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October 18 - 24, 2022

The Kepke Surname Hits Paydirt
My Hospital Crib

If you're waiting for Jesus to return, see Post-Tribulation Rapture

It was nice while it lasted. Hall of Names is no longer showing the descriptions of the Coats of Arms presented at House of Names, but I have many of them recorded in my past updates from which to borrow.

Super Video For Preppers

I'm going to put this video up front for all who want cheap solar panels for trib purposes. They say that solar panels last 20 years or more, but I've never read what it is that deteriorates them, whether the sun-side of the panels has a shelf life at all, and, maybe, those who say that panels have a shelf life are the sellers who put out disinformation for all to repeat, because they want us to scrap the panels eventually to buy anew. But the fellow in this video clams that the only thing needing replacing are the diodes. He shows how to fix them by disconnecting the three diodes in a snap, leaving them in place on metal plates (no need to yang them off), and then soldering on three new diodes to any available surfaces on the same metal plates. Bango, he has new panels with full power output, whereas he had almost no power output before the diodes were replaced. So, buy used panels and new diodes, and make the money-grubbing globalists good and mad:

Someone in the comments section: "I haven't read the other comments here to see if anyone has mentioned it, but those diodes are known as Blocking Diodes. Repairing broken or cracked panels is something that I do also. Great work! P.S. maybe you can do a video on repairing working panels with broken glass using a marine epoxy that's uv resistant. Just my thoughts."

Use electronics solder.

Kepke in My Life

Listen to this everyone, it's sobering. Over the past years, I either didn't check "Kepke," but loaded "Kepka" instead, or houseofnames didn't have a Kepke/Kopke Coat until recently, because I've not known it until this month. "Kepka" brings up no Coat. It's a good thing that I've not mentioned a Kepke Coat because it helps one to believe that I'm not making the story up where Mr. Kepke dangled a spider to frighten me at the GRAFF residence. Besides, why would I portray myself as a coward when fabricating a story? What kind of absolute loser would fabricate such a story, anyway?

Load Kepke's now to have access, on another tab, to other Coats of Arms.

The theory has been that Graffs/GRAFFENs point to graphene-oxide in vaccines. I'm writing this first-thing Saturday morning because in the middle of the night this morning, I made a realization. How many of you think of heraldry in the middle of the night? It's the job God has given me for warning and strengthening some of His people, and maybe for some lost sheep too. I wrote several times on the Kepke/Kopke goat in this update, but was too busy making links to other surnames to consider that it could be code for the Goat/Gotham surname. And then I remembered, in the wee hours of the night, as if God said to an angel, "you better go talk to him and get this through his hard noggin," that Goats/Gothams share the GRABBEN Coat EXACTLY. There should be a hundred exclamation marks after that last sentence, because I often increase their numbers in accordance to the importance of the find.

Compare "Grabben" to "Graffen." This is why God used Mr. Kepke at the Graff residence to point to graphene. However, I had a sense, not of happiness with this find, but of dread, because God's not going to arrange this pointer for us in this unusual way unless graphene is going to become a horror on earth. Sobering.

Keppochs even have Grabben-like Garbs. The Garb surname is also "Garpe," and Grabbens come up as "Grapp/Grape." The Graffs are also Graffens and Gravs, and Grabbens are also Cravers. More should come forth from this find. For example, later in this update, there is proof, along with the CHIEVers who share a white goat with Kepke's/Kopke's, that Russells (white goat) were a Rush branch, both from VARANgian Rus of KIEV, which is relevant here because VARNs share the bend of Grabbens and Goats/Gothams (in Got/Gode/Gade colors). Plus, Russells, sharing the Sauer Coat, have a motto, "Che sara sara," while Sarah's/Sayers are in Varn colors and format. Varangians co-founded Russia, and while the latter uses a bear symbol for some reason I don't know, Sarah's/Sayers share the motto of bear-using Barwicks.

The "Che" motto term can be for the Chee's/Cheatle's because they almost have the Coat of Buttons/Bidens/BODENs who trace to Budini of the Kiev area. The only difference between the two Coats is that Chee's/Cheatle's use a dancette for their fesse, and English Dance's share this fesse along with Keppochs (Yorkshire, same as Dance's). As I've said a million times, Kepke, some five years after the spider event, invited Miss Peare to a bar, and I was there. When he left the table, Peare and I RUSHed up the stairs to get away from him, to kiss. I'm repeating this because, when he took her away from me (in a window-slam event to be re-dissected below), he was always dancing with her, starting at this same BAR. Kepke loved to dance, and so did she. It tends to make me thing that Dance's and BARs (share Dance lion head) were Keppoch kin. Bar-le-Duc is in Lorraine, and Keep-related Lorraine's were from Kiev too. There you see God's handiwork again, arranging an event in my like with Kepke to jibe with heraldry. And there's usually more behind these links than one at first sees.

I've shown several times how king Donnus of the royal Cottians trace to Italian Dance's/Donnas' (same place as Pero's). They are suspect with the Cotesii that are stamped at the top-right of this map on a Buzau river (not stamped). Their Wikipedia article tells that Roxolani Rus were on a Dnieper river through Kiev, but also had a home at the Naparis river shown to the south of the Buzau, yet I saw the Roxolani stamped on the Buzau too, you see, so that Kepke and Peare dancing points to this proto-Cottian relationship with Roxolani.

New: Cotta's/Cottons, suspect from king Cottius, Donnus' son, come up as "Gote," I kid you not. Julius Caesar, son of Aurelia Cotta, made a pact with royal Cottians at SUSa, tending to explain why French Julians were first found in Languedoc with Cotta's/Cottons/Gote's and Roxburgh-branch Roquefeuil, as well as the Roque's/Rocks (Kepke/Kopke colors) and Rockets (Fauci colors and format). Julian-branch Gullys were first found in Oxfordshire with Peare's and SUSAns, and German Julians (Gull branch) in Saxony with Kepke's/Kopke's. Mr. Kepke's golf adventures pointed to the Gull/Golfin line, and now we know why.

Rushing up the stairs = scala with Miss Peare pointed to Scalia's because their ladder is a pale bar colors reversed from the Pero pale bar, but also colors reversed from the two pale bars of Spanish Paloma's, and the four pale bars of Italian Dance's. She and I rushed up the stairs at a La Paloma bar. This is being repeated because the Scalia pale bar is blue, the color of the lone pale bar of ROXburghs. The latter were a Rockefeller branch, trust me, it's what God points to regularly, the humanoid demons of the planet.

later in this update, I share from an ancient quote telling that the Neuri visited the city of the Budini regularly. As I think the Neuri were from the Biblical Nahor, Sarah's brother-in-law, it appears that his son, Buz, put forth descendants that named the Buzau river. The neighboring Naparis is now the IALOmita, and while Yellows, who almost have the Grabben and Goat/Gotham Coat, were first found in Oxfordshire with Peare's (and Cribbs), the PEERless' are listed of Naparis-like Napiers. The "Sans" motto term of Peerless'/Napiers must be code for a family from the SENSii that you see at the Naparis river at the map above.

Fictional Gotham was home to Batman's BUTler. Butlers essentially share the Coat of English Randolphs while Scottish Randolphs use a bat and Kiev-trackable horseshoes. Batman and Robin, who lived in a CAVE, wore CAPEs, and Chappes'/Cheaps, who use "sheaves of wheat" to suggest their being a branch of Sheaves'/CHAVES', were first found in Stirlingshire with Robe's/Robbs sharing the Robin chevron. French Chappes' share the Moor head with Wootens who share the Bat saltire.

The "tache" motto term of Peerless'/Napiers' must be for the line of Tess'/Tecks (Switzerland, same as Sens'/Senns and Graffs/Graffens) because they have the Peerless/Napier saltire in colors reversed. Tess'/Tecks were from the Ticino canton of Switzerland, we may glean, because its Tessin/Ticino river flows to Pavia, where Pierro's/PERO's were first found.

Shakespeare's, in Sarah / Varn colors and format, use "sanz" instead of "Sans," but good enough. The double-tipped spear is shared between Shakespeare's and Fulke's who in turn share the Peerless/Napier fleur-de-lys, and have a motto, "Chi sera sera" (almost the Russell motto). Speers were first found in RenFREWshire while Frews share the Coat of Cars who in turn have a "Sero" and "serio" motto term. Frew-like Freys and Freeze's have the three Rush horses on a green Shield. "Chi" is shared by Shaws/Sheaves', first found in Berkshire with Boots, and with Windsors sharing the Tess/Teck saltire. The latter share "Tease" with Thys', the latter first found in Nottinghamshire with Goats/Gothams.

I once lived at the home of Mrs. Deeter, who kept goats. She would feed the newborns with a milk BOTTLE, and Bottle's/BOOTels thus look like Kepke liners from the Budini because Kepke's/Kopke's have the goat. The main point is that Deeters/Teeters use grapes and an upright dog in both colors of the upright Kepke/Kopke goat. Grape's are listed with Grabbers!!! We can even add that the milk bottle has a teet. Mrs. Deeter lived at a WINE CUP ranch, as I've said a few times before, and Wine's/Winns are excellent here for sharing the spread eagle of Graff-like Greafs/Grave's/Griefs! Zinger, just look at that WARNING. Deeters/Teeters were first found in Pomerania with the House of GRIFFIN (what a graffincidence) while Grape's/Grabbers come up as "Gripp."

If the Deeter/Teeter dog is on a hill instead of a mound, note that spider-like Spitzers use "hills."

Permit a bit more before moving on. Mrs. Deeter was born Miss Sim(p)son. Simsons love the Alis' in their motto who use a "MUZZLE" on their bear, as do Barwicks who share the Sarah/Sayer motto. The two-word motto of Alis is used by the Keith/Mascals, first found in East Lothian with Simms' and MUSSELburgh. In the write-up of Fauci-connectable Faucets, we find that SAER de QUINCY built the castle of Faucets a few miles from Musselburgh. Then, while the Deeter/Teeter dog is almost the Fortuna/Fortune dog, and while Teets/Tate's were first found in Bernicia of the Barwicks and Berwicks, and While Scottish Fortune's were first found in East Lothian too, German Fortuna's/FORTs look like they have the SFORZa lion that itself holds a "QUINCE." German Fortuna's were first found in Rhineland with the Salome's who essentially share the Coat of faucet-connectable Vaux's, both first found in East Lothian.

The Message to all is: DO NOT RECIEVE A VACCINE, or you will eventually receive bodily malfunctions. Below is a super-looking video which has no request for your money i.e. may not be an ad, claiming to prove that many illnesses have been proliferated (or caused outright?) by non-COVID vaccinations in the pre-COVID era. It's a staggering video. According to this video, the cure for hearts attacks is not to take any vaccines, and Fauci and company have know this. They have been doing population control all along, over the last four decades, I assume, using standard vaccines, probably by stacking them with poisons of various sorts. THE DATA IS MADE CLEAR.

It shows that the cure for diabetes is: taking no vaccines. At 16-17 minutes, here's what the charts say: zero arthritis for people who have not been vaccinated ever; zero heart disease for people who have never been vaccinated; zero diabetes for people who have never been vaccinated. It's staggering; zero asthma for people who have never been vaccinated; zero cancer for people who have never been vaccinated. It means that the cure for cancer has been known: don't take a vaccine. It means that the cause of ruin-away cancer is thus known: vaccines. Judy Mikovits was telling the truth.

Now we know why the authorities have insisted on vaccinating school children over many decades, to assure that the grow up to enrich the medical industry, and to make people die sooner to "save the planet" from over-population. But the population-control demons were unhappy with the too-small population reduction from standard vaccines, apparently, and so they devised COVID vaccines to speed things up, have I got that correct?

I put the video first thing so that nobody starting this update would miss it. Save the video for court in case you need it to fight a future vaccine mandate in your area. Share it with everyone you love or hate because the illnesses apply to adults too:

The Russian Bear Visited My Place

Last month, a bear put over 40 holes into a jug of Round-Up that I left sitting beside a maple tree. I've been talking about this over the last three updates, trying to understand why God set this bear up here. I have an addition to the Round-Up event, but keep in mind that it was a quarter full of POISON weed killer, though by the time I got to it mauled by the bear, it was empty. Already, it speaks to me of Russia ruining poison-vaccine labs in Ukraine, and the following will point to its capital, Kiev, in particular. I repeat from the last update starting at Kiev-like Keips:

The previous NATO leader was Mr. Rasmussen, and the Rasmussen Coat is essentially a colors-reversed version of the Keiper/Keip Coat.

[Insert -- Keipers/Keips are in the colors and format of Treffers/Traffords, who appear to be rooted in Tref(f) / Traf(f), and thus can be expected with Trips/Treffs i.e. from Trypillians of the Keip-like Kiev area. Beauty...Treffers/Traffords use the griffin of Pomerania, and that area is not far from the first-known Trips/Treffs of Hamburg. As the Tree's may have developed from a marriage with Treebys, let's repeat: "Tree's/True's are also TREWs. The latter were first found in Wiltshire with Dreux's/Drews." The latter are in Keip, Treffer/Trafford and Drake colors and format, making "Trew" and "Drew" look like a Treff branch, and thus capable of tracing Tree's to Trypillians. Drake's use a giant dragon with a 666-like tail, and it's very much like the Treffer/Trafford Coat. A tree is used my Masseys/Masse's who once showed the Trip/Treff boots.

Trips/Treffs use shoes, and Shoe's use a TREE!!! If Trews were a Tarves / Tarvisium branch, then it appears that they all, along with Tarves-like Trabys / Trebys, were from Trypillians. The Vito's of Tarvisium are even in Keip / Treffer/Trafford colors and format. The Tree Crest has a knight.

The reason that the Drake tail was mentioned is that there seems to be a 666 in this Arms of Traby, but the point in repeating the above is that I forgot to tack on to the quote what was added elsewhere in the last update: Maple's share the split Tarves Shield and share three motto terms of Chives', first found in Tarves. The Round-Up was at the maple tree!!!! You see, that bear at the maple is the Russian bear attacking Kiev to cancel its poison-vaccine programs aimed at Russians.

Round-Up kills weeds, and Weeds/Weetons, first found in Northamptonshire with English Janssens, share the German Janssen Coat. Janssen makes Johnson & Johnson vaccines, and perhaps this company was planned as the delivery weapon against Russia. Rounds use a SLEEPing lion, and the Sleep Coat is a colors-reversed Coat version of German Janssens, the latter first found in Holstein, near Hamburg. Hamburgs share the crosslets of English Trips who in turn use the scaling ladder, and I showed how ladder-like Lauders and Letters have the Treff/Trafford Coat in colors reversed. I also told that LOTHARingia is an alternative name for Lorraine while Lorraine's share the bend of Keip-like Keeps because both are from Maria of Kiev. I can add that Marys were first found in Norfolk with Weed/Weeton-like Wheats and TROPE's/Drops. Hamburgs use drops, suggesting that Trops/Drops and Troops/Trupe's (Banffshire, near Tarves) were Trypillians too.

The amazing thing now is that the Tooths share both the Lauder/Letter and Treffer/Trafford griffins, and the bear plugged more than 40 tooth holes into the jug!!! ASTOUNDING. If that's not enough, the giant Fang horse is colors reversed from the giant Keip/Keiper horse!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NO COINCIDENCES, God speaks.

One thing I've learned in these heraldic discussions is that, while God won't ordinarily speak audible words with us, and certainly doesn't carry conversations, He can speak through our written words without us knowing, and thus He can think through us without us knowing, which must be the definition of, "I will write My laws on their hearts." It must also be the definition of God's Light in us, which speaks to His knowledge and wisdom. Those who hate God do not have this Light by design of God removing it from them, and thus they become intelligent but foolish beasts doing all sorts of stupid, lunatic and filthy things.

It should not escape us that Keips and Kopple's were first found in Nuremberg, for this can point to the breaking of Nuremberg laws by the Western beasts, the anti-Christs. Kopple's named Koplik, or vice-versa, on the Clausula river, which has a source near Trope-like Tropoje. NURemburg is suspect from the Ukraine's Neuri. The Budini, says Wikipedia, lived south of Kiev, where one writer located Trypillia, and it just so happens that while the Trebia river is a tributary of the Po, the latter was also called the BODENcus, revealing that Budini and Trypillians were on the Po. Copparo is near the mouth of the Po, and Coppers/Coopers were first found in Sussex with Keeps.

Angus, suspect from Angusta, is near Tarves and Banffshire, and so let's add that the giant Angus lion is that also of Dreux's/Drews, in Treffer/Traffords colors and format. My best shot at identifying the location of Angusta, from a map I've lost that had it, is at the Trotus river (Romania), and here it's pertinent to topic that Trots/Truths are in the motto of Scottish Allisons who are said to descend from certain MacDonalds that I see from the KEPPoch branch. One Wikipedia article on the founders of the Keppoch branch gives them a black fitchee, the color of the Tarves and Clinton fitchee. The last update found a link between TRUDeau's and Keip liners, and so let's add that Trots/Truths are also Trude's while Trade's/Trotte's are in rare KIEVer/KAUFner colors while Cofferts/Coverts were likewise first found in Sussex.

As an aside, I've just seen the "veritas" motto term of Angus', recalling the last update's mention of Project Veritas like so: "As Wheelers/Whalers share the Lorraine lion while Keeps share the Lorraine bend, let's add that while Kievers are also Kiefers, KEEFE's have the Lorraine lion in colors reversed. Drigs use 'darts,' and then the Maine's (Devon, same as Darts), with a 'PROJECi' motto, have a 'dart'!!! LOOKIE AT THAT, an apparent pointer to James O'Keefe of PROJECT Veritas." I trace Darts/Dards to Dardanians at the Tropoje theater.

New: Hamburgs use an "utili" motto term, like the "Utile" of bear-using Shuttleworths who in turn share the "weaver's shuttle" of Keeps! This symbol pointed to graphene-oxide in vaccines, and so keep in mind that graphene-like Graffs/Graffens are suspect with the Griffin family of Pomerania that gave the Arms of Pomerania its red griffin, the Treffer/Trafford and Tooth-Crest symbol. Tooths were first found in London with Caiaphas-like Capes' who in turn share the Chief-Shield colors of Angus', and the latter probably share the Annas star because CAIAPHAS, killer of Jesus, was the son-in-law of Annas, killer of Jesus. Trudeau's were first found in Ile-de-France with CHAPPES', just look at that similarity, and the tall Chappes chevron is in Kepke/Kopke colors and format.

It was Mr. KEPke, with a name like "Caiaphas," at the home of the Graffs (German accent, why?), who pointed to graphene-oxide with Keeps because he chased me with a spider dangling on a WEB outside the Graff residence. Webbers are a Weaver branch, and spider-like Spitzers can now apply, finally, though I haven't been happy in the past with how they might apply. Spitzer's use a "tunnel" in their "hill," and the Tunnel Coat is a version of the Bump Coat while Bumps share both griffins of Tooths!!! "TOOTH" is suspect in the "true TO THE end" motto of Hume's/Home's (bear-depicted Berwickshire, same as teeth-like TEETs), and True's are listed with Tree's/Trews! Bingo, Intelligent Design behind the heraldry to connect it to the spider-chase event. Plus, Bumps were first found in Gloucestershire with Grave's/Greafs/Griefs while Graffs/Graffens are also Gravs.

The "PRAEfero" motto turn of Hamburgs look like part-code for Irish Prays (Angus / Dreux/Drew lion in colors reversed) because they share the triple pale bars of Trots/Truths, and moreover the Pray Chief is the Trope/Drop Chief. "PraeFERo" could be for a surname that includes Ferrara's because Ferrara is on the Po. Ferrara's share the Graff/Graffen lion. In colors reversed, the Keip horse can be in the Hamburg Crest. The Hones' suspect in the Hamburg motto were first found in HAMpshire with Drake's (Treffer/Trafford / Dreux / Keip colors and format), and beside the Abreu- / Evreux-related Salisburys. The Hamburg tower is that of Abreu's/Abruzzo's too, and the latter were of Eure at Evreaux while Dreux's/Drews named Dreux in Eure.

Prays and Trots/Truths/Trude's share the six pale bars of Coats/Cotes', suspect from the Cotesii on the Buzau river, not far from the Trotus. As Kepke's girlfriend gave us the Waistells with her white horse and more, and as Waistells are suspect with "VESTALis," son of king Cottius of the Cottians, the Hamburg horse looks like the Waistell horse because Cottius was at SUSA on the RIParia river while "R.I.P" is on the tombstones of TUME's/Tombs (SUSAn colors) suspect in the "HonesTUM" motto term of Hamburgs. This is new. And, to boot, English Weavers share the Waistell garb.

Brest at the VISTULa river was a major topic of the last update, and while I think there was a Helena on the Trotus river, a certain Helen I dated had gotten a breast symbol in relation to Pepin of Landen, and Pepins not only share the three Helen horse heads in colors reversed, but have the Webber and Rasmussen/ASSman bend-with-fleur in colors reversed. Kiev-line Lorraine had a stain on her Butt and ASS that pointed to Budini of Kiev, and the Rasmussen unicorn is giant and colors reversed from the giant Keip horse. Miss Peare (Kepke's girlfriend above) has breasts on the large side perhaps for a Brest-of-Poland reason. Peare's were kin of Butt-like Abotts/Abbuts (pears), and the Abott/Abbut Crest has the upright unicorn of Rasmussens.

The TROTsky surname can trace to Angusta upon the Trotus river, and the Trots have six pale bars in half the colors of the six of Italian Belli's, thus tending to prove that Helena did marry king Bela so as to have offspring. These Belli's were first found in Verona with Bellino's, and the latter's bear leg jibes with the Trot/Trude bear.

Trotsky was a Marxist, and while Jewish Marx's are also Marks, English Marks share the fleur-de-lys of Ainsleys, a branch of Annas' who in turn share the Angus star. It's interesting that while Helena's father was VRm, VOIRs/Voyers use St. Marks lion. Vrm-like FORMans, sharing the green dragon of WORMs, use anchors while the Annacker variation of Anchors looks like "Annas." Voirs/Voyers share the Chance lion, in colors reversed from the Chase lion, and Case's are in the Arms of Angus overtop the Stewart Coat. Chance's were first found in Essex with the English Este's who happen to have the Helen Coat (almost) in colors reversed, thus making an excellent trace of Helena to Helens. Boots were first found in Berkshire with Kents sharing the Voir/Voyer lion.

The Arms of Angus partly use the Douglas Coat with the Moray stars, and Bellys were first found in Moray with Douglas'. The Arms of Angus also have the checkered fesse of Stewarts, and two Mark surnames have checkered fesses, including the Marx's. The Marici co-founded Pavia (with the Leavell-like Laevi Gauls), where Pierro's/Pero's were first found who have a Coat like that of Butts/Bute's/Boets. It could appear that Bidini were at PAVia, and Lorraine's bare feet of the PAVEment of Yonge street point to Leavells because they share the triple piles of Scottish Yonge's.

Peter Pollock was at Moray, and while Kepke JUMPed on his pogo stick, Pollocks (same place as Paisleys) are also Poke's/Poage's while Jumps (Yorkshire, same as Formans) share the Belly and Paisley rose while Sticks are suspect with Trabys. Paisleys share the anchor of PACKs (Sussex, same as Keeps), gold like the Forman and Firmen anchors. The pogo stick has one leg while Trumps, sharing the Jump stag head, almost have the Coat of Leggs (Dumfries, same as green-dragon Kilpatricks). Trump ruled the White House always hopping along on one leg. "PAX" and "bello" are motto terms of Bastards (Devon same as Bello-branch Billets) sharing the Belly chevron. Bello(w)'s and Billets share the cinquefoil of Douglas-like Doags/Dogs.

Pollocks used their saltire in colors reversed too, which in those colors is in the Scottish Andrew Coat. Bela was king Andrew's brother. The Andrew saltire is that of the Bruce's of Annandale, and Helen my tenant had a breast symbol for the Bruce line expected at St. Brieuc, near Brest, where Helens were generally first found. Brest in Poland is near Traby. The three Brest/Brix lozenges are shared by Fellers who in turn have the eight-pointed Belly star in colors reversed.

Helens look like Este kin while Balans/Baalhams use ESToiles. Bela thus looks like he's in the bells of Potter-connectable Porters, for Potters are largely in Balan/Baalham colors and format, as are Dragons/Drainers (Hampshire, same as Potters, Porters/Pawters, and estoile-using Ports) who can now be traced to the dragon of Vrm-like Worms!

The Apsus river is at AntiPATRIA while "patria" is an ABBot motto term while Apps/Abbs' were from the Apsus, making the Budini suspect at the Apsus if Abbots/Abbuts were somehow a cross between Budini and Apsus liners. Abbots/Abbuts use pears while Patria's list PEARtree's. That's PearTREE's! The Arniss variation of Annas' is at Arnissa (Genusus river), near Antipatria.

Ahh, as per the "Praefero" motto term of Hamburgs, Ferro's (Sicily) look like kin of Kite's and Kitts while English Kidds share the upright Kepke/Kopke goat! Beauty. Scottish Kids have a TREE (beauty) with what could be the Arms-of-Traby horn hanging from it, but see also the colors of the horn dangling from the tree of Lothians, first found in Perthshire with Justins. I showed (last update) how Kepke's/Kopke's were kin of Justins (near Tarves and Troops/Trupe's) for an additional pointer to justin trudeau. Justins were from Justine of PICENum, and PIACENza is at the mouth of the Trebia.

NEW: The last update showed how Sticks (same place as Webbers) can relate to an Astikas-Traby marriage, and while Diane Muschatov is Ukrainian like Kepke's father, I KNOCKed on her window (see last few updates for that) as a pointer to many Ukraine-possible things, including Anthony Fauci. I now discover that Webbs (Wiltshire, same as Stars, beside Webbers) have the bird design of Botters/BODINs in colors reversed, tending to assure that Weaver-loving Keeps were from Kiev with the Budini. The Webb bird, which I assume is an eagle because I know that Botters/Bodins use an eagle, is in the colors of the giant Knock/Knox bird (I think it's a falcon but maybe it's an eagle), and the falcon in the Knock/Knox Crest is standing something that looks like a STICK while I know that the giant Botter/Bodin eagle is standing on a "perch." So, Webbs should become part of my pointers.

The Stars are in brackets above because they share the lozenges of Settle's, first found in Lancashire with Weaver-loving Shuttleworths/SHETTLEworths. This is terrific because Wiltshire is where trumpet-using Calls/Calles' were first found while Lancashire has the Livers/Lovers with a rooster said to be "standing" on a "trumpet," and the Botter eagle is said to be "standing" on the perch. Trump and Fauci together are murdering and sickening the people of the United States and beyond. It is literal murder on Trump's part as he basks in the glory of "father of the vaccines," what a stupid and heartless beast without ears to hear what the experts have been reporting.

Although Tree's/Trews and Livers/Lovers share bendlets without a bend in a different color, Tree's/Trews share the same of Saxons, first found in Lancashire with Livers/Levers, and Saxons have "CHAPlets" while Chaplets were first found in Lorraine, and they use swans in the colors of the giant swan once shown for French Josephs. It looks like the line of Joseph Caiaphas. French Josephs were first found in Maine while Maine's share the double chevrons of Perche's suspect in the Botter/Bodin perch. The Billets/Billiards are connectable to Bellows and the Bellys, and English Billiards/Hillards (have Innis stars in colors reversed) share the stars of Morays, which are also in the Chief of Kepke-connectable. Scottish Kidds. The latter share the Chief of DOUGlas', first found in Moray with Bellys, and Bellows share the DOAG/Dog cinquefoil.

The line of king Andrew, Bela's brother, goes to the Andrew at the root of the Ross clan that named Ross-shire, near Moray. King Andrew's son, George, was in Scotland in 1055, the year after Siward of Northumberland defeated king Macbeth of Moray. Two years later, Malcolm III killed Macbeth and became the king in Moray. George's son married Malcolm's sister. Thus, Bellys of Moray, and Baileys / Baliols of Northumberland, were from a child of Bela. Baileys share in Crest of Innis' (Moray, have Moray Coat in colors reversed) Crest while Innus' (not "Innis") are said to be of ANGUS elements, perfect because Bela's wife was in ANGUSta, making Bellys look like they were Helena's line. No one amongst the professional historians online seem to mention Bela's marriage to Helena, but heraldry just bore it out.

The Helens are said to have been from a place near St. Brieuc, and the Breuci people group were on the Sava at the mouth of the KUPA (COLAPis) river, now highly suspect with Kepke/Kopke liners as well as the Cups/Cope's/COLPs, Copps, and similar others. The neighboring Una (ancient Oeneus) river is suspect with the One variation of Innis', and from this we could venture a leap to Annas' because they share the Angus star. We are near Hungary with the Una and Sava rivers, and Sava's/Savage's look related to Tarves', the latter first found in Aberdeenshire with Cups/Cope's/Colps. The RasMUSSEN uniCORN we saw above is code for the Ceraunii Illyrians beside the Una, and part-code for the Maezaei on the Una. You can easily glean that RASmussens were from king Rusa of Mus of Lake Van.

St. Brieuc is near Brest (Brittany) while Brest in Poland (on the Bug river from Ukraine) is near Traby, and Tarves is even near the first-known Troops/Trupe's while Tropoje is near the Sava.

Here's from the last update while my knocking on Muschatov's window was done when standing on her TV antenna:

Might Tarves-like Tree's/Trews/Trows apply? Is this why the jug was at a tree? Was the Tree variation named after Treebys/Trebys? Ahh, antenna-like Antons/Anthonys have a giant leopard face, suggesting Anthony FAUCi!!! Fauci's boss was Francis Collins, and Austrian Anthonys share the English Collins' bend!!! The same Collins' have a demi-griffin in the gold color of the demi-lion of Graffens!

It looks like a pointer to graphene-oxide together with a pointer to 5G phone towers, especially as Windows were a branch of Fiens/Finis' and Fiens/PHONE's/Fane's/VANs...from Lake Van, home of Russia-like King RUSA, and moreover the namers of MUS at Lake Van looks like it named Moscow-like Muschatov. My mother is a Masci on her mother's side, and end-time Meshech and Rosh will attack Israel soon with the anti-Christ. I get the impression that God caused me to climb her antenna to point to the anti-Christ out of this Russia-Ukraine war. To really nail the knock-on-window event as being from God, Antons/Anthonys share the red leopard face with Nocks who in turn share the gold crown with Corons / Corona's.

The same bear that put fangs and teeth through the jug of Round-Up and put fangs through my water pipe at the shore of my beaver pond. The Arms of Oxfordshire has a green beaver, and Beavers share the English Weaver fesse. Oxfordshire is where Poussins, like the Pousson variation of poison-like Poissons, were first found, very connectable to Love's/Luffs and therefore to Checks/Cheeks who've been pointing to Chechens in Ukraine, trudeau's enemy. The bear at my beaver pond is suspect as the trudeau government at this time.

Helen got her breast symbol on the STAIR LANDING at Marlin court, and Marlins/Marklands are interesting for sharing the three martlets of Weeds/Weetons (linked earlier to Janssens). The triple Marlin/Markland fesses are shared by Poussins (Oxfordshire, same as Peare's and Abbots). Miss Peare had a stair symbol when she and I first kissed. Pero's use "flaming stars" while Stars are also STAIRRs. Stars/Stairs are connectable to Webber-branch Weavers.

I've mentioned the CHOColate treat that her previous manfriend left her on the door knob to her entry door. Chocks are listed with the Chicks, as are the Checks/Cheeks who point to Kadyrov's Chechens. Two updates ago started with Miss Muschatov CHOKing on a CHICKen bone (the way she told me, it seemed traumatic). Twenty years after we dated, we bumped into each other, and I invited her to drop into my place, but then I needed to tell her that I was with Helen at the time (Muschatov never dropped in)! It thus appears that even Helen is pointing to Kadyrov, an interesting addition to this investigation, for lack of a better word.

Helen's previous manfriend was David, and I wouldn't have known that David Morley was in the poison-vaccine-pointing sleeping-bag dream had he not visited me on his motorbike, at this same Marlin court; it was last time I saw him. Miss Peare got her waist symbol as the final scene in that dream, and Waistells are now pointing to things on Poland's Vistula river. Brest is near the mouth of the Bug on the Vistula, how Abbut that. The chocoLATE pointed to Lets/Late's, very connectable to Treffer-connectable Letters, who not only share the Peare and Abbut stars, but were first found in Gloucestershire with the Bumps who share the giant Letter / Lauder / Tooth griffin.

David Morley had pointed to Morleys/MAULs, and then the bear mauled the Round-Up. As I've been saying for years, long before the bear mauled the jug, Morley rode a circle (with his motorbike) around the sleeping bag that pointed to Rounds because they use a "sleeping lion." Is it not amazing that the Mauls are now being pointed to by the mauling of the Round-Up jug? It's a pointer to Rhodian globalism, like the Russian bear mauling, or wanting to maul, the Western Rhodians. Bill Clintion is a Rhodian Scholar, and Clintons share the six fitchees of Maple-connectable Tarves' (Trypillian suspects). The "riGORE" motto term of Morleys/Mauls can be partly for Gore's, first found in Kent with Trips and sharing their crosslets, and the Hamburg crosslets, but also the crosslets of Windsors, first found in Berkshire with the Biks/Bikers to which Morley's bike points. The current king of England is a Windsor, and he's a Rhodian no-doubt.

Cecil Rhodes had a "Round Table" group. Cecils ("una" motto term) have six lions in the pattern of the Clinton / Tarves fitchees. Cecils were first found in Devon, where Chives' of Tarves were once said to be first found, and thus Chives' look like they had been kin of Hykes'/Hacks who in turn look related to the Eatons, the latter first found in Cheshire (beside Shropshire) with Davids, and with the Sava's/Savage's having the six Cecil lions in colors reversed. Eitons/Eytons (Shropshire) are said to have named Eaton-like Etone.

Davids almost have the Gallop Coat, and the Waistell horse is said to be on a "gallop". If that's not enough, TOOThills, evoking the bear's teeth into the Round-Up, have a blue-version David Coat, and a near-copy of the Eiton/Eyton Coat while AITons/Aytons were first found in Berwickshire with David-related AIDS, Toot-connectable TEETs/Tate's, and with the Hume's/Home's with a "True TO THE end" motto. Gallops were first found in Dorset with the George's who share the blue Waistell doves. The "bolde" motto term of Gallops might be able to point to the Baltic sea with Bolds/Balts (almost the Treffer/Trafford Coat).

The chew-happy bear was suspect with a bear that was here a few years ago which was stealing food from the freezer in my carport (no doors, bear walks right in). I even remember that I had found a CHICKEN wrapping out back, with all chicken gone of course, and empty bread bags too. When I heard it one night at the freezer, I opened the KITCHEN (like "Chechen") door to the carport, loudly/frighteningly scolded it away, and as it ran out the door opening, I grabbed a half-gallon jar beside the kitchen door, thinking to give it a hard-throw whack on the BUTT to make it afraid of returning. It was dark out the door, and I could see nothing (I live alone in a forest, no neighbor's lights there, no street lights), but I whipped it anyway, and it hit the rock outcrop, and BANG, such a loud crash that must have been right beside the bear's butt judging by how far it would have been by the time the jar arrived to that ROCK. What does that event spell? Who do I represent attacking Russia with fright, so that there was no bear in the carport for two or three years after that.

The rock spells the Roxolani RUS, the proto-Russians we may assume, whom Wikipedia places on the Dnieper river, which flows from the Black sea north to Kiev, suggesting that Roxolani lived in the midst of, or near, Trypillians and butt-like BUDini. Isn't that a pointer also to the Russian enemies, both Rockefellers and Buttons/BIDEN/Bodens? As Roxolani were Rus-Alans, by what further coincidence are JARRE's/Jarrets said to be first found in Dol, home of Alans who became the royal Windsors??? The jar-toss event must have been longer ago than I thought, because I've just found this in the 2nd update on July, 2020; "A few years ago, I threw a JAR at the bear!" Note the term, "threw," like "Trew"!!! Beauty. It's indicating a Russian bear in the vicinity of Kiev, or south of it. Roxolani may even have been in the Crimea.

The English Alans (Shropshire, same place as Eitons/Eytons) almost have the Coat of Round-like Rundels (Kent, same as Trips and Roots) because Alans became the Arundels (Sussex, same as Keeps). It just so happens that the six "swallows" of Arundels are in the colors and format of the six Cecil lions. Swallows use swallows and a tree with roots, symbol also of the Rothes-branch Roots and their Wood kin. Compare Rudes'/Rudge's (Shropshire) and Ridge's to Rhodes' (Yorkshire, same as Morleys/Mauls).

I threw the jar from my kitchen door, and the Ketchin/Kichen variation of Kitchens is like "Chechnya." ALSO, I didn't load Kitchens in the last update and had forgotten that they are in the colors and format of Stumps/Stomps. I had mentioned the beaver-chewed stump at the beaver pond some 20 feet from the bear-chewed water pipe. Kitchens share the "water BOUGet" with Bugs, and the Bug river is at the Poland-Ukraine border. Waters share the Muschat Coat. water bougets are water containers, and French Buckets look like Bag and Gang kin while Roots share the Coat of Bagleys (Shropshire). Morley circled the sleeping bag, then RODE away down the ROAD from where he came, a road beside a MALL.

As was said, the maple tree having the mauled Round-Up had a circle or RING of ROCKS around the base of the trunk piled by me over a few years of rock collecting while landscaping the vicinity. It hasn't entered my head until now to load Rings. Irish Rings may be tenable here because they almost have both the Kichen-like Kick/Kech Coat, and almost the proto-Windsor Other/Otter Coat. In fact, this recalls the Otter of Balfours (Lviv-suspect Fife), and the Balfour Coat is a colors reversed, not-bad reflection of the English Ring Coat, and zikers, if you can find the Google-scrubbed articles on the Cecil-Rhodes Round Table / Illuminati, you will find prime minister Arthur Balfour!

The beauty is that Irish Rings are also Cranns while one Ground Coat is listed with Cranny while the other Grounds/Grundys were an obvious Rhodes branch, and I've forgotten until now that the Rhodes Coat has a reflection of the Aiton Coat. Grounds/Crannys use a crane for the Ceraunii at or near the Una, and the Cecil motto is "Cor unum via una," very likely code for Ceraunii because Corrins share the black escutcheon with Cecils. Mythical Coronis was the mythical crow, beauty.

Others/Otters were first found in Huntingdonshire with Ada of Varenne, the line to Aids, and the latter were first found in Berwickshire with Aitons/ARTems and ARTHURS!!! Arthur Balfour! The ring of rocks aROUND the maple tree points to him too, a satanist according to the writers. My last dream, or nearly so, was my KICKing a raven or crow at a stove burner, and while Varenne's/Verone's share the raven with German Rothes'/Rothchilds, Verona's almost have the Feller Coat (TREFoils).

I don't do much on Cecils, but is strikes me here that the kicking of the raven/crow at the burner can include Keck-like Cecils. OHHHH WOOOWWWIE (pardon my ancient language), the new-to-me Kuchs/Guggenheims are also Cecil-like KUCHELsheims, and they essentially share the Sleep Coat!!! The sleeping bag had pointed to Rounds, and now it appears that the Idea was to identify Cecils with Kuch liners, or, in short, to reinforce the dream's pointer to Rhodian globalism / communism. YES, for I now recall that while Rhodian socialism was the flag of the Fabian societies, Bags share the Shield of Italian Fabians!!!!! The sleeping bag is finally fully solved! On the other hand, with God, there may be no short end to the pointers. For what it's worth, English Fabians essentially share the Coat of Courage's in the Comyn/Coming motto.

German Ullmans share the Kuch/Kechelsheim / Sleep Coat exactly, and it just so happens that Polish Kuchs share the horseshoe on blue with English Ullmans/Olmans. For more on Ullmans, see "Copple" last update.

Ahh, while David Morley was riding away down the road, I was walking out of the woods and crossing the road to enter a mall PARKING lot. Perkins/Parkins (Leicestershire, same as Woods) share the triple Fabian / Courage fleur-de-lys. Perkins Coie was the legal firm of crooked Hillary, whose husband is a Rhodian Scholar (by invitation only, a secret society for goons who hate you but pretend to love you in order to get power over you = gangsters and rapists). The same fleur-de-lys is used by Glass' (Bute = ROTHESay), who share the Fabian (and Scott) border, and then the Gleason-branch Glas' are in Kick/Keck, Scott, and Leslie colors and format while Leslie's were earls of Rothes. I was kicking at the raven on the stove burner, and Burners / Burns / Bernice's were probably Bernicians of Berwickshire. Rothes is at Moray, and the Douglas' of Moray share the Stevenson/STOVE Chief. God has a target on the backs of the Rothschilian beasts, devoid of the Spirit and Light of God, but, please, do become Christians today.

Jarre's/Jarrets happen to share the Coat of Gardens/Jardens, first found in Angus with Jardins who in turn almost have the Angus Chief with Annas star. This has got to be the Helena-of-Angusta line. Jardins share the Chief-Shield combination of Annandale's, from the Ananes Gauls at the Trebia river! Beauty. Bruce's of Annandale married the Dol Alans, and these Bruce's were a Brest/Brix branch, related to St. Brieuc, near to where the Helens were first found who pointed with Helen on the landing to Brest. Amazing. Landrys were first found in Kiev-line Lorraine, and, as I've said, the laundry machines had their back sides at the landing wall. Bruce's of Annandale married Carricks who in turn share the Bug fesse, and French Landrys have a Coat looking like Carrick / Bug kin but with the Plock martlets. Plock is on this map at the Vistula near the Bug's mouth:

The PIPEs of these machines were under the landing, and Pipe's share the Pepin Coat while Pepins were at Landen. Landens with a Landry-like Lander variation share the six pale bars of LANGleys, and while Bra is at Langhe, she got her breast symbol when she lifted her bra over her breasts and let them hang out in my full view...because she was my date at the time, and because she was promiscuous, as I learned soon enough. Would God provide such an event as this? How important was it to do so, for it truly seems that the event jibes with heraldry, and even points to Kiev. Ahh, Laundrys use a giant TREE!!!

I've been talking about the time, at age 9, when I reached out to TOUCH a bra hanging on a LAUNDRY line longer than I've talked about Helen's bra event at the landing. The touch-bra event was at the home of JERRY Peterson, whose father was a Polish Jew. As there is no Jerry surname coming up, I landed on Jarrys because they share the giant TOUCH lion, no guff, who have the Hume/Home lion in colors reversed. Hume's love the True's/Tree's and Laundrys have a giant tree.

Raise your hands everybody if you think God is pointing to money-laundering by sending money to the Ukraine military in return for the Ukraine to stuff the pockets of American, political gangsters. Yes, for Kiev, money does grow on trees, because American gangsters print it legally with the help of their laundry machine, congress.

I neglected to say, in the last update, that while Pullys/Pullings share the Plock martlets, Pully is a location very near VEVey, serving as proof that Lviv, shown on the Bug river, is to Vivian- / Five-like surnames. The Arms of Lviv shares a "fidelis" motto term with Viv-like Weavers/Weave's. Carrick-branch Craigie's and Craigs have Vevey-like motto term. I've been saying for years that the last scene in the sleeping bag dream was my PULLING the WAIST of Mrs. Peare toward me, and I always apply that scene to Pullys/Pullings, but I've never put a paragraph like this one together because I rarely mention the Vistula with Waistells, and I don't remember knowing that Plock is on the Vistula until loading the map a week or two ago.

So, we see Intelligent Design in my pulling her waist, a pointer to Pulling liners related to the namers of Plock, and moving to lake Geneva's Pully location. Their Pellican branch (in the Pully/Pulling Crest) was first found in Maine with the Josephs (probably from Flavius Josephus) likewise sharing the Plock martlets, which is being repeated because Pellicans share the lone tower of Hamburgs while Trypillians were at Hamburg. English Josephs were first found in HAMpshire (beside Bugs) with the Flys having the Plock / Landry martlets in colors reversed, and sharing the chevron of pelican-using Meads who share the Plock and Landry martlets.

The "pret" motto term of Meads (and Morays) can go to the Fly-Prat relationship, both from imperial Flavians of RIETi, which included the Pully-line from Vespasia Polla, mother of emperor Flavius Vespasian whose family adopted the priestly-line Israelite, Flavius Josephus. Peare's are suspect from Flavius Petro, Vespasian's grandfather, because I met her when she worked for REITman's clothing. The Arms of Rieti uses a "PRATus" motto term.

While Stars/Stairrs were first found in Wiltshire with Bugs, pelican-using Meads and Stairs (not "Stairr") are together in the same colors and format, and colors reversed but in the format of Plocks who in turn share the Mead martlets. Meads have a chevron-with-martlets in the colors of the Peare chevron-with-stars, and the latter's stars are colors reversed from the same of Stairs, which recalls what I've always said, that Miss Peare and I (teens) RUSHed up the stairs, to get away from Kepke, so that we could have our first kiss alone. Russia-like Rush's share the courant horse of Waistells, is this not all a piece of Devised work? The Dol Alans became the pelican-using Stewarts. Trudeau's are in Mead and Stair colors and format.

I always trace the Kiss/Cush rooster to the same-colored one of Bibo's whom are in turn suspect with Lviv-like Vibia, mother of Lupus LAEVillus, suspect from the Laevi Gauls at Pavia, where Pierro's/Pero's were first found. I suppose this is why I kissed Peare before she went over to Kepke ( a couple of weeks later), for Laevillus' wife is to the Meshech-line Meschins. They with Masseys lived at the Orne river, and Orne's/Horns share the heron with the Crest of English Smiths sharing the motto in the Arms of Lviv. The motto has the Sempers/St. Pierre's/St. Peers.

Vancouver Island

On Monday, I had loaded the Hawkins surname when watching a video by a Mr. Hawkins claiming that justin trudeau ran a pedophile industry out of Vancouver. It reminds me that while people during the trucker protest said he was hiding out in Tofino, in neighboring Vancouver Island, I once stayed a winter at NANaimo (near Tofino) during which time a male child went missing. There is a mystery out of Vancouver Island where murdered people's feet alone wash up on shore still in their shoes, and when I went to find that story, here is what I came to first:

More than a dozen feet in shoes have washed up on B.C. beaches — and 1 case remains unsolved

Investigators still don't know whose feet were found in a pair of New Balance sneakers on a beach in 2016.

Pause the story right there, for in the last update there was a fantastic songline miracle using the FAITHs/FEYTHs/Faithfuls while I was on the Fate/FEET surname. The quote below shows how this miracle went in part, but keep in mind that it was while I was trying to discover why I was driving my car BACKward on a ramp in a dream, for the Backs are very important in this feet-in-shoe story for a reason to be shown.

[Insert -- Later in this update I come upon Neuri from the Big river, and discover that Nairns share the Car motto while Nairs/Neirs share the pheon of Sedans/Siddens-like Sidneys while Sedans/Siddens" share "sed" with Nairns and Cars. I drove a car, but the vehicle that tilted over in my view was resolved as a sedan. End insert] Also, as per the Gorhams at the start of the quote, know first that while Gore's share the crosslets of English Trips, German Trips/Treffs show shoes. Trips/Treffs were from the Kiev area along with Lorraine's, and the latter share the bend-with-eagle's of Gorham-like Gorsuch's. Plus, my date, Lorraine, had a feet symbol. Here's the quote:

...The Faiths/Faithfuls in the Gorham motto tend to indicate the Gorhams are nearly in Fate/Feet colors and format for a related reason.

A songline miracle just took place when I failed to capitalize "faiths/faithfuls." The split-second after "faith" was capitalized, while moving to do the same to "faithful," a NEWSboys song, "I Love Your Ways," sang "faithful." The whole line is "faithful to reSTORE," and it just so happens that Nuse's/Newes', first found in Hertfordshire too, have two pale bars in the colors of the counterchanged pale bar of Store's. I love His ways when He confirms like this that I'm on the right track, driving frontward.

Ahh, it took me this long to remember that German Backs/Bachs use a "steer". I was steering the car while driving backward. I remember looking backward while driving down the ramp! Therefore, we are to go to Steers, and look at the timing, for Steers are like the Styre variation of Sturs, and, I kid you not, Store's are also STURys! This is INCREDIBLE. The Back/Bach steer did not come to mind until some seconds after the paragraph above was written, and what's more incredible is that the Italian BOYs have a bull in the colors of the Back/Bach steer!!! NewsBOYs sing the song having the miracle!!!

Only God can put together a miracle like this, satan cannot, because it involves timing my writing, and controlling my writing, so that I'm working on "faithful" just as "faithful to restore" is singing on my speakers. Italian Boys are also Boets, and the Butts/Bute's/Boets can be traced very well to Budini south of Kiev. Butts/Bute's/Boets [Lorraine had a butt stain] have a Coat much like that of Pierre's/Pero's, first found in Pavia!!! INCREDIBLE, for English Pavia's (WARWICKshire) share the Fate/Feet Coat! The latter are in a sentence above with Faiths/Faithfuls. Italian Pavia's even share the TailBOIS/TailBOYS (and Townsand) scallop! When it rains, it pours...

When I was in Nanaimo, a boy went missing. The reason the Nuse'/Newes were in the quote was as per NEWSboys, and yet Nuse's/Newes have previously pointed to Jeffrey Epstein. Plus, as we saw the NEW BALANCE shoes that washed up to shore with the feet, let's now go to a quote from the last update that comes a little after the one above. This quote starts with an insert added today, as I write here, but before showing it (follow this), let's add that French Gore's are also Jore's and suspect in the "TouJOURs" motto term of Hawkins. It just so happens that the whole Hawkins motto is shared by Meads who are in turn in Trudeau colors and format! The Mead-Trudeau relationship is in the last update with a Godfrey-Trudeau relationship. As Godfrey de Bouillon is expected with Godfreys, Bouillons share "bello" with Bastards.

Plus, Gorhams were to topic because I sold TILES at Gorham drive, and while I was driving backward on the ramp, the vehicle "behind" me was tilted on two wheels while Tilts are listed with TILEtons. But, for a reason you will see, God also intended the tilted vehicle to be off-BALANCE. Here's the quote, and just gawk at how the News'/Nuces' come to topic too (with what look like Kiev liners) for an apparent pointer to New Balance shoes:

[Insert --After this update was out, I remembered that I forgot to deal with the OLD COUPLE who wanted the $5,000 [because their tilted vehicle crashed, and they were blaming me for the accident]. Then, on Tuesday night, for the next update, I came across the Olman variation of English Ullmans (Strong colors), which looks like "old man." It was the old man who demanded the money. Allmans were then loaded to find the English Back Coat exactly [the Balance Coat in colors reversed]. Or, the Copple's/Couples' share the eagle of Strongs (Somerset, same as Backs), and the latter share the giant eagle (different colors) with Backs. Or, while Copple-like Koppels were first found in Nuremberg with Keips, Keeple's/Keeble's (Keep colors) were first found in Suffolk with OLDMANs/Oldans. That seems to work super. (I've never known a surname in News/Nuces colors and format, but the Copple's/Couples' are the closest thing I've seen yet.) Heraldry has "TRIPle mounts," and Koppels look like they have one.

I happened to have had the Hawkins Coat loaded on another browser, telling they were first found at "Hawkinge or Hackynge, a parish in the union of Elham". Elhams happen to be listed with Allmans, and the Hawkins Coat itself is a major reflection of the Faith/Faithful Coat...

See the section, "Vancouver Island," in the next update for a murder story involving New BALANCE shoes that appeared on the BC coast with the FEET of the victim still in them!!! End Insert]

Then, the next paragraph after that insert, there is mention of Hohens along with the money that the old couple wanted from me, but it escaped me until this week that while English Moneys share the Hohen Coat, French Moneys (version of English Mountain Coat) have a version of the Tilt/Tileton Coat!!! Is that not incredible?

Plus, French Moneys share the Rainham besants while thousand-like Townsands were at RAINham (Forfarshire, beside FIVE-related Fife). The old man had asked me for FIVE THOUSAND DOLLARS, which is why Townsands and Rainhams were a topic along with RAINs and Rams (look related by their Coats), both first found in Essex. That's why the "plates" of Faiths/Faithfuls are so important, because Rams have the Plate Coat. Plus, we can now add that Essex is where Mountains were first found who are perfectly in the colors and format of French Moneys, this is incredible. The latter Moneys were first found in Savoy with the Masseys/Masse's who once shows the Trip/Treff boots exactly (neither surname now shows the boots). French Mountains share the Messey/Messier saltire, and the latter were first found in Burgundy with the Pilate's/Pilots who may point, as per their mention below in connection with Plate's, to the pilots of ships who were part of the murders at sea. Here's what comes immediately after the insert above:

There's a question on whether Hohenzollerns, who share the quadrants of ZOLLERns and Drive's/Drove's, were from "Dollar/Doler." German Tollers (Mecklenburg and Pomerania, same as Dols and Storms) have a Coat looking related to the Hohens and Zollerns, but compare also with the German Dole Coat which share grapes with Pomerania's Teeters/Deeters and German PLATE's! English Plate's have the Townsand Coat. THE STORM is Coming with a New Father (different attitude) who knows exactly how to speak words to best describe the truth of any situation, or innumerable situations combined (like all the events of one human life), what a fountain of wealth He is, such a perfect Judge. And if on that Day He says to me, "my friend." it will be enough to make my face shine. The devil wants it behind a mask, never smiling behind it, always talking like steel to steel, but Jesus will bring the full glow. Get ready to be happy, conquerors, as you store your foods.

Ahh, to teeter is to tilt over! Ahh, the vehicle was off-balance, and Balance's share the Coat of English Backs in colors reversed! Balance's were first found in Warwickshire with Scarf-like Sheriffs and Pavia's..."

Is that not amazing in what looks like a pointer to the New Balance shoes: "Investigators still don't know whose feet were found in a pair of New Balance sneakers on a beach in 2016 with feet."

[Insert -- The week after this update, I loaded Dame's to find Dahmers, evoking Jeffrey Dahmer, a convicted cannibal. Dame's/Dahmers share the Balance Coat. What say ye about that? I can point this to the Dunham surname of Obama's mother starting with the Dancetty-fesse of Damans, for Dunhams come up as "Domine's while Domino's/Damons were first found in Piedmont with dance's/Donnus, and then Damans share the fesse of English Dance's. Once we've arrived to Dunhams, we can add that the double-headed and giant eagle of Scottish Duns is in the colors of the giant Dame/Dahmer eagle. The sneaker-like Snake's/Snooks share the eagle of Irish Duns.

While ancient Moloch was a cannibal cult, especially infant/child sacrifices, "Mullach" is a motto term of Irish Duns. There is a Mullack/Molock surname that happens to share the motto of Face's/Fessys who in turn were first found in Northumberland with the Spinks who share the Irish Dunn eagle too. The Boofima human-sacrifice cult had an Imperi priesthood that, I once read, using leopard gloves during their satanic sacrifices, and this could have developed into a Leopard surname on word-play one way or another. There is a common "leopard FACE" in heraldry that suggests an important-to-heraldry Face-Leopard marriage. Face's/Fessys are from the Fieschi of Genova (Liguria, same as Imperia), where Doria's were first found who have the Balance / Dun eagle in colors reversed. Doria's married the Arduinici of Oneglia, and that place today is IMPERia, which I suspect got named by the Imperi priests, or vice-versa.

I had traced the Imperi to Numidians, which jibed with what I had read, that Imperi were from some place in Africa. Syphax, a Numidian ruler of Carthage, location of rampant child sacrifices, is suspect to the Kepke's/Kopke's who happen to use a giant goat, and I had read that Boofima priests sacrificed goats too, which then allows us to realize that BOOFima evolved into/form the Templar god, BAPHomet. Syphax-like Spike's are in Trudeau colors and format, and Trudeau's were first found in Ile-de-France with Chappes' while the first grand master of the Templars had married Elizabeth Chappes. What we are now reading may explain why Kepke and I both sold SHOEs, that's right. Syphax married Sophonisba, but she wanted instead to marry king Massena of Numidia, and Massena's happen to have a Coat version of Masci's (Piedmont).

The Arduinici lived in Ivrea upon the BAUTica/BALTea river, the namer of Baldwin I, first Crusader king of Jerusalem, and brother of Godfrey de Bouillon, explaining why BAUTs/Bauds were first found in Auvergne with Bouillons. Scottish Bauds were first found in Stirlingshire with Scottish Chappes'/Cheaps, and the amazing thing is that Bauts/Bauds have an upright and giant ram in the colors of the giant and upright Kepke/Kopke goat.

The first templar grand master was Hugh de Payens, and Payens share the pierced stars of Mullock-like MULLets, first found in Auvergne. Plus, the Mullets add the German Jagger hunting horn, which recalls my trace of Jaggers to the Numidian king, JUGURtha, nephew of MICipsa, son in turn of Massena. Mic Jagger's satanic Rolling Stones had an album, "Goat's Head Soup." I have just seem that king Gauda succeeded Jugurtha, evoking Goda, mother of Godfrey de Bouillon!!!!! Zikers, it looks like the Goat/Gotham surname (share the Coat of Rocco's from the Roxolani) can apply. The vertically-split Shield colors of Dutch Jaggers (share the German Jagger horn) is shared by Yarborough's highly suspect, along with Kepke's/Kopke's, from Kiev's Varangians. I suspect that Yarborough's have chaplets because Chaplets were first found in Keep-connectable Lorraine, and Lorraine my date is the one who pointed to Stain-related Yarborough's.

AMAZING: while Oneglia was named by Nagle's who are listed with German Neils/Nails, Irish Neils are also Neals while English Neals have the split-Shield of Dutch Jaggers too!!! The Noms suspect in the "Nomen" motto term of English Neals were first found in Ayrshire with Varangian-like Varns who in turn share the Goat/Gotham bend.

As per Rolling Stones, Rollings share the Coat of Irish Doors and Dorals while Stone's have a reflection of the English Door Coat, evoking the Doria's of Imperia. Stoners have the Doria eagle in colors reversed, and Stone's share the cinquefoil of Arduinici-like Ardens while Ardons (not "Arden") are listed with Artois' while the father of Godfrey de Bouillon was count in Boulogne, in Artois. It appears that God arranged this heraldry to make definite pointers, and Boofima is tracing to the king-Arthur cult.

Gauda was a grandson of Massena, who's usually called, MassiNISSA, possibly related to a Nissa element such as an ancestor of queen Nysa of Cappadocia, for Juba II, a Numidian ruler, had married Glaphyra Archelaus of Cappadocia.

Jugurtha-like Juggs/Judds share the boar heads of Scottish McGee's while Irish McGee's have leopard faces. I see Juggs/Judds from Judicael of Rennes. Rennes named the Wrens and Rains/Raines', the latter first found in Essex with what appear to be their Ram branch, and Bouillon-connectable Bauds use the giant ram as though related to the giant Kepke's/Kopke goat. RENfrews share the Baud and Bald ship, believe it or not. End insert]

The capital of Vancouver Island is Victoria, and the News'/Nuces" came to topic originally from my newspaper and COFFEE purchase in Victoria, Texas. On my drive from Galveston to Victoria, I passed an address of Mr. Maness of Bay City, and English Bays (Essex again) share the double Maness fesses. Mr. Maness, along with his wife at the time, Miss COVERT, had pointed to child abductions in Haiti by the Clinton crime ring. The Coffert variation of Coverts is like the Coffer variation of Coffee's and Coffare's, the latter first found in Somerset with Backs.

Miss Covert might point to VanCOUVER. Some say that Obama was involved with Vancouver, if I recall correctly, from his mother's home in neighboring Seattle, itself beside the state of Idaho, stationary home of Miss Covert and Mr. Maness. The two were involved as Christian missionaries in Haiti relief, and Miss Covert told me that Mr. Maness operated a helicopter. The two lived a few miles (maybe less than ten) from the headquarters of Aryan nations at HAYDEN Lake.

The boy who went missing in Nanaimo when I was there was last seen on the BEACH with his father. The Sleeping Beauty dream, featuring Ainsley Earhardt, was on Epstein's beach in the Virgin Islands. She was the second fulfillment of Sleeping Beauty. The first was Miss Hicks, and we saw Hykes'/Hake's (Norfolk, same as Haydens and Faiths/Feyths) linking to Hawkins who are in turn have a Coat looking like Faith/Feyth kin. Hawkins share gold fleur-de-lys with Hicks and Ainsleys, and Hawkins put five of them on their cross, as do Ainsleys. The Hawkins fleur is in both colors of the Hawk fleur, and the Pilgrims in the pilgrim's stave's of Hawks were first found in Norfolk too.

The tilted, off-balance vehicle (tilting at 45-degree or more) was showing its axle, and Axels/Axelrods were at HAWKESwell. The latter's axes may indicate that people had their feet axed off before they were murdered at sea. Sea's were first found in Kent with Trips, and Sea's share the triple-wavy fesses of Drummonds, the latter first found in Hamburg with shoe-using Trips/Treffs. Orions/Irons of Airaines link to nearby Abbeville, near the place named by Balance-connectable Baliols and Baileys, a branch of Bellys, and it could therefore be predicted that the murders took place on ships because Ships (Oxfordshire, same as Annesleys) use "bellows." Baliols have a Coat somewhat like that of Balans/Baalhams. Compare the latter surname to Balance's/BALANcors.

Aryan-like Orions/Irons/KENirons, first found in Norfolk with Haydens, share the cross of Ainsleys, and Ainsley Earhardt, who worked in Texas at KENS TV, has one child, Hayden. She points to Jeffrey Epstein very well in multiple ways, which is not to accuse her of anything, for even my bloodlines point to many things. Did Epstein's bosses hire despicable neo-Nazi's to do their hired-killer work?

Orions/Irons, said to be from AiRAINes, can be shown to be related to the namers of "Arran," and the latter is where the Blue's/Gorms were first found, matching the color of the New Balance shoes. The Gorm-like Gormleys/Grimes' (Grime/Grimm martlets in colors reversed) take us to Grime's/Grimms who happen to have the Fate/Feet Coat three times!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WOW! It must be correct to go to Orions from "Aryan Nation." Nations/Nathans (compasses, used at sea) were even first found in Nottinghamshire with Ainsleys.

Balance's were first found in WARwickshire, and I had found Miss Covert's former husband, and her son, listed at an address in Warsaw, Indiana, location of WARS white supremacists. I wonder if the latest form of these groups are now helping out in Ukraine, or somehow helping trudeau as he helps out in Ukraine.

Heraldic plates (white roundels) often become pellets (black roundels) in colors reversed, and so we may assume that the heraldry masters arranged for this color scheme because Plate's were a Pellet branch, and as Pellets (Sussex, same as Coverts/Cofferts) share the Coat of English Pilotte's. We can include the French Pilate's/Pilotte's/PILOTs who happen to share the white pheon with Nickle's/Nicols while German NIKE's/Nichols share pellets with Balans/Baalhams. Again, Balance's are listed with BALANcors, you see, very interesting because the article above with the New Balance (2016) shoes adds: "The latest solved case involving a human foot was completed in 2019, for a foot discovered in 2018...In September of that year, a left foot was found inside a blue sock and light grey NIKE running shoe." As per BalanCOR, isn't it funny that Gore's/CORE's were kin of Trips while Trips/Treffs use shoes?

Some have insisted that Mike Pence is a pedophile, and to support this, his part-white rabbit is online for all to see. White rabbits came to symbolize pedophilia, and I claim that God led me to the white coney rabbits of Conys for a pointer to such things. It just so happens that while Nike's/Nichols have a fesse with three pellets in the colors of the fesse with three plates of PENs/Pence's, Nike's/Nichols are in Cony colors and format. Balans/BAALhams were first found in Suffolk with same-colored Babe's and Blonds, and Lorraine's babe and blond-hair symbols were directly connected to her foot / feet symbol! See "sun-bright" in the last update for the explanation. The Baal cult was a human sacrifice cult, and it became Bel in Europe. Was Bela of Hungary named after Bel?

Conys were Meschin kin, and the Michaels using a "PEN" almost have the Meschin / Cony Coat. MICHAEL PENCE!

I've said that I had put my keys into my running shoes, just before getting into the sleeping bag in my NISSAN pick-up truck, an hour before being mugged there, in Galveston, at 1 am. The New Balance shoes were running shoes. The Nike-like Nice's are listed with Ness/Nessans, you see, so that whatever was murdering people in the Pacific ocean off of Vancouver Island appears related to whatever God wants to point to with my trip from Galveston to Victoria.

I had an OMEN in the sun, during the drive, hours before the mugging, and here it's pretty amazing that Dons share the double fesses of English Nicholsons who in turn have SUNS, while German Nicholsons list Nike's. Nissans were first found in Hamburg with shoe-using Trips/Treffs!!! The Dons, with an omen-like "omnia" motto term, have the double Nissan fesses in colors reversed. But that's not all, for the omen was a tiny and short cloud, the diameter of the sun, fully covering the sun like an eclipse in the SKY, and it just so happens that Scottish Nicholsons/MacNICKLE's were first found on Skye with McLeods/CLOUDs, how about that? Does the shoe fit?

[Amazing Insert -- From below this insert, let's go to the Ballinacor barony of BYRNEs, which can possibly point to trudeau where Gerards of Brin and Brindle share the giant Brin/BRYN lion. Brindle's are in Trudeau colors and format, and the Brindle Crest happens to be the English Cabot Crest while French C(h)abots, sharing the English Cabot Coat, have: "Descending from the original line of NICE, the Comtat branch of the family..."!!! What a nikincidence, but how can that be coincidental? If you didn't catch it, the Ballinacor barony is like the Balancor variation of Balance's, as though God prepared the heraldry to point the guilty finger to justin trudeau. Let trudeau cancel his partnership with dirty Schwabites, and let him come clean, or let the finger of God quash him as Schwab wishes to quash the masses. My bet is that Schwabites will become such targets they'll lock themselves away in isolation in quasi-lockdown mode, becoming prisoners in their homes when not at work.

Trudeau's are also in Camp/COMP colors and format, and COMtat may have been a Comp branch. French Cabots are said to have had a branch in Savoy, where Bryn-like BRIANcon sits immediately over the Cottian Alps from the royal Cottians suspect with the Coats/Cotes' sharing the Trot/Trude Coat. French Cabots have a "ConcusSUS" motto term suspect with the Cottian capital at Susa. '"ConCUSSus" can be for Kiss'/Cuss', but I choose German Cuss'/Guss'/Gess' because they share the French Roy Coat while Scottish Roys look like they could be sharing the Bryn Coat. French Roys were first found in Brittany with French Brians, and the Roy stars are colors reversed from the Victoria stars.

Ahh, I know what God is up to here. Roys are in the motto of English Lawns/Lane's who in turn share the triple lions of Irish Brians. The horizontally-split Lawn/Lane Shield is colors reversed from the same of Poindexters, the latter not only first found in the Channel Islands with English Cabots, but sharing the lone SHOE star!!!! INCREDIBLE OUTCOME. Poindexters even share the Fist/Faust fist that looks as handsome as Trudeau's face when he says "democracy". Lawns/Lane's were likely Bride kin, from the Bright-branch Bride's of Savoy, named after Brigantium, the alternative name of Briancon.

"CAPTa majora" is the Geddes motto, and while Geddes share fish with both Cabot Coats, Majors were first found in the Channel Islands with English Cabots. Amazingly, the three Cabot fish in pale are in the colors of the three-and-three pale bars of Trots/TRUDE's!!! Is that not amazing?

Repeat from above: "The TROTsky surname can trace to Angusta upon the Trotus river, and the Trots have six pale bars in half the colors of the six of Italian Belli's, thus tending to prove that Helena did marry king Bela so as to have offspring. These Belli's were first found in Verona with Bellino's, and the latter's bear leg jibes with the Trot/Trude bear." Compare "Bellino" to the Balancors/Balance's. The Bellino bear paw is even pale-wise in the colors of the Trot/Trude pale bars! It's colors reversed from the bear leg of Powys' who call it a "gamb", and Camp-like Gambino's use a human leg in pale in the colors of the Cabot fish in pale!!! BEAUTY, it is amazing. Gambino's share the crescent of Comtat-like Compte's/Conti's/Comites'.

Back to the BALLINacor entity of BRYNE's, in Hebron/HepBURN colors and format, and first found beside Burns and their Bernice branch. The Trysts/Trice's in the Hebron/Hepburn motto were first found in Cornwall with BALLINs (share Palin lion), and with the Tristans sharing the stag head of Vise's/Vice's suspect in the "vici" motto term of Byrne's. The Baalun variation of Ballins is like the Baalham/Baalam variation of Balans.

British prime minister Truss has resigned today, Thursday, without a good reason given, and after she spoke to king Charles. End insert]

trudeau is disappointed that even Australia has now confessed that the lockdowns were wrong. trudeau is fast becoming the last-stand jerk. He was once a jerk, and is now becoming the mother of all jerks. Australians should not allow their government to go unpunished, or they will more promptly become similar victims again. Australia is trying to make verbal amends to its people because it sees the political backlashes country after country. The guilty politicians and police chiefs need to be punished 10 times harder than they together punished the innocent.

The following could be another reason that the Australian government is becoming Mr. NiceGuy suddenly, to hide it's human-poisoning agenda by sticking poison vaccine material into beef: "Cattle that are jabbed with toxic mRNA vaccines in Australia are dropping dead in large numbers, according to reports. Dairy farmers are being forced to inject their animals in order to remain in business, and the animals are not responding well."

Beware the Australian politicians, punish them, clamor against them, pollute their reputations so that they will not be welcome around any dinner table, that they might be jeered wherever they go...and, hopefully, one day, some good angel will shoot them dead as recompense for this colossal murder spree. I have always cringed at murder; I will not watch it in a video, but for what the vaccine goons have done, I would be happy to hear that they have been shot dead. If they are shooting the people with murder, then we have the right to shoot them, isn't that right? It's called self-defence. If they are poisoning even our foods, we have the right to shoot them if law officers won't arrest them, or if courts will not convict them. It's a no-brainer.

Alas, Jesus won't let me shoot anyone. So, patience will be our way forward, but, maybe, Jesus might move non-Christians to fight our battles with methods he doesn't wish for us to use. Or, just let them get away with it until they face God's Court, but do vote them out of power.

Hopefully, stories about vaccinations of livestock are only scare tactics, but we should perhaps not take chances. It may be best if we either cease eating meat, or buy locally from a farmer. We can't trust leaders to enlighten us on what's being vaccinated versus what's not.

Farrar's Unlucky Horseshoes

After I was a Christian for about a month in 1979, and some weeks after the Sleeping Beauty dream, I woke up and saw a flash vision of a woman, who looked like Farrah Fawcett. She seemed mentally debilitated. I saw only her head. That's all I can say about it. Heads are a branch of Haydens, and Ainsley Earhardt, who maybe looks like Ms. Fawcett, turned out to be the second fulfillment of Sleeping Beauty. One can go from the Scottish Vaux's, first found in the same place as FAUCets/Fawcetts, to Faux's/Fage's/Chollens', first found in Perigord with Fauchys.

After I saw this woman's head, I literally heard a voice. I've repeatedly said that this Voice told me to write down that I was going to get into a fight or argument with Steve Mellanson that night, but perhaps it said that there was going to be a fight at Mellanson's place (not necessarily with him) because that night, an attractive blond, Sharon Quinn, punched Barry on the lip at a party at Mellanson's place. When I had the vision and the Message, I don't know that I even knew that Mellanson was throwing a party that night. This punch on the lip was in the last update with Lipps and Liptons. I saw at least one drop of blood on Barry's lip. He got punched because he was supporting my decision to become a Christian, whereas Ms. Quinn was vehemently opposed and wanted to cancel his opinion in front of the regular party gang.

I'm repeating this because the new movie out this week, by Robert Kennedy, is an assault on Fauci's crimes. At the 36th minute, Robert Melone, with a Mellanson-like surname, mentions Jeremy Ferrar of Wellcome Trust is at topic. This caused me to remember that, as per Farrah Fawcett, Farrah's use horseshoes that apparently point to the horseshoe bats used for weaponizing virus' that are harmless to humans. After working for WHO: "In May 2020, amid the COVID-19 pandemic, [Farrar] was appointed to the expert advisory group for the UK Government’s Vaccine Task Force." Farrah's share horseshoes on a red bend with English Farrars, first found in Staffordshire with Pipe's, and the latter have a horse head version of the three Head unicorn heads. Rasmussens have a giant white unicorn and share the Pipe bend-with-fleur. The Webbers have this bend-with-fleur in colors reversed, and while Weavers have an "Esto" motto term, English Este's essentially have the Head Coat.

In the Sleeping Beauty dream, after I found myself standing beside her, I first saw that she was distressed upon her FACE while hovering in the air, a scene much like the distress on the head or face of the woman looking like Farrah Fawcett. Face's/Fessys were treated in the last update with Fauci's. Hovers/Hoffers have the leopard FACE. The Segni's/Segurana's, sharing the moline of English Farrars, and who are in the Fessy/Face motto, share the eagle of Italian Este's and Barry-like Barrs. The punch to Barry's lip was a punch to his face. The drop(s) of blood at his lip can go to Drops/Trope's (Norfolk, same as Heads and Beauty-related Haydens) expected now from Trypillians.

Furthermore, while Webbers were part of the pointers to graphene-oxide with the Graff residence, Graffs/Graffens share the black anchor with English Farrars. The pointer to graphene-oxide was with Kepke chasing me with a spider on a web, and Chase's were a Case branch while Case's (Norfolk have a bend-with-buckles in the colors of the Farrar bend-with-HORSEshoe's. Horse's were first found in Northumberland with Keep-loving and horse-head Hebrons, and with Keep-related Lorraine's who in turn have a bend-with-eagles in the colors of the bend-with-horseshoe's of Farrahs'. The Case-related Leslie's have a "Grip fast" motto while Fasts (Norfolk, same as Case's) have a bend-with-crosslets (almost the Trip crosslets) in the colors of the Farrah bend-with-horseSHOE's. And the shoe-using Trips/Treffs were from Kiev.

It's as though God is saying that, via Kepke with the spider: Kiev is chasing me, where I may represent Moscow, because I'm after its poison-vaccine labs. The Graffs had German accents. Mr. Graff was always smoking a PIPE while carrying a BEER when he came to chat with my father. English Beers and Berrys (Pomeranian griffin in Crest) were both first found in Devon. English Berrys look like a pointer to Burisma through the Masci-connectable Burys (Leslie colors and format).

Behold: the "Keep TRYST" motto of Hebrons is excellent as per the "TRUSTie to the end" motto of Leiths, the latter first found in East Lothian with Faucets/Fawcetts, Faux-branch Vaux's, and with the Seatons/Sittins who share their crescents. Jeremy Farrar is of WELLcome TRUST, and Wells even share the Faucet/Fawcett lion; both surnames use it in both Shield and Crest, and this is the lion also Milans/Millens/Mellents, the latter first found in Aberdeenshire with Mellansons and Scottish Lipps. God said to me that there would be a fight / disagreement at Mellanson's place at the time I saw Farrah Fawcett.

New: German Wells, in Pellican colors and format, and using a giant pelican, have this: "WellingBUETTEL in Hamburg." As Trips/Treffs were first found in Hamburg, who once showed boots, that item looks like code for Buttels/BOOTLe's/BOTTLE's. The amazing thing is, I've said many times, including the last update, that Sharon Quinn, the one who punched Barry on the lip, was with her date at the time, Charlie. I know for a fact that Charlie's (Lancashire, same as Buttels/Bottle's) use "bottles"! Zinger. It means that it was correct to follow Farrah Fawcett to Jeremy Farrar of WELLcome Trust.

The Leiths with a "Trustie" motto term could have been a branch of Letters (because they named Lauder, near East Lothian) who are in the colors and format of German Wells and Treffers/Traffords. The latter have the Letter and Lauder griffin in colors reversed, and Lauders were from Lotharingia = Lorraine.

We can even go to Come's with "WellCOME" because I first saw Lorraine BUTT stain on her balcony while Balcons, who almost have the Italian Botter/Botini Coat, are also BalCOME's. The latter were first found beside the first-known Scottish Farrars (share horseSHOE's with English Farrars). Plus, her butt stain, because it was on her pants, pointed definitely to Pansys/Pantzers, first found in Westphalia with early Wells...and Lipps!!! Sharon Quinn is connecting to Lorraine's pant stain, and the latter is connecting to Jeremy Ferrar.

What kind of stain do you think Lorraine had on her pants? As I've been saying since before I knew of Fauci, it was a grass stain, and Fauchys use a "grasshopper".

As I've said before, there is no Sharon surname for Sharon Quinn, but Sharrons share the PenderGRASS Coat, and Lorraine's grass stain pointed to that surname because Penders are almost Pantzers while Penders have lion heads in the colors of the English Grasse Coat, which itself shares the Butter/Butini and Balcon bend.

Sharrons have the two-word motto of Keiths in reverse, who were first found in the same place as Faucets/Fawcetts and Simms. The Simsons use an "Alis" motto term while Alis' share the Sharron motto. Alis' have a "FIR TREE" while Firs/Fire's look like Keip kin. Firs/Fire's share the Schwab Coat.

As Sharon punched Barry, I now need to repeat (sorry if you've read this too many times) that while German Ducks were first found in Westphalia with PANSYs/Pantzers, BAR-le-DUC, a location in Lorraine of the Barrs, uses the pansy for its Arms, a dead giveaway that Bar-le-Duc was settled by German Ducks or proto-Ducks such as Ducs/LeDucs. Oh wow, only after writing the last sentence did I finally get to loading Jeremys (a minute later), and as they're said to be from "Germanus," the Germans were loaded to find the Italian Germans with the Moray Coat, which is essentially the Duc/LeDuc Coat!!! Jeremy Farrar is pointing to James LeDuc.

German Germans were even first found in Hamburg with shoe-using Trips/Treffs who once showed the three boots of Massey/Masse's (TREE), and the latter were first found in Savoy with French Germans who in turn share the fleur-de-lys of Masseys/Maceys. It just so happens that the latter share the winged horse with Quinns (different colors).

This is more amazing than meets the eye, because James LeDuc helped to set up part of the WUHAN lab while "OHNE" is a motto term of Handels who share the Italian German Coat exactly. Plus Handels share the Moray Coat exactly while ohne-like One's/Innis' were first found in Moray and have the Moray Coat in colors reversed. Those are necessary arguments to finish this off, one by the Bellys/Belli's, first found in Moray and sharing the eight-pointed Duc/LeDuc star, and two: English Germans have the Coat of Italian Belli's in colors reversed. I claim that God showed me: Handels are to link to BARRels. The Wandels in the Handel motto use what looks like a mace, and Maceys/Mace's (mace) have three stars half in the colors of the three of Handels. I'll come back to this to show a possible pointer to monkeypox.

Plus, if that's not amazing enough for you, the Longfords share the English German Coat while Quinns were first found in Longford. This brings even Sharon Quinn into the Jeremy fold, and she represented FARRAH FAWCETT, a name that points both the Mr. Farrar and the Tony Fauci, whom I assume funded James LeDuc, the chief of the Galveston National Lab. It was Fauci's job to send government money around for various medical tasks, and one of them was the criminal enterprise of bio-weaponry...which was out-sourced to Wuhan because it was illegal in the United States.

But there is more, because it was the German surname that took us to LeDuc and Moray while Scottish Randolphs, first found in Moray, have both horseshoes and a bat. You can't make this stuff up.

The Wandels look connectable to the Windsors ("FIE EN" phrase) and Windows because the latter are connectable to Fiens/Finis', a branch of Fiens/Phone's/Fane's/Vans who share the gauntlet with Maceys/Mace's. On the night I KNOCKed on Muschatov's window, I also walked on her privacy FENCE (I was protesting her parents not wanting me to see her anymore), and so it seems that I'm to point to the FENS'/Venns, what looks like a branch of Fiens/PHONE's/Fane's/Vans in order to connect the TV antenna to phone systems such as 5G, but also to Elon Musk's satellite system that interacts with phone towers. The SHOULDham bird is the gold Knock/Knox bird, and the Wandel mace is in a man's shoulder.

The "monkey"-using Gerards can be linked to the Windsor saltire, colors reversed from the Gerard saltire. Pox-like Poke's/Poage's/Pollocks (recalls Kepke's pogo STICK for linkage to Traby in Poland) were first found in Renfrewshire with Knocks/Knox's. Why should this set of heraldry be a pointer to monkeypox, which was discovered, or invented by medical goons, in 1958?

In the Windsor write-up: "'...Gerald de Windsor (fl. 1116), was constable of Pembroke Castle...It was from Gerald's eldest brother William that the Windsors of Stanwell claimed descent.'" The Geralds have: "The surname Gerald was first found in Munster, where they were granted lands by the Earl of Pembroke during his invasion of Ireland in 1172." The Gerald-like Gerards have a Wandel-like location: "Windle with Hardshaw in Lancashire was home to the family in later years... the manor was held under William BOTELer by Peter de BURNHULL". The Gerard Coat is nearly the Chick/Chich Coat for a potential pointer to chickenpox, but also to the chicken bone that Muschatov choked on. If the Gerard Coat had a gold border instead of a white one, it would be in Kepke/Kopke colors and format, and so we could be asking: what else in this set of heraldry is from Kiev, and are we pointing to Kiev's bio-weapons / graphene-oxide operations whom the Chechens are seeking?

"Burnhull" must have corrupted to/from "Brindle," for Brins share the giant Gerard lion, and: "'Gerrard or Gerard is a very old Lancashire name. The Gerards of Bryn were lords of the manor of Brindle from the 14th to the 16th century...'" Brindle's were first found in Lancashire, and while the latter have a different-colors Coat version of the Clots (Lorraine), the Brindle Coat is in Trudeau colors and format.

The Hebrew Slam

When Kepke accused me vocally from the living room, "he doesn't love her, he's just using her" (Louise was sitting with him), Miss Peare, who was standing in my arms in the bedroom with the door wide open, asked, "is that true," and before I had time to answer, or because I took a second too long while surprised at the thing I'd just heard, she about fled (rushed?) into the living room (I had known her only a couple of weeks at the time). I went out to the living room and slammed the WINDOW hard (maybe more upset with her than he), breaking the glass. Glasgow is in Renfrewshire with Poke's/Pollocks and Knocks/Knox's. Muschatov and Kepke are both pure-blond Ukrainians (as were Budini), and Kiev is the Ukraine capital that no doubt still has Budini liners. The Window-like Wends are said to have lived in Poland, but that's beside Ukraine.

The Wends are thought to have been at Veneti, and the Veneti of Brittany named Vannes, like the Van variation of Windsor-connectable Fiens/Phone's. The Fens'/Venns share the green griffin head of Pollock-related Leslie's. Vannes is near the Meu river, where I trace Meu's/Mea's/My's suspect in the "me fie en" motto phrase of Windsors who in turn have a saltire in the colors of the similar Meu/Mea/My cross. Lookie: while French Henry were first found at a MOTEL location at the Meu, Irish Henry share the Knock/Knox Crest, which is the falcon of English Falcons sharing the chevron of French Henry. Motts/Morte's were first found in Essex with Muschats! Knock-knock. Miss Muschatov came to the window and said, "Are you crazy, my brother could have shot you." Should we decipher this with the More variation of Motts, who share the Death/Darth crescent?

Wow, I've told that story before, adding that her brother had come into her room with a rifle, which is why I loaded Riffels at the time, who came up as Riffle's too, and they almost have the Kepke/Kopke Coat!!! ZOWIE, lookie there, the two Ukrainians at the two windows, I can hardly believe it. But let's add that while the Window points to Finistere, the Arms of Finistere had an upright ram in the colors of the upright ram of French Bauds (makes them look like Budini), and at one time, I would repeatedly tell readers that French Bauds have a goat, meaning that they may have been showing the Kepke/Kopke goat at that time, which is in the white-on-blue colors of the Baud ram now showing! Riffle's, sharing a gold border with Kepke's/Kopke's, likewise have a giant and white, upright goat, as do English Kidds (in both Kepke/Kopke colors), first found in Suffolk, where Muscats/Musks were once said to be first found. POWERFUL.

[I didn't know until writing below that Cheevers/CHIEVers share the upright and white goat with Kepke's/Kopke's. Beauty, another clue that Kepke's were Kiev liners.]

There's even a white goat head in the Crest of antenna-like Antons/Anthonys, the giant leopard FACE of which is connectable to Fauci's. She said I might have been shot, and Shots/Shoots were first found in Wiltshire with their trumpet-using Call/Calles kin. It could be a pointer to the Trump-Fauci "kill shot," especially as Glass' share the star of Kill-like Kyle's. Kills/Keele's were first found in Lincolnshire with Antons/Anthonys. Shots/Shoots are also Schute's while Scute's share the "deer" with English Mallets while German Antons, first found in Saxony with Kepke's/Kopke's (unbelievable) and Gull-branch Julians, use mallets in Mallet colors and format! I'm beside myself.

Kyle's use "candlesticks," and Candle's/Kentwells share the Lady annulets while "Lady fortune" of the Klassens/Class' can be part-code for the Fortune's in the Shot/Shoot motto. So, one great thing is that, if you want to call me crazy for climbing her antenna, blame it on God, because He obviously caused the event.

Here's from the 2nd update in December, 2019: "I've said this before, I'm not making it up. Me, Romeo, climbs her antenna around 11 pm, maybe later, and knocks on the window real quiet so as not to wake the others up. And she opens the window, and scolds me, 'Are you crazy? My brother could have shot you.' He had gotten his HUNTER's rifle out when she got scared for someone knocking at the window. You can run, Hunter Biden, but you can't hide." That same update tells that I walked on her fence that night, which found the Fens'/Venns. The story is in the 1st of March, 2019, where I add that it was also in the 3rd update in April, 2017. NOT MAKING IT UP here to jibe with Kepke's window on a trick against you. I don't recall knowing the Kepke Coat until this month. Searching my files for "Kopke" brings up zero files.

By the way, as I likely woke her, it's notable that Wake's and Knocks/Knox's were both kin of Orrs/Ore's. Wake's have a not-bad reflection of the Muscat/Musk Coat. Wake's have a "fret-knot, and English Cnuts/Knots have gold drops called, "or." Wake's almost have the Coat of Mule's, first found in Devon with the Darlene's sharing the drop-filled Shield of Cnuts/Knots. Danish Cnuts have "pot hangers" that can be brought back around to Kyle's, first found in Ayrshire with Craigie's have a good reflection of the Cnut/Knot Coat. Mule's are somewhat like Mail variations while the "feMALE figure" in the Darlene Crest is said to wear a "robe" and hold a Baux-like "book." French Bauds are also Baux's. Pot-related Ports share the Bute/Butt estoiles, and Robe's/Robbs (share Cnut/Knot chevron) were first found in Stirlingshire with the Scottish Bauds who are in turn connectable to Hoods (Devon, same as Darlene's and Mule's).

Windle's, who share the English WINKler Coat, were first found in Lancashire with Bottle's/BOOTle's...whom we met with the Wells of WellingBUETTEL in Hamburg while following Gerard-like Jeremy Farrar. The BOOTs (who show boots), beloved of Trips/Treffs of Hamburg, were first found in Berkshire with Windsor castle, thus making the case for Boots being a Bootle branch. Charlie, Miss Quinn's date, pointed us to Bottle's. They show three crowns only, as do Corons/Corona's (Cheshire, same as Mace's and Winklers), a pointer to the coronavirus, we may assume. Buttons/Bidens come up as BOOTens.

While Justine of Picenum married Valentinian of Winkler-connectable Vinkovci, "Picenum" looks like "Piacenza," also called "PLACentia" (Trebia river) while Place's, in the Rum/Rim write-up, have a Coat much like the Wandel Coat. German Winklers share the Justine and Kepke/Kopke border, begging whether this is a pointer to justin trudeau's forced vaccination wishes. And Rums/Rims, with almost the Coat of Ims in the Handel motto, were at Annandale while Annandale's share the Gerald saltire. The Rims were in my door-handle dream with the Handle's / Handels having the Wandels in their motto. Handle's and Doors were first found in Herefordshire with Jays possibly in the "FE me fie en" motto phrase of Windsors. The Wends lived in Poland with Traby, and if I'm correct in saying that the Trabys married the Stick line, they went to the Kyle family. Gates-related Porters had a branch in Kyle. French Porters were first found in Poitou, and Poitvins use the jay! Poitiers is at Poitou, and Potters with Pots are in the "flower pot" of Mallet-related Rinds (Perthshire, same as Justine's).

When Charlie's date punched Barry to draw blood, it can now be a pointer to Spanish Sans'/Sanguez's, who share the eagle of Spanish Corona's. The kill shots. After saying that, a new thing was realized where the Quinns share the white wolf in Crest with Gore's/Core's, first found in Kent with the Sanguez-like Snake's/Snooks (share Sans/Sanguez/Sanchez eagle) in the snakes of the Quinn Coat. Suddenly, Quinns are linking to Kiev relatives, the Gore's/Core's. The SENECA's/SENESchals not only have a Coat much like that of Quinn-like Quince's/Quincys (AWESOME!), but the two Coats look related to the sphinx-like Spinks, first found in Northamptonshire with the Quince's/Quincys who built the castle of Faucets/Fawcetts!!! CAN WE BELIEVE IT?! As I said, this is a brand-new trace of Quinns, never before done, right before your eyes. I would have missed it if I didn't go the Sans'/Sanguez's from Barry's lip wound, but I've linked them many times in the past to Snake's and Seneca's, and so the natural path took place to the all-important Quincys, thus tending to prove that God was using Miss Quinn to fulfill the role of Farrah Fawcett, or at least as a pointer to Faucets. Vaccines at times ruin peoples brains, and send them into seizures.

Farrah Fawcett died of cancer. At the top of this update, an important video was presented to you that I think looks legit, showing charts to prove that rampant cancers are caused even by pre-COVID vaccines. Kepke CHASING me with a spider on a web can indicate cancer by graphene-oxide (in combination with mRNA) because Chace's share the Chance patonce while the Chanceur variation of Chance's is the closest surname I can find to "cancer." The short form, mRNA, stands for "messenger-RNA," and the Messenger/Messinger surname happens to share a white winged horse with Quinns. The MesSINGER variation of MesSENGERs suggest the Singers/Sengers can apply, and it just so happens that both Messingers and English Singers have the white, courant horses.

As was said, the last time I saw Kepke was when Kelly (blue-eyed blond) was at my place, when he dropped in on me (which was about a month before I saw / met Miss Muschatov. Kelly's father was a song writer, and while at her/his place one day, I claim that God said to me, "you shall have a song" (those very words). Songs are listed with English Singers, first found in Devon with Cheevers/CHIEVers! Lookie there. More on Chievers soon. Now that I know the Kepke Coat, I see that it's in the colors of the Kelly Coat, which is shared exactly by Kiev-like Keveneys/GAINE's, a potential pointer to "gain of function," the white-washed phrase for the creation of bio-weapons. Kiev's bio-weapons?

English Gains almost have the Gore/Core Coat which shares the white wolf with a Quinn Crest. I showed how Gore's were of Gorlois and Pendragon myth, but I can now add that Pendragons share the helmet with Messengers, and moreover UTHER Pendragon is code for Others/Otters, first found in Huntingdonshire with Gaine's.

The winged MESSINger horse should be that of Masseys/Maceys because Singers/Sengers share the hexagrams of MESSINa's/Massena's. This is why God set me up with Kelly. Beware the killer vaccines, cry out to advertise the killers who push them.

I had checked the Funks as per gain-of-FUNCtion, but Fangs (Cheever/Chiever colors) may do better because they have a giant white horse colors reversed from the giant horse of Keips/Keipers. Cheevers/Chiever have an "En Dieu" motto phrase to go with the "Un dieu" of Rush's who in turn have three courant and white horses (in Fang-horse colors) in the format and colors of the three Chiever goats. The latter are easily gleaned as sharing the Kepke/Kopke goat! RUSSells use the white goat too!!! Bingo, it just proved that Russells (share Meschin scallops) were from Varangian RUS, explaining why Lorraine was a Russellite!!! It explains why I compared her blond hair with Kepke's! Babe's and Blonds were first found in Suffolk with Rush's! Rush's share the white wolf head in Crest with Quinns.

Fangs are essentially in the colors and format of the goat of German Steins, and if the latter stands on three green "hills," zikers that's the symbol of spider-like Spitzers! Kepke's spider was a pointer to graphene-oxide. English Steins can be gleaned from Stevenson variations, and the latter were first found in Northumberland Horse's, with Keep-loving Hebrons and same-colored JOPlins (Fang colors and format). The Joplins are perhaps play on the Kopke's, for Fangs share the horse of Hebrons, though the latter have a white horse head, as do Horse's in both colors of the Kepke's/Kopke's. Kepke sold shoes, and the Shoe star is shared by Joplins. [It was shortly after writing here when realizing that the Kepke goat was related to Graffen-like Grabbens.]

Spitzer's have a "tunnel" in their central hill, and Tunnels/Tunno's were first found in Northumberland with Hebrons who in turn have a horse head in Rush-horse colors. Rush's (in Hebron colors and near-format) were first found in Suffolk with Towns/TUNE's! Beauty. Miss Peare and I RUSHed up the stairs to get away from Kepke; later he and I rode her white horse. Towns/Tune's are in Messenger colors and format. Masseys and Massina's were from the Maezaei on the UNA river, which can explain the "Un" motto term of Rush's.

The horse-using and Pepin-beloved Este's (Essex, same as Rams) are in the Chiever motto as "En dieu est..." The Silver-like Chilver variation of Chievers could indicate that Silvers were Kiev liners. German Silvers were first found in Hesse with Pepin- and Webber-related RasMUSSENs who in turn have a giant UNIcorn in the colors of the Rush horse. English Silvers are in the colors and format of Saffers (unicorns), the latter first found in Devon with Chievers/Chilvers. The Foys in the latter's motto could be the Foix's/Foys, first found in Auvergne with the Bauds having an upright ram in the colors of the upright Kepke/Kopke goat.

As I've said many times, upon punching Barry, Sharon Quinn ran upset and disgusted (at Barry) down the hall of the apartment building to her brother's apartment, but collapsed on the floor screaming just outside his door. We ran down to see her, and I got down on one knee, looked up, and said, "Jesus," at which second she stopped screaming. It wasn't until I got home a little later that I realized her mental instability to be the fulfillment of the head problem of the woman in the vision that morning. It really solidified my commitment to Jesus. It hit a real soft spot within me.

When she stopped screaming, I asked the guys there to put her on a COUCH and give her a DRINK of WATER. I'm not making this up, that's what I said, it's all recorded. Couch's look like Trot/Trude kin (both use the bear), Waters were Muschat kin, and Drinks/Drengs share the lion of Trew-like Dreux's/Drews, and the single pale bar of ROXburghs! I get it, another pointer to Kiev elements. Couch's might even have been of the Cough's we saw above with "tamen," or even a branch of Choke's of Googe's/Gouch's. From the 5th update of April, 2016: "So I asked the others to put her on the couch and give her a drink. And when she was on the couch, she stretched her hand out toward me, and said, 'I love you.'" Love's/Luffs were Muscat/Musk kin.

She punched Barry at Mellanson's apartment. About ten months later, I was at his KITCHEN table on the PHONE with Miss Muschatov, when she informed me that her father didn't want her to see me anymore. So I drove right over, KNOCKED on the DOOR, and instead of she answering, it was her father who opened the door. I don't remember what was said between us. The antenna event was shortly after. He didn't like my Christianity, and her parents had chosen a husband for her, she was unhappily telling me before that day. The English Doors look like Gates kin, and Melinda Gates' first name looks like the Mellent variation of Mellanson-branch Milans/Millens (share Faucet lion). The Chechen-like Kitchens/Ketchens share the water bouget with Bugs, and Love's/Luffs were kin of Checks/Cheeks/Chicks. Later, after we split up, she told me she almost CHOKEd on a CHICKEN bone. The way she framed that statement was as though she was admitting that God was unhappy for her leaving me (she wasn't a Christian when I was with her, but was open). She had been willing to start a relationship again, but I decided against it.

She may actually have been with Dennis Quinn, Sharon's brother mentioned above. That's because, on the night she "eloped" with me (not down the antenna), I was living at my parents, and didn't have anywhere to take her, so I dropped into Dennis' place in the basement of his sister's (yes, Sharon) home. When I was with eyes closed on his COUCH, Dennis says her, in effect, "c'mon lets go into the next room (happened to be his bedroom) so we don't WAKE him up." I heard that, and she went, and she stayed the entire night there with him. I didn't barge in, but our relationship went south fast from there (I took her to her home two days later). I'm just pointing out that the Quinns were involved with her, so many things to ponder my head is spinning.

The Budini lived in Gelonus with its Geloni, and Gellone's/Gillons are in Gormley colors and format while Dennis Quinn lived in Gormley with me before we were out of school. Lookie at the following because one Dennis surname is traced in its write-up to "Dionysus": "Budini: Populous, indigenous tribe with grey eyes [???] and bright red hair. They are nomadic and eat FIR-cones (see note on Asheri commentary). Their City, called Gelonus, is built of wood...They have Greek temples and honor DIONYSUS every two years with festivals. They share their city with the Gelonians..." The Firs/Fire's must be in the "fireball" of English Balls, and then the Gellone/Gillon Crest is similar to the fireball but, I'm sure, is a "balloon." French Balls are also Ballons, and Balloons are listed with Balans/Baalams (share red Crest with Gellone's/Gillons). That's one way for Dennis Quinn to point to Bidini, and Sharon is a blue-eyed blond.

Then, we take it to the Keeps sharing the weaver's SHUTTLE with Shuttleworths/SHETTLEworths (bear), first found in Lancashire with the Settle's who share the Gill lozenges, which are in Gilligan colors, and Gilligans happen to share the giant, winged horse of Quinns. Crimea is not far from Kiev, and Gormleys are also Grimes'.

The article above actually makes a close Budini link to the Neuri: "Neuri leave their country to live among the Budini;..." It can perhaps explain why Nears/Nairs/Neirs share the pheon of Sidneys, the latter first found in Kent with Trips, and with the Gards who share the green Grime/Grimm martlet. Nairns share "sed" with Sidney-like Sedans/Siddens. The "Fata" motto term of Sidneys can be for the Fate's/Feets sharing the bend-with-martlets of Grime's/Grimms. God suggested that Feets were of the Lorraine line of Kiev's Rus, and Norrys (near the first-known Nears/Nairs/Neirs) look (by their Coat and Crest) like Rush kin. It's possible that Buz, son of Nahor, named Budini. Bus' (Norfolk, same as PilGRIMs) have the cinquefoil in colors reversed of the Rosco's/Risco's who otherwise share the Norry Coat exactly, both sharing the Rush/Rish fesse.

I think I know why Mayer Bauer changed his name to Mr. RothSCHILD, because Schilds share two white bends with Danish Bauers. The latter share the lion of Glassers (share German Bauer stars), first found in Prussia with Glasers, and the latter have the German Hart Coat in colors reversed while Glaze's use a heart. Someone's red stag, I can't recall whose, is called a "hart" because German Harts (Bavaria, same as Bauers and German Rothes'/Rothchilds) use a red stag. Glassers are in Fang colors and format while Fangs share the white-on-red horse with Jewish Rothchilds (not "Rothschild" in case you want to load the Coat). Rothschilds descend from Leslie's of Rothes, and Leslie's are in the colors and format of Glas' (share German Bauer stars). Glaze's share the pheons of Lords/LAUDs in the motto of Glasgows, and Pollocks of Rothes started out at Glasgow. Scottish Harts share the Pollock saltire. Ladys/LAUDymans are in the "Lady Fortune" of Klassens/Class'.

Wikipedia once said that Trypillians had an hourGLASS goddess, which may have spurred proto-Glass surnames to create the Glass surname. The creation of "Lady Fortune" may have secretly been that goddess while honoring the cult of Leto / Latona / Leda, or even Lada of Lithuania, to the Ladys. As the glass broke when slamming the window on Kepke, it's notable that Keips almost have the Fang horse in colors reversed, and this should indicate that Fangs were a branch of Window-related Fane's of the Fiens/Phone's. I, a SHOE salesman at the time, SLAMmed the window, and SALEMs/Salemans share the eagles of Ghents, from Ghent/GAUNT, and Fiens/Fane's use "gauntlets." You're going to be impressed with this.

Keips (Rothchild horse in colors reversed) were first found in Nuremberg with Kopple's, and the latter are from Koplik of the Glass- / Class-related CLAUSula river. I broke the glass, just look at that. Koplik is also called, Cupionich, and the Caepionis' were named from Quintus Caepio and his granddaughter, JUNia Caepionis, while Quints can be traced to Clots/DuCLOSE's. Miss Peare was a SALESMAN of CLOTHIng, as I've said a million times, at the time of the window SLAM. If we use "saleslady," we can go to "Lady Fortune" of Klassens/Class', you see? She holds a "banner" for Bohemian liners out of Bologna's Boii. German Clots (Hesse) are in Glaser colors and format. The lion paw in both the Quint and Window Crests holds a gold fitchee. How did this set of heraldry know that I had slammed that window?

Schilds may have been of Shouldhams sharing the Knock/Knox bird, and chances are, Rothschilds control Fort Knox. Aside from my knocking on the window of a Ukrainian, it just so happens that Pollocks, first found in Renfrewshire with Speers and Knocks/Knox's, have an arrow through the SHOULDer of their brown boar. Then, while Bole's share a boar (different color) likewise pierced by an arrow in the shoulder, Scottish Bolans/BORlands use both a brown boar and a BROKEn spear. Bole's were first found in Lincolnshire with BolingBROKE's. I broke the glass, and Speers were first found at the Glasgow theater. Bolingbroke's share the triple Fien/Finis lions, in the colors of the three Window lion paws. How did this set of heraldry know I knocked on that window, and broke the other?

Fiens/Finis' were first found in Kent, where Masters/Misters were once said to be first found who are in the colors and format of Windows (Yorkshire, where Masters/Misters are now said to be first found). Musters share plates with Mussels, the latter first found in Lincolnshire too. Musts are listed with Muschat-like Muscats/Musks.

As Bole's share the black boar with Bowles, the windows to topic can be pointers to the royal Windsors of the modern day, for Camilla Parker Bowles is the current wife of king Charles III. His former wife was LADY DIANA, and Diane Muschatov was likely born, Diana, a pure blond like Lady Diana; she had a Spencer surname. Spencers share the Berkshire Shield while Windsors were first found in Berkshire. Spencers add the Meschin scallops while Mussels and Michaels/MITCHells were Meschin kin. Mitch's are listed with Muschats! I get it. And English Michaels/Mitchells even share the scallops of Bowles'! Absolutely, I knocked on her window as a pointer to the British royals. Why?

The Windsor royals are at the charge of the Ukraine war for to fulfill their globalist agenda to crack down on the masses. They want to shape a new world by tearing the masses apart, and by implementing Elon Musk' futuristic programs, including microchips in the brain, forced conversion to solar panels, and carrier nano-particles in the bloodstream. Godless God-players. Our homes should become little corner stores within three or four years, just to play it safe. Make it a project, quit social-life spending, socialize in homes, and store all your needs as best you can. Get a second water pump and all its needs, lots of high-quality vegetable peelers, etc.

I'm not done with the broken window. The proto-Windsor / proto-Window Wends of Poland can be suspect with the Goplo mouse tower. As I write early Friday morning, I think I scored a record last night: three mice on one night on one mouse trap, two before going to bed, and one more on it this morning. Wends were from the Italian Veneti, whom I trace to Lake Van and so this has got to be of the Fiens/Phone's/Vans. The Veneti lived beside Bologna, where Pepoli's were first found, and Popiel was the first mythical ruler of the Goplo tower. Koplik at the Clausula was named by a branch of the Goplans namers of Goplo, and so this is why I slammed the window in the presence of Lawrence Kepke, because the Keips were a Kopple branch. The arrows we saw above in the shoulders can be code for Arrows/Arras' having the fleur-de-lys of Keep-beloved Webbers, and the Webber bend-with-fleur is that of Pepins in colors reversed while Pepins come up as Popiel-like "People." You can clearly see here that God does exist, and that He's wanting readers to know it.

German Webbers/Weavers almost have the Coat of French Goplo-like Gobels, who have the Shield of Maceys and the probably the gold wing of Mieszko-like Masci's. Italian Gobels share the CAMEL with Pepins/People's, and this brings us to Camulodunum, now Colchester. The Arms of Colchester has a raGULLY cross that I've seen in white-on-red, colors reversed from the ragully cross of Lawrence's, and the window-slam event was in my apartment on Lawrence avenue. The Colchesters share the chevron of Window-connectable Quints, explaining why Quints were once said to be first found in Essex with Colchester. It's also where Trip-connectable Gore's/Core's were once said to be first found who share the Windsor crosslets.

Gore's were in mythical GorLOIS, and Louise-like Lois' were first found in Artois, where the capital is Arras. There you have the Arrow/Arras surname. It's amazing because Kepke was sitting with Louise, Miss Peare's friend and fellow clothing salesman, when the window was slammed. In the myth, Gorlois' wife slept with UTHER Pendragon, code for the proto-Windsor Others/Otters, explaining why the writer chose to make him sleep with GORlois' wife. PenDRAGONs (from the Penestae on the DRIN river), first found in Cornwall, home of Gorlois, were kin of the Dragons/DRAINers who are in turn in Balan/Baalham colors and format while Balance's are listed with BalanCORs. It's amazing because this was a topic with the feet in the shoes, and Kepke and I both sold shoes at the window-slam event. Gore's/CORE's can be linked to the Trip shoes. The PENES'/Pennys were first found in Northamptonshire with Ladys and Quint-branch Quince's. Balans/Baalhams are in the colors and format of Leavitts/Levets (RaGULLY fesse), possibly from the Laevi of Pavia.

The cross in the Arms of Colchester has nails, the symbol of Broke-like Proctors, and this tends to point to Proctor and Gamble because Gamble's/Gamals look like Camulos liners, the namers of Camulodunum. Mythical Camulos was a cannibal cult, the most disgusting of the disgusting. The Chief-Shield color combination of Gamble's/Gamals is shared by Parrots, so perfect because the parrot is the only symbol of Peeble's/PEOPLES"!!!! We must be back to the mouse-tower character who was eaten by mice (cannibal symbol?), a branch of Pepins/People's. It's incredible because Parrots use pears while Peare's are listed with Pears while Miss Peare was sitting on a couch watching me slam the window!!! GOD RULES. The French Henry sharing the Knock/Knox Crest were first found in Tyrone with Neils/O'NAILs.

I trace Peeble's to Pavia, which was also Papia, perfect because Parrot-connectable Pierro's/PERO's were first found in Pavia. Then, English Pavia's happen to share the martlets of French Charles', as if to confirm the pointer to king Charles III. Italian Pavia's share the Tailbois scallops, and Miss BolingBROKE married the Taillebois family. Lawrence's have a tail in Crest. King Charles married Miss Bowles! It's a slam-dunk. The broken window on Lawrence avenue looks like a pointer to the iron first of king Charles akin to the iron fist on the Night of Broken Glass. It looks like a pointer to Christian persecution from the Rhodian hub of Britain. Irish Charles' have a tree now suspect from Trypillians, and English Charles' share the eagle in the Arms of Piast i.e. from the mouse-tower Mieszko's.

The ragully cross of Colchester takes us to Gullys and Gulls, and to the GOLfins of the other Gulls. Shortly after Kepke initially joined my heraldic investigations, I had a dream where golf balls were POPPING up everywhere in the SAND. They were buried in the sand, and everything was sand as far as I could see, with balls popping up into my view, end of dream. Lawrence's use a ragully cross, and are said to have been found "south of the Sands". Sands were once said to be first found in Lancashire with Lawrence's south of the Sands.

The Sand-like Santones and the Lemovices GAULS beside them look like they came from the Sintians of Lemnos, the island of Hephaestus whom was given a lame symbol by the myth writers. He was the ruler of a Kabeiri-cult likely named by Hebrews (not Israelites) from the (K)HABUR tributary of the Aphrodite-like Euphrates, explaining why Aphrodite was Hephaestus' wife. The Gull- and Gaul-like Galli priests officiated over the Kabeiri cult, and so I think I can glean why Kepke and I collected golf balls, by an act of God for what you are reading here, in three golf courses when we were young TEENs, including CEDAR Brae gold club. Peare's were kin of TIEN's/Thames', both first found in Oxfordshire with Cedars/Cotters, and Miss Peare had a waist symbol pointing to Cottians, yet the same event that gave her the waist symbol was also her hip symbol.

If Hephaestus belonged to proto-English speakers, note that Miss Peare pointed to the Hips', for HEPHaestus may have gotten his limp / lame symbol from the Aryan word for "hip" in those years. From there we go to Hebrons/HEPburns, you see, the ones with Keeps in their motto. I think Hebrews on the Habur named Hebron in Israel because Amorites lived in both places. Amorites had Mari on the Euphrates as their capital, explaining why the Roman Aphrodite, Veneti-like Venus, was partnered with mythical Mars, suspect to the Marici of Pavia.

What I'm about to say is new so far as I can recall. I was headed to the Sintian-like Sindi of Caucasia while writing above because Kepoi is in Caucasia. What I didn't know until now is that "The Sindi were a tribe of the Scythians who established themselves on the Taman peninsula..." Kepoi is at the Taman peninsula!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

As I've said a few times, I was one-day at Wikipedia's Phanagoria article, when the face of a female sphinx on that page reminded me of Miss Peare, and so I started to hunt for a Kepke like location in that area, and very-soon found Kepoi a few miles from it, both at Taman. The Hips Crest has a sphinx, as do Broke-branch Brocuffs with a Proctor-like Prock variation, this is so staggering. I BROKE the GLASS on the window in the presence of both Peare and Kepke, and sphinx-like Spinks were first found in Northamptonshire with Klassen-beloved Ladys. I reasoned that Egyptians from Kepoi-like Cheops, location of the Great Sphinx, had migrated to the Taman peninsula. We may assume that it was the Hyksos Egyptians who I see originally from Lake Van.

The Sindi of Caucasia are thought to have been Indo-Europeans, otherwise called "Caucasian" whites, or Aryans, or proto-English speakers. Dionysus, high priest of the Galli, was on Lemnos too, and he was given a limp / lame symbol from the thigh symbol of Zeus, father of Hephaestus. Then, one myth writer used that symbol when he wrote that Hephaestus spilled his seed on the thigh of Athena. This Lemnite connection to Athena can be explained where Athens was beside the Kabeiri cult at Thebes in Boiotia, home of mythical CadMUS. Myth writers gave him Phoenix as an ancestor, and it just so happens that the Coat of Phoenix's/FENwicks (Northumberland, same as Hebrons/Hepburns) is almost the Hips Coat. It's got the Fiens/PHONE's/FANE's/VANs all over it, the kin of Windows, from the Wends of Veneti, from the Veneti, from Lake Van, location of MUS, all the way to the Celtic Veneti of Vannes in Brittany, home of Alans, from Alania near Taman.

I can start to make a case that his thigh symbol was code for THYatira, also called Pelopia and thus the namer of mythical Pelops, a cannibal cult. Pelops married HIPPodamia, and the hip bone is connected to the thigh bone. Thyatira is near enough to Maeonians to explain Mamie's thigh symbol, for she points to Mansfields and Mens'/Mame's. Just for the record. We might even add that Means/Menns have the Coat of WAISTell-branch Wests in colors reversed, both using a DANCEtty-fesse for a trace to the dancing symbol of Dionysus. Italian Dance's are Donnas' too. And I met Mamie in a slow dance at her party! Dionysus' lunatic MAENADs (pine-cone symbol in their THYrsus) were obvious code for Maeonians on the Maeander river. It's amazing that while mythical Manes was code for Maeonians, he was at times made the father of Cotys, and I see the Cotesii to the royal Cottians who had king Donnus (same place as Dance's/Donnus'), grandfather of Waistell-like Vestalis!! Plus, Manes' son is also Attis, father of Lydians. Pelops was a mythical Lydian king.

All four of us in the living room where the window-slam took place were salesmen / salesladies. Sale's share the bend-with-fleur of Cough's/Cuffs who in turn use a, "AniMUS TAMEN" motto phase. MUSchatov's window at our service. The "baton" in the Cough/Cuff Crest is code for bat-using Batons/Bastons, and the Caucasian Bats at the Moschi mountains apply here. The Lazona location of the Lazi Caucasians between the Bats and Taman may have named such things as mythical Latona/Leto, the Ladon dragon and Ladon river, and therefore the Ladys/Laudymans as well as the Lords/Lauds in the "Lord, LET" motto phrase of GLASgows. Lets/Late's share the Peare and Tien/Tame stars. The Moschi mountains with Lake Van were in ARMENia while French Balls, first found in Brittany with Vannes and Alans, show nothing but ERMINEs. The golf BALLs popping up in the sand can play to this picture. Alans of Shropshire (beside Sale's/Sales') married Alice of Saluzzo, the Sale/Sales line pointed to by the window slam. These same Alans were ancestors to Windsors.

I'll even repeat that Louise was a saleslady for Penningtons, linkable to Penes'/Pennys (same place as Ladys/Laudymans), for the Pennington lozenges are half on the colors of the same of French Louis', first found in Keep-connectable Lorraine. Lorraine's were first found in Northumberland with Hebrons and Phoenix's.

I see "Phoenicia," depicted by Phoenix, as related to "Panias" in Phoenicia's Mount HERMON, and this was the goat-depicted cult of Pan, son of Hermes, the latter code for Armenians. Kepke's use a goat. Cadmus married HARMONia, ancient code for Armenians from or near Mus but obviously naming mount Hermon. Look at PHANaGORia, because Gore's/Core's were Trip kin. The dual namers of Phanagoria (sounds like FANNagoria) may have remained related all the way to Gore's/Core's and Fiens/FANE's, you see, the latter listed as Phoenix-like Phone's too. Gore's/Core's and Fiens'/Finis' were both first found in Kent with Trips. GORsuch's share the Lorraine bend-with-eagles.

Now as Jerusalem was Salem prior to the arrival of Israelites, and in the hands of Amorites, we note that Hebron is near Jerusalem. Kepke and I were salesmen at the time because, apparently, he wanted to point both of our ancestry to Salem via the Salemans/Salems/SALIANs. Merovingians, who likely named Maruvium of the Marsi (upper SALTo river), descended from Salian Franks. The Sale's/SALLETTs, sharing a black bend with Salemans/Salems, share a bend-with-fleur (different colors) with Pepins/Pepys, and Apepi/Apophis was one of the last, if not the last, Hyksos kings of Egypt. Some historians placed them in Jerusalem after their flight from Egypt, and some historians like to conflate them with Israelites, a shallow-headed view.

Salts must be using the French Bride Coat because Bride's were first found in Savoy with the Durance river of the Sales-like Salyes, and the Salto is beside the Durance-like Turano. Turins look like they have the Dents, in Sales/Sallett colors and format, in their motto.

Mythical Hera was the mother of both HEPHaestus and HEBE. The latter became the wife of Hercules, whom was given great strength as play on the Biblical Samson who lived in the Hebron theater. Samson married a woman from Taman-like Timnah, and, to the Greeks, Jerusalem as HIEROsolyma, the apparent namer of Hera by, I'm guessing, a Hebrew-Greek writer who knew some Greek history in Canaan. Timnah, we can assume, must have been named after the namers of Timna, Esau's daughter-in-law, and sister of Lotan, making the latter very traceable to Lazona, between Taman and the Moschi mountains. Timna married ELIPHas, and Sintian-suspect Sanders use the ELEPHant head. The golf balls were POPPING out of the sand, suggesting Apophis/Apepi liners.

In ancient times going back to Abraham, Jerusalem was named, Zedek, like the SODUCena location on this told map (not fully true to geography) at lake Sevan ("Lychnis" on the map), right where JEReVAN is to this day, a family of which must have changed "Salem" to JERusalem." A family line from "JEREVan" is thus suspect in naming mount GAREB, less than two miles from the Jerusalem of that day. Keep-like Keppochs use GARBs. Thus, a noble family from Cheops is suspect through the Gareb / Jerusalem area en route to Taman's Kepoi, and to the naming of Kiev, land of the Budini, the line to Bude's (Cornwall, same as Pendragon and Gorlois) and Bute's/Butts. I broke the glass on the Salem-pointing slam, and Glass' were first found in Buteshire.

The Soducena-like Sittaceni were at or near lake Maeotis (Azov), and may have been in Taman, therefore, i.e. in Kepoi.

Until this year, I said many times that Brooks, first found in Essex with Broke's/Brocks, share the Stick Coat. But recently I noticed that Brooks use scallops in the colors and format of the Stick garbs. However, this week I found the Brook-like Birketts (Cheshire, same as Stiche's) sharing the Stick and Stiche Coats. Plus, the Rams in the Burkett Crest were first found in Essex too.

My Hospital Crib

My Grimaldi-Masci mother said to me that I was born blue because she took too long to get to the hospital. I don't know how too-long is, maybe a day or more. She also told me I shared a hospital crib with Roxana (don't know her surname), a round-about relative of hers. So, I'm thinking that God caused the delay so that I could be in her crib for heraldic purposes, for Meshech and ROXolani go hand-in-hand. And the Cribb surname, listed with Crisps/Crispins, might just be of the Gripp variation of Grabbers for an additional pointer to graphene-oxide.

(I had spelled her name wrong throughout this section (now fixed), making it a pointer to Roxolani. The correct spelling is, Rosana, but this too can act as a pointer to Roxolani, if the shoe fits, and it does fit a Roxolani-Varangian shoe.)

I played with Rosana as a kid when my mother visited her brother. Her brother's backyard backed up onto a Masci family related to us. Tito was the father, Rudy his son I played with. I was a new Christian when I heard that Rosana had brain cancer, and so I took her a new Bible, and I think her parents didn't like that. She died soon after. My mother's brother under discussion died of cancer in the bowel area. Could this be a pointer to poison vaccines? When my father's mother died of leukemia (blood cancer), Roxanne, my girlfriend at the time, attended the funeral with me. My father's brother died of leukemia.

Cribbs/Crispins were first found in Oxfordshire with Crispins/CREPins, and their French branch was first found in Lorraine, making Cribbs look like Keep / Kepke liners. It's pretty amazing that the Cribb/Crispin chevron-with-HORSESHOE's is in the colors of the chevron-with-cockaTRICE's of Chickens. Trysts/Trice's are in the "Keep Tryst" motto. My mother's brother, Rosana, and Tito Masci lived nearest the major intersection of KIPling and Albion (Toronto). Kiplings have the Chee/CHEATLE Coat (just a dancetty-fesse) in colors reversed, and Kettle's were a Keith-Catti branch while the latter can be gleaned as a branch of Caddys to whom Kepke and I pointed when we were golf caddies. That surname pointed with Chickens to KADYrov, Chechen leader, which recalls that Zlochevsky (sells/sold expensive shoes in Kiev) lives in Monaco with "royal" Grimaldi's. Albions/Albanys were first found in Shropshire with Roxolani-suspect Alans.

I now need to repeat that Miss Peare's WAIST symbol pointed to Waistells, and, due to their horse, they pointed also to Vestalis, grandson of king Donnus of the Cottians, the line to Dance's and the West dancette. I trace them to the Cotesii who lived amongst ROXolani. Rosana in the crib with me. The Waist-like Wests have the Cribb/Crispin and Chee/Cheatle Coat in different colors, and colors reversed from the dancetty-fesse of the Dove's (all four have dancetty-fesses) in the Waistell Coat. The Cottian capital is on the Riparia river, a tributary of which is the Viu, suspect in the "vie" motto term of Wests.

I think the point has been made that my hospital crib points to the Ukraine theater. The Grimaldi maiden name of my mother is still suspect with Ukraine's Crimea. When she said I was born blue, I take it that God spoke it through her because Blue's are also Gorms while Gormleys are also Grimes'.

We lived in Gormley for three years, with the Quinns, and English Borns (probably Bernicians of the Bernice / Burns line) share a white, winged horse with Quinns. Bernice's, suspect from Berenice AGRIPPa (i.e. like the Gripp / Cribb/Crispin/CRIPP surname), use this winged horse in black, and thus it appears that I'm a Herod-Agrippa liner, I'm so tickled. Masseys have their winged horse with a part-gold wing, the color of a Masci wing, and of the wing on the black Bernice horse. I've shown already how Meschins of the Bessin, and therefore Masci's, trace back to Julius Agrippa, uncle of Julius Bassianus, father of Julia Maesa in just the second century BC i.e. shortly after the royal Herods.

Bassianus-like Base's/Bassens, first found in Austria with Gripps/Grabbens, share the black hunting horn with Bernice's and Burns. English Borns were first found in Lincolnshire with Base's/Baise's. Then, German Borns were first found in Saxony with Kepke's/Kopke's whose goat in turn is highly expected with the Goats/Gothams sharing the Gripp/Grabben Coat. My being born blue is thus pointing to graphene-oxide, and Blue's/Gorms were first found on Arran with the McCabe's/MacAbee's who share the Ham "salmon," in the colors of the fish of Pfizer-like Fisers/Vissers.

By the way, as McCabe's/MacAbee's share a white fesse with Ronns, it can suddenly identify the Ronald variation of MacDonalds as an Orion line due to the Ronn-like Irons. Ronns share the Rush / Rosco fesse.

Bassianus' may have been Byzantines. Some Byzantine emperors called themselves after "Porphyrogennetos," meaning "purple born" I think my mother could just as well have said, born purple.

The Base/Bassen horns are in the colors and format of Jewish Levi's, making these Base's trace feasibly to LAEVillus ancestry in Israel's Levites. Which Levite? Laevillus became king of Cetis, and so we expect a prominent Levite. Jewish Levi's have lions with a gold crown in the colors of the lion head with gold crown of Caiaphas-like Capone's/Capua's (Naples, same as Aquila's).

I know exactly where to go now, to Quadratilla Bassus. I've seen her surname as "Bassianus," and she married Lupus Laevillus about the start of the second century i.e. shortly before Julius Bassianus. I've been tracing the Bibo's to "Vibia," Laevillus' mother, and though I haven't been able to prove that trace, I'll first add that Bibo's tell of their Hahn kin, a pointer to Stephen Hahn, chief of the FDA and therefore Trump's vaccine pusher. In colors reversed, the Hahn rooster is blue, the color of the Blue/Gorm rooster heads. The Bibo's come up as "Bible," and this is perhaps why I gave Rosana a Bible, to show that she and I descend from Laevillus and the Bassus'.

The amazing thing now is that when we load "Hann" instead of "Hahn," we get the other German Hahns with the red Bibo/Bible rooster in Crest, and with the Kopple rooster in the Shield! Kopple's were first found in Nuremberg with Keips/Keipers. But there is more because the Cribbs/Cripps/CRISPins can apply where French Crispins/Crepys share the "pomegranate" with Grazio's who share a black rooster with Hanns/Hahns and Kopple's. Grazio-like Grasse's, sharing the bend of French Crispins/Crepys, were first found in Lincolnshire with Borns. It's therefore more evidence that my mother's message to me, that I was in the same crib as Rosana, is a pointer to Graff/Graffen-like Gripps/Grapps/Grabbens, who happen to be in the colors of Hanns/Hahn and Kopple's. It looks like God is trying to blame cancers on vaccines, especially graphene-oxide in vaccines. For how long might this substance have been slipped into vaccines?

Lorraine's grass stain works here because English Crispins/Crepys use so-called "barry," which can indicate that French Crispins were in Bar-le-DUC of Lorraine, the place that her grass stain pointed to. It gets more amazing because the Schims in the Cribb/Crispin scimitar use a "DUCE" motto term. Ducks were first found in Somerset with the Tarrs (show pale BARS only) possibly in "scimiTAR." Cribbs are also Cripps, and while Lorraine was a Russellite, The Russell Chief (share's Meschin scallops) is in the colors and format of Crapps/Crappers. Lorraine had a feet symbol, and Crapps/Crappers put feet on their footless martlets.

Rosana died of CANCER, and the French Chance's share the sun in the middle of the Chief with English Borns. English Chance's are also cancer-like Chanceur's. She died of brain cancer, and Brains use leopard faces while Fessys/Face's, a branch of Grimaldi-associated Fieschi, are like "Fauci." The "Enghien" motto of Brains looks like code for Engains/Gains, a potential pointer to gain-of-function virus' that can be expected to be circulated deliberately for to create the excuse for mass vaccinations.

Fieschi lived in Genoa, and French Gains, first found in Ile-de-France with CHAPPES', have Genoa-like variations. CAIAPHAS became the high priest because he married Annas' daughter. The giant Annas star is in colors reversed with the Cris-like Griis'/GRIMs, first found in Hamburg with BOOT-using Trips/Treffs. I've suspected that this chief-priest Annas, at whose home Jesus was sentence to death on the eve of his murder, was in Laevillus' ancestry. Annas-branch Ainsleys (same place as Goats/Gothams) share the scimitar with Cribbs/CRISpins, and this symbol traces back to Schimatari in BOEOTia, which I think named the House of Boot-like BOETHus to which the Sadducees, including Annas and Kepke-like Caiaphas, belonged. Keeps were first found in Sussex with SADDOCKs.

Schims/Schiens, Skins/Scans, Turins (Bard boar, colors reversed from LESK boar head) and Bard-connectable Leslie's were first found in ABERDEENshire, suspect from the Kabars of KABARDINo (near Kepoi) at the Khazar theater. I trace Leslie's to Lesce on the Sava river, and a LESKen river is in Kabardino. Kabars were co-founders of Hungarians, tending to explain why Leslie's were Hungarian, and consequently this makes Rothschilds look like they were from Kabars, a Khazar branch. Turins, sharing a "fortuna" motto term with Schims/Schiens, share the Keep / Lorraine / Casimir bend (Lesk colors), begging whether Khazars named Casimir.

The Chiever goats are colored reversed from the same of Kabar-like Portuguese CAPRa's/Cabra's. Italian Capra's (Piedmont, same as Masci's), are also Cravins while Meschins married Skiptons of Craven! That's new. Italian Capra's/Cravins share the giant and upright goat (different color) with Kepke's/Kopke's, and God used Kepke and I to point to graphene outside the Graff residence while Graffs/Graffens are also Craven-like Gravs, and while Grabbens are also Cravers. Caiaphas-like Caps'/CAPPERs show nothing but three crown-like caps in colors reversed from the nothing-but-three-crowns of BOOTle's/Bottle's, and that Spanish Capets have a giant crowns (to compare with Corona's and Corons/Corona's) while English Capes' are likewise Capets. Capote's were first found in Forez with Fauch's, and Forez's/Fore's, suspect in the Ainsley motto, share the fesse of Herods/Haralds, first found in Argyllshire with Coron-like Crone's.

It's begging whether Joseph Caiaphas had a line to the royal Khazars, for they claimed to be Jews ruling over the Togarmite (probably became Tocharians) Khazar people. The most-known Khazar king is Joseph. This looks like a good theory. To explain how Jews came to rule Togarmites, Caiaphas may have descended from Quintus Caepio the elder, whom as a Roman general stole thousands of gold bars from Toulouse. Some of it may have transferred to Caiaphas' family, which could explain why he got to marry the high priest's daughter. Lots of money makes it easy to rule a people. Again, Quintus' granddaughter was Servilia CAEPIONIS, and Cupionich is also Koplik while Koppels were first found in the same place with Keips. Chiever-like Keivers share the Casimir antler, we may assume.

To explain why Julius Caesar had a long-standing and adulterous affair with Servilia Caepionis: he was after, and got some, of her gold. It can explain how Caesar was able to conquer far and wide, for war needs money. Kepke's golf balls pointed to Julian branches, and I've just misspelled "golf" as "gold," which I've done a million times because the 'd' is beside the 'f'. English Julians were first found in Cambridgeshire with Caepionis-like Capone's and Chapmans/CHEPmans.

Kepke and I practiced our ping-pong skills in his BASEment, and I showed how Base's can go back to Miss Bassus, Laevillus' queen. The baseMENT is a good pointer to Ments/Mants (Yorkshire, same as Pings/Pongs/Pagans) because they almost have the Ping/Pong/Pagan bendy. And the point is: Ments/Mants share the French Gain Coat. It's as though this set of heraldry pointing to the murderers of Jesus is simultaneously pointing to the gain-of-FUNCtion in the coronavirus. Scottish CRONE's and Jewish FUNKs share the lozengy of Bootle-like Beetle's (and Bedwells), and half in the colors of the lozengy Shield of Grimaldi's. Beetle's were first found in Berkshire with Boots. Grimaldi's share the Bag Shield while Bagleys had an early location in Berkshire. My mother was born and raised seven miles from Aquila, where Sheaves'/Chiapponi's were first found while Sheaves'/Shaws/Shea's were first found in Berkshire. Irish Shea's share the Masci fleur. Annas' father was Seth from Syria, near to where Laevillus ruled (Cilicia), and the other two Shaw surnames come up as "Seth."

Note that the Italian Sheaves', in Blue/Gorm colors, are also Chiever-like Chiava's/Cheaves'/Chaves'. If this section is pointing to Ukraine for some reason in this discussion about my first days as a baby with baby Rosana, it's a wonder that Babys are a Ukrainian surname that almost has the Crone / Funk Coat. Is this suggesting gain-of-function at Kiev, where Roxolani once were? Fangs use a white-on-red horse, a Rus symbol. The white horse of Revelation 6 has a bow, making them look like the Rothschild-branch of Rus, which can be suspect as NATO. The earliest days of my childhood that I remember was at a street called, ROSEcliff. I was feasibly born there. The major intersection there is St. Clair avenue and Dufferin. Sinclairs were not only Rus, but lived at ROSlin, suspect from Russells, probably from the land of Roussillon/Rosellon of Languedoc, land of Roquefeuil.

I didn't know there were two St. Clair surnames until now, neither of which are listed with Sinclairs. Scottish St. Clairs were first found in Suffolk with Clare's and Kidds, and while the latter have two of the Kepke/Kopke goat, the Kidd Coat is in the colors and format of Roque's/Rocks!!! Bingo, a Kiev-line relationship with Roxolani liners. The Kidd Crest even shares the white dove in the Crest of English St. Clairs (!), though the latter are curiously listed with Stolls/Stowells. English St. Clairs/Stolls share an "En" motto term with Chievers, and Scottish St. Clairs use "ENtends-Toi." Toys/Teys may have the Pigeon Chief in blue.

[Insert -- I don't know how I missed it, but I've known for a long time that Crispins descended directly from Clare's! It means that my crib story was Intended to go to St. Clair avenue. Clare's of Tunbridge (married Meschins) were in Kent with the first-known Trips. French Clairs were first found in Limousin with Pine's/Pins, tending to explain the CrisPIN surname. End insert]

As Rollo made a pact with France named after St. Clair, and as Rollo's have a "par" motto term, the "paROLE" motto term of St. Clairs/Stolls looks like code for the Rollo Normans. This idea works with the other St. Clairs who not only share a black Crest with Rollo's, but the Rollo Crest shares the black boar with the Hardys who in turn share the St. Clair cross. This is super because CRISPINA was Rollo's daughter! The Cribbs/Cripps/Crispins at our service! The Meschins descended from Rollo's uncle, Malahule. I have a claim recorded in which Grimaldus married this same Crispina! My mother herein looks like a Grimaldi-Meschin liner.

Plus, the human makers of heraldry didn't know my crib event, but Cribbs/Crispins were early of a COCKthorp location while English Cocks share the Shield of Grimaldi's and Bags, the latter first found in Norfolk with Cockthorp and Cockers/Cockets. The latter share the bendwise fleur-de-lys of COUGHs and Cuffs, apparently revealing that the latter two were a Cock branch. Ahh, as TROPE's/Drops were first found in Norfolk too, they apparently named CockTHORP. Thorps, sharing the lion of Russells, have a Mr. Throppe. Trope's may have been a Trip branch, and the Cribb/Crispin horseSHOE's are expected to bump into Trips sooner or later. A family (such as Antrims) from the Ant river of Norfolk could be in the Thorp motto.

Ahh, PINders/PENDERs, looking like a branch of Panters to which Lorraine's grass / pant stain pointed, not only may be sharing the Grasse lion, but the Pinders apply red drops to their lion heads. Drops went-a-fallin on Pino's head. Glad God didn't use my head. Pinders/Penders were first found in Nottinghamshire with the Goats/Gothams who share the Grapp/Gripp/Grabben Coat.

The Sinclairs were from Pont L'EVEQUE, and as Levi-like Leveque's/Leveks share the PASS/Pascal lamb, it identifies what the "parole" and "par" motto terms are code for. It just so happens that Pass'/Pascals share the Jewish Levi lions, suggesting that French Levi's share the English Clare Coat in someone else's colors. These Levi's, first found in Ile-de-France with Chappes', are highly suspect from the Sadducees, especially Caiaphas. The Leve's/Leafs/Leave's share the dove with St. Clairs/Stolls. Look at how my birth near St. Clair avenue has ironed these things out.

I was born at St. Joseph's hospital on The QUEENsway, and Caiaphas' first name was, Joseph, I'm just so tickled (sarcasm). PLUS, almost missed it: English Josephs have a "charo" motto term wile Charo's list Claro's!!!! Sinclairs descended from Claro's! INCREDIBLE. Queens share the wolf heads of Cliffs in "Rosecliffe."

Plus, wow, I've just loaded a map to see that one end of Rosecliffe is at Lauder avenue, and Lauders are highly suspect from Lotharingia = Lorraine, the line from Maria of Kiev!!! That can explain why Mario was Rosana's father! Zikers. Mario's, whom I now see list Marie's, even share a green lion with Lorraine's! My life was made into a history book. The "lois" motto term of Mario's/Marie's can even go with French Louis', first found in Lorraine. The Mario/Marie lion is that also of Lyon-branch Lannoys, first found in Picardy with Cavetts and Orions, and I trace Cavetts to the Cevetta river at Ceva, home of Lois of Ceva!

Plus, while the other end of Rosecliffe is at Dufferin, Duffers/Duffys have the Lorraine lion in colors reversed! How can this be a further coincidence. It's the Morgan lion too, and Morgan le Fay of Avalon was on BUTE! She was the daughter of GorLOIS!!! Can we believe it? Fie's/Feys are also MacDuffie's and, curiously, MacCUFFie's. Without their symbols, the Fie's/Feys/MacDuffie's have the flag of Ukraine, and if they call their ship a "galley," that's what Keeps call their ship.

Fie's/Feys/MacDuffie's look like Gilly/Gillie kin, and while the latter were first found in Lothian with the Fortune's in the Rollo motto, Gelons (like the Gelonus location of the Budini) share the Lady annulets for a pointer to Lady Fortune in the Coat of Klassens/Class' whom I trace to the Clausula river, location of Dober, which I think was related to Maria of Kiev (explanation below). Glass' were first found in Buteshire, and while Glass' share the Kyle stars, Kyle's use "candlesticks" while Candle's have five of the four Gelon annulETs. Lets are in the GLASgow motto with "Lord," and Lords are also Lauds, like the Laudyman variation of Ladys. Read also as "ANNulet," because Maria of Kiev was the aunt-in-law of Anna of Kiev.

Gelon-like GlenLYON is in Perthshire with Lyons and with the Rinds who use "GILLY flowers." Flowers, with the Dober-like Dover Coat in colors reversed, were first found in Devon with the Jewells using "gillie flowers." Dove's are in the colors and format of Potters, first found in Hampshire with Pots and Poppins/Pophams. It makes the Dover-like dove of St. Clairs/Stolls and Leve's/Leafs (Norfolk, same as Marys sharing the Russell lion) look like it's from Maria of Kiev. The Mens' of Lothian, in the motto of Poppins/Pophams who share the Anne/Hanne stag heads, are said to have had a branch at Glenlyon. As I've said, one day while on the porch roof at Rosecliffe, I was thinking to jump off with an umbrella because I saw MARY POPPINs doing it! This looks like a pointer to Rollo's wife, Poppa.

As Dove's have the dancetty-fesse of Wests in colors reversed, it's got to be said that our house was at the corner of Rosecliffe and Westmount. The old lady beside us, whose house faced Westmount, threw ROCKs at me when I was playing in her GARDEN. I was in a Crispin-connectable crib with Rosana. I would JUMP from the PORCH railing, over her fence, which is what I was probably doing when I peed on Pino. Jumps share the stag head of Trumps/Tromps (Mecklenburg, same as Varni suspect as proto-Varangians) while Val Trompia is at lake Garda. Did God intend to point to Trump with this urine event, or is this heraldic set a coincidence? Am I crazy to even ask?

I don't remember doing anything on Pepin's railing but jumping over the fence. It was a thing for me for a while. I kid you not, Porch's share the Bus cinquefoils (almost the Flower Coat) on top of the eight bars of English Crispins!!!!! Fence-like Fens'/Venns were first found in Devon with Flowers.

WestMOUNT recalls that Mounts are also Mons' while Mons is the HAINaut capital, and the only entity I've seen with the triple Levi chevrons with the county / counts of Hainaut. I get it, that God even used Westmount to point to His historical and end-time enemies. The triple-Clare chevrons are red like the triple chevrons of BABENbergs, and the latter were founded by Poppo I of GRAPfeld/GRABfeld. Babys/BABENko's were first found in Ukraine, where Grabben/Grape-connectable Kepke's trace, how about that, another potential pointer to Kiev and graphene-oxide. Grabbens/Grape's/GRIPPs share the bend of Varni-like Varns, and the Rothschilds trace to Leslie's of Rothes who use a "Grip" motto term.

Varns, kin of Grimaldi-like Grahams, were first found in Ayrshire with the Shechemite-connectable Kennedys. Varns, Grahams, and Jack-branch Joke's all have gold-on-black scallops while Jacks use them gold on red. The Kennati priests worshiped Jack-like Ajax. Scottish Jacks were first found in Renfrewshire with the Hameltons (TREE, potential Trypillian liner) who share the Porch / Tankerville cinquefoil, and Tankerville-branch Tanks/Tancreds were first found in Yorkshire with scallop-using Jacks.

For new readers, I've now got to repeat that while Neuri visited the Trypillia / Budini region, Nahor had a third son, HAMEL- and camel-like Kemuel. Nahor's second son was Buz, and Bus', Hameltons and Porch's share the same ermined cinquefoil. I pee'd on Pino's HEAD from Pepin's porch, and Pepins have a camel, and moreover Pepins have three horse heads (Mott colors) in the colors of the three unicorn heads of Heads!!! WOW! Hamiltons were earls of Arran, and Orions/Irons trace smack from Airaines to Arran! Where Blue's/Gorms were first found. They say that porphyria is a disease named after purple urine, and some say that the royal blue of Britain is secretly named after this genetic disease.

Wow, I kid you not, that emailer Pollock had porphyria, which is where I learned about it, and she was in correspondence with a Robin because she was trying to track where the disease originated, I remember Robin telling me that Hamiltons were one of her four, direct ancestors, along with Tuttle's. Robin and others suspected that the disease proceeded through Rollo and Poppa, but while she didn't know heraldry, Tuttle's/Toothills happen to share the Rollo chevron. Apparently, I'm from the porphyria bloodline. I know a Mr. Masci who had PARKINsons Disease, and while I trace Parkings/Perkins ("Simplex" motto term) to TERTULLus of Perga (related to Mr. Simplex), Tuttle's/Toothills come up as "TURTLE" how about that. Tertullus married a Herod-Maccabee, Plancia Magna, the line to Pollock-like Plocks and Plunketts! Pollocks built Rothes castle in Moray, and the Handels sharing the Moray Coat have a "Fest" motto term to go with the "Festina" of Plunketts.

Ahh, Dutch Hamils, Hams and Hammers are all in the same colors with McCabe's/MacAbee's of Arran, and while Hams and Hammers were both first found in Sussex with Keeps, the Hamils have the giant Kepke/Kopke goat on a green Shield! Thanks to Mr. Kepke the Ukrainian, I think we have just proven that Hamils were from a tribe of Kemuel. Scottish Hamils, said to have included Mr. Hameville, use GRIFFIns in Graff/Graffen colors.

Kepke was given a window symbol, and Windows are in the colors and format of Scottish Hamils. Windows were a Windsor branch, and the royal house of Windsor was exactly the house of Saxe-GOTHa, apparently explaining the goat we just saw. Goths share the hexagram of Jeepma's/Cheps and Vlads. The house of Saxe-Gotha goes back to rulers of Saxony, where Kepke's/Kopke's were first found.

I'm reading: "A Hamilton became Earl of Arran and feuding ensued between the Hamilton's and the Stewarts, the latter being reluctant to hand over Arran..." The Wettin Electors of Saxony look like they may be to the Weddings and Weeds/Weetons, perfect because Weddings (Yorkshire, same as Keppochs) are in Keppoch colors and format. German Wettins share the Arms of Saxony. English Wettins are in Gellone colors and format, and Weddings have the three Gellone fleur in half their colors, a good trace of Gellone's to Gelonus.

Gellone is in the French province of Herault, and Heraults are listed with Herods/Haralds. Herault is beside Aude province with Roquefeuil. Auda was mother to William of Gellone, count of TOULouse, and Tools/Toile's (may have named estoiles) share the lion in the Tull/Tolle and Trope/Drop Chiefs, which is essentially the Chief of Wedding-like Welding/Welton who named Welton in Yorkshire. Weldings/Weltons have the Hamilton, Bus and Porch cinquefoil in colors reversed. The Ukrainian, Diane Muschatov, lived on WELDrick road when I knocked on her window, and Knocks/Knox's were first found in Renfrewshire with Hamiltons and Pollocks/POKE's, and Pockets/Pouchers, looking like Porch kin, share the Welding/Welton cinquefoil.

Italian Maria's, showing nebuly but said to be "waves", look like they have the black bends of one English Clement Coat (wavy bends) because the other English Clements come up as "CLERmonts," and both Clement Coats share the Chief of French Clairs. While Valerys use a "wave" in their Chief, Vallours are listed with Valois'/Valais' while Rollo married Poppa of Valois, Crispina's mother I assume! My parents lived on the upper floor of a man named, Pepin, whose wife is Miss Masci, and she was treated for cancer several years ago (she's still living). Pepins share the camel with Goplo-suspect Italian Gobels, and Popiel was the first ruler of the Goplo tower. Popoli's (Naples, same as Levi-connectable Capone's/Capua's) have the horizontally-split Shield of Mecklenburg's SchWERINs (Vere colors), looking like they may have married the Varni/Warni. Scottish Vere's (ROXburghshire) are also Weirs while Irish Weirs almost have the Grimaldi Coat.

Italian Maria's were first found in Genova with the Grimaldi's, and with SEGURana's. French Segurs were not only first found in Limousin with Clairs, but they come up as "Second," a term in the Levi motto! It's bingo-bango all over the place.

The other French Clairs/Clere's (Limousin, same as SEGURs) share the Coat of English Yonge's (wolf), showing nothing but roses to go with ROSEcliffe. Cliffs share the black wolf with the Yonge Crest. Scottish Youngs (ROXburghshire, same as Leavells) share the Coat of Scottish Leavells, the Lupus-Laevillus line! I was in the same crib with Rosana. Look at her name as Rosana because Anna of Kiev was the niece of Maria of Kiev!!! WOW. The grass stain that Lorraine got pointed to the Stains who are said to have married YARborough's, and Anna of Kiev was the daughter of king YARoslav. The latter's father, VLADimir, might be to the "wlad" motto term of English Josephs. There's a question on whether Anna was named after the line of Annas.

Let me repeat it, that Maria DOBRoniega of Kiev married Casimir of the Mieszko Piasts, explaining why Lorraine's share the eagle in the Arms of Piast, for Casimir's mother was Richeza of Lorraine. This is why the Casimir antler is a bend in the colors of the Keep and Lorraine bends. The point is, Koplik is two or three miles from DOBER, suggesting that Dobroniega was named after the namers of Dober, for Kopple's were first found in Neuri-like Nuremberg with Keips, and Neuri were acquainted with the Budin of Gelonus. This allows one to glean that DOBERmans share the Lauder griffin because Lorraine was also Lotheringia. English Dobers use the Rockefeller-line TREFoils as part-code for Trips/Treffs.

Back to English Borns who look like they share the Murena/Moreno tower, a little interesting where Mario is Rosana's father while Mario's share the Lyon lion while Herod Archelaus was banished to Vienne, near Lyon. Lyons are said to have been at a Forez location. TERENTia Murena traces to Trents/TRANS', we may assume, because the "TRANSeunt" motto term of English Borns now tells me so. Morano's share the Moor head with Swords who are in turn in Chiever colors and format, and Swords were first found in Northumberland with Keep-loving Hebrons. The Sword Crest has Justine-related wings, and Justine's have a version of the Kepke/Kopke Coat.

Back to the scimitar of Cribbs/Cripps/Crispins because Schimatari is at/beside Tanagra, the latter having been the home of mythical Orion's father. As Orion was a mythical hunter, his bloodline is probably in the heraldic hunting horn, for Horns are listed with Orion-like Orne's, and there is even an Orion surname listed with Irons, first found in Airaines' (looks like it was named by an Orion liner). Horns/Orne's are in Chiever colors and format in both Shield and Crest, and "horns" without an animal mentioned is in the Crest of Budini-line Buttons/Bidens/Bodens/BOOTens. Horns were first found in Middlesex with Baby-like Babwells/Babels.

You will never guess how I came to include mythical Orion in my work, which eventually was extremely important for pointing to Jesus' killers. I was standing on the porch railing at Rosecliffe, and I had to pee, so I started to pee off the railing, and around comes the neighbor, Pino, about my age, walking around the corner of the porch beneath me. He gets it on the HEAD, looks up, and gets it into his mouth. Later, I find that Porch's come up as "Portis," suspect with PortisHEAD (at Gordano / Clapton) due to his getting it on the head. As was said, Porch's/Portis share the Crispin bars.

When recalling the pee-on-Pino event, I went looking for a mythical character with a urine symbol, and thought of Uranus the rain god i.e. he urinates from the sky. But eventually I found that Uranus-like Orion of Boeotia had a urine symbol too. As his father was from the Schimatari area, is it not astounding that Cribbs/Crispins use the scimitar??? This is too funny. Eventually, I realized that while Orion's father was from TANAGRa (so says Orion's Wikipedia article), that place looks like TANKERville, and Tankerville's share the cinquefoil of Porch's/Portis, I know you can't believe this, but it's all true. I pee'd in the MOUTH of mythical Orion, hopefully as a representative of Jesus. It may be a pointer to Motts for some reason I'm not seeing at the moment.

LOOKIE: Cribbs/Crispins are also Cripps, and Crapps/Crappers share the Chief-Shield colors of Tanners (both have blank-white Shields) while Tankerville's named TANERdevilla. Plus, Spanish Pino's share pine cones with German Tanners and Maschi's! It's a hit on the head. Hey Pino, if ever you read this, I'm sorry about that, but God wanted it to take place. He's going to rain pee on the heads of the sons of Caiaphas soon. Uranus the rain god, was grandfather to Poseidon, code for the PISidians, and so this related to "piss." The Amazon branch of Meshech lived at Grecian Pisa while Mosca's were first found in Italian Pisa.

No, I don't think I'm crazy to think that God set up the pee-on-Pino event. As I've said a few times, I remember being at Pino's house only once, at the garage where a man showed me a rifle. I remember nothing else at that garage aside from him speaking to me words I do not remember. I think we can agree that it was a HUNTING rifle, i.e. God set it up to affirm a pointer to Orion the hunter. But his speaking WORDs to me can apply, and this part is brand new right here. We begin with the write-up of Wards, who have a version of the Word Coat. Wards share the ermined-white bend of Claptons/Cloptons for this reason: "'Barford was for three centuries the residence of the ancestors of Charles Thomas Warde, Esq., now of Clopton..." Clapton is a location smack at Portishead.

Oh wow. I assume that the man was Pino's father who SPOKE to me. Speaks/Spoke's/Spike's, with a porcuPINE (!!!!!), share a giant, double-headed eagle (different colors) with Word-like Worth's. We can understand that Pino can be a pointer to Pine's, but zowzsers: PORCupine can be part-code for Porch's/Portis'!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ZINGEROO!

As the rifle-like Riffle's are the ones with nearly the Kepke/Kopke Coat, the Spike variation of Speaks/Spoke's can be a pointer to spike proteins in combination with graphene-oxide. As I've said a few times, when I saw the image of Syphax (a Numidian ruler) on a coin, it reminded me of Kepke, and so I deemed it to be a clue from God that "Kepke" was a hard-C version of "Syphax." I then saw the Spike-like in a Walsh motto when discussing Kepke's fiancee, KIM Walsh, from Wallachia, land of the BUZau river (Roxolani lived there). Bus' share the giant and ermined cinqueFOIL with Porch's/Portis, and foils are part-code for the Roxolani line to RoqueFEUIL. Kims share the French Pine cinquefoils! That is unreal, impossible without knowing the Kepke Coat. Spice's were first found in Devon with Speccots, with a Speke in the Speak/Spoke/Spike write-up, and with English PINE's!!! Look at what that rifle, and a few words spoken by the rifle owner, did for this discussion, I am impressed. I almost forget: Maschi's use "pine cones."

I think it's permissible to enter the additional point that Trudeau's are in Spice colors and format because I trace "Numidia" to a Neamt county between the TROTus and Moldava rivers. Trots are TRUDE's too, you see, while Spice-like Syphax was a Numidian. Trots/Trude's share the Coats/Cotes Coat while Cotesii were on the Buzau. This recalls my last-update's finding that Trudeau's had been related to Bastards, first found in Devon with Spice's! Lookie there, such an amazing thing, because Kepke's/Kopke's share the border of Justins. Likewise first found in Devon were the Staggs/Stage's in the Trudeau stags, but also the Thors/Tours who relate to the Spice towers. French Tours have a giant tower in Kepke/Kopke colors and format probably because these Tours were first found in Languedoc with same-colored Roque's/Rocks and Rockets. The latter are in the colors and format of the giant Tower tower. English Kidds, in Roque/Rock colors and format, share the upright Kepke/Kopke goat, which is in the colors of the upright ram of Budini-suspect Bauds, the latter first found in Auvergne while Auvergne's share the giant Tour tower.

The griffin in the Tower Crest is split into the two Ukraine colors. It's in the colors of the griffins of Scottish Hamels, and the latter happen to share the seated leopard in the SEWER/Suter (and Rhodes) Crest while Sarah's/Sayers have it lying down. The thing is, the Sarah's/Sayers, linkable to Sewer-like Sauers and Sorrys/Sawreys (both share the Rhodes lion) through goat-using Russells (share Rhodes lion), share the Coat of Griffin-like Grabbens/GRAPPs/Gripps. A pigeon at my septic = sewer tank, which pointed by its flight to Swords/Swarts and to George Schwartz-Soros, pointed hard to the "pigeons" of CRAPPers. I dubbed this pigeon a "stool pigeon" due to the dove of Stolls/Stowells (who come up as "St. Clair") who look like kin of Whistle's so as to suggest an unidentified whistle-blower = stool pigeon. The pigeon walking over my septic tank was amazing because Scottish Sewers are listed with Suters while Trump-connectable Shute's/SCHUTE's are Shitts too, and Crappers were first found in Lancashire with Scute's. Swiss Sewers (same place as Graffs/Graffens) share a giant rose on black with Schwartz's.

There's a very rare footless martlet (usually comes without legs) in the Crapper Crest having legs, and Leggs almost have the Trump Coat. The Tower griffin is vertically split in the colors of the same of Dutch Tromps. I had read that Donald Trump was bailed out with money from George Soros, and the latter was a defacto ruler of Ukraine when there was a coup there in 2014 to put out the pro-Russia president. The moral of this paragraph, and the one above with a Kepke-trudeau link, seems to be that I'm God's stool pigeon telling that George Soros (and trudeau?) has been supporting / managing graphene-laden bio-weapon labs in Ukraine.

It was my school at the corner of St. Clair and Dufferin that caused me to look up "St. Clair" for the first time this update, and they are listed with Stolls. I've told the story at least twice that, in my first year of kindergarten, I forget to get my boots in our class, and when they let everyone out the door, there I realized I had no boots on. So I just walked home along Dufferin without my BOOTS. Why might God point to Budini in that event? I think I now have it: Schools/Schole's had been suspect from the Eschol valley in...Hebron!!! Hebrons love the Keeps and the dove-using Trysts ("TREPidum").

I was halfway home, and my feet in socks were cold, but for the first time ever, my father happened to be driving by on my walk home, and he just pulls up beside me (big surprise) at the curb, and lets me in. God sent my father that day...because God set up the event, isn't that right? He felt responsible for my cold feet, that is. Schools/Schole's share the Walsh/Walch and Benjamin annulet, and both latter two were from Wallachia, location of the Roxolani of the BUZau area. Scottish Walsh's/Walchs (ROXburghshire) have a saltire in the colors of the Sinclair cross.

George BUSH Jr., with a surname like "Buzau," married Laura Walsh, and I think Bushites want to topple Russia too. Kepke almost married KIM Walsh, whose cheek I kissed as a pointer to the Chechens, and to Lupus Laevillus. Scottish Leavells were first found in Roxburghshire with Walsh's/Walchs. Kims were first found on Bute, and I WALKed home without my BOOTs. George Bush descended from Walch-like Walkers (share gold annulet with Walsh's/Walchs). I was walking on Dufferin, and Duffers share the Morgan lion while mythical Morgan le FEY was the chief witch of Avalon, which I've deciphered as Bute. It just so happens that Dutch VEYs use the boot, is that cool or what? Vivians/VEYs were first found in Cornwall with the parents of Morgan le Fay, and with Bude.

Trump's first press secretary was Mr. Spicer, and Scottish Walsh's/Walchs have an "AuSPICE" motto term. The blue sleeve with white cuff in the Spice Crest is in the Crest of Tippers (Cornwall, same as UTHER Pendragon and GorLOIS), who in turn are in the colors and near-format of French Pine's. Tippers are part of the set of heraldry tracing to the Kennati priests, then back to the Kenites who may have been part of whatever Orion represented at Schimatari. Wards and Words share the checkered Shield of Warrens, from Ada of Warenne, wife of Mr. HUNTINGdon, and the OTHERs/Otters of Huntingdonshire share the crescents of KENS' (Devon again). Tipper elements are suspect in the Pendragon and Irish Shaw/Seth motto. Cliffs (wolves) married STICHE's, and Shaws/Seths are said to descend from "SITHECH," which the write-up wrongly defines as "wolf."

Ada is also "of Varenne," and Varenne's/VERONE's, looking like Varangians, share the triple ravens of Kinders who have been looked up as per "kindergarten." Verona's were first found in Ile-de-France with Trudeau's, and trudeau the soul-sick killer wants to vaccinate kindergarten students. I read that Bothwells ("boy pulling DOWN a pine TREE") were Bute liners, and they share the Verona Coat! Look at that. My boots at kindergarten class are pointing to Varangians amongst the Budini. I kid you not, Verona is under 25 miles from Garda on the shore of lake Garda. KinderGARTEN!!! Gartens are listed with Gardners, and share the scallop of Jardins, first found in Angus with Gardens/Jardens! This scallop is colors reversed from the one of Pullys/Pullings in the Bothwell description. English Gards were first found in Kent with Trips, and German Trips once showed boots, can we believe this? Gartens/Gardners even share the Russell scallop.

As Gore's were Trip kin, and first found in Kent with Gards, it's possible for a Gore member to have modified to Gard-like "Gord," who list Gordano's that named Gordano at Portishead!!! The Pine's in the Bothwell description point to Pino at the porch who pointed to Porch's/Portis', and Portishead is in Somerset, where Rothschild-branch Roets were first found who share the Gord/Gordano boar heads, colors reversed from the Rollo boar heads, and Rollo's share the black boar with neighboring Gardens/Jardens. Black boars are the only symbol showing for Porch-like Porcia's! Portishead is beside Clapton, and Claptons were kin of Gard-like Wards.

Irish Gards have the brown wolf in the Wooten Crest, and while KIM Walsh (pointer to Kims of Bute and therefore to French Pine's) lived on Wooten Way (Markham) when Kepke dated her, Wootens, first found in Kent with English Gards, share the saltire of Scottish Walsh's/Walchs, from Wallachia, which included the Buzau, and may even have touched upon the Trotus river. A count of Wallachia was Dracula, and Bats have another black-on-white saltire, and are even in the colors and format of Rusts/Roosts, first found in Kent too. I had reason (I think it was in Rusticus' father's name or family) for identifying RUSTicus of Lyon as a proto-Varangian, which then makes him descend from the Varni who lived at ROSTock. Varangians in Wallachia is very possible (I don't know Varangian history much).

Wootens have a Moor head while one Moor Coat is the Morgan / Duffer Coat while Morgan le Fay was on Bute! I WALKed home without my boots.

While Val Trompia is at lake Garda, the Downs in the Bothwell description have a stag in Trump/Tromp stag colors, and the latter is in Kepke/Kopke colors and format. Dutch Tromps were first found in Sussex with Downs, KEEPs and the Acorns in the Dutch Tromp Coat. Acorns share the stag head on Knee's, first found in County Down with the Trot/Trude-related Coats/Cotes'. The Kinder-like Kinds, as well as "KEPE," are in the motto of Kays who in turn use COTISed bends. The Cotesii were on the BUZau river, and English Bush's have black boars.

Trudeau's were first found in Ile-de-France with Syphax-like Chappes', and Lys'/LISSe's. Spice's were first found in Devon with CHIEVers. Speaks/Spoke's/Spike's share the eight bars of Cavetts, half in the colors of the eight bars of Porch's/Portis' and Crispins. The Cevetta river is at Kiev-like Ceva, and Caiaphas-lime Chives'/Shewas' were from the Cavii Illyrians at LISSus. I glean Drake's (Hampshire, same as Lise's/Liss') with L'Aquila elements in their motto, and Sheaves'/Chiava's/Chiapponi's were first found in L'Aquila. The checkered Shield of Words and Wards is shared by CLIFfords (share Drake dragon), and Pino lived on RoseCLIFFE with me.

The Sempers in the Clifford motto have the Coat of Base's/Baise's in colors reversed, and the Sempers have the Coat of Duce's, the latter first found in Staffordshire with the BASSets whose fesses in turn are definitely in the Porch/Portis Crest. Base's/Baise's are in the colors and format of Spanish Capra's, whom I arrived to by starting on the Schims who have a "duce" motto term.

The Base's/Bassens we met earlier are the ones who looked like they trace to a Levite, and they show nothing but HUNTING HORNs. SCHIMatari is suspect from the Biblical SHECHEMites, partners with the Kenites whom the Levite, Moses, married. It is conceivable that Shechemites and Kenites migrated to Boeotia with pagan Levites in the flow of mythical Cadmus Phoenicians.

I claim that Moses was named by the pharaoh's daughter after the Mus ancestry of that house, and so note "CadMUS." The Kenites are suspect to the Kennati priests of Cetis, where Laevillus was king. It's in Cilicia, depicted in ancient times by mythical Cilix, Cadmus' brother. Moses/Moys share the lone, red pale bar with Brains, and were first found in Shropshire with vaccine-like Vychans. The Moses/Moy write-up: "The name was also extended to Mostyn, and became attached to Vychan, Lord of Mostyn." Alans of Shropshire married Saluzzo, the line to Sales' sharing the Cuff bend--with-fleur, in the colors of the Vychan fleur. The Cuffs once showed a dancetty fesse probably because Saluzzo is in Piedmont with the Cottian capital, and with Dance's/Donnas'.

Kennati trace definitely to Kennedys with an "Avise" motto term, and it just so happens that Avis'/Avisons (GARBs, recalls Grabbens) share the Coat of Comyns/Comine's in the write-up of Scottish Shaws/Seths (Avis / Comyn colors and format). Mus is at Lake Van, and Fane's/Vans are in Avis / Comyn colors and format. Mus is at the Tarun area while we saw Cribbs/Crispins looking like Trans/Trent / Terentius kin. King Rusa ruled Lake van, and Rush's could have named Tarrant-Rushton of the Tarrants/Terents, begging whether SchimaTARi was named after Tarun elements. Cadmus depicted TYRians, who were given the symbol of the Zeus Taurus named after the Tarsus / Taurus areas of Cilicia. Zeus, son of CRONus the cannibal, may have been a Kenite entity. Take this to Coronis, mythical mother of the medicine god, the serpent, the warlock.

The amazing think is, Cribbs/Crispins share the scimitar-with-arm (not the same design) in Crest with Irish Kennedys, the latter first found in TIPPERary. Tippers, sharing the dolphin with Scottish Kennedys, share nearly the Crest of Avis/Avisons (both have a CUFFed sleeve holding a white anchor). Cuffs use a part-blue cuffed sleeve, and the blue Kennedy arm is shared by Googe-like Coughs/Cuffs (BESANTs) while Googe's (ROXburghshire) share the boar head of SCHIMs/Schiens. Beauty. Coughs/Cuffs were first found in KilKENNY. The ANNACKer variation of Anchors could betray their being an Annas line, or that the Anaki of Israel's Hebron removed to Boeotia with Shechemites / Kenites.

Rushtons have a "Have" motto term, and Have's/Haafs can be of the Half variation of Helps while Avison-line Avesnes is on the Helpe river. I've shown how the namers of Airaines (not far from Avesnes) named Arran, where Blue's/Gorms were first found, in Argyllshire with the first-known Herods/Haralds. I was born blue, almost dead. Maybe God said, "hold on, think I'll let him live, own his life for My arranged events, waste a couple of his decades making him learn and teach how to trace surnames to Herods and the killers of my Son." But then again, maybe it's not a waste of time. I doubt we'll ever know what He's up to, and you may know better than me part of what He's doing.

Rosana with terminal cancer points to Rockefeller medicine, doesn't she? Somebodies in the upper levels of medicine decided to make the human race very sick with vaccines so as to profit so much on medical requirements that they might come to rule the world. Rule the world on the foundation of murderous dishonesty? You have got to be kidding, FOOLS.


This week, there's a new premier (equivalent to a state governor) in Alberta to replace the previous lockdown goon. She's apologizing to Canadians for the wicked, COVID attitude of the former premier, and even unafraid to mention Schwabism in canada, a good-looking turning of the tables in the western provinces, or so it seems:

Look at this scummy trudeau who, knowing that parents didn't want their kids vaccinated anymore, comes out publicly to beg the kids to "ask" their parents for a vaccine. Have you ever seen a dirtier dirt-bag than this? Has he no shame to go under the parents' heads to their kids ON CAMERA? Is he trying to start a dirt-bag trend? Yes.

For the video below, you can skip the small-talk and start at seven minutes, where you will see that a black segment of a drug (or vitamin) capsule is shown wholly made of magnetic graphene-oxide. How can this be? is this a trick? The lady places the black segment (about a quarter-inch long, maybe more) into water, to find or claim that the entire cap is made of graphene-oxide that dissolves, as would a salt, to total invisibility; no cap part can be seen. It's suggesting that the whole cap is made of dissolvable materials. Does that seem right to you? The company wouldn't chance that in case the cap fell into water, and people started asking questions. What trick could be played here, and why? Is this video a scam to frighten us?

The speaker in the video above suggests taking a zeolite remedy that is negative in electrical charge, and then claims that metals have a net-positive electrical charge, wherefore the curative substance supposedly goes around the body to collect the metals for disposal outside of the body. BUT WAIT. Doesn't graphene-oxide likewise attract metal particles in order to do damage (otherwise, why are vaccines loaded with metal?). Is this "remedy" she offers (even gives a brand name and says it's superior to other brands) a trick?

At the start of the 26th minute, she shows a zeolite mass having grabbed a graphene-oxide "flake" (my term), or vice versa. Okay, if indeed that is a GO flake, the two attract one another (tending to confirm that GO is positively charged?), but what happens in the body with that partnership??? Does the GO hijack the zeolite and take it into a cell, or does the zeolite carry the GO out of the body through the urine? She said that, in her experiment with a person, the heavy-metal density in the blood / body decreased after three months of zeolite treatment. But she didn't check to see whether the metals were carried out of the body. What if the GO took the metals into solid body parts where she could not detect them if all she was checking is metal density in the blood? What if zeolites have been a trick to make people sicker?

The video below tells the history of the Nord Stream pipe, and possibly the tells a cause for Armageddon. The video blames Russia when cancelling gas to Europe via Ukraine's pipes, not telling the details:

This video shows what should be a fundamental part of the intrusion (nobody wants this) of the beginning of the 666 purchasing system, from the International Monetary Fund:

Do as you think best with the news in the video above. I'm already well-stacked with foods, and saving more until I have three years saved, at which time I will start eating it from back to front, and replacing it from back to front as I eat it. You can afford it if you don't buy luxuries. Buy a little extra food at a time, dry it, jar it, but save it so it lasts more than three years on a cool shelf.

A bank robber plans on robbing a bank. After he gets away with it, one of his partners admits publicly that he planned the heist. Along comes a leftist fact-checker: "False. The bank robber never claimed publicly that he was going to rob the bank. Case closed, the prosecution is guilty of accusing the bank robber falsely." Compare that my-fictitious story with this real story below, coming out days after a Pfizer representative made a confession:

AP’S ASSESSMENT: Missing context. Janine Small, president of international markets at Pfizer, told the European Parliament on Monday that Pfizer did not know whether its COVID-19 vaccine prevented transmission of the virus before it entered the market in December 2020. But Pfizer never claimed [publicly] to have studied the issue before the vaccine’s market release.

...While Roos and many others framed this as a new revelation, Pfizer never claimed that its clinical trial, upon which the vaccine was authorized for use, evaluated the shot’s effect on transmission. In fact, shortly before the vaccine’s release, the company’s CEO emphasized that this was still being evaluated.

There is also an AP fact check: "Pfizer never claimed to have tested the impact of its COVID-19 vaccine on transmission ahead of its 2020 rollout...Such studies were conducted after its rollout." The obvious problem is that all the vaccine companies which did the rollout promised near 100-percent efficacy prior to roll-out. How could they if they didn't test vaccines for efficacy?

Biden this week insulted Pakistan on their irresponsible attitude with their nuclear capabilities, and this to me appears like Washington's planned stroking of India so that it will be on-side the West with the nuclear saber-rattling between Russia and the West.

Here's a video of the damaged Nord Stream pipe using a Bigfoot camera:

Russia has been permitted by Turkey to route gas to Europe through a Turkish pipeline. This is a bitter result for the West because the main idea in the Syrian war launched by the U.S. military under Obama was to deny Russia this route to feeding southern Europe by putting pipes from Iraq through Syria to Turkey. At that time, Russia had a gas deal with prime minister Berlusconi, and he is now back in power in Italy with what promises to be an anti-EU government, or at least a government that rubs the EU the wrong way. Ciao Italexit.

This renewed Russia-Turkey partnership, especially if Turkey betrays the United States wholly, facilitates a Gogi invasion into Israel from Ukraine or Russia. Chechnya is in Russia and near Syria.

Trudeau says that the Ukraine war is good for the world by reducing gas imports to Europe. Not only does he prove himself to be a reckless, sociopathic lunatic, but it reveals part of the NATO program in Ukraine. Deflecting the world from gas to solar panels is not the holy cow of the Ukraine war. I think the main goal is toppling Russia before it forms a globalism of its own. The state of affairs now is globalism v. globalism.

I also think that, amid the Democrat power structures, the Obama team wants a pact with Russia to facilitate the destruction of Israel. I think Russia would take the opportunity to accept Obama's offer to invade Israel because Russia wants to take Israel away from NATO. It would be a big deal. And the weakening of the U.S. military since Biden took Office could be by Obama's strings so that the military can't oppose the invasion of Israel. A China-Russia partnership at this time, which seems to be budding against Biden in spite of the deal(s) between he and China, could make the United States remain out of a Russian invasion of Israel.

European leaders have long been in place who would like to see Israel fall, but for fear of offending Rothschilds and other Jews, may not say so publicly. I wonder which side Schwab would take in an Israeli invasion. Is there an Obama-trudeau-Schwab alliance to this end? Should I suggest Obama behind the anti-Christ with Putin as the False Prophet? Has Obama contacted his fellow-Muslim, Kadyrov? Just taking pokes in the dark.

It's good to see that Fox's Ingraham (Wednesday night) is hosting an avid anti-vaxxer. Laura asks the appropriate question which Janine Small set-up for all news organizations, and so at least Ingraham (she may be alone at Fox) has the courage (violating her boss' wills) to speak to this issue, and to speak as it should be spoken. Her guest did not answer her question well by using "this," because the viewer probably doesn't know that he means: Pfizer didn't test the vaccines before roll-out:

The CDC has financial stake in vaccines, which is why it continually pushes vaccines even for children. I deeply desire for God to pay these people back all that they deserve, soon, before our human eyes. When He finally moves, after their guilt comes to the full, it's not going to be pretty.

Here's Kennedy's movie:


Here's all four Gospels wrapped into one story.

For Some Prophetic Proof for Jesus as the Predicted Son of God.
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