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September 6 - 12, 2022

They Are Trying to Jail Steven Banana-Bread Bannon
I was Elvis Presley For a Wedding

If you're waiting for Jesus to return, see Post-Tribulation Rapture

It was nice while it lasted. Hall of Names is no longer showing the descriptions of the Coats of Arms presented at House of Names, but I have many of them recorded in my past updates from which to borrow.

The last update's Mein KAMPf section was compelling for proving that God set up three events at a CAMP site with Mamie for to point to Bill Barr, Nazi Bush family, and Trump. I'd like to add to that picture today from two events that took place the day after the three event, one of which involved a hard pointer to Leggs who almost have the Trump Coat. Load Trumps now to have access, on another tab, to other Coats of Arms.

In the morning, Mamie and I went for a WADE in a LAKE, and after we emBRACED there, I remember nothing more of it. I don't remember getting out of the lake, or sitting on the beach, or driving home, but I do remember, later that day, being at her front GARDEN, upon her LAWN, because I noticed how beautifully-shapely her thighs were in her bathing suit. I assume she had her clothes on for the drive home, and then took them off at her home with her bathing suit still under them.

I showed how THIGH's/Thys were necessary to link her previous night in the tent with the Tease's/Thys'/TIGHs, because she teased me in the tent. I won't repeat that story here, but need to add that Tease's/Thys'/Tighs were first found in Nottinghamshire with Mamie-like MAMESfelde of the MANSfields. I should also add that while My's were first found in Nottinghamshire too, they share the Bath cross, in case her bathing suit points to Baths (Rhodes kin). Her Man line to Mens'/Mame's/MENGzes' ("man" in Crest) and Mansfields jibed with the Meins/Mains in the last update, and My's are a topic because Hitler's book, "Mein Kampf," is usually translated, "MY Struggle."

While Mansfields share the Mansell/MANGEL Coat, it brings Joseph MENGELE to mind, a prominent Nazi. The "Quod" motto term of Mansells/Mangels is good to prove that God wants us at this surname because Quoids are listed with Quade's/WADE's. We went for a WADE in the lake. Irish Mackays happen to share the Quade/Quoid/Wade Coat, and they were from the Isle of MAN, believe it or not. The people on Man are the maunch-like Manx, we get it because Mansfields use a "maunch." The big deal here is that Mansfields are thus proven to have been kin round-about of Wade's to help prove that God set me up wading with Mamie. As I said, she had large breasts, and the Mansfield write-up thinks Mamesfelde was named after breasts.

Wade-like Weights/Waits, in the "weights" of the Dexter Crest, are in Mansfield / Mangel colors and format. Dexters were first found in LEICestershire with the LEGro river and leg-using families such as the Hose's. The Legro is also the Soar, and German Mans share the quadrants of Soars, Meschin-beloved Bee's, Masseys of Ferte-MACE and MANCHE, and of Dutch Mackays/Mackes'. We get it: king Maccus of the Isle of Man was a Massey liner, probably explaining why English Wade's share the Masci fleur-de-lys. My mother is a Masci, that explains it. The Wade's will come back to topic with Legg-like surnames.

The "vult valde vult" motto phrase of Mansells/Mangels are super. I totally missed this surname in the last update, when I showed how Mamie pointed via my taxi cab to the city of Dachau, Hitlers Bavarian headquarters for concentration CAMPs. The Arms of Dachau has a SLING shot, and Slings use a "VULTure."! Beauty. The heraldic vulture looks like code for valde-like Walters or Welders.

The sling SHOT is code for Shots/Shute's because they have a "guerre" motto term while a second vulture was found with a surname like that term, though I've forgotten the spelling. Guerre's share the three hexagrams of Welders, and this hexagram is shared by a Walter surname too, and it's half in the colors of the hexagram of Vlads. The latter is suspect with the "wlad" motto term of Joe's/Josephs, and, as was said in the last update, my last date with Mamie, in the taxi, was at the restaurant of JOE Fix. French Josephs were first found in Maine, and German Meins are listed with Mains.

Ahh, we now have proof that God wants us to go to the Guerre's, because the Markhams who almost have their Coat were not only first found in Nottinghamshire, but use an "auDAX" motto term!!! The taxi pointed to Tax's/Dax's/Dachs/Dacks! Valde-like Walts are listed with WalDECKs/WalDECKERs, and Dexters are Decksters too. The "MiTIS" motto term of Markhams can be gleaned with the Tiss'/Teese's because we saw the Tease's/Thys' of Nottinghamshire. Mamie and I waded in the lake, and LAKEys, sharing the Tiss/Teese chevron, have a "virtuTIS" motto term.

Thanks to my files, I found this: "The Geiers use a vulture that I've traced to 'Walter' of the Stewart bloodline, and that vulture can be traced Shots/Shute's" (5th update in August, 2012). Shots/Shute's were kin of trumpet-using Calls'/Calles', and while the Trump stag head is shared by Jumps, Roger de Bully, builder of Tickhill castle, is in the Jump write-up. Mansfields share the "maunch" or "sleeve" (though in different colors) with Tickhills probably for a related reason. The Trump stag head is shared by Peartree's/Patria's, and they in turn share the fitchees of the neighboring Sewers/Suters/Shuters i.e. look related to the Shot/Shute/Shitt surnames. Mamie had her bathing SUIT on at the garden for her thigh symbol, and while Suits are listed with Sewers/Suters/Shuters, they were first found in Angus with Gardens/Jardens and Jardins (share Tease/Thys stars).

Okay, I think I'm ready to go where it was intended when starting this section. Val Trompia is at lake GARDa, explaining why Mamie, a pointer to Trump at the camp site, was at her garden the next day. But she was there on the day of the wade in the lake, and proof that God wants us to the Lakeys/Leckie's is where they share the brown wolf with Irish Gards. English Gards have the Gardner griffins in colors reversed, and these Gardners have a Coat like English Camps. Kampf's share the Tromp eagle. The question is: why is God pointing to Trump along with a slew of globalist shakers?

When Mamie was at her front garden, it had no vegetables, but likely had flowers and at least one BUSH, as is typical for residential homes. The presidential Bush's were secret Nazis, and while Italian Tonys use a "flower", English Tonys, first found in leg-line Leicestershire, have the Tickhill Coat (giant maunch) in colors revered. Mamie had pointed to Tickhill kin. Leggs have a "tentaMINE" motto term, and Mine's/Menne's look like Mein/Mens/Mame branch.

Another way that God appears to have proven that the wade-in-lake is to point to Lakeys/Leckie's is by way of the holly in the Lakey/Leckie Coat, for English Hollys, sharing the armored arm of Brace's, have a Coat like that of Brace's/Bras', and while both Coats are similar to the Lake Coat, we emBRACEd in the lake. It can even be added that Bracebridge's were first found in Lincolnshire with leg-using Leaks/Leakeys. The amazing thing here is the "Be as" motto phrase of Bracebridge's, for Bee's/Beas' are suspect in the bees of Bessins and Bistons, and the Biston Crest has the armored arm too, but this time it holds an erect sword, same as the Brace/Bras Crest.

The Bishopston variation of Bistons may have named Bishops who are in Case colors and format. Meanwhile, the Bishop Crest has what looks like a part-red eagle head to go with the red eagle heads of Irish Caseys. "Cassis" is a motto term of the Armours having more armored arms, we get it. The "jungit" motto term of Case's jibes here with the "junguntur" of Gardens.

Mamie's garden was on the LAWN (between the lawn on the house wall), and English Lawns have a "Garde le ROY" motto term. The last update showed how Roys (Lanarkshire, same as Scottish Caseys) can connect to the "royal tents" of Tintons (Mansfield / Mangel colors and format), and thus this goes to the tent where Mamie teased me the night before we were at her garden. Her lawn is her grass, and English Grasse's (Lincolnshire, same as Leaks/Leakeys and Bracebridge's) are is the colors and format of Scottish Caseys who in turn use crow heads likely for the Crows (Norfolk, same as Case's).

As Lakeys are also Leckie's, I tried for a Lockie surname because Lakeys/Leckie's have a "PRAEMium" motto term suspect with leg-using Prime's. That is, Primo's were first found in Burgundy with Lockie-like Loge's and Locks/Loches'/DeLoges'. It seems relevant that French Loge's have the Wade/Waid saltire in colors reversed. It turns out that Lockie's are in the format of, and colors reversed from, Brace's/Bras'. Plus, the Lockie Crest shares an ostrich head with key in mouth with Propers/Roberts who in turn share the Robert and Lawn lion.

The embrace in the lake is now pointing to Lock liners too, and LockHARTs (share red heart with neighboring LOGans) happen to have been first found in Lanarkshire with HARDys, SWANs/Sions (red heart) and Caseys. Locks/Locklairs and Lochs/Lokens share the swan, we get it. Lockie's and Locks/Lochlairs were first found in neighboring Peebles-shire, itself near the first-known Blythe's. The Lockhart Chief is in the colors and format of the Chief of red-heart Douglas' said to descend from Hardys. The Cords/McCourts (Ayrshire, same as Logans) expected in the "Corda" motto term of Lockharts share the red heart in both colors of the Logan heart. Prime's were first found in Sussex with Courts/Coverts.

Likewise first found in Lanarkshire is the LockHEEDs/LockHEADs, suspect with Norfolk's Haydens and Heads/Heeds. Lockheeds (share the Great Coat) have the engrailed NAIL/Neil/Nagle saltire, and Logans have nails in their heart.

There's nothing concerning about the heraldic links I'm making if they pertain only to marriages between individuals who therefore had legal right to pass on their heraldic symbols, but what is amazing is how these links play to the events between Mamie and I. What story are they trying to tell? It looks like a Nazi story, yet pointing to Trump and Bill Barr.

Tickhills can point us to Bill Clinton, apparently: "...Roger de Bully who held estates in Nottingham and Yorkshire, and he built a castle at Tickhill, four miles to the northwest of the Honour of Blyth in Nottingham." We can see here how the Mansfield maunch can be related to the Tickhill maunch due to Mamesfelde being in Nottinghamshire, but the further point is that Mr. Blythe was Bill Clinton's biological father.

It just so happens that while Blythe's share the garbs of Clints/Clents (Worcestershire, same as Clinton-related Hillarys and Bee-beloved Bistons), Clintons were first found in Oxfordshire with Bee's, and with the Cheeks/Chicks who in turn share the three Blythe crescents. Lockie's thus appear to be sharing a version of the Bessin/Beeston / Biston Coat. Bee-using Boys/Bie's were first found in Berwickshire with Blythe's and Lucks/Luke's, and if that's not enough, the Ballot-branch of Blythe-like English Billets (Devon, same as Maine's) share the fox with Thigh's/Thy's while French Billets/Billiards (Billiard/Hillard branch) were first found in Maine to conform this Clintonite picture to "Mein Kampf." The Pellicans in the Luck/Luke Crest were first found in Maine.

Blythe's, whose Coat has resemblance to the Tease/Thys/Tigh Coat, were at Lauderdale with a branch of Loge-like Lockie's, and while Lockie's have "WATER bougets", the swan of Locks/LockLAIRs (Peebles-shire, same as Lockie's) is on water. Lairs were first found in Lincolnshire with leg-using Leaks/Leakeys who in turn look like kin of Meins/Mens'/Mame's. The Lair Crosslet is almost the fitchee of Clintons and Hillarys, and so this wade in the lake is now pointing to the Clinton crime ring too. While Mamie's tent pointed to Tintons, the Tints share a blue unicorn in Crest with Lairs. The Layre/Layer variations of Lairs could suggest a branch of Legers/Lagers (Burgundy, same as Loge's) whose double fesses are colors reversed from the two of Leyers/Leirs/Layers.

Ahh, new-to-me-here Lugars/Lucars share the wavy blue fesse with Fix's, and so I started to think hard on how this Coat could link to Mamie because she was at Joe Fix's place. The only surname I know sharing the Lugar/Lucar mascles are the Spinks, but I don't see how they apply to things-Mamie. Then I realized that the three fessewise mascles of Lugars/Lucars are in the colors of the similar, fessewise lozenges of Brix's, and the latter are from Brixia/Brescia, where Bruce's got their lion that's in the colors of the Lugar/Lucar lion heads. The thing is, Brix's are also Brests, and Mamie has a breast symbol!

OH WOW! The Bruce-branch Brice's actually have a "Fiat" motto term!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! INCREDIBLE. Compare "Brice" to "Brix," for Fiat car company made Lada cars, and Joe Fix went to work for a Lada dealer, as I said in the last update!!! He was at the dealer two years or less after Mamie and I were at his restaurant...on YONGE street.

Brixia is beside lake Garda and Val Trompia. The wavy Lugar/Lucar fesse is the one of Dols and Gaunts/Ghents in colors reversed, and while Dols were in turn first found in Mecklenburg with same-colored Trumps, Gaunts/Ghents are in the gauntlet gloves of Gunters in the garden motto term, "junGUNTUR." The Jungs/Youngs/June's happen to have a giant stag in the colors of the giant Trump stag head. Trump, in early 2021, said he "liked" the Clintons, "they're good people," he added, what a HYPOCRITE.

Actually, I think I can get the Spinks to be pointed to by Mamie. I don't mention it often, but will repeat two things: 1) after she sat on my legs at the picnic table, the last thing I remember of that event was putting my left hand on her left waist / hip; 2) after she indicated in the sleeping bag that she didn't want me to hug her to start anything, she turned away so that I draped my right arm around her right waist/hip, and we went to sleep like that, the last thing I remember of that event. I don't even remember how we woke up. The point is, the Hips' not only use a Spink-like "sphinx," but share the red footless martlet of Proctors who in turn share a motto term, almost, with Spinks. The latter were first found in Northamptonshire with Brays/BREAS', looking like a potential branch of Brace's/Bras', and they might even have been Bruce's / Brice's/Breeze's.

The three Proctor nails are in the LOGan heart, and the LUGars/Lucars are the ones sharing the Spink mascles. The Nails/Neils share the blue saltire of Loge's, and the engrailed Nail/Neil saltire is in both colors with LockHEEDs while Heeds (Norfolk, same as Haydens) were a HAYden branch while Ainsley Earhardt's former husband, Mr. Proctor, is the father of their daughter, Hayden. Plus, Nails/Neils were first found in Westphalia with Holden-related Allers, and the latter two share red escutcheons with Hays. Lugars/Lucers share fessewise mascles (different colors) with Lucks/Luke's, and Luce's were first found in Norfolk. Heeds look elated to the Helens, and the latter were from near St. BRIEUC, near Brest, both suspect with the BRIX's who share the Lugar/Lucer mascles.

Plus, wow, the Hips' seem smack-on now because another sphinx is used by Openheimers while Heimers share the Thigh/Thy fox!!! The hip bone is connected to the thigh bone! Thigh's/Thy's were in connection to Tease's/Thys', and then German Tease's/Tess'/Tecks were first found in Switzerland with Heimers. The dancetty-fesse of Openheimers is in colors reversed with Haydens, and Hayden's mother works for Fox! That's why God arranged Haydens with a "foy" motto term for the Foy variation of Foix's. Or, God arranged to name her daughter because Haydens can point to Fox news. The News'/Nuces' have a version of the BASH Coat while Ainsleys, with two "my" motto terms to link to "Mein Kampf," were first found in BASford, near Mamesfelde because Basford is in Nottinghamshire. The My's (Nottinghamshire) share the cross of the other English Haydens. Can the Heimers be pointing to Bill Hemmer of Fox news?

Ahh, wonder of wonders. Basford is in BROXtow, and while Brock-branch Brox's/Brocuffs are also Proctor-like Procks, they have another sphinx!!!! Incredible (though I think I've already been over this set of heraldry before). Mamie's hips, and her thigh's, have connected with things-Ainsley, and now this third sphinx too. Those are the only three heraldic sphinx I know of. As was said weeks ago, Proctors share the red martlet of Birds/Burds, the latter first found in Broxtow-like Broxton. The Bird/Burd Crest is red, as is the Brox/Brocuff/Prock Crest, and both surname have same-colored crosses, suggesting the Brock liners named Broxton. Broxton is in Cheshire with the first-known TOWS/Touch's, suggesting that BroxTOW was related to the namers of Broxton.

Birds/Burds not only have the Mea variation of My's in their motto, but share the Ainsley fleur-de-lys. Birds/Burds share the Felt Coat, and Felts had been pointed to by the waist/hips of Miss Peare in the sleeping bag dream! I wrapped my arm around Mamie's waist/hip in her sleeping bag! We went to sleep, and Sleeps share the double fesses of Mamie-pointable Meins/Mains. Can you dig it? I don't confidently understand the significance of going to Ainsley from things-Mamie. Mamie points hard to globalists of multiple circles. Is Miss Earhardt a product of the globalists somehow? Why point to her instead of to the Fox boss?

Look at Fox's Jesse Watters bucking against his boss on election fraud:

JESSE Watters sits on The Five with Greg GutFELD, and as Peare's waist/hip scene was a parallel event with my belly-press with her, which pointed to the Goods/GUTs as per, "it FELT so GOOD," note that while a gut is a belly, we also have "GUTfeld." Plus, Dana Perino sits between Gutfeld and Watters on The Five, and Perino's are listed with Peare-branch Pero's. I therefore concluded that Miss Peare was pointing to The Five...but don't ask me why. As a potential hint, I do trace Five's/Fifys, Fife's and Vivians to "Lviv" in Ukraine, and the Ukraine war at this time could be the lead-up to Armageddon in conjunction with the globalist attempt to fascify the Western world. Will Fox bosses want Fox anchors to speak out AGAINST this war? Or will Fox bosses play happily along with the globalists in using it to clamp down on the West with teeth?

The quadrants of German Jesse's are colors reversed from the same in the Chief of WAISTells to whom Peare's waist pointed. German Jesse's use what looks like the "SCIMitar" in the Ainsley Crest. Ainsley's surname with the Earhardts/AirHARTs looks connectable to LockHEED-branch LochHARTs who share the SCHIM/Schien boar head. Schims/Schiens have a "duce" motto term while Duce's are Doocys too while Steve Doocy does Fox and Friends with Ainsley Earhardt. Schims/Schiens even share the Chief-Shield colors of Brocuffs/Procks. Lockharts have these Chief-Shield colors in reverse. It's then interesting that the Schim/Schien boar head is shared by Gog-like Googe's/Gouch's.

Pointer to Gog and Rosh

When I was at Wikipedia's Phanagoria article, I saw a sphinx with female head that reminded me of Miss Peare. It drew me into the article, and minutes later I was a neighboring Kepoi location to go with Mr. Kepke, her Ukrainian man. Both locations are near the Ukraine border. Kepoi smacks of the sphinx at Cheops in the Hyksos region of Egypt. I trace Hyksos to Mus at Lake VAN, and Phanagoria is also FANagoria. Cimmerians from proto-Ukraine had conquered king Rusa at Lake Van, and Phanagoria is at the Cimmerian Bosphorus.

After Kepke left Peare, he almost married Kim Walsh, and the Welsh are said to be from Cimmerians. Rusa is suspect with Ezekiel's Rosh, and Gog named Gugar/Gogarene in Armenia with Lake Van. The stripe-less tiger in the Crowhurst Crest is suspect with TIGRanes IV, king of Armenia. He was descended from a Herod and a Maccabee. Herods produced AGRIPPa's, and the Watters/Walters (Cambridgeshire, same as Proctors) can be shown with the Gripp/Grape/Grabber bend because Leslie's, with a "Grip FAST" motto, share the green GRIFFin of Barts who in turn have a boar in colors reversed from the boar head of Watters'/Walters, first found at Crowhurst. Vatts/Watters were first found in Argyllshire with Herods/Haralds. Fasts were first found in Norfolk with Crows, Hips', and Watters-like Wheat's/Whate's. The latter use what are often called, "garbs," and Garbs use the symbol too, we might glean that the Grabbers with Gripp variation apply who share the Watters/Walter bend.

[Insert -- I recently told of a dream in which I was KICKing at a crow/raven determined to land on my stove burner. The dream had nothing more. I have hereby got the proof of what it means as it involves Rothes castle. So start off, German Rothes use a giant raven. Peter Pollock built Rothes castle, and his daughter, Muriel, or her daughter, I can't remember which, married a Mr. Watson, and this very Watson family married the Leslie's, explaining how Leslie's became earls of Rothes (a location near BUCKie). It explains why the crescents of English Watsons are in the colors of the Leslie BUCKles. I've already told that the Kick/Keck bend-with-crescents is in the colors and format of the Leslie bend-with-buckles (neither Coat has anything else, a match), but I didn't realize until now that the Kick/Keck crescents are those of English Watsons. is that not amazing? God gave us this dream, for a reason, not for our entertainment.

The Mea's in the motto of English Watsons (first found in RUTland) use ravens, what a hoot. Rutlands share a "orle" border with RUTHERfords, and Rothers/Ruths/Randolphs were first found in Moray with Rothes. Rutherfords share "nec" twice with Rodhams/Roddens, and while the STOUT viking family had a raven banner, the NECKAR river has a STUTTgart location.

Rodhams/Roddens are perfect here because they were first found in Northumberland with the Stevensons who bend they share, and with the STOVE's/Stevensons too! The crow wanted to land on the STOVE burner. Scottish Watsons even share a brown tree stump with Rodhams/Roddens (branch of Rothschilds/Roddensteins/Ruthsteins). Scottish Watsons share the giant tree of Watts and Vatts/Watters. We are right-on topic here with what's outside of this insert. The clouds in the Crest of Scottish Watsons are helpful because McLeods/Clouds share a "fast" motto term with Leslie's. Rodhams, Rutherfords (share black martlets with English Watsons) and Rutland all look like Rothes elements.

English Watsons have a chevron-with-crescents in the colors and format of the chevron-with-items of Bellys, first found in Moray, and of the chevron-with-crosslets of Carpenters who share the Belly motto. That motto includes "belli," and, wow, the six pale bars of Italian Belli's are colors reversed from the six of Carpenters and Longfords (Langford have six pale bars too), and then the six pale bars of Langleys are shared by LANDs/Landens!!!! I've always said: the crow was trying to LAND on the stove burner! This is the first time the Lands have worked into the interpretation of this dream! Beauty. I don't recall checking to see if Lands could apply to it. The CIA has headquarters at Langley, in case this applies.

A crow trying to land on a stove burner reminds me of a batty, suicidal Hillary Rodham Clinton.

My girlfriend in my 20s, Lorraine, pointed hard to Pepin of Landen in multiple ways, which is how I became familiar with Lands/Landens/Landers, Landrys and Langleys. Landrys were not only first found in Lorraine, but at the Bar-le-DUC area, and it just so happens that Bellys (Moray) share the eight-pointed Duc/LeDuc star while Ducs/LeDucs almost have the Moray Coat. I'm telling this because Landrys, I now realize, have a reflection of the English Watson Coat. When I asked if she would like to get together, when I first met her, we met that evening at my LAUNDRomat, which is part of the pointer to Lands/Landens/LANDERs. It took me a while later to check for a Laundry surname, which found it with English Landrys having a giant oak tree, though I don't think I knew then that it was the Watson tree too.

The Tree's/True's were once said to be first found in Warwickshire, where Meads were first found who share the French Landry martlets. French Landrys are said to have branched to Lyon, and Tree's share a knight in Crest with English Lannoys while French Lannoys (Landry branch?) share the Lyon lion, green like the Lorraine lion. The Lannoy and Lyon lions are colors reversed with the Home's/Hume's having a "TRUE" motto term.

Thus, Lorraine's were somehow related to Rothes elements. In fact, as Lorraine lived at the corner of Church and Lorne when I dated her, I traced Lorraine's to the Lorne's in the Lanark/Lurnack write-up. Lanarkshire is beside Pollok, the village after which the Pollocks of Rothes named themselves. Lorraine's (share Piast eagle), descended from Mieszko II Piast of Poland, were first found in Northamptonshire with Stove's and Rodhams, both of whom share the bend of Jewish Pollocks. (End insert).

Watters'/Walters (in the colors of the Sling VULTURE) share the red boar hear with BARTons, and it just so happens that the latter were first found at BROXton with Birds/BURDs. We saw above how Mamie's waist/hips linked to the same of Miss Peare. We saw the sphinx-using Hips' sharing the Bird/Burd and PROCtor martlet, and we saw how the belly-press even with Miss Peare took us to Hips'. The belly-press event took place after Peare left me for Kepke a week or two (or three) before. The first thing I remember, Peare and I were hugging in my room, when Kepke from the living room blasted out, "he doesn't love her, he's just using her." When she looked up at me with suspicion, I took too long to say anything, not knowing how to respond since I had known her for just a couple of weeks (not exactly in-love yet), and so she went out to the living room to sit. I went out to show resentment toward Kepke, and slammed the living-room WINDOW hard, breaking the glass.

I've told this story several times before, and I remember nothing else of that night but the little-short laugh that Peare put out when the glass BROKE. Broke's/Brocks share the Chief-Shield colors of sphinx-using Brocuffs/Procks.

I think I get it. The Windows have lion paws in the colors of the Fien/Finis lions, and they are in the colors and format of Fiens/PHONE's/FANE's/Vans whom I trace to Lake Van. It appears that God set up the break-window event for to point to FANagoria and neighboring Kepoi. The Phone-like PHOENIX's/FENwicks (Northumberland, same as Keep-loving Hebrons/HEPburns) are super here because they almost have the Hips Coat! Plus, I think that mythical Phoenix, the king of Phoenicia, was code for PANias, a Phoenician city of mythical Pan, son of Hermes. The latter's cult was at mount Hermon, and the PHANagoria article has a map showing Phanagoria smack beside Hermonassa.

I think I understand why Mamie's WAIST and hips were used, for I see WAISTells from "Vestalis" of the royal Cottians, whom I trace to the COTESii of WALLACHia. Walsh's are also Walchs. Mamie represents the Man line, which I trace to the Maeander river of Maeonians, and mythical Manes, likely code for Maeonians, was sometimes made the father of COTYS, you see. Wikipedia tells that Milesians founded Phanagoria, and they named Miletus, smack near the Maeander river.

I broke the GLASS when slamming the window, and Glass' share the mermaid of Walter-like and Walsh-branch Walsers who named Switzerland's Wallis canton, location of Sion. I have seen the Roxolani RUS, on a map, stamped upon the Buzau river, which is where Cotesii are stamped at the top-left on this map. Wikipedia says that Roxolani were on both the Dnieper (at Kiev) and Naparis rivers, and the Sensii that you see on the Naparis, to the south of the Cotesii, look like they named Sion of Switzerland, not only because mount Sion (not "Zion" at Jerusalem) was at the top of Mount Hermon (Phoenicia), but because Phone's/Fane's/Vans use gauntlets, the symbol once shown by Sions/Swans. The Heps'/Hebbs use swans, and Hepburns/Hebrons love Keeps.

The Heps/Hebbs have red lion heads to go with the red lion of ROSE-using Hebrons, and while Rosh-like "hross" means "horse," there is a white horse head in the Hebrons/Hepburn Crest. Vestalis was the grandson of king Donnus of the Cottians, and I trace him to Italian Dance's/Donnas' (Piedmont, same as royal Cottians and Pero's/Perino's), which is supper because English Dance's (horse head in Crest), with the Heps/Hebb lion heads, are in the colors and format of Keppochs (Yorkshire, same s Dance's and Heps/Hebbs). Dannys/Dance's were first found in Wiltshire with the EYE-using Stars/Stairrs suspect with the "flaming stars" of Pero's/Perino's.

Irish Walsh's share the swan with Heps/Hebbs, and the Walsh's have it pierced while Pierce's are Piers too. Irish Walsh's are in the colors and format of Julian-branch Gullys/Gollys (Oxfordshire, same as Peare's and Hopkins) who have the Sine variation of Sions/Swans in their motto, and Miss COTTa was mother to Julius Caesar. English Julians were first found in Cambridgeshire with Capone's because Julius Caesar had an affair with Servilia Caepionis, and this Caesar's mother looks like she was from the Cottians i.e. from Cotesii at WALLACHia.

English Capone's are in the colors of Hips-connectable Hopkins who in turn use "pistols" probably because Pistols share the fesse of Quints, from Quintus Caepio, father of Servilia Caepionis. Cupionich on the Clausula river is also KOPLik, and Kopple's are interesting for sharing the black rooster with Gomers. Quint-branch Quince's were first found in Northamptonshire with Spinks, perfect.

I'll even repeat here that when Miss Walsh slammed my car door (it was a FireBIRD) on Kepke, leaving him outside, he sat down on the curb beside the fender. Fenders were first found in Huntingdonshire with English Cottons while French Cottons (Languedoc, same as French Julians) are listed with Cotta's. As I said, something made me kiss Miss Walsh on the CHEEK as she slammed the door on Kepke, and I think it's because, for one, Cheeks/Chicks were first found in Oxfordshire with Gullys/Gollys.

The Dance horse head is the black one in the Bute Crest, and while Kepke left CHRISTINE Peare for KIM Walsh, Kims (Pilate/Pilotte colors and format) were first found in Buteshire with Glass'. I broke the glass, and Broke's use a dart. Maine's (Devon, same as Darts) use both a dart and share black PHEONs with Irish Walsh's. Mine's/Menne's use a DANCette. I see "Glass" as a variation of "Wallis." Glaze's share the Broke Chief-Shield colors and add the Carny (and Pilate/Pilotte) pheons. Scottish Watts were at Carny-like Carnagy. Carnys share the Hebron/Hepburn lions. English Pilotte's and Pellets share the Coat of Christine's/Christians (white unicorn head) who are in turn said to have been in the Isle of Man. Swans are used by Christmans, and Christs look like kin of Hips! I get it: God either named Christine's first name, or arranged this heraldry to jibe with her name.

The Carnagy Coat is the Sans/Sanchez Coat in colors reversed while Sensii-like Sens'/Senns were first found in Switzerland with Sion and the Feschs. The Sans/Sanchez Coat is an eagle in the colors of the SPINK eagles. I'm including the Feschs here because Fisc/Fisks use a pyramid-like "triangle," and then the Fieschi were of the Face's/Fessys, first found in Northamptonshire with Spinks, and expected in "leopard faces" shared by Peare's who are possibly in-code with heraldic PYRamids. Cheops not only has the famous sphinx, but the Great Pyramid too, and Greats (Northumberland with Hebrons and Phoenix's/Fenwicks) share the gold border of both Christman Coats. Greats share the Lockheed Coat, and Locks with Lochs/Lokens share the Christman swans. Lugars/Lucers share the Spink mascles and the wavy Fix/Fick fesse.

It's even more than interesting that star-using Stairs (not "Stairr") share the Heps/Hebb chevron, for Kepke RUSHed up the stairs after Peare and I rushed up the stairs for our first kiss (this story was treated two updates ago). Rush's were first found in Suffolk with Eye, and with the Tigers in the tiger of Crowhursts. The Stair stars are colors reversed from the Peare stars. I'm not very familiar with the Heps'/Hebbs, but they work well in facilitating surname connections.

It's the Man-line Mansells/Mangels that use a "vult valde vult" motto phrase suspect with Walters. The Watters variation of English Walters takes us to Vatts/Watters and Watts, both of whom have an eye, and this eye is at times in the triangle at the top of a PYRamid in the GREAT Seal of the United States. This pyramid is officially called, "unFINIShed," apparent code for Fiens/FINIS'. The latter were first found in Kent with Crowhursts (and Stairs) while Watters/Walters were first found in Crowhurts, and then the Tigers in the Crowhurst Crest, traceable to Tigranes of Armenia, were first found in Suffolk with a Eye location. Mythical Manes is suspect by me as code for Mannai of Armenia.

When we put Kepke and Peare together with my mother's Masci line, we get God, Rosh, Meshech and Cimmerian-suspect Gomer. My mother's maiden name is Grimaldi, related to Fiscs, and at least politically associated with Fieschi. "GRIMaldi" may have derived from "CRIMea," ancient home of Cimmerians beside Kepoi and Phanagoria. The latter two are in the Taman peninsula, and Peare's share the chevron-with-stars of Tame's/Thames' (Oxfordshire, same as Peare's). My mother grew up in PICENze, which has been resolved with Justine of Picenum, daughter-in-law of emperor Gratian, the line to Greats. the "Great Seal" with unfinished pyramid looks like masonic code for the Greats and Seal-line Sailers because the latter have a "greatest" motto term.

Kepke sold shoes when he met Peare, and Michael Zlochevsky, who had/has a shoe boutique in Kiev, lives in Monaco with royal Grimaldi's. Is this picture part of end-time Gog?

After writing the above, by some stroke of luck, I tried for a Cimmerian-like surname, finding the Simmers (ROXburghshire!) in Heps/Hebb colors and format! The Simms were first found in East Lothian with Seatons/Sittens who named Sion as Sitten. Heps'/Hebbs use swans. Hips' are listed with Hipkins while Hopkins (Oxfordshire, same as Peare's) look like they have a version of the Heps/Hebb Coat and sharing the Hebron/Hepburn rose to boot.

The Arms of Simmer-like Somerset shares the red dragon with Cimmerian-line Wales. Summers/Somers (only a dancetty-fesse), in Simson colors, were first found in Worcestershire with the Square's/Squirrels having the Tiens variation of Tames'/Thames in their motto. Tame's/Thames' share the Pavia martlets while Pierro's/Pero's were first found in Pavia. Ligurian-like Lugars/Lucers were first found in Somerset, and Lugers/Lucars (not "Lugar") were first found in Norfolk with PilGRIMs and Hips'.

I trace Seatons of Sitten to mythical STHENelus, Ligurian father of the swan king of Liguria, suggesting swan-like Savona (Liguria, beside Fieschi of Genova) which traces well to lake Sevan, location of Gugar/Gogarene! How do you like them apples falling on your head? Got gravity.

Back to Cimmerian-suspect Simms, for Seatons share the dragon (different color) with Wales, and the dragon of Seatons ("double-TRESSURE BORDER") is with Tresure's/Trashers (SOMERset). Seaton is a location at the Axe river flowing from Somerset to Devon, and then the Seals and BURTs/Berts were first found in Devon. While Birds/Burds share Hips martlets, axes are used by Simms as well as Burd-like Burdens/Bordens while Borders were first found in Somerset with two Axe rivers, one starting near Bristol. Birds/Burds were at Great Boughton, and Boughtons (share Bristol crescents) are listed with BORTons. Bartons were first found at Broxton with Birds/Burds. The Simms axes are either called "halperts" or halBERTs," I can't remember which, and Halberts/Halperts (axes) are also HalBERTYNs. Burtins were first found in Shropshire with Bellamys, are in Bellamy colors and format if the Bellamy crescents are ignored that are shared by Seatons.

Burtins (rooted TREE in Crest) use dog heads likely for Dogs/Doags because they were first found in Perthshire with Halberts/Halperts, and with Tree-connectable Lyons (see Lannoy knight) who have the Coat of True-beloved HUME's/Home's in colors reversed. Boughtons/Bortons were first found in Warwickshire (beside Knighton), where Tree's/True's were once said to be first found who have a knight in Crest, and Boughtons/Bortons, because they are in the colors and format of the Night/McKnight lion heads, probably have the latter's lion head in Crest. Tree's/True's are now said to be first found in Wiltshire near an Axe river but also near a Yeo river, which might explain the HUMan variation of Yeomans.

The Axe and Yeo rivers are near the Chew river, and Chews (Cue/KEW colors) were first found at Somerset's Clutton. I've just loaded the new-to-me Cluttons to see them at Tarvin of Great Boughton, same as where Birds/Burds and BARTons were first found. Plus, Cluttons share the Vita annulet while Vita's are in the motto of Bellows/Ballots (Cheshire, same as Great Boughton). Yeo's were first found in Devon with the Saffers who likewise have a "vita" motto term. The Tarvins are listed with Tarves', and Vita's were first found in TARVISium, you see, and moreover the split Shield of Tarves' can explain the split colors of Kew-branch Kevens. Plus, The Chives', first found in Tarves, named Chivasso near Turin, explaining why Turins were first found in Aberdeenshire with Tarves, the point being that Turins share the BART boar head while Bartons were in Great Boughton. Chives-like Chiava's/Shaves' use Kew-like keys.

Tarvin is in Broxton, and so let's repeat: "The Bird/Burd Crest is red, as is the Brox/Brocuff/Prock Crest, and both surname have same-colored crosses, suggesting the Brock liners named Broxton. Broxton is in Cheshire with the first-known TOWS/Touch's, suggesting that BroxTOW was related to the namers of Broxton." The Tarvin/Tarves fitchee is in the colors of the giant Broxton/Brockston fitchee, and the Tarvin/Tarves Crest is not only red too, but it's the red lion in the Brock/Broke Crest.

BOUGH's/Bows share the motto of Roets, and the Catherine wheel of Roets is shared by Chews. Roets (Somerset, same as Chew river) are in the colors and format of the neighboring Caplans (Hampshire) who share the griffin heads of both Chews and Box's (Wiltshire, at the Chew-river theater) while a Box-like "book" is used by Roets. COWes is on Wright off the Hampshire coast, and while Cowes'/Coo's/Ku's use "pennants," Pennys/Penes' are from the PENEStae peoples on the Drin river along with Chiava-like Cavii. Pennys/Penes' share the courant greyhounds of Tree's/True's (Wiltshire) who in turn look like Key / Kay kin.

I trace Scotts (share Catherine wheel with Chews) to Scodra, at the CLAUSULa river, and while Chews were at Clutton while Cluttons are also Clottons, Clots are also DuCLOS'/DuCLAUDs while Clauds are also CLAUSELs. It appears that Cavii named the Chews at the Chew river, for Cavii lived to the immediate south of lake Scodra. Plus, the Clots share the Quint chevron, and while Quints are suspect with Quintus Caepio, ancestor of Caepionis', Cupionich is on the Clausula river beside Dober, which can explain why both Dobers and Dobermans have griffin in the colors of the two Chew griffin colors. Beauty, this is a new-to-me trace. The Clausula is near TROPoje, tending to explain the red DROP on the Chew griffin, for Drops are listed with Trope's (Norfolk, same as Cue's/KEWs). Plus, Troops were first found near Chives' of Tarves'. As Chews, who come up as "Jew," share the griffin head CAPlans (Hampshire, same as Chaplain-related Josephs), it jibes with my trace of Joseph Caiaphas' surname to the Cavii.

It can be added that Spinks, first found in Northamptonshire shire (beside Hampshire) with Quint-branch Quince's, share the eagle of SANS/SANGuez's while red heraldic drops are called, "de SANG." It tends to explain why the Spink mascles are half in the colors of the SENESchal mascles, and while the nine Seneschal mascles are gold like the seven Quince mascles. Eagle's/Hegels have the SAVA/Savage Coat in colors reversed. Sans-like Seneschals are also Snake/Snook-like Seneca's, explaining why both share the same eagle, yet the Snake's/Snooks have a Coat like that of Close's that recalls the DuClos variation of Clots/DuClauds. Chews were first found in Somerset with the Saffer-branch Severs/SAVers sharing the Clutton/Clotten / Vita annulets. Save's use SNAKES.

Again, Calls/Calles were kin of Shots/SHUTE's/SHITTS while Severs look like they named the SEWER variation of SHUTers (Angus with Tromp-connectable Gardens, near Tarves). Sewers/Shuters share the fitchees of PEARTREE's/Patria's who in turn share the Trump stag head. The Chew pale-bar-by-symbols is in the colors of the Pero/Perino pale bar, and the latter throw in "flaming stars" suspect with the Stars/Stairrs, first found in Wiltshire with trumpet Calls/Calles. Chews share the Catherine wheel of Streets (Devon), and Street-like Starts/STARatts share the saltire of PEERless'/Napiers (Perthshire, same as Wings in the Chew Crest) with a "SANS TACHE" motto. That saltire is colors reversed from the one of Ticino-river Tease's'/TECKs, the latter first found in Switzerland with Swiss Sewers and the Ticino canton. Starts/Staratts even have the crosslet of Cowes'/Coo's/Ku's, both in their Crests.

As Chews of CLUTTON were related to neighboring Box's who were in turn first found in Wiltshire with trumpet-using Calls/Calles', the SenesCHALs look like a Sanguez-line merger with Calls/Calles', which can explain the sharing of the Claud/Clausel acorns with Dutch Tromps who in turn have the split colors of Tarves' and Chew-connectable Kevens (Cluttons/Clottons were shown linkable to Vita's of Tarvisium). Donald Trump is responsible for blood clots, you see, and "sang" means "blood" with the guttee-de-sang of Chews. The Clutton Crest even shares a gold rooster with Livers/Levers/Lovers (look like Key / Kay kin) who in turn have the rooster standing on a trumpet. Livers/Levers/Lovers share the double bendlets of Tree's/True's, first found in Wiltshire.

A tree and axe is used by Coo-like Shoe's/Shoo's with a Chew-like Schewe variation, as well as a Schugh variation that I link to the Scugals (share the Tree/True greyhounds), first found in East Lothian with axe-using Simms. The Scougal and Simms Crests both have a feathered "pen" while Pennys/Penes' share the black Scougal / Tree/True greyhounds. Pens/Pence's were first found in Buckinghamshire with SIMSons, which can explain why one Simson Coat is similar to the Pennant Coat. True's are in the motto of Hume's/Home's having the Lyon / Lannoy lion in colors reversed.

The Shoe/Schugh tree is used by Pane's/Panico's, and Panico's are said to have been close to an halbert-like Albert while Simms use the halbert axe. Plus, Panico's were at the Setta valley while Simms were first found in East Lothian with Seatons, beauty. Pane's/Panico's have the Kilpatrick Chief, in case you know the 9-11 event where Mrs. Kilpatrick said to me, "you can scoot over," which is how I found the Scugals listed as Scoots. They have a "Haec" motto term while Mrs. Kilpatrick is Miss Hicks. The Hicks share the fleur-de-lys of Birds while there is a "bird" on the Pane/Panico tree.

By the way, the Lennoy variation of Lannoys (share the Lyon lion) is in the write-up of Peerless'/Napier's (Perthshire, same as Lyons), and then while LEAVES are used by Tease's/Tecks, LEVENax's are also Lennoy-like Lennox's, the latter first found in Stirlingshire (beside Perthshire) with Caiaphas-like Chappes'/Cheaps, tending to trace Caiaphas' bloodline to the Laevi Gauls (predated Caiaphas) on the Ticino. Stirlingshire is where Nemo's were first found suspect in the "animo" motto term of Pennants, and so if the latter were from the Penestae, they were on the river of the Cavii.

Oh wow, Nemo's are in the motto of Poindexter who in turn share the lone Shoe/Shoo/Schewe star. The horizontally-split Poindexter Shield is in the colors of the vertically-split Shield of Chives-connectable Tarves', and Trevors/TREFors share the Pennant Coat while Trips/TREFFs use shoes!!! It tends to prove that my selling shoes during the rush-up-stairs event does point to the murder of judge Scalia at John Poindexter's ranch. The Trevor write-up even has a Schewe-like surname: "Tonkin says, that the mansion of Sir Henry Trevear...passed to the Scawens,..." It tends to make Cowes'/Coo's/Ku's look like a Shoe branch. The Shows/SCHAWS are in the "show" motto term of Nemo's! The latter share the crescents of Seatons, first found in East Lothian with Scugals! Dynomite.

Trevors were first found near Knighton, suggesting that Trevors and Pennants have the Night/McKnight lion because Shoe's/Schewe's use a knight. Nights/McNights/McNAUGHTs are suspect with the Nith river of Kilpatrick castle because Nitts/NAUGHTs were first found with it in Dumfries. "Show NOT" is a Nemo motto phrase. Dumfries is where Bells were first found while Labels/LaBells are in the "label" in the Pane/Panico Chief. It's the four-pointed, red label of PINGs/PONGs/Pagans too, first found in Yorkshire with Panico-like Pincs/Pinks and Hicks'.

James AleFANTES, owner of Comet Ping Pong pizza, belongs to this set of heraldry because Fantes' (use boys, by the looks of it, as code for the Boii of Bologna) share the Pane/Panico/Panetta Chief, and both surnames were first found in Bologna. The Setta valley of Panico's is a tributary of the Reno river while Reno's share the Pinc/Pink lozenges. Plus, the Reines'/Reine's use a "comet," and it's in the design of the "flaming star" of Pero's/Perino's. An online directory has Mrs. Kilpatrick with a Rena middle name. The Reine comet is a hexagram in the colors of the Simms hexagrams. John Podesta is considered a pedophile in relation with Comet Ping Pong, and Poindexters show a Podesta-like variation.

Reines'/Reine's are also ReiNECKERs while I trace the Stouts to Stuttgart on the Neckar river. Stouts share the fitchee-formee of both HOLDs/Holts/HALDs and Pincs/Pinks while "holde" is a motto term the HUBERT-related Curzons. Judge Scalia was killed while hunting with a Saint-HUBERTus group of hunters (see the last update, and the 4th of last month, for the heraldry behind that story). Curzons (Hubbard colors and format), first found in Derbyshire with the Nots/Cnuts in the motto of Poindexter-beloved Nimo's, use "helde" too, and Helds/Helts share the HICKson Coat. That's some amazing stuff. Plus, Derbyshire is where Haddans were first found who share the motto of Held-like Haldans. Hubert-branch Hubbards share the annulet of Scalia-like Scayle's (Yorkshire, same as Hicks and Pincs/Pinks). Heldens (not "Haldan") use a CHIPmunk while Chips were first found in Worcestershire with the Squirrels in the Hold/Holt/Hald Crest.

The Scherf-connectable Squirrels/Square's were first found at/near Knighton, and the Nith river had the Kilpatricks who have an Irish branch showing a Sheera variation and sharing the Pane/Panico / Ping/Pong/PUNG Chief. Scottish Kilpatricks were first found in Dumfries with the Rome'/Rums/Rims using a "PUNGit" motto term. The Scherf/Schere and Shere/Sheer fitchee may be close to the same-colored one of BROXtons. Birds/Burds were at Broxton, and Brox's/Brocuffs were first found in Silesia with Helds/Helts. Brocks and Brooks were first found in Essex with the Hicks' of Low Leighton (see Hicks write-up).

Hicks use a "bon" motto term that can trace with Bone's to "Bononia," the alternative name of Bologna. Bonon(i)s are listed with Bono's. Bologna / Boii liners are expected to Bouillons who have the flory cross of Panico-beloved and Hicks-connectable Birds/Burds in colors reversed. Miss Hicks was involved with Stanley at the 9-11 memorial, when she said to me, "you can scoot over," and the "changer" motto term of Stanleys is excellent this week because I've just read that the Bidenites have made John Podesta a CLIMATE-CHANGE manager! CHANGE's/Changers (Hampshire, same as CHANCE-branch Chase's) have the triple fesses of Stouts (Cambridgeshire, same as Stanleys) in colors reversed. Just about all the sick things happening in the news today are from about all the sick people ganging together.

Climate-like Climents/Clements share the double fesses of STANs/Stains to go with the Change-beloved Stanleys. Very interesting. Morleys/Mauls not only have a "Clementia" motto term, but "riGORE" to supposedly point to the climate-change gangster, Al Gore. They rigged the science, "RIGore."

Again, Shoe's/Schughs share the lone Poindexter star, and Scugals share the black hunting horn, with red string, with Fosters, and a Mr. Foster can be a suspect in killing Scalia along with Mr. Poindexter. Fosters use the motto, "Hunter blow the HORN," and the two Kilpatrick Coats share both saltires of the Hunters. Scoots/Scugals have an "ORNant" motto term looking like code for Horns/Orne's who are in turn in the colors and format of the Shows/Schaws in the motto of Poindexter beloved Nemo's. Caen is at the Orne river, and while Caens are Cans too, Miss Hicks said, "you CAN scoot over."

Fosters look related also to Patch's (Devon, same as Trebys and Treble's) suspect with the Patchie variation of Pinc- and Pung-connectable Kilpatricks/Sheera's. The Ceno river near the Trebia river is a tributary of the Taro, and the Ananes Gauls between the Taro and Trebia are to the Annandale's of Dumfries, where Pung-beloved Rome's/Rums/Rims were.

The Caen/Can leopard faces look related to English Pavia's and Feets/Fate's while Feathers in the Caen/Can Crest may have been a Feet branch. Caens/Cans (share CAVE Shield) share the Peare leopard faces, and throw in a "PERImus" motto term, but there's five, white ostrich feathers in the Caen/Can Crest shared by this Arms of Traby while the hunting horn in those Arms are the black-gold-striped ones of Fosters. What's going on? I'd say God is pointing in general to the circle that killed Scalia which has been involved in endless criminal evils for political gain.

Peare and I rushed up the stairs = scala as a pointer to Stars/Stairrs, and this recalls that Stairs (not "Stairr") are in Capone colors and format while we just went through the Cupionich / Clausula area on the north side of the Cavii. Again, Star-connectable Starts/Staratts share the crosslet of Cowes'/Coo's/Ku's and English Julians (Cambridgeshire, same as Capone's), and Cowes'/Coo's/Ku's use "pennants" while Pennys/Penes' were from the Penestae on the river of the Cavii, but I'm repeating this because the rush-up-stairs event was when Miss Peare introduced Kepke and I to her friend, Louise Phillips, who was working at PENNINgton's clothing at the time. Louise might even have been at the rush-up-stairs bar with us, I just can't remember at this time.

Louise-like Welsh Louis' were first found in Glamorganshire with their Lewis branch using red blood drops = sang! French Louis', sharing blue lozenges with Penningtons, were first found in Lorraine with CLOTs/DuClos'/DuClauds!!! Louise Phillips is pointing to blood clots. Welsh Phillips (Welsh Louis Coat in colors reversed) almost have the "amore patria" motto phrase of Penningtons, and of course Patria's list the Peartree's with Trump stag head. It appears that God is blaming Trump for blood clots by vaccines. The trumpet-using Lovers/Levers might even have been a branch of Lowers in the colors and format of vaccine-like Vychans/Vaughns, the latter first found in Shropshire with Lower-like Levens/Lewins sharing the Clot chevron. Lowers have roses in the colors of the giant rose of Swiss Sewers, and we saw why Sewers/Shuters were related to Trump kin.

The Phillip lion comes with a gold crown, same as the same-colored lion head of Italian Capone's suspect in turn with the gold-crowned lion of Jewish Levi's. The latter use two lions in pale, as do Duce's/Doocys (in different colors) suspect in the "Ducit amor patriae" motto of Welsh Phillips. Amore's were first found in Oxfordshire with LOVE's/Luffs.

Steven Banana

This section started as an aside at this point of the update, but became a major task. The Bannons were loaded Wednesday, during the writing of this section, because Steve Bannon is in the persecution news, being threatened with jail time. Just as I went to load Bannons, a video that was simultaneously playing spoke the phrase, "BANANa republic" (i.e. the United States has become a banana republic). Bannons are BANNANs too, but I made nothing of this, chalking it up to coincidence because I had nothing to go on, in the Bannon Coat, to prove that God set up "banana." Then, a couple of hours ago on Thursday evening, my tenant arrives home, and comes to speak to me, and says he's baking banana bread, and he offered me a loaf. So the Bannons were re-loaded, but I could see no way to link Bannons to Breads or even Cake's/CakeBREADs.

A few minutes later, I heard "banner" on a video, and, zowzers, I knew without looking that German Banners share the giant fleur-de-lys of Cake's/Cakebreads! Plus, a banner is a flag, and Bannons use a gold-scallop version of the Flag Coat!!! Zinger. But why is God pointing to Steve Bannon, a Trump groupie? German Banners even share the Banister fleur-de-lys, and while Banesters are in the Meschin write-up, Meschins share the Flag scallops. Meschins ruled Cheshire, where Breads/Bradds were first found.

Plus, my tenant's surname is a variation of the Chance surname, which shares the Maschi Crest, and was first found in Essex with the Muschats that share the French Banes/Bannent Coat. And Muscats (not "Muschat") were first found in Cambridgeshire with Cake's/Cakebreads. Muschats were at STANstead while Stans/Stains share the double Bannon / Flag fesses.

Breads/Bradds have got to be from Bohemia's PodeBRADy, and Bannons / Banners / Banes' look like Bohemians such as do Jewish BAUMgartens sharing the Banner and Cake/Cakebread fleur. German Baumgartners/Baumgardens use a "fence" while Fens'/Fenns/Venns can relate to topic. I had read (years ago) that Montforts own the "gonFANON" banner, and later I realized that "banner" was a surname having named the Panaro river, location of Marano sharing the Montfort lion, almost. The latter's lion is two tailed, as is the identical lion in the Arms of Bohemia. Marano is in Modena with FANANO, you see, and

I then realized (years ago) that "GONfanon" was part-code for Gone's/Guenets, likely a line from Gaunt, for "gauntlets" are used by Fanano-like Fane's/Vans, and the latter even have a "fano" motto term while Fano is near the first-known Maschi's of Rimini. Mr. Bannon is a Catholic, and Cattolica is between Rimini and Fano.

BONONia is near Marano while Bannon-like Bonons/Bono's share the Marano lion. The Bonon/Bono lion is in two color schemes, the other being in the colors of the giant Bread/Bradd lion head, and Breads/Bradds were first found in Cheshire with the Bread-like Birds/Burds on the Panico tree.

The first-known Masci's (not "Maschi"), sharing the Pane/Panico fleur-de-lys, were in the area of Monforte of Piedmont, and Piedmont elements such as Turins and Chives' were first found in Aberdeenshire with Scottish Banners. I see Piedmont's Saluzzo as a line to Sales' sharing the Baumgarten / CAKEbread / Banner fleur-de-lys. Sitric CAECH was the grandfather of king Maccus, a line from Ferte-Mace's Masseys/Maceys. Maceys/Mace's even share the stars of Bird-like Brights (Cheshire, same as Birds, Breads, Masseys and Mace's).

So what are we to say, that God had nothing better to do than to set me up with a loaf of banana bread just to show some heraldic connections between my mother's Masci line to Bohemians??? Why use Steve Bannon for this? Is this part of Trump's being swallowed by the shark? Swallows and Sallows (beside Sales') are Saluzzo liners. As Trump failed to jail his political enemies who are to this day worthy of it, those enemies are now trying to jail his team, innocent or otherwise.

Oh wow. The German Baums show a wall!!! Mr. Bannon just turned himself in, today (Thursday), at the request of the justice department, on a charge that he embezzled money from the raising of money for Trump's wall project! In the gate of the Baum wall is the same eagle as used by Tromps! The Baum Shield is even split horizontally in the colors of the vertically-split Tromp Shield! Zinger. The Baum Shield is split in colors reversed from the horizontally split Shield of English Walls, double zingier. These Walls were first found in Gloucestershire with Stevens. Steven Bannon, triple zingier.

Stevens use falcons, and Fulke's were a Flag/Flack branch. English Banners even look related to Fulke's. French Falcons were first found in Languedoc with French Banes' while English Banes' share the crescent of French falcons, how about that.

The upper half of the German Baum Coat looks related to Pasi's/Pascels "Passe" is a motto term of Rollo's, first found near the Gardens who share the black boar with Rollo's. Pasi's/Pascels and Baums share crossed spears with Speers who in turn have the Rollo boar heads in colors reversed. While Gardens share the giant boar head of French Jarrets, English Jarrets were first found in Shropshire with Sallows who in turn share the tree with German Baumgardens and Swallows, but see also the tree of Roets and Roots because Roets share the Speer boar heads. The Tree's/True's (Wiltshire, same as trumpet-using Calls) put a knight in their Crest while English Knights almost have the pale bars of Sallows, and then the Shoe's have both a knight and a "tree" upon a so-called "wall"!!!! Go figure. What does this mean? Why is God pointing to Bannon's arrest?

A "green tree" (with a "bird" upon it) is used by Pane's/Panis'/Panico's/Panetta's, and "pane" is "bread it Italian while Latin uses "panis." It's amazing that this surname was first found in Bologna, home of the proto-Bohemian Boii. We saw how Breads can be of Podebrady. I always connect Panico's and Pincs / Pings/Pongs to Reno's, who share red lozenges with KEPlers (Bohemia). The Kepler bend-by-lozenges is in the colors of the Keep bend.

Repeat from above: "Hicks use a "bon" motto term that can trace with Bone's to "Bononia," the alternative name of Bologna. Bonon(i)s are listed with Bono's. Bologna / Boii liners are expected to Bouillons who have the flory cross of Panico-beloved and Hicks-connectable Birds/Burds in colors reversed." The Bonons are almost Bannons.

In the 3rd update of last month, I tried to determine whether the shark swallowing Trump predicts his being jailed, through use of such surnames as Gails. They happen to share the lions of Fiens/Finis' who are in turn in the colors and format of Fiens/Fane's/Vans/FAME's suspect in the "fama" motto term of Gails. (My tenant just brought down the banana bread). The Joels/Jewells were also used who use "gillyflowers, and Gills/Gilles' (Yorkshire, same as Gails) can be assumed to have named Gilleston of the GUNTers who share gauntlets with Fiens/Fane's/Fame's. Gunters are suspect in the "junGUNTUR" motto term of BaumGARTEN-connectable Gardens, and "JUNGuntur" can be code even for Trump-connectable German Jungs/JUNE's or English June's, the latter sharing the Baumgarten / Banner / Cakebread fleur-de-lys! Val Trompia is at lake Garda, and Gillys/Gillie's are split horizontally in the colors of the vertically-split Tromp Shield.

As has been said a million times, the shark clamped its teeth around the BELLY of the bulldog, and Bellys use a "belli" motto term while Italian Belli's have six pale bars colors reversed from the six of Sallows. The Orie's/Aireys have the Belli pale bars too as well as a "Je le" motto phrase, perhaps for the Jells/Gills, first found in Yorkshire with Gails, Gills/Gilles'. Jells/Gills are in the colors and format of Varns, the latter first found in Ayrshire with Jelle's/Jellys, and Varns happen to share the Bannon and Graham scallops. Varns were close kin of Grahams, and I'll bet that Lindsey Graham is part of the spy system on Trumpers.

I'm eating some banana bread with melted butter because the tenant brought the bread still warm out of the oven. I've been suggesting for years that the Butter/Bitar cross is that of AFLACKs (Ayrshire again), and Bannons have a gold-scallop version of the Flag/FLACK Coat. Gillys/Gillie's were first found beside the Sinclairs of Roslin who in turn share the Aflack / Butter cross, essentially. Jelle's/Jellys share the gold garb with same-colored Yells, the latter first found in the Orkney group of islands ruled by Henry Sinclair of Roslin. I have said many times that Breads/Bradds were once said to be first found in Midlothian, where Grahams were first found, and location of Roslin.

Ah, I MELTed the butter on the banana bread, and Mellets/Mallets (Suffolk, same as Sinclair-liner Clare's) share the Rind scallops for a related reason I've shown recently, excellent because Rinds (Perthshire, same as Butters!) have "gillie flowers" to go with the "gillyflowers" of Joels/Jewells (Devon, same as Flowers). The Rind / Mellet scallops are in half the colors of the same of Fens'/Venns, and Fiens/Fane's/Vans (in the Gail motto) are in Mellet colors and format.

There's a Gela location in the Saracen part of Sicily, and Saracens are Shark liners. Wikipedia claims that Sicilians from Gela founded Agrigento, and I trace the Acragas name of that place to Carricks, first found in Ayrshire with Jelle's/Jellys. Agrigento is on the HYPSas river, and the Hips' almost have the Coat of Phoenix's/FENwicks, probably a PHONE/Fane/Van / Fens/Venn branch. The Hypsas is also the Drago, and Drake's were first found in Hampshire with Rind-beloved Pots, and with the Gaunt-branch Ghents who have a Chief in Graham Chief colors and format. Both Varns and Grahams share "Ne" with gauntlet-using Fiens/Fane's/Vans. Ghents share the eagles of Wants/Wantons (Norfolk, same as Hips' and Flags/Flacks) who in turn look like they have the Jelle/Jelly Coat, but also a Coat like that of Bannons.

It's Friday, and I have a baumshell: Baumgardens use a "FENCE" around a tree, and Kensingtons use both a tree and share the FENS/Venn scallops. Why are Kensingtons important? Because, as I was asking whether the Fens/Venn bend-with-scallops is related to the same-colored bend-with-stars of Wars/Weirs/Vere's, I was going to scrap the idea. I was checking to see if God pointed to Bannon's "WAR Room" show. I then saw this in the War/Weir/Vere write-up: "The surname War was first found in Roxburghshire, where they were descended from Aubri de Vere...His son, another Aubri...built a castle at Hedingham in Essex, and held KENSINGTON in Middlesex." Middlesex is where Vere-branch Fiers/Fears were first found, and Firs/FURs are probably in the "fur" tree of Alpins, i.e. I think the KENSington Crest is a fur tree because KENNETH was a son of king Alpin, and because both trees are showing identical. It just so happens that while king Alpin was the transition between the Pictish and Scottish royals, Scotland at the time was, Alba, and Fiers/Fears were from Alpin-like Albania, at Fier country. "Alba" means "tree" in Italian, and while Spanish Alba's have a tree, German Alba's look like they share the German and English Banner Coats in different colors!

That's perfect because Jewish Baumgartens share the German Banner fleur, and, besides, while Jewish Baumgartens are horizontally split in the colors of the vertically split Banners, the latter's split is shared by Spruce's/SPROWS' (another tree) while Wars/Weirs/Vere's are said to have been first found in SPROWEStun! WAR ROOM! However, I don't see how Rooms/Rums/Rims can apply to this War set of heraldry, though I showed how they apply to the Ping/Pong/Pagan/PUNG and PANE/Panico lines. "Pane" means bread, and God pointed to Mr. Bannon with banana bread. I had my second piece with tea when writing the paragraph above.

Ah, I'm on lunch, and, for lunch, I had TUNA on my homemade bread! Tuna's/Tunnels share the vertically-split colors of German Alba's! I was still hungry after the tuna, and so I cut a piece of banana bread!

Ahh, he brought me down an entire LOAF still in the bread PAN, and Pane-like Pans are listed with French Pagans/Payens!!! There's no Loaf surname coming up, but Luffs/Love's, first found in Oxfordshire with Aubri de Vere in the war write-up, use a so-called "bird," what the Pane's/Panico's call their bird upon a tree!!! I suppose that the red lion heads in the Luff/Love Chief can be the red lion in the Room/Rum/Rim Chief because the Luff/Love lion heads are close to those of Muscats/Musks, the latter first found in Cambridgeshire with Rum-like Rumillys. The latter not only share the War/Weir/Vere stars, but throw in a motto, "PerseVERE."

The Meschins who had married Rumilly-Skiptons also married Clare's of TUNbridge (Kent, same as first-known Kensingtons). Rumillys are said to be from Les Andelys, where TONY's/Tone's were from, and Tuna's/Tunnels can apply even with the English Tune's/Towns (Suffolk, same as Clare's). It was my tenant, with a surname listed with Chance's, who gave the banana bread loaf last night, and Tenants were first found in West Lothian with Scottish Towns, and with the Bathgate's sharing the sun of French Chance's.

Also, for what it's worth, Wars/Weirs/Vere's are said to have had a branch in HEDINGton of Essex, and Hedings/Headens/Heddens (boys heads?) are in Town/Tune colors and format. Haydens and Heads were first found in Norfolk with Town-related Wants/Wantons. Hedings/Headons have the same head design as Fantes', suspect as boys. Boys/Bie's use bees and Bee's/Bie's (Oxfordshire, same as Aubrey de Vere) share the quadrants of English Vere's (Essex, same as Hedington). Bee's/Bie's (share the Beeston / Biston bend) share the CakeBREAD fleur-de-lys, and Breads/Bradds were first found in Cheshire with the Masseys sharing the Bee/Bie quadrants.

Wars/Vere's were first found at SPROWEStun, and one may glean that Spruce's/Sprows' were a branch of Speers/SPEYers because Moray is at the Spey river while Wars/Vere's share the Moray stars. Speers/Speyers were first found in Renfrewshire with Hayden-branch Haldans. The amazing thing is that while "Suffer" is the motto of both Haldans and Haddans, Ainsleys share the scimitar in Crest with Haddans. It seems, once again, that God either arranged Hayden-related heraldry to point to Hayden, daughter of Ainsley Earhardt, or else arranged to name Hayden without the parents knowing.

Here's a short video with Steve Bannon this week Friday claiming that the FBI is after 35 pro-Trumpers all at once:

That looks like an act of war seeking to make pro-Trumpers rebel with violence. It's one step at a time for fake government, always more atrocious with each up-tick.

Stung For Stenger

On Friday, I came across a video telling that, just as the Sergeant at Arms of the U.S. senate was to testify on events at the January-6 "insurrection," he died (June 2022). A few months earlier, in February, he had said that the event was likely / possibly conducted by "agitators" as a pre-planned event, and so the theory is that he was murdered before he could testify. Just think of it. Just think of how cruel the deep state is. His name is Michael STENGer, and I was stung three times by wasps at the end of August. One of the stings, as you can verify in the 4th update of August, was on the upper ARM. I didn't know of this Sergeant at ARMS character until now.

Armys/Ermine's were first found in Lincolnshire with BRACEbridge's while Brace's/Bras' use armored arms. Bracebridge's use a "Be as" motto phrase while Beas' are listed with Bee's. A wasp is a bee. The Bras' can be from Bra (Piedmont, beside Alba), smack beside Savigliano, the latter being where Pelosi's were first found. Nancy Pelosi is the criminal Speaker of the Senate who likely had many details beforehand of the January-6 hoax.

There is a Sergeant surname, though I can't see how to link it to topic unless we go to my emBRACing Mamie in the lake, for Sergeants are in Mansfields and Tinton colors and format. The question is why God might give dolphins to Sergeants for the purposes of this investigation. Well, Dolphins/Dolfins were once said to be first found in Surrey with dolphin-using James', and the other English James' (Surrey) are the ones sharing the Jean/Jane Crest while Januarys are also Janeways. Is that cool or what? Yes, and it explains why Dolphins use three dolphins in the colors and format of the James lions. Plus, Michaels (Surrey with James) have the James scallops in colors reversed. MICHAEL Stenger!

Later on the day of that embrace, we were at her garden while the Gunters in the Garden/Jarden motto use "GAUNTlets while Sergeants are SarGAUNTS too!!! That snuck up on me.

Plus, Sergeants are in Town colors and format while Wants/Wantons, kin of Towns, share the Ghent eagles! Fascinating. The "JUNguntur" motto term of Gardens/Jardens must be for Trump-connectable German Jungs/June's. English Jungs/June's are in the format of, and colors reversed from, Gunters.

Just remembered. I've told this before: "Well, if God arranged my job with Gunter on the lumber mill (I made picture frames),..." ( I milled out the FRAMES, and January 6 was a frame job! And Stenger knew it. Everyone knows it, even the leftist media bosses. The quote above was in my first update in JANUARY, 2020, dated January 1 - 6, one year before the staged hoax.

In the 2nd update of May, 2018: "I've now got to mention that, shortly before meeting Mamie, I worked on a lumber MILL that made picture FRAME's, where my FOREMAN was Gunter. It's cause for an investigation. I faintly but distinctly recall getting the job while still living at Demaine crescent..." DeMaine's share the fleur-de-lys of Dutch Gunters. Jardins, first found in Angus with Gardens/Jardens, share the Chief-saltire combo of Armys/Ermine's who in turn have part of the Foreman Chief. Beauty.

Here's how I put it two updates ago:

I kid you not, I was on an abrupt, grassy bank, about five feet steep, between the septic tank and the maple tree, releasing grass seeds when a fly hit me on the face. I thought it was a deer fly, but when it began to sting, I realized it was a wasp. Wasps have their hives in the ground around here, and so due to past experience with them, because they gang up on me when I'm working near the entry to their nests, I tore up the bank...[into the house]

Just as I was in the door, I felt a sting on my leg, and, sure enough, there was a wasp there, which I knocked to the floor. At that very second, I realized that the wasp had stung me smack on the shin bone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I couldn't believe it. Even now, as I put my hand on the mild sting, it's on the shin bone itself, not to the side of it.

At that time, I had been talking about pointers to international bankers using the Bank surname, which named a Bank NEWTON location in Yorkshire, and Newtons use "shin bones" in the form used for them by Skull and Bones. Therefore, I feel compelled to investigate further whether the stings are a pointer to Stenger's murder. The wasps got me on the bank, a hill, and Hills were first found in Worcestershire with Jeans/Jane's, whom I looked up because there is a new-to-me-now January/JANEway/Genewy surname.

Stingers/Steins have a goat on what look like three hills, and English Steins/STEMs share the Januarys/Janeway bend while STAMfords/Stanforths were first found in Staffordshire with the Stenger-connectable STANfords who share the white goat with Steins/Stingers. Does that set of heraldry not look Arranged for pointing to Stenger's murder?

For what it's worth, CHIPmunk-using Heldens/HILLsdens are in Hill colors, and Worcestershire is where both Hills and Chips were first found. The Helden/Hillsden bull head is likely that of Fiens/Fane's/Vans (beside Herefordshire) because they put pellets upon it, as do Haydens on their dog while Haydens (Norfolk, same as Steins) were a branch of Helden-like Haldans and Haddens. Ainsleys share the scimitar with Haddens. However, this paragraph has value only if Steins/Stingers use hills. Haddens share the triple roses of Dutch MUNKs to go with the Helden/Hillsden chipmunk. Steins/Stingers share the white goat exactly of Russells, the latter first found in Dorset with Hayden-related Beautys (bulls) and their Hades/Hat branch. Fien-branch Fiens/Finis' were first found in Kent with Januarys/Janeways, and French Jeans share the Fien/Finis lion.

In passing, it can be added that while I ran up the deck stairs = scala and into the door, after getting to the top of the bank, Scale-like Skulls were first found in Herefordshire, beside Worcestershire, with Doors. Scale's, sharing feathers (different colors) with Stangels/STANGERs, can apply to Michael Stenger because they happen to have the Jean/Jane and PULLY/Pullen scallops in colors reversed, and there is a Pully location on the shore of lake Geneva i.e. in Switzerland with a host of Swiss banks who protect gangsters of the world such as international bankers. The January/Janeway/GENEWY write-up suggests that Genewys are from "Geneva."

I can now add that there's an Arve river flowing to the city of Geneva that has a BONNEville location to go with Skull and Bones. I traced Bellamys to the ARVE river partly because they, ignoring their crescents, are in HARVey colors and format, and partly because Garveys share the double chevrons of Perche's while Bellamy lived at the Perche hills near BONNEtable. Skulls are essentially in the format of English Bone's. To this we can add that French Jeans share the Irish Door lion and the Label/La BELL crescent while Bells share the Bellamy / Harvey fesse...and Bellamys throw in the Seaton/Sitten crescents while Sitten is a location near lake Geneva.

Next, we want to tell that Skulls share the five, white feathers in the Crest of Irish Clairs while French Clairs were first found in Limousin with Segurs in turn sharing the Geneva/Genova lion, and meanwhile SEGURana's were first found in Genova. Skull and Bones cultists are thus made suspect behind the January-6 false flag. Segurana's share the blue moline with the Mills, first found in Hampshire with Gunter-connectable Ghents, and Josephs, while French Josephs were first found in Maine with Pully-beloved Pellicans and DeMaine's. Repeat: "...I worked on a lumber MILL that made picture FRAME's, where my foreman was Gunter." Pullys share the martlets of French Josephs.

Pellicans share the Howell tower, and Howells were first found in Monmouthshire with gauntlet-using Fiens/Fane's/Vans. Owls/Howls are in the colors of French Josephs. The Foremans and Flys (Hampshire again) have the Joseph / Pully martlets in colors reversed, beauty. And the Foremen-branch Firmins have a chevron-with-anchors in the colors and format of the Want/Wanton chevron-with-eagles, they being the Ghent eagles too! BEAUTY. Plus, the Hones' (Hampshire) share the double-wavy fesses of Foremans.

I kid you not, Gunter's mill was on Industrial road (Richmond Hill, Ontario), and "industry" is used by Scottish Mills! That's amazing. Hones', suspect in the "HONor VIRTUTis" motto phrase of English Mills (Hampshire with Hones'), share the red lion in Crest with Lumbers ("vitute"), and then a giant red lion is used by Virgins, the latter first found in Kent with Gaunts because a virgin is used in the Arms of Ghent/Gaunt.

I kid you not, I was just singing (because I often put on the music on Saturdays) with Martina McBride, her song, "Independence Day," just as I was loading English Gunters to check whether they too were first found in Kent. Just as I saw that they were first found in Oxfordshire, the Cheeks came to mind because they too were first found there, and at that very split-second, I found myself singing her line, "daddy left the proof on her CHEEK"!!! I was stung on my cheek!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It's another Saturday song-line miracle!

What's more incredible is that, when I was searching for the telephone number of Miss Hicks, I saw her adopted daughter, Geneva, listed as Geneva DADDY. "Daddy left the proof on her cheek." Geneva's are like the Genewey variation of Januarys. I've never know of the January surname before this January-6 investigation, and they share the Coat of Gaunt-like Gone's/Guenets.

I've just loaded "GeneWEY" to assure I've got the correct spelling, and Martina sang, from the same song, "I ALWAYS seemed to be in the WAY." Januarys are also JaneWAYs, and the Ways/Weighs happen to have double-wavy fesses too, though not in the colors of the Hones / Foremans. "AlWAYs" is a motto term of Ainsleys. Always' can be gleaned as a branch of Aulnays/Oulneys and Oullette's (all three have the same lion), the latter first found at Falaise, the line to Falls/Fallis', I think, which spells, FALSE flag, for Always' (Suffolk, beside Norfolk) have one of the double fesses of Flags/Flacks (Norfolk). OULlette's are suspect with Owls/Howls (Suffolk).

The two Way/Weigh fesses have two pale bars within them in the colors of the two pale bars of German Steels, and the latter add the griffin of Italian Berta's/Berts. Ways/Weighs happen to have been first found in Devon with English Berts. English Steele's happen to share the lion heads of Formen-branch Firmins, both suspect in the Hayden motto. We should like to know why the Steele Crest is also the Virgin Crest, whether Christopher Steele was part of Virgin-Islands corruption. I trace Berts to Berth, wife of Mummolin, himself a descendant of Tullia of Lyon, very linkable to Steels, as I'll show below.

The Skull-like Scale's have this: "It was probably derived from Aquitaine, where the Viscounts of Scales had been of importance since the time of Charles Martel, c. 730, at which epoch they had a grant of the ruined Abbey of TULLE and its estates. These were restored to the church by Aldemar, Viscount of Scales, 930. Gausbert, his brother, was ancestor of the family of Scales, which continued at Limoges, 1201." Limoges happens to be the Limousin capital, and we just saw Clairs of Limousin and the Irish Clairs sharing the Scale Crest.

Plus, Tulle's are from Tullia of Lyon at CLERmont-Ferrand in Auvergne, and French Harveys were first found in Auvergne. The Tulls/Tullia's (Dauphine, same as Martels and Clermonts) use the BUTTERfly while Butters share the SinCLAIR cross. The Flys share the Bank fleur-de-lys. Butters are very important because Stengers are one of only three surnames I know of showing a curved bend, and another is the Italian Botters/Bottini's/BOTTI's while English Botters/Bodins (Hampshire, same as Flys and Buttons/BIDENs/Bodens) have an eagle said to be STANDing of a "PERCH," I kid you not.

The Gunters, a branch of Januarys, were first found in Breconshire with CLERMONTS'/Clements, kin of French Clairs. English Clare's share a stag head (different colors) in Crest with Gunters.

The BATTIstelli's share "billets" (different colors) in Chief with English Steels, and German Steels have two pale bars in the colors of the one of Tulls/Tullia's. The FBI colluded with Christopher Steele in targeting Trump, and it's widely known that the FBI were the false-flag agitators at the January-6 event. I came to Battistelli's, not only because Batti's are Botti's too, like a Botter variation, but because Battistelli's share the pyramid with Tulls/Tolle's. The latter's toilet-like Tollet variation is super here for more reason than my septic tank being under the bank of dirt that had the wasp nest i.e. where I was stung in the FACE. Yes, the first sting was on my face, as was said.

Tullia of Lyon married Mr. Rusticus of Clermont-Ferrand, and it's due to Italian Ferrands sharing the Tull/Tolle checks that we can know her to be to the Tull/Tolle surname. I can now see straight-ahead that you're about to get a whammy, hold on to your toilet. First, English Ferrands are said to have been wardens of Skiptons, and Skipton is in Craven with Bank Newton! Banks share the Fly fleur-de-lys, and Flys were first found in Hampshire with the CHECKers sharing the checkered Shields of Tulls/Tolle's and Ferrands, INCREDIBLE because I was stung on the CHEEK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! As was said, Bankers/Benchers were first found in Oxfordshire with Cheeks.

Cheeks are also Checks/Chicks, and while I said that the wasps CHASED me up the bank and across the septic tank for a reason, Chase's were likewise first found in Hampshire, and they share the patonce cross with English Ferrands, and with STANley-connectable Chase's and Change-like Chance's. Banks were at WinSTANLEY. Winstanleys (look like Change/Changer kin) have a "PRENEZ" motto term to go with the "eastern prince" in the Newton Crest, for Prince's/PRINSE's (pineAPPLEs) were first found in Yorkshire with Bank Newton.

The Prince-connectable Apple's and Applebys share the Mountain, Tong, and Fleetwood martlets while Fleets almost have the Flag/Flack Coat, both sharing the double STAN/Stand/Stain fesses. The eagle of English Botters/BUDDYs (Hampshire, same as Flys of Flagi) STANDs on a perch, and this is amazing because, after Stanley took the flag to the stage, I went up to Miss Hicks to ask her, "is that your BUDDY?" Fleetwoods (Essex, same as Maple's) share the vertically-split shield of Maple's, and, as was said two updates ago, the wasp stung me on the cheek between the bank and the maple tree. The Tromps have the vertically-split Shield in colors reversed.

Stanleys came to topic at a 9-11 memorial I attended (2002), when a Stanley character took my seat beside Miss Hicks. He was holding the U.S. flag at the time, and took it to the STAGE for the final part of the memorial. The Flys had a Flagi location, and this stage suggests staged, false-flag events!!! INCREDIBLE. It's now pointing to Stenger's murder. Why else would God point to it if he wasn't murdered?

Maple's are said to have had a Mepal location in Cambridgeshire, and Stanleys (Cambridgeshire with Rench's) look related to the Maple boar heads. Stanleys are in Banker/Bencher colors and format. They are the boar heads of Roets too, a branch of Rita's sharing the curved bend (different colors) with Stengers. The 9-11 memorial had an event with Miss Hicks at the Get'n GO, on Ranch road, which pointed to Gore's/Core's (share Rench crosslets) and Gowers/Gore's, both on whom share the white wolf in Crest with Fleetwoods.

Gore's/Core's were first found in Kent with Bank-like Bangs/Bongs/Bengs, with SCALing-ladder Trips (share Gore/Core crosslets), with Januarys/Janeways/Genewys, and with wolf-head Gaunts who share the January / Gone bend along with nearly the Change/Changer Coat. Januarys/Janeways/Genewys share the GONE/Guenet Coat, and as the latter is a Belgian surname, they look like they are from Ghent/Gaunt of Belgium. Incredibly, the other Gone's are listed with Gower-connectable Gows/McGoo's (share gold boar head with Maple's).

Sergeants are SarGAUNTs too.

Stanleys, who came to mind with STENger branches such as Stangels, have the Change's/Changers in their motto. Stanleys pointed to Morgan Stanley bankers, and Chance's were first found in Essex with Fleetwoods and Cheek-connectable Chicks who in turn share the lion of Rita's. English Ritters share the lone lion in Chief with the Chief of Drops/Trope's, the latter first found in Norfolk with Bank-connectable Benjamins and Stinger-connectable Steins. Bongino's have a curved fesse to go with the curved Rita / Stenger bend, and German Ritters (Austria, same as Stingers/Steins) are split horizontally in colors reversed from the same of Bongino's...making the curved Bongino fesse suspect as a bow (as in rainbow), or bowed bar, because Rita-branch Roets share the Bow/Bough motto. Roet-branch Roots were first found in Norfolk with Benjamins.

Drops/Trope's share drops with many surnames, and red drops are called, "sang," or BLOOD drops. The Sans'/SANGuez's in the Stanley motto share the eagle of Irish Clairs, the latter first found in Suffolk with the English Clairs/Clare's having the BLED Coat in colors reversed. Bleds love the Tous' sharing the eight-pointed star of Steel-branch Stelli's. Dutch Steins share the red, eight-pointed star with Batti's/Botti's, and we saw Battistelli's with the PYRamid of Tulls/Tolle's/Tollets who in turn share the lone Ritter / Drop/Trope lion in their Chief too. It's the lion of Stenger-connectable Strange's too. Steins (Norfolk, same as Parsons), sharing the January / Gone bend, share the leopard FACES of Parsons (red drops) and PYRamid-suspect Peare's. I was hit and stung on the face by what I thought was at first a FLY.

Dutch Steins are in the format of, and colors reversed from, January-like Genners/Jenners (Switzerland).

It should be added here that Chance's were first found in Essex with Mountains in case the Stinger/Stein goat is on mountains instead of hills. Mountains almost have the Coat of Tongs/Tongue's (both share gold martlets with Flys), first found in Yorkshire with Tanks/Tancreds (and Pullys/Pullens) to go with my septic tank. I had read that French Mountains married Claviere's (Auvergne, same as Clermont-Ferrand) who, along with Clavers share the key symbol with Clermonts. Mummolin, a descendant of Tullia of Lyon, had a son, ruler of Belgium with the first-known January branch of Guenets. Mummolin's grandson, Grimo, is suspect to Grimaldi's, who lived in Genova, where Doria's were first found who share the giant Gene/Ganay eagle (Tromps use it too), interesting where Januarys are also Genova-like GENEways/Genways.

Tanks/Tancreds happen to share the scallops of January-connectable Jeans/Jane's and Pullys/Pullens, and the latter have the gold Fly martlets in colors reversed. The Jeans/Jane's share the Crest lion of James' who in turn share the triple lions of Chicks. I was stung on the cheek as a pointer to Chicks.

Dan BONGino often mentioned Anthony Ferrante in relation to FBI crimes against Trump. "Ferrante was Chief of Staff of the FBI's Cyber Division. He joined the FBI as a special agent in 2005, assigned to the FBI's New York Field Office." I think my stings now point to FBI stings by Mr. Ferrante and company, especially as Bank-connectable Bongino's have a curved fesse to go with the curved bend of Stengers; the latter are in Bank and Benjamin colors. Bongino's were first found in Tuscany with Botters/Botti's, and with Italian Ferrands/Ferrante's.

English Ferrands (Yorkshire, same as Leaks/Leakeys) look like they share the Leak/Leakey Shield, and while the Get'n Go is on Ranch road that the locals call the "Leakey road," it could be that Ferrante is/was an FBI leaker to the news media because German Ranch's share the lone Leak/Leakey fleur-de-lys.

As a child, I lived on SENATOR Reesors drive in Markham, interesting where Michael Stenger was the chief of police in the U.S. Senate. Markhams were at MAPLEbeck. Reesors, first found in Lincolnshire with Leaks/Leakeys, share a blue-vaired cross on red with English Ferrands. One of my father's grandfathers was Mr. Taddei, and Taddei's (share the "FLORY" cross of Auvergne's Bouillons) were first found in Florence/Firenze, the line to Ferrants, explaining why English Ferrants share two crosses in a red Chief with Taddei's. Italian Ferrands/Ferrante's were first found in Tuscany with Florence. I swatted the wasp off of my shin bone to the FLOOR. Flora's and Flore's were probably Florence liners.

Taddei's and Ferrands have Chiefs in the colors and format of the Scottish Alda/Alde Chief, and so let's go back to the Scale write-up: "...ruined Abbey of TULLE and its estates. These were restored to the church by ALDEmar, Viscount of Scales,..." Italian Alda's were first found in Florence. AldeMAR could indicate an Alda-Mar marriage because Scale's share white scallops with French Mars while Scottish Mars (Yorkshire, same as Scayle's) share the Tull/Tolle/Tollet lion. And, of all places, Scalia's were first found in Florence.

The "JusTUS" motto term of English Ferrands (Yorkshire, same as Banks)can be suspect with the Tous' because they were first found in Tuscany with the Bongino's who almost have the Tous Chief. They both use stars in the same colors, and in the colors of the stars of Stinger-like Singers/Sangs. Hmm. Miss Hicks sang two songs on stage the night Stanley sat beside her at the 9-11 memorial. Plus, German Singers/Sangs share the black bear of English Beers (Devon, same as English Singers) while Dutch Beers share the Benjamin saltire. Dan Bongino's producer was a singer, Joe ARMacost.

Bangs/Bongs/Bengs were first found in Kent with Wootens, Januarys and Rusts/Roosts, the latter sharing a black saltire with Benjamins who in turn share the annulet of SCAYLE's (Yorkshire, same as Banks). Rusts are suspect from Rusticus, the name not only of the husband (in Auvergne) of Tullia of Lyon, but of their descendant, whose daughter (Artemia) married FLORENTinus. Kim WALSH, Kepke's fiancee, lived on Wooten Way, and Senator Reesors drive ends at Wooten Way while Wootens share the Walsh and Rust/Roost saltire in both colors. It's amazing because Walsh's almost have the Benjamin Coat, and I've been telling for about five years that I kissed Kim Walsh on the Cheek.

[Insert -- As Walsh's and Benjamins link to Banks, note how "fiancee" looks like "finance." Kepke made wedding plans with Kim, but he got cold feet and called the marriage off, then went back to Miss Peare. Weddings (Yorkshire, same as Banks and Keppochs) are in Keppoch colors and format! That's new wow-wow material. Finance-like Finans essentially share the Coat of Wigtons (Yorkshire), and Finans share the blue dove with neighboring Waistells. The Wigton and Finan Coats are almost those of Stairs, and the latter were first found in Kent with Fiens/Finis', we get it. I'm not familiar with the Finans, but just lookie there. As Stairs were first found in Kent with Rusts/Roosts, I can say that Peare and I rust up the stairs to get away from Kepke. I didn't know until writing further below that "finem" is a motto term of PRESleys (Yorkshire again) that goes with my belly-PRESS with Miss Peare, which was related to my WAIST-pull with her in a mall that pointed to Yorkshire's Morleys/Mauls, kin of Morlands near the first-known Waistells! This paragraph is all new. Malls have the MalBANCs.

In the waist-pull dream, David Morley rode his bike down, and then up, a BANK!!! Morlands (version of English Morley Coat) share the Bank fleur-de-lys!!!!! Incredible. I described the Waist-pull and belly-press with, "it FELT so good," and while this proved to be an Inspired phrase for heraldic pointers, I can add that Feltmans share the Morland leopard face, gold like the Peare leopard face. Wow some more: Weddings/Waddingtons were at Waddington (Yorkshire), and Waddings (Yorkshire) share the Morley fleur-de-lys!!! Wade's, connectable to Mamie, who herself had a waist symbol, were first found in neighboring Durham. End insert]

Benjamins use flames in Crest, and while the Ferrand-connectable Cheeks/Checks/Chicks can be of the Chichesters, the latter share the checkered Shield of Dutch Flamings/Flamingo's. Kent is where Gaunts were first found who have a gold wolf head to go with the gold wolf of German Flamings/Flemings. Flemings lived at Gaunt. Kent is where Louvains/Lovings were first found who named Louvain in Belgium, and Luffs/Love's were Cheek/Check/Chick kin. Luffs/Love's use a "bird" with the Cheek/Chick fitchee, and Birds/Burds have the Bouillon / Taddei flory in colors reversed.

I was stung on the cheek and face in the bank. Face's/Fessys happen to have the Segni's/SEGURana's (of Genova) in their motto, and thus they became suspect as a branch of Fieschi, first found in Genova. The Fiscs (almost a pyramid) point to the FISC court which the FBI weaponized against Trumpers. Face's/Fessys were first found in Northamptonshire with the Spinks sharing the eagles of Irish Clairs, and so while the latter share the Scale Crest, let's add that Scale's were first found in Hertfordshire with the Vince's/Finch's suspect in the Face/Fessy motto.

Tulls/Tolle's/Tollets share the Tool lion, and two of these lions are all that Strangers show, whom I had looked up at the sight of Stenger variations. For example, Stangals, sharing the Stenger bend, are also Stregens and Stragne's.

Elvis Went to a Moldavian Wedding

Videos this week are saying that prince > king Charles of England claimed on a show to descend from count VLAD Dracula, of Wallachia. Walsh's/Walchs are from Wallachia along with Benjamins. The latter lived on the Rimna river, which is a tributary of the Siret river. The latter was anciently the AGARus (see it as such on top-right of map), and Hagars share the Vlad Coat, a giant hexagram in colors reversed from the lone one of the Israeli flag. It's scarce to find the Rimna river online, but it's on my atlas on the south side of Focsani. Here's a quote: "The Zabala, Rimna, and Trotus rivers also flow southeastward into the Siret."

It begs the question of what surname the Israel flag borrows from when it has the double-blue fesses, and so it's interesting that Hone's/Hones', first found in Hampshire with Dracula-like Drake's, use such double fesses. Hagars use a "ModESTE" motto term, and Italian Este's share the giant eagle, in Vlad / Hagar colors and format, with the Aquila's in the Drake motto. Nicholas de Vere von Drakenberg was a self-pronounced, satanic "prince," and English Vere's were first found in Essex with English Este's while Essex's share the Aquila / Este eagle too, as do Segurana's. "Wlad" is a motto term of English Josephs (Hampshire).

Scottish Weirs/Vere's (got the Hagar / Vlad star, almost) were first found in ROXburghshire with Walsh's/Walchs, and Roxburghs were from the Roxolani upon the Yellow-like Ialomita river to the near-south of the Rimna. Yellows were first found in Oxfordshire with the ruling Vere's of Oxford.

NO WAIT -- After saying that, I asked self who has a hexagram in the blue-on-white colors as per the Israeli flag, and SUDDENLY, ZOWZERS, the Innis' came to mind whom I had found by entering the Hone/Hones-like One/Ones surnames!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WOW! Innis' and One's/Innis' were first found in Moray while Weirs/Vere's share the Moray stars, in colors reversed from the same (five-pointed) One/Innis stars. The Israeli flag looks very satanic.

Ahh, German Hone's were first found in Silesia with the Handels / Handle's sharing the Moray Coat! It's in colors reversed from the One/Innis Coat!!! The Handel motto even has a "ohne" term. Handels are in Hahn colors, and the Wings/Winks in the Hahn Crest were first found in Perthshire with Hagars (Hahn colors and format). This recalls my door-HANDLE dream that I've tried to decipher many times in updates. The door handle on my JEEP was missing a barrel-shaped part, and JEEPma's/Cheps share the Hagar / Vlad hexagram.

Ahh, Honeys share the double-Hone/Hones fesses without the waves, and Haneys/Hanna's have the stag heads of Trumps (Mecklenburg, same as Hahns) who are in turn in Hahn colors and format. ANNAbells are also Honeybells!

The wavy Hone/Hones fesses are in the colors of the three, wavy pale bars of Lise's/Liss' and Lists, the latter first found in Silesia with Hone's and Handels, beauty. The same wavy pale bars are in the crescents of Hahn-like Hains/HAINSONs who in turn have the triple crescents of Oldens while Jeepma's were first found in Oldenburg. English HANSONs (Yorkshire, same as Hagar-like Agars/Augers) share the Whalley mascle, and German Hansons share the Agar/Auger lion. Oldenburgs use a lone, wavy pale bar in the colors reversed from the lone pale bar of Wallachia- / Walsh-like Walls'/Whals, and a WHALE is used by Whalleys and Dols (Mecklenburg, same as same-colored Hahns). I know where I'm going with this, to the LIZarts/Sarde's, who almost have the Lise/Liss and List Coats. Lizarts/Sarde's were at DRAGuignan!

I almost forgot. We naturally want to see the Charles Coats, because we got to Vlad the Impaler Dracula from king Charles. English Charles' use an "HONores" motto term, no guff. The Augets in the motto of English Charles' were first found in Provence with Draguignan! Spot-on. It can even suggest that the first king Charles of England was a descendant of Dracula.

Oldens may have been Holds and Holders because the latter were first found in Gloucestershire with English Walls (Holder / Hold colors). There's an OLT (ancient Alutus) river to the west side of Wallachia. English Walls may be using the Auget fesse, but, in any case, the latter's is in the colors of the double Hold and Pot fesses, and moreover, French Pots have the Auget Coat in colors reversed. English Pots were first found in Hampshire with a slew of surnames in this discussion, including the Hone's and Drake's, but lets add the Potters too, for they are in the colors and format of Dragons/Drainers! The only thing missing is a vampire, but give it time. Dragons/Drainers share an embattled fesse (different colors) with English Walls. German Dragons, first found in Silesia, no guff, share a red wyvern dragon with Drake's. German Bors use the pot, and Hagars have a "conaBOR" motto term.

I had seen that Presleys use "grappling hooks", and Hooks share the Auget fesse. Hooks have a different-colors version of the Wedding and Hicks Coats, both first found in Yorkshire with Presleys, and where Hucks were once said to be first found.

The Moldova river is a tributary of the Siret/Agarus too, and one of my sons married a Moldavian. His name is Michael, and German Michaels share the Hagar hexagram, in the colors of the pentagram stars of Billiard/Hillards, the latter now said to be first found in Surrey with English Michaels. Billiards/Billets share the Billiard/Hillard Coat but with hexagrams i.e. the Michael hexagram. Her name is Hanna-like Anna, and Anne's/Hanne's were first found in Yorkshire too, with early Billiards/Hillards. Anne's/Hanne's share the stag heads of Poppins/Pophams, first found in Hampshire again.

For my wedding speech, I played off of Elvis Presley, saying he had big sideburns like bat wings because he wore a cape for his performances due to being related to count Dracula (I was kidding). All those girls that went teary-eyed crazy for him were Moldavian girls, I said, and I sang about six stanzas from an Elvis song, "Blue Suede SHOES," though I changed the lyrics.

I didn't pick that song because Trypillians were in Moldova while German Trips use shoes! I kid you not, Anna's sister married VLAD, a Ukrainian, likely named after king Vladimir of Ukraine, husband of Anna. Nor did I pick that song due to Presleys using a red "cockaTRICE" that is almost the red Drake / Dragon wyvern. The Trice's/Trysts are in the "KEEP tryst" motto of Hebrons (beside Presleys), and Keeps have been resolved with "Kiev," near Trypillia! Bingo. Presleys are in Hebron colors and format.

I didn't chose to compare Elvis' cape to Dracula because Caiaphas-suspect Cape's/Capes' share the three scallops of French Larins, first found in Provence with Draguignan. Scottish Larins/Clarens share the double Perche chevrons while Botters/Bodins, from the Budini of Kiev, use a "perch," and were first found in Hampshire with Lise's/Liss', a branch of Lizarts/Sarde's of Draguignan! Beauty.

The Elvis surname, first found in Nottinghamshire (beside Anne's and Hansons of Yorkshire) with Anne-like AINSleys, have variations like the Always' in the "always" motto of Ainsleys. The Hains/Hainsons above are also Ains'. The Annesleys share the six pale bars in the Ains/Hains/Hainson crescents. I'm beside myself here because the Elvis surname shares the Auget/Auge fesse while English Auge's/Aggs are in Always colors and format. The English Charles, with the "auget" motto term, have a Coat looking related to Ice's/Ecco's and Eggs, and Miss Hanson, my teen girlfriend, had pointed to Ice's/Ecco's (Mecklenburg, same as Hahns).

Anna's birth surname is almost "Kiss," and I kissed Kim Walsh (from Wallachians) on the cheek while the triple crescents of Cheeks (Oxfordshire, same as Annesleys) are those of Ains'/Hains/Hainsons in colors reversed. Kim Walsh lived in Markham when I kissed her, and Markhams were first found in Nottinghamshire too. Plus, the Markham Coat is nearly that of Guerins, and the latter is suspect from Guerin of Provence i.e. location of the Ains-connectable Lizarts/Sarde's of Draguignan, and where French Augets/Auge's were first found.

I told the wedding audience that I was going to give marital advice, "it's never too early." But I didn't want to be serious, and so I joked throughout. I started with saying to be "playful," and to avoid turf wars in marriage such as how to handle it when the husband steals the lion's share of the bed comforter at night during sleep. And so I changed, "don't you step on my blue suede shoes" to "don't you steal my blue comforter." That was fun. There is a Comfort surname (kin of Camelfords/Campbellfords), but I can't see a way to link it to Wallachia.

However, I learned of the Comforts from emailer Pollock, whose mother was a Pollock and whose father was a Comfort. Emailer Pollock badly had PORPHYRIA (a disease), and the wife of king Vladimir of Ukraine was Anna PORPHYRogenita. Pollock-like Plocks/Plucknets (share Pully/Pullen martlets) have the following, though I don't agree with the derivation: "Plucknet is a name...for a maker of coarse woolen cloth and BLANKETs...Plunket is adapted from the Anglo-Norman-French word blancquet, meaning blanket or sheet." A comforter is a blanket. I say that Plocks/Plucknets (Oxfordshire) were a branch of Plunketts (Vilaine), from Plancia Magna, the line also to cabbage-using Plants/Planque's, and it just so happens that Cabbage's use an "angustis" motto term while there was (I saw it on a map) and Angusta location near the Moldova river.

Plancia Magna, wife of Tertullus, was the line to Tertullus, ancestor of the PLANTagenet Fulks. Fulk I of Anjou married Miss Loches, and Loches' were first found in Burgundy with Sirets. Nicholas de Vere von Drakenberg claimed that mythical Melusine, the heraldic mermaid with MIRROR, was mother to Milo de Vere, count of Anjou immediately/soon before Fulk I. Mire's/MIREUX's were first found in Anjou, and their "myrtle" tree is suspect as code for Martels, the line from CHARLES Martel, for French Charles' use MARTLets.

As it suddenly appears that my Elvis song was Inspired by God (what for?), as crazy as that sounds (since Elvis was a sinner), note the "one" and "honey" at the start of the song, for Honeys share the double Hone/Hones fesses, and the Innis branch of One's/Ones' have the Hagar star in colors reversed while the Moldova river is a tributary of the Agarus. Plus, the Innus' (not "Innis") are said to be of "Angus," like "Angusta" (I think the latter was off the Trotus tributary of the Agarus).
I sang the song as though Anna were talking to her husband: "It's ONE kick to MY HONEY, two to let go, three to hold steady now PULL kitten pull, but don't you, steal my blue comforter, you can do anything but lay off my blue comforter."" Pullys share the Plock martlets. Pulls are listed with pools. They are from Vespasia Polla, mother of emperor Vespasian, grandson of Tertulla. Plancia Magna's father was Galatian, and royal Galatians included Julia Polla and Julia Tyche (mother and daughter). Ticks/Tooks, Tickhills, Pullys, Presleys and Carpenter-connectable Pauls were all first found in Yorkshire. Carpenters, suspect from the Carpathian mountains at Wallachia, share the motto of Bailey-branch Bellys (Moray). Presleys share the tower of Pully-beloved Pellicans, and this tower is partially in the Siret Coat.

Now look at "MY HONEY" who's hogging the COMFORTer, for My's share the CAMELford/Campbellford cross, and the latter are not only Comerfords along with Comforts, but both share a peacock in Crest. I had read that Peacocks (Essex, same as CAMULodunum) are a Pollock sept. Pollocks built Rothes castle in Moray, and One's, suspect as a Honey branch, were first found in Moray. Plus, Comforts use a "ho ho" motto phrase while the Hoo's/Ho's/Whoo's share a black fesse with Howe's (Carrick colors and format) while Howeys (Ayrshire, same as Carricks) share the Plock / Pulley martlets. Howeys were looked up because Hone's are also HOWens. This is working with Elvis' because My's were first found in Nottinghamshire with both Ainsleys and Elvis'/Elways while Ainsleys use a motto phrase, "for MY king ALWAYs." We can add that Pully-beloved Pellicans share the HOWell tower.

Back to Camelfords/Campbellfords, for Campbells/Cammells share a "Ne" motto term with Comforts/Comerfords and Honeys, and with Fiens/Fane's/Vans, the latter first found in Monmouthshire with Howells. It's perfect with "my honey" because My's share the Camelford/Campbellford cross. I'm amazed. Hoo-like Hoe's were even first found in Tipperary with Lafins, the La FIN line. While Howeys share the martlet of French Josephs, English Josephs (same place as Hone's) use "ni" while Nie's/Neys almost have the Fein/Finn Coat.

A count of Angusta was Vrm, father of Helena. I read an article (can't find it again) telling that this Helena married king BELA of Hungary, brother of king Andrew. Anna of Moldova, my daughter-in-law, has a son, Andrew, the name of her father too, as well as a daughter, Alina, like "Helena." It looks like God in action, but why? I'm always left in unsatisfied wonderment. Vrm-like Worms have the FORMan dragon, and while Worms of German was ancestral to the Robertian dynasty (France), Formans share the Robert lion.

Just as I loaded Tews because it's like "two," "dew" was singing on the speakers from "Morning has Broken." Lookie: "It's ONE [playful] kick to my HONEy, TWO [for him] to let go". Tews share the hexagram of One-branch Innis!!! The latter share a green snake with Elvis'. Dews/Deweys (probably kin of Potters and Flowers) use dragon heads for connection to Dracula. I advised to be PLAYful, and proceeded to be playful. Plays use red drops for Tropoje liners. Drops/Trope's share the Tull/Tolle/Tollet and Tool lion while Tews are also Tuels/Tewells, isn't that amazing? Tropoje is near HAS of Albania, which seems to explain why God chose "Morning HAS Broken" for the Dews. The Clare's, likely in the "clarior" motto term of Players (BROKEN lance), were first found in Suffolk with the Shoe-beloved Knights who share the triple pale bars of Tews. Charo's, in the motto of Josephs along with "wlad," and also Claro's.

They called Elvis "the king," and Kings (Devon, same as Dews/Deweys) with Kingstons share the lion of Nights/McKnights. I knew a woman, Miss Abreu of Kingston, whose favorite singer was Elvis Presley, which may have been why I chose one of his songs for the wedding speech. For what's it's worth, Speech's are listed with Speaks/Spike's/Spocks, a branch of Speccots, first found in Devon with Dews/Deweys. It looks like God prepared the "dew" term in the song without question to jibe with this Elvis investigation. The song was originally from CAT Stevens, but is sung on my playlist by Third Day. Elvis sang his song with "go CAT go."

In case you think I'm making this Elvis-song story up, it was in the 4th update of October, 2020. For a comparison with my lyrics, here's Elvis' lyrics: "It's one for the money, two for the show, three to get READY now go cat go, but don't you, step on my blue suede shoes; you can do anything but lay off of my blue suede shoes." Readys share the swan with Irish Walsh's/Walch's who in turn share the Reed chevron, and the "TRANSfixus" motto term of Irish Walsh's/Walch's can be for Trans'/Trents because Tarents share the eagle of Reeds, and both surnames are essentially in the same colors and format. Wallachia is in TRANSylvania.

Presleys once showed "grappling IRONS"" (instead of "grappling hooks") while Irons/Orions were of AIRAINES, related to "Arran," where Blue's were first found. BLUE suede shoes. Plus, the Bailys and Baliols speak of a location near ABEEville (near Airaines) while McCabe's/MacABEE's (looks like play on "Maccabee") were first found on Arran too. Baliols share the swords of the Pollets in the Pull/Pool motto. Baliols and Baileys (Moray stars) were not only first found in Northumberland with Tryst-loving Hebrons, but the Bailey Crest is the Crest of One's/Ones'/Innis'!!!! Wow, the latter even use a "BE TRAIST" motto, can we believe this? Moray is where bat-using Randolphs were first found who share the Bath cross and even throw in horseSHOES!!! Horse's were first found in Northumberland with Baliols and Baileys! Shoe's even share the Presley and Siret tower, you can't believe this.

Shoe's use "a knight issuing from the knees," and so I've got to repeat that Knee's were first found in County Down while the Knee stag head is shared by Vise's and Acorns, both first found in Sussex with Downs/Douns. Then, Dunhams/Downhams/Dounhams share the Coat of English Randolphs while Obama's mother, Miss Dunham, is known to descend from Randolphs. County Down is where Prays were first found who share the Coat of Coats/Cotes' suspect from the Cotesii on the Buzau tributary of the Siret, in the land of the Benjamites from Israel's Rimmon (like "Rimna"). The Coats/Cotes and Pray Coats is shared by Trots, from the Trotus tributary of the Siret.

English Prays are also Preters/Praters suspect from ancient names of the Prut river. Prays/Praters share a black and winged horse in Crest with Bernice's/Burness', the latter looking like kin of bat-using Bugs. The Bug river is near the Prut. At the wedding, with a host of Moldavians present from all over, I joked about Presley's big sideBURNs looking like bat wings as play on count Dracula the vampire. The Burns were first found in Cumberland with Bernice's/Burness' (and Browns/Bruns), suspect with Bernice Agrippa, and while Gripps come up as Grapps, what about those GRAPPling irons / hooks?

The Bernice/Burness fesse is that of Charles-beloved Augets, and king Charles reportedly traced himself to count Dracula. The same fesse is colors reversed from the one of Presley-beloved Hooks, and Hooks share the Brown/Brun fleur-de-lys (making Bruno's look like they have the Pot bend). The Vince's suspect in the Bernice/Burness motto were a branch of Finchems and Fine's/Finns, the latter suspect in the "finem" motto term of Presleys. Fine's/Finns (Bohemians) were first found in Burgundy with Sirets. Scottish Kennedys, from Cetis, have the Lafins/La Fins (Tipperary, same as Irish Kennedys) in their motto who share a "vincit" motto term with Bernice's/Burness'.

The Bugs are very interesting here for sharing the "water bouget" on a fesse (different colors) with Bernice's/Burness', for while the Bug rivers are in Ukraine, Bugs happen to have a bat in Crest!!! His sideburns were compared to bat wings! Bouchier's (Essex, same as Waters), use water bougets and share the black dog (probably talbot dogs) with Carricks and Craggs. Bouchiere's (not "Bouchier") share the Benjamin saltire. Bouchier's are said to descent from Hugh, an earl of Ewe, and Ewe's/Cuish's/Kewsh's, linkable to the Bibo CUSHION, share the Bouchiere and CUSSON eagle. I trace Bibo's to king Laevillus.

Ahh, I get it: Bows/BOUGH's, who look like they belong to the BOUGet line, share five, bunched arrows with Elvis'! I get it, the satanic Rothschilds, who are in cahoots with the British royals, and now probably plotting the "Great Reset" with king Charles.

Buckets were first found in Lincolnshire with Taillebois' while Talbots named the talbot dog. Talbots were first found in Shropshire with Bats while bouget-liner Bugs use the bat. Bats are in the colors and format of Rusts/Roosts, the latter first found in Kent with English Gards while Irish Gards share the BROWN Bat wolf.

I've just found Bucket-like Bugets (share Angus / Jardin stars in Chief), first found in Limousin with the French Clairs, kin of Clermonts'/Clements, the latter first found in BRECONshire while Brecons (Angus, same as Gardens and Jardins) share a Bucket Coat. Beauty.

Kennedys and Carricks/Kerricks were both from Cetis' king Laevillus, father of PROCulus CHARAX, and PROCtors share the Crest of Weddings. The three Proctor nails are in the heart of Logans, the latter first found in Ayrshire with Kennedys and Carricks/Kerricks. French Loge's and Loches'/Desloges' were first found in Burgundy with Fine's/Finns and Presley-connectable Sirets. I saw with my own eyes that the Presley "grappling irons" were once showing in the design of the "caltrop" of English Kerricks. The latter's "paratus" motto term is shared by WING-using Swords, and can be suspect with the ancient names ("Pyretus / Porata") of the Prut river between the Siret and Ukraine. If not mistaken, the Prut is in Moldova, perfect.

The Prut-like Prude's/Prats are perfect here for sharing the Carrick/Kerrick and Bug fesse. Prude's/Prats (Auvergne, near RoqueFEUIL) share the treFOILs of English Rocks (Worcestershire with Chips) while ROQUEfeuil is in Languedoc with the first-known Roque's/Rocks. The ROXolani were at the Dnieper river at Trypillia, and Trips, once showing boots instead of shoes, are also TREFFs (to go with the Prude/Prat trefoils). The boots were likely code for the BUDini, whom Wikipedia places south of Kiev. I had read that Trypillia was south of Kiev. Perfect. The Prude's/Pride's use "lamPREYS," and English Preys/Prays are also Preters/Praters, we get it.

I've often said, Carricks and their Craig / Craigie branches named Acragas, at the DRAGO river! This city was founded by Sicilians at GELA. The Budini lived amongst the Geloni, and Gelons use BATONs while English Batons/Baston use bats! Beauty. French Batons/Bastons were first found in Poitou, the line to Potters / Pots, both first found in Hampshire with Botters/BODINs. Bats share the WALSh saltire, and English Batons/Bastons, in WHALLey colors and format, were first found in Cornwall with Keep-Tryst Trysts/Trice's and Tristans, suspect from Trusesti (Western Moldavia) between the Siret and Prut rivers.

The Presley COCKaTRICE can now go to the English Bodins, first found in Somerset with Cocks and Bat-line Baths. German Bodins can be gleaned as kin of Roets (Somerset, beside Botters/Bodins and Buttons/Bodens).

I have it recorded: "While the Kerrick Coat uses a 'galtrop,' the Kerrick Crest calls it a "calTROP..." It's a possible code for Trypillian liners through Tropoje and to the Drops/Trope's and Troops. Heraldry has red drops called "sang" or 'blood" drops, and while I sang a Presley song, red drops evoke vampires! Galtrops could be for Galters because they almost have the Auget and Elvis Coat, but it's interesting that while the belly-press with Miss Peare pointed to Goods/GUTS, Spanish Guts come up as Galters too. Do you see anything relative to topic with a belly-PRESS? Press'/Priests were first found in Hertfordshire with Vince's/Finch's.

The belly-press was at my apartment on LAWRENCE avenue (Toronto). Peare, at the time, was the girl of LAWRENCE Kepke, and Lawrence's with Burns use a "ready" motto term to go with "three to get ready, go cat go." Burns share the fleur-de-lys of Dutch Galters/Gelders. Lawrence's use "BE ready," and Burns use "EVER ready." Evers/EURE's share the quadrants of Bee's (dragon to go with Dracula), and Eure is the location of Dreux while Dreux's/Drews (Wiltshire, beside Drake's) are in Drake colors and format. Drake's have a motto tracing to the Abruzzo capital. The bull head in the Dreux Crest has wheat in its mouth, and Wheat-connectable Sheaves'/Chiava's were first found in L'Aquila, the Abruzzo capital in the Drake motto.

The Dreux bull head is that of RATcliffs, first found in Lancashire with Lawrence's. Rats/Raids were first found in Nairnshire with Gettys/Geddes'! "Three to GET READY, GO cat GO." I sang, "two to let GO." The McGOO's/Gows share the cinquefoils of Loches'/Desloges', first found in Burgundy with the Loges' sharing the Gettes Coat!!!! Incredible. Lawrence's use the TAIL of a "turbot," and Turbots/Tarbys (Yorkshire, same as Traby-beloved Scarfs) have fish in Ged fish colors. Tarby-like Tarvin is in Great Boughton, the area of the first-known Birds/Burds with a cross in Lawrence-cross colors, and as Tarvins are listed with Tarves', let's add that Chives' of Tarves use mountain "cats" in Tailer-lion colors.

As I've said several times, I painted Kepke's record album, "Tea For the TILLERman," by Cat Stevens, on an entire kitchen wall, and Tillers share the TAIL/Tailer lion. Lawrence's use a turbot tail, so amazing. That event linked to my kitten, Sassy, because this cat pointed to Kitchens and to CETINs/Cattans, and therefore to Tillers because the Cetina river was the TILURius.

Cats are used by Cats'/Ketts and Keats while Keith/Keth-branch Kettle's were first found in Perthshire, near Nairnshire. Kettle's share the cinquefoils of Rosco's, first found in Cornwall with Keats. Keiths/Keths are said to be from a Catti peoples. The Tarby-like Drops/Trope's/Trupe's (share white and passant lion with Tillers and Tails/Tailers) are said to have named Drope in Glamorgan, and Tillers were first found in Glamorgan with Louis'. I was living with Louise when I painted the album cover on the wall.

Sassy my cat pointed to Cetins/Cattans because they share Saracen heads with Sassys. She also pointed to Kitchen-related BANESters (both have water BOUGets) while she was still a Kitchen-like kitten. The Arms of Glamorganshire is a colors-reversed version of the French BANES Coat. Kittens/Keatons are in the colors of Cats'/Ketts and Keats. I received her from a lady whose BANISTER (oak railing and spindles up her stairs) I was reFINISHing. Fiens/FINIS' were a Fien/Fane branch while the latter were first found beside Glamorganshire. The lady's husband took me to the basement to show me to sump PUMP, and Pumps/Pape's/Popps were first found in CAITHness, named by the Keith Catti. Pumps/Pape's/Popps share the gold crescent in Crest with the Cabots suspect in the Getty/Geddes motto. Cabots were first found in the Channel Islands with English Majors in the Getty/Geddes motto, "Capta majora." Drake's (Hampshire, same as English Geddys) use "captat." The three Cabot fish form pale bars in colors reversed from the three pale bars in the Keith/Keth Chief (compare with Coats'/Cotes').

[Insert sorry -- I'll come back to Cabots. Note how Cetins reflect "Get'n Go," for the corner store became a topic on the first-anniversary memorial of 9-11 put on by our Texas church. That was 20 years ago TODAY. I'm doing this Elvis section mainly on the 11th. What's Elvis got to do with 9-11? That memorial involved Stanley, a pointer to MORGAN Stanley bankers, and we just saw GlaMORGAN, anciently Morgannwg, Stanleys love the Changers/Change's in their motto who have three fesses in the colors of the one Elvis fesse, and the Elvis motto is translated with a Change-like "chance" term. The Get'n Go gave Miss Hicks her knee symbol, and while Knee's (share bend of Stanleys) share the stag head of VISE's, note "ElVIS." Stanley took the American flag to the stage, and Stage's/Staggs with Stacys share a cross between antlers with their Eustace branch, and the Eustace cross is exactly the Vise cross that's itself between antlers of a stag! What is this? Stacys and Eustace's share the brown stag in Crest with Stanleys.

But what's my son's wedding got to do with 9-11? I SANG a song, and Miss Hicks sang two songs at the memorial, the second one because I requested a second one. Sanguez's (in Stanley-stag colors) are listed with the Sans' in the "Sans changer" motto of Stanleys.

Here's from the Drop/Trope write-up: "Drope is a hamlet in the valley of the River ELY in Vale of Glamorgan..." Not only is there an Ely location in Cambridgeshire, but Elys (Cambridgeshire, same as Stanleys), the potential makings of "ELvis," almost have the Wedding Coat! But what is this? The Weddings share the Crest of Proctors, first found in Cambridgeshire! Zinger, but why did I do Elvis at the wedding in order to point to 9-11? Was this crime conducted by prince Charles of Dracula, now the king of England?

Wedding-branch Weeds/Weedins/Weetons were first found in Northamptonshire with the SPINKs sharing the Sans/Sanguez eagle, and the SPHINX-using Hips' (Norfolk, same as Weeton-like Wheat's/Weets) share the Wedding / Proctor martlet. I've only just noticed that "sphinx" is like the Phoenix surname almost having the Hips Coat, and it floors me to stumble upon the Proctor motto just now, for Proctors weren't loaded until after loading Phoenix's, and the two share the same motto! Incredible. Then, I kid you not, as I speak, I decided to check at the bottom of the page for the translation of this motto, and it's: "ALWAYS Faithful"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Elvis/ELWAYs were an ALWAYS branch! ZIKERS, this is frightening. Whoosh, what does it mean?

The Wheat's/Weets not only put an EAR of wheat into the mouth of a gold stag head, the color of the Stanley stag head, but while Hayden is the daughter of Will Proctor and Ainsley EARhardt, and while Haydens were first found in Norfolk with Wheat's/Weets, the latter share a gold dancette with Haydens. Again, Proctors share the Wedding martlet, and the one of Birds/Burds too who in turn share the Ainsley (and Gamble) fleur-de-lys. The Changers share the Casino Coat, almost, and gamblers live in casinos, and so maybe God is warning us about Proctor and Gamble, for they have been caught selling poisons. But how does that relate to 9-11?

The Gamble Coat is essentially that of German Rench's, and the Get'n Go is on Ranch road. English Rench's (brown stag) were first found in Cambridgeshire with Wedding-related Elys. The write-up of English Rench's: "Conjecturally they are descended from one of seven Freemen who held this village from the Abbot of ELY." Presleys were first found in Yorkshire with Elis', and the latter's Elias branch shows an ELYas variation like the Elwas of Elvis'.

Just found the Elvys/Alveys, first found in Suffolk with Always'. Elvys/Alveys use a plow while Plows share the fleur-de-lys of German Bush's and Trade's/Trotte's, a potential pointer to the Trade towers. The Drothe variation of Trade's/Trotte's is like the Droit surname that almost has the Wedding Coat. What does my son's wedding have to do with 9-11? Was it conducted by Moldavians? The Allisons/ELLISons, in the format of, and colors reversed from, the Always, love the Truth variation of Trots. Ellesons have griffin heads in the colors of the Ali/Aliotto (and Lauder) griffin.

Ahhh, September ELEVIN just caused me to load Elvins (listed with Alwins/Alvins) to find them almost with the Always Coat, except that Elvins use a blue fesse, the color of the ELVis fesse!!! This is getting "funny." Was Elvis still alive on 9-11? Did he become an explosives engineer? I'm kidding, or am I?

I'm going to reason like this: Anna was the bride, and she points to Trump. Some people think Trump was a 9-11 accomplice. Anne's/Hanne's were first found in Yorkshire with Wigtons, and Hanna's, first found in Wigton, have the trump stag head in colors reversed. Trumps were first found in Mechlenburg with Hann-branch Hahns in Trump colors and format. Wiggans almost have the Annas Coat, you see, and houseofnames seems deceptive on this issue because it once said that Annas were first found in Nottinghamshire, but has since removed it. All it now says is that the surname appears first in 1273 (no location), and when we go to the AINSley write-up, it has a Johannes of ANNESlegh (Nottinghamshire) in 1273.

Wigton-like Wiggans were first found in Cambridgeshire with Proctors, and this duo can be pointed to Ainsley Earhardt further when we add Wegmans/Wigmans because they share the Hayden dancette. Watch-branch and Wassa-connectable Wedge's/Weggs (Vince/Finch kin), first found beside Hades'/Hats and Beautys, are in Always colors and format. Then, Wigmans/Wigghams (Hampshire, beside black-bull Beautys and Hayden-branch Hades'/Hats) have a black bull head to match the black Hayden bull. It's just more proof amongst much already that God arranged Ainsley heraldry to point to Miss Earhardt.

Annesleys share the Elvis bend, and the Annesley PALE bars are almost those of Lizarts/Sarde's of Draguignan. Why did heraldry masters call vertical symbols, "in pale," like Dracula the impaler? Pale's/Palys (CAMEL to go with Camelfords), first found in Yorkshire with Pauls, Pullys/Pullings and Wigtons, are in Elvis colors. Pale bars are at times "pallets," and Campbells/CAMMELLs (Pallet colors) and Camps (Pallet colors) were once both said to be first found in Yorkshire. Camps are in the colors and format of the Stairs sharing the three Wigton stars. German Camels (Bohemia, suspect with German Michaels) have a griffin in the colors of the Camp griffin heads. English Camels were first found in Somerset with Wedge's/Weggs.

The Annas write-up now treats only the Arness-like variations, and proposes that Hernici's (Lincolnshire, same as Hannitys) and Harneys (Cambridgeshire) were as part of this family, wherefore it's notable that Horns/Orne's are in Annas/Arness colors. Plus, Harns/Hurns/Herns were first found in Dorset with Beautys and Hades'/Hats. Horns/Orne's have a red-Shield version of the HEARN Coat. Harns/Hurns/HERNs (look like kin of Irish Barrys) use bars GEMEL to go with the Gamal variation of Gamble's, and Gemels (share pierced swan with Walsh's) share the red heart of Logans (Ayrshire, same as Gemels and EarHARDT/AIRhart-connectable Ayers), first found beside the Hardys of Lanarkshire, where Swans and Biggars were first found; Biggars share the pelican head of Holbeach's (Lincolnshire). Logans have the three Proctor nails in their heart. Is Ainsley Earhardt pointing to Proctor and Gamble? Is this why God chose for her to act as Sleeping Beauty, because she married Mr. Proctor?

Holbeach's are to topic with HolBEACH Hurn (Lincolnshire) in the Harn/Hurn/Hern write-up. Beach's share the pile of the Countrys in the "my country OFTEN" motto phrase of Ainsleys, and Offens/Owens share the Always, Aulnay, Oullette (bars gemel) and Patterson/Cassane lion. Scottish Pattersons use pelicans, and Pellicans share the Howell tower while Oullette's were resolved with Owls/Howls (Suffolk, same as Always and Elvys/Alveys).

Anna was the bride, and Scottish Bride's, sharing the martlets of Wedding-branch Weedins/Weetons, are in Always colors and format, which gets us to the Elvis bloodline. But Bride's are also in the colors and format of English Bush's to get us to a 9-11 theme. Bride's share a black eagle head in Crest with Blue's, and as Blue's are in Elvis colors, "blue suede shoes" comes to mind. Blue's were first found in Arran with McBride's! Beauty. Arran was related to Orne-like Orions, and I can link Ainsleys to Orne. I changed "blue suede shoes" to "my blue comforter," and, zowzers, Comforts/Comerfords were related to Campbellfords/Comerfords while Campbells were first found in Argyllshire with Blue's! I didn't realize this when last on Campbellfords! It works. My lyrics were Inspired to make heraldic pointers...and to make you trust my post-tribulation-preparation message.

Weddings were first found in Yorkshire with Bush's, Anne's/Hanne's, and Ells'/Elis'. Scottish Bride's share an eagle head (different color) in Crest with Allisons/Ellisons and Ellesons. French Bride's essentially share the Coat of Brights, the latter first found in Cheshire with Bride-like Birds/Burds sharing the Wedding / Proctor martlet.

Cheshire is also where Breads/Bradds were first found who have a giant lion head in the colors of the giant lion of Ells/Alleys. Cake's/CakeBREADs were first found in Cambridgeshire with Proctors and Wedding-related Elys. PodeBRADY is in Bohemia, and while Anna married Michael, German Michaels were first found Bohemia. George, father of Trump-like Drummonds, married Miss Bohemia, and German Drummonds (look related to Sodans/SOWdens) were first found in Hamburg with SHOE-using Trips/Treffs. Shoe-like Sowdens (Patterson/Cassane scallop in colors reversed) are connectable to Irish Pattersons/Cassane's while Scottish Pattersons were first found in Ross-shire, and I trace the Ross clan back to king Andrew I (Hungary), father of George above.

Here's another first: SOWdens have the SHOE star in colors reversed! We now have a new Shoe branch to work wit, and Sowdens are all mainly BLUE. I changed "blue suede shoes" to "blue comforter," and while Comforts share the Sowden stars, the Comfort motto, I've just realized, looks like "Sowden." The motto is, "So ho ho dea ne." That's a big wow.

Comforts, who are COMBerfords too, share the dog of Riggs while RIGGs have the Billiard/Hillard Crest, a black rooster with red COMB. The Comfort peacock has a comb on its head too. Ahh, one Comfort quadrant looks like the Coat of Mullets, first found in Auvergne with CLERMONT-Ferrand, and the Clermonts are in the "Clementia" motto term of Mauls/Maule's (Yorkshire, same as Ferrands) who add a "RIGore" motto term. Gore's were first found in Kent with Comforts and with Shoe-connectable Trips. The suede-like Sede's (some type of rooster in Crest) have pale-bars-with-items in the colors of the Sowden fesse-with-items, perhaps indicating that Sede's were Sowdens/SODans.

Mullets are in Mallet colors, and Mallets use "d'en," like the "dea ne" of Sowdens (share scallops of different colors with Mallets). Mallets are in the colors and format of Irish DENE's, explaining their "d'en" motto code. These Dene's (WINGs) were first found in Galway with Teague's/TEEGERs while Tigers were first found in Suffolk with Mallets, and with Shoe-beloved Knights (pale bars). Ahh, suede-like Side's/SUDE's use a tiger!!! Their Suty branch were first found in Perthshire with Rinds, and the latter, sharing the Mallet scallops (!), were first found in Perthshire with Dene-beloved Wings/Winks. We are rolling. Pallets share the black boar with Rollo's (Perthshire). Rinds (Sowden colors) use the "flower pot," and Flowers were first found in Devon with Sowdens.

Sutys have wavy, fessewise bars half in the colors of the wavy Sowden fesse. The Suty bars are in the colors of the Elvis fesse.

Follow to "blue suede shoes" using the "dea ne" motto term of Comforts, for English Deans/Dene's share the motto of Irish Dene's. Then, the Chief of Deans/Dene's is colors reversed from the Chief of French Masseys/Masse's, and the latter, I saw with my own eyes, had the Coat of Trips/Treffs (showed boots) exactly, though Trips/Treffs now show shoes! The Massey/Masse boots have been removed and replaced with a "TREE without leaves", and Shoe's use a tree. Maceys/Mace's share the three Comfort / Sowden stars. Maceys/Mace's use a GAUNTlet, and Ghents share the Side/Sude Chief. The Macey/Mace stars (sometimes called "mullets") are pierced like those of Mullets. My Masci mother must be descended from count Dracula.

The more I do this heraldic work, the worse the Massey-line traces become. Hiedlers/Hitlers share the Macey/Mace stars, and throw in the sun of French Chance's, first found in Savoy with Masseys/Masse's. English Chance's (Essex, same as Comfort-beloved Peacocks) have the Maschi Chief.

Scottish Michaelsons (Michael colors and format) were first found in Angus with Bride's and Trump-connectable Gardens, suggesting that German Michaels were in Podebrady. Scottish Michaelsons share the crescents of Boughtons while Birds/Burds were at Great Boughton in BROXton, and Bough's share five, bunched arrows with Elvis'. Brox's/Procks/PROKOPPs thus look like a Proctor branch, and, as I've said, this Michael under discussion had pointed to emperor Michael I Rangabe before I knew that the emperor married PROKOPia. Is that cool or what?

Birds/Burds share the Gamble / Ainsley fleur-de-lys, and Trump likes casinos. Casino's have nebuly blue fesses in Elvis-fesse colors, and a nebuly blue fesse is used by eleven-like Elvins. The latter share the fesse, almost, of SODANs/Sowdens (Devon, same as Elvins), and Irish Pattersons/CASSANE's, sharing the Elvin and Always lion, were of the SODHANs. Casino's share the blue fesse (both colors) of Cassano's, it's working. Cassano's, sharing a blue hexagram with the Israeli flag that moreover adds blue fesses, have a Coat much like that of German Michaels.

Sow-like Shoe's use 'a knight issuing at the knees," and Knee's share the engrailed bend of Leaks (Lincolnshire) who in turn share the fleur of Gamble's who in turn almost have the DeMAINE Coat. Pattersons/Cassane's were of Sodhans in a Maine region, and Maine of France has the first-known Pellicans beloved of Scottish Pattersons. The latter were a Kilpatrick branch while Kilpatricks (Dumfries, same as LEGGs) almost have the Coat of Scottish Johnsons while the latter share the Crest of Annas' from JOHANNES of AnnesLEGH. It's then interesting that the rooster-head design of Blue's is shared by Jonathans/JONAS'.

End September 11 insert after midnight, September 12. I'm beat, and the last loaf of BREAD is cooking in my pan as I speak, done in ten minutes. This is the best I can do for now with Elvis and 9-11. Surprises should come soon.

Whoops, I just got a little surprise. As per 9-11, Nine's are listed with the Nons in the Elvis motto, and they have a "ViVIS" motto term to go with "ElVIS" in case the latter were an El-line merger with Vice's. Nons (share Kness crescent) are in the motto of Knees-like Kness', and Knee's/Knees' share the Vise stag head. A knee is on a leg, and Leggs almost have the Trump stag head. Tromp-beloved Acorns share the Vise stag head too. Kness' (Perthshire, same as Scottish Drummonds) almost have the Coat of Billiards/Hillards, the latter first found in Surrey with English Michaels. Kness' point to the Knesset, the Israeli Parliament, and some say that Israel conducted 9-11. End Insert]

French Cabots (same fish as English Cabots) were first found in Provence with Lizarts/Sarde's (DRAGuignan) to go with the Lise's/Liss' and Drake's, both first found in Hampshire with Poppins/Pophams who in turn have a Coat much like the Keith/Keth Coat. By the way, Huberts love the Curzons with "POPPINjays," and while John B. Poindexter was/is a leader with the International Order of Saint Hubertus, Poindexters were first found in Jersey with English Cabots. Capes'/CAPETs (much like "capta") have the Scale scallops, and judge Scalia was murdered on Poindexter's ranch.

Instead of "go cat go," I used "pull kitten pull," but let's add that Elvis sang, "two for the SHOW, three to get ready now go cat go". Shows are in the motto of Nemo's who are in turn in the Poindexter motto. Readys share the SCIMitar with Ainsleys who in turn use an "always" motto term while the Always are like several Elvis variations. What could this mean? Elvis' were first found in Nottinghamshire with Ainsleys, and the Elvis motto even shares "fortuna" with Schims/Schiens (same place as Scottish Reeds).

One Elvis variation, ElWASH, suggests an El-like surname (I'm guessing the Owls) in marriage with Washingtons because the latter share the Schim/Schien Chief. Elvis' are also ElWAYs, and Ways/Weigh's, first found beside proto-Washington Wassa's/Wace's, share the Coat of Geddes-branch Geds. Wassa's/Wace's were first found in Cornwall with the bat-using Batons in the Way/Weigh Crest.

This can reveal only one thing: all those girls going teary-eyed batty for Elvis had horseshoe-bat fever from Washington DC because Fevers share the Trump stag head. You think I'm joking. I was, at first. But "FORTUNum" is a motto term of French Bodins (share Chew/Jew wheel), first found in Perigord with Fauchys and Faux's/Fage's/CHOLLENs, the pointer to Francis Collens, Tony Fauci's boss during the plandemic. Fortune's were first found in East Lothian with FAUCets and Simms, we get it. Simsons share half of the Bogden/Bugden Coat, and so Bogdens/Bugdens look like Budini liners in connection to Bough's / Books / Bugs / Bogans (Roets and Reeds use a "book").

Darlene the ice-cream girl pointed to Cremers sharing the Faux/Fage/Chollens Chief, and Darlene's (Devon) use another book. Bugs (Bogan colors) were once said to be first found in Nottinghamshire with Elvis'/Elways. German Bogans (share bow with Bows/Bough's) use Robin Hood of Nottinghamshire, apparently. Robins share the chevron of Robbs/ROBE's, and the "female figure" of Darlene's is said to be wearing a "robe." Both Bodin surnames are connectable to Bough-related Roets, a Rothschild branch. French Bodins use the Catherine wheel of Catherine Roet. It's in colors reversed to the same wheel of Streets/Straights (Devon, same as Ways/Weigh's). Ainsley Earhardt, who always points to poison vaccines eventually, is all over this with the Elvis-branch Always'.

I have it recorded: "Both arrow-using Altens and Elvis' were first found in Nottinghamshire, and of course the Alten Crest is Robin Hood." Altens are now said to be first found in other places, and they share the Alda fesse.

Roets share the GORD/GORDAN boar heads, and Vladimir, son of king Yaroslav, was a ruler of the Varangians in NovGOROD (to the north of Kiev). Roets of Somerset, where Gordano is located, were beside the Josephs with the "wlad" motto term.

Scottish Walsh's share the brown tree stump with RODhams, first found in Northumberland with English Reeds who in turn share the LET/Late saltire, amazing because Letter-branch Lauders have a brown tree stump too. I sang, "two to LET go, three to HOLD steady, now PULL kitten PULL," and Lauders share the motto, "RePULLuLAT," with Lawrence-connectable Larrys/Lawrie's! That's astounding. Holds/Holts (Bury of Lancashire, same as Ratcliffs) have two of the one bend of Holders, the latter first found in Gloucestershire with Lets/Late's.

I am reminded here that Keeps share the Lorraine bend due to both descending from Maria of Kiev, and the Lorraine bend-with-eagles is shared by GorSUCH's, first found in Lancashire with Lawrence's. Neil Gorsuch replaced judge Scalia on the U.S. supreme court. Lorraine was LOTHARingia, suspect with Lauders, and with the Scalia LADDER. Maria of Kiev married Casimir, son of Richeza of Lotharingia. The Gorsuch and Lorraine eagle, in colors reversed from the reed eagle, is shared by Childs, first found in Hertfordshire with Scale's. Trypillian-related English Trips use a scaling ladder.

Nairn may have been named by the Neuri on the Bug river. I think Mr. Kepke was a Bug-river liner. Readys were first found in Angus with Bugets, and then Scottish Reeds were first found in neighboring Aberdeenshire with the Schims/Schiens expected in the scimitar of Readys. The Bugets and Jardin Chiefs are colors reversed from the Schim/Schien Chief.

Eure is also the location of Evreux, the Abruzzo/Abreu line, home of the Eburovices/Ebroicum that named York as Eboracum. Presleys were first found in Yorkshire. Presleys share two symbols of Abruzzo's/Abreu's, and the Abruzzo capital was APRUTium!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Bingo, now I get it. The Hebrew namers of Abruzzo were from the Prut river! My Moldavian father-in-law even likes to remind me that the Moldavian language has many Italian words.

Galter-like Galati is where the Prut meets the Siret, and the namers of Galati are suspect with the royal Galatians who ruled Cetis with Herods. Galati is near the Yellow-like IALOmita river (Naparis on the map), and Wikipedia says that Roxolani were on that river too. It just so happens the Prude's/Pride's share the Yello fesse! Beauty.

Abruzzo's/Abreu's were first found in Padova, at the Po river that was once the Budini-like Bodencus river. Este is in Padova, and Aquila's share the Este Coat while my mother was born in Picenze, seven miles from L'Aquila, current Abruzzo capital. Picenze is suspect with Justine of Picenum, the line to Sirets. Aprutium is now TERAMo, suspect from THEMIScyra of the early Amazons, suspect with the naming of ArTEMIS (Amazon goddess) who had a temple in Perga in which Plancia Magna was, along with her mother, the high priestess.

Bats share a BROWN Crest with Belly-branch Baileys and One's, and the Bat saltire is even that of Walsh's/Walchs. While the latter almost have the Benjamin Coat, the Gripps/Grapps (as per the Presley grappling hook) have half the Benjamin saltire. Gripps/Grapps share the bend of Varns, and Varangians ruled Kiev. King Vladimir above was a Varangian ruler of Kiev. The Bats' (not "bat"), with a "manu" motto term, are in Dragon/Drainer and Man colors and format. Mans use a dragon. It looks like count Vlad Dracula here.

Bernice was the daughter of Herod Agrippa, and Plancia Magna was descended from Alexander Herod of Judea who was part Maccabee. Alexanders were first found on Kintyre, beside Arran, and a brother of king Baliol was, Alexander. The Side's, entering the discussion with Presley's sideburns, use a tiger, suspect from TIGRanes VI, son of Alexander Herod above! Sideburns are at the ear, and EarHARDTs/Airharts look like Herod liners. Side's share the Ghent Chief.

Instead of Elvis' "go cat go," I used "pull kitten pull," which is why Kittens/Keatons were just loaded to find them sharing a brown boar head in Crest with Baileys and One's/Innis'. I'm impressed.

At the family tree at the bottom of the page for Gaius Julius Agrippa, we see that he was a grandson of Tigranes VI. Gaius Julius Agrippa was a prince of Cetis, where the Bassus line ruled. Then, another Julius Agrippa is said to have been the brother of the father of Julius Bassianus (born about 160 AD) whose daughter in turn was a Roman empress. Herods made it fast to the Roman throne.

I've long traced this Bassus > Bassianus line to queen Basina of the Franks (5th century), wife of Childeric, the line to Childs in Presley and Hebron colors and format. I'm now amazed because Presleys are also Priestlys while Press'/Priests were first found in Hertfordshire with Childs! Miss Peare and I engaged in a BELLY-PRESS, which I mention often, which took place after she left me for KEPke. He left her for Miss Walsh. Wallachians all over the place.

Hebrons love the Keeps and the Belly-connectable Trysts/Trice's in the Presley cockaTRICE. Presleys and Walsh's/Walchs both seem to have Spice's in their mottoes, and we can add that the Presley cockatrice is part-code for Cocks sharing the red Kiss/Cush rooster, which I think is the red rooster on a CUSHion of Hahn-related Bibo's, whom I think were from "Vibia," mother of Lupus Laevillus, king of Cetis, and husband of Quadratilla Bassus. Red-rooster BabCOCKs are also BATcocks. KISin'ov is the Moldavian capital.

This recalls the Cush-like Ewe's/Cuish's from the Bouchier write-up. It also recalls what I've said several times, that I KISSed a girl (don't remember her name) in a KITCHEN at a PARTY who was later the girlfriend of Michael Boucher (not sure of his spelling). Kitchens (Lancashire, same as Banesters) share the BANESter water bougets, and Partys share the Bouchier checks. French BANES' share the Water (and Epstein) Coat.

Cocks were first found in SOMERset, and Summers/Somers were first found in Worcestershire with Babcocks/Batcocks, and with the Chips having a Mr. Chepe in their write-up. Jeepma's (Oldenburg) have a Chep variation, and Babcocks/Batcocks share the single pale bar of Oldenburgs, beauty-new. Chips came off of the Helden/HILLSden chipMUNK, and they are in the colors of Hills who are in turn first found in Worcestershire too, as were Ells/Ills/Alleys/Alye's and Clinton-related Hillarys.

MONKs were Monaco liners, likely from royal Grimaldi's of Monaco, for the latter are suspect from Grimo, son of BABon. The latter was uncle to BADon, and BABcocks/Batcocks are also BADcocks while Cocks share the Grimaldi Shield. Babon and Badon were son and grandson of the Frankish ruler, Mummolin, i.e. possible related to Childeric (ancestor of the royal Charles' of France). Childs share the eagle of English Charles' who in turn love the Augets who in turn share the Elvis fesse.

Oldenburgs share the lone, wavy pale bar with Aults/Alts suspect in the HOLD/Holt motto term, "ExALTavit." Thus, Oldenburgs were a Hold/Holt / Holder branch. Holdens (Lancashire, same as Holds/Holts), with an eSCUTcheon, share the motto of Honey-like Honors/Honens who in turn share the Green Coat, almost, and Greenwich's happen to share the Coat of Olden-like Odins who share the lion of Otone's/Oltens. Some escutcheons (name for a shield) are called, INEScutcheon, possible code for the One / Innis line. As I sang the Elvis song with "THREE to HOLD steady," and with "ONE kick to my HONEY," too, note that TREE's have a Coat like the Ince's/INES' and Inch's while sharing the courant greyhounds of SCOOTs/Scugals. Scugal-connectable Shoe's (share a "knight" with Tree's) use a "tree" on a "wall," and German Walls have the Oldenburg / Ault/Alt Coat in colors reversed.

Then, Ince's/Ines' nearly have the IVES' Coat, except that the latter shares the double bendlets of Tree's instead, so amazing because Honeys use bee HIVES! The Altens are Daltons too while Orrells, who share the Ives Coat exactly, were at Dalton (Lancashire, same as Holds/Holts and Holdens). Be amazed with the Orrel write-up: "...the Orrells of TURTON, who had also property in the adjoining township of Dalton..." Turtons are listed with TREEtons! I just fell into that not knowing where I was going. I just happened to remember the Orrel Coat, and saw it with Ives', and there we are to Treetons/Turtons...who look like they love the Flags along with Hold-loving McLeods. Treetons/Turtons share the trefoils of Rocks, first found in Worcestershire with the Chips, and Cheps are listed with escutcheon-using Jeepma's, first found in Oldenburg.

I showed how SCOOTs/Scugals look like a branch of Shoe's, and then I showed how Chip-like Kepke the shoe salesman points to Trypillians of Kiev all the way to shoe-using Trips/Treffs, and low: SCUTE's share gold eSCUTcheons with Chips, and between the two of Scute's is possibly the tower of Presleys. I don't know why, but it seems that God caused me to do an Elvis song because Presleys were somehow from Ukraine / Trypillians / Wallachia.

As Scoots/Scugals share the red border of Scotts, it appears that Scoots were from a Scott-Shoe merger. The Shoe's trace to Trypillians in the land of the Budini.

The "suede"-like SEDE's/Seats have a BLUE "cock" in Crest of some sort (I forget the official name). Sede's were first found in Lancashire with the Scute's using a BLUE, "Ukraine"-like crane in Crest. Presleys were in neighboring West Yorkshire, and Yorkshire is where Sede-like Scheds/Sheds were first found, a branch of Shoe-connectable Skits/Skeets/Skeochs, the latter first found in Ayrshire with Sheds, Carricks/Kerricks, and Varns.


This 24-second video is freaky, and looks real, yet nobody's taking the vaccine companies to court on this magnetic / metallic basis. If your body was made magnetic by a vaccine, wouldn't you take the vaccine company to court suing for a million dollars or more? It's outrageous that they are making bodies magnetic without explanations:

What if the guy below is a globalist agent posing as one of us, and pushing false-flag events to scare us into thinking that, unless we comply with globalists, we soon won't eat. Or, what if the speaker is for real, and is telling the truth:

We cannot allow ourselves to be good with eating bugs in foods that they don't tell us about. We need to put them in jail if they try that. There needs to be a law: a one-year jail sentence for mixing bugs in with processed foods without a large alert on the packaging. It does not make it less a violation of our bodies if even half the population comes to eat cricket meat. It should not be normalized by government / media propaganda.

In a tribulation situation where we grow our own foods, here's an idea: let those who can afford land "hire" poor Christians to raise the foods. They get shelter and food in return for the work. They will be your beloved "slaves" happily, because it's only temporary, and it helps them to avoid starvation. This can work, plan on it. Prepare your "workers" ahead of time.

There is no doubt that, starting this week, there is an extra push to make a civil war look like it's on the brink, because the people behind Biden have formed a plot to retain power this November by making pro-Trumpers appear as though they are to blame for a civil-war threat. The hopeless rats can't hold power on moral grounds, and therefore need to resort to trickery at every turn. Obama is a rat, and trudeau operates in exactly the same, deceptive way. They will smear the political opposition seeking to appear like the angels of the peoples, their game is so obvious. When it's only and always the political opposition that's smeared, you know it's deception. It's been going on since forever, but now the accusations are such that they are gunning to jail the leaders of the opposition. Soviet North America is here.

I think this TruNews episode is important for understanding the drive toward Christian persecution:

Rick Wiles above says that Christians will go into captivity for faltering on Jesus. I would tweak that and say, oh no they won't. Instead, faltering Christians will apostatize to avoid jail. Plus, Jesus said that his wise virgins will fall asleep just before the "darkness," and then they will get energized when they see the prophecies begin, lifting their heads high. That doesn't sound like an all-in-jail scenario. Some will go to jail, but as long as it's in the last 3.5 years, who cares? Speak in jail what God lays on your heart to speak, to the inmates. Check off every day because, before too long, ETERNITY begins. It will give you hope to see the prophecies come to pass, and your partaking in the sufferings of Jesus will (or should) make you feel all-good inside, if you are a true one. A lack of hope due to an agonizing, long wait in a sick world can put us to slumber, but fall-away Christians will crack, and become concerned with worldly affairs.

On the one hand, I feel that the Christians most-profitable to Jesus are those who become speak-out activists because they resent the wave of evil over society. I think this is evidence of their quality Faith. But I worry about them when they get mixed up in politics with non-Christian politicians who fight a common enemy, the Democrats. I wonder how much Jesus shakes his head when His people partner with non-Christian politicians in efforts to make life better. Isn't this like faltering? If Christian leaders are unaccepted, by a Christian, when standing up to portray themselves stronger and better than Trump, because he/she is offended that Trump has been made second-rate, then yes, such Christians have cracked. Their oil is leaking out.

Where are the Christian leaders waving the flag of Jesus instead of hugging the American flag? Where is the Christian hero who shouts from the rooftops, "this country is ruled by wicked sinners, it needs Jesus, not Trump." But if Christian activists decide that Jesus can't fix the country but through the political process, then won't God be offended with them? Isn't it obvious that Biden, in two years, has done far-more damage to the Democrat party, and to globalists, than Trump did in four years? Trump is a filthy rag in the limelight who doesn't want Jesus moving in to re-direct the limelight onto a Christian leader. Trump won't settle for second place. Everything he does is to become top-dog. That's a failure before it even begins.

It wasn't Trump who fixed the economy. It was the taking power away from Democrats that fixed the economy. Just keep the lunatics from the driver's seat, and the ride will go normal again. It's the voters who took Democrats out of the White House that helped to normalize things again, NOT TRUMP. Remove the gangsters from government, and all will go well again aside from the tantrums that the Democrats will take, and the non-stop slander they unleash. Activists need to counter that slander. It can be done in the name of Jesus. The slanderers are anti-Christs, and Jesus would love to see His people correcting the accusers, and exposing them as the dangerous ones, leading the whole world to Hell. Be explicit. I see many Christians voicing these corrective things, and then my heart sinks when they make Trump their flag going forward. Can't we leave Trump out of it?

For anyone who believes that Bill Gates is after mass-murder on behalf of population-control programs, then the story below, where he claims to be releasing factory-infected mosquitoes into the wild to kill off wild mosquitoes, is probably a fake-front for what's in reality a program to infect humans with something that will both make he and his partners money while reducing human populations. It's a logical theory:

Israel has been caught red-handed injuring the public with vaccines. The material in the first part of the video below is an excellent one for you to use in court, or to back-off (frighten) any person, company or government that tries to force-vaccinate you:

There's no way the news above has escaped trudeau, Biden or Trump. If these men don't come clean to apologize for pushing vaccines, and if they continue to push them now, they can be taken to court for crimes against humanity. The evidence is everywhere the vaccines harm many bodies seriously, but even if it were only suspect, these men are required to cease vaccinations. Somebody please sue trudeau. Somebody with money please sue your democratic state leader who continues to harass your people with vaccine-fright and lockdown-destruction.

Look at how Musk supports mRNA technology, knowing that it's bio-altering, and knowing that extreme evil exists in this world's power structures NOW. He doesn't have the sense to realize that mRNA is expected to be used for evil programs??? Is he that daft, or is he part of this new push?

I keep hearing of a house-price collapse in the United States, which won't hurt anyone unless there is a mortgage and one needs to move right away. If the price of your home goes down by $100,000 while you still owe much of your mortgage, it won't hurt you if you stay in the same home until the price goes back up by $100,000. But for people who choose to move to the country now or soon, to set up some self-sufficient security, a major price collapse can be a significant money loss. And perhaps the globalists are engineering such a collapse now to keep people from fleeing cities.

A housing collapse is of course good for the first-time buyer. So, if you buy this year during a collapse, and if the collapse is rectified in a year or two, you walk away with a lot of easy money that will go far for moving into the country at 666 time. Just think of it. You put a down-payment on a house at the peak of the collapse, wait until prices go back up, and then move to the country with perhaps an extra $100,000. That'll look after your food storage. If you know of another post-tribulationist whom you can trust to help you put a down-payment on a home, that can work (house title goes in both names, split selling price 50-50).

To defeat Schwabism, get a list of corporations and people who are members of his plots. Spread the massage to boycott those corporations, and to expose the persons with something equivalent to open mockery. Like, "trudeau is a Shwabite stooge." It's not mockery, it only sounds like it. It's the truth, and if the truth sounds like mockery, it's not me that needs to change my language, it's trudeau that needs drop his conspiracy against humanity.

trudeau is a despicable puppet of a despicable villain. Even if I admit that this is mockery, yet it's not me who said it. trudeau himself said it when he became it. He became the imbecile, and thus he labels himself the imbecile, I'm just reporting it. By association with Schwab, trudeau is a ruinous traitor to the nation he's paid to uphold. Have I said anything wrong? Tell this to a judge. trudeau is such a piece of trash that he would deny in court that he's a Schwabite stooge. By night he's a Schwabite mole, but in the light of a courtroom, he would deny it. he's ashamed of himself, you see, afraid to admit in public what he's doing in secret.

Remind him wherever you see him, because he does not deserve life, let alone enjoyment, so long as he's tied to Schwabism. Misery comes his way, and torment after that. This traitor is a killer, and he's ganged up with many other killers. They are working in concert, unafraid because they are working in concert. Therefore, the people had best start fighting back by exposing the corporations and CEO's / board members that are part of the conspiracy.

We don't need bullets, just true words. Keep it up, because it's working, for they are considering shutting down our ability to communicate. It's risky for them, but they have no choice if we don't let up. We are weakening them. The Internet allows us to ruin them, even when they silence our voices on most platforms. One doesn't need a big platform when the message is heavy and unstoppable. Jesus had a very small platform, just a small fraction of tiny Israel, yet His message spread until 2022, and will reach the New Earth and the New Universe where no Rothschilian dragon will abide. The little mustard seed will become The Eternal Empire.

The Good News is that, while the rich and famous want nothing to do with a lowly Jesus who had disdain for pomp, yet some of the most-miserable low-lives have changed their ways upon finding what a treasure Jesus is. How can this be? How can some view Jesus as an invaluable friend while others, who have so much by comparison, view Him as the enemy? I'll tell you how: Jesus is free. You don't need to be lucky or know someone rich to get rich with Jesus. A low-life doesn't stand much chance of getting money-rich, and so the time arrives when the poor sees how precious Jesus is for the hope of a New Life in a New Kingdom. The poor man who loves the love of Jesus will stand with a foot on the Rothschilian corpse. It's the love of Jesus for me that makes me love Jesus. We are not to love Him in a vacuum. We don't bow down to a frightful dictator in cowardice, but we have a Royal Friend who takes away the throne of "Lord" Rothschild. That's why they hate Jesus, he's the Competition. And He's not the underdog.

If you want to know whether Jesus was raised to life, in case you don't trust the testimony of the New-Testament writers or the Old-Testament prophecies, then ask the Shroud. Nobody can explain how the image of Jesus was made on the shroud by a man-made process, which is why we can know that the image is of the moment He was raised to life.

Ignore the anti-Christs who claim that someone was able to replicate the sort of image that's on the shroud, because there is no proof, just a photo of the replication that could be a computer creation. If you want Jesus to be Who and what he claims to be, but are unsure of whether He is, you need to familiarize yourself with the shroud. You should walk away with greater faith, for this is why God gave the shroud, especially for a time such as now when atheist wolves abound and control education in cahoots with the "synagogue of satan." Together, they pretend to be the wise ones, the right ones, the advanced ones.

It only took one man to sue the Indian government for killing his daughter with the COVID vaccine to make the kind of news that's needed repeatedly, and so where are all the thousands upon tend of thousands of law suits against a hundred national governments??? Let the law suits roar, because they killed your children and your brother and sister, and your mother and father:

The article below shows what a law suit can accomplish. Read it, it's great news:

Fauci might like to speak to this headline of this week: Peer-Reviewed Study Finds ‘Metal Objects’ in 94% of Jabbed People. We have heard of these metal bitties from a multitude of studies. Isn't it time yet that the vaccine companies explain these materials? Why can't somebody take the companies to emergency court already? Why is it taking this long? One can have an emergency case lickety-split because goons like trudeau are pushing more vaccines as we speak. One can compel a court to hear a case on these metal particles immediately, and request from the judge to put a freeze on vaccinations until the vaccine companies, or medical experts, explain what the debris is.

It wasn't too many years ago when the conspiracy theorists were insisting, with nobody listening, that invisible powers control the major media. And how do we think they control them. Just lookie here at this week's story: "A disturbing new report reveals that billionaire Bill Gates has spent hundreds of millions of dollars on funding mainstream media outlets all over the world, turning them into propaganda mouthpieces for his globalist agenda." trudeau did the very same thing, and is probably in the process of still doing it as we speak, only he's been caught so that he's no longer an invisible goon. he should be jailed for using tax money to get media to push for his personal successes and gains. This is a horror show. Whenever I see trudeau's face, I feel sick. He's a weaving spider that needs to be squashed.

Many types of metal fragments in the blood makes sense where the vaccine companies introduce more metal types than needed for their purposes. For example, where graphene-oxide magnetically attracts only certain types of metals, it would be smoking-gun evidence against themselves for vaccine companies to introduce only those metals. But if other metals are in the mix too, it will get more confusing for the unbiased investigator to guess what the purposes are, or to say with definitiveness that the purpose is to cause blood / organ clots my magnetically attracting particles to cells for forming "stones" capable of blocking some or all blood flow.

On September 9, climate change became the king of the British empire, which means that most of Britain will frown on their new king from the get-go. Elizabeth was a beautiful specimen of the human race in her youth. It's not so heart-sinking that decades can turn the glory of youth to a little nanny, as it is hideous how too much money can evaporate the inner beauty crowned with wisdom. Did Elizabeth ever speak to her subjects the wiles of climate-change goons? Did she withhold the proper message at the proper time to save the face of her son and heir? Did she betray her subjects on behalf of her mentally-distorted son and heir? Isn't that a witch, to curse your own people with a prince who's nothing more than a bag of dead bones? There is no life in a man who speaks climate change. There is only destruction in his hand. There is no climate change, and Charles knows it, but he embraces it anyway like one embraces the devil, like one hoping to produce the fruit of the devil on the foundation of a lie. This will be Elizabeth's legacy: she opened not her mouth to speak wisdom and truth for Jesus; she passed her meaningless throne to a climate-change lunatic who heavily favors the anti-Christs.

Here's a good angle on the progress of the Mara-a-Lago frame-job:

End-of-the-week story: "The CDC has been forced to admit that the incidence of myocarditis after receiving the Covid jab is five times higher for young men than what the agency was reporting at this time last year." Assume that the CDC is still lying, and that there's probably more like 25 times rather than five times. It's murder by the CDC complicity because it's roundly known that young people don't need the COVID "vaccines."

Late-week headline at newspunch: "Federal Judge Orders Fauci To Hand Over Emails With Social Media Giants Within 21 Days". Looks like many judges are finally realizing who the bad guys really are.

More good news: "Wrongful Death Lawsuit Filed Against Three California Hospitals for Using Remdesivir as COVID-19 Treatment Without Informed Consent"


Here's all four Gospels wrapped into one story.

For Some Prophetic Proof for Jesus as the Predicted Son of God.
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