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September 13 - 19, 2022

Kadyrov of Cheeknya Linkable to Count Dracula
Joshua Hawley Could be the Miracle-Marble-Shot Guy

If you're waiting for Jesus to return, see Post-Tribulation Rapture

It was nice while it lasted. Hall of Names is no longer showing the descriptions of the Coats of Arms presented at House of Names, but I have many of them recorded in my past updates from which to borrow.

It's hard to believe it took this long for the first law suit of its kind:

“Attorneys Dan Watkins and Michael Hamilton announced in a national Press Conference on September 7 the filing of their first-in-the-nation landmark lawsuit against three hospitals on behalf of families who had lost their loved ones with the “bounties” paid to hospitals for using the toxic combination of food and fluid restriction, remdesivir, mechanical ventilation, high dose morphine-midazolam respiration-suppressing cocktail to spiral patients down the dark road to death,” according to the news release.

I hope this law suit turns into thousands more. It will help much to suppress vaccine goons. The greater the frowning / rebellion against them, the slower their train that brings the world electrical micro-components intended for inside the body. Nobody wants them, goons, stay away. Our greatest friends include crime-face, two-faced, red-faced trudeau, for his stupidity in pushing boosters even while the majority frowns upon them. He's giving the country a heads-up on the fact that his Schwabite leaders aren't angels at all. No greater voice do we have at this time against trudeau than the voice of trudeau. Everytime he opens his mouth, he helps our cause against him, same goes for Biden and other fascists.

This week, Biden signed an executive order to fast-track micro-components into bodies, things we don't need, things mankind has lived without since the beginning of time, yet the goons are going to pretend that they are necessary for THEIR world.

The fact that the law suit above has been created speaks loudly to the scientific proof that Remdesivir is dangerous, not a "conspiracy theory." They say that Remdesivir kills usually by destroying kidneys. However, as this "drug" was created by the U.S. military, which has no conscience when it kills the enemy, these lawyers advancing this case are in danger, or may be paid off to knock it off.

Or, these lawyers are imposters seeing a means to make a lot of money from donations toward their legal efforts. This is always the risk in suits like this, and such imposters come out publicly to announce their suits because that's the only way to get mass-money flowing in. The Watson-Hamilton team has gone public already, and Watson has already asked for donations to a Foundation supporting the law suit. Mike Lindell promises the sky, is constantly begging for donations for political causes, then delivers two bits and a sting.

Trump promised the universe and delivered one bit and two stings. He's now making bigger promises than before. Restrain yourselves from trusting this political juggler who pretends not to be a politician. If he has animus against the deep state, it's not because the deep state is harming you. He doesn't care if it goes after you. He doesn't care if you die by vaccine, or worse, so long as he can brag about saving "millions" with his adopted warp-speed vaccines.

Here's how to know that Bidenites / Obamaites are still targeting truthers with propaganda that they hope to turn into severe persecution: "Biden’s DHS chief Alejandro Mayorkas on Sunday declared that people who believe in conspiracy theories are 'America’s number 1 enemy.'" That's because truthers are saying that Homeland Security i.e. the deep state is America's number-one enemy. It's tit for tat as we claim that they are the dangerous ones, but they not only have the guns and the prosecutors but are very willing to frame us with false accusations and evidence. Homeland Security was created to control the nation on behalf of fascism dressed as democracy. Their tit is an impish frame job while our tat is the truth, a virtuous warning to all those who live by virtue. The leaders teach us virtue because they mask themselves as virtuous, but they do not do as they teach.

If what we say is untrue, they have nothing to fear from our fight-back, but they are portraying us as the chief and violent-prone enemy because they fear our exposure of them, and because up-standing politicians, waving flags and blowing whistles like referees, are beating their duplistic politicians lately due to our vocalizing our moral positions against their agendas that are nothing more than rotting red herrings. They want to force-feed these herrings to us. They wish to use our rejection of their red herrings to start a martial-law motion against us. Beware, because if they feel that election fraud won't keep them in power, they could very well use martial law before this American election seats new congresspeople in January.

Beware Tucker Carlson who says there's no evidence that 9-11 was an inside job. The evidence is overwhelming over just a few minutes starting late in the 8th minute of the video below, and there's not a chance that Tucker has not seen this evidence from CNN and FOX:

Bongino won't admit that 9-11 is an inside job. There's no end to such liars in the pro-Trump / conservative movement. This is a unstable cast of characters because if one can't admit the obvious truth, one is unworthy to represent truth or lead the movement. Many social-media news commentators are activists who set themselves up as leaders of sorts. They are immoral to the point of covering for the extreme criminals that conducted 9-11, just ponder that for a minute. Trump is amongst the most immoral of them all. When a liar poses as a truth speaker, there you have an unstable "leader." In the end, they are duds. Or, at least, God's not going to use such two-faced individuals for the leading roles in His agendas. Trump was a dud for four years, yet the party is ready to elect him again as if there's nobody else in all the country who could do a better job.

ANYONE who puts the lights out on Democrat programs will fix the country, but Trump left more than half the lights on. Can't Americans elect someone who wants to put out all the lights? Is there nobody who will come forward to contest the "throne" in 2024? Nobody? That's a pretty sick nation if Trump is the best it has to fix what he didn't fix the first time around. He doesn't even know where the electrical panel is located. He put Bushites to guard it who refused to turn off the breakers, and even though they were shining blinding lights into his eyes to confuse him, he thought it was the limelight and therefore refused to exchange the guards for the fighters the country needs. When Trump put down his boxing gloves, he moved all his lovers to doing the same. He thereby left the country in the mess it now finds itself, but instead of being ashamed of himself, he's got his head held high ready to boast another four years. This is one sick horse that Christians are excited about, one bad bet right out of the gate.

In canada, the spear to trudeau's head is being followed by a wrecking ball swinging round on a chain to his backside, as the establishment-conservative lost to the surprise-conservative, Pierre Poilievre, i.e. the next possible prime minister. He won almost every riding. He's very outspoken, an attack-dog against globalist skunks and rotting red herrings. It almost feels as though anti-liberal Canada has just woken up to smell the coffee. For decades, they allowed the liberal hive to work low-key to change the national mindset without a swat in return. The country needs some heavy swatters, or a wrecking ball on a chain held in the hand of a warrior who laughs at liberals, and rightly mocks them, shedding light on their hypocrazies. The churches need to no longer respect militant enemies, because showing them respect gives them validity too. Don't throw your pearls to swine that attack you. See, even Jesus called them pigs.

trudeau tossed a boomerang to the back of his own head when he brought in martial law to deal swiftly with merely a honk-happy trucker protest. The message went out load and clear that far-extreme trudeau wouldn't even sit down to talk to normal, anti-vax people, but threw down his iron fist instead. That was followed by more people frowning, progressively higher in numbers at a compounding rate, on booster vaccinations. Boomerang.

No matter where this son of Hell pops up now, if he ventures out in public at all, he stands or sits or walks like a dead man. he can say "democracy" all he wants, as his advisors advise him to repeat publicly, but only his far-left supporters swallow that word from his two-faced, wounded head. This is the news in canada today: the people here might start making noise in spite of church leaders hiding behind the trees hoping not to be seen. Instead of church leaders leading the political attack against sinful and unrepentant trudeau, in hopes of re-establishing a righteous conduct in government, they hide hoping nobody will notice them. Or so it seems to me. Please prove me wrong.

The truth may be that the canadian government has long communicated to church leaders the political soundings they are not permitted to use with their congregations. Keep it Biblical, don't get political. And church leaders didn't tell their congregations this thing they agreed to because it makes appear owned by government. If its true that they agreed with this twisted snake, then it can explain why church leaders are quiet at this time, fearing government persecution against their incomes / livelihood. It's an entanglement with wickedness if a pastor agrees not to get into pulpit-politics for fear of backlash from liberals. But it's not politics at the root because it concerns the issues that God is concerned with, how dare these pastors not speak out against sin in society with a mind to make their congregations activists against the politics that destroys their world. If it's the politics that does the harm, then attack the politics.

It's even worse if the pastor votes liberal, in which case he doesn't want to reveal his entanglement with the liberal party. If he votes liberal, he knows the choice words and phrases to speak to stroke like-minded ones, to make them superior or the majority in the church. And so goes the foolish church.

The canadian government is now issuing warnings against violent right-wing extremists. No joke. But as there are no violent anti-trudeau Canadians, they will need to manufacture them. But, not to worry because, if even one or two or three anti-trudeau people commit a violent crime, then the law has the right to arrest them, FINE, we can even applaud this. But this is not what the demon in trudeau's skull wants. he wants to persecute all those who speak against him, as I just did, even if I don't do anything violent nor criminal. The reality is, he's the violent one; he's the one who threw a spear through his own head, and now he's got a bone to pick against those who caused him to make that mistake, even though they are not to blame for it.

Here's a bright thought. Theory, the Apophis asteroid that scientists wrongly track to within 20,000 miles from earth (I say 5,000 miles by their calculations), in 2029, is the asteroid in Revelation's 2nd Trumpet. It would have the mandatory 666 beginning in about 2026/27. The bright thought is that, if Pierre, the new conservative leader, wins the next election slated for 2025, then it looks a lot better for Christians as compared to liberals in charge. I think this is where canada is going. The country might even become a safe haven for American Christians in case the liberals there are in charge, say in 2029, if not in 2025 with Trump.

Pierre opposes vaccine mandates now, but what if he is made to fall for a new pandemic where his position as prime minister becomes threatened unless he advocates mandatory vaccines? That could happen under media / political pressures unless vaccines continue to do harm, giving politicians the needed reason to oppose mandates. The 666 is, in my best guess now, looking like it's going to be a proof-of-vaccination pass for anyone's entry into a workplace / store, but if correct, I expect them to be enforced by anti-Christs. No use worrying about the 666 details now, just store foods, and learn to store foods. Save your money for a country property at the right time.

"Right-wing parties win Swedish election in historic political overhaul", but the BBC is an imbecile calling the winners Nazis. In canada, it's been the liberal way since Morgantaller to call Christians and similar normal people "nazis" whenever they get activist. These liberals are so detestable in the ways they wrongly frame Christians I can't refrain from speaking out against them. But pastors tend to teach that we should love these enemies to the point of holding our tongues. But when Jesus appears to face these enemies, is he going to love them? No, He's going to make TERRIFYING NOISE, the promise of painful condemnation.

Here's what I wish. Go ahead and try to manufacture a food shortage, or an energy shortage, or a civil war, because you can then get caught. Instead of talking like a coward from the sidelines, go ahead and manufacture a frame-job, and then answer to our God for it, just go ahead, what are you waiting for? You've wanted to do it for a long time, hurry it up. Schwab doesn't have much time to wait while you procrastinate, he's got an appointment with Hell in just a few short years. His body is going to fail soon. Something's going to kill him, and then he meets God. Don't mince words with "right-wing extremist" when you mean to accuse God's people. Be straight, you little suck. You suck on tit-for-tat, putting all your hopes on projecting your sins onto your political enemies, and you wish for us to be silent so that your tit stands above our tat...because their is no tat from us when we are silent. Pastors need to become tatters, like when righteous Israelites tore their shirts in zeal and disgust.

Ahh, but here's the kicker, for if he starts accusing Christians, then he also accuses liberal Christians, and he doesn't want to distance them from his party, and so his plots against God's people are complicated by the fact that he doesn't want to offend liberal hypocrites in the Presbyterian, catholic, and Anglican churches. "Right-wing extremist" and "fanatic" is code for all those who speak out against the anti-Christian sewage from the liberal camp, and so if they can keep the pastors silent, they can make them look and even feel like the minority. The liberals use those phrases as preparation for denying zealous accusations against them, hoping to convince the hypocrites that we are demented or insane or just plain that our claims are discounted. At one time, when government owned/controlled just about all media, this strategy worked because we had no way to show the country that we are not the demented minority in comparison to anti-Christs (about 15-20 percent), though we are the minority if the agnostics, that the liberals / evolutionists have created for themselves, are included. But, now, we have Internet videos and other forms of mass-reach communication to show that we are the correct, sane, normal ones while it's trudeau who's raving mad in the camp of Schwabite lunatics. It is no exaggeration at all: Klaus Schwab is a literal lunatic without conscience.

Here's how it works. Rich people, when confronted with doing evils, in order to make money, choose the evils by conditioning their consciences to minimize the importance of the people to which to evil is done. After this becomes a habit, they teach their principle employees to view the people as cattle too, and they can then go full-speed ahead abusing their customers because they are viewed as having little value aside from the money they have to spend. As this "business" attitude progresses, they cross the line into wild money-rape of their customers, with government in support because they have infiltrated government posts, and finally they become socio-pathetic lunatics where, for the sake merely of more money they do not need, people must suffer brutality at their hands who frown upon, and speak out against, their globalist greed. There is nothing new under the sun, including the hope of demons to conquer the world using some willing fool as the tool.

It was the liberal voters who spoke out against big corporations, but now these hypocrites will support Schwabite corporations just because it's going to be made advisable, even fashionable, to persecute Christians and other anti-globalists. Get out your acid, brothers and sisters, and throw it into their faces. Say, "abandon your corporate globalism, cease with your climate-change scams, and honor Jesus today, the Coming King of the New Global Order." It's not our fault that this kind of talk stings them like acid.

Yes, Sweden's new government now has a majority in the country after defeating the ruinous, pro-immigration, globalist puppets. Yet the puppets wish to convince the masses that they are the majority, and that they therefore have the democratic right to order society. No, they never have the right to order society. They have the right to deliver our mail, protect us with police departments, give us justice in the courts, protect our food supply, protect us from greedy corporations, keep taxes and housing costs low, and a slew of other services. They are not our masters nor even our coaches. We don't jump when they say jump. We are not at school where the national leader acts like the principal. If they do not serve, if they do not protect us from poison vaccines, we have the obligation to speak out harshly, and to destroy their political organs until they are dead. That's what happened in LIBERAL Sweden this week, a cutting-out of the cancerous organ. The Sweden-first parties handed the global whores a gigantic defeat because Sweden is one of the most morally foolish nations in the Western world, second only to Washington, yet the globalists failed even with Sweden.

All of that work from the pro-NATO activists has been squandered, in similar fashion as trudeau spearing himself in the head, due to greedy lunatics unable to keep the love of the people. It's simple logic: the people don't want hateful dictators calling the people hateful for resisting hateful dictators. trudeau is the obstinate Exodus pharaoh who couldn't believe that the Supreme Creator of the Universe was acting against him in spite of the nine solid proofs. In the tenth plague, he even lost his first-born son, as a prelude to losing his entire kingdom, ouch, these types never learn. Take your hands off of My people, Mr. Trudge.

This winter, the vaccine goons, if they wish to continue where they left off last year, are going to need to fire from their jobs many workers who went along with vaccine programs last year. A large percentage of them are not willing to get "boosters." How will fascist offenders deal with this? This very week, trudeau promised restrictions against anyone who refuses continued vaccination? This is clearly a fool throwing a frying pan of burning oil into his own face. Welcome it, and whip your own frying pan to the back of his head while he's at it.

To be a Christian is to make a covenant with Jesus, like when one swears an oath of loyalty willingly, not coerced. The wicked in these last days actually make it more desirable to side with Jesus over them because people generally do not want brutality, yet the general population of Jesus haters will tolerate brutality so long as it's not against them. And that's the Schwabite problem (our bonus) at this time: even liberals are rebelling against liberal governments because the latter are hurting the entire population with their scare tactics, signalling future brutal measures that need to be carried out unless they want to look like paper tigers in the end. Once they commit to a threat, as trudeau just has, they feel compelled to carry it out. The Schwabite leaders are pressuring and bribing their political stooges to carry out the brutalization of humanity.

A person either has what it takes to be a Jesus loyalist, or he/she does not. The river of satan will sweep away all those who do not have it. They will be convinced that Jesus was a bad or deranged or inconsequential character not to be taken seriously or given respect for any scenario.

But we who place hope in Him have been conditioned by the Scripture to place hope in His kingdom, and this is a GLOBAL one, can you see what God set up with end-time believers? He's sticking the spear into them with Christians preaching a Jesus-globalism while they seek to create a satan-globalism. God is using us to foment war against the Jesus-traitors, the apostates, the atheists. We have got to have the wisdom not to partner politically with those having shallow or rocky soil destined to betray Him due to having worldly concerns. Stay loyal, reject even your closest family members who take sides with the traitors. They will make it easier to swallow that pill by hating you.

When Jesus said that He's coming to cause division between family members, he wasn't admitting to his divisive nature. He wants oneness amongst Christians, to be one in mind in some key ways each with our different personalities. But as some of our family members will hate Him, so it goes that these individuals will cause division in families. Jesus is the root cause of this division, He said, just because God set Him up as the object in which we place our hopes. By becoming the unmovable rock in the household, carried there by his loyalists, the Jesus haters will cause the division. This is part of the course toward painful condemnation. Through Jesus, God reserves the right to trash the divisive part of humanity, like literal trash, but if they wish pain, and cause it, to us, they will be repaid with pain. By every indication, trudeau and biden, and their European counterparts, are anxious and determined to cause us pain.

Here's some thoughts on the military option exercised by NATO this past weekend:

The Kiss on the Cheek Could Mean War Against Ukraine

Over the last few updates I've mentioned, in my heraldic investigations, my kiss on Miss Walsh's cheek when she got into my car after a spat with her man, Mr. Kepke, slamming the door on him as she came in. We had been drinking, and I found myself crossing the line to give her a peck on the cheek, though I won't say the devil made me do it. We were all about 20 years of age (I became a Christian nearing 22).

(Load Rouge's now to have access, on another tab, to other Coats of Arms.)

Next, Kepke and I, at age 12/13, would be driven to Cedar Brae golf course in Toronto at about 5 am on weekends, by his Ukrainian father. We would walk through the ROUGE river to find golf balls, then sell them back to golfers by the time they started coming out to play. We never got caught by management. Note that Rouge's/Rogers use roses likely for the Varangian Rus of Kiev, where I trace "KEPke" because Keeps descend from princess Maria DobroNIEGE of Kiev's Varangians. As I've said several times, Kepke and I both worked at Knob Hill Farms grocers at age 18, where MARIA NIGRO was a cashier, and she was likely responsible for my getting that job because I was a friend of hers. She can point to Maria Dobroniege because, when I threw a party for the Knob Hill youth, Maria slept in the basement with Kepke and nobody else. I don't know what they did that night, Kepke didn't say anything to me. I never saw them together afterward.

Maria lived in BUTTONville, and while Buttons list Bidens, the Biden family is engrossed in Ukraine plots and crimes. It appears that God was using Kepke in my life to point to modern Ukraine. I first saw him at age 11/12 while I was at my paper-route stand preparing newspapers for delivery in his and my area of Markham. I'm now reporting news in every update.

Maria of Kiev's husband, Casimir "the restorer" of Poland, descended from Dobrawa of Bohemia and her husband, duke Mieszko I, father of "Swietoslawa or Sigrid the HAUGHTy," as Wikipedia's article on Dobrawa calls her. The amazing thing is that while Haughty-like Haughts/Houghtons (Cheshire, same as Mieszko-like Massey/Macey liners) share the triple fesses of CASSERs, Maria Nigro of Buttonville was a CASHIER, and so Cassers look like they descend from "CASimir." Meschins ruled in cashier-like Cheshire, and Cassers share the Meschin scallops. Haughts/Houghtons use a white bull head, as do the Fiens/Fane's sharing the gauntlet with Maceys/Mace's. And Feins/Finns have triple fesses colors reversed from the same of Cassers and Haughts/Houghtons.

[Insert September 20 -- Keplers, first found in Bohemia, almost have the Keep Coat.]

As Drummonds use triple fesses while descending from Podebrady of Bohemia, Dobrawa of Bohemia looks proto-Drummonish here. Drummonds descend from king Andrew I and his Varangian wife. As I said several times, Mike Denardo, a fellow stockboy at Knob Hill Farms, brought his DRUMs to my party, apparently arranged by God to confirm that Dobrawa was the line to Drummonds. Denardo's/NORDi's share the lion of Norths (Sussex, same as Keeps), and North's have an "Animo" motto term while Nimo's were first found in Stirlingshire with the Drymen location named by Drummonds. Scottish Drummonds share the triple fesses of STURs (Hampshire, same as "animo"-using Burrows) while Stirlings are also STURlings.

If YarBOROUGH's/YarBURGHs use wreaths instead of chaplets, then they look like a Yar/Year-line merger with the Borough/Burgh variations of Burrows. The latter's eagle head can indicate kinship with Eagle's/Hegels, first found in Lincolnshire with Yarborough's.

Stirlings share buckles (different colors) with Leslie's, and Leslie's, Hungarians, came to Scotland with the first Drummond, Maurice, a Hungarian. Buckle-branch Buckleys (Cheshire, same as Haughts/Houghtons), with possibly the lion of Irish Leslie's, share the Haught/Houghton bull head. Leslie's were earls of Wreath-like Rothes while "wreath"-using Burrows/Burghs share double fesses (different colors) with Sweets/Sweits and French Lamberts. English Rothes' are also Wraths/Wroths. Stirlings (almost have the Case Coat) can be gleaned as Case kin partly because Case's were first found in Norfolk with the Gangs in the Stirling and Drummond mottoes. Stirlings, Case's and Leslie's all use a bend with buckles, and the Moor head is shared between Stirlings, Andrews, French Chappes', perfect where Scottish Chappes'/Cheaps were first found in Stirlingshire. The Ross clan is said to derive from an Andrew.

It's interesting that Chappes'/Cheaps (potential Kepke line) use Errol-like "ears of wheat", for Drummonds were first found in Perthshire with Arrels/ERRols. It's interesting as per AINSLEY EARhardt because Annesleys (Moor head) are said to have owned ARELey (now "Arley") castle from an earl of MountNORRIS. Areleys/Earlys look like a potential branch of Arrels/Errols (giant raven), and Norris' use the raven / crow while German Rothes' use a giant raven while Rothes is near Perthshire and Ross-shire. The Arrel/Errol raven is in both colors of the ravens of Varangian-like Varone's/Varenne's. Verona's (not "Verone") were first found in Ile-de-France with French Chappes'. Chappes-beloved Wheats were first found in Norfolk with Crows and Case's, in case Norris' share the crow head with the known crow head of Scottish Caseys.

Crows are in the format of, and colors reversed from, Irish Caseys, and the Crow rooster, in colors reversed, is the KISS/Cush and Bibo rooster. I think I now realize that the kiss to the cheek is a pointer to Chechnya, I'll tell why below, but first let's add that Love-connectable Annesleys were first found in Oxfordshire with Love-related Cheeks/Checks, and with Peare's/PERLE's while Kepke was with Miss Peare immediately before being with Miss Walsh. There's something to this, and I think it involves Bibo-like Bibi NETANyahu's links to Richard Perle. The latter was hired by Bush as part of the 9-11 plot: "A key advisor to Secretary of Defense Donald RumsFELD in the Bush administration, Perle was an architect of the Iraq War." Netanyahu is suspect by some as an engineer of 9-11 for setting up Bush's invasions into the Middle East.

Netanyahu-like Nathans/Nations (likely kin of Rothschilds, invisible rulers of Israel) have an EarHARDT-connectable heart that's pierced with an arrow, same as the Walsh swan. Nathans/Nations were first found in Nottinghamshire with Cheek-connectable Ainsleys, where Bugs were once said to be first found who share the Nathan/Nation fesse. German Bugs (Hamburg, same as Drummonds and Ukraine-liner Trips) share the Verone/Varenne Coat. The Bug river is in Ukraine. Chechnya is a part of the battle for Ukraine at this time. The reason I coupled the kiss on the cheek and the golf-ball theme at the start of this section is because I'm aiming to point things to the leader of Chechnya.

English Bugs are now said to be first found in Dorset with Beautys, and Miss Earhardt is Sleeping Beauty yet to be woken up, and when God told me to wake her, I was decided to KISS her awake. However, I don't see why she should be a part of this discussion pointing to globalist corruption in Ukraine and their war of Russia. Moscow was founded in-part by Varangians in Kiev. Note how NATO-like German Nathans/Natts (look connectable to Nitts/Naughts) share the escutcheon of Saddocks (Sussex, same as Keeps) who in turn have "ears of RYE". The second Rothschild was, Nathan. Why Nathan? English Nathans are Nations too, tending to explain "United Nations, a Rothschild product.

Rye's are also Rise's while Miss Earhardt and I were rising into the sky at the end of this dream, though Sleeping Beauty was initially fulfilled by Mrs. Kilpatrick while Kilpatrick castle is/was on the Nith river of Nitts/Naughts who share the checks of Checkers. Sometimes I interpret that rising scene as the rapture of the Church, and perhaps God is pointing with it to the anti-Christ rising out of the Ukraine war. I've got it recorded that the Chichester Crest is a "heron rising" (4th update in March, 2018).

Rice's/Rhys' use more ravens, and Cimmerians from proto-Ukraine had settled near Rize once they had conquered king Rusa. Rize is near the Moschi mountains. Ravens are shared by Rove's, and Carl Rove was probably a leading role in the developments of Bush's Iraq war. I'm entertaining that Carl Rove is pointed to by Ramzan KadyROV, the Chechen leader. The evidence for a pointer to Kadyrov is yet below, we'll get there.

Rice's/Rhys' were first found in Wales. They say Cimmerians settled Wales, and that's where we can trace Miss Walsh. Apparently, a Cimmerian alliance with a leading family at the Moschi mountains named Moscow. Chechnya is near the Lake Van area of king Rusa, and essentially in the land of Gog which named Gogarene at lake Sevan, the line to heraldic swans, one of which is in the Crest of Irish Walsh's. Walsh's were a branch of Walsers of Wallis canton at Sion/Sitten.

Swans/Sions were first found in Lanarkshire with the Hardys suspect in the "hardi" motto term of Rice's/Rhys', and Nathans/Nations have a heart pierced with an arrow (Rothschild symbol) like the arrow-pierced swan of Walsh's. When I met Kepke, I lived on Senator Reesors drive (connects with Wooten Way of Miss Walsh) while Welsh Reesors ("melioRIS") share the Rice/Rhys Coat. he lived on Henry Corson crescent, both ends of which were at Senator Reesors. Corsons (Dumfries, same as Nith river) may be sharing a scimitar with Ainsleys for a reason, and I think it's because Schims/Schiens share the GOOGE boar head.

Condoleezza RICE of the Bush administration comes to mind. She replaced Colin Powell as secretary of state, the foreign minister, when the Iraq war was less than two years old. She knew the details, she was in on the corruption, she could be trusted with the money plots. One of the plots was to steal Russia's backyard away from it, the thing leading to the current saber rattling in Ukraine.

There is a Kepoi location (Taman peninsula) smack at the sea of Azov, home of the ancient Sittaceni and TOREATae Caucasians. The Raven surname has a giant raven perched on a red roundel called a "TORTeau." Rhodopolis was in what is now Georgia, near Sevan, and German Rhodes'/Rode's have torteaux too in a Coat looking related to Shirts/SHARDs. The Sittaceni are suspect in the naming of Soducena at Gog's lake Sevan. Saddocks/Sedgewicks have the Mascal escutcheon in colors reversed, and Mascals/Keiths were first found in East Lothian with the Sittaceni-like Seatons/SITTens who named Sitten at Sion.

It appears that Seaton/Sitten ancestors named Soducena, and possibly the Sadducees of Israel. ANNAS, the defacto high priest of Israel, a Sadducee, sentenced Jesus to death, and perhaps this is why the Ainsleys / Annesleys are working to topic.

I'll show below why Mascals/Keiths are a part of the pointer to Kadyrov.

Nathans (NOTTINGhamshire) are like "Nothing / Notting." Nothings, in the Suty motto, are listed with North-like Northens, who share a "hazard" motto term with Seatons/Sittens who in turn share a "forward" motto term with Stirlings and Balfours. Norris-like Norths share a dragon head (different color) with Nothings/Northens. Sutys were first found in Perthshire (beside Stirling) with Scottish Drummonds in turn suspect from "THERModon," a river flowing toward the Rize theater. Herodotus said that Amazons of the Thermodon migrated to the Don-river area of Ukraine, making a Don-river element look like it named "ThermoDON."

The Don was anciently the Tanais, and as the Thermodon is near the Moschi mountains, let's add that Maschi's share pine cones with German Tans/Tanners. This reminds that I met ROY Tanner in the year I met Kepke, which I add here because Scottish Roys were first found in Lanarkshire with Swans/Sions. The original point is that Maschi's share the North / Narbonne/Nordi lion, yet it's the Voir/Voyer lion too, and Voirs/Voyers were first found at VANNES while Maschi's were first found near Fano of the Macey-related Fane's/Vans. Lake Van is near the Moschi mountains.

If the Note-like Nothings, in Cnut/Note colors and format, were from king Cnut, it's perfect because he was the son of Sigrid the Haughty. Norths share the lion of Chase-related Chance's, and it's colors reversed from the lion of Chase's (share Leslie griffin head) while Case's have more buckles, as well as sharing a Casse variation with triple-fesse Cassers. The Case motto, "DiSTANTia," can connect with Chance-like Change's (triple fesses) in the motto of STANleys, the latter first found in Cambridgeshire with Kiss branch Cass'/Cash's, thus making the kiss on Miss Walsh's cheek look like a pointer to the line of Casimir, the line to Keeps and thus suspect as a line to Kepke's. Stanleys happen to be in Kick/Keck colors and format, a surname that's a cross between "Kiss" and "Cheek."

I've seen Ainsley Earhardt do a tongue at her cheek, and Tongue's/Tongs were first found in Essex with Chicks/Chichs. I don't think I'm imagining things. The next time I see it, I'll show it.

The last update had a corny thing, Anna of Moldova pointing with Elvis Presley to 9-11. Something tells me I'm going to pay a big price for that one. I neglected to add, but just did so (to the last update), that ANNAbells are also Honeybells. It was added to the Honey term I used at her wedding, when I sang, "it's one KICK to MY Honey" as play on Elvis' line, "it's one for the money." My's are in the Ainsley motto, and French Moneys happen to be in Tongue/Tong colors and format while English Moneys almost have the Chichester and Checker Coats.

I find it interesting that Wake's share double-red fesses with Ains(ley)-like Annabells/Honeybells and Wedding-branch Weedins/Weetins, while the Annabell/Honeybell Coat is the Sleep Coat in colors reversed. I woke Sleeping Beauty, and Wake's use a "wake KNOT" while Nottingham liners were probably Knots/Cnuts/Note's too who happen share the Kick/Keck crescents. I showed why the Ains'/Hains link both to Cheeks/Chicks and Annesleys, part of which went like this:

The Elvis surname, first found in Nottinghamshire (beside Anne's and Hansons of Yorkshire) with Anne-like AINSleys, have variations like the Always' in the "always" motto of Ainsleys. The Hains/Hainsons above are also Ains' [Cheek/Chick Coat in colors reversed]. The Annesleys share the six pale bars in the Ains/Hains/Hainson crescents. I'm beside myself here because the Elvis[ELWAY] surname shares the Auget/Auge fesse while English Auge's/Aggs are in Always colors and format.

Chase's were first found in Hampshire with CHECKers, and with both the Pots and Hangers in the "pot hangers" of Danish Cnuts. The latter add flags while Flags/Flacks (Norfolk, same as Case's/Casse's), sharing the Casser scallops, share the double fesses of Stants/Stans.

The Arms of Podebrady has the triple fesses of Feins/Finns above their "gold gate," and a gold gate is used by English Babels/Babwells while Babys/Babenko's/BOBchuks/Bobko's, a Ukrainian surname, shares the CHICHester CHECKs. Kepke's brother, husband of Nikki Walsh, was BOB. Nikki is the sister of the Walsh I kissed. These checks are the Party checks too, and Kepke was with Maria at my party with Denardo's drums. The Chichester Chief is shared by PALMs, and I kissed Walsh's CHEEK at a La PALOMA bar. As Ramzan Kadyrov is on-side with MOSCOW in the Ukraine battles, I think I can glean why the kiss was at La Paloma: a pointer to MOSCa's of Palma de Montechiaro. The Kiev-connectable Yarborough's even have the Palms in their motto! That's amazing.

Mosca's are in the Drake motto, and Miss Walsh thus points well to Dracula of Wallachia. I'll show below why MASCals/Keiths are a part of the pointer to Mr. Kadyrov, and keep in mind that the Mascal/Keith Chief looks related to the Coats/Cotes Chief while the Cotesii were at Wallachia. Palmers have two of the Casser fesses, and Palmers (Norfolk, same as Flags/Flacks) have a trefoil-version of the Flag/Fleck Coat that itself shares the Casser scallops. Flys of Flagi are in the Drake motto as "muscas," a Mosca variation!!! Incredible. Palms share the Massey/Macey fleur-de-lys.

Denardo took my girlfriend, Allison Bauer, at Knob Hill Farms; she was another cashier. I've said a million times that Kepke caught her getting into Denardo's car while Kepke and I were sitting on the hood of my Mustang. She never came back to me...because God moved Kepke and I to selling shoes at that time. German Bobbs share the vertically-split YARborough Shield, and the latter have become suspect with YARoslav, king of Kiev's Varangians. The Varangi-like Varenne's share the raven with Rove's who might in turn be a pointer to "KadyROV." Varenne's were a Warren branch, and Warrens have half the checks of Chichesters. Ada of Varenne married the grandson of queen Margaret; the latter was an exile from Kiev.

The paragraph above could now indicate that the kiss to the cheek points to Dobrawa, and as she was mother to Mieszko II Lambert (father of Casimir "the restorer"), we note that English Lamberts were first found in Surrey with the Helms while Herman Helms share a single helmet, in colors reversed, with Dobys. As Sweets/Sweits (ROSE) are in the colors of English Lamberts while sharing double-white chevrons with French Lamberts, it tends to indicate that these Lamberts were from Mieszko Lambert because Sweets/Sweits look to be from Swietoslawa.

God must have arranged my party to point to Ukraine through the Polish family under discussion. The party was in GORMley, and a mythical Gorm ruler of Denmark was made the grandfather of Cnut, and while Gorm ruled at Jelling, Jells (Yorkshire, same as Jellings/Gellone's and Hermits) share the bend of GRAM-related and Varangian-like Varns. The Jell bend-with-stars is in colors reversed with Herzogs (share Bauer wings) while their HERmit branch, in the "hermit" of Sheds/Sheddens (Ayrshire, same as Varns and Ayers), share the helmet of Helms. German Hers, who share the Hermit border, share blue wings with Herzogs and English Here's/Heyers, the latter found in Derbyshire with Eyers/Ayers and Cnuts. Jells were at Hopton of Derbyshire, and while there's a Hope location in Derbyshire, the Hope's, once said to be first found in Derbyshire, are in English Cnut / Nothing/Northen colors and format.

The quasi-mythical founder of Danes' was made Halfdan, a name of other viking rulers such as Halfdan of Northumbria, where Grime's were first found. Gormleys are also Grimes' while Grime's (share triple fesses of Drummonds) may have been from "Crimea," the part of Ukraine that was annexed by Russia not many years ago, the event that started the current war. Grimaldi's share the Shield of Gog-like Cocks, and Cockers/Cockets were first found in Norfolk with PilGRIM. A Halfdan may have named HALDENsleben, where Mieszko I got one of his two wives aside from Dobrawa. Grimo was a son of Babon, and so note the Ukrainian Babys/BABENko's with nearly the Shield of Grimaldi-connectable Fiscs (Norfolk, same as PilGRIMs). Babys are also BobCHUKs while having a reflection of the Chuck/Such/Zouch Coat.

GRIMaldi's (Genova, same as Fieschi, and with the Maria's with four of the Varn / Jell fesses) share a lozengy Shield (different colors) with Scottish Lombards, first found in Renfrewshire with Dobys. PilGRIMs (Norfolk, same as Grimaldi-related Bags) use "staves" while Stave's/Stove's/Stevensons were first found in Northumberland with Grime's and Keep-loving Hebrons, (look like Sweet/Sweit kin). Bassets, sharing the triple-wavy fesses of Drummonds, were first found in Staffordshire with Thomas Grym in the Grime write-up. Grime's share the green martlet with DANvers/DenVERs/DanVIS' (Norfolk, same as Pilgrims and Case's) who in turn share the Case bend. Danvers/Denvers have a "Forte" motto term while Italian Forts were first found in Ferrara with Nigro's.

Ahh, Deans/DENs -- with a "forti" motto term, the same giant lion of Hoptons, and sharing the Cheek/Check crescents -- were first found in Sussex with Keeps, Dans and Dane's. Hopton is where Jells were suspect with Jelling of Gorm. Our foreman at Knob Hill Farms was Gill or Giles, and Jells/Gills were first found in Yorkshire with Gills/Gilles' (almost have the GRIMaldi Shield). My first job there was to handle the BREAD isle, and Breads/Bradds are likely from PodeBRADY.

In the Sweet/Sweit write-up, an early "Swet le Bone" looks Bohemian as per the Bohun variation of English Bone's. Dutch Bone's/Bonns are much in Sweet/Swiet colors and format, and English Bonns/Bunns/Bone's were first found in Oxfordshire with Cheeks/Checks/CHICKs, the pointer to Czechoslovakia, location of Bohemia. Bone's/Bohuns: "'Humphrey de Bohun, Earl of Hereford, inheriting the honour of Essex from his mother...'" Essex is where CHICKs/Chichs were first found with lions in half the colors of the Bone/Bohen and Bonn/Bunn/Bone lion. The latter's lion is in the colors of the Denardo/NORDi and NORTH lion, and while Norths were first found in Sussex with Bone's/Bohuns, Denardo's come up as "NarBONNE's! Plus, Italian Narbonne's share the giant lion of Deans, likewise first found in Sussex.

My mother's niece, Marianna Grimaldi, seems perfect here because Marianna's have three wavy bends in the colors of the three wavy fesses of German Drummonds. Merits/Merrys have these fesses in colors reversed. Marians, telling of a Marionel branch in Lorraine, share the lion of Lyons (green, same as Lorraine lion), first found in Perthshire with Drummonds. Marians/Mariels have a "lois" motto term while French Louis'/Loys were first found in Lorraine. The Mens'/Mame's said to be from GlenLYON (Perthshire) essentially have the Dino Coat, and Marianna's brother is Dino, how about that. Plus, the Mens' are in the motto of Poppins/Pophams who likewise share the Dino Chief/Shield colors, and Poppins/Pophams apply the Anne/Hanne stag heads to go with MarriANNA's. This is a first I've used these two people together like this, but let's add that my mother's mother was a Masci, from the Meshech, part of Gog and Rosh.

It reminds me that the Kepke family insisted on SKIM milk, for Schims share the GOOGE and Marone boar head. Marone's are in Mars/Mere/More colors and format. The Duce's in the Schim motto almost have the Coat of Scottish Mars, and earls of Mar were at KilDRUMMy. The Duce lions may have their beards showing because Duce's are in the colors of Bearts (Brittany with Marians/Mariels).

The Casser scallops are shared with Rus-line Russells who share the Russo lion, in the colors of the three Mary lions, and in colors reversed from the three Ross lions. We called Maria Nigro, Mary. The Ross', in the format of Chicks/Chichs, share white lions with them. Marys were first found in Norfolk with the Wheats in the ears of wheat of Nigro's.

Kadyrov Who?

So, it seems that God arranged Kepke and Maria in my life to point to things-Ukraine. After Kepke and I stopped collecting golf balls, he started to CADDY for golfers, and so I did too. Last night, Monday night, Mr. KADYrov, pro-Russia leader of cheek-like Chechnya, was in the news sounding the war drums against Kiev (Ukraine capital) for its heightened attempt to smash of the Russian forces over this past weekend. Is that kiss on Walsh's cheek not amazing suddenly? Cheeks are also Checks.

Walsh's trace to Wallachia, near/beside Ukraine at the Bush-like Buzau river, the river also of proto-Russian Roxolani. Kepke and I lived in Markham, and Markhams share "audax" with Roxburghs. Roxburghs use "TAM audax," and Kepoi is at the Taman peninsula. Tame's/Thames'/Tiens were first found in Oxfordshire with Peare's/PERLE's and Cheeks/Checks...and with Tame-branch Tennis' (share Peare/Perle leopard faces). I watched Kepke and Peare play tennis one day only. Tennis' use a "TEMere" motto term. DeMere's and Mere's might be using a "galley" ship, the Keep symbol. It just so happens that French Galleys were first found in Dauphine with the Galli's who share the Chief of French Julians while the latter's Golfin-connectable Gully/Golly branch was first found in Oxfordshire with Cheeks/Chicks.

As Miss Walsh slammed the door on Kepke at the kiss-on-cheek event, I'm wondering if somehow Wallachian elements will become opposed to Kiev. Wallachia is in Romania, and the Italian Romania/Roman(ov) surname almost has the giant wolf of German Flemings/Flamings while Dutch Flamings/Flamingo's share the Chichester Shield. There is even a Ukrainian Roman/Romanov surname with roses for the Varangian Rus. As said a million times, Kepke and I played lots on ping-pong in his basement, and Pings/Pongs/PUNGs are in the "pungit" motto term of Rome's/RIMs...suspect from the Rimna river of Wallachia! Amazing.

Plus, Peare-like Pero's use a "flaming star" as well as one of the two pale bars of Spanish Paloma's. The kiss on cheek was at La Paloma. Miss Walsh slammed the door on Kepke, and English Doors were first found in Herefordshire with the Moneys who almost have the Flaming / Chichester Shield. French Moneys were first found in Savoy with TRIP-related Masseys/Masse's, and Trypillians, possibly spread from Kiev to Wallachia, burned down their homes ritualistically (according to their Wikipedia article), which made me wonder whether Flemings had been from Trypillians. I can even go to my DOOR-handle dream that ended with the RIM of a bucket catching flames.

Paloma-like Palms share the blue vair FUR of Chichesters and Irish Flemings who in turn share the Flaming/Flamingo checks. Furs are listed with Fire's while Miss Walsh slammed the door of my FIREbird on Kepke at La Paloma...shortly after he was a shoe salesman pointing to the Trip shoes. By the time he was with Miss Walsh, Kepke got into Paloma-like plumbing sales along with his brother, husband of Nikki Walsh. German Plume's/Plumers are even Fleming-like Pflaums/Flaums/Floms/PlaumBAUMs (looks Bohemian). English Plume's have more vair fur.

Russian Romanovs have a red griffin, symbol of Pomerania, upon the Nathan/Natt escutcheon, and these Romanovs add the lion heads of English Rothes' and Nitts/Naughts, the latter suspect with a checkered version of the Nathan/Natt Shield. The Romanovs also add the gold lion head that can be the one of Peters, from Peter Pollock at Rothes castle, the proto-Rothschild. The Nitts/Naughts add the Checker checks, and Checkers were first found in Hampshire with Dracula-suspect Drake's. Nicholas de Vere von Drakenberg wrote a book tracing Vere's to Transylvania, now Romania. Count Dracula was a ruler of Wallachia in Transylvania. While Nets/Nights/Naughts may have been a branch of English, Shoe-beloved Knights/Nights, the latter were first found in Suffolk with English Plume's. The Shoe's love the Tree's/True's who use a knight with plumes of feathers in its helmet. German Flamings have feathers in their Crest.

It possible that Feathers were play on the Fetzer variation of English Randolphs/Fetzrandolphs, and here one can go to the bat of Scottish Randolphs, first found in Moray with Rothes castle, and with Ruths/Rothers/Randolphs. Peter Pollock's father was likely in Shropshire, where English Rothes' were once said to be first found along with the Rothschild-line Rodden river. Shropshire is where Petty-beloved Needle's were first found who share the giant Feather sun (same Coats exactly). Pettys (share the quadrants in the Arms of Rothschild) use a compass "needle," and Nathans/Nations (Foot colors) use the engineer's compass.

The Feather / Needle Coat is that also of Hesse's, and the Chatti of Hesse-Cassel named the Scottish Catti that named the CADDY-related Keiths. Like that? Keiths come up as "Mascal" while Mascal-related Saddocks share the Nathan/Natt / Romanov escutcheon. If I recall correctly, the British Rothschilds of 1917 toppled the Romanov kingdom of Russia, and started the Soviet-Communism ball rolling thereby with president Lenin. The Lenins/Lennons may have been a branch of Logans/Lennons who happen to use a nail-pierced heart to go with the arrow-pierced heart of Nathans/Nations. Plus, Nails/Neils are listed with German Nagle's while English Nagle's (share Anger lozenges) have Gilbert D'Angulo in their write-up while a Mr. D'Angi is in the write-up of Russian Romanovs.

The Proctors who share the three Logan/Lennan nails were first found in Cambridgeshire with RUMillys. The Rum variation of Rome's/Rums must be in the "majoRUM" motto term of Logans/Lennans, and Majors, sharing the red greyhound with English Plume's, love the Anger-branch Anchors/Annackers. Majors were first found in the Channel Islands with Poindexters who in turn have the split Italian Romania/Romanov Shield in colors reversed, in Fast / Falstaff colors. Poindexters share the Fist/Faust fist while the Arms of Rothschild share the Fast and Falstaff quadrants. Rumillys married Meschins when of the Skiptons (Yorkshire with English Lace's and Banks) who in turn share the purple lion with Irish Lace's suspect in the "lacessit" motto term of Poindexters. Banks were first found in Craven with Skipton, and Bank-colored Benjamins are from Wallachia's Rimna river...and earlier from Benjamites of Israel's Rimmon.

As per God answering "my" (His) prayer to spear trudeau in the head, which was answered shortly afterward with the spear-like convoy to the canadian capital: is this a pointer to Dracula the impaler? Are Trudeau's descended from Dracula? Someone says online that king Charles III traces himself to count Dracula. Trudeau's have become suspect with the Trude variation of Trots, and the Trotus river, if not quite in Wallachia, is close!!! Zikers, lookie there. It's not a wonder that trudeau's bat crazy. The Trude's/Trots can be a branch of Trade's/Trotte's who share the Bush fleur-de-lys for a trace to Wallachia's Buzau river! The Rimna is between the Buzau and the Trotus, and the latter is near the Moldava river.

The six (three-and-three) pale bars of Trude's/Trots are in the colors of the three Keith pale bars. The caddy plot thickens. We were collecting balls in the Rouge river, and while Rouge's are listed with French Rogers, English Rogers have the Trudeau Coat exactly, aside from colors!

Kepke and I always celebrated when we found the best-brand golf balls. I can remember only the top three as he scored them (late 1960s), in this order of value: TITList, Executive and GARY PLAYER. The Title/Tattler surname was first found in HADDINGtonshire in East Lothian, same as Keiths, and one of the two Hayden surnames shares the Haddington cross. Hayden-branch Haldens (share Haddan motto) were once said to be first found in East Lothian, but are now said to be first found in Renfrewshire with Dobys. The latter are expected from DOBERs / Dobermans who in turn can be connected to the bend of Jewish Pollocks (suspect from Poland) because Scottish Pollocks were first found in Renfrewshire too. Dobers share the gold griffin head in Crest with Haldens probably because Dobers were from DOBRawa, one of two wives of Mieszko I, the other being Oda of HALDENsleben.

Chichesters share the Quint Chief while the Quincys built the castle of Faucets at MUSSELbugh, beside Haddington, tending to explain why Keiths are also Mascals, for Meschin-branch Mussels are also Muscels. The latter use "plates," and Plate's are in Ram colors and format in case this is a pointer to RAMzan. Rams have a "fieri" motto term while Fiers/Fears were first found in Middlesex with Players. That's interesting. Oh wow, Garys/Hare's use a "Fear" motto term!!!!! GARY PLAYER!!!! We just witnessed how Rams can point to Ramzan Kadyrov!!!

There is a Zan/Zahn/Zant Coat to perhaps go with "Ramzan," with roses, though I don't see how to link this to Kadyrov. There appears to be a column in the Zan/Zahn/Zant Crest, and if that's correct, then wow, for the Malcolms/Columns share the stag heads of Colts/Celts/Cults suspect in the "OcCULTus" motto term of Title's/Tattlers.

The Keiths are said to be from a Catti tribe, and Caddys have a wheat-sheaf version of the Keith Coat! I'm so impressed. Kepke and I were caddies, and Keppochs (Yorkshire, same as Caddys) have more wheat sheaves. The new question now is how this set of heraldry points to Ramzan Kadyrov of Chechnya. Cheeks/Checks/Chicks were first found in Oxfordshire with Cedars/Cotters, and we were caddies at Cedar Brae Golf Club. Garys/Hare's share the lizard with Cedars/Cotters, can we believe it?

Golfin-connectable Gullys/Gollys were first found in Oxfordshire too, and while the six pale bars of Gully-branch Gulls are colors reversed from the six of German Julians, wow, the latter share the Title/Tattler crescents! It's as though God arranged the heraldry to go with Titlist and Gary Player golf balls. I recall reading that the Title/Tattler Crest has rays of the sun, and Suns (Midlothian, beside Title's/Tattlers) are listed with Sinclairs/SAINTs while Zans/Zahns are also ZANTs. Sinclairs had been Claro's, and "clarior" is a Player motto term while the Coat of Fiers/Fears looks related to Charo's/Claro's, adding to the evidence that Fier-loving Rams are Intended to be at topic.

Dobrawa was the mother of Sigrid the HAUGHTy who worked into the cashier symbol of Mary Nigro. The Haydens sharing the Haddington cross have pellets on their white dog, and Fiens/Fane's have pellets on their white bull head, the color of the Haught/Houghton bull head. Haydens were first found beside the first-known Foys (Suffolk) in the Hayden motto. Cassers share the Meschin scallops, and Mieske's/Mesechs use the bull head in black, the color of the bull in the other Hayden Crest. It should be clear that Haydens are from Oda of Haldensleben. The Oda-connectable Others/Otters almost have the Keep Coat, and Hood-connectable Odins share the Ross the colors of the lion head of Title's/Tattlers who in turn share the Other/Otter crescents.

Marys and Haydens were first found in Norfolk with Hayden-related Tute's/Tuits, Lance's and Drops/Trope's while lance-using Players have a "ServiTUTE" motto term and some drops. Gold drops are called, "or," and Orrs/Ore's can be in "clariOR" (Player motto). French Lance's share the Zan/Zant rose, and Lance's are suspect with Alans while Chechnya is beside Alania. The Tute's are linkable to the Title's/Tattlers.

My first girlfriend at Knob Hill Farms was Darlene RAY, and while Darlene's use gold drops too, I'm sure I remember that "rays" of the sun are in the Title/TATTler Crest. Tute's/Tuits share the TATTon quadrants because the latter share the Tute/Tout (and Cheek/Chick) crescent. I knew Ray Luff (attended his funeral), and Luffs/Love's are Cheek/Chick kin. Darlene's share the fitchees of Zand-like Sandys (Sand branch). Zans/Zands look like they share a French Clair Coat on one-half their Shield. I've told before that Darlene was in a mild car accident while I was dating her, and that Ray Luff died in a car accident. Perhaps God arranged Darlene's accident for this pointer to the Title/Tattler Crest. The Zan/Zant column is on a sack, I believe, because Zans/Zants, on the other half of their Shield, share the roses of Sachs/Sax's (Poland). The Coat of Saxons looks related to the one of Orr-branch Orrels, the latter first found in Lancashire with Saxons and Lovicks/Lofwicks.

The Sandy dancetty-fesse is colors reversed from the same of Haydens. The latter share the Beauty bull, which is colors reversed from the bull of column-using Pelosi's. Another column is used by German Franks, first found in Czechoslovakia (Bohemia). The Pelosi bull is in the colors of the bull head of German Sanders/ZANDers who in turn share the upright, red bull of Charo's/Claro's. The latter are beloved in the motto of English Josephs along with Vlad-like "wlad," and Josephs were first found in Hampshire with Dracula-connectable Drake's. Vlad Dracula. French Josephs were first found in Maine with French Lance's. Sleeping Beauty loved me, and Lovicks/Lofwicks have bull heads in Beauty-bull colors.

The reason I brought Haydens into this is because they essentially share the Chichester motto. They are the ones sharing the checkered Shield of Babys while Babe's were once said to be first found in Dorset with Hayden-branch Hades'/Hats, Beaks and Russells. Beaks not only share the triple bends of Podebrady and Feins/Fiens, but the leopard face of Babe's. Then, the Podebrady-like Babwells/Babels (Sussex, same as Keeps) were once said to be first found in Middlesex with Players. Gary Player golf balls.

English Robins were first found in Middlesex while Dutch Gulls/GOLFins use what looks like a robin. English Gulls (branch of German Julians) share a "Sine" motto term with English Gullys/GOLLYs (branch of English Julians), and Kepke with his brother were hockey GOALIE's. Gullys/Gollys were first found in Oxfordshire with Cheeks/Checks/Chicks, meaning that our golf-course adventures at age 12/13 are pointing to Kadyrov of Chechnya once again. The Golfins pointed to Robins of Middlesex, where Players were first found, and Propers/Robins/Roberts share the French Robert lion. English Roberts were first found in Kent with Gulls.

WOW, French Roberts, I kid you not, share the Chichester Chief!!! Surprise. Kepke's brother was, Robert, and he came out at times to collect golf balls too. Robert had married Nikki Walsh, which is how Kepke met Kim Walsh whom I kissed on the cheek! Lookie there. I'm not making it up; from my 5th update in March, 2018: "As Kepke's brother, Robert, married the sister of Kepke's Miss Walsh, it should be mentioned that the Lawns/Lane's put the same lion upon it as used by French Roberts and Roberts/Propers." Golf courses are lawns. Irish lawns share the Keep band. The "tyrannis" motto term of Propers/Robins/Roberts might be for the same line as the "TRANSfixus" of Walsh's.

I remember one time, when Robert was with us, we ventured for the first time out of the Rouge river into a pond at the golf course. Ponds/Ponts (Hampshire, same as Buttons/Bidens and their Lorraine-connectable kin, the Rich's) share the fesse of Propers/Robins/Roberts, and the latter's Coat might even be using a rose-less version of the German Butt/Bute/Boet Coat which itself shares the fesse of Buttons/Bidens. How smooth is that for an additional pointer to Ukraine corruption? Welsh Roberts ("ymLAEN") were first found beside the first-known Pennants, and while the Cowes'/Coo's share the triple piles of Caddys, the Cowes'/Coo's calls theirs "pennants." Pennants share the Coat of neighboring Trevors/TREFors, and Trips/Treffs use shoes. Immediately after Kepke and I left Knob Hill Farms at almost the same time, we both ended up selling shoes in the same mall.

Ponds/Ponts have a version of the Ponder Coat, and Ponders (Cambridgeshire, same as Chepmans and Gully-branch Julians) are in the CHEPman motto. It's got the Kepke line all over it. When Mr. Kepke the Ukrainian coached hockey, Robert his son was the goalie. In my first year of peewee hockey, I got a BREAKaway on Lawrence Kepke, who was not my friend yet, though by that time I had seen him at my paper route station on Wooten Way, the street that the Walsh's lived on. Brae's use a "flax BREAKer." The following spring/summer (after the breakaway), we were at Cedar Brae golf course.

Someone had emailed me asking whether Kadyrov would become the anti-Christ since he's a white, Muslim convert. Could this be why God is pointing to him?

Babwells/Babels share the triple pale bars of Annesleys, first found in Oxfordshire with Cedars/Cotters and Cheeks/Checks/Chicks. It was Lorraine the Russellite through whom God gave us the Babe's, and while Brae's are Bree's too, French Brie's (roses, possibly the Russell lion) were first found in Lorraine. babe's were once said to be first found in Dorset with Cotter-like Cutters. Annesleys share the six pale bars of Babwells/Babels. Brae's/Bree's use a "FLAX breaker", and Flags almost have the Palmer Coat which is almost the Casser/Casse Coat.

I now remember that another valued golf ball was the one from ARNOLD Palmer!!! We saw how Palms point to Moscow, founded by Varangians of Kiev, and Maria of Kiev is the line to Lorraine's. "Palmer won 62 PGA Tour titles from 1955 to 1973." I met Lorraine at her bus stop at the corner of Arnold crescent and Yonge street!!!! It was on my 24th BIRTHday, and Births/Berts are like the Birds/Burds (share Ainsley fleur-de-lys and Proctor martlet) who share the flory cross of German Arnolds. Arnold crescent pointed to Arnold of Metz (in Lorraine, France), a close relative of the wife of Pepin of Landen. See Lorraine, Landens/Landers, and Landyrs of Lorraine in the last update, for they came to topic with my arranged meeting with Lorraine at my LAUNDRomat on the evening of the day I first met her at her bus stop.

Birds/Burds were at Great BOUGHTON of Proctor-like BROXton, and while Bidens are listed with Butt-branch Bottons, Botons are listed with Boughtons. The latter share the crescents of BRIStols/BrisTOWs, and so perhaps, as per the Bris'/Brix's/Brice's, Broxtow was a Bristow variation. Annesley-like Ainsleys were first found in BROXtow, and Tows are listed with Touch's sharing the Gary/Hare lion. I touched / brushed the knee of Sleeping Beauty with my hand, and Brush's were a Breeze/Brice branch, evoking the Brie's of Lorraine. Brush's and Bruce's share the Wear/Were motto, and the latter share the crosslets of Tufts/Tuffs', first found in Cheshire with Tows/Touch's/Tuffs, is that cool or what? Yes, for Bosco's use "tufts of grass" to go with Lorraine's grass stain.

Earhardts/Airharts were a Hare/Hair branch. Garys/Hare's use a fox, and Ainsley Earhardt works for Fox news. Bash's (Hertfordshire, same as Nuse's/Newes' and Scale's) can be gleaned as kin of News'/Nuces', and Ainsleys were first found in BASHford (of Broxtow). Breeze's/Brice's use scales, and Scale's are in the "scaling ladders" of Bidini-connectable Trips. Heraldic ladders are suspect with LOTHARingia, another name for Lorraine, France. In the first update of this month, I told of carrying a 32-foot extension ladder past Lorraine's apartment on my shoulder.

Ainsley Earhardt (wife of Mr. Proctor, parents of Hayden) was Sleeping Beauty in my 1979 dream, and I was about to KISS her awake, which is how she was dubbed, Sleeping Beauty, for I had said in that dream, "she's beautiful." Shee's/Shea's share the Earhardt fleur-de-lys while Sheaves'/Shea's/Shaws are in heraldic wheat sheaves, used by Wheats/Whate's/Weets, first found in Norfolk with Haydens and Drummond-related Marys. Nigro's use EARS of wheat to go with "Earhardt."

I thought Lorraine was going to be the fulfillment of Sleeping Beauty, for in that dream she was framed as my bride. wife. A couple of weeks before meeting her at her bus stop, we walked by each other in opposite directions at Lorne and Yonge across from her bus stop, and as she walked by, I blurted, "I'm going to MARRY you." Marrys share the Russell lion too. This blond lady was extremely beautiful, like the blond in the dream, and so perhaps it explains why I blurted that thing. Russells were first found in Dorset with Beautys, and the latter share the black bull of Haydens, and while the Mieske/Mesech and OTTO/Auto bull heads are likewise black, Otto was the brother of Mieszko II Lambert, father of Casimir above.

I said, "she's beautiful," when I saw her standing at the hood on an auto, and Hoods are like variations of Odin / Oddie's / Oddeys/HODleys. Hoods were first found in Devon with the Kens' who share the Other/Otter crescents. Ainsley Earhardt worked the news for KENS TV. Others/Otter were proto-Windsors from Lombardy, home of OTTONE Visconti, and Windsors (include king Charles III the global lunatic) have a castle in Berkshire, where SHEA's/Sheaves'/Shaws were first found. "She's beautiful." Windsors share the crosslets of Trips, from the Trypillians amongst the Budini in/near Kiev. Ottone Visconti ruled in Milan, where Bono's were first found who share the Otone/Olton and Odin lions, and as we saw that my caddy job pointed to Keiths, note that Bono's are in the motto of Keith-branch Kettle's.

The cool thing now is that while the giant GRENon cross is green, and in the style of the green cross in the Caddy Crest, Odins share the GREENwich Coat while Greens/Greems/Greme's (Kent, same as Greenwich's) are in Kettle colors. Kepke and I caddied after collecting balls in the Rouge river, and Rouge's/Rogers were first found in Savoy with French Chance's while English Chance's (Essex, same as Cheek-connectable Chicks/Chichs) share the Kettle lion. Chance's share the Chase patonce, which I think explains the one-time only when Kepke and I were chased away from collecting balls by a golf-course groundsKEEPer. We ran fast.

When Lorraine turned out to be a Russellite, a JW, I wasn't excited at all to get serious with her. We broke up two or three weeks later in a God-orchestrated event that involved a grass stain on her pants. The Stains (share double fesses of Palmers with the Russell scallops!) are said to have married YARborough's, and king Yaroslav of Kiev was, I kid you not, the brother of Maria of Kiev!!! The Stains are also Stants, suspect in the obSTANTia" motto of Arthurs, and Irish Arthurs are in the colors and format of English Arnolds. Arnold Palmer golf balls!

It brings us back to Kepke and I collecting golf balls, and Keeps share the Lorraine (and Casimir) bend because Maria of Kiev married Casimir, son of RICHEZa of Lorraine. The Richs'/RICHESS', first found in Hampshire with Buttons/Bidens, and said to be from a location in Lorraine, use "bottony" crosses in honor of the Botton variation of Buttons/Bidens/BODENs. Maria Nigro lived in Buttonville! BUDINi lived at Kiev. Botters/Buddys/BODINs (Hampshire) have an eagle "STANDing" on a "perch," and Stains are also Stands. Her grass stain, on her BUTT, was seen my me on her BALCONY, and Balcons (roses) almost have the Coat of Italian Botters/Botini's. Stupendous work by the God who's pointing to Ukraine with these events. Balcons share the bend of Dobers i.e. from Dobrawa, the great-grandmother of Casimir above. Budini-connectable Trips were first found in Kent with Masons/Massins sharing the Balcon motto.

Instead of kissing Beauty, which might have been on her cheek, I saw my hand BRUSHing her knee, which woke her. This is being repeated because Rouge's/Rogers share the knee bend, as do Stanleys, and English Rogers have stags in the colors of the Knee stag heads. We collected golf balls in the Rouge river. Brush's were first found in Suffolk with Foys in the Hayden motto, and these Foys are in Savage/Sava colors and format.

Miss Earhardt works in News broadcasting, and when I delivered newspapers, my competitor (delivered Toronto Star), my grade-six classmate, was Ken Savage. Savage's list Shaw-like Sava's, and the SAUERs from the Sava river share the giant lion of Russells with two "SARA" motto terms. I delivered the TeleGRAM newspaper, and Varn-related Grahams/Grams share the scallops of Sarah's/Sayers (share Varn bend) and Varangian-suspect Varns, a good proof for tracing Russells to Varangians of Kiev. Grahams were first found in Midlothian with Russell-like Roslin. Lindsey Graham may be, for secret reasons, part of the war effort in Ukraine.

It just so happens that the vertically-split Shield of German Grams is colors reversed from the same of YARborough's ("palma"), a good reason to trace Yarboroughs to Yaroslav of the Varangians, for the Crest of German Grams is almost that of Varns and Grahams/Grams. The Telegram.

Wow, repeat from above: "If YarBOROUGH's/YarBURGHs use wreaths instead of chaplets, then they look like a Yar/Year-line merger with the Borough/Burgh variations of Burrows [use "wreaths"]. The latter's eagle head can indicate kinship with Eagle's/Hegels, first found in Lincolnshire with Yarborough's." The Eagle/Hegel Coat is colors reversed from the same Coat of Savage's/Sava's! That's incredible, a pointer of my Telegram paper route to Yarborough's thanks to Ken Savage with the Toronto STAR. Stars (Wiltshire, beside Burrows) have a chevron in colors reversed from the two of Burrows.

As an aside, Wreath-like Wraths/Wroth's were first found in Kent, where Ticks/Tooks were once said to be first found, though they are now said to be first found in Yorkshire, where Stains married Yarborough's, and where TICKhills were first found along with Anne's/Hanne's of Tickhill, and then Burrows were first found in Hampshire's TICHfield. As Hampshire is where Tiss'/Teese's were first found who smack of the Tease's/Tess'/Tecks of the Ticino river, it follows that Ticino-river elements named Tichfield, Ticks/Tooks, Tickhill, and Tickhill-connectable Tease's/Thys'/Tighs.

Actually, it may not be an aside because the newspapers were picked up at the corner of Wooten Way and Captain Armstrong lane while Armstrongs share the triple fesses of Lizarts/SARDE's, and while Shirts/SHARDs (share Tiss/Teese chevron) have a "HosTIS" motto term, and while Lizart-branch Lise's/Liss' were first found in Hampshire with Tiss'/Tease's and Tichfield. SARDinia is where Italian Amori's were first found, and then Wootens were first found in Kent too with Tick elements, and Wootens share a Moor head (different color) in Crest with Annesleys (same place as Amore's and Damorys/AMORI's) who in turn have an "VirtuTIS amore" motto.

The newspapers were in Markham while Markhams (same place as Ainsleys) have a "MiTIS" motto term probably because they were from the Marici co-founders of Pavia (Ticinum). Markhams almost have the full Coat of Guerins, suggesting Guerin of Provence. Markhams were first found at TUXford while Ticks/Tooks are also Tucks.

Wootens share the Faith/FAITHFUL saltire while Fate's/Feets share the English Pavia Coat while Pavia is on the Ticino river. English Pavia's were first found in Warwickshire while Warwicks share the Chick/Chich Coat. I kissed Miss Walsh on the cheek who lived on Wooten Way at the time. Cheeks/Chicks were first found in Oxfordshire with ANNESleys While Ainsleys were first found in Nottinghamshire with Tease's/Thys'/Tighs. It's got ANNAS, killer of Jesus, all over it, from the Laevi of Pavia.

ESTERs/Easters were a branch of Sturs, the latter first found in Hampshire with the Checkers almost having the ChichESTER Coat. Esters/Easters share the Annesley bend. Plus, the six pale bars of Annesleys are also those of Lise's/Liss' (Hampshire). Bath is near the sources of the Stour river through Sturminster Newton, and Newtons use an "EASTERn prince" while Prince's/Prinse's (Yorkshire, same as Rhodes') share the Bath Cross. The Stour's mouth is near the Hampshire border i.e. near the first-known Checkers. As Sturs are Stowers too, we can move this to the Stouts with a raven banner because Stouts/STOWs were first found in Cambridgeshire with the News'/Nuces', thus making Newtons suspect with News'.

There's another Stour river in Worcestershire, and the Arley castle of Annesleys is in Worcestershire near Clent. Clents are Clints too, and Clintons (Oxfordshire, same as Annesleys and Cheeks/Chicks) share the six fitchees of Hillarys (Worcestershire), in Savage/Sava colors and format. repeat: "...Foys in the Hayden motto, and these Foys are in Savage/Sava colors and format." Chichesters have the Hayden motto but use "foi" instead. It appears that Chichesters were a Cheek / Checker-line merger with Stour-river elements.

It' relevant that Square's/Squirrels were first found in Worcestershire because their "Tiens FERME" motto term not only jibes with the "Ferme en foy" motto of Haydens, or the "Firm en foi" of Chichesters, but Tiens' were first found in Oxfordshire with Cheeks/Chicks.

Italian Pavia's almost have the Larin and Areley/Early Coats, and so here's a new entry to my work from Annesleys: "ARELEY Castle {in Upper Areley, Staffordshire}, the seat of the late Earl of now the residence of his nephew, A. L. Annesley, Esq., who succeeded to his English and Irish estates.'" North-like Norris, with a "Faithful" motto term, use ravens or crows, and German Rothes'/Rothchilds have a giant, black raven, as do Areley-like Arrels/Errols in both colors of the ravens of Varn-like Verone's/Varenne's. English Rothes'/Wrath's were once said to be first found in Shropshire, beside Areley castle. Areleys/EARlys (EARhardt kin?) essentially share the Coat of French Larins, first found in Provence with Lizarts/Sarde's.

Arrels/Errols were first found in Perthshire with ATHEL and Drummonds, and I say the mother of Drummonds, the one from Podebrady, was Agatha, wife firstly of an ATHELing prince (of England) who was in exile in Kiev. Athols have six pale bars only in the colors of the four bends only (nothing else) of Italian Maria's.

Sarah's/Sayers were first found in Essex with Chicks/Chichs (where Quints were once said to be first found) while Chichesters share the Palm and Quint Chief. Yarborough's have an "est" motto term while English Este's were first found in Essex too while Essex's (share Halden / Dober Crest) share the eagle of Italian Este's, Barrs (Ayrshire, same as Varns) and Basfords/Bashfords. Bash's were kin on News and Nuce's/Newes'. The TeleGRAM newspaper.

Mr. Kepke is Lawrence, and Lawrence's use a "raGULLY" pattern for their cross. It could be the Ainsley cross because Gullys were first found in Oxfordshire with Annesleys who in turn share a red bend with Keeps. The house of Este put out the golf-like Guelphs while Gulls/Golfins can take as to Gulls and Gullys both of whom share the "sine" motto term Este-loving Yarborough's. The latter's Yearby variation can suggest a branch of Years, the latter first found in Stirlingshire with Keep-like Cheaps. Stirlings are STURlings too. Pond-connectable CHEPmans ("pondere") were first found in Cambridgeshire with Ponders, and with "chaplet"-using News'/Nuces'. The latter's Crest apparently shows the solid Chepman chevron. Yarborough's (compare with Ottone's and French Chappes') probably use chaplets. We've got multiple reasons here for tracing these surnames of Kiev's Varangians.

The "A te" motto phrase of Savage's/Sava's (Cheshire, same as Russell-connectable Meschins) could be for the Ade's/Attys or Atha's/Attys. The latter share the CHECKered Shield of FISCs, and the FISA court, the FISC, is a secret court of the American global cabal that's used to reinforce a NATO foothold in Ukraine. Fiscs use an "AD astra" motto phrase to indicate Ade's/Attys, and Asters are listed with Esters/Easters. As Fiscs almost have the ChichESTER Coat, it speaks for itself in proving a Chick-line merger with Esters/Asters, the latter first found in Manche, the Normandy home of Vere's in the "pulVERE" motto term of Yarborough's.

Ken Savage bumped into me at Knob Hill Farms twice while I worked there, but we didn't cross paths anywhere else. As we just saw the News' while he delivered the Toronto Star newspaper, it compels me to think that his first name is a points to KENS TV news, and Miss EarHARDT there. Savage picked up his newspapers at the same spot as I did for the TeleGRAM, and a giant heart is used by the German Grams who borrow from the Yarborough Shield.

Fisks are from the Fieschi of Genova, partners with Gram-like Grimaldi's who share the Bag Shield. We always carried plastic bags with us when collecting golf balls, for we put the balls into those bags. When we caddied, we carried the golf bags of golfers. "...the Fieschi were one of the four most important feudal noble families of the Republic of Genoa, Guelphs as they were Grimaldi,..."

Kepke and Graphene-Oxide

Now that Kepke is pointing to Ukraine more solidly than ever, I can take us back to our age 14 when he CHASEd me with a spider dangling on a WEB at the home of Karen Graff. The Graffs are graphene-like Graffens too. This spider chase occurred across the street from my home. Why did Kepke chose Kepke for this event? I didn't know at age 14 that Keep use a "weavers shuttle", nor that German Weavers are also WEBBers. English Webbers, sharing the Fly fleur-de-lys, were first found in Somerset, near the first-known Chase's, Drake's and Flys, all three first found in Hampshire, beside the first-known Keeps in Sussex. Drake's use "fly" in their translated motto, and so there we have a trace of the graphene-oxide event to count Dracula, and as the graphene-oxide is said by some to be in some COVID vaccines, we naturally want to add that the original COVID virus had been blamed on horseSHOE bats.

The Ukraine-Russia skirmish earlier this year exposed several bio-weapon labs in Ukraine. It can explain why Kepke was used for the spider-chase event. They say that graphene-oxide is stronger than spider webs, and I've seen graphene-oxide spread out in a liquid looking a lot like a spider appears at its legs.

As I've said several times, the Graff residence is at the corner of Doner and Union streets in Gormley, Ontario. The Unions/ANNions have three MILL rinds in the colors and format of Anna's/Hanna's. The Miles' share the mill rind (different colors), and their Chief-Shield colors are reversed from the same of Doners/Donahue's. The Hands (Cheshire, same as Dons) in the Union Crest are also Hanns.

As I said, whenever Karen Graff's father would walk across Doner to visit my father as he built the house, Simon would have a beer in his hand while smoking a PIPE, perfect because Pipe's share the bend-with-fleur of Webbers in colors reversed. Pipe's share the Pepin Coat, and Pepins are super because they share a "Mens" motto term with Poppins/Pophams (Hampshire again) who in turn share the Anna/Hanna stag heads. We can plainly see Intelligent Design behind the spider-chase event.

Doners/Donahue's share the upright, white wolf with Romania's, and count Dracula was in Romania. Ukrainian Romanovs, can we believe it, share the Chief-Shield colors of Miles'. The English Mile's (not "Miles") were first found in Hampshire with Drake's, and the latter have the Aquila's in their motto who were first found in Campania with Romania's. The Aquila Coat is shared by Italian Este's, and while Pepins have an "est" motto term, they share the triple horse heads of English Este's. My mother, a Grimaldi, was born seven miles from L'Aquila, and as the spider-chase event took place in Gormley, by what further coincidence are Gormleys also Grimes'? Michael Zlochevsky of Ukraine's Burisma Holdings has land / business in Monaco, kingdom of Grimaldi's.

I've neglected to say that the mouth of the Moldava river is at a Roman location, though this area is not in Moldava today. I see "Rome" from the line of Rimmon to "Rimna."

I've said it before, that the first time I saw Karen Graff was when she rode her bike on Doner past my home. This appears to be due to Biks/Bickers sharing the Anna/Hanne stag heads. We were not living at the house yet because it was under construction, and the only reason I was up to Doner street at that summer time, at the very start, was to mix cement for my father as he laid the blocks for the basement. I was mixing by hand using a cement Hoe, and Hoe's/Hue's, who share the red hand with Hands/Hanns and Unions/Annions, look like they named the Doners/DonaHUE's/DonaHOE's from the Dons (Cheshire, same as stag-using Hands/Hanns).

The last update had Elvis Presley at the wedding of my daughter-in-law, Anna, from Moldova, smack beside Ukraine. The Elvis/ELWAYs look like a branch of the Always' in the motto of AINSleys (Nottinghamshire, same as Elvis'/Elways). The Annesleys share the six pale bars in the crescents of AINS'/Hains, but they are also the six pale bars of Lizarts/Sarde's, first found at DRAGuignan, suspect with "Dracula." These six pale bars are shared by Lise's/Liss', first found in Hampshire with Drake's and Flys, you see, and the translated Drake motto has "fly" while Flys share the Webber fleur-de-lys.

The Flys have the martlets of French Josephs in colors reversed, and the "wlad" motto term of English Josephs is suspect with Vlads, and thus from Vlad Dracula. Anna's sister married Vlad, a Ukrainian. Vlads even share the HAGAR Coat while the Moldava river is a tributary of the old AGARus (top-right of map), now the Siret.

Elvis Presley was at Anna's wedding because, for my "speech," I sang as song that copies the sound of Elvis' song, "Blue Suede SHOES," a pointer to Ukraine. I changed the words to the first stanza, using "HONEY" instead of "money." The the write-up of Mill-loving Unions/Annions/ONIONs (Sussex, same as Keeps) has an historical quote suggesting derivation from "the surnames of Onwinne and Onoiun", the Hone's, first found in Hampshire with Mile's/Mills come to mind as well as the Honeys that share the double fesses of Hone's. Is that not amazing? It tends to convince me that Anna's/Hanne's and Annabells/Honeybells were Union/Annion/Onion branches.

The incredible thing now is the "lillae" motto term of English Webbers, for Lille's (Oxfordshire, same as Cheeks/Chicks) share the red fitchee with Cheeks/Chicks, and moreover have a "HONESte" motto term to go with the "esto" of Weavers! The Lille Coat even looks like a version of the Mile/Mill Coat so that Hones'/Hone's are made to look like a Union/Annion/Onion branch, yet this is accomplished using Webbers who are pointed to by the spider-chase on Doner street. The Dons (Cheshire, same as Union-beloved hands/Hanns) even come up as "D'One's! It makes Doners/Donahoe's look like a One-line merger with the Hoe's (share red hand with Unions/Onions).

Honors, with an Onion-like Honan variation, even have three stags in the gold color of the three Anna/Hanne stag heads. Plus, Honors/Honans share the Coat of Grimaldi-possible Greens/Greme's/Grene's, first found in Kent with the Time's/Timms suspect in the "timeo" motto term of Honors/Honans.

Twenty-four years after the spider-chase event on Doner, I was driving a Nissan. The original owner had been Kent DONER. The drive to Galveston, with this Nissan, included an OMEN a few hours before I was mugged in Galveston, and the Dons, with an "OMNia" motto term, have double fesses colors reversed from the two of Nissans. I kid you not, the two of Nissans are those of Hone's and Honeys too. I've pointed my one-and-only drive through Galveston to James LeDuc of the Galveston National lab because he helped to set up parts of the Wuhan lab. It now makes graphene-oxide appear to be part of this Galveston-Wuhan picture.

NISSans are like the Nessan variation of Ness'/NEESons who in turn share the Coat of stag-using Annabells/Honeybells, can we believe it? The same Coat is used by Jannsens (Holstein, near/beside Nissans of Hamburg) while the Janssen company owns Johnsons & Johnsons vaccines. Scottish Ness'/Nessans are also Nice's, and Nice is smack near Monaco. These Nice's were first found in Fife, and I trace Fife's and Five's/Fifys with their VIVian kin to Lviv of Ukraine, on the Bug river. Bugs were once said to be first found in Nottinghamshire with Elvis'.

As Monaco's share the Vlad hexagram, one might ponder whether Vlad Dracula the ImPALER was just code for Grimaldi's of PALERmo: "The surname Monaco was first found in Palermo...the capital of both the region of Sicily and the Province of Palermo where the Monaco family arrived from France in about the 12th century." The Drago river is nearby. It's also interesting that the Monaco's share the demi-lion of Graffs/Graffens while the Graff family lived in Gormley while Gormleys/Grimes' share the red martlet with Hips', interesting where the Drago is also the Hypsas river. The Monaco Coat uses flames and shares the Chich/Chich lion while Flamings/Flamingo's share the Chichester checks, which are in half the colors of the Fisc checks while Grimaldi's were allied to Fieschi of Genova.

Ah, Palers are listed with Baylors, first found in Westmorland, beside the Moray-related Baileys/Bayleys. The Monaco hexagrams are also those of Moray's One's/Innis' who share the Bailey/Bayley boar head. Grimwalds/Grimwade's/Grimwoods share the One/Innis star on what could be the Belly chevron in colors reversed. Grimwalds/Grimwade's/Grimwoods have a lone PALE bar in the colors of the pale-bar-by-sword of Scottish Deans who in turn share the moline of SEGURana's (Genova) while English Deans share the lion of Grims/Grimms, Seconds/SEGURs, Genova's/Geneva's, and the Dile's in the "crocoDILE" of Irish Deans/Dene's. The latter share the Coat of AnnaBELLs/HONEYbells, hint that the latter had merged with Belly / Bailey liners. The Dean sword is suspect with the Aude sword because Aude's/Audets/Ode's were first found in Savoy with the Masseys/Masse's having the Chief of English Deans in colors reversed. Anna married a Masci liner. Aude's/Audets/Ode's are suspect in the motto of Wallachia-connectable Roxburghs.

Monaco's share the hexagram of Hagars (Perthshire, same as Wings/Winks beloved of the other Irish Deans/Dene's) probably because Hagars were first found in Perthshire with Rollo's while Grimaldi's married Rollo's daughter. Rollo was a ruler of Moray-like More, and I trace the naming of his father (RagnVALD) to the Mures river in Transylvania, at RAGNvald-like Rhegin to be exact, just 100 miles from the Moldava river, and about the same distance from Wallachia. Rollo might therefore be from the line to count Dracula (Rollo predated him by centuries).

Grims/Grime's share the quadrants of English Forts (ROCK in Crest) who in turn share an "audax" motto term with ROXburghs, from Wallachia along with Dracula, who in turn have a single pale bar colors reversed from the same of Grimwalds. English Deans have a "Forti et fideli" motto phrase to compare with the "Fortis" of Forts and the "fideLIS" of Roxburghs. The Roxburgh pale bar is in both colors of the LISE/LISS and Lizart pale bars, and the latter surname was at Draguignan. It appears that Nicholas de Vere von Drakenberg was a Dracula liner. "Quam" is a motto term of Roxburghs as well as of CAMbridge's; Cambridge is on the Cam river while Cams happen to share the Lise'/Liss' and Lizart Coat. It nails Roxburghs to Draguignan. The three swords of Aude's/Audets/Ode's are almost all in pale, and are in the colors of the pale bars in this paragraph.

We collected golf balls in the Rouge river that flows through Markham and into CEDAR Brae golf club, and Rouge's/Rogers were first found in Savoy with Aude's/Audets/Ode's. Markhams almost have the Guerin Coat suspect with Guerin of Provence, location of Draguignan. Rouge's look like they may have been a branch of rock-using Roach's/Roche's. Aude province has a Corbieres location while Corbieres' and Corbetts share the raven with Rooks (Oxfordshire, same as LIZARD-using CEDARs/Cotters). Rooks even have a "corNICEs" motto term looking like it's for Nice, just 40 miles from Draguignan.

CorBEILs/GorBAILs were first found in Savoy near the first-known Beils (share Rouge/Roger roses) who in turn share the Belly chevron. The Rook chevron-with-suns looks related to the Belly chevron-with-roses. Suns/Sinclairs were first found in Midlothian with Falls'/FALLIS'. Trudeau's, who have a Coat a like that of English Rogers, were first found in/near La FALAISE (Ile-de-France), which is not the Falaise in Normandy. The latter is near Caen while Cannes is between Nice/Monaco and Draguignan. English Rogers use a "Nos" motto term while Nos' share the Nice/Nesson Coat.

By now you may have caught on that the entry to topic of Roxburghs, the line of Roquefeuil in Aude province, is to the Rockefeller drug industry that has stake (pun not intended but welcome, maybe even Inspired) in killer vaccines and a slew of other globalist abominations coming straight at the world while they sleep in ignorance of the times.

Karen Graff moved from Doner and Union street when I was 14. I never saw her again until about 23 years old when Joe Oullette took me to his brother's apartment. When the door opened, there was Karen sitting on a couch. We didn't go in, but I saw her high heels are the front door. SHOES. I get it, a pointer to the Trips from Kiev. The Oullette's are said to be from Ouilly-le-Basset at FALAISE (Normandy), and then the Falls/Fallis' have a good reflection of the Feller Coat. Ya see, God set me up to see Miss Graff at the Oullette's to point graphene-oxide to the Rockefeller demons. God's wrath, so harsh, so horrible, will be upon these demons ever-so-hard. I never saw Karen again. Joe married Diane, and Diane's are listed with English Deans.

Diane's sister is Annette, and Annette's (share Diane/Dean crescent) look like a marriage of Annas'/Arniss' to the namers of Nottingham. Oullette's have their Aulnay branch in their write-up, and both surnames share the Always lion so that Oullette's are connectable to Nottinghamshire's Elvis/Elways.

Palers have a different-colors version of the Pile Coat (show only three piles), and Pile's share the Tennis / Peare/Perle leopard face while Tiens'/Tame's (same place as Rooks) can be in the "Tam" motto term of Roxburghs. The latter share the Nail/Neil/Nagle saltire while the Nihill variation of Irish Neils/O'Nails is suspect in the "nihil" motto terms of English/Irish Deans and Vere's. Nagle liners named Oneglia, now called, Imperia, about 25 miles from Monaco.

The DuMAS write-up traces to Le Mas in Auriol (near Draguignan), but the only Le Mas I could find was near Grasse, the latter about midway between Nice and Draguignan. The reason I'm here is because the Arms of Grasse shares the lambs of the Lamas surname while the Demys/LeMais', suspect in the demi-lion of Graffs/Graffens, share the Beil chevron. The CorBEILs have a giant Graffen-like griffin. The Graff/Graffen lion holds an anchor, and Anchors are beloved by Majors (share Beil roses) who are in turn said to have been "Count of Corbeil through his wife Germaine de Corbeil." I trace the Anchor Coat to Agrigento, location of the Drago river.

I almost missed it: Maisys were first found in Gloucestershire with Grave's/Greafs while Graffs/Graffens are also Gravs! It's looking real-good for Demys/LeMais' being in the demi-lion of Graffs.

French Majors were first found in Provence with Beils and Draguignan. English Majors were first found in the Channel Islands off the coast from Masseys of Manche and Vere's.

Corbeils were first found in Savoy with Masseys/Masse's, and dragonhead Maise's have the Coat of POTTERs (Hampshire, same as Pots and dragon-line Drake's) in colors reversed while Demys/LeMais's (French Pot colors) are said to have been in POITIERs. Dragonhead Dews/Deweys have a version of the Maisy Coat. Potters are in Dragon/Drainer colors and format. Potters share the Flower cinquefoil as per the "flower pot" of Rinds in the "mill rinds" of Unions/Annions/Onions, and so were back to the Graff residence in Gormley, which reminds that Gormleys share red martlets with Hips' while Agrigento is at the Hypsas river. Graffs use the anchor that I trace to Agrigento. Mythical Aeneas was at Agrigento, and Anchors are also ANNACKers.

Before going to the next paragraph, important, note that Malcolms/COLUMNs share the stag head of Perthshire's Cults suspect in the "OcCULTus" motto term of Title's/Tattlers who in turn share the lion head of Monaco-line Monks. Tattons can be gleaned as kin of Tute's while Rollo's and Oliphants love the Touts in their motto. The Title's entered the discussion with golf balls, as did Gary PLAYER balls, and the Player surname is much like the Paler surname. Players share a single pale bar (different colors) with Grimwalds.

Vaccines cause clots, and the Clots are in Niss colors and format. As Clots look like they share the fleur-de-lys of June's and Jeune's, from Junia Caepionis, granddaughter of QUINTus Caepio, it explains why Quints share the Clot / Niss chevron, the point being that La Quinta Columna was the first organization to provide evidence that at least three vaccine brands are spiked with graphene-oxide. This Spanish group continues to warn people that graphene-oxide is made to work in conjunction with 5G waves to harm people. It claims that graphene-oxide ramps up the hertz (or electrical power/volts) of the 5G transmissions once the latter enters a body possessing graphene-oxide.

The DuCLOS variation of Clots is suspect from "Clausula," for the Clausula river has a Caepionis-like Cupionich location. It's also called, "KOPlik," and the amazing thing here is that Kopple's (Nuremberg) share the giant rooster of Hahn-branch German Hanns/HONNs (share red rooster of Hahns). Hahns are in the write-up of Bibi-like Bibo's (red rooster), and Bibi Netanyahu worked with the Knesset as the Israeli prime minister. Israel loves vaccines more than anyone else, and Israel is being centered-out as a killer-by-vaccines as we speak.

While Clots/DuCLOS' (Lorraine) look like a branch of Close's/Clovse's (share green lion with Lorraine's), the latter share the triple stars of German Weavers/Webbers while Lorraine's share the bend of Weaver-loving Keeps. Perfect. Clots/DoClos' even have the fleur-de-lys of English Webbers in colors reversed. Close's/Clovse's even share "fidelis" with English Weavers. It all appears Arranged to jibe with Kepke's spider-chase pointer to graphene-oxide.

The Kness'/Ness', an apparent pointer to the Knesset (Israeli Parliament), were first found in Perthshire with Hagars (almost have the Israeli flag), and they both share the same stars, almost, a hexagram versus a pentagram. Both of these stars are used by Innis' (almost have the Israeli flag), and one Innis surname comes up as Hone-like One, is that not amazing where Hagars share the Vlad Coat? As I said, the Israeli flag has double fesses along with its hexagram, and they are the double fesses of Hone's and Honeys. Instead of "it's one for the money" sung by Elvis, I sang, "it's ONE kick to my honey" as if Anna were singing it to her new husband.

The more amazing thing is that both Innis surnames were first found in Moray, and the One's/Innis have the Moray Coat in colors reversed that is in turn a copy of the Duc/LeDuc Coat except that the latter use eight-pointed stars, the one also of Bellys, first found in Moray. Plus, Baileys share the brown boar head in Crest with One's/Innis'. Morays are also Murrays, and Irish Murrays (share Moray Coat) add an "Imperio" motto term while Imperia is near Nice and Monaco.

There is an online quote where one Grimaldus married Crispina, daughter of Normandy's king Rollo, and here we can point out that while Rollo's (Perthshire, same as Kness'/Ness, Drummonds and Hagars) have the Speer/SPEYer boar heads in colors reversed, and while the Spey river is in Moray, a red hand holds a spear in the Union/Annion/Onion Crest. The Nissans were first found in Hamburg with the German Drummonds having three of the double-Don fesses, and the Hone's even have them wavy in colors reversed to go with the wavy Drummond fesses. As wavy bars are used by English Webbers (Somerset, same as Roets sharing the Spear boar heads), I see heraldic waves as code for Keep-beloved Weavers with an "esto" motto term to go with the "ModESTE" of Hagars.

As Valerys (share Valois/Valais chevron) have a "wave" in their Chief, note the "valore" motto term of Annas-branch Ennys/Ennis', for Vallours are listed with Valois'/Valais' while Rollo married Poppa of Valois. "Ennis" looks like the Ness variation of Kness' who in turn share the Valois/Valais crescent.

Weavers'/Wevers share the fesse of Beavers, Scottish Vere's (Moray stars), and Elvis'; the latter share five, bunched arrows with Roet-related and Bug-like Bough's/Bows. German Bogans, in Bug colors, use the bow. English Bogans, first found in Cornwall with Trice's/Trysts in the "KEEP tryst" motto of Hebrons (Presley colors and format), share the COCKaTRICE (different color) with Presleys. Rollo's use "fortune," and Elvis' use "fortuna." The write-up of English Bogans is a perfect piece for a trace to the Bug river at LVIV, for Vivians were first found in Cornwall with Bogans: "'This property was afterwards in the family of Bogan, from whom it passed by marriage to the late Thomas VYVYN, Esq. of TREWAN.'" There you have it, family historians, send your teacher a nice shiny apple, will-ya?

Trewans (Cornwall, same as Annas-branch Ennys') are also TrevANIONs, and we need to add that while Trips/Treffs use shoes while Shoe's use a tree, TREVors/TREFors were first found near the first-known Drews/Dreux's. Trewans and Tree's/Trews may have been a branch of Drake-related Drews/Dreux's (Drake colors and format), especially as Presleys have a cockatrice in the colors of the similar wyvern dragon of Drake's. Trewans share the scallops of Union-beloved Rinds who in turn use a "flower pot" while English Pots were first found in Hampshire with Mile's/Mills. French Pots share the Elvis fesse.

The Camerons, with the triple Drummond fesses in colors reversed, share five, bunched arrows in Crest with Elvis'. Bogans (Beaver-like Bavaria) owned the blue lozengy, in the Arms of Bavaria to this day, and as Grimaldi's use red lozengy, I trace them to Grimoald, duke of Bavaria. The lozengy of Bavaria is bendwise, as is the red lozengy of Irish Wiers, and so we can take this picture to the Vere earls of Oxford, for the Arms of Oxford has a GREEN beaver. Then, while Elvis' are suspect as a branch of Always in the Ainsley motto, it makes the red bend of Elvis', in Keep-bend colors, look like the red bend of Annesleys because the latter were first found in Oxfordshire! Beauty. We couldn't have done that without the Beavers.

English Vere's (Essex, same as Weaver-beloved Este's and Chicks/Chichs) share the blue boar in Crest with Hoe's/Hue's/KEOGHs the who in turn share the crescent of CHEEKs/Checks (Oxfordshire), and to this we can repeat that the three Cheek/Check crescents are colors reversed, and in the format of, the three Ains/Hain crescents that in turn share the six Annesley pale bars. The Keogh variation look like "Keck," and while Kecks are listed with Kicks to go with the Chick variation of Cheeks, I sang Elvis' first line as, "Well, it's one kick to MY honey." My's (Nottinghamshire) are in the Ainsley motto along with an Elvis branch.

As we can see, the Hoe's/Hue's turned out to be very instrumental in the paragraph above, and we might add that Ains'/Hains share the crescent of Tute's/Touts in the Moray and Oliphant mottoes while the Bellys (Moray) have two roses on a blue chevron to nearly match the three roses on a blue bend of Blocks. I mixed cement for my father's BLOCKs with a hoe! In the center of the two Belly roses, and still on the chevron, is the Duc/LeDuc star. Belly-branch Baileys were first found in Northumberland with the Rodhams sharing a brown tree stump with Blocks. Oliphants (Perthshire) have the Ains/Hain Coat minus the pale bars.

Blocks were first found in Wiltshire with trumpet-using Calls/Calles', and the Block roses are shared by Jumps sharing the Trump stag head. trump brags about giving the nation vaccines so save people but never takes the credit for murdering people. The leftists are so hard-up to destroy Trump that they are now leaking the fact that vaccines are killing people. They are going to blame Trump for this, and rightly they do it, though he's not the only culprit. Block use falcons, I believe, and English Falcons share the Belly chevron in both colors. French Falcons are in Moray / LeDuc colors and format.

Repeat from above: "Diane's sister is Annette, and Annette's (share Diane/Dean crescent) look like a marriage of Annas'/Arniss' to the namers of Nottingham. Oullette's have their Aulnay branch in their write-up, and both surnames share the Always lion so that Oullette's are connectable to Nottinghamshire's Elvis/Elways." The closest Annette and I got was when we dipped into the pool of my landlady on Rumble avenue (Richmond Hill). I had broken up with Lorraine days earlier, whom I had met at her BUS stop. Bus' share the Rumble cinquefoil, and Rumble's share the chevron of Clots/DuClos', first found in Lorraine. Rims are also Rums while Rumble's are also Rumbolds/Rumbows/Rumballs (looks like "Rum" is the root surname), and so this looks like it comes from the Rimna and Buzau rivers in Wallachia.

The Cotesii on the Buzau river are suspect to the royal Cottians at Susa on the RIParia river, and the Tume's/Tombs, in Susan colors, use tombstones with "R.I.P.", the point being the two "tum" terms buried in the Annette motto.

The Rita's, who share the Pool lion because both descend from Vespasia Polla of Rieti, were first found in Rome, and Annette was in the pool with me (nothing happened that day). It appears that God set up the event to show that Rimmon > Rimna elements named Rome. I once read that a mythical Annette was wife to mythical Aeneus, and then a mythical Aeneas was made the founder of Rome.

Next, it just so happens that while Rumble's can link to Clots of Lorraine, Rumble's, in Keep colors, were first found in Sussex with the Keeps who share the Lorraine bend. The zinger now is that the Rumble Crest shares the demi-lion in the Graff/Graffen Crest, and it was Kepke whom God used at the Graffs to point to graphene-oxide. Thus, that poison is suspect here, but also suspect in the studies of medical professionals, with causing blood clots. This is an amazing set of heraldry. Rumble's share the Peare/Perle / Parson leopard face, and Parsons were first found in Norfolk with Bus'.

Just days before or after Annette and I were in the pool, Joe Oullette asked if I'd like to go downtown into Toronto to visit an old friend. We took the bus to the Finch subway station, and when I was about to step off the bus, there was Lorraine the first in line to get on. Diane Oullette (Annette's sister) was with us on that bus.

This same Joe Oullette had taken me to his brother's place (David), very near to that time frame, where I saw Karen Graff for the last time. Aside from seeing her on a couch, all else I saw were her heeled shoes, and perhaps we need to go to the Heals/Hele's here because say share the Rumble leopard face.

The Heels happen to use a giant wheel in the style (not quite the Miller/Mueler Catherine wheel) of Karen-like Carrara's. This might be why God chose to use KAREN Graff, for Karens share the sleeping crescent of German Roets, and Catherine Roet owned a wheel symbol. Catherine's father was Payne/Payen Roet, and Karens share the hexagrams of Payens/Pagans. Especially as Scottish Roets use a Carrara-like "quaerere" motto term, it appears that God set up my being at the Oullette DOOR with her heeled shoes. Irish Doors share the Graff/Graffen lion, and The Trips that now show shoes once showed the boots that Masseys/Massa's once showed, and Carrara (beside Massa) named Massa-Carrara, near the first-known Doria's of Genova.

The Mosca's, first found beside Massa-Carrara, were from Chiaramonte and PALMa de Montechiaro near Agrigento. The latter was also, Acragas, the line to Craigs > Carricks that I see as a branch of Carrara's. The latter's vertically-split Shield is shared by Kiev-connectable Yarborough's who have a "palmi" motto term. The Muscas variation of Mosca's is in the motto of Drago-like Drake's, and it's translated as "fly."

YARborough's are in the Stain write-up as their marital partners, and Stains were first found in Yorkshire with Anna's/Hanne's, and with the Palms sharing the Massey/Macey fleur-de-lys. Yaroslav was likely the son of queen Anne of Kiev for Yaroslav had a daughter, Anna, granted to king Henry I of France. Irish Henrys were first found in Tyrone with Neils/O'Nails/Neals. As Yarborough's are in the colors and format of English Neals, note that while Neils/Nagle's were of the namers of Oneglia, the Doria's married Arduinici of Oneglia.

So, why was Karen Graff sitting in the home of DAVID Oullette? Well, Davids are from king David I of Scotland, whose mother was in exile in Kiev. His father was Malcolm III, and we saw Malcolms/COLUMNs, a good pointer NOW to La Quinta Columna! Karen is now pointing to Kiev along with Kepke the spider dangler. King David's mother was the daughter of Agatha, suspect by me from Bohemia, where German Franks were first found who use a COLUMN, go guff. Agatha of Podebrady is suspect by me as mother of Maurice Drummond, and Oullette's named Ouilly-le-Basset while English Bassets share the triple-wavy fesses of Scottish Drummonds.

Miss Graff was with David Oullette, and I saw her at the door while the Arduinici married by Doria's must be in the "ardua" motto term of Malcolms/Columns (Argyllshire, same as Segurana-linkable MacARTHURs) because the latter share the Neil/Nail/Nagle saltire. Another column is used by Pelosi's/Pilati's probably due to the Celt/Cult stag heads in the Malcolm/Column Coat, for they were first found in PERTHshire while mont Pilat has a PERDrix peak. Mont Pilat is near St. Etienne while Etienne's have six of the eleven billets (in Pilate colors) of French Bassets. Pelosi's/Pilati's were first found beside Bra while Bras is about 20 miles west of Draguignan. Bras'/Brace's were first found in Herefordshire with Doors while Bracebridge's were first found in Lincolnshire with English Pilotte's.

This paragraph may seem cheesy for using Lawrence Welk, but as Kepke is Lawrence too, let's try it. The Welks/Wilkens' use a giant anchor in black, the color of the Graff/Graffen anchor. The Welks/Wilkins' have "hoff" endings while Hoffs/Hovers/HOEflers were pointed to be the hovering scene of Sleeping Beauty. Karens use a sleeping moon, as do German Wilks (what are the chances by sheer coincidence?). Wilks (not "Welk") can be connected to Shere's/Scherfs by a comparison of one half their Coats, and Wilkins (not the Welks/Wilkins') share the vertically-split colors of the Schere/Scherf Shield. I even remember one character, Lawrence, living on Doner street, the street where the spider chase took place. Lawrence's use the TAIL of a turbot fish, and Wilkins (Lewis kin) were first found in Glamorganshire with Tail-branch Tillers. However, I see no reason for using Lawrence Welk for this paragraph, aside from use of his surname for heraldic links in a pointer to the Scherff-Bush-Walker nazis. Scottish Walkers almost have the pale bars of English Wilks.

I now go back to both Kepke brothers working in plumbing sales, for while English Plumers/Plumbers have lion heads in the colors of the Graff/Graffen lion heads, and while English Plumers share the Shoe star while Kepke sold shoes (soon before being in plumbing) when he met Miss Peare working at Reitman's CLOTHING (evokes blood CLOTTING graphene-oxide), German Plumers look like Tunnel kin by a comparison of their Coats, both sharing the hexagram of Jewish Reitmans. The point here is that a "tunnel" is in the "hill" of spider-like Spitzers. The same hexagram is used by Rotens, in Rodham colors while Hills were first found in Worcestershire with Hillarys. The red rose on stem of Jewish Reitmans is in the colors of the roses on stems of Wilks and Schere's/Scherfs. Dutch Reitmans have the Welk anchor in colors reversed, no guff. Roddens/Rodhams were a branch of Rothschilds/RoddenSTEINs, and while more red roses (not on stems) are with Jewish Rothchilds, Stems are listed with English Steins, a branch of Rodham-connectable Stevensons sharing the Hillard stars.

Clots are also DuCLOS' while I can link Close's to Walks that I expect at Closeburn. The latter is on the NITH river, and Close's share the "spur" with English Knights/NIGHTs while Knighton is in Worcestershire. Knightons are also Nitons (share green dragon with Kilpatricks of Closeburn, and with Wilkins).

English Plumers/Plumbers, though I can't see a way to show that they have the Graff/Graffen lion aside from a hint in the white demi-lion of the Plumer/Plumber Crest, have a very rare WAVY chevron, suspect with Weavers / Webbers liners. Keeps love Weavers. The demi-lion of Plumers/Plumbers holds a PALM branch, which is in the Palm Crest too with a Hahn-connectable hand, and a compelling thing arises here where the Palm Chief is also the Quint Chief i.e. for a pointer to La Quinta Columna. Quints share the CLOT/DuClos chevron! That's a big wow.

Plus, the gold Quint fitchee is behind the lion in the Winchester Crest because Saer de QUINCy (builder of FAUCet castle) was a ruler of WINchester. The Quince-like WINs/Gwynns happen to share the eagle of Grave's/Greafs, purdy darn good. The Quint fitchee is held by a black lion paw, shared by Bedfords, and then Lutons (Bedfordshire) share the Win/Gwynn eagle too. THEN, wow, the carters, first found in Winchester, have a lion in Graff/Graffen-lion colors, and the neighboring Carts use a palm tree!!! The white lion head in the Carter Crest can be the demi-white lion in the Plumer/Plumber Crest because the Plumber/Plumber lion heads are in the colors of the Carter lions! BEAUTY. Carts (Somerset, same as wavy-chevron Pierce's and wavy-bat Webbers) were of Castle Cary, and Irish Carys/Keerys almost share the Carter lion too.

Karens/KERNs can apply here with Cary liners because Irish Kerns have the chevron of the other English Carters in colors reversed. The wheels of the other English Carters are in the style used for it by Carrara's.

The Winchester cross looks related to the Mile/Mill cross because both surnames were first found in Hampshire, and while the Graffs lived on Union street, Unions/Onions have mill rinds. Rinds were first found in Perthshire with the Justus'/JUSTINs who in turn share the Winchester sword. This is a potential pointer to vaccines pushed by justin trudeau, for my home was directly across Doner street from the Elliotts, and justin's father was PIERRE Elliott Trudeau. "Justus" is even in the Palm motto. Pierre's (probably the Peter bend) share the Carter lion!

The Peters with the Pierre bend share the Rind scallop, the cinquefoils of Keith-branch Kettle's (Perthshire), and the gold lion head with Plumers/Plumbers! Bingity-bang-bang, this is fun. English Carys are in the colors and format of English Rothes', and Peters (share raven with German Rothes') are from Peter Pollock of Rothes while Pollocks share an "audacter" motto term with Plumers/Plumbers!!! It just got more fun. The Staple's (share gold crown on lion with English Rothes') sharing the Peter motto were first found in Kent with English Rothes'.

Irish Elliots (have one of the HONEYbell fesses) share the double-wavy fesses of Honey-branch Hone's (Hampshire with Winchesters) while One's/Innis' were first found in Moray with Rothes. Unions/Onions can apply. The elephant head of Irish Elliots can be for the Elaphiti islands, beside Mallet-like Melita, for Rinds share the Mallet scallops. Honeys (possibly related to the Knighton bars) share the bee hive with Keery-like Kerrys. Mallets use "deer", and the Dere variation of Deers is buried twice in the Honey motto.

The double fesses of Annabells/Honeyballs/MABELs are those of Sleeps in colors reversed. Rothes is on the Speer-connectable Spey river, and the two Peter lion heads are in the two colors of the two colors of the boar heads of MAPELs/Maple's (share Spear / Roet / Gordan boar heads). The way to link Mapels to the Mabel variation of ANNAbells is via the Maplebeck location in Nottinghamshire, where AINSleys were first found. Speers were first found in Renfrewshire with Pollocks, and the latter's "audacter" motto term is like the "audax" of Markhams of Maplebeck.

The "MItis" motto term of MARKhams, because it's expected partly for Tiss'/Teese's (so as to point to the MARICi of the Ticino/Tessin river), could be part code for the My's (share raven with Peters) in the Ainsley motto. German Marks, suspect with the Tromp eagle holding a spear, have the split-Shield colors of Mapels/Maple's in reverse, and the split-Shield colors of Tromps.

The Tiss'/Teese's were a Tease branch. Ainsley Earhardt teased Donald Trump because he called Fox and Friends daily, I conjecture to get her to bed (why else would he call Fox and Friends daily, as he himself claimed?). Trump was the awkward Tweety Bird, and Tute's/Tuits and their Twitt/Thwait branch were first found in Norfolk with their kin, the Haydens. Mapels/Maple's have a "virTUTE" motto term.

The Nons in the Mapel/Maple motto were kin of Kness'/Ness', and I can link Tromps and Trumps to Knee's/Knees' via Acorns and Downs/Douns (Sussex, beside Hone's and Tiss'/Teese's of Hampshire), and here we can add that Doun-like Dons/D'ONE's have the double Hone / Honey fesses in colors reversed. Is/was Ainsley a so-called "honey trap" to frame politicians? I hope not. But maybe Hope Hicks (worked for Fox news and for Trump) was a successful honey trap for Trump.

Mamie, who gave us the Tease/Thys surname, as well as the fox-using Thy surname, sat on my legs and Knee's as a pointer to Trump. The next day, she pointed to Val Trompia. The Knee's are also Nee's, and Honeys have a "ne" motto term.

The Pierre link to Peters above can now go to Pierro's/PERO's, first found on the Ticino river. The "PROgredere" motto term of Honeys can apply to Pero liners.

John Kerry was born with a Cohn surname, and German Cohns/Cohens have a Cohem variation like the Com variation of English Gumms. The, German Gumms are Gomers too while Kerrys, sharing the bee and hive with Honeys, were first found in MontGOMERyshire.


There's some important-looking heraldry in this section starting with Josh Hawley.

Someone at Trump-loving Gab says: "'God is real, the Bible is True, and Jesus Christ is King of Kings.' — Christian Nationalism, chapter 1, first line" Yes, but one cannot have Christian nationalism without Christians joining partnered with weeds to defeat the snakes in the weeds. How's that going to turn out? When the weeds and the wheat together defeat the snakes, who will get the lion's share of power, the weeds or the wheat? Will they compromise policies?

The solution is for Christians to remain pure, no partnership with weeds, and to speak the acid of God to the snakes and weeds alike, the acid that cleanses but tastes awful to them. It is God's will that by our warring with words against His enemies they will retaliate mortally against us and condemn themselves, becoming worthy of Judgment, which God is eager to pour out upon them. We are here to provoke His enemies into hating us by being loving toward them by spraying their ears with the acid of God. This acid is able to enter their ears to kill demons in their brains, if only one accepts the entry of the Acid Spirit. It vaporizes demons, and sends them to dreaded Tartarus. If you don't like "acid," use "salt," though a salt-water solution is an acid. Water doesn't conduct electrical power until there's some type of salt in the water. Have biting salt, will travel.

Denmark is prohibiting COVID vaccinations for people under 50. Umm, what's wrong with that? Umm, okay, the vaccines have been ruled dangerous for the healthier people, yet there's government permission to vaccinate the weaker, more-problematic population over 50??? That looks like a euthanasia program, by ruining the immune system of people approaching retirement age. Denmark wants to be celebrated for this decision, but, wake-up, everyone, it's a murder program. Denmark knows by now that the vaccines are killing even the youth, and severely maiming 100 times as many.

The video below tends to explain, late in the video, why Gates and company want to get rid of cow ranching i.e. to grow ethanol:

If you are interested in a documentary, "The Greatest Reset," TruNews has it out now. However, I won't watch it because I have an aversion to anyone who demands my email just to watch one of their productions. It makes me feel used and betrayed. Why does almost everyone do this once they get big online? The TruNews computer can be hacked by government / anti-Christ spies, and then all the email addresses will be known along with your computer numbers and servers. BETRAYED. It's none of TruNews' business what your email account is. It's reckless to ask in these days especially for anti-globalist content like this "movie."

Election fraud found in Pennsylvania by order of an authority;

Here's the best news of the past several months, though I don't think it's a permanent court decision:

Here's a video of a human woman versus the robotic zombies now devoid of feelings in the liberal camp:

Here's another short video showing how "celebrities" are being used to push vaccines on the zombies much in the same way I expect them to be paid to push the 666 in their skin:

The good news is, only the wicked will receive the 666, only the wicked will be aborted from the planet. God has not decided to give up on mankind, the cancer will be removed, and a new Government will be installed. You have never seen a leader like Him. It will be a big surprise.

Pure honesty. Not a socialite. Doesn't make big air. Never deceived, never tricked. Turns tables on the wicked. Knows all secrets. All Power available to Him, doesn't abuse power. Sees all, shines Light, doesn't seek limelight. Humble. Trump is no Jesus.

Here's one seeking limelight: "Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene: 'I want to see the church in America come to life and save this country.'" Trouble is, she's got one hand in the hand of Jesus, and another hand in the hand of trump, and so she's in a mud bath with mascara. How dare you dilute Jesus with Trump. You are committing spiritual suicide while seeking political power. You are self-destructive while you destroy other Christians. The providers of Gab are flaunters of Trump imagery. Trump creates his own image, just because he wants to be elected with the most people-power possible, and Gab advertises it from all walks of life, Christian or otherwise. It's the otherwise whom Trump will choose for the powerful positions in his administration. He didn't get his advice from Bible-committed people in his first four years. Take heed, because this man is a stinger, a traitor to Christians.

Christians can talk political issues, but they don't need to respect Trump to do so. Christians can engage the flow of information all without taking a mud bath. Where is the Trump-less Christian platform speaking pure Christianity? The message of Jesus is, be content with humble / modest material things, do not chase a rich man's dream. Do not become like Trump the lover of gold, the one who claims he sins not. Marjorie Greene, you must be a foolish Christian. She's on Gab daily.

Here's the condition of facebook exposed in the U.S. congress:

As you can see in the video above, Chris Cox of facebook has condemned himself by arguing that it's a good and fine thing for facebook to collude with government for raising a war flag (a conspiracy) against anti-vaxxer flow of information. He's condemning himself, and facebook, because the morbid truth about vaccines is inescapably coming out of the dark. The only way the conspirators and colluders can defend themselves is to argue that they didn't know about the morbid side-effects because they didn't hear about them. But, the trouble is, they prove that they did hear about them when they admit to censoring those who told the morbid truths.

In the same way, the politicians who pushed the vaccines will argue that they didn't know about the morbid truths due to not hearing about them in the news, but when the government gets caught secretly "advising" the media to reject or bury media people who reveal the morbid truths, the politicians become defenseless. If only wee-me has seen 200 videos telling of the morbid truths from medical professionals and first-hand witnesses all over the world, then trudeau has known the same truths all along because it's the job of his underlings to report these things to him. trudeau is a willfully-blind, defenseless slob, a morbid communist pig in a mud hole headed to the slaughter.

We don't need Trump to tell us what we as Christians already know, or can know from other sources. We don't need Trump to act like he's the leader of the anti-communist party. Trump is a dud in a mud bath headed for the slaughter. Leave him alone. Don't watch his speeches and rallies because you don't want to be a partner with him unless you want to offend Jesus.

It's senator Hawley whose pressuring Chris Cox to come clean on facebook corruption. I'm neither familiar with Hawleys nor Cox's. The latter are said to be from Coc de Slepe in Shropshire, location of Sleap of the Sleeps. This is new to me. Can this be why God set up Sleeping Beauty, to point to this partnership between government fascism and anti-Christian social media that He's going to expose, to wake up His Bride?

The Sales' (beside Shropshire) have a Coat like that of Cock-like Coughs/Cuffee's and Cockers/Cocketts. Cocks were first found in Somerset with Hawleys, Shins, Burse's and Coffare's/Coffers. Cocks share the GRIMaldi Shield, and stave-using PilGRIMs (Norfolk, same as Cockers/Cocketts) are in the "pilgrim" staves of Hawkleys/Hawks (Hampshire, beside Dorset). Awleys almost have the Hoe/Hue/KEOGH Coat. Hawleys/HAULeys', in Coffee/COFFER colors, share the saltire of Blade's, the latter first found in Yorkshire with Hullys and OWL-using HULLEYs (Owl/Howl colors). The Always' and OULlette's are coming to mind. Ainsley Earhardt was posed as Sleeping Beauty, and Ainsleys have a "for my king always" motto phrase while Kings share the lion of Kingstons, the latter first found in Yorkshire upon the Hull river. The Hawleys/Hauleys thus look like an Always / Elvis branch, and Always were first found in Suffolk with Owls/Howls.

The Scottish Franks sharing the Hawley / Blade saltire "were granted lands in Shropshire, Yorkshire..." Blade's (Yorkshire, same as Bank Newton) are said to have had a BURSEblade variation, and Burse's (Somerset, same as Hawleys and Webbers) share the six bars of Webbers and Blonds (Suffolk, same as Always' and Owls/Howls). Sleeping Beauty is a blond, and while Blonds are Blunts too, Roy Blunt shares a Missouri senate seat currently with Joshua Hawley under discussion. That's something. But, "Blunt said he would support [Biden's] certification of the election, in contrast to his fellow Missouri senator Josh Hawley." The Lux's in the Blond/Blunt motto have a black bull head in the colors of the Mieske/Mesech bull head, and Mieske's/Mesechs share the armored arm-and-sword in the Taffy Crest. Lorraine the babe had pointed to Blonds/Blunts.

The Lux's are also Lukarts, and Lockharts were first found in Lorraine-connectable Lanarkshire with LockHEEds (and the related Hardys) while Heeds/Heads, a potential Heath branch, were first found in Norfolk with the Haydens sharing the black bull of Beautys. Heaths/Heths are in Hulley colors and format. Hawlincidence? Hawleys were first found in Somerset with Lockers and Burse's, and the Lockers look like they use sword blades alone (no handles) probably because Hawleys share the Blade saltire! Wow, lookie there, for Blade's were Burseblade's while Burse's share the six bars of Blonds/Blunts. WOW, that's incredible.

A way to link this picture to FACEbook is by way of comparing the Face/Fessy motto with that of Taffys who in turn share "mea" with Blonds/Blunts while Mea's/My's share the Face/Fessy cross. The Hocs in the Taffy and Face/Fessy mottoes share the swan with Locks and Lochs/Lokens while Logans have nails (in a heart, Lockheart symbol too) while Lockheeds share the Neil/Nail saltire. Books share the stag head of Malcolms/Columns who in turn likewise share the Lockheed saltire. Does that spell, facebook? Cox's were of Slepe, and that does look like Sleeping Beauty as fulfilled by Ainsley EarHARDT.

The swan above is even with the Chris/Christman surname (Hampshire, beside Face's). Christ Cox! The Hocs might even have been a Cox branch. The only way I can see to get the Face's into the sleeping-bag dream is through its road, a pointer to Rhodes' having the Bath Coat in colors reversed. Face's share the cross of Baths (Somerset, same as Bag-related COCKs!). Bath of Somerset is beside Gordano and Clapper-like Clapton, and the BOOK-using Roets of Somerset share the Gordan boar head. Gordans were first found in Berwickshire with Books. Does this work? Not bad. But if God intended this pointer to Chris Cox and facebook, why can I see no way of using the Cox Coat itself to verify it? The Cox's have only quadrants upon which there are four besants, and the latter are used by the Rhodes'.

The road in the sleeping-bag dream pointed to Roddens/Rodhams and the globalist Rhodian societies to which Bill Clinton (= Rhodian Scholar) was committed. Is Mr. Cox a Rhodian stooge? Cox's were first found in Shropshire with Sleeps and the Rodden river. The sleeping bag dream pointed also to Ade's/Aids, in Rodden/Rodham colors and format, first found in Berwickshire with Books and Aid-like Aitons. Eitons were first found in Shropshire. Aitons have a rose-version of the Rhodes Coat. Eitons have a blue-Shield Coat version of Davids (Cheshire, beside Cox's), and this David Coat is a version of the Aid/Ade Coat because both surnames were related to king David I. David built Haly ROD (Holyrood) House for his mother (was living in Kiev), and I think it was in honor of the bloodline of Henry of Rodez, for David had a son, Henry, husband of ADA of Varenne.

DAVID Morley (my old friend) came off the road on a motor bike, rode down the BANK off the road, and circled the sleeping bag (made a round circle), which I now decipher as indication of the so-called "Round Table" society of Cecil Rhodes (founder of Rhodian Scholarships and communist Rhodian globalism). The Rounds use a "sleeping lion" you see, white like the Bath lion. The dream had a mall across the road from the bank, and Malls (Cheshire) have the MalBANCs while Malbanks were kin of Roddens/Rodhams.

The Decans/Docking sharing the Deacon Coat were first found in Norfolk with Bags. The end of the Sleeping bag dream had a DECK in a mall, and while Decks are listed with German Daggers, English Daggers were first found in Cumberland with DOCKers. Decans and Deacons, with the Rhodes Coat minus its besants, have an axe in Crest for the Axe river of Somerset, which is at least near Bath, which can explain why the Decan / Deacon cross is the Bath cross in colors reversed. If the Deacon axe is a battle-axe, common in heraldry, note that Battle's were first found in Berwickshire with Gordans while Gordano is near the first-known Baths and Battins/Badens. The Deacon Coat is the Bath Coat in colors reversed.

I have it recorded, "The Deacon Crest shows the German-Dane and English Denys battle axes," though I didn't put "battle axes" in quotations to indicate that Deacons definitely use it. It sounds as though I checked the Deacon description to assure it is a battle axe. The Battle's share the giant griffin of Chaffs (Dorset, beside Somerset) who share the Chief-Shield colors of Parrots (and Capes') while Deacons have a "paratus" motto term. Parrots use pears for the Peare's/Perle's, and the last scene in the sleeping bag dream had Miss Peare on a deck.

David Morley lived on HARDing avenue when I knew him, a couple of homes from the corner of Harding and Church, and Circle's use a church. He circled the sleeping bag in a forest = a bush, and the Church surname (Somerset again) is in the colors and format of English Bush's (Yorkshire, same as Rhodes').

The Hardys were ancestors to heart-using Douglas' (Moray, same as king Malcolm III) who have a Moray-star version of the LockHART Chief (shares GOOGE boar heads) which shares the Schim/Schien boar head while Ainsleys use the SCIMitar. It's also the boar head of Hawley-like Hallys/Haleys/Healeys, first found in Sligo with the Higgins/Hickens (and Hickensons) who have a near-copy of the Hill Coat. It just so happens that Hills were first found in Worcestershire with Haley-like Alleys. Plus, the black tower in the Higgin/Hicken Crest might just be the black one of Heath-connectable Hulleys, is that not amazing?

The HEALey/Heeley variations of Haleys evokes the high heels of Karen Graff at the home of David Oullette (brother of Michael above), the pointer to graphene-laced vaccines. It is, it is, amazing. It's looking good for fixing a sick situation.

Hills have Mr. Hull in their write-up. The Hills and Higgins/Hickens have the white tower of Hoppers (Wiltshire, beside Somerset) while Fauchys use a "grassHOPPER", and Mr. Hawley's beef with Chris Cox is facebook's secret support of poison vaccines. Higgensons/Hickensons (Sligo) share the three towers of Higgins/Hickens, and add the motto of Paine's/Payne's, the latter first found in Somerset with the BOOK-related line of Payne Roet, with Hawleys, and with the Whistle's sharing the double Paine/Payne lions and throwing in a string of lozenges in colors reversed from the same of Heals. It looks like a whistle-blower is in contact with Josh Hawley.

In fact, Haleys/Healeys were first found in Sligo with Hickensons who in turn share a white tower in Crest with the Grimwalds who in turn have a single pale bar in the colors of the pale bar by boar heads of Haleys/Healeys.

Between Worcester and Somerset were the first-known Skulls with a Coat like that of Paine's/Payne's but also like that of the Bone's in the Newton shin bones. These shin bones are crossed and are thus the symbol of the Skull and Bones society of the Bush-family lunatics.

The vaccine scheme was/is pushed corruptly by EcoHEALTH, and Helts/Helds share the HICKson Coat while Hicks share an Icky variation with Ice's/ECCo's. ECOhealth. There we have the further importance of Hickens and Hickensons. Francis Collins was Fauci's boss, and so let me repeat that Fauchys were first found in PeriGORD with Faux's/Fage's/Chollens'. FAUCet-like Face's/Fessys were first found in Northamptonshire with Quincys who built the castle of Faucets...making it appear as though God arranged a built-in pointer to facebook in connection to pointers to Tony Fauci.

The amazing thing is how Lorraine got her babe symbol, when Michael Oullette said "what a babe" (in my hearing) when he first saw her. We just saw the Oullette's linkable to Hawley kin. I turned around when Michael blurted those words, and saw Lorraine's BARE feet on the road's PAVEment on YONGE street (Bar-le-DUC of Lorraine is of the Barrs/BARE's). Her beautiful feet so impressed me that I assumed she should get a foot / feet symbol, which later panned out when I learned that Feets/Fate's share a PAVia Coat while Yonge's share the Leavell piles while Laevi co-founded Pavia. But that's not the point here.

The point is that, one day, while writing an update, I was comparing Lorraine's blond hair to that of Lawrence Kepke's, wondering whether Lawrence's/Laurence's were a Lorraine branch. And I wrote that they both had "sun-bright" blond hair. Only after writing that did I load the Blond surname to find a "foot" on a sun, I kid you not. Babe's have a sun in Crest too, and the Babe BARS are almost those of Blonds. And here we are at the Hawley / Blunt duo. Foots and Fothes'/Fette's have one of the triple Levi chevrons. Foots (Cheshire, same as Randolph de Gernon) are in the Gernon motto ("Nid cyFOETH"), and the line of Randolph de Gernon created the Blondville's / Blundville's.

At the time of my discovery of the Babe-Blond link, Babe's were said to be first found in Dorset with Beautys and their Beak kin, both of whom use leopard FACES. babe's are now said to be first found in Suffolk with Oullette-liner Owls/Howls. Beaks almost have the triple bars (similar to the Babe bars) of Oullette's, and Beaks share a white ostrich in Crest with Cox-like Cooks and Coke's. Especially as Lorraine had a beautiful face, it's looking like a pointer to facebook again.

We saw the sun of Babe's and Blonds, because they were related. A sun is used by Clappers who in turn share the vaired Shield of Beach's/Bechs. Beaks were Babe kin, and James Clapper once held the same job as John Ratcliffe came to hold in pivotal 2020. I first saw Sleeping Beauty on a beach, at an ocean shore, and Shore's use Hawley-like "holly" while Hollys share the Hull / Hall dog. The Cook and Coke ostrich has a horseshoe probably said to be in its BEAK. The Dolphins/Dolfins in the Holly Coat were once said to be first found in Surrey with Clappers.

The Hawley and Blade saltire is by "SHIN bones" in the Coat of Newtons (Cheshire, same as Sales'). Webbers share the Bank and HAWKLEY/Hawk fleur-de-lys, and Banks were first found in Bank Newton of Yorkshire. Sturminster Newton is on the Stour river through Dorset, a river starting in neighboring Somerset, all tending to explain why Hawleys share the saltire of Blade's (Yorkshire). Shins/Chine's/Chings (Somerset, same as Hawleys) share the Coat of Kemmis/KENYS', and while Ainsley Earhardt worked at KENS TV, the Kens share the crescents of Others/Otters, the latter first found in Huntingdonshire with Kemmis'/Kenys'.

Cox-like Cookseys use a "quam" motto term that's code for the Cams, first found in Gloucestershire (beside Hawleys, Lockers and Coffers of Somerset), where Kemmis'/Kenys/CAMois' were once said to be first found. Ainsley Earhardt married Mr. McKINNEY (I think about the time she was at KENS TV), and Irish McKinneys/McKennys are in Coffee/Coffer colors and format, which situation is linkable to Hawleys. Gloucestershire is where Holders were first found who are in the colors and format of the Lockers suspect with blades.

Hawley-like Alleys were first found in Worcestershire with a second Stour river. The Hills (Worcestershire) have the Hulls in their write-up. Alleys share the lion of Poole's, from Poole in Dorset. Beautys/Bowds were first found in Dorset, and I've yet to find proof, though it's possible, that Bowds were kin of the Bow variation of Roet-related, Book-like Bough's. Book-using Roets were first found in Somerset too. Is this a pointer to faceBOOK? Are the Prince's (Yorkshire, same as Bank Newton) in the Newton Crest sharing the Face/Fessy cross closely? How do we prove it? Roets share the boar heads of the Speers who are in turn in the Hawley Crest.

Senator Hawley said that there is an investigation into facebook collusion with government agencies seeking to suppress vaccine truths. John Ratcliffe was Trump's Intelligence Chief in the lock-down period of 2020. He may be contributing to the investigations into social-media fascism, the weoponization of government against the general good guys. I'm bringing Ratcliffe to topic because there was evidence that he's at the wake scene of Sleeping Beauty, but also because he lives in Heath, where he was once the mayor. Heaths are in Hulley colors and format. The Ratcliff bull head is black, the color of the Beauty bulls.

My miracle-marble shot (age 11/12) on HULmar drive (Toronto) has been one of my re-occurring topics, and I've proposed that it heralds a miracle of God through John Ratcliffe for various reasons. Marbles are called, alleys, which is what we called them as kids. The miracle shot was across from Skye court, and the McLeods/Clouds of Skye love the Holds in their motto, who were in turn first found in Bury of Lancashire along with Ratcliffs. I have seen the white bull head of McLeods/Clouds in black, the color of the Ratcliff bull head. I now find that Alley- and Hawley-like Hulleys are in Heath colors and format, very interesting. The McLeod-beloved Fasts share the quadrants of Lutts/Lute's (Worcestershire, same as Alleys), explaining why McLeods come up as Lutts too. Holds have two of the Holder fesses.

I literally prayed before the miracle alley shot, and Irish Prays share the six pale bars of Coats'/Cotes' while Dan Coats was the deep-state chief of Intelligence (the so-called DNI) before Ratcliffe took his place. Prior to Coats, the position was held by James Clapper.

Repeat: "Awleys almost have the Hoe/Hue/KEOGH Coat." Hoe's came to topic with my using a hoe to hand-mix cement in the building of our home. My fathered ordered all building materials from Gormley's Ratcliff lumber. I told of the time that I last saw Katrina Hanson while I was at the entryway into the parking lot of Ratcliff lumber. English Hansons look like Whalley kin, and Whalleys (Lancashire, same as Ratcliffs and their Tipps/Tippin kin) are in Waleran and Beauty colors and format. Walerans (Devon, same as the RATTery location of Hoods) share the black bull head with Ratcliffs and Tipps'/Tippins. TIPPerary is where Hoe's/Hue's/Keoghs were first found who share the red hand with Hawley-like Awleys and Hands/HANNs. English Hansons share the lion of Always' (Suffolk, same as owls/Howls), Aulnays/Oulnays and Owl-line OULlette's. The Hulleys (Heath colors and format) use the owl. The owl peeps into the darkness.

I was feeling sick after getting to the end of the last paragraph, because heraldry conjecture at times makes me feel sick. I therefore put on some music, and the first song, still playing now, is, "I'll Fly Away." I'lls are listed with the Alleys sharing the giant lion of Pools, the latter first found between the Flys and Webbers sharing the same fleur-de-lys. Make of it what you wish. Webbers share the six bars of Blonde's, the latter first found in Suffolk with Blondville's who in turn share the Chichester Chief while Pools and I'lls/Alleys share the Chich/Chick lion. Blondville's have six fitchees in the colors of the six of Hillarys, the latter first found in Worcestershire with I'lls/Alleys, Hills and Cookseys (makes one wonder whether the miracle-alley shot will be Ratcliffe's moves against Hillary Clinton). Cookseys have the Bag cinquefoils in colors reversed. Quints were once said to be first found in Essex (same as Chichs/Chicks and Coke-branch Cooks) and Dorset. I identify the black lion paw in the Quint Chief with the black lion of Palins/PAWleys (Dorset, same as Pools).

Webbers (same place as Cocks) share the Bank fleur, and the bank in the SLEEPing bag dream was a hill too. Bags share the Grimaldi and Cock Shields, and it just so happens that Bags and Pilgrims were first found in Norfolk with Cockers/Cocketts while Cox's were of Slepe of Shropshire. How do we interpret this set of heraldry? At times, I get sick trying to interpret such riddles, akin to Daniel getting sick of trying to interpret God's dreams pertaining to future events. But, I'm content to be sick for God thanks to the future pay-off. God is LOYAL to us, he will not abandon us like one throws away a filthy rag with no further thought.

Cooks and Coke's use the ostRICH, and Rich's happen to share a "foy" motto term of the Haydens who share the bull of Beautys (Dorset, same as Hayden-branch Hades'/Hats). Bull-head Osts/Hosts, suspect in "OSTrich," were first found in neighboring Somerset with Hawleys. Plus, white-Crest Rich's (Biden kin) share "Garde" with Carricks who in turn share the white ostrich in Crest with Coke's and Cooks.

Coke's were first found in Essex with the Chicks/Chichs who in turn share the Warwick Coat while Sheriffs (Warwickshire) have a motto looking like it plays with the Cooksey motto. Having said that, let me become more sick by going to Mr. Bulger, a partner with Hunter Biden in Ukraine and China corruption. Mr. Ratcliffe exposed the Intelligence community's ignoring China corruption and emphasizing Russia interference instead. It was government protection for the Biden family, and Rich's use bottony crosses as code for the Biden bloodline.

The Newton SHIN bones point to Sino = China. Shins/Chine's/Chings were first found in Somerset with Hawleys having the Newton shin bones in a standard saltire. Senator Hawley may be in cahoots with Mr. Ratcliffe's uncoverings and exposures. McLeods played to my alley-marble shot, and the white bull head of McLeods can be linked to the same of Bulgers because the latter's Chief is a trefoil version of the Chief of Bags, first found in Norfolk with Fasts in the McLeod motto along with Holds (same place as Ratcliffs). Norfolk is also where the trefoil-using Flags were first found who are in the McLeod Crest with the white bull head. Norfolk is also where Gangs were first found who share the Cookseys cinquefoils, in colors reversed from the bag cinquefoils. Are you sick yet? I need an aspirin on top of the music.

I've just poured three eggs, as an omelet, over some onions and green Peppers, and Peppers are in Union/Onion and Arnold colors and format. I asked Lorraine for our first date at Arnold and Yonge. The "viVAS" motto term of these Arnolds could be for the vase variation of Face's/Fessys. Plus, Unions/Annions/Onions share a hand holding a spear with Hawleys, as do Irish Carys (armored arm) while English Carys were first found in Somerset with Hawleys.

As I didn't have spinach on hand, I threw some chopped CAULIflower LEAVES on the omelet, and Cauleys are also Hawley-like Awleys, I kid you not. I am sitting down to eat this omelet right now. English Cauleys were first found in Norfolk with Leave's/Leve's, and with the Heeds/Heads (cauliflower heads!) sharing the Coat, essentially, of the English Este's expected in the "honESTE" motto term of English Cauleys. That term is suspect also with the Hone's, Honeys and Annabells/Honeybells. They were GREEN peppers, and Greens/Greems have the Honor/Honan Coat!

Norfolk is also where Case's were first found who share the buckles of Scottish Awleys/Cauleys. Case's were kin of Leslie's who in turn share a "fast" motto term with McLeods.

I didn't load Marble's until now, which is not bad timing because we crossed the Holds shortly above. It's even better timing where marbles are Auley-like alleys. The Marble write-up: "Marple Hall remains, and in the 19th century was the seat of the notable Isherwood family, having previously been the seat of the Bradshaws." BRADshaws, who share the double bends of Ratcliffs, were first found in historical Salford, ditto for Ratcliffs and Holds. Marble's were first found in Cheshire with BRADs/Breads, and the latter's giant lion head is in the colors of the giant Alley lion, believe it or not. So, there we have more evidence that John Ratcliffe will do some kind of marble-miracle shot. I FLICKed the marble off of my thumb, and smacked Tony's marble smack-dab center several feet away, on HULmar drive. Flicks are listed with McLeod-beloved Flags (Norfolk, same as Cauleys and Fasts), and McLeods are the one's with a "Hold fast" motto.

When I woke Sleeping Beauty, we held fast in an embrace, and rose into the SKYE, so to speak, in rapture. It could seem that the marble shot at Skye crescent is to be linked to waking Sleeping Beauty, and I was going to kiss her awake on her FACE while Cox's were of Slepe / Sleap. It now looks like a pointer to facebook. On route to kissing her face, I touched her KNEE, and then she awoke. Kiss' were kin of Bibo's while Bibi Netanyahu worked with the KNESSet. I was likely on one knee when I prayed for the marble sot, and Knees' were first found in County Down with Irish Prays.

Marple Hall belonged to Isherwoods (Monmouthshire, beside first-known Holders) who share bars gemel with OULlette's and Monmouths. Owls are Howls while Howells were first found in Monmouthshire. OulLETTE's were resolved with Letts/Late's, first found in Gloucestershire with Holders. Should John Ratcliffe have looked at Eric Holder's crimes while he was the U.S. attorney general? Why didn't Sessions or Barr, when they were the U.S. attorney generals under Trump, report Holder's crimes? Josh Hawley was the attorney general of Missouri. Holder was replaced by Loretta Lynch, and Lynch's were first found in Galway with Babe-related Bradys, likely a branch of Bradshaws (i.e. who likewise owned Marple Hall).

The Bradshaw Crest shares the red stag of the Plant/Plantagenet Crest, and the latter were first found in London with the Launays who share the Isherwood Chief. The Isherwood Chief looks related to the Chief of Leaks, first found in Lincolnshire with Prays/Preters. I prayed to hit the marble, and I kissed Tony's marble. I got to keep his marble. There's a lot of leaking by whistle-blowers against Tony Fauci right now.

Repeat from above as per Lorraine the blond's foot symbol: "And here we are at the Hawley / Blunt duo. Foots and Fothes'/Fette's have one of the triple Levi chevrons. Foots (Cheshire, same as Randolph de Gernon) are in the Gernon motto ("Nid cyFOETH"), and the line of Randolph de Gernon created the Blondville's / Blundville's." Foots look connectable to the Flatts and Floats while Fleets almost have the Flag Coat so that the Foot Crest probably has a flag (as opposed to a banner of pennant). Foots were first found in Cheshire with Broxton while Brox's/Brocuffs share a red griffin holding a flag with Foots. Broxton is where Brad-like BIRDs/Burds were first found. I asked Lorraine for a date on my BIRTHday, and we met at the laundromat that night while Landrys (share black FOOTless martlets with Bradshaws), first found in Lorraine, and in Broxton / Blond/Blunt colors, share the Foot chevron.

Wikipedia's Blunt article:

While Blunt observed the deliberations over the objection to counting Arizona's votes, led by Ted Cruz, the Capitol was breached. Along with other senators, Blunt was removed from the Senate floor to an undisclosed location as the insurrectionists moved closer to the Senate chambers. He tweeted during the attack that the "violence and destruction" needed to stop and that "This is not who we are as a nation." Blunt stated that Trump "was a part of it", referring to the insurrection.

Why should Lorraine and a laundromat point to ROY Blunt? Roys were first found in Lanarkshire, and Lanarks/LURNacks have the Lorraine-like Lorne's. The Lorne's have their own page, but show no Coat. They were first found in Aberdeenshire with ProFETTs, and beside the Fothes'/Fette's (share Foot / Landry chevron). Earlier on the day that we met at the laundromat, I asked her for an outing at her BUS stop at the corner of Lorne of Yonge streets in RICHmond Hill. Rich's/Richess' are said to be from Lorraine, and are from Richeza of Lorraine, the line to Keeps. I had compared her blond hair with Lawrence KEPke. The Bus cinquefoil is shared by Lanarks/Lurnacks, and the Roys of Lanarkshire share the Alley lion, for example.

The reason that Roys can be linked to Alleys is by way of BRADshaws who owned Marple hall, for Brads not only look like they have the Alley lion for reasons above, but the "TENDis" motto term of Roys is like the "conTENT tient" motto phase of Bradshaws. Broxtons share the Tarves fitchee, and the Vito's, first found in TARVISium/TREVISo, look like they are in the "vit" motto term of Bradshaws, for Marple Hall is in Cheshire with the Meschins (Blundville ancestors), and the TRAVIS' (share Flag / Meschin / Russell scallop) are said to have married Meschins.

French Roys were first found in Brittany with a Launay location while Isherwoods of Marple Hall share the Launay Chief. Launays may have been a Landry branch.

Lorraine pointed to Pepin of Landen aside from Landens having a Landry-like Lander variation. Landens/Landers share the six pale bars of Langleys, a potential pointer to CIA headquarters in Langley. It certainly fits this heraldic section.

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This is all that's needed to fight election fraud in Arizona: "BREAKING: Retired Police Officer Mark Finchem is creaming disgraced former failed Maricopa County Recorder Adrian Fontes for Arizona Secretary of State". With an anti-fraud secretary of state, any hint of fraud can be discovered, making Finchem a deterrent for conducting fraud. No need to use the courts if the people can elect anti-fraud secretaries of state.

Look here, where a Canadian pharmacy that witnessed at least one vaccine death, within 15 minutes of administering the vaccine, not only continues to offer vaccines to the public, by obvious order of the government, but covers the death up just a couple of days later:

Here's a pretty good Canadian news show on the new conservative leaders, if you like in-depth discussion on him, as well as a horrendous failure as per a canadian false-flag event that exposes the canadian government and state media to be nothing more than a re-make of their American counterparts, I mean this is a laughable failure, what were they thinking and plotting:

No climate change is happening, it's a take-our-money scam. The best thing these scammers did was to announce that cows are dangerous to world climate, for when they say things like this, they expose themselves as scammers even to their own supporters. Nobody wanting a good reputation will preach the cow-gas line, nobody's going to start up a cow-gas crusade unless they want to bring ridicule upon themselves. Cow gas was going to be the basis of ridding the world of beef. They'll need to think up some better excuse.


Here's all four Gospels wrapped into one story.

For Some Prophetic Proof for Jesus as the Predicted Son of God.
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