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November 8 - 14, 2022

Kari Lake for Vice-President? Part Two
Elon Musk's Head Implants Now Found in the Sleeping Beauty Dream
The Squashed Spider in My Cheddar Cheese

If you're waiting for Jesus to return, see Post-Tribulation Rapture

It was nice while it lasted. Hall of Names is no longer showing the descriptions of the Coats of Arms presented at House of Names, but I have many of them recorded in my past updates from which to borrow.

For a few hours after the last update was out at noon Monday, I added material to the first section in which I pointed heraldic sets to Kari Lake of Arizona's election contest. It was providing evidence that Kari would become the vice-president of the United States with Trump or DeSantis as president. One of the things added was the Pennyton surname because I had been familiar with Penningtons, but thought of checking for a Pennyton variation, because Jeff Halperin, Kari's former husband, caused me to included the Halper/Halperin/HalfPENNY surname in the discussion.

To follow better, load Pennytons now to load and view other surnames on another Internet tab.

The heraldic set pointing to Kari's becoming the vice-president included my draping an arm over Mamie's hip because Hips' almost have the Phoenix/Fenwick Coat while Kari lake quit her job at Fox news in Phoenix, Arizona. The amazing thing is -- I kid you not it's all recorded in past updates -- I've linked my draping an arm over Mamie's hip to the same sort of event with Miss Peare when she and Louise Phillips slept in the same bed with me, and I called that event the belly-PRESS.

It just so happens that the Press/Prest surname is in the "FOYS prest" motto phrase of Picots who in turn have the arrow heads of Pennytons in colors reversed! IT'S INCREDIBLE because Picots were lords of Broxton while Birds/Burds were first found in Broxton who had long ago linked to the belly-press, I'll explain why. First, note that two FOY surnames come up with "FOIX" while I explained in the last update that Mamie's thigh symbol pointed to Kari Lake due to Thigh's/Thy's having a giant fox. The thigh bone is connected to the hip bone, and so as Hips' connect to Phoenix's, this paragraph points to Kari's Fox job in Phoenix. Broxton-like Broxtow is where Ainsleys were first found who pointed to Fox new's Ainsley Earhardt.

[Later in this section, I find why the Pennytons share the Picot arrow heads for a related reason.]

Let me tell why the one Foix/Foy surname is incredible, the one first found in Auvergne with the Bouillons using a "BELLO CHRISTi" motto. The BELLI-press was with CHRISTine Peare (I called her, Chris), and Christs/Chriss' almost have the Hips Coat. The belly-press involved Penningtons (see why below), and Pennytons were first found in Norfolk with Hips. Godfrey-de-Bouillon was a son of Eustace II, and the Eustace Crest has the brown stag exactly in the Crest of HURTs (Oxfordshire, same as Peare's) who in turn are in Godfrey colors and near-format. Blue roundels, usually called "hurts," fill the Pennyton Shield.

Christine Peare had pointed to "Bello Christi" for at least three reasons, one of which was my describing to readers that the belly-press "FELT so GOOD." Decades later (after realizing that God set up events and dreams in my life to jibe with heraldry for to tell / predict stories and events), I found that the Felts have the Bouillon flory cross in colors reversed, and German Goods list Guts while a belly-press is also a gut-press.

In the last update, after Mamie started to point to Ron DeSantis of Florida, I found myself on the Fontana surnames, and the main reason for going to Fontana's was the Hugs, which played perfectly with my embracing Mamie in a LAKE as the pointer to Kari Lake. That is, I hugged Mamie in the lake, and Hugs share the triple fesses of Fountains which are almost in the DeSantis Coat. It can now be added that while Pennytons were first found in Norfolk with Fountains, Pennytons share the motto of English Paine's while French Paine's have one of the Fountain / Hug fesses! The Hugs can even apply to my draping an arm over the hips of Mamie and Miss Peare.

When seeing that Spanish Fontana's have a flory cross, I remembered that the Fleur surname lists the Florida," you see, as if to confirm that Kari Lake might become vice-president with president DeSantis. It can now be added that the Fontana flory is red, same as the Felt flory, but there's more because it's also the giant flory of Birds/Burds, the latter first found in Broxton with the Fox-pointing Picots with the "foys PREST" motto phrase. Houseofnames uses several arrow-head designs, and the one used for Picots is also with Pennytons. I'm struggling to get to the punch line, but there's so much cluttering the way.

Scottish Belly's, with a Peare-like "Per" motto term, were first found in Moray. Bellys were a branch of Baileys who have nine of the Moray stars, but, zowie, the Foix's/Foys under discussion have eight of those stars. At this point, we need to tell that Lake's were first found in Oxfordshire with Peare's because I drape an arm over her hip to for a pointer in the past to election fraud in Phoenix, and Kari Lake has said that she will look into 2020 election fraud. Crossing our fingers.

The last update suggested that Lake's vice-presidency will be with president Trump more than predicting it with president DeSantis. While Patria's list PEARtree's with the Trump stag head, "patria" is not only a Bailey motto term, but Welsh PHILLIPs' use "DUCit amor patriae" while Penningtons have an "amore patria" phrase. Peare's and Pennyton-beloved Hurts were first found in Oxfordshire with Amore's, and DUC's/LeDuc's share the eight-pointed star of Bellys, can we believe it? Moreover the Duc/LeDuc Coat is nearly the Moray Coat. I've pointed LeDuc's to poison vaccines, and one can make out that Pennytons were of the vaccine-like Vychans/Vaughns, I'll explain this below.

This is where the heraldry gets staggering, because LOUISE PHILLIPs was in the bed with Peare and I when the belly-press took place, and she was working at Pennington's clothing at the time, which is how I got to the Pennytons in the last update! Penningtons even share blue lozenges with French LOUIS'. French Phillips not only share the Moray star, but a swan while being in Swan/Sion colors and format, and to this we can add that the same swan is with Christine-connectable Christmans. If this heraldic set tends to emphasize the Phillips, we add that they are also FILIPs, and I think this points to vote-flipping by Dominion Voting machines. Voters/Gauthier's/Gothie's, with a version of the Phoenix/Fenwick Coat, share the DeSantis / Tromp / Fontana eagle, take your pick.

Plus, Voters/Gauthier's/Gothie's look like a Good/Gut/Guth branch linkable to Gothelo, grandfather of Godfrey-de-Bouillon, It tends to mean that God set the gut-press event up to point to Kari Lake's work for or against election fraud, we will have to wait and see what she does to expose, or cover for, it.

To keep your mind clean, I had best tell that there was no sex that night. The girls decided to stay the night at my place for a reason I can't remember, though it may have been due to a snow storm, in case Snows and/or Storms apply. Peare's boyfriend at the time, Mr. Kepke, drove home alone. The ladies felt I was okay to sleep with in my bed, and we all three went to sleep with me in the MIDDLE. In the MIDDLE of the night, I awoke surprised with my hand pressing the belly of Christine, and it just felt so good, but I had to stop, which I did, and went back to sleep.

The Godfreys with the pelicans share the Coat of Meads, a branch of Medleys and Motleys both first found in Shropshire with Middle's and Sleeps. I now see why I was sleeping in the middle. The belly-press was enjoined, by God, at the end of my sleeping-bag dream (a few years ago), when the sensation of PULLING Peare toward me by her waist and hips "felt so good." She was on a STAGE at that time, and Stage's/Staggs were an obvious branch of Eustace-branch Stacys while Eustace's share the black cross between antlers (same cross exactly) with VICE's. Thus, even the hips-pulling event is pointing to Miss Lake becoming the vice-president, perhaps. Pullings/PULITs, with the pelican too, had pointed to Jovan PULITzer who partook centrally in the grand but STAGED Phoenix election audit.

The audit was intended to expose 2020 election fraud, but the Arizona Senate -- especially Karen FANN the Senate president -- purposely caused that purpose to fail. Whether related to topic or not I don't know, but the Coat of Trudeau's (Ile-de-France, same as the other Foix's/Foys), in Mead / Godfrey colors and format, use stags. The founder of Dominion Voting had his first head office (215 Spadina avenue) in Toronto's Chinatown, and that could easily involve justin trudeau because he announced his love for Chinese communism.

Fanns look like they were a branch of Phoenix's/FENwicks or Phone's/Fane's/Vans, yet houseofnames has them listed with Vance's with Vaux's/Vallibus, and the Pennytons have the Vaux's/Vallibus' in their write-up. This tends to expose why God put me with Louise of Pennington's CLOTHing, a pointer to blood CLOTs by poison vaccines, for Vaux's were first found in East Lothian with Faughn-branch FAUCets, a pointer to Tony Fauci and Francis Collins, and vaccine-like Vychan/Vaughns (Shropshire, same as HURTs) are in the colors and format of the main part of the Pennyton Coat, ignoring the hurt background! I see it now: Kari Lake, judging by the way she makes election promises, is destined or responsible, as the new Arizona governor, to look into the vaccine scam of Arizona. I'm writing this on election-day morning. The previous Arizona governor is Mr. Ducey, and we saw "Ducit" in the motto of Phillips'/FILIPs. d

By the way, Miss Peare, who had been my date for a couple of weeks a few weeks before the belly-press, was not urging me to continue pressing her belly. God wanted her to remain with Kepke for many pointers thereby, and Miss Peare was pointed to, decades later, by a sphinx in Wikipedia's Phanagoria article. I won't go back into all that but to repeat that the Hips Crest is a sphinx. I happen to know that OpenHEIMERs use the sphinx too, as do BROCoffs, and while BROXton is where Pennyton-connectable Picots were, HEIMERs show nothing but the three Thigh/Thy foxes!!! However, I caution that houseofnames uses its wolf design at times as a "fox."

There is a black fox head in the Crest of Bello's/Bellows, you see, and while they are in the "bellows" of Ships/Shiptons, first found in Oxfordshire with Lake's and Peare's, these so-called bellows show as hand-held FANS!!! It's incredible because Bello's/Bellows, obviously pointed to by the belly-press, are also Ballots! Flipped and criminally-manipulated ballots were rife in the Phoenix election. They stole the election from Trump, and Kari Lake is a pro-Trumper.

Bellows/Ballots were first found in Cheshire with the Picots who have a "foys PREST" motto phrase for connection to Belly-connectable Foix's/Foys. The latter were first found in Auvergne with Bello-loving Bouillons and fox-using Fes'/Fays. Foix province in France is beside Aude, and Aude's come up as audit-like Audets. The latter have a blue-Shield version of the Polets for a pointer to Jovan Pulitzer with Pulits. The Polet Crest even shares the gold-spread eagle in the Phoenix/FENwick Crest. Bellows/Ballots share the Coat of English Billets (Devon, same as Maine's and FENs'/Venns), and French Billets/Billiards, first found in Maine with Pulling-beloved Pellicans, share the Coat virtually of Billiards Hillards who in turn have the Bailey / Foix/Foy / Moray stars.

The Crest of Voters/Gauthier's/Gothie's is the Fontana eagle while Fountain-related Hugs were first found in Languedoc with Cotta's/Cottons suspect from the royal Cottians to which my pulling Peare's WAIST points. This makes the "vue" motto term of Voters/Gauthier's/Gothie's look like code for the Viu river, a tributary of the Riparia which in turn has the Cottian capital. I'm trying to make the point that the Hips pulling event was also a waist-pulling event because God can point to many things using the same event. The Hips have a version of the Voter/Gauthier/Gothie and Phoenix/Fenwick Coats. Waistells use DOVE's. Read on.

The Waist-like Wests, with the Dove/Dow dancetty-fesse in colors reversed, use "vie," and VESTalis was the son of king Cottius of the Cottians. Westons have a giant black eagle i.e. in the color of the Voter/Gauthier/Gothie eagle, thus making Goth liners look like variations from "Cottius." The Coats/Cotes' happen to have been first found in Staffordshire with Westons, and the six Coat/Cotes pale bars are those also of Irish Prays, first found in County Down with Knees.

Pullings/Pulits share the martlets of Voters/Gauthier's/Gothie's while Goths/Gothels share the hexagram of Billets/Billiards. The latter were first found in Maine with the Josephs sharing the Voter/Gauthier/Gothie martlet. The three Billet/Billiard hexagrams are in colors reversed from the same of Innes', and the other Innis' (both first found in Moray with Bellys) share the Bailey Crest. As the first Innis surname has a "PruDENTia" motto term, let me repeat from the last update as per Mamie sitting on my knees an hour or two before we slept in her sleeping bag, the night before we were hugging in the LAKE:

New: Knee's were first found in County Down with Irish Prays while English Prays/Praters are like the DuPrays/DuPrats that just came up as Pres'. The latter were checked because Karys/Carys are in Dent colors and format, and as there's no President surname coming up, vice-presiDENT then warrants a search for a Pres surname to go with Dents, and viola! Pres'/DuPrays were first found in Auvergne with fox-using Fes'/Fays (!!!), and with one Foy/Foix surname.

Mamie and I slept in a TENT when in the sleeping bag, and "GAUDET TENTamine" is a motto phrase of Leggs who almost have the Trump Coat (just a giant stag head). Gaudets, sharing the Pres/DuPray crescent (so amazing), are also Goders to go with Gauthier's who in turn share the Tromp eagle. The Tromp acorns go to Acorns sharing the stag head of VICE's, the latter first found in Sussex with Acorns, and with Downs/Douns who in turn have a giant stag in the colors of the giant Trump and Legg stag heads. Downs/Douns apply because Knee's were first found in Down (with Prays), and because Mamie sat on my legs when she sat on my knees.

This heraldic set may not be pointing to president Trump in 2024, but to the 2020 election stolen from president Trump while Kari Lake, on his coat tails, becomes vice-president with DeSantis as the new president. I'm covering all the bases because I don't know the future.

The Pennytons were first found in Norfolk with DUNhams/DOWNhams who essentially have the Coat of English Randolphs (from Meschins, rulers in Cheshire) while Scottish Randolphs were first found in Moray with Bellys. this picture goes to Dunham-Massey in Cheshire, where Bellows/Ballots were first found along with Doun-like Dons.

Having said that, this paragraph should be amazing because Bellys were first found in Moray while the belly-press points to Pret-like Prests/Press'. English Prays/PRETers can play to the "TOUT pret" motto of Morays, and "TOUT foys PREST" is the motto of Picots, first found in Cheshire with Doun-like Dons who in turn have a "dona" motto term looking like code for the Donna variation of Pero-connectable Italian Dance's/Donnas', from king Donnus, father of Cottius.

The last update told a story where a certain Penny gave me a HUG, and Hugs are connectable to Penny-like Paine's/Payne's who married Mr. Dunham, Obama's grandfather. The Pennytons ("mori") happen to share the motto of English Paine's/Payne's. The election-fraud plot thickens, for Obama no-doubt got elected twice thanks to election fraud.

Here's from the Pennyton write-up: "The Domesday Book, lists this [PentNEY] settlement as PenteLEIST and was held at that time by Robert de Vaux from Roger BIGOD, the great Norman Baron...About a mile to the west is the gate-house of a priory of Black canons, Robert de Vallibus (Vaux) c. 1130..." That's how the Pennytons point to Fauci and company, but Pennytons are not only in the colors and format of Vaux-connectable Vychans/Vaughns, but they share the chevron of Pendragons/Pendrys, descended from the PENEStae peoples suspect with the Penes variation of Pennys. Election fraud was protected by Obama's attorney general, one of which was Loretta Lynch, and Lynch's share the lynx with Penes'/Pennys.

[It wasn't until getting the Saltire's/Salters below that I noted their hurts, the Pennyton symbol. Saltire's/Salters were once said to be first found in Shropshire with Vychans/Vaughns, beside the Sale's/Salletts and Picots. Sale's/Sallets have fleur-de-lys colors reversed from the same of Pendragons/Pendrys, and the latter are in Saltz/Salzza colors.]

The Pen/Pence bloodline helped to steal the presidency from Trump via his VICE-PRESIDENT, Mike Pence. Louise Phillips, a pointer to vote-flipping, worked at Pennington's. It seems that Penningtons and Pennytons point to deep-state crimes. It reminds me that Louise Phillips' brother put his KNEE to me Fauci-connectable face, almost knocking me out (I've told this story a few times before). Face's/Fessys were first found in Northamptonshire with Penes'/Pennys, and NEW: half of the counterchanged Fauci lozenge is in the colors of the Pennington lozenges, I kid you not! Fauci's were first found in Genoa with Fessy-branch Fieschi, and Fiscs (almost the Vaux/Vallibus Shield) were first found in Norfolk with Pennytons!!! I'll come back to this as per FBI corruption using Stefan Halper.

Fauci's share the vertically-split Shield of Tromps, both Shields looking connectable to the Tarves Shield, and while the latter point to Hillarys and Clintons, Chives' of Tarves share the "cat" with the Pennington Crest.

I was kneed in the face by Glen(n) Phillips, looking like a pointer to election fraud almost knocking out conservatives before their faces i.e. in the open. Glenns and Glennys were kin of Mens'/MAME's whose Good-like "God" motto term is shared by THY-loving Sinclairs/SAINTs (Midlothian, same as Mens'/Mame's) who point to Ron DeSANTis, apparently.

[Insert November 15 -- I regret that I didn't load the St. Clair/Stoll/Stowell surname, for it has a "vis" motto term while Vice's are also Vise's. I say that king Rollo was a Sinclair, which can explain the "paROLE" motto term of St. Clairs/Stolls/Stowels. End insert]

Mamie in the tent pointed to Trump-connectable Leggs whose "tentaMINE" motto term is partly for the Mine's/MENNs. The latter almost have the Coat of West-related Dove's/Dows, and the latter's motto has the Patiens variation of Patents/Patients, first found in Dumfries with Leggs, and with Bullys (share flames with Patiens'/Patients) who are in turn in the write-up of jumps with the Trump stag head and the Belly rose. Peare-branch Pero's have "flaming stars" that are the Payen/Pagan hexagram, and Dutch Flamings are super for sharing the Coat of English Vaux's/Vallibus' i.e. the ones in the Pennyton write-up. Flame-like Scottish Flemings (Lanarkshire, same as "TENDis"-using Roys) have a "mean" motto term while Mine's/Menns list Means. Having said that, why do we think that Pentney of the Pennytons was renamed, PentLEIST?

There is a Leist/LISTner surname while Lists and Liss'/Lise's share the six pale bars within the Mine/Menn/Mean dancetty-fesse. Scottish Lise's were first found in Dumfries with Mine-beloved Leggs, and French Lise's/Lys' were first found in Ile-de-France with Pagan-branch LePage's having the four pale bars of Dance's/Donna's/Donnas' (Piedmont, same as Pero's and the Cottian capital) as fesses.

This is where it gets cool, for Dominion-like Domino's, with variations connectable to the Domine variation of Dunhams/Downhams (i.e. pointer to Obama), were first found in Piedmont with Dance's, and then Dannys/Dance's (Wiltshire, same as trumpet-using Calles') come to topic with Danny DeFILIPPis, brother of DOMINic my teen friend... a clever pointer of God (apparently) to Dominion vote flipping. Their father was Vito, and the Vio variation of Vito's (TARVISium) is suspect in the "vie" motto term of Donnus-connectable Wests. Voters/Gauthier's use "vue," and Chives' of TARVES use "vi."

When LOUISE Phillips and Chris Peare were my fellow-tenants in the same apartment, I painted Kepke's album cover, "Tea for the Tillerman," by CAT Stevens, on a full KITCHEN wall. Tillers were first found in Glamorganshire with Welsh LOUIS' and Lewis'. Tea's/Tease's/Thys' were from the Tessin river, where Pierro's/Pero's/PETRi's were first found who trace to Peartree's/Patria's in the mottoes of Phillips'/Filips and Penningtons. One cannot make heraldry sing like this repeatedly unless God sets-up events to jibe with heraldry.

I can link Tillers (TAIL/Tailor branch) wildly, with a kitchen-like kitten I once owned, to cat-using Cattans/Cetins. Kitchen/Ketchins look like a branch of cat-using Catch's, and my cat, Sassy, which regularly sucked its tail as an adult, pointed to Sassys/SAUCERs because they share the "Saracen head" with Cattans/Cetins (the CETINa river was also the TILURius). Penningtons were first found in Lancashire with Kitchens and their Banister kin, and Sassy was given to me as a kitten by a lady whose banister I was refinishing.

This is wilder stuff now because Saucer-like "Ellesmere CHAUCER" is in the Ellesmere write-up while I painted Tea for the Tillerman in an apartment on Ellesmere road (Toronto). The Saucer-like Suchs (Lancashire with Penningtons and GorSUCH's) became a topic with Sassy sucking her tail, and, I kid you not, Suchs share a Shield filled with roundels (different colors) with Pennytons! The latter were first found in Norfolk with Catch's and Ellesmere-like Ile's/Illes'/Ylleys. "Fly catcher" is in the translated motto of Drake's, first found in Hampshire with Tiss'/Teese's. Tea for the Tillerman at our service.

I've just looked up Elles'/EELe's as per Ellesmere's, and they are in the colors and format of the Tie's (!!), first found in Yorkshire with Elias-branch Elis'. It reminds that Elis-branch Elias' were first found in West Lothian with TENANTS! Louise Phillips and Chris Peare were my tenants at Ellesmere. I had foolishly sold my Mustang (age 19) in order to afford the down-payment for this apartment, and Mustans (Yorkshire) can be linked to the Mostyns of VYCHAN in the write-up of Moses'/Moys, the latter first found in Shropshire with Ellesmere's. Elys were MusCAT kin!

By the way, Dutch Tie's are listed with Thigh's/Thy's, and Tea's are also Thys'. The amazing thing is that Tysons/Tessons/Tisons share the Boston lion while I sketched and painted a second full wall, this time a dining-room wall, with an album cover from the Boston band, the one with a flying SAUCER = SPACE ship!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can hardly believe what I just wrote. I was 21 years of age at the time, making it about a year after the Cat Stevens album cover. I became a Christian later in my 21st year. Is the Boston cover a pointer to Musk's SpaceX? Looks like. But why? It was on a dining-room wall, and the dining-like Dinans (share "prest" with "Picots) show nothing but four lozenges fessewise, as do Penningtons in other colors!!!! Amazing, for Pennytons look like they share the Saucer Shield. The Diamond-branch of Dinans even have a Saucer-like "SUCCURrere" motto term.

As Suchs are also Zouch's, note that DINESH D'SOUZA created an election-fraud movie, "2000 Mules." Dine's/Dines'/Dives' can apply to a dining room. Mules were first found in Devon with Dinans and Trustans. Dinners show a Dinan variation. Dinners and Tristans share the same label, three-pointed like the different-colored one of Campeau's/Compo's who in turn have a dining-like "Denaing" motto term.

The Boston Coat is colors reversed with Touch's/Tuffs (Cheshire same as Picots and Tufts/Tuffs') while Tufts/Tuffs have another "phoenix." Did God chose the Tea's/Tease's with Mamie for indicating that Kari Lake will be a tease, promising everything and delivering nothing on election fraud? Or should the tease factor be applied to Musk, who indeed looks like a tease, making public statements that side with pro-Trumpers one day, then looking like he's siding with the enemy?

The Tea For the Tillerman story can be found in several updates, including the 2nd of July, 2019, or as early as the 2nd update in April, 2017. From the 5th update of March, 2017: "I recall few things while living at this woman's apartment, not even her name. I recall having sex, and, on an entire wall, I painted the album cover of the Boston band."

Ellesmere's share the downward pheons of English Page's (doves). Marc Elias, Clinton's lawyer at PERKINS Coie, was a principal part of the Trump-attack team that attacked Carter Page in order to spy on Trumpsters. Elias' have a Coie-like "quo" motto term. To protect Hillary Clinton, Marc Elias hired GLENN Simson of Fusion GPS to do the dirty work, who in turn hired Christopher Steele of Britain to do the dirty work, far-removed (geographically and jurisdictually) from the Clintons. The FISA Court, abused by the FBI against Carter Page, is called the FISC, and, I kid you not, a four-term phrase in the Fisc motto is the full motto of Pews (listed with Page-like Pughs) who in turn share the PERKIN Coat! They both share the Ely fleur-de-lys, and Muscats/MUSKs (Ely colors and format) were at Ely.

If we ask whether Elon Musk was involved with Marc Elias, we can go to Musk's electric-car company, Tease-like Tesla. Tesla for the Tillerman! Tessels/Teasleys (share Tie fesse), with the eagle of Italian Este's in colors reversed, were first found in Essex with English Este's. The Tessel write-up has "...William de Taissel, a Norman noble from Tessel in the canton of TILLy..."

I had noted that Stefan Halper was used in that Trump-attack program along with Christopher Steele, interesting where Cheshire's Steele's share the Halper(in)/HalfPENNY checks. We want to keep in mind that Kari Lake was once Kari Halperin, in case it applies. Pews/Pugh's were first found in Montgomeryshire with KERRYs. One paw of the Halper/Halfpenny is on a triangle, and there is another triangle in the Fisc Crest.

Though not in the same colors, the Steele Chief shares billets with the BattiSTELLi Chief, and both Batti's/Botto's and Stelli's use eight-pointed stars (not in the same colors). The giant eight-pointed star of Stelli's is in the Crest of English Dominics.

The reason I'm bringing Dominics back to topic is that I worked on the farm of Dominic DeFILIPpis for an entire summer, and then some, at 15 years of age, and Farmers share the Steele and Barr lion heads. Trump's attorney general, Bill Barr, protected the gang now under discussion, and moreover claimed that there was no systematic election fraud. Steele's "were conjecturally descended from Bigot de LOGES," and English Bigots were first found in Essex with Farmers and Este's while Italian Este's share the Coat of Scottish Barrs who in turn share the Steele Crest. LOGES', with the Poulos saltire in colors reversed, were first found in Burgundy with the Poulos', and Mr. Poulos founded Dominion Voting. Bigots are also BiGODs, and we had read that Pentney of the Pennytons belonged to Robert de VAUX thanks to Roger Bigod. This tends to explain why the Pennyton arrow heads are in the style of the "PIKE HEAD" arrow heads of Picots/PIGOTs, and in colors reversed from them. Pennytons were first found in Norfolk with HEADs whose triple unicorn heads are in the colors of the triple arrow heads of Pennytons. Heads were a branch of Haydens (Norfolk) who share "foy" with Picots. English Este's, with the Head Coat essentially, were first found in Essex with Biggs and English Bigots.

French Bigods/Bigots (Ile-de-France with Mellans and Lepage's and Picot-beloved Foys) look like kin of French Mellans and Payens/Pagans, the latter first found in Dauphine with the French Page's sharing the Lepage Coat. These links are all flaming-reliable because MELLANsons were first found in Aberdeenshire with Millens/Milans/MELLENTs while the Arms of Mellent/Meulan is exactly the Coat of English VAUX's/Vallibus'. The Pennyton motto is even that of Payen-branch Paine's/Payne's. Mellansons use "rods" while French Mellans share the blank, gold Chief with French Bigods/Bigots and Rods, the latter first found in Devon with English Page's, Pike's and Hayden-connectable Walerans. English Paine's/Payens were first found in Somerset with Leavells, from Waleran de Leavell, husband of Miss Beaumont of Mellent/Meulan.

Somerset (where Middle-branch Meads were once said to be first found) is the location of an Axe river expected with the "axe in the middle" of Mellansons. Somerset is where the first-known Sticks were first found who share the Coat of GOODs/Guts, and thus a Bigg branch of Picots/Pigots may have become BiGODs on marital merger with Goods/Guts/GUThs. Beggs share the fleur-de-lys of Ainsleys, first found in Nottinghamshire with Goats/Gothams (Got colors), and BiGOT-connectable Gots have rare, closely-spaced fesses, four of them, same as the four, closely-spaced fesses (different colors) of Lepage's. The crossed swords of Gots are shared by Borders/Boarders (Somerset), and the neighboring Pools (Dorset, same as Head- / Hayden-branch Hades'/Hats) may thus have the giant LePage lion.

Ahh, almost missed this: the French Bigots/Bigods (MELLan kin) have the scallops of English MALLets while French Mallets/Malo's are in the "Malo" motto term of Pennytons! I'm happy. We can now take this to English Marks (Essex with Biggs and Bigots) because they share the fleury border of Biggs, and then German Marks have the split Shield of Fauci's who in turn share the Pennington and BAGley lozenge, in the colors of the Chief of Bags, first found in Norfolk with Pennytons!!! Mamie's sleeping bag had pointed to anti-corruption endeavors of Kari Lake. Fauci's were first found in Genoa with Bag-related Grimaldi's (!) and Doria's, making the Tromp and German-Mark eagle suspect as the Doria eagle.

There is a question here as to whether Bags, Biggs and Beggs were all from Begga, daughter of Pepin of Landen, for Mame-connectable Pepins (share "est" with Bags!) share the triple horseheads of English Este's (Essex with Biggs and Bigots). Italian Este's even share the eagle of Essex's, indicating that Este's became the Essex's. Ainsleys, sharing the Mark and Bigg fleur, were first found in Basford while Basfords likewise share the Essex / Este eagle. Basford is in Broxtow while Birds/Burds, sharing the Ainsley fleur too, were at Broxton with Picots/Pigots. The Piggs may have been a Biggs branch.

I have not to my knowledge mentioned any Brace/Bras kin of Herefordshire, where Brace's/Bras' were first found, but that is where the Doria-like Doors were first found. Scottish Doors use leopard FACEs for connection to Fauci / Fieschi liners (Fieschi were partnered with Grimaldi's). I would like to find a pointer to something specific about Kari Lake using the emBRACE with Mamie in the lake, from some Brace kin I haven't yet found. I've already told that Mamie and I had to cross a campsite beach to get into the lake, and while Beach's/Bechs have a Shield like that of Bags, Grimaldi's, Fiscs and Bracebridge's, I've already mentioned these things in the last update.

I went to sleep in Mamie's sleeping bag with an ARM, the Brace symbol, on her WAIST. WESTons, first found in Staffordshire with Pepin-branch Pipe's, share the giant eagle in the bottom half of the Doria Coat. The Weston Crest has the eagle in a position that's often said to be "rising." "ARIZONa"-like Risings/Risons (Norfolk) were a branch of Restons (Lincolnshire, same as BRACEbridge's) who have Ryston of Norfolk in their write-up, and this is great because half the Reston leopard faces are in the colors of the Door leopard faces. English Doors have bees to go with the "Be" motto term of Bracebridge's. Does this point to anything specific yet?

Doria's of Oneglia married ARDuinici, and Arthurs not only use Reston-like "rests", but Irish Arthurs include hurts shared by Pennytons (Norfolk) who in turn share the Pendragon chevron. Mythical king Arthur was mere code for a surname, and he was made the son of mythical Pendragon, mere code for a surname. The Arthur rests are though to be ORGAN rests, and "organ PIPES" are used by Letts/Late's.

Ahh, Arduinici and Door-like Daorsi both lived on the Neretva river, also called the Naro, and Pennytons named Pentney / Penteleist on a NAR river! Beauty. The Neretva is near the Tilurius we saw earlier with Tillers.

The Fox Stage

It's 8 pm ET election night, and I've heard that only 14-percent of voters in Maricopa county, which includes Phoenix, are Democrats. Then, still at some time hours before 8 pm, Timcast reports that voting machines in Arizona have broken down, which sounds like a stall tactic to cheat. Watch this short video to see between the lines how they cheat:

Machine problems started early in the morning in Maricopa, but wait. Machines are to be tested before the election, how could they go so wrong so fast? The machines, they say, won't accept some ballots (???), and Mr. Gates is telling the public to just put ballots into a box so that, later, humans (oh no) can count them...or throw them into the trash, a no-brainer. The report is that the machines aren't working at a whopping 20-percent of county locations. How can that be accidental? It's been rigged that way, and Mr. Gates is a proven gangster from 2020-election evidence. Here's Kari Lake today on the machine problems:

The problem is that many Republican officials supported election fraud during the audit because they preferred Biden over Trump. It's that crazy in Arizona. They are going to trash many Republican ballots. Election fraud continues largely because Fox news won't wake conservatives up about it for fear that Trump will get re-elected. Fox bosses cater to globalist forces. Below is a Fox-news presentation of the Maricopa machine problems, and another example of why Fox is merely half-news, for it does not, and will not risk, suggesting that there could be fraud in play. There's no hint, and no mention of how unusual it is for machines to break down by this great number in one county, and it happens to be where Kari Lake, the one who betrayed Fox news to run as governor, is slated to win:

It occurred to me Tuesday to look into the possibility that the belly-PRESS is a pointer to staged news by the news PRESS. After all, I see God linking the belly-press to Peare on a stage in a mall. But if that's a correct interpretation, what does news media have to do with a mall?

In the past, I pointed that stage scene to the 666-purchasing system because Malls/Marlybone's have the MalBANKs, and because the same dream with the mall had a bank (hill) off of the road that itself pointed to the Rhodian globalists, who have been meshed with international bankers to this day. A mall is a purchasing center.

The MarlyBONE variation is key because Banks were at a Newton location while Newtons (Cheshire, same as Malls/Marlybone's) use "shin bones". Marleys (Cheshire) were at Morley-like Morlaix (Brittany), near Launay. As you can see, the apparent contradiction between the pointer of Peare-on-a-stage to international bankers versus the fake news media can be resolved with NEWtons, especially if they were from the News/Nuces' or Nuse's/Newes'.

Wow new: Marley-like Marrels/Morels, with a "Bono" motto term, share the Keep bend and even look like kin of Irish Lawns while Launays are Lawnys too. Marels/Morels were first found in Northumberland with Lorraine's who share their bend, and with RODhams who were pointed to by the road that Morley was on, and by the Malbanks who share the ermined Rodham bend.

As I said, the waist-pull on the stage pointed to the Waistells, who have a white horse said to be on a "gallop", and the Gallops have a near-copy of the Welsh David Coat while David Morley, who pointed to Morleys/MAULs (Yorkshire, same as banks), is the one who rode off the road down the bank to make a round circle around the sleeping bag as a pointer to the Rhodian Round Table.

I don't remember realizing that the Gallop Crest has a broken arrow, beautiful because Arrows/Arras' share the bank fleur-de-lys! Zikers, I am persuaded that God is in these events, and that I'm on the right track with His pointers. The "wyse" motto term of Gallops can be for German Wise's/Weis' sharing two hexagrams with Pero's/Perino's. The Aude's in the motto of English Wise's were first found in Savoy with Bride's who in turn share the triple stars of German Webbers/Weavers, which can be gleaned also with English Lawns.

Welsh Davids (Cheshire, same as Malls/MarlyBone's) were from king David I (father of HENRY of Huntingdon) who built a "Haly ROD" house that I've assessed to be code for a line from HENRY of RODez, the line to Rods. This is why Davids almost have the Ade/Aid Coat, as per Ada, wife of Henry of Huntingdon. HENRY Sinclair was the cup-bearer of David's mother, and while I say that her mother was of Podebrady in BOHEMia, Newton-beloved Bone's (Sussex, same as Keeps) are also Bohuns. Aside from the fleur-de-lys, the Arrow/Arras and Sinclair Coats are essentially identical. Bone-branch Bunns/Bone's were first found in Oxfordshire with Peare's.

Schims/Schiens/Shands/Chands have variations like variations of Chains who in turn share the Sinclair Coat. Schims/Schiens were a branch of Skins/Scans whom I point to 666-scanning machines.

One day, decades before the sleeping bag dream, Mr. Kepke, who's now pointed to 666 elements, invited me to a piece of property where the Peare family kept a white horse, the color of the Waistell horse. After Kepke was on it, Miss Peare or he asked if I'd like to take it for a ride, and when I went out with it, I found it riding to a bank in the field, at which point I turned the horse around and went back. I now assume that God wanted to stress Banks, who happen to share the Webber (and Fly) fleur-de-lys while Keeps (beside Flys) love the Webber-branch Weavers. Banks (Yorkshire, same as Keppochs) look by their name and Coat to be a branch of Benjamins, who in turn, along with their Walsh kin, were from Wallachians near Ukraine.

Kepke eventually ended it with Miss Peare, and got engaged with Miss Walsh. he then went back to Miss Peare after the wedding plans had already been made with Walsh, and Weddings (Yorkshire, same as Keppochs) are not only in Keppoch colors and format, but share the fleur-de-lys of Irish Lawns. Weddings are said to have named Waddington, in Lancashire where Lawrence's were first found, and while Kepke is Lawrence, Lawrence's were at LONSdale while lawns are also Lone's. It's even more amazing that Irish Lawns/Lone's share (in different colors) a lion alone upon a bend with Gallops and Davids.

Keeps share the "weaver's shuttle" with Shuttleworths, and the latter were first found in Bury of Lancashire with HOLDs/Holts, and moreover Holdings/Holdens were first found in Lancashire too. Although the waist-pull dream ended while pulling Peare toward me, before she arrived to me, I was clearly in the throes of HOLDing her. This is new material suggesting that the ending of the dream connects with Keep-beloved Weavers. Holdings/Holdens are the ones sharing the double-headed red eagles of Spike's/Speke's (Lancashire and Devon).

The Hazels who share the fesse of English Weavers were once said to be first found in Cheshire with Weavers, Malbank-related Malls/Marlybone's, and Wolfs/Welfs sharing the Skin/Scan wolf heads. Hazels, who look like kin of Rod-beloved Mellansons (Aberdeenshire, same as Skins/Scans), are now said to be first found in Devon with the Rods, with Stage's/Staggs, and with Spike-branch SPACE's/Speccots. Rod liners were in the dream with the stage.

When I awoke from the waist-pulling scene, I was disappointed because it ended before the embrace was finalized. It felt so good even before it was finalized, and lasted by a split-second, therefore. One could view this as a tease, for Peare liners were from the Tessin (Ticino) river. It was me, a Musk-connectable Masci liner, who was the victim of this tease. The Tessels/Teasleys who came up with Musk's Tesla company can be placed beside his SPACEx company here, because the Space's/Speccots use X-like frets on their bend. WOW, I mentioned that in the last update, but I was just prompted / compelled to load EXeters because Exeter is in Devon, and there in the Exeter Crest are double SCIMitars!!!!

As the two Exeter scimitars face one another, they are probably called, comBATTANT, part-code for the Battant variation of neighboring Battins, and likely part-code for Coms/Gumms because they have two swords in saltire looking much like scimitars. As Coms/Gumms were even first found in Cambridgeshire with Muscats/Musks and CHEPmans/Chipmans (like the Chipmans variation of Chips/Chippers), this paragraph and the last are an excellent snitch-job by God to tell that Musk technology will bring on skinchips and/or skinchip scanners. Musk has got work being done in that very direction with brain implants of skinchips.

Battins are also Badens while Veringers of Baden were the line of Maria of Kiev and Lorraine's, tending to explain why the Space/Speccot bend-with-frets is in the colors and format of the Lorraine bend-with-eagles.

A stage is where skits are performed, and Skit-like Scute's (Lancashire again) share the gold eSCUTcheon with CHIPs/Chippers. But what am I to say, that Peare's stage points also to this third thing, Musk's skinchips? Well-ya, because the mall stage pointed to 666-purchasing! Bingo, it works, especially as she was initially on a stage beside the stage I was on, and then suddenly she was on my stage for the waist-pull. I'm a Musk-connectable Masci from a grandmother.

The dream is trying to indicate that Stage's/Staggs were Masci kin in some way. I think this has to do with the Mole-like MULE's (Devon with Stage's/Staggs, Molsons/Moltons and Moline's) having a reflection of the Muscat/Musk Coat. It works because the neighboring SaMUELs share the red squirrel with Decks/Daggers while the stage doubled as a deck! God has all the bases covered. The Mueles family birthed Hawisa of Dol (topic of last update), and her husband ruled Devon's OKEhampton while Alan-like Elons share oak leaves (!!!) with Oke's/Oaks and English Alans (share HAZELwood / Hazelton oak leaves). God has all the bases loaded for his Grand Slam. Eschyna de Molle married a Dol Alan, and Hawisa of Dol married Robert D'Avranches whom at least one website placed at the Ferte-Mace location of Masci-branch Masseys/Maceys. There is a mace in the Crest of English Wise's (Devon with Stewarts) held probably by the Stewart lion.

The D'Avranches family got big with Hugh Lupus of Cheshire, where Wolfs/Welfs'/Lupus' were first found who share the Skin/Scan wolf head. GRAND SLAM!!! It's suggesting that Musk will be a 666 agent.

Although I've known since this section was started that Muscats/Musks were first found in Cambridgeshire with News'/Nuce's, I didn't know how to link the two surnames, but I do now via the Skits/Skeets!!! Is that not absolutely amazing? From the start of this section, I've known that Skits/Skeets have the red portion of the News/Nuces Coat!!! I didn't think much of it at the time, but now I know why they share that feature: a pointer to Elon Musk. The red portion, which I call an hourglass design, is often called a Shield "quarterly PER saltire" in heraldic circles.

Billet-loving Saltire's/Salters, probably from Alice of Saluzzo, daughter of Luis of Ceva, were once said to be first found in Shropshire with their Alan kin.

Stage's/Staggs get important for not only having a chevron in the colors of the Hazel / Weaver fesse, but it's the BELLY chevron too while the waist-pull was connected to the belly-press now suspect with fake news. EXeters use BELLs! One Bell Coat looks related to the Coats of Billets (Devon) and their Bellow/BALLOT branch (Cheshire, same as Malls/Marlybone's), and as the latter's Coat has a fox head in Crest, might Peare and I have been pointing to staged news by Fox's liberal newscasters? Fox 10 in Phoenix is liberal, and it censors / counters election-fraud news.

I almost forgot about the FRAUD/Frith Coat, which has a scythe while Scythe's are listed with Skits, I KID THEE NOT. The stage points to staged election events, yes it does. Globalists want to steal elections, satanize society, and force the mark of the beast upon us...because they are greedy, God-hating lunatics who would rather die fighting God than give up their untold wealth. Frauds/Friths named Chapel-le-Frith, and Chapels share the green lion with Touch's/Tuffs while their Tuft/Tuffs branch has a phoenix. BOStons have this lion in colors reversed while BOSco's have "tufts of grass" (on their "pillars").

Hazelwood were once said to be first found in Shropshire with Alans, but are now said to be first found in Yorkshire with Heslington Hall of Siward of Northumberland. Hazeltons are also Heslingtons, and Siward is the line to Swords who share three swords in the same colors with Skins/Scans!!! Plus, Hazeltons are colors reversed from the PROfetts/PROPHETs, and "Pro" is a motto term of Hazeltons/Heslingtons! This is super-duper because Profetts/Prophets, a pointer obviously to the Biblical Fake Prophet, have a giant human leg -- SHIN BONES included -- in the colors of the NEWton shin bones!!!! Hazeltons/Heslingtons were first found in Sussex with English Bone's!!!! It rolls out. It unravels. And Fake's (Hazelton colors) are listed with FaZAKERLEYs while Shake's/SHAKERLEYs, sharing the Hazelton chevron, were first found in Lancashire with Fake's/Fazakerleys!!!!

I'm not prepared to label Musk as the False Prophet, even though the fire from the sky of the False Prophet jibes with Musk's space program, even though he's involved with what looks like a 666 system, because he doesn't seem like a prophet / religious type. But there's apparently something to what I've just written tending to connect Musk to the False Prophet crime ring. I dunno for sure, and will need to leave it at that.

The ending on "Hazel" is like the Zeal/Seal surname that shares the Hazel fesse too, and "Zealous" is a motto term of Hoods (Devon, same as Space's/Specotts) who share the white "fret" with Space's/Speccots. "ZeaLOUS" can be suspect with the Louise-like Lous'/Lou's whose bendy bars are in the colors of the four fesses of Cavetts whom I trace to LUIS of Ceva on a Cevetta river. The Spike's/Speke's have eight fessewise fesses that are almost the Cavett Coat, and we might add that French Louis' are Lou-like Loys too. THEN, as I've said many times, there was a second woman on the original stage with Peare, and although I didn't see her face, I pegged her as Louise Phillips (pointer to vote-flipping) because she was in my bed during the belly-press.

As I've said many times, I bumped into her a few years after we stopped living together, which was immediately after her brother put a stiff KNEE to my face. At that last meeting, she told me she was working in choreography i.e. stage productions. That's how the wooden platforms got to be identified as stages in the first place, and we might add that Musk has just recently purchased the Twitter PLATFORM. Knee's use the phoenix, and Peare on the stage points also to staged, Phoenix fraud, as was explained recently. God can chew gum, walk, and arrange multiple heraldic pointers all at the same time.

I've just checked Woodens as per the wooden platforms, to find a stag head for connection to Stage's/Staggs. Woodens look related to Hebrons, Tristans, and the Lowers (Cornwall, same as Tristans) who share the Kary/Cary roses. Leavells, from the Laevi Gauls on the Tessin river with Pero liners, were at Castle Cary of the Karys/Carys (share Lake bend), and the pointer of Peare's stage to election fraud points also to Kari Lake. I'm writing this Wednesday at noon, not yet knowing whether the Phoenix cheats stole her election bid. Woodens are said to have been at Maldon of Essex, and Maldons (Essex) happen to share triple-green fesses (rare fesse color) with Fake's. Maltons are listed with Molsons/Moltons (Devon with Mule's who can point to "2000 Mules," a news documentary on election fraud.

The reason I decided to begin this section is that the Press'/Prests and Nuse's/NEWES' share black Shields, and moreover the tops of their Coats are in the same colors. I might have thought little of these similarities except that they were both first found in Hertfordshire...where Childs were first found who in turn share the Road eagle.

Skits/Skeets are listed with Skeochs while Shoe's have similar variations such as Schucks/Schugs/Shooks while Fake-related Shake's come up as Shocks. Mr. Kepke sold shoes while with Miss Peare, and then sold plumbing products while with Miss Walsh. German Plumers look like kin of Wansteads/Weiners while Childs were first found at Wanstead, and English Plumers/Plumbers share the Shoe/Schuck/Shook star. To what can this point? What's plumbing got to do with anything globo-nefarious?

Kepke points to poison vaccines, and Fake's look like a merger with Shakerleys, and so it may have been a Fauci-line merger with Shakerleys. French Faux's/FAGE's/Chollens' come to mind. Indeed, just realized: English Faux's share a giant lozenge (different colors) with Fauci's! Fauci's are new to me, or I'd have realized that sooner.

English Faux's were first found in Essex with Este's while Italian Este's share the eagle of SEGNI's/Segurana's, first found in Genoa with Fauci's. Segni's can thus be gleaned in the FACE/Fessy motto term, "signo." English Faux's have a falcon while English Falcons share the Stage/Stagg chevron. I can imagine Falc-like surnames to/from Faux's. Faux's/Fage's/Chollens' almost have the Coat of Cremers who in turn share a "qui" motto term with Fulke's/Folks, and the latter add "sera" while the Serio river is at Crema i.e. where Cremers trace.

Shake's use mole hills while Mole's share the boar head of Skin/Scan-branch Schims/Schiens/Shands/Chands, and we might surmise here that Shake's are a pointer to fake vaccines causing some people to shake due to brain seizures.

NEWtons have led us to what I think Miss Peare points to on the stage, and I do think it's a no-brainer that the news media will deceive the world into believing the stated but false premise for the need of a skin-code form of purchasing. I think that premise will be related to forced vaccinations, and so let's add that while Kepke pointed to that picture when CHASing me with a spider, Chase's were first found in Hampshire with Flys who share the fleur-de-lys of neighboring Webbers, with Banks, and with Arrows/Arras. Then, the PurCHASE surname was first found in Kent with Bank-like Bangs/Bengs/Bings, and to top it off the Pero-connectable Sempers in the Purchase motto share the Coat of Duce's (Staffordshire with Arrows/Arras') while their Duck branch were first found in Somerset with Webbers.

The "paratus" motto term of Purchase's is the whole motto of the Swords, from Siward of Northumberland, where Keep-beloved Hebrons were first found, and the three Sword swords are in the colors of the same of Skins/Scans. While the Biblical ABRAM lived in Hebron, Sempers and Duce's share the BRAMton Coat. Keep love the Weavers.

I watched some of Dan Bongino Wednesday to find that he blames the lower-than-expected Republican wins on all sorts of social reasons but failed to mention fraud as the chief cause. Until leaders of Republican-news movements start cracking down on fraud by at least emphasizing it's existence, Democrat destroyers are going to lead continually toward Armageddon. Shunning election fraud my these movements is a literal betrayal of the conservatives they pose to stand for. One of the biggest such traitors is Tim Pool, whose taken the position, and maintains it to this day's coverage of the election, that fraud is mainly a non-issue. How can anyone be afraid of being sued when there's no end to evidence of massive, systematic fraud in 2020? Fox news is the biggest fraud-wolf in sheep's clothing of all, and Bongino probably feels he needs to cater to some extent to Fox's will.

Election fraud is the beginning of the anti-Christ system. Without election fraud, wickedness cannot create the anti-Christ society. Lawlessness and election fraud go hand-in-hand, and people who use election fraud become destroyers by nature of the wickedness they employ and habitually adopt to in securing election fraud. One cannot engage high-level wickedness without rotting the soul. One cannot be a government spy without wasting the soul. One cannot be a power-grubber without sacrificing the soul. One cannot aspire to rule the world without being an utter and dangerous, demonically-fermented fool. When the soul's sugar has turned bitter to alcohol, scouring and abrasive language comes out of the mouth. But fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom for the soul, and sugar-power comes out of the mouth, the fuel of God shared with others.

One of the reasons that DeSantis won in more than a landslide is that he dealt blows against election fraud. Kari Lake says she wants to remove voting machines altogether, which is partly why Arizona was forced to cheat openly, because getting caught cheating in this way is much better than allowing Kari Lake, as governor, to uncover all their crimes, which is what the pimps of the election whore houses fear most.

As of about 20 hours after the polls closed in Arizona, as I write here, there's still no word who won the governorship. The score thus far is Lake's opponent winning by .2-percent, at 6:30 pm as I write, with a reported 73-percent of the ballots counted. There can be no way that it should take this long to finish counting a state election, but Democrat whore houses are trying to normalize this drawn-out vote count in order to decide what type of fraud to implement, and then to implement it.

DeSantis did well because he sounds sincere, had a good attitude, and put out action in agreement with his words. There are bound to be several Republicans in 2024 who copy his attitude but without intending to do the actions. For the good guys, DeSantis has shown that politicians can be bold and public about opposition to "woke" = satanism, and win elections where the majority of people are at least half normal.

Also, DeSantis' win has exposed that the Bidenites allowed illegals to pour into the county in vain, because for every one of them who voted illegally for Democrats, one or more American-Hispanics voted for DeSantis. It backfired on the bad guys, and for the future, the more Hispanics who come to vote Republican, the more they will urge illegals to do the same. By the way things are shaping up at the moment, it appears that the stretch between Texas and Florida, and for much distance to their north, is a good place to spend the tribulation period, but keeping away from the east coast.

Someone made a good point, Bongino I think, that when conservatives leave Democrat controlled states to live in a conservative-controlled state (not by a RINO), there's no political loss left behind...because Democrat-controlled states have secure election fraud and will usually win conservatives or no conservatives. But there is then a shoring-up of conservative power in the conservative states that Democrats are trying to topple with election fraud. If Christians pack themselves tighter in the states with the best freedoms, they will help one another to secure a better tribulation experience, or less persecution.

Someone on Gab: "What a coincidence we have Nevada, Arizona, and Pennsylvania unable to run their elections efficiently like every other state....again..What a coincidence they all just so happen to involve tight races. And what a coincidence these particular races now have major implications as far as Congress is concerned." They are cheating openly for any judge to see it clearly, and God will blame this much on the Supreme Court judges who refused to correct it in 2020.

Unlike the USA, thanks to Trump's incompetence or wickedness, take your pick: "Brazilian military leaders are reportedly preparing to release evidence showing the nation’s recent presidential election was rigged, and that far-left candidate Luiz Inácio da Silva, known simply as 'Lula,' is being illegitimately installed as President" It could be a false report, a tease, we'll see.

Trump left the military in the hands of anti-Christ globalists. He didn't lift a finger to change it. He didn't change the CIA either, which goes hand-in-glove with the military to erode the country with literal gangsterism. Trump had been a friend of gangsters himself. Kari Lake needs to distance herself from Trump when she becomes the Arizona governor.

There's a question as to whether Trump's rallies in many states backfired, causing some who were prepared to vote Republican not to because they were reminded how much they hate him when he arrived to their state. Trump is probably the only politician who would brag this brag: "So many of the people I Endorsed went on to victory on Tuesday Night, nobody was even close, and they literally make up a story refusing to write the facts, and only quoting enemies and losers. Almost all of the people I endorsed WON..." Proverbs has this human quality: "Let others praise you, and not your own mouth."

What he should have said is, "The media is not telling the whole truth when they try to portray that most of the candidates I endorsed lost their elections." But even then, one needs to reckon with whether the candidates were going to win anyway, and whether they may have won by a larger margin without his endorsement. We also need to reckon with whether Trump knowingly refused to endorse anyone who he thought had a shot at losing, to protect his reputation, in which case that's not a sacrificial lamb, but a self-interested goat.

I don't know whether anyone knows DeSantis' military positions, whether he's a war hawk or not, but he doesn't strike me as a money-laundering thief. I don't know whether he's soft on vaccine-choice, by which I mean to say whether he's ignoring the bodily damages from vaccines just to maintain a political posture that he thinks is best for his career. But as we know what Trump is, I think Christians need to give DeSantis a shot for the White House in 2024. I think God would frown on any Christian supporting Trump over DeSantis, unless there's something wrong enough about the latter. It's possible that, with the two competing, a third could defeat them both, but that's the chance I think Christians should take, keeping in mind that God is not afraid of having His hands tied with a Democrat White House. I think we should also keep in mind that God may care nothing about who wins the White House, and He may even have chosen to remain uninvolved in politics.

This is what we should fear, things like a political Julie Green disgracing Christianity with untrue first-Person prophecies:

The Spider-Cheese and Spider-Chase

Good morning Thursday. We've been having a warm, out-of-character sunny November. It's usually cloudy six days out of seven in November in these parts. I'm hoping that God will make a warm winter this year to make up for the price-gouging in the fuel industry.

[Insert Sunday -- Elon Musk wants hot weather to help get rid of gasoline. This is where he's on-board with Schwabites, and he may be where Schwabites are on-board with brain implants of chips. Note that Chips/Chippers use three shields while Scottish Shields, first found in Berwickshire with Elons, share the SHAW/Sheaves motto that could be a pointer to Klaus SCHWab, especially as a giant, red lion is shared between Klaus' and Irish Shields. The latter even have right hands. The hands are open, showing palms while Palms share the fleur-de-lys of Shells while Shields are also Sheils.

In fact, the Irish Shields not only have a star for linkage to Starlings/Starlincks, but share the giant lion of German Bucks/Buchs while BUCHELs/BUSHells were first found in Yorkshire with Palms (Buchel-Bushel colors) and Bush's. It's interesting because Starlings/Starlinks use BUCKLEs! Wow, lookie there. And the Coat of English Shields looks related to the Leafs/Leave's/Leve's, first found in Norfolk with buckle-using Case's...which reminds that Elons use leaves!!!!! The Case's are huge in the new dream of this section.

Stars were first found beside the Bugs who share water BOUGets with Buchels/Bushels, and Bugs are in the colors of BUGELs/Bogans. Stars, first found in Wiltshire with trumpet-using Calles', were Pero kin, and while Peartree's/Patria's have the Trump stag head, "patria" is a motto term of Irish Shields. I'm including this insert here because it plays into my dream of Thursday morning. End insert]

I woke up just as I was having a dream, which is why I remember it. There was a fat, black spider in my opened package of chedder cheese. Both were on a floor beam at the ceiling of my crawl space right where I have the electric-fence unit screwed on to the side of the beam. I didn't think this location was important at first, but it's bang on a verification that this spider points to Leslie's for more reason that fence-like Fens' sharing the Leslie griffin. Leslie's essentially share the Starling/Starlinck Coat. The same griffin head is with Patents/PATTONS', first found in Essex with Chance's, and the latter share the PATONCE cross of Cheese-like Chase's, is that not amazing? Do you know of anything involving Chase's with a spider? Why should Musk's Starlink system be pointed to by the spider chase? Is this what the spider-cheese dream is signalling?

While I was reaching up to discover the spider, I was worried that it might fall into my pants. The scene was made in such a way that there was a big opening at the top of my pants through which I worried that it might fall in. The opening was like when the waist band of pants are ten sizes too big. It never did fall in, but why was that scene there? I ended up squashing the spider next to the cheese at my feet after the package fell to the floor. The dream ended there. It was squashed on the floor below the beam that the cheese was on. Why was it killed on the floor? I don't remember how it was squashed, but I'm sure I didn't step on it.

[Insert -- It's Sunday. I had looked for a squash- / squish- / quash-like surname without luck, which had me perplexed as to why the spider was squashed. But today I remembered (how could I not get this earlier?) that I've had have about 30 butternut squash between the electric-fence unit and the window six feet over!!! This is the first year I've grown enough squash that they needed to be stored in the crawl space.

The electrical wiring for the electric-fence unit comes through the window, and there were some ten squash directly beneath that window. With freezing weather these days, I recently moved them into FIVE-gallon BUCKETs sitting on the wood floor between the window and the beam under discussion. There were some 20 squash in three buckets all between the window and the beam. The Windows have lion paws in the colors of the Fien/Finis lions, and they are in the colors of the Graff/Graffen / Cheese lion!!!!!! INCREDIBLE, especially as fence-like Fens'/Venns look like a Fien / Phone/Fane/Van branch.

Therefore, I squashed the spider partly because God wanted to provide evidence that he arranged this dream. But then we had seen the "water BOUGETs" of Buckle-like Buchels/Bushells, and as that heraldic item is said to be a water container, I can glean that it's code for such surnames as BUCKETs/Buchards. yes, for water bougets are used by Bouchier's/Bouchers, first found in Essex with Waters. Boucher-like Bachers/Baggers/Badgers (Yorkshire, same as Buchels/Bushells) are in Case colors and format! Zinger, for Case's were first found in Norfolk with Bagger-like Bags who in turn have the cinquefoils of Geggs (Norfolk) and French Buckets in colors reversed.

The FIVE-gallon buckets seem to apply because Five's are listed with Fife-branch Fifys while Butters were first found in Fife. BUTTERnut squash in five-gallon buckets. Plus, English Buckets/Buchards share the Coat of Brecons, first found in Angus, beside Fife. Brecon is where CLIMERs/Clements were first found whom I tentatively see in my climbing Muschatov's Ukrainian antenna.

I always trace Five's with their Vivian kin to Ukraine's Lviv at the BUG river, and we saw Bugs using water bougets...i.e. strongly suggesting that Buckets and Bouchier's/Bouchers were from the Bug river with Nahor-suspect Neuri. Nahor was the brother of ABRAM, and BRAMtons have the Brunswick Coat in colors reversed while Bruno's were first found in Tuscany with the Gallons/Gallus' who in turn have a giant lion in Brunswick-lion colors. If Starlincks and Leslie's (Aberdeenshire, same as Five's/Fifys) didn't use the buckles, they would have the Bruno Coat. Fife's have a Coat very-much like that of English Ducks, a branch of Duce's who in turn share the Bramton Coat.

Five's/Fifys and Fife's share the giant Klaus/Claus lion, and while KOPLik is a location on the CLAUSula river, KOPPLE's share the rooster of German Gallus' to go with the Glass-like Gallons/Gallus' whose giant lion is colors reversed from the Klaus/Claus lion. Kopple's were first found in Nuremberg with Ukraine-liner Keips, and Kepke's/Kopke's almost have the Coat of Riffle's who were in turn pointed to when I was at Muschatov's GLASS WINDOW upon the TV antenna. As I said, that night, I was protesting against her parents, and walked on the Muschatov FENCE!

Kiev was home to BUDini, the line to Butts, and we just saw BUTTernut squash in five-gallon buckets. Bude's share the bow with Buchel-like Bugels/Bogans, in Bug colors. Sorry to spoil the flow of the dream.

I was finished with the insert above, but immediately afterward tried to think of a quash-like surname again, and remembered the "CAUSa" motto term of Irish Caseys. I therefore loaded Caus' to find three wolf heads in the colors and format of the three Casey eagle heads, and moreover Caus', with a gold (round) buckle in Crest, were first found in Norfolk with gold-buckle Case's!!! AMAZING causincidence. Caus' are listed with CAUSTons sharing the three wolf heads of Fiddle's/Fidelows. Costs show nothing but a giant bell while the spider was threatening to fall in the gap between my belt buckle and my BELLy. Bellys were Duc/LeDuc kin. Belt-like Bellets are listed with Belly-like Bellows.

Whatever this spider represents, it appears that God's going to quash it, and may have quashed it already. "Quash" is a term used often by the courts or political officials.

Cheese comes from cows, and Caus- and Cow-like Caws' are listed with Mackays of Sutherland while Sutherlands share the Duck / Fife stars. The other Irish Mackays, along with quash-like Quade's, share three wolf heads (different color) with Caus'/Caustons. Cowes'/Coo's use "pennants" that look like the three piles to a point of Buckets and Brecons.

Oh wow. I'm still in the process of drying and JARring my squash (got two batches on the stove right now), and Brechs/Breakers -- first found in Shropshire with Jarrets, Meschins, BELL-branch Bellamys, and vaccine-like Vychans -- have the Orange hunting horn in colors reversed. My cheddar cheese is orange, and it was this cheese that was in the dream. English Jarrets were a branch of Jarre's/Jarrets (Brittany, same as Ducs/LeDucs). There is a Chedder/Chadder surname (shares Meschin scallops), first found in Somerset with Fife-connectable Ducks, and in Vychan and Buckle colors and format. Meschins ruled Cheshire, where Buckle-branch Buckleys were first found along with Cow-connectable Sales'.

Orange's were first found in BUCKinghamshire with PENs/Pence's, and Bucking(ham)s not only share the Fife and Five lion (red like the Buck lion) and Fife Crest, but Brecons were first found beside Fife, in Angus with Jarret-branch Gardens/Jardens and Jardins!!! It's more evidence that God arranged marriages so as to alter the heraldry of surnames to fit the spider-cheese dream. Five's/Fifys are in all the colors of Bucking(ham)s. Chedders/Chadders (share PENdragon chevron) almost have the Travis/Traver Coat while Trevors share the Coat of Cowes-beloved Pennants. Pendragons were first found in Cornwall with the Vivians sharing the Five/Fify chevron.

Lviv-connectable Bugs were once said to be first found in Nottinghamshire. I recall, and recorded, that Nuts/Nottings share three besants on a blue bend with Bucking(ham)s, and so note butterNUT squash. Nuts/Nottings were a branch of Cnuts/Note's who share the crescents of Patonce-like Pattons', first found in Shropshire with Jarrets, etc. They are also the crescents of Carrick- / Gregg-branch Craigie's while Adams/CAWs are said to be descended from MacGREGors. Craigs were first found in Aberdeenshire with Five's/Fifys.

Ahh, Jarrats/Garrats share the Arms-of-Lviv lion, but it's also the lion of patonce-line Chance's. The Jarrat/Garratt motto, "Semper FIDELis," which is the motto in the Arms of Lviv, is expected to be code for the Fiddle's/Fidelows who have the three CAUS/Causton wolf heads. Sempers share the Bramton and Duce Coat. I'm now thinking that God is going to quash or squash James LeDuc. Almost nobody mentions him in relation to the Wuhan lab, but he's been there I don't know how many times. What was he doing there? Doesn't anyone want to know before these goons murder the human race? Is the world suicidal and mad? End insert]

My tenant made noise outside my bedroom to wake me up, or I probably wouldn't have remembered the dream, and his surname, a variation of the Chase-like Chance's, is amazing for this dream. I've told of his surname a few times, I'm not making this up. Chase's are also Chace's, and they have lions colors reversed from one another.

When I was out of bed making coffee, I wondered, as my first reflections on the dream, whether it represents graphene-oxide in cheese (I eat cheddar cheese every day like an addict), and I then tried to remember what the Cheese surname uses, at which time I realized it's like the Chase surname. Kepke chased me with the spider outside of the Graff residence as a pointer to graphene-oxide. I finally got round to loading the Cheese's, and, zikers, it's the Graff/GRAFFEN lion in both colors! It's a giant, gold lion, just like the one of Irish Leslie's, and so it's astounding that Scottish Leslie's have a GRIFFIN while there's yet another griffin head in the Chance Crest! It's now made plain that God created the spider-cheese dream to add to the spider-chase event. I wonder what this will entail. What's graphene-oxide got to do with Starlinks satellites?

All those people who die of fall down suddenly on sports fields while not having their cell phones near. Could they be dying from impulses from satellites made to kill people with graphene in their bodies? How might a satellite target just one individual in a stadium packed with people? Do people need to give their names and addresses when they get vaccinated so that the government acquires has a list of which vaccine vial each person has been contaminated from? I'm just trying to produce a viable theory if indeed people are being killed by satellite radiation. It may not be correct.

Scottish Leslie's and Starlings/Starlincks use gold buckles on a blue bend, as do Chase-like Case's, and the "DiSTANTia" motto term of Case's looks like code for the Stant variation of Stains/STANs while Stanleys, first found in Cambridgeshire with Musks, are in the colors and format of Irish Leslie's. This is amazing because Stanleys have a "changer" motto term while Chance-like Change's/Changers were first found in Hampshire with Chase's. Not only were Case's first found in Norfolk with the PALMers, but the latter share the double-black fesses (in both colors) of Stants/Stains/Stans and Elons!!! PERFECT.

It gets even better because Change's/Changers essentially have the Italian Casino/Case Coat, both of which have the triple fesses, in colors reversed, from the same of Stouts. The latter were first found in Cambridgeshire with Stanleys and MUSCATs/Musks. Then, the Casins/Cassane's/Cassandra's (Hampshire, same as Chase's and Changers) share the triple chevrons of Muschats and Waters! We saw the "WATER bougets" of BUCHELs/Bushells, and Waters with Muschats were first found in Essex, beside the first-known BUCKLE's of Suffolk, and both counties are beside Cambridgeshire.

Irish Leslie's essentially have the Starlinck/Starling Coat, the only difference being the square-versus-round buckles. The dream therefore seems to have been Arranged to point to Musk's satellites, which can go with 5G radiation to energize graphene-oxide in the body. And wow, just realized: "5G" can be pointed to be McGEE's/Gee's who happen to share the boar head of Tenants!!! What are the chances? Tenants even have one item only in their Chief (the boar head), as do both Chance surnames.

AND WOW, Tenants were first found in West Lothian with a BathGATE location while Bathgate's share the sun of French Chance's!!! Plus, the Bathgate Coat is the one of French Poussins while POISSONs/Poussons seem to be a pointer to poison vaccines by Bill Gates. While Leslie's and patonce-like Patents/Pattens' share the green griffin head with BARDs, Poissons/Poussons share the scallops of BARDys, first found in Perigord with Fauchys and Faux's/Fage's/Chollens'.

OH wow, skinchips are imPLANTed, and Tenants have a "Plena" motto term while Plene's are listed with Plants/Plantagenets. My tenant right now, as of a few weeks ago, is growing a few vegetable plants with his newly-built hydroponics outfit.

When I awoke today to start investigating this dream, the Chase-like Case's were showing on one of my browsers because I was looking at the Starlincks last night, and I had loaded the Tesla-like Tests too because Case's were first found at Testerton. The TestadiFERRO (means "ironhead") variation can indicate Ferrari's who happen to have the giant Cheese lion.

The Ferro surname happens to show only three bird heads, in Ferrari colors, and they are in the format of the three bird heads (called eagles) of Case- / Chase-like Irish Caseys!!! It's a bingo, proof of Arrangement of the heraldry to fit the dream; the devil can't do such things because he can't see the future hundreds of years to my dream this morning, or to news events at this time. The heraldry is hundreds of years old. My heraldic writings are packed with proof of God's existence, and that He works, writes and things through humans without their knowing it. He long ago saw the microchip implants, and decided to quash the human race before that technology got too far, that's my thinking. The spider apparently represents microchip implants working in coordination with magnetized graphene.

It was only recently when I told that Scottish Caseys use crow heads while Crows were first found in Norfolk with Caseys of Testerton. I might add that Musk owns the electric car, Test-like Tesla, to which my electric-fence unit might point. The THISTle's happen to have three thistles on a blue bend, the two colors of the Leslie / Starlinck buckles on a bend.

As this dream points to poisoned vaccines, it's more than notable that Fauch's show only thistles. It's more than notable because Fauch's were first found in Savoy with French Chance's. English Chance's are CHAUNCEUR's too, and there is no end to news telling that CANCER has skyrocketed in vaccinated people. As I've said, French Chance's share the sun of French Poussins while poison-like Poissons/Poussons are linkable, via Bardys, to Fauchys and Fage's/Fage's/Chollens'. Bards (not "Bardy") share the Leslie griffin head, and Bradys have a sun too.

If that's not enough, I trace Stouts to STUTTgart, and the Arms of Stuttgart shares the logo of the Ferrari car. It's a black-on-gold horse, symbol of Italian Forts, first found in Ferrara!!! I am now reminded that Ferrari's were first found in Modena with the Italian Cassane's/Cassandra's having one of the fesses of Stout-connectable Casino's/Case's! Can you make heraldry sing like this in applying to a dream?

The lion of English Chance's, first found in Essex with CAMULodunum, is in the colors of the Cheese / Leslie lion. The Crows and Crawls have a CAMEL in Crest. I kid you not, Wikipedia has an article on the raven banner of the Stout-surnamed vikings, and while Leslie's were earls of Rothes, German Rothes/Rothchilds use a giant raven.

I've talked about my basement several times, and I've told that the floor is natural rock, not of poured concrete like typical basements. As the rock slopes down where the space is only about 30 inches high (from floor to ceiling) at one end, it's technically treated by the township as a CRAWL space (not to be taxed). The amazing thing is that the Crawl/CROWell surname is new to me as of a few weeks ago, and it has a gold-chevron version of the Crow Coat!!!!

But there is more. First, Leslie's were earls of Rothes because they married Pollocks of Rothes, and while Pollocks were a Pool branch, I've told that there is a constant pool of rain water, under my wood floor, at the other end of the crawl space. The ceiling at this end about seven feet high, and the floor upon which the cheese and spider fell is exactly on this small floor above the pool!!! All of the water that gets through the rock crevices into the crawl space, as well as water from a downpipe from the roof, drains into this pool adjacent to the block wall of the house. Imagine trying to make the heraldry fit this situation? But it's fitting.

Pools, first found in DORset, beside Hampshire's Chase's, almost have the Ferrara / Cheese Coat. I get it, because Irish Doors (and Dorals) share the Cheese Coat too, and the cheese was on the beam just inside the door, falling therefore to my feet two feet inside that door!!! The wood floor is only four feet across from the door. I was STANDing on that floor. The Dorsets share the sun on a blue background with French Chance's.

As Lings were first found in Suffolk (beside Diss) with StarLINGs/Starlincks, I gather that the Stars, first found in Wiltshire with Dorsets, married Lings to produce the Starlings. Lings are in Feller colors and format. Plus, Crawls/Crowells share the chevron of eagle-using DISS'/Dice, who named Norfolk i.e. where Case's and Crows were first found.

Dorset is where Beautys and Hades'/Hats were first found who connect with both English Hayden Coats, one of which shares the Beauty bull. Both Haydens were first found in Norfolk with Heads/Heeds, and with Case's of TESTerton, and the Tests happen to have several variations starting with "Testa" meaning "head."

[Insert -- There's some new Sleeping Beauty heraldry here starting with Wedding-like Heddings/HEADons (boys heads, I think), in Wait/WHEET colors and format, first found in Nottinghamshire with Ainsleys. I've told that WEETon-branch Weddings (share Proctor Crest) are also Waddingtons, but don't remember noting that they are like "Haddington." The two share colors. One Coat of English Haydens (Norfolk, same as WHEATs) shares the cross of Haddingtons, red like the Ainsley cross. Weddings look linkable to Hicks' (Yorkshire, same as Weddings) who in turn share the Ainsley fleur-de-lys. Ainsley Earhardt and Will Proctor are the parents of Hayden. In the Sleeping Beauty dream, God said to me, "WHAT are you WAITing for, it's you she LOVES, go wake her."

An argument for claiming boy's heads for Heddings/Headons is that MalaTESTa's, who were found later in this update, use boy's heads, thus tending to show that proto-Testertons had married with a Head family in order to form a Testa surname. New right here and now: it tends to explain why Wettins (not "Weetin") have the buckles of Case's of Testerton in colors reversed! I capitalized "LOVES" above after the last sentence because Love's/Luffs were Musk kin (Cambridgeshire with Proctors) while Starlincks have buckles. I almost missed it: buckles in the colors of Case's are shared by French Mallets, like "MALATesta."! It appears that Mallets married Test liners. New: MELTons, sharing a white patonce cross with Chase's, were first found in Norfolk with Case's of Testerton, tending to nail Chase's with Case's. I was going to kiss Beauty awake, and Kiss'/Cush's share the Coat of Cass'/CASH's, the latter first found in the same place with Musks!

Millets share the giant cinquefoil of Bus', first found in Norfolk with Diss'/Dice's who in turn share the Milton eagle. Miltons look like kin of Cage's while Caige's (same place as Musks) are listed with Teague's/Teegers (Galway, WOW, same as Ling-connectable LYNCH's!) while German Teegers share the giant star of German Millets. Tigers were first found in Suffolk with an Eye location, and with Lings and Starlings!!!! It's amazing how things cascade like this. I bought a Texas property from Miss Friend, and she became Mrs. Teague, while Ainsley Earhardt works for Fox and Friends.

The three Mallet buckles are in the colors and format of the three MALTon/Molson/Molton stars, and the latter were first found in Devon with the Mule's who in turn almost have the Wake Coat!!! I was told to wake her. It tends to mean that it's correct to include the Mallets in the Sleeping Beauty dream from Malatesta's. As I've said many times, Sleeping Beauty had distress on her face, now suspect with a sick head, before she fell asleep.

WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOWWWWIE: the Whats/Wadcote's (Essex, same as Epstein-connectable Muschats) in the quote above are in Star colors and format for a definite pointer to the Starlincks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What does Sleeping Beauty dream have to do with Musk, a wholly new idea for me? She was on Jeffrey Epstein's island. The Stars add a human eye as God's potential clue that the goons are trying to create the satanic "third eye" for people, or a super-"intelligence".

Musks were first found in the same place as Chepmans/Chipmans, and Chips/Chippers/Chipmans are in the format of, and colors reversed from, Wettins. This insert started on the Head bloodline, and so I think this begins to answer the question above. End insert]

Musk wants chip implants in the HEAD. Heads, first found in Norfolk with Brains, almost have the Coat of English Este's, first found in Essex, and the QUINTs were once said to be first found in both Essex and Dorset. Elon Musk is suspect with the 666 system, and QUINTana's show three dice for connection to Diss-beloved Case's. The fronts of the Quintana dice, which go well with Casino's/Case's, you see, all show fives as code for "quint = five," yet the tops of the three Quintana dice show sixes for a potential, deliberate code for 666.

I've known for most of this section that, at some point I would need to mention the SpaceX-like Space's/Speccots due to my crawl SPACE, and it just so happens that Space's/Speccots have a bend-with-frets in the two colors of the bend-with-horseshoes of Farrahs. The latter were looked up because Portuguese Ferrara's have horseshoes. The Farrah horseshoes were part of an heraldic set pointing, via Farrah Fawcett and Miss Quint-like Quinn, to Faucets, Faux's/Fage's/Chollens, and also to Fauchys. The horseshoes in that set pointed to bio-weapons viruses developed from horseshoe bats. Thus, the TestadeFERRO variation of Testa's has brought us to this paragraph, even as it had taken us to Caseys.

It was Mr. Kepke who was used as a pointer to graphene, and here I find that Farrah's (Yorkshire, same as Farrs) were first found in Leeds with Kippax of the Keppochs. Mr. Kepke sold SHOES to go with the Farrah horseshoes. Farrah's share a red bend with Keeps. Reminder: Kepke chased me with a spider at the Graffs, and Graffs share the lion of Chase-like Cheese's who were with a spider in this morning's dream. Cheese's share the giant Ferrara lion. It's also the lion of Fort-like Sforza's which in turn holds a so-called "quince," and Quinn- / Quint-like Quince's named Saer de Quincy, builder of the Faucet castle.

[Insert -- It's not good for your thoughts for me to break the flow of a discussion, but this is a good place to do this insert for a new consideration. Graphene is made of carbon, and there is a Carbon surname with the Grace/GRASSe chevrons in half their colors, interesting if Grasse's developed from "Graff." If I recall correctly, there is an f-like letter sometimes used for an 's', possibly because it was customary to alter s-terms to f-terms.

Carboni's have three pale bars in the colors of the eight Sitter/SittWELL pale bars, as well as what looks like the lion of English Wells (Lincolnshire, same as English Grasse's) who share the giant lion of the other French Grasse's. The Landens/Landers not only have six pale bars half in the colors of the Sitter/Sittwell pale bars, but were first found in Switzerland with Graffs/Graffens. Bloodlines from Pepin of Landen are expected with PALE bars because Pale's/Palys share the camel head with Pepins. French Pepins, ignoring their Chief, are in the colors and format of Dutch Sitters. French Pepins were first found in Gascony with Carbons, and the two have similar Coats, Chiefs included. The spider chase at the Graffs involved the Webbers from keep-beloved Weavers, and the Webber bend-with-fleur is colors reversed from the same of Pepins and Pipe's.

Pale's/Palys (Yorkshire, same Care's and Bone-connectable Pullys) are in the format of Care's and English Grasse's, and the latter are in the colors and near-format of English Bone's while endings on Carbons/CarBONNELs look like a line of Care line married Bone's. Bonnels/Boneleys, new to me here, share the Carbon/Carbonnel star in both colors, and the Carbon crescent in half its colors. I've only just realized that French Bone's share the Carbon Chief. Italian Bono's/Bonelli's, possibly Gates kin, share the lion of English Grasse's, and Gates' share the Graff/Graffen lion. Care's (Yorkshire with Blaze's) have a bend-with-faces in the colors of the Cary bend-with-roses. Does graphene get stored in bones?

I didn't know where this insert was going to take me, but can see that Elon Musk can be pointed to starting with Bonnets/Bonnie's. Although they are in Starlinck colors and format, there's no sign of extra connection between the two, but when we go to Bonnet-like Bontings/Buntings, they were first found in Peebles-shire with Tweets/Tweedale's. From there we go to Bants/Bauns/Bans' who show only oak leaves, the Elon / Alan symbol too. Starlincks use buckles while Bant-like Bends/Bents (branch of Bonnet-like Bennets) share the motto of Buckle-branch Buckleys (Cheshire with Bends/Bents and Demere's) who in turn share a "temere" motto term with Buckle's. The latter were first found in Suffolk with Lings and StarLINGs/Starlinck...tending to explain the connections in this paragraph. English Bennets have a "De bon" motto phrase while DuBons are listed with Dutch and French Bone's (Carbon kin). The latter use the dolphin while Dolphins/DOLfins (Dol colors) were once said to be first found in Surrey, where DEBONE's/Daborne's/Arbons were first found.

English Dole's (Cambridgeshire with Musks and Crabs) share the triple-fleur-de-lys of Carbon-like Crabbs, and Crapps/Crappers (look like Levin kin) share the Crest of the Bonnets/Bonnie's in Starlinck colors and format.

I'd like to add that while Bants/Bauns/Ban's have leaves in the colors of the leaves of Leafs/Leave's/Leve's, Trudels (new to me this week) were first found in Champagne with Bants/Bauns/Bans' while Trudeau's were first found in Ile-de-France with Levi's. Champagne is also where French Gobels were first found who have a Coat like that of Carbon-like Garbs/Garps. Though not in the same colors, Carbons share triple chevrons with Levi's and Chappes'. Levi's love the Aids and Seconds in their motto, and Seconds were first found in Limousin with French Clairs while triple-chevron English Clare's were first found in Suffolk with Buckle's and Starlincks. Italian Claro's are also Care-like Charo's, and "charo" is in the motto of English Josephs who in turn have two of the three Carbon fesses, as do Chappes-like Chaplains.

Care-like Carnys were from the Carni peoples at/near Bled, and Bleds/Blays share triple-gold chevrons with Carbons. Black-connectable Blaze's were at Blay. The Carbon Chief has a crescent between two stars, as does the Chief (in different colors) of Letts/Late's using ORANGE "organ pipes". Graffs look like Cheese kin, and God used orange cheese for the dream. Blacks (Lincolnshire with Grasse's) and their Drone/Drown kin, both sharing the Washington Chief, have the same orange Crest. Graphene is black carbon. Will radiation-emitting drones from Washington's Pentagon attack people with graphene in their bodies? The orange Black and Drone Crest is a demi-lion, the same symbol in gold in the Graff/Graffen Crest. Does this insert's heraldic set appear Arranged to point to graphene? Biden-beloved Chapeau's were first found in Ferrara.

Prior to this insert, the topic was on Ferrari's and Ferro's from Tests/Testaferro's, and off the Testerton location of Crow-related Case's. The gamut of that topic was to check whether the spider-cheese dream relates to the spider-chase at the Graffs. End insert]

Italian Forts entered the discussion with the Ferrari-car logo. It has a black horse like the one in the Crest of English Este's, and Este is beside Ferrara, where Italian Forts were first found. Elons were an Alan branch, Italian Forts share the Alan fesse. Not just Crawls/Crowells and Crows, but also the Este-related Pepins, have a camel head.

English Forts share the rock with Bedwells who in turn place a "FORT" on their rock, and that fort shows as a white castle, the symbol in giant form in the Coat of English Forts. Bedwells were first found in Bedfordshire with Luton, and Lutons share the giant eagle of Grave's/Greafs who in turn look like a branch of Graffs/Graffens/Gravs. Half the Grave/Greaf eagle is also the Diss/Dice eagle, and thus this heraldic set links to the motto of Chase-like Case's. While Elons were an Alan branch, Italian Forts share the Alan fesse.

The castle of English Forts is also the giant McLeod/Cloud castle. The McLeod/Cloud motto, "HOLD fast," is like the "Grip fast" of Case-related Leslie's, and Fasts/Fastoffs with Falstaffs were first found in Norfolk with Case's and Casey-beloved Crows. Irish Caseys have a CLOUD. Case's were at TESTerton, and THISTle's (look like Leslie kin) were first found in the Channel islands with the Poindexters who in turn share the fist of FAUSTs/Fists. Moreover, Holds in the McLeod/Cloud motto almost have the Coat of Stouts, and the Arms of Stuttgart has the Ferrari-car logo for linkage to Italian Forts.

FalSTAFFs may have been from Staffs/Staffords, explaining the "stave" of Pilgrims (Norfolk). Stave's/Stove's are listed with Stevensons, a branch of Steins, the latter first found in Norfolk with Flags in the flags of McLeods/Clouds. The latter come up as Lutts while Lutts/Lute's share the Fast / Falstaff quadrants. Lutts/Lute's have lion heads in the colors of the Cheese / Graff/Graffen / Ferrari / Sforza lion. FALstaffs may have been of the Falls'/Fallis' who almost have the Feller Coat.

[Insert Saturday -- In the dream, the half-eaten package of cheese looked like the cheese I eat, and so I'm assuming the dream had ORANGE chedder. Chedder-like Cedars/Cottars happen to use Leslie-like lizards. Cheddars/Chadders share white scallops with Fens'/Venns (Devon with BILLETs) who in turn share the Leslie griffin head. The house of Orange-Nassau can even apply because Nassau's (BILLETS) share the giant Cheese lion. I always buy old chedder, and the package has this in French as "cheddar FORT." English Forts use a "ForTIS" motto term while Shirts/SHARDs (share Tiss/Teese chevron) use "HosTIS" while Tiss/Teese's (same place as DRAKE's) were first found in Hampshire with Liss'/Lise's while lizard-like Lizarts are Shard-like Sarde's too. The latter were in DRAGuignan, not far from Orange.

Cheddars/Chaddars almost have the Meschin Coat, but in the format and colors of the vaccine-like Vychan Coat. Yesterday, I discovered the Trudels with a giant potent cross in Trudeau colors, and Chadder-like Chads (Norfolk with Cheese-like Case's) have the potent cross too. I'll come back to this at the end of this section to ask whether justin trudeau is endangering cheese by vaccinating cows. End insert]

Fellers/FellTRAGERs can be proven to be of the Rockefellers because the Tragers can be gleaned as Rocco kin, and because Tragers can be gleaned in the write-up of Rooks, the latter first found in Oxfordshire with Crawls/Crowells [and Cedars/Cottars], but also with Testers, apparently relevant because Crows were first found in Norfolk with Testerton (makes Case's of Testerton suspect in Oxfordshire). Rooks and French Forts use a raven with a gold garb, and Irish Caseys, with a "PER" motto term, have a gold garb too. PEARE's were kin of Thames'/TIENS', and while Crawls/Crowells were first found in Thames, the Squirrels (Worcestershire, same as Rocks) in the Hold Crest use a "Tiens" motto term. I have solid ROCK under the wood floor in the crawl space!

[Insert during the spell-check, one hour from the due time -- The Space's/Speccots are suspect with the "spes" motto term shared by DISSingtons/DISHington, and while Musk owns SpaceX, he also feeds satellite DISH's with Starlink. Crawls are in the colors and format of DISS'/Dice's, the latter first found in Norfolk with Crows. The CRAWL SPACE had a spider, and the Internet by Starlink feeds the worldwide web. There is an EYE location smack beside Diss of Norfolk, and while Starlings can be gleaned as a Star-Ling merger, Stars use the eye while Eye is in Suffolk while Lings and Starlings/Starlincks were first found in Suffolk, WOW! I'm all-seeing Musk's all-seeing eye.

Soams/Sone's, in Diss/Dice and Crawl colors and format, use mallets, and English Mallets with Soams/Sone's were both first found in Suffolk. French Mallets/Malo's are the ones with Starlinck-connectable buckles. As Soams use a lure while Lure's were a McLeod sept, note that while McLeods are Lutts too, Soams/Sone's have LUTTingus in their write-up i.e. McLeods may descend from him. I DID NOT KNOW when starting this paragraph that Sonnys are essentially in Starlinck colors and format! The Teague/Teegers can link to Suffolk's Tigers, and so the "SUMmum" motto term of Teague's/Teegers (and the "sum" of Trudels) can be for some Soam variation. End last-minute insert]

Portuguese Ferrara's have a bend-with-horseshoes in colors reversed from the Leslie / STARlinck bend-with-buckles. Farrah's have a bend-with-horseshoes in the two colors of the bend-with-frets of Space's/Speccots, the latter first found in Devon with a Speke location of Spike's, and of Spice's too who are in the colors and format of Trudeau's, the latter first found in Ile-de-France with French Caseys.

It's time to sing again. Case's were first found in Testerton, and while Testons are Destons too, that's why I initially loaded Disters/DISSingtons. It works because Diss' are in the Case motto. HORSEshoes can be related to Horse's, first found in Northumberland with Disters/DISHingtons i.e. suspect with Musk's satellite DISHes. SATELLite-like Settels/Settle's share the green lozenges of Starlinck-connectable Stars (use a human eye looking like a spy code from God as per satellite cameras, say "cheese"). SHETTLEworths (Lancashire, same as Settels/Settle's) share the "weaver's shuttle" with Keeps in the motto of Northumberland's Hebrons, and this points to Kepke's spider CHASE, linkable to Case's who in turn were Leslie kin who in turn share the Starlinck Coat!!! Look at that music.

Distons/Dishingtons even have a "spes" motto term suspect with the Space variation of Speccots. SpaceX rockets put up Musk's satellites, or so they tell us that Musk owns it all (may be to hide NASA's work for the military). The Mea's in the Distan/Dishington motto were first found in Nottinghamshire with the Goats who almost have the Diston/Dishington Coat, and Kepke's/Kopke's use a giant goat. Kepke's were from Kiev's VARANgians, and Distons/Dishingtons share VARN Coat.

Varns were first found in Ayrshire with Carricks while the latter's dog is used by Craggs (Yorkshire with Keppochs) who in turn are in Starlincks and STANley colors and format. We thereby have a distinct, round-about link between DISHintons and Starlincks, and it involves Kiev elements. We heard a few weeks ago that Starlink satellites were knocked out in Ukraine (don't know if it included communication towers in Kiev). Stanley-like Stans/Stains (Stevenson / Stein branch) were once said to be first found in Yorkshire, and are said to have married the YARborough's there, suspect from YARoslav, a king of the Kiev Varangians. Varns share the Scottish Gram/Graham Coat, and both have Crests similar to the Yarborough Crest, explaining why German Grams have the split-Yarborough Shield colors in reverse.

The "ouBLIE" motto term of Varns and Grams/Grahams can be for the French Bleys/Blee's/Bleds, and Bled is a location smack beside the Leslie-line Lesce (Sava river).

[Insert Saturday -- Repeat: "Cheddars/Chaddars almost have the Meschin Coat, but in the format and colors of the vaccine-like Vychan Coat. Yesterday, I discovered the Trudels with a giant potent cross in Trudeau colors, and Chadder-like Chads (Norfolk with Cheese-like Case's) have the potent cross too. I'll come back to this to ask whether justin trudeau is endangering cheese by vaccinating cows." I'm now getting scared, because I'm addicted to a cheese sandwich every morning. I'm seeing the news that farmers are being forced to vaccinate their cows, and while I half-think this could be a scare story without much truth in order to get people to stop eating beef, the heraldry is scaring me, and this dream might be trying to tell us that cheese has graphene. The black spider was in the package of cheese.

Although there is no Dairy surname coming up, Dairs happen to nearly have the Coat of Comyns, first found in Norfolk with Case's. Dairs were first found in Rhine region with Schute's and Sale-connectable Salome's. Sale's/SALLETTs, first found in Cheshire (beside Meschins and Vychans), where Cheddar/Chaddar connectable Meschins were earls, share the fleur-de-LYS of Vychans (Shropshire, where SALTire's/Salters were once said to be first found), and Lys'/Lise's, sharing courant greyhounds (different colors) with Scoots/Scougals, were first found in Ile-de-France with Trudeau's. The giant SALTIRE of Schute's (share black greyhound with Scoots/Scougals) is in the colors of the giant Trudel potent. This paragraph can give the impression of a pointer to chedder cheese and vaccines while incorporating a Trudeau branch.

It gets more frightening where COWS/Cuffs/Cuffeys share the bend-with-fleur of Sales'/Salletts (Saluzzo, beside BUSCa), but add the so-called "cotised" feature while Coats'/Cotes' share the six pale bars of Trots/TRUDE's. Trade's/Trotte's share the lone fleur-de-lys of German Bush's/BUSCHs, first found in Rhineland with Schute's and Salome's. The latter share the bend-with-stars of vaccine-pointing Vaux's, first found in East Lothian with Scoots/Scougals.

The Dairs, ignoring their blank Chief suspect with the blank Chief of Sales-connectable Saluzzo's and Dair-like Dure's, share the AVISON Coat, and AVEZZANo's share the potent pattern in their bend with French Champagne's while Trudels were first found in Champagne. Avezzano's were first found in SARDinia while Chedder-like Cedars/Cottars use lizards while Lizarts arse also SARDE's. I think this makes a close Trudel-Dair connection. Dairs are also Derrs while Scute's (not "Schute") use "deer" and share the gold tower with Potent-like Patents/Patients/Patiens'. "Patiens" is the full BRAIN motto, and they say that graphene-oxide in the body can break through the blood-brain barrier to produce seizures.

There's more because COWes' use "pennants" while Pennants share the Coat of Trevors/Trefors while Travers almost have the Cheddar/Chaddar Coat. The spider-with-cheese dream seemed to point to Buckle's and Buckle-branch Buckleys (Cheshire again, near Trevors/Trefors and Pennants) share the full Traver motto. And Penes'/Pennys share the black, courant greyhound with Trudel-connectable Scoots/Scougals. The only possible good news is that the Trudeau stags can point to a staged, scare tactic where Staggs are also Stage's. That is, perhaps the vaccination of cows is a scare story, where there is no massive vaccinations of cows taking place. Imagine how dairy farmers would resist such a demand.

After writing the above, I made my morning cheese sandwich. I kid you not, I was down to my last piece from the package of old cheddar, not enough for the sandwich, and so I took out a package of MARBLE cheddar and opened it. While making that sandwich, I asked self how the Marble surname can apply, but the only thing coming to mind, at first, is that it's in Trudeau colors. However, by the time that I had finished putting on the tomato slice and piece of crunchy cabbage, I realized that Marble's use a giant, graphene-like Griffin. Graffs/Graffens share the Cheese lion, are you not impressed?

Some other good news is that it takes at least a year to make old cheddar, and vaccinations of cows may have started only this year. Perhaps God is warning us not to eat store-bought cheese anymore.

The Cheese write-up suggests that the surname was related to the Fromage surname, and Frome's can apply because they share the martlets of Hips', first found in Norfolk with Comyns who in turn share the Avison Coat, and nearly the Dair Coat. The Chief-Shield color combination of Dairs is shared by Brocuffs/Procks who not only share the sphinx with Hips', but have potent crosses in their Chief. As you can see, this paragraph has a potential Trudel-Dair connection. Plus, sphinx-like Spinks were first found in Northamptonshire with Penes'/Pennys.

I just saw the "cui" motto term of Holms, who were loaded as per the Avison write-up: "There is a record of a person called 'Auicia in Parish records of St. Benet of Holme, Norfolk in circa 1175-86;..." This tends to explain why Comyns and Cue's were both first found in Norfolk, and Cue's happen to have six of the Avisons / Comyn garbs. In my Obama dream where he owned a billiard hall with a partner, I gleaned the partner to be Loretta Lynch, and Lynch's share the lynx with Penes'/Pennys. Midway through the dream, I took a shot on Obama's table, and to do so I needed a pool CUE. The "vide" motto term of Holms can be for the Vido's, first found in TREVISo while Travers (almost have the Chedder/Chadder Coat) are also Travis'.

Travers/Travis tell that their titles passed to Engayne's, first found in Huntingdonshire with ADa of Varenne. It just so happens that Varenne's/Verone's can be of the Verona's who not only share the Lynch Coat, but were first found in Ile-de-France with Trudeau's while "AD" is a motto term of Trudels! There's a great reason to trace Ada of Varenne to Ade's/AIDS', and thus one might glean here that justin trudeau seeks to sicken / kill peoples with vaccine-induced AIDS.

Recalling how BroCUFFs entered this heraldic set, let's remind that Cuffs come up as Cows. The latter are the ones with a cotised bend, and here we can add that Cotis'/Curtis', while sharing the Corona / Coron/Coroner crowns, have a good reflection of the Holder Coat (griffins) while Loretta Lynch took the job of Eric Holder as Obama's attorney general. SALLy Yates took over from Lynch, and Sallys are listed with Sales'/Salletts sharing the Cow/Cuff bend-with-fleur.

My dream in Obama's billiard hall opened with my viewing the billiard tables from a top-view, in which all the tables were covered by a single, black SHEET. Late in the dream, Obama was on a SKATEboard, and Skate's/Sheets not only share the potent cross with Chads, but both were first found in Norfolk. This picture now looks related to Trudels, the only symbol of which is a potent cross. Plus, while vaccine SHEDDING is thought to occur, Scheds/Sheds, with almost the Chad Coat, share the potent cross with Chads, Skate's/Sheets and SKITs/Skeets/Skeochs. The latter were first found in Ayrshire with Scottish Sheds/Sheddens. The latter's Chief-Shield color combo is shared by dairy-like Dairs, potent-line Brocuffs, Brocks, and Cotter-like Cutters!!! INCREDIBLE, because chedder-like Cedars are also Cottars!

"VireSCIT" is a motto term of Brocks, and it can be read as "VIREScit" because virus-like Vires' are listed with Verona's, can we believe it? I didn't make the heraldic details. I'm not forcing these cascading heraldic sets. I'm taking things a step at a time. Verona's have the Lynch Coat, almost the Feller Coat, and Fellers are in the colors and format of Starling/Starlinck-related Lings. End insert]

Buckle Up, Keep the Spider Out

Good morning Friday. It's time to tackle why the belt band of my pants had a gap of about six inches between the front of the belt and my belly, and why I was worried that the fat, black spider might fall in there from atop the beam. It's only now that a belt BUCKLE comes to mind, and the Leslie's had come to topic bigly who share buckles with Starlincks. Look at the timing of this paragraph, immediately after the Lesce location, and the Stain-related Yarborough's.

Lorraine had a grass stain on her pants that pointed with Pansys/PANTzers to Bar-le-Duc (Arms use pansies), named in part by German Ducks (same place as Pansys/Pantzers) and in-part by Barrs of BRUNSwick. Duce's have the Brunswick motto Coat in colors reversed, and the Tests we crossed above are also TestaBRUNA's, tending to explain why their giant lion head is in the colors of the Brunswick lions. This is amazing because Testa's came to topic with Leslie-related Case's of Testerton.

Repeat: "OH wow, skinchips are imPLANTed, and Tenants have a "Plena" motto term while Plene's are listed with Plants/Plantagenet." The latter almost have the Brunswick Coat, and the latter is colors reversed from the Bramton/BROMton Coat while Geoffrey Plantagenet was give a sprig-of-BROOM code because Brooms/Brome's use "sprigs of broom". Spriggs were first found in Suffolk with Buckle's, but other than that I don't see a strong connection between the two. Spriggs share leaves with Leafs/Leave's/Leve's who in turn were first found in Norfolk with Bramtons/Bromtons.

Last night, something caused me to check the MalaTESTA's that I've known in the past, and I discovered an heraldic set with them that I planned to go over with you in the morning. The Malatesta's, which means "sick head" and can therefore be a pointer to some vaccine illnesses, were first found in RIMINi with the Maschi's who have the Brunswick lion in half it's colors, and it not only happens to be the lion of Case-connectable Chance's, but both surnames use it alone in their Chiefs so that they share a whole Chief. It just so happens that Case-like Chase's use that passant lion in colors reversed! Therefore, Testerton was probably named by a Malatesta branch.

The Rimini-like Rimmons/Crimmons are said to have been kin of McLeods/Clouds, and I showed how the latter share a Leslie motto term, and how they link to Norfolk elements such as Faust-like Fasts. The Poindexters who love the Fausts/Fists were first found in the Channel Islands, off of Manche, and Masseys lived in Manche. Poindexters share the Belt star. Masseys/Maceys named Ferte-Mace, and while I was told that Bellamys (same place as Meschins) married Massy of Ferte-Mace, the Beams are said to have been a Bellamy branch. I was afraid that the spider would fall from the BEAM and between my GUT and the belt buckle.

Meschins, a Masci / Masci branch, removed to Cheshire with Masseys/Maceys to birth Ranulph de Gernon while Gernons, from Montfichet to go with the Musk-connectable Muschats/MontFITCHets, share the Brunswick Coat. We just saw PANTzer-connectable Brunswicks suspect with the Test/Testabruna/Testaferro surname, and Malatesta's were first found in Rimini with Maschi's who almost have the Brunswick lion. Barrs not only share the Italian Este Coat, but the Aquila Coat while my Masci-line mother was born in Pike-connectable Picenze, seven miles from L'Aquila. English Pike's share the Beam trefoil.

To help with the question on whether God wants a pointer to Belts, Beltings/Beltons happen to share the Hips martlets. A belt is made to sit on the hips. As Miss Peare pointed to the Hips', it's possible that Hips' were first found in Norfolk due to TESterton elements, for Peare liners were on the TESSin river. Tessels/TEASleys (Este eagle in colors reversed) share the English Tassel Coat while the Tassels add a blue eagle HEAD in Crest, the color of the eagle head in the Crest of Nobs, and the latter are excellent for being in Pansy/PANTzer colors. Nobs, first found in Norfolk with Hips', and with Case's of Testerton, share the white patonce with Chase's and Chance's. It's got the cheese-spider that was almost in my pants.

Moreover, Case's use BUCKles while Norfolk is where Bucks were first found who share the Nobel motto! Bingo. It even explains why Testers (Oxfordshire with Peare's) share the Coat of German Bucks.

Nobels, who actually share the Belt besants, not only have the Chase lion, but the fesse of Belgian Tassels and Elon-branch Alans. The latter sentence tends to justify a pointer of the spider-cheese event to Musk's TESLa company. But why? What link can there be between the spider-chase event pointing to graphene versus the spider-cheese event pointing to Tesla? Do the batteries of electric cars energize graphene in the brain / body? That question caused me to discover that battery-like Batters (and Betters) almost have the Coat of French Pots who in turn share the blue eagle in Crest with Tassels and Nobs (I had checked my files minutes ago for who has the blue eagle). The blue wings in the Crest of Chance's/CHAUNCEURs (Essex, same as Patents/PATTENS') are probably eagle wings, tending to explain why Nobs share the white Chance/Chaunceur PATONCE.

Nobels are said to have been under the authority of vaccine-pointable Vaux's. Nobs share the blue eagle in Crest with Paxtons, first found in Berwickshire with Elons, and Pastons were first found in Norfolk with Nobs. This might help to explain why the cheese was still in its PACKage. The spider was in it too. The "Per il" motto phrase of Packets/Pagets (Oxfordshire, same as Perle's/Peare's) must be code for the Perle variation of Peare's. Packets share the Levi lion while Laevi Gauls were co-founders of Pavia on the Tessin river.

The passant lion of Brunswicks and Gernons is used by Benedicts, who moreover share the Test/Testabruna lion head in their Crest, and this was discovered as per "Benedict le beleter" in the Belt write-up. Belts, who share the besant of Bennets (share Benedict motto), share the patee-FITCHee of Love's/Luffs to go with the Muschats/MontFITCHets. Love's/Luffs were kin of Muscats/Musks!!! It's beautiful music again because the BELT BUCKLE pointed to Starlings/Starlincks. Muschats/Montfichets were first found in Essex with Belts, and with the English Este's who almost have the HEAD Coat.

The TestaQUADRA variation of Tests means blockhead or squarehead, and the only difference between the Leslie and Starling/Starlinck Coats are the SQUARE buckles of the latter. The "Tiens FERME" motto of Square's can be linked to the Azzo's of Fermo, founder of the house of Este.

I'm now wondering whether the spider and/or cheese on the beam is a pointer of God to a light-beam / laser-beam weapon system from Starlinck or Starlink-related satellites. There is a Laser/Lesser surname that can be a Leslie branch, for the Less'/LUSS' are also Lesce-like Lesks. The Addisons, whose write-up suggests that they were of the Ades'/Aids and/or Ades', have a bend-with-annulets in the colors and format of the bend-with-buckles of Case's. The Addisons have: "William Adison was rector of LUSS in 1370", tending to confirm that Case's were Leslie kin.

Light beams come in many forms, not necessarily a laser beam; 5G radiation is a light beam, and scientists around the world are becoming louder with their concerns that graphene in the body can be energized and altered for bio-intelligent purposes, by 4G and 5G radiation. I found a video on this topic last night that will be presented below.

The only thing I can say about the Laser/Lesser Coat that strikes me at this time is that it shares the Moray stars while Leslie's were earls of Rothes at Moray. Duc-related Bellys were first found in Moray, and my open pants pointed to kin of Bar-le-Duc. Plus, while German Guts are listed with Goods, English Goods look like they relate to the English Bennet Coat, the one sharing the Belt besant and the Benedict motto. Therefore, the scene with a huge belt band does seem to involve my belly too, but why was I worried about a spider falling down there? The spider is a symbol of graphene, and so perhaps this is a pointer to the deliberate ruin of a male's reproductive system that has been discovered with many vaccinated people.

Bennets use double scaling ladders, and ladders are an heraldic symbol for Lauders, I claim, from Lotharingia, another name of Lorraine province. My girlfriend immediate after Roxanne Bennet was Lorraine. Richeza of Lorraine province was the mother-in-law of Maria of Kiev, and while Trypillians lived at/near Kiev, English Trips use the "scaling ladder" too. German Trips use shoes, and Shoe's share the Belt star. The spider ended up falling to the floor i.e. at my feet, and while Lorraine had a feet symbol for Feets/Fate's, my feet is where my shoes are. As I said, I walked past Lorraine's apartment carrying a 32-foot extension ladder on my shoulder.

The lion of English Bennets is even colors reversed from the Beam lion, and I do recall that "double" is an official term used to describe the Bennet ladders, important because Double's are listed with DuBELLs while Belly-like Bells share the Bellamy fesse. I read that Beam-like Beans were a sept of Mackays along with PHONE's/Fane's/Vans, which tends to explain the vain/Van variation of Beans, and the thing here is that the FENS'/Venns can be pointed to by the electric-FENCE unit that I have screwed to the beam smack where the spider-cheese event took place.

German Trips once showed the boots of French Masseys/Masse's, though neither show them any longer. The boots were obvious code for the Budini at Trypillia. Lorraine's grass stain was at the BUTT of her pants for that reason. Hamons, first found in Kent with Trips, are from Hamo(n) de Masci (Cheshire with English Masseys). The Hamon motto looks like it has Rimini in it, and so lets repeat that while Malatesta's and Maschi's were first found at Rimini, near Fano in the Phone/Fane'/Van motto, Tests can apply who share a gold lion head with Cheese's. The latter not only have a giant lion in the colors of the Maschi lion, but are said to have included an early HAMO Chese of Shropshire, where Bellamys and Meschins were first found.

At about the same time as Hamo Chese, we read of a John Chese of Norfolk, where Testerton sits. Testers, I now see, share the lion of Bellamy-branch Beams! It's likely the lion of Rands (look like Muschat kin), first found in Norfolk, and sharing the lion in both colors that Wikipedia shows in its article for Ranulph le Meschin. In the video below on mysterious vaccine products, I learned that RAND Corporation has been involved in computerizing the human body. Therefore, this paragraph is a good pointer to the control / management of human bodies via 5G beams. Reminder: GEE's share the boar head of Tenants, and my tenant woke me at the very time the spider dream ended. His surname is from the Chance's who share the Maschi Chief, and moreover French Chance's were first found in Savoy with Masseys/Masse's. Meschins are also Machine's.

MALatesta's can be from Malahule of More, ancestor of Meschin rulers of the Bessin. Malatesta's use boy heads, apparently, as does this Masculine Coat. Meschins list Masculine, and so the boys are probably code for Meschin-related Tailboys suspect in forming the Boys/Bie's (Berwickshire, same as Elons) because they share bees with Bessins...and with the Leafs/Leve's (Norfolk with Testerton). The spider-cheese event was where the electric-fence unit is, and I have a feeling that this is God's extra pointer to Elon Musk through his electric car company, TESla, but I'm keeping in mind that this fence was installed earlier this year for my vegetable GARDEN.

Val Trompia is at lake Garda, and Trump looks like he's pressured to continue pushing vaccines as if it as the plan from the start of his presidency to do so, because even though he's losing favor to DeSantis on account of his vaccine boasts, he will not relent. This man is very suspicious.

I killed the spider in the end beside the package of cheese. Deaths, Morts/Motts (Essex, same as Tessels), and Tesla-like Tessels/Teasleys share the same crescent, in colors reversed from the same of Kills/Keele's. How bout that. The Death Crest even has the gold griffin head in the Crest of Essex's who in turn have the three Tessel/Teasley eagles in colors reversed. As Essex's use an embattled chevron, it must be the gold Battle griffin. It could appear that my killing the spider is a picture of God's opposition to Musk and/or Tesla. I think this is a vital part of the dream, because I haven't been able to hammer down whether God is using Musk for some good, or opposing him for the evil he will yet subscribe to.

Electric cars are part of the climate-CHANGE hoax of globalists, and thus part of their futuristic, beast system. Change's (Hampshire with Chase's and Tiss'/Teese's) are very linkable to Cheese-like Chase's. I think I get it. Climate-like Clemets/CLIMERs/Clements remind that I climbed Muschatov's antenna. Clemets/Climers share the besants of Tancred-connectable Wortleys who in turn look like kin of Case's, but they are also the besants of Belts (Essex) who in turn share the formee-fitchee of Musk-connectable Love's/Luffs.

Electric fences give shocks while the Shock surname were first found in Switzerland with Cheese-connectable Graffs/Graffens and Tecks/Tease's/Tesse's. Amazingly, while I killed the spider at my feet, Shooks are listed with Shoe's. I really like the quality of this paragraph. English Shooks/Shake's share the chevron of Boroughs/Burghs (Hampshire again) suspect in the Tancred write-up. Is God telling us that Musk has a malatesta? If the shoe fits.

The floor at my feet and shoes is nothing but 2x6 JOISTS, and Joice's happen to share the giant and double-headed eagle of Spike's who go with spike PROteins while Pierro's/PERO's were first found in Pavia, on the Ticino river, what a teslicidence. Feets share a Pavia Coat, and "proTEIN" suggests the Peare-related Tiens who share the Feet / Pavia martlets. Is this not an amazing paragraph? The Spike's are even Spocks capable of pointing with Dr. Spock of Star Trek to Trump's "warp speed" vaccine program, and Spike-related SPACE's/Speccots point to SpaceX. Trumps Space Force even has a logo like the Star Trek logo, and Musk with Trump both want NASA to go to Mars, what a couple of money-sucking frauds they are. In one Star Trek movie, Dr. Spock killed God, and the latter was portrayed as insane.

The electric-fence unit is connected by a wire to a GROUNDing ROD, and Grounds/Grundys (share Feet / Pavia martlets, surprise!!!) can be easily gleaned as a branch of Rod-line Rhodes' (Yorkshire, same as Wortley and Grounds/Grundys). Rhodes' share the WORTley / Clemet/Climer besants, and WORTH's have another giant, double-headed eagle. The "AMOR PROximi" motto of Scottish Grounds/Crannys looks connectable to Amore's, i.e. first found in Oxfordshire with Peare's and Tiens'. In this paragraph, Musk looks like he's on-board Rhodian globalism.

The Foots are also FOODs, and Fothes'/Fette's are very linkable to ProFETTs/Prophets, first found in Kincardineshire with Trump-connectable PEERtree's. I implore you, start drying good-quality foods today if you have not yet, and learn to do it right to get the best-possible storage. We are going to be ambushed by the beastly system. We cannot depend on a garden for the first year, maybe not even for the second year. Dry foods take little space. Don't, if you can help it, waste money by buying dry foods, for they are expensive and will rob others of foods who cannot afford to store. Make your money go as far as possible in this regard. Stop paying pastors for preaching if they aren't warning you to store. Study the Word on your own, and let them find some other work to do because they will at least have the opportunity for Heavenly rewards if they don't get money for preaching. Desire news productions and preaching from those who do it for zero money.

If you buy dry foods now, then, rather than it sitting in a warehouse, it can be sitting in your home. You will pay more money now and less later. It is not hoarding to buy early. Dry foods last easily a few years without deterioration. You have nothing to lose.

From Worths, one can take it to ShuttleWorths/ShuttleWords, which can be a pointer to graphene-oxide with Keeps. Wortleys have an "Avito" motto term to be compared with the "vita" of Joice's and Saffers (Devon with Billets). The latter two share an "aut" motto term. Lookie: "vita" is a motto term also of Belt-like Bellows/Bellets who, along with Billets, share the cinquefoils of Lumber-branch Lams/Lambs. I was afraid that the spider would FALL into my pants past the belt line, but it FELL to the lumber floor instead, a possible pointer now to the lamb-depicted FALSe PROphet. FAlls'/Falis' have the Feller Coat plus the Pool lion.

Ground WATER (from weeping pipe all around the house) pours into the pool under the joists. Waters share the Muschat Coat. Amazingly, I didn't bother buying ground rods, but used a SQUARE, steel rod that was on-hand, and a piece of copper pipe was used for a second ground rod. Coppers share the demi-leopard of Grounds/Grundys, I kid you not.

As the 2x6 floor joists are above a pool, I chose to use pressure-TREATed lumber, and so the Tweet-like Treats (Yorkshire) may apply because they have TEN of the Rock trefoils, and TEN-bar Tyne's/THENs were from the Tyne river(s) near TWEEDale of the Tweets/Tweedale's. Rocks were first found in Worcestershire with Square's who in turn have the Tyne-like Tiens in their motto. Rock-related Rods (more trefoils) were first found in Devon with Spike-like Spice's and Space's/Speccots. If Grounds/Grundys share the Mosca leopard, the Ground/Grundy and Rhodes lions look like they are in the lion heads of Muscats/Musks. Grounds were likely from the Ceraunii Illyrians, beside the Maezaei.

The boy heads of Maschi-connectable Malatesta's are in the colors of the same head found in the Chief of Tancred-branch Tacks, first found in Cambridgeshire with Muscats/Musks. The Nobels in the Tack motto share the Chase lion, which is the Maschi lion in colors reversed. Maschi's were first found in Rimini with MalaTESTa's. Tessels/Teasels were not only first found in Essex with Muschats, but probably have the Este eagle in colors reversed, which puts the Tessel eagles into the colors of Rimini-like Rimmons/Crimmons ("PERmitte"), who in turn share the Cheese lion on their chevron, and share the red Tester lion in their Crest. The cheese was at my electric-fence impulse unit.

The Tack motto term, "NobiliTAS" must be party for the Tass'/Tache's in the "Sans tache" motto of PEERless'/Napiers who in turn have the Teck/Tease/Tess saltire in colors reversed. That's a good argument for seeing Test liners from the Ticino river, but we now need to repeat that Techs/Tease's/Tess' were first found in Switzerland with the Ticino canton, and with the Graffs/Graffens who share the Rimmon/Crimmon / Cheese lion! The electric-fence impulse unit thus looks like a pointer to 5G pulses that activate the graphene spiders / webs in our bodies. Graphene is black, and this spider at the cheese was jet black.

Rimmons/Crimmons, said to have been in the circle of McLeods/Clouds/LUTTs, share the Lutt/Lute lion, though the latter also have the lion of Louvains/Lovains (Kent same as Masons/Masons and Rimmon-connectable Hamons), which can explain why Testers were first found in Oxfordshire with Testers and Love's/Luffs. The latter not only share the lion heads of their Musk kin, but they are in the colors of the giant Tester lion. Love's/luffs and Musks (both have red lion heads) were both said to be first found in Suffolk, where Clare's and Tass'/Tache's (share Clare chevron) were first found, and Taskers/Tasks (red lions) were first found in Essex with Muschats (share triple-red chevrons with Clare's).

I think I can now glean that Tass'/Tache's can point to a taser gun because it operates on high voltage pulses, same as my electric-fence unit. The latter puts out about 8,000 volts, and it hurts a lot when I touch the fence with bare skin, even though the impulse is over a small fraction of a second. A police taser has much higher voltage, and can be longer pain than a second, which makes me think that governments are cruel to use tasers to tame people who are not making much of a stink. People often have the right to make a stink, but there are many police officers with Malatesta's who love tasing people just to see them writhe. End-time governments are not disposed to our rights, and while Musk acts like he's for our rights, let's just hold off a little to see what he actually does, who he really favors.

Tass' share the red scallop with Tancreds, and Tacks said to have been Tancreds and Tankerville's (Lincolnshire, same as Tailboys). I don't dispute that link, and from Tacks I can take things to the Teck variation of Ticino-line Tease's/Tess', possible pointers to Tesla. Tease's/Tiss' were first found in Switzerland with Graffs/Graffens who in turn share the giant CHEESE lion, and the Kepke spider CHASE pointed to graphene with the Graffens. Pierro's/Pero's were first found on the Ticino river, and Peare's were first found in Oxfordshire with TESters, begging whether Tests, Malatesta's, and Testerton were from Ticino liners, as per the Tessin version of "Ticino."

In this Tesla-connectable picture, Case's are linkable to Starlincks via Buckle-loving Leslie's, and my belt buckle is assumed to have been in the spider-cheese dream. The famous scientific researcher, Nikola Tesla, worked in radio waves, seeking to devise the best-possible antennas. And he also sought the destructive properties of sound waves. Musk may be hoping to be a modern-day Nikola Tesla.

Tiss/Teese's share the Tancred and Shirt/Shard chevron, and the latter have a "HosTIS" motto term. The term can be read also as HOSTis or HOStis, and Hosts (Somerset, same as Bulls/Bule's) share bull heads (different colors) with Oss' (latter could use the "ox") in English House colors. These House's were first found in OXfordshire with Testers. Testerton is where Case's and Fountains were first found while "fountains" are used by Cass'/Cash's, first found in Cambridgeshire with Tacks and Musks. Tancreds are colors reversed from Tosts/Tosti's (Yorkshire, same as Tancreds, Teague-branch Ticks/Tucks, and a TEES river), and the Tufts/Tuffs'/TOFTs come up as Toste's as if Tofts had once been Tosts. It can mean that Tufts/Tuffs and their Touch/Tuff branch were Ticino liners. As Teague's/Caige's can be related to Cage's (Cambridgeshire), note the Tigh variation of Tease's/Thys'/TEES' (share Tancred and Shirt/Shard chevron), and moreover Tigers were first found in Suffolk with Tass'/Tache's. Ades-like Ades', in Tancred colors and format, almost have the Tuft/Toft/Toste Coat.

While "Testa" means "head," the Heads/Heeds were a branch of Hades'/Hats, and I'm sure the latter use wreaths, the symbol of the neighboring Boroughs/Burghs, first found in Hampshire with Tiss'/Teece's. It can explain the Tancreds of BOROUGHbridge. Tancreds are said to have been at Wortley too, and Wortleys look like kin of ADDisons while Ades' are in Tancred colors and format. This works with Ada of WARENNE because WORTleys suggest the Wards sharing the checkered Shield of Warrens. The Addison Coat looks a little related to the Hades/Hat Coat, and while Heads/Heeds were first found in Norfolk with their Hayden branch who in turn have the bull of Beautys (Dorset, same as Hades'/Hats), I think that Sleeping Beauty, when fulfilled by Ainsley Earhardt, mother of Hayden, points to vaccine-induced AIDS, for this Sleeping Beauty always points to poison vaccines.

Hayden's father is Will Proctor, and I've mentioned a few times recently that Proctors share one Bird/Burd Crest while the other Birds/Burds share the Ainsley fleur-de-lys. The Proctor / Bird/Burd Crest happens to be the martlet of Wortleys, first found in Yorkshire with Weddings who in turn share the Bird/Burd / Proctor Crest. The initial Sleeping Beauty was fulfilled by Miss Hicks, and Hicks' (Yorkshire too) almost have the Wedding Coat. Weddings are in the colors and format of Keppochs (Yorkshire) so as to point with Mr. Kepke to graphene-oxide poisoning.

[Hahaha Insert -- After fixing "Tosti" above to "Toste," I went to open my doors for fresh air, and out the front I saw that it was raining on a beautiful sunny sky. Curious, I went out to see where this rain was coming from, but there was no rain cloud that could explain it. Normally, rain clouds are darkish on their bottoms. After a couple of minutes, as the rain turned to a rain-snow mix, little cloud came sailing directly over the property. This cloud was isolated from any other clouds. The sky was almost all-blue all over but for this one cloud about three-hours of sun travel long, and two hours wide. It was the thing spitting this rain-snow mix, which continued to come down after the cloud had passed a little to the east of the property.

Whenever rare things happen, I always check heraldry for a possible Message. And so I asked God what he might be trying to say with it. About five minutes later, I was in the garage, and having to pee, I went outside in the back yard, and there while urinating, I saw the SNOW shovel laying on the ground about ten feet away, having left it there a day or two earlier.

Then I realized what this event was about, TANAGRa, where I trace "TANKERville." As you can see, this event happened when I was visiting the paragraph above with Tankerville-branch Tancreds. Tanagra was home to the father of mythical ORION with an ancient URINE symbol, as did mythical URANus, the sky god. It's clear that Uranus got his urine symbol from rainfall! The myth writers played rain as Uranus' urine, and so that's why it was raining today. Plus, I trace the Levite Sadducees to Boeotia, where Tanagra is found, which can explain the LEAVES I was removing from the back patio with the snow shovel.

I've just checked Snows, but Snowdons are more interesting because they not only share the triple Tancred scallops (!), but have the Peacocks (Essex, same as Snowdons and RAINs) in their Crest as do Shirts/Shards!!! Snowdons named Snowdon, in West Yorkshire with Tancreds of Wortley. Almost forgot: Peacocks come up as PEES'!!!! Shirts/Shards of HARborough relations can be gleaned as peacock-using HARcourts, but as Tancreds were at BOROUGHbridge, read it also as "HarBOROUGH." Peacocks/Pees' closely share the besants of Wortleys, we can now assume.

Plus, when urinating, I was standing on a rock above a three-foot pipe that takes rain water from a downpipe from the garage roof. This is my outdoor "toilet" when I don't care to go to the bathroom at the far end of the house. The rain from the roof cleans out the urine in the ground, spreading it out down the hill so that it never smells at this spot.

The roots of the PINE tree right beside this outdoor pee spot loves my urine, which reminds that I discovered the urine symbols of Uranus and Orion after telling readers that, at age 5, I accidentally peed on the HEAD of PINO. MalaTESTa's share the boy of Tancred-branch Tacks, the latter first found in Cambridgeshire with ANNAS', Wiggens and Proctors, and the latter in turn share the Wortley martlet!!! Hayden Proctor points to Haydens, first found in Norfolk with HEADs.

It seems that God's message is clear: AINsleys, first found in Nottinghamshire, where ANNAS' were once said to be first found, were from the Sadducee, the chief priest of Israel, Annas, likely from the house of BOETHus, which traces to Boeotia, location of Tanagra at SCHIMatari, explaining the SCIMitar of Ainsleys. You can't make this stuff up. Annas sentenced Jesus to death, proof that Jesus is the Son of God, if you have the wisdom to see it. That is, if this heraldic set was arranged by God, to point to the killers of Jesus, then God is announcing to you that Jesus lives as whom he said he was, God in a mortal body, your savior if you care to adopt Him as your savior. Ainsley Earhardt did, and may she not corrupt her relationship with Him for doing the will of that snake, Fox news.

Annas was also called, ANANus, and I've shown how Adams of ANNANdale are in the colors and format of Ainsleys while using the stars of Salome's, suspect from Salome Boethus, wife of a king Herod. I trace the ANTELope, used by Snows, to ANTALya, right beside the Herod-liner, Plancia Magna. "Magna" is a motto term of English Walkers (Yorkshire, same as Ticks and ANNE's/Hanne's of TICKhill (near Nottinghamshire), and Plancia's father was from Galatia, as was Julia Tyche of the royal Galatians. English Walkers share the ANNulets of annulets of Addisons who in turn have three annulets on a bend in the colors of the similar, three besants on a bend of Wortleys.

Tickhills have the Coat of Tonys (Leicestershire) in colors reversed, and Toeni's of Leicester were from Les ANDELys to go with the Snow ANTELope. Toeni's descended from MALahule, suspect with Malatesta's.

I started this insert because the little cloud started to pee down a rain-snow mix after I fixed the spelling of "Tosti." There is a Tosti surname listed with Testa-like Tosts, and they are in Shovel colors and format to go with the snow shovel. Shovels, first found in Herod-like Hertfordshire, share the fleur-de-lys on the sleeve in the Tickhill Crest. The following from the Shovel write-up is incredible, and I almost missed it because I didn't load Shovels until now: "'The mansion-house was the residence of Sir CLOUDesley Shovel, to whom it came by marriage with the widow of Sir John HARBOUROUGH,..." The cloud was peeing down as a pointer to Tancreds, kin of Shirts/Shards who became the earl of Harborough. Shovels are in the format of, and colors reversed from, Tancreds / Shirts/Shards.

Harborough's were likely of the Harburgs who use bells and a chevron shared by Bailey-branch Bellys. It just so happens that Baileys are said to be from "Bailleul-En-VIMeu which is about six miles south of ABBEYville..." Incredible, for Orions/Irons were first found in AiRAINES, near ABBEYville too, and it's a term related to ARRAN, where MacABBE's were first found!!! Baileys share two motto terms with Raines-connectable Newmans/Numans, and the "amor" motto term of Newmans/Numans can be for the Amori's (share Annas / Wiggen star) of Shirt-connectable Sardinia. Amore's and Damorys/Amori's were first found in Oxfordshire with Harborough-connectable Harcourts.

Abbeys almost have the Coat of Abbs'/Epps, the latter first found in Middlesex with Peacock-beloved Fears. The Fier branch of Fears are in the motto of Rain-connectable Rams (Essex, same as Rains/RAINES' and Peacocks/Pees). Abbeys and Abbs'/Epps share the scallops of Scale's, first found in Hertfordshire with same-colored Shovels.

Bailleul-En-VIMeu suggests the Vim variation of Beans/Bene's expected with the "bene" motto term of Baileys. Beams are said to have been Bell-branch BELLamys, perfect. Vims/Beans have the Touch's/Tuffs in their write-up, first found in Cheshire with Tufts/Tuffs'/Toste's, believe it or not. Compare the Thwait variation of Twitts (almost have the Taff Coat) with the Taft variation of Tufts because Vims/Beans use a "bot" motto term that can point to Twitter's "bots."

Baileys, Baliols, and now Tufts/Tuffs/Toste's too, were first found in Northumberland with Tony-connectable Tunnels in the Coat of spider-like Spitzers. The spider was on my beam. The French Bots/Bauds almost have the Kepke/Kopke Coat, and my climbing Muschatov's antenna ended with her statement that her brother came to her window with a rifle. Riffle's almost have the Kepke/Kopke Coat.

It appears that God also arranged the heraldry to go with the little cloud in the SKY peeing on my head today, because the motto of SKYE's McLeods/Clouds loves the Fasts/FasTOFFs/FasTOLFE's whose crosslets are those of Tufts/Tuffs/Toste's in colors reversed. The FalsTAFF branch may reveal descent from ancient Taphians of Calydon, which was itself related to neighboring PISA (home of mythical DAPHne), and then while piss-like Pisidians at ANTALYa theater named Pisa, Staffs/Staffords, feasibly in the FalSTAFF variation, are said to have been Toeni's i.e. from Les ANDELYs.

As Pisidia-like Poseidon was made a grandson of Uranus, I'm thinking that they were a proto-Anglo, proto-Iranians who played on Uranus' urine symbol with "piss" to name Pisidia. Mythical Daphne can be traced to Daphne of Phoenicia, where Poseidon was king, and while the mythical Ladon dragon was made one of her fathers, the mythical Lotan dragon may have named the bloodline that became the Fast-related Lutts/Lute's. Little-branch Liddle's look related to the Fast bend. End hahaha insert on yet another miraculous Saturday.]

Tancreds are in Shirt/SHARD colors, and Tancreds can be traced to SARDinia with this: "The surname Tancred was first found in Yorkshire where they held a family seat as Lords of the manor of BOROUGHbridge in that shire. They were descended from Tancred, son of the Good Marqis, who governed the principality of ANTIOCH as Guardian of the Emperor Bohemond II." Sardinia has a Sant'Antioco area at SULCIS, and king SELEUCUS' son, Antiochus, named Antioch above.

The Tancreds birthed Roger Guiscard: "Under Roger's rule, Sicily conquered DURAZzo (Dyrrhachium) in present-day Albania from Greek rebels, and took control of Sardinia and Tunisia [human-sacrifice center] from other rebels. Roger married...his son Simon to Princess Anna KOMNenos to form an alliance with the Byzantine Empire." COMYNs, first found in Norfolk with Case's and DRYs/DRYS' (!), named KUMAN near DYRRhachium (left side of this light map), suggesting that the Komnenos bloodline named Kuman. The Case's in this picture look like they were from King Cassander, for his father, Antipater, probably named AntiPATRia, on the Apsus river through Fier county, and Kuman is in Fier county. This explains the drops used by PATTERsons/Cassane's, for Drops/Trope's were first found in Norfolk with Comyns. English Cassane's are also Cassandra's, and Italian Casano's/Cassandra's are in Dry/Drys colors.

After writing the above, I had some work to do, and then there was news at dinner, which found the Polly video below. After she spends 17 minutes providing data that you can use to fight anyone who tries to force-vaccinate you, she gets to avid sperm donors who apparently want to re-populate the world with their own bloodlines while de-populating you and me. We can easily imagine Rothschilds and Rockefellers engaging such a diabolical program.

After Polly suggests that a Kirk Maxey (400 children and counting) could be tied to the same-type re-population program engaged by Jeffrey Epstein, I took the Maxey surname to heraldic task, finding that it almost has the Check/Chick Coat (Oxfordshire, same as Love's/Luffs), which shares the formee-FITCHee in the Love/Luff Crest. The latter Coat is related to the Muscat/MUSK Coat, you see, so that Musk might actually be a part of such a program. And the Muschats/MontFITCHets share the Epstein Coat.

That's not all. The Maxey surname, which can be from Numidian Amazons (Amazighen, also called MAXYES', lived near SARDinia), is in Shirt/SHARD (and Tancred) colors and format, and I claim that my Sleeping Beauty dream, where I was shirtless, was on Jeffrey Epstein's Island. Maxeys were first found in Northamptonshire while Shirt-connectable Tiss/Teese's were first found in Southampton (or Hampshire).

The most-amazing thing is this partt of the Maxey write-up: "The first record of the family was found here in the original Latin form, Suein de MAKESIa in the Pipe Rolls of 1185. The next record of the family was found over one hundred years later in Cornwall when Nicholas de MAKESEYE was mentioned in 1297." The Mackesy/Margeson surname is the one with a "LOYALite" motto term that I claim points to Epstein's "Lolita Express" plane. The Lolita's are listed with Loyola's, you see, but I have never emphasized the Maxey surname, probably haven't loaded it for more than the past decade. The Mackesys/Margesons were first found in Sussex with Deans/DIANE's, who not only share the Maxey crescents, but point to Diane MUSCHATov!!! ZIKERS, lookie there. She pointed to Elon Musk (in several recent updates). Diane's parents had her husband all chosen for her when I was dating her. Was that sperm control?

I'm wondering whether DIANA Muschatov is a pointer to "DNA," for Musk may want to change in-body DNA using a trick from the reported mRNA spike proteins in vaccines. A video below where I mention glowing Pfizer vaccines has talk (shortly after 1hr:40min) on mRNA CHANGING to DNA permanently in the eggs of a woman. The key word there is "changing." Stanleys, first found in the same place as Musks, and in Starlinck colors and format, have the Change's/Changers in their motto. Change's/Changers were first found in Hampshire with MARINA-like Marins for a potential pointer to "mRNA." One Marina Coat looks related to Clements/CLIMERs, and I climbed Diana's antenna. It begs whether DNA formation can be accomplished by remote control through cell-phone towers.

The Elons, first found beside the MAXwells of ROXburghshire, use a sperm-like "sperno" motto term, and Alans of Dol were at Renfrewshire with Speers/SPEYers, and branch of Spree's/Sprays, both of who share the Maxey crescents. German Rothes' share the raven with Margys/Mackeys, and Rothes is on the SPEY river. The Margys/Mackeys can trace to Jeffrey Epstein on account of the ravens HANGING BY THE NECK, but also by similarity to the Mackesy/Margeson surname. Roxburghs were from Rock liners, kin of RODs who in turn share a blank, gold Chief with Mackesys/Margesons and French Mellans, which brings to mind the Maximilian surname. Mellansons ("bundle of RODs") and Millens/Milans suggest descent from VISconti's of Milan, who not only had a Visconti branch on Sardinia, but Ottone-and-Chappes heraldry suggests that GUIScards provided VISconti liners.

French Chappes' (look related to Ottone Coat for connection to Ottone Visconti of Milan) were first found in Ile-de-France with Mellans, and Scottish Chappes' were first found in Stirlingshire with Guiscard/WISharts.

Here's a video discussing Musk's Twitter ambitions, maneuvering, and possible hidden motives. It features David Hawking, the one openly claiming that trudeau is a child-porn trafficker. During the 11th minute of this video, Hawkins says that Musk has transferred from Tesla to Twitter a man by the name of Jake NOCon, which recalls my claim that my climbing Muschatov's TV antenna, and knocking on her window, is a definite pointer to Nochs/Noke's because they share the red leopard head with antenna-like Antons.

Hawkins offers the theory that Musk may want free-speech on Twitter in order to spy on those whom Twitter eradicated from its platform. Perhaps. But I learned this week that Musk had a falling out with climate activists when they gave Tesla a low climate score. I don't know how bad this rift became, whether it's been sewn up, or whether it involved Schwab. I imagine the rift only widening as he moves Twitter away from political-motivated censorship. Possibly, a motive for his purchase of Twitter is to shore up Tesla's reputation because he obviously wants to obliterate gasoline cars. Green energy has been taking a big hit in the last year or two as people reveal how it uses fossil fuels to charge car batteries, and the nightmare it would be to line up for "gas" at one of the few "gas stations," waiting up to a half-day to get filled. He therefore needed to conceive of a way(s) to fight back, and maybe he decided that owning a large public-speak platform might do the trick.

If he can make money on Twitter, plus increase electric cars sales using Twitter, then that looks like a motive for his Twitter purchase that he would want to mask with a fake purpose. If correct, then the fake purpose appears to be fair speech. It can explain why he dashed the hopes of pro-Trumpers the minute he took control of Twitter i.e. he was never sincere about that motive. Musk is a fool. Not even the climate activists want an electric car. And it's not a clean car at all. It's a horror story. Musk bought into a horror story, and if he bought Twitter to save the horror story, he's an even bigger fool. The only people who push electric cars as good things are the fools. Musk wanted to be the hero of the fools when it was popular to be an electric-car fool. Musk is going to be left holding the bag while everyone else flees.

Here's Polly's video where she has a reasonable claim that the SM-102 product in Moderna vaccines is a toxin, followed by a short bit on Kirk Maxey:

I'm sharing the video below especially for what you see after the 4:00 minute point, because I'm guessing that this is caused by graphene-oxide in vaccines. I've seen all heads turn to the right, but not to the left:

The video below promises to be most-excellent for anyone needing the reason for refusing vaccination, providing the stuff to take anyone to court who tries to force you. The main material starts at the 3rd minute, and then, at about the 5-minute mark, the speaker says that the strange objects in vaccinated people and vaccine vials together are showing up in non-vaccinated people. I'd like to suggest that what he means is people not having taken a COVID vaccines, in which case they may have received the foreign objects from previous flu vaccines of pre-2020 years, if these objects can remain in the body that long. Otherwise, the implication is that the COVID-unvaccinated are being infected by the objects from their food or drink, or perhaps by shedding through kissing on the mouth.

At about 22 minutes, the speaker talks about a "submarine" shape moving across the liquid of a vaccine, and then says that such objects lit up "and stayed lit up" for up to five days when energized by a cell phone(s). This is what needs to be tested: all of the foreign matter needs to be energized with light waves of different types, but especially from the frequencies common to cell phones. The objects lit up in Australia, the COVID-iron-fist capital of the world. Perhaps the globalists wanted to test these objects in an operating society so badly that they were willing to ruin Australian politicians to get the job done.

Don't miss the 34-35th minute to see a square shape forming from a round piece of matter when it's radiated with 4G frequency. It's the claim also of La Quinta Columna.

At the 48th minute, the woman tells that the vials may show no objects when newly opened, but that time causes the microscopic material within to form large structures. This can explain the freezing of the vaccines, to keep them from forming large objects in storage in case someone pops open a vial to look at it under the scope. It may even be predictable that people spending more time on cell phones or wi-fi fed computers will risk larger object formation in their bodies. Don't use wi-fi in your home. Plug your internet into the computers with wires. Your hub is probably designed to feed four computers with four ethernet wires. Run the wires through the attic or basement, or under baseboards.

At the 54th minute, we learn that satanic NASA is at the root of "transhumanism." NASA is satanic, no exaggeration, no mere cheap-shot. And I have a question as to whether Musk has been working on this human-machine nano-technology with NASA, because it sure looks like the two are meshed. And if the two are secretly meshed, all-the-more reason to know their common goals. At about 56:00 minutes, the speaker mentions the involvement of RAND Corporation with "the Internet of Bodies", defined by me as: "controlling the body by controlling the brain." The Rand surname happens to have the triple Muschat chevrons in colors reversed, which could be God's hit on Musk.

If you want to use the slight-blue glow of vaccines as your defence in court, you can see it from a whistle-blower shortly after 50 minutes here:

At 59:00 of the video above, the SM-102 vaccine product treated by Polly's video is said to be usable with a glowing agent. Glowing agents have some medical uses in the body, but when the vaccine companies don't say they use it in vaccines, yet vaccines glow, there's a red flag. A glow of light is radiation, and radiation energizes graphene. I'm wondering whether vaccine companies have taken it upon themselves to re-label graphene as "spike proteins" in order to hide their use of graphene.


Alaska Prepper has another warning sign from farm-grown foods in America. The globalists seem to be egging us onward toward starting a hot war with them:

Alaska Prepper says that exports of American crops have decreased to the point that imports exceed exports. How many plots contribute to the failure of American farmers, and how can the people put a stop to it? The only silver lining is that Democrats will suffer with high food prices more that Republicans because Democrats tend to fool the poor into voting for their communism. The higher the food prices, as we have just learned, the more Democrats vote Republican. So, in a way, the higher food prices can be a net-good thing if Republicans take the House on account of them.

How will Democrat voters take forced-upon-us lab-made meat? It might become a bonanza for Republicans. This might even be an election issue for 2024.

I haven't had the stomach to listen to the canadian hearing on trudeau's emergency act because everytime a canadian-liberal agent speaks, it's cooked-up puke in my face. This short clip from a trucker representative might capture your attention:

the The official leader of the Rothschild family passed away this week, and the heir is the oldest son, David. He's a little vocal, more toward the modern generation. My guess is that the elder Rothschild pushed globalism wildly over the past decade or two because he wanted to see a global government before passing away. Hopefully, with him gone, the push will soften.

The Republicans are *(or were) poised to take the House, in which case they get to cancel the laundering agendas that Bidenite parasites begin and usually succeed in. I'm hearing that Republicans are poised to take the House by about five seats thanks to surprises in New York and California. This exposes that Republicans would have won by 50 seats had there not been fraud almost everywhere. My take is that Republicans did well in New York and California because the fraudsters didn't bother reinforcing fraud in those two states, thinking they shouldn't need to. And where there was no possibility of run-away fraud, such as in Florida, Republicans won decisively.

News this week includes the revelation that election-house cameras went out for eight hours starting at about 11:30 pm election night, in Nevada, meaning it's a certainty that fraud was taking place, a federal crime of a high order, and nobody's afraid to commit this under the gangster regime. In the 2020 election Nevada and Arizona were two of the states which failed to count all the ballots by the expected times, and the full count was dragged on for days, for as long as it was necessary to give the gangsters the win by adding counterfeit ballots and trashing Trump-voted ballots.

By Friday night, the Republican, Joe Lombardo, was declared the new governor of Nevada. That could produce some key benefits, though fraud there placed Democrats in charge of the U.S. senate again at some point over the weekend. In the scoring, Republicans have been stuck at 211 House seats for a long time, once holding roughly a 20-seat lead while having secured 211. But by Sunday night, the score was 211-204. You can clearly see election fraud giving the seats to Democrats one at a time.

Here's yet another head-turn to the right followed by a seizure, and this time it surely caused a road accident. This mystery is new and going on all over the world far more than reported because 99 out of 100 cases are not going to take place on camera:

After watching the first 13 minutes of this video, on the Trump war against DeSantis, I decided it was right to offer it to you because it's down the topic of the last update on which of the two might become the next president:

Every Trump supporter needs to understand that the COVID >>> vaccine program was the seal on Pandora's box, a holy thing to globalism, the reciprocal of the Seven Seals of Revelation. The latter is the wrath of God on our enemies, and the seal on Pandora's box opens the calamitous way to satan's wrath aimed at us. Trump is the one who removed the seal to the box, and thus acted as a facilitator to a wicked globalism now trying to envelope us all like the mouth of a dragon. DeSantis doesn't want that. He, or at least his words, has the moral ground that many Trump supporters cherish. While Trump was betraying his voters in the biggest-possible ways, DeSantis "filled the void," as AnoMaly says above.

I apologize if you don't appreciate AnoMaly's choice of language after the 13th minute. I don't like Christians using sewer language on a regular basis, which is why I stopped watching Bongino. AnoMaly repeats himself about five times too much, but he makes up for it because I like the way he pounces all over Trump, and then pounds on him too, on his inexcusable failures.

Here's another AnoMaly video where Candace Owens frowns on Trump, though I think she needs to break with him totally. I suggest the first 15 minutes is sufficient, unless you want to listen to some low-speak again. I think Candace needs to look into the mirror asking, "what in tarnation have I been doing supporting this criminal killer?" Trump talks just like a vaccine pusher, saying that it saves lives. He's exposed himself as a committed fraud and killer, you had best distance yourself from him unless you want share in the punishment from God that is allotted to vaccine-pusher frauds and killers.

It is more than rude for Trump to attempt to take the wind out of DeSantis' wings, and to simultaneously spoil his party, just because DeSantis threatens his bid for the White House. But that's not all. His public words spewed against DeSantis this week include a couched claim that DeSantis' big win is to his (Trump's) credit. That's how big of an ego-balloon Trump is. But one little pin prick makes him blow up bigly.

I didn't plan to get Ron DeSantis into the last update. I was trying to serve evidence that Kari Lake might become Trump's vice-president when DeSantis worked into the heraldic sets (involving Mamie) in such a way that naturally begs whether she might instead become his vice-president. I think it was the day before the election when I noted the similarity between "Mamie" and "Miami," and lo and behold, DeSantis pulled off a miracle, it seems, by winning Miami-Dade, a liberal bastion. And by "miracle" I think I do mean by the hand of God, perhaps with the purpose of tripping Trump up more than he's already been tripped.

However, I should refrain from suggesting that God is behind DeSantis' for president, because I don't know that. I can, however, imagine that God rewarded DeSantis this week for speaking out and acting against evil in his jurisdiction. God always repays, and He's impressed when people go out of their way to perform goods works. If DeSantis does evil by consistently (without repentance) supporting military misadventures in the Middle East, then God will repay him still, what he deserves. If Kari Lake continues to support Trump the killer-by-vaccines, as if it's a non-issue for her, then she will suffer too. It is not necessary to support Trump to garner his voters. It is necessary only to go beyond the poor job that Trump did against the evil in his country, and that's why Ms. Lake is on top of her state at this time. That's why DeSantis won big. Trump didn't tackle election fraud, never gave Christians their school-choice, two of the most-important matters.

Trump made a big mistake with "MAGA" because it failed to get God on his side. Trump was bound to fail by his own mouth's fault, and I still think that God, probably, handed him a stinging defeat by election fraud. By the looks of things, DeSantis could very well call his movement, MAMA. Make America Moral Again. God could get involved with that kind of movement. DeSantis gives me the impression that he cares for the people, and he's a lot closer to being the people than Trump is. Trump despises his own base, trust me. But DeSantis is either a little or a lot like a war hawk.

Fact: Trump tells the voters what they want to hear in order to secure their votes.

Fact: Trump's base does not want vaccinations.

Fact: Trump will not tell his base what they need to hear on vaccination.

Good Theory Therefore: Trump has some secret stake in vaccines that means more to him than fully securing his voters.

Question: How bad, in our eyes, is his stake in vaccines?

It is an abomination for the Christian to send their children to public schools. I made the mistake of urging a son to attend college, with the hope that he would "use" the system to get a better job than I had. But he attended university for four years. He came out to be an atheist. He thinks the scholars are correct in their assessment on whether or not God exists. He's been ruined, and I haven't been able to change his mind. He's become a typical, liberal thinker, and takes the mask-goon side, opposed the trucker convoy as a plot by terrorists, and so you can see why it would have been far better had he become an uneducated, or self-educated, Christian rather than a university product. School choice for Christians for the earliest years of school is a must that the anti-Christs continue to deny us.

A few seconds before the eight-minute mark of the video below, there is a claim shown from a court case revealing the AstraZeneca vaccines contain graphene. Shortly before that point, there is a "ball" made of carbon, i.e. expected to be graphene, with legs growing out of it, which sounds like fat, black spider.

Here's trudeau caught in a hypocritical ad for vaccinations:

Want to see a stooge in action of the globalist deep state:

As you can see with your own eyes, the clown above is none other than the big-boy stooge of the United Nations. He's telling the world what he knows to be untrue because he's been commissioned to tell the world, and because the globalist deep state wants to punish people who say, "the earth's temperature cannot be rising if sea levels are not rising, case closed."

In the video below, you will see proof that international bankers have been plotting for a long time to become the kings of society, but the only way for them to do so is to abuse our money to force us to conform to their will, and doesn't this ring of the mark of the beast?

Who do the bankers think they are to dictate that farmers can no longer use too much fossil fuels or have too many cows? WHO DO THEY THINK THEY ARE, these unelected, invisible goons? They operate in the dark because they conduct dark deeds. This is Schwabism, corporations who've ganged up together, as gangsters, to devise plots that allow them to rule above the authority of elected politicians. This is the very definition of a fascist shadow government. If they speak out on their own behalf to lie to the public, they will be hated, and so they hire liaisons to do the talking. The latter claim like clown acts, because they are getting paid handsomely, that "climate change" requires an emergency revamping of how the world operates. Ya, sure-sure. And so the invisibles stay in the dark rather than speak on their own behalf, lest they be hated wherever they go.

The good guys, some say, need to create their own, parallel, industrial world, with their own banks and all sorts of companies which remain normal and disconnected from the conspiratorial globalist industries. But I don't think it's going to happen. The best thing that can happen is for the goons to talk and talk and talk about what they are going to do, because there will be a big sucking sound from people vanishing from their presence. The more the goons come out of the shadows to open their mouths, the more people hate them, ask trudeau about that.

I'm writing this Monday night, 24 hours before globalists have many U.S. election results. If their puppets lose across the board, they will learn a hard lesson, that their destructive policies, instead of helping them gain control of the masses, instead obliterate their powers by cancelling their political stooges. Back to the drawing board, and the big beast they need to stop, then start up again, is slow in moving, especially in a different direction. Americans will have some time to store foods if Democrats get canceled tomorrow. The globalists may even relent with their food and fuel shortages, and other societal upheavals.

On this Monday, Musk has publicized his will that Americans should vote Republican, but HYPOCRITE, too-little too-late, for if he really wanted Republicans to win, he would have allowed them all back to twitter months ago. Instead, he procrastinated in purchasing the company until the virtual eve of the election, then announced that Republicans can't get back on the platform until after the election. He said a "few weeks" after the election because he didn't want to give appearances that he wanted Republicans silent until the election only.

In the last update, I went out on a long limb showing how a couple of back-to-back events in my youth, with Mamie, pointed to Kari Lake becoming the next vice-president. I must be nuts. The discussion started with Miss lake becoming Trump's running mate, but as the flow of heraldic links continued, it turned to DeSantis instead, and there seemed to be a better pointer at Lake's becoming DeSantis' running mate. The big problem was that the heraldic pointer to "VICE-president" involved the Vice surname that was arrived to by Mamie sitting on my knees and lap in a pointer to the acorns of Dutch Tromps. There was no inclusion of the Vice surname from any heraldry having to do with the DeSantis bloodline.

At one point (last update), I noted the similarity of "Miami" and "Mamie." Then, on Tucker Carlson's Monday night show, he had both DeSantis and Lake on, and the topic with DeSantis is that he looks poised to win Miami-Dade county in what looks miraculous:

How do we explain that Rick Wiles, on TruNews' Tuesday show, said that Nancy Pelosi of California paid for storm shutters on the windows of his church in Florida? The two have opposing world views? Something is wrong here. If the devil offers to put shutters on your windows, would you accept the gift? Yet Wiles just thanked Nancy in his video.

Why is Rick Wiles offering a Fauci doll holding a needle for a Christmas gift for his Christian audience? Is this man a compromiser in certain ways? Looks like. A God-preaching man who compromises too much can become a walking tomb, a door to death, a cult leader...because God keeps away from such a man so that his ministry is powered by "flesh." Yet Wiles claims that God is with him, but then so would any church leader. I am frowning more than ever on this man.

Every time he advertises the Fauci-elf doll, he says that it was "inspired by Ron DeSantis," making it appear that selling the doll was DeSantis' idea. It was not Ron's idea to sell the doll; he merely called Fauci an elf. The doll was created by TruNews. Making fun of a man, with a doll, who's responsible for many murders and illnesses is not a Holy choice, but a compromise with the flesh. He's selling it that he might pay his bills, and Jesus does not approve of this, a no-brainer.

Here's a little on the Rothschild purchase of Jerusalem (after 10 minutes), but God owns it, does He not:

Here's the truth. Obama destroyed the Democrat party.

Here's the truth: Obama lovers ganged up with Obama and destroyed the Democrat party.

Here's the truth: the immoral shot for the sky but destroyed the Democrat party.

If not for election cheating up-and-down the two American sea coasts, an election would expose that the Democrat party today is both a fringe party and a piece of trash supported by the trashiest of the trash, including catholics who place their trust in an anti-Christ government. How can anyone become a trashier piece of trash than to hold the "church" in one hand while voting for the party of the anti-Christs? This is called a schizophrenic too mentally disabled by hallucinatory propaganda to see what the real world looks like.

Whites like myself would love to embrace Blacks if only they didn't vote for Democrats. Mindless and heartless destroyers would represent and lead them. Beware Black people who vote liberal, don't turn your back in their presence. Blacks conduct most of the crimes because they have taught one another a heartless attitude toward those who obey the laws and frame a normal society. They have degraded communities they infest because even the non-violent liberal Blacks are dishonest. Chronic dishonesty is a symptom, a sign, of deeper wickedness. From what I've seen in the reports, most election-cheating whore houses seem to be facilitated by zealous Blacks at floor levels. Communities with liberal majorities will waste away. It is coming to the best of communities. This world will not pass away until the members of liberal, anti-Christ communities go mad due to swallowing non-stop falsifications.

They urge one another onward with their errors, and thus they spoil the very civil society they live in. And when they can take the societal degradation no more, they move like disease-infested rats to better communities that don't have the rot they left behind, but they then start to rot the new community they came to rest in because they continue to drink the destructive propaganda. Wherever they go, they take their world views with them. They begin to infect their neighbors, their work mates, but we have got to know who they are by their speak, and take opportunities to correct them, for God is watching how we deal with end-time wickedry. Do we just let it roll on, or do we try to check it?

Throw some word-weight around when the courage is in you to do so. Have gravity in your tone, you are the righteous authority, do not let the wicked take control of you when they challenge your true words. Don't be afraid to jab them instantly with the truth they don't want to hear, because it can make them instantly timid. This is the Sword of God. Using foul language and name-calling will get you nowhere. Stick to the truth of the issue. Prepare beforehand what you want to tell someone on a certain issue. There is much to tell people who still insist on wearing masks. The truth: they are contributing to the maiming and killing of vaccinated people. The gravity is on your side, use it, don't squander this opportunity. Your enemy is happy that flu season is back; your enemy wants to mask you again, to see you punished for rejecting a vaccine program. And not just you.

For those who don't attack your words, tell them that vaccines have been shown under the microscope to alter the blood-cell shape, and to form blood-cell clusters suspect in creating blood clots. Tell this to anyone who tries to silence you, and simply don't let that person speak further if others are listening. Portray them as uncaring about whether people live or die, and you will defuse that person instantly, because you have the goods to prove your claims (proof is ample online). "Haven't you seen the evidence online," ask anyone who attacks you? If they continue to demean you, portray them as reckless because, until they at least see the evidence, they are indeed reckless to claim it does not exist. And if they say they have seen the evidence, they are reckless to doubt the authenticity of the claims, and you can tell them that they are gambling with peoples' serious health.


Here's all four Gospels wrapped into one story.

For Some Prophetic Proof for Jesus as the Predicted Son of God.
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