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November 15 - 21, 2022

Heckenlively Pointer to Fauci and Company
I Was Spiderman in 1979
Nick Moseder on Jennifer Wright, Almost the Attorney General of Arizona

If you're waiting for Jesus to return, see Post-Tribulation Rapture

It was nice while it lasted. Hall of Names is no longer showing the descriptions of the Coats of Arms presented at House of Names, but I have many of them recorded in my past updates from which to borrow.

I've now got quite a heraldic set, even two of them back-to-back. For new readers jumping in here, a certain Mr. Kepke in my youth had pointed by his surname's branches both to Ukraine and to vaccines poisoned with graphene-oxide. Then, last month, I found a Kepke/Kopke surname I've never known before that comes up big twice in these two sets. To follow better, load Kepke's now to load and view other surnames on another Internet tab.

The pointers to Ukraine and graphene had me thinking that American bio-weapons labs, discovered during the current war, in Ukraine are/were working with graphene-delivery systems in animal / human bodies.

I've given the heraldic set for Kent Heckenlively before, who had written books exposing Tony Fauci's fraud. This week, Mr. Heckenlively is making the social-media rounds to popularize his new book, with Paul Elias Alexander as the co-author: "Presidential Takedown." It's a book having the inside scoop on Trump's Warp-Speed program, which started with lockdowns but had the ultimate purpose of forced vaccinations. I don't know whether HECKENlively excuses Trump for that program, and perhaps he does because he doesn't want to alienate pro-Trump customers. I do not excuse Trump for Warp Speed.

In any case, I've shown that Heckens and Livelys both have Coats, but that was before I had the Kepke/Kopke surname, and when I wasn't off-hand familiar with Kepplers. I can now report that Livelys essentially have the Kepler Coat in colors reversed while the Keppler Coat is a version of the Keep Coat. I've shown why God may have arranged the Livelys because they are HIVelys too, and Mr. Heckenlively and his other co-author, Judy Mikovits, have blamed Fauci and company for the fraudulent promotion of AIDS via an HIV virus.

It should be added that John Kerry, whose son-in-law was/is involved with Ukraine corruption with Hunter Biden, is pointed to by the Hivelys because Kerrys use a bee HIVE. John Kerry was Obama's foreign minister i.e. in charge of Ukraine's transition from pro-Russia government to the pro-Soros government. George Soros was the biggest donor in the 2020 election for the Biden team, and I'll show below how me on an antenna can point to Hunter Biden, but keep in mind that a BUDINi people group lived at/south of Kiev, and that Keeps with their branches can be traced solidly to the namers of Kiev (Ukraine capital). Keeps were first found in Sussex with KOPke-connectable Coppers/Coopers, and beside Buttons/Bidens/BUDINs and Botters/Bodins.

I didn't have a lot to say about the Hecken surname in the past, which shows nothing but three goat heads. However, I now have a lot to say because Kepke's/Kopke's show only a giant goat with a gold border around the blue Shield. And it just so happens that the Riffle's/Riffels have the Kepke/Kopke Coat but with a black Shield, making the Riffle goat in both colors of the white-on-black Lively goat heads! It's an amazing bingo because Mr. Kepke's father is Ukrainian, as are the parents of Diane Muschatov (my girlfriend in my 20s), and the Riffels had come to topic after she said, "Are you crazy, my BROTHER could have shot you" i.e. he had a rifle in her bedroom when I climbed her TV antenna to knock at her window.

The rifle is assumed to have been purchased for hunting because Canada, especially at that time, had little problems with people shooting one another with guns, especially in the area where the Muschatov's lived. There's the apparent pointer to Hunter Biden with perhaps the Brothers/Brodels thrown in. Yes, for they use GRIFFINs, and Mr. Kepke pointed to GRAPHENE with the Graff family while Graffs are also Graffens.

Another pointer is to Rockefeller handling of vaccines because the Keppler and Lively Coats show nothing but bendwise lozenges, ditto for Rook-connectable Tragers and Rocco's while Fellers (Jewish surname) are also FellTRAGERs. English Tragers share the raven with rock-using Rooks who were in turn first found in Oxfordshire with Brothers/Broders. German Tragers essentially have the Keep bend, and it just so happens that the Rocco bend-by-lozenges is in the colors of the Goat/Gotham bend while Kepke's love the Goats/Gothams. The latter show nothing but their bend, how remarkable because Heckens and Kepke's show nothing but a goat and BORDer. There is a Border/Boarder surname first found in Somerset with the Webbers to which the "weaver's shuttle of Keeps relates. And the Borders, CAN WE BELIEVE IT, thus look like a branch of Brothers/Broders, wherefore we now see why God used Mr. Muschatov with a rifle, so incredible.

Major point: the antenna event needed Kent Heckenlively in order to be decipherable to this extent.

I kid you not, that Hecken-like Haeks have a giant and upright unicorn in the colors of the giant and upright Kepke goat. It's a white unicorn just like the giant and white one of Schwabs. Plus, the Schwab unicorn is colors reversed from the giant and upright horse of Keips, the latter first found in Nuremberg with Kepple-like Kopple's. Thus, God is framing Klaus Schwab as a fellow conspirator in the pandemic scheme, no surprise to us by now.

There's more, and we are still on the first heraldic set that I wanted to present. German Tragers are also Trogens, suggesting a line from Trojans, and then German Troys/Troyers share the Haek Coat! SURPRISE, because it's in the colors and format of HAHNs and Trumps, both first found in Mecklenburg with Troys/Troyers! Trump hired a conflict-of-interest character, Stephen HAHN, to run his Food and Drug Administration (FDA), thus making him his chief vaccine pusher.

Plus, Irish Troys use two emBATTLEd griffins in Graff/Graffen colors, and the Troy Crest is a lion head in the colors of the Graff/Graffen lion, and in the colors of the lion head in the Kent Crest! KENT Heckenlively. The Kent lion is likewise in the colors of the Graff/Graffen lion. It could appear that God named Kent, or else arranged the heraldry, so that his name could form a pointer to graphene-oxide.

Lookie: Kents were first found at THATCHam while Thatchers/Thackers share the grasshopper with Fauchys! What are the chances? I know only three surnames with grasshoppers, they are not common. I therefore see God pointing a guilty finger at Tony Fauci using Kent's book. The Book-connectable Box's (Wiltshire) have gold griffin heads.

Thicks/Thackers share the red eagle head with Case-connectable Caseys while Kepke CHASEd me (at the Graff residence) with a spider for the pointer to graphene oxide (see last update for all of that). Chase's/Chace's share the patonce cross of Chance's who in turn share the Kent lion! I told of a new spider-cheese dream in the last update from which I was woken by my tenant with a surname that's listed with Chance's.

It was orange cheddar cheese that appeared in the spider-cheese dream, which I eat most of the time (daily), but I sometimes buy marble cheddar too while Marble's have a giant griffin in the colors of the Brother/Broder griffin head!!! Those exclamatons are due to Brothers/Broders being first found in Oxfordshire with Cheddar-like Cedars/Cotters!!! As was said, Cheese's share the Graff/Graffen lion. Chedders/Chadders are in the colors and format of Thatch's/Tateshalls!!! They are both in the colors and format of vaccine-like Vychans, the latter first found in Shropshire with the Meschins sharing the Chedder/Chadder and Russell scallops. Meschins ruled Cheshire, where Chedder-like Chee's/Cheatle's were first found, and Russells have a white goat in Crest, the color of the Hecken goat heads. One can make cheddar cheese with goat's milk.

The Kepke family drank only SKIM milk, and Schims/Schiens ("DUCE" motto term) along with Skins/Scans/Skene's can point to skin scanning machines, and if God is doing the pointing, we assume it's a pointer to the 666. I predicted the 666 would belong to the Machine's/Meschins, who share the scallops of goat-using Russells. It seems to be coupling with James LeDuc. There is a Milk/MilkSOP/Millsop surname (Kent) while Shops share the Chief-Shield colors of Thatchers/Thackers. This paragraph wouldn't have as much weight had it not been that goats produce milk and cheese while border-using Kepke's have a giant goat in the colors of the giant boar head of Duce-loving Schims/Schiens, and in the colors of the giant hexagram of BORDER-using Goths/Gothels (share Duc/LeDuc hexagram surprise) while the Chief-Shield colors of Schims/Schiens are those also of Cutters/Gutters. German Goods are Guts/Guths too, and English Goods were first found in KENT with Kiev-connectable Trips.

Kepke's girlfriend, Miss Peare, pointed to Goods/GUTs with her belly symbol, and Bellys, first found in Moray, were kin of Baileys who share the Moray stars, and Moray's have a five-pointed-star version of the Duc/LeDuc Coat. It should be a clear expectation here that James LeDuc has had contact with Ukraine's bio-weapons labs.

Miss Peare pointed to Goods/Guts and Bellys with what I've called the belly-PRESS, and while Heckenlively's new BOOK is "PRESidential TakeDOWN," Downs have a stag in the colors of the Trump and PEARtree stag head. Her belly-press was related to she being on a stage and deck for a pointer to Stage's/STAGGs and Decks/Daggers, and while no Take/Tak surname is coming up, Tecks/Tease's/Tess' (Switzerland) were from the Tessin river (starts in Switzerland), where Pierro's/PERO's were first found. "PresiDENTial" can even be pointed to by Dents, first found in Yorkshire with English Dance's and Keppochs (Dance colors and format) while Italian Dance's were kin of Pero's/Perino's.

Wow, while Kents share the Chief-Shield colors of Cutters/Gutters, MontaCUTE's have the triple lozenges of Thicks/Thackers in colors reversed! The giant Thatcher/Thacker moline cross is in both colors of the Chase / Chance patonce cross! This is huge because Fauchys have a grasshopper too. Thatchers/Thackers use a SCIMitar while Schims share the Molle boar head, and Molle-like Moline's have goat heads. Montacute's were first found in Somerset with the Ducks whose lion heads are in the colors of the Duce/Doocy lions. The latter were first found in Staffordshire with Thicks/Thackers whose eagle heads are in the colors of the Duck / Duce lions.

CUTE's/Cutts share the white greyhound in Crest with Scottish Hunters while English Hunts/Hunters share the vertically-split colors of Scottish Alexanders, which could suggest that God wants to point Kent's book, featuring evidence from Paul ELIAS Alexander, to Hunter Biden, especially as Bidens use a "horn" in Crest to go with the Hunter hunting horns. I've only just noticed that the Elias Crest has a white goat head, the color of the Hecken goat head. The latter are in both colors of the Elias crescents, and this is the crescent also of Scottish Alexanders!!! What a stroke of fat "coincidence."

The Elias motto is suspect with the Modens' and/or MORTs/Mottins, the latter sharing the Elias and DEATH crescent. Beware the implication. Elias' share the Coat of Elis', first found in Yorkshire with Haek-like Hicks. Elias' were first found in West Lothian with the Tenants sharing the McGee/GEE boar heads who are in turn becoming a good pointer to 5G radiation said to couple with graphene-oxide in bodies. The Tenant / Gee boar head is shared by JUGGs/Judds and My's (Nottinghamshire, same as Ainsleys) in the motto of Ainsleys (share Hicks fleur-de-lys), and JUGon is in Cotes-du-Nord, where Motts are said to have been first found. The My's are also Mea's, and there is a MOTTE-Henry location (see Henry write-up) at the Meu river that has a source near Jugon, explaining why the Moden fretty is shared by Henry-like Enrico's. Morts/Mottins are also Motts, probably of the Motleys (Shropshire with Alans...of Dol, near Motte-Henry). Alans of Dol share red martlets with the Brittany Henrys.

It just keeps getting better for evidence that God set up the heraldry to snitch on some of the biggest criminals of all history. Battle's, expected in the embattled bends of Tragers and Rocco's, have a giant and gold griffin of their own, and it's in both colors of the same of Chaffs (beside Borders), but also in both colors of the griffin head of Brothers/Broders. Chaffs were in turn first found in Dorset with GOAT-using Russells and the Cutters/GUTTers who in turn share the Chief-Shield color combination of Kents. Chaffs share the Fell lozenges, and Fells add the eight-pointed Duc/LeDuc star in colors reversed, important because James LeDuc heads up the Galveston National Lab that helped to set up the Wuhan lab that's been blamed for starting the plandemic.

I've told about the black Lab. Blacky, that Kepke had when I first knew him from age 12. Blackys/Blaiky are incredible here first because Chaffens, first found in Dorset with Chaffs, use a giant, black Lab. It's often called a "talbot" in heraldry, and Talbots have the GREY Coat in colors reversed while a black GREYhound is in the Brother/BRODer Crest. Then, the very Blake's that share the green dragon head in Crest with Blackys/Blaikys share the pale bar of BROADS!!!! I'm amazed. I usually laugh when things get this bang-on, I really do get to enjoying things.

The gold dog in the Chaffen Crest is shared by Williams who in turn share the gyronny pattern of Hoppers. The latter, in the Fauchy grasshopper, were first found in Wiltshire with trumpet-using Calles', and beside Chaffs / Chaffens. The Calles' can be gleaned as kin of Shots/Shoots, and Miss Muschatov said, "Are you nuts, my brother could have SHOT you." WOW, it can also point to vaccine shots because Trumps/Tromps named Val Trompia at lake GARDa while German Gardners have the vertically-split Shield colors of Brothers in reverse while English Gardners (Oxfordshire with Brothers) have the Brother griffin heads!!! That can't be a coincidence: Muschatov's brother, and the antenna event, are pointing to the mass-murderers with vaccines.

I can't remember whether she used "nuts" or "crazy," probably "crazy" because it's not as offensive as "nuts." It just so happens that Craze's are listed with English Grasse's and Thatchs/Tattersalls!! It's the Thatchers who have grasshoppers. Miss Muschatov's words are now also a pointer to the Fauchy grasshopper. Plus, Trump had a curious press secretary who never gave press briefings by the surname of Grisham, and Grishams have the grasshopper too. Thatch'/TATEshalls/TATTERsalls (tigers) are in the colors and format of vaccine-like and Fauchy-connectable Vychans/Vaughns. English Tate's (Thick-like "Thincke" motto term) were first found in Suffolk with Tigers, making Thatchers/Thackers and Thicks/Thackers look like Tick/Tuck and Tate kin together because Ticks/Tucks and Teague's/Teegers look related to the Thatch/Tateshall/Tattersall Coat.

Scottish Tate's are also Teets, and Tatter-like Teeters use grapes while Grape's/Gripps/Grabbers share the Goat/Gothan Coat, making Grape's/Gripps/Grabbers suspect with Kepke at the Graff residence, because Kepke's use the goat, and Graffs are also Gravs. The Grave's/Greafs were first found in Gloucestershire with Nuts/Knuts!!! It's also where Glasgow-beloved Letts/Late's were first found, and so the antenna event can be pointed to Francis Collins, Tony Fauchi's boss during the pandemic.

Here's how: one English Francis surname was first found in Oxfordshire with Brothers. The other English Francis surname (Lord/Laud colors and near-format) was first found in Derbyshire with NUT-branch Cnuts/Notts. Are you laughing yet? I knocked on her GLASS window while on the antenna, and while Glasgows use a "Lord, let" motto phrase, Lords/Lauds share the Nut/Knut and Glaze pheon. The upright dog of Teeters is white, like the upright dog of Fortuna's/Fortune's who are in turn in the "LADY Fortune" of the Glass-branch Klassens/Class'. Late-like Ladys are also LAUDymans to go with Lords/Lauds. I'll show again below how Klassens/Class' point to Klaus Schwab and Kepke liners.

Belgian Knuts have triple hexagrams in the colors and format of the triple goat heads of Heckens, and this works because Haeks share the white unicorn in the Cnut/Nott Crest, and because Goats/Gothams were first found in NOTTINGhams hire while Nottings are listed with Nuts/Cnuts. It appears that God breathed words out of Muschatov's mouth for these pointers.

I was on Muschatov's antenna (at the second story) doing that crazy-nutty thing, a pointer to Elon Musk, owner of Tesla (see last update for that), and here I find that the triple Francis eagles are shared by Tesla-like Tessels/Teasleys.

The English Collins'/Chalant Coat, with a gold griffin head in Crest to go with Chaffs and Chaffens, looks connectable to the Blake bend-with-martlets. English Collins' share the bend of Welsh Chalants, and the latter is essentially the Keep / Trager/Trogen / Lively Coat in colors reversed.

PLUS, Hounds, first found in Cambridgeshire with Muschatov-like Muscats/Musks, show only lozenges and another Broder-like border; the Hound lozenges are in Lively/Hiveley colors and format, and moreover the Hound lozenges are shared by BROADs. The triple Hound lozenges are ermined on white, the color of the triple, ermined Thick/Thacker lozenges. The Hound Coat is a different-colors version of the MontaCUTE Coat which itself has the triple Thick/Thacker lozenges in colors reversed. Cute's/Cutts have greyhounds while Cutters/Gutters (Dorset with Chaffs and Chaffens) have more dragon heads. Montacute's were first found beside Dorset, in Somerset with BOARDers. The heraldry is singing.

English Huns/HunGATE's have talbot dogs in the colors of the giant and upright greyhound of German Huns/Hundts. The latter were first found in SWABia, and are in Swab/Schwab colors and doesn't look like a coincidence. We got here by following the Brother/Broder greyHOUND, and Brothers/Broders entered the picture with the HUNTing rifle of Ms. Muschatov's brother. Riffle's have another BORDer. For what it could be worth, Conrad BLACK, former owner of the Jerusalem Post, was a Montague in his direct ancestry.

Attila the Hun's brother, Bleda, is suspect at the naming of Bled, and Bleds have three of the double chevrons of Blackys/Blaikys. Bleds are also Blays while Blaze's, sharing the Black saltire, are said to have named Blay. So, Kepke's dog has played a major role in pertinent pointers. It gets better because the Italian Fortuna's/Fortune's have the Hun/Hundt Coat but with a dog (could be a talbot), and I've shown why the Klassens/Class', using "Lady Fortune", trace to the CLAUSula river, location of KOPLik, the line to Kopple's, first found in Nuremberg with Keips who are in turn in the format of, and colors reversed from, Huns/Hundts and Fortune's/Fortuna's. It's got to be a pointer to KLAUS Schwab because Claus'/Klaus' use another border, black like the Montacute border, but also like the black border of Furness'/Furnace's who in turn use another giant, black Lab!!! INCREDIBLE.

The Schims we met above with the Thatcher/Thacker scimitar have a "fortuna" motto term. The Ainsleys, a branch of Annas' (Cambridgeshire with Thacker-connectable Hounds), have a scimitar too, and the Annas Coat is a version of the Thatcher/Thacker Coat. The Schims were a branch of Skins/Scans whom I see as a potential pointer to 666 skin scanners. The Skin/Scan wolf heads are in the colors of the same of Wolfs/Welfs, the latter first found in Cheshire with the Broad-beloved Savage's/Sava's, kin in turn of Eagle's/Hegels in the Thick/Thacker Coat.

Sam Bankman-Fried

Simultaneous with the first section above that started with the first heraldic batch connecting Kent Heckenlively to Mr. Kepke and his Ukrainian bloodline, a news story broke about an FTX stock exchange, owned my a young leftist-supporting up-start claiming to be Sam Bankman-Fried. The open accusation against him as that U.S. government money, secured by the Democrat Congress, allotted to the Ukraine for multiple causes, was in-part transferred by Ukraine, or by whomever Ukraine gave it to, to FTX as a laundering machine, afterwhich FTX would give it to Democrat causes in the U.S., and, as the theory goes, to the politicians who had worked to secure Ukraine the financial gifts in the first place. This revelation comes just as the Congress is expected to go partly into Republican hands, begging why now?

And so I loaded the Fried surname, which is Israelite, to find a sheep-version of the Kepke/Kopke Coat, how about that. And because his surname is BANKman-Fried, here's from my last update: "One day, decades before the sleeping bag dream, Mr. Kepke, who's now pointed to 666 elements, invited me to a piece of property where the Peare family kept a white horse, the color of the Waistell horse. After Kepke was on it, Miss Peare or he asked if I'd like to take it for a ride, and when I went out with it, I found it riding to a bank in the field, at which point I turned the horse around and went back. I now assume that God wanted to stress Banks, who happen to share the Webber (and Fly) fleur-de-lys while Keeps (beside Flys) love the Webber-branch Weavers." The Malbanks applied to that picture who were not only first found in Northumberland with Horse's and Rodhams, but share the ermined bend of Rodhams. And Hillary Rodham Clinton is a money launderer, no doubt abusing U.S. money to Ukraine.

The attack on Trump was largely from American diplomats in Ukraine, but also from Hillary Clinton herself, as we all now know as per the dossier of Christopher Steele, which Hillary paid for.

As the Lorraine surname shares the Keep bend because Maria of Kiev was the mother-in-law of Richeza of Lorraine, I've now got to think that my first date with Lorraine, on my 24th BIRTHday, applies because we met at my laundromat while I was doing my laundry. The Birth surname shares the English Bilder Coat, perhaps a pointer of God to the Bilderberg group likely in cahoots with the Council on Foreign Relations.

Lookie: the Bert fitchees are shared by the neighboring RICKs (griffin) who in turn have the Craven Coat in colors reversed, and Banks were first found in Craven! BANKMAN. The Craven Crest is a white griffin thus suspect with the one of Berta's/Berts. Births/Berts share the cloud in Crest with Frauds/Friths, and WinFRITH's are also Winfrys and Whinfreys. Berths/Berts use hunting horns while Huntings/Huntingdons are in Rick colors and near-format. Huntings/Huntingdons are in Rush colors and format while Rush's have a red-Shield Coat version of the Fried-like Freys/Frys and Freys'/Freeze's. Rich's/RICHESS' are said to have been in Lorraine. Ricks were first found in Somerset with Webbers in turn sharing the Bank fleur-de-lys. Freys/Frys were at CHIPPENham while Chipmans are in largely in Lorraine format while Chepmans/Chapmans share the crescent of German Fries' while Chaplets were first found in Lorraine. Banks and skinchips for making purchases are slated to go together soon.

That's all amazing in itself, but then Webbers (same place as Kim-connectable Shins/Chine's/Chings) have the bend-with-fleur of Pipe's and Pepins that were both pointed too by Lorraine. Plus, Banks were at Bank Newton (Craven) while Newtons have "shin bones" while English Bone's have a bend in the colors of the bend-wise sheep of Frieds. Bankman-Fried.

The Fried sheep looks like it's on grass to go with Lorraine' grass STAIN upon the BUTT of her pants, and Cravens are essentially in the colors and format of Butts/Bute's/Boets, a branch of Buttons/BIDENs. Frieds may have been a branch of Freeze-like Frazers sharing the cinquefoils of Kims, first found in BUTE.

Stains/Stans (share double Elon fesses) look like a branch of Stanleys while Banks were also at WinSTANLEY. Stanleys are in Starlinck colors and format, and Winstanleys have two of the three fesses of the Changers/Change's in the Stanley motto. The "PRENEZ" motto term of Winstanleys goes with the "EASTERn PRINCE" in the Newton Crest. Easters/Sturs were a branch of Sturs/Styre's, first found in Hampshire with Changers/Change's and Chase's/Chace's, and with the Fly's sharing the bank fleur. We're back to Kepke's spider-chase. Newtons were at Sturminster Newton on the Stour river.

Having said that, Bankman-fried owns a stock exCHANGE!!! A Stanley character had pointed to Morgan Stanley bank's part in 9-11 crimes.

French Moneys look like a branch of English Mountains. Chance's were first found in Essex with Mountains, and with Fried-connectable Freys/Freeze's/Phreeze's. The latter are in the colors and format of the Os'/Oz's, and of the Pansys/PANTzers to which Lorraine's pant stain pointed. Os'/Oz's are being included as per the "variOS" motto term of Irish Caseys. "VARIos" looks like code also for one or both Vary/Very surnames (could be from Varangians of Kiev), the English branch first found in Norfolk with Case's.

I've told in the past that BERTHe was the wife of Mummolin, son of Artemia of Lyon, and as Mummolin's station at Chalons-en-Champagne is at the border of Lorraine province, it can explain why Lorraine's share the green lion with Lyons. Artemia descended from Tullia of Lyon, the line to Tulls/Toole's why share the pyramid with BattiSTELLi's, and the latter share billets (different colors) in Chief with English Steels while German Steels not only share the pale bar of Tulls/Tullia's, but the Bertha/Bert griffin. I don't know what connection there might be between Christopher Steele's attack against Trump in conjunction with the FISC (or FISA court) which the FBI abused in trying to ruin Trump with Russia collusion, but I think it should be added that the Fiscs, with a pyramid-shaped triangle, share the checks of German Bilders.

The Steel billets are excellent because English Billets share the Bus cinquefoil while I met Lorraine at her bus stop, where she agreed to meet me that night at my laundromat...which by the way was on LEVENdale avenue, interesting where Levens use elephant heads as a possible pointer to BUShite Republicans; Donkeys even share the Bus cinquefoil. Lorraine pointed to Bush branches in multiple ways.

German Bilders are also BillerBECKs while Beckers share the bend-with-checks of English Steels. Billers, first found in Cambridgeshire with Muscats/Musks, are interesting, not just because the latter share the lion heads of Steels (Cheshire, same as Masci liners) and Musk-related Love's/Luffs (Oxfordshire, same as Brothers/Broders), but for having a version of the German Gardner Coat while both Gardner Coats together look related to the Brothers/Broders who came up as per the Ukrainian, the brother of Miss Muschatov! That's amazing because it now points the antenna event additionally to the fascist Bilderberg group.

The Biller Coat has the giant lion of Garden-branch Jarrets, tending to nail the split Biller Shield as that of German Gardners. The Biller lion is also that of Stocks, and FTX is on the stock exchange. German Gardners happen to substitute the Jarret lion with a giant scallop in the same colors, and this is not only the Meschin scallop, but the Russell scallop while Lorraine turned out to be a Russellite. Russells are most-excellent for this discussion, not only because they share a white goat with Kepke's/Kopke's and English Bush's, but because both parents of Mr. Bankman-Fried were of Stanford University while Stanfords not only share the white, passant goat with the Russell Crest, but share the Bar and Steel Crest, which is the Muscat/Musk lion head.

About two weeks after we met, Lorraine pointed, by her pant stain, to BAR-le-DUC (uses pansies in its Arms) via the Pansys/PANTzers (Westphalia, same as DUCKs) who happen to be in Stanford colors and format. Stanfords were first found in Staffordshire while Staffords are in the colors and format of LEVENs (Shropshire, same as Jarrets above). Our first date started at Levendale avenue and Yonge street, in the month of June, and June-branch Jeune's are in the Yonge motto. English June's/Jungs are now said to be first found in Staffordshire! French Jeune's were first found in Auvergne with Tullia of Lyon, and English Jeune's were first found in Cambridgeshire (where English June's/Jungs were once said to be first found) with Muscats/Musks, and with Billers sharing the Jarret lion. English Yonge's were first found in Essex with Muschats!

June's and Jeune's (almost share Coats) were from Junia Caepionis, a granddaughter of QUINTus Caepio, and Quints, once said to be first found in Essex and Dorset with Yonge's and Russells respectively, share the Leven chevron. Yonge's share the red lion of Caepionis-like Capone's (Cambridgeshire with Jeune's) to go with the red lion heads of Stanfords / Steels / Musks and Duce-branch English Ducks. And then, while Yonge's are also Youngs, German Youngs/June's/JUNGs, suspect in the "JUNGunter" motto term of Gardens/Jardens, have a giant stag in the colors of the Trump stag head and the Kepke/Kopke goat. I've said it many times before, Mr. Kepke lived directly beside the Youngs, and even worked for Mr. Yonge in CABBAGEtown (Toronto). Cabbage's have an "ANGUStis" motto term, and Gardens/Jardens, first found in Angus with the Jardins sharing the stars of Levens (Alan colors), share the giant boar head of French Jarrets, first found in Dol to explain why English Jarrets were first found in Shropshire.

My meeting Lorraine at her bus STOP at the corner Yonge and Arnold help to point things to SAM Bankman-Fried because Sams were first found in Essex with Yonge's. The Stanfords, important because they point to Bankman-Fried's parents, seem Lorraine-important because Staffordshire is where STOPs/Stubbs, DUCE's and Pepin-branch Pipe's (Stop/Stubb colors and format) were first found. The reason that God chose the corner of Arnold for the bus-stop event is for Arnold of Metz (location in Lorraine province, near Mummolin's at Chalons), a close relative of Itta of Metz, daughter of Pepin of LANDEN, perfect because Landens are also laundry-like Landers. I asked her at her bus stop if she'd like to get together, and when she agreed, I remembered that I was planning on doing laundry that night, and so I asked her to meet me at the Levendale laundromat. She did.

I've told of LEVENdale laundromat many times, but I don't recall "Ricardus de la LAVENdaria" in the Laundry/Landry write-up! Lookie there, for Lavens are listed with Levens!

It's just amazing that French Landrys (like "Lauder") were first found in the Bar area of Lorraine along with Bar-le-DUC (this is not new). Plus, Landens/Landers share the six pale bars of Langleys, a possible pointer to Langley (Virginia), location of CIA headquarters. English and Scottish Langs (look like Lumber/Lam kin) use LETTERs while Lauders share the Letter Coat. German Langs were first found in LUNEburg while Lune's/Lyons share the green lion with Lorraine's. Luneburg was paired with Brunswick, and Barrs of Brunswick named Bar-le-Duc.

Bankman-Fried's partner-in-crime was his ladyfriend, Caroline Ellison, and Ellisons use white griffin heads to go with the white Steel / Bertha griffin. The Ellison griffin heads are in both colors of the Lauder and Letter griffin, relevant because I trace Lauders to Lotharingia, another name for Lorraine province. Ellisons were first found in Durham (near Lauder) with Langleys while Langs use letters ("ABCDEF"), and this is incredible because Bankman-Fried laundered billions of FTX dollars through his other company where Ms. Ellison was made the CEO! Lorraine is thus pointing to this criminal event, tending to prove what the main media and other deep-staters are trying to hide, that the money laundering was via Ukraine. Lorraine's were from the Kiev capital.

Ellison's fist name, Carline, as a surname, has "lizards" while Lizarts almost have the Coat of Liss'/Lise's expected in the "FeLIS" motto term of Caroline's. The six Liss/Lise pale bars are half in the colors of the six of Landens/Landers while Laundrys/Landrys share the tree with Caroline's.

The Ellison Crest has a gold griffin head, the color of the Gardner / Brother/Broder griffin head. Ellisons are also ELYsons while Ely's were Muscat/Musk kin. How did Elon Musk make his billions so fast? Elons were first found in Berwickshire with Letters and Lauders.

Ellisons were first found beside the Banks and Ellis' of Yorkshire, and so this is where the Bankman surname can come in. Ely's and Musks were first found in Cambridgeshire with the Changer-beloved Stanleys while Banks were at both Bank Newton and WinSTANLEY. Bank Newton is in Craven while Cravens are in Ely colors and format.

"Bankman-Fried founded FTX in 2019, and it grew rapidly it was recently valued at $32 billion. The son of Stanford University professors,..." By the time you get to the 7th minute in the video below, you'll see why Bankman-Fried's background is into the pandemic, AIDS, Ukraine money-laundering and American election cheating. I suggest the possibility (makes sense) that there was some invisible power behind Bankman-Fried who used him as the front man:

This Ukraine-laundering story made Fox news, but apparently the Fox boss took down the video, perhaps at the request of the deep state:

See this video instead:

As Frieds look like they may have been a branch of Frauds/Frith's, God may have set up the heraldry so that Bankman-Fried's name points especially to election fraud, especially as he got caught days after the 2022 elections, at exactly the time the cheats had committed to a week-long cheating spree. They just kept on manufacturing votes, and trashing others, until their candidates won where it was especially necessary to protect crimes. In some areas, they were unable to manufacture enough for the win. In my opinion, Kari Lake had the right to have her representative in the count room, and to have a guard watching the ballots wherever they may have been kept overnight.

The Oullette Finger Points to trudeau and Schwab

The following is a pointer to my theory that an illegal graphene operation is, or has been, in Ukraine. Let's see if we can spot anything that adds to the theory. Leto's/Alitto's have a Ukraine-like crane in the colors and format of Letters, and the latter share the Ali/Aliotto Coat, tending to assure all three surnames are branches. Plus, while mythical Scylla was loved by GLAUCus, Gloucestershire is where Letts/Late's were first found while Scylla portrayed the Sicel namers of Sicily living in eastern Sicily, where Ali's/Aliotta's were first found. Scylla was a monster (probably depicted pirates) at Sicily's Messina, and the namers of Messina, via the Urban link to Messina's, can be tracked to the Maezaei and neighboring, crane-line Ceraunii on the Urbanus river. Mythical Leto was mother to Apollo, mate of the Coronis crow, and parents of Asclepius, the mythical medicine God who had elements in Sicily. It's the rulers of medicine today who are force-vaccinating the world.

The Scylla monster was paired by the writers with another monster, CHARYBdis. Repeat: "...Grape's/Gripps/GRABBers share the Goat/Gothan Coat, making Grape's/Gripps/Grabbers suspect with Kepke at the Graff residence, because Kepke's use the goat, and Graffs are also Gravs." Suddenly, Graffs and Griffins may have been from whatever real-world entity named Charybdis. Cass', using Scylla-like scales, were first found in Cambridgeshire with CRABs. Goats/Gothams and Grape's/Grabbers share the Coat essentially of Felltrager-connectable Rocco's.

Asclepios was named after "aSCALAphus," meaning "owl." Hug-like Hucks use owls and Huckabys use Asclepius RODS, all suspect as code for Skala and Chora on Patmos, and Coronis was the sister of Hyksos-suspect Ixion while "hex" means "six" while we learned of the 666 from John writing on Patmos. SEXtons/Saxons share the "chaplet' with Hicks.

The owl cult of Edom was Kos, and Kos is an island near RHODes. "Edom" and "Rhodes" both mean "red." Hugs, first found in Languedoc with Rodez or the Redones, with Rockefeller-line Roquefeuil, and with Ville's/FONT-de-Ville's. Hug-like Hugh of Rodez married Isobel of Roquefeuil. Hugs have two symbols of the Fountains, first found in Norfolk with Case's, and with Casey-beloved Crows.

By the way, as per Ron DeSantis' pointer from Fontana's (share DeSantis eagle) two updates ago, I added the following: "[Insert November 16 -- I didn't know that DeSantis' wife is Casey until today. 'Fountains' are used by Cass'/Cash's while Fountains (same place as Case's) almost have the bars of DeSantis'. End insert]" This idea there was that my HUGging Mamie in a lake was a possible pointer to a DeSantis presidency with Kari Lake as the vice-president. Fat chance, I know.

Cass'/Cash's, now pointing to Casey DeSantis, were first found in Cambridgeshire with Musks, and I aim to include the Musks in this owl topic because Owls/Howls were first found in Suffolk with Lings and Starlings/Starlincks, and because Lings are on Feller colors and format while Lynch's have a gold-cinquefoil version of the Feller Coat.

I now go to the OWL-connectable OULlette's, whom I think were named after the Letts/Late's too, which is why I started on the Letters, Leto's and Letts above. The Cass Crest is a "pair of scales" while English trips have a "scaling ladder" as part-code for Lauders of the Letters. Oullette's share the bars gemel of Mauds/MOLDs and Howl-like Howells, you see, and so we may get the hunch that Cass-branch Kiss' named the MOLDova capital (Kisin'ov) at the Ukraine frontier. If correct, then such surnames as Caseys and Chase's can trace to some Ukrainian elements, and so I now go back to Kepke CHASing me with a spider outside the Graff residence, with Karen Graff, who was our age exactly at 14, watching me cower and keep a good distance from this spider (I had a spider phobia). Karen moved away from our street at 14, and I didn't see her again but one more time at roughly the age of 23.

Joe OULLETTE, my friend at the time, had to go visit his brother, and I was with him. When the door to his brother's apartment opened, there I saw Karen Graff sitting on a one-seated couch, and I noticed that her SHOES were kicked off (not put straight) at the door so that they were lying on their sides and pointing in different directions. Why do I remember this? Probably, it's due to the shoes of German Trips, who were from Trypillians. Someone said that Trypillia was south of Kiev, and thus they were likely on the Dnieper river with ROXolani, the line to Roquefeuil, which is probably why Joe's brother is David, for Welsh Davids are from king David I who built Haly ROD (Holyrood) House, and I can trace king David's son, Henry, to a Henry of RODEz. One such Henry was the son of Hugh of Rodez and Isabel Roquefeuil. Can we believe this?

It was such a little event, she just sitting on David's couch and her shoes at the DOOR, but look at what it has accomplished in heraldic pointers. It's suggesting that graphene-oxide is/was in operation at/near Kiev. The Hugs and Fountains share the Graff/Graffen and Irish Door lion. English Doors were first found in Herefordshire with Bone-connectable Skulls/Sculls, and English Bone's share the bend of Huck-connectable Grasse's while the latter have a Coat similar to the one of English Bone's. Reminder: Hick-like Hugs are looking like a line from Hugh of Rodez.

The "COUCHant" lion of Tints can apply where they are from the Atintanes of Epirus, at/beside the Ceraunii mountains, and also beside Apollonia, thus revealing what the myth writer was using when he invented mythical Coronis, mate of Apollo, the line to Hug-connectable Huckabys, first found in Devon with the Rods in the Asclepios rods of Huckabys. The latter share the blue chevron with owl-using Hucks, and we can add that Hucks are now said to be first found in Lincolnshire with the Grasse's while Grace's/Grasse's have three of the double chevrons of Hucks.

The Graffs/Graffens and Hugh's (not Hugs) use the DEMI-lion (different color), and the Demy/DuMAY chevron is the Huckaby chevron too while English Mays were first found in Lincolnshire with Hucks, and with the Billets in the billets of English Mays. German Mays have a tower in Roque/Rock colors standing on what must be three of the Roque/Rock rocks. It should be clear by now that Huckabys were from the line of Hugh of Rodez, and I think "Hugh" and "Gog" could have been related terms, especially as Couch-like Gough's are listed with Googe's, first found in ROXburghshire, itself named by Roquefeuil elements without a doubt. Rods share the green TREFoil with English Rocks, and shoe-using Trips are also Treffs.

It just so happens that Gouch's/Googe's are also Goose's while a goose on a rock is shared between OulLETTE-connectable, Griffin-loving Letters, and with RODham-connectable Rutherfords of ROXburghshire. German Trips/Treffs point to Miss Graff's shoes, and the ladder of English Shoe's go with the Letter-branch Lauders.

David Oullette's couch with Miss Graff upon it. Why that? Welsh Davids are from David I, a Rodez liner, making the giant Rodez lion look like the Graff lion. Redones of France are suspect from the Rus, and Varangian Rus ruled Kiev. I trace Rus to king Rusa of Lake Van, and Fane's/Vans were first found in Monmouthshire with Oullette-connectable Howells. The Howell tower is shared by Pellicans, first found in Maine with Josephs, and Joseph Oullette is David's brother. Owls/Howls are in the colors of the Maine Josephs. Oullette's named Ouilly-le-Basset in Falaise while Fallis'/Falls almost have the Feller Coat. Gog must have been named as per a Gugar/Gogarene area between Lake Van and lake Sevan.

Now for the pointer to justin trudeau. Joe Oullette and I were good friends with Steve Mellanson, and Mellansons use a "bundle of rods". When Mellanson, sitting on his COUCH, told Joe and I about the blood from his ear, the two of us laid hands on him, to PRAY, probably because Joe's mother watched the 700 Club. After we prayed, Steve taunted us in jest saying that he was going to put a Q-tip into his ear to draw blood, but when it came out clean, he was surprised, and so were Joe and I.

Couch's have double pale bars in the colors of the six pale bars of Irish Prays, and the six pale bars of Trots/TRUDE's, while Mellans, first found in Ile-de-France with Trudeau's, share the blank, gold Chief with Rods, making the event look like a pointer to justin trudeau. Yes, because a Q-tip is a cotton SWAB while Klaus Schwab said that his organization had "infiltrated" (his word, his boast) half of trudeau's cabinet with trudeau a willing part of the cabal. French Cottons/Cotta's were first found in Languedoc with Rodez / Roquefeuil. We are clearly pointing to Rockefeller medicine, societal controls, medical controls, and deadly "population-control." The control freaks who think they have the right to order and rule the world as though the people were their cattle.

But why should a healing event point to trudeau and Schwab? If it is God's event and pointer, then I've got to assume that He will save the world from their vaccine poisons before they get as far as they wish. Dr. Reiner FUELLmich is leading a charge against poison vaccines and even declares the global cabal. He's intent on punishing the killers.

Mellanson was almost-always drinking a beer on his couch when I dropped in, and English Beers, sharing the bear with the Couch Crest, were first found in Devon with Rods, and moreover the Beer Crest has the raven on gold garb of rock-using Rooks, first found in Oxfordshire with Couch's. It appears that God arranged the Beer heraldry so that this ear-swab event would be confirmed as His event. Ear-like Eyers use quatraFOILs while Rods and Rocks use treFOILS likely for the entity that partly named RoqueFEUIL.

English Beers are said to have named Beer-Hacket while Hackets share three, white fish in pale with rock-using Roach's, and the Hacket Chief has the trefoil of English Rock (share rooks with Rooks) who in turn have a blank, green Chief to go with the blank, gold Chief of Rods and Mellans. I've just realized for the first time that the blank Chiefs could be code for French Blanks (Feller colors and format) because they share the lion of Fallis/Falls who in turn share the three Feller trefoils!!! Oullette's were at Falaise, and there is even a La Falaise area at Ile-de-France i.e. where Mellans were first found! That's why God used Joe OULlette for the prayer. OWLs/Howls have three owls in the colors and format of the three Rock rooks, and in the colors of the triple chevrons of Levi's *(Ile-de-France, same as Trudeau's), all colors reversed from the three stags of Trudeau's).

English Cottons have "HANKs of cotton" while Hanks/Anke's, with another blank Chief, may have been a branch of the Anchors in the Graff/Graffen Coat. German Blanks even share the demi-lion in the Graff/Graffen Crest! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH BEAUTY" The demi-lion of Blanks comes with elephant trunks while Trunks, with bull heads in the colors of the SWAB/Schwab Coat, were first found in Franconia with Swabs/Schwabs!!! Plus, in colors reversed, the Trunk bull heads are red, the color of the Anchor bull head! Mellanson's cotton ear swab pointed to this absolutely! I had missed this heraldic set in the past for not realizing the meaning of the blank (no symbols) Chief.

Ahh, French Blanks share the "Sans tache" motto of PEERless'/NAPIERs, from the Naparis river, now called the Ialomita, the river upon which Wikipedia places the ROXolani!!! The IALOmita-like Yellows were first found in Oxfordshire with Rooks and PEARE's!!! The Sans-like Sensii people were at the Naparis too.

Steve Mellanson pointed to Beers with his beer, and the Beers named Beer-Alston in Devon. The Devons are excellent for at least two reasons: 1) their "Immotus" motto, like the "Immota" motto term in the Arms of L'Aquila; 2) their estoile-crescent combination in Crest, the two symbols (different colors) of Motts. L'Aquila is just seven miles from PICENze, and I've shown reason as to why it may have been named by a line from Justine of Picenum. She happens to be the line to Justins who share the border of Kepke's, which together point well to the possibility that justin trudeau is pushing graphene-laden vaccines.

It just so happens that French Henrys, very traceable to a Henry Rodez i.e. possible son of Isobel Roquefeuil, are said to have been at Motte-Henry. There is even a chance that the Mellanson crescent is colors reversed in the Alston Crest. The Alston Shield has the look of Italian Mota's (ROSE's in Roque/Rock colors) while Portuguese Mota's are in the colors of the Arms of Roquefeuil.

Alstons are also Aldantons, and we read: "In the same year, Andreu de HALDANstone of Edinburghshire..." That's about where Fallis'/Falls were first found. Edinburghshire is between Midlothian and East Lothian, and Hadden-branch HALDANs were once said to be first found in East Lothian with Haddington. Haddens (share Haldan motto) have another blank Chief.

At this point I've got to go back to the bulldog that fell, or went for a fall, into a swimming pool with a shark, in my 1979 Sleeping Beauty dream, as little as two months before the ear-swab event with Mellanson. Irish Henrys were first found in Tyrone with Sharks, and ear-like Eyers use a leg while Leggs almost have the Trump, Jump and PEARtree stag head. The bulldog, which I deciphered as Donald Trump (= vaccine pusher, yet punished by vaccine pushers), also JUMPed into the well as falling for a pointer to Rockefeller vaccines. Jumps share the roses of Mota's.

The Hadden scimitar is code for a line of Greeks from Schimatari of BOEOTia, and we can now go to the "ImmoTUS" motto of Alstons/Aldenstons because Tous' (Alston/Aldenston colors) use a man wearing a shirt with "buttons." Buttons/Bidens/Budins share the fesse of Butts/Bute's/BOETs, you see, making the two suspect from Boeotians, and the while English Butts/Bute's share the Alston/Aldanston estoiles, the Butts/Bute's/Boets share the Hadden roses. Alstons/Aldanstons have TEN estoiles, a number now suspect with the Then variation of Tyne's/BOTville's. The latter use ten bars called, barry, and Berrys were first found in Devon with Beer-Alston.

MELLANsons were first found in MILAN with Italian Maurels who look like they have a version of the English Butt/Bute Coat but with the eight-pointed stars of Tous'. One can take this to the seven-pointed star of Welsh Bude's, especially as Bude's share the bow of MELONys/Maloneys (at TULLa). The latter may be using a bundle to go with the "bundle of rods" of Mellansons. Tulls/Toole's share the Toole and Drop/Trope lion while drops around a BORDER are used by French Moulins. The latter look like kin of Sewers/Suters, though Moulins don't use an escutcheon as Sewers/Suters do, and thus the Moulins use a border likely because their Coat is like that of Boards ("PerforaTUS") while Borders are Boarders too.

This heraldic set jibes with Sleeping Beauty as played by Ainsley EARhardt, not only because her daughter is Hadden-connectable Hayden, and not only because Haydens share the Haddington cross and the bull of Beauty's (Dorset, same as Beer-Hacket and Hayden-branch Hades'/Hats), but because Ainsleys share the scimitar with Haddens. Both Hayden surnames were first found in Norfolk with Bus' who in turn share the Coat of English Blanks.

Haddens are said to have named East Northamptonshire, where Blanks and Planque-beloved Cabbage's were first found, making Blanks look like a Planque / Plank / Plunkett branch. German Planks are also Blanks and share the Graff/Graffen demi-lion in Crest. Plunketts look like kin of Hollys (Norfolk, same as Bus') while Cabbage's ("ReBUS") have holly. Bus' are suspect from the Buzau river near the Naparis of the Roxolani.

While Thens are suspect in the ten Alston estoiles, "Lighter THAN air" is a motto of Scottish Ayers while ear-like Eyers are also Airs for linkage to Earhardts/Airharts. The gold quatrefoils of Ayers and Eyers/Airs are on a black chevron, as are the gold trefoils of Irish Shaws who in turn have the black eagles of Thans...suspect with the black eagle in the Arms of L'Aquila because English Shaws are Sheaves' too while Italian Sheaves'/Chiava's were first found in L'Aquila with the Massi'/Mattis' who share the Than / Shaw eagle in both colors. Plus, Irish and Scottish Shaws were first found in Perthshire with the Justins, from Justine of Picenum. Moreover, the Essex's share the Aquila / Este eagle while Thans were first found in Essex with English Este's who once showed the horse head in Crest that is still showing for the Butt/Bute Crest. The Ayers were even first found in Ayrshire with the Barrs sharing the Aquila / Este Coat.

The Shaw eagles are in the colors and format of the three Owl/Howl owls, and "estOILES" look like code for an Este marriage to a Ouilly-like entity. It's the OULlette's who named Ouilly in Falaise. The Thens/Tyne's/Botville's can be expected with one of the Tyne rivers, both near Lauder of the Letters/LEATHERs, and hit brings me to a dream I had about a week after the Sleeping Beauty dream, and soon before the ear-swab event.

Spiderman to the Rescue? Why Him?

I was drowning in a dark body of water, tumbling deeper and deeper within it, when a passenger jet swooped down across the water surface above me. I was then on this plane that had no passengers, no pilot. The plane curved up off the waters and over three red-brick buildings, one taller than the next. I then saw myself falling from the bottom of the plane to the top of the third, tallest building, and I was not only unhurt, but I scaled down the building's walls like Spiderman. I have been saying "like Spiderman" for many-more years than I started to emphasize Kepke's spider chase, and thus this dream looks like a pointer to graphene-oxide too.

While scaling most the way down the building like I was made to crawl on buildings, I JUMPed off from a few stories high, landing on all fours like I was built for this. No pain, no injury, as we might imagine Spiderman LANDING. The Landens/Landers, I'm noting, have roosters in the colors of the Kopple rooster, and Kopple's were first found in Nuremberg with Keips, thus reinforcing the pointer to Kepke's spider chase. Again, Kopple's are from KOPLik on the CLAUSula river while Claus' list Klaus' for a pointer to Klaus Schwab. Yes, for the giant and upright Swab/Schwab unicorn is colors reversed from the giant and upright Keip horse.

Plus, Clot-like Clauds/CLAUSELs share the acorns of Dutch Tromps while Jumps share the stag head of German Tromps/Trumps, thus making my jump to the ground look like a pointer to trump the vaccine pusher. Clots are also DuCLOS'. Plus, my scaling down the walls must be a pointer to Scale's, and thus to the "scaling ladder" of Trips for a trace to Trypillians of Kiev. It tends to verify that I'm on the right track to connect to Kepke's spider chase. I landed on the ground, and Grounds/Grundys were Rhodes kin.

After landing on the ground, I saw a man with longish dark hair like my own, and walked over to him to watch the plane disappear into the distant sky, and I told him that it was God. This man, in his middle age (I was in my early 20s during the dream), wore a black LEATHER jacket, and I did buy a black leather jacket (my first ever) at about age 46.

WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Letters/Leathers and ladder-like Lauders, traceable to Kiev elements via Keep-related Lorraine's, were not only near the Tyne rivers, and BOT(ville)-like Budini were not only in the land of Trypillians and Roxolani of the Dnieper river, but Letters/Leathers and Lauders share the giant griffin of Bumps (not new), the latter first found in Gloucestershire with LETTs/Late's (not new) and Danier's! That's WOW number one because I bought the leather jacket at Danier Leather.

Wow number two, you won't believe it: the Danier Shield shows only lozenges in pale i.e. forming a pale bar, and it happens to be in the colors and format of the German WALL Coat because the latter use nothing but a pale bar!!!! Wow number three: English Walls were first found in Gloucestershire with Danier's! The dream had eyes to see heraldic links. I scaled down the wall, and we can add that Gloucestershire is where Graff-like Grave's/Greafs were first found. Irish Walls not only share the arm-and-scimitar with the Haddens (blank Chief) who were working into the Plank/Blank set, but the latter, while sharing the demi-lion of Graffs/Graffens, share the giant lion of Irish walls. How-bout that.

We can now add that the white unicorn head in the Danier Crest is expected to be the Swab/Schwab unicorn (it just stands to reason) because Danier's share "sperno" with Elons, the latter first found in Berwickshire with Letters/Leathers and Lauders.

Everything about the leather-jacket dream suggests salvation from some form of deadly, murderous entity, and an easy fight against it thanks to God. I'm proposing that it's God saving me and like-minded ones from forced vaccinations.

Fells look like kin of Ducs/LeDucs, and the latter were kin of Bellys who in turn share the Jump roses. I FELL from the bottom = belly of the plane onto a building, and JUMPed to a landing on the ground while Landens/Landers were from Pepin of Landen while Pepins have the bend-with-fleur of WEBBers in colors reversed. Spiderman shoots spider web from his wrists, and spider-like Spitzers have a "tunnel" while Tunnels share the vertically-split Shield colors of Bumps who in turn have the giant Letter/Leather griffin. The plane swooped down, saved me, and dropped me to the roof of the third building, perhaps code for Bilderberg fascists.

Tunnels were first found in Northumberland with Belly-branch Baileys, and with the Lums/Lambs. My black leather jacket is made of lamb leather, a potential pointer to the False Prophet's lamb-like horns.

I find it suspicious that Danier's share a motto term of Elons because Elon Musk was/is on-board the brain-implant program of Schwabites. They might even stick the implants down the ears in case Mellanson's ear swab signals that possibility.

Last night as I write here on Friday, I saw a video featuring David Nixon on Stew Peter's Thursday show. He's a doctor opposed to vaccinations, willing to rebel against the authorities. As the Nixon surname reminded me of KNOCKing on Muschatov's window from her ANTENna as a pointer to Elon Musk, it may not be a coincidence that the Ground/Grundy Crest is a leopard facing the viewer, same as the Crest of Nixons who in turn share the three NOCK/Noke leopard faces. The Prets (share ROBERT lion) suspect in the "pret" motto term of Irish Nixons were first found in Staffordshire while English Nixons share the Staff/Stafford chevron. Staffs/Staffords are said to descend from ROBERT Toeni, and the Nock/Noke leopard faces are red, same as the leopard face of antenna-like Antons/ANTHONYs.

"Pret" is a Moray motto term while Bellys of Moray share the eight-pointed star of Ducs/LeDucs (Moray colors and format) while Staffordshire is where Duce's were first found who share the red lions of Grounds/Grundys, in the colors of the lion heads of Ducks who in turn share the Pret stars. The Ground/Grundy and Duce lion is colors reversed from the Pret lion, and MUSCATs/Musks have more red lion heads while Mosca's/MOSCATs share the Ground/Grundy / Nixon leopard (all three have the same leopard design) except that it doesn't face the viewer.

There was a time when I had checked Strands because Kepke chased me with a spider hanging from a strand of web. In the 2nd update of April, 2018, I recorded the Strand description: "The Strand Coat looks simple, but it's packed with surname code: 'Blue shield, a savage crowned and WRAPPed in ivy, holding a club proper in his DEXTER and RESTING the club on his SHOULDER, and his sinister hand RESTing on his HIP. He is standing on a green TERRACE with a silver stream FLOWing through it.'" Where does one start? RAPPs were first found in Thuringia with Karen-related Roets, and the spider chase was in front of Karen Graff. The Karen Coat is even similar to the one of Terrace's/Terras' (Moray). The Strand savage-with-club is used by Root-related Woods both sharing the Roet tree. The Karen lion can thus be suspect with the Fellows suspect in the FLOWing stream, and the three lion heads of Fellows are even in the colors of the three Window lion paws. I knocked on Muschatov's window.

There's an heraldic "wrist," though I can't recall who has it. The RIGHT hand, or wrist, is on the hip, and Hips' were first found in Norfolk with shoulder-like Shouldhams, with Roofs, and with RESTs/Risings/Risons, a branch of the Restons who in turn share the RIGHT/Wright leopard faces. Parrs, first found in Lancashire with the DEXTERs who almost have their Coat, use a woman's head and "SHOULDERs." Shouldhams share the RISING bird (both gold) of Knocks/Knox's.

The chief reason for going to the Strands is the web from Spiderman's WRIST. I didn't shoot web in the dream, however, at least not that I recall. But everything about my coming down from the ROOF of the building was Spiderman. I was DROPped onto the roof, and Roofs/ROVE's (share Drop/trope lion) were first found in Norfolk with Drops/Trope's and lamb-using ROWs. The leather jacket is lamb leather.

The white griffin in the Shouldham Crest can be expected to be the Letter/Leather griffin because the Shouldham motto includes "VigiLATE" while Letts are also Late's. Leathers were first found in Berwickshire, and Berwicks / Barwicks share the bear with Beers of Beer-Alston. The blue crescent in the Alston Crest could be the blue ones of JACKets/Jaycocks because English Jacks share the scallops of Daggers, the latter first found in Cumberland with Alstons.

I didn't intend to go to Strands because their savage is wrapped in ivy, but it just so happens that Ivy's, in the colors of the Grave/Greaf eagle, share the gold, demi-lion in Crest with Graffs/Graffens/Gravs. The Mea's (share Dutch Grave cross) in the Grave/Greaf motto even share the same demi-lion in Crest with Ivy's and Graffs/Graffens. The Mea cross is even the cross of Switzerland while Graffs/Graffens were first found in Switzerland. The demi-lion of Mea's even holds an anchor, as does the Graff/Graffen lion, making it appear that God intended for us to go to the Strands with the spider from the Graff residence.

The blue-on-white fitchee-formee of Mea's is shared by Albins/AUBINs (Devon, same as RODs), and while Aubin is a location near Rodez, I trace a Henry of Rodez to the Motte-Henry location of Henrys, which is on the Meu river, where I trace Mea's! I now remember going through this set of heraldry before. Italian Albino's were first found in MODENa while Motts are MOTTINs too. The latter are said to have been in Cotes-du-Nord, at the Meu-river theater. The Ivy's happen to share the Rodez Coat! Bingo-bango. The Rodez-like Rudge's/Rudes' even share the cross of Ridge's (Devon, same as Rods and Rhodes-related Manders) and Mea's, and Ridge's even share the trefoil (different colors) with Rods. The same cross is with Rhodes' in colors reversed. The "Deo" motto term of Grave's/Greafs and Manders can be for the Dee's (Aberdeenshire, same as Mellansons and Millens/Milans/Mellents) sharing the giant Ivy / Rodez lion. The Dee lion even hold a blue fitchee-patee, almost the blue fitchee-formee of Mea's.

The Rudge's/Rudes' were first found in Shropshire, where English Rothes' were once said to be first found while German Rothes'/Rothchilds share the raven with Mea's. RUDESheim is at ASSMANNShausen, and Rasmussens/Assmans share the giant Schwab/Swab unicorn...meaning that God may have supplied the "ivy" in the Strand Coat to get us to this the Schwabite cabal, no doubt in bed with Rothschild corporates. The Rudge/Rudes Crest has a white escutcheon, a symbol of French Moulins.

The Moline's/Moulin's share the goat of Walsers, the latter from Walser canton in Switzerland. "La Motte Henry is a hamlet in Brittany. La Motte Henry is situated nearby to La BUDorais and Le MOULIN." As Mellanson-beloved Rods were first found in Devon with Moline's/Moulins', it appears that Mellans and Mellansons were a branch of the namers of Le Moulin. Belgian Moulins have the Yellow Coat in colors reversed, suggesting that Roxolani from the Ialomita were close to the Moulins. The Roxolani of the Dnieper were at least near the BUDini, tending to explain the Budorais location.

The write-up on English Dee's (Cheshire, same as Meschins of Craven) tells that the English Dee river flows through Craven, location of Bank-Newton of the Banks, and the BENJamins (Bank colors) are suspect in the "Benigno numine" motto of Dee-connectable Mea's. The Hicks suspect in the "Hic labore" motto of both Dee surnames were first found in Yorkshire with Craven, and therefore the "bon" motto term of Hicks can be expected with the "shin bones" of Newtons (Cheshire, same as English Dee's). The Prince's (Yorkshire) in the Newton Crest share the Mea / Rudes cross. Hicks share the fleur-de-lys of Ainsleys who in turn have the My variation of Mea's in their motto.

Mea's/My's are also Meigh's while the Demy's suspect in the demi-lion of Ivy's and Graffs/Graffens are also DuMays/DuMAIS', and Maisys were first found in Gloucestershire with Grave's/Greafs. The latter share the giant, gold eagle with Musk-like Musics/Musie's, first found in Brittany with the Meu river. We can now go to the NarBONNE's/NORDi's and Norths (Sussex, same as Bone's) because they both share the Maschi lion, and because Narbonne's share the tower of German MAYs who in turn look like kin of French Rocks/Roque's (Languedoc, same as Narbonne and Rodez's). French Narbonne's happen to share the Rodez / Ivy Coat. With Meschins in this picture. Ivys look like they are from Ivo Taillebois, husband of Le Meschin's wife, and mother of the Meschins of Craven.

Maschi's were first found in Rimini, while I trace Benjamins to a Rimna river in Romania. Musk/Muscats (at Ely) were kin of Ely's who in turn are in Craven colors and format. Musk-like Musics are also Moucie's while Much's are listed with Water-related Muschats, the latter first found in Essex with Motts/Mottins, Waters and English Este's, and Italian Este's share the AQUILA Coat. French Moulins use white drops which, in colors reversed, are blue, and blue drops have been called drops of WATER or ACQUA.

I have the dream with "Spiderman" as early as December, 2016, but here's a piece from the 4th update in January, 2018: "Back to the second dream. It started with me tumbling deeper and deeper into a dark body of water. I then saw a commercial jetliner, an airbus, same as a silver bird. It swooped down close to the water surface, and I suddenly found myself saved inside this plane. There was no one in it, not even a pilot. I then saw it go upward with nose pointed up. It flew over three brick buildings, one taller than the next. I was dropped down onto the roof of the third building, and scaling the wall toward the ground like Spiderman, I finally jumped from a height, landing safely on all fours like Superman. I then saw the city lights before me, like at rush hour, after sunset..." I just want to show that "Spiderman" was used long before we heard of graphene-oxide in vaccines.

The spider-like Spitzers use "hills", and the Hills (Worcestershire with Rod-related Rocks) are very good for a pointer to vaccine criminals, for the Hill tower is also that of Fauchy-beloved Hoppers (Wiltshire, near Worcestershire). The Vance's expected in the Hill motto are listed with Scottish Vaux's, first found in East Lothian with Faughn-branch FAUCets/Fawcetts, and I've told that, a few weeks after the Spiderman dream, I saw Farrah Fawcett in a snap vision that was not only from God without doubt, but pertained to Steven Mellanson. The Vaux-branch Faux's/Fage's/Chollens' were first found in Perigord with grassHOPPER-using Fauchys.

Vaccine-like Vychans/Vaughns (Shropshire, same as Dol's Alans) are in the colors and format of Raines', from Rennes near Motte-Henry and Dol. The Raines-branch Wrens share the crosslets of WRENch's, the latter first found in Cambridgeshire with Musks. WORCesters can be suspect with the Works/Wergs (Essex, same as Muschats) in the motto of Sinclairs (Roslin, beside East Lothian) who share the Rudge/Rudes cross. Roslins share square buckles with Starlincks while Elons share the double fesses of Works/Wergs. These fesses are in the colors of the Hill fesses. Does it seems that Elon Musk is being pointed to here?

The lion head in the Work/Werg Crest is probably the white lion of Raines'/Rains, and the white lion head of Rothes'. Raines' were first found in Essex with Peks/Pecks while Peach's (Kent, same as Gore's, Rothes' and Worcester-like ROCKesters/Wrocesters) look, by their Coat, related to Worcesters, Gore's and Cravens. The Rockester/Wrocester fesse-with-scallops is in the colors of the billets in the Arms of Roquefeuil. English Rocks (Worcestershire) are in these colors too. Billets were first found in Devon with Rods.

This discussion reminds of my river-flood dream that flooded the streets of a populated center...with too much RAIN, I must assume. In the middle of that dream, Joe Oullette curiously appeared with a pair of blue channel plyers that act as WRENCHES. The Works/Werg Coat is much the OULlette Coat, and OWLs were first found in Suffolk with Feller-connectable Starlinks. In the dream, the channel plyers were in a mechanic's shop, and I asked Joe to do some WORK on the underside of a car on a hoist, but he treated the request with disdain. Was it an electric car from Musk's TESLa? Tessels were first found in Essex with Raines', and the Tessel fesse, with the Mott/Mottin crescent, is the fesse of WORCestershire's Hills.

As I've said, I was walking up a paved HILL (it was a city street), in the river-flood dream, toward an intersection. There was a layer of ice on this road, and about a foot of water rushing across my feet, but I walked up this hill easily. I've wondered whether this is the river of Revelation 12 that the dragon spews to thwart the Church's retreat into the wilderness.

After walking up to the four-way intersection, the dream ended with me at a red tool box at one of the corners. Box's were first found in Wiltshire with Hoppers sharing the Hill tower, and with Griffin-loving Box's. Wiltshire is smack beside Bather-like and Rhodes-related Bath. Tools are like the Tully variation of Floods, and Floods, sharing the white wolf with Flynns, are in the colors and format of Flans/Flints while Bathers, with wolf heads in the colors of the Flynn wolf, were first found beside Flintshire.

Bathers are in the colors and near-format of Rams (Essex, same as Rains/Raines'). The Fiers in the Ram motto were first found in Middlesex with the plyer-like Players who in turn use drops while Drops/Trope's share the Tool / Tull/Tolle lion. They were blue channel plyers (I own a pair), and Channels, I've just realized, have the Coat of English Powers (Devon same as Rods) in colors reversed, both sharing the Rod trefoil! Oullette's were at Falais, expected as a Roquefeuil-Rodez line.

\ Poors (trefoils) were first found in Devon with Powers and Pike's, and the latter's one-half Shield looks connectable to the Poor Shield. It just so happens that the vertically-split Pike Shield is shared by Tunnels who in turn have hexagram stars in the colors of the Poor stars! The Spitzer hills come with a "tunnel," and Elon Musk has a Boring Company that bores tunnels in rock and/or dirt. Dirts/Darts were first found in Devon too, and Borings/Barringtons (Cambridgeshire with Musks/Muscats) share the Muschat Coat!

Justine of Picenum was the daughter-in-law of GRATian, and Greats, first found in Northumberland with Tunnels, share the saltire of Pipers while Papers/Pepwalls, possibly in the "Pauper" motto term of Poors, were first found in Gloucestershire with Grave's/Greafs, making the Paper lion heads look like the demi-lion of Graffs/Graffens because: 1) Demys share the Paper/Pepwall chevron; 2) Peppers share the demi-lion in Crest of Graffs/Graffens; and, 3) as I've said many times, Mr. Graff smoked a pipe while Pipe's look connectable to Webbers. Plus, these Graffs lived at the corner of Doner and Union streets (Gormley, Ontario), and Unions are essentially in the colors and format of Peppers.

As the "Vis" motto term of Floods (and Rain-connectable Rams) can be for the Vise's/Vice's (Sussex, same as Acorns) sharing the stag head of Acorns, the intersection looks like a pointer to acorn-using Corners, which works with Ice's/Ecco's because they were first found at Rostock, beside Pomerania, and because the Arms of Pomerania had a red GRIFFIN, the colors of the griffin head in the Corner Crest. The ice was on the ROAD. ECOhealth, partner in vaccine crimes with Tony Fauci, has been pointed to by Ice's/Ecco's. The latter share the trefoil of Pike's (Devon, same as trefoil-liner Rods, TREBYs and Treble's) suspect from the namers of Piacenza, which had a wolf colors reversed from the wolf of Flynns (probably share the Treby Chief). The Bathers share the Coat of Traby-beloved SCARFs, and Piacenza is on the Trebia river. The line of Justine of Picenum was related to the Wings/Winks on both sides of the Corner griffin head.

Deborah Birx, the scarf lady in cahoots with Tony Fauci, is apparently at topic, suggesting that the river flood pertains to a 666 system in relation to forced vaccinations via mandatory vaccine passes into stores. The Starlings/Starlincks we saw above were kin of Lings and Stars, and the latter share the Flood/Tully and Flan/Flint chevron, and the Stars (Wiltshire, near Worcestershire's Rocks) have estoiles in the colors of the Rockester/Wrocester fesse-with-scallops.

Flans/Flints use "flint stones" while Stone's (Cornwall with VIVians), sharing a "ut vivas" motto phrase with Bathers, share half the Grave/Greaf eagle and half the dog in Crest with Oullette-connectable Williams while the latter share the gyronny of Hoppers (Wiltshire, same as Stars). Is this all a pointer to Elon Musk's satellite spy systems, and his brain-implant quest? The river flood entailed water, and Waters were Muschat kin.

I told that this Spiderman dream seemed to be fulfilled when I was arrested by Homeland Security and charged with a serious but fully-trumped charge. I told readers that it looked like a warning from God that the American authorities are not the angels they seem to be. It was a wake-up call for me because three officers swore affidavits against me, swearing that I assaulted the border officers when I did NOT even try. That's a serious crime they committed. A half dozen of them pounced on me, wrestled me to the floor, and put a boot on my neck because I rebuked one of them a couple of days earlier for not letting me return to the Texas property to get my belongings (it was sold by that time). Seven hours later, after going through my computer, and seeing my post-trib work, they tried to jail me on a trumped charge. These are sinister fiends, more bold and disgusting today than they were back then. Beware Christians, the ruthless and hateful Roman soldiers are back.

For a couple of reasons at least, the dream's plane that saved me from drowning had connected to a 1973 song, SILVER BIRD, about a passenger plane. I can now add to that theme because Drowns are listed with Drone's, and the plane in the dream, not having a pilot, can thus be considered a drone! Wow, what are the chances? Drowns/Drone's share the Washington Chief, and share an orange demi-lion with the Blacks, and it just so happens that the latter were first found in Lincolnshire with English Silvers. I was drowning waters, and Waters share the Coat of Epsteins, the latter first found in Hesse with German Silvers.

English Silvers are also Silversteins, and Larry Silverstein purchased the Trade Tower complex shortly before 9-11; then he collected a massive insurance claim. He's not getting away with that crime. Howl, crook, for God has prepared your torment from long ago.

The Birds/BURDs play excellently to the three buildings that the silver bird, or drone, rose over, for BURTs/Birts and Birts/Berth's share the Builder Coat. BURTons (share "Lux" with Black motto) even have a "VITae" motto term to go with the "vita" of the Silverstein-related Saffers (Devon). As you saw above, I said that I felt like SUPERman when jumping off the building, and it just so happens that Supers, using billets, were first found in Devon with Bellow-branch Billets, who sure look a lot like BUILDers. I dropped from the belly of the silver bird, and Bellows have another "vita" motto term.

The Ricks sharing the Bert / Burt fitchee have a near-orange demi-griffin to go with the near-orange demi-lion of Drowns/Drone's. Orange's merged with Nassau while Epsteins were first found in Hesse-Nassau. Orange's share the hunting horn (different colors) with Berts / Burts, and the Orange horn is colors reversed from the same of Brechs/Breakers, the latter first found in Shropshire with Bellamys and Burtons. The latter are in the colors and format of Bell-branch Bellamys. Huntings/Huntingdons are in the colors and near-format of Ricks, and the latter were first found in Somerset with the Bridge's and BORDERs.

I faintly remember a straight line cutting across from right-to-left of the city scene that I saw after jumping off the building, and I've suggested that it was a bridge because it was necessary to go with the Silver Bird song, but also with my false arrest at the Canada-US BORDER. To make a long story short, I thought the officers who arrested me at the border were going to throw me off the tall bridge to the Niagara river below. The two officers in business suits (not uniforms) parked in an unmarked, small car about 20 minutes at the crest of this bridge shortly after RUSH hour, with me cuffed, and in chains at my feet, in the back seat. Why chain someone at the feet when he's locked in the back of a car? I've always said that, in the dream, the city scene looked to be shortly after rush hour, for it was a city busy with traffic, yet dark out, just like the bridge event over the Niagara. The Rush Coat is in the colors and format of Huntings/Huntingdons. The latter's hunting horns are half in the colors of the Breck/Breaker horns.

Niagara-like Nigers (Cheshire, same as Masseys and Sale's) share a string of lozenges (different colors) with Breck-like Bricks (share Massey fleur-de-lys). The Sale-connectable Cuffs share the bendlets of Bricks, and the three buildings were made of red bricks. I conjectured that the three buildings represent the border house where they detained me seven hours, the police station that processed me and jailed me for the night, and then the court house in the morning, where I was released not guilty of the charges (it was probably miraculous that I got away so easily in court).

The Brick Coat looks related to that of English Platters (Suffolk with Plains/Platters) while PLAINs/Platters, which were pointed to by the paper plane in my Obama dream, share three white fleur-de-lys in Chief with Bricks. That's interesting.

The CHAINs on my FEET look like a pointer to Dick Cheney's part in 9-11, for Cheneys have a "Fato" motto term likely for Fate's/FEETs (share gold martlets with Cheneys). The Dents suspect in the Cheney motto are in Cuff colors and format, and the Dents were first found in SEDbergh, suspect with the Sidney-like Sedans, tending to explain the "fata" motto term of Sidneys (Kent, same as Masons). The latter have the pheon of Thistle's (Mason lion?) in colors reversed, and Thistle's were first found in the CHANNEL Islands with the Majors in the Cheney motto.

HOWEVER, I'm stumped on why I was made to play Spiderman and Superman where the spider is pointing to poison vaccines. It doesn't make sense to me. Will I be poisoned with a vaccine, then recover? "Face down on the ground, victorious" just sang over my speaker this Saturday afternoon immediately after struggling to understand the paragraph to this point. I was face down, to the ground, after jumping off the building on all fours! You can't land on all fours without facing down. The song is "In a Moment" by Rebecca St. James.

Perhaps I should start to check for pointers to congressman Thomas Massie, for he's got a good-guy / anti-globalist agenda. The spider-like Spitzers use a "tunnel" while Tunnels share the split Shield of Welsh Thomas', first found in BRECONshire (with Williams), also called BRECKnock. I've just loaded Corners, and "Cornerstone" sang over the speakers ("In Christ Alone" song) as soon as they were loaded. It tends to mean I'm going in the right direction. Corners were loaded because they share the red griffin with Welsh Thomas' who in turn look like Bump and Leather kin. This heraldic territory was crossed with the man in LEATHER jacket whom I saw immediately after jumping off the building.

Welsh Thomas' have a red seahorse to go with the part-red Massie/Massey horse. The Dews/Deweys, suspect in the "dduw" motto term of Welsh Thomas', look like Maisy kin. Welsh Thomas' share the Chief-Shield colors combo of Saluzzo's, suggesting Thomas of Piedmont, where Masci's were first found. ToMASSO's were first found in Cheshire with Massie's/Masseys. Though not in the same colors, Masso's/Musselini's share a bendwise string of lozenges with Massey-related Bricks (Mussel-branch Meschins were from BRIQUESsart). Masso's look like kin of Rocco's, first found in Naples with Tomati's/Tomasi's/ToMASONi's (Massie/Massey colors).

Masso's/Musselini's are in Goat/Gotham colors and format, and Goats were first found in Nottinghamshire with Basford while Basfords, sharing the eagle of Aquila's (near Naples), look like kin of Tomasso's. Goat-using Bunnys were first found in Basford. Base's were first found in Haddingtonshire with MUSSELburgh, and while the Keiths/Mascals of Haddington were Marshall kin, English Marshalls (Nottinghamshire) show nothing but a bendwise string of lozenges, same as Masso's/Musselini's but in different colors. This set of heraldry looks pointable to Kent Heckenlively because this set looks connectable to both Heckens (goats) and Livelys (almost the Marshall Coat). Livelys were first found in Picardy with Cavetts while the Cevetta river is at Ceva, home of Luis of Ceva, wife of Thomas of Saluzzo above.

Nottingham was named by the line of Cnut, grandson of Mieszko I, husband of Oda of HALDANsleben, tending to explain why Haldens were once said to be first found in East Lothian with Haddington.

Whatever this all means or points to, it's feeling like a mighty-big victory for the good guys over the demented and murderous wicked. God has prepared their very painful and shameful end, it will be a grand Day, and no one will feel sorry for them after what they will yet do to this world.

Spider webs From Clouds?

In the video below, Ritchie claims that "spider webs" fell from the sky. He shows what he claims to be his own video of these web-like strands blowing in the breeze from California posts and trees, but does not say that he took samples of the material to bring home, to get tested, a red flag against him He finally starts speaking a little after the 4:00 point, and then shows a spider web just after 8:00, on what looks like a logo for a NEPHILIA Capital organization, a name meaning "of clouds." Ritchie says that Nephilia is a "weather manipulation company," but I can't see evidence for this. At its website, with few details on what specifically it does, Nephilia claims to be in the property-risk business. How can that relate to cloud seeding / manipulation? I do not agree with fitchee when saying that this week's cold spell could be man-made, because it's cold even in my area, or all across the continent, and cloud seeding can't accomplish such a thing:

It's home page says: "We were the first to focus on the convergence of catastrophe reinsurance and WEATHER RISK transfer markets with capital markets." Perhaps it's in cahoots with weather manipulators to cause property damage, then capitalize on insurance against property damage. If Nephilia does have a department where it releases "chem-trail" chemicals from planes, perhaps its dropping graphene-oxide in atomic-size particles to see what it does while dropping to the ground. As it's got magnetic properties, perhaps it's developing into the strands we just saw. I didn't get to the video above (dated Sunday) until Sunday, the day after this section got to the Strand surname, linking especially well to Kepke's strand of spider web at the Graffs.

I've just looked up the WEAThers/Withers (Norfolk, same as Burts and WHEATs/Whete's) to find them in Builder and Burt colors. Builders, essentially sharing the Burt Coat, were first found in Northumberland with SPITZER-beloved TUNNELs/Tonells while Weathers/Withers have "Wyther cognomento TURNEL". Hmmm. The Turnells/Tornells are listed with Thornhills, and Thorns are in Weather/Wither colors and near-format. Thors/Tours were first found in Devon with Burt-branch Berts, and the neighboring Thorns were first found in Somerset with Webbers, and with Bilder-like and Billet-connectable Bills' who in turn use "wood bills" while Woods share the "savage" with Strands (both have a hand on the hip). The Weathers/Withers from Mr. Turnel just got us to Strands.

Turnells/Thornhills have a blank Chief, and English Blanks (share Bus Coat) were first found in Northamptonshire with sphinx-like Spinks, perhaps a branch of whatever the "spinis" motto term of Thorns refers to. The Strands have a savage with a hand on the "hip" apparently for their relationship with sphinx-using Hips', and the latter were first found in Norfolk with Burts and Bus'.

There is a Spinis/Spinelli surname (Naples, same as Capone's/Capua's), as well as a Spines surname in the format and part-colors of English Capone's. Plus, Spines', sharing the Bristol crescents, have a potential link to Turnels/Thornhills / Thorns: "The surname Bristol was first found in Surrey where they were anciently descended from Hamon aux Dents, Lord of THORIGNy, who died in 1045." It's the Thorns who have the "spinis" motto term.

The Spink eagle, in colors reversed, would be blue, the colors of the eagle in the Bristol Crest. It's incredible that Tesla-like Tessels have a version of the Bristol Coat with blue eagles! Spinks were first found in the same area as Blanks, and while Blanks share the Bus Coat, Bristols have "bus" twice buried in their motto, tending to explain why the Bristol fesse-with-crescents is in the colors and format of the Bush fesse-with-items. The Childs, first found near Surrey, share the eagles of French Bussys who in turn have a reflection of the Spinis/Spinelli Coat. Childs are from Childeric, father of CLOVIS, and CLOBBES' (Child colors and format) are listed with Clubs (Cheshire, same as Savage's/Sava's).

Woods, who share the savage-with-tree and hand-on-hip with Wilds/Wilders, are said to descend from Bush-branch Bosco's. As Stars/Stairrs were first found in WILTshire while German WILDs/Wilders share the savage with club and hand-on-hip with STRands, it begs whether that latter were partly from the STARs/Stairrs at some point, especially as Strands were first found in Suffolk with STARlings/Starlincks. In case Strands were a Star-Rand merger, note that Rands were first found in Norfolk with Weathers/Withers of Tunnel-like Turnels, for Elon Musk owns both Starlink and a tunnel-boring company while Borings/Barringtons share the triple chevrons, not only of Musk-connectable Muschats (Essex with Tessels), but of Rands (share red lion with Musks/Muscats) in colors reversed! Is Elon Musk in the weather-changing business too?

Wiltshire's share the formee-fitchee of Stouts, and the latter were first found in Cambridgeshire with Borings/Barringtons and Capone's; the latter share the Star Coat while Stars come up as Stairrs. Stouts have the triple fesses of CHANGE's/Changers in colors reversed while Stanleys (Starlinck colors and format), first found in Cambridgeshire too, have a "changer" motto term. Is that a pointer to weather-changing and/or to the climate-change hoax that Musk needs to feed in order for his electric-car business to prosper? Repeat: "It's incredible that Tesla-like Tessels have a version of the Bristol Coat with blue eagles!"

Tunnels were first found in Northumberland with English Manners/Maness' (blank Chief, peacock in Crest) while German Manners have another savage with club and hand-on-hip. German Manners even share the quadrants of Claverings (Essex with Peacocks) in colors reversed while Rands (Norfolk with Clavers) were first found at Clavering (Norfolk). As Clavers are in Meschin colors and format, it explains why the lion of Rands (Norfolk with Randolph-related Dunhams) is shown for Ranulph le Meschin at his Wikipedia article. Elon-branch Alans (Shropshire with Meschins), who share the fesse of Spinis'/Spinelli's, are said to have been in Norfolk's Mileham. MalaSPINA's were at Massa-Carrara, beside the first-known Mosca's/Moscats, and the latter's Muscas variation is in the motto of Drake's, first found in Hampshire with Change's/Changers and Mile's.

I had found the Weathers/Withers originally as per the Weather Underground group of Bill Ayers. It was surprising to find that the hare in the Weather/Wither Crest can point to Bill Ayers because Scottish Ayers were first found in Ayrshire with Scottish Hare's. Bill Ayers was a radical and friend of Obama, and the latter's surname, on his mother's side, is the Dunham surname crossed above with Randolphs, both of whom share the Chief-Shield combo of Scottish Hare's, all three having blank Shields (looking linkable to French Mellans), but compare Hare's also with blank-Shield Manners/Maness'.

Here's someone's concise ideas on the British / Rhodian Round Table:

As Carroll Quigley is in the video above, Quigleys were loaded to find them listed with COGleys/Fiveys/Twiggs. It first of all recalls my ramp dream re-visited in the 2nd update of last month. A man said to me, "You OWE me FIVE thousand dollars," which caused me to discover that Ow's are listed with GOOGE-branch Goffs/Gough's. And there we see the Fiveys and Cogleys listed with Quigleys who happen to share the Orle border of Rutherfords ("goose"), first found in Roxburghshire with Googe's/Goose's. It appears that Quigleys were from Gog, making Biblical sense.

The Quigley Crest is an estOILE while Oilys have two of the three Twitch/Twitt bends in colors reversed. The Oilys (Oxfordshire with Rooks) look like kin of the Schilds who may have contributed to form, "RothSCHILD." The Twitch/Twigg dancetty-fesse consists of three chevrons, we might deduce, because three chevrons in the colors of that dancetty-fesse is used by Muschats. The latter were kin of Muscats/MUSKs, and while Elon Musk just bought TWITTer, four of the TWITch/Twigg dancetty-fesses are used by TOTTens in colors reversed while Twitts/Thwaits (Norfolk, same as Tute's/Tuits) were a Tute/Tuit branch. English Tute's are also Toots. Thus, it could appear that Elon Musk is being snitched on by God to frame him as part of the British Illuminati, thus explaining Musk's satanic almost-wife.

Tottens were first found in Middlesex with Apps'/Epps while Eppsteins share the Muschat Coat. The Totten Crest even looks like a version of the Rand Coat that itself has the Epstein Coat in colors reversed upon the shoulder of the Rand lion. Rands were first found in Norfolk with Tute's/Tuits.

I wouldn't have known that the man on the motorbike in my sleeping bag dream was David Morley had he not visited me at my home with his new wife on the back of his bike. She was Carol, and so she's pointing to Carroll Quigley now because it was recently realized, that when Morley rode a circle around the sleeping bag, it was a pointer to the Cecil-Rhodes ROUND Table via the "sleeping lion" in the Round Crest. Morley rode the bike off a ROAD, circled the bag, then rose away down the same road, a pointer to Cecil Rhodes. I never saw him again after he and Carol dropped in. Carrolls are in Morley colors.

Garden Updates

Before getting to the news, I'd like to say that this past summer's garden produce, via container gardening, was mediocre to the point of disappointing. The main culprit was the nematodes (small worms) that spoiled plant growth in the second half of the growing season. The nematodes were the reason for the container gardening in the first place, but the temperatures reached by sun-heating the soil between two sheets of plastic film (on the cool ground) in May and June were not high enough to kill them all. Right now, I'm heating as much soil as I can pack into an oven at 210F degrees. I want to see how much better the soil will grow spinach and kale in this high-heated soil.

Each oven load makes about three gallons of soil, and takes about 90 minutes each, well worth the cost in fuel if it works. But the containers must not have holes in contact with the ground, or nematodes can get into the containers. I'm going to use the one-gallon plastic bottles again that once had distilled water. I've drilled holes about a half-inch off the ground, and I think this will keep nematodes out, unless large worms and other things get in that are covered on their bodies with nematodes. I don't want to oven-treat soil every year, forget it.

The lesson to be learned by you is: dry your own foods for trib purposes starting now, because you don't know whether you will have destructive nematodes where you end up trying to build a self-sufficient homestead. Do not depend on your garden, because there are numerous potential problems that could starve you to death.

I took the chance on letting the squash and tomatoes freeze a little at the first mild frost. Not good, especially for the tomatoes. Any frozen parts, no matter how small, will allow rot to set in very fast, within a couple of weeks, and this rot works deep without you noticing on the exterior. I wasted half the frozen tomatoes but cutting out the rotten parts, and the rest was not usually eaten uncooked, but thrown into soups. The problem is that green tomatoes last to the brink of December if not frozen, which is fantastic, but you get only a few weeks or less if there's any freeze-rot. Pick many of your tomatoes green so that you can have red ones to the brink of winter.

I did my first-ever tomato canning this year, without a pressure-cooker. I'm gunning to have them last one year at most, until the next harvest gets fresh tomatoes again. The tomatoes were simply cooked a few minutes to kill germs, and the jars filled with hot tomatoes were then put into an oven at over 200F for about an hour to kill any bacteria on the jars. That's it, nothing more to it. So long as the lids don't pop up, there should be no bacterial growth. I aim to use them in soups anyway, which will kill any bacteria that might form in the jars.

For the short term of about a year, you can cook just about anything and jar them in this way, but check online with anything you do, and beware the falsifiers who make things sound more difficult than they need to be. Globalist tools are putting out disinformation to scare you into not preserving foods. In a full year in the United States, there are only about 20 deaths from botulism poisoning, but expect the tools to ramp-up that number falsely. Most of the scare stories regarding canning is with botulism poisoning. If you're worried, don't eat anything straight out of the jar. cook it first.

I was surprised to find that spinach, kale, lettuce, and broccoli (leaves included) can handle repeated freezes to -3C or even lower. I loved broccoli leaves this year, never ate them before, and they are super. I picked the last ones just last week, small and tender and great in salads. I froze a ton of cabbage, cauliflower and broccoli leaves along with spinach and kale. Got all my green-leaf vitamins locked in one box, folks.

To this week, I have spinach, kale and onions "growing" in the house. None of it's growing thanks to the nematodes, but, the point is, none of it is dying either. It's basically in limbo, meaning that I can have fresh spinach into December if I just give it a little light. Today's LED light bulbs might keep them alive for a long time.

To solve the nematode threat, I'm thinking to do a hydroponics garden next year. No soil needed. But there's a lot of work in setting up the troughs or pipes (not sure yet which of the two I'll do). I was so disappointed last year with the amount of water needed by container gardening, because the summer heat dries the soil fast, much faster than when it's in the ground. Plus, I never knew how moist the soil was deep in the containers. Hydroponics not only removes the need for soil, but there's no manual watering needed. I like it. I really like it, and will report back my results for trib purposes. CONSIDER THIS OPTION. No soil means that you might keep most slugs at bay. The chemicals needed in the watering system have long shelf lives.

The troughs/pipes (almost level) are filled every hour or so with nutrient-rich water just to wet the roots for a period. The water pump is on a typical timer found everywhere. But the water pump needs to coordinate with an automatic water valve that closes, when the pump turns on, so water cannot run out of the troughs. When the pump shuts off, you need to send a signal to the water valves to open so that water can run out of the troughs to allow the roots to get some oxygen. You decide how long the roots are immersed in water versus in the air. You need to find a solenoid water valve that stays closed while an electrical pulse reaches it, and then opens when the electrical pulse is removed. Or something to that effect; just tell the salesperson what you need. When the pump turns on, you send that same electrical power to the water valves i.e. tie the electric wire, going to the valves, anywhere between the timer and the pump. The timer repeatedly shuts and opens power to the pump at whatever times of day you choose for it. It sounds easy enough.


Late this week, here's Nick Moseder on a ray of light from the Arizona-fraud fight:

The reason I'm putting the video above first in the news section is that Nick explains the legal threat by Jennifer Wright against the county whore house. It's Monday morning as I write here, and last night, I checked to see whether God may have pointed to Ms. Wright, but didn't see any clue in either Wright/Right surname. However, fresh awake this morning, I remembered that Restons, and branch of ARIZONa-like Risings/RISONs, share the Wright/Right leopard faces! It's a zinger because I've used the Rising/Rison surname before to point to Arizona fraud because the main whore house is in Maricopa county, which includes Phoenix, and a rising-phoenix theme can thus apply.

Plus, the Rising/Rison Coat (almost the Pollock saltire) is colors reversed from the Arms of Pula/Pola (location on Istria), and Pullys/PULIT's were pointing to Jovan PULITzer, who was part of the huge Maricopa audit in 2020 that did nothing but expose the useless nature even of the Arizona senate...that the good guys thought were good guys. The senate president betrayed the voters for reasons not yet fully dug up or publicized. The Reston write-up even mentions a Riston location in Brompton (Shropshire) while Bromptons (Norfolk, same as Risings/Risons) share the Duce/Ducey Coat! Doug Ducey is the Arizona governor that Kari Lake is rightfully to replace as of now.

More: Katie Hobbs thus far has defeated Kari Lake via obvious fraud, and the Hobbs' were first found in Shropshire with Riston. The Hobs/Hobbie's (not "Hobbs") are suspect in the "OBstantia" motto term of Arthurs because both surnames were first found in Berwickshire, and the likely reason that rising hawks are used by Hobs/Hobbie's is that the Arthurs use so-called "rests" i.e. as likely code for Restons having a Riston location of Shropshire!!!! Arthurs share the pelican with Pullys/Pulits, as well as with the Pelle's suspect in the Arthur motto, "Impelle obstantia."

Just when I think the heraldry has nothing to point to, lookie there. It appears that God has fingered Katie Hobbs as a criminal, and is using Ms. Wright to expose her at the highest level of the corrupt, Arizona justice department, which is led by Mark BRNovich. Jennifer Wright is his Assistant Attorney General. Note that BERNs are expected to have been Bernicians, the people who named Berwickshire. The Burn write-up even has a Bernys location in Renfrew, making the green hunting horn in the Burn Crest look like its the white-on-green hunting horn of Pollocks in colors reversed because Pully-branch Pollocks were first found in Renfrewshire. The father of the first Pollocks was probably living in Shropshire with th Alans. The Hobbs' (Shropshire) use a broken spear while Speers were first found in Renfrewshire too.

I'll eve add that while Hobbs' share three gold escutcheons with Chips, the Katie-like Kate's/KATTERbachs share the hexagram of Jeepma's/Cheps while the latter's giant eagle is in the colors of the eagles on the Hobbs escutcheons. The Burn-like Bromptons above, who named Brompton in Shropshire, are also BRAMtons, suspect from the Biblical Abram, whose second wife was Katter-like Keturah. You can be amazed because we got to this paragraph by nothing but the first name of Katie Hobbs, yet it appears arranged by God because I can trace "Keturah" through mythical KODRos of Athens, who had a fish and boar symbol, to a KOTOR location smack beside RHIZON!!!! INCREDIBLE.

Wikipedia's article on the Saraka's of Ragusa (across the Adriatic sea from Pula) says they were initially at Kotor. I've guessed that Abraham's line with Keturah has become the Biblical dragon entity at mortal war with the Israel of God.

Kodros had a mythical son, Medon, like Medan, son of Abraham and Keturah. Pollocks use a boar, and this Arms of Saraca has a fish all in the three colors of the Kate/Katterbeck Coat. The latter includes a version of the Payen/Pagan Coat probably because the Kate/KATTERbeck Coat shares the gold, blank Chief with CATHERine's, which now identifies this line to the naming of Catherine Roet, daughter of Payne Roet. CATHERs/Catters use fish as well as being in the colors and format of the English Fish.

Fish and Vine's both have a tiger head (different color) in Crest while Vine's almost have the Coat of Fields/Felde's (Gloucestershire, same as Madely of tiger-using Medleys) who are in turn in Cather/Catter colors and format. Jewish Felds share a black moline cross with Mellan-like Moline's/Moulins' (Devon, same as Mellanson-beloved Rods). The LePAGE branch of Pagans was first found in Ile-de-France with the Mellans/Melons sharing both the gold, blank Chief and a blue Shield with Kate's/Katterbecks and Catherine's.

The Kate's/KatterBECKs use the Payen/Pagan hexagrams in the colors of the HAGAR(d) hexagrams, and Hagar was Abraham's concubine. English Becks (pelican) share the moline of Saraca-line Sarasins, and German Becks were first found in Westphalia with Bramton- / Duce-linkable Ducks.

Medan like Meads (share pelican with Arthurs) married Arthurs of Clapton, and Mead-branch Medleys share the tiger in Crest (different color) with the Hob/Hobbie Crest. Medley liners named MedliCOTT of Shropshire (see Motley write-up). The Medley write-up: "The name Medley comes from when the family lived in place name Madeley (Staffordshire and Shropshire),..." Staffordshire (beside Shropshire) is where Duce's/Duceys were first found who have the Bromton/Bramton Coat exactly.

Kari Lake can work into this section's set of heraldry as per an early William Lake of Shropshire, but also because there was a first-known Lake family in Oxfordshire, where COTTARs/Cedars were first found. Chedders/Chadders look like kin of Meschins (Shropshire). Lakeys share the brown wolf head with Tiger-connectable Teague's/Teegers.

King Arthur's mythical wife, Guinevere, is a version of the JENNIFER/Genever surname that has the basis of the Rhodes Coat, but also the Coat of Deke's/Deacons and Decans (Norfolk), all Coat versions of the Aitons/Artems (Berwickshire with Arthurs). JENNIFER Wright. Aiton-like Eitons were first found in Shropshire with proto-Stewart Alans, and while one Wright/Right Coat has the leopard faces of Arthur-beloved Restons, the other Wright/Right Coat has the checkered fesse of Scottish Stewarts / Stuarts. English Stewarts (RAGully) share the Jennifer/Genever lion, and Pully is a location at lake Geneva near VEVey while Vivians were first found in Cornwall with Jennifers/Genevers, Pendragons, and with king Arthur's mother. Vevey is near Morges while king Arthur's half sister was made, Morgan.

This is not to suggest that Jennifer Wright is a secret Rhodian monster, but that the heraldry does seem to point yet again to her. Rundels share the fesse of Wright-connectable Alans. English Jeans share the Pully / Sabine scallop. Jeans were first found in Worcestershire while Worcesters almost have the Gore Coat, a good reason to see Jeans as a Jennifer branch. Bromton-like Brome's/Brooms, sharing the Pendragon chevron, were first found in Kent with RUNDELs, and with the Gore's in mythical GorLOIS of Cornwall, the husband of king Arthur's mother. LUIS of Ceva was the mother-in-law of FitzALAN of Shropshire and ARUNDEL.

Rounds, who named Arthur's Round Table, use a "sleeping lion" to go with Sleeps of Shropshire. Table's share the hurt with Arthurs. This bloodline picture goes to the Rhodian Round Table where the trash of Hell sit to devise ways of robbing everyone's money by force of their twisted and engineered-for-the-purpose laws.

Deke's/Deacons and Decans above, in Deck/Dagger colors, reminds that Arizona / Phoenix fraud was pointed to by Miss Peare on a stage and DECK, where there was a hips-PULLING event, for Hips'/Hipkins (Norfolk, same as Bags and Pully-related Sabine's) almost have the Phoenix Coat, and Pullings are listed with Pullys/Pulits. This event was connectable to Mamie and I in a SLEEPing bag in her tent, a pointer to Tintons ("royal tents") who named Tintagel, birthplace of king Arthur. Recently, I showed how Mamie and I in a lake, the morning after we were in a sleeping bag, pointed to Kari Lake. Mamie had her BATHing suit on for the lake event, and the Bath Coat is the Deacon, Decan and Jennifer/Genever Coat in colors reversed. Mamie had become cold in the sleeping bag, not even giving me a hug, and I had to settle with going to sleep with an arm around her waist/hip as she turned and faced away from me. Hips' look linkable by their Coat to Decks/Daggers.

Jennifer Wright just wrote a letter to Thomas LIDDY of the election whore house, demanding a full account of the inoperable voting machines. Liddle's use the SPUR while heraldry as "spur rowells" while Rowells (Lincolnshire with Kinns), who look by their Coat to be kin of Rounds, share the double chevrons of Kinns, whom I've just loaded to check whether HipKINs may have been named from a Hips-Kinn merger. Kinns almost use the ArchDEACON Coat!!! Look at the timing (right after the Deacons), for I do not recall ever checking Kinns as per "Hipkin"!

Kinns were first found in Lincolnshire with BRACEbridge's while Brace's, with a Coat like that of Lake's, contributed with the pointer to Kari Lake because Mamie let be emBRACE her in the lake. It just so happens that Liddle's have what can be a red-Shield version of the Lake Coat. Liddle-branch Little's are in Lake colors, and while Lake's were first found in Oxfordshire with Peare's, the latter share the gold leopard faces of PARsons while "parvo" is a motto term of Little's who themselves have a gold leopard face. Parsons were first found in Norfolk with the Antrims/Attinghams sharing the Lake bend, and with Deke's/Deacons. Dickens have another gold leopard face.

The Sleeps, first found in Shropshire, who go with the Risings, were from the SELEPitanoi Illyrians at/near Kotor and Rhizon. The proto-Arthur Ardiaei were at Rhizon with the Daorsi, and the latter are the line to Doria's (share Hobbs eagle!) who married Arduinici. Plus, the Scottish Doors share the RESTon / Wright/Right leopard faces! God has made this heraldic set undeniably a pointer to Katie Hobbs for more reasons that election fraud. It's a history lesson too. On the map at the Ardiaei link above, note "METeon" beside Rhizon, for Meads are also Meats.

As I said, one of my first, God-given dreams as a Christian was the Sleeping Beauty dream, and as God asked me to wake her, and as we were then RISING into the sky upon her waking, I realized that God was pointing to the Selepitanoi at/near Rhizon. The second / alternative fulfillment of Sleeping Beauty is Ainsley Earhardt, who works Fox and Friends with Brian KilMEADE and Steve DOOCY, the latter surname listed with Bramton-connectable Duce's/Duceys. Believe it or not. Beautys were first found in DORset with CUTTERs, believe it or not. Beautys (same place as Hades'/Hats) are in a HAYden Crest, and Hays (RISING bird) share three escutcheons (different colors) with Hobbs'.

The Beautys share the black bull in the Hayden Crest, and Hobbs-like Hobbits/Hobarts (Norfolk, same as Haydens and Sabine's) have a part-black bull in their Crest, and part-red so as to be the red bull of Pully-related Sabine's...from Flavius Sabinus and his wife, Vespasia Polla, the dragon family of imperial Rome. Another red bull is in the Crest of Daggers, first found in Cumberland with Bernice's.

The "Serva JUGum" motto of Hays plays to Servitium in the land of the Maezaei who were near or at Ragusa. Ragusa of Sicily is beside Masci-line Messina. The Juggs/Judds use a RAGully fesse, and Jugon is in Cotes-de-Nord, where MOTTs are said to have been who look like a branch of MOTleys (Shropshire). The rising bird of hays looks like a falcon, and English Falcons were first found in Cumberland with Saraca-connectable Bernice's while French Falcons were first found in Languedoc with Cotta's/COTTARds who may have named MedliCOTT of the Motleys. Jugon is now in Cotes-d'Armor while Armors share the Brittany motto.

There is a second Ragusa location in the land of Sicily's SARAcens, making Sarah, Abraham's first wife, suspect from a tribe that was the proto-Saracens. "RAGUSa" is suspect to the Raggs' who share the Burn (and Dole and Plow) fleur-de-lys. Raggs' have a Coat like that of Brittanys (brown wolf), and Sarasins were first found in Brittany while Saracens/Sarasins (black wolf) were first found in Cumberland with Bernice's and Burns. Brittanys possibly have the star of German Teegers because Teague's/Teegers have a brown wolf head, as do LAKEys. Another brown wolf head is with Rice-branch Reesors/Reasons (probably the Rodez lion), to be expected from Rhizon elements. Bernice's, sharing the hunting horn of Burns, share the fesse in the Arms of Saraca. As the Bramton Coat is a colors-reversed version of the Brunswick Coat, and as Barrs were at Brunswick while there is a Bar location at the land of the Selepitanoi, I'd suggest that Raggs' have the Bruno (and Peter) bend. Bernicia was also Bryneich, like "Brunswick," and like Mr. Brnovich.

English Babe's were once said to be first found in Dorset with Cutters, and queen Bebba of the Bebbanburgs was of Bernicia. German Babenbergs were founded by Poppo of GRABfeld, and Crabs (Cambridgeshire with Dole's) share the Raggs fleur-de-lys. Grape's/Grabbers share the Sarah bend, and Abraham lived in Hebron, near mount GAREB.

There's a Grab/Crabb Coat sharing the Coat exactly of Jewish, Landry-like Landers, begging why this set of heraldry might point to money LAUNDERing in Kiev because the French Landrys were first found in Lorraine while Krebs'/Crebs have a bendwise crayfish (crab family) in the colors of the bendwise antler of Lorraine- and Keep-relayed Casimirs. It reminds that Kievers share the red antler with Casimirs. It evokes the deep-state stooge, "Christopher Krebs serves as the first director of the Department of Homeland Security's Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA)." Homeland Security and the military laundry machine go corrupt hand in under-the-table hand together.

Repeat: "...Grape's/Gripps/GRABBers share the Goat/Gothan Coat, making Grape's/Gripps/Grabbers suspect with Kepke at the Graff residence, because Kepke's use the goat, and Graffs are also Gravs."

I explained how Lorraine's pant / BUTT stain that I saw on her BALCONy pointed to Botters/BUTINi's -- with almost the Balcon Coat -- from the Budini south of Kiev. Balcons were first found at Crail (Ukraine-connectable Fife) while Crails are listed with Crabs. It appears that God is snitching here on Mr. Krebs. In fact, the crayfish of Krebs can be for a branch of Grays/Croys, first found in Northumberland with Lorraine's. Crays/Craws/Wreath's have the Gray/Croy lion in colors reversed.

Krebs' deputy at CISA is Matthew Travis, and Travis' (tiger) almost have the Chedder Coat (= Judge/Juge Coat) while Chedders came to topic in the last update's spider-cheese dream, which causes me to note the similarity between "cheese" and "CISA." Do Chedders have the Judge/Juge Coat because Ms. Wright is bringing the election frauds to court? Travis'/Travers share the white boar head with Judds/Juggs. Grabs/Crabbs were even first found in Hamburg with the Trips/TREFFs from Trypillia near Kiev, and TREFors/Trevors are like the Travers variation of Travis'.

The Travis/Travers chevron is shared by the BROME's/Brooms who may have originally used ears of wheat (now called "sprigs of broom") for the Wheats, first found in Norfolk with BROMptons/Bramtons.

The spider-cheese dream pointed to STARlink satellites, things that spy orgs like CISA can use typically. SATELLite-like Settle's/Settels (share STAR lozenges) were first found in Lancashire with the Shuttleworths/SHETTLEworths (share bear with Berwick liners) who in turn share the Webber-connectable "weaver's shuttle" with Krebs-connectable Keeps. As was said, Jewish, Keep-connectable Landers share the Grab/Crabb Coat, and German Landers/Landens share the Langley Coat while Langley is the location of CIA headquarters. The CIA is awash inside the military laundry machine. Hell is reserved for thieves in the military.

Here's a Brazilian reason as to why globalists want to eradicate cash, to make it easy to quell protests against their criminality, but may this plot backfire into their faces:

Here's Elon Musk walking the fence, having taken the role of Chief Censor, deciding one-by-one as to who should or should not be given the ability to share speech: reported that Musk is a liberal piece of trash, making him a fraud for promising free speech to everyone: "Twitter CEO Elon Musk on Friday announced that the Big Tech platform will resume shadowbanning independent media on the platform and will promote 'trusted' mainstream media outlets instead." Zowie, he's one of them, hands down, a piece of trash humanity. Beware, because some Christians fell in love with him like they love free speech across the board more than they love Jesus. Love the Lord your God with all your heart. Wait for his acts. Musk is not providing a fair playing field, but favoring leftist media.

Here's Tucker's story on Sam Bankman-Fried. I stress you ignore the illegalities and the donations to the Democrat whore house, and zero in on the cashless society now in play thanks to FTX's fraud. Start getting as self-sufficient as possible starting now if you have not yet, for the good of, not just yourself, but those in your family who have no ears nor eyes to hear and see what sort of beast is on the horizon:

In the best-case scenario, the people who lost their investments with FTX were anti-Christs, atheists, immoralites, slanderers or money-grubbing ignorers of God. Perhaps some of them will now have a change of mind.

Fox news never mentions the end-times, nor the look of things today as it looks like prophecy coming to fulfillment. Fox news is not your friend, not even close. Fox is, like all goats and wolves, interested in advancing financially, and as such is marching into the throat of the dragon. Here's Kari Lake making absolute fun of Fox news without even trying. The fact that she's giving sound evidence of election fraud is what makes Fox look like the sham that it has become.

Klaus Schwab is saying this week that what the world badly needs is the tackling (by who?) of a "deep and systemic re-structuring of our world," leading to "transformation" via a "transition process." I whole-heartedly agree. We need to change the world, get it out of the hands of lunatics like Schwab, and Jesus will do this for us, and of course we can help along.

Schwab's recent words refer to DESTRUCTIVE changes. He didn't mean RE-structuring, but DE-structuring, to tear down some basics of the present world to install replacements. LUNATICS ALONE think they can control the world to effect such a grand scheme against what the people want and need. And when people don't want their de-structuring, rebellion is the result, to be handled by the iron fists of the lunatics. And so when you see this man talk, KNOW that his team has already decided how to bring down the iron fist. He knows he's going to the iron fist, which we have already seen at work, for example in destroying farms, farmers and foods. We have sinned against Schwabite fascists, we have rebelled, and must be punished because we are making Schwab look like a failure. Here's what these cursed snakes want in the short-term, in their next step, the step they wished to fulfill this past year, but no luck thus far:

Get rid of your cell phones, or you will be part-guilty of forcing everyone to operate under constant surveillance.

Here's a horror story. In the best-case scenario, the dead doctors were guilty of killing others, without conscience, with vaccines. In the worst-case scenario, these doctors were murdered using their vaccine-vulnerability because they were about to rebel against the vaccine empire.

The Democrats were forced to expose their election fraud at all costs because a Republican like Kari Lake will put Democrats on the washed-up cycle within its laundering machine. The choice was either death or cheat big, but having chosen the latter, there will be fewer slumbering people mindlessly supporting deep-state politicians over the next two years. In the meantime, "successful" fraud has fueled Democrat activists, which will naturally expose their evil still more because they can now be still more bold, visible or even reckless in their scams because they think they will win the next election with their invincible fraud machinery.

The reason the cheats put Hobbs ahead by about 1-percent for the last 4-500,000 ballots is so that it won't look like they brought her from behind to win it in a squeaker...because that looks like fraud. The cheats badly want Hobbs to win by more than 1-percent, but that will need more fraud, and so that's what they talked about over the weekend: how to do the fraud. By all reports, the last 150,000 ballots yet to be counted will lean toward Lake so that she's expected to lose by less than one percent, or even to win it by 10 or 20 votes. If Ms. Lake wins, the cheats will not suffer the pain they will if she loses. If she wins, the fraud will be forgotten, but if she loses, it will probably be dealt with in the courts, and in the court of public opinion, all over again.

This week, I learned that an automatic re-count in Arizona is when the final tabulation has the winner ahead by .5-percent or less, not 1-percent or less. That's why the cheats got Hobbs a win by over .5-percent.

I've just learned from another Bannon video that the final Arizona ballots were promised by 8 pm Monday night, and it's 10 pm as I write. As it turns out, mainline media have projected Hobbs to be the winner. The Arizona media, governor, attorney general (Hobbs), secretary of state, and the elections house, are all opposed to Lake. This is how they get away with this sort of fraud. But God has the last say. Although I don't know the score yet, it'll probably allow a recount.

There were over 2.4-million ballots reported by the whore house. The whore house reported that 25-percent of the counting machine's were not functioning, meaning that there should be roughly 600,0000 ballots left in the so-called "Box 3" for human handling. However, the whore house is reporting far below that number because the trick was to trash Republican ballots in Box 3, a no-brainer. Plus, why didn't the whore house have extra machines on hand for those that magically broke down on the morning of the election? They broke down even though they were working fine the day before...because the whores are required to test machines the day before the election. What judge would believe that 25-percent of the machines broke down in Maricopa, but not elsewhere in the region, and exactly where the final outcome was a squeaker victory for the whore house that badly needed to win to protect election fraud of two years ago?

By Wednesday, a week after the election, someone at Gab: "Kari Lake refuses to concede. This comes as Senate nominee Blake Masters and Secretary of State nominee Mark Finchem [both of Arizona races] have also declined to concede." Polls showed that, on election day, there were about three times as many Republican voters in Maricopa than Democrats, and yet these election-day ballots were the last few hundred-thousand to be counted i.e. where Ms. Lake should have shot ahead, therefore, but did not.

You can seethe with Mr. Fearless, it's what's needed everywhere:

We might have counseled DeSantis not to fight back against Trump, but apparently he couldn't help himself. However, I think he spoke the truth, and didn't send a missile toward Trump, but rather pulled the rug out from under him:

I don't know whether DeSantis would become a RINO if ever he won the White House, but there's a chance he has a heart. Trump is a heartless sociopath because he still can't bring himself to confessing that his vaccine program has led to the continually slaughter of people of all ages all over the world. A true leader would have stood the ground against Fauci, and showed an example of how to reject the vaccines and lockdowns, as DeSantis came around to doing because he was, from the start, able to see the sham. DeSantis wasn't able to counter the sham at first because there wasn't yet enough proof that there was a sham, but once the evidence came in, he was full-throttle opposed, and because the American leader / example in how to oppose the criminal sham with gusto and passion. And he scored in other ways too, becoming to his voters. Trump, the goof, wants the credit for all of that.

Trump, judging by his lust for power, and in the glorious way he views himself, seems to be possessed by a chief devil, perhaps satan's right-hand demon. In a period where Trump's voters are needing to see Trump admit his COVID errors, here's Dinesh D'Souza suggesting that Trump was simply or merely wrong with his stance on COVID. But he may also be implying that DeSantis is an enemy of Trump voters, wanting only to ruin Trump on behalf of "never Trumpers":

Dinesh D'Souza made way too much money on his 2000 Mules "movie" that was nothing more than a super news documentary. He needs to give much of that money back to the people who paid for the "movie." The visual material in the documentary wasn't even secured by himself; the work was done by others.

In contrast, Jesus FEELs for people, from the heart. One can celebrate good things that happen to family and friends, which is an act of love, a FEELING of joy when the one you love feels joy. Or, when one is encountering a sorry situation, you love by FEELING for that person. Love can be defined as regarding the other person's conditions. I don't know that there's much of a difference between "feeling" and "regarding." Trump did not fight for his voters. He asked his voters to fight for him, and then had no regard for them when the fight was on. Not only did he give up the fight, but he left them in the jaws of the wolves...the FBI wolf, the COVID wolf, the Google wolf, the NSA wolf, the military wolf, the Democrat wolf. This is not Jesus. This is a self-interested fake.

In the New Testament, James said, in effect, what good is it to regard the plights of others but to do nothing about them when we are able? Thus, doing the needed good things is true religion, and belief in Jesus without those things is dead. Instead of rejoicing for DeSantis' great victory due to a great show of loyalty to his own voters and Trump's, the latter sent him a scathing missile, in broad daylight for everyone to see, signed, I HATE YOU. The purpose of this missile was to get his base to hate DeSantis too.

Here's Jesse Watters implying the possibility, with new data unveiled, that the Oath Keepers (who I think pretend to be conservatives) were an FBI operation:

If you watched the above, you watched a masterful piece of work, turning fault for January 6 back on the FBI. That is, Jesse permits or entertains the possibility that the FBI was not guilty of leading and staging the event, but then asks why the FBI didn't stop the dangerous "insurrection" since FBI officers were heavily stacked within the crowds accused of creating the insurrection. Perfect logic, perfect condemnation of Chris Wray's FBI, perfect material for jailing Chris Wray.

Everything in the news is moving to provoke pro-Trumpers to start a civil war, but thanks to the overwhelming powers of the American deep state, they ain't going to try it, sorry deep state, it ain't gonna work.

The video below and the title itself are bang-on enlightening (and laughable) on the criminal, climate-warming hoax:

Why does Klaus Schwab look like a frog? Trudeau, whose in bed with him, is a French "frog." Why might Revelation 16 say that three frogs, from the throats of two men, will call for Armageddon? Does Schwab want Armageddon for swift and massive population reduction? It's starting to shape up that way. The president of France is himself an avid Schwabite. One sign of a suicidal tendency is the grey, or even light-grey, text that some websites use now. Like, duh, are they so daft as to make half their customers vanish from the page, as I do, when I come across this text, or are they subconsciously self-destructive because they have demonic spirits? Recklessness is the way of the future. Stay out of their way. Here's the French president admitting that Schwabites want a global government under themselves (who else?):

For a few months, the popular Dr. Campbell, once a media-news boon for the vaccine goons, has been gradually shifting his speech to show some hesitancy because that's what's popular now; he has less cart-blanche (= brainless) support for the goons now. You can tell a little of where he's at in this video:

With almost nobody but the most-brainless or irresponsible of people willing to go along with perpetual vaccines, I don't see how the globalists are going to succeed with vaccine passports of any kind without starting great strife that looks like a big-fat backfire into their faces. But surprise us, go ahead and show us your absolute wickedry.

As you can see in the video above, WHO wants to be at the spear tip of the vaccine passports, not just a piece of paper, but a digital number that belongs only to you, and so they want to make you more of a number than Western governments already have. The digital number is implanted into your phone, and later into the body, meaning that, if you keep your cell phone, and use your digital money always (such as the debit card), you are facilitating these goons. Do like me, withdraw cash when you go to the bank, enough to buy your needs until your return to the bank, and keep a stash of cash at home to visit the bank less often, to make the banks less rich and powerful. Try to continue paying your bills by checks; try to get a check for your paycheck, telling your boss you do not want to contribute to the mark-of-the-beast system. Work up the courage, because it's in the best interest of your fellow believers. These coming years, cash at home may be safer than in the bank.

The goons have reckoned with the poor political performance of all their stooges around the world who contributed to the vaccine scheme thus far. Their next push for forced vaccination may not be coming this winter, therefore. They need to lick their wounds while hibernating this winter. Let us stand guard outside of the caves of these wolverines and shoot them dead the moment we see them coming out. We can then hang them up to dry, feeding their bodies to the vultures.

I thought you might like this spirited message (this woman handles a deadly wooden spoon):

When my mother was upset with me as a teen, she would take out the wooden spoon and swing, but I always intercepted it and hung on to the other end. Poor mommy, she never got to hit me with it. So, when the angry medical establishment takes out the wooden spoon for a swipe against your body, grab it and don't let go, make them go furious. If it's mind games they want to play to make you think you're crazy, you drive them crazy by showing absolute, resolute, opposition to their lunacy, and tell them that they are lunatics with a loud voice so that it goes deep into their minds. There's no use trying to make them see reason, because they are not interested in reason if they are still, to this day, the way Dr. Campbell once was. Campbell is coming along, he may yet save his mind. Listen to this laughable piece of desperation from ontario, in the first minute:

In a trib situation, where we are not permitted to buy gasoline for a car, we might actually do well to buy a used electric car in case we need to make a trip once or twice a month. We would keep it charged with solar panels, and that's it, no more complicated than that. No purchase of energy needed to get the car rolling, though we can't go very far on the one load of "gas" unless we are going to a place that likewise has solar panels, like the property of a fellow trib survivor. In fact, one electric car between the properties of multiple trib survivors can be arranged, and everyone borrows the same car when needed. Arrange properties near to one another. Have an electric motorbike(s) too (needs less energy) for keeping-in-touch purposes. The globalists may actually be helping us to move around in the trib with electric cars. They might even be dirt cheap by then because of the failure of electric-car popularity. We are now going fast to electric-car unpopularity. An electric car is only as good as it's VERY-EXPENSIVE battery system, be wise.

Back in May, I reported that Dennis Prager claimed he saw no evidence of systematic fraud, and after that, I heard something strange about his religious views, but have forgotten the issue. In the video below, he says a couple of strange things, and so I think you should beware this man's teachings because he looks like a washed-out Christian either having lost his connection to Jesus, or something similar that pays tribute more to the founding fathers of the USA than to the father of Jesus:

Late this work week, I found a report that Kari Lake was seen dining with Trump at Mar-a-Lago. It may have been to ask his support for winning Arizona. Or he may have invited her because he wants four years of opportunities for some extra-marital fun. I don't think she'll give it to him. He may have asked her to give-up the fight in Arizona. She should not be his vice-president if she wants to be loyal to Jesus. Trump is a string of traitorous, strike-out calamities waiting to happen.

The fact is, unless we repent and swear allegiance to Jesus, filthy spirits will continue to lay filthy eggs into our minds. Snakes then are born in our minds and spread their tails into our hearts. This is the importance of the Clean Spirit. Nobody appreciates a clean spirit like the wise one who's been destroyed by filthy spirits, but foolish ones like Trump say, "I don't need to be forgiven by Jesus because I don't do anything wrong." In the meantime, he's now guilty of killing and maiming millions, some of them yet to be maimed and killed. He won't even see his own sins, his own errors leading to calamities under the nation he once ruled. And now Kari Lake wants to partner with this thorny, dirty burr? Does she wish to commit suicide?

Clean is good, clean is healthy. A Clean God means His Kingdom won't tolerate a man who steals from his neighbor, but instead promotes giving to the neighbor. Aren't you glad that the only God happens to be a Clean God? A society based on stealing is a society that ends up killing. How glad are you that a Clean God is the Reality? How do we explain the stunning claim of some that God is a cruel God? He kills the thieves, the killers, and the God-haters, and yet the people view Him as cruel???

If you don't have evil thoughts popping up out of nothing like snake eggs cracking open, it's probably because the Spirit of God lives in you. Think of it, think of the mystery, God living in a human body, yuck. Yuck because a body is yuck on the inside, but God doesn't mind. I don't know how He does it, but as the yuck was His creation, I suppose that explains it. How important is it that God would live in us to protect us from evil?

If, when the filthy thoughts pop up we shun them, they will not incubate and grow, and God will be pleased. We pass the tests. But if we incubate and give birth to long snakes in our hearts, He's out of there. Beware. Don't give up on God because, when nothing seems to be happening in your heart, say, "no news is good news." The Guard stands on guard, and all's well even when nothing is happening...which is a great time to make something good happen. When at peace, shake a leg, do some good thing to raise the lips of Jesus into a small smile. Shake two legs, turn it into a big smile He cannot resist. can God be made happy by you? Is it only God who blesses us and not we blessing Him.

There has got to be a way for us to sense God within us, and the way this is done is by caring enough about Him that we seek to speak to Him. This is passing the test too, for if we say we believe in Jesus yet never speak to Him, never implore Him to be with us, never thank Him for this process of salvation that he's spun for us, then do we not fail the test of true Christianity? What kind of love do we have for God if we don't say loving things toward Him? The one who speaks to God with love finds God. That's how I did it, that's how I became a Christian initially. I said to Him, "even if I have to go to Hell, from there I will love You." But Trump has no need to thank God because he never sins. A Christian who supports Trump is mindless. Kari Lake is out of her mind, like one stepping into a trap.

Love toward, and appreciation for, Jesus is the key to saving your soul. It's not salvation in a vacuum, but salvation with the bonus of having the Almighty on your side. If that doesn't seem like a great deal to you, you're out-of-your-mind blinded. You have opaque snake eggs for pupils. What does it mean to have God on your side versus God frowning upon you? Is it just a little mess? Look at the big mess Trump ended up making for the nation he claims to care for? He gave it into the fangs of heartless snakes. No good can be the final result of a man who thinks he's as good as God. Any Christian supporting a man who thinks he's as good as God is a traitor to Jesus. Correct yourself if you've been duped.

Karen Kingston is an avid Christian yet supports Trump as some kind of political savior even though she's an ex-Pfizer employee now speaking out against its vaccines. ??? Does she believe that Trump's innocent? Trump is a grenade because he portrays himself as the king-pin of vaccines. He pulled the pin over our eyes, and I saw it. Why can't she see it for what it is?

I heard a report serving some evidence that vaccinated people have, in their urine, what they should not have, protein, and the blame is tentatively given to malfunctioning kidneys, which tends to point the guilty finger at Remdesivir.

In the video above, we learn that voters (assume Republicans) who chose not to cast a vote due to voting machines not working, but chose to go elsewhere, were not permitted to vote elsewhere because the workers at the second location were told by their computer records that these voters had already cast their vote at the first place they went to...where they had decided not to vote due to suspicions that "door-3" fraud was in process.

Nick Moseder on a Pennsylvania fraud fight to date, with two heroic lawyers on the panel. At about 50 minutes, you will see how the whores trashed Republican ballots sufficient to make the Republican(s) lose:

Here's good news for the aged or lame who can't walk well:


Here's all four Gospels wrapped into one story.

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