both first found in Oxfordshire with Cheeks/Checks, and with the LOVE's/LUFFs who in turn have the triple Pasley fesses, in colors reversed from the triple fesses of Choke's / Chalks, can we believe it? Love's/Luffs share the red fitchee-formee of Cheeks/Checks, and the latter are listed with Chicken-like Chicks. The latter were first found in the same place as Annesleys who in turn have the Amore's in their motto while Lavers/Laufers share the Ainsley / Marine / Marines cross. Lavers tell that they were in Oxfordshire as "Laverd."

Lavers/Laufers were first found in Essex with Muschats, and, as I've said many times, the Muscats/Musks (share Love/Luff lion heads) have two of the Love/Luff fesses because they were both once said to be first found in Suffolk, by which I mean to point out that Muscats/Musks are sharing the Choke fesses round-about. It works where Miss Muschatov choked on a chicken bone. Thus, we can hypothesize that Lavers point to Lavrov in Moscow. Muscats/Musts were first found in Cambridgeshire, and Lavers have: "'... In the 13th century Le Laverd was an Oxfordshire name, and Laver occurred in Cambridgeshire.'"

Bra is beside Monforte, and Brays/Brae's may have been named after Bramton, for the latter share the red dog head in Crest with Lavers/Laufers. The latter share the MowBRAY and Montfort lion, making the Laver/Laufer lion suspect with the DeSimone lion. Mowbrays supposedly named MONbrai and MontBray. Luffkins were first found in Shropshire with the Breakers/Brechs in the "flax breaker" of Brays/Brae's.

If Barrs relate to Brays, it's interesting that because the ear of the Barrel dog head is red, the Barrel dog can be the red Laver dog head, especially as we just crossed Ainsleys with Lavers while the Barrel ear pointed to Ainsley Earhardt. The Barrel dog head is that of Baners/Boners/BUNNers, but also the dog head of Oxfordshire Amore's, beloved of Annesleys, but more remarkable is that one Hayden surname has a white dog in Crest while the other Haydens have a "foy" motto term to go with the "foi" motto term of Barrel-like Barlo's! Hayden is the first name of Ainsley's daughter. Barrs share the Basford eagle, and Ainsleys with Bunner-like Bunnys were first found in Basford. Bunnys are in the colors and format of Sergey-like Sergeants.

I'm not suggesting that the name of Sergey Lavrov is from Sergeants, but that the latter may have been provided by God to point to him, and thus to the Ukraine war, because Bunnys are in Rabbit colors and format while the coney rabbits of Coneys go with Bra (reason not to be re-explained here).

The Donbas, which Russia just conquered, is named after the Don river, and Dons share the double fesses of Morine's/Morinis', and then the Marines' were first found in Kent with the Deerings said to descent from Mr. Morinis. Spanish Marin(o)s have the Drummond Coat in colors reversed, and while Maria of Kiev is likely to Maria's, they share the nebuly bends of Italian Marins/Marina's while Spanish Maria's look like Ainsley kin. Morine's/Morinis' were first found in MODENa with Morano's, and with the Boii founders of Bohemia, explaining the Drummonds in this set of heraldry, represented by the chicken BONE.

Modena is important here because the Maccabee's were "MaccaBAEUS," suspect with the Boii of Bononia and neighboring Modena. MODI'IN in Israel is where the Maccabees lived who provided the Levite Pharisees and Sadducees, the latter suspect from Soducena at lake Sevan (Soducena is on the map above at the Gogarene link). The chicken bone can play to Boii in a second way, where I see them from BOIOtia, where I trace Shake's (to Schimatari) who share the Chicken chevron. The Sadducees had a house of BOETHus.

Ainsleys were first found in Basford with Bunns while Bunns/Bone's were first found in Oxfordshire with ANNESleys (share Moor head with Morano's). Basfords/Bashfords (same place as AINSleys) may have been of the Bash's because the latter were first found in Cambridgeshire with Annas'. AINS'/Hains share the Cheek/Check Coat, believe it or not, though Ains'/Hains add (within their crescents) the six pale bars of both Annesleys and Lise'/Liss (Hampshire, same as Marine's sharing the Ainsley cross) while Scottish Lease's/Lise's/LICHs share a "tenebris" motto term with Irish Morine's/Morans. The latter are in colors reversed from, but in the format of, Irish Morine's/Morans, and the latter almost have the Coat of Moray's Innis'.

Innis' share the hexagram on the Israeli flag, and the double fesses on the same flag are colors reversed from those of Dons and Morine's/Morinis'. Annas' and their branches are suspect from Annas/Ananus, Israel's chief priest, killer of Jesus. Annas was father-in-law to Joseph Caiaphas, and French Chappes' (share Moor head with Morano's) were first found in Ile-de-France with Levi's (Morano colors) and Lise's/Lys', the latter likely from the Lissus river of the Caiaphas-like Chives'. Caiaphas became the chief priest in the footsteps of Annas, two Sadducees.

The tiger of Seaton-branch Side's should have a mention as per my trace of Tiger-like Teegers to king Tigranes VI of Armenia i.e. location of lake Sevan. Tigers were first found in Suffolk with Lease-beloved Clare's (compare Lease's/Lise' with Clarens). The tiger is used also by Osberts ("bello") expected in the write-up of Deerings. BELLamys share the Bell fesse and the Seaton crescents. Here's from the Deering write-up: "The surname Deering was first found in Kent where the family claim descendancy from 'Norman de Morinis, whose ancestor, Vitalis FitzOSBERT,..." Deerings (Kent, same as Osberts) share the stag heads of Hain-like Anne's/Hanne's, but also of Poppins/POPhams (Hampshire, same as Marine's and Lise's/Liss'), which recalls the Papps and Pape's/Pope's who both played to the cats as pointers to KADYRov. We can now add the Catters/CADERs/Katers, perhaps from Khazars, because they were first found in Berkshire too.

The Deering stag heads are also of Biks/Bikers (share Chaucer bend), first found in Berkshire with Chalk-branch Choke's, and with Choke-connectable Pasleys. Berkshire is near the first-known Annesleys of Oxfordshire who share the Bik/Biker bend. Pasleys are of the Pasi's/Pascels of Bononia, location of the Setta valley (of Panico's/Panetta's) that traces well to Seatons (share Tiller crescents). Marines' were first found in Kent with Chaucers and Chalks/Chalkers. Passe's/Pascals share the lion of Jewish Levi's.

My problem with my kiss to Miss Walch's cheek is that I see Kiss'/Cush's in the "cushion" of the Bibi-like Bibo's who share the red Kiss/Cush rooster (possible pointer to Jared Kushner with a building at a 666 address, now changed to 662 or 660, I forget which). We can even take this picture to Kisin'ov, the capital of Moldova at the Ukraine border region. My problem is that Bibi Netanyahu is not on-side with Kadyrov, the two are enemies. Yet if I kissed Kadyrov when kissing Miss Walsh, it's understandable as per my Masci grandmother, like the Meshech kissing the Chechens, but a kiss does not describe the Bibi-Kadyrov relationship.

I can now go to the red rooster to Kaders/Caddys who share three piles to a point (different colors) with the Caddys/Kade's mentioned above who have a Chief in the colors and format of the Keith Catti. Kepke and I were caddies near to the time that his brother married Walsh's sister, Nikki. The three piles to a point of Kaders/Caddys are in colors reversed with Latters/Latto's (look like kin of Cattan-connectable Tillers) while English Latins share the saltire of Scottish Walsh's/Walchs. While Latters/Latto's were first found in Ayrshire with Scottish Hunters, Latins essentially have the English Hunter Coat for a likely pointer of God to Hunter Biden's Burisma ties. Hunter was on the Burisma board, and was paid $1M annually (by Burisma) for doing nothing but allowing Ukraine access to American tax money through the stolen gifts from Joe Biden and the congress that doles out the tax money to military causes.

Latters, with Lawtys/Lathes variations, look (by their Coat) like Tiller kin, and Tillers share the crescents of Bellamys, first found in Shropshire with Hunters. Lauders/Lauthers share the motto of Lawrie's/Larrys, first found in Dumfries with Bells. While Lauders share the Letter/Leather Shield, the same crescents are with Leiths, first found in East Lothians with Seatons/Sittens sharing the Bellamy crescents too. Sitten is also Sion, and Swans/Sions (swans) must be from Lake Sevan in CAUCasia, and Sitten-like Sithones named Sithonia in CHALCidice. It appears that Choke's, Chalks and Chaucers were from Chalcidice.

Sion is in Wallis canton that itself named Walsers (mermaid with two tails) who share the black and upright goat with Baintons/Bantings. Black goat heads in both colors of the Walser goat are with Moline's, first found in Devon with Seaton, at the Axe river, explaining the axe held by the Walser goat. Baintons may therefore have the Wallis lion. I trace the Montfort / Bohemian lion (two tails), which is also the Wallis lion, to Marano on the Banner-like Panaro river, near Fanano, tending to explain why one writer claimed that Montforts "own" the so-called "gonFANON banner." Fane's/Vans were first found in MONmouthshire, and while the Montfort lion is suspect with Italian Simons/DeSimone's, French Simons (Montfort lion in half its colors) have a "mon" motto term.

"Bainton (St. Mary), is a parish, in the union of Stamford,..." tending to reveal that the Bainton goat is the Stanford goat.

The Chicken Coop

As per the bear chasing Joseph DeSimone because it was after the chickens, I looked up the Coops, finding the English branch with the Cope's who not only use roses suspect with Varangian Rus, but the same fleur as Burys/BURIS'. These Coops/Cope's were at BanBURY while Banburys are also BamBERRY while English Beers, with a giant bear, were first found in Devon with Berrys and Burys/Buris'. The Biden family owned half of a SINOhawk company along with the Chinese government, and "sine" is a motto term of English Berrys. The English Berry Crest is a raven on a gold garb, the symbol also of Rooks, first found in Oxfordshire with Banburys/Bamberrys/BAMBURGs and Bunns/Bone's. The Rook chevron-with-suns is in the colors of the Coop/Cope chevron-with-fleur.

Plus, while Poppo I Babenberg was at Bamburg, the Bebbanburgs of Bamburg castle were at bear-depicted Bernicia. Poppo-like Poppins/Pophams were first found in Hampshire with Bidens, Chase's, Bury-like Burrows/Burghs, and with JOSEPHs who not share the gold garb with Berrys, but have a solid-green chevron to go with the double-green chevrons of Burrows/Burghs. The bear chased Joseph DeSIMONE, and English Simons were first found in Devon with Burys/Buris'. It appears that we were to go to Joe's chicken coop to get to what you've just read, and this tends to connect with Muschatov's chicken bone, especially as German Berrys (giant bear) were first found partly in Bone-line Bohemia.

Behold: I've shown many times how Baben-like Babe's and Babwells ("gold gate") trace to the triple fesses and "gold gate" in the Arms of Podebrady, and it just so happens that the Babys/BABENko's were first found in Ukraine.

English Simons share the trefoil (different color) with the Roquefeuil-related Rods (Devon, same as English Simons), and Roquefeuil liners included Rooks. German Berrys share the Wise/Weis Crest, and English Wise's have an "aude" motto term while Roquefeuil is in Aude province. The Crest of English Wise's (Devon, same as Simons) is a red lion, the color of the DeSimone lion.

The DeSimone lion is likely the one of Simon de Montfort, and the latter's has two tails, and is in the same colors as the double-tailed lion of Bohemia. MONforte may be in the "mon" motto term of French Simons, and while Mons is beside La Louviere, Louviere's share the checkered Shield of Babys/Babenko's, CHICHesters, and the Arms of Meulan/Mellent. Simon de Montfort married the Beaumonts (share Bone/Bohun lion) of Meulan. Monforte is beside Bra, and Brays/BRAE's were first found in Northamptonshire with Coops/Cope's. Kepke and I were caddies at Cedar BRAE golf club! Cedars/Cotters (beside KADYRov-like Catters/Caders) were first found in Oxfordshire. Mr. DeSimone lived in Seguin while Seguins use what looks like a gull, and two Gull surnames are also GOLFins!

As was said in the last update, Mr. DeSimone's pond is half owned by a Seguin golf course! I've been on that pond twice in Joe's paddle boat, once with a Filipino, in case that means anything. English Berrys share "sine" with GULLys/Gollys, and the latter were first found in Oxfordshire with the Rooks (Coop-connectable) almost having the Berry Crest! There is a bear in Ukraine, and KADYRov wants into Ukraine with it.

Milans/Mellents were first found in Aberdeenshire with Coop-branch Cups/Cope's, and Mellans/Melons (Ile-de-France, same as Levi's) share the blank, gold Chief with Rods. The Beaumonts of Meulan married Waleran de LEAVell (we are back to the line of the Israeli high priests), a descendant of Lupus Laevillus, son of Vibia, suspect with Bibo's, the possible pointer to Bibi Netanyahu. Bibi's share the red rooster with BABcocks, and were kin of Hahns, a branch of German Hanns (red rooster) while English Hanns/Hands are in the colors and format of Coops/Cope's who were in turn at HANbury. The red rooster is used also by Kaders/Caddys (!) who in turn share three piles (not the same design exactly) in the colors of the three piles of Scottish Leavells (ROXburghshire)! We're playing bingety-ping-pong again.

The three Leavell piles are those of Scottish Youngs/Youngs (Roxburghshire), and while German Youngs are Jungs too, "UNGuibus" is a motto term of DeSimone's who share the red lion in Crest with Scottish Youngs/Yonge's. Chickens use the COCKatrice while Cocks have another red rooster. Joe's chickens had at least one rooster, we may assume. The Roosts/RUSTs share the saltire of Walsh/Walch's (Roxburghshire) who in turn share the annulets of Scottish Youngs/Yonge's. Chickens use the COCKatrice while Cocks (almost the Baby/Babenko Shield) have another red rooster. I was able to glean that RUSTicus of Lyon was an ancestor of the Varangian Rus. I see "VARANgi" from the Varni on the Warnow river at ROSTock, where roughly Hahns were first found.

Maddens/Maidens were first found in Galway with Lynch's while "mallards" are used by LINKletters. Letters and Lauders have the griffin of Russian Romanovs in colors reversed. The Varn Crest is akin to the Coat of Maddens/Maidens; I know the latter have a "falcon volant seizing a silver mallard,".... Especially if Dutch Coops/Koops are using mallard ducks, Mallards/MILwards can play to this with the Ukrainian Romanovs sharing the Chief-Shield colors of Miles', for Mile's (Hampshire, beside Coops/Cope's) have a colors-reversed version of the German Koop/Kop Coat...begging whether Ukrainian Kepke's were Kop liners.

Ukrainian Romanovs share the Chief-Shield colors of Simsons, in case they were a Simon branch. As Simsons have the Alis' in their motto while the Alis motto is almost the one of Keiths, Simsons look like a branch of Simms' (East Lothian, same as Keiths). Alis' put their bear head in a muzzle while Mussels/Muscels were first found in Lincolnshire with Miles'. Plus, as MUSSELburgh is near the first-known Keiths, it seems that Miles' were Simson kin round-about.

Varns were first found in Ayrshire with Hare's and Hermit-loving Sheds/Sheddens, and HERmits share the border of HERs and Koops/Kops, the latter first found in Prussia with Hers. I assume that Koops/Kops are showing cups.

Even if Coops/Koops use so-called "sheldrake" duck, the Sheldons may be using mallards. The Pattys (Worcestershire, same as Sheldons) in the Sheldon motto almost have the Russian Romanov Coat. Miles' (not "Mile") have the mill rind while Rinds were first found in Perthshire (beside Cups/Cope's) with JUSTINs who likewise share the Koop/Kop border. It just so happens that the Chief-Shield colors of Miles' and Ukrainian Romans/Romanovs is shared by Welsh Rogers/Rosers while English Rogers/RODgers have a different-colors form of the Trudeau Coat, begging whether DeSimone's chicken coop is a pointer to justin trudeau. And this is where DeSimone's pond can come in, for I own a BEAVER pond while the beaver is the symbol of Canada. Pattys named Patti in Sicily, and DeSimone's were first found in Sicily.

As I said, there was a bear hanging around my house for 15 days or more last month, and the first I knew of it is where the water pump wasn't operating right. I suspected air in the pipe, and, sure enough, a bear had bitten through the pipe about four feet from the pond's edge (this is the second time a bear had done this). A short while later, the bear was trying to get food in my garbage. This event made me wonder whether the Russian bear sabotaged the Nord Stream pipe, or, if not, whether it's a pointer to that pipe with trudeau's involvement in blowing it up.

The Ponds almost have the Ponder Coat, and Ponders, first found in Cambridgeshire with the CHEPmans having a "pondere" motto term, point well to both my pond and that of DeSimone's because I bought his Jeep while Jeepma's not only have a CHEP variation, but share a white hexagram of DeSimone's. I suggest that this is the white hexagram of Vlads (possible pointer to Vladimir Putin) suspect in the "wlad" motto term of Josephs (Hampshire, same as Ponds). The same Josephs have a "mago" motto term while CHEPstow is at MONmouth with Magor, and French Simons have a "mon" motto term. Monmouths almost have the Maid/Maud Coat (suspect with Maidens above), both sharing the DeSimone lion with Wise Crest, and the Wise lion holds a mace while Mace's/Maceys share the gauntlet of Fane's/Vans, first found in Monmouthshire. Fane's/Vans share "Ne" with Varangian-suspect Varns.

Varns were first found in Ayrshire with Carricks (descended from Craigs). The line of Maria the Varangian goes to Veringers of Baden, where Carrick-branch Groce's/Graggs were first found whom were pointed to by a Russian medallion I found on my Jeep shortly after taking it from Joe. The horizontally-split Groce/Gragg Shield is shared by Italian Romans/Romanovs, and this Shield, minus the wolf, is the Ukraine flag in colors reversed.

The "Aequo" motto term of English Copps/Cope's (beside Drake's of Hampshire) can be code, along with the "Aquila" of Drake's (share red dragon with Coop/Cope Crest), must be code for Aquila's, first found in Benevento, where Joe DeSimone is from. Benevento is in Campania, where Italian Romans/Romanovs were first found. The latter were more specifically first found in Naples with Capone's/Capua's while English Capone's were first found in Cambridgeshire with Pond-liner Chapmans/CHEPmans, the pointer to DeSimone's Jeep. As I said, Jeepma variations look like they descended from the Japodes, and low and behold: Japodes lived on the COLAPis river, also called the KUPa, explaining the COLP variation of Scottish Cups/Cope's! Now I'm more sure that the chicken coops are to be to topic.

Is Kadyrov destined to perform a coup on the Ukraine government?

It took me until now to put that last bit help prove that God wanted us on DeSimone's chicken coop. God made Joe get into chickens, or, if that's not correct, he arranged the heraldry to go with his chicken business. It was after his Filipino wife got him to buy into an egg farm (in the Philippines) that he built his own chicken coops, and it just so happens that Eggs have a Coat close enough to that of Ice's/Ecco's, first found at ROSTock, is that cool or what?

Hexagram-using Dutch Koopers look like kin of Jewish Rothchilds, Reitmans and Rotens. This is the line of Vespasia Polla of Rieti, the line of the Roman dragon as portrayed by Daniel and Revelation, which goes with the harlot holding the bloody cup. English Reeds/Riets have a "COPia" motto term, and Scottish Reeds were first found in Aberdeenshire with Cups/Cope's/Colps. "Culpa" is a motto term of English Patents/Pattens while Scottish Patents come up as "Putin." The fitchee of Scottish Reeds was seen in the last update with Maids/Mauds and beaver-using English NORDens. The latter's Crest is essentially the MAIDen Crest.

Daniel says that the anti-Christ invader of Israel starts as a small power. Revelation tells that he's allied to a False Prophet with lamb-like horns. Not until recently has Putin started to fit the role of False Prophet, for he's now talking up a Christian storm, and I've suspected that the False Prophet got his lamb symbol to indicate a false-Christian leader. I've always rejected Putin as the anti-Christ because he doesn't have the prophesied atheism, nor the prophesied "strong face," nor the boastful character that I expect of that Biblical character. But he does fit a lamb-like character, and so he with Kadyrov should be on the table as potential fulfillments of the anti-Christ invasion of Israel.

Kadyrov is a Muslim convert able to get Arabs on-board an invasion of Israel. However, Daniel 11 tells that the anti-Christ has no God, yet Muslims do. That's a problem with the theory. Yet, in his heart, he may not believe in God; he may have become a Muslim out of some needed motive.

Russian Romanovs look like kin of Natts/Nathans (Rothschild suspects) and the Nitts/Naughts from the Nith river, location of the castle of Kilpatricks/Patchie's, in Dumfries with Patents/Putins (Patch colors) and ROME's/RIMs/Rums who were in my dream with DeSimone's Jeep. Dumfries is also where Scottish Lowrys/Laurie's (giant CUP, no guff) were first found who share the Lauder motto while Lauders have the griffin of Russian Romanovs in colors reversed.

I think God wants to emphasize the line of Ananus of Israel with the "placit" motto term of Rome's/Rims/Rums, code for Placentia, where Ananes Gauls lived who named Annandale in Dumfries, where Rome's/Rims/Rums were. It begs whether the latter's red lion is the DeSimone lion. Placentia is also Piacenza, and Justine of Picenum is the line to Justins. The Rome fesse is that also of beaver-using Nordens, and the red Norden lions are in both colors of the Place, Beaver and Legh lion. The Norden Crest is linkable to Maidens while Maids share the Norden fitchee and the DeSimone lion. The lion of Maid-connectable Monmouths is missing a leg while Leggs were first found in Dumfries.

I didn't realize until now that Monmouths were first found in Herefordshire with the Barrels and Baners/Boners who both share the same dog head!!! The Rims were in the rim-on-fire of the drum barrel in the dream with DeSimone's Jeep! From the last update:

Having said that, wow, the English Baners/Bonners blew my mind on two counts, like two exploded pipelines, because they were not only first found in Herefordshire with Barrels, but share their white dog head!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It's the white dog head of Drummond-connectable Amore's, first found in Oxfordshire with Bonner-like Bonns/Bunns/Bone's! Amore's are in the Annesley motto, and Ainsleys were first found in Basford with Bunnys. The red ear of the Barrel dog head pointed to Earhardts. Bonns/Bunns/Bone's were first found in the same place as the Checks/Chicks who in turn share the three crescents of Baintons/Bantings, and the latter use a black goat, the color of the Bunny goat head.

Baintons/Bantings, in Keppoch colors and format, and who look like Blythe kin, have a "passa" motto term. Baintons have a near copy of the Bointon Coat, and Boyers use a "passe RICHESSE" motto phrase, tending to assure that Baintons were of the Boii of Bononia i.e. where Pasi's were first found...and thus Baintons do look Bohemian. RICHEZA of Lorraine was related to Keeps (see last update for proof), and Pasi-branch Packs were first found in Sussex with Keeps. It appears that we have a Chechnya-Ukraine pointer here, for Baintons/Bantings and Blythe's (share Clint garbs) share the triple Cheek/Check/Chick crescents. Chechnya-like Chickens use a cockaTRICE while Trice's are listed with Trysts in the "KEEP tryst" motto of Hebrons, the latter first found in Northumberland with Baintons/Bantings. As Cheeks/Checks were first found in Oxfordshire with Clintons, it's impressive that Bill Clinton's biological father was Mr. Blythe. Keeps were Lorraine kin, and Lorraine of France was LOTHARingia too while Blythe's were at LAUDERdale. Bents/Bends are said to have possibly been a Bennet branch, and English Bennets share the "scaling ladder" with Kiev-line Trips.

Russian Romanovs share the Nitt/Naught and Rothes lion head, and Nitts/Naughts share the checkered Shield of Chicken-connectable Checkers (Hampshire AGAIN) and German Cohans. Jewish Cohens/Cohns are also Kagans, and John Kerry, a gangster in Ukraine, was born from a Jewish Mr. Cohn. German Cohns share the Cohen/Cohn/Kagan and Hesse / Poussin sun while the other Poussins essentially share the CHOKE Coat, and then the Chatti of Hesse-Cassel have pointed to Kadyrov's part of the Russian war in Ukraine. German Cohns even have a Ukraine-like crane.

The chicken coop goes even better, now, with the chicken bone, because pelicans are shared between Pullys/Pullings and Baners/Boners (Barrel kin). Pullys/Pullings, definitely from Vespasia Polla, share the full Patent/Patten motto that includes the Culp variation of Cups/Cope's. Pellicans, first found in Maine with French Josephs, have the tower of Howells (MONmouthshire) in colors reversed, and Owls/Howls are in the colors and format of French Josephs who in turn share the martlet of Pullys/Pullings, in colors reversed from the martlet of Drake-beloved Flys (Hampshire, same as English Josephs and Drake's) in the "muscas" motto term of Drake's. Muscas' are listed with Moscow- and Moschi-like Mosca's, and the Moschi mountains were beside Lake Van while Fane's/Vans were first found in Monmouthshire.

The Muscas/Mosca leopard is apparently in the Crest of English COOPers/Coppers (Sussex, same as BONE's/Bohuns) and cat-loving Chives'. The latter use cat-a-mountains while Mountains were first found in Essex with Muschats and Chicks/Chichs. Muschatov's chicken bone at your service.

It's becoming apparent this week that the United States is forming a strong alliance with Poland for handling Russian aggression. Polish myth traces Polish nobles to a mouse tower in Goplo, and so consider first that while Miss Muschatov lived on WELDRick avenue when I dated her, Welders use a GLOBE while the tribe that named Goplo were alternatively called, GLOPeani. Plus. Muschat-branch Muschats are also MOUSquette's. Was God trying to link Muschatov to Poles? Casimir of Poland did marry Kiev's Varangians. Consider this event that I shared two updates ago:

I've had a bear (symbol of Russia?) around the house for the past 15 days roughly. It chewed my water pipe first, and last came on Monday night looking for garbage. Finding none, it smelled the peanut butter in the mouse trap, and when it snapped on its nose, it [the bear] made a loud draw-back sound through the recycling containers, which I could hear from inside the house. I've seen this bear twice over the past 10 days, he's a very big black bear. I'm just wondering about the timing, for I haven't seen a bear here for the past two years, maybe even three.

Perhaps the WATER pipe is a pointer to Waters because they share the Muschat Coat. Yes, I think I can prove this because the bear shook the trap off its nose onto my BLOCK step. I found the trap on the step after I told the bear to get lost. By the way, note that "naso" in Italian is "nose" while Nassau's are also Naso's while Epsteins, sharing the Water and Muschat Coat, were first found in Hesse-Nassau. There can be no doubt about it, even though I didn't see it: the trap snapped on the bear's nose.

I use concrete blocks to form two steps going from my kitchen into the garage. I was shocked when loading English Blocks just now because they share the brown bird in the Knock/Knox Crest, and the latter surname had come to topic (last update) with Diane Muschatov. Knocks/Knox's were first found in Renfrewshire with Pollocks.

English Blocks share two symbols of Water-like Watsons, and the latter must be sharing the Watt and Vatt/WATTERs oak tree. The Watsons married Pollocks of Rothes, and Polish people are called, Polocks. Pollocks were named after a Pollok location at Paisley, explaining why Watsons share the Paisley/Pasley roses. Paisleys were related to Pasi's, the latter first found in Bononia, home of proto-Bohemian Boii, and the mouse-tower Poles (started with Mieszko I) had married Bohemians. Boleslaw, son of Mieszko I, was named after Boleslaw of Bohemia, and one Bole Crest shares a boar with arrow (different color) with the Pollock Crest.

Polands/Paulins were first found in Staffordshire with Pipe's, and while Polands/Paulins look connectable to Bohemian elements, the Camels in the Pipe Crest were first found in Bohemia. The Bole's above use "cups" (not bowls), and Cups/Cope's/Culps are beloved by Pollock-branch Pullys/Pullings. The Polands/Paulins share the pelican in Crest with Pullys/Pullings (Yorkshire, same as Pauls/Palles'), and the Poland/Paulin Shield looks related to that of Bunns/Bone's while Bone's/Bohuns (Sussex, same as Diane's/Deans) share the Pully/Pullen bend. Amazingly, the Pauls/Palles', expected in the Pully/Pulling motto, share the crosslets of Carpenters who in turn use another globe.

Plus, Block- / Pollock-like Plocks share the Pully/Pulling martlet. Plocks were first found in Oxfordshire with the Pussys/Poussins having the Coat of English Pasleys in colors reversed, and moreover I showed how the Love's/Luffs (Oxfordshire), sharing the English Pasley Coat, were related to both Muschats and Muscats/Mousquette's/Musks.

The Paull location of Pauls is said to have been Pagele, which, along with the leopard head in the Paul/Palles Crest, gives the impression that Pauls/Palles' had bumped into Pagans/Payens / Payne's/Paine's because one Leopard surname (Sussex, same as BONE's/Bohuns) Coat has leopard faces in Pagan/Payen colors and format while German Leopards are in the colors of French Payne's/Paine's. It's Muschatov-important because Welders (share globe with Paul-connectable Carpenters) share the three hexagrams of Pagans/Payens. Pings/Pongs/Pagans/Pagnells were first found in Yorkshire with Paull/Pagele, and the label of Pings/Pongs/Pagans is in the Coat of BONonia's Panico's/Pane's. PASi's/Pascels were first found in Bononia while Packs were first found in Sussex with Bone's/Bohuns. Panico's/Pane's share the fleur-de-lys of Wade's/Waids who in turn share the scallops of Polands/Paulins. And Waders are listed with Waters', bringing us back to Muschats and company.

Though not in the same design, PANters/PANTRYs share "spur rowells" with Pagans/Payens, and the amazing think now is that I bought a new freezer after the one in the garage broke down, the new one now being in my PANTRY!!! This pantry is right beside the garage door. The bear in the mouse trap was after food in the garage freezer. Lorraine the babe had pointed to Pansys/Pantzers, first found in Westphalia with German Leopards, and the last time I ever saw her was when she walked by PAUL Smith and I in a hamburger restaurant. Paul owned a red Jeep at the time, and he built his own canoe shortly after that. Here's from the last update:

OOOOOHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH WOW. There is a "canoe" on the Nord/Norden water/sea, and Cano's can now point to the trash CAN because that item developed with Tracys/Trasse's who have two Tracy locations near Caen. The Tracy/Trasse Coat is virtually identical with the Crest of English Nordens!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! UNBELIEVABLE. My dropping of the trash can must point to this pipeline explosion.

That trash can was in the dream with my red Jeep!

My thinking is that the bear being snapped by the mouse trap predicts that Russia's aggression will dissipate once Poland snaps back at Russia. Poland was, I think, the first country to come out to condemn the pipeline explosion, and after that, the gamut of Western nations began blaming Russia for the disaster. Nobody has yet released pictures of the pipeline break, as if the West has made the pipe off-limits. As I write tonight, Wednesday, we are hearing that the United States is sending nuclear weapons to Poland, or that Poland is requesting APACHe helicopters. Paisleys share the anchor of PACKS.

Poland is suspect as an accomplice with the explosion. Pauls/Palles, suspect from Poles, have a fesse-with-crosslets in the colors of the Pack Chief, and the Anchors in the Pack Chief almost have the Anger Coat which itself shares the Polands/Paulin lozenges. Apache-like Packs were first found in the same place with Bone's, and so as Miss Muschatov probably depicts Moscow in Ukraine, we could say that she choking on a chicken bone is Moscow choking on it's nuclear threat now that NATO is sending nuclear bombs to Poland. I've not caught, in years, as many mice in the mouse trap above as in the last two or three weeks, almost one nightly.

There's even a Polish Pack/PACEwicz surname. While Italian Pasi's are also Pace's, Luce's/Lucys, who use pike fish, were at Passy, and then Pache's (new to me) are listed with Pike-like surnames such as "Piche" (this is new here). Luce's/Lucys have a red-Shield version of the Ged Coat, and Geds with Geddes' use "pikes." The Ged fish are in the design of the Luce/Lucy fish, though Luce's call their fish, "lucies."

Pache's/Piche's are in Picot and Foys colors while the English Foys, suspect in the "foys" motto term of Picots who show so-called "pike heads," share the coat of the Lucy-like English Lacys/Lace's. Meschins (Cheshire, same as Picots, who have the triple Pache/Piche scallops in colors reversed, married Skiptons who in turn share the purple lion with Irish Lacys/Lace's, and Skipton-like Shiptons share the "eel" with Irish Foys'. English Pace's (purple Shield) were first found in Cheshire too. My grandmother, with a Meschin-connectable Masci surname, was from PICenze. Picots are Pigots too while Piggs have a purple lion, as do Spanish Luz's/Lucio's.

The Apache helicopters are being requested by Poland to fend off Moscow, and the mouse-line Mieszko's were so-called Piasts (related to Lorraine's). I suspect "Piast" to be from "Pisa" because Mosca's/Muscas' were first found there who are in the motto of the Drake's along with "Aquila." Picenze is about 11 kilometers from L'Aquila. Muscats/MOUSquette's/MUSKs, said to have been at eel-like Ely, use a Coat like that of Elys, the latter being in Craven colors and format because Skipton is in Craven (tends to nail eel-using Shiptons to Skiptons). Pack-like Peach's/Peche's have a Coat like that of Cravens in colors reversed. Bash's were first found in Cambridgeshire with Ely, while Bassans are said to have included "Bashe," and that suggests a line from queen Basina, mother of Clovis. Basfords share the Aquila eagle.

INCREDIBLE, I almost missed this: Bash's (Cambridgeshire, same as Foys-connectable Chapmans/Chepmans) have a Coat like that of News/NUCES' who in turn use the CHAPlet, and what looks like the solid Chapman/Chepman chevron in their Crest. The Bash-connectable Childs were first found in Hertfordshire with NUCE's/Newes. The Poles are requesting NUKES from NATO / USA! MOREOVER, the Parchments in the News/Nuces Crest share blue scallops with Polands/Paulins!!!! SURPRISE.

The News'/Nuces came to topic on the same day that a Galveston mugger was CHOKING me at my throat.

The Poland/Paulin scallops are in both colors of the Wade/Waid scallops, and Weights/Waits share the hunting horn in this Arms of Traby, that being a location in Poland. Weights/Waits share the motto of Hazeltons who in turn have the chevron of nearby Chickens.

Polish TRABYs/Sadowski's use a "scarf" in the shape of a 'Q' likely for wolf-head Quade's/WADE's, and moreover the Scarfs (Yorkshire, same as Pauls) share the white wolf head with Picots. Recall the Polish Packs because they share the fleur-de-lys of Meschin-branch Masseys/Maceys. Scarfs share triple white wolf heads with Meschin-connectable Wolvers while Wolfleys/Wooleys (Cheshire) share the blue-on-white wolf with the Arms of PIACenza, that being a location on the TREBia river. English Pike's were first found in Devon with Trebys and Treble's. If I recall correctly, Wolfleys use "wool PACKs." Banesters are in the Meschin write-up, and Banes' have a wolf head probably because Le Meschin was the nephew of wolf-using Hugh Lupus. The latter's wolf head was in the colors of the Scarf and Bather wolf heads.

Polands/Paulins share the black scallop with Piacenza-like Pache's/Piche's (not a strong link in itself), and Pauls (Yorkshire, same as Skiptons, and the Touts in the Picot motto) almost have the Picot Coat in the BASE of their Shield, thus making for a good pointer to Poland and Apache helicopters while closely involving Moscow-like liners. Basina is the line to Cheshire's Beasts/Bessins.

The Piast eagle (see Wikipedia) is the Child / Lorraine eagle too. English Pace's are in the colors and format of Farndons (Cheshire), and the Clubs/Clobbes' (Child colors and format) were first found in Cheshire's Farndon. It just so happens that Farndons are in Pace colors and format, and Pace's use BESANts for obvious reason. Clobbes', with fish in the colors of the Luce/Lucy pikes, must be from Clovis, son of CHILDeric, for Childs were even first found in Hertfordshire with the Prests in the Picot motto. Childeric was Basina's husband. L'Aquila was likely part of Maruvium, and Childeric was traced by myth writers to "Merovee."

Talls (share bees with Beasts/Bessins), likely the line to Mrs. Taillebois, wife of le Meschin of Cheshire, were first found in Thuringia, home of Basina's father. Tails/Tailers and Tillers are from the Tilurius = CETINa river, excellent because Cetins/Cattans (share pellets with Tillers, Lacys/Lace's, Haydens and Foys') use the cat for a pointer to Kadyrov the CHECHEN. Wow, Tall-like Tallys, new to me this as I write, are in CHICKEN colors and format, and so let's add my thought that Muschatov choking on the chicken bone means that Russia will choke as it plays this nuclear game of chicken with NATO. This game has Kadyrov as a main proponent, who's been demanding Russian offensive.

It can be added that the Tally chevron is that of Irish Kerns while German Kerns/Karens share the sleeping moon of German Roets, first found in Thuringia.

I might argue that the Russian retreat in the last two Ukraine offenses, in light of this overblown war previously staged by Ukrainian false-flag operations, is evidence that Russia is part of the staging...because both sides are staging this war to give Schwabites the excuse to cut gas supplies to the world this winter. It was in the Schwabite playbook, and here the Ukraine war is facilitating that play. This game of chicken has all the marks of a staged act because it's not reasonable for Russia to threaten the use of nukes unless it's merely a scare tactic. The West is publicly revealing its next moves, which is not reality. You don't tell the media your next move in a real war, but you do tell the media if it's a staged operation to build fear and cause people to submit.

In a staged battle, we can expect Russian retreat because neither sides wants dead / maimed men. The Ukraine advances, portrayed as overwhelming in the media, in combination with Russia's mouse-squeak and retreat, is exactly what brought on the nuclear game of chicken. It appears that God wants us to watch this situation. If it develops into a full-blown war, then it's not being staged. In the meantime, Kadyrov probably doesn't know it's staged, and he's been shocked with the Russian retreats, screaming for quick retaliation.

This week, Ukraine has complained that Elon Musk's Starlink communications system was out for Ukrainian military in the hot zone against Russians, which could be expected in a staged war...without letting the Ukraine military in the field know that things are being staged. It's like saying, oops, sorry, we couldn't let you guys attack the Russians for lack of proper communication with you.

This recalls that my climbing Muschatov's TV antenna could be a pointer to Musk's antennas on the ground, for his satellites work with such antennas. I haven't been following Musk's positions in this war, but this week he's saying that Crimea should stay with Russia. Woe, Musk might be becoming an anti-globalist, too ashamed to remain deep in the ranks of leftists now. Also, TruNews says that Musk sold the Starlink system, for Ukraine, to the American military, which legally allows Moscow, in a war, to put the lights out of those satellites. Muschatov was sleeping (bedroom lights out) when I knocked on the window. I have no idea what possessed me to climb her antenna at that time; I don't remember the situation exactly between us at that time.

Windows share the blue lion paw with Austins, perhaps an additional pointer to Lloyd Austin, Biden's defence secretary. Two Austin surnames, one sharing the black lion paw with WINDow-like Quints, can be gleaned as kin of Quints by their common chevron, and Quints even share a lion paw (different color) holding a gold fitchee, with Windows. The latter almost have the Fien/Finis Coat while Fiens/Fane's are also PHONE's. Musk's satellites supply feeds to phones.

[Insert -- While I was presenting a 5G report from Karen Kingston in the News section below, I bumped into this video telling (6th minute) that DNA has an antenna. I'll bet that, as Muschatov's parents are both Ukrainian, they named her, DIANa. Compare with "DNA." The Diana/Natali Coat is almost that of Corons/Corona's. In the 11th minute, there's a study on telecommunications radiation by a Dr. Joel Moskowitz. I'm not familiar with the Russian Moskowitz Coat, but it shares the Larson Coat (giant bull head), for whatever it may be worth. A giant bull head is with Mieske's/Mesechs (Prussia, same as Larsons), suspect with the Mieszko Piasts, and if the latter are from Pisa, where Mosca's were first found, it makes sense that Moscowitz's and Mieszko's were a Mosca branch. The giant Mosca leopard, I've only just realized, is in the colors of the giant lion of Diane's/Deans (Cheek/Check/Chick crescents?). End insert]

The chicken bone is a Bohemian / Czech entity, and Pollock-connectable Franks, with their German branches first found in Bohemia, use a Nazi-like "nati" motto term. I feel that NATO was named by Rothschilds to honor their Nathan / Nations line. I believe that Isaiah 10 is an end-time prophecy telling that the anti-Christ will be at Nob shaking his fist at Jerusalem two or three miles to the south. Nobs (Norfolk, same as Haddington-branch Haydens) are in Stanford colors while their Stamford location was once, Darnall (see Stamford write-up), and Darnalls have a "NOBIScum" motto term. Nobs could therefore be in the "nobis" motto term of Scottish Franks (Nob colors). The Darnell lion is in the colors of the Nobel lion, and the Darnall Crest shares a bendwise arrow (different color) with Nations/Nathans and Rothschilds/RoddenSTEINs while German Stan-line Steins have a goat too.

In grade seven, I was seated beside DAWN Darnell (she's in the 3rd update in January, 2018), and Dawns/Dawneys share a bend-with-roses (different colors) with Jewish Rothchilds. Dawns/Dawneys look like Basford kin, and Nations/Nathans were first found in Nottinghamshire with Basford. The Bunnys, first found in Basford, have black goat heads. Downeys share the lion of Bointons and "passa"-using Baintons/Bantings, and Pasleys/Paisleys share the Dawn/Dawney roses and the anchor of Packs, the latter first found in Sussex with Downs/Douns. Downeys share the Coat of Irish Brians, from Brigantium, and the Seaton-like Setantii were a Brigantian tribe. Dunhams/Downhams are said to be from Ranulph le Meschin, part if the line of Sitric Caech. Sithones were at least near the DORIANs, and Dawns/Dawneys are DORNs too. Dor in northern Israel is not far from Sithones-like Sidon, and the Sidon area had an Edones-like Adonis cult. The Sittaceni Caucasians were near or even at the Dawn-like Don river, which in those years was the Tanais.

Knobs/Knobells look like they use the Rothschild/Roddenstein arrow, and Nobels were first found in East Lothian with Keiths, they being from the Chatti of Hesse-Cassel, where the first Rothschild, father of Nathan, did his banking and found a fortune. Nobels share the Chase lion while Chase's share the white patonce cross with Nobs. Patents/Pattens were first found in Essex with the Chance's sharing the Chase patonce (makes Chase's look like a Cassel branch).

Another white patonce is with Tailards, suspect with Mrs. Taillebois of Lincolnshire because the Tailard quadrants are those of Kills/Keele's (Lincolnshire). Mrs. Taillebois was from Bolingbroke, and Bolingbroke's share the "chapeau" with Buttons/Bidens (Hampshire, same as Chase's and Tudys). Tailards are from HUNTINGdonshire, a pointer, apparently, to Hunter Biden, for the Irish Burys/Buris' almost have the Nob Coat. Tudys share the Tay chevron while Tailards are also TAYlards.

Bolings share the Natt/Nathan escutcheon, and the Coat of Saddocks/Sedgewicks, the latter first found in Sussex with Bone's/Bohuns, and thus Bolings can be from Boleslaw of Bohemia, kin (brother, I think off-hand) of Mieszko's wife, Dobrawa. Mieszko's other wife was from HALDENsleben while Haddington-branch Haldans were once said to be first found in East Lothian with Keith Catti. Haldans are now said to be first found in Renfrewshire with Pollocks. Nations/Nathans (share Tiller / Meschin fesse) use comPASSes (brings us back to Apache helicopters to Poland). The NATTs/Nathans share the Scottish Bassin eSCUTcheon, and the latter were first found in Haddingtonshire with the Keith Catti!!! HUGE, for Keiths are in the colors of CADDYs, the pointer to Kadyrov. SCHUTZ's share the black greyhound head with the other English Bassins.

Italian Bassins share the SHAKEspeare bend, and Shake's/Shicks share the Chicken chevron. Chickens were first found in Suffolk with Wolvers (Meschin colors and format, but comparable also to Tiller Coat) who are likely sharing the white wolf head of Foys-loving Picots; "foy" is a motto term of Haddington-branch Haydens.

Angers, first found in Essex with Passe's/Pascals and Freeze's, are in Pack colors and format. The Angers and Hangers share the "escarBUNCLE" with French Rays while English Rays are in Freeze / Frey colors and format. Buncle's are also BUNkells/BONkylls, or view them as BONKills because BOEING makes the Apache helicopters. Kills even almost have the BONG Coat while Buncle's come up as "Bonk."

Paul Smith's friend, Ray LUFF, became my friend too, and as the latter lived on London road, it's interesting that Lavrov and company have indicated that they are targeting London for some sort of heavy-duty, nuke-related retaliation. Perhaps this pointer to Freeze's with the bear, the freezer, and the unexpected mouse trap means that Poland will freeze Moscow's nuclear threat, leaving Armageddon for another day...which is what I expect because anti-Christ prophecy (his revelation) hasn't started yet. However, Freezer-like Frasers were kin of Kadyrov-pointing Keiths. The last time I saw Ray and Paul was when I was in his London-road basement with Paul.

Angers and Packs are in the colors and format of SNAPs. The latter's Chief has PORTcullis gates (Porter symbol) in the colors and format of the Port Chief, and the mouse trap SNAPPed in my car PORT (it's not officially a garage). While the Gates share the Nassau/Naso lion, Italian Naso's, with a Nazi-like Nasi variation, use "mill stones" while Mills (Hampshire, same as Ports, Porters and Hangers/Angers) are the Mile's for which I said: "Mile's (Hampshire, beside Coops/Cope's) have a colors-reversed version of the German Koop/Kop Coat...begging whether Ukrainian Kepke's were Kop liners." Ukrainians are enlisting neo-Nazi's to fight the Russians.

While Muellers are Millers too, Meullers/Meulans use a "pair of snips", which is how I found the Snaps because they come up as "Snipe." The snap on the bear's naso = nose could mean that Nazi elements will repel Russia at this time.

The mouse trap is between the BLOCK steps and a FREEZer (about two feet between them) no longer in operation. While German Pole's/Pohls use a "frying pan," Freeze's share the Coat of English Freys/FRYs who in turn were first found in Wiltshire with Blocks, beside the first-known Pools/Pole's, and also beside the Fryens/Friends and Pan-branch Payens/Paine's (both of Somerset). How about that. Freeze's were first found in Essex with Muschats, how about that. Lavrov-like Lavers/Laufers are said to have Laver locations in Essex, and then Lovens/Louvains share the bottom half of the German Frey lion. The other half of the Frey lion is not only the one of Bone's / Bunns and Nassau's/Naso's, but these Freys have a horizontally-split Shield in the colors of the same that is the entire Ukraine flag. HOW ABOUT THAT.

German Freys were first found in Beaver-like Bavaria with Shooks/Shoe's, and I figure the bear SHOOk the mouse trap off its naso. Shooks/Shoe's, a pointer to Ukraine in multiple ways, share the lone Poindexter star while the horizontally-split Poindexter Coat is likewise the blue-gold Ukraine flag. Poindexters use a fist, a Rothschild symbol.

About four years ago, a big bear had found food in this freezer, but I didn't realize until finding some wrappings in the back yard. I therefore put a make-shift lock on the freezer, and when the bear returned, it rolled the freezer over onto its side, very noisily. I went out and threw a half-gallon glass jar (empty) at its butt as it took off out the garage door, and the jar hit a rock outcrop in the darkness, which had to be very close to its arse. I think it scared the bear badly because I didn't see a bear here again for two years or more, the point being that this bear hanging around here last month was probably the one that was into the freezer before. It wanted to check the freezer for food (last month), but I heard it, and went out to yell it away.

I left the freezer open so that when it returned, it would see no food, sorry, out of luck. And when it did return, that's when it got snapped by the mouse trap. I haven't heard, nor seen evidence of, the bear here since, and that was a couple of weeks ago. However, I did find my one-gallon jug of ROUND-Up chewed up badly way out in the yard where I had left it. This bear put its fangs through that jug about 10 times, mauling it. This could be a pointer to Russia's despising the Rhodian "Round Table." Weeds. I say that the Bush Nazi's, from Skull and BONES, were born from the Nazi, George Herbert Scherff, and Sheriffs share the motto of Rounds.

Moderna's Bancel

This video tells that the Wuhan lab was built with the help of a Moderna CEO, but why wasn't this said until now:

The video above names the MODERna CEO as Stephane BANCel (male), very interesting as per the sleeping bag dream where a man, DAVID MORLEY, rode a MOTOR bike down a BANK off a road to circle the bag, then rode back up the bank and away while I was walking across the road into the parking lot of a shopping MALL. As I said, the Mall/Marlybone write-up has MalBANCs, now a potential pointer to Mr. Bancel. Scottish Morleys (Yorkshire, same as Banks) are listed with Mauls as evidence that the dream's scenes were formed by God to interact with heraldry. As I said, Davids (Cheshire, same as Malls/Marlybone's, Bens/Bends/Bents and Buckleys) have a version of the Aids Coat, and AIDS is caused by COVID vaccines. So, yes, the bank (a slope or hill) off the road is now pointing to Mr. Bancel. There is a Bancel surname listed with Bants/Bands (showing only three oak leaves). The Ben/Bent/Bend motto is shared by Buckleys, a branch of Buckle's.

Banks named Bank Newton in Craven, and Newtons use "shin bones." MarlyBONE's were first found in Cheshire with the Newtons, and with the Bellows in the Shipton "bellows." Again, the Shipton eel must be for Ely's because they are in Craven colors and format. Keep those Shins in mind.

There are more pointers to Mr. Bancel where "Bancel was a sales director at ELI LILLY and Company, eventually becoming head of operations for Belgium." Elys are suspect in the eel of Skipton-like Shiptons, the latter first found in Oxfordshire with Lille's and Bankers. Plus, Skiptons were first found in Craven with Banks! Bingo, it appears that Someone arranged the heraldry to point to Bancel. Plus, Cravens are even in Ely colors and format. It's been a long time since having the sleeping bag dream, and all along the biker was pointing to Bancel, and not because he's a good guy.

The circling of the bag was resolved with the Rounds having a "sleeping lion", and with the so-called Round Table of International globalists / bankers. The Round Table is often ascribed to Cecil Rhodes, explaining why the biker came off of a road, then rode back down it.

Bankers are also BUNCHers, in Leslie colors and format, banker-important because Leslie's were earls of Rothes, the proto-Rothschild bankers who were fundamental with the Round Table. The Buncher-like Buncle's/Bonks happen to share gold buckles with Leslie's, you see. Just compare "Bancel" to "Buncle." Buncle variations could reveal that they had become related to Bone's, which can then connect to the MarlyBONE variation of Malls (Cheshire, same as Marleys from Morley-like Morlaix). The Bonkyll variation might even reveal that poison vaccines kill bones.

I can't find a Moderna-like surname, but I've entered the motor-like Moters in the past who, if we ignore their vair fur, share the Coat of Chalons who in turn almost have the Collins/Caulins Coat for obvious reason. Francis Collins was the NIH director during the COVID scare and lockdowns, and was thus Fauci's boss. The Faux's/Fage's, first found in Perigord with Fauchys, are even listed with Collins-like Chollens' to show that God was pointing his finger to these fiends centuries ago when the heraldry was formed.

Recall the Newton shin bones because Irish Shins share the Chalon Coat. English Shins have the blue-vair Shield of Chalon-connectable Moters. This is huge. English Shins share the triple fesses of Cheek-related Love's/Luffs, both first found in Oxfordshire with the Lille's who share their red fitchee-formee. And Oxfordshire is where Bench's were first found. Cheeks share the triple crescents of Baintons/Bantings who are in turn in Bunch colors and format. There's a Banch/Bensh/Bansh surname evoking the Bans/Bancels/Bants, and the latter were first found in Champagne with Chalons-en-Champagne! Beauty! Is that not amazing?

Behind the Chalon Coat, in the Moter Coat, is the blue vair of Bencher-like Beckers (Yorkshire, same as Banks), and the motor BIKE can thus point excellently to the Biks/Bickers. It tends to verify that the motor bike is a pointer to Chalons and their Collins branch.

The Bankers/Bunchers are also Benchers while Bench's happen to have a Coat like that of Rhodes' (Yorkshire, same as Banks) in colors reversed. The "meum" motto term of Rhodes' can be code for Mummolin because he ruled from Chalons-en-Champagne). The beautiful thing here is that there are two "mum" motto terms buried in the KIRK motto while Circle's are listed with KIRCHners, and the man with the motor bike CIRCLEd the sleeping bank when coming of the road. It's beautiful because it confirms a Pointer to Chalons and Collins' where the Arms of Chalons-en-Champagne is the Coat of Scottish Croziers while Kirks show a crozier! BEAUTY WORK. The Coat of Scottish Croziers is even a blue-Shield replica of the Bank Coat. French Croziers were first found in Auvergne with Moters (share Chalons Coat).

The Beckers above have a blue-vair version of Scottish Champagne's, and the latter share the vaired Shield of crozier-using Bracebridge's (Lincolnshire, where Rhodes' were once said to be first found). The "Be as" motto phrase of Bracebridge's could be for the Beas variation of Bee's who in nearly have the Coat of Malls/Marlybone's, the one's having the Malbancs, important because Malbanks were not only first found in Northumberland with RODhams/Roddens, but both have the same ermined bend so that God seems to be pointing to Hillary Rodham Clinton too. It just so happens that Rodhams/Roddens (Rothschild branch) are in Aids colors and format.

Hillarys were first found in Worcestershire with Hills while the bank off the RODham=like road is also a hill. Clinton's husband is a known Rhodes Scholar, a globalist fink, a traitor to the country carrying heavy Rhodian favoritism, communism. The Lillys were first found in Worcestershire too, and Bancel worked for Ely Lilly drug company. Hillarys share the six fitchees of Clintons, and the latter were first found in Oxfordshire with Lille's and Bee's.

There are bees in the Leaf/Leave Coat, and Bancels show nothing but three oak leaves in the colors of the three Leaf/Leave leaves. Bancels are in the colors and format of English Riders (Yorkshire), and the rider on the bike fits perfectly with this Bancel-inclusive picture. Ignoring the bees of Leafs/Leave's, their Coat is in the colors and format of French Gobels, first found in Champagne with Bancels. As these Gobels look like they share the Macey/Mace Coat, I trace Gobels with the Goplo ancestry of Mieszko's. The Piast eagle might even be the Road eagle.

Ahh, Stephane's/Stevens, with a Coat much like that of Leafs/Leave's/Leve's, essentially share the solid chevron of French Chappes', first found in Ile-de-France with Levi's, Trudeau's and Mellanson-branch Mellans. Mellansons, sharing the Rider crescents, use "BUNCHes of RODs"! It recalls the cotton SWAB of STEVEN Mellanson, suspect as a pointer to Schwabite plots with vaccinations. justin trudeau is a Schwabite. Thus, even Stephane's/Stevens are pointing to Stephane Bancel. Bancels are also Bans/Bants/Bands while Baintons/Bantings (earlier in this update) are essentially in Bunch colors and format! Perfect.

English Banes' use an "arte" motto term to suggest the Arthur bloodline. Arthurs were first found in Berwickshire with Aids and AITons/ARTems, the latter's Coat looking related to the Rhodes Coat, perfect because Stephane Bancel of Moderna is now known to be on the bank off the road. Plus, the Bens/Bents/Bends have a different-colors version of the Table Coat while mythical king Arthur had knights of a Round Table which included Lancelot, son of BAN. As Arthurian myth named characters after surnames, it explains the "arte" motto term of Bans/Bants/Bands/Bancels. That's why God made the rider on the bike circle the sleeping BAG.

The links we saw above to Mummolin can connect to Bags because they share the Grimaldi Coat while Grimo was a grandson of Mummolin. However, I suspect that Bags are in the sleeping bag for a solid connection to poison vaccines, but I don't think I've yet found that connection.

It's possible that "LanceLOT" was named partly for the Lots, explaining why I was walking into a mall parking lot as the biker rode away down the road. Biks/Bikers could have been a branch of Buckley-like Bickle's/Bickleys, and the latter are said to have been in MALpas of Cheshire's Broxton district, recalling that Birds/Burds were first found in Broxton while Berthe was Mummolin's wife. Berts/Burts were even first found in Devon with Bellow-branch Billets, with Rhodes- and Rudes-branch Ridge's, and with Bickle's/Bickleys. The latter share the griffin (different colors) with Italian Berta's/Berts. The Berta/Bert griffin is shared by German Steels while English Steels (Cheshire) share the bend-with-checks of German Beckers.

I haven't been to Bickle's, or at least not much, when on the motor biker, but Bickle's are highly involved with the dream, I now see. The Bickle griffin heads are colors reversed from the giant griffin of Marble's (Cheshire, same as Bickle's of Malpas). Marble's have: "...Merpul. The first record of ownership of the estates was when Randle, Earl of Chester granted the manorial rights to ROBERT DE STOCKPORT. This is most likely the earliest scion of the Marple family name." Malls/Marlybone's have: "...Ellen de Malbanc was the heiress. She married Sir Robert of Stockport. The family held a family seat at MOTTRam." I've already shown the similarity between "Mottram" and "motor / Moter," but we can now take the discussion to Stockports (in the colors of the Bag Chief) who have the Coat of Bagleys (Shropshire, beside Cheshire's Stockports) in colors reversed.

I could add here that Bagleys were first found in Shropshire with vaccine-like Vychans/Vaughns (and Rhodes-branch Rudes') who in turn are in Buckley and Buckle colors and format, but I would like a better Bag-line link to poison vaccines because the sleeping bag was central to the man with motor bike. I've told that while the sleeping bag was in the woods, the Wood-related Roots (= Roet and Rothchild branch) share the Bagley Coat.

The sleeping bag in the woods goes together with camping, and I now get this because English Camps have the Bickle Coat in colors reversed! It verifies that we are to go from Biks/Bikers to Bancel-connectable Bickle's/Bickleys. Two of my sons were invited by a Mike Bickle (of my church) to ride on his sea-doo while I waited on Wasaga BEACH. Beach's almost have the English Becker Coat. My sons and I did not go to Wasaga beach that day with the Bickle's, but as they had a Wasaga-beach-front cottage, we visited them. Camps, once said to be first found in Yorkshire with Beckers) are in Trudeau colors and format, in case this applies. Trudeau's may have been RODger kin, in case the road with biker points also to Rodgers.

The Camps are excellent here because Bancels were first found in CHAMPagne while Scottish Champagne's almost have the English Becker / Beach/Bech Coat. The Beach/Bech Shield is not a bad reflection of the Bag Shield, and we got to Camps with Bickle's/Bickleys. Mr. Bancel is on the bank, where I picked up the sleeping bag. I did nothing else with it but pick it up, I don't even remember dropping it. I picked it up because Picks/Pix's share the Wood fitchees, which in turn verifies that the Wood tree with roots is to take us to the Roots (tree with roots) sharing the Bagley Coat, meaning that God wants us to Bagleys and Stockports. The Stockport Coat is on the neck of the Bagley ram, and "Nec" is in the Buckley motto twice.

Tree's/True's were once said to be first found in Warwickshire with Camps! Bagleys even named Bagley-Wood in the Berkshire area of Biks/Bikers, making it important to understood who or what the latter point to.

True's might even have been a branch of the Trude's, and so let's repeat that the vaccine pusher of canada, that murderer for Schwabism, has a TRUDeau surname. Trots/Trude's were first found in Berkshire with Biks/Bikers who in turn have gold stag heads, possibly of the gold Trudeau stags. Roots were first found in Kent with the tree-with-roots Picks/Pix's, and with Deerings sharing the Bik/Biker stag heads, and with the Gards having griffins in the colors of the Bickle griffin heads, and its the Bickle's who have the Camp Coat in colors reversed! Tree's/True's are now said to be first found in Wiltshire with trumpet-using Calls/Calles', and Val Trompia is at lake GARDa while Donald Trump is one prime pusher of the vaccines on behalf of Fauci's crime syndicate. Calls/Calles have a Coat like that of Roach's/Roche's (compare with Fisers) probably for a Trump-vaccine reason. Roach-branch Rooks were first found in Oxfordshire with the Gardners sharing the Camp griffin heads.

Old headline: "The Trump administration is going to pump another $472 million into expanding Moderna's clinical trial to test the safety and efficacy..." The testing failed miserably behind all the facades, but Trump (an egotistical and murderous hard head) won't retract from his cheer-leading the continuation of vaccinations in spite of now-countless professionals all admitting that COVID vaccines are destabilizing human bodies and causing AIDS. The only way a man could go to his final years in this way is without a conscience nor a care for human suffering. Pity his Christian supporters.


Trib-Friendly Way to Heat Foods

In the short video below, a man claims to have found a way to use sound waves to bring water to an instant boil. The video doesn't tell whether the water temperature rises to boiling point, but I assume it does. This technology is very promising for a tribulation-survival scenario, in that the electricity needed to produce the boiling is minimal. I know what the mechanics are, at least to a point: the electrical energy used for the device knocks electrons off of water molecules that then become heat in water, for heat is NOT kinetic energy as physicists tell us, but rather heat is the material of electrons FREED from atoms, any atoms.

Even though I know the true nature of heat, I've not been able to capitalize in any plausible way to get electrons off of atoms more than already-known processes do. Shaking the electrons off using sound waves seems plausible. Imagine if we can boil water or heat soups with minimal solar-panel power rather then needing propane, wood, or an exorbitant amount of electricity for a stove burner.

The heat from this device is not added to the water by the electricity nor sound waves, but rather shaken off of the water. The inventor, Peter Davey, doesn't know this because physicists have deceived him on the true nature of heat. This technology is akin to shaking electrons off of materials in a microwave, but rather than using light waves to shake them off, it uses a flow of electricity and sound waves in combination, or so the inventor claims:

The method has been known to him for three decades, but not yet released publicly, I wonder why. It turns out, it does heat water: "Davey...has been using the boiler to make hot drinks for 30 years. He said he first came up with the concept 50 years ago and it took him half of those years to figure out how to make the device. 'The principle is beautiful. I have cashed in on a natural phenomenon and it's all about music,' he said." This webpage has a lot of material on the product:

"The Press invited a retired Canterbury University engineer, Professor Arthur Williamson, to look at the boiler and he was stumped...'I don't know enough about sound to know whether you can transfer that amount of energy via soundwaves. I doubt it,' said Williamson." He doubts it because he doesn't realize that the method is not producing the heat by putting energy into the water. He's been made stupidified by evolutionist physics who decided long ago that they needed the kinetic theory of heat to compliment their big-bang theory, and this establishment has remained stupid ever since, hanging like happy fools to an atomic model pitted with errors almost none of which can be correct.

Due to electrons inter-repelling and thereby pushing away from one another, all energy (including light) begins from electrons released from atoms, including nuclear energy. The proton pulls in electrons, forcing them closer to one another than they would be without the proton's pull. They form an electron atmosphere around the proton, with electrons not in contact with one another due to their inter-repulsion. That's the true look of every atom, guaranteed. The proton acts as an electron tank, and when the little bitties (electrons) are released from the outer edges of the proton by any method, push-push energy is formed in a space. When they are released in water, the push-push is formed in the atomic spaces of water molecules, and this is heat spreading by inter-repulsion through the water.

Light is a wave through the electron medium that exists in all of space, and a single wave is formed when one electron is ejected from an atom into this wave medium. The sun creates a flow of electrons filling our atmosphere as heat. Free electrons define both heat and the light-wave medium. There is no heat until electrons invade a substance e.g. your finger. Invading electrons defines heat. Figure out how to get electrons off of atoms with far less energy than that of a propane flame or a stove element, and you might be able to cripple the fuel industry.

The article above gets technical in trying to figure out how beneficial the invention is on energy savings, but it doesn't tell how much electricity Davey uses. What the stupidified physicists need to reckon with is why a 1000 watt microwave brings a cup of water to a boil faster than a 1000-watt electric kettle. It's because the microwave doesn't add energy to the water as much as it jiggles energy out from the water. On the other hand, the electric kettle produces heat in water purely by forcing freed electrons into the water that do not originate from water molecules. One can even argue that most of the 1000-watt punch in the microwave isn't going into the water (some misses the cup), making the microwave method even more impressive in terms of saving energy as compared to the standard add-heat-to-water methods.

The same article then quotes from another piece of work, where we find that the invention apparently does save energy, or the following would not have taken place: "Immediately after it was experimentally confirmed that the device has unexplainably high efficiency, the heater and the inventor fell into disfavour of various institutions that are interested in selling electricity and that protect the monopoly on electrical power. In the result, this extraordinary invention received an extraordinary treatment! Namely authorities were doing everything in their powers to disallow the production and sale of this heater in New Zealand. One of legal tricks that were used against this heater, was that it was declared officially to be 'unsafe to health and life of users'." The globalist goons, despicables who've long had it in mind to increase energy global costs to pay for their one-world government.

It then says: "From the information that the inventor repeated to me, I gather that the measurements carried out by New Zealand scientists suggested that this heater may consume even less than the equivalent for around 5% of the energy that it generates in form of heat. This would indicate, that the electrical efficiency of this heater is around 2000%." That sounds like a big deal to me, but did Davey take his product to a government outside of New Zealand? If not, why not?

Okay, so there you go, proof that heat is coming from the water because so little electricity is used for heat production. The same writer tells that Davey hooks up a 220-volt cable to the inner "bowl" of his device, though it doesn't tell what the operating wattage is. This devise, well explained above, looks like a super-winner for trib-survival purposes, especially if it can operate on less voltage. One drawback is that it needs AC power, not DC, and so one would need to convert solar power from DC to AC, requiring an expensive piece of equipment, an inverter, as they call it.

Davey uses a frequency of 50 hertz of electrical power (defined as 50 jabs of electrical power per second). One writes that he has a power wire to both "bowls": "To each of these two bowls a different wire of the household electricity supply (i.e. 220 V, 50 Hz) is connected." This is bad way to word it because, as it turns out, only one of the two wires is a power feed.

The bowls, one inside the other, are about 3/8 of an inch apart. Does he allow water to get between the bowls when they are submerged? What kind of water? Pure, or tap? If the power doesn't flow from one bowl to the other, nor into water, then there is zero flow, and consequently zero ability to jiggle electrons on the water atoms. This is the first clue that he's pumping an electrical flow into the water.

The following seems to be telling that sound waves played at 50 hertz are in addition to the electrical flow at 50 hertz: "To each of these two bowls a different wire of the household electricity supply (i.e. 220 V, 50 Hz) is connected...After being constructed, the Davey's telekinetic heater must be 'tuned' in two different manners. The first tuning depends on providing the hemispherical bowl (1) with such frequency of the own oscillations, that makes this bowl to resonate acoustically when a sound of the frequency 50 Hertz is emitted nearby. The second tuning of the heater depends on appropriate selecting the distance 'L' between both bowls (1) and (2). On this distance depends the formation of the standing wave between both bowls."

In one of his patents, Davey writes: "This invention relates to electrical immersion heaters and more particularly to electrical immersion heaters which utilize the conductivity of liquid for their operation." It confirms that electrical power enters the water, and that it has some acidity (not distilled). Tap / well water has some acidity. The same page shows drawings and descriptions of one form of his invention, where, I assume, electrode 3 is equivalent to his outer steel bowl. In his Figure 1, the two electrical wires are marked + and - as if to suggest that only the - wire is the power supply. It suggests that the + wire takes - power away. So, he has - power to electrode 2, and it then flows through water to both electrodes 1 and 3, both hooked up to the + wire.

He's got the device rigged up in the same way as one rigs an electrolysis device to produce H gas. The only difference is, the latter needs DC power, but Davey is using AC. That's an important point. In order to knock off sufficient electrons to cause a separation of H atoms from the O atoms in water, one needs a CONTINUAL flow of electrical electrons through the water. DC is a continual flow, but AC is not. AC is a jolt followed by time before the next jolt, allowing the electrons some time to go back to the water molecules from which they were shaken off to some degree (the higher the electrical flow, the more and further away they are shaken off).

In this patent, where he claims rapid heating of water, he's claiming an improvement over similar heaters already invented, BUT, I'm not reading a word about sound waves in this patent application. At least, the snippets of the patent offered by the page doesn't mention the sound waves, and so I assume there is nothing in the patent application about sound waves being the inventive part that makes the device superior to prior devices.

Has Davey been claiming that sound waves facilitate, or mainly produce, the heat to throw people off track? I hope so, because if sound waves are not needed, it simplifies our building a similar device.

In this patent, the core of the device is a tiny brass rod, electrode 1. Then, a round brass tube, electrode 2, surrounds the brass rod. A second tube, electrode 3, surrounds the first tube. He says that additional tubes can be added in the same way, progressively larger, so long as the space between the tubes is the same. He says that, the smaller the spaces between tubes, the greater the heat production. This looks like an easy heater to produce. Why isn't it on the market? Why brass? His "bowls" were stainless steel.

Perhaps the writer of the article left out the sound-wave part of the invention? But why? Because Davey won't share it? But it's a patent, and patent applications are public records. I'll bet that God knows how to get heat from atoms using sound waves, but, I think, Davey may not after all.

He's also got a ground electrode, but it's not explained whether this is needed for the operation of the device, or whether it's purely a safety factor to prevent a short circuit. I'm not an electrician, and I have a very foggy understanding of appliances on 220 volts. Two power wires, each with 120 volts, are brought to a clothes dryer or a stove, for example. but I don't know whether the appliance adds one to the other to produce 220 volts, or whether the two 120 circuits operate independent of one another. When the writer above has a 220 circuit to Davey's device, does he mean that two 120-volt wires are brought to the electrodes? I don't know. How can a power wire carry away electricity from another power wire, to form a circuit? No circuit, no flow. If both are power wires, do they both drain into his ground wire? Possibly. but then why does Davey have one wire shown as a + if it's a power wire too?

The reason the paragraph exists is to ask whether there is one power wire bringing 220 volts all by itself. How does one get 220 volts from an electrical panel that itself provides only 120 volts? My understanding is that if one touches one power wire to another, they cause a hot spark that melts the wires. Maybe I have that wrong, maybe they combine to produce 220 volts down a third wire hooked to them. But if Davey's device won't work on 120 volts to produce fast hot water, then maybe we need to know how he created 220 volts, if indeed he brought 220 through ONE wire.

The video below confirms that the two wires coming out of a 220-volt breaker each carry power at 120 volts each? Do these wires ever combine to produce 220 volts at the appliance? I don't know. Perhaps the definition of a 220-volt appliance is one receiving two 120-volt power wires that never combine to give 220 volts anywhere in the appliance. Will the appliance work even if the green-ground wire is disconnected, and, if so, where does the spent / remnant electricity go (after the load has been used to run the appliance) if the only thing left is the two power wires (i.e. no white wire to carry away the spent power)? Maybe, in a 220-volt appliance, there is zero remnant power left after the load is used, I don't know. Maybe the spent power is routed into the metal of the appliance in such low voltage that it can't give anyone a shock. That's how a car operates, with power circuiting into the metal of the car.

There is a possibility that both power wires act as white wires too because the breaker might make one wire jolt power forward just when the other wire is not jolting, making the second one capable of becoming a white (neutral) wire in that split-second of time. Then, the next jolt comes from the second wire while the first is not jolting at this time. And so on.

If it's feasible to attach two 120-volt wires to run 220 volts in a third wire, make sure the third wire is thick enough to handle the load. However, attaching two power wires might not double the voltage, but rather the amperage. Someone says: "You will receive a shock if you touch two wires at different voltages at the same time." Is this implying that there is no spark (all is safe) if the two wires touched are at the same voltage?

Someone else says: "A short circuit happens when a 'hot' wire (black) touches another hot wire or touches a 'neutral' wire (white) in one of your outlets. When these two wires touch, a large amount of current flows, creating more heat than the circuit [i.e. the breaker] can handle, so it [the breaker] shuts off." It sounds as though power goes in both directions in both power wires when they make contact, and thus the breaker trips due to being over-loaded with amps. That tends to confirm that we cannot make 220 volts by connecting two wires, and the question is still unanswered in my mind as to whether a 220-volt appliance ever arranges the two wires to combine power to get 220 volts. If so, how does it do it?

Is it possible that New Zealand provides 220-volt service to homes? Is this how Mr. Davey fed 220 volts to his device? Perhaps electrical companies deliberately chose to feed only 120 volts to homes knowing that Davey's invention needs higher voltage to make for high electrical $$$ savings. If so, then the globalists are in cahoots with this denial of cheaper energy to us. But again, I don't know whether Davey fed 220 volts in one wire. Perhaps there is someone online that explains his wiring set-up to answer that question.

There are "converter" devices on the common market that alter voltage to 220.

5G waves are in the range of microwaves, meaning they can jiggle the electrons in your body. Jiggling electrons can change molecules to other molecules in chemical changes, and thus kill you instantly, depending on what part of your body is being affected, and how powerful the waves are. I've been hearing the graphene-oxide magnifies the wave effects of 5G. Take heed. I say that God wants all Christians to get rid of cell phones. At least turn them off when at home and when sleeping if you are required to use them for on-the-road business. However, the globalists may have already fixed phones never to shut off, in part, even when you think they are FULLY shut off. Get a land-line phone, go back to sanity.

Here's three cell phones in concert that create enough heat to pop corn, or so the video claims, and this may be with the use of 4G only:

The electrons were jiggled off of the seeds' atoms, and the corn popped from the heat created thereby.


Karen Kingston appears alarmed with her message this weak. I believe what she's saying. If you are vaccinated, and you own a cell phone, either stay as far away from 5G towers as possible, disable 5G from your phone and home wi-fi system if possible, or just get rid of all wireless communications in your house and life. You can hook your computer to an electric cable, and turn off the wi-fi system on your computer. Hopefully, turning it off actually turns it off, it may not in some computers intended to deceive you. You do not need Internet access through a phone, you can live without it, learn to be comfortable with yourself rather than being on a phone addicted to junk.

In 2016: "Numerous results have shown that graphene materials cause dose-dependent toxicity in animals and cells, such as liver and kidney injury, lung granuloma formation, decreased cell viability and cell apoptosis." But when asking google about the ingestion of graphene-oxide, already there is indoctrination at the top, such as comments like this: "Rationales provided for this are that graphene is not toxic, that exposure is low, that small amounts are expected to be produced and used, that graphene can be made safe, that graphene is similar to harmless materials (e.g., being “just carbon”)..." INDOCTRINATION. Soon, things like the following could be scrubbed from our view: "Such mobility might increase the chances that animals and people could ingest graphene oxide, which has shown toxicity in some early studies in mice and human lung cells."

"Graphene Oxide Promotes Cancer Metastasis through Associating with Plasma Membrane..."

"Graphene oxide induces dose-dependent lung injury in rats..."

David Knight on Friday made the point that big media, while they trounced on Putin for threatening nukes, didn't even cover Zelensky when he requested from NATO a first-strike nuclear on Russia. Such a request is huge news, but as the globo-media refused to cover it, it suggests the NATO program to make Russia look like the nuclear monster. Baboon Zelensky must have noted that his request didn't make American news. Ape Zelensky is feeling mighty small at this moment. A big, small dope.

TruNews on Wednesday of this week gave reasons to believe that Saudi Arabia is jumping into Russia's lap, betraying the United States. It's not a wonder that Arabs are ashamed of American Democrats today as they embrace the whore of Sodom. An Arab world more opposed to the United States than prior to the Biden presidency facilitates the concerted invasion, by "the many," of Rothschilian Israel. A Saudi Arabia on-side with Russia is not being ignored by Kadyrov.

The Democrats and the globalists are such a disaster for gaining world support that this situation could be a key part of starting Biblical prophecy.

The best way to cripple Democrat support at this time is to hammer home, on all social-media platforms, that Democrats are the arm of FABIAN BRITAIN. Hammer home that "Fabian" is defined as "communist." Say, the American Democrats are not only communist, but dancing to the communist tune of a foreign power, and nobody knows who's behind it or what their motives are for the country. The political middle (sometimes vote D, sometimes R) will not stand for that. So committed is Fabian Britain to Sodom that it will become so weak that, in the end, the anti-Christ will burn the West, rape it, and kill it (Revelation 17).

Secret societies of the Fabians were not formed to study religion, or devise a new god. Secret societies were for seizing the money of others by infiltrating political organs, especially military organs. And that was just a start.

Here's a Tucker show on Sinohawk, a company half owned by the Bidens, and half by a not-so-invisible string (CEFC) of the Chinese government:

Tucker is doing his second interview with BobuLINSKY. It's interesting that Linskys are listed with Lynch's, for Loretta Lynch was Obama's second attorney general, and this position is in charge of federal prosecutions. Biden's crimes would have fallen into her lap to prosecute, but by her not doing so, she made herself out to be a piece of trash akin to Bill Barr. To show such extreme favoritism is exactly what God opposes in law, but when it's done to protect a crime-syndicate presidency, it's all the more gross.

It's getting harder for the trudeau government to hide its partnership with Schwabites: "The Liberal government [of canada] admitted in writing that they have an ongoing $105.3 million contract with the WEF to introduce the Known Traveler Digital ID." Why does Schwab need to be in this control-freak measure? Because, Schwab is all about ruining Western countries. That's his job. He's disguising it as a good thing.

Don't take vaccines, because Schwabites are out to ruin human bodies too: "Scientists in Italy studied the blood of 1,006 patients who had received at least one dose of an mRNA COVID-19 jab and found toxic 'foreign matter' tainting their blood long after vaccination." Not just mystery matter, but "toxic."

All 1,006 patients were seeking medical treatment because they were not feeling well, presenting with a wide variety of health issues. On average, the patients whose blood was examined had been vaccinated about one month prior.

...The doctors were able to examine the blood of 12 of the patients before they had received any COVID-19 vaccine injections. At that time, prior to vaccination, ALL [caps mine] 12 of those patients were found to have normal, healthy blood, the researchers reported.

Side-by-side pictures of a patient’s blood before and after vaccination revealed stark differences. Prior to vaccination, the red blood cells are separate from each other and are round, while the blood drawn after vaccination revealed red blood cells that are deformed. Furthermore, the cluster in coagulation around visible 'foreign material' that was not present before.

What do we suppose the foreign material is that's causing the clots? It continues:

The foreign material appeared to collect into structures, at times forming crystals, while other times forming long tubes or fibers, researchers reported.

Two shapes repeatedly noticed by the Italian doctors were “crystal-like chunks and tube-like lengths.”

The researchers could not confirm that what they were seeing was graphene, though they did point out that graphene can aggregate into shapes similar to those they observed. If graphene was indeed assembling into structures within the bloodstream, it could be a cause of clotting.

As I've said many times, my mugging in Galveston pointed to the COVID-19 scheme, which has the second goal of forced vaccinations and then further goals on top. I was mugged about 1 am. Later that same day, about dinner time, I arrived to CRYSTAL City. Note the "crystal-like chunks" in the blood, but also the tubular objects which may have been blackened by the graphene. I arrived to Crystal City with black smoke out my tail PIPE. Pipe's share the Pepin Coat while Pepins share a "mens" motto term with Crystals. The Smoke's are listed with Rauch's while I could hear cochROACHES in the peeling wallpaper of my Crystal-City motel room. The noises continued until I fell asleep. Roach's, who share an "est" motto term with Pepins, use a rock to indicate Rockefellers behind vaccines distribution. The Roach Coat is a red-Shield version of the FISER/Visser Coat, making my stay in Crystal City look like a pointer to Pfizer vaccines.

As I said, the Graffs pointed to graphene-oxide in vaccines along with Mr. Kepke at age 14, very near the time he and I were caddies at Cedar Brae golf course. I don't know whether Kiev has anything to do with the vaccines, but the suspicion is that some bad virus was constructed in Kiev and sent to Wuhan in order to blame the latter with the onset of a pandemic. The point in coming back to the Graffs is that the father of the family is SIMON Graff...whom, as I said, always walked across the street with a smoker's pipe when coming to chat with my father. It looks like it should link to my smoking tail pipe decades later. French Simons happen to share a "Mon" motto term with Roach's, believe it or not. French Simons were first found in Lorraine, and Maria of Kiev married Casimir of Poland, the son of Richeza of Lorraine, explaining why Casimirs, Lorraine's and Kepke-like Keeps all have the same bend. French Simons even use "C'EST" in their motto to go with the "est" of Roach's.

Did God arrange Pfizer-like Pfisters (Bavaria, same as Rothchilds/Rothes') to use the Jewish ROTEN Coat plus the Tile/Tiller annulet? After all, Tile's/Tillers share the white-on-red arrow with Rothschilds/RODDENsteins. Why is the latter's arrow forming a bend in the colors of the RODDEN/Rodham bend, and why do the latter share the bends of Jewish Rothchilds (not "Rothschild") and Smoke's/Rauch's???

There's a lot of hopeful anti-vaccine material at the Jaxen Report at the 22nd minute of this Del Bigtree show:

See also shortly after the one-hour mark (above) to see yet more self-incriminating action by both the CDC and Biden's DoJ. To see the fruits of the law suits for acquiring the FOIA request, see 1hr-36-min, where, for example, 1.2 million of the 10 million participants claimed that they could no longer function normally after vaccination. More then 3/4 of a million visited a doctor / hospital after vaccination. They themselves reported that fact. It's a smoking gun, what we've been waiting for. Needless to say, CDC was responsible for publicizing such drastic, horrible results of vaccinations. The CDC director, his accomplices, and all who were privy to this information, can be sued (and should be jailed) for not revealing these dismal statistics.

It's not a wonder that most people stopped getting vaxxed after their second dose, for by that time, word had widely spread mouth-to-mouth from those who suffered adverse events, in spite of the news shows hiding that information. When a pro-vaxxer suffers a non-mild illness due to the vaxx, people are going to hear about it. Each one of those sufferers could tell as many as five, ten or twenty people, amounting to warning lights...the responsibility of Tony Fauci. He is the one who foremost should have warned the world.

It's a no-brainer that, since the CDC is obviously a corrupt partner of the vaccine scheme, many people who complained of the most-serious ailments had their accounts discarded from the v-safe program so that there is no record. If the accounts were not discarded, then the available information is a jail sentence to the CDC director and those who see the data, or are in charge to keep it from seeing the light of day.

From Gab: "The Sunshine State's [Florida's] health department 'conducted an analysis through a self-controlled case series' that 'found there is an 84% increase in the relative incidence of cardiac-related death among males 18-39 years old within 28 days following mRNA vaccination.'" That's a massive global disaster, almost doubling heart-attack deaths from vaccines dished out in Florida. Other areas of the world may have had more-lethal vaccine products (not all vials contain the same poison(s), or the same amount of poison(s)). Story here:

Here's some thoughts on Ukraine for this week's developments, including a late week explosion on the important bridge connecting Russia to Crimea. This latter event, an act of war if conducted by NATO, looks like it's from a unilateral decision by Zelensky, for it comes as the "nuclear" word was still on his lips. If NATO was behind this taking-out of the bridge, then I would cease to suggest that the Russia-Ukraine war is being staged in concert by NATO and Russia. I've seen insufficient proof that the Nord Stream was taken out by an explosion. No pictures have been in the news, and, besides, we can no longer trust such pictures. The day is here when any news story at all can be fabricated, and this is making it hard to know what's real versus propaganda.

If the video below is true, then no truck exploded on the bridge:

If you'd like to watch an evangelical production with far too many false pictures of Jesus (in paintings, ruins the video for me) and some bad remarks:

Charles Templeton was a shallow, tragic fool who hated Jesus, and had a personal mission to turn others from Jesus. The anti-Christs came to love him.

If I own a store, and wish to carry one line of plates only, and if I chose one set over several other options, would you argue that I don't exist because I rejected all the plates but chose only the one? In that case, why do many people claim that God does not exist because it makes no sense to them to have only one Chosen Savior? Wouldn't it rather be strange if God chose two or more saviors? How might that have worked? There is nothing odd or off with God's choice for one Savior alone. If people reject Jesus on that argument, it's because they dislike Him. They want someone else, with different teachings, different views.

As for me, I'm able to accept, appreciate, and even love Jesus. I come to love Him when He loves me. I think I feel His love from time to time; I can't prove it to you, but I think it's to be expected that, when one reflects on Him, and is concerned about salvation in Him, and when one keeps-on hoping from year to year, even speaking to God regularly, Jesus should make Himself known from time to time to urge the forward fight to keep a loving Faith. I find myself sending "up" love offerings to God or Jesus specifically, and I like it. I treasure being heard by God when saying intimate things. Natural intimacy with God, on the spur, but you can't do it if you don't like Him. If you like Him, try it. Excite God, strike Him with some natural words. If you want God to love you, love Him first with your words, and also with some actions and decisions. This is where it's at, and we don't need Bible college to learn it.

This Judicial-Watch revelation is worth a read: "Part of the Covid-19 stimulus push included a cool $1 billion to the CDC for propaganda payoffs and bribes. They used this money to flood tech platforms, Hollywood writers and influencers with dark money, and in return they had to sell their soul by promoting the mRNA jabs...The media was in on it the whole time, of course, and they refuse to report on this bombshell HHS document even now. They’ve been complicit the entire time.".

This sobering portrayal of Trump could have been seven hours instead of seven minutes:

It's true, Trump acts like a clown to entertain his sucker base. The sucker base believes he's going to make them thrive. The sucker base repeats continuously that, under Trump, the economy was booming. Yes, for the corporations, which Trump paid off in huge tax relief, and this resulted in more jobs and a higher stock market, of course, because the corporations were booming with extra cash to spend, extra cash to expand business, and they of course put small businesses in the hole because you can't have big corporations winning unless someone else is losing. In his final year, the lockdowns nailed many coffins with small businesses dead inside. And Q promised that Trump would boomerang and come back as a savior. But Trump is partially responsible for the hell-on-earth at this time, for he gave power to the wicked after promising to destroy them. He didn't even try to destroy them...he took his voters for a cruel ride, SUCKERS. They want to re-elect him, but maybe you should consider the implication in the video above, that Trump is indebted to George Soros.

In a day of hatred from feminists at war with men, this must come to you as news: God did not make women the supporters of men because men are sturdy posts. He made women to lean on men so that men might not lean and fall altogether. A wife who is in stronger cahoots with her parent(s) who hates her husband has abandoned her post. Her whole house falls. But if a wife is a feminist in close cahoots with like-minded ones who are not even her close relatives, her husband is like a rotting post on the ground. He's better off limping on his on two feet without depending on her.


Here's all four Gospels wrapped into one story.

For Some Prophetic Proof for Jesus as the Predicted Son of God.
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