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September 20 - 26, 2022

Is Ron DeSantis a Rider on a White Horse?
5G Wants to Mug and Strangle the World
Santa Claus, Robin Hood, and Bugs Bunny Are Bloodlines

If you're waiting for Jesus to return, see Post-Tribulation Rapture

It was nice while it lasted. Hall of Names is no longer showing the descriptions of the Coats of Arms presented at House of Names, but I have many of them recorded in my past updates from which to borrow.

They say that Varangian Rus of Kiev were at least co-founders of Moscow, and so the trick is to find the root of the Rus, which I conjectured was in the Redones, also called Ruthene, of France, the namers of the Rhodanus river (now the Rhone). Ruthene were in Slavic areas too. Cecil Rhodes is expected from this people group, but also Rothschilds and Rockefellers, the latter migrating from Roxolani of the Kiev area to the naming of RoqueFEUIL, near Rodez. Heraldry teaches me, through the treFOIL, that Roxolani migrated with Trypillians of Kiev to Britain, and to the Trips/TREFFs.

(Load Trips/Treffs now to have access, on another tab, to other Coats of Arms.)

I know little details of the territories held by Varangians of Kiev. The modern Prut that goes through Galatia-like Galati was well within their domain of influence, or even part of their kingdom. As the Prut was called the PYRETus and similar terms, I'm going to guess that it was named by the same people naming Perta on Lake Tatta in Galatia, a lake at the sources of the Halys river along with a Moschi-like Mokissos location. Perts are listed with Petts and use "bulRUSHes," code for the Rus-like Rush's, a branch of Rosco's. As "Perta" is like "Peter / Petro," note that while Sempers were Pierre liners, heraldry has a common motto, "Semper PARATUS," used by PURchase's while Purys and Pierro-connectable Peare's/Purle's were first found in Oxfordshire.

The Hatti who lived on the Halys named Hattusa there, and he was represented by the Phrygian sun god, Attis. A myth writer came along and modified his name into Aeetes, king of what became Hattusa-like Kutaisi near RHODopolis in what is now Georgia. It's near the Moschi mountains, themselves near Lake Van, ruled by king Rusa...who was conquered (8th century BC) by Cimmerians living in Ukraine at the time. I don't know where these Cimmerians were living exactly, but we can assume they were at least near Kiev with Roxolani, or that Roxolani came later from the family of one king Rusa or another.

I have conjectured that the Stout family of vikings, who flew a raven banner, were Rus, even the Sinclair Rus, and so as Sinclairs are known to have been Claro's to begin with, we take this to an ancient Clarus location near the Lydia/Caria border, for that center had a mythical Mopsus who was also MUKSus, looking like "Mokissos." Lydians were made descendants of Attis by the myth writers. We can trace Hatti to the Keith Catti of HADDington in Lothian, and to CAITHness, where Andrews were first found who were likely from the Andrew known to be at the root of the ROSS clan. Ross' are in Rush and Rosco colors while Rosco's share the cinquefoils of Keith-branch Kettle's, the latter first found in Perta-like Perthshire with Lothians (share hunting horn with Huntingdons). The Ross lions are colors reversed from the same of Roslin-like Russells, and the latter look like they were from Languedoc's Roussillon, which incorporated Roquefeuil.

The Catti of Lothian were from the Chatti of Hesse-Cassel, and Hesse's use a giant sun likely for the Sinclairs of Lothian.

It just so happens that Tatta-like Tate's use ravens, suggesting Rus peoples at lake Tatta. Scottish Tate's were first found in Berwickshire, near ROXburgh. Roxburghs use an "AUDax" motto term, and Roquefeuil is in Aude province. Isabel Roquefeuil married Hugh of Rodez, and I say this line goes from Hugh's son, Henry, to Henry of Huntingdon, grandson of queen Margaret Atheling, who had been in exile with her father in Kiev along with prince Andrew of Hungary. Hungarians had been Magyars in Magog into Ukrainian regions. Huntingdons are in Rush colors and format, and Perts/Petts love the Rushs and their Bull/Bule kin.

Atheling-like Athels were first found in Perta-like Perthshire with Drummonds, and the latter descended from George, a son of prince Andrew above, after the latter became the king of Hungary (1044) with his Varangian-Rus wife. I have read that Henry Sinclair was Margaret's cup bearer, and that she granted him the city of ROSlin to settle. I have read that her son, king David, father of Henry Huntingdon, built her a "Haly ROD" House, and this is the clue linking Henry's blood to Henry of Rodez.

I claim that Margaret's mother, Agatha, was the wife of this George of Hungary. This is being repeated because I see Agatha, for reasons, in PodeBRADY, and Bradys included such branches as Breads/Bradds, once said to be first found in MidLOTHIAN with Roslin, and with Roquefeuil-connectable Fallis'/Falls (Feller branch) whose lions are in the colors of the giant Bread/Bradd/Bratt lion head. There appears to have been Rus people in Podebrady. The point is, the Bradys use a sun, and Suns are listed with Sinclairs, and so I'm conjecturing that PodeBrady was named by a Rus or Rus-related people on the Prut/Pyretus river. I'm thinking that Part- / Pert- / Pret- / Pratt-like names became PodeBrady too. Belgian Pratts share the saltire of Scottish Tate's and Scottish Bruce's while the latter's lion is colors reversed from the one of Breads/Bradds/Bratts.

In an historical document I've shared several times, George above, father of Drummonds, is said to have been in Scotland in 1055, likely to assist king Malcolm III, father of king David above, to defeat link MacBeth of Moray...where Ruths/Rothers/Randolphs were first found. In 1054, Siward of Northumberland, defeated MacBeth in battle, but did not wipe out his army. Malcolm did in 1057, and Maurice Drummond, son of this same George, joined Malcolm's family about that time, and even married Malcolm's sister. You can't usually do that unless you have royal ties to the sister, and I say that Malcolm's wife, Margaret above, was the half-sister of Maurice (both the children of Agatha).

MacBeth is known to be the line to Beths/Beatons who use an otter head while Otters/Others were first found in Huntingdonshire, suggesting that MacBeth's line had married the line of Henry above, earl of Huntingdon. Beats/Beets were first found six miles from Roslin. Baits were first found in Fife with Balfours, and I trace Fife's, Five's/Fifys and Vivians to "Lviv" of Ukraine, at the Bug river(s).

Another white otter head is used by Balfours, and prime minister Arthur Balfour was part of the Cecil-Rhodes group of communist globalists who worked to put pagan Israel on the map, populated largely by Russian "Jews" suspect from the "Jewish" kagans (kings) of Khazars of Magog. This Israel is not blessed, but destined for destruction by the will of God that He might save a remnant who will never again rebel against Him...though Gog will rebel yet again, says Revelation 20, in hopes of regaining global dominance. So terrible will be the wipe-out of end-time Israel that all of brutal history will be ended at that time.

Cohens/Kagans share the Moray stars and have a sun likely as code for Sinclairs, yet one can also glean Attis the sun god of the Halys river where Muksus was both there and at Clarus. Morays use a Perta-like "pret" motto term, and the Attis cult was around Perta.

Siward of Northumberland was the line to Swords using a motto, "Paratus," looking like it honors ancestry from the Pyretus river. The Prut flows at Galati, and Gallats/Gallarts (Bug colors) share the same raven-using Coat as German Bugs. The Batons in the Balfour Crest share the bat with English Bugs, first found in Dorset with Russells. Balfours were first found near Siward-suspect Sewers/Suters of Angus, and the latter is where KilDRUMMy is. The Bat Caucasians lived in Georgia between Rhodopolis and the Moschi mountains. The Bat Coat is like that of RUSts/Roosts, first found in Kent with Rush-loving Perts/Petts. The latter share the stork with Pitts.

French Gascons, first found in Gascony with Gallats/Gallarts, share the cinquefoils of Keith-branch Kettle's and Rosco's, a good way to decide that Gallats were from Galatians. French Gascons are in Shirt/Shard colors and format while Tous/TONSO's use a man wearing a "shirt." Cabyle on the Tonzus river is suspect with mythical Cybele, Attis' wife.

German Gascons were first found in Hamburg with German Drummonds. These Gascons look like they use a goose, and Gog-like Googe's list the Goose's. This gets important: Rutherfords (ROXburghshire) and Letters of Berwickshire (same place as Tate's and Arthurs) share the goose on a ROCK, and Letters, in Leto colors and format, can be expected from mythical Leto/Latona, who was in Clarus. Perts/Petts use mascles while Keiths come up as "Mascal." Gallats/Gallarts are also GallARDs while "ARDens" is the full motto of Perts/Petts. Pitts use "ardua."

Attis-like Attys/Aids/Ade's were from Ada of Varenne, wife of Henry of Huntingdon above. Varenne's/Verone's share the Gallat/Gallart Coat. Attys/Aids, kin of Welsh Davids for obvious reason, were first found in Berwickshire with Tate's and Arthurs. The latter use organ "rests" suspect with Orestia (Hadrianopolis) at ancient Arda on the Hebros river, near Cabyle. Attis' wife was Cybele. At the top of the Hebros river, adjacent to the RHODope mountains, were the Sword-like Serdi, beside mount DUNAX, and Malcolm III, assisted by Siward, was a son of DUNCan. Duncan-branch Donkeys, sharing the Huntingdon hunting horn, were first found in Northumberland. The Aid-like Aitons/Artems, likewise first found in Berwickshire, are in Decan colors and format, and the latter have a "ribbon" around a rest-like "wrist." Rists/Ristons were a Reston branch. Decani is a region between the Ardiaei and the Dardanians. Decans use most of the Rhodes Coat, and the Decan Coat is fully a colors-reversed Coat version of the Bat-branch Baths.

Donkeys and Duncans share the Bus cinquefoil, though note that it's also the one of Dogs/Doags/DOCks of PERTHshire. Decans (Norfolk, same as Bus', Pray-branch English Prats, and Drops/Trope's) are also Dockings. Decani (on the White Drin river) is near Tropoje while Drops/Trope's share the Chief of Irish Preys/Prays.

Roxolani were not only at/around Kiev, but at the BUZau river of the Cotesii, and mythical Cotys was made the father of Attis under discussion. Prut-like Prude's/Pride's use "lamPREYs" while Irish Preys/Prays share the six pale bars of Coats'/Cotes'. French Prude's/Prats were first found in Ile-de-France with Huntingdon-connectable Varenne's/Verone's. While "Paratus" is the motto of Swords, the "LAMPreys" are likely code for the Lamps (Northumberland, same as Donkeys, Sword-line Siward, and Lams/Lambs) while Lams/Lambs, sharing the Bus / Donkey cinquefoil too, are in Rush and Huntingdon colors and format. NorthUMBERland (beside Cumberland) is suspect with Cimmerian elements of Cumbria. Lams/Lambs (look like Rosco kin) were at Simpering while "Semper" is a motto term in the Arms of Lviv while Sempers/Simpers have the Duce/Doocy Coat.

As Swords (Abreu/Abruzzo and Trip/Treff colors) share the wings of Portuguese Abreu's (and Alfreds), note that while Italian Abreu's are listed with Abruzzo's, Prut-like Aprutium was the Abruzzo capital. Presleys share two symbols of Abreu's/Abruzzo's, and the Presley Crest is almost the red wyvern of Drake's and Cliffords, the first point being the "Semper Paratus" of CLIFFords. The second point is that L'Aquila, the current Abruzzo capital, is in the Drake motto. Drake's are in Dreux colors and format, and Dreux is in Evreux / Eure, a Normandy location named by Abreu-line Hebrews. The third point is that Abreu-like Prays/PRETers and Prats look like CLIFF kin.

I conclude that Aphrodite, symbol for Hebrews on the Euphrates and Habur rivers, were migrated to the Prut, and likely other areas of Ukraine / Romania. She loved Ares, likely the symbol of the Hros / Rosh / Rus peoples. He with Aphrodite even birthed Eros and Erotes, which myth writers used as play on eroticism, yet in the real world, these terms denote proto-Russians. In Roman myth, Ares evolved into Mars likely because the Marsi people group lived in Abruzzo. Mars was foundational to Romans, and I say Benjamites of RIMMON co-founded Romans with their Jabesh wives who became "Jupiter." These Benjamites migrated to the RIMNa river near the Prut, but they were also near Hebron in Israel, a location that I connect to Hebrews and Amorites on the Euphrates / Habur.

"Duce" is a motto term of Schims/Schiens (share Lam/Lamb stars) who in turn share the boar head of Halys' and Googe's/Goose's. "Duci" is a motto term of Atha's/Attys. SCHIMs/Schiens share the Chief of Scottish Mochs/Mochrys who in turn have a SCIMitar. The MOCH/Mochry fesse is that also of MOPPs'/Moberleys, and Mopsus was also MUKsus. Mopps'/Moberleys use two of the fesses, as do Washingtons in the same colors who in turn share the Moch/Mochry Chief. That makes the erect sword of French Mochs look like the ones of Schim-branch Skins/Scans. Mochs/Mochrys were first found in Lanarkshire with Sine's/Swans/Sions in the "sine" motto term of Lams/Lambs, and the latter share the Lanark cinquefoils.

Ardiaei Illyrians had a queen Teuta, and they married TriTEUTa of the Dardanians, and this can apply to "Tatta" because Tute's/Touts share the Tatton crescent. It can apply to the "Tout pret" motto term of Morays, for the Moray branch of Irish Murrays have a motto, "Imperio," while Imperia is the city of Oneglia, where Arduinici married Doria's suspect from the Daorsi partners of Ardiaei.

Leto/Latona was the mother of Apollo, and the latter's so-called Apollo Oracle was the same type of false-prophet / divination cult as Muksus/Mopsus of Clarus, though I think he was also named after Mokissos near lake Tatta. That works. "Latona" is what the Romans called Leto, and the Lazi of Caucasia, on the Glaucus river to Aeetes' Kutaisi home, lived in Lazona. Letts/Late's, first found in Glaucus-like Gloucestershire, use "ORGAN pipes," and another Henry Sinclair ruled ORKNey. Tyndaris (on this old map) was a location beside Kutaisi (not shown), and mythical Leda married Tyndareus, parents of Apollo-like Pollux, we get it.

White-skinned people lived in many places, but our "enlightened" educators decided to call them "Caucasians." Why? Isn't it because the anti-Christ educators cherished their Caucasian roots in the Gog-gang who are in Scripture as the mortal enemies of God? And we now have Russian war in Ukraine that has the appearance of escalating into Armageddon by design of Rothchilian elements at NATO. Both entities have ancestry in Ukraine.

Doesn't Trump look like a big Caucasian Gog? They say that "gog" means sky, and therefore also "blue," and the Googe's/Goose's are in Trump white-blue colors, as are the Dace's/Darcys (GALway, same as Drummond-connectable Bradys) suspect in "auDACES." The "AUDaces" motto term of Googe's/Goose's (Roque/Rock / Aude/Ode colors) suggest the Rogue's/Rocks because Roquefeuil is in Aude. Dace's/Darcys share the cinquefoils of Keith-related Frasers.

Trump, I assume, named Truth Social, and Truths/Trots share the six pale bars of Coats'/Cotes' and Irish Prays, the latter first found in County Down with Knee's who in turn share the stag head of Tromp-beloved Acorns, the latter first found in Sussex with Downs/DOUNs having nearly the Trump Coat. Dons have two fesses in the colors and positions of the two Roque/Rock rocks. Dons share the brown stag head with Frasers, Keiths, and the Nissans having the double Don fesses in colors reversed. While German Drummonds (suspect as a Trump branch) have three of the Don fesses, Nissans were first found in Hamburg with German Drummonds and Kiev-trackable Trips/Treffs. The Don river in Ukraine's Donbas seems to be at topic. Trump's family descends from Drumpfs.

The fake president Putin, the one now in the Donbas (at the Don river), has come out to say he's in favor of vaccinations. Oh no. Scottish Allisons are said to be from MacDONALDs, possibly from the Don river. Donald trump. A minute or two before being mugged, I got my truck keys out of my running shoe's, and while shoe-using Trips were from Trypillians of Kiev, Runnings/Ronnys, sharing the Rush / Rosco fesse, look like a branch of Ronalds who are in turn listed with Donalds. Trump is the Ronald MacDonald of the conservative party, a clown act. FAKE. MacDonalds had a Kepke-like Keppoch branch. Shoe's have "a knight issuing from the KNEES."

Behold. Allisons can be to topic because the Truths/Trots are in the Allison motto with "Truth preVAILs," and Vails/Velis' (Northumberland, same as Knee-beloved PHOENix'/Fenwicks) share the Tromp eagle. While Knee's are also Nee's, "Ne velis" is a motto term of PHONE's/Fane's and graphene-like Griffins. Velis'/Wills use griffins. Trumps were first found in Pomerania with the House of Griffin. Mr. Kepke pointed to graphene oxide at the Graff residence, and Kepke was sitting on the hood with me when he spotted ALLISON Bauer leaving me for another stockboy, Mike Denardo. Narbonne is at Aude province too, and Narbonne's are listed with Denardo's...who almost have the Tower tower for what looks like a pointer to cell-PHONE towers, especially as cell-like Calls use trumpets! By what coincidence do Calls share the demi-lion of Graffs/Graffens??? I've said a few times that Mr. Kepke represents Donald Trump. Kepke had a pet white rat (apt symbol for the Caucasian Rus) in his CELLar, and Cellers/Kelle's use eagle heads in the colors of the Tromp eagle!!! Can you believe this?

Scottish Cellers (Angus, same as KilDRUMMY and Tromp-connectable Gardens) share gold acorns with Tromps! Mike Denardo brought DRUMs to my party just weeks or months before he took Allison from me. Bauers were the first Rothschild bankers, the beginning of Armageddon. Sellers/Cellars are in McGee/GEE colors and format, making this look like a pointer to 5G cell towers.

The Dons have an "omnia" motto term that goes to my omen in Texas a few hours before a mugger mugged me in Galveston, a pointer to poison vaccines that Trump dished out with the quasi-veiled / subtle threat of the American military behind their distribution. The omen was in the SKY with a sun-cloud combination, and McLeods/Clouds of Skye are in white-blue colors too. The mugger swung a FAKE weapon (pretended to be a knife), with upraised hand, toward my belly, but I lifted my LEG so that it hit my KNEE, and popped out of his hand. COVID is a faked pandemic from the Galveston National Lab, I feel certain, and Trump played to that plot with ominous vaccines. Leggs, first found in Dumfries with Gee's, almost have the Trump Coat.

There is a Fake surname that can apply to this fake weapon. To set this up, let's first add that Dons share double-white fesses with Chalice's/Challes' while Calls/Calles' (Wiltshire, same as Laps with a lab-like Labbs variation for the Labe river at PodeBRADY) share the trumpet with Livers/Levers. Then, the Fake's, with three fesses colors reversed from the two of Chalice's/Challes', have this: "The surname Fake was first found in Lancashire at Fazakerley a township...4 or so miles from LIVERpool..." It appears that the mugger's fake weapon is pointing to Trump's faked pandemic for to set up a global vaccination program. Livers/Levers are also Lovers while Lovicks (Lancashire, same as Liverpool) are also Lowicks while TOWERs were first found at Lowick. Is this a pointer to 5G towers? Trump is for 5G, never says a peep against it...because he's a snake in the conservative camp. The griffin in the Lovick/Lowick Crest is split horizontally in the horizontally-split Tromp Shield.

They say that graphene-oxide in vaccines is to be partnered with 5G radiation to make slaves of populations by slowly leaking the truth that 5G can maim or kill people with a phone call or perhaps even a surge of power to their bodies via their computers. The Five's in 5G were kin of Vivians, and "VIVis" happens to be a motto term of Kness-related Knife's/Nons/Nevins. I am not familiar with the Knife surname, but looked them up just now because the mugger pretended to have a knife. Lookie there, for the Knife/Non surname has one of the double Don fesses. Kness'/Ness' are linkable to Don-connectable NISSans via Ness'/Nessans. I was driving a Nissan pick-up when I was mugged.

Gee-like Geys/Gays, sharing the Five (and Belly) chevron (!), were first found in Surrey with Muggs, and the mugger can point to Muggs.

Nissans were first found in the same place as German Drummonds while Knees'-like Kness'/Ness' were first found in Perthshire with the Scottish Drummonds who in turn have the three CAMERA/Cameron fesses in colors reversed. I was taking a video-camera shot of the Texas afternoon when I spotted the ominous tiny cloud (as wide as the sun), on a pure blue sky, covering the sun completely.

The Fake write-up: "Richard Fizacre, Fishacre, Fissakre, or Fishakle (d. 1248)..." This surname has three fesses colors reversed from the three fesses-by-fish of Fisers/Vissers, which looks like a pointer to Pfizer vaccines. The Fish's essentially use the Coat of vaccine-like Vychans/Vaughns. Fizers/Pfisters essentially have the Roten Coat, and the Arms of Rothschild share the Fast/Fastoff / Falstaff quadrants while Fists are also Fausts. "Fast" is a motto term of Leslie's. earls of Rothes. The Fizer/Pfister annulet is shared by German Tile's/Tillers who in turn have the Rothschild/RODDENstein and Don arrow. Surprise, for both the Rothschild/Roddenstein and Don arrows are bendwise. The Tromp acorns link to Visser-like Vise's and Acorns together, both first found in Sussex, and both sharing the Knee stag head.

The fake weapon that hit my knee and popped from his hand, which I grabbed first as we fought for it on the floor of the Nissan, turned out to be half the black case of an ordinary, plastic remote-control unit for a television / stereo (this event was in 1994, before the Internet). Still, remote control is the very essence of 5G / graphene-oxide technology.

In my first year of organized hockey, at age 12 with my brand new Johnny BOWER brand skates, I scored a winning goal while sliding past the NET on my knees, and on my legs. Nets are listed with Nights suspect with the Nith Dumfries, where Leggs and McGee's/Gee's were first found. That goal was in the semi-final match, and so we proceeded to the one championship game, which we won. I remember no event in that game but scoring its first goal on my buddy, Jim McGee. I backhanded the puck over his leg and knee as he KICKed out his PAD to block it. Kicks/Kecks have been resolved as kin of Leslie's, Drummond-associated earls of Rothes, and Bowers share FIVE, bunched arrows with the Arms of Rothschild.

As I scored over McGee's pad, I had looked up the Padds, but didn't know until now or recently that the event can point to 5G. Padds can be from the Patents/Putins/Padyns, first found in Dumfries with McGee's/Gee's. Padds have one of the Drummond and Stur fesses, in Tarr colors, and the Padds add mill rinds while Rinds, looking like Kick/Keck / Leslie / TERRAS kin, were first found in Perthshire with Trump-branch Drummonds who share the triple Stur fesses, in colors reversed from the triple Camera/Cameron fesses. The Stour river of Sturs starts in Somerset with the first-known Tarrs/TERRES', and flows to Sturminster NEWTON. The latter use shin bones, and I slid on my shin bones / shin pads to poke a puck into the net that a slap shot by Steve Tarr left on the goal line (where it stopped).

It was the final minute of the game, and that winning goal got us to the championship match. In the only event I remember of the latter game, Steve Tarr passed it to me alone in front of the net, and that was the goal on McGee. I recall that Tarr got four goals that game in a 6-2 win.

So, because we won, I figure that this pair of hockey games points to some last-minute miracle that God will perform to alleviate the vaccine program toward His Church. But what significance do Tarrs have? Were they a Tower branch? I've just checked for a Tawer surname, finding that it could be related to Padds, and even to both Bug surnames. Bugs were first found in Dorset with Sturminster Newton! The Bug river is at FIVE-line Lviv!!! The Tawers share the fesse of English Bugs and the triple ravens of German Bugs, the latter first found in Hamburg with Drummonds and Nissans. The Tawers are new to me here, and they were never a topic until Tarrs gave rise to a cell tower just now.

In the final game, McGee kicked out his leg as he saw the puck sailing into the net, but too low. Kicks almost have the Scottish Terras Coat. As I said, Tarr gave me a sweet PASS from the corner, happily surprised to see me alone in front of the net (because the defenseman had gone out to take the puck from him, but Tarr turned around toward the BOARDs, then came toward the net from the other way). Pass'/Pascals are like the Pascel variation of Pasi's who in turn shared crossed spears (different colors) with Spears and Line's/Linds. The two hockey games are to be taken as connected for heraldic purposes here. Pascal is Easter, and Easters/Isters are the French Sturs, suspect from Istria, location of Pollock-line Pola.

Tawers share the raven with the Rook Crest, and while Tarrs come up as Terres', German Terras'/Terrace's use rooks. Rooks were first found in Oxfordshire with the Amore's in the motto of Scottish Terras' (they are in the Donald motto), and the latter were first found in Moray with Rothes of the Leslie's. Leslie's became earls of Rothes because they married Pollocks/POKE's (lived at PAISley) of Rothes (SPEY river), and I poked the puck into the net, spearing it with the tip of the stick's blade, when Tarr's SLAP shot came to rest on the LINE. Line's/Linds look like Spear/SPEYer and Pasi kin, two Pollock-connectable surnames. Pasi's were to Paisleys who share the anchor of Packs, the latter first found in Sussex with Boards.

Instead of the three "water bougets" that Bugs apply to their fesse, Tawers apply three mascles in the same colors. Mascals were first found in Sussex with Boards and Saddocks/Sedgewicks, and Steven Tarr passed the puck to me from the corner of the boards. This works because Boards look like Chaddock and Chadwick kin while the related Saddocks/Sedgewicks have the Mascal escutcheon in colors reversed.

I'm not yet convinced that Tawers were a Tower / Tour branch, but as they are also Tayers, it's excellent that Tays/Teys/Toys (share Tudy Shield) share the Board martlets. It tends to assure that God used Tarr to point to Tawers, but then why didn't God use a hockey player with a Tawer surname instead? There's got to be a reason. French Tours (Roque/Rock colors) have a giant tower in the colors of the same of Narbonne's/Denardo's/NORDi (share North lion), and these Tours were first found in Languedoc with NarBONNE and Roque's/Rocks. Norths were first found in Sussex with BONE's/Bohuns and Boards, and Bunns/Bone's were first found in Oxfordshire with Rooks. Bunnys were probably related to Bugs.

They say that graphene-oxide and 5G together are a tracking = BUGGing system, which can explain the Tawer link to Bugs, BEAUTY! God has recompense for those who want to track us, woe unto them fools and stupids all of them, not understanding their own self-destruction. Woe to these blind bats plotting their take-over of humanity from dark caves. Their radar will fail them on the Day of Blinding Light. Behold: both Bug surnames are in the colors of German Bogans while English Bogans have the Mugg/Mudge "cockaTRICE" in colors reversed!!! Plus, the Trice's/Trysts (Cornwall, same as Bogans) are in the "Keep tryst" motto of Hebrons who in turn love the weaver-loving Keeps, the pointer to graphene-oxide! My mugging goes with Kepke chasing me with a spider-on-web at the Graff residence. OH WOOOWWW, the Buggins/Boggins even have the giant Tromp eagle!!!! Stay away from Trump like one remains from a plague.

The game with winning goal was tied (2-2), and Tays/Teys/Toys were first found in Yorkshire with English Tie's/Dye's who in turn are in Twin/Twain colors and format, great because Twins/Twains were first found in Hampshire with Tudys and Tie-connectable Teese's/Tiss' who almost have the Tudy Coat. There is even a Winning surname (probably Rutherford kin) that looks related to Boards. The Winns share the eagle of graphene-connectable Grave's/Greafs/Griefs. It was the winning goal, defined as a tie breaker. We won 3-2, FIVE goals in all. As I've said many times, I crashed into the boards after poking the puck in.

Ahh, Winnings are said to be from Croxtons, and Eschyna de Molle married Robert Croc while Eskins/Erskins use a "Je" motto term that can be for the Jee variation of McGee's! Board-like Broads share the single Eskin/Erskin pale bar, and Boards share the martlet of Crocs (mentions Robert Croc), the latter first found in Shropshire with the Mugg-like Muckle's to go with: "Winnington is also a township, in the parish of Muckleston in Staffordshire..." Muckle-like Michaels were first found in Surrey with Muggs/Mudge's and Madge's!!! Beauty. It can point my mugging to a Michael character. Plus, Michaels share the James scallops in colors reversed, and while James' were first found in Surrey too, the mugging had pointed to James LeDucs! Beauty. I'm not familiar with Muckle's at all.

Ahhhhh, the mugger raised his hand to wind up for the stab to my belly, and Muckle's share the greyhound heads of Spanish Guts!!! They both put a red Call-like collar on the greyhound. Collars are also CALLards. Can we believe it? The one Muckle fesse is in the colors of the two of Trump-connectable Chalice's/Challes'/CHALLERs (!) in the Crest of English Belows. German Belows (Pomerania with Trumps and Griffins) can thus have the Tromp eagle. The Belows use it two-headed, as do Jeepma's/Cheps in the same colors, and the latter add the hexagram of German Michaels, first found in Bohemia, origin of the matriarch of Trump-branch Drummonds.

I believe I was given a dream with a certain Michael whose kids were JUMPing on a yellow mattress. Yellows look like Michael / Michaelson kin, therefore, yet lets add that Yellows (Oxfordshire, same as Rooks and Terras-beloved Amore's) share the Tawer / Bug fesse, and finally we repeat that Jumps share the Trump stag head. COVID is some sort of flu "bug," by the way. Terras' share the Coat of Scottish Scotts while English Scotts share the demi-griffin of Hockeys who in turn share the Terras / Scott / Kick/Keck / Cnut/Note crescents. The latter were first found in Derbyshire with MICKLEover. Probably less than two hours before being mugged, I was at the Galveston shore of the gulf of Mexico, and Shore's/Sure's were first found at Mickleover.

Now I know why it was the winning goal, in order to find the Muckles via Winning liners at Muckleston. I've said before that I faintly remember thinking that while Tarr got four goals, I had two that game, but as I can't remember the second goal, all I can do is suggest that I may have gotten the third too because it was the winning goal of that game.

The write-up speaks of a Muckleston in the union of Market-Drayton, near Sleap, and Draytons are linkable to Sleeping Beauty when she's fulfilled by Miss Hicks. The Bellys and Guts (look like Muckleston kin) were pointed to when I was sleeping with Miss Peare (no sex), when she was freshly Kepke's girl. Spanish Guts are in the colors of tummy-like Tume's/Tombs. I woke up in the middle of the night pressing Miss Peare's belly/gut/tummy with my right hand. German Goods/Guts share the garbs of Traby-linkable Sticks, and this Arms of Traby looks like it has 666 in the strings of the horns.

My Sleeping with Mamie (no sex) pointed heavily to the Legg motto, which includes the Gaudets who have variations like the Gut variations, and the Gauthier's/GOTHie's (Languedoc) look like Padd kin (when comparing Coats) while Patents/Putins/Padyns were first found in Dumfries with Leggs. The Gothie's are excellent here because Peare's belly pointed to the Bouillon motto while Godfrey de Bouillon was the son of Goda, and the great-grandson of Gothelo while Goths/Gothels share the Michael hexagram.

Michaels of Surrey share the scallops of Brock-branch Brooks (Essex, same as Brocks), and Gothie's recall the Goats (Nottinghamshire) in the Coat of Bunnys, first found in Basford and BROXtow of Nottinghamshire, same as Ainsleys. The Bouillon flory is that of Birds/Burds in colors reversed, and Birds/Burds (BROXton), sharing the Ainsley fleur-de-lys, share the fesse-with-fleur of Mugg-branch Madge's/Machets, first found in Surrey with Michaels and Muggs/Mudge's, and with the Fiddle's/Fidelows expected in the "Fideliter" motto of Muckle's. Feasibly, Muckle's were a Machet branch. Muchets are listed with French Mochs, and Much's/Mitch's are listed with Muschats (Essex) while Michaels are also Mitchells. Brocks and Brocuffs/Procks share the Chief-Shield colors of GUTTers/Cutters (Dorset, same as Beautys and Cutts/Cute's share the greyhound head of Guts and Muckles.

For what it might be worth, "FidelITER" could be part-code for Itters, first found in Hesse. Hesse'/Hessels may have been a branch of Eslins/Asselins (Nottinghamshire), in Basford colors.

The Bunny link to Goats reminds that the black Goat bend is in both colors of the SHAKEspeare and GRAPE/Gripp bend, and the shaking we've seen in vaccine victims could be due to electrical malfunctions (in the body) caused by the highly-magnetic GRAPHene-oxide. Shakespeare's were first found in Cumberland with Bunny-like Bennys (Binny branch) who share a black bend. Plus, the same bend as used by Grape's and Shakespeare's is with Sarahs/Sayers who share the motto of Barwicks, a branch of BARRICKs/Berwicks (Berwickshire, same as AIDs). I heard this week that Ralph BARIC invented "better" spikes for spike proteins, the element used in COVID "vaccines" and probably facilitated by graphene-oxide.

Having said that, vaccine boosters may be pointed to by the Boost variation of Boasts because they almost have the Sara/Sayer Coat. Boosts/Boasts and Busters/Bustards were Bush/Busch and Bosco kin, and English Bush's share the goat in Crest with Russells (share Sauer lion) who in turn have a "sara" motto term. It tends to nail Sarah's/Sayers to Goats/Gothams and Bunnys (similar to the Bush/Busch Coat).

One moral of this story is that God wants to convey to His people that He's long been interested in the evil events about to unfold at the end of this history. But we knew this even without His showing it through these heraldic links. There must be more to these links, and, perhaps, in this set of heraldry, there is a Warning to stay away from Trump, and to expect fakery from globalists as they use it to forcefully manipulate our actions and decisions. For the weak of faith, which includes me at times, I hope that these heraldic proofs reinforce the fact that God exists, and cares about what is about to happen.

God's going to score a couple of winning goals, and maybe they have already been scored in alleviating election fraud and vaccinations. Globalist tools have no sweeping power over the people apart from election fraud, and it appears that God crippled it along with crippling Trump, a double-whammy win-win. Every election going forward will cripple fraud more as the people catch sight of the fraud and beat it down with clubs. Globalists are going to make mistakes acting too soon to retain power, before they have their ducks in place to succeed with their plots. Their ducks are growing fewer to boot. The only people they can be sure to make loyal are the satanically wicked, and these will urge everyone else to follow them to hell. The Message is as it has been in prophecy: resist the devil at all necessary, mortal costs.

Just look at the big mistake they have made to put Biden on their biggest throne. He's doing more damage to the deep state than Trump was willing to procure for his voters. The global deep state includes the Rothschilian Fabians of Britain and Australia, the American Democrats, the canadian Liberals, and the French, Italian and German leftists. All of them and other smaller players, have stolen tax dollars and/or printed money to prop up their war horse, NATO, which is doing nothing but leading to the end of this world by refusing to accept a free Russia that no longer looks like Soviet Russia. The New Soviets are supporting NATO now. The Western anti-Christs of decades past were merely jealous of Sovietism, we now are learning.

I've got a good theory on why Tarr was used for the winning goal instead of a Tawer surname. Heraldic tar is called, "poix," and it's represented by black drops. I asked self, who has black drops. The only surname I could think of is the Drops/Trope's. I asked self, how can this related to one of the two goals with Tarr. Then it hit me, for after Tarr's blistering slap shot hit the goalie so that he was sprawled on the ice "far" out of his net, there was nobody between me and the net, and nobody likely skating as fast as I was straight for the net. Just as I crossed the blue line, watching the puck come to rest on the goal line, my legs gave way in the excitement, and I FELL to my knees. Actually, there's no better way to put it but that I DROPPed to my knees, and that's how I passed the net to POKE in the puck.

There is no Poix surname, and so we need to assume that heraldic poix is code for a Poix-like surname such as the Poke variation of Pollocks, the proto-Rothschilds. Rothes is at the border of Moray and Banffshire, and while Drops/Trope's are also Trupe's, there is a Trupe/Troop surname first found in Banffshire. is that cool or what? It appears that God chose the Tarr surname in order to point to Rothschilds with heraldic tar. Everyone on our team received a TROPhy that year.

The Drops/Trope's are said to have named Drope in Glamorganshire, explaining the red drops of Lewis', first found in Glamorganshire. Red drops are shared by Pattersons/Cassane's and their Kilpatrick branch (on the Nith river, where I trace Nets), and the latter share the green dragon with Lewis'. Pattersons/Cassane's include gold drops called, "or," perfect because Ore's/Orrs were first found in Renfrewshire with Pollocks/Poke's and Spears/SPEYers. The Spey river separates Moray from Banffshire, and while the Douglas' were first found in Moray, the Douglas Chief is in the colors and format of the Patterson/Cassane Chief.

I FELL to my knees when I dropped to the ice, and Fells have the eight-pointed star of Moray's Bellys in colors reversed. Bellys share the roses of Paisleys, first found in Renfrewshire.

Don't ask me why this goal should point to Pattersons / Kilpatricks, but I will repeat is that, after crashing into the boards while sliding past the net, I got up to see the team on the ice headed for me, and they PILEd on top of me in celebration. The Orrs use "piles." Okay, but so what? Well, for one thing, it verifies that the pointer to Pattersons/Cassane's is warranted, which verifies that the pointer to Pollocks/Poke's is warranted, I think, which tends to prove that God set up the goal because Tarrs point to a poix-like surname related to Drops/Trope's (Norfolk, same as Kilpatrick-beloved Daggers and Patricks). And because I remember my new Johnny-BOWER brand skates that year, we can repeat that Scottish Bowers share the five arrows in the Arms of Rothschild, and share a green Shield with German Bowers/Bauers, Pollocks/Polks and Bourleys.

What could it mean that God set up the goal? It means, God exists. It means, God is working invisibly, behind our vision, caring more than you know about events in this world. It means God is engaged. It means he's super-powerful. It means HE CONTROLS. He is that he is, and the Rothschilds are specks of dirt under his fingernails, to be washed away and never seen again. Here's a towel, Lord, wipe your hands dry. Thank you, we need You.

God's going to appoint some entity to take a slap shot to knock down the opposing goalie, and then someone will walk into that situation and trounce the Rothschilds at the last minute, sending the Rockefellers to the locker room in a dismal state of affairs. Then it will be followed by a championship romp where the same entity has a hat trick, plus one extra goal. The opposition lost as soon as the game began, and the entire game will be a burden of grief-incarnate to carry. Blessed are we who watch the clock in the end-times because we want Jesus to win, for we will be winners with Him.

Tarr got FOUR goals, and Fore's almost have the Win Coat. The Clocks are said to have had a family seat in WINchester. The first thing I remember in the slide-in-goal event was looking up at the clock while I was on the bench. Bench's are definitely Rhodes kin, both first found in Yorkshire with Banks of a Bank Newton location, and it's Newtons who have the "shin bones," on a green Shield even. Newtons are in the colors of Bourleys, the latter first found in Somerset with Tarrs. The latter are in MacDonald colors likely related to their "terras" motto term, and MacDonalds add "Mare" while English Mare's/MAYERs/MEYERs share the MacDonald Ship. The first Rothschild was MAYER Bauer, is that not something? The Donald is at the center of 2020 election fraud by Dominion, which can explain the use of Tarr for the assists.

Tarr and I were on the bench with two minutes to go. Benchers are listed with Bankers, and are in Leslie colors and format. It's got Rothschilds and Rhodian globalists, international bankers, all over it. There were two minutes and some seconds to go in the game when I looked at the clock. If we didn't get a goal, the other team would likely have proceeded to the championship match because our team did lousy in the standings that year...until Tarr, a superstar, was placed on the team late in the year.

By the time the whistle blew to allow the coach to change the line-up, and by the time we got out to the ice for the face-off (I don't remember where it was), and by the time someone passed it to Tarr at center ice, and by the time I poked into the net, there may have been as few as ten seconds to go, because in peewee hockey, they don't stop the clock when the whistle blows. Usually, in peewee hockey, coaches don't change the lines until the whistle blows, and so this may indicate whistle-blowers against globalist plots that knocks the tie game, so to speak, into our favor just as things look dim for us. At this time, the people war against the globalists seems to be tied because we are tying the hands of politicians, successfully threatening them unless they do our will, not the will of the bankers. The war can go one way or the other. We await their next move, and there are rumblings of a new pandemic for this winter.

Clocks share the Coats of Dade's/Deeds (Norfolk) and Clents/Clints. I'm not sure if one or the other are Intended to apply. Oh wait, I've just remembered: Daddys/Dowds share the Pollock/Poke Coat! The looking up at the clock DOES apply to prove yet again that God is in this goal. Ahh, Daddys/Dowds were first found in Mayor-like Mayo, and Mayo's are in Dade/Deed colors and format! It can be explained by "Bartholomew le Meyre in Norfolk" in the Mayo write-up. Scottish Leslie's were founded by Bartholomew Leslie. Mayo's are in Breaker/Breck colors and format probably due to the Bray home in the Mayo write-up, for Brays use a "flax breaker." Flags were first found in Norfolk with Dade's/Deeds.

English Mays (Mayo / Dade colors) use billets, and the Blythe's share the Dade/Deed garbs, as do Clints/Clents. As Bill Clinton was the son of Mr. Blythe, the clock now looks like a pointer to the Clintons. Bill Clinton, the Rhodian Scholar, married a Rothschild when he married Hillary Rodham. Rodhams/Rodens were MalBANK kin.

Perhaps the last-minute goal was Trump's last-minute victory over Hillary Clinton, though I hope not. I hope there's another surprise win over the deep state that is much more magnificent than Trump the dud. Is Ron DeSantis close to Dade county? I'm reading that DeSantis is from Jacksonville, and so I'll add that Jacksons have red drops on their horse.

Is Lindell On the Line?

The slide-by goal had pointed well to election fraud as opposed my Mike Lindell because the puck was on the goal line while Line's/Linds could be a branch of Swedish Linds/Lindells, and because his so-called P-CAPs data nailed China as the main fraudster while my shin-pad slide can be pointed to Shins/Chine's/Chings, looking very Chinese where "Sino" is a China-denoting term. Plus, German Pucks, looking linkable to Ottone's and therefore to the Coat of CAPS-like Chappes', have the Line/Lind annulet in colors reversed.

Plus, when the team piled on me, it looks like a pointer to Lindell's, company, My Pillow, for French Pile's are also Pilots while Pillows are listed with Pilotte's, as are French Pilate's, the latter first found in Burgundy with LOGE's and Poulos'. Linds/Lindells and Poulos' both look like they use LOGs, though Poulos' are said to use "sticks" (may suggest that Poulos' married both Sticks and Loge's). There is even a Caps surname, first found in Lincolnshire with Pillows/Pilotte's.

Lindell's P-CAPs data nails Dominion Voting, founded by Mr. Poulos, and because the poke-in-goal points to Poulos-like Pollocks, that goal looks like a last-minute victory by Mike Lindells. That victory hasn't happened, and I've lost hope in Lindell, though last time I heard him, he's still going forward with his P-CAPs case. Perhaps the 2-2 tie in the game represents the 2022 election. It doesn't look like there's time on the election clock to make a big score by election time some six weeks from now. Maybe we should tar-and-feather Lindell. Maybe he should get off his pillow and onto his knees fast.

The saltire-by-sticks of Poulos' (Burgundy, same as Messeys/Messier's) is in the colors of the Messey/MESSIER saltire, and English Messier's happen to have been first found in Lincolnshire with Pillows/Pilotte's. That looks Arranged to me for an heraldic pointer of Lindell to Poulos.

Poulos' share the wings of Irish Dene's, first found in Galway with the other Irish Dene's (crocodile, points to Ukraine corruption) who share the motto of English Deans/Deans, first found in Sussex with Boards. Scottish Deans were first found in AberDEENshire with the Cups/Cope's in the Pillow/Pilotte and Pellet cups. The English Deans/Dene's/DEENs share the giant lion of Dile's in "crocoDILE", yet it's also the giant lion of Danish Meiers/MIRE's (share tree with Italian Maio's). English Deans/Dene's even share the demi-lion of My's/Meigh's. The Mire's/Mireux's were first found in Anjou with countess Loches, wife of Fulk I, and Loches'/DeLOGE's were first found in Burgundy with Loge's. Thus, we just saw even the Meiers workable into this set of Lindell- / Poulos-pointing heraldry.

AHHHH WOW, I think I get it. One of the German Meiers has a blond woman in a blue dress, as does the Montgomery Chief!!! Lindell's P-CAPS come from technology invented for Intelligence by DENNis Montgomery!! This is incredible because the French Biens, suspect in the "bien" motto term of Montgomerys, share the axe of English Dennis'!! German Denns/Dennis have more axes. The heraldry connections appear Arranged.

I don't recall going to the Mays with this goal until I did so above from the Mayers and Mayo's, but compare Mays to the Meigh variation of My's. MY Pillow. My's/Meigh's even share the raven with German Rothes' (Bavaria, same as Bauers) while Mayer Bauer changed his surname to "Rothschild." My's were first found in Nottinghamshire with Nathans/Nations, and Mayer Bauer named his first son, London banker, Nathan. For whatever it could be worth, Maio's share the tree with German and Danish Meiers while German Meiers share the lion of Swedish Petersons.

OHHHH WOOOWWIE. In a different color, the May/Mai Crest shares the leopard head (not leopard face) with Coomers, and while Eric Coomer is/was a Dominion-Voting CEO, Coomers use a "DOMINabitur" motto term as if God snitched on him. This May link to Coomers (May fesse in colors reversed) looks full-proof Arranged. Coomers use a dancetty-fesse, and Italian Dance's/Donnas' were first found in Piedmont with Domino's. A leopard head has a neck, a face does not. Heads/Heeds (look like ESTE kin) were a branch of Haydens who in turn have the dancette of Coomers (ESToiles) in colors reversed.

Back to Dennis Montgomery. Montgomerys were first found in Renfrewshire with Poke's and Spears, explaining why I had to poke and spear the puck into the net! In order to get me to spear the puck in, God had to make my knees give way in an absolutely over-exciting way!!! Boy, do I ever like whatever this thing alludes to in real life. If I had been on my feet instead of low to the ice, I would not have taken the chance poking the puck in with the tip of the blade, but would have hit the puck with the side of the blade in the ordinary way. It looks like I fell to my shin bones as a pointer to Mr. Montgomery.

As per MontGOMERys, note that German Gumms are Gomers too while English Gumms/COME's (could be a Coomer branch) look like CAPES kin. Montgomerys even share the fleur-de-lys of Cup-branch Cops (may have a version of Rook Coat). The Pillows/Pilotte's use cups! Call the cops on Dominion, but, alas, the cops aren't doing their job because mere police chiefs are stupids for the politicians. Yet, there are many state leaders who would approve a police investigation of Dominion machines. Why isn't that happening and being reported all over the social-media news? Why is this fight against Dominion stagnated in stalemate?

I now remember being on the Montgomerys because their woman in blue holds a gold anchor that is partially over her blue dress, making it not only the anchor of Speer-connectable Paisleys (Renfrewshire too), but of Packs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It's pointing to P-CAPs, short for "PACKet captures"!!! Packs were first found in Sussex with Boards, and Borders/Boarders have crossed swords, as does the Gumm/Come Chief, in the same colors. Bordens share axes with Dennis', and Borders/Boarders were first found in Somerset with two Axe rivers! There's probably more to my banging the boards than these surnames are coughing up at this moment. Burtons share Drago de Bewere with Blade's. Boards have the Bird/Burd martlets in colors reversed. Birds/Burds love the Mea variation of My's/Meigh's.

The Orrs/Ore's (same place as Montgomerys) not only use piles, but a "cornuCOPia" while Cups are also Cope's. I've explained it before, that Miss Peare's waist / hips symbol at the end of the sleeping-bag dream pointed to election fraud in Arizona (includes Dominion fraud in that state) along with the Poulos-like Pullys/Pullings, and the latter's "culpa" motto term is for the Culp/Colp variations of Cups/Cope's. Miss Peare is Christine, and the Christine's share the cup-using Coats of Pillows/Pilotte's! The Pully/Pulling motto is shared by English Patents while Scottish Patents/Padyns may have been a Padd branch. The Packets (Oxfordshire, same as Peare's/PERLE's) use a "Per il" motto phrase. The pilotte thickens.

Sleeping Beauty was fulfilled initially by Mrs. Kilpatrick, and while Packets share the Irish Kilpatrick lion, and have a cross in the colors of the Irish Kilpatrick saltire, Scottish KilPatricks have My-Pillow pointing "cushions," we could say, because the Sure's in the motto of Scottish Kilpatricks were first found in Mickleover while Packets are said to have been early in Mickleover. How 'bout that. Pillows and cushions are for sleeping.

Sure's almost have the Coat of Scottish Jacks, first found in Renfrewshire again. These Jacks and Sure's share holly with Kilpatrick-beloved Maxwells/Makeswells in the "I make sure" motto (of Kilpatricks). Sure's use a "PERimus" motto term.

Miss Peare's waist pointed to the Waistells because she (her parents, anyway) owned a white horse, the Waistell symbol. It's sleeping-bag important that I rode that horse to a bank (drop-off) in a FIELD. I can add here that Fields have the Derby Coat (Jackson colors and format) in colors reversed while Mickleover is in Derbyshire. Kilpatrick kin were in Derbyshire with gold-drop Cnuts/Note's. The Waistell horse is with gold drops ("or", linkable to Scottish Jacks), and we saw red drops on the same, courant, white horse in the Jackson Crest when asking whether Ron DeSantis of Jacksonville is in the championship hockey game. Hmmm. Rons/Runnings have nothing but a fesse, and if it's the Rush fesse, note that Rush's use white, courant horses. Perts/Petts love the Rush's in their stork in "bulrushes," and Sure's have a stork in their Crest too.

As Saints/Sants share the wings of Poulos', might DeSantis challenge Dominion voting in his state? Red drops are called, "sang," and while Sangs/Singers share the hexagrams of Pero's and Payens/Pagans, English Singers/Sangers have the same courant, white horse, and throw in the garbs of Poulos-beloved Sticks (and Goods/Guts). French Paine's/Payne's share the fesse of DeSantis' (Piedmont, same as Pero's), who in turn look like kin of Courts/Coverts or even Tromps, for while the latter were likely a Drummond branch, German Drummonds have the Santa/Santis Coat (not "DeSantis") in colors reversed.

The six DeSantis bars look connectable to the triple fesses of Fountains, and "fountains" are used by Castile-like Cash's/Casts. Fountains share the lion of Italian Santa's/Santora's, first found in LUCANIA, near Taranto. White-horse Motels named a location in Taranto, but were first found in Calabria, beside Lucania. Luciano's share the fish of Luce's/Lucys (Norfolk, same as Fountains and PAStons/Paistons) of PASSy. Santa's/Santis' were first found in Castile with Sans'/SANGuez's, making the Jackson horse look like a pointer to Ron DeSantis and a happy song.

Will Trump ask DeSantis to be his vice-president for to set him up for 2028? Might Trump die between 2024 and 2028? Shouldn't Lindell be working with Ron DeSantis to uncover election fraud in Florida, or has Lindell become a political hot potato? Many politicians of a catholic stripe reject people like Lindell for their brand of Christianity. It's dangerous to claim that God is doing such-and-such politically through yourself, and Lindell does this lots. It can make him get stung when things don't pan out as he claims God is panning them out. Christians like this are a lot like shooting stars that go dark fast. I always worry about the claims I make through heraldic pointers. I'm only guessing, but at times the heraldry looks so strong that I think there's facts involved.

Assuming that my first goal points to some future court win by Lindell, might the second goal point to a DeSantis victory in 2024? If I got two goals that last game, and Tarr four, can that spell 2024? How might the Fleur/Florida Coat contribute to a pointer to DeSantis (Florida governor presently)? Fleurs/Florida's show nothing but a red-vair cross, and while vair is an heraldic fur, Furs/Firs/Fire's have a giant, but not courant, white unicorn = horse. It's in the colors of the Waistell / Rush horse. Flore's and Flora's use fleur-de-lys. Waistells share the garbs of Comyns (Norfolk, same as Rugge's) who in turn have a "COURage" motto. The CouRUGGE variation of Courage's suggests the Rugge's who have a Coat like that of Riggs (Rush colors and format) sharing the Rush / Ron fesse. Rigged elections. Courage's/Courugge's (Essex, beside English Packs) share the Polish Pack/Pacewicz fleur-de-lys.

The other English Riggs, with the LADY annulets, share the black rooster with Kopple's, from Koplik on the CLAUSula river, where I see the makings of SANTA Claus. "LADY Fortune" is in the Klassen/Class Coat. The Fur/Fir unicorn is shared by Rasmussens/ASSMANs who named Assmannshausen at RUDESheim, and Rude's/RUDGE's were Ridge kin. Riggs and Ridge's look like Corry/Curry kin.

Rants were first found in Norfolk too, and the "couRANT" horse we've been seeing, defined as all four legs off the ground, is suspect with the Current/Corrin surname, probably a branch of Corrys/Currys because both were first found in Waterford, where the Trump stag head migrated to. The Current/Corren Crest looks like a parrot head, perfect because Parrots, sharing the CAPES Chief-Shield colors, use pears, the symbol for Peare/Perle liners. It's as though God arranged heraldry for use of Miss Peare in regards to courant horses. Parrots even share "Amo" with the motto of Scottish Scotts, while the latter's Terras kin use "Amore." Amore's were first found in Oxfordshire with Peare's/Perle's, and Amore's with Damorys/Amori's look linkable to Santa's/Santis'. Italian Amori's share the Rugge stars.

MickleOVER may have involved the Overs/Offers (Cheshire, beside Derbyshire) who look like kin of Scotts and Terras', because the latter two share the crescents of Cnuts/Note's (Derbyshire with Mickleover). One of the English Michael Coats share the scallops of Jack-branch Joke's/Yoke's. The latter share a cockatrice (different color) with Muggs/Mudge's (Surrey, same as Michaels and Madge's/Machets) while the fesse-with-fleur of Madge's/Machets is in the colors of the English Jack fesse-with-scallops. This is a new-and-developing set of heraldry possibly indicating God's future use of Ron DeSantis.

Copelands, believe it or not, share the My/Meigh motto, which includes Beng-like "Benigno," a motto term also of English Smiths while Scottish Smiths share "Semper" with the other German Meiers. The team piled on me immediately after I BANGed (very happily) into the BOARDs, and Bangs/Bongs/Bengs can be a branch of Benjamins, in BANK colors. Shin-BONE Newtons were related to Banks. Boards were first found in Sussex with Bone's, with the Pellets in turn sharing the Pillow/Pilotte Coat, and with the COURTs/Covers whose "GRANDescunt" motto term can take us to the rock-using Scottish Grands sharing the three Mayo crowns, and sharing "fast" with the Leslie motto. Leslie's use Puckle-like buckles. This set of heraldry gets us back to Rothschilds and Rockefellers, especially as English Rothes/Wraths (Kent, same as Bangs/Bongs/Bengs) can be of the Wreath's, first found in Inverness-shire with Grands. Grands even share flames in Crest with Benjamins. French Grands were even first found in Burgundy.

Keep that Burgundy on the brain for just a few seconds more. The Gows/McGoo's, first found in Inverness-shire with Scottish Grands, share the three, green-on-white cinquefoils of Burgundy's Loches'/DeLOGES', is that not amazing when put beside the Lindell LOG? Plus, Dutch Linds share three green cinquefoils too, in the green-on-gold colors of the Lind/Lindell leaves! Bingo. Will God provide a GRAND Jury to expose some of the most deviant election fraud? I hope so.

When I looked up off the ice to see the team coming at me, I only had time to see the big smiles on the faces of the leaders of the pack. In a second, I was down on the ice taking cover for the pile-up I knew was coming. They literally took the air out of my lungs for a couple of seconds, and just then they got off, thankfully. The Smile's ("RATione") were first found in Renfrewshire with Montgomerys. By what coincidence do Smile's share the Packet lion? The "CONTRario" motto term of Packets, who are in Conte/COUNTER colors, looks like code for Countrys because they were first found in Kent with Rothes'/Wraths. Rothes/Wraths' were once said to be first found in Shropshire with Sleeps/Slippers, and Mike Lindell has recently added "My Slippers" to his regiment of products. Sleeping Beauty points to Countrys.

"For MY COUNTRY" is an Ainsley motto phrase, for that phrase is Lindell's flag flying against election fraud. Countrys share the Montgomery (and Earhardt) fleur-de-lys. It's also the fleur-de-lys of Cops who are in the colors and format of Hands who in turn have hands in colors reversed from the same of English Pucks/Puckle's, first found in Sussex yet again.

Almost missed it: Countrys have a single PILE in the colors of the three Pile piles!!! Ainsleys were first found in Nottinghamshire with My's/Meigh's, seest this thou? Yet I've not seen Ainsley Earhardt do a segment against election fraud, and Fox news probably forbids her. Perhaps Steve Tarr got FOUR goals "FOR my country." Yet we are in canada. Yet, canada is where Dominion Voting was founded, by a canadian, I think. It's first head office was/is at 215 Spadina Rd. in Toronto's CHINAtown. I've heard only one social-media outlet mention that important detail, and even Lindell doesn't seem to know it because he never mentions it. Someone close to Lindell tell him that Dominion was founded in Chinatown.

Nobody was happier in all of Markham that hour of the pile-up. Markhams (Nottinghamshire with My's/Meighs and Annesley-branch Ainsleys) almost have the Guerin Coat, and Guerins share the three hexagrams of Payens/Pagans, likely a branch of Packs. The same hexagrams (unpierced) are used by Swedish Petersons, and so let's not forget that Linds/Lindells are Swedish. Packets are also Pagets (Oxfordshire with Annesleys), and by their Coat they look like kin of Scottish Petersons (Aberdeenshire with Cups/Cope's) who share the swan with Peters, from Peter Pollock, builder of Rothes castle. Scottish Petersons share the lion heads of Rothes'/Wraths, and the "sine" motto term of these Petersons can go to Shins/Chine's/Chings.

Plus, English Mays/Mai's were first found in Lincolnshire with Pillows/Pilotte's and Caps'!! I don't recall going to Mays before when doing this tip-in goal, but there we have what looks like a viable P-CAP story through this set of heraldry, and Caps' might even have been Cups at one time.

The Coffee's/Coffers, like the Coffert variation of Coverts (Sussex, same as Courts/Coverts), use "cups" as well as the fesse of McCabe's, the latter first found on Arran with the Blue's who can be in the blue dress of Meiers and Montgomerys. The naked rider on a dolphin in the Coffee/Coffer Crest is the symbol (in different colors) in the Arms of Taranto, a potential pointer to Toronto because Taranto is in Poulos-like Apulia. The Pullys/Pullings love the Cups/Cope's/Culps. That works. Cofferts/Coverts share the gold leopard face with Leopards (Sussex). Plus, the French's who share the green dolphin in Crest with Coffee's/Coffers share the Payne/Paine motto while Payens/Pagans are in Leopard colors and format. French Page's (dolphin-using Dauphine, same as Payens/Pagans), who look like Dance/Donnas kin, share the Coat of French LePage's, first found in Ile-de-France with Chappes'. It's possible that Page's were a Pack branch.

Steve Tarr was likely born, Steven, and Stevens share a solid chevron in the colors of the solid Chappes chevron, which looks linkable to German Pucks. Packs were first found in Sussex with English Pucks/Puckle's, and Pings/Pongs/Pagans were even kin of Panico's, first found in Bologna with Pack-cousin Pasi's/Pascels.

The Courts/Coverts can speak to the law suits that Lindell should be carrying to Dominion Voting. The Court/Covert eagle can be the one of Tromps because both Shields are split vertically with the eagle on the same half. Curtis'/Courtis' (in Court/Covert colors) share three gold crowns with Grands, and Cords/McCourts share the fesse and heart of Nathans/Nations.

Cords/McCourts even share the Tipps/TIPPIN pheons, and the slide-past-net goal was a literal tip-in goal. I hit the puck pool-cue style with the tip of the blade, and Blade's share the Scottish Frank Coat ("NATi") while the near-same Coat of English Franks ("nati") is the Pollock / Daddy/Dowd Coat. Mayer Bauer lived in FRANKfurt.

The Tipps/Tippins (Lancashire, same as Ratcliffs) share the Ratcliff bull head, which made me hypothesize that Lindell got the P-CAPs by some permission / disclosure by John Ratcliffe, the head of Intelligence when the election was stolen by many means of fraud. P-CAPS are under the control of Intelligence. John Ratcliffe was once a mayor.

The leopard head in the May/Mai Crest can be for the English Leopards/LipPERTs (leopard faces), first found in Sussex with Boards and Pillow-branch Pellets. If Leopards had married Perts/Petts, note that mont Pilat had a PERDrix peak. Mont Pilat is at St. Etienne, and Etienne's (Lorraine) use six Pilat-like billets in the same pattern as the six (different colors) of English Mays/Mai's! Bang-on.

Wikipedia's article on Pontius Pilate says, or once says, that Pontius' father was an ambassador to the Picts, and that he may have mated with a Pict of Perthshire to birth Pontius, making it appear that "Perdrix" and "Perth" are related terms to the Pilate family. This explains why the Pilate pheon is in colors reversed with the one of Celts/Colts/Cults, first found in Perthshire.

One way to view the goal line as representing Mike Lindell is that he's the puck who started out as a slap shot, but hit the big wall of the goalie, then pooped over his head, bounced a couple times, slid a bit, maybe even a little roll, but stopped on the line, NO GOAL MIKE. Then, someone else had to come in to knock the victory home. I wonder who that might be? What are the clues? I'll think on it from time to time.

There was also that pass to Tarr at CENTER ice. It's the first thing I remember when on the ice, a pass from our end zone to Tarr just inside the center line at the boards to my right. Centers/SAINTers and Centers/Sanders could, I suppose, be a pointer to DeSantis yet again. The PASS. The Pasi > Pack line, perhaps a pointer to packet captures. I played center position. Tarr was the right winger. Did I represent DeSantis? I was the assistant captain, but no Captain surname comes up, though compare with "CAPTures." English Capets are listed with Capes'! P-CAPs!!! Zikers, is that for real, or just a coincidence? I was midway between our blue line and the center line when Tarr got the pass. I therefore skated right through dead-center ice.

The devil lives in Langley, Virginia, in the offices of the CIA. The Lindros variation of Lindells caused me to look up Linders, listed with Scottish Landers (eight red-white pale bars) and looking like kin of Longfords (six red-white pale bars), Langfords (six red-gold pale bars), and of the Landens/Landers who share the six green-white pale bars of Langleys. Tarrs have 10 red-gold pale bars. Is my goal, assisted by Tarr, a prophecy against the CIA? I hope so.


Stew Peters has a show on Remdesivir this week, and Jane Ruby claims that DeSantis approved this poison drug until this coming summer (6th minute). How could he not have heard of the killer nature of this drug? Is he just another trash-fake politician saying the right things to gain access to the White House. This bursts my bubble for hoping in him to correct the American deep-dive? I'm also hearing that DeSantis is a military-supporting man, and maybe he wants to befriend the military for his political prospects. Remdesivir was invented and distributed by the military, poop on DeSantis for this, rotting poop on his face. Trump made the same mistake to ruin his face. The military was his mortal enemy, how does that look on his face? STUPIDS.

David Knight has ventured to make some comments on "Christian Nationalism," the banner being tossed around these days for the war against globalist forces. He and I are in agreement that this movement is not going to end well for Christians due to dilution with the wrong people, but, right now, it's not possible to know what it will become, if anything. It's too early to know. From once being a Christian-Trump partnership, now morphing much to a Christian-DeSantis partnership, it's infected. It's my opinion that Christian political movements are consequently taken over by compromisers because staying the God Way doesn't get the people numbers to win elections.

I suggest that Christians detach from Trump, and just see what fate becomes of the country. I suggest, vote for whichever acceptable conservative candidates run against the liberals, in order to detach the wicked from power structures, but we should remain detached from the one we vote for unless he's genuinely one of us. The only thing Trump wants, as he acts the clown to entertain you, is your vote. I've never voted for any political candidate in all my life, but one Christian in a small party (CHP), because, ever since I've been a news-watching adult, canada has had no Christian in the running to vote for. No conservative candidate made me feel that his/her party was going to try to turn the tables on anti-Christian values. I ignored canadian politics because it ignored Jesus. Even the last conservative prime minister shocked me when he foolishly spent a lot of money to entertain and hopefully impress global leaders when they came to Canada. Shake my head.

If conservative politicians don't wish to emphasize what God is concerned with, then we can. We now have the platforms in which to do it. Broad censorship against us may not be permanent.

Here's another show on the Trump-savior with Del Bigtree and Alex Jones talking together:

The show above makes it clear as to why Christians should try to elect DeSantis. I'm ready to propose that the vaccine was Trump's agenda from even before he was elected. I have that hunch. I have the hunch that Trump's agenda was to create a train of Christians toward their destruction. Forced vaccinations is the method to severely persecute Christians. That's what the program must have been from all the satanists, even trudeau.

Having said that, I suggest that Alex Jones is an epitome of Christian nationalism. At this time, I feel that Christian nationalism could graduate into a designed trap for harming Christians. Change "nationalism" to another word, because it's like a hooker that gets bought and used. It calls Christians to support nationalists who will use us, then throw us away later, a good reason to stay detached from the start. But if Christians vie to take the leadership position amongst nationalists, the latter will bad-mouth the Christians once the partnership has achieved successes. Why all the f-bombs on bitchute's Christian videos? They are to defile the video, to show hatred toward the speaker / provider. They indicate why Christians should not partner with them all.

Alex Jones has decided to expose Trump's vaccine hypocrisy, but Trump's determination to ignore the maiming reports indicates it's more than hypocrisy, as though he has a secret stake in vaccines. Trump is also for 5G. He's a man of the world. Urge him to become a bona fide Christian, but as long as he can't perform like one, stay detached, don't watch his speeches because he's just a trickster using Christians to get elected.

As I've been saying, maim-like Mamie sat on my legs and knees as a pointer to Trump, in an event that followed one that pointed to Bill Barr. It pointed to Barr because she was in a pick-up truck's hatch with Barry, and Hatch's share the Brunswick Coat while Barrs of Bar-le-Duc had been in Brunswick too. The chief of the Galveston National Lab is James LeDUC, you see, so that Mamie points to the maiming of people who've received vaccines. LeDuc's lab can be found online supporting the Wuhan lab, but major media don't delve into this. The Hatch and Brunswick Coat is a colors-reversed version of the DUCE Coat. See anything suspicious?

I've shown how Knee's can indicate Tromps and Trumps via Acorns, Vice's and Downs, but then the Leggs almost have the Trump stag head, in the colors of the Down and Jung stag. The day after she sat on my legs/knees, she was at her garden, and while Val Trompia is at lake Garda, Gardens use a "JUNGunter" motto term, suspect partly with Gunters sharing the gauntlet with the Crest of Trump-connectable Shute's. Gardens and Jardins were first found in Angus with Sewers/SUTers, which could identify the Shuter eagle as the Tromp eagle. Shute's share the swords of Swords, the latter suspect with Siward in the write-up of Sewer-like Showers/Sewards.

The last update even crossed the German Marks sharing the Trump split Shield and the Tromp eagle. Is this a pointer to mark of the beast? It can be, especially if vaccinations become mandatory by a mandatory mark of the beast door-pass into commercial buildings. Is God connecting the mark of the beast to Trump? Something to watch out for.

Yesterday (Monday), I was looking for Wuhan-like surnames. The "OHNE" motto term of Handels was mentioned, and I then found the ONE variation of Innis', perfect because the two surnames have Coats in colors reversed from one another. The Handels share the Moray Coat, and One's/Innis' were first found in Moray, and it that's not enough, the Handel and Moray Coat is almost the Duc/LeDuc Coat. I can understand why God gave us the door-handle dream that caused me to find Handels.

The dream had a door handle to my JEEP missing a "barrel"-shaped part (that's the term used in the dream), and BARRels were first found in Herefordshire with bee-using Doors who look like kin of Gates'. It looks like a pointer to Bill Gates, but also to BEASTs who likewise use bees. It's possible that God is using bees to indicate the mark of the beast because needles are involved with vaccinations. JEEPma's have a giant two-headed eagle in the colors of the giant Tromp eagle, and the Tromp acorns are those of Clot-connectable Clauds/CLAUSels. Claus', like the DuClos variation of Clots, happen to share the giant Weems/Wemes lion, in the colors of the Duce lions and the English Duck lion heads.

Weems'/Wemes' are new to my discussions today, because I found them seeking a Wuhan-like surname. The Wuhan-like Wone's are listed with Weems'/Weme's, though I don't like the latter variations as a pointer to "Wuhan" unless we can find evidence that they were a branch of Womwells/Wombwells, for the Jumps, sharing the Trump stag head, were at Wombwell. The Wone/Weems lion is half the GALVES/Gallego lion, though I'd like to see a better connection between the two surnames before getting excited about a pointer to the Galveston-Wuhan partnership.

English Ducks share the SUTHERland stars while Sewers/Suters/SHUTERs share the fitchees of neighboring Peartree's who in turn share the Trump stag head. The trumpet-using Calls/Calles' (linkable to the Tromp eagle via the Below "chalice") have a Coat like the SHUTE Coat, both surnames first found in Wiltshire with Laps, beside English Ducks. Soon after I became a Christian, Mamie sat on my lap in a pointer to Trump where I would represent Christians whom Trump wants to partner with in a teaser act. It's a pointer to Rockefeller poisons that Calls/Calles' and Shute's are in Roach/Roche colors and format.

Poison COVID vaccines are intended to give people AIDS, as many experts are still confirming and airing, and the Aids/Ade's are in SUTHER colors and format. Trumps are linkable to Sewers/Suters, and it just so happens that SHOWERs/Sewards show the back legs of what looks like a stag missing its tail. This recalls what I've said before, that Mamie once came out of the SHOWER with a blue ROBE (nothing under it), and she teased me that evening too. Robe's/Robbs share the brown stag with the Shower/Seward Crest, apparently. The last update had heraldic reason to conjecture on an Intelligence "honey trap" using women that flirt and tease, it's interesting that Honey-like Honans have a reflection of the Robe/Robb Coat and Crest.

Honeys were important because they share the double fesses of One-like Hone's (Hampshire, same as Perrys), but they are also the double fesses of woman-using Parrs, in the colors of the one fesse of Parrys who in turn have the HIND Coat in colors reversed, important if the back side of a stag in the Shower/Seward Crest is called a "hind" or the "behind" of a hind/stag. Mamie had large breasts (not just a little large) because God, I claim, wanted to point her to Brests/Brix's, from Brescia/Brixia, beside Val Trompia and lake Garda. Hinds share the Brest/Brix lozenges. While the Crest of Perrys (not "Parry") has a so-called "hind," Hinds share the fesse of Trump-connectable Dols.

Amazingly, Parrys were first found in Carnarvonshire with the Wins/Gwynns who come up as Woms, a thing I learned only today seeking Wuhan-like surnames. It's got a Wone look to it, and Wone's are also Wems/Wims (share the lion of Vims/Beans). In fact, I've just loaded Woms/Wins as "Won"! They share the Grave/Greaf/Grief eagle, a surname line the Graff/Graffen/Grav surname that was being pointed to graphene-oxide in the last update. That pointer included the Weaver-loving Keeps in the motto of HEBrons (Northumberland, same as Siward in the Shower/Seward write-up), and here we can add the "Heb" motto term of Parrys and the Davis' (share full Parry motto) who in turn were kin of AIDs!!! Graphene-oxide in vaccines probably contributes to forming AIDS in over-vaccinated individuals.

The wings of Siward-line Swords is in the colors of the phoenix of Phoenix's/Fenwicks (Northumberland). It's a gold phoenix to match the gold one of NEEDhams, and to match the gold eagle in the Win/Wom/Won Crest. Needhams share the Knee Coat (red phoenix), and Mamie sat on my knees in order to point to Trump, self-proclaimed "FATHER of the vaccines." The Vims/Beans use a "Touch" motto term while Touch's/Tuffs were first found in Cheshire with Tafts/Tuffs' who in turn have a red "phoenix"! Fathers/Feathers may have been Fetters who in turn share the NEEDle Coat.

Vims/Beans share the gold escutcheon with Shute-like Scute's, and Shute's/Schute's are also Shitts to go with Sewers. Swiss Sewers use a giant rose to make themselves smell better, but it's no use because this is the line to Swart-like Schwart(z)'s (giant rose), and to George Schwartz who renamed himself, George Soros. It appears that God is portraying Soros as sewage. Trump promised to drain the sewer but instead fortified it. The Sors' are listed with LEgro-related Soars, and the Legro river of leg-depicted Leicestershire is also the Soar, meaning that God may have portrayed Trump as top-notch sewage. The Wone's/Wims/Weems' share the LEGH Coat, and the Wone/Wim/Weems Crest shares the swan with the Crest of Leicesters (Cheshire, same as Leghs). The Leicester swan has drops, and there's what looks like a drop in the Woon/Wune Coat.

Laps/LABBS' are connectable to Gates-pointing Babe's and Babwells/Babels (all three of Podebrady on the LABE river). German Babels/Babe's share the mermaid with Laps/Labbs'. The following is new, and I like it much. I've just found the new-to-me Wuhan-like Woons/Wune's showing a pink object holding what I think is DELIBERATELY made to look like a split, green snake (splits into two snakes). The PINK (not a proper heraldic color) object has made I think is deliberately made to look like two arms, each holding a snake. The two "snakes" split from what looks like the hip so as to form two LEGs. In the very same way, the mermaid of German Babels/Babe's holds her split tail (into two tails) with both arms that likewise act as her legs. The Labbs variation of Laps then suggests the Wuhan lab!!! Is that not amazing? Mamie on my lap was pointing to Trump and Wuhan together! I'm impressed.

In actuality, the pink object looks like a flower with split, green STEM, and Stems/Steins were first found in Norfolk with the Drops/Trope's, explaining why one can make out a pink DROP within the flower. Plus, Stems/Steins share the leopard face of Pile's while the Woon/Wune flower-and-stem is upon a pile (half in the colors of the Pile piles). Pile's were first found in Northumberland with Stem/Stein-branch Stevensons and Stave's/Stove's. Norfolk is where stave-using PILgrims were first found, tending to discover that they were a Pile-Grimaldi merger.

As I said, after Mamie was on my lap, I remember only one thing for that day: we slept in the same TENT, even in the same sleeping bag (no sex) where she teased me, treated me cold, unlike they way she sat on my lap uninvited when we were with the gang around the campfire. That is, it was a different attitude when we were alone, out of the public eye, we could say, and I expect Trump to be ice-cold / hateful toward Christians in reality.

The Leggs have a "TENTamine" motto term looking like part-code for Mine's listed with Menne's. The Mens' are also Mame's/Meme's, you see, as though God set up the heraldry to fit the events with maim-like Mamie. This is a serious issue, the deliberate maiming and killing of masses with vaccines. If Christians vote for Trump for 2024, how will God view / rate such Christians? I counsel that Christians not vote for him, find a better candidate.

The Woons/Wune's use mural crowns where one can see the blocks of a wall, similar to (and in the same colors of) the crown-like "walls" of Spanish Muriels/Murs. This plays very well with what more I had planned to say, because Muriel Pollock was "Lady Rothes," a daughter to Peter Pollock, builder of a castle at Rothes. The Rothchilds/Roddensteins, first found in Brunswick, and sharing eight-pointed stars (different colors) with Ducs/LeDucs, happen to share, almost, the Muriel/Mur arrow. It's perfect because Bars of Bar-le-Duc were at Brunswick.

And Scottish Barrs share the eagle of Pense's who are in turn in the motto of One-like WONE's/Weems' and Eskins/ERSkins!! Beauty. The latter not only share a "Je pense" motto phrase with Wone's/Weems', and not only look like a potential branch of leg-using AYERs (Ayrshire, same as Barrs), but share the single pale bar of German Walls! It connects the Wone's to Woons/Wune's because the latter share the "wall" of Muriels/Murs ("muro" means "wall"). The Eskin variation is for ESCYHNA de Molle, whose daughter married Robert Pollock, brother of Peter above. Eskins/Erskins were first found in Renfrewshire with Pollocks. Trump built the wall. English Walls have a mural crown. Molle's have the Moray / Handel Coat plus a boar head half in the colors of the Speer boar head.

"JE pense" can be suspect with Jays because they almost have the bend-with-roses of Jewish Rothchilds (not "Rothschild"). German Rothchilds are listed with Rothes'. This bend-with-roses is on a blue Shield with Balcons, the latter first found in Fife with Wone's/Weems'.

Rothes is in Moray, and Ducs/LeDucs have an eight-pointed version of the Moray Coat's five-pointed stars. The Moray Coat is in colors reversed with the Woon-like One's/Innis, is that not compelling as a pointer to James LeDuc's partnership with Wuhan? The other Innis' (likewise first found in Moray), using hexagram stars instead, share the green snake with Woons/Wune's! Bingo. It would be nice to connect the Innis castle, which the snake encircles, to the Galves/Gallego castle, but they are not in the same color.

I've seen articles telling that Erskins were kin of Scottish Mars. The latter almost have the Brunswick Coat. The Mars are suspect from the Marsi of Italy who had, Angitia, a snake goddess connectable to Mari, the wife of the Basque snake god, Sugaar, explaining why Seagers/SUGARs use green snakes. The Segurana's share the eagle of Erskin-beloved Pense's and Barrs, but also of Aquila's while Marsi were likely in L'Aquila.

The Eskin/Erskin motto is, "Je pense PLUS," perhaps part-code for the Palus/Palu surname that shares a giant tree (palm) with Italian Apollo's/Poloni's (possibly from Apollonia, beside Alan-line Aulon/Avlona, making Pollok in Renfrewshire suspect from Apollonia). Apollo's/Poloni's were first found in Florence with the Brunswick-line Bruno's who share the bends of Pierre's and Peters, from Peter Pollock. Palus'/Palu's use large ermine spots (common in Brittany along with Alans) which are made to look like an arrow head beside what look like three ink spots, perhaps code for the TATToo needle. How do we explain that Scottish Tatts/Tate's virtually share the Ermine (and Jardin) Coat?

They say that Picts painted their bodies, and Piccots (Cheshire, same as TATTons) use "pike heads" fashioned as arrow heads. English Tate's, who look like ROXburgh kin, share the raven (it's on ermine spots) with Rothchilds/Rothes' and Peters, and Tattons with Tute's/Touts share the crescents of Rothes-connectable Speers. Heraldic spots can be code for Spottens/SPOLTons/Spauldings who share the buckles of Pollock-related Leslie's of Rothes. Guy of Spoleto is suspect to the French Guys (PICardy) whose buckles form a pale bar in the colors of the Eskin/Erskin pale bar.

Pollock-like Plocks share the martlets of Palu-like Pullys/Pullings (Yorkshire, same as Tute's/Touts). The Plock Crest looks like it has a wall. The ermine spots of Palus'/Palu's are beside a PALM tree, and a palm is part of a hand. German Marks have a spear while Speers/SPEYers (same place as Eskins/Erskins and Pollocks) probably named the Spey river at Rothes. Fulbert, father of Peter Pollock, was probably in Shropshire before moving to Pollok, and Shropshire is where Needle's were first found. Pollock are also Poke's. I'll bet that Rothschilds hold patents for the coming enforcement of the 666 in the right hand.

Needle-like Needhams share the Knee Coat, and the Needhams "phoenix" could be the gold eagle in the Plock Crest. Nathans/Nations use the comPASS while Pettys (share the quadrants in the Arms of Rothschild) use a compass "needle". Pasi's/Pascels share crossed spears (different colors) with Speers. The first Rothschild named his first son, Nathan.

Natts/Nathans possibly share the Shield of MontaCUTE's because Cute's/Cutts share the white greyHOUND in Crest with Tattons, and the Cute/Cutt Coat is almost that of Pense-like Pence's/Pens. Pense's are listed with PINCons, and Pincs/Pinks share the Montacute lozenges. The motto in the Arms of Rothschild shares "Industria" with Dents (share Hound lozenges) in turn in the Cute/Cutt colors and format. Plocks were first found in Oxfordshire with Cotters/Cedars and the green BEAVER of the Oxfords Arms. Pollock-branch, Apollo-like Pools were first found in Dorset with Cutters. Dents were first found in SEDbergh, and SEDans ("sed") share the black border with MontaCUTE's, and with the Parrs who use a "WOMan" in Crest.

The Montacute border is shared by BEDFORDs, and with WOMan-using Parrs who were shown linkable above to Wins/WOMs/Wons who in turn share the Plock Crest. repeat: "[Wins/Woms/Wins] share the Grave/Greaf/Grief eagle, a surname line the Graff/Graffen/Grav surname that was being pointed to graphene-oxide in the last update." It's the eagle also of Bedford's Lutons, from a major city in Bedfordshire. Bedfords share "fortuna" with Molle-related Schims/Schiens while Molle's share the phoenix with Knee's. "Fortune" is used by Trump-connectable Shute's.

If the heraldic woman isn't code for Womwells (Yorkshire, same as Pincs, Pings/Pongs/Pagans and "woman" using Elis'), then I suggest for VIMINacium near ancient PINCum. The Bewere's (RHINEland) suspect in the "beware" motto term of Womwells have crossed triDENTs looking related to Pasi's/Pascels and Speers. Drago de Bewere is in the write-up of Blade's (Yorkshire) who in turn share the saltires of Pollock-connectable, Scottish Franks ("NATi"), and Hawleys (Somerset, same as Roets sharing the Speer boar heads). The Hawleys have a spear. The Wells in the Wombwell motto share the pelican with Pullys/Pullings.

Pasi's/Pascels were first found in Bologna with Pinc- / Ping-related Pane's/Panico's, and with the Reno river while Reno's/Rhine's share the Pinc / Montacute lozenges too. Womwells almost have the Coat of Skulls (Herefordshire, same as Rothschild-connectable Jays of De Gai), both sharing the Jay bend. Gays were a branch of French Galli's (Dauphine, same as Payens/Pagans) who in turn share the Chief of French Alans. Gays were from Gaia/Galla, father of king Massena, and thus Gays (Savoy) were related to tree-using Masseys/Masse's (Savoy).

Drago de Bewere is in both the Blade and Burton write-up, and as Burtons were first found in Shropshire, where the proto-Pollocks likely were with the Alans of Dol, the OAK tree in the Burton Crest can be the one of Apollo's/Poloni's (shows acorns). Alans of Dol ruled OKEhampton, explaining why English Alans show oak leaves/branches with acorns. Dols, in Trump colors, were first found in Mecklenburg with Trumps, and Tromps use acorns. The tree of Burtons (Roet colors) has roots for a Roet / Root / Rudes reason.

As Burtons (same place as Alan-beloved Bellamys) share the fesses of Bellamys and Bells, I'm guessing that English Gays share the chevron of Moray's Bellys who in turn share the Duc/LeDuc star as well as the rose of Pasi-line Paisleys (same place as Pollocks / Speers) and Trump-connectable Jumps of Wombwell. Paisleys share the anchor of Pasi-like Packs, first found in Sussex with the Downs/Douns having a stag in Trump stag-head colors, and with the Acorns sharing the Knee / Needham stag heads. Dons/D'One's have the double fesses of woman-using Parrs in colors reversed.

I have found a Keip surname I don't remember knowing before. To set this up, let's repeat from above: "JEEPma's have a giant two-headed eagle in the colors of the giant Tromp eagle, and the Tromp acorns are those of Clot-connectable Clauds/CLAUSels. Claus', like the DuClos variation of Clots, happen to share the giant Weems/Wemes lion, in the colors of the Duce lions and the English Duck lion heads." This recalls the dream I had with Kepke leading a sick-looking stag up my driveway past the Jeep in my garage, though the dream did not show the Jeep, only the location on the driveway beside the carport. That scene was resolved with Trump's poison vaccines. The Keips, with Kepler-like variations, were first found in Nuremberg with Keppler-like Kopple's, and the latter were from Koplik on the Clausula river, how about that.

Moreover, Kopple's are part of the line to Poland's Goplo region out of which came the Mieszko's, and it just so happens that Keeps are from Casimir, son of Mieszko II. The latter was the grandson of DOBRawa, from the namers of Dober, a location about two or three miles from Koplik. Dobrawa was Bohemians, and Keplers were first found in Bohemia with the German Michaels that share the Jeepma/Chep hexagram. Keips have Kepler-like variations.

Dobrawa was the son of Boleslaw I of Bohemia, brother of "Good King Wenceslas," a good reason to discover that Santa CLAUS was secretly named after a family on the CLAUSula river. Boleslaw is called "the Cruel," and Cruels almost have the Clare Coat, and do have the double Larin/Claren chevrons while SAINTs are listed with their Sinclair branch. The mystery family that named Santa Claus must have been Polish, explaining the north pole. Cruel variations look like the Crawl branch of Crows, and I trace the mythical crow of Greece, Coronis, to the Ceraunii, whom I think may have named Croatia. Weme's/Wone's were first found in Fife with a Crail location, and Crabs/Crails look like English Dole kin.

Drummonds are from Bohemia, I claim, and Santa's happen to have the German Drummond Coat (looks related to Dols) in colors reversed. The Clare's look like kin of German Drummonds and Sturs -- a branch of Easters/Isters/Sturs -- and then Pola is on Ister-like Istria (beside LOSINJ). Easters/Isters/Sturs (almost the Keep / Keppler Coat, makes sense with the Keppler LOZENGes) were first found in Manche, beside Jersey, where some Cruel cousins lived.

Note the Wone-like term in the Cruel write-up: "'The family of Stansfeld, of Stansfeld, and of the Island of Jersey, deriving from WYON Maryon, of a noble house in Brittany, to whom the extensive township in the West Riding of a common origin with the Kyriels and Kyrles, from the Kiriell of the Bathe Abbey Roll.'" I may stand corrected: the Weme/Wone Crest may not be a swan, but a goose, for Wyons share the same Crest, and are curiously listed with Guys (lozenges) having a geese-like Guise variation. Goose's/Googe's share the boar head of Bole's, feasibly from "Boleslaw" the Cruel. The Arms of Pola are very connectable to the saltire of Scottish Pollocks, and the Pollock Crest shares a boar (different color) shot with an arrow with the Bole Crest.

The above may explain why Kepke befriended John Croll while he was still with Miss Peare. I rented a room in the Croll home at that time, and Masci-line Maezaei lived on the Una river. Masseys lived in Manche with Isters. One German Croll surname appears to use crow's feet. The other German Crolls (picket fence, don't know what it's called officially) are in Keip/Keipler colors and near-format. Both Crolls were first found in Prussia with Mieske's. Boles'/Bowles' (Lincolnshire, same as Bole's above) look like kin of English Bush's while Crails/Crabs share the fleur of German Bush's and Boschs. Miss Bowles is now the queen of Britain.

I trace Jeepma's/Jappa's/CHEPs to the Japodes of proto-Croatia. The Keip/Keppler uniCORN (Rasmussen unicorn in colors reversed) traces to the Una river of Croatia, home roughly of the CERAUNii. The Una (or Oeneus) is between the Japodes and Ceraunii. The Una river may have named the One's / Hone's / Wone's. Woons were first found in CORNwall, which was named the Cornovii branch of Ceraunii.

My Childhood Pointer to Ainsley Earhardt

I was reflecting back on the "Sherwood Forest" that was on Senator Reesors drive. That was it's name, a small forest that I and some friends spent time in (age 12/13), including Michael and Phillip Witherspoon, and Robert Powell, both of home had the forest adjacent to their back yards. I can't remember exactly how I got to reflecting on this, last night, after loading Bunnys as per crossing the Easters above after crossing Santa Claus. I was wondering whether the Easter bunny was invented secretly by masonic types to honor surnames, and so I loaded Bunnys to find that they were first found in Basford with Ainsleys. That got the wheels of my head spinning. I see Ainsleys from chief-priest Annas, father in law of high priest, Joseph Caiaphas, and Koplik on the Clausula is also Cupionich, suspect with the Caepionis' that I think named the Caiaphas family.

Sherwood forest brought Robin Hood of Sherwood forest to mind as well as the sheriff of Nottingham (part of Robin Hood fable), and Basford is in Nottinghamshire, where Bugs were once said to be first found. Bugs BUNNY. Chew on that carrot for a minute, because Bugs share the Carrick fesse, and Carricks share a "bien" motto term with Carrots/Carews (Carrick colors).

We played black FLAG in Sherwood forest, and while Flags/Flecks were a branch of Fulke's/FOLKs/Volks, Bugs Bunny episodes always ended with, "That's all folks." German Folks/Volkers even share the purple thistle with Robins. Fulke's/Folks have the split Shield of Belgian Flecks in colors reversed, and Flys of Flagi can be linked to both Joseph surnames. Bugs are now said to be first found in Dorset with Caiaphas-like Chaffes', and with Russells who share the scallops of Flags/Flacks (NorFOLK), and almost have the Fulk/Folk motto. Doesn't that heraldry appear related to Bugs Bunny?

There is a goat in the Russell Crest. The Bunnys, in Rabbit colors and format, use goats while Goats (Bug colors) are also Gothams, first found in Nottinghamshire with Bunnys. The fictitious Gotham City was home to Batman and ROBIN. The curiosities never end. It looks like many cartoon characters and fables were created by bloodline-lusting creeps who have secret agendas against the peoples of the world. The Bugs even have a bat. Batman lived in a Caiaphas-like cave, and Cave's share the "FRETTY" Shield of Caens/Cans, first found in Dorset with Chaffes'. A "fret" is used by Hoods.

Russells have the motto, "Que sara sara," and Goats share the bend of Sarah's/Sayers and Shakespeare's; the latter share the double-tipped spear in the Fulke/Folk Crest. Sarah's/Sayers were first found in Essex with Peacocks (and Fier-beloved Rams) who in turn love the Fears/Fiers in their motto along with Irish Hare's/Garys. Fears/Fiers were first found in Middlesex with English Robins (thistles) who in turn share the chevron of Robe's/Robbs, the latter first found in Stirlingshire with Caiaphas-like Chappes'/Cheaps. Middlesex is also where Players were first found who share red drops with Spoons. The WitherSPOONs. Spoons were first found in Warwickshire with Sheriffs. The sheriff of Nottingham.

Chaffes' share the peacock in Crest with Earhardt-connectable Harcourts, first found in Oxfordshire with Ainsley-branch Annesleys and Bunny-like Bunns/Bone's.

HARcourts share the double bends of English Hare's/Hairs. Harcourts were Dane's, as were HAUTeville's, and "haut" is a motto term of English MALLETs, first found in SufFOLK with Rabbits, and the WITHERspoons and I played croquet, with MALLETs, in his back yard, which has Sherwood forest immediately across the property line. Mallets were Rind kin, and Rinds are in the colors and format of Bunny-like Bonnys. Withers (Norfolk with Folks) use a HARE in Crest. That's all Folks. WAIT, there's more folks: Withers are in Crocker colors and format! Withers look like they use ears of wheat in the hare's mouth because Weight/Wait-like Wheats/Whate's were first found in Norfolk with them. Chappes'/Cheaps use "ears of wheat," and even share the Crest of English Josephs.

The croquet-like Crochets (Essex, same as Peacocks) have the Dexter Coat in other colors. The Witherspoons lived on John Dexter crescent in MARKHAM, and Dexters use "weights" in Crest while Wither-like Weights/Waits are in Rabbit and Bunny colors and format. Bunnys were first found in Nottinghamshire with Markhams of Maplebeck, and Maple's (Essex again) almost have the Spoon boar head. The Sheriffs love the Esse's in their motto who in turn share the double fesses of Crochets, can we believe it? Eschyna de Molle married Robert Croc, and Molle's share the Spoon boar head!!! CAN WE BELIEVE IT?

Robert Croc was also Mr. Croce, and "cruce" is a motto term of Gollys/Gullys, first found in Oxfordshire with Bunny-like Bunns/Bone's. Gollys/Gollys are in Wither colors and format, and in the format of, but colors reversed from, SHERwoods. The latter share roses (different color) on a stem with Schere's/SCHERFs i.e. like "Sheriff". Now we know why the fable had a sheriff of Nottingham. Croquet is a game using hoops, and Hoops are also Hoods. Robin Hood.

Scottish Hare's/Hairs (Ayrshire, same as Ayers) share the double bends of Manners/Maness' (another peacock in Crest), who can be gleaned with Parrs as their relatives who in turn almost have the Dexter Coat.

The makers of heraldry didn't know Michael Witherspoon (my classmate). The Spoon Crest is the swan in the Braugh Crest, and Bash's were first found in BRAUGHin (Hertfordshire) while Bunnys and Ainsleys were first found in Basford while Basfords and are Bashfords. Bunnys are in Rabbit colors and format, and Rabys, suspect in the Annandale motto, share the Bash crosslet. Rabys must be in the "honoRABO" motto term of Mansells because they and their branch, the Mansfields (Nottinghamshire, same as Bunnys) are in Bunny colors and format. Mansells and Mansfields share the sleeve with Irish Crocs. Mansfields were part of the pointer to Trump's poison vaccines. Will the off-yer-Rockerfellers give people rabies next? Shhh, don't give 'em ideas.

Mansels use "HonoRANTES," and Rants/Rance's named the Rance river (at Saint Malo) near the first-known French Henrys (share Bash martlets). Rants/Rance's were a Rind branch, and Rinds with Malo-branch Mallets share the scallops of Ware's while Bash's were first found in Ware. Ware's were first found in Devon with Wears/Were's, indicating that they were from some families at the Wear river of Durham, where Sherwoods and Phillips were first found. Phillip Witherspoon lived at the Sherwood forest along with Robert Powell, and Welsh Phillips ("DUCit amor PATRIAE") almost have the Welsh Robert and Powell lion. Robin Hood was in Sherwood Forest, and Hoods were at Rattery in Devon while Ratterys were first found in Perthshire with Rinds. Patria's/Peartree's share the Trump stag head.

Rabys were first found in Durham with Sherwoods, and with Conte's/COUNTERs/Comitissa's expected in the Sinclair and Ainsley mottoes. French Henrys were from the Meu river that I trace to My's/Mea's (Nottinghamshire) in the Ainsley motto phrase, "my COUNTRy." Henry Sinclair ruled the Orkneys, where Braughs (almost the Sinclair cross) were first found. The latter brought Brags to mind because Trump brags always, and Brags look like they have a red-bull Coat version of the neighboring Beautys smack in the area of the Easter-related Stour river. The Braughs came to topic with Bash's, which can be shown to be a Bashford branch, and Ainsleys were first found in Basford while Ainsley Earhardt is Sleeping Beauty.

Miss Earhardt at times seems to be pointing to D. Trump, but maybe it's just the Ainsley bloodline because the Annesley-like Hanna's have the stag head of Hahn-connectable Trumps in colors reversed.

Should we be asking whether Trump's political woes/complications/ironies are directly from God, not the deep state, because he's going to do great damage to the country by design? His tax credits to corporations can be viewed as a betrayal of the poor. Don't be deceived by this "santa claus" and his bag of tricks. Maybe it was God who put a stocking into his tweeting mouth because he's working to deceive the people of God.

Ever since I got to the Brags, I could head a thundering set of clouds roll by the house, west to east. I can't recall hearing anything like this before, a constant roll of changing thunder tones with not a one-second break at any time, no loud/frightening cracks of thunder or bright lightning, just an ominous roll passing by that took 15-20 minutes to go from faint sound in the west to faint sound in the east (it's still rolling out faint sounds as I write). It gave me the sense that God is heralding / announcing something, even going on the defensive against something majorly horrible about to take place. It sounds as though God is upset and rising to protect us.

I've had a bear (symbol of Russia?) around the house for the past 15 days roughly. It chewed my water pipe first, and last came on Monday night looking for garbage. Finding none, it smelled the peanut butter in the mouse trap, and when it snapped on its nose, it made a loud draw-back sound through the recycling containers, which I could hear from inside the house. I've seen this bear twice over the past 10 days, he's a very big black bear. I'm just wondering about the timing, for I haven't seen a bear here for the past two years, maybe even three.

However, Ricks Wiles on last night's TruNews show (Tuesday night), speaking from Jordan, displeased me much as he talked about a nuclear war possible within months (I think God will stave off such an event for a few years). He told his audience that they just need to trust God as foods diminish, but not once did he advise them to store foods. He gave indication last night that he intends to ramp up the money intake to enlarge his ministry.

I've listened to a dozen of his shows over the past few weeks, and although he's a post-tribulationist, only once did I hear him advise the storage of foods. Mr. Wiles, the building larger, by donations, of your organizational ministry is not more important than your audience. The welfare of the latter should be your ministry, not your money intake for to fuel new programs. You DO NOT SACRIFICE the well-being of your audience to protect the money intake, or you will be chastised. Take a hit in donations to allow the audience to spend money on foods they will likely soon need, and urge them continuously to store foods, otherwise, be an unfaithful shepherd.

I re-iterate: the Putin you see on the news is not Putin, but a double. I don't know who controls him, or how much the West has control of him to fulfill it's step-by-step decisions. This "Putin" is essentially declaring war on Nato right now. Sorry to go off-topic, but that thunder was really something, never heard anything like it before. It passed right by my house as a small cluster of clouds only. The sound moved with it. Once the sound had passed, the sky cleared up a little. It was almost like God going by in a chariot. There was no wind on the ground, just a medium rain.

Over a decade ago, I was having a dream with a bear. It walked past a young girl's hand, and I was frightened, but it did not touch the girl. Then it went for the jugular (neck) of two stags, bringing them down, and at that moment I felt a mouse running down my leg (I was probably dreaming it). I actually awoke swatting my leg, and checked everywhere in the tailer for the mouse but didn't find it. If that dream relates to the bear this week that was in the mouse trap, then I suggest that Russia will attack two stags, whatever that means. The mouse trap may mean that Russia's opponent(s) will give a sudden but not dangerous backlash. Staggs are also Stage's, and were first found in Devon with Bears/Beers (big black bear) who in turn essentially share the Rook Crest. But I don't know whether the dream warrants heraldry, nor do I know for sure that the dream was from God, though I did think so at the time because Russia was at war with Georgia at the time. It took two Georgian areas at that time.

Ahh, I've found it from a 2014 update (3rd update of December):

The first mouse sign I received was during the 2008 seizure of Georgia by Putin. It was about 4 am while dreaming, when I sensed a mouse running down my leg, but after swatting at it, there was no mouse found...The dream I was having when the non-existent mouse woke me was of a bear walking in the midst of people. As it brushed up beside me, I was afraid of it. Then, although calm and not making any vicious threats, the bear suddenly lunged for two stags, and brought one down by sinking its jaws around its neck. That very August morning, in an article fresh that day, there turned out to be a headline, 'Russian Bear Goes for the Jugular.'"

The bear, some 15 days ago, put his teeth through my water pipe at the shore of the beaver pond. Waters were first found in Essex with the Moscow-like Muschats (Essex, same as Waters). Muscats (not "Muschat") are also MOUSquette's. Back to topic. Muscats/Mousquette's (version of Ely Coat) were at Cambridgeshire, where Bash-related News'/Nuces were first found suspect with the solid chevron of Chapmans (Cambridgeshire). Amazingly, Chapmans have a "pondere" motto term while Ponders (Cambridgeshire) share the Pond Coat. The bear chewed the water pipe to the BEAVER POND. The Arms of Oxford has a beaver, and the Ships (Oxfordshire) use an Ely-like "eel." The Irish Foys having an eel share the Chapman crescent. Back now to topic.

Conte's/Counters share the antlers of Cone's (Kent same as Countrys) while Coneys and Conns use "coney" rabbits. The Always' in the Ainsley motto were first found in Suffolk with same-colored Rabbits. Thus, the motto of Ainsleys connects to kin of Bunnys (Rabbit colors and format). The Bash's were first found in Hertfordshire with the Childs who share the Egg eagle. The Easter bunny was given eggs as a symbol, and Easters share the bend of Annesleys, first found in the same place as Bunns who in turn share red eagles with Child-related Tarents of Dorset, where Nottingham-connectable Bugs were first found along with Roslin-like Russells. Sinclairs lived at Roslin. Eggs were once said to be first found in Cheshire with Eggertons, Child-connectable Clubs/Clobbes', and Robin-connectable Malpas'.

Easter eggs are made of chocoLATE, and Late's use ORKNey-suspect "organ pipes." "CHOColate" can be deemed as code also for Chochs because they almost use the Coats of Amore's and Damorys/Amori's, first found in Oxfordshire with Annesleys and Bunns. Plus, Chochs share the Coat of Chalks/Chalkers, first found in Kent with Chaucers who in turn share the Annesley / Easter bend. Chalks/Chalkers share the swan in Crest with Orkney's Braughs, you see, and the swan was a symbol of mythical Leda (Sparta) while Late's are also Lets. Leda gave birth to children in swan eggs, and one of those children was HELEN of Troy.

I've often related the story where David, my tenant's former man, left a chocolate treat on her door knob. Her name is Helen. That's how I discovered the Chochs and Late's, but now it seems that even the masonic stupids used "chocolate" as their code in relation to Bunny liners. Helens have the Coat of English Este's in colors reversed, and Este's (in the Pepin motto) have the horse heads of Pepins and Pipe's, recalling the "organ pipes" of chocolate-depicted Lets/Late's. Italian Este's share the Basford/Bashford eagle. Bunnys were first found in Basford, at BROXtow, and Brocks were first found in Essex with English Este's, Wayne's, and rabbit-using Christmas'. The latter look like they have a version of the English Croc Coat. Wayne's are suspect with Wanstead (Essex), where Childs were first found. Batman was played by BRUCE Wayne. Carrots were linked to Bruce's by marriage.

Bugs use the bat, and Bunnys use the goat while Goats were Gothams (same place as early Bugs). Batman and Robin of Gotham City. Bats were first found in Shropshire with Helen-connectable Alans and Crocs. Eschyna de Molle married both Mr. Croc, and a Mr. Alan whose family married the Carrot-related line of Carrick-Bruce. Helens were first found in Brittany with Alans and French Robins. The Bats are in Braugh and Rust/Roost colors and format, and Rusts/Roosts were first found in Kent with Countrys and Cone's.

Back to Easter eggs, where Eggs share the Child eagle. Eggs look like German Gardner kin, and Carricks have a "Garde" motto term, as do Lawns/Lane's. We played croquet on the lawn. Bruce's are from Brescia, where Italian Lane's were first found. Lawns/Lane's share the Robert lion, and so I now turn to Robert Powell, whose backyard property line touched Sherwood forest. Our neighborhood was called, Sherwood Estates. Robert Powell lived on Senator Reesors drive, and Reesors (Rice branch) look very connectable to French Roberts while Welsh Roberts have the Powell Coat in colors reversed. It looks Arranged for making pointers.

Reesors have a brown wolf head while Irish Gards have a brown wolf. English Gards share the green martlet with Grimms/Grime's who in turn share the Bash martlet. German Grimms share the Reesor lion, and while Grimms/Grime's have the GORMLEY/Grimes martlets in colors reversed, we moved from Senator Reesors drive to Gormley when I was 13 years old, same year as I was hanging out with Powell. That move pointed to graphene-oxide at age 14. German Grimms almost share the quadrants of Seconds/Segurs, and Segurana's, first found in Genova with my mother's GRIMaldi surname, share the Basford/Bashford eagle.

The Seconds are interesting here as per my asking Robert Powell to play a certain record a SECOND time, which I'll focus on below. There is a Record surname I'm not familiar with, and it happens to have variations like the Rickards/Richards. Richard was Robert Powell's older brother. I like that. Records share the black moline with Chives', and as the Cave-like Cavii were at LISSus, beside the Mathis river, it explains why the Chives moline is also the moline of Mathis', first found in Burgundy with French Roberts. Moreover, the Annesleys, sharing "amore" with Rickards/Richards, share the Lise/LISS pale bars. Is that not looking even more Arranged? Lise's/Liss' were first found in Hampshire with Hone's while the Honors/Honans can be suspect on the "Honore" motto term of Rickards/Richards.

The Rickards/Richards have the Coat of German Rolls in colors reversed, and English Rolls share the Carrick and Bug fesse while Carricks married Bruce's while Bruce's were first found in Yorkshire with the Rickards/Richards who share their lion. That's a Brescia line. German Rolls share the lion of Roys in the motto of Carrick- and Brescia-connectable Lawn/Lane motto, and Roys share the chevron of English Roberts (Kent, same as English Gards).

Sherwoods are in the colors and format of one Bridge Coat, and the other Bridge's (Somerset, same as Friends) are in FRIEND colors and format. At about age 20, I heard that Robert Powell was thrown of a bridge for a drug deal he was involved with. Note Ainsley Earhardt of Fox and FRIENDs with co-host Steven Doocy, for Duce's/Doocys are able to point to James LeDuc, and then the two Duce/Doocy lions in pale are colors reversed from the three in pale of Lawns'/Lane's.

When we were 13, Powell and I were lobbing ROCKs at one another as we walked along Senator Reesors past the future CORNER house of Karen Whelan. Rockefeller drugs therefore comes to mind with Powell's drug dealing, and I'm aiming to show how this picture incorporates Ainsley Earhardt as Sleeping Beauty, for she in that role points to poison vaccines. I first saw Beauty her at the HOOD of her car / AUTO, and Saffers (Devon, same as Hoods) use an "aut" motto term. Corners/Garners (share acorn with Tromps from Val Trompia at lake Garda) are said to be from Gardners, a good pointer to Trump's role in vaccines.

The "Cornish chough" of Hoods is the raven of Crockers, both surnames first found in Devon, and Eschyna de Molle was involved with raven-connectable Pollocks of Rothes. English Rothes', in Cough colors and format, were once said to be first found in Shropshire with Crocs and Sleeps, and while a "CROCodile" is used by Irish Dene's, they have the double Sleep fesses in colors reversed. The Dile's in "crocodile" share the Reesor and English Dean/Dene lion, and the latter share the Croc and Spear/Speyer crescent. The latter's Spree branch was first found in Cornwall with Cornish elements.

I dated Karen Whelan when I had just turned 20, just months before I drove my FireBIRD to retrieve my coat from Rod Gardner, who had borrowed it. He was in a motel in Sharon, Ontario, and, not many days after the sleeping Beauty dream, I was given a vision of Sharon Quinn who pointed that night to poison vaccines in multiple ways. Sharrons share the PENDERgrass Coat, and Penders (Nottinghamshire) have a version of the Roy / Rickard/Richard Coats. Pansys/Pantzers are in the "pansy" of the Coney Crest. Panters almost have the Crochet Coat while Christmas', with a red-Shield version of the Coney Coat, look like Croc kin. Coneys were once said to be first found in Lincolnshire with Rowells, but are now said to be first in Shropshire with Crocs.

Miss Peare was in the FireBIRD with me, and so let me repeat: I can remember only one time that I was in the Powell home, at which time he had a record playing "Silver BIRD," by Mark Lindsey, and because I had liked this song when hearing it at my home, I asked Powell to play it a second time. I remember nothing else we did that day. Why do I remember Silver Bird? English Silvers, with almost the Coat of French Roberts, are in Saffers colors and format, and "Suffer" is motto of Hayden-branch Haldans, and while Haydens were Beauty kin, Ainsley with Mr. Proctor are the parents of Hayden. I showed how Birds/Burds connect to Ainsley Earhardt in multiple ways, including Bird Crest connection to the identical Proctor Crest. Birds/Burds share the martlets of the neighboring Crocs. If "Silver bird" is a pointer to Ainsley Earhardt, why?

Proctors were first found in CamBRIDGEshire with Basford-connectable Bash's (share red martlet with Proctors and Birds/Burds). Basford is in Broxtow while Birds/Burds were first found in Broxton of Malpas, and the Malpas Coat (Child / Club colors and format) is almost the French Robin Coat. Robin Hood of Sherwood Forest in Nottinghamshire. Birds/Burds even have the Mea variation of Ainsley beloved My's (Nottinghamshire), whom I trace to the Meu river, where French Henrys were first found. Irish Henrys were first found in Tyrone with Neils/O'Nails while Proctors use nails, as do Child-connectable Clovis' (suspect as a branch of Clubs/Clobbes').

We saw the Henrys in the Bash martlets, and Miss Whelan lived at 6 HENRY Corson Place, on the same street as Kepke, and Kepke's backyard touched the back yard of a home on John Dexter crescent just a few houses from the Witherspoons (Americans from Michigan, in case this can apply somehow). Corsons/Carsons share the lozenges of Brix's/Brests, from Brescia at lake Garda. Whelans (share Brick Coat) were first found in Waterford with Corson-like Corrys, and Corys were first found in Dumfries with Corsons/Carsons. the Arms of County Waterford shares the Trump stag head. Donald Trump wants to be the father of poison vaccines.

Repeat from above: "...Bash's were first found in Ware. Ware's were first found in Devon with Wears/Were's, indicating that they were from some families at the Wear river of Durham, where Sherwoods were first found. Robin Hood was in Sherwood Forest, and Hoods were at Rattery in Devon while Ratterys were first found in Perthshire with Rinds." The Rats/RAIDERs reminds that "Silver Bird" is sung by Mark Lindsey of Paul Revere and the Raiders. Revere's (Devon, same as Ware's and Supers) have a lion in Ware-lion colors. The two lions of Ware's are shared by German MICHAELs (Bohemia), who love the Supers along with the Rattery motto, and I suggest that Bunnys were, along with Bone's/Bohuns, Bohemians. MICHAEL WITHERspoon.

English Silvers almost have one of the English White Coats, of the White's first found in Durham with Sherwoods. How about that. Powell and Witherspoon both backed up on Sherwood forest. White-like Withers have the hare to connect with Earhardts, and Miss Earhardt as Sleeping Beauty was on Jeffrey Epstein's island. "Silver Bird" is a jet, and Epstein's plane, the Lolita, was pointed to by the "Loyalite" motto term of Mackesys/Margesons who connect with Murdochs (Earhardt's boss has that surname) via Margys/Mackeys (both in Ayrshire with Hare's). Lolita's are also LOYOLa's, and "Loyal" happens to be a motto term of the English White's under discussion who almost have the Silver Coat. These White's share the Reesor lion, and John Dexter crescent (Witherspoon home) comes connects twice to Senator Reesors drive. "LoyaLITE" is probably for the Lights/Lite's in the "Lighter" motto term of Ayers (Ayrshire, same as Margys/Mackeys and Hare's).

Plus, while Rabys were first found in Durham with these White's, Rabbits were first found in Suffolk with the Plains/Platters whom were pointed to by a paper plane I often emphasize that was on Obama's pool table in one of my key dreams.

The other English White's share the vaired fesse of Silvers and Saffers, and add the leopard face of Brady-related Babe's (Bohemian line), now said to be first found in Suffolk with Plains/Platters. The latter's Chief is in the colors and format of Plain-like Palins, first found in Dorset, where Babe's were once said to be first found. The Plain/Platter Coat looks very related to the one of Scottish White's/White! Palins/PAWLeys are suspect with the POWELL lion for obvious reason.

[Insert -- Just saw the Babbit surname in the news. Babe's come up as Rabbit-like Babbits (new to me), both first found in Suffolk, both in the same colors, which recalls that my first date with Lorraine the babe pointed to a laundry line upon which there was a bra hanging that I reached out to touch (age 9) while standing on a laundry deck with a rabbit cage, having at least one white rabbit, under the floor of this deck. I saw the rabbit(s), and fed it/them. Coneys have white rabbits, and Lorraine's pant stain pointed to Pansys/Pantzers, quite amazing because the coney rabbit in the Coney Crest is said to hold a "pansy." This event pointed to Peter Peterson, chair of the Council on Foreign Relations, because he married Mrs. Cooney while the rabbit cage belonged to the Peterson family (Mr. Peterson was a Polish Jew).

By the way, the only reason I can think of for use of the bra is due to a Bra location in Coney-like Cuneo province i.e. the bra verifies a pointer to Coneys, especially as Masci's were first found in Piedmont with Cuneo while Coneys are in Meschin colors and format. Maschi's share "pine CONES" with German Tanners/Tans while Cuneo is at the Tanaro river. My hunch is that Masci's lived in Bra, and named the Brays/Brae's because their "flax breaker" is suspect with the Flags who share the Meschin scallops and the double fesses of Stains. Lorraine had a stain pointing to the Coney Crest. Meschins were first found in Shropshire with Breakers/Brechs, and the first Meschins were from BRIQUESsart. The Breaker/Breck ANTELope goes with the ANTLers of Coney-like Cone's and Country-like Conte's, the latter first found in Durham with Rabbit-like Rabys (at STAINdrop!), making Rabbits look like they descended from a Raby-Babbit marriage.

Bricks share the Masseys/Maceys fleur-de-lys. Brocks share the Masci fleur-de-lys. Brocks were first found in Essex with the ChristMAS'/ChristMUS' having a red-Shield version of the Coney Coat. Christs are in the colors and format of sphinx-using Hips'. Mosca's were at/near the Hypsas river. Brock-branch Brocuffs use another sphinx while Spinks (mascles) were first found in Northamptonshire with Brays/Brae's, and with the Face's in the Babe/Babbit leopard "face." Babe's/Babbits and their Brady/Grady kin were from Bohemia along with the first-known Coons' (partly first found in Silesia with Brocuffs/PROCKs). Proctors share the Hips martlet.

As I said, I could barely reach the bra, but did so by stretching the index finger toward it, and so we see fingers pointing in the Babe/Babbit Crest. Babe's were Blond kin, and the blond tenant saw me touching her bra through the basement window because she came out to scold me for touching it.

Neville de Raby in the Raby write-up makes it appear that Neville's married Rabys because Neville's were first found in Durham with Rabys. Neville's use the Annandale saltire in colors reversed while Annandale's have a "SpeRABO" motto term, and one can conjecture that Neville's were from a Newville location because both the News'/Nuces' and Nuse's/Newes can be linked to Bash's. The latter's cross is not only the crosslets that fill the Raby Shield, but it's in the same colors as the crosslets filling the Shield of Windsors who in turn share the Neville saltire. As English Charles' were first found in Suffolk with Rabbits, perhaps this is a pointer to the dastardly king Charles III, a Windsor.

Windsors were part-Stewarts, and the latter, sharing the Brock motto, were first found in Devon with English Stewarts (share Brock lion) and the darts in the Brock Crest. Then, while Windsors were descended from Otters/Others, the Duke's/Doke's who share the Annandale griffin in Crest have this: "'...From the Dukes of POWER HAYES and OTTERton, Devon, sprang the Dukes of Wiltshire.'" Powers share the Chief-Shield colors of Palins and Plains/Platters, and they were the two surnames at topic, with the Babe's, just before this insert began. The same Chief-Shield colors are with English Tanners (DEVON), suspect from the Tanaro river of Coney-line Cuneo.

The Hayes-like Dutch Haze's/Hase's either have a hare or rabbit, and even share the stars of English Ducks (Somerset, beside Power Hayes). Jewish Haas' have it in white, and German Haas'/HESLins, whom I know to have a "hare," use it in the colors of the Hesse/HESSEL sun! Haze's/Hessels were first found in Devon, but were once said to be first found in Cheshire with their Weaver kin! Weavers are part of the pointer to graphene-oxide. I was standing over white rabbits when touching the bra, at the home of my friend, JERRY Peterson. No Jerry surname comes up, but Jarrys are listed with Irish Hare's/Garys! Lookie there, a fox in the Crest. And by the way, Brace's/BRAS' (Herefordshire, same as Hayes') may have named Bracebridge's who were in turn first found in Lincolnshire with Coneys.

Coons/Cunninghams ("FORK") were not only first found in Ayrshire with Hare's, and the Her-connectable Sheds/Sheddens ("HERmit") who point to vaccine shedding, but with the Forkers who share the red hand with Neils/O'Nails, the latter first found in Tyrone with Cooneys. Peter Peterson of the Council on Foreign Relations married Mrs. Cooney, a founder of Sesame Street.

Jarry's/Hare's love the Fears in their motto, first found in Middlesex with the Feltmans who look like Hayes kin. It just so happens that BABwells/Babels (share Annesley pale bars) were once said to be first found in Middlesex while Feltmans share the Babe leopard face. FELTmans link to Flags by way of Fleets (Lincolnshire with Coneys) while Brays/Brae's use a "FLAX breaker". Flatts/Fletts were first found in the Orkneys with Braughs, and as it was the Bash's who were at Braughin, let's add that Coneys (same place as Base's/Baise's having the Duce/Doocy Coat in colors reversed) were at BASingthorpe, for Bunnys were at Basford. Basings/Basingstoke's (Fly colors) were first found in Hampshire with Flys of Flagi.

Compare "Braugh" to "Bra," for while the touch-bra event pointed to Brays/Brae's, the latter are in Bunny / Rabbit colors and format. Ainsleys were first found in Basford with Bunnys, and Bonnys share the bend-with-fleur of Masci's. I showed why Masci's relate to Bra, and then the Bonny fleur is that also of Earhardts/AIRharts while the touch-bra event with rabbit has clicked us to HAIRs/Hare's...who look like kin of Maness' expected in the "mansit" motto term of Basingstoke's Poppins/Pophams. Maness' share the peacock in Crest with Hare/Hair-branch Harcourts and Shirts/SHARDs, and Harcourts were first found in Oxfordshire with the Annesleys who in turn share the six pale bars of Liss'/Lise's; the latter were first found in Hampshire with Basingstoke. The latter's Lizarts branch are also Shard-like Sarde's.

Hertfords/HARTfords even share the Poppin/Popham stag heads! Bash's were first found in Hertfordshire with Childs, from king CHILDeric, husband of BASINa. We get it. Chances are, Basings were part of the line from queen Basina to the Bessins, for Masci-line Meschins were rulers in the Bessin. Childeric was a Merovingian, and Merovingians had Pepins as their chief advisors and heirs. I trace Merovingians to Maruvium of the Marsi in Abruzzo. Depending on what Angitia was named after, she may have been of the Anne's/Hanne's in her name because they too share the Poppin/Popham stag heads. Angitia was the snake goddess of the Marsi, and while David Morley pointed to Aids/Ade's when encircling the sleeping bag, I have it recorded in April of this year that Earhardts have "'...two interTWINed snakes, ENCIRCLING a fleur-de-lys.'". It's the fleur-de-lys of France. Twins/Twains (Coat looks related to English Tie's) were first found in Hampshire with Basingstoke.

As Hayes' were first found in Herefordshire with Gates-connectable Doors, the Basings/Basingstoke's look like they have the Doria eagle because Doria's were first found in Genova with the Face-related Segurana's who share the Basford eagle. Doria's married Arduinici at Oneglia, that being the line of Neils/NAIL/Nagle's, first found in Westphalia with Hayden-connectable Ducks. Neils/O'Nails share the Brock lion while Proctors use nails. As Trumps look like kin of Hanna's while Tromps share the Basingstoke / Doria eagle too, by what coincidence were Poppins/Pophams, who share the Anne/Hanne stag heads, at Basingstoke (Hampshire)? This paragraph looks like a pointer to the concerted efforts of Bill Gates and Donald Trump for which Trump put himself into the mouth of the shark.

The "PRISTina" motto term of Poppins/Pophams can be for the Prests/Press' (Hertfordshire, same as Bash's) who share the ESToiles in the Chief of Neils/O'Neils (Tyrone, same as Sharks). Poppins/Pophams (Mens Shield) share a "Mens" motto term with ESTE-related Pepins. English Tanners, with the Prest/Press Chief-Shield colors in reverse, share the gold dog in Crest with Williams who in turn share the gyronny of Hoppers, and the latter, in the FAUCHY "grasshopper," were first found in Wiltshire (beside Ducks) with the Duke's of Power Hayes. Powers share the Chief-Shield colors of Tanners. We have definitely stumbled over poison vaccines in this insert.

First found in Wiltshire with Hayes' were the Webbs, next-door to the first known Webbers who share the six bars of Babe-related Blonds (Suffolk, same as Babe's/Babbits and Rabbits). Webbs might even be sharing the Ainsley cross. There is a red eagle in the Webb Crest that could be the one of Bunny-like Bunns (same place as Annesleys) because the Webb Shield has what look like eagles in colors reversed to the Bunn eagle, important because Ainsleys were first found in Basford with Bunnys (Rabbit colors and format). This is working. Ainsleys are linking to the spider pointer to graphene-oxide.

The Webb birds, looking like eagles (could be falcons), are in the colors of the Diss/Dice eagles (!!!), and while the latter were at Dice, also called, Disce, the blue roundel in the Webber Crest is called a "disc"!!! BEAUTY! Webbers could have the Lille's in their motto, first found in Oxfordshire with Annesleys, and the kicker is that the Webber disc has the Earhardt fleur-de-lys. A blue roundel is normally a "hurt," and Hurts/Horts (Webber colors) were first found in Oxfordshire too. The Earhardts/Airharts can apply round-about to Hurts/Horts.

The HAYes' happen to share the Babe leopard face. Babe's were said to be first found in Dorset with HAYden-branch Hades'/Hats and Hayden-related Beautys, and as Sleeping Beauty points to poison vaccines when Ainsley Earhardt is Sleeping Beauty, and as these vaccines are said by many to cause AIDS, wow, I've just discovered that Hades-like Haydes' are listed with the Aids'/Ade's who share the gold leopard face with Hayes'!!! "Hades" means "grave," and then the Griffin-like Graffs/Graffens/GRAVs have a demi-lion in the gold color of the demi-griffin of Le-Duc-connectable Duke's/Doke's/ Plus, Hayes' share the demi-lion of Graffs/Graffens/Gravs!!! Incredible. Tanners (Vilain kin) have a demi-dog in the same color.

The Haydes/Aids/Ade's had worked into the SLEEPING bag dream; they were from Ada of Warenne of Huntingdonshire, where Otters/Others were first found who share the crescents of the KENS', the latter first found in Devon with the Duke's of Power Hayes and Otterton. Before going to Fox, Ainsley Earhardt worked for KENS TV news.

Hades'/Hats share the wreath-like item of Duke's/Doke's (in different colors). The Haydens sharing the Beauty bull almost have the five fesses of German Ducks, who were related to the Pansys/Pantzers in the Coney Crest. German Ducks were first found in Westphalia with the Allers who share the red escutcheon with HOLDENs ("ALLERions) and HAYs! OLDENs have the Graff/Graffen / Hayes demi-lion!!! The Holden allerions are described as BEAKless eagles, and Beaks (Dorset with Hades'/Hats) were Babe kin, sharing the Hayse/Hayes leopard face. Holders were first found in Gloucestershire with Grave's/Greafs.

The Graff/Graffen Shield and Crest is almost identical to the same of English Augers while French Augers are Augets too in the motto of English Charles'. Pointer to king Charles? End insert]

Robert Powell lived on Senator Reesors, and Reesor-branch Rice's/Rhys' (Rabbit / Bunny colors and format) share the raven with Mackeys, Murdochs and the Mea's/Mys in the mottoes of Ainsleys and Mackesys/Margesons (Sussex, same as Bone's/Bohuns). Rice's/Rhys' are expected in the "aris" motto term of White-like Weights because they are in the same colors and format. Reesors/Rhys' (share Rice/Rhys Coat) use "MELioRIS."

After the first stanza uses "MY friend" twice, a potential pointer to Fox and Friends, the chorus in Silver Bird goes, "Silver bird, FLY MY LADY away." Sleeping Beauty had given me the impression of looking like a LADY, and Ladys were first found in NorthAMPTONshire while the White's/WIGHTs under discussion are said to have been in WARNborough of SouthAMPTON in southern Hampshire near the Isle of Wight. Flys were first found in Hampshire. Ware's were first found in Devon with Saffers, Wears/Were's and Wearings, and while the latter share the WARREN checks, note that Warns were first found in neighboring Somerset with Friends, and with the Webbers (pointer to poison vaccines) who share the Fly fleur-de-lys while Flys share the Warn martlet. Durham, where White's/Wights were first found, is on the Wear river.

Rabys were first found in Durham, and Rabe's/RABERs/Rave's use the giant raven while Robers are listed with the French Roberts having a good reflection of both White/Wight Coats!!! I almost missed that. Friend-like Frane's have the Frame lion in colors reversed, and Frame's, in Lady colors and format, share the lion of the Durham White's/Wights.

Somerset is also Lady-like Ladds/Ladons were first found who look like they were related to coney-rabbit Coneys and Meschins. Somerset is where Ducks were first found who have a chief in Lady / Frame colors and format. Meschins share the Flag scallops and Flys, descended from Vespasia Polla, were at Flavian/Flagi. Polla's line is to Poole, on the Dorset coast (between Hampshire and Devon) overlooking the Isle of White. Lady-like Late's/Lets were first found in Gloucestershire with the other English White's/Wights.

The end of the Silver Bird chorus has, "pretty bird, TODAY is the DAY." Prettys happen to share the Silver / Robert lion. Prettys were first found in Staffordshire with the DOCKs and Duce's/DOOCYs who have the Pretty lion in colors reversed, and Miss Earhardt works Fox and Friends weekdays with Steve Doocy. Ducks (Somerset with Friends) have lion heads in the colors of the Duce/Doocy lions, as well as sharing the Pretty / Sutherland stars, and the Mackays of Sutherland were a branch of Margys/Mackeys (share ravens "hanging" on arrow with MurDOCKs). Staffordshire is also where Arrows were first found who share the Webber / Fly fleur-de-lys. Staffordshire is also where Late-beloved Pipe's were first found who have a bend-with-fleur in colors reversed to the same of Webbers. Fox News has mandatory vaccinations; it's employees are going to suffer brain damage if they go to boosters. Doke's (Devon) might be sharing the griffin of Hangers (Hampshire) expected in the hanging ravens above.

Doke's share the wreath-like object in white with Warns (Somerset with Webbers) who in turn have a Coat like that of Banks (share Webber and Fly fleur). Warns entered the discussion with Ladys of Warnborough in the neighborhood of Flys.

Hang-like "hanks of cotton" are used by Cottons, first found in Huntingdonshire with Ada of WARENNE/VARENNE, and while Varenne's use ravens, the Others/Otters, in the "other side" phrase of the Silver Bird chorus, were first found in Huntingdonshire too.

Todays/Tottys were first found in Hampshire with the Flys, and with the Tiss'/Teese's who almost have the Today/Totty Coat. The latter share the Shield (ignoring the Chief) of Toys/Teys while Tiss'/Teese's can be a branch of Nottinghamshire's Tease's/THYS, and then Thy's/Thigh's/TIE's use a giant fox. It appears that Silver Bird is indeed pointing to Fox and Friends. Toys/Teys were first found in Yorkshire with English Tie's/Dye's, a potential branch of Days/Dea's. The Dee's/Die's (Cheshire with Propers/Roberts/Robin and Birds/Burds) share the Frame / White/Wight lion, in the colors of the Robert / Proper/Robert/Robin lion. While Epstein's plane, and RUPERT Murdoch (owner of Fox news), are pointed to by the Mackesy/Margeson motto, this Mackesy Coat shares the snake and sword of Irish Days/Dea's.

Ainsley Earhardt must be the pretty bird, but I won't go so far as to conjecture that she was on Epstein's plane in her teens, explaining how she got the job at Fox news...which interviews Alan Dershowitz, Epstein's lawyer for his pedophilia case, regularly. The Silver Bird song also has "CORNER of your MIND," and here one can add that Minds/Munds are in the colors and format of Bird-Burd-like Berts/Births (Devon) and Burts.

I almost missed it: German Silvers were first found in Hesse with Epsteins! Zowie.


There seems to be another way to interpret Silver Bird, which I've told before. Within about a month after the Sleeping Beauty dream, I had another vivid dream that seemed like it was from God. It started with me tumbling and falling down-down-down through a black body, drowning in water. I then saw a silver passenger jet swoop down to the water surface. In the next scene, I was in the plane alone, not even any pilots. I saw three buildings, one taller than the other, beside this body of water, and the plane swooped down to get me, then swooped up across the tops of the buildings and let me down on the roof of the third.

I scaled down the building wall like spiderman, leapt to the ground from a good distance up, landing unhurt on all fours. I saw a lit-up city scene bursting with traffic in the evening, after sunset, and although it's not vivid or certain in my mind, I thought there was a BRIDGE between me and the city background, which makes sense because I was in water. I had suggested that the killing of Robert Powell from a bridge relates to this dream due to the silver bird that swooped in to save me. In the final scene, I saw a man with dark hair in a black leather jacket, and walking to him as we watched the plane disappear into the distant sky, I said, to the effect, "there goes God."

I don't recall looking at the Roofs/Rove's (ravens) in relation to my landing on the building's roof. The Roof/Rove Crest has a BRIDGE!!! Amazing. Roofs/Rove's were first found in Norfolk with Bird/Burd-like Burts and Crows. This gets amazing too because Burts are in the format of, and colors reversed from, the Bridge-beloved Crabs, and while I was on a building, the Burt Coat is essentially the Builder/Bilder Coat too, making me look like I was a drowning victim (portrays some sorrowful / damaging thing) of Bilderberg globalists.

The Coneys we saw above once pointed to the Council on Foreign Relations, which probably has the lion's share in planning the foreign affairs of the Bidenites.

The Crabs are also Crails, and Crail is a location in Fife while Side's were first found in Fife. The city scene was on "the other side" of the bridge, and Silver Bird sings, concerning the lady in the plane, "let her see what's on THE OTHER SIDE." That's striking already, but then I CRAWLed down the building like spiderman, and Crail-like Crawls/Crowells share the three roosters of Crows! Crows are in the colors and format of the other Bridge's! Zikers.

Crawls and Crows have the roosters of Cocks in colors reversed, and Cocks were first found in Somerset with Bridge's, Camels and Webbers. This is poison-vaccine important because Webbers look like Pipe kin while Pipe's share the brown camel head in Crest with Crawls. I crawled down the building like SPIDERman, and Kepke chasing me with a spider, for a pointer to graphene-oxide, pointed to Keep-beloved Weavers, a Webber branch. In fact, German Weavers/Webbers share the three Bright / Bride stars, and Bridge's should have been a Bright / Bride branch.

After crawling a ways down, I JUMPed to the ground, and Jumps share the Trump stag head. The Jump cross even appears with a weave!

The black leather jacket on the man in the dream can play into this where Leathers/Letters have a griffin in the colors of the Bridge griffin heads. Jackets are listed with JayCOCKs. As I bought a black leather jacket at about 48 years of age, and because I've had longish hair (not long like a woman) like the man in the dream, I figure he was me later in life, for he did look middle-aged. It was a BLACK leather jacket, and Blacks can be gleaned as kin of Drowns, both sharing an orange lion in Crest, and the same Chief too. It's the Chief of Schims/Schiens too, and, hard to believe but true: Schims/Schiens ("duce"), suspect in the Ainsley scimitar, share the boar head of Googe's/GOOSE's while Leathers/Letters have a "goose" on a rock!

It was a lamb-SKIN leather jacket that I bought, and while Drowns are also Drains, English Lams/Lambs are in DRAINer/Dragon / Man colors and format. The MAN had a leather jacket, and Mans were first found in Aberdeenshire with Schims/Schiens and the latter's SKIN/Scan/Skene branch. It should be amazing to you that English / Scottish Langs, who have a Coat like English Lams/Lambs, use LETTERs, "ABCDEF". Letters/Leathers were first found in Berwickshire with Scottish Langs, and neighboring Northumberland is where Lams/Lambs were first found. Lams thus look like Lang liners. Langleys were at WAKEfield.

I wonder why there was a city scene in the evening. What city? Why at night? I bought my jacket at Daniere leathers in Kingston, and Kingstons look like kin of Scottish Nights/Naughts. Danier's were first found in Gloucestershire with Letter-branch, Pipe-loving Lets/Late's. English Nights were first found in Suffolk with Jackets/Jaycocks, as were Cock-connectable Crows. I was living at a Babcock residence at the time of the jacket purchase, and Babcocks, sharing the Cock rooster, were first found in Worcestershire with Knightons/Nitons, and with the Hills in the "hills" of spider-like Spitzers. The Tunnels/Tunno's (Northumberland, same as Lambs) in the Spitzer hill share the vertically-split colors of Bumps (Gloucestershire, same as Danier's / Lets/Late's) who in turn share the giant Leather/Letter griffin. That's pretty good. It looks like this dream was definitely made to be deciphered with heraldry.

Tunnels/Tunno's have variations like the Towns/Tune's (Suffolk, same as Nights/Knights and Rabbits) who are in turn in Rabbit colors and format. I was let down on the roof of the building by a PLANE, and Plains/Platters were first found in Suffolk too, with Rabbits, and Rabe's/Rabls/RAVE's share the Roof/ROVE raven. That's even more amazing. Roofs/Rove's were first found in Norfolk with Plain-branch Platters. Plus, LAMBs are used by ROWE's/Roe's, first found in Norfolk! Zikers. The lamb-skin jacket was on sale, the last one, so I took it, but it now seems that God set me up to have it.

I was DROPPED onto the roof. I recall falling out of the plane, dropping to the roof, and now I know why: drops are used by Roux's who share the crescent of German Silvers, and are in the write-up of Rowe's/Roe's, first found in Norfolk with Drops/Trope's. The Gophers/Gofers who have more drops were first found in Oxfordshire with Roux-like Rooks, and Gophers/Gofers can link to Googe's/Goose's by way Goffs/Gough's. All five surnames are in Giuffre colors, and Virginia Giuffre was one of Epstein's teenage hookers, who claims to have been forced to sleep with Alan Dershowitz as well as king Charles' brother. The Leathers/Letters share the goose on a rock with ROXburghshire's Rutherfords, and Ruths/Rothers/Randolphs were first found beside Scottish Trupe's/Troops.

It could be Carl-Rove important that I was dropped on the roof because Charles-like Carls were first found in Aberdeenshire with Goose-connectable Schims/Schiens. As the city in the background is now suspect with KINGSton, or King's Town, it looks like a pointer to the new king Charles III. English Charles' (Suffolk, same as Jackets/Jaycocks) even look like Crawls, and while I crawled down the building after being dropped on the roof, Crawls are a branch of Crows who in turn have roosters in Child colors and format while English Charles' share the Child eagle. Childs were first found in Hertfordshire with Scale's, and I scaled down the building like Spiderman. Spider-like Spitzers use a "tunnel" wile Tunnels/Tunno's may have been a branch of Towns (Suffolk, same as Charles').

Again, I was living at a Babcock residence when buying the leather jacket in Kingston, and Babcocks not only have the roosters of Crawls in colors reversed, but share the NECKer pale bar, in the colors of the two pale bars of noose-like Nuse's/Newes' (Hertfordshire, same as Childs and Scale's). Jeffrey Epstein can be pointed to here where they say he was hung by the neck in a make-shift noose using a bed sheet.

Wow, the Crawls are said to have been in Kent's WALmer, and I crawled or scaled down the WALL while Walmers (Child and Crow colors and format) share the Scale scallops!!! Beauty, I can use either word, "crawl or "scale." Scalia's use a ladder while Leathers/Letters share the Lauder Coat! Plus, German Walls have the Necker Coat in colors reversed! The dream started with I DROWNing in water, and Waters share the Coat of Epsteins, the latter first found in Hesse-NASSAU, and it just so happens that while Drowns/Drains have an orange lion, Nassau was partnered with Orange!

Irish Walls share a scimitar with the Ainsley Crest, and the Irish Wall lion is that also of English Augers who in turn have a "SpecteMUR" motto term suspect with "wall"-using Muriels/Murs. French Augurs are listed with the Augets in the motto of English Charles'. The latter share the eagle of Eggs (Worcestershire).

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Here's TruNews Thursday. Ask whether the drastic Russian situation is real as reported, or whether both sides are acting out theater. One possible plot if they are both acting is for Russia to threaten a nuclear strike, and then for the West, for example the U.S. military, to strike inside the United States with a nuclear bomb(s), claiming the Russians did it, to destabilize life and use martial law to fix things:

The video didn't advise the viewer to store food, but it did ask for donations, a very sick ending for this message. If this attitude continues, Rick Wiles will be in need of Chastising. His message: there might start a world war in October, but do send us your money. Great shame.

How can it be real that the U.S. president is a bimbo at this time while the military is a farce? It looks like theater, not at all meaning that there is no danger. Quite to the contrary, it would be far better if Russia were to attack Washington than for the American military to nuke some other American city and then go iron-fist emergency on the whole country. This Ukraine scuffle is now looking like a war, and it has the mechanisms in place to make the West suffer product shortages, job losses, and fear, exactly what Schwabites have wanted for exactly this stretch between 2021 and 2030. Coincidence?

Here's the facts: Russia said it would leave Ukraine if NATO leaves Ukraine. Ukraine begged money from Biden, and got $billions to start a major military attack on the Russians last week. Russia has annexed eastern Ukraine as a result, calling it Russian territory. NATO has said that it will use nuclear bombs too, which looks like theater to me. It's so surreal I'd rather believe first that the two sides are acting a script to reduce world population fast. This war is timed for the winter. But maybe they're not acting. Watch closely.

Fast-forward to the 4th minute to see the Executive Order that Biden's backers installed, month ago, in order to facilitate their martial law, if and when they think they can get away with it sufficiently unscathed:

The Executive Order allows control of bank accounts, what we saw the trudeau pig doing for which he still suffers repercussions to this day. he can't go anywhere without people insulting him to his face in the midst of his few supporters. Imagine how he hates those who hate him, and how badly he wants to make them suffer with an iron fist. That's what globalists are after, stricken poverty at their hands as the second-best thing. They want the people on their knees. But in return for this agenda, the globalists can't move around freely without fear of being shot at. They just never know when someone will go lunatic on them as they progress with this agenda. That's why they are going slow, on and off, retreating then hoping to advance.

This video tells that Belgium is closing down a couple of nuclear-power plants in return for cheap Russian gas. What if this is a trick to leave Belgians without power this winter?

Why did Trump allow a "special master" to officiate in the Mar-a-Lago scuffle between Trump and the DoJ?

Here's Fauci possibly opening the door for blaming Trump for "draconian" lock-down measures:

Del is right, Trump put Fauci in charge because Trump didn't want to get blamed for the COVID damage, and because he wanted to get re-elected in spite of the damage done. In the meantime, Fauci is a Clintonite, and was thus acting as Trump's kryptonite because Clintonites are now going to blame Trump him for the damage, now that the damage is out of the bag and rampaging around from news outlet to news outlet. Fauci just bows out while the attack goes to Trump, IF, that is, they need to. If he's jailed for significant time, they won't need to attack him. He deserves jail, and so does Fauci and all the mere politicians (dishonest trash) who murdered many.

Ron DeSantis could easily do better than Trump if he runs against the Democrats. I can't imagine that DeSantis would put deep-state stooges in the FBI / DoJ / CIA / military / Homeland Security / White House / vice-presidency, as Trump did.

It took a while, but a Pennsylvania county is suing Dominion Voting for corruption in handling its voting machines, and a decision in this case may be super-fast because Dominion wants to use its machines in the election just weeks away:

I saw a video this week from the Toronto Sun claiming that 500,000 Canadians have tweeted the hashtag, "Trudeau must go." Here's the possible next prime minister challenging trudeau to lower energy prices, where he wants to keep prices high in being obedient to Schwab. In a poll this week, trudeau's counterpart has a solid lead already:

If you watched that video, you saw the political opposition against Schwabite plans to impoverish even the middle class. This is the movement growing in many countries against Schwabism, and I don't think this movement has climaxed yet. The globalists CANNOT do all that they wish because a little wrench in their machinery slows them down for years. And globalists are stupid by nature, or they would not seek to form a global order. If they had smarts, they would realize from the get-go that there can be no order in a global government because the nations who sign-up to be part of it will differ and backbite, argue and accuse, lie and cheat, use and abuse, compete and backstab, endanger the world...until Jesus replaces them. The unstable house will be to those seeking to bond clay to iron. The people do not want the iron because the iron does not love the people. We expose the iron for the cold steel that it is, not precious, not lasting, but given quickly to rust-rot. When Jesus comes, he will ding an iron rod to the heads of the iron nations, to straighten them out.

The iron rod of Jesus will take the ding-dong out of the kings of the earth, and they will praise Him for his unrivaled wisdom, his sincere devotion to the people's welfare, his generosity, his stooping to be of service to them. See the contrast? The Rothschild branches think they are super-wealthy by the gift and will of God to rule the world for Israel, to fulfill prophecy thereby, but they are badly mistaken. Rothschilianism is not the global order God has in mind.

Here's the next stage of the Rockefeller-gagging program:

The E.U. is promising a backlash against the Italian nationalists, and that's going to cause the nationalists to plot a backlash against the E.U. That's how this game is going to go until the powerful expose their iron fists on the glaring table in full, horrific view. Those iron fists will be the beginning of their end. People resist the iron fist, but Schwab thinks he's going to be loved by using it, because he's a lunatic. When he opens his mouth, he talks like the world loves his plans, because he's deranged. Schwab is the joker, and Trump is the Penguin, two dangerous fiends with a different tack.

Hannity thinks he's Batman, and Tucker is Robin, but they are both too cowardly and/or dishonest to acknowledge that Building 7's demolition is undeniable proof that the Twin Towers were demolished in the same way. So, Hannity and Carlson are fictitious super heroes. They pow and bang away at Biden, all for nothing, because they leave the Rothschilds and Rockefellers alone as if they don't exist. It's like when a company wants to make a show of it, looking like it's fighting for you, but just to make money off of your viewership. They tell you week after week what you already know, that Biden is riff and Harris is raff. Alright already, how about moving on to bigger-badder things? Next week's education: Biden is fluff.

Here's another video in case you ever need to go to court to fight a mandatory vaccination. It shows that the Israeli government tasked a committee to check for vaccination dangers, and when the committee reported back all of the dangers, the government did not report these dangers to the public, and covered-up the report. Tell a judge that you think your own government has acted just as the Israeli government acted, and you have reason to fear that dangers do exist, end story. Here's the woman who broke the story:

The plan of the goons has been to force people to take at least four or five shots, afterwhich they would be due for a fatal or near-fatal experience sooner or later that cannot, they hope, be blamed on a vaccination. This news allows Israelis to sue their government for not warning the public. The same goes for any country. Just find the evidence that governments covered up the dangers, which needs an open-case law suit because it automatically allows the discovery process i.e. your ability to ask your government for documents that might incriminate the government. If your government does not supply all the documents that are pertinent to the case, it takes the chance of putting itself in deeper waters. Law suits frighten governments, and fear is what's needed to stop these goons.

So why are there not thousands upon ten-thousands of law suits by people who were maimed by vaccines, all claiming to a judge that they were healthy, like thousands of others, until after their second or third dose, when they were stricken by things, the same type of things suffered by thousands of others, that had in their past never been a problem? If politicians do not respect such law suits, even to propose a possibility that vaccines are to blame, then they condemn themselves as villains if they continue even to offer vaccinations. Without the law suits, governments will continue to offer, even enforce, vaccinations.

It doesn't even matter whether the people win or lose their cases for lack of evidence that vaccinations were the cause of the maiming, so long as politicians get the message that the possibility exists that vaccinations are far-more dangerous than they advertise(d). Law suits are public property. Every law suit should be on an Internet list(s) so that anyone who wants to sue a government or company can borrow the details and results of those cases. The people at the head of this fight should organize better, make data available for law suits. The time is now for law suits. The criminals cannot be allowed to get away with what they've done. One can hire a lawyer where absolutely needed, but one doesn't need to have the lawyer do all the digging to get the pertinent information. Do the work yourself, save $$$tons. You are the head of your law case, not your lawyer, therefore you be the captain, you decide what's best if you think your lawyer is dragging feet or tailoring the case like a RINO, as it were.

Take the material from this short video to your court case if you suffered heart damage:

Here's a sickening message on breast milk affected by the global goons with a plot to maim children by forcing more mothers to breastfeed with vaccine products migrated into the milk:

It appears that Italy has a new, anti-globalist government as of the start of this week. The election results have been predicted in its favor. Imagine what a message this sends all national leaders that seek to support Schwab. Very well done, anti-global extremists. Please continue to be extreme, even more extreme than you are now, for the further away you are from the globalists, the better, for it is they who are the strange fanatics, and you don't want to be close to them at all. BE EXTREME. Run away from the left and never stop running.

Don't try to be center-right, because the center is defined by leftists. Who decides the definition of the center? The anti-Christs. Therefore, get as far as you can from the center, for agnostics, dream-chasers, and bar-hoppers hang out there. Be good, be FAAAAAR right, and redefine it as the good guys. The left defines the far-right as the white-supremacists, but why do we allow them to define what the far-right is? The time has come not to squirm away from being the far-right, but to re-define it and to embrace it. Far-right now means to stomp on globalist fascism, which is why the left portrays the far-right as fascism. They are in that weak a position that all they have is dishonest projection. They are powder puff if not for their holding the legal systems and the militaries. Even their media have become near-powerless now. The people snub their noses at the news anchors, or spit on them, or kick their butts, or laugh at them.

Let the same be to their police officers, those obedient to global crimes. We will not forget the officers who gleefully or brutally arrested people for not wearing a mask. SHAME, weak cowards, self-seeking cowards, can't stand up for what is right and good. It is not possible to allow police officers to argue that they must be obedient to criminal politicians in order to continue to feed their families, because all of society hangs on this decision. Sacrifices must be made. Dig ditches instead, but no not serve the wicked masters who, in-concert throughout the Western nations, seek to pulverize all of Western society. SHAME, cowards.

In the same way, pastors should quit being pastors, and dig ditches to make a living rather than abiding by government dictate not to become "political" in church. Politics is defined as policy-making, and modern politics has become social and cultural engineering. Our enemies wish to have the monopoly on those things, and so pastors who allow them to have it without a fight should go make or sell shovels for ditch diggers rather than be worthless shepherds of the Flock. When the leader of your country is a satanic stooge in the liberal camp, and you don't say so in church for fear of what somebody might say in opposition, you are then a stooge of the satanic stooges, how can you live with yourself? Churches should have together formed media organs to get out God's messages on all sorts of lifestyles and attitudes peddled by the liberals. The message of Jesus to us is our attitude in life that leads to actions, but the liberals are training people into attitudes in the opposite direction as though it were angelic, and this is producing evil fruit everywhere. If not the pastors, who will counter this monstrosity with proper responses?

The new prime minister of Italy, Giorgia Meloni, makes trudeau look like a laughing stock. There's no comparison between a veiled gangster with socio-pathetic behavior and a pro-family, anti-abortion, sane woman with a good head on her shoulders. She's put a smile on my face that no pastor I've seen lately has. trudeau never does that, NEVER. trudeau makes me want to go to war against him. When he opens his mouth, I want to stuff it with a cannon ball. The less I see of him the better, but social-media news puts on clips of him, catching me by surprise. He is a bona fide lunatic, always speaking political-speak to frame his opponents with untrue accusations. His ilk are calling Meloni the new Mussolini.

Not only do I get a smile from her, but a good laugh from them. Keep it up, stupids, show your ignorance and your dishonest reporting, it's of great advantage for the far-right. These tricks won't work for the media anymore. Their day is over. The globalists no longer have the media as their pillars of strength. Without the media, globalism is a dead man walking. Without the media, globalism will need to use its iron fist to retain power. It's a lose-lose situation. I would venture to say that, when the liberal media sought a monopoly on information, God found ways to cripple the media in spite of low-key pastors locking themselves up in their churches, and here we are. The Internet is available to all pastors, and if pastors don't have time to put some information online, then appoint someone who would like to. It doesn't cost much at all.

Say things like: there will be punishment from God to every sewer-mouthed pornographer, severe torment. We beg you to cease in your sinful activities because they are ruining even the children just that you might make money on this demonism. Shame, pornographer, great shame will be on you. Come to your senses and be clean, find a better way to make your daily bread than to be a whore. (That wasn't so hard, was it?) Why can't pastors talk with the proper anger as the new Italian prime minister talks:

She puts a smile on my face. She's talking about human value, human character, good culture, but, I'm afraid, many people are too-far gone into satanic culture, and will not only resist being redeemed, but fight against the need for redemption. This fight, with sound values as the weaponry, should have been fought decades ago, before it was too-far gone for many. Now what? We will see now-what, easily predictable: the too-far-gone will install their anti-Christ(s) against us, saying things no other generation has said. The stomp-happy wicked will become completely wicked until God comes to stomp on them. Blessed are those who stump for Jesus. The Axe has long been at the foot of the Israeli tree, but the same Axe will also make a stump out of the world tree. Get out of the way as it falls because it will fall on you if you are in their camp at this time.


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