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October 11 - 17, 2022

5G Towers, Graphene and 666
trudeau the Nazi Assistant Doesn't Realize he's a Bush-Bastard
Mouse Trap on the Bear's Lip Cries to Vaccine Lipids and Graphene
Ramp Dream Trumpets Apophis Asteroid and Even the Armageddon Furnace

If you're waiting for Jesus to return, see Post-Tribulation Rapture

It was nice while it lasted. Hall of Names is no longer showing the descriptions of the Coats of Arms presented at House of Names, but I have many of them recorded in my past updates from which to borrow.

See the story below that was out late this week. Load Webbers now to have access, on another tab, to other Coats of Arms.

The thing to keep in mind is that the Kepke pointer to Webbers is now looking like a pointer to Weber SHANDwick, and I'm writing this after the TownSHENDs and Shends/Chains/Cheyne's pointed to the Cheneys later in this update in an exciting and long set of heraldic pointers. Cheneys are now said to be first found in Sussex...with Keeps, and it's Keeps who use a "weaver's shuttle" while German Weavers are also Webers. I'm not sure why there are pointers to Cheneys later on, but I'll add here that English Web(b)ers have a bend-with-fleur in the colors of the bend-with-martlets of Cheneys. However, Shands are listed with Schims/Schiens, who are in almost all updates for several months and counting:

Weber Shandwick, a firm based in New York, has been responsible for elevating Pfizer’s profile since at least 2006. It also partnered with Moderna earlier this year, after the small biotech firm became a household name following success with its covid vaccine success.

The company was hired by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention during the pandemic to boost its ‘health communication’. The Mail Online reports: It was involved in PR campaigns that encouraged Americans to get vaccinated against Covid. But a spokesperson for Weber Shandwick told it had a ‘thorough vetting and mitigation process to avoid conflicts’.

...Weber Shandwick works for the CDC’s National Center for Immunization and Respiratory Diseases (NCIRD).

Okay we get it, a conflict-of-interest with the CDC cheering through Weber Shandwick for the success of one or two or both vaccine companies. When you get to Cheneys below, it involves a Ham-like Hem location of TownSHENDs, and the McAbbe's too, perfect here because McAbbe's not only share the salmon of Hams (Sussex, same s Cheneys), but they are in the colors of the fish of Fisers/Vissers. Weber Shandwick had done public relations for Pfizer from way back. I'm writing this after 7pm Sunday night after almost everything below has been written (update is scheduled online tomorrow noon), and so I feel the timing is perfect.

The "duce" motto term of Shands/Schims/Schiens -- who were a branch of Skins/Scans, a possible pointer to 666 purchasing -- looks arranged by God to point to James LeDuc of the Galveston National Lab. I believe that, at the proper time, in spite of media blackouts, God will confound LeDuc's company, and reveal it's sinister partnership with China's Wuhan lab. Shands/Schims/Schiens share the Washington Chief, perhaps another Arrangement.

English Webbers share the six bars of Blonds, and the latter are perfect because they have a "foot" in their Crest, and the "Fato" motto term of Cheneys is suspect with the Fate's/Feets. Foots/Foods share the chevron of Fothes'/Fette's, first found beside the Shands/Schims/Schiens and Skins/Scans, and so you can do better than this to reinforce the pointer to Cheneys.

An old girlfriend of mine had gotten a feet or foot symbol, and I as telling this to readers at my first-ever instance of comparing her name, Lorraine, to "Lawrence" Kepke. I then added that both persons have "SUN-BRIGHT" blonde hair, which caused me to load Blonds (Webbers were not my related topic at the time), and there I saw a foot on the SUN. I then spotted that both the Blond and Babe Crests have suns, perfect because Lorraine got her feet / foot symbol the instant she got her babe symbol, and I was telling this to readers at the time. At the time, Babe's were not said to be first found in Suffolk with Blonds, but they are now. Years later, this year, I discovered that both Kepke-like Keeps and Lorraine's (share the same bend) are from Maria of Kiev (Ukraine, same as Kepke's father).

I probably wasn't stressing Keeps back then, and therefore I may not have made the Keep-Webber connection, but I can now add that, as per my phrase, "sun-bright," the Brights, first found in Cheshire with Foots and BLUNDville's, essentially share the German Web(b)er Coat!!! Astounding. God was writing through me, and I didn't know it. He must write and speak through almost everyone at times, why not?

In my 3rd update of April, 2017, I put it like this: "It came to mind as I wrote "Laurence" above that Lorraine and Kepke were both sun-bright blonds, and this brought the blond Budini to mind that were at least south of Kiev. I then looked up the Blonds to be reminded that they use a FOOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And the foot is in a SUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! "An armed foot in front of the sun, proper."

As her foot symbol (from bare feet on the pavement of Yonge street) pointed hard as pavement to Pavia's Tessin river, and as Tease's/Tess were from that river, it's now notable that Tiss'/Teese's almost have the Tudy Coat, and that both surnames were first found in Hampshire, and therefore I see them both in the "tuTISSima" motto term of Armors. This was discovered only now because I'm not familiar with the description of Blonds/Blunds. Their "armed foot" took me to Armors. The similarity in the Tiss/Teese and Tudy Coats appears to involve the Tees river in Yorkshire because Tudys share the chevron of Teys/Tays, first found in Yorkshire with Tie's and Touts/Tute's. Teys/Tays are said to be from Towton (Yorkshire), and to have had the alternative name of "TEUTonicus." "TUTissima" at our service. Blundville's (Cheshire, same as Tattons sharing the Tout/Tute crescent) share the Tiss/Teese chevron. Tuttons/Duttons were related to the Meschins, who were themselves proto-Blundville's.

Plus, RICHmond is near the Tees river while Lorraine's foot symbol was in Richmond Hill (Ontario). Rich's/Richess' are said to have named Riche in Lorraine, and that's explained where they were from Richeza of Lorraine, mother-in-law of Maria of Kiev. Richmonds (Rich colors) share the blank, gold Chief with Rods, suggesting that Blundville's are using the Rod / Rock trefoil. Rocks are from Roxolani at Kiev. English Foys, expected in the "foy" motto term of Rich's/Richess', were first found in Suffolk with Blonds/Blunds. Irish Foys share the "eel" with Skipton-like Shiptons, and Meschins married Rumilly-Skiptons of Yorkshire's Craven, and Cravens have a Coat like that of eel-like Ely's, from Cambridgeshire, where Rumillys were first found. Skiptons share the purple lion with Irish Lacys/Lace's while Yorkshire's Lacys/Lace's share the English Foy Coat.

Shiptons were first found in Oxfordshire with Love's/Luffs, whom I'm now identifying as a Law branch, and I've got evidence later in this update that "la" motto terms are for Laws. Rich's/Richess' use "Garde LA foy," but I've not known until now that they translate this motto as "KEEP the FAITH." It's added proof that Keeps were related to Lorraine's. There is a happy songline miracle in this update striking on the Faiths/FEYTHs/Faithfuls, and they look like a branch of Fate's/Feets, no guff at all. I'm going down now to add a small bit on Nancys where Cheneys come in. This ends the Sunday-night add-on.

There's been ramped-up talk on graphene-oxide in vaccines, but it seems that no matter what the accusations against COVID vaccines, the companies say nothing either to deny or confirm them. One presentation of graphene's coupling with 5G radiation came from KAREN Kingston last week, and as it was KAREN Graff who pointed to graphene, I noted that Kingstons share a giant, gold lion with Graffs/Graffens. While looking for a solid Kingston-Graff link, I found myself on the DEMY/Lemay/Dumais surname again because it was somehow pivotal for pointing to graphene along with the Graff/Graffen Coat, because the latter shows nothing but a DEMI-lion holding an anchor. There's not even a motto for making links to Graff/Graffen kin in order to capture or prove a pointer of God to graphene using the Graff family.

I can't remember how Demys/Lemays were used, but I did note that the family is said to be from "Anjou at Poitiers." Anjou is also Angers, and one Anger Coat is a different-color version of the Anchor Coat, and so a demi-lion holding an anchor must be code for the Lemays of Anjou. I don't remember noting that Michel Lemay of Anjou married (second marriage) Michelle OUINville, important because the Graff residence faced Union street (Gormley, Ontario) while Unions are also ONIONs. That alone could present proof, amongst others already shown, that God used the Graffs in a pointer to graphene-poisoned vaccines.

Michel Lemay above was the son of Marie Gaschet, and Gaschets happen to have been first found in Provence, which has a border near Grasse, and I did find a small Lemay location to the west of Grasse, which puts it closer to Provence or even in Provence. The Demys/LeMays are also shown as Dumais', and then the French Dumais'/Dumays are said to have been at "Le Mas in the arrondissement of d'Auriol", which is at least near the Lemay location I had found near Grasse. I'm including the latter because the Arms of Grasse shares the lamb of the Lamas surname.

Then, Spanish Lamas'/Lama's share the triple fesses of Pussys/Poissins who are like the poison-like Poissons/Poussons who in turn share the scallops of Bardys, the latter first found in Perigord with Fauchys and Faux's/Fage's/Chollens'. It just so happens that Fauchys use a "GRASShopper". Perigord is in the theater of Gaschet-like Gascony, not far from Anjou, and in the thick of the Pictones founders of Poitiers and Poitou. The amazing think now is that Pictons share the Kingston lion, and when I lived in Kingston, I would often go for a lakeside drive to Picton! It required a ferry, and Ferrys happen to share the red lion in the Picton Crest which is itself a DEMI-lion! That's interesting.

We can back up now to German Dumays/Mays because they have what look like rocks similar to the rock of POITvins, the latter first found in Poitiers with Michel Lemay above, son of Miss Gaschet. The Gaschets share the rooster (different colors) with French Galli's and their Gay branch, and as Jays were at De Gai, I see the French Galli's using a version of the jay-using Poitvin Coat for blood-related reasons. The pointer of the Graffs to graphene was with God's use of Mr. Kepke, and Keeps happen to use a "galley" while French Galleys were first found in Dauphine with Galli's. Dauphine overlapped with Provence.

The Gaschets share the Chief of French Chance's', and it happens to be just a sun in the colors of the one of French Poussins. The English Poissins are the ones sharing the triple Lamas/Lama fesses, and they are, in colors reversed, the triple fesses of Love's/Luffs (Oxfordshire, same as Poussins), kin of Muscats (red lion heads). Muscats are also MusKETTs/MousQUETTE's, and Gaschet variations have similar endings. English Chance's are terrific here because they share the Chase patonce, and Kepke CHASED me with a spider dangling on a web, in front of Karen Graff, with I Mr. Courageous running away, as a pointer to graphene-oxide.

The similar Muschets are listed with Muschats who share the Coat of Epsteins, the latter first found in Hesse-Nassau. The Hesse's happen to have a giant sun in the colors of the Poussin / Gaschet sun, and it's also the BathGATE sun in a Coat almost that of Poussins. It's looking like a pointer to poison vaccines by Bill Gates...and Jeffrey Epstein? The Nassau's and Gates' share the Graff/Graffen lion, and add billets, the symbol also of English Mays, first found in Lincolnshire with Grasse's. French Grace's/Grasse's have the Muschet / Epstein Coat in different colors.

Lookie: French Billets/Billiards were first found in Maine with French Poussins. French Billets/Billiards have one of the three Grace/Grasse chevrons, and French LAMBerts have two of them, perfect for the lambs in the Arms of Grasse (this is Fauchy connectable). English Lamberts were first found in Surrey, where Dauphine-connectable Dolphins/Dolfins were once said to be first found who share the white dolphin with Poissons/Poussons. If that's not enough, English Gays were first found in Surrey too, who share the chevron of Graff-beloved Demys/Lemays/Dumais'! The latter were in Angers, and Angers share the Fauci lozenge!! Graffs use the anchor while Anchors share the Anger Coat but with a red Chief.

French Gays were first found in Savoy, near the first-known Fauch's of Forez. Forez's were first found in Savoy, and they have a "Tout Travers" motto while Travers/Travis' are like the Tarves' who share the vertically-split Shield of Fauci's and Tromps in colors reversed. Tarves is in the land of the Picts, and Pictons share the red lion in Crest with Tarves'. Fauch's show only thistles while Thistles, in Demy/Lemay colors, have a demi-lion in Crest.

I'm not familiar with the Fauci Coat. Fauci's are listed with Fazi's, perhaps the namers of Fazackerleys who come up as Fake's. Therefore, Fauci's look like a Fake branch. Note that while German Trumps are also Tromps while Dutch Tromps have the split-Fauci/Fazi Shield, TRUMPet-using Calls/Calles', first found in Wiltshire with Fauchy-beloved Hoppers, are like the Challes'/Chalice's who have two fesses colors reversed from the three of Fake's/Fazackerlys! It's looking like a pointer to the Trump-Fauci team defacto enforcing poison vaccines on the world.

I don't think it's wrong to list Fauci's with Fazi's because they were first found in Genoa with the Fieschi (see Wikipedia for them), and with the Segni's/Segurana's in the motto of Fauci-like Face's/Fessys. Tromps share the eagle of Doria,s first found in Genoa too, and Doria's married Arduinici of ONEGLia, perfect because Nagle's share the Fauci/Fazi and Anger lozenge. Nagle's are said to have included ANGulo's. Oneglia is near Grasse.

Oneglia is now Imperia, suspect with the Imperi peoples who conducted human sacrifices, making much sense in the killer-vaccine scheme. The Imperi, I had read, were priests of a BOOFima cult, and it just so happens that Beefs/BOEUFs were first found in Imperi-like Perigord with grasshopper Fauchys and Faux's/Fage's/Chollens'. Imperia is near Grasse. Arthurs were first found in Berwickshire with PeriGORD-connectable Gords, and with Boofima-connectable Books/Boggs, a branch of Bows/BOUGH's (can be pronounced "boff") who share the motto of "book"-using Roets (share Gord boar head). One can glean that Bowers and Bauers, with Rothschilds, belonged to this cult, and they might still be performing human sacrifices to this day, such sick, power-lusting animals.

Buffs/Boeffs were first found in Hesse, where MAYER Bauer, the first Rothschild, did some major banking. These animals are destined for powerful grieving in their graves, without Mercy. Fauch-beloved Thistle's are in the colors and format of Leslie's, earls of Rothes. Thistle's were first found in the Channel Islands with Anchor-beloved Majors/MAYERs. French Majors were first found in Provence, near Grasse. The Thistle Coat, minus the pheons, is the Coat of French Porters, first found in Berry, not far from Poitiers. English Berrys almost have the English Poussin Coat.

In his first marriage, Michel Lemay first married Marie DuTAUT, possibly of the Tays (Yorkshire, same as Touts/Tute's) and Tudys/Totta's both sharing the same chevron. Tudys/Totta's almost have the Demy/Lemay Coat. Todds have Faux-like foxes, and an "OPORTet" motto term while Ports and Porters can be linked to Poitiers liners. "OporTET" can be part-code for the Teet variation of Scottish Tate's (Berwickshire, same as Todds and Books). Totts have a giant swan, and the Buffs/Boeufs look linkable to Swans/Sions and neighboring, anchor-using Paisleys/Pasleys. English Pasleys have the Poussin / Lamay/Lama Coat in colors reversed, all three Coats looking linkable to the Totten Coat. Tottens share "Ad astra" with Fieschi-like Fiscs (Norfolk, same as English Todds), and add a "sequor" term looking like it's for Segni's/Segurana's (Genoa, same as Fauci's/Fazi's).

Arduinici lived on the Bautica river, location of Chivasso (near Turin), the line to Chives' of Tarves, a location in Aberdeenshire, where Leslie's and Turins were first found. Turins share the boar of Bards who in turn share the green griffin head of Leslie's, and Bardys are the ones, first found in Perigord, sharing the Poisson/Pousson scallops. Is that neat and tidy? Yes, like God's painful condemnation of the beasts now pointed to. Torment has been gift-wrapped by God for those who badly deserve it. Th earth badly needs their Terrible End. It will stand neat-and-tidy like a monument for an Eternal Lesson.

I can trace Arduinici to the namers of Artois, and "Artes" is a motto term of Hangers/Angers whose Graffen-like griffin is split in the colors of the Tromp / Fauci/Fazi Shield. Hangers/Angers, first found in Hampshire, beside the trumpet-using Calls/Calles', share the "escarbuncle" with the Angers having the Fauci/Fazi lozenge. Just look at that, because Graffs/Graffens use an anchor. The pointer, by Karen Graff, to poison vaccines is now pointing square the Fauci and Trump.

Calles' and Challes' are thus linkable to the CHOLLENs/Chaulnes' and similar variations where we find Faux's/Fage's listed. Francis COLLINS was Fauci's boss, and English Francis', with the Segni/Segurana and Essex eagle in colors reversed, were first found in Derbyshire with English Cnuts who in turn share gold drops throughout their Shield with Pictons. Danish Cnut's use "pot HANGERS", and English Faux's were first found in Essex.

Cnuts are Fauchy-important for being in the colors and format of Hope's who in turn share the Dumais besants. Hope is a location in Derbyshire, explaining why Hope's were once said to be first found in Derbyshire with English Cnuts. Hangers were first found beside Face's/Fessys and Hoppers, and while Fauchys have a grasshopper, Hope's are also Hopers. German Hope's/Hoods have a giant anchor.

Hoppers were first found in Wiltshire with Hoopers, and the latter probably share the Tarves Crest closely because Hoopers have the annulet of TARVISium's Vito's in colors reversed. The Hooper annulet is that of German Tile's/Tillers while English Tile's/Tillys were first found in Dorset, because Hoopers. Hoopers look like kin of Tease's/Tyes' (Hampshire). A way to link Hoopers to Keppoch, who share colors and format, is by comparison with Budini-like Butts/Bute's/Boets, for Budini were at Keep-line Kiev. Butt/Boet-branch Buttons/Bidens/Bodens, were first found in the thick of things under discussion, in Hampshire. Kiev had/has bio-weapons labs.

The house of Griffin was in Pomerania with the first-known Trumps. The Cnut-beloved Pots were first found in Hampshire with Hangers, Potters, Ports and Poitier-like Porters/Pawters. The latter have the "portCULLIS" GATE, can we believe it? Picton-like Pictones Gauls named Poitiers, and so we can go to the Orrs/Ore's with the gold drops, called "or," of Pictons. Orrs are expected in the "proficiOR" motto of Knocks/Knox's because both surnames were first found in Renfrewshire, the point being that Knock/Knox Crest is also the Crest of English Faux's. "PROficior" can be also for the Imperi line to Perigord's namers, perhaps named by Pero's. The latter's "flaming stars" can be code for Stars/Stairrs (Wiltshire, same as Hoppers) who in turn share the chevron of Flints, possibly relevant because Pictons were first found in Flintshire.

"ProFICior" can be also for the Faux-like Fix's/Ficks/Fecks looking like a branch of Feschs/Fechts and thus linkable to Fieschi, Fake's and Fauci's/Fazi's. Face's/Fessys were first found in Northamptonshire with the Quincys who built the castle of FAUCets. The Quincy mascles are in the colors of the similar lozenges of Anchors.

I've not known the Kievers/Kiefers/Kaufners before, but their red antlers gives away their descent from Maria of Kiev, which might explain the Marie's in the Demy/Lemay write-up. The red Casimir antler is bendwise in the colors of the Keep bend due to their both being from Maria of Kiev. Kiever variations could suggest the Keefe's and Coffers were Kiev liners too. Kepke was at the home of Karen Graff, pointing to graphene-oxide in vaccines, which event I take as a pointer to a weapons lab in Kiev yet to be disclosed, and Karens were first found in Silesia with Kievers, I think I now get why Kepke was used even more.

Kievers list Kaufners, and Kaufers/Kaufmans use the giant anchor while the Anchors have lozenges in colors reversed from the same of Keplers (Kibble/Keebler colors), who in turn have lozenges forming the Keep Coat. This tends to indicate that the Kaufer/Kaufman anchor is close to the Graff/Graffen anchor.

For those who read on the door-handle dream recently, lookie at what was just found in the Kiever/Kaufner write-up: "The German word 'kufe' means 'BARREL' and as such, the name is a cognitive of the English name 'Cooper.'" It doesn't matter whether that derivation for the surname is correct or not; it only matters that God knew this to be the claimed derivation, for in the dream, He said to me that a BARREL-shaped part was missing from the door HANDLE of the JEEP. One: Handle's and Handels were first found in Silesia with Kievers/Kaufmans! Two: Jeepma's have a KEEP-like Chep variation!! And for three exclamatons, we can add that Keeps were first found in Sussex with Coppers!!! It appears that even the door-handle dream is pointing to the namers of Kiev.

Coppers share the demi-leopard with Chives', but try to remember that Chives' call it a "cat" as a pointer, in this context, to Ramzan Kadyrov. Coppers have a fallacious derivation, but what's important is that some families believed it: "The Copper name was an occupational name given to a maker or repairer of BARRELs, casks, and BUCKETs."

It reminds that Kepke owned one of those one-legged hopping toys that he would impress me with. I had to check online to remember that they're called pogo STICKs or pogo hoppers. LOOK: Pogue's/Poags are listed with Pollocks, who started off as vassals of the Dol Alans in the Vilaine part of Brittany, which I trace to "VILNius" of Lithuania (beside Poland) because Stick-like Astikas' lived there! Sticks were first found in Somerset, smack beside the Hoppers and Hoopers. The Copper leopard holds holly, and Hollys share the tower of Copper-like Hoppers. This is amazing, because I think God gave Kepke that pogo stick to indicate that Pollocks were of the Astikas-Traby marriage (Traby is in Poland), and then migrated to name Vilaine. Hollys have a Coat version of the Plunketts, and the latter are said to have been in Vilaine. You can see the Plunketts in the write-up of Pollock-like Plocks.

There is a Plock location near the mouth of the Polish Bug river at the Vistula, and while Flys (Hampshire, beside Bugs) have the Plock martlets in colors reversed, Flys were at Flavius while Vespasia Polla married Flavius Sabinus. Plock is a city very near the village of Traby. This Bug river is partly in Ukraine.

I feel good about this, for proto-Pollocks were something else while in Vilaine, and took their name only after moving to Pollok in Renfrewshire (probably named after Rennes in Vilaine. Plocks were first found in Oxfordshire with Luff's/Love's sharing the triple fesses of Fullers/Fullo's and English Pasleys while Pollok is at Paisley. Paisleys share the anchor of Packs, first found in Sussex with Holly-loving Coppers. There's a gold anchor in the Arms of Vilnius. Fullers/Fullo's, who share a passant horse (different color) in Crest with Plunketts, are suspect from FUlbert, father of the first Pollock. The Fuller/Fullo horse is brown, and the Singers with a brown horse head in Crest share the Stick garbs. The flag of Lithuania uses only colors, and two of the three are used by Pollocks/Pogue's.

Even if Pollocks did not descend from the namers of Pollok, Pollocks proper can still be traced to Vespasia Polla, for she married the son of Tertulla while Plunkett-line Plancia Magna was the wife of Tertullus. Therefore, proto-Pollocks in Vilaine / Shropshire may have moved to Pollock to be with cousins from Ms. Polla. There are reasons as to why her VesPASia name can be of the Paisley-branch Pasi's. Plocks share the martlets of Pullys/Pullens, and as the latter were definitely from Ms. Polla (married Sabinus), along with Sabine's, the Plocks may have named Pollok (the village). I see Plancia Magna of Perga to the Perkins for reasons, and Perkunas was the Lithuanian god. Perkins have a "Simplex" motto term while Simple's were first found in Renfrewshire with Pollok, and with Speers, the latter being Pasi kin but also of Spree's using a "Simple" motto term. The Spree river in Poland's Lusatia probably applies.

The anti-Christ will revive the seven heads of Revelation which I interpret as including the three emperors born to Vespasia Polla. I still think that the best bet is a Russian anti-Christ.

Look: the Arms of Traby shares the striped hunting horn with Lothians who in turn share the brown dog with Lots who in turn share the black, double-headed eagle of Jeepma's/Cheps who in turn share the hexagram of Rads, the latter suspect with the Radziwills from whom the Astikas' of Vilnius descended. The Lots were suspect with the PARKING LOT of the mall (into which I walked) in the sleeping bag dream. Parkings are listed with Perkins, quite an amazing set of heraldry already, but there's more because Lothians were first found in Perthshire with the Hagars (share Rad hexagram) and the Justine's who in turn share the anchor and the scales of justice in the Arms of Vilnius. The other side of the Arms has a fasces, the symbol of Assi's who look related to Justine's.

Another fasces is with Sors-like Sorrys/Sawreys (share "simplex" with Perkins/Parkings), and Sors' are listed with Soars while the Soar river is in Leicestershire, where Perkins/Parkings and Savage-loving WOODs were first found. Soars/Sors, who share the Mall quadrants while I was in a mall parking lot, were first found in Dorset with Russells ("sara" motto term) who share the lion of Sauers and Sorrys/Sawreys. Sauers are said to be from the Sau = Sava river while Sava's are listed with Savage's (Cheshire, same as Savage's/Sava's). This picture had pointed with my WOOD-sorrel weeds to George Soros, especially as Sorrels were first found in Leicestershire with Woods.

The Mauling Bear at the Maple Tree

As Tarves' can be gleaned as kin round-about of Maple's (share Speer boar heads), partly because Maple's share motto terms with Chives' of Tarves, let me repeat from the last update on a bear that was hanging around the house last month, though this topic was pointing to the Ukraine war: "However, I did find my one-gallon jug of ROUND-Up chewed up badly way out in the yard where I had left it. This bear put its fangs through that jug about 10 times, mauling it. This could be a pointer to Russia's despising the Rhodian 'Round Table.' Weeds." I neglected to mention that the jug had been left right beside a maple tree having a heap of rocks completely surrounding the base of the trunk.

I kid you not, that, over the years, as I find rocks around this property, I pile them here and there, and one of those spots was at the base of this maple tree. I piled them in a perfect ROUND circle around the trunk, suggesting a pointer to Rockefellers and Rhodian globalists together behind the Ukraine war. It makes absolute sense, and viral bio-weapons in Ukraine can even be from Rockefeller oversight.

Maple's not only share the vertically-split Tarves Shield, but Maple's also have the boar heads of Rothschild-branch Roets. Therefore, does it not appear that God moved me to pile rocks in a circle around the maple tree? I didn't only throw them toward the tree from wherever I found them , but, later, I arranged them nicey-nice in a circle to make it easier to mow the grass. They are rocks, not stones, averaging about four inches wide. The jug of Round-Up was left right beside this tree, not ten or more feet away.

I was way wrong when guessing at ten holes. I've just counted them, and there's more than 40 holes including small ones from the smaller teeth. I feel compelled to say that Russia the bear is going to maul the Western Rhodians. Plus, I've just realized that the "sed" motto term of Maple's, shared by SEDans, traces to Dents of SEDbergh!!! Dents are teeth!. Dents, in the colors and format of English Rothes, share "concordia" and "industria" motto terms with the Arms of Rothschild. Sedans were once said to be first found in Yorkshire, location of Sedbergh. Sedans use cinqueFOILs, part-code for the ending on "RoqueFEUIL," for Fellers, Fallis' and other Rockefeller lines use treFOILs.

However, "TREFoil" is part-code for Trips/Treffs because they are from Trypillians of the Kiev theater. Plus, Trevors/TREFors are like "Tarves"! Plus, Travis'/Travers share the white boar head with BOURLeys while Albert BOURLa is the Pfizer CEO. Bourleys were first found in Somerset with Roets who in turn share the Maple boar head!

Round-up is by Monsanto, and nobody likes that company.

I'd show you pictures but I don't have a cell phone, and my old Nikon camera (bought in 2005) won't work with my computer any longer for uploading to the Internet.

Oh wow, I thought I was done with the heraldic links, but then I what-the-heck loaded Towers due to the gold tower in the Maple Crest, and, bingo, not only do English Towers have a gold tower in Maple colors, but the vertically-split griffin in the Tower Crest is colors reversed from the vertically-split Maple Shield, making the griffin split in the colors of the vertically-split Tromp and Fauci Shields!!! Is this a pointer to Trump TOWER? If the Tower tower is described with "TRIPle" towers on its main tower, then that could be code for Trypillians.

Most of the tooth holes in the jug of Round-Up are at the corner beside the label. Corners may be sharing the acorn (different colors) with Tromps because Corners/Garners are said to be from Gardners while Val Trompia is at lake Garda, which happens to be near Tarvisium (modern Treviso). The bear's teeth marks are perhaps pointing to Trump, but why? Will he engage the Russia after 2024?

Again, Chives', first found in Tarves, share three motto terms of Maple's, tending to assure that maple's share the Tarves Shield. Tarves' were first found in Aberdeenshire with Turins (share gold boar heads with Maple's), and one can imagine that a "turris" = tower could be used as code for a family from Turin, which is near Chives-like Chivasso. The Chives Crest looks like the Mosca leopard, which underscores the use of the maple tree for the mauling of the Round-Up jug.

By the way, more white boar heads are used by Juggs/Judds! I trace the latter to Jugon near the Meu river partly because Mea's/My's/Meigh's share the Jugg/Judd boar head in both colors. Mea's/My's/Meigh's were first found in Nottinghamshire with the MAPLEbeck location of Markhams. Speaking of towers, 5G towers may be pointed to by McGee's/Gee's who share the Judd/Jugg boar heads, and the leopard FACEs of Irish McGee's remind that Face's/Fessys can be connected to the Mea/My cross (through Taffs).

I kid you not, that two years ago, an internet technician at my place suggested that I cut out a line of trees to get better reception, which is what I did last year. This opening went to the beaver pond smack beside the water pipe that the bear chewed on. I was clearing trees right on top of this pipe near the pond. That should be an interesting addition to this bear topic. Might Tarves-like Tree's/Trews/Trows apply? Is this why the jug was at a tree? Was the Tree variation named after Treebys/Trebys? Ahh, antenna-like Antons/Anthonys have a giant leopard face, suggesting Anthony FAUCi!!! Fauci's boss was Francis Collins, and Austrian Anthonys share the English Collins' bend!!! The same Collins' have a demi-griffin in the gold color of the demi-lion of Graffens! These Collins' share the Plock martlets.

The Meigh variation evokes the Demys/LeMays/DuMais' who came off of the Graff/GRAFFEN demi-lion, and it just so happens that the Graff/Graffen demi-lion is also in the Mea/my/Meigh Crest! This goes great with the part-gold GRIFFIN in the Tower Crest! We are now pointing to poison vaccines with the jug of Round-Up, and especially pointing to Trump and Fauci. Kiev-like Chives' have a demi-leopard.

OHHH WOW. I don't recall expanding the page to see what's in the left paw of the Mea/My/Meigh lion, and it happens to be an anchor, what the Graff/Graffen demi-lion holds!!! Zikers, this should prove to be a valuable missing piece in the pointers to graphene-oxide. The Mea/My/Meigh cross is shared by Fauci-connectable Face's/Fessys, and by Baths (Somerset, beside Devon) who in turn have the Rhodes Coat, essentially, in colors reversed. See also the Taffs with clues in their motto for linkage to both Face's/Fessys and the Mea's.

Zikers, no guff, German Mays/Mais' have the Tower tower in half its colors, or, German Mays/Mais' have the French Tour tower in both its colors! The May/Mais tower appears to be on the Roque/Rocks rocks (!!) probably because Tours were first found in Languedoc with Roque's/Rocks and Roquefeuil. Rockefeller vaccines and other poison drugs. There is a leopard head in the Crest of English Mays.

English Tours/Thors (more towers) were first found in Devon with Rock-branch Rods (from Rodez) highly suspect with the Rhodes', and where Chives' were once said to be first found. Miss Roquefeuil married Hugh of Rodez, father of Henry, explaining why French Henrys were first found at the Meu-river theater. Mea's/My's/Meigh's share the fitchee-formee crosslets of Albins/AUBINs (Devon, same as Rods), and Aubin is a location near Rodez.

I didn't have the Mauls on the brain when telling that the bear "mauled" the jug, but perhaps the use of that term was intended by God because Mauls/Morleys were first found in Yorkshire with Rhodes', and moreover David Morley, who pointed to poison vaccines and their AIDS product, likewise pointed to Morleys/Mauls (see "Morley" last update for all that). David rode a motor bike off of a ROAD, you see, beside a mall parking lot. The Mall/Marlybone Coat is much like that of Eure's/KEEVers. More than 40 tooth punctures rates as a mauling. It's clear, God made that bear so crazy it chewed on a jug weed poison like it was bubble gum. I wonder whether the Rhodians will poison Putin as per this bear mauling the jug. Did the bear drink the Round-Up?

As Davids share a Davis Coat, it's interesting that Schwabite vaccine pushers meet annually at Switzerland, where the first-known Graffs/Graffens were first found. Davis' use a "Heb" motto term while Hebrons (Davis colors) use a "Keep tryst" motto while Keeps use a "weavers shuttle" while Kepke chased me with a spider on a weaved web. Hebrons were first found in Northumberland with the Rothschild-branch Rodhams/Roddens who share the David and Davis bend.

Juggs/Judds are in the format of, and colors reversed from, KEPPochs. That's said because there's a cockaTRICE in the Jugg/Judd Crest while Trice's/Trysts are in the "KEEP tryst" motto of Hebrons. Thus, the bear at the Round-Up jug can point to Moscow's war with Kiev. TruNews keeps making the point that the Ukraine war would have ended before it had begun, earlier this year, except that Britain and the USA would not allow the Ukraine leader to make a peace deal with Moscow, which the Ukraine leader was willing to sign. It's obviously the globalists who are paving the path to Armageddon, and all who stand behind them shall be damaged and spoiled by them.

Juggs/Judds share the red cockatrice with Presleys, which reminds that I used an Elvis-Presley theme for my speech at my son's wedding because he married a Moldavian. At the wedding, in fun, I compared Elvis to count Dracula of Wallachia. In the second and third updates of last month, I investigated the Elvis surname, which had all sorts of pointers to the Ukraine theater. Moldova is between Wallachia and Ukraine. Presleys share two symbols of Abreu's/Abruzzo's, the line to Eure and Evreux, and Eure's are also KEEVers (could be a coincidence).

In a different color, the cockatrice is with Chechnya-like Chickens who in turn have the Star chevron in colors reversed. Elon Musk owns STARlink. The Star Crest has what looks like a spotted CAT rather than a leopard, and the Chives leopard, looking like the Mosca leopard, is called a cat. Recall that the Coppers/COOPers, who were looking like Kiever/Kaufner kin shortly above, have a Crest essentially identical with that of Chives' so that we may make a Star connection to Kiev liners. And let's not forget the MusCATs/Musks and MusCHATs. Musk once said that mRNA is amazing, "like a computer program" in the body, and so I assume he was pro-vaccination to kick-off the humanoid future. There's a good chance that he's a committed Schwabite but seeking to hide it by appearing a little conservative.

Caddys and Kaders/Caddys had pointed to "Kadyrov" in the last update through the use of Mr. Kepke, the caddy. It's just amazing that Stars share the lozenges of satellite-like Settle's. The latter were first found in Lancashire with the SHETTLEworths (BEAR in Crest!) who in turn share the "weaver's shuttle" with Keeps. Elons were first found in bear-depicted Berwickshire. That is one great piece of work. God seems to be pointing to Elon Musk's satellite communications system.

The "Utile" motto term of Shettleworths can be for the Tile's/Tillys because they were first found beside Stars, the latter first found in Wiltshire with the Hoopers (STARs in Keppoch colors and format) who share the annulet of German Tile's/Tillers! Hoopers were first found in the same place as TOWER-using Hoppers!

English Tillers were kin of cat-using Cetins/Cattans, taking us back to Kadyrov pointers. As Caddys and Kaders/Caddys both use piles, perhaps I should mention that, about 12 feet from the maple tree under discussion, I've had a continual PILE of weeds for several years. I take it away when it has turned to dirt, then pile more weeds at the same spot. Dirts are listed with Darts, whom look linkable to Sleeps and Weeds/Weetons! Beauty. Fauchys use the grassHOPPER, and Face's/Fessys were first found in Northamptonshire with Weeds/Weetons. Dirts/Darts share the red flames in Crest with Benjamins while French Benjamins use another bear.

I trace the WALCH-related Benjamins to the Rimna river of WALLACHia, and Benjamin / Beng liners may be in the "Benigno" motto term of Mea's/My's/Meigh's. The latter's demi-lion holding a white anchor is almost the Graffen lion holding a black anchor, and Anchors/ANNACKers may have been a branch of AINSley-branch Annas'. Hold this thought as per the My-Graffen connection.

Elvis variations suggest a branch of the Always' in the "for MY KING always" motto phrase of Ainsleys (Nottinghamshire, same as Mea's/Mys). I started this update seeking a link between Karen Graff and Karen Kingston; the latter investigates and reports on poison vaccines, especially graphene-oxide. Graffs/Graffens and Kingston both use giant, gold lions, but it's not easy to make the link because Kingstons show nothing but a giant gold lion. NOW, let me repeat that I probably used the Elvis theme for my speech because, soon before the wedding, I had been well-acquainted with Miss Abreu of Kingston, and she loved to listen to Elvis songs. The Kings in the Ainsley motto share the Kingston lion, and I've shown several ways in which Ainsley Earhardt points to poison vaccines.

Karens look like Roet kin, and Roets share the Bough/Bow motto while Boughtons/Bortons (Warwickshire, beside Knighton) have a Coat and Crest looking related to Nights/MacKnights i.e. sharing the King and Kingston lion. Borton-like Bertons look like Karen kin.

One can glean that Weddings were kin of WEEDs/Weetons, and the bear chewed on the anti-weed jug. The Chews, in English Tower colors and sharing a gold griffin with those Towers, are listed with Jews, by the way, and can be gleaned as Roet kin. It's another pointer of the Round-Up to Rothschilds. Towers had entered the discussion with the gold Maple tower, and Maple's go with the Round-Up jug.

Weddings (Yorkshire, same as Rhodes') share the martlet of Proctors, and Ainsley Earhardt had been married to Mr. Proctor. Weddings (Yorkshire, same as Keppochs) are in Keppoch colors and format, which is one way that the Elvis theme at the wedding pointed to Kiev. The double Weed/Weeton fesses are colors reversed from the two of Sleeps, and Ainsley Earhardt fulfilled Sleeping Beauty in my 1979 dream. The Rounds use a "sleeping lion"! The Round-Up jug just connected with Sleeping Beauty. Beautys share the bull of Haydens, and Miss Earhardt is the mother of Hayden Proctor.

It's recorded in April of 2022 that Earhardts have "...two intertwined snakes, ENCIRCLING a fleur-de-lys". The rocks were encircling the maple-tree trunk, and Tree's/True's were once said to be first found in Warwickshire with the Sheriffs who share the Round motto. Sheriffs have griffin heads in the colors of the griffin of Chews/Jews (same place as book-using Roets), and in the colors of the griffin heads of the neighboring, Book-like Box's, the latter first found in Wiltshire with Tree's/True's! Bingo. The Maple TREE just connected with Rounds. Books/Boggs were first found in bear-depicted Berwickshire with Roet-related Gords (share Maple boar head).

The Hayden-branch Hades'/Hats, first found in Dorset (beside Wiltshire and Somerset) with Beautys/Bowoods, probably use wreaths because Wreath's are like the Wrath variation of Roet-branch Rothes'. This is excellent because Rothes' are in Dent colors and format for a related reason! The bear plugged the jug at the maple tree with dental holes, so to speak. And yes, the bear also dented the jug (plastic). The Hades variation can reveal that Sleeping Beauty was dead as she lay asleep. Killed by vaccines?

If God wanted to point to Karen Kingston, then we can use Karens, first because they share the sleeping moon of German Roets, and secondly because they share the hexagrams of Trunks. Roets share the boar head of Maple's, and while Rounds have a sleeping lion, the Round-Up poison was a few feet (three or four) from the trunk of the tree. The True variation of Tree's is in the motto of Home's/Hume's (Berwickshire, same as Maple-connectable Books and Gords). Tree's/True's use a knight, and Scottish Nights/MacKnights have lion heads in the colors of the King and Kingston lions. The Night/MacKnight Crest is the demi-lion of Graffs/Graffens. That works, by why should Ms. Kingston be pointed to by the bear event at the maple? The Rums/Rims in the NIGHT/MacKnight motto were first found in Dumfries Putins/Patents/Patients, and with the NITH river.

AHHHHH JUST REMEMBERED, the Tooths are suspect in the Hume/Home motto: "True TO THE end"!!! "Trustie to the end" is the motto of Leiths (share Kepler lozenges) who in turn share the crescents of Seatons/Sittens (East Lothian, same as Leiths), a branch of Sedans/Siddens at Sedbergh, where Dents were first found! Leiths must have been a branch of Letters because the latter share the giant Tooth griffin! Zinger, the bear's teeth can even point to the Teets/Tate's, first found in Berwickshire with letters!!! Just look at all that. The Arms of Berwickshire uses the bear, possibly of the bear of Berne's, from Berne of the Veringer-related Zahringers, and Berne is in Switzerland with the first-known Graffs/Graffens.

Berwicks and Barwicks use the "muzzled" bears of Alis' (Keith motto in reverse), code for Musselburg in East Lothian, where Keith Catti were first found who are now pointing to Mr. Kadyrov, the bear's assistant. We might say that Kadyrov is Putin's dental nurse for to sharpen his teeth and enlarge his fangs.

I asked: "Did the bear drink the Round-Up?" Drinks/Drengs share the Dreux/DREW lion, and Tree's/True's are also TREWs. The latter were first found in Wiltshire with Dreux's/Drews. The black bull head in the Dreux/Drew Crest could be of the neighboring Beautys. Drinks/Drengs add, to the Dreux/Drew Coat, a single pale bar in the colors of the same of neighboring Roxburghs, and the latter have an "AUDax" motto term because ROQUEfeuil is in Aude province.

Maple's took us to Towers who are said to have been kin of Lofwicks/Lovicks who in turn likewise use black bull heads. The black bull head design of Dreux's/Drews is that of Ratcliffs (Lancashire, same as Towers and Lofwicks), perhaps a bingo because Ratcliffs share bendlets (different color) without a bend with Tree's/Trews. Plus, if Lofwicks/Lovicks were a branch of Love's/Luffs, the latter were kin of Cheeks/Checks, Muscats/Musks and Muschats/Mousquette's, all three of whom point to Kadyrov's Chechens in Ukraine. Last night (Tuesday), I heard that Russia wiped out Musk's Starlinks satellite potential by bombing a few antennas in Ukraine. TruNews said that Musk gave $100M to the Ukraine effort.

Russia bombed satellite TOWERs, you see, and the bear was at the maple tree while the gold Maple tower took us to the gold tower of Towers, "Lords of the manor of Lowick or Lofwick." Lofwicks/Lovicks were first found in Lancashire with Levers/Lovers who in turn use the trumpet.

I didn't know until today that Elon Musk was/is almost married to a satanic horror show, a witch, called, Grimes. The Grimes'/Grimms share triple-red fesses with Musk-related Love's/Luffs. Muscats/Musks use only two red fesses, and it just so happens that the three of Grimes'/Grimms are in the colors of the two of Babons/Bavents (boar heads) while Grimo was a son of Babon. As Babons/Bavents were first found in Suffolk with Podebrady-line Babe's, the Grimes'/Grimms must have the triple Drummond fesses. As I've said a hundred times, MUScats/Musks were once said to be first found in Suffolk! Grimes'/Grimms are even said to be from "GrimMUS." Musk must be controlled by demons, beware.

Grimes'/Grimms are traced to Grin de LEUERton, which recalls that Lorraine, whom I met on my 24th BIRTHday, got a babe symbol the minute she got a feet symbol with her BARE feet on the PAVEment of Yonge street in RICHmond Hill. Rich's/Richess' are from Richeza of Lorraine, and Lorraine is the location of Bar-le-Duc, the line of BARE's/Bars. Scottish Yonge's share the triple piles of Scottish Leavells/Lovells, and English Leavells/Lovells almost have the triple Grimes/Grimm fesses. All Grimes/Grimm fesses have three martlets so that they each are the Feet and Pavia fesses-with-martlets, meaning that Grimes'/Grimms use the Feet and Pavia Coat three times!!! GRIMbalds have a blue version of the Babe Coat. Babon, father of Grimo, was even the son of BERTHE, explaining why God set up my meeting Lorraine on my the corner of Lorne and Yonge street. Richmonds, I kid you not, have double, bar-gemel fesses in colors reversed from the double fesses of Babons/Bavents. Wow.

More from the Grimbald write-up: "Saint Grimbald (Grimwald) (820?-903) was a Benedictine monk at the Abbey of Saint BERTin near Saint-Omer, France." Births are listed with Berts, and Bertins/BAIRtons (Burton and Borden colors) were first found in Lorraine! I get excited when heraldry pounds along like this. Grimbalds are in the colors of the Grimwald pale bar.

I'm going to guess that the Muschatovs were from Grime-like Crimea. I'll never be able to prove it. Crimea was Russia's first Ukrainian take-over, we could say, en route to fulfilling the role of anti-Christ. Musk advised that Ukraine should allow Russia to keep the Ukraine...because Musk doesn't want the Russians to put out his satellites, I assume.

The Chief of Grimes'/Grimms (Suffolk, beside Bags and PilGRIMs) has nothing but two fesses in the colors of the nothing-but-two-fesses of Sleeps. Grimaldi's have the Bag Shield, and so, maybe, the sleeping bag is a pointer to Musk for some reason. Musk is a diabolical wacko who thinks sticking electrical devises in the brain and body along with gene-altering chemicals are great ideas. The sleeping bag can point with David Morley to Davos, and Schwabites of Davos have been talking about brain implants exactly as Musk advertises them. Musk is one of the new Schwabites to continue the task of satanizing the world.

The Gook on Janine Small

On Monday, Janine Small, an executive of Pfizer's international marketing agency, went before a European panel. It was the panel that the Pfizer CEO refused to attend to answer questions. Some are reporting that Janine Small admitted that Pfizer did not test the efficacy of their COVID vaccine BEFORE rolling it out. The company rolled it out publicly claiming (= pure lie) close to 100-percent efficacy.

She was asked whether Pfizer tested the vaccines, before they entered the market, to see if they worked on COVID. She responded, "Did we know about stopping immunization before it entered the market? No." What kind of gobble-gook is that? She didn't answer the question. She wasn't asked whether Pfizer stopped immunization. She was asked whether the vaccine immunizes people? Then, the man who asked her the question talks about the event, and at 1:40, he claims she said "stopping the transmission of the virus," yet she did not say that, she said, "stopping immunization." Is this some kind of a trick from the EU?

However, by not answering the question, and by using some twisted verbiage in an effort to appear that she was answering the question, she defacto admitted that the testing was not done. That's how I'm seeing it. (Boy do I ever hate the ending of Press For Truth videos, what trashy music.)

It just so happens that English Smalls were first found in the Morley / MORLESton part of Derbyshire, tending to explain why God used David Morley in pointing to vaccine-formed AIDS. Note that while English Smalls share the Death and Mort crescents, Hats are listed with HADES' while the Morles/Morley/Maul write-up has: "Guarin de Maule, the young son of Ansold, Lord of Maule accompanied William the Conqueror to England and acquired the Lordship of HATTON..." Hattons share the triple garbs of Comyns/Comings, the latter first found in Norfolk with Hades-branch Haydens. Hatton-like Haddons were first found in Derbyshire with Smalls, and they share the scimitar with Ainsleys. Is that not powerful? It appears that Sleeping Beauty and the sleeping bag were prepared by God to point to Janine Small's death weapon.

Ainsleys have a SCIMitar, suspect with Schims/Schiens, yet German Smalls are also SCHMals. I can even see how the saltire of German Smalls links to the Proctor surname (nails) of Ainsley's former husband via German Nails, and it just so happens that these Nails were first found in Westphalia with the Allers sharing the red escutcheon with German Smalls/Schmals!!! ZOWIE.

The Janine/Jenning Coat even has one of the double Janssen/Jens fesses, and a Janssen company makes Johnsons & Johnson vaccines. I was almost at a loss to see a Janine pointer to vaccines until that was found, but it got impressive because Janssens/Jens' were first found in Schleswig-Holstein with German Smalls! Schleswig-Holstein is such a small area that not many surnames were first found there, but here we find both the Janine-connectable Janssens/Jens' and Smalls. Kepke chased me with the spider, and English Janssens share the patonce on red with Cage-like Chase's.

By the time that the paragraph above was found, I had reasoned that Janine's use cages because the Janine/Jennings Crest shares a wolf head (different colors) with Teague's/CAIGE's. The Cage's, who are split vertically in the colors of the same of Gates', and in the colors of the quadrants of English Janssens, have a saltire, not only in the colors of the Janssen patonce, but colors reversed from the saltire of German Smalls. Amazingly, it's the saltire also of Coppers/Coopers, first found in Sussex with Janine's/Jennings! Plus, Sussex is where Wiles' were first found who share the double fesses of Janssens/Jens'. Just as I can't see anything, it all comes pouring down, it happens this way often.

Smells/Smileys share "Industria" with the Arms of Rothschild, and Wiles' share the five Rothschild arrows. The quadrants of English Janssens are shared by the English Forts in the Smell motto, and these Forts were obvious Rockefeller kin. Thus, Smells/Smileys look like a Small branch, especially as Scottish Smalls come up as "Smile."

Patents/Patients were first found in Dumfries with Scottish Johnsons. The latter have a near-copy of Scottish Kilpatrick Coat while Irish Kilpatricks share the lion of Scottish Smalls. English Patents/Pattens share the Scayles/Schales Shield, and this surname may have named SCHLeswig. Scayles'/Schales' share the crosslet of Teague's/Caige's, and of Julians and their Gully/Golly branch. Julians, who share the salamander-in-flames with James-related Douglas' ("JaMAIS"), were first found in Cambridgeshire with Cage's.

As Mrs. Kilpatrick was the original fulfillment of Sleeping Beauty, I need to consider the Jens-like Jeans/Jane's again because I was walking toward her with no shirt on, just my jeans, after first seeing her on what I think was Jeffrey Epstein's BEACH. Did that jean scene point to Janine Small? Apparently yes, because Danish Jansens/Johnsens show nothing but a Shield filled with checks in the colors of the Beach Shield filled with similar vair.

French and Spanish Jeans share the Gates and Smell lion, important if indeed Janine's have cages, for the Cage Coat is much like the Gates Coat, and while I see Gates' as a branch of Geddes', the latter share the pike fish with the Clapper Crest. The Gates Crest shares the demi-lion of Graffs/Graffens. Bill Gates was probably at Epstein's island; we don't know how close he was with Epstein, nor do we know the reasons, but Epstein was into perfecting human genes. I think it's predictable here that he was involved with the vaccine goons who seek to alter genes.

Beach's share the Shield of Clappers who were in turn first found in Surrey with the James' who in turn share the Jean/Jane lion, and Epstein's island is Little Saint James. Jeans are also J'Anes', like the "J'AIME" motto term of the James' who have the Poisson dolphin in half its colors, and then French Poussins share the Clapper sun. Incredibly, while AINSLEY Earhardt became the second fulfillment of Sleeping Beauty, the AIME's/Hains have the triple pale bars of Annesleys within their crescents. Amys were first found in Cornwall with early Jeans'/J'Anes'.

English Janssens were first found in Northamptonshire with the Weeds/Weetons who in turn share the double fesses of German Jansens/Jens'. The Weed-branch Weddings, sharing the Janine/Jenning fesse, share the Proctor martlet, and while Proctors use nails, German Nails/Neils/Nagle's share the blue saltire with German Smalls. This makes Sleeping Beauty look like a pointer to the corruption in the authority structures of Janine Small. Who are her bosses?

Repeat: " just so happens that these Nails were first found in Westphalia with the ALLERs sharing the red escutcheon with German Smalls/Schmals!!!" The same escutcheon is used by Holdens because they use so-called "ALLERions," which are BEAKless eagles, and Beaks, first found in Dorset with Beautys and Hades'/Hats, may have been a Beach/Bech branch. Holden-like Oldens almost have the Aime/Hain Coat, and the Olden Crest is the demi-lion of Gates'.

I wish we still had access to the heraldic-descriptions page to see whether Janine's use BIRD cages because Birds/Burds, sharing the Ainsley fleur-de-lys, share the Proctor / Wedding Crest! Proctors were first found in Cambridgeshire with Cage's (can we believe it?), and with Epstein-pointing News'/Newes'. I showed how the latter link to Beach-like Bash's and Nuse's/Newes' (Hertfordshire, same as Beach's), and then Ainsleys were first found in Basford.

I've been waiting for the Spike's to enter a poison-vaccine investigation for a long time because spike proteins in vaccines are said to do much damage. Spike's, first found in Lancashire with Holdens, share a red, double-headed eagle with Holdens! You just saw Holdens linked square as an olden nail's head to Smalls/SCHMals! Schims/Schiens even share the white boar head with Bourla-like Bourleys, and the latter are in Fiser/VISSer colors. Vise's were first found in Sussex with Janine's (!), with the Coppers sharing the Small/Schmal saltire (!!), and with Hams who have "salmon" in the colors of the Fiser/Visser fish (don't know what the latter call them). The Hams are the green-white colors of the Janine wolf head.

Prepare for a hammer shock. ALBERT Bourla, Pfizer CEO, sent Janine Small to answer the E.U. questions he himself was afraid to answer. Hammers, in Ham colors and first found in Sussex with Hams and Janine's, are in the Crest of English Alberts!!! I have it recorded in multiple updates: "English Alberts use 'A savage with a slegde hammer over his shoulder.'" Hammers share the white dolphin with Poissons. German Hammers share the Gates, Smell and Jean lion.

The Albert savage has the hammer OVER his shoulder probably due to Overs being first found in Cheshire with Savage's. Over share a bend-with-fret with Spike-branch Speccots, though the latter use their bend in the colors of the bend of Keeps, first found in Sussex with Hammers et-al. Spike's are listed with Specks, said to have named Brampton Devon, where Speccots were first found. The latter are in the colors and format of Gorsuch's, first found in Lancashire with Spike's/Specks and having their eagle in colors reversed. Speccots are also Space's, in case they ever point well to Musk's SpaceX.

OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH ZOWZERS: The "pro te" motto phrase of Savage's looks like "protein" for a pointer to spike proteins, especially as Spike's use a giant eagle while the Savage Coat is the Eagle/Hegel Coat in colors reversed!!! Lookie at that piece of work. A giant red heart is with French Sauvage's. "Pro TE" is suspect with Pierro's/Pero's at Pavia upon the Tessin river, and that river named the Tee'/Tease's/Tighs (Nottinghamshire with Nations/Nathans). It just so happens that Peare's were first found in the same place with their Tein kin. ProTEIN! Teins share the Pavia martlets, that's correct. The savage, Albert Bourla, would maim and kill your teens in order to make Pfizer more money.

When I had access of heraldic descriptions, the Stoltenberg surname claimed to have the Nation/Nathan symbol, an arrow piercing a heart. It's recorded in the 2nd update of November, 2014: "...the Stoltenberg description: 'On a blue shield a red heart pierced by an arrow.'" Swedish Thors use red-on-blue hearts too, and English Thors, first found in Devon with Speccots, are of the Towers, the latter first found in Lancashire with Spike's/Specks. Trudeau-connectable Trade's/Trotte's use more red-on-blue hearts. The Thor elephant TRUNKs are split horizontally in the horizontally-split Shield of Scottish Smalls.

Trunks, with the quadrants of English Janssens in colors reversed, were first found in Franconia while English and Scottish Franks use a "nati" motto term. Logans use three nails in Proctor-nail colors and format, piercing a red heart, and Logans were first found in Ayrshire with red-heart Cords/McCourts who in turn share the fesse of red-heart Nations/Nathans. The latter were first found in Nottinghamshire with Ainsleys. The point in repeating this is that while German Nathans are Natts, NATO is now ruled by JENS Stoltenberg. It's begging whether the heraldic investigation into Janine Small, which led to the Janssens/JENS', is pointing also to invisibles behind NATO, and whether the NATO war in Ukraine is to keep the Russians from discovering the Ukrainian poison-vaccine programs aimed at Russians inside Russia.

The STOLTenberg heart is in the colors of the antlers of Kievers/Kaufners, the latter first found in Silesia with Stolts. Just like that, Mr. Stoltenberg appears descended from Ukrainians. The Trade's/Trotte's are suspect from the Trotus river not far from Ukraine. The previous NATO leader was Mr. Rasmussen, and the Rasmussen Coat is essentially a colors-reversed version of the Keiper/Keip Coat.

[Insert -- Keipers/Keips are in the colors and format of Treffers/Traffords, who appear to be rooted in Tref(f) / Traf(f), and thus can be expected with Trips/Treffs i.e. from Trypillians of the Keip-like Kiev area. Beauty. I found Treffers when seeking the reason that I was at the traffic lights in the ramp dream shortly below. Treffers/Traffords use the griffin of Pomerania, and that area is not far from the first-known Trips/Treffs of Hamburg. As the Tree's may have developed from a marriage with Treebys, let's repeat: "Tree's/True's are also TREWs. The latter were first found in Wiltshire with Dreux's/Drews." The latter are in Keip, Treffer/Trafford and Drake colors and format, making "Trew" and "Drew" look like a Treff branch, and thus capable of tracing Tree's to Trypillians. Drake's use a giant dragon with a 666-like tail, and it's very much like the Treffer/Trafford Coat.

Trips/Treffs use shoes, and Shoe's use a TREE!!! If Trews were a Tarves / Tarvisium branch, then it appears that they all, along with Tarves-like Trabys / Trebys, were from Trypillians. The Vito's of Tarvisium are even in Keip / Treffer/Trafford colors and format. The Tree Crest has a knight.

Plus, it just so happens that English Trips use a "scaling LADDER" while Lauders have the Treffer/Trafford Coat in colors reversed, wow, excellent. Treffers are a new surname for me, and look at that. It tends to reveal that heraldic ladders are often code for Lauders. I trace Lauders of "Lotheringia," which is Lorraine by another name, and the Lorraine surname is from royal Kiev exactly. Scalia's show only a ladder, explaining the scaling ladder, meaning that Trips/Treffs, who once showed boots, may have been from Italian Botters/Botini's because they were first found in Tuscany with Scalia's. Botini-like Budini were at the Trypillia theater, and Botters lived at the northern end of the Butteri cowboys.

As I've said a few times, when I was living a half-dozen or so houses from Lorraine, I walked past her place with a 32-foot extension ladder on my shoulder. It was about four months after we split up. I saw her one more time about 2.5 years later when she was carrying her CHILD. Childs were first found in Hertfordshire with Scalia-like Scale's. Childs, who share the Lorraine eagle, are in the colors of the Lauder griffin, which has the head and feet of an eagle! English Botters/Bodins have a red eagle, the color of the Treffer/Trafford griffin.

Lorraine, on our last night together, had gotten a grass STAIN on her BUTT while out walking with another man, and the Stains are also Stands while the Botter/Bodin eagle is said to be "standing" on a "perch," perfect because Letters, who share the Lauder Coat, have a goose on rock, and I think that either they or Rutherfords use "standing" in their description. The Arms of Rijeka has a two-headed eagle standing on a ROCK, and as the Rutherfords were first found in ROXburghshire, we are seeing the Roxolani of Kiev linking to Lorraine's Kiev liners, by her grass stain. "Rijeka" is like "Richeza" of Lotheringia.

Rich's/Richess', said to have named a location in Lorraine, were not only first found in Hampshire with Botters/Bodins, but with butt-like Buttons/Bidens/Bodens, and with the Ports sharing the estoiles of English Butts/Bute's. Can you see what God was pointing to when I took that 32-foot ladder to Hunt street? Hunts are also Hunters, and I was going to Hunt that day because it was my new address as of that time. I was moving the ladder. Hunter Biden had/has corrupt business in Ukraine, and Richeza above was the mother-in-law of Maria of Kiev. End insert]

Beach's were first found in Hertfordshire with the Scayle-like Scale's. The Danish Jansen/Johnsen Coat is that also of Hohens while the latter essentially have the German Cohen Coat, and this makes sense where Teague's (share Scayles crosslet) are also Kagan-like Caige's, for Jewish Cohens (share Clapper sun) are also Kagans.

Here is a representative of the European Parliament telling how disgusted she was with Ms. Small's attitude and inability to properly answer questions:

After the woman speaks, a man speaks, and he admits that he voted for the vaccine passport system, which he now regrets in anger. But this affair is giving politicians a way out of paying the price for voting for lockdowns and other harsh and needless measures. They can now say it was Pfizer's fault, the vaccine companies lied to us, it wasn't our fault. Achem, excuse me, imposters, for if little-ole me could see square that the entire COVID scheme was staged and faked, why couldn't informed politicians? GUILTY. They saw clearly that COVID was a scam, but they were afraid to buck against it lest they were voted out for endangering peoples' lives. SPIT! All the politicians but a few went along with it because they cared more for their jobs than to expose this crime. Only now that the boomerang is circling round to the back of their heads are they speaking out.

It's a shame that the E.U. parliament was not filled for an issue such as this. It makes me feel that European leaders are treating this disaster in the way they turned a blind eye to abortion, not caring about whether people live or die. Here's Rob Roos on Tucker so that word is spreading, but, remember, Ms. Small did not say any words that condemn Pfizer. It's what she didn't say to Roos that condemns the company:

Car-on-Ramp Dream, God's Destruction

I've got a new twist to a ramp dream I had about a year ago. It was one of my last dreams that were candidates for pointing to things through heraldry. I haven't tried much on deciphering this dream, and so I'm trying again.

The dream started with me at a red light, and when it turned green, I accidentally started to drive into the lane of the on-coming traffic, so I backed up into the middle of the intersection, and all the cars there were not happy. I ended up driving backward on a ramp that started just after the traffic lights. While driving backward around a curve on the ramp, I was watching a vehicle in "front" of me i.e. behind me, driving toward me, leaning on two wheels while turning the curve. It was turning to the right so that it should have been rolling along on the driver-side tires, but in a mistake of the physics, it was leaning over on the passenger-side tires. When I got to the end of the ramp, I was out of my car, and along came walking an elderly couple telling me, "you owe me five thousand dollars." I assume that they were in the leaning car that crashed. The dream ended there.

I'm going to start with the passenger tires, because this seems to be a central importance to the dream. I theorized that "passenger" is to get me to the Pass'/Pascals and to the English Singers, though it's the German Singers who come up as Sengers. The car was LEANing on its two tires, and Tire's, who share the red, spread eagle with Pass'/Pascals, were kin of MacDonalds along with Leans/McLANE's. PASSONs (Norfolk) have the Pass/Pascal eagle in colors reversed, and the Pass/Pascal cross is colors reversed from the same of MEE's/My's/Meigh's, which could tend to prove that the PASSENger tires are for Pass liners in that the man said: " you owe ME five..." Passons, who are also PAISTons, share the Road, PIAST, and Lorraine eagle.

English Singers make sense where the Yoo's/Yells share their garb. "YOO owe me five...", we could say. Or, Yeo's/Yeomans were first found in Devon with Singers.

The ramp can be deemed a lane. Ramps were first found in Cumberland with a Wrangham branch of early Rainhams, and thousand-like Townsands were at Rainham. Townsands are in the colors and format of Ramp-like Rams, first found in Essex with Rains. Townsands were first found in Norfolk with the Bramtons, whom I'm going to need later in this investigation.

Why should MacDonald elements apply here? Perhaps the Keppoch-branch MacDonalds apply, for they used a hand holding a black fitchee, as do Tire's. Keppochs are Kiev-line suspects along with Kepke's. I don't ever remember checking for a Kepke Coat, but there is a Kepke/Kopke Coat, where was my head? I just assumed that there was no Kepke surname at houseofnames. Perhaps I did check, finding nothing at the time.

I'm also going to need the Comyns/Comings, likewise first found in Norfolk, who share gold garbs with Townsands, and in both colors of the WAISTELL and TILTON/Tilt garbs. The crashed vehicle was TILTING over. Kepke's girlfriend had pointed to Waistells in the sleeping bag dream. I'm suddenly shocked because Waistells are listed with Wessels while German Wessels have a white-on-red antler to go with the Casimir antler that is itself a bend in the colors of the Keep bend, and in the colors of the Kepler bend-by-FIVE-lozenges, and then Wissels/Whistle's share five, bendwise lozenges in the colors of the Wessel antler. I trace Five's/Fifys, Fife's and Vivians to "Lviv," near the Bug river. I'm about to go to the Bug-river theater with the ramp dream, which had, "you owe me FIVE thousand dollars." The vertically-split Shield colors of German Wessels are in reversed with Tunnels/Tunno's, they being perhaps a branch of Townsands, for Towns are also Tune's.

[I didn't realize while writing on Comyns/Comings that they jibe with my use of "on-coming" traffic.]

Wessels/Waistells were first found in Cumberland with Ramps, and are suspect with "Vestalis" of Susa, who in turn can be suspect with the Vistula river in Poland, the river upon which we find Plock, itself near Traby. Some family from Traby, calling itself by that name, married the Stick-like Astikas' of Vilnius (Lithuanian capital), and English Singers share the Stick garbs. I proposed that Singers can be pointed to by "passenger." Lithuanians can be to the Leiths who share the Kepler lozenges.

Let's recall that Kepke owned a pogo STICK that connected well to Pogue's/Pollocks, suspect with Plocks, first found in Oxfordshire with Peare's. It was Miss Peare whose waist pointed to Waistells at the end of the sleeping bag dream. There are multiple Doly locations in Poland and Pomerania, any of which may have formed Dollars. One Doly location in Lublin is not far from the Bug river at the Lviv frontier. Dollys have a Coat connectable to Paisley-related Packs, with perhaps the lion of Voirs/Voyers (Vannes, near Dol), which is also the lion in the Arms of Lviv, in the colors of the Gates lions, which is pertinent because the lion of Lviv comes with a gold gate while I trace Gates' to the "gold gate" in the description of the Arms of Podebrady.

I say the gate of Podebrady is in honor of "Agatha," mother of queen Margaret, whom was herself in exile in Kiev, suggesting that her line got to Lviv somehow. Queen Margaret was wife to Malcolm, and Malcolms/COLUMNs share the stars of Lviv-liner Five's/Fife's. Plus, German Franks, first found in Bohemia with Podebrady, use a COLUMN. I claim that this Agatha of Podebrady was the mother of Maurice Drummond, and I say it aside from the fact that this Maurice married the sister of king Malcolm above. The Five/Fife chevron-with-stars is in the colors and format, almost, of Bellys, first found in Moray, also called, Moravia, and European Moravia is between Bohemia and Poland. The father of Maurice was the son of king BELA's brother, tending to explain the origin of Bellys and Baileys (share Moray stars).

The colors of the Piast eagle tends to reveal to me that European Moravia was named after the Childeric-line of Merovingians, who were also Marsi of Maruvium. Mars of Scotland ruled at KilDRUMMy, all of which tends to tell me that Maurice was named by Marsi liners, suggesting that Agatha (Anglo-Saxon) was a Marsi liner, suggesting the Maurice-like Mercians. Lucy of Bolingbroke was Mercian, and Bolingbroke's share the triple Gates lions. She married Mr. TailleBOIS, suspect with the Boii, the proto-Bohemians. Voyers may have been BOYers. She later married Mr. Meschin, and Meschins have a Coat similar to that the Mercys/Maiseys/Meyseys. The flag of Mercia is the Messey/Messier Coat. Send me a shiny apple, historians.

The Voir/Voyer lion is also that of Norths (same place as Bone's) and Denardo's/Nordi's/NarBONNE's, the pointers to the Nord Stream pipe last month. Cotes-du-NORD in Brittany is beside Brest. It's now Cotes-d'Armour, and Armours share the Morays stars. Voirs/Voyers have the lion of "St. MARK," a Maurice-like term. English Marks share the Maurice and Morris lion. I have the Voir/Voyer description recorded: "St. Mark's lion, supPORTing a silver book inscribed with the words 'PAX TIBI, MARCE EVANGELISTA'." Porters use the BELL and GATE, and Scottish Porters were first found in Kyle while Kyle's use "candleSTICKs." The Evans/Avons in "EVANGELISTA" share the Gates lion. Evans/Avons, perhaps named by Voir elements in VANNES, were first found in Herefordshire with English Doors (much like the Gates Coat), and Irish Doors share the Evan/Avon and Gates lion.

Down the Bug from the Doly area is Brest, and Brittany has both Dol and Brest, the latter near Launay, likely from Lane's/Lano's of Brescia. French Landrys (Lorraine) share the Plock martlets, and English Landrys/Laundrys share the Dolly oak tree. On my first outing with Lorraine, she agreed to meet me at a laundromat at the corner of Levendale and Yonge. Levens (SAND and Sandy colors) were first found in Shropshire with Dol Alans, and share the elephant head (different colors) with Irish SANDers. SANDomierz is on the Vistula river, and I have seen an online article where the Sadowski's, who list Trabys, have a SANDowski branch. Levins (not "Leven") share the Chief-Shield colors of Vilaine's, and Dol is in Ill-et-Vilaine. Lorraine's use the Piast eagle, and descend from Casimir of Poland. The Lorraine eagle is also the Child eagle because Lorraine was carrying an infant child last I saw her. Childs were first found in Hertfordshire with the Vince's/Finch's who share the motto of Irish Sanders.

[Insert -- The Rue's/Reulls are said to have been at Launay, and while I was viewing the English Rolls/Rowles, wondering whether I should tell that they share the Treby besants, "roll" was heard in my ear phones from a Highwire video. I had checked Rue's first because, a few hours ago, I opened a message to me from Rue, who suggested I try out a Jehovah's Witness church (I told him NO THANKS). Lorraine above turned out to be a Jehovah's Witness, which is why this paragraph has been placed here. Rolls/Rowles happen to share the Bug fesse, how about that. Lawns/Lane's love the Scottish Roys (LANarkshire, home of Lorraine-like Lorne's, in the Lanark write-up) who share the lion of German Rolls/Raels.

Rollo's were kin of elephant-like Oliphants. Lawn-like Laws, suspect in the "La" motto term of Rollo's, are almost in the colors and format of Irish Lawns/Lane's. The Law bend-with-stars is colors reversed from the same of English Roys. Laws use a "FASQUE" motto term while Russell-connectable Sorrys/Sawreys use a FASCES and share "simplex" in their motto with Perkins/Parkings. Laws look like they love the Faucets in their "factisque" motto term because Faucets (Role/Rowles lion in colors reversed) were first found in East Lothian with Vaux's who in turn share the Law bend-with-stars. Later in this update, I realize that Laws were a Love/Luff branch.

Jehovah's Witnesses were founded by a cultist, Charles Russell, and it just so happens that French Role's (Brittany) have a Chief in the colors and format of the Russell Chief. The Role Shield shares the English Knight/Night Coat (Suffolk, same as Rush's) while Scottish Nights/MacKnights share the Roll/Rowles lion. End insert]

I showed earlier in this update how mythical Perkunas of Lithuania can be traced to Perkins/Parkings, and the latter share the fleur-de-lys of the Courage's in the motto of Comyns/Comings who in turn share the Waistell garbs. It just so happens that Perkins/Parkings were first found in Leicestershire with the Tiltons/Tilts sharing the Comyn/Coming garbs! The car was tilting! Courage's were first found in Essex with Pass'/Pascals, and the latter have a man with both hands at his well-defined waist (see also the Vests). Pass'/Pascals were given the land of Much, and Much's are listed with Muschats, first found in Essex with their Water kin, who are in the "water bougets" of Bugs. Plancia Magna of Perkin-like Perga is to the Plock-connectable Plunketts, who named a location in Vilnius-like Vilaine. See Plock and Lviv on this map:

Note the San tributary of the Vistula, because Singers/Sangers and Singers/Sangs can apply along with Sans'/Sanguez's.

The Narew tributary of the Bug suggest the Neuri who were anciently at the Bug. I see them from Nahor, brother of ABRAM / Abraham. I trace the latter's children, through his second wife, to BRAMtons, and the latter share the Coat of Sempers (Essex, same as Pass'/Pascals) in the "Semper" motto term of the Arms of Lviv. Five's/Fifys and Fife's have lions in Bramton-lion colors.

Hatch's have the Bramton Coat in colors reversed, and this behooves a return to topic of big-BREASTed Mamie, for while we see a Brest location on the Bug, I've said many times that I thought I saw her naked breasts when someone opened the HATCH of a pick-up truck, where she was alone with Barry, whom I've told drove a blue Volkswagen BUG at the time. Hatch's share the Coat of Brunswicks, making Barrys look like they are from Barrs of Brunswick. Barry had said that he was in a musical band, and though I don't know whether he was a singer, he would often play his guitar and sing when he had a few of us over to his place. The Lviv motto is "Semper fidelis," and Singers/Sangers use "fidelitas."

A few hours after seeing her in the hatch, she must have felt guilty for being with Barry, because she came to sit on my lap. Laps/Labbs', thanks to their mermaid, can be traced to Podebrady on the Labe river near the Vistula. She sat on my legs, and "leges" is a Rain motto term.

An hour or two after she sat on my lap, I was in her sleeping bag (at the camp site), wanting a hug, but she gave me a little push-away to indicate she didn't want to go there. So, the last thing I remember before falling asleep was my draping an arm around her WAIST as she looked away from me. She didn't seem to mind that, and God must have wanted things that way to point to Waistells, and to the Vistula. Note that the person in the Vest Crest has a hand at the well-defined waist. I gave that event a tease symbol because it worked extremely well with her thigh symbol at her garden, and Vests were first found in Switzerland with Tease's/Tess'. Tease's/Tyes', looking like a branch of Thigh's/Thy's, were first found in Nottinghamshire with MAMESfelde, and as Mens are also Mame's (same place as Thy-loving Sinclairs), Mamie pointed to Mamesfelde of the MANSfields because Mamesfelde is said to be named after the breast.

The day after, Mamie and I were at her place alone, and she had a garden event as a pointer to Gardens, and to lake Garda. "Garde" is a motto term of Carricks, and as the latter share the Bug fesse, perhaps Carrick liners named Krakow, which is on the map at the upper Vistula. I trace Brests/Brix's to Brescia/Brixia, smack beside lake Garda.

Brescia is where Lane's/Lano's were first found, and the car on the ramp lane was leaning while Leans are listed with McLane's. Lane's/Lano's share the besant with the Rainham Chief, and Rainham is where thousand-like TownSANDs were. Note SANDomierz on the Vistula near Krakow. The man said to me, "you owe me FIVE THOUSAND dollars."

Irish Lawns/Lane's share the Keep bend, and English Lawns/Lane's share "Garde" with Carricks as well as having three of the two Hatch lions in pale. Mamie was either BARE breasted in the hatch, or in her bra or swimming suit, but I looked away because I thought she was bare breasted. Bare's are listed with Barrs, first found in Ayrshire with Carricks and Craigie's. Bare's/Barrs share the Essex eagle while Rains were first found in Essex. The mottoes of Craigs and Craigie's have what look like Lviv liners.

We can now visit the "SUPERata" motto term of Rainhams because Supers are in the Rattery motto, and because Supers were first found in Devon with a Rattery location, and with Trebys and Treble's, but also with the Waistell-branch Wests. Rainhams share three besants in Chief with Trebys, and the Rainhams have the Flynn Chief while the Flynn wolf is in the colors of the Scarf wolf heads. We all remember the scarf lady (Ms. Birx) who stood nightly on the COVID stage with Fauci and Trump. Trabys/Sadowski's happen to have a "scarf." Scarf-like Sheriffs were first found in Warwickshire, and I see Warwicks from Warsaw near the mouth of the Bug with the Vistula. Warwicks have the lion of Brescia-line Bruce's in colors reversed. Marjory Carrick married Mr. Bruce of ANNANdale. Annan(dale)s are from Ananes Gauls at the Trebia river, at PLACEntia, near Brescia. Place's share the Bramton and Hatch lion. The Arms of Placentia (or Piacenza) used a wolf in colors reversed from the Flynn wolf, making the Placentia wolf that of Wolfleys/Wooleys.

The "supeRATa" motto term of Rains must be for the line of Astikas-Radziwill who married Traby. Rats/Raids were first found in NAIRNshire, suspect from the Neuri. Nairnshire is where Geddes' were first found who look related to German Barrys, and the Geddes' "pikes" is for Piacenza liners. English Pike's were first found in Devon with Trebys, and Scottish Pike's'/Pickens/PICKs were first found in Ayrshire with Carricks and Bare's/Barrs. Thus, big-breasted Mamie in the PICK-up truck points to these things extremely well. Ratterys even share the fitchees if Picks/Pix's.

Nairnshire is near the first-known Ratterys of Perthshire, and the Justine's of Perthshire are from Justine of Piacenza-like Picenum. BUT, NOW, I can add that the gold border of Justine's is shared by Kepke's/Kopke's. The latter show a giant goat, and Goats/Gothams were first found in Nottinghamshire, where same-colored Bugs were once said to be first found. Rads, in Warwick colors and format, share the hexagram of Hagars, first found in Perthshire, and Hagar was the name of Abraham's concubine. Goats/Gothams share the Sarah/Sayer bend, and Sarah was Abraham's first wife. Sarah's/Sayers share the BARwick motto.

There is an Ow surname that was looked up as per, "you OWE me five thousand dollars." The Ows/Goffs/Gough's are in Rad and Warwick colors and format. The Goff variation makes me wonder whether the car was leaning in the wrong direction as a goof-up, to help prove that the "owe" term is indeed for the Ows/Goffs. They share the Googe/Gouch boar, and this looks like a pointer to dread Gog. It could be indicating that Gog elements were at Five-line Lviv. This is a beautiful piece of work because the Ow/Goff/Gough and Googe/Gouch boars are in the colors of the boar heads of Marone's who are in turn in the colors and format of French Mars who in turn share the three scallops of Townsands!!! "You OWe me five THOUSAND dollars."

When the light turned green, I drove into the lane with on-coming traffic, and that too was a goof-up. The Owe/Goff boar is blue in colors reversed, and a blue boar head is with Wheel Crest! I get it, for the car was tilting on its wheels, and while Wheels are also Weale's (Shropshire, same as Dol Alans), Dols have a whale while Whale's/Whele's (share the canton square of whale-using Whalleys) share the Irish Lane bend. This keeps the Leans/McLane's to topic with Tilts. The car tilted on the ramp lane, and so the five-thousand dollars must mean that Dollars/Dolers were a Dol branch. Wheelers/Whalers indicate the Whale's/Whele's share the Lorraine bend. Dollars go into tills, how-bout that.

[Insert -- Wheelers/Whalers share the lion of Drigs, first found in Cumberland with Ramps. Mr. Kepke was used in an event with Karen Whelan, and while Whelans share the Coat of Bricks (Munster, same as Keefe's), they have the Brest/Brix lozenges in colors reversed. As Wheelers/Whalers share the Lorraine lion while Keeps share the Lorraine bend, let's add that while Kievers are also Kiefers, KEEFE's have the Lorraine lion in colors reversed. Drigs use "darts," and then the Maine's (Devon, same as Darts), with a "PROJECi" motto, have a "dart"!!! LOOKIE AT THAT, an apparent pointer to James O'Keefe of PROJECT Veritas. Drigs essentially have the TRACK/Trick/Trigg Coat, and so perhaps the ramp can be viewed as a track for the purposes of this paragraph in some ways.

Miss Whelan and Kepke both lived on Henry Corson, and Corsons/CARsons share the Brest/Brix lozenges, as well as having a SCIMitar for connection to Owe's/Goffs/Gough's, for the latter share the Schim/Schien boars. The Kepke family insisted on drinking SKIM milk, and Milks list MILLINshops while Millins/Milans (share Shoe star) and Mellansons were first found in Aberdeenshire with Schims/Schiens. A car is a rod, we might say, because Mellansons use rods. Millins/Milans have a "disco" motto term while a "disk" is in the Crest of Keep-connectable Webbers. Kepke loved to go dancing in discos. The Kepke event with Miss Whelan was in the same mall where he and I had sold shoes, and he may have been selling shoes there at the time of the event. The Shoe / Millin/Milan star is also with Plumers who in turn share a Pollock/Pogue motto term.

Millinshops recalls that Shop variations link to Scherfs/Schere's via the Shere's/Sheers, while the other Schere's use a "stick." There's always the question on whether the Trebia river was named by Trypillians. End insert]

The "Avito" motto term of Wheelers/Whalers suggests the Tile's/Tillers because they have the Vito annulet in colors reversed, and because Tiltons/Tilts are also TILEtons. The single, erect Tile/Tiller arrow can be the one of Vests. Wheelers/Whalers share the Forez/Fore fesse, and while Vito's were first found in Tarvisium, the Travis-branch Travers' are in the Forez/Fore motto. Perhaps I was driving backward on the ramp because Bachs were first found close to the first-known English Tillers and Trevors/Trefors, but I think God would do better than close-to. Trevors/Trefors have a black cockatrice that is almost the black wyvern dragon of English Tile's/Tills. I say that Trips/Treffs were from Kiev, where Lorraine's trace. Tillers and Welsh Louis' / Lewis' were first found in MORGANnwg (now Glamorgan), and Morgans share the Wheeler/Whaller and Lorraine lion while French Louis' were first found in Lorraine. Driving backward was another goof-up, and Owe's/Goffs were first found in RADnorshire, near Glamorgan. Ows/Goffs are in Rad and Warwick colors and format. I think my goof-ups indicate that my Masci line is from Gog. End-time Gog is the biggest goof ever.

[Insert November 11 -- I was reflecting on these goofs when I decided to check for a Wrong surname, which happens to be listed with WRENch's/Rench's sharing the Wren crosslets. Wrens are said to be a Rain/Raines branch, and thus the Townsands of Rainham suggest that God made the dream wrong to verify that He wants to point to Townsands, though there's likely more to it. Yes, for Wrens share the purple lion head with VIVians who in turn share the FIVE/Fify chevron! Zikers, I almost missed that.

Plus, "YOU owe me five thousand dollars" can now point to Yoo's and Yeo's, for You's/Yells have the Newmans/Numans in their motto that I link to Rains/Raines' for multiple reasons. Yeo's/Yoe's/Yeomans are in colors reversed from, and in the format of, Yeomans/Humans who are in turn in Rain/Raines colors and format. Yeo's/Yoe's/Yeomans were first found in Devon with the Trebys whom I've connected to the Flynn Chief, and the Flynn Chief is also the Rainham Chief. Trebys share the Rains/Raines, Newman/Numan, and Wren-Crest lion. Yeomans come up as Numan-like Humans.

I've even argued that Flynns are of the Flan variation of Flints because Bathers, have wolf heads in Flynn-wolf colors, were first found beside Flintshire. Previous to that, and even before the ramp dream, I actually argued that heraldic FLAUNches' were code for the Flan variation of Flints along with Ches' (read as "flaunCHES") because the latter share the green border with flaunches-using Dollars!!! Can we believe it? God is making me laugh. Plus, Bathers have a "VIVas" motto term!!! Plus, I was driving backward on the ramp as one of the wrong things, and Bathers were first found in Denbighshire with Bachs/Baghs!!!!!

The Flynn wolf is in the colors of the wolf heads of Traby-beloved Scarfs (share Bather Coat exactly), and while general Flynn has indicated that he's a supporter of Q-Anon, the Traby scarf is in the shape of a 'Q'. I'm not sure whether Flynn and Q apply to this dream, though I have expressed that Q was way wrong in his central belief that the military-et-al are secretly on Trump's side versus the deep state. Traby married Stick-line Astikas' while Sticks share the Yoo/Yell garb. Maybe Q-Anon was the driver of the vehicle that crashed on the ramp.

But wait. Maybe the driver who crashed was Fred Flintstone, always doing wrong things, for Flints use "flint stones" while Stone's, I kid thee not, first found in Cornwall with Vivians, have a motto, "Vive UT VIVAS"!!!!!!!!!! We just saw "vivas" with Bathers, but they even have "Ut vivas" too. I kid thee not.

The English Falcons in the Bather Crest were not only first found in Cumberland with Ramps, but share the Vivian and Five/Fify chevron. French Falcons are in Bather colors and format. The man said, "You owe ME five thousand dollars," and Mee's/My's share the cross of Baths.

English Falcons even have a "fier" motto term to go with the "fieri" of Rain-connectable and Ramp-like Rams who are in turn in Townsand colors and format. In fact, Rams share "vis" with English Falcons, making the case stronger that Ramps were a Ram branch. The Rams even have a "Quod" motto term expected for the Quoid variation of Quade's (share three wolf heads of a different color with Scarfs) who are highly suspect as the reason for the Q-like scarf.

Amazing: From Rams and the Rump variation of Ramps, we take it to the "placit" motto term of Rums/Rims because Wikipedia's Arms of Placentia once showed a blue wolf (shown at link below) in colors reversed from the Flynn / Scarf wolf, and because Placentia is on the Trebia river, home of the Ananes Gauls who named the Annandale location of Rums/Rims, so amazing because the Annan(dale)s come up as Anons. Q-Anon.

The other half of the Arms of Placentia shows just a square, and Square's/Squire's must therefore be a branch of SCHERFs/Schere's/Schare's/Schire's. The other Schere's even use a "stick" for their green snake, and Flynns have another green snake. This is why the triple besants in the Flynn Chief must be the triple besants in the Treby Chief. The Rainham Chief has three besants in both colors of the Flynn Chief.

Townsend-like Tonsings/Tonsens even share the upright and brown lion with Ramps/Rumps. I've seen the Tonsing/Tonsen description with "CANDALabra", and Kyle's happen to use CANDLEsticks for connection to Yoo-connectable Sticks.

I suspect that God gave this dream for paving the way (adding clues) to decipher the ramp in the Obama dream. Stay tuned. We might conjecture that Obama set up Q-Anon to mislead Trump supporters, to mock them, to make them look ridiculous with a false hope. Conservatives had the false hope that the military was a conservative organization, but Obama had eight years to change that after Bush had eight years to stack it with Nazi elements, and before that it was the eight years of Bill Clinton. General Flynn, a fake Christian who believes in something akin to a thousand points of light, was part of Obama's military.

In the final scene of the Obama dream, the one after he was on a SKATEboard ramp, he was disappointed with an employee. One of the few clues I've got to identify the employee is that his back was toward me and Obama. We just saw Bachs/Baghs first found in Denbighshire with the Bathers sharing the Flynn wolf. Wolf-using Quade's are also Quids, and Guido's then get interesting because they have the hourglass-like Shield of SKATE's/Sheets in colors reversed, and Kyle's were first found in Ayrshire with SKITs/Skeets who share the Skate/Sheet Coat. In the scene immediately before skateboard scene, Obama was dancing on a stage, and stages are where SKITs are done. Obama's circle had fired general Flynn. Plus, one of the dream's wrong things is my steering my car backward, and German Backs/Bachs use a "steer."

There is a black-wolf version of the Arms of Placentia with the wolf in both colors of the Quade wolf heads. At this link, the she-wolf is said to represent Romulus and Remus, founders of Rome, and Rums/Rims are also Rome's. Obama on a stage can then be on a deck because Decks/Daggers, with a split Shield in the colors of the vertically-split Arms of Placentia, shares the Square/Squire/Squirrel squirrel. End insert].

Scottish Mars (share Sorrel Coat) nearly have the Hatch / Brunswick Coat, and the Bruno's (FLOREnce) behind Brunswicks lead to the Browns/Bruns ("FLOReat"), first found in Cumberland with Waistells and Ramps. The goof-up vehicle got into an ACCident on the ramp, and Ramps share a brown lion with the Brown/Brun Crest. ASSi's use an AXE head at the tip of their fasces, and Sorrel-branch Sorrys/Sawreys, possible Sarah/Sayer liners, have another fasces. "Sara" is a motto term of Russells who share the Sorrys/Sawrey and Sauer lion. Sorrys/Sawreys share "simplex" with Perkins/Parkings, and Simple's were first found in Rain-line Renfrewshire with Plock-like Pollocks.

Sorrys/Sawreys were first found in Leicestershire with Tiltons/Tilts/TILEtons. I ran a Tile store on Gorham drive, and Gorhams were first found in Hertfordshire with the Childs who share the Coat of Passons (share GORsuch eagle), the ones that the passenger wheels could point to during the tilt of the crash vehicle. The Faiths/Faithfuls in the Gorham motto tend to indicate the Gorhams are nearly in Fate/Feet colors and format for a related reason.

A songline miracle just took place when I failed to capitalize "faiths/faithfuls." The split-second after "faith" was capitalized, while moving to do the same to "faithful," a NEWSboys song, "I Love Your Ways," sang "faithful." The whole line is "faithful to reSTORE," and it just so happens that Nuse's/Newes', first found in Hertfordshire too, have two pale bars in the colors of the counterchanged pale bar of Store's. I love His ways when He confirms like this that I'm on the right track, driving frontward.

Ahh, it took me this long to remember that German Backs/Bachs use a "steer". I was steering the car while driving backward. I remember looking backward while driving down the ramp! Therefore, we are to go to Steers, and look at the timing, for Steers are like the Styre variation of Sturs, and, I kid you not, Store's are also STURys! This is INCREDIBLE. The Back/Bach steer did not come to mind until some seconds after the paragraph above was written, and what's more incredible is that the Italian BOYs have a bull in the colors of the Back/Bach steer!!! NewsBOYs sing the song having the miracle!!!

Only God can put together a miracle like this, satan cannot, because it involves timing my writing, and controlling my writing, so that I'm working on "faithful" just as "faithful to restore" is singing on my speakers. Italian Boys are also Boets, and the Butts/Bute's/Boets can be traced very well to Budini south of Kiev. Butts/Bute's/Boets have a Coat much like that of Pierre's/Pero's, first found in Pavia!!! INCREDIBLE, for English Pavia's (WARWICKshire) share the Fate/Feet Coat! The latter are in a sentence above with Faiths/Faithfuls. Italian Pavia's even share the TailBOIS/TailBOYS (and Townsand) scallop! When it rains, it pours. It seems that the Tiletons/Tilts were related to Tailbois' because Tails/Tailers were a Tiller branch. .

As much as I'm being entertained by this, it must be very important to someone to read this. Have faith, people of God, don't let the fool-powers fool you. Hang in there. Get out of the city congestion soon.

Italian Pavia's share the scallop of French Mars while Scottish Mars share the Steer lion. Sturs share the triple fesses of Scottish Drummonds, and Scottish Mars were at KilDrummy. Mars had been kin of Erskins/Eskins, and the latter have the Store/Stury pale bar, I gather, which is also the Tail/Tailer pale bar. The other half of the Steer Coat has the Stormy/Sturmy lion (this topic cries out the Apophis ASTERroid). The Stur/Styre Coat is almost that of Storms, and the latter's has the triple fesses of LOVE's/Luffs while the miracle songline was in the song, "I LOVE Your Ways."

My friend, Ray Luff, died in a car accident, and perhaps this miracle, coupled to a dream with car crash, is a tribute or promise to him somehow, when God uses this update to help squash our enemies a little, that they might not have the powers they wish to have to harm us fatally. Beware on-coming traffic because people with vaccine illnesses could suddenly pass out and hit your car. When drivers pass out, leaning cars are easy to form.

[Insert November -- Irish Collins share the double-combattant Ramp lions, and English Collins share the bend of Austrian Anthonys, first found in STYRia. It could be the start of a pointer to Anthony Fauci and his boss, Francis Collins. One Francis surname was first found in Oxfordshire with Love's/Luffs. Both France surname's share the same lion while English Frane's share the Frame Coat, in Lady/Laudyman colors and format. Then, that lion is colors reversed with France's who in turn share the KLAUS/Claus Coat, and Klassens/Class; use "LADY Fortune". It can be a pointer to Klaus Schwab seeking to turn the world backward, wrong and crazy.

Francis' above, with a colors-reversed form of the Child Coat, share the triple eagles is Courcys, the latter first found in Somerset with Frane-like Friends/Friens and the Stour river. Friends/Friens are in the colors and format of Childs, first found in Hertfordshire with the Vince's/Finch's expected in the "Vincit" motto term of Courcys. Finch-branch Feins/Finns (share Finchem Coat) were first found in Burgundy with French Frane's. The latter's Coat is a colors-reversed form of the Armstrong Coat (shows a strongarm), perhaps a God-intended surname, in this case, to indicate dictatorial powers.

I'm not very confident that this insert should be in the ramp-dream investigation, but I'll add that while Roy connectable Rolls/Raels (share Sine/Sion chevron) were first found in SWABia, Roys were first found in Lanarkshire, beside Lady-connectable GLASgow, with the Sine's/Sions in the motto of Scottish Banners who not only share the Sine/Sion lion, but are in the "banner" held by Lady Fortune of the GLASgow connectable Klassens/Class'. English Fortune's were first found in East Lothian with the Seatons/Sittens who named Sion as Sitten.

Ray Luff's wife is Valery, and while Valerys share the ROLLo chevron, it's in colors reversed with Vallours/Valois'/VALAIS' while Rollo married Poppa of Valois. Sion/Sitten is in Valais, and Vallours/Valois' share the crescent of French Falcons in the "falconer's gloves" of Sine's/Sions. Glove's were first found in Perthshire with Rollo's, and English Falcons were first found in Cumberland with Ramps. Perhaps Luff's car was rolling on a sharp ramp, on two wheels, and then flipped. I'll probably never know, but what I do know is that Rollo's share the blue boar head with Wheels (Shropshire, same as Klaus-connectable Frane's). End Insert]

As Storms were first found in Mecklenburg and Pomerania with Trumps, the triple Storm fesses link well to the triple, fessewise trumpets of Calls/Calles', the latter first found in Wiltshire with the STOUR river. Donald trump descends from DRUMpfs. Dols, in Trump colors, were first found in Mecklenburg, and while Dol is in Ille-et-Vilaine, the Arms of Ill-et-Vilaine shares the double pale bars of Cedes' suspect in the "cede" motto term of Steers. The Cedes pale bars have the Rainham besants, and Rain-line Rennes is in Ille-et-Vilaine too. The Rains have lions in Stormy- and Steer-lion colors, tending to assure that "five thousand DOLlars" was indeed a pointer to Townsands of Rainham. Rainhams were first found in Forfarshire, near Five-line Fife.

[Insert -- Fife is beside Angus, and the latter is where Abbeys were first found whom I assume named Battle Abbey, where the Lee's of Leghs are said to descend who have this: "'The Lees of Lee, and DARNHALL, co. Chester, now represented by the TOWNSHENDs of Hem..." It just so happens that the Five's/Fife's share the giant Five/Fify lion! God is apparently pointing to this Townsend-Lee relationship, but why? Abbeys have a near-copy of the Abbs/Epp Coat, and the latter were first found in Middlesex with the Players who in turn share a gold pale bar with Darnells. This material was found when on the Lee's later in this update, as per a Newland motto term.

The "Fato" motto term of Cheneys (share gold martlets with Fate's/Feets) crossed my mind when on the Faith miracle above, but I decided not to go to Cheneys for lack of anything to say. At the sight of the TownSHENDs, the Shends were loaded to see that they have Cheney-like variations. Is God wanting to point this dream to the dread Cheney family? Why, and what other evidence is there? I see none. Scottish Dicks were first found in Edinburgh, six miles from Sinclairs of Roslin, and Shends/Chains/Cheyne's can be gleaned with the Sinclair cross because they have Strongbow Clare in their write-up. Dick Cheney appears to be God's target here.

There appears to be a pointer to Liz Cheney here because French Lise's are also Lee=like Lys', and then Scottish Lise's (Dumfries) share the double chevrons of CLAREns, in the colors of the three Clare chevrons. Plus, it just so happens that Clarens show a MacFEETer variation, what can we make of this? It looks like a pointer to Liz Cheney, Dick's dread daughter who's sold her soul to globalist piracy and power-grubbing lunacy. Clarens come up as Larins while French Larins, I kid you not, share the triple Abbey scallops! The Lee's were at Battle Abbey.

As Dick Cheney was a CEO for Haliburton (Houston company, facilitates the oil industry), it seems that God had His target on Cheneys back when the "major" motto term of Cheneys went to the "majores" of Haliburtons (share black boar with Bush's).

Lookie at the Lee/Legh write-up some more: "...and the Lees of DITCHley, Earls of Lichfield, whose descendant Viscount Dillon now possesses the Ditchley estate, spring from the De Lee of Battle ABBEY." The Ditch's are listed with Scottish Dyke's/Dike's! That's why I went to Dicks above. Ditch's/Dike's share the Sedan/Sidden cinquefoil, and Sidneys use a "fata" motto term! It never ends.

Cheneys look like Saleman kin, and Salmons are in the "salmon" of Hem-like Hams, the latter first found in Sussex with Cheneys! The Townshends of Hem!!! This is the first I've seen Cheneys said to be first found in Sussex (Buckinghamshire previously). The Ham salmon happen to be shared by McCabe's/McABBE's, like the Abbeys above!!! Wow. The Ditch/Dyke and Sedan cinquefoil is colors reversed from the cinquefoil of McBride's who were in turn first found on Arran with McCabe's/McAbbe's. It never ends. The five-thousand dream has eyes to see heraldic connections. I trace Sedans to Sedbergh, where Dents were first found suspect in the "pruDENTia" motto term of Cheneys. Dents happen to share three lozenges on a bend (different colors) with Haliburtons. The tilting car was in an acciDENT.

Hems are listed with Scottish Hains (share Bully mascles), first found in Dumfries with Bullys while Cheneys use a "bull's scalp." One Dutch Dyke Coat shares the Bull/Bule annulet. Hems/Hains, Bullys, and Perts/Petts (Kent, same as Sidneys) all share gold mascles, which can tend to assure that both Cheneys and Sidneys have the Fate's/Feets in their motto. Mascle-like Muscels/Mussels share the heraldic plate with Faiths//Feyths'/Faithfuls [I can't believe I missed it, but Plate's have the Townsand Coat plus!!!] That songline miracle looks like it wants to finger the Cheney family. The Pert/Pett stork is in the "BULrushes" while storks are used by STORE's/Sturys! The latter were a fundamental part of the Faithful miracle. They were part of my driving backward on the ramp with Steers and steer-using Backs.

[Insert -- at the top of this update, I found the "Keep the faith" motto translation of Rich's/Richess'. I was pleasantly surprised. The latter named Riche in the Nancy part of Lorraine, and while Nancys essentially share the Shend/Cheyne Coat, they are said to be from the Sidney-like Sithney location. The Nancy and Shend/Cheyne Coats both have giant black crosses in the colors of the giant saltire cross of Faiths/Faithfuls.

It was a sorry-ass assident because Sorrys share the fasces with Ass'/Assi's. This assident crashed our fledgling relationship instantly on her balcony, and Balcons look like kin of Botters/Butini's because God arranged the assident.

The Nancy Crest looks like it's related to the Crest of Bude's (Cornwall, same as Sithney), and as Rich's were Lorraine kin round-about, let's repeat, because Butts/Bute's are in Bude colors, that Lorraine had a grass stain on her BUTT. With Sedan liners in the picture, her butt stain could look like an assident, and indeed Ass'/Assi's were first found in Shetland. They share an armored arm in blue with the Armors who in turn came to topic with Lorraine's blond hair i.e. with the "armed foot" of Blonds. Budini were blonds according to Herodotus.

Faiths/Faithfuls (Norfolk, same as Benjamins) have a not-bad reflection of the Benjamin Coat, and the latter's Crest shares flames with the Bully Crest. Sidneys were first found in Kent with Bengs. While Benjamins were Walsh kin, and while George Bush married Laura Walsh, Walsh's have a swan for the Walsers of Sion (because Swans are listed with Sions), in the Wallis county, perfect because Sion was also Sitten while Sedans/Siddens use a "sino" motto term to point to the Sino = Chinese, and even to Hunter Biden's company, Sinohawk, about half owned by China. The Sions/Swans are also Sine's, and Shins/Chine's/Chings look like another pointer to China. Is Liz Cheney on the American-China train? Shins/Chine's/Chings have the look of the Welsh Bach Coat, and the latter's stars are used in the Arms of Sion and the Arms of Wallis canton.

The Shins/Chings were first found in Somerset (beside Singers) with the Sticks who in turn share the garbs of Shin/Ching-like Singers who were slightly suspect with the rolling along on pasSENGER wheels. But I'm stumped on making any link of something Chinese to the tilt scene even though Tilts share gold garbs with Singers and Sticks, and the bear with Singers/Sengers. Maybe you can think of something. Tilts (Sheaves/Chiava colors) look like kin of Shee's/Shea's while the garbs are often called wheat sheaves, and then English Shea's are listed with Sheaves'/Shaws. Scottish Saws/Shaws (share dagger with Comyns/Comings), said to derive in Stick-like "Sithech," have the Comyns/Comings in their write-up who share the Tilt garbs in both colors, and I drove into the on-COMINg traffic. Anything Chinese-sinister here? Sinohawk, may warrant a look at the "pilgrims staves" of Hawks, shared by Pilgrims, first found in Norfolk with Wheats and Comyns/Comings. Pilgrims are in Shere/Sheer colors and format, linkable to the Astikas' suspect in the Schere stick. Wheelers go with the tilting wheels, and they share the lion of ASTIkas-like Asteys, first found in Lanarkshire with Sino-like Sine's/Sions/Swans. Asti is beside Alba while Italian Alba's have the swan. The tilting car was showing its axle and it then got into an ACCident, cool where axes are the only symbol of Axels/AxelRODs/Haukeswells of HAWKeswell (Suffolk, beside Pilgrims). Clues for thought.

Dumfries is also where KilPatricks were first found who descend from Antipatria on the APSus river (flows to Fier county), and that's where Apps/Epps above trace because they were first found in Middlesex with Fiers/Fears. It just so happens that Fiers are in the "fieri" motto term of Rain-connectable Rams (Townsand/Townshend colors and format)! I've explained how "Arran" traces to AirRAINES in Picardy because it's near ABBEville. Pattersons/Cassane's, likewise from the namers of Antipatria, share the Townsand scallops.

Ahh, the Rams can be in this because my car was on a ramp, and Irish Carrs are in Ram colors and format. English Cars, who share a "sed" motto term with Sedans, share the stars of Welsh Bachs. If Sedans named the Sedbergh of Dents, let's repeat: the other vehicle, which was a van / SUV-like vehicle that rates as a sedan (!) was in an acciDENT. I like that. I remember the tilted vehicle, SUV-like, not a typical car. It TIPPED over, interesting where Cars were first found in Lancashire with bull-head Tipps/Tippins. The Tipps/Tippin Chief is in Cheney colors, and the Tipps/Tippin pheons are in half the colors of the Stop pheons, interesting because the dream started with my car stopped at a red light.

This gets more amazing where Bush-branch Boasts/Bois', in Cheney and Saleman colors and format, have the Sedan cinquefoils in colors reversed. Salemans share the Bush eagle, a gold, spread eagle just like the one in the Stop/Stubb Crest! The Boast/Bois cinquefoil is gold, like the one in the Sedan Crest, and moreover the Sedan-like "CeDANT" motto term of Stops/Stubbs can be for a Dent kin because Dents are in Sale/Sales colors and format (underscores Salemans) while the Sale/Sales fleur-de-lys are shared by DANTs/Durants!!! INCREDIBLE. It's almost the Bush fleur-de-lys because Busca is beside SALUZZo. The Salyes Ligures were on the Durant-like Durance river. The Sale/Sales Crest even has a pheon (suspect with the Helm pheon). So, my being stopped at the traffic lights is heraldry-loaded. Cornwalls love the Durants in their motto.

Alans of Shropshire married Alice of Saluzzo, tending to explain why Plows, first found in Shropshire and sharing the Dole and German Bush/Busch fleur-de-lys, almost have the Coat of Dants/Durants. The latter were first found in Warwickshire with the Pavia's sharing the Coat of Fate's expected in the Cheney and SIDNey mottoes, which once again suggests that Sidneys were a Sedan/Sidden branch. But the big addition here is that the songline miracle by the Bois-like Newsboys included the Fate-like Faiths. I didn't know until now that the Stop/Stubb motto had the Sedan family subtly. English Bois' share the lion of plow-using Verys/Fairys. French Bois have "du Bois de la Salle". French Bois' love the Tree's who were once said to be first found in Warwickshire.

It took until now for Tonsings/Tons'/Tuns' (Westphalia) to come to mind, and they share the brown lion with Ramps. The Tonsing "candelabra" could be part-code for Candels, and their Coat happens to look like the Fier Coat, look at the timing of their coming to mind. "CandelABRA" could be part-code for Abra's (look like Fuller kin) who in turn just about have the Craig Crest. Or, better yet, the Abreu's/Abruzzo's have two gold lions facing each other as two brown lions face each other in the Ramp Coat. In fact, Portuguese Abreu's are in Candle (not "Candel") colors and format. Abra's have variations suggest Aubri de Vere, and Fiers were indeed a Vere branch.

In summary, the five thousand dollars was necessary to so from TownSHENDs to Shends/Cheyne's to Cheneys, and from there all sorts of links were found to identify / verify the dream's props. End insert]

Forfarshire is now Angus (location of Kildrummy), and the flag of Angus not only has the checkered fesse of Dol-line Stewarts, but the bend-with-buckles of Case's, the latter first found in Norfolk with Townsands. The five-thousand dollars was probably a pointer to Case-like CASH's/Cass', for they use "fountains" looking like they love Drummond kin, and Fountains were first found in Norfolk with Case's. Angus is where Jardins were first found who are in TailBOIS/TailBOYS colors and format, and Five's happen to share the stars of Italian Boys/Boets. The Five stars are on a chevron, all in the colors of the chevron-with-stars of BATTistelli's, and Batti's, sharing eight-pointed stars (different colors) with Stelli's, are also Boet-like Botti's. The miracle song, coming while trying to decipher the five-thousand dream, was by NewsBOYS.

NEWS'/Nuces' look like a potential pointer to "nukes," and the Welsh Bachs share the seated dog of FURNACE's. That's interesting along with the dream's three screw-ups, such a helter-skelter dream as one could imagine society when it knows for sure that nuclear war has begun. Maybe this is a wrong interpretation. Bachs have part of the Saffer Coat, and Saffers were a branch of Saviours. Pointer to Jesus' coming? The songline miracle was at "faithful to restore."

Jesus comes from the east (says the Old Testament) apparently managing the march of the "kings of the East" of Revelation, expected at least mainly from China. The steering backward pointed to Sturs/Styre's, a branch of EASTers/Sturs, how about that. The Easts/Este's have a BLACK HORSE in Crest, and WHITE HORSE heads on their Shield. They are in the motto of Pepins/Pepys, and while Apophis was also Apepi, I think the Apophis ASTERoid will hit the earth in April of 2029. Easters are also Asters! Easts/Ests were first found in Essex with the Mountains in the blazing "mountain" of Kenneths/MacKenzie's, who in turn use an "astra" motto term. I think this paragraph works after all in pointing to nuclear war, yikes.

Mountains almost have the Tong Coat, and so let's go to the write-up of Dants/Durants, which could be a pointer to BRIMstone: "The surname Dant was first found in Warwickshire, Worcestershire, and Shropshire at Tong, a parish, in the union of Shiffnall, Shiffnall division of the hundred of Brimstree. 'Tong Castle, the seat of the family of Durant,...'" BrimsTREE recalls that Tree's were once said to be first found in Warwickshire. Brims have the motto, "God is my defender." It's probably code for surnames, but He could have arranged it for the purposes of this topic at this minute. It can be said that the Bush-Cheney war in 2003 was the start of Armageddon. It's since moved across Syria to Ukraine.

Dutch Dyke's share the red squirrel of German Daggers while the latter share the fleur-de-lys of the other Dutch Dyke's, and so we have got to add that Kilpatricks from Antipatria use the dagger because Dexaroi lived at Antipatria. I went into on-COMING traffic, in the dream now pointing to Cheney, and Comings/Comyns, because they have a dagger too, trace to Kuman in Fier county, which is down the Apsus river from Antipatria.

French Mountains have bulls in the colors of the Bull/Bule bull heads, and the latter had linked well to Dick Cheney above. Is he some sort of symbol for Armageddon as provided soon by his Council on Foreign Relations? Could Coffers, first found in Somerset with Bulls/Bule's, be a pointer to CFR?

Revelation 8 says that the 2nd Trumpet is a blazing object "as a mountain ablaze was thrown into the sea". It's an act of God, not just a happenstance event. In my unique sequencing of Revelation's 21 plagues, I have it like this: 1st Seal, 1st Trumpet, 1st Bowl, 2nd Seal, 2nd Trumpet, 2nd Bowl, 3rd Seal, etc. This sequence works excellently, too excellently to be wrong. The white horse (Revelation 6) is at 1st Seal, and black horse is at the 3rd Seal, with the 2nd Trumpet smack between them. The 5th Bowl plunges the 42-month rule of the anti-Christ into darkness, and the following 6th Seal has the post-tribulation darkening of the sun and moon, meaning that the end of the 42 months is at the 5th Bowl. The Rapture-Resurrection is at the 7th Trumpet.

The 2nd horse (2nd Seal) is RED, and the 4th is green (the Greek word used is chloros = chlorine-green), and thus the start of the dream may point to these because I was stopped at a RED light, then proceeded to goof up when it turned green. The traffic lights might be a pointer to Treffers/Traffords (Trips/Treffs are from Kiev) who are not only in the colors and format of Keips/Keipers, but the latter have a giant RED HORSE!!! WOW, what a surprise. Trevors/TREFors have: a "...parkland at Trevor, near Llangollen, Denbighshire, Wales." Welsh Backs (share Furnace dog) were first found in Denbighshire with the Bathers who share the Coat of Scarfs in turn in the Coat of 666-suspect Trabys/Sadowski's.

While at the "GOD IS my defender" motto of Brims/Breems, I recalled a heraldic "goddess," and loaded Goddes' to find a giant wolf/fox in the colors and format of Treffers/Traffords and Keips, with the additional fact that Goddes' were first found in Hamburg with Trips/Treffs. It recalls that German Goods/Guts/Guths share the Stick Coat. Goddes' have a Godefroy variation, and Gothelo was the father of Godfrey III, father of Goda, wife of Eustace II, parents of Godfrey-de-Bouillon.

The Bach dog is often called a "talbot," code for the TailleBOIS / TailBOY bloodline, and this finally convinces me that my I was STEERING the car driving BACKward is a pointer to both German and Welsh Bachs together, but it could not have happened without NewsBoys. I'm amazed, hope you are too. God is watching over us who keep ourselves in Him.

Trevors/Trefors use a cockaTRICE, perfect because Trice's/Trysts are in the "Keep tryst" motto of Hebrons, assuring that Treffers/Traffords are indeed Keip/Keiper kin. The beauty piece of work here is that Hebrons, with a white horse head to match the same of Horse's and Easts/Este's, were first found in Northumberland with Horse's. I'm now convinced that the traffic STOP of my car is a pointer to Treffers and Trefors. It should come as a bomb to you that Stops/Stubbs (Staffordshire, same as Pipe's) are in the colors and format of Pipe's and Pepins/Pepys. They share the three white horse heads of Easts/Este's. The "quiesCAM" motto of Stubbings suggests the Camois variation of Kemmis' because they share the Shin/Chine/Ching Coat exactly.

The TAIL of the Trevor/Trefor cockatrice looks like it's in the design of the 666-like Drake tail. The Drake's use it on a RED DRAGON, I get it. Drake liners named the Drago river, also called the Hypsas, and the Hips' may have been of the Hepburn variation of Hebrons. Not sure whether the following applies: Greens essentially share the Honor/Honan Coat while Hone's were first found in Hampshire with Drake's and Chace's. Drake's are linkable to Ware's (share Chase lion), the latter first found in Devon with Billets, and with the Ways/Weigh's who share double-wavy fesses (different colors) with the Hone's who in turn have billets. The Newsboys song was, "I love Your WAYS," and Love's/Luffs (Oxfordshire, same as ruling Vere's) share there triple fesses of Shins/Chine's/Chings, very interesting because the latter point to red-dragon China! We're just tripping along here.

Drake's love the Muscas variation of Mosca's in their motto, and so they can act as a pointer also to the scarlet dragon (Revelation 12 / 13), which I predict will be Gog, the Russian anti-Christ i.e. linked to Moscow.

After the Weigh variation causes a comparison with the Veck/Vick Coat, Veigh's were loaded to find them listed with Five-connectable Veys/Vivians, LVIV suspects, how bout that. German Vicks share the hexagram of Ching-like German Singers while English Singers were first found in Devon with Ways/Weigh's and Rods. The latter need a mention because they share the gold, blank Chief with Annas'/Ennis' while Enys'/Ennis' named Cornwall, beside Devon and where Veigh's/Veys/Vivians and proto-Washington Wassa's/WACE's were first found. English Singers share the garbs of Astikas-suspect Sticks, and Trebys with Treble's were likewise first found in Devon, and then there's Traby-connectable WEIGHts, begging whether White's came from Weigh's who were themselves originally from Lviv with Veigh's/Vivians.

The latter's write-up proposes a trace to "Vivianus Annius, a Roman general, son in law to Domitius Corbulo", and Corbeils share a giant griffin in the colors of the giant Treffer/Trafford griffin, both being in the colors and format of Keips. That gets us to the Lviv theater. Dutch Veys use a boot for Budini liners, and Trips/Treffs once showed the boots of French Masseys/Masse's, the latter first found in Savoy with Corbeils. Thus, Domitius Corbulo looks like a line to Corbeils. Cornwall is also where Trysts and Tristans (have a Devon branch) were first found from the "Keep tryst" motto of Hebrons, and then Trysts have a "TREPidum" motto term to go with Trips/Treffs. Roxolani-connectable Rods use TREFoils.

The wavy bars of Ways'/Weigh's can go to the bloodline of Keep-beloved Weavers, and therefore to Webbers (beside Devon), but also to the so-called "wave" of Valerys suspect in the "valore" motto term of Enys'/Ennis'. Vallours/Valois'/Valais' have the Veigh/Vey/Vivians and Five/Fify chevron in colors reversed, and as Rollo married Poppa of Valois, it can explain why the Rollo's have the Vallour/Valois chevron in colors reversed, suggesting Rollo links to Five liners.

As my knocking on Muschatov's window should be an interesting pointer to Ukraine, here's what was said above: "'ProFICior' [Knock/Knox motto] can be also for the Faux-like Fix's/Ficks/Fecks looking like a branch of Feschs/Fechts and thus linkable to Fieschi, Fake's and Fauci's/Fazi's." I knocked on her window while on an antenna, and 5G (read as FIVE-G) radiation goes with Fauci plots, some say, so that "5G" may conveniently point to Lviv in particular. Don't knock this idea because we may get pertinent news on Lviv one day. If I recall correctly, Cornwalls (Devon) use the FACE of a ROCK. The other Cornwalls love Durants in their motto while Geds have a "Durat" motto.

I think it's impressive that the three Ways/Weigh fish are in the colors and format of the three Ged "pikes," while English Pike's were first found in Devon with Ways'/WEIGH's and 666-suspect Trebys. I was stopped at the traffic lights, and while Stops are listed with Stubbs, Stubbings share the Treby besants, and may therefore have the Treby lion in Crest. The Treby lion is shared by Stick-like Stocks. WEIGHts/Waits have hunting horns in the colors of the same in the Arms of Traby. Plus, the three Ways/Weigh fish are in the colors and format of Rads and Traby-beloved Scarfs, making Rads even more suspect with the Radziwill marriage partners of a Traby family.

As per the Bathers, first found in the same place with Welsh Bachs, Baths were first found in Somerset with English Backs. I DROVE and STEERed the car backward, and Drive's/Drove's were first found in Hampshire with Sturs/STYRE's, is that not a fantastic piece of work? Definitely, the scene is a pointer to both Bachs, and now flirting with English Backs too. It recalls that the Cedes' expected in the Steer motto share the double pale bars in the Arms of Traby-connectable Vilaine, location of Dollar-like Dol.

[Insert -- After this update was out, I remembered that I forgot to deal with the OLD COUPLE who wanted the $5,000. Then, on Tuesday night, for the next update, I came across the Olman variation of English Ullmans (Strong colors), which looks like "old man." It was the old man who demanded the money. Allmans were then loaded to find the English Back Coat exactly. Or, the Copple's/Couples' share the eagle of Strongs (Somerset, same as Backs), and the latter share the giant eagle (different colors) with Backs. Or, while Copple-like Koppels were first found in Nuremberg with Keips, Keeple's/Keeble's (Keep colors) were first found in Suffolk with OLDMANs/Oldans. That seems to work super. (I've never known a surname in News/Nuces colors and format, but the Copple's/Couples' are the closest thing I've seen yet.)

I happened to have had the Hawkins Coat loaded on another browser, telling they were first found at "Hawkinge or Hackynge, a parish in the union of Elham". Elhams happen to be listed with Allmans, and the Hawkins Coat itself is a major reflection of the Faith/Faithful Coat. Elham is in FOLKEstone, and later in the write-up we find "The family had previously borne the name of Flegg, for William de Flegg, 13th cent., held a fief in Hawking (Testa de Neville). The family had been seated at Flegg, Norfolk,..." Fulke's/Folks and Fleggs/FLAGS were both first found in Norfolk with Faiths/Faithfuls and Hykes'/Hake's, tending to assure that the latter were a Hawk and Hawkins branch because Norfolk is where the Hawk-beloved Pilgrims were first found. Flys, first found near the Stour river, and sharing the Hawkins fleur-de-lys, were at Flagi. The Webbers, sharing the same fleur-de-lys, were first found in Somerset with Balance-connectable Backs.

See the section, "Vancouver Island," in the next update for a murder story involving New BALANCE shoes that appeared on the BC coast with the FEET of the victim still in them!!! End Insert]

There's a question on whether Hohenzollerns, who share the quadrants of ZOLLERns and Drive's/Drove's, were from "Dollar/Doler." German Tollers (Mecklenburg and Pomerania, same as Dols and Storms) have a Coat looking related to the Hohens and Zollerns, but compare also with the German Dole Coat which share grapes with Pomerania's Teeters/Deeters and German PLATE's! English Plate's have the Townsand Coat. THE STORM is Coming with a New Father (different attitude) who knows exactly how to speak words to best describe the truth of any situation, or innumerable situations combined (like all the events of one human life), what a fountain of wealth He is, such a perfect Judge. And if on that Day He says to me, "my friend." it will be enough to make my face shine. The devil wants it behind a mask, never smiling behind it, always talking like steel to steel, but Jesus will bring the full glow. Get ready to be happy, conquerors, as you store your foods.

Ahh, to teeter is to tilt over! Ahh, the car was off-balance, and Balance's share the Coat of English Backs in colors reversed! Balance's were first found in Warwickshire with Scarf-like Sheriffs and Pavia's, and Warwicks are in Rad colors and format.

Nahor's first son was Uts, and "Ut VIVas" is a motto phrase of Bathers, making the motto look like it's code for Nahorites in Lviv. This recalls how my knocking on Muschatov's window was a pointer to Ukraine, and here we can add that the Knock/Knox Crest is also the Bather Crest. Ways'/Weigh's have a baton in Crest while Batons/Bastons and Bats share the bat with Bugs. Lviv is at the Bug river.

I went to some news after writing above, and then added some parts earlier in this section on Landry liners of Lorraine as they connect to the Vistula river, and that part included this: "Lorraine's use the Piast eagle, and descend from Casimir of Poland." It then hit me that this Casimir, son of Richeza of Lorraine, is called "the RESTORer"! Brilliant, for the songline miracle occurred with "faithful to restore." I don't take this as God's glorification of the family of Casimir; I take this as proof that God is involved in this section, and even sending out proofs that He set me up with Lorraine just as it happened that day.

While I was at the news, I listened to the TruNews show for Thursday, and he talked about canada's support of Ukraine in such a way as to start me up on another section, coming straight ahead.

My Beaver Pond

Mr. Wiles claimed that canada had 40 professionals in Poland for war training, and, since 2015, had been training Ukrainians, including its Nazis. The latter are important for the heraldry to follow, because it wasn't adding up otherwise. In the last update, I told that the bear, after it had mauled and chewed holes through the water pipe at the shore of the BEAVER pond, came back to my car port to check for food in the freezer or garbage can. When it found the freezer open without food, it smelled the peanut butter in the mouse TRAP beside it, and when the trap snapped, it must have grabbed hold of its nose or lip because the trap ended up on the step. The bear had to shake off the trap, and it made a lot of noise drawing back through the adjacent recycling containers (against the front and side of the freezer) when the trap snapped. I opened the kitchen door to the car port above the steps, and whisper-scolded it away. I had to be quiet because it was after midnight, and the tenant was sleeping directly above my head.

I suggested that the beaver pond could indicate that canada (has a beaver symbol) was partly responsible for the gas-pipe bombing of Nord Stream, and then suggested that the mouse trap is a pointer to the mythical mouse tower from which the ruling Poles are descended. The Nord Stream bombing is somewhat off the Polish coast, and Rick Wiles argues that Poland is rising to become a major antagonist against Russia because Poland wants to annex western Ukraine once Nato has defeated Russia.

I had used a single rat trap to catch 16 squirrels in my attic in about the period of a month once season, before I had the soffit aluminum on the house to keep them out. At that time I was pointing the squirrels to the 16 American Intelligence agencies with very-good arguments, which included a 17th squirrel that got away, and jumped out of two nests at two different times, each time bouncing off of my BREAST in fright of my approach. This section you are reading was not conceived when I was at the Brest location above, on the Bug river, when I was on the Plock and TRABY topic. The RAT TRAP was pointed to the RADziwill-Traby marriage, for it seemed appropriate where the Arms of Traby has three strings to three horns that look like 666.

In those years I was talking about the Trapp/Trapper surname as per the rat trap, and was able to connect the "BUStard" of Trapps/Trappers to the Bush's because I had a Bush Coat in an old hard drive (which has since crashed) using the English Bush Coat but with a red fesse instead of the black now showing, and that red one made the Bush Coat into the colors and format of the Bustard Coat. And the Bush's ruled the CIA, and stacked it with Nazis from Germany, as well as with pro-Nazis or neo-Nazi Americans. So, the mouse trap that snapped on the bear last month can indicate the canadian partnership with Ukrainian Nazis, who are at the helm of the Ukraine war effort against Russia.

A few years after the 16 squirrels were caught, there was a mouse incidence on my floor, under the fridge, and thinking the mouse disappeared to the attic, I put a mouse trap up there, the next day, beside the rat trap. The next time I checked, the mouse was dead in the trap, and this mouse was Dan Coats, Trump's director of National Intelligence, the 17th Intelligence organ that oversees all 16 others including the CIA and Nazi-like NSA. I knew it was Dan Coats for two reasons.

When I spotted the mouse at the kitchen door leading to the car port, it ran under the fridge. I set up a mouse trap on that floor and went to bed. No mouse can be on the floor without snapping the trap if its there all night, but when I woke up, the trap was not snapped. And so it must have gotten away. Having built the house myself, I knew there was no hole for the mouse to get away, nor to get in. But, at some point, I opened the COAT closet, and saw tissue paper strewn on the floor beside the GAS PIPE. This is one of the three ways in which the mouse pointed to Dan COATs, and the second is where this mouse died beside the RAT trap, for Dan Coats was replaced by John RATcliffe. (Previous to Coats, it was held by James Clapper.)

The gas pipe came through the tile floor to a water HEATer, and John Ratcliffe, who still lives in HEATH, was its mayor. Heaths/Heathers may have been a Heater branch, and the latter share the bull head (different colors) with Ratcliffs. The Ratcliff bull head is black, as is the Mieske/Mesech bull head. I'm seeing Mieszko-mice with Mieske's. The mouse was seen under the fridge, which is a cold box, and COLDs are listed with Cole's who have a giant bull in both colors of the Mieske/Mesech bull head because the first Mieszko-line ruler of the mouse tower was Piast KOLODziej. I think this is the first time ever that I've deciphered the mouse under the fridge.

This water heater has an overflow valve that is supposed to be hooked up to an overflow pipe or hose, and so I left a small hole in the floor tile, adjacent to the hole used for the 3/4" gas pipe, for this hose, but did not install the hose. I stuffed the hole with tissue to keep the odors out from the damp "basement" (has a natural-rock floor, gets damp repeatedly). The mouse had gotten into the basement, then chewed through the tissue beside the gas pipe.

Shortly afterward, a certain DAN came to visit me with his wife from Texas, and her father is in the oil / gas industry, I kid you not. I was telling this Dan about my mouse problems, and, if I remember correctly, I was telling him that using a mouse trap outdoors in the car port is a way to keep them from getting into the house, because once they are all thinned-out outdoors, there's not going to be any left to get into the house. I didn't at the time know that they had found a way into the building at a top corner of the basement door jamb, where there was a small opening (beside the jamb) less wide than a mouse's body. I've had no mice since plugging that one hole.

So, this DAN was over, and he's a Masci from my mother's Masci side, which is related to the Polish Mieszko's from the mythical Goplo mouse tower. After I told him about mice, he opens the COAT closet, looks in, and asks me, "what that thing hanging on the wall." I have no idea why he looked into the closet, but he was asking about the tankless water heater! The one where the moose got in, and that's the third way in which that mouse pointed to DAN Coats. I was amazed.

The thing I haven't yet told, perhaps, is that the French GOBEL Coat is almost the one of closet-like Close's. The latter has the Shield of Masci-branch Maceys/Mace's, suggesting that the Goplo-like Gobels were Mieszko-of-Goplo liners. I kid you not, the Close Coat has gold-striped, black hunting horns, same as the Arms of Traby! Goplo is not far from Traby, which should explain why Trot-like TREBecks/Troutbacks/TRUEbacks share the Coat of German Gobels. They are in the colors of the Ged pikes, but also in the colors of the fish of Turbots in the "turbot" tail in the Crest of LAWRENCE's (at LONSdale). They are also in the colors of the Ways/WEIGH fish while I showed that Weights share the striped Arms-of-Traby horns, which are also the Close horns. I've shown an article telling that Geds were proto-Geddes on the Nith river, and that's the river of CLOSEburm, the line to Close's! It just so happens that Geds use a "DuRAT" motto term while Geddes' were first found in Nairnshire with Rats/Raids. As I've said a million times, LAWRENCE Kepke, when we were teens, had a white rat for a pet. The mouse coming through the closet died beside the rat trap!

Ha-ha-ha, God's work is finally coming together in bombs, what I've always looked forward to while trudging through the heraldic forest unsure of whether or not I was lost.

The German Gobel Crest is a white fleur-de-lys, the only symbol of German Bush's/Buschs and Bosch's. And then the Dutch Bush's/Bos'/Boschs share the lion in the Beaver Chief. This is another way in which the bear at my beaver pond can point to a trudeau partnership with Ukrainian / Polish Nazis. But there is another way, because the Coats/Cotes Coat is also the Trot/TRUDE Coat, and the latter uses a bear! It looks like a pointer to TRUDeau. I kid you not, the Trade's/Trotte's share the Bush and Bosch fleur-de-lys!

The water pipe to the beaver pond goes through a forest, otherwise called, a bush. The black, gold-striped hunting horns of Close's are shared by Fosters/FORRESTS! Both Coats give their horns red strings, another bomb. The Foster/Forrest motto, "Hunter BLOW thy horn," can be a pointer to the Ukrainian circle tied to Joe Biden through Hunter Biden, for the Button/Biden Crest is simply a "horn". The Buttons/Bidens even share the Pond / Ponder fesse. Blows, who share the goat head (different color) with Bush's, were first found in Staffordshire with Pipe's! Kaboom. The bear chewed the pipe at the beaver pond as an event suspect with trudeau and the Bush-line Nazis having the iron spine of the CIA.

Plus, the Blow goat heads are shared by Moline's, who were at Dartington, in Devon with the first-known Darts/TARDS, the latter suspect with the Bush-related BusTARDs. Devon is also where the BasTARDs/Bostards were first found (who share the Demy/Dumais Coat and Tudy Coats). French Pastors almost have the Bush/Bos/Bosch Coat, both using Billets while English Billets were first found in Devon too, with Maine's. French Billets/Billiards were first found in Maine while Maine's (possible pointer to Project Veritas) use the dart. Italian Pastors are in colors reversed from, but in the format of, English Bush's (Yorkshire with Tute's).

The first mythical ruler of Goplo was Popiel, and it just so happens that Italian Gobels use the camel, the symbol in the Pepin and PIPE Crests, is that not fantastic!!!? Dan Coats (he was a deep-state stooge) got through the floor at the gas PIPE.

It should be added that the Goplo-line Kopple's were first found in Nuremberg with Keips, looking like Kiev liners. Keips have the giant Rasmussen/RasMUS unicorn in colors reversed, and Rasmussens add the Pepin and Pipe bend-with-fleur. This bend-with-fleur is in colors reversed with Weaver-branch English Webbers, and while Keip-like Keeps use a "weaver's shuttle," German Webbers/Weavers, I kid you not, share the triple stars of Maceys/Mace's and Close's, two of which are with the French Gobels. English Bush's/Buschs, with a WHITE GOAT head to go with the "Gott" motto term of Webbers/Weavers, even share the fleur of English Webbers. Plus, Kepke's use only a giant white goat along with the JUSTIN border!!! That spells justin trudeau! he needs to find one of my mouse traps too.

Ras' are listed with the Bosco-related Scottish Rose's who share the water bouget with Bugs. Rats/Raids were first found in Nairnshire with these Rose's!!! Zikers. The Rat/Raid Crest is an anchor while the Anchor lozenges are colors reversed from the Kepler lozenges while it was Keips/Keipers having the Rasmussen unicorn in colors reversed. Kievers/Kaufners have a rose in Trade/Trotte colors, and Kaufers/Kaufmans share the white anchor with Rats/Raids.

The only heraldic mouse I know of is with Misls/Meisels/MAISels, and the Coats-connectable Keiths come up as "Mascal" because they lived at/beside Musselburgh of the Meschin-branch Mussels/Muscels. Mascals were first found in Sussex with Coppers/Coopers and Keeps, and Coppers are now suspect with the Kopke variation of Kepke's.

As Mr. Kepke participated in the pointer to graphene with Karen Graff, it's notable the Misl/Meisel Crest shares the gold DEMI-lion in the Graff/Graffen Crest. The Misl/Meisel Shield happens to share the Kingston lion for a good pointer to Karen Kingston's work against graphene-oxide. The DEMYs happen to be listed with DuMAIS', perfect for the MAISel variation of Misls. One of the mythical characters of the Goplo mouse tower was SiemoMYSL, and a Siemens corporation was a Nazi supporter leading up to WW2.

The writer of Goplo myth was Gallus AnonyMOUS likely because German Gallus' Coat shares the Kopple rooster, not forgetting that Keplers almost have the Keep Coat. Thus, Kopple-branch Kepke's/Kopke's were mouse-tower liners. I'm so amazed by this. Plus, I was planning on going to the Pond surnames as per the bear at the BEAVER pond, and here I find that the bendy (six bars) of German Gallus' is in colors reversed with the same (six bars) of French ponds! I wanted to go to English Ponds because they are in the colors and format, almost, of English Bush's when they use the red fesse. It again causes the bear to point to a trudeau-Nazi alignment in the Polish / Ukraine war.

Ponds, and the CHEPman-beloved Ponders (both share the black boar with Bush's), are thus in Bustard colors and format. The Trapps/Trappers use a giant bustard. Bustards substitute the Bush boars with black "pellets" while Pellets (Sussex, same as Keeps and Coppers) use cups while Cups/Cope's and their Copp branch thus look like Kopke loners. And Chepmans thus look like Kepke liners. Mussels/Muscels use pellet-like "plates," and Mascals were first found in Sussex too.

I kid you not, that because a bear chewed the same pipe at the same place some five years ago, I decided that, this time, after repairing the pipe, I would slip it through some metal rain trough, and this is what I did in hopes that the next bear would just keep walking by instead of finding the water pipe beyond this protection. It's the typical down-pipe from a rain trough at the roof. I slipped the water pipe additionally through a length of weeping PVC pipe used for basement drainage so that I've got some 25 feet or more of combined bear-fang protection. The point is, the Trough's are not only in Rain colors and format, and the trough Crest is not only a lion head in the colors of the rain lions, but the Trough's share the pellets of Bustards to verify that Bush's are being pointed to along with bustard-using Trapps/Trappers. Thus, the bear event at the beaver pond links to the bear event at the mouse trap a couple of weeks later.

[Insert -- The day after writing here, I remembered to check out the Stepps because the bear left the trap on a step. I had forgotten that Stepps/Steptows share the German Bush Coat. They use the STEPHenson fleur-de-lys in colors reversed. What might it mean that the bear got snapped by Poland, and then shook or knocked the trap to the Nazi step? I'll never know whether the bear KNOCKed it off with its paw, of SHOOK it off with a shake of the head, but while Knocks/Knox's point to Ukraine with Muschatov, Shooks/Shoe's have pointed to Zlochevsky's shoe boutique in Kiev. English Shooks were first found in Cornwall with Polish-line Colds/Cole's. A freezer is a COOLer.

Plus, just found: the giant Keip/Keiper horse is in the colors of the giant unicorn of Collers/Collyers (share Moor with Collars) who in turn share the Claud/CLAUSEL acorns, excellent where Koplik on the CLAUSula river traces to Kopple's, first found in Nuremberg with Keips/Keipers! Beautiful. Keeps were first found in Sussex with Acorns. Beautiful. Kepke sold shoes that pointed to Kiev and Burisma gas. Kohler-like Scottish Kellers have acorns too. Collers/COLORS/Kohlers (pointer to Ukraine's color revolution) were first found in Saxony with Kepke's/Kopke's, and the latter's Coat might just be a form of the Cooler/Kuchler Coat (Kuchs list GUGGenheims). It can all begin to imply that the cooler = freezer is a representation of something Kiev, like frozen, poison vaccines. [The Coolers/Kuchlers share the Ullman/Olman Coat, recalling the insert shortly above that needed the Copple's/COUPLES" as per the old couple on the ramp.]

Shooks/Shoe's share the star of Poindexters (fist) who in turn, no guff, share "Nemo" in their motto with Collars/Collyers. I kid you not, the horizontally-split Poindexter Coat is shared by German Freys/Freie's while English Freys/Free's share the FREEZE/Freys Coat!!! Can we believe it? The cooler-like Collers just took use to Freeze's with Kepke liners involved. End insert]

Troughs are also TROTons/Trawtons/Trowton, begging whether they are linkable to Trude's/Trots, Trow's/tree's/True's, Troutbacks, or Trudeau's. In other words, God may have arranged protection of the pipe to keep Russia from mauling it again, and that protection may be partly from trudeau's Intelligence / military. But, in that picture, what does the pipe represent? A gas pipe into Ukraine from Poland? Russia's going to do a pay-back for the destruction of NORD Stream? Why do English NORDens have beavers??? Why are English Nordens in Bustard colors and format!? I need to spoil the surprise here: shortly below, I discover that Trudeau's were Bastard kin, and so that Bustard link to beaver-using Nordens appears very Arranged.

The Norden fitchees are colors reversed from the same of English Brets, and as they look like "Brest," it can explain why French Brets were first found in Brittany with Brest. German Brets use the one half of the Tromp Coat but without the acorn side. Clauds/CLAUSELs share the Tromp acorns, and English Brets share the giant Claus/Klaus lion. The Keips now tracing to the Clausula have a giant horse in colors reversed from the Swab/SCHWAB unicorn, now making Kepke look like a pointer to Klaus Schwab, whom the reckless maniac, justin trudeau, stooges for in hopes of becoming world-popular, his stepping stone, he thinks, to becoming glorious.

Trows/True's use a knight while the English Knights looks reasonably connectable to bear-using Trots/Trude's. It should be added that Pence's/Penns (plates), first found in Buckinghamshire with Trough's, have the Trough pellets in colors reversed, and moreover the demi-lion of Pence's/Penns is in the white of the Trough lion head, both lions in Crest.

The bear's nose may have gotten snapped, close, anyway, and Naso's/Nassau's (billets) named Hesse-Nassau, where Epsteins were first found who share the Water Coat. The WATER pipe. Nassau's named Orange-Nassau, and the color revolution in Ukraine was called, Orange. Jeffrey Epstein is said to be an Intelligence fiend, and we can imagine the Bush Nazis behind him. Hesse's share the sun of French Chance's, first found in Provence with Bastard-connectable Beils/Bails. I whisper-scolded the bear at the mouse-trap event because my tenant, with a surname that's a Chance variation, was sleeping. I was in the kitchen, and Kitchens use the "water bouget."

Part of the water-pipe protection was with weeping pipe, and although there's no Weeping- / Weeper-like surname coming up, Webbers have the Pipe bend-with-fleur in colors reversed. The "PRAElucent" motto term of Webbers can take us to Irish Prays sharing the Trot/Trude Coat.

Italian Pastors are in the colors and format of Potters (Hampshire, same as Tudys and Ponds) suspect in the "potior BELLO " motto phrase of Bastards (share Belly and Beil/Bail chevron). The mouse-trap event was in the car port, and Ports with Potters/Pawters (BELLs in Potter colors) were first found in Hampshire with Potters. Ding-a-ling, lights on. Italian Pastors and Potters are even in the colors and format of Scottish Allisons who in turn have, in their motto, the Truth variation of Trots/Trude's! It's pointing to trudeau. Allisons came to topic with Allison Bauer in an event with Kepke, and Kepke's/Kopke's can be gleaned as kin of Justins!!! I get it: this Kepke character was planned by God in my life to point to trudeau's crimes.

Kepke moved from my general area to Hull to be in plumbing, involves pipes. Hull is a twin city with Ottawa, the canadian capital, where fake-angel trudeau rules with iron fist like a bastard without a Father in heaven. Even though this money-grubbing lunatic now knows that Pfizer did no successful efficacy testing prior to announcing that the vaccine was some 95-percent sure in preventing a virus infection, he will continue to push vaccines (anyone who has been damaged should sue him first of all). Hulls, Hole's/Halls and Hollys share the Allison dog. The bear plugged the water pipe with holes. The Pipe-like German Pape's have the Hull Coat in colors reversed.

Scottish Pape's/Pope's/Pumps share the checkered bend of Wearings/Warings, first found in Devon with war-like Ware's and Wears. Ware's happen to have the Chace lion while Kepke chased me with a spider; Chace's share the Chance patonce. The Ware border is colors reversed from the same of Wing-related Justins, and from the border of Kepke's/Kopke's. Chance's use wings. Wears share the crosslets of Tufts in the "tufts of grass" of Bosco's. The "FuiMUS" motto of Wears and Bruce's evokes the Bruce relationship with Brests, and Brest is near WARsaw, and not far from the MOUSE tower of mythical POPiel (he got eaten my mice in the tower). There is/was a WARS white-supremacist group in Warsaw, Indiana.

Ahh, as I said, Kepke dropped in on me (last time I saw him, I'm sure) with his future wife, whom he was living with in Hull at the time, while Kelly was over to see me. The mouse TOWER could be code for Masci liners first found in or near Turin. Kellys, with a "turris" motto term, share the tower of Tower-branch Tours, and the Kelly lions are those also of Warwicks, whom I trace to Warsaw elements. The Kelly Coat is shared by Kiev-like Keveneys, and the latter's griffin design is shared by Hiedlers/HITLERS! PERFECT TO TOPIC. Kepke is a pointer to Trudeau's alliance with Ukraine's Nazis! Bingo.

Grace Kelly married prince Grimaldi of Monaco, and at that time, the Grimaldi's took on a "baron Massy" title, probably because baron Massy had been in Dublin, near the first-known Kellys. A still-living baron Massy married Miss Quintana, and Quintana's use three dice showing 666. Michael Zlochevsky of Ukraine's gas company, BURISma, is now suspect (by me) in paying for the Nord Stream explosion, and Kepke pointed to Zlochevsky's shoe store in Kiev. Zlochevsky has a home in Monaco, you see, and BURIS' share the bend-with-fleur of wing-using Masci's. My mother's father was Mr. Grimaldi, and my mother's mother was born Miss Masci, both living in PICENze. Kepke's/Kopke's share the Justine Shield, and Picenze has looked like it was named by a line of Justine of Picenum. Picenze is in Abruzzo, and the Kelly Coat is a different-colors version of the Abruzzo/Abreu Coat. Portuguese Abreu's, sharing the gold Masci wing, use five wings like the five keys of Sheaves'/Chiava's, first found in Abruzzo.

Mount MAIella is in Abruzzo, and Maio's could have been of the German Mays who share the Kelly / Tour / Auvergne tower. The latter's shield is filled with the Masci fleur-de-lys. I knew of a Mrs. Masci whose father was Mr. Taddei, and Taddei's share the flory cross of Bouillons, first found in Auvergne with Florence-liner Clermont-Ferrand. TADDei's share the Chief color of Dino's, and Dino's (Florence, same as Taddei's) share "Libertas" with Godfrey, suspect from Godfrey de Bouillon. Dine's/Diens/Dives' are suspect with the Masci wing because Meschins ruled at Diva (Chester), in Cheshire with the TATTons of Massy. Dine's/Diens/Dives share the patee cross (different colors) with Masci-branch Massena's.

Speaking of Tattons of Massy, Wallis'/Wallace's, first found in Ayrshire with Scottish Alda's, use "liberTATE," and Italian Alda's have "Taddeo Alderotti" while Taddeo's/Taddei's have a Chief like that of Scottish Alda's. Dino's have "Taddeo Dini" while sharing a red Chief with both Taddeo's/Taddei's and Alda's. It's now important that de-Bouillon's brother was named after the namers of the Bautica river, and that he lived with his father in Boulogne, also called BONonia, for Italian Alda's look like Bono kin. The "Pro" motto term of Wallis'/Wallace's thus looks like code for Pero's, first found in Piedmont with Masci's, Monforte, Bra and the Bautica river.

A son of Mrs. Masci above was Vincenzo, but he called himself, Vince. Amazingly, Justine of Picenum was married to Valentinian while Valentins were first found in Vicenza, but the point in starting this paragraph is that Vince's/Finch's almost share the griffin of Irish Godfreys. The difference is that the Godfrey griffin has all four feet on the ground, a rarity in heraldry with a special meaning I don't know. Brazile's, from BRAswells, have a lion with four feet in the ground, and Bra is beside Monforte (general area of first-known Masci's) while Montforts share the Wallis/Wallace Coat, almost. Masseys (share Lys fleur) were related to a Lys family in the Lys tributary of the Bautica (flows to Montferrat), and a Swiss reader discovered for us that Walsers had lived in that Lys valley. She told me that Walsers were named after Wallis canton.

Dino's show a giant tree in their Shield, as do Scottish Kidds and Maio's, and then English Kidds (compare with Kelly Coat) share the upright goat of Kepke's/Kopke's. Beauty. I'm only starting to make Kepke connections because the Kepke Coat is new to me. The goats are in the colors of the upright ram of French Bauds, first found in Auvergne. Scottish Bauds were first found in Stirlingshire with Chappes'/CHEAPs. Bauds of a feather will cheep-cheep together.

One day, DINO Grimaldi was over to our place, my mother's nephew, and Kepke was over. After he and Dino walked past each other, Kepke said to me, "Who's that? What a GOOF." Dino, eight years older than we, must have given Kepke a dirty look, but I suggest that God spoke through Kepke to indicate that GOFFs/Gough's and Googe's were Gog elements in the Grimaldi-like Crimea. Kepoi is a location in the Taman peninsula (CAUCasia) overlooking Crimea. Gog's war against Israel is predicted to begin from this Caucasian area.

The goof event came about the time Kepke and I were collecting GOLF balls from a few courses, and Grimaldi's were GUELPH supporters. Guelphs became Welfs, and Welfs/Wolfs/Lupus', first found in Cheshire with Hugh Lupus (uncle of a Meschin), share the wolf heads of Skins/Scans (pointer to 666?), a branch of Schims/Schiens who in turn share the Goff / Googe boar, is that not a compelling piece of work? I classify this as a bomb. I'm impressed.

I kissed Kepke fiancee on the cheek as a pointer to Kadyrov of Chechnya, in downtown Caucasia. The kiss may mean that Gog is a good thing. Yes, a sweet thing to Christians because he will destroy Rothchilian Israel, and give their coffers to the meek of the country, the blessed remnant, the weepers, the ones who still have the heart to weep for their sins. Rothschilds don't know how to weep for sins.

Italian Martins are interesting for sharing the two Kidd goats but with a woolsack or woolpack between them instead of the tower between the Kelly lions (all in the same colors and format). French Martins have a triple-towered castle in the colors of the Kelly tower. My mother loved Dean Martin, or DINO Martin. Italian Martins (Brescia) are somewhat in Masci colors, and even share the Masci fleur in a Chief that is the Panico/Pane Chief. I see the Bruce's (anciently "Brusi") through Brescia from "Abrussi". Bruce's were first found in Yorkshire with the Panico-related Pings/Pongs/Pagans and Pincs/Pinks. Kepke and I played ping-pong in his basement. French Martins and Martels were first found in Gascony with the Labels/La Bells in the "label" of Italian Martins and Pings/Pongs/Pagans.

When Baldwin I, brother of Godfrey de Bouillon, became the first king of Templar Jerusalem, the first grandmaster of the Templars was Hugh de Payens, who is said to have married Elizabeth Chappes. Zionist Bauds of a feather will cheep-cheep together because Birds/Burds have the flory cross of Bouillons (same place as Kepke-connectable Bauds) in colors reversed. "BALDwin" traces to the Baud-like BAUTica river because it was also the BALTea, a tributary of which is the Lys, like the Lys river of Artois, location of Boulogne, home of Baldwin I's father. Lys'/LISSE's share the Massey fleur-de-lys, and while Chiava's were first found in Abruzzo, Cavii Illyrians were at LISSus. Cheep-cheep, because Chiava's are also Chiapponi's.

English Godfreys are in the colors and format of Trudeau's, and the latter were first found in Ile-de-France with French Chappes'. Cheep-cheep. Trudeau's use gold stags, apparently the brown stags in the Eustace and Stacy Crests. EuSTACE's put a cross between antlers, as do the Stacy-like Stage's/Staggs on a gold stag head. Beauty, we have just found some Trudeau kin, right down the wicked-Zionist line. Stage's/Staggs (Devon, same as Bastards and Bello-branch Billets) share the chevron of Bastards who in turn share "bello" with Bouillon motto! EXCELLENT. trudeau, the bastard without a Father in heaven, I will not tone this down.

The "Pax" motto term of Bastards goes to Paisley-branch Packs, and Paisleys share the rose of Moray's Bellys. Scottish Kidds look like they have the Moray / Douglas / Billiard stars. Packs were first found in Sussex with the Vise's/Vice's who have the Eustace cross between antlers.

This man is a disaster for the world, a Hell-bound, power-wanting lunatic. Put him down this next election before he gets too far with his ruinous ways. Shit this man's lying mouth. I will not tone this down. This is my country more than it is his in spite of my great disappointments in easily-deceived canadians. The media is taking you all for a bad ride, and trudeau pays the media to be a blowhorn for his ruinous ways disguised as goodies. Anti-Christ liberals are such looming disasters, God aims to expose this vividly.

The "Donec" motto term of Scottish Kidds could indicate a family from the Don river and the Donbass, near Kepoi. Keppochs were MacDONalds. English Kidds have the Kepke goats, as do Italian Martins with a woolsack between them, and the woolsack-using Wolfleys/Wooleys (Cheshire, same as Masseys / Meschins and Dons) share the wolf used for an Arms of Picenze-like Piacenza. Meschins married Clare's of Tunbridge, and English Clare's were first found in Suffolk with English Kidds. English Martins were first found in Pembrokeshire with Strongbow Clare.

Back to baron Massy of Dublin, for king Sitric CAECH was from Dublin, and his grandson was Maccus, of the Massey/Macey line. The CAKE's/CakeBREADs (Cambridgeshire with CHEPmans) look connectable to what looks like a loaf of bread in the English WOOLworth Coat, and German WoolWORTHs happen to share the giant Chepman crescent. They say that this Sitric married Edith of PolWORTH, and this looks correct because Worths share the double-headed eagle of Maccus-line Maxwells. It's suspect with the giant Below and Jeepma/CHEP eagle for another cheep-cheep because Below liners are in the Bouillon motto. While German Woolworths were first found in Swabia, same as Rolls sharing Kelly lion, French Role's happen to have the same cross type as Eustace's, and in colors reversed.

While I was looking at "PolWORTH" wondering whether to go to Worths, "worth" was a song on my speakers at that very second, bang-on timing. The song is "Holy Night" by MARTINa McBride, and Bride's with Brights share the triple Macey stars, perfect. In fact, the line is, "the soul FELT its worth," and Felts with Birds have the Bouillon Coat in colors reversed.

Note that IVARS/Eure's share the Vere and Massey/Macey quadrants, then see from Irish Godfreys: "[The surname] was borne by Godfrid, the grandson of IVAR, who ruled Dublin in 921-7. Godfrid, the son of Sitric was defeated by Ruaidr¡ ua Canann in 950. Gofraid mac Amlai­b meic Ragnaill (died 1075) was a late eleventh-century King of Dublin." Irish Godfreys were first found in Offaly, which is beside Kildare, the latter being where Eustace's were first found, and it just so happens that Eustace II was the father of Godfrey de Bouillon. Plus, Kildare is beside South Dublin.

Russian Submarine

After I wrote on Kildare above, I went to the news, and eventually loaded the day's truNews show. In the 34th minute, an article was featured in which the French caught a Russian submarine said to be "about a hundred kilometers from the coast of Finistere". This event was on September 29, and it just so happens that, shortly after that date, about the 1st of October, I started a section with the title, "Ukraine Via Miss Muschatov's Window." I entered the Fien/FINIS surname in that section, as I often do when on the Window surname, and so compare "Finis" with "FINIStere," for the latter term is like the Italian word, "finestra," for "window" (the French use "fenetre").

Windows are in Master/Mister colors and format, and Musts are listed with Muscats/Musks.

The Fiens/Finis' have three lions in the colors and format of the lion paws of Windows, and so one can predict that Finistere was named after a Fien line that married the Windsors ("fie en" motto phrase to show marriage to Fiens) whose children later formed the Window surname as play on a Finistere surname that must have developed from Finis'. So, now, when I knocked on Muschatov's window -- which was looking like a pointer both to the Nord Stream pipe and to Elon Musk's Ukraine support -- it looks like God also arranged it to point to this submarine at Finistere....which, I think, is a pointer to the Windsor, king Charles III.

I was with Miss Muschatov in the WINTER, for I remember being at her cottage with her brother's friends, and they let me take out the snow mobile on the lake. The Windsor-like Winters, you see, use a polar BEAR. One can get the impression that this bear is part-code for a Polish family, evoking the bear at my place recently that, I think, took a Polish mouse trap on the lip. Polars share the scallops of Pullys/Pullings and Sabine's, both from Vespasia Polla and her husband, Sabinus. Polars have a white stag in Crest to go well with the white hind or deer in the Crest of English Winters. If it's a deer, I can take the deer-using Mallets to link to the bear's lip, as I think I will show below at some point.

[Insert -- After writing much on Liptons and Lipps below, I realized that LIPtons share the scallops of English Daggers who in turn share the red Sabine bill! Scottish Lipps share the brown lion with Ramps, the latter first found in Cumberland with Daggers. End insert]

English Winters share a checkered Shield (different color) with English Winders who in turn have another white Crest. ZOWIE, after saying that and not before, I asked myself who else shares a white bull head in Crest with Winders, and it hit me: the Welsh FIENs/Fane's/Phone's!!! The latter are in Fien/Finis colors and format. Can we believe it? God apparently set me up with Muschatov in winter in order to be here heraldically. I didn't realize until now that the Winders under discussion share the full Pully/Pullen motto! Zinger, it means that Winders were a branch of Winters with certainty. German Winders probably share the Coat of Jewish Pollocks, and the Crest of German Winders looks connectable to Jewish Glass' while Pollocks were named after Pollok at the GLASgow theater.

The Lets in the Glasgow motto were first found in Gloucestershire with English Winters. Is God suggesting that a nuclear winter will be caused by Russia, later, when Gog burns end-time Rome? I don't think that will happen until the Church is raptured away.

The Arms of Finistere allows me to cheep-cheep again because these Arms share the upright ram of French Bauds (Auvergne, same as Bouillons). We just came off of that topic, before starting this section.

English Mallets are in Fien colors and format, sharing the scallops of Rinds who in turn use "gillie flowers," like the "gillyflowers" of Jewells. I got to the Jewells from the write-up of LIPtons, whom I think God wanted me to get to with the mouse trap snapping on the bear's lip. The Liptons have: "Lupton is an historic manor in the parish of BRIXham, Devon and this manor dates back to the Domesday Book as Lochetone, lands held by JUHEL of TOTNES..." The Jewells have: "'This family derived probably from Juel or Judael de Mayennc, Baron of TOTNESS and Barnstaple..." The Winders have either a deer or hind (because it has no antlers), and while Hinds are in Jewell colors and near-format, Mallets use "deer." Hinds even share the lozenges of Brix's/Brests, so excellent, because Lupton is at Brixham, and because Brest is a location near Finistere! You see, the mouse trap on the bear's lip is pointing, with Muschatov's window, to the submarine. Her window has glass, as do Glasgows.

Yet Liptons share gold scallops with Mallets and Rinds, and the Lipton Crest is in the colors and format of Ladys/LAUDYmans (in the colors of French Mallets/Malo's), who ought to be of the Late variation of Lets in the Glasgow motto phrase, "Lord, let," for Lords are Lauds too, first found in Suffolk with Mallets.

As Liptons are LUPtons while using wolves, they look like a Luppo / Lupus branch, and so let's got to Scottish Allisons who were a pointer to justin trudeau above, for the mouse trap on the bear's lip was thought to be connectable to the beaver pond: "and the City of Glasgow, where they [Allisons] acquired some time before 1300 the territories of their family seat at LOUPE." As Liptons/Luptons were Jewell kin, it doesn't appear coincidental that Loupe's are in Jewell colors and format, sharing the Auvergne tower even. Scottish Allisons are in Potter colors and format, and Potters were first found in Hampshire with English pots, and we saw the Jewell "gillyflowers" matching with the Rind "gillie flowers," yet so let's quote the whole Rind description: "A flower POT containing gillie flowers."

English Gills y were first found in Yorkshire with Polar-related Pullys/Pullings, and almost have the Shield of Winders sharing the Pully/Pulling motto.

I've got to repeat that French Mallets/Malo's can be traced to St. Malo because it's on the Rance river while Rance's are listed with Rands/RYNDs while Rinds share the scallops of English Mallets. St. Malo, if not in Vilnius-like Vilaine, is in Cotes-du-NORD near the Vilaine border. Dol is just a Sunday swim of a whale from St. Malo. The Arms of St. Malo has an ermine mammal wearing a scarf, and while something in Poland's Traby married Astikas' of Vilnius, Polish Trabys/Sadowski's use a Q-shaped "scarf" as code for Quade's/Wade's, who in turn share black wolf heads with Liptons/Luptons. Scarfs have wolf heads in the colors and format of Loupe's. That mouse trap on the bear's lip is starting to look very Polish. So, yes, the bear got it on the lip to verify that it's a Polish mouse trap about to put the Russians in their place for playing chicken with old-man nuclear winter.

Again, earl Hugh Lupus' article at Wikipedia once showed his wolf head, which is the Scarf wolf head too, meaning that Liptons/Luptons were likely from his Welf/Wolf/Lupus line.

The fact that I've arrived to Gills is interesting where Quinns share the Gilligan Coat, for Miss Quinn, as I've said many times, punched Barry on the LIP...when she was dating Charlie (bank-loan officer, could portray international bankers). Charleys, a branch of Charlie's, share the lion of German Lipps, and it just so happens that the latter were first found in Westphalia with the Loupe-like Loope of the Loops! Bingo, it tends to affirm that Liptons/Luptons were a Loupe / Loop branch while Lipps came off of the Lipton variation.

Charlie's can be gleaned as kin of Bolts and Boltons, perhaps a pointer to John Bolton behind the Western push to defeat Russia now, before he dies of old age. Even the Bottle's in the Charlie Coat look like Bolten liners from their write-up.

Charlie was present when Barry got it on the lip. Charlie's were first found in Lancashire with Ratcliffs and their Tipps/Tippin kin. Both share the same bull head, in the design of the Winder and Fien/Fane bull head. Ratcliffs are being fingered because they were first found in historical Salford while Salfords use wolves in the colors of the Lipton wolf heads. The 'T' in the Lipton Chief could therefore be code for Tipps/Tippins. It just so happens that Ratcliffs were first found in Bury of Salford with Holds/Holts, and as this is in Lancashire, where Holdens were first found, by what coincidence do Holdens (share Aller escutcheon) use "ALLERions" while Allers were first found in Westphalia with Lipps and Loope of Loops? Plus, Holders were first found in Gloucestershire with Winters.

Miss Quinn punched Barry's lip during a party at Steve Mellanson's place, and Mellansons were first found in Aberdeenshire with Scottish Lipps. I don't see how this punch applies to the Polish mouse trap, however. "Quinn/Guine's" could have become same-colored WINs/Gwynns.

After writing the above, I realized that Liptons share the Dagger scallops. We read: "However, the chapelry of SKELmersdale in Lancashire was also an ancient homestead of this distinguished [Dacre] family." That made me recall that Shells/SCHELLs have the snake design of the other Irish Quinns, and lo, Shells/Schells were first found in Westphalia with Lipps!!! Did somebody at Shell gas conspire with Poland to put of the Nord Stream?

The Shells/Schells share the Brick fleur-de-lys, which is colors reversed from the Glass fleur-de-lys. Repeat: "Hinds even share the lozenges of Brix's/Brests, so excellent, because Lupton is at Brixham, and because Brest is a location near Finistere! TruNews tells that the French ship taking the Russian submarine away was parked at Brest, and it was this update, completely independent of this news story, that stressed Brest in Poland. You see, the mouse trap on the bear's lip is pointing, with Muschatov's window, to the submarine. What does it mean?

Why is the France Chief in the colors and format of the Lipton Chief? France's share the Coat of Frame's (Suffolk, same as Lords/LAUDs), in Lady/LAUDyman colors and format. Liptons of Brixham are linkable to Brests. Why would God point merely to this non-event? The submarine was led away, okay, is that all? It was led away by the Fremm, says TruNews at the 35th minute, and Frame's have the France-like Frane lion in colors reversed. Frane's share the Claus Coat, and the Clausula river is the location of DOBER and KOPLIk, the line to Kopple's and Kepke's, and therefore to Goplo's Mieszko I who married DOBRawa. It's the Polish mouse line hunkered in with Liptons. This line went on to marry Maria of Kiev three generations after Mieszko I.

The giant Keip/Keiper horse is in the colors of the giant unicorn of Collers/Collyers (share moor with Collars) who in turn share the Claud/CLAUSEL acorns, a super find the day after writing here.

Is God telling us that this war is FRAMED, staged by both sides? I always have that theory on the brain. Doesn't it seem a little odd that the one managing a Russian submarine, whom we may assume is Putin, would allow the French to tow it away before all the world to see? Couldn't that event be staged? Not all countries would know be privy to orchestration going on. Even many Democrats, often used to help conduct a staged event, are now rebelling against this nuclear threat. The staging of the war is nonetheless leading to a cold winter, without nukes.

Repeat from above after coming again to the trudeau-pointing beavers of Nordens: "The Norden fitchees are colors reversed from the same of English Brets, and as they look like "Brest," it can explain why French Brets were first found in Brittany with Brest. German Brets use the one half of the Tromp Coat but without the acorn side. Clauds/CLAUSELs share the Tromp acorns, and English Brets share the giant Claus/Klaus lion. The Keips now tracing to the Clausula have a giant horse in colors reversed from the Swab/SCHWAB unicorn, now making Kepke look like a pointer to Klaus Schwab, whom the reckless maniac, justin trudeau, stooges for in hopes of becoming world-popular." Brest of Poland is on the Bug river of the NEURi, perfect where Kopple's and Keips were first found in NURemberg. Almost missed that. It suggests that Kiev elements got acquainted with the Neuri. Frane's were first found in Shropshire with the Dol Alans. Friends were first found in Devon with the Dol-Alan Stewarts who in turn share a giant and upright red lion with Frane's. Italian Ferrands share the Stewart and Checker checks, and Alania is beside Chechnya.

I claim that the Dol Alans had been RoxoLANI, who live at or near Kiev. Alans of Shropshire moved to Renfrewshire, where Hameltons were first found whom I see from "Kemuel," third-listed son of Nahor after BUZ the second listed. The Ardens (not "Ardon") have the Hamilton / Bus cinquefoil in half its colors, and Alania has an Ardon river. Hamiltons use a saw, and I think I see a saw in the mouth of the eagle in the Ardon/Artois Crest. Rush's were first found in Suffolk with Ardons/Artois' and Frame's. French Frane's (Russell lion?) have pale bars colors reversed from the one of Roxburghs. "Ardens" is the motto term of "bulRUSHes"-using Petts, and Pettys were first found in Warwickshire with Ardens. Russells were kin of Sava-river Sauers, and the saw could be for Sava liners to Saws/Shaws. Sauer-like Sawyers/Sawers share the English Winter (and Pelaiz) checks, and Winter-related Pollocks were in Renfrewshire too. Lorraine the Russellite lived on Church street when I dated her, and "Cherches" is a Sawyer/Sawer motto term.

I see Russells behind "Roslin" of Lothian, and Lothians, with a horn in the right colors for the Arms-of-Traby horn, share the brown dog with Sawyers/Sawers. Lorraine's are from a Polish marriage to Kiev's RUS, keep in mind. Brown-dog Lots share the double-headed eagle of Maxwells who were first found in Roxburghshire, named after Roxolani from the Kiev area. Pollocks were a Maxwell sept. The Lothian pine tree brings us to French Pine's because they look like definite kin of Glasgow-beloved Lords/Lauds, especially as Pine's share the white cinquefoils of Kims, the latter first found in Buteshire with Glass'. Lothians were first found in Perthshire with the Frews who may have named "Renfrew." If Friends/Friens produced the Freys / Frie's, it's interesting that Frews (share car Coat) share the Friend/Frien chevron. Friends/Friens are in Child colors and format, and Lorraine's were related to Childs.

Muschatov's window has glass, as do Glasgows at Renfrewshire with Hamiltons. " Repeat again: "German Winders probably share the Coat of Jewish Pollocks, and the Crest of German Winders looks connectable to Jewish Glass' while Pollocks were named after Pollok at the GLASgow theater." You can make up your own mind on how to decipher any of these things that you think are from God. I'm just the secretary writing it out, and giving suggestions as I write without deep thought.

Perrys use a "hind" while Parr-branch Parrys have the Hind Coat in colors reversed, the point being that Parrs have a woman with her "shoulders' pointed out while Shouldhams share the gold falcon of Knocks/Knox's. I'll bet the war against Russia involves Fort-Knox treasure, if not yet, in the future. This could be a reason that I had to knock on her window.

Reminder: Miss Muschatov, a Ukrainian, lived on WELDRick road when I dated her, and Welders have a GLOBE while the Goplans who named Goplo were also called, GLOPeani. CLOPtons/Claptons look like WINGer/Windgate kin, and WINKers are also Window-like Windle's (see the other Windle's for the same Coat). German Wingers share the red wing with white fesse running across it with German Winders, and these wings look like the Jewish Glass Coat. I knocked on her glass window, you see, on Weldrick road. Welders are even in Fien/Finis and Fien/Phone colors and format.

Thus, the submarine off the Finistere coast that took us earlier to her finestra = window is now being reinforced where Window-like surnames apply to the Welder globe. The Welder globe is held by a person in blue (could be a woman), and the Parrs have a woman in blue with "shoulders" pointable to Knocks/Knox's (same place as Pollocks, branch of the Winter polar bears). Nuclear blasts, if sufficient in numbers around the globe, will not only produce winter-like temperatures in equatorial zones, but these blasts begin like furnace's. Parrs, first found in Lancashire with Furnace's/Furness', share the black border with them. A welder uses furnace-level, perhaps even nuclear-level, heat.

By the way, in seeking the Wind-like variation of Winklers, I had to load German Winklers first, and they were not only first found in Saxony with Kepke's/Kopke's, but both share a blue-on-gold border, and both have a giant symbol alone. Winklers have a giant lion, and it's not only in demi-form in their Crest, but it's the Graff/Graffen demi-lion! Is that not amazing? But why did God arrange the pointer to graphene-oxide to include, if indeed he did include them, the Winklers? I have the answer?

Justine of Picenum married Valentinian of VINKovci, explaining why Wings/WINKs were first found in Perthshire with Justins. Pointer to justin trudeau, right? Dr. David Martin thinks that trudeau is one of the primary movers and shakers of vaccines worldwide. German Winklers are also Wincks, tending to prove that Mr. Kepke descended from the bloodline of Justine.

Kepke's and Wincks were first found in Saxony with the German Julians (potential Jewell branch) who have the Gull pale bars. Other Gull surnames are GOLFins too, and Mr. Kepke pointed to golf balls and golf caddies at CEDAR BRAE, the pointer to Kadyrov because Cedars/Cottars, first found in the same place as Chechen-like Cheeks/Checks, look like "KADYRov." Kotters have more wings in Crest. Galli's, first found in Dauphine with Galleys, share the Chief of French Julians, and Keeps use a "galley." Dauphine is where Payens/Pagans were first found who share the triple hexagrams of WELDers. WELDons, new to me now, were first found in Northamptonshire with BRAE's, and with Saer de Quincy who built the castle of FAUCets. As Bellows use a FOX head in Crest, the Weldons, who can be gleaned as Bellow kin, must be using the same fox head because Weldons have a "FACTum" motto term.

Kotters may be using the Fire unicorn because Miss Walsh slammed the door of my Firebird on Kepke when I kissed her on the CHEEK. As I said, he sat down on a curb after she slammed the door. A year later, perhaps less, when I was returning home from a live CHEECH and Chong performance (it was in a sinful room, I soon-after became a Christian), I almost crashed with the Firebird into the curb of a meridian. I was headed right for it, but stopped in time. I get the Message because Cheech's are listed with Cheeks.

The curbs in these two stories caused me to find the Curbys/KIRKbys (Lancashire), but it's not until this update that the following struck me from the Lipton/Lupton write-up: "The township in the parish of KIRKBY LONSDALE dates back to the Domesday Book of 1086 where it was listed as Lupetun." Kepke is Lawrence, and Lawrence's were first found in Lonsdale, near Furness. Lonsdale's even share the Lady annulet, which recalls my suggesting that the Lady Chief could be related to the Lipton/Lupton Chief.

Eventually, I realized that the Lipton/Lupton Chief had the Dagger scallops, and it just so happens that the Dagger Crest is the Lonsdale Crest. Amazing. The Lonsdale gyronny is the one of Fortune's in colors reversed, and the latter were first found in East Lothian with Weldon-beloved Faucets, and with the Keith Catti, a branch of Caddys and Kaders/Caddys/Cade's, how about that! Those are pointers to Kadyrov...of Cheech-like Chechnya! The mouse trap on the bear's lip can even point to Poland's freeze on Russia's game of CHICKen by putting a freeze on Kadyrov, especially as Cheech's are also Chicks. It's notable that Kate's/KATTERbechs (share Jeepma/Chep hexagram) almost show the Welder Coat. Kaders/Caddys/Cade's share the KISS Crest, perfect for the kiss on the cheek.

Bidens National Security chief is Jake Sullivan, and it's first of all interesting that Jake's/Jackmans look like a Jack branch while Liptons/Luptons share the Jack scallops. It's interesting because the National Security spokesman is Mr. Kirby, of the Kirkby/Curby bloodline. Houseofnames has many stag designs, with stag legs in different positions or their heads facing in different directions, all of which mean something, perhaps indicating specific lines from Eustace II. The gold Sullivan stag is exactly the one of Trudeau's but for the background color. The Sullivan stag is in Kirkby/Curby colors. I suggested that the 'T' in the Lipton/Lupton Chief, which is between the scallops, might be for Tipps'/Tippins, and here we find Sullivans first found in TIPPERary. Sullivans have a green snake coiled round a sword, and Kirkbys/Curbys have a green snake coiled around an anchor. The Sullivan Crest has a "robin," and while Robins have a "VIVit" motto term, Vivians were first found in Cornwall with anchor-using TIPPERs; the latter share the dolphin (different color) with Scottish Kennedys.

Irish Kennedys were first found in Tipperary too while Scottish Tipperarys were first found in Ayrshire with Nons/NANs with a vivit-like "ViVIS" motto term. Stag-head VISe's were Eustace kin, and the AVISons/Avis' are in the Kennedy motto as "avise." As LIPtons/Luptons share the Poisson scallops, I'm going to propose that the emphasis on Lviv in this update, along with the Nan surname's Lviv-like motto term, points to LIPids and their poisonous nano-particles in COVID vaccines, intended to reduce populations in Russia. Lviv is way in western Ukraine, away from the east where Russia is threatening. It's a good place to hide bio-weapons materials and labs that were once in Kiev (central Ukraine).

Repeat: "Windows are in Master/Mister colors and format, and Musts are listed with Muscats/Musks." The latter share the double fesses of Janssens. I've said a few times: Christine MASTERs, at 13 years of age, stole a KISS on my CHEEK (without me wanting it) in Unionville. I'm seeing bio-weapons, 5G towers, and intruding Chechens together.

Repeat: "Russia bombed satellite TOWERs, you see, and the bear was at the maple tree while the gold Maple tower took us to the gold tower of Towers..." Maple's have another "non" motto term. Mapps/Mabsons are said to be from "Mabel," yet Mabels are listed with Annabels/Hannibals sharing the double Janssen / Muscat/Musk fesses, in Ely-fesse colors. Maple's are said to have had a branch at Cambridgeshire's Ely, where Muschats/Musts were, and Mabels/Annabels have an early John Amable of Cambridgeshire. Ely's share the Glass fleur-de-lys, and I knocked on Muschatov's glass window.

Annabels are also Honeyballs while Honeys share the double fesses of Parrs, and I've told already how the Parr "shoulders" link to Knocks/Knox's. Parrs and FurNESS'/Furnace's, both first found in Lancashire with Mapps/Mabsons, were from king Pharnaces of the PONTus, husband of NYSA, explaining why Ness'/Nice's share the double fesses of Annabels/Honeyballs. Cambridgeshire is where PONDers/PONTers were first found, a Pond/PONT branch. There's a question here as to whether my beaver pond's bear event links to this paragraph's details because beaver-using Nordens share the Musk-et-all fesse.

I cleared my woods to the pond's shore to make better phone-tower reception. One of the tree's cleared was fallen over into the pond. I dragged it out. Beside it is/was a stump CHEWed years ago by a beaver. German Nordens have a tower, and Chews/Jews share the griffin heads of Masters/Misters (In Window colors and format), first found in Yorkshire with Beavers. Masters/Misters and Tooks/Ticks were both said to be first found in Kent, and are now both said to be first found in Yorkshire with Tickhill of the Anne/s/Hanne's, which looks connectable to Annabels/Hannibals. Plus, I did not have the Stumps in mind when writing on the beaver-chewed tree stump, but Stumps have the Took/Tick Coat in colors reversed. They both share the black griffin head with Bolts/BALTs, first found in Lancashire with Mapps/Mabsons and Boltons. The Nord Stream pipe is in the BALTic sea. This tree stump is/was (can't remember if I cut it away) some 15-20 feet from where the bear CHEWed the water pipe, and Waters share the Muschat Coat. The latter two were first found in Essex, and Essex's share the BASHford eagles while Bash's were first found in Cambridgeshire with Muscats/Musks/Musts while Basford is in Nottinghamshire with MAPLEbeck of the Markhams. Christine Masters kissed my cheek in Markham township, and my first kiss with Christine Peare was at the La Paloma bar, where I would later kiss Miss Walsh on her cheek. Like mysteries? Explain all of that. Both the Beaver and Markham Chiefs have the same lion.

Markhams have a version of the Guerin Coat, and "guerra" means war. Markhams were at MapleBECK, and Beach's/Bechs were first found in Hertfordshire with Nuse's/Newes'/Nuce's while Newes'/Nuces' were first found in Cambridgeshire again, with CAGE's. This works because I bought a Texas property on the Nueces river from Mrs. Teague while Teague's/TEEGERs/CAIGE's have a colors-reversed version of the Took/Tick Coat. The "Militia" motto term of Tooks/Ticks goes with war, and French Millets (Burgundy, same as Messeys/Messier's) share the giant, eight-pointed star of German Teegers. MILTons almost have the Cage and Gates Coat, and one half the Cage Coat is the Messey/Messier Coat. English Messier's were first found in Lincolnshire with the Armys who look like Annandale kin, and the Bruce's of Annandale used the Annandale saltire in the colors of the saltire on the other half of the Cage Coat. The first-listed English Millet is "Roger Millot in Nottinghamshire..." Miltons are said to descend from Camville's while the Cam river named Cambridge. This paragraph can point with the newspaper and coffee purchase in Victoria to the Melbourne set of heraldry in the next section below.

Cage-connectable Camville's were first found in Northamptonshire with Spinks who in turn share the Cage eagle. Camville's share the Chick/Chich and WARwick (!) Coats, perhaps another pointer to the warrior Chechens, for Checks/Cheeks/Chicks were first found in Oxfordshire with Miltons! Looking good. "For example, Gerard de Camville, Baron of Milton had three sons (c. 1230). The youngest was probably the ancestor of the Miltons."

But what do bio-weapons labs aimed at Russia have to do with Kadyrov, if indeed Walsh's cheek is a pointer to Kadyrov? Is he looking for the labs? The Kadyrov-pointing Caddys share the garbs of Dade's (Norfolk, same as Comyns/Comings) who in turn have the Avison/Avis (and Comyn/Coming) Coat on a gold Shield. The Vise-related Eustace's are suspect with Eustace II, who lived near Comines, itself near AVISON-like AVESNes.

The KISS on Walch's cheek pointed through Bibo's to Stephen Hahn, Trump's drug lord in charge of vaccine distribution. Vivians share the chevron of Five's/Fife's so that both seem to me to be Lviv liners. When Brest-pointing Mamie sat on my lap, she was pointing to Trump and Knee kin which include the Vise's, and Laps are also lab-like Labbs'. Her name and her breast symbol may be a pointer to breast problems from vaccines, and the maiming of bodies. Lviv is at the Bug river with Brest, and Bugs share the fesse of Kennedy-related Carricks (same place as Nons/Nans) while Carricks use a "Garde" motto term while Mamie pointed to lake Garda, location of BREScia/BRIXia.

The reason I present "conflicting" theories on what any one prop might point to in my dreams or special events is that I'm not afraid to make a mistake if I'm trying my best, but also because it's best to present all possibilities, and also because God can point to more than one thing, with one thing, depending on the set or string of heraldry engaged. I try to follow the leads first of all from a surname that is COMPELLINGLY pointed too.

As the pointers to Ukraine seem to be pointing also to bio-weapons labs, which the Russians are seeking to discover no matter what the basis for the war, the bear being snapped on the lip could be a pointer to liposomes and lipid nano-particles in mRNA vaccines. Lipids are the delivery system to the human cells that cause them to fabricate viruses, or so we are told, but we're not being told everything, because graphene is also a delivery-support system. So, we could say that the mouse trap on the bear's lip is a forceful and sudden but small push-back from the Western goons who don't want Russia to discover their lipid-based secrets.

One possible reason that the COVID vaccines need to be in extremely-cold condition, in a deep freeze = freezer, is that cold temperatures decrease magnetic ability. They say that the graphene is highly magnetic. Some report that vials of vaccines glow, which can suggests the graphene's magnetic forces that the goons wish to hide by putting them in deep freeze. The mouse trap was a foot or less from my freezer. The bear came searching for food in the freezer, but it was empty. Perhaps the mouse trap means that the Russian bear could not find the bio-weapons labs in Ukraine because their contents were moved to Poland to hide things there, and maybe it means the Russians know it.

I had kept the freezer door open by sitting my trash can on the freezer (door rested on top of the trash can). Trashers, ignoring the dragon heads, almost have the Scottish Kennedy Coat. Kennedys were obvious kin of Scottish Cassels, and the Chatti of Hesse-Cassel became the Keith Catti and the Caddy surname!!! HOW ABOUT THAT! In the last update, I told that a trash CAN in my dream pointed to Trashers and the neighboring Tracys/Trasse's because Tracy is the name of two places near Caen while Caens are also Cans. I added: "The Tracy/Trasse Coat is virtually identical with the Crest of English Nordens." The latter are the ones with a beaver, which can be pointed to by the bear at my beaver POND which mauled the water pipe.

The Kennedy Coat is so much like the one of Pond-branch Ponders that I sought some way to connect the two surnames with more umph. The first thing done was to load Pounds, and there was a Coat in Ponder colors and format, and using a black fitchee, the Kennedy and Cassel symbol. If that's not enough, the Pounds (dragon heads) add three gold symbols on their fesse that Ponds and Ponders do not, and thus the Pound Coat is FULLY in the colors and format of English Nordens!!!!! INCREDIBLE OUTCOME. My beaver pond just linked to Beaver-loving Nordens (more fitchees).

The logical next step, since the trash can on freezer is proving itself to be an act of God, is to check the freezer-like Frasers, and they happen to share the Kim Coat. I kissed Kim Walsh on the cheek, how about that. Kims were first found in Bute, which reminds that I threw a half-gallon (big) JAR at a bear's BUTT which had been in the freezer last time I saw a bear here a few years ago. It too was a big bear like the one of last month, and so it could be the same bear. Bute's are also Butts. And Jarre's/Jarrets share the black boar head with Ponds and Ponders.

I missed the bear's butt, but hit a rock next to it while yelling at it (I'm a beast with bears, or they will come back), and the crash was so loud that, perhaps, this is why it didn't return for two/three years. It was dark, and for all I know, the bear got some glass wounds, But, in any case, the Glass' were first found in Buteshire too, isn't that something?

Frazers have a "suis" motto term while Swiss' have a bear, and so this seems like the correct way to go, which is to say that the freezer does apply to heraldic pointers. The Swiss' even have a spread eagle in the colors used for it in the Arms of Piast. Poland's mouse-tower line! But does this string of heraldry point to lipids or nano-particles? Does it point to graphene? Well, Graffs/Graffens were first found in Switzerland, a good start, and the Graff/Graffen lion happens to be the one of German Freys/Freie's while English Freys/Free's share the Freeze/Freys Coat. Freys are also Frys while a "frying pan" is used by German Pole's/POHLs! French Pole's/Pohls share the Frey/Freie lion! German Pohls/Pohlands (Silesia, same as Karens!) use a "buffalo" head, but it's in the colors of the Mieske/Mesech bull head. As I said, the latter's is in the colors of the COLD bull because Mieszko's descended from mythical Piast KOLODziej!!! Bingo-bango, this can't be coincidental. The bear's lip with Polish mouse trap took us to graphene-oxide in vaccines.

For what it's worth. Dutch Pole's share the giant lion of Palins/Paulys, first found in Dorset with English Pole's/Pools. There's a Dutch Pauly surname too.

The Nons/Nams are also Noms in the Newland motto, and so Nuland may know about the NANo-tech in Ukraine. I'm repeating this for two reasons: 1) Victoria Nuland is still, in the least, covering for Americans-in-Ukraine corruption, and: 2) Newlands is a location of the Stepp-connectable Stephensons/Stove's. I'm repeating it because I came across the Newlands location when realizing that, if we remove the Stepp fleur-de-lys from the Stephenson Coat, it's in the format of, and almost in all colors of, the Port Coat, and the mouse trap was left on the STEP of the car PORT. Ports share the Butt/Bute estoiles while Bute is where Kims were first found who share the freezer-like Frazer Coat, and to top it off, Frazers were first found in Peebles-shire with the Newlands location of Stephensons/Stove's. The latter are also said to have been on the Tyne river, and Tyne's list a BOTville variation suggesting marriage with a family from Bute.

The island of Bute is also Rothesay, which recalls my recent dream of a crow or raven seeking to land on my STOVE burner. German Rothes' use a giant raven, and while Rothes is in Moray, Stephensons/Stove's share the Moray stars. I was kicking both legs at the raven to keep it from landing suicidally on the burner, and eventually it was realized that Kicks/Kecks were in Leslie colors and format because Leslie's were earls of Rothes. The NATO mission against Russia looks like suicide, and Armageddon will be a suicidal event according to the near-end of the book of Daniel.

The Newland motto term, "les," must be for the Less'/Lesks because they share a gold crescent with Kicks/Kecks!

So, as you can see, the car-port step managed to point to Ukraine with Victoria Nuland, yet with the Keck variation of Kicks, it can take us to the Coolers/Kuchlers, perfect for the freezer box in the car port. And, the Car Coat is exactly the Frew Coat while Freys' are Freeze's too, I find this amazing. Plus, Rothes castle was built by Pollocks of RenFREW, and the Leslie's came to be earls of Rothes because they married Pollocks i.e. they inherited Rothes. I was told this my emailer Pollock, which is how I came to stress Pollocks, and she would always say that Leslie's were selfish grubbers, getting married with eyes to stack up inheritance wealth for themselves, an attitude I see in Rothschilds. The Noms/Nans/Noms are in the motto of Kness'/Ness' (share Non/Nan/Nom crescent) who in turn can point to Israel's KNESSet, where I imagine the Rothschilds (founders of modern Israel) insist on ruling invisibly.

The Car and Frey chevron-with-stars is almost the Newland chevron-with-besants, and the tip of the Newland chevron has the fitchee of Checks/Cheeks/Cheech's, what a hoot, a pointer to Kadyrov, I assume. This tends to convince me further that the car-port is a part of the heraldry to be stressed. Porters use the GATE.

As I don't know many surnames sharing the double Sleep fesses, I should probably get familiar with the Kuchs/GUGGenheims/KuchenMEISTERs who do, especially as there is a Polish Kuch surname too with a large horseSHOE to perhaps go with the Horse's, first found in Northumberland with Stephensons/Stove's. Meisters/Mesters thus look like a Mieszko branch, and we may add that Masters/Misters share the Horse fesse while Freeze's use the horse in the colors of the Horse Shield or border. Kuchs above have two of the triple Frane pale bars, and Frane's were possible Fray / Frey / Frazer liners.

VICTORIA Newland was pointed to on the day of my mugging in Galveston, which itself pointed to the bio-weapon work at the Galveston National Lab, which is known to have supported, and maybe even funded, the Wuhan lab. This affair is often said to have modified viruses taken from HORSESHOE bats in China, you see, and it just so happens that while my kicking at the raven takes us to Rothes, it's in Moray with the first-known Randolphs having both the horseshoe and the bat.

After being mugged in Galveston, I changed my mind about scouting for a snowbird retreat in Mexico, where I was headed at the time. The pointer to Victoria NUland comes as I stopped for a NEWSpaper in VICTORIA, a couple of hours between Galveston and Mexico, and during that drive I passed through an old address (in Markham) of a certain pointer to neo-Nazi's inside the United States (won't repeat details here). It makes Newland suspect again with bio-weapons labs in Ukraine. I bought a coffee when buying the newspaper, and decades later, after realizing that God was arranging events in my life for this heraldic-pointing work, I learned that Coffee's/Coffers use a "victoria" motto term.

The "la" motto term of Newlands can be for the Laws who not only share the Victoria stars, but the red rooster of Kiss', excellent where Newlands share the Cheek fitchee-formee, yet it;s also the fitchee-formee of Law-like Love's/Luffs (same place as Cheeks). Laws, first found in Northumberland with Stove's, happen to have the Crow rooster in colors reversed so that, apparently, the crow on stove burner is a dream pointing to Victoria Nuland too.

I then learned that Coffers/Coffare's share the CURBy/Kirkby crescents, which I showed above to be a pointer to Kadyrov's Chechen army. Newlands have an "armes" motto term. Chechens are suspect with "Gog," or with "CAUCasia," and so lets add that the Kiss and Law rooster is shared by Cook / Coke-like Cocks (Somerset, same as Coffers/Coffare's) who share the Shield of Crimea-suspect Grimaldi's. Note how Coffer-like Coughs may have developed from "Cock." The Cooks, sharing the ostrich of Coke's, share the horseshoe (different colors) with Polish Kuchs! Beauty. Coughs/Cuffs happen to have a "tamen" motto term while Kepoi in Caucasia is at the Taman peninsula, facing out to sea at Crimea.

By the way, Christine's use cups, and now I know why. I haven't known why until finding the Kepke's/KUPke's recently. Why did I fail to check for a Kepke surname all these years? Why did I have it on the brain that there is no Kepke Coat at houseofnames? Perhaps I had entered "Kepka," for no Coat comes up with that spelling.

Coughs and Cuffs use the "baton" while Batons/Bastons are a Bat branch because both share the black bat, and it just so happens that Caucasian Bat peoples were between the Moschi mountains and Kepoi. Keep in mind that Meisters/Mesters are suspect with KUCHs/Kuchenmeisters, for I'm headed with the Newland Crest to the COOKsey ranch of Mrs. Teague, for Teague's share the brown wolf head in the Newland Crest. Seven months after checking out three properties in Texas on the day of the newspaper purchase, I bought the Texas property of Mrs. Teague on direct NUECES-river front, and News' are also NUCES'. We can glean Intelligent Design behind these events because they jibe with heraldry.

Mrs. Teague was born Miss Friend, and it was shown earlier in this update how Friends can be a Frane branch, and so let's repeat that Kuchs/Kuchenmeisters almost have the Coat of French Frane's/Frasnays (Frazer colors) who share triple pale bars (different colors) with the Chief of Frazer-related Keiths, the pointer to Kadyrov! Frame's are in Keith colors and format. French Frane's were first found in Burgundy with the Loches'/DeLoges' while the Less'/Lesks suspect in the Newland motto are said to have been at a Loches location. The "Le" motto term of Newlands can thus be for the Lee/Ley variation of Leghs who in turn happen to share the giant lion of English Frane's.

The Cooksey ranch of the Friend-Teague family is where the mutilated and murdered body of Madalyn O'Hair was found, the atheist who took school prayer to court and won (back in the 1960s). Let this be a sign of what God will do to those who seek to eradicate Jesus from all government premises. No mercy after people have crossed God's red line. If world rulers are justified in blowing up / poisoning enemies with sophisticated weapons when they cross their red line, they will have ZERO argumentation when screeching against God's horrible methods of death against them when they cross His red line. A screech occurs when a soul is desperately and suddenly facing death with no way out, a horrible sensation.

WOW, Smell the Coffee

Late this week, this report came out that Ukraine's bio-weapons labs have sent blood-related materials to Australia, the world's iron-fist capital for COVID fright. Might Ukraine be trying to hide materials in Victoria? Melbourne is the capital of Australia's state of Victoria. Is this part of what my coffee in Victoria, Texas, pointed to? Victoria Nuland is mentioned in this video:

The Ukraine materials, as you saw in the video, went to Melbourne. The Melbourne/Milburn surname is in the colors and format of vaccine-like Vychans/Vaughns, and while the latter were first found in Shropshire with Meschins, the latter almost have the Melbourne/Milburn Coat. The amazing thing is, that on the evening of my coffee in Victoria, I slept in Crystal City (I've said this a million times), and Crystals share the so-called "calvary" symbol with Moses', in colors reversed even, and while Moses' are said to be first found in Shropshire too, lookie at their write-up: "The name was also extended to Mostyn, and became attached to Vychan, Lord of Mostyn." ASTOUNDING "coincidence."

There's more, for Mostins share the Coat of Trevors/Trefors, and the latter are now proven to be from Trypillians of Kiev! Trevor-like Travers/Travis' almost have the Melbourne/Milburn Coat!!! ASTOUNDING. This comes late Sunday night.

Trevors/Trefors and Mostins (Flintshire, same as Pennants) share the Pennant Coat, and the Cowes "pennants" are almost the Caddy piles, though I don't know what the latter call them. Caddys were a pointer to Kadyrov, and I proposed above that he's looking for the bio-weapons labs.

Melbourne/Milburns were first found in Northumberland with Rodham-related Malbanks/Milbanks, perhaps branches, and the latter were pointed to by the sleeping bag dream that was stacked in pointers to vaccine pointers and wicked global entities, government gangsters.

As one Simson Coat is like the Mostin-et-al Coat, it's notable that the other Simsons have the Chief-Shield colors of the Miles' who in turn use a "mill rind" for possible connection to Milburns. Rinds, in Leslie colors and format, share the MELLet/MALLet scallops, and the Leslie griffin head is in the Melbourne/Milburn/MALburn Crest, both green Crests, like the Coffee Crest. The Coffee Shield shares "cups" (different colors) with CHRISTine's/Christians, and the latter share the Coat of Shaws, first found in Perthshire with Rinds. Christine's/Christians were on the Isle of MAN, which should explain the Mens' in the Crystal motto. There's a good chance that Turins (Aberdeenshire, same as Leslie's) are in the Rind motto.

Repeat: "Christine MASTERs, at 13 years of age, stole a KISS on my CHEEK (without me wanting it) in Unionville. I'm seeing bio-weapons, 5G towers, and intruding Chechens together." Unions use "mill rinds." She and Christine Peare both lived in Unionville (Markham township), I think I now get it. They were set up to point to this discussion from Victoria to Crystal City, then halfway around the world to Australia as concerns this Ukrainian story / partnership.

Irish Heffers share the Chase lion, and Case's, sharing the buckles of French Mallets/Malo's, were Leslie kin. The Simsons with a Coat like that of Miles' almost have the Chief of Irish Heffers who in turn share the crescents of Coffers/Coffare's (Somerset, same as English Heffers). Coffee's, with a "victoria" motto term, are likewise Coffers, and in Coffer/Coffare colors. I bought the coffee in Victoria, Texas, on the day I stayed the night in a Crystal-City motel with cockROACHes.

The drive from Galveston to Victoria pointed to neo-Nazis with Mr. Maness of Markham, and Manners/Maness' (Northumberland with Melbourne's/Milburns) were a branch of Mens' in the Crystal and Pepin mottoes. Pipe's share the Pepin Coat, and this is why God provided black smoke out the tailPIPE of my Nissan between Victoria and Crystal City: Smoke's/RAUCH's share the bend of Jewish Rothchilds, and Rauch's must be a branch of rock-using Roach's because there were COCKroaches in the motel. Cocks were first found in Somerset with Coffers and Heffers. Markham is at Bay City, and English Bays share the double fesses of Manners/Maness'.

Rockefellers and Rothschilds are on God's target for destruction, let them hurry to destroy "their" earth in a suicide mission, because they do not want to give it to God in good shape. But, no problem, God doesn't want it in the shape it's now in, not glorious at all. So, once we are off the planet, go ahead, tear her down for us, thank you.


Look at this fanatical, falsifying destroyer who talks unrepentant like a robot to a globalist script even while he's being whiplashed to political death:

Last week, the surgeon general of Florida publicized the fact that there was an 84-percent increase in heart-based DEATHS (in his state) amongst the vaccinated, and his suggestion was to not vaccinate people under 40. BUT WHAT ABOUT PEOPLE OVER 40?????????????? What kind of a surgeon hypocrite is this? Plus, it's not good enough to cease vaccinations because those who were killed by them need to be satisfied while in their graves by the justice department in Florida. Where are the Florida criminal cases against the killers? Are there not going to be attempts? This is dismal because other states are doing even worse to punish this mass-murder spree. Without arrests and law suits, vaccination programs will continue. How dark can even the best of USA become?

Demand that governors make arrests of those who continue to vaccinate even while the data is out on the killings. This is a fantastic opportunity to successfully prosecute the villains because they know that a wildly-unacceptable number of deaths have taken place. This is why the facts are being removed from public view as much as possible, so that the guilty might be able to feign they didn't know about the deaths. Let the states send the guilty parties the facts, and give them one day to read them, and to cease vaccinations, or they will be arrested for endangerment.

The researcher in the video below is hard to follow because I can't make out about one out of every ten words. But I did hear her say near the start that she's found aluminum-oxide and aluminum-phosphate in COVID vaccines, which she says can raise the body temperature to fever levels. It thus seems like a no-brainer as to why the world is feeding aluminum to people with vaccines, and in chem-trail programs, that they might get a fever and mistaken it for a virus, then go to a hospital to be tested for the "dread" COVID virus. And there the hospital staff are trained to call all fevers "COVID" even before testing, but in any case testing is often a false-positive, and the "cure" for vaccinated people getting COVID is more vaccines or the vaccine cures that the vaccine companies are conveniently selling to multiply profits beyond vaccine profits alone. SCHEMERS. The vaccine companies need to create an excuse as to why they include aluminum, but they didn't inform masses of this ingredient or give them the choice of aluminum-free vaccines.

The Italian lady then says (4th minute) what many others have found, "heavy metals." The vaccine companies did not tell the masses that they were adding such things. Democrat voters need to get their ire up to start screaming (they are good at that) at the vaccine goons who deceived them, and this could be happening soon, even this winter, as more and more submit themselves to the humility of admitting they had been wrong to trust their leaders, their media, and the medical pros. Another good outcome is that vaccine producers now know that their latest vaccines will be put under the microscope all over the world. We do NOT hear representative of vaccine companies speaking publicly to explain the findings of these contaminants, strongly suggesting that they have contaminated vaccines, but have decided to say nothing because they think it's the best policy to protect themselves.

She says she found "a lot of stainless steel," the report of many others too, but also silver and gold??? Why those? She says that she coined "nano-pathology" as a term for her 2002 inventive process, and so she's up to speed on nano-particles which she claims to have found in COVID vaccines. She had been in this work about the time that nano-biology was a new science, and, she says, she won an award(s) in the field of "nano-toxicity." It is very important for the guilty to pretend they have not heard her claims, and this is why politicians are compelling / begging the communications industry to cancel all such voices, that the guilty might better pretend, should they ever be in court, that they didn't know about toxins in vaccines. Just one unnecessary toxin alone makes the vaccine controllers / managers liable for jail time, if they can't excusably explain what the toxin was doing in the vaccine.

If Democrats who've been harmed by vaccines start to gang up on the vaccine pushers they have thus-far protected -- like the wicked idiots that they are, who favor harmful policies so long as it makes their politics advance -- then we may see the score in this game shoot up in our favor. In other words, while the wicked gave us the "pandemic" by remaining silent and ear-stopped against it, the vaccine companies gave them and their relatives and friends illnesses that should eventually turn Democrat attitudes around 180-degrees, and like a boomerang will hit goons like Biden and trudeau on their skulls just when they are not expecting it.

Early this winter is a good time for that hit, but even if it's in February, we'll take it gladly. Just don't respect those who change attitudes, because they would not have unless the vaccines had physically hurt them. Don't make such people leaders at the head of the fight. We must be more at the front of the line than they, or the wicked will hijack the boomerang, and eventually it will be modified into an assault on us, for the wicked want, more than anything else, power over us, which is why they let the mask / lockdown / anti-social / vaccine / communist scheme proceed. Here's the video if you wish:

Before we praise Tulsi Gabbard for leaving the Democrat party sounding like a Christian, ask: what in tarnation took her so long? If she didn't have sufficient conscience to leave the party of sin and cesspool all the way into the 2020's, TULSI IS NO GOOD. She's even inviting other Democrats to quit the party. Then what? Then you get these fiends trying to get politically big in Trumpism, all these sinners just like Trump, all trying to partner with the people of Jesus, does this not make you feel sick, Christians?

What I mean is this, that if Democrats are fine with Democrat policies up until Biden, but are now wanting out because Biden is increasing prices and going nuke crazy, YOU DON'T WANT THEM REPRESENTING YOUR PARTY because their morals STINK. If Democrats want to quit Biden's party and become Republicans, then get to the back of the line where you belong, and stay there until such time that you confess your gross sin for being a Democrat until 2022. You were spiritually rotting already if you had been a supporter of Bill Clinton, but how more gross are you if you voted for Obama and Hillary Clinton too? Some pro-Trumpers are treating Gabbard as if she's a star. If Musk wants to adopt anti-liberal values now, then go to the back of the conservative line. When Jimmy Swaggert got caught with prostitutes at lunch time, he needed to go to the back of the Church line, not remain in a pilot seat. Being at the back of the line isn't a waste because you can push people forward and earn your right for front-line admission.

There are fundamental problemS with those who aspire to be leaders. For one, they might have confidence in their leading powers and the direction they take people. Jesus said, you alone can do nothing. And if one aspires to be a leader, chances are Jesus won't use them, but will instead look way back, to the end of the line, to find one whose helping others way back there. "Come to the front of the line," He will say to them, "show your attitude to all those behind you, be a beacon for My Father." There are some pastors and other church leaders like this, don't be so daft as to criticize / defame all of them with a broad brush, or your place will be at the end of the line, or with fire on your pants as you enter the Kingdom, or maybe even thrown out. Don't be a goat that butts the sheep with your horns. Christians are depicted as lambs because they are, in contrast to goats, not troublesome or aggressive or given to trickery from behind. We are not depicted as lambs to make us soft and futile. Be a ram for God. Climb mountains and even cliff faces if you have faith enough, if you don't love your life so much that you're afraid of the risk. Personally, I'm terrified just watching mountain climbers, but I'm speaking figuratively (i.e. don't go out and climb a cliff in the name of faith in God).

It's refreshing to do a brave thing and get away with it. It's boggling never to try. Taking risks is like stealing until you inevitably get caught. Sooner or later, a risk taken turns into a disaster, ask Paul in jail after he escaped his enemies many times. Manage your risks well. Watch your words spoken in public that can be used against you. But, alas, they will frame us as they framed Jesus with false accusations.

Some days ago, I saw a video telling that George Soros bailed Donald Trump out when he needed money. Then, on Wednesday's TruNews show, Rick Wiles told of a dream he just had, starting at about 33 minutes below. In the dream, he was sitting at dinner with a nice-guy George Soros, and then God told him to pray for Soros. At the 42nd minute, Mr. Wiles says that God asked him to pray for the king of Jordan two weeks before Trump invited Rick to Davos to a Schwabite meeting, where Rick saw the king of Jordan a few feet away. Why would Trump invite Wiles to Davos? Since when does Trump enjoin Biblical Christians? Something smells wrong, sorry. And why is Wiles going on vacation to Jordan with some 50 other Christians next month? He calls it the "holy land". Huh? Is this a new teaching? Not even end-time Israel is the holy land. Why is Wiles trying to stroke Jordanian Muslims with flattery? Let's wait to see what Jordan chooses to do as the anti-Christ, the hammer of Jesus, arrives to the unholy land to bash it like it has never been bashed before.

"Important" Christian leaders, such as Billy Graham, who spend time in elite gatherings, grow a hunger or tendency to seek honor from world-class elitists. Some might even go from fingering elitists as fiends to preferring their respect. I think Wiles would feel honored to be in the presence of the Jordanian king, or even Putin. Shouldn't he show some restraint, since the things we hear publicly from these men could be political spouting only, lip-service to the people that disguises their true feelings on issues?

I think Rick needs to be more careful when claiming theories for facts. For example, he says that when people have dreams as they awake, and they remember the dreams, these are all from God. Well, maybe, but only maybe. I doubt very much that any dream being vivid or fast in the memory banks is from God. And so when he claims that his Soros dream is from God, he's claiming authority in God, the very accusation he makes against Alex Jones.

Rick's partner is a nice guy, always agreeing with Rick so as not to cause division, but being Mr. Nice guy at all times sacrifices correction of Rick when he could use some. It would bother me, if I had a show, and my partner took pains to be agreeable. It would make me think that this partner has some hidden knives for me. I would rather see the knives on the table, and evolve a relationship with the disagreements known. Disagreements occur because people place emphasis on two or more different things on an issue. If one person loves Putin and another finds him questionable, then these two people will find themselves disagreeing as they discuss matters involving Ukraine. The one who loves Putin and hates NATO's globalist quests might like to see Putin win the Ukraine war, but the one who's unsure about Putin might prefer a lingering stalemate, or no war at all.

Jesus is not opposed to division, for He is The Divider of the sheep and the goats, for example. The apostle Paul lists divisiveness as an evil, but it depends on what the divisiveness is about. Even he says that Christians should not sit at the table of satan. So, when evil people cause division from good people, that's the wrong kind of divisiveness. When Jesus is the direct cause for family schism, let it be because the evil one hates the Christian, but, also, we are instructed in several passages to abandon those who reject Jesus. Yes, we can offer them Jesus, but if they refuse with a passion, kick the dust off the sandals, and do not party with such people afterward. There came a time when I had to leave the old party pals for good. Jesus was honored by that decision, and maybe I took too long.

Also, Rick is often sensational in his Ukraine videos. For example, as soon as the Crimean bridge was bombed, Mr. Wiles goes way-overboard and says this is cause for a nuclear war. Uh, like never before has there been a terrorist bombing against Russia, but now all of a sudden Russia's going to respond to merely to that bitty thing (relatively speaking) with a nuclear blast?

There is a SET TIME, no use praying for Jesus to come earlier. God knows how to stave off the worst destruction until the very end. Revelation 12 tells us how to fight the anti-Christ, by fleeing the cities. Prepare to do it so that when you see the first prophecies fulfilled, you can start the plans. It's a sensible approach. Start saving foods and other useful needs now because the goons are planning on making things difficult to buy things, and anything can become short on the market as dominoes fall nobody-knows-how.

Rick's sounding an acute alarm but not asking his audience to prepare foods to endure the breakdown of the economies that will result in nuclear strikes. It seems he doesn't really believe in an imminent nuclear war, otherwise he would warn his audience to prepare for their bodies, that they might not suffer. So, he's looking like he's luring his audience with nuclear sensationalism (all news shows are tempted to sensationalize for money flow), maybe a little (but not a lot). here's the video:

I recommend you see Rick's presentation on Alex Jones above, but I would add that Jones' court case looks faked, suggesting perhaps that he's been a deep-state fake all along. Whether right or wrong I don't know, but it occurred to me that he was tasked at getting Christian militia to trust him until the day came that he was ordered to get them to start a civil war so that the deep state could engage martial law. But when he failed these past two years to accomplish that task, as goes my theory: his bosses decided to shut him down, but in so doing with the Sandy-Hook case, they are trying to scare all other social-media activists, who attack false-flag operations, into silence. I say that Sandy Hook was a staged event, and the "victims" in court with Jones are mere actors, therefore. But Jones no longer calls it a faked event.

George Soros is a key force leading to the anti-Christian world. We need to pray that God puts a bit into his mouth to halt his progress. If God wants Him saved, He could have done it long ago, not now after 92 years of age. If God wants Rick to pray for his enemies, it could be His message for him to tone down his attacks before the FBI comes calling to arrest him. Yes, TruNews is a high-profile show that, like others of the same caliber, is in danger of persecution right now. The deep state is desperate to silence activist opposition. And Soros will be a prime candidate for requesting the persecution of TruNews. Sometimes, I feel that God wants me to tone down my criticisms, but I could be wrong about that. Our respect for the enemy is gas in their tanks. I say, puncture their tanks, more than once, but with truthful statements, for our enemies have ONGOING plots never ceasing, and with fury they will come at us because we won't shut-up about Jesus.

This week: "Moderna CEO Stephane Bancel told SkyNews Business Australia the company is developing a new mRNA injection that will 'grow back new blood vessels and revascularize the heart.'" One could get the impression that the goons wacked bodily organs with vaccines in order to sell cures (or faked cures) for the damages. I can't bring myself for praying for these types, sorry. It's just not in me. But the vaccine goons would like you to pray for them so that you don't attack them in social-media posts. You see, all the social-media attacks are flailing the globalist take-over, and this is what I think God wants to see, to have His people weaken these sick and demented money-grubbers before they swallow us alive. It's time to expose, don't let the call to love your enemies detract from that task. It seems we are at the brink of a Jesus-takeover of the WHOLE WORLD, I hope this is what you want to see. He's coming in army boots this time, though the better figure of speech is, "a robe dipped in blood."

If I were in charge of globalist disinformation, I would put out videos by fake Christian / conservative speakers, luring sincere Christian / conservative speakers to follow suit, telling that cows are being injected with COVID vaccines in order to get people to stop buying beef. There's no end to creating false information for the purposes of curbing behavior and economics. And this is why one of the Ten Commandments is, "You shall not bear false testimony." But telling the truth to curb behavior is a MUST for Christians, and so we must warn God's enemies by speaking the things they ought not to do, and we hope that others will follow suit, to speak truths as we do, for the betterment of mankind spiritually, morally.

The physical / financial departments will heal themselves when people honor God; He told us so 3,500 years ago through Moses. Seek first the spiritual things of God, and the physical realm will not be adverse toward us; even the evil spirits will be laid low before us. But if the people abandon the ways and thoughts of God, He will allow demons to penetrate their very souls for their destruction. This is not news except for those not paying attention to God's Word. If you have decided to follow Jesus, you MUST learn what He said, you need to reflect on His words to get them in deep, then apply them as best you can when situations call for them. If His Words do not go deep, you are shallow soil that will dry up your soul's growth. You will die off the Vine. While we are sinning, we tend to abandon putting the Word into practice. We become a shrivelling branch on the Vine; get hold of your senses while there is still some Water in you.

Get clean again, and grow healthy again, and know that your track record, good or bad, will be with your conscience. Abandon worldly fun and glamour, stay clean, and be a winner, for winners in this world -- Hollywood "stars" and those who covet being like them -- are on their way to becoming losers. How I wish I could have done much, much better in my Christian walk. How blessed I would feel now. I look back at my failings, and reflect. It should help me to not fail again. It should be part of God's training to make us see our failures so that we improve by deciding not to do the unclean or embarrassing or despicable or uncomely or low-down thing again. Keep a conscience, admit your failings as the beginning of HEALing, which is a word like, HEALth. Whatever you did, don't do it again, and I don't want to know about it because I don't want you to know the despicable thing I did. We can agree on this.

There's nothing for me to forgive of you if I don't know what despicable thing you did. But if you did the despicable thing to me, I know it fully. Now it gets real hard to forgive, but it's made easy if you apologize and say you won't do it again. See how it works? Don't keep repeating the sin against me, and I won't likely frown on you. You don't need to ask forgiveness if you just cease the transgression. It amounts to an apology.

Sin divides. Trespasses on your neighbors are the causes of all wars. The war won't end so long as trespasses continue. Do no evil to your neighbor, and half the war is averted already. Love your neighbor, and there will be party time instead of saber rattling. Peace and love, the hippies used to say, and then they became the Democrat anti-Christs. But some of them slipped out of their camps to become Bible-reading Christians. The hippies saw the Way, the blessings on earth of peace and love, but they had no good soil, and withered, and became evil, without peace, without love. They had parties and more parties, but they had no genuine friends. Their parties were not healthy occasions that built houses of honor and understanding, but were opportunities for sin that polluted whole cities and made beasts of men. So senseless did they become, their demonic masters convinced them that Christianity is the cancer eating away at good progress in the world.

In this world, the high-mark of achievement and progress is the skyscraper and the rocket to the moon. It's the end-time tower of Babylon. But God prefers the Garden of Eden, trees instead of skyscrapers, a large yard with garden instead of townhouses and other quasi-prison cells. The masters in the high towers put you into tiny city lots, and now wish for you to have no yards at all. When the cities fall at God's shaking of the earth, the survivors will go out to the country to grow their own gardens, and the Spirit of God will fall on all flesh to make neighbors of neighbors. When anyone does or says anything resembling the start of a war, he will be canceled by the Iron Rod. There will not be absolute free speech in the next age, in the Clean World Order. I firmly believe in censorship of evil, in people snitching to the government on evil deeds, and the firm hand of a Good Dictator. This is the Only Way that works, but no mere man in this age can handle ruling such a kingdom because he succumbs to his own evil heart.

The people of this world need to be brainwashed by Jesus. All the filth in their minds needs to be replaced by the Healthy Spirit. No other way will work. Democracy is two broken crutches by which both political parties hammer one another on their heads as they grapple while fallen to the floor. You cannot rule a country in glory if you're using the crutch to bash the competition, and then falling over yourself for lack of having a crutch to stand. There cannot be two or more opposing parties in the Healthy World Order of Jesus.

Jesus is honored to be your crutch. To humble oneself before another is to become one's horse, to offer our back, not to be walked on, but to carry the other's burden. The Good Dictator is able to stay the line, to not stray toward sin and self-fulfillment using our resources, but to do that which we need so that a Healthy House is built. He carries us so that we learn to offer our backs to others. The Crucifixion was the first and chief Sign that God isn't going to do business with us as worldly rulers do. The Crucifixion signalled a new thing, a Crutch-King...with an Iron Cane in case it's needed. If a man is a good guy, he gets the Crutch instead of the cane whipped across his back. The Kingdom of Instant Discipline is coming. If God doesn't dispense justice now over a long haul, it's to expose who in this world order is corruption incarnate. Don't spare the rod, don't spoil the child. Don't use the rod unless warranted. It's very warranted today.

The rod that Jesus returns with is too big and heavy for a man's back; the rod He's coming with will strike the crust of the planet and shake men to the ground as rocks and skyscrapers fall upon them. Did I hear anyone say that they would like to see the deep state punished? Your dream will come true. The sky will clear, and the military officers will suddenly be gone. The setting will be set for Party Time. By night, the moon will glow on glowing faces again. By day, people will begin to look like the angels again, and the day will be honored over the night life. Good-will will make its return; they will eat beef, and be happy, those who survive Armageddon.

The vaccine goons are trying to figure out how to spread a virus which can call for emergency powers that, this time around, will force-vaccinate with harsh punishments for those who resist. We were at the brink of this harsh treatment, but trudeau put an end to it when he made a fool of himself. I look forward to another gift from him to the people. Other politicians realized they didn't want to follow suit with him, that's how far and wide his gift got around. But the goons are quietly trying to worm into the masses a new virus that disallows politicians from backing-off. I don't know how long it will take them. There are noises in the news suggesting that they are struggling to do it this winter on a fast-track. Jane Ruby has a show telling that even Ron DeSantes looks like a vaccine goon, in spite of his fighting for freedom of choice. However, I haven't heard a rebuttal to this claim, or what DeSantes has to say about it. Someone should ask him about it while he's in a press conference:

The CORONAvirus may have been named in honor of mythical Coronis, the line to the Ceraunii Illyrians of the Croatia-Serbia border region. The Ceraunii may have named the KRVati = Croatians. News this week: "'The purchase of 4.5 billion doses of the Covid-19 vaccine for 450 million EU residents is the biggest corruption scandal in the history of mankind,' according to Croatian politician Mislav Kolakusic. " Well said. Governments pilfered the people to route this money to vaccine companies and distributors, but we must wonder what deals the vaccine companies made beforehand with those who promised to push the need for vaccines, and how many of them were globalists raising money to fund an official proto-global-government. That government exists but is not official yet. The masses don't tend to want it, but the ones wanting to enforce it are pilfering our money anyway with programs propped on fantasies and fabricated arguments...not the Jesus-thing to do. The people should be furious at this heist because, if it's ruinous for us in merely the prop-up stages, how ruinous will it be once officially enforced?

Here's some expected trash: "Teenagers are more prone to irregular heartbeats after breathing in polluted air, according to the first major study of its impact on otherwise healthy young people." This is coming out now to blame the heart problems from vaccines on pollution, but it also works to advance the assault on fossil fuels. The vaccine goons would naturally use this "study" in court to create doubts in a jury that vaccines caused the illnesses.

If you're not worried about what your kids eat in school, you don't know that there is a program to make everybody more sick than they would otherwise be, because it's big medical business, and because the self-appointed, invisible rulers want people to live less long. The reason that the COVID scheme killed people collecting pension money is that the alternative, taking away pensions, is not feasible politically. Liberals have been buying their votes for decades and decades by offering government assistance of all kinds, meaning that removing government assistance will take votes away from liberals, of course. It would be tooth for tooth, drastic. So, the rulers had the choice only to kill the aged in the hospitals on the pretence of their dying due to a virus.

If you think that was a reasonable assessment of the way things now are, then you should automatically decide to not send your kids to school as much as you are able not to. But if you have no choice, then at least make their lunches, as per this video warning that the state is poisoning school kids:

It could be that, by design over many years of efforts, many schools are now forced (given no choice but) to order foods from companies which are, by design over many years of efforts, forced to buy foods from providers who, by design over many years of arrangements, were forced to use high levels of toxins with one excuse or the other, or perhaps the providers were paid-off by government to agree to do so; there are ways to accomplish it. This is a good reason to go back to the land and make your own food. Forsake the "good life" of high-tech gadgets, roll up your sleeves, work hard at your home, eat well, be happy. This is possible for many people above 55 years of age, who can afford to knock-off the working life, build their own home, and make it in this way for a decade or so until pensions facilitate their livelihoods.

The FBI paid Christopher Steele $1M to package the dirty-dossier with respectability. Steele wasn't being paid as an employee, but was being bribed to formulate corruption. That is, the U.S. government was bribing a private person, not the other way around, which is nothing short of prostitution by the harlot of Babylon:


Here's all four Gospels wrapped into one story.

For Some Prophetic Proof for Jesus as the Predicted Son of God.
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