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November 1 - 7, 2022

Kari Lake for Vice-President?
It's Settled: Two Ukrainians Snitch on Musk's Starlink Satellites
Caucasian History Lesson from Muschatov's Antenna
Preston Manning to Stave-Off Spike-Protein Poisoning

If you're waiting for Jesus to return, see Post-Tribulation Rapture

It was nice while it lasted. Hall of Names is no longer showing the descriptions of the Coats of Arms presented at House of Names, but I have many of them recorded in my past updates from which to borrow.

On the morning that Mamie became my girlfriend, after the many pointers via the night before, we were wading in a lake and emBRACing. As Brace's look like Lake kin, I started to take the event as a pointer of God. Later that day, Mamie got her thigh symbol to go with her tease symbol of the night before, and an hour or two before her tease symbol she sat on my legs, knees and lap for a triple-decker pointer to Trump.

To follow better, load Lake's now to load and view other surnames on another Internet tab.

I think it was the Thigh fox that had me curious as to whether the lake event was a pointer to Kari Lake, for she sacrificed her job at Fox news on a good beef she had with it. However, I don't think she had announced, last time I mentioned her in this regard, that she was running to be the Arizona governor. Ever since she announced it, she's been very pro-Trump in efforts to get pro-Trump votes, and it may be that Trump will ask her to be his vice-president because Vice's/Vise's and Acorns share the Knee stag head while Dutch Tromps use acorns while Knee's were first found in County Down while Downs/Douns, with a stag in Trump stag-colors, were first found in Sussex with Vice's/Vise's and Acorns.

Lake's were early in Shropshire with Breakers/Brechs in the "flax breaker" of Brays/Brae's, and the latter are suspect from Bra while Brace's are also Bras'. There's no Kari surname coming up, but I think we can use Karys/Carys because they have a bend colors reversed from the Lake and Brace/Bras bend. Irish Fox's/SHINochs have a "SIONnach" motto term, and Sions share the swan with Karys/Carys, the latter first found in Somerset with SHINs/Chine's/Chings. Irish Shins are super for sharing the bend of fox-using Fes'/Fays.

New: Knee's were first found in County Down with Irish Prays while English Prays/Praters are like the DuPrays/DuPrats that just came up as Pres'. The latter were checked because Karys/Carys are in Dent colors and format, and as there's no President surname coming up, vice-presiDENT then warrants a search for a Pres surname to go with Dents, and viola! Pres'/DuPrays were first found in Auvergne with fox-using Fes'/Fays (!!!), and with one Foy/Foix surname.

Auvergne is also where Mullets/Mollets were first found who share the Pres/DuPray hunting horn, though I can't see how Mullets might apply to Kary Lake...unless she's a MOLE for some body such as Fox news. Did she and Fox stage her leaving Fox to make her the Arizona governor to hide what Fox doesn't want disclosed there? This sort of thing happens all the time in politics.

I now understand why God had her sit on my legs more than ever. I've never been on the heraldic territory of PRES'/DuPrays and Dent-connectable Karys/Carys before, because I haven't delved this far into Kari Lake. Mamie sat on my legs an hour or two before we bedded down in the same TENT, and the "GAUDET TENTamine" motto phase of Leggs absolutely applies, for even the Mine's in the phrase are listed with Menns while Mens' are also Mame's. I've just remembered that Gaudets share the Pres/DuPray crescents!!! UNBELIEVABLE.

Plus, while on Arizona election fraud, I found Voters (may have Tromp eagle) listed with Gauthier's, like the Goder variation of Gaudets! The latter share the Knee and Leak bend, and Leaks use a leg. Voters/Gauthier's even share the martlets of Collins/CAULES' while Calls/Calles' use TRUMPets! Mamie sat on my lap, and Laps were first found in Wiltshire with Calls/Calles'. Hopefully, God is setting Kari Lake up to fully expose Arizona election fraud.

[Insert -- When I was doing the spellcheck while on the Call/Calles trumpets later in this update, a song ("Where Feet May Fail") sang "call" over my speakers followed with "embrace." The chorus goes: "I will CALL upon Your Name, and keep my eyes above the waves, when oceans RISE my soul will REST in Your EMBRACE." Mamie and I did not put our eyes under water. We only waded for the embrace. Throughout this section, I've been anticipating a surname link to Rise-branch Risons/Risings (Norfolk, same as Ryston in the Reston write-up) because they have pointed in the past to "ARIZONa," but there you see a "rise" term in the chorus followed by "rest," amazing because the Reston write-up reveals that they were a Rison branch!!! Restons were first found in Lincolnshire with Bracebridge's. End insert]

Lakeys are fantastic too because their "PRAEMium" motto term can be for both Prays and giant-leg Prime's, the latter first found in Lincolnshire with the BRACEbridge's that happen to use two motto terms of Mens'/MAME's! The Lakey Crest is a brown wolf head, the colors of the giant wolf of Irish GARDs, and this tends to assure that Kari Lake is being pointed to when she was at her garden on the same day of the embrace in the lake.

Mens'/Mame's and Sinclairs, both from Midlothian, share a "God" motto term with Bracebridge's. When Mamie and I were in the lake, it was at a CAMP grounds, and Champeau's/Compo's ("esCAILLON") share the Sinclair Coat (plus a label). Camps are also Champs, and Bracebridge's were Champagne kin.

Now as Sinclairs are also Saint Clairs and Saints, it's suddenly amazing that the DeSantis' almost have the triple fesses of Hugs, and the Tromp eagle too. Will Ron DeSantis ask Ms. Lake to be his vice-president when he runs against Trump? After all, Mamie and I HUGGed in the lake. I have forgotten to add that Sinclairs/Saints use a "thy" motto term while Thy's are listed with fox-using Thigh's. I'm now in a toss-up as to whether her thigh-at-garden event points to DeSantis versus Trump. It's Gardens who indicate Trump.

The DeSantis eagle is closely that of Italian Fontana's/Fonts because Hugs share the triple Fountain fesses, and even the Fountain lion. Hugs were first found in Languedoc with the "flag"-using Font-de-Ville's, and with the Borgia's/Burghs whose moline is in the colors of the similar flory cross of Spanish Fontana's/Fonts. The Flags/Flacks, suspect in the Bray/Brae "flax breaker," were first found in Norfolk with Fountains.

[Insert November 16 -- I didn't know that DeSantis' wife is Casey until today. "Fountains" are used by Cass'/Cash's while Fountains (same place as Case's) almost have the bars of DeSantis'. End insert]

Surprisingly, the flory cross of Fontana's can be code for the Fleur/FLORIDA surname! Ron DeSantis is the Florida governor! It might not rise to the level of amazing if the DeSantis' hadn't shared the Fontana eagle. And lookie at the Fleur/Florida write-up: "One branch of the family established a seigniory in Fleurent, CHAMPAGNE, for De BRAUX." Is that the Brae line in Champagne?!?! Incredible coincidence's, as if both an embrace and a hug can apply to the same event each resulting in interesting / story-telling / predictive sets of heraldry.

When Mamie and I were in the lake, it was at a camp grounds, and thus we crossed a beach to get into the lake. Unbelievably, the Fleur/Florida cross is filled with the Beach vair! Beach's/Bechs and English Beckers share a vaired Shield with Bracebridge's and CHAMPagne's, though not in the same colors. And German Beckers have a Coat very reflective of the Foys/Foix's, first found in Auvergne. The human creators of heraldry didn't know Kary Lake would work for Fox news. The bend of Foys/Foix's is shared by PRES'/DuPrays and French Champagne's, and it just so happens that English Beckers throw in a black stag head in the design of the black one of VICE's. Does that spell VICE-PRES? German Beckers and Foys/Foix's share the Be/Bes/Baise star, and the latter surname, or its branch, looks to be in the Bracebridge motto.

While these surname links tend to prove that God set me up with Mamie for the lake event, all these Fox liners we're seeing tends to assure that God very-much appreciated Kari Lake telling Fox to go take a hike. It was brave of her, and righteous too. May all Christians not compromise with goats and wolves.

If Ms. Lake does not become the vice-president, perhaps I should reconsider all sets of heraldry that click as well as this section has. Perhaps grand coincidences do occur with heraldic links in conjunction with the props in random events and dreams in my life. I can add that while Vice's/Vise's share the black cross between antlers that's between the Eustace antlers, Eustace II was father to Godfrey de Bouillon while Bouillons were first found in Auvergne too.

As I said, big-BREASTed Mamie got her thigh symbol at her garden on the front LAWN, and Val Trompia is at lake Garda and beside BREScia/BRIXia. The latter is where Lane's/Lano's were first found while Lawns are Lane's too. Brests/Brix's apply to a Brescia family. In the event before she sat on my legs, Mamie had gotten a bra symbol, and so back to Brays/Brae's I go for their flax breaker, though I neglected to remember until now that they use eagle LEGS! Brix-like Breakers/Brechs were first found in Shropshire with English Jarrets while French Jarrets, first found in Brittany with a Launay location of LAWNeys, and with a nearby Brest location, share the Coat of Gardens/Jardens.

"Mamie" is like "Miami" (major Florida city). Plus, here's the Fleur/Florida write-up again: " Fleurent, CHAMPAGNE, for De BRAUX. The branch Lafleur established a seigniory in Brittany in 1696 for MontLOUIS." French Louis' show only the lozenges of Brix-branch Bricks! There is a Braux surname listed with such variations as Breau's, like the Brea of Brays/Brae's.

As I've said many times, as soon as I arrived to the camp site, coming out only because Barry coaxed me into coming to see Mamie, I asked where Barry was, and someone promptly opened the hatch of a pick-up truck, and there inside were Barry and Mamie alone, with Mamie sitting up with her back up against the far end. For a split-second, she looked BARE-breasted but slipping on a bra or a piece of clothing, it was too dark in the split-second to tell (my eyes were not adjusted yet), and I looked away immediately when I saw this. This is how I tagged her with a bra symbol. The point in repeating this is that Louis' were first found in Lorraine with BAR-le-Duc! It seems she was indeed BARE-breasted because Bare's are listed with Barrs, and so this Barry character confirms this set of heraldry.

[Insert November 20 -- I can't believe I missed this. As I've said, I read that Barrs of Bar-le-Duc were Barrs/Baars (nobles) of Brunswick, and it just so happens that while Brunswicks have the Duce/DUCEY Coat in colors reversed, Doug Ducey is the current governor of Arizona i.e. the one Kari Lake is hoping to replace. End insert]

Prior to this arrival to the camp site, I had seem Mamie only once. My girlfriend at the time, Lorraine, had thrown a dinner for her friends, and so I got invited to a party at Mamie's home where Barry attended, and Mamie came walking around a corner into the living room, and she took my hands and started a slow dance, and I enjoyed it. I left her party almost as soon as the dance was over, because I wanted to see Lorraine, and that was my last night with her...because God wanted me to transition to Mamie, apparently. It was the night of Lorraine's PANT stain that pointed to Bar-le-Duc via the Pansys/PANTzers (same place as German Ducks), because the Arms of Bar-le-Duc use pansies. Plus, I kid you not, I had coupled Bra in CUNEO (sounds like Italian word for "rabbit") with Coneys, and the Coney Crest has a rabbit holding a "pansy." There's Intelligent Design all over this.

Now that Lakeys have given us "praeMIUM," we tell that it's suspect from Mummolin, whom Mamie pointed to partly with her garden, and partly with the Laps. The latter share the mermaid with German Babe's/Babels, and while Babon was Mummolin's son, Babons share the black boar head with Gardens.

Calls/Calles' were first found beside the Shins/Chine's we saw above along with the Irish Shins. The latter share the bend of CHALONS' and Collins/Caules' above, and Mummolin ruled at Chalons-en-Champagne. It just so happens that Scottish Champagne's share the vaired Shield of BRACEbridge's. Champagne's were first found in Leicester with the LEGro river.

The "OptiMUM" and praemium-like "priMUM" motto terms of Kirks applies to Mummolin because Kirks use the crozier. Not only were French Croziers first found in Auvergne with the fox-using Fes'/Fays who share the bend of Chalons' and of Fox-beloved Shins, but English Croziers have the Arms of Chalons-en-Champagne. It explains the crozier in the Bracebridge Crest. Plus, the "quod" motto term of Kirks should be for the Quoid variation of Quade's/WADE's, and Mamie and I went for a WADE in the lake (no swimming) when we embraced.

The Bracebridge's use a "Be as" motto phrase that can be for the Beas variation of Bee's, or it can be for the Bee's and Ass' together. Bee's were first found in Oxfordshire with Lake's, but also early in Shropshire, and it it just so happens that Kerrys have ten bees on a ten-layered hive, and the heraldic ten is, I think, code for the Then variation of ten-bar Tyne's/Botville's, first found in Shropshire with Breakers/Brecks. Plus, the Bee bend-with-FLEUR is in the colors and format of the Kary/Cary bend-with-roses. Yet the human creators of heraldry didn't know who Kary Lake was.

I don't think it's good for her soul to be the vice-president under Trump, but if he passes away shortly after 2024, she'd become the the big woo-hoos of all the Fox bosses, beauty.

The Bee's share the bend-with-fleur of Sale's, first found in Cheshire with bee-using Bessins who share their bend. Plus, Bessins are in the format of Bonne's/Bunns, not only first found in Oxfordshire with Lake's and Bee's, but in the "J'ai bonne" motto phrase of Thens/Tyne's/Botville's. The first term in that motto can be for Jays, first found in Herefordshire with Brace's/Bras. The Bessin and Biston Crests share the arm holding a sword with the Brace/Bras Crest.

If we consider the DeSantis option for Kari Lake, I can add that English Saints share the cherub with one Chalons-like Chalants/Challons who are in turn in Camp/Comp/Champ colors and format. (Though not to topic, you might like to know that Chalants/Challons and Camps are also in Trudeau colors and format.)

It's Gardens who indicate Trump, but her thigh that indicates DeSantis via Thy-loving Sinclairs/Saints sharing the Champeau/Compo cross. I've just seen that Compo-like Campo's (Italian) share the Tromp / Fontana/Font / DeSantis eagle. The DeSantis tower surrounds the border of Spanish Campo's, first found in Castile with Fontana's/Fonts. This eagle may not even be close to the Tromp eagle, in which case the heraldry favors a pointer to president-to-be DeSantis.

Another consideration is where BRASwells/Bracewells share the Coat in colors reversed of Dexters/Dysters, first found in Leicestershire with Bracebridge-related Scottish Champagne's. Again, Bracebridge's share "God" with Mame's and Sinclairs/Saints. It strikes me here that because Dusters share armored arms (different colors) with Brace's/Bras', Dexters/Dysters look like they named Dusters. Dexters/Dysters share the weight scale in Crest with the Bruce-branch Breeze's while Brae's/Brays/Brea's come up as "Breas." This is where the Ass', with another weight scale, can be in the "Be AS God wills" motto of Bracebridge's.

A giant armored arm is with German Baghs/Beggs to go with my sleeping in Mamie's sleeping bag. It works because I think Scottish Beggs were from Begga, daughter of Pepin of Landen, and Pepins love the Mens variation of Mame's. However, I don't see how this applies to Kari Lake. The giant 'A' in the Scottish Begg Coat is expected with Arnulf/Arnold of Metz because Begga's mother was Itta of Metz. Amazingly, she and I were bathers the next day while Bathers (same place as Bachs/BAGH'S!!!) share the full motto of English Arnolds. I didn't know the latter sentence when starting this paragraph. It's incredible to find links like this squaring with the events I claim are designed by God. It makes me happy.

I've just looked up Kari Lake's husband to find a former husband in Jeff Halperin. Halperins/Halpers/HALFpennys have a checkered version of the Scottish Champagne Shield, and this works because Halps/HELPs/Halfs share the gold fitchee with Halperins/Halfpennys, and because AVESNes, on the HELPE river, was home to a noble Margaret who married a Dampiere family of Champagne, explaining why Avesnes-like Avezzano's share the potent pattern in their bend with French Champagne's. Therefore, Miss Lake's husband takes us exactly to BRACEbridge kin. Avezzano's were first found in Sardinia with the Amori's who share the Bach/Bagh stars, in case there was a close / meaningful-to-topic connection there.

AHHHHH, it wasn't until I loaded Halps after writing the above that I remembered: the Halp/Half Shield is also the KERRY Shield!!! Halps/Halfs were even first found in Lincolnshire with Bracebridge's! We are on it. I am happy-happy.

It was the Halpers/Halfpennys who caused me to find the Needham branch of Knee's from the Needham dyke in their write-up. Mamie sat on my knees. Both the Knee's and Needhams use the phoenix, and Kari Lake had worked for Fox news in Phoenix! I've seem the description for Needhams, it's a "phoenix." One can see the flames at the tail, the very same symbol shown for the Phoenix/Fenwick Crest.

My sleeping bag dream featured the Morleys, and the English Morleys named Morleston, where Needhams were first found. Needhams with Knee's share the Acorn and Vice stag head, and while Knee's were first found in County Down with Prays, DuPrays come up as "pres." What's Mamie's sleeping bag got to do with Kari Lake for vice-president?

BAGleys were first found in Shropshire with Sleeps, beside Morleston and Morley, and while the sleeping bags in both the dream and Mamie's tent were in the woods, Bagleys of Bagley Woods share the Coat of Wood-related Roots. Roots and Roets share the tree with PENNYtons, and Bagleys with Roots happen to share the Pennington lozenges.

As I've said many times, Mamie would not let me hug her, or would not return a hug when I started to hug her, when we were in the sleeping bag. That's how I assigned her a tease symbol to go with her thigh symbol because Tease's are listed with Thys' while Thigh's are also Thy's. The last thing I remember was draping my right arm over her waist or hip, and I went to sleep like that because she didn't seem to mind. I'm not making this up, I've told it before, the point being that the Hips Coat is almost the Phoenix/Fenwick Coat, and moreover the Hips have a sphinx while Spinks were first found in Northamptonshire with the Pennys who look like they named Halfpennys.

New: I kid you not, the Spink Crest is the Bach/BAGH Crest, and when I put an arm around her hip, in the BAG, her BACK was toward me! German Baghs use only an arm holding a sword. "Fidelis" is a motto term shared between Spinks and Phoenix's/Fenwicks, and so the new mystery is why the Spinks should be relevant or important.

Bachs/Baghs share the vair fur of Beach-branch Beckers and Quincy-branch Quints. The Quincys were rulers of Winchester, both sharing lozenges (different colors) with Spinks (same place as Quincys). The gold Halperin / Halp fitchee is in the Crest of Winchesters, and while Carters (probably have the Irish Cary lion) were first found in Winchester, Carts are said to be from Cary Castle of the Karys/Carys!!! It looks like God set things up to make even Mamie's sleeping bag point to Kari Lake. Carts share the saltire of ARMys/Armine's, first found in Lincolnshire with Bracebridge's.

The Carter chevron is colors reversed from the one of Irish Kerns, and Carian-line KARENs are Kerns too. As Carts have the brown Clare stag head, Carys and Carts look like Carians from Clarus, and thus this is the Thy-loving Sinclair/Clair line, right down Mamie's garden alley, now looking like DeSantis' alley too. As Roets were from PAYNE Roet, let's add that the fessewise bars of DeSantis' are in the colors of the fesse of French Payne's.

As an aside, the other Carters share the same lion (Karen and Roet colors) as Graffs/Graffens while the pointer to graphene-oxide was with KAREN Graff. The lion is in the colors of the Irish Cary/Keery lion, and in the latter's Crest is an armored arm (Brace/Bras symbol) holding a Roet-related spear, symbol also of English Payne's.

Mamie's garden perhaps points, not to Val Trompia at Garda, but to English Gardners because they share the Camp/Comp/Champ griffin heads. English Gardners were even first found in Oxfordshire with Lake's and Bracebridge-beloved Bee's. As we saw above, Camp liners connect well with DeSantis'. However, a pointer to both DeSantis and Trump could be Intended if they compete for the 2024 election.

[Kari] Lake was a member of the Republican Party until November 3, 2006, when she changed her registration to become an independent. She registered as a Democrat on January 4, 2008, the day after the Iowa Democratic presidential caucuses were won by Obama. Lake returned to being a Republican on January 31, 2012. She explained leaving the Republican Party in 2006 as a reaction to the then-ongoing Iraq and Afghanistan wars. She had supported John Kerry in 2004 and Barack Obama in 2008. She also made several donations to Democratic presidential candidates. After launching her campaign for governor in 2021, Lake cited Trump, Ronald Reagan, and Arizona Republican Party chair Kelli Ward, all former Democrats, as precedent for her party-switching (her Wikipedia article).

Chosen news people who work for Fox learn fast how to talk the Republican talking points, but this doesn't mean they are sincere. It's done for $$$ by the Fox bosses. Others at Fox carry a "centrist" slant, and others a leftist slant to attract as much of an $$$audience$$$ as possible. Fox supports "centrist" non-Christian political candidates. The true center is Jesus, don't let them fool you.

Q-Theory from the Ramp Dream

For anyone having read my ramp dream, in the second update of last month, in which a man said to me, "You OWE me FIVE THOUSAND dollars," the following insert was added to it. I had deciphered "thousand" to be a pointer to Townsands of Rainham partly because Rainhams were first found beside Fife while Five's are also Fifys. The ramp dream had three wrong things that I called goof-ups as a pointer to owe-like Ows/Goffs/Gough's:

[Insert November 11 -- I was reflecting on these goofs when I decided to check for a Wrong surname, which happens to be listed with WRENch's/Rench's sharing the Wren crosslets. Wrens are said to be a Rain/Raines branch, and thus the Townsands of Rainham suggest that God made the dream wrong to verify that He wants to point to Townsands, though there's likely more to it. Yes, for Wrens share the purple lion head with VIVians who in turn share the FIVE/Fify chevron! Zikers, I almost missed that.

Plus, "YOU owe me five thousand dollars" can now point to Yoo's and Yeo's, for You's/Yells have the Newmans/Numans in their motto that I link to Rains/Raines' for multiple reasons. Yeo's/Yoe's/Yeomans are in colors reversed from, and in the format of, Yeomans/Humans who are in turn in Rain/Raines colors and format. Yeo's/Yoe's/Yeomans were first found in Devon with the Trebys whom I've connected to the Flynn Chief, and the Flynn Chief is also the Rainham Chief. Trebys share the Rains/Raines, Newman/Numan, and Wren-Crest lion. Yeomans come up as Numan-like Humans.

I've even argued that Flynns are of the Flan variation of Flints because Bathers, have wolf heads in Flynn-wolf colors, were first found beside Flintshire. Previous to that, and even before the ramp dream, I actually argued that heraldic FLAUNches' were code for the Flan variation of Flints along with Ches' (read as "flaunCHES") because the latter share the green border with flaunches-using Dollars!!! Can we believe it? God is making me laugh. Plus, Bathers have a "VIVas" motto term!!! Plus, I was driving backward on the ramp as one of the wrong things, and Bathers were first found in Denbighshire with Bachs/Baghs!!!!!

The Flynn wolf is in the colors of the wolf heads of Traby-beloved Scarfs (share Bather Coat exactly), and while general Flynn has indicated that he's a supporter of Q-Anon, the Traby scarf is in the shape of a 'Q'. I'm not sure whether Flynn and Q apply to this dream, though I have expressed that Q was way wrong in his central belief that the military-et-al are secretly on Trump's side versus the deep state. Traby married Stick-line Astikas' while Sticks share the Yoo/Yell garb. Maybe Q-Anon was the driver of the vehicle that crashed on the ramp.

But wait. Maybe the driver who crashed was Fred Flintstone, always doing wrong things, for Flints use "flint stones" while Stone's, I kid thee not, first found in Cornwall with Vivians, have a motto, "Vive UT VIVAS"!!!!!!!!!! We just saw "vivas" with Bathers, but they even have "Ut vivas" too. I kid thee not.

The English Falcons in the Bather Crest were not only first found in Cumberland with Ramps, but share the Vivian and Five/Fify chevron. French Falcons are in Bather colors and format. The man said, "You owe ME five thousand dollars," and Mee's/My's share the cross of Baths.

English Falcons even have a "fier" motto term to go with the "fieri" of Rain-connectable and Ramp-like Rams who are in turn in Townsand colors and format. In fact, Rams share "vis" with English Falcons, making the case stronger that Ramps were a Ram branch. The Rams even have a "Quod" motto term expected for the Quoid variation of Quade's (share three wolf heads of a different color with Scarfs) who are highly suspect as the reason for the Q-like scarf.

Amazing: From Rams and the Rump variation of Ramps, we take it to the "placit" motto term of Rums/Rims because Wikipedia's Arms of Placentia once showed a blue wolf (shown at link below) in colors reversed from the Flynn / Scarf wolf, and because Placentia is on the Trebia river, home of the Ananes Gauls who named the Annandale location of Rums/Rims, so amazing because the Annan(dale)s come up as Anons. Q-Anon.

The other half of the Arms of Placentia shows just a square, and Square's/Squire's must therefore be a branch of SCHERFs/Schere's/Schare's/Schire's. The other Schere's even use a "stick" for their green snake, and Flynns have another green snake. This is why the triple besants in the Flynn Chief must be the triple besants in the Treby Chief. The Rainham Chief has three besants in both colors of the Flynn Chief.

Townsend-like Tonsings/Tonsens even share the upright and brown lion with Ramps/Rumps. I've seen the Tonsing/Tonsen description with "CANDALabra", and Kyle's happen to use CANDLEsticks for connection to Yoo-connectable Sticks.

I suspect that God gave this dream for paving the way (adding clues) to decipher the ramp in the Obama dream. Stay tuned. We might conjecture that Obama set up Q-Anon to mislead Trump supporters, to mock them, to make them look ridiculous with a false hope. Conservatives had the false hope that the military was a conservative organization, but Obama had eight years to change that after Bush had eight years to stack it with Nazi elements, and before that it was the eight years of Bill Clinton. General Flynn, a fake Christian who believes in something akin to a thousand points of light, was part of Obama's military.

In the final scene of the Obama dream, the one after he was on a SKATEboard ramp, he was disappointed with an employee. One of the few clues I've got to identify the employee is that his back was toward me and Obama. We just saw Bachs/Baghs first found in Denbighshire with the Bathers sharing the Flynn wolf. Wolf-using Quade's are also Quids, and Guido's then get interesting because they have the hourglass-like Shield of SKATE's/Sheets in colors reversed, and Kyle's were first found in Ayrshire with SKITs/Skeets who share the Skate/Sheet Coat. In the scene immediately before skateboard scene, Obama was dancing on a stage, and stages are where SKITs are done. Obama's circle had fired general Flynn. Plus, one of the dream's wrong things is my steering my car backward, and German Backs/Bachs use a "steer."

[When Mamie and I were WADing in the lake, we were BATHERs. Wade's are listed with Quade's, and as Mamie in the lake pointed to Kari Lake, might she be in some cahoots with general Flynn? ]

There is a black-wolf version of the Arms of Placentia with the wolf in both colors of the Quade wolf heads. At this link, the she-wolf is said to represent Romulus and Remus, founders of Rome, and Rums/Rims are also Rome's. Obama on a stage can then be on a deck because Decks/Daggers, with a split Shield in the colors of the vertically-split Arms of Placentia, shares the Square/Squire/Squirrel squirrel.

There is a black-wolf version of the Arms of Placentia with the wolf in both colors of the Quade wolf heads. At this link, the she-wolf is said to represent Romulus and Remus, founders of Rome, and Rums/Rims are also Rome's. Obama on a stage can then be on a deck because Decks/Daggers, with a split Shield in the colors of the vertically-split Arms of Placentia, shares the Square/Squire/Squirrel squirrel. End insert].

Starlinck Surname

I'm going to present some evidence that God arranged an event in my life to jibe with heraldry to point to Elon Musk. This involves new material and old. In the recent past, I told that my climbing the antenna of Diane MUSCHAtov, with a Moscow-like surname, can point to Elon Must because MUSCATs list the Musk surname, but also because Elon Musk's Starlink satellite system interacts with antennas on the ground for telephone and Internet communications.

I also showed how the Window surname links to PHONE's/Fiens/Fane's because I climbed her antenna to KNOCK on her bedroom window. Young men are half out of their minds, I know. The NOCKs share the red leopard face with antenna-like English Antons to help convince me that God arranged for me to knock on her window. German Antons are in Window, Fien/Finis, and Phone/Fien/Fane colors and format. I'll add here that German Antons use mallets while both Mallet surnames click with the new finds below.

After suggesting that the antenna event points to Elon Musk, I found additional pointers of the same event to Moscow's war in Ukraine, first because Diane Muschatov's parents both had Ukrainian accents i.e. fairly fresh into Canada from Ukraine. At first, I had difficulty reconciling a pointer of the antenna to both Musk and the war in Ukraine, but while I was linking Miss Muschatov to the war, news came out that the Russians had KNOCKED out Starlink's capabilities in Ukraine to frustrate Ukraine's communications with its military on the battlefield. No satellites were knocked out, but rather antennas on the ground.

Here's from my 1st update of last month: "This week, Ukraine has complained that Elon Musk's Starlink communications system was out for Ukrainian military in the hot zone against Russians..." That update was one of multiple in which I was introducing a new thing: Miss Muschatov telling me she almost CHOKEd on a CHICKen bone. It suggested that it points to Ramzam Kadyron, leader of the chicken-like Chechens, Moscow's key ally in the Ukraine war.

Last night, Monday, I found myself asking how the antenna can point to STARlink, and one means occurred to me then. But before getting to that, and while I'm here, let me add that Stars have a chevron colors reversed from the Chicken chevron, and let's repeat that the Chicken chevron has cockaTRICEs. Keeps are from Kiev, the Ukraine capitol, while "Keep tryst" is a motto term of Hebrons/Hepburns while Trice's are listed with Trysts. This gets amazing because "Trustie" is a motto term of Letter-connectable Leiths, and you will shortly see why the antenna points to Letters in pointing to Starlink. Leiths were first found near Lauder, and Letters share the Lauder Coat.

Plus, the "Vive en" motto term of Stars looks like code for the Vivians, first found in Cornwall with Trice's/Trysts and Tristans. The Budini of Kiev are to Bute liners, and a boot is used by Dutch Veys while Vivians come up as Veys too. This supports my case that Vivians and their Five/Fify and Fife branches are from Ukraine's Lviv. Thus, we make a note that Stars had bumped by marriage into Ukrainian bloodlines, for historical heraldry was passed on from one marital partner to another, and usually of noble families in power. The Stars are important because I found a Starling surname this morning listed with Starlincks, SUPER. It gives me something to work with.

Before going on, I've got to repeat that the Star lozenges are shared by Settle's, the latter first found in Lancashire with Shuttleworths/SHETTLEworths who in turn share the "weaver's shuttle" with the Keeps. It's added weight that Stars were heavily Ukrainian at one point.

This is becoming happily shocking for me. I had read that Bothwells were named from the island of Bute, and so let's add that Linch's/Lynch's share the Bothwell Coat, and it's almost the Feller Coat which is itself almost the Fall/Fallis Coat while the latter were first found at Edinburgh, in Midlothian with Leiths. Lanarkshire, where Bothwells were first found, was stacked with Flemings, including the first-known Scottish Flemings, and so I've got to add that while Mr. KEPke, with a Ukrainian father, was dating Miss Peare when I knew them both, Pero's use "FLAMING STARS."

Plus, Peare's share the stars of Leith-like Letts, and the first-known Leiths in Midlothian were there with Roslin, just six miles from Edinburgh. This is why I am happily shocked this morning as I follow the heraldic clues, live while I write. I am pretty sure that Starlings/Starlincks use SQUARE buckles, which are on the rare side, and that's the symbol of the Roslin surname!!!! I did not know I'd be coming to this when starting out this morning, but it jibes with the LINKletters that I was planning to go to, because they were first found in the Orkneys with Henry Sinclair of Roslin's Sinclairs!!! Incredible outcome.

One reason for guessing correctly that Starlincks (Suffolk, same as Buckle's) use buckles is because Leslie's do who share their Coat exactly but with round buckles. Rounds have one of the double chevrons of Rowells/ROTHwells while Leslie's were earls of Rothes. The Round Crest is a "sleeping lion", and I knocked on Muschatov's window while she was sleeping, wherefore lets add that Rounds were first found in Essex with Muschats. There we have a tidy pointer of Miss Muschatov to Mr. Musk as well as to the Rothschilain Round Table.

I'm beside myself. I've been tracing the "ORGAN pipes" in the Lett Crest to "ORKNey" for years. And I've mentioned the SQUARE/Squirrel surname's motto term, "Tiens," many times because Tiens' (Oxfordshire, same as Peare's) share the chevron-with-stars of Peare's, which are the stars in the colors of the Lett stars.

Last night, while wondering how the TV antenna at the Muschatov residence could point heraldically to Starlink, it dawned on me that a TV antenna is half a ladder. The people installing the antenna need to climb this ladder to get it up there. I climbed the ladder to her second-story bedroom window. And that's why the Lauders came to mind, because I've been identifying the heraldic ladder with Lotheringia liners to Lauders. Lauder is roughly 25 miles from Roslin, and the point is that, once the antenna got me to Lauders, it got me to their Letter branch, and from there the LinkLETTERs came to mind. That's partly why this morning's trace to Roslin has me happily going forward with this investigation, because it appears Arranged by God as a pointer to Musk's satellite system. Why would he want to point to that? Not for a good thing, I assume.

I didn't load Lings until now, recalling that they are in Feller colors and format so as to be pegged easily as a Linch/Lynch branch. The beauty is that Lings and StarLINGs/Starlincs were both first found in Suffolk!!!! Can we believe it? Suffolk is where Chickens were first found.

Let me repeat some things before going on with the all-important Linkletters. Miss Muschatov choked on a chicken bone, and Choke's/Cholke's share the Coat (triple fesses suspect from TRYPILLians of Kiev) of English Pasleys in colors reverses while Pasleys were first found in Berkshire with Choke's/Cholke's and Boots!!! The Budini lived south of Kiev, and someone wrote that Trypillia was south of Kiev too.

The amazing thing was that Chickens were first found in Suffolk, where the Love's/Luffs and Muscats/Musks were once said to be first found, I'm not making this up (it's recorded many times in my earlier updates). Love's/Luffs, now said to be first found near/beside Berkshire, share the triple chevrons of Pasleys, and in the Love/Luff Crest is the fitchee-formee cross of Chechnya-like Checks/Cheeks/CHICKS (Oxfordshire, same as Love's/Luffs) so that this picture points to KADYrov's Chechens.

I showed (a few updates ago) how Kepke's job as a golf caddy pointed to "KADYrov", but we also have the CAT of Pussys/Poussins (Oxfordshire) because they share the triple Choke/Cholke (and Chalk) fesses. Is heraldry not singing here? Cat-using Croms were once said to be first found in Berkshire, but are now said to be first found in Hertfordshire with VINCE's/Finch's, and I had traced Croms with both VINCEnt surnames to Rennes-le-CHATeau, part of the Da-Vinci-Code trash. There was an old blue-apples riddle concerning Rennes-le-Chateau that included: " “Shepherdess no temptation that POUSSIN and TENIERs..." Poussins were first found in Oxfordshire with Tiens-branch TENNIS' (share leopard faces of Tiens-related Peare's), and Tenier's (TRIPLE chevrons) are listed with the TENAS'/TenNARRE's/TenNARDO's who came up in the last update with NARbonne's/DeNARDo's, perfect because Narbonne is in Aude province with Rennes-le-Chateau...and Roquefeuil (= proto-RockeFELLERs).

Okay, so the antenna-ladder pointed to Linkletters as verification of a pointer to Starlink satellites. The Linkletter motto is, "Skoal," and Schole's/Schools list the Scayle's while Scalia's show nothing but a ladder!!! Do you see? God made me climb the antenna-ladder as a pointer to Starlink, so amazing.

It wasn't until loading Linkletters this morning that I saw again how they were descended from the Elon-like Alans. I'll convince you easily on this starting with the sharing between Scottish Stewarts and Linkletters of checkered fesses, though not in the same colors. Alans had renamed themselves as Stewarts / Stuarts.

I have it recorded that French Alans/ALENGs once showed ducks, the LINKletter symbol. I also have it recorded that Velens, first found in Westphalia with duck-using Velins, once showed ducks too. However, houseofnames decided to change the ducks of both surname to footless martlets, and both surnames have those martlets in the same colors. Thus, Avalon-like Velins were Alan kin or even a branch from "Alan." Alans had named ancient Aulon/AVLONa, and mythical Avalon is BUTE, from the Budini of Kiev who lived with Elon-like Geloni. Bute was previously ROTHESay, and that links well through Leslie's to Starlincks!

Chechnya overlapped with ancient Alania, also called, Iron, and there is an Iron/Orion surname of AIRAINES (like "RENNES") that I trace to Arran, where Blue's/GORMs were first found suspect in "blue apples." Mythical Orion was from Boot- / Bute- / Bothwell-like Boeotia. GORMleys share the red martlets of French Henrys, and the latter were from a Mott location beside RENNES, itself near the Dol Alans who became Stewarts. At this point, it seems right to tell that the English Stewarts have a lion colors reversed from the lion of Links/Linkers, though many surnames use lions in these colors i.e. it looks difficult to assure that the two surnames were close-enough related to be a meaningful pointer. Perhaps the split-color Shield of Links/Linkers will come up big to discover whose lion the Links have.

[Insert -- While writing some paragraphs below, telling that Daggers share the French Pack bull, I came up here to look at the quote above with "pax," and realized that the "key pax" phrase looks like code for the Kipax variation of Keppochs for another link to Kiev liners. There is a Kippax-like Kippes/Keppes/Keppe, showing no Coat, but said to be first found in Hampshire, beside the first-known Keeps (Sussex, same as English Packs) who use a "galley" ship. Linkletters use a ship too (don't know hat they call it), and English Galleys (Yorkshire, same as Keppochs/Kippax's and Schole's suspect in the Linkletter Crest) have a checkered fesse half in the colors of the same of Linkletters! Beauty! I stumbled on this, but probably Directed to it without my knowing. It thus seems that Linkletters had Kiev blood. Mr. Kepke was engaged to be married to Kim Walsh, and Scottish Walsh's share the Schole annulet.

When seeing that Galleys have black-white checks with a black Shield while Linkletters have green-white checks with a green Shield, I recalled that French Marks have the checkered fesse of Stewarts on a green Shield i.e. begins to suggests a LINKletter link to Marks. The Jewish Marks/Marx's have the checkered fesse of Budini-suspect and Stewart-related Boyds. And that's when I discovered the horizontally-split Shield of German Marx's which, like the horizontally-split LINK Shield, has a lion (different colors) holding an object (different colors, different object) in the top half. That looks promising for another step, when I get to it.

Both the Links and Marx's were first found in Austria, and both have blank white Shields on the bottom half. It looks like a definite marital relationship had taken place somewhere near the two surnames.

The duck-using Devons have a horizontally-split Shield in colors reversed from the same of German Marx's, and German Marks have a vertically-split Shield in colors reversed from the same of FLEETwoods, and I'll show below how Elons were of Flett / Fleet liners. The Spears of German marks can go with the "Sperno" motto term of Elons. End insert]

This week is the first time I've known about a Pace location on the outskirts of Rennes. Rennes-connectable RENfrewshire, location of Paisley and its Pasleys, is where Pollocks were first found who not only built Rothes castle, but then married the Leslie's to explain how the latter became earls of Rothes. Starlincks share the Leslie Coat, by the looks of it. Rothes is on the SPEY river suspect with Renfrewshire's Spears/Speyers, and German Lings share crossed spears (different colors) with Spears/Speyers and Paisley-branch Pasi's/Pace's/Pascels.

As Paisleys share the PACK anchor, let's go back to the riddle to add to it a little: "Shepherdess no temptation that poussin and teniers hold the key PAX 681 by the cross and this horse..." To this we can add that Poussin-like Poissons/Poussons nearly have the Bardy Coat while Bards share the green Leslie griffin. It thus becomes clear that the riddle pertains to surnames related to Rennes-le-Chateau. It just so happens that the "blue apples" appeared on the GLASS of a WINDOW, and while Windows were a branch of Windsors (Berkshire, same as Poussin-related Pasleys), Glasgow is in Renfrewshire!

If I recall correctly, the blue apple-like shapes appeared on the glass of a Magdalene church in Rennes-le-Chateau, and hence the Da Vinci Code played on a Mr. Saunier, a catholic priest, and re-builder of this Magdalene church. Sauniers were first found in Perigord with Bardys. Roets, who trace to the Boofima human-sacrifice cult (see last update) that I see in Perigord, were a Rothes branch, and share the Speer/Speyer boar heads. Packs were first found in Sussex with Keeps and duck-using Devons; the latter use a "Spero" motto term.

Sussex is also where DIANE's/Deans were first found who share the German Ling lion, and the Irish Dene's, sharing the Diane/Dean motto, use a "crocodile" that pointed to the crocodile shoes and boots in a Kiev boutique. This footwear is/was owned and sold by Igor KoloMOISKY, a corrupt Ukrainian actor. Compare the surname of DIANE MUSCHatov to his surname, though his surname looks rooted in "Moi." The amazing thing is that the Moise's/Moissons, a surname like the Moi's/Moys/Moessens, share the Choke and Pasley Coats!!! It's astounding, actually, because it's undeniable that God set me up with Diane Muschatov in a pointer to Ukrainian rot.

It's interesting that Yates' are in Devon colors and format because Obama's last attorney general, following on the heels of Loretta LYNCH as his attorney general, was Sally Yates. Devons share the LINKletter ducks, to be assumed, because Duck-liner English Stewarts were first found in Devon. I believe that Devon's capital is Exeter, and Exeters share bells with PORTers who co-own the "portcullis" gate with Yates'.

The Muschat-like Muscas/Mosca's are in the motto of Drake's who in turn have a red dragon looking like its tail loves the 666. Ports and Porters were first found in Hampshire with Drake's, and the latter's write-up once cleverly but falsely had a trace of the surname to the GAIT of a duck (houseofnames has removed it). It can explain the "captat" motto term of Drake's versus the "captivat" (suggests Vatts/Watters') of duck-using Devons versus the "capta" of Gates-like Geddes'.

From the 2nd update in April, 2013, I've got: "Drake's are said to be from the walk / gait of a duck, and then the German Valence Coat uses the same ducks (Alan colors), in the same colors as the Brittany Henry ducks..." As you can see, French Henrys once showed ducks too, but now show red martlets, as do French Alans and Velens. Did someone in the globalist-Stewart family call houseofnames to ask for a change of symbols?

GAIT of a duck is code. Much of the write-ups shared by houseofnames are centuries old. The vertically-split Shield of GAITs/GATES' is colors reversed from the same of German Lings, and both share the same lion! Zinger, Linkletters use ducks, we get it. It looks like God is pointing to Obama's corrupt federal prosecutors. His first attorney general was Eric Holder, and Holders, first found in Gloucestershire with Yates' and Linkletter-connectable Letts, have a lion in Ling / Gates-lion colors.

The beauty here is that Holdens/Holdings use "ALLERions" and share the red escutcheon with ALLERs, first found in Westphalia with Duck-liner Velins and Ducks/DOCKERs. English Dockers use SPEARs, and were first found in Cumberland with the Daggers who share the Bardy Coat! The same Daggers share the red bull with French PACKs expected in the blue-apples riddle. German Decks/Daggers share the red squirrel with Tiens-loving Square's/Squirrels in the squirrel of the Hold/Hold Crest. Holds/Holts, first found in Lancashire with the LINGers who almost have their fesses), have two of the Holder fesse, and both surnames add a gold Crest. As Tiens' link to the Teniers in the blue-apple riddle, let's repeat some of it: "Shepherdess no temptation that poussin and teniers HOLD the key PAX 681..."

LINKletters must have been named from the English and Scottish Langs because the latter two use LETTERS, "ABCDEF". French Alans are ALENGs too, and one German Lang Coat shares the pelican with Scottish Stewarts. Thus, LINKletters, a pointer to Elon Musks' Starlink, has just gotten us to the threshold of the Elon surname. Note how Elon-like LUNEburg is where both German Lang surnames were first found, for Luneburg was paired politically with Brunswick, where the Barrs of Este lived who named DUCK-like Bar-le-Duc.

I've now got to repeat that while German Ducks were first found in Westphalia with duck-liner Velins and Velens, as well as Pansys/Pantzers, the Arms of Bar-le-Duc uses pansies.

I've said many times that my date, Lorraine, came home to her BALCONy having a grass stain on the BUTT of her pants, and this was said many times before I knew that Lorraine's were from Maria of Kiev. I think God is telling that Maria was a BUDini > Butt/Bute liner. I'm repeating this here partly because her PANT stain pointed to Pansys/Pantzers due to Bar-le-DUC being in Lorraine, France, but especially because German Duchs (not "Duck") are in BALCON colors and format!!! The makers of heraldry didn't know she's come home to the BALCONy with that stain while I was there to witness it. Balcons ("Dum SPIRo SPERo") almost have the Coat of Botters/BUTINI's, I kid you not. It gets fun when things click this well.

Balcons were first found at Crail while Crails/Crabs and English Dole's, both first found in Cambridgeshire with Muscats/MUSKs, share triple fleur-de-lys in the same colors and positioning as the three of Norths, the kin of Denardo's/NORDi's, the pointer to the Nord Stream.

In the last update, I happened to be on an event with Mrs. Kilpatrick and I in a church pew. After the church service that morning, I found my rear tire FLAT in the church PARKING LOT. The Pews share the Coat of Perkins/PARKINGs who in turn share the Kilpatrick lion. Lots share the brown dog with Lauder-like Lothians/Loudons. And the main point is: FLATTS/Fletts were first found in Orkney with Linkletters. I've been telling this for a few years because the pew event might not have happened had I not been wearing a blazer that morning, with tie, the first time I wore a tie to that church (I attended for a couple of years).

I think Mrs. Kilpatrick liked me dressed up (I almost never dress up for church), and chose to come over to pray with me. She's a classy lady, and God lured her, I assume, because He wanted me to tell readers that I discovered the potential Flatt-Linkletter relationship when asking what surname has green-black checks, for the blazer I wore has a small check-like pattern in those colors. The only surname I knew of with checks in those colors was the Linkletters. I assumed, therefore, that God wanted readers to believe He was pointing to Linkletters with the pew event, and therefore provided the flat tire at that time (the tire seemed fine when I walked into church). I'm now wondering whether he wanted to point to Elon Musk with this set of heraldry.

To help you believe, Blaze's/Blazers not only share the Kilpatrick saltire, but have a Chief in Kilpatrick colors and format. Plus, the garb in the center of the Blaze/Blazer Chief is shared by Walks/Wachs, first found in Dumfries with Kilpatricks. Plus, the fleur-de-lys of Walks/Wachs is shared by Parkings and Pews. Believe yet? Flett-like Fleetwoods share the Blazer martlets that are on either side of the Blazer garb. Believe yet?

A blazer is a JACKet. I had to use my jack to put on a SPARE tire, and English Jacks (Yorkshire, same as Blaze's/Blazers) share the scallops of Daggers while Kilpatricks use a "dagger," as do the Comyns/Comings who share the Blazer / Walk garb. Comyns/Comings were first found in Norfolk with Spare's and Flatt-connectable Flags/Flacks. Scottish Jacks were first found in Renfrewshire with Spare-like Speers/Speyers and Simple's. The motto of Speer-branch Spree's has the Simple's expected in the "Simplex" motto term of Perkins/Parkings. As Alans moved from England to Renfrewshire when they became Stewarts, the "sperno" motto term of Elons can apply to Speer liners.

The Spare's are terrific here for almost having the Coat of Dutch Neckers, for I see "Nec" motto terms, used by Elons, as code for Neckar-river liners. The Rodden river is in Shropshire with Alans, and Roddens/Rodhams share "Nec" with Elons (Berwickshire, near first-known Roddens/Rodhams. The giant Spare stag head with antlers are in the colors of the Casimir and MOLIS/Moleson antler, red like the KIEVer antler. ESCHYNa de MOLLE married the first royal-line Alan-Stewart, and ESKINs/Erskins (Renfrewshire with Alan-to-be-Stewarts) essentially have the German Necker Coat in colors reversed. Molsons/Moltons (Devon, same as Stewarts) were kin of Simple's. Molis'/Molesons share the checks of Stewart-related Boyds, Jewish Marx's, and Fabians. Is God trying to tell that Elon Musk is a Rhodian / Fabian Marxist?

Okay, here's a repeat of things I've said before. Flatts/Fletts share the Coat almost of Floats, both having trefoils colors reversed from the same of Palmers, the latter first found in Norfolk with Floats, and with Flags/Flecks who share the double fesses of Palmers and Elons. So you see, while my flat tire contributed in a pointer to Linkletters, first Orkney with Flatts/Fletts, the Alan-line Linkletters are pointing unabashed to Elon Musk. To top this off, Flett-like Fleets share the double fesses of Elons too, and English Alans tell that they were early in Norfolk...with the Leslie-related Case's who could thus be Starlinck kin. Plus, English Alans and Elons share oak leaves, as do Oaks (Somerset, same as Roets and Ducks) upon a fesse in colors reversed from the Elon fesse. The Oak Crest shares a tree with roots with Elons and Roet-branch Roots (Kent, same as Rothes', and Time's/Timms suspect in the Elon motto). English Rothes were once said to be first found in Shropshire with Alans.

Cecil Rhodes, suspect in cahoots with the Marxist Bavarian Illuminati, was a Fabian Marxist. Repeat: "Balcons were first found at Crail while Crails/Crabs and English Dole's, both first found in Cambridgeshire with Muscats/MUSKs, share triple fleur-de-lys." English Dole's are said to have named Livery Dole in Exeter (Devon, same as Stewarts). The symbol showing for Liverys/LiveRiDGE's (Yorkshire, same as Rhodes') has been used by houseofnames for a plow, and it works here because Plows, first found in Shropshire with Rhodes-branch Rudes'/RUDGE's, a branch of RIDGE's (Devon, same as Livery Dole), almost have the English Dole Coat. Roddens, having named a river in Shropshire, have an "alter" motto term to go with the "alteri" of Plows. We might add that English Dole's have hexagrams colors reversed from the same of German Marx's.

Repeat from above: "Both the Links and Marx's were first found in Austria, and both have blank white Shields on the bottom half. It looks like a definite marital relationship had taken place somewhere near the two surnames." Austria is where Suters/Sauters were first found who share the hexagram held by the Marx lion. Sauters are suspect with a Mr. Sauteby in the Hicks write-up. Sauter-like Stars, the possible namers of Starlincks, were first found in Wiltshire with Suter-like Shute's and Calls/Calles. Shute's are in the colors and format of the Call/Calles trumpets, and the Crest of Leveridge-like Levers (Lancashire, same as Lingers) has a trumpet. English Lingers are also LinGARDs, and Val Trompia is at Lake Garda.

The Alan-like Lawns/Lane's/Lone's, with "Garde" motto term, have started out as Elon-like Lone's. They share the triple lions in pale of Plantagenets, first found in LONdon with Plants/Plantagenets, and the latter share the red stag of Lonnys/Lonys.

Liz Truss Quits

[Insert Thursday: This section mentions Baphomet, and so see Elon Musk's halloween outfit where's he an anti-Christian superRoman with a goat's head, what the speaker calls, "Baphopmet," on his chest armor:

The Baphomet cult has been my topic over the past two updates as well as this one. Musk was a topic throughout last month's updates. It all looks timed to coincide with his costume. His ladyfriend is satanic. I suppose that God is saying, beware Musk. Don't give him your personal information by joining twitter. Let twitter go bankrupt so that nobody tries mass-censorship again. End insert]

On Tuesday, after writing the above, the Russians made public their claim of hacking the phone of Britain's prime minister while she was transitioning to that position from being the foreign minister. The Russians claim that they caught her call to Biden's foreign secretary, Anthony Blinken, telling that the destruction of the Nord Stream pipeline was successfully accomplished. I assume she made this call immediately, before the event made the news. I therefore loaded the Truss surname to find a major thing I didn't know: " Le Sire de Troussebot or Pagan (Payne) Troussbut's chief domain was at Nuebourg in Normandy and he was at the Battle of Hastings. His son, Geoffrey FitzPayne, held the estates in Yorkshire." This is an excellent addition to my heraldic knowledge of the Templar bloodline (see last update for delvings into it), not that I care much about it, however.

It is made apparent that the Payen/Pagan and Ping/Pong/Pagan (Yorkshire) surnames descended directly from a Truss branch, a big deal. The Truss' (Payen/Pagans colors) even use a five-pointed, red label to essentially match the four-pointed, red label of Pings/Pongs/Pagans and Pane's/Panico's (Boulogne-like Bologna).

The amazing thing is, this find comes on the day that the "sperno" motto term of Elons was mentioned, a motto term also of English Pagans/Pagnells. Years ago, before I knew that the gold-on-blue border was owned by the bloodline of Justine of Picenum, I argued that "PICENum" was related to "Pagan." Afterward, I saw that the PICENsii people were top-center-left on this dark map to the north side of the Paioni. French Payens/Pagans are also Paions. I now find that English Pagans/Pagnells share this gold-on-blue border with Justins...begging whether God is pointing the finger for the Nord Stream's destruction to justin trudeau, for that prediction was made heraldically earlier this month.

The Picensii are shown smack on the Margus and upper PEK river (not marked). The Pek has a mouth at PINCum (shown), and Pings/Pongs/Pagans were first found in Yorkshire with Pincs/Pinks, we get it. PICKers/Peckers/Packers have the Pinc/Pink and Reno lozenges in colors reversed, and Panico's were at the Setta valley draining into the Reno river. The State's (Cheshire, same as Masseys/Maceys and Maceys/Mace's), suspect from the Statielli Ligures of Piedmont, share the Reno lozenges, suggesting connection to Renier/Rainier of Montferrat (Piedmont, same as Massena-branch Masci's).

Pagans were a Page branch, like "Pek," and French Page's (Dauphine, same as Payens/Pagans) share the Coat of LePage's, the latter first found in Ile-de-France with Trudeau's!!! It's also where Chappes' were first found while the first Templar grandmaster, Hugh de Payens, married Elizabeth (LIZ!) Chappes. LIZ Truss must have been born, Elizabeth, making her traceable to Joseph Caiaphas, the god of the Templars, in my guess-timate. Peks/Pecks share the PATEE cross (different colors) with Truss' and Massena's/Messina's while the latter share the Payen/Pagan hexagrams. PATTI is in Messina (Sicily), perfect.

Massena's even share the Pek patee in both colors with Peks/Pecks and Scottish Bride's, beauty. This now makes a definite connection between Brights (share stars of French Bride's) and Payens/Pagans because both have three, pierced stars in the same colors and positioning, as do the Maceys/Mace's. No coincidences, tending to explain the choice of "mason" or "Freemason" as the neo-Templar cult. German Freie's/Freys even share the Masson/Mason lion. Brights (Cheshire with Maceys/Mace's) use the three stars above unpierced.

We assume that the pierced stars are indication of marital merger with LEAVell-related Percivals, and with Pierce's (Somerset, same as Payne's, Percivals and Leavells). Leavells were at YVERY (Normandy) while Ivrea was home to the Arduinici. The the family of Godfrey de Bouillon was from the Bautica/Baltea river that flows to the Montferrat frontier, and Ivrea is upon that river.

Pierce's have uniCORNs, part code for the Ceraunii Illyrians, and part code for the Una river, home of the Massey-like Maezaei Illyrians living beside the Ceraunii. The latter were on the URBANus river (all shown on this light map) to explain why Urbans share the Massena and Payen/Pagan hexagrams.

The UNIcorn is part-code for the Una, shown on the ancient map above as the Oeneus. Mythical king Oeneus was of CALYDon, whom I trace to the Khaldi at/near the PYXites river. The black griffin in the Bright Crest has an eagle head while French Bride's (Savoy, same as Masseys/Masse's) have a black eagle head in Crest. I trace Eagle's/Hegels and Hagels to the ACHELous river at Calydon.

The Brights can be gleaned from Brigantium because it's in Savoy with the first-known Bride's. The Phrygians were also Briges'/Brigians, and the sun god of Phrygia was Attis, code for the Hatti of Hattusa. The latter term was related to the Cadusii Armenians that were in code with the caduceus of mythical Hermes, and he was an Armenian branch of mount Hermon, PHOENicians location of Panias, a city having had a Pan cult, explaining why Greeks made mythical Pan, a mythical goat that squares with the goat-headed Templar god, Baphomet, and with Marsyas, the mythical goat of Phrygia. The caduceus had two snakes, and the Marsi of Abruzzo had a snake goddess, Angitia.

We can glean here that the Phoenicians, the Poeni to the Greeks, possibly named after Panias, could have named the Paioni. Truss-like Tristans (Devon, same as English Page's) share the PHEONs of Stops/STUBBs, and Stobi was a Paioni city, as was ASTIbus while Asti of Piedmont is beside Montferrat. English Page's have these pheons in colors reversed, and add doves suspect with the "city of doves," Cuppae, near the Pek river. French Page's/Pagets are also Pageons, and there are Picensii-like Pigeons surnames. Pheons are ARROW heads, like the so-called "pikehead" arrowheads Pyxites-like Picots/Pigots (Cheshire again). Arrows/Arras', having named Arras in the area of Boulogne that itself furnished the first Templar king of Jerusalem, were first found in Staffordshire with Stops/Stubbs.

The Tristans above have a label, though not in the colors of the Truss / Ping/Pong/Pagan label. The other English Tristans were first found in CORNwall with Truss-like Trysts/Trice's. These other Tristans are in the format of, and colors reversed from, the Stop-like Stomps/Stumps, first found in Sussex with the Vice's/Vise's and Acorns who share the stag head of these latter Tristans. Stomps/Stumps share the black griffin with Brights. The latter use it as a demi-griffin, as do English Scotts who in turn have the wheel of Catherine Roet, daughter of PAYNE Roet. It tends to explain why Scottish Scotts look related to Urbans and Masci's / Massena's while even using one of the Macey/Mace stars. Hamon/HAMO de Masci is likely in the "Amo" motto of Scottish Scotts.

The English Pagans/Pagnells not only share the Justin border, but the Masci fleur-de-lys. I had started to realize, as long as a decade ago, that God had chosen me to do this heraldic work because my mother's Masci line from PICENze (her place of birth and up-bringing) was a key hub of Freemason-blood history. That village is suspect from a line of Justine of PICENum, a Pagan-connectable line. As I've said, I have a grandmother born from Mr. Taddei (of Picenze, I assume), and Taddei's (FIRENZE) share the Bouillon flory cross.

Taddei's use two of the crosses in their Chief to match the two PATonce crosses in the Chief of English FERRANDs, the latter first found in Yorkshire with Payen-liner Truss' and their Ping/Pong/Pagan branch. The latter are suspect from the Pan goat, and a giant goat is used by Kepke's/Kopke's who in turn share the Pagan / Justin border. The Ferrand patonce is on red so as to likely be the similar Pek / Massena patee. This is a good place to add that Italian Ferrands (Firenze) share the Ferrat Coat, which may imply that MontFerrat was named by a Firenze family. The Fire's (giant unicorn looking related to Keips) were first found in Austria with Massena-related Urbans.

I'll explain below how Vincents were related to Rennes-le-Chateau. English Vincents share the muzzled bear head (different color) with Percivals who in turn share the Pek/Peck and Massena patee. Gouel de Percival was father to Waleran de Leavell, a line from LUPUS Laevillus, which I think explains the Shaw/Seth write-up's erroneous trace of "Sithech" to "wolf." Even the Leavell surname is wrongly supposed to be from "Lupellus," or something like that. In other words, someone knew that Leavells were from LUPUS Laevillus, but didn't want to tell while tracing to a wolf. Sithech-like Sticks were first found in Somerset with Leavells, Percivals and Roets. English Vincents were first found in Leicestershire, named by the Leicesters of Cheshire, where Stiche's were first found. I'll tell you below why Roets are involved here.

The Marsi were probably in Picenze (in Abruzzo), some 25 miles from a Marsi hub at FUCino. Italian Fulks (Firenze) have a near-copy of the Massi/Mattis Coat, and the latter were first found in Abruzzo. They both use black eagles to go with the same-colored eagle wings of German Fulks, and Wings/Winks (Perthshire, same as Justins), are from "Vinkovci," home of Gratian, father-in-law of Justine of Picenum.

Abruzzo's ancient capital of Aprutium helps to give away their ancestry in a family of Epirus. Italian Fulks and Massi's/Mattis' share the checks of Ferrats and Stewarts. The latter, from Aulon/AVLONa at the Ceraunii mountains of Epirus, can apply to mount Velino, near Fucino. Mount Velino is off the Salto river, and there is a Velino river further down the Salto watershed.

Just realized for the first time I can remember: the Marsi snake goddess, AnGITia, might have been named after a Ged entity because Geds and Geddes' use "PIKE" go with the fish of Kidneys/Gedneys. The latter's fish form a saltire in the colors of the Great saltire, and Greats, sharing the gold border with Justins, are from Gratian, father-in-law of Justine of Picenum.

Greats were first found in Northumberland with the Hebrons having a "Keep tryst" motto, and Tristans were first found in Devon with Page's who, when ignoring their pheons, are in Hebron colors and format, yet these are also the Child colors and format while king Childeric was a Merovingian suspect with Maruvium, land of the Marsi of Abruzzo.

Ahh, it just so happens that Greats have a gold rooster in their Crest, the colors of the rooster of Gays (Savoy, same as Bride's) and Galli's (Dauphine, same as Payens/Pagans and Galleys). Galli's even have the Payen-connectable stars of Bride's, Brights, Maceys, etc., and that's probably due to Gays and Galli's being from king Gaia/Gala, father of king Massena (Numidia). Hebron-beloved Keeps use a "galley" (ship).

The Massi's listed with Mattis' can be traced to the Arms of MASSA-Carrara, for they share the Massi/Mattis checks. The Masseys/MASSA's (Massena / Masci colors) were first found in Savoy with Gays and Bride's. I assume that Mattis' were a branch of French Mathis', first found in Burgundy with Messeys/Messier's, but as Mathis' share the Chives moline, were can go to CHIVASso, on the Bautica/Baltea river with Ivrea, and flowing downriver through Monferrato.

Caiaphas-like Chives' can be traced well to the Cavii Illyrians at Lissus because Lys'/Lisse's, first found in Ile-de-France with Caiaphas-like Chappes', probably named the Lys tributary of the Bautica/Baltea river. Masseys/Maceys share the Lys/LISSE fleur-de-lys, and so note that Hugh de Payens married LIZ Chappes. LIZ TRUSS was of the Payen bloodline, you see, so that Britain had chose a Caiaphas liner to lead the apt for those human demons at the charge of Britain.

Chives' were first found in Tarves with Turins while the Tarves Shield is split vertically in the colors of the vertically-split Wakefield Shield, and Truss' are said to have had a branch on Wakefield. The Wakefield motto term, "Arudua," is likely for the Ardiaei line to Arduinici of Ivrea i.e. on the same river as Chivasso that flows near Turin. Wakefields share the garb, sometimes called wheat sheaves, of Walks/WACHs, and Italian Sheaves/CHIAVa's/Chiapponi's were first found in L'Aquila, seven miles from Picenze. English Sheaves'/SHAWs were first found in Berkshire with Trots, and Scottish and Irish Shaws/Seths were first found in Perthshire with Justins and Wings/WINKs, explaining the "VINCo" motto term of Wakefields. That's the line of Gratian of Vinkovci.

[Long Insert -- I'm not very familiar with English Pagans (because I usually load French Pagans as Payens), but I now realize that they exactly share the Shaw/Seth Crest, a hand holding a dagger, explaining why English Pagans are in the colors and format of Scottish Shaws/Seths. The Paionia was beside the Apsus river, location of Kuman, the line to Comyns/Commings, the latter being like "Comminges," home of Herod ANTIPAS, he having a surname tile "ANTIBES," a Ligurian location between Nice and Grasse. Arnissa, where I see the father-in-law of Caiaphas connected, is one major river north of the Apsus. The first king Herod was a son of Antipater, a name very traceable from Antipatria on the Apsus river.

Just watch this in light of Nice being smack beside Antibes: Wikipedia says that queen Nice-like Nysa of Cappadocia descended from king Cassander of Macedonia (beside Paionia), but I think the writer is a shyster for not telling that Cassander's father was Antipater. I don't think the in-the-know want people to realize that Herod descended from Antipater of Macedonia. Macedon in those days probably covered AntiPATRIA, explaining why PATTERsons list a Cassane variation while English Cassane's are also Cassandra's. It reveals that the Pelagonia location between the Apsus and Paionia is to the pelicans of Scottish Pattersons. It supports my trace of French Josephs (same place as Pellicans) and English Josephs (same place as Cassane's/Cassandra's) to Joseph Caiaphas.

Herod Archelaus, brother of Herod Antipas, got his surname with marriage to Glaphyra Archelaus of Cappadocia, and so the Cavii Illyrians are suspect in some way to/from the namers of Caiaphas-like Cappadocia.

Shaws/Seths are said to descend from "SITHech," and I think this goes back to Seth, father of chief-priest Annas, father in law of next-chief-priest Joseph Caiaphas, which makes sense where Hugh de Payens married the Chappes'. It's tending to verify that these traces to the two chief killers of Jesus are correctly traced.

If I hadn't mentioned the Vincents above, I wouldn't have realized that the Arms of Rennes-le-Chateau share the Justin border, for I see Vincents related to the Arms of Rennes-le-Chateau because their border is in colors reversed from French Vincents (Languedoc, same as Rennes-le-Chateau), and because English Vincents have a blue-Shield version of the CAT-using CROM Coat, both sharing QUATRefoils with Shaw-related Ayers and Eyers. Quatrefoils are suspect as a symbol for the line of from QUADRatilla BASSUS.

The thing is, I've been saying for a while that the Levite bloodline of Annas and/or Caiaphas should prove to be in the ancestry of Lupus LAEVillus, husband of Miss Bassus above. One reason I give is that Seth was in Syria, beside Cilicia, where Laevillus was a king in about 100 AD. It just so happens that Croms are in the colors and format of Childs, and the latter are from the second Merovingian king, Childeric, husband of BASINA, the latter being from the imperial Bassianus' of the 2nd century AD. I've seen the Bassus' above as "Bassianus" too. And mysteries surrounding Rennes-le-Chateau, and especially the da-Vinci-code trash, involve Merovingians.

It's now apparent that someone(s) believed or knew that LEONARDo de Vinci was of the Vince / Vincent bloodline from Vinkovci. The Arms of Rennes-le-Chateau use nothing but a blue Shield with a gold border, a border owned by the imperial Gratian > Valentinian line out of Vinkovci. You heard it here first, I myself am happy to report it on a spur of my heraldic travels. I've shown until recently that Roets were from the Boofima cult, which can explain the first name of da-Vinci, but we can add that English Vincents are implied as being at Leicestershire's Swinford, and Catherine Roet of Boofima elements married Mr. Swynford.

Childs were first found in Herod-like Hertfordshire with Vince's/Finch's, and Julius Bassianus probably married Miss Agrippa because it's known that his uncle was Julius Agrippa. Plancia Magna of PERGa was a Herod, and PERKins/Parkings, sharing the Levi lion, were first found in Leicestershire with English Vincents. Leicesters/Lesters, with "Pro" and "patria" motto terms expected for Pero's and Patria's/PEARtree's, share the triple fleur-de-lys of English Pagans!!! Beauty, for Pierro's/Pero's were first found in Pavia, a city-co-founded by the LAEVi Gauls that I think named Laevillus! Bang-on! For new readers, I'll repeat that the Pierro/Pero Coat looks like the one of Butts/Bute's/BOETs, and the Sadducees of Jesus' time were from the House of BOETHus, which married a king Herod by Salome Boethus. Plancia Magna descended from Glaphyra Archelaus (had two Herod husbands and Juba from Numidia), and her line with Alexander Herod as her husband, was ancestral, by not many years, to Quadratilla Bassus.

English Vincents were at Crom-like Vincent-de-CRAMenil, which is one of the reasons that I see Vincents sharing the Crom Coat. I can't re-find the Cromby branch with a bottony cross as code for the Botton / Bute/Boet bloodline, but the Crombys, first found in Aberdeenshire, beside the PEARtree's/Patria's, are in Peir/Peer colors, but also in the colors of the giant LEG of PROfetts, first found in Aberdeenshire. The LEGro river is in Leicester. Croms are in the colors and format of Ceraunii-suspect Crooms/Crome's/CRONE's (look like Leicester kin), both sharing black Crests to boot, and the latter share the fleur-de-lys of Lys'/Lisse's (Ile-de-France, same as Chappes' and Levi's).

The Leicester write-up traces the name to Ligurian-like terms, and the Boofima cult was at Liguria's Imperia, but could have spread to other Ligurian areas such as Savona, where I trace the swan in the Leicester Crest: "The first record of the [Leicester] place name was found in the early 10th century as "Ligera ceater" but by the Domesday Book of 1086...Literally the place name means 'Roman town of the people called Ligore,...' As Peartree's/Patria's in the Leicester motto share the Trump stag head, we can now fathom that Leggs, with almost the Trump Coat, were Leicester liners.

The "tentaMINE" motto term of Leggs gets us to Mine's/Menns sharing the Lise/Liss and ANNESley pale bars. Leghs/Leys/Lighs were first found in Cheshire with Leicesters, and Croms were first found in Herefordshire with Doria-suspect Doors (bees, Bessin/Beast and Childeric symbol). Scottish Crone's thus look like kin of Grimaldi's, from Genoa, same as Doria's, and from Monaco, near Imperia.

Scottish Crone's share the Arms of Meulan/MELLENT, home of Miss Beaumont, wife of Waleran de Percival de Leavell. The Beaumonts of Meulan/Mellent became rulers of Leicester, and Milans/Millens/MELLENTs were first found in Aberdeenshire with giant-leg Profetts/Prophets and Mellansons while their Mellan/Melon branch were first found in Ile-de-France. Irish Melons/Mellans share the bend of Peirs/Peers. The Scottish Crone lozengy is shared by Boet-like Beetle's/Beatle's (ROCK), first found in Berkshire, where Croms were once said to be first found, and where Boots are still said to be first found. German Crone's have a crane with the ROCK in its FOOT, and Foot-branch Fothes'/Fette's were first found in KinCARDINEshire (beside ProFETTs) with Peartree's/Patria's. Cardine's (Cheshire with Leicesters) share the pheons of Truss-like Tristans, and Truss's are shaping up as a branch of Trudeau's (Ile-de-France).

The Tromp eagle now becomes suspect with the Doria eagle because Doria's (first found near Savona) married the Arduinici of IMPERIA, also called ONEGLia, the line to Nagle's who share the lozenge of Fauci's who in turn share the vertically-split Shield of Tromps. Fauci's were first found in Genoa with the Fieschi who I see with the FACE's/Fessys. The heraldic LEOPARD face is suspect with the leopard symbol of the IMPERI priests of Boofima. Arduinici had a branch at Yvery-like Ivrea, and Leavells are said to be from Yvery. Ivorys, first found in Oxfordshire with Peare's and ANNESleys, have the bend of Peirs/Peers (Warwickshire, same as Scarf-like Sheriffs) in colors reversed, and Pierce's are also Piers.

Ivorys are also Iverys, and Verys (Vere colors), first found in Norfolk with Croom-like Grooms/Grone's (look like Taddei kin), share the Chief-Shield colors of Annas', and colors reversed from the same of CROMwells (swan). The latter, looking like they relate to the Fier/Fear Coat, are implied as kin of Tates', and Scottish Tates'/Teets happen to share the ANNANdale Chief-saltire combo while chief-priest Annas was also called, ANANus. We read of a Cromwella family of Nottinghamshire (12th century), and Nottinghamshire, where Annas' were once said to be first found, is where Annesley-like AINSleys were first found.

Mythical Attis was code for the Hatti on the Halys river, and lake TATTa is off the upper Halys. The Haleys/Halys Coat almost has the boar heads of Roets and Gords/Gordans, the latter first found in Berwickshire with Roet-beloved Books and Tate's/Teets.

Ahh, the Crone crane is the crane of Grone-like Grounds/Crannys whose "Amor" motto term goes with the "amore" of Annesleys. The same crane is in the colors of the Leto crane while Letts/Late's share the Chief-Shield colors of Annas', colors reversed from the same of Cromwells!!! I didn't know this until now. It brings out the exclamatons. Ah, the English Grounds/Grundys (Rhodes kin) even have a cross-with-five-martlets in the colors of the cross-with-five-fleur of Ainsleys, and the martlets are in the colors of the Feet/Fate / Pavia martlets while Grime's/GRIMMs have both their Coats three times.

The Ground/Grundy Crest is showing as the Chives Crest, and while Cavii were on the Lissus river. Annesleys share the Lise'/Liss Pale bars. Lissus is near the Arnissa location (lower-left of dark map) while the Annas write-up stresses only the Arniss variation. The close proximity between the Cavii and Arnissa suggest that the Annas line was near or amongst the proto-Caiaphas line. The mystery is in how these Illyrians got to the Maccabees of royal Israel in time for the birth of these two, power-worshipping priests.

Arnissa is on the GENUSia river, and Genes'/Jenne's, in the Jeune write-up, share the Coat exactly of Bottons/BUTTONs/Bidens, both sharing the chevron of Butts/Bute's/BOETs, thus adding evidence that Boets were from the house of Boethus, for both priests were Sadducees. I walked toward Sleeping Beauty with only my Jenne-like JEANs on, and no SHIRT, and so I can now glean that scene to be a pointer to Arnissa on the Genusus river. Shirts/SHARDs are in the "man" of the TOUS Coat that is said to wear a "shirt" with "buttons," and the Annesley / Lise/Liss pale bars are connectable to the same of LIZarts/SHARDs. The Tous' can thus be in the "VirTUS amore" motto of Annesleys.

Shirts/Shards, sharing the peacock in Crest with HARcourts (Oxfordshire, same as Annesleys, Amore's and Damorys/AMORI's), have lords of HARborough in their write-up while English Vincents were at SWINFORD of Harborough. Italian Amori's, no guff, sharing the Annas/Arnissa star, were first found in SARDinia. The Amori Chief, sharing the Earhardt/Airhart fleur-de-lys, look related to the Chief of Truss' who in turn, when ignoring their Chief, are roughly in Earhardt/Airhart and Jewish Hart colors and format. Truss' were the Payens who in turn share the hexagram of Jewish Harts. Catherine Roet, daughter of Payne, married Mr. SWYNFORD. Harcourts share the double fesses of Hairs/Hare's, and were therefore likely a branch of Earhardts/Airharts.

Ainsley Earhardt (mother of Hayden), as the second/alternative fulfillment of Sleeping Beauty, clicked with Bride's, Wittingtons, Weddings and WEETons, and while the Sleeping Beauty dream had a "what" term and a "wait" term just before I decided to kiss her awake, Wheats were first found in Norfolk with Beauty-related Haydens and GROOMs/Grone's. This could be a pointer to the Heavenly Bride and Groom, where Jesus takes to eternal life many of the descendants of Herods, of Annas, and of Caiaphas, while the rebels roast in their bitter disgrace as they are tossed out of the realm of life. We warned them. Over and over. They mocked, over and over. They killed some of us, filling the cup of the globalist tramp to the brim with our blood.

Whittingtons (essentially share Bright Coat) were introduced in the last update, but I didn't know until now that Whitts (hand in Crest) share the black griffin of Bride-branch Brights, and the latter were first found in Cheshire with Annas-like Hands/HANS', TOUCH's/Tuffs, and Tufts/Tuffs'!!! I leaned over to kiss Sleeping Beauty, but saw my hand TOUCH her KNEE, and that's when she awoke. Tufts/Tuffs' share the phoenix with Knee's (and Needhams)! That's new and excellent thanks to the Whitts (Lincolnshire, same as Cromwells) I don't remember knowing. The Whitt hand has a palm in view while Palms were probably Croom/Crone kin, both using fleur-de-lys in half the colors of the Ainsley / Hicks fleur-de-lys.

Ahh, Cromwell-like Crowells can apply to Croom/Crone's because The Crowell Coat is almost the Coat of Crows (Norfolk, same as Grooms/Grone's) who are in turn in Croom/Crone colors and format.

Leicesters were first found in Cheshire with the Lupus'/Welfs, with earl Hugh Lupus (used the wolf head of Scarfs), and with the Stiche's in the write-up of their marital partners, the Cliffs/CLEAVE's. The latter share the triple wolf heads of QUADE's/Wade's, from Quadratilla Bassus and LUPUS Laevillus. Clavers/CLEAVERs are in Meschin colors and format, important because the Meschin earls, from Hugh Lupus, were from the Bessin, named from the Bassianus line through Basina, queen of Childeric. CLAVERs/Cleavers, sharing the key with Sheaves'/Chiava's/Chiapponi's (may have been in Picenze), look like "GLAPHYRa."

Wikipedia once showed the white-on-blue wolf head of Hugh Lupus (uncle of le-Meschin), and it just so happens that Trabys/Sadowski's use a "scarf" in the shape of a 'Q" for Quade's, for the latter share triple wolf heads (different colors) with Scarfs. Then, as proof that Sticks and Stiche's were from "Astikas," the latter are said to have been marital partners of Traby in Wikipedia's Traby article. It explains why the gold-striped and black hunting horn in the Arms of Traby is shared by Weights/Waits in Quade's/WADE colors. Another dagger is shared by Scottish Mackays while Irish Mackays share the Quade/Wade Coat.

Peirs/Peers were first found in Warwickshire with Scherf-like Sheriffs, and while Scherfs are listed with Schere's, the other Schere's use a snake around a "stick". No doubt about it: Sticks and Sithechs were of the Astikas', though I don't know which came first. End long insert]

The write-up of Scottish Shaws (share dagger with Comyns/Comings) indicates a Shaw relationship with the Comyns/Comings who likewise share the Wakefield garbs. Comyns/Comings named Comines in Artois, and were first found in Norfolk with the Pilgrims sharing the "pilgrims stave" of HAWKs. Hawkins connect well to the Artois capital.

Wakefields share the green wyvern with Walk-like Wilkins who in turn share the Shield colors of Scarf-branch Scherfs/Schere's, the latter first found in Austria with the Garbs (WINGs) who in turn share the Wakefield and Walk/Wach garb. Plus, the Garb Coat looks related to Mace's-et-al who all connected with Payens/Pagans i.e. the Troussbut > Truss line.

This section showed how justin trudeau may be involved with the Nord Stream that Lis Truss was so happy to see destroyed. Again, Trudeau's -- with stags linkable to Eustace II (see last update), father of the first Templar king of Jerusalem -- were first found in Ile-de-France with Chappes' and Lisse's. It all gives appearances that God is pointing to crime-minister trudeau with the news on Liz Truss' phone call. And there was some indication that Elon Musk's Ukrainian ties (see last update for that) apply to this event, for Elons share "sperno" with English Pagans who in turn share the Justin and Kepke/Kopke border. Kepke's were from the Ukraine capital, and the Truss-like Trysts are in the Hebron motto with Keeps.

From here we go to the Trots having a Trudeau-like Trude variation, for the Truss' line to Payens was from Troussbuts, like the TROUTs/Troutbacks -n Kepke/Kopke colors. The Trotus river is near Ukraine. Trouts/Troutbacks share the fish of Geds, in colors reversed from the Kidney/Gedney fish that form the saltire of Greats who in turn share the Kepke/Kopke / Justin border.

Mr. Kepke, my teen friend, became a shoe salesman when I became a shoe salesman, when we were both 18. If you are interested, there is a mystery of shoes washing ashore on Vancouver Island, two updates ago, with feet still in the shoes, where you can find a Mr. Hawkins giving reasons as to why the police should investigate whether justin trudeau knew the killers due to a pedophilia ring in VanCOUVER. COUVERts, sharing the Feet/Fate martlets, were first found in Sussex with the Keeps, and with the KOPke-connectable Coopers/Coppers whose saltire is blue like the Kidney/Gedney / Great saltire, and moreover Coopers/Coppers share the gold leopard face with Couverts. The Baphomet cult, which sacrificed goats, id thus expected with the Boofima human-sacrifice cult that in turn used leopard gloves in its sacrifices. Did people eat the people at sea, then throw the feet overboard?

I focused on the New BALANCE shoes that washed to shore because heraldry seems to point to them, and one way was via the English Backs sharing the Balance Coat. The TroutBACKs can apply you see, especially if Trouts were a Trude / Trudeau branch.

Mr. Hawkins accused trudeau outright of running a pedophilia ring from a Vancouver porn hub. trudeau has not threatened Hawkins with a law suit. The Hawkins Crest is a deer or hind in gold, the colors of the trudeau stags. The Hawkins Shield looks related to Benjamins, who are from the Rimna river (Romania) near the Trotus. The Rimna is at WALLACHia, and Scottish Walsh's/Walch's essentially have the Benjamin Coat. Mr. Kepke became engaged with Kim Walsh shortly after he stopped selling shoes. Walsh-were a branch of goat-using Walsers, who in turn lived in the Lys river, tributary of the Bautica/Baltea, in Savoy. The Lys river of Artois is near Arras, and the Arrow/Arras Coat is almost the Hawkins Coat.

If Hawkins use a hind, we can add that Hinds (Parry Coat in colors reversed) share the Brix/Brest lozenges while Bricks (share Parry lozenges) have them in colors reversed, perfect because the Bricks not only add the Lys/Lisse and Massey/Macey fleur-de-lys, but because the Brick Crest is a gold stag head to go with the gold Trudeau stag. I know Perrys to have a gold "hind", but they even share the Massey/Macey quadrants. Parrys share the Beef/BOEUF fesse (Boofima line), and the Parry Crest shares axes with the Walser goat. Perrys use the pear for a pointer to Miss Peare, whom Kepke met while selling shoes. Perrys were first found in Hampshire with LISE's/Liss'. LIZ Truss.

A Truss-Trudeau link in these heraldic sets suggests a pointer to Nord Stream, but I also see a potential Truss link to German BACKs, for what it's worth. German Backs are in Truss colors and format, and although the giant Truss patee is not in the colors of the same of Claptons/Cloptons, Clapton is in Somerset with the first-known English backs. Then, the Wards are said to have been from Clopton, and they share the white, ermined bend of Claptons/Cloptons. The Wards of Clopton were in Warwickshire, where Balance's were first found who share the English Back Coat.

Warwickshire is also where patee-using Claptons were first found along with Scherf-like Sheriffs, which can reveal that the Clapton wolf head is the Scarf wolf head in someone else's colors. The Scarf Coat happens to be the Bather Coat, and Bathers were first found In Denbighshire with Welsh Bachs/Baghs. German Backs are likewise Bachs. Bathers are suspect from Bath, near Clapton, and beside Wiltshire, where the Claptons under discussion were once said to be first found. Bath was part of bath and Wells where the Buttons/Bidens tell of their branch. Buttons/Bidens/BODENs first found in Hampshire with Botters/BODINs, and this looks like it formed "TroussBUTT," in which case, if correct, Truss' married a line from the Budini of Kiev. Italian Botters/Butini's are in Balcon colors and format.

The "Comme" motto term of Wards behooves a repeat of this from earlier in this update: "Balcons were first found at Crail while Crails/Crabs and English Dole's, both first found in Cambridgeshire with Muscats/MUSKs, share triple fleur-de-lys in the same colors and positioning as the three of Norths, the kin of Denardo's/NORDi's, the pointer to the Nord Stream." Balcons are also BalCOME's, and Come's/Comeys were first found in Perthshire with the Wings in the Crest of German Backs. The Denardo/Nordi and North lions are in the colors of the giant "steer" of German Backs, and the Sturs/STYRE's (Hampshire, beside Somerset) are expected from the Stour river that has a source near Bath / Clapton.

Bathers have an "UT VIVas" motto phrase suspect from Uts, son of Biblical Nahor, and as I see Nahor's line to the Bug river, it flows at LVIV (Ukraine), where I trace VIVians, Fife's and Five's/Fifys. Balcons/Balcome's were first found in Fife.

Another Way to Point Musk to Ukraine Via Muschatov

An interesting thing is where Diane Muschatov lived on a street called, WELDRick while Welders have hexagrams in the colors of the hexagrams of Roet-branch Karens. Both German Roets and Karens use a sleeping moon, and I knocked on her window while she was sleeping around 11 pm. The sleeping moon of Carian-like Karens, as well as a Roet motto term, then takes us to the Carian moon goddess, Selene, who loved the eternal sleeper, mythical Endymion of LATmus. Note LatMUS, for Muschatovs can apply.

The Montgomery Crest has the woman in the Welder Crest, and while the MontGOMERy woman holds the PASley (and Pack) anchor, PHASis was a location in Colchis near RHODopolis, near the MOSCHi mountains. Selene was made the sister of Helios, god of Rhodes off the Carian coast, indicating strongly a Rhodopolis relationship with Rhodes. Rhodopolis was in the Lazona (or Lazica) land of the Lazi, suggesting that Latmus was named after a Lazi branch such as the Lasonii of the Lydian theater.

Phasis was also, Poti, and Scottish Roets were first found in Somerset with Ladons/Ladds (comparable to Leeder Coat), and beside Pots, Potters, and with the Flys who look related to Leeders. Rhodes' were first found in Yorkshire with Leeds. Ukrainian Kepke liners were at Leeds, and Mr. Kepke pointed to Fly-related Webbers, first found in Somerset with Roets! Flys were at a Flagi location of a Flavius character, and the imperial Flavius dragonline was at Rieti, the line of Roets and Reeds. One of the imperial Flavians was VesPASIan, suspect from "Phasis." Leto's son, Apollo, mated with Coronis, and her line to the Ceraunii is the line to Crane's, and thus to the crane of the Leto surname, which is in the colors and format of the giant Letter and Lauder griffin.

Welders were first found in Thuringia with German Roets, and so the latter look like they were from Rhodopolis. Ezekiel 38 pairs Roet-connectable Rosh to GOMER and Meshech, and the latter were also the Mushki. Believe it or not, it appears that God chose for me to date Muschatov when she lived on WELDrick for these pointers. I see the Meshech at Mus of Lake Van, and the night of the antenna-climb was also a fence-walk event pointing to Fens'/Venns and Phone's/Fane's/VANs. King RUSa ruled at Lake Van as vassals of Gomerian-suspect Cimmerians of proto-Ukraine, tending to explain how the Rus peoples ended up in Ukraine.

Plus, we saw that the antenna ladder took us to Latmus-like Letters and Lauders, both first found in Berwickshire with Roet-related Books/Boggs and Gords/Gordans. Mythical Leto/Latona was at Clarus and Ephesus, near Latmus, and then I see Leto as a version of mythical Leda, whose husband, Tyndareus, was probably named after the Tyndaris location (this map shows Rhodopolis) up the Glaucus river from Phasis. The Clarus-like English Clare's (share triple-red chevrons with Muschats) were first found in Suffolk, where Muscats/Musks were once said to be first found.

I CLIMBed her antenna, and Climers are listed with Clements who come up as "CLERMONTS" because Climers/Clements share the Chief of French Clairs. The Chief even has the Rhodes besants. The Rick-connectable Riggs are suspect in the Morley/Maul motto having also a "Clementia" term. One Rigg Coat shares the LADy/LAUDyman annuLETs, and this looks applicable to the LAUDers being pointed to by the ladder of the antenna. Beauty. The Ladys/Laudyman Chief is even a near-copy of the Climer/Clement and Clair Chief! Zikers, I think this is new material, and it works super. This update finds the Lady/Laudyman annulets with new-to-me MUSgrave's/MusGROVE's, and it just so happens that Grove's share the Morley/Maul scallops. The Grove Crest is probably a talbot dog because Grove's share the Tailbois scallops. Musgrave's enter the discussion shortly below with Diane-connectable Dine's.

The Maule's in the Morley write-up are said to be from "Maule, in the Vexin," and that's a vaccine-like term. The Maule's are said to have joined DAVID of Huntingdon, which is the line of Ada of Warenne (married Henry of Huntingdon) to which DAVID Morley pointed in the sleeping bag dream, because the Coat of Welsh Davids (Cheshire, same as Malls/MARLYbone's) is a form of as the Ada-like Ade/AID Coat. Poison vaccines cause AIDS, declares the dream, beware. What might MusGRAVE's point to that looks related to Miss Muschatov sleeping when I knocked?

English Morleys (Derbyshire, beside Shropshire) share the triple fleur-de-lys of vaccine-like Vychans/Vaughns, and moreover the latter were first found in Shropshire with Sleeps and BAGleys.

It's interesting that while the Kepke SPIDER at the Graff residence can point to tunnel-using SPITZERs, Tunnels were first found in Northumberland with Dinners while Dine's bring us the MusGRAVE's who can connect with the Grav variation of Graffs/Graffens. The sleeping bag that Morley circled was on a hill, and Spitzers have "hills" with a "tunnel." It gets more graphene-loaded because Dinners share the three-pointed label (same colors) of Tristans while their Tryst branch is in the "KEEP tryst" motto of Hebrons, likewise first found in Northumberland. Elon Musk has a company that bores tunnels, which could be for evil purposes.

The Climer-beloved Besants share the Massey quadrants, and Masseys included Julia Bassianus Maesa, the line to Basina, wife of Child-line Childeric. Basina was in Thuringia with her father, where Welders and Roets were first found! Meshech-like Meschins married Clare's of TUNbridge, and while Tunnels are Tunno's too, Towns/Tune's were first found in Suffolk, where Muscats/Musks were once said to be first found. Morleys/Mauls (Yorkshire, same as Rhodes') were in the SLEEPING bag dream with Roads and Rhodes', I kid you not, as well as with Perkins/Parkings from Perga, near Rhodes.

As I've said a million times, I was walking across a ROAD about to enter the parking lot of a MALL as Morley rode away (on his motorbike) down the same road. I then entered the mall to find Miss Peare in a deck / stage in this mall. Morley rode up the hill, then behind me i.e. to my BACK as I was crossing the street, and perhaps this is a pointer to Bachs/BAGHs because they share the black dog in the Grove Crest. As I've said many times, Morley first rode down the hill to make a ROUND trip around the sleeping bag in a wooded area that can now be considered a grove! I get it. It could appear that the grove represents a grave i.e. of "sleeping" people thanks to the Rhodian Round Table. The Ny's in the Grove motto were first found in Essex with Muschats and "sleeping lion" Rounds.

I went up her antenna when it was LATE ("LET us adore Him" is singing over my speakers right now), when she was sleeping, and the sleeping goddess was at LATmus. Letts/LATE's were first found in GLOUCestershire, and Phasis, Rhodopolis and Tyndaris were all at a Glaucus river (shown on the old map). Mythical Glaucus loved Scylla, and Scalia's use a ladder!!! Scayle's were first found in Yorkshire too, and Scale's (share five feathers of Irish Clairs) were first found in Hertfordshire with the Childs sharing the Road eagle. Mythical Scylla was at the Messina part of Sicily, and Messina's even share the Welder hexagrams! Messina's can be gleaned as a Masci branch, but compare the Messina Coat to that of Thuringia's Talls/Thalls! Zikers, her antenna is radiating historical secrets.

Welders share the triple hexagrams of Truss-branch Payens. Read Ms. Muschatov's street also as "WeldRICK" because I have a theory on what God was getting at when I climbed her antenna at Weldrick. Here's from my 5th update in March, 2017: "One night, during the time when Diane's parents were not allowing me to see her (they had picked her husband for her)...I climbed her television ANTENna, which went right up to her bedroom, and woke her up (I felt rebellious that night, and Rick Legge was with me)." he was a friend at that time, and he lived in OAK Ridges. I was wondering earlier today or yesterday whether I represented Elon Musk somehow when climbing the antenna due to my mother's Masci mother. Perhaps Miss Muschatov represents Moscow, I don't know for sure, but if I represent Musk, then it predicts a Musk-Moscow "love affair." Maybe it means that Ukraine will reject Musk.

The point is, Elons share OAK leaves with Oaks/Oke's and Alans of Dol, and Robert d'Avranches, lord of Okehampton, said by at east one person to have been of Ferte-Mace in some way I can't recall, was the "Husband of Hawise (Dol) d'Avranches." It just so happens that while Okehampton is in Devon with Ridge's, the latter share the cross of Rudes'/RUDGE's, first found in Shropshire with Alans. Rick Legge lived in OAK RIDGES, and Ricks were first found in Somerset with Oaks/Oke's. The Rudge location in Shropshire was once, "Rigge," and one Rigg Coat is in the colors and near-format of Ricks.

After coming down from the antenna, I walked along the top of the privacy fence of the Muschatovs, and Musk's twitter dealings at this time is a walking of the fence between the dictators and the traditional people.

Immediately after the italicized quote above, I added: "She said I was nuts because her brother could have SHOT me with his RIFLE." I was hoping she would take it more romantically, but it appears that God had a message in her words. That is, Shots/Shoots (Wiltshire, same as Calls/Calles' and Starlinck-connectable Stars) are in the colors and format of the three Call/Calles TRUMPets, relevant because Legge's almost have the Trump Coat. Plus, the GAUDets in the Legge motto can be code for a branch of whatever the RIFFLE goat stands for, and the Riffle Coat happens to be a black-Shield version of the Kepke/Kopke Coat, that being a surname from the Ukraine capital. Miss Muschatov and Mr. Kepke were both sun-bright blond Ukrainians, and the last time I saw Kepke was as little as a month before I saw Miss Muschatov for the first time. The Oke/Oak Coat adds acorns, the Tromp symbol too.

The first time I looked for a fence-like surname was as per walking her fence. I found the Fens'/Venns at that time, likely a branch of PHONE's/Fane's/Vans. Fens'/Venns were not only first found in Devon with Okehampton and Mules', but they share the green Leslie griffin head while Leslie's have a round-buckle copy of the Starling/Starlinck Coat! Zikers, I haven't known the latter surname until mere days ago. Plus, as her bedroom lights were out, we can assume that she was sleeping, meaning I woke her, and the Wake Coat is a near copy of the Mule Coat while Hawise of Dol of Okehampton was the daughter of Miss MUELES. The Mules' have the double fesses of Sleeps (Shropshire, same as Elon-like Alans) in colors reversed. I almost missed it: Muscats/Musks share the double Mules fesses!

Mules' were first found in Devon with Molsons, and Molis'/Molesons share the antler of Keep-related Casimirs, which were lines from the Kiev VARANGians, and so compare with "AVRANCHes, for Hawise married Mr. D'Avranches. I assume he descended from the mother of Ranulph le Meschin, for she was the sister of Hugh Lupus D'Avranches. These siblings had Emma de CONTEville as their mother, and Conte's use ANTLers too. Muscats/Musks use the ANTELope, to be read as anteLOPE too because it looks like part-code for the line of Hugh Lupus.

At an article for William D'Avranches: "The d'Avranches were aristocratic landowners of VIKING descent in the Cotentin, in Normandy." This William was Robert's father, and the same article has apparently enlightened me on the origin, or branch, of Tintons / Tints: "Hawise de Dol, the daughter of Gelduin de Dol and his wife Noga de TINTENiac..." I've just looked up that location to find it in Vilaine with Dol. King Arthur, whose death was placed on Avlona-line Avalon, was made born in TINTagel, which was part of the Tints, whom I happen to trace to the ATINTanes smack at the Aulon/Avlona theater where I claim the Alans originated! Send me another shiny apply, historians.

The Towns/Tune's, first found in Suffolk with Starlincks, are in Tinton colors and format. Tintons (Cornwall, same as Tintagel and Pendragons) entered my heraldic discussions with Mamie in a tent, when she and I slept in one, in her sleeping bag for a pointer to Sleeps, first found in Shropshire with Alans. The sleeping lion of Ash-connectable Rounds applies here because the Tints use a "couchant lion" i.e. a white lion lying down, same as the white Round lion, and because English Ash's/Aschs were first found in Devon, between the first known Tints and Tintons. The Tints (Somerset with Ricks) have six FITCHee crosslets in the colors of the six crusader crosslets of Ricks, and it just so happens that German Ash's/Aschs have the Muschat/MontFITCHet Coat in colors reversed! German Ash's/Asch's have a "duce" motto term while Duce's (Staffordshire, beside Shropshire) have the lions of English Ducks, the latter first found in Somerset with Tints. German Ash's/Asch's were first found in SWABia with Rolls/RAELs who in turn share the lion of Scottish ROYs who in turn, due to their "TENDis" motto term, look connectable to the "royal tents" of Tinton. I'm not sure how to interpret this paragraph as go whatever reasons God might have for warning us about Musk.

I can't provide a fully-hard means of pointing merely the Swabia location of Ash's/Aschs to Elon Musk's ties to Klaus Schwab, but it seems doable due to Ash/Asch connectability to Muschats/Montfichets. The Gernons, said to be from Montfichet, have the Coat of Duce's (in the Ash/Asch motto) in colors reversed, assuring that Ash's/Aschs have the Muschat/Montfichet Coat in colors reversed for an intermarital reason. Gernons, in England, look like they were first found in Essex with Muschats/Montfitchets. As Montfichet was also MontFIQuet, it's notable that Fix's/Ficks have the wavy Dol fesse in colors reversed. As I've said, the last time I saw Mamie, on our last date, was at the restaurant of a Joe Fix, with Israeli accent.

I'm very happy to report that Tinteniac is on the Ille river, flowing from Rennes to the Rance, both rivers near Dol. The Rance's/Rands, sharing the lion of English Stewarts (Devon, same as Okehampton and English Ash's/Aschs), put the triple chevrons of German Ash's/Aschs upon their lion! The royal tents of Tintons can now be realized as part-code for the Royals probably from royal Stewarts i.e. the proto-Royal surname was probably an Alan-of-Dol / Tinteniac relation. Rennes is the line to Raines-branch Wrens who in turn share the crosslets of RENCH's/WRENch's, first found in Cambridgeshire with Muscats/Musks (!), Dole's and Dive's. These crosslets are the Rick crosslets in half their colors! The Rance river is also the RENK. Dine's/Diens/Dives' can be from Dinan, a location where the Ille river meets the Rance...explaining why Dinans were first found in Devon (with Ash's/Aschs, for example). Diva was the alternative name of Chester, where Ranulph de Gernon was earl.

The Starlinck-beloved Buckle's use wreaths while English Rothes' are also Wraths, and then Buckle-loving Leslie's were earls of Rothes on as river flowing to Buckie. Not only do Wreaths have a Coat looking related to the Muscat/Musk Coat, but the "FortituDINE" motto of Wreaths can take us to Dine's/Diens/DIVES', once said to be first found in Sussex with the Deins/Deans/DIANE's to which Diane Muschatov points in order to get a pointer through the Dene crocodile to Igor KoloMOISKy of Ukraine. That name may be rooted in "Moi," or "Moisk," I don't know which.

English Ash's/Aschs have a cockaTRICE for a possible pointer to prime-minister Truss. Truss' share the gold patee with Dine's/Diens/Dives. Trice's/Trysts were first found in Cornwall with Tintagel while Dinan is near Tinteniac. Cocks, sharing the BAG Shield, were first found in Somerset with Tints and Ricks. This plays well to topic, for Muscats/Musts are even in the near-format of Ricks, and colors reversed from them, I have just realized. It appears that God had Rick Legge with me at the Muschatov home for the reason of making these heraldic links. Mamie had sat on my LEGs an hour or two before we were in the sleeping BAG, and this was a pointer to the "TENTamine" motto term of Legge's, a term that includes the Mine's/Menns because Mens' are also MAME's.

Yet Mamie pointed to Trump, and so why should she point to both Musk and Trump? Why, really, did Trump start a social-media platform? To allow Intelligence to spy on all his supporters? Is this why Musk is trying to appear conservative, all of a sudden, or why he's advertising positions that reflect those of ours? Are they trying to trap us?

The Dine/Dien/Dives write-up is to topic too, I gather: "...F. Bradley Dyne, Esq., of Gore Court, who still holds lands at Bethersden. The Sussex property passed to the Briscoes now of Coghurst, the grandfather of the present MUSgrave Briscoe..." There is a MusGRAVE surname, and Graffs/Graffens/GRAVs share the demi-lion in the Dinan Crest! Plus Musgrave's share the motto of Stanleys, the latter first found in Cambridgeshire with Muscats/Musks! Zinger. What does this mean?

I've repeated many times that God set Mamie and I up at a baseball diamond, and Diamonds/Dimonts (share the demi-lion of Dinans) were a Dinan branch. I'm repeating this because Mamie had a breast symbol for Brests/Brix's while Briscoe's share "manu" with Mackays, from king Maccus of the Isle of Man, where I trace Mens/MAME's, for the latter were first found in Midlothian, where Breads/Bradds (Cheshire, same as Maceys from near the Dives river) were once said to be first found who I trace to Cake's/CakeBREADs (Cambridgeshire), suspect from king Sitric CAECH, Maccus' grandfather. Perhaps we should entertain the BRICS currency that Russia is seeking to topple the dollar with Cake's/Cakebreads. We might imagine that, in order to topple Russia and/or counter BRICS, the Western bankers are decidedly depleting the gold of Fort KNOX (to fund the war). I knocked on Muschatov's window, and Knocks list Knox's.

As Briscoe's have two three of the double greyhounds in pale of Penes'/Pennys, we first note that their PENdragon branch was chosen by a myth writer(s) to be the father of king Arthur at Tintagel. Briscoe's named "Briscoe, near Carlisle", and the Carlysle Crest shares the "PEN" with English Michaels, first found in Surrey with Dine's/Diems/Dives'. The Penes'/Pennys were first found in Northamptonshire with Ladys/Laudymans who in turn share the annulet of the Musgrave's of Musgrave Briscoe. Northamptonshire is where Brays/Brae's were first found whom Mamie pointed to as well, and I claim that the Bra location of Piedmont is related to the Coneys, which I'm repeating because Coneys use a rabbit while there is a rabbit or hare (don't know which) in the mouth of the Briscoe greyhound. As Musgrove's are connectable to Musks, I'll repeat that the Bra-Coney relationship was framed by God when I touched a bra, while standing over a white rabbit (in its cage), at the Peterson residence, and as Peter Peterson, former chairman of the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR), married Mrs. Cooney, I think this paragraph is trying to indicate that Musk is doing the bidding of the CFR...which is probably at the charge of toppling Russia.

Back to Miss Mueles, mother of Hawise of Dol, for Mules' and Molsons/Moltons were first found in Devon with the English Ash's/Aschs. The antelope design of Muscats/Musts is shared in red by Wheelwrights, and mythical Kolodziej the Wheelwright was ancestral to Casimir, husband of RICHeza, the line to Casimirs. The latter share the red antler with Molis'/Molesons. Casimir was the son of Mieszko, a descendant of DOBRawa, and she was related to Dober on the CLAUSula river. The CLAUDs/CLAUSELs (acorns) thus look like they named whatever the myth writer intended for "KOLODziej." After viewing the Mieske/Mesech Coat, one can glean that "KOLOD" is the line of COLDs/Cole's, first found in Cornwall with Tintons and Tintagel. Claus' are listed with Klaus', and Elon Musk has apparently had some ties to Klaus Schwab's dictafascist futurism that looks like the paving of the way to 666-purchasing.

"Mesech" suggests the Meschin-Gernons, and to this we can add that Gernons have a Coat looking connectable to Claus'/Klaus'. Klassens/Class' were first found in Westphalia with German Ducks, and so let's repeat that Gernons have the Coat of Duck-branch Duce's in colors reversed. Klassens/Class' use "LADY Fortune", and we just saw Ladys/Laudymans looking like kin of Musgrave's (share armored arm with Mieske's/Mesechs).

Perhaps, when I climbed the antenna to speak to Miss Muschatov, I represented Musk, not having a love affair with Moscow, but sneaking up on, and frightening, Moscow. She was clearly frightened judging by what she first said to me, which is all I remember her saying, that her brother could have shot me with a rifle. Riffels almost have the Coat of Kiev-liner Kepke's. Her antenna represents Musk's Starlink, I do now believe, and there are increasing claims that the goons are using GRAPHENE-oxide to track us, or to manipulate our lives, and so that's the importance of the Graffs/Graffens/Grave as can relate to Musgrave's. Grave's/GREAFs can apply, but the amazing thing about the Riffel-Kepke connection is that God used Mr. Kepke outside the Graff residence to point to graphene-oxide! My KNOCKing on Muschatov's window upon her ANTENna thus has to do with graphene-oxide. Ask the ANTON/Anthony and NOCK Coats for verification of it being God's event.

Nocks share the red leopard face with Antons/Anthonys and Plate's/Platts, and the latter share the scallops of Fens'/Venns, the ones whom I found because I walked along the Muschatov fence.

Graphene-oxide puts many people into their graves. Dutch Grave's share the cross of the Mea's in the Grave/Graef motto, and I trace Mea's to the Meu river having a mouth very near Rennes, and therefore very near the Ille river through Tinteniac. The Muschat-connectable Rance is the Renk, and Rench's/Wrench's, first found in Cambridgeshire with Muscats/Musks (see anything suspicious there), share the Gore crosslet while we saw the Dyne family at Gore Court. In what way is Elon Musk able to energize graphene-oxide? La Quinta Columna insists that graphene-oxide in the body is energized with radio-wave radiation. Does Elon Musk have anything that sends radio WAVES?

The pointer of Mr. Kepke to graphene-oxide was verified where Keeps use a "weaver's shuttle" while Weavers were a Webber branch. He was chasing me with a spider dangling on a web with Karen Graff looking on. He made me look like a coward. As English Webbers use WAVY bars, I reason that heraldic waves are code for Weavers/Webbers. Keeps are in the "Keep tryst" motto of Simple's, first found in Rennes-connectable Renfrewshire. The weaver's shuttle is shared by Shuttleworths/SHETTLEworths, and the latter were first found in Lancashire with the SETTLE's sharing the lozenges of STARs suspect in the Starlings/Starlincks.

Kepke was CHASing me, and the Chase's share the patonce cross of Chance's, in the colors of the cross of Dutch Grave's. The Changers in the Musgrave motto are also Change's, first found in Hampshire (beside Webbers) with Chase's, and with the Flys sharing the fleur-de-lys of Webbers and Banks. The Bankers, wow, are in the colors and format of Stanleys who share the full Musgrave motto, but also in the colors and format of Starlings/Starlincks!!! We are making a story here that fits the Ukraine war and thus points well to bio-weapons labs in Ukraine suspect with research / manipulation of body-bound graphene. The Russians want to know where that research is/was located.

The Gernons: "Thoydon-Garnon in Essex was and ancient homestead of the family. 'The parish takes the adjunct to its name from the family of Gernon, who were anciently its proprietors.' Great and Little Birch in Essex was an ancient family seat." This caused me to look up the Birx-like Birch's. Ms. Birx was the scarf lady who appeared nightly with Trump and Fauci to set up the COVID mandates. French Mallets/Malo's share the buckles of Chase-connectable Case's who can be gleaned with a red-bend version of the Leslie bend-with-buckles which is itself the Starlincks Coat!!! Both bends-with-buckles are in the colors and format of the bend-with-scallops of Rinds, and these scallops are used my English Mallets (Birch colors and format), the latter first found in Suffolk with Buckle's and Starlincks!!! Rinds have the Rant variation of Rance's/Rynds in their motto. Can we believe that the Arms of St. Malo -- that being a location at the end of the Rance river -- uses a scarf, and while Trabys/Sadowski's use a "scarf," Traby married the Astikas' of VILNius, explaining why St. Malo is in Ille-et-VILAINE.

The Tate's appear to be in both the Rind and Birch motto, the latter using "SIMPLICitate" to go with the "Simplex" of Perkins/Parkings, first found in Legge-line Leicestershire. The Birch's happen to share the Leicester/Lester Coat and the Masci fleur-de-lys. I think that's amazing.

There is a Chip/Chipper surname that I thought should be looked at in case the mark of the beast will be a skin chip. The write-up has: "William Chepe was listed at Sheffield". Not only is Sheffield only about 25 miles from the Kippax location of Keppochs, but the latter have a near-copy of the Sheffield Coat. Surprise. Perhaps this is why God used Mr. Kepke as a pointer to graphene in vaccines, because it's going to be part of the skin-chip program. Sheffields and Weirs/Vere's (ROXburghshire, when Kiev liners lived) share the gold boar head in Crest with the Eure's/IVERs (Vere quadrants) who come up as Keevers, suggesting that Kiev may have been named by this Varangian-connectable surname.

Sheppers/Shepherds must have been a Chip/Chipper / Sheffield branch share the hand holding a black fitchee, in the Shepper/Shepherd Crest, is in the Arms of the Keppoch MacDonalds. The amazing thing is, the lion in the same Arms is the Frane / CLAUS/KLAUS lion, and I just wrote the following insert, for the 2nd update of last month. The point here is that the CLAUSula river has a KOPLik location while Kopple's were first found in Nuremberg with Keips/Keipers!! Wow, it appears absolutely correct to trace Claus'/Klaus' wit the Clausula, and so it appears that Mr. Kepke is a pointer also to Klaus Schwab, especially as Schwabs/Swabs have a giant and upright ("RAMPant") unicorn in colors reversed from the giant and upright horse of Keips/Keipers!!! Excellent finds. Here's the insert:

[Insert November -- Irish Collins share the double-combattant Ramp lions, and English Collins share the bend of Austrian Anthonys, first found in STYRia. It could be the start of a pointer to Anthony Fauci and his boss, Francis Collins. One Francis surname was first found in Oxfordshire with Love's/Luffs. Both France surname's share the same lion while English Frane's share the Frame Coat, in Lady/Laudyman colors and format. Then, that lion is colors reversed with France's who in turn share the KLAUS/Claus Coat, and Klassens/Class; use "LADY Fortune". It can be a pointer to Klaus Schwab seeking to turn the world backward, wrong and crazy.

Francis' above, with a colors-reversed form of the Child Coat, share the triple eagles is Courcys (Somerset, same as Reed-branch Roets) which the Scottish Reeds almost have if not substituting one for the Book stag head. Courcys were first found in Somerset with Frane-like Friends/Friens and the Stour river. Friends/Friens are in the colors and format of Childs, first found in Hertfordshire with the Vince's/Finch's expected in the "Vincit" motto term of Courcys. Finch-branch Feins/Finns (share Finchem Coat) were first found in Burgundy with French Frane's. The latter's Coat is a colors-reversed form of the Armstrong Coat (shows a strongarm), perhaps a God-intended surname, in this case, to indicate dictatorial powers.

I'm not very confident that this insert should be in the ramp-dream investigation, but I'll add that while Roy connectable Rolls/Raels (share Sine/Sion chevron) were first found in SWABia, Roys were first found in Lanarkshire, beside Lady-connectable GLASgow, with the Sine's/Sions in the motto of Scottish Banners who not only share the Sine/Sion lion, but are in the "banner" held by Lady Fortune of the GLASgow connectable Klassens/Class'. English Fortune's were first found in East Lothian with the Seatons/Sittens who named Sion as Sitten.

Ray Luff's wife is Valerie, and while Valerys share the ROLLo chevron, it's in colors reversed with Vallours/Valois'/VALAIS' while Rollo married Poppa of Valois. Sion/Sitten is in Valais, and Vallours/Valois' share the crescent of French Falcons in the "falconer's gloves" of Sine's/Sions. Glove's were first found in Perthshire with Rollo's, and English Falcons were first found in Cumberland with Ramps. Perhaps Luff's car was rolling on a sharp ramp, on two wheels, and then flipped. I'll probably never know, but what I do know is that Rollo's share the blue boar head with Wheels (Shropshire, same as Klaus-connectable Frane's). End Insert]

I didn't mention the Clausula river in that insert, but that's where I trace Klassens/Class', and it just so happens that the Sheppers/Shepherds above that insert, the ones sharing the Keppoch-MacDonald fitchee, are in France / Frame and Lady/Laudyman colors and format. But that's not all, for they are also in Anchor colors and format. Again, let's drive this home: Anchors are in the colors and format of Kepke-connectable Sheppers/Shepherds while Graffs/GRAFFENs use an anchor!!! Bingo. Why does this graphene pointer involve Nuremberg? Does God have a happy surprise for us in bringing Fauci's crime ring to jail? Jail Trump now, let a better man rule.

Plus, Sheffield-like Cheffs'/Chaffs (Dorset) have a giant GRIFFEN in the colors of the same of BATTLE's, while the Ramp and Collins lions are embattled. Sheppers/Shepherds use battle-axes, by the looks of it, and two Axe rivers start near Dorset. PLUS, Sheffs/Schafers have a giant and upright sheep (might be a lamb) in the color of the giant and upright Kepke/Kopke goat. Sheffs/Schafers were first found in Hesse with Rasmussens who share the Schwab Coat! These acute links do not seem coincidental, but Planned.

Plus, wow, I've told before that Kepke was up to my place in Gormley about three times that I can recall. Of the three things I can remember with him there was throwing a FRISbee on my LAWN, and he chasing me with the spider across the street at the Graff residence. Irish Lawns share the Keep bend, and the Dutch Fris' show only claws! Claws'/Clasons look like a Klaus / Klassen branch! How can that be a coincidence too? In the 2nd update of September, 2021: "Kepke and I threw the frisbee in Gormley;..."

Plus, wow, that update happened to mention the FRISE's/Frasers, first found in Peebles-shire with Scottish Shepherds!!!! Frise's/Frazers were at TWEEDale, and Elon Musk just bought the tweet factory. Tweets are listed with Treedale's! The Twitts were a Tuit branch. Scottish Shepherds share the triple fleur of MontGOMERys and Leicesters. I think I've finally discovered who stars French Roys (Brittany) use, those of Scottish Shepherds because they were first found beside Scottish Roys. MontGomerys were first found nearby, in Renfrewshire with Paisley. Rolls/Roys share the lion of Scottish Roys and the Paisley chevron.

Frise's/Frasers were kin of the Keith Catti, they being a branch of the Caddys through whom Mr. Kepke (and I) pointed to Ramzan Kadyrov. Keith-branch Kettle's were first found in Perthshire with Rollo's.

English Frise's/Freeze's/PHREEZE's were first found in Essex with Pass'/Pascals sharing the lamb with the Crest of Scottish Shepherds, and with Musk-branch Muschats, good pointers to Ukraine. Frise's/Frasers share the Coat of Kims, the latter first found in BUTEshire with Glass'. Boots were first found in Berkshire with English PASleys (branch of Pasi's/Pascels) who have TRIPle fesses colors reversed from the same of MOISE'/Moissens, this being a good pointer to Ukraine corruption via Igor KoloMOIsky. Moi's/Moessens, kin of vaccine-like Vychans, were first found in Shropshire with Hunters, and with the Frame's (and Vychans) who in turn are in Shepper/Shepherd / Anchor / Lady / Keith / Caddy colors and format. It's a whopper of a connection. Scottish Pasleys named Paisley at GLASgow, and Paisleys share the anchor of Packs (Sussex with Keeps) who in turn are in the format of the whopper-five (but not in their colors).

Frame's share the France lion, and the France lion holds the Glass fleur-de-lys in colors reversed. It's the lion also of Dile's, and of Diane's/Deans who share the motto of Irish Dene's who in turn have a "crocoDILE," the pointer to the crocodile-leather boots and shoes of Michael Zlochevsky, owner of Burisma gas, the board of which has/has Igor Kolomoisky, as well as Hunter Biden of the Butt-branch Buttons/Bidens/Bodens.

Leathers are listed with Letter-branch Lauders who named Lauder near Glasgow, and the Laudyman variation of Ladys probably applies because the Lords/Lauds (Frise/Fraser / Kim cinquefoils in colors reversed) are in the "Lord, let" motto phrase of Glasgows. The Letts are also Late's. Plus, a new addition to this set of heraldry should be the Leeds because Shepherd-related Kippax is in Leeds. It just so happens that there is a cockaTRICE in the Leed Crest while Trice's/Trysts are in the "Keep tryst" motto of Simple's, the latter first found in Renfrewshire with Glasgow and Paisley.

Leeders are in the colors and format of English Role's/Rolls! LEDERata is near the mouth of the Pek river, and the Pincum location of that mouth is to Pincs/Pinks and Pings/Pongs/Pagans, both first found in Yorkshire with Leeds and Role's/Rolls. Leeders look like kin of Flys (Hampshire with Chase's) and neighboring Webbers (Somerset with Leeder-connectable Ladds/Ladons), beauty because Kepke's chasing me with the spider-on-web applies to Leeders thereby, and Kippax is in Leeds! BEAUTY. It adds to the evidence that God is using heraldry to point to globo-gangsters, so thrilling to know, something to look forward too, called Looming Justice.

Preston Manning

Lords/Lauds were first found in Suffolk with Mannings, and with the Crauns/Crane's who share the Manning patee. Crauns/Crane's are from the Corona-like Ceraunii, and Mannings were looked up last night because Preston Manning of canadian politics was in the news yesterday telling the he's working with others to set up a public inquiry into trudeau's coronavirus mandates and related madness such as the spear to trudeau's head, i.e. the trucker convoy. Speers were a Spree branch, both sharing the Diane/Dean crescent, and Simple's are in the motto of Spree's who were in turn first found in Cornwall with Trice's/Trysts. The Hebrons, sharing the Simple motto, were first found in Northumberland with Manning-like Maness'/Manners.

As Prestons share the cinquefoil of Mannings, it appears that God may be setting up Preston Manning to continue the spear to trudeau's head. For those who don't understand, I once prayed that God would spear trudeau in the head, and shortly afterward the trucker convoy came rolling down the trans-Canada highway, starting from Vancouver, it being like a long spear, to Ottawa, the capital = HEAD of canada, where trudeau schemes his crimes. The convoy was in conjunction with a worldwide relief from mandates, suddenly, which has since resulted in the changing of the political guard in Alberta, now having an anti-Schwab premier. Preston Manning founded and led the federal Reform Party from Alberta (he's from Calgary). canada should be divided in half, into two nations, because the east is a bastion of anti-Christian deplorables, snakes in the grass who have a form of godliness purely as a political facade.

It appears that God wants the credit for the relief of madness, and that we should take all opportunities in this lull, the eye of the storm, to prepare foods, etc. I just bought a load of items this week, extra light bulbs, frying pans, soap, cleaners, freezer containers...get them while they are still cheap and available at dollar stores. None of these things will go to waste, I'll need them eventually, so why not buy them now? Build a shed / tent to store them in if your house has no room. If you build a tent, you can remove the tarp later and tack on clear plastic film to turn it into a greenhouse. It will get you about two extra weeks of growing in spring, and two or more in the fall, a big deal.

The first two freezes in fall are usually light, followed by a month or more of no freezes, and so if I had a greenhouse this year, I would not have lost half my tomatoes to quick-rot just because they suffered minor freezing. The tomatoes begin to rot fast where it freezes, and works toward the center of the fruit, though you can't always see that going on. Don't let tomatoes freeze at all. Flexible PVC piping can produce a decent tent frame at low cost.

I was surprised to find that Mannings share the Sheriff motto that includes the Esse variation of Ash's/Aschs. The black Manning eagle head is shared by Scottish Bride's while McBride's share the Manning / Preston cinquefoil. Scottish Bride's have the Manning / Craun/Crane patee in half its colors. The "quam" motto term of Mannings and Cambridge's should be code for the Cams having named the Cam river of CamBRIDGE, and Bridge's look like a branch of Bride-branch Brights. Cams share the six pale bars of Mine/MENNs. Muscats/Musks (Cambridgeshire) were a branch of Muschats who in turn have the German Ash/Asch Coat in colors reversed. Ernest is the first name of Preston Manning, and Ernest/Ernes variations suggest the Arniss-variation of Annas', first found in Cambridgeshire.

As my knocking on Muschatov's window points to Elon Musk, it's interesting that English Ernests/Ernes' (Hampshire) have the rising bird (falcon or eagle) of Knocks/Knox's. The latter were first found in Renfrewshire with the Lord-loving Glasgows, and Lords/LAUDs share the pheons of Ernes-like Arneys/Carneys. Leeds/Leads have a cockatrice standing on a ragully staff, similar to the Knock/Knox falcon standing on a stick-like object. Okay, but what would Preston Manning have to do with Musk and Ukraine? Will he kick the vaccine / skincode can down the road, allowing Canadian Christians more time to prepare?

Leeds/Leads share the scallop of Joke's who in turn share the red cockatrice with Preston-like Prestleys/Presleys, and while the latter were first found in Yorkshire with English Jacks (almost the Joke Coat), Scottish Jacks were first found in Renfrewshire with Knocks/Knox's. Does this set of heraldry appear Arranged?

The Joke cockatrice is in a crown, and when I see objects in a crown, I claim them to be a symbol of Ceraunii blood. Again, Crauns/Crane's, first found in Suffolk with Mannings, share the Manning patee. Ceraunii lived beside Maezaei, and German Manners share the Massey quadrants. Carneys/Arneys may be from the Carni people group at/near Bled, and Bleds have the Coat of English Clare's (Suffolk, same as TIGERs) in colors reversed. This Clare Coat is just triple chevrons in red, same as the triple Muschat chevrons (different background colors). The Bleds have a "tous" motto term while Tous'/Tosini's share the eight-pointed star of German Ernests and German TEEGERs.

Bled is beside Lesce, the line to Leslie's, kin in turn of Case's, and Chase's were first found in Hampshire with Ernests/Ernes'. Cass'/Cash's were first found in Cambridgeshire with Musks, and Elon Musk, I assume, wants to eradicate cash. But what's Preston Manning to do with this? The Tous/Tosini Coat has a Manning-like "man" said to wear a "shirt" and "buttons," and while Buttons/Bidens were first found in Hampshire with Ernests/Ernes', Shirts/Shards share the peaCOCK in Crest with Maness'/Manners.

Peacocks were first found in Essex with the Chase-branch Chance's, and with the Mountains who I think are in what looks like a mountain in the German Ernest Coat. The bird of Ernests/Ernes' stands on a mound while Mounds are also Mounts, which argues for a mountain for German Ernests, which is in the colors of the rocks of Rocks/Roque's, first found in Languedoc with French Mountains. Can anyone figure out what mystery might be in all of this?

Kepke and I may have been throwing the FRISbee on the same day he CHASED me with the spider, and Frise's/Frazers were first found in Peebles-shire with Mounds/Mounts (green mound, same as Ernests/Ernes'). The Bee's, in "frisbee," share the Eure/Keever and Manner quadrants, and I'll show below how Eure's connect to Mountains. English Mounts (share Mound/Mount lion) have a raGULLY staff, symbol also of Leeds, perfect because Keppocks named Kippax in Leeds. Kepke and I collected golf balls at CEDAR Brae golf club (as little as a year before the spider event) as a pointer to Golfin variation of Gully-connectable Gulls. Gullys were first found in Oxfordshire with Bee's and Cedars/COTTars while Cotta's/Cottards and Gully-branch French Julians were first found in Languedoc with Mountains.

The Ernest mountain-like item is in the same colors in the Coat of Poitvins, and the latter put a "jay" onto that mountain while JACKets/JAYcocks were first found in Suffolk with Ernests/Ernes'. Jackets/Jaycocks share the triple crescents of French Pine's, first found in Limousin with French Clairs. Jacks had come up with the Joke's sharing the scallops of COCKatrice-using Leeds and the PRESTly cockatrice. The latter's cockatrice is related to the red wyvern dragon of Fly-beloved Drake's (Hampshire), and Flys share the Leeder fleur-de-lys. English Pine's have pineapples while Apple's and Appleby's share the martlets of English Mountains. Leeders share the gold boar head with Eure's/Ivers/Keevers.

Drake's are in Dreux/Drew colors and format, and Dreux is in Eure while Eure's/Ivers/Keevers share the quadrants of German Manners (Styria), as well as the Bee's suspect in the "Be" motto term of Peacocks. The "uro" motto term of MacKenzie's can apply to the Ure variation of Eure's, and the burning rock-like item in the MacKenzie Crest is a "mountain." This set of heraldry is a pointer to the 2nd Trumpet of Revelation, where a blazing mountain is cast by God from the sky into a sea. It will be all over but the weeping at that point in history, for the global gang.

I do believe that the Apophis ASTERoid of April, 2029, is the fulfillment of the 2nd Trumpet. I'm not declaring it as a God-granted fact to me, but I do believe it, and am preparing as if it is true. The astronomy gang named the asteroid, Apophis. They say it will come less than 20,000 miles from earth, but I claim it will be five times slower than they think it is, and five times closer than they think it is, easily pulled in by earth gravity. Astronomy is filled with liars. Musk and NASA are liars, deliberate fakes.

The "AS aster" motto phrase of MacKenzie's seems to point to an asteroid even harder, and my interlinear translates the "like a mountain" phrase for the 2nd Trumpet as: "AS a mountain." This is compelling set of heraldry, and yet it relates to how we arrived to the Mountains above because ancient APOPhis was Apepy too while Pepins/Pepys share a "Mens" motto term with POPpins/Pophams (Hampshire again). Mens' were a Manner branch. Poppins/Pophams add a "MANSit" motto term. Might this asteroid knock out one or more of Musk's main satellites?

If God is pointing to Mr. Manning because he'll buy us time to prepare, then it suggests that trudeau will work to install the mark of the beast. It makes sense. And speaking of blocking a bad guy, I'll take things now to a dream I had. The setting was above my bed (where there?) where the ceiling meets the wall. A spider web was there, with a fly caught in the web. Just as the spider was attacking the fly, I slipped a piece of cardboard between it and the fly. Dream over. I think I can prove this dream to be from God for the purposes of finding heraldic pointers.

I think we can view this spider with Kepke's spider because Flys (beside Webbers) share the Webber fleur-de-lys, and here we can add that Webbers have the Pepin/Pepy bend-with-fleur in colors reversed. The Leed-like Letts/Late's use "organ pipes" while Pipe's have the Pepin/Pepy Coat and Crest. The camel heads of Pipe's and Pepins can take us to Camulodunum, in Essex with the first-known Mountains.

Spider-like SPITzers use green "hills" to go with the green mounds of Mounts. The Hills were first found in Worcestershire with Chips/Chippers. French Mountains have a saltire in the colors of the similar cross of English Bruns of SPITalfield. Spitals/Spittle's were first found in Dumbartonshire with Eure's/URE's/Keevers. Is God telling that he's about to spit the asteroid into the sea as a warning shot beside the bows of cargo SHIP? The 2nd Trumpet tells that 1/3 the Chip-like ships will be destroyed by the asteroid, and Keeps (Sussex, same as Boards) use a "galley" ship.

From Bruns of Spitalfield we can take it to the one of the Brown/Brun Coats, which also the one of vaccine-like Vychans. The other Brown Coat is most of the Scottish Shepherd Coat. English Sheppers/Shepherds (Keppock / Sheffield kin) come up as Shipperds. Vychans were first found in Shropshire, where English Mounds/Munds were first found, and these Mounds/Munds use bees while Bees share the Eure/Ure/Keever quadrants. Bee-using Beasts/Beestons were first found in Cheshire, beside Shropshire, and English Marks .

Just as I was writing "Shepherd," the same term was sung over my speakers (not a second before or after) in the song, "SHOUT to the LORD." Before this, I had already seen that I had to take us to the shout-like Suters and Sutherlands as per the cardboard. It's another Saturday songline miracle, I assume, to urge me forward with these "crazy" claims. It reminds me that Scute's/Scutts share the gold eSCUTcheaon with Shepper-connectable Chips/Chippers.

Mounds/Munds and Vychans were first found in Shropshire with Cards, and so this is the time to show that God provided the CARDboard to block the spider because there is a letter with stamp in the Card Crest. The Stamps have a black-Shield Coat version of the Rush's, first found in Suffolk with the Tigers in the tiger of ceiling-like Ceilys/SEELEYs. As I said years ago, I was sleeping on a Seeley mattress at the time, explaining why the dream's setting was at the ceiling above my bed.

The Mattres'/MAISTRE's look like a branch of Masters (Yorkshire, same as Ticks/Tooks and Tickhill) who were in turn once said to be first found in Kent with the Ticks/Tooks who in turn have the Stump/Stomp Coat in colors reversed. The cardBOARD got us to Stamps, and Stumps/Stomps were first found in Sussex with BOARDs. And the reason that we are supposed to go to Stumps/Stomps and Ticks' is that they have a version of the Teague/TEEGER Coat, thus verifying that we were to get to the Tigers in the Ceily/Seeley Crest.

German Teegers share the eight-pointed star of German Ernests, and Mannings (share Preston cinquefoil) were first found in Suffolk with Tigers! I cannot believe what just happened as I tread on new territory here, unsure of whether this spider-fly dream points to Ernest Preston Manning. I was thinking about it while writing the first sentence in this paragraph, After completing the sentence, I went o capitalize "manning," and at that very second, "ernestly" was singing on my speakers. I realized that this was the second time the chorus had been sung, meaning that "ernestly" was sung several seconds earlier too i.e. while writing the sentence.

OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH WWWWWOWWWWWIE!!!! The song happens to be, "Softly and Tenderly," sung by Joey Feek in this case while she was dying of cancer, but it was also sung by Elvis PRESLEY!!!! Presleys (Yorkshire again) are also PRESTlys!!! PRESTON Manning!!! Did she get cancer from vaccine poisoning?

The chorus uses "ernestly calling," and so I think that the trumpet-using Calls/Calles apply because they were Shute/Schute kin, and because I intended to go to Suters from the Sutherland location of the first-known Mackays, because the latter are in Ceily/Seeley colors and format. Mackays were at Moray, where Bellys were first found, and the Moray Coat along with the Belly chevron is all that Ceilys/Seeleys use. The Sutherland write-up tells that they use the Moray stars, but in someone else's colors. I think this works as per by belly-press event with Miss Peare, for Press'/Prests look like Preston / Prestly branch.

It's possible that God used the song to point to Trump in spite of his being responsible for millions of illnesses, because, if he gets re-elected, he may be forced to stave-off the vaccine mandates, and I'm thinking that Manning, along with the new premier of Alberta, will cause the vaccine goons to go into remission for a while too, lay low. The new premier is Danielle SMITH, and I showed why English Smiths are in Vychan/Vaughn colors and format for a related reason.

On the other hand, "calling" may be a pointer to Callins, who look by their Coat to be a branch of Collins' / Chalons' kin. Callins share the Board martlets, and have a version of the Lorraine and Gorsuch Coats, both with the bend of Keeps, and the latter were first found in Sussex with Boards. That looks correct. Boards have an escutcheon too, in the colors of the Suter escutcheon. The reason that I went to Suters was not only due to Sutherland of the Mackays, but because they have a reflection of the Board Coat. Suters come up as Sewers while Shute's are also Shitts, not a pretty picture.

I can't recall whether Crauns/Crane's have a hind or deer, but Scute's do use deer, and while Sewer-like Swords were from Siward of Northumberland, the Spitzer-beloved Tunnels/Tunno's were first found in Northumberland. Plus, Sewards use the backside of a deer / stag that is probably called a "hind." Sewards share two fesse of Sweets/Sweits probably due to Swietoslawa's alternative name, Sigrid the Haughty. "Sigrid" and "Siward" were related terms. I can't recall whether Swietoslawa was the grandmother of Casimir of Poland, the line to Lorraine's and Keeps.

As another potential pointer to Preston Manning, there is a Hutton township in Lancashire's Preston, and Huttons have stag heads in the colors of the Trudeau stags. Justins were kin of Wings/Winks in the Sword wings.

Scute's were first found in Lancashire with Shuttleworths sharing the "weavers' shuttle" with Keeps. I trace Sigrid the HAUGHTy to Hottens/Haughtons of Hooten. Hootons, in COFFER colors, share the white horse and rider with Sheffers/Shafferys and CAFFERys. Keeps were first found in Sussex with Cofferts. Sheffields are the ones with almost the Keppoch Coat, and William Chepe of the Chip/Chippers was listed at Sheffield. I predicted (not heavy-duty) that the False Prophet and/or anti-Christ will be from the Mieszko mouse-tower line, and Swietoslawa was the daughter of Mieszko I.

Repeat: "German Teegers share the eight-pointed star of German Ernests, and Mannings (share Preston cinquefoil) were first found in Suffolk with Tigers [and Rush's]." It's also where Manning-related Crauns/Crane's were first found who share three, fessewise blue annulets with Rush's. There is a blue crane in the Crest of Scute's, and Shute's are also Schute's. Scute's are the ones sharing the Chip/Chipping escutcheon, and this is where we can go to Skins/Scans because they have three swords in pale in the colors of the three fessewise swords of Shute's/Schute's. A skin scanner goes with a microCHIP in the skin. Swords have three swords in pale in the colors of the Skin/Scan swords in pale.

Trudeau's are in Mead/Meats colors and format, and Meads/Meats were once said to be first found in Somerset with Ceilys/Seeleys. The latter have the Moray Coat plus, and Morays share "pret" with the Mead/Meat motto. Prior to being first found in Somerset, Meads/Meats were said to be first found in Sussex with Medleys, and Ceilys/Seeleys share the tiger in Crest (different color) with Medleys. Sussex is where Boards were first found whom are pointed to by my placing cardboard at the ceiling's corner, between the spider and the fly, and thus, we now have Trudeau's in the picture to indicate that he is the spider, for we saw that Preston Manning resolved as the blocker (i.e. the cardboard) in this dream. I like this interpretation.

Meads/Meats are even in colors reversed from, and in the format of, Fly's! It's looking good because the neighboring Webbers, who share the Fly fleur-de-lys, were first found in Somerset with Board-like Boarders! BEAUTY. You are either going to think I'm making this up, or you are going to be amazed at what was singing over my speakers as the last sentence. Just after I wrote "Boarders, two or three seconds after, I heard the some sing, "I'll FLY away." This was 16 seconds into the song, meaning that it was playing throughout my writing, "first found in Somerset with Board-like Boarders!"

What you might not believe is that, after the songline miracle on Joey Feek's song, Softly and tenderly," I shut the music off. I always shut the music off when I feel I have a songline miracle. The next time I turned the music on, the playlist went to the second Joey-Feek song (there's only two), and that was "I'll fly away"!!! I kid you not, it happened just that way. It means I'm on the right track in this pointer to justin trudeau. The fly in the dream, I now assume, is generally the canadian population caught in his web.

I've only now loaded Medleys to see that they are now said to be first found in Shropshire with Motleys of Medlicott, and with Cards!!! The CARDboard at our service.

Boarders have swords in the colors of the same of neighboring Shute's/Shitts/SHOTs. The Arms of DACHau uses a SLING SHOT, and Tax's/DACHs share the swords-in-saltire of Boarders, making it appear that God is portraying trudeau as a Nazi, for Dachau was Hitler's headquarters for his Bavarian concentration camps. trudeau badly wants to send vaccine resistors to concentration camps, beware this unrepentant cobweb. Slings use the vulture, symbol of death.

Ahh, I'lls/Alleys, first found in Worcestershire with Chips/Chippers, share the Motley lion. "I''ll fly away," by JOEy Feek. Motleys use a "Dat cura" motto phrase while DENhams have a "Cura dat" phrase, and moreover Denhams share pelicans with Meads/Meats. Pellicans were first found in Maine with the French Josephs having the Fly martlets in colors reversed, and Flys were first found in Hampshire with English JOE's/Josephs.

I haven't loaded Spitzers until this point in the discussion to find them first found in Styria, suspect with the Styre's/Sturs, first found in Hampshire with Flys. Repeat from above: "Spider-like SPITzers use green 'hills' to go with the green mounds of Mounts. The Hills were first found in Worcestershire with Chips/Chippers." It's such a perfect reason for God to use the spider, if the mark of the beast is even part of the skinchip technology.

Revelation 13 might even be a self-fulfilling prophecy just because God revealed it. From there, His people would warn against the mark of the beast, and thus our enemies will implement it just to dig into us, not realizing that God lives, to punish them eternally. Eternal punishment goes to those who would persecute / kill us eternally if they had eternal life. It's not the punishment for merely a one-time killing spree, but rather it's for what they would do forever if God does not end their lives. We have heard of not one demon repenting yet.

Elon Musk has a boring company. The Boring Company, that forms tunnels in the ground. Is God pointing to Musk with the Spitzer tunnel? Borings, I kid you not, though listed with Barringtons, were first found in Cambridge with Muscats/Musks, and Borings/Barringtons even share the triple chevrons of Muschats. It looks as though God has a target on Musk's back. In fact, he might be the spider too because Ceily/Seeley--like Sillys (not to mention Epsteins) have the Boring/Barrington chevrons too. The so-called "hermit" in the Crest of shedding-like Sheds/Sheddings is in the Boring/Barrington Crest, though I don't know what the latter call him.

Sheds/Sheddens were first found in Ayrshire with the Skits/Skeets sharing the Skate/Sheet Coat, and Obama was on a ramp with a skateBOARD in my dream where Obama owned a billiard hall. Skits, Scheds/Sheds, and Skate's share the potent cross with Chads (Norfolk, same as Skate's), and then Chadwicks with Chaddocks almost have the Board Coat.

The vertically-split Sched/Shed and Chad Shields are in colors reversed from the same of Tunnels/Tunno's. Towns/Tune's were first found in Suffolk with the Tigers in the Ceily/Seeley Crest, and the latter almost have the Coat of Billiards/Hillards (Yorkshire, same as Scheds/Sheds) and Billiards/Billets (Maine, same as Mead-beloved Pellicans).

Spike Proteins

I've found some more proof that heraldic links point to spike proteins in vaccines, in which case I assume they are not good in vaccines. I also assume that they work in conjunction with graphene-oxide because, years ago, while on the topic if Spike-like Syphax, his coin had his image which looked like Mr. Kepke. A hard-C version of "Syphax" is almost "Kippax." Kippax is in West Yorkshire, beside the first known Spike's and Keep-connectable Shuttleworths of Lancashire.

This discussion becomes intriguing where Spike's are said to have had a Brampton Specke Devon, where Speccots and Spice's were first found; the latter are in Trudeau colors and format. What's more, Spice's were first found in Devon with the Staggs/Stage's, and Trudeau's use only stags and a chevron. So, this pointer to spike proteins is pointing also to justin trudeau, especially as Kepke's/Kopke's share the Justin border. trudeau is the vaccine trafficker who legalized "weed" in canada against the wishes of parents. That's what globalist stooges do best, steal the children from parents and re-program them.

I told how Kepke was engaged to Kim Walsh, and that Walsh's/Walchs have an "AuSPICE" motto term while the Wallachia area in which Walsh's/Walchs derive may have covered the Trotus river, which then connects to Trots/TRUDE's. I also told that Kepke was sitting on my HOOD when he spotted Allison Bauer in an important event that pointed to Scottish Allisons with the Truth variation of Trots/Trude's in their motto. Scottish Allisons are said to be from certain MacDonalds, same as their Keppoch branch. Hoods were first found in Devon with Speccots, and both have "frets" though in different colors.

Enter Elon Musk, for I initially found Speccots as "Space." Musk owns SpaceX, and the Space/Speccot fret is an X-shape, I kid you not. Plus, while Mr. Musk has been pointed to for as per Kiev / Ukraine programs, it just so happens that Space's/Speccots are in the colors and format of the bend-with eagles of Keep-related Lorraine's. Their bend-with-eagles is fully the Coat of Gorsuch's, first found in Lancashire with Spike's, the Settle's, and with the Shuttleworths/SHETTLEworths sharing the "weaver's shuttle" of Keeps. This is amazing because Settle's share the rare-colored lozenges of Stars, an apparent pointer to Musk's Starlink satellites. Zowie, I've only now realized that "SATELLite" is like the Settell variation of Settle's!! It seems undeniable that God set this heraldic set up.

I now need to repeat that, on the first instance of my meeting Miss Peare, we RUSHed up the STAIRs to get away from Kepke. The Rush's applied to that event, and, much later, I found that Stars are also Stairrs, important not only because Pero's have "flaming stars," but because Stairs (not "Stairr"), in Flame colors, are in Trudeau / Spice colors and format. The Stair stars are colors reversed from the same of Peare's and Leeds-like Letts. Kippax is in Leeds.

We are now ready for the additional pointer(s) to spike PROteins. I've shown before how Pro-like Peare's were first found in Oxfordshire with TEINs in "proTEIN," and both surnames even share the same chevron-with-stars. I had loaded Ruchs yesterday to find them listed with the Rothschild- / Rockefeller-connectable Rauch's/Smoke's, and then found the RUKE's/Ruckers (Hesse) with a giant, two-headed eagle in colors reversed from the same of Spike's. ROOKs were first found in Oxfordshire with Peare's and Teins.

The Ruke/Rucker Crest is identical to the one of Wies'/Wiesers, and almost the one showing for Weis'/Wise's who in turn share the two "flaming stars" of Pero's. Miss Peare worked for REITMAN's CLOTHing when I first met her, and while Jewish Reitmans share the Fizer hexagrams, CLOTs/DuClos' may be why God had her selling clothes i.e. a pointer to blood clots by Pfizer vaccines. Clots/DuClos' share the pierced hexagram (different colors) with Reitmans, and with PAYENs/Pagans whose hexagrams are in the colors of the Pero / Weis/Wise hexagrams. Pierce's/Piers were first found in Somerset with Roets and Payne's, and Rita's and Reids/Reeds were a branch of Roet from PAYNE Roet.

Ruke's/Ruckers and Ruch's/Rauch's are both in Rush colors, and when Miss Peare and I rushed up the stairs, it was to point via the Kiss/Cush rooster to same on a CUSHion of Hahn-related Bibo's. Stephen Hahn was Trump's vaccine trafficker, and Hahns, first found in Mecklenburg with Trumps, are in Trump colors and format. Rooks are in the colors and format of Hands/HANS'. The German Hanns not only share the Kiss / Bibo rooster, but add the rooster of Kopple's, first found in Nuremberg with Keips. It's like Mr. Kepke points to all of the vaccine-trafficking criminals.

It's important that the courant Rush horse is the one of Waistells, for Miss Peare, on a DECK or STAGE pointed to Waistells, first found in Cumberland with English Daggers. German Decks are listed with Daggers, and the latter have the horizontally-split Shield of Christs/Chriss' in colors reversed while Miss Peare is Christine. Having said that, by what coincidence do Squirrels/Square's (Worcestershire with Chips/Chippers), sharing the Deck/Dagger squirrel, have a "Tiens" motto term while Tiens' are listed with Teins. It's another pointer to spike proteins, and it's by Mr. Kepke's girl (she left me for him) immediately before he got engaged to KIM Walsh. Kims share the cinquefoils of French Pine's while English Pine's were first found in Devon with Spike's, Spice's and Space's/Speccots, perfect because the Spike's have a porcuPINE.

I don't want to re-explain how my getting mugged in Galveston pointed to poison vaccines, but will repeat that the night after being mugged at 1 am, I slept in a CRYSTal City motel with cockROACHes. I had black smoke out my tailpipe on the drive to Crystal City, and in the morning too, which disappeared thereafter. That's why the Smoke's were looked up (more than a decade later) to find them listed with Roach-like Rauch's.

Plus, Pipe's share the Pepin Coat while the Mens' in the Pepin motto are also in the motto of Christ/Chriss-like Crystals, making it appear the God set up this heraldic set to fit my night in Crystal City and meanwhile to connect with Miss Peare. Yes, because the Swiss Recketts, suspect in the "recte" motto term of Crystals, almost have the Christ/Chriss Coat. They both share the roses of Trice's/Trysts to go with the COCKatrice of Leeds which itself goes with cockroaches. Cocks (Somerset) were first found beside the trumpet-using Calls/Calles' who are in turn in the colors and format of rock-using Roach's.

Plus, the new Ruke's/Ruckers (Spike Coat in colors reversed) were first found in Hesse with the Rasmussens who in turn have the Pipe / Pepin bend-with-fleur, but rising toward the sinister side of the Shield as does the bend of Ruch's/Rauch's/Smoke's and Jewish Rothchilds (not "Rothschild"). The latter have a sinister-facing horse in colors reversed from the same of Keips/Keipers, and in the colors of the RASmussen unicorn. Ras' are listed with Scottish Rose's who are in the roses of Christs/Chriss' and Swiss Recketts. The last update had the English Ricketts/Recketts (roses) linking to Kepke and his neighbor. In this heraldic picture, we've got to assume that Rasmussens are to point to Klaus Schwab, for Schwabs/Swabs have the giant Rasmussen unicorn.

The Eras variation of Rasmussens can be for the "erased" feature of heraldry, defined when a neckline, such as with the neckline of the Trump stag head, is not a straight line, but ERATic. Rats/Raids were first found in Nairnshire with Ras'/Rose's. The white unicorn of Rasmussens can be in the Crest of pear-using Abbots, first found in Oxfordshire with Peare's and Teins and sharing their chevron. Pierro's/Pero's have plenty of roses, looking like kin of Butts/Bute's/Boets, which can explain the Abbut variation of Abbots/ABOTTs. This tends to reveal that the Butt/Bute/Boet fish is the same-colored "pike" of Geddes', first found in Nairnshire with Rose's/Ras'.

As English Pike's were first found in Devon with the Rattery location of Hoods while Ratterys share the Pick fitchees, I'm going to guess that the white Rat/Raid anchor is the one of Hoods.

By the way, I use "giant" to indicate that the Coat probably uses nothing but the item mentioned, meaning that the item is not a minor one on the Shield amongst other symbols. I reckon that when a symbol is in giant form, the surname owns it from the near-inception of its creation. Just a guess.

The Space's/Speccots are said to have put out a branch at Cornwall's PENheale, and here we can add that Pendragons were first found in Cornwall with Trysts/Trice's and Tristans. Kippax is in Leeds while Leeds use a cockaTRICE while Space's/Speccots share the Keep bend while white-horse and red-rose Hebrons have a "Keep Tryst" motto term. As Elon Musk of SpaceX wants to implant BRAINs with CHIPs, as do certain Schwabites and even Schwab himself, it's interesting that Heale's, taken from "Penheale, show lozenges alone, forming a single pale bar in the colors of the single pale bar of BRAINs. Haleys/Healys use nothing but boar heads forming a pale bar, and they are the boar heads of Schims/Schiens to, first found in Aberdeenshire with SKINs/SCANs! Bingo, a pointer to skinchip scanning machinery, and the latter use swords in pale to boot.

Heale's were first found in Devon with Space's/Speccots and Spice's, and the latter share the gold tower with Scute's who in turn share the escutcheons of Chips/Chippers in both colors. The Healy leopard face is also the one of Peare's and Parsons, and the latter were first found in Norfolk with a Heale location (in the Heale write-up), and with the first-known Brains. Aside from the pale bar, Brains show only leopard faces in half the colors of the Healy leopard face.

When Miss Peare pointed to Waistells on my deck, she simultaneously pointed to Hips' (similar to the Deck/Dagger Coat), first found in Norfolk with Healy of the Heale's who in turn share the gold spread eagle with the Phoenix's/FENwicks that almost have the Hips Coat, tending to explain why Fens'/Venns were first found in Devon with Heale's. The Spike-like Spinks suspect in the Hips sphinx were first found in Northamptonshire with Penes'/Pennys, tending to explain PENheale of the Space's/Speccots. The Swiss Recketts suspect in the "rectum" motto term of Pens/Pence's have a good reflection of the Hips / Phoenix Coats. Pens/Pence's were first found in Buckinghamshire with Rook-connectable Cope's who were in turn first found in Northamptonshire with Penes'/Pennys.

Yesterday, I was trying to figure out how my PULLING Miss Peare toward me by her waist and hips, which felt very good, will pan out as something good for Christians in this end-time struggle for earth's ownership. Pulling a woman toward oneself doesn't necessarily feel good with purely sexual senses, though they tend to take over. Hugging can feel good without sexuality. I'm determined to come up with the answer on this feel-good mystery.

New: after a certain PENNY and I hadn't seen each other from the same church for about three decades, I took a seat at my son's church right in front of she and her husband, Brain-like Brian. Brian bumped me on the shoulder with a hand to ask if I was who he thought I was, and I got up excited to see he and Penny there, when she promptly leaned forward to give me a warm hug! The plot thickens. French Brians share the NAIL/Nagle saltire, a potential pointer to spike proteins. Penes'/Pennys even have an item ("lynx") in a CROWN, the symbol of Corona-line Ceraunii Illyrians.

Pullys/PULLINGs love the Culp variation of Cups/Cope's in their motto, and while Christine Peare points to Hips-connectable Christs/Chriss', Christine's/Christians use cups. The Cope's (why a red dragon IN A CROWN?), first found in Northamptonshire with Hips-connectable Spinks (beside red-dragon Drake's), add to the Culp/Cup/Cope Coat so as to be in the colors and format of Rooks (Oxfordshire with Peare's and Teins), and thus we are back again to the Ruke's, the pointer to spike proteins. I can therefore assume that God will grant his Christians some respite from, or even a complete victory over, spike-protein murders. And it will feel so good to defeat this beast. It seems as though we are now in the very throes of defeating this vaccine beast...not at all meaning that it won't bring on the 666 system apart from poison vaccines.

On the last weekend I spent with Miss Peare, she showed me a PICTURE of herself RUNNING on a BEACH. Runnings/Ronnys share the RUSH / Rosco fesse, and so I could say that Peare and I, instead of rushing, were running up the stairs for our first kiss. Picture's/Picthalls share the red demi-lion of Recketts, first found in Switzerland with German Good/Guts. The three lions of English Goods, in colors reversed, are the three lions of Picture's/Picthalls. The waist-and-hips pull toward me came with my God-breathed description, "it felt so good," partly for Felts and partly for Goods/Guts.

I now see that English Goods can be sharing the lion of Irish Brians whose motto term, "UACHtar," looks like part-code for Wake-connectable Wachs/Walks. "UachTAR" can relate to the scimitar of Ricketts/Recketts, first found in Kent with Goods. German Wachs were first found in Silesia with the sphinx-using Brocuffs/PROCks while PROCtors use nails to go with the saltire of French Brians. Goods/Guts are in the colors and format of the Brooks, first found in Essex with Brocuff-branch Brocks. The latter share "vireSCIT" with the Line's/Linds (Ayrshire, same as SKITs/Skeets) who in turn share the crossed spears of Picture's/Picthalls.

AMAZING: Line's/Linds love the Sempers/St. Pierre's/St. Peers in their motto who share the Coat of Duce's for a possible pointer to James LeDuc of Wuhan-lab connection. Sempers share the Coat of Bramptons, recalling Brampton Speke of the Spike's!!! LOOKIE THERE FOLKS! Miss Peare's beach picture is pointing to spike proteins. Vires' in "VIREScit" of the Line's/Linds are listed with Rockefeller-connectable Vairs/Verona's. French Vairs share the Shield of Fiscs and their Atha kin who in turn have a "Duci" motto term. The Fisc motto can point to vaccine-induced AIDS. It's right down Rockefeller poison-vaccine lane.

The Vires/Verona write-up: "Some of the family ventured to England shortly after the Conquest. There we find "in 1199, WARIN de Virune of Northamptonshire..." That's where Brocuff-beloved Spinks and LYNX-using Penes'/Pennys were first found, and the Vires/Verona Coat shares the Coat of lynx-using Lynch's. Warrens were of Ada of Warenne, or "Varenne," and Varenne's are listed with Verona-like Verone's. Ada's line, in the Fisc motto, is the pointer to AIDS. Same write-up: "Richard de Werun held of the Honour of Ferrers..." Ferrers use horseshoes for a pointer to the horseshoe bats used for creating bio-weaponized VIRUSes! Bingo, the VIRES surname in the Line/Lind and Brock mottoes point to poison viruses.

The waist-and-hips pull was related to a belly-PRESS (or GUT-press) with Miss Peare when we were TEENs (i.e. like "Tein"), and the Press/Prest Chief is also the Chief of Neils/O'Nails. That looks like spike Peare-teen to me, especially as we had RUKEd up the stairs for our first kiss.

Ronny-like Rannys/Rainys have the bishop of Tulle in their write-up, explaining why the Ranny/Rainy Chief is in the colors and format of the Tull/Tolle Chief. The Brain Coat looks related to the Tull/Tullia Coat ("butterFLIES") while Tulls/Tolle's ("PRYamid") have an "ADversis" motto term likely for Ada of Warenne, wife of Henry of Huntingdon. This is said because the "EnGHIEN" motto of Brains must be for Giens/Gains/ENGAINs, first found in Huntingdonshire, and thus we can now take this to the Ade's/AIDS, and that spells the disease that poison vaccines / spike proteins are giving people.

Both Tull surnames were from Tullia of Lyon at Auvergne, where Bouillons ("bello CHRISTi") were first found who almost have the flory cross of English Tollers (Cornwall). The Patria's/PEARtree's are probably in the Toller motto, and as Patria's/Peartree's were first found beside the related PROfetts/PROPHETS, note that while Elon Musk or Trump are suspect with the fire from the sky of the False Prophet, Profetts share a giant, Trump-connectable leg (different colors) with PYRAMid-like Prime's, clever because "pyramid" can be code also for Peare liners. Abotts use pears and a "patria" motto term. Trumps (Dol colors) were first found in Mechlenburg with Tolle-like Dols, but also in Pomerania with German Tollers (suspect closely with the Pepoli checks).

The Flys expected in the BUTTERfly symbol of Tulls/Tullia's were first found in Hampshire with Buttons, Botters, with Apophis-pointing Poppins/Pophams, and with the Checkers who share the checkered Shield of Tulls/Tolle's. These checks are in half the colors of the checkered Shield of Fiscs who in turn use an "Sic itur AD astra" motto to go with the "Sic itur as astra" of the MacKenzie's who point to the Apophis asteroid. The Fisc Shield is shared by Atha's/Attys, and so they must have been a branch of the Atty variation of Ade's/Aids. I can fathom that God is planning to spit the Apophis asteroid at the vaccine-trafficking fiends. this is a good place to add that the Poppin/Popham stag head is shared by Hanne's/Anne's, recalling that German Hanne's, Kepke-line connectable, were a branch of Hahns.

FAUCi's, looking linkable to Dutch Tromps, were first found in Genoa with the Fisc-like Fieschi, whom I see as a branch of FACE's/Fessys. Brains love leopard FACES. AND, I KID YOU NOT, Pews/Pughs, sharing the Fisc motto, were first found in Montgomeryshire with Kerrys who in turn use an HIV-like hive!!! Some say the AIDS pandemic was staged (created for real but orchestrated) in relation with an HIV virus. Montgomerys (Renfrewshire, same as Pugh-like Poke's/Pogue's/Pollocks) almost share the Leicester Coat while Pews/PUGHs share the Coat of Perkins/Parkings, first found in Leicestershire. Montgomerys share the Paisley and Pack anchor while packs are in the colors and format of the Anchor-branch Angers who in turn share the Fauci lozenge!!! BIG STUFF.

The Leicester Coat is the Montgomery Coat plus the fesse of French AUGERs/Augets. English Augers are fantastic because they have a "SPECTemur" motto term. The Crest of Leicesters ("patria") looks related to the Crest of Hood-related Zeals/Seals. The "Pro" motto term of Leicesters can thus be an additional pointer to spike PROteins where Hoods share the fret with Space's/SPECCOTs. Is that cool or what?

The Eggs/Edge's, looking like they can be of Augers/Etches', have a Coat somewhat like that of Doria's, first found in Genoa with Fisc liners, and yet Doria's married the Arduinici, from the Ardiaei Illyrians who had a king GENTius, and moreover the Etty-like Atys/Atters/Tire's have a motto, "PER ARDUA," looking like it too can point to spike proteins as per Tein-related Peare's. The Augers/Etches' even have an "aGENDo" motto term looking like code for the GENTs/Geans/Jeans sharing the Auger/Etche's lion.

Gents/Geans/JEANs almost have the Coat of Be's/Bes'/Baise's/Bests (Languedoc, same as Gents/Geans/Jeans). Bee's/Beas' were first found in Oxfordshire with Peare's and Teins/TIENs. Suddenly, the beach in the Sleeping Beauty dream is pointing to spike proteins, and that beach belonged to Jeffrey EpsTIEN, the genetics lunatic. I'm not suggesting that Epstiens were named after Tiens', but that God may have provided the spelling similarities.

Miss Hicks fulfilled Sleeping Beauty. As soon as I saw her in the dream, I saw myself walking toward her, on the beach, without my JEANs on, and it just so happens that the Icky variation of Hicks is shared by Egg-related Ice's/Ecco's. Note "SpECCOts," for Ice's/Ecco's share the trefoil of Pike's, first found in Devon with the Space's/Speccots and the Speke location of Pike-like Spike's. The "Tout" variation of Hicks is probably for queen Teuta or queen Triteuta of the Ardiaei. Gentius above married princess Triteuta of the DARDanians, and Darts/Dards were first found in Devon too, along with Pine's suspect from king Pinnes of the Ardiaei. Spike's use the porcuPINE.

The Atys/Atters/Tire's ("Per") happen to share the red hand holding the black fitchee in the Arms of the MacDonald Keppochs, and it's essentially in the Crest of Sheffields, which recalls the Chepe family of Sheffield in the Chip/Chipper/CHIPmans write-up. It just so happens that Chepmans/Chapmans were first found in Cambridgeshire with Attys and Musks! Plus, wow, I get it, the Ponders (Cambridgeshire) in the Chepmans/Chapman motto are in Leeds colors and format!!! It means that Keppochs were a Chapman / Chipman branch. Ponder-branch Ponds/Ponts were first found in Hampshire with Flys, amazing. This paragraph explains why Musks are in the colors and near-format of Keppoch/Kippax's and Sheffields, and the latter substitutes the Musk / Keppoch fesse for a chevron in the colors of the Muschat/MontFITCHet chevron.

The Fly's, in colors reversed from, and roughly in the format of, Spice's, use a lure in Crest while the "SPECTemur" motto term of Lure's must therefore be for Space's/Speccots (Devon, same as Spice's), tending to prove that Flys were Speccot kin. We have remained bang-on the spike-protein topic with this trace, but lets add that while Lure's use the flag, Fly's were at Flagi. The Lure Coat looks related to the Rooks because Ruke's/Ruckers have the Spike/Speke/Speak Coat in colors reversed.

It gets amazing here because the full Lure motto is shared by Augers/Etches' s who in turn share the demi-lion of Graffs/GRAFFENs!!! If the shoe fits. I showed how Augers/Etches' link by way of Eggs/Edge's to Ice's/ECCO's who had pointed to ECOhealth, partner-in-vaccine crime with Tony Fauci. This paragraph comes connectable with a new realization (a few paragraphs below) involving Pewters, and it just so happens that Pews share the full motto of Fauci-connectable Fiscs. Ice's/Ecco's were first found in Mecklenburg's ROSTock, possibly named by the line of Rusticus.

Kepke and I were sitting on the hood of my MUSTANG in the PARKING lot of the grocery store that we were both working at with the ICE-cream girl, Darlene Ray. I showed how the ice-cream pointed with Cremers to Fauchys and Faux's/Fage's/CHOLLENS'. After dating Darlene, I dated Allison Bauer, and the latter was the Keppoch-connectable topic when Kepke and I sat on the hood. The Hoods share the bird design of Allisons, though they don't call it the same. Hoods call it a "CORNISH chough", and PEWters/PewTRESS' (TRIStan colors) were first found in Cornwall with Trysts/Trice's and Tristans. The reason that Pewters are here is that I remember that Mustang (1971 model) to have a "pewter" silver paint. It's amazing because Pews share the Perkin/PARKING Coat while the latter have a "Simplex" motto term to go with the Simple's in the motto of Spree's, first found in Cornwall with PEWters. Kepke and I sat on the Mustang in the parking lot.

Hoods and Ice/Ecco-related Pike's were first found in Devon with the Tristan branch using pheon arrows heads which are much like the large ermine spots of TREStans/Tressands, and much like the "pike heads" of Picots (Cheshire, same as Nickle's sharing Tristan pheon) who in turn share the white wolf head in the Crest of Zeals/Seals (Devon, same as Hoods) expected in the "Zealous" motto of Hoods. The Tristans of Devon share a black wolf head with Zeals/Seals. The latter's fesse is colors reversed from the same of French AUGERs/Augets in the "auget" motto term of English Charles' who in turn have a version of the Ice/Ecco and Egg/Edge Coats. This is bang-on, like a hammer to the head of a spike, not just for the Speccots looking like they are in the Auger/Etches' motto, but because French Charles' share the martlets with protein-pointing Teins/Tiens', and "Tiens" is a motto term of Squirrels/Square's who share the red squirrel with Decks/Daggers who in turn have the horizontally-split colors of English Charles' in colors reversed.

Again, Pewters share the Egg/Edge eagle, but it's also the eagle of Ice's/Ecco's (share Pike trefoil). One half of the Pike Coat is in the colors and format of the Lure's sharing "SPECTemur agendo" with Augers/Etches'. It clicks perfectly, and the Lure's look like Rook kin while Spike's have the Ruke/Rucker Coat in colors reversed. The Speke's of Brampton Speke (Devon) may have developed the Spike variation when marrying the Pike's. Bramtons share the Coat of Duce's, first found in Staffordshire with

Then, Mustang-like Mustans may have been of the Mostyns of vaccine-like Vychan in the write-up of Moses'/Moi's who in turn share a single pale bar in the colors of the same of Brains. The Lord pointed to Ruchs/Rauch's/Smoke's at Crystal City, and Crystals have the "calvary" symbol of Moses'/Moi's in colors reversed. This pale bar is shared by Dol-related Tulls/Tullia's, and Dol's Alans lived in Shropshire, where Moses'/Moi's and Vychans/VAUGHNs were first found. FAUGHNs share the "compony" bend of Fauci-like Faucets.

Repeat: "Fauci's, looking linkable to Dutch Tromps, were first found in Genoa with the Fisc-like Fieschi, whom I see as a branch of FACE's/Fessys." The latter were first found in Northampton with the Quincys in the Faucet write-up. The Sforza lion holding a "quince" is also the giant Auger/Etches' lion.


This update had the Sheppers/Shepherds and Kepke liners pointing to poison vaccines before I saw the Stew Peters video below on Sunday night. He's got an Israeli vaccine-maker on who's criticizing Pfizer's vaccination program with Israel, and as his surname is Shapiro, which shares the sheep with Shepherds, this story seems to fit the Kepke discussions above that intertwined Chips/Chippers with Sheppers/Shepherds. Shapiro's are also Shapers. Keep in mind that the 666 system is expected to be in Israel just because it's ground-zero for God's prophecies:

Here's the video with Preston manning

Rick Wiles of TruNews is now selling Tony Fauci dolls. Someone should write him to say that he could make even more money by selling a dolls of Joseph Caiaphas.

Great news: if you want Jesus to help you, and call out to Him to help you, isn't that proof of your faith? If you want Jesus to love you, isn't that proof that you have faith in Him? In that case, keep Him in mind throughout the day, and PLEASE Him, because pleasing God pays with forgiveness of sins. Faith is made good when we please God. The Bible explains how to please God. ETERNAL LIFE is the best news of all, and better yet, eternal life without the likes of this world's goons is going to happen. No human knows the nature of eternal life. It will be a big surprise.

The difference between Brazil and the United States is that, when the communists stole the election from the good-guy president last week, he was able to call the military in hopes of rectifying things. By Saturday night, one video claimed that the military declared the election to be won by fraud, and that the fraudulent side was arrested. By Saturday, one video said that the National Guard in the U.S. was sent out to "protect" election integrity, but this looks like the fraud squad sent out to protect fraud.

When Biden stole the 2020 election, Trump couldn't do what Brazil just did because he failed to put the military brass in the hands of his supporters. Conservatives had best find a better man for 2024, because Trump is a snake. Even though January 6 was a faked operation, the pro-Trumpers did not put out mass protests, as the Brazilians are doing (video below), because Trump told his supporters amassed in Washington, on January 6, to "go home." It was his betrayal of the voters.

After all was done, the fact that the military sided for Bidenites was a GREAT wake-up call to conservatives who supported the military as it if were next to holiness. The country knows better. The military is revamping the soldiers and the leaders so that it will attack conservatives with as few hold-outs and whistle-blowers as possible. The biggest war the military now has it with the Americans, believe it, it's on. Let's see whether the people can defeat election fraud 2022, a fight that Trump started in 2021, but abandoned for no good reason that same year.

The Pelosi affair, still on-going with new media twists, made me realize something. When the corruptocrats need to get the news off of what is destined to hurt them, they conduct a staged event that's juicy to give media something else to talk about. But I knew that already. At this time when the COVID monsters are relenting (I didn't say retreating) and facing a backlash, the Ukraine war was ramped up to take the heat off. And there have probably been other news stories to help that cause. If the only thing that was staged was a story about a hammer to Mr. Pelosi's head, and his hospitalization, the story would have gone away fast. The thing I'm realizing now is that the goons stage events in such ways as to get caught staging them, by deliberately adding inconsistencies and contradictions day after day in the intended-for-news storylines, so that their media enemies, for example Rick Wiles, spend a LOT OF TIME studying all the reports, and then more time showing their viewers how smart they are to catch all of the inconsistencies. I hate to break it to our side but, I think we are being baited to catch the fakery while they laugh at us for giving the story the traction it doesn't deserve. In addition, the staged events are woven together to provide political bonuses for the sponsors of the events.

Punish the COVID monsters and the vaccine dragons, or they will hiss again and come again. Trump is a half-way house where, once you get half way to your destination, he sends you backward instead of forward. It's exactly what a gate-keeper does who's charged not to allow entry. He lures his audience with a mirage but then doesn't deliver. Instead, he calls for hot coals on your body. The lockdowns, the vaccines, the loss of sociality, the divisions between families, the threat of jail until vaccinated, the threat of jail for protesting, the empowerment of the medical establishments, the beginning of bold, globalist intrusions, the ramped-up war against the people, it was all from Trump after he lured his voters with a mirage never intended to materialize. He did the bidding of your enemies, pretending he was a victim.

The enemy is raising the white flag. Even the New York Times is allowing an article to come out admitting that at least one out of ten positive COVID tests (it could be fewer than one) were bogus. To strike the enemy in the heart, one needs to strike the testing methods, at which time forced vaccination programs will be dead, though that will be a signal to the goons to try a new virus that tests truly positive. Would they do that? Probably. In the meantime, the people who authorized the fake testing need to be dealt with by the law.

More good news because the canadian media is now faced with exposing its own partnership with Schwabism. Everytime a politician gets to power who openly opposes the globalists, the globalists demand from their media puppets a fight-back on behalf of the globalists, and thus the media portray their own selves as globalist butts better than we can ever dream of doing with a million shrugged-off videos about it. The only way for the media to self-destruct in this way is if our politicians attack the globalists publicly. In the United States, the RINOs refuse to do it probably because they fear, or are partnered with, the globalists elements inside the country, such as the Council on Foreign Relations. And foreign-relations organ is going to be infiltrated, seized, or even created, by the globalists so they it can act as a one-way bridge in the political war against the people. Globalism crosses the bridge, to the country, to globalize it. It's a gate opened by the globalist elements within the country that the people are forbidden to close. The key is to remove those cut the legs off of these agents within the country, and this is where both trump and Fox news has failed the people.

The battle now rages on the social-media battlefield, because it's the peoples only massive voice to cut the legs off of the goons. The globalists have got to cut off our voices if they stand a chance at winning the war. We don't quite know what drastic action they will take, because drastic action will result in a drastic backlash, and they don't know how that backlash will affect them. They need the military on their side, and trump gave them the military gift wrapped, with lots of money to buy weapons against us, and then gave it the permission to distribute the vaccines in quite a frightening scenario that almost got unleashed. Almost. And the military's Remdesivir did get unleashed, horribly. Elect someone else, anyone who looks strong enough to resist globalism. The best man for the job is a man without a family, willing to sacrifice his life for the country if it comes to that. Trump showed that there is no way he would endanger his family to put out the lights of the enemy. In the end, he sucked up to the enemy, and didn't even fight to keep the White House for his voters. Maybe we should all move to Brazil.

Elon Musk is putting the people in suspense. he's walking the fence, and we don't know which side he will embrace. Midweek: "Elon Musk has vowed to crackdown more harshly than his predecessors on so-called 'hate speech, and will operate a 'zero tolerance" policy on content deemed offensive by a select group of moderators." Zero tolerance if dictator speak. And who do we suppose will be the sponsors of his moderators, Musk or other forces who've obtained control of him? "On Tuesday, Musk revealed that a small group of far-left 'civil society leaders, including the ADL [horrible], will be given tools to ban users and delete content that they deem to be 'hateful.'" The ADF is a Jewish hate group (not hater of Jews), and anti-Christ to boot, no doubt moving to portray all Republican Whites as anti-Jewish terrorists.

Musk looks like a traitor. The battle rages. "Musk also back-peddaled on his promise to unban controversial users such as Alex Jones, Donald Trump and Milo Yiannopoulos, and said that he no longer believes that individuals who were de-platformed for violating Twitter rules should be allowed back until the ADL has reviewed their case.

...One of Musk’s senior employees tasked with overseeing moderation on Twitter, Yoel ROTH, has a history of calling Republicans 'Nazis' and posting anti-Trump content on the platform:"

Roth was the Twitter man before Musk bought the company. Will Musk fire this fascist who projects fascism onto his political enemies? We know their game, they can say what they want, but their own words will expose them, because we know their game. The reason that Jesus takes the sickle to them, in the end, is because they are Death walking with a sickle used against us. We have the Sword, and the Grim Reeper is made lame without a leg to stand on, so long as our words are permitted to circulate. We are the Sword of the King. We have the Word Power, let's use it. Let's leave the Bongino's of social media, the Word-less Christians such as Sean Hannity, behind. We are going to change the world together with Jesus, let's fight like the winners we will be. Let's get to the front lines so that the enemy can hear us loud and clear. When God sees our bravery, he will fight for us. Bless God today and enjoy synergism with Him. He will eat the flees off of your back for lunch.

There is going to be a backlash against Musk's maneuvering in this way. Some are going to say he was threatened into complying, others will say he was one of the goons to begin with, only feigning conservatism to create a mirage for his enemies. He's already a proven deceiver. SpaceX landings are a computerized sham.

Censorship is vital. For example, in order for the criminal vaccine goons to get away with saying, "we didn't know better," once it's proven sufficiently that vaccines kill massively, the experts telling all over the world that vaccines are killing massively need to be removed from public view. It's possible that Musk bought twitter because it wasn't censoring sufficiently. Perhaps twitter was blamed for allowing anti-globalists to get their messages out in some ways that turned the battle in our favor. Perhaps Musk wants to make twitter harsher, to make it the number-one engine leading to the mark of the beast. Because I have a reason, which I might explain, I'm going to venture to take this position until proven different. Trump set up a situation that could become a vaccine-based mark of the beast.

Here's the new way for globalist gangsters to kill or maim political enemies, by programming a car in any way they wish. People need to take the car companies to court to get rid of car computers, which you will agree with after you watch this:

We don't need car computers to run cars. They run fine without them. Killing someone in a car by hacking the computer is like killing someone by a vaccine that kills in ways that cannot be proven to be from a vaccine. Removing the breaking system of a car until the person is killed, then putting the break system back into operation wipes out the proof of hacking. Or, if there is a way to prove that someone hacked the breaks, how will they find the hacker? As the goons want population control, they will cause drivers to crash into other drivers, expect it. If you care about your kids getting a sick education, so that you speak out against it at a school-board meeting, then you should want to argue your case to car companies who allow their cars the opening for a fixed crash.

Here's a newscast celebration of the new Alberta premier:

Here's Obama, possibly at some faggot function, saying he walks hand-in-hand with "my husband," and names him, "Michael." This clip does not seem to me to be a manipulated audio trick:

What it means is that Obama lied to his country for eight years, and even pretended that his wife had his kids. Imagine that, the Democrat party paying children to act and lie about being Obama's children in order to hide Obama's relationship with a male product of Hell. It's a staged concoction from Mr. Stage Man, a cursed farce. He's proud of deceiving the nation, and teaches others how to do it. This kind will not exist in the Kingdom of God.

Here's the latest trend on global censorship:>

If you are in a forced-vaccination situation, here's a good video to use in court, or to threaten your boss or politician with court:

Here's some detailed stories on how hospitals murdered men with Remdesivir for $$$. The second story is a must to see that the hospital lied to the wife, gave her husband Remdesivir against his and her demand not to, which is a crime:


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