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October 25 - 31, 2022

The Boofima Shoe Fits the Trudeau Foot
Khazars in Scotland and Templar Blood Roots Are One
The Bloodline of Jacques de Molay

If you're waiting for Jesus to return, see Post-Tribulation Rapture

It was nice while it lasted. Hall of Names is no longer showing the descriptions of the Coats of Arms presented at House of Names, but I have many of them recorded in my past updates from which to borrow.

On late Wednesday of this week, the following insert was added to the last update, in case you missed it. It was added to the section about shoes with feet still in them washing up to the shore of Vancouver Island, and part of that discussion involved justin trudeau at Vancouver Island, where he had stayed before the trucker convoy made him disappear for a week. The section starts by someone's accusing trudeau of running a pedophilia operation out of Vancouver, and he had been on Vancouver Island's Tofino, beside Nanaimo, where a child went missing the year I spent a winter there in 2007/8. Someone said he was on Vancouver Island / Tofino at the time of the trucker convoy. The article quoted from in the last update says: "The mystery of feet in shoes appearing up on B.C. beaches grabbed the public's attention beginning in 2007, when a right foot in a sneaker washed up on a beach on Jedediah Island in the Strait of Georgia, north of Parksville."

I had read that Obama may have been born in Vancouver when his mother was in neighboring Seattle for university, tending to explain why he didn't want to give up his real birth certificate. Here's what was added (to follow better, load Dame/Dahmers now to load and view other surnames on another Internet tab):

[Insert -- The week after this update, I loaded Dame's to find Dahmers, evoking Jeffrey Dahmer, a convicted cannibal. Dame's/Dahmers share the Balance Coat. What say ye about that? I can point this to the Dunham surname of Obama's mother starting with the Dancetty-fesse of Damans, for Dunhams come up as "Domine's while Domino's/Damons were first found in Piedmont with dance's/Donnus, and then Damans share the fesse of English Dance's. Once we've arrived to Dunhams, we can add that the double-headed and giant eagle of Scottish Duns is in the colors of the giant Dame/Dahmer eagle. The sneaker-like Snake's/Snooks share the eagle of Irish Duns.

While ancient Moloch was a cannibal cult, especially infant/child sacrifices, "Mullach" is a motto term of Irish Duns. There is a Mullack/Molock surname that happens to share the motto of Face's/Fessys who in turn were first found in Northumberland with the Spinks who share the Irish Dunn eagle too. The Boofima human-sacrifice cult had an Imperi priesthood that, I once read, using leopard gloves during their satanic sacrifices, and this could have developed into a Leopard surname on word-play one way or another. There is a common "leopard FACE" in heraldry that suggests an important-to-heraldry Face-Leopard marriage. Face's/Fessys are from the Fieschi of Genova (Liguria, same as Imperia), where Doria's were first found who have the Balance / Dun eagle in colors reversed. Doria's married the Arduinici of Oneglia, and that place today is IMPERia, which I suspect got named by the Imperi priests, or vice-versa.

I had traced the Imperi to Numidians, which jibed with what I had read, that Imperi were from some place in Africa. Syphax, a Numidian ruler of Carthage, location of rampant child sacrifices, is suspect to the Kepke's/Kopke's who happen to use a giant goat, and I had read that Boofima priests sacrificed goats too, which then allows us to realize that BOOFima evolved into/form the Templar god, BAPHomet. Syphax-like Spike's are in Trudeau colors and format, and Trudeau's were first found in Ile-de-France with Chappes' while the first grand master of the Templars had married Elizabeth Chappes. What we are now reading may explain why Kepke and I both sold SHOEs, that's right. Syphax married Sophonisba, but she wanted instead to marry king Massena of Numidia, and Massena's happen to have a Coat version of Masci's (Piedmont).

The Arduinici lived in Ivrea upon the BAUTica/BALTea river, the namer of BALDwin I, first Crusader king of Jerusalem, and brother of Godfrey de Bouillon, explaining why BAUTs/Bauds were first found in Auvergne with Bouillons. Scottish Bauds, sharing the ship of BALDs, were first found in Stirlingshire with Scottish Chappes'/Cheaps, and the amazing thing is that Bauts/Bauds have an upright and giant ram in the colors of the giant and upright Kepke/Kopke goat. Some say Hugh de Payens married the Sinclairs, and they can be gleaned as kin of Baldwins (cockaTRICE, I think) and Balders. I read that Hugh, fresh out of Jerusalem after spending many years there, visited the Sinclairs of Roslin, and the latter were filthy-rich. How so?

The first templar grand master was this Hugh de Payens, and Payens share the pierced stars of Mullock-like MULLets, first found in Auvergne. Plus, the Mullets add the German Jagger hunting horn, which recalls my trace of Jaggers to the Numidian king, JUGURtha, nephew of MICipsa, son in turn of Massena. Mic Jagger's satanic Rolling Stones had an album, "Goat's Head Soup." I have just seem that king Gauda succeeded Jugurtha, evoking Goda, mother of Godfrey de Bouillon!!!!! Zikers, especially as the latter was a duke of Lower Lorraine, it looks like the Goat/Gotham surname (share the Coat of Rocco's from the Roxolani) can apply. The vertically-split Shield colors of Dutch Jaggers (share the German Jagger horn) is shared by Yarborough's highly suspect, along with Kepke's/Kopke's, from Kiev's Varangians. I suspect that Yarborough's have chaplets because Chaplets were first found in Keep-connectable Lorraine, and Lorraine my date is the one who pointed to Stain-related Yarborough's.

AMAZING: while Oneglia was named by Nagle's who are listed with German Neils/Nails, Irish Neils are also Neals while English Neals have the split-Shield of Dutch Jaggers too!!! The Noms suspect in the "Nomen" motto term of English Neals were first found in Ayrshire with Varangian-like Varns who in turn share the Goat/Gotham bend.

As per Rolling Stones, Rollings share the Coat of Irish Doors and Dorals while Stone's have a reflection of the English Door Coat, evoking the Doria's of Imperia. Stoners have the Doria eagle in colors reversed, and Stone's share the cinquefoil of Arduinici-like Ardens while Ardons (not "Arden") are listed with Artois' while the father of Godfrey de Bouillon was count in Boulogne, in Artois. It appears that God arranged this heraldry to make definite pointers, and Boofima is tracing to the king-Arthur cult.

Gauda was a grandson of Massena, who's usually called, MassiNISSA, possibly related to a Nissa element such as an ancestor of queen Nysa of Cappadocia, for Juba II, a Numidian ruler, had married Glaphyra Archelaus of Cappadocia.

Jugurtha-like Juggs/Judds share the boar heads of Scottish McGee's while Irish McGee's have leopard faces. I see Juggs/Judds from Judicael of Rennes. Rennes named the Wrens and Rains/Raines', the latter first found in Essex with what appear to be their Ram branch, and Bouillon-connectable Bauds use the giant ram as though related to the giant Kepke's/Kopke goat. RENfrews share the Baud and Bald ship, believe it or not. End insert]

I had no idea I'd be going to the Boofima cult when starting that insert. I started the insert on one fact alone, that Dahmers could link to the surname of Obama's mother. Then, the rest of the insert unfolded. I can't believe I neglected to mention that, when I spent the winter at Vancouver Island, it was at the home of a male friend who had flown from Hawaii (!!!) to my Texas property in 2006. Hawaii is where Obama's faked birth certificate says he was born. He stayed a while at my place before flying back to Vancouver Island, where he had bought a tract of land without a home. It's as though God set this up for a pointer to abductions on Vancouver Island.

If I recall correctly, he was scouting Hawaii for to buy a tract of land there, and he might even have bought one, memory fails me here. He had been there back-to-back years. A few months later, he asked me to come to his place in BC to help do the drywall, but I couldn't do it. However, eventually, I did help him finish the house to full completion, because the place I was staying at (Joseph DeSimone) had advertised for a four-month rental only which started in the summer. So, I decided it was a good time to spend the winter on Vancouver Island. I was at the DeSimone residence planning to start the construction of my house, but wasn't able to start the house that year i.e. the situation was perfect for a trip to Vancouver Island.

His parents lived in VAUGHN, how about that. Vaughns are listed with vaccine-like Vychans, and trudeau is a heartless vaccine pusher. I'll therefore add that the English Neals, in the quote above, have a "FACTis" motto term likely as code for Vaughn-connectable Faucets/Fawcetts. Farrah Fawcett was practically married to a Mr. O'Neal who got cancer. Farrah died of Cancer. Faucets/Fawcetts share the "compony" feature with Vaughn-like Faughns. Irish Neils/Neals were first found in Tyrone with Sharks, and while the latter were from Saracens, there is a Saracen surname with a black wolf in crest to match the black wolf head in the Crest of English Neals.

Having said that, let's repeat that English Neals share the split-Shield of Yarborough's who trace well to a king in Kiev, Yaroslav, father of queen Anna (of France)/ Obama's mother was Anne Dunham, but the main point is that Kiev may have been the stomping grounds of the Ukrainian, Igor Kolomoisky, who owns/owned a shark tank i.e. with a shark. The Yarborough's were arrived to by Lorraine's grass stain, and Lorraine's were from Maria of Kiev, the sister of Yaroslav. Yarborough's have a Coat like that of Ottone's, who in turn share the tall and solid chevron of French Chappes', and then Ottone's were first found in Perusia with Grass-like Grazio's.

It is now staggering that while stag-using Trudeau's were first found in the same place as French Chappes, Staggs/Stage's share the cross between antlers with Stacy-branch Eustace's, suspect from Eustace II, father of king Baldwin and Godfrey de Bouillon. In a sleeping bag dream of mine, Miss PEARE appeared on a STAGE, and the father-in-law of Eustace II had supported the PIERleoni while Italian Leo's look like the kin of French PAINE's, making Pierleoni look related to Hugh de Payens, husband of Miss Chappes. Some say Hugh marred CATHERINE Sinclair (could have married both), and Boofima-connectable Roets were from Payne Roet, father of Catherine Roet.

The black cross between antlers of Eustace's is shared (same design) by VISE's (Sussex), suggesting Ottone VISconti (read as "VisCONTI"), for English Conte's and Cone's use antlers too. The Conte-branch Comitissa's and Comites' are in the "Commit" motto term of Sinclairs who in turn share the CONan cross. The GODfrey line can be gleaned in the Sinclair motto too. We are on it. Conte's can be of the Constance's in the motto of Balders who share the Conan / Sinclair cross. Cone's were first found in Kent with Massins/Masons and Rusts/Roosts, the latter's Coat looking like a cross between the Balder and Baldwin Coat. Decimus RUSTicus was a ruler of Auvergne, where Bouillons and Bald-connectable Bauds were first found.

Note "KoloMOIsky," for Moys/Moi's/Moses' have this: "The [Moesen] name was also extended to Mostyn, and became attached to VYCHAN, Lord of Mostyn." Bingo! It's as though God arranged the heraldry to point to Ukraine's bio-weapons labs to Kolomoisky. As I've said, on the day I was mugged in Galveston for a pointer to the Galveston National Lab, which assisted the Wuhan lab, I stayed the night in Crystal City, and Crystals share the "calvary" symbol of Moys/Moses' in colors reversed. And wow, the Mens' in Crystal and Pepin mottoes share the Chief-Shield colors of Poppins/Pophams who in turn share the Anne stag heads!

Anne's were first found in Yorkshire with Calvarys/Cavarleys and Cavars/Calverts/Baltimore's. The latter's bend even looks like a compony feature! I kid you not, the man from Vancouver island I'm discussing is Mr. Bell of Vaughn, and while I've seen the Faughn description with "compony," Campanio's use bells! My first regular, part-time job was pumping GAS for Tony Campania at his BP gas station in Gormley, and while Gormleys/Grimes' have the Grime/Grimm martlets in colors reversed, the latter surname shares the FATE/feet Coat three times! We are not only on the topic of shoes with feet, but the Cavar/Calvert motto starts with "FATTi," PERFECT! Fate's/Feets, sharing a Pavia Coat, were first found in Yorkshire with Pavers and Calvarys/Cavarleys.

BEHOLD THE STAGGERING "COINCIDENCES": while my night in Crystal City pointed to RockeFELLers (Rocco marriage with Fell liners) and Rothschilds, Pavers share the triple lozenges of Fells who in turn have the eight-pointed Duc/LeDuc stars in colors reversed. Not only is James LeDuc the director of the Galveston national Lab, but the Duc/LeDuc star is shared by BELLY's, first found in Moray, and Morays with Irish Murrays have a near-copy of the trip Duc/LeDuc Coat. Irish Murrays have a motto, "Imperio"!!!! It's the Imperi priests of BOOFima who trace to the "book" of BOUGH-related and Rothschild-branch Roets. "Bough" can be pronounced "Boff," and Boughs are listed with Bows, the makings of proto-Rothschild Bowers and Bauers.

Plus, I trace the Imperi to PERIgord, and while Roets share the boar head of Gords (Berwickshire, same as Books/Boggs) to go with "PeriGORD," the latter is where FAUCHYs (GRASShopper) and Faux's/Fage's/Chollens were first found!!! It's the Faucet/Fawcett line because the latter were first found in East Lothian with Faux-branch Vaux's who in turn share the bend-with-stars of Salome's, suspect from Salome Boethus, a SADDUCee wife of a king Herod. East Lothian is where Keiths/Mascals were first found while Mascals (Sussex, same as Saddocks and Keeps) and Calvarys/Cavarleys can be gleaned (by their Coats) as kin of SADDOCKs.

English Vaux's, sharing the checks of Pavers, were first found in Cumberland with Dockers and Daggers. Roets were first found in Somerset with Duce-related Ducks sharing the Vaux / Salome stars. Ducs/LeDucs were first found in Brittany with French Sarasins while Neal-connectable Saracens list a Sarasin surname too. "Sara" is a motto term of goat-using Russells. The Shark-related Neils/O'Nails are perfect here because German Neils/NAGLE's, first found in Westphalia with Ducks/Dockers, were of the namers of Oneglia, now Imperia. It seems that the heraldry in sync with events of my Texas trip are intent on pointing to human-sacrifice elements from satan.

There's a gold-brown griffin in the Crest of Murrays ("IMPERIO") that can suggest the Battle / Chaff griffin, two Caiaphas-connectable surnames to be treated later in this update. It just so happens that the triple Fell and Paver lozenges are in the Chaff Chief! Chaffs were first found in DORset with Russells, and Doria's were at Oneglia = IMPERIA! Pavers share the Texas checks. Plus, the Arduinici that Doria's married in Oneglia had a branch on the BALTea river, and Cavars/Calverts are BALTiMORE's too! Bingo. The Parr-related Parrys have the same lozenges, and "PARole" is a Cavar/Calvert motto term. More on that below. The lozenges above are blue, what the lozenges of Irish Nagle's would be in colors reversed. Apart from their lozenges, Irish Nagle's share the Coat of Boofima-like Beefs/Boeufs, first found in PERIGord.

While Irish Nagle's love the Nons in their motto, the latter's Nom branch is, to be expected, in the motto of "NoMEN" motto term of English Neals. The Mens' (Crystal motto) were first found in Midlothian with the Rollo-connectable Sinclairs/Saint Clairs who share a "God" motto with Mens', now suspect with Goda (granddaughter of GOTHELo), of Goths/Gothels, or Goats/Gothams, or even king Gauda of NUMidia now suspect with the goats of Boofima. Were/Noms/Nons (Beef/Boeuf fesse in colors reversed) Numidians? Keep in mind that Midlothian is right beside the first-known Faucets and Vaux's while Fauchys and Faux's/Chollens' (points to Francis Collins, Tony Fauci's boss) were first found in Perigord with Beefs/Boeufs.

PERFECT: Numidians are a branch of Berbers, and Scottish barbers, sharing the Keppoch garb, have a "Nihill" motto term suspect with the Nihill variation of Irish Neils/Neals. This can explain why a coin of Syphax showed him looking to me like Mr. Kepke. In a dream some four decades after I last saw Kepke, he was walking up my driveway followed by a sick stag, and then Paul Smith on crutches. Paul Smith lives in Vaughn too, same as Mr. Bell's parents, and Smiths have a Numidia-suspect "BENIGno numine" motto, and while BENJamins were kin of Scottish Walsh's/Walch (ROXburghshire), the latter have an "AuSPICE NUMINE" motto, I kid you not. Paul's Smith's mother is BARBERa! Syphax-like Spice's are in Trudeau colors and format, and Trots/TRUDE's are from the Trotus river in/beside WALLACHia, where Walsh's/Walch's trace with Benjamins. Mr. Kepke had arranged wedding plans with Miss Walsh, then walked out on her (got cold feet?). This paragraph can trace the Kepke/Kopke goat to Boofima.

Irish Walsh's are suspect with the Scottish Mortons (Walsh colors and format) in their motto, and English Mortons (Wiltshire, same as Neals and Barbera's!) have a goat head. WALSers have a goat too, and the swan of Irish Walsh's trace's to WALLIS canton, home of Walsers, because Sion is in Wallis while Swans are listed with Sions. Therefore, Boofima got to Sion, and Godfrey de Bouillon has been said to have started a Priory of Sion (those who say this organization is disinformation look wrong). The Morton goat head is white like that of BUSH's, and the Benjamins are from the Rimna river near the BUZau.

Sions/Swans share the lion of Italian Leo's/Leoni's (Payne colors), and the Pier-like Pyrzewski variation of German Leo's suggests that both Leo surnames may have descended from Pierleoni. It looks Polish to me. "Leonis" is a motto term of Stewart-branch Stewarts, and "LeoNIS" looks traceable, via Ness'/Nice's, to Nice, not far from Imperia. The Noble's suspect in the "Noblis" motto term of Stuarts were first found in East Lothian with Sion-connectable Seatons/Sittens, for Sion above is also called, Sitten. It explains why Noble's share the English Alan fesse.

Noble's can now be suspect with the Leo lion on the Alan Shield, and with the Bennet besant on what is otherwise the Coat of Goda-like Goods, the latter first found in Kent with the Trips sharing the "scaling ladder" with the Bennets above. In fact, Bennet-branch Bends/Bents have the Noble fesse-with-besants in colors reversed. Bends/Bents share the blue lion in Crest with Noble's. "Roy" is a motto term of Bennets who in turn share the full Benedict motto, and Pierleoni were named partly after pope Leo Benedict. The Bend/Bent Chief is shared by Rainhams/Wranglers, possible Rangabe liners.

Minus the besants of Bends/Bents, the latter's coat is in Bellamy colors and format. Bennets (lions in Scale colors and format) use a "DOUBLE" scaling ladders, and the DuBELL-like Dobell variation of Double's (bells in Lauder colors) can connect to the "bello" motto term of Bouillons because the family of Godfrey de Bouillon was at least politically associated with Pierleoni. Hugh de Payens, husband of Ms. Chappes, applies here because Scale's share the Capes scallops i.e. the scaling ladders are code for Scale's. Capes' even share the Bennet lion. It explains why one of the Scottish Bell Coats (bells) shares the Chief-Shield colors of Capes'.

The heraldic bend is thus close to the Caiaphas bloodline, and the heraldic Chief could be bang-on in honor of the chief-beloved character of Freemasons, this killer of Jesus. The Chief-like Chaffs likewise have the Capes Chief-Shield colors, probably protected by the heraldry masters so nobody copied it that didn't belong to the bloodline. An heraldic Chief is the top 1/3 of a Shield, and the bottom 1/3 is the "base." Base's/Baise's share the Benedict lion, and were first found in Lincolnshire with the wife of Ranulph le Meschin (from the Base-connectable Bessin), father of Ranulph de Gernon, explaining why Gernons (Cheshire, same as Bessins) share the Base/Baise Coat. How ironic for Caiaphas in his grave that Pierleoni vied for the rulership of the vatican.

I almost missed it. I did not plan at being at the Gernons here. I've said many times that Gernons have a Caiaphas-like "cyFOETH" motto term in honor of FOOTs (Cheshire, same as Ranulph de Gernon)!!! We happen to be on the topic of individual foots washing up on Vancouver Island! I'm on the Gernons later in this update in connection to Eustace II. It would be a super pointer to running shoes if RANulph liners from de-Gernon named the Runnings/Ronnys.

Having said that, Rannys/Rennys were looked up, first found in Angus near the first-known Justins. The latter's scales of justice might just be in the Ranny/Renny Crest for a good pointer to running shoes. As Justins were from Justine of Picenum, wife of Valentinian of VINKovci, that's why Wing/Vinks were first found in Perthshire with Justins. The Ranny/Renny Chief has wings in both colors of the white Masci wings, expected also in the Crest of Valens'/Valence's, the Valentinian line. Meschins were Masci's. Justins share the gold-on-blue border with German Here's and HERzogs, and both the latter two have the double Ranny/Renny wings in blue! I can certainly understand why God would point the guilty finger at trudeau's head. I always see a FIST between those wings, as designed, and Bauers (Bavaria, same as Herzogs) use the same wings in blue.

Enter Obama

The man in the final scene of my Obama dream looked like the gardener for Obama's billiard hall, and he was in the BACK yard of that billiard hall. Perhaps this is God's way of pointing the man to Rannys/Rennys, first found beside Gardens/Jardens and Jardins. In their Chief, the latter have three of the two stars in the Angus Chief, and both are in the colors of the Ranny/Renny Chief.

Ranulph le Meschin is in the write-up of English Randolphs. I think it's interesting that English Randolphs almost have the Coat of DUNhams while one Dun Coat is roughly the Balance Coat. Obama's mother was a Dunham, and the Randolphs were in her ancestral tree shown online. Those of you familiar with my Obama dream may know that it's last scene was the BACK of man who looked to me to be a whistle-blower against Obama. English Backs share the Balance Coat, and I've had the sense that trudeau is in some cahoots with Obama, both sharing a ruinous, communist agenda. The question is: did God use the man's back in the dream to point to New Balance shoes?

Le Meschin's wife was Mrs. Taillebois while Bellamys and Meschins were first found in Shropshire with Talbots. Then, while heraldry has "talbot" dogs, one such dog is probably used by Chaffens/ChafFINCH's (Dorset, same as Chaffs). Vince's/Finch's, looking like Godfrey kin, were first found in Hertfordshire with Scale's, and with the Childs from Childeric, husband of Basina of the Bessin line. Chaffens were at Chettle while Chettle's were first found in Cheshire. Kettle's (Perthshire, same as Dogs/Doags) were a branch of Keiths/MASCALs. There has to be a reason that a talbot was made a dog, and so whether Chaffens call their dog a "talbot" or a "dog," even the latter works because Dogs were connectable to the first-known Chettle-like Kettle's.

Lorraine my date above took a bus to the Finch subway station for work. I met her at a BUS stop, and while Bus' share the Dog cinquefoil, the last time I saw her, she was walking about three feet from the table where Paul Smith and I were seated, in Vaughn. She was CARRYing a CHILD because Lorraine's share the Child eagle, but this looks like a pointer to CARY Bell, for his parents live in Vaughn with Paul Smith's parents. I didn't mention Mr. Bell's first name until now because I didn't see how it might apply. Just look at the symbolism with she carrying a child while we are on the topic of trudeau's pedophilia business. Cary's father is Carl, and Carls share the pomegranate with French Crispins/Crepins, first found in Lorraine! It does appear that God is connecting Cary to Lorraine's child here, for a child abduction took place while I was staying at Cary's place.

Lorraine had a feet symbol because her feet pointed to Pavia and Feets, both having the same Coat. But now that I know of Cribbs/Crispins (share horseSHOES with Scottish Randolphs), as of the last update only, I can add that while Cribbs/Crispins were first found in Cowley, Coweys, in Feet colors and format, I kid you not, were first found in Kincardineshire with the Fothes'/Fette's sharing the Foot chevron!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That's looks to me like God is the killer of prime ministers who refuse to procure the justice of God in his country, who instead advance corruption wearing on angelic facade. Amen, Jesus, please kill trudeau before he kills us, and reduce the population of the useless eaters of his cabinet.

As I said, I last saw Miss Peare as little as a month before meeting Lorraine. It wasn't a brief event, but we spent the weekend together (no sex). This is repeated because Peartree's/Patria's, sharing the Trump stag head, were first found in Kincardineshire too, and while Coweys share the Turin boar heads, Turins were first found in neighboring Aberdeenshire with ProFetts, likely to be understood as Pero-Feets, for Pierro's/Pero's were first found in Pavia.

The giant leg of Profetts, having a Prophet variation, caused me to ask whether Trump will be the False Prophet by making a heavy-duty Christian facade for himself in 2025. The false-like Fallis'/Falls (share Bradd/Bread lion) were first found in Midlothian, where Bradds/Breads were once said to be first found who are now said to be first found in Cheshire with Foots. The Bradd/Bread write-up: "In Scotland, the variant Braid ...'The name of a family which once possessed extensive territories on the south side of Edinburgh..." That's Midlothian. The Yards are said to be from BRADley, and while the man in the back yard looked like he was crouching to tend a garden, Val Trompia is at lake Garda. Bradds/Breads come up as Braths, and "brath" is a motto term in the Arms of County Waterford, which has the Trump stag head, which is in the colors and format of the Bradd/Bread/Brath lion head. Running/Ronnys, if they were of Ronalds, can point to Donald Trump because Ronalds are listed with MacDonalds.

It appears that God chose the back yard of a billiard hall because Billiards/Billets were first found in Maine with the Pellicans in the Yard Crest. The Pullys/Pullings, with another pelican, look like kin of English Gards who in turn have griffins colors reversed from the Gardner griffin heads. Trump is a mass-murdering vaccine salesman, possibly to become the 666 man (False Prophet) through mandated vaccine passes.

Once I become convinced that God intended to get us to Yards, their "Facta" motto term looks like the next step to the Faucets, first found in East Lothian with Vaux's, and from there we go to the Faux's/Fage's/CHOLLENS', first found in Perigord with Fauchys. The reason I think we need to be here is in the skateboard RAMP that was in the scene immediately before the back-yard scene. The Ramps share two brown-on-white lions combattant with Irish Collins', you see, and Francis Collins was Fauci's boss at NIH until he quit during the VACCINE roll-out. Trump did their bidding without repentance to this day. Faucets were a Faughn branch while Vaughns have the vaccine-like Vychans.

Ramps (show brown lions only) can be gleaned as kin of brown-lion Browns/Bruns. Janssen makes Johnson & Johnson vaccines, and English Johnsons share the English Brun Coat, tending to explain why the latter's cross is in the colors of the patonce cross of English Janssens. Danish Jansens are Johnsens too, and this can be a pointer the Jens Stoltenberg, for Jens' are listed with German Janssens. Obama's mother was a daughter of the Payne family, and Payens/Pagans use "spur rowells" while Scottish Johnsons use the spur while English Johnsons were first found in Lincolnshire with Rowells/Rothwells/Roswells, and with Wake's who share double-red fesses with Janssens/Jens'. The Johnson spur with brown wings is shared by Wiggons (share Annas Coat, essentially), first found in Cambridgeshire with News'/Nuces' (and Annas') for a potential pointer to New Balance running shoes.

The thing is, Mrs. Kilpatrick, born Miss Hicks, lived on the NUECES river, as I did, and Hicks' share the "chaplet" with News/NUCES' while Scottish Kilpatricks have the Kilpatrick Coat, essentially. I discovered that she may have been wearing a wig (her hair was terrific), for when she was praying with me, very CLOSE because she was holding both my hands in a pew isle, I could smell her hair, like old dust, no shampoo smell and it wasn't even noon yet. Our pastor, Mr. Johnson, asked people to find a prayer partner that Sunday morning.

The Kilpatrick and Johnson "cushions" take us to Stephen Hahn, Trump's vaccine pusher, because the Bibo/BIBLE rooster is on a "cushion," and Bibo's, said to be Hahn kin while Hahns look like Trump kin, share the red rooster of German Hanns' while Hands come up as Hans' the Wiggon-related Annas'. Hanna's, first found in Wiggon-like Wigton, near the CLOSEburn location of Kilpatrick castle, have the Trump stag in colors reversed. too. She was holding my hands at my pew. The brown stag in the Hand/Hans Crest is in the design of the gold Trudeau stag, and while Hands/Hans are in Cup/Cope colors and format, the latter tell: "One of the first records of the family was JOHANNES Coup..." Miss Hicks was praying for me while holding hands, and Irish Prays share the six pale bars of Trots/TRUDE's, lookie there. Trudeau's were first found in the same place as Annas-connectable, Caiaphas-like Chappes' and Levi's.

COPElands (another brown lion) share the double fesses of German Janssens/Jens'. Copeland is in Cumbria with the first-known Ramps and Browns/Bruns, and the latter share the fleur-de-lys of Copps, Cope's and Irish Kilpatricks. Mrs. Kilpatrick was a woman almost 50 at the time, and as Copps were first found in Hampshire with the Buttons/Bidens who in turn have one of the double Copeland fesses, we might have God's pointer here to the Biden crime family too, because the man currently in the White House (or a fake White House) likes to sniff the hair of aging women. Wake's share double-red fesses with Copelands.

Pews share the "SIC itur AD astra" motto of Fiscs, what now looks like a pointer to making Christians in the pews SICK from AIDS running rampant, because too many Christians are getting vaccinated due to irresponsible church leaders not wanting to create division in the pews. Fiscs share the checkered Shield of Danish Jansens/Johnsens, can we believe it?

SICHs/Sykes' even share the "fountains" of the Kiss'/CUSH's who have got to be in the Bibo/Bible rooster because it sits on a CUSHion while it's red like the Kiss/Cush rooster. When Mrs. Kilpatrick fell asleep in my 1979 dream, I dubbed her Sleeping Beauty because I was going to kiss her awake, because I was shown a CLOSE-up of her face, when I said, "She's Beautiful." Close's were of CloseBURN, home of Kilpatricks. One of the Brown/Brun Coats is the one of Vychans/Vaughn's, first found in Shropshire with Sleeps (see the implication?), and Kiss'/Cush were first found in Cumberland with Browns/BRUNs and BURNs, do we get it? It's beautiful pointer to vaccine-like Vychans, a warning to Christians: do not receive a vaccine.

Plus, the Cass/Cash branch of Kiss'/Cush's was first found in Cambridgeshire with the Johnson-related Wiggons, that being the Johnsons with the Kilpatrick cushions. It appears that Sleeping Beauty fell asleep or dead from a vaccination. As I went to kiss her awake at the direction of a voice behind me, God's, I grazed her knee with my HAND, and she and I then went up into the sky embraced in love, what looks like the rapture of the Church...for those who do not receive the mark of the beast.

Close's look like kin of Walks, the latter first found in Dumfries with Scottish Johnsons and Kilpatricks. As soon as I saw her close-up in the dream, I walked toward her with only my Jens-like jeans on (no shirt). Shirts/Shards share the red roundels with Wake's who in turn share double-red bends with Janssens/Jens'. It works like never before. Copelands were at Whittington while Whittingtons look like kin of Bride's/Brights, Close's and Walks. Whittingtons were first found in Derbyshire with the Knots in the "wake knot" of Wake's. It appears that the wake scene of Sleeping Beauty (I thought God was showing me my future bride) links to Whittingtons as much as to Weddings and their Weeton branch, for Weetons, first found in Northamptonshire with Cope's, share the double Copeland and Janssen/Jens fesses too.

Maybe she was the Bride of Christ. Maybe God told me to go wake the Bride of Christ. Okay, wake up everyone, and go smash trudeau on his two-faced face until he stops killing people.

French Bride's, first found in Savoy with the Aude's in the Whittington motto, almost have the French Bride Coat. The Whittingtons (virtually have the Bright Coat) have thus been a missing link in my deciphering the Sleeping Beauty dream until now. They came from Copelands of Whittington, and it's perfect because the double Copeland fesses are those of Sleeps. I'm not late in deciphering this wake-scene of the dream because it pertains to illnesses and deaths by vaccines, which are less than two years old at this time.

Brights, a Macey kin, were first found in Cheshire with Maceys and the Hands/Han's sharing the Masci and Kilpatrick fleur-de-lys. She was HOLDING my hands during the prayer at the pew, and Holdings (Lancashire, same as Spike's) share the double-headed Spike eagle for a pointer to spike proteins. Spice's, in Trudeau colors and format, use towers while Towers were first found in Lancashire too.

Walkers have a "Magna" motto term, and I can trace Perkins/Parkins, who share the Pew Cost, to Plancia Magna of Perga. Pews and Perkins/Parkings share the fleur-de-lys of Walks, and the Kilpatrick lion. The Wach variation of Walks explains why God told me to WAKE her up. The Perkins/Parkings were first found in Leicestershire with Sorrels while Sorrys share "Simplex" in their motto with Perkins/Parkings. Mr. Kilpatrick (her husband) had Parkinson's disease to the day of his death. Parkinsons are listed with Perkens (not "Perkin"). My dream had eyes to see the future.

Having said that, Sorrys share the "fasces" with the Assi's suspect in the "assiduus" motto of Sichs/Sykes'. The Assi's share the scales of justice with Justins. justin trudeau has made many people sick, nobody knows how many because the tyrants with irons fists are frightening the medical people into silence, which is all the evidence we need that "respected" doctors are now to be disrespected.

Simplex-like Simple's can be gleaned as Molson kin, and, wow, Molsons were first found in Devon with Sleep-connectable Darts, with Moline's of Dartington, and with the Mule's who have a white-Shield copy of the Wake Coat (!!!). This couldn't have been found without her praying for me in the PEW. Molesons/Molis, sharing the fitchees of Darlene's (Devon), have a "Fax" motto term for another pointer to vaccines.

Darlene's are amazing here with that "Fax" motto term. Darlene Ray, my teen girlfriend, was the ICE-CREAM girl who pointed to Cremers sharing the Chief of Fax-like Faux's/Fage's/Chollens', a branch of Fauchys. Faux's/Fage's/Chollens nearly have the Cremer Coat, both sharing the Kilpatrick Chief, and while Ice's list Icke's (Mecklenburg, same as Hahns and Trumps), Hicks came up as Icke's too.

Darlene's share a Shield of gold-on-blue drops with Knots, and while Orr-related Wake's love the Knots, gold drops are called, "or." Orrs love Bone liners along with the Hicks motto, and the "BoNIS" motto term of Orrs can be partly for the Niss', in CLOT colors and format, a pointer to blood clots, in this context, because Kilpatrick castle is/was at Closeburn while Clots are also DuCLOS'. Ness'/NICE's, first found in Lorraine with Hicks-beloved Chaplets, share the double fesses of Copelands and Mule's. A mule head is used, in the colors and format of German Clots, by Italian Capote's/Capone's. German Clots were first found in Rhineland with the Salome's who essentially share the Coat of Scottish Vaux's, a Faux branch, and first found in East Lothian with Faucets who in turn share the lion of Sitlers/Schitners. The latter, first found in Silesia with Niss', share the trefoil of Ice's/Ecco's/Icke's.

The Ecco variation of Ice's pointed to ECOhealth, Fauci's partner in the staging of the COVID scheme. I then realized that EcoHEALTH points to Helts/Helds because they share the HICKson Coat. Holds/Holts (Holder kin) were first found in Lancashire with Holdings above.

Obama's World is a Stage of Fake Reality

The skateBOARD was used I think, because the Board Coat is much like that of Chaddocks and Chadwicks while Chads (Norfolk, same as Skate's/Sheets) share the potent cross with Skate's/Sheets. It gives the appearance again as though God arranged the dream. But why would God connect Obama to poison vaccines if he were not behind them to fulfill a political goal(s) for the communist globalists? Plus, the Chalons branch of English Collins show only a gold bend, same as Bruno's. Chalons' were first found in Burgundy with one line to the Italian royals (see Rozala of Ivrea) in Tuscany with Bruno's.

Plus, the Fauchy grassHOPPER takes us to Hoppers, first found in Wiltshire with trumpet-using, Chalons-like Calls/Calles', and with the related Skit-like Shute's/SCHITTs who in turn look like a branch of Sewers/Suits/Suters (compares with Board Coat) to which the dream pointed in my sewer shot on Obama's billiard table in the scene immediately before he was dancing on a STAGE. One performs a SKIT on a stage, and I think Obama likes false-flag, staged events. Stage's/Staggs were a Stacy and Eustace branch, and Miss Peare was on a stage in the last scene of my sleeping-bag dream. The Stagg/Stage stag heads are blue, as are those of Hahn-connectable Hanna's, and the latter's are colors reversed from the Trump stag head.

He was dancing like a woman when women kick their legs up to the horizontal position, then turn and do it in the opposite direction, that's what he was doing. Italian Dance's were first found in PEIDmont, which means "FOOT of the mountain," but it can also indicate PEDophilia. To doctors, "pedo" means "children." A pediatrician specializes in babies, and a Podiatrist specializes in feet.

Italian Dance's have four pale bars in the colors of the four fesses of LePage's, and while the latter were first found in Ile-de-France with Stage-connectable Trudeau's, zowie, I've told a million times that, when I was about to take a shot on Obama's billiard table, the cue bal was a PAGE lying flat on the table. English Page's were first found in Devon with Staggs/STAGE's! I had to turn the page into a paper PLANE so that I could shoot it, and because I rifled it into a corner pocket without hitting a ball, it's called a sewer, perfect because Sewers are listed with SUTERs while Obama was once Barry SOETORo. The Plain-branch Platters (English) were at SOTTERley. Is there another reason(s) for the use of the paper plane?

Under the trudeau government, canada's Intelligence / military is now allowed to stage propaganda events, as unbelievable as that sounds. It's to pave the way for "legal" dictatorial rule. Obama put a similar law in place in the United States. Coincidence? It appears that the Obama dream might have a way to point to trudeau, I'll have to give it some thought.

Stage works require props, and "JUSTUS PROPositi" is a motto phrase of English Ferrands. French Ferrands probably share the arrow heads, in colors reversed, of Picots, because the latter call them "pikeheads" while Justus and Justine of PICenum likely apply to the Ferrand motto, the line to Justus'/Justins, first found near the "pike"-using Geddes'. The pike-using Geds have a "DuRAT" motto partly for Rats/Raids (Nairnshire, same as Geddes'), and partly for Dure's, the latter first found in Perthshire with Justus'/Justins, and sharing their sword. The Dure motto has "PRO patria" to go well with "PROpositi," and Patria's are listed with the Peartree's sharing the Trump stag head.

DURE's show as kin of Saluzzo's, Segurana's and DORia's together, and Segurs were first found in Limousin with Clairs/Clere's, perfect for Clermont-Ferrand. The amazing thing is, Dure's share a "Quid" motto term with Rackets, and as Quids/Quade's share an Irish Mackay Coat, the other Irish Mackays use "dagger" to a point within a chevron in different colors to the near-same of Rackets. Dure's share the Clun/Looney Coat, and English Looneys/Loneys, sharing the Chief-Shield colors of Cluns/Looneys, and first found in Tyrone with Sharks, have a "Patriae" motto term. Loney-like Lune's/Lyons were first found in Perthshire with Dure's, Cluns and Justins. It's interesting that Looneys/Loneys share the stag of Plant/Plantagenets because staged events and spy operations need "plants."

[Insert -- After this section was done, I was surfing and saw Maggie Trudeau, justin's mother, in an article about her leaving justin's father to roam around with the Rolling Stones. I never cared to know what she was doing with that satanic group, so I won't bother learning now. This find of the Maggie article comes AFTER the Rolling Stones worked to topic above with royal Numidians. I kid you not, I checked for a Maggie surname just now, finding it listed with McGee's who not only share the swords to a point of Rackets/Ricketts, but the boar heads of JUGGs/Judds!!!! Mic Jagger was to topic above with king JUGurtha!!! End insert]

The reason that Rackets were looked up, which I think now points to trudeau's criminal racket(s), is because, as I've said a few times over the years, I had a lacrosse racket as a kid, and I would shoot a lacrosse ball against the brick house of our neighbor, Bruno, who worked in real-estate with my father. Years ago, I had looked up Lacrosse's for that reason, to find the English Brun Coat, and so it appears that God set me up with that lacrosse racket for pointing to something, and it's now pointing to trudeau's staged events because the English Ferrands with a "Justus propositi" phrase share a blue-vaired cross with Reesors while Bruno and I both lived on a street called, Reesors.

In other words, the lacrosse racket appeared set-up by God also due to Bruno's being found in Florence, also called, Firenze, the line to Ferrands, for Italian Ferrands were first found in Florence.

Not only are the trudeau stags very linkable to Stage's/Staggs, but the latter have a CROSS between antlers to go with LaCROSSE's. I kid you not, Italian Croce's/Crosetti's were first found in Vicenza with the Valentins while Justine of Picenum married Valentinian I! Zikers, I don't remember doing that before. The people who created this heraldry didn't know I'd be whipping lacrosse balls at Bruno's bricks. French Balls even have a Coat like that of Picots. I was in the BACK YARD, I suppose, because it was at the sides of both homes but at the back of both homes, lookie there.

I was in the back yard of Obama's billiard hall, and as I've said, the last scene was of Obama's employee's back facing me and Obama, as the employee turned his head over his shoulder to look at a suddenly unhappy Obama chewing him out for something the dream did not reveal. This worker was CROUCHING, as I've said, I'm not making it up. The Crouch/Crutch Coat has a single pale bar colors reversed from the same of Eskins/Erskins, the line of Eschyna de Molle, wife of Mr. Croce. Croce's share the potent cross with Skate's.

Whelans, first found in Waterford with the Trump stag head, share the BRICK Coat and Crest, and the Crest is a gold stag head, the color of the trudeau stags. The identical but brown stag head of Clare's fits here because Bruno's were kin of Browns/Bruns ("FLOReat" motto term), and because Clare's are suspect at Clermont-Ferrand. Browns/Bruns share the brown lion in Crest with Ramps, and both surnames were first found in Cumberland with English Daggers. A stage is a deck, and German Decks/Daggers share the squirrel (different colors) with Valentins, adding extra weight to this pointer to staged events...such as the COVID / vaccine hoax that trudeau is engrossed in.

In fact, while Miss Peare, who pointed to both Stage's and Decks/Daggers, dated Mr. Kepke, he lived on the same street as Karen Whelan. It was Kepke who asked me to be "non-CHALANT" with this Karen on the last time she and I saw each other. It had pointed to Francis Collins/Chalans via the French Chalants sharing the Collins bend. It was Obama's ramp that pointed to Collins. BUT WOW, I can now add that Welsh Chalants/Chalans, in Trudeau colors and format (!), share the gold cherub with English Saints while Scottish Saints are listed with SinCLAIRs/Saint Clairs. Welsh Chalants/Chalans were first found in Powys with the CLERMONTS'/Clements. Chalan-like Callams (Malcolm/Column branch) are also Clement-like Clums while Cluns share the Dure Coat.

French Chalants are also Chalons while the Arms of Chalons-en-Champagne share the Scottish CROZier Coat that itself shares the cross of English Bruns and French Cruce's/Croix's/Crois'/LACROSSE's! Bingo again. Scottish Croziers share the Flora and Flore fleur-de-lys. BINGO. The cross style of Eustace's is shared by French Croziers (Auvergne, same as Bouillons and Crosetts) and by Royals/Rials while one can imagine the Reals as their branch so that even the real-estate job of Bruno points here, especially as Roys and Rolls share the Italian Croce/Crosetti lion that holds the same-style cross. Bingo again. Intelligent Design fixes heraldry to fit my lacrosse racket.

Ahh, as per the heraldic "royal tent," "tent" is a motto term of Crosett-like Crocketts! The "tendis" motto term of Scottish Roys should apply, comparable to the "tendit" of Callams/Clams who in turn have the saltire of French Bruns in colors reversed, highly suspect with the TINDale cross...suggesting that the Tintons with "royal tents" were related to Tindale's (Tyne-river family). Tintons are in Town/Tune colors and format while Tonbridge's/Tunbridge's almost have the Coat of Saracens (Cumberland, same as Tunnels/Tunno's) who in turn share the upright, black wolf in Crest with Cluns.

In short, the heraldic tent looks like it's for Tyne-river liners, and while Mamie in her SLEEPing bag and tent pointed to Tintons, Sleeps were first found in Shropshire with Tyne's. The Aids/Ade's were in my sleeping bag dream! I'm seeing poison vaccines that give so-called "VAIDS," meaning vaccine-derived AIDS. The amazing thing is that while I see ADa of Warenne to the Aids/Ade's, Crosetts share the Warren Shield. David Morley, who rode a round circle around the sleeping bag in my dream, points to the "sleeping lion" of Rounds, begging whether the lodged dog in the Crockett Crest is said to be sleeping too.

When Obama was on a skateboard, there were two of him exactly alike, moving together up and down the ramp, as when one sees double vision. I conjectured that it might be code for Twins/Tweens (or Twine's), which could indicate Tyne elements such as Tindale's...who work well here because Ramps were kin of Browns/Bruns while I'll show below how Tindale's (Northumberland, beside Browns/Bruns) were Brun kin round-about. Up and DOWN the ramp suggest Dunham-like Downs/Douns, and Skate's were first found in Norfolk with Dunhams/Downhams. The mysteries of his being on a skateboard are not all solved, but this additional clue may help to find a more-central meaning that then helps to solve the final scene with his employee's back, important because English Backs share the Balance Coat.

I'm guessing that Crockets (Lanarkshire, same as Douglas-related Hardys) have the One/Innis stars, which are the Moray stars in colors reversed. The Chief of Dog-like Douglas' is colors reversed from the Crocket Chief, tending to indicate that the Crocket dog is code for Dogs/Doags, the latter first found in Perthshire, same as Lyons/Lune's in the line of Decimus Rusticus, husband of Miss Lyon.

Chalons-en-Champagne was ruled by Mummolin, a descendant of Rusticus of Lyon who was in turn named after Decimus Rusticus of Clermont-Ferrand in Auvergne. Bingo again. Rusticus' daughter (Artemia) married FLORENTinus, bingo again. It tends to explain the seaLION of Chalonts/Chalons.

You've got to sit up straight here because Kepke's/Kopke's share the Justus/Justin border. Plus, "NON-chalant" can also go with the "non pro patria" motto phrase of Dure's just because two of those motto terms are for Peare branches. Peare's were kin of the Tiens' in the "Tiens" motto term of Squirrels who in turn share the red squirrel with Decks/Daggers. The latter were first found in Worcestershire with Rocket-branch Rocks, from Kiev with Kepke's, and moreover while Kepke sold SHOES to point to New Balance shoes as a criminal program to which trudeau is theoretically attached (he's a criminal suspect in my eyes), the Shoe's share the lone Poindexter star while the "ESQUIRE's" helmet in the Poindexter Crest is often called a squire's helmet while Squirrels are also Squire's.

If I recall correctly, Irish Kennedys have a "squire's helmet," and they share the scimitar with Rickitts/Reckitts. Cruce's/Croix's/Crois'/Lacrosse's were first found in Languedoc with Rickett- and Racket-like Rockets (giant rook) sharing the Brun cross. Rooks were first found in Oxfordshire with Peare's, and the Tiens' i.e. in the Squirrel/Squire helmet. Thus, the lacrosse racket is pointing to the Rockefeller globalists too (not everyone with a Rockefeller surname is evil).

[I didn't consciously know, until a couple of minutes after the Maggie Trudeau insert above, that Pierre's, first found in Languedoc with LaCrosse's, have the Bruno Coat plus a lion!!!! Incredible. Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau, an anti-Christ bastard intent on destroying canada, was Maggie's husband and justin's father. Pierro's/Pero's are terrific here because they were first found in Pavia while FEETs share a Pavia Coat, can we believe this clickety-click? It's the sound of dictators clicking the heels of their boots. Pierre was a crazy man. Pierre's have a motto, "Arme pour LE ROI." The Maggie insert includes the ROLLing Stones, and you just saw Roys and Rolls above, amazing, it really is, because French Roys/Roi's/LEROYs, apart from the stars on their bend, have the Bruno Coat!!! English Leroys (Jersey, same as Poindexters) are in Pierre format. Suddenly, Miss Peare can, in some instances, become a pointer to trudeau.

Ahh, the Pierre lion is in giant form with Rollings/Rolans (Brittany)! It's almost the Roy / Roll lion, and it is the lion of Dorals (and Irish Doors) who in turn have a goat head for Boofima connection. Scottish Doors have LEOPARD faces for connection to the leopard symbol of Boofima.

Lawns/Lone's (look like Groce/CRAGG / Poindexter kin) have the motto, "Garde le ROY" while Carricks, from Margaret Carrick, use "Garde" too for an apparent pointer to Maggie Trudeau, for she was born, Margaret. I trace the motto of Margesons/Mackesys to Jeffrey Epstein's Lolita Express. Margys/Mackeys, with ravens "hanging" on an arrow by the neck to point to Epsteins reported death by hanging, were first found in Ayrshire with Margaret Carrick. The Carricks share a dancetty-fesse in the same colors with English Role's/Rolls, and Maggie was hanging out with the Rolling Stones. Maggie was born with a Sinclair surname. End insert]

As I've said a million times, I dated Karen Whelan seven or eight years after my lacrosse-racket days, and her corner house is half on the same Reesors street. I had never met her while living there, never seen her, but my friend RICK YOUNG, who lived on her street, was dating her sister, and so this is how I met Karen years after my parents moved from that street. Not only are Rackets listed with RICKETTs, and not only do Ricketts/Reckitts share the triple Young roses in the same format, but Rick was the next-door neighbor of the Kepke's. While Keeps share the Lorraine bend for a related reason, that reason is due to RICHEZa of Lorraine, the line of Rich's/RICHESS'..who thus look like a Rickett/RecKITT branch. English Kidds share the Kepke/Kopke goat, is that not amazing?

Rich's/Richess' are said to have named Riche in Lorraine, and while French Crispins/Crepins were first found in Lorraine, Cribbs/Crispins/Cripps share the scimitar in Crest with Ricketts/Reckitts. "Garde la foy" is the Rich/Richess motto. Rich's/Richess' were first found in Hampshire with the Checkers who share the Italian Ferrand Coat, and thus we are warranted in going to the "praeSTAT" motto term of Youngs because State's may be pointed to by Bruno's real-estate job, for the Statielli Ligures lived in the area to which many surnames in this discussion trace. State's have four, bendwise lozenges, as do Whelans in a different color.

"PRAESTat" can be code also for the Prests/Press', first found in Hertfordshire with Childs sharing the Lorraine eagle, tending to show again a Rich-Young marriage at some point (so as to legally warrant the sharing of heraldic symbols). Hertfordshire is also where Scale's were first found expected in the scales of justice of Justus'/Justine's. The five feathers in the Scale Crest are in the Crest of Irish Clare's (Suffolk), the latter said to be "directly descended from Gilbert Crispin."

English Kidds share the bird (same color) in the Crest of Arundels, and Arundel was ruled by FitzAlans of Clun in Shropshire. FitzAlans of Arundel married Alice of Saluzzo, explaining why Saluzzo's, Cluns (Perthshire, same as Dure's and Justins) and Dure's all share the same Coat.

The Arundel bird is a swallow while Swallows evoke Trump being swallowed by a shark in my Sleeping Beauty dream. Shark-like Saracens share the black wolf in Crest with one Clun Coat while the other Cluns use the wolf in white, the color of the wolf of Gore's/Core's, the latter first found in Kent with the Petits in the motto of Calm-branch Malcolms/Columns.

Kent is where Ricketts were first found who are in colors reversed from Rich's/Richess' (Hampshire, beside Arun of the Arundels). Gore's/Core's were once said to be first found in Essex with the Youngs sharing the Rickett roses. Kent is where Arundel-like Rundels/Roundels, Massins/Masons, and Petit-like Petts were first found; the latter share the stork in Crest with English Croce's (share Massin/Mason motto plus "Cruce"), first found in Lincolnshire with Swallows. Lincolnshire is also where Kidneys/GEDneys were first found who can be linked by their fish to the Arms of Saraca and the GEDs, but long before I knew that heraldry, I told readers that the shark was in a kidney-shaped swimming pool...which I suspect is a pointer to kidney failure by Trump's distribution of Remdesivir.

Petts use "BULrushes" with their stork, explaining why Bullys share the Pett mascles. Trump swallowed by a shark was a BULLdog. Petts are also Perts while Dogs and Cluns were first found in PERTHshire with the Kelts and Colts/Celts in turn sharing the Callam/Clam and Malcolm/Column stag head. King Malcolm was of the DunKELD house.

Here's how I know the bulldog represented Trump. I was standing beside the kidney-shaped pool, after seeing a nasty shark in its water. A British bulldog walked past my leg, and Leggs with nearly the Trump Coat were first found in Dumfries with Bullys. The dog walked straight to the pool without running, and FELL into the pool, but as it did not fall in one step over the edge of the pool, but rather some two or three dog lengths over the edge, I reason that it went both for a FALL and for a jump, for Jumps, who have Roger de Bully in their write-up, share the Trump stag head.

Fall-like Fails/Phale's are most excellent because they share the eagle of Dutch Tromp, and the Falls/Fallis', which evoke the False Prophet, have a version of the FELLer Coat. The Fells, can we believe it, share the lozenges of Whelans/FAILins/Phalens, first found in Waterford with the Legg and Trump stag heads i.e. in the Arms of County Waterford (Wikipedia now shows it with the Legg stag head).

It appears that my events with Karen Whelan link to this shark-in-pool scene, though I can't at the moment see how. On second thought, I've said many times that Miss Whelan lived at 6 Henry Corson Place while Corsons/Carsons, with the Whelan lozenges in colors reversed, were first found in Dumfries with the Bullys and Leggs. Kepke and Rick Young lived at 31 and 29, and so adding the three homes together gets 66. English Youngs, sharing a French Clair/Clere Coat, share the black wolf with the Crest of Shark-line Saracens, and German Youngs have a stag in Trump and Down/Doun stag colors while Downs/Douns were first found in Sussex with Arun of the Arundels, and with Keeps. The home of Kim Walsh on Wooten Way, whom Kepke dated immediately after Miss Peare, backs up on Henry Corson, and Walsh's share the annulets of Scottish Youngs. Wootens look like kin of Rusts, suspect from Decimus Rusticus of Clermont-Ferrand. That works.

Later in this update:

NEW REALIZATION. I've known that "courant" refers to an heraldic animal with all four LEGs DOWN, but this must be code for Downs/Douns with a stag in Trump-stag-head colors, and for Leggs who almost have the Trump Coat! In fact, Wikipedia's article of County Waterford, last I checked, changed the Arms so that it shows the Legg stag head instead of the one of Trump's.

Later in this update, I tackled the Tennis-like motto term in the motto of English Ferrands: "Justus PROpositi TENAX." The Tenas' are not listed with Tennis', but I was able to work the latter to topic. Tenas'/TeNARRE's/TeNARDs were shown how they can point to the NORD Stream's demise partly with this: "Apart from the vair in the Ferrand patonce, it's the patonce of Chance's, and it just so happens that the Chance Chief shares the DeNARDO/NarBONNE/NORDi and North lion!" It's as though God put "Justus" into that motto to show that trudeau's military / intelligence is involved at the Nord Stream event. Was it staged? Yes. Even if it was blown up, it was a false-flag attack blamed on the Russians.

After telling that Tennis' (Peare kin) were first found in Oxfordshire with Bonne's/Bunns, the topic culminated with this: "Another interesting thing is that the lacrosse racket earlier in this update pointed to justin trudeau in conjunction with English Ferrands ("Justus"), and one uses a tennis RACKET too!!! Zowie! I once watched Kepke and Peare play tennis! How about that.

The Denardo's were first looked up in an event that included Kepke as he sat with me on the hood of my car in the parking lot of our workplace. He spotted my girlfriend, ALLISON Bauer getting into the car of Mike Denardo, two fellow workmates with us, and she ended up leaving me for him at that very time. Allisons have a "Truth PREvails" motto, and Truths are listed with TRUDE's. Moreover, I was fired from that job for almost no reason, and I don't remember why Kepke stopped working there shortly after the Allison event. It was God's doing because I then visited Kepke where he was selling SHOES, and on that day I got a job at another shoe store in the same mall. Doesn't this look like a pointer to the feet-in-shoes mystery? If "prevails" is part-code for Pierro's/Pero's, they were first found in Pavia while English Pavia's share the Feet Coat.

German Benedicts are said to use "boilers", and Bouillon-like Boulier's essentially share the Rocket Coat. Although Boulier's are said to have been first found in Brittany, they are said to originate in Savoy, suggesting connection to Aude's (Savoy), for Rockets were first found in Aude province...with Roquefeuil and Narbonne. While French Crispins/Crepins can be from Roxolani of Kiev along with Lorraine's, Cribbs/Crispins/Cripps are said to descend from Benedictus Crispus of Oxfordshire, same place as the first-known English Crispins/Crepins. The latter named Clare's while Sinclairs are also Suns while French Chance's, first found in Savoy too, use a sun.

Back to the Pierleoni-Numidia Connection

Savoy is where Gays were first found whose giant rooster is in half the colors of the giant Hahn rooster. Gays and French Galli's (share giant rooster, different colors) were from king Gaia/Gala of Numidia, father of Massena. English Gays were first found in Surrey with Meschin-related Michaels, and this Gay Coat looks like a version of the Meschin Coat but with the chevron of Maceys and Mackays because the Gay Coat is in colors reversed from, and in the format of, the Macey Coat. James' (Surrey with Mieszko-line Lamberts), with the Michael scallops in colors reversed, are in Mackay colors and format, suggesting that the James Crest is the Massin/Mason lion. The Gay Crest thus becomes the Maschi lion, and while Maschi's were first found in Rimini, Rimmons/Crimmons (DEER location) are in the format, and half in the colors, of the same English Gays. The "deer" is used by English Mallets (Suffolk) who have the scallops of neighboring Gays in colors reversed.

Italian Galli's (giant rooster) were first found in Rome with Pierleoni, in case they had married. Many heraldic roosters are going to be from king Gala because "gallina" means "chicken" it Italian. Smiths look like they bumped into Numidians, and Paul Smith's mother is Barbara, as if God arranged it to point the Massena / Galla Berbers to Hephaestus' city of Myrina (explained below). Italian Barbera's and Rock-using Roach's (both use fish) are in the colors and format of Barbera's, Shute's, and trumpet-using Calls/Calles'. I've shown how the latter trace with the "chalice" of BELOWs/Bella's to Pas-de-Calais, home of Eustace II. German Belows/Bellau's share the two-headed Jeepma/Chep eagle, and Paul Smith owned a red Jeep when I knew him.

Spanish Barbera's almost have the tower of Murena's/Moreno's, a surname, like "Myrina" that was likely from the African Moors along with Moor-head Morano's. French Chappes,' Bellys ("Per"), and "bello"-using Bouillons have Moor heads. Scottish More's (share "non" with Irish Nagle's), sharing the Galli stars, have a Coat like a cross between Scottish Weirs/Vere's and Irish Nagle's...and English Moors thus look like Irish Nagle kin too. Morano's were first found in Modena with Morinis' and Marano's/MAURITANo's, suggesting Moors of Mauritania. Murena's are Moratins too. Bouillons were first found in Auvergne while Auvergne's look like kin of Spanish Marano's (and Poole's).

Scottish More's (may have a Saracen head) have a Doria-like "Duris" motto term, and are in Nagle colors and format for a trace to Doria's of Oneglia. It explains why the Scottish More Coat is the Beef/Boeuf fesse, colors reversed from the fesse of Nons (Ayrshire, same as More's).

"AUVERgne" was probably a variation from AWRES (Aures) of Numidia because it was home to queen Kenza, wife of Idris who's heir settled Fes/Fez in Morocco. It tends to explain why the FOX-using Fes'/Fez'/Fays were first found in Auvergne. Lyons were first found in Perthshire with Non-related and Kenza-like Kness', and with the Justins who share the border of Kenza-like MacKenzie's/Kenneths. Trudeau's look like kin of Staggs/Stage's for connection to BUFFalo-like Bouillons ("BELLO") of Auvergne. Bouill-like Bovils, sharing the Kness Crest in a brown, have a "foi" motto term while Foi's/Foys/FOIX's (share Moray / BAILey stars) were first found in Auvergne. Send me a shiny apple, historians.

The satanic Morgan le Fay must apply here because Morgans share the Irish More/Moor Coat with a lion looking connectable, in colors reversed, to the Lyon lion while Miss Lyon married Mr. Rusticus of Auvergne. Bauds were first found in Auvergne while Boats/Bouds/Bude's have a lion head in Morgan lion colors. The Doria's of Oneglia married the Ardiaei line of the Neretva, and, I've said it many times before: I owned a Doral BOAT that I took out about 75-percent of the time to lake Rosseau, and Rosseau's share the NERET Coat. Dorals share the lion of Irish Doors, and the Doral Crest has a Boofima-connectable goat head. The other French Rosseau's have the giant Doral / Door lion in colors reversed. The Dorals came to topic with the lion of Rollings/Rolans while on trudeau's family, and Rollings/Rolans were first found in Brittany with Nerets. Role's/Rolls share the fesse of Turnbulls who look like they are a part of the Beef/Boeuf surname.

I'll add that while Payens were from Paionians, who are in heraldic pheons, Irish Walsh's, Payen-branch Page's, and Maine's (Devon, same as Page's) have black pheons while Maine's share the double chevrons of Berbers and English Barbers (Gellone fleur?). Payens were first found in Dauphine with French Page's, excellent because the LePage's sharing the French Page Coat were first found in Ile-de-France with Chappes', thus tending to confirm that Hugh de Payens married Elizabeth Chappes.

The "PROjeci" motto of Maine's tends to reveal that their double fesses are those of Perche's because Pero's are also Perichs. Pauls' use a "Pro" motto term. Plus, Scottish Barbers are in PEERless/Napier colors and format, and Napiers are expected from a Naparis river near the Buzau river, land of the Roxolani. Pierleoni were named after a Peter, and PAUL Smith's father is Peter. It appears that God chose to make arrangements with Paul Smith, my buddy for quite some time, for making pointers to Boofima elements.

Pauls, with even a leopard head in Crest, are in Irish Nagle colors and format (if we disregard the Paul ermines). Pauls were first found in Yorkshire with the Gale's in the "nightinGALE" of Irish Nagle's. Massena's father was king GALA of the Numidians! God showed me, when Helen called Paul, "ugly," that Paul Smith points to Hephaestus (born ugly), the mythical metal SMITH. He was born so ugly his mother threw him out of Mount Olympus to Lemnos, location of a city, Myrina, which became mythical Myrina, goddess of African Amazons (Amazighen) = Berbers at the Atlas mountains i.e. the Numidia theater! Zinger. As Paul's father was Peter, we trace the Boofima cult amongst Numidians to Pierleoni smack at the vatican, it's making sense. Pierleoni sought to put up popes.

Plus, Lemnos-like Lemons are in Keppoch colors and format while we saw the Keppoch garb with Scottish Barbers. The latter's "nisi" motto term may relate to Massena's "MassiNISSA" version. He was engaged to be married to SophoNISba. Lemons may have been from Le Mans, part of the Maine theater beside Perche.

Smiths were first found in Yorkshire with the Pullys/Pullings in turn sharing both the martlet of French Josephs (once showed a giant swan instead) and a pelican for Pellicans, the latter first found in MAINE with French Josephs. Pauls share the crosslets of Belli-loving Carpenters, and while Paul Smith was a licensed carpenter as far back as I was his friend, Bell-branch Bellamys (lived at Perche) share the crescents of Seatons/SITTENs. Pullys/Pullings share the scallops of Sabine's (bull) and Scottish Barbers. Sabine's are from Flavius Sabinus, husband of Vespasia Polla, and son of Flavius Petro of RIETi. Rita's, sharing the Poole lion, were first found in Rome with Peter-named Pierleoni.

English Neals were first found in Wiltshire with the Hoppers suspect in the Fauchy "grasshopper." The "extenDERE" motto of English Neals can be part-code for Dere's/Deers, and from there we can go to Deerings who share the stags heads of Mens-loving Poppins'/Pophams. Deerings were first found in Kent, where the Ticks/Tucks were once said to be first found, and Anne's were first found in TICKhill. Ticks/Tucks are in colors reversed from the Scottish Turnbulls who appear in the list of Beef/Boeuf variations. WOW, this recalls that Austrian TURNers share the split-Shield colors of English Neals! The split-Shield is shared by Yarborough's who in turn share "Non" in their motto with Irish Nagle's.

As I said, the mugging in Galveston (Texas) caused me to change plans. I was headed to find a snowbird retreat in Mexico, but decided it was too dangerous suddenly, and so I decided the day of the mugging to search for Texas property, which is how I ended up in Crystal City, looking at some vacant land there. I ended up buying a property owned by Mrs. Teague, and Teague's can be gleaned as a Tick/Tuck branch by their similar Coats. Akin to what we might expect from cannibals, the body of Madalyn MURRAY O'Hair, an anti-Christ activist, was found cut to pieces on the Cooksey ranch part-owned by this Mrs. Teague. God is sending a Message. Murrays are the ones with an "IMPERIO" motto term! Human sacrifice cults can also be cannibalistic i.e. cutting people into pieces.

I purchased property on the NUECES river, the river running through the Cooksey ranch. The News'/NUCES' were first found in Cambridgeshire with Crustal-like Crusts/Crasts, who are new to me now. As Grimoald of Bavaria is suspect in the lozengy Shield of the Arms of Bavaria because Grimaldi's have a lozengy Shield, it's possibly that the lozengy Shield of Crusts/Crasts is that of Bavaria because they are both in the same colors. GRIMaldus reportedly married Rollo's daughter, and this recalls the Fate's/Feets in the GRIME/Grimm Coat. The Arms of Bavaria has bendwise lozengy, as does the Coat of Irish Weirs in Grimaldi-lozenge colors, and while Weirs (Moray / Armour stars) were a Vere branch, it can explain the "pulVERE" motto term of Yarborough's who in turn share the Armour chevron.

Caiaphas-like Chivasso is on the Baltea too, also called the BAUTica, and French Bauts/Bauds were first found in Auvergne with Godfreys while Godfrey-de-Bouillon's brother, BALDwin, was the first king of Jerusalem while his brother, Baldwin II, was the next king. One or the other must have chosen Hugh de Payens to be manage the protection of the Jerusalem temple because, as my theory goes, a member of the Caiaphas bloodline, probably related to Elizabeth Chappes, of even she herself, knew where the Romans had left gold in the temple when they burned Jerusalem, and tore down the temple, in 70 AD.

The PIERleoni Jews of Rome were being attacked by the vatican for competing with the vatican, and Godfrey III, father of Goda and grandfather of Godfrey-de-Bouillon, came to the rescue of the Pierleoni. Did the latter name Perigord of vice-versa? Were Pierleoni from the Imperi? Were Pierleoni, named after a Peter, from Flavius Petro, grandfather of emperor Vespasian who in turn took down the temple in 70 AD? Did the Pierleoni know something about the Jerusalem treasures that only an army could obtain? Is this why the Crusader army marched all across Europe to Jerusalem? Makes absolute sense.

Vespasian's Flavius family goes to Fly's of Flagi, and the Cavars/Calverts may have flags versus banners. The "paROLE" motto of Cavars/Calverts tends to betray that it's code for Rollo's, first found in Perthshire with the Athels in turn sharing the six pale bars of Cavars/Calverts. The "feMINE" motto term of Cavars/Calverts looks connectable to the "GAUDEt tentaMINE" motto phrase of Leggs. "ExTENDere" looks connectable to the "tendis" of Scottish Roys who share the lion of German Rolls/Raels (look like ROYal branch). Repeat: "'Roy' is a motto term of Bennets who in turn share the full Benedict motto, and Pierleoni were named partly after pope Leo Benedict." The three demi-lions of these Bennets are in the colors and format of the three lions of Goda-like Goods (Kent, same as Gauda-like Gaunts).

As Calvarys/Cavarleys almost have the Saddock Coat while Saddocks are suspect from Sadducees, Calvarys and Cavars may be from the namers of "Caiaphas," or even directly from a variation of "Caiaphas," for he married the daughter of the chief priest, Anne-like Annas/Ananus. Together, they killed Jesus because they feared his taking political power from them. Sound familiar? It's what's going to happen in the last days, because the Illuminati is opposed to the people of God speaking out against it. Where did the darkened "illuminatists" descend from?

Anne Dunham was the daughter of Stanley Armour Dunham, himself the son of an Armour family. As ArMORs share the Moray stars, it speaks for itself. Is God telling us that Obama belongs to a human-sacrifice cult(s) out of Imperia? Cotes-d-Armor (Brittany) is the location of Jugon, where I trace Juggs/Judds. Was this from Jugurtha, the Jagger line? It just so happens that while Mullets -- sharing the German and Dutch Jagger hunting horn -- have the three pierced stars of Payens, Stanley Armour Dunham was the husband of Madelyn PAINE! Dutch Jaggers have the split Neal Shield, and I showed how Neals were of Oneglia. The "paROLE" motto term of Cavars/Calverts/Baltimore's looks Arranged to point to "Rolling Stones."

English Role's (ROXburghshire) are mainly in the colors and format of TURNbulls (Yorkshire, same as Pavers) while Beefs/Boeufs of PERIgord have a Turnbull-like variation. Pero's/Perino's were first found in Piedmont with TURIN, and the latter is very near the Baltea/Bautica river. The Perich variation of Pero's/Perino's and Pierro's/Pero's (first found in Pavia) could have named Perche, home of Bell-branch Bellamys.

Here's from the last update: "As Rollo made a pact with France named after St. Clair, and as Rollo's have a 'par' motto term, the "paROLE" motto term of St. Clairs/Stolls looks like code for the Rollo Normans." I kid you not: St. Clairs/Stolls, first found in Somerset with Payne's and Whistle's/Wissels, share the lozenges of Whistle's/Wissels who in turn share the Paine lions.

If the Crest of English Neals has palm branches, I've got a story for you. The branches are beside the black wolf head, and while Saracens have a black wolf in Crest too, the Neal Crest suggests palm branches as code for Palma di MonteCHIARO, related to CHIARAmonte in the land of Saracens. Chiaro's are listed with Claro's, and Sinclairs are said to descend from Claro's. Palms were first found in Yorkshire, where Stains were once said to be first found who married Neal-related Yarborough's who in turn have a "Palma" motto term. Wikipedia: "Montechiaro was added to the name, in honour of the Chiaramonte...". Montechiaro is near the Drago river, and the Muscas variation of Chiaramonte's Mosca's is in the Drake motto. <>P> Palms share the Massey/MACEY fleur, and Palma di Montechiaro faces the Numidian land of kings Massena, Gauda, Jugurtha and Syphax. Palma di Montechiaro is on Sicily with Messina province. Drake's were first found in Hampshire with the Buttons/Bidens and Botters, and while the latter have a "perch" as likely code for the Perich variation of Pero's and Pierro's/Pero's, the latter have a Coat like that of Button-branch Butts/Bute's/BOETs, suspect from the Sadducee house of Boethus. Plus, Italian Botters/Butini's were first found in Lucca, smack beside the first-known Mosca's/Muscas' of Pisa, and the latter use a giant leopard, the Boofima symbol.

While Boofima priests wore leopard gloves, Maceys/Mace's use the GAUNTlet glove while Gaunts were first found in Kent with Massins/Masons, the latter first found in Thanet, like the Zanata region of Numidia, tending to assure that Massins/Masons, and Freemasons, were from king Massena. Numidia also had a Mascula location expected with the Keith/Mascul surname said to be from CATTi.

Lucca's have a "cat," and the Mosca leopard in the Crest of Caiaphas-like Chives' (from Chivasso on the Baltea river) is said to be a mountain "cat" (either a "cat-a-mountain" or something similar, I can't recall exactly). Palms share the Massey/Macey and Lys/LISSE fleur, and Chives-like Cavii were at the LISSus river. Drake's and Botters were first found in Hampshire with Lise's/Liss'. Scottish Lise's share the double chevrons of Perich-like Perche's.

Mountains were first found in Essex with SKIPPers. Palms were first found in Yorkshire with Meschins of SKIPton, and General SKIPio teamed up with king Massena to capture Spike-like Syphax in Carthage, the human-sacrifice capital of the world. Spike's are in Trudeau colors and format. If the shoe fits.

Massins/Masons share the Moray mermaid, and Morays share "pret" with Meads/MEATs who are in turn in Trudeau colors and format. Look at the cannibal symbol of mythical METis, then note "BaphoMET": "Metis was the one who gave Zeus a potion to cause Cronus to vomit out his siblings." It just so happens that Meads/Meats almost have a Godfrey Coat. Baphomet is a demonic human with a goat's head, clearly code for the Gothelo > Goda > Godfrey bloodline.

I stayed on Vancouver Island with CARY Bell. Castle Cary is in Somerset, beside the Carts who happen to have palm trees. Carts are said to be from Castle Cary, which was home to Leavells. Carts were first found beside Carters (Winchester, Hampshire), and these surnames look like they were from Carthage...human-sacrifice location of ancient Tyrians from TYRUS. It just so happens that TARRS'/Tara's/Tarres' were first found in Somerset too who look related to the Arms of Roussillon while Russells were first found beside Tarrs'/Taro's and Carters (probably share the lion of Irish Carys). The lions ComBATTANT of Carters are probably part-code for Battants/Battins/Badens, first found in Somerset with English Carys.

Historical Roussillon covered a part of CERDagne county. Cards/Certs were first found in Shropshire with Bellamy who share the Bell fesse!!! Can we believe it? Tarrs/Tara's have TEN pale bars while Tyne's/THEN's/Botville's, first found in Shropshire too, have ten fessewise bars. The Tyne rivers are near LAUDER, and Lauders share the Letter Coat!!! The Card/Cert Crest is not a "card," but a "letter," and it even has a stamp upon it while Stamps have a black-Shield version of the Rush Coat!!! I'm amazed with this new-to-me material.

Shropshire is where Salters/Saltire's were first found who have TEN billets. One can glean that Salters were from the FitzAlan-Saluzzo marriage that produced the Arundel swallows and the Sallows, first found in Shropshire, also called Sallow-like Salop. Amazingly, the six Swallow pale bars are colors reversed from the same of Italian BELLi's!!! Incredible outcome. Cary BELL! English Carys are even in Sale/SALLETT colors and format. Busca is beside Saluzzo, perhaps indicating that Tyne's/Thens have the lion of billet-using Bos'/Bush'/Bosch' and billet-using PASTORs...which recalls that Trudeau's were BASTARD kin! BasTARDs ("bello") share the chevron of Scottish Belli's/Bellys! You can't believe it. Belli's/Bellys were first found in Boofima-connectable Moray.

English Bush's/Busch's were kin of BusTARDs (roundels), first found in Devon with Bastards and Tards/Darts; the latter use one of the two, ermined-white fesses of Salop-like Sleeps/Sleaps/Slippers who named Sleap in Shropshire. Roundel-like Rounds use a "sleeping lion", we get it.

Trudeau-connectable Staggs/Stage's, first found in Devon too, are in Bastard colors. Bastards share the Coat of Demys/LeMAISE's and Batters/Beeters (Berkshire, same as Beetle's) Coat, in Beet colors. Maisys have the POTTER Coat in colors reversed while Bastards use a "potior" motto term, and I suspect that Mussys/Mousys (Brittany, same as Alans) can apply because they have the Balance/Balancor Coat in half its colors.

Windsors of Berkshire descend from Others/Otters while an otter head is in the Crest of Beths/Beetons who in turn share the lozenges of Irish Nagle's. I read that Bellamys married Massys of Ferte-Mace, which can explain why German Beths/Bathe's (colors and format of Beths/Beetons) look like a cross between Masci's and Bellamys. English Baths, kin of Round-like Rhodes', were first found in Somerset with Castle Cary.

Houseofnames has removed the first-found-in-Shropshire from the Salter/Saltire write-up since last I viewed it. Perhaps houseofnames reads some of my material and doesn't want me to make fun of them for tracing Salters (Shropshire, same as Meschins) to salt producers. Salters are from the Salyes Ligures, suspect from the Seleucid namers of Sulcis in SARDinia, in the region of Sant'Antioco. King Seleucid named his son, ANTIOCHus, the namer of Syria's Antioch (where Crusaders moved into). It can explain why Salters share red, Arundel-like roundels with Shirts/SHARDs, first found in Cheshire with Sales'/Salletts and the Meschin earls.

Cards/Certs, sharing the lion of Numidian Massins/Masons (Kent, same as Alan-related Rundels/Roundels), apparently may have named the Numidian capital, Cirta, near Carthage and nearer still to RUSSicada. This can explain why Russells share the Meschin scallops, but, moreover, as Keiths/Masculs have pale bars in the colors of the Tarr/Taro and Arms-of-Roussillon pale bars, we can add that Mascula is a Numidian city too. Cards/Certs put a collar on their demi-lion, and Collars share the Morano Moor heads.

Morano is on the Sybaris river with Saracena, from the Saracens. The Saracen surname shares the crescents of TONbridge's/TUNbridge's while Meschins married Clare's of Tunbridge. English Clare's were first found in Suffolk with TOWNS/TUNE's.

This is the best-ever trace I've made of Tarrs. I've previously suspected them at the Taro tributary of the Trebia, and king Hannibal of Carthage happened to launch his first war against Rome at the war of Trebia during the lifetime of king Massena. While Hannibal was yet in Italy, Syphax stole Carthage from him. I reasoned that Hannibal was named by the Ananes Gauls between the Taro and the Trebia, explaining why he attacked Rome there, to free his family from the Romans. It just so happens, wow, that Cary-related Carts share the Annan(dale) saltire!!!

Cary Bell, in the midst of a child-abduction discussion, is the one who led us to what your are now reading, fascinating and frightening at the same time. Child abductors are ruling the world inviting God's wrath, it is coming.

Back to the shark tank. Some say that Igor Kolomoisky is the invisible director of Burisma Holdings, a corrupt gas / energy company of Ukraine. The latter is now suspect behind the Nord Stream's demise because Joe Biden's son sat on its board while Joe Biden, earlier this year, promised that Nord Stream would be taken out if Russia entered Ukraine with military. Did trudeau assist in the taking out of Nord Stream? trudeau is an Obama devotee, an Obama stooge seeking to replicate his communism for sleepy canadians who pride themselves for never complaining, even when they are in a hot bath intended to cook them slowly to death.

The Meat and Godfrey-beloved Pellicans share the Howell tower while Owls/Howls can be expected in the Calvary Coat's owl border. Who coined the word, "Calvary," as the place of Jesus' "human sacrifice"? Was it coined by a freemason of the Baphomet cult?

Google has scrubbed or hidden many articles on the Rhodian Round Table. As it was named after the round table of mythical king Arthur, a satanic cult, it can explain the claims of writers that prime minister Arthur Balfour, part of the Rhodian / Fabian societies, was a satanist. We can begin to surmise that Baphomet was in this thing because the Bower > Rothschild line was a part of it. Rothschilds, who joined Rosicrucians, I think, at one time, and in league with Karl Marx, descend from Peter Pollock of Rothes, and Pollok was in RENfrewshire with the first-known Speers.

The Wrens, with a broken spear, share the raven with Rothes/Rothchilds and Peters. The Wren cross, called a Crusader cross generally, is in the colors of the Petro cross, and the Petro cross is a flory cross in half the colors of the Bouillon flory. Bouillons share the FLORy cross of Taddei's, first found in FLORence. While Wrens share the Wrench/Rench crosslets, German Rench's and Flore's share the Petro fleur-de-lys, and Wrens probably have a version of the Bouillon cross, though the latter's has fleur-de-lys ends. Flore's with Flora's share the fleur-de-lys of Auvergne's who in turn add a white tower, the symbol in the Petro Crest.

The Wren chevron-with-ravens is in the colors of the Balfour chevron-with-otter, and Others/Otters (Huntingdonshire, same as Engains) were proto-Windsors while Windsors with Engains and Gore's share the Wren (and Wrench) crosslets. Gore's (almost the Engain Coat) are in mythical Gorlois, whose wife was mother to king Arthur with UTHER Pendragon as Arthur's father. UTTERs/Otterburns (ROXburghshire) share the otter with Windsor-like Fenders/Venders (Huntingdonshire). Plus, Balfours were first found in Fife while I see Fife's and Five's/Fifys as a branch of Veys/Vivians (Cornwall, same as Gorlois) who in turn share the purple lion with Wrens. VEYs/Vivians were first found in Cornwall with Gorlois, father of the witch, Morgan le FAY. Morgans share the Irish MOOR lion, which brings us back to Numidians, probably.

Heraldry Coughs Up Templar Elements, and Maybe Mike Pence Too

The flag of Templar Jerusalem, owned by Godfrey de Bouillon, is a potent cross. It's similar to the Crusader cross, both using what I think is a billet at the ends of the cross. A billet is an heraldic metal bar, like gold bullion. Did some of Quintus Caepio's gold bars get buried in the Jerusalem temple by Caiaphas' family when the Romans attacked? Where had the Herods get so much gold that they started to decorate the temple with it? The year after Caepio stole the gold bars from Toulouse, a leader of the Cimbri engaged him in war at Orange, suggesting that the Cimbri had owned the treasure to begin with. Toulouse is directly across the river from Comminges, where Herod Antipas was banished by Caesar Augustus (adopted son of Julius Caesar) about a century after Caepio stole the treasure. Julius Caesar had an adulterous affair with Caepio's granddaughter, Servilia. Did Herod choose to go into exile into Comminges because he knew some of the treasure was there?

It just so happens that while there grew up a house of Orange-Nassau, Nassau's use gold billets covering their Shield. Were Bouillons named after gold bullion because the family had obtained some of it? English Billets share the Coat of BELLO's/Bellows, and Bouillons have a "bello" motto term. Bello's/Bellows have a fox head in Crest while Fes'/Fays, with a fox, were first found in Auvergne with Bouillons. Comminges and Aude are beside Foix, and one French Foy/Foix surname was first found in Auvergne while the other Foy/Foix surname was first found in Ile-de-France with Caepio-like Chappes'. Roquefeuil is in Aude, and so see the gold billets, the only symbol, in the Arms of Roquefeuil (English Rock colors).

There's a gold pale bar in the Chief of Bills that looks like it can substitute as a billet because Bills use pelicans while Pellicans were first found in Maine with Billiards/Billets. The three billets in the Arms of Roquefeuil form a pale bar, which can explain why the two pelican heads in the Bill Chief, on either side of the pale bar, are in the colors of the two Roque rocks. The Rock-related Rods were first found in Devon with Billets.

Bills (Somerset, same as Roets) use "wood bills" while Woods share the tree with roots of Roots while Roets use a tree too. Bills were thus kin of Rothschild branch, from Payne Roet who was in the area of Montreuil / Etaples smack near the Boulogne home of Eustace II. Alans share the oak leaves of Oaks (Somerset, same as Roets) who in turn share the rooted oak tree. Roets share the Gordano boar heads, and Italian Giordano's share the giant tree with Roets. Might they have been a Garden / Jardin / Jerret branch? Catherine Roet first married Mr. Swynford, and Swynfords (Leicestershire, same as Woods) share the black boar head with Gardens/Jardens and the Brittany Jarrets. Jordans were first found in Brittany too.

The Swynford Coat is in the Bowles Coat (Lincolnshire, same as Pilotte's) while Bowels/Bovils/Boswells (Yorkshire, same as black-boar Bush's) have a "foi" motto term. Foi's/Foix's have pellets while Pellets share the Pilate Coat while Pilate's can be linked to the billets (Pilate colors) of French Bassets because they are the billets also of Etienne's while Mont Pilat is at St. Etienne. The Bowles' are in Bush colors and near-format, and Bush's share the eagles of Ghent while Catherine Roet married John of Ghent secondly. The Arms of Ghent/Gaunt has the same lion as English Jarrets. Bowles' were first found in Lincolnshire with Bole's (share cups on blue with Pilotte's and Pellets), Bolingbroke's, and TailBOIS'; the latter share the scallops of Jardins (Angus, same as Gardens/Jardens). Lucy BOLINGbroke was Mrs. Taillebois. Bois's were a Bosco branch.

Payne "Gilles" de Roet was born (14th century) in Roet, in Hainaut, and the counts of Hainaut (scroll way down to see it) used the closest thing I've seen to the triple chevrons of Levi's, first found in Ile-de-France with Chappes' and Lys'/Lisse's (see Lys river below for applicability here). Payne's wife was Catherine Roet, born in Avesnes. He was also called, Paganus, making it appear that he descended from Hugh de Payens, for Payens are Pagans too. The Lys tributary of the BALTtea probably named the Lys river near the Boulogne location of the Crusader, king BALDwin I, and then the latter Lys flows to Ghent/Gaunt. These must have been the main Franco-Flemish elements in Crusader templarism, making perfect sense if Payne Roet descended from Hugh de Payens. What significance might is have that Obama had a Payne grandmother?

We might also ask why the Anglo-Normans got heavily involved in the Crusades, and I think the masonic Sinclairs will answer that along with the family of queen Margaret, whose cup-bearer was Henry Sinclair. Margaret Trudeau was born Miss Sinclair, hmm. Queen Margaret's daughter married king Henry I, son of the Norman Conqueror. I (probably alone, but armed with heraldry) claim that Margaret's mother, Agatha, had married George of Hungary, father of the Drummonds, and I claim that Agatha was of Podebrady, in Bohemia, founded by the Boii of Boulogne-like Bologna. Both locations were called, Bononia, too.

Wikipedia: "Paon/Payne de Roet is often assumed to have been a descendant of a collateral branch of the Lords of Roeulx, of Hainault. The traditional argument has been that Paon de Roet bore arms that were similar to those borne by the Hainault Lords of Roeulx..." That looks like the Rolls who share the Roy/Real lion. It can explain why Rollo's have the Roet boar heads in colors reversed. English Role's/Rolls are in Levi colors. Repeat from above: "'Roy' is a motto term of Bennets who share the full Benedict motto, and Pierleoni were named partly after pope Leo Benedict. The three demi-lions of these Bennets are in the colors and format of the three lions of Goda-like Goods (Kent, same as Gauda-like Gaunts)." Payne's daughter married John of Gaunt, and while she owned the Catherine wheel, it rolls.

Masons liked to find clever symbolism for their surnames, like children preoccupied with love of noble bloodlines. Like, if the biggest, murderous bully on the block becomes a king by force of armed brutality, his family becomes the honorable, sacred, or even "Holy" bloodline. The STUPIDS are still with us today. They seek to deceive the people into willing submission, yet consider themselves honorable and worthy to rule. STUPIDS.

English Role's/Rolls look like Turnbull kin while a Turnbull variation is with Boofima-suspect Beefs/Boeufs. The line of Catherine Roet became the BEAUForts who in turn look like a Balfour branch. It just so happens that Role's/Rolls share lions (different color) within black escutcheons with Cecils. Cecil RHODES! There we have evidence that the Boofima > Baphomet cult was to Cecil Rhodes and Arthur Balfour, the same entity now at open, global war with Jesus' servants. But Jesus will make the destroyers destroy their own supporters, and culminate in Armageddon for an very ironic failure.

French Role's/Rolleaux's have the cross style of Eustace's, and to answer why they share the Knight Coat, Knights use a "spur" to match the "spur rowells" of Payens/Pagans. Spurs were first found in Devon with their Super branch which put billets on the same saltire as have Baldwins. Devon is where Moeles-like Mule's were first found along with Eustace-branch Staggs/Stage's, and the Balder share the Sinclair cross. Baldwins have: "Baldwin of Moeles (d. 1100?) was the second son of Gilbert, count of Eu...", a contemporary of Godfrey de Bouillon. Capotes'/Capone's, first found in Florence, use a mule head, and this Moeles entity, not quite the meoles variation of Mails, may have been the Mole line to Jaques de Molay. The Blaze's, sharing the Baldwin saltire, "are believed to be originally from Blay, 3 miles north east of Le Molay in Calvados."

ESCHYNa de Molle, who married the Crocs / Crooks of Renfrewshire, is expected with ESKINs/Erskins, first found in Renfrewshire, and sharing the pale bar of Blake's while Blacks share the Blaze saltire too. CROCKetts were first found in neighboring Lanarkshire, and Crooks, sharing the bend of Jewish Pollocks, look like kin of Aids because the latter were first found in Berwickshire in the area of two Tyne rivers. One Tyne river is in Northumberland with the Rodhams/RODDENs, in Aid Crook colors and format, and there is a Rodden river in Shropshire, where Tyne's were first found. It was shown above how Sleeps of Shropshire relate to Tyne elements, and Sleeping Beauty pointed to poison vaccines that gives AIDS. The Aids/Ade's were in my sleeping bag dream.

Blacks, who have a Croc-like "crux" motto term, were first found in Lincolnshire with Tailbois', and the latter's Talbot branch is said to originate from the D'Eu family of Rollo's Normandy i.e. connectable to Baldwin of Moeles.

Paisley in Renfrewshire was named by the line of Pasi's/Pascels, first found in Bologna, and while Rollo's have the Passe's/Pascals in their motto who in turn share the Levi lion, "pas" is a Baldwin motto term. The Baldwin cockatrice has a chain, by the looks of it, because Chains share the Balder cross. Renfrews share the Bald / Baud ship.

In the mish-mash of Nordic relationships, Varangians may have become related to the Rollo-line Normans on multiple occasions. The cockaTRICE of Baldwins connects them to Kiev elements via Hebrons. Trice's were first found in Cornwall with the PHEON-using (i.e. Paionian) Tristans, and mythical Tristan is in king-Arthur mythology while this Arthur was given a birth in Cornwall. This Arthur was given a round table symbol for two surnames, and he represented the namers of Artois, bang-on in Eustace's stomping grounds. "GorLOIS" must be for the Lois', first found in Artois, yet French Louis' were first found in Kiev-connectable Lorraine, and possibly in Lower Lorraine with the Godfrey bloodline now suspect with the Kepke/Kopke goat. Rollo was a Dane, and Danish king Cnut was a son of Swietoslawa Mieszko, the Lorraine-related line that married Maria of Kiev.

Rollo's were first found in Perthshire with the Hagars sharing the Goth/Gothel, Jeepma/Chep, and Vlad hexagram. Maria of Kiev was a daughter of king Vladimir. Gothelo was of the Godfrey bloodline of Lower Lorraine. Godfrey I was a count of Hainaut, and ruler of Lower Lorraine, long before Godfrey-de-Bouillon became duke of Lower Lorraine. This is new material for me, and I've just learned that "Godfrey [I] was the son of Godfrey, Count Palatine of Lotharingia..."

Bar-le-Duc in upper Lorraine was named by Bars of BRUNSwick, and then we have this: "Godfrey I (born 940/945; died 964) was the count of Hainault from 958 and margrave or vice-duke of Lower Lorraine from 959, when that duchy was divided by Duke BRUNO, who remained duke until his death in 964." Bruno was duke of Lotharingia, named such by the Carolingians from whom Godfrey I descended. Bruno above was no less than the brother of emperor Otto I.

We saw above how Blaze's near Molay share the Black saltire, while Blacks love the Crux's in their motto. The thing is: Crux's share the black and giant bull head of Otto's/Auto's. The other Blacks have the Jardin / Fowler Chief in colors reversed, and Otto I was a son of Henry Fowler, lookie at that. Otto's/Auto's were first found in Prussia with the Mieske's/Mesechs who have the giant Crux bull head in both colors. Walerans have black bull heads, and they are from Waleran de Levi-like Leavell whose wife was from MEULan/Mellent.

As Godfrey de Bouillon ruled in Lorraine, it explains why Kepke's/Kopke's can be using the Boofima goat symbol that is expected to have named the Godfreys in the first place. Godfrey I descended from Charlemagne, and Lorraine's share the eagle of English Charles'. French Charles'/Charlemagne's share the FOOTless Feet/Fate MARTLets, a symbol from Charles MARTEL, grandfather of Charlemagne. Foots with Fothes'/Fette's have one of the triple Levi chevrons. Fothes'/Fette's (share Peare stars) were first found in Kincardineshire with Pierleoni-like Peartree's/Patria's, and they look like a branch of Pierro's/Pero's/Petri's who were in turn first found in Pavia, co-founded by Laevi Gauls! There we have it, the counts of Hainaut descending from Laevi who can thus be traced to French Levi's. English Pavia's share the Feet/Fate Coat, and Italian Pavia's share the Tailbois scallops. The Fothes/Fette chevron with single stag head is in the white-on-black colors of the chevron with single otter head of the neighboring Balfours.

I might add that the Tailbois scallops are those of Jardins too, and while Gardens/Jardens share a Jarret Coat, Jarrats share the lion of Fowlers while Bruno of Lotharingia above was a son of Henry FOWLer. It can explain why Scottish Vowells show nothing but what look like LEAVES, and why English Vowells have the Jardin Chief but with pierced stars, though Jardins do use one such pierced star in their Crest. Plus, while the line of this very Bruno is suspect in the naming of Brunswick, Brunswicks have the Coat of Sempers/St. Pierre's/St. Peers in colors reversed who are in the "Semper fideLIS" motto of Jarrats, a motto shared by the Arms of Lviv that itself shares the Jarrat lion!! Bingo-bingo, lookie there. Without the Jarrat lion, the Jarrat Coat is the Beef/Boeuf Coat. Lviv is on the Bug river while Bugs share the Role/Rolle fesse.

The Vowell leaves go with Waleran de Leavell because Walerans closely share the Otto/Auto bull head, to be assumed. Ottone's/Otto's are the ones with the tall and solid chevron of French Chappes' (same place as Levi's). The Auto variation may reveal that Otto I descended from the namers of Aude province, where Isobel Roquefeuil married Hugh of Rodez, father of one of several HENRYs of Rodez, thus making Henry Fowler look like he descended from that Roquefeuil-Rodez marriage. Eschyna de Molle'e daughter, Isabel Croc, married Robert Pollock, brother of Peter, builder of Rothes castle; two Peter surnames share the Bruno bend. Somebody says that Eschyna's father was born in Paisley.

"Eschyna" looks like "Ashkenazi." The Ashkenazi Jews were from Khazars who flooded central Europe. Khazars had priest-kings, kagans, and the Jewish Kagan/Cohen surname happens to share the Moray stars while Peter Pollock was in Moray. Alans of Alania had moved into Sarmatian territory at the Tanais river, part of Khazaria. Eschyna married the royal-to-be Alans. The Tanais is now the Don, and MacDonalds, who had a Keppoch branch, share a "galley" with Keeps, and moreover the MacDonald eagle is in Alan colors. The MacDonald fitchee can be for leopard-face Fitch's/Fitz's.

Molle-related Morays were named after Moray, which was also called, Moravia, and the Mures river of Romania near European Moravia, had Khazars at Bihar. Khazar kings were also called, begs, and "Bihar" looks like "Biggar." There is a Bigger location in Lanarkshire between Pollok and Rothes. Biggars share the Coat of Dallas', first found in Moray. The Astys, first found in Lanarkshire, share the lion of Tracks/Tricks/Triggs and Drigs, and Alans with Khazar elements (at Kizlyar) were on a Terek/Terk river. Biggars (same place as Flemings) are known Flemings, and Terk-like Turks/Torks use flames. The Moray and Glass mermaid is Melusine of Avalon, same witch entity as Morgan le Fay, and Morgans have the lion above in colors reversed. Plus, Asti in Italy is beside Bra while MOWbrays named MontBRAE while Molle's are also Mows. I've read that Eschyna de Molle

Having said that, let's add that the Trudeau-connectable Bastards, sharing a blue chevron with Turks/Torks, have a motto with "Pax" and "bello" while Turks/Torks use "Pax in bello." It's the line to Paisley at Glasgow, Eschyna's turf. I've read that her Alan husband was born in Paisley (Alan-Stewarts from Shropshire lived there), and while where English Crocs were first found in Shropshire, the symbol of Irish Crocs is (different color) in the Crest of Lords/Lauds who are in turn in the Glasgow motto. The Glasgow chevron is the Turk/Tork chevron in both colors, and the Bellys of Moray have the Bastard chevron in both colors. Bellys share the CARPenter motto, and Romania is at the CARPathian mountains. Lords/Lauds were first found in Suffolk with Michael de la POLE, earl of Suffolk.

Trudeau's are being added to this set because Trots/Trude's are expected from the Trotus river of Romania, near the MOLDava river which may have named the Molds/MAIDs, and thus the merMAID can be part-code for Molds/Maids because they share the lion of English Stewarts. French Mars/MORE's (Moray colors and near-format) are also Mers. This explains why Erskins are said (in articles) to have been kin of Scottish Mars.

While Morays are Murrays too, Irish Murrays have an "Imperio" motto while the Oneglia of Nagle's is now Imperia. The Eschyna-like Eskins/Erskins have a "plus" motto term while Pelus', with a Pollock-like Peloux variation, were first found in Dauphine with Payens/Pagans, Page's/Lepage's (Pole/Pool lion?), and Gale-like Galli's. Pelus'/Peloux's share the German Nagle/Neil/Nail Coat, which is solely a saltire, and, in order to connect both Nagle surnames, it's important that the Irish branch has a nightinGALE while Gale's share the Nagle/Neil/Nail saltire.

New: the nightingale can secondly be for English Knights/Nights because they share the Shield of French Role's, first found in Brittany with the French Brians who share the Pelus/Peloux saltire too. English Role's happen to share the Scottish Night lion. Nights are suspect with the Nith river, location of Kilpatrick castle, and the latter share "laidir" with Irish Brians. German Rolls thus become suspect with the Paisley chevron, and the Pole/Pool / Pelus/Peloux lion. Rollo's have the Speer / Roet boar heads in colors reversed while the Speyer variation of Speers is expected at the Spey river of Rothes. I trace Speers and Spree's to the Spree river just outside the Polish border, and the crescent of English Crocs is the Spree crescent too. The Simple's in the Spree motto were first found in Renfrewshire with Pollocks, and the Perkins who have a "Simplex" motto term trace to Plock-connectable Plunketts who were in turn at Vilaine with Dol. The Chief-Shield colors of Vilains is shared by French Role's.

I'm not very familiar with Simple's but loaded them just now because I recalled that they might have the rare symbol of MOLsons/Moltons (Devon, same as Stewarts), and it turns out they do. This recalled what I had forgotten, that Simple's share "Keep tryst" with Hebrons. Tyrsts were first found in Cornwall with Spree's. The Arms of Spree-Neisse happens to have the red antler of Molis'/Molesons, what a find. I've just stumbled on this. Molis'/Molesons are new to me, and are expected to have the Casimir antler, perfect because Casimir was Polish.

As the Spree runs through Berlin, Berlins were just load to find a bendwise bear to go with the Bern bear. Bern was founded by blue-antler Zahringers, kin of red antler Veringers. These Berlins were first found in Nuremberg with Kopple's and Keips/Keipers while Kievers (Silesia, same as German Turks) have another red antler.

Having read just now, "The Spree's longest tributaries are DAHME (confluence in Berlin-KOPENick)...", it reminded of Jeffrey Dahmer. Dahmers are the ones sharing the Balance eagle, but it's also the Powter/Putter eagle, and the latter came up as per the Powder location of Spree's. It's now interesting that while Balance's look like they are a variation of Eskin-connectable Irish Blake's, the latter's English branch (Devon, same as Moline's / Molsons/Moltons) have the Fate/FEET Coat as a bend, which goes with the New Balance shoe topic. Fate's/Feets share the Coat of English Pavia's, the latter first found in Warwickshire with Balance's. Blackys/Blakeys, first found in Yorkshire with Fate's/Feets and Pavers, share the green dragon head of Irish Blake's. I've just tried for a Black-like Balack surname to find it listed with Pollock-like Bullocks.

Powters/Putters have pale bars in the colors of the Eskin/Erskin pale bar, and as the Eskin/Erskin Coat is that of German Walls (Baden same as Zahringers and Veringers), I'd suggest that this line named CornWALL. English Cornwalls, with a "duRANTE" motto term and the giant lion of English Stewarts, even share a giant and red lion with Rants/Rance's while the Rance river is beside Dol. Muriel de Pollock (I think she was Peter's daughter) is suspect to the wall-using Murs/Muriels. The Sleeps, first found in Shropshire with same-colored Crocs, have the Coat of Neisse-like Ness'/Nice's in colors reversed, and Nice is a Ligurian location about 50 miles down the coast from Imperia. The Rant/Rance and Lundin/London lions (it's the royal lion of Scotland beloved of the Bruce's) are in the same colors while Eschyna de Molle was a direct Londoniis liner.

English Berlins (look like Mall kin) share the annulets of German Tile's/Tillers who in turn share the Crest exactly (dove) of Spree's. Berlin brings us to Nazi elements, recalling the "nati" motto term of English Franks (suspect with Mayer Rothschild of Frankfurt) sharing the Pollock saltire. Emperor MICHAEL Rangabe married Prokopia, suspect to the Prokopia variation of BROCoffs, first found in Silesia with German Berlins! Beauty, for German Michaels were first found in Bohemia with both German Frank surnames. One German Frank surname shares the column (different colors) with Pollock- / Pelus-like Pelosi's/Peluso's/Pilati's. As English Michaels share the lozenges of Peters (from Peter Pollock), I wonder whether the first name of Michael de la Pole comes from ancestry in Michael Rangabe. This is amazing because the latter was the grandfather of Melissena Rangabe (suspect to mythical Melusine in the Moray / Glass Crest), whose mother was a royal Khazar!!! "ESCHYNA" thus looks like an AshkeNAZI "Jew"!!! Amazing. Melissena married Inger the Varangian (9th century), probably of Kiev, and these Varangians, hungry for power and gold, conquered the Khazar empire.

Plus, from Tile's/Tillers we go to English Tillers who in turn share the lion of Tails/Tailers (leopards) who in turn share a single pale bar in the colors of the Eschyna/Erskin pale bar.

Scottish Stewarts share the motto of dart-using BROCKs while Darts/Tards were first found in Devon with the English Stewarts sharing the lion of Brocks who in turn share the Chief-Shield colors of Brocuffs/Prokopps. Brocks are thus suspect from the Rangabe line...which may have named Rennes near Dol. Rains were first found in Essex with Rangers/Raingers/Ringers, and with the Rams in the Crest of Terek-like Turks/Torks. French Rangers show only a cross half in the colors of the white-on-blue flory cross that is the Arms of Rangabe. French Bauds have the ram, and Baud-connectable Bouillons share the white flory cross with Bouillons, a cross that is code for elements in Florence, and it just so happens while Bruno's were first found in Florence, English Bruns (Middlesex = LONDON!), in Bruno colors, share the Ranger/Rainger Coat exactly. Two Peter surnames share the Bruno bend. Plus, Blackys/Blakeys share the vaired chevron of Nero's/Neretti's, first found in Florence. Nerets were first found at Dol.

The family of de-Bouillon got involved with Pierleoni, and the latter are to the Bends/Bents who share the Chief of RAINhams/Wranglers/Ranghame's (besants). The latter's Chief-Shield color combination is colors reversed from the same of Brocuffs. English Besants (Middlesex = London) look like they use the Mosca LEOpard because they share the Massey quadrants. TOWNsends of Rainham are in Ram colors and format while Rams (Essex, same as Rains) are in the ram of Bauds, first found in Auvergne with Bouillons. TOWNs/Tune's are in TINton colors and format, and TINdale's, with almost the Arms-of-Rangabe flory cross (minus the fleur-de-lys ends), were Brun kin and thus linkable to Bruno's of FLOREnce.

[Insert Saturday -- Sorry to spoil the flow, but this relates. While Cutters share the Brock / Brocuff Chief-Shield colors, Coutures have triple bends looking connectable to the same (different colors) of Nerets (gold-on-blue). The ones of Couture's are blue, as are the two of DOLeys/Oilli's, and the latter were first found in Oxfordshire with Cottars/Cedars, tending to assure that Cutters and Cotters were branches. The Couture's are new to me as I write (saw them in a video). Couture's (Limousin, same as Clairs) are said to have intermarried with Rennes- / Rangabe-like Renons. Cutters use dragons, and the neighboring Drake's (dragon) were first found in Hampshire with Lise's/Liss' who in turn show nothing but three-and-three pale bars in the colors of the nothing-shown but three Couture fesses. The pale bars of Lise's/Liss' are shared by Lists, first found in Silesia with Brocuffs/ProKOPPs.

Copps (dragon head), who share the Brock fleur-de-lys, were first found in Hampshire too, which may nullify my trace of Prokopps to Prokopia if Prokopps were named from a Brock-Copp merger. Or, it could indicate that Prokopia was named after Copp liners, or even a Pero-Copp merger since Pero's were first found in Piedmont with Masci's sharing the Copp fleur. Doleys/Oilli's are in the colors of Coppers/Coopers who in turn share gold leopard faces with the Peare's who in turn were first found in Oxfordshire with Doleys/Oilli's. The Copper/Cooper leopard faces are in both colors of the same of Michael de la Pole.

Doleys/Oilli's show nothing but bends colors reversed from the show-nothing but bends of Nerets, are also DuLYS' while French Lise's are Lys' too, suggesting that Dol elements in connection with Neretva-river elements had married the Lys family from the Lissus location on the DRIN river, home of the Penestae, the latter being to PenDRAGONs, whom myth writers connected to Arthurs, the line from the Ardiaei of the Neretva. The heraldry is clicking with history. Now it gets Michael-Rangabe interesting because English Michaels not only use a "pen" for explaining PENdragons, but Pennys/Pennys, sharing courant greyhounds (different colors) with Lys'/Lisse's, were first found in Northamptonshire (beside Hampshire) with English Cope's having a version of the Copp Coat. Cutter-like Cutts (greyhound) happen to show nothing but a bend-with-plates in the colors of nothing-shown but a fesse-with-plates of Penns/Pence's!

The Copp and Cutter dragon heads can play to Drin-like Dragons/DRAINers who in turn tend to expose that Pendragons were from the PENEStae, and PENES'/Pennys thus look more connectable than above to Copps and Cope's. Michael Pence comes to mind with Pens/Pence's because some say he's a pedophile while the Renons of Couture's may have been a branch of Runnings/Ronys, thus pointing him to the running shoes off of Vancouver island, especially as that topic included justin trudeau while trudeau's were first found in Ile-de-France with Lys'/Lisse's.

I had a dream where a Michael character's kids were jumping on a bed with yellow mattress purchased from a retail store that was a front for some illegal activity. The dream didn't tell outright what the illegal activity was, but the kids on a bed suggest the renting / selling of children's services to perverts. English Kidds, who share the goat of SHOE-pointing Kepke's, were first found in Suffolk with Clare's and Michael de la Pole. Scottish Kids were first found in Dundee while Dundee's use a giant lily. The fleur-de-LYS is a lily, and the Susans with a giant lily are suspect from Susa, the capital of the Cout-like Cottians, from Piedmont along with Saluzzo and Busca. I see TUME's/Tombs (Susan colors) from the Riparia river that has the Susa location, and Pens/Pence's have a hideous "recTUM" motto term.

As I've said, the salesman in the dream pointed out to me the yellow mattress on a long LIST of items!!! I saw the line on the list where the model number, etc, of the mattress was listed. The Lists (same place as Brocuffs/Prokopps) are now looking like kin of the new-to-me Couture's, and Cottars/Cedars are the ones first found in Oxfordshire with Yellows! Bingo. Michaels were first found in Surrey with Salesmans, explaining that the dream intended to point to both surnames. Salesmans (share Bush/Busch eagles) share the bend of Sales' in turn in Cutt and colors and format. The Sales' Coat is essentially that of Cough's / CUFFs. Might BroCUFFs apply? Brocuffs use a sphinx while Spinks were first found in Northamptonshire with Brae's/Brays and Corrin-connectable Penes'/Pennys.

The Arms of Lille, a location near the Lys river, share the fleur-de-lys of Lys'/Lisse, and Lille's were first found in Oxfordshire with Yellows. The "SeDULO" motto term of Lille's betrays that it's part-code for the Doleys/DuLYS'/Oilli's who are in turn in Lille colors and first found in the same place with them. The Doleys/Oilli's entered the discussion with Couture's.

Yellows look like Michael / Michaelson kin, and were first found in Oxfordshire with Couture-like Cotters/Cedars and Golfin-connectable Gullys/Gollys. The latter's Gull branch (both from Cotta-related Julians) have the six pale bars of Scottish Jeffreys in colors reversed who in turn share the cloud over a sun with English Lease's. It was only very recent when I announced that Kepke's/Kopke's were first found in Saxony with the Julians sharing the six Gull pale bars. Mr. Kepke and I collecting water-lost golf balls at a Cedar BRAE golf course had pointed to Cedars. Scottish Lise's/Lease's were LIZART/Sarde kin, and it just so happens that Cottars/Cedars show nothing but lizards!

Behold, for a Brae-like bra that I touched in my ninth year had pointed to Bra (smack beside the first-known Pelus-like Pelosi's), but it had simultaneously pointed to Coneys who use white rabbits, which I'm entertaining as a pointer to the white rabbit (pet) of the Pence family. The family calls their rabbit, Marlon BUNDo, and Bunds/Bundle's share eagle legs with Brae's/Brays who were in turn first found in Northamptonshire with Penes'/Pennys, you see. Marlons/Marleys (Cheshire with Sales'), in Yellow colors, even look related to Sales', and Yellows were first found in Oxfordshire with Cotters/Cedars. I was standing over a rabbit in a rabbit cage when touching the bra hanging on a laundry line. The event, at a Peterson residence, pointed Peter Peterson, chief of the Council on Foreign Relations, husband of Mrs. Coney, co-founder of the children's show, Sesame Street.

In the dream, Michael's kids were JUMPing on the mattress. Jumps share the Trump stag head. The courant feature of Penes'/Pennys is likely for Corrins/Courans/CorRAINE's, first found in Waterford, and this Arms of County Waterford shares the Trump stag head and, I assume, the Arms has the Drummond fesses because Donald Trump is said to descend from Drumpf's. The Arms puts a cross between the antlers to indicate linkage with the Eustace and Vice surnames. The same Arms shares the tall and solid chevron of French Chappes', and so why really did Trump chose Pence to be his vice-president? Scottish Chappes' share ears of wheat with the bird (looks like an eagle head) in the Arms of County Waterford. The Pen/Pence Coat is nearly that of Corrins/CorRAINE's, and I'm seeing running shoes.

The Arms of County Waterford has a LIGHThouse, and Lights look like Feather/FATHER kin. Trump says he's proudly the "father of the vaccines," and then Vychans/Vaughns were first found in Shropshire with the Tyne's (share antelope with Feathers/Fathers) from the Tyne river, location of Tindale, where the Feathers/Fathers are said to have named Featherstone. Tindale's are in Trump colors and format, and Feathers/Fathers are half in the colors, and in the format, of Vychans/Vaughns. The Valens' and Volens' in the Feather/Father motto are two branches of the line of emperor Valentinian (brother of Valens), the line to Justins.

Lookie at what I didn't know while writing the paragraph above: Valens/Valence's (wings) were kin of LeDuc-connectable Ducks/Dockers, the latter first found in Westphalia with Volens'/Velins (Velens use ducks). I knew that already. The Tindale's (Northumberland, beside near first-known Browns/Bruns) almost have the English Brun Coat, which can be explained where the Valens/Valance's trace to a son of Hugh le Brun in Poitou, where French Bruns were first found who almost have the Tindale Coat. That's what I didn't know, and it just so happens that one Brown Coat is the Vychan/Vaughn Coat!!! WOW!

NEW REALIZATION. I've known that "courant" refers to an heraldic animal with all four LEGs DOWN, but this must be code for Downs/Douns with a stag in Trump-stag-head colors, and for Leggs who almost have the Trump Coat! In fact, Wikipedia's article of County Waterford, last I checked, changed the Arms so that it shows the Legg stag head instead of the one of Trump's.

"CourRant" looks like code for a Cour-Rant marriage because Rants/Rance's/RYNDs named the Rance river (at St. Malo), in Brittany with the first-known Cours/Courts. The Rynds above can be shown, via the Coats of Mallets and Malo's, to be a branch of Rinds, first found in Perthshire with Scottish Drummonds and Justins. As Mallets look like Mullets/Molets, note that Mallets were first found in Suffolk, turf of Michael de la Pole. As Courants were first found in Waterford with Corrys/Currys, Coeurs/Courts look like a Corry/Curry branch.

Coneys share the Michael fesse, colors reversed from the fesse of Yellows. The Parrots, suspect in what looks like a parrot head of the Corrin/Corraine Crest, share the Chief-Shield colors of Capes' and English Lease's, and Wikipedia's article on Donna LEASE Brazile says she descends from BRASwells.

Trump protected Ghislaine Maxwell from wide-spread criticism by saying nothing at all about her arrest, and saying nothing that I heard of about her all the time that she was in jail. An expert on Jeffrey Epstein (emphasized genetics) said that Epstein made his fortune on three main people, one being Trump, and another Bill Gates. Didn't Trump disseminate vaccines? Yes, and he always pretends to be a friend of his voter base like a master of intrigue.

The Couture's were first found in Limousin with Clare's, and with the Seconds in the Levi motto. French Lys'/Lisse's were first found in the same place as Levi's and the Chappes' suspect in the Arms of Waterford. The double chevrons of Scottish Lise/Lease are shared by Clarens/Larins while French Larins share the scallops of Chappes'-like Capes'. English Lease's ("CLARior") share the Chief-Shield colors of Capes' (LONDON). French Larins were first found in Provence with the Lizarts/Sarde's (at DRAGuignan) almost having the pale bars of English Lise's/Liss'. Lizarts/Sarde's show nothing by three pale bars in the colors of the show-nothing but three bends of Couture's.

Penns use a "claRUM" motto term while Rums were first found in Dumfries with Lise's/Lease's. The double Lise/Lease / Claren chevrons are red, as are those of Oilli'-like Scottish Olivers while English Olivers were first found in Cornwall with Pendragons. Leafs/Leave's/Leve's have an olive branch. Spanish Olive's use owls, and Owls/Howls were first found in Suffolk with English Clare's and Rush's. The latter share the fesse of Renon-like Runnings/Ronnys. Is this a pointer to running shoes, since Lys'/Lisse's were first found in Ile-de-France with Trudeau's...and mattress-like Mattres! That's interesting. Trots/Trude's share the six pale bars of Coats/Cotes'.

Behold, when I was a kid, I watched Popeye the SAILorman, boyfriend of Olive Oyl. The Doleys are also Oyle's, and while Popeye ate SPINACH, we saw the Spinks above from the Brocuff sphinx. Poppys/Popleys (Yorkshire, same as Sailors and Masts/Masters) share the bend of Sails/Sales', and while PopEYE had a popping eye, Poppins have a Chief looking connectable to the Tenants who in turn have a "sail" and a "mast." Masts/MASTERs share the griffin heads of Sailors ("most"), and, no guff at all, mattress-like Mattres' are also MAISTRE's. Trots/Trude's were first found in Berkshire with Boots (show boots) and Biks/Bikers, and while the latter share the stag heads of Poppins (), three boots were showing for Trips/Treffs who now show SHOES!!! It just seems to declare that justin trudeau has been involved in pedophilia. Justin's were Great kin, and "greatest" is a motto term of Sailors.

Wow, at the very time, not a second before or after, that I was writing "greatest," a song ("Majesty, Here I Am" by Michael Janz) over my speakers sang "greatest." It was part of the phrase, "greatest sacrifice." Is God verifying that trudeau is a sick criminal mind? Janz's are listed with German Janssens, perhaps indication that trudeau is in conflict-of-interest with Janssen vaccines. Or, Janz's/Janssens, because they share the NICE Coat, are a potential pointer to the Nike running shoes in the last update as per this news clip: "The latest solved case involving a human foot was completed in 2019, for a foot discovered in 2018...In September of that year, a left foot was found inside a blue sock and light grey NIKE running shoe."

Although I don't know what type of flower Mattres'/Maistre's use, it looks a lot like the same-colored tulip of Tulips, and then the same-colored, Kidd-like Kitts (Middlesex) use "tulips." That works, and there's probably more to it than I can see. The Sailor motto in full is, "WHO most HAS served is greatest." It could be a pointer also to WHO (World Health Organization), but the point here is that while I'm sure the Has surname shows a giant HARE, it's in the design of the courant coney rabbit of Coneys. The Has hare forms a fesse in the colors of the Sailor fesse (looks related to the Nagle fesse).

BEHOLD, the song is, "Majesty, HERE I Am," and both Here surnames share blue wings (Wings/Vinks were Justin kin) while German Here's share the border of Justins!!! Can we believe it? The yellow mattress just pointed to Justins. English Here's/Heyers were first found in Derbyshire with Eyers/Ayers/Airs while Scottish Ayers ("air") were first found in Ayrshire with HARE's/Hairs!!! It's without doubt another Saturday songline Miracle. I'm convinced, God is pointing a finger to trudeau's head. Beware, anyone who doesn't take the warning when your soul is a target of the patient by just Almighty. Once Judgment is decreed, it's almost never taken back. The curse will hang and not go away.

I take us back now to the NEW Balance RUNNING shoes because chaplet-using News'/Nuces' (look like CHAPmen kin) had pointed to Jeffrey Epstein's noose around his neck with the fact that German Neckers and Nuse's/Newes share pale bars. In fact, the Necker Coat is a colors-reversed version of the Eskin/Erskin Coat, and it could be that the RENfrewshire location of Eskins/Erskins was a Rangabe line to/from Runnings/Ronnys. Couture-like Couts/Couttes' share the Neck/Necker stag head, and the Running/Ronny fesse is shared by Coverts/Cofferts (Sussex, same as Coppers/Coopers). As I said several times many years ago, I had my keys in my running shoes while sleeping when mugged in Galveston.

Victoria is the main city on VanCOUVER island, and I've told many times that my trip from Galveston to Victoria, Texas, pointed to Mr. Maness, husband/mate of Miss Covert from a location ten miles or less from Aryan Nations. It was around a decade ago that I was searching for her address, and she was listed by the online directory with Mr. Maness along with her son, MICHAEL. I took note that this Michael along with his father, JEFFREY, likewise had an address less than ten miles from Aryan Nations (at Hayden Lake, Idaho), but also another address at WARSaw in Indiana, location of a WARS white-supremacist organization. I'm repeating this because Michael Pence was a governor of, and a Senate representative, for Indiana. I'm startled by these "coincidences," if that's all they are, and more startled if God is pointing things to a perverted Michael Pence.

The same Jeffrey was showing another address in West Islip, Long Island, with his mother, Miss Abbott, and with the Scherff-like Scheriffs whom his sister married. It just happened that while George Herbert Walker Bush was born George Herbert Scherff, William Hitler, nephew of Adolf Hitler, lives/lives in Patchogue, right beside West Islip. William changed his surname to Stuart-Houston, and Houstons (Renfrewshire, same as Stuarts removed from Shropshire) share the Stuart checks. It seems that William has revealed a Hitler connection to royal Stewarts and/or Saxe-GOTHa = Windsors. Hiedlers/Hitlers share the stars of French Alans.

I didn't intend for this insert to be so long. I'd like to go back to my Obama dream of about two weeks after Trump entered the White House. Near the end of the dream, Obama was dancing on a stage, followed by him happily going up and down a ramp on a SKATEboard. I took these two scenes to mean that Trump would let the criminal "skate" not be prosecuted. I'm returning to this because German Here's, the ones pointing to trudeau, use "scythes" while Scythe's are listed with Skits/Skeets who in turn share the Skate/Sheet Coat. Scythe's/Skits/Skeets were not only first found in Ayrshire with Hare's/Hairs, but they are listed with Skeochs, like the Schuck/Schug variation of SHOES!!!!!!

BEHOLD. Shoe's were first found in Bavaria with the HERzogs/Hartzogs who in turn not only share the Crest of German Here's, but have, in colors reversed, the horizontally-split Shield colors of PoinDEXTERs who in turn share the lone Shoe star. English Here's are said to use two "DEXTER" wings, but the biggie arrives with the "ESQUIRE's" helmet in the Poindexter Crest, for Eschers/Eschivels use a white rabbit!!!!! It could be a hare, but I recall it as a rabbit. Either way it works, and it's in the design of the courant Coney rabbits.

Plus, helmets are used by the HERmits in the "hermit" of the Crest of Sheds (Ayrshire, same as Scythe's/Skits and Hare's/Here's). Hermits happen to share the Here / Justin border. The Shedden variation of Sheds seems to point to vaccine shedding enhanced by the money-grubbing killer that is justin trudeau. Poindexters use the FIST, and trudeau wants to evolve an iron fist against those who dare opposes his murderous mandates. Pity this man when God decrees his sentence. End insert]

Back to Kin of Eschyna De Molle

Italian Barone's were first found in Florence (with Bruno's) while Irish Barone's almost share a Pollock motto term, AUDacter." Molle's were first found in Roxburghshire, named by Roquefeuil-of-Aude elements. Roxburghs ("AUDax") share a single pale bar (different color) with Eskins/Erskins). Moreover, Irish Barone's share "fortuna" with the motto of Schims/Schiens who in turn share the Molle boar head and a Black Chief. Irish Barone's share the annulets of Ladys/Laudymans, connectable to Lords/Lauds in the Glasgow motto.

French Bruns, whom we connected to Tindale's above, have a saltire in the colors of the Arms-of-Rangabe and Tindale cross. The French Brun saltire becomes the Nagle/Nail saltire in colors reversed, but it's also the saltire of Pelus'/Peloux's suspect in the "plus" motto term of Eskins/Erskins. It explains why Flore's have a cross half in the colors of the Rangabe cross. English Barone's are in Town/TUNE colors and format, indicating that "forTUNA" may be part-code for Town/Tune liners, especially as English Barone's were first found in Suffolk with Towns/Tune's. The imperial Rangabe's were Byzantines in cahoots with Varangians.

Ahh, the Londoniis-like Lonsdale's share the gyronny feature (different colors) with Lundins/Londons. Fortune's have the LONSdale gyronny in colors reversed. Fortune's were first found in East Lothian with Seatons/Sittins in turn sharing the English Tiller crescents.

It doesn't appear coincidental that while Hungarians were about 1/3 Kabars, the Leslie Hungarians married the earliest Pollocks. It appears that Scotland, at the throne level, started out as a Hungarian-Khazar-Kabar entity that was to be kept a secret. Let's repeat that Devon is where Molsons/Moltons and Mule's were first found, for I've just found the Melis' first found there too. Melis' were entered as per "MELISsena. The neighboring Mells share the giant and red fret with English Blake's/Caddells (share Tail/Tailer leopard), first found in Devon, while Irish Blake's share the single Eskin/Erskin / Tail/Tailer pale bar.

The Greats who share the Pelus/Peloux saltire were from emperor Gratian, from Cibalae, the line to MOLINE-using Sibal(d)s, and while the latter were related to Lundins (Fife, same as Sibal(d) and/or Londons, it just so happens that Eschyna Londoniis was mother to Eschyna de Molle. Online: "As with the Barony of Lundie/Lundin...This barony was originally associated with the family of Sibbauld,..." Wikipedia's article on Jacques de Molay once showed his painting with a red moline on his breast, the color of the moline in the Sibal(d) Crest. The blue moline in the Sibal(d) Shield, in the colors of the Great saltire, is shared by Segni's/Segurana's, first found in Liguria with Imperia.

The gold border is shared between Greats, JUSTINE's and Swedish Lundins. Gratian was father-in-law of Justine of Picenum, and, without checking, I'd say Picenum's northern end reached Cattolica, perhaps the entity that named the Cattels and the related Caddells, the latter listed with one Blake surname while the other Blake's share the Eskin/Erskin pale bar. Blacks, without doubt according to Blackys who share the Nero/Neretti vair, were from the Naro/Neretva river of the Ardiaei and Daorsi. The latter two named the Arduinici and the Doria's (Genoa, same as Segni's/Segurana's) who married in Oneglia. The English Doors were first found in Herefordshire with Jays suspect in the "Je" motto term of Eskins/Erskins.

The triple Neret bends are in the colors of the triple chevrons of TenNARRE's/TeNARDs (DeNARDO/NARbonne colors), looking like they are from the Naro/Neretva river. They are almost the triple chevrons of Grace's/Grasse's (Provence, near Grasse), and Grasse is near Oneglia. English Grasse's share the bend of Bonne's/Bunns and Bone's/Bohuns, connectable with Norths to NarBONNE's. I found Tennarre's by entering "Tenas" as per the "tenax" motto term of English Ferrands, the motto of which includes "Justus" for the Justus/Justine line. it reminds of my tentative connection, earlier in this update, of Nerets to Doleys/Oilli's, the latter first found in Oxfordshire with Tiens-branch Tennis'/Tennisons (share Peare leopard faces) and Bonne's/Bunns.

The interesting thing here is that, in the 5th update of September, the Denardo's/NORDi/NarBONNE's and NORTHs (share lions), first found in Sussex with BONE's, were possibly pointing to the Nord Stream pipe's demise, and other sets of heraldry predicted, perhaps, that trudeau would be behind it. However, this week: "The Russian Ministry of Defense (MoD) claims that UK Royal Navy officials took part in the planning and implementation of a terrorist attack on the Nord Stream gas pipeline" ( There's no more information than that.

Apart from the vair in the Ferrand patonce, it's the patonce of Chance's, and it just so happens that the Chance Chief shares the DeNARDO/NarBONNE/NORDi and North lion!

Another interesting thing is that the lacrosse racket earlier in this update pointed to Justin trudeau in conjunction with English Ferrands ("Justus"), and one uses a tennis RACKET too!!! Zowie! I once watched Kepke and Peare play tennis!

There was a de-Pole family of Foix-Candale, and while Foix is beside Roquefeuil, John of Gaunt was at the bottom of Candale, which came to be called, Kendell, suspect with Candle's/Kentwells. English de Pole's/Pools have a good reflection of the Auvergne Coat, and Mullets/Molets were first found in Auvergne, thus tending to identify De Pole's/Pools as Pollocks while simultaneously identifying Molets with Molle's. What's more, the Pollets in the de Pole/Pool motto have a black-Shield version of the Aude/Odde Coat (Ottone/Otto colors), I kid you not. It seems that the line of Otto I was a Templar root too, which can explain why Teutonic knights from Germany entered the Jerusalem crusade.

Sempers were first found in Essex with Passe's/Pascals (Lorraine eagle in colors reversed), and while the Passe/Pascal Coat shares the Jewish Levi lion, Levi's have two lions in pale so as to have the Semper and Brunswick Coats in different colors. Sempers share the BRAMton Coat, a surname suspect from Abram, brother of Nahor, and the latter is suspect to the Neuri on the Bug river.

In Wikipedia's article for the Templar grand master, Jaques de Molay, he's in a painting with what looks like the Sinclair cross in the form of a moline, and it's black like the moline of Moline's, the latter first found in Devon with English Vowells, Mule's and Molsons/Moltons. Moline's use the GOAT! Again, it's in the colors of the Walser goat that holds an axe, probably for the Axe river of Devon, and Walsers are from Wallis/Valais canton, location of Sion, the namer of the Priory of Sion, we may assume. Valais' are listed with Valois', and Rollo married Poppa of Valois. Scottish Vowells were first found in Aberdeenshire with ProFETTs and Chives', and while the latter have another black moline, they were once said to be first found in Devon.

Plus, we are now at bingo time because the Arms of Jacques de Molay (shown at link above) shows the Bruno Coat! It's good evidence, along with what I'm writing, that Jacques descended from Bruno of Lorraine. "Little is known of his early years, but Jacques de Molay was probably born in Molay, Haute-Saone, in the County of Burgundy,..." The Arms of the County of Burgundy share the Nassau Coat with gold billets and a giant lion in Fowler- / Jarret-lion colors. It could indicate that the Molay family had some of Quintus Caepio's gold bars feasibly retrieved by the Templars at the Herod temple. I read that Hugh de Payens and the Baldwin king(s) oversaw a dig 80 feet down beneath the temple.

Caepio's Wikipedia article: "After his consulship, he was assigned to Gaul, where he captured the town of Tolosa, ancient Toulouse. There, he found some 50 thousand bars of gold and 10 thousand bars of silver..." As a Roman general, he was required to hand the treasure to Rome, but he did not do so. Rome sued him, but he escaped due punishment. He surely gave the treasure to family / friends before he died.

Bruno's were first found in Florence with Bouillon kin such as Taddei's and elements of Clermont-Ferrand in Auvergne. Auvergne is where Mullets/MOLets were first found, and Decimus Rusticus of Clermont-Ferrand can be to Rusts/Roosts who happen to be in the colors and format of Blaze's! Zinger.

Brunswicks share the Coat of Gernons, and Eustace II is subtly said to be from Gernons. The latter's "CyFOETH" motto term looks like play on the Foots (Cheshire, same as Ranulf de Gernon), but also play on "Caiaphas." Quints are suspect from Quintus Caepio, and the Quint Chief is shared by Blondville's while the family of Ranulph de Gernon became the Blundville's. Blondville's share six, black FITCHees with Tarves', and Tarves (near Kincardineshire) was home of Caiaphas-like Chives'. Plus, Tarves is in Aberdeenshire, where ProFETTs were first found who show a giant leg. Leggs have a "GAUDet TENTamine" motto phrase to suit the "osTENDO" of English Vowells and the "tendis" of Roll-connectable Roys (Lanarkshire, same as Sions/Swans with the Fowler lion in half its colors). The Sion/Swan lion is in the colors of the one of German Rolls. The Legg stag head, in colors reversed, is blue, the color of the Stagg/Stage stag head.

Mamie sat on my LEGs an hour or two before she and I slept in a SLEEPing bag in a TENT, and this can connect to Tindale-liner Tyne's, first found in Sleep-like Salop with Tyne's. She thus pointed to the Legg motto. I might show, in the next update, that Mamie on my legs predicts that Kari Lake will become the next vice-president with deceiver Trump as her boss.

Ahh, Gaudets have the Jagger / Mullet/Molet hunting horn on Molle colors. Mullets/Molets are the ones with the pierced hexagrams of Payens! Thus, "Molay" looks like a "Molet" branch, for the French would pronounce "Molet" as "Molay." The triple Fowler lions are in the colors and format of the Payen / Mullet/Molet stars. Molsons are MOLTons too, and Molis'/Molesons with Casimirs share a red-on-gold antler, red like the antler that is the Arms of Veringers...of Baden, where Groce's/Greggs were first found who have a horizontally-split Shield in colors reversed from the same of KEVins/Kewens. So, you see, as Casimir-related Keeps go through the Veringers, the Kepke/Kopke goat fits into the Molay line, apparently, to indicate the goat-headed Baphomet of the Templars.

I've go to think that God had this revelation in mind all along when putting Kepke and Peare in my life. If English Leopards (Sussex, same as Keeps) had a black Shield and black stars on their chevron, they would have the Peare Coat.

Plus, Gernons were of MontFITCHet while Fothes'/Fette's are also Fittes'. Fitts/Fitch's/Fitchets (Essex, same as Muschats/Montfitchets) use LEOPARD faces. Fitt-like Vito's were first found in Tarves-like Tarvisium, and Travis' (share Meschin scallops) are said to be Meschin kin while Ranulph de Gernon was a son of Ranulph le Meschin. In this picture, the Vits crescent looks like the Chapman crescent. If the Fitts/Fitch Shield were blue, it would be the German LEOpard Coat, almost the Arms of de la Pole (leopard faces)

It reminds that I trace the line from Flavius Petro of Rieti, through his imperial daughter-in-law, Vespasia Polla, to the Pierleoni. German Leopards have a chevron in the colors of the fesse of Italian Leo's/Leoni's and French Payne's, which can explain why Payens/Pagans are in the colors and format of English Leopards. The latter's leopard faces go to Face's/Fessys, first found in Northamptonshire with the Ladys/Laudymans sharing the annulets of Candle's/Kentwells, and the de la Pole family came to rule Foix-Candale. One Foix/Foy surname was first found in Auvergne with Payen-related Mullets/Molets, and the other in Ile-de-France with Payen-related Chappes'.

What are the chances that German Pole's/Pohls use a "frying pan" while Pans are listed with Payens? That's right, and the other German Pohls share a giant and black bull head with Otto's/Auto's, though the Pohls call it a Bouillon-like "buffalo". If we change the 'u' to a 'v,' "Boullion" becomes "Bovillon." The Italian Boys/Bove's/Boelli's/Boets (bull) might apply who almost have the Bauer Chief. Scottish Boys/Bie's were first found in Berwickshire with Books/Boggs, beloved by Rieti-like Rieds/Reeds (share Book stag head), who may have been a branch from Bough's. Rieds/Reeds not only have a book in Crest with a sinister feature belonging to Masci's, Massena's and Rasmussens, but share the gold fitchee with Quints.

English Reeds (and Bastards) have a "Pax" motto term while English Packs (Sussex) share the anchor of Pasi-line Paisleys who named Paisley beside Pollok, super evidence that Vespasia Polla was to the people who named Pollok of Pollocks. As Keeps were first found in Sussex too, don't discount Mr. Kepke's pogo stick, because I recently showed how Sticks can apply to Poage's/Poke's/Pollocks and Plocks. Kyle's use "candleSTICKs" that need to be read as CANDALE-sticks, I think, because Kyle's were at Cumnock, near Pollok, and de-Pole's were at Foix-Candale. Candle's/Kentwells and Candys/GANTys/Gandys were first found in Suffolk, where Michael de la Pole was the earl. Belgian Gands/Gendts (giant moline) are Belgian and thus likely of Ghent/Gaunt. Roets/ROETHs are expected to have named Rothes castle (Moray, same as Ruths/Rothers/Randolphs) on the SPEY river of Pollocks because Roets share the Speer/SPEYer boar heads. Kyle's share the Glass stars and Pollok, if I remember correctly, is in Glasgow.

New: the Roet/Roeth tree-on-mound is in the Glasgow Coat...tending to verify that the line of Vespasia Polla of Rieti is to Roets at Rothes. That is, "Rothes" is ultimately an evolved variation of "Rieti," explaining why Petro-like Peter built Rothes castle. The Houstons, sharing the Plock martlets, black like the martlet in the Glasgow Crest, though said to be first found in Renfrewshire with Glasgow, share the hourGLASS with Roet- / Reed-beloved Books/Boggs i.e. to show that Houstons were in Glasgow. Houseofnames once showed an alternative Moray Coat with a "Deum TIME" motto to go with the "In time" of Houstons.

Rieti-like Rita's, sharing the lion of Auvergne-connectable Pole's/Pools, were first found in Rome with Pierleoni, and the Rieti-line Reeds share the "book" with Roets who married John of Gaunt of the Candale entity (Aquitaine). Rome is where Sforza's were first found who have the Rita Coat in half its colors, and French Pole's happen to have a near-copy of the Sforza Coat. Sforza's were related to OTTONE Visconti. The Sforza lion holds a "quince" while Quince's (same place as Face's/Fessys) were a Quint branch and therefore suspect from Quintus Caepio, which can explain why Ottone's/Otto's look connectable to Chappes'. The sword held by the lion of French Pole's is in the colors of the Aude/Odde sword. Sear de Quincy ruled Winchester so as to make the gold fitchee in the Winchester Crest look like the Quint fitchee.

Repeat from above: "Sions/Swans share the lion of Italian Leo's/Leoni's (Payne colors), and the Pier-like Pyrzewski variation of German Leo's suggests that both Leo surnames may have descended from Pierleoni. It looks Polish to me." Pollocks and Mieske's/Mesechs look Polish too. For all we know, Poland was named by an imperial Polla liner. Spanish Leons share the lion of German Leo's/Pyrzewski's, and French Leons (flames for Flemings) share the lion of French Pole's/Pohls while German Pohls/Pohlands apparently share the Mieske/Mesech bull head.

William de la Pole at the link above is said to have become a royal banker, which evokes the claims of many that Templars evolved into international bankers. Roets were a Rothschild branch, for while Roets share the motto of Book-connectable Bough's/Bows, the latter use the five, bunched arrows in the Arms of Rothschild...which proves the Rothschild family in error when claiming that its arrows were created in honor of Mayer Bauer's five sons. The Boughs/Bows (and Bowers) must have owned those five arrows from long before Mayer Bauer in the 18th century.

Scottish Bowers have an "Ad METam" motto while ADa of Warrene's father, WILLIAM, was of Surrey, where Michaels were first found. The son of William de la Pole above was Michael de la Pole of Suffolk, near/beside Surrey. Warrens were first found in Suffolk and Surrey, and Michael de la Pole was "1st Earl of Suffolk, 1st Baron de la Pole, (c. 1330 – 5 September 1389) of Wingfield Castle in Suffolk,..." The Wingfield Coat looks related to Lorraine's. kin. Ada married HENRY Huntingdon (probably of HalyROD House), whom I can trace very well to a Henry of Rodez. Henry Huntingdon's aunt married Henry I of England.

On Michael, we apparently find the Bardys, first found in Perigord with Beefs/Boeuf and Fauchys: "[Michael] was the eldest son of Sir William de la Pole (died 1366), Chief Baron of the Exchequer, a wool merchant from Kingston upon Hull who after the collapse of the FLORENTine banker families of BARDI and PERUZZi emerged as the chief financier of King Edward III." Can we believe it: Ottone's/Otto's and GRAZio's were first found in PERUSIA/Perugia!!! Peruzzi's/Perugia's (Florence) use pears alone. Fauchys have a GRASShopper!!! We are still in the cesspool of the Boofima cult with the de la Pole's, and we have now come to Tony Fauci, we may assume. Human-sacrifice cults can explain population-reduction programs without consciences. Julie, if you are still reading, wow, this is all down your alley. Was Perusia named by Epirus elements? If so, which ones?

There is an Italian Bardi surname (Florence) that has a sinister-rising bend alone, wherefore Bardi's look related to Bruno's of Florence because Bruno's show nothing but a bend. As Bards (Bardy colors) share the Turin boar, I suggest that Bardi's share the Turin bend. Keeps almost have nothing but a bend in the colors of the Bardi bend, and Kepke's use a Boofima-suspect goat in Peruzzi-pear colors, which I think is relevant because Mr. Kepke and Miss Peare had a two-year relationship while Peare's (leopard faces) are listed with Pears/Perle's. Keep liners are linkable to Budini while Peartree-connectable Abotts/Abbuts (Bardy colors) use pears too.

As the father of the first Pollock was a vassal of the Dol Alans, who in turn were kin of Budini-like Boyds, note that the Boyd checks are in the Molis/Moleson Chief, for the latter were shown to be Keep- and Lorraine-connectable. Lorraine had a babe symbol for Babe's who in turn share two fingers pointing to Boyds. The latter are said to have been at MOREville, and the latter share the giant Pole/Pool lion in the colors of the giant Kepke/Kopke goat. It's also in the colors of the Molle boar head which is itself surrounded by the Moray Coat. Eschyna de Molle was at least acquainted with the original Pollock family.

Molsons/Moltons were first found in Devon with Darlene's who in turn share the Molis/Moleson fitchee, super because the Darlene-branch Darlingtons were first found in Durham with antler-using Conte's/Comitissa's (in the Sinclair motto). Darlingtons even have the full motto of Massins/Masons (share Moray mermaid) but add a Croce-like "Cruce" term. WOW, I almost didn't load Darlingtons: they have the Arms of De La Pole but with the addition of the Molis/Moleson fitchees!! Plus, while Eschyna married Robert Croc, he was also known as "Croce" while Croce's/Cross have the first three words in the Darlington motto, including "Cruce."

Repeat: "If English Leopards (Sussex, same as Keeps) had a black Shield and black stars on their chevron, they would have the Peare Coat." This Leopard Coat is almost the Arms of De La Pole.

The Crow Over the Crap Tank

The last thing I did in the last update before uploading to the Internet included a few more points on Crapps/Crappers, the surname pointed to my the "stool pigeon" a few years ago that walked over the septic = stool tank. Hence, it's name that I gave it. Then, as I came in the garage door this Monday afternoon, I saw the short step-ladder on the ground, indicating that a large animal had been in the garage overnight. I walked straight to the front door as I got in the garage door, and immediately a huge crow silently swoops over the septic tank in my full view from within the house, then does a 3/4 circle around a couple of white pines and landed on the lower branch of a maple tree. My instant thought was the Cropper variation of Crappers that I didn't bother mentioning in the last update. It may be suggesting that the Crapps/Crappers, showing nothing but "pigeons" (not "doves"), were a Crow / Crawl/Crowell branch.

As the last update introduced the Cribbs/Cripps/Crispins, I think this crow may have been sent by God to indicate that Croppers/Crappers had married a variation of the Cripps because they were first found in Oxfordshire with CRAWLs/Crowells. Between my knocking-off at 1 pm today, after the update was uploaded, until I saw the crow, I was on my knees (with knee pads) CRAWLing on my front lawn still doing battle against a CREEPing weed (don't know it's name) that has run away on me. The Crispins/CREPONs, you see, were first found in Oxfordshire too, wherefore I think God set this afternoon up for some heraldic pointers.

When I saw the crow, it made me wonder whether the time is almost here for God to reveal who the stool pigeon will be. What are the clues? I noted the ladder down first thing this morning, but was surprised that there didn't seem to be a struggle from a bear to get at two garbage bags hanging on nails high into the wall. I put them up there to keep animals from getting it. The thing is, this morning was the first time I've seen my tenant hang his GARBage bag on a nail, and I've maintained for years that the namers of mount GAREB (Jerusalem) were to the mythical crow, Coronis, mother of the god of medicine. This looks like a pointer to the coronavirus schemers, pure trash.

I can even use the garbage BAG because bags were first found in Norfolk with Crows, and with the first Pigeon-line family in England, the Pijuns. Piccots/Pigots use "pike heads", and English pikes have trefoils, the Rockefeller symbol. Rockefeller medicines and poisons. Scottish Pike's/Pickens share the pierced stars of Salome's while English Pigeons are in the colors and format of Sale's, first found in Cheshire with Piccots/Pigots. The garbage bags, mine and the tenants, were hanging on nails, which recalls that the ravens (crow species) of Murdochs and Margys/Mackeys, both first found in Ayrshire with Scottish Pike's, are "hanging on an arrow." The Picken variation of Scottish Pike's looks like "Pigeon."

Will Rupert Murdock of Fox become a stool pigeon after supporting the vaccinations to this day? As there was no sign of items, under the hanging bags, moved aside by a bear seeking to reach the bags, I'm wondering whether a fox came by last night, for it would be too short to even bother trying to reach them.

Fly's share fleur-de-lys of MurDOCK-connectable Arrows/Arras', first found in Staffordshire with Docks and Duce's/Doocys. That's amazing because Cribbs/Cripps share the SCIMitar with Ainsleys, and while Ainsley Earhardt works daily on Fox news with co-host Steve Doocy, the SCHIMs/Schiens use a "duce" motto term! I'm impressed. The trash bags were handing on nails, and German Nails were first found in Westphalia with Ducks/Dockers. This behooves me to repeat that Ainsley married Mr. Proctors while Proctors use three nails in the colors and format of the Ailes' while Roger Ailes probably hired Ainsley at Fox. The Proctor Crest is the Wedding Crest, and Weddings (Yorkshire, same as Pullings) can be gleaned as a branch of WEEDs/Weetons. I was PULLING WEEDS this afternoon. WHEATS were first found in Norfolk with Crows and Mr. Pijun, as well as the HAYDENs and Heads, the latter applicable with the "pike heads" of Piccots/Pigots! Ainsley's only child with Mr. Proctor is, Hayden! Beauty.

Fly's are entering the discussion because the huge crow (could have been a raven) was flying over the septic tank today. Fly's (Hampshire, same as Hangers/Angers) of Flagi can apply because Flags/Flecks and Falcon-like Fulke's/Folks were first found in Norfolk with Mr. Pijun, and because the French Pigeons are in the colors and format of English Falcons, the latter first found in Cumberland with English Dockers and Daggers. The Crest of English Ducks (Somerset, beside English Pike's) is a falcon, and this Duck surname has the Pike/Picken stars, though without the piercing. The Duck stars are those of SUTHERlands too, beautiful not only because Mackey-like Mackays ("dagger!) were first found in Sutherland, but because the septic tank is my sewer while Sewers are also SUTERs!

As MARGYs/Mackeys were first found in Ayrshire with MARGaret Carrick, MurDOCKs, and Pike's/Pickens, it can explain why the latter share the Bruce saltire, for she married Mr. Bruce of Annandale. The Rums/Rims, said to have been in Annandale, have a "placit" motto term as code for Placentia, otherwise called, PIACENza, thus betraying that Pike's/Pickens were from a family in that place. Bruce's, sharing the giant lion of English Docks, were from neighboring Brescia, near lake Garda, and Carricks share "Garde" with the Lawn motto while I was crawling on my lawn this afternoon, PULLING weeds. Pullys/Pullings share the TANK/Tancred scallops, and the crow fly over the stool tank.

Now that Pike's/Picks are to topic, we can add that Stool-like Stoll/Stowells share the lozengy cross of PICKer/Peckers/Packers.

Margaret Carrick firstly married Adam Kilconquhar, and he's to or from several Adam surnames, especially the English Adams (Annandale) sharing the Pike/Picken stars and probably the Annandale saltire as an upright cross. Arriving to this marriage tends to prove that today's crow/raven was Intended by God to get us over to Margys/Mackeys because both Mackays and English Adams show Caw variations. The crow cawed as it flew away from the maple tree.

The Italian Adams were first found in FERMo, and the Haydens, with a "Ferm en FOY" motto, were first found in Norfolk with the Wheats in the EAR of wheat of Italian Adams! Ainsley EARhardt!!! In fact a big HEART is with Irish Adams! It's as though God arranged Haydens with the Foys because two French Foix surnames are listed with Foys, and Foix province is beside the Comminges home of HEROD Antipas, suspect with "Heart/Hart." In fact, Scottish Harts/Hearts, in Herod/Herault colors, have a fat saltire in the colors of the similar cross of Scot-English Adams who are said to descend directly from MacGregors of Ayrshire. MacGregors were first found in Argyllshire with Herods/Heraults.

BEHOLD. First, Herault province is not far from Comminges, and it just so happens that Comyns/Commings were first found in Norfolk with Haydens. Carricks can be gleaned / shown as a branch of Gregor-like Craigie's, Craggs, Groce's/Graggs and maybe Gregs too. Portuguese Gregorys happen to have one of the two French Fox/Foix Coats, though Gregorys add an emBATTLEd pattern, interesting where Battle's share the giant griffin of Caiaphas-like Chaffs, the latter first found in Dorset with Hayden-branch Hades'/Hats. Then, the Foys/Foix's above were first found in Ile-de-France with Caiaphas-like Chappes' and Levi's, and the latter have three of the two Greg chevrons! Chaffs share the Chief-Shield color combination of Capes'!!! Zowie, but we're not done, for Scottish Chappes'/Cheaps share another "ear of wheat" while Irish Foys use the eel suspect with Ely in Cambridgeshire because Chapmans/Chepmans, first found in Cambridgeshire with Annas', share the Irish Fox crescent. Caiaphas married the daughter of the chief priest, Annas, who was also called, ANANus, like "ANNAN(dale)," and while Annas and Caiaphas were the chief killers of Jesus with the Herods in favor, Annas' were once said to be first found in Nottinghamshire with AINSleys! Look at that.

New: English Rocks (rooks) are Ruckers too, and German Ruckers have a giant and double-headed eagle in colors reversed from the same as Spike's. It looks like a pointer of vaccine-manufactured spike proteins to Rockefeller medical. German Ruckers, in Rasmussen colors and format, were first found in Hesse with them.

Ainsley Earhardt always points to poison vaccines pushed by Fox bosses, and we may now add that German Gregorys have a crane with ROCK in foot. The heraldic crane is code for CRAUNs/Crane's, from the Corona-like Ceraunii Illyrians suspect with Coronis the mythical crow! Excellent, a super pointer to Rockefeller poisons, and iron-fisted, cruel Rockefeller communism / globalism. In order to arrive to this paragraph, we had to arrive, through the crow event, first to Carricks, then to Gregorys, and that was done in conjunction with Foys/Foix's in the Hayden motto.

But there's more, for the crow event started with a ladder while Lauders, first found in Berwickshire with Battle's, share a giant griffin on a red Shield with Battle's. The Gregorys took us to Battle's. Lauders are highly traceable to Kiev's Varangians.

Plus, English Gregorys have a Coat reflection of Scottish Hairs/Hare's, first found in Ayrshire with Ayers, a branch of EYERs/Airs, and this line is expected as part of EARhardts/AIRharts while we just saw the ear of wheat. Wheats were first in Norfolk with Heads and the Haydens, and the French Lanters, suspect in the "VigiLANTER" motto of English Gregorys, share the eagle of Italian Este's, Barrs (Ayrshire again), and Basfords. Ainsleys were first found in Basford with Bunnys while Bunns were first found in Oxfordshire with Annesleys, and with the HARcourts sharing the double fesses of English Hairs/Hare's! The house of Este was founded by Azzo of Fermo, and Haydens use a "Ferme" motto term!

As the crow today CAWed, it tends to reveal that God had in mind to lead us to what we read by introduction of Adams/Caws of Annandale. Italian Adams were first found in Fermo, and the black boar in the Crest of English Gregorys is, according to the book of Enoch (not Inspired book), a symbol of Adam-like Edom. It's an upright boar, same as the black boars of Porcia's, and here it's interesting that Porci's share the bend of fox-using Fes' while throwing in the same fleur-de-lys as used by Ainsleys. Fes' are amazing for what I've planned to say below, and were even first found in Auvergne with the other Foys/Foix's.

Lorraine, my short-term date in my 20s, pointed to Lanter-like Landens/Landers. Plus, Miss Earhardt's former husband, Mr. Proctor, points to Roger Ailes, CEO of Fox, and Scottish Lanters/Landers almost have the Ailes and Proctor Coats. The Proctors are in the Coat of Scottish Logans, first found in Ayrshire with Hairs and Ayers ("air" motto term), thus making the Logan heart look related to Earhardts/Airharts.

I am scheduled to cut my own HAIR any day now using the same step-ladder under discussion. The ladder (this model) has a paint-can shelf upon which I stand a mirror, and there's a handle against which I lean the mirror. I stand this mirror in front of the bathroom mirror so I can see the back of my HEAD, and I cut with one hand by sliding the scissors through the hair while pressing the scissors against the hair. Per one slide, I open and close the scissors repeatedly, works great. Just look at how this ladder-and-hair fits in with the heraldry above.

BEHOLD. The heraldic mermaid that often holds a MIRROR is mythical Melusine, who started with a snake tail but ended up with a fish tail. The mermaid has got to be Melusine because Nicholas de Vere said that Melusine was in Avalon while her son became the count of Anjou, explaining why Mire's, with a Mireux variation like "mirror," were first found in Anjou. The Italian Vigils, expected in the "Vigilanter" motto term of Gregorys, can be gleaned as kin of Fulke's/Folks (Norfolk, same as Flags/Flecks) and Belgian Flecks. The behold-part comes where Fes' list the Fays while mythical Morgan le Fay was a chief witch on Avalon!!! Morgans have the Lorraine lion in colors reversed, and Lorraine in France was LOTHARingia while Lauders are pointed to by the ladder upon which I put a MIRROR to cut my hair!!!

This is like music because the mythical Muses were nine in number, same as the witches of Avalon. The Muses were led by Apollo, mate of Coronis the crow. Muses were code for the Meshech line to Mysians, and Masci's, sharing the Earhardt fleur, were first found in Piedmont with Vigils, and with a MASSINO-Visconti location in the same Novara region as a branch of Laevi Gauls. The mermaid with mirror is in the Crest of MASSINs/Masons, who are connectable by their motto to Morays having the same mermaid with mirror. The Morays share the Coat of Handels / Handle's, and I lean the mirror against the ladder's handle. The lion of the Gregorys with the Vigils in their motto, in the colors of the Massin/Mason lion, is the lion of Chase's, and Chase's share the patonce cross of Chance's with a cancer-like variation (Mr. Kepke chasing me pointed to graphene-oxide). The ladder in my garage came to topic with the garbage bag on a nail of my tenant, who's surname is a Chance variation.

I CUT my hair, and while Cutters were first found in Dorset with Chaffs sharing the Battle griffin, ladder-connectable Battle's were first found in Berwickshire with the Homes' of COWDENknowes. Cowdens/CUTTINGs, sharing a white griffin with Lauders (amazing!), not only have a Chief in the colors and format of the French Chance Chief, but share the fretty of Cotta's/COTTONs, first found in Languedoc with Rockefeller-line Roquefeuil. English Cottons were first found in Huntingdonshire with ADa of Varenne, and while Varenne's share the raven with Rooks, Aids/ADE's were first found in Berwickshire too. Rockefeller-handled vaccines are now highly suspect with causing AIDS. Aids/Ade's are in the colors and format of RODhams, and while Rods were kin of English Rocks, the latter were first found in Worcestershire with Hillarys who in turn share the six Clinton fitchees.

The motto of Massins/Masons (Kent, same as Time's/Timms who share Masci fleur), "Dum spiro spero," is like a Moray/Murray motto, "Deum time," code for Timna of Edom, daughter-in-law of Esau. The Spire's/Speers are also SPEYers (Renfrewshire, same as Pollocks who built the castle at Rothes), highly expected in naming of Spey river of Moray, the river upon which is raven-line Rothes (the same Rothes as had the castle of Pollocks). I was able to identify mythical Avalon as Bute, which was earlier, Rothesay. "Avalon" traces to Aulon/AVLONa (Epirus), between APOLLONia and the CERAUNII mountains, which gives us a reason to understand why a myth writer paired Coronis and Apollo. Thus, the myth writers who invented the nine witches of Avalon knew that Apollonia elements were on Avalon, which is why some wrongly derive "Avalon" in Apollo-like "apple." Molis'/Molesons were Maria-of-Kiev liners, connectable there with Roxolani, and then Mole's were first found in ROXburghshire. thus, as Eschyna de Molle married a Dol Alan of Shropshire, Roxolani of the Kiev area are suspect at Aulon too.

While Comyns/Commings have a "dagger," German Decks/Daggers share the red squirrel with Squirrels/Square's whose "ferme" motto term can be traced to Azzo of Fermo, founder of Este, the line of which went to Barrs, first found in Ayrshire with a slew of pertinent surnames above, but also with Earhardt-connectable Ayers and Hairs/Hare's.

Next, as if things couldn't get more compelling in the direction we've been going, English Adams are in Ainsley colors and format! It tends to prove that God intended us to go to Margys/Mackeys because they share the ravens hanging on an arrow with Murdochs. From Margys, we went to Margaret Carrick, husband of Adam, and of Mr. Bruce of Annandale. This bloodline became the royal Stewarts from king Bruce II. The Chaff Chief even looks related to Bruce-connectable Brix's/Brests and/or Bricks. Brescia is also Brixia, at lake Garda, and it's Arms has a lion in Bruce-lion colors. The ANANES Gauls, said to have lived nearby at Placentia, may have been in Brescia too. French Biens, possibly the ones in the "Garde bien" motto of Carricks, have a saltire-by-axes (probably BATTLE-axes) in the colors of the Annan(dale) saltire.

This portion of the investigation suggests kinship between the Annans of Annandale and the Annas' and AINSleys. It's one thing to have English Adams have the Ainsley Coat in stars due to an ancient, mutual marriage of their ancestors, but quite another to have the added links in these last few paragraphs that correspond to a modern person, her job, her daughter, and the father of her daughter. The three Proctor nails are even in the HEART of Logans, first found in Ayrshire again. It may even be that Logans, in this picture, point to Lara Logan, an anti-globalist, outspoken Fox contributor who, if I'm not mistaken, even speaks out against vaccines.

The two Earhardt snakes are said to be "enCIRCLing" a fleur-de-lys, and the crow today flew a near-full circle. I kid you not, that about 5-10 seconds after I finished the last line, wondering whether I should just delete it for lack of anything to add, Rick Wiles of TruNews spoke, "encircling" (at the 45th minute of Monday's show). The sentence he speaks there is on behalf of Putin, "we know that NATO is encircling us." WOW, this is awesome, for German Natts are listed with Nathans while English Nathans/Nations share an arrow piercing a HEART with Stoltenbergs. The NATO Chief right now is Jens Stoltenberg!!! AWESOME.

From two updates ago: "It's recorded in the 2nd update of November, 2014: '...the Stoltenberg description: "On a blue shield a red heart pierced by an arrow."'" Is that not amazing? Perhaps the crow today points, not to poison vaccines, but to Ukraine. Or maybe it points to both. Red-on-blue heraldic colors are on the rare side, but they are used by Keivers and Trade's/Trotte's, two surnames that trace to the Ukraine theater. Trade's/Trotte's, with a heart in Stoltenberg-heart colors, should prove to be a branch of Trots/Trude's (bear) and even Trudeau's. Is justin trudeau, the vaccine demon, going to lead NATO's war against Russia so that NATO will not look as aggressive as it would with the U.S. leading the charge?

I think I get what God is getting at here. The Earhardt snakes encircle the fleur-de-lys of Masci's, a branch of Mosca's, and thus NATO is seeking to encircle Moscow, so to speak. The Muscas variation of Mosca's is in the motto of Drake's, and they translate that term as "fly" because Drake's and Fly's were both first found in Hampshire, but, the thing is, Fly's share the fleur-de-lys of the Arrows in the Earhardt-connectable HEART of Nathans/Nations i.e. the latter were first found in Nottinghamshire with Ainsleys!!! That is a very big deal. Nottinghamshire is where Goats/Gothams were first founds, and the white goat head of black-boar Bush's, who likewise share the Arrow fleur-de-lys, is in the Crest of Edomite-liner Time's/Timms who in turn share the Earhardt / Masci fleur-de-lys.

The Time's/Timms add the fleur-de-lys of Morinis', first found in Modena with the Morano's having Moor heads while Irish Moors share the giant MORgan lion. We are back to Avalon elements which include Massins/Masons, first found in Kent with Time's/Timms, and with the Deerings who tell of ancestry in Mr. Morinis. Deerings share the stag heads of Poppins/Pophams (Hampshire with Flys), and with Annas-like Anne's/Hanne's (Yorkshire, same as black-boar Bush's). Avalon is Bute, and Rory of Bute used a blue lion, the color of the Massin/Mason lion. Rorys (Tyrone, same as Neils/O'Nails) show this blue lion in both colors of the Bruce lion. Royal Bruce's married Stewarts who descended from Alans from Aulon/AVLONa, which is why the Stewarts seized Bute as soon as they ascended the Bruce throne.

The crow/raven is a symbol of Rothes'/Rothchilds. The first Rothschild named his son, Nathan, and the Arms of Rothschild use arrows, the Nathan/Nation symbol. It appears that Rothschilds named "NATO" after one of their favorite bloodlines, and so we see a family affair where Mr. RasMUSSEN was the former NATO Chief while the current one has a surname with the Nathan/Nation symbol. Rothschilds are also behind "League of Nations," which evolved into the United Nations, evidence that Rothschild globalism had bloodlines on the brain.

Heraldic ladders, I am sure, are for Lotharingia liners, which is to say Lorraine's who descend from Maria of Kiev, sister of king YARoslav of the Varangians, he suspect to the Yarborough's who are said to have married Stains. Lorraine's grass stain pointed to this, and I was on my front grass pulling weeds before coming into the house. Irish Lawns/LANE's have a bend in Lorraine-bend colors, and Italian Lane's/Lano's were first found in Bruce-line Brescia. French Crispins/Crepys were first found in Lorraine while they share the pomegranate with Grass-like Grazio's. The last update showed how CrisPINs were named partly after French Pine's, who in turn share the cinquefoils of Kims and McKinneys. Kims were first found on Bute, and the other McKinneys can be gleaned with McCabe's of neighboring Arran. Miss Earhardt's first husband was Mr. McKinney.

In the Stain write-up: "One of the first records of the name was Sir William Staine who married into the Yarboroughs of Heslington Hall about the year 1100." Heslingtons, first found in Sussex with Kiev-line Keeps who share the Lorraine bend, share the chevron of Chickens, who were recently a pointer to the Chechens fighting for Putin's battle for Ukraine. Chickens happen to have "cockTRICEs" on their chevron, and Trice's are listed with Trysts in the "Keep Tryst" motto of Hebrons/HEPburns. The latter were first found in Northumberland with Lorraine's, and with Siward of Northumberland, who was involved at Heslington Hall. The Heslington-branch Hazelwoods were first found in Yorkshire, where Stains were once said to be first found. Just look at all that coming forth from my ladder.

It's a short STEP-ladder with only two steps, ideal for PAINTing interiors, and while Lorraine pointed to Paionians, Payens/PAIONs are also PAIONTs. Though not in the same design, the latter share "spur rowells" with PANTers, which justifies pointing her pant stain to Paionians. I met her at her BUS STOP, and Stops/STUBBs (pheons) must be from Stobi, a Paionian city along with AstiBUS. Rowells are listed with ROTHwells/Roswells. ASTIbus is incredible because Astys, first found in Lanarkshire, share the Lorraine lion, and Lanarks/LURnacks, who have the LORNE's in their write-up, share the BUS cinquefoil. Her bus stop is at the corner of LORNE and Yonge street, in RICHmond Hill (Ontario), and Rich's/RICHESS' are said to be from Lorraine, home of RICHEZa of Lotharingia, mother-in-law of Maria of Kiev. Believe it or not. My life has been God's history book with warnings.

It is a STEP-ladder. STEPPS have a fleur-de-lys colors reversed from the same of STEPHensons/STOVE's (!), first found in Northumberland. Recently, I've been telling of my recent dream having a crow/raven insisting on landing upon my STOVE burner even while I tried to kick it away. The Kicks/Kecks were realized as kin of Leslie's, earls of Rothes = the proto-Rothschilds. Is that not something? Yes, it is, because Stepps share the lone fleur-de-lys of the Trade's/Trotte's in turn sharing the Stoltenberg heart!!! NATO INSISTS ON BURNING ITSELF, the now-obvious meaning of the dream! I'm amazed. We must be about to enter the Armageddon showdown. Payens almost have the Coat of Welders, first found in Thuringia with Rothschild-branch Roets.

This is amazing. I was using a weed TROWELL to help dig out the CREEPing ROOTs of a certain weed. Lorraine's Crispins are listed with CREPys. Roots share the tree with Roets, and Tree's are also TROWs, like the Trowels who show nothing by TREFoils, the Rock, Rod, Feller, and Fallis/Falls symbol. Miss Roquefeuil married Hugh of RODez, which explains why trefoils are of Rockefellers. Tree/Trew-like Treys/Traylor have a version of the Feller Coat.

The Rooks have a write-up tending to explain the Trager variation of Fellers, explaining why ravens are shared between Rooks and English Tragers (Cornwall, same as TRISTans and Trysts). But see also the Feller-like Coat of Verona's because Verone's/Varenne's have more ravens. Then, German Tragers share the Lorraine and Keep bend but with the emBATTLEd pattern, and Battle's, suspect as kin of Lauders and Letters, were first found in Berwickshire with the Home's/Hume's having a motto, "TRUE to the end." True's are listed with Tree's/Trews/Trows, and Letter-like Leith's have a motto, "TRUSTie to the end" while "KEEP Tryst" is the motto of Hebrons/Hepburns. I'm almost done: the embattled bend of Tragers (show nothing else) is used in black with Rocco's, not surprisingly, and the Rocco's show nothing but the bend, in the colors of nothing-but-a-bend of Kepke-beloved Goats/Gothams, first found in Nottinghamshire with Trowels!!! Zinger, heraldry knew I'd be pulling creeping weeds this week, then walking past the ladder when walking back HOME.

Battle's share the giant griffin of Chaffs who in turn share the three Fell lozenges. Chaffs have the Chief-Shield colors of Capes', first found in London with Tooths suspect in the "True TO THE end" motto of Home's/Hume's, and the latter were first found in Berwickshire with Battle's and their Lauder kin while Lauders share the giant Tooth griffin. ENDers were first found in Cornwall, in case the Home's/Hume's have them in their motto. In fact, I almost missed it: Enders show nothing but arrows in the colors of the Stoltenberg arrow-pierced heart. The description doesn't tell the color of the arrow (Stoltenbergs no longer show this Coat).

Nottinghamshire is where PINders/Penders were first found while Panters can be gleaned as Paionians. The Devon-branch Tristans (same place as Pine's) share the Stop/Stubb pheons while Stubbings look like kin of Trebys (Devon, same as Treble's). God caused Norma to give me a tie with a treble-clef design upon it, on my BIRTHday, and Cleffs/Cliffs share the wolf head of Tristans, first found in Devon with BIRTHs/Berts. Devon has the Axe river while Paionians were on the Axius.

The other Tristans (CORNwall, named by the Ceraunii), with another embattled pattern, share the stag head of Vise's/Vise's and Acorns, both first found in Sussex with Keeps and Stubb-like Stumps/Stomps. The "LETTER" of Cards has a STAMP upon it, and Stamps have a black-Shield version of the Rush's, the latter first found in Suffolk with CRAUNs/Crane's. The Cornovii namers of Cornwall were from CERAUNii, which can explain why Devon's Cornwalls share the lion of Rush-branch Russells (Dorset) and Russi's (Trento, suspect with Devon's Trents, and Tarrant-RUSHton of Terents). The Rosco's sharing the Rush fesse were first found in Cornwall, and while "Ceraunii" looks like it named Cravens, the latter have the RICK Coat (share's Rush / Rosco fesse) in colors reversed while Rush's are also Rish's and Rosco's are also Risco's. Rice's use ravens. The last update found Italian Capra's/CRAVINs linkable to Chives-like Cheevers/Chievers. The other Cornwalls show ravens on the same fesse as Rush's, etc., and Rush's have been confirmed (by me) from Varangian Rus of Kiev.

Roxolani had connected with the Greek crow, obviously, and as Roxolani were Rus-Alans, they appear to have been at Aulon/Avlona, beside the Ceraunii mountains of EpiRUS. Epirus was mythical Aphrodite, mistress of Ares the proto-Rus entity from the Aras river. Epirus elements can be traced well to Aprutium, the old Abruzzo capital now named, Teramo, suspect with a variation of the Drummonds who share a "warily" motto term with raven-using Cornwalls.

The Cornwall Tristans are in the format of, and colors reversed from, the Stumps/Stomps, suggesting that Tristans, first found in Cornwall with PENdragons, had married Paionians from Stobi. Pendragons can be traced well to the PENEStae people on the west side of Paionia. Mythical Pendragon was made a father to king Arthur, and the Arthurs (Berwickshire) are from the Ardiaei Illyrians who had a king, PINNES, tending to explain why English Pine's (pine TREE) were first found in Devon, and they use the pineAPPLE that, in this context, looks like code for the Avalon / Apollonia line from Avlona / Apollonia at the Ceraunii mountains. The Pine Coat is in the colors and format of Irish Arthurs.

Penestae lived on the Drin (beside Mathis river) with the Cavii, and Chives' (share Mathis moline) were once said to be first found in Devon with the Hykes'/Hacks having the Chives quadrants, which happen to be colors reversed from the quadrants of the Cornwall Tristans. Devon is where goat-using Cheevers/Chievers were first found, tending to identify the Cavii as the namers of Kiev somehow.

Pendragons (Cornwall) have a motto like the one of Irish Shaws/Seths, and Chives' are also SHEWas'. Shaws/Seths are said to be from "Sithech," and Cliffs/Cleffs/CLEAVE's married Stiche's. Clavers/Cleavers share the key with Sheaves'/Chiava's/Chiapponi's, and "qui" is a motto term of Sheaves'/Shaws. Mythical UTHER Pendragon was part-code for the proto-Windsor Others/Otters, and Windsors have a castle in Berkshire, where Sheaves'/Shaws were first found, as well as Trots/Trude's.

Chives motto shares terms with Maple's (Essex, same as Mountains sharing the Apple / Appleby martlets), and the crow flew a circle around mature, white-PINE TREES and landed on a maple tree, where it started to make a low-tone (quiet) sound like a cross between a caw and a pigeon's coo. It just so happens that Cowes'/Coo's use "pennants"! I get it, because Pennants share the Coat of Trevors/TREFors. Cowes is a location of the Isle of Wight, and Wights are listed with White's. The white pine trees! Crow-like Crews/Creuse's share the lion of Poole's, and Poole (Dorset, same as Chaffs) faces out to Wight.

Tree's/Trows became suspect with Trips/TREFFs from Trypillians of Kiev, and they lived in the same area as the Roxolani Alans who named Roquefeuil. Rooks and Rookbys share rooks with Rockets, the latter first found in Languedoc with Rocks/Roque's and Roquefeuil. Rockets begs whether Rockefellers will set up the Fallis-like FALSE Prophet with "fire from the sky," which I interpret as smart, rocketed missiles. One can see here how TREFoils are part-code for Trips/Treffs, and then the giant Lauder / Letter griffin is that of Treffers/Traffords in colors reversed. Some animal made my step-ladder FALL to the ground overnight or early morning. What kind of animal was it? Was the crow in the garage?

The reason that Aprutium traces well to the old Abruzzo capital is where Molise province is beside Abruzzo while Molossians were of Epirus. Mule's were first found in Devon with Cornwalls, suggesting, perhaps, that Cornwall was named by an Epirotes people at the Ceraunii mountains rather than from the Ceraunii Illyrians. A mule head is used by Capote's/Capone's/Capo's while the Capone's/Capua's were first found in Naples with Aquila's while the current Abruzzo capital is L'Aquila.

I suggest that God arranged the "gloria" motto term of Molis' because Glorys/Lowrys essentially share the Laurie/Lowry/Larry Coat while the latter are said to be from Lawrence's/Laurence's, and this means that they have the first name of Mr. Kepke. Plus, the KOPke variation of Kepke's thus looks like it belongs to the giant Glory/Lowry / Laurie/Lowry cup. Plus some more, the Laurie/Lowry motto and Crest is shared by Lauders, tending to confirm the Laurie/Lowry link to Kepke's because Lorraine's were Keep and Casimir kin. Repeat: "Molis'/Molesons with Casimirs share a red-on-gold antler, red like the antler that is the Arms of Veringers...of Baden, where Groce's/Greggs were first found who have a horizontally-split Shield in colors reversed from the same of KEVins/Kewens." The latter share the motto of Maxwells (Roxburghshire).

It's interesting that Kevins/Kewins share the lion of Crews. Let's repeat from above: "Cowes is a location of the Isle of Wight...Crow-like Crews/Creuse's share the lion of Poole's, and Poole faces out to Wight." Cowes' are Coo's/Koo's too, and Kevins/Kewins can be gleaned with the Cue/Kew Crest. As Cowes'/Coo's love the pennants who share the Trevor/Trefor Coat, even Cowes' may have been a branch of the namers of Kiev. Cows are listed with Cuffs ("tamen").

For the first time in over ten years of my living at this house, it snowed in October sufficient that I had to get the snow shovel out. When done shovelling the front deck and STEPs, I leaned this shovel on the step-ladder under discussion, which is why it too was on the ground this morning. The only things disturbed in the garage were these two items and a mouse trap baited with peanut butter. There was no mouse or peanut butter in the trap this morning; the animal must have licked the peanut butter clean.

The trick now is to figure out how the Shovel surname figures into this discussion, and right away I note that they are in Crow colors and format. What could this mean?

Incidentally, the Carricks share an ostrich (different color) with the Crest of Scottish Crawfords while the other Scottish Crawfords, sharing the Rush / Rosco fesse for a sure trace to Varangian Rus of Kiev, are Crowfords too. Both Crawford surname were first found in Lanarkshire with crow-head CASEys, and with the Lorraine-connectable Lorne's in the write-up of red-heart Lanarks/Lurnacks. Leslie-related Case's were first found in Norfolk with Crows (nails Case's to Caseys), and with the Bus' in the Lanark/Lurnack Coat. Crow-head Caseys are in English Grasse colors and format, and I met Lorraine at her bus stop at the corner of Lorne and Yonge street, and my last night with her was the night of her grass stain. She lived on Church street at the time, and the Circle's I had looked up when writing "encircling" above show nothing but a church. The crow flew a circle today, tending to assure that God wants to point this discussion to the Ukraine capital through Lorraine.

To nail the Grasse's to this discussion, Irish Grass' share the lion of English Marks while French Marks, kin of Biggs (both share the Ainsley fleur-de-lys) share the checkered fesse of Crawfords, first found in Lanarkshire with BIGGars in turn in the "byggar" motto in the Arms of raven-using Shetland. The Margys/Mackeys (ravens) and Mackays ("Manu") who came up earlier were from king Maccus of raven-using Isle of Man. Maccus' brother, Harald, is suspect to Herods/Haralds. The Masseys/Maceys share the Crawford quadrants.

Lorraine's grass stain on the butt of her PANTs pointed to PENDERgrass', perfect because Penders/Pinders (Nottinghamshire, same as Ainsleys) have lion heads in the colors of the English Grasse lions.

It's a little interesting, though I don't know what it might mean, that Pendergrass' share the antelope with Snows while Shovels were first found in Hertfordshire with the Vince's/FINCH's expected in the "Vincit" motto term of Pendergrass. Lorraine took the bus each workday to the Finch subway station (Toronto). The snow shovel? If so, why? Shovels were first found near the first-known Stains, the latter now said to be first found in Middlesex with BABwells, which matches the babe symbol that Lorraine had. The Babe-related Beaks (Dorset, where Babe's were once said to be first found) essentially share the FINCHem Coat, and Beach's/Bechs were first found in Hertfordshire with Vince'e/Finch's. Chaffs were first found in Dorset too who share the peacock in the Crest of SNOWdons. The latter were first found in Essex with Peacocks while the latter's motto has the Fears, first found in Middlesex with Stains. What mystery is this paragraph? How can it relate to the Ukraine war or bio-weapons labs?

An additional clue is where Chaffs share the giant griffin of Battle's, which could point to war with Fear-branch Wars/Vere's/Weirs who almost have the Snowden fesse-with-stars. The Snowden fesse-with-stars is in the colors and format of fesse-with-lozenges of Irish Nagle's while German Nagle's are listed with the Nails (share Irish Nagle saltire), first found in Westphalia with the Pansys/Pantzers and Ducks/Dockers that Lorraine's pant stain pointed to. There's nails piercing the Logan heart like the arrow-pierced Stoltenberg heart. Is the snow shovel a pointer to the Russian citizen, Edward Snowden? Why him? Is the snow shovel a symbol of the grief and hardships for Ukrainians and Europeans this coming winter?

The full Pendergrass motto is shared by Alis' who use a "fir" tree while Fears are also Fiers. Fier county is in ALBANia while Alis' share the fir-tree-with-sword with ALPINs (Gregory kin). King Alpin was king of ALBA (Scotland). Albins?Aubins look like kin of Wears/Were's. Alis' have a "MUZZLE" on their bear while Mussels/Muscels were first found in Lincolnshire with English Grasse's. The full motto is in reverse with the Keiths/Mascals who point with their Caddy kin to Kadyrov, leader of the Chechen army. Wikipedia: "On 3 March, The Times reported that a group of Chechen soldiers had been sent to infiltrate Kyiv with the goal of assassinating Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelenskyy..."

The above works great because Mascals, first found in Sussex with Keeps, have the escutcheon of NATO-like Natts/Nathans in colors reversed. See also the Sadducee-like Saddocks (share Natt/Nathan escutcheon) that play to the Caiaphas-and-Annas theme, suggesting that end-time wickedness in high / powerful places will be conducted by the descendants of the killers of Jesus so that God might pour wrath upon them, in Jesus' Name. Mascals share the fleur-de-lys of Nathan-beloved Arrows, and of the neighboring Flys who descend from the Revelation dragon, emperor Vespasian.


This video below gets very good for proving the murder of the aged, in case you want to sue a hospital or government for the COVID-reported death of your loved one:

The video above tells that there was not a major increase in deaths in 2020, but that there were high numbers of COVID-reported deaths because every dead man and his dead dog were reported with COVID no matter what they died of. That was stage one of the scheme, and the purpose was to have the excuse to initiate poison vaccines. OBVIOUS. Vaccine deaths were reported as COVID too, especially if people died within 14 days of receiving a vaccine. Did you get to the point where the man is in desperation trying to get Australians to collectively fight their government? The globalists now know how weakly or strongly a society will fight back when brutalized. Round two should be coming soon.

If you have been disheartened by leftist courts not delivering justice, wow, even the New York supreme court has ruled that city workers fired for refusing vaccination be re-hired and given backpay, ZINGER that's got to hurt the goons, but this is not yet proper punishment for them. Until the courts harshly punish the ones who fired the anti-vaxxers, there is no just court in the land. Things are looking up, but only like a man looking up at the round-shaped sky from inside a dingy sewer pipe.

You would be interested in this new way forward on youtube if you have a youtube channel:

The video above claims that heart problems caused by vaccines are 800 times, not 800-percent (8 times), higher than heart problems without vaccination. But even if that's a mistake, where it should be 800-percent, it's very bad. This is from a Swiss study, how ironic for the Davos cult of Hell-bound freaks. They are killing their own political supporters for the passion they are possessed with to de-populate.

Globalists will enlist the old mask-goons and convert them now to vaccine-goons. The goons will tell us, unless we have a vaccine, we cannot come in. But before this can happen smoothly, the globalists will need to fix their vaccines. The more the vaccines maim and kill, the less a mask-goon will want to become their vaccine-goon because there is a social backlash, now, on anyone who advocates forced vaccinations. Even judges are changing their tunes. The globalists are in a catch-22 situation. They want to kill with vaccines, and at the same time they want people to help them force them on people.

Biden got 15 million more votes than Obama, the election results stated, but as he more-likely got 15 million fewer than Obama, it means that more than 30 million fraudulent votes were cast in multiple ways by endless cheaters. I say MORE than 30 million because Obama probably got 15 million fraudulent votes himself. Liberals are a fringe party who win only by fraud. And there's no courts in the land of USA who care enough about this obvious perversion of "democracy" to invite a case that wipes out election fraud at its largest mechanisms. End-time Rome is not flying, not even rising, but is crippled with clay legs littered with cracks. If you depend on the system, it will abandon you, betray you. Start living apart from the system so far as you can swing it. Never mind rags-to-riches, never mind the "good life." Just survive and keep in prayer.

When Jesus said that we are to love neighbors, he didn't mean affection from the heart, but rather He meant practicality. Affection is reserved for mates and close family. Love your neighbor is based on loyalty. Even if you have a bad neighbor, we do no harm, think no harm. We loyally remain a safe neighbor, a safe citizen that nobody needs to fear for anything. That's the definition of a lamb or sheep of God, innocence. If our neighbor begins to harm us, if even to taunt us or look toward us meanly, then that's the time to love our enemy, not with affection from the heart, but by not returning evil for evil. It seems like lunacy to me for a man of put-on affection for a neighbor who's trying to steal his wife, but this is what some Christians think "love your enemy" means. I just don't think God would expect us to go so extreme. It's seems harmful to me, mind-twisting.

We don't need to forgive someone who has not repented of a sin against us. Jesus said forgive a person as many times as the person asks forgiveness, but if someone repeats a sin without remorse, you can cut yourself off from that person without committing the spiritual "murder" that Jesus talked about when we hate a brother. That is, if we hate a brother/sister for no reason, or if we continue to hate after he/she has apologized or ceased the harm, then we are sinning.

If a person has insulted us or harmed us in minor ways, we can soon-enough begin to care for that person in spite of the assault, because this is what a Christian is supposed to do: keep no record of wrongs. Or, we should be big enough to harbor no ill feelings sooner rather than later, but this doesn't mean we must seek to socialize with a person who is harmful toward us by nature, especially if one is harmful toward our Christian conscience. Loving the abrasive anti-Christian doesn't mean we need to associate with him. Quite the opposite. And if John tells us not to welcome into our homes a brother who has a dangerous Christian doctrine, neither are we required to enter his home in obeying Jesus' command to love an enemy.

Alas, the big news today is that love is growing cold in the world very fast. There is so much to criticize, and rightly we should criticize it lest sin grows unobstructed all around God's people. To love our brothers is to fight our enemies, and yet war creates bad sentiments. I think it is mind-twisting to put on an affectionate heart toward the activist enemy. If they are unrepentant with such dangerous "doctrines" as, "I hate Jesus," then we are not required to go out of our way to do anything good for such a one. Natural love goes out from our hearts when someone does a sacrificial thing for us, and this is very much like affection, but our hearts do not go out with such natural love when someone slaps us on the face. Don't try to manufacture love at such an event, it's not necessary, and it seems harmful.

If we love someone who sacrifices for us even a small thing, then we should be adult enough to realize that, hey, maybe I could do a little sacrifice for somebody and bless God's heart in the meantime, for this is what it means to do for others what you like them to do for you. That's true religion, to EXERCISE (= work) a sacrifice for someone else. So if your enemy is blasting your face with mean words, you don't need to feel the affection that is not present in your heart, but you can take out a chocolate bar and hand it to him rather than blasting his face with mean words in return. Or, if you don't have a chocolate bar handy in your back pocket, hand him a scripture verse from your mouth that applies to what he's blasting you about, and watch him go ballistic, it's perfectly fine whichever of the two approaches you choose to take.

If you catch a pedophile in the act of assaulting or abducting your child, I say it's perfectly correct to take a sledge hammer to his head until he is dead. But modern judges will disagree because they are paid to become stupidified by ruling, anti-Christ social engineers. The way we are permitted by God to treat a person depends on the gravity of the sin. We don't kill a pedophile because we like killing, but because we want to protect children, not just our own children.

God calls us to loyalty because it's the glue that keeps people bonded, but loyalty is not the highest order because God doesn't want His people bonded to Gentiles, for the latter are spiritual pollution that rubs off on us. In hope that sin would not creep into Israel, God ordered the stoning of sinners as preventive measure, but once the tidal wave of sin was throughout the societal dough, Jesus changed things to: let the weeds grow with the wheat until the harvest, then burn the weeds. In the meantime, give your enemy a chocolate bar so that you don't become ugly like your enemy. If there were no enemies, then loyalty is the highest order.

Loyalty is spread over time. Loyalty is not an act or an event. It's an attitude and a promise. Loyalty is love defined as the construction of the natural human bond. The Crucifixion is Loyalty that bonds us to God. The far-reaching loyalty of God toward those of us who were running from Him breaks love out from our hearts, and makes us return home. I'm sure that "faith in Jesus" has been wrongly re-interpreted as "belief in Jesus." It should instead be understood and translated as "faithfulness toward Jesus," the same as loyalty. In order to keep people loyal toward us, we don't go slap them in the face. To feed loyalty, we treat people well, or loyalty will vanish. Jesus came to bond us together, and this is why He asks us to do good to one another.

In these last days in which love grows cold, don't fail to practice good works. Rebuke the one who tells you that doing good things to others is "legalism." If we do no good toward others, we are House wreckers, wreckers of the House of God, and how then can we be saved? Sometimes, doing good to others is to rebuke them, to cause a dismal sensation, a breaking of the bond, as a warning to turn things around because they are displeasing God. If your child has become a pro-abortion Christian, rebuke that child fast and hard for his/her own good, don't worry about breaking the bond, for we must be bonded to Jesus more than to our family members in sin. Then let God deal with the sin. When we attack our mortal enemies, the anti-Christs, verbally in the name of God, He steps into the fight. But if we fight the enemy without speaking the things of God against them, why should God fight for us? Perhaps Republicans have become politically useless because they are afraid to speak the things of God in congress.

Jesus said, be loyal to Me until the end. Therefore, seek the ways in your life that Jesus is helping you, for if he helps you, you will have the fuel to be loyal to Him. But if He's not doing anything for you, you are in danger of falling away from loyalty. If you want Him to do things for you, do things for Him, and for others you meet. Buy a 50-pack box of chocolate bars, and hand them out at work once in a while to set up some warm fuzzies. It'll make your days go much better at a cost of only two bucks a day, what a deal. You will get more pleasure all the day long if you present a fellow worker with a hot coffee instead of buying one for yourself, you get the point.

To crux of obedience to Jesus is to practice human bonding as God wants it done, because God knows best. God does not want us to bond to everything. As for coming across a person with demonic burrs you don't want on your clothes, even Jesus indirectly broke bonds with them by insulting them with the truth of their bad ways. It takes courage to do that because it invites a sour reaction, and hatred if pushed. The bond was not broken by Jesus, but by the offended person who didn't respond correctly to the warning. Proverbs says that wise people take criticism and improve by it, but the fools went all the way and killed Jesus instead. And they now want to kill some of us today.

Love is not to be defined as loyalty only, but as appreciation for. I greatly appreciate gladly what Jesus stands for, amen. Nobody has been thanked more than Him, not even close. He is the superstar of history in spite of His many enemies. Though Christians may fail you at times, he will not ever. He will do people so rightly that he'll send some to everlasting death. Fear Him for that with a fear that makes for more carefulness in how we conduct ourselves, for when we are trained in righteousness so that we do no evil for His sake, fear vanishes and is replaced by Love that can be sensed.

I'm starting to regret sending readers to TruNews. I discovered this past week that, on their Sunday church service, after having catholic-like recitations, Doc indicating that they were doing "communion," and when he got to it, he called it the "eucharist." It was a round wafer just like the typical, ordered catholic "mass," and of course catholic masses are so filled to the neck in religiosity that the eucharist cannot be square or any other shape that the shape of the sun.

Never do I hear Doc and Rick Wiles inform his audience that they are catholics. never do I hear them criticise the vatican, it child-molesting priests, or the cardinals who shuffle the God-damned perverts from church building to church building. And so when Mr. Wiles says, "Christian," what does he really mean? In the video below, you will see his scathing attacks on American evangelicals and Zionists, as if he were a typical, ardent vaticanite seeking to conduct war with Protestants. Maybe not, I don't know enough about all his beliefs, but it sure looks like, on this show of Thursday night, that he HATES fundamentalist protestants as a lot, for he makes no distinction between the good and the bad. He even calls evangelicals "satanic." I could not be arrogant like that; I could not set myself up for a fall by painting Bible-based believers with a broad, satanic brush.

Mr. Wiles opens his show unwisely. He starts by saying, "nothing but the truth, so help me God." Prophetic and news topics by nature veer into making predictions, and we cannot always be right. On top of this little bit of arrogance, he makes sure to cut Doc off whenever he sees that Doc wants to say something with passion. There is not one show I've seen where he has not interrupted Doc, as if Rick likes to look like the star of the show.

He is now calling Christians to support Russia. Woe, but what if the anti-Christ will be a Russian? Woe, this could make Mr. Wiles dangerous. He calls Russia "holy," and the Christians in Russia are holy Christians. But wait, didn't the catholics in Russia wink with Soviet communism in order to continue doing church, unlike some evangelicals who took to jail rather that to cease gathering in the woods? Didn't the "orthodox" churches become state churches in Russia? And Wiles would have us believe that Russia is now experiencing a revival. Achem, what if Putin is merely playing a political game, seeking to get the worlds's anti-globalist conservatives to support him as he fights globalism? What if Putin is not a Christian himself? I am open to that possibility. I agree with much of what Mr. Wiles says, but on this matter, I am saddened. I had thought that I had finally found a decent, post-trib, Bible-minded show that I could run with.

In short, Mr. Wiles paints whole organizations or movements as false, and in the same way, he takes a broad Christian brush to Russia seeking to move his audience to support catholic churches in Russia. Or so I now think is his game. Here's the video:

Not all Zionist Christians are evil. Mr. Wiles is criticizing a host of Godly people. Just because a Christian expects that God has permitted Israel to be set up as a county to fulfill prophecy doesn't mean they are the Rothschilds. I lament that most Zionist Christians are pre-trib stupidified, but I will not paint them all with a broad brush of condemnation. If evangelical movements have been infiltrated by bad Christians, we don't paint all evangelicals as rotten, because cult leaders do such things. I favor Putin over Rothschild, but I keep my distance because I think Gog will be the anti-Christ. I would like to hear Mr. Wiles criticize the vatican, if he dares. It still has a host a pagan gods standing on its premises.

I appreciate very much the doctrines that Mr. Wiles holds to, so far as I've heard his mention of them. He's an evangelical himself, with passion for Jesus and having the correct indignation against anti-Christian movements today. He is bang-on with his scathing criticisms of NATO and Western globalism, but on why he has chosen to be a vaticanite or something similar, it disappoints me. He quite apparently thinks that the holy church is a catholic one, but perhaps I'm wrong about that. He smearingly defines Christian Zionism as a movement toward "Judaism." He owes people an apology.

On his Friday show, he actually stoops to idiocy by urging his audience to start a new, invented product, with God's help, and to try to become a huge corporation in 15 years, with God's help. He's got Armageddon coming out one side of his mouth, and then he talks as though there's lots of time before Jesus comes. How would he know? He doesn't, but only a poor shepherd of the flock would talk like that, at a time such as this, and maybe it's because he wants to milk his audience for more money, for he now has an "employee" (as he calls him) in Jordan. I'm now half-convinced that he's not asking you to store food because he would rather you have extra money on hand for you to pay his bills.

At the end of the Friday show, he and Doc talk about the nearness of a cashless society from a Visa plan, but, not to worry, he tells his people, go out and invest in a new product for market...and thus live like a foolish virgin who misses out on the Kingdom of God.

All of a sudden, just in time for winter, we are hearing of a massive diesel shortage, which has no explanation. The Ukraine war cannot cause a West-wide diesel shortage. How can there be a shortage only in the West? Tucker Carlson did a show on this topic, Thursday night, but he's so dishonest he won't say on the air that this is a globalist plot that was in the plans since the lockdowns. Why didn't Tucker explain how a sudden diesel shortage could be explained? Is Fox news part of putting out this fabricated crisis? Looks like.

Let me be your good shepherd for just a few seconds: save food starting last year because a cashless society could be here in two years, because the liberals are in a reckless hurry to control our speech. They want us to have no ability to keep money at home so that they can punish us with direct-withdrawal fines for saying the "wrong" things. The more they see the big media slipping away from them, the more they will use other methods to silence us. They ruined the big media by forcing them to lie exorbitantly, and now they seek a different way to shut their enemies up because our voices spreading to people spells the end of their political power. They probably envision a sudden collapse of their media barons in the next year or two because they need more lies-upon-lies to hide their past lies-upon-lies. This path is unsustainable, but even their alternative methods are suicide for them, though they can harm us greatly when seeking to succeed with such methods.

The plan is to control the bank, to have them threaten your money if you say the wrong things publicly. In order to get away with this, they need to force all people to use banks in order to pay bills, and this is why they need to eradicate cash. Wiles knows that this can be a fast-track to a skincode for purchasing, yet he often talks as though there are decades left before Jesus returns. He uses you by "selling" you end-time scare stories that are real, in my opinion, but then says that the path to being secure in the end-times is, not to start saving to live without cash, and without the 666, but to be generous with your money to his "ministry." Something is like horns with this man.

Google's home page likes to advertise to your own computer screen where you've been online recently, because it wants you to feel like eyes are tracking you. Get used to it, google is saying, and be "good" like google wants you to be good, or else you get bad marks. Globalists are treating us like children in school with a dictatorial principal over us who's commissioned to feed us anti-Christ disinformation and spiritual death. google is the broad road to destruction, and we need God to give us a new way to communicate with the world online without google denting or crashing our capabilities. google is a hijacker of our information. google is a hijacker of our hearts, relegating our thoughts to a trash bin or hiding them under a rock. It cannot go unpunished by God, yet God must allow it to take place in order to allow them to fill their own cup of wrath. Once it's good and full, the cup will be Poured out on them. Once they have committed themselves to blocking our free speech, they will have no argument before God when Jesus forbids the speech of Gog in the Millennium. It's a good deal. Hang in there through the turmoil, but you cannot hang in there without food, water and heat.

I will continue to criticize Rick Wiles if he continues to make his audience believe that God's going to look after their bodily needs while they do nothing to do so. If there is nothing one can do due to poverty, that's one thing, but if people with good money do nothing, they are in danger of killing God's people, for if by their neglect God's people starve or freeze to death, who will be held responsible but those who had the money to store for more than their own needs. Similarly, pity the Christian who stores only enough for his own needs but then lets $100,000 go to waste into the 666 system when it should have been used to buy poor believers their needs. Similarly, pity the Christian who decides to purchase a mansion for a trib retreat when an old farmhouse would have given them hundreds of thousands of extra dollars to feed the poor of God in the coming Final Crisis.

Pity Rick Wiles if a Christian goes out to invest $500,000 in a new venture wherein the money cannot be recovered because the 666 system forces him/her out of business. That money could have been used to feed the poor of God's flock. Apparently, Wiles does not want his listeners to be blessed at all, but rather it's just lip service. I've lost a lot of respect for him, and fast too. The message to all should be: it hurts you nothing to have extra food on hand, or extra items you'll need eventually, if you can afford to buy them now.

If you think your vehicle could need a sudden $2,000 repair, and all you have in the bank is $2,000 while holding a job, then you may decide not to buy $2,000 of food at this time, it's understandable. But if money is not an issue, what would it hurt to buy $30,000 of food now instead buying it little by little over the next few years? It would feel very good to have food security. And don't forget the little things like an extra toilet valve, knife sharpeners, potato peelers, ETC. ETC.

Another way for globalists to control speech is to force the private information platforms, such as twitter, to censor certain speech. So long as twitter is owned and controlled by a private company that does the global will, the globalists say that government cannot intrude into the will of private companies, but when twitter is owned by someone who wants fair speech from all sides, the globobeast argues that it can intrude with claws and horns. How can this not harm the globalists even more than they have pierced themselves to date? The moral of the story is that globalist utopia will be an iron fist that nets an iron fist in return, a laughable failure if it were not to sick and dangerous.

As Elon Musk once owned Paypal, it crossed my mind, as a theory, that he has an under-the-table deal with it. The deal is for Musk to buy Twitter, allow pro-Trumpers to come back and speak their minds in the tens of thousands, and then Paypal pounces on many of them with stiff fines. On the other hand, isn't that suicide for Paypal? It's not legal to take money (it's theft) from someone for what they say apart from an order by a judge.

The other theory is that Musk has nothing to do with it, and Paypal wants to do it opportunistically now because of the expectation of pro-Trumpers and conservatives itching to get back their freedom-of-speech rights. So, for one thing, Paypal wants to frighten them all, to tie down their freedom-of-speech hoopla. Musk became the owner of Twitter his Friday.

I would caution that Musk's buy-out has motives he's not announcing:

Here's a video telling that Paypal is going forward with the $2,500 fines:

The thing is, Paypal isn't a facebook or a twitter, and so how does it think it can fine people for speaking "wrong" things at some other company? This is a bad plan, but the globalists are desperate. In fact, note that Musk finally got twitter less than two weeks from the elections, and he even announced late this week that he will not-yet reinstate Trump or anyone else. In other words, all the months-long, back-and-forth between Musk and twitter, on whether he would buy it or not, may have been a mutual dance, a tease, a plot to waste time so that re-instatement of twitter accounts would be after the elections. facebook is diving steeply, but look at the timing, how to explain it?:

I suggest that facebook shareholders see the big-sucking sound of people going to twitter, making facebook lose value, and so many shareholders are bailing out now...because Musk finally decided to buy twitter.

Earlier this week, Fox news showed a poll in which Kari Lake was winning the Arizona's governor's race by just 1.6-percent. But later in the week, another poll showed her ahead by 11-percent. In light of the video below, can we ask whether Fox News and AP trying to start a civil war? Ask whether this video is for real, or whether what we see on the TV screen was added to the video as a hoax, or whether Fox intentionally put it on the screen to begin triggering conservatives:

We are on-track to a mark of the beast defined as a vaccine pass onto business properties. I'm using that definition as a good theory because it works. Show your pass as a mark in the hand, or you can't enter the building for work or for purchases. We have seen it already unfold in the real world, this is not a wild theory. They will re-plot, and try again, we may assume. Do not let them catch you by an ambush. Get self-sufficient as best you can starting last year. Save-save-save extra foods with long shelf lives. Prompt your relatives and friends to do the same.

The sudden diesel shortage, if it's going to happen at all, would be engineered probably because Democrats get nasty when they lose elections. Globalists would stifle a USA in the hands of "intruding" conservatives just when globalists are in the thick of installing their beastly agenda. To be expected, they will blame all of their engineered calamities on the conservatives in power.

For hunting in the trib, a quiet rifle is a must, so check out this video for the secret of a quiet rifle: a weak bullet. Excuse the wimp with ear protection akin to a mask goon wearing a mask when it's not necessary just to look safety-smart:

Here's on some Fauci corruption and a new "movie" about it:

There ought to be some errors in the data-stacked video below on the Rockefeller cabal, but there's got to be a lot of truth too. It's all over me head, but you check it out. I think Rockefeller medical defined much of the 20th-century approach to the modern times, explaining why people were stricken with rampant falsities and twisted thinking. Had I not devoted myself to the words of Jesus and the Apostles, my mind would long ago have become irreversibly flawed. Jesus knocked sense into me. His spirituality is common sense, not some form a strange, metaphysical trash. I re-built my mind on the solid Rock. Christians are not far-right, but are rather bang-on center-normal. We are extreme only inasmuch as we wish to be as far removed from wickedness as possible. It is the left that is way afield in stupidities, and those the leftists call the "political center" are in reality mid-left or leftist sympathizers or too weak in Faith do be of any good to themselves. We should adopt a new viewpoint; Biblical-based Christians are center-normal, as in center-healthy. In this context, "normal" means "healthy, solid"; it does not mean, "like most-everyone else." Do not let the devils make you believe that Biblicality relegates you to an extreme position. Kindness, helpfulness, regard, respect, manners, gentleness, thoughtfulness, hospitality, humility, modesty, contentment and more are all bang-on-NORMAL, the way the Creator Intended the world to be. In contrast, Rockefellers in the video below polluted themselves with greed until they viewed people as $$$objects for their own financial gain, and schemes (conspiracies) developed to acquire their when bank robbers sit down to carefully plot a bank heist.

Here's Kennedy's movie:


Here's all four Gospels wrapped into one story.

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